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Marriages in Toronto,

Register of Rev. H. F. Thomas et al., Todmorden & Westminster Presbyterian Churches, 1927 - 1937

transcribed from microfilm MS 248, reel 20

Marriage Registers by Clergy, Record Group 8, series 1-6-C, vol 16

Arranged in chronological order (as they are on the microfilm), with birth place given before residence


Victor Mark MURRAY, 19, hardwood floor layer, Ontario, 646 Don Mills Rd., s/o Malcolm MURRAY, hardwood floor layer, & Mary MARK, married Sadie Emily HOLT, 23, Ontario, 646 Don Mills Rd., d/o Anthony HOLT, farmer, & Mary SIEBERT, witn: Jean Marguerite MURRAY & George Begdow ROBERTSON, both of 646 Don Mills Rd, 30 July 1927 [with note after 2nd witness's name: "false name, true name is George Duck"]

David John HANNAH, 26, meter repairer, Scotland,, 8 St. Anns Rd., s/o John HANNAH, hand weaver, & Helen GREEN, married Ann Black HAMILTON, 23, watch case maker, Scotland,, 30 Ellsworth Ave., d/o Thomas Hunter HAMILTON, boiler fireman, & Sarah FOREST, witn: Gilbertie HAMILTON of 30 Ellsworth Ave & Alfred McILWAINE of 38 Soudan Ave., 10 Aug 1927

William KILMURRAY, 25, mechanic, Kilmarnock, 218 Symington Ave., s/o William KILMURRAY, blacksmith, & Euphemia REID, married Jane Walker CHAPMAN, 21, domestic, Scotland,, 11 Walmer Rd., d/o George CHAPMAN, steel worker & Agnes MILLIGAN, witn: Helen AGNEW of 11 Walmer Rd & Thomas BEA--? of 1415 Davenport Rd

Charles Walter LOWTHER, 24, commercial traveller, England, 23 Worthy Rd in London, s/o John Stewart LOWTHER, accountant, & Amelia BURCHALL, married Loretta Audrey DOWNING, 22, house keeper, Toronto, 334 Leslie St., d/o Alfred James Andrew Bowen DOWNING, post office clerk, & Mary Louisa BENNETT, witn: Alfred Andrew James DOWNING of 334 Leslie St. & John S. LOWTHER of 1 Fewick Ave., 15 Aug 1927 at Knox College Chapel, Toronto

Anthony Stewart DUNCAN, 43, Toronto City Works Dept., widower, Scotland,, 12 Norway Ave., s/o John DUNCAN, engineer, & Elizabeth STEWART, married Frances Ure NEILSON, 48, widow, Scotland,, 42 Lindsay Ave., d/o James URE, caretaker, & Mary MOFFATT, witn: William FERGUSON of 16 Chesley Ave & Mary BRAULEY of 21 Barton Ave., 26 Aug 1927

Frederick William MORTON, 47, checker, England, 25 Strathmore Blvd., s/o Frederick William MORTON, warehouse man, & Emily ANDERSON, married Elizabeth HENDRY, 50, widow, Scotland,, 25 Strathmore Blvd., d/o John McNEIL, stone mason & Elizabeth FORSYTH, witn: James KIERNAN of 348 Coxwell Ave & Frederick ALLINSON of 25 Strathmore Blvd., 3 Sept 1927 at 25 Strathmore Blvd.,

Dougald GILLESPIE, 55, carpenter, Ontario, 100 Gould St., s/o John GILLESPIE, farmer, & Annie McDOUGAL, married Margaret WALKER, 36, Ireland, 143 Woodington Ave., d/o Andrew WALKER, carpenter, & Millicent ARNOLD, witn: Eliza Jane & James A. BODDEN of 321 Hillsdale Ave., 7 Sept 1927

Lawrence Theodore SPRING, 23, carpenter, Ontario, 40 Cambray Ave., s/o George Edwin SPRING, minister, & Caroline Joanne DAVIS, married Ann Dora McGILVRAY, 18, paper box maker, Scotland,, 21A Barrington Ave., d/o John McGILVRAY, shipper, & Annie GUYLAR, witn: Betty McGILVRAY of 21A Barrington Ave. & James PRESS of 362 Dundas East, 20 Sept 1927

Percy Anderson MALLORY, 27, laborer, England, 12 Grandview Ave., s/o Robert MALLORY, stationary engineer, & Jane Ann LAMPLOUGH, married Isabella GRAY, 31, box maker, Scotland,, 133 Boultbee Ave., d/o John Abel GRAY, laborer, & Ann LEIPER, witn: Joan GRAY of 203 Cosburn Ave. & John Abel GRAY of 33 Boultbee Ave., 22 Sept 1927

James Alexander DOUGLAS, 49, shipping clerk, Ireland, 28 Kelvin Ave., s/o Thomas DOUGLAS, laborer, & Mary LATIMER, married Mary CAMPBELL, 41, domestic, Scotland,, 222 Poplar Plains Rd., d/o Andrew CAMPBELL, blacksmith, & Margaret ELLIOTT, witn: Margaret May McTAVISH of 20 Heathdale Rd & Charles JOHNSTON of 33 Jesmond Ave., 5 Nov 1927

