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Simcoe County Marriages, 1860

MS248, reel 17, volumes 63

birthplace is given before residence


Page 40, return 71, by Rev. C. Silvester & William English, Wesleyan Methodist, Bradford Circuit

Robert CULBERT, 26, Ireland, Tecumseth, s/o Jonathan CULBERT & Mary Ann, married Margaret DOWNEY, 24, Ireland, West Gwillimbury, d/o Robert DOWNEY & Frances, witn: George CLARKE of West Gwillimbury & Jane DOWNEY of Toronto, 9 Feb 1860

Adam SWITZER, 22, Ireland, Brock, s/o John SWITZER & Margaret, married Mary Ann LONG, 22, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o James LONG & Ann, witn: Tobias St.JOHN of Brock & Eliza Jane LONG of West Gwillimbury, 22 Feb 1860

James HUNTER, 24, Chinguacousy, West Gwillimbury, s/o James HUNTER & Sarah, married Eliza JEFF, 30, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o Edward JEFF & Hannah, wit: Edward JEFF of West Gwillimbury & Augusta ELLISON of Tecumseth, 7 march 1860

Windham SHIERS, 24, Brock, same, s/o John SHIERS & Catherine, married Jane DESPERATE, 23, Ireland, Tecumseth, d/o Edward DESPERATE & Sarah, witn: William REED & Mary Ann HENNING, both of Tecumseth, 11 Oct. 1860

Robert EVANS, 26, East Gwillimbury, Tecumseth, s/o Selby EVANS & Catherine, married Elizabeth WATSON, 19, Tecumseth, same, d/o John WATSON & Margaret, witn: Phelps EVANS & Isabella WATSON, both of Tecumseth, 28 Nov 1860

William STEPHENSON, 23, Toronto, Bond Head, s/o John STEPHENSON & Agnes, married Elizabeth Ruth DONALDSON, 18, Toronto, Bradford, d/o William DONALDSON & Ruth, witn: James D. STEVENSON (sic) of Kleinburg & Mary BROOKS of Bradford, 29 Dec 1860

Edward LARGE, 22, Prince Edward, Proton, s/o John LARGE & Jane, married Sarah Jane SOMERSET, 20, King, Brownsville, d/o John SOMERSET & Ellen, witn: Robert SOMERSET of Brownsville & Mary Jane LARGE of Proton, 26 Dec 1860


Page 40, return 72, by Joseph McCallum & James E. Slater

William CROSS, 39, Gloucestershire England, Barrie, s/o William CROSS & Anna, married Elizabeth PIERCE, 23, Oro, Barrie, d/o Thomas PIERCE & Eliza, witn: Henry HARRISON & Robert J. PIERSON, both of Barrie, 9 Jan 1860

Robert PEARSOL, 25, Vespra, same, s/o Benjamin PEARSOL & Elizabeth, married Sarah WALKER, 28, England, Vespra, d/o Henry WALKER & Elizabeth, witn: James STANLEY & John PEARSOL, both of Vespra, 14 Feb 1860

William DRENNAN, 35, Ireland, Tecumseth, s/o John DRENNAN & Jane, married Elizabeth WHALEY, 29, Montreal, Tecumseth, d/o William WHALEY & Elizabeth, witn: James & Joseph KIDD of Tecumseth, 10 Feb 1860

James MALEY, 35, Ireland, Essa, s/o Nicholas MALEY & Elizabeth, married Sarah WETHERAL, 21, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o Alexander WETHERAL & Eleanor, witn: John ARNOLD of Essa & James SPARLING of Barrie, 5 March 1860

Gabriel LOUNT?, 29, West Gwillimbury, Barrie, s/o George LOUNT & Hannah, married Harriet BURNETT, 18, St. Catharines, Barrie, d/o Aaron BURNETT & Hannah, witn: Aaron BURNETT of illegible, 12 April 1860

Thomas CARSON, 24, Ireland, Vespra, s/o William CARSON & Angus (sic), married Mary CULLEN, 20, Innisfil, same, d/o Samuel CULLEN & Jane, witn: Gilbert CULLEN of Innisfil & Joseph CARSON of Barrie, 26 April 1860

John SOMERSET, 20, Essa, Barrie, s/o John SOMERSET & Mary, married Nancy DALEY, 20, Vespra, Barrie, d/o William DALEY & Anna, witn: James SOMERSET & Christian McTAGGART, both of Barrie, 30 April 1860

The bride's surnames and ages were very difficult to read in the following:

John CULVERWELL, 26, Whitchurch, King, s/o Robert & Charlotte, married Susannah GRASS? (or Fra--?), England, Barrie, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: Charles RADFIELD of Newmarket & Jane CULVERWELL of Whitchurch, 13 Aug 1860

