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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1893, part 2

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011826-93 John Joseph ADAMS, 23, Mill Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Joseph ADAMS & Sarah MARTIN; married Florence MACKAY, 19, Charlottenburgh Twp, Cornwall, d/o Peter MACKAY & Catherine MACLENNAN; witn Maggie MACKAY & G.E. TACKABERRY, Cornwall, 12 Jul 1893, Cornwall 011837-93 Henry Alfred ADAMS, 24, Millhand, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Alfred Walter ADAMS & Susan Ada PAGE; married Elizabeth CAINE, 23, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Henry CAINE & Minerva CARPENTER; witn George CAINE & Fannie ADAMS, both Cornwall, 9 Sept 1893, Cornwall
11711-93 Thomas E. ADAMS, 23, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Charles & A., married Mary A. PAYNE, 25, Matilda, same, d/o James & Emma, witn: Mrs. MEYER & Mrs. WEIR, both of Matilda, 25 Jan 1893 at Matilda 011812-93 John ADAMS, 52, Wid, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Samuel ADAMS & no mother given; married Margaret GRANT, 35, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Peter GRANT & no mother given; witn Christy GRANT, Charlottenburgh & John J. ADAMS, Cornwall, 9 Mar 1893, Cornwall
11699-93 Ephrem AUBE, 25, farmer, Crysler, same, s/o Theophile AUBE & Louise RACINE, married Josephine CHARLEBOIS, 26, Finch twp., same, d/o Pierre CHARLEBOIS & Odele QUESNEL, witn: Mathias AUBE & Cornelia CHARLEBOIS, both of Finch, 1 May 1893 at Crysler 011827-93 Harvey Napoleon AUSTIN, 55, Wid, M.D., Ontario, Pine Bluff Arkansas, s/o Henry AUSTIN & Mary Jane ROSS; married Hannah STRICKLAND, 39, England, Cornwall, d/o Emmanuel STRICKLAND & Alice HARDING; witn N.J. HARRISON (M.D), Cornwall & Julia LEITCH, Cornwall Twp, 19 Jul 1893, Cornwall
011806-93 Pasqual BAZILE, 37, Labourer, Naples Italy, Cornwall, s/o John & Ellen BAZILE; married Annie KERNEY, 26, St. Johns Newfoundland, d/o Andrew & Mary KERNEY; witn Minnie PETTIT & Maysil PETTIT, both Cornwall, 14 Jan 1893, Cornwall 011828-93 Robert BLAIR, 22, Farmer, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Donald BLAIR & Rebecca McMULLIGAN; married Margaret Jane TAIT, 20, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o William tAIT & Jane CLOW; witn David REAY & Anna MACNISH, both Cornwall, 1 Aug 1893, Cornwall
#011553-93 (Dundas Co): Giles Whiteside BOGART, 23, farmer, Winchester twp., same, s/o Walter BOGART & Margaret ALLISON, married Edith Lizzie McELROY, 20, Winchester twp., same, d/o William J. McELROY & Hannah SMITH, witn: Isaac S. BOGART of Chesterville & Agnes KEYS of S. Mountain, 15 March 1893 at Winchester twp 011818-93 Walter BORTHWICK, 25, Store Keeper, North Augusta, Cornwall, s/o James BORTHWICK & Margaret McCONKEY; married Sarah LANT, 24, Morrisburgh, Cornwall, d/o George LANT & Margaret ROBERTSON; witn Frank RUSSELL, Martintown & May EAMER, Cornwall, 26 Apr 1893, Cornwall

011720-94 James R. BROWN, 20, Farmer, Ontario, Mountain, s/o John BROWN & Annie D. JOHNSTON; married Jennie McCASLIN, 21, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Isaac McCASLIN & Annie BOULTON; wit George F. ROGERS & C.A. ROGERS, both Iroquois, 13 Dec 1893, Iroquois

011835-93 (Rev) Thomas Edward BURKE (S.T.L.), 25, Claremorris - Co Mayo Ireland, Bearbrook, s/o James BURKE & Eliza O'NEIL; married Ettie Alberta TENNANT, 24, Florence, Cornwall, d/o Elisha TENNANT & Etta Jane GERMAN; witn Thomas W.G TENNANT & Mary E. TENNANT, both Cornwall, 6 Sept 1893, Cornwall #011577-93 (Dundas Co): George T. BURWASH, 27, farmer, Argentueil Co., Martintown - Glengarry, s/o Albert BURWASH & Jane JEFFERSON, married Alice KENNEDY, 21, Martintown, same, d/o Hugh KENNEDY & Elizabeth THOM (or Thorn), witn: Martha EMERSON & Mary McDONALD, both of Morrisburg, 24 June 1893 at Morrisburg
011730-93 William Henry BUSH, 23, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Elilas H BUSH & Amentha WOOD; married Effie Z. POAPS, 20, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o Ephraim POAPS & Margaret A. SHEETS; witn Charles N. THOMPSON & Mary E. McEWAN, both Cornwall, 27 Sept 1893, Cornwall Twp 011821-93 Allen Gerbrush? CASTLEMAN, 35, Williamsburgh, Williamsburgh, s/o Gordon & Frances CASTLEMAN; married Edith Melinda BRYDGES, 21, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o William & Margaret BRYDGES; witn Fanny SMITH & Emma L—LE?, both Cornwall, 10 May 1893, Cornwall

