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Simcoe Co., 1902, part 2

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015678-02 (Simcoe Co.) Albert Armstrong ADAMS, 23, farmer, Rosemount, Creemore, s/o W. J. ADAMS & Bessie WRIGHT married -nnie GALLOWAY, 21, Creemore, same, d/o Joseph GALLOWAY & Eliza WILLIAMS, wtn Blanche LAZIER and Kathleen MUSSEN both of Collingwood on September 25, 1902 at Collingwood.  

16005-02, (Simcoe Co), George ALLEN, 26, farmer, Nottawasaga, Sunnidale, s/o George ALLEN & Eliza SMITH, married Helen Maria TUCKETT, 21, Sunnidale, Sunnidale Con 12, d/o Lewis TUCKETT & Mary Ann CALLAWAY, wtn: Thomas ALLEN & Annie TUCKETT both of Sunnidale 17 Dec 1902, Sunnidale

015928-02 (Simcoe Co.) James ALLEN, 33, South Orillia, same, farmer, s/o Catherine MURRAY & John ALLEN, married Anna MOON, 28, South Orillia, same, d/o Christina McPHEE & Henry M. MOON, wtn: Elsie M GREENE & Elizabeth D. GREENE, both of Orillia, on October 21, 1902, at Orillia
016086 (Simcoe Co.) William ANDERSON, 24, farmer, Scotland, Vespra, s/o not given and Maggie Anderson, married Laura Agnes RINEHART, 19, Ontario, Oro, d/o Joseph Rinehart and Isabella Sinclair, witn William GRANT and Ethel SINCLAIR, both of Oro, 15 Oct 1902 at Vespra. 015765-02 (Simcoe Co.) William ATKINSON, 21, farmer, Medonte, Oro, s/o George ATKINSON & Lucy WILLOUGHBY, married Ruth FARIS, 20, Medonte, same, d/o William FARIS & Hester COULSON, wtn: Robert ATKINSON & Cifylea CLUTE, both of Hillsdale, on December 4, 1902, at Hillsdale

15715-02, (Simcoe Co), Findlay E. BAIN, 30, farmer, Scotland, West Gwillimbury, s/o James BAIN & Eliza SUTHERLAND married Catherine ROBINS, 21, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, d/o John ROBINS & Bessie ROBINS, wtn: John & Jenet ROBINS of West Gwillimbury, 15 Jan 1902 at West Gwillimbury

015893-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Ashton BAKER, 25, Orillia, Sebright, farme, s/o Joseph BAKER & Anne McLEISH, married Mary Albert McLEISH, 26, Sebright, same, widow, d/o Robert YOUNG & Elizabeth SMITH, wtn: John McDONALD & Thomas YOUNG, both of Sebright, on February 26, 1902, at Orillia
015879-02 (Simcoe Co.) Ford BAKER, 31, Medonte, same, farmer, s/o Joseph BAKER & Margaret RUTHERFORD, married Nellie CAMPBELL, 28, Medonte, same, d/o Alex CAMPBELL & Jane KEMP, wtn: John E. BAKER of Coulson & Emma S. LOCKE of Orillia, on April 23, 1902, at Orillia 015655-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles BAKER, 29, sailor, Nottawasaga, same, s/o J. F. BAKER& Annie Shem BAKER to Maggie LUNAN, 23, Collingwood, same, d/o George B. LUNAN & Matilda McMILLAN, wtn John DICK of Collingwood and Cassie BAKER of Nottawasaga, June 18, 1902 at Collingwood.
16897-04 George BALL, 65, contractor, Ireland, Barrie, s/o James BALL & Elizabeth SMITH, married Mary Jane PARTRIDGE, 60, Canada, Barrie, d/o Charles PARTRIDGE & Ann TUCK, witn: David & Minnie WILLIAMS of Collingwood, 25 Jan 1902 at Collingwood 015874-02 (Simcoe Co.) William BALL, 50, Ireland, Medonte, farmer, widowed, s/o William BALL & Mary RYPER, married Eliza ELLIOTT, blank, Hope Twp, Garden Hill, d/o Alexander ELLIOTT & Eliza MIGHT, wtn: Eliza HUNTER & Kezia CAMERON, both of Orillia, on April 9, 1902, at Orillia
015750-02 (Simcoe Co.) Norman BALL, 25, farmer, Warminster, same, s/o John BALL & Eliza ORR, married Millie HILL, 24, Foxmead, same, d/o David M. HILL & Emma CHEW, wtn; J.W.F. BALL of Orillia & B.J. HILL of Foxmead, on April 8, 1902, at Foxmead  

15721-02, (Simcoe Co), George Wesley BALLARD, 35, farmer, Bruce Co, Bruce Co, s/o William C. BALLARD & Matilda WALKER, married Sadie ROWE, 28, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, d/o Thomas ROWE & Charlotte McKINNON, wtn: Albert BALLARD of Moorefield & M. J. McKINNON of Toronto, 28 June 1902 at West Gwillimbury

015652-02 (Simcoe Co.) John BANNON, 26, Engineer, Toronto, Collingwood, s/o John BANNON &Lizzie CAREY married Margaret E. DELAMEAR, 20, housekeeper, Adjala, Collingwood, d/o Thomas DELAMEAR & Lizzie CUNAN, wtn John MORGAN & Libby DELEMAER both of Collingwood on May 5, 1902 at Collingwood.
015617-02 (Simcoe Co.) William Henderson BARRY, 29, traveller, Newmarket, Barrie, s/o James BARRY & Rachel SIMMONS?, married Martha Maud Stratton APPLEBY, 26, dressmaker, Midhurst, Barrie, d/o George APPLEBY & Mary Ann PARTRIDGE, wtn; James BARRY & Mary Elizabeth APPLEBY, both of Barrie, on October 28, 1902, at Barrie 015661-02 (Simcoe Co.) Allan R. BASSEY, 22, miller, Thorald, Merritta, s/o James E. BASSEY & Phoebe FAWELL, married Alice Jane BROWNELL, 19, Madoc, Collingwood, d/o Simeon BROWNELL & Barbara SMITH, wtn Thomas J. HORTON and Maud BROWNELL both of Collingwood on June 25, at Collingwood.

15734-02, (Simcoe Co), Touse BATEMAN, 39, farmer, Innisfil, Innisfil, s/o Thomas BATEMAN & May OSTLER, married Joanna GROSE, 34, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o Richard GROSE & Agnes BURNS, wtn: Ernest STEELE of West Gwillimbury & Mary GROSE of Innisfil, 26 March 1902 at Lefroy

15557-02, (Simcoe Co), Samuel BEATON, 25, barber, Canada, Alliston, s/o Neil BEATON & Sarah STUBBS, married Phoebe McFADDEN, 24, Canada, Alliston, d/o Richard McFADDEN & Margaret McFADDEN, wtn: George McFADDEN of Toronto & Alice SCOTT of Tecumseth, 30 April 1902 at Alliston

  015757-02 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert F. BELL, 21, farmer, Hobart, same, s/o John R. BELL & blank COOK, married Margaret Jane BALL, 18, Craighurst, Moonstone, d/o Alfred BALL & blank ELLSMERE, wtn: W.H. MANNING & Maud CRADDOCK, both of Coldwater, on June 11, 1902, at Coldwater
015901-02 (Simcoe Co.) Bernard BISHEAN (Bisheau?), 36, Quebec, Orillia, lumberman, s/o Lawrence BISHEAN & Olive WHITE, married Ellen REIL, 32, Hamilton, Orillia, servant girl, d/o William REIL & Mary SHIEL, wtn: Thomas COLLINS & Mary REIL, both of Udney, on July 29, 1902, at Orillia 015927-02 (Simcoe Co.) John Henry BLOOMFIELD, 30, Medonte, same, farmer, s/o Mary A. SEAGERS & William BLOOMFIELD, married Flora DUNLOP, 20, Medonte, same, d/o Martha BRADEN & Neil DUNLOP, wtn: John A. COOK of Creighton & Mary J. McARTHUR of Jarratts Corners, on November 12, 1902, at Orillia
015659-02 (Simcoe Co.) Fred Lewis BOLLEN, 20, barber, Guelph, same, s/o Charles BOLLEN & Eva SLAUGHTER married Ethel May BROWN, Collingwood, same, d/o Charles BROWN & Annabella DUVAL, wtn Charles BROWN of Collingwood on April 4, 1902 at Collingwood.

15737-02, (Simcoe Co), Joseph BOWEN, 30, farmer, Vaughan Tp, Innisfil, s/o Thomas BOWEN & unknown, married Catharine F. SULLIVAN, 16, England, Innisfil, d/o timothy SULLIVAN & Catherine WATTS, wtn: Charles BOWEN & Mary Watts BOWEN, both of Innisfil, 19 June 1902 at Innisfil

015676-02 (Simcoe Co.) Moses BOWIE, 24, cook, Owen Sound, Collingwood, s/o Abraham BOWIE & Rebecca CROSBY married Rachel G. McARTHUR, 33, Newmarket, Collingwood, d/o Joseph McARTHUR & Catherine HESSON, wtn Henry BOWIE of Owen Sound and Lillie COUSBY of Collingwood on September 17,1902 at Collingwood.