George FRASER, 39, machinist, Scotland,, 8 Sawden Ave., s/o James FRASER, stone mason, & Margaret MURDOCH, married Margaret May McTAVISH, 34, domestic, Scotland,, 20 Heathdale Rd., d/o John McTAVISH, stevedore, & Margaret KAY, witn: Isabella S. McTAVISH of 7 Lawler Ave & John D. FLEMING of 2299 Yonge St., 17 Nov 1927

James Edward LEEBODY, 33, salesman, Ireland, 205 Danforth Ave., s/o Robert LEEBODY, tailor, & Anna Jane McKIBBONS, married Elizabeth Downie GERRIE, 25, clerk, Scotland,, 69 West Lynn Ave., d/o Arthur Ritchie GERRIE, cooper, & Mary DOWNIE, witn: Margaret E. GERRIE of 69 West Lynn & David LEEBODY of 564 Lansdowne Ave., 14 Jan 1928

Richard DELAHUNT, 34, laborer, Ireland, 984 Ossington Ave., s/o Joseph DELAHUNT, engineer, & Jane LEDGER, married Cecilia TORRENS, 20, waitress, Ireland, 984 Ossington Ave., d/o William TORRENS, butcher, & Margaret KENNEDY, witn: Minnie TORRENS of 181 Fulton Ave & Arthur Dillon STUBBINGS of 183 Fulton Ave., 21 Jan 1928

Angus McTAGGART, 32, dairy man, Scotland, Donalda Farm - Todmorden, s/o Neil McTAGGART, forester, & Margaret BELL, married Margaret MacDONALD, 24, Scotland,, 267 St. George St., d/o Malcolm MacDONALD, fisherman, & Margaret MacMILLAN, witn: Isabella MACDONALD of 267 St. George St. & Neil MacTAGGART of Don Alda Farm, 27 Jan 1928

Michael Arrowsmith WATSON, 23, laborer, England, 643 Pape Ave., s/o Michael WATSON, miner, & Ellen JONES, married Elizabeth JENNINGS, 21, England, 643 Pape Ave., d/o George JENNINGS, miner, & Margaret YOUNG, witn: Olive & Arthur BONSALL of 643 Pape Ave., 11 Feb 1928

Robert STRACHAN, 30, baker, Scotland,, 330 Albany Ave., s/o Robert STRACHAN, fisherman, & Margaret BUCHAN, married Christena McKinnon GOODALL, 29, domestic, Scotland,, 164 Inglewood St., d/o William GOODALL, cooper, & Jessie WATSON, witn: Margaret STRACHAN of 330 Albany Ave & David GOODALL of 1377A Bathurst St., 18 Feb 1928

William Joseph LYON, 30, salesman, Ontario, 6 Rolston Ave., s/o Joseph LYON, time keeper, & Mary NELSON, married Florence Emily EVANS, 30, house keeper, Ontario, 293 Pape Ave., d/o Thomas Joseph EVANS, printer, & Annie McGINN, witn: Laura Bessie HORNE of & Mary Jane MOORE, both of 108 Charles St. West, 21 Feb 1928

George Thomas WIGHT, 24, barber, Ontario, 153 Shaw St., s/o David WIGHT, farmer, & Mary GRAHAM, married Mary Jones WILLSON, 18, examiner, Ontario, 199 Shaw St., d/o David WILLSON, farmer, & Celia ROGERS, witn: Peter & Mrs. Jessie Bell FLOOD of 305 Dovercourt Rd., 28 Feb 1928

Albert Roy GENOE, 29, carpenter, Ontario, Eugenia Ont., s/o Thomas GENOE, farmer, & Margaret HISLOP, married Doris Kathleen McGEE, 19, Ontario, Flesherton, d/o John McGEE, farmer, & Emily SMITH, witn: Muriel M. WESTON of 106 Beverley St. & Frank William PIPER of 31 East Lynn Ave., 10 March 1927

Alexander McLEOD, 34, carpenter, Scotland,, 35 Patricia Rd., s/o Murdoch McLEOD, mason, & Margaret McNEIL, married Willamena CAMERON, 22, waitress, Scotland,, 35 Patricia Rd., d/o James CAMERON, forester, & Isabella McLEOD, witn: Jessie Victoria STARR of 99 Sumach St. & Donald MacLEOD of 673 Whitby Ont., 15 March 1928

Walter Henry GOSDEN, 23, motor mechanic, Quebec, 23 Westwood Ave. in Todmorden, s/o Harry GOSDEN, blacksmith & Louisa GRACE, married Hazel Agnes BALL, 20, operator, Ontario, 78 Lesemount Ave in Todmorden, d/o David BALL, carpenter, & Mary TURNBULL, witn: Lillian GOSDEN of 23 Westwood Ave & John GILL of 64 Westwood Ave., 3 May 1928

