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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Marriages, 1861

transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS248 reel 15, vol 65 (Stormont County - top of page)

and from microfilm MS248, reel 5, vol  6 (Dundas County - bottom of page)

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Volume 65

pg 50, by Rev John Darroch, Presbyterian in connection with Church of Scotland

Donald McLEOD, 24, Lochiel, same, s/o Donald McLEOD & Christena McGILLIVRAY, married Mary McMILLAN, 2-?, Kenyon, same, d/o Murdoch McMILLAN & Christena CAMPBELL, witn: William McLENNON & Neil McDONALD, both of Lochiel, 29 Oct. 1861

Willis N. ROWLEY, 40, New York, Cornwall, s/o James ROWLEY & Jane NEWELL, married Margaret McPHERSON, Alexandria, same, d/o John McPHERSON & Ann McPHERSON, witn: A.L. ALLEN & Angus McDONALD, both of Alexandria, 9 Dec 1861


pg 51, by Richard Garrett, United Church of England & Scotland

Richard William EAMON, 26, Osnabruck, same, s/o Nicholas EAMON & Margaret, maried Sarah McMILLAN, 19, Brockville, Osnabruck, d/o David McMILLAN & Maria, witn: Nicholas EAMON of Dickensons Landing, 13 Feb 1861

Nelson EMPEY, 48, Osnabruck, same, s/o Philip EMPEY & Catherine, maried Elizabeth MARKELL, 28, Osnabruck, same, d/o Peter PAPST & Nancy, witn: Philip D. EMPEY of Osnabruck, 26 Feb 1861

Joseph ROBINSON, 22, Finch, Osnabruck, s/o William ROBINSON & Nancy, married Jane E. McDONALD, 23, Finch, same, d/o John McDONALD & Margaret, witn: George M. CRYSLER of Finch, 19 March 1861

John WORTHINGTON, 28, Cornwall, Roxborough, s/o John WORTHINGTON & Lucinda, married Mary HOLLAND, 22, Roxborough, same, d/o Thomas HOLLAND & Ann, witn: James GORDON of Moulinette, 22 Oct. 1861

John GALLINGER, 29, Cornwall, Osnabruck, s/o George GALLINGER & Janet, maried Sarah A. SAMPSON, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o George SAMPSON & Mary Ann, witn: George SAMPSON of Osnabruck, 5 Nov 1861


pg 52, by J.H. Rombough, Methodist Episcopal

Adam BUSH, 27, Osnabruck, same, s/o John BUSH & Margaret WARNER, married Hannah COUNTRYMAN, 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o John COUNTRYMAN & Mary HUNTER, witn: William & Margaret COUNTRYMAN of Osnabruck, 27 Aug

George W. GREEN, 26, of Osnabruck, s/o James GREEN & Mary A. SHEETS, maried Susan SANDERSON, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o Thomas SANDERSON & Elizabeth GORDON, witn: John SHEETS & Eliza BUSH, both of Osnabruck, 27 Aug

James RODO, 35, Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o James RODO & Mary CUMMINGS, married Patience GILL, 29, Osnabruck, same, d/o Thomas GILL & Nelin? GREEN, witn: Thomas GILL & Mary MORGAN, both of Osnabruck, 19 Nov

Arthur BROWN, 21, South Crosby, Winchester, s/o William BROW & Alice PENOE, maried Elizabeth MERKLEY, 21, Winchester, same, d/o Adam MERKLEY & Eliza MERKLEY, witn: Daniel & Melinda SMITH of Finch,, 31 Dec


pg 53, by Rev H. Urquhart, Presbyterian Church with the Church of Scotland

Alexander McLEOD, 36, Lancaster twp., same, s/o Roderick & Ann, married Ann McCUAIG, 24, Newton twp Lower Canada, same, d/o Murdock & Catherine, witn: Farquhar? McLEOD of Lancaster & Alexander McRAE of St. Raphael, 4 March

Donald McINTYRE, 29, Kenyon twp., same, s/o James & Marjory, maried Janet ANDERSON, 19, Kenyon, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Duncan McPHADEN & Catherine McINTYRE, both of Kenyon, 15 March

Thomas WILSON, 25, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o Robert & Janet, married Eliza BLAKELY, 24, Ireland, Cornwall, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John A. SCOTT & George BLAKELY, both of Cornwall, 21 March

