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Stormont, Glengarry & Dundas Marriages, 1866

transcribed from Ontario Archives microfilm MS248 reel 15, vol 65

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Page 108: by George Case, Wesleyan Methodist, in connection with the English Conference

Ralph A. CASSELMAN, 28, Edwardsburgh, cam, s/o Martin CASSELMAN & Maria MONK, married Caroline HANES, 24, Osnabruck, same, d/o Adam HANES & Rosina SHAVER, witn: William HANES & James HUTCHINS, both of Osnabruck, 2 Jan 1866

Richard HARRIS, 30, England, Osnabruck, s/o Thomas HARRIS & Mary BARKER, married Mary Catherine HYATT, 22, Osnabruck, Cornwall, d/o Thomas WYATT (could be Hyatt?) & Christiana ALGUIRE, witn: William McBRIDE of Osnabruck & Sarah A. WYATT of Cornwall, 8 Jan 1866

William Myles ROMBOUGH, 24, Osnabruck, same, s/o Amos ROMBOUGH & Louisa McDONELL, married Emeranda HUTCHINS, 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o Nelson HUTCHINS & Diana WARNER, witn: John MANNING & George ROBINSON, both of Osnabruck, 22 Feb 1866

John MANNING, 22, Osnabruck, same, s/o Thomas MANNING & Louisa ROMBOUGH, married Agnes HUTCHINS, 18, Osnabruck, same, d/o Nelson HUTCHINS & Diana WARNER, witn: William M. ROMBOUGH & George ROBINSON, both of Osnabruck, 22 Feb 1866

Nelson McRAE, 25, Roxborough, same, s/o Donald McRAE & Henrietta CASEY, married Avilla EKINS, 19, Osnabruck, same, d/o Edward EKINS & Alice DUFFIELD, witn: Ranute? CAMERON of cam & Lucretia EKINS of Osnabruck, 9 April 1866

Ethan HAMMOND, 26, Hammond NY, same, s/o Ethan R. HAMMOND & Mary STONE, married Fanny AULT, 27, Matilda, same, d/o Simon AULT & Julia SHAVER, witn: James F. AULT (M.D.) of Osnabruck & Mary HAMMOND of Hammond NY, 4 July 1866

Oscar WINTERS, 22, Osnabruck, Cornwall, s/o Archibald WINTERS & Mary FETERLEY, married Sarah J. RAYMOND, 19, Cornwall, same, d/o John RAYMOND & Cornelia WASHBURN, witn: William J. WINTERS & Minerva RAYMOND, both of Cornwall, 18 July 1866

James STEIN, 24, Osnabruck, same, s/o Charles STEIN & Hannah E. ARMSTRONG, married Susan DUVALL, 21, Osnabruck, same, d/o Daniel DUVALL & Nancy IRVINE, witn: Susanna (or Summers) STEIN & Margaret DUVALL, both of Osnabruck, 14 Aug 1866

Gordon HELMER, 25, Osnabruck, same, s/o William HELMER & Althar? A. BRADSHAW, married Ann BAKER, 22, Osnabruck, same, d/o Nelson BAKER & Christian WYATT, witn: James HELMER & Elizabeth BAKER, both of Osnabruck, 2 Oct 1866

John D. ROMBOUGH, 31, Cornwall, same, s/o David ROMBOUGH & Agnes JOHNSON, married Minerva LATRUCE, 29, Cornwall, same, d/o Charles LATRUCE & Mary ROYS, witn: Charles LATRUCE Jr. & Josephine AMABLE, both of Cornwall, 25 Dec 1866


page 109: by Henry Patton, D.C.L., Rector of Cornwall, Minister of the United Church of England & Ireland

James PHILLIPS, 25, Canada West, Cornwall, s/o John & Isabella, married Ellen OGLE, 20, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o George & Ellen, witn: Philip EMPEY of Cornwall, 13 March 1866

Thomas G. ANDERSON, 42, Canada West, Cornwall, s/o George & Mary, married Marcia Eliza SHEARER, 25, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o Austin & Sophia, witn: B. HILL of Toronto, 9 April 1866

Archibald GRANT, 23, Canada West, Charlottenburgh, s/o Peter & Judes, married Elizabeth McDONALD, Canada West, Charlottenburgh, d/o Donald & Catherine, witn: M.J. GRANT of Cornwall, 16 April 1866

Barnabas RUPORT, 22, Canada West, Osnabruck, s/o Frederick & Margaret, married Adeline BENDER, 18, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Jacob RUPORT of Osnabruck, 3 July 1866

Samuel BENDER, 24, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o George & Elizabeth, married Sarah ALGUIRE, 20, Canada West, Osnabruck, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Barney ALGUIRE of Osnabruck, 1 Aug 1866

