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Simcoe Co., 1890, part 1

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011235-90   Richard ADAMS, 26, Toronto, Essa, farmer, s/o William & Ella ADAMS, married Margaret AIKINS, 22, Adjala, Essa, d/o Edward & Mary Ann AIKINS, wtn: Mary Ann AIKINS of Essa & Harry GERMAN of Barrie, on February 18, 1890, at Barrie 011418-93 (Simcoe Co.) Thomas Henry ADAMS, 27, railway employee, England, Allandale, parents - James ADAMS & blank HOBBS married Elizabeth JONES, 19, Ontario, Minesing, parents - Edmond JONES & Hannah SHRIGLEY, witn: Levi KEAST & Edmond JONES of Minesing, Oct. 1, 1890 at Allandale
010944-90   Charles AMESS, 38, Canada, Dundalk, harness maker, s/o Paul & Frances AMESS, married Mary Jane LANG, 28, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o James & Sarah LANG, wtn: James LANG & Lizzie LIVINGSTONE, both of Nottawasaga, on January 2, 1890, at the residence of the bride's father 011010-90  James ARBUCKLE, 24, Illinois USA, Milwaukee, Marine Engineer, s/o John & Christina ARBUCKLE, married Mary MURPHY, 23, Ontario Low? Midland, d/o Richard & Margaret MURPHY, wtn: James M & Ellen MURPHY both of Midland, on January 21, 1890, at Midland
  010635-91 Thomas ARCHIBALD, 30, labourer, Ontario, Medonte, parents - Levi & Susanna ARCHIBALD married Annie THOMSON, 18, Beaverton, Flos, parents - George & Mary Jane THOMSON, witn: George & Minnie TEMPLE of Hillsdale, Nov. 10, 1890 at Elmvale
011292-90   James ATCHISON, 28, Canada, Oro, farmer, s/o William ATCHISON & Mary MILES, married Mary Ann CAMERON, 21, Oro, same, d/o Angus CAMERON & Rossina INNIS, wtn: Michael SHANAHAN & Janet CAMERON, of Oro, on April 30, 1890, at Barrie 010930-90   Thomas BAILLIE, 31, Ireland, Collingwood, mechanic, s/o John & Margaret BAILLIE, married Henrietta FERGUSON, 21, Sunnidale, Collingwood, d/o John & Margaret FERGUSON, wtn: Robert JACKSON of Luther Twp & Sarah FERGUSON of Collingwood, on September 3, 1890, at Collingwood
011198-90   George BALKWILL, 27, Canada, Matchedash, farmer's son, s/o Arthur & Margaret BALKWILL, married Martha Jane SMITH, 25, England, Matchedash, d/o Alfred & Elizabeth SMITH, wtn: Charles & Jane LOVERING of Coldwater, on December 24, 1890, at Coldwater 011232-90   Willliam John BAULDRY, 26, Klineberg (Kleinburg?), Flos, farmer, s/o Alfred & Isabella [nee Fox], married Florence Isabella SMITH, 18, Ontario, Tay, d/o Joseph & Bathesda [nee Smithson], wtn: M.C. BARNS & Maria COULSON, both of Barrie, on February 5, 1890, at Barrie
011257-90 Alfred James BEA--?(cut off, Beam? Bean?) 28, Lloydtown, Barrie, laborer, s/o Leonard & Eliza, married Mary MINNING, 18, Germany, Barrie, d/o Frank & Mary, wtn: Jennie FISHER & William WISEMAN, of Barrie, on August 6, 1890, at Barrie 011262-90   Archibald BEATON, 30, Medonte, same, farmer, s/o Archibald BEATON & Jane McNAB, marrieg Margaret McCUAIG, 28, Oro, same, d/o Duncan McCUAIG & Jessie GILCHRIST, wtn: William BEATON of Medonte & Ellen McCUAIG of Barrie, ON March 12, 1890, at Barrie
#010882-91  John BELFRY, 22, farmer, Canada, Tay, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Phoebe HARELTON, 21, Canada, Medonte, d/o Geoge & Elizabeth, witnesses were Sherman BELFRY of Tay & Sarah HARELTON of Medonte, 24 Dec 1890 at Medonte 011071-90   John BELL, 33, Duntroon, New Lowell, grain dealer, s/o Angus & Flora BELL, married Mary MEACHAM, 27, New Lowell, same, d/o Thomas & Anne MEACHAM, wtn: Peter PATON Jr. & Millie MEACHAM, both of New Lowell, on February 26, 1890, at New Lowell
010948-90   Hector BELL, 35, Canada, Osprey, farmer, s/o Malcolm & Ann BELL, married Catherine KEEGAN, 37, Scotland, Osprey, widow, d/o Malcolm & Mary CAMPBELL, wtn: Alex ANDERSON & Ina McDONALD, both of Duntroon, on February 27, 1890, at Duntroon #011267-90  Isaac Kelly BELYEA, 28, locomotive fireman, Bronte, Toronto, s/o Townsend BELYEA & Jane GRASLEY, married Sarah HUNTER, 19, Innisfil twp., Vine, d/o John HUNTER & Ann PURCHASE, witnesses were Miriam SPEEDIG & W. SMITH, both of Toronto, Aug. 1890 at Barrie
011187-90   Edward BLEU (Blue?), 26, Canada, Medonte, mechanic, s/o William & Emily BLEU, married Catherine GUNN, 25, Canada, Medonte, d/o James & Mary GUNN, wtn: James GUNN & Elizabeth SHEFFIELD of Medonte, on April 4, 1890, at Hillsdale 011196-90   Robert Chamber BORLAND, 23, Canada, Coldwater, lumberman, s/o William & Mary Ann BORLAND, married Mary ANDERSON, 22, Canada, Midland, d/o John & Mary Ann ANDERSON, wtn; George SWEETMAN & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, of Midland, on July 15, 1890, at Coldwater
011194-90   Alfred BORROW (Burrow?), 29, Canada, Matchedash, farmer, s/o Dobson & Mary BORROW, married Lizzie MOORE, 24, Canada, Matchedash, d/o Ebenezer William & Elissa Jane MOORE, wtn: M.A. MOORE & P.M. BEDFORD, of Coldwater, on November 6, 1890, at Coldwater  
011160-90  Charles BRENNAN, 20, Elizabethtown, North Orillia, Farmer, s/o James & Jane BRENNAN, married Sarah FOSTER, 28, Toronto, North Orillia, d/o Silas & Hannah FOSTER, wtn: Robert J. FOSTER & Flora HAMMOND both of Orillia, on April 9, 1890, at North Orillia 010594-90   William H. BRISTOW, 26, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o George & Susannah BRISTOW, married Mary Ann THOMPSON, 23, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o David & Charlotte THOMPSON, wtn: John CURRIE & Charlotte THOMPSON, both of Nottawasaga, on April 2, 1890, at Duntroon
011261-90   William Jonathan BROOKS, 25, Innisfil, Toronto, book keeper, s/o George BROOKS & Mary Jane SRIGLEY, married Margaret McMILLAN, 22, Renfrew, Barrie, d/o Hugh McMILLAN & Jane McRORIE, wtn: Mary McMILLAN of Barrie & Stan McMULLEN of Orillia, on February 12, 1890, at Barrie 010940-90   William BROWN, 32, Holland Landing, Collingwood, tanner, s/o James & Susan BROWN, married Maud Mary STOREY, 25, England, Collingwood, d/o James & Mary STOREY, wtn: James BROWN & Annie STOREY, both of Collingwood, on December 3, 1890, at Collingwood
010941-90   Donald BROWN, 30, Fenlon, same, farmer, s/o Dougald & Flora BROWN, married Christina I. SINCLAIR, 30, Stayner, same, d/o John & Ann SINCLAIR, wtn: Dougald BROWN of Fenlon & Margaret SINCLAIR of Stayner, on December 17, 1890, at Stayner #011060-90  Thomas BRUCE, 38, merchant, Ireland, Tecumseth , s/o George & Charlotte, married Selina PENFIELD, 23, Tecumseth , same, d/o Albert & Elizabeth, witn: Ann & Sarah BRUCE of Tecumseth , 16 Sept 1890 at Tecumseth
