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There is no birth place given on these registrations

020045-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Herbert ACONLEY, 32, farmer, Mar Crown Hill Oro twp., parents - John ACONLEY, farmer & Alice HERBERT married Minnie GILCHRIST, 32, Guthrie, parents - Alex GILCHRIST, farmer, & Mary CAMPBELL, witn; Isaac ACONLEY of Crown Hill & Annie GILCHRIST of Gilchrist, March 30, 1910 at Guthrie  
019782-10 (Simcoe Co.) Bowenas ADDISON, 22, farmer, Orillia twp., parents - Bowanes ADDISON, farmer , & Jane RAYMOND married Charlotte VIVIAN, 19, Orillia twp., parents - John D. VIVIAN, farmer, & Louis KIDD, witn; Jas. RAYMOND & Ada VIVIAN both of Mt. Stephen, Jan. 12, 1910 at Coldwater 019794-10 (Simcoe Co.) William David ALLEN, 51, widower, auctioneer, Creemore, parents - William ALLEN, farmer, & Mary Jane IRELAND married Almira TURNER, 39, widow, Ottawa, parents - James MELVILLE, farmer, & Grace CUDMORE, witn; Arch. CURRIE & Jessie MILES both of Creemore, Sept. 28, 1910 at Creemore
020119-10 (Simcoe Co.) W. S. AMES, 38, widower, hotel keeper, Niagara Falls New York, parents - Edward J. AMES, deceased, & Millie E. HARE married Amanda LIGHTHEART, 33, servant, Niagara Falls NY, parents - Benjamin LIGHTHEART, farmer, & Eliza Jane KELLY, witn; Benjamin LIGHTHEART of Nottawasaga & Mary GLENN of Stayner, July 4, 1910 at Stayner 019678-10 (Simcoe Co.) Charles David Luke APPLETON, 21, engineer, Beeton, parents - David APPLETON, pump maker, & Leonard OWEN married Mary ROBINSON, 20, Barrie, parents - Henry ROBINSON, laborer, & Rebecca Jane COOK, witn; Henry ROBINSON & Rebecca Jane ROBINSON both of Barrie, Sept. 21, 1910 at Barrie
019944-10 (Simcoe Co.) Elmer ARNOLD, 25, farmer, Nottawasaga, parents - William John ARNOLD & Ann BRINKMAN married Georgina AIKINS, 26, Nottawasaga, parents - William AIKINS & Agnes CRAWFORD, witn; John AIKINS of Glen Huron & Fern ARNOLD of Dunedin, June 23, 1910 at Nottawasaga 019852-10 (Simcoe Co.) Edgar William Charles ARNOLD, 34, clerk, Cookstown, parents - John R. ARNOLD , bailiff, & Mary Ann CHAPMAN married Frankie Mary Adelaide McGOWAN, 28, Cookstown, parents - William McGOWAN, farmer, & Elizabeth LEESON, witn; Joseph McGOWAN & Minnie GRAHAM both of Cookstown, Jan. 12, 1910 at Cookstown
020050-10 (Simcoe Co.) William ARNOLD, 27, farmer, Medonte, parents - William ARNOLD, farmer, & Jane REID married Flora McQUAID, 19, Oro, parents - James McQUAID, farmer, & Catherine MORRISON, witn; Sam H. REID of Fair Valley & Maud McQUAID, April 27, 1910 at Oro 020062-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Edward BAKER, 31, farmer, Medonte, s/o Jesse BAKER & Mary Jane BALL, married Jennett Helen THORNTON, 20, Oro, d/o John THORNTON & Emily Helen DEBENHAM, wtn: Isaiah BAKER, Coulson & Emily SABERIA, Thornton, on November 16, 1910, at Dalston
019662-10 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph David BALD, 32, painter & decorator, North Toronto, parents - James BALD, retired, & Agnes BROWN married Bertha Lucretia CHEESMAN, 22, Barrie, parents - John CHEESMAN, merchant & Helen SEMMENS, witn; Gertie CHEESMAN & Ethel DOWNEY both of Barrie, July 14, 1910 at Barrie  
019812-10 (Simcoe) George Davis BANTING, 25, farmer, Ivy, s/o John Hopewell BANTING & Fannie Elizabeth DAVIS, married Annie FETTIS, 26, Egbert, d/o Thomas FETTIS & Martha Hannah JUGBRAND?, wtn: John Henry BANTING, Ivy & Mary Castle FETTIS, Egbert, on May 17, 1910, at Egbert 19595-10 William T. BANTING, 27, farmer, of Alliston, s/o William BANTING, farmer, & Margaret GRANT, married Emma Lena KNIGHT, 21, of Alliston, d/o William KNIGHT, contractor, & Bertha HENDER, witn: C. W. KNIGHT of Alliston & F. Grant (Garret?) BANTING of Edengrove, 6 April 1910 at Alliston
019792-10 (Simcoe Co.) James Henry BARBER, 23, farmer, Mulmur, parents - Joseph BARBER, farmer, & Sarah AIKENS married Cassie, Christina ANDERSON, 20, Nottawasaga, parents - Albert ANDERSON, farmer , & Sarah BRYCE, witn; M. McKIE & Mary McKIE both of Creemore, June 22, 1910 at Creemore 019698-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Albert BAULDRY, 25, engineer, Elmvale, parents - Obediah BAULDRY, mailman, mother - not given, married Lila Catherine GIBSON, 18, Flos, parents - John GIBSON, farmer, & Nettie TURNER, witn; Ida L. BOWLES & Millie HEWES both of Barrie, Dec. 15, 1910 at Barrie
19837-10 Thomas BAYCROFT, 35, farmer, of Weyburn Sask., s/o George William BAYCROFT, deceased, & Isabella BELL, married Alberta LANGMAN, 34, of Langman Simcoe, d/o William H. LANGMAN, deceased, & Mary GARROW, witn: Richard ANDERSON of Crossland & Martha E. LANGMAN of Langman, 28 Dec 1910 at Simcoe Co 19599-10 Robert BEATON, 30, farmer, of Mulmur, s/o Neil BEATON, farmer, & Sarah STUBBS, married Emeline May DUNGEY, 19, of Nicolston, witn: Wesley & Lena DUNGEY of Nicolston, 15 June 1910 at Alliston
20039-10 George BEATTY, 68, widower, farmer, of Washego, s/o James BEATTY, farmer, & Sarah HEWITT, married Hannah BEATTY, 59, widow, baker, of Washego, d/o John SHANE, shoe maker, & Alice GILDES?, witn: M. CLARK & E. GIBSON, both of Severn Bridge, 25 Oct 1910 at Severn Bridge 19832-10 Herbert Warren BEATTY, 27, book keeper, of Bridal Veil Oregon, s/o George BEATTY, miller & May MURRY, married Sarah Ethel PATERSON, 24, of Elmvale, d/o William PATERSON, deceased, & Sarah ROWLEY, witn: W. G. PATERSON of London & Mabel HOLLISTER of Toronto, 20 Dec 1910 at Elmvale
#019611-10 Harry Wallace BELL, age not given, of Massillon Ohio, MD, b, s/o Robert BELL, station agent & Marie Isabella PLAIN, married Clara Gertrude BELL, age not given, of Alliston, s, d/o Samuel BELL, MD & Margaret MADILL, witn; W.A.J. BELL, Mrs. Nellie NORRIS, both Alliston, married 26 Dec.1910, Alliston 020055-10 (Simcoe Co.) Francis Charles BELL, 47, gentleman, Oro Station, parents - Francis BELL, carpenter , & Annie DRURY married Agnes McGeachy WILLIAMSON, 23, Oro Station, parents - Robert WILLIAMSON, coalier, & Katherine HARRLOTTE, witn; Charles M. C. D. A. WILLIAMSON of Rugby & Mrs. E. BROWN of Hawkestone, Sept. 14, 1910 at Hawkestone
020126-10 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Dickson BELLWOOD, 39, farmer, Sunnidale, parents - Charles J. BELLWOOD, farmer, & Agnes LITTLE married Laura Elizabeth Evelyn CULHAM, 36, dressmaker, Stayner, parents - David CULHAM, retired farmer, & Frances PRICE, witn; George CULHAM & Emma GILCHRIST both of Sunnidale, Sept. 28, 1910 at Stayner 19833-10 William BEVASTOCK, 30, cordwood chopper, of Flos, s/o Lyman BEVASTOCK, wood chopper, & Amelia CHURCHILL, married Mary FRASER, 40, widow, of Elmvale, d/o Henry HUNT & Eliza GERONES?, witn: Mrs. E. W. McBRIEN & Hattie BISHOP, both of Elmvale, 14 Dec 1910 at Elmvale
019811-10 (Simcoe) Jasper BICKERTON, 50, widower, farmer, Ivy, s/o William BICKERTON & Mary BORSH, married Annie GRIFFITHS, 23, Ivy, d/o William J. GRIFFITHS & Helen WILLIAMS, wtn: William DAWSON, Ivy, & Margaret R. CROW, on March 15, 1910, at Ivy 019926-10 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph BOOTH, 30, farmer, Medonte twp., parents - Thomas E. BOOTH (farmer) & Sarah Ann RICHARDS married Eva DUNLOP, 25, Medonte twp., parents - John DUNLOP (farmer) & Isabella McARTHUR, witn; Ernest BOOTH of Vasey & Maggie McARTHUR of Toronto, Oct. 6, 1910 at Creighton
19689-10 Joseph BOWCRAFT, 23, fireman, of Barrie, s/o Joseph BOWCRAFT, farmer, & Ophelia NEVILLS, married Mary Elizabeth CAVENA, 20, of Barrie, d/o Thomas CAVENA & Annie HOUGHTON, witn: George HENNARD? & Thelma Loretta O’CONNOR, both of Barrie, 31 Oct 1910 at Barrie 020121-10 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph BOWMAN, 37, farmer, Innisfield twp., parents - Thomas BOWMAN , deceased, & Elizabeth DAVIS married Lizzie May SCHELL, 23, Sunnidale, parents - Norman SCHELL, farmer, & Sarah CARSON, witn; Mary GLENN of Stayner & Myrtle AGAR of Nottawasaga, Sept. 7, 1910 at Stayner
19828-10 Neil BOWSER, 56, widower, farmer, of Flos, s/o Matthew BOWSER & not known, married Mrs. Mary MOORE, 56, widow, of Flos, d/o William COX & not known, witn: Vina McBRIEN & Emma FOSTER, both of Elmvale, 12 Oct 1910 at Elmvale 019790-10 (Simcoe Co.) Robert. Marshall BOYD, 24, barber, Creemore, parents - Brooks BOYD, farmer, & Margaret McNABB married Elizabeth May YOUNG, 20, Creemore, parents - William YOUNG, village constable, & Mary BRIGHAM, witn; W. J. BOYD & Mary E. AMBERSLEY both of Creemore, Feb. 16, 1910 at Creemore
20037-10 Allan BOYNTON, 20, laborer, of North Orillia twp., s/o Joseph Henry BOYNTON, farmer, & Fannie CADDER, married Elizabeth Ann DREW, 16, of Washego, d/o Frederick DREW, railway employee, & Sarah Jane HENDIE, witn: Ethel May DREW & Robert ZUFELT, both of Washego, 10 Aug 1910 at Washego 019588-10 (Simcoe Co) James Joseph BRACKEN, 34, mechanic Toronto, s/o James BRACKEN & Bridget COSTELLO married Bridget Ellen CONWAY, 29, Adjala, d/o Andrew CONWAY & Mary CORRIGAN Witn: Cynthia COSTELLO of Toronto & Rose CONWAY of Adjala, Sep 28, 1910 at Colgan
019810-10 (Simcoe) Robert Hodgeson BROCKWELL, 23, farmer, Baxter, s/o W. J. BROCKWELL & Sarah HODSON, married Lilly TODD, 22, servant, Baxter, d/o Robert TODD, & Etheleen HOLLAND, wtn: J. A. BOYLE & Mrs. J. A. BOYLE, both of Baxter, on April 21, 1910, at Baxter 19683-10 William Henry BROOKS, 31, farmer, of Stayner, s/o John BROOKS, farmer, & Mary illegible, married Isabella Mary Matilda TOBBEY, 21, of Stayner, d/o George TOBBEY, farmer, & Frances SOUTHWELL, witn: Elizabeth BROOKS & Janet Baird ELDER, both of Barrie, 5 Oct 1910 at Barrie
019701-10 (Simcoe Co.) James Andrew BROWN, 33, farmer, Wyevale, parents - John BROWN, farmer, & Mary E. CLEMENTS married Jean Elizabeth BATEMAN, 22, Beeton, parents - Stephen BATEMAN & Esther HOUGHTON, witn; Gersham BATEMAN & Pearl LOWREY of Beeton, Feb. 16, 1910 at Beeton 019858-10 (Simcoe Co.) Walter BROWNING, 20, farmer, Whitchurch, parents - Daniel BROWNING, farmer, & Ellen PRESTON married Mabel Gertrude MILLER, 19, Innisfil, parents - William Henry MILLER, farmer, & Annie ROSKELLY, witn; David TAYLOR of Craigvale & Florence E. MILLER of Painswick, June 14, 1910 at Innisfil
