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Toronto, 1903, part 2

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3564-03 Ernest ALLWARD, 23, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o Charles ALLWARD & Rebecca REID, married Mary Catherine FAIR, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Robert FAIR & Lucy? ABER?, witn: A. W. DURNAN & Winnie FAIR, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1903 1787-03 Eli ARMITAGE, 63, widower, shipper, Newmarket, same, s/o Seth ARMITAGE & Annie PHILLIPS, married A. Isabella ROGERS, 47, widow, Glenville Ont., Newmarket, d/o William MUNRO & Elizabeth GORDON, witn: W. MUNRO & Mrs. E.H. BOLTON, both of Toronto, 23 May 1903
003235-03,  Robert ARMSTRONG, 29, Commercial Traveller, Canada, Toronto, s/o Samuel ARMSTRONG & Margaret GRANDHOUSE, married Maggie BAILIE, 29, United States, Toronto, d/o George Henry BAILIE & Alice TARNVILLIGE?, witn: M. Gibbon NORMAN & Carrie WOODHALL both of Toronto, 11 Jul 1903 at Toronto 3117-03 John Campbell ARMSTRONG, 23, butcher, Ontario, Chester, s/o James ARMSTRONG & Ann Jane CAMPBELL, married Margaret Rogers CAMPBELL, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William CAMPBELL & Mary Ann STURGEON, witn: Robert ARMSTRONG of Chester & Louisa TROTTER of Toronto, 28 Oct 1903
  3566-03 Robert Milne ASHER, 25, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Alexander ASHER & Jenny Hardy DAVIDSON, married Gertrude Elizabeth ADAMS, 24, Stratford, Toronto, d/o George Edwin ADAMS & Susanna Isabella RO--Y?, witn: John ELLIOTT & Ethel GLASSY, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903
#002994-03 - John BAIN, 25, milk dealer, Toronto, same, s/o Patrick & Johannah, married Blanche ROYAL, 24 (or 21), Toronto, same, d/o Robert ROYAL & Mary LAMBRICK, witn: Thomas MOYNAHAN & Mary ROYAL, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1903 (Rom Cath)

003231-03,  Shipley West BANKES, 31, dentist, New York City, Washington D.C., s/o Frederick BANKES & Ida W. GREY, married Elizabeth Newton KING, 28, Toronto, same, d/o John D. KING & Gloria NEWTON, witn: Claude D. BANKES of Elmira New York & John B. KING of Toronto, 10 Nov 1903 at Toronto.

1916-03 Frederick BEACH, 33, farmer, South Gower Ont., same, s/o Benjamin BEACH & Mary, married Minnie WILLIAMSON, 26, Whitfield Ont., Toronto, d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON & Jane, witn: Annie BRENNAN & Janet ATKINSON, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903  
001564-03,  David M. BILLINGS (Wid), 61, Farmer, Clarke Twp, Durham Co, s/o Samuel BILLINGS & Julia FISHER, married Isabella HAMLINE (Wid), 51, Albion Twp, Toronto, d/o Joseph HENDERSON & Margaret SANDERSON, witn: Harold A. & H.A.H. CHAMBERS both of Toronto, 18 Mar 1903 at Toronto 1912-03 James BLACK, 55, widower, cooper, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John BLACK & Eliza HOGG, married Catherine ENRIGHT, 32, Toronto, same, d/o Dennis ENRIGHT & Ellen COSGROVE, witn: Camilia SANDERSON & Eveline CANFIELD, both of Toronto, 9 June 1903
003232-03,  Henry V. BLACKBURN, 36, Soap Boiler, England, Toronto Jct, s/o Reginald BLACKBURN & Martha OATES, married Alice E. MELBOURNE (Wid), 32, England, Toronto Jct, d/o William INESON & Ruth C. FARRAR, witn: Alice STEWART of Meaford & Roberta G. GILVAY of Toronto, 5 Sep 1903 at Toronto 1914-03 John BOLTON, 26, bottler, Whitby, Toronto, s/o Henry BOULTON (sic) & Susalina BARTLETT, married Lydia BENNETT, 26, British West Indies, Toronto, d/o John BENNETT & Ann JOHN, witn: John O'ROURKE & Mary BRENNAN, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903
1049-05 Francis BOND, 23, painter, England, Toronto, s/o Fred BOND & Mary DUDLEY, married Mabel COONEY, 18, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o Alfred COONEY & Kate CADLIER, witn: M. TRUSDALE & Nora WHITEBREAD, both of Toronto, 4 March 1903

1048-05 Arthur BONNESTEEL (Bonesteel?), 30, clerk, Hastings, Toronto, s/o Arthur BONNESTEEL & blank, married Gusie DeF. MARKS, 25, New York, same, d/o Morse MARKS & Hattie CRONMILLER, witn: H.A. & Kathleen PEARSON of Toronto, 19 July 1903

001037/05 John Anderson BROWN, 61, widower, farmer, Woodbridge, Shy Hill N.W.T., s/o John BROWN & Hannah BURKHOLDER, married Annie WHYTE, 44, widow, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Park SCOTT & Margaret MILLS, witn: William & Margaret WHYTE of Toronto, 5 Feb 1903

3523-03 Henry T. BROWN, 28, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles BROWN & Emma TALBOT, married Bertha JOHNSTON, 22, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Henry JOHNSTON & Mildred CAMERON, witn: John D. LAMONT & Alena WINTERBURGH, both of Toronto, 21 Oct 1903