010929-90   Walter Warwick BRYAN, 21, Collingwood, same, mason, s/o William & Elizabeth BRYAN, married Hannah Esther SAUNDERS, 19, Picton, Collingwood, d/o Richard & Mary SAUNDERS, wtn: Lydia SAUNDERS of Collingwood, on September 3, 1890, at Collingwood 011281-90   John T. BRYAN, 22, New York, Port Carling, student, s/o Arthur & Emma BRYAN, married Emma M. ARNOLD, 20, Ivy, same, d/o Alex & Mary ARNOLD, wtn: James & Mary ARNOLD, of Ivy, on July 8, 1890, at Barrie
011254-90   William Henry BUTTERY, 26, England, Barrie, book keeper, s/o William Henry & Mary, married Eleanor McKEE, 19, Barrie, same, d/o James & Mary McKEE, wtn: parents of bride Alex & Minnie McKEE of Barrie, on June 4, 1890, at Barrie 011239-90   Daniel CALDER, 26, Simcoe Co., Sunnidale, farmer, s/o William & Ann CALDER, married Rosetta PLENNAN, 19, England, Sunnidale, d/o Alfred & Ess(cut off) PLENNAN, wtn: Mary Jane McG(cut off) & Alexander LANG(cut off) of Barrie, on April 7, 1890, at Barrie
011286-90 George Cooper CAMPBELL, 31, York Twp, Toronto, barrister & etc., s/o William & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Florence Augusta PARKER, 24, Montreal, Barrie, d/o Rev. W.R. PARKER & Annie S. PARKER, witn: R.W. CAMPBELL of Toronto & W.R. Percy PARKER of Barrie. 15 Oct, 1890 at Barrie 011191-90   Louis CANNON, 35, Canada, Matchedash, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth CANNON, married Mina KIDD, 20, Canada, North Orillia, d/o James & Lydia KIDD, wtn; David & Maggie McMAHON, both of North Orillia, on November 19, 1890, at Coldwater
011070-90   William CARNAHAN, 25, Esquesing, Halton, farmer, s/o David & Annie CARNAHAN, married Martha RUDDICK, 20, Tecumseth, Brentwood Sunnidale, d/o David & Elizabeth RUDDICK, wtn: Mr. & Mrs. Samuel RUDDICK of Sunnidale, on February 12, 1890, at Brentwood, Sunnidale #011064-90  Andrew W. CARTER, 26, merchant, Bond Head, same, s/o William CARTER & Janet St.CLAIR, married Elizabeth CADBERT, 25, Tecumseth , same, d/o John CADBERT & Isabella JOHN--(off page), witn: Herbert CARTER of Bond Head & Ellen Mary Ann CADBERT of Tecumseth , 26 Nov 1890 at Tecumseth
011088-91   George CHRISTIAN, 29, Tecumseth, same, farmer, s/o Robert & Lucy CHRISTIAN, married Anne PRIOR, 33, Adjala, Tecumseth, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane PRIOR, wtn: Patrick PIGGOTT & Kate PRIOR, both of Adjala, on September 21, 1890, St. James Adjala 011182-90   John CLARKE, 34, Canada, Medonte, farmer, s/o Angus & Janet CLARKE, married Marian Agnes BELL, 24, Canada, Medonte, d/o Thomas & Margaret BELL, wtn: Duncan CLARKE & Annie BELL, both of Medonte, on February 19, 1890, at Medonte
010696-91 John CLAYTON, 30, miller, Canada, Vespra Twp, s/o Thomas & Jane CLAYTON, married Nickoline OLSON, 17, Canada, Vespra Twp, d/o Joannus & Annetta OLSON, witn: Joseph & Margaret CLAYTON of Essa. 24 Dec, 1890 at Barrie. 010959-90   Peter COATES, 31, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth COATES, married Mary Elizabeth WARREN, 24, Canada, Avening, d/o William & Sarah WARREN, wtn: Marthat COATES & Jane WHITWORTH, both of Nottawasaga, on June 25, 1890, at Avening
010963-90  Samuel COBORN, 28, Canada, Stayner, Wagon Maker, s/o Hugh & Elizabeth COBORN, married Nellie SMITH, 24, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o William & Catherine SMITH, wtn: S.Y. JACKS of Stayner & Hattie SMITH of Nottawasaga, on September 24, 1890, at Duntroon 011282-90 Joseph COCHRANE, 23, Quebec, Essa, farmer, s/o Joseph & Margaret COCHRANE, married Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, 21, Essa, same, d/o Charles & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: Louise LEE & Alfred SVENSON of Barrie. 28 May, 1890 at Barrie.
011236-90   Frances Edward CRAWFORD, 21, Sunnidale, same, school teacher, s/o Andrew & Eliza, married Sophia Jane PARKS, 26, Mulmur, Muskoka, d/o William & Harriett, wtn: M.C. BURNS & M. COULSON, both of Barrie, on March 25, 1890, at Barrie 011237-90   George Spensor CROLEY, 26, Markham, Vespra, farmer, s/o Thomas & Phoebe, married Harriett Theresa LITTLEJOHN, 24, Minnesing, Vespra, d/o David & Priscilla, wtn: Armina M JONES & George CAMPBELL, of Minnesing, on March 26, 1890, at Barrie
#010713-91  James CROSS, 26, yard master R.R., Innisfil twp, White River Ont, s/o CROSS, William & GROVE, Mary, married Hannah M. McCULLOUGH, 27, Innisfil, same, d/o McCULLOUGH, Thomas & SAWYER, Elizabeth, witnesses were Sarah McCULLOUGH, Barrie & J. Wilson CROSS of Innisfil, 24 Dec 1890, at Barrie  
010632-91 James CUNNINGHAM, 26, blacksmith, Sunnidale , New Lowell, parents - George CUNNINGHAM & Ellen SULLIVAN married Margaret Cecilia MORAN, 22, Medonte, Medonte, parents - James MORAN & Catherine BARRINGTON, witn: James CAVANAGH of Barrie & Catherine MORAN of Medonte, June 4, 1890 at Flos 010938-90   Hugh A. CURRIE, 32, Nottawa, Collingwood, merchant, widowed, s/o Malcolm & Mary CURRIE, married Annie McDERMID, 26, Duntroon, Collingwood, d/o Alexander & Isabella McDERMID, wtn: Matthew WATTS & Jennie TAYLOR, both of Collingwood, on December 5, 1890, at Collingwood
011189-90   William DAVIS, 33, Canada, Medonte, laborer, s/o Freeman & Caroline DAVIS, married Mary Jane BELL, 37, Canada, Medonte, widowed, d/o Samuel & Sabina BABCOCK, wtn Jennie E. MADDEN, of Hillsdale, on October 21, 1890, at Medonte 011272-90   Chas. Wallace DEELONG, 32, Durham Co., North Bay, carpenter, s/o Alex & Christina, married Mary Jane BURNS, 27, West Gwillimbury, Tay, d/o David & Mary Ann, wtn: M.C. BURNS & M. COULSON, both of Barrie, on October 2, 1890, at Barrie [Delong]
#011006-90  Robert James DIAMOND, 23, farmer, England, Tecumseth, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth Blanch HOWEY, 19, England, Tecumseth, d/o "Parents Dead", witn: Mrs. W.H.A. FRENCH of Cookstown, 5 Nov 1890 at Cookstown #010972-90  Robert John DICKIE, 27, farmer, Adjala, Mulmur, s/o John & Eliza, married Elizabeth HAWKINS, 25, Mulmur, same, d/o Samuel & Hannah, witnesses were William GALLAGHER & Emma HARRIS, March 26, 1890 at Tosorontio
