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18343-25 (Simcoe Co) Ralph Frederick AITCHISON, 25, quarry foreman, York Twp. York Co., Medonte Twp., s/o William Henry AITCHISON (b. Mariposa Ontario) & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Ida Belle TAYLOR, 19, Matchedash Twp., Coldwater Village, d/o James Sloss TAYLOR (b. Sutton Ontario) & Frances Ellen WHITE, witn: Mary R. MCGILLIVRAY & Olive GRANT both of Orillia, 2 Jun 1925 at Orillia  

18338-25 (Simcoe Co) John Byron Knight ALCONBRACK, 51, farmer, Ontario, Richmond Hill Ontario, s/o John ALCONBRACK (b. Ontario) & Minerva KNIGHT, married Annie Graham MCDIARMID, 42, Ontario, Duntroon Ontario, d/o Hugh MCDIARMID (b. Ontario) & Margaret CARMICHAEL, witn: Agatha ALCONBRACK of Richmond Hill & John Albert MCDIARMID of Duntroon, 11 Nov 1925 at Duntroon.

18340-25 (Simcoe Co) William Robert ALDER, 38, civil engineer, Prescott, Durham, s/o Robert ALDER (b. Prescott Ontario) & Mary Ann CONNELL, married Beatrice HELMKAY, 28, teacher, Nottawasaga Twp., Creemore, d/o Wesley A. HELMKAY (b. Richmond Hill Ontario) & Martha Ann WELLMAN, witn: J. H. ROBINSON of Durham Ontario & Dora HELMKAY of Creemore, 20 Aug 1925 at Creemore.
18337-25 (Simcoe Co) John ALDERSON, 47, widower, farmer, Innisfil, Sunnidale, s/o Fred ALDERSON (b. Worcestershire England) & Elizabeth WHELLER, married Martha Winnifred PATTERSON, 32, widow, Meaford, Sunnidale, d/o Fredrick CARNAHAN (b. Meaford Ontario) & Martha GILDER, witn: Mrs. J. Jean DAVEY of Creemore & Mrs. Isabella WILKIE of Mordon Man,, 26 Dec 1925 at Creemore

18346-25 (Simcoe Co) John ALDERSON, 46, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Sunnidale, s/o Fred ALDERSON (b. England) & Elizabeth WHEELER, married Flora Anne STEPHENSON, 42, not stated, Toronto, d/o Richard STEPHENSON (b. Ireland) & Catherine MCEWEN, witn: Edgar BARKER of New Lowell & Margaret E. STEPHENS of Toronto, 6 Jan 1925 at New Lowell

18339-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Henry ALFORD, 26, railway sectionman, England, Vespra Twp., s/o Walter ALFORD (b. England) & Ethel MERRITT, married Beatrice Maud KNAPP, 22, Allandale Ontario, Vespra Twp., d/o William KNAPP (b. Anten Mills Ontario) & Katherine TRACY, witn: Florence? Wilhelmina KNAPP of Anten Mills & Thomas J. JENNETT of Barrie Box 916, 5 Sep 1925 at 40 Clapperton St., Barrie

18342-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Alexander ALLAN, 60, widower, farmer, Innisfil Twp., Innisfil Twp., s/o William ALLEN (b. Canada) & Isabella MULLIN, married Ann Theresa Jane MULLIN, 48, widow, West Gwillimbury, Bradford, d/o Thomas METCALF (b. Canada) & Rebecca THORPE, witn: Percy STEPHENSON & Dora STEPHENSON both of Bradford, 13 Aug 1925 at Bradford.

18344-25 (Simcoe Co) Louis Wesley ALLEMS, 28, butter maker, Brooklyn Ontario, Barrie, s/o John Crozier ALLEMS (b. Brooklyn Ontario) & Evelyn BEER, married Grace Dorothy CAVANAGH, 25, Oro Twp., Barrie, d/o Joseph Thomas CAVANAGH (b. Edgar Ontario) & Maud SISSONS, witn: Mrs. H. WELLWOOD & Kenneth D. CAVANAGH both of Barrie, 4 Mar 1925 at Barrie 18347-25 (Simcoe Co) John Charles ALLEN, 40, accountant, Port Colborne Ontario, Ottawa Ontario, s/o William H. ALLEN & Mary A. BROUGH, married Stella BRUNELLE, 23, Lafontaine Ontario, Lafontaine Ontario, d/o Alaine BRUNELLE & Lydia DESROCHES, witn: Lionel BRUNELLE of Lafontaine & Eugenie DUCHARME of 23 Elm St. Stratford Ontario, 30 Jun 1925 at Lafontaine
18348-25 (Simcoe Co) George AMBEAU, 21, laborer, Bing Inlet (Byng Inlet?), Midland, s/o Nelson AMBEAU & Bertha STEVENS, married Lavina LATOUR, 18, Bing Inlet, Midland, d/o Raphael LATOUR & Annie DELORME, witn: Herman AMBEAU & Florence PERRAULT both of Midland, 26 Oct 1925 at St. Margarets Church, Midland 18341-25 (Simcoe Co) James Elijah ANDERSON, 27, farmer, Medonte Twp., Medonte Twp., s/o John I. ANDERSON (b. Toronto) & Mary Ann EADDY, married Olive Pearl JONES, 21, Spanish Mills Algoma District, Medonte Twp., d/o John Henry HICKY (b. U.S.A.) & Mary HICKY, witn: Benjamin COOKE of Hobart & Pearl M. Morris of Hillsdale, 27 Aug 1925 at Hillsdale
18345-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Lazenby ARCHER, 18, baker, Vespra Twp., Barrie, s/o Robert ARCHER (b. Ontario Canada) & Mary Ellis PYETTE, married Georgiana Grace WATSON, 15, England, Barrie, d/o Allen WATSON (b. England) & Grace MORRIS, witn: Christina I. SMITH of R.V. Hospital Barrie & Muriel BURTCH of Barrie, 21 Jan 1925 at Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie.  

18351-25 (Simcoe Co) Walter Reginald BAGLEY, 27, stationary engineer, District of Muskoka, Town of Orillia, s/o William BAGLEY (b. Aurora Ontario) & Kate BOWERS, married Gladys BEXFIELD, 24, West Hartlepool England, Town of Orillia, d/o Robert BEXFIELD (b. Yarmouth England) & Agnes PICKERING, witn: Percy BAGLEY of Severn Bridge & Elizabeth F. MEALING of Toronto, 26 Oct 1925 at Orillia

18387-25 (Simcoe Co) Norval Boyd BALKWELL, 22, electrician, North Orillia twp, Town of Orillia, s/o William James BALKWELL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth WEBBER, married Jane Louisa TENNANT, 22, woollen mills, Elmvale Medonte twp, Town of Orillia, d/o James TENNANT (b. Canada) & Frances Greenway HARTT, witn: George BALKWELL & Bertha TENNANT both of Orillia, 25 Feb 1925 at Orillia

18378-25 (Simcoe Co) William John BALL, 57, widower, gardener, Oro twp, Town of Orillia, s/o John BALL (b. Ireland) & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Evelyn Augusta REEVE, 42, saleswoman, Town of Orillia, same, d/o George William REEVE (b. Mara twp) & Georgina BURGIN, witn: Georgina REEVE & Rex REEVE both of Orillia, 9 Dec 1925 at Orillia

18381-25 (Simcoe Co) Frederick Joseph BALL, 20, rubber worker, Ontario, 29 Beaconsfield Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph H. BALL (b. Ontario) & Eliza Jane MILLER, married Nellie Mabel CROCKFORD, 19, Ontario, Orillia RR#2, d/o Julius CROCKFORD (b. England) & Margaret WRIGHT, witn: Gladys M. CROCKFORD of RR#2 Orillia & Cecil BALL of RR#2 Coldwater, 24 Dec 1925 at Warminster

18350-25 (Simcoe Co) Herbert BANKS, 26, laborer shipyard, Tiny twp, Midland, s/o John BANKS (b. Ontario) & Matilda VOLLICK, married Elizabeth Hannah YARROW, 22, housemaid, Tiny twp, Midland, d/o Justice Adam YARROW (b. Ontario) & Martha Ellen CRAWFORD, witn: Flora May ROBERTS of Midland & Fred BANKS of 332 Queen St Midland, 19 Oct 1925 at Midland

18384-25 (Simcoe Co) Gordon Alfred BARTLETT, 21, finisher, Town of Orillia, same, s/o William H. BARTLETT (b. Ontario) & Ethel DWINNELL, married Muriel Haskell BURGIN, 21, hairdresser, Balderton England, Town of Orillia, d/o Robert Thomas BURGIN (b. England) & Ann LOWES, witn: Roy Hardy CROOKS & Evelyn Blanche BRUM both of Orillia, 2 Dec 1925 at Orillia

18358-25 (Simcoe Co) Willard Errol BARTON, 27, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o John Thomas BARTON (b. Tecumseth Simcoe Co) & Margaret Jane JACKSON, married Greta Margaret Kathleen LILLY, 22, music teacher, Beeton, same, d/o William LILLY (b. Adjala twp Simcoe Co) & Eleanor BEATTIE, witn: William S. Lloyd LILLY of Beeton & Florence Viola PARKS of Camilla, 22 Aug 1925 at The United Church of Canada, Beeton

18390-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Wilson BASSINGTHWAITE, 22, farmer, Toronto, Cookstown, s/o Hershel BASSINGTHWAITE (b. Richmond Hill) & Minnie RUMBLE, married Lilly Ann NEVILLS, 22, Cookstown, same, d/o Job NEVILLS farmer (b. Cookstown) & Susan CARR, witn: Albert William BASSINGTHWAITE of Toronto & Stella May NEVILLS of RR#4 Cookstown, 7 Jan 1925 at Cookstown

18377-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence William BAXTER, 24, farmer, Adjala twp, same, s/o Edward BAXTER (b. England) & Catherine DRUMMOND, married Florence Alexandra LUNDY, 23, Albion twp, Adjala twp, d/o Alexander LUNDY farmer (b. Mono twp Dufferin Co) & Sarah Jane HILLIARD, witn: Robert Isaiah LUNDY of RR#1 Ballycroy Ontario & Miss Elizabeth BAXTER of Athlone RR#1, 30 Dec 1925 at bride's home Lot 1 Con 4 Adjala

18360-25 (Simcoe Co) Lewis John BAYNE, 27, accountant, Garafraxa twp [Wellington Co], Sudbury Ontario, s/o Lewis D. BAYNE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane McCURLIE, married Hazel Maud McALARY, 28, bookkeeper, Orillia, Sudbury, d/o James M McALARY (b. Ontario) & Jessie Maud DRYSDALE, witn: May EDWARDS & Fred S. McALARY both of Orillia, 8 July 1925 at Bradford

18375-25 (Simcoe Co) Jerry Victor BEACH, 24, barber, Village of Coldwater, same, s/o John C. BEACH (b. United States) & Mary Jane LANG, married Nellie Cora Victoria PALLISTER, 19, Medonte twp, Village of Coldwater, d/o John Thomas PALLISTER (b. Canada) & Christina DAVIS, witn: Isabella PATTERSON & Anna CUMMINGS both of Orillia, 20 Mar 1925 at Orillia


18372-25 (Simcoe Co) William Vernon BEARDSALL, 24, farmer, Flos twp, same, s/o David BEARDSALL & Elizabeth McFADDEN, married Harriett Jennie RITCHIE, 24, Flos twp, same, d/o William D. RITCHIE & Ida BEACOCK, witn: H.I. RITCHIE & George GRAHAM both of Elmvale, 8 Apr 1925 at The Rectory Elmvale

18380-25 (Simcoe Co) John Baxter BEARDSALL, 28, farmer, Oro twp, Shanty Bay, s/o William Baxter BEARDSALL (b. Canada) & Minnie GRAY, married Carmie WRIGHT, 26, Flos twp, Elmvale, d/o Darcy WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Theresa VALLIS, witn: Vincent HAYES of Edgar & Nora PALEY of Dalston, 2 Dec 1925 at Dalston

18371-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward BEAUCHAMP, 22, laborer, Lafontaine, Midland, s/o Joseph BEAUCHAMP (b. Lafontaine) & Delima CONTOIS, married Helen WHALEY, 19, hairdresser, Laurel Ontario, same, d/o Thomas WHALEY (b. Orangeville) & Helen EWING, witn: Hugh McGrath & Helen McCulogh (McCULLOGH?) both of Midland, 13 Apr 1925 at Midland, divorced 24 Aug 1955

18389-25 (Simcoe Co) Ernest BEAUMONT, 22, dredge man, Byng Inlet Ontario, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Ernest BEAUMONT (b. England) & Mary BARKER, married Gertrude Marion YOUNG, 22, floor lady, Collingwood, same, d/o Robert YOUNG (b. Canada) & Matilda DYER, witn: Lillian YOUNG & Frank WOOD both of Collingwood, 1 Jan 1925 at Collingwood

18367-25 (Simcoe Co) Leslie Alfred BELFRY, 27, laborer, Midland, Midland - Ruby St, s/o John Henry BELFRY (b. Vasey Ontario) & Sarah Jane HAZELTON, married Hazel Irene HAMILTON, 20, steam laundry, Coldwater, Midland Young St E, d/o Norman Victor HAMILTON (b. Victoria Harbor) & Ethel Lena HANDY, witn: Aberdeen BELFRY of Midland & Nellie MacDONALD of Penetanguishene, 16 May 1925 at Penetanguishene

18392-25 (Simcoe Co) Eldon BELFRY, 20, laborer, Tay twp, Midland, s/o Joseph BELFRY (b. Ontario) & Maud NEY, married Mary Alzina TAYLOR, 19, Tay twp, same, d/o Levi TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Martha Ann WILSON, witn: Margaret W. McNAB & Thelma A.O'CONNOR both of Midland, 14 Jan 1925 at Knox Manse Midland

18359-25 (Simcoe Co) George Henry BENNETT, 22, engineer, England, Hamilton Wentworth Co, s/o George BENNETT (b. England) & not known, married Elsie KNOWLES, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Arthur KNOWLES (b. Burnley England) & Maria WATSON, witn: Claud FAUX & Gertrude FAUX both of 1020A St Clair Ave W Toronto, 31 July 1925 at Barrie

18395-25 (Simcoe Co) David BERIAULT, 21, laborer, Midland, same, s/o Joseph BERIAULT & Exina PILON, married Florida BEAUCHAMP, 19, Lafontaine, Midland, d/o Joseph BEAUCHAMP & Delima COMTOIS, witn: Honore BEAUCHAMP of Midland & Leonas MARION of Lafontaine, 29 Apr 1925 at Midland RC

18386-25 (Simcoe Co) Ernest BERRY, 27, fireman, England, Town of Barrie, s/o Albert BERRY (b. England Lankshire) & Fanny WEBB, married Olga Cofylia May SIMPSON, 23, Flos twp, Town of Barrie, d/o William SIMPSON (b. Simcoe Co) & Stella CLUTE, witn: James SIMPSON & Stella M. GILLIES both of Allandale, 3 Mar 1925 at Barrie

