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002985-05 (Toronto) Frederick William ADAMS, 26, painter, Toronto, same, s/o William ADAMS & Emily BURFOOT, married Edythe Mabel JENNINGS, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Henry JENNINGS & not given, witn: John C. GRAHAM & Ora C. WOLWAY, both of Toronto, 9 Sept 1905 4016-05 Albert ALDRIDGE, 21, jeweller, Toronto, same, s/o David ALDRIDGE & E. Mary DOWYARD, married Jennie BLAYLOCK, 19, Brantford, Toronto, d/o Harry BLAYLOCK & Mary Ann BLOOMER, witn: C. A. ALDRIDGE & Annie BLAYLOCK, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
002986-05 (Toronto) William George ALLEN, 25, moulder, Toronto, same, s/o James ALLEN & Mary KANE, married Alice Maude ALLEN, 27, Toronto, same, d/o James ALLEN & Alice WALKER, witn: William WALSH Mamie FERRIER, both of Toronto 11 Sept 1905. RC 4002-05 Andrew William ANGUS, 26, carpenter, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o William ANGUS & Martha ALDERSON, married Clara Victoria GEISEL, 24, Tavistock, Toronto, d/o Louis GEISELL (sic) & Annie GERMAN, witn: Bernard & Etta GEISELL, 26 Dec 1905
003004-05 (Toronto) John ARMSTRONG, 23, pressman, Toronto, same, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Alice DAVIDSON, married Mary THOMSON, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Allan Stewart THOMSON & Nina PREEL? witn: Alice THOMSON & William ARMSTRONG, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905 003008-05 (Toronto) William Allan BALL, 32, hotel keeper, Simcoe, Toronto, s/o William BALL & Annie LIVINGSTONE, married Florence May STUMP, 27, Port Perry, Toronto, widow, d/o Andrew REYNOLDS & Mary Ann LAMB, witn: Charles E. CHAINEY & Mary Ann REYNOLDS, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905
01981-07 (Toronto) Cad Watson BARR, 29, banker, USA, Pittsburg PA, s/o Winfield Scott BARR & Hannah EMERY married Edith Virginia KENNEDY, 28, Toronto, same, d/o Byron KENNEDY & Lithnia IRWIN, witn; Letitia KENNEDY and Rhoda B. KENNEDY both of Toronto, 15 Nov 1905 at Toronto. 3987-05 William Smith BAXTER, 30, widower, railway conductor, Sussex NB, Saskatchewan, s/o Robert W. BAXTER & Charity SMITH, married Gertrude May BROOKS, 20, Prince Albert Sask., Saskatchewan, d/o Thomas H. BROOKS & Sarah E. GIBSON, witn: Bertha May EWART of Toronto & William M. BOYLAIS? of Sask., 26 Dec 1905
002981-05 (Toronto) William BECKETT, 25, teamster, England, Toronto, s/o William BECKETT & Sarah EDGE?, married Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas JOHNSON & Mary WHITE, witn: Richard & Zilpah NUTTALL, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1905 002977-05 (Toronto) Benjamin W. BLANDFORD, 24, printer, England, Waukigan U.S.A., s/o Benjmain & Catherine BLANDFORD, married Minnie J. SMART, 26, London Eng, same, d/o Alfred SMART & Ellen JONES, witn: Anna M. LANGLEY & Lizzie PORTER, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1905
3966-05 Francis Ola BOWERS, 30, conductor, Oakland Tenn., Toronto, s/o James BOWERS & Ida WATSON, married Mabel TAYLOR, 22, occupation = illegible flowers, Toronto, same, d/o Owen TAYLOR & Harriet BROWN, witn: Carrol BRILLER of Chicago & Clara PHILLIPS of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 003226-05 Seth BRITTAN, 51, England, Toronto, Widowed, Insce Agent, s/o William BRITTAN & not known, married Emma ROBERTS, 42, England, Toronto, Widow, d/o not known & Hannah AOKAWAY, wtn: Mary Ann BLOOM & W. BLOOM, both of Toronto, on April 15, 1905, at Toronto
3985-05 Charles Lever BROOKER, 32, soldier, Granton twp, Toronto, s/o James & Nellie, married Ella Dorothea BORSCH, 22, Toronto, not given, d/o F. C. & Jera, witn: Beatrice M. ULLRICH & Charles WALTON, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905 002987-05 (Toronto) Reginald A. BULLOCK 24, gardener, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred BULLOCK & blank ANGELL, married Sarah SELWOOD, 24, Wales, Toronto, d/o William SELWOOD & blank REES, witn: Mrs. John PRICE & Lizzie LYONS, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905
003232-05 Jacob BURARUS, 32, Canada, Toronto, Glove Manf, s/o Mayline BROWSE & not given, married Julia COCKLIN, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Samuel COCKLIN & Eliza FLEMING, wtn: Emma B. HAWKINS & Charles E. HOLLAND, both of Toronto, on September 23, 1905, at Toronto 4003-05 George Ernest BURTON, 24, tool maker, York Co., Toronto, s/o George BURTON & Eliza BARKLEY, married Annie Georgina WENSLEY, 26, Hastings Co., Toronto, d/o James C. WESLEY & Elizabeth BELL, witn: Ed E. TRICE of Galt & A. Ethel WENSLEY of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905
#003869-05 (Toronto) William BUTLER, 42, Laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Henry BUTLER and Lydia ELMES, married Sarah FRAMPTON, 35, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred J. FRAMPTON and Sarah Ann LANGE, witn: Cas. W. & Emmeline H. RASON, Dec. 4, 1905

1052-05 Tom Owen B. CAMBRAY, 34, widower, foreman, England, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph CAMBRAY & Harriet HOOPER, married Florence JOHNSON, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas JOHNSON & Mary HORTON, witn: Charles HERALD of St. Catharines & Virginia JOHNSON of Toronto, 2 Jan