011271-90   Joseph DINSMORE, 24, Oro, Allandale, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth DINSMORE, married Mary Anne THOMSON, Scarborough, Allandale, wtn: Mrs. McMORAN of Allandale & James H. DINSMORE of Oro, on September 24, 1890, at Barrie 011263-90   David DOUGLAS, 26, Streetsville, Vespra, farmer, s/o James DOUGLAS, farmer, s/o James DOUGLAS & Sarah McLEOD, married Susannah L. HOBSON, 18, Sunnidale, Vespra, d/o Jonston HOBSON & Susannah McK(cut off), wtn: Mary Nichol COLL(cut off) & Annie Shaw McL(cut off), both of Barrie, on March 13, 1890, at Barrie
#011218-90  Charles H.F. DOUGLAS, 24, farmer, Burford twp., Port Dover, s/o Charles H. FLANIGAN & Emma FLANIGAN, married Laura BISHOPRICK, 22, Port Dover, Tiny twp., d/o John & Ellen, witn: Edward FLANIGAN of Port Dover & Miss Minnie CASSELMAN, of Wyebridge, 20 March 1890 at Tiny twp 011253-90   James Albert DRAPER, 29, West Gwillimbury, same, farmer, s/o Ransom & Jane, married Sarah Annie HANSON, 25, England, Tecumseth, d/o Levi & Sarah, wtn: F. & C. ROWE of Barrie, on May 28, 1890, at Barrie
011225-90   William John EDWANSON, 26, Bradford, same, druggist, s/o William & Mary Ann EDWANSON, married Ellen Edith CARRINGTON, 27, England, Bradford, d/o Robert & blank CARRINGTON, wtn: E. FOXTON M.D. & A.E. EDWANSON, both of Bradford, on August 5, 1890, at Bradford 011278-90   James EDWARDS, 66, England, Barrie, postmaster, widowed, s/o John & Sarah EDWARDS, married Lucy Ann MANN, 59, England, Barrie, widow, d/o John & Ann WISDON, wtn: W & Lulu MANN, of Barrie, on October 6, 1890, at Barrie
011244-90   Frank Scholas ELLIOTT, 24, Toronto, same, merchant, s/o William & Anne ELLIOTT, married Emily Jane COLES, 23, England, Barrie, d/o Grindley Charles & Sophia COLES, wtn: George BRYSON of Toronto & Lizzie HUBBARD of Shanty Bay, on April 16, 1890, at Barrie 011230-90   David Horace ELLIS, 24, Barrie, same, shoe cutter, s/o George & Sarah, married Kate FLENANS, 25, Baden, Barrie, d/o Charles & Caroline, wtn: J.W. ELLIS & Bell PATTERSON, both of Barrie, on January 22, 1890, at Barrie
#011056-90  George Edmund ELLISON, 30, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Jessie TEGART, 25, Tecumseth, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: James & Mary TEGART of Tecumseth, 15 Jan 1890 at Tecumseth #011053-90  Thomas E.W. ELLISON, 32, farmer, Tecumseth, same, s/o Daniel & Margaret, married Sarah Jane WILLIAMS, Tecumseth, same, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth, witn: John WILLIAMS & Eliza Ann ELLISON, both of Tecumseth, 5 March 1890 at Tecumseth
011210-90   Isaac EMERSON, 27, Canada, Toronto, farmer. S/o not given, married Isabella Jane McKNIGHT, 21, Canada, Bond Head, d/o George & Mary, wtn: James ROGERS of Bond Head & Maggie CERSWELL of Toronto, on March 12, 1890, at Bond Head #010986-90  James Edward EMPEY, 23, railway employee, East Gwilllimbury, Barrie, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Louisa ADAMS, 21, Toronto, Barrie, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were C.T. TAGGAS & Georgina WHITE, both of Barrie, May 28, 1890 at Barrie
010802-91 Randal ENGLISH, 36, grocer, Ireland, Toronto, parents - William & Isabella ENGLISH married Helen C. FRASER, 26, Innisfil, Innisfil, parents - James & Helen FRASER, witn: John C. McKEGGIE of Toronto & Mary FRASER of Innisfil, Nov. 27, 1890 at Lefroy  
011190-90   John Albert EPLETT, 25, Canada, Medonte, butcher, s/o John & Maria EPLETT, married Nelly Levina CASWELL, 22, Canada, d/o George & Matilda CASWELL, wtn: S.D. EPLETT & Eva CASWELL, of Coldwater, on December 24, 1890, at Medonte 010945-90   Peter EVANS, 28, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o George & Eliza EVANS, married Alice Jane AGAR, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Robert & Ellen AGAR, wtn: Edward H. WALKER & Margaret A. AGAR, both of Nottawasaga on January 1, 1890 at Avening
#010710-91  William FERRIER, wid, 61, farmer, Scotland, Barrie, s/o FERRIER, Andrew & DOBSON, Margaret, married Mary FRASER, wid, 54, Innisfil, Barrie, d/o Terence ROGERSON & BELL, Mary, witnesses were A. HUSSY of Barrie & F. ROGERSON of Innisfil, 21 Oct 1890, at Barrie 011233-90   James FITTINGHAM, East Gwillimbury, Oro, farmer, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Margaret Jane CRITTENDEN, 21, Oro, same, d/o Alexander & Nancy Ann [nee Pringle], wtn: Wilmot CRITTENDEN & Ella G. FITTINGHAM, both of Oro, on February 12, 1890, at Barrie
#010973-90  James FLETCHER, 45, widower, farmer, Arran twp., same, s/o Johnston FLETCHER & Ellen JACKSON, married Frances STEPHENSON, 24, Tosorontio twp., same, d/o William Franklin STEPHENSON & Mary Ann LITTLE, witnesses were Samuel THOMPSON of Mono twp & Maggie STEPHENSON of Tosorontio twp., April 16, 1890 at Tosorontio twp 011266-90 William Albert FOSTER, 23, New Market, Allendale, brakeman, s/o George FOSTER & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Isabella HETHINGTON, 22, Mono, Allandale, d/o Samuel HETHINGTON & Isabella FRA--?, wtn: Almina EMERY & Edith McMILLAN, of Barrie, on July 31, 1890, at Barrie
#10988-90  Joseph FOSTER, 28, laborer, Barrie, same, s/o Wiliam & Janet, married Elizabeth LESLIE, 20, West Gwilllimbury., Allandale, s/o James & Margaret, witnesses were Miss M. LESLIE & Eva R. CANNON, both of Allandale, April 23, 1890 at Allandale 011044-91  William GALLAGHER, 24, Canada, Orillia, Laborer, s/o Thomas GALLAGHER & Ann NOLAN, married Ellen RYAN, 31, Canada, Orillia, d/o Michael RYAN & Ellen FOLEY, wtn: Joseph SMITH & Ellen M. RYAN both of Orillia, on November 27, 1890, at Orillia
011288-90   Richard G. GALLAGHER, 25, Oro, Barrie, painter, s/o Richard & Ellen GALLAGHER, married Lena M. WILLIAMS, 18, England, Barrie, d/o William Hy. & Francis Elizabeth WILLIAMS, wtn: Samuel GALLAGHER , Mary OTTAWAY, & R.J. GALLAGHER, of Barrie, on December 4, 1890, at Barrie 011183-90   George Nelson GILL, 20, Canada, Fesserton, Yeoman, s/o John & Lucinda GILL, married Mary Jane BORROW, 21, England, Waubaushene, d/o Joseph Frances & Elizabeth Jane BORROW, with John WASHBURN & Sarah BORROWS (sic) of Coldwater, on March 30, 1890, at Coldwater
#011002-90  Isaac Morgan GILPIN, 33, merchant, Innisfil, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Sarah Jane BUCHANAN, 21, Innisfil, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Christopher GROSE (or Grove) & May E. BUCHANAN, both of Innisfil, 22 Oct 1890 at Lefroy 010939-90   William Charles GOBIELL, 27, Georgia SC, Midland, farmer, s/o Joseph & Eliza GOBIELL, married Elsie Grey MATHER, 25, Scotland, Batteaux, d/o Peter & Eliza MATHER, wtn: William  & Charlotte MATHER, both of Batteaux, on December 3, 1890, at Batteaux