18361-25 (Simcoe Co) Alfred George BIDMEAD, 22, farm laborer, England, Medonte twp, s/o Alfred BIDMEAD (b. England) & not known, married Margaret Jane WILSON, 17, Medonte twp, same, d/o Henry WILSON (b. blank) & Hannah BEATTY, witn: Mrs A.M. PARTRIDGE & Mrs James BEATTY both of Coldwater, 8 July 1925 at Coldwater - James BEATTY of Medonte twp, Guardian of Margaret Wilson gave consent

18366-25 (Simcoe Co) Horace George BIER, 24, laborer, Toronto, Midland, s/o Horace George BIER (b. Ontario) & Florence not known, married Mabel Grace RYLEY, 20, [works] at Queen's Hotel, Midland, same, d/o Thomas Archer RYLEY & Margaret Ann ARGUE, witn: Catharine HOOD & Margaret HOOD both of Midland, 3 June 1925 at Midland

18362-25 (Simcoe Co) Martin Albert BINKLEY, 22, fireman on engine, Clifford Ontario, Barrie, s/o Jacob BINKLEY (b. Normanby Wellington Co) & Sophia WERNER, married Annie Louise MARKS, 17 (consent given by father), Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Barrie, d/o Albert Redpath MARKS (b. near Listowel Ontario) & Mary VEITENHEUNER, witn: Mary HIPKIN & Mrs D. FISHER both of Barrie, 25 July 1925 at Barrie

18369-25 (Simcoe Co) John Wesley BISHOP, 33, electrician, Vespra twp, Town of Barrie, s/o William John BISHOP (b. Vespra twp) & Sarah HINDS, married Alice BAKER, 19, Town of Parry Sound, Town of Barrie, d/o Martin BAKER (b. Markham) & Mary PREBBLE, witn: Mary CARSCADDEN & Marion CARSCADDEN both of Barrie, 22 Apr 1925 at Town of Barrie

18355-25 (Simcoe Co) George James BLEAKLEY, 26, farmer, London England, Collingwood, s/o William Edward BLEAKLEY (b. England) & Mary Ann LEE, married Martha Madeline HAUGH, 21, Collingwood, blank, d/o Wesley HAUGH (b. Ontario) & Bertha POTTS, witn: Myrtle GALLAUGHER & Harold POTTS both of Collingwood, 10 Sept 1925 at Collingwood

18354-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Leslie BLYTHE, 27, CNR section man, Keppel twp, Shallow Lake Grey Co, s/o George James BLYTHE (b. Bantic twp (Bentinck?) & Harriet E. WALKER, married Maida Ester PATTON, 21, housekeeping, Mulmur twp Dufferin Co, same, d/o Joseph PATTON (b. Canada) & Martha PATTON, witn: Donald PATTON of Lisle & Sarah H HALBERT of New Lowell, 30 Sept 1925 at New Lowell

18383-25 (Simcoe Co) Henry Napoleon BONNEVILLE, 23, clerk, Tay twp, same, s/o Napoleon BONNEVILLE (b. Port Severn) & Josephine St ARMANT, married Margaret Irene McAMMOND, 20, Parry Sound District, blank, d/o John Forest McAMMOND (b. Ottawa) & Charlotte Anny May CRAWFORD, witn: Sam BRODEUR & Elizabeth BONNEVILLE both of Waubaushene, 8 Dec 1925 at Waubaushene

18349-25 (Simcoe Co) George Dobson BORROW, 24, blacksmith, Coldwater Medonte twp, Town of Orillia, s/o Dobson BORROW (b. England) & Hannah COOMBS, married Velma Edna May McNAIR, 18, Orillia twp, Town of Orillia, d/o Alex McNAIR (b. Canada) & Lavina STEWART, witn: Lillian R. LONG & Isabella PATTERSON both of Orillia, 9 Nov 1925 at Orillia

18396-25 (Simcoe Co) Ernest BOURDEAU, 35, riveter, Pain Court, Collingwood, s/o Jean BOURDEAU (late) & Marie LETOURNEAU, married Alda ARBOUR, 24, housekeeper, Waubaushene, Collingwood, d/o Merril ARBOUR & Georgina BAZINET, witn: Orval ARBOUR & Alma ARBOUR both of Waubaushene, 4 May 1925 at Waubaushene RC

18391-25 (Simcoe Co) Elgin BOWEN, 24, laborer, Deseronto, Midland, s/o William John BOWEN & Ellen Jane HOWARD, married Mary Louise ELLERY, 22, French River, Midland, d/o Frederick ELLERY & Delena GENDRON, witn: Philip DELORME & Margaret W. McNAB both of Midland, 15 Jan 1925 at Midland

18364-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur Vernon BOWEN, 26, farmer, Worchester England, Markdale RR#2 Grey Co, s/o Arthur BOWEN (b. Worchester England) & Rosa BOWEN, married Sarah Adelaide MARSHALL, 21, school teacher, Teeswater, same, d/o Walter MARSHALL (b. Teeswater) & Ida Jane GRAHAM, witn: Ed DORAN of 73 Lakeview Ave Toronto & Mrs F. SULLIVAN of Creemore, 30 June 1925 at Creemore

18356-25 (Simcoe Co) James Melburne BOWERS, 32, broker, Ontario, 1115 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, s/o Samuel BOWERS (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane MOFFATT, married Gladys Annie HEWSON, 20, stenographer, Ontario, Duntroon, d/o J. HEWSON (b. Ontario) & E. Grace T CAPLAN, witn: Mary M. CAMPBELL of Duntroon & D.A. HUBBELL of 304 Ossington Ave Toronto, 16 Sept 1925 at Duntroon


18373-25 (Simcoe Co) Calvin BOYD, 25, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o Thompson BOYD (b. Canada) & Winnie SLOANE, married Phyllis MARTIN, 20, Innisfil, same, d/o Alvin MARTIN farmer (b. England) & Edith SPRING, witn: Lloyd MARTIN & Mabel ROBINSON both of Stroud, 2 Apr 1925 at Stroud

18397-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur BOYER, 25, laborer, Midland, same, s/o Joseph BOYER & Rose AGUIN, married Gertrude BERRY, 21, Renfrew, Midland, d/o Peter BERRY & Philomene BILANGER, witn: Henry BOYER & Pearl BERRY both of Midland, 25 May 1925 at St Margaret's Church Midland RC

18376-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Dawson BOYLE, 32, druggist. London Ontario, Brampton Peel Co, s/o Edgar Walker BOYLE (b. Toronto) & Mary DAWSON, married Gladys Alberta COOK, 32, school teacher, Midland, Brampton, d/o Francis COOK (b. England) & Celeste HEACOCK, witn: E. Muriel BOYLE of Brampton & A.F. COOK of Midland, 30 Dec 1925 at Midland

18394-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph BRABANT, 11 May 1902, farmer's son, Tiny twp, same, s/o Olivier BRABANT & Charlotte VASSEUR, married Lea LORTIE, 25 Nov 1902, Tiny twp, Penetanguishene, d/o Joseph LORTIE & Philomene BOURGEOIS, witn: Alfred QUESNELLE & Nellie BRABANT, 23 Feb 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

18382-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Herman BRADEN, 21, farmer, Essa twp, same, s/o Robert James BRADEN (b. Ontario) & Isabella SPEERS, married Sarah Elizabeth Susan Tencie? (Lucie?) Viola NEVILS, 19, Tecumseth twp, Tecumseth, d/o John NEVILS (b. Ontario) & Susan Bertha CARR, witn: Gladys NEVILS & Elmer BRADEN both of Tecumseth, 16 Dec 1925 at Tecumseth twp

18370-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Henry Courtice BRAILEY, 28, farmer, Orillia twp, same, s/o Charles William Arthur BRAILEY (b. North Orillia) & Sarah Ann CARTER, married Sarah Almeda JONES, 25, blank, Orillia twp, d/o William JONES (b. Orillia) & Jessie RUTTAN, witn: G.B. CARTER & Annie BRAILEY both of North Orillia, 15 Apr 1925 at St Peter's Church Longford Mills

18368-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles William BRANCH, 25, electroplater, Essex England, Town of Orillia, s/o John BRANCH (b. England) & name unknown, married Evangeline Bessie Annie BOWNESS, 17, woollen factory, Town of Orillia, same, d/o George Alfred BOWNESS (b. Syracuse USA) & Janey unknown, witn: Samuel M. CLARKE & Annie E. BRANCH both of Orillia, 12 May 1925 at Orillia - consent given by Mrs E.A. FAIRHURST & J.A. FAIRHURST grandparents, bride's parents deceased

18379-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Burton BRETT, 31, engineer, London England, Collingwood, s/o Robert Breton BRETT (b. London England) & Emily BURTON, married Ella May McCORKENDALE, 20, telephone operator, Collingwood, same, d/o William McCORKENDALE (b. Collingwood) & Eva WILLIAMS, witn: Wilda Margaret McCORKENDALE & Alfred C. BRETT both of Collingwood, 30 Dec 1925 at Pine Street Collingwood

18393-25 (Simcoe Co) Edgar BRODEUR, 21, laborer, Waubaushene, Victoria Harbor, s/o Edmund BRODEUR & Jeanette ARBOUR, married Matilda LAVEREAU, 18, Victoria Harbour, same, d/o Henry LAVEREAU & Mary Ann JUNEAU, witn: Sam MORRAN of Waubaushene & Rena ARBOUR of Victoria Harbour, 9 Feb 1925 at Victoria Harbour RC

18352-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence Wesley BROWN, 22, farmer, Oro twp, same, s/o James Wesley BROWN (b. Canada) & Annie Mary STEWART, married Edna May McLEAN, 26, Vespra twp, Oro twp, d/o Daniel McLEAN (b. Canada) & Mary Anne BLOOMFIELD, witn: Eva STORK of Crown Hill & Ivan McLEAN of Dalston, 3 Oct 1925 at Dalston

18363-25 (Simcoe Co) Sherman Sherwood BROWNLEE, 24, rural mail carrier, Medonte twp, Coldwater, s/o James BROWNLEE (b. West Garafraxa) & Olive FREEMAN, married Mary Julia Ethel LATENDRESSE, 21, Tay twp, Coldwater, d/o Octave LATENDRESSE (b. Waubaushene) & Ethel CURRIER, witn: James Robert HENLEY & Doris Leonia BROWNLEE both of Coldwater, 22 July 1925 at Orillia

18388-25 (Simcoe Co) Roy Percival BURGESS, 32, marine engineer, Owen Sound, Collingwood, s/o Stephen BURGESS (b. England) & Margaret WHITESIDE, married Hilda Mary Estrella ALLEN, 35, Collingwood, Ontario, d/o Thomas ALLEN (b. Ontario) & Agnes THOMPSON, witn: Mrs S. FARLEY of Collingwood & Rev John McMAHON of Duntroon, 19 Feb 1925 at Collingwood

18353-25 (Simcoe Co) Horace Arthur BURNET, 27, bookkeeper, Orillia, 39 Frederick St Orillia, s/o Thomas F. BURNET (b. Canada) & Louise HEWITT, married Mary Alice DALTON, 26, stenographer, Simcoe Co, Orillia, d/o Robert DALTON (b. England) & Annie NEY, witn: J.T. Ralph DALTON of Victoria Harbour & H.L. BURNET of Orillia, 26 Sept 1925 at St John's Newtonville

18357-25 (Simcoe Co) Reginald Kenneth BURNET, 31, widower, merchant, Victoria BC, Town of Orillia, s/o Frank BURNET (b. Orillia) & Louisa HEWITT, married Hilda Olive LEATHERDALE, 25, stenographer, Orillia twp, Town of Orillia, d/o Charles LEATHERDALE (b. Oro twp) & Ellen J. THOMPSON, witn: Helen BURNET of Orillia & Melville LEATHERDALE of Midland, 14 Sept 1925 at Orillia

18385-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert James BURNS, 23, laborer, Victoria Harbor, Town of Orillia, s/o Sherman J. BURNS (b. Canada) & Agnes TRIPP, married Sarah Amanda COXWORTH, 18, mill hand, Town of Orillia, same, d/o James Henry COXWORTH (b. Canada) & Harriett GALBRAITH, witn: Isabella PATTERSON of 116 Peter St North Orillia & Ruth PATTERSON of Orillia, 8/9? Mar 1925 at Orillia

18374-25 (Simcoe Co) John Seaman BUSH, 22, seaman, Bedford England, Midland, s/o Henry Seaman BUSH (b. England) & Emily MARSH, married Lillian May SAUNDERSON (Sanderson?), 20, Bedford England, Midland, d/o Harry SAUNDERSON (b. England) & Ethel Susanna STALKER, witn: Frances MEXHAM & Ray McINTOSH both of Midland, 21 May 1925 at Midland

18365-25 (Simcoe Co) Douglas Fergus BYERS, 27, druggist, Ontario, 990 Broadview Ave Toronto, s/o Lewis BYARS 'sic' (b. Ontario) & Sarah HUNTER, married Hazel May McMULLEN, 25, school teacher, Ontario, 127 Concord Ave Toronto, d/o J.S. McMULLEN (b. Ontario) & Lilly MAY, witn: Ivan L.H. GRAY of 443 Mark St Peterboro & Della McFADDEN of 127 Concord Ave Toronto, 30 June 1925 at Barrie


018436/25 (Simcoe Co) Hermeau? CADEAU, 26, book keeper, Midland Ont., Penetanguishene, s/o Pierre CADEAU & Mary Jane HOULE, married Exilda BOUCHER, 19, housemaid, Laurin Ont., Laurin Ont., d/o Baptiste BOUCHER & Georgina LACROIX, witn: Herly LACROIX of Penetanguishene & Sophie BOUCHER of Laurin Ont., 5 May 1925, Lafontaine

18414-25 (Simcoe Co) Theophile CADEAUX, 23, machinist, Honey Harbor Baxter twp District of Muskoka, same, s/o Paul CADEAU ‘sic' & Exemna LA FAUVE, married June (Joan) SIMONDS, 21, Honey Harbor, same, d/o Walter SIMONDS (or SIMONS) & Eva BROOKS, witn: G.W. ALLISON & Freda C. WILKINSON both of Victoria Harbor, 13 July 1925 at Victoria Harbor RC

18412-25 (Simcoe Co) Horace Joseph CAIN, 21, tanner, Newmarket, same, s/o William CAIN (b. Canada) & Margaret HODGINS, married Cecilia Edna BISSONETTE, 20, Port Carling, Newmarket Collingwood, d/o Fabian BISSONETTE (b. Canada) & Mary Louise JEAN-MARIE, witn: James HERBERT & Nellie MILLWOOD both of Collingwood, 4 July 1925 at Collingwood - divorced 17 Mar 1952 RC

