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Simcoe Co., 1880, part 2

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010217-80 -  Richard Thomas AGER, 30, Canada, Tecumseth, miller, s/o Richard & Elizabeth AGER, married Jennie LEE, 34, Frontenac Co., Tecumseth, d/o Charles & Jane LEE, wtn: Charles SHELDON & Katie NOBLE, both of Tecumseth, on November 10, 1880, at Tecumseth [Agar?] 10124-80 Pierre ALETTE dit PIERROT or SOREL, 23, laborer, Penetang., Parry Sound, s/o Henri ALETTE dit PIERROT & Catherine DESMARAIS, married Philomene PAYETTE, 22, Rainham twp., Tiny twp., d/o Pierre PAYETTE & Catherine LALONDE, witn: Jean Baptiste PAYETTE & Cordelia BRASSEUR, both of Tiny 19 July 1880 at Penetang
010215-80 -  Joseph ALLISON, 24, Canada, Tecumseth, farmer, s/o Oliver ALLISON & Mary Emma ALLISON, married Charlotte Ann DUNNETT, 24, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o William DUNNETT & Mary Ann DUNNETT, wtn: Samuel DUNNETT & Sarah A. GREGORY, both of Tecumseth, on September 22, 1880, at Tecumseth 010075-80 (Simcoe Co) Edward ANDREWS, 24, Railway labourer, Allandale, Canada, married, Ellen OVERS, 22, Barrie, Canada, d/o George and Mary Anne OVERS, wtn. David SLOAN, Allendale & Annie OVERS, Barrie, 5 May 1880 at Barrie
10291-80 Stanlias ANGER (Auger?), 21, laborer, Lower Canada, Brentwood, s/o Charles ANGER & Sophia VEZINA, married Charlotte YOUNG, 22, Ontario, Brentwood, d/o Abraham YOUNG & Maria GRANDSIRE, witn: Abraham YOUNG of Brentwood & Joseph ANGER of Mad River, 31 Dec 1880 at Brentwood 10117-80 Alphonse ARPIN, 22, laborer, St. Alphonse Que., Tay, s/o Vital ARPIN & Genevieve REAUME?, married Malvina BOURRIE, 20, St. Elizabeth Que., Tay, d/o Frs. Xavier BOURRIE & Julia BORNIS, witn: Henry BOURRIE of Tay & Matilda MORRIS of Tiny, 13 June 1880 at Penetang.

10344-81 (Simcoe Co) William Frank ASHFIELD, 27, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o William ASHFIELD & Margaret STEWART, married Margaret GREGG, 22, Innisfil, Barrie, d/o James & Elizabeth GREGG, witn: James Stewart ASHFIELD of Toronto & Janet JOHNSON of Belle Ewart, 28 Dec 1880 at Barrie

010303-80 -  Robert BAILEY, 22, Essa, Mulmur, farmer, s/o Solimon BAILEY & Catherine CLUNEY, married Isabellsa GREER, 22, Mulmur, same, d/o Charleton GREER & Matilda McKEE, wtn: James Anderson LOCKHART & Matilda GREER, of Mulmur, on December 8, 1880, at Mulmur 011085-90 (Simcoe Co.) John Edwin BARKER, 24, farmer, Toronto Twp, Sunnidale, s/o John & Margaret BARKER, married Mary J. WHEELER, 18, Innisfil, Sunnidale, d/o George & J--? WHEELER, wtn: Mary Jane ANDERSON & Herbert MATTHEWS, both of Sunnidale, on December 24, 1889, at Stayner
010164-80 (Simcoe Co.) Francis Arnold BASSETT, 21, Collingwood, same, painter, s/o Francis and Jane BASSETT married Cynthia HUNTER, 21, Vermont, Lexington Michigan, d/o David and Phileon HUNTER, wtn., William I. & Annie HERBERT, both of Collingwood on November 25, 1880 at Collingwood. 10221-80 Henry BEAMISH, 29, farmer, Toronto, Tecumseth, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Martha ROBINSON, 20, King, Tecumseth, d/o Adam & Mary, witn: Alexander & Jintie PROVIN of King, 22 Dec 1880 at King [reg in Tecumseth]
010149-80 (Simcoe Co.) Donald BEATON, 43, farmer, widower, Island of Tyree, Collingwood Tp., s/o Frank and Catherine BEATON married Jane McARTHUR, 23, Craigleith, Collingwood Tp., d/o Findlay and Catherine McARTHUR, wtn., Neil McFARLANE, Collingwood on September 16, 1880 at Collingwood. 010373-80 George BELL, 22, Canada, Victoria Harbour, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary BELL, married Annie E. PARKER, 21, Canada, Victoria Harbour, d/o Samuel & Sophia PARKER, witn: Samuel PARKER & Sophia YAROW of Victoria Harbour. 10 Sept, 1880 at Victoria Harbour
010081-80 (Simcoe Co) Andrew BELL, Farmer, 26, Essa, Essa, s/o John BELL & Margaret CUNNINGHAM married Mary Ann MILLER, 24, Essa, England, d/o John MILLER & Elizabeth IWAILS?, wtn. George TENANT & Jane MILLER both of Essa, 17 March 1880 at Barrie 010324-81 (Simcoe Co.) Edward Henry BELL, 26, farmer, Canada, Oro, s/o Edward & Ada BELL, married Susan Jane WILSON, 21, Ireland, Oro, d/o James & Bessy WILSON, wtn: William John BELL & Mary FAIGUE, both of Barrie, on December 29, 1880, at Barrie
010152-80 (Simcoe Co.) John BELL, 30, miller, Toronto, Simcoe Co., s/o John and Mary BELL married Eleanor M. FALLON 25, Toronto, Simcoe Co., d/o of Joseph and Priscilla FALLON, wtn., Robert H. McMASTER & Joana MORTIMER on November 10, 1880 at Collingwood. #010066-80 (Simcoe Co) Benjamin BERTRAM, 26, Canada, Oro, b, farmer, s/o Joseph & Margaret BERTRAM, married Rebecca GRAHAM, 19, Canada, Oro, s, d/o John & Lucy GRAHAM, witn: Milner BERTRAM, Nelly RICHARDSON, Oro, married 12 January 1880, Barrie
010074-80 (Simcoe Co) Richard BIDWELL, 24, Cooper, Barrie, London Eng, s/o George & Elizabeth BIDWELL, married Mary Sophia COLES, 20, Barrie, Stratford Eng. d/o Grimley C. & Sophia COLES, wtn. James BROWN of Allandale & Annie WILLIAMS of Barrie, 22 April 1880 at Barrie 010216-80 -  William R. BLACK, 24, Innisfil, Mulmur, laborer, s/o John BLACK & Mary ADAMS, married Jane HETHERINGTON, 20, Mono, Tecumseth, d/o Henry HETHERINGTON & Margaret HAMILTON, wtn: John HETHERINGTON of Tecumseth & Rebecca MICKS of Alliston, ON November 10, 1880, at Tecumseth
010273-80 -  John Hipwell BANTING, 31, Tecumseth, Essa, farmer, s/o Thomas Hall & Elizabeth BANTING, married Frances E. DAVIS, 26, Essa, same, d/o George & Mary Ann DAVIS, wtn: George DAVIS & Margaret LENNY, both of Essa, on February 18, 1880, at Christ Church, Ivy 10284-80 William James BOOTH, 19, laborer, Toronto, Orillia, s/o Tilby & Jane, married Hannah Elizabeth TOWNS, 16, Flos, same, d/o George & MARGARET, witn: Joseph DRINKEL of Tay & Janet GRAHAM of Flos, 25 Dec 1880 at Flos
010110-80 (Simcoe Co.) George BOWMAN, 28, agent, Tennessee, Barrie, parents - James & Woodward BOWMAN married Jane LEE, 23, West Gwillimbury, Barrie, parents - Edward & Ann LEE, witn: John & Eleanor LEE of Barrie, Nov. 11, 1880 at Barrie  
010157-80 (Simcoe Co.) Charles BRANIFF, 28, Ireland, Collingwood, grain buyer, s/o John and Catherine BRANIFF married Mary Ann SHANACY (s/b Shaughnessy), 20, Flos, Collingwood, d/o John and Catherine SHANACY, wtn., John CONNEAU of Meaford & Catherine McAVOY of Collingwood on April 15, 1880 at Collingwood. 010374-80 Charles BRESETTE, 22, Canada, Victoria Harbour, labourer, s/o John & Cecilia BRESETTE, married Lucy BURGIE, 19, Canada, Victoria Harbour, d/o Charles & Angeline BURGIE, witn: William & Susan BOOTH of Victoria Harbour. 10 Sept, 1880 at Victoria Harbour, RC.
10118-80 George BRISSON, 25, laborer, St. Charles Que., Gravenhurst, s/o Michel BRISSON & Marcie FORTIN, married Marguerite GIGNAC, 20, Madrid NY, Gravenhurst, d/o Isidore GIGNAC & Marguerite NORMAN, witn: Isidore & Marie GIGNAC of Midland, 14 June 1880 at Penetang 010076-80 (Simcoe Co) Robert Henry BROOKS, 21, Labourer, Brentwood, Canada, s/o Hiram & Mary Ellen BROOKS married Ellen Mary MCBRIDE, 17, Brentwood, Canada d/o John & Margaret MCBRIDE, wtn. Charles BROOKS, Tisle & Mary LAPRISS, Brentwood, 24 May 1880 at Barrie
010090-80 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas BROWN, 23, laborer, Canada, Brentwood, parents - Thomas BROWN & Mary HAGARTY, married Mary BEAMAN, 22, Canada, Brentwood, parents - William & Margaret BEAMAN, witn: John BROWN & Ellen LEAN both of Brentwood, April 7 1880 at Barrie 010340-80 George BROWN, 23, Wolfe Island, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o William & Elizabeth BROWN, married Catherine McNEIL, 18, Sunnidale, same, d/o Malcolm & Jane McNEIL, witn: David JOHNSON of Nottawasaga & Mary Jane McNEIL of Sunnidale. 25 Mar, 1880 at Village of Stayner.
10365-80 George BURCHILL, 42, farmer, Kingston, West Gwillimbury, s/o Jason & Mary, married Mary Ann STEELE, 30, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o James & MARGARET A., witn: Andrew BELL & Alice BATEMAN, both of West Gwillimbury, 29 Dec 1880 at West Gwillimbury 010255-80 -  Robert BURTON, 26, Leeds ON, Thornton, farmer, s/o Webster & M. BURTON, married Jane BELL, 25, Essa, same, d/o John & Margaret BELL, wtn: William BELL & Catherine WILSON, both of Angus, on May 26, 1880, at Essa
10058-80 (Simcoe Co): Samuel CALDWELL, 35, merchant, Ireland, Barrie, s/o William CALDWELL & Esther McFERIDGE?, married Jean PATTERSON, 34, widow, Innisfil, Barrie, d/o Calvin DE--? & Eliza Jane McCULLOCK, witn: D. FARQUHARSON & Charlotte BIRD, both of Barrie, 28 Jan 1880 at Barrie 10231-81 Joseph CALDWELL, 38, farmer, Canada, Vespra twp., s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Caroline Jemima LEITH, 28, Canada, Oro twp., d/o Edward & Jane KALLER (sic), witn: Ann CRAN & Helen G. WILSON, both of Hillsdale, 15 Dec 1880 at Hillsdale
010334-81 (Simcoe Co.) George CAIRNS, 27, carpenter, Canada, Barrie, s/o Robert John CAIRNS & Ann ANNAND, married Alice McEACHERN, 28, Oro, Barrie, d/o blank [James & Mary McEACHERN], wtn: Margaret JOHNSON of Barrie & George LESLIE of Innisfil, on December 1, 1880, at Barrie 010338-81 (Simcoe Co.) Allan CAMERON, 25, laborer, Eldon, Brock, s/o Alex CAMERON & Janet KERR, married Sarah McIVOR, 19, Downie, Angus, d/o Sinclair McIVOR & Eliza MILLER, wtn: David McIVOR of Angus & Ettie GILRIE of Thornton, on December 22, 1880, at Barrie
010276-80 -  George CAMERON, 31, Vespra, same, yeoman, s/o Kenneth CAMERON & Margaret CURRY, married Matilda CARSON, 25, Vespra, same, d/o William CARSON & Margaret GREER, wtn: Kenneth CAMERON & Maggie CARSON, both of Vespra, on February 10, 1880, at Vespra #010165-80, (Simcoe Co.) Alexander Duncan CAMERON, 30, lawyer, Perthshire Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Alexander and Catherine CAMERON married Catherine Agnes BUIST, 21, Nottawa, same, d/o David and Christina BUIST, wtn John MONK of Hamilton, Thomas A. BIRD of Collingwood, November 23, 1880 at Nottawa.
