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Toronto Telegram, June 1920

The following marriages are taken from the Toronto Telegram, June 1920 issues. This newspaper had their marriages in two place - first, "The Sign of Cupid" appearing around page 12 and second, amongst birth & death notices near the back of the paper. The latter notices are shorter. Notices found in "The Sign of Cupid" tend to dwell on the clothing worn by the wedding party and I have chosen not to include those parts. They also do not include the date of the marriage.

Around the 3rd of June, "the Sign of Cupid" was replaced with "June's Brides".

These marriages have not been arranged alphabetically. Instead, they are in order by date that they appeared in the newspaper.


Tuesday, 1 June 1920

BEE – GORDON: At First Ave., Baptist Church by Rev. Dr. W.T. GRAHAM, of Florence Lydia, only d/o Mr. & Mrs. William GORDON, Langley Ave. married Mr. George A. BEE, s/o Mr. & Mrs. David BEE. Mr. J. Castle GRAHAM presided at the organ & Miss Elsie BEAVERSTOCK sang. Miss Marjorie NIBLOCK was bridesmaid. Edward BEE, brother of the groom was best man. To reside at 31 Grandview Ave.

LESLIE – GRADY: At home of bride's parents, Victor Ave., of Agnes Ruth, eldest d/o Mr. & Mrs. John GRADY, to Mr. Arthur LESLIE, s/o the late Mr. & Mrs. LESLIE of Melbourne Australia. Wedding march was played by Miss Marjorie LeROY. Miss Laura GRADY, sister of the bride sang. To spend the summer at Frenchmen's Bay.

KIDD – HUBBS: At the home of the bride's parents, Cortleigh Blvd., Hazel Adele, only d/o Mr. & Mrs. Leslie HUBBS, married Mr. John James KIDD, of High River Alberta. Miss Marguerite WALKER was maid of honor. Miss Noreen HUBBS, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid. Mr. J.W. TICE supported the groom. To reside in Alberta.

PATERSON – RIDDLE: At the home of Mr. & Mrs. John IMESON, St. Clarens Ave., their daughter Sarah RIDDLE married Arthur P. PATERSON. Bride was attended by Miss L. GODFREY and the groom was supported by his brother, Mr. Orr PATERSON.

WHYTE – KENDLE: At the home of Mr. & Mrs. J. KENDLE, Manning Ave., their second daughter, Edith May, married Mr. Harold R. WHYTE, second s/o the late George WHITE (sic) and Mrs. Margaret WHYTE. Bride’s attendant was her sister, Leila. Best man was brother of the groom, Charles. Wedding march was played by the bride's youngest sister, Muriel. To reside at 1035 Davenport Rd.

CORBETT – STATON: At Wesley Methodist Church, of Frances Mildred, third d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. STATON, Shaw St., to Mr. J. Ernest CORBETT, s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. CORBETT of Barrie, Ont. Miss Gladys STATON attended her sister. Mr. Charles BOULDING attended the groom.

WALKER – DE SHERBININ: At Yonge St. Methodist church, of Ethel Vera, d/o Professor Michael DE SHERBININ of Chicago, to Dr. Harold Brock WALKER, s/o the late Rev. George WALKER & Mrs. WALKER, Summerhill Gardens. Luncheon at the home of bride's brother, Mr. A.G. DE SHERBININ, Clarendon Cres. To reside in Toronto.

BLANDFORD – TALBOT: Charles E. BLANDFORD to Maude TALBOT, 27 May 1920

CURRY – BRENNAN: On Wed. 26 May, 1920, by Rev. Alex McGILLIVRAY, Ruth Grace, youngest d/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles BRENNAN to Mr. Isaac Wilberforce CURRY, s/o Isaac CURRY, both of Toronto.

ELLIOTT – CUMMINGS: On Tues. June 1st at "Uplands" Scarborough, Margaret Jean, d/o Mrs. C.C. CUMMINGS to Dr. Alexander Smith ELLIOTT of Toronto.

