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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1884


011102-84 Gordon ALGUIRE, 45, Wid, Farmer, Osnabruck, Avonmore, s/o Daniel & Plumilire? ALGUIRE; married Margaret WYET, 26, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Daniel & Hannah WYET; witn Daniel WYET & Hannah WYET, both Osnabruck, 21 Oct 1884, Osnabruck

011006-84 Manson ALGUIRE, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Finch, s/o James & Margaret ALGUIRE; married Sarah BARNES, 24, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Nuttal & Margaret BARNES; witn Charles BARNES & Sarah BARNES, both Roxborough, 31 Oct 1884, Roxborough

011101-84 George ANDERSON, 40, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Thomas & Mary; married Cyrene STEEN, 25, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o James & Ann STEEN; witn Mrs BAILLIE & Miss McINTOSH, both Woodlands, 9 Oct 1884, Woodlands

011093-84 James H. ANDERSON, 21, Carriage maker, Aultsville, Aultsville, s/o Francis & Anne ANDERSON; married Lenora POPST, 22, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John & Caroline POPST; witn Helen BAILLIE, Aylmer & Mrs BAILLIE, Woodlands, 2 Jul 1884, Woodlands

#011269-84 (Stormont Co): Peter ANTIYAN (or Antigan), 23, farmer, Michigan, Stormont, s/o John ANTIYAN & Magdalan ME--?, married Sarah Jane OSLER, 20, Stormont, same, d/o Paul OSLER & Jane GILON, witn: Francis OGLE & Margaret OSLER, both of Cornwall twp., 21 Oct 1884 at St. Andrews (Rom Cath) #011311-84 (Stormont Co) William AUCLAIR, 30, bricklayer, Montreal Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Gideon AUCLAIR & Zoe LAPOINTE; married Catherine POIRIER, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John & Callistie POIRIER; witn – Albert ROY & Ali? POIRIER, both Cornwall, 20 October 188?, Cornwall
011236-84 John Algon BA--?(cut off), 25, Farmer, none given, Matilda, s/o Philip & Nancy ; married Nelly M. HA--?(cut off), 22, Matilda, Matilda, d/o John & Catherine ; witn A.B. GILLIS & Maggie HARE, both of Matilda, 18 Sept 1884, Matilda 011237-84 Thomas BAILEY, 22, farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o William & Susan BAILEY; married Mary A. KECK, 21, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Hiram & Rosanna KECK; witn Eliza PATTON, Lisbon NY & Laura KECK, Iroquois, 15 Oct 1884, Matilda
011261-84 Frank Asaph BARNHART, 21, Merchant, Barnharts Island, Barnharts Island, s/o ASAPH & Catherine BARNHART; married Frances Christina ROBERTSON, 19, Milleroches, Milleroches, d/o Theodore & Jane ROBERTSON; witn Robert SHEARER, Cornwall Twp & Georgeanna ROBERTSON, Milleroches, 7 Sept 1884, Milleroches

011084-84 William BARNHART, 31, Painter, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Ebenezer BARNHART & Jane DALEY; married Susan LANG, 20, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Frederick LANG & Janet VANCE; witn Bertha BARNHART, Aultsville & W.H. MARKELL, Osnabruck, 27 Feb 1884, Osnabruck

  010931-84 Nephtalie BEAUCHAMP, 22, Farmer, St. Augustine, ?, s/o Leander BEAUCHAMP & Elise PHARIENS; married Matilda SHURDIE dit DESJARDIN, 19, Dundee, Crysler, d/o Antoine SHURDIE dit DESJARDIN & Adeline QUESNEL; witn Moise DESJARDINES (sic) & Angle DIGNAURD, both Crysler, 4 May 1884, Crysler

0011020-84 Antoine BEULEAU?, 38, tone Mason, Montreal, Alexandria, s/o John Babtiste BEULEAU & Sophia AIMONDS; married Clemisea SABOURIN, 23, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Francis SABOURIN & Margaret AMLIN?; witn Josephine SABOURIN & Cla--? SABOURIN, both Alexandria, 12 Oct 1884, Alexandria

011203-84 (Dundas) Anson BECKER; 23; Farmer; Morrisburg; Morrisburg; s/o Alexander and Hester BECKER; married Francis BEKSTEAD; 22; Morrisburg; Morrisburg; d/o Alva and Annette BEKSTEAD; wtns Mary J. DAVY and J. S. JAMISON both of Morrisburg; December 19, 1884 at Morrisburg
011274-84 R. George BELYEA, 24, Clerk, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o William H. BELYEA & Margaret J. GILLESPIE; married Sarah JOHNSTON, 20, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Robert A. JOHNSTON & Miranda SHAVER; witn Albert BELYEA, Moulinette & Annie JOHNSTON, Cornwall Twp, 1 Jan 1884, Cornwall Twp 011225-84 George Albert BENIONS, 25, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o William & Elizabeth BENIONS; married Elizabeth Louisa MARCELLIS, 18, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Isaiah & Ellen Sophia MARCELLIS; witn A? BARKLEY & Gertrude BARKLEY, both Matilda, 29 Jan 1884, Matilda
011302-84 Donald BLAIR, 45, Stone Mason, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Eustache BLAIR & Adelaide LAUTIER; married Ellen Constance LEDGER, 25, New Brunswick, Cornwall, d/o William LEGER & Ellen FRANCES; witn Alex LALONDE & Alfred BLAIR, both Cornwall, 29 Aug 1884, Cornwall  

011091-84 David BOGART, 29, Farmer, Wid, New York State, New York State, s/o William & Phoebe BOGART; married Mary THOMPSON, 19, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Hector & Nancy THOMPSON; witn Robert THOMPSON & Lizzie McEWAN, both Cornwall Twp, 19 Feb 1884, Newington

011080-84 Matthew BOLES, 25, Farmer, Finch, Osnabruck, s/o John & Margaret BOLES; married Sarah E. HUTCHINS, 26, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John & Mary HUTCHINS; witn James A. DUVALL & William ROBINSON, both Newington, 28 Jan 1884, Newington

011196-84 (Dundas) Charles BRADFIELD; 26; Merchant; Morrisburg; Morrisburg; s/o Frederick BRADFIELD and Louise SHAVER; married Marcella L. MUNROE; 21; Wardsville; Morrisburg; d/o Malcolm G. MUNROE and Marita WARD; wtns Harry BRADFIELD and Frank MUNROE; September 29, 1884 at Morrisburg 011197-84 (Dundas) Herbert BRADFIELD; 25; Merchant; Canada; Morrisburg; s/o Richard H. and Mary A. BRADFIELD; married Bertha C. CARMAN; 25; Canada; Morrisburg; d/o Hiram and Julien CARMAN; wtns G.F. BRADFIELD and Nellie CARMAN of Morrisburg; August 26, 1884, at Morrisburg..
011098-84 Samuel BRADLEY, 24, Farmer, Mahara Co Derry Ireland, Cornwall Twp, s/o James BRADLEY & Elizabeth McCRACKEN; married Alice CAIN, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Daniel CAIN & Sarah Ann LANG; witn Mary LANGDON & Daniel D. CAIN, both Newington, 18 Sept 1884, Lunenburg 011298-84 Thomas BRASSARD, 21, Wid, Cotton Operative, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Moses BRASSARD & Marcelline LA?; married Philomena GENEAULT alias BERGERON, 23, Glengarry, Cornwall, d/o Francis GENEAULT alias BERGERON & Harriet PAYMENT; witn Francis GENEAULT & Alex MASSON, both Cornwall, 24 Jul 1884, Cornwall

0011016-84 Napoleon BRAY, 22, Blacksmith, St. Zotique, Alexandria, s/o Alexis BRAY & Adelaide LEFEBVRE; married Albenia LACOMBE, 20, Coteau Quebec, Alexandria, d/o Louis LACOMBE & Delina LANOITE?; witn Alexander LALONDE, Alexandria & Delphinia GRAVELLE St Justine Quebec, 21 Jul 1884, Alexandria

010943-84 Oscars BRIERE, 29, Wid, Farmer, St. Eustash Que, Finch, s/o Felix BRIERE & Martine BOUCHER; married Mary CHARLEBOIS, 22, Beauharnois Que, Finch, d/o Joseph CHARLEBOIS & Mary QUESNEL; witn John BRIERE & Joseph BRIERE, both Finch, 25 Aug 1884, Crysler
011260-84 Louis BRISSIALLION, 23, Railway Employee, Russeltown Que, Cornwall, s/o Amieb? & Mary , married Alice CARPENTER, 23, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Solomon & Mary CARPENTER; witn Annie PRIME? & Catherine PRIME?, both Moulinette, 4 Sept 1884, Moulinette #011315-84 (Stormont Co) Henry BROOKS, 25, machinist, no birth place given, Acerington? England, s/o Robert BROOKS & no first name TALBOT; married Isabella McDONALD, 23, Ontario, Cornwall, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Catherine CAMERON; witn – Levi E. BAILEY & Jennie D?d, both Cornwall, 30 October 1884, Cornwall
011226-84 Horatio Nelson BROWN, 31, Bookkeeper, Ogdensburgh NY, Ogdensburg NY, s/o James & Mary BROWN; married Margaret Ann DORAN, 24, Matilda, Iroquois, d/o Solomon & Margaret DORAN; witn William M. DORAN, Iroquois & A.E. SMITH, Ogdensburg, 26 Mar no year given, Iroquois 011263-84 David BROWN, 41, Farmer, St Louis de Gonzagne, St. Louis de Gonzagne, s/o Robert BROWN & Isabella YOUNG; married Annie BROWN, 30, Wid, St. Louis de Gonzagne, St. Louis de Gonzagne, d/o William GARDNER & Isabella HALL; witn James M. GARDNER & Maggie GARDINER, both Cornwall Twp, 14 Oct 1884, Cornwall Twp
011113-84 John BROWNELL, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Stephen & Ellen [BROWNELL]; married Mary OTTO, 20, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o George & Sarah OTTO; witn Maggie OTTO & James BROWNELL, Osnabruck, 14 Dec 1884, Osnabruck 010942-84 Eli BRUNET, 27, Wid, Farmer, Beauharnois Que, Finch, s/o Eli BRUNET & Octave DEGREE; married Rose de Lima GODARD, 22, Finch, Finch, d/o Moses GODARD & Adeline SABOURIN; witn Alexander BRUNET & Louis GODARD, both Finch, 18 Aug 1884, Crysler
011275-84 George Sidney BRYAN, 22, brick layer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Edward BRYAN & Diana GALLINGER: married Agnes BOYD, 22, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Evan BOYD & Elizabeth Ann McMARTIN; witn Albert BARNHART & Maud COPELAND, both Cornwall Twp, 9 Jan 1884, Cornwall Twp

