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017826-08 - Samuel Brookman ALSOP, 48, Uxbridge, Beausejour Manitoba, Farmer, s/o William ALSOP & Jane JARRATT, married Catharine Donaldson REED, 36, Ardtrea, same, d/o Isaac REED & Jane CUNNINGHAM, wtn: Annie McARTHUR & Kezie CAMERON both of Orillia, on June 3, 1908, at Orillia 017848-08 - Angus Bruce ANDERSON, 23, n/g, Midland, Carpenter, s/o Edward ANDERSON & Elizabeth STEWART, married Edith FUSEE, 25, n/g, Midland, d/o William FUSEE & Elizabeth PAGE, wtn: John SPARLING of Orillia & Alice FUSEE of Midland, on July 29, 1908, at Orillia
017821-08 - Hugh Llewellyn ANDERSON, 26, Kincardine, Hepworth, Wood Worker, s/o James ANDERSON & Deborah HARRISON, married Margarite Beatrice PARKER, 24, Forest, Orillia, d/o John O. PARKER & Emeline WILKIN, wtn: Roy PARKER of Orillia & Ethel ANDERSON of Hepworth, on April 29, 1908, at Orillia 17645-08 - John Clinton ARCHER, 26, farmer, of Tay twp., s/o John ARCHER, farmer, & Elizabeth McMANN, married Myrtle Susan DURNFORD, 23, house maid, of Tay twp., d/o Arthur DURNFORD, farmer, & Margaret LYNCH, witn: Blake BURNFORD of Matchedash & Ida M. ARCHER of Tay twp., 30 Dec 1908 at Coldwater
017712-08 - Lloyd ARMSTRONG, 24, operator, blank, Huntsville, s/o J. T. ARMSTRONG & Isabella McPHERSON, married Maude Adeline BUCHANAN, 24, blank, Lefroy, d/o James BUCHANAN, trackman & Elizabeth CULBERT, witn; Thomas & Mrs. T. SAWYER of Lefroy. Dec 2, 1908 at Simcoe Cty. 17654-08 - William J. ARNEM, 24, farmer, Essa twp., Ivy, s/o Peter ARNEM & Matilda YATES, married Pearl TERRY, 21, Utopia, Essa twp., d/o Sylvester M. TERRY & Sarah Mattie WALDRUFF, witn: John BRENNAN of Angus & Mary E. LORD of Barrie, 1 April 1908 at Angus
017844-08 - Frederick ASHTON, 37, n/g, Midland, Widower, s/o George ASHTON & Annie ASHTON, married Esther HEFFORD, 35, n/g, n/g, widow, d/o Thomas & Isabella BOOAS, wtn: Fred & Annie KNIGHT both of Orillia, on August 29, 1908, at Orillia 017649-08 George W. AYERS, 43, Canada, Collingwood, labourer, s/o George AYERS & Annie WAGGONER, married Margaret WELSH, 32, widow, Canada, Collingwood, d/o Henry RICHARDSON & Mary SOMERS, witn; John MacKAY of Creemore & Margaret CRANE of Thornton. 22 July, 1908 at Manse, Creemore.
017625-08 (Simcoe Co.) Elijah AYRHEART, 21, laborer, of Osprey Twp, s/o Elijah  AYRHEART & Susannah MILLER, married Minnie HAMBLY, 20, of Osprey Twp, d/o Charles HAMBLY & Frances OTTEWELL, wtn: Emma L. IRVINE & Charles H. IRVINE, both of Collingwood, on November 7, 1908 at Collingwood 017837-08 - William BAGLEY, 23, n/g, Muskegon Mich, Tool Maker, s/o William BAGLEY & Catharine BOWERS, married Minnie Catharine McPhee LINK, 25, n/g, Orillia, d/o John J. LINK & Janet CARTHER, wtn: J.H. LINK & Jennie W. LINK both of Orillia, on August 27, 1908, at Orillia
018869-09 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander BAILEY, 32, of Orillia, laborer, s/o James BAILEY & Anne SMITH, married Janet KERR, 32, of Orillia, d/o John KERR & Jane SWORD, wtn: William Richard & Elizabeth Mary LOWRY, both of Orillia, on September 17, 1908, at Orillia 017663-08 (Simcoe County)  Howard Reginald BANTING, 22, Ivy, Farmer, s/o Charles J. BANTING & Mary Ann ARNOLD, married Bertha Jane FLYNN, 21, Essa, d/o John FLYNN & Mary Jane ROSS, wtn: Charles FLYNN of Cookstown & Margaret A. AGAR of Alliston, on December 9, 1908, at Essa
17761-08 - James BARRISON (or Burrison), 48, widower, laborer, of Midland, s/o Charles E. BARRISON & Margaret BROOK, married Florence E. HART, 34, house keeper, of Toronto, d/o George HART & Annie MARRELL, witn: George WILSON & Mrs. Alex SHARP, both of Midland, 2 Oct 1908 at Midland 017741-08 - William BARRY, 21, electrician, Midland, same, s/o Robert BARRY & Jane HARTLEY, married Albina TALBOT, 25, Gravenhurst, Midland, d/o Louis TALBOT & Jennie GIRARD, witn; Jos JOHNSTON & Delia BARRY of Midland. May 12, 1908 at Midland. RC.
017860-08 - Michael BAYE, 60, n/g, Orillia, Farmer, s/o George BAYE & Mary BOURASSA, married Rose Ann THORNTON, 36, n/g, Medonte, Housemaid, d/o James THORNTON & Ann KEIRANS, wtn: William SHERIDAN & Mrs. COULTER both of Warminster, on November 18, 1908, at Orillia 017881-08 (Simcoe Co.) Andrew McNabb BEATON, 44, farmer, Coulson, same, widowed, s/o Archibald BEATON & Jane McNABB, married Harriett COOKE, 32, Coulson, same, d/o James LEATHERDALE & Hannah COOKE (sic), wtn: Ebenezer WALKER & Mrs. Ebenezer WALKER, both of Coulson, on April 8, 1908, at Coulson, Oro Twp
017901-08 (Simcoe Co.) Moise BEAUCHAMP, 21, laborer, of Penetanguishene, s/o Moise BEAUCHAMP & Clenence DOUCETTE, married Emelie GOYET, 19, of Penetanguishene, d/o Henri GOYET & Vercleus GREGOIRE, wtn: David H. ST. CROIX & Vercleus GOYET, both of Penetanguishene on February 7, 1908, at Penetanguishene 17634-08 - Martin Shaw BEGG, 71, widower, of Collingwood, s/o Martin BEGG & Allison SHAW, married Matilda TUTTLE, 43, widow, of Collingwood, d/o John McKENZIE & Ann McCANN, witn: Thomas & Emily C. GILLSON of Collingwood, 9 Dec 1908 at Collingwood
17640-08 - Victor BEGG, 21, laborer, of Waubaushene, s/o Alexander BEGG, farmer, & Sarah FYLER, married Jennie McCONKEY, 29, house maid, of Waubaushene, d/o Richard McCONKEY & Sarah HARE, witn: W.P. SHEPPARD of Coldwater & Florence BEGGS (sic) of Waubaushene, 5 July 1908 at Coldwater 017866-08 - Peter BEGG, 29, n/g, Souris, Farmer, s/o Alex BEGG & Sarah R.P. TYLER, married Kate Elizabeth HOPKINS, 34, n/g, Port Arthur, d/o George HOPKINS & Ann COOK, wtn: S.P. FERGUSON & Gordon FERGUSON, both of Orillia, on December 23, 1908, at Orillia
017879-08 (Simcoe Co.) Donald BELL, 33, farmer, Oro, Weyburn Sask, s/o Gilbert BELL & Hannah COLBERRY, married Annie BELL, 30, Oro, Hawkestone, d/o Duncan BELL & Jane McCUAIG, wtn: Archie BELL & Lillie BELL, both from Oro, on January 15, 1908, at bride's home, Hawkestone 0177878-08 (Simcoe Co.) Alonzo Roy BELL, 20, farmer, of Medonte, s/o John BELL & Mary H. COOK, married Effie Henoria DIGBY, 22, of Orillia, d/o James DIGBY & Jane HUBARD, wtn: Heb. F. BELL & Robins M. DIGBY, both of Orillia, on December 30, 1908, at Orillia Twp
017660-08 (Simcoe County)  John W. BISHOP, 51, Grenfill, Widowed, Farmer, s/o William BISHOP & Mary A. GREEN, married Jane GALLOWAY, 56, Grenfill, Widow, Nurse, d/o John MOFFAS (Moffat?) & Mary GRAY, wtn: Winnifrid PEACOCK of Angus & E.H. ATCHISON of Barrie, on April 23, 1908, at Angus 17637-08 - Elmer George BLOOMER, 26, confectioner, of Toronto, s/o Edward BLOOMER, barber, & Margaret SAMPLE, married Georgina Herd ORR, 26, of Collingwood, d/o Neil ORR, laborer, & Catherine HERD, witn: Mrs. W.A. TAYLOR & Nellie WARD, both of Collingwood, 30 Dec 1908 at Collingwood
17738-08 - Joseph BONNEVILLE, 20, laborer, Pt. Severn, Victoria Harbour, s/o Jos BONNEVILLE & Rosalie BRISSETTE, married Amanda ST.AMAND, 22, St. Patrick, Victoria Harbour, d/o Ferdinand ST AMAND & Celina GRENIER, witn; Felix ST AMAND & Clarissa BRISSETTE, Victoria Harbour. May 4, 1908 at Midland.  RC 018653-09 (Simcoe County)  Frederick BOYCE, 24, Collingwood, 24, Baker, s/o John M. BOYCE &  Margaret CORRIGAN, married Isabella Louise THOMPSON, 24, Collingwood, /o Jermiah THOMPSON & Sara Jane McKEE, wtn: Harry BOYCE & Adelaide SHAW, both of Collingwood, on December 24, 1908, at Collingwood
017880-08 (Simcoe Co.) James Chesney BOYLE, 30, farmer, Luther, Orillia, s/o John BOYLE & Sarah Jane ENGLISH, married Josephine HERN, 26, Orillia, same, d/o John HERN & Henrietta BOWERMAN, wtn: Douglas THOMPSON & Mrs. WILLIAMSON, both of Hawkestone, on March 9, 1908, at Hawkestone 017893-08 (Simcoe Co.) Francis James BRADFORD, 25, asylum attendant, Penetanguishene, same, s/o Joseph Henry BRADFORD & Caroline BALLARD, married Maude Beatrice CARTER, blank, cook at asylum, Burton England, Penetanguishene, d/o Jms William CARTER & Lucy PALMER, wtn: Jms E. WILLIAMS & Mable LIVINGSTON, both of Penetanguishene, on April 21, 1908, at Penetanguishene
017862-08 - Martin James BUSHILL, 26, n/g, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o Edward S. BUSHILL & Jane McLAUGHLIN, married Betsy Ann Abigail SINE, 18, n/g, North Orillia, d/o Benson SINE & Theresa E. KEMP, wtn: William NICHOLS & Mrs. William NICHOLS both of North Orillia, on December 2, 1908, at Orillia 017650-08 Charles CADDO, 21, Canada, Nottawasaga, mechanic, s/o Joseph CADDO & Janet McALISTER, married Mary A.E. ALBOROUGH, 19, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Edmund John ALBOROUGH & Priscilla Ann WRIGHT, witn; James & Vesta A. JORDAN of Glen Huron. 22 Sept, 1908 at Manse, Creemore.