#010172-80, (Simcoe Co. ) Robert A. CAMPBELL, 24, mason, Thornbury, Clarksburg, s/o James and Isabella CAMPBELL married Lucy McLaren McKENZIE, 20, Georgetown, Collingwood, d/o George and Isabella McKENZIE, wtn R. A. CAMPBELL of Orillia , Bella McKENZIE of Collingwood, April 14, 1880 at Collingwood. 010139-80 (Simcoe Co.) William CAMPBELL, 30, tin smith, Scotland, Kingston, s/o John and Ann CAMPBELL married Ida Mary COOK, 18, Mulmer, Hamilton, d/o William and Mary COOK, wtn., Thomas & Ann SPENCE, both of Collingwood on July 28, 1880 at Collingwood.
010094-80 (Simcoe Co.) John CAMPBELL, 33, hotel keeper, Ontario, Mount Forest, parents - John & Ann CAMPBELL, married Mary CARSON, 26, Ontario, Vespra, parents - William & Margaret CARSON, witn: William J. BISHOP & Mary CARSON of Vespra, June 23, 1880 at Barrie  
#010288-80 (Simcoe Co): John CANNING, 27, farmer, Markham, Morrison Muskoka, s/o John & Jane, married Jemima E. PAGE, 25, Ancaster, Sunnidale, d/o Ske-- & Margaret, witn: James CANNING of Morrison twp & Sarah PAGE of Sunnidale, 9 Sept 1880 at Sunnidale 010206-80 -  George Henry CARR, 26, West Gwillimbury, Tecumseth, farmer, s/o William & Jane CARR, married Isabella M. ALLISTON, 18, Tecumseth, same, d/o Oliver & Mary E. ALLISON (sic), wtn: Alfred CARR & Mary E. ALLISON, of Tecumseth, on March 17, 1880, at Tecumseth
010102-80 (Simcoe Co.) Robert CARRUTHERS, 20, farmer, Ontario, Medonte, parents - James & Rebecca CARRUTHERS, married Margaret KINGHOM (Kinghorn?), 17, Ontario, Medonte, parents - John & Isabella KINGHOM, witn: Rebecca S. LAIRD of Barrie & Thomas WALKER of Mulmur, Oct. 12 1880 at Barrie 10369-80 Frederick S. CARTER, 30, seaman, England, Tay, s/o Frederick & Sarah, married Minna LAWRIE, 19, Ontario, Tay, d/o John & Mary, witn: Robert LAWRIE & Catherine L. CARTER, both of Tay, 11 April 1880 at Tay twp

10346-81 (Simcoe Co) Thomas George CATHERS, 21, printer, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o George CATHERS & Mary HARRIS, married Eliza Ann HARRIS, 23, Innisfil, same, d/o James HARRIS & Jane REID, witn: Robert CONN & Elizabeth CROFT both of Toronto, 27 Dec 18[80] at Innisfil

010246-80 -  Frank CHAPMAN, 23, Canada, Angus, laborer, s/o Robert & Susan Nicol CHAPMAN, married Christina LIVINGSTONE, 22, Canada, Angus, d/o William & Anne LIVINGSTONE, on October 12, 1880, at Angus
010091-80 (Simcoe Co.) William CHASE, 28, moulder, England, Barrie, parents - Thomas & Mary CHASE, married Martha HEARN, 21, Ontario, Barrie, parents - Joseph & Mary HEARN, witn: James BARNEY & Mary Ann HEARN both of Barrie, May 12 1880 at Barrie 10120-80 William CLARK, 25, farmer, Halton Co., Penetang., s/o Robert CLARK & Sarah A. SMITH, married Annie Adela SWITZER, 18, Camden, Midland, d/o Michael SWITZER & Sarah J. ROBINSON, witn: Charles & Elizabeth CLARK of Penetang., 20 Sept 1880 at Penetang
# 010178-80, (Simcoe Co.) Charles CLARKE, 29, farmer, King, Nottawasaga, s/o Henry and Mary Ann CLARKE married Lavinia WHITE, 22, Collingwood Township, Collingwood, d/o Joseph and Martha WHITE, wtn Charles McMURCHY, Hannah JOHNSON both of Collingwood, at Collingwood, March 24, 1880. 010084-80 (Simcoe Co) Frank CLINE, 27, Band Master, Belleville, Perth, s/o Francis CLINE & Susannah CHAMBERS, married Annie Louise LEE, 25, Barrie, Toronto, d/o John LEE & Mary Ann HARRISON, wtn. Mary J. McLaughlin & Alfred LEE both of Barrie, 19 May 1880, at Barrie
010087-80 (Simcoe Co) Robert COLE,24, Marble cutter, Barrie, Ohio USA, s/o George & Mary Ann COLE, married Emma BOOTH, 19, Barrie, Canada, d/o John & Susan BOOTH, wtn. L.J.MCCUTCHEON & Lizzie HORN both of Barrie, 24 May 1880 010319-80 James Henry COOK (COOKE), 26, Canada, Oro, farmer & well digger, s/o James & Sarah Jane COOK, married Matilda (ROBINSON), 26, Canada, Medonte, d/o John & Morrency Jane ROBINSON [nee Overend], witn: John William COOK & Sarah Ann ROBINSON of Medonte. 13 Apr, 1880 at Medonte.
010079-80 (Simcoe Co) George COOK, Lumberer, 56, Medonte, England, s/o William & Betsy COOK married Jane MOODY, 42, Tiny, Ontario, d/o William & Mary MOODY, wtn. Nathaniel KING & Rebecca L. LAIRD both of Barrie, 4 May 1880 at Barrie 010085-80 (Simcoe Co) David Allen COOPER, 34, Lumberman, Flos, Exquesing, s/o A.D. COOPER & Martha BROWN, married Fannie MARSHALL, 20, Oro, Oro, d/o Richard MARSHALL & Cecelia WILBEY, wtn. Bella COOPER & Robert Henry WATSON, both of Esquesing, 24 May 1880 at Barrie
010260-80 -  William CORBETT, 26, Essa, same, farmer, s/o David & Isabella CORBETT, married Priscilla Amanda MOORE, 20, Innisfil, Essa, d/o James MOORE & Elizabeth ARNOLD, wtn: Robert S--? & Emma Jane MOORE, not given, on May 18, 1880, at Ivy # 010168-80, (Simcoe Co.) John Laurie COX, 28, teacher, Toronto, Collingwood, s/o James and Martha COX married Minnie BOSFORD,18, Newmarket, Collingwood, d/o Joseph and Frances BOTSFORD, wtn I.G. HANS, Annie ROGERS both Collingwood, April 8, 1880 at Collingwood.
010327-81 (Simcoe Co.) Abraham COUCH, 29, shoe maker, England, Lile [Lisle], s/o William & Elizabeth COUCH, married Annie WILLIAMS, 24, England, Barrie, d/o Thomas & Ann WILLIAMS, wtn: Jesse & Elizabeth BEARD, both of Barrie, on December 1, 1880, at Barrie 010344-80 William CROMPTON, 21, England, Melancthon, farmer, s/o Samuel & Matilda CROMPTON, married Catherine RINN, 22, Caledon, Melancthon, d/o James & Sarah RINN, witn: John RINN of Melancthon & Amelia ANDERSON of Nottawasaga. 22 June? 1880 at Stayner
010072-80 (Simcoe Co) Robert CROWE, 24, Lumberman, Kemperfeld Oro, Canada, s/o William & Elizabeth CROWE, married Mary OVERS, 24, Barrie, Canada, d/o George & Mary Anne OVERS, wtn. Edward ANDREWS & Annie OVERS both of Barrie at Barrie 010214-80 -  Thomas CUNNINGHAM, 27, Essa, Mulmur, farmer, s/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth ARNOLD, married Ellen KINLER, 23, Tecumseth, same, d/o Charles KINLER & Hannah TILLY, wtn: William KINLER of Tecumseth & Ellen KINLER of Angus, on August 9, 1880, at Tecumseth
010135-80 (Simcoe Co.) John CURRIE, 24, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Alexander and Flora CURRIE married Sarah Ann BRADLEY, 22, England, Nottawasaga, d/o John and Ellen BRADLEY, wtn., Louisa SALLOWS, Collingwood, on May 24, 1880 at Collingwood. # 010183-80, (Simcoe Co.) Malcolm CURRIE, 34, farmer, Islay Scotland, Collingwood, s/o Duncan and Isabella CURRIE married Catherine CARMICHEL, 25, Argyle Islay, Collingwood, d/o Dugald and Catherine CARMICHAEL, wtn John CARMICHAEL, Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, not given, 24 February, 1880, at Collingwood.

10341-81 (Simcoe Co) John DARRAGH, 37, carpenter, Scotland, Tay, s/o Colin DARRAGH & Ann McALLISTER, married Flora MORRISON, 25, Oro, same, d/o Angus MORRISON & Mary McARTHY, witn: John LIVINGSTONE of Barrie & Christine WOODROW of Oro, 29 Dec 1880 at Barrie

010328-80 Robert P. DAVIS, 39, Isle of Wight England, Hillsdale, conveyancer, s/o Robert DAVIS & Ann Sarah DUNE, married Annie TWEED, 21, Canada, Hillsdale, d/o John TWEED & Mary LEWIS, witn: Robert D. & Henrietta HILL of Medonte. 24 Nov, 1880 at Hillsdale 010274-80 -  George DAVIS, 23, Essa, same, farmer, s/o George & Mary Ann DAVIS, married Margaret LENNOX, 20, Essa, same, d/o John & Margaret LENNOX, wtn: Thomas Robert BANTING & Mary M LENNOX, both of Essa, on March 3, 1880, at Christ Church, Ivy
010103-80 (Simcoe Co.) Henry DAY, 38, carpenter, Ontario, Barrie, parents - Henry & Caroline DAY, married Margaret GILLESPY (s/b Gillespie?), 24, Ontario, Barrie, parents - Hugh & Caroline GILLESPY,witn: John & Elizabeth SYLVESTER of Barrie, Nov. 8 1880 at Barrie 010156-80 (Simcoe Co.) John DEE, 29, Ireland, Collingwood, engineer, s/o Dennis and Rosanna DEE married Flora Mary McDONALD, 21, N. S., Collingwood, d/o Alexander and Elizabeth McDONALD , wtn., Henry & Mary BRADY both of Stayner on April 5, 1880 at Stayner.
010158-80 (Simcoe Co.) Martin DELANEY, 23, Ireland, Collingwood, labourer, s/o James and Margaret DELANEY married Ann SCOTT, 25, Co. Westmeath, Collingwood, d/o Barnart and Ann SCOTT, wtn., Henry and Missie DARGAN on June 27, 1880 at Collingwood. 10113-80 Trefle DESJARDINS, 21, farmer, Berthier Que., Tiny, s/o Pierre DESJARDINS & Josette GENEREUX, married Celina LEGAULT, 15, St. Anicet Que., Tiny, d/o Sebasatien LEGAULT & Anastasie QUESNELLE, witn: Andre LACROIX & Anastasie QUESNELL, both of Tiny, 8 Jan 1880 at Penetang
010275-81 (Simcoe Co) James DICKINSON, 32, farmer, Tecumseth, Sunnidale, s/o John DICKINSON & Sarah BAYCROFT married Elizabeth STEPHENSON, 42, Tecumseth, same, d/o Alexander STEPHENSON & Ellen Jones Witn: Edmund BELL & Ellen STEPHENSON both of Tecumseth, Dec. 30, 1880 at Alliston  
010202-80 -  Charles DILLANE, 36, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o John & Fannie DILLANE, married Mary AUSTIN, 34, Tecumseth, same, d/o Alex & Ursilla AUSTIN, wtn: H.E. KINSEY & Ester DILLANE, of Tecumseth, on March 3, 1880, at Beeton 010295-80 -  David John DINSMORE, 22, Canada, Mulmur, farmer, s/o James & Eliza DINSMORE, married Mary RAINEY, 20, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o John & Jane RAINEY, wtn: Thomas DINSMORE & Aurelia McGOWAN, of Mulmur, on February 4, 1880, at Mulmur
010297-80 -  Thomas DONAGHAY, 27, Garafraxa, Shelburne, artist, s/o Thomas & Mary DONAGHAY, married Mary KIRKPATRICK, 22, Mulmur, same, d/o James & Margaret KIRKPATRICK, wtn: George A. PRITCHARD of Shelburne & Annie KIRKPATRICK of Mulmur, on March 24, 1880, at Mulmur # 010187-80, (Simcoe Co.) Archibald DONER, 22, farmer, Markham, Sunnidale, s/o John and Euphemia DONER, married Mary FLETCHER, 18, Scotland, Osprey twp., d/o Edward and Isabella FLETCHER, wtn Samuel DONER of Sunnidale and Louisa HEATH of Collingwood, March 24, 1880, at Collingwood
  010211-80 -  William DORSEY, 30, Canada, Tecumseth, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Hannah DORSEY, married Emma WALWIN, 25, Tecumseth, same, d/o Charles & Annie WALWIN, wtn: J.B. WALWIN & Libbie A. CORSEY, of Tecumseth, on June 23, 1880, at Beeton
10283-80 George DOWNEY, 24, teacher, Essa, Flos, s/o William & Catherine, married Betsy FIELD, 19, Scarboro, Flos, d/o William & Betsy, witn: Isaac DOWNEY of Minesing & Dinah THURLOW of Flos, 8 Dec 1880 at Flos 010306-80 -  Thomas DRINKELL, 24, Canada, Tay, farmer, s/o William & Hannah DRINKELL, married Annie MORGAN, 27, Canada, Medonte, d/o James & Sarah MORGAN, wtn: Alexander McMAHON & Elizabeth DRINKELL, of Medonte, on June 14, 1880, at Medonte
010269-80 -  William DRURY, 46, Oro, St. Vincent, farmer, s/o Edmund & Elizabeth DRURY, married Elizabeth McLENNAN, 30, West Gwillimbury, same, widow, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth McCARROLL, wtn: J.P. MERRICK of Newton Robinson & S.A. NEILLY of Gilford, on May 21, 1879, at Tecumseth 010160-80 (Simcoe Co.) John Henry DUNCAN, 28, widower, tinsmith, Waterloo New York, Collingwood, s/o Andrew DUNCAN and not given married Alice FOREMAN, 28, Newcastle England, Collingwood, d/o John B. and Mary FOREMAN, wtn., W. D. DUNCAN & Laura WILKINSON both of Collingwood on October 12, 1880 at Collingwood.
