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Simcoe  Co., 1925, part 2

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18464-25 (Simcoe Co) Dennis DALEY, 37, clerk, Riverside New Brunswick, Port McNicoll, s/o Dennis DALEY & Sarah MOORE, married Mary BLACKBURN, 24, waitress, Tupper Lake Junction NY, Port McNicoll, d/o Joseph BLACKBURN & Rosalie CHARRON, witn: David BLACKBURN & Mary BULGER both of Port McNicoll, 3 Aug 1925 at Port McNicoll RC 18460-25 (Simcoe Co) Frederick Ellwood DEVITT, 24, farmer, Medonte twp, Medonte twp Vasey, s/o James DEVITT & Jenny WHITE, married Laura THOMPSON, 19, Hillsdale, Medonte twp Hillsdale PO, d/o George THOMPSON, farmer & Harriet WARD, witn: Lewis FEGAN & Mrs Lewis FEGAN both of Uxbridge, 8 Apr 1925 at Midland

18790-25 (Simcoe Co) Lewis Wesley DUDDY, 23, farmer, Medonte twp, same, s/o John DUDDY (b. Medonte twp) & Margaret Jane HAWKE, married Lila ORR, 22, Medonte twp, same, d/o William H. ORR (b. Streetsville) & Maria McCASKILL, witn: Maude M. PARTRIDGE of Coldwater & Mrs John BOWER of Warren, 21 Nov 1925 at Coldwater

018501-25 (Simcoe Co) John GABRIELSON, 41, laborer, Finland Russia, Victoria Harbor, widower, s/o Gabriel GABRIELSON (b. Finland Russia) & Marguert ISAACSON married Alida LAPAGE, 21, Penetanguishene, Victoria Harbor, d/o Isidore LAPAGE (b. Bonaventure Quebec) & Susan TRUDEAU, witn: David & Cecilia IRWIN both of Midland, 1 July 1925 in Midland

18511-25 (Simcoe Co) Norman Jacob GENDRON, 24, farmer, Baxter Twp., Baxter Twp., s/o Dennis GENDRON & Marguerite VASSEUR, married Marie Anne ROY (KING) 'sic', 15, Baxter Twp., Baxter Twp., d/o Joseph ROY (KING) 'sic' & Anna ST. AMAND, witn: Laffield KING & Beatrice KING both of Port Severn, 26 Oct 1925 at St. John's Church, Port Severn, 18510-25 (Simcoe Co) Andrew Baughwell Murray GILLESPIE, 32, widower, labourer, Parry Sound, s/o Alexander GILLESPIE & Annie PETERBOROUGH, married Christina WHITTAKER, 30, housework, Orillia, d/o William WHITTAKER & Christina HAMILTON, witn: William R. DUNNINGTON & Marion WHITTAKER, both of Orillia, 31 Dec 1925 at Orillia.
018504-25 (Simcoe Co) George Henry GILSON, 29, school teacher, Toronto, 423 Beresford Ave. Toronto, s/o James GILSON (b. Ontario) & Emily SMITH married Gertrude Janet McLEOD, 29, school teacher, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Ralph C. McLEOD (b. Ontario) & Mary McKENZIE, witn: Melville G. & Norma C. McLEOD both of Orillia, 11 April 1925 at the Presbyterian Church in Orillia 018503-25 (Simcoe Co) Eric William Bawdler GOFFIN, 26 yrs past, draughtsman, Chester Cheshire Co. England, Ottawa, s/o William Fisher GOFFIN (b. England) & Blanche BAWDLER married Marie ROBINSON, 18 yrs past, Collingwood, Ottawa, d/o Joseph ROBINSON (b. Barrie) & Theresa CALDER, witn: John MacKAY & Christine SHORTT both of Barrie, 21 March 1925 in Barrie.
018502-25 (Simcoe Co) George GORDON, 39, laundryman at Ont. Hospital, Huntly Aberdeenshire Scotland, Penetanguishene, s/o George GORDON (b. Clate Scotland) & Ann GERRIE married Alice Louise GARROWAY, 26, Bath England, Penetanguishene, d/o William GARROWAY (b. Bath England) & Elizabeth RAYNOR, witn: Richard & Lily TRUSTHAM both of Penetanguishene, 27 June 1925 in Penetanguishene

18508-25 (Simcoe Co) Romeo GOUDREAULT, 33, fireman, Montreal Quebec, Port McNicoll, s/o Peter GOUDREAULT (b. Quebec) & Feline SHANAHAN, married Violet ARTHURS, 18, domestic, Victoria Harbor Ontario, Port McNicoll, d/o Harvey ARTHURS (b. Victoria Harbour Ontario) & Adeline CASTENET, witn: Harvey ARTHURS & Maud PARIZEAU both of Victoria Harbor, 5 Sep 1925 at Victoria Harbor

18531-25 (Simcoe Co) John William HAHN, 24, bank clerk, Ontario, 85 Oakwood Rd., s/o John G. HAHN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ZEIGLER, married Florence Gertrude DOWNEY, 27, school teacher, Ontario, Elmvale, d/o George H. DOWNEY (b. Ontario) & Betsey FIELD, witn: W. Field DOWNEY of Phelpston & Mrs. G.L. USHER of Elmvale, 6 May 1925 at Central Methodist Church, Barrie.

018537-25 (Simcoe Co) William George HALL, 22, farmer, Wyevale Tiny Twp, Wyevale, s/o William HALL (b. not given) & Evelyn HARMAN married Edith BLACKMERE, 21, Tay Twp, Wyevale, d/o George BLACKMERE (b. not given) & Minnie SWALES, witn: Charles HALL of Wyevale & Naomi PAUL of Midland, 21 March 1925 in Midland

  18527-25 (Simcoe Co) Francis Allan HALLIDAY, 29, druggist, Calgary Alberta, Calgary Alberta, s/o William J. HALLIDAY (b. Brussells Ontario) & Janet BIRRELL, married Jessie Emily CARSS, 31, Orillia, Orillia, d/o Angus CARSS (b. Arnprior Ontario) & Martha EDICK, witn: Brock CARSS & Hazel CARSS both of Orillia, 2 Jun 1925 at Orillia.
18529-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Robert HANDY, 35, farmer, Essa Twp., Tay Twp., s/o John HANDY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LOCKHART, married Mary Esther FURLONG, 25, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., d/o Andrew FURLONG (b. Elmvale) & Ellen Jane STOCKRILL, witn: Thomas HANDY of Victoria Harbour & Sarah Jane FURLONG of Elmvale, 3 Jun 1925 at Barrie

018549-25 (Simcoe Co) Jesse Lockhart HANDY, 24, farmer, Tay Twp, Victoria Harbor Tay Twp, s/o Jonathan HANDY (b. Essa Twp) & Elizabeth Muriel LOCKHART married Ellen Alberta JORDAN, 20, Tiny Twp, Wyevale Tiny Twp, d/o Thomas John JORDAN (b. Tiny Twp) & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Hannah CLEMENTS & Elizabeth STURDY, both of Victoria Harbor, 15 January 1925 in Victoria Harbor.

018544-25 (Simcoe Co) Edwin Arthur HARMAN, 21, bricklayer, Wyevale, Midland, s/o Edwin Ross HARMAN (b. Allenwood Flos Twp) & Ethel DALEY married Viola RUTHERFORD, 21, Deforest? Haliburton Co., Midland, d/o Charles John RUTHERFORD (b. Garden Hill Ont) & Margaret KIRK, witn: Charles F. HALL of Wyevale & Muriel M. KIRK of Midland, 30 November 1925 in Midland 018536-25 (Simcoe Co) Ernest HARRISON, 29, farm laborer, North Glasgow Scotland, Flos Twp Simcoe Co., s/o John HARRISON (b. Glasgow Scotland) & (mother - not known by groom) married Jane BURKE, 24, domestic, Ireland, Flos Twp, d/o Nathan BURKE (b. Ireland) & Maggie MONIGER, witn: Mrs. Lina MINO & Margaret McEWEN both of Hillsdale, 31 March 1925 in Hillsdale.
018548-25 (Simcoe Co) Roy HART, 20, farmer, Rama Twp, Rama Twp, s/o James HART (b. not given) & Lilian ELRIDGE married Reta PEARSON, 19, Elmvale Flos Twp, Elmvale, d/o James PEARSON (b. not given) & Katharine LOWERY, witn: Katharine PEARSON of Toronto & D. A. MARTIN of Elmvale, 22 January 1925 at Wycliffe Church in Elmvale. 018543-25 (Simcoe Co) William Alexander HART, 39, nail maker, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Alexander HART (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Frances SOPER married Mabel Victoria BOYCE, 25, home duties, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Frederic BOYCE (b. Pickering) & Margaret WORSWICK, witn: W. W. & Jane BOYCE both of Midhurst, 26 November 1925 in Barrie.
018545-25 (Simcoe Co) James HARTT, 34, laborer, Belleville, Orillia, widower, s/o George HARTT (b. Portland Maine U.S.) & Mary BABCOCK married Harriet Priscilla BOYLE, 40, housewife, Mulmur Twp, Alliston, widow, d/o William BROCKWELL (b. Mono Twp Ont) & Sarah Jane HUDSON, witn: James & Dorothy LEE both of Orillia, 13 March 1925 at the Manse in Orillia. 018539-25 (Simcoe Co) Percy Hartley Campbell HASTINGS, 37, farmer, Innisfil Twp, Vancouver B.C., s/o Thomas HASTINGS (b. Ontario) & Isabella TOLTEN married Sarah Mabel HUBBERT, 27, Innisfil Twp, Vancouver B.C., d/o James HUBBERT (b. Ontario) & Ann SRIGLEY, witn: Frances & Albert HUBBERT both of Allandale, 21 December 1925 in Allandale
018542-25 (Simcoe Co) William George HAWES, 25, laborer, London England, Orillia, s/o Reginald HAWES (b. England) & Alice (surname not known) married Edith McLEOD, 18, domestic, Toronto, Orillia twp, d/o Alfred McLEOD (b. Ontario - never known) & Elizabeth PARR, witn: W. B. & Alice Anna MANN both of Orillia, 25 November 1925 in Orillia. [NOTE: William George Hawes came to Canada (in 1907 at age 7) under auspices of Dr. Barnardo Homes.] 18534-25 (Simcoe Co) Alvin Lindon HAWKINS, 24, farmer, North Orillia, North Orillia, s/o Charles I. HAWKINS (b. Ontario) & Charlotte STRATTEN, married Dora Isabelle SHAW, 21, Matchedash Twp., Matchedash Twp., d/o Thomas SHAW (b. Coldwater) & Susan ABBOTT, witn: F.L. SHAW & Maud SHAW both of Coldwater, 2 Apr 1925 at Coldwater.
018540-25 (Simcoe Co) William Henry HERBERT, 70, retired farmer, Roden Twp Quebec, Midland, widower, s/o Alexander HERBERT (b. Quebec) & Eleanor LOCKINS married Elizabeth LETHBRIDGE, 43, housewife, no birth place given, Midland, widow, d/o William FURZECOTT (b. England) & Ellen HAYDEN, witn: Margaret W. McNAB & Thelma A. O'CONNOR both of Midland, 23 December 1925 at the Manse in Midland 18524-25 (Simcoe Co) William Henry HEWGILL, 36, carpenter, Ontario, 42 Lynch Ave. Toronto, s/o James W. HEWGILL (b. Ontario) & Margaret H. WHATSON, married Gladys Maud WILSON, 26, clerk, Ontario, Nottawa, d/o deceased (b. Ontario) & Ann Jane WILSON, witn: Helen WILSON of Nottawa & Wilfred Clarence HEWGILL of Toronto, 11 Jul 1925 at Nottawa
018550-25 (Simcoe Co) Lewis Herman HIEDEMAN, 37, hardware merchant, Exeter, Toronto, s/o Edward HIEDEMAN & Catharine SCHAFER married Lyla May BANTING, 32, clerk, Ivy Ont, Toronto, spinster, d/o Thomas R. BANTING & Rebecca INGRAM, witn: William HIEDEMAN of 31 Berwick Ave. Toronto & Gertrude BANTING of 10 Brock Cres. Toronto, 18 February 1925 in Alliston. 018541-25 (Simcoe Co) Byard James HILL, 28, baker, Lefroy, Barrie, widower, s/o E. B. HILL (b. not known to groom - but somewhere in Ontario) & Maud DONNELLY married Helen Victoria HOBSON, 18 yrs past, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Johnson HOBSON (b. England) & Julia DOE, witn: C. B. & Mrs. C. B. BROWN of Box 107 Barrie, 15 July 1925 in Barrie.