017884-08 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Wesley CALDWELL, 26, farmer, Oro, same, s/o J. William CALDWELL & Elizabeth PATTENDEN, married Myrtle Jane HICKLING, 26, Oro, same, d/o George W.L. HICKLING & Margaret LAWSON, wtn: W. Harvey CALDWELL of Toronto & Winnie J. WHITNEY of Orillia, on June 17, 1908, at Dalston 017840-08 - George H. CALVERLEY, 23, n/g, Orillia, Farmer, s/o William CALVERLEY & Sarah KING, married Eunice CUNNINGHAM, 22, n/g, Orillia, d/o Isaac CUNNINGHAM & Laura BELL, wtn: George GREER & Laura SWALES, both of Orillia, on August 28, 1908, at Orillia
018870-09 (Simcoe Co.) Donald CAMPBELL, 24, of Morrison, lumberman, s/o Donald CAMPBELL & Eliza DUDDY, married Mary Jane CARR, 20, of Morrison, d/o blank CARR & Jane LYLE, wtn: Mr, & Mrs. George INCH, both of Severn Bridge, on September 23, 1908, at Orillia 017699-08 (Simcoe Co.) George W. CAMPBELL, 32, civil engineer, Innisfil, Allendale, s/o Matthew CAMPBELL & Mary JOHNSTON, married Margaret C. AYERST, 28, Thornton, Allendale, d/o Thomas AYERST & Elizabeth SCOTT, wtn: Ellis A. & Mrs. Ellis MOORE, both of Thornton, on April 16, 1908, at Innisfil
017630-08 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas A. CAREFOOT, 29, farmer, of Collingwood Twp, s/o William CAREFOOT & Mary Jane KENNEDY, married Carina L. CONKLIN, 24, of Collingwood, d/o Amos CONKLIN & Caroline GARDINER, wtn: E.L. IRVINE & Charles H. IRVINE, both of Collingwood, on December 9, 1908, at Collingwood 017684-08 (Simcoe County)  David CASTON, 26, Wyevale, Stone Mason, s/o David CASTON & Euphemia McLENNAN, married Emma ASKEY, 22, Kinmount, d/o Frank ASKEY & Mary DEAN, wtn: L. LEGOTT & A.E. LEGOTT, both of Elmvale, on November 24, 1908, at Elmvale
017817-08 - William James CHAMBERS, 30, Brock, Mara, Farmer, s/o Daniel CHAMBERS & Annie DAWSON, married Florence ROBERTS, 30, Toronto, Mara, d/o John ROBERTS & Clara FOX, wtn: Albert CHAMBERS & Josie ROBERTS, both of Brechin, on March 25, 1908, at Orillia 17643-08 - William Henry CHURCH, 27, farmer, of Matchedash, s/o Joseph CHURCH, deceased, & Elizabeth Hester SILK, married Ethel OAKLEY, 21, house maid, of Matchedash, d/o Henry OAKLEY, farmer, & Ellen WRAY, witn: William HURL & Mabel OAKLEY, both of Matchedash, 23 Dec 1908 at Coldwater
017827-08 - Harold Law CLARK, 22, Orillia, same, Painter, s/o David CLARK & E.S. SAMONTE, married Jennie M. JOHNSON, 22, Orillia, same, d/o Hector JOHNSON & Jane CAMPBELL, wtn: Frank McCAW of Midland & Bessie JOHNSON of Orillia, on June 4, 1908, at Orillia 017734-08 - William Ernest E. CLARK, 22, farmer, Stroud, Midland, s/o William CLARK & Hannah WICE, married Margaret E. GILBANK, 21, Midland, same, d/o Jackson GILBANK & Elizabeth SLADE, witn; Moses CHURCH & Eva HOWDEN of Midland. May 6, 1908 at Midland
017748-08 - William Alexander CLARK, 34, accountant, Collingwood, Midland, s/o W.A. CLARK & Mary McCLUSKEY, married Della May Beryl TULLY, 26, operator, Midland, same, d/o Edward TULLY & Mary McGREGOR, witn; Annie TULLY, Midland & R.H. CLARK, Collingwood. Jan 15, 1908 at Midland. 017852-08 - Thomas James CLARKE, 24, n/g, Utterson, Laborer, s/o Patrick CLARKE & Maria NEWMAN, married Mary PATTERSON, 18, n/g, Utterson, d/o Richard PATTERSON & Margaret EMERICK, wtn: Patrick John CLARKE & Mrs. P.J. CLARKE both of Utterson, on October 9, 1908, at Orillia
017621-08 (Simcoe Co.) John COLE, 41, black smith, of Collingwood, widowed, s/o John COLE & Amanda TUCKER, married Edith WYNN, 26, of Collingwood, d/o William WYNN & Annie ROUGHTON, wtn: George & Elizabeth GOODWIN, both of Collingwood, on October 16, 1908, at Collingwood  
17636-08 - Wilbert Lewis COOK, 22, sailor, of Collingwood, s/o J.S. COOK & Delia MILLER, married Emily SMITH, 20, of Collingwood, d/o James A. SMITH & Bella McMILLAN, witn: Annie D. CRANSTON & Julia A. DENNE, both of Collingwood, 26 Dec 1908 at Collingwood 17767-08 - Mitchell COURNEYER, 27, of Tweed, s/o Paul COURNEYER & Lettone DILLIMORE, married Annie NOLAN, 22, of Midland, d/o George NOLAN, laborer, & Mary Jane RAWN, witn: Howard & Annie LEATHERDALE of Midland, 1 Dec 1908 at Midland
017832-08 - Arthur Henry CRAWFORD, 25, Oro, same, Miller, s/o Henry J. CRAWFORD & Elizabeth PEARSALL, married Mary Margarite JACKSON, 25, Orillia, same, d/o William JACKSON & Charlotte CLARK, wtn: George N. CAMPBELL of Oro & Elizabeth S. MEREDITH of Orillia, on April 29, 1908, at Orillia 017696-08 (Simcoe Co.) Norman Patterson CROSS, 23, farmer, Nantyr, same, s/o Charles CROSS & Martha Ann CLUFF, married Zelma Jane SPRING, 20, Innisfil, Barclay, d/o Peter SPRING & Maggie McCONKEY, wtn: Clarkson SPRING of Barclay & Ella CROSS of Nantyr, on March 24, 1908, at Stroud, Innisfil
017823-08 - Alfred Edward CRUTCHER, 36, London England, Orillia, Janitor, Widower, s/o James CRUTCHER & Amelia HATCHINGS, married Edith Jane CHURCH, 32, London England, Orillia, Tailoress, d/o Jos, Edward CHURCH & Lydia Ann ASHTON, wtn: Percy CUTLER & Iona Edith ROADHOUSE, both of Orillia, on May 25, 1908, at Orillia 17635-08 - Duncan James CURRIE, 38, laborer, of Collingwood, s/o Duncan CURRIE & Kate, married Rachel THOMAS, 35, widow, of Nottawasaga, d/o Charles SMITH & Elizabeth SANDERSON, witn: Mary THOMPSON of Nottawasaga & Emma L. IRVINE of Collingwood, 17 Dec 1908 at Collingwood
017822-08 - James Valentine DeFINNEY, 22, Haliburton, Kinmount, Millhand, s/o James DeFINNY & Mary ALLEN, married Elizabeth BEECH, 21, Burnt River, Kinmount, d/o John T. BEECH & Rovina TINNEY, wtn: Patrick HESLIN & Elizabeth OVEREND, both of Orillia, on May 18, 1908, at Orillia  
017685-08 (Simcoe County)  William DEW, 25, Bradford, same, Farmer, s/o Martin DEW & Sarah JACK, married Eliza Georgina COOMB, 27, illegible, d/o Fred COOMB & A.C. ELLIS, wtn: Bert illegible of Bradford & Minnie DEW of Bradford, on January 1, 1908 at West Gwillimbury 017623-08 (Simcoe Co.) James George DEW, 21, farmer, of Alliston, s/o Mark DEW & Mary RYAN, married Margaret SKELTON, 20, of Collingwood, d/o John SKELTON & Susannah GRAHAM, wtn:  Thomas DEW of Alliston & Sarah A. SKELTON of Collingwood, on October 26, 1908, at Collingwood
018014-08 (Simcoe Co) Austin DILLANE, 34, farmer, Tecumseth, s/o William DILLANE & Ellen AUSTIN married Ann Mabel PORTER, 30, East Gwillimbury, spinster, d/o Francis PORTER & Rosiah (Kesiah?) MARTIN, witn: W. I. PORTER of Tottenham & Ester DILLANE, 7 October 1908 in Tottenham 018632-09 (Simcoe County)  Bruce Duncan DODDS, 22, Newmarket, Laborer, s/o Thomas Dixon DODDS & Margaret Henderson HAIG, married Louisa Elizabeth TOWNSLEY, 21, Bradford, d/o Charles Frederick TOWNSLEY & Jane GREY, wtn: Elizabeth A. ALLEN of Lavender & Mary  A. LONG of Bradford, on December 28, 1908, at Bradford
017898-08 (Simcoe Co.) Julien DOUCETTE, 26, laborer, of Penetanguishene, widowed, s/o Napolean DOUCETTE &, Cesarine DUBEAU, married Marie Adeline MARCOUX, 29, of Penetanguishene, d/o Fabien MARCOUX & Georgina BELLHUMER, wtn: Andre QUESNELLE & Alba NAULT, both of Penetanguishene, on January 7, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017834-08 - James DUNLOP, 21, Rama, same, Farmer, s/o Robert DUNLOP & Violet Jane McNABB, married Christina BROOKS, 18, Rama, same, d/o David BROOKS & Martha Maud KEHOE, wtn: J.J. McLEOD of Hawkstone & J. GENNO of Cooper's Falls, on June 2, 1908, at Orillia
018779-09 John H. ELLERY, 29, farmer, Wyebridge, s/o John ELLERY, farmer & Matilda MURPHY, married Muriel E. CHURCH, 22, Midland, d/o Peter CHURCH, labourer & Sarah BURLEY, witn; Peter & Sarah CHURCH. 30 Dec, 1908 at Midland. 017615-08 (Simcoe Co.) William George ELLISTON, 23, engineer, blank, Woodbridge, s/o George ELLISTON & Eliza NICKOLSON, married Annie May REID, 20, blank, Collingwood, d/o George REID & Bella JARDINE, wtn: Jas H. WELLAR & Beatrice REID, both of Collingwood, on September 2, 1908, at Collingwood
