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Simcoe Co., 1907, part 2

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019312-07, William ALEXANDER, 30, Canada, Toronto, blank, s/o John ALEXANDER & Mary McQUILLAN, married Margaret McGREAVY, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o James McGREAVY & Julia HANLEY, wtn: J.J. McILROY of Toronto & S. McGREAVY of Stayner, on August 6, 1907, at Stayner  
19270-07 Alfred Ernest ARGUE, 28, teamster, Verulam twp., Penetang, s/o Thomas ARGUE & Charlotte WHITE, married Florence CHATTEN, 18, Fenelon Falls, Midland, d/o Cline? CHATTEN & Hannah TABY?, witn: W. H. HEWSON & J. H. WEBB, both of Penetang, 4 Sept 1907 at Midland 018983-07 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert G. ARNOLD, 28, farmer, Essa, Essa, parents - Alex ARNOLD & Mary ISLAND, married Florence May FLYNN, 23, Sunnidale, Essa, parents - John FLYNN & Mary Jane ROSS, witn; Howard BANTING of Ivy & Bertha FLYNN of Cookstown, Dec. 18, 1907 at Con. 8 Lot 6
018982-07 (Simcoe Co.) Franklin ATCHISON, 31, farmer, Essa, Essa, parents - John ATCHISON & Margaret ANDREW, married Elizabeth A. McFADDEN, 20, Tecumseth, Essa, parents - William J. McFADDEN & Susan McCAMERON, witn; Westley C. SCOTT of Alliston & Myrtle McFADDEN of Essa, Nov. 27, 1907 at Baxter 019428-07 (Simcoe Co.) Dr. William A. ATKINSON, 27, physician, Guthrie, Hillsdale, parents - Charles G. ATKINSON & Martha TURNER, married Mary Edith DAY, 27, Nottawasaga, Creemore, parents - John DAY & Martha E. LONG, witn; T. W. ATKINSON of Barrie & Annie E. DAY of Toronto, June 27, 1907 at Nottawasaga
19026-07 (Simcoe Co) Benjamin AVERILL, 45, farmer, Canada, Innisfil, s/o Thomas AVERILL & Eliza LEE, married Annie Cochrane NEILLY, 45, Canada, West Gwillimbury, d/o Robert NEILLY & Matilda DOOLITTLE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Wesley E. LUCK of Toronto, 2 Jul 1907 at Fennells 019400-07 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander BAIN, 29 engineer, Scotland, Vespra, parents - James BAIN & Annie CAMERON married Eva E. HOLDSWORTH, 20, domestic, Ontario, Vespra, parents - William HOLDSWORTH & Alice LITTLEJOHN, witn: M. E. ARMSTRONG & Ida P. HOLDSWORTH both of Barrie, March 13, 1907 at Vespra
019429-07 (Simcoe Co.) Benjamin BAKER, 25, express agent, Nottawasaga, Regina, parents - Samuel C. BAKER & Mary SCHWALM, married Mary E. EMERSON, 22, Collingwood, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert EMERSON & Mary IRVINE, witn; T. W. CRONE & Annie L. BAKER both of Nottawa, July 3, 1907 at Nottawasaga 019313-07, Urias BAKER, 26, Nottawasaga, Duntroon, farmer, s/o Joseph BAXTER & Mary KLINK, married Elizabeth HUNT, 29, Nottawasaga, Duntroon, d/o John HUNT & Mary BRACK, wtn: W.J. BRACK & ? BAKER, both of Duntroon
019297-07, John Edgar BAKER, 32, West Gwillimbury, Innisfil, farmer, s/o James BAKER & Lois BARNETT, married Camilla Jane PERDUE, 34, Stayner, same, d/o Henry PERDUE & Mary Ann WILLOUGHBY, wtn: W.T. BAKER of Beeton & Bella PERDUE of Stayner, on March 13, 1907, at Stayner 018972-07 (Simcoe Co.) John BEATTY, 36, farmer, Osprey, Osprey, parents - John Robert BEATTY & Elizabeth WATSON, married Martha STEWART, 39, Osprey, Osprey, parents - William STEWART & Nancy McCURDY, witn; Caldough GOWAN & Jessie L. MILLS both of Creemore, Jan. 22, 1907 at Creemore
  19285-07 Julian BEAUCHAMP, 25, laborer, Tiny twp., same, s/o Moise BEAUCHAMP & Clemence DOUCETTE, married Exilda LALUMIERE, 22, Tiny twp., same, d/o Pierre LALUMIERE & Celina LABLANC, witn: Patrick McLAUGHILN of Penetang & Josephine LALUMIERE of Tiny twp., 21 Oct 1907 at Penetang
019287-07, Prosper BEAUSOLEIL, 20, Penetanguishene, same, laborer, s/o Felix BEAUSOLEIL & Lucie JOLY, married Mildred Mary ARBOUR, 19, Waubaushene, Penetanguishene, d/o Wilfred Arbour & Mary Ann LABUTE, witn Edger PAYMENT & Josephine MARCHILDON, both of Penetanguishene, on November 25, 1907, at Penetanguishene

19287-07 Prosper BEAUSOLEIL, 20, laborer, Penetang, same, s/o Felix BEAUSOLEIL & Lucie JOLY, married Mary Mildred ARBOUR, 19, Waubaushene, Penetang, d/o Wilfred ARBOUR & Mary Ann LABUTE, witn: Eudger PAYMENT & Josephine MARCHILDON, both of Penetang, 25 Nov 1907 at Penetang

19282-07 Alexander BELANGER, 50, widow, laborer, Rimouski, Penetang, s/o Alexandre BELANGER & Gracieuse EPELLE, married Emma FOURNIER, 27, Tiny twp., Penetang, d/o Benjamin FOURNIER & Julie BOTTINEAU, witn: Richard & Mary FOURNIER of Penetang, 10 Sept 1907 at Penetang 17716-08 (Simcoe Co) Percy BELLAMY, 23, laborer, Artemesia twp, Fesserton, s/o John BELLAMY & Matilda THOMPSON, married Susie BORLAND, 21, Fesserton, same, d/o Frank BORLAND & Isabel WILSON, witn: James BORLAND of Fesserton & A.J. BROWN of Coldwater, 27 Dec 1907 at Coldwater
019435-07 (Simcoe Co.) Archie BLANCHARD, 24, driller, Paris France, Collingwood, parents - George BLANCHARD & Clara RUSSELL, married Minnie HENDERSON, 19, Tossorontio twp., Nottawasaga, parents - Walter HENDERSON & Dinah JENNINGS, witn; Sarah MYLER (Myles?) of Nottawasaga & George BUNTING of Collingwood, Oct. 9, 1907 at Nottawasaga 19278-07 Joseph BOTHAM, 45, carpenter, Peel Co., Barrie, s/o Matthew BOTHAM & Catherine HARRISON, married Annie E. SMITH, 35, York Co., Penetang, d/o Levi SMITH & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: J.E. SANDERSON of Toronto Junction & Cora SANDERSON of Penetang, 30 Oct 1907 at Penetang
019438-07 (Simcoe Co.) James BOWMAN, 29, farmer, Innisfil, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas BOWMAN & Matilda DAVIS,  married Jean KLINCK,23, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Abraham KLINCK & Rachel DONER, witn; D. H. LACKIE & Bertha KLINCK both of Nottawasaga, Dec. 25, 1907 at Nottawasaga 019288-07, Pierre BOYER, 39, Tiny Twp, Penetanguishene, laborer, widowed, s/o Jean Baptiste BOYER & Angelique GENDRON, married Clara Isabella MYERS, 20, Lambton Co, Penetanguishene, d/o William MYERS & Elizabeth MURKLAND, wtn: James & Mrs. Alexinia GRISDALE of Penetanguishene, on November 25, 1907, at Penetanguishene
19283-07 William James BOYLE, 28, laborer, Donegal Ireland, Toronto, s/o Owen BOYLE & Ellen MARTIN, married Eva Margaret ALLEN, 28, Penetang, same, d/o John ALLEN & Mary Ann LYNCH, witn: John Joseph & Frances Johanna ALLEN of Penetang, 24 Sept 1907 at Penetang 19264-07 Julien BRASSEUR, 21, laborer, Tiny twp., Penetang, s/o Eustache BRASSEUR & H. BEAUCHAMP, married Mary WYNNE, 22, Penetang, same, d/o Thomas WYNNE & M. CHARETTE, witn: O. BRASSEUR & Florence DESOME, both of Penetang, 6 May 1907 at Penetang
019391-07 (Simcoe Co.) R. H. BRETT, 30, clergyman, Mono, Mono, parents - John BRETT & I. A. ARMSTRONG married Eliza WILSON, 25 , school teacher, Tottenham, Tottenham, parents John WILSON & Anne SEMPLE, witn: R. W. BRETT of Primrose & Janet F. WILSON of Tottenham, Jan. 26, 1907 at Tottenham 018975-07 (Simcoe Co.) Menno BRILLINGER, 21, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Josephus BRILLINGER & Annie LIEBECK, married Cora COPELAND, 18, Mulmur, Mulmur, parents - no father's name, Jane COPELAND, witn; Thomas GOWAN of Creemore & Jane COPELAND of Honeywood, May 14, 1907 at Creemore
019031-07 (Simcoe Co) Samuel BROLLEY, 38, farmer, Thornton, Stroud s/o Samuel BROLLEY and Martha MALEY married Ethyle WRIGHT, 26, Thornton, Craigvale d/o William WRIGHT and Mary Jane MARTIN, witness – Howard BLACK and Gertrude WRIGHT, September 18, 1907, Stroud  
019402-07 (Simcoe Co.) William R. BROWN, 38, widower, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Daniel BROWN & Mary Jane SWAIN married Henrietta TEASDALE, 24, dressmaker, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Thomas TEASDALE & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: William H. TEASDALE & B. TEASDALE of Vespra, April 3, 1907 at Vespra 019060-07 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas William BROWN, 32, druggist, Owen Sound, Victoria Harbor, parents - William BROWN & Elizabeth CASHORE, married Ethel Victoria SINCLAIR, Coldwater, Coldwater, parents - Dougal SINCLAIR & Annie STINSON, witn; Howard Roy McHAULL of Victoria Harbor & Emma SINCLAIR of Coldwater, Sept. 12, 1907 at Coldwater
018967-07 (Simcoe Co.) Rossland E. BURRELL, 31, barber, Collingwood, same, s/o James BURRELL & Sarah A. SCARFF, married Jeanett JEVEREAUX (Genereaux?), 19, Smithville, Collingwood, d/o James JEVEREAUX & Elsie HELICAR, wtn: Annie CRANSTON & Sarah McCOLEMAN both of Collingwood, on December 11, 1907 at Collingwood 19271-07 Bruce CADIEUX, 21, laborer, Penetang, Midland, s/o Charles CADIEUX & Minnie SHECKLETON, married Florence DROLET, 18, Midland, same, d/o Philip DROLET & Rebeccah RAWSON, witn: David SHERWOOD of Collingwood & Maggie WOODRUFF of Midland, 23 Sept 1908 at Penetang
019059-07 (Simcoe Co.) Milton James CARSCADDEN, 26, merchant, Oro twp., Maple Creek Saskatchewan, parents - John CARSCADDEN & Ann BRANDON, married Adelia A. BROWN, 24, music teacher, Coldwater, Coldwater, parents - Joseph BROWN & Mary A. CALDER, witn; Robert CARSCADDEN of Edgar & Nurcia LEECE of Coldwater, Sept. 4, 1907 at Coldwater 19003-07 (Simcoe Co) William H. CHAPMAN, 21, farmer, Waverley Ontario, Flos Twp., s/o Thomas CHAPMAN & Ellen PARKER, married Matilda Jane BROWN, 23, Stayner Ontario, Flos Twp., d/o Alexander BROWN & Matilda PARKER, witn: William BROWN of Crossland & Mary CHAPMAN of Langman, 11 Dec 1907 at Elmvale.