  002979-05 (Toronto) Charles William CAREY, 29, C.P.R. Instructor, Allandale, Toronto, s/o John CAREY & Mary Ann BOONE, married Mae BELLEROSE, 26, Sioux City, same, divorced, d/o Joseph PAYETTE & Hannah BANWAY, witn: John Vincent & Myrtle PAUL, both of Montreal, 9 Sept 1905
3991-05 John CARTER, 53, widower, barber, Washington DC, Toronto, s/o John L. & Eliza E., married Elizabeth PARM, 36, widow, Toronto, same, d/o John PARM (Paren?) & Elizabeth TUSTIN, witn: Annie J. BROWN & Lizzie CARTER, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1905 4009-05 John Edward CHALKER, 30, contractor, Toronto, same, s/o Richard CHALKER & Annie WATTS, married Nellie Atella Maud PROCTOR, 27, Hampton Ont., Toronto, d/o John PROCTOR & Sarah WRYTTAL, witn: Annie PROCTOR & Norman PRICE, both of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905
003221-05 Clarence CHANDLER, 21, Canada, Toronto, S&R Con?, s/o Edward CHANDLER  & Charlotte PICKARD, married Gertrude BUFF, 22, Detroit, Toronto, d/o Henry BUFF & illegible DAYDUR?, wtn: Anne & Michael KEHOE, both of Toronto, on September 18, 1905, at Toronto 4004-05 Giovanni CIVALE, 29, sculptor, Italy, Toronto, s/o Michaelangelo CIVALE & Marianna MAURM--?, married Alfonsina LEALI, 23, Italy, Toronto, d/o Alfons LEALI & Adelaide GATALELLI, witn: Margherite MARTIN? & Angeline MARCONI, both of Toronto, 6 Dec 1905
002995-05 (Toronto) James CLARK, 22, driver, Toronto, same, s/o William CLARK & Jane FAIR, married Stella May HADDEN, 18, Orillia, Toronto, d/o James HADDEN & Mary TRIMBEL, witn: W.R. & Amy HADDEN, both of Toronto, 9 Sept 1905 002971-05 (Toronto) William Alfred CLARKE, 26, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o Alfred G. CLARKE & Eugenie TAYLOR, married Mary Jane McBEAN, 25, Toronto, same, d/o William MCBEAN & Harriett ELVINS, witn: Herbert F, KIRKPATRICK & Isabel Violet MCBEAN, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1905
3968-05 Preston Charles COATES, 26, engineer, Barrie, Toronto, s/o John A. COATES & Bessie PYE, married Edith Kate ROPER, 32, Toronto, same, d/o Frank F. ROPER & Helen J. WRIGHT, witn: Helen Clarissa ROPER & Gordon B. MANSFIELD, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1905 002974-05 (Toronto) Norman Albert COWIE, 28, clerk, Canada, Algoma, s/o James COWIE & Charlotte MCKERGALSER?, married Jessie DORCAS, 23, Canada, New Brunswick, d/o James DORCAS & not given, witn: W.A. MALCOLM, Elmvale & Stewart A. GILRAY, Toronto, 5 Sept 1905

1023-05 Richard CUNNINGHAM, 24, draughtsman, Ohio, Toronto, s/o Robert CUNNINGHAM & Laura GAINES, married Alice Roberta PLATTS, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Robert P. PLATTS & Elizabeth WELLER, witn: Charles E. JENNEY & Florence PLATTS, both of Toronto, 2 Jan 1905

3995-05 John William DAVENPORT, 31, marine engineer, Shannonville, Picton, s/o Samuel Jones DAVENPORT & Susanna ROMBOUGH, married Jennie Jane BOULTON, 24, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John BOULTON & Isabella KENNY, witn: Charles WATSON of Barrie & Mary BOULTON of Muskoka, 20 Dec 1905
002973-05 (Toronto) William DAVIES, 34, bookkeeper, Wales, Toronto, s/o William DAVIES & Eliz'th ROBERTSON, married Marjory Hanna Hartfield WILLIAMS, 24, England, Toronto, d/o John WILLIAMS & Christiana WESTBY, witn; Alice & Roberta GILRAY, both of Toronto, 5 Sept 1905 003006-05 (Toronto) Charles Victor DAVIS, 27, piano finisher, Bowmanville, Toronto, s/o Geo Henry DAVIS & Elizabeth GLIDDON, married Lavina Ann CANN, 28, Athens, Toronto, d/o William CANN & Susan MUSSELMAN, witn: Wesley & Kate DAVIS, both of Berlin, 5 Sept 1905
3958-05 Charles DEAN, 50, widower, mechanic, Lancashire, Toronto, s/o Richard DEAN & Elizabeth MARTINDALE, married Caroline PATRICK, no age given, widow, Norfolk, Toronto, d/o William RICHE & Mary JOHNSON, witn: George S. & Elizabeth BELL of Toronto, 13 Dec 1905 003228-05 John DICKSON, 28, Canada, Cache Bay, Lumber foreman, s/o James DICKSON & Lydia LENT, married Florence ORR, 27, Canada, Sudbury, d/o James ORR & Sabia PAIT, wtn: Sara A. McCLELLAND of Bradford & J.W. ELLIOTT of Toronto, on June 7, 1905, at Toronto

1070-05 William Henderson ELLIOTT, 29, farmer, Drayton, same, s/o Thomas ELLIOTT & Emma HOLIDAY, married Mary RICHARDSON, 30, Drayton, same, d/o John RICHARDSON & Elizabeth McCLELLAND, witn: Maggie MILLEN & Eva Edgar FAIRCLOTH, both of Toronto, 3 Jan 1905

3961-05 William Tyrell? EMMETT, 24, plater, Toronto, same, s/o Robert EMMETT & Minerva RAY, married Minnie BRYERTON, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph BRYERTON & Martha MITCHELL, witn: Alex H. MINTO & Margaret WALSH, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 02045-05 Thomas Andrew ENTWISLE, 23, bookkeeper, England, Toronto, s/o Richard ENTWISLE & Bella ORIEN(?), married Louise FINCH, 23, Buffalo NY, Toronto, d/o Thomas William FINCH & Martha BROWN, witn: (No witnesses), 10 Jun 1905 at Toronto
3964-05 Calvin FERGUSON, 21, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o William H. FERGUSON & Emma KING, married Sarah ANDERSON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Charles ANDERSON & Annie COULTER, witn: Ezra Storey EVANS & Ida May ANDERSON, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 02540-05 Joseph Ferris FINCH, 36, widower, painter, Grimsby, Toronto, s/o Chauncey FINCH & Mary WHITMORE, married Annie PETTEY, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas PETTEY & Alice HAINES, witn: Henry PETTEY of Owen Sound & May BLESTORAH of Cobourg, 18 Jul 1905 at Toronto
01989-07 (Toronto) William Thomas FINNEY, 35, printer, Peterboro Ont., Albany NY, s/o William Henry FINNEY & Margaret V. ARMSTRONG, married Frances Elizabeth KEON, 28, King Tp., Toronto, d/o Thomas KEON & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn; C. E. AGNEW and Maggie KEON both of Toronto, 6 Sep 1905 at Toronto. 3960-05 Frank Henry FLORIO, 27, barber, Oakville, same, s/o William Henry FLORIO & Jane FARR, married Jennie ELLIOTT, 28, Lindsay, Toronto, d/o James ELLIOTT & Ann HUSSEY, witn: W.H. RICHARDSON & William GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
03000-05 (Toronto) Ernest Stewart FOLLIS, 27, tailor, Toronto, same, s/o David FOLLIS & Sarah WOODS, married Helen HARRINGTON, 20, Toronto, same, d/o John HARRINGTON & Margaret MURPHY, witn: D.A. WALSH & Lillie HARRINGTON, both of Toronto, 30 Aug 1905 3984-05 William James FORDYCE, 29, dyer, Chicago, Toronto, s/o James FORDYCE & Rosa WAINWRIGHT, married Louisa HODGES, 25, England, Toronto, d/o William HODGES & Jane GRIFFITHS, witn: Thomas & Emily HODGES of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905

