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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Co., 1897


013902-97 Alexander Crawford ADAMS, 31, Druggist, Iowa, Omaha, s/o John K & Lizzie ADAMS; married Jennie Isabella COULTER, 26 Iroquois, Omaha, d/o Thomas & Jane COULTER; witn Charles ROSS, Montreal & Nellie Jane COULTER, Iroquois, 28 Jul 1897, Iroquois


013762-97 William AITKEN, 28, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o John AITKEN & Harriet BARCLAY; married Emma CAREY, 22, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o John CAREY & Mary ROY; wit John AITKIN, Mary RAE & Jessie CAREY, all Charlottenburgh, 10 Nov 1897, Williamstown  (also 14719-97)

14121-97 James I. ALGATE, 29, Farmer, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o Thomas & Grace [ALGATE], married Minnie A. HYNDMAN, 25, Mountain twp, Winchester twp, d/o William & Sally [HYNDMAN], witn: Thomas ALGATE & George IRVING, both of Winchester, 30 June 1897 at Winchester

14024-97 Gordon ALGUIRE, 56, widower, farmer, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Henry & Christiana, married Nancy A. THOMPSON, 58, widow, Cornwall, same, d/o John McBRIDE & Nancy ARBUTHNOT, witn: Mrs. A. Miss Jeannie RUSSELL of Lunenburg, 15 May 1897 at Lunenburg 013908-97 William G ARKINSTALL, 27, Coachman, none given, New York, s/o William ARKINSTALL & Catherine CAMPBELL; married Margaret CAMPBELL, 27, none given, Kenyon, d/o John M. CAMPBELL & Margaret FRASER; witn John H. ARKINSTALL, New York & Kate BENNETT, Roxborough, 1 Dec 1897, St Elmo
013882-97 Alfred AUBE, 23, Farmer, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, s/o Eusebe AUBE & Martine LALONDE; married Celestine RACINE, 22, Finch, Finch, d/o Michael RACINE & Marie Louise QUESNELL; witn Euselie AUBIE, Moose Creek & Michael RACINE, Crysler, 6 Sept 1897, Crysler

014096-97 Alfred H. BAKER, 22, Farmer, Williamsburg, Winchester, s/o John L. BAKER & Mary LAWRENCE; married Annie A. JONES, 21, Winchester, Winchester, d/o Alfred JONES & Annie LISCOM; witn Albine CRIMMON, Winchester & Sarah JONES, Ormond, 7 Oct 1897, Williamsburg

014101-97 Oran BAKER, 22, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Uriah BAKER & Elizabeth LANE; married Hattie BRUNNER, 19, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Delsey? BRUNNER & Anna L. EMPEY; witn Francis GOWLAND & Mary Bell GOWLAND, both Williamsburg, 8 Dec 1897, Williamsburg

14027-97 Simeon John BAKER, 24, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Mary WARNER, 19, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Norman & Sarah Jane, witn: James M. WARNER & Elizabeth M. BAKER, both of Osnabruck, 9 June 1897 at Osnabruck

13725-97 Herbert BALL, 23, farmer, Winchester twp., same, s/o James BALL & Mary ALLISON, married Annie May EMPEY, 21, Finch twp., Chesterville, d/o Benjamin EMPEY & A. CAMPBELL, witn: Simeon BOGART of Chesterville & Miss EMPEY of Winchester, 19 March 1897 at Chesterville

14002-97 - P.R. BARKER, 31, baker, of Morrisburg, s/o Jabez BARKER & Elizabeth GRINTON, married Mary E. UPTON, 32, [missing information] d/o James UPTON & Helen YOUNG, witn: Frank GALE of Morrisburg & Margaret CONNOR, 28 June 1897 at Morrisburg

13737-97 James J. BARKLEY, 25, blacksmith, Winchester twp., same, s/o George A. BARKLEY & Susan S. CROWDER, married Marie Elsie LAMOURIEUX (Lamoureux?), 22, Winchester twp., same, d/o Felix LAMOURIEUX & Jelina BRISEBOIS, witn: Elie LAMOURIEUX & Phebe BARKLEY, 6 July 1897 at Chesterville

14006-97 John Simon BARKLEY, 25, blacksmith, Matilda twp., same, s/o Isaiah BARKLEY & Mary Ann MILLWARD, married Elsa HALL, 21, Aultsville, Matilda twp., d/o Ira HALL & Catherine MERKLEY, witn: Emily B. TIMBERLAKE & Emily LOGAN, 8 Sept 1897 at Morrisburg

13970-97 William Arthur BARKLEY, 30, Farmer, Williamsburg, Mountain, s/o Francis & Catherine; married Mary E. GRAWBARGER, 23, Mountain, South Gower, d/o Francis & Mary Jane; wit Mrs. J.F. MACFARLANE, South Mountain & Kate DUNN, Montreal, 26 Feb 1897, South Mountain


13726-97 James J. BARRY, 26, miller, Liverpool, Chesterville, s/o Robert BARRY & Mary RAYMOND, married Mary BRYNE, 19, Manchester, Chesterville, d/o Edward BRYNE & Mary PERRY, witn: John A. GIBBONS of Chesterville, 21 June 1897 at Chesterville

13736-97 Louis Franklin BATES, 27, cheese maker, Mountain, Gore twp., s/o Charles BATES & Sophia BROAD, married Estella CHRISTIE, 18, Mountain, same, d/o John M. CHRISTIE & Amelia SUFFEL, witn: Mrs. J. P. BOGART & Anna May AULT, both of Chesterville, 2 Nov 1897 at Chesterville

14063-97 Edgar BEAUCHAMP, 25, Farmer, none given, Moose Creek, s/o Edmond BEAUCHAMP & Julie BOUCHER, married Catherine Ellen HAMEL, 24, none given, Moose Creek, d/o William HAMEL & Euphrosyne AUBIN, witn: Edw LEGAULT & Mary A. HAMEL, 20 Sept 1897, at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

#013977-97 (Dundas Co): James BELWAY, 26, farmer, Mountain, Winchester, s/o William BELWAY & Elizabeth McKEEN, married Dora May RICHARDSON, 19, Mountain, same, d/o Lot? RICHARDSON & Elizabeth STORY, witn: Heartley BELWAY & Amelia RICHARDSON, both of Mountain, 13 Aug 1897 at Mountain,

14064-97 Alexander BETHUNE, 31, Farmer, none given, Roxborough, s/o Duncan BETHUNE & Annie FLETCHER, married Christy Ann McLEOD, 24, none given, Roxborough, d/o John McLEOD & Mary McMARTIN, witn: Neil McLEAN & Mary ROYS (Ross?), 29 Sept 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

14070-97 William John BEUL, 28, Labourer, none given, Roxborough, s/o William S. BEUL & Nancy NICHOLSON, married Christy Ann McRAE, 26, none given, Roxborough, d/o Alex McRAE & Katie FINLAYSON, witn: Charles A. EDGELY & Maud FRASER, 23 Nov 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough


13740-97 Wesley BIGFORD, 20, farmer, Mountain twp., Matilda twp., s/o Adam BIGFORD & Martha BYLOW, married Minnie M. BYLOW, 19, Winchester twp., same, d/o John BYLOW & Jane McCHAUGHEY, witn: John JACKSON of Mountain & Martha BYLOW of Winchester, 22 Dec 1897 at Chesterville

#013975-97 (Dundas Co): Adam BILLINGS, 30, farmer, widower, Mountain, same, s/o William & Silanda, married Mary BYLOW, 27, Winchester, same, d/o Alex BYLOW & Mary M. LISCOMB, witn: Albert & Catherine LAUSHWAY of Mountain, 5 July 1897 at Mountain,

14115-97 Archibald BLACK, 24, Farmer, Williamsburg twp, Winchester twp, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann [BLACK], married Mina Naomi BOGART, 22, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Walter & Margaret [BOGART], witn: Simon BOGART of Winchester & Ina BLACK of Colquhoun, 17 Feb 1897 at Winchester

#013982-97 (Dundas Co): Calvin BLAIR, 32, farmer, Carleton Co., Rideau View, s/o Hugh BLAIR & Mary CHRISTIE, married Beatrice F. HALL, 25, Manotick?, mountain, d/o Frances LATIMER & David HALL, witn: Daniel BLAIR of Manotick & Rose A. KERR of Hallowell, 27 Oct 1897 at Mountain 013879-97 Michael BOISCLAIR, 27, Labourer, Finch, Finch, s/o John BOISCLAIR & Mary L. ARMANGER; married Mary BENOIT, 18, Finch, Finch, d/o Augustin BENOIT & Mary CHAMPAGNE; witn Augustin BENOIT & Antoine TESSIER, both Finch, 1 Jun 1897, Crysler

013759-97 Joseph BOUGIE, 22, Farmer, North Lancaster, Charlottenburgh, s/o George BOUGIE & Nelda MAJOR; married Adeline LAFRAMBOISE, 20, Dominionville, Charlottenburgh, d/o Francis LAFRAMBOISE & Matilda LARGUARY; wit William BOUGIE & Maggie LAFRAMBOISE, both Charlottenburgh, 19 Sept 1897, St. Raphaels

14015-97 William Agness (sic) BRINDLEY, 28, Salv. Army officer, Goderich, Brockville, s/o John & Louise, married Clara Agnes STATA, 26, M--town?, Prescott, d/o Alex & Lucy, witn: W. H. BYERS of Kingston & Ada WARD of Pembroke, 21 Dec 1897 at Morrisburg (Salv Army) 013885-97 Toussant BUISSON, 44, Wid, Farmer, St Jacques Que, Embrun, s/o Benjamin BUSSON (sic) & Domitil VAILLIANT; married Mrs Jules ROCHON, 42, Wid, St Urbain, Crysler, d/o Francis TRUDEAU & Louis St.MARIE; witn Sifrois BUSSON & Nazara ROCHON, both no place given, 30 Sept 1897, Crysler

014105-97 Simon J. BURD, 25, Cheese Maker, Finch, Drummond Twp, s/o Jacob BURD & Alice JOHNSTON; married Bella FERGUSON, 20, Drummond, Drummond Twp, d/o John FERGUSON & Janet TELFORD; witn Mrs D.G.S. CONNERY & Martha BILOW, both Winchester, 7 Apr no year given, Winchester

014184-98 Jacob BURD, 53, Farmer, Wid, Osnabruck, Finch, s/o William & Maria BURD; married Arvilla McMANUS, 46, Finch, Finch, d/o Hugh & Ann McMANUS; wit Mahlon BAILEY & Florence SILL, both Winchester, 31 Jan 1897, Winchester

013989-97 ( Dundas Co.) George Henry CAMPBELL, 31, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o John C CAMPBELL & Dian WARNER, married Maggie HAWN, 27, Osnabruck, Morrisburg, d/o Levi HAWN & Mary DAY, wtn: E B TIMBERLAKE & M D TIMBERLAKE both of Morrisburg, on May 2, 1897, at Morrisburg 013905-97 Philip CAMPBELL, 24, Farmer, Salisbury Que, Kenyon, s/o Alexander CAMPBELL & Catherine DEWAR; married Margaret Ann CAMPBELL, 16, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Isabella McRAE; witn Angus CAMPBELL & Maggie A. CAMPBELL, both Kenyon, 8 Sept 1897, Kenyon