James PRESS, 28, carpenter, Ontario, 41 Pembroke St., s/o Albert PRESS, farmer, & Annie WEATHERCOCK, married Dorothy Eva REESBY, 21, England, 585 Main St., d/o William Thomas REESBY, butcher, & Carry Beatrice WILSON (Wilcox?), witn: Mrs. Lawrence & Lawrence SPRING of 40 Cambrai Ave., 5 May 1928

Donald GILLIES, 31, laborer, Scotland,, 42 Ann St., s/o Alexander GILLIES, fisherman, & Isabella MacKENZIE, married Mary MORRISON, 29, Scotland,, 146 Warren Rd., d/o Roderick MORRISON, stone mason & Rachel SMITH, witn: Barabella GRAHAM of 110 Lylewood Ave & John M--? of 42 Ann St., 11 May 1928

William Turnbull PATERSON, 21, file setter, Scotland,, 172 Cuzon St., s/o Hugh PATERSON, compositor, & Janet TURNBULL, married Isabella Gordon GREENFIELD, 20, fur? operator, Scotland,, 24 Durant Ave., d/o John GREENFIELD, wagon builder, & Isabel GORDON, witn: William Drummond TURNBULL of 32 Earl Haig Ave & Alice May CAMM of 82 Hanson St., 18 May 1928

John Joseph OMELIA, 42, brick layer, Ontario, 32 Windermere Ave., s/o Joseph Henry OMELIA, farmer, & Margaret SHEEDY, married Margaret McARTHUR, 45, Ontario, 44 East Lynn, d/o Gilbert McARTHUR, farmer, & Ann McKECHNIE, witn: John ALTON & E. Hallam ARCHER, both of Knox College, 16 July 1928 at Knox College, Toronto

John Wilson YUILL, 26, superintendent, divorced, Scotland,, 107 Van Horne St., s/o James Munroe YUILL, moulder, & Agnes WILSON, married Stella ELLIS, 20, Ontario, 23 Sammon Ave., d/o Robert ELLIS, carpenter, & Ellen HOUSLEY, witn: Gladys May ELLIS of 23 Sammon Ave & Robert McBRIDE of 37 Ascot Ave., 25 July 1928

Arthur Ivan SMITH, 28, stock keeper, Ontario, 528A St. Clair Ave West, s/o Arthur Alonzo SMITH, mechanic, & Florence Lydia May SOULES, married Gloria Leila Rose WOODCOCK, 26, book keeper, Ontario, 528 St. Clair Ave West, d/o John Wesley WOODCOCK, builder, & blank, witn: Audrey Rita & Herbert Horley WOODCOCK, both of 528A St. Clair Ave West, 29 Sept 1928

John Thomas GILL, 26, brick worker, England, 64 Westwood Ave., s/o John William GILL, turner, & Sarah HOLMES, married Lillian Grace GOSDEN, 22, box maker, Quebec, 23 Westwood Ave., d/o Henry GOSDEN, blacksmith, & Louisa GRACE, witn: Doris GOSDEN of 23 Westwood & Walter GOSDEN of 36 Westwood, 3 Nov 1928 at Todmorden

Douglas GRANT, 26, cable splicer, Scotland,, 93 Queensdale Ave., s/o Charles GRANT, mason & Mary Ann TAYLOR, married Margaret BRUCE, 25, telephone operator, Scotland,, 556 Willard Ave., d/o unknown & Jane BRUCE, witn: Winifred McRITCHIE of 157 Jones Ave. & George Albert RAPSON of 45 Ulster St., 1 Dec 1928 at Knox College, Toronto

George Frederick TIBBLE, 43, farmer, Ontario, Raymond - Muskoka, s/o Albert TIBBLE, farmer, & Jan HUT, married Sarah Jane HILLMAN, 49, nurse, widow, Ontario, Raymond Muskoka, d/o Samson EARNSHAW, farmer, & Martha Jane GOULD, witn: George ? & Annie FORREST of 1011 Logan Ave. in Toronto, 10 Dec 1928

John Joseph BIGHAM, 26, window dresser, Ontario, 69 Ravina Cres., s/o George BIGHAM, mason & Jennie PANTER, married Hazel Margaret FERGUSON, 21, book keeper, Ontario, 714 Spadina Ave., d/o Robert FERGUSON, farmer, & Margaret THOMAS, witn: Jessie & Albert CAMPBELL of 614 Bloor St. West, 14 Jan 1929 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church

Harold KILLIN, 24, motor driver, England, 372 George St., s/o Thomas KILLIN, rubber manufacturer, & Mary WEAVER, married Jamesina Stephen Gilchrist GOULD, 23, domestic, Scotland,, 72 Heath St. West, d/o James GOULD, cooper, & Jane ALEXANDER, witn: John & Emily GILPIN of 188 Rockhampton Ave., 9 Feb 1929