Alexander BANNON, 36, Finch, same, s/o Donald & Margaret, maried Ann DOWNIE, 29, Scotland, Finch, d/o John & Catherine, witn: John LINK & Robert MUNRO?, both of Finch, 24 July

James McDONELL, 24, Cornwall, same, s/o Ranald & Margaret, married Rebecca GILLESPIE, 23, Cornwall, same, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: William McDONELL & Alvin GILLESPIE, both of Cornwall, 7 Nov


pg 54, by John S. O'Connor, parish priest, Cornwall

Joseph MORFRENER?, 19, Cornwall twp., same, s/o John MORFRENER? & Catherine ROUSER?, married Marianne LALONDE, 18, Cornwall twp., Indian Lands, d/o Louis LALONDE & Julia TAILLON, witn: Michael PURCELL Jr. of Charlottenburgh, 15 Jan 1861

William WILSON, 26, Norway, Cornwall, s/o William WILSON & Ann HOPTKIND, married Louisa PRICE, 15, Cornwall, same, d/o George PRICE & Esther St.GERMAIN, witn: Alexander DIGNAN of Cornwall, 20 Jan 1861

Andrew McATEER, 26, St. Andrews, same, s/o Patrick McATEER & Ann McRAN?, married Mary M. McCARTNER, 24, St. Andrews, Cornwall, d/o Daniel McCARTNER & Margaret MASON? (Imeson?), witn: A.C. MUNRO of St. Andrews, 10 Feb 1861

Jeremiah CLEARY, 26, St. Andrews, Moulinette, s/o Digline? FOLEY (sic) & Catherine McINTOSH, married Mary MOSSEY (Mopey?), 24, Cornwall, same, d/o Daniel MOSSEY & Bridget WALL, witn: Angus McINTOSH of St. Andrews, 11 Feb 1861

Cornelius O'BRIEN, 30, Ireland, Stockholm NY, s/o Jeremiah O'BRIEN & Ellen McCARTHEY, married Susan HUNT, 23, Ireland, Osnabruck, d/o Dominick HUNT & Bridget GILDEN, witn: Michael HUNT of Osnabruck, 12 Feb 1861

John DIGNAN, 26, Ireland, Cornwall, s/o Owen DIGNAN & Rose SMITH, married Ellen MORISETTE, 23, Lower Canada, Cornwall, d/o John MORISETTE & Mary M. PAPINEAU, witn: John CAREY of Cornwall, 9 April 1861

Ignace PLAMONDON, 22, Upper Canada, Charlottenburgh, s/o Edouard PLAMONDON & Julia PERRY, married Margaret SANSQUARTIER, 23, Upper Canada, Cornwall, d/o Simon SANSQUARTIER & Chlothilde TANGUIER, witn: Joseph J.B. TAILLON of Charlottenburgh, 16 April 1861

James HAWKES, 27, England, Brockville, s/o Joseph HAWKES & Mary HAWKES, married Malvina LAN--?, 27, France, Cornwall, s/o Joseph SECKER? & Victoria SECKER, witn: Patrick PHELAN of Cornwall, 8 July 1861

Antoine TAILLON, 23, Lower Canada, St. Regis C.E., s/o J. Bpte. TAILLON & Marie ROUSSEL, married Sophie DUROCHE, 22, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o Ignace DUROCHE & Sophie PLAMONDON, witn: Joseph Ignace DUROCHE of Charlottenburgh, 12 Aug 1861

James RODDY, 35, Ireland, Farrans Point, s/o James RODDY & Mary CUMMINGS, married Patience GILL, 27, Ireland, Farrans Point, d/o Thomas GILL & Alice GREEN, witn: Edward CASS of Longfault C.W., 3 0 Sept? 1861


pg 55, by Rev Hugh Campebll, Cornwall

Robert WATSON, 27, Canada, Cornwall, s/o Charles WATSON & Ann McCONNEL, married Jane MULLEN, 24, Ireland, Cornwall, d/o Charles MULLEN & Ann HUNTER, witn: James HUNTER of Cornwall, 15 Nov 1861

