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Toronto, 1905, part 2

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3351-05 William Henry ADAMS, 30, stair builder, England, Toronto, s/o Henry ADAMS & Jane WINTER, married Alice WRIGHT, no age given, England, Toronto, d/o David WRIGHT & Ruth GLAZIER, witn: Thomas A. AXWORTHY & May STUART, both of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1905 #
1369-06 William Henry Fitzgerald ADDISON, 25, physician, Whitby, Philadelphia, s/o John Handy ADDISON & Harriet MAPLE?, married Eleanor ADAMS, 25, Ohio US, Toronto, d/o Edward ADAMS & blank, witn: Edward L. ADAMS & Julian? D. LOUDON, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1905 002505-07 - Irwin John ARDAGH, 26, b. Toronto, of same, Broker, s/o Arthur ARDAGH & Annie IRWIN, married Margaret Jane Whilemina HOPKINS, 19, b. Peterboro, of Toronto, d/o W.J.HOPKINS & Margaret MARTIN, witnesses: Nora SIMPSON & J.G. WORTS, both of Toronto, on 20 September 1905

3522-05 Thomas ASHTON, 21, baker, England, Toronto, s/o George William ASHTON & Ann Elizabeth HUTTON, married Agnes Thornton PATON, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Andrew PATON & Jean CLELAND, witn: George William & Margaret H. ASHTON both of Toronto on Nov. 4, 1905

3532-05 James Henry BARBER, 24, leather worker, Toronto, same, s/o James BARBER & Caroline TOMKINS, married Elizabeth Lena JOHNSTON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John JOHNSTON & Mary STURNS, witn: Harvey James STEWART & Eva Gertrude SYKES both of Toronto on Oct. 4, 1905

#002504-07 (Toronto): Edward A. BECKER, 42, rancher, Crieff - Wellington Co., Medicine Hat, s/o Henry BECKER & Eliza ELIDEN, married Edith ENNIS, 26, Stratford, Toronto, d/o William ENNIS & K. PADDOCK, witn: Charles W. BECKER of Chicago & Mina ENNIS of Toronto, 18 Oct 1905 #003834-05 (Toronto) James Edward BOWEN, 27, England, Toronto, b, shipper, son of John William BOWEN & Mary DURHAM, married Jane COSTON, 24, Ontario, Toronto, s, dau. of William COSTON & Emma SNOW, witn: Stanley FANT, Elizabeth GRIMSHAW, both Toronto, married 15 November 1905
#002735-05 (Toronto): Edward Daniel BOYCE, 21, restaurant keeper, England, Toronto, s/o Charles D. BOYCE & Mary SAUNDERS, married Mary Agnes DURNAN, no age given, Toronto, same, d/o George DURNAN & Mary KEMP, witn: Thomas HUTCHINGS & Thomas A. PARE, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905 3346-05 George BRADY, 22, tailor, Ontario, Todmorden, s/o William BRADY & Mary NEWLOVE, married Agnes SEXSMITH, 24, Ontario, Todmorden, d/o George SEXSMITH & E. WHITNELL, witn: J. SHEA of Toronto & Jessie SEXSMITH of Todmorden, 7 June 1905
#003827-05 (Toronto) Walter BRECKELL, 27, England, Toronto, printer secretary, son of William BRECKELL & Annie MADDOCK, married Eliza Jane MOORE, 26, Canada, Toronto, dau. of Robert MOORE & Jane KERR, witn: Pauline BRECKELL, T.M. WATSON, both Toronto, married 2 November 1905  

3537-05 Thomas Alfred BREDIN, 32, baker, widower, England, Toronto, s/o John BREDIN & Mary McDERMID, married Elizabeth PAYNE, 28, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o James PAYNE & Rebecca OAKE, witn: Charles STEWART & Elma PAYNE both of Toronto on Nov. 6, 1905

#002820-05 (Toronto): Alexander BROOKSLEY, 32, teamster, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alex BROOKSLEY & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Lucy Elizabeth WOOLLEY, 32, England, Toronto, d/o James WOOLLEY & Mary HINCHLY, witn: Mrs. Florence & Arthur COLEMAN of Toronto, 19 Aug 1905
#002729-05 (Toronto): Robert Brazier BROWN, 23, street car conductor, E. Gwillimbury, Toronto, s/o Mark BROWN & Emma ROBINSON, married Alice Maude DALY, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Patrick DALY & Eleanor JORDAN, witn: W. BROOKLAND & Annie DALY, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905