3528-03 Robert CAMPBELL, 23, merchant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Eggleston CAMPBELL & Rebecca WALLACE, married Louisa MERKT?, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Gustave MERKT & Louisa WINTERBURN, witn: George WOODHOUSE & Lottie MARKT?, both of Toronto, 26 Aug 1903 1920-03 George Francis CARRUTHERS, 28, farmer, Downsview, same, s/o George CARRUTHERS & Mary Ann WATSON, married Jessie Ann SCOTT, 26, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o James SCOTT & Jessie THOMPSON, witn: Bert James CARRUTHERS of Downsview & Olive Louise SCOTT of Toronto, 3 June 1903
1793-03 William CARSON, 25, engine fitter, Stratford, Toronto, s/o Robert CARSON & Sarah KELLY, married Maggie KAISER, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Samuel KAISER & Sarah SMITH, witn: John KAISER & Mrs. A. COULTER, both of Toronto, 25 May 1903  
1797-03 Asher COLE, 22, farmer, Ohio US, same, s/o Asher Minor? COLE & Louisa E. CHANNING, married Elizabeth M. FISHER, 19, Ohio US, same, d/o Albert John FISHER & Harriet BARNES, witn: O.A. & Carol COLE of Toronto, 11 May 1903 3558-03 Patrick James COLLERAN, 45, blacksmith, New York, Toronto, s/o Thomas COLLERAN & Mary CHERRY, married Agnes WHITTEN, 43, widow, Niagara on the Lake, Toronto, d/o Frederick BROWN & Ellen McNAMARA, witn: William & Nellie SMITH of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903
1050-05 Thomas W. CONLAN, 30, book keeper, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas CONLAN & Rachel KERRISON, married Clara Marie HILLOCK, 29, Toronto, same, d/o Frank HILLOCK & Marg WILKINSON, witn: W.M. BOWMAN & Bertha HILLOCK, both of Toronto, 30 June 1903

3567-03 Harold COOK, 26, cigar manufacturer, England, Owen Sound, s/o James COOK & Loffida? SMITH, married Annie WAKEFIELD, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Henry WAKEFIELD & Jane CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Franklin BURKHOLDER & Florence? WAKEFIELD, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1903

003236-03,  Henry James COX, 29, Clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Henry James COX & Annie SHIPP, married Emma Dawson PHILIPPS (should be Phillips?), 24, Toronto, same, d/o Francis PHILIPPS & Eleanor BATH, witn: Arthur L. COX & Rose Bath PHILIPPS both of Toronto, 11 Nov 1903 at Toronto 02354-03 (York Co) Redford L. CRAWFORD, 21, painter, Toronto, same, s/o Redford CRAWFORD & Elizabeth BACKUS, married Emma FINCH, 20, Toronto, same, d/o John FINCH & Kate VAUGHN, witn: Elizabeth CRAWFORD & Lena FINCH both of Toronto, 17 Jun 1903 at Toronto
3527-03 Ira Howard CROSBY, 26, agent, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Ira G. CROSBY & Frances W. SPEIGHT, married Winnifred Laura HAMBLY, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William J. HAMBLY & Fanny JACKMAN, witn: Godfrey HAMBLY & Vickie? TOMLINSON, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903 3525-03 William Henry CRUIKSHANK, 29, molder, Toronto, same, s/o William CRUIKSHANK & Mary ROWE, married Maud (Maria?) E. PARROTT, 32, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph PARROTT & Jane HAWKINS, witn: Lavina? & Bertha PARROTT of Toronto, 25 Nov 1903
3556-03 John James Wilkes DAVIES, 21, concrete layer, London England, Toronto, s/o Richard DAVIES & Mary Ann MARCHMENT, married Rachel LITTLEJOHN, 23, Pickering, Toronto, d/o Jotson? LITTLEJOHN & Margaret JONES, witn: Percy DAVIES & Lena GARLICK, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903 001562-03,  William Ernest DAVIES, 23, Concrete Layer, Toronto, same, s/o Isaac DAVIES & Martha GARDINER, married Eugenie WRIGHT, 23, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o John WRIGHT & Anna PARENT, witn: George MORRISON & Lottie PETRIE both of Toronto, 13 Apr 1903 at Toronto
1785-03 William DAVIS, 36, widower, brick layer, England, Toronto, s/o George DAVIS & Mary EVANS, married Louisa Charlotte FOUNTAINE, 28, Toronto, same, d/o George FOUNTAINE & Louisa WHITEHEAD, witn: Evan DAVIS & Annie STEPHENS, both of Toronto, 22 May 1903 3606-03 Ottoman Hugo DE CASTONGRENE, 37, printer, France, Chicago, s/o Ottoman Hugo DE CASTONGRENE & Anna LIBGENSKOLA, married Mary Ann SMITH, 26, Berlin Ont., Toronto, d/o Charles James SMITH & Eliza RUSSELL, witn: Charles J. & Emily SMITH of Toronto, 29 Dec 1903
1796-03 Harry Stewart DOANE, 25, clerk, Port Dover, Toronto, s/o George Gordon DOANE & Theresa RUSLING, married Clara CRANFORD (Crawford?), 27, widow, Richmond Hill, Toronto, d/o William ANDERSON & Elizabeth GLENDENNING, witn: Walter ANDERSON of Richmond Hill & M. VENABLES of Toronto, 23 May 1903 001574-03,  Joseph DOYLE, 31, Traveller, Newcastle N.B., Toronto, s/o William DOYLE & Margaret HICKY, married Margaret DEVLIN, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Hugh DEVLIN & Helen McVEAN, witn: Jennie & Maggie McKINLEY of Toronto, 13 Apr 1903 at Toronto, (Rom Cath).