19682-10 William James BRYSON, 26, baker, of Toronto, s/o John S. BRYSON & Jane WILSON, married Eva WARNICA, 19, of Barrie, d/o Orchard WARNICA, farmer, & Agnes RENNIE, witn: Nora STARR & Edna JOHNSTON, both of Barrie, 24 Sept 1910 at Barrie  
019670-10 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel George BUCHANAN, 24, baker, Barrie, parents - Robert BUCHANAN, clerk, & Mary BISHOP married Sarah Elizabeth PEACOCK, 27, Barrie, parents - John PEACOCK (dead) & Ellen TYRER, witn; George PEACOCK of Midland & Margaret BUCHANAN of Barrie, Sept. 7, 1910 at Barrie #020127-10 (Simcoe Co.) Herbert George BUCHANAN, 27, of Goderich, Merchant, s/o Donald BUCHANAN & Elizabeth FOWLER, married Eliza BAKER, 32, of Stayner, Dressmaker, d/o Isaac BAKER & Maryon HILLS, witnesses: A.E. EASTON & M. HIMIAL, both of Toronto, on 1 November 1910 at Stayner
19835-10 James Call BUIE, 28, farmer, of Sunnidale, s/o Archie BUIE, farmer, & Catherine NADERMAN, married Dallena BELL, 23, house keeper, of Flos, d/o James BELL, farmer, & Janet IRVINE, witn: John WATSON of Sunnidale & Janet M. BELL of Flos, 21 Dec 1910 at Elmvale 19843-10 James BUIE, 36, farmer, of Sunnidale, s/o James BUIE, farmer, & Sarah McLELLAND, married Mary Helen BELL, 24, house keeper, of Flos, d/o James BELL, farmer, & Janet IRVINE, witn: James BUIE of Sunnidale & Donaldena BELL of Flos, 22 June 1910 at Elmvale
20052-10 Albert Edward BURT, 32, farmer, of Oro, s/o William J. BURT, farmer, & Rebecca J. COLLINS, married Mary Jane LANGMAN, 32, of Oro, d/o John G. LANGMAN, farmer, & Eliz. ORMSBY, witn: William LANGMAN of Rugby & Ethel CANNING of Severn Bridge, 29 June 1910 at Oro 020044-10 (Simcoe Co.) Norman McLeod CAMPBELL, 39, farmer, Guthrie, parents - John CAMPBELL , farmer & Mary McCUAIG married Catherine GILCHRIST, 35, Gilchrist Oro twp., parents - Alex GILCHRIST , farmer, & Isabella McNABB, witn; Alex GRAHAM & Isabella GILCHRIST both of Gilchrist, March 23, 1910 at bride's home in Gilchrist
19803-10 Alexander CANNING, 50, farmer, of Grassy Lake Sask., s/o Robert CANNING & Elizabeth RITCHIE, married Sarah Mary HINDLE, 40, of Thornton, d/o Charles HINDLE & Margaret MCKINEAN, witn: James HINDLE of Churchill & Margaret HINDLE of Thornton on Feb. 23, 1910 at Thornton 19704-10 Bartholomew CARROLL, 36, clerk, of Tottenham, s/o "don't know", married Ann Lavina MARTIN, 22, of Beeton, d/o Matthew MARTIN, farmer, & Susan DALE, witn: J. T. WILKINSON of Tottenham & Alice Mabel ADAMS of Toronto, 1 June 1910 at Beeton
019673-10 (Simcoe Co.) James CASE, 25, painter, Allendale, parents - James CASE, laborer, & Mary NORTHERN married Louise DAWSON , 31, Allendale, parents - Thomas DAWSON, malster, & Frances THOMPSON, witn; John McDOUGALL & Fannie McDOUGALL both of Allendale, Sept. 3, 1910 at Barrie  
019593-10 (Simcoe Co) William Thomas CLARK, 37, farmer, Sunnidale Twp, s/o Thomas CLARK & Ann GAULEY married Ellen McCARTHY, 33, Brentwood, d/o Charles McCARTHY & Mary Ann SCOTT Witn: William HAND & M. E. LATTER? Both of Alliston, Mar 17, 1910 at Alliston 019863-10 (Simcoe Co.) Stephen Robert Addison CLEMENT, 29, electrical engineer, Toronto, parents - David CLEMENT, farmer, & Esther DOANE married Florence Edna HAUGHTON, 24, Churchill, parents - Tobias Agar HAUGHTON, farmer, & Jane BANTING, witn; Thomas Reginald HAUGHTON & Marion Rebecca CLEMENT both of Churchill, Sept. 7, 1910 at Churchill
019661-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry COLE, 25, farmer, Vespra, parents - Robert COLE, farmer, & Sarah GESSON married Emma PRIEST, 21, Vespra, parents - Harry PRIEST, farmer, & Jane McDEVITT, witn; Harry PRIEST of Minesing & Jane Priest of Minesing, July 12, 1910 at Barrie 020123-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Wesley COLLINS, 31, farmer, Stayner, parents - William COLLINS, farmer, & Martha Jane ATKINSON married Beatrice LAWSON, 25, Stayner, parents - Alfred LAWSON, farmer, & Matilda SPROXTON, witn; Albert LAWSON of Portland Ore. & Mrs. KENNEDY of Stayner, Sept. 28, 1910 at Stayner
019667-10 (Simcoe Co.) Alfred COLMAN, 34, waiter, Allendale, parents - Courtney COLMAN, plasterer, & Alice BROWN married Adelaide GRAHAM, 24, Quebec city, parents - George GRAHAM, soldier, & Agnes GRAY, witn; Harry LUMSDEN & Minnie NEILSON both of Allendale, Aug. 25, 1910 at Barrie 019594-10 (Simcoe Co) William CONNELL, 59, farmer, Essa Twp, s/o John CONNELL & Hannah Watt ALLEN married Rebecca THOMPSON, 46, Essa Twp, d/o John Thompson & Mary DYNES Witn: T.E. ELLISON & E.M. HANNAH both of Alliston, Mar 23, 1910 at Alliston
20033-10 Edward COOK, 34, farmer, of Whitchurch - York Co., s/o Abraham COOK & Annie SMITH, married Olive Florence CALVERLEY, 23, on farm, of North Orillia, illegitimate d/o Mary Rosina CALVERLEY, witn: Alex H. REED of Orillia & Louie ROBINSON of Ardtrea, 6 April 1910 at North Orillia 19681-10 Frank COOK, 21, steam fitter, of Midland, s/o Harlow COOK & Polly BORLAND, married Bertha Ellen WALTON, 19, of Collingwood, d/o Matthew WALTON & Catherine McKAY, witn: Lena HUTCHISON & Eva ROGERS, both of Collingwood, 24 Sept 1910 at Barrie
20030-10 Joseph COOMBS, 22, farmer, of Matchedash twp., s/o Joseph COOMBS & Elizabeth CARPENTER, married Rachel Mae LANGLEY, 21, of North Orillia twp., d/o John LANGLEY & Sarah ROSE, witn: Edmond & Minnie LANGLEY of North Orillia twp., 14 Dec 1910 at North Orillia 019860-10 (Simcoe Co.) Robert COUCH, 25, trainman, Belle Ewart, parents - Robert COUCH & Elizabeth NEILEY married Margaret PICKETT, 21, Lefroy, parents - Charles PICKETT & Annie BURK, witn; Charles PICKETT of Lefroy & Helen GRAHAM of Gilford, April 20, 1910 at Lefroy
019855-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Alfred COULTER, 35, widower, farmer, Painswick, parents - Samuel John COULTER, gentleman, & Sara ARMSTRONG married Clara Agnes McDONALD, 24, lady, Innisfil, parents - James McDONALD, lumber merchant & Helen DAUGHTERY, witn; William James COULTER & Lillian Hope PAGET both of Painswick, Feb. 9, 1910 at Innisfil  
019979-10 (Simcoe County) John CRYAN, 46, n/g, Orillia, Farmer, Widower, s/o Thomas CRYAN & Ellen DOYLE, married Isabella McHUGH, 49, n/g, Uptergrove, Widow, d/o Mathew LENNON & Sarah ROGERS, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Edward MURPHY, both of Orillia, on April 12, 1910, at Orillia 019933-10 (Simcoe Co.) James Newton CULHAM, 30, farmer, Weyburn Sask., parents - John CULHAM & Sarah ROBINSON married Mary Ethel STEWART, 23, Nottawasaga, parents - John STEWART & Emma FLETCHER, witn; George J. STEWART & Ruth V. STEWART both of Dunedin, Jan. 20, 1910 at Nottawasaga
20132-10 Thomas Oliver DART, 23, barber, of New Lowell, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Olive Fockner DUFF, 29, of New Lowell, d/o James DUFF, farmer, & Sophia JOHNSTONE, witn: Minnie CAMPBELL of Brentwood & Alice MUMBERSON of New Lowell, 19 Jan 1910 at New Lowell 020051-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Thomas DAY, 44, widower, book keeper, Penetanguishene, parents - Thomas DAY, farmer, & Mary SADLER married Annie Elizabeth BELL, 43, servant, Oro Station, parents - Francis BELL, farmer, & Annie DRURY, witn; F. C. BELL & Laura L. BELL both of Oro Station, June 15, 1910 at Oro
  20040-10 Percy Richardson DELWORTH, 24, farmer, of North Orillia, s/o David DELWORTH, mason & Levisca Matilda WARNER, married Trinnie CADE, 20, of Orillia, d/o Milner CADE, builder, & Mary Ann SHEPHARD, witn: Edwin & Anson DELWORTH of Orillia & Jessie DELWORTH of Hamlet, 16 Nov 1910 at Hamlet
019813-10 (Simcoe) Hugh DENNEY, 29, farmer, Baxter, s/o Charles DENNEY & Helen DONALDSON, married Sarah Elizabeth EDGAR, 23, Baxter, d/o Hugh EDGAR & Mary Ann WILKINSON, wtn: John EDGAR, Baxter & Mary Elizabeth DAVEY, Baxter, on June 29, 1910, at Angus. 019723-10 (Simcoe Co.) Cornelius DINEEN, 32, engineer, Collingwood, s/o Bryan DINEEN & Catharine McCORMICK, married Mary SIMMONS, 31, Collingwood, d/o Charles SIMMONS & ---MULLINS, wtn: George McCORMICK & Anne GRANT, both of Collingwood, on January 18, 1910, at Collingwood
019814-10 (Simcoe) John DIXON, 53, widower, not given, Lisle, s/o Leslie DIXON & Margaret HUNTER, married Jennie MILTON, 34, Lisle, d/o James MILTON & Annie HUNTER, wtn: George & Mrs. George LATIMER, Angus, on June 22, 1910, at Angus 019676-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Wesley DOBSON, 21, clerk, Hamilton, parents - Thomas DOBSON & Eliza Anne HUMPHREY? ? married Ina ROBERTSON, 20, Barrie, parents - William ROBINSON & Mary COOK, witn; William I. E. HARRIS & Sara Carey ROBINSON, Sept. 14, 1910 at Barrie
019585-10 (Simcoe Co) George Lowe DODDS, 29, 29, farmer, Mono Twp, s/o William John DODDS & Sarah Ann Patterson married Mary E.M. SOMERVILLE, 29, Adjala, d/o Joseph SOMERVILLE & Mary IRWIN Witn: John J. SOMERVILLE of Relessey & Mary Myrtle DODDS of Blount Jan 26, 1910 at Adjala Twp  
019785-10 (Simcoe Co.) Albert DOUGLAS, 32, farmer, -, parents - not known, married Violet McINDLESS, 20, Mt. St. Louis, parents - George. McINDLESS & Ruth McINDLEY, witn; A. I. BROWN & Kathleen CHAPMAN both of Coldwater, Sept. 7, 1910 at Coldwater 20036-10 James Edmund DUNCAN, 28, farmer, of North Orillia, s/o Robert DUNCAN & Margaret, married Mary MILLER, 27, of North Orillia, d/o James & Jane, witn: Jessie THOMSON & Mrs. DUNCAN, 29 June 1910 at Orillia
19822-10 Samuel Joseph DUNHAM, 26, farmer, of Tossorontio, s/o Adam DUNHAM & Mary Ann COBEAN, married Wilhelmina BROWN, 20, Essa, same, d/o William BROWN, farmer, & Ann Jane DAVIS, witn: Robert Henry BLACKSHAW of Everett & Martha BROWN of West Essa, 26 Oct 1910 at Essa twp 19804-10 Alexander George DUNN, 33, farmer, of Elmgrove , s/o Thomas DUNN & Susan HUSSEY, married Eva Rebecca Jane THOMPSON, 28, of Elmgrove, d/o Harry THOMPSON & Harriet RAINEY, witn: David BLAKELEY of Alliston & Ida RAINEY of Cookstown on Feb. 9, 1910 at Elmgrove.