011243-90   Richard GOODYEAR, 26, Barrie, Shanty Bay, gardiner, s/o John R. & Mary GOODYEAR, married Susan PIERCE, 29, Hammersmith, Barrie, d/o William & Susan PIERCE, wtn: Henry GOODYEAR of Barrie & David LUCK, not given, on March 27, 1890, at Barrie 011089-91   John GRAHAM, 30, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o Hugh & Mary Ann, married Mary WHALEN, 28, Adjala, same, d/o John & Margaret WHALEN, no witnesses, on October 20, 1890, at St. James Adjala
010957-90   George GUGINS, 24, Canada, Mulmur, farmer, s/o George & Elizabeth GUGINS, married Francis FOGAL, 20, Canada, Melancthon, d/o Charles & Mary FOGAL, wtn: Violet WEATHERVILL & Mary McMILLAN, both of Singhampton, on April 9, 1890, at Singhampton 011245-90   Walter Silas H--?, 21, Bradford, Barrie, teamster, s/o James & Ann, married Lorrinda SIZER, 17, Barrie, same, d/o Ira & Sarah Jane, wtn: Lizzie SALTER & Edwin J. WILLSON, of Barrie, on April 16, 1890 at Barrie
011270-90   William HARKLEY, 28, Midland, same, butcher, widowed, s/o Thomas HARTLEY & Elizabeth MANN, married Minnie BAYLEY, 24, Cookstown, Barrie, d/o Thomas BAYLEY & Anne LANIN, wtn: Carrie NICHOLSON & Annie McLEOD, of Barrie, on September 18, 1890, at Barrie 011206-90   Daniel HARRIGAN, 32, Caledon, same, farmer, s/o William HARRIGAN & Sarah HARKINS, married Theresa McCABE, 26, Adjala, same, d/o Peter McCABE & Ellen KEENAN, wtn: Frank HARRIGAN of Caledon & Maggie McGOEY of Tecumseth, February 10, 1890 at Adjala (also 11084-91)
#011059-90  James Henry HARVEY, 28, farmer, Tecumseth , same, s/o Humphrey HARVEY & Elizabeth GLANVILLE, married Agnes BRAY, 24, England, Tecumseth , d/o Thomas BRAY & Sarah WATSON, witn: Harry BRAY of Muskoka & Elizabeth Jane CARR of Tecumseth , 24 Sept 1890 at Bond Head 011192-90   James Henry HAWKE, 24, Canada, Medonte, Farmer, s/o Edward & Jane HAWKE, married Euphemia CUMMINGS, 19, Canada, Medonte, d/o Robert & Helen CUMMINGS, wtn: John & M. MOORE of Queensville, on November 25, 1890, at Coldwater
010970-90  Robert HENDERSON, 27, Canada, Tosorontio, Farmer, s/o George & Mary Ann HENDERSON, married Ellen WILSON, 22, Canada, Tosorontio, William Jms WILSON, & Margaret Jane WILSON, wtn: W. E. HENDERSON of Everett & Charlotte IRWIN, of Mansfield, on March 5, 1890, at Alliston 011231-90   Thomas HINONS, 24, Vespra, Toronto, brakeman, John & Ann HINONS, married Elizabeth GILPIN, 24, Essa, Barrie, d/o Robert & Mary GILPIN, wtn: William HINONS of Vespra & Annie DAWSON of Barrie, on January 29, 1890, at Barrie
#011001-90  Joseph HOGG, 29, Minister of the Gospel, Ireland, De-- Minnesota, s/o Henry & Sarah Jane, married Margaret GROSE, 29, Canada, Lefroy, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: George G. VALLENTYNE & Sadie W. GROSE, both of Innisfil, 18 Nov 1890 at Innisfil #011269-90  William HUNTER, 31, farmer, Oro, Flos, s/o Walter HUNTER & Grace KENNEDY, married Jane PORTER, 21, Blanchard, Flos, d/o Robert PORTER & Rachael STORY, witnesses were John PORTER & Jane HUNTER, both of Flos, Sept. 17, 1890 at Barrie
011285-90 Richard HURST, 19, Innisfil, same, farmer, s/o William & Mary HURST, married Mary BREAND (BREAUD?), 18, Innisfil, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: M.C. BURNS & Maria COULSON of Barrie. 13 Nov, 1890 at Barrie 011280-90   Robert William IRISH, 45, England, Sudbury, miner, widowed, s/o Robert & Elizabeth IRISH, married Emily Jane BENNETT, 35, England, Elmvale, d/o Thomas & Winifred BENNETT, wtn: Mary Ann IRISH & Mrs. M. FARRIER, both of Elmvale, on September 22, 1890, at Barrie
011265-90   Donald George JOHNSON, 27, Oro, Innisfil, saw mill hand, s/o George JOHNSON  & Janet CAMPBELL, married Annie HUNTER, 22, Innisfil, same, d/o John HUNTER & Ann DUNDASS, wtn: Sarah HNTER & William JOHNSON of Innisfil, on July 31, 1890, at Barrie #010983-90 (Simcoe Co); Thomas Arnold JEBB, 22, farmer, West Gwilllimbury Tecumseth, s/o Francis & Rebecca, married Henrietta A. AYERST, 28, Essa, Cookstown, d/o Alfred & Eliza, witnesses were David AYERST of Cookstown & Minnie AYERST of Barrie, Feb. 19, 1890 at Cookstown
#011005-90  James JOHNSON, 24, farmer, Canada, same, s/o John & Jane, married Annie Eleanor McCRAW, 23, Canada, same, d/o Robert Gordon & Jane, witn: Donald McNIVEN of Barrie & Angus WARNICA of Innisfil, 1 Dec 1890 at Craigvale, Innisfil twp 011284-90 Samuel F. JOHNSON, 57, widower, England, Brandon, s/o William F. & Maria JOHNSON, married Mary Lizzie CLAFFY, 30, Newmarket, Winnipeg, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth A. CLAFFY, witn: Mrs. CLARK & Samuel WOSLEY of Barrie. 30 Apr, 1890 at Barrie
010613-91 Joseph JOHNSTON, 25, butcher, Little River St. Charles Quebec, Tottenham, parents James JOHNSTON & Margaret HEWTON married Sophia Sara PETER, 21, London England, Angus, parents - Robert J. JOHNSTON of Tottenham & Edith PETER of Angus, June 7, 1890 at Tottenham #010984-90  Alexander KEARNS, 25, laborer, Haldimand Co., West Gwilllimbury s/o William & Johan, married Emma May MATTINLAY, West Gwilllimbury same, d/o George & Dora, witnesses were Samuel ROGERS & Nellie MATTINLAY, both of West Gwilllimbury March 5, 1890 at Stroud
010936-90   Robert W. KELLEY, 40, Buckna - Co. Antrim Ireland, Collingwood, minister, s/o David & Mary KELLEY, married Bertha OVAS, 31, Toronto, Collingwood, d/o James & Charlotte OVAS, wtn: Lydia M. PHILLIPS of Newmarket & B.I. KELLY (sic) of Toronto, on October 29, 1890, at Collingwood 011197-90   Alexander KENEER, 28, Canada, Port Severn, lumberman, s/o James & Mary Ann KENEER, married Annie BORROW, 27, Canada, Matchedash, d/o Dobson & Mary BORROW, wtn: F.R. BATES of Orillia & S.S. BORROW of Matchedash, on December 25, 1890, at Coldwater
010636-91 Bernard James KENNEDY, 23, farmer, Sullivan twp., Medonte, parents - Bryan KENNEDY & Ellen BROSNIHAN married Ellen CONNOR, 23, Flos, Flos, parents - James CONNOR & Margaret MORAN, witn: Jeremiah FRAWLEY of Hillsdale & Eleanor KENNEDY of Hamilton, July 13, 1890 at Flos #010974-90  John Thomas KIDD, 22, farmer's son, Tosorontio, Mulmur, s/o John & Eleanor, married Annie Lucinda MILLS, 17, Tosorontio, same (3rd line), s/o James MILLS & Letitia MOORE, witnesses were Samuel MILLS & Mary Jane KIDD, both of Tosorontio, 1890 (no other dates given), at St. James church, Levale?