19008-07 (Simcoe Co) William J. CHURCHILL, 40, mason, England, Fennells, s/o Richard CHURCHILL & Hannah SLADE, married Eliza BROWN, 28, Canada, Steele's Corners, d/o William R. BROWN & Martha WAITES, witn: Ralph BROWN of Fennells & Jessie KELL of Holly, 5 Jun 1907 at Fennells. 019388-07 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander CLELLAND, 24, blacksmith, Uphall Scotland, Welland, parents - James CLELLAND & Charlotte McGIBBON married Jane Ann McGIBBON, 21, Minden Haliburton, Lisle, parents - Dougald McGIBBON & Ann Jane HARRISON, witn: Thomas BROWN & Maggie McGIBBON both of Lisle, Dec. 26, 1907 at Lisle
19280-07 Herbert CLOUTIER, 29, laborer, Penetang, same, s/o Eugar CLOUTIER & Emelie DUBEAU, married Marie Catherine CHARLEBOIS, 26, Penetang, same, d/o Calixte CHARLEBOIS & Phelina SAUVE, witn: Herbert & Zeta CHARLEBOIS of Penetang, 3 Sept 1907 at Penetang 018973-07 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Andrew COE, 30, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - William COE & Betsy COWAN, married Elizabeth Jane KELLY, 24, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert KELLY & Mary E. AIKENS, witn; William COE & Lizzie COE both of Cashtown, May 13, 1907 at Creemore
019035-07 (Simcoe Co) Alexander CONSTABLE, 24, farmer, Proton Twp, Innisfil Twp s/o Alexander CONSTABLE and Janet ALDRED married Agnes Beattrice DUNCAN, 23, Innisfil, same d/o William DUNCAN and Elizabeth BARCLAY, witness – Elizabeth DUNCAN and Janet CONSTABLE, November 20, 1907, Innisfil  
19275-07 Edward David COOK, 24, farmer, Tiny twp., Penetang, s/o Leonard Brown COOK & Alice COOK, married Amelia LYNN, 18, Sunnidale, Penetang, d/o William LYNN & Margaret Grace HOAR, witn: Charles & Carrie LYNN of Tiny twp., 23 Oct 1907 at Penetang 019304-07, Benjamin Franklin COOK, 26, Markham Twp, Toronto, carpenter, s/o Charles COOK & Esther RAYMER, married Marth Pearl MOORE, 18, Nottawasaga, Flos, d/o Charles MOORE & Mary FOX, wtn: Fred MOORE & Maria REINHART, both of Flos, on June 5, 1907, at Stayner
19274-07 Henry George CORLEY, 24, artisan, Brighton England, Penetang, s/o William Elijah CORLEY & Jane Elizabeth MADDERSON, married Kathleen PHILLIPS, 22, Brighton England, Penetang, d/o Alfred William PHILIPS & Joanna SEIFERT, witn: Alfred & Frances CHAPPELL of Penetang, 5 Oct. 1907 at Penetang 019306-07, Frederick Odder COTES, 32, Nova Scotia, Amhurst NS, agent, s/o Francis Abbot COTES & Lucinda BAIRD, married Margaret GRAY, 25, Stayner, same, d/o Thomas GRAY & Jane BAXTER, wtn: William James BAKER of Collingwood & Jean Scott GRAY of Stayner, on June 26, 1907, at Stayner
18996-25 (Simcoe Co) Albert COUGHLIN, 28, farmer, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., s/o Thomas COUGHLIN & Ellen OREILLY, married Catherine SHANAHAN, 26, Medonte Twp., Flos Twp., d/o John SHANAHAN & Mary Ann GIBBON, witn: Ellen SHANAHAN of Phelpston & W.H. O'NEILL of Apto, 17 Jun 1907 at Phelpston 019292-07, John Hagn COULSON, 28, Tiny, same, farmer, s/o George COULSON & Sarah J. HAGAN, married Annie Louise VINT, 19, Tiny, same, d/o James VINT & Agnes Miller GRIER, wtn: Thomas COULSON of Penetanguishene & Florence C. VINT of Penetanguishene, on September 3, 1907, at Penetanguishene
019045-07 (Simcoe Co) Timothy COURRIER, 54, laborer, Quebec, Waubaushene s/o Antoine COURRIER and Mary LANDRY married Sarah KELLAR, 54, Fredericksburg, Deseronto d/o Nelson LOYD and Jane SIMMONS, witness – M.J. SHEPPARD and Ada SHEPPARD, June 18, 1907, Coldwater 19277-07 Samuel COUTURE, 40, widower, farmer, Quebec, Penetang, s/o John COUTURE & Elizabeth, married Margaret McKAY, 39, widow, Brimingham, Penetang, d/o John McKAY & Mary HUGHES, witn: Edward & Mary FLACK of Penetang, 2 Nov 1907 at Penetang
19029-07 (Simcoe Co) William J. COWAN, 33, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., s/o George COWAN & Christina ROSS, married Isabella BOYES, 28, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., d/o David BOYES & Janet PATTERSON, witn: Robert G. COWAN of Caledon East & Margaret BOYES of Barclay, 24 Jul 1907 at Lot 14 Con 7 Innisfil Twp.. 18991-07 (Simcoe Co) John COYLE, 30, merchant, Sunnidale Twp., Phelpston Flos Twp., s/o Edward COYLE & Colleen McCABE, married Mary McKEOWN, 35, widow, Oshawa, Phelpston Flos Twp., d/o John O'REGAN & Ellen GIBBONS, witn: Joseph RYTHES of Crossland & Mary MORAN of Phelpston, 4 Feb 1907 at Phelpston
18986-07 (Simcoe Co) Robert A. CRAIG, 26, farmer, Medonte Twp, Medonte Twp, s/o Arthur CRAIG & Henrietta JOHNSON, married Ida May IRWIN, 27, Toronto, Tay Twp., d/o John IRWIN & Jane Barbara STEWART, witn: Thomas CRAIG of Craighurst & Lydia IRWIN of Tiny Twp., 1 Jan 1907 at Craighurst 019116-07 (Simcoe Co.) James M. CURRIE, 28, miner, Nottawasaga, Vancouver B.C., parents - Lachlan CURRIE & Flora MORRISON, married Mary CONN, 26, Collingwood twp., Nottawasaga, parents - George CONN & Bella CONNOR, witn; J. C. CONN & Flora CURRIE both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 1, 1907 at Nottawasaga
#019320-07 - Richard Alphonsus DALTON, 30, brakesman, Allandale, same, s/o James DALTON & Catherine MURPHY, married Laura Lenora COMARTIN, 27, Brentwood, same, d/o Elias COMARTIN & Eliza BENEDICT, 5 June 1907 at Immaculate Conception RC Church, Brentwood 019108-07 - Julius DAOUST, 38, farmer, St. Patrick, same, s/o Elie DAOUST & Zoe DUBEAU, married Mary Florence JOHNSTON, 31, nurse, Lindsay, Midland, d/o John P. JOHNSTON & Rose WALLACE, witn: Joe JOHNSTON, Midland & Mrs. DUSOME, of Penetang. Oct 28, 1907 at Midland. (RC)
019377-07 - Bartly Duncan DAVIS, 27, King, same, Farmer, s/o Jessie Milton DAVIS & Elizabeth McCALLUM, married Jennie HASTINGS, 27, Tecumseth, same, d/o Richard HASTINGS & Sarah Ann ROBINSON, wtn: Harvey HASTINGS of Tecumseth & Iva PENFIELD of Penville, on November 27, 1907, at Tecumseth 018969-07 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas DEANS, 28, blacksmith, Portsmouth England, Collingwood, s/o John DEANS & Amelia E. ROGERS married Mary Jane PINKNEY, 34, tailoress, Vale Carty Quebec, Collingwood, d/o Manuel PINKNEY & Rose KENWELL, wtn: Edward N. MACK, Collingwood & Rose PINKNEY, Toronto, on December 25, 1907, at Collingwood

19004-07 (Simcoe Co) Victor DELZEL, 22, laborer, Hillsdale, Hillsdale, s/o James DELZEL & Amanda ARCHER, married Lulu BIRCH, 20, Orr Lake, Hillsdale, d/o James BIRCH & Ellen PHILLIPS, witn: Lillie KNIGHT of Toronto & Grace DAUD of Collingwood, 24 Dec 1907 at Elmvale

19005-07 (Simcoe Co) Alfred C. DENNIS, 28, labourer, Innisfil Twp., Medonte Twp., s/o William DENNIS & Sarah BRADLEY, married Bertha HUTTON, 27, Medonte Twp., Medonte Twp., d/o Robert HUTTON & Maria CARPENTER, witn: Ella KNIGHT of Toronto & Grace DAUD of Collingwood, 26 Dec 1907 at Elmvale
019405-07 (Simcoe Co.) Edwin John DIBBIN, 38, farmer, England, Vespra, parents - Edwin R. DIBBIN & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM married Margaret Alie LUMLEY, 38, Innisfil, Vespra, parents - William LUMLEY & Charlotte BENNETT, witn. Arthur B. LITTLE of Allandale & Maud A. McMILKIN of Minesing, Aug. 7, 1907 at Minesing 19284-07 Jean Baptiste DION, 31, bar tender, Penetang, same, s/o Joseph DION & Philomene COTE, married Louise BEAULIEU, 24, Penetang, same, d/o Hyacinthe BEAULIEU & Agnes LAMONETTE, witn: James GAUTHIER & Delia BEAULIEU, both of Penetang, 1 Oct 1907 at Penetang
019406-07 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry DOUGHTY, 29, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Edenvale, parents - John DOUGHTY & Sarah Ann BRISTEOUS married Agnes Sophia SOLWAY, 24, Stayner, Edenvale, parents - Edward SOLWAY & (not known) VERGINA, witn. Earnest SOLWAY & Mrs. Earnest SOLWAY of Edenvale, Dec. 4, 1907 at Edenvale 019302-07, James Joseph DOWLING, 32, Nottawasaga, same, farmer, s/o William DOWLING &  Ann O'CONNELL, married Alice May NOFF, 20, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Courtice James NOFF & Harriot Anne WEBB, wtn: George COFFEE & Hattie NOFF, on June 5, 1907, at Stayner