1918-03 James Haber DUNDASS, 26, bookkeeper, Elm Grove, Toronto, s/o James DUNDASS & Susannah DEAN, married Ada Ethel ATKINSON, 26, West Essa, Toronto, d/o Robert ATKINSON & Fanny SHEPHERD, witn: Robert AGUES & Margaret PARRY, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903 1915-03 Frederick Thomas EASTLEY, 26, manufacturer, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick THOMAS (sic) & Mary Ann LUGGAN, married Julia Alice WHITE, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Edward Charles WHITE & Susannah H. HASTING, witn: Arthur Charles EASTLEY & S. LAMB, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903
3613-03 Alfred Norman ECCLESTONE, 31, piano illegible, Ontario, Guelph, s/o Y. Joselin ECCLESTONE & Amelia Jane BURGESS, married Florence Eliza WATSON, 29 (24?), England, Toronto, d/o Thomas WATSON & Ellen GRIFFITH, witn: A. R. ECCLESTONE & Helen B. WATSON, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1903 3555-03 Charles Eli EGGETT, 21, organist, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Charles EGGETT & Mary HEIMEL?, married Emma A--? BEDFORD, 21, Ashland Pa., Barnesville Pa., d/o Charles BEDFORD & Louisa REID, witn: Elizabeth GILROY of Toronto & Mrs. McKICHRAN of Hamilton, 25 Dec 1903
3570-03 Frederick Sheldon ENGLISH, 23, draper, Belleville, Toronto, s/o George N. ENGLISH & Harriet BROOKER, married Ella May NEWMAN, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Charles NEWMAN & Essie? HARE?, witn: Percy C. ARMSTRONG & Eva E. NEWMAN, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903 003228-03,  Edward N. ENGLISH, 28, Blacksmith, Ontario, Midland, s/o edward N. ENGLISH & Mary N. NUGENT, married Minnie C. McRAE, 26, Ontario, Wyebridge, d/o Nelson McRAE & Civila EAKINS, witn: J. C. JOHNSTON & Lilie ODERY both of Toronto, 21 Oct 1903 at Toronto
3534-03 Copland William EVANS, 22, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o William Robert EVANS & Flora CROSBIE, married Mary Anna ANSCOMBE, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph ANSCOMBE & Frances BLAKEY, witn: H. Fawcett KIRKPATRICK & Bernice DUNN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 003239-03,  George James EVEREST, 28, Milk Dealer, Scarboro, Wobourn, s/o Thomas EVEREST & Elizabeth HOFFMAIDER, married Elsie M. ODELL, 19, Scarboro, same, d/o Charles ODELL & Fanny VIRGIN, witn: M.A.FALLING & J. ODELL both of Toronto, 11 Nov 1903 at Toronto
  3118-03 Joseph R. FARLEY, 21, moulder, Daleville Ind., same, s/o Thomas FARLEY & Julia DICKERSON, married Mary Ann COLLINS, 21, Whitby, same, d/o Richard COLLINS & Amelia BAILEY, witn: M.M. KARSIE of Toronto & Mabel COLLINS of Whitby, 21 Oct 1903
3571-03 Wesley FARRELL, 23, teamster, unknown birth place, Toronto, s/o Thomas FARRELL & Eliza HAYS, married Maggie JOYCE, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William & blank, witn: William WATSON & Lizzie FARRELL (Flewell?), both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1903 03076-03 (York Co) George Rowland FINCH, 36, minister, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas FINCH & Susannah JONES, married Lydia Harriet Amy WHITE, 35, Toronto, same, d/o Alfred WHITE & Eliza RAYNOR, witn: Percy E. THING of Toronto & Ethel A. REID of London, 14 Oct 1903 at Toronto
3598-03 Percy FITZSIMMONS, 21, machinist, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Charles FITZSIMMONS & Jessie WATERS, married Ellen COOK, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William COOK & Mary CLARK, witn: J. C. & Eva JOHNSTON of Toronto, 26 Dec 1903 001565-03,  Julius John W. FLEURY, 25, Farmer, York Co, Toronto, s/o William FLEURY & Selina BREULS, married Nellie HARRIS, 26, Toronto, same, d/o William HARRIS & Caroline RICHARDSON, witn: Ralph S. FLEURY & Winnifred HARRIS both of Toronto, 2 Apr 1903
1790-03 Joseph William FRANCIS, 24, gardener, Deer Park, same, s/o Joseph FRANCIS & Elizabeth TATTLE, married Lillian May McCANN, 23, Toronto, same, d/o James McCANN & Jane BRENNAN, witn: Robert FRANCIS of Deer Park & Ida FISHER of Toronto, 23 May 1903  
3605-03 Robert GOODFELLOW, 36, laborer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John GOODFELLOW & Hannah TAYLOR, married Alice Constance TATMAN? (Tabman?), 30 (36?), England, Toronto, d/o John TABMAN & Mary Ann BURRELL, wtn: James BURRELL & Annie SMITH, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1903 3576-03 Walt GOODMAN, 25, polisher, Romania, Toronto, s/o Israel GOODMAN & Rachel BRAUNE, married Lizzie HERSTORM?, 18, Russia, Toronto, d/o Lazar HERSTORON? & Dobie KEZINEFULA?, witn: Samuel & Wolf RORFELD of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903
3601-03 Henry GORDON, 22, traveller, Wood--?, Toronto, s/o Herbert GORDON & Eliza PIERSON, married Minerva? Bell FLETCHER, 22, Brampton, Toronto, d/o J.J. FLETCHER & Jane HARDY, witn: W. J. GORDON & Bessie KYLE, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1903 3559-03 Frank Bartholomew GOULD, 23, filer, Markham, Markham twp., s/o Jonathan B. GOULD & Amanda PLANT, married Elma Lewy WELSH, 20, Markham, res not given, d/o Robert WELSH & Ella LE ROY, witn: Wilfred HILL of Thornton & Clarence HILL of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903
1919-03 George Ernest GRIFFITH, 27, traveler, Hamilton, Montreal, s/o George GRIFFITH & Elizabeth SMITH, married Rebecca MITCHELL, 27, Woodbridge, Toronto, d/o John MITCHELL & Maggie KAISER, witn: William A. MITCHELL & Bertha Jane LOCKE, both of Toronto, 9 June 1903 3123-03 Alfred HARDING, 26, teamster, London England, Toronto, s/o George HARDY (sic) & Clara BRICKER (Breeker?), married Maggie McCONNELL, 26, Streetsville, Toronto, d/o John McCONNELL & Mary DIANNA, witn: J.M. GRAHAM & May McCONNELL, both of Toronto, 21 Oct 1903