1021-05 James George GALBRAITH, 44, widower, traveller, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William GALBRAITH & Margaret SADLER, married Elizabeth PENNOCK, 30, widow, Australia, Toronto, d/o George PENNOCK & Jennie GILBERT, witn: J.S. SANSON & A. AMBERY, both of Toronto, 2 Jan 1905

3988-05 William GEORGE, 23, ice man, London England, Toronto, s/o Francis & Louisa, married Emily WHITTINGSTALL, 18, London England, Toronto Junction, d/o Alf W. WHITTINGSTALL & Emily WILLIAMS, witn: Carrie F. ROOK & H. Ruby H. CHAMBERS, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1905 4017-05 Arthur Hewitt GILLEY (Gillen?), 26, gilder, London, Toronto, s/o William H. GILLEY & Sarah HEWITT, married Lena Agnes THOMPSON, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John THOMPSON & Christine McPHERSON, witn: A. W. PRIOR & Florence Sarah GILLEY, both of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905
3990-05 Herbert Reginald GLASS, 28, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas A. GLASS & Frances STRATHY, married Florence Edith SEGSWORTH, 27, artist, Toronto, same, d/o John SEGSWORTH & Mary Jane CARROL, witn: R. F. SEGSWORTH & Effie M.K. GLASS, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1905 4158-07 John GLOSTER, 33, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o Michael GLOSTER & Fanny McMANN, married Celenia CLEMIS, 21, Collingwood Ont., Toronto, d/o Robert CLEMIS & Eliza MAY, witn: Laurie McDONALD & Laura BOOTHBY, both of Toronto, 15 Nov 1905
3972-05 Robert John Sabine GOOD, 27, engineer, England, Toronto, s/o William & Emma, married Ruth Minnie Rebecca FORD, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Levina, witn: William E. & Emma E.A. LOACH of Toronto, 30 Nov 1905 01990-07 (Toronto) Albert James GRAHAM, 23, metal worker, Clairmont, Toronto, s/o George GRAHAM & Anne WALLS, married Mabel Marion HUNTER, 19, Toronto, same, d/o James HUNTER & Marion FORRESTER, witn; Harry GRAHAM and Ethel KNOWLTON both of Toronto, 15 Nov 1905
4006-05 Harry GRISSOLD, 26, teamster, Wolverhampton England, Toronto, s/o Fred GRISSOLD & Annie MASON, married Lillian DOUGLAS, 22, widow, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William HOUSTON & Jeannie GEMMELL, witn: M. R. O’MEARA of Weston & Marion D. O’MEARA of Orillia, 27 Dec 1905 003224-05 John N. HALL, 25, Canada, Toronto, Widowed, Teamster, s/o John HALL & Annie J. NICOL, married Elizabeth G. JUDD, 24, Scotland, Toronto, Widow, d/o John & Emily WARLOUGH, wtn: W.B. SHULL--? & William W.B. SCOTT, both of Toronto, on June 7, 1905, at Toronto
01984-07 (Toronto) Frank ??? E. HAMILTON, 24, commercial agent, Canada, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Hannah HAMILTON, married Mary Blida CHOWN, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Samuel Dwight & Susie CHOWN, witn; C Dary HAMILTON and Ruby G. CHOWN both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1905 at Toronto 4008-05 Frederick H. HARRIS, 23, polisher, Manchester England, Toronto, s/o Herbert & Lilian, married Eliza SANDERS, 25, London England, Toronto, d/o William SANDERS & Sophia LYONS, witn: Albert H. DUNFORD & Charlotte MORANT, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1905
002978-05 (Toronto) Tillson HARRISON, 25, med student, Tillsonburg, Toronto, s/o Bailey HARRISON & Nattie TILLSON, married Sybil Edna WILKINS, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Arthur WILKINS & Mary UNDERWOORT, witn; Mary BAIN & Charles E. MILLAM, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1905 003223-05 William Russell HART, 26, Canada, Toronto, Widowed, Pressman, s/o John HART & Nellie ABRAM, wtn: Frank WELLINGS & Florence WELLINGS, both of Toronto, on September 13, 1905, at Toronto
3954-05 Aaron Albert HASSARD, 30, merchant, Canada, Tyvan? Sask., s/o Robert HASSARD & Jane KELLS, married Florence Victoria HASSARD, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Nixon HASSARD & Ann FRAZER, witn: F. G. & Minnie HASSARD of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 003219-05 Thomas Robert HEARD, 22, Canada, Toronto, office clerk, s/o Robert HEARD & Sara JEWELL, married Helen Lilian RUSSELL, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John RUSSELL & Clara CHURCHILL, wtn: Gerald BROWN & Mildred PEARSON, both of Toronto, on September 26, 1905, at Toronto
3982-05 Charles Edward HEWITT, 28, laborer, Virginia, Toronto, s/o William HEWITT & Matilda ANTHONY, married Magdalene BRANCH, 20, domestic, Virginia, Toronto, s/o Walker BRANCH & Harriet OLIVER, witn: Oliver LEWIS & Cora WRIGHT, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1905 3976-05 John Wesley HICKS, 23, steam fitter, Camden East, Toronto, s/o Peter HICKS & Cleita? LAIR?, married Laura Ethel May MITCHELL, 23, lady, Toronto, same, d/o Alexander MITCHELL & Annie ELLIS, witn: Mabel J. M. & Marion S.J. REEVES of Toronto, 23 Dec 1905