019050-07 (Simcoe Co) Thomas W. DRINKLE, 23, farmer, Tiny Twp, Tay Twp, s/o Joseph DRINKLE and Jennet GRAHAM married Annie L. BRITTAIN, 18, Tay Twp, same d/o Henry BRITTAIN and Sarah GRIGG, witness – Eva JOKES(?) and Nellie JAMES(?) (could be JONES for both witness’), April 10, 1907, Hillsdale 018984-07 (Simcoe Co.) Wilfred A. E. DRURY, 20, printer, Vespra, Barrie, parents - Edmund DRURY & Mary Ann FOSTER, married Ellen JONES, 17, Essa, Essa, parents - Thomas JONES & Isabella WAID, witn; William J. JONES of Utopia & Sarah WAID of Orillia, Dec. 25, 1907 at Utopia
.019393-07 (Simcoe Co.) William James ELLIS, 24, farmer, King, Vaughan, parents - William ELLIS & Roseana PHILLIPS married Atina? MARK, 25, King, Tottenham, parents - William H. MARK & Eliza MURRAY, witn: James McNAUGHT & Margaret NICOL both of Tottenham, Nov. 6, 1907 at Tottenham 019093-07 - Herbert McCormick EVANS, 29, machinist, Kingston, Penetanguishene, s/o James EVANS & Elizabeth MACKELLAR, married Pearl Geasta(?) MARA, 19, Rochester USA, Penetanguishene, d/o Thomas MARA & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: John & Lillian J. WHITE of Midland. Aug 23, 1907 at Midland
019032-07 (Simcoe Co) William FAGAN, 50, farmer, Grey Twp, Medonte Twp s/o John FAGAN and Agnes A. GRAHAM married Hannah SHELLSWELL, 32, Medonte, Medonte Twp d/o Jesse SHELLSWELL and Elizabeth HITCOCK, witness – M. JONES and N. JONES, June 3, 1907, Hillsdale 19019-07 (Simcoe Co) George Andrew FILDEY, 37, farmer, Tecumseth Twp., Tecumseth Twp., s/o George FILDEY & Margaret Jane McKEE, married Margaret Frances Avelina CARR, 23, Manitoulin Island Algoma, Innisfil Twp., d/o John CARR & Annie DEERING, witn: Robert John CARR of Elmvale & M.A. MARLING of Cookstown, 10 Apr 1907 at Cookstown
  019436-07 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Wesley FLYNN, 25, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - William FLYNN & Sarah BRYCE, married Minnie Arvilla THORNTON, 10, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - James THORNTON & Regina CONNOR, witn; Edmund A. DONER of Nottawasaga & Annie M. STACEY of Creemore, Nov. 13, 1907 at Nottawasaga, Divorce granted by S.C.O. at Toronto on July 26, 1933
#019344-07 - Paul FORTIER, 62, widower, laborer, Murray Bay, Penetang., s/o Baptiste FORTIER & Annie STEWARD, married Sophia ROY, 62, widow, Riviere de Long Quebec, Victoria Harbour, d/o David ROY & Julia DUHES, witn: J.B. ARBOUR & Deline LATONDRESS, both of Victoria Harbour, 22 Sept 1907 at Victoria Harbour (Rom Cath) 019074-07 - Joseph FOURNEY, 33, Laborer, St. Patrick, same, s/o Joseph FOURNEY & Mary TRECKY, married Ida DOW, 17, St. Patrick, same, d/o Archibald DOW & Lottie PEPPINS, witn: Mrs. J.J. ELLIOTT & Ina HAIG of Midland. Jan 18, 1907 at Midland. (RC)
019119-07 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas John FREETHY, 25, farmer, Osprey twp., same, parents - Thomas FREETHY & Mary Jane LONG, married Euphemia McQUEEN, 25, Osprey twp., same, parents - Donald McQUEEN, & Annie McDERMID, witn; Malcolm McQUEEN & Alice Maud FREETHY both of Osprey twp., Jan. 30, 1907 at Nottawasaga 18995-07 (Simcoe Co) Freeman FRENCH, 21, farmer, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Alfred FRENCH & Margaret McFADDEN, married Sarah Annetta McFADDEN, 19, Flos Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o Stewart McFADDEN & Harriet LEWIS, witn: James McFADDEN & Lydia E. LEGGOT, 29 May 1907 at Elmvale
019394-07 (Simcoe Co.) Richard Franklin GARRETT, 24, builder, Ontario, Barrie, parents - Albert GARRETT & Elizabeth FRANKSON (Franklin?) married Ethel Melissa MARKLE, 20, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Charles MARKLE & Martha GARVIN, witn: A. F. GARRETT of Barrie & D. GARVIN of Elmvale, Jan. 1, 1907 at Vespra 19266-07 Theophist GAUTHIER, 20, farmer, Tiny, same, s/o Arsine GAUTHIER & R. LALONDE, married Justine QUESNELLE, 18, Tiny, same, d/o Cyprien QUESNELLE & Josephine LAJOIE, witn: A. & Antoine QUESNELLE of Tiny, 30 April 1907 at Penetang
#019338-07 - Arthur GIBSON, 27, farmer, Tay twp., Sunnidale, s/o Henry GIBSON & Esther MONTGOMERY, married Mary Susan CASCADDEN, 23, Tay twp., same, d/o James CASCADDEN & Mary BRANDON, witn: Howard CASCADDEN of Tay twp & Lillian GIBSON of Sunnidale, 12 June 1907 at Tay twp 018971-07 (Simcoe Co.) John GIBSON, 25, steamfitter, St. Catharines, Toronto, s/o Robert GIBSON & Eliza VEITCH, married Ethel M. OVERHOLT, 17, Wiarton, Collingwood, d/o George OVERHOLT & Melissa MELICK, wtn: Harvey J. PATTERSON, Collingwood & Margaret FINN, Collingwood , on October 12, 1907, at Collingwood
19054-07 Joseph Charles GODFREY, 22, laborer, Markham, Tay twp., s/o George GODFREY & Jane PATTERSON, married Myrtle CONNOR, 21, Tay twp., same, d/o Oakley CONNOR & Annie BOYD, witn: Benjamin SALLOWS & Eva CONNOR, both of Tay twp., 9 July 1907 at Tay twp #019336-07 - Edmond GONETT, 20, farmer, Waubaushene, same, s/o John GONETT & Philmonia PELLETIER, married Herria VIGER, 21, Waubaushene, same, d/o Octave VIGER & Delphine BILODEAU, witn: Joseph PLOUFFE & Virgie VIGER, both of Waubaushene, 3 June 1907 at Waubaushene
018977-07 (Simcoe Co.) John Edwin GRAHAM, 30, farmer, Tecumseth twp., Cookstown, parents - John GRAHAM & Mary LUSON (Leeson?), married Margaret Evelyn HOWIS, 29, Craigvale, near Thornton Village, parents - Allan HOWIS & Margaret NEILLY, witn; Ignatius LENNOX & Ethel Maria CARPENTER both of Ivy, April 17, 1907 at Ivy 019387-07 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Nelson GRANGER, 22, barber, Mulmur, Tossorontio, parents - Thomas GRANGER & Isabella CAUTHERS, married Beatrice STICKLES, 19, Tossorontio, Tossorontio, parents - John STICKLES & Mary MAXWELL, witn: Harry & Mrs. Harry HOOK of Barrie, Oct. 23, 1907 at Tossorontio
  #019326-07 - Fred W. GRATRIX, 23, farmer, Tay twp., same, s/o Joseph GRATRIX & Margaret CROSS, married Bertha HOPKINS, 19, Glen Major, Tay twp., d/o Thomas HOPKINS & Annie IRMAN, witn: F?. C. HOPKINS of Tay twp & Martha BORLAND of Fesserton, 27 Feb 1907 at Tay twp
019365-07 - John William GRAY, 37, England, Nippising, Clerk, s/o John GRAY & Matilda EDWARDS, married Lydia Leah BROOKS, 35, Tecumseth, same, d/o John J. BROOKS & Catherine SPARROW, wn: Ernest BROOKS of Bond Head & Emma WOODS of Toronto, on June 26, 1907, at Tecumseth 019398-07 (Simcoe Co.) Charles GREGG, 25, farmer, Ontario, Flos., parents - Edward GREGG & Mary CHAPMAN married Viola Eva WEBB, 28, Ontario, Vespra, parents - William Charles WEBB & Margaret LEWIS, witn: Marshall WEBB of Russellton & Esther GREGG of Allanwood, March 6, 1907 at Vespra
19272-07 Septimus James GREY, 22, laborer, Stockton England, Midland, s/o Joe GREY & Sarah NICHSOLON, married Emma GODFREY, 19, Beaverton, Midland, d/o Louis GODFREY & Mary Ann HALES, witn: R.E. LITTLE of Midland & R.E. LITTLE of Penetang, 2 Oct 1907 at Penetang 19023-07 (Simcoe Co) Russell Edwin GRIFFIN, 25, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Essa Twp., s/o David GRIFFIN & Mary Jane FINDLAY, married Annie Priscilla HORTON, 21, Eldon Twp., Lorneville - Victoria Co., d/o William HORTON & Isabella WRIGHT, witn: C.W. BUCHANAN M.D. & Mary A. DUFF both of Cookstown, 7 Jun 1907 at Cookstown
019433-07 (Simcoe Co.) Norman Albert GROSE, 23, farmer, Manitoba, Manitoba, parents - Albert GROSE & Mary MILLSAP, married Hortense Matilda MILLSAP, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Jacob MILLSAP & Mary Ann LYTLE, witn; William J. MILLSAP of Nottawasaga & Mary M. GROSE of Creemore, Aug. 7, 1907 at Nottawasaga 19265-07 Pierre HAMELIN, 39, millwright, Tiny, same, s/o Xavier HAMELIN & Lucie St.AMAND, married Elizabeth MOREAU, 17, Tiny, same, d/o Hercule MOREAU & Elise DANDANAU, witn: T. MOREAU & A. MARCHILDON, both of Lafontaine, 30 April 1907 at Penetang
