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Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Co, 1923, part 2

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birth place is given before residence


020539-23 Louis LADOUCEUR, 22, Mill Worker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Louis LADOUCEUR & Alphonsine; married Marie Emillie DEXTRAS, 19, Mill Worker, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph DEXTRAS & Elizabeth QUENSVILLE; witn Luis LADOUCEUR & Emanuel AMELL, both Cornwall, 17 Jun 1923, Cornwall  
020534-23 Remi LAFLECHE, 26, Farmer, Casselman, Casselman, s/o Athanase LAFLECHE & Marie TAILLON; married Laura FARLY, 20, Casselman, Berwick, d/o Joseph FARLY & Malvina MAILLY; witn Athanase LAFLECHE, Casselman & Joseph FARLY, Berwick, 1 May 1923, Crysler Village 020549-23 Michael LAFRAMBOISE, 38, Labourer, Williamstown, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Tenisse LAFRAMBOISE & Mary Louise LEFEBVRE; married Ida Irene LEFEBVRE, 17, housemaid, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Alfred LEFEBVRE (deceased) & Mary Ann RILEY; witn Tenisse LAFRAMBOISE & Sarah LEFEBVRE, both Martintown, 26 Nov 1923, St Raphaels West
020523-23 Morris Rene LALONDE, 27, Clerk, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o Alex LALONDE (b. Glen Walter) & Marie ROACH; married Evelyn LARUE, 23, Housework, Cornwall, Watertown NY, d/o Henry [LEROUX] (b. Cornwall) & Mary LETOUR; witn William LALONDE & Henry S. LEROUX, both Cornwall, 11 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020524-23 Ernest H. LALONDE, 30, Farmer, Lancaster Village, Lancaster Village, s/o Philip LALONDE (b. Summerstown) & Marie KENNEDY; married Linda EDWARDS, 20, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster, d/o Charles EDWARDS (b. Williamstown) & Matilda WELCHER?; witn Hanna EDWARDS & George EDWARDS, both Cornwall, 15 Dec 1923, Cornwall
020547-23 Benjamin Dawson LALONDE, 21, Labourer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Joseph LALONDE & Mary Ann RICHARDSON; married Lucy CONNOLLY, 19, Office Work, Liverpool England, Montreal, d/o Francis CONNOLLY & Margaret FARMER; witn Alexander WESTELEY & Mamie LALONDE, both Lancaster, 12 Nov 1923, Lancaster 020533-23 Edward Roy LALONDE, 21, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Hugh LALONDE & Agnes LEROUX; married Eva LAPARLE, 18, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Fred? LAPARLE & Marie PAYMENT; witn Hugh LALONDE & Fred? LAPARLE, both Cornwall, 23 Jan 1923, Cornwall
020529-23 William George LAPIERRE, 23, Labourer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Joseph LAPIERE (sic) (b. Stormont Co) & Lalie DEROUCHIE; married Selima POIRIER, 18, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o Andre POIRIER (b. Kenyon) & Mary NORIS?; witn Mary POIRIER, Apple Hill & Paul LAPIERE, Monkland Station, 27 Mar 1923, Maxville 020536-23 Peter Josepat LAPIERRE, 23, Labourer, Alexandria, Cornwall, s/o Adelard LAPIERRE & Hermiane LEBLANC; married Catherine FOUNTAINE, 17, Cornwall, Alexandria, d/o Frederick FOUNTAIN & Margaret SAUVE; witn James WALSH & Richard WALSH, both no place given, 7 May 1923, Cornwall
020525-23 Wilfred LAPIERRE, 25, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o Joseph LAPIERRE (b. Matilda Twp) & Ella HUTT; married Mollie MERKLEY, 17, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o Henry G. MERKLY (sic) (b. Matilda Twp) & Elizabeth LINK; witn Dorothy VICKERY & C.E. VICKERY, both Iroquois, 6 Nov 1923, Iroquois 020526-23 Garnet Allen LAPIERRE, 24, Labourer, Matilda Twp, Morrisburg, s/o James LAPIERRE (b. Ontario) & Hattie HUTT; married Theresa Elizabeth O’MALLEY, 19, Dundas Co, Morrisburg, d/o James O’MALLEY (b. Ontario) & Mary McDONALD; witn George MATTICE & Mrs George MATTICE, both Morrisburg, 11 Oct 1923, Morrisburg
020541-23 Alexander LAPLANT, 24, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o James LAPLANT & Maggie LALONDE; married Alida GLANDE (Glaude?), 22, St Zotique Que, Cornwall, d/o Joseph GLANDE & Mary PIGEON; witn James LAPLANT, Summerstown & Joseph GLANDE, Cornwall, 9 Apr 1923, Cornwall 020545-23 Joseph Emile LATOUR, 31, Farmer, Cambridge Twp, Cambridge Twp, s/o Hermini LATOUR & Olivine HEBERT; married Florida SAUVAGE, 20, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Joseph SAUVAGE & Louisa GODARD: witn Hermini LATOUR, Cambridge Twp & Joseph SAUVAGE, Finch Twp, 19 Nov 1923, Crysler
020528-23 Bruce LAUBER, 22, Labourer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o Isaac M. LAUBER (b. Williamstown) & Isobel GRAHAM; married Hazel Frances LEBLANC, 17, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph I. LEBLANC (b. Prescott) & Annie PRIMEAU; witn Florence JOHNSTON & Georgia MACFARLAND, both Cornwall, 27 Sept 1923, Cornwall 020527-23 Joseph Charles LAURENT, 63, Agent, France, Cornwall, s/o Francis LAURENT (b. St Eloi France) & Senenis? FORGET; married Adelaide MAJOR, 67, Wid, Housekeeper, US, Cornwall, d/o Joseph LAUTHIER (b. Coteau du Lac) & Josephine LEROUX; witn Norman TAILLON & Moses LEFEVBRE, both Cornwall, 3 Oct 1923, Cornwall
020532-23 Louis LAURIAULT, 44, Wid, Farmer, Gracefield Que, Roxborough, s/o John Bte LAURIAULT (b. Quebec) & Mathilde PETIT; married Lumene (or M. Philomene) PREVOST, 37, Wid, Servant, Roxborough, Moose Creek, d/o Damase PERRIER (b. Quebec) & Nathalie MONTCALM; witn Damase PERRIER & Alexander LECLAIR, both Moose Creek, 12 Feb 1923, Moose Creek 020537-23 Frank Arthur LAUZON, 37, Millhand, Williamstown, Cornwall, s/o Napoleon LAUZON & Ellen Ann DEROCHER; married Annabel RODERICK, 20, Martintown, Cornwall, d/o John RODERICK & (late) Janet TYO; witn Henry LAUZON & Clare TURCOTT, both Tyotown, 28 May 1923, Stormont Co
020538-23 Charles Augustin LAVIGNE, 31, Clerk, Lachute, Roxborough, s/o Augustin LAVIGNE & Ernestine SAUVE; married Marie Pauline GAGNON, 26, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Francois GAGNON & Mary Jane DORE; witn Joseph VILLENEUVE, Moose Creek & H.W. LAVIGNE, Lachute, 12 Jun 1923, Roxborough Twp 020530-23 Maurice L. LEE, 31, Mechanical Engineer, Cannettan Ind, Detroit Mich, s/o Dwight B. LEE (b. Ohio USA) & Edith BILAND; married Mary Florence DUPUIS, 22, Housework, Cornwall, Detroit Mich, d/o Charles DUPUIS (b. Cornwall) & Sarah PERRAIS; witn Ovilla DESJARDIN & Charles DUPUIS, both Cornwall, 5 Jun 1923, Cornwall
020531-23 Joseph LEFAVE (or LEFEVBRE), 24, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Alfred LEFEVBRE (b. Valleyfield) & Celina ROUSELL; married Eva BOUCHER, 20, Millhand, St Denis Que, Cornwall, d/o Fabien BOUCHER (b. Roumiski) & Cary STRUDDERS; witn Alfred LEFEVBRE & Wilfred MASSON, both Cornwall, 18 Apr 1923, Cornwall 020546-23 Clarence ‘LEFAVE’ or LEFEBVRE, 27, Labourer, Charlottenburg Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Francis LAFAVE & Maggie BERGERON; married "Libbie" Elizabeth Catherine TAILLON, 17, Charlottenburg Twp, Kenyon Twp, d/o Frank J. TAILLON & Mary Jane LAURETTE; witn Frank SAUCIER & Mrs F. SAUCIER (nee Philomene SAUVE), both Martintown, 31 Oct 1923, Apple Hill
020548-23 John LEFEVBRE, 57, Labourer, Saginaw City Mich, Cornwall, s/o John LEFEVBRE & Catherine DEROCHER; married Josephine POUPART, 47, Housemaid, St Remi Que, Cornwall, d/o Remi POUPART & Rose Delina LEMIEUX; witn Norman TAILLON & John Ma--? BOULRICE?, both Cornwall, 8 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020535-23 Joseph LEGAULT, 30, Barber, Ste Ann de Prescott, Glen Robertson, s/o Joseph LEGAULT & Justine LAURIN; married Cherie BRUNET, 26, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, d/o Palma BRUNET & Herminie HAMMOT; witn Joseph LEGAULT, Glen Norman & Palina BRUNET, Glen Robertson, 14 May 1923, Glen Robertson
020540-23 Thomas LEGER, 34, Farmer, Alexandria, Lancaster Twp, s/o Julien LEGER & Virginie LAUZON; married Fabiola CAMPEAU, 20, St Telesphore Que, Lancaster Twp, d/o Emery CAMPEAU & Clauda LALONDE; witn Julien LEGER & Emery CAMPEAU, both Green Valley, 24 Apr 1923, St Raphael West 020543-23 Lorenzo LEGERS, 27, Clerk, St Louis de Gouzague Que, s/o Narcisse LEGERS & Auxilda MARTIN; married Aldenages CURRIER, 18, Glen Nevis, Lancaster, d/o Desire CURRIER & Marie Louise BOURCIER; witn Narcisse LEGER, St Louis de Gonzague Que & Desire CARRIER, Lancaster, 10 Sept 1923, Lancaster
020542-23 John LEMOINE, 23, Labourer, Lancaster, Cornwall Twp, s/o Alexander John LEMOINE & Catherine McDONALD; married Evelyn Josephine McCORMICK, 19, Millhand, Greenfield, Cornwall, d/o Jeremiah McCORMICK & Ellen DEGAN?; witn Joseph LALONDE & Charles McDONALD, both Cornwall, 27 Aug 1923, Cornwall 020544-23 Henri LUSSIER, 21, Labourer, Wonsosket? R.I. USA, s/o Telesphore LUSSIER & Roselia LIARD; married Marie Imelda MASSON, 23, Stenographer, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Benjamin MASSON & Cara DYER; witn Telesphore LUSSIER & Benjamin MASSON, both Cornwall, 22 Oct 1923, Cornwall
