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Simcoe County Residents, 1832-1868

Marriages of Simcoe County Residents in The Register of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Toronto

from volume 4 of John Ross Robertson’s "Landmarks of Toronto", Vol. 4,

transcribed & submitted by Heather Bertram


p. 155, January 19,1832, Lawrence JOHNSON, bachelor, Twp. of Tay, married Sara KELLER, widow, Town of York

p. 156, March 27, 1832, John George SLOANE, Twp of W. Gwillimbury, married Maria McCONNELL, Twp of W. Guillimbury

p. 156, September 7, 1832, Robert NICHOL, Widower, Medonte, married Elizabeth POOLE, Widow, W. Gwillimbury

p. 156, September 22,1832, Malcolm CAMERON, Oro married, Agnes BUCHANAN, Oro

p. 159, November 9, 1833, Finlay McKAY, Town of York (later settled in Oro Twp), married Janet BAXTER, Town of York (later settled in Oro Twp.)

p. 163, February 28,1838, Alexander SUTHERLAND, Holland Landing, married Catherine GUNN, W. Gwillimbury

p. 163-4, May 7,1838, John McCALMAN, Sunnidale, married Christina PETTIGREW, Toronto

p. 167, June 5, 1840, James STORY, Twp of St. Vincent, Widower, married Essay TREE, Town of Barrie

p. 168, November 12, 1840, Archibald McPHADDEN, Nottawasaga, married Sarah McMURPHY, Chingacousy

p. 170, October 23, 1841, William Basil HAMILTON, Penetanguishene, married Mary WASNIDGE, Toronto

p. 171, January 13, 1842, William McKAY, W. Gwillimbury, married Catherine GUNN, W. Gwillimbury

p. 173, June 1, 1843, Edward SHELDON, Widower, W. Gwillimbury, married Margaret BELL, City of Toronto

p. 176, July 16, 1844, James McPHATTER, Twp of Puslinch, District of Gore, married Margaret BLUE, Barrie

p. 177, August 3, 1844, William SUTHERLAND, W. Gwillimbury, married Mary MATHIESON, Twp of York, daughter of the late George MATHIESON, Twp of Thorah

p. 181, January 31, 1846, Donald MUNRO, Twp of Orillia, married Catherine McLAUGHLIN, daughter of the late Alex MCLAUGHLIN of Scotland, Twp of Orillia

p. 185, September 30, 1847, Malcolm McNEIL, W. Gwillimbury, married Catherine CAMERON, W. Gwillimbury

p. 191, December 23, 1850, William GEDDES, bachelor, Toronto, married Jane CARTER, Widow of the late Ross CARTER of W. Gwillimbury

p. 194, June 16, 1852, William MITCHELL, Markham, married Eliza GREENWAY, Tecumseth

p. 195, November 23, 1852, Robert SUTHERLAND, W. Gwillimbury, married Barbara SUTHERLAND, daughter of Herman SUTHERLAND

p. 189-9, February 10, 1855, Joseph GORDON, Vaughan, married Harriet CHARLWOOD, Barrie

p. 201, February 25, 1858, Levi ROGERS, W. Gwillimbury, married Caroline Sukey SMITH, Toronto

p. 210, February 5, 1867, John CURRY, Nottawasaga, married Anne McNAM, daughter of the late Peter McNAM of Nottawasaga, Toronto

p. 212, August 6, 1868, Peter PEDDIE, Nottawasaga, married Mary DOWNIE, Town of Milton

p. 212, August 10, 1868, David MUNN, Widower, Nottawasaga, married Sarah ROBLOW, daughter of the late Francis ROBLOW of Oakville

p. 213, October 8, 1868, Neil CAMPBELL, Toronto, married Charlotte McEACHERN, daughter of Roger McEACHERN of the Village of Stayner