011748-93 - Alphonse CHEVRIER, 23, Farmer, St. Redemption Quebec, St. Anne de Prescott, s/o Prosper CHEVRIER & Velinie SEGUIN; married Ozelina CAMPEAU, 20, St. Martin Quebec, Lochiel, d/o Francis CAMPEAU & Odile LEDUC; witn Donald CAMPEAU & Valentine HURTIBESE, both Lochiel, 4 Jul 1893, Lochiel

011759-93 - Archibald CHISHOLM, 25, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Angus CHISHOLM & Catherine McDONAL--?(cut off); married Theresa Jane McGILLIS, 18, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Angus McGILLIS (deceased) & Mary McDOUGALD; witn Duncan KERR & Catherine McGILLIS, both Lochiel, 16 Oct 1893, Lochiel

011822-93 James CLARKE, 21, Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Robert & Catherine CLARKE; married Eliza BUCKLAND, 20, Port aux Baq Newfoundland, Cornwall, d/o George & Jane BUCKLAND; witn Alexander John LEMOINE & Maria BUCKLAND, both Cornwall, 23 May 1893, Cornwall 011841-93 Flora COADY, 20, Weaver, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Xavier COADY & Mary MARS; married Eveline McDOUGALD, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John McDOUGALD & Christy Ann LOCKERBIE; witn Donald McDONALD & Jennie COOK, both Cornwall, 20 Sept 1893, Cornwall
011732-93 Richard CORRIGAN, 31, Methodist Minister, Mansonville Que, Mansonville Que, s/o Robert & Margaret CORRIGAN; married Jennie C.H . MORGAN, 25, Aultsville, Aultsville, d/o Nelson MORGAN & Jane NUDLE; witn James PRITCHARD & Barbara E.McPHERSON, both Autlsville, 4 Oct 189(cut off), Aultville  

011598-94 Alfred R. CROIL, 24, Publisher, Aultsville, Detroit Mich, s/o John CROIL & Minerva GROVES; married Elenora CROSS, 26, Croils Island, Aultsville, d/o George & Isabella CROSS; witn Richard LOUCKS, Aultsville & Melissa McCURRIE, NY, 27 Dec 1893, Aultsville

011808-93 Thomas James CROWLEY, 21, Barber, Lindsay, Cornwall, s/o Thomas CROWLEY & Mary MARKS; married Agnes GALLAHER, 22, Stormont, Milleroches, d/o Charles GALLAHER & Mary WALSH; witn Charles GALLAHER & Ida BRUNETTE, both Stormont, 6 Feb 1893, Cornwall
011726-93 Samuel Frank CRYDERMAN, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Samuel CRYDERMAN & S. Leonora McCRACK--?(cut off, McCracken?); married Annie Elzetta HELMER, 19, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Peter HELMER & Mary J. McEWEN; witn John A. SHAVER & Edgar E. SHAVER, both Osnabruck, 13 Sept 189(cut off), Woodlands 011731-93 Michael CRYDERMAN, 27, Farmer, Osnabruck, Croils Island NY, s/o Hiram CRYDERMAN & Nancy WARNER; married Jessie CROSS, 24, Croils Island NY, Croils Island NY, d/o James CROSS & Jennie ROBINSON; witn John CRYDERMAN, Croils Island & Lilly CROSS, Croils Island, 6 Jul 1893, Croils Island

011800-93 - John D. CUMMINGS, 36, Commercial Traveller, Beauharnois Quebec, Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o Duncan CUMMINGS & Mary McCUAIG; married Catherine Ann ROSS, 25, Martintown, Martintown, d/o John ROSS & Eliza SMITH; witn Kate E. URQUHART, Run Road & Malcolm CUMMING (sic), Williamstown, 4 Nov 1893, Martintown

11482-83 Alexander CUMMINS, 25, laboring man, Ogdensburg NY, Moose Creek, s/o Alexander CUMMINS & Mary LECLAIR, married Elizabeth McCONNELL, 23, 3rd con of Roxborough, same, d/o Hugh McCONNELL & Agnes GRANT, witn: John BARKER of Moose Creek & Lyda McCONNELL of 3rd con Roxborough, 27 June 1893 at Moose Creek