020561-23 William Henry MADEN, 47, Wid, England, Cornwall, s/o Richard MADEN (b. Lancashire England) & Betty BARNES; married Mary Ness COWLEY, 40, Wid, England, Cornwall, d/o Emanuel GRIEVES (b. South Port England) & Catherine MANNOCK; witn M.J. MUNROE & Isabelle McRAE, both Cornwall, 11 May 1923, Cornwall 020577-23 Francis Allan MALLOY, 32, Machinist, Montreal, Cornwall, s/o John MALLOY & Harriet McDONALD; married Catherine Alexandra McDONALD, 18, housework, Ottawa, Cornwall, d/o Alexander & Anne Jane McDONALD; witn Donald J. McDONALD, Cornwall & Mary Bella THORMADY?, Northfield, 19 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020571-23 Albert MARCELAN, 19, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Octave MARCELAN & Marie KIRKEY; married Imelda BISAILLON, 25, Mill Hand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Joseph BISAILLON & Philemen LAFORT; witn Louis JODOIN & Joseph BISAILLON, both Cornwall, 7 May 1923, Cornwall 020568-23 Wilfred MARION, 37, Mill Hand, St. Jacque d’Achigan, Cornwall, s/o Louis MARION & Celine FARRELLY; married Marie Rosanna TESSIER, 47, housemaid, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Charles TESSIER & Marie LAJAMBE; witn Louis MARION, Marconville & Pierre TESSIER, Cornwall, 22 Jan 1923, Cornwall
020566-23 Edouard MARLEAU, 24, Clerk, Fournierville, Cornwall, s/o Edouard MARLEAU & Solene VILLENEUVE; married Marie Elese CAZA, 21, housemaid, St Andrews West, Cornwall, d/o Damas CAZA & Rose Delina SYLVESTER; witn Edouard MARLEAU & Emery CAZA, both Cornwall, 6 Feb 1923, Cornwall 020574-23 Francis Nelson MARTEL, 24, Baker, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William MARTEL & Elizabeth LAJAMBER; married Gwendolyn BONHOMMES, 19, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Napoleon BONHOMME (sic) & Mary TYO; witn William MARTEL & Napoleon BONHOMME, both Cornwall, 1 Oct 1923, Cornwall
020567-23 James MARSOLAIN, 22, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o (deceased) Octave MARSOLAIN & Mary KIRKEY; married Alice PRIMEAU, 27, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alexander PRIMEAU & Margaret WHITE; witn Ovila MARSOLAIN & George LAROSE? (Larone?), both Cornwall, 5 Feb 1923, Cornwall 020554-23 Romeo MARTIN, 21, Millhand, Rockland, Cornwall, s/o Joseph MARTIN (b. St Isidore de Prescott) & Militime LEGAULT; married Laurinda LEBLANC, 19, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Alexander LEBLANC (b. St Andrews) & Lucie LEROUX; witn Adelan LEBLANC & Joseph MARTIN, both Cornwall, 26 Aug 1923, Cornwall
020550-23 Charles Bernard MASON, 21, Bricklayer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles MASON (b. Michigan State) & Elizabeth CONLIFF; married Florence Mable CROWDER, 17, Millhand, Winchester, Cornwall, d/o Percy CROWDER (b. Ontario) & Mary LINCOLN?; witn David MASON & Mrs David MASON, both Cornwall, 20 Dec 1923, Cornwall 020557-23 David MASON, 22, Plumber, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles MASON (b. Michigan) & Elizabeth CONLIFF; married Margaret FULTON, 22, Waitress, Scotland, Cornwall, d/o William FULTON (b. Scotland) & Minnie KANOFF; witn Bernard MASON & Edna CONLIFF, both Cornwall, 12 Jul 1923, Cornwall
020570-23 Peter MASSIA, 30, Farmer, Van Kleek Hill, Glen Roy, s/o Antoine MASSIA & Mary LALONDE; married Bertha ROBINSON, 25, Farm, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Louis ROBINSON & M. Louise ST. JEAN; witn Angelina MASSIA, Glen Roy & Johnnie ROBINSON, Lochiel, 12 Feb 1923, Lochiel 020565-23 Carrol C. MATTICE, 25, Barber, Osnabruck Twp, Newington, s/o John Wesley MATTICE (b. Newington) & Lydia FETTERLEY; married Flossie Joy WERELEY, 28, housemaid, Osnabruck Twp, Newington, d/o Adam WERELEY (b. Northfield Station) & Edith MELDRUM; witn George C. MILLROSS, Newington & Ena T. CONRAD, Northfield Station, 3 Jan 1923, N. Lunenburg
020569-23 Albert MAYER, 19, Mill Hand, Casselman, Cornwall, s/o Octave MAYER & Lumma LAURIER; married Aurore TESSIER, 17, Mill Hand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Pierre TESSIER & Autemie? CARRIER; witn Octave MAYER & Pierre TESSIER, both Cornwall, 1 Jan 1923, Cornwall  
020614-23 Vincent McCADDEN, 27, Farmer, Chesterville, Berwick, s/o James McCADDEN & Amelia BECHLER or BEECHLER; married Janet McMILLAN, 28, Finch, Finch, d/o Ewen McMILLAN & Anna Bella McDONALD; witn James McCADDEN, Crysler & Sarah McMILLAN, Chesterville, 21 Jun 1923, Crysler 020602-23 James Clark McCALL, 28, Farmer, Dumfries Scotland, Maxville, s/o Walter McCALL (b. Dumfries Scotland) & Janet HAIG; married Catherine Helms MOIRE (sic), 30, Hired Maid, Aberdeen Scotland, Maxville, d/o John McKay MOIR (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Annie ALLARDYCE; witn, Florence SMITH, St Elmo & Ernest McEWEN, Bloomington, 17 May 1923, St Elmo (see ** at bottom of page)
020613-23 John McCALLUM, 36, Contractor, Apple Hill, Apple Hill, s/o Donald McCALLUM & Helen McDONALD; married Jeanne Marie LALONDE, 23, Greenfield, Apple Hill, d/o William LALONDE & Josephine FILION; witn Donald Roderick GRANT, Montreal Que & Annie LALONDE, Apple Hill, 2 Apr 1923, Apple Hill 020592-23 Wilbur Alex. McCURDY, 27, Purchasing Agent, Granby Que, Montreal, s/o John McCURDY (b. Quebec) & Elizabeth McWHINNIE; married Bertha Rosamond CRITES, 25, Stenographer, Cornwall, Montreal, d/o George Orteo? CRITES (b. Cornwall) & Janet HUMPHREY; witn Herbert David McCURDY & Pearl Kathleen CRITES, both Montreal Que, 15 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020589-23 Alexander McDONALD, 62, Wid, Farmer, Russell, Newington, s/o David MACDONALD (b. Stirling Scotland) & Emily LOUCKS; married Jaseba McCLEASE, 57, Osnabruck, Newington, d/o Charles McEWEN (b. Cornwall Twp) & Janet RUNONS; witn James MARTIN & Leila V. McEWAN, both Newington, 5 Sept 1923, Newington 020582-23 Donald Hugh McDONALD, 42, Carpenter, Lancaster Twp, Green Valley, s/o Hugh McDONALD (b. Lancaster) & Mary Ann McDOUGALD; married Hattie McDOUGALL, 28, Lochiel Twp, Green Valley, d/o Ronald McDOUGALD (b. Lochiel) & Annie McDONALD; witn John A. McDOUGALD & Mary Belle McDONALD, both Green Valley, 2 Nov 1923, Glengarry
020591-23 Alexander Duncan McDONALD, 37, Farmer, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, s/o Archie (b. Caledonia) & Mary A. [MACDONALD]; married Bernadette SABOURIN, 17, Hawkesbury, Kenyon, d/o Alexander SABOURIN (b. Hawkesbury) & Valentine FAVELLE; witn Angus A. MACDONALD, Kenyon & Duncan MACDONALD, Lochiel, 20 Aug 1923, Lochiel 020590-23 Donald A. McDONALD, 36, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Glen Sandfield, s/o Roderick McDONALD (b. Glen Sandfield) & Christy Ann McLEOD; married Alina McDOUGALD, 21, Lochiel Twp, Glen Sandfield, d/o Peter [McDOUGALL] (b. Glen Sandfield) & Sarah Jane McDONALD; witn Ann M. MACDONALD & Peter McDOUGALL, both Glen Sandfield, 15 Sept 1923, Alexandria
020601-23 James McDONALD, 36, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Martintown, s/o Dan J. McDONALD (b. Glengarry) & Catherine McGILLIS (deceased); married Jean ROSS, 29, Michigan USA, Martintown, d/o D.H. ROSS (b. Glengarry) & Elizabeth McDONALD; witn John A. McDONALD, Martintown & Archibald ROSS, Munro’s Mills, 14 Jun 1923, Glengarry 020597-23 John A. McDONALD, 56, Wid, Farmer, Greenfield, Greenfield, s/o Alexander (b. Kenyon Twp) & Christy McDONALD; married Annie McDERMID, 52, Dressmaker, Greenfield, Apple Hill, d/o Donald McDERMID (b. Glengarry Co) & Margaret WEIR; witn Archibald McDOUGALD, Greenfield & Angus McDERMID, Apple Hill, 30 Jul 1923, Alexandria
020617-23 Angus Archibald McDONALD, 33, Locomotive Engineer, Kenyon Twp, Hornepayne Ont, s/o Archibald J. McDONALD & Christina MACDONELL; married Mary Margaret KENNEDY, 28, Kenyon Twp, Alexandria, d/o Duncan B. KENNEDY & Elizabeth GRANT; witn D.B. KENNEDY, Alexandria & Alexander MACDONALD, Greenfield, 19 Sept 1923, Alexandria 020618-23 Duncan James MACDONALD, 32, Motor Factory, St Andrews West, Detroit Mich, s/o Angus R. MACDONALD & Christina McDONELL; married Anna Gertrude O’KEEFE, 23, Secretary, St Andrews West, St Andrews West, d/o James O’KEEFE & Mary BARRY; witn Allen P. MACDONALD, Northfield Station & Sigoure O’KEEFE, St Andrews West, 2 Oct 1923, St Andrews West
020609-23 Ronald Roderick MACDONALD, 29, Bank Manager, S. Telesphore Que, Alexandria, d/o Dan. R. & Elizabeth MACDONALD; married Lillian Gladys DEVER, 23, Teacher, Williamstown, Alexandria, d/o Edward J. DEVER & Harriet McCORMICK; witn Joseph Alec MACDONALD, S. Telesphore & Ella DEVER, Alexandria, 8 Jan 1923, Alexandria 020610-23 John Archibald McDONALD, 49, Wid, Blacksmith, Charlottenburg Twp, Martintown Village, s/o Angus & Helen McDONALD; married Mary Catherine McDONELL, 31, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o William H. McDONELL & Joanna DINGWALL; witn Angus Allan McDONALD, Cornwall & Isabella McDONELL, Martintown, 23 Jan 1923, St Andrews West
020611-23 Allen Archibald MACDONELL, 27, Merchant, Charlottenburg, Summerstown, d/o John R. MACDONELL & Ellen O’CONNOR; married Teresa McGILLIS, 21, Lancaster, Summerstown, d/o Dan McGILLIS & Catherine McDONALD; witn Robert A. MACDONELL, Williamstown & John McGILLIS, Summerstown Front, 6 Feb 1923, Williamstown 020612-23 Jerome MACDONELL, 35, Farmer, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, s/o Archibald R. MACDONELL & Hanna MACDONALD; married E. Florence MACDONALD, 26, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, d/o Allan P. & Isobel MACDONALD; witn Alexander McDONELL & Mary MACDONALD, both Williamstown, 3 Feb 1923, Williamstown