  002989-05 (Toronto) John W. HIGGINS, 43, lumberman, Ontario, Lambton Co, s/o Bernard HIGGINS & Mary NOEL, married Margaret AUSTEN, 37, N.Y. State, Ontario, widow, d/o Thomas JOHNSON & Eliz'th MACKAY, witn: Annie E. & Ross P. SILCORE, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905 [Austin?]
01988-07 (Toronto) Richard Percy HIGGS, 31, butler, Monpeth, Ont., Detroit, Widower., s/o Carlos HIGGS & Adeline SARTZER, married Margaret Josephine SIMPSON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o William SIMPSON & Margaret McQUIRE, witn; C. F HIGGS of Detroit and Lilliam H. SIMPSON of Toronto, 31 Aug 1905 at Toronto 003005-05 (Toronto) Thomas Bassett HODGES, 28, railway man, Simcoe Co, St. Thomas, s/o William HODGES & Helen BASSETT, married Emily May ROBERTSON, 24, England, Toronto, d/o David Walker DAVIDSON & Lucy May WILLIAMS & Annie B. HODGES, both of Toronto, 4 Sept 1905
01992-07 (Toronto) Andrew HOGG, 47, painter and decorator, s/o William John HOGG & Isabella BROWN, married Mary McNEIL, 27, Pickering Tp., Toronto, d/o Archibald McNEIL & Mary FORREST, witn; William HOGG and James McNEILL both of Toronto, 27 Sep 1905 at Toronto 3950-05 Harry Beard HOPKINS, 31, laborer, Whitby, Chicago, s/o George HOPKINS & Elizabeth SCIF--?, married Elizabeth BROWN, 24, lady, Toronto, same, d/o Hugh Percy BROWN & Ann WEST, witn: A.D. & S. G. WATSON of Toronto, 19 Dec 1905
3997-05 Edward Vipond HORTON, 38, marine engineer, England, Detroit, s/o Rev. M. S. HORTON & Georgina KING, married Rose MULLIGAN, 33, widow, Detroit, Millbrook, d/o John Calvin PANKHURST & Isabel GORMINCHAN?, witn: Lillian PANKHURST & Eva M. STARK, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1905 3978-05 Wolf HURVITZ, 25, harness maker, Russia, Toronto, s/o Samuel HURVITZ & Bessie POLWETZ (Polowetz?), married Sadie POLWETZ (Polowetz?), 25, house, Russia, Toronto, d/o Saul (or Saml) POLWETZ & Rachel MANELANON?, witn: S. GOLD & B. CAUDEL, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1905 (Hebrew)
002970-05 (Toronto) Robert George JACKSON, 32, farmer, Caledon Twp, Toronto, s/o Robert JACKSON & Victoria BARTON, married Coredlia Edna FAGAN, 23, Mono Mills, Toronto, d/o John FAGAN & Adeline MOORE: witn: Marion REEVES & Mrs M.B. SCOTT, both of Toronto, 1 Sept 1905 3974-05 Gerald Vincent Laird JAY, 19, brass finisher, Toronto, same, s/o Aug. Frederick JAY & Alice Marian GODFREY, married Lillie THACKERAY, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John Frederick THACKERAY & Amelia Jane REED, witn: Everett COUTTS & Amy Caroline Laird JAY, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1905
3989-05 Joseph KEELER, 27, carpenter, Canada, Toronto, s/o Stephen KEELER & Maggie SHANKS, married Clara POULTON, 30, England, Toronto, d/o Joseph POULTON & Mary An GRAFTON, witn: John CONWAY & Maggie POULTON, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905 003225-05 William KEELEY, 30, Canada, Toronto, Driver, s/o James KEELEY & Margaret KALIN?, married Lottie M. CHITTICK, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas CHITTICK & Theresa LONGWAY, wtn: M. KARNS & M. BARNES, both of Toronto, on June 6, 1905, at Toronto
3977-05 John Irving KENT, 22, carpenter, Minesing, Toronto, s/o John Allen KENT & Maria IRVING, married Louise CARROLL, 21, house keeper, Toronto, same, d/o John CARROLL & Jane CLARKE, witn: John Francis REEVE & Emily Victoria HAMMOND, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1905 3957-05 Alfred KING, 31, billiard maker, England, Toronto, s/o William Cornelius KING & Louisa Mary MARTIN, married Minnie Matilda HUGHES, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Joseph Leader Adam HUGHES & Annie WARE, witn: Joseph Henry & Louisa May TAYLOR of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
3951-05 Robert KNIBBS, 26, widower, market gardener, Thornbury, same, s/o Elias KNIBBS & Sarah WINTERBOURNE, married Mary BAXTER, 30, widow, lady, England, Toronto, d/o Emanuel C. BAXTER & Ann E. VINCENT, witn: Arthur & Annie BAXTER of Toronto, 19 Dec 1905 002993-05 (Toronto) Howard Augustus LANE, 22, labourer, St. Catharines, same, s/o George LANE & Louisa GRAY, married Mary Leona HARPER, 19, St. Catharines, same, d/o Charles HARPER & Harriet COLLIS, witn: Georgina & J.S. BROUGHALL, both of Toronto, 4 Sept 1905
4014-05 William L. LANGRIDGE, 32, plumber, Toronto, same, s/o George LANGRIDGE & Eliza Ann LONG, married Elizabeth M. PURSLEY, 20, Toronto, same, d/o James PURSLEY & Lizzie COULTER, witn: R. LANGRIDGE & Christena McLEOD, both of Toronto, 30 Nov 1905