John COPELAND, 35, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o Joseph COPELAND & Janet NEWALL, married Mary Ann TAIT, 30, Canada, Cornwall twp., d/o Nathaniel TAIT & Margaret McMILLAN, witn: Corydon MATTICE of Cornwall, 17 Dec


pg 56, by W.M. Pattyson, Wesleyan Methodist

Albert McINTOSH, 20, Clark, same, s/o William McINTOSH & Elizabeth, married Jane A. McNAIRN, 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o John McNAIRN & Deborah, witn: William McINTOSH of Clark & Margaret McNAIRN of Cornwall, 11 Feb 1861

George M. FETTERLY, 24, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Frederick FETTERLY & Sarah, married Harriet LONA (Sona?), 18, Canada, Cornwall, d/o David LONA & Caroline, witn: Ira LONA & Elizabeth FETTERLY, both of Osnabruck, 19 Feb 1861

John MOAK, 27, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Simon MOAK & Esther, married Mary ADAMS, 27, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o John ADAMS & Sarah, witn: James & Arthur CAIRNS (Caines?) of Osnabruck, 18 Feb 1861

John MILROY, 18, Canada, Osnabruck, s/o Robert MILROY & Jane, married Phebe FORRESTER, 20, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Gabriel FORRESTER & Mary, witn: Oscar EASTMAN & Francis SYKES, both of Cornwall, 16 May 1861

Francis DENNENY, 20, Canada, Cornwall, s/o John DENNENY & Esther, married Ann BLAIR, 22, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Charles BLAIR & Eliza, witn: Antoine LERNIER? & Simon? THOMPSON, both of Cornwall, 26 Aug 1861

Solomon EAMON, 18, Canada, Cornwall, s/o John EAMON & Susan, married Mary ALGUIRE, 24, Canada, Cornwall, d/o David ALGUIRE & Catherine, witn: Jacob ALGUIRE & Maria EAMON, both of Cornwall, 29 Oct. 1861

Hugh McLEAN, 27, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o John McLEAN & Jean, married Margaret McNAIRN, 26, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Alexander McNAIRN & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph? GREEN & Mary A. McNAIRN, both of Osnabruck, 10 Dec 1861


pg 57, by William Brown, Methodist Episcopal

John FADER, 22, Matilda, Winchester, s/o Lucas FADER & Margaret McFADDEN, married Susana DILLABOUGH, 20, Winchester, same, d/o Christian DILLABOUGH & Maria CADY, witn: William CALDWELL & A. FADER, 9 July 1861

Higham UTMAN, 24, Williamsburg, same, s/o Henry UTMAN & Maria? HARPER, married Ann MATICE, 23, Williamsburg, same, d/o Nicholas MATTICE (sic) & Harriet GARRET, witn: Miss MUIRHEAD? & Margaret BARKLEY, 19 Nov 1861



Page 63, return by Very Rev. George A. Hay, Catholic Priest of St. Andrews

John McDONALD, 25 (35?), St. Andrews, same, s/o D. & Cath, married Emilie McDONALD, 23, Roxborough, same, d/o John McDONELL (sic) & Hannah McPHAUL, witn: D. McDONALD & Angus McDONELL, both of St. Andrews, 6 Jan 1861

Joseph MALLETTE, 22, St. Jerome C.E., St. Andrews, s/o Antonie MALLETTE & Margaret THARISSON?, married Vilaire CHARTRAND, 18 (14?), Chatham C.E., St. Andrews, d/o Alfred CHARTRAND & Isabell HOULE, witn: Alfred CHARTRAND of St. Andrews, 7 Jan 1861

Donald McDONELL, 32, St. Raphael, same, s/o Alex McDONELL & Ann McDONELL, married Ann McDONELL, 23, St. Andrews, same, d/o Allan McDONELL & Cath SCOTT, witn: William McDONELL of St. Rapheal & Alex McDONELL of St. Andrews, 22 Jan 1861

Andie HURTEBIGE , 20, Rigaud, Roxborough, s/o Joseph HURTEBIGE & Angelique SAUVE, married Eulalie AUBE, 21, St. Scholastique, Roxborough, d/o Theodore AUBE & Marie CARRIE, witn: Valere QUESNELL & Simon SEGUIN, both of Roxborough, 5 Feb 1861

Eduard LANGEVIN, 26, Vaudreuil C. E., St. Andrews, s/o Jean B. LANGEVIN & Marie DUBOUIS, married Margaret GILLIS, 22, Nova Scotia, St. Andrews, d/o James & Ann, witn: D. McPHAUL & John GILLIS, both of St. Andrews, 27 May 1861