3549-05 Frank BROWN, 27, decorator, Guelph, Toronto, s/o John BROWN & Mary Jane WEST, married Ida HUMPHRIES, 28, Guelph, Toronto, d/o William HUMPHRIES & Eliza J. TEAR, witn: E. G. SPENCER & W. BURNS both of Toronto on Oct. 25, 1905

3535-05 William BURKETT, 45, farmer, widower, Low Bank Ont., Haldimand, s/o Andrew BURKETT & Ann FURRIE, married Sarah BAINE, 28, Stisted Tp., Toronto, d/o William BAINE & Martha FERGUSON, witn: Dora BAINE & Mary WICKS both of Toronto on Oct. 4, 1905

#002506-07 - Alfred BURSLEM, 30, b. England, of Toronto, Piano maker, s/o Frederick BURSLEM & "not known", married Ethel BALDWIN, 25, b. Scarboro, of same, d/o David BALDWIN & Rebecca RINGER, witnesses: Arthur CORBIN of Toronto & Edith BALDWIN of Scarboro, on 12 October 1905
#002510-07 (Toronto) John C. CALLARD, 74, b. England, of Toronto, Widower, Gentleman, s/o John CALLARD & Jessie COVERELL, married Margaret McLEAN, 60, b. Ireland, of Toronto, Widow, d/o Douglas RYAN & Anna FRIDDIE, witnesses: R. REYNOLDS & Marion REEVES, both of Toronto, on 1 August 1905 #003946-05 (Toronto): John CAMERON, 27, laborer, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o John CAMERON & Margaret BELL, married Margaret Phoebe BELL, 24, Indiana, Toronto, d/o William & Mary Ellen, 15 Dec 1905

3545-05 Colin Cornelius CAMPBELL, 23, clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William CAMPBELL & Emily Mary NOVILLE (?), married Elizabeth Edith FINDLAY, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John FINDLAY & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: R. W. ALLAN & P. F. BALDWIN both of Toronto on Oct. 23, 1905