Robert Allan CONSTABLE, 21, cable splicer, Toronto, 230 Fulton Ave., s/o Thomas CONSTABLE, market gardener, & Euphemia BROOKS, married Mary Margaret CHAMBERS, 23, stenographer, Ireland, 211 Browning Ave., d/o George CHAMBERS, clerk, & Margaret Jean CLYDE, witn: Gladys Euphemia CONSTABLE of 230 Fulton Ave & Mervyn J. SMITH of 209 Fulton Ave., 29 June 1929

Robert Roy McNAUGHTON, 29, clerk, Toronto, 488 Pape Ave., s/o Edward McNAUGHTON & Jane McBRIDE, married Agnes May CORNISH, 25, Toronto, 207 Langley, d/o Robert CORNISH & Nellie WYATT, witn: David CORNISH & Helen T. WILBEE, both of 207 Langley Ave., 3 Aug 1929

William WARD, 30, laborer, Scotland,, 25 Charles St. West, s/o John WARD, mason & Isabella STUART, married Lilian McILROY, 25, waitress, Ireland, 20 Charles St. West, d/o James McILROY, farmer, & Elizabeth McILWAINE, witn: Isabella NEWLANDS of 27 Sammon Ave & Robert TANNAHILL of 197 University Ave., 17 Jan 1930 at 27 Sammon Ave

Roland NICHOLLS, 24, engineer, Bilston England, 1069 Avenue Road, s/o John NICHOLLS, builder, & Alice Susannah WIGG, married Harriet Hannah DAVIES, 24, tailoress, Sengby? England, 215 Gamble Ave., d/o Edward DAVIES, iron worker, & Mary Ann HAYWOOD, witn: Mrs. W. & William HURST of 215 Gamble Ave., 26 March 1930 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church

Frank VANDERHART, 22, moulder, Toronto, Station D in Toronto, s/o Marino? VANDERHART, farmer, & Elizabeth STREMBLE, married Emily Roseanna SCOTT, 18, inspector, Lambton Mills Ont., 29 Bernice (Bernier?) Cres., d/o Lemuel SCOTT, teamster, & Emily Louise TRAVES, witn: John & Mrs. J. LAWSON of 77 Torrens Ave., 17 April 1930

Joseph Angus FELDCAMP, 26, moulder, Toronto, 706 Hillard Ave., s/o Joseph Thomas FELDCAMP, moulder, & Mary BRYANT, married Maria Spear SMITH, 19, operator, Scotland,, 18 Pape Place, d/o George Duncan SMITH, pipe fitter, & Mary Grant CAMERON, witn: Elsie Robb ROSS of 18 Pape Place & Em John FELDCAMP of 106 Willow Ave., 26 April 1930

Robert Hugh CROSSKERY, 29, clerk, of 187 Mortimer, s/o Robert W. CROSSKERY & Alice Beatrice FRASER, married Elsie May ADAMS, 25, Ontario, 28 Dingwall, d/o Ernest G. ADAMS & Sarah HUGHES, witn: Bertha W. FRASER of 29 Birdsall Ave N. & Donald J. CROSKERY (sic) of 187 Mortimer Ave., 7 Feb 1931 at 36 Blanford Rd., Toronto

Frederick Allen CARRUTHERS, 22, elevator operator, Ontario, 197 Holborne, s/o Thomas L. CARRUTHERS & Sarah Jane BOYLE, married Mary Charlotte PENGILLY, 23, Ontario, 197 Holborne Ave., d/o Henry William [PENGILLY] & Nora Eliz. BYRNE, witn: Olive E. & E. R. CARRUTHERS of 197 Holborne Ave., 4 July 1931 at 511 Jones Ave.

Joshua HALLIDAY, 26, salesman, England, 20 Macpherson Ave., s/o unknown HALLIDAY & unknown, married Nellie EARL, 26, England, 137 Strathmore Blvd., d/o Henry Adam Andrew EARL & Martha PARKER, witn: Margaret DUNN of 25 London St. East in Hamilton & T. W. EARL of 33 Bonnie Brae Blvd., 22 Aug 1931 at 36 Blanford Rd., Toronto

Angus WILSON, 35, gardener, Scotland,, Oakville Ont., s/o William WILSON & Ellen BARRETT, married Agnes SUMMERVILLE, 32, Scotland,, Oakville, d/o Archibald SUMMERVILLE & Marion AIRD, witn: John & Janet Gray HALL of 968 Mount Pleasant Rd., 28 Aug 1931 at 968 Mt. Pleasant Rd.,

Wilfred Thomas LITTLER, 23, cutter, Toronto, 2 Queensbury Ave. - Birch Cliff, s/o John Edward LITTLER & Sarah Hannah SHERWIN, married Marion McBride REID, 22, milliner, Toronto, 912 Carlaw Ave., d/o John REID & Agnes ROBERTSON, witn: Ellen F. DAMER of 471 Broadview Ave & J. E. LITTLER of 2 Queensbury Ave., 21 Jan 1933 at 36 Beaufort Rd.,

John McPHERSON, 27, auto trimmer, Edinburgh Scotland,, 50 Garnock (Gamock?) Ave.., s/o John McPHERSON & Eliza McKAY, married Ella Elizabeth McLEISH, 22, Scotland,, 45 Hanson, d/o John McLEISH & Clementina ROSS, witn: Jessie McPHERSON of 339 Woodfield Rd & John McLEISH of 104 Hanson, 3 June 1933 at 36 Beaufort Rd.