19006-07 (Simcoe Co) Noah S. HARMAN, 19, saw miller, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o George HARMAN & Hannah BANKER, married Eva BANKS, 19, Flos Twp., Elmvale Flos Twp., d/o John BANKS & Sarah VOLLICK, witn: Grace DAUD of Collingwood & Lydia LEGOTT of Elmvale, 30 Dec 1907 at Elmvale 018978-07 (Simcoe Co.) Charles HARPER, 32, farmer, England, Tecumseth twp., parents - not known, married Ethel WOOLSEY, 21, Angus, Angus, parents - William John WOOLSEY & Margaret FOSTER, witn; Ernest WOOLSEY & Flossie Tar BUSH both of Angus, April 3, 1907 at Angus
019404-07 (Simcoe Co.) Fred HARRIS, 29, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Frederick HARRIS & Eliza STONE married Mary Lavina TRACEY, 25, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Edwin J. TRACEY & Melissa A. BOYCE, witn: Eby HARRIS & Phoebe TRACEY both of Grenfel, June 20, 1907 at Vespra 018985-07 (Simcoe Co.) Ebenezer HARRIS, 29, farmer, Vespra, Grenfill, parents - Frederick HARRIS & Elizabeth STONE, married Sarah Ellen McMASTER, 30, Essa, Essa, parents - Mark McMASTER & Susan ARNOLD, witn; E.D. STURGEON of Angus & Eleanor E. STURGEON of Fennells, Dec. 21, 1907 at Angus
  019401-07 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick William HARRISON, 24, painter, Ontario, Toronto, parents - William J. HARRISON & M. J. RICHARDSON married Maud CARSON, -, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Robert CARSON & Susan ALEXANDER, witn: F. GALLOP of Toronto & Bella CARSON of Anten Mills, April 2, 1907 at Vespra
019315-07, William HARVEY, 25, Sunnidale, Bethesda Sunnidale, farmer, married Margaret Jane SEELER, 23, Sunnidale, same, d/o  John SEELER & Isabella PERRY, wtn: Isabella SEELER of Bethesda & Margt M. WHEATLEY, on November 12, 1907, at Stayner 19002-07 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Alfred HARVEY, 26, farmer, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., s/o James HARVEY & Jane BRIGGS, married Mary Jane WEATHERAL, 22, farmer, Dunedin Ontario, Van Vlack - Flos Twp., d/o Joseph WEATHERAL & Mary Ann ANDREW, witn: Joseph E. WEATHERAL & Janet E. BELL both of Van Vlack, 4 Dec 1907 at Van Vlack.
019179-07 - John C. HARVIE, 57, South Orillia, same, Farmer, Widower, s/o Charles HARVIE & Mary McLEOD, married Margaret REID, 43, Oro, Orillia, Widow, d/o Malcolm CAMERON & Martha LITTNER, wtn: Jessie F. MAIN & Edith GRANT both of Orillia, on April 10, 1907, at Orillia  
019175-07 - George HAWKE, 33, Medonte, same, Farmer, s/o Edwin HAWKE & Mavin NASH, married Maggie ORR, 23, Medonte, same, d/o William ORR & Mary McCASKET, wtn: Ed IRISH & Mary ORR both of Medonte, on June 19, 1907, at Orillia

019396-07 (Simcoe Co.) David John HILL, 26, farmer, Ontario, Weyburn Sask., parents - Ruben James HILL & Margaret EGAN married Maggie A. GRANT, 23, Scotland, Vespra, parents - William GRANT & Elizabeth ANDERSON, witn: John H. PLATT of Vespra & William JOULET? of Barrie, Jan. 9, 1907 at Vespra

019437-07 (Simcoe Co.) Norman HISEY, 22, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - Abraham HISEY & Lydia EVANS, married Margaret Edna DUNSTAN, 23, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - William Charles DUNSTAN & Elizabeth PORTER, witn; William DUNSTAN of Cashtown & Mrs. R. H. COLLINS of Collingwood, Dec. 18, 1907 at Nottawasaga 19025-07 (Simcoe Co) Joseph HOLLINGWORTH, 27, moulder, Sheffield England, Lindsay, s/o Samuel HOLLINGWORTH & Martha BANFORD, married Bernice R. MATTHEWS, 24, Churchill, Churchill, d/o Reuben MATTHEWS & Elizabeth McARTHUR, witn: Mark R. MATTHEWS of Churchill & Marion L. RANDS of Buffalo, 26 Jun 1907 at Churchill.
019314-07, William Andrew HOLT, 25, Bradford, Wyevale, farmer, s/o John HOLT & Maria P??ICE, married M. Mary GRIFFIN, 25, Creemore, Collingwood, d/o Thomas GRIFFIN & Mary FULLERTON, wtn: M.M. WHEATLEY & S. BENNET, both of Stayner, on October 16, 1907, at Stayner 019043-07 (Simcoe Co) George A. HOWELL, 32, farmer, Oro Twp, Medonte Twp s/o William H. HOWELL and Eliz. Ann GIFFIN married Mabel WARRINER, 20, Muskoka Dist, Medonte Twp d/o Albert WARRINER and Annie COOPER, witness – Charles HOWELL and Alice TALBOT, June 5, 1907, Coldwater
19009-07 (Simcoe Co) Harry Edwin HUGHES, 26, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., s/o Elijah HUGHES & Alice KNEESHAW, married Florence Beatrice NESBITT, 23, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, d/o William NESBITT & Eliza RITCHIE, witn: James NESBITT & Lilian NESBITT both of West Gwillimbury, 22 Jan 1907 at West Gwillimbury 19273-07 Herbert HYDE, 34, artisan, Brighton England, Penetang, s/o Charles HYDE & Tena GRAY, married Lydia PHILLIPS, 24, Brighton England, Penetang, d/o Alfred PHILLIPS & Joanna SEIFERT, witn: Alfred Thomas ATKINS & Mary Ann MACKLEM, both of Penetang, 5 Oct 1907 at Penetang
19086-07 (Simcoe Co) John ISLES, 22, lumberman, Midland, Midland, s/o Richard ISLES & Mary BOURNE, married May SCARROW, blank, widow, Collingwood, Midland, d/o Henry SCARROW & Annie SHAW, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.J. MILLER both of Midland, 26 Jun 1907 at Midland  
018974-07 (Simcoe Co.) Wesley A. JOHNSTON, 27, butcher, Sunnidale, Creemore, parents - Denton JOHNSTON & Elizabeth HUISH?, married Margaret Elizabeth HISEY, 24, Creemore, Creemore, parents - Isaac HISEY & Letitia FULLARTON, witn; Norman COOPER of Creemore & Etta CURRIE of Toronto, May 1, 1907 at Creemore 19232-07 James William JOHNSTONE, 38, farmer, South Orillia, same, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON (sic) & Grace McLEAN, married Florence Edna MARTIN, 32, Mimico, South Orillia, d/o James MARTIN & Elizabeth RUSSELL, witn: James W. JOHNSTONE & Barbara MARTIN, both of South Orillia, 25 Dec 1907 at South Orillia
19028-07 (Simcoe Co) George Wells KEMP, 21, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Stroud, s/o Robert KEMP & Letitia REID, married Olive Margaret ROBINS, 18, Stroud, Stroud, d/o John ROBINS & Sarah BROLLEY, witn: Bessie D. HUMPHREY & Isabella BOOTH both of Cookstown, 21 Aug 1907 at Cookstown. 019289-07, Peter KERBY, 42, Uxbridge, Midland, butcher, widowed, s/o Thomas KIRBY & Mary BURGESS, married Rose WILLIAMS, 29, Wyebridge, Tiny, d/o John R. WILLIAMS & Maggie HART, wtn: E.A. LITTLE & E.P. RICHARDSON, both of Penetanguishene, on December 25, 1907, at Penetanguishene
019384-07 (Simcoe Co.) L. William KERR, 35, farmer, Mulmur, Adjala, parents - James KERR & Susan WOOD married J. Margaret AMESS, 32, tailoress, Tossorontio twp., Rosemont, parents - John AMESS & Rebecca GALLAUGHER, witn: John AMESS of Rosemont & Rebecca GALLAUGHER of Alliston, July 16, 1907 at Tossorontio 19269-07 Alfred Pryor KING, 27, teamster, Barrie, Midland, s/o John William KING & Sarah MORDEN, married Agnes Ellen BOURNE, 27, Penetang, res not given, d/o Alex BOURNE & Sarah WILLETTE, witn: Fred A. BR--? & May Florence LADOUCEUR, both of Midland, 28 Aug 1907 at Penetang
019430-07 (Simcoe Co.) John Andrew KITCHEN, 24, labourer, Melancthon, Nottawasaga, parents - Andrew KITCHEN & Ellen METCALF, married Mary Ann RENTNER, 22, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Frederick RENTNER & Eliza Jane McGEE, witn; John C. CONN & Elizabeth RENTNER both of Nottawasaga, July 10, 1907 at Nottawasaga 018979-07 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Alexander KNUPP (Knapp?), 27, labourer, Minesing, Barrie, parents - William KNUPP & Elizabeth LAWSON, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 24, Sunnidale, Barrie, parents - Angus CAMPBELL & Mary Jane YOUNG, witn; Fred KNUPP of Minesing & Jessie CAMPBELL of Barrie, June 19, 1907 at Ivy
19286-07 Louis LADOUCEUR, 22, laborer, Tiny twp., same, s/o Adelbert LADOUCEUR & Delia DESJARDINS, married Delime LACROIX, 18, Tiny twp., same, d/o Andre LACROIX & Anastasie LEGAULT, witn: Theophilus PAINCOURT & Hermine MAILLE, both of Penetang, 28 Oct 1907 at Penetang 19001-07 (Simcoe Co) Mynard LAKE, 22, engineer, New Jersey U.S.A., Toronto, s/o Edwin LAKE & Cassie MANY, married Nellie CLEMENT, 20, Carrville Ontario, Elmvale, d/o Henry CLEMENT & Lucy LON (Love?), witn: Walter CLEMENT & Sarah McGINNIS both of Elmvale, 4 Dec 1907 at Elmvale.