James McCUTCHEON, 25, Canada West, Cornwall, s/o Hugh & Mary, married Annie BLUNDEN, 24, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Thomas McMAHON of Cornwall, 21 Aug 1866

Daniel CARPENTER, 26, Canada West, Cornwall, s/o Peter & Isabella, married Eliza McCONDELL, 24, Canada West, Cornwall, d/o Andrew & Eliza, witn: Angus CLARKE of Cornwall, 18 Oct 1866

John Waterburn CUSHENER? (Cashmier?), 24, Illinois USA, same, s/o Charles & Mary, married Mary LEWIS, 27, NY state, Moulinette, d/o Richard & Sophia, witn: G.W. KEZAR of Mille Roche, 13 Nov 1866


Page 110: by Richard Garnett, United Church of England & Ireland in Osnabruck

Alexander H. WALLACE, 24, Scotland, Osnabruck, s/o John & Ann, married Ellen JOHNSTON, 20, Osnabruck, same, d/o James & Caroline C., witn: J.R. MOSS of Osnabruck, 12 Dec 1866


Page 111: by Rev. H. Urquhart, D.D., Church of Scotland, Cornwall

Joseph ANDREWS, 33, Glengarry, same, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Sarah Ann MARTIN, 17, Cornwall, same, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Robert JAMASON (should be Jamieson?) & James McCUTCHEON, both of Cornwall, 11 Jan 1866

James CRAIG, 29, Charlottenburg, same, s/o John & Mary, married Ann ADAMS, 26, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: James & Charles CRAIG of Charlottenburgh, 18 April 1866

Alex P. GRANT, 29?, Finch, same, s/o Duncan & Margaret, married illegible EKINS, 23, Osnabruck, same, d/o Edward & Alice, witn: John & A--? GRANT of Finch, 12 June 1866

James McCADDEN, Ireland, Osnabruck, s/o James & Hannah, married Catherine KULLRA (Miller?), 22, Scotland, Osnabruck, d/o John & Ann, witn: R. SMYTHE of Cornwall & John ROMBOUGH of Cornwall twp., 24 July 1866

William GAY, 26, Dundas, Charlottenburgh, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Catherine ROSS?, 23, Charlottenburgh, same, d/o John & Christena, witn: John GRANT & Robert HARLEY, both of Charlottenburgh, 8 Oct 1866

Peter McKAY, 25, Charlottenburgh, same, s/o John & Jane, married Catherine McLENNAN, 24, Cornwall twp., same, d/o Donald? & Hannah, witn: John & Hannah McLENNAN of Cornwall, 30 Oct 1866


Page 112: by Ambrose Hunt & Rev. Eli Woodcock & Rev. James Smith

Reuben BALL, 23, Winchester, same, s/o Robert & Martha, married Mary Ann MARROWS?, 19, Williamsburg, same, d/o Samuel & Nancy, witn: Christopher IRVING of Winchester & Hannah MARROWS of Williamsburg, 23 Jan 1866

Joseph DILLABOUGH, 24, Williamsburgh, same, s/o Lewis & Ann, married Emeline BERRY, 25, Williamsburgh, same, d/o Isaac & Mary Ann, witn: William S?. BERRY & Henry E. DURANT, both of Winchester 1 Jan 1866

Martin H. MILLER, 21, Winchester, same, s/o George & Sarah, married Elizabeth LAPOINT, 25, Winchester, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Angus LAPOINT & Margaret ULMAN?, both of Winchester, 31 Oct 1866

Joseph CHRISTIE, 25, Williamsburgh, same, s/o Robert & Rachel, married Margaret GROVES, 23, Finch, same, d/o John & Charlotte, witn: George EMPEY & Jane STENNES?, both of Finch, 7 Nov 1866

Thomas McDONALD, 25, Russell, same, s/o James & Caroline, married Eliza BOULTON, 18, Russell, same, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Robert LEE & Margaret McGREGOR, both of Russell, 21 Nov 1866

Henry BARKLEY, 19, Mountain, same, s/o Michael & Jennet, married Mary Ann FLEMMING, 19, Mountain, same, d/o Abraham & Julia, witn: John BAKER & Margaret ELLISON, both of Winchester, 26 May 1866

James BALL, 23, Winchester, same, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Mary K. ELLISON, 26, Winchester, same, d/o Whiteside & Margaret, witn: John FRARKLE? & Margaret ELLISON, both of Winchester, 24 May 1866

John RUNLON? (Rendan?), 21, Winchester, same, s/o Samuel & Emeline, married Caroline PIKE (or Fike), 21, Winchester, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: illegible & Julia SMITH of Winchester, 28 Nov 1866

Samuel MERKLEY, 25, Winchester, same, s/o John & Charlotte, married Adaline ARMSTRONG, 20, Winchester, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Arthur MERKLEY & Emma MERKLEY of Winchester, 28 Oct 1866