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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Marriages, 1862

transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS248 reel 15, vol 65 (Stormont County - top of page)

and from microfilm MS248, reel 5, vol  6 (Dundas County - bottom of page)

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Volume 65

Page 59, return by Richard Garrett, United Church of England & Scotland,

John S. CHESLEY, 23, Osnabruck, same, s/o John & Lucinda, married Mary FETTERLY, 17, Williamsburg, same, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: Philip FETTERLY of Williamsburg, 18 March 1862

John WEAGANT, 24, Williamsburg, same, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Catherine LONG--?, 20, Osnabruck, same, d/o William & Lucinda, witn: Thomas JACKSON of Osnabruck, 4 March 1862

Joseph HOOPOLE (Hoople?), 52, Osnabruck, same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Dina MILROY, 37, Osnabruck, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: Samuel MOSS of Cornwall, 30 April 1862

Francis P. CAREY, 24, New Brisley?, Montreal, s/o Patrick & Ann, married Charlotte M. BROWN, 29, Osnabruck, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: William H. WAGNER of Dickinsons Landing, 5 May 1862

Thomas S. MARTIN, 29, Scotland, Osnabruck, s/o James & Jane, married Adelaide E. BAKER, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o John H. & Sarah A., witn: R. K. BULLOCK of Osnabruck, 21 Oct 1862

Robert BROWN, 26, England, Osnabruck, s/o George & Sarah, married Ann M. HOLLISTER, 32, Osnabruck, same, d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: Nicholas AULT of Osnabruck, 30 Oct. 1862


Page 60, return by Rev. Henry Collins, minister of the Church of England, or by his assistants,

in this return, no surnames were given for the bride or the groom

James, 24, Ireland, Cornwall, s/o Christopher & Catherine PELAN, married Catherine, 23, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Ranald & Margaret McDONELL, wtn: Samuel S. CARR of Cornwall, 7 Jan 1862

Peter, 32, Canada, Charlottenburgh, s/o John & Margaret McLENNAN, married Agnes, 18, Canada, Charlottenburgh, d/o Nelson & Emmeline LONEY (Lossing?), witn: John LOSSING? of Charlottenburgh, 14 Jan 1862

Jehiel, 22, of Osnabruck, s/o William & Mary GREENWOOD, married Sophia, 20, of Osnabruck, d/o William & Ann ADAIR (Adams?), witn: William WARRINGTON of Cornwall, 13 Jan 1862

William, 23, Canada, Cornwall, s/o William & Ann BRIDGE, married Margaret, 22, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Henry & Ruth RUNNION, witn: R. B. WRIGHT of Cornwall, 4 July 1862

Hugh, 25, of Charlottenburgh, s/o Donald & Jane MUNROE, married Mary, 25, of Charlottenburgh, d/o Robert & Isabella WILLIAMSON, witn: K (R?) URQUHART of Charlottenburgh, 2 July 1862

Thomas, 27, Canada, Cornwall, s/o Matthew & Mary SMITH, married Jane, 26, Ireland, Cornwall, d/o Thomas & Catherine ROWLAND (Knoland?), witn: J. McCUTCHEON of Cornwall, 3 Oct. 1862

Isaac, 26, Canada, Cornwall, s/o John & Ann SKEITH, married Anastasia, 18, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Samuel & Matilda SLAUGHTER, witn: John SKEITH of Cornwall, 9 Oct 1862

Angus, 28, Scotland, Kenyon, s/o Angus & Sarah CAMERON, married Flora, 24, Kenyon, same, d/o Kenneth & Mary McLENNAN, witn: John McREA of Kenyon, 21 Oct. 1862

John, 24, England, Cornwall, s/o Nathan & Martha SHARPE, married Mary Jane, 20, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o Hamilton & Jane McINTYRE, witn: Richard RENIGER? of Cornwall, 6 Nov 1862