18417-25 (Simcoe Co) William (Willie) Ewen CALDWELL, 25, farmer, Oro twp, same, s/o George A. CALDWELL (b. Oro twp) & Mary WALKER, married Lillie Jane JOHNSTON, 21, Oro twp, same, d/o James JOHNSTON (b. Oro twp) & Charlotte MACKAY, witn: John H. CALDWELL & Elizabeth C. JOHNSTON both of Shanty Bay RR, 21 Nov 1925 at the bride's home Con 4 Oro twp

18426-25 (Simcoe Co) William Johnston CAMERON, 25, blacksmith, Town of Orillia, Oro twp, s/o James CAMERON (b. Oro twp) & Mina STEVENSON, married Dorothy Lillian PAYNE, 21, Orillia twp, Town of Orillia, d/o John William PAYNE (b. Kingston) & Jean DOWNS, witn: Aldof WOODS & Ethel WOODS both of 95 Smith St Orillia, 13 June 1925 at 106 Coldwater Rd Orillia

18404-25 (Simcoe Co) Hugh CAMERON, 50, widower, farmer, Mara twp Ontario Co, same, s/o John CAMERON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Eliza WESTCOTT, married Ethel May WRIGHT, 34, Mara twp, same, d/o George WRIGHT (b. blank) & blank CARMICHAEL, witn: Ethel CHRYSLER & Thomas WRIGHT both of Udney, 7 Oct 1925 at Town of Orillia

18425-25 (Simcoe Co) Harvey Robert CAMPBELL, 39, chauffeur, Ontario, 216 Ossington Ave Toronto, s/o Matthew CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann JOHNSTON, married Phoebe Elizabeth MAW, 27, Ontario, Minesing, d/o Robert MAW (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane BELL, witn: Albert E. MAW & Ruth M. ORCHARD both of Minesing, 24 June 1925 at the family residence Minesing

18424-25 (Simcoe Co) Norman Aleck CAMPBELL, 37, farmer, Tay twp, Midland, s/o Joseph CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Agnes STAMP, married Mabel CASQUENETTE, 30 Penetanguishene, same, d/o Emanuel CASQUENETTE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth REYNOLDS, witn: George H. MARCHANT of RR#1 Midland & M. CASQUENETTE of Penetang, 1 Aug 1925 at Penetang

18411-25 (Simcoe Co) John McDonald CAMPBELL, 26, carpenter, Bradford, West Gwillimbury, s/o John CAMPBELL (b. Canada) & Bessie McDONALD, married Edith PETERS, 23, Halifax, Bradford, d/o William PETERS (b. England) & Edith O'CONNOR, witn: Mrs William PETERS & Irene PETERS both of Bradford, 10 June 1925 at Bradford

18430-25 (Simcoe Co) James Harrison CAMPO, 35, sailor, Athens Ontario, Midland, s/o William Henry CAMPO (b. Watertown NY) & Jennie DUNLOP, married Mary Jane BAKER, 27, Tiny twp, Penetanguishene, d/o George BAKER (b. Ontario) & Lumina ROBITAILLE, witn: Irwin BAKER of Penetanguishene & Irene HOGAN of Barrie, 27 Apr 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

18427-25 (Simcoe Co) Stanley Andrew CARPENTER, 31, carpenter, Town of Barrie, same, s/o Francis Wilson CARPENTER (b. Barrie) & Abbigal WILSON, married Margaret Griffin MARTIN, 26, Town of Renfrew, Orillia twp, d/o Christopher MARTIN (b. Wilberforce Ontario) & Martha Ada LIBBY, witn: Mrs C. MARTIN & Frank MARTIN both of Orillia, 11 June 1925 at Orillia

18399-25 (Simcoe Co) John Joseph CARPENTER, 19, laborer, Victoria Harbor, same, s/o Frank CARPENTER (b. Canada) & Alice BERNARD, married Marie Rita WOODS, 18, Waubaushene, Victoria Harbor, d/o John WOODS (b. Canada) & Caroline ARBOUR, witn: Caroline WOODS & Alice JUNEAU both of Victoria Harbor, 9 Nov 1925 at Port McNicoll RC

18422-25 (Simcoe Co) Cecil Leo CARR, 23, farmer, Tecumseth twp, same, s/o William T. CARR (b. Vaughan twp) & Mary Elizabeth LONG, married Eva GOSLEY, 17yr 2mo, Tecumseth twp, same, d/o Amos GOSLEY (b. England) & Rebecca COOK, witn: M.B. ADAMS & E.A. CALHOUN both of Beeton, 28 Nov 1925 at Beeton


018434/25 (Simcoe Co) Abraham CARRIERE,  b. 1887, widower, laborer, Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., s/o Michael CARRIERE & Cordelia BOTTINEAU, married Virginie LANGLADE, b. 1897 Dec., Moon River - Tiny Twp., Tiny Twp., d/o William LANGLADE & Marguerite TRUDEAU, witn: George BOTTINEAU & Isabelle CARRIERE both of Penetanguishene, 3 February 1925, Penetanguishene

18403-25 (Simcoe Co) James Albert CASTON, 35, farmer, Flos twp, Vespra twp, s/o James McD CASTON (b. Craighurst Ont) & Julia HART, married Alma Luella RICHARDSON, 25, Flos twp, Vespra twp, d/o Henry RICHARDSON (b. Flos twp) & Mary Jane MILLER, witn: Edmund F. CASTON & Jean B. MINTY both of Craighurst, 21 Oct 1925 at Craighurst

18423-25 (Simcoe Co) John Arpad CATTANACH, 31, barrister, Ontario, 43 Hillsboro Ave Toronto, s/o John CATTANACH (b. Ontario) & Margaret SLACK, married Evelyn Catherine CAMERON, 26, graduate nurse, Ontario, 26 Grosvenor St Toronto, d/o Robert A. CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Mary RUTHVAN, witn: Charles A. GIRDLER of Toronto & Gladys M. CAMERON of Alliston, 20 June 1925 at Tecumseth twp

18406-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Clarence CHAPMAN, 32, clerk, Battersea, Copper Cliff District of Sudbury, s/o John CHAPMAN (b. Battersea) & Sarah McFARLANE, married Clara Mabel BOYD, 29, Creemore, same, d/o William Charles BOYD (b. blank) & Mary Ann MADILL, witn: D.M. BOYD of Emerson Manitoba & Maud BOYD of Creemore, 9 Sept 1925 at Creemore

018435/25 (Simcoe Co) Xavier CHARLEBOIS, 32, widower, farmer, Penetanguishene Ont., Lafontaine Ont., s/o Joseph CHARLEBOIS & Melina BEAUCHAMP, married Rosanna BOUCHER, 26, housemaid on farm, Laurin Ont., Laurin Ont., d/o Joseph BOUCHER & Margaret COMTON, witn: Philippe COMTON of Laurin Ont. & Marie BOUCHER of Laurin Ont., 20 April 1925, Lafontaine

018437/25 (Simcoe Co) Alvine CHRETIEN, 22, bushman & farmer, Laurin Ont., Laurin Ont., s/o Pierre CHRETIEN & Florentine LACROIX, married Philomen QUENELLE, 18, housemaid, Tiny Twp. Ont., Perkinsfield, d/o Elie QUENELLE & Marie SAUVE, witn: Arthur CHRETIEN of Lafontaine & Josephine CHRETIEN of Laurin Ont., 4 May 1925, Lafontaine

18408-25 (Simcoe Co) Edwin Oliver CLEMENT, 40, merchant, Berlin Waterloo Co, Detroit Michigan, s/o Edwin Perry CLEMENT (b. Trenton) & Jane Elizabeth BOWLBY, married Helen Keefer THOMPSON, 31, Penetanguishene, same, d/o William M. THOMPSON (b. Penetanguishene) & Julia KEEFER, witn: Fred K. LENFESTY of Mt Clements & Kathleen I. SALE of Toronto, 18 Aug 1925 at Penetanguishene

18398-25 (Simcoe Co) Ralph Edward CLEMENT, 23, laborer, Ryde twp, Gravenhurst District of Muskoka, s/o Walter CLEMENT (b. Canada) & Rachel JOHNSTON, married Margaret MIDDLEBROOK, 18, Morrison twp, Gravenhurst, d/o Thomas MIDDLEBROOK (b. in Muskoka) & Anne R. SCHELL, witn: J.A. DILLWORTH & Lillie J. CAMERON both of Orillia, 23 Nov 1925 at Orillia

18429-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Cornelius CLOUGHLEY, 26, railway employee, Essa twp, Barrie, s/o Thomas H. CLOUGHLEY (b. Mulmur twp) & Anna Bella PARR, married Isabella ELRICK, 24, Penetanguishene, Barrie, d/o Robert ELRICK (b. Flos twp) & Agnes GANTON, witn: Alex ELRICK of Collingwood & Annie McCULLOUGH of Barrie, 3 June 1925 at Union Church Grenfell

018438/25 (Simcoe Co) Reginald George COADY, 25, railway man, Gravenhurst, Barrie Ont., s/o John COADY & Margaret OVERS, married Minnie Elva ADAMS, 25, telephone operator, Thornton Ont., Barrie Ont., d/o George ADAMS & Susan FARRIER (Ferrier?), witn: Joseph COADY & Mary COADY both of Barrie, 9 June 1925, Barrie

18402-25 (Simcoe Co) James Henry COCKLIN, 26, farmer, East Gwillimbury York Co, Nottawasaga twp, s/o Charles COCKLIN (b. England) & Elizabeth WEBB, married Mary LAMONT, 32, housekeeper, Nottawasaga twp, Town of Stayner, d/o Alex LAMONT (b. Scotland) & Annie McLEAN, witn: Annie LAMONT & Alex LAMONT both of Stayner, 28 Oct 1925 at Nottawasaga twp

018439/25 (Simcoe Co) Kiern Joseph COFFEY, 34, farmer, Albion Ont., Chinguacousy Twp. Mono Rd., s/o Kiern COFFEY & Annie HANNA, married Irene Gertrude DEACON, 26, teacher, King Twp. York Co., Tottenham Co., d/o John DEACON & Margaret EAGAN, witn: John COFFEY of Mono Road & Vida DEACON of Tottenham Ont., 23 September 1925, St. Francis Church Tottenham

018432/25 (Simcoe Co) John Henry COFFEY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Tottenham RR3 Ont., s/o Richard COFFEY (b. Ontario) & Alzada IRWIN, married Vera Evelyn HARDWICK, 22, Toronto Ont., Tottenham Ont., d/o Mathew HARDWICK (b. Ontario) & Carrie RIDGE, witn: Leila COFFEY & John COFFEY both of Tottenham Ont., 11 March 1925, Tottenham


18419-25 (Simcoe Co) William Francis COLLINS, 22, laborer, Charlottetown PEI, Victoria Harbor, s/o Peter COLLINS (b. Canada) & Mary ROSS, married Bertha Cecilia BRISSETTE, 18, domestic, Victoria Harbor, same, d/o Charles BRISSETTE (b. Canada) & Margaret A. PERASE (Presse?), witn: Oscar L'ECUYER of Port McNicoll & Dorothy PRATT of Victoria Harbor, 28 Nov [1925] at Port McNicoll

18400-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Leonard COOK, 19, tinsmith helper, Toronto, Midland, s/o Thomas Eugene COOK (b. USA) & Martha Jane EVERINGHAM, married Hazel Alma WARRINER, 19, North Orillia twp, same, d/o Charles Edward WARRINER, farmer, (b. Ontario) & Sarah HOWELL, witn: Jessie TEW & Ida LATTANVILLE both of Midland, 12 Nov 1925 at Midland

18419-25 (Simcoe Co) Stanford Wesley COOK, 25, moulder, North Orillia twp, Medonte, s/o Benjamin COOK (b. Simcoe Co) & Nettie STRONG, married Mary Viola BURNFIELD, 19, Medonte twp, same, d/o George Barker BURNFIELD (b. Simcoe Co) & Annie Elmira BUCHANAN, witn: Russell Benjamin COOK of RR#1 Moonstone & Gertrude E. GODDARD of Elmvale, 24 Nov 1925 at Hillsdale

18410-25 (Simcoe Co) James Hubert COONS, 28, order clerk, Winchester Ontario, Iroquois Falls District of Cochrane, s/o Albert COONS (b. Ontario) & Alice HANES, married Florence Alberta PATTERSON, 30, Stroud, same, d/o William PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Marth A. WILSON, witn: Mrs W.J. BALDWIN of Aurora & Wallis H. PATTERSON of Stroud, 11 Aug 1925 at Stroud

018433/25 (Simcoe Co) William Edward COOPER, 24, sailor, Barrie, Collingwood, s/o George Herbert COOPER (b. Barrie) & Kate LYLE, married Helen CHESNEY, 24, at home, Ravenna, Collingwood, d/o George CHESNEY (b. Toronto) & Hattie BALL, witn: Harriet CHESNEY & Mrs. George CHESNEY both of Collingwood, 20 February 1925, Collingwood

18416-25 (Simcoe Co) John COOPER, 31, farmer, Collingwood twp Grey Co, same, s/o John COOPER (b. Collingwood twp) & Martha HOCKLEY, married Mary Violet EAGLES, 32, widow, Collingwood twp, same, d/o John COOPER (b. Toronto) & Mary Jane HUTCHESON, witn: Florence UNDERHILL & Ethel M. DARROCH both of Collingwood, 30 Dec 1925 at Collingwood

18413-25 (Simcoe Co) Reginald Alexander COOPER, 25, merchant, Toronto, Elmvale, s/o John COOPER & Ellen KIRKUP, married Bertha JONES, 28, clerk, Elmvale Flos twp, same, d/o Leonard JONES & Jane HEWITT, witn: Lillie E. JONES of Pittsburg PA USA & Alwyn G. DALRYMPLE of 137 Howard Park Ave Toronto, 20 Aug 1925 at Wasaga Beach

018431/25 (Simcoe Co) Christopher COPEGOG, 22, laborer, Christina Island, Christian Island, s/o Archie COPEGOG (b. Christian Island) & Sophie MONAGUE, married Irene KING, 17, at home, Christian Island, Christian Island, d/o Emeri KING (b. Christian Island) & Patty? ASSANCE, witn: Duncan COPEGOG & Rose WEST both of Christian Island, 20 April 1925, Christian Island

18409-25 (Simcoe Co) Dalton CORBETT, 27, farmer, Glencarin, Sunnidale, s/o David CORBETT (b. Canada) & Twinetta GRAVELL, married Irene Alice CARNAHAN, 24, Town of Meaford, Sunnidale, d/o Frederick S. CARNAHAN (b. Ontario) & Martha GILDER, witn: Robert Frederick CARNAHAN & Mrs Martha PATTERSON both of Sunnidale, 15 Aug 1925 at Sunnidale

18428-25 (Simcoe Co) William CORNES, 28, salesman, England, 405 Balliol St Toronto, s/o Arthur CORNES (b. England) & Mary GOULD, married Muriel Eleanor SHARPE, 24, stenographer, Ontario, Thornton, d/o William SHARPE (b. Ontario) & Florence INGHAM, witn: Dorothy BARR of Flint Michigan & O. Mildred CROFT of Toronto, 3 June 1925 at Innisfil residence

