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Simcoe Co., 1905, part 2

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17867-05 Theodore C. ADAMS, 28, machinist, Waubaushene, Penetang., s/o Andrew ADAMS & Alice McPHEE, married May E. McLELLAN, 20, Penetang., same, d/o William McLELLAN & Elizabeth McGRATH, witn: Sam WHALEN of Penetang. & Mrs. A. M. ADAMS of Waubaushene, 26 Sept 1905 at Penetang. 017748-05 (Simcoe Co.) John H. ANDERSON, 25, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - James ANDERSON & Lucinda HUTCHINSON married Margaret ARNOLD, 22, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - William ARNOLD & Annie BRINKMAN, witn: Milford MOFATT of Batteau & Carrie L. SHAW of Hamilton, Sept. 30, 1905 at Nottawasaga
017744-05 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Tedford ANDREWS, 30, merchant Dummer twp., Havelock, parents James ANDREWS & Mary Ann FERGUSON married Mary Louisa REAZIN, 30, milliner, Pickering tp., Havelock, parents - Thomas REAZIN & Irene J. ROGERS , witn: W. J. TRAVIS & Tina OGILVIE both of Toronto, Aug. 12, 1905 at Nottawasaga 17853-05 Francis Herbert ARGUE, 23, laborer, Fenelon Falls, Midland, s/o William ARGUE & Martha McGEE, married Lottie McFARLANE, 19, Midland, same, d/o Charles McFARLANE & Emma BLACKMORE, witn: Francis & J. D. CAMPBELL of Penetang., 14 March 1905 at Penetang.
017387-05 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas ARMSTRONG, 19, barber, Barrie, Barrie, s/o John ARMSTRONG and Hannah BEATHAM, married Annie May WARREN, 19, Alliston, Barrie, d/o James Alex WARREN and Louisa FAULKNER, witn John ARMSTRONG and Saml. Hugh McDOWELL both of Barrie, 7 February 1905 at Barrie. 017384-05 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas James ARNOLD, 42, widower, farmer, Essa, Creemore, s/o Thomas ARNOLD and Elizabeth BRADEN, married Margaret MONTGOMERY, 40, widow, Tecumseth, Alliston, d/o Thomas RILEY and Ann BENNETT, witn Agnes KEARN of Barrie and Rebecca DOAN of Sharon, 17 January 1905 at Barrie.
017971-05 (Simcoe) Alex ASSANCE, 29, Farmer, Christian Island, Christian Island, s/o Charles and Mary ASSANCE, married Charlotte MEGISIMING, 33, Christian Island, Christian Island, d/o Charles and Sarah MEGISIMING, Wtns, J. D. MONAGUE & James L. KING of Christian Island, January 19, 1905 at Christian Island, Tiny Twp.. 17858-05 William ASSANCE, 23, laborer, Christian Island, same, s/o Charles ASSANCE & Mary ESQUIDANG, married Lorraine MARKS, 19, Christian Island, same, d/o Solomon MARKS & Mary Jane MONAUG, witn: Mrs. John & Erlby POWER of Christian Island, 6 May 1905 at Penetang
017979-05 (Simcoe) Michel ASSELIN, 23, Farmer, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Thomas ASSELIN and Exilda DAULT, married Victoire DESROCHES, 20, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o Honore DESROCHES and Philomine DAULT, Wtns Elzear MAHEW of St. Patrick and Lucie DESROCHES of Lafontaine, June 20, 1905, at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp.. 017534-05 (Simcoe Co.) Alvie AVERY, 23, barber, Baysville, Creemore, s/o Jefferson AVERY and Alminia JARRED, married Bertha WEBB, 20, Creemore, same, d/o John WEBB and Alice HOWARD, witn: Dora CONNOR of Collingwood on June 3, 1905 at Collingwood.
017547-05 (Simcoe Co.) J. Lorenzo BAKER, 26, tailor, Simcoe Co., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Isaac BAKER and Mary Ann HILTS married Margaret May GRAHAM, 23, Toronto, Ohio, d/o James GRAHAM and Sarah POLLICK, witn: George H. WEIR of Ohio and Mrs. P. J. SOMMONS of Collingwood on July 3, 1905 at Collingwood. 018016-05 - Auther (Arthur?) BARBER, 44, commercial traveller, Ontario, London Ont., s/o Auther BARBER and Fanny GRAHAM, married Florence PARKER, 31, Vespra, Vespra, d/o John PARKER and Annie CARSON, witn George? (Leo?) PARKER and Ada PARKER both of Vespra, 12 April 1905 at Vespra.
017747-05 (Simcoe Co.) John Henry Stegmon BARNARD, 32, merchant, Bradford, Barrie, parents - Benjamin BARNARD & Annie TODD married Margaret Elizabeth LOTT, 31, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John LOTT & Margaret CLEMENGER , witn: W. E. LAWRENCE of Creemore & Maud M. LOTT of Avening, Sept. 16, 1905 at Nottawasaga 017421-05 - Thomas BARRETT, scaler, Midhurst, Markstory? (Markstay?), s/o William BARRETT and Bridget O'CONNOR, married Nora CROSSLAND, 27, house maid, Muskoka, Barrie, d/o William H. CROSSLAND and Elizabeth VICARY, witn Alfred CROSSLAW and Mary BARRIE both of Barrie, 20 June 1905 at Barrie.
017526-05 (Simcoe Co.) Benjamin BARRY, 26, elevator employee, Meaford, same, s/o Robert BARRY and Rachel SMITH married Ettie May JOHNSON, 21, Meaford, same, d/o James JOHNSON and Lizzie BRINKMAN, witn: Cort KENT and Maude JOHNSON both of Collingwood on February 15, 1905 at Collingwood. 017888-05 James BARRY, 26, Penetang, same, labourer, s/o John BARRY & Constantine SAUVE, married Alexine LAPENSEE, 23, Tiny, same, d/o Charles LAPENSEE & Angelique BERIOT, witn, Geoff ROBILLARD & Melina BARRY of Penetang. 24 Oct, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017980-05 (Simcoe) Philias BEAUPRE, 23, Farmer, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Ovide BEAUPRE and Amanda AUMONT, married Georgina BRUNELLE, 24, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o Theophile BRUNELLE and Emma MARCHAND, Wtns Philippe St. ARNAUD of Victoria Harbor and Rebecca BRUNELLE of Lafontaine, June 21, 1905 at Lafontaine Tiny Twp..

17685-05 Amos Dean BELL, 21, farmer, Tiny, Tay, s/o David BELL & Elizabeth HURL, married Mary Eva HAMILTON, 19, Medonte, Tay, d/o James HAMILTON & Rebecca BAKER, witn: M. McKEE & M.A. McKEE both of Coldwater, 8 Nov 1905 at Coldwater

017887-05 Pierre BEAUSOLEIL, 21, Tiny, Penetang, labourer, s/o Felix BEAUSOLEIL & Lucille JOLY, married Violet BOILEAU, Tiny, same, d/o Charles BOILEAU & Elise GROZELLE, witn, Eugene BEAUSOLEIL & Marie LACROIX of Tiny. 17 Oct, 1905 at Penetang. RC 017890-05 George BEAUSOLEIL, 21, Michigan USA, Penetang, labourer, s/o Clement BEAUSOLEIL & Amanda JOLY, married Rosanna TRUDEAU, 16, Tiny, same, d/o Louis TRUDEAU & Mathilda CARRIERE, witn, Louis LACROIX of Tiny & Jane CARRIERE of Penetang. 21 Nov, 1905 at Penetang. RC
  017510-05 (Simcoe Co.) Alfred Joseph BENTLEY, 23, sailor, Birmingham, Collingwood, s/o George BENTLEY and Caroline HOBBS married Ida May PICKERING, 25, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas PICKERING and Mary GOWER, witn: Thomas & Mary PICKERING both of Collingwood on January 11, 1905 at Collingwood.
018018-05 - Joseph Howard BERTRAM, 22, farmer, Oro, Oro, s/o Benjamin BERTRAM and Ellen BAXTER, married Olivia Grace WILLIAMS, 25, Vespra, Vespra, d/o William WILLIAMS and Maria R. GRAHAM, witn Henry WILLIAMS and B. BERTRAM both of Vespra, 26 April, 1905 at Vespra. 017511-05 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Albert BLACKBURN, 23, farmer, Artemesia, Flesherton, s/o John BLACKBURN and Lucy SYMONS married Eleanor Levina THOMPSON, 23, Artemesia, Collingwood, d/o Jeremiah THOMPSON and Sarah Jane McKEE, witn: George B. BLACKBURN of Flesherton & Isabel THOMPSON of Collingwood on February 1, 1905 at Collingwood.
017554-05 (Simcoe Co.) James BLACKSTOCK, 26, Merchant, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, s/o Duncan BLACKSTOCK and Catharine McNAIR married Jeanet KAISER, 24, Sunnidale, Collingwood, d/o William KAISER and Elizabeth PROSSER, witn: Edward BLACKSTOCK and Maud KAISER both of Collingwood on September 6, 1905 at Collingwood. 017537-05 (Simcoe Co.) William BLAIR, 37, lumberman, Duntroon, Collingwood, s/o William BLAIR and Elizabeth CAMPBELL married Jennie McARTHUR, 28, Collingwood Tp., same, d/o Alex McARTHUR and Jennie GRAHAM, witn: Duncan J. & Minnie BLAIR both of Collingwood on June 14, 1905 at Collingwood.
017976-05 (Simcoe) Ritchel BLONDIN, 32, Farmer, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Isaie(sic)BLONDIN and Delie ANDRE, married Exilda GENIER, 28, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o Jean Baptiste GENIER and Sophie SAUCIER, Wtns Alex DESROCHES and Louise BLONDIN both of Lafontaine, May 14, 1905 at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp.. 017743-05 (Simcoe Co.) James BREADNER, 29, Public School Teacher, Rockland, Assinaboia N.W.T., parents - James BREADNER & Sarah CRABTREE married Annie Louisa TAYLOR, 26, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John TAYLOR & Annie McCORKILL, witn: Charles TAYLOR & Ella May FACHNIE both of Nottwasaga, Aug. 12, 1905 at Nottawasaga
17872-05 Denis BRISSETTE, 25, laborer, Baxter twp., same, s/o Edward BRISSETTE & Rosalie GENDRON, married Marie LORMANT, 19, Penetang., Baxter twp., d/o Alexander LORMANT & Delaia LEDUC, witn: Regis & Clarise BRISSETTE of Baxter twp., 15 May 1905 at Penetang 17864-05 James M. BROCK, 49, widower, engineer, Hastings Co Ont., Penetang., s/o James BROCK & Mary McLELAND, married Jenny BUCHNELL, 37, widow, Victoria co., Midland, d/o Stephen GORDON (Garden?) & Elizabeth PAULING, witn: Edith McCULLOUGH of Nantes & Mrs. John POWER of Penetang., 28 Aug 1905 at Penetang
017397-05 - William Wesley BROWN, 28, labourer, Simcoe Co., Barrie, parents - Richard Watts BROWN & Matilda PROUSE, married Minnie WRIGHT, 19, Innisfil twp., Painswick, parents - James WRIGHT & Elizabeth ANDREWS, witn, Harry BROWN of Barrie & Elizabeth Abbie WRIGHT of Painswick, Sept. 5 1905 at Barrie 017562-05 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander BROWN, 32, farmer, Nottawasaga, Stayner, s/o Alexander BROWN and Matilda PARKS married Christena R. PARKS, 24, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Matthew PARKS and Johonah LIGHTHEART, witn: Philip & Adeline REDMOND both of Collingwood on September 27, 1905 at Collingwood.
017993-05 - James BROWN, 26, farmer, Vespra, Vespra, s/o John BROWN and Louise BALDRY, married Ethel Pearl ELSON, 20, Amaranth, Tosorontio, d/o John ELDON and Isabella LANKTREE, witn Fred ELDON and Martha A. ELDON both of Floss Twp., 27 December 1905 at lot 4 con 2 Tosorontio. 017548-05 (Simcoe Co.) George Fred BURCH, 23, fisherman, Sutton West, Collingwood, s/o Henry BURCH and Bessie SMALLWOOD married Cecillia GRIMM, 20, Germany, Collingwood, d/o Phillip GRIMM and Mary RABENECKEN, witn: Percy LAVERS and Lena LAVERS both of Collingwood on July 4, 1905 at Collingwood.
017882-05 Joseph CADAT, 25, Baxter, same, labourer, s/o Simeon CADAT & Georgina MAILLOUX, married Florida BRISETTE, 19, Tay, Baxter, d/o Edward (Edmond) BRISETTE & Herminie BONNEVILLE, witn, Joseph CADAT of Victoria Harbour & Melvina BRISETTE of Baxter. 1 July, 1905 at Port Severn. RC 017386-05 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph BYERS, 26, farmer, Altha? Pick Tp., Pickering, s/o Henry BYER and Jane WALLACE, married Ella DAVIS, blank, Altona Pick T. Vespra, d/o Philip DAVIS and Annie HOOPER, witn Edna KEARN and Olive KEARN both of Barrie, 26 January 1905 at Barrie.
017425-05 - Alexander W. CAIRNS, 26, mechanic, Scotland, Barrie, s/o Alex. CAIRNS and Jennet SHARPE, married Agnes G, ROBERTSON, 29, maid, d/o Thomas ROBERTSON and Margaret BRUCE, witn George RIMMER of Elmvale and Ethel McCULLOUGH of Barrie, 19 June 1905 at Barrie. 017381-05 (Simcoe Co.) William Ross CAMERON, 26, bank manager, Peterborough Ont., Portland Ont., s/o William CAMERON and Isabella EWING, married Janet Ada SPRY, 21, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Daniel SPRY and Mary Elizabeth FORTIER, witn F. M. SPRY of Montreal and William L. ROXBURGH of Norwood, 4 January 1905 at Barrie.
017396-05 - Langley CAMERON, 32, farmer, Vespra twp., Vespra, parents - Angus CAMERON & Louisa Jane PETERS, married Lucy Ann BUTLER, 19, Adolpustown, Barrie, parents - Thomas BUTLER & Amanda POLLARD, witn, Walter CAMERON & Rose BUTLER both of Barrie, March 22 1905 at Barrie 017549-05 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick CARPENTER, 25, cook, Virginia Ont., Collingwood, s/o Edward CARPENTER and Rox BUORLY (Brierly?) married Dolly LINDEN, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas LINDEN and Pheobe HAMILTON, witn: F. McKENNA of Toronto and M. LONG of Collingwood on August 14, 1905 at Collingwood.
017509-05 (Simcoe Co.) Walter W. CARRUTHERS, 25, Ins. Agent, Winnipeg, Collingwood, s/o William G. CARRUTHERS and Ellen TWEED married Alice Victoria GOLD, 23, Thornbury, Collingwood, d/o George GOLD and Nancy LONDRY, witn: Nettie E. GRANT & Gretha MONTGOMERY both of Collingwood on January 25, 1905 at Collingwood. 017883-05 Delphis CHALIFOUX dit JELLIFAUT, 38, widower, Monte Bello Que, Victoria Harbour, labourer, s/o Stanislas CHALIFOUX & Celine BREVETTE, married Victoire LADOUCEUR, 36?, Tiny, same, d/o William LADOUCEUR & Clemence VALLEE, witn, Aldebert & Delia LADOUCEUR of Tiny. 14 Aug, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017543-05 (Simcoe Co.) George CHAMPLIN, 45, labourer, Twain Eng., Collingwood, s/o Robert CAMPLIN and Mary WOODSWORTH married Eliza LOGAN, 22, Collingwood, same, d/o John LOGAN and Jane PRESSICK, witn: Thomas A. ROBINSON and Sarah MILLER both of Collingwood on July 20, 1905 at Collingwood. 017540-05 (Simcoe Co.) William CHAPELLE, 21, machinist, Sutton Ont., Collingwood, s/o Edward CHAPELLE and Margaret PLUE married Emma LAWRENCE, 21, milliner, Collingwood, same, d/o Theodore LAWRENCE and Boadicea McDONALD, witn: Patrick BYRNES & Gertrude LAWRENCE both of Collingwood on June 19, 1905 at Collingwood.
017503-05 (Simcoe Co.) Edward Albert CHURCH, 29, farmer, Bradford, Bradford, parents - John CHURCH & Annie Maria MASTERS, married Mary Evatua OLIVER, 35, Whitchurch, Bradford, parents - Thomas OLIVER & Harriett MOUETTE (Monette?), witn, Frank E. OLIVER & Ada OLIVER both of Pine Orchard, Nov. 23 1905 at Bradford 017965-05- John Cardwell? COFFEY, 21, farmer, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, s/o Richard COFFEY and Susan JAMIESON, married Leila Gertrude PENFIELD, 20, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, d/o Adney? PENFIELD and Margaret WELLS, witn Roland POTTER? of Penville? and Ida May STEELES of Tottenham, 6 December 1905 at Tecumseth.
017576-05 (Simcoe Co.) Charles CONN, 24, plumber, North Dakota, Collingwood, s/o Robert CONN and Annie ANDERSON married Mabel E. TEACHOUT, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o George TEACHOUT and Minnie PARKER, witn: J. E. VanEGMOND & Eva TEACHOUT both of Collingwood on December 30, 1905 at Collingwood. 017377-05 - Joseph CONNELL, 29, bar tender, Adjala, Barrie, parents - Thomas CONNELL & Mary RYAN, married Alice HOLLAND, 26, Adjala, Alliston, parents - Hans HOLLAND & Mary MULLEN, witn, Thomas CAHILL of Toronto & Mary HOLLAND of Alliston, Sept. 20 1905 at Alliston
017499-05 (Simcoe Co.) George Robert COOMBS, 30, school teacher, Vaughan, Powassan, parents - George COOMBS & Mary Ann MOORE, married Laura Etta BOWLES, 26, West Gwillimbury, Bradford, parents - William BOWLES & Eliza Jane MAGEE, witn, Samuel BOWLES & Mrs. John DOUGLAS both of Bradford, Aug. 22 1905 at Bradford  
017527-05 (Simcoe Co.) William H. COOPER, 23, steam fitter, Toronto, same, s/o Henry COOPER and Annie McFARLANE married Byrtha LEE, 25, Stayner, Collingwood, d/o Anson LEE and Mary ANDREW, witn: H. HOWELL & F. E. BARKER both of Toronto on February 28, 1905 at Collingwood. 017558-05 (Simcoe Co.) John COSTELLO, 28, clerk, Limerick, Ireland, Collingwood, s/o John COSTELLO and Cecelia O'CONNELL married Hattie TORGISS, 27, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas TORGISS and Jean HENDERSON, witn: J. W. COOPER & Jessie TORGISS, both of Collingwood on September 12, 1905 at Collingwood.
017507-05 (Simcoe Co.) Charles H. CRANSTON, 37, wid., Druggist, York County, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Charles CRANSTON and Mary BURNS married Annie L. BOWIE, 27, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas BOWIE and Margaret BOWIE, witn: Archie McCOLL and Ethel BOWIE both of Collingwood on January 10, 1905 at Collingwood. 017994-05 - Archy G. CREARY, 31, school teacher, Mulmur, Adjala, s/o James CREARY and Isabella HAWKINS, married Frances THOMPSON, 26, Adjala, Adjala, d/o Thomas THOMPSON and Mary BALL, witn George AGNEW and Mrs. George AGNEW both of Adjala, 25 April 1905 at Rosemount.
017751-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert CRICHTON, 22, moulder, Paisley Scotland, Owen Sound, parents - Robert CRICHTON & name unknown, married Alexandra B. GLOVER, 27, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - George GLOVER & B. OVAS, witn: Dr. CLEWIS of Collingwood & Mary HOLBURN of Queensville , Oct. 19, 1905 at Nottawasaga 017508-05 (Simcoe Co.) Edward CRITTENDEN, 61, wid., labourer, Humber York Co., Collingwood, s/o Isaac CRITENDEN and Miss RUNON, married Elizabeth RICHARDS, 36, wid., Alliston, Collingwood, d/o Philip VOVIR (Bovair?) and don't know, witn: George & Tamar FOSTER both of Collingwood on January 19, 1905 at Collingwood.
017561-05 (Simcoe Co.) George Albert CUMMING, 26, clerk, Heathcote, Thornbury, s/o James CUMMING and Rachel WILSON married Almanetta McEACHERN, 28, Osprey, Clarksburg, d/o Donald McEACHERN and Julia McLEAN, witn: D. A. & Annie BELL both of Collingwood on September 27, 1905 at Collingwood. 017544-05 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick John CURRY, 34, Euphrasia Tp., Assinaiboia, s/o James CURRIE (sic) and Ann Jane CLIFTON married Jenny IRWIN 24, Collingwood Tp., Collingwood, d/o John IRWIN and Jane LOUGHEED, witn: Oscar IRWIN of Collingwood and Ethel ARMSTRONG of Thornbury on July 26, 1905 at Collingwood
017749-05 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick John DARTNALL, 24, motorman, Rymal, Hamilton, parents - William Edward DARTNALL & Alice FISHER married Jeanette Florence McDOUGALL, 23, Stayner, Hamilton, parents - Hugh McDOUGALL & Mary Ann BEATOY, witn: Hector McDOUGALL & Hattie B. McDOUGALL of Stayner, Oct. 13, 1905 at Nottawasaga 017881-05 George DAULT, 19, Tiny, same, labourer, s/o Emery DAULT & Donalda DUBEAU, married Adela DENIS, 19, Tiny, same, d/o Jn-Baptiste DENIS & Alexina MIRON, witn, Edward DECAIRE & Clara DAULT of Penetang. 17 July, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017516-05 (Simcoe Co.) Orlando DAWE, 31, sailor, Tannton Eng., Collingwood, s/o Elijah DAWE and Emma PHILLIPS married Sarah Jane LEWIS, 30, wid., Toronto, Collingwood, d/o George COOK and Margaret CHESNEY, witn: Elijah & Emma DAWE both of Collingwood on Mar. 8, 1905 at Collingwood. 017551-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert Perry DAY, 21, blacksmith, Toronto, Collingwood, s/o Robert DAY and Rose PERRY married Maud LYNDON, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas LYNDON and Pheobe HENDERSON, witn: E. L. IRVINE and Charles H. IRVINE both of Collingwood on August 28, 1905 at Collingwood.
017977-05 (Simcoe) Alfred DENIS, 22, Laborer, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, s/o Baptiste DENIS and Alexina MIRON, married Eline? QUESNELLE, 19, d/o Napoleon QUESNELLE and Amanda LAFAIVE, Wtns, Isai GAUTHIER of Penetang and Mary QUESNELLE of Lafontaine, May 2, 1905 at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp

17587-05 John T. DERBY, 23, farmer, Tossorontio, same, s/o David DERBY & Catherine TURPEL, married Susannah E. HILTS, 18, Culross, Tossorontio, d/o William HILTS & Mercy SMITH, witn: Edith ROBINSON & Mary SAMPSON both of Creemore, 8 Nov 1905 at Creemore

17851-05 Edward DESMARAIS, 25, laborer, Penetang., Baxter twp., s/o Amable DESMARAIS & Catherine, married Marguerite PRESQUE, 24, Midland, Baxter twp., d/o Pierre PRESQUE & Catherine VASSEUR, witn: Philomena BOOTH of Midland & Joseph DESMARAIS of Baxter twp., 6 March 1905 at Penetang  
17852-05 Leon DESROCHER, 26, carpenter, Tiny twp.,, Penetang., s/o Louis DESROCHERS & Philmene CHEVALIER, married Alma ROBILLARD, 21, Tiny twp.,, Penetang., d/o Eugene ROBILLARD & Exilda DESROCHERS, witn: Clara COLUMBUS & George ROBILLARD, both of Penetang., 6 March 1905 at Penetang 017423-05 - Charles DEVLIN, 29, merchant, Barrie, Barrie, s/o Bernard DEVLIN and Mary McCORMIC?, married Mary GRAHAM, 25, New Lowell, Barrie, d/o James GRAHAM and Mary GUILFOYLE, witn Frank GUILFOYLE of Collingwood and Annie GRAHAM of Barrie, 20 June 1905 at Barrie
017399-05 - William Henry DINSMORE, 45, farmer, Oro twp., Oro, parents - William DINSMORE & Mary JEREMY, married Mary Elizabeth COATES, 28, Oro, Oro, parents - Hugh LUNCOCK & Martha JACK, witn, Margaret E. CLUTTERS & Susie CAMPBELL both of Barrie, March 28 1905 at Barrie 017974-05 (Simcoe) George DION, 25, Laborer, Tiny Twp., Penetanguishene, s/o Octave DION and Philomine BAYER, married Marguerite MARCHAND, 21, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o Louis MARCHAND and Marie BEAUDOIN, Wtns, Pierre MARCHAND and Emma Sauve both of Lafontaine, March 6, 1905 at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp..
017525-05 (Simcoe Co.) Andrew W. DONNELLY, 24, teacher, Duntroon, Essa Tp., s/o William Henry DONNELLY and Margaret M. GIFFEN married Violet Gertrude NEFF, 19, Singhampton, Nottawasaga, d/o Albert NEFF and Ketura JACQUES, witn: L. Pauline and Lavinia OCKLEY both of Collingwood on February 11, 1905 at Collingwood. 017524-05 (Simcoe Co.) Hiram DRINKILL, 22, farmer, Waverly, Hillsdale Ontario, s/o George DRINKILL and Maria SMITH married Maggie BONNEY, 23, Tiny Tp., Waverley, d/o William Henry BONNEY and Mary Ann DAVENPORT, witn: Alice B. STONE & Lavinia OCKLEY both of Collingwood on February 8, 1905 at Collingwood.
017834-05 - Charles Ernest DRURY, 26, Crown Hill, same, Farmer, s/o Charles DRURY & Marian VARLEY, married Ella Albinia PARTRIDGE, 25, Oro, Crown Hill, d/o Jas PARTRIDGE & Annie SOPER, Wtn: T.D. BELL of Toronto & Mabel L. PARTRIDGE of Crown Hill, on January 11, 1905, at Crown Hill 017523-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert Charles DUFFY, 29, labourer, Angus, Collingwood, s/o William DUFFY and Julia DONNELY married Maria PARK, 26, Collingwood, same, d/o John PARK and Jane BOWMAN, witn: Albert DUFFY of Collingwood and Maggie McGIBBON of Lisle on April 27, 1905 at Collingwood.
017428-05 - John Henry DUNN, 48, widower, farmer, s/o Levi DUNN and Mary A. WALTON, married Caroline FRASER, 40, widow, d/o Charles PARTRIDGE and Jane JORY, witn W.J. WHITE of Dalston and Martha E. PARKHOUSE of Crown Hill, 21 June 1905 at Barrie. 17983-05 - Napolean DUPUIS, 24, laborer, Port Severn, same, s/o Joseph DUPUIS & Josephine JOLY, married Luc-? LESPERANCE, 20, Lafontaine, same, d/o Joseph LESPERANCE & Melissa RAY, witn: Theophile DUPUIS of Port Severn & Delima LESPERANCE of Lafontaine, 10 July 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath)

17688-05 Nathan A. DURNFORD, 39, carpenter, Coldwater, Matchedash, s/o Arthur DURNFORD & Margaret LYNCH, married Sarah Jane CHURCH, 29, Caledon, Matchedash, d/o Joseph CHURCH & Hester SILK, witn: Blake DURNFORD of Coldwater & Emma Maud CHURCH of Lovering, 27 Dec 1905 at Coldwater

17855-05 Charles B. EDWARDS, 25, laborer, Wyebridge, Penetang., s/o Robert EDWARDS & Susan DWINDLE, married Jessie May SWITZER, 20, Wellington Co., South River - Parry Sound Dist., d/o David SWITZER & Ellen McGEE, witn: A. J. & Mrs. Alice SMITH of Penetang., 29 March 1905 at Penetang
017579-05 (Simcoe Co.) William EKINS, 33, cabinet maker, Oxford Ont., Collingwood, s/o John EKINS and Mary A. ROSS married Annie May OVERHOLT, 19, Wiarton, Collingwood, d/o George OVERHOLT and Melissa Melick, witn: Essie M. COLLINS & George OVERHOLT both of Collingwood on December 27, 1905 at Collingwood. 017500 -05 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Wilson ELLIS, 29, dentist, Bradford, Bradford, parents - William W. ELLIS & Jennie SUTHERLAND, married Maud Adelia ROSE, 29, Syracuse N.Y., Bradford, parents - F.W. ROSE & Eliza KILBORN, witn, Alfred Edwin ROSE of Syracuse N.Y. & Mable ELLIS of Beeton, Oct. 4 1905 at Bradford
017422-05 - Sidney ELLIS, 27, loco. engineer, Birmingham England, Allandale, s/o James ELLIS and Eliza SMITH, married Anne KELLY, 40, widow, housekeeper, Mara Twp., Allandale, d/o Thomas KELLY and Catherine MOFFITT, witn D. J. DOUGALL and Mary HOLMES both of Allandale, 20 June 1905 at Barrie 017959-05- William John ENGLISH, 27, labourer, Emlay Twp.? Ont., Midland, s/o William John ENGLISH and Esther SANDERSON, married Mabel STRONGMAN, 22, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, d/o Jos.? STRONGMAN and Mary HENRY, witn George BELL of Midland and Vera STRONGMAN of Tecumseth, 19 April 1905 at Tecumseth.
017430-05 - William S.M. ENOURY (Enouy?), 26, druggist, Stratford, Toronto, s/o Christian Augustus ENOURY and Annie Ronald MORRISON, married Margaret KENNEDY, 28, Kleinburg, Barrie, d/o Alex. KENNEDY and Mary STEWART, witn Alex. KENNEDY of Barrie and C.A. ENOURY of Stratford, 5 June 1905 at Barrie.

17689-05 Charles Henry EPLETT, 30, butcher, Coldwater, same, s/o John EPLETT & Marie LANGMAN, married Ethel M. CASWELL, 20, Coldwater, same, d/o George CASWELL & Mary M. SPENCER, witn: Charles Henry FELL of Orillia & Maude CASWELL of Coldwater, 27 Dec 1905 at Coldwater

017555-05 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas J., FALKNER, 27, painter, Soo Ont., Collingwood, s/o Fred J. FALKNER and Martha COUSINS, married Sarah M. MILLER, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Nathan MILLER and Sarah HORTON, witn: Nathan MILLER & Katie McDONALD both of Collingwood on September 5, 1905 at Collingwood. 017741-05 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph FALOON, 23, biscuit maker, Ireland, Toronto, parents - Robert FALOON & Eliza Ann McCONKEY married Elizabeth Jane MUSTARD, 25, dressmaker, twp. Holland, Nottawasaga, parents - George MUSTARD & Katherine MORGAN , witn: Charles MUSTARD & Mrs. J.S. MUSTARD of Nottawasaga, June 18, 1905 at Nottawasaga
017505-05 (Simcoe Co.) John Herbert FAWCETT, 26, shipping clerk, Ravenna Collingwood Tp., Collingwood, s/o James R. FAWCETT and Elizabeth SAUL married Isabel Marie COURT, 23, Collingwood, same, d/o Arthur COURT and Catherine CRESSWELL, witn: Robert R. FAWCETT of Kimberley & Katie COURT of Collingwood, on January 4, 1905 at Collingwood. 017560-05 (Simcoe Co.) John FERGUSON, 21, teamster, Collingwood, same, s/o John FERGUSON and Belle McPHAIL married Maud HOLLINGSHEAD, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o Ryley HOLLINGSHEAD and Jennie PAYNE, witn: M. BROWN of Collingwood & Lizzie SORNBERGER of Osprey on September 20, 1905 at Collingwood.
017753-05 (Simcoe Co.) John Edgar FERRIS, 28, farmer, Mulmur, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas FERRIS & Susannah PRENTICE married Nellie Edna WEATHERALL, 22, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - George WEATHERALL & Elizabeth Jane BULMER , witn: Roona May WEATHERALL & Charles MITCHELL both of Nottawasaga, Dec. 22, 1905 at Nottawasaga  
017512-05 (Simcoe Co.) James George FISHER, 32, marine engineer, Bruce Mines, Collingwood, s/o Alex FISHER and Margaret A. CLARK married Annie STOREY, 26, Hamilton, Collingwood, d/o William STOREY and Mary Ann HISCOCK, witn: John McFADGEN AND Willa STOREY both of Collingwood on February 1, 1905 at Collingwood. 017380-05 - William Kirkland FLETCHER, 26, - , Alliston, Saskatoon, parents - Joseph FLETCHER & Ismu Bell THOMPSON, married Mabel Alberta McGARVEY, 22, Alliston, Alliston, parents - James McGARVEY & Fanny HENSMING, witn, George EVANS of Alliston & Martha HARPER of Toronto, Dec. 7 1905 at Alliston
017385-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert James FLETCHER, 55, widower, county clerk, Mono Mills, Barrie, s/o John FLETCHER and Sara J. HASLAM, married Eliza BROWNLEE, 38, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Alex BROWNLEE and Mary STODDART, witn Robert BROWNLEE of Billings Mont. and Isabel FLETCHER of Barrie, 25 January 1905 at Barrie. 017532-05 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander FLETCHER, 47, farmer, Suttina, Gibraltar, s/o James FLETCHER and Jane McKAY married Mary PLUMMER, 34, Chinguacousy, Gibraltar, d/o Robert PLUMMER and Janet McKECHNIE, witn: John FLETCHER & Janet PLUMMER both of Gibralter on May 24, 1905 at Collingwood.
017513-05 (Simcoe Co.) James Netherton FOOTE, 31, mariner, Paisley, Collingwood, s/o George S. FOOTE and Jemima McQUEEN married Elizabeth J. BLUE, 30,Collingwood, same, d/o James BLUE and Sarah WINTERS, witn: Robert H. FOOTE of Little CURRENT & Mary DITSON of Collingwood on February 18, 1905 at Collingwood.