020608-23 Ewen Fuller MACDONELL, 30, Merchant, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Alen R. MACDONELL (b. Montreal) & Margery McINTOSH; married Elva EDGAR, 29, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Charles A. EDGAR (b. Lancaster) & Janet LANGSTER; witn Robert EDGAR & Mary C. McDONELL, both Lancaster, 14 Feb 1923, Lancaster 020615-23 John J. McDOUGALL, 30, Labourer, Lancaster Twp, St Telesphore Parish - Co Soulanges Que, s/o John McDOUGALL & Josephine O'BRIEN; married Mary Isobel BATHURST, 32, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Angus BATHURST & Mary J. RICHARDSON; witn Angus McDOUGALL, Dalhousie Stn Que & Kathleen BATHURST, Seloy St Montreal, 18 Jun 1923, Glen Nevis
020580-23 Athal John MACDOUGAL, 25, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o John A. [McDOUGAL] (b. Charlottenburg Twp) & Margaret JAMIESON; married Margaret BECKSTEAD, 19, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Joseph BECKSTEAD (b. none given) & Margaret OTTO; witn Woody BECKSTEAD, Martintown & Albert McINTOSH, Lancaster, 19 Dec 1923, Lancaster 020588-23 Angus Alexander McDOUGALD, 46, Miner, Charlottenburgh Twp, St Raphaels, s/o Malcolm McDOUGALD (b. Glengarry Co) & Sarah McDOUGALD; married Mamie McDONALD, 24, Charlottenburg Twp, St Raphaels, d/o Alexander McDONALD (b. Glengarry Co) & Annie McDONELL; witn D.A. McDONALD, Green Valley & John Angus McDONALD, Glen Roy, 17 Sept 1923, St Raphaels
020577-23 Charles S. McELHERAN, 29, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Charles McELHERAN (b. Roxborough Twp) & Mary MILLAN; married Dorothy "Ruby" BRITTON, 16, Housemaid, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o James BRITTON (b. Roxoborough Twp) & Alberta MONTGOMERY; witn J.H. BRITTON, Moose Creek & Mrs. H.G. STEERS, Avonmore, 26 Dec 1923, Avonmore 020616-23 Martin McELHERN, 20, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o William McELHERN & Margaret FISHER; married Rosa Victoria RUTLEY, 21, Teacher, Finch, Finch, d/o William RUTLEY & Mary McMILLAN; witn Charles T. McELHERN & Cassie McELHERN, both Moose Creek, 26 Jun 1923, Roxborough Twp
020605-23 Robert Andrew McEWEN, 24, Marine Engineer, Owen Sound, Montreal, s/o John MACEWEN (sic) (b. Sullivan Twp) & Fanny CONELLE; married Henrietta Catherine MORIN, 20, Mill Hand, Lancaster, Montreal, d/o James MORIN (b. Iroquois) & Catherine LEFEVBRE; witn Victor MORAN & Frolernce? LEFEVBRE, both Cornwall, 12 Feb 1923, Cornwall 020598-23 James Urquhart MACEWAN, 27, Metallurgist, Martintown, Fitzroy Twp, s/o William MACEWAN (b. Crieff Scotland) & Margaret URQUHART; married Eleanor SMITH, 28, Martintown, Martintown, d/o John A. SMITH (b. Martintown) & Mary Margaret McPHADDEN; witn Edna M. TOWN, Martintown & D.D. FINDLAY, Carleton Place, 18 Jul 1923, Martintown
020600-23 Donald McGILLIVARY, 38, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o John McGILLIVARY (b. St. Andrews West) & Ann McDONALD; married Janet Ann ROACH, 22, Wid, Housework, Roxboro, Cornwall Twp, d /o Joseph ROACH (b. Monkland) & Mary LYMAN; witn Donald A. McINTOSH, Harrison’s Corners & Elizabeth MASTERSON, St Andrews West, 18 Jun 1923, St Andrews West 020604-23 Robert Russell McKENNITT, 27, druggist, Ontario, 119 Rainsford Rd in Toronto, s/o Robert James McKENNITT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth FREEBORN; married Ethel Mary MACINNIS, 26, School Teacher, Ontario, Iroquois, d/o Archie MACINNIS (b. Ontario) & Lydia MARCELLUS; witn A.H. HUTCHISON & Esra HUTCHISON, both Iroquois, 19 Feb 1923, Iroquois
020586-23 Lloyd Benjamin McLAREN (name Laurie written on top), 41, Carpenter, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o Hugh McLAREN (b. Glengarry Co) & Catherine Jane GRANT; married Margaret Ann McDOUGALL, 23, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o Thomas? (b. Glengarry Co) & Margaret Ann McDOUGALL; witn M.L? MUNROE & Martha McRAE, both Cornwall, 24 Oct 1923, Cornwall 020607-23 Garnet Ruford MACLEAN, 21, Finch Twp, Chesterville, s/o Thomas MACLEAN (b. Williamsburg) & Libbie May DUBS?; married Ida Furmenda JAMIESON, 22, Telephone Operator, Winchester Twp, Chesterville, d/o William Brown Clark JAMIESON (b. Winchester Twp) & Lyda AULT; witn Bertrum Dubs McLEAN, Chesterville & Iona Alberta ANDERSON, Winchester, 3 Jan 1923, Chesterville
020587-23 Gladstone McLEAN, 23, Agent, Finch Twp, Finch Village, s/o George L. McLEAN (b. Finch Twp) & Janet JOHNSTONE; married Jennie Evelyn HENRY, 23, housemaid, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Archie HENRY (b. Finch Twp) & Hattie McMARTIN; witn W. Wendell HENRY, Berwick & Mrs R.J. WILSON, Finch, 17 Oct 1923, Finch 020599-23 Johnathan K. McLENNAN, 37, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o Kenneth McLENNAN (b. Lochiel Twp) & Christina MACKENZIE; married Hattie Catherine McINTOSH, 33, Bookkeeper, Lochiel Twp, Dalkeith, d/o Roderick McINTOSH (b. Lochiel Twp) & Mary MACRAE; witn Hattie MACLEOD & MURCHISON McLENNAN, both Dalkeith, 4 Jul 1923, Alexandria
020583-23 Dan McLEOD, 28, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Donald McLEOD (b. Kenyon Twp) & Sarah McCRIMMON; married Mary Evelyn RUPERT, 18, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Hiram RUPERT (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Jane HITCHMAN; witn Mrs Adam N. RUPERT & Mrs W. W. CONRAD, both Northfield, 21 Nov 1923, North Lunenburg 020595-23 Frank McMAHON, 34, Conductor CP Rly, Armagh Co Ireland, Smith Falls, s/o Patrick [MACMAHON] (b. Ireland) & Connie QUINN; married Nellie Marguerite O’KEEFE, 23, Kerry Co Ireland, Smith Falls, d/o James O’KEEFE (b. Ireland) & Mary E. GRIFFIN; witn Patrick O’KEEFE & Mrs R. SMITH, both Smith Falls, 21 Aug 1923, South Mountain
020564-23 Archibald K. MACMILLAN, 27, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o John J. [McMILLAN] (b. Finch Ont) & Catherine McMILLAN or McMULLAN; married Muriel MACGREGOR, 25, Trained Nurse, Russell Twp, Russell Twp, d/o Peter A. MACGREGOR (b Russell) & Agnes HAYLEY; witn Mrs F.L. JOBB, Morewood & Mrs Peter CRUMMEY?, Russell Ont?, 3 Jan 1923, Morewood 020619-23 Donald Allen MACMILLAN, 28, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o John J. MACMILLAN & Catherine MACDONELL; married Stella McINTEE, 24, St Eugene, Lochiel, d/o Peter McINTEE & Mary HOBALD?; witn Alexander J. MACMILLAN & Clair McINTEE, both Lochiel, 23 Oct 1923, Lochiel
020594-23 Donald McMILLAN, 27, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Dan [McMULLAN] (b. Finch Twp) & Roset BAKER; married Stella MILLER, 26, housework, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Charles MILLER (b. Finch Twp) & Martha CARRUTHERS; witn Charles MILLER & Martha MILLER, both Berwick, 12 Sept 1923, Berwick 020603-23 Colin Ferguson MACMILLAN, 25, Farmer, Govan Scotland, Osnabruck, s/o Donald [McMILLAN] (b. Scotland) & Eliz. NESBIT; married Agnes Nancy SHAVER, 24, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Selin? SHAVER (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Effie CAMPBELL; witn Mrs R.C.H. SINCLAIR & Mabel FISKERS? (Fiskes?), both Farran’s Point, 21 Mar 1923, Farran’s Point
020593-23 Roderick Duncan McNAUGHTON, 25, Painter, Gananoque, Lancaster, s/o John McNAUGHTON (b. Charlottenburg) & Isabel McDOUGAL; married Catherine Margaret Ann McCRIMMON, 29, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Farquhar McCRIMMON (b. Lancaster) & Isabella DEWAR; witn Mary BLACK or BLOCK & Alan BLACK or BLOCK, both Bainsville, 12 Sept 1923, Lancaster 020584-23 Arnold H. MACPHERSON, 25, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Alexander D. MACPHERSON (b. Stormont Co) & Marjory McDONALD; married Janet Christina DEWAR, 19, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Duncan DEWAR (b. Glengarry Co) & Annabel McMILLAN; witn M.I. MUNROE & Martha McRAE, both Cornwall, 14 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020596-23 Murdoch Lloyd MACRAE, 26, Railway Conductor, Glen Sandfield, Glen Sandfield, s/o John MACRAE (b. Glen Sandfield) & Annie McLEOD; married Catharine Mary THOMPSON, 18, Glen Robertson, Aultsville, d/o Sanford S?. F. THOMPSON (b. Stormont Co) & Catharine Mary McDONALD; witn Stewart MACRAE & Archie THOMPSON, both Aultsville, 26 Jul 1923, Aultsville 020585-23 Donald Ross McRAE, 21, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Donald Alan McRAE (b. Roxborough) & Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON; married Florence M. McINTYRE, 23, Roxoborough, Roxoborough, d/o Daniel John (b. Roxborough Twp) & Maggie McRAE; witn John A. McRAE & Oliver M. MACLEOD, both Moose Creek, 27 Oct 1923, Moose Creek
020606-23 Stanley John McRAE, 23, Clerk, Roxborough Twp, Avonmore, s/o John (b. Roxborough) & Miss Catherine McRAE; married Erva May MACPHAIL, 22, housemaid (teacher), Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o Alec McPHAIL (b. Roxborough) & Augusta VAIL; witn Mrs Alex LAFEVRE, Avonmore & Mrs Alex MACPHAIL, Moose Creek, 1 Feb 1923, Moose Creek 020581-23 John K. McSWEYN, 35, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, McCrimmons, s/o Peter McSWEYN (b. Kenyon) & Annie McCUAIG; married Tina McCASKILL, 30, Lochiel Twp, McCrimmons, d/o Donald McCASKILL (b. Laggan) & Christy Ann McGILLIVERY; witn G. Ruth McLEAN & Katie I. McLEAN, both Alexandria, 5 Dec 1923, Alexandria