019030-07 (Simcoe Co) William C. LAMB, 27, farmer, Innisfil Twp, Nantyr s/o Christopher LAMB and Mary Ann PATTERSON married Effie Gertrude THOMPSON, 21, Innisfil Twp, Nantyr d/o Frank THOMPSON and Isabella CROSS, witness – John A. MURRAY and Elizabeth THOMPSON, September 18, 1907, Nantyr 019118-07 (Simcoe Co.) Frank C. LANCASTER, 27, marine engineer, Kent Co., Collingwood, parents - Joseph LANCASTER & Mary CULLIS, married Annie McDERMID, 23, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Malcolm McDERMID & Annie MONTGOMERY, witn; Dougall C. McDERMID & Mrs. D. L. McDERMID both of Collingwood, Jan. 26, 1907 at Nottawasaga
18876-07 William Cuthbert LANE, 37, farmer, Holland Landing, same, s/o William LANE & Elizabeth DEAN, married Emma Constance MORNING, 27, Vaughan twp., King twp., d/o Arthur MORING & May MANNING, witn: Albert & May MORNING of Holland Landing, 19 June 1907 at Bradford 019296-07, Robert LAW, 21, Wingham, Collingwood, clerk, s/o John LAW & Mary Ann KRISMAN, married Mary Lockerbe CAMPBELL, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Peter McLean CAMPBELL & Mary LOCKERBE, wtn: Susie COBURN & Emily EMERSON, both of Stayner, on March 5, 1907, at Stayner
018966-07 (Simcoe Co.) Chester LEE, 29, shipbuilder, Durham Co., Collingwood, s/o Richard LEE & Emma FARROW married Elizabeth H. JENKINS, 35, Adjala, Collingwood, d/o John JENKINS & Matilda SMITH, wtn: Asa WARD & Hilton LEE, both of Collingwood, on December 10, 1907 at Collingwood. 019294-07, Sanford Harper LINDSAY, 36, Collingwood, Stayner, manager, widowed, s/o James LINDSAY & Isabella CAMERON, married Helena Agnes McEACHERN, 24, Stayner, same, d/o Malcolm McEACHERN & Margaret McLEAN, wtn: Charles Henry CAMERON & Jean Elizabeth GREGORY, both of Collingwood, on January 9, 1907, at Stayner
18989-07 (Simcoe Co) Matthew William LOCKHART, 19, farmer, Mulmur Twp., Tay Twp., s/o Robert LOCKHART & Mary FOGAL, married Edith HUDGINS, 18, Medonte Twp., Fergusonvale, d/o Richard HUDGINS & Charlotte HUDGINS, witn: Robert LOCKHART of Vasey & Maud HUDGINS of Fergusonvale, 29 Jan 1907 at Elmvale 18999-07 (Simcoe Co) Hugh Patrick LOFTUS, 29, farmer, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., s/o Dominick LOFTUS & Ellen FREIL, married Julia McCARNEN, 29, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., d/o William McCARNEN & Mary DOYLE, witn: Michael LOFTUS & Irene MORAN both of Phelpston, 14 Oct 1907 at Phelpston
  19010-07 (Simcoe Co) Wellington M. LOWREY, 25, farmer, Cookstown, Bradford, s/o John Edward LOWREY & Fannie LOWREY, married Minnie ARCHER, 26, Bradford, West Gwillimbury, d/o Humphrey ARCHER & Ellen BRANDON, witn: Frank ARCHER of Bradford & Cora KNEESHAW of Deerhurst, 12 Feb 1907 at West Gwillimbury.
019431-07 (Simcoe Co.) Frank Orlando LUNDY, 25, farmer, Essa Co (Essex?), Staples - Essa Co, parents - Harvey LUNDY & mother's name not given, married Mabel Janet MARSHALL, 24, school teacher, Melancthon, Nottawasaga, parents - William J. MARSHALL & Sarah A. HONSBERGER, witn; Mrs. A. LINDSAY & Norman MARSHALL both of Collingwood, May 1, 1907 at Nottawasaga 19000-07 (Simcoe Co) Davis Eanord? MAGLOUGHLIN (McLaughlin?), 25, farmer, Tecumseth Twp., Tecumseth Twp., s/o John MAGLOUGHLIN & Maggie MULLEN, married Mabel HISEY, 19, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., d/o John HISEY & Lillie MILLAR, witn: Ethel M. LEGOTT & Alma LEGOTT both of Elmvale, 30 Oct 1907 at Elmvale.
019051-07 (Simcoe Co) James MARTIN, 26, carriage woodwork, Durham Co, same s/o Thomas MARTIN and Caroline Eliz. BROWN married Eva Mary MITCHELL, 17, Jarratt, same d/o Abraham MITCHELL and Susan COOK, witness – Albert MARTIN and Beatrice MITCHELL, June 19, 1907, Jarratt 019311-07, Warner Cutler MASSEY, 31, Lakeview Michigan, Pittsburg USA, draughtsman, s/o Gilbert John MASSEY & Ella CUTLER, married Jean Mary CAMPBELL, 26, Stayner, same, d/o Finlay CAMPBELL & Annie BELL, wtn: Mrs. Franklin BAXTER of Findlay Ohio & Annie Isobel CAMPBELL of Stayner, on September 4, 1907, at Stayner
19018-07 (Simcoe Co) William Thomas MATTHEWS, 26, farmer, Churchill, Churchill, s/o Reuben MATTHEWS & Elizabeth McARTHUR, married Mary Ethyle PADFIELD, 25, Fennells, Fennells, d/o W. H. PADFIELD & Mary SLOAN, witn: W.H. PADFIELD of Fennells & Reuben MATTHEWS of Churchill, 16 Mar 1907 at Innisfil 019308-07, George MAYNARD, 25, Toronto, Stayner, harness maker, s/o George MAYNARD & Marion McDONALD, married Rebeca Maude CAIN, 22, Sunnidale, Stayner, d/o William James CAIN & Eliza Jane ROE, wtn: Alexander MAYNARD & Anne May STEPHENSON, both of Stayner, on June 25, 1907, at Stayner
019121-07 (Simcoe Co.) Malcolm McARTHUR, 29, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Angus McARTHUR & Sarah McARTHUR, married Catherine LANE, 28, Georgetown, Nottawasaga, parents - Jonathan LANE & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn; Mrs. Charles T. TOUGH of Duntroon, March 1, 1907 at Nottawasaga 18993-07 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Alex McFADDEN, 26, farmer, Flos Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Stewart McFADDEN & Harriet LEWIS, married Ethel SPRING, 22, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o William SPRING & Mary J. QUANTZ, witn: Robert SPRING of Gibson? & Annie McFADDEN of Elmvale, 20 Mar 1907 at Allenwood.
019290-07, William McGAN, 24, Collingwood, Penetanguishene, illegible, s/o Joseph McGAN & Mary McNab SCHELL, married Jemima JONES, 20, Orangeville, Parry Sound, d/o Henry JONES & Ella MANSFIELD, wtn; Xavier & Harriet McGAN, both of Penetanguishene, on May 1, 1907, at Penetanguishene 019310-07, Francis Lorne McGILVARY, 34, Caledon East, Toronto, mechanic, s/o Peter McGILVARY & Jane PARSONS, married Ida Magdalena HILTS, 35, Stayner, same, d/o George HILTS & Mary Ann RILEY, wtn: Herbert G. BUCHANAN of Toronto & Eliza Ann BAKER of Stayner, on August 28, 1907, at Stayner
018948-07, Irwin Wallace LOUGHEED, 23, Collingwood Twp, same, farmer, s/o John LOUGHEED & Mary MOSCROP, married Ethel Matilda TODD, 25, Clarksburg, Collingwood Twp, d/o Hugh TODD & Matilda CRAIG, wtn: Fred J. TODD of Toronto & Mabel TODD of Clarksburg, on February 16, 1907, at Collingwood 019293-07, William E. Helbert McHONN, 27, Huron Co., Toronto, traveller, s/o Francis McHONN & Angeline McBRIEN, married Fanny Maude WRIGHT, 23, Penetanguishene, Toronto, d/o James WRIGHT & Elizabeth CROSSIN, wtn: Annie WRIGHT of Penetanguishene & Fred J. COX of Toronto, on May 25, 1907, at Penetanguishene
019392-07 (Simcoe Co.) David McKINLEY, 63, widower, retired farmer, King, King, parents - John McKINLEY & Anne GRAHAM married Sarah I. WILLIAMS, 47, Tecumseth, Toronto, parents - Thomas E. WILLIAMS & Mary McMULLEN, witn: D. M. WILLIAMS & Fannie E. WILLIAMS both of Tottenham, July 3, 1907 at Tottenham 19267-07 Anthony McLAUGHLIN, 22, painter, Midland, Penetang, s/o Anthony McLAUGHLIN & Catherine LANGAN?, married Mary Teresa McMILLAN, 19, Tiny, same, d/o William McMILLAN & Catherine McDONELL (McDonald?), witn: Allen & Anna McMILLAN of Penetang, 15 April 1907 at Penetang
019291-07, James MacLENNAN, 38, Hamilton, Sudbury, barrister-at-law, s/o Kenneth MacLENNAN& Ellen FITZGERALD, married Lily May DUNCAN, 27, Innisfield (Innisfil), Penetanguishene, d/o James F. DUNCAN & Sarah McGUTHER, wtn: Donald K. McLENNAN of Hamilton & Hannah E. BLACK of Penetanguishene, on June 5, 1907, at Penetanguishene 019061-07 (Simcoe Co.) David Russel McNALLY, 27, machinist, Earligh, Fesserton, parents - David McNALLY & Mary THOMPSON, married Nora Ann SKELTON, 19, Fesserton, Fesserton, parents - John SKELTON & Focall Ada Mary EMMS, witn; Mrs. John SKELTON & Mr. Jam. SKELTON both of Fesserton, Sept. 23, 1907 at Fesserton
018968-07 (Simcoe Co.) John Albert MEIHEN (Meehen?), 23, wheelsman, Wellington Co., same, s/o Adam MEIHEN & Cath. ROTH, married Mary Ann SMALLEY, 23, Alliston, Collingwood, d/o Nathaniel SMALLEY & Annie THOMPSON, wtn: Jacob MEIHEN of Wellington Co., & Robert THOMPSON of Collingwood on December 18, 1907, at Collingwood 19022-07 (Simcoe Co) Charles C. MILLER, 22, engineer C.P.Railway, Toronto, 690 Markham St. Toronto, s/o Thomas MILLER & Eliza J. CAMPBELL, married Margaret JACKS, 25, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o Thomas JACKS & Janet CROSS, witn: Frederick G. BAILEY of Toronto & Elizabeth JACKS of Innisfil, 24 Apr 1907 at Lot 27 Con 5 Innisfil.