17892-05 David M. FOREMAN, 23, laborer, Glen Cairn, Penetanguishene, s/o Abraham FOREMAN & Mary James MORRISON, married Carrie FOURNIER, 27, Perkinsfield, Penetanguishene, d/o Joseph FOURNIER & Mary LALONDE, witn: Alfred MORRISON & Annie MORRISON both of Penetanguishene, 14 Dec 1905 at Penetanguishene

017390-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert William FORTNER, 22, farmer, Schomberg, Barrie, s/o John Henry FORTNER and Elizabeth SHELSON, married Margaret Ann CAREY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph CAREY and Sarah Jane O'MALLEY, witn Mrs. Amy WITTEN and James Randolph REID both of Barrie, 27 February 1905 at Barrie

18022-05 George R. FRANKLAND, 60, widower, wheelwright, Scotland, Vespra, s/o Robert FRANKLAND & Elizabeth GOFTON, married Lousiah CAMERON, 58, widow, Ontario, Vespra, s/o David PETERS & Sourcher VAN (or blank Van Sourcher?), witn: Joseph SIMS & Margaret SIMS both of Vespra, 8 Nov 1905 at Vespra

017403-05 - George FRASER, 50, Canada, Oro, Laborer, Widower, s/o James FRASER & Jennie RHINEHART, married Mary RHINEHART, 45, Canada, Barrie, d/o Nicholas RHINEHART & Margaret FRASER, wtn: Margret THORNBY & Annie THORNBY both of Barrie, on April 11, 1905, at Barrie 017804-08 - William FREELAND, 33, Collingwood, Thorah, Foreman, Widower, s/o John FREELAND & Elizabeth NICHOLL, married Minnie FRASER, 23, Thorah, same, d/o William FRASER & Annie CAMPBELL, wtn: Duncan McLEOD of Gamebridge & Mary GILLESPIE of Beaverton, on March 1, 1905, at Orillia (also 018078-06)
  018044-06 - Albert FREETHY, 23, Osprey, Sunnidale, farmer, s/o John FREETHY & Sarah Ann BRISTOW, married Alice SCHELL, 20, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Israel SCHELL & Elizabeth DONER, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Oscar SCHELL, both of Nottawasaga, on December 20, 1905, at Nottawasaga
017920-05 - William John FREETHY, 26, Osprey, Sunnidale, Farmer, s/o John FREETHY & Sarah Ann BRISTOW, married Isabell Susan BLACKBURN, 23, Ontemesia, Sunnidale, d/o William BLACKBURN & Mary Ann THOMPSON, wtn: Albert FREETHY & Eliza Jane BLACKBURN, both of Sunnidale, on June 7, 1905, at Sunnidale 017805-08 - Donald FRENCH, 36, Thorah, same, Farmer, s/o James FRENCH & Ann McPHERSON, married Bell McEACHERN, 26, Eldon, same, d/o William & Isabella McEACHERN, wtn: Mrs R.N. GRANT of Orillia & Eva MITCHELL of Jarratts Corners, on May 10, 1905, at Orillia
017480-05 - Dugald Allan GALBRAITH, 31, Physician, Glenore, Lansing Mich, s/o Malcolm GALBRAITH & Mary MCALPINE, married Anna Sterling CARMICHAEL, 24, Montreal, Lansing Mich, d/o Charles R. CARMICHAEL & Margaret MURPHY. witn: Hattie SMITH, Barrie & C.R.CARMICHAEL, Barrie. Dec 20, 1905 at Barrie

18023-05 Francis John GARRATT, 27, farmer, Ontario, Flos, s/o A.F. GARRATT & Elizabeth FRANKINSON, married Janette FRANKINSON, 19, England, Barrie, d/o Edward J. FRANKINSON & Emma CONSTABLE, witn: A. GARVIN of Vespra & Eva GARRATT of Barrie, 13 Dec 1905 at Vespra

017501-05 (Simcoe Co.) George Edward GARRETT, 24, printer, Bradford, Toronto, parents - Edmand GARRETT & Susie GOODFELLOW, married Sarah Annie MARTIN, 23, Beeton, Bradford, parents - Robert MARTIN & Sarah E. ANDERSON, witn, Hilary A. WILKINSON of Toronto & Ethel M. GARRETT of Bradford, Oct. 26 at Bradford 017794-05 - Thomas GAULEY, 24, Tay, Ivy (Essa), Farmer, s/o Thomas GAULEY & Mary Ann ALLAN, married Rose R.M. CUNNINGHAM, Medonte, same, d/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Rachel BALL, wtn: Mabel GAULEY of Ivy & Keppel CUNNINGHAM of Creighton, on August 30, 1905, at Orillia
17988-05 - Isaie GAUTHIER, 22, laborer, Penetang., same, s/o Ardene GAUTHIER & Philomene LACROIX, married Marie M. QUESNEL, 24, Tiny, same, d/o Napolean QUESNEL & Amande LEFARVE?, witn: Telesphore GAUTHIER of Penetang. & Alice LE CAMP of Lafontaine, 26 Sept 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath) 017975-05 (Simcoe) Henry GAUTHIER, 25, Laborer, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, s/o Assine GAUTHIER and Philomine LALONDE, married Martine LACROIX, 23, d/o William LACROIX and Clemense LORMAND, Wtns, Marjorie BEAUDOIN and Theodule DUGUETTE both of Lafontaine, March 22, 1905 at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp
17874-05 George E. GENDRON, 27, jeweller, Penetang., same, s/o C. G. GENDRON & Jane LABRASH, married Bridget GERVAIS, 20, Montreal Que., Penetang., d/o Lucien GERVAIS & Olympa TRUDEAU, witn: Arthur GENDRON of Penetang. & Lena LEGROU of Sterling Ont., 16 May 1905 at Penetang 017416-05 - Abraham A. GIBBS, 30, farmer, Concord Vaughn Twp., Dollar, s/o John GIBBS and Mary Jane OSTER, married Jennie McCULLOUGH, 20, Lefroy, Lefroy, d/o David McCULLOUGH and Mary Ann GORDON, witn Charles L. KEYS of Concord and Minnie McCULLOUGH of Lefroy, 23 May 1905 at Barrie.
#017902-05 - Peter James GIFFEN, 26, farmer, Stayner, Creemore, s/o William GIFFEN & Mary DOWLING, married Margaret Ellen MURRAY, 21, Stayner, Creemore, d/o Edward MURRAY & Margaret MAHONEY, witn: Frank MURRAY of Stayner & Margaret MAHONEY of Toronto, 15 Feb 1905 at Stayner (Rom Cath) 17861-05 Louis J. GILBERT, 36, widower, laborer, Middlesex Co., Parkhill, s/o Jacob GILBERT & Mary STEEPLE, married Lizzie M. CRAWFORD, 31, Simcoe Co., Tiny twp., d/o John CRAWFORD & Elizabeth PORTER, witn: Thomas CRAWFORD & Tillie LONGHURST, both of Tiny twp., 21 June 1905 at Penetang.
017409-05 - James GILCHRIST, 23, brakeman, Hamilton, Allandale, s/o James GILCHRIST and Jennie HARRIS, married Frances ARMSTRONG, 20, Holly, Allandale, d/o William ARMSTRONG and Mary HACH, witn Harvie GILCHRIST and Margaret GILCHRIST both of Allandale, 26 April 1905 at Barrie.  
017800-05 - William Craw GILL, 30, Cleveland Ohio, same, physician, s/o John C. GILL & Katie CRAW, married Eleanor Jane M. STEPHENS, 30, Toronto, Orillia, d/o Charles STEPHENS & Harriett A.M. HOLLAND, wtn: J.H. STEPHENS of North Bay & Anna GILL of Cleveland U.S.A., on October 4, 1905, at Orillia 017923-05 - John GINN, 23, Buffalo NY, Newmarket, Farmer, s/o William GINN & not known, married Sarah LAWSON, 31, Whitchurch, Sunnidale, d/o Alfred LAWSON & Matilda APROXTON (Sproxton?), wtn, Walter ROBINSON of Aurora & Beatrice LAWSON of Sunnidale, on June 28, 1905, at Sunnidale
017780-05 - James J. GIVENS, 24, Mara, same, Farmer, s/o John GIVENS & Philena SPROULE, married Gertrude Alberta EVANS, 24, Mara, same, d/o David EVANS & Hannah WARD, wtn: Watson & Maude EVANS both of Mara, on June 29, 1905, at Orillia 017746-05 (Simcoe Co.) Charles GLENNY, 23, carpenter, Cayuga, Bridgeburg, parents - Thomas GLENNY & Mary McCLUNG married Sarah M. MONTGOMERY, 21, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John MONTGOMERY & Annie BELL, witn: Annie MONTGOMERY & Mary MEREDITH both of Nottawa, Sept. 8, 1905 at Nottawasaga

17684-05 William A. GORDON, 32, farmer, Jarratts, Jarratts Corner, s/o William GORDON & Mary ANDERSON, married Mary Ann BEARD, 24, Jarratts, Jarratts Corner, d/o James BEARD & Emma MORRIS, witn: William R. McLEAN & Beatrice A. MITCHELL both of Jarratts, 1 Nov 1905 at Jarratts

018019-05 - William Henry GOSTICK, 21, laborer, Muskoka, Vespra, s/o Edward GOSTICK and Sarah WILKINSON, married Elizabeth Mandy TRACEY, 22, Vespra, Vespra, d/o Benjamin TRACEY and Mary A. DEGEER, witn William MATTHEWS of Stayner and Eva M. JOHNSTON of Midhurst, 14 June 1905 at Vespra.
017520-05 (Simcoe Co.) William James GRAY, 22, manufacturer, Collingwood, same, s/o James GRAY and Elizabeth CORRIGAN married Agnes MITCHELL, 24, Nottawasaga, same, d/o James MITCHELL and Sarah McKINNON, witn: Mrs. Margaret BOYCE & Nettie E. GRANT on April 19, 1905 at Collingwood. 017415-05 - William O. GREEN, 24, carpenter, Shoreham Sussex England, Barrie, s/o William GREEN and Emmeline HILL, married Christina H. CUMMING, 18, Flos, Barrie, d/o James C. CUMMING and Lavinia CARRUTHERS, witn Alex CUMMING and Ethel CUMMING both of Barrie, 23 May 1905 at Barrie.
017808-05 - Charles GREGG, 25, Dalton, same, Farmer, s/o Frederick GREGG & Annie THOMPSON, married Edith MARTIN, 30, Dalton, same, d/o Thomas MARTIN & Jane BRIEN?, wtn: H. GREENLAND & R.J. KOFFEND both of Orillia, on October 25, 1905, at Orillia 17857-05 Edward GRIFFITH, 24, engineer, Liverpool England, South River - Parry Sound Dist., s/o Edward GRIFFITH & Jane MOFFAT, married Emma Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 20, Midland, Penetang., d/o Andrew ELLIOTT & Elizabeth FANDON, witn: Fred RUTHERFORD of Midland & Ethel REYNOLDS of Penetang., 20 April 1905 at Penetang
017473-05 - Wendle B. GUEST, 27, farmer, Innisfil Twp, Vespra Twp, s/o James F. GUEST & Hannah GREAVES, married Linda IRWIN, 22, maid?, Tecumseth, Essa Twp, d/o George IRWIN & Rachael NEIL, witn: Harvey GUEST, Vespra, & Margaret J. JOHNSTON, Barrie. Dec 5, 1905 at Barrie. 017787-05 - Herbert HADLEY, 23, Gooderham, Fenelon Falls, Farmer, Widower, s/o Salomon HADLEY & Adelaide MAYERS, married Martha J. ROBSON, Fenelon, Fenelon Falls, d/o Thomas ROBSON & Harriett SAGGETT, wtn: Gracie DUDDY & Allie ODERY both of Orillia, on July 26, 1905, at Orillia
017775-05 - Graham Douglas HAGER, 21, Bell Ewart, same, Merchant, s/o Jonathan HAGER & Jeanette JOHNSON, married Effie Jean MAKLEY, 21, Gravenhurst, same, no parents given, wtn: William BUTTER of Midland & Ida BURNEY of Gravenhurst, on June 14, 1905, at Orillia #017495-1905 - William J. S. HAMBLEY, 38, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o Joseph HAMBLEY & Amelia Fiegchen?, married Lillian Victoria LANDERKIN, 25, Bradford, West Gwillimbury, d/o James LANDERKIN & Cathrine Lucy YOUNG, witnesses were Weston HAMBLEY, of Durham Co, Mary J LANDERKIN, of Toronto. 19 Jun 1905 at Bradford.
017801-05 - Robert Henry HANDLY, 24, Sandhurst, Orillia, Gardener, s/o Walter Herb HANDLY & Martha Iowsu? EARLY, married Lawrence BOWERMAN, 29, Oxford, Orillia, d/o Richard BOWERMAN & Sarah Ann PADBURY, wtn: John Henry NOWLEN of Newland & Lizie WHILI of Orillia, on September 19, 1905, at Orillia 017502-05 (Simcoe Co.) Charles HANIER, 30, accountant, England, Bradford, parents - William HANIER & Caroline, married Beatrice GOLDING, 20, England, Bradford, parents - John GOLDING & Sarah, witn, Thomas A. WOOD & Bertha Agnes GOLDING both of Bradford, Nov. 21 1905 at Bradford
017928-05 - William HARRIS, 25, England, Sunnidale, Laborer, s/o Robert William HARRIS & Charlotte M. NORTH, married Adeline Winnifred BOWEN, 24, Edgar, Sunnidale, d/o James Haine BOWEN & Mary TUCK, wtn: Art E. BOWEN of Toronto & Marion BOWEN of Angus, on December 6, 1905, at Sunnidale

17893-05 Albert C. HARRIS, 26, photographic agent, Hampshire England, Collingwood, s/o John HARRIS & Katherine WILCHER, married Mary Maud DEWELL, 24, Bruce Co, Penetanguishene, d/o Jeremiah DEWELL & Ellen DOWNER, witn: Dolly PARKER of Lindsay & Hector DEWELL of Penetanguishene, 27 Dec 1905 at Penetanguishene

017568-05 (Simcoe Co.) Llewellyn HERN, 31, tailor, Port Perry, Toronto, s/o John HERN and Ann MILLS married Sarah Ellen WALTON, 26, Dunchurch, Parry Sound, d/o Henry W. WALTON and Sarah F. BROWN, witn: S. A. H. WALTON of Parry Sound and Louise MYLER of Collingwood on November 7, 1905 at Collingwood. 017770-05 - Robert James HEWLEY, 22, Coldwater, same, Stonemason, s/o Thomas HEWLEY & no name given, married Eliza M. BALL, 18, Eady, same, d/o Richard BALL & Hellen ROBINS, wtn: N. AMMOND of Orillia & C.H. BALL of Eady, on March 15, 1905, at Orillia
017552-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert James HEWSON, 24, not given, Osprey, Collingwood, s/o George HEWSON and Margaret LITTLE married Eva Mildred O'BRIEN, Collingwood, same, d/o R. W. O'BRIEN and Catharine ROBINSON, witn: J. M. HEWSON of Oshawa and Zoe O'BRIEN of Collingwood on August 30, 1905 at Collingwood. 017405-05 - James Erlington HILTS, 21, farmer, Markham twp., Vespra, parents - Marshall HILTS & Mary WAGG, married Milly SAUNDERS, 19, Vespra, Vespra, parents - George SAUNDERS & Deborah WAGG , witn, C.E. WASHINGTON & Mrs. John CLARK of Barrie, April 26 1905 at Barrie
#017843-05 - Daniel Henry HIRONS, 28, teamster, Vespra twp., Barrie, s/o William HIRONS & Eleanor CARSON, married Alice Louisa OSBORNE, 27, Oro twp., same, d/o William OSBORNE & Mary WISE, witn: Wesley CALDWELL & Myrtle HICKBURG, both of Oro, 30 Aug 1905 at Dalston

17690-05 Ralph Francis HOARE, 24, implement agent, England, Red Deer Alberta, s/o Charles A. Richard HOARE & Margaret SHORT, married Katherine Hallen DRINKWATER, 22, Orillia, same, d/o Richard John Summers DRINKWATER & Eliza Katherine KNIGHT, witn: T.H. DRINKWATER & E.M. DRINKWATER both of Orillia, 3 Jan 1906 at Prices Corners

017400-05 - William Thomas HOOK, 23, farmer, Barrie, Barrie, parents - Henry HOOK & Mary KNIGHT, married Cora Ellen TRAN, 21, King twp., Barrie, parents - William George TRAN & Mary Ann ENGLISH, witn, William BROWN & Mrs. William BROWN of Barrie, Sept. 12 1905 at Barrie #018003-05 - Henry HOOK, 25, florist, Barrie, same, s/o Henry HOOK & Mary KNIGHT, married Isabella STICKLES, 23, Tosorontio twp., same, d/o John M. STICKLES & Mary MAXWELL, witn: H. KENNEDY of Barrie & Beatrice STICKLES of Tosorontio twp., Oct 1905 at Tosorontio twp
017400-05 - William Thomas HOOK, 23, Barrie, same, Farmer, s/o Henry HOOK & Mary KNIGHT, married Cora Ellen TRAN, 21, King Twp, Barrie, d/o William Geo TRAN & Mary Ann ENGLISH, wtn: William BROWN & Mrs, William BROWN both of Barrie, on April 12, 1905, at Barrie 17944-05 - William HOOPER, 21, carpenter, St. Thomas, Victoria Harbour, s/o Thomas John HOOPER & Harriet BERRY, married Olive Elizabeth STEPHENS, 17, Victoria Harbour, same, d/o Joseph STEPHENS & Martha WILSON, witn: William EVANS & Lena BALL, both of Victoria Harbour, 30 Aug 1905 at Victoria Harbour
017389-05 (Simcoe Co.) Alfred E. HOPKINS, 28, engine driver, Hamilton, Barrie, s/o William HOPKINS and Anne ROYAL, married Mary E, ADAMS, 20, Allandale, Barrie, d/o Fredrick ADAMS and Matilda FALLS, witn Archibald MARSHALL of Allandale and Alice BARRARD of Barrie, 22 February 1905 at Allandale.