Robert LEADLAW (Laidlaw?), 21, NY state, Vespra, s/o John & Jane, married Mary E. BURNS (Barns?), 20, Ireland, Vespra, d/o James & Mary, witn: Thomas WRAY & Jane SCOTT, both of Barrie, 15 Aug

Garrett LEE, 26, York, Essa, s/o Francis & Priscilla, married Euretta HARRISON, 17, East Gwillimbury, Essa, d/o Joshua & Sarah, witn: George CHARLWOOD of Essa & Catherine MURRAY of Nottawasega, 5 Sept

David LARKIN, 21, Vespra, Barrie, s/o William & Phebe, married Betsey RUSSELL, 18, Vespra, same, d/o Andrew & Isabella, witn: Joseph & Elizabeth LARKIN of Vespra, 25 Sept

Jeremiah BAULDRY, 28, York, Barrie, s/o Samuel & Abia, married Betsy HICKLING, 31?, England, Oro, d/o John BRAMMER & Mary BRAMMER, witn: William MORRIS of Vespra & Elizabeth HEWITT of Oro, 28 Sept

Samuel SOULES, 34, West Gwillimbury, Innisfil, s/o David & Sarah, married Maria DRURY (Downey?), 17, Oro, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: J.G. SOULE of Innisfil & Fanny DRURY of Oro, 4 Oct.

John ROSS, 23, illegible, Barrie, s/o John & Ann?, married Mary Ann CLEARY, 18, Markham, Innisfil, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Archibald ROSS & Elizabeth CLEARY, both of Barrie 18 Oct.

James SOMERSET, 23, Barrie, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Christena McDONALD?, 19?, Scotland, Vespra, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: John J--ETT? & Martha DECKER?, both of Barrie, 8 Nov

George McCAUSLAND, 22, Barrie, same, s/o Daniel (David?) & Margaret, married Armida HOLDSWORTH, 18?, Barrie, same, d/o John & Amida, witn: Charles DAVIDSON & Helen Ann HOLDSWORTH, both of Barrie, 20 Dec

Edward THOMSON, 21, East Gwillimbury, Oro, s/o David & Eliza, married Ora Ann BUSH (Bent?), Oro, same, d/o James & Lavinia, witn: Rosanna illegible & Pleasant BUSH, both of Vespra, 20 Dec

Archibald ROBERTSON, 25, Vespra, same, s/o Archibald & Elizabeth, married Julia Ann C--?, Vespra, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Walter illegible & Harriet illegible, both of Oro, 31 Dec


Page ??, registration No. part of 73, by Unknown

James DAILEY, 25, Ireland, Essa, s/o Richard DAILEY & Sarah, married Mary CUNNINGHAM, 17, Ireland, Essa, d/o John CUNNINGHAM & Mary, wtn: William CUNNINGHAM of Mulmur, on April 24, 1860

John ARNOLD, 26, Canada West, Essa, s/o James ARNOLD & Mary Ann, married Jane ARNOLD, 18, Canada West, Essa, d/o Thomas ARNOLD & Sarah, wtn: James ARNOLD of Essa, on September 20, 1860

James BROLLY, 26, Canada West, Essa, s/o John BROLLY & Jane, married Mary ROBERTSON, 23, Canada West, Essa, d/o James ROBERTSON & Mary, wtn: Samuel BROLLY of Essa, on October 17, 1860

David MALCOLM, 26, Scotland, Innisfil, s/o David MALCOLM & Mary, married Eliza DOWNEY, 18, Canada West, Innisfil, d/o Thomas DOWNEY, & Ann, wtn: William COOPER of Innisfil, on November 2, 1860

Francis D. BOYES, 29, Scotland, Innisfil, s/o John BOYES & Elizabeth, married Janet NELSON, 22, Scotland, Innisfil, d/o Irving NELSON & Jane, wtn: Robert. M. COOPER of Innisfil, on November 6, 1860


Page ??, registration No. 74, by Richard Pinch, Wesleyan Methodist

James FARIS, 21, Canada, Mulmur, s/o John & Ann, married Mary SUMMERFIELD, blank, Canada, Adjala, d/o blank & Dinah, wtn: William Bell of Adjala, on April 10, 1860

Job PARSONS, 24, England, Mulmur, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Jemima LEE, 18, Canada, Tosorontio, d/o John & Hannah, wtn: Henry DUDGEN of Mulmur, on May 26, 1860

John JEMISON, blank, Ireland, Mono, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Mary Ann IRVINE, blank, Canada, Adjala, d/o John & Mary, wtn: Richard IRVINE of Mono, on July 25, 1860