011334-84 James Henry BURK, 23, Weaver, England, Cornwall, s/o William & Lizzie BURK; married Margaret McDONALD, 23, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, d/o Donald & Annie McDONALD; witn George E. WERT & Catherine McDONALD, both Cornwall, 10 Jan 1884, Cornwall

011167-85 Johial Delay BUSH, 27, farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Hiram BUSH & Altha BUSH; married Lelia COLLINS, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o James & Emily COLLINS; married Edgar S. SHAVER & Nellie BUSH, both Osnabruck, 22 Nov 1884, Moulinette 010940-84 Donald CAMERON, 24, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o John CAMERON & Sarah McMILLAN; married Catherine CAMERON, 18, none given, Finch, d/o Angus CAMERON & Christina McRAE; witn Mayor McMILLAN, South Finch, 29 Apr 1884, Finch
#011250-84 (Glengarry Co): John D. CAMPBELL, 35, farmer, Canada, Kenyon, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Mary McLEOD, married Mary McDONALD, 26, Canada, Kenyon, d/o Charles & Alexina, witn: John CAMPBELL & John McNAUGHTON, both of Kenyon, 22 July 1884 at Kenyon 011303-84 Peter CARON, 22, Labourer, Quebec, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o Charles CARON & Melvina DUBE; married Mary LEROUX, 18, Quebec, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Alexander LEROUX & Louise HAMEL; witn John BLANCHARD & Emily LEROUX, both Charlottenburg Twp, 1 Sept 1884, Cornwall
010936-84 William Burns CHISHOLM, 33, Farmer, Kenyon, Petrel Manitoba, s/o Alexander CHISHOLM & Jessie McLEOD; married Isabella McRAE, 19, Finch, Finch, d/o William & Mary McRAE; witn Farquhar MATHISON, Kenyon & Mary Ann C. McRAE, Roxborough, 20 Mar 1884, Finch #011215-84 (Dundas Co) Joseph CHRISTIE, 29, Widower, carpenter, Winchester, Winchester, s/o John & Jane CHRISTIE; married Amanda CORRIGAN, 29, Mountain, Inkerman, d/o Robert & Margaret CORRIGAN; witn – Richard CORRIGAN, Inkerman & Kattie CHRISTIE, West Winchester, 25 March 1884, Mountain

0010987-84 James CLARK, 22, Labourer, Lochiel, Lochiel Twp, s/o no parents given: married Catharine BATHURST, 22, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Alexander BATHURST & Jessie McDONALD; both no place given; witn Lundy? McBEAN & Flora McDONALD, 3 Jun 1884, Glennevis

011305-84 Albert Edward CLINE, 24, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o George CLINE & Caroline SILMSER; married Agnes Eliza ROBERTSON, 20, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o David ROBERTSON & Sarah NAILLE?; witn Jemima, William & James OGLE and David ROBERTSON, all of Cornwall Twp, 24 Sept 1884, Cornwall 011304-84 Eugene COTE, 23, Miller, St. Luce? Que, Cornwall, s/o F.X. COTE & Mary HABERER?; married Mary MICHAUD, 20, St. Anacet Que, Cornwall, d/o Jules MICHAUD & Victoria BANVILLE; witn Peter SEGUIN & Flora COTE, 1 Sept 1884, Cornwall

011005-84 James CRAGON, 23, Farmer, Roxborough, Finch, s/o Philip & Sarah CRAGON; married Adda BARNES, 20, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Nuttal & Margaret BARNES; witn Charles BARNES & Sarah BARNES, both Roxborough, 31 Oct 1884, Roxborough

011085-84 Giles CRAWFORD, 28, Farmer, Louisville NY, Louisville NY, s/o John & Clemena CRAWFORD; married Olive CUMMINGS, 22, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John & Mary CUMMINGS; witn Bertha SHAVER & John CUMMINGS, both Osnabruck, 17 Mar 1884, Osnabruck


011328-84 Donald Angus CRITES, 22, Labourer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o George & Catharine CRITES; married Mary HUGHES, 23, Westville NY, Cornwall, d/o John & Bridget HUGHES; witn Walter CRITES & Arabella CRITES, both Cornwall, 8 Jan 1884, Cornwall

011232-84 Ezra Allen CROSS, 24, Bookkeeper, Matilda, City of Caro - Co Tuscola Mich. s/o James & Charlotte CROSS: married Sarah HARE, 23, Matilda, Matilda, d/o John Catherine HARE; witn Wesley HARE, Iroquois & Evelina CROSS, Matilda, 18 Mar 1884, Matilda 011100-84 Stanley DAFOE, 21, Yeoman, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Richard DAFOE & Eliza PEETS; married Minnie B. FLINN, 20, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Dennis FLINN & Margaret McMILLAN; witn William FLINN & Grace LOUCKS, both Osnabruck, 7 Oct 1884, Osnabruck

0011017-84 Denis DALY, 42, Farmer, Wid, Ireland, Fournierville, s/o no parents given; married Christina McDONALD, 26, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Archibald McDONALD & Mary KENNEDY, witn Arch McDONALD & Sarah McDONALD, both Loch ?, 21 Jul 1884, Alexandria

010938-85 Alexander F. DAY, 27, Merchant, Breadalbane, Moose Creek, s/o Thomas DAY & Ellen FARQUHER; married Euphemia N. STEWART, 19, Scotland Locharbie, Moosecreek, d/o Hugh STEWART & Ann McMILLAN; witn James DAVIDSON, Tayside & Jennie McRAE, Moose Creek, 8 Dec 1884, Moose Creek
011294-84 Norman DEROCHIE, 19, Carriage Maker, Charlottenburg Twp, Charlottenburg Twp, s/o John DEROCHIE & Amelia PERRY; married Elizabeth MACLENNAN, 19, Glengarry, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Roderick MACLENNAN & Christie MACDONALD; witn Levi E. DEROCHIE, Charlottenburg & Melissa PERRY, Cornwall, 7 Jul 1884, Cornwall

0011029-84 Jeremie D'ETSE, 28, Labourer, St Marthe, Alexandria, s/o Jeremie D'ETSE & Angel LACROIX; married Armerie CLEMENS, 24, St. Justine, Alexandria, d/o Oliver CLEMENS & Marguerite MARTIN; witn Darsineau SABOURIN & Marie Louise CLEMENS, 7 Jan 1884, Alexandria

011329-84 John DENNENY (Denning?), 34, Hotel Clerk, Farrans Point, Cornwall, s/o Edward DENNENY & Margery DES ROCHES; married Salina THERIAULT, 19, Cornwall, Farrans Point, d/o Daniel THERIAULT & Edith PERIGER; witn Horace W. BARRETT & Catherine DENNENY, both Cornwall, 9 Jan 1884, Cornwall

011199-84 (Dundas) Harry DEVAULL; 23; Farmer; Williamsburg; Matilda; s/o Jacob DEVAULL and Elisabeth HARPER; married Jane McGLAUGHLIN; 24; Matilda; Matilda; d/o Duncan McGLAUGHLIN and Annie McDOUGELL; wtns Wesley DEVAULL and Maggie ISABEL of Iroquois; August 19, 1884 at Morrisburg

0010990-84 Louis DEVEAU, 29, Farmer, St Anicett Que, St Anicett Que, s/o Michael DEVEREAUX (sic) & Caroline FAUCETT; married Ardenard MENARD, 18, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Leondre MENARD & Josephine GAULET; witn Antoine ROZON & Leonora MENARD, both Lancaster, 23 Sept 1884, Glen Nevis

011089-84 Isaac DONNELLY, 25, Labourer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Robert & Osinda DONNELLY; married Emma PRUNNER, 16, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Silas & Fanny PRUNNER; witn Miss CAMPBELL & Minnie EAMER?, both Osnabruck, 9 Apr 1884, Woodlands

011083-84 Robert DONNELLY, 26, Farmer, Dundas Co, Osnabruck, s/o Robert & Mary; married Mary ARTINDALE, 25, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Robert & Jane; witn W.I. BAKER & I. GILLARD, both Osnabruck, 5 Feb 1884, Osnabruck

#011210-84 (Dundas Co) Hugh DONNELLY, 31, farmer, Marlborough, Marlborough, s/o Edward DONNELLY & Margaret McCULLOCH; married Ella TIMMINS, 21, Mountain, Mountain, d/o John TIMMINS & Margaret DONNELLY; witn – Sidney B McCULLOCH & Kattie McINTOSH; 12 February 1884, Mountain 010938-84 John DOUD, 29, Farmer, NY State, Louisville NY, s/o Patrick DOUD 7 Rose McGUINNESS; married Catherine McMILLAN, 25, Finch, Finch, d/o John R & Ann McMILLAN; witn Alexander McMILLAN & Sarah McMILLAN, both Finch, 26 Feb 1884, Crysler

011090-84 Hugh DUFF, 25, Tanner, Roxboro, Roxboro, s/o John & Catharine DUFF; married Ida Ella COUNTRYMAN, 22, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Thomas & Melissa COUNTRYMAN; witn Andrew DUFF, Roxboro & Elressa COUNTRYMAN, Osnabruck, 20 May 1884, Osnabruck