1071-05 Wilson LATIMER, 24, ice cream maker, Stroud Ont., 151 St. Patrick St. in Toronto, s/o William & Catherine nee HENDERSON, married Annie ARMSTRONG, 22, Toronto, 17 Bellwoods Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert & Mary nee SHEPLEY, witn: Cameron LATIMER of 108 Nassau St. & Mary ARMSTRONG of 17 Bellwoods Ave., both Toronto, 4 Jan 1905

002975-05 (Toronto) George Evert LEACH, 42, cook, England, Toronto, s/o Joel LEACH & Mary L. IRISH, married Nancy Alena OLDS, 55, England, Toronto, widow, d/o Sydney A. OSBORNE & Liza M. SHAW, witn: Stewart & Roberta GILRAY, both of Toronto, 12 Aug 1905  
3970-05 Benjamin Franklin LESLIE, 30, mercantile mgr., S. Easton Pa., Port Hope, s/o Charles LESLIE & Lizzie SHALLER?, married Laureta EVANS, 27, Pompton? Plain NJ, Port Hope, d/o James EVANS & Julia KINSEY, witn: A. J. SAVAGE & William GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1905 4011-05 Oliver John LEWIS, 21, clerk, Essex England, Toronto, s/o Thomas LEWIS & Emily SPRUNT, married Florence ATKINSON, 19, house keeper, London England, Toronto, d/o Edward ATKINSON & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Mrs. W.S. NESBIT & Herbert H. LEWIS, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1905

1069-05 Lee LING, 22, laundry man, China, Toronto, s/o John LEE & blank, married Ada PIPHER, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Bingham PIPHER & Rachel, witn: Thomas HOW & Rose CLIFFORD, both of Toronto, 2 Jan 1905