18421-25 (Simcoe Co) John Willis CORRIGAN, 23, farmer, Tossorontio twp, Innisfil twp, s/o John Thomas CARRIGAN (b. Tecumseth twp) & Harriet Sophie COCHRANE, married Myrtle Edith CORBETT (b. Essa twp) & Sarah ROBB, witn: Bruce COWAN of Thornton & Miss Lottie COCHRANE of Allandale, 28 Nov 1925 at the residence of bride's parents Essa twp

018440/25 (Simcoe Co) Ambrose COUGHLIN, 28, salesman, Stayner, Toronto, s/o John Joseph COUGHLIN & Mary GRANT, married Florence Christena O'CONNELL, 25, Innisfil Simcoe Co., Innisfil Simcoe Co., d/o Timothy O'CONNELL & Flora McDONNELL, witn: Bernard O'NEIL of 12 Edna Ave. Toronto & Elizabeth O'CONNELL of Innisfil Simcoe Co., 1 September 1925, Barrie

18407-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Figgis COUSINS, 24, chauffeur, England, 512 Bathurst St Toronto, s/o A.D. COUSINS (b. Madagascar) & M.J. COUSINS, married Doris BENNETT, 24, tailoress, England, 414 Oakwood Ave Toronto, d/o Arthur BENNETT (b. England) & Kate BENNETT, witn: Kate BENNETT, L.M. BENNETT both of 414 Oakwood Ave [Toronto] & A.R. COUSINS of Summit Golf Club Jefferson Ontario, 20 Aug 1925 at St Paul's [Church] Simcoe

18415-25 (Simcoe Co) John Lloyd COWAN, 21, sailor 1st mate, Midland, same, s/o Joseph COWAN (b. Oro twp) & Nellie PARNHAM, married Hazel Marie RUSS, 18 (1 Oct 1907), Midland, same, d/o Levi RUSS (b. Grafton Ontario) & Alma TUCK, witn: W.A. COWAN & Hazel SARGENT both of Midland, 22 Dec 1925 at Midland

18405-25 (Simcoe Co) William Francis CRAWFORD, 22, farmer, Oro twp, same, s/o William J. CRAWFORD (b. Oro twp) & Margaret McLEAN, married Gertrude Alma BANBURY, 14, Village of Everett, Oro twp, d/o Norman Roy BANBURY (b. Aurora) & Laura ROBINSON, witn: Elsie SHELLEY of Kitchener & Letitia I. CAMERON of Orillia, 2 Sept 1925 at Orillia

18401-25 (Simcoe Co) James Francis CRIDLAND, 22, secretary treasurer, Toronto, 308 Coxwell Ave Toronto, s/o James CRIDLAND (b. Ontario) & Edith Maud Ellen LARGE, married Charlotte Sarah Ann BARTON, 24, graduate nurse, Ontario, Beeton d/o Robert James BARTON (b. Ontario) & Amelia DAVISON, witn: Charles CRIDLAND of 306 Coxwell Ave Toronto & Laura KEMP of 677 Durie St Toronto, 7 Oct 1925 at Beeton

18420-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph CROSNER, 37, fish dealer, Minsk Russia, Orillia twp, s/o Hymie CROSNER & Nessie MARES, married Hana MUSCOWITZ, 26, Jassy Roumania, Penetanguishene, d/o David MUSCOWITZ & Brocho BUCHMAN, witn: Joseph FINE & Symon FINE both of 53 Beatrice St Toronto, 24 Nov 1925 at Penetanguishene (Israelitist)

018449/25 (Simcoe Co) Albert Ralph DALE, 30, farmer, Toronto, Gilford, s/o John DALE (b. Yorkshire England) & Hannah HISLOP, married Viola Irene NEILLY, 32, Twp. West Gwillimbury, Twp. Innisfil, d/o John D. NEILLY (b. Twp. W. Gwillimbury) & Sarah Ann STEELE, witn: Mrs. D.E. NEILLY & L.E. NEILLY both of Churchill Ont., 9 December 1925, Churchill

018456/25 (Simcoe Co) Lloyd Thomas DALES, 22, laborer, Hillsdale, Barrie, s/o Wesley DALES (b. Bradford Ont.) & Jean WALLER, married Ruby Grace Velma BUCK, 18, Gravenhurst, Barrie, d/o Arthur BUCK (b. Campville Ont.) & Alice DRAPER, witn: Mrs. Alice BUCK & W. DEBENHAM both of Barrie 14 Grove St., 12 July 1925, 14 Grove St. East Barrie

018445/25 (Simcoe Co) George Arnol DAVIS, 65, widower, farmer, Twp. West Gwillimbury, Twp. West Gwillimbury, s/o John DAVIS (b. Co. Armagh Ireland) & Ann GALLOWAY, married Jane SMALLWOOD, 60, widow, nurse, England, Twp. Innisfil, d/o William Jervis BUTTER (Butler?)(b. Shropshire England) & Martha Elizabeth, witn: Edmond WEBB & Caroline WEBB both of Bradford RR3, 28 September 1925, Cookstown

018455/25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Henry DAVIS, 31, farmer, Caledon Twp., Caledon Twp., s/o Henry DAVIS (b. Caledon Twp.) & Eliza ARMSTRONG, married Edna Elfleda MATTHEWS, 27, saleslady, Caledon East, Caledon East, d/o Thomas MATHEW deceased (b. Albion Twp.) & Rachel LAMALICH?, witn: Delilah Rachel MATHEWS of 680 Crawford St. Toronto & Mrs. Eliza MATHEWS of Caledon East, 27 June 1925, Craighurst

18461-25 (Simcoe Co) Andrew DEARDEN, 32, farmer, England, Sunnidale twp, s/o John DEARDEN (b. England) & Mary Jane HOLME, married Lizzie BROWN, 30, England, Sunnidale twp, d/o Thomas BROWN (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth KENT, witn: John W. HARVEY & Margaret HARVEY both of Bradford, 31 Mar 1925 at the Rectory Bradford

018441/25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph DESJARDINS, 37, widower, laborer, Minnesota U.S.A., Penetanguishene, s/o Fabien DESJARDINS (b. Prov. Quebec) & Genevieve DANDURANT, married Maria Elizabeth CARRIERE, 18, Waubaushene, Twp. Tiny, d/o Rose CARRIERE, witn: Jean Baptiste DESJARDINS & Veronique Ste.CROIX both of Penetanguishene, 8 November 1925, Penetanguishene

018444/25 (Simcoe Co) James Albert Allan DILWORTH, 23, cabinet maker, Twp. of Orillia, Town Orillia, s/o Anson DILWORTH (b. Sparrow Lake) & Harriett MACISON?, married Mabel Amelia TURNBULL, 23, telephone operator, Twp. Orillia, Town Orillia, d/o Robert TURNBULL (b. Markham Twp.) & Elizabeth SOUTHWELL, witn: Noel TURNBULL of Orillia & Velma M. WELLMAN of Severn Bridge Ont., 13 October 1925, Town of Orillia

018454/25 (Simcoe Co) Harold Alexander DODDEMEADE, 27, operator, Ontario, 241 Dunn Ave. in Toronto, s/o Arthur DODDEMEADE (b. England) & Barbaretta LAWSON, married Olive May NEWMAN, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 151 Dunn Ave. Toronto Ont., d/o Alfred G. NEWMAN (b. Ontario) & Lydia F. Van SICKLE, witn: James Arthur DODDEMEADE of Brampton Ont. & Mary Edna BLACK of Buffalo N.Y. U.S.A. 1219 Michigan Ave., 1 August 1925, Barrie 107 Bayfield Street

18463-25 (Simcoe Co) Edmund DORION, 1904, farmer's son, Tiny twp, same, s/o Alphonse DORION & Zelia BEAUCHAMP, married Suzanne CADAT, 1906, Tiny twp, Penetanguishene, d/o Joseph CADAT & Lea GROZELLE, witn: Theophile CADAT & Marie Anne DORION both of Penetanguishene, 24 May 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

018457/25 (Simcoe Co) Norman Wilfred DOUGHERTY, 21, Clerk C.N.R., Vespra Twp., Penetanguishene, s/o William John DOUGHERTY (b. Canada) & Hannah HARRIS, married Pearl Elizabeth BEARDSALL, 21, Twp. Oro, Penetanguishene, d/o William Baxter BEARDSALL (b. Canada) & Minnie GRAY, witn: William Frederick DOUGHERTY of Barrie & Hilda Mae BEARDSALL of Clowes, 23 June 1925, Clowes

18459-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph DOUTHWAITE, 26, farmer, West Hartlepool England, Batteaux Duntroon, s/o Joseph DOUTHWAITE (b. England) & Laura FRANKLIN, married Beatrice Matilda HAHN, 24, Nottawa, Batteaux , d/o William J. HAHN (b. Ontario) & Mary McKEE, witn: Ernest DOUTHWAITE of Batteaux & Annie HAHN of Nottawa, 28 Apr 1925 at Nottawa

018452/25 (Simcoe Co) Norman Edward DOWLING, 22, farm laborer, Twp. Tiny, Tossorontio Twp., s/o Edward DOWLING (b. Tossorontio Twp.) & blank, married Mary GRAHAM, 32, household duties, Tossorontio Twp., Tossorontio Twp., d/o George GRAHAM (b. Dufferin Co.) & Annie GRAHAM, witn: Blanche Irwin & William I. REID both of Alliston Ont., 28 November 1925, Knox Manor, Alliston

018442/25 (Simcoe Co) John Edward DRURY, 26, farmer, Tossorontio Twp, Mulmur Twp., s/o Luke DRURY (b. Tossorontio) & Mary Ann PEALER, married Margaret HAWKINS, 30, domestic, Mulmur Twp., Mulmur Twp., d/o James HAWKINS (b. Dufferin) & Elizabeth DICKEY, witn: (Mrs. J.) Jean DAVEY of Creemore Ont. & James WILKIE of Darlingford Man., 11 November 1925, Creemore

18458-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph DUMAS, 36, widower, sawyer, Tiny twp, Penetanguishene, s/o Hornisdas DUMAIS ‘sic' (b. Quebec) & Elise ROBITAILLE, married Jane QUESNELLE, 36, widow, Tiny twp, Penetanguishene, d/o Dominique DORION (b. Quebec) & Mary Anne BARON, witn: Clement FORGET & Margaret RUMBLE both of Penetanguishene, 19 May 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

18462-25 (Simcoe Co) Walter Norman DUNGEY, 28, farmer, Mulmur twp Dufferin Co, Essa twp, s/o Charles DUNGEY (b. blank) & Hannah CAUTHERS, married Katharine ROBBINS, 24, England, Essa twp, d/o James ROBBINS (b. England) & not known, witn: R.J. CROMBIE & Alice AIKEN both of Beeton, 11 Feb 1925 at Beeton

018447/25 (Simcoe Co) John Albert DUNLOP, 20, sailor, Victoria Harbor, Victoria Harbor Ont., s/o Andrew DUNLOP (b. Canada) & Sarah BELFRY, married Flossie Victoria McLEOD, 18, Twp. Tay, blank, d/o William McLEOD (b. Canada) & Bertha CAMPBELL, witn: A. DUNLOP of Victoria Harbor & Mary LOCKHART of Waubaushene, 23 December 1925, Victoria Harbor

018443/25 (Simcoe Co) Jonathan Bond DUNN, 22, press operator, Orillia Town, Orillia Town, s/o John Wesley DUNN (b. Seabright Ont.) & Anna A. FENN, married Elizabeth SCHELL, 20, domestic, Morrison Twp., Orillia Town, d/o John SCHELL (b. Ontario) & Levina M. RUNNERFIELD, witn: Mrs. R. GRAHAM & Mrs. Wesley DUNN both of Orillia, 27 October 1925, Town of Orillia

018446/25 (Simcoe Co) Cecil Lennox DUNSMORE, 19, farmer, Vespra Twp., Vespra Twp., s/o William B. DUNSMORE (b. Oro Twp.) & Isobel LENNOX, married Viola Jane PROFIT, 19, at home, Town of Port Perry, Town of Barrie, d/o Arthur PROFIT (b. Brock Twp.) & Katrina WHITEFORD, witn: A.W. PROFIT & Kathrina PROFIT both of Barrie Ont., 22 December 1925, Barrie

018448/25 (Simcoe Co) William Robert DUNSTON, 21, farmer, Mulmur, Twp. Mulmur, s/o David DUNSTON (b. Mulmur Ont.) & Jane COE, married Effie ROWBOTHAM, 19, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, d/o Edward ROWBOTHAM (b. Melancthon) & Sarah Jane WEATHERALL, witn: Alfred ROWBOTHAM of Dunedin Ont. & Lulla WEATHERALL of Melancthon, 16 December 1925, Creemore

018453/25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Theodule DUQUETTE, 63, widower, carpenter, Twp. Tiny, Twp. Tiny, s/o Eusebe DUQUETTE (b. Quebec) & Catherine LABATTE, married Delina CHARLEBOIS nee CHEVRETTE, 48, widow, housewife, Twp. Tiny, Tiny Twp., d/o Moise CHEVRETTE (b. Quebec) & Helene LANGDON, witn: Pierre DUQUETTE & Mrs. Alvin DUQUETTE both of Penetanguishene, 7 September 1925, Lafontaine

018451/25 (Simcoe Co) Roy James DWINNELL, 27, farmer, Twp. Flos, Elmvale, s/o Henry DWINNELL (b. Ontario) & Sara McFADDEN, married Minnie TOWNS, 21, at home, Twp. Flos, Elmvale, d/o Frank TOWNS (b. Ontario) & Ida TREADLE, witn: Dalston DWINNELL & Doris CRUISE both of Elmvale, 25 November 1925, Elmvale

018450/25 (Simcoe Co) Dalston DWINNELL, 25, farmer, Flos twp., Elmvale., s/o Henry DWINNELL (b. Ontario) & Sara McFADDEN, married Doris CRUISE, 19, at home, Twp. Tiny, Elmvale, d/o Henry CRUISE (b. Ontario) & Margaret HILL, witn: Roy DWINNELL & Minnie DWINNELL both of Elmvale, 25 November 1925, Elmvale

18468-25 James Edward EBERHARDT, 31, steam fitter, Collingwood, same, s/o William John EBERHARDT (b. Collingwood) & Mary DEAN, married Charlotte Wilhelmina CURRIE, 20, Collingwood Tp., Collingwood, d/o William CURRIE (b. Scotland) & Sarah BULLOCH, witn: Mr. Angus W. CURRIE of Mattawa & Miss Florence May HOGG of Ravenna on July 1, 1925 at Collingwood.