Peter ROBINS, blank, Canada, Adjala, s/o Abijah & Elizabeth, married Ellen PROCTOR, blank, Canada, Adjala, d/o William & Abigal, wtn: William WILSON of Adjala, on August 2, 1860

William LAWRENCE, blank, Canada, Tosorontio, s/o Samuel & Lemery (sic), married Mary A. GALLAUGHER, blank, Canada, Adjala, d/o John & Jane, wtn: Robert GALLAUGHER of Adjala, on August 21, 1860

David STAGMAN, 26, Canada, Vaughan, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth SHANNON, 18, Canada, Vaughan, d/o John & Alice, wtn: Walter McGIBBON of Caledon, on August 30, 1860

John McMULLEN, 20, Canada, Albion, s/o John & Jane, married Catherine CANNINGTON, 19, Ireland, Mulmur, d/o Peter & Ellen, wtn: William PEACOCK of Tosorontio, on September 17, 1860

Robert GALLAUGHER, 26, Canada, Adjala, s/o Thomas & Fanny, married Sarah JENNINGS, 18, Canada, Tosorontio, d/o John & Ann, wtn: John JENNINGS of Tosorontio, on October 15, 1860

John ARMSTRONG, 20, Ireland, Mulmur, s/o Francis & Margaret, married Sarah PEACOCK, 20, Ireland, Tosorontio, d/o George & Jane, wtn: Robert HENDERSON of Mulmur, on November 3, 1860

Simon FALCONER, 21, Canada, Caledon, s/o Thomas & Anne, married Ann JENKINS, 21, Canada, Albion, d/o William & Eliza, wtn: William WARD of Caledon, on November 22, 1860

Samuel EWEN, 21, Ireland, Mono, s/o John & Mary, married Mary ALLEN, 21, Canada, Mono, d/o Thomas & Margaret, wtn: George BRETT of Mono, on December 27, 1860


Page ??, registration No. ??, By Rev. J.F.A.S. Fayette, United Presbyterian

William ELLISON, 21, Tecumseth, same, s/o James ELLISON & Martha ELLISON, married Agnes McCUTCHEON, 21, Vaughan, same, d/o William McCUTCHEON & Letitia McCUTCHEON, wtn: George AGNEW of Tecumseth & Susan CHENY of Vaughan, on January 12, 1860

John BROWNLEE, 23, Tecumseth, same, s/o James BROWNLEE & Elizabeth BROWNLEE, married Margaret WHITE, 19, Ireland, Albion, d/o John WHITE & Margaret WHITE, wtn: William POOL of Tecumseth & Sarah SCOTT of Albion, on January 26, 1860

Robert CARRUTHERS, 25, Scotland, Tecumseth, s/o James CARRUTHERS & Isabella CARRUTHERS, married Margaret McKENZIE, 23, Scotland, Tecumseth, d/o John McKENZIE & Ann McKENZIE, wtn: George CARRUTHERS & Ann McKENZIE, both of Tecumseth, on February 16, 1860

William AUSTIN, 26, Tecumseth, same, s/o John AUSTIN & Eleanor AUSTIN, married Elizabeth LYONS, 20, Adjala, same, d/o John LYONS & Elizabeth LYONS, wtn: John LYONS of Adjala & Nancy AUSTIN of Tecumseth, on December 26, 1860


Page 42, return 75, by John Campbell, Presbyterian Church in connection with the Church of Scotland

James McLEAN, 27, Scotland, Nottawasega, s/o Robert McLEAN & Agnes, married Hannah BLACKSTOCK, 22, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Edward BLACKSTOCK & Is. McLEAN, witn: Daniel & Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Nottawasega, 5 Jan 1860

Dugald SMITH, 36, Scotland, Nottawasega, so Dugald SMITH & Catherine McMILLAN, married Ann CAMPBELL, 32, Scotland, Nottawasega, d/o Angus CAMPBELL & Catherine BROWN, witn: Donald McMURCHY & Janet McALLISTER, both of Nottawasega, 17 Jan 1860

Lachlin McLEAN, 22, Upper Canada, Osprey, s/o Samuel McLEAN & Jane MASON, married Mary DALLAS, 18, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, d/o William DALLAS & Christy McGREGOR, witn: Angus FERGUSON & Elizabeth JARDINE, both of Nottawasega, 18 Jan 1860

Benjamin BOWERMAN, 24, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, s/o Joseph BOWERMAN & Abigail DAVIS, married Sarah C. BUNNELL, 21, USA, Nottawasega, d/o Simeon BUNNELL & Prudence CRAB, witn: James CUMMING? of Holland Landing & Jane BUNNELL of Nottawasega, 9 Feb 1860