017859-08 - William Arthur FARMER, 23, n/g, Toronto, Cook, s/o Richard FARMER & Susan SCOTT, married Phoebe Marcell JONES, 18, n/g, Longford, d/o William JONES & Jessie RUTTON, wtn: G.W.WOOTEN & Mrs. G.W. WOOTEN both of Orillia, on November 12, 1908, at Orillia 017686-08 (Simcoe County)  William A. FAULKNER, 22, not given, Moorefield, Farmer, s/o Thomas FAULKNER & Barbara McKEE, married Claretta M. KNEESHAW, 25, West Gwillimbury, lot 13 con 14, d/o Matth KNEESHAW & M.L. KELL, wtn: Radolphus KNEESHAW & M. FAULKNER, on June 31, 1908, at illegible
017661-08 (Simcoe County)  Alex Dick FERGUSON, 28, Ivy, Blacksmith, Widowed, s/o John FERGUSON & Matilda RUSSELL, married Sadie WALLACE, 23, Ivy, d/o James WALLACE & Annie ROBERTSON, wtn: Alfred WALLACE of Toronto & Ve--? JAMIESON of Ivy, on June 30, 1908, at Thornton 017887-08 (Simcoe Co.) Alex J. FLETCHER, 32, farmer, of Oro, s/o Arch'bd FLETCHER & Catherine McEACHERN, married Jane Baxter McKAY, 30, of Hawkestone, d/o Walter McKAY & Annie McCUAIG, wtn: Arch'bd FLETCHER of Mitchell Square & Christina McKAY of Hawkestone, on October 14, 1908, at bride's house Hawkestone
017853-08 - Hugh FORSYTHE, 38, n/g, Morrison, Laborer, Widower, s/o Hugh FORSYTHE & Margaret SCOTT, married Margaret Catharine GALLAGHER, 42, n/g, Longford, Widow, d/o John BOWMAN & Margaret Jane DOWLING, wtn: S.P. FERGUSON of Orillia & Evelyn EVANS of Gorrie, on October 14, 1908, at Orillia 018648 09 -  John Nelson FUSEE, 33, Beeton, Trackman on Railroad, s/o Robert FUSEE & Abigal S. GOLLINGER, married Helen Margurite Louise WRIGHT, 26, Collingwood d/o Joseph WRIGHT & Annie GRAY, wtn: John GOLLINGER of Alliston & Zella (Zetta?) M.V. WRIGHT of Collingwood, on December 30, 1908, at Collingwood
017678-08 (Simcoe County)  Mitchel J.A. GENDRON, 25, Penetanguishene, Merchant, s/o Sidney GENDRON & Mary DUPUIS, married Mary Clara COLUMBUS, 23, Flos, d/o William COLUMBUS & Emma COPESTRAND, wtn: Sidney M. GENDRON of Penetanguishene & Mary COLUMBUS of Elmvale, on August 26, 1908, at Phelpston 017902-08 (Simcoe Co.) Charles GENDRON Jr, 25, laborer, of Penetanguishene, s/o Charles GENDRON & Philomene BELLHUMEUR, married Harriet COTE, 23, of Penetanguishene, d/o Francois COTE & Elizabeth GERVAIS, wtn: Louis GENDRON & Laura LAURIN, both of Penetanguishene, on February 24, 1908, at Penetanguishene
  017687-08 (Simcoe County)  William F. GILROY, 30, Tecumseth, West Gwillimbury, Farmer, s/o Aaron GILROY & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Ida R. HAMILTON, 29, Sunnidale, lot 11 con 11, d/o Jas HAMILTON & Mary ARMSTRONG, wtn: Annie WILLOUGHBY & M.E. GRAHAM, both of Bond Head, on April 15, 1908, at Bond Head
107846-08 - Alexander GONNEAU, 24, n/g, Humphrey, Laborer, s/o Oliver GONNEAU & Mary BUTLER, married Sara Mary CROUCHER, 18, n/g, Medora, d/o George CROUCHER & Ruther WATERS, wtn: Charles GIRVIN of Nile & Evelyn EVANS of Gorrie, on September 10, 1908, at Orillia 017824-08 - Robert Bruce GORDON, 28, Stayner, Midland, Laborer, s/o Robert GORDON & Esther McMILLAN, married Etta Maud NICHOLSON, 23, Tay, Midland, d/o James NICHOLSON & Maggie McMULLIN, wtn: S.P. FERGUSON & G. FERGUSON both of Orillia, on May 29, 1908, at Orillia
017830-08 - John GORDON, 43, United States, North Orillia, Farmer, Widower, s/o Christopher GORDON & Jane BROWN, married Mary BURTON, 48, Uxbridge, North Orillia, Widow, d/o Torrance BURTON & Rosanna KENNEDY, wtn: Mrs R.N. GRANT & Lena McLEOD of Orillia, on January 8, 1908, at Orillia 017818-08 - Charles Fredrick GRAY, 27, England, Hamilton, Electrical Engineer, s/o James H. GRAY & Harriett BODSTEIN, married Edith Gwendolyn CURRAN, 24, Orillia, same, d/o John CURRAN & Jennie MILLER, wtn: J.W. CURRAN of Sault St. Marie & Laura C. CURRAN of Orillia, on April 11, 1908, at Orillia
017863-08 - Albert GREVS, 28, n/g, Uffington Muskoka, Lumberman, s/o William GREVS & Fanny ALDERMAN, married Isabella TORRANCE, 30, n/g, Waverly, d/o William TORRANCE & Mary HARDY, wtn: Mrs. A. McNABB & Mrs. J.J. THOMSON both of Orillia, on December 2, 1908, at Orillia 017662-08 (Simcoe County)  Herbert Arthur GROSE, 25, Thornton, Farmer, s/o Noah GROSE & Agnes ELLIS, married Edna J.A. HUSSEY, 25, Egbert, d/o Albert HUSSEY & Ellen MADILL, wtn: Willard HUSSEY of Elmgrove & Gertrude C. BELL of Alliston, on September 16, 1908, at Egbert
017618-08 (Simcoe Co.) Isaac Eli HAHN, 27, merchant, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, s/o Henry HAHN & Susannah BAKER, married Christena WRIGHT, 23, Collingwood, same, d/o James WRIGHT & Mary CURRIE, wtn: Leo GUILFOYLE of Collingwood & Katerine HAHN of Nottawa, on September 16, 1908, at Collingwood  
017813-08 - John Joseph HALL, 52, Richmond Hill, Orillia, Lumberman, Widower, s/o Henry HALL & Elizabeth LENNON, married Bertha Jane FLETCHER, 45, England, Orillia, widow, d/o W.G. NEWLAND & Elizabeth DOLLING, wtn: John L. & Flora IRISH, both of Orillia, on February 2, 1908, at Orillia 017624-08 (Simcoe Co.) Jas Laughlin HAMILTON, 25, farmer, of Nottawasaga, s/o William HAMILTON & Annie McLEAN, married Edna M. GRAY, 23, of Collingwood, d/o John GRAY & Annie WATSON, wtn: Jas M. HAMILTON of Guelph & Margaret LEACH of Duntroon, on October 28, 1908, at Collingwood
017706-08 - Walter H. HAMILTON, 36, forwarding agent, blank, Whitehorse Yukon, s/o Robert HAMILTON & Fanny McGARRITY, married Sarah Ida HASTINGS, 28, blank Nantyr(?), d/o Thomas HASTINGS, farmer & Isabella TOTTEN; witn; Samuel G. KNIGHT, Kincardine & Mabel D. HILL, Bond Head. Aug 19, 1908 at Simcoe Cty. 017858-08 - Thomas Herbert HANN, 23, n/g, Orillia, Harness Maker, s/o Edward HANN & Catherine PARKS, married Rose Blain DUNLOP, no age given, n/g, Orillia, telephone operator, d/o Thomas DUNLOP & Mary BLAIN, wtn: Kezia & Sophia CAMERON both of Orillia, on November 10, 1908, at Orillia
17713-08 - William Henry HARDING, 21, farmer, blank, Twp Innisfil, s/o Walter HARDING & name unknown, married Esther Ann TAGGERT, 21, blank, Essa Twp, d/o Henry Clark TAGGERT, laborer & Mary THOMPSON, witn; Thomas & Mary TREMBLY of Bond Head. Dec 9, 1908 at Simcoe Cty 017851-08 - William HARPER, 32, n/g, Bracebridge, Real Estate, s/o William HARPER & Annie HUME, married Christina CRIBBY, 23, n/g, Bracebridge, d/o Samuel CRIBBY & Ellen RAMSAY, wtn: William J. WASDELL (Wardell?)of Bracebridge & Evelyn EVANS of Gorrie, on October 7, 1908, at Orillia
017835-08 - Charles Norman HARVIE, 28, South Orillia, same, Farmer, s/o John C. HARVIE & Matilda LANGMAN, married Catharine C. ANDERSON, 27, Oro, Orillia, d/o Duncan ANDERSON & Isabella ROBERTSON, wtn: J.J. HARVIE & Minnie ANDERSON both of Orillia, on June 3, 1908, at Orillia 17651-08 - Finlay HAWKINS, 26, farmer, Essa, same, s/o William HAWKINS & Catherine HANNA, married Nellie HART, 25, Essa, Vespra, d/o John HART & Agnes WALDRUFF, witn: J.S. & Fanny WICE of Innisfil, 30 Sept 1908 at Creemore
17653-08 - Frank E. HENDERSON, 23, clerk, of New Lowell, s/o William HENDERSON & Elizabeth NESBITT, married Margaret D. CHRISTIE, 20, of New Lowell, d/o Andrew CHRISTIE & Jane KINTIRE, witn: A. & M. McKEE of Creemore, 15 Dec 1908 at Creemore 018871-09 (Simcoe Co.) Norman HICKS, 27, of Orillia, carriage trimmer, s/o Samuel HICKS & Mary SPROULE, married Grace Rosamund WADDELL, 23, of Orillia, dressmaker, d/o John WADDELL & Jane RILEY, wtn: George HICKS of Oshawa & Lillian WADDELL of Orillia, on September 30, 1908, at Orillia
  017710-08 - Harland HIGGINS, 25, liveryman, blank, Standish Maine USA, s/o Charles E. HIGGINS & Mariah RAND, married Elma Mary WARNICA, 25, blank, Painswick, d/o John L. WARNICA, retired farmer & Elizabeth SIBBOLD, witn; William & Jennie WARNICA of Painswick. Oct 14, 1908 at Simcoe Cty.