Alex McDONALD, 26, Scotland, St. Andrews, s/o John McDONALD & Mary CAMERON, married Janet McPHAUL, no age given, St. Andrews, same, d/o Donald McPHAUL & Nancy CHISHOLM, witn: Donald CHISHOLM & Cath McPHAUL, both of St. Andrews, 14 Aug 1861

John KENNEDY, 35, Scotland, St. Andrews, s/o John KENNEDY & Cath McDONELL, married Ann McMILLAN, 28, St. Andrews, Roxborough, d/o Miles McMILLAN & Cath McMILLAN, witn: Donald & Alex McDONELL of St. Andrews, 27 Aug 1861

Octave F. SCHALL, 21, Vaudreuil C.E., St. Andrews, s/o Francois SCHALL & May LARISSNOIS?, married Flory BLONDIN, 17, Roxborough, St. Andrews, d/o Jean BLONDIN & Ephrasia LAPLANTE, witn: Ephraim LAFORT (Lafont?) & Joseph DESMOULIN, both of St. Andrews, 4 Oct. 1861

Alexander BAIN, 30?, Scotland, St. Raphael, s/o Hugh BAIN & Christena McLEAN, married Margaret CHISHOLM, 26, St. Andrews, same, d/o Alex CHISHOLM & Isabella McRAE, witn: Allan McRAE & Christina CHISHOLM, both of St. Andrews, 5 Nov

James McDONELL, 35, St. Andrews, same, s/o James McDONELL & Margaret McNAUGHTON, married Christy CHISHOLM, 25, St. Andrews, same, d/o John CHISHOLM & Isabella McRAE, witn: Angus McDONELL & Christopher McRAE, both of St. Andrews, 17 Nov 1861


Volume 6

Page 12. Returned by W.M. PATTERSON, Wesleyan Methodist

William Henry CASSELMAN, 31, Canada, Williamsburg, s/o John M. & Eliza CASSELMAN; married Jane FOSTER, 21, Williamsburg, Williamsburg, d/o John & Jane FOSTER; witn Simeon & Cyrus CASSELMAN, both Williamsburg, 16 Jul 1861,


Page 12. Returned by Rev John Kinnear?, Methodist Church

Rubben (Reuben?) ROBINSON, 23, Plantagenet, Winchester, s/o Alexander & Catharine ROBINSON; married Martha E. CLOTHIER, 20, Kemptville, Oxford Mills, d/o Ruben & M. CLOTHIER; witn John ROSS & Mary A. BATES, both Winchester, 9 Nov 1861


Page 12, Returned by Rev Edward William BEAVEN

William WHITE, 29, C. Fermanagh Ireland, Matilda, s/o William & Ann [WHITE]; married Mary Ann FISHER, 20, Ohio US, Matilda, d/o John & Elizabeth [FISHER]; witn Alva SHAVER, Matilda, 25 Jan 1860

Philip MYERS, 25, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth [MYERS]; married Ellen WALLISER, 22, Matilda, Matilda, d/o John & Elizabeth [WALLISER]; witn George MYERS, Matilda, 14 Aug 1860

William Silas FOSTER, 18, Matilda, Winchester, s/o William & Elizabeth [FOSTER]; married Mary Ellen McDONALD, 15, Matilda, Iroquois, d/o Patrick & Sarah Ann [McDONALD]; witn Moses CROWDER, Williamsburg, 26 Dec 1860

Thomas Philip DOMICK, 26, Co Wexford Ireland, ? Twp, s/o Robert & Mary [DOMICK]; married Margaret STETHEM (Latham?), 25, Co Wexford Ireland, Edwardsburg Twp, d/o John James & Mary [STETHEM]; witn Jesse BIGELOW, Matilda, 1 Jan 1861

Jesse BIGELOW, 29, Elizabethtown Twp, Matilda, s/o Cyrus & Rachel [BIGELOW]; married Elizabeth STETHEM, 24, Co Wexford Ireland, Edwardsburg, d/o John James & Mary [STETHEM]; witn George BIGELOW, Matilda, 12 Feb 1861

Loren Cyrus FULFORD, 19, Mountain, Matilda Twp, s/o Nathaniel & Jane [FULFORD]; married Margaret PIMEA, 17, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Joseph & Eliza [PIMEA]; witn Wesley FULFORD, Mountain, 24 Sept 1861