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Simcoe Co., 1877, part 2

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009734-77 (Simcoe Co) Stuart ACHISON, 30, minister, Adjala Co. Simcoe Canada, Clover Hill, Thomas & Mary ACHISON married Fanny M. FERGUSON, 18, Toronto, Cookstown d/o Thomas R. & Francis FERGUSON Witn: Martha A. ADIESON (Addison?) of Equescent? (Esquesing?) & James A. DUFF of Clover Hill, June 13, 1877 at Innisfil  
010005-77 - Thomas ALDCORN, 30, farmer, Valcartier Quebec, Egremont Grey Co., parents - William & Janet ALDCORN, married Margaret McBAIN, 28, Valcartier Quebec, Nottawasaga, parents - James & Catherine McBAIN, witn; John ALDCORN of Proton & Elizabeth McBAIN of Stayner, Oct. 24 1877 at Nottawasaaga 010111-77 (Simcoe Co.) Alex ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Mono twp., Mulmur, s/o James and Ann ANDERSON, married Mary Ann OLLIVER, 20, NY state, Mulmur, d/o Joseph OLLIVER and Ann PATTERSON, witn; Robert COURTNEY and Mary Ann ANDERSON, 29 May 1877 at Mulmur
010097-77 (Simcoe Co.) James ANDERSON, 30, farmer, Ireland, Mono, s/o Joseph and Mary ANDERSON, married Lucinda HUTCHISON, 25, Canada, Mono, d/o Alexander and Margaret HUTCHISON, witn; Hamilton BROWN of Nottawasaga, and Dorothy BOWERS? of Mono, 15 February 1877 at St. Paul’s Mono 009924-77 - David ANDREWS, 22, barber, Canada, Aurora, s/o Edward & Mary ANDREWS, married Rachael MOSELY, 20, Canada, Aurora, d/o Henry & Betsy MOSELY, wtn: Caroline & Ross BRED?IS, both of Barrie, on July 3, 1877, at Barrie
13585-77 William ARMSTRONG, 64, widower, farmer, New York, King twp., s/o Andrew ARMSTRONG & Jane COWAN, married Agnes LONG, 47, widow, Kingston, Alliston, d/o James & Jane SCOTT, witn: S. M. STERLING & Rebecca CALMER, both of Alliston, 21 Nov 1877 at Alliston 010094-77 (Simcoe Co.) William BAILEY, 26, blacksmith, Barrie Ont., Mulmur, s/o Solomon and Catherine BAILEY, married Eliza Jane IRWIN, 27, Mono, Mono, d/o James and Elizabeth IRWIN, witn; Robert Bailey of Mulmur and Sarah HOWARD of Mono, 17 October 1877 at Mono
009781-77 Robert Hampson BANTING, 28, farmer, Queen Co. Ireland, Tecumseth, s/o James & Ann BANTING, married Mary Jane CRUTHERS, 19, West Gwillimbury, Tecumseth, d/o William & Margaret Jane CRUTHERS, witn; John CULBERT, Essa & Samuel CRUTHERS, West Gwillimbury. 4 Apr 1877 at W. Gwillimbury 009891-77 (Simcoe Co.) James Richard BELLAMY, 22, farmer, Tossorontio, Tossorontio, parents - William & Sarah BELLAMY, married Elizabeth WILSON, 22, Vaughan, Mulmur, parents - James & Susan WILSON, witn; Stephen Nelson HAMILTON of Tossorontio & Rose Ann WILSON of Mulmur, March 26 1877 at Creemore
010079-77 (Simcoe County) John Rutherford BERNARD, 29, minister of the Gospel, Montreal, Nottawa, s/o Henry & Jane BERNARD married Catherine Seth MELVILLE, 29, County York Canada, Nottawa, d/o Andrew & Ellen MELVILLE, wtn: Rev. S. AITCHESON of Cookstown & Mary LEATH of Toronto on April 11, 1877 at Nottawa 009894-77 (Simcoe Co.) Hugh BEST, 24, farmer, Ireland, Nottawasaga, parents - Robert & Martha BEST, married Mary Anne CRAWFORD, 19, Mulmur, Nottawasaga, parents - William & Margaret CRAWFORD, witn; Frederick WILSON & Margaret CRAWFORD both of Creemore, April 19 1877 at Creemore
  009817-77 (Simcoe Co.) James BLOOMFIELD, 28, farmer, Colchester England, Medonte, parents - John M. & Sarah BLOOMFIELD, married Margaret REID, 24, Canada, Medonte, parents - Archibald & Margaret REID, witn; George BLOOMFIELD & Mary REID both of Medonte, June 20 1877 at Medonte
009886-77 (Simcoe Co.) William BLUEMAN, 28, farmer, Scugog Island, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas & Elizabeth BLUEMAN, married Sarah HONEYWELL, 18, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Isaiah & Elizabeth HONEYWELL, witn; John HONEYWELL & Ann Jane JONES both of Nottawasaga, March 5 1877 at Creemore 10066-77 Philip Samuel BOVAIRE (s/b Bovair), 27, laborer, York Co., Alliston, s/o blank & Eliza SAIGEON, married Susanah McFADDEN, 20, Essa twp., same, d/o John McFADDEN & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Mitchell BOVAIRE of Collingwood & Mary Jane McFADDEN of Essa, 11 Dec 1877 at Alliston
009878-77 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas BOWIE, 28, fisherman, Halifax N.S., Collingwood, parents - Thomas & Ann BOWIE, married Margaret McARTHUR, 19, Scotland, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Margaret McARTHUR, witn; Andrew BOWIE of Collingwood & Anabella McARTHUR of Nottawasaga, Feb. 13 1877 at Nottawasaga 010085-77 (Simcoe County) William I. BRACK (Brock?), 25, farmer, Albion, Nottawasaga, s/o John BRACK & Eliza CONN married Ann Jane HODGSON, 20, St. Catharines, Collingwood, d/o Frederick HODGSON & Sarah Ann RITCHIE, wtn David FRASER of Nottawa and Elizabeth McDONALD of Nottawasaga on November 14, 1877 at Collingwood
009737-77 (Simcoe Co) George BRADY, 27, plasterer, Canada, Innisfil, s/o John & Catherine BRADY married Emma J. BRIDLE, 18, Canada, Innisfil d/o John & Sarah BRIDLE Witn Sylvester McCLEAN & Lolinda GRIFFIN both of Innisfil, 9 Aug 1877 at Victoria Innisfil 009890-77 (Simcoe Co.) George L. BROTHERS, 36, farmer, Berkshire England, Sunnidale, parents - Jeremiah & Jennissa BROTHERS, married Mary Ann LYNN, 26, York twp., Sunnidale, parents - David & Elizabeth LYNN, witn; Thomas LYNN & Charlotte LYNN both of Sunnidale, March 22 1877 at Stayner
13588-77 William BROWN, 23, saddler, Barrie, Alliston, s/o John & Emma, married Sarah A. WILSON, 19, King, Tossorontio, d/o James & Sarah A., witn: George LINDSAY & James DRURY, both of Alliston, 1 Jan 1877 at Alliston 009982-77 (Simcoe Co.) Robert BROWN, 25, waggon maker, Ireland, Primrose, s/o John and Mary, married Angelina BROCKWELL, 18, Canada, Mulmur, d/o Hannah BROCKWELL, witn: William MONTITOR? and William James BROCKWELL, both of Mulmur, 31 Mar 1877 at Mulmur.