017828-08 - William Henry HILL, 38, Fenelon, Orillia, brick mason, Widower, s/o William HILL & Alice BROOKS, married Jennie SPEIRAN, 42, Carden, Orillia, widow, d/o Robert WARSWICK & Margaret BUCHANAN, wtn: Mrs. Alilce HILL & Laura SPARAN, both of Orillia, on June 20, 1908, at Orillia 017705-08 - James HILLIARD, 41, widower, shipper, blank, Toronto, s/o William HILLIARD & blank, married Alice GROSE, 40, blank, Lefroy, d/o Richard GROSE, retired farmer & Agnes BURNS, witn; Norah GROSE, Lefroy & Louise WATERMAN of Fennells. July 15, 1908 at Simcoe Cty.
17655-08 - James L. HODGSON, 34, farmer, of Mansfield, s/o Robert HODGSON & Margaret ATCHESON, married Harriet HORRIGAN, 23, servant, of Tioga, d/o George HORRIGAN & Elizabeth FALKERS, witn: Mrs. ATCHESON of Barrie & Mrs. McKEIVER of Angus, 12 May 1908 at Angus 017746-08 - Henry J. HOWARD, 39, bartender, Boston Mass, Orillia, s/o Martin HOWARD & Mary G??HAN, married Margaret VANCAMP, 32, Twp Tay, Orillia, d/o Jesse VANCAMP & Florence McKINNON, witn; L.A. VANCAMP, Elliotts Corners & Sophia CARR of Midland. Jan 1, 1908 at Midland
017691-08 (Simcoe Co.) John T. Almer HOWARD, 24, baker, of Holland Landing, s/o Harmon HOWARD & Angelina AME--?, married Mary Ruth Ann MADILL, 19, of West Gwillimbury, d/o Joel MADILL & Elizabeth MEEHAN, wtn: John MADILL of Aurora & Pearl HOWARD of Holland Landing, on December 2, 1908, at West Gwillimbury 017622-08 (Simcoe Co.) Archibald HUGHES, 20, brick maker, of Stayner, s/o George HUGHES & Alice WATSON, married Minnie GRAINGER, 17, of Stayner, d/o William GRAINGER & Mary Ruth WITHERALL, wtn: Emma IRVINE of Collingwood & Mary Ruth GRAINGER of Stayner, on October 18, 1908, at Collingwood
017740-08 - Julian D. HUMPHREYS, 24, clerk, Sydney Australia, Midland, s/o Horace HUMPHREYS & Emma DRUMMOND, married Margaret Jane MILLS, 21, Swansea England, Midland, d/o John MILLS & Mary CHERRY, witn; Ernest GARDINER & Mrs. George MILLS of Midland. May 12, 1908 at Midland 017875-08 (Simcoe Co.) William HUSTON, 25, farmer, of Warminster, s/o David HUSTON & Jane GLENNIE, married Ethel Anna PAYNE, 21, of Marchmont, d/o John M. PAYNE & Jane DOWNS, wtn: Emma Mae SCOTT of Penetanguishene & James HUSTON of Warminster, on September 2, 1908, at North Orillia
17644-08 - Edwin IRISH, 32, farmer, of Tay twp., s/o William IRISH, farmer, & Louisa HAWKE, married Mary ORR, 22, house maid, of Medonte, d/o William ORR, farmer, & Mary McCASKILL, witn: I.A. BROWN of Coldwater & Sarah WELBANKS of Picton, 23 Dec 1908 at Coldwater 017892-08 (Simcoe Co.) Charles ISAAC, 26, farmer, Collingwood, Moose Point, s/o John ISAAC & Jane WATSON, married Ella MONAGUE, 19, Christian Island, same, d/o George MONAGUE &Sarah PETERS, wtn: Samuel ISAAC of Moose Point & Elizah MONAGUE of Christian Island, on March 28, 1908, at Penetanguishene
017735-08 - Jas. H. JARRETT, 21, sailor, Midland, same, s/o James JARRETT & M. Ann HURLEY, married Eva Lena CREIGHTON, 16, Midland, same, d/o Charles CREIGHTON & Emma BOWERS, witn; Arthur HANNA & Mrs. Emma CREIGHTON of blank. Dec 23, 1908 at Midland 017632-08 (Simcoe Co.) Isaac JEFFERSON, 21, cook, of Collingwood, s/o Isaac JEFFERSON & Margaret MORRISON, married Bertha SMITH, 18, of Collingwood, d/o Peter SMITH & Anne THOMAS, wtn: Joseph THOMAS & Mahetabeta BUSH, both of Collingwood, on December 8, 1908 at Collingwood
017812-08 - Charles JOHNSTON, 22, Orillia, same, Painter, s/o John JOHNSTON & Jane TOWNSLEY, married Eva Caroline BALL, 18, Rosemount, Orillia, d/o Alfred BALL & Elizabeth ELIMO, wtn: Jessie & Emma L., BRECHIN both of Toronto, on February 2, 1908, at Orillia 017877-08 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Joseph KELLY, 26, engineer, of Toronto, s/o Patrick Joseph KELLY & Alice A. CURCLIFF, married Edith Lyndella DUNHAM, 27, of Orillia, d/o J.B. DUNHAM & Agatha blank, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. J.B. DUNHAM, both of Orillia, on November 3, 1908, at Orillia Twp
017897-08 (Simcoe Co.) Francis KENYON, 27, laborer, of Penetanguishene, s/o William KENYOU & Hannah SHAW, married Ellen MURPHY, 28, of Penetanguishene, d/o John MURPHY & Margaret MELTON, wtn: Richard MURPHY & Mabel HURLEY, both of Penetanguishene, on January 7, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017869-08 - Thomas KING, 24, n/g, Rama, Farmer, s/o George KING & Annie HENDERSON, married Bertha Elsie DREW, 19, n/g, Dalton, d/o James DREW & Annie CONKLIN, wtn: C. DREW of Sadowa & Mac FLETCHER of Washago, on December 30, 1908, at Orillia
017899-08 (Simcoe Co.) William Robert LANDRIGAN, 27, laborer, of Tiny Twp, s/o James LANDRIGAN & Mary HUTHRIDGE, married Sophie LONGLADE, 17, of Tiny Twp, d/o Alex LONGLADE & Mary SECORD, wtn: George DION of Penetanguishene & Mrs. Mary LONGLADE of Tiny Twp, on January 7, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017825-08 - William John LARKIN, 41, Holland Landing, Orillia, Millman, s/o Charles LARKIN & Margarite McINTYRE, married Ethel Mary BIERLY, 31, Middlesex England, Hampshire Mills, Widower, d/o Joseph STOPPS & Martha JACKMAN, wtn: A.K. & Nora BYER, both of Orillia, on June 10, 1908, at Orillia
017739-08 - Frank LAURIA, 24, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o Rocco LAURIA & Gaetano GLEVINE, married Julia O'SHEA, 20, Midland, same, d/o Pat O'SHEA & Margaret HEALY, witn; Jos & Annie O'SHEA of Midland. Apr 27, 1908 at Midland. RC 017855-08 - Joseph Anthony LAURIN, 30, n/g, 445 Mance St. Montreal, Insurance Broker, s/o Cyrille LAURIN & Helen CHAUSSE, married Lillian Beatrice SHEPPARD, 21, n/g, Orillia, d/o Thomas SHEPPARD & Sarah Breen, wtn: Charles A. BURNS of Toronto & Mrs. Joseph O'MARA of Palmerston, on October 31, 1908, at Orillia
017683-08 (Simcoe County)  Emerson LEGACE, 23, Flos, Farmer, s/o Isaac LEGACE & Louisa KELLY, married Bella REID, 16, Flos, d/o William REID & Annie LOCKHART, wtn: N.D. LEGACE of Phelpston & Edith PLAYER of Elmvale, on October 27, 1908, at Elmvale 017814-08 - Charles Howard LEPARD, 23, Collingwood, same, Blacksmith, s/o James LEPARD & Mary WATCH, married Selina May CRAWFORD, 23, Oro, Rama, d/o Charles CRAWFORD & Louisa HATCH, wtn: Mary & Hiram CRAWFORD, both of Oro, on Februar 26, 1908, at Orillia
17766-08 - William J. LEPPARD, 34, widower, of Midland, s/o Jeremiah LEPPARD & Catherine SMITH, married Mary J. DEMOREST, 27, clerk, of Midland, d/o Vincent DEMOREST, laborer, & Eliza KENNEDY, witn: Arthur RICHARDSON & Belle DEMOREST, both of Midland, 21 Nov 1908 at Midland 17647-08 - Edward James LINDSAY, 27, farmer, Nottawasaga, Dunedin, s/o James LINDSAY & Margaret MADILL, married Minnie Jane ROBINSON, 25, Nottawasaga, Glen Huron, d/o John ROBINSON & Harriet SCOTT, witn: Clifford METHERAL of Dunedin & Margaret ROBINSON of Glen Huron, 4 March 1908 at Creemore
17652-08 - David LITTLE, 35, sailor, of Tonawanda, s/o William Henry LITTLE, laborer, & Isabella TAGGART, married Esther McBRIDE, 35, of Tossorontio, d/o James McBRIDE, farmer, & Susan WILSON, witn: Benjamin & Maud McBRIDE of Glencairn, 15 Dec 1908 at Creemore 017809-08 - John Albert LOCKING, 24, Clifford, Foxmead, Farmer, s/o Robert LOCKING & Mary PORTERFIELD, married Ena MILLS, 23, Tossorontio, Medonte, d/o James MILLS & Catherine Robinson, wtn: Mr. T.F. GILPIN & S.P. FERGUSON both of Orillia, on January 15, 1908, at Orillia
017815-08 - James Aubry LONGHURST, 22, Huntsville, Watt, Farmer, s/o Albert LONGHURST & Jemima HAMILTON, married Rachel Emma WOODS, 24, Harvey, Fenelon Falls, d/o William Henry WOODS & Mary Ann RUSSELL, wtn: Mrs. Thomas E. O'BRIEN & Susie P. FERGUSON both of Orillia, on March 18, 1908, at Orillia 017664-08 (Simcoe County)  John Thomas LUCAS, 30, New Lowell, Farmer, s/o Thomas LUCAS & Annie SHARPE, married Edna R. HERRELL, 21, Innisfil, d/o William HERRELL & Hanna W. LANAM (sic) wtn: D.R. ROBERTSON of Echo Bay, & Winnifred M. PEACOCK of Angus, on November 4, 1908, at Angus
018781-09 Charles Cecil LUGADEN (Sugden?), 21, bridgeman, England, s/o Robert LUGADEN & Mary Ann TOMPKINS, married Frances May LUCAS, 22, Midland, d/o Abraham J. LUCAS, barber & Sophia McMEAD, witn; W.A & Abigail LUCAS. 24 Dec, 1908 at Midland. [Sugden?] 017611-08 (Simcoe Co.) John LUSCOMBE, 24, mechanic, Strathroy, Toronto, s/o Thomas LUSCOMBE & Charlotte MAYNARD, married Minnie COTTRILL, 26, Collingwood, same, d/o Compton COTTRILL & Mary SMITH, wt; Sandy COTTRILL & Christina COTTRILL, both of Collingwood, on August 5, 1908, at Collingwood
  017838-08 - William MACHIE (Mackie?), 29, n/g, Orillia, Cabinet Maker, s/o Alexander MACHIE & Rebecca SCALES, married Mable Sarah ROSS, 24, n/g, Orillia, d/o Edward ROSS & Annie PRESTON, wtn: Andrew LEIGHTON of Derryille & Robert PRESTON of Wilford, on August 27, 1908, at Orillia
