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Simcoe County Marriages, 1862

County of Simcoe, 1858-1866 Ontario Archives, microfilm MS 248, Reel 14, vol 63

transcribed by Heather Bertram

FORMAT: His name, age, birth place, residence at marriage, parents, her name, age, birthplace, residence at marriage, parents, witnesses, date and place of marriage.


Page 76, registration No. 143, by James C. Slater, Wesleyan Methodist

James MARSHALL, 23, Nissouri, Barrie, s/o King & Hannah, married Phoebe A. VANDYKE, 26, York State, Barrie, d/o Augustus & Hetty, wtn: Shadrach MONTGOMERY & Margaret COKELY, both of Barrie, on January 8, 1862

Robert HURST, 19, Innisfil, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Isabella ELLIS, 19, Ireland, Innisfil, d/o John & Jane, wtn: James ELLIS & Margaret HERRELL, both of Innisfil, on January 14, 1862

Charles NICHOLLS, 42, England, Barrie, s/o Richard & Ann, married Emily SEYMOUR, 28, England, Barrie, d/o Joseph & Mary, wtn: James HUTTON & Joseph SEYMOUR, both of Barrie, on January 18, 1862

Joseph Harrison COLBORG, 46, England, Oro, s/o Peter & Ann, married Elizabeth WILSON, 40, Ireland, Essa, d/o Richard & Jane, wtn: Richard COULSON of Essa & Letitia McGEE of W. Gwillimbury, on February 6, 1862

Jackson BUSH, 30, Oro, same, s/o James & Annie, married Angelina SEGER, 23, Grimsby, Oro, d/o John & Susan, wtn: Anne SLATER & Annie JESSON?, both of Barrie, on February 19, 1862

John DEVITT, 25, Ireland, Vespra, s/o Michael & blank, married Anne I.M. LITTLE, 27, Ireland, Essa, d/o John & Mary, wtn: William ROSS & Sarah HUGHES, both of Vespra, on March 5, 1862

KILGORE [KILGROVE?], 23, Innisfil, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Martha BROLEY, 18, Vaughan, Essa, d/o John & Jane, wtn: David BROLLEY (sic) & Eliza Ann BROLLEY (sic), both of Essa, on March 15, 1862

Francis W. PATTERSON, 24, Smithville, Sunnidale, s/o James & Jane, married Elizabeth DURKEE, 19, Smithville, same, d/o Joseph & Charlotte, wtn: John H. PATTERSON of Smithville & James R. WALKER of Sunnidale, on March 19, 1862

Samuel GILL, 28, Vespra, same, s/o Richard & Ann, married Eliza DRURY, 30, Vespra, same, d/o Edmund & Eliza, wtn: Joseph DRURY of Vespra & Harriet FOSTER of Oro, on March 24, 1862

Richard PEACOCK, 39, England, Oro, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Elizabeth DUNN, 36, Ireland, Vespra, d/o John & Jane, wtn: George McGOVERN & Charlotte McGOVERN, both of Vespra, on April 1, 1862

Josiah HANDY, 27, Essa, same, s/o Charles & Mary, married Ellen FITZPATRICK, 19, Newmarket, Essa, d/o John & Anne, wtn: Patrick & Catherine FITZPATRICK, both of Essa, on April 28, 1862

Robert Hall SMITH, 24, Barrie, same, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Jessie M. BURNIE, 24, Newmarket, Barrie, d/o Newton & Elizabeth, wtn: John JENNINGS of Tosorontio & Isabella LAIRD of Vespra, on June 5, 1862, by Rev. F. Ferguson

James LARMAN (c/b SARMAN), 27, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Sarah CHAMBERS, 24, Perth, Innisfil, d/o Moses & Sarah, wtn: blank, on June 11, 1862, by R.H. Smith

Charles DURHAM, 27, Hamilton, Barrie, s/o James & Eliza, married Esther Ann HOLDSWORTH, 21 (24?), Oro, Barrie, d/o John & Armeda, wtn: George McCAUSLAND & Armedia (sic) McCAUSLAND, both of Barrie, on July 3, 1862

William PAVEY, 29, Holland Landing, Barrie, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Emma IVISON, 19, England, Barrie, d/o James & Anne, wtn: Solomon SEIVERY & Ann JUSSON of Barrie, on July 4, 1862

John H. BARR, 24, Scotland, Medonte, s/o Walter & Janet, married Jane GILPIN, 30, Ireland, Essa, d/o Martin & Rebecca, wtn: John BRECHIN of Medonte & Letitia GILPIN of Essa, on July 12, 1862

Charles McCONNELL, 28, Ireland, St. Vincent, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Jane STRONG, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Miakill (sic) & Margaret, wtn: Duncan McINTYRE & John McINTYRE, both of Oro, on August 16, 1862

John PACKARD, 24, England, Oro, s/o John & Maria, married Betsey SUMMERS, 33, England, Oro, d/o Robert & Alice, wtn: Matthew KEE & Louisa PACKARD, both of Barrie, on August 18, 1862

Edward BUSH, 24, Oro, same, s/o James & Lavina, married Elizabeth A. JOHNSON, 17, Oro, same, d/o Benjamin & Ellen, wtn: Mary RODDEN of Barrie & Ellen JOHNSON of Oro, on August 25, 1862

David BOWMAN, 32, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o James & Mary, married Mary BOSER, 38, Ireland, Innisfil, d/o Benjamin & Ann, wtn: John BOWMAN & Margaret BOWMAN, both of Innisfil, on August 25, 1862

Solomon SEWERY, 24, Stamford, Barrie, s/o John & Emily, married Annie JESSON, 19, London C.W., Barrie, d/o Francis & Elizabeth, wtn: Duncan McKENLIE (McKinley?) & Eliza JESSON, both of Barrie, on September 3, 1862

David MATHESON, 33, Scotland, Nottawasaga, s/o John & Janet, married Margaret McEACHRAN, 2?, Scotland, Nottawasaga, d/o Allen & Sarah, wtn: Charles McEACHRAN of Nottawasaga & James DUNLOP of Barrie, on September 27, 1862

Charles WATTIE, 25, Scotland, Vespra, s/o Charles & Euphemia, married Isabella OROK, 19, Scotland, Vespra, d/o Robert & Janet, wtn: George WATTIE & Robert OROK, both of Vespra, on October 13, 1862

Duncan BAILEY, 25, Puslinch, Essa, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Margaret McFARLAN, 33, N Gwillimbury, Essa, d/o Finlay & May, wtn: Finlay BAILEY of Essa & Ann SLATER of Barrie, on October 22, 1862

Martin HOWLETT, 26, England, Barrie, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth CLARY, 23, Richmond Hill, Barrie, d/o Thomas & Jane, wtn: Jane ROSS of Barrie & Jane CLAREY of Innisfil, on October 25, 1862

John SHELL, 26, Etobicoke, Innisfil, s/o Benjamin & Mary, married Mary J. ROSS, 21, W. Gwillimbury, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, wtn: William ROSS of W. Gwillimbury & Margaret SHELL of Innisfil, on October 29, 1862

Isaac HART, 21, Oro, same, s/o William & Anne, married Frances M. EMMS, 21, Oro, same, d/o James &am