0011034-84 Joseph DUPUIS, 21, Labourer, E. Hawkesbury, Kenyon, s/o Joseph DUPUIS & Sophia LEFEBVRE; married Margaret BURNET, 19, Martintown, Kenyon, d/o Francis BURNET & Angel SAUVE; witn Francis BURNET, Glen Norman & Napoleon LAROCQUE, no place given, 12 May 1884, Alexandria

011331-84 Frederick DWYRE, 23, Mechanic, Waterloo Que, Cornwall, s/o Joseph DWYRE & Mary MATTICE?; married Jennie C. DARBY, 20, Glen Falls NY, US, Cornwall, d/o none given; witn Mary THOBOURNE, Almonte & V. Gertrude McGILL, Cornwall, 10 Jan 1884, Cornwall

011109-84 Alexander EAMER, 22, Baker, Charlottenburg, Osnabruck, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann EAMER: married Delia EMPEY, 24, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Hiram & Mary EMPEY; witn Heber SHAVER & Emma EMPEY, both Osnabruck, 29 Oct 1884, Osnabruck 011308-84 Carmi? Gabriel EASTMAN, 27, Undertaker, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, s/o Joel EASTMAN & Malvina FORESTER; married Ann Jane NICHOLS, 28, Lanark, Cornwall, d/o David & Janet NICHOL; witn Isabella MACDONALD & A.N. EASTMAN & George W. FISHES, all Cornwall Twp, 8 Oct 1884, Cornwall

011073-84 Nathaniel Wellington EDWARDS, 21, Stone Cutter, Kemptville, Kemptville, s/o James EDWARDS & Catharine BOLEY; married Alma Bruce EMPEY, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Nelson EMPEY & Elizabeth POAPST; witn John W. EMPEY & Emma B. EMPEY, both Aultsville, 16 Jan 1884, Aultsville

#011216-84 (Dundas Co) John ELLIOT, 26, farmer, Williamsburgh, Williamsburgh, s/o Robert & Sarah ELLIOT; married Mary WORKMAN, 26, Hallville, Hallville, d/o John & Martha Ann WORKMAN; witn – William ELLIOTT, WmBurgh & Lizzie WORKMAN, Hallville, 9 April 1884, Hallville #011209-84 (Dundas Co) Alexander EMPEY, 45, farmer, Wolford Grenville Co, Wolford Grenville Co, s/o Richard & Christina EMPEY; married Elizabeth Ann JACKSON, 35, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Elisha & Mary Jane JACKSON; witn – Emily BARNETT & Josephine BARNETT, both Inkerman, 23 January 1884, Inkerman

011000-84 Elias FETTERLY, 24, Mechanic, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Charles & Juley [FETTERLY]; married Mary FLANNAGAN, 20, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Stephen & Sarah Anne [FLANNAGAN]; witn Alex S. MARKLE, Osnabruck & Hannah E.A. TINKESS, Avonmore, 9 Apr 1884, Roxborough

011088-84 John FINCHAM, 26, Blacksmith, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Abraham & Caroline FINCHAM; married May SHAVER, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth SHAVER; witn Maud FINCHAM & Charles GILLARD, both Osnabruck, 1 Apr 1884, Woodlands

010937-84 Duncan R. FULLARTON, 20, Farmer, Cornwall, Osnabruck, s/o George FULLARTON & Ellen CROSS; married Catherine W. CAMERON, 20, Finch, Osnabruck, d/o William CAMERON & Nancy McMILLAN; witn none given, 1 Mar 1884 Osnabruck 011201-84 (Dundas) Herbert FYKE; 24; Laborer; Morrisburg; Chesterville; s/o Gordon and Betsy Elizabeth FYKE; married Samantha GARRETT; 20; Chesterville; Chesterville; d/o James and Rebecca GARRETT; wtns Eli HARPER and Lydia FYKE, both of Chesterville; September 18, 1884 at Morrisburg
011103-84 Francis William GEORGE, 26, Tailor, Ireland, Aultsville, s/o Samuel GEORGE & Eliza McCARRY; married Margaret Alice GALLINGER, 24, Gallinger Town, Gallinger Town, d/o Harvey & Mary Ann GALLINGER; witn Frank Van ALLEN, Williamsburg & Helena GALLINGER, Osnabruck, 17 Sept 1884, Gallinger Town 010932-84 Nelson GINNEAUX (Genereaux?), 27, Farmer, Morewood, Finch, s/o George GINNEAUX & Mary AUGER; married Ann MANLEY, 27, Finch, Finch, d/o Thomas MANLEY & Bridget GRADY; witn John MANLEY & Margaret McGOWEN, both Finch, 28 Apr 1884

0010995-84 Joseph GIROUX, 26, Coteau Quebec, Lancaster, s/o Oliver GIROUX & Mary IRWIN; married Sarah Ann RICHARDSON, 22, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o John RICHARDSON & Mary LEMON; witn Duncan KAVANAUGH, Lancaster & Catherine McDONALD, Kenyon, 26 Nov 1884, Glen Nevis

#011312-84 (Stormont Co) Ronald John GRAVELEY, 23, merchant, Martintown, Cornwall, s/o Ronald GRAVELEY & Margaret McDOUGALL; married Martha SMITH, 20, Napanee, Cornwall, d/o Henry SMITH & Amelia SIMPSON; witn – Sarah SAGER, Walter GRAVELEY & J.M. LOBIN, all Cornwall, 22 October 1884, Cornwall #011316-84 (Stormont Co) Felix GUILBEAU, 57, Widower, labourer, Province of Quebec, Cornwall, Charles GUILBEAU & rose BEAUCHAMPS; married Eliza Jane DUPONT, 34, Widow, Province of Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Octave MAINEVILLE & Lucy MARTIN; witn – Nelson HURTEAU & William Joseph LALONDE, both Cornwall, 3 November 1884, Cornwall
011082-85 Herman HAGERTY, 25, Farmer, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o William & Julia HAGERTY; married Maggie FRASER, 21, Canada, Charlottenburgh, d/o Christie & Agnes FRASER; witn William M.C. SMITH & Martha B. SMITH, both Cornwall, 5 Nov 1884, Cornwall 010930-84 James J. HAMBLIN, 26, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Jessie HAMBLIN & Margaret SCOTT; married Jane McLEAN, 27, Finch, Finch, d/o D.H. McLEAN & Flora McKINNON; witn Cassie McLEAN & Henry A. HAMBLIN, no place given, 29 Jan 1884, Finch

011326-84 Francis HAMEL, 27, Farmer, St. Andrews, St. Andrews, s/o Louis HAMEL & Mary GADBOIS; married Philomene ROSE, 23, Quebec Province, Cornwall, d/o Paul ROSE & Delia SABOURIN; witn Peter ROCHON & Margaret HAMEL, both St. Andrews, 7 Jan 1884, Cornwall

#011313-84 (Stormont Co) Lucien HEBERT, 23, trader, St Valentine Quebec, St. Valentine Quebec, s/o Charles HEBERT & Marcelline GAGON; married Matilda CARDINAL, 23, Quebec, Barcharts Island N.Y., d/o Raphael CARDINAL & Matilda REMILLARD; witn – Medard CARDINAL & Ella CARDINAL, all Barcharts Island, 28 October 1884, Cornwall
011257-84 Robert  HILL, 30, Engineer, West Indies, Montreal, s/o Robert H & Susanna HILL; married Sarah WHITFORD, 25, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Robert 7 Charlotte WHITFORD; witn P. SIMEON, Cornwall & Charlotte CROSS, Cornwall, 20 Aug 1884, Cornwall Twp 011325-84 (Stormont Co) David Archibald HODGE, 23, merchant, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Andrew HODGE & Janet McADAM; married Etta May HOLLENBECK, 19, Fort Covington U.S., Cornwall, d/o Nathaniel HOLLENBECK & Helen ELLSWORTH; witn – William HOAGS & Hattie STILES, both Cornwall, 25 December 1884, Cornwall
011097-84 Allen A. HOUGH, 23, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, s/o Charles & Rachel HOUGH; married Emma HITSMAN, 17, Winchester, Newington, d/o John & Charlotte HITSMAN; witn Herman HOUGH & Bella HOUGH, both Roxborough, 4 Jun 1884, Newington 011233-84 John Elgin HUTT, 21, Winchester Twp, Winchester Twp, s/o John & Nora HUTT: married Elizabeth EMMINGTON, 21, Matilda, Matilda, d/o William & Jane EMMINGTON; witn Fanning EMMINGTON & Jas W. TUTTLE, both Matilda, 19 Mar 1884, Matilda
011264-84 William Henry JOHNSTON, 22, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary Ann CLINE; married Jessie Knox ESDALE, 19, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o John ESDALE & Janet LEITHHEAD; witn Daniel CLARK & Jane ESDALE, both Cornwall Twp, 22 Oct 1884, Cornwall Twp 010950-84 John JOHNSTON, 26, Farmer, Flansburg, Iroquois, s/o Christon JOHNSTON & Machreta HARA?; married Ellen ALLGUIRE, 25, Osnabruck, Finch, d/o Phillip ALLGUIRE & Mary POAPST; witn Nelson ALLGUIRE & Lizzie ALLGUIRE, no place given, 27 Nov 1884, Finch
#011271-84 (Stormont Co): Daniel Moore? KAVANAGH, no age given, stone mason, Ireland, Wolfe Island, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Sarah Teresa McGUIRE, no age given, Stormont, same, d/o Duncan McGUIRE & Mary MURRAY, witn: Duncan McGUIRE of Stormont, 4 Nov 1884 at St. Andrews (Rom Cath)  

011293-84 William KEENAN, 32, Spinners, Fort Covington, Cornwall, s/o John KEENAN & Maria CURRAN; married Catherine O'NEIL, 25, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John O'NEIL & Margaret MOSSEY; witn Robert KEENAN & Minnie O'NEIL, both Cornwall, 7 Jul 1884, Cornwall