19276-07 Josiah MONAGUE, 26, widower, farmer, Christian Island, same, s/o George MONAGUE & Sarah PETERS, married Mary SIMON, 19, Christian Island, same, d/o Henry SIMON & Harriet COPEGOG, witn: P. WATSON & Cora SANDERSON, both of Penetang, 17 Oct 1907 at Penetang 019041-07 (Simcoe Co) Edmund MOON, 32, laborer, Medonte, Orillia s/o William MOON and Jane ORTON married Evelina Eliz. May BALL, 29, Oro, Creighton d/o Gideon Joseph BALL and Mary Jane BALL, witness – John MOON and Ann Louisa BALL, May 22, 1907, Creighton
019032-07 (Simcoe Co) Ellis A. MOORE, 27, farmer, Jarvis, n/g s/o Thomas Albert ELLIS and Frances PORTER married Martha H. AYERST, 25, Thornton, same d/o Thomas H. AYERST and Elizabeth SCOTT, witness – Elizabeth AYERST and Thomas Henry AYERST, October 30, 1907, Thornton 19187-07 - George MOORE, 40, Flamboro, Fenelon Falls, milling, Widower, s/o Stewart MOORE & Rebecca McFARLAND, married Maria WIGGINS, 36, Oro Station, same, d/o William WIGGINS & Mary Ann WALLWOOD, wtn: Robert & Jane REID both of Hawkstone, July 2, 1907, at Orillia
019300-07, John Herbert MORGAN, 24, Wales, Collingwood, music teacher, s/o John MORGAN & Anne GEORGE, married Edna Sophia BROWN, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas John BROWN & Emma BOOTH, wtn: Mrs. M.T. Allison, of Stayner, on May 8, 1907, at Stayner 019096-07 - Fred Francis MORGAN, 27, Foreman, Montreal, Midland, s/o Thomas & Maude MORGAN, married Marian Harriet FELL, 23, Frankland, Midland, d/o John & Mary Julia FELL. Witn: Howard CROWLEY & Grace FELL of Midland. Aug 14, 1907 at Midland.
019057-07 (Simcoe Co.) William Harold MORRISON, 23, engineer, Craighurst, Craighurst, parents - William MORRISON & Eliza BOYD, married Mabel Annie WILLIAMS, 20, Craighurst, Craighurst, parents - William WILLIAMS & Jane JOHNSTONE, witn; Arthur DUNLOP of Niosustane & Eliza WILLIAMS of Craighurst, April 23, 1907 at Hillsdale 019183-07 - John MORRISON, 44, Medonte, Orillia, Shoe Merchant, s/o Edward MORRISON & Mary Jane SWITZER, married Elizabeth INGRAM, 38, Medonte, Orillia, d/o James INGRAM & Elizabeth TUDHOPE, wtn: Archibald MALCOLM & Amelia Evelyn MORRISON both of Orillia, on June 25, 1907, at Orillia
019249-07 - Neil MORRISON, 45, Gilchrist, same, Farmer, Widowed, s/o Duncan MORRISON & Margaret McCUAIG, married Jessie A. McCUAIG, 30, Edgar, same, d/o Duncan McCUAIG, & Flora McNABB, wtn: Thomas McCUAIG of Edgar & Kate MORRISON of Gilchrist, on October 16, 1907, at Bride’s home near Edgar 019386-07 (Simcoe Co.) William John MORRISON, 23, farmer, Tossorontio, Tossorontio, parents - William MORRISON & Mary J. CORBETT married Violet PROCTOR, 17, Tossorontio, Tossorontio, parents - Lewis PROCTOR & Hannah WELLAR, witn: William MORRISON & Bertha PROCTOR both of Tossorontio, Oct. 2, 1907 at Tossorontio
19017-07 (Simcoe Co) Thomas MULHOLLAND, 27, farmer, Toronto, B?, s/o W.H. MULHOLLAND & Julia ROBINS, married Alma REYNOLDS, 27, Innisfil Twp., Craigvale, d/o Samuel REYNOLDS & Sarah HURST, witn: J.W. MULHOLLAND of Toronto & Edna REYNOLDS of Craigvale, 19 Mar 1907 at Craigvale. 019038-07 (Simcoe Co) John Alexander MURRAY, 22, monument maker, Fergus, Toronto s/o John A. MURRAY and Margaret ROBERTSON married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 23, Nantyr, Toronto d/o Frank THOMPSON and Isabella CROSS, witness – Percy THOMPSON and Beatrice TAYLOR, December 25, 1907, Nantyr
#018826-07 - John William NESS, 25, banker, Barrie, same, s/o John McKenzie NESS & Martha HARRISON, married Edith Rosemary BALL, Warminster, Barrie, d/o Henry BALL & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witnesses were Lawrence & Effie BAILEY of Orillia, Sept 5, 1907 at Barrie 019298-07, George Franklin NEVILLS, 23, north of Sunnidale, Stayner, farmer, s/o George NEVILLS & Mary Jane NICHOLSON, married Alice WYNES, 22, Sunnidale, same, d/o Luke WYNES & Ellen SCOTT, wtn: William J.A. NEVILLS & Janet McCUAIG, both of Stayner, on March 27, 1907, at Stayner
19013-07 Charles J. NORTON, 27, farmer, England, res not given, adopted s/o Eli HAMILTON & Mary BROWN, married Amy M. HOWARD, 23, England, res not given, d/o George W. HOWARD & Elizabeth, witn: James JENKINS & Nettie HAINES, both of Beeton, 20 Nov 1907 at Bond Head 019047-07 (Simcoe Co) William Ringland ORTON, 28, harness maker, Coldwater, same s/o David ORTON and Harriet REID married Jessie May FULTON, 28, Coldwater, same d/o James FULTON AND Mary MORRISON, witness – M.J. SHEPPARD and Ada SHEPPARD, June 19, 1907, n/g
019048-07 (Simcoe Co) Philip OSTERTAG, 21, laborer, Medonte Twp, Tay Twp s/o Charles OSTERTAG and Sarah PLUNKETT married Harriet BALL, 16, Oro Twp, Medonte Twp d/o Aaron BALL and Ella GALBRAITH, witness – Eddie OSTERTAG and Irena BALL, February 27, 1907, Coldwater 019303-07, William T. PERIGO, 50, New York State, Collingwood, miller, widowed, s/o Thomas PERIGO & Esther SMITH, Emma ASTON, 40, Toronto, Collingwood, former marriage annulled by Diocese, d/o John ASTON & Ann GUTTRIDGE, wtn: Susie COBURN & Emily EMERSON, both of Stayner, on May 20, 1907, at Stayner
019117-07 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Edwin PIRIE, 24, merchant, Louisiana U.S.A., Fillwon Sask., parents - Alexander Forbes PIRIE, married Martha Letitia MILLER, 24, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - James MILLER & Letitia BRAWLEY, witn; Alexander MILLER of Creemore & Edith MILLER of Nottawasaga, Jan. 9, 1907 at Nottawasaga  
19279-07 Alexander POPE, 30, dentist, Peterborough Ont., Chicago, s/o Alexander POPE & Ellen O’GORMAN, married Bridget McMURRAY, 34, Tiny twp., same, d/o Lawrence McMURRAY & Mary MORAN, witn: Peter & Margaret McMURRAY of Tiny twp., 27 Aug 1907 at Penetang 19021-07 (Simcoe Co) Albert Edward PRATT, 30, widower, farmer, Painswick, Innisfil, s/o John PRATT & Eliza Jane HERRELL, married Ann Lorinda HOPKINS, 22, 10th Line Innisfil, 10th Line Innisfil, d/o William HOPKINS & Rebecca HUBBERT, witn: John A. HOPKINS of Vine & Flossie ARNOLD of Ivy, 9 Mar 1907 at 10th Line Innisfil.