14108-97 Herbert S. CARKNER, 22, Yeoman, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o John CARKNER & Margaret McCORMACK, married Margaret P. DOCKSTEADER, 23, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Benson DOCKSTEADER & Mary Ann CRAWFORD, witn: Orton RODNEY & Edith DOCKSTEADER, both of Winchester, 2 Nov 1897 at Winchester

14010-97 Thomas D. CARROLL, 40, contractor, or Iroquois, s/o John CARROLL & Mary Jane WILEY, married Mary Florence TANNEY (Tanency?), 20, of Iroquois, d/o L. Napoleon TANCERY? & Catherine Frances MURPHY, witn: Herbert LARKIN & Alice MURPHY, 22 Sept 1897 at not given reg'd in Morrisburg 013903-97 Sanafield CARTIER, no age given, Labourer, St Anicet Que, Greenfield, s/o Oliver CARTIER & Celina BONNIVILLE; married Christina HIBBARD, no age given, Valleyfield, Greenfield, d/o Andrew HIBBARD & Christina GAUTHIER; witn Alex GAUTHIER, Greenfield & Rosanna MENARD, Kenyon, 11 Jan 1897, Greenfield

014095-97 John Franklin CASSELMAN, 21, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Levi J & Agnes s. CASSELMAN; married Martha Louisa WHITTAKER, 23, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Peter H. WHITTAKER & Malinda BARKLEY; witn John SHUNK & Mrs J. SHUNK, both Williamsburg, 24 Sept 1897, Williamsburg

14213-98 Samuel Elery CASSELMAN, 23, carpenter, Williamsburg, same, s/o Almond CASSELMAN & Amelia AULT, married Isabel Elizabeth CASSELMAN, 24, Williamsburg, same, d/o Isaac CASSELMAN & Martha MERKLEY, witn: Frank CASSELMAN & Mrs. J. SHUNK, both of Williamsburg, 22 Dec 1897 at Williamsburg
013991-97 ( Dundas Co.) William Herman CASSELMAN, 28, dairyman, Dundas Co., Chesterville, s/o Jas. CASSLEMAN & Charlotte REID, married Flora CARLYLE, 24, Winchester, same, d/o Thomas.CARLYLE & Nancy THOM, wtn: Mary M ROSE of Kingston & Mary MCDONALD of Morrisburg, on May 22, 1897, at Morrisburg

14124-97 John CHAMBERS, 27, Brick Layer, Oso twp, Winchester twp, s/o John & Mary [CHAMBERS], married Gertrude HUTT, 28, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Louis & Charlotte [HUTT], witn: Herbert CHAMBERS of Metcalfe & Della HUTT of Berwick, 29 Dec 1897 at Winchester

14060-97 Frederick CHEESEMAN, 25, Farmer, England, Roxborough, s/o James CHEESEMAN & Annie CLIDE, married Emily McBETH, 27, Roxboro, Roxborough, d/o Roderick McBETH & Sarah NICHOLSON, witn: Simon P. CAMERON & Sarah DEWAR, both of Roxborough, 4 Aug 1897 at Roxborough

14001-97 George W. CLARK, 38, widower, merchant, of Derby Line Vt?, s/o M. C. CLARK & Lucy PIERCE, married Martha W. McMARTIN, 29, of Morrisburg, d/o Alex McMARTIN & Anna LAFONTAINE, witn: H. T. BALL & K. L. FLINT, 14 July 1897 at Morrisburg 14035-97 Walter L. CLARKE, 23, book keeper, West Oxford, Ottawa, s/o John E. & Nannie? M., married Carrie WARNER, 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o Simeon WARNER & Mary THOMPSON, witn: H. B. FETTERLY & Maude WARNER, both of Avonmore, 21 Sept 1897 at Osnabruck Centre
013881-97 Joseph CLEARY, 32, Farmer, St Andrews, St Andrews, s/o Mathew CLEARY & Bridget McALEAR; married Ella McKEE, 28, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, d/o Patrick McKEE & Catharine FLYNN; witn Lizzie CLEARY & John FLYNN, both St Andrews, 19 Jul 1897, South Finch #013986-97 (Dundas Co): Herman CLELAND, 27, merchant, Canada, Farrens Point, s/o Thomas & May, married Eva LOCKE, 24, Canada, Mountain, d/o Joseph & Frances, witn: George LOCKE & Alice JOHNSTON, both of South Mountain, 30 Nov 1897 at South Mountain,

013714-97 Olivier CLEMENT, 20, Labourer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Joseph CLEMENT & Caroline CHARTRAND; married Marie SABOURIN, 19, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o F. Xavier SABOURIN & Exilda LAUZON; wit Joseph LEPAGE & Rose SABOURIN, both Alexandria, 7 Jul 1897, Alexandria


14065-97 Mattice COLEMAN, 22, Labourer, none given, Moose Creek, s/o Alexander COLEMAN & Jennet EMBAULK, married Armiline SEGUIN, 19, none given, Moose Creek, d/o Jean B. SEGUIN & Louisa HUSTUBISE, witn: Mattice EMBAULK & Mary SEGUIN, 27 Sept 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

14029-97 George O. COOK, 24, laborer, Roxborough, same, s/o George COOK & Lydia SHAVER, married Mary Margaret DOOLEY, 24, Roxborough, same, d/o Michael DOOLEY & Christie GIBSON, witn: Mrs. M. R. & Miss. M.E. BIGELOW of Newington, 8 June 1897 at Newington
013899-97 Melvin COONS, 29, Clerk, Dundas Co, Canton New York, s/o Solomon & Levina COONS; married Ira Ellen REDMOND, 28, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o Silas & Emily REDMOND: witn Eardly T. COONS, Morrisburg & Della REDMOND, Iroquois, 8 Sept 1897, Iroquois 013878-97 George CORNELL, 21, Farmer, Avonmore, Avonmore, s/o Hugh CORNELL & Agnes GRANT; married Christina McMILLAN, 18, Finch, Finch, d/o John M. McMILLAN & Flora CAMERON; witn John BARKER & Maggie GRANT, both Avonmore, 31 May 1897, South Finch

13727-97 Michael COSNEAU, 66, widower, contractor, Russell, Morewood, s/o not given, married Lucy LEMOIX, 49, widow, Russell, same, d/o not given, witn: M. P. COYNE of Chesterville, 11 Jan 1897 at Chesterville

14106-97 Archibald CRAIG, 23, Farmer, Russell, Osgoode, s/o David CRAIG & Angeline SHALP, married Eliza BOYD, 23, Osgoode, Osgoode, d/o William BOYD & Margaret DALGLISH (Dalgleish?), witn: Martha BILOW & Mrs. D.G.S. CONNERY, both of Winchester, 28 Oct 1897 at Winchester

14004-97 Samuel A. CRAMER, 23, carpenter, of Winchester, s/o Samuel CRAMER & Sarah FETTERLY, married Carrie A. YOUNG, 20, of Winchester, d/o James YOUNG & Adelina OUDERKIRK? (Onderdonk?), witn: Mary M. ROSE of Kingston & Jean R. FETTERLY of Morrisburg, 25 Aug 1897 at Morrisburg

14057-97 James Arthur CRAWFORD, 32, Shoemaker, Roxboro, Roxborough, s/o John CRAWFORD & Eliza MARJERRISON, married Eliza Jane MONTGOMERY, 23, Roxboro, Roxboro, d/o James MONTGOMERY & Marie Jane SHEA, witn: Robert CRAWFORD & Mary JOHNSTON, both of Roxborough, 11 June 1897 at Roxborough

  14003-97 James CROBAR, 23, farmer, Dundas Co., Matilda twp., s/o Harvey CROBAR & Anna BOUCK, married Alice KITTLE, 22, Stormont Co., Winchester twp., d/o John KITTLE & Jane WILSON, witn: Mary M. ROSE of Kingston & Fanny M. FETTERLY of Morrisburg, 18 Aug 1897 at Morrisburg

14107-97 James CROWDER, 20, Yeoman, Mountain twp, Mountain twp, s/o James Moses CROWDER & Caroline SANSAUGH, married Emma RISLEY, 20, Mountain twp, Mountain twp, d/o Thomas RISLEY & Ellen MAJOR, witn: Mrs. F. HENDERSON of Cardinal & Ellen CROWDER of Mountain twp., 2 Nov 1897 at Winchester

014104-97 William CROWDER, 22, Farmer, Mountain, South Gower, s/o Allan CROWDER & Rachel BELLINGER; married Edith HEPINSTAL, 18, South Gower, South Gower, d/o William HEPINSTAL & Maria PHILLIPS; witn Mrs. D.G.S. CONNERY & Martha BILOW, both Winchester, 3 Mar no year given, Winchester

14110-97 Howard CROWDER, 20, Labourer, Matilda twp, Winchester twp, s/o George CROWDER & Mary WOOD, married Clara CARTER, 23, Matilda twp, Matilda twp, d/o Edward CARTER & Jane Ann BROWN, witn: Elizabeth H. & Florence REYNOLDS of Winchester, 23 Nov 1897 at Winchester

13724-97 George CUNNINGHAM, 29, farmer, Williamsburg twp., same, s/o George CUNNINGHAM & Jane SCOTT, married Minnie ALLISON, 22, Williamsburg twp., same, d/o David ALLISON & Eliza YOUNG, witn: Mrs. B. CONLEY of Chesterville, 10 Feb 1897 at Chesterville

13051-97 William DILARY, 28, Carpenter, Scotland, Ottawa City, s/o Hugh DILARY & Mary MURRY, married Mary Frances GARNER, 26, Chottom?, Maxville, d/o Benjamin GARNER & Frances LOURD?, witn: Benjamin & Mildred GARNER of Maxville, 4 Oct 1897 at Maxville

14215-98 Gordon DILL, 29, solicitor, Montreal, same, s/o Marcel DILL & Margaret COLQUHOUN, married Alice SMITH, 25, Williamsburg, same, d/o William J. SMITH & Margaret SAYGEAU?, witn: Harriet & Jacob Alex SMITH of Williamsburg, 23 Dec 1897 at Williamsburg 14014-97 Gordon DILL, 39, solicitor, of Montreal, s/o Marcus DILL & Margaret COLQUHOUN, married Alice SMITH, 25, of Morrisburg, d/o William J. SMITH & Harriet SAYGEAU?, witn: Harriet & Jacob Alex SMITH, 23 Dec 1897 at not given reg'd in Morrisburg
14013-97 George DILLEN, 21, telegraph operator, of Morrisburg, s/o George DILLEN & Caroline BECKSTEAD, married Sarah Agnes HESS, 22, of Morrisburg, d/o William HESS & Rose Ellen LAPIER, witn: Emily B. & Mary D. TIMBERLAKE, 30 Nov 1897 at not given, reg'd in Morrisburg 14037-97 Peter "DRAPPO (DRAPEAU)", 25, farmer, Finch, same, s/o William DRAPPO & Jane McMILLAN?, married Sarah GRANT, 24, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Christopher GRANT & Catherine DUNBAR, witn: Ida WOOD & Mary R. BIGELOW, both of Newington, 17 Nov 187 at Newington