#011324-84 (Stormont Co) Edmund? Eugene KINGSLEY, 24, marble cutter, New York State, Lancaster, s/o Franklin George KINGSLEY & Harriet M. KELLOGG; married Margaret Adelaide ROSS, 22,, Mallorytown, Lancaster, d/o David ROSS & Emily CHOSSE?; witn – Ida T. KINGSLEY & Murdoch ROSS, both Lancaster, 25 December 1884, Cornwall

011292-84 Isidore LAFRANCE, 21, Labourer, Ottawa, Manitoba, s/o Joseph LAFRANCE & Caroline POITRAS; married Philomene GILBAULT, 21, Quebec Province, Cornwall, d/o Andrew GILBAULT & Josephine TREINFE?; witn Joseph LAFRANCE & Andrew GILBAULT, both Cornwall, 3 Jul 1884, Cornwall

011002-84 Alexander LALONDE, 24, Labourer, Roxborough, Moose Creek, s/o Jean B. & Marguerite Virgina LALONDE; married Jane BARNES, 23, Cornwall, Roxborough, d/o Nuttal BARNES & Matilda BIGRAS; witn Joseph AUBE & Sarah BARNES, both Roxborough, 10 Sept 1884, Moose Creek

#011314-84 (Stormont Co) John LALLY, 30, saloon keeper, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Frances LALLY & Catherine SNETSINGER; married Catherine DELANEY, 23, Sherbrooke Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Richard DELANEY & Catherine HUGHES; witn – Michael SMITH & Ellen LALLY, both Cornwall, 28 October 1884, Cornwall 011200-84 (Dundas) John LANGEVILLE; 22; Laborer; Cornwall; Cornwall; s/o Vanesse and Eliza LANGEVILLE; married Alice Ida HARPER; 21; Morrisburg; Morrisburg; d/o Jacob and Eliza HARPER; wtns William KILPATRICK and Nina HARPER both of Morrisburg; July 21, 1884 at Morrisburg
011297-84 John LANGEVIN, 22, labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Venance LANGEVIN & Eliza KIRKEY; married Ida HARPER, 21, Morrisburg, Morrisburg, d/o Jake HARPER & Eliza CASTLE; witn Louis LANGEVIN & Adele LANGEVIN, both Cornwall, 21 Jul 1884, Cornwall #011218-84 (Dundas Co) Charles Edwin LARUE, 28, farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o Charles & Phebe LARUE; married Eliza Jane WORKMAN, 15, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Hugh & Almira WORKMAN; witn – Jessie DERRICK & Georgina STEWART, no place given, 22 April 1884, Inkerman

0011021-84 Eugene LAUZON, 21, Blacksmith, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Joseph LAUZON & Marcele SEGUIN; married Selene DEPRATTE, 19, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Francis DEPRATTE & Ester? (Istere?) AMLIN; witn Alexander LALONDE & Delina LOUSON, 20 Oct 1884, Alexandria

#011320-84 (Stormont Co) Henry LAVOIE, 25, farmer, Rimouski Quebec, Cornwall, s/o John LAVOIE & Margaret LARUE; married Mary CHENARD, 25, Rimouski Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Jerome CHENARD & Leonora BERNIER; witn – Joseph VALIQUETTE & Leonora CHENARD, both Cornwall, 18 November 1884, Cornwall

011288-84 Charles LEBLANC, 29, Labourer, River Beaudette Que, Michigan US, s/o John B LEBLANC & Albine BIRON; married Aubertine LALONDE, 20, Quebec Province, Cornwall, d/o John LALONDE & Celemie LEBLANC; witn Oscar LEBLANC & Albina LALONDE, both Cornwall, 3 Apr 1884, Cornwall

#011318-84 (Stormont Co) Charles LEDOUX, 47, Widower, blacksmith, Province of Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Lewis LEDOUX & Josephine FAUNEUF; married Amelia ROBILLAD, 40, Widow, Glengarry, Cornwall, d/o Alex LALONDE & Amelia DORE; witn : Maglorie & D—anger? BERUBI of Cornwall, 3 November 1884, Cornwall

011327-84 Herbert LEDUC, 20, Labourer, Russell Co, Cornwall, s/o Michael & Catherine LEDUC; married Osilina LEVIGNE, 22, Quebec Province, Cornwall, d/o O. LEVIGNE & Henrietta PELLETIER; witn George PRIMEAU, Cornwall Twp & Esther LEDUC, Cornwall, 7 Jan 1884, Cornwall

011309-84 (Stormont Co) Luke LEFORT, 18, factory hand, Province of Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Peter LEFORT & Mary BRAULT; married Leonora SEGOUIN, 18, Province of Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Peter SEGOUIN & Matilda DE--EUF?; witn – Josiah RIOUX & Frederick SEGOUIN, both Cornwall, 13 October 1884, Cornwall
#011253-84 (Glengarry Co): Alexander LEGAULT, 33, carriage maker, Martintown, same, s/o Amable LEGAULT & Margery FISHER, married Elizabeth McVEAN, 28, Martintown, same, d/o Angus McVEAN & Catherine KENNEDY, witn: J. & E. McCALLUM of St. Elmo, 13 Nov 1884 at St. Elmo #011319-84 (Stormont Co) Jean Baptiste LEMIEUX, 60, Widower, Labourer, Rimouski Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Berlimic LEMIEUX & Ellen ROSS; married Margaret EPELLE, 45, Rimouski Quebec, Cornwall, d/o John EPELLE & Frances GENDRON; witn – Arthur TREMBLEY & Napoleon LARUE, both Cornwall, 11 November 1884, Cornwall
010933-84 Joseph LEPAGE, 27, Farmer, Plantagenet, Finch, s/o Jeremiah LEPAGE & Emelie LEMAY; married Olivine GOULET, 18, Ottawa, Crysler, d/o Amable GOULET & Olivine PROULX; witn Joseph BENOIT & Malena LEPAGE, both Crysler, 28 Apr 1884, Crysler #011217-84 (Dundas Co) James LOGAN, 28, farmer, Matilda, South Gower, s/o Andrew & Jane LOGAN; married Ellen McMILLAN, 22, Hallville, Hallville, d/o John & Margaret McMILLAN; witn – William J. WYLIE & Eliza J. HENRY, both Hallville, 2 April 1884, Hallville
011295-84 Jeremiah LORRAIN, 20, Cotton Operative, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Jeremiah LORRAIN & Alphonsine GIRARD; married Adelaide CARON, 17, Quebec, Charlottenburg Twp, d/o Charles CARON & Melvine DUBE; witn Peter CARON, Charlottenburg & Margaret LEROUX, Cornwall, 8 Jul 1884, Cornwall

011082-84 Richard LOUCKS, 40, Gentleman, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Peter & Mary LOUCKS; married Alice RAYE, 22, Williamsburg, Aultsville, d/o Malcolm & Dianna RAYE; witn William RAYE, Williamsburg & Maggie RAYE, Osnabruck, 19 Feb 1884, Aultsville

011230-84 Jeremiah LOUCKS, 51, Wid, Mason, Matilda Twp, Osnabruck Twp, s/o John & Susannah LOUCKS; married Fanny BOWEN, 37, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o William & Emily BOWEN; witn William MONTGOMERY & Bella BOWEN, both Iroquois, 4 Mar 1884, Iroquois 011234-84 George Calvin LOUCKS, 28, Wid, Mechanic, Williamsburg, Morrisburg, s/o George & Catherine LOUCKS; married Eliza E. MATICE, 28, Osnabruck, Morrisburg, d/o Charles MATICE & Diana HOLMES; wits John N. TUTTLE & R.A. TUTTLE, both Iroquois, 7 May 1884, Iroquois

0011033-84 Oscar LOUZA, 33, Labourer, Wid, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o none given; married Menie or Marie LASELLE, 21, St Eugene, Alexandria, d/o Noel R. LASELLE & Rose BEDARD; witn Joseph CHARLEBOIS & Joseph RICHARD, both Alexandria, 12 May 1884, Alexandria

0010991-84 Antoine LUCELLE, 22, Carpenter, Van Kleek Hill, Glen Robertson, s/o Antoin LACELLE & Josephine LEMAIS; married Celine LEFEVRE, 20, Ste Marthe Que, Glen Robertson, d/o Louis LEFEVRE & Celina ROUSEAU; witn Alfred PILLON, St Eugene Que & Emelia LUCELLE, Quebec Province, 29 Sept 1884, Glen Nevis

011004-84 George MARJERRISON, 31, Farmer, Lancaster, Roxborough, s/o John & Margaret MARJERRISON; married Hannah TINKESS, 23, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Morris & Mary TINKESS; witn John H. TINKESS & Maggie CRAWFORD, both Roxborough, 20 Aug 1884, Roxborough

011072-84 Elias Solomon MARKELL, 24, Yeoman, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o William R. MARKELL & Sophia RAYMOND; married Ellen Elizabeth EMPEY, 20, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Ira EMPEY & Christina MARSHALL; witn Alex SUMMERS & Norman EMPEY, both Osnabruck, 15 Jan 1884, Aultsville

011110-84 Alvin Stephen MARKELL, 25, Yeoman, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Henry MARKELL & Jane WOOD; married Bertha Ida SHAVER, full, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Henry SHAVER & Mary Ann WOOD; witn Gordon BAKER & Edna SHAVER, both Osnabruck, 11 Nov 1884, Osnabruck 010939-85 William N. MARKELL, 22, farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Richard J & Sarah Etta MARKELL; married Maria Matilda DORAN, 24, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o George H. WEART & Agnes MEEKS (foster child); witn E.E.M. LANG, Lunenburg & A.E. WEART, Roxborough, 24 Dec 1884, Roxborough
0010989-84 Jeremiah MARTIN, 44, Farmer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o John MARTIN & Mary CODY; married Susan HIGGINS, no age given, Quebec Province, Lancaster, d/o Richard HIGGINS & Ann QUINN; witn John McCABE & Lizzie HIGGINS, both Lancaster, 1 Jul 1884, Glen Nevis