019301-07, James REARDON, 33, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Wen? (Wm?) REARDON & Ann CONROY, married Ellen COYLE, 32, by Simcoe, Sunnidale, d/o Patrick COYLE & Mary MADDEN, wtn: Thomas CONNORS & Annie COYLE, on February 12, 1907, at Stayner 019307-07, Philip Harold REDMOND, 24, Nottawasaga, same, farmer, s/o Patrick REDMOND & Emily Jane JACKSON, married Phebe Jane COBORN, 25, Stayner, d/o John COBORN & Mary Emily GIBB, wtn: John J. GIBB of Collingwood & Mary E. COBORN of Stayner, on June 26, 1907, at Stayner, divorce granted 5 Nov, 1934, by S.CO. at Toronto
18994-07 (Simcoe Co) William RICE, 22, farmer, Omemee, Tiny Twp., s/o James RICE & Annie SHAW, married Rhoda JAMES, 18, Tay Twp., Tay Twp., d/o Arthur JAMES & Lydia SCARROW, witn: L.E. LEGOTT & E.M. LEGOTT both of Elmvale, 1 Apr 1907 at Elmvale 18987-07 (Simcoe Co) Joseph RITCHIE, 31, farmer, Flos Twp., Elmvale, s/o David RITCHIE & Harriet HARVEY?, married Ella MULLEN, 23, domestic, Allenwood, Elmvale, d/o James MULLEN & Mary Jane SANDS, witn: Bertha M. YOUNG of Elmvale & ?? of Dunnville?, 2 Jan 1907 at Elmvale
19012-07 (Simcoe Co) William Edgar RITCHIE, 31, farmer, West Gwillimbury, West Gwillimbury, s/o Thomas RITCHIE & Mary KNEESHAW, married Sara Jane SUTHERLAND, 30, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, d/o Alexander SUTHERLAND & Sarah FARIS, witn: Fred RITCHIE of Deerhurst & Adelaide SUTHERLAND of Toronto, 26 Jun 1907 at Bond Head 019432-07 (Simcoe Co.) James ROBBINS, 28, liveryman, Tossorontio twp., Creemore, parents - William ROBBINS & Jane McGILL, married Mary COLLINS, 22, Nottawasaga, Creemore, parents - Henry COLLINS & Sarah JORDAN, witn; Minnie McLAREN & Ella A. FOLLETT both of Avening, June 24, 1907 at Nottawasaga
19024-07 (Simcoe Co) Matthew ROBERTSON, 27, farmer, Innisfil, Innisfil, s/o Peter ROBINSON & Elizabeth McKAY, married Alice Edna WEBB, 23, Stroud, Stroud, d/o Lott WEBB & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: F. A. GREGG of Toronto & Marie L. WEBB of Elmvale, 5 Jun 1907 at Stroud 019034-07 (Simcoe Co) Frank ROBERTSON, 35, farmer, Innisfil Twp, Lot 10 Con 9 s/o William ROBERTSON and Mary COOK married Maggie CONSTABLE, 25, Innisfil Twp, Lot 21 Con 10 d/o George CONSTABLE and Mary THOMPSON, November 12, 1907, Innisfil
019295-07, Edgar Bertram F. ROBINSON, 34, Stouffville, Markham, journalist, s/o Wesley ROBINSON & Arvilla FREEL, married Marion MAYNARD, 23, Toronto, Stayner, d/o George MAYNARD & Marion McDONALD, Wtn: Goerge MAYNARD & Nellie MAYNARD, both of Stayner, on January 30, 1907, at Stayner 019395-07 (Simcoe Co.) John Edward ROBSON, 28, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Thomas ROBSON & Janet DEBENHAM married Adeline Amelia PARKER, 28, Ontario, Vespra, parents - John PARKER & Annie CARSON, witn: C. ROBERTSON & Margaret Kenny both of Vespra , Jan. 2, 1907 at Vespra
  018970-07 (Simcoe Co.) Harry Edgar ROWLAND, 28, lumberman, Aurora, Owen Sound, s/o William ROWLAND & Emma CLARKE married Lillian WRIGHT, 19, Collingwood, same, d/o James WRIGHT & Mary CURRIE, wtn: H. W. IRELAND, Toronto & Christena WRIGHT, Collingwood , on December 25, 1907 at Collingwood.
19014-07 Wilfred SAWYER, 24, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o Joseph SAWYER & Jane NEILLY, married Florence BATEMAN, 25, Innisfil, West Gwillimbury, d/o Thomas BATEMAN, farmer, & Dora THORPE, witn: Roy NELL (Hill?) of West Gwillimbury & Annie BATEMAN of Deerhurst, 30 Oct. 1907 at Lot 22, Con 12 of West Gwillimbury 019052-07 (Simcoe Co) George SHACKELL, 27, laborer, Matchedash, Coldwater s/o William SHAKEL (sic) and Sarah J. LAUGHLAN married Maud CHURCH, 22, Matchedash, Coldwater d/o Joseph CHURCH and Elizabeth E. PILK (SILK), witness – Joseph CHURCH and Mary HURE, June 26, 1907, Coldwater
19263-07 Henry SHAUGHNESSY, 33, lumber agent, Barrie, Midland, s/o John SHAUGHNESSY & Catherine McEVOY, married Frances PAYETTE, 21, Penetang, same, d/o Thomas PAYETTE & Sarah HOLLINGER, witn: John PAYETTE of Penetang & Mary BRANIFF of Collingwood, 26 June 1907 at Penetang 19016-07 (Simcoe Co) Orien F. SHELP, 29, farmer, Pennsylvania USA, Innisfil Twp., s/o D.A. SHELP & Maria WEBSTER, married Phillis M. SAWYER, 33, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., d/o John SAWYER & Mary Ann HUGHES, witn: John SAWYER & Berta SAWYER both of Fennells, 16 Jan 1907 at Fennells
19027-07 (Simcoe Co) Charles Ambrose SHEPARD, 60, widower, druggist, Long Milford England, Vespra Twp., s/o John SHEPARD & Elizabeth BIGG, married Emily Eugenia LOUNT, 45, Bond Head, Barrie, d/o Hiram LOUNT & Elizabeth LOUNT, witn: J.C, McKITTRICK & Gertrude MILLER both of Innisfil Twp., 25 Jul 1907 at St. Paul's Innisfil. 019309-07, William John Albert SHEPHARD,  23, Toronto, same, insurance clerk, s/o John SHEPHARD & Jane MOORE, married Annie McKENZIE, 21, Maple Valley, Toronto, d/o James Alex McKENZIE & Sarah Ann WARRUIE? (Wariner?), wtn: George William & Elizabeth LOUNT, both of Stayner, on August 19, 1907, at Stayner
019389-07 (Simcoe Co.) H. C. SHIPMAN, 42, farmer, Cannington, Cannington, parents - G. SHIPMAN & Ruth SPROLE married Isabella GREENAWAY, 31, Tottenham, Tottenham, parents - Thomas M. GREENAWAY & Matilda TOLLEN (Totten?), witn: Wilbert GREENAWAY of Tottenham & Rebecca LOUGHEED, March 27, 1907 at Tottenham 19007-07 (Simcoe Co) John H. Leslie SMITH, 21, farmer, Leeds England, West Gwillimbury, s/o Joseph John SMITH & Isabella BREARTEN, married Nellie Maria WING, 21, domestic, London England, West Gwillimbury, d/o William M. WING & Maria Costavis MAULKING, witn: Nayson M. GRANT & Margaret Jane GRANT both of West Gwillimbury, 30 Jun 1907 at residence of R.M. Grant
019040-07 (Simcoe Co) Archibald F. SOMERSETT, 34, painter, Barrie, Coldwater s/o James SOMERSETT and Christine McDONALD married Lucy PLUMBTREE, 25, Wyevale, Coldwater d/o William PLUMBTREE and Mary Ann TAYNE (Toyne?), witness – Harry MORDEN and Bertha HUTTON, April 17, 1907, Coldwater 18998-07 (Simcoe Co) Leslie H. SPRING, 21, farmer, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., s/o Joseph SPRING & Melinda TRACE, married Esther GRIGG, 21, Flos Twp., Wyevale Tiny Twp., d/o Edward GRIGG & Mary A. CHAPMAN, witn: Milton SPRING & Mary CHAPMAN both of Allenwood, 1 Sep 1907 at Allenwood
018980-07 (Simcoe Co.) George Edward STABOY, 28, G.T.Ry. Checker, Collingwood, Collingwood, parents - John STABOY & Mary EBERHARDT, married Diana Louisa KELLY, 25, Stanton, Angus, parents - James KELLY & Mary GREEN, witn; Samuel GREEN of Stanton & Isabella KELLY of Angus, Jan. 19, 1907 at Angus 18992-07 (Simcoe Co) William Norman STANLEY, 23, farmer, Pickering, Flos Twp., s/o Samuel STANLEY & Elizabeth KNIGHT, married Cora Neelena EDWARDS, 23, Oro Twp., Flos Twp., d/o William EDWARDS & Annie GRAHAM, witn: Joseph EDWARDS & Viola EDWARDS both of Sarnia?, 17 Feb 1907 at Lot 10 Con. 11 Flos Twp..
18874-07 James Stanley STEWART, 29, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o Charles STEWART & Eliza Jane McAFEE, married Mary Ethel KNEESHAW, 26, West Gwillimbury, Bradford, d/o Jonathan KNEESHAW & Elizabeth BAYNES, witn: T.C. STEWART of Toronto & Ida KNEESHAW of Bradford, 12 March 1907 at Bradford 18997-07 (Simcoe Co) Albert STONE, 28, farmer, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., s/o James STONE & Ann CASEY, married Catherine McGINNIS, 22, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., d/o John McGINNIS & Ann HAMILTON, witn: Alphonsus COUGHLIN of Anten Mills & Margaret McGINNIS of Flos Twp., 26 Jun 1907 at Phelpston,
019399-07 (Simcoe Co.) Edwin STOREY, 37, laborer, Ontario, Barrie, parents - William STOREY & Mary EVANS married Anne Elizabeth McGUYER, 38, widow, domestic, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Robert BLANCHARD & Martha Ann CANNING, witn: M. E. PETCH & Mary H. HINDLE both of Minesing, March 12 at Vespra 19281-07 George TESSIER, 31, butcher, Baxter - Muskoka, Penetang, s/o Samuel TESSIER & Josette LAFRENIERE, married Rose Delima MARCHILDON, 33, Tiny twp., Penetang, d/o Hector MARCHILDON & Elenore LAFRENIERE, witn: Constant MOREAU of Toronto & Victoria MARCHILDON of Penetang, 4 Sept 1907 at Penetang
018976-07 (Simcoe Co.) William THOMAS, 44, farmer, Mulmur, Sunnidale, parents - David THOMAS & Eliza J. RHODES, married Matilda NAYLOR, 44, England, Sunnidale , parents - James STACEY & Sarah J. DURMAN, witn; James STACEY of Creemore & Bertha RHINEHART of Barrie, Aug. 21, 1907 at Creemore 017750-08 - Christopher THOMPSON, 55, farmer, widower, Twp Whitby, Twp Tay, s/o John THOMPSON & Annie SCAVILLE, married Hannah Eliza BROWN, 45, Twp Tay, same, d/o James BROWN & Susan BLEACOCK, witn; John ROEBUCK & Annie MARCELLIS of Wyebridge. Dec 25, 1907 at Midland.