020558-23 Berteron Alvy MERKLEY, 24, Labourer, Russell Co, Finch Twp, s/o Nathaniel MERKLEY (b. Dundas Co) & Mary RIDDELL; married Ella Mabel HUTT, 20, Student, Winchester Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Clinton HUTT (b. Stormont Co) & Jennie CASSELMAN; witn Mrs John D. FORSYTH & J.D. FORSYTH, both Finch, 14 Jun 1923, Finch 020555-23 Nathaniel Grant MERKELY, 30, Clerk, Dunbar, Chicago, s/o Peter Roland MERKELY (b. Waddington NY) & Eva DURANT; married Grace HUTT, 17, Williamsburg Twp, Cardinal, d/o Alfred HUTT & Maud PRUNNER or PRUMMER; witn E.A. MERKLEY, Chicago & Mrs Ella HANNA, Dixons Corners, 29 Aug 1923, Morrisburg
020560-23 Albert Edward MILLNER, 25, Missionary, Cornwall England, Kingston, s/o Thomas Edgar MILLNER (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary Elizabeth TALLING; married Rita May WELLS, 21, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Franklin P. WELLS (b. Williamsburg) & May FROATS; witn Franklin P. WELLS, Williamsburg & Mary Elizabeth MILLNER, Kingston, 30 May 1923, Williamsburg 020575-23 Floyd MITCHELL, 22, Farmer, Massena NY, Wales, s/o Julius MITCHEL & Cons Belle SMITH; married Emma Salina FURNESS, 19, Dickenson’s Landing, Morrisburg, d/o Stephen FURNESS & Emma BEAUPRE; witn Shirl FURNESS & Freda ROBERTSON, both Morrisburg, 22 Oct 1923, Morrisburg
020556-23 Daniel Munro MONCK, 28, Farmer, Finch Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Lee MONCK (b. Casselman) & Lily LEGGE; married Mary Mable DILLABOUGH, 22, Housemaid, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Walter John DILLABOUGH (b. Chesterville) & Nancy FROATES; witn Hortenzay McMONAGLE, Berwick & Mrs J.O. BARON, Finch, 1 Aug 1923, Finch 020572-23 Theodore MONTREUIL, 24, Labourer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o Maurice MONTREUIL & Mary SABOURIN; married Florine FOURNIER, 29, Montreal, Lancaster Twp, d/o George FOURNIER & Clara OUELLETTE; witn Eugene MAHEN, Lancaster Twp & Phillippe LEROUX, Dalhousie Ste Que, 4 Jun 1923, Glen Nevis
  020553-23 William Hugh MOORE, 36, Wid, Farmer, Ireland, Toys Hill Matilda, s/o William John MOORE (b. Ireland) & Jane SMITH; married Ella May MACLEAN, 30, School Teacher, Winchester, Toys Hill Matilda, d/o Edward MACLEAN (b. Scotland) & Jane Ann RAE; witn Agnes GLENFORD & Marcia W. CRANSTON, both Winchester, 12 Sept 1923, Manse, Winchester
020563-23 Arthur MORAN, 25, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o Charles MORAN (b. Crysler) & Maud HUNTER; married Ann JOHNSTONE, 18, housework, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Christopher JOHNSTONE (b. Crysler) & Maud HUNTER; witn James MORAN & Ethel KNIGHT, both Chesterville, 15 Feb 1923, Crysler 020573-23 Charles Albert MORPEAU, 21, Labourer, Cornwall, Martintown Valley, s/o William H & Mary Louise MORPEAU; married Rose Madena LADOUCEUR, 16, Maid, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Joseph LADOCEUR (sic) & Linda FAUTEAU; witn John A. MORPEAU, Mrs John A. MORPEAU & Eilene? Mea MORPEAU, 30 Jul 1923, Williamstown
020559-23 Ernest William MOULAND, 29, Clergyman, Newfoundland, Montreal, s/o Isaac MAULAND & Sarah WHITEWAY; married Ida Jane HAMILTON, 24, Nurse, Brinston, Brinston, d/o Edward HAMILTON & Hannah KIRKER; witn Thomas PRICE, Montreal & Addie FRANCIS, South Mountain, 12 Jun 1923, Pleasant Valley 020576-23 Edgar Ambrose MULLARNEY, 40, Farmer, Massena NY, Mille Roches, s/o Matthew F. MULLARNEY & Christine McDONALD: married Mary Caroline THOMPSON, 42, Teacher, Cornwall, Marinette Wisc. USA, d/o William H. THOMPSON & Flora McPHAUL; witn Clarence B. COWEL & Mrs Clarence B. COWEL, both Mille Roches, 30 Oct 1923, Dickinsons’s Landing
020552-23 Hugh Donald MUNRO, 33, Garage man, Apple Hill, Apple Hill, s/o Philip MUNRO (b. Apple Hill) & Catherine KENNEDY; married Sarah STEWART, 33, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o M.P. STEWART (b. Dunvegan) & Mary C. McRAE; witn Edith STEWART, Dunvegan & Jessie M. CAMPBELL, Maxville, 14? Nov 1923, Dunvegan 020551-23 Hector Grant MUNRO, 34, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o John MUNRO (b. Canada) & Mary Jane GREY; married Hazel Maud FISHER, 25, Housework, Matilda Twp, Morrisburg, d/o William FISHER (b. Canada) & S. DURANT; witn Floyd FISHER, Morrisburg & Mary MUNRO, Montreal, 21 Dec 1923, Morrisburg
020562-23 John MURPHY, 24, Wid, Farmer, North Dakota, Wales, s/o Peter MURPHY (b. Finch Twp) & Juliana HEGEDEES?; married Elizabeth SPOTTEN, 39, housekeeper, Finch Twp, Wales, d/o James SPOTTEN (b. Budapest Hungary & Caroline CURLEY; witn Richard MURPHY & Loretta MURPHY, both Dickinson’s Landing, 29, Jan 1923, Dickinson’s Landing 020620-23 William NERON, 29, Labourer, Cornwall, Marmora?, s/o John NERON & Lucy JONES; married Margaret ROSS, nee OSLER, 32, Wid, Farran’s Point, Cornwall, d/o John OSLER & Mary TERRAULT; witn Fred LALONDE, Cornwall & Lauella OSLER, Montreal, 5 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020623-23 Archibald O’CONNOR, 28, Bank Clerk, Railton, Alexandria, s/o Thomas O’CONNOR & Catherine McCAULEY; married Mary Stella HUOT, 25, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Joseph A.C. HUOT & Josephine CHARLEBOIS; witn Ubald ROULEAU & Pauline HUOT, both Alexandria, 10 Sept 1923, Alexandria 020622-23 Roy O'NEIL, 19, Farmer, Cornwall, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Edward O'NEIL (b. Cornwall) & Mina KYER (Keys?); married Gertrude May WHITFORD, 24, domestic, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Edward WHITFORD (b. Charlottenburg Twp) & Eliza SPECK; witn Albert MORIN & Mary FLOYDE, both Cornwall, 13 Sept 1923, Cornwall [ Divorce Granted Dec 12/31, by S.C.O. at Ottawa]
020621-23 Earl Henry OUDERKIRK, 24, Farmer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o William OUDERKIRK (b. Finch Twp) & Margaret BAKER; married Clara J. McINTOSH, 19, housemaid, Williamsburg Twp, Finch Twp, d/o William C. McINTOSH (b. Williamsburg) & Eva CASSELMAN; witn Harriet J. STEWART & Elizabeth WILSON, both Finch, 26 Dec 1926, Finch Village  
020694-23 Henri PAIGNE, 33, Labourer, St Andrews West, Massina NY, s/o Edwan PAIGNE & Angeline SAUCIER; married Lydia SAUCIER, 31, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Olivier SAUCIER & Ida LEDUC; witn Edwan PAIGNE & Onier? SAUCIER, both Cornwall, 22 May 1923, Cornwall 020639-23 Joseph Romeo PALLACE, 26, Labourer, St Anicet, Cornwall, s/o Antoine PALLACE & Alexine TRUDEL; married Marie Ernestine GATIEN, 18, Millhand, Casselman, Cornwall, d/o Ludger GATIEN & Victoria LADOUCEUR; witn Antoine PALLACE, St Anicet Que & Ludger GATIEN, Cornwall, 26 Dec 1923, Cornwall
020632-23 Clarence Agustine PARETTE, 26, Electrician, Martintown, New York City NY, s/o Alexander PARETTE & Ellen PILON; married Lena Florence FOLEY, 30, Paper maker, Moulinette, Mille Roches, d/o Joseph FOLEY & Mary McPHAUL; witn William ELLIS, Moulinette & Anna FOLEY, no place given, 18 Jun 1923, Dickinson’s Landing 020638-23 George Ray PARISIEN, 23, Farmer, Cornwall, Charlottenburgh, s/o Louis Armstrong PARISIEN & Mary Ellen HEBERT; married Margaret Christina LEFEBRE, 21, Maid, Williamstown, Charlottenburgh, d/o Andrew LEFEBRE & Hilda PIGEON; witn Louis A PARCHIN? & Andrew LEFEBRE, both Charlottenburgh, 26 Nov 1923, Williamstown
20630-23 David John PARISIEN, 41, Wid, Garage Keeper, Summerstown, Lancaster, s/o Charles PARISIEN (b. Summerstown) & Mary BOSAILLON; married May MACDONELL, 33, Wid, Housekeeper, Greenfield, Lancaster, d/o John MACDONELL (b. Greenfield) & Catherine McPHEE; witn Charles PARISIEN & Minnie LOFTUS, both Lancaster, 24 Jan 1923, St. Josephs Church, Lancaster 020628-23 Joseph Moses PAYMENT, 31, Motorman, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph PAYMENT (b. St Genevieve Que) & Elizabeth Olive ROBIDOUX; married Anna TWOHEY, 22, Clerk, Montreal, Cornwall, d/o Patrick TWOHEY (b. Ireland) & Catherine McSWEYAN witn Alex PAYMENT & Percy VILLENEUVE, both Cornwall, 19 Jun 1923, Cornwall
  020713-23 John Daniel PECORE, 26, Labourer, St Andrews, Cornwall, s/o Louis PEORE (sic) & Margaret MILLER; married Hellan Rose MORGAN, 30, Wid, Belfast Ireland, Cornwall, d/o Michael & Hellan MORGAN; witn Joseph Hugh PECORE, Cornwall & Mary PLAMEDON? Cornwall, 8 Oct 1923, Cornwall
020636-23 Albert H. PILON, 22, Railroad Telegrapher, St Polycarpe Que, Lancaster Twp, s/o George PILON & Julienne LEROUX; married Agatha DENNIE, 22, Lancaster, Lancaster Twp, d/o Dan DENNIE & Margaret FAUBERT; witn George PILON, St Polycarpe Que & Dan DENNIE, Lancaster, 29 Oct 1923, Lancaster 020624-23 Elburn Lindsay PITTS, 50, Wid, Farmer, Louisville NY, Cornwall Twp, s/o John PITTS (b. Ontario) & Caroline MILLER; married Ethel RAYMOND, 44, Wid, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o George POAPST (b. Ontario) & Margaret RUNNIONS; witn John RAYMOND & Mose? John RAYMOND, both Sheiks Island, 30 Oct 1923, Sheiks Island