  009730-77 (Simcoe Co) Michael BURK, 22, railroading, Canada, Innisfil Tp, s/o Thomas & Ellen BURK married Phobe McGEAGH, 20, Canada, Innisfil Tp, d/o William & Charlotte McGEAGH Witn: Robert McGEAGH & Margaret A. EDEN, Dec. 19, 1877 at Innisfil Tp
010142-77 (Simcoe Co) Hugh CAMERON, 36, sailing captain, Scotland, Artemesia, s/o Alexander & Margaret CAMERON married Hannah KELLY, 33, wid., Scotland, Collingwood, d/o Alexander & Margaret McLEAN, wtn Alex MOORE of Osprey & Mary McLEAN of Nottawasaga on June 20, 1877 at Collingwood. 009889-77 (Simcoe Co.) David CAMPBELL, 32, farmer, Ireland, Tossorontio, parents - James & Jane CAMPBELL, married Margaret MADILL, 26, York Canada, Tossorontio, parents - David & Jane MADILL, witn; Thomas MADILL & Jane MADILL both of Tossorontio, March 22 1877 at Creemore
010070-77 (Simcoe County) Donald CAMPBELL, 25, seaman, Quebec, Collingwood, s/o John & Mary CAMPBELL married Catherine McDOUGALL, 25, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Duncan & Mary McDOUGALL, wtn: James & Annie McQUARRY both of Collingwood on December 20, 1877 at Collingwood 009756-77 (Simcoe Co) John CAMPBELL, 34, millwright, Oro, Innisfil s/o Donald & Sarah CAMPBELL married Mary Ann GOULD 25, Markham, Innisfil d/o William & Rebecca GOULD Witn: Annie MURPHY of Innisfil, 29 Apr. 1877 at St. Pauls Church Innisfil
009757-77 (Simcoe Co) Thompson CAMPBELL, 25, farmer, Tecumseth, Innisfil s/o William & Jane CAMPBELL married Harriett Amanda DYER, 19, Innisfil, same, d/o Charles & Jane DYER Witn: Alfred DYER of Innisfil & James Benjamin CARRUTHERS, 23 May 1877 at Holly Innisfil 009841-77 (Simcoe Co.) William CAMPBELL, 23, farmer, Ireland, Mulmur, parents - James CAMPBELL & Jane CELKINS ??, married Pricilla Jane MADILL, 22, York, Tossorontio, parents - David & Madila Mary HANNEL, witn; William A. MADILL & Margaret MADILL both of Tossorontio, Feb. 11 1877 at Tossorontio
010071-77 (Simcoe County) Samuel CARSON, 21, seaman, Ontario, Collingwood, s/o John & Jane CARSON married Annie KENNEDY, 18, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o James & Mary KENNEDY, wtn: James WILSON & Mary A. KENNEDY both of Collingwood on December 19, 1877 at Collingwood 009837-77 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas CARTER, 23, Mono, Mono, parents - John & Jane CARTER, married Rebecca IRWIN, 18, Port Hope, Mono, parents - Christopher & Jane IRWIN, witn; John CARTER & Mary IRWIN both of Mono, April 18 1877 at Mono (also 10092-77)
009740-77 (Simcoe Co) Henry CATCHPOLE, 20, laborer, England, Tosorontio, s/o Henry & Catherine JOHNSON (as written) married Emma Dills WHEELER, 18, Canada, Innisfil, d/o Louis & Lavinia WHEELER Witn: Thomas SHEFFIELD & Louis WHEELER both of Innisfil, 28 Sep 1877 at Innisfil 009744-77 (Simcoe Co) Hewitt Armstrong CHATTERSON, 22, conductor on railroad, Canada, Toronto City, s/o James & Amelia CHATTERSON married Melinda GRIFFIN, 19, Canada, Stroud Innisfil, d/o James & Mary Ann GRIFFIN Witn: William WILSON & Catherine BROWN both of Stroud Innisfil, 30 Nov 1877 at Stroud Innisfil
010146-77 (Simcoe Co) Irwin CLARK, 23, farmer, Ontario, St. Vincent Tp., s/o William & Flora Ann CLARK married Margaret BAXTER, 16, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Malcom & Mary BAXTER, wtn Margaret DRUMMOND & Mary Ann CLEMENT on March 8, 1877 at Collingwood. 10045-77 John Henry CLARK, 22, sawyer, Ontario, Rama, s/o James & Mary, married Susannah Labertha BARNHART, 20, Oro, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: John BARNHART of Oro & William N. CLARK of Rama, 18 April 1877 at East Oro
  009893-77 (Simcoe Co.) John Alexander COLEMAN, 35, farmer, Mulmur, Mulmur, parents - William & Ann COLEMAN married Elizabeth NEELANDS, 26, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Hamilton & Catherine NEELANDS, witn; William NEELANDS of Nottawasaga & Sarah COLEMAN of Mulmur, March 28 1877 at Nottawasaga
009816-77 (Simcoe Co.) Henry COLEMAN, 45, labourer, England, Medonte, parents - Thomas & Jane COLEMAN, married Elvia CASWELL, 49, Ireland, Medonte, parents - William & Margaret BASKERVILLE , witn; Mrs. James COLDWATER & Rev. A. RUSSELL of Victoria Harbour, June 8 1877 at Medonte 010102-77 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph COLT, 25, labourer, Canada, Tecumseth, s/o Simon? COLT and Bridget ?--HARTA, married Merailla McDONNELL?, 24, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o John McDONNELL & Mary KEARNS?, witn: Joseph CALLAGHAN and Ellinor CALLAGHAN both of Tecumseth, 29 June 1877 at St. James Adjala.
010122-77 -  David CORBETT, 22, Nottawasaga, Glencairn, laborer, s/o Geo & Margaret CORBETT, married Janet LOVELL, 16, McKellar, Glencairn, d/o John & Ellen LOVELL, wtn: James & Elizabeth COOK, both of Glencairn, on January 31, 1877, at Stayner 010096-77 (Simcoe Co.) Robert COURTNEY, 28, farmer, Ireland, Mulmur, s/o James and Jane COURTNEY, married Jane LANDEN, 21, Garafraxa, Mulmur, d/o Thomas and Susan LANDEN, witn; Edward ANDERSON and Sarah Jane COWAN both of Mulmur, 18 July 1877 at Mono
010076-77 (Simcoe County) Thomas James CRAWFORD, 24, printer, Kingston Ontario, Collingwood, s/o Frederick & Ann CRAWFORD married A. Anna C. MALONEY, 23, Co. Brock, Collingwood, d/o John & Kate MALONEY, wtn: John DEE of Penetanguishene & Maria MALONEY of Orillia on September 18, 1877 at Collingwood 009728-77 (Simcoe) John CRAWFORD, 26, farmer, Canada, Adjala, s/o James & Elizabeth CRAWFORD married Margaret Jane CROSSON, no age listed, Canada, Tosorontio, d/o Hugh & Margaret CROSSON Witn: no witnesses listed, May 29, 1877 at Tosorontio
9904-77 Thomas CRONAN, 41, widower, farmer, Canada, Vespra, s/o John CRONAN & Ellen DARGAN, married Ann CAVANAUGH, 33, Ireland, Barrie, d/o John CAVANAUGH & Catherine KENNY, witn: John CRONAN of Vespra & Sarah CAVANAUGH of Barrie, 13 Nov 1877 at Barrie 009742-77 (Simcoe Co) William CROSS, 32, miller, Vespra, Allandale, Tp Innisfil, widower, s/o Thomas & Dorothy Cross maried Elizabeth GIBSON, 27, Bruce Mines, Allandale Tp Innisfil, d/o James & Jane GIBSON Witn: Richard ROSS of Manitoulin Island & Jane GIBSON of Allandale, 9 Oct 1877 at Allandale Innisfil
10060-77 John CRUISE, 30, farmer, Ireland, Tiny twp., s/o Robert CRUISE & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Mary JACOBS, 30, Germany, Tiny twp., d/o Francis JACOBS & Catherine FADY?, witn: Christopher JACOBS & Catherine CRAWFORD, both of Tiny, 28 Oct. 1877 at Tiny 009880-77 (Simcoe Co.) George Isaac CUNNINGHAM, 20, lawyer, Streetsville, Avening, parents - Samuel & Anne CUNNINGHAM, married Ellen Maria WEIR, 20, Tossorontio, Avening, parents - Henry & Annie WEIR, witn; Francis COLBERT & Margaret Ann WEIR both of Avening, Feb. 14 1877 at Creemore