003001-05 (Toronto) Harry LIVINGSON, 25, tailor, Russia, Toronto, s/o Louis LIVINGSON & Bista? MENSSON, married Amie REARDON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Fred'k REARDON & Teresa RELDRAN, witn: Marie DEMPSEY & W.B. CREIGHTON, both of Toronto, 5 Sept 1905 4000-05 William Alexander MacKENZIE, 23, clerk, Port Burwell, Toronto, s/o William MacKENZIE & Mary L. BURWELL, married Selina Mabel HUTCHINSON, 25, England, Toronto, d/o John HUTCHINSON & Selina MERODEN?, witn: G. M. HALLOWELL of Schomberg & Ida L. PURVIS of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905
003231-05 John MALERY, 37, England, Toronto, Farmer, s/o John MALERY & Cecilia JOHNSON, married Annie BEVAN, 26, Wales, Toronto, d/o Evan BEVAN & Annie WILLIAMS, wtn: George E KERVIN & Marion REEVES, both of Toronto, on May 23, 1905, at Toronto 3956-05 William F. MANUEL, 22, box maker, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Peter MANUEL & Susannah MILLEY, married Rhoda MOSSOP, 20, Coldwater, Toronto, d/o John MOSSOP & Georgina TUGGEN? (Fuzzen?) , witn: Margaret May HUMPHREY & John MOSSOP, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
01996-07 (Toronto) Arthur Dunn MATHEW, 24, machinist, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William MATHEW & Christina SMITH, married Jane Mathew STEWART, 25, Scotland, same, d/o William STEWART & Clementine BEATTIE, witn; Norman MATHEWS and Maggie Nicholson BANKS both of Toronto, 12 May 1905 at Toronto. 3967-05 William McCONNELL, 40, farmer, Aylmer? twp., Burks Falls, s/o Robert John McCONNELL & Sarah EARL, married Mary Hannah OSBOURNE, 38, dressmaker, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William OSBOURNE & Margaret KENNEL, witn: Minnie FAULD & Kate THOMPSON, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1905
01994-07 (Toronto) Johnston Allen McKINNON, 25, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Farquhar McKINNON & Sara J. LESLIE, married Annie Jane Beatrice CAMPBELL, 21, Iris Tp., Toronto, d/o William CAMPBELL & Winnifred G. FORD, witn; Margaret McKINNON of Glen Williams and Mark CLARK of Toronto, 6 Dec 1905 at Toronto (also 1079-06) 01993-07 (Toronto) William George McLEAN, 21, driver, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William McLEAN & Fanny BOYLE, married Mary McDOWELL, 23, Stratford, Toronto Junction, d/o James McDOWELL & Agnes LATHAN, witn; William TRACEY and Maggie McLEAN, 14 Jun 1905 at Toronto.
01997-07 (Toronto) John N. S. McLEAN, 29, life insurance agent, Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o R. J. McLEAN & Mary A. STEWART, married Sarah A. ELDER, 24, Toronto, same, widow, d/o James WHITE & Catherine YOUNG, witn; Fred B. WATSON and Lizzie JACKSON both of Toronto, 11 Jul 1905 at Toronto 3962-05 James McNEILL, 32, letter carrier, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William McNEILL & Jane REID, married Alice Maud SCOTT, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John SCOTT & Martha KENNEDY, witn: George W. McGUIRE & Fanny GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
002976-05 (Toronto) George MEDCALF, 40, painter, England, Port Hope, s/o Geo MEDCALF & Mary SUSSET, married Harriett BRITON, 29, Canada, Toronto, d/o James BRITON & Jennie LAMBERT, witn: John DICKSON & Elsie MEDCALF, both of Toronto, 5 Sept 1905 [Britton?] 002998-05 (Toronto) John Milton MERKLEY, 26, baker, Turnberry, Toronto, s/o William MERKLEY & Esther A. HARTWELL, married Nellie MADIGAN, 19, Toronto,same, d/o James MADIGAN & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: A. & Mrs. A. RANSTEDLER, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1905
003222-05 Henry Robert MILLAR, 37, England, Toronto, Packer, Bigahy MILLAR & Emma Henrietta PRIDIE, married Elizabeth Ann WAGG, 34, England, same, d/o William WAGG & Martha DEAN, wtn: George & Lizzie BRADLEY, both of Toronto, on September 17, 1905, at Toronto 002996-05 (Toronto) William Bray MOORE, 24, teamster, Cowansville Que, Toronto, s/o Albert E. MOORE & Mary E. RUDD, married Lucy Mary FIELD, 25, England, Toronto, d/o George FIELD & Lucy M. LISNEY, witn: W. PENNOCH & Mrs. J.B. KENNEDY, both of Toronto, 8 Sept 1905
002994-05 (Toronto) John Francis MORRIS, 27, manufacturer, Toronto, same, s/o Arthur MORRIS & Maria MOORE, married Elizabeth Rose FELL, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Charles FELL & Maria DUFFIELD, witn: William MORRIS & illegible FELL, both of Toronto, 31 Aug 1905 3993-05 Joseph MOULDY, 21, iron moulder, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph MOULDY & Annie, married Charlotte PAREN, 20, Toronto, not given, d/o William PAREN & Charlotte KELLY, witn: Charles JESSHOPE & Ethel NEAL, both of Toronto, 5 Dec 1905
3969-05 John Arthur MURDOCH, 27, book keeper, Markdale, same, s/o Al MURDOCH & Jane JOHNSTON, married Mary Emeline BARNETT, no age given, Markdale, Toronto, d/o William BURNETT (sic) & Isabella LEITCH, witn: J. M. MERCER & Bertha J. FLESHER, both of Markdale, 20 Dec 1905 4013-05 John E. B. NELSON, 25, mounter, Toronto, same, s/o Peter NELSON & Annie MacKINTOSH, married Nellie ROBINSON, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Harry ROBINSON & Sarah GOODERHAM, witn: George DILWORTH & Grace ROBINSON, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905

1051-05 Frederick Benjamin NILSON, 46, widower, cutter, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o Bedell NILSON & Ellen, married Annie Louisa ELLSTON, 23, Thornhill, res not given, d/o John & Katherine, witn: J.M. MARKS & A.F. WHITE, both of Toronto and Josephine DEAN of Kew Beach, 2 Jan 1905