013764-97 Joseph DUMONT, 27, Labourer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Edward DUMONT & Ann BEAKS (Beck?); married Ellen BERTRAND, 27, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Oliver BERTRAND & Emily McDONALD; wit Edward DUMONT & Emily BERTRAND, both Lancaster, 27 Oct 1897, Williamstown (also 14718-97)

013911-97 Dedgon DUMOUCHEL, 28, Farmer, Quebec, Lochiel, s/o J. DUMOUCHEL & D. LALONDE; married Mary J. GAGNON, 29, North Lancaster, same, d/o Martin GAGNON & Lizette ST THOMAS; witn Nephtali DUMOUCHEL & Henriette QUENNEVILLE, both Lochiel, 1 Mar 1897, Glen Nevis

14005-97 Thomas DUNCAN, 20, farmer, of Matilda twp., s/o William DUNCAN & Jane BRINSTON, married Melissa TOUSAINT, 22, of Matilda twp., d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Jean & Ellen FETTERLY of Morrisburg, 26 Aug 1897 at Morrisburg

013721-97 Paul DUPERREAU, 30, Farmer, St. Polycarpe, Kenyon, s/o Baptiste DUPERREAU & Catherine LANGLOIS; married Mary Jane McGILLIS, 26, Wid, Kenyon, Alexandria, d/o Dan O’CONNOR & Margaret McLENNAN; witn James SHEEN?, Charlottenburgh & Christine O’CONNOR, Kenyon, 5 Oct 1897, Alexandria

14025-97 Henry Gordon EAMAN, 33, farmer, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Rodney & Mary, married Annie Catherine HILL, 32, Osnabruck, same, d/o John & Polly Ann, witn: William HILL & Lillian EAMAN, both of Osnabruck, 24 May 1897 at St. David Church, Wales

14120-97 John Holmes EDGERTON, 26, Farmer, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o James & Elizabeth [EDGERTON], married Sarah ELLIOTT, 22, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Andrew & Fanny [ELLIOTT], witn: W.H. ELLIOTT of Kemptville & Ethel ELLIOTT of Morewood, 24 March 1897 at Morewood

013971-97 William A. EDWARDS, 24, Cheese maker, Mountain, Inkerman, s/o Thomas & Eliza; married Dora A. ARMSTRONG, 22, Oxford, Inkerman, d/o Samuel & Matilda; wit W.G. COLQUHOUN, Colquhoun & Alma WALLACE, Shanley, 17 Mar 1897, Inkerman

013755-97 William Benjamin EMPEY, 24, Labourer, Potsdam NY, Summerstown, s/o Frank & Sarah EMPEY; married Ida STEWART, 21, Mallorytown, Summerstown Station, d/o & Louisa STEWART; wit John NEILSON, Summerstown & Maggie BRETHOUR, Montreal, 25 Aug 1897, Summerstown Station

013900-97 William Alexander FEADER, 38, Wid, Farmer, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, s/o William Alex FEADER & Jane McMONIGLE; married Alice BALDWIN, 39, Matilda Twp, Matilda Twp, d/o Josiah BALDWIN & Margaret FEADER; witn William FEADER & Gertie FEADER, both Matilda, 3 Mar 1897, Iroquois 14026-97 John M. Darby FERGUSON, 21, druggist, Cumberland, same, s/o James & Susan, married Nettie HELMER, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Cecil FERGUSON & Maggie J. PARK, 9 June 1897 at Osnabruck

14114-97 Andrew M. FETTERLEY, 28, Merchant, Winchester twp, Chesterville, s/o Ezra & Rosa [FETTERLEY], married Mary Lenora CROSS, 28, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Cornelius & Elizabeth [CROSS], witn: James EDGERTON & Alice CROSS, both of Winchester, 22 Sept 1897 at Winchester

14019-97 Peter FETTERLEY, 63, widower, farmer, Northumberland, Hantsville, s/o Peter FETTERLEY & Mary HANES, married Malissa ALGUIRE, 45, Osnabruck, same, d/o Philip ALGUIRE, farmer, & Mary POAPS, witn: John & Mrs. J. ALGUIRE of Osnabruck, 11 Jan 1897 at Osnabruck
013889-97 Albert FLEGG, 24, Farmer, no place given, Finch, s/o Thomas FLEGG & Martha DEVLIN; married Ella May BURD, 19, no place given, Finch, d/o John BIND (sic) & Alice HOLLISTER; witn Alfred BIND & Armable HUGHES, no place given, 24 Nov 1897, no place given


013754-97 Donald Mathew FOOTE, 26, Sawyer, Lonsdale, Desoronto, s/o William Allan FOOTE & Sarah McRAE; married Harriet Alice STEWART, 23, Brockville, Summerstown Station, d/o John STEWART & Louise OLIVER; wit William & Annie EMPEY, both Summerstown, 1 Jul 1897, Summerstown

013745-97 John FRASER, 24, Blacksmith, Summerstown Station, same, s/o Angus FRASER & Christie McDOUGALL; married Anna Elizabeth McDONALD, 29, Summerstown Station, same, d/o Samuel & Marjory McDONALD ; wit J.E. ROSS, Cornwall & John McDOUGALL, Summerstown Station, 17 May 1897, Cornwall

14044-97 George FUSEE, 24, farmer, Roxborough, Finch, s/o Charles FUSEE & Alice POAPST, married Donalda PATTERSON, 19, Finch, same, d/o John PATTERSON & Nancy McMILLAN, witn: Ida B. WOOD & Mary R. BIGELOW, both of Newington, 25 Dec 1897 at Newington

013915-97 Alexander GAGNE, 26, Labourer, none given, Apple Hill, s/o Martin GAGNE & Josette ST THOMAS; married Josephine POIRIER, 19, none given, North Lancaster, d/o Roderick POIRIER & Elener PHEMAND; witn Thomas GAGNE, N. Lancaster & Josephine AUBREY, Alexandria, 23 Aug 1897, Glen Nevis
14041-97 Herbert GALLINGER, 22, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o William GALLINGER & Ellen COUNTRYMAN, married Jennie A. McNAIRN, 19, Osnabruck, same, d/o Robert O. McNAIRN, farmer, & Louisa EAMONS, witn: Edward DENER? of Wolford & Martha GALLINGER of Osnabruck, 14 Dec 1897 at Osnabruck Centre 14021-97 Wilbert GALLINGER, 25, farmer, Gallingertown, same, s/o Alex GALLINGER & Lucinda PITTS, married Maggie ROBINSON, 25, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Samuel ROBINSON & Amanda MYERS, witn: Curtis & Malissa HOLLISTER of Osnabruck, 23 Feb 1897 at Osnabruck
14023-97 Stanley William GALLINGER, 22, laborer, Cornwall, same, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Edith HOLLAND, 19, house keeper, Osnabruck, Cornwall, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Annie E. EAMAN & J. D. HAMWELL, both of Wales, 7 May 1897 at Wales #013980-97 (Dundas Co): John B. GEORGE, orange organizer, not given, Ottawa, s/o John GEORGE & Amelia SLATER, married Emma DOCKSTRADER, 25, not given, Winchester, d/o Benson DOCKSTRADER & Nancy CRAWFORD, witn: Thomas HAMILTON & Eliza DOCKSTRADER, both of Winchester, 27 Sep 1897 at Inkerman
013884-97 Eustache GILENAW, 27, Blacksmith, St Stanislaus Que, Crysler, s/o Alexis GILENAULT (sic) & Tersil LABOUT; married Delia TURPIN, 23, Crysler, Crysler, d/o Cyril TURPIN & Celina LAPOINTE; witn Cyril TURPIN, Crysler & Mrs T. FLEMING, no place given, 20 Sept. 1897, Crysler #013967-97 (Dundas Co): Robert Henry GILMOUR, 23,, cheese maker, Ontario, Matilda, s/o illegible GILMOUR & Mary Ann WRIGHT, married Mary HAMILTON, 21, Ontario, Matilda, d/o Daniel HAMILTON & Hannah MILLIGAN, witn: Daniel BLAIR & Jane HAMILTON, both of Matilda, 8 Dec 1897 at Matilda

14058-97 Josephat GIROUARD, 23, Clerk in store, Vankleek Hill, Moose Creek, s/o Emery GIROUARD & Philomene CREVIER, married Cath Ellen BRITTON, 19, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, d/o Joseph BRITTON & Mary McPHERSON, witn: Arthur LABROSSE of New York & Teresa BRITTON of Moose Creek, 19 July 1897 at Moose Creek

014097-97 Sidney GOGO, 23, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Francis GOGO & Selina OSTLER; married Alice LEAS, 20, Mille Roches, Mille Roches, d/o John LEAS & Louisa BOAK; witn Mary GOGO & Annie D. POOLE, both Williamsburg, 2 Oct 1897, Williamsburg

013898-97 John Scoular GOODFELLOW, 26, Doctor of Medicine, Widder, Alburg Vermont US, s/o Peter Ferguson GOODFELLOW & Agnes Nelson MARTON; married Lillian Mary SMITH, 23, Amherstburg, Bradford, d/o Frederick & Mary SMITH; witn Benson SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH, both Iroquois, 9 Aug 1897, Iroquois  

013760-97 Solomon J. GRANT, 25, Blacksmith, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Angus GRANT & Christy Ann FARLEY?; married Gertrude E. URQUHART, 20, Glen Fallow, South Branch, d/o Kenneth URQUHART & Christy McINTYRE; wit Robert YOUNG, South Branch & E. ARTHUR, Cornwall, 3 Nov 1897, Martintown

14020-97 Christopher GRANT, 60, widower, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o Hiram & Elner, married Jane McKINNON, 55, house keeper, Glengarry, Roxborough, d/o Angus McKINNON & Mary, witn: Mrs. A. & Miss J. RUSSELL of Lunenburg, 3 Jan 1897 at Lunenburg

013751-97 John GRAY, 63, Stone Mason, Wid, Dundee Quebec, Martintown, s/o Michael GRAY & Christy McLENNAN; married Ellen ROSS, 42, Wid, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o James CLENDENNING & Margaret FERGUSON; wit Hugh FERGUSON & Ellen FERGUSON, both Charlottenburgh, 21 Jun 1897, Martintown