#011212-84 (Dundas Co) Andrew MASON, 27, farmer, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o William MASON & Margaret MASON; married Sophia AULT, 25, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Joseph & Lancy AULT; witn – Emily BARNETT & Josephine BARNETT, both Inkerman, 19 February 1884, Inkerman


0011041-84 Farquhar MATHESON, 27, Farmer, Roxborough Twp, Kenyon, s/o Alexander MATHESON & Flora NICHOLSON; married Christina FRASER, 25, Scotch River, Kenyon, d/o William FRASER & Veir McMILLAN; witn Donald NICHOLSON & Jane McMILLAN, both Kenyon, 17 April 1884, Kirk Hill

011202-84 (Dundas) Elijah D. MATTICE; 33; farmer; Cornwall Twp.; Moulinette; s/o A. and Emma MATTICE; married Frances FYKE; 36; Moulinette; Moulinette; d/o John J. and Jane FYKE; wtns Mary J. DAVY and Sophia CROTHERS both of Morrisburg; July 31, 1884 at Morrisburg

0011036-84 Duncan MACARTHUR, 39, Tinsmith, none given, Alexandria, s/o John MACARTHUR & Anne ROSS: married Mary MACDOUGALL, 35, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o John & Margaret McDOUGALL; witn Angus KENNEDY, St Raphael & Elizabeth McDOUGALL, Lochiel, 28 Jan 1884, Lochiel

0011045-84 Malcolm McCRIMMON, 26, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Farquhar McCRIMMON & Sarah McRAE; married Harriet McCUAIG, 25, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Roderick McCUAIG & Isabella McLENNAN; witn Archibald McCRIMMON, Kenyon & M. McINTOSH, Caledonia, 2 Jul 1884, Lochiel

010951-84 Alexander McCULLOUGH, 28, Merchant, Dundas Co, Wales Center, s/o Alexander John McCULLOUGH & Maryann THOMPSON; married Mary CAMPBELL, 23, Finch Co, Finch Cent, d/o John Michael CAMPBELL & Jane CLINE: witn Andrew BRENNAN; witn John N. CROLL, & Andrew BRENNAN, both Cornwall, 27 Nov 1884, Crysler 010935-84 David McDERMID, 20, farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Alex & Maggie McDERMID; married Bella C. WELSH, 18, Finch, Finch, d/o David WELSH & Katie McINTOSH; witn Walter BOGGART, Berwick, 6 Apr 1884, no place given

0011035-84 Duncan B. McDONALD, 35, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, s/o Donald & Elizabeth McDONALD; married Margaret KENNEDY, no age given, Kenyon Twp, Montreal, d/o Kenneth KENNEDY & Mary FRASER; witn James McDONALD & Catherine KENNEDY, no place given, 15 Jan 1884, Lochiel

0011032-84 John McDONALD, 38, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o John & Margaret McDONALD; married Ellen McDONALD, 24, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Helen McMARTIN; witn Dougald McDONALD, Lochgarry & Mary E. McDONALD, no place given, 5 May 1884, Alexandria

011300-84 Albert MACDONALD, 23, Pedlar, Moulinette, Moulinette, s/o Donald S. MACDONALD & Fanny OLDS; married Mary MACEVOY, 21, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o James MACEVOY & Ann CONNOLLY; witn none given, 11 Aug 1884, Cornwall 011265-84 Donald H. McDONALD, 24, Farmer, Glengarry, Glengarry, s/o Angus J. & Jane McDONALD; married Catherine McDONALD, 24, Stormont Co, Stormont Co, d/o Allan A. McDONALD & Mary McRAE; witn James McDONALD & Catherine McDONALD both Cornwall Twp, 1 Jul 1884, St. Andrews
#011249-84 (Glengarry Co): Roderick McDONALD, 27, farmer, Scotland, Kenyon, s/o Laughlin McDONALD & Ann McFARLANE, married Mary CAMPBELL, 26, Canada, Kenyon, d/o John CAMPBELL & Annie McRAE, witn: John CAMPBELL & George DEY, both of Kenyon, 1 July 1884 at Kenyon

010972-85 William McDONALD, 38, Yeoman, Glengarry Scotland, Kenyon, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Anne KENNEDY; married Mary McDONALD, 26, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Donald & Mary McDONALD; witn William McDONALD & Ann McDONALD, 22 Sept 1884, Alexandria

0011018-84 Finley McDONALD, 25, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o John McDONALD & Margaret McPHERSON; married Mary McDONALD, 23, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Neil & Elizabeth McDONALD; witn John McGILLIS & Sarah McDONALD, both Alexandria, 6 Oct 1884, Alexandria

0010997-84 Alexander McDONALD, 38, Labourer, Scotland, Lochiel, s/o Angus & ? McDONALD; married Helen McRAE, 40, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Angus McDONALD, Lochiel & Christy McDOUGALD, Lancaster, 26 Nov 1884, Glen Nevis

0011022-84 Roderick McDONALD, 28, Merchant, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alexander & Mary McDONALD; married Elizabeth McDONALD, 32, Charlottenburgh, Alexandria, d/o Angus (Reg) & Catherine McDONALD; witn John A. CAMERON, Greenfield & Janet Ann McDONALD, Alexandria 24 Oct 1884, Alexandria

0011023-84 John Patrick McDONALD, 34, Foreman, Cote St Andrews, St Telesphore, s/o Alexander & Christina McDONALD; married Mary McDONALD, 22 Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John McDONALD & Christina McKINNON; witn John McDONALD & Flora McDONALD, both Kenyon, 28 Oct 1884, Alexandria

0011026-84 Alexander McDONALD, 24, Labourer, Williamstown, Alexandria, s/o Angus McDONALD & Catherine McKINNON; married Sarah SMALL, 21, Bristol Que, Alexandria, d/o John SMALL & Ann McEWEN; witn Charles McDONALD & Isabelle McDONALD, both Alexandria, 27 Nov 1884, Alexandria

0011024-84 Donald McDONALD, 26, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Ellen McMARTIN; married Flora McDONALD, 24, St Raphaels, Alexandria, d/o Donald & Ann McDONALD; witn John KENNEDY, Kenyon & Isabella McDONALD, Alexandria, 10 Nov 1884, Alexandria

0010993-84 Alexander McDONALD, 23, Farmer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Angus McDONALD & Mary PICKERING; married Catherine McDONALD, 23, Lochiel, Lancaster, d/o Donald McDONALD & Margaret FALKNER; witn James DARRAGH, Rivier Beaudette Quebec & Jane? McDONALD, Lochiel, 25 Nov 1884, Glen Nevis

011212-84 John D. McDONELL, 30, Farmer, Stormont, Stormont, s/o Donald & Catherine McDONELL; married Margaret MONTGOMERY, 18, Stormont, Stormont, d/o Donald MONTGOMERY & Ann McDONALD; witn John KENNEDY & Ann ALLEN, both Stormont, 18 Nov 1884, St Andrews
#011266-84 (Stormont Co): Hugh McDOUGALD, 38, innkeeper, Lochiel - Glengarry, same, s/o Roderick McDOUGALD & Sarah McMILLAN, married Catherine McINTOSH, 33, Roxborough, same, d/o John McINTOSH & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Hugh McDONALD & Janet McINTOSH, both of Roxborough, 1 July 1884 at St. Andrews (Rom Cath) 010937-85 Peter McEWEN, 29, farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o John McEWEN & Jane FISHER; married Jessie McRAE, 25, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Alexander M. RAE & no first name given FINLAYSON; witn John McEWEN & Julia McRAE, both Roxborough, 27 Nov 1884, Roxborough
011017-85 Allen McGILL, 35, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Charles & Jane [McGILL]; married Louisa LOSEY, 28, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Andrew & Sarah LOSEY; witn George LOSEY & Lydia WARNER, both Osnabruck, 15 Dec 1884, Osnabruck 010939-84 Joseph McGILLIS, 40, farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o John & Janet McGILLIS; married Jane McMILLAN, 29, Finch, Finch, d/o Miles R. McMILLAN & Christine McDONALD; witn Alexander McINTOSH & Catherine McMILLAN, both Cornwall Twp, 26 Feb 1884, Crysler

0011046-84 Malcolm McGILLIVRAY, 24, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Roderick McGILLIVRAY & Margaret McINTOSH; married Sarah McGILLIVRAY, 19, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Duncan B. McGILLIVRAY & Norah McLEOD; witn Myles McMILLAN & Annie McMILLAN, both Lochiel, 29 Jul 1884, Lochiel

#011248-84 (Glengarry Co): John McINTYRE, 35, farmer, Atlantic Ocean, Kenyon, s/o Laughlin McINTYRE & Annie CAMERON, married Catherine McLENNAN, 24, Canada, Kenyon, d/o John McLENNAN & Mary MORRISON, witn: A. McLENNAN & William McINTYRE, both of Kenyon, 3 June 1884 at Kenyon

0011042-84 William D. McKENZIE, 26, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Donald McKENZIE & Elizabeth DAVIDSON; married Annie McLEOD, 23, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Neil McLEOD & Flora McSWEYN; witn James McLEOD & Sarah McLEOD, both Kenyon, 12 Jun 1884, Lochiel

011267-84 (Stormont Co): Angus McKINNON, 38, merchant, Glengarry, Rat Portage Man., s/o Hugh McKINNON & Elen McDONELL, married Catherine McRAE, 25, Roxborough, St. Andrews, d/o Christopher McRAE & Annie CHISHOLM, witn: A?. D. McDONALD of Cornwall & Henrietta McKINNON of Alexandria, 19 Aug 1884 at St. Andrews, (Rom Cath)
#011251-84 (Glengarry Co): Neil McLEOD, 44, widower, farmer, Canada, Caledonia, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Mary McLEOD, 26, Canada, Caledonia, d/o Neil B. McLEOD & Christena McKINNON, witn: William McLEOD of Caledonia & N.D. McLEOD of Lochiel, 23 Sept 1884 at Kenyon