011178-90  James KITCHEN, 44, England, Matchedash, Painter, s/o James & Jane KITCHEN, married Jemima RUSSELL, 33, Medonte, same, d/o Richard & Mary Ann RUSSELL, wtn: C.G. & Mabel BRECHIN, both of Medonte, on May 13, 1890, at Medonte 011207-90   Simon LANGLY (Langley?), 30, Adjala, same, farmer, s/o Simon LANGLEY & Sarah HAHEY, married Ann McGUINESS, 20, Tyandinaga, Adjala, d/o Bernard McGUINESS & Ann KINGSTON, wtn: Frank CONWAY  & Bridget McGUINESS, both of Adjala, on February 11, 1890, at Adjala (also 011085-91)
010935-90   John Slead LAWRENCE, 27, Bond Head, Kamloops BC, train inspector, s/o George Henry & Margaret LAWRENCE, married Emily Ann Mercy TELFER, 25, Collingwood, same, d/o Hall & Mary TELFER, wtn: I. TELFER of Chicago US & Kate ROBERTSON of Collingwood, on October 29, 1890, at Collingwood 011223-90   Robert Mercer LAWRENCE, 34, West Gwillimbury, Bradford, bank clerk, s/o James LAWRENCE & Mary E. BROWN, married Minnie Florence BLAKESLEY, 18, Bradford, same, d/o William BLAKESLEY  & Elsie CLEGG, wtn: Thomas & Ida LAWRENCE, both of Bradford, on June 17, 1890, at Bradford
011279-90   George Gilmore LENNOX, 23, Innisfil, Barrie, merchant, s/o Thomas & Margaret LENNOX, married Cora Bell AINLEY, 22, Barrie, same, d/o William & Althea AINLEY, wtn: Mabel AINLEY & J.F. LENNOX, of Barrie, on August 4, 1890, at Barrie 010950-90   William John LINDSAY, Canada, Osprey, farmer, s/o James & Margaret LINDSAY, married Elizabeth METHERAL, 20, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Richard & Elizabeth METHER AL, wtn: Richard METHERAL of Nottawasaga & Mary Ann BROWN of Singhampton, on March 26, 1890, at Singhampton
010958-90   Albert Edwart LOTT, 26, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o John & Margaret LOTT, married Mary Jane CLEMENT, 20, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o H.H. & Elizabeth CLEMENT, wtn: Peter & Martha COATES both of Nottawasaga, on March 4, 1890, at Nottawasaga 010952-90   Albert LOUGHEED, 28, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Robert & Isabella LOUGHEED, married Mary CAMPBELL, 17, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Alexander & Catherine CAMPBELL, wtn: Reuben SMITH & Margaret CAMPBELL, both of Nottawasaga, on March 20, 1890, at Nottawasaga
#010976-90  William Herbert LUDLOW, 27, farmer, Canada, Tosorontio, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Martha Maud BAYCROFT, 19, Canada, Tosorontio, d/o Henry& Helen, witnesses were Edward James LUDLOW of Toronto & Martha Ann BELLAMY of Tosorontio, Dec. 18, 1890 at Tosorontio 011176-90  William LYE, 39, England, Medonte, Mason, Widowed, s/o Thomas & Susan LYE, married Eliza Jane BOTTING, 30, Canada, Medonte, d/o William & Jane E. BOTTING, wtn: William & Margaret BOTTING, both of Medonte, on March 25, 1890, at Medonte
011259-90   Robert F. LYNN, 26, York twp, New Lowell, cattle merchant, widowed, s/o David LYNN & Elizabeth BELL, married Jary Jane MOORE, 21, Tecumseth, Sunnidale, d/o James MOORE & Catherine STEVENSON, wtn: Margaret M. DUFF & Edith M. McMILLAN, of Barrie, on January 21, 1890, at Barrie,  
010953-90   William B. MARSHALL, 29, Canada, Barrie, dealer in eggs, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Ruby L. MATTZ, 25, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Abraham & Jane MATTZ, wtn: William A. McPHAIL of Barrie & Mary Jane MATTZ of Nottawasaga, on April 2, 1890, at Glen Huron 010942-90   Joseph MASON, 24, Collingwood, same, mariner, s/o William  & Rebecca Elkington MASON, married Jemina WRIGHT, 20, Streetsville, Collingwood, d/o Robert & Carrie WRIGHT, wtn: Fred A. ANDERSON & Jane DAGGETT, both of Collingwood, on December 7, 1890, at Collingwood
010951-90   Malcolm McARTHUR, 28, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Peter & Mary McARTHUR, married Jane WOODBURN, 21, Ireland, Creemore, d/o William & Mary WOODBURN, wtn; David WOODBURN of Creemore & Mary McARTHUR of Nottawasaga, on January 8, 1890, at Creemore 010694-91 John Cameron McARTHUR, 36, farmer, Canada, Collingwood Twp, s/o Duncan & Anne McARTHUR, married Lena CARSCADDEN, 28, Canada, Collingwood Twp, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Susan C. GUNDY & Sarah PARKER of Barrie. 9 Dec, 1890 at Barrie
011291-90   Charles McBRIDE, 32, Vespra, same, s/o Michael McBRIDE & Margaret HARVEY, married Sarah A. SMITH, 22, Essa, same, d/o Henry SMITH & Margaret O’REILEY, wtn: John HARVEY & Mary McBRIDE, of Vespra, on February 19, 1890, at Barrie #011063-90  William Parker McCABE, 26, farmer, Albion, same, s/o Alexander & Matilda, married Ella HASTINGS, 20, King, Tecumseth , d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: Fred McCABE of Albion & Minnie HASTINGS of Tecumseth , 12 Nov 1890 at Tecumseth
#011220-90  William John McCONNEL, 29, farmer, Aurora Ont., Tiny, s/o Robert & Mary Ann of Tiny twp., married Ada Josephine MASSIE, 22, Seymour, Tiny, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Robert McCONNEL of Tiny & Miss Isabella VARCOE of Campbellford, 14 May 1890 at res of Mr. MASSIE, Tiny twp 011290-90   Alexander McDONALD, 27, Montreal, Barrie, railway conductor, s/o Alexander McDONALD & Elizabeth TRYON, married Amy C. LOWE, 21, Barrie, same, d/o John LOWE & M. MYERS, wtn: D.J. QUINLAN & Esther LOWE, both of Barrie, on February 10, 1890, at Barrie
010927-90   John McDonald McINTOSH, 30, Scotland, Collingwood, merchant, s/o Donald & Margaret McINTOSH, married Angelina BUNTING (Banting?), 29, Innisfil, Collingwood, widow, d/o John & Mary Jane MORE, wtn: Mrs. SMITH, Mrs. TAYLOR & Mrs. BARRETT, all of Collingwood, on August 28, 1890, at Collingwood 011296-90   Alfred Edward McKENZIE, 25, Ontario, Manitoba, mechanic, s/o Charles McKENZIE & Mary McCULLIE, married Kate DALEY, 23, Flos, Barrie, d/o John DALEY & Catherine COFFEY, wtn: Edward COFF(sic) & Leta DALEY, of Barrie, on August 18, 1890, at Barrie
#10987-90  Joseph McLEAN, 28, farmer, Essa, same, s/o John & Margaret, married R. Phebe BANTING, 22, Essa, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witnesses were J.R. HANNA of Toronto & Lizzie Maria PARKER of Vespra, 1890 (no other date given), Innisfil twp 010595-90   Alexander McLEOD, 41, Scotland, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Duncan & Margaret McLEOD, married Margaret A. McKENNEY, 22, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Robert & Sarah McKENNY, wtn: John CAMPBELL & Matilda McKENNY, both of Nottawasaga, on April 2, 1890, at the residence of the Bride’s father
#011222-90  John McMILLAN, 32, widower, farmer, Scotland, Tiny, s/o James & Ann, married Naomi GOODHAND, 25, widow, Tiny, same, d/o Charles & Hannah HART, witn: Stephen KING & Miss Annie HART, both of Tiny, 17 June 1890 at res of Mr. HART, Tiny 010631-91 Arthur McQUAID , 26, labourer, Burlington, Flos, parents - Henry & Martha McQUAID married Rosetta Etta STALEY, 17, Flos, Flos, parents - Leonard SALSBURY & Martha Elizabeth STALEY, witn: Adam Allen WICKBURN of Flos & Charlotte SALTER of Flos, May 28, 1890 at Flos