013901-97 Charles William GREGORY, 22, Baker, Iroquois, Iroquois, s/o William & Jane GREGORY; married Margaret Elizabeth SERVISS, 32, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o Charles & Susannah SERVIS; witn Anson C. SERVIS & Maggie M. GREGORY, both Iroquois, 21 Sept 1897, Iroquois
14031-97 John Avon GROVELY (Gravely?), 28, laborer, Martintown, Valleyfield, s/o Martin (Walter?) & Mary Ann, married Lilian C. STEWART, 27, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Farley? & Ann, witn: William A. GROVELY of Cornwall & Ida E. HOOPLE of Osnabruck, 1 Sept 1897 at Wales 013897-97 Isaac HALL, 48, Wid, Methodist Minister, Stockport England, Escott Twp, s/o Isaac HALL & Elizabeth JONES; married Julia Ella CARMAN, 38, Iroquois, Iroquois, d/o John Adam CARMAN & Sarah Ann BAILEY; witn Ansel Bailey NORMAN & Effie Sarah BAILEY, both Iroquois, 20 Jul 1897, Iroquois Village
#013984-97 (Dundas Co): Edward James HAMILTON, 28, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Samuel HAMILTON & Mary Ann JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth BLAIR, 25, Matilda, same, d/o Archie BLAIR (farmer) & Annie HARVEY, 22 Dec 1897 at South Mountain,

013707-97 George Joseph HARRISON, 32, Farmer, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o George HARRISON & Barbara McDONALD; married Sarah Catherine WILLIAMS, 29, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o John A. WILLIAMS & Margaret McDONALD; wit Egerton McMILLAN, Alexandria & Margaret McDONALD of Syracuse NY, 1 Feb 1897, Alexandria

014094-97 William Godfrey HAYES, 31, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Charles & Elizabeth HAYES; married Mary Ann BENTON, 25, Stormont, Cornwall, d/o Joseph & Margaret BENTON; witn Elizabeth HAYES & Hannah POOLE, both Williamsburg, 3 Sept 1897, Williamsburg

14030-97 Alexander HESSON, 21, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o William HESSON & Jennie GORDON, married Leilia RUPERT, 18, Osnabruck, same, d/o Eclain? RUPERT, farmer, & Elvira TINKERS, witn: George F. JARDINE & Ida WOOD, both of Newington, 19 Aug 1897 at Newington
14042-97 Barney HOLLISTER, 26, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o John A. HOLLISTER & Mary GRANDOW, married Mary Bell HART, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o William HART, farmer, & Caroline REYNOLDS, witn: Joseph HART & Mrs. J. HART, both of Osnabruck, 15 Dec 1897 at Osnabruck  

13734-97 William Ira HOSMER, 38, farmer, of Louisville NY, s/o Ira G. HOSMER & E. PERKINS, married Mary Elizabeth HANES, 35, Williamsburg, Chesterville, d/o Jeremiah HANES & Catherine A. WHITTEKER, witn: Caroline & Christie HANES of Chesterville, 8 Oct 1897 at Chesterville

14046-97 John E. HOUGH, 25, jeweller, Avonmore, same, s/o John D. HOUGH & Ellen E. TINKESS, married Ada T. FORAN, 25, Osnabruck, Lunenburg, d/o John DORAN & Joanna WERELY, witn: A.B. HOUGH & P. E. BROWNELL, both of Avonmore, 29 Dec 1897 at Newington

013718-97 Joseph Alexander Cornelas HUOT, 20, Clerk, Beauharnois, Alexandria, s/o Pierre Alexandre HUOT & Ozilda LAPOINTE; married Mary Josephine Pauline CHARLEBOIS, 23, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Augusta CHARLEBOIS & Marie Josephine BRUNET; wit Anseline MATTE & ? HUOT, both Alexandria, 6 Sept 1897, Alexandria

13739-97 John Wesley HUMMEL, 23, carpenter, Chesterville, same, s/o John HUMMEL & Amelia LOCKWOOD, married Jocan Josephine ELLIOTT, 20, Morrisburg, Chesterville, d/o William J. ELLIOTT & Caroline WERT, witn: Herman HUMMEL & Minnie ELLIOTT, both of Chesterville, 22 Dec 1897 at Chesterville

14118-97 William IRVINE, 32, Farmer, Lochiel twp, Lochiel twp, s/o Duncan & Elizabeth [IRVINE], married Jessie McDONALD, 29, Osgoode twp, Osgoode twp, d/o John & Ann [McDONALD], witn: Grace C. McDONALD of Ormond & J. D. IRVINE of Van Kleek Hill, 17 March 1897 at Ormond

013874-97 Oliver IRVINE, 32, Tailor, Ireland, Morewood, s/o Thomas IRVINE & Eliza BOOTH; married Minnie DILLABOUGH, 21, Williamsburg, Morewood, d/o & Henry DILLABOUGH & Eliza James SMITH; witn George CRAIG & Minnie DUNNBRILLE, both Crysler, 18 Feb 1897, Crysler
14155-98 Percy JACKSON, 20, farmer, Cambridge England, Roxborough, s/o William JACKSON & Elizabeth JAMIARY?, married Anthena Jane Ann KINNEAR, 19, Roxborough, same, adopted d/o William KINNEAR & Margaret CUMMINGS, witn: Letitia ROBINSON & William KINNEAR, both of Roxborough, 29 Dec 1897 at Kinnear Home, Roxborough 14008-97 John JOHNSTON, 61, farmer, of Iroquois, s/o Charles JOHNSTON & Hannah FUGILL, married Rhoda E. BARKLEY, 36, of Iroquois, d/o Elias BARKLEY & blank PEMBERTON, witn: Jennie JOHNSTON & Nancy STEED, 15 Sept 1897 at not given, reg'd in Morrisburg
13729-97 Thomas Oliver KEYS, 28, shoe maker, Inkerman, Chesterville, s/o John KEYS & Eliza BLAIN, married Sarah Emily MERKLEY, 19, Chesterville, same, d/o Jacob MERKLEY & Anna CARD, witn: Stanta MERKLEY of Chesterville & N. Lena KEYS of Inkerman, 4 Aug 1897 at Chesterville

013757-97 John KING, 50, Farmer, Wid, Charlottenburgh, Indian Lands, s/o Charles KING & Josephine LEVISAN (Levisare?); married Sarah LOWE, 25, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Robert LOWE & Diana SIMPKINS; wit Duncan MASSON & Lizzie MASSON, both ?, 15 Sept 1897, Martintown

  013719-97 Donald D. KIPPEN, 41, Farmer, Wid, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Duncan KIPPEN & Ann SINCLAIR; married Annie McRAE, 23, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Kenneth & Catherine McRAE; wit Robert GILLESPIE & Isabella GRANT?, both Kenyon, 15 Sept 1897, Alexandria

13733-97 Samuel KITTLE, 37, farmer, Winchester twp., same, s/o Chaney KITTLE & Mary BARKLEY, married Lilla Eliza DURANT, 29, Winchester twp., same, d/o John DURANT & Sarah HUMMEL, witn: Melvin & Sarah DURANT of Chesterville, 7 Oct 1897 at Chesterville

013887-97 Albert LAFRANCE, 21, Cler, Montreal, Crysler, s/o Joseph LAFRANCE & Agale LAROCQUE; married Amanda LAFRANCE, 22, Berwick, Crysler, d/o J.B. LAFRANCE & Marie Amerants FORTIER; witn J.B. LAFRANCE, Crysler & Joseph LAFRANCE, Montreal, 11 Oct 1897, Crysler
013912-97 ?--dric LAJEUNESSE, 25, Farmer, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, s/o J.B. LAJEUNESSE & Melie LAMOUREAU; married Rosanna LEFEBVRE, 28, Quebec, Glen Nevis, d/o Louis LEFEBVRE & Celina RUSSIN; witn Adolphus LEFEVBRE & Emma MEILLEUR, both Glen Nevis, 20 Apr 1897, Glen Nevis

13731-97 George Henry LANE, 25, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Thomas LANE & Margaret O’SHAUGHNESSY, married Mary A. WARREN, 19, Williamsburg, same, d/o Reuben WARREN & Mellisa BARKLEY, witn: Simon HUMMEL & Mrs. J. P. BOGART, both of Chesterville, 7 Sept 1897 at Chesterville

013992-97 ( Dundas Co.) James LAPIER, 25, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Joseph LAPIER & Cath. MCPHEE, married Eliza (or Louisa) HUTT, 30, Williamsburg, same, d/o Jos. HUTT & Caroline SMITH, on May 26, 1897, at Morrisburg (also 13999-97)


14069-97 Napoleon LAPIERRE, 19, Labourer, none given, Moose Creek, s/o Aime LAPIERRE & Virginie SEGUIN, married Mary Flora ST. LOUIS, 17, none given, Moose Creek, d/o Peter ST. LOUIS & Christy EMBARK, witn: Mattice EMBARK & Mary SEGUIN, 22 Nov 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

013763-97 James LAPIERRE, 25, Labourer, Williamstown, Williamstown, s/o Louis LAPIERRE & Ellena LATROMALLE; married Mary BERGERON, 16, Williamstown, Williamstown, d/o Gabriel BERGERON & Margaret DUFRESNE; wit Joseph LAPIERRE & Jennie BERGERON, both Williamstown, 23 Nov 1897, Williamstown (also 14721-97)

013709-97 David LASCELLE, 23, Farmer, St. Eugene, Kenyon, s/o Noel LASCELLE & Rose BEDARD; married Aglae RICHER, 26, St. Anicet, Kenyon, d/o Louis RICHER & Angelique SOUCIERE; wit George MICHAUD & Melina RICHER, both Kenyon, 23 Feb 1897, Alexandria

013765-97 Louis LAUZON, 27, Labourer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Jean Baptiste LAUZON & Marielene LAPLANT; married Alvina BISSONETTE, 16, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Mejunse? (Myurne?) BISSONETTE & Rose MARCELL; wit Jean LAUZON, Charlottenburgh & Ami LEFEBRE, Lancaster, 15 Jan 1897, Williamstown (also 14717-97)

013974-97 William Henry LAW, 23, Electrician, Peterborough, Cardinal, s/o William John & Martha Jane; married Margaret Lavica CONLEY, 18, Edwardsburg, Edwardsburg, d/o John & Tibbie (Libbie?) Ann CONLEY; wit Clinton E. BUSH, Cardinal & Eliza R. CONLEY, Edwardsburgh, 17 Jun 1897, South Mountain

013716-97 Joseph William LEBEAU, 25, Labourer, Chicago, Alexandria, s/o Simeon LEBEAU & Elinda LONGPERE; married Julia MARTIN, 25, Chesterville, Alexandria, d/o William & Julia MARTIN; wit Cyrille LEBEAU, Alexandria & Jeannette HAMEL, Cornwall, 10 Aug 1897, Alexandria

013705-97 Emeric LEGER, 23, Saddler, Rigaud, Alexandria, s/o Bernie LEGER & Priscilla BERTRAND; married Rose CHARLEBOIS, 22, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Joseph CHARLEBOIS & Josephine LAUZON; wit Joseph HUOT & Josephine CHARLEBOIS, both Alexandria, 8 Jan 1897, Alexandria

14011-97 Thomas Alex LEWIS, 26, physician, of Iroquois, s/o Edmund LEWIS & Rachel? WEBB, married Bella ELLIOTT, 26, of Chesterville?, d/o William ELLIOTT & Mary RAE, witn: Jean & Ella FETTERLY, 12 Oct 1897 at not given reg'd in Morrisburg