011752-93 - Edward DAVIDSON, 30, Farmer, St. Eugene, Lochiel, s/o Edward DAVIDSON & Margaret SAUVE; married Matilde DEMOCHELLE (Demouchelle?), 19, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Paul DEMOCHELLE & Angel BOUCHE; witn William DAVIDSON & Rosanna POIRIER, both Lochiel, 19 Sept 1893, Lochiel

011832-93 Charles William DENNIS, 27, Engineer, Newfoundland, Cornwall, s/o Thomas DENNIS & Eliza SHEARER; married Edna LACEY, 22, Osnabruck Centre, Cornwall, d/o Gordon LACEY & Margaret S. KEITH; witn Sidney LACEY & Isabel DENNIS, both Cornwall, 23 Aug 1893, Cornwall
11668-93 Joseph DESCHAMPS, 21, farmer, Kenyon, same, s/o Joseph & Marcelline, married Maria GREY, 26, Prescott Co., Kenyon, d/o "no one" & Christy GREY, witn: illegible C. & D. M. CAMPBELL of Kenyon, illegible date 1893 at Kenyon [very faded]

011743-93 - Anthony DORE, 36, Miner, Roxborough, Lochiel, s/o Anthony DORE & Harriet STELNIS?; married Annie SEGUIN, 25, St. Redempteur Quebec, Lochiel, d/o Napoleon SEGUIN & Doremane VALLEE; witn Gilbert SEGUIN & Paul SEGUIN, both Lochiel Gore, 8 Mar 1893, Lochiel Gore

011839-93 Albert DUROCHER, 23, Labourer, Summerstown, Cornwall, s/o Francis DUROCHER & Philomen BLONDIN; married Margaret DESMOND, 24, none given, Cornwall, d/o John DESMOND & Julia MERCER; witn John DESMOND Jr & Ida KIRKEY, Cornwall, 12 Sept 1893, Cornwall 011807-93 Samuel Edward EAMER, 18, farmer, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Michael & Catherine EAMER; married Carrie CLINE, 18, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o George & Mary Ann CLINE; witn Willie ALGUIRE & Jessie ALGUIRE, both Cornwall Twp, 18 Jan 1893, Cornwall

011750-93 - Thomas T. FERGUSON, 58, Architect and Builder, Wid, Dumfries Scotland, Plattsburgh US, s/o William FERGUSON & Janet McCANDLISH; married Maggie McINTOSH, 49, Breadalbane, Breadalbane, d/o John McINTOSH & Mary McLAREN; witn Peter McINTOSH & Elizabeth E. McINTOSH, both Breadalbane, 25 Jul 1893, Breadalbane

011803-93 George FLANAGAN, 22, Spinner, Brockville, Cornwall, s/o Samuel & Catherine ; married Georgina MIRON, 18, Quebec, Cornwall, d/o Samuel & Famille; witn Annie KUHN & Mary R. FLANAGAN, both Cornwall, 2 Jan 1893, Cornwall
011833-93 German Alexander FORSYTH, 33, Engineer, Moulinette, Cornwall Twp, s/o Alexander E. FORSYTH, Lucinda WINTERS; married Sarah Ann McAVOY, 26, Moulinette, Cornwall Twp, d/o James McAVOY & Mary Ann CONNELLY; witn Mrs Margaret HASTIE & J.W.M. HASTIE, both Cornwall, 2 Sept 1893, Cornwall 011820-93 Moses GOLDSTEIN, 30, Merchant, Russian Poland, Ottawa, s/o Solomon & Bella GOLDSTEIN; married Hannah PHILLIPS, 20, Russian Poland, Cornwall, d/o Falls & Mary Ethel PHILLIPS; witn S.N. JACOBS, N. Miller & N.J. FREID, all Cornwall & F. WOOLF, Montreal, 4 May 1893, Cornwall
011830-93 Levi Winsing (Winding?) GROVES, 41, Farmer, Cornwall Center, Osnabruck, s/o Oliver & Susanne GROVES; married Abbie LOWELL, 34, Brasher NY, Eamers Corners, d/o Harrison & Mary Ann LOWELL; witn John MULLIN, Cornwall Centre & Minnie LOWELL, Eamers Corners, 9 Aug 1893, Cornwall 11720-93 James HAGGERTY, 27, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Cornelius & Martha, married Lydia R. A. PETERSON, 30, Edwardsburg twp., Matilda, d/o Gilmour? & Mary, witn: George PETERSON & Mary J. HAGGERTY, both of Matilda, 19 Dec 1893 at Matilda

011672-94 John H. HARE, 26, Farmer, Ontario, Matilda, s/o John HARE & Catherine HALEY; married Lillie B. SHAVER, 18, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Charles SHAVER & Catherine VAN ALLEN; wit Ida COONS & Allen SHAVER, both Matilda, 6 Sept 1893, Matilda