020625-23 Louis PLOURDE, 19, Pipe Fitter, Utica NY, Utica NY, s/o Ernest PLOURDE (b. St Ann de Laportiare Que) & Margarite JAMES; married Marie Jeanne ROSA, 20, domestic, St Hyacinthe Que, Utica NY, d/o Narciss MENARD (sic) (b. St Isidore de Prescott) & Margarite GAUTHIER; witn Alexi PLOURDE & Ernest PLOURDE, both Cornwall, 19 Nov 1923, Cornwall 020637-23 Joseph Oscar POIRIER, 28, Farmer, Glen Nevis, Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o David POIRIER & Sophie ANDRE; married Maude BRISSON, 22, Maid, Cornwall, Charlottenburgh, d/o Joseph BRISSON & Clara TURCOT; witn David POIRIER, Glen Walter & Joseph BRISSON, Williamstown, 29 Oct 1923, Williamstown
020627-23 Findlay PRICE, 25, Wid, Farmer, Clarence Twp, Finch Twp, s/o John Alexander PRICE (b. Grantley) & Lilian McLEAN; married Elizabeth Angus BOOKHART (Bookhout?), 18, Housemaid, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Albert BOOKHART (b. Finch Twp) & Elizabeth WELCH; witn Albert BOOKHART, Berwick & Roxie PRICE, Newington, 30 Jul 1923, Finch Village 020626-23 Marcus Gade PRICE, 31, Accountant, Montreal, Brockville, s/o Charles Edward PRICE (b. England) & Catherine ROGERS; married Elizabeth McLAURIN, 29, Paint Service, Roxborough, Moose Creek, d/o Alexander MACLAURIN (b. Roxborough) & Margaret CAMERON; witn C.B. PRICE, Westmount Que & Margaret MACLAURIN, Moose Creek, 12 Dec 1923, Moose Creek
020631-23 Lawrence PRIMEAU, 21, Labourer, Martintown, Roxborough, s/o Charles PRIMEAU & Annie PILON; married Hilda Reina LAFLAMME, 21, none given, Cornwall, d/o George LAFLAMME & Hedwidge PHARAND; witn Henry PRIMEAU, Bainsville & Vivian DECARY, Montreal, 23 Jan 1923, Apple Hill 020633-23 Amedie PROVOST, 21, Farmer, Crysler, Crysler, s/o Ernest PROVOST & Anna FORGUES; married Lina GENIER, 19, St Alberts, Crysler, d/o Barthilemi GENIER; witn Ernest PROVOST & Barthilemi GENIER, both Crysler, 26 Jun 1923, Crysler
020635-23 Bernard PRUNER, 24, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Morrisburg, s/o William PRUNER & Mary FLYNN; married Lyle Kelle STONE, 19, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o John STONE & Lillian SAMPSON; witn Raymond CALIGAN & Mrs OLIVER, both Morrisburg, 11 Jul 1923, Morrisburg 020634-23 Michael PURCELL, 36, Farmer, Summerstown Front, Summerstown Front, s/o Michael PURCELL & Isabella MACCAFFREY; married Marie Hortence Enlena? LATRIELLE, 24, Saint Vincent de Paul Montreal, Summerstown, d/o Napolean LATRIELLE & Marie Louise CREVIER; witn Purcell DEMPSTER, Cornwall & Maria MACDONALD, Williamstown, 10 Apr 1923, Williamstown
020629-23 George Arthur PURCHON, 23, Mechanic, Hull England, Winchester Village, s/o George PURCHON (b. Hull England) & Esther GOUGH; married Mary Audrey HART, 18, Student, Liverpool England, Winchester Village, d/o George HART (b. Grantly) & Helena SWERDFERGER; witn William FISHER & Marcia CRANSTON, both Winchester, 17 Mar 1923, Winchester 020644-23 Joseph Arthur Raphael QUENNEVILLE, 23, Paper maker, St Anges de Dundee Que, Mille Roches, s/o Raphael QUENNEVILLE & Eve POIRIER; married Henrietta VICE, 21, Paper maker, Lochiel, Mille Roches, d/o Henry VICE & Mary Louise LAUSON; witn Albert STENG? & Henry VICE, both Mille Roches, 25 Jun 1923, Dickinson’s Landing
020646-23 Alexander QUESNEL, 25, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o David QUESNEL & Delina HURTUBISE; married Pearl Edith COLEMAN, 22, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Mattice COLEMAN & Hattie Hermaline SEGUIN; witn David QUESNEL & Mattice COLEMAN, both Moose Creek, 19 Nov 1923, Roxborough Twp 020645-23 Alexander QUESNEL, 20, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Henry QUESNEL & Elizabeth QUINVILLE; married Mary Rose Angelina MAJOR, 22, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Adelard MAJOR & Melitime MELOCHE; witn Alexander QUESNEL, St Raphaels West & Adelard MAJOR, Lancaster, 11 Jul 1923, Lancaster
020645-23 Albert QUESNEL, 19, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph QUESNELL & Dorella LAFLAMME; married Marie Anne JONCAS, 19, Casselman, Cornwall, d/o Medric JONCAS & Marguerite TESSIER; witn Joseph QUESNELL & Medric JONCAS, both Cornwall, 12 Jun 1923, Cornwall 020642-23 Isidore QUESNEL, 22, Cheese maker, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Jos QUESNEL & Mary L. STRASBURG; married Zilda DAVIDSON, 20, Clerk, Vankleek Hill, Lochiel, s/o Henry DAVIDSON & Alicana LACOMBE; witn Jos QUESNEL & Henry DAVIDSON, both Lochiel, 13 Nov 1923, Lochiel
020640-23 James QUINN, 49, Wid, Farmer, Edwardsburg Twp, Edwardsburg Twp, s/o John QUINN (b. Edwardsburg Twp) & Anne HOGAN; married Elizabeth MULLEN, 46, Lady, Dixon’s Corners, Dixon’s Corners, d/o Patrick MULLEN (b. Dixon’s Corners) & Anne McFARLANE; witn James MULLEN, Dixon’s Corners & Myrtle SHIELDS, Toronto, 22 Aug 1923, Dixon’s Corners 020641-23 Donald QUINN, 22, Baker, Kemptville, Finch Village, s/o Daniel QUINN (b. Howe Island) & Bertha HOGAN; married Minerva CLEMENTS, 32, Wid, Dressmaker, Finch Twp, Finch Village, d/o John D. McMILLAN (b. Finch) & Althy Ann CAMPBELL; witn S.O. McMILLAN & Catherine McMILLAN, both Finch, 11 Jul 1923, Avonmore
020649-23 Bert Joseph RACINE, 24, Farmer, Chicago, Finch Twp, s/o Joseph RACINE (b. Crysler) & Sarah GRAY; married Catharine J. McMILLAN, 39, Wid, Housework, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Ewen McMILLAN (b. Finch) & Anna Bella MACDONALD; witn Ronald McMILLAN, Finch & Hazel RACINE, Moose Creek, 3 Oct 1923, Crysler 020647-23 Johnson Alexander RAYMOND, 36, Merchant, Newington, Williamstown, s/o John Nelson RAYMOND (b. Osnabruck) & Catherine McNAUGHTON; married Elizabeth Johnson MACDONALD, 36, Charlottenburg Twp, same, d/o John Peter [McDONALD] (b. Charlottenburg Twp) & Barbara Esther JOHNSON; witn Ethel M. POLLETT, Montreal & John Peter McDONALD, Martintown, 27 Dec 1923 Lancaster
020651-23 Thomas Nelson REDDICK, 26, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Adam REDDICK (b. Dundas Co) & Edith RICE; married Ella DURANT, 21, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Daniel DURANT (b. Dundas Co) & Lucy BARKLEY; witn George REDDICK & Ada DURANT, both Williamsburg Twp, 5 Sept 1923, Morrisburg 020653-23 Isaiah Leslie ROBB, 34, Traveller, Palmerstown, Iroquois, s/o Isaiah ROBB (b. Perth Co) & Lydia GREENSIDES; married Anna Isabel SUFFEL, 26, Inkerman, Iroquois, d/o Bruce SUFFEL (b. Mountain Twp) & Minnie FEADER; witn C.E. VICKERY & C.G. VICKERY, both Iroquois, 11 Apr 1923, Iroquois
020652-23 Lambert ROBERTS, 21, Machinist, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Robert Wood ROBERTS (b. England) & Sarah Jane MOORE; married Kathleen HARLEY, 17, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John E. HARLEY (b. Cornwall) & Jane CLARK; witn Lloyd CLARK, Cornwall & Kathleen LYNCH, Montreal, 17 Aug 1923, Cornwall 020655-23 Stewart ROBERTSON, 35, Farmer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o A.J. ROBERTSON (b. Martintown) & Margaret E. McGREGOR; married Bertha Evaline FOULDS, 34, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o John S. FOULDS (b. Martintown) & Catherine McARTHUR; witn Margaret C. ROBERTSON & Victor FOULDS, both Martintown, 2 May 1923, Martintown
020657-23 Leonidas ROBIDOUX, 21, Electrician, Smith Indian, Cornwall, s/o Belanie ROBIDOUX & Rose GREGOIRE; married Mary Jennie O'NEIL, 22, Mill Hand, Williamstown, Cornwall, d/o John O'NEIL & Mary ST. JOHN; witn Belanie ROBIDOUX & John O'NEIL, both Cornwall, 6 Aug 1923, Cornwall 020648-23 Alex ROBILLARD, 59, Wid, Farmer, Clarence, South Plantagenet, s/o William ROBILLARD (b. Papineauville Que) & Margaret BLAIR; married Eliza COULTHART, 51, Cannamore, Cannamore, d/o James COULTHART (b. Stormont Co) & Mary FETTERLY; witn Bernice COULTHART & Eliza W. REVELER, both Cannamore, 12 Nov 1923, Cannamore
020654-23 George Bernard ROBINSON, 33, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Hugh ROBINSON (b. Grantly) & Marguerite HILL; married Laura Montgomery DORAN, 27, School Teacher, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Dallace DORAN (b. Morrisburg) & Ann ARMSTRONG; witn Thomas DALLACE, Dorrington NY & Bessie DREW, Morrisburg, 20 Jun 1923, Aultsville 020656-23 Albert ROLLO, 25, Farm Labourer, Stirling Scotland, Lochiel, s/o no information; married Ethel Jane GOLDING, 29, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o James (b. Essex England) & Harriet Ann GOLDING; witn William D. GOLDING & Nellie Mae GOLDING, both Dalkeith, 27 Mar 1923, Alexandria
020658-23 Alfred Alexander Hamilton ROSS, no age given, Paper maker, none given, Mille Roches, d/o Alfred Fred ROSS & Christina JARVIS; married Elizabeth Beatrice Emily HILLIARD, no age given, paper maker, none given, d/o Samuel HILLIARD & Emily LAWRENCE; witn Harold EASTMAN, Mille Roches & Elizabeth ODETTE, Dickinson’s Landing, 26 Sept 1923, Dickinson’s Landing 020650-23 Willard Roy RUTLEY, 28, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Leonard RUTLEY (b. Roxborough Twp) & Nessie ARBUTNOT; married Anna Gladys SHAVER, 23, Housekeeper, Finch Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o Donald SHAVER (b. Roxborough Twp) & Laura ALGUIRE?; witn W. Wendell HENRY, Berwick & Hilda SHAVER, Finch, 19 Sept 1923, Finch