17687-05 John F. HOPKINS, 35, miner, England, Tay, s/o George HOPKINS & Anne COOK, married Mary Helene GRATRIX, 28, Tay, Medonte, d/o John R. GRATRIX & Helene McKEOWN, witn: E. GRATRIX & Lizzie HOPKINS both of Coldwater, 25 Dec 1905 at Coldwater

017925-05 - William HOWIE, 27, Sunnidale, same, Laborer, s/o Robert HOWIE & Harriet MULROY, married Louie ROWE, 20, Sunnidale, same, d/o William ROWE & Lydia DIDYMUS, wtn: Mrs. J. CLARK of Sunnidale, on September 27, 1905, at Sunnidale

18024-05 William HUGHES, 22, carpenter, England, Barrie, s/o James HUGHES & Agnes PEMBERTON, married Elizabeth ROBERTSON, 23, Scotland, Barrie, d/o Charles ROBERTSON & Elizabeth SYMON, witn: James BERWICK of Barrie & Isabella ROBERTSON of Vespra, 25 Oct 1905 at Vespra

017772-05 - Charles HUGHES, 21, Ontario, Orillia, Laborer, s/o William John HUGHES & Rachel COMDISTERK?, married Mary Ellen DOUGHERTY, 21, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Michael DOUGHERTY & Catharine CAREY, wtn: John BROWN & Susan S. FOUNTAIN, on May 3, 1905, at Orillia 017419-05 - John Herbert HUNTER, 23, merchant, Painswick, Painswick, s/o William HUNTER and Mary Ann SANDERSON, married Rose Edith Mary NEELANDS, 23, Barrie, Barrie, d/o John H. NEELANDS and Mary McLAUGHLIN, witn B.W. HUNTER of Newmarket and Bessie VAIR of Barrie, 6 June, 1905 at Barrie.
017822-05 - Francis HUSSEY, 32, England, Burk's Falls, Farmer, s/o William HUSSEY & Francis BALL, married Rachel DAERS, 26, Gravenhurst, Burk's Falls, d/o John DAERS (Doerr?)& Christina GRANT, wtn: Ferdinand & Nancy HUSSEY, both of Orillia, on October 19, 1905, at Orillia 017816-05 - George Richard HUTCHINSON, 23, Orillia, Midland, Lumberman, s/o Richard HUTCHINSON & Maggie MARSHAL, married Frances Stella MORNINGSTAR, 25, Edgar, same, d/o John MORNINGSTAR & Mary NEICE, wtn: Elizabeth D. GRANE & Lucine TAYLOR both of Orillia, on November 30, 1905, at Orillia
017533-05 (Simcoe Co.) Albert T. HUTCHINSON, 29, carpenter, Collingwood, same, s/o Irwin HUTCHINSON and Jane COLLINS married Mary Almina BUNT, 29, Peel Tp. Wellington Co., Collingwood, d/o Francis John BUNT and Rebecca TOTTEN, witn: Alex McKAY of Edger & Myrtle BUNT of Alliston on May 24, 1905 at Collingwood.  
#017594-05 - Alfred INGHAM, 40, farmer, Egbert, same, s/o Edward INGHAM & Mary CORBETT, married Annie ROBINSON, 37, Egbert, Cookstown, d/o Arthur ROBINSON, farmer, & Isabella SPROUL, witn: William Edward GRAY of Thornton & Effie COOPER of Innisfil twp., 15 March 1905 at Cookstown #017895-05 - William George ISAAC, 29, farmer, Nottawasega, same, s/o Charles ISAAC & Jane HOLDEN, married Martha Adelia PERRY, 26, Dundalk, Nottawasega, d/o Kenneth PERRY & Rachel FOSTER, witn: Susie COBOURN & Jennie PASCAL, both of Stayner, 4 Jan 1905 at Stayner
018017-05 - Carl Hamilton JACOBS, 27, farmer, s/o Samuel JACOBS and Eliza Ann STANDEN?, married Bertha Mary MAW, 24, Toronto, Flos, d/o John MAW and Alice ATKINSON, witn Sidney H. JACOBS of Toronto and Ada Maud MAW of Barrie, 1 March 1905 at Vespra. 017406-05 - David Francis JAMIESON, 24, Vespra, Oro, Farmer, s/o David Francis JAMIESON & Mary Jane BISHOP, married Agnes KEENAN, 21, Barrie, same, d/o James KEENAN & Agnes BILL, wtn: Mrs. Amy WITTER & Miss Annie BELL both of Barrie, on April 26, 1905, at Barrie
017960-05- Barry JEBB, 26, labourer, Cookstown, Gwillimbury, s/o John JEBB and Eliz. GRAHAM, married Blanche CAMPBELL, 21,Tecumseth, Cookstown, d/o Robert CAMPBELL and Elizabeth KELL, witn Lorne JEBB and Florence CAMPBELL both of Cookstown, 15 June 1905 at Tecumseth. 017820-05 - Wilton Henry JEEVES, 30, England, Toronto, Grocer, s/o Henry JEEVES & Elizabeth CHILDS, married Ellen Matilda HEBNER, 24, Barrie, Orillia, d/o Charles HEBNER & Marian Hannah HEITMAN, wtn: James SULLIVAN of Toronto & Rachel B. HEBNER of Orillia, on December 25, 1905, at Orillia

17691-06 William Harold Beake? JENKINS, 31, merchant, Adjala, Alliston, s/o William JENKINS & Margaret Ellen MORRISON, married Gertrude REID, 23, Essa, Alliston, d/o Samuel REID & Gertrude LARGE, witn: Percy JENKINS & Nellie SALTER both of Alliston, 25 Dec 1905 at Alliston

017836-05 - Robert JOHNSON, 30, Vespra, Barrie, Lumberman & Farmer, s/o William JOHNSON & Mary PATTON, married Louisa Adelaide GODDARD, 25, Vespra, Toronto, d/o John GODDARD & Hannah COLLINS, wtn: James JOHNSON Pittsburgh U.S.A. & Bernice GODDARD of Barrie, on June 7, 1905, at Craighurst

17588-05 John H. JOHNSTON, 23, clerk, Nottawasaga, Creemore, s/o John JOHNSTON & Jane MATCHETT, married Annie ANDERSON, 22, Stayner, Creemore, d/o William ANDERSON & Mary BURNS, witn: George JOHNSTON & Lizzie HISEY both of Creemore, 6 Dec 1905 at The Manse Creemore

17682-05 Robert JONES, 24, carpenter, Lynton England, Toronto Junction, s/o Thomas JONES & Ann HAMILTON, married Mary Orr BUCHANAN, 24, Medonte, Toronto, d/o Malcolm BUCHANAN & Mary Jane ORR, witn: Cora H. JONES of Columbus & Ida BUCHANAN of Moonstone, 16 Oct 1905 at Medonte  

17630-05 Joseph JOYCE, 39, farmer, Orillia, same, s/o William JOYCE & Catherine COLEMAN, married Ellen Tessa HUSSEY, 34, Medonte, same, d/o Michael HUSSEY & Catherine FRIEL, witn: Leo LAWLER of Creighton & Bernetta LOFTUS of Allandale, 11 Aug 1905 at Mount St Louis (RC)

017889-05 John Michael KAVANAGH, 34, Brock Co, Orillia, labourer, s/o John KAVANAGH & Joanna O'BRIEN, married Catherine HOWES, 31, Penetang, Tiny, d/o Isaac HOWES & Catherine CALLAGHAN, witn, Patrick & Teresa HOWES of Tiny. 6 Nov, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017394-05 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick KEETCH, 20, laborer, North Gwillimbury, North Gwillimbury, s/o Isaac KEETCH and Alice YORK, married Lydia Ann KEETCH 19, Huntsville, Armour Twp., d/o Wellington KEETCH and Emma HUTCHINSON, witn Mrs. Amy WITTON and E. C. CHESTNUT both of Barrie, 16 March 1905 at Barrie. 017486-05 - David KEIRNAN, 43, Furniture Dealer, Ireland, Creemore, s/o John KEIRNAN & Mary MCLEAN, married Jr. Nina G. TREADGOLD, 21, Teacher, Beeton, Beeton, d/o George TREADGOLD & Elizabeth ATKINSON. Witn: H.W.KEIRNAN, Stayner & Ida TREADGOLD, Beeton. March 14, 1905 at Beeton
  017569-05 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Charles KENWELL, 27, thresher, Nottawasaga, Stayner, s/o Robert KENWELL and Rachel LOWERY married Susan McINTYRE, 23, Huron Village, Stayner, d/o Archibald McINTYRE and Sarah BROWNLEE, witn: Arthur K. & Kathleen MUSSEN both of Collingwood on November 11, 1905 at Collingwood.
17860-05 Walter B. KERR, 24, wood worker, Madoc Ont., Penetang., s/o George KERR & Sarah MORTON, married Gertrude DONALDSON, 21, Orr Lake Ont., Penetang., d/o William DONALDSON & Mary BURNSIDE, witn: Pearl OSBORNE & William S. EGO, both of Penetang., 14 June 1905 at Penetang 17373-05 James Arthur KERR, 30, gentleman, Essa, Alliston, s/o James KERR & Hannah (Susannah?) WOOD, married Mary Esther DICKSON, 28, Essa, Alliston, d/o James DICKSON & Mary Ann CLUNIS, wtn: Burton KERR of Stayner & M. F. DONALDSON of Alliston, 2 Jan 1905 at Alliston
17952-05 - Charles KING, 24, amateur illegible, Kirkfield, Toronto, s/o William KING & Jessie McNABB, married Clara PRICE, 23, Orillia, Waubaushene, d/o George PRICE & Mary JULL (or Tull), witn: Alex DORAN of Toronto & Nellie PRICE of Waubaushene, 26 Oct 1905 at Waubaushene 17862-05 Robert John KING, 25, farmer, Halton Co., Tiny twp., s/o John George KING & Mary SMITH, married Florence McCONNELL, 20, Tiny twp., same, d/o James McCONNELL & Annie DOWNER (Downes?), witn: Pearl RICHARDSON & E. A. LITTLE, both of Penetang., 28 June 1905 at Penetang
17875-05 Louis Medad LAFORGE, 30, laborer, St. Anne of Christ--?, Penetang., s/o Julien LAFORGE & Marie MARTOT, married Mary Jane GIROUX, no age given, Tiny twp.,, Penetang., d/o William GIROUX & Josette BOUCHER, witn: Richard & Mary FOURNIER of Penetang., 1 June 1905 at Penetang 017556-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert H. LAKING, 25, carpenter, Dufferin Co., Tioga, s/o William LAKING and Margaret SHORT married Margaret M. BELL, 24, Essa, same, d/o Andrew BELL and Mary Ann MILLER, witn: Emma L. IRVINE & Minnie E. WHITE both of Collingwood on September 5, 1905 at Collingwood.
017742-05 Simcoe Co.) Robert LAMONT, 31, farmer, Grey Co., Nottawasaga, parents - Alexander LAMONT & Annie McLEAN married Hannah Thomas ROBINSON, 25, tailoress, England, Nottawasaga, parents - Bernard ROBINSON & Mary THISTLEWAITE, witn: Allan LAMONT & Clara ROBINSON both of Nottawasaga, Aug. 10, 1905 at Nottawasaga 017879-05 Thomas Elton LANDRY, 23, Huron Co. Mich, Penetang, labourer, s/o Francis Henry LANDRY & Victoria UHL, married Emma LAURIN, 23, Penetang, same, d/o Leonard LAURIN & Cordelia GERVAIS, witn, Ledger LAURIN & Ellen LANDRY of Penetang. 26 June, 1905 at Penetang. RC
17876-05 Henri LAVIGNE, 20, laborer, Trois Rivers Que., Penetang., s/o Henri LAVIGNE & Virginie ODESSE, married Maximeline BELLEHUMEUR, 20, Penetang., same, d/o Gaspard BELLEHUMEUR & Zepherine DUBEAU, witn: Medard TROTTIER & Alba NAULT, both of Penetang., 12 June 1905 at Penetang. 017522-05 (Simcoe Co.) Albert Wesley LAWRENCE, 29, druggist, Honeywood, Collingwood, s/o Theodore LAWRENCE and Elizabeth LIDDALL married Elizabeth DOHERTY, 28, Collingwood, same, d/o Patrick DOHERTY and Mary Ann REID, witn: John R. LAWRENCE of Creemore & Grace E. DOWSE of Collingwood on April 26, 1905 at Collingwood.
017410-05 - Joseph Herbert LAWRENCE, 30, farm laborer, Shropshire England, Craighurst Ont., s/o Richard LAWRENCE and Mary Alice LOCKLEY, married Eliza Jane GALLAGHER, 35, widow, Cornwall Ont., Barrie, d/o George Alex. GROVES and Eliza Jane HART, witn Mrs. Jennet SHEPARD and Charles G. KENNEDY both of Barrie, 1 May 1905 at Barrie. 017758-05 - Adolphus LAWS, 23, England, Orillia, Laborer, s/o George & Anna LAWS, married Hannah HEBNER, 20, Fesserton, Orillia, d/o Charles P. HEBNER & Merrea Johannah B. HARTMAN, wtn: John HARDY of Orillia & Rachel HEBNER of South Orillia, on January 2, 1905, at Orillia
17950-05 - Robert John LEATHERDALE, 30, carriage trimmer, Jennetts? Corners, Coldwater, s/o Luke LEATHERDALE & Mary DALE, married Violet S. BEATY, 25, Tay twp., same, d/o William J. BEATY & Rebecca WALKER?, witn: W.J. BEATY of Coldwater & M.J. McCORMICK of Toronto, 23 Aug 1905 at Tay twp 17870-05 Richard LEDUC, 25, laborer, Baxter twp., same, s/o John LEDUC & Rose St.AMAND, married Mary (Marie Amelie) HOULE, 15, Baxter twp., same, d/o blank & Josephine MONDOUX, witn: Joseph LEDUC & Mary Louise ROY, both of Baxter twp., 20 Feb 1905 at Port Severn (alsp 17931-05)
017570-05 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel W. LEGGATT, 29, farmer, Wingham, Collingwood Tp., s/o Robert LEGGATT and Janet WOODS married Maggie EAGLES, 20, Collingwood Tp. same, d/o Samuel EAGLES and Rachel SCOTT, witn: Samuel EAGLES & Annie D. CRANSTON both of Collingwood on November 16, 1905 at Collingwood.  
017382-05 (Simcoe Co.) Isaac LEHMAN, 24, farmer, Pickering, Pickering, s/o Abraham LEHMAN and Elizabeth PARKEY? (BARKEY ?), married Emma DAVIS, 21, Pickering, Vespra, d/o Philip DAVIS and Annie HOOVER, witn Agnes KEARN of Barrie and Rebecca DOAN of Sharon, 10 January 1905 at Barrie. 017777-05 - Charles Malcolm Tisdale LEITH, 36, Hamilton, Coldwater, Store Keeper, s/o William LEITH & Mary Ann DEAN, married Lillian De HART, 33, Creighton, Coldwater, d/o Robert De HART & Marion BELL, wtn: William J. KING & Sophia CAMERON both of Orillia, on June 19, 1905, at Orillia
#017936-05 - Hormisdas LEMIEUX, 25, laborer, Penetang., Victoria Harbour, s/o Henry LEMIEUX & Marie DARITH (or Danth), married Rose LEVREAU, 25, Fenelon Falls, Victoria Harbour, d/o James Robert LEVREAU & Eliza DUMONT, witn: Henry & Annie LEVREAU of Victoria Harbour, 8 May 1905 at Victoria Harbour, (Rom Cath)