19597-10 Robert J. EDGAR, 27, motor man, of Toronto, s/o Hugh EDGAR, farmer, & Annie WILKINSON, married Birdie WALKOM, 27, of Alliston, d/o Daniel WALKOM, retired farmer, & Elizabeth LINESS, witn: John BELL & Birdie BRADEN, both of Toronto, 21 April 1910 at Alliston 019602-10 (Simcoe Co.) Nicilis (Nicholas?) Francis EGAN, 37, farmer, Tecumseth, parents - Thomas EGAN, farmer, & Margaret JACKSON married Catharine McKENNA, 27, Adjala, parents - John McKENNA, farmer, & Catherine DOYLE, witn; Thomas EGAN of Tottenham & Ellen LAWLOR of Loretto, Sept. 14, 1910 at Alliston
19705-10 William Henry ELINES (Etines?), 27, electrician, of Listowel, s/o W.H. & blank, married Emma Caroline AIKINS, 21, of Tecumseth, d/o James AIKINS, farmer, & Sophia BRITTON, wtn: Herb HARMON & O. H. AIKINS, both of Beeton, 25 May 1910 at Beeton 01976710 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph James ELLIOTSON, 31, farmer, not given, Nottawasaga Township, s/o Adam ELLIOTSON and Helen HEWLETT married Emma Elizabeth HIGGS, 30, not given, Stayner, d/o Thomas HIGGS and Elizabeth GIBBONS, wtn., W. G. MacNAMARA & M. H. STEWART of Collingwood on October 26, 1910 at Collingwood.
019780-10 (Simcoe Co.) Alvin ELLIS, 25, laborer, Matchedash, parents - Andrew ELLIS, farmer, & Charlotte McPEET married Alice ELLSTON, 17, Matchedash, parents - Immanuel ELLSTON & Elizabeth ELLIS, witn; J. H. YOUNG & Ada SHEPPARD both of Coldwater, Dec. 10, 1909 at Coldwater 19687-10 Claud? FALK?, 23, clerk?, of Barrie, s/o Robert FACK?, builder, & Ann? SEXTON (Seaton?), married Gertrude HIPKIN, 24, of Barrie, d/o William HIPKIN, minister, & Annie MERRILL?, witn: William & J.B. HIPKIN of Barrie, 29 Oct 1910 at Barrie
  019674-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry FELL, 25, brakeman, Barrie, parents - William Christopher FELL, & Agnes BRYSON married Fanny WALKER, 23, Barrie, parents - Alexander WALKER & Jessie ROGERS , witn; Hamilton MOORE & Annie Dolly WALKER both of Barrie, Aug. 31, 1910 at Barrie
20105-10 Austin FERGUSON, 31, engineer, of Midland, s/o Thomas FERGUSON & Lizzie CHESTER, married Violet May CHESTER, 26, of Midland, d/o Henry CHESTER & Martha BENS?, witn: Lizzie CHESTER of Midland & Edna M. R. ADAMS of Penetang., 22 Dec 1910 at Penetang. 019793-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas James FERGUSON, 26, farmer, Melancthon, parents - James FERGUSON, farmer, & Charlotte PEAREN, married Lavina Melissa FACHNIE, 19, Nottawasaga, parents - John FACHNIE, farmer, & Sarah CRIPPS, witn; J. G. PEAREN of Greeley Cols & Simon FACHNIE of Maple Valley, Sept. 28, 1910 at Creemore
019660-10 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander FERGUSON, 26, carpenter, Barrie, parents - Alexander FERGUSON, carpenter & Kathleen SMITH married Annie ORAM, 19, Barrie, parents - Thomas ORAM, carman, & Ida CASE, witn; H. ESTEN of Toronto & D. MURPHY of Allandale, July 13, 1910 at Barrie 20031-10 Matthew James FIFE, 26, farmer, of Windermere, s/o David FIFE, tourist hotel keeper, & Mary Ann GALLOWAY, married Ruth Elizabeth Jane FIFE (sic), 26, of Hampshire Mills, d/o Jonathan Ronan JONES, farmer, & Mary Ann BROWN, witn: Stuart FIFE of Windermere & Margaret C. S. JONES of Hampshire Mills, 16 March 1910 at Hampshire Mills
019586-10 (Simcoe Co) Thomas FITZPATRICK, 25, farmer, Yellow Grass Sask, s/o Michael FITZPATRICK & Catherine WALLACE married Margaret JOYCE, 23. Adjala, d/o John JOYCE & Mary McGUIRE Witn: Peter DOHERTY & Lizzie JOYCE (no residences listed), May 10, 1910 at Colgan 020110-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas FISHER, 22, farmer, Sunnidale, parents - Alex FISHER, farmer, & Sarah MORRISON married Stella COOK, 20, Sunnidale, parents - Chad COOK, farmer, & Esther RAYMER, witn; Mrs. WHEALTEY & Mrs. PURDUE both of Stayner, Feb. 16, 1910 at Stayner
019815-10 (Simcoe) Samuel James FISHER, 28, barber, Toronto, s/o William FISHER & Mary CARRUTHERS, married Delia Elizabeth ELLIS, 20, Utopia, d/o John ELLIS & Mary E. STEWART, wtn: John Mordon BROWN, Toronto & Martha Agnes ELLIS, Utopia, on July 6, 1910, at Utopia 019589-10 (Simcoe Co) William Andrew FLEMING, 37, dentist, Alliston, s/o Wilson FLEMING & Sarah STRONG married Martha Ann SHAW, 35, Rosemount, d/o Robert SHAW & Ann BLOOMFIELD Witn: Robert SHAW & Luella SHAW both of Rosemount, Nov 29, 1910 at Rosemount
19845-10 George FLETCHER, 40, farmer, of Mono twp., s/o Johnston FLETCHER, farmer, & Catherine MORRISON, married Violet CONNOR, 25, of Mulmur twp., d/o Michael CONNOR, farmer's assistant, & Elsy FERGUSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George JEBB of Newton Robinson, 10 Aug 1910 at Bond Head 020049-10 (Simcoe Co.) Donald FLETCHER, 55, farmer, East Oro, parents - Alex FLETCHER, farmer, & Catherine McLEAN married Marion BLACK, 37, Hawkestone, parents - Donald BLACK, farmer, & Martha MATHIESON, witn; William SMITH of Hawkestone & Jessie McCUAIG of Gilchrist, April 20, 1910 at Hawkestone
020061-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Leslie FOSTER, 21, farmer, East Oro, s/o William FOSTER & Letitia BASKERVILLE, married Annie Frances SHAW, 22, East Oro, d/o Thomas SHAW & Ellen JONES, wtn: A. F. FOSTER & Ethel SHAW, both of Hawkstone, on November 2, 1910, at East Oro 019882-10 Michael FRAZER, 80, retired farmer, Midland, s/o Frank FRASER (sic) govt official, & Catherine McDONALD, married Hannah M.O. ROBERTSON, 31, Dundas, d/o William ROBERTSON, clergyman & Mary McLEOD, witn; Geo J. MELDRUM of Morristown & Jean Fraser McNICHOL of Dundas. 13 Jan, 1910 at Midland
020122-10 (Simcoe Co.) Harry Henshaw FULLERTON G. J., 28, superintendent, Toronto, parents - William FULLERTON , gentleman, & Mary J. COLLINS married Jessie D. HUNTER, 25, nurse, Toronto, parents - John D. HUNTER, deceased, & Frances E. ROOK, witn; F. E. HUNTER of Toronto & Frances W. McDERMID of Stayner, Sept. 14, 1910 at Stayner 019584-10 (Simcoe Co) William J. GALBRAITH, 27, farmer, New Flos, s/o William GALBRAITH & Martha McMURRAY married Lucinda McCULLOUGH, 22, Cannon, d/o James McCULLOUGH & Jane NOBLE Witn: James C. NOBLE & Margaret McCULLOUGH, Feb. 28, 1910 at Alliston
#020187-1910 (Simcoe Co): Henry GIBSON, 22, farmer, of Cookstown, s/o Issac GIBSON & Nancy YOUNGER, married Matilda May HILLOCK, 19, of Nicholston, d/o Janus HILLOCK & Mary OSBORNE; witnesses were Mrs A F McKENZIE, Hannah MOUDER, of Tottenham. 18 May 1910 at Tottenam.  