020691-23 William Alexander ST. JOHN, 24, clerk & Motor Driver, Cornwall, St Andrews West, s/o Angus ST. JOHN & Margaret CARRIER; married Marcella FRASER, 24, St Andrews West, Cornwall Twp, d/o Alexander J. FRASER & Margaret McDONELL; witn John ST. JOHN, Cornwall & Clinton FRASER, St Andrews West, 10 Apr 1923, St Andrews West 020700-23 Alexander SANIS? (or SAVIS?), 23, Mill Hand, St Raphaels, Cornwall, s/o Alex SANIS; married Marie Exele BOUVIER, 20, St John Crysostom Que, d/o Dalena BOUVIER & Marie TOUCHETTE; witn Alex SANIS & Dalina BOUVIER, both Cornwall, 24 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020698-23 Wilfred SAUCIER, 20, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Raphael SAUCIER & Archange LEBLANC; married Pearl LAPLANTE, 22, St Anicet Que, Cornwall, d/o Moses LAPLANT & Ellen BLANCHARD: witn Raphel SAUCIER & Moses LAPLANTE, both no place given, 26 Jun 1923, Cornwall 020680-23 Fileman SAUNOWICH, 27, Labourer, Russia, Toronto, s/o Conrad ( b. Russia) & Aokls SAUNOWICH; married Sadie ROUNDPOINT, 19, Millhand, Cornwall Island, Toronto, d/o Angus ROUNDPOINT (b. Cornwall Island) & Theresa THOMPSON; witn Frank ROUNDPOINT, Cornwall Island & Maggie DISKS?, Caughagwaga, 30 May 1923, Cornwall
020695-23 Josephat SAUVE, 24, Farmer, Point Fortune, Point Fortune, s/o Hyacinth SAUVE & Helena Jean LOUIS; married Emma COUSINEAU, 22, Farmer, Breadalbane, Breadalbane, d/o Henry COUSINEAU & Mathilda GUINDON; witn Hyacinth SAUVE, Point Fortune & Henry COUSINEAU, Breadalbane, 5 Jun 1923, Lochiel 020693-23 Honore SAUVE, 22, Labourer, St. Telesphore Que, St Raphaels, s/o Fabien SAUVE & Zephie ANDRE; married Pamelia BRUNET, 20, Glen Nevis, Lancaster, d/o Francis BRUNET & Alexina PILON; witn Fabien SAUVE, St Raphaels & Francis BRUNET, Lancaster, 22 May 1923, Lancaster
020663-23 Kenneth SAYEAU, 19, Farmer, Edwardsburg Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o John SAYEAU (b. Iroquois) & Cynthia SERVISS; married Sadie WARNER, 18, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o George WARREN (b. Glen Stewart) & Margaret GILMORE; witn A.L. BEACH & C.E. VICKERY, both Iroquois, 31 Oct 1923, Iroquois 020692-23 Romeo SCHINK, 25, Labourer, Montreal, Lachine, s/o Joseph SCHINK & Ellen JEFFERSON; married Lucienne MORIN, 20, Millhand, Beauharnois Que, Cornwall, d/o Philias MORIN & Emma TESSIER; witn Joseph SCHINK, Montreal & Henry MARTIN, Cornwall, 14 May 1923, Cornwall
020665-23 George SEEKINGS, 40, Grocer, Montreal Que, Brockville, s/o George SEEKINGS (b. London Eng) & Pauline DES JARDINS; married Jessie Elida BECKSTED, 30, household duties, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o James Duncan BECKSTED (b. Williamsburg) & Emma C. STRADER; witn Sidney SEEKINGS, Oshawa & Mary Maudie SEEKINGS, Brockville, 24 Oct 1923, Williamsburg 020664-23 Louis SEGUIN, 22, Millhand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Pacific SEGUIN (b. St Marth Que) & Emilia COLLIER; married Angeline VILLENEUVE, 19, Millhand, Lancaster, Cornwall, d/o Louis [VILLENEUVE] (b. South Lancaster) & Emma BOUILLON; witn Pacific SEGUIN & Louis VILLENEUVE, both Cornwall, 1 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020697-23 Albert SEGUIN, 22, Baker, Alfred, Maxville, s/o Joseph SEGUIN & M. Celina PITRE; married Mary Ann FILION, 26, Greenfield, Kenyon, s/o Josephat FILION & Mary LAMOUREUX?; witn Joseph SEGUIN, Alfred & Josephie FILION, Maxville, 26 Jun 1913, Glengarry Co 020704-23 Michael Auguste SEGUIN, 23, Salesman Clothing Store, Ogdensburgh, Cornwall, s/o Joseph SEGUIN & Lena LALONDE; married Lora Mae? JACQUES, 26, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph JACQUES & Jessie PARENT; witn Francis KYER & Jessie JACQUES, both Cornwall, 27 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020702-23 Hermidas SEGUIN, 42, Blacksmith, St Marthe Que, Alexandria, s/o Alphonse SEGUIN & Rosaline MARUR?; married Lydia BRUNET, 32, farmer, Glen Robertson, Lochiel, d/o Olivier BRUNET & Armin LEBLANC; witn Olivier BRUNET, Alexandria & Baptiste BRUNET, Glen Sandfield, 22 Oct 1923, Lochiel 020701-23 Napoleon SEGUIN?, 25, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Pacific SEGUIN & Emilia CALLIN; married Victoria QUESNELL, 25, Maid, Lochiel Twp, Cornwall, d/o Joseph QUESNELL & Aime HURTIBISE; witn Pacific SEGUIN & Wilfred QUESNELL, both Cornwall, 24 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020671-23 Charles William SERVISS, 23, Farmer, Iroquois, Iroquois, s/o Anson SERVISS (b. Iroquois) & Maggie May GREGORY; married Helen Louise LOSEY, 18, Wales, Wales, d/o Osborn LOSEY (b. not known) & Bertha STEPHENSON; witn Hilliard A SERVISS & Mrs H.A. SERVISS, both Iroquois, 22 Sept 1923, Iroquois 020670-23 George Wilbur SERVISS, 27, Labourer, Glen Stewart, Morrisburg, s/o John SERVISS (b. Glen Stewart) & Dina KECK; married Nina SIPES, 19, Dixon’s Corner, none given, d/o George SIPES (b. not known) & Lottie LEWIS; witn Hilliard A. SERVISS & Mrs H.A. SERVISS, both Iroquois, 22 Sept 1923, Iroquois
020685-23 Lloyd Bernard SHAVER, 17, Farmer, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o John H. SHAVER (b. Finch) & Bertha RUNNIONS; married Velma BOGART, 18, housemaid, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Robert Charles BOGART (b. Berwick) & Amanda May WELLS; witn John DUNBAR, Finch & Edith PRICE, Winchester, 2 May 1923, Finch 020672-23 Henry Aubrey SHAVER, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Edgar SHAVER (b. Osnabruck) & Cassie DICKSON; married Ola Irene ROBERTSON, 24, Cornwall, Osnabruck, d/o James ROBERTSON (b. Osnabruck) & Margaret ROYCE; witn George D. CALQUHOUN, Wales & Ada ROBERTSON, Cornwall, 5 Sept 1923, Osnabruck
020689-23 Riley SHAVER, 30, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o John SHAVER (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Mary A. HOLLISTER; married Anna Isabel CONOUGH, 24, Williamsburg Twp, Aultsville, d/o Thomas CONOUGH (b. Williamsburg) & Sarah Ida CARR; witn Mr. Thoral DONNELLY & Mrs Thoral DONNELLY, both Farrans Point, 7 Feb 1923, Aultsville 020668-23 Osborne SHAVER, 29, Engineer, Finch Twp, Finch Twp, s/o John J. SHAVER (b. Finch) & Agnes MONTGOMERY; married Pearl PRICE, 26, Clerk, Russell Twp, Finch Twp, d/o Samuel PRICE (b. Finch) & Katherine McLEAN; witn George CARSON, Newington & Jennie PRICE, Finch, 26 Sept 1923, Finch Village
020661-23 William SHAY, 19, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o Fred SHAY (b. Winchester Twp) & Effie DILLABOUGH; married Irene PRICE, 17, Housework, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Angus I. PRICE (b. North Winchester) & Ettie WARNER; witn John BINE & Jemima Janet PRICE, both Winchester, 28 Nov 1923, Chesterville  
020676-23 Irvine SHELDRICK, 20, Farming, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o William SHELDRICK (b. USA) & Carrie E. QUARTZ; married Dorothe Emma May LARMOUR, 19, Winchester, Winchester Twp, d/o Avery LARMOUR (b. Winchester Twp) & Effie CROWDER; witn Harold HUMPHRIES & Mabel LARMOUR, both Winchester, 28 Mar 1923, Winchester 020696-23 Eli SHOELETTE, 25, Mechanic, Williamstown, Lancaster, s/o Fabien SHOELETTE & Lea D’AOUST; married Mary Lydia SAUVE, 16, Glen Nevis, Lancaster Twp, d/o Louis SAUVE & Louise ANDRE; witn Fabien SHOELETTE, Williamstown & Louis SAUVE, Lancaster, 26 Jun 1923, Lancaster
020662-23 William Graham SILMSER, 21, labourer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o Rodney SILMSER (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Ethel BENDER; married Ruby Mildred BOAL, 26, Osnabruck, Cornwall, d/o John BOAL (b. Osnabruck Twp) & Viola MATTICE; witn John MATTICE, Newington & Max ANDERSON, Cornwall, 5 Dec 1923, Newington 020659-23 George Wilfred SKERRETT, 28, Machinist, England, 243 Chatham St. in Windsor, s/o James Thomas SKERRETT (b. England) & Susan WELLS; married Cissie HILL, 21, England, en route to Canada from England Ste Rigaud, d/o Wellington HILL (b. England) & Florence DALRYMPLE; witn Elizabeth CHISHOLM & Zelda? CHISHOLM, both Montreal, 24 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020677-23 Clarence SMITH, 23, Farmer, Dickinson’s, Prescott, s/o Frank C. SMITH (b. Germany) & Arminta WALDROFF; married Lottie HALL, 19, Williamsburg Twp, Iroquois, d/o David C. HALL (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Alice FYKE; witn Eva SMITH, Prescott & Earnest HALL, Iroquois, 4 Jul 1923, Chesterville 020690-23 Joseph Henry SMITH, 34, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Jacob SMITH & Mary Ann McATEER; married Emilie Lucie KUHN, 35, Housekeeper, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o George KUHN & Sophia NELIE; witn Percy SMITH & Amos KUHN, both Cornwall, 29 Jan 1923, Cornwall
020674-23 Arthur George SMITH, 24, Farmer, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o John A. SMITH (b. Winchester Twp) & Ettie SHAY; married Annie Carris THOMAS, 24, Housework, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Percy THOMAS (b. Winchester Twp) & Emma SPRAGNE; witn John W. GLASGOW & Mrs John W. GLASGOW, both Cannamore, 8 Aug 1923, Finch Village 020681-23 Ernest SNETSINGER, 35, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o George SNETSINGER (b. Ontario) & Catherine McGEE; married Viola KYER, 22, Charlottenburg Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Edward (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth KYER; witn Wesley Oscar ALGUIRE & Annie KYER, both Cornwall, 12 Jun 1923, Cornwall