17586-05 William H. LEMON, 25, laborer, Creemore, same, s/o Freeman LEMON & Sarah FRETWELL, married Clara B. TURNER, 25, Creemore, same, d/o Douglas TURNER & Sarah CANN, witn: George LEMON of Creemore & May TURNER of New York, 4 Oct 1905 at St Luke's Church Creemore

017563-05 (Simcoe Co.) D'Arcy LEONARD, 26, farmer, Nottawasaga, Creemore, s/o Thomas LEONARD and Ida Jane OGDEN married Sarah ROBBINS, 20,Nottawasga, Collingwood, d/o William ROBBINS and Jane McGILL, witn: John & Maggie ROBBINS both of Collingwood on September 27, 1905 at Collingwood. 17873-05 Jean LEVEQUE, 50, widower, laborer, Rimouski Que., Waubaushene, s/o Joseph LEVEQUE & Susanna COLLIERE, married Elinor GROZELLE, 30, Rimouski Que., Tiny twp.,, d/o Joseph GROZELLE & Marie LEROUX, witn: Theophile VAILLANCOURT & Violet BOILEAU, both of Tiny twp.,, 15 May 1905 at Penetang.
17949-05 - Henry LEVEREAU, 19, laborer, Fenelon Falls, Victoria Harbour, s/o Joseph LEVEREAU & Elizabeth DUMONT, married Maria Ann JUNEAU, 20, Lafontaine, Victoria Harbour, d/o Joseph JUNEAU & Selina JOLY, witn: Hugh ARTHURS & Annie LEVEREAU, both of Victoria Harbour, 20 Sept 1905 at Victoria Harbour (Rom Cath) 017767-05 - Fred Thomas LEWIS, 26, Port Edward, Barrie, Traveller, s/o William LEWIS & Bridget SCANLON, married Rachel McDONALD, 20, Uptergrove, same, d/o Alex McDONALD & Mary McGINNIS, wtn: William E. & Mary WARNER both of Orillia, on April 19, 1905, at Orillia

17585-05 Herbert R.E. LIGHTHEART, 21, farmer, Chinguacousy, Mulmur, s/o Edward LIGHTHEART & Harriet PUCKERING, married Elizabeth E. MORROW, no age given, Melancthon, same, d/o James MORROW & Jane EWING, witn: Hamilton MILES & Isabel McCUTCHEON both of Creemore, 30 Aug 1905 at Creemore

#017904-05 - Alexander Fraser LITTLE, 25, merchant, Orono, same , s/o Thomas LITTLE & Jean BURGESS, married Florence May PERKIN, 30, Burr, Stayner, d/o Samuel PERKIN & Margaret SINCLAIR, witn: Herbert LONG of Orono & Mary PERKIN of Stayner, 20 May 1905 at Stayner

18009-05 Stewart LITTLE, 43, Albion, Chinguacousy, s/o John LITTLE & Anne LEA, married Anne LITTLE, 43, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Irwin LITTLE & blank, witn: Albert RIDDEL of Allandale & Mabel RIDDELL of Tottenham, 11 Apr 1905 at Tottenham

17941-05 - Thomas LONE, 24, telegrapher, Barrie, Athol Springs, s/o Hugh LONE & Harriet LONG, married Ruth FALLOWFIELD, 24, Waubaushene, same, d/o Henry FALLOWFIELD & Sarah NEDER, witn: F. LONE of Barrie & M. FALLOWFIELD of Waubaushene, 25 June 1905 at Waubaushene 17871-05 Isaac LORMAND, 23, laborer, Baxter twp., same, s/o Alexander LORMAND & Velina LEDUC, married Clarissa BRISSETTE, 18, Baxter twp., same, d/o Edward BRISSETTE & Rosalie GENDRON, witn: Joseph LORMAND & Clarise BRISSETTE, both of Baxter twp., 6 March 1905 at Port Severn
#017932-05 - Isaac LORMAND, 23, farmer, Baxter twp., same, s/o Alexander LORMANT & Velina LEDUC, married Clarissa BRISSETTE, 18, Baxter twp., same, d/o Edmond BRISSETTE & Rosalie GENDRON, witn: Joseph LORMANT & Clarina BRISSETTE, both of Baxter twp., 6 March 1905 at Port Severn 017884-05 Joseph LORMAND, 24, Tiny, Port Severn, labourer, s/o Alexandre LORMAND & Veline LEDUC, married Malvina BERIAULT, 30, Tiny, Penetang, d/o Jean Baptiste BERIAULT & Marcelline BENOIT, witn, William LORMAND & Ellen Ann BERIOT of Penetang. 18 Sept, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017754-05 (Simcoe Co.) William John LOUDEN, 27, farmer, Huron Co., Shelburne, parents - Adam LOUDEN & Hannah MALLSON married Edna Gladys SPANHOUSE, 19, Melancthon, Melancthon, parents - John SPANHOUSE & Sarah E. WHITE , witn: A. T. LINDSAY of Mulmur & Annie LOUDEN of Shelburne, Dec. 26, 1905 at Nottawasaga  
017545-05 (Simcoe Co.) Leonard LOUGHEED, 29, farmer, Osprey Tp., same, s/o Abram LOUGHEED and Mary Ann SHAW married Sarah Ann MONAGHAN, 20, Osprey Tp., same, d/o Thomas MONAGHAN and Janet DAND, witn: Irwin LOUGHEED of Singhampton and Eliza LOUGHEED of Osprey on July 26, 1905 at Collingwood. 017839-05 - Willie Alex Theodore LUCK, 26, Oro, same, Farmer, s/o Edward LUCK & Christina BELL, married Willma May EDWARDS, 24, Oro, same, d/o Joseph EDWARDS & Lucinda BERTRAM, wtn: Leonard & Laura EDWARDS, both of Crown Hill, on June 21, 1905, at Crown Hill
#017929-05 - George LUDLOW, 31, farmer, Tay twp., Midland, s/o George LUDLOW & Susan SMITH, married Maggie FAULKNER, Fenton? Michigan, Fesserton, d/o Joseph FAULKNER & Henrietta McGRATH, witn: George TOOTE of Midland & Lizzie LATANVILLE of Victoria Harbour, 1 Feb 1905 at Victoria Harbour 017414-05 - George LUX, 27, stone mason, Kentucky U.S., Vespra, s/o George LUX and Sarah PARTIGE, married Alice HARRISON, 20, domestic servt., Vespra, Vespra, d/o Richard HARRISON and Sarah DENDINE?, witn Alfred HARRISON and Winifred HARRISON, both of Vespra, 10 May 1905 at Barrie.
17859-05 Charles LYNN, 23, farmer, Sunnidale, Tiny twp., s/o William LYNN & Margaret HOAR?, married Carrie COOK, 25, Penetang., Tiny twp., d/o Leonard B. COOK Olive, witn: Laura REID & Fred RUTHERFORD, both of Midland, 7 June 1905 at Penetang. 17374-05 Arthur LYON, 30, farmer, Nottawasega, Creemore, s/o John? LYON & Mary CHAPPELLE, married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 31, Toronto, same, d/o John GRAHAM & Christina MULLEN?, witn: Carrie E. DODDS & Lillian WARWICK?, both of Alliston, 13 April 1905 at Alliston
#018000-05 - William J. MADILL, 22, farmer, Tosorontio twp., same, s/o W.H. MADILL & Dorcas BRADLEY, married Mary NOLAN, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Frank NOLAN & Miss BEATON, witn: Dawson MORRISON of Mulmur twp & Ida MADILL of Tosorontio twp., 2 Aug 1905 at Lisle 17985-05 - Constant MARCHILDON, 54, widower, farmer, Tiny, same, s/o Constant MARCHILDON & Genevieve TESSIER, married Aglae TROTTIER, 46, widow, Tiny, same, d/o Francois TROTTIER & Desange TESSIER, witn: Christopher BRUNELLE & Therese GENDRON, both of Lafontaine, 19 Aug 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath)
17986-05 - Constant MARCHILDON, 27, laborer, Tiny, same, s/o Constant MARCHILDON & Angele VALLEE, married Delia DUQUETTE, 20, Tiny, same, d/o Theodule DUQUETTE & Philomene CHEVRETTE, witn: Anthine DUQUETTE & Marie MARCHILDON, both of Lafontaine, 27 Aug 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath #017696-05 - George Frederick MARSH, 33, lake captain, Cannington, Huntsville, s/o George Frederick MARSH & Mary CARSWELL, married Barbara Alice McCOWIE, 24, Mariposa, Midland, d/o Neil McCOWIE & Harriet ROGERS, witn: A.J. REECE of Huntsville & Lillian J. WHITE of Midland, 25 Jan 1905 at Midland
017426-05 - William Johnston MARSHALL, 30, policeman, Barrie, Toronto, s/o James MARSHALL and Mary F. DUNCAN, married Ester PARTRIDGE, 24, Wyebridge, Barrie, d/o Charles PARTRIDGE and Elizabeth GREGG, witn Gus. MARSHALL of Toronto and Annie PARTRIDGE of Barrie, 22 June 1905 at Barrie.

17630-05 Harland A. MARSHALL. 26, farmer, Essa twp, Ivy, s/o Alex MARSHALL & Martha J. LEFLAR, married Susie CAMPBELL, 21, Flos twp, Russelton, d/o Angus CAMPBELL, farmer & Mary J. YOUNG, witn: Jessie CAMPBELL of Russelton & George W.S. ROWE of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905 at Russelton

  #017596-05 - William MAYBERRY, 27, farmer, Essa twp., same, s/o James MAYBERRY & Sarah LOU--?, married Elizabeth PURCHASE, 21, East York, Essa twp., d/o William PURCHASE & Annie BROWN, witn: James EDGAR & Annie PURCHASE, both of Essa twp., 5 April 1905 at lot 10, con 6, Essa
017388-05 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur William MAYNE, 24, bricklayer, England, Barrie, s/o James MAYNE and Sarah KEEN, married Mary Ann Ruth HARRIS, 27, England, Barrie, d/o Edwin HARRIS and Kezea DAY, witn Margaret THORNLEY and Annie THORNLEY both of Barrie, 13 February 1905 at Barrie. 017485-05 - William Robert McADAMS, 27, Farmer, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, s/o William MCADAMS & Mary SMART, married Mary Alberta Jane KEARNS, 21, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, d/o Robert KEARNS & Susannah KENNEY. Witn: Annie PATTERSON, Beeton, & Gertie DREYER, Beeton. Feb 14, 1905 at Beeton
017539-05 (Simcoe Co.) John McALLISTER, 36, gardener, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, s/o D. McALLISTER and Catharine CARMICHAEL married Ann E. HENDERSON, 36, Mulmer, Collingwood, d/o Thomas HENDERSON and Mary A. BRADLEY, witn: Archie McALLISTER & Thomas HENDERSON both of Collingwood on June 28, 1905 at Collingwood. 017750-05 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry McCLINTON, 26, grocer, Singhampton, Singhampton, parents - John McCLINTON & Mary Campbell SERVICE married Sarah Bella Louisa GREENSIDES, 23, Mitchell, Nottawa, parents - William GREENSIDES & Margaret Emily ARMSTRONG , witn: Robert J. McCLINTON of Singhampton & E. Pearl GREENSIDES of Nottawa, Oct. 19, 1905 at Nottawasaga
017546-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert McCONNELL, 63, wid., farmer, Ireland, Grey Co., s/o Alex McCONNELL and Margaret COOK married Christena DORAN, 43, wid., Frontenac Ont., Grey Co., d/o Thirtell BARR and Sarah WATSON, witn: M. S. BEGG and E. L. IRVINE both of Collingwood on July 26, 1905 at Collingwood. 017392-05 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry McCREIGHT, 23, carpenter, Thorah Twp., Orillia, s/o Thomas McCREIGHT and Eliza PARLIAMENT, married Annie M. WISER, 18, Fougn ? Lake, Oro, d/o Hiram WISER and Grace THOMPSON, witn Laurier SMITH and Edna KEARN both of Barrie, 4 March 1905 at Barrie.
17951-05 - Angus McDONALD, 26, laborer, Fesserton, same, s/o Hugh & Catherine, married Annie SAUVE, 19, Fenelon Falls, Fesserton, d/o P. Ernest SAUVE & Josephine DUMONT, witn: Joseph SAUVE of Fesserton & Marie LE CARNFEL of Orillia, 24 Sept 1905 at Waubaushene (Rom Cath) 017823-05 - John Allan McDONALD, 23, Alexandria, North Orillia, Railway Superintendent, s/o Archibald & Penelope McDONALD, married Mary Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, 21, Severn Bridge, same, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Eliza GRAHAM, wtn, W.A. McLEOD M.D. & Myrtle BLACKWELL both of Severn Bridge, on March 28, 1905, at Severn Bridge
017789-05 - John McDONALD, 21, Udnly, Sebright, Farmer, s/o Daniel McDONALD & Ann WARNE, married Florence YOUNG, 21, Sebright, same, d/o Robert YOUNG & Elizabeth SMITH, wtn: Alex E. GRANT & Grace E. DIDDY both of Orillia, on August 8, 1905, at Orillia 017412-05 - Donald MacDONALD, 28, railway contractor, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o Donald MacDONALD and Julia Ann VANKOUGHNET, married Penelope BURNS, 25, Parry Sound, Collingwood, d/o James BURNS and Nancy KELLER, witn E. BROWN and E.J. REDDITT, both of Barrie, 10 May 1905 at Barrie.
017413-05 - Thomas McEACHERN, 60, widower, gardener, New York, Barrie, s/o Neil McEACHERN and Catherine MURDOCH, married Mary Jane GILKIN, 65, Innisfil, Barrie, d/o George HUNT and Catherine McQUADE, witn H.D. LAGRACE of Barrie and Minnie WYLIE of Holly, 10 May 1905 at Barrie.  
017769-05 - James A. McFADYEN, 25, Dalton, same, Farmer, s/o Alexander McFADYEN & Annie J. MAINE, married Phoebe J. OTLY, 18, Dalton, same, d/o John George OTLY & Daly J. KOTT, wtn: Ernest ELDRIGE & M. Elis OTLY both of Dalton, on March 8, 1905, at Orillia 017376-05 - James McGRADY, 23, -, Ireland, Alliston, parents - James McGRADY & Rebecca BEACK (Brock?), married Jane O'CONNOR, 28, Canada, Alliston, parents, J.W. O'CONNOR & Mary Ann TRYMON, witn, Robert James SHORTELL of Adjala & Susanne O'CONNOR of King, July 19 1905 at Alliston
017393-05 (Simcoe Co.) John S. McINNIS, 48, farmer, Grey Co., Gladstone Man., s/o Angus McINNIS and Catherine McARTHUR, married Mary A. ARMSTRONG, 41, d/o John ARMSTRONG and Susannah THOMPSON, witn Agnes KEARN and Edna KEARN both of Barrie, 15 March 1905 at Barrie. 017429-05 - Matthew Thomas McKEE, 39, farmer, Barrie, Vespra, s/o Matthew McKEE and Maria PACKARD, married Mary Jane ARMISON, 31, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Thomas ARMISON and Jane MORRIS, witn John ARMISON of Churchill and Jane ARMISON of Barrie, 6 June 1905 at Barrie.
#017595-05 - Angus McKENZIE, 45, dentist, illegible - Oxford Co., Stratford, s/o George McKENZIE & Henrietta McLEOD, married Margaret CONNELL, 42, Essa, same, d/o John CONNELL, farmer, & Hannah WATT, witn: John M. & Ellen CONNELL of lot 13, con 1, Essa, 11 Jan 1905 at lot 13 con 1, Essa #017955-05 - George McLAUGHLIN, 36, Mulmur?, Coldwater, s/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN & Sarah FOGLE, married Minnie BALL, 20, Medonte, Orillia?, d/o Elijah & Mary S., witn: Matthew LOCKHART of Vasey & Harriett BALL of Coldwater, 27 Sept 1905 at Victoria Harbour
#017597-05 - Joseph McLENNAN, 28, farmer, Co.Leitrim? Ireland, Ivy - Essa twp., s/o James McLENNAN & Mary Ann MURDAY?, married Amy Edith BANTING, 22, Essa twp., Ivy, d/o John H. BANTING & Frances E. DAVIS, witn: Thomas H. BANTING & Emma Frances DAVIS, both of Ivy, 31 May 1905 at lot 20, con 9, Essa 018081-06 - Norman McMILLAN, 23, Penetanguishene, Pittsburg USA, conductor, s/o James McMILLAN & May KING, married Florence ROBERTSON, 20, Sturgeon Bay, Orillia, d/o James L. ROBERTSON & Minerva PEWLY, wtn: John B. MILLER of Pittsburg USA & Annie ROBERTSON of Orillia, on June 1, 1905, at Orillia
017803-05 - John Joseph McMOHN, 28, Toronto, No 39 - 106 1st St. New York, doctor, s/o Patrick McMOHN & Catharine KENNEDY, married Mary Amelia FRAWLY, 29, Orillia, same, nurse, d/o Nickolas J. FRAWLY & Mary COULSON, wtn: John McInnis ROCHE of New York & Helena FRAWLY of Orillia, on October 11, 1905, at Orillia 017790-05 - Colin McNABB, 29, Carden, same, Farmer, s/o Colin McNABB & Elizabeth GILCHRIST, married Charlotte NEWBY, 26, Mara, same, d/o James NEWBY & Mary GRIGG, wtn: Gracie DUDDY & Allie ODERY both of Orillia, on August 14, 1905, at Orillia
017809-05 - Alexander McNAIR, 25, Uhthoff, Foxmead, Laborer, s/o Samuel McNAIR & Christina ROBERTSON, married Levina STEWART, 18, Muskoka, South Orillia, d/o James STEWART & Francis THOMPSON, wtn: Samuel McNAIR of Foxmead & Gertrude SEERS of South Orillia, on November 1, 1905, at Orillia 017791-05 - John McOWEN, 23, York, Medonte, Lumberman, s/o William McOWEN & Helen BURTON married Maud BRECHIN, 21, Medonte, same, d/o James BRECHIN & Elizabeth RUSSELL, wtn: Kegia & Sophia CAMERON, both of Orillia, on August 16, 1905 at Orillia
017798-05 - John M. McPHERSON, 23, Scotland, Longford, Plumber, s/o Alexander McPHERSON & Isabella MITCHELL, married Jean M. CRAIG, 26, Scotland, Longford, d/o Andrew CRAIG & Anges MORTON, wtn: no name of Toronto, no name of Longford, on September 26, 1905, at Longford 018015-05 - Eli Arthur McQUAY, 23,farmer, Essa, Essa, s/o Eli McQUAY and Hannah BROOKS, married Maggie MAW, 22, Vaughn. Barrie, d/o John MAW and Alice ATKINSON, witn A. FERGUSSON of Allendale and Ada MAW of Barrie, 15 February 1905 at Vespra.
17945-05 - Douglas Gray MacROBBIE, 31, physician, Toronto, Victoria Harbour, s/o Gilbert Gray MacROBBIE & Catherine THOMPSON, married Nellie Jane HILSHER, 24, Buffalo NY, Victoria Harbour, d/o Edward HILSHER & Mary SULLIVAN, witn: T.W. BROWN & Dolly HILSHER, both of Victoria Harbour, 20 Sept 1905 at Victoria Harbour