1381-06 John CARTER, 53, widower, barber, Washington, Toronto, s/o John L. & Eliza, married Elizabeth PARM (Paren?), 36, widow, Toronto, same, d/o John PARM & Elizabeth LINTON?, witn: Annie J. BROWN & Lizzie CARTER, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1905
#003174-05 (Toronto) Sylvannus CLARK , 23, painter, Canada, Markham, s/o Sinclair CLARK & Maria ARMSTRONG, married Mina GOWLAND, 22, Canada, Markham, d/o Jonathon GOWLAND & Mary CARPENTER; wit: Jessie GILDAY & Isabella MILLER, both of Toronto; 6 Sep 1905, Toronto 3309-05 William J CLARK, 28, farmer, illegible (Mimico?), Etobicoke twp., s/o John William CLARK & Eva BURGESS, married Elsie C. ATKINSON, 24, Etobicoke, same, d/o George W. ATKINSON & Clara CADIEUX, witn: George C. & Ella G. POOLE of Toronto, 7 Oct. 1905
#003328-05 William CLEGG, 23, express porter, Toronto, same, s/o Benjamin CLEGG & Abia MORAN, married Maud Mary JARMAN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas JARMAN & Emily MINERS, witn: Richard PARKER & Annie CLEGG, both of Toronto, 4 Oct 1905  
3358-05 Alexander COBURN, 32, electrician, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William COBURN & Janet LINDSAY, married Alice Lydia JEFFRIES, 25, England, Toronto, d/o James A. JEFFRIES & Susannah WHITE, witn: Lucy N. MORRIS & Emma SMITH, both of Toronto, 14 Oct 1905 #001633-07 (Toronto): George Arthur COLE, 26, blacksmith, England, not given, s/o Thomas COLE & Polly PIPER, married Alice Mary MOULE, 23, England, not given, d/o Robert MOULE & Mary MEALING, witn: Thomas & Minnie MUNDY of Toronto, 26 April 1905
#002821-05 (Toronto): Arthur COLEMAN, 30, shoe maker, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Florence WOOLLEY, 33, England, Toronto, d/o James WOOLLEY & Mary HINCHLY, witn: Alexander BROOKSLEY & Lucy Elizabeth WOOLLEY, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1905 #002732-05 (Toronto): Joel COLLINS, 30, photographer, Petrolia, Ohio USA, s/o Charles COLLINS & Jerusha THOMPSON, married Isabella STEWART, no age given, Beaverton, Orillia, d/o Duncan STEWART & Martha AINSWORTH, witn: Clifford RICHARDSON of London & Minnie BELFRY of Orillia, 9 Aug 1905
#002508-07 - James CONGDON, 68, b. England, of Toronto, Widower, Farmer, s/o William CONGDON & Elizabeth PIERCE, married Margaret KNOT, 45, b. Bruce Co., of Toronto, witnesses: Miss Sarah FENTON & Mrs. Ida A. CLEAVER, both of Toronto, on 29 December 1905 at Toronto  
#002734-05 (Toronto): John COPELAND, no age given, book keeper, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William COPELAND & Sarah DONALDSON, married Lauretta Clifton DOWSON, no age given, lady, Toronto, same, d/o Clifton DOWSON & Hannah PENNOCK, witn: Oliver T. FUNSTON & Annie CARWARDINE, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905 #003942-05 (Toronto): Almer Bertram COUSINS, 21, piano maker, Vaughan twp., Junction, s/o Charles E. COUSINS & Serena LUND, married Laura Edna BEAN, 20, Woodhill, Toronto, d/o George BEAN & Amelia WARD, witn: Margaret SQUIRE of Toronto Jct., 18 Dec 1905
#001634-07 (Toronto): William COWAN, 35, engineer, Wellington Co., not given, s/o William COWAN & Elizabeth McGORLEY, married Bertha Dora SUTTON, 31, Brantford, not given, d/o Herbert SUTTON & Isabella BARKER, witn: M.E. ROBERTSON & C.B. FREEMAN, both of Toronto, 22 April 1905 #002509-07- John Thomas CRANSWICK, 35, b. England, of Toronto, Porter, s/o Fletcher CRANSWICK & Mary IBBOTSON, married Rosina Gabel MEDLOCK, 25, b. England, of Toronto, d/o Joseph MEDLOCK & Eliza CARSEDINE, witnesses: William BRISBOW & Lydia MEDLOCK, both of Toronto, on 27 December 1905 at Toronto
#002507-07 - Samuel CROOKS, 30, b. Ireland, of Ottawa, Moulder, s/o Samuel CROOKS & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Edith Bessie HUNT, b. Toronto, of same, d/o Walter HUNT & Elizabeth Martha PEARCE, witnesses: Mabel HUNT of Toronto & Frank(?) DONALD of Carleton Place, on 27 September 1905 at Toronto #002741-05 (Toronto): James Arthur CURRIE, 21, bar tender, Toronto, same, s/o Philip CURRIE & Priscilla Ann LEFLAR, married Ida JACKSON, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Charles JOHNSON (sic) & Emma THORNE, witn: Charles JOHNSON & Birdie L. STOREY, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905

3529-05 Donald DALLAS, 36, traveller, Seaforth, Toronto, s/o James DALLAS & Janet MacFARLANE, married Lillian PARKS, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William PARKS & Mary FITZGIBBON, witn: M. B. WALLACE & H. ELLIOTT both of Toronto on Nov. 6, 1905

3548-05 Henry DANIEL, 32, painter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Avery DANIEL & Jane THORNTON, married Lena THURSTON, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John THURSTON & Annie HOLLEY, witn: Michael GALLAGHER & Sadie KEARNS both of Toronto on Oct. 16, 1905

#003937-05 (Toronto): William Henry DARBY, 39, circulation mgr., Pine Grove, Toronto, s/o George & Isabella, married Ethel Maud SCALES, 33, Toronto, same, d/o Charles & Henrietta, witn: George H.P. DARBY of Toronto, 14 Dec 1905 3347-05 Edgar L. DARBY, 25, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George L. DARBY & Agnes CURTIS, married Laura E. BROWN, 28, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William BROWN & E. WALLACE, wtn: H. W. TYNDALL & Ada BROWN, both of Toronto, 23 Aug 1905

3527-05 John Gordon DAVIDSON, 30, pattern maker, Toronto, Pittsfield Mass. USA, s/o E. J. DAVIDSON & Mary O'CONNOR, married Florence McGANN, 25, Toronto, same, d/o John McGANN & Mary McDONALD, witn: E. McGANN & Amelia DAVIDSON both of Toronto on Nov. 6, 1905