017843-08 - Walter E. MAILL, 22, n/g, Orillia, Carriage Trimmer, s/o Frederick MAILL & Barbara Sophia WICE, married Lydia Roberta MAINER (Maines?), 20, n/g, Orillia, d/o Robert MAINER & Lydia H. ATKINSON, wtn: Fred Milton MEREDITH of Orillia & Roselia MAILL of Thornton, on August 28, 1908, at Orillia 017755-08 - Willard Stanley MARACLE, 20, laborer, blank, Midland, s/o James MARACLE & Catherine LOFT, married Susan HILL, 22, blank, Midland, d/o Isaac HILL & Elizabeth MARACLE, witn; Frank BRANT & Emma GREEN of Midland. July 23, 1908 at Simcoe Cty
017756-08 - George A. MARACLE, 23, laborer, blank, Midland, s/o William MARACLE & Margaret SORA, married Emma Pearl GREEN, 21, blank, Midland, d/o Alexander MARACLE & Kathleen MARACLE, witn; Frank BRANT & Aleita GREEN of Midland. Sept 30, 1908 at Simcoe Cty 17762-08 - John Wesley MASTERS, 21, laborer, of Midland, s/o Nellie & John Stuart MASTERS, married Eliza Alice LADOUCEUR, 16, of Midland, d/o Alex LADOUCEUR, laborer & Sarah WILLET, witn: John ADAMS & Florence M. LADOUCEUR, both of Midland, 18 Nov 1908 at Midland
017631-08 (Simcoe Co.) Dugald McALLISTER, 66, sexton, of Nottawasaga, widowed, s/o John McALLISTER & Maria SMITH, married Lucinda McCOY, 53, of Collingwood Twp, widow, d/o Arch. KENNEDY & Sara YAKE, wtn: A.G. WHITE & Emma L. IRVINE, both of Collingwood, on December 8, 1908, at Collingwood 017698-08 (Simcoe Co.) Leroy McCABE, 26, farmer, Innisfil, Painswick, s/o John McCABE & M.A. GRIEVES, married Elizabeth JACKS, 24, Innisfil, same, d/o Thomas JACKS & Janet CROSS, wtn: Russell McCABE of Painswick & Jean CAMPBELL of Innisfil, on March 25, 1908, at Innisfil
017856-08 - Edward Warren McCLELLAN, 29, n/g, Orillia, Telephone Manager, s/o Kenneth McCLENNAN & Martha DODDS, married Hazelreen CARSS, 25, n/g, Orillia, d/o William CARSS & Jessie GRANT, wtn: D.W. McCLENNAN of Buffalo & Edna CARSS of Orillia, on October 21, 1908, at Orillia 017888-08 (Simcoe Co.) Henry McCUAIG, 38, farmer, of Gilchrist, s/o John McCUAIG & Annie McNABB, married Mary GRAHAM, 23, of blank, d/o Arch'bd GRAHAM & Catherine McNABB, wtn: G. CAMPBELL of Oro Station & Kate GRAHAM of Gilchrist, on December 30, 1908, at Manse, Oro Station
017677-08 (Simcoe County)  Thomas C. McCULLOUGH, 57, illegible, Farmer, Widowed, s/o Thomas C. McCULLOUGH & Elizabeth SAWYER, married Sarah J. GROSE, 49, Essa, Widow, d/o Thomas JENNOT & Mary NEWALL, wtn: James MILLER & Mary MILLER, both of Utopia, on June 24, 1908, at Elmvale 017872-08 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Evelon McDONALD, 23, engineer steamer, Belleville, Niagara Falls, s/o Thomas Henry McDONALD & Agnes HARRIS, married Clara Maude COX, 20, North Orillia, same, d/o Robert COX & Mary Ann SIMPSON, wtn: Hebert McDONALD of Niagara Falls & Edna Violet COX of North Orillia, on March 31, 1908, at South Orillia
017808-08 - Angus McDONALD, 25, Mara, Orillia, Brick maker, s/o Lachlin McDONALD & Harriett HUNT, married Sarah Emeline JOE, 24, Longford, same, d/o Frank JOE & Phoebe YORK, wtn: S.P. FERGUSON & Gordon FERGUSON, both of Orillia, on January 8, 1908, at Orillia 018868-09 (Simcoe Co.) John McDOUGALL, 26, of Oro, farmer, s/o Alexander McDOUGALL & Euphemia ROBERTSON, married Sarah CURRIE, 19, of Oro, d/o Archibald CURRIE & Flora GALBRAITH, wtn: Christina McLEOD of Victoria Harbour & Mary RUDD of Oro, on September 15, 1908, at Orillia
017829-08 - Alexander McFARLANE, 22, Essa, Toronto, Builder, s/o David McFARLANE & Lucy ARNOLD, married Etta CUTHBERT, 20, Barrie, same, d/o John CUTHBERT & Eliza CROSS, wtn: S.P. & ROY FERGUSON, both of Orillia, on June 24, 1908, at Orillia 017816-08 - John McILLMURRAY, 39, Brock, same, Yeoman, s/o William McILLMURRAY & Bridget JOYCE, married Leah MORGAN, 30, Scott, Brock, d/o Edward MORGAN & Margaret EVANS, wtn: Belle HENDERSON of Orillia & Jessie BRECHIN of Toronto, on March 25, 1908, at Orillia [McIlmurray?]
017882-08 (Simcoe Co.) John McINTOSH, 27, farmer, Dalton Twp, Hawkestone, s/o Duncan McINTOSH & Elizabeth BROWN, married Annie BELL, 37, Oro, Mitchell Square, d/o not know & Mary BELL, wtn: Gilbert BELL of Mitchell Square & Ethel McINTOSH of Hawkestone, on April 7, 1908 at Miss Sarah Bell's house Mitchell Square, Oro Twp 017850-08 - John Marvin McINTYRE, 33, n/g, Croswell Michigan, Merchant, s/o Duncan McINTYRE & Mary GOBLE, married Ealonor Amelia VENNER, 32, n/g, Orillia, d/o Thomas VENNER & Maria BRENT, wtn: Karl PALMER of Midland & Emma G. VENNER of Orillia, on September 30, 1908, at Orillia
017870-08 (Simcoe Co.) Archibald McKAY, 57, laborer, Mara, Orillia, widowed, s/o John McKAY & Sarah McFARLANE, married Maria Sarah SMITH, 38, London England, South Orillia, d/o Joseph J. SMITH & Marion TAYLOR, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. DAVIS, both of Hillsdale, on February 26, 1908, at South Orillia 017648-08 Dougal McKAY, 24, Sydenham, Collingwood, labourer, s/o Alex McKAY & Sarah McNIVEN, married Emily Kate OUGHTON (s/b Houghton?), 24, Tiny, Collingwood, d/o William H. OUGHTON & Alice HOUGHTON, witn; J.L. & J.H. MILES of Creemore. 22 July, 1908 at Creemore
17763-08 - John Donald McKINNON, 28, book keeper, of Chipman NB, s/o Murdock McKINNON & Agnes DRAPER, married Ellen Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 23, of Midland, d/o Sylvester CAMPBELL, butcher, & Ellen CLAPPERTON, witn: A. McKINNON of Victoria Harbour & Louise CAMPBELL of Midland, 18 Nov 1908 at Midland 017665-08, (Simcoe County)  Joseph McKNIGHT, no age, Essa, Farmer, s/o Richard McKNIGHT & Mary DENNY, married Minnie CUNNINGHAM, no age, Essa, d/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Margaret McFADDEN, wtn: Richard CUNNINGHAM of Baxter & Villa McFADDEN of Avening, on September 15, 1908, at Baxter
017873-08 (Simcoe Co.) John McNABB, 30, bridge builder, Mara, Brechin, s/o John McNABB & Catherine MATHESON, married Bertha V. WATKIN, 27, North Orillia, Washago, d/o Enoch WATKIN & Mary Jane CHARLTON, wtn: William MORGAN of Brechin & Elta WATKIN of Washago, on April 13, 1908, at Washago 17657-08 - William John McQUAY, 30, farmer, of Sunnidale twp., s/o Andrew McQUAY, farmer, & Sarah Jane BROOKS, married Lavina HODGINS, 25, of Sunnidale, d/o John HODGINS, farmer, & Mary SHAW, witn: E.D. STURGEON & Luella THORPE, both of Angus, 23 Sept 1908 at Angus
017754-08 - Arthur William MENKINS, 21, millwright, blank, Midland, s/o William Henry & Margaret MENKINS, married Violet MORRIER (MORRISS), 23, blank, Midland, d/o Thomas MORRIER & A. WELMAN, witn; Sarah EGAN & Norah A. CONNOR of Midland. Aug 27, 1908 at Simcoe Cty 017876-08 (Simcoe Co.) Henry C. MILLAR, 24, business, of Severn (Bridge), s/o Warren H. MILLAR & Josephine FRANCES, married M. Myrtle BLACKWELL, 24, of Severn (Bridge), d/o James BLACKWELL & Catherine blank, wtn: Lila M. MILLAR & George BLACKWELL, both of Severn Bridge, on September 16, 1908, at Severn Bridge
017890-08 (Simcoe Co.) Frank MILLAR, 20, farmer, Sunnidale, Penetanguishene, s/o David MILLAR & Alfretha COREA, married Frances M. NICHOLSON, 22, Yorkshire, Penetanguishene, d/o Edward NICHOLSON & Jane Anne SINSON?, wtn: William MILLAR & Edward NICHOLSON, both of Penetanguishene, on February 18, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017847-08 - George Bernard MILLER, 45, n/g, Wyebridge, Laborer, s/o Reben MILLER & Georgina WHITAKER, married Sarah Jane FROATS, 28, n/g, Uhthoff, d/o Esra FROATS & Margaret ARMSTRONG, wtn: Erastus LONG & Mrs. E. LONG both of Orillia, on July 29, 1908, at Orillia
17656-08 - George MONEY, 27, farmer, of Grenfel?, s/o Abraham MONEY & Jane HOUGHTON, married Pearl Mary CARTER, 20, of Angus, d/o Richard CARTER, farmer, & Ann LIVINGSTON, witn: Alice McCRIMMON of Angus, 29 Sept 1908 at Angus 017833-08 - Edward MONTGOMERY, 27, Dalton, same, Laborer, s/o Richard MONTGOMERY & Ellen ARMSTRONG, married Susan REID, 27, Pennsylvania U.S., Dalton, d/o John REID & Susan KETT, wtn: Mrs, R.N. GRANT & Margaret Edith GRANT both of Orillia, on May 28, 1908, at Orillia
017752-08 - Dalton Ernest MONTGOMERY, 23, farmer, blank, Twp Tay, s/o Joseph MONTGOMERY & Jane ATKINSON, married Alice Celia MATTHEWS, 21, blank, North Orillia, d/o William MATTHEWS & Celia MARSHALL, witn; Arthur MACKAY & Maude MONTGOMERY of Midland. June 9, 1908 at Simcoe Cty. 017801-08 - Henry John MOON, 21, Orillia, same, Farmer, s/o John MOON & Margaret WALKER, married Lila FELL, 21, Orillia, same, d/o William FELL & Thomasina LANGMAN, wtn: Iona E. ROADHOUSE & Charles FELL both of Orillia, on January 1, 1908, at Orillia