Donald McEACHERN, 21, Scotland, Osprey, s/o Alex McEACHERN & Ann McLEAN, married Julia McLEAN, 20, Scotland, Osprey, d/o John McLEAN & Flora McDONALD, witn: Donald McDONALD & Mary McINTYRE, both of Osprey, 15 Feb 1860

Donald McINTYRE, 27, Scotland, Osprey, s/o Dun McINTYRE & Nancy SINCLAIR, married Flora McDONALD, 24, Scotland, Osprey, d/o Alex McDONALD & blank, witn: Lachlan McLEAN & Mary McINTYRE, both of Osprey, 23 Feb 1860

Charles LAWRENCE, 24, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, s/o Charles LAWRENCE & Isabella JEFFREY, married Catherine McCALLUM, 25, Scotland, Collingwood, d/o John McCALLUM & Isabella SMITH, witn: Thomas McKINSTRY? of Nottawasega & Mary SMITH of Collingwood, 29 Feb. 1860

John PARKER, 23, England, Nottawasega, s/o Thomas PARKER & Jane, married Eliza Ann WONCH, 24, USA, Nottawasega, d/o George WONCH & Mary WONCH, witn: James PECKHAM of Osprey & Sarah PARKER of Nottawasega, 1 March 1860

Thomas CUDMORE, 21, England, Nottawasega, s/o John CUDMORE & Christiana FRIEND, married Elice NICHOL, 19, England, Nottawasega, d/o David NICHOL & Nelly SMEATON, witn: James GALLOWAY & Mary THOMAS, both of Nottawasega, 2 March 1860

Duncan McLEAN, 26, Scotland, Osprey, s/o Malcolm McLEAN & Catherine McKINNON, married Ann McEACHERN, 19, Scotland, Osprey, d/o Alex McEACHERN & Ann McLEAN, witn: Charles & Margaret McLEAN of Osprey, 27 March 1860

Frederick M. LAMBERT, 25, England, Nottawasega, s/o George LAMBERT & Eliza ELLES, married Margaret MURTON, 35, England, Nottawasega, d/o John BELL & Sarah RAE, witn: John CAMPBELL & Alex SMITH, both of Nottawasega, 2 April 1860

John CURRIE, 27, Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Lachlin CURRIE & Christina FERGUSON, married Catherine CURRIE, 22, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Donald CURRIE & Mary CURRIE, witn: Lachlan & Mary CURRIE of Nottawasega, 3 April 1860

Charles CAMERON, 26, Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Don CAMERON & Isabella HARPER, married Margaret Rose LUNAU, 21, Upper Canada, Collingwood, d/o George LUNAU & Sarah KILLIGAN, witn: Hale TELFER & Isabella CAMERON, both of Collingwood, 3 April 1860

John HOUSTON, 30, Ireland, Mulmur, s/o George HOUSTON & Elizabeth McEWIN (McEwen?), married Susanna HONEYFORD, 20, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Joseph HONEYFORD & Elizabeth FARROW, witn: David MADILL & Sarah Ann HONEYFORD, both of Nottawasega, 24 May? 1860

James LANG, 28, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, s/o James LANG & Catherine SHIELDS, married Sarah Ann PERRY, 18, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, d/o James PERRY & Mary J. GREENAWAY, witn: Robert & Mary LANG of Nottawasega, 25 Oct 1860

James BLACK, 35, Scotland, Glenelg, s/o James BLACK & Margaret CRAIG, married Ann McLELLAN, 25, Scotland, Sunnidale, d/o John McLELLAN & Janet McMILLAN, witn: John LEITCH of Glenelg & Mary BUIE of Sunnidale, 29 Nov 1860

John Fyfe ROBINSON, 27, Scotland, Nottawasega, s/o John ROBERTSON & Mary FYFE, married Isabella CURRIE, 20, Scotland, Nottawasega, d/o Archibald CURRIE & Mary McDOUGALL, witn: John FYFE & Sarah McINTRYE, both of Collingwood, 29 Nov 1860

Robert LANG, 26, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, s/o James LANG & Catherine SHIELDS, married Margaret BELL, 17, Upper Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Angus BELL & Jane McDOWELL, witn: Andrew CARR & Mary LANG, both of Nottawasega, 5 Dec 1860

Neil McINNIS, 34, Scotland, Osprey, s/o John McINNIS & Sarah McFARLANE, married Nancy McARTHUR, 25, Scotland, Osprey, d/o John McARTHUR & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Duncan McINNIS & Jane McPHAIL, both of Osprey, 11 Dec 1860

John CURRIE, 30, Scotland, Nottawasega, s/o Donald CURRIE & Ann GILCHRIST, married Flora McALLISTER, 22, Scotland, Nottawasega, d/o Archibald McALISTER & Mary SHAW, witn: Archibald CURRIE & Mary DARRAH, both of Nottawasega, 13 Dec 1860