Page 61, return by Rev. S. E. Mandsley, Wesleyan Methodist

John T. GLASGOW, 25, Winchester, same, s/o John GLASGOW & Jane SMITH, married Esther J. McCONNELL, 20, West Hawksbury, Winchester, d/o John McCONNEL & Margaret DEVEER? (Teveer?), witn: Charles McCONNELL of Winchester, 22 Jan 1862

Charles T. McCONNELL, 31, West Hawksbury, Winchester, s/o John McCONNELL & Margaret LEVEER, married Jane BEATHY, 22, Argenteuil C.E., Winchester, d/o Robert BEATHY & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: William McCONNELL of Winchester, 13 Feb

Ezra SCOTT, 27, Matilda, Roxbrough, s/o John SCOTT & Isabella PERKINS, married Clarissa COLLISON, 25, Matilda, same, d/o Peter COLLISON & Mary BARCLAY, witn: Wesley HOUGH of Roxborough, 27 May

James McKILLICAN, 23, West Hawksbury, Alexandria, s/o Donald McKILLICAN & Margaret ROBINSON, married Roseann BLAIR, 16, Roxborough, same, d/o James BLAIR & Christena McKILLICAN, witn: John MORRISON of Roxborough, 22 Oct. 1862

William COLMAN, 26, Roxborough, same, s/o Joseph COLMAN & Ann BLAIR, married Margaret WADDELL, 25, Ireland, Winchester, d/o Robert WADDELL & Ellenor McCARRATAN, witn: William SHEA of Roxborough, 3 Nov


Page 62, return by Richard Clarke, Wesleyan Methodist

Edwin TILLON?, 20, Canada, Cornwall, s/o Joseph & Charlotte, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 20, Canada, Cornwall, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: James GROVES & R. JOHNSTON, both of Cornwall, 2 Feb 1862

Martin ROBINSON, 24, Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o John & Jane, married M. M. VANSTEINBERG, 20, Canada, Osnabruck, d/o P (R?) & M., witn: Joseph ROBINSON & A. VANSTEINBERG, both of Osnabruck, 13 Feb 1862

John W. CASSLEMAN (s/b Casselman?), 35, Canada, Williamsburg, s/o J. & El., married Jane COLLINS, 31, Canada, Williamsburg, d/o John HICKEY & Dinah HICKEY, witn: Sarah & Michael WINTERS of Williamsburg, 19 Feb 1862

William GILLESPIE, 28, Ireland, Cornwall, s/o William & Jane, married Ann MILLROY, 21, Cornwall, same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Oscar HULL & Sarah GILLESPIE, both of Cornwall, 4 March 1862

Robert THOMPSON, 58?, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Louisa WORMAN, 22?, Cornwall, same, d/o Joseph & Catherine, witn: Antonie & Susanna REVIERE of Cornwall, 28 April 1862

John E. SUMMERS, 23, Winchester, same, s/o A. D. & Christena, married Melissa WELLS, 18, Williamsburg, same, d/o John & Sally, witn: David D. SUMMERS of Osnabruck & James S. SUMMERS of Winchester, 13 Aug 1862

John SHEELS (Sheets?), 26, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o George & Margaret, married Sarah E. MATTICE, 16, Cornwall, same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: William MATTICE & George SHEETS?, both of Cornwall, 28 Aug 1862

Gordon LOSEY, 28, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o William & Eliza, married Adaline ALGUIRE, 30, Osnabruck, same, d/o Daniel & Permilla, witn: Nelson HUTCHINS & Hiram WERT, both of Osnabruck, 23 Dec 1862


Page 63, return by Very Rev. George A. Hay, Catholic Priest of St. Andrews

Jean B. SEGUIN, 22, Rigaud, Roxborough, s/o Francois SEGUIN & Angelique CATLOGER?, married Louise HURTEBIGE, 17, Rigaud, Roxborough, d/o Joseph HURTEBIGE & Angelique SAUVE, witn: Alexis LALONDE & Prospre HURTEBIGE, both of Roxborough, 7 Jan 1862