019672-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Gilbert GILLESPIE, 34, mechanical engineer, Sudbury, parents - Gilbert GILLESPIE, harness maker, & Mary Ann FRENCH married Eleanor SHELSWELL, 26, Barrie, parents - David SHELSWELL, farmer, & Hannah HOLMES, witn; Johanna SHELSWELL & F. J. KELCEY both of Barrie, Sept. 7, 1910 at Barrie 019700-10 (Simcoe Co.) George GILLESPIE, 25, farmer, Orillia twp., parents - George GILLESPIE & Priscilla FOUNTAIN married Stella Henrietta COUTTS, 24, Orillia, parents - John COUTTS & Elizabeth MARSH, witn; Annie S. McLEOD of Barrie & William M. DAVIE of Earlton, Dec. 22, 1910 at Barrie
19842-10 Archibald Mitchellson GIRVAN, 26, cabinet maker, of Toronto, s/o A. M. McGIRVAN (sic), railway employee, & Joanna POLAND, married Annie MIDDLETON, 28, house keeper, of Elmvale, d/o Richard MIDDLETON, insurance agent, & Christena SMITH, witn: J. P. GIRVAN of Toronto & Tena MIDDLETON of Elmvale, 6 Sept 1910 at Elmvale 019663-10 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Howard GOODE, 30, grain merchant, Toronto, parents - Cephas GOODE, grain merchant, & Alice MACHELL married Dora Louisa MURPHY, 23, Allandale, parents - Edward William MURPHY, clergyman, & Anna BARRY, witn; Archie BARWICK of Toronto, July 20, 1910 at Barrie
019786-10 (Simcoe Co.) James GOODFELLOW, 46, widower, laborer, Waubaushene, parents - George GOODFELLOW, farmer, & Margaret MADILL married Mary LANCEFIELD, 30, Toronto, parents - James LANCEFIELD, laborer, & Sarah WASHBURN, witn; Ada SHEPPARD of Coldwater & Ethel CLARKE of Omcinell, Aug. 9, 1910 at Coldwater 019872-10 (Simcoe Co.) Angus Alex GOODWIN, 31, farmer, Alliston, parents - Herbert GOODWIN, farmer, & Charlotte HERRINGTON married Margaret Avelina BARR, 20, Medonte, parents - John BARR, farmer, & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn; Simon BARR of Moonstone & Margaret BARR of Orillia, March 19, 1910 at Moonstone
019849-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Robert GOODYEAR, 41, farmer, Barrie, parents - John Robert GOODYEAR, farmer, & Mary LAMPPEN married Louise MORAN, 34, Innisfil, parents - Robert MORAN, farmer, & Annie JACKSON, witn; William Henry MILLER & Annie MILLER both of Innisfil, March 9, 1910 at Peninsular Park 019870-10 (Simcoe Co.) William J. GRAHAM, 35, farmer, Cookstown, parents - William GRAHAM, farmer, & Rachel RADDICK married Bernice C. WRIGHT, 20, Thornton, parents - Thomas WRIGHT , farmer, & Viola WONCH, witn; Edwin C. WONCH of Churchill & Lottie WEBB of Thornton, Nov. 9, 1910 at Thornton
020046-10 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Henry GRAHAM, 33, carpenter, Port Arthur, parents - William GRAHAM, farmer, & Isabella CRAWFORD married Ida Adeline EMMS, 33, Oro Station, parents - Lyargie EMMS, farmer, & Mary ELLIOTT, witn; John EMMS & Lilian GRAHAM both of Oro Station, April 12, 1910 at Hawkestone 020054-10 (Simcoe Co.) Wendell P. GRAHAM, 27, builder, Toronto, parents - R. H. GRAHAM, conductor & builder, & Adelaide WATSON married Clara E. CAMPBELL, 29, Shanty Bay, parents - John CAMPBELL, carpenter, & Mary GOULD, witn; Wilmot A. GRAHAM of Toronto & Mardie CAMPBELL of Shanty Bay, Aug. 16, 1910 at Shanty Bay
019783-10 (Simcoe Co.) James GREENLAW, 28, tinsmith & plumber, Coldwater, parents - Thomas GREENLAW, farmer, & Marry Ann HALL, married Mercia LEECE, 28, Coldwater, parents - John LEECE, baker, & Inly Alice TRICKS, witn; William J. GREENLAW of Vasey & Edna P. HOWARTH of Hillsdale, Feb. 15, 1910 at Coldwater 019696-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Edwin GREY, 26, farmer, Thornton, parents - John Robert GRAY, farmer, & Annie INGHAM married Bertha COLES, 26, Barrie, parents - George C. COLES, butcher, & Sarah HUBBERT, witn; Reginald H. ARNOLD & Amelia C. COLES, Dec. 7, 1910 at Barrie
020022-10 (Simcoe County) Percy Stewart GRIFFITH, 22, n/g, Toronto, Blacksmith, s/o William GRIFFITH & Rebecca PURDY, married Clara CHIRNSIDE, 18, n/g, Toronto, d/o Thomas CHIRNSIDE & Phoebe SHIRE, wtn: Esther MacGREGOR & Frances WARRINER both of Orillia, on November 16, 1910, at Orillia 019796-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Alex GROVES, 27, blacksmith, Creemore, parents - George GROVES & Eliza HART married Cornelia A. La CHAPELLE, 26, Creemore, parents - Joseph La CHAPELLE & Jennie DYER, witn; M. G. WALDRUFF of Bradford & Mary La CHAPELLE of Creemore, Dec. 28, 1910 at Creemore
  019666-10 (Simcoe Co.) Francis Thomas GUILFOYLE, 25, fireman, Barrie, parents - William GUILFOYLE, farmer, & Catherine LONG married Mary Terese BIBBY, 28, housemaid, Barrie, parents - William BIBBY, railroader, & Mary A. GILLOGLY, witn; James O'REILLY of Peterborough & Alice BIBBY of Toronto, Aug. 23, 1910 at Barrie
019697-10 (Simcoe Co. ) Joseph Weston Smith HAMBLY, 31, farmer, West Gwillimbury, parents - father dead & Amelia FEE married Isabella Reid Lang FIRTH, 33, Barrie, parents - George H. FIRTH, merchant, & Charlotte LANG, witn; George BELL & J. R. HAMBLY both of Barrie, Dec. 14, 1910 at Barrie 019911-10 John Duncan HAMMOND, 34, miller, Salius BC, s/o John HAMMOND & Jessie CUTHBERT, married Ida Beatrice DYKER (Dykes?), 39, widow, illegible, d/o David GARDINER & Marie EDMONDS, witn; John & Sadie SHARP of Midland. 8 Sept, 1910 at Midland.
20078-10 Frederick HANSON, 32, engineer, of Midland, s/o Louis Frederick HANSON, lumber worker, & Jensen JOHNSON, married Clara BERNIER, 22, of Midland, d/o Frank BERNIER, lumber worker, & Clara EMOND, witn: Hazel RICHARDSON & Maude GILMORE, both of Penetang., 1 June 1910 at Penetang. 19834-10 Archibald HARRINGTON, 28, laborer, of Gibson, s/o William HARRINGTON & "maiden name unknown", married Alice DEAN, 18, of Gibson, d/o Pearson DEAN, farmer, & Helen SAUNDERS, witn: Amos & Mary DEAN of Gibson, 21 Dec 1910 at Elmvale
019677-10 (Simcoe Co.) William HARRIS, 34, widower, farmer, Colwell, parents - William HARRIS, farmer, & Elizabeth LUSTUM? ? married May TAGGERT, 25, Newmarket, parents - Harry TAGGERT, dead, & Mary THOMPSON, witn; Ida L. BOWLES & Millie HEWES, both of Barrie, Sept. 13, 1910 at Barrie 019583-10 (Simcoe Co) William HAWKINS, 61, farmer, no residence listed, widower, s/o Dan HAWKINS & Dorah MATTHEWS married Caroline CRAWFORD, 21, Adjala, d/o James CRAWFORD & M. Ann ROBINS Witn: William RILEY & Mrs. S.G. SHARPE, Jul 24, 1910 at Adjala
020120-10 (Simcoe Co.) Frank HAWMAN, 29, barber, Collingwood, parents - Daniel HAWMAN, carpenter, & Matilda KENNEDY married Alice F. HEWITT, 22, Collingwood, parents - Samuel HEWITT, traveller, & Margaret DUDGEON, witn; Mary GLENN & Frances M. McDERMID both of Stayner, Sept. 5, 1910 at Stayner 020058-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Thomas HEATH, 47, merchant, Orillia, s/o Edwin Lee HEATH & Mary Ann CROW, married Mary Alice Laura JERMEY, 30, Oro, d/o James JERMEY & Isabella HORNE, wtn; Clifford H. JERMEY, Orillia & Mrs. T. W. JERMEY, Mitchell Square, October 10, 1910 at Oro
019784-10 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur Francis HETHERINGTON, 26, decorator, Toronto, parents - John HETHERINGTON, shoe maker, & Mary DAULDSON (Donaldson?) married Salina Malissa? HARTE, 22, Coldwater, parents - Thomas HARTE , gardener, & Rose SOUTHORNE, witn; Stanley Gordon HETHERINGTON of Toronto & Sadie HARTE of Coldwater, June 8, 1910 at Coldwater 019753-1910 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick William HIGNELL, 20, salesman, not given, Collingwood, s/o George H. HIGNELL and Fanny DILLON married Cathleen INGHAM, 19, not given, Collingwood, d/o Robert INGHAM & Kate JEROME, wtn., Kate INGHAM of Collingwood and Flossie COLPITTS of Toronto on September 13, 1910 at Collingwood.