John A. BROWN, 27, druggist, Grey Co., Kitchener, s/o Angus BROWN & Louisa KRAUTER, married Elizabeth Hazel CRERAR, 27, Bruce Co., 40 Montgomery Ave in Toronto, d/o James CRERAR & Ethel COLWELL, witn: Isabel G. & J. H. McMILLAN of 214 Mortimer Ave., 6 July 1933 at 36 Beaufort Rd.

John Albert SMITH, 22, candy maker, Toronto, 1326 [street name not given], s/o William SMITH & Alice GRAHAM, married Clara Jane Hudson LAMB, 23, Angus Ont., 5 Rushbrook Ave., d/o Robert? LAMB & Eliza Ann DUNN, witn: Margaret LAMB of 87 Wilson Ave & James BRITTON of 16 Greenlaw Ave., 5 Nov 1933 at 5 Rushbrook

Murdo MacINNES, 28, clergyman, Stornaway Scotland,, Ora Station - Guthrie Church, s/o D. MacINNES & Mary McLEOD, married Rachel Evelyn McKAY, 23, Teeswater Ont., 546 Milverton Blvd., d/o Neil McKAY & Sarah ROSS, witn: Anna MACKAY of 546 Milverton Blvd & Roy MERCER of Clarke P.O., 18 Jan 1934 at 546 Milverton Blvd

James Lake GILLANDERS, 28, salesman, Ridgetown Ont., 32 St. Joseph St., s/o Angus GILLANDERS & Ellen LEARMOUTH, married Maria Lilian DONALDSON, 27, Neepawa Manitoba, 549 Jarvis St., d/o Thomas DONALDSON & Margaret COX, witn: J. H. BATTEN? of 340 Leslie St. & Mrs. E. REEVE of 176 Hammersmith Ave., 21 April 1934 at 36 Beaufort Rd.,

Fred MONI, 39, teamster, Toronto, 99 Dagmar Ave., s/o John MONI & Margaret BOOMER, married Elizabeth LIVINGSTONE, 39, widow, Churchill Ont., 98 Rushbrook Ave., d/o James LENNOX & Barbara ROBERTSON, witn: M. TULLANE? & Elizabeth LAMB, both of 571 Logan Ave., 7 May 1934 at 36 Beaufort Rd

Robert John WILLIAMSON, 25, meter reader, Toronto, 83 Lenty Ave., s/o E. Franklin WILLIAMSON & Eliz. Jean SHORT, married Helen Margaret WAITE, 20, Toronto, 34 Scarboro Rd., d/o John WAITE & Sadie ARMSTRONG, witn: Irene E. LYON of 69 Fernwood Park & Stewart Simpson WILLIAMSON of 83 Lenty Ave., 30 June 1934 at 265 Hammersmith

Bruce CAMPBELL, 22, Toronto, 117 Logan Ave., s/o Angus CAMPBELL & May STAUFFER, married Ellen SAGAR, 20, Toronto, 134 Boultbee Ave., d/o William SAGAR & Lillian BRADE, witn: Mary SAGAR of 134 Boultbee Ave & Francis H. SPURR of 155 Munro, 20 July 1934 at 36 Beaufort Rd.

Charles Wilberforce DUNCAN, 30, caretaker, Durham England, 7 Edmond Ave., s/o William DUNCAN & Charlotte BROWN, married Jessie Wilkie CARMICHAEL, 22, Dansie Scotland,, 122 Eaton Ave., d/o Charles CARMICHAEL & blank, witn: Charlotte DUNCAN of 122 Eaton Ave & Harry POLLOCK of 193 Donlands Ave., 1 Sept 1934 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church

William OSBORN, 22, laborer, Montreal, 159 Yarmouth Rd., s/o Robert OSBORN & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Florence Rose GOSWELL, 24, London England, 23 Chicora Ave., d/o unknown & Mary PLUMRIDGE, witn: Eveline McGILL of 81 Wheeler & N. B. COBBLEDICK of 40 Beaufort Rd., 11 Sept 1934 at 36 Beaufort Rd

Henry Jamieson REID, 58, widower, tailor, Widmar Scotland,, 2138 Queen St. East, s/o Alexander REID & M. S. RAE, married Margaret Adam SMITH, 54, Aberdeen Scotland,, 149 Lansdowne Ave., d/o James SMITH & M. J. EDDIE, witn: Ian G. REID of 2138 Queen St. East & Alice STRONACH of 833 Lake Shore Rd., 24 Sept 1934 at 212 Hamilton St.