17891-05 Albert E. MELIA, 27, engineer, Vasey, Midland, s/o Robert MELIA & Anne Jane RUSSELL, married Laura May WEEKS, 26, Trenton, Midland, d/o Firman WEEKS & Mary HAYDE, witn: Herman ROBINSON of Vasey & Edith A. BROWN of Midland, 12 Dec 1905 at Penetanguishene

017483-05 - William George MELSON, 22, Farmer, Elmgrove, Baxter, s/o George MELSON & Sarah ADAMS, married Della Uelalia? WHITE, 22, Eden, Allandale, d/o George Henry WHITE & Eliza NICHOLS. Witn: Robert Jas EDGAR, Baxter, & Mary Elizth WHITE, Allandale. Dec 20, 1905 at Allandale 017782-05 - Charles MENZIES, 29, Toronto, same, Painter, s/o Charles MENZIES & Catharine COLGEN, married Jessie BEARD, 24, Orillia, same, d/o John BEARD & Christina TUDHOPE, wtn: John & Beatrice BEARD both of Orillia, on August 2, 1905, at Orillia
017404-05 - Albert MIDDLEBROOK, 25, Sunnidale, same, Farmer, s/o Joseph MIDDLEBROOK & Charlotte GEDDIS, married Amelia DAWE, 23, Stayner, Tossorontio, d/o James DAWE & Mary Ann BROOKING, wtn: Margaret & Percy ELDER both of Barrie, on April 25, 1905, at Barrie 017517-05 (Simcoe Co.) Charles MILES, 29, farmer, Chlapen Junction England, Moose Jaw, N. W. T., s/o Charles MILES and Elizabeth CHANDLER married Catharine McQUARRIE, 24, Maxwell, Collingwood, d/o Harvey McQUARRIE and Mary McINNIS, witn: Malcolm SMITH & Mary DEER both of Collingwood on March 16, 1905 at Collingwood.
19020-07 (Simcoe Co) John Henry MILNE, 41, miller, Scarboro, Agincourt, s/o John MILLER & Alice LOVELESS, married Mary Evelyn HILL, 39, Garafaxa, Toronto, d/o J. HILL & A. MILNE, witn: Henry MILNE & James MILNE both of Lefroy, 1 Sep 1905 at Belle Ewart 017807-05 - Alexander MIRON, 27, Toronto, Midland, Engineer, s/o Charles MIRON & Catherine ST. GERMAIN, married Helena SULLIVAN, 25, Orillia, same, housemaid, d/o John SULLIVAN & Mary A. COSGROVE, wtn: Robert FITZPATRICK of Midland & Margaret McDONNELL of Orillia, on October 24, 1905, at Orillia

17584-05 Albert Joseph MONETT, 25, waiter, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Elie MONETT & Elizabeth BOUCHARD, married Lillie HUNT, 21, Mulmur, same, d/o Job HUNT & Susannah FOSTER, witn: Maud HUNT of Honeywood & Annie McCUTCHEON of Creemore, 24 July 1905 at Creemore

017761-05 - Angus MOORE, 38, Marchmount, Foxmead, Farmer, Widower, s/o James MOORE & Mary HARLEY, married Lizzie M. BUNCE, 38, England, Foxmead, d/o George BUNCE & Mary SELWOOD, wtn: Alex M. NAIR & Lovrina STUART both of Foxmead, on January 11, 1905, at Orillia 17989-05 - Godefroy MOREAU, 21, farmer, Tiny, same, s/o Elzear MOREAU & Marie Louise RONDEAU, married Josephine ASSELIN, 19, Tiny, same, d/o Thomas ASSELINE & Exilda DAULT, witn: Xavier MOREAU of St. Patrick & Delima Rosanna LEGAULT of Lafontaine, 7 Nov 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath)
17992-05 - Xavier MOREAU, 23, farmer, Tiny, same, s/o Elzear MOREAU & Marie Louise RONDEAU, married Rose Anna LEGAULT, 19, Tiny, same, d/o Louis LEGAULT & Clementine HORNELIN, witn: Adolphe MOREAU of St. Patrick & Rose Alba LAURIER of Lafontaine, 28 Nov 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath) 017885-05 Telesphore MOREAU, 28, Chetney Parmie Que?, Midland, labourer, s/o Telesphore MOREAU & Justine LESAGE, married Mary Ellen CARRIERE, 20?, Penetang, same, d/o Edouard CARRIERE & Emma MOREAU, witn, Napolean CARRIERE & Rose TRUDEAU of Penetang. 27 Sept, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017515-05 (Simcoe Co.) John MORRIS, 34, Tossorontio Tp., same, s/o John MORRIS and Elizabeth J. McLIE married Margaret J. SLATER, 21, Port Carling, Tossorontio Tp., d/o George SLATER and Julia A. KEELER, witn: Edgar PATTON of Tossorontio & Ethel May MORRIS of Collingwood on March 1, 1905 at Collingwood. 017807-08 - Charles Sherwood MORRISON, 21, Tay, same, Farmer, s/o Alexander MORRISON & Jane BROWN, married Florence May TIERNEY, 19, Medonte, same, d/o William TIERNY & Mary COWAN, wtn: Johnston B. BROWN & Sarah A. JENNETT both of Vasey, on March 31, 1905, at Orillia (also 018079-06)
17854-05 Alfred MORRISON, 24 (44?), laborer, Simcoe Co., Penetang., s/o Hugh MORRISON & Margaret CARTER, married Annie PARKER, 27, Penetang., same, d/o Robert John PARKER & Mary Ann ROURKE, witn: Margaret & Hugh MORRISON of Penetang., 4 Jan 1905 at Penetang

17589-05 Hugh William MORRISON, 21, mechanic, Tossorontio, same, s/o William MORRISON & Annie ROCKWELL, married Ethel L.B. MARLOW, 18, London England, Tossorontio, d/o unknown, witn: Jessie L. MILES & Annie CURRIE both of Creemore, 6 Dec 1905 at Creemore

17583-05 Albert MORROW, 29, farmer, Mulmur, same, s/o Hugh MORROW & Mary MORRISON, married Margaret IRWIN, 26, Tecumseth, Nottawasaga, d/o Thomas IRWIN & Betty Jane IRWIN, witn: George LAWRENCE & Charlotte LAWRENCE both of Creemore, 12 July 1905 at Creemore