Prospre HURTEBIGE, 19, Rigaud, Roxborough, s/o Joseph HURTEBIGE & Angelique SAUVE, married Emilie LAMOTHE, 19, Roxborough, same, d/o Isidore LAMOTHE & Lizette DESJARDIN, witn: Edmund COLLETER & Nazar LAMOTHE, both of Roxborough, 17 Jan 1862

Charles McLAUCHLAN, 25, Cornwall, Roxborough, s/o Felix McLAUCHLAN & Mary PRINCE, married Rebecca McGUIRE, 22, St. Andrews, same, d/o Hugh McGUIRE & Sarah McGILLIS, witn: Michael LYNCH & Michael MURRAY, both of St. Andrews, 2 March 1862


Page 64, return by Rev. Hugh Campbell, Canada Presbyterian Church

James GROVES, 21, Canada, Cornwall twp., s/o Levi GROVES & Sarah EASTMAN, married Isabella CALVERT, 16, Canada, Cornwall twp., d/o James CALVERT & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn: John MILLROY of Cornwall twp., 14 Jan

Edmund PERRY, 26, Canada, Valleyfield C.E., s/o Alex PERRY & Hellen FRENCH, married Ann J. CATTANACH, 21, Canada, Kenyon, d/o Donald CATTANACH & Flora McKENZIE, witn: Neil McLEOD of Kenyon, 12 March

Donald KENNEDY, 28, Canada, Kenyon, s/o William KENNEDY & Janet FISHER, married Ann McDOUGALL, 22, Canada, Kenyon, d/o Peter McDOUGALL & Christy McEWEN, witn: John McEWEN of Indian Land, 20 March

Alexander McKENZIE, 25, Canada, Alexandria, s/o Alex McKENZIE & Ann McLEOD, married Janet McDONELL, 30, Canada, Charlottenburgh, d/o Duncan McDONELL & Harriet McDONELL, witn: Corydon MATTICE of Cornwall, 21 July

Farquhar McCRAE, 35, Canada, Finch, s/o John McCRAE & Isabella McCRAE, married Sarah McINTYRE, 24, Canada, Finch, d/o Collin McINTYRE & Cath McMILLAN, witn: Donald McCRAE of Finch, 7 Aug

George OLIVER, 27, Scotland, St. Andrews, s/o William OLIVER & Forsyth GIBSON, married Margaret McLEAN, 24, Scotland, St. Andrews, d/o James McLEAN & Mary McGILLIVRAY, witn: Ephraim PERSON of St. Andrews, 2 Dec

Alex McINTYRE, 30, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o John McINTYRE & Harriet REID, married Isabella McINTYRE, 20?, Scotland, Cornwall, d/o Alex McINTYRE & Isabella FALCONER, witn: George ROBERTSON of Cornwall, 13 Dec


Page 65, Returned by Rev H. URQUHART, Presbyterian Church

Thomas P. FRENCH, 35, Ireland, Cloutary?, s/o Thomas & Gabriel [FRENCH]; married Jess M. McLEAN, 26, Kingston, Cornwall, d/o John & Anna [McLEAN]; witn Joseph WALKER & Thomas OGILVY, both Montreal, 9 Jan 1862

John J. GRANT, 23, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, s/o James Roy & Catherine [GRANT]; married Louisa CLARKE, 21, Charlottenburgh, Charlottenburgh, d/o David & Catherine [CLARKE]; witn John WOOD & _ent WOOD, both Charlottenburgh, 17 Jan 1862

John HELMER, 33, Roxborough, Roxborough, s/o Benjamin & Margaret [HELMER]; married Sarah KINNEAR, 24, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Moses & Sarah [KINNEAR]; witn Alec KINNEAR, Roxborough & Henry KINNEAR, Cornwall, 28 Jan 1862

Donald CAMPBELL, 25, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Malcolm & Margaret [CAMPBELL]; married Cath AIRD, 21, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Alexander & Mary; witn Malcolm AIRD & Alec AIRD, both Roxborough, 21 Feb 1862