0011043-84 Malcolm A. McLEOD, 31, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alex A. McLEOD & Catherine McRAE; married Mary McLEOD, 29, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Donald & Rachel McLEOD; witn James McNAUGHTON, Kenyon & Mary Ann McGILLIVRAY, Lochiel, 26 Jun 1884, Lochiel

010952-84 Alex D. McMILLAN, 30, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Jane McINTOSH; married Jane McMILLAN, no age given, Finch, Finch, d/o John McMILLAN & Catherine McMASTER; witn Alex McMILLAN & Mary McMILLAN, both Berwick, 3 no month or year given, no place given 010949-84 Angus D.B. McMILLAN, 55, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Duncan & Mary McMILLAN: married Marjory McMILLAN, 25, Finch, Finch, d/o John McMILLAN & Catherine McMASTER; with Alex McMILLAN & Maggie McMILLAN, 19 Nov 1884, Finch

0011040-84 Angus McMILLAN, 40, Farmer, Ontario, Montana US, s/o Donald & Mary McMILLAN; married Annie McMILLAN, 37, Ontario, Lochiel, d/o Angus & Flora McMILLAN; witn James WEIR & Maggie Ann McMILLAN, Lochiel, 26 Mar 1884, Kirkhill

0011038-84 Duncan McMILLAN, 36, Farmer, Wid, Kenyon Twp, Lochiel, s/o James McMILLAN & Catherine FERGUSON; married Mary Ann McLEOD, 20, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Donald McLEOD & Mary McMILLAN; witn John McMASTER & James McNAUGHTON, both Kenyon, 5 Feb 1884, Lochiel

011307-84 Peter McNAUGHTON, 23, Farmer, Ont, Kenyon, s/o Alex McNAUGHTON & Janet McLAREN; married Janet GRANT, 22, Ont, Kenyon, d/o Angus GRANT & Catherine McDONALD; witn Peter CHRISTIE, Kenyon & Martha HASTIE, Cornwall, 1 Oct 1884, Cornwall  

010999-84 Alexander McMONAGLE, 24, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Robert & Elizabeth [McMONAGLE]; married Sarah ROMBOUGH, 23, Osnabruck, Finch, d/o Jacob & Mary [ROMBOUGH]; witn Robert F. RIDDELL & Minerva LANG, both Finch, 2 Jan 1884, Avonmore

#011270-84 (Stormont Co): Angus McPHAIL, 40, widower, farmer, Stormont, same, s/o Archibald McPHAIL & Christy McINTOSH, married Margaret Anna HARRISON, 28, Stormont, same, d/o James HARRISON & Mary McDONELL, witn: Donald R. McMILLAN & Lilla McDONELL, both of Stormont, 3 Nov 1884 at St. Andrews (Rom Cath)
#011252-84 (Glengarry Co): John McPHEE, 26, lumberer, Kenyon, Wisconsin USA, s/o John McPHEE & Sarah McDONALD, married Flora McLEOD, 22, Canada, Kenyon, d/o Kenneth McLEOD & Catherine McGILLIVRAY, witn: N.W.L. MENARY of D--gan & W. McLEOD of Caledonia, 2 Oct 1884 at Kenyon 010945-84 Malcolm McPHERSON, 22, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Alexander McPHERSON & Harriet McINNIS; married Mary Ann PRICE, 19, Morewood, Finch, d/o George PRICE & Lavina LAPOINTE; witn Angus PRICE, Berwick & Emma MILLAR, Crysler, 15 Oct 1884, Finch
011301-84 Donald McRAE, 22, Farmer, Kenyon Twp, Kenyon Twp, s/o Finlay McRAE & Ellen BEDFORD; married Christy Jane MILLER, 21, Roxborough Twp, Roxborough Twp, d/o Andrew MILLER & Agnes SPROULE; witn William McRAE & Mary McRAE, both Kenyon, 25 Aug 1884, Cornwall 011273-84 Kenneth McRAE, 30, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alexander & Isabella McRAE; married Mary SHAVER, 28, Iroquois, Osnabruck, d/o Daniel & Emmeline SHAVER; witn David McGREGOR & Ella WIGGINS, both Osnabruck, 1 Jan 1884, Northfield

0010994-84 Angus McRAE, 26, Labourer, Lancaster, Dalhousie Mills, s/o Alexander McRAE & Christina McCOSHERN?; married Flora McDONALD, 28, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Duncan & Catherine McDONALD; witn John McMARTIN, Lancaster & Sarah McDONALD, Lochiel, 25 Nov 1884, no place given

0011037-84 Farquhar McRAE, 27, Farmer, Lochiel, Minnesota US, s/o Hector & Isabelle McRAE; married Mary McRAE, 26, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o George & Annie McRAE; witn Malcolm McRAE & Isabella McRAE, both Lochiel, 25 Mary 1884, Lochiel

0011039-84 Donald McRAE, 33, Carpenter, East Hawkesbury, Lochiel, s/o John McRAE & Mary McINTOSH; married Anne McCUAIG, 30, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Donald McCUAIG & Catherine McRAE; witn Donald CAMPBELL & Flora Ann McCUAIG, both Lochiel, 4 Mar 1884, Kirkhill


0011044-84 Charles MENARD, 26, Far, Les Cedres Quebec, Lochiel, s/o Charles MENARD & Susan PRUE?; married Emine St. ANGE, 17, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Antoine ST. ANGE & Justine CHARLEBOIS; witn Joseph LEBLANC & Mrs LEBLANC, no place given, 1 Jul 1884, no place given

010941-84 Ralph MILLER, 27, Farmer, Williamsburg, Berwick, s/o Adam & Margaret MILLER; married Gertrude McMONEGAL, 19, Berwick, Berwick, d/o Robert & Angeline McMONEGAL; witn John MERKLEY & Elma RIDDEL, both Berwick, 10 Aug 1884, South Finch
010946-84 Daniel MONTGOMERY, 21, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o William MONTGOMERY & Betsy CHAPMAN, married Christy Ann SUTHERLAND, 17, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Joseph SUTHERLAND & Margaret McMILLAN; witn Sarah SUTHERLAND, Avonmore & Will WOOD, Aultsville, 17 Oct 1884, Finch 0010996-84 John N. MORRISSON, 31, Farmer, Soulange Co Quebec, Cote St George Soulange Co Quebec, s/o Neil MORRISSON & Mary McCUAIG; married Katie McRAE, 22, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Donald McRAE & Janet CATTANACH; witn Donald R. MORRISSON, Neuton (Neelon?) Que & Martha Ann CATTANACH, Lancaster?, no date given, Lancaster
0011031-84 John O'CONNOR, 22, Labourer, Lancaster, Kenyon, s/o Daniel O'CONNOR & Margaret McLENNAN; married Margaret McDONALD, 22, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John McDONALD & Mary CUTHBERT: witn John McDONALD & Eliza O'BRIEN, both Alexandria, 25 Feb 1884, Alexandria

011081-84 Alfred O'NEIL, 21, Tailor, Morrisburg, Osnabruck, s/o David & Susan O'NEIL; married Lydia FYKE, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Samuel & Ann FYKE; witn George FYKE, Osnabruck & Emma WEBSTER, Newington, 5 Feb 1884, Osnabruck

011330-84 Thomas Joseph OUTHWAIT, 21, Stone Fitter, Lloydtown, Cornwall, s/o Joseph OUTHWAIT & Susan LEE; married Emma MALLETTE, 19, Hogansburg, NY, d/o Nelson MALLETTE & Emily SANKEE; witn Lewis CAMERON & Duncan McDONALD, both Cornwall, 10 Jan 1884, Cornwall

0010992-84 Antoine PAIMONT, 24, Farmer, Lochiel Twp, Glen Robertson, d/o Eustache PAIMONT & Justine BISSONETTE; married Ernestine PRUNER, 24, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Joseph PRUNER & Josephine KLEBER? witn John Babtiste PRUNER & Selena PAIMONT, Glen Robertson, 14 Oct 1884, Glen Nevis

010947-84 Isaie PAQUETTE, 29, Farmer, Cote de Neuf Que, Cambridge Ont, s/o Baptiste PAQUETTE & Theotis DAOUST; married Elizabeth SAVAGE, 22, Quebec, Finch, d/o Oliver SAVAGE & Josephine LALONDE; witn Baptiste PAQUETTE, Cambridge & rose De Lamas PAQUETTE, Guelph, 9 Nov 1884, Crysler 011107-84 John James PATERSON, 21, Switchman GTR, Winchester, Wales, s/o John PATERSON & Jane ROMANS; married Ellen LOSEY, 17, Osnabruck, Lunenburg, d/o James LOSEY & Catharine FETTERLY (Foster Parents); witn Hessie RUPORT & Orphena ROMBOUGH, both Lunenburg, 18 Nov 1884, Lunenburg
011238-84 Elias PATTON, 23, Farmer, none given, Lisbon NY, s/o Thomas & Mary PATTON; married Elizabeth BAILEY, 20, Matilda, Matilda, d/o William & Susan BAILEY; witn Thomas BAILEY & Mary Ann BAILEY, both Matilda, 16 Oct 1884, Matilda


011332-84 Solomon Baxter PIKE, 42, Wid, Commercial Traveller, Whitingham Vermont, Detroit Mich, s/o Ruddey PIKE & Martha NEWELL; married Addie Maud OSGOODE, 28, Crown Point - Essex Co NY, Barnharts Island NY, d/o Sullivan OSGOODE & Mary McINTYRE; witn John F. ABBOTT & Nettie BUTLER, both Cornwall, 11 Jan 1884, Cornwall