019049-07 (Simcoe Co) Robert. H. TIERNAN, 21, farmer, Perth Co, Manitoba s/o Henry TIERNAN and Sarah DOBSON married Eva E. TRUAX, 19, Wyevale, same d/o Alexander TRUAX and Sarah H. PEW, witness – Thomas William TRUAX and Fanney R. TRUAX, March 6, 1907, Waverley 017773-08 (Simcoe Co.) George TINEGATE, 32, widower, lineman, Melancthon, Collingwood, parents - William TINEGATE & Elizabeth WILDERS married H. E. REID, 20, Osprey Grey Co., Nottawasaga, parents - James REID & M. ARMSTRONG, witn; W. J. REID of Singhampton & Eliza MORLEY of Feversham, Dec. 25, 1907 at Nottawasaga
019037-07 (Simcoe Co) William TROMBLY, 35, butcher, Belle Ewart, same s/o Vidal TROMBLY and Sophia FALKINSON married Alma Agnes COLGAN, 19, Belle Ewart, same d/o Robert COLGAN and Elizabeth FERRIER, witness – Harry Pearson Aldolphus TROMBLY and Lucy Dian Mabel COLGAN, November 30, 1907, Belle Ewart 18990-07 (Simcoe Co) William Norman TRUDGEON, 26, farmer, Melancthon, Dundalk Ontario, s/o James TRUDGEON & Rachel McAULEY, married Margery Victoria MADDEN, 27, New Lowell, Medonte Twp., d/o John MADDEN & Catherine McCARTHY, witn: James MADDEN & Mary E. CONLIN both of Orr Lake, 9 Jan 1907 at Phelpston
19268-07 George TUTON?, 36, painter, Penetang, same, s/o George TUTON & Jessie WATT, married Hattie BUMSTEAD, 32, widow, Tiny, Midland, d/o Leonard B. COOK & Alice COOK, witn: David COOK of Tiny twp & Frances TUTON of Penetang, 15 July 1907 at Penetang 019078-07 - Dennis TWOMEY, 31, Merchant, Fenelon Falls, Camrose Alta, s/o Jeremiah TWOMEY & Mary A. POWER, married Alice GRISE, 35, Fenelon Falls, Midland,, d/o Didace GRISE & Sophia VIAU, witn: George GRISE & Alice ALLARD of Midland. April 17, 1907 at Midland. (RC)
18875-07 Joel Clinton VANALLEN, 54, widower, millwright, Sharon, Penetanguishene, s/o James A. VANALLEN & Edith HUGHES, married Ellen H. HELMER, 53, widow, Sharon, Bradford, d/o William MALLOY & Rebecca WILSON, witn: Robert & Mrs. Robert HELMER of Bradford, 27 March 1907 at Bradford 019044-07 (Simcoe Co) Alexander WALKER, 27, farmer, Eady, same s/o Edmund WALKER and Sarah WOODROW married Ethel F.M.J. GREY, 28, Creighton P.O., same d/o Norris GRAY and Elizabeth CROSSON, witness – Samuel WALKER and Annie MORTON, June 5, 1907, Creighton
019058-07 (Simcoe Co.) James WAINNIAN. 26. farmer, North Orillia, Orillia, parents - John Ward WAINNIAN & Annie LOYD, married Dorah A. BALL, 19, N. Orillia, Medonte, parents - Agustus BALL & Catherine S. BALL, witn; Milton WAINNIAN of Orillia & Maria E. BALL of Medonte, Aug. 14, 1907 at Con. 11 Medonte 019390-07 (Simcoe Co.) David WARD, 35, farmer, Adjala, Adjala, parents - David WARD & Ellen TOTTEN married Maggie SCOTT, 24, domestic, Toronto, Tecumseth, parents - William SCOTT & Margaret SCOTT, witn: Elzie D. BROWN & Willie WATTS both of Tottenham, March 27, 1907 at Tottenham
019403-07 (Simcoe Co.) Roy W. WATSON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Walter WATSON & Eliza HART married Eva Gertrude OSTRANDER, 18, Ontario, Craighurst, parents - George OSTRANDER & Eliza SMITH, witn: John H. NELSON & Emma NELSON of Dalston, May 30, 1907 at Vespra  
19011-07 (Simcoe Co) Charles William WATT, 36, farmer, Tecumseth, Tecumseth, s/o Robert WATT & Jane FAIR, married Kathleen Maud SMITH, 23, Toronto, Bond Head, d/o James SMITH & Matilda SMITH, witn: Roland POTTER of Penville Ontario, 16 Jan 1907 at Bond Head. 019299-07, Theophilus WEATHERUP, 26, Avening, Stayner, merchant, s/o William James WEATHERUP & Mary Ann CAIRNS, married Emma Jane WATSON, 28, Stayner, same, d/o James WATSON, & Mary Ann SCOTT, wtn: Carrie WATSON of Peterboro & Rev. W.T. Allison, on May 29, 1907, at Stayner
018981-07 (Simcoe Co.) Albert Abner WHITE, 30, farmer, Durham, Angus, parents - Henry WHITE & Caroline FRASER , married Margaret Jane GAULEY, 28, Essa twp., Angus, parents - Robert TAGESTY? & Margaret IRWIN, witn; William G. IRWIN of Angus & Mary JENNETT of Baxter, Sept. 19, 1907 at Thornton 019383-07 (Simcoe Co.) George Frederick WHITE, 24, farmer, Harrach England , Tossorontio, parents - William WHITE & Elizabeth PASKELL married Jane Ada PROCTOR, 17, Tossorontio, Tossorontio, parents - Louis PROCTOR & Hannah WILLARD, witn: William KELLY & Maggie BIGGAR both of Glencairn, March 28, 1907 at Tossorontio
019039-07 (Simcoe Co) John H. WILSON, 23, blacksmith, Utterson, Barrie s/o John WILSON and Mary Honey EURAK(?) married Mable RITCHIE, 20, Floss Twp, Medonte d/o George and Mrs. George RITCHIE, April 10, 1907, Medonte 017694-08 (Simcoe Co.) Norman WILLSON, 45, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o Lambert WILLSON & Mary DOAN, married Lydia ROGERSON, 30, Innisfil, same, d/o William ROGERSON & Sarah ROBERTSON, wtn: Herbert C. WILLSON & Bertha ROGERSON, both of Churchill, on December 26, 1907, at Innisfil
017689-08 (Simcoe Co.) Nelson WOOD, 28, artist, Exeter, Hamilton, s/o W.H. WOOD & C.H. BALKWILL, married Henrietta HAMMELL, 28, Tecumseth, West Gwillimbury, d/o W.J.H. HAMMELL & Ellen Mary KEA, wtn: John Tyler SHELTON of Toronto & Minnie J. HAMMELL of Bradford, on December 11, 1907, at West Gwillimbury 019033-07 (Simcoe Co) John Thomas WOOD, 23, butcher, Lloydtown, Toronto s/o John M. WOOD and Sarah Ann CAMERON married Sarah Ellen KING, 21, Lefroy, same d/o James KING and Mary MELROY, witness – Emmerson DOBSON and Elizabeth THOMPSON, November 6, 1907, Lefroy
019046-07 (Simcoe Co) Benjamin Charles WOOLFORD, 23, machinist, Orillia, same s/o William George WOOLFORD and Mary Ann SHEPPARD married Kathleen WILLIAMSON, 22, Jarratt, Orillia d/o James WILLIAMSON and Emma Jane BEARD, witness – Norris WOOLFORD and Maude WILLIAMSON, June 18, 1907, Jarratt 019427-07 (Simcoe Co.) Alfred WOOLHAM, 26, upholsterer, Bradford England, Toronto, parents - Matthew Henry WOOLHAM & Ann Elizabeth BROWN , married Clementine Jane OBEN, 27, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John OBEN & Barbara BAKER, witn; Albany BEWICK of Toronto & Susannah OBEN of Singhampton, July 1, 1907 at Nottawasaga
019434-07 (Simcoe Co.) James WRIGHT, 52, coal dealer, Dundalk, Collingwood, parents - William WRIGHT & Margaret BAILEY, married Emma KERR, 47, Nottawa, Nottawa, parents - Edward KERR & Julia ROSS, witn; Mrs. Charles TOUGH & Mrs. Margaret McNABB both of Duntroon, Oct. 2, 1907 at Nottawasaga 019305-07, William James WRIGHT, 23, Collingwood, same, estimater, s/o James WRIGHT & Elizabeth WILSON, married Sarah Elizabeth KENNEDY, 17, Collingwood, same, d/o Charles KENNEDY & Elizabeth FRASER, wtn; Mrs. W.T. ALLISON & Emma HIPP, both of Stayner, on June 12, 1907, at Stayner
019120-07 (Simcoe Co.) Albert WRIGHT, 25, farmer, Flos twp., Nottawasaga, parents - William WRIGHT & Margaret A. CHAPELLE, married Mary Edith LEONARD, 19, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert LEONARD & Mary J. JORDAN, witn; Joseph LEONARD of Creemore & Viola A. ALBOROUGH of Langman P.O., Feb. 27, 1907 at Nottawasaga 18988-07 (Simcoe Co) David Wardrope WYSE, 26, blacksmith, Bailey Twp., Kamloops B.C., s/o Benjamin WYSE & Sarah WARDROPE, married Lucy May CLEMENT, 21, Richmond Hill Ontario, Elmvale, d/o Henry CLEMENT & Lucy LOWE, witn: William GARDNER of Bradford & C. EDWARDS of Saurin, 9 Jan 1907 at Elmvale.

019397-07 (Simcoe Co.) Edwin Arthur YOUNG, 26, -, Ontario, Vespra, parents - Thomas YOUNG & Ann Hay MASON married Gertrude McFARLANE, 24, school teacher, Ontario, Vespra, parents - David McFARLANE & Lucinda ARNOLD, witn: Alexander McFARLANE of Barrie & Olive M. YOUNG of Russellton, Jan. 16, 1907 at Vespra

019053-07 (Simcoe Co) William James YOUNG, 28, farmer, Moonstone, Foxmead s/o Samuel YOUNG and Margaret DUNLOP married Rebecca Ann MILLER, 23, Medonte, same d/o Samuel MILLER and Susan WALLACE, witness – R.J. YOUNG and Jessie L. MILLER, June 26, 1907, Eady