16009-02, (Simcoe Co), William BOWMAN, 30, farmer, not given, Nottawasaga 2nd, s/o Thomas BOWMAN & Matilda DAVIS, married Almenia LAWS, 25, not given, Sunnidale, d/o Albert LAWS & Mary Ann SANDERS, wtn: James BOWMAN of Nottawasaga & Ada LAWS of Sunnidale, 24 Dec 1902, Sunnidale

015916-02 (Simcoe Co.) Albert BOYCE, 28, Pickering, Elmvale, farmer, s/o Nancy Ann BERRY & David BOYCE, married Hamilton BOOTH, 30, Barrie, same, d/o Susan BOHN & John BOOTH, wtn: William TODD & Lucy SMYTH, both of Orillia, on October 22, 1902, at Orillia  

15723-02, (Simcoe Co), William BRAINHAM, 32, farmer, Danville (Penville?) , Tecumseth, s/o Charles BRAINHAM & Mary E. WALLS, married Madge LOWERY, 22, Alliston, Middleton, d/o Thomas LOWERY & E. THOMPSON, wtn: A. GORDON & Mrs. J. A. FIZZELL, both of Middleton, 23 June 1902 at Middleton

015915-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles BRENNAN, 36, Leeds Co, North Orillia, milkman & farmer, widowed, s/o Jane MORRIS & James BRENNAN, married Ellen BENNETT, 29, Newart New Jersey, South Orillia, tailoress, d/o Norah O'NEIL & Patrick BENNETT, wtn: Jospeh MURPHY & Emma REGAN, both of Orillia, on October 14, 1902, at Orillia
015644-02 (Simcoe Co.) Fredrick A. BROCK, 28, carpenter, Stayner, Collingwood, s/o Jacob BROCK & Ann CARSLILE married Sarah E. HENDRY, 23, Collingwood Tp., Collingwood, d/o Alex HENDRY and Sarah MULLIN, wtn James WOOLNER and Annie HENDRY both of Collingwood on February 12, 1902 at Collingwood. 015613-02 (Simcoe Co.) William James BROWN, 36, carpenter, Essa, Vespra, s/o Robert BROWN & Isabella GIBSON, married Alice TRAN, 24, Markham, Barrie, d/o William TRAN & Mary Ann HEISE, wtn: Frank W. TRAN & Corilla TRAN, both of Barrie, on October 29, 1902, at Barrie
015664-02 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick BURNS, 24, stewart, Mount Forest, Collingwood, s/o George BURNS & Theresa ACTON married Fannie BAILEY, 27, Collingwood, same, d/o William BAILEY & Louisa SHIMUDY, wtn George INCE and Lucy M. BAILEY both of Collingwood on July 17, 1902 at Collingwood.

16023-02, Alexander CADEAU, 30, lumberman, Port Severn, Victoria Harbour, s/o Alexander CADEAU & Louise CHARLEBOIS, married Mary WOOD, 34, widow, Penetanguishene, Victoria Harbour, d/o Israel Wood & Sarah LAPLUME, wtn: Joseph CADEAU & Olive BEDORE, both of Victoria Harbour, 19 May 1902 at Victoria Harbour

  015648-02 (Simcoe Co.) William John CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Dan CAMPBELL & Agnes BEVERIDGE married Catherine BLAIR, 24, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Donald BLAIR & Janet BUCHANAN, wtn Annie CRANSTON and Eliza RYLE both of Collingwood on March 5, 1902 at Collingwood.
015665-02 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph CANNING, 41, miner, Kilborne N.S., Collingwood, s/o George CANNING & Rachel SHEPPERD married Fanny COLLINS, 49, Toronto, Collingwood, widow, d/o Joseph COLLINS and Elizabeth BURT, wtn C. A. BARTLETT and Kate BARTLETT both of Collingwood on August 6, 1902 at Collingwood.

15726-02, (Simcoe Co), John Herbert CHAPPELL, 26, farmer, Crown Hill, Crown Hill, s/o Hepworth CHAPPELL & Charlotte DARBY, married Sarah E. RAINEY, 28, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o John RAINEY & Martha A. McCULLOUGH, wtn: Arthur M. WOODLEY of Clover Hill & Amelia RAINEY of Thornton, 1 Jan 1902 at Innisfil

15733-02, (Simcoe Co), William George CHEASLEY, 51, farmer, England, Woodstock, s/o William James CHEASLEY & Jane KNIGHT, married Tabatha GRAHAM, 33, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o Robert GRAHAM & Mary A. CHARLWOOD, wtn: J. MAIEL of Thornton & Lucy ELLIS of Toronto Junction, 20 March 1902 at St. Pauls Church, Innisfil

015913-02 (Simcoe Co.) Jean Baptiste CHRETIEN, 26, Ontario, Lafontaine, lumber jack, s/o Emarent BOUCHER & Joseph CHRETIEN, married Celina WOODS, 18, Ontario, Moon River Parry Sound, d/o Josephine St. PETRE & Louis WOODS, wtn: William G. BINGHAM & Hurnia MURPHY, both of Orillia, on October 1, 1902, at Orillia
015900-02 (Simcoe Co.) George E. CLARKE, 42, New York State, Orillia, carpenter, s/o Samuel BAULDRY & Emily Sarah SIMPSON, married Ida Ethel BAULDRY, 27, Barrie, Orillia, d/o Jeremiah & Betsey BAULDRY, wtn: Edward SIMPSON of Brechin & Francis MOSSINGTON of Edgar, on July 23, 1902, at Orillia 015902-02 (Simcoe Co.) Louis COBURN, 31, Tecumseth, Beeton, barber, s/o William & Theresa Jane COBURN, married Alice J. WOOLFORD, 26, Orillia, same, d/o William H. WOOLFORD & Mary Ann SHEPPARD, wtn: Wilfred HUNT of Aurora & Janet JACKSON of Orillia, on August 6, 1902, at Orillia

16006-02, (Simcoe Co), Charles COLLINS, 29, farmer, Sunnidale, Stayner, s/o William E. COLLINS & Martha J. ATKINSON, married Emeline LAWSON, 26, Ravenna Ont, Sunnidale, d/o Alfred LAWSON & Matilda SPROXTON, wtn: Fred COLLINS of Nottawasaga & Edith LAWSON of Sunnidale, 22 Oct 1902, Sunnidale

015642-02 (Simcoe Co.) William R. CONN, 23, Sailor, Ravenna, Collingwood, s/o Robert CONN & Ann ANDERSON married Rosanna TWIGGER, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Joseph TWIGGER & Mary Ann TUFFNELL, wtn Robert CONN and May TWIGGER both of Collingwood on January 27, 1902 at Collingwood.
017521-03 (Simcoe Co.) Jess COPELAND, 28, farmer, W. Gwillimbury, W. Gwillimbury, parents - William COPELAND & Sarah WALSGROVE married Emma BELL, 21, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, parents - Richard BELL & Deborah CARTER, witn, Mrs. A. E. WATT & Ina WATT both of Bond Head, Dec. 10, 1902 at Tecumseth 015647-02 (Simcoe Co.) Richard CRONE, 29, brickmaker, Nottawasaga, same, s/o John CRONE & Charlotte SMITH married Annie McELROY, 21, Clarksburg, Thornbury, d/o John McELROY & Ellen TAYLOR, wtn Hugh A. BARKER ans Florence E. BARKER both of Collingwood on February 28, 1902. at Collingwood.

16022-02, Herbert James COULSON, 38, farmer, Simcoe Co, Milberta Temiscaming, s/o William COULSON & Elizabeth VASEY, married Arenia M. MEVILLE (Neville?), 20, Tay Tp, Waubaushene, d/o Alexander MEVILLE & S. BENSON, wtn: Charles BROWN & Eva DELAHEY, both of Tannerville?, 18 June 1902 at Waubaushene

15553-02, (Simcoe Co), John COULTER, 25, not given, Glencairn, Glencairn, s/o John COULTER & Margaret COULTER , married Sara Jane HAMILTON, 20, Mulmur, Mulmur, d/o James HAMILTON & Jane M. HAMILTON, wtn: William J. STINSON? of Mulmur & Annie COULTER of Glencairn, 1 Jan 1902 at Alliston