017504-05 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur Roadly MULLIS, 26, shoemaker, Brampton, Bradford, parents - Henry G. MULLIS & Elizabeth GROCART, married Ann Theresa Jane METCALF, 28, Deer Hurst, Bradford, parents - Thomas METCALF & Rebecca THORPE, witn, Myrtle LONG & Mary A. LONG both of Bradford, Dec. 11 1905 at Bradford
017840-05 - Dalton Roderick MURCHISON, 38, Barrie, same, Merchant, s/o Duncan J. MURCHISON & Rebecca S. STOTESBURY, married Jane BALL, 35, Rugby, same, d/o James BALL & Sarah EDWARDS, wtn: D.C. MURCHISON of Barrie & F.J. BALL of Rugby, on June 28, 1905, at Rugby 017427-05 - Thomas MURPHY, 40, farmer, Oro, Vespra, s/o John MURPHY and Catherine TIGHE, married Teresa QUINN, 29,Oro, Vespra, d/o John QUINN and Margaret MONAHAN, witn Martin MURHY of Barrie and Agatha QUINN of Vespra, 26 June 1905 at Barrie.
017763-05 - Joseph MURPHY, 22, Canada, Medonte, Laborer, s/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary A. SHANACY, married Minnie SHERIDAN, 22, Canada, Medonte, d/o Patrick SHERIDAN & Bridget JOYCE, wtn, William SHERIDAN of Warminster & Sadie CARROLL of Orillia, on February 28, 1905, at Orillia #017845-05 - William MUSON, 27, brewer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William J. MUSON & Mary EARLESFIELD, married Rose POOLE, 29, Oro twp., same, d/o George POOLE & Ann COLE, witn: Fred POOLE of Oro twp & Jessie McCUAIG of Toronto?, 12 Dec 1905 at Edgar
017773-05 - William Daniel NELSON, 27, South Orillia, same, Farmer, s/o Charles NELSON & Adeline PHIMEY, married Zillah Florence SAUNDERS, 20, Brechin, Orillia, d/o Robert SAUNDERS & Elizabeth PALLISTON, wtn: Eva WATSON & Anna M. LAYFOOT both of Orillia, on May 24, 1905, at Orillia 017826-05 - Frederick Housey NICHOLS, 26, Ryde Twp. Ryde Twp. b., s/o Sarah HOUSEY & Henry NICHOLS, married Minnie Olive SNIDER, 18, Dalton Twp. Ryde Twp. d/o Levina MORROW & Aaron SNIDER, wtn: Edward MONTGOMERY & Nellie SNIDER both of Dalton Co., 5 July 1905 at Severn Bridge,
017826-05 - Frederick Housey NICHOLS, 26, Ryde Twp, same, Farmer, s/o Henry NICHOLS & Sarah HOUSEY, married Minnie Olive SNIDER, 18, Ryde, Dalton, d/o Aaron SNIDER & Levina MARROW, wtn: Edward MONTGOMERY & Nellie SNIDER both of Dalton, on July 5, 1905, at Severn Bridge 017924-05 - George NICKS, 25, Sunnidale, same, Laborer, s/o Henry NICKS & Rachel HILBURN? Married Emma PROCTOR, 18, Sunnidale, same, d/o Louis PROCTOR & Hanny WILLARD, wtn: Richard MIDDLEBROOK & Margaret NICKS both of Sunnidale, on July 11, 1905, at Sunnidale
17982-05 - George NIGHTINGALE, 43, farmer, Vaughan, Tiny, s/o George NIGHTINGALE & Mary FOSTER, married Mary Jane SMITH, 34, Emily, Tiny, d/o Joseph SMITH & Letitia HAMILTON, witn: George SMITH of Tiny & Lottie McDONALD of Wyevale, 22 March 1905 at Tiny 017477-05 - Robert NOBES, 23, Mason, Sunnidale, Stayner, s/o David NOBES & Maggie JORDAN, married Lissy ROBERTSON, 20, Stayner, Stayner, d/o Andrew ROBERTSON & Mary BROWN. witn: Lydia McCORMACK, Barrie & Lavinia E. OCKLEY, Barrie. Dec 5, 1905 at Barrie
  017498-05 (Simcoe Co.) William J. NOBLE, 45, farmer, -, Bradford, parents - John NOBLE & Elizabeth McDONALD, married, Mina DeNURE, 43, -, Bradford, parents - John Caven DeNURE & Eliza Jane McCULLOUGH, witn, G. COLWELL & Ida PATERSON both of Innisfil, June 21, 1905 at Bradford
017806-08 - William NOLAN, 27, Tossorontio, Midland, Mason, s/o George NOLAN & Mary RAWER, married Eliza NICHOLLS, 20, "she did not know", of Midland, d/o "she did not know her parents, Bernardo girl", wtn: John HOWLER of Midland, & Lizzie WHITE of Orillia, on September 6, 1905, at Orillia 017379-05 - Henry NORRIS, 43, miller, King twp., Alliston, parents - Charles NORRIS & Jane MALLTUISO, married M.S.E. BELL, 38, Essa twp., Alliston, parents - Samuel BELL & Margaret MADILL, witn, James NORRIS of Brantford & Eliza J. BELL of Alliston, Dec. 6 1905 at Alliston
017835-05 - John OCONLEY, 28, England, Oro, Farmer, s/o Jms & Alice OCONLEY, married Effie M. CALDWELL, 24, Oro, same, d/o Alfred CALDWELL & Alice A. LUCK, wtn: Egbert G. CALDWELL & Mary E. OCONLEY both of Oro, on March 15, 1905, at residence of bride's parents #017695-05 - Cornelius O'CONNOR, 36, widower, mariner, Medonte, Tay twp., s/o Patrick O'CONNOR & Enora TRAGHLEY?, married Valerie BOURRIE, 18, Tay twp., same, d/o Henry BOURRIE & Matilda St.AMAND, witn: Octave MONTAGNE of Penetang & Ida St.AMAND of Midland, 20 Feb 1905 at Midland (Rom Cath)
017375-05 - Edward O'NEILL, 29, -, Lindsay, Alliston, parents - Thomas O'NEILL & Eliza COATS, married Margaret WRIGHT, 25, Alliston, Alliston, parents - Hugh W. WRIGHT & Elizabeth ARKILL, witn, Charles S. SAGIN of Bobcageon & Lillian WRIGHT of Alliston, July 5 1905 at Alliston 017996-05 - William H. ORR, 40, farmer, Mulmur, Tecumseth, s/o James and Mary, married Jennie CAMPBELL, 24, Glencairn, Glencairn, d/o William CAMPBELL and Priscilla MADILL, win Minnie MADILL of Glencairn and Bessie ALLEN of Toronto, 22 March 1905 at lot 29 con 1 Tosorontio.
017969-05- Joseph Alexander ORR, 25, farmer, York Co., Tecumseth, s/o Joseph ORR and Annie CELAND, married Edna May BATEMAN, 19, Simcoe Twp., Tecumseth, d/o James BATEMAN and Mary A. HILL, witn William Cleland ORR of Georgina Twp. and Mabel BATEMAN of Tecumseth, 13 September 1905 at St. John's Tecumseth. 017424-05 - Morgan Temple ORROCK, 30, butcher, Midhurst, Bracebridge, s/o Robert ORROCK and Rebecca FLETCHER, married Mary Jane BUNKER, 25, Hawkestone, Barrie, d/o David BUNKER and Mary Ann HOUCK, witn George HARTRY of Manitoba and Ester BUNKER of Barrie, 12 June 1905 at Barrie.
#017930-05 - Joseph PARADIS, 21, farmer, Port Severn, Baxter twp., s/o Joseph PARADIS & Hermine BOUCHER, married Marie BRISSETTE, 18, Port Severn, Baxter twp., d/o Edmond BRISSETTE & Hermine BRUNEVILLE, witn: Onesime PARADIS & Florida BRISSETTE, both of Baxter twp., 20 Feb 1905 at Port Severn, (Rom Cath) 17869-05 Joseph PARADIS, 21, farmer, Port Severn, Baxter twp., s/o Joseph PARADIS & Hermine BOUCHER, married Marie BRISSETTE, 18, Port Severn, same, d/o Edward BRISSETTE & Hermine BONNEVILLE, witn: Onesime PARADIS & Florida BRISSETTE, both of Baxter twp., 20 Feb 1905 at Port Severn
018082-06 - Stephen PARISH, 22, Brockville, Midland, farmer, s/o Isaac PARISH & Mary Ann MULLEN, married Alice RENTON, 18, Orillia, same, d/o Joseph RENTON & Elizabeth MORGAN, wtn: Peter RENTON & James RENTON, both of Orillia, on July 25, 1905, at Orillia 17866-05 Robert Young PARRY, 31, doctor, Dunnville Ont., Hamilton, s/o John PARRY & Margaret GALBRAITH, married Jennie E. HALL, no age given, Berlin Ont., Penetang., d/o Zalman A. HALL & Jemima WRIGHT, witn: John PARRY of Hamilton & Kathleen HALL of Berlin, 14 Sept 1905 at Penetang
017420-05 - Cecil Ethelbert PARTRIDGE, 27, plasterer, Simcoe Co., Collingwood, s/o Walter PARTRIDGE and Annie PARTRIDGE, married Carrie C. VERRY, 24, Barrie, Barrie, d/o George VERRY and Eliza WISEMAN, witn J. F. APPLEBY and Ethel VERRY both of Barrie, 14 June 1905 at Barrie.  
017557-05 (Simcoe Co.) Stanley N. PAUL, 28, can't read, Thunder Day District, s/o Cyrus and Charlotte PAUL married Eva PORVIS?, 18, Parry Sound Dist., same, d/o Peter and Susan PERVIS (sic), witn: William T. BEST & Emma L. IRVINE both of Collingwood on September 11, 1905 017518-05 (Simcoe Co.) Milow PAYNE, 26, laborer, Mariposa Tp., Collingwood, s/o Thomas PAYNE and Jane BROWN married Maude HAINES, 22, Collingwood, same, d/o Charles HAINES and Sarah GODFREY, witn: William HAINES & Mary HAINES both of Collingwood on March 29, 1905.
18005-06 - William George PAYNES, 29, book keeper, London England, Midland, s/o George Henry PAYNES & Maria Hester HUNT, married Olive Gertrude CHEW, 21, Midland, same, d/o William CHEW & Matilda RHYDER, witn: William H. HAGGART & Lilian J. WHITE, both of Midland, 27 Dec 1905 at Midland 017963-05- Jessie (sic) POOLE, 33, farmer, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, s/o William POOLE and Ann COLLARD, married Ella J. ROGERS, 33, d/o Thomas ROGERS and Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn Jos. ROGERS of Tottenham and Kezzie POOLE of Toronto, 22 February 1905 at Tecumseth.
017418-05 - Frederick W. POOLE, 21, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o William POOLE and Louisa BAKER, married Bertha THOMPSON, 23, Thornton, Toronto, d/o William THOMPSON and Margret PLANT?, witn Charles, Ed. ELKS and Cora E. THOMPSON both of Toronto, 7 June 1905 at Barrie. 017402-05 - George PRATT, 32, mason, Prescott, Vespra, parents - Henry PRATT & Annie McKILLGO, married Maude SAMPSON, 21, Oro, Oro, parents - Joseph SAMPSON & Mary LAWSON, witn, Mrs. John CLARK & Mrs. Lizzie CATCHER both of Allandale, Sept. 13 1905 at Allandale
017407-05 - James Franklin PRATT, 20, fireman, Minesing, Hamilton, parents - Stephen PRATT & Jane WILSON, married Elizabeth Jean KNAPP, 18, Minesing, Hamilton, parents - Alonzo KNAPP & Mary Ann RICHARDS, witn, Mrs. James CHAPMAN & Sarah E. STEWART both of Barrie, April 22 1905 at Barrie 017830-05 (Simcoe Count) James Carson PRENTISS, 27, Toronto, Orillia Twp, Farmer, s/o James PRENTISS & Mary MARTIN, married Laura CLARK, 26, Cookstown, Orillia Twp, d/o John CLARK & Mary Ann NILSON, wtn: John PRENTISS of Bracebridge & Emma CLARK of Severn Bridge, on December 25, 1905, at Washago
017818-05 - William PRICE, 26, England, Orillia, Hotel Waiter, s/o Caleb PRICE & Elizabeth LACOBY, married Agnes Frances PARTRIDGE, 43, England, Orillia, d/o Willard Love PARTRIDGE & Sarah Ann WOOD, wtn: Edwart & Mary PARTRIDGE both of Orillia, on December 16, 1905, at Orillia 017531-05 (Simcoe Co.) George A. PRINGLE, 29, conductor street railway, Nobleton, Toronto, s/o R. PRINGLE and S. ARCHIBALD married Bella BLACKSTOCK, 24, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, d/o Duncan BLACKSTOCK and Catharine McNAIR, witn: Sanford PRINGLE of Toronto and Flora BLACKSTOCK of Collingwood on May 24, 1905 at Collingwood.
#017598-05 - Samuel Wesley PROCTOR, 26, farmer, illegible, Tosorontio twp., s/o George PROCTOR & Susannah BROWN, married Mable May WILSON, 27, domestic, Mulmur twp., Sunnidale twp., d/o John Mole? WILSON & Mary Ann CHERRY, witn: Jean D. ASHDOWN & Pearl WALKINGSHAW, both of Angus, 1 Feb 1905 at the Manse, Angus 017819-05 - Ernest PROWTEN, 22, St. Catherines, Orillia, Baker, s/o Charles PROWTEN & Ellen CUMMINS, married Esther Margaret GENDERON, 19, Wyevale, Severn Bridge, d/o Robert GENDERON & Esther McMILLAN, wtn: D. McLENNARD & Esther HANNAH both of Orillia, on December 18, 1905, at Orillia
017577-05 (Simcoe Co.) Daniel PUGH, 22, mechanic, Aurora, Collingwood, s/o James PUGH and Mary J. BALDWIN married Catharine KENNEDY, 20, Simcoe Co., Collingwood, d/o Duncan KENNEDY and Margaret FERGUSON, witn: Emma L. IRVINE and Jemima HENWELL both of Collingwood on December 25, 1905 at Collingwood. 017764-05 - James PULING, 30, Campbellford, Orillia, Lumberman, s/o William PULING & Bella HUGHES, married Anna ANDERSON, 24, Campbellford, Orillia, d/o James & Anna ANDERSON, wtn: Hugh WARNICA & Kegia CAMERON both of Orillia, on March 15, 1905, at Orillia
017878-05 Ida QUESNELLE, 25, Tiny, same, farmer, s/o Xavier QUESNELLE & Catherine CHARLEBOIS, married Delima GENIER, 24, Tiny, same, d/o Jean Baptiste GENIER & Sophie SAUCIER, witn, Andre GENIER & Amiable DESCHAMBAUX of Tiny. 19 June, 1905 at Penetang. RC 17850-05 Regis QUESNELLE, 21, farmer, Tiny twp.,, same, s/o Regis QUESNELLE & Marguerite CHARLEBOIS, married Ida PARENT, 18, Tiny twp.,, same, d/o Andre PARENT & Elizabeth SMALLWOOD, witn: Mary CHARLEBOIS & James SAUVE, both of Tiny twp., 1 March 1905 at Penetang.
017817-05 - William RANSFORD, 23, Ireland, Uptergrove, laborer, s/o Mortimer RANSFORD & Mary MALONY, married Margaret HAYES, 26, Ireland, Uptergrove, d/o Morgan HAYES & Catharine HALPIN, wtn: Henry BARNEY & Margaret McCARVILLE both of Orillia, on December 12, 1905, at Orillia #017938-05 - George RANKIN, 26, farmer, Wyebridge, same, s/o Charles RANKIN & Margaret VINT, married Jennie KITCHING, 20, Tay twp., 2nd con Tay, d/o George KITCHING & Sarah WEBB, witn: James RANKIN of Wyevale & Bernada YORKE of Elliotts Corners, 7 June 1905 at Ebenezer
017783-05 - John RAYMOND, 26, Nelson, North Orillia, Laborer, s/o James RAYMOND & Jane MONTGOMERY, married Cinderella STEWART, 22, Dalton, same, d/o Henry STEWART & Elizabeth CASEMAN, wtn: Samuel CRIBBEY & Bella ADDISON both of North Orillia, on June 5, 1905, at Orillia 017921-05 - Herman Fry REENE, 25, Toronto, Montreal, Agent, s/o Alfred REENE & Emma Louise LAILEY, married Maude Alice RICHEY, 25, Sunnidale, same, nurse, d/o Wesley RICHEY & Jean McARTHUR, wtn: John D, DARROCH of Collingwood & Helen J. RICHEY of Sunnidale, on June 5, 1905, at Sunnidale
017779-05 - Thomas J. RENTON, 39, England, Orillia, Tanner, s/o William RENTON & Francis Sophia CHAMBERS, married Agnes CAVANAGH, 36, Canada, Orillia, housemaid, d/o John CAVANAGH & ??? O'BRIEN, wtn: John CAVANAGH & Elizabeth OVEREND, on June 29, 1905, at Orillia 017786-05 - Alva RICHARDSON, 26, Bethany, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o John RICHARSON & Emily GARDINER, married Jane ADDISON, 26, Grenville, North Orillia, d/o Bowen ADDISON & Jane RAYMOND, wtn: William L. RAYMOND of Foxmead & Ethel GARDINER of North Orillia, on July 5, 1905, at Orillia

18021-05 Charles H. RICHARDSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, s/o Alexander RICHARDSON & Margaret HART, married Anabell McILVERIDE, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o William McILVERIDE & Janet MARSHALL, witn: Ambrose BUDD & Jane CASTON both of Craighurst, 27 Sept 1905 at Vespra

17681-05 Charles Henry RICHARDSON, 22, carpenter, Craighurst, same, s/o Alex RICHARDSON & Margaret HART, married Anabell McELBRIDE, 19, Normanby, Craighurst, d/o William McELBRIDE & Janet MARSHALL, witn: Ambrose BUDD & Jean CASTON both of Craighurst, 27 Sept 1905 at Craighurst

017574-05 (Simcoe Co.) Colin ROBINSON, 40, farmer, Collingwood Tp., same, s/o John ROBINSON and Flora McEACHERN married Ann Jane COLLINS, 26, Collingwood Tp., same, d/o James COLLINS and Nancy STOUTENBURG, witn: Barbara & Stanley HOLDEN both of Collingwood on December 6, 1905 at Collingwood. 017578-05 (Simcoe Co.) Hatton A. ROBERTSON, 28, dentist, Canfield, Hamilton, s/o John ROBERTSON and Annie BROWN married Gertrude Maria ASTON, 22, Collingwood, same, d/o J. Whitmore ASTON and Maria CONNOR, witn: Carman J, FREEMAN of Beamsville & Nellie A. ASTON of Collingwood on December 27, 1905 at Collingwood.
17990-05 - Telesphore ROBITAILLE, 23, farmer, Tiny, same, s/o Francois ROBITAILLE & Exilda DESROCHES, married Marie Ann MARION, 22, Tiny, same, d/o George MARION & Philomene LESPERANCE, witn: Francois ROBITAILLE & Delima MARION, both of Lafontaine, 7 Nov 1905 at Lafontaine (Rom Cath) 017538-05 (Simcoe Co.) William John ROLLING, 30, farmer, Collingwood Tp., same, s/o William ROLLING and Mary Jane PHEONIX married Katharine E. YOUNG, 26, Collingwood Tp., same, d/o David YOUNG and Mary Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Oscar ROLLING & Maggie YOUNG both of Collingwood Tp., on June 21, 1905 at Collingwood Tp.
17863-05 Richard ROUTBY (Routley?), 29, barber, St. Marys, Barrie, s/o John ROUTBY & Elizabeth McCUTCHEON, married Elizabeth Maud LYNN, 21, Sunnidale twp., Penetang., d/o William LYNN & Margaret GRACE, witn: Mabel LYNN & H. N. WARNOCK, both of Penetang., 5 July 1905 at Penetang 017535-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert William ROWED, 46, wid., carpenter, Nottawa, same, s/o Henry ROWED and Agnes MELVILLE married Lizzie SMITH, 40? wid., Clarksburg, Collingwood, d/o James SMITH and Sophia SMITHSON, witn: Nobb SMITH of Walters Falls & Maggie SMITH of Collingwood on June 7, 1905 at Collingwood.
017886-05 Isadore ROY, 21, Penetang, same, labourer, s/o Amedee ROY & Josephine GROZELLE, married Anastasie LADOUCEUR, d/o Adalbert LADOUC EUR & Delia DESJARDINS, witn, Albert LADOUCEUR & Edesse VAILLANCOURT of Penetang. 29 Oct, 1905 at Penetang. RC #017704-05 - Henry RUSSELL, 27, carpenter, Tay twp., Fort William, s/o James RUSSELL & Nancy HOOEY, married Lily Pearl NEY, 20, Tay twp., same, d/o Thomas NEY & Ann Elizabeth SMITH, 1 March 1905 at Midland
#017934-05 - Thomas Robinson RUSSELL, 21?, carpenter, Tay twp., same, s/o James RUSSELL & Mary Ann HOCY (Hoey?), married Annie May CUMMING, 20, Flos twp., Medonte twp., d/o Robert CUMMING & Annie BURNHILL, 22 March 1905 at Victoria Harbour 017401-05 - James D. RUSSELL, 46, farmer, Midhurst, Vespra, parents - Andrew RUSSELL & Isabella DICK, married Sarah CRAIG, 24, Innisfil, Vespra, parents - William CRAIG & Margaret HUNTER, witn, Miss WESTNEY & Miss G. WESTNEY of Barrie, April 11 1905 at Barrie
017827-05 - John RUTHERFORD, 22, Oro, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o William RUTHERFORD & Eliza Ann McMAHON, married Nellie GIBSON, 22, North Orillia, same, d/o Christopher GIBSON & Almina JOHNSTON, wtn: James DUNCAN & Laura GIBSON both of North Orillia, on December 5, 1905, at North Orillia  
17868-05 William St.AMAND, 25, farmer, of Tay twp., s/o Francis St.AMAND & Philomene GUINDON, married Angeline BONNEVILLE, 20, Baxter twp., same, d/o Damas BONNEVILLE & Justine BOSSAQUETTE, witn: Henry & Margaret GARRETT of Tay twp., 16 Jan 1905 at Penetang 17984-05 - Pierre St.AMAND, 22, farmer, Tiny, same, s/o Ferdinand St.AMAND & Celossie GRENIER, married Alice ASSELIN, 19 (or 17), Tiny, same, d/o Michel ASSELINE & Rose Anna BEAUCHAMPS, witn: Charles PILON & Amanda St.AMAND, both of St. Patrick, 24 July 1905 at St. Patrick (Rom Cath)
017573-05 (Simcoe Co.) George Garnet SAUL, 23, painter, Eugenia Falls, Heathcote, s/o George SAUL and Annie SLOAN married Carlough Emily WELLAND, 21, Harriston, Heathcote, d/o William Henry WELLAND and Jennie ELKERTON, witn: A. D. CRANSTON & Bertha ROBINS both of Collingwood on November 29, 1905 at Collingwood. 017981-05 (Simcoe) Aime SAUVE, 22, Farmer, Tiny Twp., Penetanguishene, s/o Joseph SAUVE and Adeline ROBILLARD, married Henriette BOUCHER, 22, d/o Narcisse BOUCHER and Zoe VALLIE, Wtns Jules SAUVE of Penetang and Georgina LEROUX of Lafontaine, June 24, 1905, at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp..
017408-05 - Charles Sanford SCHELL, 24, Collingwood, Nottawasaga, Farmer, s/o George SCHELL & illegible LEE, married Emma Susan MABEY, 26, Barrie, same, d/o Henry MABEY & Frances illegible, wtn: William SCHELL of Collingwood & Lillie BUNKER of Barrie, on April 22, 1905, at Barrie 017565-05 (Simcoe Co.) Oscar SCHELL, 22, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Israel SCHELL and Eliz. DONER married Georgina BRISTOWE, 18, Osprey, Nottawasaga, d/o John BRISTOWE and Eliz. J. FREETHY , witn: Emma L. IRVINE & Clara A. SNELL both of Collingwood on October 24, 1905 at Collingwood.
017922-05 - George Washington SEELER, 26, Sunnidale, same, Farmer, s/o John SEELER & Isabella PERRY, married Gertrude McFARLANE, 20, Sunnidale, same, d/o James McFARLANE & Jane FLACK, wtn: Fred McFARLANE & Martha SEELER, both of Sunnidale, on June 21, 1905, at Sunnidale #017702-05 - Alexander SHARP, 22, laborer, Argylshire Scotland, Midland, s/o John SHARP & Agnes MURDOCK, married Catherine McLEISH, 20, Dundee Scotland, Midland, d/o Andrew McLEISH & Elizabeth FERGUSON, witn: John & John Jr. SHARP of Midland, 3 March 1905 at Midland

17683-05 Daniel SCHLOCHIN, 47, widower, music teacher, Germany, Midland, s/o Immanuel SCHLOCHIN & Rosalin KORNBACH, married Julia McDONALD, 34, widow, Lakefield, same, d/o George STRICKLAND & Fannie ROTHWELL, witn: Ida SHEPPARD & Mary J. SHEPPARD both of Coldwater, 23 Oct 1905 at Coldwater

17865-05 Thomas SCOTT, 24, laborer, Scotland, Midland, s/o not given, married Jennie CHASE, 21, Prince Edward Island, Midland, d/o Edgar CHASE & Rachel JONES, witn: John LOUIS & Ruby HOWARD, both of Midland, 19 July 1905 at Penetang.