3345-05 James M. DAVIE, 24, private secretary, Toronto, same, s/o Robert DAVIE & Jane McGREGOR, married Sadie E. SHARP, 23, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o George H. SHARP & Mary EDWARDS, witn: A.J. HES of Norway & Evelyne SHARP of Toronto, 7 June 1905 #003833-05 (Toronto) Robert William DAVIS, 23, England, Toronto, concrete worker, son of Thomas DAVIS & Elizabeth BROWN, married Clara Jessie SUTCLIFFE, 19, England, Toronto, dau. of Henry SUTCLIFFE & Eliza CASE, witn: George ROWARTH, Eliza SUTCLIFFE, both Toronto, married 14 November 1905
#002739-05 (Toronto): Arthur Ernest DAVIS, 22, grocers clerk, Toronto, same, s/o John DAVIS & Fanny GRIFFIN, married Ethel Ellen HOTCHKINS, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Ezekiel HOTCHKINS & Alice FORD, witn: Charles WILLS & Florence E. HOTCHKINS, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905 3311-05 William Henry DEAN, 53, widower, cattle dealer, Toronto, not given, s/o Thomas W. DEAN & Mary SMART, married Maud Mary HANEY, 33, Toronto, not given, d/o Henry HANEY & Annie GUTHRIE, witn: Mary E. BUSHELL & C. A. SHANNON, both of Toronto, 10 Oct. 1905
3340-05 Charles Joseph DONNELLY, 22, motorman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William & Mary, married Ellen MOORE, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick MOORE & Julia FLEMING, witn: Michael GALLAGHER & Katie DONNELLY, both of Toronto, 11 Oct. 1905 3352-05 Harold DREDGE, 31, carpet weaver, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas DREDGE & Emma ALLEN, married Beatrice Annie HOPKINS, 32?, England, Toronto, d/o Richard HOPKINS & Harriet GLOVER, witn: Harry GILL & Mrs. Susie PERRY, both of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1905
3333-05 Nathan James DUNSMORE, 25, elevator erector, Durham, Toronto, s/o John DUNSMORE & Janet CAMPBELL, married May GOURLEY, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James GOURLEY & Jane Wylie ARMOUR, witn: George K. McDONALD & Georgina ARMOUR, both of Toronto, 11 Oct. 1905 #003935-05 (Toronto): Matthew Duncan DUNWOODIE, 29, mfg. chemist, born in Scotland, not given, s/o John & not given, married Ina BRADLEY, 25, b, Canada, not given, d. William BRADLEY & Jennie McKAY, witn: Thomas BAKER & Lucy GILES, both of Toronto, 13 Dec 1905
#003321-05 Frank Samuel EDMONDS, 23, teamster, Canada, Toronto, s/o Samuel EDMONDS & Mary Jane GADSBY, married Ethel May FOSTER, 22, England, Toronto, d/o George & Annie FOSTER, witn: Henry George FORD & Laura W. SINART, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905  

3519-05 Edward EDWARDS, 28, gas fitter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Edward EDWARDS & Christina MacKENZIE, married Emily Baxter BRAND, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James BRAND & Elsie ANDERSON, witn: James MacKENZIE & Alicia TAYLOR both of Toronto on Nov. 2, 1905