009885-77 (Simcoe Co.) Angus CURRIE, 28, farmer, Scotland, Collingwood, parents - Angus & Sarah CURRIE, married Annie CURRIE, 19, Canada, Collingwood, parents - Neil & Catherine CURRIE, witn; Angus CURRIE & Isabella CURRIE both of Nottawasaga, Feb. 28 1877 at Collingwood 10059-77 Thomas H. DARBY, 21, farmer, England, Medonte twp., s/o Richard DARBY & Sophia SPAIN, married Mary GRIGG, 19, Cartwright twp., Tiny twp., d/o John GRIGG & Elizabeth CROW, witn: Jennet WALLACE & Edward GRIGG, both of Tiny, 5 Oct 1877 at Tiny
10088-78 Isaac DECART, no age given, laborer, Finch twp., Brentwood, s/o John & Louisa, married Martha MOORE, 19, Innisfil, Vespra, d/o John & Mary, witn: William SMITH & Rose DECART, both of Brentwood, 31 Dec 1877 at Stayner  
010077-77 (Simcoe County) Jacob T. DEMPSEY, 24, saddler, Acton Ontario, Parry Sound, not given, married Margaret MALONEY, 25, Co. Brock, Parry Sound, d/o John & Kate MALONEY, wtn: John DEE of Penetanguishene & Maria MALONEY of Orillia on September 18, 1877 at Collingwood 9988-77 Joseph DESCHAMPS, 24, clerk, Rainham Ont., Midland, s/o Antoine DESCHAMPS & Henrietta FOURNIER, married Mary PALLISTER, 19, Collingwood, same, d/o Thomas PALLISTER & Jane MULLEN, witn: James BELL & Virginie DESCHAMPS, both of Midland, 18 July 1877 at Penetang
009838-77 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander DONALDSON, 23, -, Mono, Mono, parents - Alexander & Mary DONALDSON, married Mary Ann ARLOW, 21, Mono, Mono, parents - Robert ARLOW & Jane ARLOW , witn; Robert ARLOW & Jane ARLOW both of Mono, March 7 1877 at Mono 010110-77 (Simcoe Co.) Robert DONNELLY, 22, farmer, Tecumseth, Essa, s/o Samuel and Elizabeth DONNELLY, married Sarah COOK, 16, Mulmur, Mulmur, d/o William and Mary COOK, witn; Allan COOK and Mary A. GREER, blank, 26 April 1877 at Mulmur.
9903-77 John DORAN, 33, farmer, Vespra, same, s/o Patrick DALEY (sic) & Ann SULLIVAN, married Catherine DALEY, 25, Ireland, Vespra, d/o Patrick DALEY & Ann BRADEY, witn: Martin BRETT of Vespra & Susan DALEY of Barrie, 6 Nov 1877 at Barrie 009835-77 (Simcoe Co.) John DOUGHERTY, 38, farmer, Ireland, Mono, parents - Thomas & Sarah DOUGHERTY, married Sarah BOTHAM, 26, England, Mono, parents - Moses & Mary BOTHAM, witn; Thomas John & Jane BOTHAM both of Mono, Jan. 17 1877 at Mono
010148-77 (Simcoe Co) James DRUMMOND, 40, farmer, Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Robert & Jane DRUMMOND married Margaret CLARKE, 33, wid., New York State, Collingwood, d/o William & Flora Ann DRUMMOND, wtn Richard V. & Mary C. CLEMENT of Collingwood on January 10, 1877 at Collingwood.  
9788-78 William Henry DUNSMORE, 21, farmer, Oro Twp, same, s/o William DUNSMORE & Mary Ann GOMERY?, married Susan HOWARD, 20, Ontario, Oro, d/o James HOWARD & Elizabeth MCCULLOGH, witn: R.J. HILL & Lizzie DUNSMORE, both of Oro, 25 Dec 1877 at Barrie 009814-77 (Simcoe Co.) William H. DURNFORD, 30, farmer, Owen Sound, Medonte, parents - Andrew & Susan DURNFORD, married Susannah NICHOLSON, 25, Canada, Medonte, parents - John & Susannah NICHOLSON, witn; Robert James MATHEWS of Medonte & Arabella CONNOR of Waubaushene, May 2 1877 at Medonte
010084-77 (Simcoe County) William ELLIOTT, 26, farmer, Seneca Canada, Collingwood, s/o Robert & Jane ELLIOTT married Janet CAROLL, 19, Oneida Canada, Collingwood, d/o Donald & Janet CAROLL, wtn: Charles MATTHEWS & Ann ROGERS both of Collingwood on September 7, 1877 at Collingwood 009949-77 - James ELRICK, 44, yeoman, Scotland, Flos, widowed, s/o James & Ellen Wilson ELRICK, married Eliza FRASER, 33, Scotland, Flos, do James & Jane FRASER, wtn: John FRASER of Flos & Maggie BARRON of Oro, on April 18, 1877, at Barrie
009813-77 (Simcoe Co.) John EVOY, 48, farmer, Ireland, North Orillia, parents - John & Ann EVOY, married Mary Margaret ORTON, 33, Canada, Medonte, parents - Joseph & Ann Jane ORTON, witn; John WILSON & Agnes ORTON both of Medonte, April 12 1877 at Medonte 010093-77 (Simcoe Co.) John Buchanan FARR, 27, book keeper, Woodbridge, Woodbridge, s/o Elisha and Annie FARR, married Nellie Georgia THOMPSON, 23, Mono, Rosemont, d/o Robert and Catherine THOMPSON, witn; Robert THOMPSON and Annie CLARK both of Rosemont, 6 September 1877 at Rosemont.
  009879-77 (Simcoe Co.) James FERRIS, 38, farmer, Ireland, Mulmur, parents - John & Ann FERRIS, married Martha Matilda McKEE, -, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Margaret McKEE, witn; John STEWART of Nottawasaga & Mary FERRIS of Mulmur, Feb. 14 1877 at Nottawasaga
009727-77 (Simcoe Co) James FOSTER, 20, hotel keeper, Toronto, Avening, s/o Robert FOSTER & Margaret VINNIE? Married Margaret GRIENES? (Grieves?) 20, Scotland, Tosorontio, d/o William GRIENES? & Annie GRIENES? Witn: William DUNN of Essa & Mary GRIENES? of Glencairn, June 19, 1877 at Glencairn 009730-77 (Simcoe Co) James FOSTER, 35, farmer, Derry Ireland, Allandale, s/o Samuel & Margaret FOSTER married Sarah GILLESPIE, 30, Township Cavan Ont, Allandale d/o Hugh & Margaret GILLESPIE Witn: David COMISKY & Mary COMISKY both of Allandale Dec. 19, 1877 at Allandale
9994-77 Eugene GAGNE, 23, laborer, Tiny twp., Midland, s/o Joseph GAGNE & Henrietta MAISONVILLE, married Philomene LEVECQUE, 20, Tiny, Midland, d/o Maxime LEVECQUE & Henriette LATOURNELLE?, witn: William LADOUCEUR, Clemence VALLE, John LIBERTE & Clemence VAILLANCOURT, all of Tiny, 9 Sept 1877 at Penetang  
009735-77 (Simcoe Co) William D. GEER, 22, carpenter, Canada, Cookstown, s/o George & Isabella GEER married Catherine MORIARTY, 23, Canada, Cookstown d/o Patrick & Agnes MORIARTY Witn: Christopher GEER of Innisfil & Agnes MORIARTY of West Gwillimbury, 11 July 1877 at Stroud Innisfil 009748-77 (Simcoe Co) Joseph R. GIBSON, 32, Methodist minister, Canada, McKellar Township, s/o William & Mary GIBSON married Rebecca CROSS, 18, Canada, Innisfil Township d/o James & Mary Jane CROSS Witn: George WALKER & Mary CROSS both of Innisfil, 29 Nov 1877 at Innisfil Twp
9818-77 Joseph GODWIN, 22, mechanic, England, Collingwood, s/o Joseph & Martha, married Annie S. SHAW, 25, Sunnidale, same, d/o Duncan & Mary, witn: Thomas G. HAWKINS of Collingwood & Catherine SHAW of Sunnidale, 13 Feb 1877 at Zion Church, Sunnidale 010145-77 (Simcoe Co) Robert GOWER, 21, labourer, Ontario, Collingwood, s/o Robert & Margaret GOWER married Catherine ROLPH, not given, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Samuel & Margaret ROLPH, wtn John & Margaret ROLPH both of Collingwood on March 6, 1877 at Collingwood.