020675-23 Harold Marshall SNIDER, 33, Accountant, Renfrew, Kingston, s/o Marshall SNIDER (b. Canada) & Isabella Jean STEWART; married Mae MOOREHEAD, 26, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o William MOOREHEAD (b. Canada) & Hagar STRADER; witn Roy MOOREHEAD, Dixon’s Corners & E. MAUDE JOHNSTON, Brinston, 25 Apr 1923, Brinston 020684-23 Charles Edward SNIDER, 29, Street Railway Employee, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o George SNIDER (b. Cornwall) & Emelia KIRKY; married Margaret Ann McDERMID, 21, Domestic, Berwick, Cornwall, d/o David McDERMID (b. Berwick) & Lola Belle WELSH; witn Fred LALONDE, Cornwall & Miss Mary LAUBER, Moulinette, 9 May 1923, Cornwall
020687-23 James SOUTHWORTH, 49, Wid, Carpenter, Williamsburg Twp, Osnabruck Centre, s/o G?.M SOUTHWORTH (b. Williamsburg) & Sarah FROATS; married Blanch WARNER, 32, Osnabruck Twp, Osnabruck Twp, d/o Robert WARNER (b. Osnabruck Centre) & Elida MORGAN; witn Elgin WARNER, Osnabruck & F?. A. FORD, , no place given, 8 Feb 1923, Farrans Point 020679-23 Albert Glenn STEINBERG, 24, High School Teacher, Branston, Cornwall, s/o Maron STEINBERG (b. Brinston) & Lottie McINTOSH; married Ina Margaret SINCLAIR, 18, Student, St. Andrews Que, Cornwall, d/o Angus C. SINCLAIR (b. United States) & Annie WARLAND; witn John FARRETT & Lottie STEINBERG, both Brinston, 8 Jun 1923, Cornwall
020669-23 Rae STEINBERG, 19, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o Mason STEINBERG (b. Hainsville) & George WHITTAKER; married Lena Delta WHITTAKER, 19, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o George WHITTAKER (b. Williamsburg) & Elizabeth CASSELMAN; witn John D. THOMPSON, Brinston & Eva WHITTAKER, Williamsburg, 12 Sept 1923, Dunbar 020703-23 Benjamin STEVENSON, 30, Wid, Travelling Agent, Birmingham England, Ottawa, s/o Benjamin STEVENSON & Elizabeth CHELTON; married Bernice or Annie ROGERS, 27, Bookkeeper, Liverpool, England, Cornwall, d/o John ROGERS & Bernice or Annie McDERMID; witn Ronald McGIL--? & Mrs MACKAY?, both Cornwall, 17 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020660-23 Donald M. STEWART, 35, Farmer, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, s/o Murdoch P. STEWART (b. Dunvegan) & May C. McRAEL?; married Anne May CAMPBELL, 25, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Dunvegan) & Mary DEY; witn John McDONALD & Margaret McINTOSH, both Dunvegan, 20 Dec 1923, Dunvegan 020683-23 Laughlin Angus STEWART, 30, Farmer, Dunvegan, Dunvegan, s/o John A. STEWART (b. Dunvegan) & Annie McDONALD; married Sarah Catherine McLEOD, 24, Dunvegan, Dunvegan?, d/o Duncan J. McLEOD (b. Dunvegan) & Bella McRAE; witn A. M. STEWART & Mrs A.M. STEWART, both Dunvegan, 25 May 1923, Dunvegan
020699-23 Thomas STONEHOUSE, 33, Mill Hand, Lachine, Lachine Que, s/o Joseph STONEHOUSE & Elise TREMBLY; married Marie PICARD, 30, Mill Hand, Moose Creek, Cornwall, d/o Louis PICARD & Maggie MILLAR; witn Les STONEHOUSE, Lachine & Joseph PICARD, Cornwall, 17 Sept 1923, Cornwall 020667-23 James Grey STRACHAN, 23, Time keeper, Aberdeen Scotland, Detroit, s/o James STRACHAN (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Jessie CAMPBELL; married Christina PATERSON, 23, Aberdeen Scotland, Detroit, d/o John PATERSON (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Margaret Hutchin SCOTT; witn David PITTENDRIGH? Montreal & Margaret Philips PATERSON, Cornwall, 29 Sept 1923, Cornwall
020666-23 George William STRADER, 21, Merchant, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o William C. STRADER (b. Matilda Twp) & Lyda HOLLISTER; married Phyllis Elsie MERKLEY, 19, Chesterville, Chesterville, d/o James Chester MERKLEY (b. Winchester Twp) & Sarah PICKERING; witn Viola Hazel ARMSTRONG, Ottawa & Alfred John CASSELMAN, Williamsburg, 2 Oct 1923, Chesterville 020682-23 Andrew George SUFFELL, 53, divorced his wife, Miller, Mountain Twp, Winchester, s/o Peter SUFFELL (b. Mountain Twp) & Elizabeth JOYCE; married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, 29, home duties, Mountain Twp, Winchester, d/o James ROBINSON (b. Mountain Twp) & Rachel COLEMAN; witn Mrs HUGHES, Moose Jaw & Robert COPELAND, Hallville, 6 Jun 1923, Winchester
020673-23 Lorne James SUMMERS, 19, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o Wesley SUMMERS (b. Matilda Twp) & no first name given CASS; married Mrs Elizabeth McLEOD, 26, Wid, Housekeeper, Crysler, Matilda Twp, d/o Francis DECLARE (b. France) & Margaret TACEY; witn Grace Irving GILROY, South Mountain & Percy Winfield BARKLEY, Matilda Twp, 22 Aug 1923, South Mountain 020678-23 Jeremiah V. SUMMERS, 32, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester Twp, s/o Charles A. SUMMERS (b. Winchester Twp) & Marian A. HOGABOOM; married Jessie E. WATTS, 28, Farming, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, d/o Byron J. WATTS (b. Wolford Twp) & Jeanette A. HUGHES; witn Claude GORDON, Winchester & Marion R. WHITNEY, Ottawa, 27 Jun 1923, Mountain
020688-23 Thomas J. SYMONDS, 38, Farmer, Finch Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Thomas SYMONDS (b. Ireland) & Margaret McADAM; married Mary Ann MORRISON, 24, Lancaster, Cornwall Twp, d/o Duncan MORRISON (b. Lancaster) & Mary MACGILLIVRAY; witn Archie A. MORRISON, Wales & Ena T. CONRAD, Northfield, 24 Jan 1923, Osnabruck Twp 020711-23 Alphonse Albert Joseph TAILLON, 24, Cheese maker, St Raphaels West, Apple Hill, s/o John TAILLON & Mary SAUCIER; married Marie Corine Aglae BERGERON, 18, Paroisse De St Paul Que, Williamstown, d/o Joseph BERGERON & Corine COTE; witn Joseph BERGERON, Williamstown & Francis TAILLON, Apple Hill, 3 Apr 1923, Williamstown
020707-23 William Henry TAYLOR, 30, Labourer, England, Chesterville, s/o Thomas TAYLOR (b. England) & Ellen BURTIN; married Fairelda E. CRUMP, 23, Housework, Ontario, Chesterville, d/o Adolphus Edmund CRUMP (b. USA) & Harriet Elizabeth COULTHART; witn Mrs. Leona Annetta MACDONALD & Herbert Elgar McDONALD, both Chesterville, 11 Apr 1923, Chesterville 020706-23 Sidney Carlyle (Lyle) THOM, 31, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Arthur THOM (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Jane S. CARLYLE; married Bessie M. WEEGAR, 29, Housework, Williamsburg Twp, Chesterville, d/o Henry WEEGAR (b. Williamsburg Twp) & Celia CASSELMAN; witn Nettie THOM & Ena D. WEEGAR, both Chesterville, 17 Oct 1923, Chesterville
020712-23 Eugene Edward THOMAS, (Jan 22 1901) 22, labourer, Charlottenburg Twp, Montreal, s/o Zepherin THOMAS & Mary ST. LOUIS; married Victoria ST. DENIS, (29 Nov 1901) 22, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon, d/o Ferdinand ST. DENIS & Lea LEFEBVRE; witn Zepherin THOMAS, Williamstown & Fred ST. DENIS, Apple Hill, 1 Oct 1923, Apple Hill  
020708-23 Salem Charles THOMSON, 24, Farmer, Martintown, Martintown, s/o William A. THOMSON (b. Dundas) & Lucy PHELL; married Jean Catherine URQUHART, 22, Stenographer, Martintown, Martintown, d/o James URQUHART (b. Martintown) & Isabella McMARTIN; witn Mabel B. MAY & L.R. CLARK, both Martintown, 2 Jun 1923, Martintown 020705-23 Robert THOMSON, 26, Farmer, Glasgow Scotland, Elkhorn Man, s/o Robert THOMSON (b. Orkney Islands) & Jane Hall KIRK; married Amanda Genevieve ARBUTHNOT, 32, Northfield, Elkhorn Man, d/o Joseph ARBUTHNOT (b. Northfield) & Amanda RUPERT; witn Joseph ARBUTHNOT, Northfield & Alma BARKETT, Northfield, 19 Dec 1923, Cornwall
020709-23 Webster Delmar TIMMONS, 20, Farmer, Inkerman, Inkerman, s/o Byron TIMMINS (b. Inkerman) & Hattie SHAVER; married Sadie Ordelia CROWDER, 22, Clerk, Pleasant Valley, Inkerman, d/o John CROWDER (b. Mountain Twp) & Nancy J. CAMPBELL; witn Mrs. J.K. CURTIS & Jean SAMPSON, both Winchester, 4 Apr 1923, Winchester 020710-23 Grant TUPPER, 19, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Nathan TUPPER (b. (Froatburn) Williamsburg) & Amanda MILWARD; married Alice BECKSTED, 20, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Alva BECKSTED (b. (Froatburn) Williamsburg) & Grace McMARTIN; witn Mr Gilbert BECKSTED & Mrs Gilbert BECKSTED, both Williamsburg, 3 Jan 1923, Morrisburg
  020714-23 Frederick TYO, 22, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Franklin TYO & Mary BRABANT, married Yovanne LA PIERRE, 18, Moose Creek, Cornwall, d/o Antoine LA PIERRE & Matilda SEGUIN; witn Paul LAPIERRE, Stone Creek & Mary Ann LAVIOLETTE, Cornwall, 26 Nov 1923, Cornwall
020719-23 Alvin M. UPPER, 53, Wid, Foreman, Allenburg?, Cornwall, s/o Willis A. UPPER (b. Ontario) & Mary MERTHEW; married Dellina Ann GALLINGER, 54, Wid, housework, Tystown, Cornwall, d/o Hught FITZPATRICK (b. Ontario) & Catherine GRANT; witn Ruth M. UPPER & Albert GALLINGER, both Cornwall, 14 Jun 1923, Cornwall 020715-23 John URQUHART, 36, Engineer, Dunvegan, Greenfield, s/o John URQUHART (b. Dunvegan) & Margaret URQUHART; married Cassie Margaretta MACDERMID, 23, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, d/o John [McDERMID] (b. Kenyon) & Christina McLENNON, witn Margaret McLENNAN, Montreal & Findlay McDERMID, Maxville, 28 Feb 1923, Kenyon Twp