18533-25 (Simcoe Co) Jacob HOLDEN, 54, farmer, Osprey Twp., Osprey Twp., s/o John HOLDEN (b. Leeds Yorkshire England) & Jane MCDONALD, married Mary Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, 50, widow, Collingwood, not stated, d/o John DRINKLE (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary ABBEY, witn: Margaret RUSSELL & William H. RUSSELL both of Collingwood, 29 Apr 1925 at Collingwood

18520-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Sherman HOLT, 24, labourer, Wyebridge Ontario, Toronto, s/o James HOLT (b. Ontario) & Nellie ROSE, married Mildred May MARSHALL, 27, Tiny Twp., Midland Tiny Twp., d/o William MARSHALL (b. Ontario) & Ida FELLOWS, witn: G.L. MARSHALL & Manda PRESTON both of Midland, 15 Aug 1925 at Midland
018538-25 (Simcoe Co) Lemuel HOPKINS, 32, laborer, York Twp, Orillia, s/o Thomas HOPKINS (b. Canada) & Annie Lavina ORMOND married Rhenia Maude ANDERSON, 23, domestic, North Orillia, Orillia, d/o Thomas William ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Annie Mellissa WARREN, witn: James H. RUSSELL & Rhenia Maude ANDERSON both of Orillia, 21 March 1925 in Orillia. 18532-25 (Simcoe Co) Howard Joseph HOPKINS, 19, farmer, Tay Twp., Tay Twp., s/o Herbert HOPKINS (b. Ontario Co.) & Amy Jane GRATRIX, married Harriet Elizabeth HOOPER, 16, domestic, Victoria Harbour, Tay Twp., d/o William Thomas HOOPER (b. St. Thomas Ontario) & Olive Elizabeth STEPHENS, witn: William J. HOOPER of Victoria Harbour & Herbert HOPKINS of Waubaushene, 5 May 1925 at Midland

18528-25 (Simcoe Co) Radcliffe HOYLE, 25, electrician, Marsden England, Baxter Twp., s/o Amos HOYLE (b. Marsden England) & Winnifred NORTON, married Jean JOHNSTON, 25, domestic, Orillia, Baxter Twp., d/o Robert JOHNSTON (b. South Orillia) & Minnie VEITCH, witn: Mary R. MCGILLIVRAY & Jean C. MCGILLIVRAY both of Orillia, 1 Jun 1925 at The Manse, Orillia