11738-93 William Lindsay HART, 37, merchant, Williamsburg, Grantley, s/o Barry & Nancy, married Emma H. ROMBOUGH, 33, widow, Osnabruck, same, d/o Hiram MORGAN & Hermina MOSS, witn: Herbert McMANUS & Lena ALGUIRE, both of Aultsville, 22 Feb. 1893 at Aultsville

011600-94 Robert H. HAYS, 23, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Charles & Elizabeth HAYS; married Mina M. CASSELMAN, 20, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Nelson & Catherine CASSELMAN; witn John S. BAKER & Mrs SERVICE, both Aultsville, 25 Dec 189(cut off), Aultsville

011753-93 - James E. HEART, 25, Farmer, Lochiel, Glen Robertson, s/o Daniel HEART & Margaret O'NEIL; married Elizabeth Margaret McDONELL, 23, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Allan McDONELL & Mary KENNEDY; witn Allan McDONELL & Mary Ann MASTERSON, both Lochiel, 19 Sept 1893, Lochiel

011735-93 Herbert HELMER, 23, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Gordon HELMER & Annie BAKER; married Essa JOINT, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Christie JOYNT & Catherine DUNBAR; witn Walter CLARKE & Lillie SHAVER, both Osnabruck, 29 Nov 1893, Osnabruck 011738-94 Thomas Irwin Fisher HILLARD, 30, Lawyer, Osnabruck, Morrisburg, s/o Thomas Fisher HILLARD; married Anna Caroline McAMMOND, 19, Nepean, Elma, d/o Thomas & Ann Jane McAMMOND; wit Robert McAMMOND & Laura VIPARD, both no place given, 14 Jun 1893, Elma

11816-93 Charles John HOLLISTER, 20, Plumber, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o William Guy & Elizabeth Ann HOLLISTER; married Elizabeth AUTY, 23, Dewsbury York England, Cornwall, d/o George & Emma AUTY; witn Fred CLARK & Martha AUTY, both Cornwall, 19 Apr 1893, Cornwall

011560-94 John A. HYNDMAN, 24, Mill Owner, South Mountain, Edwardsburg, s/o Joseph & Jane HYNDMAN; married Minnie M. ARMSTRONG, 21, Mountain, Mountain, d/o Samuel & Matilda ARMSTRONG; witn L. ARMSTRONG, Mountain & J. HYNDMAN, Edwardsburg, 20 Dec 1893, Mountain

011469-94 Robert B. JARVIS, no age given, Conductor CPR, none given, Smith Falls, s/o no parents given; married Mary E. L. EMPEY, no age given, none given, Chesterville, d/o no parents given; witn A.E. JARVIS & Lillie HUBBS, both no place given, 12 Sept 1893, Chesterville

011838-93 Alexander Archibald JARVIS, 21, Barber, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Alexander JARVIS & Margaret McMILLAN; married Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 19, Wales England, Cornwall, d/o Henry WILLIAMS & Ann RICHARDS; witn Thomas REARDON & Catherine JARVO, both Cornwall, 11 Sept 1893, Cornwall

011762-93 - Joseph JEROMME, 21, Labourer, West Hawkesbury, West Hawkesbury, s/o John JEROMME & Mary LANURES?; married Lena BEAUDRY, 16, Osgoode, Alexandria, d/o Albert BEAUDRY & no mother given; witn Hugh FISHER, Kenyon & Maggie BEAUDRY, Alexandria, 16 Oct 1893, Kirk Hill

011813-93 Carmi JOHNSTON, 28, Farmer, Cornwall Twp, Dakota US, s/o Nadab JOHNSTON & Margaret EASTMAN; married Margaret Effie E. GROVES, 28, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o James Levi GROVES & Isabella CALVERT; witn Jessie J. GROVES, James W. MACLEOD & W.J. DERONSIE?, all Cornwall Twp, 28 Mar 1893, Cornwall 011729-93 Abraham JOHNSTON, 37, Wid, Farmer, Finch, Crysler, s/o Archibald JOHNSTON & Jane REYNOLDS; married Etta STUBBS, 24, Louisville NY, Farran's Point, d/o Joseph STUBBS & Sarah McPHERSON; witn M. MARTIN, Brockville & Mary McGEE, Louisville NY, 30 Sept 1893, Farran's Point
011809-93 Conrad LABLANC, 20, Clerk, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Stephen LABLANC & Zela PRIER; married Annie LAFLEUR, 20, Montreal, Cornwall, d/o Thomas LAFLEUR & Eliza MARTIN; witn T. LAFLEUR, Cornwall & Athalla CHAGERON, no place given, 13 Feb 1893, Cornwall 011834-93 Edgar LACEY, 21, Weaver, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Gordon & Margaret LACEY; married Hattie GALLINGER, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o William & Sophia GALLINGER; witn Ethel CARSON & I.R. WHITWORTH, both Cornwall, 5 Sept 1893, Cornwall