10249-81 Sidney DUNLOP, 30, farmer, Winchester, Wyebridge, s/o Andrew DUNLOP & Mary DUNN, married Caroline E. LEONARD, 24, Tiny twp., same, d/o George LEONARD & Maria FRENCH, witn: Sidney KINKORNE? of Peterborough & Henrietta PERRY of Penetang., 1 Dec 1880 at Penetang.  
010254-80 -  William DUNN, 28, Ireland, Essa, farmer, s/o David & Eliza DUNN, married Isabella WHITESIDE, 20, Essa, same, d/o Robert & Margaret WHITESIDE, wtn: Thomas WHITESIDE & Catherine WILSON, both of Essa, on July 14, 1880, at Clover Hill, Essa 010312-80 Henry DUNN, 25, Queens Co Ireland, Gore Dist Parry Sound, farmer, s/o Joseph & Jane DUNN, married Margaret Ann PEW, 22, Canada, Medonte, d/o Thomas William & Margaret PEW, witn: James ALFRED of Medonte & Catherine JONES of Tay. 4 Feb, 1880 at Medonte
010143-80 (Simcoe Co.) Archibald F. DURIE, 23, Fireman, Toronto, same, s/o Alexander and Christina DURIE married Annie BELL, 21, Osprey, same, d/o Malcolm and Anna BELL, wtn., Hugh BELL & Flora McLEAN both of Osprey on April 22, 1880 at Collingwood. 010370-80 William DUTTON, 19, Toronto, Tay, labourer, s/o William & Martha DUTTON, married Arabella CONNOR, 19, Port Severn, Tay, d/o Rose Ann & Patrick CONNOR, witn: Thomas DUTTON & Amy MANEILLEY of Port Severn. 1 Dec, 1880 at Sturgeon Bay.
010077-80 (Simcoe Co) Thomas ELLIOT, 23, Farmer, West Gwillimbury, Ontario, s/o William & Mary ELLIOT married Etta BRODIE, 25, West Gwillimbury, Ontario, d/o Charles and Jessie BRODIE, wtn. Carrie LAIRD & Martha E. FERGUSSEN both of Barrie, 24 March 1880 at Barrie 010212-80 -  Charles ELLIOTT, 28, Canada, Bradford, merchant, s/o David & Sophia ELLIOTT, married Sarah E. METCALF, 22, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o Thomas & Hannah METCALF, wtn: John McCLAIN of Bradford & Miss STEPHENS of Aurora, on Aug. 5, 1880, at Tecumseth
010277-80 -  James ENNIS, 23, Trafalgar, Medonte, laborer, s/o Francis & Ellen Sullivan ENNIS, married Christina FURLONG, 21, Flos, same, d/o Michael FURLONG & Sarah Bareland FURLONG, wtn: Henry MARTIN & Lydia FOX, both of Hillsdale, on February 1, 1880, at Flos 10308-80 James ERVIN, 25, carpenter, Canada, Tiny, s/o Charles & Emma, married Janet McDONALD, 22, Canada, Flos, d/o Donald & Christena, witn: Isaac TRUAX of Tiny & Sarah MOSES of Flos, 4 May 1880 at Hillsdale, Medonte (also 10322-80)
010092-80 (Simcoe Co.) George EVANS, 25, switchman, St. Johns N.B., Allandale, parents - George & Bridget EVANS, married Johanna KEANAN, 29, Ireland, Barrie, parents - James & Margaret KEANAN, witn: Michael HODGINS & Mary HODGINS of Barrie, Aug. 3 1880 at Barrie 10060-80 (Simcoe Co): Hugh FARIS, 28, farmer, West Gwillumbury, same, s/o John FARIS & Idrie? COCKBURN, married Selstie ROBERTSON, 25, Innisfil, same, d/o Matthew ROBERTSON & Elizabeth IRVING, witn: Charles McBETH of West Gwillumbury & Clara BROWN of Innisfil, 28 Jan 1880 at Innisfil
010256-80 -  William FARRIER, 30, Esquesing, Essa, famer, s/o Wililam & Betsy FARRIER, married Jane HANDY, 23, United States, Essa, d/o Jesse & Lorina HANDY, wtn: John & Margaret BATHNE, both of Angus, on July 12, 1880, at Angus, Essa 010304-80 -  David FERRIS, 27, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Mulmur, farmer, s/o Edward & Elizabeth FERRIS, married Hannah DAVIDSON, 21, Holland Landing, Mulmur, d/o James & Mary Ann DAVIDSON, witn: John & Mary Anne DAVIDSON both of Mulmur, on December 22, 1880, at Mulmur
010241-80 -  Alexander FINLAY, 28, Ontario, Vespra, lumber merchant, s/o Alexander & Ellen FINLAY, married Euphemia (Euphrasia?) COUTTS, 25, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Duncan & Margaret COUTTS, wtn: Charles COUTTS & Lenton M. ROBERTSON, both of Vespra, no March 31, 1880, at the residence of Duncan Coutts, Vespra 010323-80 James Humberstone FIRTH, 30, Canada, Hillsdale, brick maker, s/o John FIRTH & Maria HALL, married Ellen Maria McINTYRE, 21, Canada, Hillsdale, d/o Joseph FIRTH ( s/b McIntyre) & Maria CAVANAGH, witn: Helen G. WILSON & William W. CROW? Of Hillsdale. 14 July, 1880 at Hillsdale
010271-80 -  William FORD, 46, Ireland, Thornton, laborer, Widowed, s/o James & Eliza FORD, married Mary A. BARNES, 33, Markham, Essa, d/o Benjamin & Mary A. BARNES, wtn: Albert A--? of Thornton & Catherine E. ADAMS of Essa, on March 24, 1880, at Essa 010219-80 -  Edward FOUCAR, 24, Canada, King, tinsmith, s/o J.P. TOUCAR & Judith LEBEAU,  married Hannah ARNETT, 23, Canada, Albion, d/o Simon ARNETT & Ann LAWSON, wtn: L.P. FOUCAR & Maggie FOUCAR, both of Tecumseth, on December 29, 1880, at Tecumseth
  010100-80 (Simcoe Co.) George FOX, 23, hostler, Canada, Cookstown, parents - Edward & Mary FOX, married Mary COOPER, 17, Canada, Barrie, parents - Walter & Fanny COOPER, witn: William J. & Jane WATERMAN of Barrie, Aug. 8 1880 at Barrie
010147-80 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas FRANCIS, 26, lumberman, Durham, Collingwood, s/o William and Charlotte FRANCIS married Jane STEVENSON, 18, Mount Forest, Collingwood, d/o James and Isabella STEVENSON, wtn., James LAURENCE & T. C. SPENCE of Collingwood on September 1, 1880 at Collingwood. 10071-80 (Simcoe Co) John Jenkins FRASER, 30, Merchant, Flos, Scotland, s/o James & Jane FRASER, married Mary Ann HINCH, 22, Flos, England, d/o Henry & Eliza HINCH wtn. Thomas PATTERSON, Flos, Jane SMITH, King, 10 March 1880 at Barrie
010317-80 Samuel FRENCH, 23, Canada, Flos, farmer, s/o Thomas & Jane FRENCH, married Emily HODGES, 18, Canada, Flos, d/o Owen & Ann HODGES, witn: James HODGES & Mary Ann FRENCH of Flos. 21 Jan, 1880 at Hillsdale. 10280-80 William GALBRAITH, 35, widower, Ireland, Flos, s/o William & Jane, married Mary SPEIRS, 27, Chinguacousy, Flos, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Alexander SPEIRS & Isabella WANLESS, both of Flos, 15 April 1880 at Flos
010239-80 -  Cyrus J GARDENER, 26, Ontario, Essex, mechanic, s/o William & Mary GARDENER, married Harriet BEARDSALL, 28, Ontario, Oro, d/o William & Mary BEARDSALL, wtn: Henry B-? of Vespra & Mary J. HICKLING of Oro, on January 14, 1880, at Dalston, Vespra [Gardner?] 10123-80 Charles GENDRON, 26, carpenter, Penetang., same, s/o Charles GENDRON & Josette LEGRIS, married Philomene BELHUMEUR, 20, St. Thomas, Penetang., d/o Maximus BELHUMEUR & Adeline COMARTIN, witn: Thomas BELHUMEUR & Cordelia BRASSEUR, 25 July 1880 at Penetang.
# 010176-80, (Simcoe Co.) David Nelson GIBBONS, 27, Hotel Keeper, St. Vincent, Meaford, s/o William and Phoebe GIBBONS married Eliza CARNAHAN, 21, Meaford, same, d/o Robert and Rachael CARNAHAN, wtn James R. ROWLAND, Eliza FITZGERALD both of Collingwood, January 27, 1880 at Collingwood. 010342-80 George Isaac GILPIN, 25, Innisfil, Tosorontio, labourer, s/o John & Jane GILPIN, married Jane Eliza BRETT, 18, Caledon, Stayner, d/o Thomas & Sarah BRETT, witn: John GEDDES of Tosorontio & Margaret Ellen BRETT of Stayner. 9 June, 1880 at Stayner.
010272-80 -  Samuel GORDON, 23, Essa, same, yeoman, s/o Joseph GORDON & Catherine ANDREWS, married Sarah RUDDICK, 24, Tecumseth, Essa, d/o David RUDDICK & Elizabeth SCOTT, wtn: Samuel & Rachel RUDDICK, both of Essa, on April 21, 1880, at Angus 10114-80 William Patrick GRAHAM, 29, farmer, Mara, Tiny, s/o Michael GRAHAM & Ann McRAE, married Catherine Mary EGLE, 19, Tiny, same, d/o Vincent EGLE & Caroline ROEBUCK, witn: John EGLE & Mathilda MORRIS, both of Tiny, 27 Jan 1880 at Penetang
010375-80 James GREGG, 21, Canada, Victoria Harbour, blacksmith, s/o James & Elizabeth GREGG, married Sarah Margaret BURNS, 19, Canada, Victoria Harbour, d/o Robert & Annie BURNS, witn: Christopher GROVES of Lefroy & Isabella BURNS of Victoria Harbour. 22 Sept, 1880 at Victoria Harbour. # 010177-80, ( Simcoe Co.) John GRICE, 52, farmer, England, Collingwood Township, s/o John and Elizabeth GRICE, Married Elizabeth LEE, 40?, Ireland, Collingwood Township, widow, d/o Thomas and Phoebe LEE, wtn George COLLINS and Charles COLLINS both of Collingwood, February 24, 1880 at Collingwood.