Malcolm McNEIL, 22, Scotland, Sunnidale, s/o Donald McNEIL & Catherine McMULLEN, married Jane HOVEY, 19, Upper Canada, Sunnidale, d/o William HOVEY & Susan MONTGOMERY, witn: Henry HOVEY & Ann CURRIE, both of Sunnidale, 19 Dec 1860


Page 42, return 76, by Rev. S. Coyal? Roman Catholic

John CONNOR, 26, Co. Kerry Ireland, South Orillia, s/o Dennis CONNOR & Catherine REGAN, married Ellen HURLEY, 2-?, Co. Cork, Mara, d/o Daniel HURLEY & Ellen O'DONNELL, witn: Thomas REGAN of South Orillia & Catherine MAHONEY of North Orillia, 24 May 1860

John REGAN, 24, Co. Kerry Ireland, South Orillia, s/o Patrick REGAN & Catherine O'CONNOR, married Ann CAVANAGH, 17, Medonte, same, d/o Thomas CAVANAGH & Mary KERNS, witn: Maurice REGAN of South Orillia & Ann KERNS of Medonte, 14 May 1860

Timothy SULLIVAN, 36, Co. Kerry Ireland, South Orillia, s/o Timothy SULLIVAN & Margaret CONNOR, married Catherine BRADY, 2-?, Co. Cavan Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard BRADY & Mary LEHY (Leahy?), witn: John BRADY & Ann HEALY, both of North Mara, 21 June 1860

John McHUGH, 28, Co. Mayo Ireland, Medonte, s/o Daniel McHUGH & Mary LAVELLE, married Margaret FOLEY, 2-?, Co. Kerry Ireland, South Orillia, d/o Martin FOLEY & Catherine CLIFFORD, witn: Donald FOLEY & Caroline DONALDSON, both of South Orillia, 5 July 1860

Patrick REGAN, 30, Co. Kerry Ireland, South Orillia, s/o Michael REGAN & Ellen SIQUADE, married Mary Ann PHILLIPS, 2-?, Co. Cavan, South Orillia, d/o Con PHILLIPS & Bridget KEARNS, witn: Daniel & Lily (July?) REGAN of South Orillia, 17 Nov 1860


Page 44, return 79, by Rev. John Gray, Presbyterian minister of Orillia & East Oro

Robert James MILLEN, 22, Kingston Canada, Orillia, s/o John MILLEN & Sarah HAWTHORNE, married Jane GALBRAITH, 25, Stirling Scotland, Toronto, d/o unknown, witn: Charles JACOB of Orillia, 3 Jan 1860

James McLEAN, 27, Stirling Scotland, Oro, s/o John McLEAN & Elizabeth STEWART, married Rachel MACALLUM, 21, Princeton NJ, Oro, d/o Daniel MACALLUM & Julia DAVIES, witn: Marion MACALLUM of Oro, 18 Jan 1860

John GARDNER, 24, Oro, same, s/o William GARDNER & Ada GARDNER, married Phoebe HODGES, 20, Oro, same, d/o Richard HODGES & Ann TRAVERS, witn: Phoebe CANNON of Oro, 7 March 1860

John GRAHAM, 21, Tecumseth, Essa, s/o Henry GRAHAM & Mary MORRISON, married Elizabeth MacLEAN, 16, Oro, same, d/o John MacLEAN & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Christena MacLEAN of Oro, 8 March 1860

John POLLOCK, 20, England, Oro, s/o James POLLOCK & Mary Ann POLLOCK, married Mary CURRIE, 19, Islay Scotland, Oro, d/o James CURRIE & Eliza LYNCH, witn: Mary BELL of Oro, 23 May 1860

William JOHNSON, 20, Scotland, Oro, s/o James JOHNSON & Janet SCOTT, married Agnes CAMERON, 19, Oro, same, d/o Duncan CAMERON & Margaret BONE, witn: John JOHNSON of Oro, 28 Sept 1860

Thomas RANKEN, 50, Scotland, Medonte, s/o Charles RANKEN & Elizabeth GRAY, married Caroline BOYD, 49, Scotland, Glasgow Scotland, d/o William BOYD & Mary ADAM, witn: William MACINTOSH of Oro, 12 Oct. 1860

Edward LUCK, 23, Oro, same, s/o Edward LUCK & Jane CALLOW, married Christena BELL, 21, Medonte, same, d/o John BELL & Margaret MACALLUM, witn: Peter MACALLUM of Oro, 26 Dec 1860