011751-93 - Arthur LEVESQUE, 25, Farmer, St. Eugene, Moose Creek, s/o Peter LEVESQUE & Sophia SOUCIE; married Mary ST. LOUIS, 19, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Alexander ST. LOUIS & Melie LAPLANTE; witn Alexander ST. LOUIS, Kenyon & Peter LEVESQUE, Roxboro, 5 Sept 1893, Lochiel

011814-93 Joseph MARTEL, 22, Labourer, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Francis & Julia MARTEL; married Mary Elizabeth TYO, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Peter TYO & Catherine McDONALD; witn William CARDWELL & Mary LAUBER, no place given, 10 Apr 1893, Cornwall
011815-93 John P. McALEER 30, Railroading, Harrison's Corners, Cornwall, s/o Andrew McALEER & Mary McCARTIN; married Mary Helena TOBIN, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o John James TOBIN & Mary Ann CORCORAN; witn Andrew Bernard McALEER & Elizabeth DUNNEGAN, 11 Apr 1893, Cornwall

011757-93 - John McCAFFREY, 29, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o John McCAFFREY & Helen RYAN; married Catherine Josepha McMILLAN, 19, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Robert & Jessie McMILLAN; witn John McCAFFREY & Jane Ann McMILLAN, Lochiel, 3 Oct 1893, Lochiel

011665-94 Thomas McCLOSKY, 27, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o John McCLOSKY & Catherine McCULLOCH; married Catherine CLEMENT, 25, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Richard CLEMENTS & Bridget McMAHON; wit John P. BYRNE, Winchester, 7 Nov 1893, Chesterville 011756-93 - Malcolm McCORMICK, 36, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Donald McCORMICK (deceased) & Elizabeth McDONALD; married Flora KENNEDY, 39, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Donald (deceased) & Ann KENNEDY; witn Dugald KENNEDY & Ann KENNEDY, both Kenyon, 10 Oct 1893, Lochiel

011844-93 Joseph C. McCUTCHEON, 24, Mill Operative, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o James McCUTCHEON & Annie BLONDIN; married Edith RUNNIONS, 20, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o William RUNNIONS & Christie Ann SMITH; witn A.H. MACNISH & Anna MACNISH, both Cornwall, 2 Oct 1893, Cornwall

011747-93 - Donald McDERMID, 54, Farmer, Wid, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o deceased; married Janet Mary McINTYRE, 41, Scotland, Kenyon, d/o deceased; witn Hugh Angus McDONALD & Mary McDONALD, both Greenfield, 28 Jun 1893, Lochiel
011842-93 Donald McDONALD, 21, Weaver, Glengarry, Cornwall, s/o John P. McDONALD & Elizabeth ANDERSON; married Jessie COOK, 19, St. Catherine, Cornwall, d/o James COOK & Ellen McKNIGHT; witn Flora CODY & Evelyn COOK, both Cornwall, 20 Sept 1893, Cornwall

011765-93 - John McDONALD, 39, Farmer, St. Andrews, St. Andrews, s/o Alexander (deceased) & Ann McDONALD; married Isabella McDOUGALD, 22, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Allan McDOUGALD & Catherine Ann McPHE--?(cut off); witn Alexander McDONALD, Cornwall & Sarah McDOUGALD, Lochiel, 28 Nov 1893, Lochiel

011725-93 Thomas Alexander McGINNIS, 25, Farmer, Lunenburg, Lunenburg, s/o James McGINNIS & Elizabeth HELMER; married Margaret Martha MURRAY, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John MURRAY & E.I. DORAN; witn William MURRAY, Osnabruck & Eliza McDONALD, Woodlands, 13 Sept 1893, Woodlands

011798-93 - Theron McKEE, 26, Farmer, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, s/o John & Margaret McKEE: married Mary Ann IRVINE, 24, Huntingdon Co Quebec, Lancaster Twp, d/o George & Harriet IRVINE; witn George IRVINE, Lancaster Twp, 16 Nov 1893, Williamstown

011746-93 - Duncan Cameron McKINNON, 29, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Duncan J. MACKINNON (sic) & Christie CAMERON; married Catherine Margaret McRAE, 21, Caledonia, Lochiel, d/o Archibald MACRAE (sic) & Christy MACLENNAN; witn James FORBES & Hattie McLENNAN, both Lochiel, 28 Jun 1893, Kirkhill

011745-93 - George Gregor McKINNON, 22, Labourer, Lochiel, Dalkeith, s/o D.C. McKINNON & Christie CAMERON; married Bertha TASMER (Jesmer?), 20, Colby US, Wisconsin US, d/o John TASMER & Minnie RISANKEE; witn D.C. McKINNON & Annie McLENNAN, both Dalkeith, 11 May 1893, Dalkeith