015612-02 (Simcoe Co.)  William CROSSLAND, 28, druggist, Barrie, same, s/o William Hy CROSSLAND & Elizabeth Jane [ILLEGIBLE], married Mary MORROW, 23, Barrie, same, d/o James MORROW & Mary Ann SIMMONS, wtn: Alfred Crossland of Peterborough & Teresa McGRATH of Brechin, on October 29, 1902, at Barrie 016090-02 (Simcoe Co.) Robert CUNNINGHAM, 36, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, s/o Robert Cunningham and Mary Kirk, married Mary Agnes SCOTT, 33, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Richard Scott and Elizabeth Glover, witn Charles CUNNINGHAM of Vespra and Annie FORSYTH of Granger, 24 Dec 1902 at Vespra.
015751-02 (Simcoe Co.) William DALZIEL, 37, farmer, Wentworth, Medonte, s/o Walter DALZIEL & Elizabeth PARKER, married Nellie CAMPBELL, 22, Nottawasaga, Medonte, d/o Rich'd CAMPBELL & Elizabeth HOGAN, wtn: Margaret SKENE & Isabel MALLOY, both of Hillsdale, on April 30, 1902, at Hillsdale 016082-02 (Simcoe Co.) Washington Edward DAY, 28, dentist, Ontario, Ass--w (?), s/o W.C. Washington and Catherine E. DAY, married Marion E. McLEAN, age not given, d/o not given and Marion McCALLUM, witn E.C. JONES of Woodstock and Rachel McLEAN of Vespra, 27 May 1902 at Vespra.
015897-02 (Simcoe Co.) Issac DAY, 44, Nottawasaga, Orillia, public school instructor, widowed, s/o John DAY & Mary CUMBERLAND, married Agnes Marion Bruce HUTCHESON, 38, Scotland, Orillia, teacher, d/o Smith HUTCHESON & Thomasine BRUCE, wtn: E.B. ALPORT & Mary HUTCHESON, both of Orillia, on April 3, 1902, at Orillia 015668-02 (Simcoe Co.) Louis DeFRAME, 25, laborer, Buckingham, Collingwood, s/o Louis DeFRAME & - ARCHMAIZE married Mary GAGE, 18, Thornbury, Collingwood, d/o Harry GAGE and Ada SMITHSON, wtn Kasie STEWART and E. MUSSEN both of Collingwood on July 14, 1902 at Collingwood.
015646-02 (Simcoe Co.) William DEY, 28, Boat Builder, Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Robert DEY & Margaret SMITH married Mary McDONALD, 25, Collingwood, same, d/o Peter McDONALD & Mary McMURCHY, wtn Thomas McDONALD and Harriett TOURGIS both of Collingwood, on February 26, 1902 at Collingwood. 015758-02 (Simcoe Co.) George DILLINGER?, 20, farmer, State of Maine, Tay, s/o John & Ellen DILLINGER, married Eva CONNELL, 19, Manvers, Tay, d/o William & Elizabeth CONNELL, wtn: Harry CONNELL & Emmie ATKINSON both of Tay, on August 6, 1902, at Coldwater
015754-02 (Simcoe Co.) William Emerson DOWNS, 26, machinist, Trafalgar, Brampton, s/o William Henry DOWNS & Melissa HALL, married Louisa Thersa McJANNETT, 25, Hillsdale, same, d/o ThomasMcJANNETT & Jessie BERNARD, wtn: W.J. MARTIN & Mrs. W.J. MARTIN, both of Hillsdale, on May 26, 1902, at Hiillsdale 015679-02 (Simcoe Co.) William H. DUNCAN, 20, Butcher, Collingwood, same, s/o William H. DUNCAN and Clara BUSH married Gertie HUGHES, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o Milton HUGHES & Margaret ARNOLD, wtn Norman PATTERSON and Lizzie ADDISON both of Collingwood on October 8, 1902 at Collingwood.
015669-02 (Simcoe Co.) Harry St. Clair DURKEE, 25, book keeper, Smithville, Niagara Falls, s/o J. M. DURKEE & J. A. CLARKE married Mary E. HARRIS, 23, Collingwood, same, H. J. HARRIS & Margaret MILLER, wtn David R. TAIT and Sarah M. HARRIS, both of Collingwood on August 12, 1902 at Collingwood. 015681-02 (Simcoe Co.) David Nelson EDDY, 23, plasterer, Oro Ont., Collingwood, , s/o Alexander EDDY & Louisa BAILEY married Ida A. COOPER, 25, Collingwood, same, d/o Joseph COOPER & Margaret BROWN, wtn Elizabeth COLTERNE and Margaret SEELEY, both of Stayner on September 22, 1902 at Stayner.
016080-02 (Simcoe Co.) Stephen ELLIOTT, 31, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, s/o James A. Elliott and Sylvia Brown, married Gertrude WALTON, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o W.H. Walton and Charlotte Merrick, witn J.E. ELLIOTT of Toronto and Laura MITCHELL of Sunnidale, 19 Mch 1902 at Vespra.

15718-02, (Simcoe Co), Fred M. EVANS, 34, horse dealer, Bond Head, Bond Head, s/o Philip EVANS & Elinor D. CLARKE, married Lydia C. LONG, 37, West Gwillimbury, Bond Head, d/o Samuel LONG & Catherine SPARLING, wtn: Gladys & Minnetta LONG of Bond Head, 17 May 1902 at Bond Head

  015619-02 (Simcoe Co.) Matthew Robert FARIS, 25, farmer, West Gwillimbury Twp, same, s/o James FARIS & Annie GOODFELLOW, married Alvina Maud McAFEE, 22, Bradford, same, s/o Thomas L. McAFEE & Sarah O'DONNELL, wtn: Edgar James EVANS & Myrtle Annie STEWART, both of Bradford, on December 3, 1902, at Barrie
015919-02 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Edward FENN, 19,Orillia, same, laborer, s/o Mary Ann BOND & William FENN, married Emma Ann PORTER, 20, Port Sidney, Orillia, d/o George PORTER & not known, wtn: David FENN of Orillia & Bertha TAYLOR of Tottenham, on October 8, 1902, at Orillia 015764-02 (Simcoe Co.) William E.N. FERGUSON, 27, machinist, Little Britain, Uxbridge, s/o Kenneth FERGUSON & Mary EAKISS?, married Eva E. CASWELL, 25, Coldwater, same, d/o George CASWELL & Matilda SPENCE, wtn: Morley & Mary J. CASWELL, both of Coldwater, on November 5, 1902, at Coldwater

16010-02, (Simcoe Co), William A. FISHER, 21, farmer, Stayner, Sunnidale, s/o Alexander FISHER & Sarah MORRISON, married Eliza J. ROWE, 18, not given, Sunnidale, d/o Wesley ROWE & Elizabeth WILSON, wtn: Lorne RICHARDSON of Russelton Ont & Minnie MOODY of not given, 17 Dec 1902, Sunnidale

015924-02 (Simcoe Co.) Michael FLANNERY, 27, Mara, Orillia, laborer, s/o Bridget CORRIGAN & Patrick FLANNERY, married Annie McDERMOTT, 34, Renfrew, Orillia, widow, d/o Elizabeth SLOUGHTON & Prosper LAVALLEY, wtn: Elizabeth D. GREEN & Elsie N. GREEN, both of Orillia, on October 30, 1902, at Orillia 17459-03 Albert Ernest FORD, 22, sailor, Collingwood, same, s/o David FORD & Jennie SINCLAIR, married Isabella WHEELER, 22, Stayner, Collingwood, d/o Thomas WHEELER & Janet STOREY?, witn: Joseph & Maggie McPHERSON of Stayner, 30 Dec 1902 at Stayner
015760-02 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick FORTIER, 21, painter, Fairport NY, Orillia, s/o Charles & Mary FORTIER, married Olga OGLE, 20, Orillia, same, d/o Edmund & Mrs. E. OGLE, wtn: Johnstone E. OGLE & Jessie PURDIE, both of Orillia, on September 11, 1902, at Coldwater 015747-02 (Simcoe Co.) ThomasRonald GIBSON, 37, postmaster, Glasgow Scotland, New York State, s/o Robert GIBSON & Margaret WALLACE, married Isobella Catherine SKENE, 31, Grey Co., same, d/o George SKENE & Ann SMITH, wtn: James GRAHAM of Hamilton &  May SKENE of Bentwick (Bentinck?), on February 9, 1902, at Medonte Twp

15554-02, (Simcoe Co), George W. GODDARD, 23, not given, Alliston, Alliston, s/o George. W. GODDARD & Martha Charlotte GODDARD, married Eliza Jane DINSMORE, 21, Mulmur, Alliston, d/o David J. DINSMORE & Mary DINSMORE, wtn: J. F. & Adeline WILSON of Alliston, 18 Jan 1902 at Alliston

015890-02 (Simcoe Co.) Henry GOODRICH, 56, Troy Mobile USA, Orillia, carpenter, widowed, s/o John GOODRICH & Adelia PECK, married Matilda BASKERVILLE, 42, Oro, Orillia, d/o James BASKERVILLE & Elizabeth LOCKE, wtn: M. Bessie WEEKS & Rose G. WEEKS, both of Orillia, on July 2, 1902, at Orillia
015662-02 (Simcoe Co.) Royal F. GOULD, 27, laborer, Collingwood, same, s/o Charles GOULD & Polly MOULTON married Eliza THOMAS, 17, Collingwood, same, d/o Jacob THOMAS & Eliza FULLER, wtn C. F. HULL and Mary C. WELDON both of Collingwood on July 10, 1902 at Collingwood. 15744-02 William GOWER, 24, farmer, Kent England, Matchedash twp., s/o J. W. & Maria, married Ardelia LEMON, 18, York Co., Matchedash twp., d/o Joel LEMON & Samtha STONE, witn: Eli & Mary A. CONNERS of Matchedash, 7 May 1902 at Matchedash
015922-02 (Simcoe Co.) William GRAHAM, 50, Canada, Wood Twp, farmer, widowed, s/o Mary ELLIOTT & Robert GRAHAM, married Mary Ann KADE, 30, Canada, blank, d/o Ann PIC & Thomas SHEPHERD, wtn: Robt SHEPHERD & Elizabeth D. GREENE, both of Orillia, on October 1, 1902, at Orillia 015618-02 (Simcoe Co.) James William GRIFFORD, 30, farmer, Innisfil, Essa, s/o David GRIFFORD & Mary F??LEY, married Florence WURSTER, blank, Toronto, same, d/o Charles John WURSTER & Lilian SOMORS, wtn: W. BROWN & E.J. REDDITT, both of Barrie, on November 25, 1902, at Barrie