18472-25 Leo Martin EDGAR, 20, ship builder, Tay Tp., same, s/o Jacob J. EDGAR (b. Ontario) & Caroline ECKENSVILLER, married Grace LALONDE, 22, clerk, Penetang, same, d/o John LALONDE (b. Penetanguishene) & Teresa PUTTHOFF, witn: James & Cinderella EDGAR both of Midland on Feb. 14, 1925 at Midland

18471-25 Ivison EDWARDS, 26, telephone linesman, Flos Tp., same, s/o Arel? EDWARDS (b. Oro Tp) & Elizabeth STRONG, married Annie Hazel MOFFATT, 23, nurse, Flos Tp., same, d/o William MOFFATT (b. Milton Ont) & Annie LATENBILLE?, witn: Mrs John MacDONALD of Wyevale on Feb. 21, 1925 at Wyevale.

18469-25 Leonard Earl EDWARDS, 23, farmer, Vasey Tay Tp., same, s/o William John EDWARDS (b. Canada) & Lizzie COVEY, married Eveline COLLINS, 22, Stayner, Midland R. R. 1 Tay Tp., d/o William Edward COLLINS (b. Canada) & Charlotte Edna NEY, witn: Hannah & Irene CLEMENTS both of Victoria Harbour on June 3, 1925 at Victoria Harbour

18465-25 Wilbert Trueman EDWARDS, 27, farmer, Watford? Ont, Collingwood, s/o Joseph EDWARDS (b. Canada) & Annie GILLETTE, married Eleanor Rubena WONCH, 18, Collingwood, same, d/o John WONCH (b. Canada) & Rubena LOUGHEAD, witn: Iva WONCH & John A. SMITH both of Collingwood on Oct. 12, 1925 at Collingwood.

18466-25 John ELRICK, 45, farmer, widower, Flos Tp., same, s/o George ELRICK (b. Scotland) & Isabella FIFE, married Alice Maud CLEMENT, 35, Village of Hillsdale, Flos Tp., d/o Henry CLEMENT (b. England) & Lucy LOWE, witn: W. F. DOWNEY of Phelpston & Mrs. Will CLEMENT of Elmvale on Nov. 25, 1925 at Elmvale.

18467-19 Delbert Wesley EMMS, 27, railway clerk, Oro Tp., Barrie, s/o Joseph Thomas EMMS (b. Canada) & Mary Elizabeth BONNEY, married Muriel Elsie Marguerite BANTING, 26, Essa Tp., Barrie, d/o Charles J. BANTING (b. Canada) & Mary Ann ARNOLD, witn: Leighton A. EMMS of Brantford Ont. & Ruby WILIE of Barrie on Sept. 2, 1925 at Barrie.

18470-25 Charles ENGLISH, 34, farmer, Edinburgh Scotland, Oro Tp., s/o Charles ENGLISH (b. Scotland) & Mary LINDSAY, married Alma Matilda HAWKINS, 26, Medonte Tp., same, d/o Joseph HAWKINS (b. Artemesia Grey Co) & Bessie JOHNSTON, witn: Archie McKERRALL of R. R. 4 Coldwater & Nellie FINN of Gravenhurst on March 11, 1925 at "The House" R.R.2 Hawkstone

18479-25 Stewart R. FELKER, 29, teacher, Stoney Creek Ontario, Collingwood, s/o John Frederick FELKER (b. Canada) & Nellie May RANDALL, married Kathaleen Pearl PARROTT, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas George PARROTT (b. Canada) & Flora McINNIS, witn: Albert Thomas PARROTT & Retta BRINCKMAN both of Collingwood on Dec. 25, 1925 at Collingwood

18480-25 James Elmer Robinson FELTIS, 32, merchant, Essa Tp., Thornton Village, s/o William James FELTIS (b. Essa Tp) & Mary Jane ROBINSON, married Linda Margaret ROBINSON, 29, Tecumseh Tp., Thornton Village, d/o John ROBINSON & Margaret ROGERS, witn: W. A. FELTIS & Josephine ROBINSON both of Cookstown on Nov. 25, 1925 at Cookstown

18477-25 Arthur Bruce FENLON, 19, farmer, Stayner, Toronto, s/o James FENLON (b. Stayner) & Flora SMITH, married Gertrude Jean HENDERSON, 19, Collingwood, Toronto, d/o John HENDERSON (b. Collingwood) & Ella ROBINS, witn: Lenore Jane LEONARD of Collingwood & Gordon H. DAVIS of Stayner on July 2, 1925 at Collingwood.

18487-25 John FITZGERALD, 34, labourer, Wyevale, Midland, s/o John FITZGERALD (b. Barrie) & Winifred McCARTHY, married Mae BLAKE, 22, Ottawa, Midland, d/o Philip BLAKE (b. Ottawa) & Ellen DUNIGAN, witn: Rob Ambrose FITZGERALD & Muriel A. BLAKE, both of Midland on Jan. 5, 1925 at Midland

18482-25 William Edmund FITZGERALD, 22, barber, Hillsdale, Midland, s/o Edmund FITZGERALD (b. Mount St. Louis) & Clementine O'HARA, married Annie Loretta REILL, 20, Midland, same, d/o Hurk REILL (b. Brock) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Herman LADOUCEUR & Rose REILL both of Midland on March 7, 1925 at Midland

18474-25 John FLEMMING, 30, moulder, Sebright Ont., Orillia, s/o Thomas FLEMMING (b. Ontario) & May MORDEN, married Mary Helen MOON, 24, Tweed, Orillia, d/o Wallace MOON (b. Ontario) & Bertha ORR, witn: Irene DEWEL of Fenelon Falls & Norman FLEMMING of Sebright on Sept. 24, 1925 at Orillia.

18478-25 Gordon Stanley FLETCHER, 32, blacksmith, Ontario, 24 Wychwood Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert Banks FLETCHER (b. England) & Ellen BENSON, married Edith NEWLOVE, 31, dressmaker, Ontario, Huntsville, d/o Joseph NEWLOVE (b. Ontario) & Emma SMITH, witn: James & Effie McALARY both of Orillia on July 1, 1925 at Orillia.

18488-25 Maurice James Addison FOLINSBEE, 36, barrister, Canada, Toronto, s/o John FOLINSBEE & Annie STEVENSON, married Alice CRESWICK, 28, bank clerk, Barrie, same, d/o Alfred E. H. CRESWICK & May SPRY, witn: E. A. CRESWICK of Barrie & W. H. MOIRS (Mairs?) of Toronto on June 17, 1925 at Barrie.

18481-25 Wilfred Stanley FOSTER, 25, gardener, Innisfil Tp., same, s/o William John FOSTER (b. Simcoe Co) & Mary CATHCART, married Annie STILLIE, 19, Ayr Scotland, Innisfil Tp., d/o Joseph STILLIE (b. Scotland) & Christina DUNNING, witn: William Samuel FOSTER of Belle ? & Mrs S. M. BEACH of Barrie on May 29, 1925 at Barrie.

18473-25 Roy FOUNTAIN, 22, farmer, Orilla Tp., same, s/o Walter FOUNTAIN (b. Canada) & Bertha WOODS, married Laura Evelyn GREENWELL, 22, Orilla Tp., same, d/o John GREENWELL (b. Canada) & Ellen BURGESS, witn: Albert & Mabel GAMMON both of Uhthoff Ont. on Nov. 14, 1925 at 106 Peter St., Orilla.

18475-25 Melville McKay FOWLIE, 34, jeweller, widower, Erin Ont., Georgetown, s/o Les Robert FOWLIE (b. Scotland) & Margaret Wright YOUNG, married Catharine Clarke FERGUSON, 26, nurse, Sarnia, West Virginia, d/o William Wells (b. Canada) & Mable, witn: Kenneth FERGUSON & Jessie AGNEW both of Collingwood on Sept. 30, 1925 at Collingwood.

18489-25 John Ambrose FOX, 26, clerk, Victoria Harbour, Espanola, s/o John FOX & Minnie ARTHUR, married Florida Anna JUNEAU, 26, Lafontaine, Victoria Harbor, d/o Clement JUNEAU & Permilia GERVAIS, witn: Rose JUNEAU of Victoria Harbour & Theodore FOX of Espanola on Sept. 14, 1925 at Victoria Harbour.

18476-25 William Rounding FRANKS, 24, research at Univ. of Toronto, Weston Toronto, s/o Joseph Thompson FRANKS (b. Canada) & Cassie PATTISON, married Sarah Ruth McLACHLAN, 26, medical student, Toronto, same, d/o Archibald McLACHLAN (b. Canada) & Jannett McKINNON, witn: Edith V. M. E. MORRIS & E. C. CARSCADDEN of Barrie on July 14, 1925 at Barrie

18484-25 Alexander FRASER, 21, labourer, Thessalon, Midland, s/o Colin FRASER (b. Canada) & Josephine CADETTE, married Florence Gertrude BOWEN, 17, Deseronto, Midland, d/o William John BOWEN (b. Canada) & Ellen Jane HOWARD, witn: Elgin BOWEN & Catharine HOOD both of Midland on Feb. 16, 1925 at Midland.

18483-25 William John FREETHY, 44, mail carrier, Grey Co., Stayner, s/o John FREETHY (b. Osprey Tp) & Sarahann BRISTOW, married Isabella DALEY, 47, widow, Simcoe Co., Nottawasaga Tp., d/o William HAVERSON (b. Norfolk England) & Sarahann HICKMAN, witn: Irvin Emerson & William Cecil BROWN both of Stayner on Feb. 24, 1925 at Stayner.

18486-25 Cecil Melville FRENCH, 21, farmer, Tiny Tp., Midland, Tay Tp., s/o Alfred FRENCH & Margaret Jane MacFADDEN, married Greta Marion ARCHER, 19, Medonte Tp., Waverley P.O. Flos Tp., d/o Frederick ARCHER & Florence EMMS, witn: Charlotte HOWDEN & Amelia E. STUBBS both of Elmvale on Jan. 21, 1925 at Elmvale

18485-25 James Robert FURLONG, 27, farmer, Flos Tp., same, s/o Andrew C. FURLONG (b. Simcoe Co) & Ellen J. STOCKELL, married Grace LANGMAN (Longman?), 23, Flos Tp., same, d/o George LANGMAN (b. Simcoe Co?) & Mary J. BELL, witn: Rachel FURLONG & Ewart E. LANGMAN both of Elmvale on Feb. 16, 1925 at Elmvale

18499-25 Robert James Percival GAULEY, 43, clerk, Alliston, Ottawa, s/o James GAULEY & Emma JENNETT, married Bertha May RODGERS, 41, school teacher, Barrie, same, d/o J. D. & Margaret, witn: Clara Isabel RODGERS of North Bay & D. E. F. GAULEY of Barrie on July 21, 1926 at Barrie

18490-25 Louis GIANETTO, 24, labourer, Turin Italy, Midland, s/o Anthonie GIANETTO (b. Turin Italy) & Frances PIASARDO, married Laura CHEVRETTE, 20, Penetanguishene, same, d/o Edmund CHEVERETTE (b. Penetanguishene) & Delia BERIOT, witn: Eucheris VENELLETT of Penetanguishene & Mary GIANETTO of Midland on Nov. 14, 1925 at Penetanguishene

18493-25 Percival Stanley GIBSON, 32, printer, Ontario, 133 Beatrice St. Toronto, s/o James GIBSON (b. Ontario) & Alice WILSON, married Mary Olive SHIRE, 35, Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o J. P. SHIRE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: W. H. SHIRE & Miss. J. A. WEIR both of Bracebridge on Oct. 28, 1925 at Orillia

18497-25 Nelson GLASSFORD, 45, labourer, Keswick Ont. Tp., Orillia, s/o Alexander GLASSFORD (b. London Ont) & Rachel LONG?, married Elizabeth Burnett NIMMO, 31, Lemerigg (?) Scotland, Orillia, d/o Henry NIMMO (b. Slainmon Scotland) & Margaret BRUNNETT, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. N. PARKS both of Orillia on Sept. 14, 1925 at Orillia.

18491-25 Clifford GORDON, 19, farmer, Orillia Tp., same, s/o William GORDON (b. Beaverton Ont) & May BEARD, married Gertrude GAMMON, 17 (b. 29 Oct 1908), Orillia Tp., same, d/o Charles GAMMON (b. Sussex England) & Mary TRAVISS, witn: Charles GAMMON of R.R.2 Orillia & William GORDON of Uhthoff on Nov. 4, 1925 at Uhthoff.

18506-25 (Simcoe Co) James Alexander Walter GORDON, 22, labourer, West Gwillimbury, Essa Twp., s/o John GORDON (b. Innisfil) & Mary E. HAMILTON, married Lena Luella BEECROFT, 18, Barrie, Essa Twp., d/o Edward BEECROFT & Lillias VEYSEY, witn: Walter TARBUSH & Pearl PERRY both of Angus, 17 Mar 1925 at Angus.

18509-25 (Simcoe Co) Alvin George GRAVES, 22, clerk, Flos Twp., Toronto, s/o Isaac GRAVES (b. Canada) & Sarah ROBERTSON, married Edith May PIFER, 20, Sunnidale Twp., Toronto, d/o John PIFER (b. Canada) & Ellen SHELL, witn: Lorna ROBERTSON & Agnes TODD both of Barrie, 24 Dec 1925 at Barrie. 18492-25 George GRAY, 31, chauffeur, Waubaushene, Midland, s/o James GRAY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth Jane GARVIN, married Edith Sephrona SCHRAM, 25, factory worker, Forks Road Welland Co., Midland, d/o Lewis Raymond SCHRAM (b. Ontario) & Stella HENDERSHOTT, witn: C. Everett SCHRAM & Pearl Netta GREY (sic) both of Midland on Oct. 17, 1925 at Midland.
18507-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur Raymond GREEN, 26, farmer, Innisfil, Innisfil Twp., s/o George James GREEN (b. Ontario) & Prudence C. WILLIAMS, married Amy Louisa SRIGLEY, 25, farmer's daughter, Innisfil, Innisfil, d/o Charles SRIGLEY (b. Ontario) & Olive V. QUANTZ, witn: Edward GREEN & Dorothy SRIGLEY both of Allandale, 11 Feb 1925 at Barrie. 18505-25 (Simcoe Co) Alexander Edwin GREEN, 28, sailor, Pike Bay Ontario, Midland, s/o Enoch E. GREEN & Isabella GRAHAM, married Lillian Mae BOWMAN, 28, Warminster, Midland, d/o William BOWMAN & Sarah Ann LANG, witn: Mary Lillian WRIGHT & James Russel HAYNE both of Midland, 18 Mar 1925 at Knox Manse, Midland.

18500-25 Edward GRIESBACH, 54, farmer, Collingwood, Moose Jaw Sask., s/o William GRIESBACH (b. Germany) & Susanna WOLFE, married Sarah Annie MAGEE, 50, Kimberley Grey Co., Midland, d/o James MAGEE (b. Ireland) & Amanda HARD, witn: Helena A. O'CONNOR & Wesley NEWBURN both of Midland on June 29, 1925 at The Manse in Midland

18494-25 Walter Franklin GROSE, 22, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Herbert GROSE (b. Nottawasaga) & Frances FERGUSON, married Mabel McSORLEY, 18, Algoma, Nottawasaga, d/o Malcolm McSORLEY (b. Caledon Peel Co) & Charlotte Ann NEFF, witn: S. Fergus GROSE of Creemore & Veran McSORLEY of Toronto on Oct. 14, 1925 at Singhampton Nottawasaga Tp.