011763-93 - Donald B. MACLENNAN, 38, Salesman, Scotland, Scotstown Quebec, s/o Angus MACLENNAN & Anna BUCHANAN; married Annie NICHOLSON, 20, Lingwick Quebec, Lingwick Quebec, d/o Nichol NICHOLSON & Marion SMITH; witn Kenneth NICHOLSON, Lingwick Quebec & Christy Ann McDONALD, Scotstown Quebec, 26 Oct 1893, Kirk Hill

011764-93 - John D. MACLEOD, 33, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Donald MACLEOD & Margaret FRASER; married Isabella MACLEOD, 23, Caledonia, Caledonia, d/o Neil MACLEOD & Christy MACCRIMMON; witn D.L. MACLEOD, Kenyon & E. MACLEOD, Caledonia, 10 Oct 1893, Caledonia

011755-93 - John A. McLEOD, 29, Farmer, Laggan, Laggan, s/o Allan & Jennie McLEOD; married Maggie McLENNAN, 25, Laggan, Laggan, d/o Roderick McLENNAN & Mary McCUAIG; witn Duncan DEWAR, Laggan & Christy Ann McCUAIG, Kirkhill, 27 Sept 1893, Laggan

011761-93 - Norman D. McLEOD, 35, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Duncan McLEOD & Mary MACLEOD; married Susan McNAUGHTON, 26, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Donald McNAUGHTON & Isabella CAMERON; witn J. McLEOD, Caledonia & Susan REID, VanKleek Hill, 7 Nov 1893, Lochiel

011769-93 - Malcolm McMARTIN, 70, Farmer, Wid, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Malcolm McMARTIN & Elizabeth CAMERON; married Annie GRANT, 69, Wid, Lancaster, Lachute Quebec, d/o James CAMERON & Elizabeth SUMMERS; witn M.J.F. GEVAU? & A. DUNLOP, both Williamstown, 18 Jan 1893, Williamstown

011805-93 Malcolm C. MACMARTIN, 28, Druggist, Kemptville, Cornwall, s/o John & Annie MACPHERSON (sic); married Emma SILMSER, 21, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Philip & Harriet SILMSER; witn R. MILTON, Pitts & Ella A. LAWRENCE, Cornwall, 12 Jan 1893, Cornwall
011817-93 Peter McMILLAN, 29, Carpenter, Stormont, Stormont, s/o Donald McMILLAN & Margaret McDOUGALL; married Emma WAIT, 29, Stormont, Stormont, d/o Julius WAIT & Leafy BAILEY; witn James McMILLAN & Flora McMILLAN, no place given, 24 Apr 1893, Cornwall

011758-93 - John Angus McMILLAN, 29, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Duncan McMILLAN (deceased) & Julia KENNEDY; married Mary McCORMICK, 19, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Robert McCORMICK & Sarah CAMERON; witn Duncan J. McDONALD, Kenyon & Margaret McCORMICK, Lochiel, 26 Sept 1893, Lochiel

011825-93 Donald McRAE, 45, Wid, Farmer, Roxboro Twp, Roxboro Twp, s/o Duncan McRAE & Hannah McAULAY; married Elizabeth A. HAGGART, 38, Charlottenburgh Twp, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o John HAGGART & Mary URQUHART; witn Mrs Margaret HASTIE & William M. HASTIE, both Cornwall, 21 Feb 1893, Cornwall

011770-93 - Donald MORRISON, 38, Wood turner, Wid, Roxborough, Newmarket, s/o Malcolm MORRISON & Ann McCRIMMON; married Mary J. McCRIMMON, 33, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o John McCRIMMON & Mary McINNIS; witn Jessie McCRIMMON, Charlottenburgh & Thomas JACK, Hamilton Island, 3 Jan 1893, Charlottenburgh

011836-93 John E. MURPHY, 23, Tinsmith, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Simon MURPHY & Mary FLANNAGAN; married Mary SILMSER, 22, Stormont, Cornwall, d/o James SILMSER & Mildred ALGUIRE; witn Frank WATERS & Nora MURPHY, both Cornwall, 8 Sept 1893, Cornwall 011843-93 Thomas Alexander NORRIS, 33, Printer, Cookstown, Cornwall, s/o John W. NORRIS & Margaret DUFF; married Mary Margaret MURPHY, 19, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary ROSS; witn M.A. CRAIG, Cornwall & Della REDMOND, Iroquois, 26 Sept 1893, Cornwall

011760-93 - William O'NEIL, 22, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Richard & Mary O'NEIL; married Mary Isabella McDONALD, 21, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Allan & Ann McDONELL; witn James O'NEIL & Jane McDONALD, both Kenyon, 21 Nov 1893, Lochiel

011744-93 - Joseph PICHE, 28, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Cyrille PICHE & Catherine LAROCQUE; married Mary PROVOST, 21, Hawkesbury, Lochiel, d/o Francis PROVOST & Anglie LEPOS (SEPOS?); witn Maxime POIRIER & Harriet PICHE, both Lochiel, 25 Apr 1893, Lochiel