McMAHON – HALFHEAD: At Church of the Messiah on May 27th, by Rev. W.R. ARMITAGE, Margery May, d/o Mr. & Mrs. E.B. HALFHEAD, Bernard Ave., to Frank McMAHON, s/o the late Thomas & Mrs. McMAHON of Toronto. (also in issue of June 3rd)

ROBERTSON – BAKER: At the Manse, 113 Hiawatha Rd., on Friday May 28th, Sarah Catherine, eldest d/o Mr. & Mrs. BAKER of this city and Arrol Fowler ROBERTSON, s/o Mr. & Mrs. ROBERTSON, Dumfermline, Scotland. Rev. H.A. BERLIS, pastor of Rhodes Ave. Presbyterian Church officiated. Bridesmaid was Miss Gertrude MAUNDER and Harold PRESS was the best man. To reside on Ashdale Ave (also in issue of June 3rd)


Wednesday, 2 June 1920

SNELL – SCOTT: At St. Giles Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, third d/o Mr. & Mrs. SCOTT of Albermarle Ave., married Mr. Herbert SCOTT of Hamilton. Miss Retta SNELL, sister of the groom, was bridesmaid and Alexander SCOTT supported the groom. Bride was given away by her brother Robert SCOTT. To reside at 700 Logan Ave.

SLATER – BIRCH: Solemnized by Rev. H.J. CODY D.D., Miss Maude Louisa BIRCH, d/o Mrs. TRINDER of Birmingham England, married Mr. Arthur SLATER. Bride was attended by Mrs. Alfred SLATER and Alfred SLATER was the best man. Reception at home of the groom’s sister, Mrs. Walter THORNE, Ossington Ave.

LEATHER – JARVIS: At the home of the groom, Geary Ave., Ruby Emily, eldest d/o Mr. F.H. JARVIS married Mr. M. LEATHER. Bride was attended by Miss Iris JARVIS and Miss Annie McGOWAN. Miss Mary WALSH was flower girl. The groom was attended by Mr. Walter TYSON; he also sang.

McLEOD – MACORQUODALE: At the home of Mr. & Mrs. D.S. MACORQUODALE, Dovercourt Rd., their youngest daughter, Marjorie, married Mr. Norman B. McLEOD, eldest s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. Norman McLEOD, Toronto. Ceremony performed by Rev. D. Scott FULTON. To reside at 31 Springmount Ave.

HANCOCK – GILLAM: At 4:00 Tuesday afternoon, June 1st, at St. Johns Church, Norway, Emily, d/o Mrs. James GILLAM of illegible to Mr. Harry HANCOCK of Toronto, formerly with the ??th Battalion.

RODMAN – CAISE: On Tues. June 1st, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. SNOW, 87 Mulberry Ave., when Miss Emma J. CAISE, d/o Mrs. J. CAISE of Bristol England, married Mr. Charles Leslie RODMAN, only s/o Mrs. J. RODMAN, 42 Ashburnham Rd., Miss Ruby SMITH was flower girl.

THOMSON – WALKER: At half past three in the afternoon at St. Johns Presbyterian Church, Rev. Thomas ROGER officiating, Agnes Miller (Nan), only d/o Mr. Robert WALKER, Hampton Ave., married Mr. James Gordon THOMSON, s/o Mr. & Mrs. J.B. THOMSON, Rusholme Rd.. To reside on Hampton Ave.

MARLATT – MACDONALD: At St. Pauls Church, Bloor Street East, Margaret Rosalay, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Alexander MACDONALD, Bernard Ave., married Major Kenneth Dean MARLATT, s/o Mr. Cecil MARLATT of Oakville. Archdeacon CODY performed the service. Bridesmaids were Miss Priscilla BIGELOW of Boston, Miss Jessie JOHNSTON of Quebec, Miss Marjorie MARLATT of Oakville and Miss Elizabeth Ogden JONES. Miss Diana MACDONALD, sister of the bride, and Miss Anne LYTLE, niece of the bride were flower girls. Sister of the bride, Mrs. F.H. LYTLE was matron of honour. Mr. Gordon BEARDMORE was best man. Ushers were Mr. F.H. LYTLE, George ALEXANDER, Mr. BULLIVANT of Boston, and Mr. LE BARON of Boston. To reside at "Ennisclare" in Oakville.