0011048-84 Elzear PILON, 20, Farmer, Vaudreuil Que, St Raphaels, s/o William PILON & Adelaide CEYRETAGNE?; married Emma LACROIX, 19, Lower Canada, Breadalbane, d/o Francis B. LACROIX & Esildo TORRINGEAU (Touringeau?) witn Joseph TOURNIGEAU & Ema LEDUCH (Leduc?), 23 Sept 1884, Lochiel
011112-84 Oscar C. PITTS, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Chesley & Sally Ann [PITTS]; married Edna M. STUBBS, 21, Louisville NY, Osnabruck, d/o James & Maggie [STUBBS]; witn Laura RUTLEY, Louisville NY & Carleton PITTS, Cobourg, 24 Dec 1884, Osnabruck 011228-84 David POLITE, 37, Wid, Farmer, Augusta, Edwardsburg, s/o Stephen POLITE & Sarah SCOTT; married Janette BARNEY or BURNEY, 23, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o John BARNEY or BURNEY & Grace GRESON, 12 Mar 1884, Iroquois
010944-84 Smith POLLACK, 48, Wid, Farmer, Derry Ireland, Fenelon, s/o Thomas POLLACK & Charlotte SMITH; married Catherine McDOWELL, 31, Wid, Finch, Finch, d/o Angus McMILLAN & Mary CAMERON; witn Hugh McMILLAN & Mary McMILLAN, both Berwick, 14 Oct 1884, no place given 011299-84 Robert Abercrombie PRING? (cut off), 28, Barrister, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Jacob Farrans PRING? & Isabella FRASER; married Emily Adah VANARSDALE, 22, Utica NY, Cornwall, d/o Isaac Hatfield VANARSDALE & Emily LENT; witn Kate S. MACLENNAN, Cornwall, Aggie C. FREEMAN & Katie L. COMSTOCK, both Brockville & Henry TURNER, Cornwall, 1 Aug 1884, Cornwall
011015-85 Jacob W. PROSSER, 25, Yeoman, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o H.C. & Anna E. PROSSER; married Bertha SHAVER, 23, Lunenburg, d/o Jacob H. & Louisa SHAVER; witn T.S. GILLES & Alice SHAVER, both Lunenburg, 17 Dec 1884, Lunenburg  

011291-84 Philip PURCELL, 32, Trader, Montreal Quebec, Dickinsons Landing, s/o John PURCELL & Mary TILLEY; married Clara BROWN, 20, Dickinsons Landing, Dickinsons Landing, d/o William BROWN & Sarah SERVISS?; witn William BROWN & Ella BROWN, both Dickinsons Landing, 22 May 1884, Cornwall

011105-84 Jacob William RANSOM, 23, Merchant, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o David William RANSOM & Mary HUTCHINS; married Henrietta SERVISS, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John Robert SERVISS & Mary JOHNSON; witn William SERVISS, Osnabruck & Eva M. RANSOM, no place given, 2 Sept 1884, Osnabruck
11205-84 James Pembroke ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, Matilda, Williamsburg, s/o Cyrus & Sarah, married Melinda HELMER, 23, Osnabruck, Matilda, d/o Ziney & Angeline, witn: Biney & Jacob HELMER of Matilda, 31 Dec 1884 at Matilda 011235-84 Joshua Huntington ROSE, 27, Druggist, Williamsburg, Winnipeg Man, s/o Daniel & Maria ROSE; married Edith SHERMAN, 20, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o A.G. & Eliza SHERMAN; witn Henry D. ROSE, Williamsburg & Emma CUNNINGHAM, N.York, 13 Aug 1884, Iroquois
011239-84 Homer Hugo ROSS, 37, Merchant, Iroquois, Iroquois, s/o John S. ROSS & Charlotte CASMAN; married Mary Maud REDMOND, 22, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Nicholas REDMOND & Jemima LOCK; witn Allan J. ROSS & William L. REDMOND, both Iroquois, 29 Oct 1884, Matilda #011317-84 (Stormont Co) Albert ROUXEL, 23, farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o John ROUXEL & Margaret SCHNEIDER: married Annie FISHER, 21, Glengarry, Cornwall, d/o James FISHER & Jane MACDONALD; witn – John McDONALD & Maggie MA—VILLE?, both Cornwall, 3 November 188? (on a page with 1884 marriages), Cornwall

0010988-84 Michael ROZON, 38, Farmer, Quebec Province, Lancaster, s/o no parents given; married Mary PILLON, 27, Quebec Province, Lancaster, d/o Joseph PILLON & no mother given; witn Xavier ROZON & John RANGER, both Lancaster, 22 Jun 1884, Glen Nevis

0011028-84 Martiel ROUSSEAU, 27, Labourer, Wid, Rimouski Que, s/o no parents given; married Marie Louise SAUVE, 30, St Clet, Alexandria, d/o Alexander SAUVE & Delphine RANGER; witn Alexander LALONDE & Mary SAUVE, no place given, 23 Nov 1885, Alexandria

  011306-84 Michael RYAN, 30, Labourer, Ogdensburg, Cornwall, s/o Martin RYAN & Bridget DONOVAN; married Mary Ann BUCKLEY, 25, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall, d/o Daniel BUCKLEY & Margaret O'BRIEN; witn John BARLER?, Cornwall & Maggie RYAN, Ogdensburg NY, 30 Sept 1884, Cornwall
#011321-84 (Stormont Co) Frances ST. ARMAND, 23, cotton operative, Glengarry, Cornwall, s/o Lewis ST. ARMAND & Mary DUBOIS; married Delia DWYER, 18, Province of Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Joseph DWYER & Meladie METWIER?; witn - Henry LAUZON & Clara DWYER, both Cornwall, 21 November 1884, Cornwall #011322-84 (Stormont Co) John ST. ARMAND, 27, saloon keeper, s/o Lewis ST. ARMAND & Mary DUBOIS; married Jane Flora MACDONALD, 22, Glengarry, Montreal Quebec, d/o John MACDONALD & Louise BERGERON; witn – H.R. COTE & Harriet BERGERON, both Cornwall, 24 November 1884, Cornwall

0011019-84 George ST. DENIS, 23, Labourer, New York State, Kenyon, s/o George ST DENIS & Jane DESCHAMP? (Destramp?) married Sarah McMILLAN, 28, Lochiel, Kenyon, d/o John B. & Margaret McMILLAN; witn John McMILLAN & Bella McMILLAN, both Kenyon, 23 Oct 1884, Alexandria

011290-84 Callistus ST. GEORGE, 21, Cotton Mill Operative, St. Thomas Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Alexis ST. GEORGE & Louise BEAUPRE; married Philomene DES ROSIERS, 18, St. Flavie Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Philip DES ROSIERS & Olivia TARDY; witn John RENNELL & Josephine LAUNDRY, both Cornwall, 21 Apr 1884, Cornwall

011289-84 Philias ST. PIERRE, 23, Cotton Operative, Vercheres Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Pierre ST. PIERRE & Elise FOISIL; married Delima SIGOUIN, 18, Osgoode, Cornwall, d/o J.B. SIGOUIN & Marcelline CROSIER; witn Joseph LAPENSEE & Libby LAPERLE, both Cornwall, 21 Apr 1884, Cornwall


0011030-84 Amedee SABOURIN, 19, Labourer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Francis SABOURIN & Marguite AMLIN; married Amande LAMPRE, 22, Sab? Quebec, Alexandria, d/o Joseph LAMPRE & Elmire BEAUCHAMP; witn Clemens SABOURIN & Clemens SABOURIN, both Alexandria, 7 Jan 1884, Alexandria

0011047-84 Henry SECOUR (Lecour?), 19, Labourer, West Hawkesbury, Lochiel, s/o Joseph SECOUR & Margaret LANTIER; married Elizabeth COUSINEAU, 19, Lochiel Twp, Lochiel Twp, d/o Philip COUSINEAU & Mary ROBINSON; witn Thomas CUSHMAN & Mary BOVEY? (Borez?) both Lochiel 22 Sept 1884, Lochiel

0011049-84 Maurice SEGUIN, 25, Farmer, East Hawkesbury, Lochiel, s/o Michael SEGUIN & Justine DEGUIRE; married Virgine H. LE COMPTE, 24, St Mart. Quebec, Lochiel, d/o Edward LECOMPTE & Marie GAROUE?; witn Stephen LE COMPTE & Caroline SEGUIN, 27 Oct 1884, Lochiel


011071-84 John G. SHAVER, 24, Station Master, Osnabruck, Rendville Ohio USA, s/o Henry & Mary SHAVER; married Armenta SHAVER, 25, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Henry & Mary SHAVER; witn George MARKELL & Mary McINTOSH, both Osnabruck, 7 Jan 1884, Woodlands