011734-93 James Edmond PITTS, 28, Carpenter, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o John C. PITTS & Amelia CASSELMAN; married Minnie SHEETS, 25, Minnesota, Osnabruck, d/o John SHEETS & Sarah MATTICE; witn Carman GALLINGER & Laura WARNER, both Osnabruck, 6 Sept 1893, Cornwall Twp 011819-93 Joseph Gregory PITTS, 27, Lockman, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, s/o Joseph & Maria PITTS; married Louisa ROBERTSON, 22, Cornwall Twp, Cornwall Twp, d/o George & Jane ROBERTSON; witn B.M. STUART & Miss C. ROBERTSON, both Cornwall Twp, 26 Apr 1893, Cornwall
011727-93 Rosswell Fair POAPS, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck Centre, s/o Jacob J POAPS & Eliza Jane RAPP; married Minnie L. WEAGANT, 22, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o John WEGANT (sic) & Catherine DAUGHARTY; witn John WEAGANT, Osnabruck & Gordon BAKER Jr, Osnabruck Centre, 5 Oct 1893, Osnabruck Centre 011811-93 Joseph Percival PURDY, 30, Railway Clerk, Ontario, Cornwall, s/o David & Rachel PURDY; married Lillie Etta May WINTERS, 18, Stormont, Cornwall, d/o William & Mary WINTERS; witn Thomas RELYEA & Ethel HAMILTON, both Cornwall, 8 Mar 1893, Cornwall

011795-93 - Raphael QUESNELLE, 23, Farmer, St. Anicet Quebec, St. Anicet Quebec, s/o Benjamin QUESNELLE & Sophie CAZEAU; married Eva POIRIER, 23, Lancaster Twp, Lancaster Twp, d/o Roderick POIRIER & Eleanor FARRAND; witn Frank GAUTHIER & Ransom POIRIER, both no place given, 17 Oct 1893, St. Raphaels

011722-93 Thomas RELYEA, 22, Teacher, Mallorytown, Lunenburg, s/o William H. RELYEA & Margaret E. GILLESPIE; married Jeanette A. BROWNELL, 23, North Lunenburg, Osnabruck Centre, d/o James BROWNELL & Marjorie HOLLISTER; witn Egbert RELYEA, Lunenburg & Jeannie MORGAN, Osnabruck Centre, 2 Aug 1893, Osnabruck
11829-93 Robert ROBERTSON, 29, Stone cutter, Glasgow Scotland, Cornwall, s/o Harvey ROBERTSON & Catherine PATTON; married Margaret Jane CONROY, 28, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, d/o John CONROY & Catherine FERGUSON; witn Allen REDICK & Mrs REDICK, both Cornwall, 7 Aug 1893, Cornwall

011473-94 John M. RODDICK, no age given, Farmer, none given, Finch, s/o no parents given; married Hannah QUINN, no age given, none given, Finch, d/o no parents given; witn D. EAGER & C. BRADLEY, both Winchester, 22 Mar 1893, Winchester


011680-94 Henry ROSS, 30, Farmer, Wid, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Alex & Elenor ROSS; married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 29, Oxford, Matilda, d/o Robert & Eliza ARMSTRONG; wit Charles GILSON & Mrs. Charles GILSON, both Matilda, 29 Mar 1893, Matilda

011749-93 - Genon ROY, 21, Farmer, St. Anne, St. Anne de Prescott, s/o Antoine ROY & Adelaide DAUSTE (Daoust?); married Alexina DESCHAMPS, 21, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Antoine DESCHAMPS & Henrietta SAUVE; witn Louis DESCHAMPS, Lochiel & Mary ST. DENIS, St. Anne de Prescott Quebec, 18 Jul 1893, Lochiel