Page 44, return 80, by David Carscaden, Methodist Episcopal

Timothy McNAMARA, 26, Ireland, Nottawa, s/o Cornelius McNAMARA & Ann, married Alice Ann COOPER, 19, Canada West, Nottawa, d/o James COOPER & Catherine, witn: Joseph COOPER of Nottawa & Rebecca A. COOK of Collingwood, 16 Jan 1860


Page 44, return 81, by Archibald Colquhoun

William John WILSON, 20, Edinburgh - North Britain , Tossorontio, s/o William WILSON & Helen FLIN (Flynn?), married Margaret Jane ANDERSON, 15, Toronto, Mulmur, d/o Edward ANDERSON & Elizabeth AITKENS, witn: Malcolm & John COLQUHOUN of Mulmur and John BALES of King, 26 Jan 1860

Henry HETHERING, 23, Mono, same, s/o John HETHERING & Mary WOODS, married Margaret HAMILTON, 21, King, Tossorontio, d/o Archibald HAMILTON & Margaret EWING, witn: John & Archibald COLQUHOUN of Mulmur, 8 Feb 1860

George CUMMING, 26, Morayshire - North Britain, Tossorontio, s/o George CUMMING & Elizabeth RUSSEL, married Elizabeth AMESS (Arness?), 19, Toronto, Tossorontio, d/o Paul AMESS & Frances SOULEY, witn: John AMESS of Tossorontio & James CUMBERLAND of Mono, 16 March 1860

James McBRIDE, 22, Nottawasaga, Tossorontio, s/o James McBRIDE & Esther ARMSTRONG, married Susan WILSON, 22, Kingston, Tossorontio, d/o James WILSON & Charlotte REA, witn: Marshal STEVESON & William GRIEVE, both of Tossorontio, and William John FRAME of Nottawasaga & Archibald COLQUHOUN of Mulmur, 27 March 1860

Isaac McREERY, 37, Town of Armagh Ireland, Tossorontio, s/o John McREERY & Agnes CHRISTY, married Susanna GILMORE, 23, NY state, Tossorontio, d/o Thomas GILMORE & Susanna WADE, witn: James GILMORE & John JENNINGS, both of Tossorontio, 3 June 1860

Henry KIDD, 23, Lansdowne - Leeds Co., Tossorontio, s/o John KIDD & Jane MORRIS, married Elizabeth WRIGHT, 19?, Mono, Tossorontio, d/o James WRIGHT & Alice HAMITLON, witn: John & Joseph KIDD of Tossorontio, 5 June 1860

Henry ALLEN, 22, Armagh Ireland, Mulmur, s/o Patrick ALLEN & Jane CASSELS, married Sarah Jane GRAHAM, 2-?, Armagh Ireland, Mulmur, d/o Henry GRAHAM & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: Caldwell GRAHAM, Samuel ROBINSON, & Samuel ALLEN, 26 July 1860

Joseph John DARKE, 26, London - South Britain, Mulmur, s/o John DARKE & Lucie PENFOLD, married Mary Jane McKEE, widow, 3-?, NY state, Mulmur, d/o Thomas GILMORE & Susanna WADE, witn: George CAMPAIGN, Samuel McKEE and John BEINTON?, all of Mulmur, 19 Sept 1860

David TOLE, 22, Derry Ireland, Mulmur, s/o Daniel TOLE & Jane BRAIN, married Hannah GUGGAN, 2-?, Tecumseth, Mulmur, d/o James GUGGAN & Jane NEIL (Reid?), witn: John & Archibald COLQUHOUN of Mulmur and Thomas HOGG of Mono, 26 Nov 1860


Page 45, return 82, by Allen Salt, Minister of Christian Island

William AUBE, 30, Michigan US, Christian Island, s/o Aube & Mungan, married Nancy PETANAQUODT, 28, Michigan US, Christian Island, d/o Petanaquodt & Nowkunegogue, witn: Chief James ASSANCE of Christian Island, 19 Aug 1860

James KICKENEGOWK, 36, Michigan US, Christian Island, s/o William KUCHENAGOWK (sic) & blank, married Eliza NUBUNAKERZHIK, 14, Michigan US, Christian Island, d/o Abraham NUBUNAKERZHIK & blank, witn: John S. NEJEKEIAS of Christian Island, 2 Sept 1860


Page 45, return 83, by Jacob Van Linge, Church of England

William HAND, 22, Mulmur, same, s/o William HAND & Elizabeth, married Catherine BRADLEY, 20, Lockport NY, Mulmur, d/o William BRADLEY & Anna, witn: Archibald NOBLE & Thomas HAND, both of Mulmur, 9 Jan 1860

James DANE, 23, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Melancthon, s/o John DANE & Mary, married Ellen Rebecca MULHOLLAND, 19, Co. Armagh Ireland, Melancthon, d/o John MULHOLLAND & Elle, witn: William HUGHES of Melancthon & Thomas? McVEY of Proton, 10 Jan 1860