14116-97 Simeon LIBERTY, 23, Farmer, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o Joseph & Ellen [LIBERTY], married Anna Maud HANES, 18, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Simon & Martha [HANES], witn: George W. & Louise HANES of Cambridge twp., 18 March 1897 at Winchester

#014045-98 (Glengarry Co.) Thomas Charles LIDSTONE 27, carpenter, Montreal, same, s/o John W. & Elizabeth LIDSTONE, married Isabella McRAE 28, 3rd Conc. Lancaster, 9th Conc. Lancaster, d/o Alex McRAE & Mary Ann McGRUER, wit: James D. HUDSON & Janet A. McRAE both of Montreal, 3 Jun 1897, at 9th Conc. Lancaster
013706-97 William Antoine LORRAIN, 23, Typographer, St. Marthe, Alexandria, s/o Isaie LORRAIN & Elise JOANNET; married Angeline LEBOEUF, 20, Valleyfield, Kenyon, d/o Charles LEBOEUF & Angelique GERVAIS; wit Julien GOULET & Lea SECOURS, both Kenyon, 12 Jan 1897, Alexandria  

14113-97 Christian A. LOUCKS, 28, Farmer, Williamsburg twp, Winchester twp, s/o John E? & Eva L. [LOUCKS], married Susannah JACKSON, 26, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth [JACKSON], witn: Anderson JACKSON & Venelia LOUCKS, both of Winchester, 13 Jan 1897 at Winchester

14045-97 John E. LOVE, 28, tailor, Perth, Perth Ont., s/o Edwin LOVE & Susan SHAVER, married Gertrude HELMER, 24, Osnabruck, same, d/o William HELMER & Ann BAKER, witn: Erastus HELMER of Newington & Della LOVE of Perth, 29 Dec 1897 at Newington

013969-97 Martin Edgar LUTHER, 27, Cheese Maker, Mountain, Van Camps, s/o Harvey & Catherine; married Merrion ROSE, 23, Mountain, Van Camp, d/o Charles & Eliza; wit Nellie A. SERVICE & Dora BALDWIN, both Inkerman, 20 Jan 1897, Inkerman

14034-97 Charles A. MANNING, 28, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o John A. MANNING & Elizabeth MILLS, married Annie E. ADAMS, 28, Osnabruck, same, d/o Gideon, farmer, & Amanda, witn: John D. MANNING & Edith ADAMS, both of Wales, 22 Sept 1897 at Wales

014089-97 Charles Albert MARKELL, 21, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Martin & Mary MARKELL; married Sarah Ann LEWIS, 21, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Jeremiah & Elizabeth LEWIS; witn Jeremiah LEWIS & Mrs J. SHUNK, both Williamsburg, 30 Nov 1887, Williamsburg

014091-97 Frank MARKELL, 25, Baker, Osnabruck, Wales, s/o Henry & Jane MARKELL; married Blanche LOUCKS, 22, Aultsville, Aultsville, d/o William & Henry LOUCKS; witn Hannah POOLE & Winnifred POOLE, both Williamsburg, 21 Jul 1897, Williamsburg

013987-97 ( Dundas Co.) George Eli MARKELL, 20, laborer, Morrisburg, same, s/o Mat. MARKELL & Mary RELEFORD, married Sarah CASSELMAN, 21, Williamsburg, same, d/o Cephrenne CASSELMAN & Martha LEWIS, wtn: Mathew MARKELL & Cecelia MARKELL both of Morrisburg, on Jan 6, 1897, at Morrisburg 013988-97 ( Dundas Co.) Ruther MARSHALL, 41, farmer, Lisbon, NY, Waddington, NY, s/o John MARSHALL & Marguerite HARGROVE, married Jennie CHESLEY, 25, Osnabruck, same, d/o James CHESLEY & Mary FETTERLY, wtn: Nora GALLINGER of Gallingertown & Mary M. ROSE of Kingston, on Feb 3, 1897, at Morrisburg

14071-97 Royal MATTICE, 23, Cheese Maker, none given, Finch, s/o Steven MATTICE & Mary M. WALDEN, married Christina MONTGOMERY, 23, none given, Roxborough, d/o John MONTGOMERY & Christina McRAE, witn: Anson MATTICE & Mary McNEIL, 1 Dec 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

013993-97 ( Dundas Co.) William Alvin McCLEAVE, 23, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o James MCCLEAVE & Melissa HUTCHINS, married Hattie GREENE (or Green), 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o William GREENE & Jemima RUPERT, on June 16, 1897, at Morrisburg (also 14000-97) 14154-98 Joseph William McCORMICK, 23, farmer, Morewood, same, s/o Patrick McCORMICK & Elizabeth McKEE, married Maude Campbell McINTOSH, 26, Harrington Quebec, Roxborough, d/o David McINTOSH & Jemima BATES (Bales?), witn: Lawrence McLEAN of Chesterville & Maggie McINTOSH of Roxborough, 22 Dec 1897 at Roxborough
013909-97 Kenneth J. McCUAIG, 37, Farmer, Vaudreuil Co, Newton Twp Vaudreuil, s/o John McCUAIG & Elizabeth McLENNAN; married Jenny McLEOD, 32, Vaudreuil Co, Lancaster Twp, d/o Norman McLEOD & Margaret McCUAIG; witn Samuel MORRISON, Newton Que & May A. McLEOD, Lancaster Twp, 27 Jan 1897, Lancaster Twp 14061-97 Peter McDERMID, 23, Farmer, Roxboro, Roxboro, s/o John McDERMID & Annie CHRISTIE, married Mary M. STEELE, 22, Roxboro, Roxboro, d/o Robert STEELE & Eliza ALEXANDER, witn: W.B. BREMNER of Ottawa East & Robert STEELE of Roxborough, 7 Sept 1897 at Roxborough

013723-97 Archibald McDONALD, 25, Engineer, Lochiel, none given, s/o Norman N. & Ann McDONALD; married Mary CAMERON, 25, Prescott Co, Alexandria, d/o Hugh CAMERON & Isabella McDONALD; wit Archibald CAMERON & Mary Angela McDOUGALL, both Alexandria, 22 Dec 1897, Alexandria

14068-97 Rory McDONALD, 27, Labourer, none given, Maxville, s/o Allan McDONALD & Jennet McPHAIL, married Christy Ann McBANE, 20, none given, Monckland, d/o John McBANE & Christy McDONALD, witn: George McPHAIL & Mary DISHAMP, 4 Nov 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

013712-97 William McDONALD, 27, Carpenter, Kenyon, Ottawa, s/o Malcolm & Mary McDONALD; married Bella Ann KENNEDY, 25, Lochiel, Alexandria, d/o John J. KENNEDY & Isabella McMILLAN; wit Richard F. MURPHY, Ottawa & Teresa McMILLAN, Alexandria, 22 Jun 1897, Alexandria

013720-97 Archibald McDONALD, 30, Farmer, Wid, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Archibald McDONALD & Margaret KENNEDY; married Anna Bella McDONALD, 29, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John McDONALD & Belle O’BRIEN; wit Alex McDONALD & Katie McDONALD, both Kenyon, 4 Oct 1897, Alexandria

013711-97 Duncan John McDONALD, 38, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o John R. McDONALD & Catherine CAMERON; married Mary Julia KENNEDY, 19, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Peter KENNEDY & Ann McMILLAN; wit Duncan McDONALD & Bella KENNEDY, both Kenyon, 2 Mar 1897, Alexandria

013710-97 John McDONALD, 47, Farmer, Scotland, Vernon BC, s/o Duncan McDONALD & Catherine McGILLIS; married Catherine Janet McDONALD, 32, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John Isaac McDONALD & Belle O’BRIEN; wit S.C. McDONELL, Lochiel & Catherine McDONALD, Kenyon, 2 Mar 1897, Alexandria

013914-97 Donald McDONALD, 26, Mechanic, R. Beaudette, Montreal, s/o Hugh & Catharine McDonald; married Mary McDONALD, 24, 4th Con, Lancaster, d/o Samuel & Margaret McDONALD; witn John A McDONALD & Ann McGILLIS, Bridge End, 3 Aug 1897, Glen Nevis 013913-97 Donald Kenneth McDONALD, 26, Farmer, Lancaster, Lancaster, s/o Thomas McDONALD & Mary CHISHOLD; married Ann McDONALD, 23, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Alexander & Ellan McDONALD; witn Donald R. McDONALD & Ellan McDONALD both Lancaster, 12 Jul 1897, Glen Nevis
14012-97 David McDONALD, 35, coachman, of Williamsburg twp, s/o David McDONALD & Ann GREEN, married Maggie HUNTER, 24, of St. Lawrence Co. NY, d/o William HUNTER & Annie ROUTLEY, witn: Jean & Ella FETTERLY, 20 Oct 1897 at not given, reg'd in Morrisburg

013704-97 Duncan McDONALD, 39, Farmer, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o John McDONALD & Catherine McGILLIS; married Barbara McPHERSON, 29, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John H. McPHERSON & Mary O’BRIEN; wit John A. CAMERON & Isabelle McPHERSON, both Kenyon, 19 Jan 1897, Alexandria

013758-97 Roderick McDONALD, 22, Hotel Keeper, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Angus & Sarah McDONALD; married Catherine McLENNAN, 18, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Donald & Catherine McLENNAN; wit Francis BAIN & Bella McDONALD, both St. Raphaels, 10 Aug 1897, St. Raphaels

013761-97 Daniel McDOUGALL, 33, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Alex P. McDOUGALD (sic) & Margaret McLENNAN; married Mary Jane GRANT, 30, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Donald Alex? & Jane GRANT; wit Hugh McLENNAN & Maggie B. GRANT, both Charlottenburgh, 24 Nov 1897, South Branch

014016-1898 (Dundas Co): Clinton McGEE, 23, butter maker, Matilda, same, s/o William McGEE & Catharine, married Ida E BARKLEY, 20, Matilda, same, d/o Isaiah BARKLEY & Mary Ann; wit: William BARKELY, Matilda, Cassie McGEE, Iroquois. 22 Dec 1897 residence of brides parents

013703-97 Donald McGILLIVRAY, 41, Farmer, Lochiel, Lochiel, s/o Malcolm McGILLIVRAY & Sarah McRAE; married Hannah McMILLAN, 34, Lochiel, Lochiel, d/o Angus & Annie McMILLAN; wit Malcolm McRAE & T.J. McMILLAN, both Lochiel, 15 Apr 1897, Alexandria

013973-97 James McGOWAN, 27, Cheese maker, Mountain, Chesterville, s/o Robert & Agnes Jane McGOWAN; married Dinana Prisilla GUERNSEY, 23, Mountain, same, d/o Noah & Priscilla GUERNSEY; wit Henry ENNIS & Mary Ann ENNIS, both South Mountain, 2 Jun 1897, South Mountain