011227-90   William METCALF, 23, Canada, West Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o John & Mary Ann METCALF, married Lavinia ROBERTS, 23, Canada, West Gwillimbury, d/o Samuel & Martha ROBERTS, wtn: Robert LUMBARD & Lizzie METCALF, both of West Gwillimbury, on December 30, 1890, at Bradford 010949-90   Charles W. METHERAL, 26, Canada, Nottawasaga, farmer, s/o Richard & Elizabeth METHERAL, married Sarah Ann LINDSAY, 24, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o James & Margaret LINDSAY, wtn:  William John LINDSAY & Elizabeth METHERAL, both of Nottawasaga, on February 26, 1890, at Singhampton
011224-90   Abraham MILLER, 32, Canada, Newmarket, widowed, general mason, s/o John & Matilda MILLER, married Martha Lavinia SCOTT, 25, Canada, Newmarket, d/o Isaac & Sarah Ann SCOTT, wtn: William H. MATTHEWS & Laura MARWING, both of Bradford, on July 23, 1890, at Bradford 011185-90   Joseph  J. MILLER, 24, Canada, Medonte, farmer, s/o Alexander & Rebecca MILLER [nee French], married Mary E. BALL, 19, Canada, Medonte, d/o John & Eliza BALL [nee Orr], wtn: Charles ROSE & Annie BALL, both of Medonte, on January 8, 1890, at Orillia [s/b St. Georges Anglican Church, Fairvalley, Medonte]
#010711-91  Joseph MITCHELL, wid, 38, mason, Mariposa twp, Reach twp, s/o John MITCHELL & Margaret FLEURY, married Almira EMORY, 28, Oro, Barrie, d/o Israel EMORY & Mary LONG, witnesses were William A. STEWART Mary MITCHELL, 19 Nov 1890, at Barrie 011219-90  Enoch MONAGUE, 34, widower, mail carrier, Beausoleil, Christian Island, s/o John & Mary, married Alice JACKSON, 25, widow, Christian Island, same, d/o Joseph & Mary Jane HAWK, witn: John LAKE & Charlotte MIKESINONG, both of Christian Island, 7 May 1890 at Christian Island
11008-90 Daniel MOUNT, 26, farmer, Wentworth, Tay twp., s/o Matthew MOUNT & Rachel, married Letitia RUSSELL, 24, Essa, Tay, d/o William RUSSELL & Margaret Jane, witn: William John & Sarah RUSSELL of Tay, 13 Jan 1890 at Midland 010943-90   Arthur Herbert MUFFETT, 24, London England, Collingwood, wood turner, s/o James & Sarah MUFFETT, married Jane MULLIN, 23, Collingwood, same, d/o David & Jane MULLIN, wtn: Frederick WILKINSON, & Hamil CRAWFORD, both of Collingwood, on December 25, 1890, at Collingwood
011247-90   Andrew MURCHISON (Murdison?), 24, Scotland, Buffalo, salesman, s/o Andrew MURCHISON & Janet MILLER, married Elizabeth LITTLEHALES, d/o William LITTLEHALES & Mary OLIVER, wtn: Herbert Edwin ISAAC, & Ann LITTLEHALES, of Barrie, on May 6, 1890, at Barrie 011298-90   William MURPHY, 45, Ireland, Barrie, lumberman, s/o James MURPHY & Mary BRADY, married Ellen NALLY, 45, Canada, Barrie, d/o Peter NALLY & Catherine MURRAY, wtn: Peter KERRIGAN & Margaret SEADORE, of Vespra, on August 11, 1890, at Barrie
011295-90   Will J. MURPHY, 25, Flos, Tiny, lumberman, s/o William MURPHY & Mary MORGAN, married Norah CRIMMONS, 23, England, Barrie, d/o Th?. CRIMMONS, & Ellen BURKE, wtn: James CASEY & Mary JORDAN, of Barrie, on August 19, 1890, at Barrie 011264-90   John MURRAY, 29, King, Luther, Lumberman, s/o John MURRAY & Agnes ADAMSON, married Ruth FERRIS, 19, Euphrasia, same, d/o John FERRIS & Mary SMITH, wtn: Colin McMILLAN & Almina THOMAS, on April 9, 1890, at Barrie
010934-90   Michael B. NEYLAN, 30, Ireland, Collingwood, lumberman, s/o John & Eliza NEYLAN, married Marion ANDERSON, 24, England, Collingwood, d/o David & Elizabeth ANDERSON, wtn: Fred FOWLER & Mrs. P. McAULEY, both of Collingwood, on July 17, 1890, at Collingwood 010633-91 John O'NEILL, 48, farmer, Limerick Ireland, Flos, parents - David O'NEILL & Mary FOLEY, married Mary LAINEY, 38, widow, Maine U.S., Flos, parents James DOGHERTY & Margaret QUINLAN, witn: James PEARSON & Margaret PEARSON of Flos, June 11, 1890 at Flos
  011299-90   William PEGG, 29, Ontario, Toronto, painter, widowed, s/o Henry PEGG & Ann FOX, married Margaret GEARRIN (Gearin?), 20, Ontario, Oro, d/o John GEARRIN? & Ann BOLAN, wtn: Joseph THOMPSON of Orillia & Emma GEARRIN? of Oro, on July 1, 1890, at Barrie
011289-90   Francis PERKINS, 26, England, Utopia, farmer, s/o blank & Betsy PERKINS, married Caroline Victoria DRURY, 18, Vespra, same, d/o Edmund DRURY & Mary Ann FOSTER, wtn: George DRURY & Annie GILL, of Vespra, on December 24, 1890, at Barrie 010612-91 William Charles George PETER, 23, station agent, London England, Tossorontio, parents - William Ariell PETER & Sara Ann MORRIS married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 20, Little River St. Charles Quebec, Tottenham, parents - James JOHNSTON & Margaret HEWTON, witn: Henry PETER of Collingwood & Maggie JOHNSTON of Tottenham, June 7, 1890 at Tottenham
010937-90   David PIFER, 25, Sunnidale, same, farmer, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth PIFER, married Emma PROSSR, 35, Sunnidale, same, d/o Watkin & Emma PROSSER, wtn: T. MARTIN & A. PIFER both of Sunnidale, on November 19, 1890, at Collingwood 011274-90   Levi George PLOWMAN, 26, England, Coldwater, painter, s/o Alfred & Emma PLOWMAN, married Lizzie WILSON, 22, Thornton, same, d/o John WILSON & Mary McCAULEY, wtn: John WILSON of Thornton & Percy PARKER, on July 17, 1890, at Barrie
011234-90   John PRATT, 28, Innisfil, Collingwood, carpenter, s/o George & Mary Ann PRATT, married Ann Elizabeth BOOTH, 27, Innisfil, Collingwood, d/o James BOOTH & Charlotte KINDOR, wtn: Hannah H. & Joseph E. BOOTH, both of Innisfil, on February 12, 1890, at Barrie 011238-90   Lin PRATT, 21, Innisfil, same, farmer, s/o William & Mary, married Grinda  REYNOLDS, 21, Innisfil, same, d/o Samuel & Sarah, wtn: Samuel G. PRATT & Fannie REYNOLDS, of Innisfil, on April 2, 1890, at Barrie
011221-90   Joseph PRECORE, 60, bachelor, Penetanguishene, Christian Island, farmer, s/o Gaetan & Margaret PRECORE, married Mary HAWK, 40, spinster, Bosliel (s/b Beausoleil) Island, Christian Island, d/o William & Mary HAWK, wtn: Alfred McCUE & Eliza Monague, not given, on May 25, 1890, at Christian Island #011004-90  James PRINCE, 23, laborer, England, Canada, s/o Matthew & Hannah, married Jennet Ellen KIRBY, 16, Canada, same, d/o Charles & Eliza, witn: William KIRBY & Mary J. WELLWOOD, both of Innisfil, 1 July 1890 at Stroud
011072-90   Abraham PROCTOR, 31, Adjala, Sunnidale, farmer, s/o William & Abigail  PROCTOR, married Elizabeth RAWN, 28, Egremont, Sunnidale, d/o Nicholas & Catherine RAWN [nee Robbins], wtn: Samuel RAWN & Mary Anne NEWTON, both of Sunnidale, on October 8, 1890, at 3rd concession of Sunnidale 011027-90 - William PROUTT, 43, Co. Durham West, Manitoba, Agent, Widow, s/o Mathias & Elizabeth PROUTT [nee Brewer], married Susanna TINDELL, 36, Stormont Co., Midland, widow, d/o John & Catherine McCOLLUM, wtn: C.D. WOOD & Maud PROUTT, both of Midland, on November 26, 1890, at Midland
011294-90   Michael QUINLAN, 32, Barrie, same, cattle driver, s/o Michael QUINLAN & Jane MALONEY, married Julia T. BYRNE, 24, Barrie, same, d/o Edward BYRNE & Julia WEDLOCK, wtn: D. QUINLAN, William MOORE, Mary QUINLAN of Barrie & Catherine McEVOY of Apto, on December 30, 1890, at Barrie 011193-90   George Francis William QUIRK, 31, Canada, Toronto, printer, s/o William & Theresa QUIRK, married Sophia RAWSON, 23, Canada, Coldwater, d/o William & Frances RAWSON, wtn: Levi J LEACH & Clara RAWSON, of Medonte, on October 29, 1890, at Coldwater