10342-81 (Simcoe Co) Owen GRIFFIN, 26, laborer, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o Owen GRIFFIN & Ellen DEVANY, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 21, England, Innisfil, d/o John Henry JOHNSTON & Betsy THOMLINSON, witn: Elizabeth JOHNSTON & William CAMERON both of Innisfil, 30 Dec 1880 at Barrie

10407-80 Peter GRIG--?. 25, thresher, Canada, Tossorontio, s/o Peter & Jane, married Sophia FALLS, 21, Canada, Adjala, d/o Nicholas FALLS & Elizabeth HILL, witn: Louis CONWAY & Mary LANGLEY, both of Adjala, 29 Jan 1880 at Church of the Immaculate Conception 010203-80 -  John E. GUARDHOUSE, 25, Canada, Tecumseth, carpenter, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary A. THOMPSON, 21, Tecumseth, Thompsonville, d/o Thomas & Martha THOMPSON, wtn: Thomas THOMPSON & Elizabeth WARRILOW, not given, on February 18, 1880, at Beeton
10364-80 David GUNN, 42, farmer, Ontario, West Gwillimbury, s/o Alexander & Christena, married Euphemia BROWN, 35, Ontario, West Gwillimbury, d/o Archibald & Jennet, witn: Charles McBETH & Christena ROSS, both of West Gwillimbury, 15 July 1880 at West Gwillimbury 010313-80 William John GUTHRIE, 22, Emily ON, Tay, farmer, s/o John & Jane GUTHRIE, married Elizabeth PARKER, 22, Canada, Tay, d/o Alexander & Susanna PARKER, witn: Wesley MILLS of Emily & Emma JACKSON of Cartwright. 14 Jan, 1880 at Hillsdale
10409-80 John HACKETT, 20, farmer, Mono, same, s/o Thomas & MARGARET, married Isabella PENDLETON, 20, Adjala, same, d/o Richard & Levina, witn: Joseph McFARLANE of Mono & Emily L. PENDLETON of Adjala, 11 Feb 1880 at Adjala #010289-80 (Simcoe Co): Samuel HAMILTON, 30, yeoman, Sherbrooke twp Quebec, Mulmur, s/o Alexander & Eliza, married Mary KITSON, 28, Markham, Mulmur, d/o Thomas & Susannah, witn: John HAMILTON & Eliza KITSON, both of Mulmur, 6 Oct 1880 at Sunnidale
010210-80 -  William HAMMELL, 25, Canada, Beeton, Merchant, s/o Thomas & Martha HAMMELL, married Catherine SPENCER, 22, Toronto, Beeton, d/o Eli & Maria SPENCER, wtn: Mr. &Mrs. Thomas McMAHON, of Beeton, on May 4, 1880, at Beeton 010261-80 -  Albert HANDY, 22, Tosorontio, same, farmer, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth HANDY, married Sara WHITESIDE, 22, Essa, same, d/o Thomas & Francis WHITESIDE, wtn: Mrs, T. McKEE & Mary E. McKEE, both of Angus, on June 9, 1880, at the manse, Angus
10056-80 (Simcoe Co): John HANEY, 60, widower, farmer, England, Tossorontio, s/o Michael & Mary, married Jane WRIGHT, 42, Mono, same, d/o Noble & Elizabeth, witn: Noble & Margaret WRIGHT of Mono, 3 June 1880 at Mono #010290-80 (Simcoe Co): James HARKING, 25, farmer, Ontario, Sunnidale, s/o Edward HARKING & Mary DUNN, married Ann HEWLETT, 29, Ontario, Brentwood, d/o William HEWLETT & Margaret GANNON, witn: Daniel & Ellen LEAN of Brentwood, 8 Nov 1880 at Sunnidale
010245-80 -  Aaron HARRIS, 27, Paris Ont, Tosorontio, laborer, s/o Aaron & Martha HARRIS, married Eliza Ann FITZSIMMONS, 21, Egermont, Tosorontio, d/o David & Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS, wtn: Oliver HARRIS & Ellen HARRIS, both of Tosorontio, on September 6, 1880, at Angus 010080-80 (Simcoe Co) Robert HARRIS, Merchant, 27, Barrie, Innisfil, s/o James HARRIS & Jane REID, married Ellen JOHNSON, 25, Barrie, County of Peel, d/o Thomas Johnson & Agnes SOMERVILLE, wtn. Samuel JOHNSON & Maggie MCINTYRE both of Barrie, 3 March 1880 at Barrie

10289-81 (Simcoe Co) George Edward HAWKES, 21, mariner, Bedfordshire England, Collingwood, s/o George & Elizabeth HAWKES, married Caroline G.E. HUDSON, 21, United States, Collingwood, d/o Joseph & Georgianna HUDSON, witn: William HAWKES & Ellen HAWKES both of Collingwood, 25 Dec 1880 at Collingwood

# 010167-80, (Simcoe Co.) Charles HEBURN, 23, labourer, Scott Twp, Barrie, s/o not given, married Hannah JONES, 28, Germany, Barrie, widow, d/o Henry and Hannah HEATMAN, wtn E. N. CHILLAS, Thomas COLLINS both of Collingwood, April 7, 1880 at Collingwood 010301-80 -  Walter HENDERSON , 25, Lower Canada, Mulmur, farmer, s/o Thomas & Ann HENDERSON, married Dinah Ann JENNINGS, 25, Mulmur, same, d/o Abel JENNINGS & Ellan GILMORE, wtn: James DUFFIN  & Margaret J, HENDERSON, of Mulmur, on October 26, 1880, at Alliston
# 010169-80, (Simcoe Co.) George HENDERSON, 35, clerk, Cumberland England, Collingwood, s/o William and Jane HENDERSON married Mary Louise HOCKING, 20, Collingwood, same, s/o Henry and Louise HOCKING, wtn Edward MARTINDALE, Eliza HOCKINGboth of Collingwood, April 14, 1880 at Collingwood. 010111-80 (Simcoe Co.) William HENDERSON, 30, mason, New York, Barrie, parents - William & _ HENDERSON married Anne Lizzie COLBERRY, 20, Oro, Oro, parents - William COLBERRY & Jane TUCK, witn: William ORR of Barrie & Jane COLBERRY of Oro, Nov. 24, 1880 at Barrie

10285-81 (Simcoe Co) John HERBERT, 23, laborer, Toronto, Collingwood, s/o Thomas & Mary HERBERT, married Annie BURGIE, 30, Collingwood, same, d/o Joseph & Mary BURGIE, witn: David MALCOLM of Collingwood & Emma McCARTHY of Sunnidale, 15 Nov 1880 at Collingwood RC

010635-81 (Simcoe Co.) George W.L. HICKLING, 24, Ontario, Oro, farmer, s/o William & Mary HICKLING, married Margaret LAWSON, 19, Ontario, Flos, d/o Thomas & Mary LAWSON, wtn: Charles HICKLING of Oro & Minnie LAWSON of Flos, on November 17, 1880, at Vespra 010321-81 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Mathias HICKLING, 21, farmer, Canada, Barrie, s/o Charles & Joanna HICKLING, married Elizabeth Jane DUNSMORE, 20, Canada, Oro, d/o William & Mary DUNSMORE, wtn: Samuel & Mary DUNSMORE, both of Oro, on December 29, 1880, at Barrie
010108-80 (Simcoe Co.) Albert HILL, 21, blacksmith, Erin twp., Collingwood twp., parents - Robert & Ann HILL married Louisa C. COOPER, 21, Ireland, Collingwood twp., parents - Charles & Mary COOPER, witn: Margaret M. LEIPER & Betsy of Barrie, July 7, 1880 at Barrie 010315-80 Alexander HILL, 52, widower, York, Medonte, hotel keeper, s/o William & Abigail HILL, married Delia ALLEN, 42, widow, Canada, Medonte, d/o Samuel ANDERSON & Sarah DONOVAN, witn: William & Francis MERRY? Of Medonte. 6 Jan, 1880 at Hillsdale
010371-80 John HILL, 25, Tay, Medonte, lumberman, s/o Isaac & Harriet HILL, married Margaret Ann MORRISON, 19, Tay, Medonte, d/o John & Mary MORRISON, witn: George TEMPLE & Eliza Jane HILL of Craighurst. 8 Dec, 1880 at Tay Twp. 10234-81 William Henry HILL, 24, farmer, Canada, Medonte, s/o Tomlinson & Catherine, married Ellen Jane HEASLIP, 23, Canada, Medonte, d/o Samuel & Isabella, witn: Thomas REHILL of Flos & Sarah SLADE of Medonte, 29 Dec 1880 at Hillsdale
010105-80 (Simcoe Co.) George Marshall HINES, 28, lawyer, Ontario, Essa, parents - George & Catharine HINES, married Mary Jane BROLLEY, 24, Ontario, Essa, parents - William & Martha BROLLEY, witn: James MILLER of Nottawasaga & Lettitia W. BROLLEY of Essa, Nov. 17 1880 at Barrie 010310-80 Robert Collins HIPWELL, 24, Canada, Medonte, farmer, s/o John & Jane Collins HIPWELL, married Mary Eaton DUTTON, 23, Australia, Medonte, d/o William & Martha Eaton DUTTON, witn: Thomas Marcel HIPWELL of Oro & Eleanor GRAHAM of Medonte. 10 Mar, 1880 at St. Luke's Church, Medonte.