013916-97 Alexander McGREGOR, 35, Farmer, none given, Manitoba, s/o Peter McGREGOR & Christina McARTHUR; married Helen McARTHUR, 25, Domestic, none given, North Lancaster, d/o Arthur McARTHUR & Christina MORRISON; witn John McNAUGHTON, Glen Nevis & Catherine LECLAIR, North Lancaster, 20 Jul 1897, North Lancaster

14111-97 Ira Preston McINTOSH, 24, Cheese Maker, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, s/o Norman & Louisa, married Agnes Jane JOHNSTON, 22, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Norman McINTOSH & James JOHNSTON, both of Winchester, 6 Jan 1897 at Winchester

014103-97 Ira Preston McINTOSH, 24, Manufacturer, Winchester Springs, Winchester Springs, s/o Norman McINTOSH & Louisa THORNTON; married Agnes Jane JOHNSTON, 22, Winchester, Winchester, d/o James JOHNSTON & Isabella KIRK; witn Norman McINTOSH & James JOHNSTON, both Winchester, 6 Jan 1897, Winchester

14072-97 Peter McINTOSH, 34, Farmer, none given, Roxborough, s/o John McINTOSH & Maggie McKENZIE, married Christy Ann McRAE, 29, none given, Caledonia, d/o Malcolm McRAE & Jennie McALPINE, witn: Norman & Sarah McRAE, 14 Dec 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

013744-97 Donald McKILLOP, 27, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Robert McKILLOP & Jean VASS; married Edith Christina McGREGOR, 22, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o Hugh McGREGOR & Agnes CRACK; wit Maggie McKILLOP & Donald McGREGOR, both Charlottenburgh, 24 May 1897, Williamstown

14028-97 Arthur D. McLEAN, 25, insurance agent, Osnabruck, same, s/o Kate McLEAN & "unknown", married Arminda M. BUSH, 23, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Hamilton & Mary, witn: Hersey E. & Gertie BUSH of Bush Glen, 16 June 1897 at Osnabruck

14043-97 Donald McLEOD, 45, widower, farmer, Cambridge, same, s/o Malcolm McLEOD & Christie McCRIMMON, married Margaret McKINNON, 38, Cambridge, same, d/o John McKINNON & Catherine McCRAE, witn: Ida B. WOOD & Mary R. BIGELOW, both of Newington, 22 Dec 1897 at Newington

013715-97 John McMILLAN, 39, Labourer, Wid, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o none given; married Josephine FLARS, 22, Martintown, Kenyon, d/o Angus FLARS & Catherine KING; wit John FLARS & Mary DUFRESNE, both Lancaster, 17 Jul 1897, Alexandria

14073-97 John McMILLAN, 36, Farmer, none given, Roxborough, s/o John McMILLAN & Jane McLEAN, married Margery McMILLAN, 36, none given, Finch, d/o Hugh McMILLAN & Mary McLEAN, witn: Murdoch & Maggie McKENZIE, 22 Dec 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

14117-97 John A. MACNAB, 25, Farmer, Cambridge twp, Osgoode twp, s/o Duncan & Eliza [MACNAB], married Jennie C. FISHER, 24, Kenmore, none given, d/o Duncan & Janet [FISHER], witn: Bessie M. BOWER & Myrtle ROSE, both of Morewood, 23 March 1897 at Morewood

013907-97 Donald McNAUGHTON, 49, Wid, Farmer, of Kenyon, s/o Alexander McNAUGHTON & Janet McLARIN; married Maggie SINCLAIR, 34, of Kenyon, d/o Peter SINCLAIR & Catherine FISHER; witn James FERGUSON, Maxville & Mrs R. McCRIMMON, St Elmo, 16 Nov 1897, Kenyon
013904-97 John Angus McRAE, 31, Farmer, West Hawkesbury, Vankleek Hill, s/o John McRAE & Annie HAY; married Sarah FRASER, 20, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o John FRASER & Catherine McRAE; witn John SHERMAN & Hattie Mary FRASER, both Vankleek Hill, 3 0 Jun 1897, Kenyon 013883-97 Robert T. MELDRUM, 46, Wid, Farmer, no place given, Berwick, s/o Robert MELDRUM & Elizabeth CROWE; married Mary Ann FLEMING, 31, no place given, Berwick, d/o Thomas FLEMING & Mary Jane SCLOLAS; witn George MELDRUM & Thomas FLEMMING, no place given, 4 Sept 1897, Crysler

13957-97 George H--? MERKLEY, 27, butter maker, Canada, Matilda, s/o Marcus & Catherine, married Mary D. McCROBIE (McRobie?), Canada, Matilda, d/o Frederick & Minnie, witn: William H. MERKELY & Lizzie McCROBY (sic), both of Matilda, 17 March 1897 at Matilda

13732-97 Stanla Albert MERKLEY, 23, dentist, Chesterville, same, s/o Jacob MERKLEY & Anna CARD, married Etta E. SWERDFEGAR, 22, Winchester, Chesterville, d/o Silas SWERDFEGAR & Adeline MARSELIS, witn: J.A. SWERDFEGAR & Anabell MERKLEY, both of Chesterville, 21 Sept 1897 at Chesterville

013895-97 Henry Samuel MERKLEY, 28, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Marcus & Catherine MERKLEY; married Mary Alberta BOORMAN, 19, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o David & Ann BOORMAN; witn Ernest MERKLEY, Matilda & Ruby BOORMAN, Williamsburg, 16 Jun 1897, Residence of Brides Parents

014093-97 Charles Edgar MERKLEY, 28, Farmer, Williamsburg, Dunbar, d/o Adam & Maggie MERKLEY; married Eunice HUMMEL, 26, Winchester, Dunbar, d/o Levi & Lora HUMMEL; witn Mrs Mona SHUNK & John SHUNK, both N. Williamsburg, 6 Jul 1897, Williamsburg

014099-97 Charles Edgar MERKLEY, 21, Farmer, Matilda, Matilda, s/o James H. & Melvina MERKLEY; married Adena May CASSELMAN, 21, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Almond & Amelia CASSELMAN; witn E.S. CASSELMAN & Debbie M. CASSELMAN, both Williamsburg, 11 Nov 1897, Williamsburg

013708-97 Louis MICHAUD, 23, Farmer, Alexandria, Kenyon, s/o Louis MICHAUD & Sara OUELETTE; married Felicite RICHER, 22, St. Anicet, Kenyon, d/o Louis RICHER & Angelique SOUCIERE; wit R. CALLY, Kenyon, 23 Feb 1897, Alexandria

013749-97 Charles MONTREUIL, 23, Labourer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Angus MONTREUIL & Mary FOURNAISE; married Josephine QUESNEL, 21, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Bernard QUESNELL & Angeline SEGUA?; wit Paul St. JOHN & Jennie ST. JOHN, both Charlottenburgh, 1 Mar 1897, St. Raphaels

013877-97 Ignac MOQUIN, 28, Clerk, St Bruno Que, Casselman, s/o Ignac MOQUIN & Louise BENOIT; married Corine DIGNARD, 20, Crysler, Crysler, d/o Joseph DIGNARD & Odila BENOIT; witn Philip CHEVIER & Leontine DIGNARD, both no place given, 3 May 1897, Crysler
14033-97 John Robert MORGAN, 25, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o John A. & A--?, married Annie Eva WALDROFF, 21, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Jacob & Amelia, witn: Howard BLACKBURN & Arthur STEWART, both of Wales, 15 Sept 1897 at Wales 14038-97 John Wilson MORGAN, 26, farmer, Osnabruck, same, s/o Gilbert MORGAN & Rebecca STEVENSON, married Margaret Susan McDONALD, 28, Osnabruck, same, d/o Alexander McDONALD & Jane, witn: Austin SAMPSON of Wales & Annie MORGAN of Osnabruck, 24 Nov 1897 at St. Pauls Church, Wales
#014023-98 (Glengarry Co.) William MORRISON 33, plumber, Cote St. George, Montreal, s/o Neil MORRISON & Isabella CAMERON, married Sarah Ann GRAY 26, 8th Conc. Kenyon twp., 9th Conc. Kenyon twp., d/o Angus GRAY & Isabella CAMPBELL, wit: John McLEOD of Montreal & Annie GRAY of Kenyon, 9 Jun 1897, at 9th Conc. Kenyon twp. 13738-97 Michael MURPHY, 47, farmer, Waddington NY, same, s/o Nicholas MURPHY & Rose CHARLTON, married Josette CLEMENT, 25, Williamsburg, Wadddington NY, d/o Edward CLEMENT & Bridget GRIFFIN, witn: Lawrence BRENNAN & Mary CLEMENT, 24 Nov 1897 at Chesterville

13728-97 James MURTY, 34, farmer, Connaught, Dekalb NY, s/o Patrick MURTY & Mary COYNE, married Celia JORDAN, 22, Connaught, same, d/o Patrick JORDAN & Elizabeth BAKER, witn: M.S. GRADY of Connaught, 19 Jan 1897 at Chesterville

14062-97 John MYERS, 22, Labourer, none given, Avonmore, s/o Joseph MYERS & Cath RUPERT, married Ella TAIT, 22, none given, Avonmore, d/o James TAIT & Maggie ALGUIRE, witn: John GIBSON & Maggie NICKS, 15 Sep 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

013880-97 Thomas NELSON, 26, Carpenter, no place give, Richmond Carlton Co, s/o John & Ellen NELSON; married Margaret McGILLVARY, 19, no place given, Roxborough, d/o Charles McGILLVARY & Matilda SIMPSON; witn William McMILLAN & Catherine McGILLVARY, both no place given, 7 Jul 1897, Crysler
14016-97 George E. NICHOLAS, 23, farmer, Williamsburg, South Finch, s/o Daniel NICHOLAS & H. BARKLEY, married Cortingay ALGUIRE, 19, Finch, South Finch, d/o Nelson, farmer, & Nancy, witn: Abe NICHOLAS & Jennie ALGUIRE, both of Finch, 3 Feb 1897 at Newington 14109-97 Hermidas NORMAND, 23, Labourer, Vankleek Hill, Winchester, s/o Napoleon NORMAND & Matilda LAROCH, married Ethel CROWDER, 18, Matilda twp, Winchester twp, d/o George CROWDER & Mary WOOD, witn: Johnson & Ellen ERRATT of Winchester, 8 Nov 1897 at Winchester

013747-97 William Edward O’DAIR (O’Daw?), 23, Station Foreman, Kemptville, Green Valley, s/o John O’DAIR & Mary HORNETT; married Christina McDONALD, 21, Green Valley, Green Valley, d/o Angus & Sarah McDONALD: witn Constantine O’DAIR, Kemptville & Christina McDONALD, Montreal, 22 Jan 1897, St. Raphaels

013886-97 Joseph PAYETTE, 25, Farmer, St Albert, St Albert, s/o Joseph PAYETTE & Philomine BOUGER; married Catherine ROCHON, 24, St Stanislaus Que, Crysler, d/o Nazare ROCHON & Odel HEBERT; witn Joseph PAYETTE, St Albert & Nazara ROCHON, Crysler, 4 Oct 1897, Crysler