BRYAN – ALLEN: Anita Gladys, eldest d/o the late Mr. George Herbert ALLEN, & Mrs. ALLEN, Spadina Ave., married Mr. Elmer Edward BRYAN. Bride was given away by her uncle, Dr. James Ross ALLEN of Olean NY. Miss Vera ALLEN, sister of the bride, was her attendant. Mr. Garnet LEA was best man. To reside at 78 Westmount Ave.

CLARK – SUTHERLAND: On Tues. June 1st at Chalmers Presbyterian Church, Annie, eldest d/o Mr. & Mrs. SUTHERLAND to Mr. Cecil CLARK of Sturgeon Falls.


Thursday, 3 June, 1920

CROCKER – BEESTON: At home of the bride's parents, 152 Cumberland St., last evening, marriage of Ethel, eldest d/o Mr. & Mrs. Alfred BEESTON, painter & late of Long Eaton England, to Mr. William CROCKER, of Toronto, formerly of the 4th Battalion CEF. Bride was attended by her sister, Emily. Mr. Aubrey GAGE was best man. To reside at 186 Cranbrooke Ave.

GORDON – DAULT: At St. Helens RC Church, of Mary Olive, d/o Mr. & Mrs. A. DAULT to Mr. James GORDON, Toronto. Miss Emily WOODS was bridesmaid. Mr. Hubert KYTE supported the groom. Reception at home of bride's parents, Margaretta St. To reside in Toronto.

ARDAGH – McMECHAN: At home of Mrs. J.H. McMECHAN, London Ont., her daughter Frances Theresa, marred Edward G.R. ARDAGH, s/o Mr. & Mrs. H.H. ARDAGH of Toronto. Miss M. SIMSON played the wedding music and Mr. Howard FEATHERSTON sang. To reside at the Dovercourt Apartments in Toronto. Groom is professor of chemical engineering at Toronto University.

GARROW – WATERS: At the home of the bride, Binscarth Rd., of Annie Isabel, d/o the late George WATERS of Montreal and of Mrs. WATERS, to Mr. Edwin H. GARROW, s/o Dr. & Mrs. A.E. GARROW, Montreal. Miss Gladys ALEXANDER of Montreal was bridesmaid. Mr. Douglas ADDISON attended the groom. Mr. & Mrs. GARROW left for Montreal & Quebec, before going to their home in Winnipeg.

McLEAN – HEINTZ: At St. Annes Anglican Church, by Rev. Canon SKEY, of Frieda Margaret, eldest d/o Mr. O. HEINTZ of Pakenham Ont, married Mr. Coll McLEAN of Tiverton. Bride was attended by Miss Susie May DOIDGE. Mr. W. Leslie HIBBERT was best man. To reside at MacTier Ont.

WILLIAMSON – MUTCH: On June 1st, at the home of the bride's brother, Norman MUTCH, 4 Glenholme Ave., Jean Cameron, d/o Mr. & Mrs. John MUTCH married Mr. James WILLIAMSON, of Toronto, only s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. WILLIAMSON. Wedding march was played by Miss May WILLIAMSON. Miss Isobel MUTCH, cousin of the bride, was bridesmaid. Mr. George COCKBURN was best man. Little Isobel MUTCH, niece of the bride, was flower girl.

GILMORE - DUNCAN: At half past eight yesterday evening, at the home of Mrs. L.J. DUNCAN, Walmer Rd., her only daughter, Edna Lyle, marries Mason P. GILMORE, s/o Mrs. Mary GILMORE, Toronto. Miss Vera GILMORE, sister of the groom played the wedding march. Miss Gladys AYRE sang. Bridesmaids were Miss Aveleigh WALLACE of Woodstock and Miss Nesta VERNER. Mr. Alastair MacKENZIE was best man. To reside in Moore Park.

HOW - HURLEY: At St. Marys Church, Bathurst St., Teresa Ellen, only d/o Mr. & Mrs. Charles HURLEY, married Arthur S. HOW, second s/o Mrs. E.R. HOW. Bridesmaid was cousin of the bride, Alice Margaret MURPHY of Hamilton. Groom was supported by the bride's brother, Charles C. HURLEY. To reside at 580 Manning Ave.