Robert REA, 25, ships oiler, Ireland, 700 Gerrard St. East, s/o Thomas REA & Eliz. LONGRIGE, married Frances Ann BAIN, 26, Ireland, 25 Withrow Ave., d/o Isaac BAIN & Martha WOODS, witn: Eva & David C. McC. McCULLOUGH of 190 Mortimer Ave., 5 Dec 1934 at 36 Beaufort Rd

Arthur Edward William ROUSE, 23, mechanic, Bristol England, 112 Millwood Rd., s/o Arthur ROUSE & Marion Annie LOLLAS, married Violet Laura CROSSLEY, 21, Toronto, 167 Rose Park Dr., d/o Arthur George CROSSLEY & Lily FREEMAN, witn: Arthur George CROSSLEY of 985 Gerrard St. East & Donald ROUSE of 58 Maitland St., 30 March 1935 at 36 Beaufort Rd

William Wilmott VANVALKENBURG, 55, widower, Foxborough Ont., Orillia Ont., s/o John VANVALKENBURG & Phoebe JUNKIN, married Maud WATSON, 55, widow, Barrie Ont., Orillia Ont., d/o John McLENNAN & Mary Ann McKAY, witn: Charles H. & Mary Jane ELLIOTT of 154 Essex Ave., 15 June [no year given]

Norman Leslie McCAMMON, 49, divorced, buyer, Albany NY, Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto, s/o John McCAMMON & Laura FOOTE, married Mary GILLANDERS, 37, Highgate Ont., 210 Wychwood in Toronto, d/o Angus GILLANDERS & Helen LEARMOUTH, witn: Isabella GILLANDERS of Shelburne Ont., 12 Aug 1935 at Calvin Presbyterian

Sidney Albert PENFORD, 24, glass worker, Toronto, 268 Gowan Ave in East York, s/o Richard PENFORD & Mary TUCKER, married Margaret Jean STEWART, 22, factory worker, Toronto, 132 Mortimer, d/o Alex STEWART & Margaret SEYMORE, witn: Violet Doris PENFORD of 268 Gowan Ave & Gordon STEWART of 132 Mortimer Ave., 20 Sept 1935 at Todmorden Presbyterian Church

Allan McKenzie GORDON, 35, carpenter, Aberdeen Scotland,, 885 Broadview, s/o James GORDON & Mary MOIR, married Isabella Smith McINALLY, 33, Edinburgh Scotland,, Rear of Cambridge Ave., d/o John McINALLY & Barbara McINTOSH, witn: Lillian C. RODGER of 25 Beechwood Dr & A. ROGERS of 63 Westwood Ave., 26 Oct 1935 at 36 Beaufort Rd.

Matthew Little MARSHALL, 54, widower, chauffeur, Scotland,, 297 Pape Ave., s/o William MARSHALL & Mary LITTLE, married Hannah YOUNG, 44, Scotland,, 207 Gowan Ave in East York, d/o William YOUNG & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: Isabella & William MARSHALL of 297 Pape Ave., 2 Nov 1935 at 36 Beaufort Rd

Dalton Ray LEWIS, 29, mechanic, Uxbridge Ont., 4 Falwin Cres., s/o John LEWIS & Pearl YAKE, married Muriel Heaton THORNTON, 23, clerk, Toronto, 124 Robina Ave in York twp., d/o Thomas THORNTON & Amelia HEATON, witn: G. F. BURTON of 322 Robina Ave & Edna THORNTON of 124 Robina Ave., 2 Nov 1935 at Oakwood Presbyterian Church

Winston Campbell BAIN, 25, clerk, Ladawanna NY, 2006 Main St. in Niagara Falls, s/o harry BAIN & Corine? MISENER, married Annie Maud OVERALL, 28, Virgil Ont., 2100 Main St. in Niagara Falls, d/o William Joseph OVERALL & Annie Sophia WALKER, witn: Agnes M. & R.R. McNAUGHTON of 233 Langley Ave., no date given, at 36 Beaufort Rd

George Elliot Ernest GAMBELL, 25, machine feeder, Snelgrove Ont., 104 Aldwych Ave in East York, s/o Stephen GAMBELL & Mary CURBUSTON?, married Elizabeth Mason WILSON, 22, Aberdeen Scotland,, 30 Dilworth Cres in East York, d/o George MURISON (sic) & Margaret DAVIE, witn: Margaret M. WILSON of 30 Dilworth Cres & J. BRIGHTER? of 355 Westmoreland Ave., 7 March 1936 at 36 Beaufort Rd

Jack GILRAY, 25, salesman, Toronto, 2048A Danforth Ave., s/o Arthur GILRAY & Beatrice GARDINER, married Dora Ursula DURRANT, 26, England, 697 Rhodes Ave., d/o George DURRANT & Mildred Jane BLY, witn: F.F. SIMPSON of 441 Woodfield Rd & Victor H. BOULTON of 2048A Danforth Ave., 1 June 1936 at 36 Beaufort Rd