Thomas WRIGHT, 20, Co. Monaghan Ireland, Essa, s/o William WRIGHT & Sarah, married Mary Jane MORRISON, 20, Co. Sligo Ireland, Mulmur, d/o Hugh MORRISON & Agnes, witn: Archibald MORRISON of Adjala & John MORRISON of Tossorontio, 29 Jan 1860

William JACKSON, 24, York England, West Gwillimbury, s/o Nathan JACKSON & Eliza, married Mary Ann LITTLE, 21, Mono, same, d/o George LITTLE & Martha, witn: James McMASTER & Jane KORNER?, both of Mono, 3 Feb 1860

John LITTLE, 23, Mulmur, same, s/o James LITTLE & Eliza, married Lucinda DOWLING, 21, Caledon, same, d/o John DOWLING & Fanny, witn: James DOWLING of Garafraxa & George LAFLER of Caledon, 23 Feb 1860

John LAVERTY, 24, Mono, same, s/o John LAVERTY & Elizabeth, married Margaret LINDSAY, 19, Mono, same, d/o King LINDSAY & Catherine, witn: William WILSON & James ALEXANDER, both of Mono, 1 March 1860

Robert CHERRY, 30, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Melancthon, s/o Robert CHERRY & Jane, married Margaret CONN, 25, Mono, same, d/o James ARMSTRONG & Catherine, witn: John HENDERSON & John ARMSTRONG, both of Mono, 1 March 1860

George ISLAND, 23, Mono, same, s/o Michael ISLAND & Mary, married Lydia HUGHSTON, 24, Cavan Ireland, Mono, d/o Robert HUGHSTON & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph M. PATERSON & Jacob THOMPSON, both of Mono, 24 July 1860

Alexander HENRY, 38, Co. Londonderry Ireland, Caledon, s/o Robert HENRY & Sarah, married Margaret PERRY, 19, Mono, same, d/o John PERRY & Martha, witn: John PERRY of Mono & James KENNY of Caledon, 27 July 1860

William SMITH, 30, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Amaranth, s/o Thomas SMITH & Mary, married Ann CAMPBELL, 20, Tyrone Ireland, Orangeville, d/o James CAMPBELL & Jane, witn: James & Jane CAMPBELL of Orangeville, 16 Aug

John KINSLEY, 27, Lincolnshire England, Mono, s/o John KINSLEY & Ann, married Selina KINSLEY, 22, Lincoln England, Mono, d/o Henry KINSLEY & Esther, witn: George & Charles KINSLEY of Mono, 20 Aug 1860

James WATSON, 22, Buffalo NY, Orangeville, s/o Robert WATSON & Jane, married Matilda HAMILTON, 17, Mono, same, d/o James HAMILTON & Matilda, witn: Samuel CORBET & James IRWIN, both of Orangeville, 23 Oct. 1860

George W. MEYERS, 24, Frankfort - Hastings Co. Ont, Amaranth, s/o Abraham MYERS (sic) & Hannah, married Helen CARLETON, 24, Meath Ireland, Carlow - Hastings Co., d/o James CARLETON & Maria, witn: Peter & Harriet CLOW of Amaranth, 11 Nov

Andrew NESBITT, 27, Monghan Ireland, Orangeville, s/o Robert NESBITT & Jane, married Margaret Jane ARMSTRONG, 19, South Sherbrooke Ont., Amaranth, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Mary, witn: James McMASTER of Mono & John GELAN of Orangeville, 28 Nov 1860


Page 46, return 84, by Rev. Louis Braine, late assistant Pastor of Adjala, and by Rev. P. Lebaudy his successor, and by the Rev. John Synnott, Pastor of Adjala,  R.C. Church

Thomas McMILLER, 25, Essa, same, s/o William McMILLER & Jane CONNOLLY, married Mary LANGLEY, 26, Adjala, same, d/o Thomas LANGLEY & Mary STOCK, witn: Patrick MADDEN of Essa & Judith LANGLEY of Adjala, 17 Jan 1860

John EGAN, 25, Adjala, same, s/o Ryan EGAN & Alley MAYHER, married Ellen LYNCH, 25, Adjala, same, d/o Mortimer LYNCH & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: Patrick LYNCH & Mary EGAN, both of Adjala, 24 Jan 1860

Patrick McFARLAND, 25, Adjala, same, s/o Felix McFARLAND & Mary SORLEY, married Mary GILESPY (Gillespie?), 19, Tossorontio, Ireland, d/o Owen GILESPY & Mary ROONEY, witn: Patrick GILESPY & Ellen MILLEN, both of Tossorontio, 26 Jan 1860