010104-80 (Simcoe Co.) Charles HODGSON, 19, farmer, Ontario, Vespra, parents - William & Rachael HODGSON, married Lucy Jane THANKSTER, 20, England, Vespra, parents - Bestin & Ann THANKSTER, witn: George & Elizabeth STUCKEY of Oro, Nov. 18 1880 at Barrie 010298-80 -  John HOGG, 27, Mono, same, farmer, s/o Thomas & Margaret HOGG, married Ellan HALBERT, 22, Mono, Mulmur, d/o Jamison & Eliza HOLBERT, wtn: William HOGG of Mono & Isabella HALBERT of Mulmur, on April 4, 1880, at Mulmur
#010062-80 (Simcoe Co) Robert Benjamin. HORNER, 29, Kingston, Barrie, b, Express Messenger, s/o Benjamin HORNER & Discia? CHARLES, married Charlotte Louisa EVANS, 17, Guelph, Barrie, s, d/o Peter Thompson EVANS & Charlotte REYNOLDS, witn: George LYALL of Hamilton, Annie EDMONDSON of Barrie, married 13 January 1880, Barrie 010448-81 (Simcoe Co.) Richard Allen HOWATT, 25, mechanic, Caledon, Adjala, s/o Edward & Jane HOWATT, married Eliza C--? LEE, 23, Adjala, same, d/o James & Rachael LEE, wtn: Geo HOWAT (sic) of Caledon & Eleanor I. LEE, on October 27, 1880, at Adjala
010326-80 John J. HOWDEN, 25, England, Flos, carpenter, s/o George HOWDEN & Dina COCKS, married Isabella ROWAT, 25, Canada, Flos, d/o Alexander ROWAT & Jane HARVEY, witn: James & Isabella ROWAT of Flos. 20 Oct, 1880 at Hillsdale. #010061-80 (Simcoe Co) Robert Oliver HUNTER, 30, Co Hastings Ont, Collingwood, b, merchant, s/o James HUNTER & Margaret HELLINE?, married Elizabeth GRIFFITHS, 19, Toronto, Barrie, s, d/o John GRIFFITHS & Jane SMITH, witn: Carrie ROSS of Toronto, Daniel SHAW of Barrie, married 14 January 1880, Barrie
010073-80 (Simcoe Co) John Henry INGO (Jago?), 21, Painter, Barrie, Toronto, s/o D.D. & Mary Jane INGO, married Ella ESSELIN, 20, Barrie, Cape Vincent New York, d/o Adolphus & Harriet ESSELIN, wtn. D.D. INGO Jr & Eleanor INGO of Barrie, 21 April 1880, at Barrie 10232-81 James INGRAM, 27, farmer, Canada, Medonte, s/o James INGRAM & Elizabeth TUDHOPE, married Isabella MILLER, 24, Canada, Medonte twp., d/o James MILLER & Isabella JOHNSTON, witn: James JOHNSTON Jr. of Flos & Agnes MILLER of Medonte, 21 Dec 1880 at Hillsdale
10134-80 George IRWIN, 26, farmer, Essa, Tecumseth, s/o James IRWIN & Hannah BRIERTON, married Rachel NICHOL, 23, Tossorontio, same, d/o David NICHOL & Mary Ann McKNIGHT, witn: James O. DUFF of Essa & Mary J. NICHOL of Tossorontio, 22 Dec 1880 at Tossorontio 010083-80 (Simcoe Co) John JACKSON, 24, Hotel Keeper, Barrie, Is of Jersey, s/o John JACKSON & Sarah NEWMAN, married Flora LIVINGSTONE, 21, Barrie, Medonte, d/o Dougall LIVINGSTONE & Ellen HILL, wtn. Elizabeth Ann MITCHELL, Toronto & Duncan LIVINGSTONE, Barrie, 14 April 1880 at Barrie
10131-80 William John JENKINS, 23, yeoman, Canada, Caledon twp., s/o James & Ann, married Margaret BRETT, 22, Canada, Tossorontio, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Thomas ALLAN of Mono & Ann SHEPHARD of Tossorontio, 12 March 1880 at Tossorontio 010323-81 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas JENKINSON, 35, railroad fireman, England, Innisfil, s/o James & Fanny JENKINSON, married Ellen GLASSFORD, 23, Canada, Barrie, d/o John & Mary GLASSFORD, wtn: John GLASSFORD Jr., & Harriett An GLASSFORD, both of Barrie, on October 4, 1880, at Barrie
010082-80 (Simcoe Co) Richard Stewart JENNETT, 25, farmer, Essa, same, s/o James JENNETT & Mary Ann THOMSON, married Ellen BONE, 22, Innisfil, Vaughan, d/o Thomas and Ann WELLS, witn Henry G. & Jane JENNETT, both of Essa, 25 March 1880, at Barrie 010341-80 John JOHNSON, 28, England, Stayner, merchant, s/o William & Charlotte JOHNSON, married Violetta McGREGOR, 35, Caledon, same, d/o Duncan & Mary McGREGOR, witn: John NAULESS? Of Caledon & Charlotte JOHNSON of Collingwood. 24 May, 1880 at Stayner
010320-80 Andrew G. JOHNSTON, 22, Canada, Flos, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Mary Flos McKINNON, 22, Canada, Medonte, d/o John & Sarah McKINNON, witn: James JOHNSTON of Flos & Annie McKINNON of Medonte. 31 Mar, 1880 at Medonte. 010109-80 (Simcoe Co.) Hiram JONES, 24, farmer, Markham twp., Essa, parents - Joel & Eunice JONES married Annie PEARSON, 22, Innisfil, Essa, parents - George & Mary PEARSON, witn: John LIVINGSTON & Johanna KING of Barrie, Sept. 20, 1880 at Barrie
  010450-81 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph KANE, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Penetanguishene, s/o Paul KANE & Jane JENNINGS?, married Rose COLGAN, 26, Tecumseth, same, d/o Jom COLGAN & Ellen KELLY, wtn: Frank COLGAN & Eliza BROWN, both of Tecumseth, on November 25, 1880, at Adjala
# 010182-80, (Simcoe Co) Donald KELLY, 27, famer, Scotland, Sunnidale, s/o James and Effie KELLY married Margaret CAMPBELL, 27, Islay Scotland, Sunnidale, d/o Angus and Rachael CAMPBELL, Peter KELLY, Annie KELLY both of Sunnidale, 17 February, 1880 at Collingwood 010244-80 -  George A. KIRK, 24, Canada, Guelph, mechanic, s/o David & Sarah KIRK, married Annie A. TRACEY, 20, Canada, Vespra, d/o Ebenezer & Jane TRACEY, wtn: Thomas PARR & Caroline J. TRACEY, both of Vespra, on December 29, 1880, at Grenfell Vespra
010243-80 -  James KIRK, 32, Ireland, Vespra, farmer, s/o Andrew & Annie KIRK, married Annie Elizabeth BELL, 20, Canada, Vespra, d/o Andrew & Eliza BALL, wtn: William J. & Mary E. BELL, both of Vespra, on September 15, 1880, at Minesing, Vespra 010331-81 (Simcoe Co.) John Davis LACKIE, 21, tinsmith, Ontario, Barrie, s/o Thomas & Sarah LACKIE, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 19, Michigan US, Barrie, d/o Reynold & Catherine McDONALD, wtn: Mary T. FIRTH, & William NAYLOR, both of Barrie, on November 18, 1880, at Barre
10112-80 John LAND, 28, blacksmith, Canada, Tiny, s/o James LAND & Margaret HUGHES, married Emily Celeste VARTY, 21, Canada, Tiny, d/o Christopher VARTY & Sophronia LEWIS, witn: Robert ELLIOT & Nancy VARTY, both of Tiny, 14 April 1880 at Penetang 010161-80 (Simcoe Co.) David LANG, 23, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o John and Catherine LANG married Margaret PAUL, 21, Ontario, Collingwood, d/o Dougald and Mary PAUL, wtn., Edward FLETCHER & Elizabeth LANG both of Collingwood on October 14, 1880 at Collingwood.
010249-80 -  George LATIMER, 26, Essa, same, farmer, s/o William LATIMER & Margaret LUDLOW, married Elizabeth McCANN, 20, Essa, same, d/o John & Mary Ann Janet McCANN, wtn: William LATIMER & Rachel McCANN, on October 22, 1880, at Angus 010314-80 Matthew LAWSON, 29, Tosorontio, Flos, farmer, s/o Matthew & Catherine LAWSON, married Mary Elizabeth HENRY, 21, Pennsylvania US, Flos, d/o James & Elizabeth HENRY, witn: George LOCK & Margaret Jane HENRY of Flos. 7 Jan, 1880 at Hillsdale.
010209-80 -  William LAYTON, 48, England, Durham, farmer, s/o Frances & Ellen LAYTON, married Ann J. ALLEN, 32, Ireland, Tecumseth, d/o Richard & Jane ALLEN, wtn: James & Jane ALLEN, of Tecumseth, on March 24, 1880, at Tecumseth 010225-80 -  John Hindson LEADLEY, 28, Atlantic Ocean, Vespra, farmer, s/o Robert & Sarah LEADLEY, married Emily PARKER, 22, France, Vespra, d/o John & Annie PARKER, wtn: William LEADLEY & Isabella CARSON, both of Vespra, on March 9, 1880, at the house of John Parker, Vespra
010150-80 (Simcoe Co.) George LEASHOUT (Teachout?), 34, labourer, Canada, Northumberland, s/o Hannibal and Catherine LEASHOUT married Minnie BARKER, 17, Collingwood, same, d/o Edward and Elizabeth BARKER, wtn., Henry FOREMAN & Sarah COTTON both of Collingwood on September 21, 1880 at Collingwood. 010095-80 (Simcoe Co.) John LEE, 53, cabinet merchant, England, Barrie, parents - James & Ann LEE, married Margaret GILCHRIST, 43, Scotland, Barrie, parents - John & Ann GILCHRIST, witn: G. McCUAIG & Eliza BISHOP of Barrie, June 23 1880 at Barrie
10127-80 Amiet LEGAULT, 22, laborer, St. Anicet, Tiny, s/o Augustin LEGAULT & Judith DUPREY, married Sophie BERIOT, 22, St. Zotique, Penetang., d/o Francis Xavier BERIOT & Sophie DESCHAMPS, witn: Joseph DUVAL of Tiny & Jane DUPREY of B--? twp., 7 Nov 1880 at Penetang 10130-80 Joseph LESPERANCE, 22, farmer, Lindsay, Tiny, s/o Hyacinthe LESPERANCE & Marie PINARD, married Marie Meline ROY, 21, St. Jean Mathias?, Tiny, d/o Onesime ROY & Clemance MAILLE, witn: Joseph ROY of Tiny & Philomene LESPERANCE of Tiny, 13 July 1880 at Penetang.
# 010181-80( Simcoe Co) John LIGHTHEART, 45, farmer, Canada, Nottawasaga, widower, s/o William and Mary LIGHTHEART married Elizabeth STEELE, 18, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o William and Mary STEELE, Wtn Kenneth PERRY, Rachael PERRY both of Nottawasaga, February 16, 1880at Collingwood. 010343-80 William Henry MADILL, 25, York Twp, Tosorontio, farmer, s/o David & Jane MADILL, married Dorcas BRADLEY, 24, Haldimand Twp, Tosorontio, d/o Levi & Mary Ann BRADLEY, witn: Christopher PATTERSON & Jane MADILL of Tosorontio. 16 June, 1880 at Stayner
010279-80 -  Robert William MAGUIRE, 23, Toronto, Flos, farmer, s/o James & Ann MAGUIRE, married Sarah CARPENTER, 23, Darlington, Flos, d/o John & Jane CARPENTER, wtn: James George TURNER & Lucy Mary CARPENTER, both of Flos, on March 24, 1880, at Flos 10115-80 Cyrille MARCOTTE, 35, widower, farmer, Cap Saule Que., Penetang., s/o Frs. Xavier MARCOTTE & Elenor HARDY, married Philomena LALONDE, 21, Tiny, Penetang., d/o Julien LALONDE & Philomene LADRIQUE, witn: Julien LALONDE & Marguerite LEBLANC, both of Penetang., 7 march 1880 at Penetang.
#010064-80 (Simcoe Co) Francis Xavier MARRIN, 21, Barrie, same, b, merchant, s/o Thomas MARRIN & Clophe MOREAU, married Mary Agnes MILNE, 19, Scotland, Barrie, s, d/o Robert MILNE & Margaret FINLAY, witn: Alexander MILNE, Jennie HODGIN, both Barrie, married 8 January 1880, Barrie 010097-80 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel MARTIN, 27, school teacher, Ontario, Innisfil, parents - William Charles & Eliza MARTIN, married Mary Ann BATEMAN, 25, Ontario, Innisfil, parents - Thomas & Mary BATEMAN, witn: Rebecca L. Laird & Carrie LAIRD of Barrie, Aug. 10 1880 at Barrie
010264-80 -  Daniel M. MAUNDRELL, 25, England, Barrie, butcher, Widowed, s/o George Henry & Sarah MAUNDRELL, married Nellie LIVINGSTON, 24, Medonte, Barrie, d/o Donald & Ellen LIVINGSTONE, wtn: John & Flora JACKSON, both of Vespra, on January 10, 1880, at Thornton #010286-80 (Simcoe Co): Atkinson McBRIDE, 20, farmer, Ontario, Brentwood, s/o John McBRIDE & Margaret DEL--Y, married Maria Louisa AUGER (Anger?), 17, Ontario, Brentwood, d/o Charles AUGER & Sophia VEZINA, witn: Robert BROOKS & Ellen Mary McBRIDE, both of Brentwood, 2 Feb 1880 at Sunnidale (Rom Cath)
010146-80 (Simcoe Co.) Neil McBRIDE, 28, labourer, Canada, Collingwood Tw., s/o George and Catherine McBRIDE married Jane BEATON, 25, widow, Pickering, Collingwood Tp., d/o William & Jane WHITE, wtn., not given, August 20, 1880 at Collingwood. 010153-80 (Simcoe Co.) David McCARTER, 34, widower, King Tp., Nottawa, pump maker, s/o John and Mary McCARTER married Maggie McLEAN, 28, Mariposa Tp., Nottawa, d/o Duncan & Flora McLEAN, wtn., Mary McLEAN & Albert WYLIE, not given on November 10, 1880 at Nottawa.
010300-80 - James McCAUDIO, 40, Trafalgar, Mulmur, widowed, yeoman, s/o Hugh McCAUDIO & Isabella BAPTIZ (Baptey? Baptie?), married Eliza WRIGGLEWORTH, 23, Windham, Mulmur, d/o Richard WRIGGLEWORTH & Ann SMITH, wtn: William SWICK & Mary Ann SWICK, both of Mulmur, on June 18, 1880, at Mulmur 010311-80 John McCAW, 22, Canada, Medonte, farmer, s/o Robert & Catherine McCAW, married Mary Jane ROSS, 18, Canada, Medonte, d/o John & Maria ROSS, witn: Isaac TRUAX & Mary Jane FRENCH of Medonte. 24 Mar, 1880 at Village of Waverley, Medonte.
010258-80 -  J. Wesley McCLARY, 24, Glanford, Essa, Yeoman, s/o Jacob McCLARY & Ann SLAUGHTON, married Harriet Ann SPEAK, 19, Orangeville, Essa, d/o Charles SPEAK & Martha STEPHENSON, wtn: William FISHER & Eleanor J. BUSH, on February 4, 1880, at Angus 010270-80 -  Frances Carr McCLARY, 22, Mentconth ON, Essa, yeoman, s/o Jacob McCLARY & Ann SLAUGHTER, married Annie Lizetta HATCH, 20, Dereham ON, Essa, d/o James HATCH & Susan SINCLAIR, wtn: James Wesley McCLARY & Harriet Ann SPEEK, both of Essa, on December 24, 1879, at Angus
010294-80 -  Charles McCUTCHEON, 25, Mulmur, same,  farmer, s/o Charles McCUTCHEON & Eliza Amelia TANNER, married Ellen McCUTCHEON, 20, Mulmur, same, d/o William McCUTCHEON & Mary HAWKINS, wtn: William ROBINSON & Margaret McCUTCHEON, of Mulmur, on January 8, 1880, at Hornings Mills 010318-80 Alexander McDONALD, 23, Canada, Tiny, filer, s/o Alexander & Mary McDONALD, married Margaret Ann CASSELMAN, 18, Canada, Tiny, d/o William & Jane CASSELMAN, witn: Mary Ann TUCKER & Minnie Arnell CASWELL of Coldwater. 12 Apr, 1880 at Coldwater
010144-80 (Simcoe Co.) James McDONALD, 38, labourer, Isle of Skye, Collingwood, s/o James and Christina McDONALD married Jane GRIER, 28, Montreal, Collingwood, d/o John and Elizabethh GRIER, wtn., James CAREY and John McDONALD both of Collingwood on May 4, 1880 at Collingwood. 010159-80 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas McDOWELL, 27, salesman, Belfast, Collingwood, s/o Thomas and Jane McDOWELL married Helen Jane REDPATH, 23 Bowmanville, Collingwood, d/o Robert and Isabella REDPATH, wtn., Charles A. TELFER & Agnes DALTON both of Collingwood on October 6, 1880 at Collingwood.