14032-97 Samuel Cory POAPST, 24, farmer, Cornwall, same, s/o James H. POAPST & Agnes DORAN, married Martha RUPERT, 18, Osnabruck, same, d/o John Gordon RUPERT & Elyner WINTERS?, witn: Ira POAPST & Ebert WARLEY, both of Cornwall, 1 Sept 1897 at Newington

013717-97 Damien QUENNEVILLE, 25, Farmer, St. Isidore de P., Lochiel, s/o Toussaint QUENNEVILLE & Henriette BONNEVILLE; married Rose De Lima PROULX, 24, Pte. Fortune, d/o Napoleon PROULX & Emma CEILCEUR; wit Cleophtali? DUMOUCHELLE & Henriette QUENNEVILLE, both Lochiel, 23 Aug 1897, Alexandria

13949-97 Arthur QUESNELLE, 23, farmer, none given, Lochiel, s/o P. QUESNELL & M. LABRE, married Albania LACOMBE, 17, housemaid, none given, Loch, d/o L. LACOMBE & R. LARIVERE, witn Miles KENNEDY of 31/9 Lochiel & Emily LACOMBE 30/9 Lochiel, 3 May 1897 at Lochiel

014090-97 Michael F. REDDICK, 33, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o William & Elizabeth REDDICK; married Sarah Ellen LOUCKS, 33, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o George. Thomas & Dianah LOUCKS; witn Sophia Bertha REDDICK, Morrisburg & Valeria LOUCKS, Williamsburg, 23 Jun 1897, Williamsburg

#013979-97 (Dundas Co): Milton RICHARDSON, 28, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o James RICHARDSON & Margaret CONWAY, married Etta Bell ENNIS, 19, Mountain, same, d/o Samuel ENNIS & Jane MILL, witn: Ira ENNIS & Amelia RICHARDSON, both of Mountain, 1 Sep 1897 at Mountain, #014044-98 (Glengarry Co.) Charles ROBB 23, farmer, Scotland, 3rd Conc. Lancaster, s/o Joseph & Elsie ROBB, married Jemima GIBB 21, Scotland, Curry Hill, d/o James & Jane GIBB, wit: Willie A. MITCHELL & Mary THOMPSON both of Lancaster, 19 May 1897, at th Manse, Lancaster.
#014024-98 (Glengarry Co.) Donald T. ROBERTSON 39, machinist & moulder, Osgoode twp., Maxville, s/o Hugh ROBERTSON & Catherine CUMMINGS, married Lizzie FISHER 30, Kenyon twp., same, d/o John FISHER & Eliza BELL, wit: Charles P. ROBERTSON of Maxville & Christy C. FISHER of Kenyon, 25 Dec 1897, at Maxville.

013954-97 Donald ROBERTSON, 38, Machinist, none given, Maxville, s/o Hugh ROBERTSON & Isabelle CAMPBELL; married Elizza FISHER, 30, none given, Maxville, d/o John FISHER & Catherine CUMMINGS; witn Charles P. ROBERTSON & Christie FISHER, both Maxville, 28 Dec 1897, Maxville

013756-97 William James ROBERTSON, 23, Farmer, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o Israel ROBERTSON & Elizabeth DREW; married Minnie McLAREN, 19, Glenfallock, Glenfallock, d/o Hugh McLAREN & Catherine Jane GRANT; wit D.W. GRAVELY & Mary McDONALD, both South Branch, 29 Sept 1897, Martintown

14123-97 James ROOKEY, 20, Labourer, Waddington NY, New York State, s/o Joseph & Catherine [ROOKEY], married Eva Effie SCOTT, 19, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Frank & Margaret [SCOTT], witn: Frank THOMAS & Jessie McQUEEN, both of Winchester, 5 Oct 1897 at Winchester

14067-97 Adam Henry RUPERT, 30, Farmer, none given, Lunenburg, s/o Herman RUPERT & Christy Ann SHAVER, married Alda Ann WEART, 27, none given, Roxborough, d/o William WERT & Mary Jane ALGUIRE, witn: Edgar WERT (sic) & Annie DUFF, 13 Oct 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

013875-97 Nicholas RUSHMAN, 23, Farmer, Finch, Finch, s/o Nicholas RUSHMAN & Catherine KENNEDY; married Mary SERVAGE, 23, Chesterville, Finch, d/o Joseph SERVAGE & Sarah SHANE; witn Miles McMILLAN & Margaret SERVAGE, both no place given, 28 Feb 1897, Crysler

013746-97 James G. RUTHERFORD, 25, Farmer, Madrid NY, Martintown, s/o John A. RUTHERFORD & Esther GRAY; married Ella May McMARTIN, 26, Martintown, Martintown, d/o Henry S. McMARTIN & E. McGREGOR; wit Sadie A. RUTHERFORD, Norwood NY & Malcolm D. McMARTIN, Martintown, 22 Jan 1897, Martintown

14066-97 Patrick ST. JEAN, 24, Farmer, none given, Alfred Co Prescott, s/o Louis ST. JEAN & Olizime DEROUIN, married Georgina LEGAULT, 21, none given, Moose Creek, d/o Honore LEGAULT & Rose FERRAND, witn: Joseph St.JEAN & Armanie? LEGAULT, 11 Oct 1897 at not given, reg’d in Roxborough

13730-97 George Henry St.PIERRE, 26, widower, laborer, of Chesterville, s/o George St.PIERRE & Catherine Jane, married Mercilla LISCUMB, 19, Winchester, Winchester twp., d/o William H. LISCOLM (sic) & Mary E., witn: Victoria C. SMITH & Etta MUNRO, both of Chesterville, 12 July 1897 at Chesterville

13955-97 Daniel SALTER, 30, farmer, Canada, New York, s/o William & Charlotte, married Elizabeth PAYNE, 36, Canada, Matilda, d/o William & Lucinda, witn: Joseph & Fanny STRADER of Brinstons Corners, 3 Feb 1897 at Matilda

013888-97 Joseph SAUVAGE, 28, Farmer, St Louis de Gougaza, Finch, s/o Oliver SAUVAGE & Josette LALONDE; married Mrs Nap RACINE, 29, Wid, Finch, Finch, d/o Moise GODARD & Adel SABOURINS; witn Oliver SAUVAGE Jr & Moses GODARD, both Finch, 21 Nov 1897, Crysler
013953-97 Samuel SCHELL, 47, Plasterer, Wid, none given, Roxborough, s/o John B. SCHELL & Elizabeth WOODS; married Margaret ROBINSON, no age given, Wid, none given, d/o Jake FINCHAM & Mary Ann GOLDEN; witn Jane TAIT & Mrs J. CORMACK, both Roxborough, 12 Oct 1897, Maxville

13956-97 Howard SHAVER, 30, widower, farmer, Canada, Matilda, s/o Jacob & Bertha, married Ella Agnes KECK, 30, Canada, Matilda, d/o Thomas & Aulla, witn: David A. & Elenor REDMOND of Brinstons Corners, 3 Feb 1897 at Matilda

013713-97 John Roderick SHAW, 25, Mechanic, Brockville, Alexandria, s/o John SHAW & Ann McRAE; married Annie Edith KERR, 29, Alexandria, Alexandria, d/o Cosmos KERR & Julia McGILLIS; wit S.C. McDONELL & Jane HARRISON, both Alexandria, 21 Jun 1897, Alexandria


014100 Josephus SHENNETT, 32, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Alexander SHENNETT & Merinda DROPPE; married Emily MAY, 26, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Henry & Mary MAY; witn Mrs W.T. PURLEY & Kenneth BARKLEY, both Williamsburg, 8 Dec 1897, Williamsburg

#013986-97 (Dundas Co): Daniel B. SLATER, 25, tailor, Canada, Mountain, s/o Hyrum & Alice, married Edetta ADAMS, 21, Canada, Mountain, d/o William & Rachel, witn: James ADAMS & Emma HYNDMAN, both of South Mountain, 14 Oct 1897 at South Mountain,

14122-97 Angus SMIRL, 32, Farmer, Wid, Finch twp, Finch twp, s/o William & Janet [SMIRL, married Vera DILLABOUGH, 32, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Jacob & Vera [DILLABOUGH], witn: Jennie K. KILLOCK & Mina DILLABOUGH, both of Morewood, 30 June 1897 at Winchester

12135-96 Thomas Edward SMITH, 28, boats man, Edwardsburg, same, s/o Ashley Scott & Annie Wilson SMITH, married Martha WALLACE, 22, Matilda, same, d/o Charles WALLACE & Elmira MERKLEY, witn: Herman PETERS of Prescott & Norah CARMAN of Iroquois, 5 Jan 1897 at res of bride's parents #013976-97 (Dundas Co): Alfred Brock SMITH, 25, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Henry SMITH & Nancy McDONELL, married Mary Eleanor WALKER, 21, Mountain, same, d/o James R. WALKER & Maria EARL, witn: W.C. DAVY of Morrisburg & Edith M. WALKER of Mountain, 24 March 1897 at Mountain,
013906-97 Peter STEWART, 28, Farmer, Dominionville, Maxville, s/o Alexander STEWART & Mary GRANT; married Mary Jane CARTIER, 27, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Angus CARTIER & Ellen MILLAR; witn Gill MUNROE, Maxville & Carry GALLINGER, Cornwall, 11 Nov 1897, Apple Hill

013972-97 William Alex STRADER, 28, Farmer, Wid, Cardinal, Matilda, d/o Edward & Annie; married Eva May COONS, 19, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Guy & Lizzie; wit Abraham ENNIS & Florence SILLS, South Mountain, 27 Jan 1897, South Mountain

014102-97 William Gordon SUMMERS, 24, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o James E. SUMMERS & Malissa WELLS; married Lottie BECKER, 19, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Uriah BECKER & Elizabeth LANE; witn Oran BECKER & Hattie BECKER, both Williamsburg, 29 Dec 1897, Williamsburg 013990-97 ( Dundas Co.) Leslie SWAYNE, 35, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o William Fletcher SWAYNE & Caroline SHERRETTE?, married Omah COOPER, 20, Matilda, same, d/o Jas. COOPER & Malinda LITTLE, wtn: Nellie LEWIS of Inkerman & Lydia POAPS of Cornwall, on May 22, 1897, at Morrisburg

13950-97 William Henry TAYLOR, 26, Locomotive Engineer, Glen Robertson, Ottawa, s/o William & E. TAYLOR, married Jennie Amelia HAMBLETON, 26, Glen Robertson, Glen Robertson, d/o Philip & Elizabeth HAMBLETON, witn: William MASTERMAN of not given & Annie HAMBLETON of Glen Robertson, 10 June 1897 at Glen Robertson