018546-25 (Simcoe Co) George William HUDSON, 28, supervisor, U.S.A., Montreal Quebec, s/o George E. HUDSON (b. Kingston) & Anna POLDERMAN, married Lylia Jane HILL, 29, Canada, Elmvale, d/o James HILL (b. Orillia) & Levina STRONG, witn: William HILL of Elmvale & Murial SPEARS of Toronto, 12 March 1925 in Elmvale.
018547-25 (Simcoe Co) Nelson HUNT, 32, farmer, Barrie, Tecumseth Twp, s/o Isaac HUNT (b. Whitchurch) & Lovina DEGEER married Bertha B. ROWLEY, 21, farming, Albion Twp, King Twp, d/o William ROWLEY (b. Albion) & Lucy MOFFATT, witn: Mrs. Lulu WOOD & Mrs. C. R. TOTTEN, both of Tottenham, 28 January 1925 in Tottenham. 018551-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Lester IRWIN, 27, farmer, RR#1 Beeton, RR#1 Beeton, s/o George L. IRWIN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Ann FLEMING married Edna May Isabell DUNN, 22, Alliston, Alliston, d/o John DUNN (b. Ontario) & Mary Louisa ERWIN, witn: Louise DUNN & Matthew CAMPBELL both of Alliston, 14 October 1925 in Alliston.
018553-25 (Simcoe Co) Orval Howard JAMIESON, 29, farmer, Flos Twp, Flos Twp, s/o William JAMIESON (b. Canada) & Mary E. GODDARD married Cordia Jean MARCELLUS, 23, clerk in general store, King Twp, Hillsdale Medonte Twp, d/o William MARCELLUS (b. Canada) & Augusta SIMPELL, witn: Russell JAMIESON & Joy TURNER both of Elmvale, 16 December 1925 in Wyevale. 018555-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph JAQUES, 51, laborer, Sheffield Yorkshire England, Orillia, widower, s/o Robert JAQUES (b. Haxey England) & Maria BROOKES married Rose WELLS, 54, housewife, Hereford England, Orillia, widow, d/o (father - unknown) (b. England) & (mother - unknown), witn: Thomas & Annie BOOTH both of Orillia, 17 June 1925 in Orillia
018552-25 (Simcoe Co) Verne JOHNSON, 23, fruit grower, Tay Twp, Midland, s/o Matthew J. JOHNSON (b. Ontario) & Ida MARTIN married Edith Mary NICHOLSON, 22, Midland, Midland, d/o David H. NICHOLSON (b. Ontario) & Ellen BROOKS, witn: Cliff NEWBURN & Gladys CLEGG both of Midland, 7 November 1925 in Barrie. 018556-25 (Simcoe Co) Earl Clifford JOHNSON, 25, farmer, Vespra Twp, Vespra Twp, s/o Samuel JOHNSON (b. Can) & Emily Jane GODDARD married Blanche Mildred JORDAN, 21, Tiny Twp, Vespra Twp, d/o Samuel JORDAN (b. England) & Sarah Ann STOCKILL, witn: George JORDAN of Wyevale & Marie TREW of Orr Lake, 18 March 1925 in Vespra Twp.
018557-25 (Simcoe Co) Claude Nicholson JOHNSTON, 25, druggist, Ontario, 18 Millbank Cres. Toronto, s/o John William JOHNSTON (b. Ontario) & Anne NICHOLSON married Agnes Lockerbie CASLAKE, 24, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o J. A. CASLAKE (b. Ontario) & Lillie LOCKERBIE, witn: Pauline CASLAKE of Collingwood & J. M. JOHNSTON of Chatham, 1 January 1925 in Collingwood 018554-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence Walter JONES, 21, driver, Barrie, Barrie, s/o Walter James JONES (b. Barrie) & Mary Ann McDONALD married Dora Helen WEST, 18 yrs past, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Norman WEST (b. England) & Nellie REID, witn: Clifford Gordon WEST of 72 Worsley & Evelyn JONES of 23 Grove St., 15 October 1925 at 72 Worsley St. Barrie.
018560-25 (Simcoe Co) Mark KEHOE, 19, teamster, Orillia, Orillia, s/o Michael KEHOE (b. Washago) & Sydney LOVE married Muriel Grace BOOTH, 14, dining room girl, Taylor Twp - District Temiskaming, Orillia, d/o Harry BOOTH (b. Allandale) & Bella PEARSON, witn: Mrs. S. PERIGO of 81 Peter St. & Charles McGHIE of Orillia, 28 December 1925 in Orillia. 018568-25 (Simcoe Co) John Robert KELL, 26, farmer, Innisfil Twp, Barrie, s/o Thomas KELL (b. Cherry Creek Ont) & Agnes WAITS married Pearl Edna PRATT, 20, Oro Twp, Barrie, d/o John PRATT (b. Innisfil Twp) & Amy HILL, witn: Ernest F. & Esther PRATT both of Barrie, 21 January 1925 at the Residence of John PRATT in Oro Twp.
  018558-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles KENT, 39, machinist, Proudfoot Twp Parry Sound, Orillia, s/o William John KENT (b. England) & Mary Bickford HANNAFORD married Ethelyn Eva SMITH, 38, milliner, Armour Twp Parry Sound District, Orillia, spinster, d/o Samuel SMITH (b. Canada) & Fannie Mary HANNAFORD, witn: Harold LANGMAN & Bertha SMITH both of Orillia, 9 November 1925 in Orillia.
018562-25 (Simcoe Co) John Campbell KERR, 29, engineer, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James H. KERR (b. Varney) & Mary DERBY married Alexandra Luella RITCHIE, 24 in October next, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Alexander RITCHIE (b. Brechin) & Catherine S. THOMPSON, witn: Walter KERR of Varney & Norma C. McLEOD of Orillia, 12 August 1925 in Orillia 018559-25 (Simcoe Co) Amos Francis KETT, 27, farmer, Dalton Twp Victoria Co., Dalton Twp, s/o William Henry KETT (b. Canada) & Isabell CHISHOLM married Irene Augusta Maude CAMICK, 25, Dalton Twp, Dalton Twp, d/o Robert CAMICK (b. Canada) & Margaret STEEN, witn: Charles H. McINTOSH of Sadowa Ont. & Annie C. HUTCHINSON of Orillia, 28 October 1925 in Orillia
018561-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas Stewart KIDD, 68, farmer, Leeds Co. Ontario, Collingwood, widower, s/o William KIDD (b. Charleston Ont) & Elizabeth BONDY married Letitia MADILL, 47, housekeeper, Wellington Co., Collingwood, widow, d/o James BURNETT (b. Ireland) & Mary Anne DOBBIE, witn: Jessie E. & G. W. HOOEY both of Collingwood, 25 November 1925 in Stayner. 018570-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph KING (Roi), 39, farmer, Penetanguishene, Baxter Twp, s/o Morse KING (Roi) & Celina MAILLIER married Josephine CADEAU, 17, Baxter Twp, Baxter Twp, d/o Joseph CADEAU & Florida BRISETTE, witn: Samuel MORROW of Waubaushene & Rose KING (Roi) of Port Severn, 25 May 1925 at St. John's Church in Port (off page) Simcoe Co.
018566-25 (Simcoe Co) Harold Alexander William KINSELLA, 21, CNR trackman, Allandale, Barrie, s/o Alexander William KINSELLA (b. Glengarry Co) & Nellie DIXON married Jennie May FOSTER, 19 yrs past, Innisfil Twp, Barrie, d/o William John FOSTER (b. Thornton) & Mary CAITHCART (Cathcart?), witn: Mrs. J. PATTON & Mrs. S. M. BEACH both of Allandale, 18 April 1925 in Allandale. 018564-25 (Simcoe Co) William Harvey KIRBY, 24, farmer, Dalston Simcoe Co., West Gwillimbury Twp, s/o Alfred KIRBY (b. England) & Emma Jane WILLIAMS married Ellen Edith May WHITESIDE, 25, Tecumseth Twp, Bond Head, d/o John Thomas WHITESIDE (b. Nottawasaga) & Sarah Jane FILDEY, witn: George WHITESIDE of Bond Head & Annie KIRBY of Dunkerron Ont.. 17 June 1925 at Holy Trinity Church in Bond Head.
018563-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Harlam KITCHEN, 29, farmer, Nottawasaga Twp, Simcoe Co., Simcoe Co., s/o Charles KITCHEN (b. Ontario) & Carol KITCHING married Ella Verena May PEACOCK, 23, Tosorontio Twp Simcoe Co., Simcoe Co., d/o John PEACOCK (b. Ontario) & Mary SHEPARD, witn: Harry HAWKINS & Marion GREER both of Stayner, 24 June 1925 in Nottawasaga Twp 018565-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence Webster KITCHING, 25, dairy man, Elmvale, Midland, s/o Webster Henry KITCHING (b. Canada) & Mary Martha REYNOLDS married Margaret CROSSEY, 24, milliner, England, Bowmanville, d/o George CROSSEY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: Orvil KITCHING & Hazel TRUAX both of Midland, 14 April 1925 in Midland
018567-25 (Simcoe Co) George Stanley KNIBBS, 18 (October 1924), clerk, Clarksburg, Clarksburg, s/o Robert Elias KNIBBS (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann BAXTER married Annie Esther Irene HARRIS, 18 (November 1924), Guelph, Clarksburg, d/o George HARRIS (b. England) & Margaret MILLER, witn: Robert Elias & Mary Ann KNIBBS both of Clarksburg, 25 February 1925 in Collingwood 018569-25 (Simcoe Co) Norman Stanley KYLE, 21, barber, Maple Valley, Newmarket, s/o Oliver KYLE (b. Ontario) & Ida May SPANHOUSE married Sarah Jane WALTER, 20, Stayner, no residence given, d/o Robert WALTER (b. Ontario) & Sarah EDMONDS, witn: Sadie Isabel PAUL of Stayner & Mabel FARLEY of Collingwood, 7 January 1925 in Collingwood.
018591-25 (Simcoe Co) Ildege LALONDE, 21, laborer, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, s/o Clovis LALONDE & Natali QUESNELLE married Alice QUESNELLE, 18, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o Louis QUESNELLE & Mary OPPILGILD, witn: Philip QUESNELLE & Estelle GAUTHIER both of Penetanguishene, 8 June 1925 in Penetanguishene. 018594-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph LALONDE, 21, farmer, Tay Twp, Tay Twp, s/o Henri LALONDE & Louise PILON, married Hortense FORTIER, 24, housemaid, Penetanguishene, Victoria Harbor, d/o Joseph FORTIER & Delia VAILLANCOURT, witn: Robert BLONDIN of Port McNicoll & Leah LALONDE of Tay Twp, 16 September 1925 in Victoria Harbor
018577-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert LAMB, 48, farmer, Mara Twp, Mara Twp, widower, s/o John LAMB (b. England) & Mary CAVIN married Phoebe LANCASTER, 40, farmer, Dalton Twp, Mara Twp, widow, d/o Henry POWELL (b. Mariposa) & Annie CONKLIN, witn: John & Mrs. John WATSON both of 62 Albert St., 15 December 1925 in Orillia. 018586-25 (Simcoe Co) Dawson LAMB, 22, sailor, Gravenhurst, Penetang, s/o Robert LAMB (b. Fenelon Falls) & Annie OAK married Velma Genevieve DUTCHER, 17, Parry Sound, Midland, d/o Franklin DUTCHER (b. Alliston) & Violet B. MOWERS, witn: Mrs. Franklin DUTCHER & Hazel A. BROWN both of Midland, 23 March 1925 in Midland.
018587-25 (Simcoe Co) George Peter LANG, 40, woodworker, Barrie, Coldwater, widower, s/o William John LANG (b. Barrie) & Elizabeth Ellen MARTEN married Rachel May LANGLEY, 25, Matchedash Twp, Coldwater, d/o William LANGLEY (b. Matchedash Twp - Simcoe Co) & Emma KELLAR, witn: Frank OSTERTAG of Coldwater & Stella HURL of Waubaushene, 14 March 1925 in Coldwater. 018574-25 (Simcoe Co) William Howard LANGMAN, 27, accountant, Oro Twp, Orillia, s/o Samuel LANGMAN (b. Oro Twp) & Mary Emma BOOTH married Elsie Belva BROWN, 24, school teacher, Creemore, Orillia, d/o T. L. BROWN (b. Malvern England) & Elsie D. BROWN, witn: F. A. Carman BROWN of 556 Parliament St. Toronto & M. E. LANGMAN of Orillia, 19 August 1925 in Orillia
018581-25 (Simcoe Co) John Baptiste LARMAND, 38, grain contractor, Ontario, Victoria Harbor, widower, s/o Fabien LARMAND (b. Quebec) & Hermine FOURNIER married Margaret GIROUX, 30, Ontario, Victoria Harbor, spinster, d/o Francis GIROUX (b. Ontario) Marie MORIN, witn: William & Deliose ARBOUR both of Victoria Harbor, 23 April 1925 in Victoria Harbor.  
018575-25 (Simcoe Co) Gordon Amos LAUGHLIN, 33, farmer, Matchedash Twp, Matchedash, s/o Robert LAUGHLIN (b. Caledon) & Catherine GARRETT married Olive Lucy OAKLEY, 23, Matchedash Twp, Matchedash, d/o Henry OAKLEY (b. England) & Ellen WRAY, witn: M. LAUGHLIN & Verna OAKLEY both of Matchedash, 30 December 1925 in Coldwater. 018592-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles LAUZON, 24, laborer, Rockland Ont., Penetanguishene, s/o Andrew LAUZON & Lottie DESCHAMP married Philomena MARCEL, 19, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o Narcis MARCEL & Harriet FOURNIER, witn: Samuel BOTINEAU of Midland & Harriet MARCEL of Penetanguishene, 29 June 1925 in Penetanguishene.
018582-25 (Simcoe Co) John Adolphus LAWS, 19, laborer, Orillia, Orillia, s/o Adolphus LAWS (b. England) & Hannah HEBENER married Janet Isabelle McINNIS, 18, domestic, Sebright, Orillia, d/o Angus McINNIS (b. Canada) & Mary Isabell HARGRAVE, witn: James & Mary Elizabeth COLLINS both of Orillia, 7 April 1925 in Orillia 018588-25 (Simcoe Co) Henry Whitney LAWSON, 22, laborer, Tay Twp, Medonte Twp, s/o Walter LAWSON (b. Ontario) & Mary GIBSON married Marjorie Elizabeth HENLEY, 18, Orillia, Medonte Twp, d/o Robert James HENLEY (b. Medonte) & Elizabeth Mary BALL, witn: James Robert HENLEY of Medonte Twp & Maria Ann GILL of Orillia, 11 March 1925 in Orillia.
018573-25 (Simcoe Co) Theodore LAZAROW, 32, dairyman, Athens Greece, Collingwood, s/o Demitrius LAZAROW (b. Barrie) & Pege? LAZAROW married Argeroula KAMPOURA, 26, dressmaker, Corinthos Greece, Collingwood, d/o Nic KAMPOURA (b. Athens Greece) & Eugena KAMPOURA, witn: John CHRISTOPOULOS of 276 George St. & Angelo SCRIVANOS of St. Marie, 9 August in Barrie 018580-25 (Simcoe Co) James LEAN, 25, carpenter, England, Barrie, s/o Samuel LEAN (b. Cornwall England) & Mary HANNAH married Hazel May BUTLER, 17 (consent given), Barrie, Barrie, d/o William Thomas BUTLER (b. Colburn Ont) & Amanda POLLARD, witn: Dora MARTIN & A. STUNDEN, both of Barrie, 29 April 1925 in Barrie.
018595-25 (Simcoe Co) William Napoleon L. LeCLAIR, 24, salesman, Flos Twp, Barrie, s/o Napoleon LeCLAIR & Margaret KELLY married Viola Mary MURPHY, 25, clerk, Vespra Twp, Barrie, d/o Patrick J. MURPHY & Helina CRONAN, witn: Charlie CROSSLAND & Belinda MURPHY both of Barrie, 2 September 1925 in Barrie. 018596-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph LEFEBVRE, 42, laborer, Rama, Longford Mills, widower, s/o Hormidas LEFEBVRE & (late) Philomene GODAR married Margaret BRANDON, 54, housekeeper, Medonte, Langford Mills, widow, d/o late Thomas SWAILS & late Mary Ann FOX, witn: Andrew & Mrs. Andrew SWAILS of Waubaushene, 20 October 1925 in Waubaushene
018597-25 (Simcoe Co) Philippe LEGAULT, 19, mill hand, Port Severn, Penetang, s/o Richard LEGAULT & Ernestine BROSSEAU married Albertine MARION, 22, Laurin, Laurin, d/o George MARION & Philomene LESPERANCE, witn: Hormidas LAURIN & Imelda MARION both of Laurin, 16 November 1925 in Lafontaine. 018584-25 (Simcoe Co) John Winfred LEIGH, 32, farmer, Oro Twp, Oro Twp, s/o George LEIGH (b. Oro Twp) & Barbara DOUGLAS married Muriel JOHNSON, 18 yrs past, Oro Twp, Oro Twp, d/o William JOHNSON (b. Oro Twp) & Edith JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. H. C. & Evelyn M. WELLWOOD both of Barrie, 7 April 1925 in Barrie.
018578-25 (Simcoe Co) Harry Ernest LENNOX, 32, farmer, Mulmur Twp, Avening, s/o Edward LENNOX (b. Mono Ont) & Margaret Jane BEATTY married Ina Luella MALTAS, 22, Nottawasaga, Avening, d/o Francis MALTAS (b. Nottawasaga) & Margaret Jane MORROW, witn: Roland HAYWARD of Creemore & Nellie DUFF of Glencairn Ont., 30 December 1925 in Creemore. 018590-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert James Wesley LENNOX, 29, farmer, Mulmur, Mulmur Twp, s/o Robert LENNOX (b. Mulmur) & Emma MUMFORD married Pearl Priscilla MAXWELL, 24, Nottawasaga, Sunnidale, d/o James MAXWELL (b. Mulmur) & Annie MADILL, witn: Joseph C. LENNOX of Glencairn & Ella DAVIDSON of Collingwood, 4 March 1925 in Creemore.
018593-25 (Simcoe Co) Laurant LESPERANCE, 25, farmer, Perkinsfield Ont., Perkinsfield, s/o Moise LESPERANCE & Delia ROI, married Ella May LAURIN, 23, Laurin Ont, Laurin, d/o Thomas LAURIN & Adelaide ROBITAILLE, witn: Arthur LESPERANCE & Hortense LAURIN both of Laurin Ont., 11 August 1925 in Lafontaine.  
018579-25 (Simcoe Co) Russell LETHBRIDGE, 21, factory hand, Midland, Midland, s/o Thomas LETHBRIDGE (b. Midland) & Elizabeth FURZICOTT, married Grace WEBSTER, 19, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o Joseph WEBSTER (b. Nottingham England) & Jean GREEN, witn: William & Mary WEBSTER both of Penetanguishene, 8 June 1925 in Penetanguishene. 018583-25 (Simcoe Co) Russell LIGHTFOOT, 29, farmer, Tecumseth Twp, Tecumseth Twp, s/o J. E. LIGHTFOOT (b. Middlesex Co) & Hulda STEVENS married Shirley Loretta IRELAND, 23, household duties, Coldwater, Tecumseth Twp, d/o Arthur IRELAND (b. Tecumseth Twp) & Ellen HARE, witn: Edgar LIGHTFOOT of Toronto & Martha WILSON of Midland, 8 April 1925 in Tecumseth Twp.
018576-25 (Simcoe Co) David George LIVINGSTONE, 52, farmer, Glen Huron, Collingwood, s/o James LIVINGSTONE (b. Ireland) & Sarah BOYD married Sarah Jane Alberta SHIELDS, 48, Glen Huron, Collingwood, spinster, d/o John SHIELDS (b. Ireland) & Jane ROAS (?), witn: Florence BAYER & Jack SHIELDS both of Collingwood, 25 November 1925 in Collingwood 018585-25 (Simcoe Co) Alexander LIVINGSTONE, 35, farmer, Collingwood Twp, Flos Twp, s/o Archie LIVINGSTONE (b. Scotland) & Margaret McDERMOT, married Margaret Elizabeth LOCKE, 30, Flos Twp, Flos Twp, spinster, d/o George LOCKE (b. Orillia) & Mary ROWLEY, witn: Silas & Janie LOCKE both of Elmvale, 2 April 1925 in Elmvale
018589-25 (Simcoe Co) Edgar LOUGHEED, 24, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, s/o George LOUGHEED (b. Osprey Twp) & Mary McINNIS married Florence Annie CULHAM, 23, Somerville Ont, Nottawasaga, d/o Joseph Edgar CULHAM (b. Somerville Ont, s/b Summerville) & Ida DIVELL, witn: Ada CULHAM of Smithdale & Lizzie LOUGHEED of Singhampton Ont., 11 March 1925 in Singhampton 018571-25 (Simcoe Co) William LYLE, 25, laborer, Summerville, Midland, s/o Thomas LYLE (b. Canada) & Jane CHALMERS married Verna Margaret SIMMONS, 18, Redickville, Midland, d/o Elisha SIMMONS (b. Canada) & Rachel, witn: Mrs. G. CHESNEY of Collingwood & Violet LYLE of Midland, 20 November 1925 in Midland
018572-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Joseph LYNESS, 21, farmer, Albion Twp, Adjala Twp, s/o Joseph Barney LYNESS (b. Peel Co) & Ella WOLFE married Margaret LEE, 29, Adjala Twp, Adjala Twp, d/o Robert LEE (b. Ireland) & Ellen MOFFATT, witn: Robert LEE & Mrs. James WILLIAMS both of Ballycroy, 8 October 1925 at St. Andrew's Rectory in Alliston. 018629-25 (Simcoe Co) William John MARTIN, b. 11 July 1888, foreman or fireman?, Port Severn, Penetanguishene, s/o Charles MARTIN & Mary McHUGH married Martha BRISSETTE, b. 23 April 1897, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o Raphael John BRISSETTE & Delina BELLEHUMEUR, witn: Leo BRISSETTE & Mrs. Minnie HAWKER both of Penetanguishene, 9 November 1925 in Penetanguishene
018598-25 (Simcoe Co) George Alexander MASON, 25, grain thresher, Essa Twp, Alliston, s/o Thomas MASON (b. Ontario) & Ann J. HUNTER married Florence Claudine HANDY, 17 yrs 8 mths, household duties, Lisle Ont., Alliston, d/o John Edgar HANDY (b. Ontario) & Ann Jane HUNTER, witn: Howard CHANTLER of Alliston & Claudine BLAKELY of RR#4 Alliston, 11 November 1925 in Alliston 18654-25 (Simcoe Co) John Archibald MCALLISTER, 28, chief of fire brigade, Collingwood, Collingwood, s/o Archibald MCALLISTER (b. Collingwood) & Isabella TAYLOR, married Myrtle Ida RENTNER, 21, nurse, Collingwood, Collingwood, d/o John RENTNER (b. Collingwood) & Annie REID, witn: Irene MCALLISTER & John RENTNER both of Collingwood, 4 Mar 1925 at Collingwood.
18644-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles MCARTHUR, 24, machinist, Nottawasaga Twp., Collingwood, s/o Donald McARTHUR (b. Ontario) & Emma MICKLES, married Annie Myrtle GALLOWAY, 24, Nottawasaga Twp., Ontario, d/o Samuel GALLOWAY (b. Ontario) & Annie PAUL, witn: Mary MACDUFFIE & Gordon MITCHELL both of Collingwood, 15 Jul 1925 at Collingwood 018643-25 (Simcoe Co) George Rutherford McBRIDE, 29, broker, Ontario, 301 Jedburgh Rd. Toronto, s/o Arthur B. McBRIDE (b. Ontario) & Agnes KUMPF married Charlotte Mary BOEHM, 23, Ontario, 83 Binscarth Rd. Toronto, d/o M. Stanley BOEHM (b. Ontario) & Charlotte E. PAGET, witn: Bessie BOEHM & W. L. SMART both of Toronto, 8 August 1925 in Innisfil Twp
018636-25 (Simcoe Co) Henry Glover McCANDLISH, 32, grain dealer, Chicago, Stayner, s/o George McCANDLISH (b. not known) & Martha HEATHERLY married Christena Jane CAMPBELL, 23, Nottawasaga Twp, Nottawasaga Twp, d/o Angus CAMPBELL (b. Nottawasaga) & Anne FISHER, witn: Angus CAMPBELL of Batteau & (Mrs J.) Jean DAVEY of Creemore, 7 November 1925 in Stayner 018640-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Robert McCANDLISH, 36, grain buyer, Toronto, Creemore, s/o George McCANDLISH (b. illeg) & Martha HETHERLY married Vera May WOOLNER, 36, Collingwood, no residence given, spinster, d/o Samuel WOOLNER (b. Collingwood) & Lavina HENDERSON, witn: Henry McCANDLISH of Stayner & Mrs. Samuel WOOLNER of Collingwood, 16 September 1925 in Collingwood