019873-10 (Simcoe Co.) Rufus H. HILL, 32, steel worker, Steelton, parents - David M. HILL, farmer, & Emma CHEW married Margaret McLeod TESKEY, 30, mother's help, Medonte, parents - Benjamin TESKEY, farmer, & Margaret HORN, witn; Norman TESKEY & Carrie McLeod TESKEY both of Warminister, April 6, 1910 at Warminister 19692-10 Elmer Elsworth HILTS, 24, farmer, of Flos, s/o Adam HILTS & Emma RAWN, married Eva USHER, 18, of Elmvale, d/o Robert USHER & Ida HENRY, witn: A. McGINNIS of Elmvale & E. SCOTT of Hillsdale, 9 Nov 1910 at Barrie
19615-10 Cleatus Charles HINDS, 39, grocer, of Barrie, s/o Charles HINDS, merchant, & Catherine MULHOLLAND, married Mary Florence HAMLIN, 29, house maid, of Barrie, d/o Michael HAMLIN, postmaster, & Rose O'CONNOR, witn: S. B. HINDS of Barrie & Constance HAMLIN of Allandale, 19 Jan 1910 at Barrie 019668-10 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Burdell HIPKIN, 30, post office clerk, Barrie, parents - William HIPKIN, congregational minister, & Hannah WORREL married Susannah Mary SEVIGNEY, 28, housemaid, Barrie, parents - Emile SEVIGNEY, caretaker at post office, & Elizabeth McBRIDE, witn; Wilfred FIRTH & Eleanor SEVIGNEY both of Barrie, Aug. 30, 1910 at Barrie
020064-10 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick HODGES, 29, farmer, Oro, parents - John HODGES, farmer, & Rachel McQUAIGH, married Charlotte H. LINK, 25, Oro, parents - Alfred LINK, farmer, & Elizabeth HAGGARETH, witn; Thomas HODGES of Guthrie & Barbara LINK of Toronto, Dec. 28, 1910 at the bride's residence in Simcoe 019795-10 (Simcoe Co.) Bogie HOLDEN, 49, widower, farmer, Collingwood, parents - John HOLDEN & Martha BOGIE, married Katharine INGHRAM, 43, widow, Collingwood, parents - William JEROME & Ann BIRD, witn; Vina FLYNN & Mary McKEE both of Creemore, Nov. 30, 1910 at Creemore
020112-10 (Simcoe Co.) Calvin B. HONSBERGER, 30, widower, sailor, Stayner, parents - Richard HONSBERGER, laborer, & Caroline BIRD married Margaret M. FOREMAN, 19, domestic, Glencairn, parents - Abraham FOREMAN, laborer, & Mary J. MORRISON, witn; T. M. LOCKHART of Brentwood & E. FOREMAN of Glencairn, March 9, 1910 at Stayner 020111-10 (Simcoe Co.) John E. HOOD, 27, farmer, Sunnidale, parents - James HOOD, farmer, & Margaret TURNBULL married Ella V. WATSON, 18, Sunnidale, parents - William WATSON, farmer, & Martha GROGAN, witn; John F. WATSON & Frances McDERMID both of Stayner, Feb. 25, 1910 at Stayner
  019657-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Alfred HOOK, 22, blacksmith, Orillia, parents - Robert HOOK, farmer, & Jemina BOBKIN married Lizzie MITCHELL, 21, Midland, parents - George MITCHELL, farmer, & Elizabeth WATSON, witn; R. E. RASPBERRY of Kilbride & Jennie BEATTY of Carlisle, June 29, 1910 at Barrie
020057-10 (Simcoe Co.) James Robert HORNE, 32, farming, Oro, s/o William McLeod HORNE & Christina BLACK, married Elizabeth Olive TUDHOPE, 25, Oro, d/o William TUDHOPE, & Maria MOORE, wtn: William F. HORNE, & Mary TUDHOPE, both of Rugby, on September 21, 1910, at Rugby 019856-10 (Simcoe Co.) Charles Henry HOUNSOME , 31, farmer, West Gwillimbury, parents - Alfred HOUNSOME, farmer, & Elizabeth GIBBS married Mabel Eunice CARR, 27, Essa, parents - Joseph Henry CARR, farmer, & Sarah Elizabeth EAST, witn; Mamie McGEE of Hamilton & George CARR of Cookstown, Feb. 2, 1910 at Cookstown
020043-10 (Simcoe Co.) David HUNT, 37, farmer, Oro, parents - William HUNT, farmer, & Mary ROBINSON married Scarlette Barbara ALISON, 31, farming, Oro, parents - Robert SCARLETT, farmer, & Alison WACKER, witn; James HUNT of Coulson & Emma SCARLETT of Waverley, Feb. 2, 1910 at Oro 019866-10 (Simcoe Co.) Charles William HUTCHINGS, 31, engineer, Toronto, parents - Thomas Horler HUTCHINGS, painter, & Sarah Ann WELCH married Mary Ethel ROBERTS, 23, Toronto, parents - James ROBERTS, gentleman, & Amy FINCHER, witn; Samuel BLACKMORE & Helen BLACKMORE both of Painswick, Oct. 25, 1910 at Painswick
019659-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thompson JENNETT, 28, farmer, Ivy, parents - William JENNETT & Selena ARNOLD married Henrietta STEELE, 30, Cookstown, parents - Robert STEELE & Henrietta STEELE, witn; James JENNETT of Ivy & Edna LOWE of Barrie, July 6, 1910 at Barrie  
019861-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Edwin JOHNSTON, 31, farmer, Innisfil, parents - John JOHNSTON, farmer, & Sarah Jemima COULTER married Violet Vigrose GREEN, 21, Innisfil, parents - George James GREEN, farmer, & Prudence C. WILLIAMS, witn; Herbert James FENNELL of Painswick & Sadie M. LEONARD of Craigvale, April 27, 1910 at Craigvale 020063-10 (Simcoe Co.) William John Edgar JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Oro, parents - Robert JOHNSTON, farmer, & Susan ROBERTS married Christina M. BARR, 25, farming, Oro, parents - James S. BARR, farmer, & Ann McLEOD, witn; James C. McLEOD of Ivor Sask., & Nancy Christina McLEOD of Kintore, Dec. 27, 1910 at James S. BARR'S in Oro
020113-10 (Simcoe Co.) Ronald JOHNSTON, 48, drayman, Stayner, parents - Alex JOHNSTON & Euphemia McTAVISH married Isabella SINCLAIR, 42, Stayner, parents - Donald SINCLAIR, farmer, & Katherine McLEAN, witn; Don SINCLAIR Sr. & Agnes E. SINCLAIR both of Stayner, March 24, 1910 at Nottawasaga 020114-10 (Simcoe Co.) Reginald G. E. JOHNSTON, 21, barber, Collingwood, parents - Frank JOHNSTON, laborer, & Jennie COMPTON married Florence LITTLE, 19, Collingwood, parents - Robert LITTLE, gentleman, & Catherine WYLIE, witn; Emma HIGGS & S. A. BELL both of Stayner, March 30, 1910 at Stayner
  19685-10 Joseph Patrick KELCHER, 36, widower, contractor? , of Toronto, s/o Patrick KELCHER, contractor, & Elizabeth SWATZENBURGH, married Elizabeth Justina MURPHY, 30, housemaid, of Barrie, d/o Myles MURPHY, postal department, & Mary McGREEVY?, witn: Joseph McGILL of 264 Harbord St. in Toronto & Michael? MURPHY of Barrie, 19 Oct 1910 at Barrie
019699-10 (Simcoe Co.) Edwin Archie Clifford KELLAND, 23, fireman, G. T. H., Barrie, parents - Samuel KELLAND, manufacturer, & Mary (last name not known) , married Martha Annie DURBIN, 25, Barrie, parents - Thomas DURBIN, engineer & Martha DERRICK, witn; W. MADGE & E. H. WILLERS both of Barrie, Dec. 21, 1910 at Barrie 019799-10 (Simcoe Co.) William KENNEDY, 22, farmer, Nottawasaga, parents - Duncan KENNEDY, farmer, & Margaret FERGUSON married Evelinda May BIRCH, 20, Nottawasaga, parents - Abraham BIRCH & Mary LACEY, witn; Daniel PUGH of Collingwood & Nellie WILSON of Creemore, July 11, 1910 at Creemore
020118-10 (Simcoe Co.) William KERR, 28, farmer, Nottawasaga, parents - James KERR, farmer, & Mary Ann WHITLEY married Marie REINHART, 28, school teacher, Stayner, parents - John B. REINHART, manufacturer, & Lea EBY, witn; James KERR of Avening & Lucinda REINHART of Stayner, June 22, 1910 at Stayner  
20042-10 Henry KING, 28, Christian Evangelist, of Lanegan, s/o William KING & Mary, married Bertha Elizabeth KING, 25, of North Orillia, d/o James KING & Mary Ann, witn: Stanley & Jennie KING, both of Mt. Stephen, 28 Dec 1910 at North Orillia 019976-10 (Simcoe County) William Nelson, KLUEY, 26, of Severn Bridge, Millman, s/o Joseph KLUEY & Susan KUTCH, married Eliza L. BOYD, 27, of Kilworthy, d/o William BOYD & Amelia SEEHAVEN, wtn: Stanley KLUEY of Severn Bridge & Pearl BOYD of Kilworthy, on April 6, 1910, at Orillia
19617-10 Frederick Austin KNUPP (Knapp?), 23, farmer, of Minesing, s/o William KNUPP & Elizabeth LAWSON, married Ada DAVIS, 21, of Minesing, d/o Philip DAVIS & Annie HOOVER, win: Leslie FIFE of Scotland and Flora M. ARCHIBALD & Janet BRUCE, 26 Jan 1910 at Barrie 019848-10 (Simcoe Co.) Stanley Joseph LARMAN, 24, butcher, Toronto, parents - Joseph George LARMAN, carpenter, & Lucy Maude DIBBEN married Carrie COULTER, 30, widow, Toronto, parents - John COOK, gentleman, & Emily HOUGHTON, witn; Frederick MORRIS & Maud MORRIS both of Churchill, March 2, 1910 at Churchill
019675-10 (Simcoe Co.) Michael Keiran LEADER, 33, laborer, Barrie, parents - Keiran LEADER, farmer, & Anne KELLY married Mary Josephine COLLINS, 25, housemaid, Barrie, parents - Michael COLLINS, contractor, & Bridget Josephine BURKE, witn; Patrick Joseph COLLINS & Ellen SEADON (Seaton?) both of Barrie, Sept. 14, 1910 at Barrie 19600-10 T. Wesley LEVINS, 26, farmer, of Creemore, s/o Abraham LEVINS, farmer, & Mary Ann DYNES, married Clarissa E. ROGERS, 26, of Alliston, d/o Joseph ROGERS & Mary E. KNITER?, witn: William NICHOLSON of Whitewood Sask. & Emma KNILER? of Nicolston, 28 June 1910 at Alliston
20032-10 Eldred LEY, 25, farmer, of Ardtrea, s/o John LEY, farmer, & Isabella DUNCAN, married Laura May LEY (sic), 20, of Ardtrea, d/o Robert HOLMES, farmer, & Laura DYER, witn: Garfield LEY & Irene HOLMES, both of Ardtrea, 24 March 1910 at Ardtrea 019853-10 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur Bennett LITTLE, 32, farmer, Allandale, parents - William C. LITTLE, M. P., & Mary BENNETT married Ida Florence MILLER, 26, 12th Con. of Innisfil, parents - William MILLER, farmer, & Dorothy CHAMBERS, witn; Jack LITTLE of Barrie & Milly MILLER of Con. 12 in Innisfil, Jan. 12, 1910 at 12th Con. in Innisfil
  20041-10 William John LOVLOCK, 30, farmer, of North Orillia, s/o John & not known, married Anna SPICKER, 35, of North Orillia, d/o Silvester SPICKER, farmer, & Elizabeth RAYMER, witn: James H. ROBINSON of Foxmead & Margaret SWITZER of Jarratt, 21 Dec 1910 at res of Mrs. Robertson, North Orillia