3592-03 Thomas? H. HARRISON, 28, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Thomas HARRISON & Mary CARLISLE, married Georgina B. BACKUS, 20, Toronto, same, d/o George BACKUS & Beatrice PARSONS, witn: R. PARSONS & Ethel DOYLE, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1903 3561-03 Henry Peter HEINTZMAN, 21, operator, Phil. USA, Toronto, s/o Anthony HEINTZMAN & Caroline ECKART, married Beatrice Louisa Caroline THOMAS, 22, Whitby, Toronto, d/o Matthew THOMAS & Nellie SMITH, witn: William G. HEINTZMAN & Clara E. V. THOMAS, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1903
3609-03 Gustave Adolphe HENRY, 29, diamond seller, Germany, Toronto, s/o Ludwig & Caroline, married Caroline A. KRAMER, 31, widow, Toronto, same, d/o Adam REHBERGER & Rosa, witn: Carl F. HENRY of Toronto & Mrs. Richard WAGONER of Berlin Ont., 24 Dec 1903 3577-03 Edward William HERMAN, 34, musician, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Royal WILKINSON (sic) & Olive JEFFS, married Mary Ann WEBDALE, 29, England, Toronto, d/o William [WEBDALE] & Sarah BIARD (Beam?), witn: Alfred WEBDALE of Buffalo NY, 24 Dec 1903
3572-03 Andrew M. HERON, 29, farmer, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, s/o Archibald HERON & Martha HENRY, married Emma SCOTT, 29, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, d/o William SCOTT & Martha McDOUL?, witn: John B. HERON of Scarboro & Edna WAINWRIGHT of Toronto, 16 Dec 1903 3539-03 Thomas HEWITT, 36, machinist, Ontario, Toronto Junction, s/o George HEWITT & blank STEWART, married Lillia LA GROS, 26, Newfoundland, Toronto Junction, d/o Edward LA GROS & blank THISTLE (Thiske?), witn: Charles HOBSON & Caroline M. JACKSON, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903
3536-03 Thomas Andrew HILL, 25, dairy man, Alliston, same, s/o James Walton HILL & Isabella McCUTCHEON, married Bertha Helen WILLIAMS, 26, widow, Chatham Ont?., Toronto, d/o James HANDYFIELD & Esther ROBERTSON, witn: Thomas HENDERSON & Ida J. FASKEN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 3596-03 Charles HOHMAN (Hehman?), 45, widower, real estate broker, USA, same, s/o Ernest W. HOHMAN & Caroline SILBY, married Christena JONES, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Champion JONES & Christena MORRISON, witn: Wallace C. & Ruth JONES of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3120-03 Lewis Melvin HUBBARD, 23, clerk, Delhi, Toronto, s/o Ralph HUBBARD & Emma BANN (Baun?), married Ida Ella GIBSON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o William GIBSON & Isabella WHITESIDE, witn: R. SMITH & Lilia GIBSON, both of Toronto, 23 Sept 1903  
3594-03 William R. HUGHES, 29, widower, machinist, Wales, Toronto, s/o Richard HUGHES & Louisa DAVIS, married Annabel FOSTER, 21, New York, Toronto, d/o Frank FOSTER & Ann ELLINS?, witn: Edward J. BERRY of Montreal & Josephine FOSTER of Toronto, 19 Dec 1903 3617-03 William Alfred HURDEN (Harden?), 23, railroad, England, Toronto, s/o William HURDEN & Emily TURNER, married Margaret Frances ROGERS, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas ROGERS & Eliza MORRIS, witn: Isabella URQUHART & W.J. GOORE?, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3129-03 John HUTCHINS, 29, fireman, Lucan Ont., Toronto, s/o Willard & Mary HUTCHINS, married Margaret SCHAEFER, 29, Germany, Toronto, d/o unknown & Mary SCHAEFER, witn: Mrs. St.CLAIR & Mrs. BROWN, both of Toronto, 29 Oct 1903 003237-03,  Douglas R.G. HUTCHINSON, 22, Waiter, England, Toronto, s/o Lewis H. HUTCHINSON & Emma Eliza HOCKLEY, married Constance E. CASWELL, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Henry Robert CASWELL & Anna BOURMAN, witn: Helen C. BOUGHAM & Mary LAVENDER both of Toronto, 10 Nov 1903 at Toronto
3526-03 Robert IRWIN, 21, slater, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Joseph IRWIN & Ann PURSY? (Piercy?), married Maud ROGERS, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Frederick ROGERS & Alemeda ADAMS, witn: Aaron ELLIOTT & Grace ROGERS, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1903 3524-03 John JACKSON, 27, shoe maker, England, Toronto, s/o Robert JACKSON & Eliza COULSON, married Mabel WARRINER, 17, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George WARRINER & Ruth BARNETT, witn: George STARR & Eliz. HELSON, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1903
  1917-03 William JAFFRAY, 23, silver plate Co., Scotland, Toronto, s/o William JAFFRAY & Margaret GALLEN, married Annie Carr STIRLING, 22, Toronto, same, d/o A.F.A. STIRLING & Annie CARR, witn: Archibald BADGER & Annie CRONAN, both of Toronto, 2 June 1903
003233-03,  Allan M. JONES, 29, Civil Engineer, St Marys, Belleville, s/o Charles S. JONES & Helen A. MACDONALD, married Marion G. BARKER, 26, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Robert BARKER & Annie SIMPSON, witn: W.C. HART of Baltimore & E.G. GORDON of Montreal, 11 Nov 1903 at Toronto 3529-03 Henry KEEN, 24, cook, England, Toronto, s/o William & blank, married Maria? DONALDSON, 24, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William DONALDSON & Kate WALSH (Welsh?), witn: Thomas & Kate TEDFORD of Toronto, 7 Sept 1903
3618-03 Alfred KNIGHT, 27, sheet worker, Canada, Ingersoll, s/o George KNIGHT & Annie FISHER, married Henrietta SPINLORE, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o George SPINLORE & Phoebe JAMES, witn: Edward LANG & Jennie SPINLORE, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1903 3607-03 Noah LABELLE, 26, harness maker, Ontario, Winnipeg, s/o Joseph LABELLE & Scholastique BEAUCHAMP, married Flora McGREGOR, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Donald McGREGOR & Anna COOPER, witn: Mary McGREGOR of Toronto & Alex LABELLE of Michigan, 29 Dec 1903