18496-25 Richard Henry GULLEY, 29, farmer, Mono Tp., Albion Tp., s/o William Henry GULLEY (b. Peel Co) & Annie STINSON, married Arvilla WOODS, 36, Tecumseth , same, d/o Isaac WOODS (b. England) & Merilla LEWIS, witn: Joseph & Ida DALE both of Schomberg on Sept. 23, 1925 at Tottenham

18495-25 Donald Percy GUTHRIE, 27, barrister, Ontario, 80 St. George St. Toronto, s/o Hugh GUTHRIE (b. Ontario) & Maude SCARFF, married Mary Louise TELFER, 25, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Herbert Young TELFER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Edna HEBBLEWHITE, witn: H. GUTHRIE of Toronto & E. McFAUL of Collingwood on Oct. 3, 1925 at Collingwood.

18515-25 (Simcoe Co) George Gilbert HALL, 26, farmer, Albion Twp., Albion Twp., s/o Thomas George HALL (b. Albion Twp.) & Mary Matilda LOWERY, married Melda BREEDON, 22, farmer's daughter, Tecumseth Twp., Tecumseth Twp., d/o John BREEDON (b. King Twp.) & Maryanne GADSON? (Godson?), witn: J.H. Garnet BREEDON of Tottenham & Irene A. BREEDON of Penville, 23 Sep 1925 at Bond Head.

18514-25 (Simcoe Co) Samuel Orville HANES, 27, widower, fireman, Tay Twp., Midland, s/o William HANES (b. Yorkshire England) & Anne REYNOLDS, married Mary Bickerstaff GRAHAM, 24, housework, Blantyre Lanark Scotland, Midland, d/o James GRAHAM (b. Scotland) & Margaret SMITH, witn: George W. HAMILTON & Margaret HAMILTON both of Midland, 24 Oct 1925 at Penetanguishene
18521-25 (Simcoe Co) George Edward HENDERSON, 31, farmer, Tossorontio Twp., Tossorontio Twp., s/o Robert HENDERSON (b. Tossorontio Twp) & Ellen WILSON, married Florence Mary JACKSON, 23, teacher, Tossorontio Twp., Tossorontio Twp., d/o George JACKSON (b. Tossorontio Twp) & Lillian PETTIGREW, witn: Amy Frances JACKSON & William John HENDERSON both of Alliston, 29 Aug 1925 at Everett. 18518-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles John HENDERSON, 19, machinist, Gossport England, Moonstone Medonte Twp., s/o William E. HENDERSON (b. Ireland) & Ada LAMPARD?, married Vera POTTER, 17, Medonte Twp., not stated, d/o Allan POTTER (b. Portsmouth England) & Mary WARINER, witn: Mrs. A.M. PARTRIDGE? of Coldwater & Mrs. John BOWER of Warren, 21 Aug 1925 at Coldwater
18517-25 (Simcoe Co) David HEWITT, 37, blacksmith, Hansht. Leeds Yorks England, Midland, s/o Robert HEWITT & Ellen KNAPTON, married Annie Viola MCGILL, 32, French River Ontario, Midland, d/o William R. MCGILL & Annie RATHWELL, witn: William R. MCGILL & Hattie SCOTT both of Midland, 7 Oct 1925 at Midland. 18519-25 (Simcoe Co) Martin HESS, 26, rancher, Cleveland Ohio, National City California, s/o William HESS (b. Holland) & Cornelia BAKER, married Annie MURRAY, 25, stenographer, Scotland, Midland, d/o Hugh MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Agnes GOUDIE, witn: Thomas MURRAY & J.C. LUKE both of Midland, 3 Aug 1925 at Midland.

18522-25 (Simcoe Co) Frederick James HILL, 22, section man C.N.R., England, Wyevale, s/o Fred HILL Sr. (b. Wales) & Maud VICKERY, married Irene Orr HAGAN (HAGEN?), 21, Ontario, 95 Alexander St. Toronto, d/o James HAGAN (b. Ireland) & Ellen CRAWFORD, witn: Rev. James HAGAN of Toronto & Mrs. Fred HILL Sr. of Wyevale, 30 Jun 1925 at Wyevale.

18513-25 (Simcoe Co) George Edward HILTS, 23, farmer, Vespra Twp., Flos Twp., s/o Adam HILTS (b. Egremont Twp) & Emily Etta RAWN, married Mary Christina WEATHERALL, 21, farmer's daughter, Flos Twp., Sunnidale Twp., d/o Alfred Frederick WEATHERALL (b. Nottawasaga Twp) & Mary Ellen POWERS, witn: John WEATHERALL of RR#3 Stayner & Pearl HILTS of Anten Mills, 11 Nov 1925 at Sunnidale Twp, both Mennonite

18526-25 (Simcoe Co) William HOAGE, 39, widower, labourer, Nottawasaga, Penetanguishene, s/o James HOAGE (b. Osprey - near Stayner Ontario) & Mary MOORE, married Mary DION, 55, Lafontaine Tiny Twp., Penetanguishene, d/o Octave DION (b. Rimouski Quebec) & Victoria TESSIER, witn: John HURLEY & Elizabeth HURLEY both of Penetanguishene, 23 Jun 1925 at Penetanguishene 18525-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Alan HOBLEY, 25, druggist, Barrie, Toronto, s/o John Neale HOBLEY (b. England) & Mary E. DEANS, married Erma Frances WEBB, 28, Innisfil, Toronto, d/o Robert Thomas WEBB (b. Simcoe Co.) & Ada Bevens YOUNG, witn: Norah A. SHEPPARD & Franklin Wellesley SMALLEY both of Toronto, 16 Jun 1925 at Barrie.
18523-25 (Simcoe Co) William Herbert HODGINS, 37, farmer, Barrie, Sturgeon Bay - Tay Twp., s/o Richard & Charlotte HODGINS, married Mary Elizabeth POTTER, 20, Tay Twp., not stated, d/o Thomas F. POTTER & Harriet NORTON, witn: Ronald MILES? of Coldwater & Elsie HOY of Waubaushene, 6 Jul 1925 at Midland 18516-25 (Simcoe Co) Albert Leslie HOLMES, 28, farmer, West Gwillimbury, Tecumseth Twp., s/o Peter HOLMES (b. Simcoe Co.) & Margaret WRIGHT, married Margaret Ann MCARTHUR, 23, housework, Bradford, Bond Head, d/o Frank MCARTHUR (b. Simcoe Co.) & Louisa MCKAY, witn: Duncan MCARTHUR of Bond Head & Eva HOLMES of Schomberg, 26 Sep 1925 at Bond Head
18530-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Lewis HOWELL, 52, farmer, Muskoka - Stisted Twp., Coldwater Medonte Twp., s/o Henry HOWELL (b. Coldwater) & Eliza GRIFFIN, married Annie KAIN, 56, widow, Ireland, Medonte Twp., d/o Samuel MCMICHAEL (b. Ireland) & Jane ELLIS, witn: Frederick TALBOT & Alice TALBOT both of Coldwater, 11 May 1925 at Church of England Rectory, Coldwater 18535-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur George HOWELL, 20, laborer, England, Barrie, s/o George HOWELL (b. England) & Catherine FOSTER, married Norah Marguerite MCTAGUE, 19, Midland, Barrie, d/o Mitchell MCTAGUE (b. Ireland) & Mary SOMERS, witn: Bert WICE & Mrs. Bert WICE both of Barrie, 27 Mar 1925 at Barrie

18512-25 (Simcoe Co) George HUGHES, 24, ship builder, Barrie, Windsor Ontario, s/o James HUGHES (b. England) & Angus 'sic' PEMBERTON, married Pearly Jane TOWNES, 24, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Jonathan Lee TOWNES (b. Canada) & Mary CONKLIN, witn: Florence TOWNES of Collingwood & Earl VANPLEW of Thornbury, 9 Nov 1925 at Collingwood

18498-25 Seymour HUTCHINSON, 29, farmer, Collingwood Tp., same, s/o William John HUTCHINSON (b. Ontario) & Emily Elizabeth FAWCETT, married Georgina Airhart GLOVER, 25, nurse, Nottawasaga Tp., Collingwood Tp., d/o George w. GLOVER (b. Ontario) & Belle MONTGOMERY, witn: Clarence HUTCHINSON on Redwing Ont. & Isabelle GLOVER of Collingwood on Dec. 1, 1925 at Nottawa

018604/25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Sinclair MACKIE, 32, Bell Telephone foreman, Twp. North Grimsby, same, s/o James MACKIE (b. Scotland) & Ellmina WILKINSON, married Helen HARE, 30, book keeper, Fonthill, same, d/o Joseph HARE (b. England) & Harriet LEWIS, witn: John Cairns McLACHLAN of Ceylon Ont. & Christina McLeod SHORTT of Barrie Ont., 29 August 1925, Barrie

018623/25 (Simcoe Co) James Edwin MACKIN, 25, laborer, Hartley Ont., Midland 291 Russell Cr., s/o Joseph MACKIN (b. Ontario) & Christina MacLEAN, married Ruby LYLE, 20, dressmaker, Burnt River, Midland, d/o Thomas LYLE (b. Ontario) & Jane CHALMERS, witn: Joseph MACKIN of Cannington & Violet LYLE of Midland, 17 March 1925, Knox Manse Midland

018617/25 (Simcoe Co) Lewis Emerson MADILL, 26, farmer, Twp. West Gwillimbury, same, s/o Joel MADILL (b. Pickering Ontario Co.) & Elizabeth MICHIN, married Ellen Jane HICKLING, 28, Flos Twp., Twp. West Gwillimbury, d/o Fredrick Milton HICKLING (b. Crown Hill Simcoe) & Henrietta HIGGS, witn: Joseph Edward WELSH of Bradford RR#2 & Mable Mary HICKLING of Painswick, 2 May 1925, Cookstown

018615/25 (Simcoe Co) James Edward MALCOLM, 21, sailor, Victoria Harbor, Victoria Harbor, s/o John MALCOLM (b. Canada) & Emily DAGGETT, married Hazel BROWN, 19, clerk telephone, Parry Sound, Victoria Harbor, d/o George BROWN (b. Canada) & Matilda WILSON, witn: C. Louise WARREN & Marion MALCOLM both of Midland, 22 May 1925, Midland

018612/25 (Simcoe Co) George Edgar MANNING, 25, farmer, Vaughan Twp., Vaughan, s/o Joshua MANNING (b. Vaughan Twp.) & not obtained, married Mildred Loraine LLOYD, 16, King Twp., Vaughan, d/o William H. LLOYD (b. Vaughan Twp.) & Eveline COOPER , witn: Lydia LEGGETT & L.V. LEGGETT both of Stayner Ont., 24 June 1925, Stayner

018605/25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Frederick MARKS, 25, mechanic, Town of Orillia, Town of Orillia, s/o Frederick MARKS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Jane WATSON, married Florence WILLIAMS, 25, domestic, City London, Town of Orillia, d/o unknown & unknown, witn: C. STUDD & Catherine M. BOYD both of Orillia, 31 August 1925, Orillia

018614/25 (Simcoe Co) John Thomas MARSHALL, 28, chauffeur, Innisfil Twp., Barrie, s/o John MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Annie CUNNINGHAM, married Mabel Mary HICKLING, 22, Twp. of Flos, Barrie, d/o Fredrick M. HICKLING (b. Ontario) & blank, witn: W.A. MARSHALL & Tressia Ann CROSSIE both of Barrie, 23 May 1925, Bradford

018625/25 (Simcoe Co) Floyd MARTIN, 23, farmer, Marshall Mich. U.S.A., Essa Twp., s/o Alvin MARTIN (b. Marshall Michigan U.S.A.) & Myrtle FENTON, married Edith SCHELL, 19, at home, Twp. Tossorontio, Essa Twp., d/o James SCHELL (b. Ontario Canada) & Sarah KNISLEY, witn: George POLLITT & Myrtle HARRISON both of Angus Ont., 7 February 1925, Barrie

018613/25 (Simcoe Co) David Reginald MATHERS, 28, asst. railway agent, Stayner Town, Alliston Town, s/o David MATHERS (b. Ont. Canada) & Rebecca AUSMAN, married Margaret Miriam Iva JACKMAN, 27, stenographer, Sunnidale Co. Simcoe, Stayner Town Simcoe Co., d/o Thomas John JACKMAN (b. Markham Ont. Canada) & Annie SHAW, witn: Fred C. SPIKER of Stayner Ont. & Miss Myrtle HILL of Barrie Ont., 24 June 1925, Stayner

018627/25 (Simcoe Co) Roland MAURICE, 24, farmer, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, s/o Edmond MAURICE & Julia BRUNDLE, married Maria LADOUCEUR, 21, housemaid, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, d/o Joseph LADOUCEUR & Josephine MAURICE, witn: Lavin MAURICE & Adella LAURIN both of Lafontaine, 28 April 1925, Lafontaine

018601/25 (Simcoe Co) Reuben MEEK, 21, laborer, Glasgow Ditchfield?, Batteaux, s/o Henry MEEK & Mary Anne STIEPPE, married Victoria Jane McLAUGHLIN, 19, at home, Haliburton Ont., Batteaux, d/o Amos McLAUGHLIN & Alice AIKINS, witn: Nellie McEACHERN of Stayner Ont. & Mary PATTERSON of 161 High Pk. Ave. Toronto, 28 October 1925, Stayner

018608/25 (Simcoe Co) William Charles MELBORNE, 21, carpenter, Twp. West Gwillimbury Bond Head, Twp. West Gwillimbury, s/o Charles MELBOURNE & Kennetha OGILVIE, married Ellen Marion DARLING, 22, District of Muskoka, Twp. West Gwillimbury, d/o John DARLING & Isabella BROOMFIELD? witn: Elizabeth I. DARLING & David E. MELBOURNE both of Bradford, 8 July 1925, Bradford

018622/25 (Simcoe Co) Norman MICKS, 22, farmer, Glencairn, Tossorontio, s/o Nelson MICKS (b. Sunnidale) & Lucinda MORRISON, married Florence May RAWN, 18, Sunnidale, Toronto, d/o Elijah RAWN (b. Sunnidale) & Flora SCHELL, witn: Mrs. E.N. MICKS of Glencairn Ont. & Mrs. R.G. HALBERT of New Lovell Ont., 18 March 1925, New Lovell

018619/25 (Simcoe Co) Reginald Emerus MERKLEY, 20, machinist, Gravenhurst, Town of Orillia, s/o William MERKLEY (b. Iroquois) & Mary Elizabeth STILES, married Laura Daisy HARTNELL, 19, clerk, Penetanguishene, Town of Orillia, d/o John HARTNELL (b. London Ontario) & Laura MILLER, witn: Mrs. Carmel SWAILE of 79 Penetang St. Orillia & William L. LINDSAY of Orillia, 31 March 1925, Orillia