18655-25 (Simcoe Co) Hugh MCCAUGHERTY, 59, widower, fish dealer, Portsmouth Ontario, Collingwood, s/o John MCCAUGHERTY (b. Ontario) & Jane MCBRIDE, married Margaret MIRRLEES, 56, widow, Scotland, Collingwood, d/o William ROSS (b. Scotland) & Margaret BLAIR, witn: Mrs. H. UNDERHILL & Margaret Mrs. B. FARLEY both of Collingwood, 28 Feb 1925 at Collingwood.


018631-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas McCRACKEN, 74, retired, Rosemont Ont., Alliston, widower, s/o William McCRACKEN (b. Ireland) & Ellen ALFORD married Mary HAWLEY, 74, retired, no birth place given, Alliston, widow, d/o Michael MEHER (b. Ireland) & Amelia LONG, witn: William Henry & Elizabeth F. ALLEN both of Alliston, 6 November 1925 in Alliston 18650-25 (Simcoe Co) James Alexander MCCRACKEN, 30, garage owner, Bond Head, Elk Lake Temiskaming Ontario, s/o Alexander Hume MCCRACKEN (b. West Gwillimbury Bond Head) & Charlotte Maria ATKINS, married Sarah Gertrude BOYES, 31, Creemore, Collingwood, d/o George BOYES (b. Nottawasaga Twp.) & Mary Ann SHIELDS, witn: Mrs. Eugenia BAILEY & Dr. George Norman BAILEY both of Collingwood, 9 Apr 1925 at Collingwood
  018641-25 (Simcoe Co) Harry Ivan McDONALD, 23, jeweler, Mulmur Twp, Creemore, s/o William McDONALD (b. Mulmur Twp) & Annie McGOVERN married Queenie Roberta BATES, 21, somewhere in the British Isles, Creemore, d/o Samuel BATES (b. Alliston) & Frances Anne McCAULEY, witn: W. E & Mrs. W. E. McDONALD both of Gravenhurst, 9 September 1925 in Creemore.
018630-25 (Simcoe Co) Duncan James McEACHERN, 65, lumber (?) merchant, Brook Twp, Alvinston, widower, s/o Duncan McEACHERN (b. Scotland) & Annie KEITH married Martha Young Elliott MORTON, 51, nurse, Tinahely Ireland, Bradford, spinster, d/o Francis MORTON (b. Ireland) & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Eliza MORTON & Elizabeth WOOD both of Bradford, 21 October 1925 in Bradford. 018637-25 (Simcoe Co) Percy McEACHERN, 31, clerk, Toronto, 119 Broadview Ave. Toronto, s/o Neil McEACHERN (b. Ontario) & (mother deceased) married Flora Elizabeth Irene BRYCE, 25, Ontario, Stayner, d/o Frederick BRYCE (b. England) & Mary GILCHRIST, witn: Mary Jane Florence McQUEEN of Stayner & Duncan BRYCE of Batteaux Ont., 9 November 1925 in Nottawasaga
018634-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas McFADDEN, 24, farmer, Vespra Twp, Vespra Twp, s/o William McFADDEN (b. Elmgrove Essa Twp) & Margaret SMITH married Luella May SYMES, 19, Holland Twp Grey Co., Vespra Twp, d/o George SYMES (b. not sure it is not near Guelph) & Ethel EAGLES, witn: Emma PARK & Annie COULTER both of Allandale, 28 November 1925 in Barrie 018639-25 (Simcoe Co) George Thomas Alexander MacFADDEN, 26, farmer, Flos Twp, Flos Twp, s/o Alexander MacFADDEN (b. Cookstown) & Mary DWINNELL married Vera Jeanetta May RITCHIE, 21, Flos Twp, Flos Twp, d/o David RITCHIE (b. Elmvale) & Caroline ARCHER, witn: Nora GREENLAND of Barrie & Jessie GIRAN of Bradford, 7 October 1925 in Barrie
18659-25 (Simcoe Co) William Bernard MCGINTY, 42, farmer, Tottenham, Adjala Twp., s/o Thomas MCGINTY & Susan CASSERLY, married Annie Bridget O'LEARY, 44, school teacher, Adjala Twp., Adjala Twp., d/o John O'LEARY & Margaret LANGLEY, witn: Vincent BERGIN & Mary LANGLEY both of Alliston, 2 Jun 1925 at Adjala Twp 018638-25 (Simcoe Co) William Duncan MacGREGOR, 34, tanner, Nassagaweya Twp, Acton, s/o Duncan MacGREGOR (b. Ontario) & Marjorie MANN married Catherine Margaret McQUEEN, 25, bookkeeper, Nottawasaga Twp, Acton, d/o Edward McQUEEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: Jessie MacGREGOR of Acton & L. C. ADAIR of Nottawa, 24 October 1925 in Nottawa
018632-25 (Simcoe Co) William McINNIS, 32, marine engineer, Pittsburg Pennsylvania U.S.A., Toronto, widower, s/o William McINNIS (b. Ireland) & Margaret MUIR married Irene CASCAGNETTE, 17, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o John CASCAGNETTE (b. Canada) & Minnie POTVIN, witn: George & CASCAGNETTE & Christianne ROBITAILLE both of Penetanguishene, 24 December 1925 in Penetanguishene 18656-25 (Simcoe Co) James Joseph MCISAAC, 29, music dealer, Uptergrove, Midland, s/o Donald MCISAAC (b. Uptergrove) & Mary MAHONEY, married Velma HEELS, 18, Allandale, Ontario, d/o Henry HEELS (b. Barrie) & Christina CROSS, witn: Thomas MOORE & Zila RELLIS both of Midland, 25 Feb 1925 at Midland.
18647-25 (Simcoe Co) William James MACKAY, 26, clerk, Montreal, Montreal, s/o David Moore MACKAY (b. Montreal Quebec) & Louise DRUMMOND, married Elizabeth Irene TARLTON, 26, Orillia, Gananoque, d/o Edward I. TARLTON (b. Montreal Quebec) & Elizabeth DRUMMOND, witn: Kenneth Bruce MACKAY of Montreal & Enid TARLTON of Orillia, 6 Jun 1925 at Orillia. 18645-25 (Simcoe Co) George Chisholm MACKAY, 27, dentist, Ontario, Mimico Beach Ontario, s/o George John MACKAY (b. Scotland) & Evelyn MORTON, married Rose Anna Mary WILLIAMSON, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 92 ½ Spencer Ave. Toronto Ontario, d/o Henry Charles WILLIAMSON (b. Ontario) & Hanna DAVIS, witn: Joseph DAVIS & Catherine DAVIS both of Collingwood, 24 Jun 1925 at Orillia
018635-25 (Simcoe Co) George McKENZIE, 45, foreman, Holland Landing, Sparrow Lake, widower, s/o John McKENZIE (b. Ontario somewhere) & Marion THOMPSON married Lillian Myrtle YOUNG, 26, Welland, Sparrow Lake, d/o Hiram YOUNG (b. Holland Landing) & Chloe PRATT, witn: Minnie LEE & Lettie CAMERON both of Orillia, 26 November 1925 in Orillia. 18652-25 (Simcoe Co) Adolphus MCKINLEY, 42, farmer, Gwillimbury Twp., Innisfil Twp., s/o Robert MCKINLEY (b. United States) & Louisa Maria CARTER, married Hazel Trombley BURKHEAD, 25, widow, Simcoe Co., Innisfil Twp., d/o Charles Russell TROMBLEY (b. Ontario) & Isabella SMITH, witn: Christine McLeod SHORTT of Barrie & J. H. TROMBLEY of Thornton, 24 Feb 1925 at Barrie

18651-25 (Simcoe Co) John MCKNIGHT, 19, farmer, Essa Twp., Essa Twp., s/o James MCKNIGHT (b. Ireland) & Jennie COPELAND, married Ellen ELPHICK, 18, Essa Twp., Essa Twp., d/o Mr. A. L. ELPHICK (b. England) & Hilda PRADER, witn: Mrs. P. BOWLING & Mrs. A. G. RINTOUL both of Thornton, 31 Mar 1925 at Thornton.

018633-25 (Simcoe Co) James Albert McLEAN, 38, sailor, Nottawasaga Twp, Chicago, s/o John McLEAN (b. Ontario) & Ann McQUEEN married Mary Grey MONTGOMERY, 25, nurse, Nottawasaga Twp, Chicago, d/o John H. MONTGOMERY (b. Ontario) & Annie RANSIER, witn: Mrs. D. W. McCONNELL of Collingwood & W. A. CAMPBELL of Duntroon Ont., 21 December 1925 in Collingwood
18646-25 (Simcoe Co) James Edgerton MCLEAN, 31, farmer, Oro Twp., Oro Twp., s/o John MCLEAN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth EDGERTON, married Mamie Elphinstone CALDWELL, 30, Vespra Twp., Oro Twp., d/o Joseph CALDWELL (b. Canada) & Caroline LUCK, witn: Charles LUCK & Hilda MCLEAN both of Barrie, 24 Jun 1925 at Crown Hill. 18657-25 (Simcoe Co) James MCLEAN, 32, farmer, Nottawa, Nottawa, s/o John L. MCLEAN (b. Scotland) & Mary MACINTYRE, married Clara SMITH, 25, Collingwood, Nottawa, d/o Dugald SMITH (b. Ontario) & Euphemia WILKIE, witn: Margaret MCLEAN of Duntroon & Donald SMITH of Collingwood, 18 Feb 1925 at Collingwood.
18660-25 (Simcoe Co) Donald Edward MACLEISH, 25, mechanic, Ontario, Orillia, s/o Thomas MACLEISH & Christina MACDONALD, married Lucinda SRIGLEY, 24, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Eli SRIGLEY & Martha MAGEE, witn: Wilhelmina STOVEL of Allandale & Thomas MACPHERSON of Midland, 8 Sep 1925 at Barrie. 18649-25 (Simcoe Co) Norman John MCLEOD, 28, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, s/o Alexander MCLEOD (b. Glen Huron Ontario) & Margaret Ann MCKINNEY, married Catharine Barbara MCCOLMAN, 20, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, d/o A. H. MCCOLMAN (b. Glen Huron Ontario) & Barbara Helen BOYES, witn: J.M. MCCOLMAN & William D. MCLEOD both of Glen Huron, 15 Apr 1925 at Glen Huron
18648-25 (Simcoe Co) Hugh MCMILLAN, 22, farm laborer, Ireland near Belfast, Oro Twp., s/o Robert MCMILLAN (b. Co. Antrim Ireland) & Rachel SERVICE, married Effie May STREAHORN, 17, Flos Twp., Flos Twp., d/o Robert STREAHORN (b. Co. Derry Ireland) & Hester Ann SNIDER, witn: Mrs. R. MCMILLAN & Robert MCMILLAN both of Craighurst, 27 Apr 1925 at Mr. R. Streahorn's home, Flos Twp.. 018642-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Tupper McMULLEN, 24, clerk, Ontario, 1551 Queen St. W. Parkdale Mansions Toronto, s/o Thomas McMULLEN (b. Ontario) & Martha BRYSON married Mary Emily WATSON, 21, Ontario, Stayner, d/o Archie WATSON (b. Ontario) & Jennie McCAGNE, witn: George A. WATSON of Stayner & Lulu McMULLEN of Bowmanville, 12 September 1925 in Stayner

18653-25 (Simcoe Co) James MCQUEEN, 29, farmer, Singhampton, Singhampton, s/o Donald MCQUEEN (b. Ontario) & Annie MCDERMID, married Myrtle Isabel MONTGOMERY, 29, United States, Singhampton, d/o George J. MONTGOMERY (b. Ontario) & Catharine CURRIE, witn: Mrs. May MCMAHON of Duntroon & Lachlan CAMERON of Nottawa, 11 Mar 1925 at The Manse, Duntroon.