10405-80 William McFARLAND, 23, farmer, Mono, same, s/o Samuel & Martha, married Jane Ann MILLIGAN, 19, Adjala, same, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: William James MILLS & Rachel McFARLAND, both of Mono, 7 Jan 1880 at Adjala 10282-80 Alexander McFARLANE, 37, widower, Scotland, Verulam, s/o Hugh McFARLANE & Isabella FERGUSON, married Sarah E. FERGUSON, 27, Cartwright, Flos twp., d/o James FERGUSON & MARGARET GAMBLE, witn: illegible FERGUSON of Flos & Susan ALEXANDER of Midland, 26 Oct 1880 at Elmvale
010275-80 -  David McFARLANE, 26, Essa, Adjala, farmer, s/o Finley McFARLAND (mother deceased), married Lucinda ARNOLD, 22, Essa, same, d/o Alexander ARNOLD (mother deceased), wtn: H.H. BARBER of Adjala & Lizzie ARNOLD of Ivy, on February 25, 1880, at Essa 010140-80 (Simcoe Co.) Paul McGREGOR, 23, farmer, Nelson, Osprey, s/o Duncan and Elizabeth married Letitia KYLE, 20, Osprey, same, d/o William and Mary KYLE, wtn., Lizzie E. LAWSON of Markham & Russell NUN? of Collingwood on August 10, 1880 at Collingwood.
010142-80 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas S. McKEE, 25, Clergyman, Huntingdon, St. Joseph's Island, s/o James and Fanny McKEE married Hannah M. FAWCETT, 21, New Credit? Uppington, d/o Adam and Ann FAWCETT, wtn., John FAWCETT of Uppington & Sarah UPTIGRAFF of Fort Wayne on August 20, 1880 at Collingwood. 10406-80 Michael McKENNE?, 40, farmer, Canada, Tossorontio, s/o James McKEON & Agnes REYNOLDS, married Christena STUTHERS?, 18, Canada, Alliston, d/o William STUTHERS & Matilda LANGLEY, witn: Thomas DONNELLY of Adjala & Mary J. McFADDEN of Essa, 29 Jan 1880 at Church of the Immaculate Conception
009905-79 (Simcoe Co) Robert McKINLEY, 27, farmer, United States, West Gwillimbury, s/o Robert McKINLEY & Sarah McKINLEY, married Louisa Maria CARTER, 23, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o John CARTER & Maria Louisa CARTER, Witn: William COOK of Tecumseth & Charlotte McKINLEY of West Gwillimbury, Jan. 5, 1880 at Bond Head 010263-80 -  James McKNIGHT, 31, Essa, same, farmer, s/o James & Mary McKNIGHT, married Ella McQUAY, 23, Essa, same, d/o James & Rachel McQUAY, wtn: Henry illegible & Mary McQUAY, both of Essa, on December 22, 1880, at Thornton
010136-80 (Simcoe Co.) Rory McLEOD, 29, Gentleman, Glengarry, Collingwood, s/o Neil and Harriett McLEOD married Catherine McMILLAN, 28, Glengarry, Toronto, d/o Duncan and Ellen McMILLAN, wtn., Donald McLEOD & Susan BARR both of Collingwood on April 20, 1880 at Collingwood. 10362-80 Richard A. McMAHON, 28, farmer, Essa, same, s/o Robert & Mary A., married Mary Jane McKAY, 23, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o George & Mary, witn: George McMAHON of Cookstown, 5 May 1880 at West Gwillimbury
010262-80 -  Neil McMILLAN, 42, Scotland, New Lowell, widowed, blacksmith, s/o Archibald & Janet McMILLAN, married Nancy THOMPSON, 16, Sunnidale, same, d/o John & Nancy THOMPSON, wtn: Jamesa MATTHEWS of Sunnidale & Elizabeth MATTHEWS of New Lowell, on May 24, 1880, at the manse, Angus 010331-80 Neil McMILLAN, 41, widower, Canada, Mariposa, farmer, s/o John McMILLAN & Ann SMITH, married Margaret McMILLIN, 40, Canada, Medonte, d/o Duncan & Margaret McMILLIN, witn: Duncan SMITH of Elora & Mary Fanny AURES? of Oro. 29 Dec, 1880 at Medonte
# 010170-80, (Simcoe Co.) Francis McMULLEN, 31, labourer, Twp. Tossorontio, same, s/o William and Rose Ann McMULLEN married Anne MOORE, 19, Adjala,Twp. Tossorontio, d/o Andrew and Jane MOORE, wtn Francis ARNOLD, Mary Jane McKEE, not given, April 10, 1880 at Collingwood. # 010180-80, (Simcoe Co), Peter McMULLEN, 24, farmer, Osprey, same, s/o Alexander and Annie McMULLEN married Sarah McDONALD, 22, Collingwood, same, d/o John and Katie McDONALD, wtn Alexander McDONALD, Jeannie McFADYEN, both of Collingwood, February 11, 1880 at Collingwood.
010335-80 Samuel McMURRAY, 36, Ireland, Sunnidale, farmer, s/o James & Eliza A. McMURRAY, married Elizabeth CLUBINE, 28, Whitchurch, Sunnidale, d/o Eliza CLUBINE (sic), witn: Eliza CLUBINE of Sunnidale & M. M. NEWLOW of Stayner. 6 Jan, 1880 at Stayner 010089-80 (Simcoe Co.) James McNABB, 25, laborer, Owen Sound, Penetanguishine, parents - James & Catharine McNABB, married Kate A. McGERNITY , 18, Newmarket, Holland Landing, parents - Daniel & Elizabeth McGERNITY, witn: George BALL & J.H. GRIFFIN both of Barrie, June 30 1880 at Barrie
# 010175-80, (Simcoe Co.) Donald McNEIL, 74, yeoman, Islay, Nottawasaga, widower, s/o Neil and Flora McNEIL, married Isabella GREY, 52, Islay, Nottawasaga, widow, d/o Alexander and Isabella McMILLAN, wtn Alexander BLUE of Collingwood, Bella WINTERS of Osprey, June 25, 1880 at Collingwood. 010247-80 -  William Farquhar McRAE, 40, Quebec, Gore Bay, Miller, s/o William McRAE & Isabella ROSS, married Margaret HOGAN, 27, Ireland, Angus, d/o John HOGAN & Annie McMURRAY, wtn: Isaac HOGAN & Bella BEATON, both of Angus,  on October 14, 1880, at Angus
010106-80 (Simcoe Co.) James MILLER, 24, farmer, Ontario, Nottawasaga, parents - Joseph & Mary Ann MILLER married Letitia W. BROLLEY, 22, Ontario, Essa, parents - William & Martha BROLLEY, witn: George M. & Mary Jane HINES of Essa, Nov. 18, 1880 at Barrie 10220-80 James MILLIGAN, 24, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Thomas MILLIGAN & Jane PATTEN, married Ellie (Ettie?) WALKER, 24, Tecumseth, same, d/o William WALKER & Sarah HOLLINGSHEAD, witn: Alexander CREIGHTON of West Gwillimbury & Esther SNYDER of Albion, 28 Dec 1880 at Tecumseth
10133-80 Thomas MILLOY, 35, laborer, Munster? Ireland, Tossorontio, s/o John MULLOY (sic) & Kate BRENNAN, married Mary HETHERINGTON, 40, widow, Spain, Tossorontio, d/o John CAMPBELL & Catherine, witn: William & Ann JOHNSTON of Tossorontio, 13 Dec 1880 at Tossorontio # 010171-80, (Simcoe Co.) George MILLSON, 43, farmer, Port Hope Ontario, Allandale (Innisfil), s/o Edward and Mary MILLSON married Mary JENNING, 26, Toronto,West Gwillimbury, not given, wtn William J. & Charlotte McCANNA, both of West Gwillimbury, 24 May, 1880at Collingwood.
010327-80 Abram MITCHELL, 27, Canada, Medonte, millwright, s/o Vallentine MITCHELL & Nancy HUTCHINSON, married Susan Sophia COOK, 27, Canada, Medonte, d/o John COOK & Sarah BUND (BRAND?), witn: James COOK & Sarah BUND of Medonte. 10 Nov, 1880 at Medonte #010388-82 (Simcoe Co): William W. MOIR, 29, farmer, York Co., Innisfil, s/o George & Agnes, married Frances M. RAINEY, 24, Innisfil, same, d/o David & Margaret, witn: Arnold CUNNINGHAM (written as Cunningham ARNOLD) of Essa & Mary Ann RAINEY of Innisfil, 10 Nov 1880 at Innisfil
10363-80 John Gordon MONKMAN, 39, teacher, Ontario, Albion, s/o John & Eliza, married Irene LAW, 26, Ontario, Tecumseth, d/o James & Phoebe, wtn: Albert E. BOLTON of Bolton & Clara E. LAW of Tecumseth, 26 May 1880 at West Gwillimbury 10057-80 (Simcoe Co): George Benjamin MORLEY, 28, lay reader, Kingston, Mono, s/o Samuel & blank, married Ann Eliza JACKSON, 22, Mono, same, d/o Robert & Catherine, witn: C.E.S. RADCLIFFE of Flamboro, C.H. STEWART of Orangeville, William JACKSON of Mono & M.E. CRAIG of Chinguacousy, 6 Oct 1880 at Mono
010088-80 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Henry MORTON, 22, laborer, London England, Beeton, parents - Thomas & Ann MORTON, married Caroline WRIGHT, 32, England, Beeton, parents - Thomas & Loveday HOOPER, witn: Thomas BURTON & Ella PILKEY both of Barrie, May 11 1880 at Barrie # 010166-80, (Simcoe Co.) Francis Charles MUNSON, 26, carriage maker, Oshawa, Collingwood, s/o Jared and Louise MUNSON married Elizabeth DUNCAN, 22, Lefroy, Collingwood, d/o Thomas and Hannah DUNCAN, wtn Joseph JACK, Sarah Louisa, both of Collingwood, November 17, 1880 at Collingwood
10128-80 Alphonse NAULT, 22, laborer, Ottawa, Penetang., s/o Louis NAULT & Marguerite TESSIER, married Mary Ann DIGNAN, 21, Rawdon, Tiny, d/o James DIGNAN & Mary DULY?, witn: Emanuel PAYETTE of Tiny & Joseph NAULT of Penetang., 14 Nov 1880 at Penetang 10125-80 Joseph NAULT, 27, laborer, Gatineau River, Penetang., s/o Louis NAULT & Marguerite TESSIER, married Marie Georgina BELHUMEUR, 26, widow, St. Thomas, Penetang., d/o Maximue BELHUMEUR & Joslin COMARTIN, witn: Michael WYNN & Armand CHARLEBOIS, both of Penetang., 11 July 1880 at Penetang
010250-80 -  George NELSON, 28, US, Essa, farmer, s/o Thomas & blank, married Sarah ADAM, 26, Canada, Essa, d/o William & Eliza ADAMS, wtn: William illegible & Margaret ADAMS, both of Essa, on July 21, 1880, at Cookstown 010278-80 -  Charles NIXON, 28, Whitechurch, Flos, farmer, s/o Joseph & Rebekah NIXON, married Mary Ann GRAY, 18, Flos, same, d/o Robert & Alice GRAY, wtn: Duncan Alexander GRAY of Medonte & Sophia Josephine NIXON of Flos, on March 18, 1880, at Flos