010040-77 (Simcoe) Thomas Alex GRATRIX; 26; Farmer; England; Medonte; s/o William and Agnes GRATRIX; married Mary Jane MOUNT; 17; Ontario; Tay Twp.; d/o Mathew and Rachel MOUNT; wtns Hector McLEOD of Tay Twp. and Agnes Mary GRATRIX of Medonte; October 17, 1877 at Tay Twp.. 9794-78 Alfred GRAVES, 23, painter, England, Barrie, s/o Robert & Emma GRAVES, married Anne Keziah LYLE, 21, Canada, Barrie, d/o William & Margaret LYLE, witn: Sylvester HEARST & Louisa CARSON, both of Barrie, 25 Dec 1877 at Barrie
  10088-77 William GRAY, 30, farmer, Ireland, Albion, s/o Mathew & Sarah, married Harriet McKENNA, 25, Canada, Mono, d/o William & Eliza, witn: James S. SHANNON of Caledon & Emily McKENNA of Mono, 27 Dec 1877 at Rosemont
9905-77 Patrick HAMLIN, 25, hotel keeper, USA, Allandale, s/o Ambrose HAMLIN & Johanna WALSH, married Mary McBRIDE, 23, Barrie, same, d/o Patrick McBRIDE & Mary McKERNAN, witn: John HAMLIN of Allendale & Agnes McBRIDE of Barrie, 19 Nov 1877 at Barrie 13586-77 William HAWKINS, 22, laborer, York Co., Tossorontio, s/o Joseph HAWKINS & Betsy A--?, married Mary Ann LESLIE, 19, Amaranth, Tossorontio, d/o James LESLIE & Honoria DUKE, witn: Henry LESLIE & Sarah BROWN, both of Tossorontio, 18 Sept 1877 at Alliston
9900-77 James HIGGINS, 42, widower, teacher, Ireland, Tiny, s/o Patrick HIGGINS & Ann BRENNAN, married Cary DEVLIN, 30, Ireland, Tiny, d/o Charles DEVLIN & Mary DONOHOE, witn: Charles DEVLIN of Tiny & Mary E. ONEIL of Penetang., 12 July 1877 at Penetang 010098-77 (Simcoe Co.) James HINEBY?, 50, widower, mill wright, Ireland, Pine Grove, s/o Michael HINEBY? And Mary FLYNN?, married Johanna FALLS, 40, widow, Ireland, Adjala, d/o David NOLAN and Mary TOONEY? (LONNEY?), witn; Hugh F. KELLY and Ellen KELLY both of Alliston, 5 August 1877 at Alliston.
10092-78 Joseph HIOTT, 24, farmer, England, Nottawasaga, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Catherine MILLER, 18, Nottawasaga, same, d/o Samuel & Barbara, witn: James MILLER & Sarah HIOTT, both of Nottawasaga, 18 Oct 1877 at Nottawasaga 010011-77 - John HODGINS, 28, farmer, Ireland, Sunnidale, parents - William & Isabella HODGINS, married Mary SHAW, 21, Sunnidale, Sunnidale, parents - John & Flora SHAW, witn; John R. SHAW & Catherine P. SHAW of Sunnidale, Oct. 31 1877 at Sunnidale
13589-77 William HODGINSON, 21, farmer, Tecumseth, Proton twp., s/o William & Margaret, married Jane WILSON, 21, Tecumseth, same, d/o Alex & Mary, witn: Walter G. FISHER & Mary A. WILSON, both of Tecumseth twp., 4 Jan 1877 at Alliston 010140-77 (Simcoe Co) George HOOVER, 42, farmer, married (s/b wid.) Quebec, Victoria Co., s/o David & Rachel HOOVER married Jane Bacon GALLOWAY, 26, Toronto, Osprey Tp., d/o John & Jane GALLOWAY, wtn George HORTON of Collingwood on June 27, 1877 at Collingwood
010083-77 (Simcoe County) Henry Bolton HORTON, 23, cabinet maker, Ontario, Collingwood, s/o Edward & Jane HORTON married Mary Eliza McELWAINE, 19, Ireland, Collingwood, d/o William & Margaret McELWAINE, wtn: E. Stanley BROWN & Charlotte HORTON on April 11, (1877) at Collingwood. Year not given 009981-77 (Simcoe Co.) William HOWARD, 36, shoe maker, Prussia, Tosorontio, parents dead, married Jane MISSOE?, 25, widow, Canada, Mulmur, parents dead, witn: Copeland and Eliza McGILL, both of Tosorontio, 7 Aug 1877 at Mulmur
  009833-77 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander Moore HUSTON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Mono, parents - Robert & Mary Ann HUSTON, married Sarah DELANEY, 18, Ontario, Mono, parents - Robert & Sarah DELANEY, witn; Robert HUSTON & Rebecca DELANEY both of Mono, Jan. 3 1877 at Mono twp
9993-77 Harry JENNINGS, 25, bookkeeper, England, Penetang., s/o John & Eliza, married Millicent SNEATH, 20, Penetang., same, d/o Alfred & Mary, witn: George SNEATH of Innisfil & Emma JEN--? of Tecumseth, 30 July 1877 at Penetang 009959-77 - William H. JOHNSON, 26, painter, Barrie, same, s/o Joseph B. & Margaret JOHNSON, married Georgie MANROSE, 19, Scotland, Barrie, d/o MacKay & Catherine MANROSE, wtn: George HILL & Margaret GRAHAM, both of Barrie, on April 9, 1877, at Barrie
010120-77 -  Robert JOHNSTON, 26, Alden, Stayner, farmer, s/o John & Mary JOHNSTON, married Sarah PICKERING, 21, Uxbridge, Sunnidale, d/o William & Rosanna PICKERING, wtn: David & Angelina SLADE, both of Stayner, on May 23, 1877, at Stayner 010090-77 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Ireland, Mono, s/o Edward and Mary JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth SPROULE, 19, Mulmur, Mono, d/o Nathaniel and Elizabeth SPROULE, witn; Samuel I. JOHNSTON and William McBRIDE both of Mono, 14 November 1877 at Mono
9898-77 - William Henry JOHNSTONE, 22, yeoman, Collingwood, Morrison twp., s/o William JOHNSON (sic) & Elizabeth SWANZEY, married Elizabeth McDEVITT, 17, Val Cartier Quebec, North Orillia, d/o Thomas McDEVITT & Jane SMITH, witn: Henry PIVOT of Vespra & Margaret RAINEY of Morrison, 11 Jan 1877 at North Orillia 9937-77 John JOYCE, 24, laborer, Canada, not given, s/o Edward JOYCE & Mary GARVEY, married Mary Jane MAGUIRE, 28, Canada, Adjala, d/o Thomas MAGUIRE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Thomas DOYLE of Barrie & Catherine Ann NOONAN of Adjala, 23 Oct. 1877 at St. James, Adjala
009884-77 (Simcoe Co.) Alexander KENNEDY, 26, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Alexander & Mary Anne KENNEDY , married Sarah Jane WHITE, 22, Mono, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Mary WHITE, witn; John KENNEDY & Martha WHITE both of Nottawasaga, Feb. 28 1877 at Nottawasaga 10068-77 Lewis KEOWN, 21, farmer, Essa, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Ellen KEOWN, 16, Essa, same, d/o Robert & Agnes, witn: John KEOWN & Isabella BROWN, both of Essa, 8 Jan 1877 at Alliston
009954-77 - William KIDD, 23, yeoman, Canada, Tosorontio, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth KIDD, married Eliza LEMON, 21, Canada, Tosorontio, d/o Alexander & Jane LEMON, wtn: George LEMON & Mary Jane KIDD, both of Tosorontio, on April 18, 1877, at Tosorontio 010147-77 (Simcoe Co) George KIRBY, 23, farmer, Ontario, Collingwood Tp., s/o Robert & Ann KIRBY married Alice POLLARD, 26, Ontario, Collingwood Tp., d/o William & Ann POLLARD, wtn George HUTCHINSON & Eliza POLLARD both of Collingwood Tp., on March 31, 1877 at Collingwood.