18658-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas MCQUILLAN, 65, widower, wood dealer, 3rd Concession East York, Collingwood, s/o Michael MCQUILLAN (b. Belfast Ireland) & Mary CLIFFORD, married Eliza DE RIVERA, 65, widow, England, Simcoe, d/o Charles KIRBY (b. Hampshire England) & Eliza SINGLETON, witn: Capt. William JOLLY of Collingwood & J. P. DE RIVERA of 101 Bradford St. Barrie, 7 Jan 1925 at Collingwood, both Salvation Army.
018628-25 (Simcoe Co) Leon MOREAU, 22, farmer, Lafontaine, Lafontaine, s/o Eusebe MOREAU & Rosa ROBITAILLE married Therese BELCOURT, 21, Perkinsfield, Perkinsfield, d/o Louis BELCOURT & Agnesie MARCOTTE, witn: Ludovic MOREAU of Toronto & Eveline DUFAUT of Waubaushene, 2 June 1925 in Perkinsfield. 018599-25 (Simcoe Co) Herman Joel MOTT, 65, laborer, Owen Sound, Owen Sound, widower, s/o George MOTT (b. Portedais? New York U.S.A.) & Mary BRYANT married Clara DUNN, 58, boarding home, Belleville, Orillia, widow, d/o John ANTHONY (b. not known where in Canada) & Mary OLIVER, witn: Thomas & Rush CREWE both of Orillia, 7 November 1925 in Orillia.
  18693-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert James RICKETTS, 37, divorced 1925, gardener, Bristol England, Barrie, s/o Francis Samuel RICKETTS (b. England) & Arabella BARNES, married Ann BOWDEN, 44, Windsor England, Barrie, d/o William James BOWDEN (b. England) & Mary Ann BARNES, witn: Frances Florence HARRIS of 47 Dunlop St Barrie & Edward Henry PARTRIDGE of 91 Henry St Barrie, 30 Sept 1925 at Barrie

18716-25 (Simcoe Co) Ernest ROBILLARD, 28, on farm, Lafontaine, same, s/o Andre ROBILLARD & Delima DEROCHER, married Therese MOREAU, 23, on farm, Lafontaine, same, d/o Barthelemi MOREAU & Victoire VALEE, witn: Cerna ROBILLARD of Lafontaine & Clara ASSELLIN of Perkinsfield, 23 June 1925 at Lafontaine RC

18714-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Alric ROBITAILLE, 21, clerk, Penetang, same, s/o Joseph ROBITAILLE (b. Quebec) & Josephine MARCHAND, married Gertrude Geneva GRACE, 20, Midland, same, d/o Edouard GRACE (b. Portsmouth England) & Margaret HOCKEN, witn: Laurier GENDRON & Gabriel COURTEMANCHE both of Penetanguishene, 21 Jan 1925 at Midland RC

18711-25 (Simcoe Co) Richard James ROWLEY, 30, farmer, Albion twp Peel Co, same, s/o Richard ROWLY 'sic'(b. Albion twp) & Charlotte A. WALTON, married Marjory Josephine BAILEY, 18, Brampton, Albion twp, d/o Philip BAILY 'sic' farmer (b. Brampton) & Margaret E. CARY, witn: Frederic C. ROWLEY of Palgrave & Charlotte LOTTEN of Tottenham, 8 Apr 1925 at Tottenham

18702-25 (Simcoe Co) George Oscar RUSK, 21, farmer, Mulmur Dufferin Co, same, s/o George Albert RUSK (b. Mulmur) & Ellen ALLEN, married Florence May BEATTY, 18, Mulmur, same, d/o Benjamin Franklin BEATTY (b. Mulmur) & Bertha McGILL, witn: Charles POCOCK of Honeywood & Evelyn BEATTY of Mulmur, 1 July 1925 at Creemore

18766-25 (Simcoe Co) Theophile ST AMANT, 31, machinist, Penetang, same, s/o Stephen ST AMANT & Cordelia BRASSEURE, married Yvonne GIGNAC, 26, Lafontaine, same, d/o Elzear GIGNAC & Mary Jane MARCHAUD, witn: Alcime GIGNAC & Bernadette BLONDIN both of Lafontaine, 16 June 1925 at Lafontaine RC

18750-25 (Simcoe Co) Clayton Robert SANDERSON, 25, laborer, Morrison twp District of Muskoka, Collingwood, s/o William SANDERSON (b. Morrison twp) & Lizzie ROBINSON, married Dorothy May MEARING, 26, Morrison twp, Collingwood, d/o Thomas MEARING (b. England) & Mary HALL, witn: Harry ARMSTRONG & Edith C. WATT both of Barrie, 1 June 1925 at Barrie

18752-25 (Simcoe Co) Stanley Robert SARGEANT, 28, merchant, Mildmay, Town of Orillia, s/o Albert John SARGEANT (b. St Ives England) & Elizabeth L. KING, married Barbara Isobel THOMSON, 27, teacher, Mara twp, Town of Orillia, d/o Charles John THOMSON (b. Mara twp) & Mary McKINNON, witn: T. Ralph SARGEANT & Christine THOMSON both of Orillia, 30 May 1925 at Orillia

18730-25 (Simcoe Co) Albert Brickford SARVIS, 37 (b. 30 Oct 1888), confectioner, Sarnia, Woodstock Ontario, s/o Albert Edward SARVIS (b. Ontario) & Mary C. BRICKFORD, married Neata Lulu McAFEE, 28, Ontario, R.R.2 Bradford, d/o Thomas McAFEE (b. Ontario) & Hannah METCALF, witn: Mrs. Nina S. STREET & Fred SARVIS both of Toronto, 25 Nov 1925 at Newton Robinson.

18742-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Leroy SCHAEFFER, 21, postal clerk, ? Pennsylvania U.S.A., Detroit Michigan U.S.A., s/o William S. SCHAEFFER (b. Frackville Pennsylvania U.S.A.) & Sarah E. MADARA, married Reena Victoria GALLAGHER, 24, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, d/o William GALLAGHER (b. Roches Point Ontario) & Agnes ALLEN, witn: John D. CODERRE of Toronto & Isabel GALLAGHER of Penetanguishene, 22 Aug 1925 at Penetanguishene.

18765-25 (Simcoe Co) William SCOTNEY, 53, widower, retired, England, London Ontario, s/o William SCOTNEY & Mary FRICA, married Cassandra Johnstone MITCHEL, 42, widow, Canada, Stayner, d/o James JOHNSTONE & Phoebe Jane DARRAH, witn: Frances SLEMIN & Arthur Cole both of Stayner, 28 Apr 1925 at Stayner

18736-25 (Simcoe Co) Earl William Douglas SCOTT, 21, farmer, Oro Twp., Oro Twp., s/o William J. SCOTT (b. Oro Twp.) & Katherine FLETCHER, married Ruth Elizabeth Ann PROPHET, 22, Oro Twp., Mara Twp., d/o John PROPHET (b. Mara Twp.) & Mary CAMERON, witn: Lloyd SCOTT of R.R 1 Hawkestone & Mary PROPHET of R.R.2 Peterboro Ontario, 2 Sep 1925 at 10th Conc, Oro Twp..

18755-25 (Simcoe Co) Hugh Mackay SCOTT, 36, widower, railway conductor, Allamdale, same, s/o Alexander SCOTT (b. Scotland) & Sarah MACKAY, married Jean HEWITT, 34, Vespra twp, Allandale, d/o William HEWITT (b. Canada) & no name - deceased, witn: Norman HODGE of Allandale & Victoria G. HEWITT of RR#1 Barrie, 18 May 1925 at Craighurst

18738-25 (Simcoe Co) Henry Malcolm SEARLE, 25, electrician, England, 328 Seaton St. Toronto, s/o Arthur SEARLE (b. England) & Laura FRIEDERICH, married Lucy BAGNALL, 21, stenographer, England, 8 Metcalfe St. Toronto, d/o George BAGNALL (b. England) & Eliza SMITH, witn: Annie STOREY of 9 Wyatt Ave. Toronto & George BAGNALL of King St. Midland, 14 Sep 1925 at Midland. 18731-25 (Simcoe Co) Percy Boyd SHANNON, 22, blacksmith, Moonstone, Moonstone, s/o George SHANNON (b. Ontario) & Maria CLARK, married Jessie Awilda COULSON, 20, Midland, Waubaushene, d/o George COULSON (b. Ontario) & Isabel TODD, witn: Margaret W. McNAB of Midland & Ada TODD of Waubaushene, 28 Nov 1925 at Midland

18751-25 (Simcoe Co) Lawrence Russell SHAW, 24, farmer, Mono twp, Essa twp, s/o William SHAW (b. Mono twp) & Margaret MOFFATT, married Gladys Margarite Alene ADAMS, 17yr 7mo, Essa twp, same, d/o Richard ADAMS (b. York Co) & Margaret AIKINS, witn: Sinclair ADAMS of Egbert & Mrs E. STEVENSON of Alliston, 6 June 1925 at St Peter's Church Essa

18726-25 (Simcoe Co) William Russell SHAW, 24, steel melter, Oro Twp., Orillia, s/o Thomas SHAW (b. Ontario) & Ellen JONES, married Constance Anne ALLINSON, 19, Edmonton - Middlesex England, Orillia, d/o Harry ALLINSON (b. London England) & Elizabeth Annie NEWBERRY, witn: Sayde WHITE of Orillia & Gertie SHAW of Hawkestone, 2 Dec 1925 at Orillia.

18764-25 (Simcoe Co) Jack William Charles SIMNETT, 23, taxi driver, Toronto, Port McNicoll, s/o Thomas Leonard SIMNETT (b. England) & Rose Ellen SULLIVAN, married Sarah MURPHY, 18, Toronto, Midland, d/o Allan MURPHY (b. Canada) & Margaret MUNCEY, witn: Mr R.M. WOOLRICH & Mrs R.M. WOOLRICH both of Port McNicoll, 6 Jan 1925 at Penetanguishene

18728-25 (Simcoe Co) Richard SIMPELL, 30, widower, mariner, Midland, Midland, s/o Alexander SIMPELL (b. Ontario) & Mary Ellen LATOURVILLE, married Mary Elizabeth Ruth MURPHY, 23, Tay Twp., Midland, d/o Edward Walker MURPHY (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann CROSSIN, witn: Robert A. DUNCLIFFE & Mona MURPHY both of Midland, 16 Dec 1925 at Midland.

18747-25 (Simcoe Co) John Patrick SIMPSON, 33, yard foreman CPR, Owen Sound, Port McNicoll, s/o John L. SIMPSON (b. Canada) & Catherine Agnes HALEY, married Georgie Margaret DACK, 22, nurse, Toronto, Port McNicoll, d/o Fredrick DACK (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BIRRELL, witn: Francis SIMPSON & Agnes SIMPSON both of Port McNicoll, 24 June 1925 at Victoria Harbor RC

18743-25 (Simcoe Co) Harold Roy SKILLING, 31, dentist, Ontario, 123 Alberta Ave. Toronto, s/o John SKILLING (b. Ontario) & Agnes RUXTON, married Eleanor Goldene MACDONALD, 31, Ontario, Orillia, d/o John MACDONALD (b. Ontario) & Mary McNABB, witn: E. R. JACKSON & Norma A. SKILLING both of Toronto, 15 Jul 1925 at Orillia.