3574-03 George William LANE, 44, general agent, England, Toronto, s/o George W. LANE & Kate WARD, married Mary DARCY, 58, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thompson JOHNSON & Nancy MOORE, witn: George W. SWANSON & Mrs. A. BURNETT, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 3532-03 Elias LEONARD, 21, engraver, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Joseph LEONARD & Sarah MANNING, married Jennie MONTGOMERY, 18, Collingwood, Toronto, d/o William MONTGOMERY & Susanna OGDEN, witn: C. EASTORP? & Kiford? MURDOCH, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1903
3610-03 Joseph Elzear LEPINE, 29, trimmer, Quebec, Toronto, s/o German & Melvine, married Josephine WATSON, 34, widow, New York City, Toronto, d/o Ludwig YACTHON?, & Johanna, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Herman PLOSS of Toronto, 28 Dec 1903 3125-03 Charles Melvin LOWDEN, 25, coat maker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George LOWDEN & Rainie FRASER, married Mary GEORGETTA, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George & Anna, witn: Mrs. M.E. MURRAY & Margaret M. SMITH, both of Toronto, 2 Sept 1903
1786-03 Albert Edwin Sylvester LUCK, 35, machinist, Crown Hill Ont., Toronto, s/o Thomas J. LUCK & Mary HILL, married Frisby Mary WARD, 26, England, Port Perry, d/o not given, witn: Ida & J. HILL of Toronto, 22 May 1903 3608-03 Henry LUGDEN (Sugden?), 22, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George LUGDEN & Mary HEMSWORTH, married Winnie May DAWSON, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Edward DAWSON & Elizabeth FOSTER, witn: William LUGDEN of Toronto & annie COCKBURN of Montreal, 16 Dec 1903
3575-04 Patrick J. MADIGAN, 45, widower, harness maker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Michael & Winnie, married Sarah A. THOMPSON, 26, Ontario, Garafraxa, d/o William & Mary, witn: Harry PERRY & Eva VIRGIN, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1903 001563-03,  John R. MANNING, 26, Prucher?, England, Toronto, s/o Robert MANNING & E. Mary WARNER, married Mary B. WHALEN, 20, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o William WHALEN & Jernima? STEEDS, witn: John WHALEN & Jernima? SULLIVAN both of Toronto, 13 Apr 1903 at Toronto

3533-03 Albert Edward MARTIN, 28, baker, Brantford, Toronto, s/o William & "mother deceased",. married Catherine BARHAM, 32, England, Toronto, d/o George BARHAM & Jusetta MOGFORD, witn: Sarah F. & Edna B. ANGLIN of Toronto, 19 Dec 1903

3846-04 John MAXWELL, 48, widower, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o John MAXWELL & Margaret ALLEN, married Charlotte WILLIAMS, 38, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Elizabeth, witn: Charles WOOD & Mrs. VICKERY, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1903
3128-03 Andrew McCLUSKEY, 43, widower, thresher, Ontario, Seaton, s/o Henry McCLUSKEY & Mary J. RAMSAY, married Mary J. McLEAN, 29, Ontario, Seaton, d/o Samuel McLEAN & Mary McDOUGALD, witn: Joshua & Mrs. BATEMAN of Toronto, 28 Oct 1903 3544-03 John Nisbet McJANNET, 40, laborer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert McJANNET & Ellen NISBET, married Ann Isabella KILGOUR, 39, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Joseph KILGOUR & Mary GORDON, witn: John M. IMRIE of Toronto & Mary CULLINGHAM? of Palermo, 12 Oct 1903
3121-03 William Alex McKEE, 44, widower, bricklayer, Toronto, same, s/o Robert McKEE & Jane THOMPSON, maried Lucy Mildred BATES, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William BATES & Elizabeth GLASSFORD, witn: Thomas & Mrs T. RUSSELL of Toronto, 21 Oct. 1903 3554-03 William? McLAREN, 47, widower, merch--?, Ontario, Cobden, s/o Alex McLAREN & Jane MORE, married Eddie EADIE, 34, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert EADIE & Jemima LANSON (Transon?), witn: Dr. Andrew EADIE of Toronto & Martha W. HUTCHINSON of Wingham, 25 Dec 1903
3563-03 Stephen Henry Maurice MEEK, 31, accountant, London Ont., Toronto, s/o William MEEK & Elizabeth MIGGINS, married Elizabeth Annie HALDEN, 33, USA, Toronto, d/o Joshua Charles HALDEN & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: William A. BALL & Agnes WHITSON, both of Toronto, 12 Dec 1903 3616-03 George Henry MIDDLETON, 24, stenographer, Toronto, same, s/o Enoch MIDDLETON & Melissa SCHENER, married Charlotte Gertrude BOLTON, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Charles Robert BOLTON & Jane NURSE, witn: John Charles BOLTON & Annie Eliz. AYTON, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1903
3545-03 William Henry MILLER, 38, piano dealer, Toronto, same, s/o William MILLER & Jane GIBB, married Janet Miller McINTOSH, 34, widow, Carluke, Toronto, d/o John RUSSELL & Margaret RUSTON, witn: John W. & Mary RUSSELL of Toronto, 18 Nov 1903 001572-03,  John R. MOFFAT, 31, Banker, Pembroke, Maxville, s/o Alexander MOFFAT & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Stella G. HAMILTON, 25, Toronto, same, d/o William HAMILTON & Sarah CRAPPER, witn: Frederick HAMILTON of Toronto & Madeline MOFFAT of Pembroke, 15 Apr 1903 at Toronto
3124-03 Stewart Campbell MORRISON, 24, brass finisher, Halifax, Toronto, s/o M.A. MORRISON & Catherine STEWART, married Maud ELDRED, 23, England, Toronto, d/o unknown & Mrs. Janet ELDRED (guardian), witn: Mrs. M.E. MURRAY & Margaret M. SMITH, both of Toronto, 26 Sept 1903 3522-03 James Henry NIXON, 24, stone cutter, Canada, res not given, s/o Thomas NIXON & Ann Jane ALEXANDER, married Victoria BACON, 24, Canada, res not given, d/o James BACON & Sarah PORTERFIELD, witn: Robert & Jesse CADE of Toronto, 21 Dec 1903