018624/25 (Simcoe Co) Charles MILLS, 54, widower, carpenter, Grey Co., Stayner Simcoe Co., s/o James MILLS (b. England) & Margaret STINSON, married Laura Elizabeth Evelyn BELLWOOD, 47, widow, house keeper, Simcoe Co., Stayner, d/o David CULHAM (b. Wales) & Francis PRICE, witn: George CULHAM & Mrs. Kenneth MacLEAN both of Stayner, 25 February 1925, Stayner

018621/25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Arthur MILLS, 26, laborer, England, Town of Orillia, s/o not known (b. England) & not known, married Dora Marion MORRIS, 20, domestic, United States, Town of Orillia, d/o Edward MORRIS (b. N.Y. U.S.A.) & Annie A. JONES, witn: Mary R. McGILLIVARY & Laura J. MORRIS both of Orillia, 26 March 1925, Orillia

018606/25 (Simcoe Co) George K. MILLS, 59, widower, school inspector, Ontario, 210 Bloor St. E., s/o Joseph MILLS (b. Ireland) & Harriet LOWES, married Margaret Kay MURRAY, 40, school teacher, Ontario, Barrie Ont., d/o Robert Hamilton MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Agnes KAY, witn: Marion Murray STEPHENS of Glencairn Ont. & Charles MURRAY of Dauphin Man., 8 July 1925, Barrie

018616/25 (Simcoe Co) John Earl MILLSAP, 24, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, s/o John MILLSAP & Elizabeth IRWIN, married Ella Matilda PENELTON, 25, Mulmur, Creemore, d/o Jos. H. PENELTON & Annie DUFFIN, witn: Joseph C. LENNOX of Glencairn Ont. & E. Pearl WILLIAMSON of Creemore Ont., 18 March 1925, New Lovell

018609/25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Floyd MITCHELL, 21, machinist, Clarksburg, Clarksburg, s/o Thomas T. MITCHELL (b. Clarksburg) & Elizabeth HOOYE, married Jean Pearl MILLS, 21, Telephone operator, Sunnidale Twp., Stayner, d/o Charles MILLS (b. Melancthon Twp. Grey Co. Ont.) & Jane McDONALD, witn: John FORGIE of RR1 Stayner & Charles MILLS of Stayner, 9 December 1925, The Manse Stayner

018618/25 (Simcoe Co) Charles MOFFATT, 33, book keeper, Vespra Twp., Vespra Twp., s/o William MOFFATT (b. Ontario Canada) & Ellen POWERS, married Dorothy Ida BLACK, 21, at home, Innisfil Twp., Vespra Twp., d/o Clement BLACK (b. Ontario Canada) & Bertha WEBB, witn: Mrs. Jennie WILLIAM & Mrs. Charlotte SHAW, 9 April 1925, Barrie

018620/25 (Simcoe Co) Daniel MONAGUE, 20 years past, labourer, Christian Island, Christian Island, s/o Essau MONAGUE (b. Canada Indian) & Mary Jane KING, married Ruby PAWIS, 18 years past, Shawanaga Ontario, Christian Island, d/o Charles PAWIS (b. Canada Indian) & Susan MISQUEAS, witn: M.J. SANDY & Chief John S. HAWK, 17 March 1925, Penetanguishene

018611/25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Albert Joseph MONAHAN, 26, machinist, Orillia Twp., Town of Orillia, s/o William John MONAHAN (b. Ontario) & Catherine MITCHELL, married Margaret Elizabeth Ann Sackett DANTON, 34, mill hand, Twp. of Mara, Town of Orillia, d/o Benjamin DANTON (b. England) & Catherine WALLACE, witn: Leslie A. TREGENZA & Bertha M. DANTON both of Orillia, 25 November 1925, Orillia

018610/25 (Simcoe Co) William Edward Harriman MONKHOUSE, 25, marine engineer, Gore Bay, Algoma District Providence Bay, s/o William J. MONKHOUSE & Sarah Jane MARTIN, married Lena May MINNIKIN, 23, housewife, Innisfil Twp., Orillia Town, d/o Charles MINNIKIN (b. Innisfil Twp.) & Sarah REID, witn: La Verne TURNER & Mallie Ella TURNER both of 222 East St., 14 December 1925, Orillia

018600/25 (Simcoe Co) George Abraham MONTGOMERY, 31, farmer, Lavender Ont., Creemore, s/o Thomas Robert MONTGOMERY (b. Mono Ont.) & Mary Jane MATH, married Mary Elizabeth SIDEY, 22, at home, Creemore Ont., Creemore, d/o John SIDEY (b. Creemore Ont.) & Tene MELVILLE, witn: R.L. MONTGOMERY & Louisa C. SIDEY both of Creemore, 28 October 1925, Collingwood

018602/25 (Simcoe Co) John Samuel MOORE, 25, carpenter, Dummer Peterborough Ont., same, s/o Robert George MOORE (b. Ontario) & Hattie HAMBLIN, married Alice WASSON, 23, nurse, Dummer Peterborough Co. Ont., 533 Rogers St. Peterborough Ont., d/o William WASSON (b. Ontario) & Mary E. ROBESON, witn: Mrs. Minnie WASSON of Peterboro Ont. & Mrs. Bertha ROBESON of Orillia Ont., 21 October 1925, Orillia

018626/25 (Simcoe Co) Richard Coleman MOORE, 22, grain inspector, Midland, Midland, s/o Mary MURPHY & Thomas, married Bernadette Rose SHIELS, 28, clerk, Waubaushene, Midland, d/o Alice McNALLY & J. John, witn: Thomas Wilfred MOORE of Midland & Kathleen SHIELS of Waubaushene, 13 April 1925, Waubaushene

018603/25 (Simcoe Co) Clive Murdoch MORRIS, 26, school teacher, Ontario, Cobourg Ont., s/o Frederick MORRIS (b. Ontario) & Rebecca MURDOCK, married Alma Irene HENDERSON, 19, Ontario, Feversham Ont., d/o Robert HENDERSON (b. Ontario) & Jessie LENG, witn: John BROWN & Mrs. John BROWN both of Feversham Ont., 12 August 1925, Collingwood

018607/25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Stuart MURRAY, 29, railway operator, Toronto Ont., Newmarket Ont., s/o Eli MURRAY (b. Newmarket Ont.) & Margaret DARRACH, married Jane Elizabeth Kathleen McDERMID, 26, school teacher, Nottawasaga Ont., Duntroon Ont., d/o Peter J. McDERMID (b. Nottawasaga Ont.) & Mary HUNT, witn: Mrs. F. LUNSFORD of 53 King Edw. Ave. Toronto & Reg. McDERMID of Duntroon Ont., 4 July 1925, Duntroon


18664-25 (Simcoe Co) Albert NEY, 53, farmer, West Gwillimbury twp, same, s/o John NEY (b. Ireland) & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Mary LUMBARD, 54, West Gwillimbury twp, same, d/o John LUMBARD (b. England) & Elizabeth DUCK, witn: George BAKER & Florence Sanley JOHNSON both of Cookstown, 15 Apr 1925 at Cookstown

18663-25 (Simcoe Co) John Allen NICOL, 25, farmer, Essa twp, same, s/o John W. NICOL (b. Essa twp) & Mary WHITESIDE, married Ruth Irene Marjorie SPEERS, 18, Alliston, Essa twp, d/o Hiram E. SPEERS (b. Essa twp) & Priscilla FIELDS, witn: Janet Nicol ALLCOTT & William UPTON both of Alliston, 13 May 1925 at Thornton

18662-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Hetherington NORRIS, 28, school teacher, Ontario, 185 Indian Rd Toronto, s/o John William NORRIS (b. Ontario) & Mary Ida TAYLOR, married Jean Nellie THOMSON, 28, school teacher, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Duncan THOMSON (b. Ontario) & Nellie PASSMORE, witn: Maurice W. NICHOL of Toronto & Caroline THOMSON of Orillia, 15 Aug 1925 at the Presbyterian Church Orillia

18661-25 (Simcoe Co) Samson NORTON, 31, widower, farmer, Christian Island, same, s/o Francis Anawatin NORTON (b. Christian Island) & Mary ESSENCE deceased, married Eliza Jane NOGANOSH, 25, widow, Parry Island Parry Sound District, Christian Island, d/o John WEST (b. Ontario) & Jane RORSON, witn: Christopher COPICOG & Mrs Christopher COPICOG both of Christian Island, 26 Oct 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

18665-25 (Simcoe Co) William NOWLEN, 44, widower, master mason, Huntsville Muskoka, Midland, s/o George NOWLEN (b. Tossorontio twp) & Mary Ann RAWN, married Emma GRANT, 45, widow, farming, Tossorontio twp, Creemore, d/o John McCOY (b. Nottawa) & Caroline RAWN, witn: Mrs B. MIDDLEBROOK & Mrs F. SULLIVAN both of Creemore, 31 Mar 1925 at Creemore

18666-25 (Simcoe Co) William Roy O'CONNOR, 25, baker, Barrie, same, s/o Thomas O'CONNOR (b. Barrie) & Elizabeth ADIE, married Annie Louisa URRY, 19, Barrie, same, d/o Frederick URRY (b. Brentwood) & Bertha SLEAD, witn: Evelyn Elleanor URRY of 119 Bayfield St Barrie & John H. O'CONNOR of 131 Berczy St Barrie, 24 June 1925 at 40 Clapperton St., Barrie

18667-25 (Simcoe Co) John O'CONNOR, 65, widower, gardener, Mount St Louis, Tecumseth twp, s/o Peter O'CONNOR (b. Ireland) & Katherine McKEOUN (McKeown?), married Sarah LONGHURST, 64, widow, Tecumseth twp, same, d/o Archie HAMILTON (b. England) & Margaret EVANS, witn: Mrs McCOLLUM & Miss TERRY both of Alliston, 30 Apr 1925 at St Andrew's Rectory Alliston

18669-25 (Simcoe Co) John O'HERN, 35, farmer, North Adjala, same, s/o Edmond O'HERN & Margaret RYAN, married Alma TREACY, 36, Tecumseh , Alliston, d/o Thomas TREACY & Frances HENRY, witn: Vincent COLEY & Mamie BURKE both of North Adjala, 16 June 1925 at Alliston RC

18668-25 (Simcoe Co) William Gilmour ORMSBY, 65, widower, blacksmith, Orillia, 5th St Midland, s/o William ORMSBY (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane unknown, married Sarah Melissa LADOUCEUR, 62, widow, Madoc Hastings Co, Midland, d/o Louis Gabriel WILLET (b. Kingston) & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Minnie CADIEUX & Walter CADIEUX both of Midland, 5 Dec 1925 at Midland

18677-25 (Simcoe Co) Alfred Ernest PAGE, 24, shoemaker, London England, Town of Barrie, s/o Alfred PAGE (b. England) & Kate PARSONS, married Dorothy Violet HARPER, 22, London England Jan 1903, Town of Barrie, d/o Goldie Robert HARPER (b. England) & Annie Eliza THACKER, witn: Elsie D.A. BALLESTON of Barrie & D.E. BANTING of Stroud, 8 July 1925 at St Paul's Innisfil

18681-25 (Simcoe Co) Harold Ira PALMER, 28, medical doctor, Brantford, same, s/o Ralph Herbert PALMER (b. Canada) & Edith Christina THOMSON, married Helen Patricia BLACKMORE, 24, nurse, Innisfil twp, Barrie, d/o Samuel BLACKMORE (b. Canada) & Helen DODSON (deceased), witn: A. PALMER of Toronto & H. DODSON of St Thomas, 17 June 1925 at Barrie

18685-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur PAUZE, 20, farmer, Lafontaine, same, s/o Eugene PAUZE & Rosella COMTOIS, married Clarey QUESNELLE, 18, Perkinsfield, same, d/o Stephen QUESNELLE & Adelie LAHARE, witn: Armand BEAUCHAMP & Dela QUESNELLE both of Perkinsfield, 6 Oct 1925 at Perkinsfield RC

18678-25 (Simcoe Co) Philip Alexander PAVELIN, 21, laborer, Oakwood, Midland, s/o Thomas PAVELIN (b. London England) & Margaret MILLER, married Hattie Grace IRONSIDE, 23, Petrolia, Midland, d/o John IRONSIDE (b. Scotland) & Emma Ann SHEWMAN, witn: Bismark IRONSIDE of #72 7th Street [Midland] & Gladys PAVELIN of Toronto, 21 July 1925 at Midland, 21 July 1925 at Midland Salvation Army

18679-25 (Simcoe Co ) William Stanley PEACOCK, 22, barber, Mono twp Dufferin Co, Barrie, s/o Robert PEACOCK (b. Adjala) & Jennie IRWIN, married Mildred Isabel CLARKSON, 18, Essa twp, Barrie, d/o Frederick CLARKSON (b. Oro twp) & Minnie BALL, witn: Mrs BOWLES & Mrs GREENSLADE both of Bradford, 3 June 1925 at Bradford

18682-25 (Simcoe Co) James Edger PIERCEY, 22, farmer, York Co, Tecumseth twp, s/o James PIERCEY (b. Ontario) & Annie FLEMING, married Orma Marion LOWERY, 18, housekeeper, Tecumseth twp, same, d/o John LOWERY (b. Ontario) & Ida WILLIAMS, witn: Chris ROE & Velma LOWERY both of Tottenham, 3 June 1925 at Tottenham

18686-25 (Simcoe Co) Albert John PILON, 39 (28 Dec 1885), widower, laborer, Tiny twp, same, s/o Olivier PILON & Catherine ASSELIN, married Marie CHARLEBOIS, 19 (18 Oct [1906]), Tiny twp, same, d/o Joseph CHARLEBOIS & Melina BEAUCHAMP, witn: Herbert ROBITAILLE & Claudia PILON both of Laurin, 23 Nov 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

18673-25 (Simcoe Co) Fredrick PLANT, 24, truck driver, Essa twp, Town of Barrie, s/o Abraham PLANT (b. Thornton) & Elizabeth BOWMAN, married Millie Caroline HOLMES, 19, Vespra twp, Town of Barrie, d/o William J. HOLMES (b. Essa St Vespra twp) & Ida HONSBERGER, witn: Mrs W.J. WEBB & Mrs G.E. COULTER both of Allandale, 5 Dec 1925 at Barrie

18671-25 (Simcoe Co) George Reginald Allen PLATER, 22, agent, Craigleith, Collingwood, s/o John PLATER (b. Aylesbury England) & Mary Ellis LOUGHEED, married Ivy May HILL, 20, Stayner, Collingwood, d/o Frederick James HILL (b. Wales) & Maud Emily VICKERY, witn: Arthur R. KINSEY of Craigleigh & Hattie M. DAMON of Collingwood, 30 Oct 1925 at Collingwood

18683-25 (Simcoe Co) Walter PORTER, 27, bank clerk, Elmvale, Durham Grey Co, s/o William PORTER (b. Kirkton Ontario) & Jane HUNTER, married Grace Isabel LETHERDALE (s/b LEATHERDALE), 29, Penetang, same, d/o James LETHERDALE (b. Oro twp) & Jessie TUDHOPE, witn: Lloyd LETHERBY of Midland & J.M.H. McGUIRE of Penetanguishene, 10 Apr 1025 at Penetanguishene