19703-10 William LUDLOW, 25, harness maker, of Dundalk, s/o George & blank, married Sarah Lavina MORROW, 21, of Beeton, d/o Thomas MORROW & Mart STINSON, witn: D. S. MORROW of Beeton & Phoebe L. RICKBEIL of B--?, 21 Sept 1910 at Beeton 020106-10 (Simcoe Co.) Edward MACKAY, 23, barber, Creemore, parents - Edward MACKAY & Elizabeth LEE married Annie Florence McARTHUR, 22, Nottawasaga, parents - Alex McARTHUR, farmer, & Catherine McCOLEMAN, witn; Frank LEE & George JOHNSTON both of Creemore, Jan. 1, 1910 at Stayner
19680-10 William Samuel MANNING, 24, farmer, of Flos twp., s/o George MANNING & Elizabeth VAN TOVELL, married Oliveretta ADAMS, 20, of Tiny twp., d/o John ADAMS & Maria DEANS, witn: Agnes B. JAMIESON of Flos & Janet PRINCE of Barrie, 28 Sept 1910 at Barrie 19684-10 Charles Rufus MARTIN, 38, salesman, of Barrie, s/o George MARTIN, farmer, & Elizabeth BROUGHTON, married Sarah Margaret HUNT, 36, of Barrie, d/o James HUNT, farmer, & Sarah ADAMS, witn: illegible HUNT of Barrie & Miss WRIGHT of Stroud, 5 Oct 1910 at Barrie
020124-10 (Simcoe Co.) Jos. W. John MARTIN, 37, farmer, Flos, parents - Thomas MARTIN, farmer, & Elizabeth LEE married Elizabeth SPEERS, 27, Flos, parents - Alex SPEERS, farmer, & Rachel KITSON, witn; Sarah MARTIN of Crossland & Will SPEERS of New Flos, Oct. 11, 1910 at Stayner #019823-10 Wesley MARTIN, 23, farmer, of Ivy, s/o William MARTIN & Margaret Jane THOMPSON, married Laura Maria LENNOX, 18, at home, d/o William J. LENNOX, merchant & Margaret Rebecca JANNETT, witn: John Henry BANTING, Ivy & Laura Irene MILLER, Utopia, 21 Sept 1910 at Ivy
19808-10 William Henry MANSBRIDGE, 28, farmer, of New Lowell, s/o Henry Joseph MANSBRIDGE & Eliza Ann ROWE, married Mary Ethel MUIR, 22, of Angus, d/o Thomas MUIR & Elizabeth PARK, witn: William Vincent & Jessie MUIR both of New Lowell on March 25, 1910 at Angus 019601-10 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick Joseph McCAFFREY, 29, poliolies?, Detroit U.S.A., parents - James McCAFFREY & Sarah FLYNN married Mary Henriette DWYER, 25, sales lady, Alliston, parents - Patrick DWYER, salesman & Ann WRITT, witn; Louis GOETTLEN of Sch?? & Agnes KING of Toronto, Sept. 6, 1910 at Alliston
019800-10 (Simcoe Co.) William McCARTHY, 28, engineer, Nottawasaga, parents - Henry McCARTHY & Emma CHRISTIE married Mary JONES, 29, Nottawasaga, parents - George JONES & Sarah PATTON, witn; Florence K. CANE & Annie BULMER both of Creemore, Aug. 10, 1910 at Creemore 019797-10 (Simcoe Co.) Alvin McCOY, 21, barber, Collingwood, parents - John McCOY, laborer, & Lucinda KENNEDY married Doretta Lorera Viola DONER, 18, Creemore, parents - Jonathan Baker DONER, building mover, & Sarah Ann BEATTY, witn; Thomas HISEY of Cashtown & Annie McCOY of Collingwood, June 27, 1910 at Creemore
#019818-10 (Simcoe Co): William George McCRUDDEN, widower, 45, meter illegible, of Toronto, s/o Richard McCRUDDEN & Rebecca BLAKLEY, married Annie LEACH, 35, of Toronto, d/o John LEACH & Hannah LUSTY, witn: John & Mrs. J. LEACH of Baxter, 25 March 1910 at Baxter 19596-10 Joseph Nelson McDERMOTT, 37, farmer, of Beeton, s/o John McDERMOTT, farmer, & Mary Ann STERTENS, married Wilda May SEBERY, 23, of Tecumseth, d/o Richard SEBERY (Seberg?) & Ann HOOVER, witn: Miss Wilda CHAPMAN & Mrs. W. H. LEAROYD, both of Alliston, 20 April 1910 at Alliston
20034-10 Herbert McKEE, 24, farmer, of Uhthoff, s/o William McKEE & Mary HOLT, married Jessie Edna RUTHVEN, 20, of Carlyon?, d/o William RUTHVEN & Sarah WILLIAMS, witn: Joseph DAVIS of Uhthoff & Mildred RUTHVEN of Carlyon, 30 June 1910 at Carlyon 019603-10 (Simcoe Co.) Francis J. McKENNA, 23, merchant, Toronto, parents - John McKENNA, farmer, & Catharine DOYLE married Elizabeth Agnes LAWLOR, 26, Adjala, parents - John LAWLOR, farmer, & Elizabeth HART, witn; Joseph McKENNA & Ellen LAWLOR both of Loretto, Sept. 21, 1910 at Alliston
019664-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Patrick McKEOWN, 31, carpenter, Marquette Mich., parents - Lawrence McKEOWN, farmer, & Anna HICKEY married Agnes Lillian HUGHES, 28, housemaid, Barrie, parents - Anthony HUGHES, farmer & Anne TEAHEN, witn; Francis HUGHES of Barrie & Agnes McKEOWN of Flos, Aug. 10, 1910 at Barrie 020053-10 (Simcoe Co.) Philip McLEOD, 26, farmer, Hawkestone, parents - John McLEOD, farmer, & Flora McARTHUR, married Lizzie Sanderson JOHNSTON, 25, Rugby, parents - William JOHNSTON, farmer, & Agnes CAMERON, witn; Reuben LEIGH of Hawkestone & Jane JOHNSTON of Rugby, July 13, 1910 at Rugby
019874-10 (Simcoe Co.) Robert McMAHON, 23, farmer & carpenter, Fort William, parents - William McMAHON, farmer, & Ellen ELLIOTT married Jennie GREENLAW, 24, Vasey, parents - Thomas GREENLAW, farmer, & Mary HALL, witn; W. J. GREENLAW & Mossie McMAHON both of Vasey, June 21, 1910 at Vasey 019695-10 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander McQUAIG, 33, filer, Penetang, parents - Donald McQUAIG, farmer, & Ann McARTHUR married Mary LAFRENE, 24, -, parents - Napoleon LAFRENE, laborer, & Annie EVERINGHAM, witn; W. B. WEBB & Anna MURPHY both of Allandale, Dec. 6, 1910 at Barrie
020109-10 (Simcoe Co.) Duncan Cameron McWHIRTER, 38, farmer, Red Wing Ont., parents - Gilbert McWHIRTER, farmer & Margaret McRAE married Annie R. BULMER, 27, dressmaker, Stayner, parents - Henry BULMER, farmer & Susan KAYLER, witn; G. E. McWHIRTER of Thornbury & A. E. CUTHBERTSON of Stayner, Feb. 9, 1910 at Stayner 019868-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry MEREDITH, 35, laborer, Stroud, parents - Robert MEREDITH, laborer, & Kezia MEREDITH married Minnie RUFFLE, 21, domestic, Nantyr, parents - she didn't know, witn; Selvin MEREDITH of Stroud & Edna THOMPSON of Nantyr, Nov. 15, 1910 at Nantyr
019801-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Henry MICKS, 21, farmer, Sunnidale, parents - James Allen MICKS & Annie WALLS married Susannah Elizabeth RAWN, 21, Sunnidale, parents - John James RAWN & Alberta Matilda SMITH, witn; Abigal RAWN of Glencairn & Christina RAWN of New Lowell, Sept. 6, 1910 at Creemore 019871-10 (Simcoe Co.) Walter Amos MILLER, 30, farmer, Medonte, parents - Robert M. MILLER, farmer, & Mary DRYSDALE married Catharine C. MOON, 30, Medonte, parents - Robert J. MOON, farmer, & Annie BUCHANAN, witn; Simeon MILLER of Mt. St. Louis & Mary MILLER of Eady, March 24, 1910 at Moonstone
019948-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Alexander MITCHELL, 24, police constable, Toronto, parents - Daniel Godden MITCHELL & Jane MITCHELL married Sarah Ann HUBBARD, 21, Nottawasaga, parents - William John HUBBARD & Mary Jane BOWES, witn; Lloyd REDFERN of Angus & Maud HUBBARD of Glen Huron, Aug. 25, 1910 at Nottawasaga 019920-10 Thomas Wilberforce MITCHELL, 30, artist, Toronto, s/o J.G. MITCHELL, farmer & Mary McCaroll LYNE, married Mabel Susan LYNE, 24, hotel keeper's daughter, Midland, d/o Truest? E. LYNE, hotel keeper & Magdalena MULLER, witn; Charles E. FORTMAN & Margretta LYNE of Midland. 1 Oct, 1910 at Midland.
20136-10 Gordon Watson MOIR, 27, farmer, of Sunnidale, s/o George M. MOIR, farmer, & Mary McLENNAN, married Annie M. BROWN, 26, of Sunnidale, d/o James BROWN, farmer, & Rachel S. SHAW, witn: Emily MOIR & James G. BROWN, both of Sunnidale Corners, 21 Sept 1910 at Sunnidale 19847-10 George Arthur MOIR, 32, of Cookstown, s/o John MOIR, farmer, & Sarah Jane COLEMAN, married Cora Frances KNEESHAW, 28, nurse, of West Gwillimbury, d/o Matthew KNEESHAW, farmer, & Frances THORPE, witn: Henderson FRASER of Cookstown & May KNEESHAW of Deerhurst, 28 Dec 1910 at West Gwillimbury
  020107-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Albert MOORE, 43, farmer, Stayner, parents - James MOORE, farmer, & Catherine STEVENSON married Lillian Mary Ann LAMBERT, 36, Stayner, parents - John Edgar LAMBERT, market gardener, & Annie GRIFFITH, witn; William AVARD & M. M. WHEALTEY of Stayner, Jan. 13, 1910 at Stayner
019904-10 Charles MOREAU, 23, blank, Tiny, farmer, s/o Charles MOREAU & Melitine GUILE?, married Johanne? ARPIN, not given, blank, Tay, d/o Alphonse ARPIN & Pearl MOREAU, witn; Louis ARPIN of Tay & Pearl MOREAU of Tiny. 10 May, 1910 at Midland. RC. 019892-10 James Lawson MORRISON, 23, farmer, Elmvale, s/o Duncan MORRISON & Margaret LAWSON, married Mabel ADAMS, 22, farmer's daughter, d/o John A. ADAMS & Maria BEAU, witn; Sam MANNING & Olive ADAMS. 8 Mar, 1910 at Midland
19830-10 Wilfred MORRISON, 21, farmer, of Flos, s/o Thomas MORRISON, farmer, & Jane FERGUSON, married Mabel FRENCH, 19, of Tiny, d/o Alfred FRENCH, farmer, & Margaret Jane McFADDEN, witn: Vina McBRIEN & Emma FOSTER, both of Elmvale, 9 Nov 1910 at Elmvale 020108-10 (Simcoe Co.) George Wesley NEIL, 35, widower, farmer, Nottawasaga, parents - James NEIL & Mary Ann MICK married Elizabeth BOSWELL, 27, Nottawasaga, parents - "ignorant of name of father. Came from England when a child", witn; Milton NEIL & Ellen BOSWELL both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 19, 1910 at Stayner
019917-10 William George NEY, 30, farmer, Tay Twp, s/o Thomas NEY & Ann Eliza SMITH, married Annie Lovina HOPKINS, 25, Midland, d/o William HOPKINS & Jane COOPER, witn; Robert W. NEY & Florence HOPKINS of Midland. 8 June, 1910 at Midland. 19690-10 Hilton Whitely NIXON, 28, clerk, of Kearney, s/o James NIXON & Rachel COBURN, married Hilda Maud DIXON, 22, of Sprucedale, d/o William H. DIXON & Janet FOWLER, witn: Annie McLEOD & Janet PRINCE, both of Barrie, 12 Oct 1910 at Barrie