1922-03 William John O'BRIEN, 23, shipper, New York, same, s/o Francis O'BRIEN & Henrietta BELCHER, married Jeanette STEPHENS, 18, Prince Albert, Toronto, d/o Edward STEPHENS & Jerusha FITCHETT, witn: Gerald MORLEY & Clara A. RICHARDS, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903 3116-03 James O'CONNOR, 25, laborer, London, Toronto, s/o James O'CONNOR & Sarah COUCH, married Ethel McDALE, 24, Toronto, same, d/o William McDALE & Mary McDONALD, witn: James KEELER & Bessie O'CONNOR, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1903
3612-03 Thomas Frank PEARSON, 40, widower, engraver, NY state, Toronto, s/o William PEARSON & Sophia BETTSINGER, married Agnes Bertha STURGESS, 26, Whitby, Toronto, d/o William STURGESS & Julia STERNE, witn: Helen STEPHENS & Laura CRAWFORD, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1903 1911-03 Frederick W.J. PHILPOTT, 22, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o W.V. PHILPOTT & Julia KARSTEMAN?, married Josephine MONAHAN, 22, Hill Que., Toronto, d/o Stephen MONAHAN & Elizabeth STEERS, witn: H.E. RIDOUT, H. PHILPOT and Bessie & John MONAHAN, all of Toronto, 10 June 1903
3619-03 Ernest William PHILLIPS, 24, cone maker, England, Toronto, s/o John William PHILLIPS & Rose BARNETT, married Eliza Ann METCALFE, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas METCALFE & Leah LOOSE, witn: William ARMITAGE & B. METCALFE, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1903 003234-03,  George Samuel PIPPY, 26, Plumber, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Leon PIPPY & Jessie E. MOULTON, married Sarah Jane LAVERY, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o John LAVERY & Georgina M. KINNIE, witn: William Robert GRAY & Minnie PIPPY both of Toronto, 20 Oct 1903 at Toronto
003230-03,  George Fred PLASKETT, 26, Engineer, Whitby, Toronto, s/o Barr PLASKETT & Eva HOPPER, married Charlotte Jane BARNETT, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John BARNETT & Harriet MILNE, witn: Albert McCAUL & Annie BARNETT both of Toronto, 10 Nov 1903 at Toronto 001573-03,  Hermann PLOSS, 29, Designer, Austria, Toronto, s/o K. PLOSS & Anna HERBET, married Floria JAROHOW, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Ludwig JAROHOW & Johanna, witn: May E. CHERRY & J. E. LEPINE both of Toronto, 15 Apr 1903 at Toronto
  3540-03 Robert POWELL, 32, engineer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert POWELL & Helen RITCHIE, married Annie JACKSON, 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William JACKSON & Annie EDWARDS, witn: Charles POWELL & Jane BROWN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3593-03 Nathaniel W. PURCELL, 46, widower, brick layer, Ontario, Edmonton, s/o Nathan PURCELL & Mary KNOX, married Minnie E. HONESS, 23, Ontario, Toronto. do William HONESS & Elizabeth SHANNON (Sherman?), witn: H. HERSE & Maude HONESS, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1903 3611-03 Cecil RADLEY, 25, tanner?, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Jackson RADLEY & Maria MASON, married Ida LAPP, 22, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Ory LAPP & Jane CLARK, witn: Herman & Mrs. Herman RADLEY of Toronto, 30 Dec 1903
3538-03 Charles J. RAHAM, 33, dye fitter, Ontario, Niagara Falls, s/o Charles RAHAM & Phoebe EDWARDS, married Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON, 27, Ontario, Atwood, d/o Josiah THOMPSON & Mary Jane, witn: Barton E. RAHAM of St. Catharines & Lillie RAHAM of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 3546-03 Frank Adolphus RANSOM, 22, Toronto Furnace Co., Toronto, same, s/o Giles S. RANSOM & Margaret WILSON, married Angelina R. WOLFE, 21, Bowmanville, Toronto, d/o William J. WOLFE & Samera (Lamira?) JONES, witn: William RANSOM & Harriet Ellen McINTRYE, both of Toronto, 23 Sept 1903
3565-03 Arthur RAYMOND, 38, broker, Dublin A?, Toronto, s/o Thomas Richard RAYMOND & Elizabeth RICE, married Matilda May FITZER, 24, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Tilson? FITZER & Margaret SMITH, witn: G. WIGGINS & T. FITZER, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1903  
1913-03 Howard Philip RICHARDS, 26, baker, Toronto, same, s/o Philip RICHARDS & Sarah BAILEY, married Mary BRUCE, 23, Barrie, Toronto, d/o John BRUCE & Lizzie SULLIVAN, witn: James THOMPSON & Letitia BRUCE, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903 1794-03 James Pryce RICHARDS, 23, commercial traveller, England, Toronto, s/o James RICHARDS & Fanny Harriet PRYCE, married Eleanor May GARRETT, 20, Biddulph Ont., Toronto, d/o William Alfred GARRETT & Mary Ann EDY, witn: G.E. STOCKER of Toronto & Violet GARRETT, 25 May 1903
  3573-03 Henry Thomas ROACH, 23, wood worker, London England, Toronto, s/o Henry ROACH & Jennie YOUNG, married Mary CHRISTIAN, 19, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Henry CHRISTIAN & Elizabeth ASHENHURST, witn: Arthur CHRISTIAN & Jennie ROACH, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3604-03 Estevan ROBINSON, 49, widower, roofer, England, Toronto, s/o John ROBINSON & Anna ALMASE?, married Thacklay HERN, 45, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Daniel TRIPP & Martha TUCK, witn: Henry W. & Nellie HERN of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 3542-03 William Wallace ROOP, 26, farmer, Selkirk Ont., same, s/o Joseph ROOP & Sophia DOAN, married Bessie GEARY, 27, Toronto, same, d/o W.H. GEARY & Emily Jane LOVETT, witn: George & Jemima GEARY of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3603-03 Thomas? Alexander RUSSEL, 26, manufacturer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Thomas RUSSEL & Margaret FOWLER, married Olive Lillian BROWN, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas BROWN & Jennie IRWIN, witn: Robert TELFORD of Ottawa & A. J. E. BROWN of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903 (also 3557-03) 001569-03,  Louis A. SAFFORD, 23, Newspaper Man, Grand Haven, Detroit Michigan, s/o Benjamin D. SAFFORD & Belle DUNCAN, married Fanny P. ROBINSON, 25, Niagara Twp, Toronto, d/o William ROBINSON & Fanny PREATON, witn: James T. LEE of Detroit Michigan & Florence ROBINSON of Toronto, 14 Apr 1903 at Toronto