Thomas RUSSEL, 22, Scotland, Williamsburgh, s/o Thomas [RUSSEL] & Janet PATON; married Rebecca GORDON, 22, Cornwall, Osnabruck, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth [GORDON; witn William CAN, Osnabruck & Robert GORDON, Kenyon, 25 Feb 1862

Duncan McPHADEN, 28, Kenyon, Kenyon, s/o Alexander & Ann [McPHADEN; married Jannet DAVIDSON, 26, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Donald & Jannet [DAVIDSON]; witn Donald DAVIDSON, Roxborough & John McNAUGHTON, Kenyon, 18 Mar 1862

Alexander STEWART, 22, Roxborough, Kenyon, s/o William & Margaret [STEWART]; married Annie GRANT, 23, Roxborough, Roxborough, d/o Peter & Jane Ann [GRANT]; witn Donald McDONALD & John McDONALD, both Kenyon, 26 Mar 1862

John MASON, 28, Scotland, Cornwall, s/o Archibald & Jane [MASON]; married Jane MILLER, 28, Cornwall, Cornwall, d/o Donald & Mary [MILLER]; witn John McDONALD & John FISHER, both Cornwall, 4 Jun 1862

John CAMERON, 40, Finch, Finch, s/o Donald & Margaret [CAMERON]; married Sara McMILLAN, 3_, Finch, Finch, d/o Alexander & Isabella [McMILLAN]; witn Allan McMILLAN & John LINK, both Finch, 22 July 1862

George D. GRANT, 23, Osnabruck, Osnabruck, s/o Gilbert & Mary [GRANT]; married Margaret McKINNON, 22, Lochiel, Roxborough, d/o Angus & Mary [McKINNON]; witn William T. McMILLAN, Cornwall & John McKINNON, Roxborough, 11 Sept 1862


pg 66 by J. Rombough ME church

John HAMILTON, 35, Armagh Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o Andrew HAMILTON & Elizabeth McCONNEL, married July Ann STANLEY, 35, Osnabruck, same, d/o Andrew STANLEY & Elizabeth MARKEL, witn: Thomas SANDERSON & Elizabeth STATA, both of Osnabruck, 4 March 1862

Thomas SANDERSON, 28, Cornwall, Osnabruck, s/o Thomas SANDERSON & Elizabeth GARDINER, married Mary RENOLDS (Reynolds?), 22, Osnabruck, Cornwall, d/o Joseph REYNOLDS & Margaret POPPIN, witn: David SANDERSON of Osnabruck & Elizabeth REYNOLDS of Cornwall, 18 March 1862

Henry ALEXANDER, 23, Antrim Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o Henry ALEXANDER & Ann POLLOCK, married Susan BLEAK, 20, Osnabruck, same, d/o Leman BLEAK & Hester DEWOL?, witn: John J. GALLINGER of Osnabruck & Daniel SMITH of Finch, 24 March 1862


page 66, by J. Philips

Josephus MYRES, 21, Osnabruck, same, s/o Jacob MYRES & Susanna, married Roxey SHAVER, 18 (19?), Winchester, Williamsburg, d/o Peter SHAVER & Mary, witn: Elias WOOD & Eli WOODCOCK, both of Osnabruck, 16 Sept 1862

Jacob GRANDO, 24, Osnabruck, same, s/o Andrew GRANDO (Grondo?) & Mary Ann, married Susana HART, 21?, Osnabruck, Cornwall, d/o Tunis HART & Elizabeth, witn: Jeremiah BRYAN & Elizabeth BROWN, both of Osnabruck, 30 Dec 1862


page 67, by Rev. Alexander Matheson, Canada Presbyterian

Robert VANCE, 26, Osnabruck, same, s/o John VANCE & Ann HILL, married Angeline WARNER, 22?, Osnabruck, same, d/o John WARNER & Ellena HAWN, witn: William WARNER of Osnabruck, 28 Jan