#003322-05 Arthur James EDWARDS, 36, dentist, Canada, Toronto, s/o James EDWARDS & Mary KINCHAM?, married Edna Hope FARMER, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o Jas Henry FARMER & Frances Elizabeth ROBMAN, witn: E.W. VERNER & Gertrude CHALLIS, both of Toronto, 7 Oct 1905
1474-06 (Toronto): George ELTON, 27, printer, Philadelphia USA, Toronto, s/o William E. ELTON & Catherine SHARP, married Edith J. SMITH, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John SMITH & Mary HATTON, witn: George E. SMITH & Flo CLARK, both of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905 1475-06 (Toronto): James H.J. EVERARD, 29, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o Charles EVERARD & Elizabeth CHARD?, married Emma E. GROVER, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John GROVER & Ester FLEURY, witn: L. FLEURY & Mary E. JARDINE, both of Toronto, 13 Dec 1905
#003324-05 Henry James FAIRHEAD, 30, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o James FAIRHEAD & Catherine PHAIR, married Thomasina Selina BOWLING, 24, Alliston, Toronto, d/o Frederick L. BOWLING & Selina F. ROWAN, witn: Robert H. HUME & A. Lucy BOWLING, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905  
#003945-05 (Toronto): Norman Byron FARRELL, 24, farmer, Barrie, Alberta, s/o Miles FARRELL & Emily BALDWIN, married Jennie RICHARDS, 27, Wales, Toronto, d/o John RICHARDS & Jane LEWIS, witn: Percy FARRELL of Alberta & Mabel BOWES of Toronto, 12 Dec 1905 #002733-05 (Toronto): Robert Thomas FEASBY, 22, bread salesman, Sandford, Toronto, s/o John FEASBY & Hannah HIRD, married Pearl Maria PATTERSON, 20, operator, Barrie, Toronto, d/o William PATTERSON & Mariah KENNEDY, witn: George H. FEASBY & Viola Evelyn PATTERSON, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905
3315-05 Cornelius John FINE, 26, baker, England, Toronto, s/o Cornelius John FINE & Mary Ann DAVIDSON, married Annie Elizabeth BEDDOW, 39, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Robert John SANDERSON & Annie Elizabeth FORRESTER, witn: Herbert Duncan CAMPBELL & Bertha BANKS, both of Toronto, 11 Oct. 1905 3353-05 William FISHER, 24, painter, England, Toronto, s/o William FISHER & Emily DICKENSON, married Thirza Harrison GREGORY, 26, England, same, d/o James GREGORY & Alice FROST, witn: Walter ROBNSON & Mrs. Beatrice LOCKE, both of Toronto, 16 Oct. 1905
  3304-05 Harvey FORBES, 19, engineer, Toronto, same, s/o William FORBES & Ella McKENTYRE (s/b McIntyre?), married Bertha ADAMS, 17, Toronto, same, d/o James ADAMS & Elizabeth BRYAN, witn: Alfred & Elizabeth ADAMS of Toronto, 9 Oct 1905
#003936-05 (Toronto): Thomas John FORD, 24, carpenter, Nfld., Toronto, s/o Richard FORD & Selena DROVER, married Margaret Ann SKANES, 22, Nfld., Toronto, d/o John SKANES & Grace FARRELL, witn: Ethel E. & Margaret M. HILL of Toronto, 12 Dec 1905 #002736-05 (Toronto): Alva FOX, 28, iron worker, Picton, Toronto, s/o John FOX & Jane TODD, married Annie McNEIL, 35, Lindsay, Toronto, d/o William McNEIL & Caroline NEWSON, witn: M.A. TALLING & Harry WILLIAMS, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905
3334-05 Harry FRANKS, 24, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o Henry FRANKS & Amelia M. BOSE, married Lucy Emily WILLS, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Henry WILLS & Betsy RESE?, witn: Gertrude E. & Frederick FRANKS of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905  
#002731-05 (Toronto): John A. FROHMAN, 36, moulder, Texas, Toronto, s/o John FROHMAN & Ada HAGGARD, married Jemima MASON, 26, Luther twp., Toronto, d/o John MASON & Jean MURRAY, witn: Job MOULDEY Sr. & Wilda JAMES, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905 #003831-05 (Toronto) Albert GALE, 24, Kingston, Toronto, b, butcher, son of Thomas GALE & Mary Ann PARKER, married Minnie May JEFFRIES, 25, Toronto, same, s, dau. of William JEFFRIES & Emma MANN, witn: S.G. WILLIAMS & E.A. WILLIAMS, both Toronto, married 8 November 1905

3539-05 Joseph GIDLOW, 22, plumber, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Mariah, married Ada CAWLEY, 27, England, Toronto, d/o Edwin & Martha, witn: Albert & William GIDLOW both of Toronto on Oct. 25, 1905

3531-05 Matthew GILLIS, 22, driver, Toronto, same, s/o John GILLIS & Ann MATTE, married Edith Sarah WALLACE, 21, Boston, Toronto, d/o George WALLACE & Minnie SCHOOLCRAFT, witn: James & Jennie GALLOWAY both of Oct. 23, 1905

3305-05 Alfred Abraham GOODHEAD, 23, presser, England, Toronto, s/o Abraham GOODHEAD & Fannie CLIFF, married Mabel Mary WATERS, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Henry F. WATERS & Margaret FLEET, witn: Honcrie? William & Mary WATERS of Toronto, 9 Oct 1905 3310-05 Edward GRAY, 42, carpenter, USA, Barrie, s/o Robert GRAY & Ellen RORKE, married Aletha Matilda HEARN, widow, England, Barrie, d/o Thomas MORLEY & Aletha M. BARRATT, witn: George W. MORLEY of Toronto Mrs. R. BAYCROFT of Barrie, 10 Oct 1905
#003329-05 William Walter GRAY, 24, fireman, Kentucky U.S.A., Toronto Junction, s/o Thomas GRAY & Dicey DAVIS, married Mary LAWSON, 24, Gravenhurst Ont, Toronto Junction, d/o Christie LAWSON & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Lena LAWSON, Youngstown N.Y. & Jas A. BAILEY, Toronto, 11 Oct 1905