013896-97 Henry James TAYLOR, 32, Weightmaster G.T.R., England, Montreal, s/o Charles F. & Mary Ann TAYLOR; married Maude Murcheson HOWARTH 24, Ontario, Montreal, d/o John O & Catherine HOWARTH; witn Robert BILSON, Montreal & Emma MULHERN, Cornwall, 29 Apr 1897, Iroquois
013876-97 Mador THEORET, 30, Farmer, Isle Bizzard, St Albert, s/o Jacques THEORET & Adele PELOQUIN; married Suphronie MEILLEUR, 19, St Albert, Finch, d/o Magloire MEILLIEUR & Rose GROTTOIR; witn Henri MEILLEUR & Alexina THEORET, both no place given, 1 Mar 1897, Crysler 14040-97 Leonard THOMPSON, 25, blacksmith, Osnabruck, same, s/o James THOMPSON & Sabrina WALDROFF, married Elizabeth WARNER, 18, Osnabruck, same, d/o Norman WARNER & Alice MATTICE, witn: Herbert & Minnie WINTERS of Osnabruck Centre, 17 Nov 1897 at Osnabruck Centre
#013978-97 (Dundas Co): John THORP, 27, farmer, Matilda, same, s/o Ezra & Ether Ann Isabel, married Diantha M. BLOW, 23, Mountain, same, d/o James BLOW & Eliza WALTER, witn: Lizzie WALTER & Nathalia McFARLANE, both of South Mountain, 1 Sep 1897 at Mountain, #013981-97 (Dundas Co): Chester TIMMONS, 23, farmer, Winchester, same, s/o Andrew TIMMONS & Rachel SUFFEL, married Effie ROBINSON, 22, Mountain, same, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary Ann MALLORY, witn: Andrew TIMMONS of Winchester & John ROBINSON of Mountain, 4 Oct 1897 at Mountain,
14007-97 Myron TOUSAINT, 21, farmer, of Matilda twp., s/o Nelson TOUSAINT & Lizzie WHITTEKER, married Maggie WATT, 19, of Matilda twp., d/o Robert WATT & Jane McMILLAN, witn: John H. PRUNNER & Mrs. Hannah PRUNNER, both of Morrisburg, 14 Sept 1897 at Morrisburg #014046-98 (Glengarry Co.) John TRICKEY 25, labourer, Quebec, North Lancaster, s/o Paul & Louisette TRICKEY, married Mary CAMPEAU 38, wid., Cote St. George, North Lancaster, d/o Alex & Mary CAMPEAU, wit: Osias BOURBONAIS of North Lancaster & F. G. SARGENT of Lancaster, 9 Jun 1897, at the Manse, Lancaster

014088-97 Nathan TUPPER, 25, Farmer, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, s/o Lemuel & Venetia? TUPPER; married Amanda MILLWARD, 22, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o Maria & William MILLWARD; witn Mrs S.L. KELLER & M.L. SUPINGER, both Morrisburg, 27 Mar 1897, Riverside

013722-97 William URQUHART, 26, Blacksmith, Alexandria, Alexandria, s/o Donald URQUHART & Mary McPHEE; married Annie CAMPBELL, 21, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o Angus J. CAMPBELL & Flora McDONALD; wit Angus McGILLIVRAY, Alexandria & Mary GRANT, Kenyon, 26 Oct 1897, Alexandria

013743-97 James URQUHART, 37, Farmer, Martintown, Martintown, s/o Alexander URQUHART & Catherine McMARTIN; married Mary Isabella McMARTIN, 21, Martintown, Martintown, d/o James McMARTIN & Jean Ann McDOUGALL; wit Hugh A. CAMERON, Charlottenburgh & Maria B. SMART, Martintown, 24 Mar 1897, Martintown

013750-97 Kenneth John URQUHART, 33, Farmer, Martintown, Martintown, s/o Kenneth URQUHART & Ellen CAMPBELL; married Victoria W.C. ROBERTSON, 20, Martintown, Martintown, s/o Joseph ROBERTSON & Mary Ann GRAHAM; wit J.D. ROBERTSON & Mary Ann ROBERTSON, both Martintown, 15 Jun 1897, Martintown

14112-97 James E. UTMAN, 22, Cheese maker, Mountain twp, Mountain twp, s/o George & Harriet [UTMAN], married Maud BICKFORD, 21, Winchester twp, Winchester twp, d/o Samuel & Maggie [BICKFORD], witn: Allen UTMAN of Mountain & Lizzie AMMABLE of Winchester, 3 Feb 1897 at Winchester

013748-97 Richard VACHON, 24, Labourer, St. Eugene Quebec, Lochiel, s/o Thomas VACHON & Regina? CARDINAL; married Agustine PILON, 19, Kenyon, Kenyon, d/o William PILON & Adeline STEIN; wit Fredine VACHON, Lochiel & Valentine HURTUBISE, Kenyon, 17 Jan 1897, St. Raphaels

14059-97 Antoine VILLENEUVE, 24, Farmers son, Moose Creek, Moose Creek, s/o Alex VILLENEUVE & Selenie QUESNELLE, married Malvina GIROUARD, 17, St. Eugene, Moose Creek, d/o Emery GIROUARD & Philemine CREVIER, witn: Zenaide GIROUARD & Joseph RICHARD, both of Moose Creek, 13 July 1897 at Moose Creek

13735-97 George P. WEEGAR, 21, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Isaiah WEEGAR & Jane GARLOUGH, married Elizabeth BARKLEY, 21, Williamsburg, same, d/o illegible (smudged) BARKLEY & Eliza MARSELIS, witn: Mrs. J. P. BOGART & Anna May AULT, both of Chesterville, 13 Oct 1897 at Chesterville

013918-97 Rev George WEIR BA, 31, Clergyman, Oxford Co, Avonmore, s/o William & Helen WEIR; married Flora McINTOSH, 36, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o John & Marjory McINTOSH; witn Henry YOUNG, Blakeway & Margaret KEE, Ormstown Que, 30 Dec 1897, Lancaster

014098-97 Edward WELLS, 26, Farmer, Boucks Hill, Boucks Hill, s/o George E. WELLS & Amanda TINKESS; married Maggie CRAMER, 24, Archer, Archer, d/o John A. CRAMER & Jane COLQUHOUN; witn George WELLS, Boucks Hill & Maggie BOGART, Morewood, 24 Nov 1897, Archer
14039-97 George A. WHITING, 23, farmer, Osnabruck, Finch, s/o James WHITING & ?--a SHAVER, married Millie CRITES, 19, house keeper, Osnabruck, same, d/o Amos CRITER & Mary Ann MYERS, witn: Mary R. BIGELOW & Ida B. WOOD, both of Newington, 1 Dec 1897 at Newington 14036-97 Norman WHITING, 20, farmer, Osnabruck, Finch, s/o Jos?. WHITING & Emma SHAVER, married Edith Jane OSTLER, 16, Osnabruck, same, d/o Edward OSTLER, farmer, & Viola ALGUIRE, witn: Mrs. S. H. MORGAN & Mrs. L?. D. BUR--?, both of Osnabruck Centre, 22 Sept 1897 at Osnabruck Centre
14214-98 Walter Lesley WHITTAKER, 20, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Peter H. WHITTAKER & Melinda BARKLEY, married Elizabeth Jane CASSELMAN, 24, Williamsburg, same, d/o Sylvanus CASSELMAN & Catherine MERKLEY, witn: Mrs. J. & John SHUNK of Williamsburg, 28 Dec 1897 at Williamsburg 14216-98 Leslie Henry WHITTAKER, 24, farmer, Williamsburg, same, s/o Jonas WHITTAKER & Lenilla? COUGHLEN, married Effie May DAWLEY, 19, Morrisburg, same, d/o George DAWLEY & M. REDDICK, witn: Jacob E. WHITTAKER of Williamsburg & Lillie DAWLEY of Morrisburg, 29 Dec 1897 at Williamsburg
14009-97 Ari C. WHITTAKER, 24, jeweller, of Morrisburg, s/o A. A. WHITTAKER & Sarah PITCHER, married Abigail CLARKE, 24, of Morrisburg, d/o Robert CLARKE & Mary Jane WOODBRIDGE, witn: H. M. McQUOID & Aggie CLARKE, 22 Sept 1897 at not given reg'd in Morrisburg

013952-97 John G. WIGHTMAN, 27, Merchant, none given, Maxville, s/o James WIGHTMAN & Mary McNAUGHTON; married Jane McGREGOR, 27, Milliner, none given, Maxville, d/o Peter McGREGOR & Rachel BOYDE; witn A. STIRLING & Bell WIGHTMAN, both Maxville, 4 Oct 1897, Maxville

013910-97 Emerson WILKINSON, 26, Butter & Cheese maker, West Oxford, Lancaster, s/o William WILKINSON & Hannah A. HAINS; married Anna Bella McLENNAN, 30, Lancaster, Lancaster, d/o Duncan & Margaret McLENNAN; witn Alexander McLENNAN & Maggie McLENNAN, both Lancaster, 11 Feb 1897, Lancaster #013966-97 (Dundas Co): William N. WILSON, 31, painter, Ontario, Iroquois, s/o W. WILSON & Martha HYNDMAN, married L. Ida TUTTLE, 25, Ontario, Iroquois, d/o J.E. TUTTLE & Sarah illegible (Markle?), witn: J.S. & Annie ROSE, 10 Nov 1897 at Matilda

013742-97 William D. WOOD, 25, Farmer, North Gower, Cornwall twp, s/o William J. WOOD & Lavinia EASTMAN; married Edith GRANT, 22, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o David GRANT & Nancy KINNEAR; wit David GRANT & Mary Isabella GEVAN?, Charlottenburgh, 5 May 1897, Charlottenburgh

#014041-98 (Glengarry Co.) John WREN 22, labourer, Penzance Eng., Lancaster twp., s/o Walter WREN & Selina SCOTT, married Susan Ann TERRIAH 19, Bainsville, Lancaster twp., d/o Alex TERRIAH & Mary CAMERON, wit: John TERRIAH & Mary Theresa TERRIAH, both of Lancaster, 7 Feb 1897, at the Manse Lancaster. 013892-97 Stewart WRIGHT, 22, clerk, Arthur, Iroquois, s/o John WRIGHT & Caroline BUNSTOW; married Lillie Popham MINES, 19, Montreal, Iroquois, d/o William W. MINES M.D. & Amelia B. MORRIS; witn Mahlon N. BEACH, Iroquois & Edna C. POPHAM, Montreal, 6 Jan 1897, Iroquois
#014108-1898 (Dundas Co): Joseph WYLIE, 25, farmer, Mountain, same, s/o John WYLIE & Nancy DIESON, married Cibbie (Libbie?) BAXTER, 27, Winchester, same, d/o Alex BAXTER & Orelly CAUSHORAG; wit: May BATES, Mrs J H HIGGINS, Mountain. 15 Dec 1897 at Mountain

014092-97 Alexander YOUNG, 23, Farmer, Williamsburg, Dunbar, s/o Robert & Ellen YOUNG; married Edna McMILLAN, 20, Williamsburg, Dunbar, d/o Edwin McMILLAN & Mary WILSON; witn Harriet STEWART & Mary WILSON, both Dunbar, 23 Jun 1897, Dunbar