Sidney J. EMPEY, 27, Osnabruck, same, s/o Jacob W. EMPEY & Mary ROMBOUGH, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 24?, Dumfries Scotland, Cornwall twp., d/o James ARMSTRONG & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: John ARMSTRONG of Cornwall twp., 4 March

Thomas MEEK, 30, Cornwall twp, Roxborough, s/o Matthew MEEK & Maria YORAT?, married Theressa RUNIONS, 19, Roxborough, Cornwall twp., d/o Levi RUNIONS & Elizabeth PAUPST, witn: Benjamin RUNIONS of Cornwall twp., 16 April

William KYLE, 31, Williamsburg, same, s/o Samuel KYLE & Marjory COLQUHOUN, married Jane WALLACE, 21, Rosshire Scotland, Osnabruck, d/o John WALLACE & Ann McLEAN, witn: Samuel KYLE of Williamsburg, 24 Dec

William JARDINE, 27, Osnabruck, same, s/o John JARDINE & Hannah EASTMAN, married Margaret DORAN, 27, Osnabruck, same, d/o John DORAN & Jane SHEARER, witn: John JARDINE of Osnabruck, 25 Dec


pg 68, by Rev. J. O'Connor, parish priest, Cornwall

Thomas E. FRENCH, 35, Ireland, Clonlarf Canada West, s/o Thomas FRENCH & Mary TAAFFE, married Jessie McLEAN, 28, Kingston, Cornwall, d/o Capt. John McLEAN & Hannah WILSON, witn: E.H.N. PLUNKETT of Montreal & Ellen McLEAN, 9 Jan 1862

Timothy WARD, 22, Ireland, Cornwall, s/o William WARD & Margaret HEALY, married Elizabeth McATEER, 18, Cornwall, same, d/o Hamilton McATEER & Jane BEATTY, witn: James McATEER of Dickensons Landing & Mary Ann DIGNAN, 8 Jan 1862

Edward HUNT, 29, Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o Dominick HUNT & Bridget GILDEA, married Caroline PHILLIPS, 22, Cornwall twp., Cornwall, d/o Richard? PHILLIPS & Hannah DIXON, witn: Michael HUNT of Osnabruck & Marie PHILLIPS, 3 Feb. 1862

Francis Joseph MARTIN, 25, NY state, Moulinette, s/o Francis MARTIN & Julia LAGROS, married Margaret CAILLE, 19, NY state, Moulinette, d/o Louis CAILLE & Olive LONGTAIN, witn: Oliver & Lucie CAILLE of Moulinette, 18 Feb 1862

John DENNENY, 25, Cornwall, same, s/o James DENNENY & Catherine McMAHON, married Elizabeth McDONELL, 24, St. Andrews, Cornwall, d/o William McDONELL & Susanne LAFLEUR, witn: Patrick DENNENY of Cornwall & Ellen LONEY, 4 May 1862

Alexander LALONDE, 22, Indian Lands, Cornwall, s/o Louis LALONDE & Marie CHATELIN, married Catherine LORMANDT, 19, Charlottenburgh, Indian Lands, d/o Jeremie LORMANDT & Pauline FAIX, witn: Francis LALONDE of Cornwall & Mary LORMANDT, 5 May 1862

Hugh McDONELL, 29, Charlottenburgh, Cornwall, s/o Roderick McDONELL & Isabella McDONELL, married Elizabeth A. GRANT, 25, NY state, Cornwall, d/o Oliver GRANT & Mary CRITES, witn: James A. Christianna McDONELL of Cornwall, 29 May 1862

John BEARDON (Reardon?), 25, Indian Lands, Osnabruck, s/o Michael BEARDON & Julia COYLE, married Ann GANNON, 23, St. Andrews, Osnabruck, d/o William GANNON & Mary LYNETT, witn: Thomas CAVANAGH of Osnabruck & Catherine REARDON, 24 June 1862

Thomas FLYNN, 22, Osnabruck, same, s/o Laughlin FLYNN & Ann ROONEY, married Julia ALGUIRE, 16, Osnabruck, same, d/o Daniel ALGUIRE & P. HARRINGTON, witn: Alison BUCHANAN of Osnabruck & Sarah ALGUIRE, 25 Aug 1862