15735-02, (Simcoe Co), Louis GUEST, 26, farmer, Innisfil, Innisfil, s/o James F. GUEST & Sarah GREAVES, married Mary TRIBBLE, 23, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o William TRIBBLE & Elizabeth KEMP, wtn: Bert GUEST & L. JOBBIT, both of Innisfil, 8 April 1902 at St. Pauls Church, Innisfil

015667-02 (Simcoe Co.) George HANLEY, 52, farmer, Ontario, Alliston, widower, s/o John HANLEY & Esther DEY married Annie DOBSON, 26, Ireland, Alliston, d/o Joseph DOBSON & Jane FLEMING, wtn D. ANDERSON Jr. and Sophia MARTIN both of Collingwood on July 21, 1902 at Collingwood. 015923-02 (Simcoe Co.) James Brook HATLEY, 22, Orillia, same, clerk, s/o Elizabeth BURLING & James HATLEY, married Alena Victoria CLARK, 21, Marchmont, Orillia, d/o Nellie SIMONITE & David CLARK, wtn: B.W. HATLEY & Nina CLARK, both of Orillia, on October 22, 1902, at Orillia
015683-02 (Simcoe Co.)Wesley HAUG, 20, laborer, Nottawa, Collingwood, s/o Joseph HAUG & Madeline HAUG married Bertha POTTS, 21, Collingwood, same, d/o John and Martha POTTS, wtn William POTTS and Minnie PEACOCK both of Collingwood on November 19, 1902 at Collingwood. 015677-02 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick HAWKINS, 33, lime burner, Leeds Co., Nottawasaga, s/o Henry HAWKINS & Hannah BUSTFIELD married Agnes McKAY, 26, Shainer, Nottawasaga, d/o Hugh McKAY & Agnes SCHELL, wtn Lizzie ADDISON and Belle McCOLEMAN both of Collingwood on September 18, 1902 at Collingwood.
015673-02 (Simcoe Co.) Eugene Ernest HERRINGTON, 28, carpenter, Collingwood, same, s/o William & Emma HERRINGTON married Nellie Isabella BUCK, 23, Nottawa, Collingwood, d/o David & Mary BUCK, wtn A. S. GIBSON and Lula DONALDSON, both of Collingwood on September 9, 1902 at Collingwood.

16008-02, (Simcoe Co), William L. HERTLE, 39, widower, lumber inspector, Inkerman, Collingwood, s/o Reuben HERTLE & Eliza A. MARKLE, married Lilly STRONG, 22, Thornbury, Sunnidale, d/o Robert STRONG & Malinda, wtn: Newman GRIFFEN & Freasine STRONG both of Sunnidale, 22 Oct 1902, Sunnidale

015762-02 (Simcoe Co.) James Henry HEWITT, 23, farmer, Edgar, Matchedash, s/o John & Mary HEWITT, married Rebecca COOMS (sic), 21, Matchedash , same, d/o John COOMBS (sic) & Elizabeth COOMS (sic) wtn: Edward & Isabella COOMS, both of Matchedash , on October 1, 1902, at Coldwater

16020-02, Charles Henry HILL, 35, widower, labourer, Darlington, Fesserton, s/o William HILL & Susannah HILL, married Margaret RYDER, 32, widow, Whitchurch, Fesserton, d/o Andrew CUTTER & Elizabeth CUDDER (Cutter?), wtn: William B & Sarah HILL of Fesserton, 24 Feb 1902 at Fesserton

015686-02 (Simcoe Co.) David HOOD, 30, Vet. Surgeon, Alliston, Midland, s/o Joseph HOOD & M. A. BLACK married Catherine J. C. MITCHELL, 30, Toronto, Collingwood, d/o D. T. N. MITCHELL & Anna M. BROWNE, wtn James McEWAN of Midland and A. Eva MITCHELL of Collingwood on November 1, 1902 at Collingwood. 015925-02 (Simcoe Co.) Walter HOOPER, 26, London England, New Liskard, farmer, s/o Mary A. DURHAM & Richard G.N. HOOPER, married Agnes TREW, 30, Manvers, Cavan, d/o Frances URLSON & James C. TREW, wtn: Alexancer CRUICKSHANK, & Emma S. LOCKE, both of Orillia, on November 12, 1902, at Orillia
015768-02 (Simcoe Co.) John William HUGHES, 26, mill hand, Halton, Elmvale, s/o John HUGHES & Elizabeth COLLINS, married Rachaine DALZIEL, [census says Catherine], 24, Halton, Hillsdale, d/o James DALZIEL & Edith ARCHER, wtn: Victor DALZIEL & Emma McAVOY?, both of Hillsdale, on December 24, 1902, at Hillsdale

16007-02, (Simcoe Co), William HUGHES, 26, farmer, Ivy Ont, Banda Ont, s/o John HUGHES & Oliva PADDISON, married Annie PADDISON, 25, Lisle Ont, New Lowell Ont, d/o Albert PADDISON & Esther SHAW, wtn: John HUGHES & Mamie PADDISON both of New Lowell, 24 Sept 1902, Sunnidale

17105-03 George HUMPHREY, 23, farmer, Angus, Sunnidale twp., s/o John HUMPHREY & Annie GRIER, married Ada Margaret Ter? BUSH, 20, Angus, same, d/o Jonas BUSH, farmer, & Jessie M. McIVOR, witn: H. L. Ter BUSH & Louisa HUMPHREY, both of Angus, 24 June 1902 at Angus  

15719-02, (Simcoe Co), William JEFFERIES, 58, farmer, Vaughan, Vaughan, s/o David JEFFERIES & Jane MITCHELL, married Cassandra SHARPE, 50, widow, King, West Gwillimbury, d/o John SHARPE & not given, wtn: William MATHESON of Vaughan & Ida McDERMOTT of Tecumseth, 8 May 1902 at West Gwillimbury

015918-02 (Simcoe Co.) John Albert JEWITT, 24, Ontario, Orillia, minister, s/o Alice WALKINS & John Gibson JEWITT, married Henrietta H. COOK, 20, Brechin, Orillia, d/o Elizabeth TIFFIN & John COOK, wtn: Bertie JEWITT of Walford & Sarah E.B. TIFFIN of Leakdale, on October 30, 1902, at Orillia
015931-02 (Simcoe Co.) William Nelson JOHNS, 19, South Orillia, North Orillia, farmer, s/o Rachel PETERSON & James JOHNSTON, married Beatrice Cynthia LEFLAR, 18, Matchedash, Orillia, d/o Rachael McCARTHY & Frederick LEFLAR, wtn: Johnson REID of North Orillia & Amanda LEFLAR of Orillia, on November 11, 1902, at Orillia 016088-02 (Simcoe Co.) John Thomas JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, s/o John Johnston and Jane Jameson, married Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON, 22, Ontario, Vespra, d/o James Hamilton and Elizabeth Chew, witn William HAMILTON and Annie WYLIE, both of Vespra, 12 Nov 1902 at Vespra.
015674-02 (Simcoe Co.) Richard John KANE, 29, steward, Detroit, Collingwood, s/o Michael KANE & Kate HOEY married Margaret Mary HYATT, 26, Essex Co., Collingwood, d/o Frank HYATT & Hannah SMITH, wtn M. J. POMPHREY and Lizzie ADDISON both of Collingwood, on September 10, 1902 at Collingwood. 015608-02 (Simcoe Co.) William KEELY, 35, lumberman, Vespra, Flos, s/o William R. KEELY & Sarah HENDERSON, married Matilda BOWMAN, 26, Innisfil, Flos, d/o Arch'd BOWMAN & Elizabeth SEXTON, wtn: Ella SHELSWELL & Ella McKINLEY, both of Barrie, on October 20, 1902, at Barrie
015685-02 (Simcoe Co.) John Joseph KELLY, 25, Hotel Keeper, Flos, Dunchurch, s/o John KELLY & Ellen SAXTON married Minnie HANLEY, 27, Collingwood, same, d/o Patrick HANLEY & Margaret FLYNN, wtn C. L. SEVIGNEY of Barrie and Annie BOYLE of Collingwood on November 25, 1902 at Collingwood. 015616-02 (Simcoe Co.) Philip KENNY (KINSEY)?, 23, laborer, Kempenfeldt, Oro, s/o Bartholmew & Mary KELLY, married Lilly BEAVERSTOCK, 17, Sarnia, Barrie, d/o Lyman BEAVERSTOCK & Amelia CHURCHILL, wtn: Maggie Jane KENNY & E.J. REDDITT, both of Barrie, on November 17, 1902, at Barrie
15731-02, (Simcoe Co), Andrew KING, 40 widower, farmer, Uxbridge, Innisfil, s/o William KING & Sarah GRAHAM, married Lydia LONG, 44, widow, Essa, Lefroy, d/o Stuart WRIGHT & Mary CARSON, wtn: Arthur KING of Lefroy & Mrs. G. GUEST of Barrie, 4 Feb 1902 at Lefroy