9989-77 George KOPEKOL, 22, Indian, Beausoleil Island, Christian Island, s/o John KOPEKOL & Margaret ROSE (Roe?), married Philomene BOYDNEDJOEN?, 17, Cape Croker, same, d/o Athanasie BOYDNADJOEN & Cecile JOHNSON, witn: Joseph DUBEAU of Penetang. & Angelique WALKER of Cape Croker, 30 July 1877 at Penetang 009871-77 (Simcoe Co.) William LAIDLAW, 33, millwright, Canada, Mono, parents - Alexander & Margaret LAIDLAW, married Mary MACHEAM, 25, Canada, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Sarah MACHEAM, witn; Alex McLEAN & Mary Jane KERN both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 4 1877 at Nottawasaga
010008-77 - William LANGMAN, 31, farmer, Oro, Flos, parents - Joseph & Catherine LANGMAN, married Sarah Hannah BOYS, 22, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Thomas & Mary Jane BOYS, witn; Henry BOYS of Nottawasaga & Eliza LANGMAN of Oro, Sept. 26 1877 at Creemore 9901-77 Leonard LAURIN, 27, carpenter, Joliette Que., Penetang., s/o Antoine LAURIN & Judith DEMAR--?, married Cordelia GERVAIS, 19, Joliette Que., Penetang., d/o Lawrence GERVAIS & Emerance ASSELIN, witn: Joseph LAURIN & Henriette PERRAULT, both of Tiny, 30 Dec 1877 at Penetang
010080-77 (Simcoe County) William LAWRENCE, 21, butcher, Collingwood, same, s/o William & Fanny LAWRENCE married Mary Jane LUNDY, 22, Mulmur Canada, Collingwood, d/o Nathaniel & Eliza Jane LUNDY, wtn: William JONES & Henry ANDERSON both of Collingwood on September 6, 1877 at Collingwood 9987-77 Joseph LEFEBRE, 25, laborer, Quebec, Midland, s/o Joseph LEFEBRE & Marie MORIN, married Henrietta DESCHAMPS, 19, Rainham Ont., Midland, d/o Antoine DESCHAMPS & Henriette FOURNIER, witn: Benjamin TON--? of Tiny & Antoine DESCHAMPS of Midland, 17 July 1877 at Penetang
009836-77 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas LEE, 38, shoe maker, Mulmur, Mono, parents - Robert & Mary LEE, married Susan SLOAN, 23, Ireland, Mono, parents - Joshua & Thomasana SLOAN, witn; John McKILARY & Rebecca STITSON both of Mono, March 20 1877 at Mono 009883-77 (Simcoe Co.) Hugh Joseph LeROY, 28, salesman, Scotland, Nottawasaga, parents - Joseph & Ann Le Roy, married Mary Jane KERR, 21. Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Edward & Julia KERR, witn; J.A. OVAS Jr. & Sarah Jane KERR both of Nottawasaga, Feb. 21 1877 at Nottawa
009876-77 (Simcoe Co.) John LEWIS, 26, teacher, West Gwillimbury, Nottawasaga, parents - Golding & Mary Ann LEWIS, married Catherine McCOLMAN, 21, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Catherine McCOLMAN, witn; John CURRIE, & Mary McCOLMAN, Jan. 24 1877 at Stayner 010074-77 (Simcoe County) John Gay MARTIN, 26, cabinet maker, Wales, Collingwood, s/o Joseph & Mary Jane MARTIN married Sarah Jane LEONARD, 19, Ontario, Collingwood , d/o Fernando & Elizabeth LEONARD, wtn: James CAREY & Elizabeth GORDON both of Collingwood on November 21, 1877 at Collingwood
009746-77 (Simcoe Co) Jasper MARTIN, 32, lumberer, Trafalgar twp., Medonte twp, s/o John & Margaret MARTIN married Mary Margaret MOFFATT, 24, Esquesing twp, Medonte, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane MOFFATT Witn: Henrietta McMAHON & Edith Jane McMAHON both of Allendale, 3 Jan 1877 at Allendale Innisfil 10067-77 John MATTHEWS, 22, farmer, England, Euphrasia, s/o John & Josephine, married Sarah RUSK, 22, Tossorontio, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William MATTHEWS of Euphrasia & Mary A. RUSSELL of Tossorontio, 12 July 1877 at Alliston
009892-77 (Simcoe Co.) Duncan McARTHUR, 30, farmer, Scotland, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Margaret McARTHUR, married Flora McGILLIVRAY, 30, Scotland, Nottawasaga, parents - John & Isabella McGILLIVRAY, witn; John McARTHUR & Annie McGILLIVRAY both of Nottawasaga, March 39 1877 at Nottawasaga  
009741-77 (Simcoe Co) William McBURNIE, 52, laborer, Canada, Township of Walpole, widower, s/o David & Sarah McBURNIE married Maria McCULLOUGH, 47, Canada, Township of Innisfil, widow, d/o Josephus & Reform WASHBURN Witn: Sheldon BROCHES of Essa & Mary McCULLOUGH of Innisfil, 3 Oct 1877 at Innisfil 009745-77 (Simcoe Co) William D. McCONKEY, 26, farmer, Canada, Innisfil s/o James & Janet McCONKEY married Catherine DONNELLY, 24, Canada, Innisfil, widow, d/o Edward & Margaret HOUGHTON Witn: W. JACK & F.M. CONNELL both of Innisfil, Dec. 12, 1877 at Lefroy, Innisfil
010103-77 (Simcoe Co.) John McDONALD, 31, merchant, Galt Ontario, Meaford, s/o William and Lucy McDONALD, married Julia Ann GARRETT, 25, England, Bradford, d/o Richard and Elizabeth GARRETT, witn; William MILNE of Meaford and Elizabeth GARRETT of Bradford, 22 February 1877 at Bradford. 010101-77 (Simcoe Co.) James McGOVERN, 25, farmer, Canada, Adjala, s/o Michael McGOVERN and Ellen GOLDEN?, married Margaret WALLACE, 21, Canada, Adjala, d/o Michael WALLACE and Mary DELANEY, witn; Michael SPENCER and Catherine McGOVERN?, both of Adjala, 19 June 1877 at St. James Adjala
9784-78 John MCKEOWN, 25, farmer, Ireland, Vespra, s/o George & Nancy MCKEOWN, married Emma ATKINSON, 23, Canada, Oro, d/o John THOMPSON & Mary ATKINSON, witn: Alex ATKINSON, Oro & Elizabeth MCKEOWN, Vespra, 31 Dec 1877 at Barrie 010081-77 (Simcoe County) Alexander McLACHLAN, 46, wid., farmer, Scotland, Osprey, s/o John & Jannet McLACHLAN married Ann Jane DAVIDSON, 31, wid., Landerich? Canada, Collingwood, d/o James & Jane WALLACE, wtn: James WRIGHT & Mary A. WATSON both of Collingwood on July 18, 1877 at Collingwood.