10223-80 William NOBLE, 35, carpenter, Toronto, Tecumseth, s/o William & Margaret, married Mary Ann WILSON, 29, Tecumseth, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: William McCORMICK & Ellen WILSON, both of Tecumseth, 22 Dec 1880 at Tecumseth 010320-81 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas O'CONNOR, 22, plasterer, Canada, Barrie, s/o Thomas & Margaret O'CONNOR, married Anne Hope CRAIG, 21, Scotland, Barrie, d/o Charles & Martha CRAIG, wtn: Henry WILLIAMS & Ellen O'CONNOR both of Barrie, on November 11, 1880, at Barrie
010093-80 (Simcoe Co.) John O'MARA, 64, laborer, Ireland, Barrie, parents - John & Rebecca O'MARA, married Catharine COGAN, 43, Ireland, Barrie, parents - James & Mary McEVA?, witn: John O'MARA Jr. & Mrs. Fanny McD ??of Barrie, Aug. 4 1880 at Barrie 10119-80 William Ira ORR, 25, saw filer, Northumberland Co., Penetang., s/o Andrew ORR & Margaret BROWN, married Janet HOVEY (Hooey?), 33, widow, Perth Scotland, Collingwood, d/o David GRANT & Margaret BARRETS, witn: J. WARBRICK of Bolton & S. MILLS of Penetang., 28 July1880 at Penetang
10281-80 Walter PARTRIDGE, 30, widower, sawyer, Vespra twp., Midhurst, s/o William & Ann, married Susan SMITH, 25, widow, Grey Co., Vespra twp., d/o John & Ann SMITH, witn: Mary Elizabeth & William APPLEBY of Flos, 25 Oct. 1880 at Flos 010240-80 - William E. PARTRIDGE, 24, Ontario, Oro, farmer, s/o Charles & Jane PARTRIDGE, married Eliza Jane PARKHOUSE, 19, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, wtn: J.H. DUNN of Vespra & M.A. PARTRIDGE of Oro, on February 18, 1880, at Vespra
010324-80 William Peter PATTERSON, 29, Scarboro, Flos, farmer, s/o Robert PATTERSON & Jane HARVEY, married Sarah ROWLEY, 20, Canada, Flos, d/o William ROWLEY & Margaret HARVEY, witn: Thomas PATTERSON & Phoebe ROWLEY of Flos. 22 Sept, 1880 at Hillsdale 010078-80 (Simcoe Co) John PAYNE, 34, Clerk, Barrie, Ontario, s/o John and Anne PAYNE married Louisa Weber OBRIEN, 24, Barrie, Ontario, d/o Frederick & Mary OBRIEN, wtn. Rebecca LAIRD & Martha FERGUSSEN both of Barrie, 3 May 1880 at Barrie
010330-80 Thomas PRICE, 25, Canada, Medonte, farmer, s/o Thomas PRICE & Elizabeth BAILEY, married Ulivia (Ulina) Elona FOX, 16, Canada, Medonte, d/o Joseph FOX & Susan WALKER, witn: J. Stewart NELSON & Sophia Matilda PAYNE of S. Orillia. 25 Dec, 1880 at St. Luke's Church Medonte. 10229-81 Robert PULFORD, 34, widower, mechanic, England, Tossorontio, s/o William & Sarah, married Caroline DONALDSON, 35, widow, Canada, Tossorontio, d/o John & Ann SELLERS, witn: William & Agnes IRWIN of Lisle, 31 May 1880 at Tossorontio
10116-80 John QUIGLEY, 34, laborer, Penetang., Tay, s/o Charles QUIGLEY & Eshter GILLESPIE, married Sarah Adelaide MASTIN, 15, Percy twp., Tiny, d/o Jacob MASTIN & Mary Jane HICKS, witn: Gabriel Legris PRISQUE & Catherine QUIGLEY, both of Penetang., 31 May 1880 at Penetang 010325-81 (Simcoe Co.) George Arthur RADENHURST, 31, barrister, Canada, Barrie, s/o Thomas M. & blank RADENHURST, married Emma Georgina SANDFORD, 27, Canada, Barrie, d/o Sideny M. and Sarah Anna SANDFORD, wtn: Sidney M. SANDFORD & Sidney James SANDFORD, both of Barrie, on December 28, 1880, at Barrie
10049-80 (Simcoe Co): Samuel RAINY, 58, widower, farmer, Ireland, Adjala, s/o William & Ann, married Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, 47, widow, Mono, Adjala, d/o George & Ann DODDS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William J. DODDS of Mono, 21 Jan 1880 at Mono # 010186-80 Daniel Fensen REID, 32, fish-dealer, Pietson Nova Scotia, Collingwood, s/o William and Ruth REID married Elizabeth CLARK, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Alexander and Annie CLARK, wtn Daniel FOLEY, Emily CLARK both of Collingwood, March 24, 1880, at Collingwood.
  10122-80 Henry Thomas Trounsell? RICHARDS, 25, lumberer, Devonshire England, Tay, s/o William Thomas RICHARDS & Ann Harriet TROUNSELL, married Mary Ann KENNEDY, 21, Newmarket, Tay, d/o Michael KENNEDY & Suzan? McDERITT, witn: John KENNEDY of Tay & Mary Ann LABRASH of Penetang., 20 July 1880 at Penetang
010224-80 -  James Franklin RICHARDSON, 27, Vespra, same, farmer, s/o James & Mary RICHARDSON, married Eliza Jane MABEN, 23, Vespra, same, d/o William & Mary MABEN, wtn: George RICHARDSON of Vespra & Catherine JOHNSON of Flos, on February 11, 1880, at the house of Mr. Maben Vespra 010204-80 -  Samuel RICHARDSON, 24, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o Hugh & Susannah RICHARDSON, married Eliza Jane MILLS, 22, Tecumseth, same, d/o Jesse & Mary A. MILLS, wtn: Jessie MILLS & Mary WRIGHT, not given, on December 25, 1880, at Tecumseth
010205-80 -  John ROBINSON, 30, Canada, West Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Adam & Mary Jane ROBINSON, married Abigial BAYCROFT, 30, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o Richard & Ann BAYCROFT, wtn: John MERICK & Martha BAYCROFT, not given, on March 10, 1880, at Tecumseth 010302-80 - Edward John ROWBOTTOM, 23, Melancthon, Mulmur, farmer, s/o William & Sarah ROWBOTTOM, married Sarah Jane WEATHERALL, 18, Whittey Town, Mulmur, d/o William & Sarah WEATHERALL, wtn: James WEATHERALL of Mulmur & Caroline KETCHING of Melancthon, on November 17, 1880, at Nottawasaga
#010184-80 (Simcoe Co, ) James RUSK, 26, Lumberman, Tosorontio, same, s/o William and Margaret RUSK married Ellen RYAN, 25, Adjala,Tosorontio, d/o Michael and Margaret RYAN, wtn John PORTER of Tecumseth, Ellen RODGERS of Collingwood, at Collingwood. Feb. 26, 1880 10126-80 Alexander St.AMAND (Santime) [as written], 31, farmer, Mara, Tiny twp., s/o Banj St.AMAND (Santime) & Florie LAROUE, married Mathilda MERRYS, 18, Mara, Tiny twp., d/o Thomas MERYS & Olive GUINDON, witn: John St. AMAND & Eleanore GUINOUERD?, both of Tiny, 25 July 1880 at Penetang
# 010174-80 (Simcoe Co.) George Martin SAMPLE, 28, lumber merchant, U. States, Stayner, s/o A. M. and Mary Ann SAMPLE married Christina GOULDING, 21, Stayner, same, d/o Thomas and Catherine GOULDING, wtn Bella CURRIE , John McLEAN, both of Nottawasaga, May 25, 1880 at Collingwood.  
010154-80 (Simcoe Co.) James SANDERSON, 23, Nottawasaga, same, farmer, s/o John and Elizabeth SANDERSON married Jennie RHODES, 21, Nottawasaga, same, d/o John and Isabella RHODES, wtn., Mary Allice RHODES of Nottawasaga & Louisa SALLOWS, Collingwood on September 14, 1880 at Collingwood. 010326-81 (Simcoe Co.) William SATTER, 29, lumberman, Canada, Barrie, widowed, s/o John & Margaret SATTER, married Elen LEE, 30, Canada, Barrie, d/o John & Ann LEE, wtn: Margaret SATTER & John LEE, both of Barrie, on December 24, 1880, at Barrie
010372-80 Irwin James SAUNDERSON, 25, Manvers, Cartwright, carpenter, s/o Hugh & Esther SAUNDERSON, married Catherine SCARF, 21, Russell, Tay, d/o James & Rachel SCARF, witn: Christopher THOMPSON & Catherine JONES of Vasey. 29 Sept, 1880 at Tay Twp. 010137-80 (Simcoe Co.) Samuel SCALES, 25, farmer, Etobicoke, Nottawasaga, s/o Samuel and Rebecca SCALES married Malissa PHILLIPS, 24, Etobicoke, Tecumseth, d/o Abraham and Sarah PHILLIPS, wtn., Andrew THURMAN of Collingwood & Mary WYANT of Nottawasaga on July 6, 1880 at Collingwood.
10230-81 Edmon Wesley SCARROW, 23, laborer, Canada, Glencairn, s/o Henry & Ellen, married Susan MORRISON, 22, Canada, Glencairn, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: Alfred CORBETT & Lydia SCARROW, both of Glencairn, 8 Sept 1880 at Tossorontio #010287-80 (Simcoe Co): John SCHELL, 36, farmer, Albion, Sunnidale, s/o Emanuel & Susannah, married Margaret RAWN, 23, Egremont, Sunnidale, d/o Frederick & Elizabeth, witn: Frederick RAWN & Silvinah SCHELL, both of Sunnidale, 3 March 1880 at Sunnidale
10367-80 Thomas Henry SCOTT, 27, sawyer, Canada, Midland, s/o Andrew & Susan, married Laura SEMPLE, 22, Canada, Tiny twp., d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Harvy Edwin SMITH & Georgina SEMPLE, both of Tiny, 28 April 1880 at Tay twp 010334-80 Andrew SCOTT, 45, widower, Scotland, Stayner, tailor, s/o Walter & Mary SCOTT, married Selma SMITH, 30, widow, England, Stayner, d/o John & Mary PARKER, witn: Matilda PARKER & Andrew SCOTT Jr. of Stayner. 3 Jan, 1880 at Stayner
010251-80 -  Richard SHEPPARD, 23, Tecumseth, Essa, farmer, s/o James & Selina SHEPPARD, married Sarah Jane GREENLEES, 18, Essa, same, d/o Robert & Ruth GREENLEES, wtn: John SHEPHERD & illegible GREENLEES, on November 16, 1880, at Alliston 010151-80 (Simcoe Co.) James SHOULDICE, 23, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Samuel and Jane SHOULDICE married Mary LEOPARD, 20, King, Artemesia, d/o James and Rosanna LEOPARD, wtn., William & Elizabeth WONCH both of Collingwood on August 17, 1880 at Collingwood.