15717-02, (Simcoe Co), Clarence E. KNEESHAW, 21, farmer, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, s/o John KNEESHAW & Maria FEYSHERE (Feigshier?), married Clara Maud STEEL, 24, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, d/o W. J. STEEL & Elizabeth BATEMAN, wtn: Fred RITCHIE & Aline STEEL, both of West Gwillimbury, 8 Jan 1902 at West Gwillimbury

15720-02, (Simcoe Co), Frank W. KNEESHAW, 30, farmer, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, s/o William KNEESHAW & Victoria ROBERTS, married Minnie E. SAWYER, 24, Bruce Co, West Gwillimbury, d/o Richard SAWYER & Esther SAWYER, wtn: Frank HUGHES & Ethel NEELLY, both of West Gwillimbury, 10 June 1902 at West Gwillimbury

15716-02, (Simcoe Co), Thomas KNEESHAW, 45, farmer, Bradford, Manitoba, s/o Thomas KNEESHAW & Hanna BARTINDALE, married Kate SUTHERLAND, 40, King, West Gwillimbury, d/o William SUTHERLAND & E. SINCLAIR, wtn: George & Mrs. D. SUTHERLAND of West Gwillimbury, 25 Feb 1902 at West Gwillimbury

015610-02 (Simcoe Co.) David Henry KNICELY (Knisely?), 21, farmer, Nottawasaga, Utopia, s/o David Henry KNICELY & Rebecca KNICELY, married Ann Edith BELL, 20, Bagster, same (Baxter?), d/o Alexander BELL & Mary Ann BELL, wtn: Clementine C. MINNS & Agnes L. MOODIE, both of Barrie, on October 21 1902, at Barrie 17120-03 William Trebilcock KNIGHT, 30, dry goods salesman, Suffolk England, Alliston, s/o James KNIGHT & Amelia HOLT, married Isa Margaret HENDERSON, 29, teacher, Essa twp., same, d/o David HENDERSON & Catherine BLACK, witn: David HENDERSON of Front St. in Toronto & Isabella HENDERSON of W. Essa, 1 Sept 1902 at West Essa

16004-02, (Simcoe Co), Reuben LAGEER, 43, farmer, West Gwillimbury, Nottawasaga, s/o James LAGEER & Mia HAYBORN, married Mary Ann PICKERING, 38, Uxbridge, Sunnidale, d/o William PICKERING & Miss MARCH, wtn: William JOHNSTON & Fannie PICKERING both of Sunnidale, 10 Dec 1902, Sunnidale

017474-03 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Edwin LAKEWAY, 53, doctor of medicine, widow, Holland Landing, Stayner, parents - Aaron LAKEWAY & Mary WATSON married Margaret Jane SPIKER, er25, Sunnidale, Sunnidale, parents - Iva SPIKER & Effie WATSON, witn, George WEIR & Ida SPIKER both of Sunnidale, Dec. 24, 1902 at Sunnidale
015761-02 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick LANGILLE, 25, farmer, New Germany, same, s/o Jacob & Isobel LANGILLE, married Adelaide BLANEY, 22, Coldwater, same, d/o Thomas& Mary BLANEY, wtn: John ThomasBLANEY & Eleanor R.GILL, both of Coldwater, on September 17, 1902, at Coldwater 015639-02 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur LATING, 26, farmer, Collingwood, Toronto, s/o William LATING & Mary SHORT married Ethel May KIDD, 19, Toronto, same, d/o William KIDD & Eliza LEMON, wtn Alfred JOHNSTON and Annie JOHNSTON both of Collingwood, on January 8, 1902 at Collingwood.
015660-02 (Simcoe Co.) Andrew Roger LAUDER, 34, engineer, Quebec, Chapleau, s/o William LAUDER & Mina McCON married Minnie MARSHALL, 31, Melancton, Collingwood, d/o not given, wtn John HANNAH and Emma MARSHALL both of Collingwood on May 28, 1902 at Collingwood. 015752-02 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas William LEATHERDALE, 24, farmer, Oro, same, s/o Jos LEATHERDALE & Matilda LAWSON, married Maria JARRATT, 22, Oro, same, d/o Laughton JARRATT & Maria SWITZER, wtn; Milton J. LEATHERDALE of Medonte & Ethel JARRATT of Oro, on May 14, 1902, at Warminster

15730-02, (Simcoe Co), Alexander LOCKHART, 33, farmer, Innisfil, Innisfil, s/o John LOCKHART & Sarah WOOD, married Mary Jane GIVENS, 23, Hagerman, Innisfil, d/o George GIVENS & Sarah McCOINEY, wtn: John GIVENS of Innisfil & Charlotte M. SEMPLE of Muskoka, 15 Jan 1902 at Innisfil

017391-03 (Simcoe Co.) Adam LONG, 23, laborer, Barkway, same, s/o Dennis H. LONG & Sophie A. JOHNSTON, married Grace CLEMENT, 17, Wilberforce, Barkway, d/o Luther CLEMENT & Elizabeth SCOTT, wtn: Mary GRIFFEN & Mrs. J.S. STEVENSON, both of Severn Bridge, on August 11 1902, at Severn Bridge
15675-02 (Simcoe Co.) Fredwell LUNAN, 27, teacher, Collingwood, same, s/o James W. LUNAN & Elizabeth McKENZIE married Margaret Lylla CAREFOOT, 22, Collingwood, same, d/o John CAREFOOT & Mary Ann BURKE, wtn Norman CAREFOOT of Collingwood and Lettie CORBEY of Meaford on September 17, 1902 at Collingwood. 015906-02 (Simcoe Co.) George Abram MAINER (Maines?), 23, Orillia, same, tinsmith, s/o Lydia ATKINSON & Robert MAINER, married Jessie Millicent SALTER, 20, Ryde Isle of Wight, Orillia, d/o Hannah PLATTS & Charles SALTER, wtn; Benjamin H. MAINER of Orillia & Alice Gertrude blank of South Orillia, on August 20, 1902, at Orillia

15555-02, (Simcoe Co), Robert MASON 29, not given, Tosorontio, Lisle, s/o Robert MASON & Ann Jane TUPPIN, married Emily Ruth HUGHSON, 17, Mulmur, Mulmur, d/o James HUGHSON & Hannah Jane, wtn: W. A. HUGHSON & Ethel Jane FISHER, both of Terra Nova, 19 March 1902 at Alliston

16003-02, (Simcoe Co), John A. McARTHUR, 31, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, s/o Archibald McARTHUR & Annie BOUGHEN, married Matilda BRIDGEN, 28, Nottawasaga, Sunnidale, d/o James F. BRIDGEN & Mary A. CANADA, wtn: James A. BRIGDEN of Glencairn Ont & Mary McARTHUR of Stayner, 19 Nov 1902, Sunnidale
015609-02 (Simcoe Co.) Edward Haughton McCONKEY, 24, baker, Innisfil, Barrie, s/o William Duncan McCONKEY & Catherine HOUGHTON, married Marguriete Amanda DUSOME, 25, Penetanguishene, Cleveland US, d/o Joseph DUSOME & Margaret BARNS, wtn: Emma HUGHES & Margaret BILL, both of Barrie, on October 20, 1902, at Barrie 015748-02 (Simcoe Co.) John Albert McCRABLE, 30, farmer, Wiarton, same, s/o Robert McCRABLE & Rosette CABLE, married Minnie [Mary C.] CABLE, 18, Uhthoff, same, d/o John CABLE & Charolette MORSTON, wtn: Milton Ward WAINMAN & Maggie CABLE, both of Uhthoff, on March 5, 1902, at Warminster

16021-02, Alexander McCUAIG, 23, blacksmith, Oro Tp, Tay Tp, s/o Finlay McCUAIG & Catherine McCUAIG, married Elizabeth ATKINSON, 23, Sunnidale Tp, Tay Tp, d/o John ATKINSON & Mary ATKINSON, wtn: Thomas McMANN & Emma ATKINSON, both of Tay, 21 May 1902 at Tay

16999-03 Donald Ennis McDONALD, 32, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o David McDONALD & Dollie SINCLAIR, married Mary Jane KEARNS, 28, of Bradford, d/o Robert KEARNS & Rosanna FARR, witn: Minnie SMITH & Bertha LUKES, both of Bradford, 31 Dec 1902 at Bradford 015892-02 (Simcoe Co.) Malcolm McKAY, 24, Oro, same, farmer, s/o Donald McKAY & Flora GALBRAITH, married Mary Frances JERMY, 21, Oro, same, d/o Henry JERMY & Alice SCOTT, wtn: Mary HAINES & Edith GRANT, both of Orillia, on February 17, 1902, at Orillia
015651-02 (Simcoe Co.) Donald McKAY, 35, physician, Branford, Collingwood, s/o Donald McKAY and Rhoderichiua McKAY married Mary Elsie STEPHENS 26, Collingwood, same, d/o Charles STEPHENS and Mary TROTT, wtn H. JOHNSON of Winnipeg and ? McLEAN of Collingwood on April 30, 1902 at Collingwood.