009983-77 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel McLEAN, 39, tailor, Scotland, Mulmur, s/o Alexander and Margaret, married Hannah HUNTER, 36, Ireland, Mulmur, d/o George and Ester, witn: John McKEE and Ann ROBB of not given, 24 Dec 1877 at Lot 14 Conc. 1 E.H.S. 010100-77 (Simcoe Co.) Bernard McMANAMINAN?, 37, widower, farmer, Ireland, Melancthon, s/o Patrick McM--?, and Catherine LERNEHAN?, married Ann WHELAN, 32, Canada, Adjala, d/o John WHELAN and Margaret HENDRI?, witn; Anthony L--H--? and S. JAMES both of Adjala, 11 June 1877 at St. James Adjala.
010144-77 (Simcoe Co) Malcolm McMURCHY, 50, wid., farmer, Scotland, Collingwood, s/o ? & Mary McMURCHY married Janet BELL, 23, Canada, Collingwood Tp., d/o Murdock & Effie (Euphemia) BELL, wtn Peter McDONALD of Collingwood on June 11, 1877 at Collingwood. 010143-77 (Simcoe Co) John McNAB, 22, not given, Glasgow, Collingwood, s/o Alex & Jane McNAB married Millie WYANT, 22, Canada, Collingwood, d/o John & Mary WYANT, wtn Henry ANDERSON & W. ANDERSON both of Collingwood on January 2, 1877 at Collingwood.
010082-77 (Simcoe County) Nathan Nathaniel MILLER, 21, bricklayer, Ontario, Collingwood, s/o John & Jane MILLER married Sarah Jane HORTON, 21, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Edward & Jane HORTON, wtn: Edward BROWN & Charlotte HORTON both of Collingwood on April 10, (1877) at Collingwood. 010075-77 (Simcoe County) George Sidney MILLER, 25, clerk, Hope? Sussex, England, Collingwood, s/o Henry & Caroline MILLER married Catherine McKINNON, 23, Osprey, Collingwood, d/o Archibald & Janet McKINNON, wtn: Thomas HAWKINS of Collingwood & Archibald McKINNON of Osprey on November 14, 1877 at Collingwood
010139-77 (Simcoe Co) Robert MILLION, 24, blacksmith, Huron Co., Collingwood, s/o (blank) MILLION married Emma Maria SKELLEY, not readable, Simcoe, Collingwood, d/o James & Ellen SKELLEY, wtn Duncan McDOUGALL, Collingwood on April 30, 1877 at Collingwood. 009966-77 - Ephraim MOONEY, 22, mechanic, Canada, Essa, s/o John & Jane MOONEY, married Amanda FETTIS (Feltis?), 20, Canada, Essa, d/o James & Susan FETTIS, wtn: Cyrus  & Eliza MOONEY, both of Essa, on January 2, 1877, at Barrie
9985-77 Bernard MORGAN, 31, sailor, Ireland, Penetang., s/o John MORGAN & Catherine ?--MAN, married Agnes HURLEY, 20, Penetang., same, d/o Dennis HURLEY & Margaret STAPLETON, witn: Daniel HURLEY & Eliza O'NEIL, both of Penetang., 28 Nov 1877 at Penetang. 009732-77 (Simcoe Co) Hugh MURRAY, 40, shoemaker, Ireland, Innisfil s/o Hugh & Anne MURRAY married Louisa HINSON, 39, Canada, Innisfil d/o Robert & Isabella HINSON Witn: T.H. DIXON & Robert E. HINSON both of Bell Ewart, Dec. 20, 1877 at Innisfil
009755-77 (Simcoe Co) William A. NIXON, 26, carpenter, Essa, Innisfil, s/o John & Letitia NIXON married Eliza Jane SUTHERLAND, 26, Gwillimbury, Innisfil d/o Robert & Eliza SUTHERLAND Witn: Russell Hill NIXON & S.P. BROLLEY both of Essa, 23 May 1877 at Innisfil 009769-77 (Simcoe Co) Allen NIXON, 22, farmer, Canada, Essa, s/o John NIXON & Letia? NIXON, married Lizzie COBURN, 22, Canada, Essa, d/o Samuel & Ann COBURN Witn: Maria J. FRASER of no place listed & Harriet A. FRASER of Bond Head, June 6, 1877 at Bond Head
010095-77 (Simcoe Co.) William NODWELL, 24, Methodist minister, England, Brampton, s/o William and Susan NODWELL, married Mary Jane GARNER, 21, Toronto Gore, Mono, d/o John and Mary Alice GARNER, witn; Henry HARPER of Albion and Joseph BALDWIN of Lashey?, 20 June 1877 at Mono 010150-77 (Simcoe Co) George William PALMER, 23, sailor, Quebec, Barrie, s/o Allen & Catherine PALMER married Susan JONES, 34, wid., Markham, Barrie, d/o James & Susan BIEAN (Brean?), wtn William & Eliza CAMPBELL both of Collingwood on January22, 1877 at Collingwood.
010072-77 (Simcoe County) Charles E. PANGMAN, 28, bank clerk, Maconelis? Quebec, Collingwood, s/o John & Henrietta PANGMAN married Harriet LETT, not given, not given, Collingwood, d/o Dr. & Mrs. LETT, wtn: Lilla LETT of Collingwood & John PANGMAN, not given, September 6, 1877 at Collingwood., see ** at bottom of page 9826-77 John William PETITT, 26, farmer, Adjala, same, s/o John PETITT & Sarah BROWN, married Mary Ann DONNAN, 25, Tecumseth, Adjala, d/o Thomas DONNAN & Margaret WILLIAMS, witn: Joseph LAWREY & Sarah DONNAN, both of Tecumseth, 2 Jan 1877 at Tecumseth
010091-77 (Simcoe Co.) John QUIGLEY, 28, farmer, Canada, Mono, s/o John and Martha QUIGLEY, married Jane QUIGLEY, 24, Canada, Mono, d/o John and Isabella QUIGLEY, witn; John and Isabella QUIGLEY, both of Adjala, 13 November 1877 at Mono 9984-77 John QUIGLEY, 30, farmer, Tiny, Penetang., s/o James QUIGLEY & Christine THIBAULT, married Josephine MARTIN, 17, Quebec, Tiny, d/o Jean Baptiste MARTIN & Salome ADAM, witn: Charles QUIGLEY of Tiny & Agnes COLUMBUS of Penetang., 26 Nov 1877 at Penetang.
10102-78 Thomas RANKIN, 66, widower, farmer, Lanark Scotland, Medonte twp., s/o Charles RANKIN & Elizabeth GRAY, married Agnes DONALDSON, 58, widow, Allona Scotland, Orillia twp., d/o David BONE & Agnes ROGER, witn: Arthur DONALDSON of Orillia twp & Rossetta KENNEDY of Orillia, 25 Dec 1877 at Orillia twp  
9829-77 William Henry REID, 22, blacksmith, Egremont, Adjala, s/o Joshua REID & Eve RAUN, married Harriet Jane PREST, 21, Tecumseth, same, d/o Thomas PREST & Jane COLE, witn: Edward J. COBAIN of Ballycroy & Eliza M. PREST of Tecumseth, 21 March 1877 at Tecumseth 009711-77 - Montgomery Henry REVELL, 29, Ireland, Orillia, Brewer, s/o Henry & Caroline REVEL, married Margaret WATSON, 29, Scotland, Orillia, d/o James & Agnes WATSON, wtn: Henry M. ALLEN & Mary WATSON, on September 19, 1877, at Orillia
010078-77 (Simcoe County) William REYNOLDS, 23, miller, Rochester, N. Y., Bradford, s/o William & Mary REYNOLDS married Sarah Jane KNOX, 23, Pinegrove, Collingwood, d/o Robert & Isabella KNOX, wtn: John KNOX & Mary Jane FOSTER both of Collingwood on October 2, 1877 at Collingwood. 010073-77 (Simcoe County) John RICH, 22, labourer, Ontario, Sunnidale, s/o John & Ellen RICH married Elizabeth SHEPPARD, 24, Ontario, Sunnidale, d/o Thomas & Ann SHEPPARD, wtn: Robert SHEPPARD of Sunnidale & Richard CLEMENT of Collingwood on September 24, 1877 at Collingwood.