18684-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Joseph PRANCE, 33, wireless operator, Toronto, same, s/o George J. PRANCE & Adela CRUISE, married Alice J. MOREAU, 29, Port Severn, Midland, d/o Joseph MOREAU & Jane MARTIN, witn: Maud TREMBLAY of Midland & Kathleen LOVERING of Coldwater, 30 June 1925 at Midland RC

18670-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Edward PRIDDLE, 53, widower, merchant, City of Toronto, Oro twp, s/o Mark PRIDDLE (b. Somersetshire England) & Sarah Ann MASTERS, married Mary Mulvina MURRAY, 48, widow, Oro twp, same, d/o John LEIGH (b. Oro twp) & Margaret Lister McLEOD, witn: Charles E. GOLLAND & Maynard S. LEIGH both of Hawkestone, 14 Nov 1925 at Hawkestone

18672-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur Ernest PRINCE, 21, electrician, England, Franklin Ave Lansing Ontario, s/o Albert Edward PRINCE (b. England) & Florence Ada Le RICHE, married Frances Annie BALLANTYNE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Barrie, d/o William J. BALLANTYNE (b. Ontario) & Annie K. MABEY, witn: Minnie A. PARKS & William H. BALLANTYNE both of Barrie, 20 Dec 1925 at Barrie

18674-25 (Simcoe Co) Carman PRINGLE, 20, laborer, Napanee, Town of Orillia, s/o John PRINGLE (b. Napanee) & Mary STORE, married Elizabeth Grace DAVIDSON, 18, Smith Falls, Town of Orillia, d/o Silas DAVIDSON (b. Newbliss) & Margaret STOUT, witn: Frank PRINGLE & Mrs Frank PRINGZLE both of 100 Cameron St [Orillia], 21 Oct 1925 at Orillia

18680-25 (Simcoe Co) Frederick Roy PURVIS, 25, farmer, Innisfil twp, same, s/o Albert PURVIS (b. Craigvale) & Isabel SPROULE, married Agatha Cecilia NIGHTINGALE, 26, Innisfil twp, same, d/o Thomas NIGHTINGALE (b. Craigvale) farmer & Lela WARNICA, witn: M.J. COUSINS, 25 June 1925 at The Rectory Craigvale

18687-25 (Simcoe Co) Alfred QUESNELLE, 8 Sept 1895, farmer's son, Tiny twp, same, s/o Antoine Regis QUESNELLE & Angelina DORION, married Nellie BRABANT, 13 Feb 1904, Tiny twp, same, d/o Olivier BRABANT & Charlotte VASSEUR, witn: Joseph BRABANT & Lou LORTIE, 23 Feb 1925 at Penetanguishene RC

18688-25 (Simcoe Co) Andre QUESNELLE, 21, day laborer, Perkinsfield, Penetanguishene, s/o Alexandre QUESNELLE & Marie ROI, married Clara LALONDE, 181/2, Perkinsfield, same, d/o Honore LALONDE & Louise LALONDE, witn: Philippe BEAUCHAMP of Perkinsfield & Annie QUESNELLE of Penetanguishene, 23 Nov 1925 at Perkinsfield RC

18689-25 (Simcoe Co) Ovila QUESNELLE, 22, farmer, Lafontaine, Perkinsfield, s/o Stephen QUESNELLE & Louise BOYER, married Elise CHARLEBOIS, 17, Perkinsfield, same, d/o Leger CHARLEBOIS & Maude PARENT, witn: Henri QUESNELLE & Elizabeth CHARLEBOIS both of Perkinsfield, 4 May 1925 at Perkinsfield RC


18709-25 (Simcoe Co) Raynold Alphons RAAFLAUB, 27, motor mechanic, Magnetawan, Town of Orillia, s/o Alphons RAAFLAUB (b. Magnetawan) & Kathleen SHADE, married Winnie Bernice RAWN, 26, clothing factory, Tay twp, Town of Orillia, d/o John RAWN (b. Tay twp) & Winnifred Jean RABY, witn: David McCLELLAND & Alma McCLELLAND both of Orillia, 1 May 1925 at The Manse Orillia

18715-25 (Simcoe Co) William RAMSBOTTOM, 18, barber, Blackburn England, 186 Dominion Ave Midland, s/o James RAMSBOTTOM & Ellen BARTEN, married Rose Marie MICHAUD, 23, nurse, Penetang, 186 Dominion Ave Midland, d/o Alexander MICHAUD & Agnes SLYVESTRE, witn: J. Louise WREN & Mr A. PALMETIER both of Midland, 21 Jan 1925 at Midland

18697-25 (Simcoe Co) William George Roy RATCLIFFE, 30, farmer, Oro twp, same, s/o Edward RATCLIFF ‘sic' (b. England) & Janet JOHNSTONE, married Bertha Blanche RUTHERFORD, 27, Oro twp, same, d/o John RUTHERFORD (b. Canada) & Mary RUTHERFORD, witn: John RUTHERFORD & Mary RUTHERFORD both of Hawkestone, 2 Sept 1925 at Hawkestone

18691-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph RAWN, 30, laborer, City of Toronto, Glencairn, s/o J.M. RAWN (b. Canada) & Agnes DINSMORE, married Viola ALDERSON, 21, Glencairn, same, d/o George ALDERSON (b. Canada) & Emily PROCTOR, witn: Fred BREEDON & Mrs Fred BREEDON both of Glencairn, 17 Oct 1925 at New Lowell

18695-25 (Simcoe Co) John RAYMOND, 50, widower, Woolwich twp, North Orillia twp, s/o James RAYMOND (b. Ireland) & Jane McGOWAN, married Phoebe THOMPSON, 48, widow, Thorah twp, Dalton twp, d/o Henry STEWART (b. Canada) & Elsie CASEMENT, witn: Christina JOHNSON & Benjamin JOHNSON both of Coldwater, 13 Oct 1925 at Orillia

18696-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Edmund REDPATH, 22, farmer, Singhampton, same, s/o Richard REDPATH (b. Melancthon twp) deceased, & Stella McQUARRY (now Mrs Alfred TOMPKINS), married Mary Elizabeth HALLAM, 21, domestic, Duncan, Simcoe, d/o Richard HALLAM (b. England) & Martha PILLOW, witn: Frank HOLLINGSHEAD of RR#3 Feversham & Mary FAWCETT of Feversham, 30 Sept 1925 at Singhampton

18706-25 (Simcoe Co) Lorne Caleb REDPATH, 22, iron worker, Simcoe Co, Nottawasaga twp, s/o James REDPATH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BELL, married Viola Rachel Elizabeth MILLSAP, 20, Simcoe Co, Town of Stayner, d/o Alfred MILLSAP (b. Ontario) farmer & Rachel H. IRWIN, witn: James C. MORROW of Creemore & Reta M.A. MILLSAP of 381/2 Thelma Ave Toronto, 24 June 1925 at Stayner

18699-25 (Simcoe Co) John Benner REINHART, 69, widower, mechanic, Waterloo, Town of Stayner, s/o Jacob REINHART (b. Waterloo Co) & Maria BENNER, married Mary Melinda JACKMAN, 48, housekeeper, Sunnidale twp, Town of Stayner, d/o Richard JACKMAN (b. Devonshire England) & Miriam Squire WEEKS, witn: Rev William BROWN & Mrs William BROWN both of Stayner, 18 Aug 1925 at Stayner Mennonite

18700-25 (Simcoe Co) John Frederick RENTNER, 28, farmer, Nottawasaga twp, same, s/o John RENTNER (b. Canada) & Annie REID, married Sarah SMITH, 26, Nottawasaga twp, same, d/o Walter SMITH (b. Canada) & Effie ARBUTHNOTT, witn: Mrs John McALLISTER & Mary Catharine SMITH both of Collingwood, 16 Sept 1925 at Collingwood

18703-25 (Simcoe Co) John Frederick RIBBANS, 22, furniture finisher, London England, Town of Orillia, s/o William Isaac RIBBANS (b. London England) & Eleanor Mary ROWE, married Annie Elizabeth BRANCH, 21, woolen factory, Manor Park Essex England, Town of Orillia, d/o John BRANCH (b. England) & Alice Amelia MADDEN, witn: Samuel M. CLARK of Orillia & Alice Lydia MADDIN of Atherley, 4 July 1925 at Orillia

18708-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence Alfred RITCHIE, 22, farmer, Flos twp, same, s/o David RITCHIE (b. Flos twp) & Caroline ARCHER, married Janet Carmie DRAPER, 25, Tiny twp, Flos twp, d/o Albert DRAPER (b. Elmvale) & Jessie ROWETT [s/b ROWAT], witn: Isabel DRAPER & Bertha DRAPER both of Elmvale, 17 June 1925 at Elmvale

18701-25 (Simcoe Co) John Grant RIX, 23, farmer, Medonte twp, Sexsmith Alberta, s/o Charles RIX (b. Orillia twp) & Katherine DEGERE, married Kathleen Frances CROCKFORD, 22, stenographer, Orillia twp, same, d/o Julius CROCKFORD (b. Cologne France) & Margaret WRIGHT, witn: Mary R. McGILLIVRAY & Margaret L. McGILLIVRAY both of Orillia, 17 Aug 1925 at Orillia

18707-25 (Simcoe Co) John Blasdell ROBERTSON, 27, merchant, Beverly twp, Lynden Beverly twp Wentworth Co, s/o Charles ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Jane WEATHERSTONE, married Agnes Grace SUTHERLAND, 24, school teacher, Innisfil twp, Stroud, d/o Robert Alexander SUTHERLAND (b. Ontario) & Jennie JOHNSTON, witn: Margaret I. SUTHERLAND of Stroud & Leslie J. ROBERTSON of Troy, 27 May 1925 at Stroud

18690-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert John ROBERTSON, 23, farmer, Medonte twp, same, s/o Andrew ROBERTSON (b. Simcoe Co) & Margaret Eleanor EGO, married Eva May BOOTH, 26, Medonte twp, blank, d/o Robert BOOTH (b. Simcoe Co) & Marion HAWKE, witn: Andrew ROBERTSON of Moonstone P.O. & Marion BOOTH of RR#4 Coldwater, 13 Nov 1925 at Hillsdale

18694-25 (Simcoe Co) Bertrad Garfield ROBERTSON, 34, clerk, Innisfil twp, Town of Barrie, s/o Frank ROBERTSON (b. Markham) & Minnie GARTLEY, married Ida Pearl LEWIS, 29, bookkeeper, Vespra twp, Town of Barrie, d/o James LEWIS (b. Fermanagh Ireland) & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn: D.G. ROBERTSON of Toronto & Bessie L. UREY of Barrie, 14 Oct 1925 at Barrie

18698-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Stanley ROBINSON, 33, railway station agent, Coldwater, same, s/o Ambrose William ROBINSON & Annie SUNDEEN, married Tena Scott WILLISON, 32, Ridgetown Kent Co, Coldwater, d/o Simon Scott WILLISON & Georgina MURRAY, witn: Cecil Wilfrid ROBINSON of Coldwater & Elsie M. WILLISON of Toronto, 12 Sept 1925 at Coldwater

18712-25 (Simcoe Co) James Abraham ROBINSON, 23, marine engineer, North Keppel twp Grey Co, 179 Queen St Midland, s/o Abraham Henry ROBINSON & Catherine McKENZIE, married Mrs Mary Margarite CRAWFORD, 25, widow, Milton, same, d/o David KENNY & Mary Susan CLARKSON, witn: Ben GARDINER of Midland & Mrs Charlotte JARVIS of Toronto, 6 Apr 1925 at Midland

18704-25 (Simcoe Co) Alvin J. ROGERS, 26, butcher, Tottenham Tecumseth twp, Walkerville Essex Co, s/o Levi ROGERS (b. Tecumseth twp) & Caroline DALE, married Alberta Kathleen GRAHAM, 24, teacher, Tossorontio twp, Walkerville, d/o Hartley S. GRAHAM (b. Tossorontio twp) & Jane DOWNEY, witn: Dalton S. GRAHAM of Alliston & Margaret A. ROGERS of Tottenham, 15 July 1925 at Alliston

18713-25 (Simcoe Co) Frank ROGERS, 21, laborer, Bradford, same, s/o Ernest ROGERS (b. Bradford) & Eliza LOWE, married Mabel Irene HODGES, 18, Holland Landing, same, d/o Willas J. HODGES (b. Holland Landing) & Elizabeth OSTER, witn: J.H. BARNARD of Bradford & Maude CREIGHTON of New York USA, 29 Jan 1925 at The Rectory Bradford

18717-25 (Simcoe Co) Francois ROI, 29, day worker, Penetanguishene, same, s/o Alexandre ROI & Exilda DESROCHERS, married Marie Louise MOREAU, 20, Perkinsfield, same, d/o Louis MOREAU & Caroline DOONAN, witn: Theodore ROI of Muskoka French River & Lea LALONDE of Perkinsfield, 3 Aug 1925 at Perkinsfield RC

18710-25 (Simcoe Co) Kenneth Francis ROSE, 27, CNR agent, Toronto, Fesserton, s/o Robert L. ROSE (b. Scotland) & Annie BUSH, married Daisy LIPPETT, 19, domestic, Alliston, Fesserton, d/o George LIPPETT (b. England) & Charlotte Ann LEROY, witn: Hannah CLEMENTS of Victoria Harbor & Lloyd CRADDOCK of Coldwater, 21 Apr 1925 at Victoria Harbor

18705-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert James RUSSELL, 37, toolmaker, Ireland, 766 St Louis Ave Detroit Michigan, s/o John RUSSELL (b. Ireland) & Sarah COLEMAN, married Gertrude HIGGS, 38, dressmaker, Ontario, 40 Castlefield Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas HIGGS (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann GIBBONS, witn: Sarah Ann HIGGS of Stayner & Amy E. PIERCY of Collingwood, 26 June 1925 at Collingwood

18692-25 (Simcoe Co) David RUSSELL, 23, toolmaker, Glasgow Scotland, Orillia, s/o James RUSSELL (b. Glasgow) & Margaret SMART, married Ella Evaline STOREY, 23, Oro twp, Orillia, d/o David STOREY (b. Oro twp) & Matilda ROBERTSON, witn: Jenny STOREY of Hawkestone & James RUSSELL of 406 Gill St [Orillia], 21 Dec 1925 at Orillia

18718-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward SMITH, 20, painter, Leeds Yorkshire England, Town of Barrie, s/o James SMITH (b. England) & Lottie DARFIELD, married Cora Beatrice BEELBY, 18, Innisfil twp, Town of Barrie, d/o Lancelot BEELBY (b. Ontario) & Margaret SINCLAIR, witn: Winnifred SMITH of 84 Mary St [Barrie] & Christine SHORTT of Barrie, 13 June 1925 at Barrie