16002-02, (Simcoe Co), Frank Beck MacKENZIE, 38, machinist, Wilmington Delaware, Chicago, s/o John MacKENZIE & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Janettte McLEAN, 31, Nottawasaga, Sunnidale, d/o Dougall McLEAN & Janette CURRIE, wtn: Lachlan McLEAN & Maggie McLEAN both of Sunnidale, 15 Oct 1902, Sunnidale

015672-02 (Simcoe Co.) Peter McMILLAN, 44, blacksmith, Co. of Grey, Collingwood, widower, s/o Alexander McMILLAN & Mrs. Alex McMILLAN married Ada ? 34, England, Collingwood, widow, d/o William & Sarah ROWCASTLE, wtn R. S. DEY and Flora DEY both of Collingwood on September 10, 1902 at Collingwood.

16034-02, (Simcoe Co), Isaac McMINN, 26, farmer, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, s/o Samuel McMINN & Elizabeth FARRIS, married Ida Sophia McDERMOTT, 26, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, d/o William McDERMOTT & Lucinda STEWART, wtn: John McMINN & Annie STEWART, both of Tecumseth, 4 June 1902 at Tecumseth
015658-02 (Simcoe Co.) John A. McMURCHY, 24, farmer, Collingwood, same, s/o Malcolm McMURCHY and Janet BELL married Jennie SMITH, 24, Collingwood, same, d/o Hugh SMITH & Kate McINTYRE, wtn William J. BELL of Meaford and M. BORLAND of Collingwood on May 21, 1902 at Collingwood. 015766-02 (Simcoe Co.) George McWATERS, 36, farmer, Manvers, Medonte, s/o George McWATERS & Sarah McGILL, married Annie ARMSTRONG, 27, Brampton, Tay, d/o George ARMSTRONG & Dinah McLELLAN, wtn: George ARMSTRONG & Martha McARTHY, both of Waverley, on December17, 1902, at Hillsdale
015749-02 (Simcoe Co.) Walter Hugh MIDDLETON, 25, farmer, Medonte, same, s/o Isaac MIDDLETON & Mary Ann McCHARN, married Julia Ann NASH, 20, Medonte, same, d/o Thomas NASH & Margaret JOHNSTONE, wtn: James NASH & Sophia Ann MIDDLETON, both of Medonte, on March 26, 1902, at Warminster 015759-02 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph M. MILLER, 24, farmer, Medonte, same, s/o James & Jane MILLER, married Pearl H. MOFFATT, 18, Medonte, same, d/o James MOFFATT & Rebecca MILLER, wtn: Alex MILLER & Rebecca MILLER, both of Medonte, on September 3, 1902, at Eady

15732-02, (Simcoe Co), Henry Coulson MORIARTY, 39, farmer, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, s/o Patrick MORIARTY & Agnes COULSON, married Maud E. BATEMAN, 31, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o Thomas BATEMAN & Mary OSLER, wtn: William RITCHIE of Deerhurst & Edna BATEMAN of Fennells, 5 Feb 1902 at Innisfil

015763-02 (Simcoe Co.) Wesley NEWBORN, 26, farmer, Innisfil, Tay, s/o Walter & Mary NEWBORN, married Mary NEY, 21, Durham, Tay, d/o George & Margaret NEY, wtn: James W. HOOK & Mabel F. NEY, both of Tay, on October 1, 1902, at Coldwater 015930-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles O’CASSON, 24, Iceland, Gravenhurst, lumberman, s/o Mary Further JOHNSON & O’Cafer O’CASSON, married Mary Jane RUSSELL, 19, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Samuel RUSSELL & Mary JOHNSON, wtn: Elizabeth L. ROBINSON & Elizabeth D. GREENE, both of Orillia, on November 12, 1902, at Orillia
015753-02 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert John OGDEN, 23, milling,  Clark, same, s/o William OGDEN & Martha HENRY, married Annie GILBANKS, 19, Medonte, same, d/o William GILBANKS & Margaret NEWCOMBE, wtn: Mrs. Jos RIGGS of Tait & Mrs. G. Sidney SMITH of Warminster, on May 14, 1902, at Warminster 16089-02 (Simcoe Co.) Roland David ORR, 21, labourer, Ontario, Vespra, s/o Joseph Orr and Margaret Muir, married Frances McFARLANE, 21, Ontario, Vespra, d/o David McFarlane and Lucinda Arnold, witn Edwin YOUNG and Gertrude McFARLANE, both of Vespra, 17 Dec 1902 at Vespra.
  015615-02 (Simcoe Co.) Frank OSTERTAG, 21, saw mill worker, Belle Ewart, Coldwater, s/o Charles OSTERTAG & Sarah Jane PLUNKETT?, married Edith Mary FOLET, 19, Southampton England, Minesing, d/o John FOLET & Edith ALCOOK, wtn: Annie S. McLEOD & Emma HUGHES, both of Barrie, on November 18, 1902, at Barrie
015640-02 (Simcoe Co.) Sanford OUGH, 21, labourer, Collingwood, same, s/o John OUGH & Ida TAYLOR married Euphemia SMITH, 21, Collingwood, same, d/o Andrew SMITH & Elizabeth HALLMAN, wtn Ada THOMPSON and Hattie COOK both of Collingwood, on January 10, 1902 at Collingwood. 015611-02 (Simcoe Co.) Robert John PATTERSON, 20, mill man, Markham, Minesing, s/o John PATTERSON & Jemima SULLY, married Mattie RUFFETT, 20, England, Belle Ewart, d/o Charles RUFFETT & Frances SPURR, wtn: Minnie PATTERSON of Minesing & E.J. REDDITT of Barrie, on October 28, 1902, at Barrie
015670-02 (Simcoe Co.) William Robert PATTERSON, 30, Clerk, Brantford, Collingwood, s/o John PATTERSON & Emma HARDING married Dora Brett CONNOR, 26, Beeton, Collingwood, d/o Harry CONNOR & Annie ROSSITER, wtn John J. BURNS and Meta CONNOR both of Collingwood on August 13, at Collingwood.  
015755-02 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert Charles PENKORWOOD, 28, dairy farmer; Sault St. Marie, same, s/o Thomas PENKORWOOD & Elizabeth MOCH, married Ada M.C. RUSSELL, 24, Medonte, same, d/o Job RUSSELL & Mary STILES, wtn: Lilly G. PENKORWOOD of Sault St. Marie & Marbreak J. RUSSELL of Eady, on June 4, 1902, at Medonte 015650-02 (Simcoe Co.) George Wesley PENTLAND, 26, farmer, Euphrasia, Collingwood, s/o George PENTLAND & Francis HALL married Kathleen Mary DAWSON, 23, Aylsham E., Collingwood, d/o Frederick DAWSON & Mary BLOOMFIELD, wtn Thomas THOMSTON of Collingwood and Ethel M. DAWSON of Griersville on March 19,1902 at Collingwood.
015899-02 (Simcoe Co.) Walter POWELL, 25, England, South Orillia, farmer, s/o George POWELL & Charlotte HOCCON, married Alice COTTON, 25, South Orillia, same, d/o Daniel COTTON  & Mary HARVIE, wtn: James W. JOHNSTON & Maggie A. COTTON, both of South Orillia, on June 25, 1902, at Orillia 015917-02 (Simcoe Co.) James POWELL, 25, Port Perry, Orillia, horse trainer, s/o Emily FLEURRY (s/b Fleury?)& George POWELL, married Ethel WARNER, 21, Lindsay, Orillia, d/o Synthia HAGAN & Educk WARNER, wtn: Ernest WARNER & Jessie PURDIE, both of Orillia, on October 22, 1902, at Orillia
015643-02 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander QUA, 34, Clerk, Paris, Collingwood, s/o Samuel QUA and Jane CRAIGIE, married Jennie BASSETT, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o H. J. BASSETT & Mary GREY, wtn John BYRNES and Mary BASSETT both of Collingwood on February 6, 1902 at Collingwood. 015895-02 (Simcoe Co.) Wilfred Theodore QUIGLEY, 23, Deseronto, Gravenhurst, lumberman, s/o James QUIGLEY & Eliza WILSON, married Adeline MASCOE, 19, Ryde Twp, Gravenhurst, d/o Robert MASCOE & Jane WILKINSON, wtn: Mary HAYNES & Edith GRANT, both of Orillia, on March 20, 1902, at Orillia
015907-02 (Simcoe Co.) Walter REINBIRD, Penetanguishene, Coldwater, boat builder, s/o Mary LAWSON & John REINBIRD, married Emma Matilda RUTTER, 20, Muskoka, Coldwater, d/o Matilda COLLEY & Richard RUTTER, wtn: Eliza HUNTER & Kezia CAMERON, both of Orillia, on August 20, 1902, at Orillia 015680-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles RICHMOND, 55, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Richard RICHMOND and Laura BAURRMAN, married Sarah Jane THOMPSON, 35, Mulmer, Collingwood, d/o William THOMPSON and Ann HEPWELL, wtn David KELLY and Flora B. THOMPSON, both of Collingwood on October 23, 1902 at Collingwood.
  015756-02 (Simcoe Co.) George Jethro ROBINS, 33, farmer, Medonte, same, s/o John ROBINS & Hannah RICHARDSON, married Sarah Ann McCREIGHT, 24, Moonstone, Hillsdale, d/o Thomas McCREIGHT & Isabella KENNEDY, wtn: Wilfred G. BOOTH & Katie McCREIGHT, both of Moonstone, on June 11, 1902, at Moonstone
015663-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Henry ROBINSON, 32, farmer, Collingwood, same, s/o John ROBINSON & Flora McEACHERN married Sarah Rachel BLAKEY, 23 Uxbridge, Collingwood, d/o Henry BLAKEY & Jane EARTGATE, wtn Francis BLAKEY of Osprey and F. E. ROBINSON of Collingwood on July 9, 1902 at Collingwood. 015614-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Elgin ROBINSON, electrician, Midhurst, West Toronto Jn, s/o John ROBINSON & Mary COLE, married Florence VARTY, 20, Wyevale, Allendale, d/o Christopher VARTY & Mary BENNER, wtn: Lucey BEVELL of Wyevale & John W. MERRICK of Barrie, on October 29, 1902, at Barrie
016078-02 (Simcoe Co.) Mark ROBINSON, 34, farmer, Ontario, Flos, s/o Henry Robinson and Mary Dixon, married Emma Jane WEBB, 22, Ontario, Vespra, d/o William C. Webb and Margaret J. Lewis, witn A.R. and Ada STANDEN, both of Vespra, 12 March 1902 at Vespra. 016084 (Simcoe Co.) Andrew RONALD, 25, store keeper, Vespra, Vespra, s/o Andrew Ronald and Grace Murray, married Annie McLEAN, 24, Scotland, Vespra, d/o Laughlin and Jane, witn William F. RONALD of Vespra and Ida RUMBLE of Guelph, 17 Sep 1902 at Vespra.
015649-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles ROSS , 22, lumbering, Palmerston, Collingwood, s/o David ROSS & Mary LEITCH married Mary SULLIVAN, not given, Dundas, Collingwood, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Ellen SULLIVAN, wtn R. B. GULBERTSON of Osmsby and Annie CRONIN of Globe Hotel. On March 8, 1902 at Collingwood.