  10093-78 Asa ROBINS, 24, farmer, Toronto twp., Sunnidale, s/o John & Mary, married Martha Jane SPECK, 24, Toronto twp., Sunnidale, d/o Charles & Martha, witn: John W. SHELL & Harriet A. SPECK, both of Sunnidale, 29 Oct 1877 at Sunnidale
9694-77 - Thomas ROBINSON, 27, yeoman, Bonaventure Quebec, Essa, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann McDONALD, 19, Quebec, Essa, d/o William McDONALD & Margaret FORBES, witn: William McDONALD & George McLANDRESS, both of Essa, 9 Oct 1877 at Essa 009882-77 (Simcoe Co.) George ROBINSON, 22, farmer, Ireland, Mulmur, parents - Thomas & Rachel ROBINSON, married Elizabeth WHITLEY, 20, Mulmur , Mulmur, parents - William & Mary WHITLEY, witn; Thomas WHITLEY & Jane WHITLEY both of Mulmur, Feb. 21 1877 at Creemore
10058-77 Jeremie RONDEAU, 25, farmer, St. Gabriel Que., St. Croix, s/o Jules RONDEAU & Julie DESMARAIS, married Melina TESSIER, 17, St. Croix, same, d/o Xavier TESSIER & Selina DEROCHE, witn: Xavier TESSIER & Exilda DEROCHE, both of Tiny, 22 Oct 1877 at St. Croix, Tiny twp 009875-77 (Simcoe Co.) Donald ROSS, 56, farmer, Scotland, Nottawasaga, parents - Alexander & Elizabeth ROSS, married Abigail BIRD, 53, U.S.A., Mulmur, parents - William & Margaret ANGER, witn; Joseph THOMPSON & Charlotte THOMPSON both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 17 1877 at Avening
010075-78 -  William ROSS, 29, Simcoe County, Oro, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary ROSS, married Mary REVIE, 24, Glasgow Scotland, Oro, d/o James & Mary REVIE, wtn: Joseph REVIE & Ann CRAWFORD, both of Oro, on December 26, 1877, at Oro 009743-77 - Richard ROSS, 24, farmer, King, Manitoulin Island, s/o John & Emma ROSS married Jane GIBSON, 22, Bruce Mines, Allendale, d/o James & Jane GIBSON Witn: Roger McGILL of Allendale & Carrie ROSS of King, 10 Oct. 1877 at Allandale Innisfil
009776-77 William ROSS, 29, farmer, Ireland, Essa, s/o Thomas & Jane Wallace ROSS, married Melissa MACAULEY, 18, Essa, Innisfil, d/o John & Ellen Arnett MACAULEY, witn; James & Margaret ARNETT of Innisfil. 8 Mar, 1877 at blank. 009909-77 John Robert ROWELL, 29, widower, lather, Devonshire Eng, Barrie, s/o William & Mary Ann ROWELL, married Catherine CORNELL, 43, widow, Oakville, Barrie, d/o John & Sarah VANDENBURG, witn; Joseph & Esther ARMSTRONG of Barrie. 22 Oct, 1877 at Barrie
9901-77 John RUSSELL, 37, superintendent V.H. Mills, Scotland, Victoria Harbour, s/o Andrew & Isabella, married Jane PARR, 21, Holland Landing, Victoria Harbour, d/o William & Rachel, witn: Rachel BROWN of Holland Landing & Benjamin PARR of N. Orillia, 21 March 1877 at Uhtoff 9995-77 Olivier SAUVEZ, 23, laborer, St. Polycarpe Que., Port Severn, s/o Michel SAUVE (sic) & Josette BRUNELLE, married Elizabeth QUESNELLE, 19, St. Amiet Que., Tiny, d/o Francis Xavier QUESNELLE & Catherine CHARLEBOIS, witn: Francis X. QUESNELLE & Celaine MOREAU, both of Tiny, 15 July 1877 at Penetang.
009980-77 (Simcoe Co.) William SCOTT, 21, farmer, Tecumseth, Mulmur, s/o Joseph SCOTT and Jane EMMERSON, married Annie HUSKINSON (Hutchinson?), 19, Proton, Mulmur, d/o George HUSKINSON and Louisa BELL, witn: William COLLINS and Ellen COLLINS, both of Shelbourne, 18 Oct 1877 at Shelbourne 009812-77 (Simcoe Co.) Rowland B. SEITTLE, 23, carpenter, Canada, Midland, parents - John & Mary SEITTLE, married Dolly A. MOON, 30, Canada, Medonte, parents - Edmund & Jane MOON, witn; Thomas MOON of Medonte & William McCALLUM of Vaughan, April 11 1877 at Medonte
009881-77 (Simcoe Co.) John S. SHICK, 46, farmer, Markham, Nottawasaga, parents - Jacob & Elizabeth SHICK, married Sarah REESON (Reesor?), 26, Pickering, Nottawasaga, parents - Christian & Anna RAYMER, witn; Conrad SWALM & Rachel SWALM both of Nottawasaga, Feb. 15 1877 at Nottawasaga 010099-77 (Simcoe Co.) William SLOAN Jr., 26, farmer, Adjala, Adjala, s/o William SLOAN and Elizabeth CHAMBERS?, married Margaret GUEST, 21, Downie twp., Adjala, witn; James GUEST and Mary A. LYONS? Both of Adjala, 17 October 1877 at Mr. Guest’s, Adjala
009779-77 Samuel SPEERS, 24, farmer, Essa, same, s/o William & Sarah SPEERS, married Isabella HODGINS, 21, Essa, same, d/o William & Isabella HODGINS, witn; William HODGINS jr., & Charlotte SPEERS of Essa. 2 May, 1877 at Thornton 13584-77 Samuel SPINK, 27, miller, King twp., Alliston, s/o John & Sarah, married Aggie McGUINNESS, 20, Tossorontio, Alliston, d/o George & Jane, witn: George WATSON & Elizabeth McGUINNESS, both of Alliston, 4 Sept 1877 at Alliston
010086-77 (Simcoe County) John Calvin SPROULE, 24, farmer, Canada, Collingwood, s/o William & Margaret SPROULE married Mary Ann JONES 18, Toronto, Collingwood, d/o Enos & Jane JONES, wtn Ignatius LATIMER & Martha JONES both of Collingwood on November 14, 1877 at Collingwood. 9828-77 John STEWART, 23, mechanic, Tecumseth, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann WILLOUGHBY, 22, Tecumseth, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: William STEWART of Tecumseth & Martha TROTT of King, 14 Feb 1877 at Tecumseth
010082-76 (Simcoe Co.) William STINSON, 35, farmer, Ireland, Nottawasaga, parents - William & Margaret STINSON married Francis Alice GRAHAM, 25, Clarke, Nottawasaga, parents - Richard & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn, none given, Jan. 1, 1877 at Nottawasaga 009873-77 (Simcoe Co.) Francis STOTT, 23 , farmer, Reach, Osprey, parents - Henry & Elizabeth STOTT, married Catherine SHEPHERD, 14, Toronto, Sunnidale, parents - Thomas & Ann SHEPHERD, witn; John RICK of Osprey & Mary Ann FIDGETT of Sunnidale, Jan. 9 1877 at Creemore
010089-77 (Simcoe Co.) William James STRINGER, 22, carpenter, Chinguacousy, Garafraxa, s/o John and Matilda STRINGER, married Ellen GLOVER, 20, Chinguacousy, Garafraxa, d/o Joseph and Susana GLOVER, witn; Angeline McKAY and Ruth McKAY, both of Orangeville, 8 November 1877, at Orangeville 9760-77 George STUCKLEY, 27, farmer, England, Oro, s/o John & Jane, married Annie Elizabeth HODGSON, 18, Vaughan Ont., Vespra, d/o William & Rachel, witn: Thomas M. THOMAS & Jane SISSONS, both of Or, 14 Feb 1877 at res of William Hodgson, Vespra
009874-77 (Simcoe Co.) Conrad SWALM, 21, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Henry & Janet SWALM, married Rachel SHIRK, 20, Markham, Nottawasaga, parents - John S. & Francis SHIRK, witn; John R. STOUFFER & Nancy SHIRK both of Nottawasaga, Jan. 10 1877 at Stayner 009834-77 (Simcoe Co.) Robert TAYLOR, 22, farmer, Albion, Mono, parents - John & Mary Jane TAYLOR, married Martha Jane PARKER, 20, Acton, Mono, parents - George & Harriet PARKER, witn; John McKELVIE & Hester PARKER both of Mono, Feb. 7 [1877] at Mono
009738-77 (Simcoe Co) John TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Markham, Innisfil, s/o Robert & Ann TAYLOR married Joanna DONURE (Donan?), 20, Innisfil, same d/o Calvin & Eliza Jane DONURE Witn: Thomas TAYLOR & Fanny DONURE both of Innisfil, 13 Sep 1877 at Innisfil 010016-77 - Henry TENCH, 38, mechanic, King, same, s/o Charles & Jane TENCH, married Emma Jane WASHBURN, 24, Tecumseth, Clarksville, d/o Stephen & Jane WASHBURN, witn; Walter TENCH, King, & Sarah ROBINSON of Tecumseth. Oct 16, 1877 at Clarksville.