011262-84 Alonzo T. SHAVER, 30, Farmer, Osnabruck, Lunenburg, s/o T.H. & Louisa SHAVER; married Emma ARMSTRONG, 23, Milleroches, Milleroches, d/o Samuel & Minerva ARMSTRONG; witn William SERVICE, Lunenburg & Ida GRANT, Wales, 10 Sept 1884, Milleroches
011106-84 George T. SHAVER, 28, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Jacob P. SHAVER & Lena BUSH; married Mary Ann BENDER, 22, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o George BENDER & Nancy ROSS: witn David MAXWELL & George A MEEDS, both Cornwall Twp, 18 Nov 1884, Lunenburg 011231-84 Alexander SHAVER, 23, Merchant, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Ezra & Catherine SHAVER: married Laura SHERMAN, 21, Matilda, Matilda, d/o N.G. & Eliza SHERMAN; witn T.D. SMITH, Edwardsburg & Edith SHERMAN, Iroquois, 8 Jan 1884, Iroquois
#011213-84 (Dundas Co) William SLOAN, 57, Widower, farmer, Ireland, Oxford, s/o James SLOAN & Margaret SIMPSON; married Mary Jane CLARK, 33, Widow, Mountain, Mountain, d/o John ALLEN & Jane MILLOY; witn – William ALLEN & Margaret ALLEN, both Mountain, 20 February 1884, Mountain 011204-84 (Dundas) James SMALL; 22; Cheese Maker; Mount Brydges; Williamsburg; s/o Daniel SMALL and Agnes MITCHELL; married Julia ZUFELT; 25; Morrisburg; Morrisburg; d/o John and Elizabeth ZUFELT; wtns Edward ZUFELT and Anna LAPOINTE both of Morrisburg; August 6, 1884; August 6, 1884 at Williamsburg
011166-85 Christopher SMALL, 23, Labourer, Smith Falls, Cornwall, s/o John SMALL & Ann McEWEN; married Elizabeth McLENNAN, 23, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall twp, d/o Ewan & Flora McLENNAN; witn Donald McLENNAN & Hannah McLENNAN, both Cornwall Twp, 30 Dec 1884, Cornwall Twp 011258-84 John Goodall SNETSINGER, 50, Wid, Merchant, Cornwall twp., Moulinette, s/o Mathias SNETSINGER & Margaret CLINE; married Anny Gertrude RAYMOND, 30, Moulinette, Moulinette, d/o James RAYMOND & Mary Ann BAKER; witn Solomon RAYMOND, Osnabruck & James RAYMOND, Moulinette, 23 Aug 1884, Moulinette
011259-84 George Alva SNYDER, 27, Teacher, Williamsburgh, Milleroches, s/o Elias & Harriet SNYDER; married Jesse ANNABLE, 22, Moulinette, Moulinette, d/o John Dixon & Odeline ANNABLE; witn A.H. DAY, Moose Creek & Mary ANNABLE, Moulinette, 5 Aug 1884, Cornwall Twp 011198-84 (Dundas) Herbert E. SNYDER; 40; Merchant; Morrisburg; Morrisburg; s/o John SNYDER and Amelia LOUCKS; married Margaret STEWART; 26; Cataraqui; Morrisburg; d/o John STEWART and Jane ARMSTRONG; wtns Arthur MERKLEY and Hattie NORTHWORE?; October 15, 1884 at Morrisburg
#011310-84 (Stormont Co) James STEPHENSON, 23, farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Peter STEPHENSON & Ann HART; married Louise WEREBY, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Aaron WEREBY & Eliza GRISNELL; witn – George SCOTT, Avonmore & Mary WEREBY, Lunenberg, 18 October 1884, Cornwall 011229-84 Harry S. STONE, 34, Commercial Traveller, Stanstead Que, Ottawa, s/o Simon STONE & Sarah DREW; married Nellie L. SKINNER, 22, Waddington NY, Iroquois, d/o James SKINNER & Charlotte STOWERS; witn John NIXON, Hamilton & George F. SHAW, Ottawa, 3 Jun 1884, Iroquois
11206-84 Thomas STRANGE, 21, farmer, Wish England, Cardinal, s/o George & Rose, married Sarah Colbera NASH, 21, Morrisburg, Cardinal, d/o John & Sarah, witn: William BRINDLE of Cardinal & Mattie MARTIN of Morrisburg, 17 Dec 1884 at Morrisburg #011268-84 (Stormont Co): Andrew John SULLIVAN, 28, tinsmith, Williamstown, same, s/o Andrew SULLIVAN & Margaret McDONALD, married Mary Catherine FRASER, 27, St. Andrews, same, d/o James FRASER & Ann McINTOSH, witn: William BARRETT of Williamstown & Margaret McDONALD of St. Andrews, 13 Oct 1884 at St. Andrews (Rom Cath)
011296-84 Julius TARO, 22, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Daniel TARO & Josephine LEGER; married Annie KENNEY, 22, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Patrick KENNEY & Mary HEARN; witn Daniel TARO & Benjamin PERETTE, both Farran's Point, 13 Jul 1884, Cornwall 011023-85 George H. THOMPSON, 26, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Harvey & Theodocia THOMPSON; married Martha SHAVER, 26, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Simon & Elizabeth SHAVER; witn Selim SHAVER & Elias THOMPSON, both Osnabruck, 9 Dec 1884, Osnabruck
010948-84 John THOMPSON, 72, Wid, Farmer, Ireland, Finch, s/o W. THOMPSON & Julia MUIR; married Julia MUNK, 22, Finch, finch, d/o Marcus & Alice MUNK; witn Simon HUTT & Mrs Simon HUTT, both Finch, 10 Nov 1884, Berwick 011242-84 William TOYES, 27, Farmer, Williamsburg, Matilda, s/o Samuel TOYES & Eliza SOMERVILLE; married Margaret HUME, 25, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o John HUME & Fanny McNAIRN; witn Thomas & Jane HUGGARD of Edwardsburgh, 31 Dec 1884, Iroquois

011003-84 Francis TROUSDALE, 31, Farmer, Ireland, Roxborough, s/o William & Mary Ann TROUSDALE; married Emma Melissa BOYCE, 31, Wid, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Morris & Mary TINKESS; witn John H. TINKESS & Morris TINKESS, both Roxborough, 22 Jul 1884, Roxborough

#011323-84 (Stormont Co) Levi TYRRELL, 22, Widower, mill operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William TYRRELL & Maria KELLY; married Ellen LARUE, 18, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, d/o Joseph LARUE & Ellen GREENE; witn – George LAIRD & Anna TYRRELL, both Cornwall, 15 December 1884, Cornwall

0011027-84 Hermindas VAILANTCOURT (Vaillancourt?), 22, Labourer, St. Anns Quebec, Alexandria, s/o Simeon VAILANTCOURT & Rochelle CITUELLEAU?; married Marie Alorina CHEVRIER, 17, St Polycarpe, d/o Joseph CHEVRIER & Philomene RANGER; witn Alexander LALONDE & Etea CHEVRIER, both Alexandria, 10 Nov 1884, Alexandria


011001-84 Guillaume VILLENEUVE, 21, Baker, Roxborough, Moose Creek, s/o Benjamin VILLENEUVE & Artemise BRUNET; married Marie Louise RICHARD, 17, Valleyfield - Co. Beauharnois, Roxborough, d/o Francois RICHARD & Virginie FERRAND; witn Rosario RICHARD & Dough and Julie QUESNEL, both Roxborough, 6 Aug 1884, Moose Creek

011240-84 Hugh WALKER, 26, Mechanic, Augusta, Augusta, s/o Samuel & Mary WALKER; married Amelia E. COOK, 26, Augusta, Augusta, d/o Richard & Elizabeth COOK; witn Harriet McCANN, Iroquois, 6 Nov 1884, Iroquois
011241-84 Royal C. WALLACE, 28, Wid, Labourer, Iroquois, Iroquois, s/o Silas & Rosanna WALLACE; married Eliza E. BIRCHELL, 21, Matilda, Iroquois, d/o John & Ellen BIRCHELL; witn Edward McROBIE & Ann TAVIS (Lavis?) both Iroquois, 7 Nov 1884, Iroquois 011111-84 Alexander WARNER, 20, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Barney & Barbara WARNER; married Martha HOLLISTER, 18, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John A. & Mary HOLLISTER; witn George HOLLISTER & Alma BAKER, both Osnabruck, 23 Dec 1884, Osnabruck

0011025-84 Nicholus Flavien WATTIER, 19, Blacksmith, St Telesphore Quebec, Alexandria, s/o Emery WATTIER & Elizabeth LAVISSIEU; married Philemine SABOURIN, 17, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Francis SABOURIN & Emily LOUZON; witn George A. WATTIER & Josephine SABOURIN, 24 Nov 1884, Alexandria

010953-84 Johile Franklyn WEART , 23, Carriage Painter, Dickenson's Landing, South Finch, s/o Johile & Elizabeth WEART ; married Ellen KELLY, 23, Berwick, South Finch, d/o Patrick KELLY & no first name HOLLAND; witn Mr. THOMPSON, South Finch, Mr KELLY, Osnabruck & Mr GRAHAM, Iroquois, 25 Dec 1884, Crysler

011092-84 Uriah WEART, 31, Shoemaker, Osnabruck, Roxborough, s/o Conrad & Margaret WEART; married Isabella McINTOSH, 26, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Richard R & C. McINTOSH; witn Duncan McMILLEN & Lucy McMILLEN, both Newington, 18 Jul 1884, Newington

  011099-84 William A. WEAVER, 31, Farmer, East Williamsburg, East Williamsburg, s/o Frederick & Elizabeth Ann WEAVER; married Mary F. SHEETS, 21, Moulinette, Moulinette, d/o William W. & Mary SHEETS; witn Charles AULT, Aultsville & Minerva SHEETS, Moulinette, 23 Sept 1884, Newington

011086-84 John Henry WELLS, 21, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Peter & Mary Jane WELLS; married Maggie Robina GALLINGER, 18, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Josiah & Eliza GALLINGER; witn Charles Edsel WELLS & Adelade Sarah WELLS, both Williamsburg, 11 Mar 1884, Aultsville

011087-84 Charles Edsel WELLS, 26, Brick maker, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o William & Euphemia WELLS; married Adelade Sarah GALLINGER, 16, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Josiah & Eliza GALLINGER; witn John Henry WELLS & Maggie Robina GALLINGER, both Williamsburg, 11 Mar 1884, Aultsville

011104-84 George WELLS, 46, Williamsburg, Winnipeg Man, s/o John WELLS & Lilly SNYDER; married Alta SOUTHWORTH, full, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o James SOUTHWORTH & Christianne WEAVER; witn M.L. SOUTHWORTH & Winnifred SOUTHWORTH, both Osnabruck, Oct 27, no year given, Woodlands

011333-84 George E. WERT, 23, Weaver, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Conrad & Margaret WERT; married Catherine G. McDONALD, 21, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, d/o Donald & Ann McDONALD; witn James H. BURK & Maggie McDONALD, both Cornwall, 10 Jan 1884, Cornwall

011108-84 Edgar H. WEST or WERT, 28, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Hiram & Catherine WEST or WERT; married Maggie BUSH, 20, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Adam & Anna BUSH; witn William BUSH & Agnes COUNTRYMAN, Osnabruck, 26 Nov 1884, Osnabruck #011214-84 (Dundas Co) Thomas WHALEY, 26, farmer, Oxford, Oxford, s/o Thomas & Catherine WHALEY; married Harriett SIMZER, 22, Oxford, Oxford, d/o Allion & Nancy SIMZER; witn – P. GALLOWAY & Leapha A. BAGGS, both Mountain, 21 February 1884, North Mountain