18759-25 (Simcoe Co) Luther Thomas SKINNER, 22, B.T. installer, Ontario, 594 Indian Rd Toronto York Co, s/o Robert SKINNER (b. Ontario) & Minnie DOWLING, married Nellie May SMITH, 26, Ontario, Alliston, d/o John SMITH (b. Ontario) & Eliza WASHBURN, witn: Joseph SMITH & Ethel Victoria MASON both of Alliston, 18 Mar 1925 at Alliston

18729-25 (Simcoe Co) John S. SLANISKY, 25, auto mechanic, Czechoslovakia, Port McNicoll, s/o Andrew SLANISKY (b. Czechoslovakia) & Julia CHMELAR?, married Minerva COLLINS, 22, Ontario, Port McNicoll, d/o Peter COLLINS (b. Canada) & Mary ROSS, witn: Henri ARBOUR of Victoria Harbour & Ida LATINVILLE of Midland, 16 Dec 1925 at Victoria Harbour

18753-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward Marshall SMART, 24, farmer, Collingwood, same, s/o George SMART (b. Collingwood) & Mary Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Eileen Mary HOLDEN, 24, stenographer, Ottawa, Collingwood, s/o W.J. HOLDEN (b. Nottawa) & Ernestine STRICKER, witn: Flora Pearson SMART & Gordon Ewart MUNRO both of Collingwood, 3 June 1925 at Collingwood

18727-25 (Simcoe Co) Howard Percy SMART, 22, sailor, Birmingham England, Midland, s/o Edwin SMART (b. England) & Louise COOK, married Cecilia SMITH, 19, Midland, Midland, d/o Ben SMITH (b. England) & Marguerite DOUGHERTY, witn: Ben SMITH Jr. & Edna PERRAULT both of Midland, 11 Dec 1925 at Midland.
18719-25 (Simcoe Co) Hudson Walker SMITH, 25, hardware clerk, Barrie, Powell River B.C., s/o Benjamin Walker SMITH (b. Ontario) & Mossie CHAPMAN, married Isobel Margaret BURMISTER, 21, Collingwood Ontario, Powell River B.C., d/o William BURMISTER (b. Ontario) & Margaret MORRISON, witn: Mr. A.G. ROBINSON & Mrs. S. FARLEY both of Collingwood, 15 Aug 1925 at Collingwood. 18721-25 (Simcoe Co) Wilden Emery Harold SMITH, 24, riveter, Midland, 150 Fifth St. Midland, s/o Samuel SMITH (b. ) & Isabella Jane ARGUE, married Florence Edna May WINDROSS, 24, factory, Toronto, 282 Perth Ave. Toronto, d/o Francis Herbert WINDROSS & Annie DUNN, witn: Oliver HUTCHINSON & Janet SMITH, 11 May 1925 at Midland.
18720-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph SMITH, 28, carpenter, Vespra Twp., Alliston, s/o John SMITH (b. Ontario) & Eliza WASHBURN, married Ethel Victoria MASON, 25, Simcoe County, Alliston, d/o Thomas MASON (b. Ontario) & Emma RICHARDSON, witn: Luther J. SKINNER of Toronto & Nellie May SMITH of Alliston, 18 March 1925 at Alliston.

18724-26 (Simcoe Co) Arthur Robert SMITH, 23, shoemaking, Orillia, Barrie, s/o Herbert Ramsey SMITH (b. Toronto Ontario) & Mary LIDGOLD, married Ellen Ada SMY, 17, London England, Barrie, d/o William George SMY (b. Camberwell London England) & Ada Jane WILLMOTT, witn: Ada Jane SMY & William J. SMY both of Minesing, 26 Dec 1925 at Minesing

18733-25 (Simcoe Co) William SMITH, 23, carpenter, London England, Rochester NY., s/o Henry SMITH (b. London England) & Lydia J. BARTHOLEMEW, married Jessie Mildred BAILEY, 23, Hornby Ontario, Rochester NY, d/o James BAILEY (b. Auburn Ontario) & Susan WESTCOTT, witn: Frank PINCH & Edna PIKE both of Collingwood, 22 Aug 1925 at Collingwood 18732-25 (Simcoe Co) William John SMITH, 34, farmer, Hamilton Ontario, Thorold Ontario, s/o John SMITH (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Jessie PYE, married Vivian Mary MAINER, 28, school teacher, Orillia, Orillia, d/o Robert MAINER (b. Littleport England) & Lydia ATKINSON, witn: Frederick James SMITH & Gladys May SMITH both of R.R. 1 Fonthill Ontario, I Jul 1925 at Orillia
18722-25 (Simcoe Co) Ralph Everett SMITH, 26, mechanic, Ontario, Armitage Ontario, s/o John F. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Laura FULLER, married Clara Adra Kathleen RICHARDSON, 21, clerk, Ontario, Newmarket Ontario, d/o Arthur RICHARDSON (b. Ontario) & Emma HORSLEY, witn: R. WALTON? (Wilton?) & Arla? RICHARDSON both of London Ontario, 12 Jan 1925 at Bradford 18739-25 (Simcoe Co) Andrew SMYTH, 24, R.R. mail clerk, Riceville Ontario, Smith Falls Lanark Ontario, s/o Robert SMYTH (b. S. Plantagenet Twp.) & Caroline BLINEY, married Mary LEACH, 21, stenographer, Montague Twp., Orillia, d/o Thomas LEACH (b. Montague Twp.) & Annie FOX, witn: Paul E. TRUSSLER of Peterborough & Beatrix M. TRAIN? of Orillia, 12 Sep 1925 at Orillia.

18754-25 (Simcoe Co) Gordon SNODDON, 21, farmer, Mara twp, Town of Orillia, s/o Robert SNODDON (b. Ontario) & Lily FOX, married Elva ELDER, 21, tailoress, Uxbridge, Town of Orillia, d/o William James ELDER (b. Ontario) & Eunice HARGRAVE, witn: Mary CARSCADDEN & Ivan H. CARSCADDEN both of Barrie, 18 May 1925 at Central Methodist Parsonage [Barrie]

18741-25 (Simcoe Co) Lloyd George SNURE, 32, bookkeeper, Jordan Ontario, Hamilton Wentworth Ontario, s/o Russell SNURE (b. Chinguacousy) & Alice HIGH, married Elizabeth Jane M. FISHER, 22, stenographer, Nottawasaga Ontario, Hamilton Wentworth Ontario, d/o John FISHER (b. Osprey Twp.) & Sarah ROBERTSON, witn: Lila M. SNURE of 44 Dundurn St. W. Hamilton Ont. & R. Elmer FISHER of Collingwood, 10 Aug 1925 at Collingwood

18756-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence Clifford SPEERIN, 29, farmer, Medonte twp, same, s/o William SPEERIN (b. Ireland) & Mary Elizabeth BOOTH, married Elizabeth LYCETT, 24, Birmingham England, Medonte twp, d/o John LYCETT, farmer (b. England) & Martha DUKE, witn: Herbert GIBSON & Mrs Herbert GIBSON both of Moonstone, 15 Apr 1925 at Hobart Medonte twp

18725-25 (Simcoe Co) Kennedy Storey SPENCE, 21, garage, Finlon? (Fenelon?) Twp. Ontario, Victoria Harbour, s/o Donald A. SPENCE (b. Port Perry Ontario) & Mary KENNEDY, married Margaret Vera REYNOLDS, 21, clerk, Victoria Harbour, Victoria Harbour, d/o John J. REYNOLDS (b. Finlon? Twp. Ontario) & Mary Ida ATKINSON, witn: Reginald W. BELCHER & Florence M. BROWN both of Victoria Harbour, 22 Dec 1925 at Victoria Harbour

18760-25 (Simcoe Co) Elmer SPIERS, 21, lumberman, Huntsville District of Muskoka, same, s/o John George SPIERS (b. Canada) & Agnes Jane SPROAT, married Irene EDGERTON, 18, printing office, Huntsville, same, d/o John EDGERTON (b. Canada) & Louise Emma ANSON, witn: James A. MONAHAN & Vera M MONAHAN both of Orillia, 5 Mar 1925 at Orillia

18740-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert John SPOONER, 19, chauffeur, Collingwood, Collingwood, s/o Charles William SPOONER (b. Ontario) & Dorothy TACKLEBERRY, married Amelia Mary J. CURRIE, 15, Nottawa Ontario, Collingwood, d/o John CURRIE (b. Ontario) & Mary LOCKER, witn: Mrs. W. E. COOPER & Sandford MCNABB both of Collingwood, 14 Aug 1925 at Collingwood

18762-25 (Simcoe Co) Cecil George SPRAGG, 27, farmer, England, Innisfil twp, s/o unknown - Dr Barnado's charge (b. England), married Eaurie Grace Christina RICH, 22, Innisfil twp, same, d/o Frank RICH (b. Innisfil) & Jane BREWSTER, witn: A. EMERICK & Chrissie RICHARDSON both of Innisfil, 18 Feb 1925 at St Paul's Innisfil

18744-25 (Simcoe Co) Arthur Leslie STANLEY, 26, cabinet maker, London England, Paris Brant Ontario, s/o John STANLEY (b. England) & Cecilia Poys MINTON, married Kathleen Hattie HIGGINS, 23, mill hand, Paris Ontario, Paris Ontario, d/o Thomas James HIGGINS (b. Oakville Ontario) & Elizabeth WALE, witn: Irene PEPPER of London Ontario & Charlie Cecil HIGGINS of Paris Ontario, 11 Jun 1925 at Dalston.

18749-25 (Simcoe Co) Robert Henry Joseph STARSMEARE, 25, metal worker, London England, Town of Orillia, s/o Robert John STARSMEARE (b. England) & Clara BIRSTIN, married Bessie Tiffin COOKE, 20, housekeeper, Town of Essex, Town of Orillia, d/o Iveson Leslie COOKE (b. Ontario) & Gertrude Mabel ELLIOTT, witn: Frank I COOKE of Collingwood & Elliott M. COOKE of Orillia, 10 June 1925 at Orillia

18767-25 (Simcoe Co) Gordon Cleland STEPHENS, 27, bank clerk, Collingwood, same, s/o Robert T. STEPHENS & Marion CLELAND, married Fern Isobel JACKMAN, 24, nurse, Killarney Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Thomas H. JACKMAN & Mathilde THEBO, witn: Michael BROPHY & Ruth JACKMAN both of Collingwood, 20 Oct 1925 at Collingwood RC

18748-25 (Simcoe Co) Gordon McLean STEVENSON, 38, insurance agent, Barrie, same, s/o John McLean STEVENSON (b. Scotland) & Ellen Marie BODDY, married Kathleen Monica Cotter BARWICK, 34, Barrie, same, d/o Richard Lee BARWICK (b. Canada) & Margaret COTTER, witn: J.A.D. HIGGS of Barrie & Toronto & C.W. BIRD of Barrie, 13 June 1925 at Trinity Church Barrie

18761-25 (Simcoe Co) Clayborne Lincoln STEWART, 23, baker, Bristol Quebec, Town of Bracebridge District of Muskoka, s/o Hamilton STEWART (b. Bristol Quebec) & Ethel RUSSELL, married Barbara TAYLOR, 18, housemaid, Coldwater, same, d/o James S. TAYLOR (b. Sutton Ontario) & Frances A. WHITE, witn: Mrs James TAYLOR & Ida Belle TAYLOR both of Coldwater, 7 Feb 1925 at Coldwater

18737-25 (Simcoe Co) Burrows Ronald STEWART, 28, merchant, Thornton, Thornton, s/o Alexander STEWART (b. Tecumseth Canada) & Mary LIVINGSTON, married Mary Jane STONE, 20, clerk, Alliston, Beeton, d/o Walker STONE (b. Belleville Canada) & blank WADDELL, witn: R.G. TAIT & Blanche BAYCROFT both of New Toronto, 9 Sep 1925 at St. Paul's Church, Beeton

18757-25 (Simcoe Co) Leslie Clarence STOLL, 24, mechanic, Nottawa, Detroit, s/o Henry STOLL (b. Robroy Ontario) & Harriett McGOWAN, married Edna Jane WILEY, 21, clerk, Duluth, Detroit, d/o Edward John WILEY (b. Nottawa) & Emma MANTHIE, witn: Carrie F. WILEY & Mae E. WILEY both of Nottawa, 15 Apr 1925 at Nottawa

18735-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Mitchell STRACHAN, 26, farmer, Oro Twp., Oro Twp., s/o William STRACHAN (b. Canada) & Elizabeth PAISLEY, married Margaret Kathleen COCKBURN, 21, Oro Twp., Oro Twp., d/o Joseph COCKBURN (b. Canada) & Sarah DRYSDALE, witn: Mary McLEAN & Jack COCKBURN both of Edgar Ontario, 18 Nov 1925 at Dalston

18745-25 (Simcoe Co) James Grant STRACHAN, 32, physician, Toronto, 89 Roxborough St. E. Toronto, s/o James STRACHAN (b. Quebec) & Margaret H. LIDSTER, married Jean MILLAR, 29, graduate nurse, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Murray MILLAR (b. Ontario) & Rhoda ROWE, witn: Dr. B. HANNAH of Toronto & Dorothy HERRING of Orillia, 3 Oct 1925 at Presbyterian Church, Orillia

18758-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph Alexander STRATH, 22, farmer, Elmvale, same, s/o Alex STRATH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth LAMBIE, married Viola Winnifred HALL, 23, Wyevale, Tiny twp Wyevale, d/o William HALL, farmer (b. Canada) & El HANNON, witn: Victor STOLL & Vera HALL both of Wyevale, 28 Mar 1925 at Wyevale

18734-25 (Simcoe Co) Daniel SULLIVAN, 25, barber, Bracebridge, same, s/o Patrick SULLIVAN (b. Cork England) & Florence NEWTON, married Sadie Catherine McMILLAN, 20, weaver, Utterson, Bracebridge, d/o John McMILLAN (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Emily B. PATTERSON, witn: Mrs. H. P. MERICK & Letitia I. CAMERON? Both of Orillia, 22 Sep 1925 at Orillia