002983-05 (Toronto) Willis Beach NORTHROP, 49, farmer, N.Y. State, Rochester, widower, s/o Nehemiah Beach NORTHROP & Electa Louisa ECKLER, married Lida HUNTER, 25, N.Y. State. Rochester, d/o William HUNTER & Della MCETHENEY, witn: James E. & Della TYTLER, both of Rochester, 7 Sept 1905 01310-05 Alexander O'HANDLEY, 32, teacher, U. S., Boston U. S., s/o Allan O'HANDLEY & Kathrine McGALLENGER, married Mary Agnes FINCH-NOYES, 22, Canada, Hamilton, d/o E. FINCH-NOYES & Anna ROY, witn: Farah COURTNEY & W. C. MYERS & Mary A. RAFFERTY & James ROBERTSON all of Toronto, 24 Jan 1905 ( R. C.)
002997-05 (Toronto) Alexandre ORSATI, 56, grocer, Montreal, same, widower, s/o Thoomas ORSATI & Margaret WATT, married Sophie GILBERT, 56, St. John, Toronto, widow, d/o Melclair GILBERT & Sophie BURON, witn: NassaliangJ. BOURDON, Toronto & Eugene ORSALI, Montreal, 11 Sept 1905, RC 4018-05 Luther Jacob OSGOOD, doctor, 29, Verona NY, Chicago, s/o William B. OSGOOD & Martha TUFTS, married Margaret Laura HALL, 23, Toronto, same, d/o William HALL & Dorcas McCRIMMON, witn: Eliz? J. SPILMAN of Chicago & Angus McCRIMMON of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905
002972-05 (Toronto) Frank PARKER, 25, tile setter, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph PARKER & Regina COOPER, married Alma Mary LAMONT, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Hugh LAMONT & Mary MENHOOD?, witn: R. NEVILLE & Margaret SCOOT, both of Toronto, 16 Aug 1905 01986-07 (Toronto) Bruce PARKINS, 20, farmer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Albert PARKIN & Martha GIBSON, married Alice DUFRIE, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas DUFRIE & Virginia MALLETTE, witn; John A BUTLER and Thomas FRASER both of Toronto 22 Nov 1905 at Toronto
3981-05 Francis PARKS, 31, brick layer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James PARKS & Agnes BASHFORD, married Eliza BAYNE, 24, lady, Dunchurch, Toronto, d/o James BAYNE & Eliza MANSON, witn: John B. WHITE & Annie H. CLEAVELY, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1905 003230-05 William Avery PARTRIDGE, 50, Canada, St. Thomas, Widowed, Carpenter, s/o John PARTRIDGE & Mina SPILLER, married Margaret LA FRANCE, 45, Canada, North Bay, Widow, d/o John & Ann DONLEY, wtn: Amy A. JOHNSTON & Olive A. JOHNSTON, both of Toronto, on September 6, 1905, at Toronto
3996-05 William Joseph PATTERSON, 28, laborer, Kentucky, Toronto, s/o Oliver PATTERSON & Annie CODY, married Mary WATSON, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o George WATSON & Rosie SMITH, witn: Charles W. SMITH & Raphael JOCELONISH?, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 002980-05 (Toronto) John Vincent PAUL, 40, Inspector C.P.R., California, Montreal, widower, s/o Robert Havelin PAUL & Margaret Ann CAUGHLIN, married Myrtle CAREY, 20, Toronto, same, d/0 John CAREY & Mary Ann BOONE, witn: Charles W. CAREY, Toronto & Mae CAREY, Sioux City, 9 Sept 1905
3952-05 Albert Elsworth PEARSON, 27, laborer, York Co., Toronto, s/o John PEARSON & Susanna LEVITT, married Caroline Louise MORLEY, 31, York Co., Toronto, d/o William MORLEY & Ann RIVERS, witn: James Wesley MUIRHEAD of Bedford Park & Martha ROBINSON of Toronto, 29 Nov 1905 3965-05 Thomas Harry PHILLIPS, 31, engineer, England, Toronto, s/o James PHILLIPS & Ellen PRIOR, married Margaret HARTLEY, 35, widow, lady, Port Hope, Toronto, d/o James McCORMACK & Mary BROWN, witn: George F. KERWIN & Marion S. J. REEVES, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
01985-07 (Toronto) William Charles PHILLIPS, 25, lithographer pressman, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur Phillips & Elizabeth GRIFFIN, married Lydia Emily CLARK, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Robt. John CLARK & Elizabeth Catherine WILLIS, witn; W. TREASURER and Jane TREASURER both of Toronto, 20 Nov 1905 at Toronto. 4012-05 John Stanley PHIPPEN, 33, gentleman, Belleville, same, s/o John Albert PHIPPEN & Cath. MUNROE, married Ada Florence POOLE, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Arthur POOLE & Susannah HALL, witn: F.F.B. ENTWELL & Margaret MURDOCH, both of Toronto, 12 Dec 1905
3983-05 George Leetham PLUMB, 42, widower, gardener, England, Toronto, s/o George PLUMB & Harriet A. LEETHAM, married Sarah Ann NEELY, 33, Craigvale Ont., Toronto, d/o Alexander NEELY & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Francis C. & H.A. THOMAS of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905 01987-07 (Toronto) Frank Lillie POLLOCK, 29, author, Franklin Tenn., Toronto, s/o Marshall POLLOCK & Annie LILLIE, married Rosa May SHEAFFE, 18, Aurora, Toronto, d/o John SHEAFFE & Rosetta YEARINGTON, witn; Dr. J. Brown and Faith Fenton Brown, both of Toronto, 21 Nov. 1905
3999-05 George POMEROY, 24, teamster, Bruce Co., Toronto, s/o William POMEROY & Jane HARKNESS, married Jenny SPROXTON, 22, Whitchurch twp., Toronto, d/o Albert SPROXTON & Mary HARMAN (Harrison?), witn: Albert SPROXTON & Ella PICKERING, both of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905 002988-05 (Toronto) Sydney Byron PRETTY, pharmacist, Bethesda, Toronto, s/o Frederick PRETTY & Emily POYNE, married Lottie CLINKENBROOMER, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Charles E. CLINKENBROOMER & Martha CAMPBELL, witn: Joseph M PRETTY & Emma CANAVAN, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905
4005-05 William Henry RICHARDS, 29, draughtsman, Ottawa, Minn. USA, s/o Archibald RICHARDS & Eliza HOOD, married Tessa Nina Ellenor MILLS, 24, Toronto, same, d/o John MILLS & Priscilla LAMBERT, witn: Robert G. DALTON & Edith MONTGOMERY, both of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905 003007-05 (Toronto) Roderick RODDICK, 27, teacher, Port Hope, Toronto, s/o George RODDICK & Hannah HAGERMAN, married Maude STAFFORD, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas STAFFORD & Jane INNIS, witn: Robert J. MONTGOMERY & Millie A. WILSON, both of Toronto, 9 Sept 1905
003227-05 John James ROSCOE, 21, Canada, Toronto, Salesman, s/o George ROSCOE & Maylen McCULLOUGH, married Charlotte Amy ALDERMAN, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Charles ALDERMAN & Charlotte JEFFREY, wtn: Amy W. JOHNSTON & Catherine BARBER, both of Toronto, on April 12, 1905, at Toronto 01982-07 (Toronto) William Edward ROSE, 24, salesman Brooklyn NY, Toronto, s/o Frederick ROSE & Sarah Josephine HOPE married Edith Deloss NICHOLLS, 29, Aurora, Toronto, d/o James NICHOLLS & Susanna N. RUPERT, witn; David RANKIN and Mossie NICHOLLS both of Toronto, 27 Sep 1905 at Toronto
3975-05 Arthur ROWETT, 22, gardener, Hunter Bay, same, s/o George H. ROWETT & Mary WHITWORTH, married Martha A. STEPHENS, 22, Collingwood, Hunter Bay, d/o John STEPHENS, gardener, & Elizabeth A. OSBURN, witn: Herbert ROWETT & Lillian M. STEPHENS, both of Hunter Bay, 28 Nov 1905 01998-07 (Toronto) Edward Darling RYDER, 26, clerk, Acton, same, s/o James RYDER & Frances MARTIN, married Isabelle Ferguson ? MILLAR, 24, Acton, same, d/o John MILLAR & Margaret EWEN, witn; Isabella ROBERTSON and Janet N. GEGGIE both of Toronto, 24 May 1905 at Toronto.
01983-07 (Toronto) Armand Gould SAVAGE, 29, no occupation given, Richmond Hill, same, s/o Peter Gould SAVAGE & Emily DAVIS, married Susy Hilda FRENCH, 27, Richmond Hill, same, d/o William FRENCH & Margaret COOK, witn; Thomas H. FRENCH and Wyncliffe E. FRENCH both of Richmond Hill, 18 Sep 1905 at Toronto. 002969-05 (Toronto) William SCHADE, 28, lumberman, Berlin, Sault S. Marie, s/o John SCHADE & BarbarA SCHMAERMAN, married Alice Marie MCLENNAN, 32, Howick Twp, Toronto, d/o Thomas McLennan & Mary EVANS, witn: Laura M. MIATT & Fred NICKSON, both of Toronto, 9 Sept 1905
3973-05 Arnold Emmanuel SEGESSER, 28, gentleman, Switzerland, Toronto, s/o Edward de SEGESSER & Mary T. COOK, married Dagmar Justine EVENSON, 27, Norway, Toronto, d/o Edward EVANSON & Maria SCHATMAN, witn: Arthur H.M. FRANCIS & Charles W. SEERS, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1905 3949-05 William Wallace Frederick SHAKESPEARE, 26, musician, London England, Toronto, s/o William SHAKESPEARE & Louise WIELAND, married Mary Isabella SCADDING, 26, Windsor, Toronto, d/o Charles SCADDING & Laura WEBSTER, wtin: F. McCALL & H. F. HOLLOWAY, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1905