David MAXWELL, 31, maker of printers ink, Lanarkshire Scotland,, 35 Pembroke St., s/o James MAXWELL & Eliza SLOAN, married Mary LIDDELL, 26, Scotland,, 15 Lakeside Dr., d/o William LIDDLE (sic) & Mary O'NEILL, witn: Martha O'NEIL of 164 Glencairn Ave & George GADSDEN? of 35 Pembroke St., 5 June 1936 at 1320 Pape Ave

Elgin Arthur BROWN, 40, street railway conductor, Toronto, 23 Chester Ave., s/o William BROWN & Mary Ann HAWKINS, married Sarah Jane CRAIG, 35, Ireland, 137 Munro St., d/o David CRAIG & Sarah REILLY, witn: Tillie? CRAIG of 137 Munro & K. S. BRINDLE of 1 Hoyle Ave., 10 June 1936 at 36 Beaufort Rd

George Clifford YEATES, 26, golf ball moulder, England, 88 Muriel Ave in East York, s/o George YEATES & Emily RICHARDSON, married Violet Doris PENFORD, 28, Ontario, 268 Gowan Ave in East York, d/o Richard PENFORD & Mary TUCKER, witn: Jean PENFORD of 132 Mortimer & H. DENNIS of 78 Aldwych, 4 July 1936 at Old Todmorden Presbyterian Church

John McKAY, 43, widower, accountant, Chicago Illinois, 435 Sherbourne, s/o John McKAY & Edith BROWNLEE, married Rhoda BELLERBY, 27, Shelburne Ont., 100 Douglas Dr., d/o Charles Nelson BELLERBY & Rebecca Jane JACKSON, witn: Constance Ivy RAY of 134 Holland Park Ave & James MELLON of 40 College St., 11 July 1936 at 435 Sherbourne St.,

Archibald Fairlie McGOWAN, 25, clerk, Scotland,, 194 Torrens Ave. in East York, s/o James McGOWAN & Beatrice WOOD, married Agnes Young HUGHES, 23, clerk, Scotland,, 311 Gowan Ave in East York, d/o Peter Murray HUGHES & Jane ANDERSON, witn: Archie HUGHES of 311 Gowan & Myrtle JARDINE of 94 Gowan Ave., 1 Aug 1936 at Westminster Presbyterian church [with note" First wedding in new church"]

Thomas Edwin FOSTER, 22, milk salesman, Toronto, 538 Mortimer, s/o Edwin John FOSTER & Mary Florence CONLEY, married Elsie Grace WALLACE, 24, Sulphide Ont., 32 Sammon Ave., d/o James Frederick WALLACE & Eva Gertrude PRICE, witn: Amy MEADES of 921 Logan Ave & G. MOASE of 24 Galt Ave., 7 p.m., 1 Aug [no year given] at 32 Sammon Ave in East York

George ROBERTSON, 51, widower, brick layer, Glasgow Scotland,, 37 Victoria Park, s/o George ROBERTSON & Martha GALT, married Emily Lily WATTS, 42, cook, widow, London England, 81 Kent Rd., d/o William James HUGHES & Julia PHAIR, witn: Murdoch & Mary McIVER of 151 Mortimer Ave., 8 Aug 1936 at Church Vestry

Gilbert MacPHERSON, 22, accountant, Scotland,, 155 Gowan Ave in East York, s/o James McPHERSON (sic) & Margaret S. MAIR, married Catherine Margaret McIVER, 21, Ontario, 151 Mortimer, d/o Murdoch McIVER & Mary GLENN, witn: Pauline H. MARTER of 30 Albertus Ave & Russell TODD of 400 Avenue Rd., 19 Sept 1936 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Bruce McKAY, 25, salesman, Scotland,, 388 Indian Rd., s/o Angus McKAY & Grace FORD, marred Luella Mae HEATLIE, 27, Mariposa Ont., 135 Woodycrest, d/o Thomas HEATLIE & Mabel W. WESTERN, witn: Agnes & Archie McGOWAN of 311 Gowan Ave, no date or location given

William Norris GRAY, 22, trucker, Toronto, McLean Ave in Toronto, s/o not given, married Thelma Beatrice WESTON, 19, Sarnia Ont., 184 North Woodycrest, d/o not given, witn: Mrs. Alice PEARSON & Joseph F. BELFORD, both of 14 Fielding Ave., 10 Oct. 1936 at 36 Beaufort Rd

Ronald George GREEN, 22, baker, Wales, 187 Torrens Ave in East York, s/o Albert George GREEN & Alice Rachel BRITNELL, married Isabel Annie BEE, 20, Toronto, 626 Northcliffe Blvd in York twp., d/o Joseph Gordon BEE & Margaret SMITH, witn: Florence May GREEN of 187 Torrens & Arthur JOHNSON of 87 Hannaford Ave., 14 Nov 1936

Wilfred Thompson FARNDON, 21, box maker, Toronto, 30 Hemlock Ave., s/o harry FARNDON & Phoebe CHAPMAN, married Helen May STITT, 20, box maker, Toronto, 177 Sammon, d/o James STITT & Sarah BELL, witn: B. SANDERS of 115 Coleman Ave & S. FARNDON of 30 Hemlock Ave., 21 Nov 1936 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

James McQUEEN, 28, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 11 Lola Rd., s/o John McQUEEN & Annie HASTINGS, married Margaret Alice LAMB, 24, Angus Ont., 111 Caroline, d/o Herbert LAMB & Elizabeth DUNN, witn: Thelma MORRISON & John LAMB, both of 111 Caroline Ave., 9 Jan 1937 at 111 Caroline Ave.