18763-25 (Simcoe Co) James Albert SYKES, 25, mariner, Victoria Harbor, same, s/o Harvey Albert SYKES (b. Canada) & Jennetta HUTCHINSON, married Lyla Beatrice LIDSTONE, 27, school teacher, Waubaushene, Victoria Harbor, d/o George Henry LIDSTONE (b. England) & Margaretta W. BAKER, witn: Malcolm SYKES & Ena LIDSTONE both of Victoria Harbor, 14 Jan 1925 at Victoria Harbor

18746-25 (Simcoe Co) James Robert SYMINGTON, 24, liveryman, Gravenhurst District of Muskoka, same, s/o Charles Wesley SYMINGTON (b. Bracebridge) & Mariah Agnes McKEE, married Mary Loretta MALLEN, 25, nurse, Storrington Frontenac Co, Gravenhurst, d/o Peter MALLEN (b. Seleys Bay) & Emma HEGADORN, witn: Watson COLPITTS of Barrie & Marie QUINN of Depot Harbor, 30 June 1925 at Orillia

18723-26 (Simcoe Co) George Arthur SYNNOTT, 32, widower, farmer, Nottawasaga Twp., Nottawasaga Twp., s/o Edward SYNNOTT (b. Mulmur Twp.) & Sarah SHEPHERD, married Irene Pearl HILTS, 20, Vespra Twp., Flos Twp., d/o Adam HILTS (b. Egremont Twp.) & Emily RAWN, witn: George HILTS & Mrs. George HILTZ (sic) both of Anten Mills, 26 Dec 1925 at Flos Twp

18780-25 (Simcoe Co) Gilbert TERRIEN, 22, workman, Lafontaine, Penetanguishene, s/o Xavier TERRIEN & Elbina MARTIN, married Lydia PILON, 19, Perkinsfield, same, d/o Octave PILON & Anastasie QUESNELLE, witn: Leonard TERRIEN of Penetanguishene & Florida PILON of Perkinsfield, 1 June 1925 at Perkinsfield RC

18773-25 (Simcoe Co) Harold George THAYER, 21, riveter at shipyard, Muskoka, Midland, s/o Edward THAYER & Mary GAGNON, married Violet Madeline BROWN, 17, Midland, same, d/o Norman BROWN & Maggie HAZELTON, witn: Emerson BROWN & Dorothy HARPER both of Midland, 18 Nov 1825 at Penetang

18772-25 (Simcoe Co) Clarence Edward THERRIEN, 28, clerk, Desoronto, Town of Orillia, s/o Alexander THERRIEN (b. Canada) & Octavia HOULE, married Edna COLLINS, 28, bookkeeper, Severn Bridge, Town of Orillia, d/o John COLLINS (b. Canada) & Agnes O'NEILL, witn: Carl LEONARD of Atherley & Mrs Patrick HENNEBERRY of Orillia, 9 Nov 1925 at Orillia RC

18778-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward Rex THOMPSON, 20, laborer, Craighurst, Town of Orillia, s/o Charles THOMPSON (b. United States) & Alexa SHEFFIELD, married Annie DAVIS, 22, Town of Orillia, same, d/o William DAVIS (b. Canada) & Elizabeth STOTTS, witn: George Clifford HANKERSON & Mrs George HANKERSON both of Orillia, 24 Jan 1925 at 106 Peter St N. Orillia

18776-25 (Simcoe Co) James Dixon THOMPSON, 46, gardener, Oro twp, same, s/o Edward L. THOMPSON (b. Oro) & Arianna BUSH, married Annie May GERRO, 43, widow, unknown, Oro twp, d/o Charles COOK (b. unknown) & Emma MASTER, witn: Mr J. HAMILTON & Mrs Jessie HAMILTON both of Kempenfelt Rd Barrie, 31 Mar 1925 at Barrie

18768-25 (Simcoe Co) Bruce Harold THOMPSON, 28, salesman, Midland, same, s/o Hugh THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret J. JAMIESON, married Susan Florence NICHOLAS, 23, Midland, same, d/o William L. NICHOLAS (b. England) & Mary Elizabeth BANKS, witn: Maggie T. THOMPSON & Mary E. NICHOLAS both of Midland, 22 Sept 1925 at Knox Manse Midland

18769-25 (Simcoe Co) James Hoccam THOMSON, 24, miller, Town of Orillia, same, s/o Duncan C. THOMSON (b. Orillia) & Nellie G. PASSMORE, married Kathleen Roberta JACKSON, 24, teacher, Town of Orillia, same, d/o Robert JACKSON (b. Almonte) & Catherine A. SMITH, witn: Mrs Ada L. DOUGLAS of Durham & Herbert S. JACKSON of Whitefish, 5 Sept 1925 at Orillia

18771-25 (Simcoe Co) Stanley Alfred TIPPING, 29, manufacturer, Orillia, Elmvale, s/o George Thomas TIPPING (b. Orillia) & Alice Harriet LEAPER, married Bertha Aileen ROBINSON, 26, teacher, Coldwater, same, d/o Charles Mulholland ROBINSON (b. Coldwater) & Blanche A. NICHOLSON, witn: C.M. ROBINSON & F.F. BUCHANAN both of Coldwater, 2 Dec 1925 at Coldwater

18775-25 (Simcoe Co) John Harry TODD, 28, farmer, Innisfil twp, same, s/o John TODD & Harriet KING, married Annie Belle JACK, 25, Innisfil twp, same, d/o Thomas JACK & Mary McCONKEY, witn: Lydia MILLER of Utopia & Orville TODD of Churchill, 18 June 1925 at Lefroy

18777-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles TOOLE, 25, sailor, Omenee, Midland, s/o Ira TOOLE (b. Ontario) & Margaret RICE, married Doris Annie Veronica RICE, 18, Tay twp, Midland, d/o William Rice (b. Ontario) & Rhoda JAMES, witn: Catherine HOOD & Margaret W. McNABB both of Midland, 28 Jan 1925 at Knox Church Midland

18781-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward Hugh TRAVERS, 33, farmer, Vespra twp, same, s/o John TRAVERS & Catherine FITZGERALD, married Agnes Irene McKINNON, 26, RN, Angus, Barrie, d/o William McKINNON & Bridget McMAHON, witn: James Leo TRAVERS of RR#2 Barrie & Alice CRONAN of Bradford, 30 Sept 1925 at Barrie RC

18779-25 (Simcoe Co) William Sylvester TRUMP, 33, farmer, Adjala, Colgan Tecumseth twp, s/o Henry TRUMP & Mary KENEFIC, married Mary Edna McGUIRE, 20, Toronto, Loretto Adjala twp, d/o blank & Annie McGUIRE, witn: Bernard Edward BARRY of Loretto & Teresa KEOGH of Colgan, 20 Jan 1925 at St James Church Colgan RC

18774-25 (Simcoe Co) John Gladstone TUDHOPE, 31, farmer, Oro twp, same, s/o William TUDHOPE (b. Oro twp) & Maria MOORE, married Olive Laura MAWDSLEY, 32, housewife, Moosejaw Saskatchewan, Oro twp, d/o Peter MAWDSLEY (b. Oro twp) & Isabella Constance MOORE, witn: Peter MAWDSLEY of RR#2 Coldwater & Maria TUDHOPE of Orillia, 14 Sept 1925 at Orillia

18770-25 (Simcoe Co) William Charles TURKINGTON, sailor, Midland, same, s/o William Charles TURKINGTON (b. Ireland) & Violet HUBERT, married Margaret Pearl BALL, 17, Allenwood, Midland, d/o Edward BALL (b. Ontario) & Carrie BELL, witn: Norman HUBERT & Mary LIDIARD both of Midland, 29 Dec 1925 at Midland

18789-25 (Simcoe Co) Joseph VALLEE, 24, laborer, Lafontaine, Victoria Harbor, s/o John B. VALLEE & Celina JUNEAU, married Marie M. Bertha SAVAGE, 17, Victoria Harbor, same, d/o Joseph SAVAGE & Louise PERAULT, witn: Albert SAVAGE & Rose VALLEE both of Victoria Harbor, 20 Oct 1925 at Victoria Harbor RC

18783-25 (Simcoe Co) Luther VAN CAMP, 24, farmer, Tay twp, Tay twp Midland  RR#1, s/o Abraham VAN CAMP & Elizabeth PARKES, married Margaret Irene TORRANCE, 19, Tiny twp, Tiny twp Waverly, d/o James TORRANCE, farmer & Charlotte KNIGHT, witn: J. Marie WREN & Jane MEL-? both of Midland, 9 Sept 1925 at Midland

18782-25 (Simcoe Co) Fredrick John VAN NEST, 32, broker, Solina Ontario, Toronto, s/o John VAN NEST (b. Canada) & Julia BRAY, married Eldred Helen McLEAN, 19, Collingwood, Toronto, d/o Godfrey Edward McLEAN (b. Canada) & Florence Maud McMAIN, witn: William A. McLEOD of Toronto & Faith A. BASSETT of Collingwood, 30 Sept 1925 at Collingwood

18787-25 (Simcoe Co) Oliver Mark VASEY, 35, widower, railway mail clerk, Victoria Harbor, same, s/o Mark VASEY (b. England) & Elizabeth VENT, married Mary Gladys BURNS, 26, registered nurse, Victoria Harbor, same, d/o Christopher BURNS (b. Ontario) & Jennie RUMMEY, witn: W.L. SIMPSON of Toronto & Marjorie BURNS of Victoria Harbor, 25 June 1925 at Victoria Harbor

18785-25 (Simcoe Co) Gordon Ross VEITCH, 29, farmer, Tecumseth twp, same, s/o Inkerman VEITCH (b. Ontario Co), & Sarah RILEY, married Claribel Margaret MITCHELL, 19, Tecumseth twp, same, d/o Robert MITCHELL (b. Dufferin Co) & Minnie KIRBY, witn: Leonard SPEERS of Beeton & Connel MITCHELL of Alliston, 15 Apr 1925 at Tecumseth

18786-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Milton VENT, 29, accountant, Tat twp, Midland, s/o George James VENT (b. Tay twp) & Mary Alice VASEY, married Fredena Amanda MARTIN, 23, school teacher, Penetanguishene, same, d/o William John MARTIN (b. Cartwright twp) & Philemon GENDRON, witn: George A. VASEY of Midland & Marjorie MARTIN of Penetanguishene, 22 July 1925 at Penetanguishene

18784-25 (Simcoe Co) Andrew Michael VOISIN, 26, fireman, Hepworth Bruce Co, Durham Grey Co, s/o John VOISIN (b. Elmira) & Mary KOHLER, married Della Elizabeth LISK, 22, domestic, Keppel twp, Beeton, d/o Charles Washington LISK (b. Canada) & Cecilia NOBLE, witn: Richard HUMPHREYS & Evelyn LISK both of Beeton, 15 July 1925 at Beeton

18788-25 (Simcoe Co) William Lenard VOLLICK, 19, laborer, Barrie, Midland, s/o William VOLLICK (b. Ontario) & Sarah BANKS, married Myrtle Emma WILCOX, 18, domestic, Midland, same, d/o George WILCOX (b. England) & Alice RANTON, witn: George Arthur VOLLICK & Camilla Mary VOLLICK both of Midland, 15 Jan 1925 at Knox Manse Midland

18798-25 (Simcoe Co) Frederick Bruce WALLACE, 48, mariner, Walkerton, Midland, s/o S? WALLACE (b. Scotland) & Anne MITCHELL, married Winnifred ALLAN, 33, hair dresser, England, Midland, d/o Frederick William ALLEN (b. England) & Edith Jane HUGHES, witn: Douglas Stewart STRATHEARN & Bertha Ann WALLACE both of Midland, 11 Jun 1925 at Midland. 18795-25 (Simcoe Co) George Arthur WALLACE, 23, farmer, Ravenna, Ravenna, s/o Russell WALLACE (b. Ravenna) & Mary Jane COULTER, married Alma Mary HOWSON, 19, Ravenna, Ravenna, d/o Duncan HOWSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane HALL, witn: Lilian McGEE of 74 Elendale Ave. Toronto & Clara Eleanor GRAY of Stayner, 31 Jul 1925 at Stayner

18808-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward John WALSER, 40, laborer, Draper Twp., same, s/o Edward WALSER (b. France) & Gertrude WETTLAUFER, married Ella Marjorie DRAYCOTT, 25, school teacher, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Earnest DRAYCOTT (b. Ontario Canada) & Jean WILSON, witn: Nora GREENSLADE & Anna STOREY both of Barrie, 23 Dec 1925 at Barrie