009747-77 (Simcoe Co) David THOMPSON, 39, mechanic, Scarboro Co. Markham Ont., Barrie Ont., s/o William & Mary THOMPSON married Mary HOSHEL, 30, Scott Ont., Toronto, d/o Benjamin & Mary Anne HOSHEL Witn: Thomas Peter McMORAN & Violet McMORAN both of Allendale, 9 Jan 1877 at Allendale Innisfil 009888-77 (Simcoe Co.) William Henry TOMPKINS, 25, farmer, Nottawasaga, Nottawasaga, parents - Henry & Eliza TOMPKINS, married Margaret HAMMELL, 25, Hullett, Nottawasaga, parents - William & Mary HAMMELL, witn; John HAMMELL & Daniel TOMPKINS both of Nottawasaga, March 23 1877 at Nottawasaga
9986-77 Louis TRUDEAU, 24, laborer, Bruce Mines, Penetang., s/o Louis TRUDEAU & Marie P--?, married Margaret LEGRIS dit PRESQUE, 18, Penetang., Tay, d/o Pierre LEGRIS dit PRESQUE & Angeline DESMARAIS, witn: Joseph A. TRUDEAU & Agnes MICHAUD, both of Penetang., 23 Dec 1877 at Penetang 9992-77 Francis Xavier VAILLANCOURT, 60, widower, farmer, St. Cuthbert Que., Tiny, s/o not given, married Catherine VALADE, 55, St. Polycarpe Que., Tiny, d/o Joseph VALADE & Angele LONGLADE, witn: Joseph HUBERT of Tay & Marie DESJARDIN of Tiny, 29 July 1877 at Penetang.
010056-77 - William VINCENT 34, Cartwright, Wyebridge, Miller, s/o George VINCENT & Betsy PAUPSWORTH, married Florence EKINS, 20, Dickson Landing, Wyebridge, d/o Edward EKINS & Alice DUFFIELD, wtn: William L--? & Margaret SCOTT, both of Wyebridge, on November 22, 1877, at Wyebridge 009815-77 (Simcoe Co.) George VIVIEN, 23, milling, Canada, Medonte, parents - David & Maria VIVIEN, married Caroline MOUNTSTEVEN, 18, Canada, Medonte, parents - Flender MOUNTSTEVEN & Margaret, witn; George S. RAWSON & Mary McCASKILL both of Medonte, May 30 1877 at Medonte
10141-77 (Simcoe Co) Samuel WABB, 25, merchant, Weston Ontario, Byng Inlet, s/o James & Alice (Ann?) WABB married Mary MOORE, 19, Essa Tp., Byng Inlet, d/o John & Jane MOORE, wtn William McGEE of Collingwood on June 18, 1877 at Collingwood. 009739-77 (Simcoe Co) William Gordon WALDRUFF, 21, farmer, Tp Osnabruck, Essa, s/o Levi & Ellen WALDRUFF married Mary Catherine GROVES, 20, Williamsburg Co. Stormont, Vespra, d/o George & Eliza Jane GROVES Witn: Abraham WALDRUFF & Sarah Matilda WALDRUFF both of Essa, 25 Sep 1877 at Allandale Innisfil
9787-78 James WARNOCK, 26, millwright, Scotland, Tiny Twp, s/o Hugh WARNOCK & Jane WILSON, married Mary MCGUNNERTY, 24, Flos Twp , Tiny Twp, d/o Dennis MCGUNNERTY & Julia HAYDEN, witn: E.J. MCGUNNERTY, Midland & Catherine ROBERTSON, Barrie, 18 Dec 1877 at Barrie  
009729-77 (Simcoe Co) William WEKMAN?, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William & Elizabeth WEKMAN? married Mary Ann BAYCROFT, Tosorontio, same, d/o Henry & Ellen BAYCROFT Witn: George BAYCROFT & Nancy McGREGOR both of Tosorontio, Jan. 31, 1877 at Tosorontio 9902-77 Joseph WELL, 22, laborer, Canada, Barrie, s/o Louis WELLS (sic) & Lily BROWN, married Ellen TORPEY, 22, Canada, Barrie, d/o William TORPEY & Mary MORIARTY, witn: John & Mary WELLS of Barrie, 24 Oct 1877 at Barrie
009736-77 (Simcoe) John Samuel WEST?, 22, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o Peter & Margaret WEST? Married Maggie Ellen COLLINS, 22, Canada, Innisfil, d/o John & Ann COLLINS Witn: John WRIGHT & Emma WRIGHT both of Innisfil, 6 July 1877 at Innisfil 010149-77 (Simcoe Co) Thomas WHITTON, 47, wid., farmer, England, Collingwood Tp., s/o Richard & Mary WHITTON married Janet GARDINER, 47, wid., Scotland, Nottawasaga, d/o David & Ann McINTYRE, wtn Neil McINNIS & Matilda McKEE both of Nottawasaga on January 25, 1877 at Collingwood.
10069-77 William WILKINSON, 28, farmer, Chinguacousy, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann BAYCROFT, 23, Tossorontio, same, d/o Henry & Ellen, witn: George BAYCROFT & Nancy J. McGREGOR, both of Tossorontio, 31 Jan 1877 at Alliston 009877-77 (Simcoe Co.) Asa WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, Canada, Tossorontio, parents - Ebenezer & Krepherd? WILLIAMS, married Anna DUNCAN, 21, Canada, Tossorontio, parents - John & Krepherd DUNCAN, witn; Thomas CARTER M.D. & George CARRUTHERS both of Avening, Jan. 24 1877 at Avening
009887-77 (Simcoe Co.) Luke WINES, 24, farmer, Wallace, New Lowell, parents - George & Elizabeth WINES, married Helen SCOTT, 20, Sunnidale, Sunnidale, parents - William & Sarah SCOTT, witn; William SCOTT & Sarah ORSER both of Sunnidale, March 14 1877 at Stayner 010087-77 (Simcoe County) William WONCH, 24, farmer, Ontario, Collingwood, s/o George & Mary (OGDEN) WONCH married Elizabeth Jane LEOPARD, 19, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o James & Rose Ann LEOPARD, wtn John SPROUL(E) & Bridget LEOPARD both of Collingwood on September 24, [1877] at Collingwood.
9994-78 Alex YORK, 24, farmer, Mariposa, Tiny, s/o Henry & Matilda, married Eliza BOWMAN, 18, Quebec, Tiny, d/o Mathew & Mary, witn: James BOWMAN & Mary YORK, both of Tiny, 24 Dec 1877 at Tiny  


** 10072-77, Pangman - Lett: The Collingwood Paper of Sept. 13, 1877 has, on Sept. 6, Harriet, 3rd daughter of Rev. Dean LETT to Charles Edward PANGMAN, Esq., of the Bank of Commerce