1798-03 Andrew Arthur SCOTT, 31, clergyman, Oshawa, Toronto, s/o William H. SCOTT & Jessie J. SUTHERLAND, married Margaret D. FISHER, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas FISHER & Mary YOUNG, witn: John J. SCOTT of Oshawa & Ida J. FISHER of Toronto, 25 May 1903 3535-03 Robert SHAW, 34, high school teacher, Canada, Richmond Hill, s/o Robert SHAW & Barbara BAIKIE, married Charlotte Amelia HILL, 33, Canada, Toronto, d/o William HILL & Emeline VAN EVERY, witn: Robert A. MITCHELL of Honan China? & Mabel HALL of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3615-03 George Stephenson SHEPPARD, 43, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Robert SHEPPARD & Grace NELSON, married Mary Alice LAVELLE, 28, Toronto, same, d/o Michael LAVELLE & Mary DELANEY, witn: Albert & Lena LAVELLE of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1903 3122-03 Donald SINCLAIR, 34, night watchman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John SINCLAIR & Margaret FRASER, married Jane SCOTT, 34, Collingwood, Toronto, d/o John SCOTT & Ruth WILSON, witn: William G. & Kate SINCLAIR of Toronto, 21 Oct. 1903
1921-03 Henry Bassett SMITH, 22, clerk, England, Chicago, s/o Thomas SMITH & Julia Ann MARSHALL, married Gertrude Mary E. MARTIN, 22, Peel Co., Toronto, d/o John MARTIN & Mary Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Leonard SMITH & Clara Jane MARTIN, both of Toronto, 10 June 1903 3127-03 Charles Perley SMITH, 43, lawyer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John SMITH & Phebe PERLEY, married Mary Edith GRAHAM, 29, Toronto, same, d/o James Elliott GRAHAM & Mary Jane AIKENS, witn: J.A. MACDONALD & Florence GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 22 Oct 1903
3537-03 Herbert SMITH, 26, glass worker, Toronto, same, s/o W.J. SMITH & Emily BELL, married Victoria May LIMPERT, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Usborn? LIMPERT & Josephine BOUDREAU?, witn: Lenard & Maggie LIMPERT of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 3530-04 Charles H. SOUTH, 29, farmer, Ontario, Elgin Co., s/o George SOUTH & Mary SHOEBRIDGE, married Catherine WILLIAMS, 27, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alfred WILLIAMS & Ellen FIRTH, witn: Francis SOUTH & Ethie PALMER, both of Toronto, 8 Sept 1903
3119-03 Fred Burton SOWREY, 36, engineer, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph SOWREY & Ann BENTON, maried Margaret Eva CROSSEN, 25, Port Hope, Toronto, d/o Thomas CROSSEN & Elizabeth HAWSON (Harrison?), witn: Henry CROSSEN & Jeanette SOWREY, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1903 1791-03 Charles SPENCER, 27, boiler maker, Toronto, same, s/o Christopher SPENCER & Mary WILCOX, married Margaret HIGGINS, 30, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick HIGGINS & Catherine McPHEE, witn: Eliza CAULFIELD & Margaret COWMAN (Cameron?), both of Toronto, 23 May 1903
001571-03,  Samuel SPRUNT, 27, Driver, Scarborough, same, s/o George SPRUNT & Mary Ann FOLSOM, married Eleanor JESSOP, 22, England, Scarborough, d/o William JESSOP & Emma SCARBOROUGH, witn: Ellis STURGEON of Scarborough & Lizzie JONES of Port Credit, 15 Apr 1903 at Toronto 3599-03 Frederick A. STEACY, 23, piano maker, Canada, Toronto, s/o Josiah STEACY & Susanna BOLTON, married Laura SMITH, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o William SMITH & Jane MALONE, witn: Joseph F. COOPER & Rena PATERSON, both of Toronto, 30 June 1903
003238-03,  George Richard STEPHENS, 28, Machinist, Toronto, same, s/o John STEPHENS & Maggie LINDSAY, married Mary Janey LINDSAY, 30, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John LINDSAY & Charlotte AUCHENBALL, witn: John Lindsay STEPHEN & Lilian LINDSAY both of Toronto, 11 Nov 1903 at Toronto 1924-03 Albert M. SWITZER, 35, dyer, Brock Co., Toronto, s/o Adam SWITZER & Mary LANG, married Caroline RUTTLE, 35, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Charles IRONS & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Archibald BURKE & Annie IRONS, both of Toronto, 27 May 1903
1795-03 Wallace Cameron TATE, 33, widower, proof reader, London England, Toronto, s/o John Samuel TATE & Frances Lyona SCOBELL, married Florence Julia CLARKE, 33, Canada, Toronto, d/o John Harrison CLARKE & Julia KENNEDY, witn: Frank VIPOND, J.M. BALLARD & Mary Elizabeth HOWSON, all of Toronto, 23 May 1903 3562-03 Harry TAYLOR, 26, cloak maker, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Alfred TAYLOR & Sarah MUNDAY, married Alice MILES, 24, Toronto, same, d/o James MILES & Elizabeth DOUGLAS, witn: Edwin TAYLOR & Eva BEAMISH, both of Toronto, 12 Dec 1903