3536-05 Thomas Jeremiah GRIFFIN, 27, farmer, Hastings Co., Norwood, s/o Herbert H. GRIFFIN & Kate DUNNING, married Esther NELSON, 20, Norwood, same, d/o William NELSON & June MOODY, witn: Annie HASTINGS & Mary SANDERSON both of Toronto on Oct. 26, 1905

#003323-05 Maurice S. GUEST, 32, manufacturer, New York, same, s/o Maurice GUEST & Mary STUDLY, married Daisy Dean MASON, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Andrew & Jane Henry MASON, witn: William SCHUTCH, New York & Pansy MASON, Toronto, 11 Oct 1905  
#003822-05 (Toronto) William GUINANE, 48, Toronto, same, b, merchant, son of William GUINANE & Margaret GLENSON, married Edith MADGE, 28, England, Toronto, s, dau. of Fredric MADGE & Mary LEE, witn: Hugh T. KELLY, William WOOD, both Toronto, married 20 Nov. 1905 #002740-05 (Toronto): Emanuel HALLOWELL, 37, Baptist clergyman, Merritton, Toronto, s/o John HALLEWELL & Emma ASHWORTH, married Eleanor Elizabeth CLOSE, 19, Dundalk, Toronto, d/o Richard CLOSE & Maria THOMPSON, witn: Edward C. AUSTIN of Toronto & Avilila THOMPSON of Carmella, 10 Aug 1905
3356-05 David HARE, 29, farmer, Scarboro, Markham, s/o David HARE & Magdalene GOODE, married Eva Jane CROFT, 25, England, Toronto, d/o David H. CROFT & Mary Ann WRIGHT, witn: Stewart Wallace HALL & Margaret Wright CROFT, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905

3515-05 Benjamin HARPELL, 27, accountant, Victoria Harbour, Toronto, s/o John Wesley HARPELL & Ella Josephine HEARD, married Alberta Davilla McCALLUM, 27, Hawkesville, Toronto, d/o Peter James McCALLUM & Elizabeth Ann PETCH, witn: H. R. CLARK & May McCALLUM both of Toronto on Nov. 1, 1905

3533-05 Frank Roberts HAYWARD, 22, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o John William HAYWARD & Minnie DIAMOND, married Roselen CLARK, 25, Stratford, Guelph, d/o Richard CLARK & Mary Ann CALDWELL, witn: Robert SYMINGTON (?) & Edith M. HAYWARD both of Toronto on Oct. 18, 1905

3343-05 John W. HENRY, 29, farmer, Dixie, same, s/o Mathew HENRY & Jane WELDON, married Annie M. MONTAGUE, 26, Toronto, same, d/o John MONTAGUE & Ann TRACEY, witn: Peter HENRY & Norah MONTAGUE, both of Toronto, 11 Oct. 1905
#002737-05 (Toronto): William Thomas Metcalf HESLOP, 22, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas HESLOP & Margaret WOOD, married Nettie Lee BESSEY, 22, Smithville, Toronto, d/o Alonzo E. BESSEY & Almeda WARDELL, witn: George BEAL & Nellie BESSEY, both of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905

3526-05 Sherwood N. HILL, 25, Government clerk, St. Thomas, Ottawa, s/o James HILL & VAIRSTONE (Vanstone?), married Barbara H. WORTH, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Fred J. WORTH & Bella ESSON, witn: Frank CONNERY & Gertrude J. WORTH both of Toronto on Oct. 10, 1905

3354-05 Joseph HINTON, 21, brick layer, England, Toronto, s/o Charles HINTON & Agnes MORRIS, married Maud Alice BROOKER, 22, England, Toronto, d/o James BROOKER & Sarah HOWELL, witn: James AUSTIN and John & Mary BAGNALL, all of Toronto, 16 Oct 1905

3517-05 John HOGARTH, 30, railway agent, Hespeler, Mount Forest, s/o William HOGARTH & Margaret BROWN, married Ida M. KIRKWOOD, 27, Glen William, Preston, d/o David KIRKWOOD & Sarah Jane WILKINSON, witn: Margaret KIRKWOOD of Preston & Millie H. WILSON of Toronto on Nov. 2, 1905