17641-08 - Harry MORDEN, 25, laborer, of Fesserton, s/o Wilbert J. MORDEN, laborer, & Sarah BRATH, married Bertha HUTTON, 21, tailoress, of Coldwater, d/o William HUTTON & Margaret Elizabeth SOMERSET, witn: Charles HUTON & Aggie SOMERSET, both of Coldwater, 5 Aug 1908 at Coldwater  
017616-08 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest MORE, 28, farmer, blank, Cobalt, s/o Robert MORE & Eliza STEWART, married Eveline Jane McNALL, 22, blank, Creemore, d/o William McNALL & Sarah Jane HARE, wtn: Robert E. MORE & Mrs. Jos. WHITE, both of Creemore, on September 9, 1908, at Collingwood 17764-08 - Jacob Niece MORNINGSTAR, 21, farmer, of Oro twp., s/o John Wesley MORNINGSTAR, farmer, & Mary Ann NIECE, married Maude Barbara? MONTGOMERY, 20, of Tay twp., d/o Joseph James MONTGOMERY, farmer, & Mary Jane ATKINSON, witn: Mrs. George HUTCHINSON of Midland & J.H. MORNINGSTAR of Oro twp., 17 Nov 1908 at Midland
017868-08 - Albert Ernest MORRISON, 31, n/g, Adjala, Farmer, s/o James C. MORRISON & Ellen DICKIE, married Sarah Alice FUSEE, 30, n/g, Midland, d/o William FUSEE & Eliza PAGE, wtn: S.P. FERGUSON of Orillia & Clara FUSEE of Midland, on December 30, 1908, at Orillia 17757-08 - William NELLES, 24, farmer, of Midland, s/o John NELLES & Janet PEARSON, married Mabel TERRY, 19, of Midland, d/o Wesley TERRY, boiler maker, & Margaret STEELE, witn: Arthur TERRY & Elizabeth McKINLEY, both of Midland, 7 Sept 1908 at Midland
017895-08 (Simcoe Co.) William NEVILLE, 24, grocer, Creemore, Penetanguishene, s/o Colins NEVILL & Catherine BRUI, married Elizabeth Ann REYNOLDS, 24, Queensville, Penetanguishene, d/o Joseph REYNOLDS & Margaret HUNTER, wtn: Wilfred REYNOLDS of Penetanguishene & Annie L. BROWNE of Toronto, on June 17, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017751-08 - William H. NEWBURY, 26, carpenter, blank, Midland, s/o William NEWBURY & Sarah MAGUIRE, married Bella MILLIKIN, 28, blank, Midland, d/o Samuel MILLIKIN & Elizabeth WHITE, witn; William NEWBURY & Elizabeth MILLIKIN, Midland. July 8, 1908 at Simcoe Cty
017681-08 (Simcoe County)  John O'NEILL, 36, Flos, Farmer, s/o Dominick O' NEILL & Mary MULROY, married Ellen LeCLARE, 22, Flos, d/o Napoleon LeCLERE (sic) & Margaret KELLEY, wtn: Henry O'NEILL of Fergusonvale & Julia LeCLERE (sic) of Vigo P.O., on September 14, 1908, at Phelpston 017849-08 - William Blake PALMER, 30, n/g, Orillia, Bookkeeper, s/o David PALMER & Mahala COOPER, married Rosaline Beckly VENNER, 30, n/g, Orillia, d/o Thomas VENNER & Maria BRENT, wtn: Karl PALMER of Midland & Emma G. VENNER of Orillia, on September 30, 1908, at Orillia
017839-08 - William John PARKER, 30, n/g, Orillia, Lumberman, s/o John Henry PARKER & Sarah Jane MILLS, married Mary Etta MacDONALD, 25, n/g, Foxmead, d/o John MacDONALD & Mary McNABB, wtn: Herbert Henry PARKER & Mrs. Thomas EATON both of Orillia, on August 28, 1908, at Orillia 017704-08 - William PARKS, 26, blacksmith, blank, West Gwillimbury, s/o James PARKS & Mary BROWN, married Flossie PEACOCK, 21, blank, Fennells, d/o George PEACOCK, blacksmith & Emily HUGHES, witn; Russell PEACOCK & Mrs. PARKS of Fennells. May 30, 1908 at Simcoe Cty.
17707-08 - Walter H. PATTERSON, 48, carpenter, of Stroud, s/o William PATTERSON & Isabella HUNTER, married Elizabeth McCONKEY, 39, of lot 17 con 8 [Innisfil twp?], d/o Robert McCONKEY, farmer, & Hannah SMITH, witn: Gabriel & Hortense McCONKEY of Stroud, 29 April 1908 at Churchill 018866-09 (Simcoe Co.) John PATTERSON, 29, of Hamilton, merchant, s/o John B PATTERSON & Sarah HOOEY, married Emma Lavernia DUDENHOFER, 30, of Orillia, d/o Andrew DUDENHOFFER & Ann DREW, wtn: Frances HOOEY & Mary E. DUDENHOFFER, both of Orillia, on September 7, 1908, at Orillia
017701-08 (Simcoe Co.) Walter H. PATTERSON, 48, carpenter, Innisfil, same, s/o William PATTERSON & Isabella HUNTER, married Elizabeth McCONKEY, 39, Innisfil, same, d/o Robert McCONKEY & Hannah SMITH, wtn: Gabriel & Hortense McCONKEY, both of Stroud, on April 29, 1908, at Churchill, Innisfil 017613-08 (Simcoe Co.) Percy Omer PENFOLD, 24, printer, Ingersoll, Toronto, s/o Charles PENFOLD & Joanna BAILLIE, married Della W. HORTON, 22, Collingwood, Toronto, d/o Thomas HORTON & Martha PERIGUE, wtn: Thomas & Martha HORTON, both of Collingwood, on August 12, 1908, at Collingwood
019038-09 -  George Bruce PETERKIN, 34, Yorktown Sask, Farmer, s/o James PETERKIN & Marie Ella LUCAS, 33, New Lowell, d/o Thomas LUCAS & Anne SHARPE, wtn: F.N. FRASER of Barrie & Mabel LUCAS of New Lowell, on December 29, 1908, at Sunnidale 017633-08 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Worthy PHIPPS, 39, carpenter, of Collingwood, s/o Thomas PHIPPS & Catherine HOLDSHIP, married Mabel Drew WHEATLY, 31, of Collingwood, d/o Thomas WHEATLY & Sarah A. SLATTER, wtn: Thomas WHEATLY & Maud WHEATLY, both of Collingwood, on December 17, 1908, at Collingwood
017891-08 (Simcoe Co.) William POOL, 20, farmer, Wyebridge, same, s/o William POOL & Mary Jane ARCHER, married Mary FRENCH, 17, Waverley, same, d/o John FRENCH & Emma PARKER, wtn: James & Susan GUTHRIE, both of Wyevale, on April 1, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017845-08 - James Orval PORTER, 19, n/g, Orillia, Millman, s/o Albert Edward PORTER & Rachel MOORE, married Ada Elizabeth ASHFORD, 17, n/g, Orillia, d/o Henry ASHFORD & Elizabeth MINHENNET, wtn: William BARRETT & Lillian May McDONALD both of Orillia, on September 10, 1908, at Orillia
018872-09 (Simcoe Co.) Ernest Russell POWELL, 28, of Dalton, farmer, s/o John POWELL & Nellie McLEISH, married Elizabeth ARTHURS, 27, of Rama, widow, d/o Duncan McDONALD & Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, wtn: Mabel M. BAKER & David A. McLEISH, both of Sebright, on October 14, 1908, at Orillia 017700-08 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Willoughby POWER, 24, civil engineer, Toronto, same, s/o Willoughby POWER & Elizabeth Ann NAYLOR, married Myna Barkley GROSE, 24, Lefroy, same, d/o Noah GROSE & Adlia Jane SIMMONS, wtn: P.W. BAILEY of North Bay & L.D. POWER of Toronto, on March 21, 1908, at Lefroy, Innisfil
017693-08 (Simcoe Co.) John Morton PUGSLEY, 27, butcher, North Toronto, Cookstown, s/o Ruben PUGSLEY & Ester MORTON, married Fleda Lavina COOPER, 21, Cookstown, same, d/o Joseph COOPER & Lavina LENNOX, wtn: W.A. GLASS of Midland & Gertie M. COOPER of Cookstown, on January 1, 1908, at Cookstown, Innisfil 017871-08 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert John QUAIL, 22, moulder, North Orillia, Orillia, s/o John QUAIL & Mary Ann BLACK, married Annie Elizabeth MEALING, 23, England, South Orillia, d/o Arthur MEALING & Annie MAYS, wtn: Louis WOOLFORD & Ethel May MEALING, both of Orillia, on March 25, 1908, at South Orillia
017626-08 (Simcoe Co.) Rich. Hy. RAYMOND, 33, carpenter, of Collingwood, widowed, s/o Matthew RAYMOND & Mary RICHARDS, married Sarah E. GORDON, 34, of Collingwood, d/o Robert. GORDON & Sarah COTTRILL, wtn: Emma L. IRVINE & Fred HUGHES, both of Collingwood, on November 11, 1908, at Collingwood 017680-08 (Simcoe County)  James REID, 28, Collingwood, Boiler Maker, s/o Andrew REID & Ann McKEAN, married Emma C. CAMPBELL, 26, d/o William CAMPBELL & Ellen LOCKHART, wtn: Ellen CAMPBELL of Collingwood & L.V. LYOTT, of Elmvale, on September 2, 1908, at Elmvale
17765-08 - John Selwyn RHODES, 29, insurance broker, of Sudbury, s/o John William RHODES & Catherine HANNAH, married Frankie WESTON, 26, teacher, of Midland, d/o Francis R. WESTON, lumber inspector, & Margaret E. BROWN, witn: F.R. & Margaret E. WESTON of Midland, 9 Nov 1908 at Midland 017742-08 - Philibert RIVET, 21, labor, St.Ameda Que, Midland, s/o G. Jos. RIVET & Delia ARBOUR, married Etta CAREY, 19, Waubaushene, Midland, d/o James CAREY & Philomena BOILEAU; witn; Stanley RIVET & Gertrude CAREY of Midland. June 22, 1908 at Midland.  RC
017688-08 (Simcoe Co.) Bismark ROBERTS, 34, farmer, of West Gwillimbury, s/o Francis & Jane ROBERTS, married Annie Maude WOOD, 32, of West Gwillimbury, d/o Robert WOOD & Jane BAYNES, wtn: Alex. ROBERTS of Deerhurst & W.R. WOOD of Toronto, on March 3, 1908, at West Gwillimbury  
017697-08 (Simcoe Co.) Edwin ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o Moses ROBINSON & Matilda LOCKHART, married Margaret Jane JOHNSTON, 30, Innisfil, same, d/o John JOHNSTON & Jemima COULTER, wtn: John E. JOHNSTON of Craigvale & Emma COULTER of Allendale, on March 25, 1908, at St. Paul's Innisfil 017711-08 - Francis Alex ROGERSON, 35, farmer, blank, Twp Innisfil, s/o James ROGERSON, farmer & Elizabeth McLERMAN, married Annie Mary HAUGHTON, 30, blank Twp of Innisfil, d/o Thomas Agar HAUGHTON, farmer & Eliza Jane BANTING, witn; Charles HAUGHTON, Churchill & Florence ROSS, Twp Innisfil. Sept 30, 1908 at Simcoe Cty.