010218-80 -  Nathaniel SMALLEY, 27, Essa, same, farmer, s/o Jesse SMALLEY & Mary Ann DICKIE, married Anna Maria THOMPSON, Essa, Mulmur, d/o William THOMPSON & Anna HIPWELL, wtn: Mary M. McCONNELL & Sarah A. STEEL, both of Tecumseth, on November 15, 1880, at Tecumseth 010316-80 Thomas SMITH, 26, Canada, Tiny, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann SMITH, married Mary? KEMP, 21, Canada, Tiny, d/o John & Helen KEMP, witn: John KEMP & Amelia SMITH of Tiny. 10 Feb, 1880 at Hillsdale
010213-80 -  Thomas SMITH, 30, Markham, Innisfil, farmer, s/o Thomas & Ann SMITH, married Mary TOTTEN, 24, Tecumseth, Tottenham, d/o Alex & Isabella TOTTEN, wtn: William NESS of Innisfil & Maria TOTTEN of Tottenham, on June 23, 1880, at Tottenham 010305-80 -  George Norbert SMITH, 24, Canada, Tay, sawyer, s/o Joseph & Bathsheba SMITH, married Lusinda Ann ROBINSON, 18, Canada, Medonte, d/o William Henry & Margaret ROBINSON, wtn: Sq--? SMITH of Tay & Adelein BORLAND of Medonte, on June 22, 1880, at Coldwater
010207-80 -  John Otto SMITH, 23, Virginia US, Tecumseth, laborer, s/o James & Sarah SMITH, married Mary A. MATCHETT, 23, Ohio US, Tecumseth, d/o Geo & Elizabeth MATCHETT, wtn: John McADAM, & Alice M. BENNETT, of Tecumseth, on March 31, 1880, at West Essa # 010185-80 ( Simcoe Co.) Donald SMITH, 22, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, farmer, s/o John and Agnes SMITH married Mary Jane HEANY, 21, Chinguacousy Peel Co., same, d/o Thomas and Mary Ann HEANY, wtn Jessie PATTERSON of Nottawasaga, Anna RODGERS of Collingwood, at Collingwood March 3, 1880
010636-81 (Simcoe Co.) John SMITH, 25, Ontario, Vespra, miller, s/o Robert & Sarah SMITH, married Rachel COOK, 17, Ontario, Vespra, d/o Joseph & Mary COOK, wtn: Mathew ELLIOTT & Rebecca COOK, both of Vespra, on December 29, 1880, at Vespra 010098-80 (Simcoe Co.) George SMITH, 30, farmer, England, Flos twp., parents - David & Mary SMITH, married Martha DRYSDALE, 31, - , Flos, parents - James & Janet DRYSDALE , witn: George & Elizabeth JOHNSON of Barrie, Oct. 5 1880 at Barrie
010173-80, (Simcoe Co.) John SMITH, 27, yeoman, Perth Co., Collingwood Township, s/o James and Sarah SMITH married Mary BROOKS, 19, Collingwood Township, same, d/o William and Sarah BROOKS, wtn: James SMITH, Ellen SKELTON, both of Collingwood Township, April 28, 1880 at Collingwood 010242-80 -  George Edward SNEATH, 30, Ontario, Vespra, Widowed, public school teacher, s/o George & Christina SNEATH, married Annie WALLWIN, 25, Ontario, Vespra, d/o John & Sarah WALLWIN, wtn: Charles R. SNEATH & Sarah WALLWIN, both of Vespra, on July 14, 1880, at the residence of the bride's father Vespra
10222-80 Thomas SPARROW, 29, farmer, Canada, Caledon, s/o THOMAS & Hannah, married Lucy Idelletta WINANS, 24, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o Henry & Linda, witn: Jesse MILLS & Fredica WINANS, both of Tecumseth, 22 Dec 1881 (s/b 1880) at Tecumseth 10368-80 Joseph STEPHENS, 25, laborer, England, Victoria Harbour, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Jemima HEELS, 17, Ontario, Victoria Harbor, d/o James & Sarah, witn: William WRIGHT & Sarah HEELS, both of Tay, 14 April 1880 at Victoria Harbour
010208-80 -  Jms STEPHENSON, 30, Canada, Schomberg, laborer, widowed, s/o Applebe & Mary STEPHENSON, married Elizabeth BRUCE, 24, Ireland, illegible, d/o George & Charlotte BRUCE, wtn: John & Ann BRUCE of Cookstown, on March 24, 1880, at Cookstown 010325-80 Charles STEWART, 21, Canada, Victoria Harbour, carpenter, s/o David & Hannah STEWART, married Elizabeth Amanda HAWKE, 17, Canada, Medonte Twp, d/o Edward & Jane HAWKE, witn: Gideon Edward HAWKE of Medonte & Mary STEWART of Tay. 28 Sept, 1880 at Medonte.
010296-80 -  James H. STINSON, 27, Etobicoke, Melancthon, waggon maker, s/o James & Allace STINSON, married Jane HONSBURGER, 20, Moulton, Mulmur, d/o Abraham & Elizabeth HONSBURGER, wtn: Peter PERBAUGH & Sarah HONSBURGER, of Mulmur, on March 24, 1880, at Mono  
010145-80 (Simcoe Co.) Henry SUTTON, 21, painter, Ontario, Collingwood, s/o William and Polly SUTTON married Minnie ERKET, 19, Detroit, Collingwood, d/o John & Minnie ERKETT, wtn., Crozier RUTLEGDE of Charleston & Bessie RODGERS of Collingwood on June 21, 1880 at Collingwood. 010259-80 -  Samuel SWEETMAN, 23, Clark, Lisle, yeoman, s/o Thomas A. SWEETMAN & Hannah DOWNING, married Susannah WILCOX, 22, Nottawasaga, Banda, d/o Samuel WILCOX & Sarah Jane MORROW, wtn: D. PATTON & H.P. PEBBER, both of Angus, on May 12, 1880, near midnight, at Angus
010257-80 -  William John TEAL, 25, London Ont, Essa, Yeoman, s/o John TEAL & Hannah NICHOL, married Rhemonna LIVINGSTON, 18, Northumberland, Essa, d/o William LIVINGSTON & Margaret G--?, wtn: Francis CHAPMAN & Christina LIVINGSTON, on June 13, 1880, at Angus 010317-81 (Simcoe Co.) William THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Tecumseth, Innisfil, s/o George & Frances, married Eliza HALEY, 21, Essa, same, d/o Allan & Eliza, wtn: Lause KING, of Barrie, on December 22, 1880, at Barrie
10052-80 (Simcoe Co): Joseph THOMPSON, 24, farmer, Mono, same, d/o Joseph & Isabella, married Martha QUIGLEY, 23, Mono, same, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: John THOMPSON & Eva QUIGLEY, both of Mono, 11 Feb 1880 at Mono #010090-79 Joseph TODD, 29, farmer, Innisfil, same, s/o Ebenezer TODD & Anne TIVY (Livy?), married Jane Ann MCLEOD, 17, Innisfil, Alliston, d/o Alex MCLEOD & Grace IRWIN, witn: Charles TODD of Innisfil  & Jane IRWIN of Essa, 11 Feb 1880 at Alliston
  010307-80 -  Jonathan TRIPP, 21, Canada, Tiny, farmer, s/o Hiram & Catherine Emma TRIP (sic), married Catherine Jane MARTINS, 21,Canada, Tiny, d/o Adam & Almina MARTINS, wtn: Jonathan J. TRIP & Emma MARTINS, both of Tiny, on April 12, 1880, at Medonte (also 10321-80)
010148-80 (Simcoe Co.) George TRUEMAN, 26. farmer, Chingaucousy, Artemesia, s/o John and Dinah TRUEMAN married Mary Ann HOLLEY, 19, Artemesia, same, d/o Adam and Sarah HOLLEY, wtn., Jessie & Ann RODGERS both of Collingwood on September 9, 1880 at Collingwood. 010099-80 (Simcoe Co.) Edward Thomas TYRER, 23, tailor, Barrie, Stroud, parents - Edward & Mary TYRER, married Ismesia Roberta HARRISON, 18, Barrie, Barrie, parents - Henry & Mary Ann HARRISON, witn: Samuel CARSON & Annie PALMER both of Barrie, Sept. 27 1880 at Barrie
#010065-80 (Simcoe Co) George Joseph URRY, 22, England, Barrie, b, boiler maker, s/o Samuel & Cornelia URRY, married Eliza Ann WISEMAN, 22, England, Barrie, s, d/o Henry & Caroline WISEMAN, witn: William JESSON of Barrie, Henrietta O. JONES of Oro, married 11 February 1880, Barrie 010107-80 (Simcoe Co.) James VAIR, 24, gardener, Scotland, Barrie, parents - William & Jessie VAIR married Lizzie JOHNSTON, 24, Ontario, Barrie, parents - Archibald & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: John T. VAIR & Alice A. JOHNSTON of Barrie, June 9, 1880 at Barrie
010096-80 (Simcoe Co.) William John VALLEAU, 20, bookkeeper, Ontario, Toronto, parents - Christopher GERMAN & Jane Ann VALLEAU, married Lizzie Lucy EDWARDS, 19, Ontario, Barrie, parents - James & Mary Edwards, witn: George VALLEAU of Toronto & Jessie EDWARDS of Barrie, June 29 1880 at Barrie  
10366-80 Adelbert VAN BUSKIRK, 23, sawyer, Ontario, Victoria Harbour, s/o Andrew & Primilly, married Mary Isabella VENT,, 17, Ontario, Tay twp., d/o George & Beatrice, witn: William VENT of Tay & Sarah CASSLEMAN of Tay, 19 Feb 1880 at Victoria Harbour 10121-80 Louis VINCENT, 21, farmer, England, Medonte twp., s/o Thomas M. VINCENT & Jane E. COLLIER, married Susan HEASLIP, 19, Manvers twp., Medonte twp., d/o Samuel & Bella, witn: Sophia MILLS & Carrie KEMP, both of Penetang., 22 Oct 1880 at Penetang.
010138-80 (Simcoe Co.) George P. WAGNER, 23, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o Jacob and Elizabeth WAGNER married Estella HENRY, 19, Collingwood, same, d/o James and Maranda HENRY, wtn., Bert TELFER of Collingwood & Mary WAGNER of Toronto on July 14, 1880 at Collingwood. 010086-80 (Simcoe Co) Milton WALKER, 23, Bricklayer, Hillsdale, Canada, s/o Joseph Henry & Mary Ann WALKER, married Eliza Jane THOMPSON, 21, Hillsdale, Canada, d/o Thomas and Mary Anne THOMPSON, wtn. Job HEWITT, Barrie & Henrietta THOMPSON, Hillsdale, 16 June 1880 at Barrie
10408-80 Michael WALLACE, 25, farmer, Canada, Adjala, s/o Michael WALLACE & Mary DELANEY, married Maria LANGLEY, 26, Canada, Adjala, d/o Simon LANGLEY & Mary FAHEY, witn: William WALLACE & Catherine LANGLEY, both of Adjala, 18 Feb 1880 at Church of the Immaculate Conception 010253-80 -  Edwin WATERMAN, 20, Hampshire England, Barrie, smith, s/o John & Kesiah WATERMAN, married Letitia E. HUMPHREY, 19, Landsdown, Angus, d/o John & Annie HUMPHREY, wtn: Andrew GRIFFIN of Nottawasaga & Annie EASTMAN of Angus, on December 22, 1880, at Angus
  10129-80 James WATERS, 34, farmer, Niagara, Tiny, s/o Lawrence WATERS & Ann WYNNE, married Margaret LANGDON, 25, Tiny, same, d/o William LANGDON & Odgil? ANGERS, witn: Patrick & Sarah DEVLIN of Tiny, 26 Dec 1880 at Penetang
010101-80 (Simcoe Co.) James WEBB, 27, farmer, York State U.S.A., Innisfil, parents - Henry & Mary WEBB, married Ann GALLAGHER, 30, Quebec, Innisfil, parents - Daniel S. & Louise GALLAGHER, witn: Martha C. FERGUSON & Rebecca S. LAIRD both of Barrie, Aug. 18 1880 at Barrie 010328-81 (Simcoe Co.) Jonathan WHITE, 28, clerk, Canada, Gravenhurst, s/o James & Mary WHITE, married Elizabeth FRASER, 34, Canada, Gravenhurst, d/o Henry & Caroline FRASER, wtn: Charles SANDERS & W.H. BENNETT, both of Barrie, on October 15, 1880, at Barrie
010252-80 -  Robert A. WHITESIDE, 23, Essa, same, farmer, s/o Robert & Margaret WHITESIDE, married Hannah Isabella LOBLOW, 19, Essa, same, wtn: William J. WILSON of Essa & Jemma SCOTT of illegible, on December 22, 1880, at Alliston [Loblaw?] 10233-81 William WILLIAMS, 28, farmer, Canada, Vespra twp., s/o William WILLIAMS & Rachel HART, married Jane JOHNSTON, 27, Canada, Vespra twp., d/o John JOHNSTON & Elizabeth LAWRENCE, witn: Henry JOHNSTON & Helen WILLIAMS, both of Vespra, 24? Jan 1880 at Hillsdale
010329-80 George WILSON, 21, Canada, Tay, farmer, s/o John & Eliza WILSON, married Agnew Jane McMANN, 20, Canada, Tay, d/o Thomas & Ellen McMANN, witn: Charlotte J. & Laura M. WEBSTER of Hillsdale. 1 Dec, 1880 at Hillsdale 10300-81 Francis WILSON, 52 (62?), widower, farmer, Toronto, Innisfil twp., s/o Francis & Rebecca, married Elizabeth G. McGOWAN, 29, widow, Toronto, Innisfil twp., d/o Henry MARLING & Jane, witn: Edgar COOK of Orillia & Anna RODGERS of Collingwood, 3 Jan 1880 at Collingwood
010141-80 (Simcoe Co.) Joseph Newton WOOD, 30, carpenter, Islington York, same, s/o Samuel and Janet WOOD married Ann Jane RICE, 24, Wellington Co., Islington, d/o Gilbert and Ann Rice, wtn., Elizabeth CAMPBELL & Katie COWEN both of Collingwood on September 20, 1880 at Collingwood. # 010179-80, (Simcoe Co.) James WRIGHT, 25, occupation not given, Dundalk Ontario, Collingwood, s/o William and Margaret WRIGHT married Elizabeth WILSON, 20, Collingwood, same, d/o Watson and Annie WILSON, wtn William KING, Sarah ZEIGLE, both of Collingwood, March 31, 1880 at Collingwood.
  10059-80 (Simcoe Co): Henry YADER, 25, laborer, Germany, Innisfil, s/o Mick YADER & Mary REISSER, married Mary DE SHONE, 23, Three Rivers, Vespra, d/o Thomas DE SHONE & Ellen POLLICAN, witn: Finetta THOMPSON of Melancthon, 31 Jan 1880 at Barrie