FLYNN - McLAUGHLIN: At 10 o’clock this morning, at St. Basils Church, Ianbel, d/o the late Mr. & Mrs. J.F. McLAUGHLIN, married Andrew FLYNN, s/o the late Andrew FLYNN & Mrs. FLYNN. Bride was attended by her cousins, Miss Sheila McLAUGHLIN & Miss Lillian GRAY. Best man was Owen FLYNN, brother of the groom. Reception at the home of the bride's brother, Frank McLAUGHLIN, Glen Road. Bride’s sister was Mona McLAUGHLIN. To reside at 9 Wells St.

LATIMER - FOULDS (engagement): Of Vera Louise, eldest d/o the late Mr. Wesley LATIMER & Mars. LATIMER of Westminster Ave., to Mr. Frank Eadie FOULDS, B.F.C. (A.G.R), youngest s/o Mrs. Martha E. FOULDS of Toronto. Marriage to take place at the end of June.

SCHWEITZER - HILBORN (engagement): Of Morna, only d/o Mrs. Georgina HILBORN of Toronto, to Edward SCHWEITZER of Conestogo, Ont. Marriage to take place June 15th.

DAVID - DANIELS: At Holy Trinity Church on June 2nd, by the Rev. Ralph SHERMAN, Gladys May, d/o Mr. & Mrs. John DANIELS, 32 Hastings Ave., to Joseph Robert DAVIS, 4th s/o Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DAVIS, 862 Bloor St. West.

EVANS - ABBOTT: On Wed. June 2nd, at 24 Nassau St., Nellie A., d/o Mr. & Mrs. C. ABBOTT, to George W. EVANS of Toronto.

REEB - KYLE: On Wed. June 2nd, at All Saints Church, Margaret Elizabeth, youngest d/o Mrs. E. KYLE and the late John KYLE, to Charles A. REEB of Port Colborne. Bride was given away by her brother, George KYLE and her only attendant was Miss Isobel WESTROP, her niece. The groom was attended by his nephew, Mr. Edwin L. REEB of Ottawa. Reception at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. R.E. WESTROP, Wroxeter Ave. (also in issue of June 4th)


Friday, 4 June, 1920

MORRISON - GAGNON: Miss Angelie M. GAGNON, d/o Mr. & Mrs. J. GAGNON of Sutton Quebec, to Mr. Ephraim MORRISON, s/o Mr. William MORRISON of Malton Ont., at Westmoreland Methodist Church. Bridesmaid was Miss Pearl PROCTOR & Flower girl was Miss Kathleen PARTRIDGE. Mr. Beverly CARBERRY was best man. Reception at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Sidney PARTRIDGE, Major St. To reside at Malton.

BEDFORD - SHERMAN: At St. Johns Road Baptist Church, West Toronto, of Patience Winnie, d/o Mr. & Mrs. SHERMAN of Chesham England, married James T., s/o Mrs. BEDFORD, Runnymede, Toronto. Matron of honor was sister of the groom, Mrs. William WEST of Brampton. Groom was attended by Mr. A. DAUGHTON. Reception at the home of the groom’s mother, Mariposa Ave. To reside of 6 Winfield Ave., Runnymede

STEPHENS - EDE: At the home of Mr. & Mrs. John EDE, Westmount Ave., only daughter, Olive Emily, married Samuel J. STEPHENS, 3rd s/o Mr. & Mrs. J. STEPHENS of Brampton. To reside in Brampton.

MERRILL - GRANFIELD: At the home of the bride's parents, Beatrice St., at half past five yesterday, Ghuita Coral, only d/o Mr. & Mrs. GRANFIELD married Ray Alexander MERRILL, s/o Mrs. W. HARTE.

BOYD - MANNING: In Coldwater Methodist Church, of Beulah Viola, d/o the late W.H. MANNING & of Mrs. MANNING, to John Norman BOYD, s/o Mr. W.J. BOYD. To reside in Toronto.

FINLEY - MAHAFFEY: At the home of Mr. & Mrs. John MAHAFFEY, John St., their youngest daughter, Alice Muriel, married Alfred Thomas FINLEY, late of the 58th Battalion, and youngest s/o Mr. & Mrs. Thomas FINLEY of Newcastle Ont. Miss Edna MAHAFFEY was bridesmaid & Mr. John Gilbert MAHAFFEY was best man. Wedding march was played by bride's nephew, Harold MAHAFFEY & Miss Marjorie PORTERFIELD sang. To reside on Symington Ave.