011260-90   John RAINEY, 23, Innisfil, same, farmer, s/o James RAINEY & Priscilla ROSS, married Margaret GILPIN, 18, Innisfil, same, d/o Martin GILPIN & Mary Jane HUNT?, wtn: R.B. KIRKUP & Annie L McLEOD, of Barrie, on January 29, 1890, at Barrie  
010630-91 John RAINSFORD, 38, upholsterer, Lancashire England, Toronto, parents - William & Mary RAINSFORD married Margaret WANLESS, 28, Middlesex, Flos, parents - William & Jane WANLESS, witn: Duncan WANLESS of Toronto & Isabella WANLESS of Flos, Nov. 19, 1890 at Flos 011074-90   John RAYMER, 23, Whitchurch, Sunnidale, farmer, s/o Levi & Fanny RAYMER, married Bella RICHEY, 23, Sunnidale, same, d/o Wesley & Sarah RITCHIE (sic) wtn: Robert ROSS & Annie CAPSON (Casson?), both of Sunnidale, on October 29, 1890, at Sunnidale
011256-90   Charles H. REDDINGFIELD, 24, Kemptville, Stayner, tinsmith, s/o Robert & Julia R. REDDINGFIELD, married Hattie COURTISS, 22, Napanee, same, d/o Newcome & Mary COURTISS, wtn: Joseph KNOX of Stayner & H.H. GORMAN of Barrie, on July 1, 1890, at Barrie 11212-90   Christopher ROACHE, 25, Austrailia, Severn Bridge, laborer, s/o John & Sarah, married Ella BOWERS, 18, Canada, Severn Bridge, d/o John & Mary BOWERS, witn: George & Harriet CHILLICOTT of West Gwillimbury, on January 20, 1890, at West Gwillimbury
011186-90   James H. ROBERTSON, 29, Canada, Medonte, farmer, s/o Robert & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Louise Emiline SMALL, 25, Canada, Twp Collingwood, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann SMALL, wtn: John HUNT & Isabella ROBERTSON, of Medonte, on January 1, 1890, at Coldwater 011184-90   William John ROBINSON, 27, Canada, Vasey, farmer, s/o Thomas & Letitia ROBINSON, married Isabella HAZELTON, 27,  Canada, Vasey, d/o Charles & Pheobe HAZELSON, wtn: Michael WILSON & Phoebe M. BEDFORD, of Coldwater, on April 16, 1890, at Coldwater
011061-90  William Milton ROBINSON, 23, musician, Moorefield, Toronto, s/o John ROBINSON & Ellen LANG, married Mary CERSWELL, 23, Tecumseth , same, d/o John CERSWELL & Elizabeth WATT, witn: T.T. CHAMBERS of Toronto & Jennie CERSWELL of W. Gwilllimbury, 1 Oct 1890 at Tecumseth 11031-90 Francis ROBINSON, 35, yeoman, Tay, same, s/o Claude H. ROBINSON & Annie, married Elizabeth Hannah LINCH, 21, Ak--? Ont., TAy, d/o William LINCH & Annie, witn: William LINCH of Waverly & Clara KNIGHT of Waverly, 23 Dec 1890 at Midland
  #011062-90  Edward ROGERS, 20, farmer, Tecumseth , same, s/o Levi & Margaret, married Sarah Selena STEPHENSON, 21, King twp., Tecumseth , d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Jennie STEPHENS & Levi ROGERS, both of Tecumseth , 1 Oct 1890 at Tecumseth
#011058-90  Morrison J. ROGERS, 24, farmer, Canada, Newton Robinson, s/o George & Sarah, married Mart E. CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Tecumseth, d/o John & Mary, witn: Milton CHANTLER of Newton Robinson & Minnie CAMPBELL of Tecumseth, 25 June 1890 at Tecumseth 011073-90   Robert ROSS, 26, Essa, Sunnidale, farmer, s/o David & Jane ROSS, married Annie CAPSON (Casson?), 26, King, Sunnidale, d/o William & Margaret CAPSON, wtn: Robert & Bella ROSS, both of Sunnidale, on October 29, 1890, at Sunnidale
#011055-90  Fred ROWE, 26, laborer, England, Cookstown, s/o William & Lydia, married Charlotte HANSON, 20, England, Tecumseth, d/o Levi & Sarah, witn: Thomas ROWE of Cookstown & S.A. HANSON of Tecumseth, 3 April 1890 at Tecumseth 011273-90   William RUSK, 25, Oro, Barrie, mason, s/o Robert & Jane, married Mary Ann HOCKRIDGE, 22, Grenfell, Barrie, d/o John & Annie, wtn: Alf RAYMER & Maria COULSON, of Barrie, on October 8, 1890, at Barrie
010804-91 James SAWYER, 26, farmer, Innisfil, Vespra, parents - Alfred & Mary Jane SAWYER married Henrietta SLOAN, 25, Innisfil, Innisfil, parents - Henry & Susan SLOAN, witn: no witness given, Oct. 1, 1890 at Churchill 010801-91 James SCROGGIE, 67, conveyancer, widower, Ireland, Barrie, parents - James & Prudence SCROGGIE married Catharine WESLEY, 67, widow, Ireland, Barrie, parents - John & Catharine SPEARIN, witn: James SCOTT & Mary BALL both of Barrie, Nov. 11, 1890 at Barrie
011208-90   James SHEEHAN, 28, Brant Bruce Co., Walkerton, farmer, s/o Jeremiah SHEEHAN & Alice KELLY, married Rose ELLARD, 25, Adjala, same, d/o William ELLARD & Ann FERGUSON, Wtn: John SHEEHAN & Ann HEYDON?, not given, on February 11, 1890, at not given (also 011086-91) #011268-90  Frederick T. SHEPPARD, 24, laborer, Wingham, Barrie, s/o Roger SHEPPARD & Emma GORDON, married Jane WILLARD, 19, Lysle, Barrie, d/o John WILLARD & Mary Ann HUDSON, witnesses were Annie & Robert SHEPPARD of Barrie, June 16, 1890 at Barrie
011276-90   Thomas SHUTTLEWORTH, 25, Canada, Crownhill, farmer, s/o Henry & Ellen SHUTTLEWORTH, married Sarah TAYLOR, 28, Canada, Crownhill, d/o William & Elizabeth TAYLOR, wtn: William & Letitia SHUTTLEWORTH of Zephyr, on July 30, 1890, at Barrie 010928-90   James Alexander SMITH, 24, Collingwood, Toronto, sailor, s/o John M. & Margaret SMITH, married Clara Eliza IMPEY (Empey?), England, Toronto, d/o John & Emma IMPEY, wtn: Edward MARTIN & Maggie SMITH, both of Collingwood, on September 2, 1890, at Collingwood
010634-91 Hiram SNYDER, 30, yeoman, Canada, Flos, parents - Zachariah & Almedia SNYDER married Minnie CROSBY, 21, Canada, Flos, parents - Benjamin & Rebecca CROSBY, witn: Duncan REID & Hester Ann SNYDER both of Flos, July 8, 1890 at Flos 011258-90   Benjamin SOPER, 25, Innisfil, Morrison, farmer, s/o Owens? & Letitia, married Elizabeth SCHELL, 24, Innisfil, Sunnidale, d/o John & Mary Jane, wtn: W.C. BURNS of Barrie & William CORBETT of Gravenhurst, on August 19, 1890, at Barrie
011087-91   Michael SPENCER, 35, Adjala, Dakota US, farmer, s/o John & Ellen SPENCER, married Mary Ann DEVINE, 30, Chinchkouskie (Chinguacousy?) Adjala,  d/o Nicholas & Catherine DEVINE, wtn: Joseph COSGROVE & Maggie DEVINE, both of Adjala, on February 18, 1890, at St. James Adjala #010975-90  John Thomas STEPHENSON, 25, baker, Tosorontio, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas STEPHENSON & Caroline BROWN married Mary ROSE, 21, Tecumseth, Tosorontio, d/o Alexander ROSE & Isabella BELL, witnesses were N.C. STEPHENSON & Maggie ROSE, both of Arlington, 10 Sep 1890 at Tosorontio
#011057-90  Thomas William STONEHOUSE, 23, carriage maker, England, King, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary Elizabeth SHROPSHIRE, 23, King, Tecumseth, d/o James & Maria, witn: James DOBSON of King & Almeda SHROPSHIRE of Tecumseth, 7 May 1890 at Tecumseth 011293-90   Thomas STRITCK--? (off page), 27, Ontario, Barrie, barber, s/o Michael STRITCK--?, & Mary CROTTY, married Ellen RYAN , 26, Barrie, same, d/o James RYAN & Sarah BATTY, wtn: John RYAN & Cecilia RYAN, of Barrie, on June 17, 1890, at Barrie
011252-90   Seth Edgar SUMMERSETT, 34, Barrie, Angus, widowed, hotel keeper, s/o Thomas & Mary SUMMERSETT, married Janet BRAWLEY, 28, Essa, Angus, d/o James & Mary BRAWLEY, wtn: John H. RYAN & H.N GENEREUX?, on May 22, 1890, at Barrie 011287-90 George SWEEZY, 60, widower, E. Gwillimbury, Holland Landing, farmer, s/o Samuel & Margaret SWEEZY, married Mary HAMILTON, 52, blank, Barrie, d/o Harry & Mary HAMILTON, witn: Charles & Eliza HAMILTON of Vespra. 28 Oct, 1890 at Barrie.