019658-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Joseph O'BRIEN, 25, railway passenger agent, Winnipeg, parents - Michael O'BRIEN, merchant , & Mary Teresa SCANLAN married Teresa Martha HEARN, 20, stenographer, Barrie, parents - Joseph HEARN, railroader, & Aletha Matilda MORLEY, witn; Thomas Leo O'BRIEN of Winnipeg & Edith TOUCHETTE of Barrie, June 29, 1910 at Barrie 19839-10 William Patrick O’NEILL, 34, farmer, of Flos, s/o Dominick O’NEILL, farmer, & Mary McELVOY, married Mary Jane CONNORS, 24, servant, of Flos, d/o James CONNORS & Winnifred MARLEY, witn: William HALL & Lillian CONNORS, both of Fergusonville, 6 June 1910 at Phelpston
019679-10 (Simcoe Co.) Richard Harry OTTAWAY, 24, yeoman, Barrie, parents - Yeoman, yeoman, & Jane GILLINGHAM married Mable Amy PATTENDEN , 19, Barrie, parents - Thomas Alfred PATTENDEN, yeoman, & Hattie Amelia TRACY , witn; Charles Mckie KNAPP of Anten Mills & Bertha Catherine PATTENDEN of Minesing, Sept. 21, 1910 at Barrie #019610-10 Arthur Edmond PALMETER (s/b Palmateer?), 28, of Toronto, working on CPR, b, s/o Henry PALMETER, farmer & Lucinda BROWN, married Esther Rose PACKHAM, 22, of Alliston, house keeper, s, d/o George PACKHAM, mason & Mary Ann STONEHOUSE, witn Harry PACKHAM, Lila –MAIN, married 21 Dec.1910, Alliston
019788-10 (Simcoe Co.) Andrew PARGMAN, 32, implement agent, Shathclair Man., parents - Reuben PARGMAN, farmer, Annie McDONALD married Mabel ANDERSON, 27, dressmaker, Creemore, parents - Joseph ANDERSON, farmer & deceased, & Sarah CHERRY, witn; Oscar ANDERSON & Lottie COUPLAND both of Creemore, Jan. 12, 1910 at Creemore 019590-10 (Simcoe Co) Eli PETTIT, 23, farmer, Adjala, s/o Henry PETTIT & Jane CALDWELL married Lilian ROLLEY, 24, Adjala, d/o Francis ROLEY & Ellen LYONS Witn: Wesley CALDWELL & Maud AUSTIN, Dec. 14, 1910 at Adjala
019719-10 (Simcoe Co.) Robert Henry PICKERING, 29, sailor, Collingwood, s/o Thomas PICKERING & Mary GOWAN, married Ethel Mae JOHNSON, 25, Collingwood, d/o John JOHNSON & Mary Karnahan (KERNAHAN) wtn: Margaret SPROULE, Collingwood & Annie CAMPBELL, Nottawa, on January 12, 1910, at Collingwood  
020047-10 (Simcoe Co.) Harold Franklyn PITMAN, 21, book keeper, Victoria Harbor, parents - Herbert Franklyn PITMAN, accountant, & Constance BREDIN married Caroline Jule McMILLAN, 20, Victoria Harbor, parents - Neil McMILLAN, manufacturer, & Jule VENT, witn; Mary McVICAR & Mary McNABB both of Jarratt, March 23, 1910 at Jarratt 019869-10 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Abraham PLANT, 27, widower, laborer, Thornton, parents - Thomas PLANT, laborer, & Elizabeth AUSTIN married Mary E. McMINN, 36, domestic, Cookstown, parents - Isaac McMINN, farmer, & E. GILKINSON, witn; William S. McMINN of Cookstown & Ethel J. DONNELLEY of Buffalo U.S.A., Aug. 3, 1910 at Thornton
19688-10 illegible Gray POWELL, 32, farmer, of Toronto, s/o Henry POWELL & Matilda? HUGHES, married Florence Louisa McALLISTER, 19, of Toronto, d/o John McALLISTER & Louisa CRAWFORD, witn: Annie THORNLEY & Mary BOOTH, both of Barrie, 1 Aug 1910 at Barrie #019821-10 (Simcoe Co): Reuben PREBBEL, 23, laborer, of Utopia, s/o John S. & Mary PREBBLE (sic), married Ann Jane DERBY, 23, of Utopia, d/o David DERBY, laborer, & Catherine LURPIN (or Turpin), witn: Frank & Mary RACHER, 30 April 1910 at Angus
019798-10 (Simcoe Co.) Simpson PRENTICE, 20, farmer, Mulmur, parents - William PRENTICE, farmer, & Ellen BARBER married Amelia DUNSTAN, 19, Mulmur, parents - David DUNSTAN, farmer, & Jane COE, witn; M. McKEE & K. E. McKEE both of Creemore, July 12, 1910 at Creemore 19831-10 William REYNOLDS, 24, farmer, of Lot 10 Con 2 of Medonte, s/o John REYNOLDS, farmer, & Susan DILL, married Jennet Isabella Jane DRINKELL, 20, of 2nd con of Tay twp., d/o Joseph DRINKELL, deceased farmer, & Jennet GRAHAM, witn: George REYNOLDS & Edith Annie NESBITT, 30 Nov 1910 at Elmvale
019961-10 (Simcoe County) Charles Frederick RIDDELL, 26, n/g, Woodstock, Lineman, s/o James RIDDELL & Mary FALLON, married Nellie ALTON, 22, n/g, Orillia, d/o James ALTON & Elizabeth O’NEILL, wtn: W. BIRCHARD & Eunice WHITE both of Orillia, on January 11, 1910, at Orillia #019826-10 John ROBINSON, 23, hair dresser, of Elmvale, s/o William ROBINSON, carpenter & Mary MCILWAIN, married Beatrice Alberta DRAPER, 21, music teacher, of Allenwood Flos Twp, d/o William Edward DRAPER, farmer, & Sarah ARMSTRONG, witn: Annie May TALMAN, Elmvale & Allan HART, Laurin, 2 Mar 1910 at Elmvale
019789-10 (Simcoe Co.) John RONATT, 37, farmer, Brucefield, parents - James RONATT, farmer, & Margaret KENNEDY married Ida Elizabeth ROBINSON, 30, nurse, Creemore, parents - George ROBINSON, farmer, & Elizabeth WHITLEY, witn; John McAULEY & Maud ROBINSON both of Creemore, Feb. 9, 1910 at Creemore 20038-10 John Stephen ROSS, 29, salesman, of Orillia, s/o George M. ROSS & Ellen HODGE, married Margaret Ann THOMSON, 27, of Ardtrea, d/o Archibald THOMSON, farmer, & Jane ALLAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. David C. THOMSON of Ardtrea, 17 Aug 1910 at Ardtrea
020028-10 (Simcoe County) John Thomas RUFFETT, 22, n/g, Fesserton, Laborer, s/o Charles RUFFETT & Frances SPURR?, married Nora BRENNAN, 21, n/g, Fesserton, d/o John BRENNAN & Alice SOUTHHORN, wtn: George H. BRENNAN & Bella BRIGHT both of Fesserton, on December 23, 1910, at Orillia 19693-10 William RUSK, 44, widower, contractor, of Allandale, s/o Robert RUSK & Jane WIGGINS, married Maude JOHNSON, 35, widow, of Allandale, d/o Orran WICE & Elen A. WILLIAMS, witn: V. E. RUSK & Beatrice JOHNSON, both of Allandale, 14 Sept 1910 at Barrie
019665-10 (Simcoe Co.) Robert Henry RUSTON, 28, gardener, Penetanguishene, parents - Isaac RUSTON, retired, & Eleaner BYLES married Adeline Hannah Grant SMITH, 32, Barrie, parents - William SMITH, retired farmer, & Sarah FINCH, witn; C. P. SMITH & M. E. CRISPIN both of Barrie, Aug. 13, 1910 at Barrie 020060-10 (Simcoe Co.) Frederick Milfred SANDERSON, 25, farmer, Shanty Bay, s/o John SANDERSON & Lizzie WATSON, married Mabel HUBBERT, 24, Shanty Bay, d/o Alfred HUBBERT & Martha DUNN, wtn: M. M. CAMPBELL, Pretty River Valley, Grey Co., & Agusta CAMPBELL, Oro Station, on October 26, 1910 at Oro Station
020125-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Gordon SCARROW, 25, mechanic, Creemore, parents - Alma SCARROW & Susannah SCOTT married Nettie Muriel WOODS, 18, Creemore, parents - Robert WOODS, laborer, & Margaret ROYAL, witn; Margaret WHEALTEY & Meta WHEALTEY both of Stayner, Oct. 24, 1910 at Stayner 020048-10 (Simcoe Co.) William SHARKEY, 33, farmer, Comery, parents - John SHARKEY, farmer, & Jane COULHOUN married Ellen CRAWFORD, 33, Emery, parents - Robert L. CRAWFORD & Ethelean Ida STONEHOUSE, witn; P. R. SMITH & Helen M. SMITH of Barrie, April 20, 1910 at Hawkestone
20056-10 Thomas E. SHELSWELL, 25, farmer, of Oro twp., s/o Walter SHELSWELL, farmer, & Matilda HARRIS, married Hester A. HUNTER, 23, of Oro twp., d/o William HUNTER, farmer, & Annie J. SILK, witn: G. SHELSWELL & Emma J. HUNTER, 28 Sept 1910 at Orillia 019857-10 (Simcoe Co.) Louis Alvin SHERMAN, 25, sectionman, Cookstown, parents - John SHERMAN, laborer, & Matilda McCANN married Ada Phoebe PHILLIPS, 20, Essa, parents - Frederick PHILLIPS & Mary DALKINS , witn; Charles CLUTE & Jeannie CLUTE both of Cookstown, Feb. 23, 1910 at Cookstown
  19616-10 George Gibson SKACE, 28, engineer, of Barrie, s/o George F. SKACE & Charlotte KIEVELL, married Mary Eliza CROGHAN, 25, of Barrie, d/o Arthur E. CROGHAN & Emma RAMSDEN, witn: John LAMBIE & Carrie HALBERT, both of Barrie, 19 Jan 1910 at Barrie
20029-10 Jesse Waldeman SMALLEY, 28, carpenter, of Alliston, s/o Nathaniel SMALLEY, deceased, & Annie M. THOMPSON, married Mary Jane McKEE, 20, of North Orillia, d/o John McKEE, farmer, & Cath. A. WEAKES?, witn: R. R. SMALLEY of Alliston & Eliza A. McKEE of Uhthoff, 19 Jan 1910 at North Orillia 19829-10 James Albert SMITH, 31, carpenter, of Flos, s/o Thomas SMITH, farmer, & Elizabeth BOYD, married Ann Jane Rebecca MARTIN, 30, house keeper, of Flos, d/o Thomas MARTIN, farmer, & Elizabeth LEE, witn: William CASSIE of Uxbridge & Sarah MARTIN of Crossland, 19 Oct 1910 at Knox Church, Flos
019915-10 Philip H. SMITHSON, 21, iron worker, Victoria Harbour, s/o Robert SMITHSON & Helen CHRISTON, married Olive J. ARTHUR, 23, Victoria Harbour, d/o William ARTHUR & Ida O'NEIL, witn; Arthur & Ida O'NEILL of Victoria Harbour. 11 July, 1910 at Midland. 19841-10 Christopher Charles SPARKS, 29, church decorator, of Toronto, s/o Alfred SPARKS, church decorator, & Jane SPARKS, married Mary ANDREW, 24, of Elmvale, d/o Matthew ANDREW, deceased, & Margaret WYLIE, witn: Lewis BATTERSILL of Toronto & Janet ANDREW of Elmvale, 30 July 1910 at Elmvale (Salv. Army)
019592-10 (Simcoe Co) Richard Thomas STEVENSON, 25, farmer, Tecumseth, s/o James STEVENSON & Catherine PALLER married Ellen TERRY, 25, Tecumseth, d/o Joseph TERRY & Sarah FLEMING Witn: Harold & Alma LEAROYD of Alliston, Feb. 28, 1910  
019862-10 (Simcoe Co.) Wilfred STEWART, 27, farmer, Lefroy, parents - Robert J. STEWART, farmer, & Monica McCULLOUGH married Ella May CROSS, 27, Nantyr, parents - Charles CROSS, farmer, & Martha CLUFF, witn; Harry STEWART & Birdie STEWART both of Lefroy, May 25, 1910 at Nantyr 019955-10 (Simcoe Co.) John Thomas STINSON, 33, farmer, Nottawasaga, parents - William STINSON & Alice GRAHAM married Margaret Jane WILSON, 33, Nottawasaga, parents - George WILSON & Mary SHARP, witn; William Charles WILSON & Mary McGIBBON both of Singhampton, Nov. 30, 1910 at Nottawasaga