Harold James LIDDIARD, 20, machinist, Toronto, 120 Earl Gray Rd., s/o Frank LIDDIARD & Bernadette TRUDELL, married Florence Lily CHALMERS, 16 [with father's consent], Toronto, 119 Sammon Ave in East York, d/o Alex CHALMERS & Fanny TROBRIDGE, witn: Dan BOOHAR? of 70 Ferrier Ave & Hilda CHALMERS of 119 Sammon Ave., 15 March 1837 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Gordon GREEN, 29, photographer, Westport Ont., 802 Bloor, s/o not given, married Jean OSBORN, no age given, Orillia Ont., 802 Bloor, d/o David OSBORN & Vera HARE, witn: Jessie & George JOLLEY of 802 Bloor, March 1937 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Clarence Howard FORD, 39, CNR Marine Dept., Elma? NY, 1287 Windermere, s/o Asa B. FORD & Emilie CANNING, married Margaret Ellen McEACHERN, 37, Caledon East Ont., 61 Gowan (Cowan?), witn: Donald McEACHERN & Annie McDOUGAL, witn: Miss Mabel Adelene GUNBY of 113 Brandon Ave & Edward T. GRAY of 255 Oakwood Ave., no date or location given

William George KELLY, 19, laborer, Toronto, 1018 Pape Ave., s/o William KELLY & Sarah LEITCH, married Doris May ARNOLD, 17, Hamilton, 18 Cosburn Ave in East York, d/o John WOODOCK (sic) & Levina STREMBLE, witn: Leonard BEVERLEY of 166 Gamble Ave & Peter YOUNG of 207 Gowan Ave., 11 May 1937 at 36 Beaufort Rd.

Edward SMITH, 26, printer, Toronto, 149 Don Mills Rd., s/o Benjamin John SMITH & Jenny DAVENPORT, married Florence Estella HALLARD, 24, divorced, Orillia Ont, 149 Don Mills, d/o Samuel SIMMONDS & Elizabeth MacDONALD, witn: Lillian SMITH of 12 Hassard Ave & Beverley SMITH of 185 Barrington Ave., 22 May 1937 At Westminster Presbyterian Church

Dennis Wilbert WHALEN, no age given, widower, garage superintendent, Beaverton Ont. 259 Hastings Ave., s/o Dennis WHALEN & Margaret COWIE, married Lily Catherine Maud ADAMS, d/o William ADAMS & Lily GODDEN, witn: Mrs. Dorothy & Arthur SEARS of 1082 Pape Ave., 26 June 1937 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

James McGAFFIN, 26, plumber, Glasgow Scotland,, 596 Spadina, s/o James McGAFFIN & Emily STAIN, married Marie HOWATT, 22, Calgary Alberta, 487 Elm Ave. in Toronto, d/o Edgar HOWATT & Martha SOLEY, witn: Virginia CROSBY of 190 Elm Ave in Windsor & T?. ARCHER of 52 Florence Cres in Toronto, 26 June 1937 at 596 Spadina Ave

Harold Davidson McCALL, 28, hydro electric plant operator, Waubaushene, Severn Park Ont., s/o John Davidson McCALL & Nellie PAXTON, married Buela Leona FISHER, 26, Stayner Ont., 137 Elm St. in Midland, d/o Thomas FISHER & Stella COOK, witn: Agnes & Archibald McGOWAN of 311 Gowan Ave., 26 June 1937 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Wilfred McGREADY, 30, furrier, Ireland, 44 Monarch Park, s/o John Bailey McGREADY & Margaret BROWN, married Rebecca TAYLOR, 28, Ireland, 29 Aldwych Ave., d/o Robert TAYLOR & Marjory STEWART, witn: Marjorie ROBINSON of 29 Aldwych Ave & Robert Boyd McCORMICK of 97 Woodycrest Ave., 17 July 1937 at Westminster Presbyterian Church

Hans SCHMIDT, 30, transport driver, Berlin Germany, 9 College St., s/o Ernest SCHMIDT & Magda LODWE, married Dorothy Margaret LAMB, 20, Toronto, 1003 Kingston Rd., d/o Joseph LAMB & Gladys HOWARD, witn: Mary GLOWINSKI of 2 Adrian Ave & Roy WEBB of 400A Parliament Apt. B., no date or location given

end of register