011733-94 Simon SCHWERDFEGER, 30, Farmer, Froatburn, Froatburn, s/o William & Catherine SCHWERDFEGER; married Mary Alice FROATS, 21, Hoasic, Glen Baker, d/o Stephen & Lucy FROATS; wit Nellie FROATS & Malcom FROATS, both no place given, 20 Dec 1893, Glen Baker
011666-94 Ferdnan SIGOINE, 24, Farmer, Mountain, Ormond, s/o Eli SIGOINE & Celine BAZINET; married Marguerite GRANT, 25, Russell, North Winchester, d/o William GRANT & Roseanne RIVET; wit J.B. DAGENAIS, Morewood, 4 Sept 1893, Chesterville 011799-93 - Harlow George SMITH, 23, Saw Miller, Martintown, Martintown, s/o George SMITH & Mary Jane HOOKER; married Margaret Mary URQUHART, 24, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Alexander URQUHART & Catherine McMARTIN; witn Duncan McCALLUM, Montreal & Agnes CAMERON, Lancaster Twp, 4 Oct 1893, Martintown
011739-94 William SUMMERS, 20, Farmer, Winchester, Winchester, s/o James & Eliza SUMMERS; married Mary HILL, 21, Canada, Winchester, d/o Joseph & Sabina Ann; wit Ann Jane McAMMOND, Williamsburg, 15 Dec 1893, Williamsburg 011823-93 John P. THOMPSON, 32, Wid, Saloon Keeper, Cornwall, Cornwall, s/o Charles THOMPSON & Mary CARDINAL; married Mary CARTHER, 24, Roxborough, Cornwall, d/o Duncan CARTHER & Isabella CAMERON; witn Michael GLEASON & Sarah McDONALD, both Cornwall, 19 Jun 1893, Cornwall
011831-93 Peter TONDEAU, 27, Mason, Montreal Que, Montreal Que, s/o Pierre TONDEAU & Julie MANDERVILLE; married Mary KING, 26, Lancaster, Cornwall, d/o Joseph & Margaret KING; witn Louis KING & Margaret KING, both Cornwall, 17 Aug 1893, Cornwall 011824-93 John Haggard URQUHART, 27, Keeper of Restaurant, Martintown, Montana US, s/o Alexander URQUHART & Catherine McMARTIN; married Ellen Belle FOULDS, 25, Martintown, Martintown, d/o John FOULDS & Esther STICKLER; witn Maggie May URQUHART, H.E. SMITH & A.R. FOULDS, all Martintown, 29 Jun 1893, Cornwall

011754-93 - James VILLENEUVE, 19, Farmer, none given, Kenyon, s/o James VILLENEUVE & Caroline BONEL (Bouel?) married Adolphine PHILION, 19, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Hilaire PHILION & Ylspert? FRENCH; witn Samuel LALONDE & Albina PHILION, both Kenyon, 25 Sept 1893, Lochiel

011810-93 Henry WALLACE, 28, Cheese maker, Edwardsburgh Leeds Co, Edwardsburgh Leeds Co, s/o Charles & Ann WALLACE; married Nellie Eliza BROWN, 19, Mountain Co, Cornwall, d/o William & Catherine BROWN; witn Emma LEVELL & Fanny SMITH, both Cornwall, 22 Feb 1893, Cornwall
011845-93 Alexander WALPOLE, 38, Wid, Labourer, Dickinson's Landing, Dickinson's Landing, s/o Francis WALPOLE & Janet McDONALD; married Zella MILROSS, 24, Newington, Newington, d/o William MILROSS & Mary Ann RUPORT; witn George McDONALD, St Andrews & Janet McDONALD, Cornwall, 3 Oct 1893, Cornwall 011804-93 Henry WARNER, 25, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Harvey & Julia WARNER; married Lillie C. SLED, 21, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Thomas & Catherine SLED; witn W.H. SLED & Sandy SUTHERLAND, both Osnabruck, 11 Jan 1893, Cornwall
011840-93 Charles Edward WELSH, 18, Farmer, Charlottenburgh Twp, Charlottenburgh Twp, s/o Walter & Jane WELSH; married Catherine WEEKS, 24, Glen Walter, Charlottenburgh Twp, d/o Antoine & Ida BLANCHARD; witn Jane NESBITT, Hemmingford & Sarah R. WEBSTER, Quebec City, 18 Sept 1893, Cornwall

011797-93 - Robert WHONEY, 45, Cheese Maker, Wid, Lansdowne, Knowlton Quebec, s/o Robert & Dorothy WHONEY; married Helen L. ETTERSHANK, 20, Aberdeen Scotland, Williamstown, d/o Joseph & Mary ETTERSHANK; witn Robert McGREGOR, Lancaster & Josephine ETTERSHANK, Williamstown, 12 Nov 1893, Williamstown

011796-93 - Thomas WILLIAMS, 25, Miller, Wales England, Cornwall, s/o Harry WILLIAMS & Martha LEWIS; married Jessie Gardiner HOLDSWORTH, 21, Dundas Quebec, Summerstown, d/o William HOLDSWORTH & Margaret GARDINER; witn J.J. WHITEWORTH, Cornwall & Jennie M. HOLDSWORTH, Summerstown, 25 Oct 1893, Summerstown

011719-94 Asa Willmont WOOD, 25, Dredgeman, Ontario, Morrisburg, s/o Robert WOOD  & Mary Mahala McCUMBER; married Annie SNYDER, 20, Ontario, Morrisburg, d/o Joseph SNYDER & Maggie LAPIER; wit William L. McLEAN & Annie L. AIKMAN, both Morrisburg, 11 Dec 1893, Iroquois

011733-93 Peter ZERAN, 24, Farmer, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Peter ZERAN & Margaret SALMON; married Edith May HOLLISTER, 17, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o William HOLLISTER & Lottie MARKELL; witn Albert HOLLISTER & Aggie RUPORT, both Osnabruck, 12 Apr 1893, Osnabruck