3569-03 John R. W. THOMPSON, 21, carpenter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John W. THOMPSON & Martha POOLE, married [illegible] Mary LITTLE?, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Christopher LITTLE? & Emeline HILTS, witn: Godfrey EHERLE & Caroline RA--?, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 001561-03,  Joseph A. THOMPSON, 28, Barrister at Law, Halifax, Toronto, s/o Sir John THOMPSON & Annie AFFLECK, married Maud TEMPLE, 27, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Edmond B. TEMPLE & Louisa DOUGLAS, witn: John THOMPSON of Ottawa, Naomi & Edmond TEMPLE both of Toronto, 14 Apr 1903 at Toronto
3541-03 Thomas THORNLEY, 35, farmer, England, Toronto twp., s/o John THORNLEY & Sarah SMITH, married Hannah Elizabeth POOLE, no age given, Newmarket, Toronto, d/o George & Ann, witn: John DIXON? of Streetsville & Rose POOLE of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903 3597-03 William T. THURLBACK?, 20, candy maker, Belleville, Toronto, s/o William THURLBACK? & Rebecca ENGLISH, married Janet M. AUSTIN, 19, Toronto, same, d/o David AUSTIN & Hannah SMITH, witn: George F. KERWIN & Mamie? REEVES, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
1789-03 Frank Oliver TIMSON, 24, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Burton TIMSON & Mary LINNY, married Helen GORDON, no age given, Toronto, same, d/o Henry GORDON & Helen SHERLOCK, witn: Ernest TIMSON of Toronto & Edith SHERLOCK, 20 May 1903

3847-04 William C. TISDELL, 27, clerk, Port Hope, blank, s/o James L. TISDELL & Esther McCRACKEN, married May BURROWS, 23, St. Mary's, blank, d/o Charles BURROWS & Mary CARVER, witn: W.E. BRIMER & William McDONALD, both of Toronto, 7 Dec 1903

3543-03 Edward Francis TRIMBLE, 27, tailor, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William TRIMBLE & Mary WIGGLESWORTH, married Mary Isabel WINCHESTER, 27, Toronto, same, d/o John WINCHESTER & Mary BUTLER, witn: John & Maria? WINCHESTER of Toronto, 7 Oct 1903 3547-03 Rev. R. TUTTLE, 34, pastor, Winston NC, Toronto, s/o Charles TUTTLE & Margaret POUND--?, married Mary E. JACKSON, 17, Manchester NY, Toronto, d/o Samuel JACKSON & Susan E. SAUR?, witn: Mrs. James JACKSON & Mr. BARNES?, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1903
3600-03 William Thomas VERRALL, 25 (23?), broom maker, Toronto, same, s/o Richard VERRALL & Ann BAYLEY, married Ada HILL, 22, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Arthur HILL & Annie Emma MARTIN, witn: J. P. SHERSTON & Nellie SHEMAN, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903 001567-03,  Robert WAGSTAFF, 28, Laborer, Toronto, Unk, s/o William WAGSTAFF & Julia McNAMARA, married Jessie FITTON, 22, England, Unk, d/o Frederick FITTON & Martha BURDEN, witn: T. J. PAGE of Bracondale & Mrs. C. SNODDON of Toronto, 13 Aug 1903 at Toronto
3602-03 James WALT (Wast?), 26, soap manufacturer, Toronto, same, s/o James WALT & Mary Jane FITZGIBBON, married Lillian Gertrude MAY, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Samuel Arthur MAY & Wilhelmina WARD, witn: W. S. HODGINS & Muriel MADDISON, both of Toronto, 4 Nov 1903 3568-03 Sheldon Albert WARD, 18, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, s/o William WARD & Eleanor? ISAACS, married Marie Jamieson FORSYTHE, 24, Thorold, Toronto, d/o James FORSYTHE & illegible GORDON, witn: Fred? FORSYTHE of Oshawa & Lillian WARD of Toronto, 24 Dec 1903
001568-03,  Albert R. WEBSTER, 23, Machinist, Grafton, Toronto, s/o Thomas WEBSTER & Emma RICHARDSON, married Agnes E. PULLEN, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph PULLEN & Mary MARTEN, witn: Elizabeth TURNBULL Isabella STEWART both of Farquhar, 9 Apr 1903 at Toronto 1788-03 William Delbert WESTON, 32, widower, salesman, Vittoria Ont., Toronto, s/o William WESTON & Louisa BROWN, married Emma Maud GUMMOW, 31, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o James GUMMOW & Mary Jane LANE, win: Amelia HARDINGE & Jessie WHITING, both of Toronto, 4 May 1903
  001566-03,  Charles WHITE, 31, Advocate, Quebec, Sherbrook, s/o William WHITE & Mary DICKINSON, married Elizabeth WOODS, 26, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Alexander WOODS & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: John O. WELLS of Sherbrook Quebec & Helen WOODS of Toronto, 13 Apr 1903 at Toronto
3126-03 Henry WILLIAMSON, 22, sailor, Toronto, same, s/o George WILLIAMS (sic) & Agnes McFAGAN, married Lulu DAVIS , 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James DAVIS & Annie CHAPMAN, witn: Mrs. M.E. MURRAY & Margaret M. SMITH, both of Toronto, 2 Sept 1903 1792-03 John Herbert WILLIAMSON, 32, tailor, Cartwright Ont., Toronto, s/o William WILLIAMSON & Eliza BENSON, married Elsie Goffee BENNETT, 26, Toronto, same, d/o James BENNETT & Emma WOODS, witn: M.D. HALL & Emma Mary BENNETT, both of Toronto, 23 May 1903
003243-03,  Richard WRIGHT, 23, Farmer, Scarboro, Ellesmere, s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Emma MARSHALL, married Annie Louise WATTON, 17, Scarboro, same, d/o John E. WATTON & Jane BROWN, witn: M.A. FALLING & Lily RAYMOND both of Toronto, 11 Nov 1903 at Toronto  
1923-03 Jacob YOUNG, 33, ship builder Bruce Co., Toronto, s/o Adam YOUNG & Barbara GABEL, married Alice B. GRAHAM, 28, Pickering, Toronto, d/o Hugh GRAHAM & Betsy PENHALL, witn: W.J. BOOTHLEY & Lilie GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 3 June 1903 3595-03 Arthur F. YOUNG, 26, lumberman, USA, Penetang., s/o John YOUNG & Mary BELIGE?, married Ada M. DAVIDSON, 26, Eldon, Trout Creek, d/o Jacob DAVIDSON & Mary McDONALD, witn: A. DAVIDSON of Toronto & F. GILES of Oakville, 23 Dec 1903
003229-03,  Everet ZIMMERMAN, 23, Dentist, Barrie, Toronto, s/o Rueben ZIMMERMAN & Sarah FOSTER, married Claribel M. WILLIAMSON, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas WILLIAMSON & Ann Jane LEE, witn: Eva & J.C. JOHNSTON both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1903 at Toronto