16001-02, (Simcoe Co), James ROSS, 29, motorman, Tyrone Ire, Toronto Ont, s/o Andrew ROSS & not given FLEMING, married Sarah Ann SHEFFER, 23, Sunnidale Ont, Sunnidale Ont, d/o John SHEFFER & Mary E. AYERS, wtn: Levi AYERS of Stayner & Mary SHEFFER of Sunnidale, 8 Oct 1902, Sunnidale

15553-02, (Simcoe Co), Frank B. ROWLEY, 26, not given, Ontario, Creemore, s/o Thomas ROWLEY & Catherine, married Maggie E. COULTER, 26, Ontario, Glencairn, d/o Samuel COULTER & Freda, wtn: Ellen R. EBY of Alliston & Alex COULTER of Glencairn, 1 Jan 1902 at Alliston

015641-02 (Simcoe Co.) Richard RUDY, 37, clerk, Greenwood, Collingwood, s/o Patrick RUDY & Margaret BELL married Eva COOK, 23, Georgetown, Collingwood, d/o John COOK and Delia MILLER, wtn Myles McDONALD of Collingwood and ? McDONALD of Collingwood on January 20, 1902 at Collingwood.
016085-02 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas RUMBLE, 23, miller, Ontario, Hillsdale, s/o Joseph Rumble and Mary Ann Truker (Tricker?), married Emily Etta BROWN, 20, Ontario, Crown Hill, d/o Joseph Brown and Mary Ann Richardson, witn William BROWN and Daisy KENT, both of Hillsdale, 24 Sep 1902 at Vespra.

16514-01, (Simcoe Co), Fred SCARLETT, 28, barber, Medonte, Toronto, s/o James SCARLETT & Eliza Ann WATT, married Annie STAMP, 22, Waverly, Waverly, d/o John STAMP & Maria MOODY, wtn: Robert SCARLETT of Medonte & Alice MOODY of Waverly, 1 Jan 1902 at Waverly

17122-03 William John SMART, 32, widower, laborer, Tecumseth twp., Beeton, s/o William SMART & Martha STEWART, married Sarah Belinda NEY, 25, domestic servant, West Gwillimbury, Beeton, d/o John NEY & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: Sarah FERGUSON of Collingwood & Rosa NEY of W. Gwillimbury, 3 Sept 1902 at Clover Hill 016081-02 (Simcoe Co.) Adam SMITH, 28, farmer, Scotland, Vespra, s/o Adam SMITH and Catherine HALCROW, married Isabella GOSLING, 25, Ontario, Vespra, d/o James GOSLING and Jane TRAVIS, witn James SMITH and Louisa GOSLING, both of Vespra, 3 April 1902 at Vespra.
015921-02 (Simcoe Co.) John SNIDER, 30, Reach, Uptergrove, farmer, s/o Jane MILLS & Alfred SNIDER, married Bertha Louise HIGGERSON, 23, Orillia, same, d/o blank BAKER & Hiram HIGGERSON, wtn: David W. BAKER & George HIGGERSON, both of Orillia, on October 14, 1902, at Orillia 015656-02 (Simcoe Co.) Norman R. SPARLING, 22, tailor, Clarksburg, Collingwood, s/o Richard SPARLING & Mary HEMPHILL married Sophia STABOY, 21, Collingwood, same, d/o John STABOY & Mary EBERHARDT, wtn Jessie I. ISAACS and Frances ISAACS both of Thornbury on June 18, 1902 at Collingwood.
015910-02 (Simcoe Co.) James Alfred SPINK, 37, Simcoe Co., Gravenhurst, carriage woodworker, s/o David SPINK & Nancy ELLISIN, married Anna Eliza ORTWEIN, 25, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Andrew ORTWIEN & Mary GUK?, wtn: Jean O. ALPORT & Maggie P.M. HENRY, both of Orillia, on September 8, 1902, at Orillia 015666-02 (Simcoe Co.) William James SPROULE, 23, gardener, Collingwood, same, s/o John SPROULE & Mary JONES married Mary Maude LEE, 19, Osprey, Collingwood, d/o Anson F. LEE & Mary ANDREW, wtn Nate SPROULE and Bertha LEE both of Collingwood on August 6, 1902 at Collingwood.

15556-02, (Simcoe Co), John STEPHENSON, 24, not given, Canada, Alliston, s/o James STEPHENSON & Rosalind FOLLIS, married Nellie CAMERON, 23, Canada, Alliston, d/o Peter CAMERON & Elizabeth JOHNSON, wtn: J. STEPHENSON of Tottenham & Jessie MILLER of Alliston, 19 March 1902 at Alliston

015654-02 (Simcoe Co.) David STEWART, 44, Rancher, Durham, Montana, s/o David STEWART & Barbara McMILLAN married Sadie GIBSON, 38, Port Perry, Collingwood, d/o William GIBSON & E. FERGUSON, Wtn J. S. DAVIS of Toronto and Margaret McMcVICHIE of Collingwood on June 11, 1902 at Collingwood.

16035-02, (Simcoe Co), Thomas Franklin R. SUTHERLAND, 26, farmer, Bond Head West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, s/o Thomas SUTHERLAND & Frankie MILNE, married Florence CLARKE, 20, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, d/o Stephen CLARKE & Mary ROGERS, wtn: George A. WEST of Toronto & Lily CLARKE of Tecumseth, 3 April 1902 at Tecumseth