020717-23 Henry VALADE, 30, Labourer, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Moise VALADE (b. Quebec Province) & Oraline ANDRE; married Aurore ROY, 31, Wid, Farming, Province Que, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o Jean Baptiste ROI (b. Quebec Province) & Sophie GOHIER; witn J.B. ROI, Glen Roy & Osias VALADE, St Raphael West, 22 Jan 1923, St Raphael West 020722-23 Joseph Henry VIALLANCOURT (Vailllancourt?), 27 (5 Aug 1896), Farmer, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, s/o Henry VIALLANCOURT & Emma GARGON; married Emilda LAFEBRE, 23, Maid, Lancaster, Charlottenburg, d/o Joseph LEFEBRE & Marie PIGEON; witn Pierre VIALLANCOURT, St Rose Que & Joseph LEFEBRE, Williamstown, 7 Aug 1923, Williamstown
020718-23 Sydney Way VICKERY, 21, Banker, Portage du Fort Que, Toronto, s/o Thomas J VICKERY (b. Canada) & Charlotte WAY; married Annie Laurie BEACH, 18, Hailebury, Ottawa, d/o Benson C. BEACH (b. Canada) & Annie May JOHNSTON; witn Emily M. MILLER & Sadie G. MILLER, both Morrisburg, 2 Apr 1923, Morrisburg 020723-23 Louis Maxime VILLENEUVE, 21, Labourer, Vankleek Hill, Vankleek Hill, s/o Marc VILLENEUVE & Malvina ROINE?; married Emilie C. CYR, 19, Hawkesbury, Dunvegan Twp, d/o Regis CYR & Auxilda VIVERAIS; witn Marc VILLENEUVE, Vankleek Hill & Regis CYR, Dunvegan, 9 Oct 1923, Greenfield
020721-23 Albert VILLENEUVE, 23, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Joseph G. VILLENEUVE & Margaret DORE; married Sidonia GILBEAULT, 21, Roxborough, Roxoborough, d/o Mederic GILBEAULT & Laura BEAUCHAMP; witn Joseph A. VILLENEUVE & Mederic GILBEAULT, both Moose Creek, 16 Apr 1923, Roxborough Twp 020720-23 George Sylvis VILLENEUVE, 23, Labourer, St. Isidore Prescott, Cornwall, d/o George VILLENEUVE & Amanda LEGER; married Marie? Vallick ALLAIRE, 20, Millhand, Embrun, Cornwall, d/o Felix ALLAIRE & Cecilia BLANCHARD; witn George VILLENEUVE & Edward ALLAIRE, both Cornwall, 2 Apr 1923, Cornwall
020716-23 Arthur VINCENT, 26, Printer, Ste Justine, Ville St. Pierre Que, s/o Xavier VINCENT (b. St. Justine de Naston Que) & Alexina DEGUIRE; married Mary CLEMENT, 22, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Zotique CLEMENT (b. Co Vaudreuil Que) & Anna CAMPEAU; witn Xavier VINCENT, Ville St. Pierre Montreal Que & Zotique CLEMENT, Glen Robertson, 9 Jun 1923, Glen Robertson  
020728-23 Clarence Robert WALLACE, 33, Farmer, Shanly, Shanly, s/o Jeremiah WALLACE (b. Shanly) & Margaret RIDDLE; married Florence Olive BARKLEY, 28, Teacher, Morrisburg, Rowena?, d/o Aurzin? BARCLAY (b. Rowena) & Nellie HARE?; witn H.S?. COOK & Mrs H.S.? COOK, both Morewood, 11 Jul 1923, Morewood 020724-23 Stuart Clifford WALLACE, 22, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o William WALLACE (b. Chesterville & Ettie ARMSTRONG; married Violet Miriam WEEGAR, 22, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Ira WEEGAR (b. Williamsburg) & Gertrude MILWARD; witn William WALLACE, Chesterville & Ira S. WEEGAR, Williamsburg, 14 Nov 1923, Williamsburg
020738-23 Daniel WALSH, 40, Farmer, Berwick, Berwick, s/o Bartholomew WALSH & Margaret MORIARTY; married Bridget KEARNS, 30, Berwick, Berwick, d/o James KEARNS & Mary RYAN; witn Carl HANSON & Samuel KEARNS, both Berwick, 13 Jun 1923, Crysler 020737-23 James Joseph WALSH, 24, Labourer, Montreal, Montreal, s/o Edward WALSH & Margaret HURLEY; married Marie Louise CASTONGUAY, 23, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Antoine CASTONGUAY & Louise LAROCQUE; witn Joseph CASTONGUAY, North Lancaster & Antoine CASTONGUAY, Glen Nevis, 12 Feb 1923, Glen Nevis
020736-23 Noah WATTERS or Noe BOILEAU, 35, Wid, Carpenter, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o Willie BOILEAU (b. Cedars Que) & DeVina? LECROIS; married Minnie WARNER, 20, Domestic, Finch, Cornwall, d/o Edson WARNER (b. Crysler) & Julie LACY; witn Willie BOILEAU & Thomas LACETTE, both Cornwall, 20 Nov 1923, Cornwall (see ** at bottom of page) 020740-23 William Edward WEEKES, 36, Machinist, Cardinal, Watertown NY State, s/o Edward WEEKES & Margaret BRENNAN; married Terese L’ABRE, 28, R. Nurse, Williamstown, Williamstown, d/o Maurice L’ABRE & Adeline PIDGEON; witn Denis Cypartin L’ABRE & Stella L’ABRE, both Williamstown, 1 Sept? 1923, Williamstown
020727-23 Harold William WELLS, 24, Electrician, Winchester Village, Iroquois, d/o William Wesley WELLS, (b. Canada) & Mary Alice McINTOSH; married Nelda Irene MERKLEY, 23, Farming, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o John E. MERKLEY (b. United States) & Margaret Ella TOUSAW; witn A. A. CASSELMAN & Lulu E. WADDELL, both Winchester, 10 Jul 1923, Winchester 020739-23 Richard Alexander WELSHER, 27, Labourer, Williamstown, Lancaster, s/o Richard WELSHER & Mary Jane DUMOULIN; married Annie Emily THAUVETTE, 23, Labourer, Williamstown, Lancaster, d/o John THAUVETTE & Alice MACDONELL; witn Charles. McDONALD & Rebecca THAUVETTE, Lancaster, 17 Apr 1923, Lancaster
020732-23 Clifford WERELEY, 25, Farmer, Northfield, Northfield, s/o Gideon WERELEY (b. Lunenburg) & Marian AULT; married Beatrice FLANAGAN, 30, Avonmore, Northfield, d/o John T. FLANAGAN (b. Avonmore) & Margaret F. GRAHAM; witn Nessie FLANAGAN & W.E. FLANAGAN, both Avonmore, 22 May 1923, Avonmore 020735-23 Mahlon J. WHITTAKER, 21, Farmer, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, s/o Lawrence (b. Dundas Co) & Sarah WHITTAKER; married Alma CASSELMAN, 24, Williamstown Twp, Williamstown Twp, d/o William CASSELMAN (b. Dundas Co) & Bertha HANSEN; witn Ivan or Ian I. BARKLEY & Edythe BARKLEY, both Chesterville, 3 Jan 1923, Elma
020729-23 Ford Alexander WIGGINS, 28, Produce Dealer, Kemptville, Morrisburg, s/o Harry WIGGINS (b. Canada) & Edith POWELL; married Florence COLQUHOUN, 24, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Charles COLQUHOUN (b. Canada) & Ruby NEVILLE; witn Della COIR, Morrisburg & G.E. WIGGINS, Kemptville, 27 Jun 1923, Dundas 020726-23 Clifford WILKES, 23, Barber, Fournier?, Vernon, s/o Henry WILKES (b. Ontario) & Nancy NIXON; married Hilda Ellen FELK, 22, School Teacher, 22, Newington, Vernon, d/o Robert FELK (b. Roxborough Twp) & Annie Eliza KIDD; witn Albert J. WILKES, Maxville & Kate M. ARKINSTALL, Dunvegan, 11 Jul 1923, Roxborough Twp
020734-23 Henry Thomas WILSON, 22, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o James Thomas WILSON (b. England) & Bertha Louisa HACKETT; married Eugina Victoria DEXTRAS, 23, Mill Hand, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Joseph DEXTRAS (b. St Philomen Que) & Elizabeth QUENVILLE; witn Roy Clifton HARTLE & Richard Henry HERRINGTON, both Cornwall, 30 Jan 1923, Cornwall 020730-23 Graham Thomas WILSON, 27, Plumber, Stittsville, Ottawa, s/o John B. WILSON (b. Stittsville) & Margaret MITCHELL; married Ella Catherine MANSON, 34, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, d/o Margaret MITCHELL (b. Mille Roches) & Leslie James MANSON; witn Ross Adams MANSON, Mille Roches & Isabell STEWART, Niagara Falls, 20 Jun 1923, Mille Roches
020733-23 Joseph Andrew WOOD, 27, Farmer, England, South Mountain, s/o John WOOD (b. England) & Nellie WILSON; married Estella BOYD, 26, Clerk, South Mountain, South Mountain, d/o Robert W BOYD (b. Matilda Twp) & Caroline J. LALONE; witn Lorne ARMSTRONG & Nina M. ARMSTRONG, both South Mountain, 17 Mar 1923, South Mountain

020741-23 Daniel Nathan WOOD, 69, Farmer, Wid, Charlottenburgh Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Stephen WOOD & Mary McDONALD; married Catherine SMALL JAMES, 48, Farmer, Wid, Charlottenburgh Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o William SMALL & Catherine TAILLON; witn John LALONDE, Bonville & Benjamin TAILLON, Martintown, 31 Dec 1923, St. Andrews West

020731-23 Ernest I WOODROW, 52, Blacksmith, Hermon NY, Hermon NY, s/o John WOODROW (b. New York State) & Josephine ALLAN; married Rose NEWVINE, 37, Housework, Williamsburg Twp, Williamsburg Twp, d/o Jefferson NEWVINE (b. Waddington NY) & Sarah J. KYRE; witn Eliza YOUNG & Lyla G. BROWN, both Chesterville, 2 Jun 1923, Chesterville 020725-23 Thomas Harold WOODS, 27, Commercial Traveller, Blackstock, Ottawa City, s/o Thomas WOODS (b. Franklin) & Eliza Ann SHAW; married Jessie Pauline HUTT, 22, Bank Clerk, Winchester, Winchester, d/o John Elgin HUTT (b. Winchester) & Elizabeth ERRINGTON; witn L. Kathleen CHRISTIE & Alvin M. WOODS, both Ottawa, 29 Aug 1923, Winchester

20602-23 McCall - Moir with attached note. " (to) The Department of Immigration of Canada. This is to certify that I. on this seventeenth day of May 1923 married Catherine Kemlo Moir, who landed in Canada from the SS Cassandra on the sixteenth day of the month aforesaid, to James Clark McCALL a citizen of Canada. (Signed) G. Watt SMITH, Minister, St Elmo, Maxville, Ontario"

20736-23 Watters - Warner Attached is the following letter – "Dear Sir, My report is correct. The mans name is BOILEAU & the English speaking people call him WATTERS which is not even the English translation of it, but his proper name is BOILEAU & not WATTERS. To my knowledge he has no legal authority to change it this is a contract & very important. In my French parish he is known as BOILEAU. The other partys name is MENARD"