18797-25 (Simcoe Co) Edward Henry Kingston WARD, 22, railway employee, Parry Sound District, Barrie, s/o Thomas WARD (b. Ireland) & Marion HAINES, married Clara WARROD, 22, Angus, Barrie, d/o Thomas WARROD (b. Markdale Ontario) & Viola LUSTY, witn: Edna NELSON & Randolph WILLOUGHBY both of Angus Ontario, 13 Jun 1925 at Barrie, 18804-25 (Simcoe Co) John Alexander WARD, 44, mission teacher, Ontario, Georgina Island near Sutton West Ontario, s/o George WARD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McGREGOR, married Edith Isabella McCULLOUGH, 40 (b. 13 Nov 1884), graduate nurse, Innisfil twp, Lefroy Ontario, d/o W.C.W. McCULLOUGH (b. Ontario) & Margaret J. TOTTEN, witn: Herbert WALLACE of Craigvale Ontario & Elizabeth Lee WAR of Uxbridge Ontario, 23 Dec 1925 at Lefroy
18805-25 (Simcoe Co) Josephus Ambrose WATSON, 55, widower, laborer, Toronto, Orillia, s/o Samuel WATSON (b. England) & Hannah CHILLINGTON, married Isabella JARRETT, 48, widow, Carden Twp. Victoria county, Orillia, d/o Edward FERGUSON (b. Canada) & Mary COLEMAN, witn: Morley PATTERSON & John MACNAB both of Orillia, 30 Dec 1925 at Orillia. 18792-25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Gordon WATSON, 33, farmer, Midland, Essa Twp., s/o George WATSON (b. United States) & Alice CLARK, married Isabella Elsie James (sic) DEMPSTER, 18, Angus, Essa Twp., d/o Sandford A. DEMPSTER (b. Ontario) & Margaret J. CLEARY, witn: Norman PARSON & Wilhelmina CLEARY both of Thornton, 7 Nov 1925 at Barrie.
  18807-25 (Simcoe Co) Randolph WATT, 29, farmer, Longford - Rama Twp., Dalton Twp., s/o Benjamin WATT (b. Paisley) & Liza CANNING, married Annie Myrtle THOMPSON, 27, Dalton Twp., Dalton Twp., d/o Stanley THOMPSON (b. Cavan) & Margaret HAMILL, witn: Ruby CATHCART & Harold THOMPSON both of R.R.1 Sebright, 16 Dec 1925 at Orillia.

018811/25 (Simcoe Co) Walter WEBB, 23, farmer, Tiny Twp. Simcoe Co., Tiny Twp., s/o Joseph WEBB (b. Innisfil) & Jane TERRY, married Iva LARGE, 19, farmer's daughter, Grey Twp. Durham, Tiny Twp., d/o William LARGE (b. Toronto) & Ida WILLIAMS, witn: L. McDONALD & Jan CAMERON both of Wyevale, 26 March 1925, Elmvale

18800-25 (Simcoe Co) Walker John WEBB, 26, merchant, Barrie, Barrie, s/o John WEBB (b. Ontario) & Jenny BRAWLEY, married Gladys LINES, 21, England, Barrie, d/o Arthur LINES (b. England) & Hanna HURST, witn: Doris LINES & John WEBB both of Allandale, Allandale, 2 Jun 1925 at Allandale

18801-25 (Simcoe Co) James Clarence WEBSTER, 31, truck driver, King Twp. Newmarket, King Twp. Newmarket, s/o Joseph WEBSTER (b. Canada) & Almana BRODY, married Edna Lillian ORSER, 19, Gray County, West Gwillimbury Twp. Bradford, d/o Francis ORSER (b. Canada) & Lillian HODSON, witn: Wray R. PATTERSON & Isabella PATTERSON both of Orillia, 8 Apr 1925 at Orillia 18796-25 (Simcoe Co) Loue WESSON, 30, farmer, West Gwillimbury, Tecumseth Twp., s/o Albert WESSON (b. England) & Mary TERRY, married Thelma DONNELLY, 22, Orillia, Tecumseth Twp., d/o William DONNELLY (b. Simcoe County) & Margaret GRIFFIN, witn: Ruby MARSHALL & Thomas AIKINS both of Barrie, 20 May 1925 at Barrie
18806-25 William Edward WHITE, 24, farmer, Portsmouth England, Wyevale, s/o William Edward WHITE (b. Portsmouth England) & Lucy HOUNSON, married Lillian Alexandra McLEAN, 22, Tiny twp., Wyevale, d/o William Edward McLEAN (b. Ont) & Rachel SIMPSON, witn: E. A. & Ella M. CHAPMAN of Elmvale, 5 Dec 1925 at Barrie 18794-25 (Simcoe Co) Richard Gordon WHITESIDE, 25, hotel keeper, Morrison Twp., same, s/o James Anderson WHITESIDE (b. Orillia Ontario) & Fanny Nancy? (Hanisy?) WHITESIDE, married Mary Pearl STANTON, 20, North Orillia Twp., same, d/o Albert Franklin STANTON (b. Innisfield Ontario) & Martha Elizabeth STANTON, witn: Dorothy Grace STANTON of Port Stanton Ontario & Richard Russell DAVIES of Severn Bridge Ontario, 7 Oct 1925 at W.B. Stantons, Sparrow Lake
018813/25 (Simcoe Co) James Robert WHITTON, 30, farmer, Elmvale Twp. Flos, Elmvale Twp. Flos, s/o John WHITTON & Martha Jane CRAWFORD, married Elizabeth Agnes Hazel JOHNSTON, 25, farmer's daughter, Elmvale Flos Twp., Elmvale Flos Twp., d/o David JOHNSTON & Agnes DRYSDALE, witn: Mae CAMPBELL & Rita CAMPBELL both of Victoria Harbor, 14 January 1925, Victoria Harbor 018810/25 (Simcoe Co) Frank Everett WILEY, 29, farmer, Nottawa, Nottawa, s/o Frank WILEY (b. Ontario) & Annie FLETCHER, married Mary Kaylor JACKSON, 23, at home, Collingwood, Ont., d/o Robert JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Alice BULMER, witn: Cecil WILEY of Nottawa Ont. & Mrs. J.A. OGILVIE of Collingwood Ont., 16 December 1925, Nottawa


018812/25 (Simcoe Co) John James WILKINSON, 22, farmer, Heathcote, Nottawa, s/o Charles WILKINSON (b. Lincoln Co. England) & Lucy TURNER, married Ida Johanna BEAUPRE, 21, at home, Nottawa, Nottawa, d/o William BEAUPRE (b. Quebec City) & Clara PATTERSON, witn: Edna BLACKBURN of Hamilton Ont. & George C. WILKINSON of Heathcote Ont., 4 March 1925, Nottawa

018809/25 (Simcoe Co) James Douglas WILLIAMS, 22, instrument repairer, England, Lisle Tossorontio Twp., s/o George Charles WILLIAMS (b. Gloucestershire England) & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Alice Maud KINSELLA, 20, North Bay, Lisle Tossorontio Twp., d/o Alexander KINSELLA (b. Glengarry Ont.) & Nellie KINSELLA, witn: Mary McEWEN of Barrie Ont. & Beatty BLACKWOOD of Camp Borden Ont., 25 December 1925, Allendale

18793-25 (Simcoe Co) Randolph James WILLOUGHBY, 22, laborer, Angus, Angus, s/o Thomas WILLOUGHBY (b. Angus Ontario) & Ethel Elizabeth COULSON, married Edna Sarah Elizabeth NELSON, 18, Essa Twp., Angus, d/o Robert NELSON (b. England) & Lillian May MELSON, witn: E.R. WARD & Mrs. H. WARD both of Barrie, 31 Oct 1925 at Angus.

18803-25 (Simcoe Co) Allan Meredith WILLISON, 24, sailor, Collingwood, Collingwood, s/o Charles Alfred WILLISON (b. Montreal Quebec) & Dorothy OHARA, married Elsie May COLE, 18, Collingwood, Collingwood, d/o James COLE (b. England) & May BOUNCER, witn: James William COLE & Daisy COLE both of Collingwood, 18 Apr 1925 at Collingwood. 018818/25 (Simcoe Co) Robert WILSON, 44, carpenter, King Twp., Lloydtown Ont., s/o Hugh WILSON (b. King Twp. York Co) & Margaret McDOUGALL, married Muriel BELL, 33, King Twp., Schomberg Ont., d/o Walter BELL (b. York Co) & Ellen BURTON, witn: Herbert CARR of Schomberg & Edna ORR of Tottenham, 24 March 1925, Bond Head

018814/25 (Simcoe Co) George WILSON, 65, widower, retired farmer, Cartwright Twp. Durham Co, Midland, s/o John WILSON (b. Ireland) & Eliza WILSON, married Louise BLACKMORE, 59, farmer's daughter, Brockville, Wyebridge Twp. Tay, d/o Ferguson BLACKMORE (b. Elizabeth Town Ont.) & Sara JONES, witn: Mrs. Thomas RUMDLE & Mrs. Annie PRESTON both of Hillsdale Ont., 15 June 1925, Hillsdale

018815/25 (Simcoe Co) George Edward WILSON, 50, waterworks foreman, Town of Orillia, Town of Orillia, s/o Jacob Gill WILSON (b. Orillia Ont.) & Adelia TEAL, married Mary Agnes MacPHEE, 30, school teacher, Twp. Oro, Town of Orillia, d/o Alex MacPHEE (b. Hawkstone Ont.) & Christina ROBERTSON, witn: Innes MacPHEE & E. Benita COATES both of Orillia Ont., 25 February 1925, Orillia

018816/25 (Simcoe Co) John Reginald WILSON, 24, sailor, Midland, Midland, s/o Samuel WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary SILVERTHORNE, married Nada Lenore CLARK, 21, telephone operator, Midland, Midland, d/o James W. CLARK (b. Ontario) & Christina LAIDLAW, witn: Agnes L.M. SMITH & Joseph J. LESPERANCE both of Midland, 21 January 1925, Knox Manse Midland

018817/25 (Simcoe Co) John Lamore WILSON, 20, farmer, Village of Waubaushene, Orillia Twp., s/o Mark WILSON (b. Canada) & Mary PANKET (Pauket?), married Rita Maude GUTHRIE, 17, domestic, Wyebridge Ont., Orillia Twp., d/o James GUTHRIE (b. Wyebridge Ont.) & Susan FRENCH, witn: Sarah BELL & May NEWMAN both of Medonte Ont., 29 July 1925, Warminster

018820/25 (Simcoe Co) Victor Stewart WILSON, 24, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, s/o William WILSON (b. Mulmur) & Margaret STEINER, married Sarah Ellen THURSTON, 22, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, d/o Robert John THURSTON (b. Honeywood - Mulmur twp) & Mary Jane BARKER, witn: Miss Annie May Durena THURSTON & Wilfred RAMSBOTTOM, both of Dunedin Ontario, 11 March 1925, Creemore

018819/25 (Simcoe Co) Rollo WILSON, 37, sailor, Shelburne, Owen Sound, s/o Benjamin WILSON (b. Orangeville) & Sarah J. McARTHUR, married Agnes Margaret BOYER, 27, housewife, Midland, Midland, d/o Joseph BOYER (b. Lafontaine) & Rose AIKINS, witn: Joseph BOYER & Lea BOYER both of Midland, 7 January 1925, Midland

18799-25 (Simcoe Co) George Melville WISEMAN, 23, butcher, Barrie, Barrie, s/o Frank WISEMAN (b. Barrie Ontario) & Sarah TURNER, married Mary Elizabeth CURTIS, 21, Barrie, Barrie, d/o William Charles CURTIS (b. London England) & Maria Elizabeth MAYS? (Mayo?), witn: Herbert A. CURTIS of Barrie & Drucilla ROBERTS of Winona Ontario, 3 Jun 1925 at Barrie. 18791-25 (Simcoe Co) Willet Russell WRIGHT, 33, telephone work, Meaford, Owen Sound, s/o William WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Jane DRUMMOND, married Caroline Elizabeth LOCKE, 31, nurse, Oro Twp., Orillia, d/o Silas LOCKE (b. Canada) & Eliza COTTON, witn: Isabella PATTERSON & Wray? PATTERSON both of Orillia, 16 Nov 1925 at Orillia.
18802-25 (Simcoe Co) Thomas James WYLEY, 40, farmer, Medonte Twp. - Vasey , Medonte Twp., s/o Richard WYLEY (b. Hornby Ontario) & Mary Ellen COWDEN, married Mary Jane HAWTHORNE, 42, trained nurse, of Vasey, d/o Samuel HAWTHORNE (b. Clarke Ontario) & Mary Ann LEE, witn: Mrs. Annie PRESTON & Mr. Thomas RUMBLE both of Hillsdale Ontario, 15 Apr 1925 at Hillsdale 018821/25 (Simcoe Co) Charles Burdon YOUNG, 35, bank inspector, Huron Co, Toronto, s/o James A. YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Grace MacDONALD, married Annie Irene HOOD, 28, teacher, Barrie Simcoe Co., Town of Stayner, d/o John HOOD (b. Simcoe) & Minnie APPELBE, witn: Rita Mae HOOD of Stayner & Joseph G. HOOD of Toronto, 14 November 1925, Stayner