#003939-05 (Toronto): Albert E. HOOVER, 25, farmer, Whitchurch, same, s/o Simon HOOVER & Mary Ann MORELY, married Lavina Ada COOK, 18, Whitchurch, same, d/o Abram COOK & Ann SMITH, witn: Reginald COCKBURN & William STEDMAN, both of Toronto, 6 Dec 1905 3337-05 Ernest Butler HOPSON, 41, widower, manager, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred HOPSON & Clara EWEN, married Georgina BUTLER, 43, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas B--? BUTLER & Emma Freeman CREED, witn: F. E. KILLMASTER & Thomas SKERRET, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1905
#003832-05 (Toronto) William Henry HOWES, 36, England, Toronto, b, cook, son of Henry HOWES & Alice BLOOD, married Madge Susie VAUGHAN, 35, Cincinnati Ohio, Toronto, widow, dau. of Francis KIRCKMAN & Margaret GARD, witn: C.J. MARCH, Ethel BERRINGER, both Toronto, married 9 November 1905, Toronto #003829-05 (Toronto) William Wallad HUDGIN, 20, Bond Lake, Toronto, B, fireman, son of William J. HUDGIN & Mary Jane BIGGAR, married Jessie Elizabeth PINKERTON, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s, dau. of David PINKERTON & Annie PENION, witn: Myrtle PINKERTON, E.A. WILLIAMS, both Toronto, married 8 November 1905
3312-05 Fred G. HUNTER, 25, telephone man, Hamilton, same, s/o George HUNTER & Hattie CANNING, married Inez May DUSTON, 25, Cornwall, Hamilton, d/o William DERSTON (sic) & Annie STINSON, witn: Ethel W. McDONOUGH & Ethel GOODE, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1905  
#003317-05 Alex Moore HUSTON, 29, sign painter, Ontario, not given, s/o Robert HUSTON & Elizabeth MCKIBBIN, married Euphemia WYLIE, 27, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William & Ellen Ann Coone WYLIE, witn: Mrs F. REYNOLDS & Mrs Annie E. SILCOX, both of Toronto, 7 Oct 1905 #003320-05 Lester HUSTON, 28, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o James HUSTON & Annie CAMERON, married Sarah Elizabeth WALTERS, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard WALTERS & Sarah MILLER, witn: Arthur E. & Kate CLAYTON, both of Toronto, 28 June 1905
#003835-05 (Toronto) Thomas HUTCHINSON, 22, Toronto, same, b, plumber, son of Thomas HUTCHINSON & Mary Ann BLACK, married Violet Emily STOKES, 19, England, Toronto, s, dau. of Edward Parson STOKES & Jennie BEADLE, witn: Rebecca HUTCHINSON, N. HUTCHINSON, both Toronto, married 30 November 1905

3521-05 Frederick Augustus INGLE, 22, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o William N. INGLE & Eliza Mary GREEN, married Selina ROBERTS, 23, tailoress, Toronto, same, d/o Edward T. ROBERTS & Elizabeth COXON, witn: Ernest INGLE & Myrtle ROBERTS both of Toronto on Nov. 1, 1905

3552-05 William Edward JARVIS, 28, machinist, Smith Falls, Toronto, s/o William Henry JARVIS & Isabella TOMLINSON, married Katherine McGREGOR, 23, Pembroke, Toronto, d/o Peter McGREGOR & Elizabeth McKINLEY, witn: John Wesley & Sarah WILLOUGHBY of Toronto on Nov. 8, 1905

3338-05 Thomas JENKINS, 28, brick layer, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas JENKINS & Annie HASKETT, married May HILL, 29, widow, Toronto, same, d/o David RICHMOND & Christena McKASKELL, witn: Lillian BRAITHWAITE & B. J. MORRIS, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1905
#003318-05 James JEROVACE?, not given, R. of I. Employee, Italy, not given, s/o John JEROVACE & Carmala LAVANCA, married Elizabeth ROSART, not given, Italy, not given, d/o Michael ROSART & Rosa POLISE, witn Vincent LAWFORD & Salvatore MORELLO, both of Toronto, 12 Oct 1905 3335-05 Herbert JOHNSON, 23, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o John JOHNSON & Nettie MENDL--?, married Fanny Kate RASTALL, 28, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas RASTALL & Annie Clayton HARTNELL, witn: Theodore W. SCOTT and Emily & Sarah SKELCHER?, all of Toronto, 12 Oct. 1905
#003826-05 (Toronto) Adam Dobson JOHNSTON, 27, Canada, Toronto, b, pattern maker, son of John Henry JOHNSTON & Barbara DOBSON, married Jessie Isabel FRASER, 22, Canada, Toronto, s, dau. of Abner FRASER & Mary Ann MACDONALD, witn: Fanny PEARSON, Mildred PEARSON, both Toronto, married 7 November 1905 #002826-05 (Toronto): Charles KEHIST, 26, metal polisher, England, Toronto, s/o W.J. KEHIST & Ellen S. GOULD, married Violet COCKLIN, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Howard COCKLIN & Edith MOORE, witn: W.J. KEHIST & Edith E. COCKLIN, both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1905
3349-05 - C. J. KENDRICK, 26, cook, England, Toronto, s/o James KENDRICK & Jennie GARLAND, married E. TAYLOR, 24, England, Toronto, d/o H. TAYLOR & Emma BLOXAM, witn: John & Mrs. McLEAN of Toronto, 26 June 1905