015620-02 (Simcoe Co.) Edward TAYLOR, 36, lumberman, Liverpool England, North Orillia, s/o William TAYLOR & Mary Ellen D--?, married Agnes OWEN, 22, North Orillia, same, d/o Douglas OWEN & Albenia NEYLAND, wtn: Joseph OWEN & Albenia OWEN, both of North Orillia, on December 3, 1902, at Barrie 015873-02 (Simcoe Co.) Richard Walter TELFORD, 23, North Orillia, same, farmer, s/o John TELFORD & Jennie HOLMS, married Grace BROWN, 19, North Orillia, same, d/o Thomas BROWN & Eliza HARKER, wtn: emma S. LOCKE & Maggie M. SLELLAND, both of Orillia, on March 26, 1902, at Orillia
015684-02 (Simcoe Co.) Noble Frederick THOMAS, 20, laborer, Collingwood, same, s/o Samuel P. THOMAS & Elizabeth McCAROL married Rena M. WILSON, 24, Tosoronto, Collingwood, domestic, d/o Charles WILSON & Mary HANHAM, wtn G. McCORKINDALE of Collingwood and Mary COLLINS of Kolapore on November 26, 1902 at Collingwood. 015671-02 (Simcoe Co.) John Eliott THOMPSON, 24, sailor, Toronto, Collingwood, s/o John B. THOMPSON & Elizabeth PATTERSON married Jane Elizabeth MILLER, 24, Collingwood, same, d/o Nathan MILLER & Sarah Jane HORTON, wtn W. J. HORTON and Charlotte MILLLER both of Collingwood on August 20, 1902 at Collingwood.
015911-02 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Albert THOMPSON, 23, McKellar, same, farmer, s/o Elizabeth & John THOMPSON, married Adelia HAYES, 20, Seagrave, McKellar, d/o Jane & Israel HAYES, wtn: W.A. GRIFFIN of Ottawa & Blanche HAYES of Orillia, on September 30, 1902, at Orillia 015903-02 (Simcoe Co.) William Ernest THOMPSON, 21, Oro, Orillia, carriage painter, s/o John THOMPSON & Hannah M. PALMER, married Charlotte Sarah BASKERVILLE, 21, Orillia, same, d/o William Henry (BASKERVILLE) & Elizabeth G. FELL, wtn: Harry BASKERVILLE of Orillia & Gertie THOMPSON of Jarratt’s Corners, on August 13, 1902, at Orillia
15743-02 Benjamin TITUS, 23, laborer, Markham twp., Matchedash twp., s/o Benjamin & Matilda, married Emma ELLIS, 22, Seabright twp., Matchedash twp., witn: William & Lena RICHARDSON of Matchedash, 2 April 1902 at Matchedash 015769-02 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander TRUAX, 21, laborer, Medonte, same, d/o Alexander TRUAX & Sarah PUGH, married Alma, TWEEDLE, 20, Medonte, same, d/o John TWEEDLE & Maria CASTON, wtn: Mrs. H.E. BAKER & Mrs. MARTIN, both of Hillsdale, on December 31, 1902, at Hillsdale
015767-02 (Simcoe Co.) James Frederick TURNER, 28, farmer, Flos, same, s/o John TURNER & Jessie THOMPSON, married Jennie McDONALD, 28, Flos, Hillsdale, d/o Archibald THOMPSON & Margaret ROWATT, wtn: Charles COOK & Bertha SHORTREAD, both of Hillsdale, on December 17, 1902, at Hillsdale 015898-02 (Simcoe Co.) George Westcott UNDERDOWN, 34, Thorah, Mara, carpenter, s/o William Wescott UNDERDOWN & Catherine WESTCOTT, married Mary CHISHOLM, 27, Glenarm, Thorah, d/o Angus CHISHOLM & Florence FRASER, wtn: Mary HAYNES & Marianne GRANT, both of Orillia, on May 14, 1902, at Orillia
015607-02 (Simcoe Co.) Oliver WALTON, 42, boiler maker, Durham Co. Barrie, widowed, s/o Abraham WALTON & Ann McCAUSLAND, married Mercy CHURCH, 40, England, Barrie, d/o William CHURCH & Rebecca D--?, wtn: T.D. BELL & Ethel LLOYD, both of Barrie, on October 2, 1902, at Barrie 015912-02 (Simcoe Co.) William WARREN, 33, Victoria Co, Lindsay, music dealer, s/o Mary CALVERLEY & Richard WARREN, married Lillian S. STANTON, 27, Orillia, same, tailoress, d/o Isabella NUGENT & James STANTON, wtn: Richard WARREN Jr. of Lindsay & Louisa STANTON of Orillia, on September 24, 1902, at Orillia (see ** bottom of page)
  017473-03 (Simcoe Co.) Archibald WATSON, 26, merchant, Sunnidale, Stayner, parents - Wes WATSON & Martha GROGAN married Jennie McCAQUE, 24, Sunnidale, Sunnidale, parents - Andrew McCAQUE & Fanny KITA, witn, Thomas GALLOP & Mary McCAQUE both of Sunnidale, Dec. 31, 1902 at Sunnidale
015645-02 (Simcoe Co.) Malcolm WATSON, 25, farmer, Sunnidale, Collingwood, s/o Richard WATSON & Cath. McTAGGART married Mary SHAW, 23, Flos, Collingwood, d/o Duncan SHAW & Catherine McNEVIN, wit John McDOUGALL and Catherine McNEVIN both of Stayner, on February 26, 1902, at Collingwood. 016083 (Simcoe Co.) Allister M. WATTIE, 22, carpenter, Vespra, Vespra, s/o Charles F. Wattie and Isabella Orok, married Margaret Maud TEEDSDALE, 20, Vespra, Vespra, d/o Thomas Teedsdale and Elizabeth Young, witn Charles WATTIE and May ROBSON, both of Vespra, 2 July 1902 at Vespra.

16011-02, (Simcoe Co), Alfred F. WEATHERALL, 27, carpenter, Dunedin Ont, Sunnidale, s/o Joseph WEATHERALL & Mary ANDREWS, married Mary POWERS, 28, Markham Ont, Sunnidale, d/o John POWERS & Christina MILLER, wtn: Jonas POWERS of Sunnidale & Jennie WEATHERALL of New Flos Ont, 15 May 1902, Sunnidale

15736-02, (Simcoe Co), Thomas L. WEBB, 29, blacksmith, Whitchurch, Fennells, s/o Jonathan WEBB & Margaret SPROXTON, married Monica SAWYER, 26, Fennells, Fennells, d/o Thomas SAWYER & Monica HILL, wtn: W. O. MITCHELL of Cookstown & Libbie SAWYER of Fennells, 4 June 1902 at Fennells

015638-02 (Simcoe Co.) Charles WHEATON, 23, Engineer, Simcoe Norfolk , Collingwood, s/o George WHEATON and Catherine CASSILS married Elizabeth W. GRAHAM, 18, Creemore, Collingwood, d/o William GRAHAM & Christina CUDMORE, wtn James McCUTCHEON and Annie McCUTCHEON both of Creemore on Jan. 1, 1902 at Collingwood. 015682-02 (Simcoe Co.) George Edward WHEELER, 22, laborer, Sunnidale, Collingwood, s/o George WHEELER & Jessie SCHELL married Georginia VanLUVEN 19, Sunnidale, Collingwood, d/o Henry Van LUVEN & Matilda SMITH, wtn Burt SILLS and Sarah SCOBIE both of Collingwood on November 5, 1902 at Collingwood.
015653-02 (Simcoe Co.) James Norman WHITE, 27, Merchant, Thornbury, Collingwood, s/o John WHITE & Julia BRIGGS married Myrtle Winiford JACQUES, 26, Satrin, Collingwood, d/o John JACQUES & Lenora PEARSELL, wtn Abrm. WRIGHT of Gravenhurst and Vivian JACQUES of Collingwood on June 2, 1902 at Collingwood. 015657-02 (Simcoe Co.) John WILSON, 38, Architect, Collingwood, same, s/o Walter WILSON & Ann McALLISTER married Ethel ROWE, 27, Collingwood, same, d/o of Hiram ROWE & Mary SHRIGLEY, wtn George SMITH and Jessie WILSON, both of Collingwood on June 25, 1902 at Collingwood.

15729-02, (Simcoe Co), Frederick WOOD, 32, farmer, Tiny, Tiny, s/o Joseph WOOD & Susan SWARDFIGURE (Swardfager?), married Jennie NIGHTINGALE, 30, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o George NIGHTINGALE & Lula BISHOPISE (Bishopric?), wtn: George NIGHTINGALE & Sarah WOOD, both of Tiny, 1 Jan 1902 at St. Pauls Church, Innisfil

015929-02 (Simcoe Co.) William George WOOLFORD, 24, Orillia, same, barber, s/o Mary Ann SHEPHERD & William H. WOOLFORD, married Maud HALTER, 22, Lakedale, Orillia, d/o Esther KIRKLAND & Elias HALTER, wtn: William HANCOCK & Eva HIGGERSON, both of Orillia, on November 19, 1902, at Orillia 015920-02 (Simcoe Co.) William Andrew WRIGHT, 26, Halton, Wellington, farmer, s/o Rachel FLEMING & James WRIGHT, married Nellie ARMSTRONG, 26, Waterdown, North Orillia, d/o Elizabeth MARSHALL & George AMRSTRONG, wtn; Samuel McKEE of Uhthoff & Ada DUNSFORD of blank, on October 8, 1902, at Orillia
015926-02 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph YELLOWHEAD, 50, Rama, same, farmer, widowed, s/o name not remembered & Isaac YELLOWHEAD, married Mary MARTELL, 19, Rama, same, d/o not given & Louis MARTELL, wtn: Thomas LEONARD of Goodwood & Emma S. LOCKE of Orillia, on November 8, 1902, at Orillia 016087 (Simcoe Co.) Albert Charles YOUNG, 29, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, s/o Thomas Young and Agnes Mason, married Susan Alice ADAIR, 20, Ontario, Vespra, d/o John and Dorothy, witn Robert YOUNG and Frances McFARLANE, both of Vespra, 15 Oct 1902 at Vespra.

** re #15912-02 Warren - Stanton: parents of the groom should be Isabella Nugent & Richard Warren and parents of the bride should be Mary Calverley & James Stanton