18020-05 William D. SCYTHES, 29, farmer, Ontario, Thornton, s/o Thomas SCYTHES & Eliza Ann McLEAN, married Mary Adella RICHARDSON, 24, Ontario, Vespra, d/o James RICHARDSON & Eliza Jane MABEN (Mabee?), witn: J.O. SCYTHES of Meaford & Hattie RICHARDSON of Thornton, 27 Sept 1905 at Vespra

017964-05-William Henry SINCLAIR, 48, widower, contractor, Ireland, Owen Sound, s/o John SINCLAIR and Martha CHRISTIE, married Mary Violet VARCOE, 34, Amaranth, Amaranth, d/o Jonathan VARCOE and Sarah J. BLACK, witn John BOTHAM and Lizzie BOTHAM both of Schomberg, 3 May 1905 at Tecumseth. 017997-05 - Thomas SINCLAIR, 29, farmer, Twp. of Fenelon Victoria Co., Barrie, s/o Dugald SINCLAIR and Annie SPENCE, married Roberta S. F. HANDY, 23, school teacher, Glencairn, Glencairn, d/o Albert HANDY and Sarah WHITESIDES, witn Robert SINCLAIR and Etta HANDY both of Glencairn, 9 June 1905 at Glencairn.
017542-05 (Simcoe Co.) Albert S. SMALLEY, 27, mechanic, Collingwood, same, s/o Thomas SMALLEY and Fanny CHAMBERLAIN married Lavina STEPHENSON, 27, Dundalk, Collingwood, d/o Rich. STEPHENSON and Janet McCAULEY, witn: Thomas STEPHENSSON and Jennie SMALLEY both of Collingwood on July 17, 1905 at Collingwood. 017541-05 (Simcoe Co.) Robert John SMART, 25, farmer, Markdale, Collingwood, Samuel H. SMART and Mary Jane BELL, married Mary Elizabeth McKEOWN, 18, Collingwood Tp., Collingwood, d/o Walter McKEOWN and Harriett REID, witn: John McKEOWN of Collingwood and Myrtle KNOX of Collingwood Tp., on July 5, 1905 at Collingwood.
017398-05 - William SMITH, 25, farmer, Vespra twp., Vespra, parents - Adam SMITH & Catherine HALCON, married Lillie May COLLINS, 22, Barrie, Barrie, parents - Thomas COLLINS & Catherine CORBETT, witn, Fred WALLIOM of Vespra & Rosella COLLINS of Minising, Sept. 5 1905 at Barrie 018077-06 - William John SMITH, 25, Bracebridge, Wood, farmer, s/o John W. SMITH & Mary Ann WRIGHT, married Lizzie GRAHAM, 18, Sunnidale, Minesing, d/o John GRAHAM & Mary Jane SCHELL, wtn: William & Mary Ann GRAHAM both of North Orillia, on February 20, 1905, at Orillia
017536-05 (Simcoe Co.) William SMITH, 24, farmer, Collingwood twp., same, s/o John SMITH and Mary BROOKS married Grace Amelia STOUTENBURG, 24, Collingwood Tp., same, d/o Alfred STOUTENBURG and Catharine LATTER, witn: Maggie CAMPBELL & Opal DEVEREAUX both of Collingwood on June 13, 1905 at Collingwood. 017567-05 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Edmund SPARROW, 20, lineman, St. Catharines, same, s/o Henry SPARROW and Annie NOLAN married Myrtle Eleanor WATSON, 20, Egremont Bruce Co., (sic) Collingwood, d/o Adam WATSON and Jessie STONE, witn: Charles J. BEST & Cassie McINTOSH both of Collingwood on November 6, 1905 at Collingwood.
  017395-05 - Albert E. STERRIDEN (Sheridan?), 21, farmer, Thornhill, Innisfil, parents - George STERRIDEN & Tillie DOERR, married Olive V. JOHNSTON, 21, Josephnie Ont., Peterboro, parents - Hobson JOHNSTON & Susan McKEE, witn, Violet WESTNEY of Barrie & Annie STERRIDEN of Painswick, March 22 1905 at Barrie
017506-05 (Simcoe Co.) James Henry STOUTENBURG, 26, painter, Simcoe Co., Collingwood, s/o William Henry STOUTENBURG and Maggie WHITE married Phoebe Mary McCABE, Collingwood, same, d/o Daniel McCABE and Grace McMILLAN, witn: Thomas McCABE & Vera STOUTENBURG both of Collingwood on January 4, 1905 at Collingwood 017514-05 (Simcoe Co.) John W. C. STRONG, 23, painter, Collingwood, same, s/o William H. STRONG and Unknown HAINES married Ellen Jane BAKER, 24, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, d/o Martin BAKER and unknown CARLISLE, witn: John J. WILSON & Sarah PAUL both of Collingwood on February 18, 1905 at Collingwood.
017550-05 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph SWALM, 30, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Jacob SWALM and Mary A. THORNTON married Anne HOLDEN, 22, Collingwood, Nottawasaga, d/o B. L. HOLDEN and Martha ADAIR, witn: Opal and Kate DEVEREAUX both of Collingwood on August 22, 1905 at Collingwood. 017411-05 - Watson SWEESY, 26, farmer, King Twp., King Twp., s/o Hiram SWEESY and Mary WRIGHT, married Rossie BARKER, 26, W. Gwillimbury, same, d/o Ed BARKER and Frances NORTH, witn Fred BARKER and Mrs. F. BARKER both of Barrie, 3 May 1905 at Barrie.

17686-05 Joseph TAYLOR, 31, railway man, Gwillimbury, Matchedash, s/o Peter TAYLOR & Jane NEWSHNNEY [MEWHINNEY?], married Grace BORROW, 26, Matchedash, same, d/o Oliver BORROW & Elizabeth ORR, witn: M.A. McKEE & M. McKEE both of Coldwater, 8 Nov 1905 at Coldwater

18025-05 Ernest TEEDSDALE, 26, laborer, England, Midland, s/o Thomas TEEDSDALE & Annie JOHNSTON, married Maud MACFARLAND, age?, Vespra, same, d/o William McFARLAND (sic) & Sarah GRACE, witn: Walter R. KELSEY & Fred McFARLAND both of Barrie, 25 Dec 1905 at Vespra

017978-05 (Simcoe) Joseph TESSIER, 33, Butcher, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Samuel TESSIER and Josette LAFRENIRE, married Emma LAGAULT, 21, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o Louis LEGAULT and Clementine HOMELIN, Wtns, Louis LECROIX and Rose Ann LEGAULT both of Lafontaine, May 9, 1905 at Lafontaine, Tiny Twp 017529-05 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick H. THEAKSTON, 21, farm hand, Collingwood Tp., same, s/o Smith THEAKSTON and Jennette GRIERSON married Dora JULIAN, 18, Euphrasia, Collingwood Tp., d/o George JULIAN and Levinia WOODHOUSE, witn: George GREEN AND Maud JULIAN both of Collingwood Tp. on March 15, 1905 at Collingwood.
017553-05 (Simcoe Co.) James THOMAS, 23, carpenter, Collingwood, same, s/o E. H. THOMAS and Mary Jane McCOY married Mary Ann HOMELY, 22, Creemore, Collingwood, d/o Henry HOMELY and Catharine KELLY, witn: Annie CRANSTON and Maggie CAMPBELL both of Collingwood on August 31, 1905 at Collingwood. 017564-05 (Simcoe Co.) James A. THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o George THOMPSON and Emma Jane SAYERS married Alice R. ROY, Osprey, same, d/o Stephen ROY and Minnie C. HILTS, witn: Samuel SANDERSON and Minnie C. ROY both of Osprey on October 11, 1905 at Collingwood.
018080-06 - Robert William THOMSON, 21, Beaverton, same, telephone operator, s/o George THOMSON & Louisa CHAMBERS, married Gertrude A. HARTWICK, 18, Lindsay, same, d/o John HARTWICK & Emma FREELAN, wtn: Charles BROOKE of Trenton & Arabel MONTGOMERY of Orillia, on May 24, 1905, at Orillia 019056-07 (Simcoe Co.) John Henry TINNEE, 22, farmer, Medonte, Medonte, parents - William TINNEE & Mary COWAN, married Catherine Rose TAYLOR, 20, Tiny twp., Medonte, parents - Thomas TAYLOR & Ann E. BLOW, witn, William TAYLOR & Eva GALLIN both of Medonte, April 26, 1905 at Medonte twp.
017877-05 William TOBY, 22, Baxter, Penetang, labourer, s/o David TOBY & Mary GENDRON, married Marcelline MOREAU, 22, P.E.Island, Penetang, d/o Antoine MOREAU & Philomene BOUCHER, witn, David TOBY & Josephine MOREAU of Baxter. 12 June, 1905 at Penetang. RC 017559-05 (Simcoe Co.) Delbert F. TODD, 26, labourer, Michigan, Collingwood, s/o John TODD and Elizabeth HENRY married Vida R. BRIGGS, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o Israel and Flora BRIGGS, witn: E. L. IRVINE & Ira W. PALMER both of Collingwood on September 13, 1905 at Collingwood.
17856-05 James Henry TORRENCE, 29, farmer, Muskoka, Waverly, s/o William TORRENCE & Mary HARDY, married Lottie KNIGHT, 22, Waverly, same, d/o Richard KNIGHT & Harriet BINGLEY, witn: Edythe M. WRIGHT & G. Francis CAMPBELL, both of Penetang., 5 April 1905 at Penetang 017417-05 - Levi Robert TREVELYAN, 27, engineer, Devon England, Allandale, s/o James W. TREVELYAN and Joanna Ellen PERHAM?, married Helena Minnie COLLINS, 22, Toronto, Allandale, d/o J. W. COLLINS and Margaret A. DIXON, witn Albert RIDELL and Viola COLLINS both of Allandale, 7 June 1905 at Allandale.
017521-05 (Simcoe Co.) Garnet Morley TREWIN, 27, dentist, Oshawa, same, son of William TREWIN and Georgina ROBINSON married Catharine Susan ORR, 28, Collingwood, same, d/o James ORR and Jane ROWLAND, witn: William R. ROWLAND of Collingwood & Catharine MATTHEWS of Toronto on April 24, 1905 at Collingwood. 017566-05 (Simcoe Co.) John TROUTEN, 36, wid., carpenter, Fergus, Port Carling, s/o William TROUTEN and Sarah ROBINSON married Sarah May MOORE, 25, wid.,Osprey, Collingwood, d/o J. C. GALBRAITH and Charlotte SCOTT, witn: Thomas GALBRAITH and Bertha ROBINS both of Collingwood on November 8, 1905 at Collingwood.
017530-05 (Simcoe Co.) Lewis VANLUVEN, 23, contractor, Sunnidale, Collingwood, s/o Henry VANLUVEN and Matilda SMITH married Mabel LAURENCE, 20, London Ont., Collingwood, d/o Emmerson LAURENCE and Ann TRACEY, witn: Lavinia & Laura OCKLEY both of Collingwood on March 14, 1905 at Collingwood. 017880-05 Hildege VINCENT, 21, Penetang, same, labourer, s/o Damase VINCENT & Elisabeth CLOUTIER, married Mary SHINE, 22, Penetang, same, d/o Eugene SHINE & Mary HOULIHAN, witn, Adelard BERIOT & Marguerite SHINE of Penetang. 27 June, 1905 at Penetang. RC
017752-05 (Simcoe Co.) Edward Henry WALKER, 36, lithographer, Dufferin, Toronto, parents - William WALKER & Mary Ann STONEHAM married Josephine Mabel MILLER, 25, Creemore, Creemore, parents - John MILLER & Annie CURRIE, witn: Joseph WALKER & Mrs. Herbert DICKINSON both of Creemore, Oct. 27, 1905 at Nottawasaga

18011-05 Ambrose WALSH, 29, farmer, Canada, Tecumseth, s/o Patrick WALSH & Mary CASSERLY, married Catherine FEHELLY, 27, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o James FEHELLY & Catherine KEENA, witn: Fred CASSERLY of Adjala & Mary McGOEY of Tecumseth, 28 Feb 1905 at Tottenham (RC)

017973-05 (Simcoe) Philip Henry WATLEY, 25, Farmer, Peterboro, Tiny Twp., s/o Thomas WATLEY and Priscilla BRYANT, married Maud PULLING, 20, d/o William Albert PULLING and Christina BYERS, wtns Frank PULLING and Pearl CHILCOTT both of Tiny Twp., June 28, 1905, at Randolph, Tiny Twp 017519-05 (Simcoe Co.) Leslie Irwin WATTS, 22, telegrapher, Cambridge Co. Ontario, Collingwood, s/o William D. WATTS and Loveday JOHNSTON married Ada May KEMBAR, 22, Dunedin, Collingwood, d/o Thomas KEMBAR and Mary METHERILL, witn: Thomas & Mary KEMBAR both of Collingwood on April 5, 1905 at Collingwood.
017391-05 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur W. WELLINGTON, 25, brakeman, East York, Barrie, s/o John WELLINGTON and Rachel COLE, married Mary M. TRICKER, 25, Vaughan, Barrie, d/o Robert TRICKER and Matilda JORDAN, witn William PATTON and Emily HAYTER both of Allandale, 1 March 1905 at Barrie.

18010-05 Nicholas WICE, 35, lumberman, Innisfil, same, s/o Adam WICE & Eva MITCHEL, married Margaret WICE, 24, Flos, Innisfil, d/o John WICE & Mary Ann BANK, witn: Samuel F. SHARPE & Mrs SHARPE both of Tottenham, 31 May 1905 at Tottenham

17575-05 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Ernest WIGGINS, 27, farmer, Nottawa, same, s/o Henry WIGGINS and Mary DEE married Carolina Louisa WINTER, 22, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, d/o Joseph WINTERS and Jane BEATTY, witn: John WINTERS of Collingwood & Hattie WIGGINS of Nottawa on December 20, 1905 at Collingwood. 017528-05 (Simcoe Co.) Edward N. WILLETT, 23, labourer, Thornbury, same, son of Edward WILLETT and Lydia McGUIRE married Margaret Ann May HOCKLEY, 18 Collingwood Tp., same, d/o Thomas HOCKLEY and Martha DUKE, witn: Laura and L. Pauline OCKLEY both of Collingwood on March 18, 1905 at Collingwood.
017572-05 (Simcoe Co.) John WONCH, 23, labourer, Collingwood Tp., Collingwood, s/o unknown and unknown, married Rubena LOUGHEAD, 19, Euphrasia, Collingwood, d/o William John LOUGHEAD and Ellen LOUGHEAD, (BREADNER) witn: J. BAXTER & A. D. CRANSTON of Collingwood on November 25, 1905 at Collingwood. 017378-05 - Loin John WOOD, 29, merchant, Tossorontio, Alliston, parents - David WOOD & Mary Ann BANTING, married Nettie May McGIRR, 26, Tossorontio, Tossorontio, parents - George McGIRR & Elizabeth STERENORN, witn, Norman OLIVER of Alliston & Annie GALLINAITTE of Toronto, Sept. 20 1905 at Alliston
017745-05 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander YOUNG, 25, decorator, Braneville, Toronto, parent - Henry Yeldon YOUNG & Elizabeth YOUNG married Jean CLEVE, 29, Sydenham, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas CLEVE & Annie BURR, witn: William MILLER of Toronto & Grace CLEVE of Nottawa, Aug. 31, 1905 at Nottawasaga