John KING, 23, Tecumseth, same, s/o James KING & Jane FERRIS, married Ellen DOYLE, 20, Tecumseth, same, d/o Bernard DOYLE & Anne TRACEY (Gracey?), witn: Edward COOGAN & Elizabeth FENLEN, both of Tecumseth, 14 Feb 1860

John LAVIN, 29, Richmond Hill, same, s/o Francis LAVIN & Ann BARLOW, married Mary COSGROVE, 30, Adjala, same, d/o James COSGROVE & Bridget MILIGAN, witn: John McKENNY of Richmond Hill & Bridget COSGROVE of Adjala, 20 Feb 1860

Edward COOGAN, 23, Tecumseth, same, s/o John COOGAN & Mary TRACEY, married Ann HAMMILL, 23, Tecumseth, same, d/o Patrick HAMMILL & Julia McKERRIN, witn: James MORROW & Eliza HAMMILL, both of Tecumseth, 21 Feb 1860

John BRODERICK, 40, Ireland, Peel, s/o Andrew BRODERICK & blank, married Mary McKERNEY, 32, Ireland, Adjala, d/o Denis McKERNEY & Mary HANACHAN, witn: John CALLAGHAN of Adjala & Mary O'LEARY of Tecumseth, 21 Feb 1860

James ROSE, 23, Tossorontio, same, s/o James ROSE & Mary CODY, married Anne McNEARY (McReary?), 22, Ireland, Adjala, d/o James McNEARY & Mary CAHOON, witn: Andrew & Jane CODY of Tossorontio, 22 May 1860

Michael McGINNIS, 35, Ireland, King, s/o William McGINNIS & Nancy WALL, married Annie O'HARRA (O'Hara?), 25 (35?), Ireland, King, d/o Daniel O'HARRA & Mary DEVLIN, witn: Roger & Mrs. Roger CANE of King, 3 June 1860

William SKELLY, 23, Toronto twp., same, s/o John SKELLY & Catherine O'SHAUGHNESSY, married Charlot MORROW, 24, Tecumseth, same, d/o Francis MORROW & Anne KEENAN, witn: George MORROW of Tecumseth & Ellen SKELLY of Adjala, 20 June 1860

Samuel CAHOON, 24, Ireland, Sydenham, s/o James CAHOON & Anne McGENSTRY, married Johanna IRVING?, 20, Ireland, Tecumseth, d/o Lawrence IRVING & Winifred KILWORTH, witn: Patrick IRVING & Eliza SLATTERY, both of Tecumseth, 12 July 1860

Peter McINNERAY, 40, Ireland, Adjala, s/o Denis McINNERAY & Mary HANACHAN, married Mary RYAN, 33, Ireland, Tecumseth, d/o James RYAN & Johanna HAYES, witn: Denis & Mary O'LEARY of Adjala, 9 Oct. 1860


Page 46, return 85, by Rev. Hurlburt & Rev. Thomas D. Pearson,

James BLACK, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o James BLACK & Mary, married Mary A. OSLER, 18, Pickering, Innisfil, d/o John OSLER & Sarah, witn: William LENORD (Leonard?) & Mrs. H. M. HURLBURT, both of Innisfil, 3 Feb 1860

James BOOTH, 31, England, Innisfil, s/o James BOOTH & Elizabeth, married Charlotte KINDER, 21, Markham, Innisfil, d/o Christopher KINDER & Christena, witn: Frederick QUANTZ of Innisfil, 26 July 1860

Joseph HIPWELL, 23, Tecumseth, Bond Head, s/o Joseph HIPWELL & Mary, married Eliza CHANTLER, 20, Tecumseth, Newton Robinson, d/o William N. CHANTLER & blank, witn: Joseph THOMSON of Tecumseth, 27 Sept 1860

William LEONARD, 23, Lower Canada, Innisfil, s/o William LEONARD & Ann, married Sarah J. OSLER, 17, Innisfil, same, d/o John OSLER & Sarah Ann, witn: Robert McCONKEY of Innisfil, 15 Oct. 1860

William H. PADFIELD, 22, West Gwillimbury, Innisfil, s/o Jeremiah PADFIELD & Ann, married Mary Jane SLOAN, 21?, Etobicoke, Innisfil, d/o James SLOAN & Mary Jane, witn: Jeremiah PADFIELD of Innisfil, 5 Dec 1860

John WILSON, 27, Tecumseth, Innisfil, s/o Francis WILSON & Rebecca, married Ellen HERRELL, 2-?, Ireland, Innisfil, d/o William HERRELL & Ellen, witn: William HERRELL of Innisfil, 6 Dec 1860