Jean Baptiste DEMEULE, 31, Quebec, Cornwall, s/o Joseph DEMEULE & Margaret BOISSINEAU, married Marie DESCHAMP, 18, St. Zotique Que., Montreal, d/o Pierre DESCHAMP & Josephite LEBLANC, witn: Joseph DENNY of Cornwall & Philomene DEMEULE, 28 Oct. 1862

Patrick CLEARY, 28?, Ireland, The Cedars - Canada East, s/o William CLEARY & Mary HEWITT, married Eliza MURPHY, 32, Ireland, Cornwall, d/o Moses MURPHY & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, witn: Bernard DARESYPE? of Cornwall & Rosanne DAVEY, 3 Nov 1862

James McDONALD, 26, Ireland, Dickensons Landing, s/o Jeremiah McDONALD & Ann BYRNES, maried Ellen FURY (Terry?), 18, Canada, Long Salt - Canada West, d/o John FURY & Ellen RABBIT, witn: James McGRATH of Cornwall & Mary LAHUT, 10 Nov 1862

James MULLIN, 29, Three Rivers C.E., Cornwall, s/o Michel MULLIN & Louisa CHAPMAN, married Mary JOYCE, 25, Ireland, Cornwall, d/o Maurice JOYCE & Margaret JOYCE, witn: Francis DIGNAN & Mary WARD of Cornwall, 27 Nov 1862




Volume 6

Page13, Returned by William COLEMAN

Robert WILSON, 25, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o Newbury & Sarah WILSON; married Margaret GILLESPIE, 23, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o John & Isabella GILLESPIE; witn James GILLESPIE, Edwardsburgh, 20 Feb 1862

John HOPPER, 35, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, s/o William & Margaret HOOPER; married Jane RIDDLE, 23, United States, Edwardsburgh, d/o Andrew & Mary RIDDLE; witn Silas WEBB, Edwardsburgh, 3 Apr 1862

Hiram STRADER, 24, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Jacob & Eve STRADER; married Rebecca TODDS, 23, England, Matilda, d/o Thomas & Ann TODDS; witn Jacob BERKLEY, Matilda, 7 Oct 1862

Nicholas L. EVERTS, 24, Canada, Matilda, s/o Elisha & Margaret EVERTS; married Adeline ABBOTT, 25, Matilda, Matilda, d/o George & Cath [SERVISS]; witn Erastus EVERTS, Matilda, 9 Oct 1862

William FLETCHER, 25, United States, Matilda, s/o David & Hannah FLETCHER; married Mary Loisa TODDS, 26, Lower Canada, Matilda, d/o Thomas & Ann TODDS; witn William TODDS, Matilda, 27 Oct 1862

Adam BARKLEY, 24, Matilda, Matilda, s/o John & Elizabeth BARKLEY; married Meriam BOUCK, 20, Matilda, Matilda, d/o John & Eliz BOUCK; witn Benjamin BOUCK, Matilda, 24 Dec 1862


Page 13, Returned by A.A. BROWN

William F. THORP, 24, Williamsburgh, Matilda, s/o William THORP & Christina BOUCK; married Jane HAMILTON, 20, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Edward HAMILTON & Mary BURRIT; witn James THORP, Matilda, 9 Dec 1862

John TURNBULL, 36, Scotland, Woodstock, s/o John TURNBULL & not known; married Samantha BASHAN, 35, Edwardsburgh, Edwardsburgh, d/o James BASHAN & L__ LAMMON; witn Mary Jane LAMMON, Edwardsburg, 21 Dec 1862


Page 13, Returned by Rev. D.W. ASHWORTH

Herman MENCLE, 27, Matilda, Matilda, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth MENCLE; married Charlotte STRADER, 18, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Solomon & Elizabeth STRADER; witn John STRADER, Matilda, 1 Jan 1862