1043-05 Mayer SHAPIRO, 25, pedlar, Austria, 144 Elizabeth St., s/o Benie SHAPIRO & Malty? FIVING?, married Sarah SHAPIRO, 21, Austria, 144 Elizabeth St., d/o Nachemia? SHAPIRO & Drazel ZWERLING, witn: B. KURTZ of 103 Terauley St. & Max REIMAN of 36 Centre Ave., 37 Jan 1905

002990-05 (Toronto) Persy SMITH, 23, bookkeeper, Alton, Buffalo N.Y., s/o Robert SMITH & Sarah Jane MCLAUGHTON, married Evelyn WENNESHEIMER, 23, London O, Toronto, d/o Philip WENNESHEIMER & Louisa ROSINE, witn: W.G. MCKELLAR & Nellie WENNESHEIMER, both of Toronto, 4 Sept 1905 3955-05 Edward Herman (Herriman?) SMITH, 57, lumberman, Ontario, Hamilton, s/o Gideon SMITH & Helen H. MILREE?, married Bertha Jane McCLEARY, 29, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Robert McCLEARY & Sarah A. REEVES, witn: Winslow & Lillian McCLEARY of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905
002982-05 (Toronto) Ross Wilbert SNYDER, 23, plumber, Bethesda, Toronto, s/o Andrew SNYDER & Hannah WELLS, married Mabel BOWERING, 25, Toronto, same, d/o George BOWERING & Sarah QUINN, witn: H. W. & Mary STUP?, both of Toronto, 7 Sept 1905 01991-07 (Toronto) John Henry SPALDING, 49, tailor, Scotland, Toronto, W., s/o James SPALDING & Mary FINNIGAN, married Ellen McKAY, 42, Woodstock, Toronto, d/o David & Catherine McKAY, witn; Mrs. Jas. MURRAY and Stanley MURRAY both of Toronto, 14 Sep 1905 at Toronto
4010-05 Harry Clarence SPURWAY, 38, carpet maker, England, Toronto, s/o William SPURWAY & Mary HILL, married Ellen Amelia BURTCH, 27, Oakland Ont., Toronto, d/o George BURTCH & Beatrice VIVIAN, witn: Maud VIVIAN of Brantford & Leonard PARKER of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 3953-05 William H. T. STACEY, 24, sheet metal worker, Trenton, Toronto, s/o William Henry STACEY & Alice Henrietta ROBERTS, married Mabel BARFIELD, 27, widow, Woodbridge, Toronto, d/o Peter CRAIG & Mary ALLISON, witn: Charles E. STACEY & L. BLYTH, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1905
4015-05 Talmyr M. STEPHENS, 20, commercial traveller, Evanston Illinois, Toronto, s/o Philip STEPHENS & Hilda PACAUD, married Myra POLLARD, 18, Adolphustown, Toronto, d/o James POLLARD & Mary HOWARD, witn: Arthur CUTTER & Georgina H. BROUGHALL, both of Toronto, 2 Dec 1905 002984-05 (Toronto) Louis Josephe STEYER, 35, polisher, Ohio U.S., Toronto, s/o Leon STEYER & Mary BELLMAN, married Mary Oville BRAULT, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Henry BRAULT & Mary KENSFIS, witn: F.J. KENNEDY & Maggie WATERSON, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905, RC
3963-05 David C. STOCKMAN, 32, commercial traveller, Chester Penn., Toronto, s/o James H. STOCKMAN & Elizabeth MARTIN, married Edythe Marie JOHNSON, 24, Allandale, t, d/o James JOHNSON & Harriett MOORE, witn: Jessie ROWE & Amanda NENN?, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 01995-07 (Toronto) E. Manon STOKES, 23, book keeper, Birmingham Eng., Toronto, s/o William STOKES & Blanche OLDFIELD, married Charlotte BANTER, 23, Durham Co. Grey, Toronto, d/o James BANTER & Mary McCULLOCK, witn; Fred HARRIS and Ellen BANTER both of Toronto, 3 Jun 1905 at Toronto
3971-05 Abraham STOVER, 51, widower, employee st. illegible, Brock twp., Toronto, s/o John STOVER & Ann BLACK, married Mary Jane BAGLEY, 43, widow, England, Toronto, d/o George H. RICE & Martha MEAD, witn: James & Louisa YOUNG of Toronto, 6 Dec 1905 002999-05 (Toronto) John Munro SUTHERLAND, 28, banker, Toronto, same, s/o John Melens SUTHERLAND & Mary BROWN, married Florence May PRINGLE, 29, Toronto, same, d/o James PRINGLE & Margaret FORBES, witn: Frank Ed CRONYN & Lilian Rose PRINGLE, both of Toronto, 12 Sept 1905
003002-05 (Toronto) William SYLVAS, 27, bartender, Toronto, same, s/o William SYLVAS & Maggie COWLEY, married Clara WILLIAMSON, 27, Ohio U.S., Toronto, widow, d/p Joseph WISE & Emma RANGER, witn: Clara G. WALLACE & W.B. CREIGHTON, both of Toronto, 2 Sept 1905, RC 002992-05 (Toronto) Henry TATTERSALL, 34, carriage works, Sharon, Orillia, s/o Edward TATTERSALL & Margaret BULLOCK, married Nellie M. A. WENT, 35, England, Orillia, d/o Geo Edward WENT & Lydia WATTS, witn: J.S. & L.N. B. BROUGHALL, both of Toronto, 2 Sept 1905
4001-05 Claud Beresford TAYLOR, 28, baker, England, Nipissing, s/o Francis D. TAYLOR & Cath. Augusta CAMPBELL, married Mary Kathleen WEAVER, no age given, England, Toronto, d/o George WEAVERS & Sarah HINDS (Hinde?), witn: A.P.B. WILLIAMS of Montreal & Catherine Price GREEN of Toronto, 27 Dec 1905  
002968-05 (Toronto) John THOMSON, 24, steel plater, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John THOMSON & Mary G. WHITELAW, married Ida TUNSTEAD, 27, Essex Twp, Toronto, d/o Joseph TUNSTEAD & Mary F. RILEY, witn; A.J. CRITTENDEN, Toronto & Frances G. BRENT, Oshawa, 6 Sept 1905 002991-05 (Toronto) Ferguson TIMMS, 23, electrician, Listowel, Montreal, s/o Charles TIMMS & Eliza FERGUSON, married Hattie SOUTHWORTH, 23, Thedford, same, d/o Embry SOUTHWORTH & Annie SMITH, witn: Edmund HARDY & Marguerite MURCH, both of Toronto, 4 Sept 1905
3994-05 Albert TOBIN, 26, clothes presser, Toronto, same, s/o Michael TOBIN & Sarah HUNTER, married Margaret A. PETTIT, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Charles PETTIT & Margaret BRAWLEE, witn: John W. & Elner? WRIGHT of Toronto, 6 Dec 1905 3998-05 Augustus John TRUSS, chemist, Southampton England, not given, s/o George Egland? TRUSS & Amelia Marie MARQUAND, married Helen Sophia HOLDEN, Belleville, not given, d/o Henry E. H. HOLDEN & Martha Augusta FOSTER, witn: George E. MILLICHAMP of Toronto & Mary M. FOSTER of Belleville, 14 Oct 1905
3959-05 William TUCKER, 32, builder’s helper, England, Toronto Junction, s/o Daniel TUCKER & Susannah GREENING, married Carrie Eliza WALSH, 31, Oakville, same, d/o Thomas WALSH & Eliza BAKER, witn: Allan W. WALSH of Oakville & M. Agnes PARKER of Toronto, 6 Dec 1905 003229-05 William Ernest VOSS, 23, Canada, Toronto, Merchant, s/o William VOSS & Mary FELITY, married Louisa NEWBURN, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas NEWBURN & Elizabeth WOOD, wtn: Lavina NEWBURN of Barrie & Andrew VOSS of Toronto, on July 11, 1905, at Toronto
4007-05 Milton John WALLACE, 25, contractor, Barrie, North Bay, s/o Robert WALLACE & Janet HILL, married Elizabeth A. ROBINSON, 24, Orangeville, North Bay, d/o William J. ROBINSON & Eliza DOWLING, witn: Mrs. S. R. BERRY & Harriet A. CORKER, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 3980-05 Henry WARD, 39, widower, teacher, York Co., Toronto, s/o Henry WARD & Margaret RIDDELL, married Bessie Maria BRIDGELAND, 44, teacher, York Co., Toronto, d/o C.B. BRIDGELAND & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Robert LESLIE & Helen E. DOWNEY, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905
002967-05 (Toronto) Oliver WATSON, 21, printer, Desoronto, Toronto, s/o William WATSON & Lucy WALKER, married Dahlia SHERRINGTON, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Willing SHERRINGTON & Habe JONES, witn: Leonard WATESON & Jessie JOHNSTONE, both of Toronto, 6 Sept 1905 3986-05 Harry Charles Glanell? WEST, 33, musician, London Ont., Norway, s/o Charles WEST & Emma Jane HALL, married Alice Elizabeth DAVIE, 30, Toronto, Norway, d/o Robert DAVIE & Jane DE GREGGOR, witn: Thomas & Christine DAVIE of Toronto, 12 Dec 1905
3992-05 William WILLIAMS, 23, machinist, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Andrew WILLIAMS & Maggie LESLIE, married Isabella J. GOSSIP, 23, domestic, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James GOSSIP & Isabella BRIDGEFORD, witn: James & Charlotte McKENZIE of Toronto, 2 Dec 1905 003220-05 Henry WILSON, 38, Scotland, Toronto, Teamster, s/o William WILSON & Elizabeth OAKLEY, married Jennie McCURDY, 25, not given, Toronto, d/o Robert McCURDY & Matilda McCORMACK, wtn: Sadie MARTIN & Harry LONG, both of Toronto, on September 20, 1905, at Toronto
003003-05 (Toronto) Joseph Charles WILSON, 23, gold gilder, Toronto, same, s/o Archibald Johnson WILSON & Amy Eliza CUMBER, married Lucy SAWYER, 23, not given, Whitby, d/o John Edward SAWYER & Catherine HICKEY, witn: Alexander J.L. MACKENZIE & Mary SAWYER, both of Toronto, 13 Sept 1905 3979-05 George Henry WOOLINGS, 25, tailor, Barrie, Toronto, s/o Daniel L. WOOLINGS & Mary Jane WEIR, married Margaret Alice THOMAS, 25, tailoress, Renfrew, Toronto, d/o Gotlieb THOMAS & Hannah CRERAR, witn: Mary MacKAY & A. E. TUPPER, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905