011228-90   David George SWANTON, 35, Toronto, Lindsay, widowed, merchant, s/o William & Ellen, married Sarah MOORE, 20, Twp of Hope, Orillia, d/o James & Matilda, wtn: M.C. BURNS & Maria COULSON, both of Barrie, on January 20, 1890, at Barrie 011229-90   James TAYLOR, 26, Innisfil, same, farmer, s/o Robert & Ann, married Elizabeth HOLLAND, 20, Oro, Innisfil, d/o Henry & Isabella, wtn: M.C. BURNS & Maria COULSON, both of Barrie, on January 22, 1890, at Barrie
010693-91 Augustus Harry TAYLOR, 24, coachman, England, Barrie, s/o John & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Sarah Ann DELLOR (DELLER?), 24, England, Barrie, d/o George & Sarah DELLOR, witn: Susan C. GUNDY, Toronto & Sarah PARKER of Barrie. 16 Dec, 1890 at Barrie.  
010956-90   James B. THOMSON, 28, Canada, Toronto, painter, s/o James & Ellen THOMSON, married Jessie McLEAN, 24, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Duncan & Annie McLEAN, wtn: Robert H. THOMSON of Toronto & Sarah McLEAN of Nottawasaga, on April 7, 1890, at Nottawasaga 010931-90   David K. THOMSON, 36, Erin Ont, Chicago US, publisher, s/o Archibald & Mary THOMSON, married Kate McFADYEN, 24, Collingwood, same, d/o Colin McFADYEN & Margaret REID, wtn: Joseph THOMPSON & Jessie McFADYEN, both of Collingwood, on September 3, 1890, at Collingwood
011211-90   John TRACEY, 30, Canada, Adjala, farmer, s/o William & Ellen, married Ellen Jane GIBBONS, 23, Canada, West Gwillimbury, d/o Patrick & Mary Ann, wtn: William TRACEY of Adjala & Amelia O'DONNELL of Barrie, on April 28, 1890, at not given 011248-90   Oliver Josiah TRACEY, 19, Ohio US, Vespra, farmer, s/o Samuel TRACEY & Fraces JEWELL, married Mary Elizabeth TRACEY, 19, Minnesing, Vespra, d/o Benjamin TRACEY & Mary DEGEAN, wtn: Thomas & Hattie PATTERSON, not given, on May 19, 1890, at Barrie
011277-90   Albert TROTT, 25, England, Sunnidale, farmer, s/o R.C. & Ellen TROTT, married Emily NEWALL, 21, Essa, same, d/o John & Eliza NEWELL, wtn: Gladstine TROTT of Sunnidale & Mary NEWELL of Essa, on August 19, 1890, at Barrie 011209-90   John TROTTER, 31, Ireland, Mimico, supervisor asylum, s/o James & Mary, married Lizzie ROBINSON, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret ROBINSON, wtn: Lyttle DUNEAU of Toronto & Libbie FISHER of West Gwillimbury, on June 4, 1890, at West Gwillimbury
011188-90   Isaac TRUAX, 28, Canada, Flos, farmer, s/o Isaac & Bella TRUAX, married Etta MILLS, Canada, Tiny, d/o Thomas & Bella MILLS, wtn : James COOPER of Flos & William IRWIN of Tiny, on September 18, 1890, at Hillsdale 010933-90   John Maurice WAGNER, 24, King Twp, Collingwood, bakersman, s/o Michael  & Elizabeth Belulah WAGNER, married Elizabeth Louisa THORNLEY, 22, blank, Collingwood, d/o John & Louisa Mary THORNLEY, wtn: James Louis WAGNER of Batteau & Ellen THORNLEY of Collingwood, on October 1, 1890, at Collingwood
011297-90   Patrick WALTON, 23, Ireland, Barrie, laborer, s/o J.E. WALTON & Mary McNALLY, married Mary CARNEY, 18, Ireland, Barrie, d/o George CARNEY & Mary McGARVEY, wtn: George CARNEY & Ann BARRETT, of Barrie, on August 13, 1890, at Barrie #010985-90  William Edwin WARING, 33, carpenter, Prince Edward Co., Penetanguishene, s/o Francis & Mary, married Idna Maud Estell LUCK, 20, Oro twp., Barrie, d/o Charles & Margaret, witnesses were William RUSK & W. LOCKRIDGE, both of Barrie, 5 Feb 1890 at Barrie
011195-90   John Robert WASHBURN, 21, Canada, Waubaushene, mill hand, s/o Levi & Rosina WASHBURN, married Sarah BORROW, 20, Canada, Waubaushene, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth J. BORROW, wtn: George J BARBER & Keith BORROW, of Waubaushene, on October 17, 1890, at Coldwater 010946-90   Archie WEAVER, 23, England, United States, express agent, s/o Alford & Silena WEAVER, married Christina CURRIE, 21, Canada, Nottawasaga, d/o Neil CURRIE & Flora McLEAN, wtn: Jas. HAMILTON & Jessie PATTERSON, both of Nottawasaga, on February 19, 1890, at Nottawasaga
#011003-90  Robert Thomas WEBB, 25, farmer, Canada, same, s/o Thomas & Nancy, married Ada Bevons YOUNG, 24, Canada, same, d/o William & Agnes, witn: George YOUNG & Fanny WEBB, both of Innisfil, 16 Sept 1890 at Innisfil 010695-91 Ralph WHIPPS, 21, farmer, Canada, South Orillia, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHIPPS, married Ida Ellen CLARK, 23, Glanford Twp, same, d/o George & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: W.R.P. PARKER, Toronto & Sarah PARKER of Barrie. 24 Dec, 1890 at Barrie
011226-90   Robinson WHITESIDE, 39, Canada, West Gwillimbury, farmer, s/o Thomas & Frances WHITESIDE, married Mary Elizabeth HOCKRIDGE, 26, Canada, Bradford, d/o John & Elizabeth HOCKRIDGE, wtn: William HOCKRIDGE & Edith M. GRAHAM, both of Bradford, on December 23, 1890, at Bradford 011283-90 William Henry WILLIAMS, 28, Tecumseth, Toronto, barrister, s/o Thomas E. & Mary M. WILLIAMS, married Sarah Maria LEMOUX, 27, Innisfil, Barrie, d/o Thomas & Margaret LEMOUX, witn: John SPROULE & Hattie VANSICKLE of Barrie. 15 Oct, 1890 at Barrie
010932-90   Samuel William WILSON, 22, Beaverton, Collingwood, laborer, s/o Samuel & Jane WILSON, married Annie WHITNEY, 21, Orillia, Collingwood, d/o John & Elizabeth WHITNEY, wtn: John McLEAN & Jane COOPER, both of Collingwood, on September 17, 1890, at Collingwood #011054-90  William J. WILSON, 23 (or 25), farmer, Wellington Co., West Gwilllimbury, s/o John & Sarah, married Minnetta L. FERGUSON, 22, Tecumseth, same, d/o John Catherine, witn: W.J. ABERNATHY of Tecumseth & Mary WILSON of W. Gwilllimbury, 6 March 1890 at Tecumseth
011255-90   George WREGGITT, 29, Simcoe Co, Oro, farmer, s/o James & Elizabeth WREGGITT, married Jannie CHAPPEL (sic), 21, Simcoe Co., Oro, d/o James & Harriett CHAPPELL, wtn: James GODDARD of Craighurst  & Elizabeth WREGGITT, on July 2, 1890, at Barrie 011275-90   Isaiah WYANT, 26, England, Collingwood, farmer, s/o Charles & Rachel WYANT, married Emma PHILLIPS, Canada, Collingwood, d/o A. & Sarah PHILLIPS, wtn: Annie & Florence PARKER, of Barrie, on July 29, 1890, at Barrie
  011246-90   Edward Thomas Seely YORK, 28, Cape Town South Africa, vet surgeon, s/o Frederick YORK & Elaner C., married Sarah Lillian SOULES, 21, Innisfil, Toronto, do Samuel S. SOULES & Maria L. DRURY, wtn: Thomas SOULES & Samuel L. SOULES, on April 29, 1890, at Barrie