017753-08 - Amiedie ROI, 32, farmer, blank, Penetanguishene, s/o of Amiedie ROI & Josephine GROSELLE, married Irene SYMONS, 20, blank, Honey Harbour, d/o Walter SYMONS & Eva BROOKS, witn; Stanley THOMPSON & Grace WOOD. Aug 14, 1908 at Honey Harbour, Dist of Muskoka. 017883-08 (Simcoe Co.) Garfield ROUSE, 26, farmer, Oro, same, s/o William H. ROUSE & Margaret SLESSOR, married Violet MERRICK, 21, Oro, same, d/o Hartley P. MERRICK & Louisa CLARK, wtn: Ewart ROUSE of Oro & Lillie M. CLARK of Orillia, on June 3, 1908, at bride's residence, Oro Twp
17658-08 - Franklin Gerald ROWE, 26, farmer, of Colwell, s/o Osmond S. ROWE, farmer, & Elizabeth JEFFERSON, married Hannah Orpha JENNETT, 26, of Utopia, d/o Joseph JENNETT, farmer, & Mary Ann McMASTER, witn: Aaron B. JENNETT of Utopia & Mary ROWE of Colwell, 15 April 1908 at Utopia 17659-08 - William Alex RUTHVEN, 41, farmer, of Essa, s/o George RUTHVEN, farmer, & Christena CAIRNS, married Alberta Olive McLEAN, 29, of Essa, d/o William J. McLEAN, farmer, & Georgiana E. WHEALEY, witn: W.K. McLEAN of Elmgrove & Ida RUTHVEN, 24 Jun 1908 at Elmgrove
17638-08 - Reuben SALLOWS, 25, laborer, Tay twp., same, s/o Reuben SALLOWS & Brittania HILL, married Sarah Rachel HOWELL, 18, maid, Medonte twp., same, d/o Nathan HOWELL & Eliza Jane COOPER, witn: Edward E. SALLOWS of Victoria Harbour & Grace E. WARRINER of Moonstone, 22 April 1908 at Coldwater 017614-08 (Simcoe Co.) D'Alton SCHELL, 27, carpenter, Nottawasaga, Collingwood, s/o Israel SCHELL & Eliz. DONER, married Ella Agnes McCAGUE, 19, Sunnidale, same, d/o And. McCAGUE & Fanny KITSON, wtn: Emma L. IRVINE & Mrs. George CUMMINGS, both of Collingwood, on August 26, 1908, at Collingwood
  017708-08 - Thomas G. SCYTHES, 25, farmer, blank, Thornton, s/o Thomas SCYTHES, farmer & Eliza McLEAN, married Laura May GROSE, 27, blank, Twp of Essa, d/o Noah GROSE, farmer & Agnes ELLIS, witn; Frankie GROSE, Sharon, & Herbert GROSE, Egbert. Sept 9, 1908 at Simcoe Cty.
017820-08 - Patrick Edmund SEVIGNY, 22, Barrie, Orillia, Grocery Clerk, s/o Emile SEVIGNY & Elizabeth McBRIDE, married Maud McHUGH, 20, Orillia, same, d/o John & Ellen McHUGH, wtn: Herbert SEVIGNY of Barrie & Susan McHUGH of Orillia, on April 29, 1908, at Orillia 017702-08 (Simcoe Co.) Victor Scott SHARPE, 22, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o George SHARPE & Ellen SCOTT, married Louella Rebecca GREENSIDES, 20, Innisfil, same, d/o Peter GREENSIDES & Harriett Alice MOORE, wtn: George SHARPE of Thornton & Peter GREENSIDES of Cookstown, on June 3, 1908, at Innisfil
017628-08 (Simcoe Co.) Dan SHAW, 38, glass packer, of Toronto, s/o Duncan & Mary SHAW, married Madge WATSON, 30, of Sunnidale, d/o Richard WATSON & Catherine McTAGGART, wtn: Annie D. CRANSTON & Julia DENNE, both of Collingwood, on November 18, 1908, at Collingwood 017679-08 (Simcoe County)  Wallace Wilfred SHAW, 26, Flos, Lumberman, s/o Frances Ernest SHAW & Mary WALKER, married Emma Jean BURTON, 25, Flos, d/o Charles S. BURTON  & Annie PATERSON, wtn: J.R. PATTERSON & Mary A. BURTON, both of Elmvale, on September 2, 1908, at Elmvale
017841-08 - William SHERMAN, 26, n/g, Washago, Steam Drill Driver, s/o William SHERMAN & Anna ANDERSON, married Elizabeth BROWNIE, 22, n/g, Washago, d/o John BROWNIE & Ellen AGG (Ogg?), wtn: Cole GARRY of Washago & Florence BIRCH of Orillia, on August 28, 1908, at Orillia 017743-08 - David SHERWOOD, 19, laborer, Huntsville, Midland, s/o William SHERWOOD & Mary TAYLOR, married Sara M. WOODRUFF, 16, King, Midland, d/o Albert WOODRUFF & Jane WOODS, witn; Ralph RIDDELL & Mabel WEST of Midland. June 24, 1908 at Midland
017867-08 - Milton Pevronet SHIER, n/g, Orillia, Electrician, Widower, s/o Windham SHIER & Eliza Jane LONG, married Emily Mary SPEIRAN, 20, n/g, Orillia, d/o William SPEIRAN & Mary Elizabeth BOOTH, wtn: Arthur & Mrs. A. BALL, both of Orillia, on December 23, 1908, at Orillia 017864-08 - James William SHIVAS, 27, n/g, South Orillia, Draughtsman, s/o Samull SHIVAS & Annie W.R. HENDERSON, married Ethel Beatrice McCLELLAND, 18, n/g, Orillia, Housekeeper, d/o John McCLELLAND & Marie GARDINER, wtn: George L. SHIVAS of South Orillia & Edythe McCLELLAND of Orillia, on December 16, 1908, at Orillia
017874-08 (Simcoe Co.) James SLOAN, 21, common laborer, of Washago, s/o William SLOAN & Agnes CRILLEY, married Mildred DILWORTH, 20, of Hamlet in North Orillia, d/o David DILWORTH & Matilda WARNER, wtn: Mrs Frank PYBURN of Gravenhurst & Richard DILWORTH of Severn Bridge, on August 26, 1908, at Hamlet, North Orillia 017736-08 - William Kyle SMITH, 34, C.I.F.employee, widower, Shotten Scotland, Midland, s/o John SMITH & Ellen KYLE, married Grace SHARP, 32, Motherwell Scotland, Midland, dressmaker, widow, d/o David LINDSAY & Margaret MOFFAT, witn; William J. SCOTT & Zillah HARRIS of Midland. Mar 4, 1908 at Midland
017617-08 (Simcoe Co.) Edward Sutherland SMITH, 31, merchant, blank, Collingwood, s/o John M. SMITH & Margaret MULHOLLAND, married Matilda Jane McMASTER, 26, blank, Collingwood, d/o Hugh McMASTER & Lavina SMITHSON, wtn: Ada W. WENSLEY & Jas. A. McMASTER, both of Collingwood, on September 16, 1908, at Collingwood 017857-08 - Archie Earl STEWART, 32, n/g, Orillia, Mason, s/o Edward STEWART & Mary McPHADEN, married Rachel JOE, 19, n/g, Rama, d/o Frank JOE & Phoebe YORK, wtn: Margaret CLINKSCALE of Orillia & Evelyn EVANS of Gorrie, on October 17, 1908, at Orillia
017629-08 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas John STOCK, 28, mail clerk, of North Bay, s/o Charles STOCK & Tobin SAXA, married Edith ANDREWS, 26, of Collingwood, d/o Decator ANDREWS & Mary WALKERLY, wtn: Erland O'LEARY of Toronto & Gertrude ANDREWS of Collingwood, on November 28, 1908, at Collingwood 017619-08 (Simcoe Co.) Jas Robert. SUTHERLAND, 24, mechanic, of Collingwood, s/o Jas. R. SUTHERLAND & Mary DAY, married Louise Mae HOLDSHIP, 24, of Collingwood, d/o William HOLDSHIP & Louise ANDREWS, wtn: Ervilla HOLDSHIP & George H. FERGUSON, both of Collingwood, on October 2, 1908, at Collingwood
017627-08 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander TAIT, 39, ship fitter, of Collingwood, s/o Henry TAIT & Agnes GRAY, married Zatta JONES, 41, of Collingwood, d/o Eston JONES & Catherine GRAY, wtn: Agnes TAIT & Minni PAXTON, both of Collingwood, on November 11, 1908, at Collingwood 017900-08 (Simcoe Co.) Anthony Edward TERAPELL, 22, painter, of Penetanguishene, s/o Erenst TERAPELL & Mary RAISELL, married Wilhelmina PAUSE, 20, of Penetanguishene, d/o William PAUSE, & Gertrude PUTZ, wtn: Hny William PAUSE & Mary Josephine PAUSE, both of Penetanguishene, on February 3, 1908, at Penetanguishene