William NELSON, 23, Smith Falls, Iroquois, s/o Johnston & Ann Jane NELSON; married Lucy KNIGHT, 18, Bath, Matilda, d/o Cyrus & Emily KNIGHT; witn William LYLE, Bells Corners, 1 Jan 1862

Stephen B. FELL, 23, Augusta, Mountain, s/o James & Sarah FELL; married Dorthea McCLELAN, 19, Mountain, Mountain, d/o William & Elizabeth [McCLELLAN]; witn Harriet FELL, Mountain, 3 Apr 1862

Walter JOHNSTON, 35, Ireland, Matilda, s/o William & Hannah JOHNSTON; married Elizabeth MUNROE, 32, Matilda, Matilda, d/o William & Elizabeth MUNROE; witn William MUNROE, Matilda, 8 Apr 1862

Charles TOUSANT, 23, Matilda, Matilda, s/o John & Jane? Ann? TOUSANT; married Catharine MERKLEY, 28, Matilda, Matilda, d/o Heinz & Catharine MERKLEY; witn Simon MERKLEY, Matilda, 7 Apr 1862


Page 13, Returned by Rev George McRITCHIE, M.E Church

John JOHNSTON, 26, Ireland, Mountain, s/o Simon & Mary JOHNSTON; married Mary SEYMOUR, 18, Canada, Mountain, d/o Joseph & Rosannah SEYMOUR; witn John BALDWIN, Mountain, 8 Jul 1862

James Murdoch FORDE, 38, Canada, North Elmsley, s/o James & Permelia FORDE; married Rozelia MILL, 18, Canada, Mountain, d/o John G & Elizabeth MILLS; witn John S. VANCAMP, Mountain, 30 Jul 1862

John Sidney VANCAMP, 20, Canada, Mountain, s/o John & Abegail EVANS, married Nancy MILLS, 20, Canada, Mountain, d/o John G & Nancy MILLS; witn James W. FORDE, North Elmsley, 30 Jul 1862

William John Lucus MILLER, 23, Canada, Mountain, s/o William John MILLER & Eliza MOORE; married Ada Jane Byron WEST; 22, Canada, Mountain, d/o James WEST & Catherine BROWN; witn F.A. MOORE, Kemptville, 20 Nov 1862


Page 13, Rev William ANDREWS & Jay S. YOUMANS, M.M. Church

Thomas KEGAN, 25, Canada, Williamsburgh, s/o W& E KEGAN; married Ellen BARKLEY, 19, Canada, Williamsburgh, d/o Edwin & Julia BARKLEY; witn Stanton REDDICK, Williamsburg, 2 Jan 1862

John ENNIS, 23, Canada, Yonge, s/o S & B ENNIS; married R. HAVERLEY, 18, Canada, Morrisburg, d/o R & R HAVERLEY; witn J. HAVERLEY, Morrisburg, 27 Jan 1862

Lawrence LYNN, 55, Ireland, Matilda, s/o Oliver & Hannah [LYNN]; married Jane CAMPBELL, 47, Scotland, Matilda, d/o William & Mary CAMPBELL; witn Oliver CARTER, Matilda, 14 Apr 1862


Page 13, Solemnized by Rev. William ANDREWS

Ezra S. BEAKER, 25, Canada, Williamsburg, s/o Philip S. & Betsy [BEAKER]; married Rose HILL, 21, Ireland, Williamsburg, d/o William & Margaret HILL; witn Sidney THOM, Williamsburg, 10 Sept 1862

Richard BICCUM, 22, Canada, Mountain, s/o John & Mary [BICCUM]; married Sarah FADER, 24, Canada, Winchester, d/o Charles & Margaret FADER; witn William FADER, Winchester, 6 Nov 1862

Rodney G. NASH, 24, Canada, Morrisburg, s/o Samuel & Eliza [NASH]; married Louisa CAMPBELL, 23, Canada, Farrons Point, d/o James & Catherine CAMPBELL; witn William CAMPBELL, Farrans Point, 27 Dec 1862