19694-10 Alfred STOCKER, 26, electrician, of Toronto, s/o Hermindas STOCKER, electrician, & Marguerite LATOUR, married Mary Cornelia St.ONGE, 33, house maid, of Barrie, d/o Napoleon St.ONGE, telegraph lineman, & Mary Alice CHARLEBOIS, witn: John GATTIE & Agnes St.ONGE, both of Barrie, 22 Nov 1910 at Barrie 019865-10 (Simcoe Co.) David George STRAIN, 33, carpenter, Edmonton Alberta, parents - Robert STRAIN & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG married Olivia HART, 31, tailoress, Fennells, parents - Samuel HART, farmer, & Martha TOSSE, witn; Archie P. WRIGHT of Bradford & Louella HART of Fennells, Sept. 13, 1910 at Fennells
19809-10 Edwin STUBBS, 40, business, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Esau STUBBS, farmer, & Margaret HYLAND, married Lilian Maude THOMPSON, 29, at home, of Thornton, d/o Andrew THOMPSON, retired farmer, & Eliza MITCHELL, witn: William HYLAND of Sault Ste. Marie & Laura C. THOMPSON of Toronto, 1 March 1910 at Thornton 019671-10 (Simcoe Co.) Lorne SWEENEY, 21, painter, Barrie, parents - William SWEENEY, policeman, & Mary HILL married Effie Lillian HOOPER, 19, Barrie, parents - Octavius HOOPER, section foreman, & Jennie HOOVER, witn; Elizabeth CROSS & Ida L. BOWLES both of Barrie, Sept. 7, 1910 at Barrie
019963-10 (Simcoe County) Alexander Marshall TESKEY, 22, n/g, Medonte, Farmer, s/o Benjamin TESKEY & Margaret HORNE, married Jessie Catharine LITSTER, 19, n/g, Rugby, d/o Henry LITSTER & Sara Ann BROWN, wtn: Mrs. A. LITSTER of Rugby & Mrs. D.C. MacGREGOR of Orillia, on January 17, 1910, at Orillia 019669-10 Edgar THOMAS, 30, painter, Barrie, parents - Amos THOMAS, farmer, & Jane HORNE married Julia Ann PICKLES, 33, Barrie, parents - Joseph PICKLES, farmer, & Hannah NAYLOR, witn; William HARDAKER & Edith Isabel THOMAS, both of Barrie, Aug. 27, 1910 at Barrie
019791-10 (Simcoe Co.) John THOMAS, 49, widower, farmer, Sunnidale, parents - David THOMAS, farmer, & Jane Eliza, married Esther STACEY, 40, domestic, Sunnidale, parents - James STACEY, farmer, & Rhoda, witn; William STACEY & Annie M. STACEY both of Creemore, May, 18, 1910 at Creemore 19691-10 Armour THOMPSON, 39, farmer, of Flos twp., s/o Archibald THOMPSON & Elizabeth DOONAN, married Ida Isabella ROWAT, 29, of Tiny twp., d/o Thomas ROWAT & Janet, witn: Annie S. McLEOD & Janet PRINCE, both of Barrie, 9 Nov 1910 at Barrie
019781-10 (Simcoe Co.) Fredrick TOMKINSON, 27, laborer, Coldwater, parents - Samuel TOMKINSON & Annie LEESE married Agnes JACKSON, 22, Coldwater, parents - Samuel JACKSON & Harriet RIDDELL, witn; Alfred JACKSON & Lizzie WOODS both of Coldwater, Jan. 3, 1910 at Coldwater 19846-10 Thompson TRENOUTH, 41, widower, merchant, of Powassan, s/o John M. TRENOUTH & Agnes ROBERTSON, married Catherine SUTHERLAND, 28, of West Gwillimbury, d/o Robert SUTHERLAND & Almeda FERGUSON, witn: Robert SUTHERLAND & Helen FRASER, both of Bradford, 28 Sept 1910 at West Gwillimbury
19838-10 Abraham TRUAX, 23, farmer, of Waverly, s/o Alexander TRUAX, farmer, & Sarah PUGHE, married Mary Jane GALLOWAY, 18, house keeper, of Waverly, d/o John GALLOWAY, farmer, & Flora DRINKLE, witn: J. SIMPSON of Elmvale & Maude MORTON of Toronto, 28 Dec 1910 at Elmvale 019702-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Arthur TRUMP, 42, laborer, Tecumseth, parents - William TRUMP, farmer, & Mary JOHNSTON married Emily BAULDRY, 41, widow, -, parents - James McDONALD & Mary McDONALD, witn; A. Jacobs of Lincoln Nebraska & Mrs. BRYAN of Beeton, July 16, 1910 at Beeton
19836-10 Michael Graham TURNBULL, 40, widower, farmer, of Saskatchewan, s/o Peter TURNBULL, farmer, & Elizabeth DODDS, married Eliza VANSICKLE, 40, house keeper, of Elmvale, d/o W. J. VANSICKLE, carpenter, & Mary BISHOP, witn: Frank VANSICKLE & Hattie BISHOP, both of Elmvale, 27 Dec 1910 at Elmvale 20117-10 William J. VANKOUGHNET, 21, sailor, of Collingwood, s/o Alex VANKOUGHNET, sailor, & Edith MILES, married Elizabeth E. IMBLING, 19, of Collingwood, d/o Joseph IMBLING, machinist, & Maggie MOREHEAD, witn: Tennie KIRKWOOD & L. M. FARNCOMB, both of Stayner, 2 June 1910 at Stayner
019710-10 (Simcoe Co.) William Norman WALDRUFF, 20, clerk, Bradford, parents - William Gordon WALDRUFF (railroading) & May Catherine GROVES married Helen Evelyne ROGERS, 20, Bradford, parents - John ROGERS (agent) & Elizabeth BEMROSE, witn; Florence Lillian RICHARDSON & Eliza A. STEPHENS both of Newmarket, June 29, 1910 at Bradford 19686-10 Alexander WALKER, 29, manufacturer, of Orangeville, s/o William John WALKER, manufacturer, & Mary Jane SPEERS, married Ethel E. DOWNEY, 22, of Barrie, d/o Thomas DOWNEY, civil service, & Elizabeth CULBERT, witn: illegible & Isabella BALD? of Midland, 19 Oct 1910 at Barrie
020059-10 (Simcoe Co.) Robert Ewen WALKER, 44, farmer, Guthrie Ont., s/o John WALKER & Margaret EWEN, married Jessie McLUCAS, 35, Mitchell Square, d/o Alex McLUCAS & Catherine MOORE, wtn: William WALKER, Guthrie & Lizzie McLUCAS, Mitchell Square, on October 12, 1910, at Mitchell SQUARE 019877-10 Edwin? WALTERS, 26, farmer, Tay Twp, s/o William & Mary WALTERS, married Florence JONES, 21, Vasey, d/o Alfred JONES, farmer & Ellen RUSSELL, witn; Lucy MARTIN of Hillsdale & B. SKENER of Downsview. 29 June, 1910 at Hillsdale.
019859-10 (Simcoe Co.) William WARD, 32, farmer, Craighurst, parents - Joseph WARD, farmer, & Hannah GREGG married Isabel BOOTH, 26, domestic, Thornton, parents - William BOOTH, farmer, & Mary Jane ALLEN, witn; William J. JONES of Utopia & Agnes McCULL0UGH of Lefroy, May 25, 1910 at Thornton 019854-10 (Simcoe Co.) Arthur George WASHINGTON, 26, merchant, Swift Current Sask., parents - Jabez WASHINGTON, gentleman, & Harriet LUXON married Gertrude Eugene HILL, 21, music teacher, Innisfil, parents - Richard J. HILL, farmer, & Emma Jane MOORE, witn; Leroy JAMIESON of Thornton & Frances BOWLES of Bradford, Feb. 3, 1910 at Innisfil
19598-10 Robert Charles WATSON, 32, farmer, of Adjala twp., s/o James WATSON, farmer, & Ann Jane COTTON, married Ida Florence HETHERINGTON, 23, of Alliston, d/o William HETHERINGTON, gentleman, & Mary Jane PATTERSON, witn: Eli CLARKE of Palgrave & Mabel ANDERSON of Alliston, 7 June 1910 at Alliston 019587-10 (Simcoe Co) George Henry WATSON, 39, farmer, Adjala, s/o James WATSON & Ann Jane COTTON married Margaret Ann HAMILTON, 22, Adjala, d/o Thomas HAMILTON & Mary Ann ROLLEY Witn: Tennyson WATSON of Loretto & Mary Ellen HAMILTON of Ballycroy, Jun 8, 1910 at Adjala
019875-10 (Simcoe Co.) Mord WEAVER, 27, saw setter, Waubaushene, parents - George WEAVER, sawyer, & Jane SPENCE married Adele Lillian GILMOUR, 26, Waubaushene, parents - David GILMOUR, millman, & Mary BLACK, witn; Robert George NESBITT & Mrs. R. G. NESBITT of Midland, June 1, 1910 at Waubaushene  
19840-10 Alfred Alexander WEBB, 25, carpenter, of Gibson, s/o Joseph WEBB, farmer, & Sarah Jane TERRY, married Carrie LONGHURST, 20, of Gibson, d/o James LONGHURST, farmer, & Mary Ann CRAWFORD, witn: Vina McBRIEN & Emma FOSTER, both of Elmvale, 6 June 1910 at Elmvale 019867-10 (Simcoe Co.) Hilliard Anderson WEBB, 24, farmer, Innisfil, parents - Fred WEBB & Mary Ann LOCKHART (both deceased) married Mabel Eugene GIVENS, 18, domestic, Innisfil, parents - George GIVENS, laborer, & Annie McCANEY, witn; Jeff WEBB of Painswick & Mina GIVENS of Vine, Oct. 26, 1910 at Vine
  091591-10 (Simcoe Co) Fredrick Walter WESLEY, 24, sign painter, Burks Falls, s/o Joseph WESLEY & Sarah LANTZ married Annie Theresa DUNDAS, 21, Alliston, d/o William Joseph DUNDAS & Hannah WINNEY Witn: E,. EDMUNDS & L. REID both of Alliston, Feb 7, 1910 at Alliston
020115-10 (Simcoe Co.) James R. WHITESIDES, 26, sailor, Owen Sound, parents - Richard WHITESIDES, sailor, & Mary A. McEACHERN married Ethel ZEIGGEL, 20, domestic, Collingwood, parents - Louie ZEIGGEL, deceased, & Mary WOOLNER, witn; Emma HIGGS of Stayner & Mary C. HILL of Collingwood, May 18, 1910 at Stayner 020116-10 (Simcoe Co.) Edward E. WIGGINS, 29, farmer, Sunnidale, parents - Thomas WIGGINS, farmer, & Maggie MATTHEWS, married Cassie BUIE, 29, housekeeper, Sunnidale, parents - Archibald BUIE, farmer, & Catherine McLELLAN, witn; Mary GLENN & Emma HIGGS both of Stayner, May 11, 1910 at Stayner
19844-10 William Edgar WILSON, 31, clergyman, of Queensville, s/o William L. & blank, married Christella Gertrude SUTHERLAND, 29, trained nurse, of Bradford, d/o Robert SUTHERLAND, farmer, & Almeda FERGUSON, witn: Kate SUTHERLAND of Bradford & Dr. L. R. BELL of Owen Sound, 22 June 1910 at West Gwillimbury 019802-10 (Simcoe Co.) Henry Charles WOOD, 29, clerk, Vancouver B. C., parents - Thomas WOOD & Annie YATES married Edith Lyle BOYD, 27, Creemore, parents - John BOYD, section man, & Margaret Ann MACKAY, witn; John MACKAY & Dollie MACKAY both of Creemore, Sept. 21, 1910 at Creemore
019727-10 (Simcoe Co.) Henry WOODNUTT, 32, labourer, Thornbury, s/o Alfred Henry WOODNUTT & Sarah ROBERTS, married Louisa PETHER, 30, Thornbury, d/o Thomas PETHER & Rosine BRETT, wtn: Thomas PETHER, Thornbury, & Wilhelmina MacNAMARA, of Collingwood, on February 28, 1910, at Collingwood 019864-10 (Simcoe Co.) Clarence H. WOODS, 33, farmer, Bradford, parents - Robert WOOD, farmer, & Maria THOMPSON married Louella BATEMAN, 30, Fennells, parents - Robert BATEMAN, farmer, & Sarah SAWYER, witn; George MORTON of Bradford & Jo. BATEMAN of Fennells, Sept. 14, 1910 at Fennells
20035-10 Louis WOOLFORD, 25, moulder, of Orillia, s/o William WOOLFORD & Mary A. SHEPHARD, married Ethel Mary MEALING, 23, of Orillia twp., d/o Arthur MEALING & Annie MAYES, witn: Bertha C. WOOLFORD & Clarence MEALING, both of Orillia, 3 Aug 1910 at Orillia