017896-08 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph THANASSE, 35, laborer, Lafontaine, Penetanguishene, widowed, s/o Louis THANASSE & Agnes DESROCHES, married Odinei? CLOUTIER, 44, Lafontaine, Penetanguishene, widow, d/o blank CLOUTIER & Amelia DUBEAU, wtn: George ROBILLARD & Hectorius THANASSE, on June 30, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017819-08 - Percy Lynd THOMPSON, 24, Brechin, Orillia, Sailor, s/o Artimus THOMPSON & Euphemia McQUAIL, married Mary Genevieve ORMOND, 18, Chicago, Toronto, d/o Norman ORMOND & Marguente PORTER, wtn: Mrs. J.R. GILPIN & Mrs. J.J. FERGUSON both of Orillia, on April 15, 1908, at Orillia
  017703-08 (Simcoe Co.) John Wilson THOMPSON, 25, farmer, Nantyr, same, s/o John THOMPSON & Ann CROSS, married Louisa METTAM, 35, Chesterfield England, Nantyr, d/o Alex METTAM & Eda COOPER, wtn: Harry THOMPSON of Nantyr & Mary E. WATSON of Toronto, on June 3, 1908, at Nantyr, Innisfil
17642-08 - Josiah TINNEY, 20, farmer, of Medonte, s/o William H. TINNEY, farmer, & Mary COWAN, married Gertrude Florence MORRISON, 19, house maid, of Medonte, d/o Alfred MORRISON, laborer, & Isabella MILLER, witn: Eldred MORRISON of Moonstone & Pearl Gertrude TINNEY of Vasey, 25 Nov 1908 at Coldwater 017744-08 - Claude M. TREMEER, 32, traveling salesman, Lindsay, Midland, s/o Thomas TREMEER & Henrietta ADAMS, married Ettie Mary HILL, 28, Rosedale, Midland, d/o Joshua HILL & Mary A. TAYLOR, witn; Fred G.W.L. HILL & Alberta LAVERY of Midland. June 24, 1908 at Midland.
17639-08 - William John TUCKER, 28, laborer, Wyebridge, Tay twp., s/o Gideon TUCKER & Mary McARTHUR, married Mary WHITE, 21, house maid, Victoria Harbour, Tay twp., d/o Isaac WHITE & Annie SALLOWS, witn: V.R. JARVIS & Ada SHEPPARD, both of Coldwater, 30 June 1908 at Coldwater 17646-08 - George Louis TWEED, 22, barber, Stayner, Creemore, s/o John TWEED & Charlotte OVENS, married Lettie E. McCUTCHEON, 20, Creemore, same, d/o Robert McCUTCHEON & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Robert & Annie McCUTCHEON of Creemore, 1 Jan 1908 at Creemore
017836-08 - Ralph Collier VINCENT, 38, n/g, Lindsay, Chief of Police, s/o Thomas VINCENT & Matilda LANGMAN, married Ida McFARLAND, 29, n/g, Orillia, d/o Robert McFARLAND & Eliza JOHNSTON, WTN: Robert McFARLAND of Orillia & Maggie COOK of Coldwater, on July 30, 1908, at Orillia 017610-08 (Simcoe Co.) Louis Devells VOSBERGH, 50, minister of gospel, Ostego Co. NY, Collingwood, widowed, s/o Alonzo VOSBERGH & Lucinda GERTMAN, married Violet WHEELER, 21, Glencairn, Collingwood, d/o George WHEELER & Jessie SCHELL, wtn: S. CARSON & Mrs. F. BURMISTER, both of Collingwood, on August 4, 1908, at Collingwood
017747-08 - Robert Joseph WALDIE (WALDIN?) 26, lumber clerk, Newbury Eng, Victoria Harbour, s/o Robert WALDIE & Mary Ann DELL, married Mary Ann LAUREAN (LAVREAU), 25, Fenelon Falls, Victoria Harbour, d/o Joseph LAUREAN & Elizabeth DERMONT, witn; Agnes & Joseph  LAUREAN of Victoria Harbour. Jan 9, 1908 at Midland. RC 017695-08 (Simcoe Co.) John M. WALKER, 32, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o John WALKER & Lovina CAMPBELL, married Maud COUSINS, 28, Alliston, Tecumseth, d/o William COUSINS & Maggie MAUD, wtn: Richard A. DUFF & Mary A. DUFF, both of Cookstown, on January 8, 1908, at Cookstown, Innisfil
018867-09 (Simcoe Co.) Richard Tywhitt WALLACE, 26, of Flos, farmer, s/o John WALLACE & Elizabeth COLEMAN, married Margaret Alice COTTON, 25, of South Orillia, d/o Daniel COTTON & Mary HARVIE, wtn: William Ernest COTTON & Mrs. Walter E. POWELL, both of South Orillia, on September 9, 1908, at Orillia 017737-08 - Arthur Everton WALTERS, 24, blacksmith, Uxbridge, Midland, s/o William WALTERS & Mary HILBORN, married Elizabeth Ann NEY, 25, Twp Tay, same, d/o John NEY & Charlotte ATKINSON, witn; Thomas W. NEY & Pearl WALTERS, of Twp of Tay. Apr 15, 1908 at Midland
017612-08 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick WARREN, 24, blacksmith, Collingwood, same, s/o Phillip & Caroline WARREN, married Janet BUCHANAN, 22, Osprey, Collingwood, d/o Duncan BUCHANAN & Christena CAMPBELL, wtn: Ernest R. WARREN & Mary BUCHANAN, both of Collingwood, on August 10, 1908, at Collingwood  
017690-08 (Simcoe Co.) Sanson Steel WATSON, 32, farmer, West Gwillimbury, same, s/o Moser WATSON & Isabella STEEL, married Annie Eliza STREET, 35, King Twp, West Gwillimbury, d/o Walter STREET & Ellen COOPER, wtn: John & Mrs. John LLOYD, both of Bradford, on April 29, 1908, at West Gwillimbury 017692-08 (Simcoe Co.) Charles WATT, 20, blank, of Markham, s/o Henry WATT & (he didn't know), married Hazel Pearl JACKSON, 20, of West Gwillimbury, d/o Richard JACKSON & Elizabeth TEASDALE, wtn: Charles JACKSON of Deerhurst & Ellen McLEAN of Cookstown, on December 23, 1908, at Deerhurst
017709-08 - Thomas Ganton WEBSTER, 29, farmer, blank, Uxbridge, s/o Henry WEBSTER & Sarah GANTON, married Caroline MATTHEWS, 30, blank, Cherry Creek, d/o Reuben MATTHEWS, farmer & Elizabeth McARTHUR, witn; William L. & Ethyle MATTHEWS of Churchill. Sept 30, 1908 at Simcoe Cty. 017745-08 - Clifford WEBSTER, 23, carpenter, England, Midland, s/o Edward WEBSTER & Amelia BLAYDON, married Priscilla Amy BELL, 23, England, Midland, d/o James BELL & Sophia GEROW, witn; M.J. BROWN & H.J. GIBSON of Midland. May 27, 1908 at Midland.
017854-08 - Marshall Middleton WEIR, 27, n/g, Uhthoff, Station Agent, s/o James WEIR & Sarah DICKSON, married Margaret Maud COMRIE, n/g, Keene, d/o Peter COMRIE & Jane MATHER, wtn: Rou BULLINGER (Brillinger?)& Mrs. L. McNABB both of Orillia, on October 20, 1908, at Orillia 017831-08 - Francis E. WILSON, 29, Columbus Ont, Crumlin Ont, Farmer, d/o Arthur WILSON & Elizabeth STOTHER, married Frederica F.H. REID, 23, Oro, Orillia, d/o W.R. REID & Harriet RAMSBOTTOM, wtn: A.J. RIED & Grace ROSE, both of Orillia, on February 25, 1908, at Orillia
017894-08 (Simcoe Co.) J. Edward Charles WOOD, blank, supervisor asylum, London England, Penetanguishene, s/o James William WOOD & Sarah CREW, married Hannah Jane JEWETT, blank, Mara Twp, Penetanguishene, d/o Thomas JEWETT & Mary Jane CAUGHEY, wtn: James STEWART & Ethel JEWETT both of Penetanguishene, on June 2, 1908, at Penetanguishene 017865-08 - Louis Thomas WOTTEN, 25, n/g, n/g, Plumber, s/o William WOTTEN & Charlotte POWELL, married Mary Maria Beatrice TENNANT, 21, n/g, n/g, d/o Thomas TENNANT & Sarah MILLS, wtn: Norman TENNANT & Eveleen BATTING both of Orillia, on December 16, 1908, at Orillia
018785-09 Malcolm Mark WRIGHT, 34, clerk, Uxbridge, s/o Allen WRIGHT & Pollie TAYLOR, married Annie May WANLESS, 21, Peterborough, d/o John WANLESS & Annie TAYLOR, witn; G.H & Cora LANG. 30 Dec, 1908 at Midland. 017620-08 (Simcoe Co.) Dougald WYLIE, 36, brickmaker, of Collingwood, widowed, s/o Hugh WYLIE & Flora McCOLDER, Mary Marella SRIGLEY, 30, of Collingwood, d/o Enos SRIGLEY & Mary WATSON, wtn: Ernest SRIGLEY & Laura N. MITCHELL, both of Collingwood, on October 9, 1908, at Collingwood