3550-05 William KINSMAN, 34, plumber, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William KINSMAN & Annie CARR, married Mary CONROY, 17, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas CONROY & Honora BEATY, witn: Joseph CONROY & Lily SAGE both of Toronto on Oct. 18, 1905

  3342-05 Charles Wilmot KNEESHAW, 28, farmer, Gilford Ont., Toronto, s/o George KNEESHAW & Martha KYLE, married Annie Huldah McLEOD, 27, Avening Ont., Toronto, d/o John McLEOD & Mary Ann KENDRICK, witn: Donald & Clara McLEOD of Toronto, 4 Oct. 1905
#003938-05 (Toronto): Joshua KRASIC, 24, sharpener, Poland, Toronto, s/o Harris KRASIC & Ida ROBERTS, married Chaya CHAIKIN, 24, Poland, Toronto, d/o Hyman CHAIKIN & Nora FINKELSTEIN, witn: I. ISAACSON & M. GOLDSTEIN of Toronto, 24 Sept 1905 (Hebrew) #003327-05 John Robert LAKE, 23, brush maker, U.S.A., Toronto Junction, s/o Oliver LAKE & Sarah COSIER, married Maud BRANDON, 18, St Thomas, Toronto, d/o George Arthur BRANDON & Ada CREAMER, witn: Claride HASKIN & Mabel BRANDON, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1905

3547-05 Andrew LAWSON, 22, barber, Hagersville, Toronto, s/o Andrew LAWSON & G? DALE, married Goldie TALMAN, 22, Beamsville, same, d/o Peter C. TALMAN & Jennie TUFFORD, witn: James STEWART Jr., & Gertrude TALMAN both of Toronto on Sept. 27, 1905

2783-06 William Huntington LEWIS, 22, iron worker, Canada, Toronto, s/o Gilbert LEWIS & Agnes McVICAR, married Edith Bertha PRIOR, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o William PRIOR & Mary LITTLE, witn: Albert SHARPE & Lydia PRIOR, both of Toronto, 11 July 1905 #003941-05 (Toronto): George Elmer? LIDDELL, 24, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas David LIDDELL & Matilda ANDERSON, married Margaret Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 21, domestic, England, Toronto, d/o Edward NICHOLLS & Margaret WEBB, witn: E. WESTON & Isabella NASH, both of Toronto, 14 Dec 1905

3544-05 Gordon Morrison LITTLE, 22, book keeper, Guelph, Toronto, s/o Andrew James LITTLE & Jenny REASON, married Rhea Arvilla CARPENTER, 20, Grimsby, Hamilton, d/o Hugo CARPENTER & Arvilla ENGLEHART, witn: John M. SKAITH & Charles E. MILLER both of Toronto on Nov. 4, 1905

3516-05 Henry N. LOCKE, 24, machinist, Garden Hill, Toronto, s/o W. LOCKE & Emma SKELTON, married Georgina THOM, 19, Toronto, same, d/o George THOM & Mary OSPREY, witn: Miss. E. THOM & Walter LOCK (sic) both of Toronto on Sept. 29, 1905

3541-05 Eli LOEW, 30, merchant, Russia, Toronto, s/o Kopil LOEW & Sime BROOMSTEIN , married Esther OLSHINETSKY, 19, Russia, Toronto, d/o J. B. OLSHINETSKY & Sarah LUCHKOVSKY, witn: B. HISEVTZ & Moise EYELNIUK both of Toronto on Nov. 7, 1905

3554-05 William Anson LONGHURST, 25, salesman, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Edwin Arthur LONGHURST & Rebekah Sophia MILLS, married Elizabeth Weir LITHGOW, 24, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o James Dobie LITHGOW & Agnes McMILLAN, witn: Susie M. TOPPING & Elsie K. TURNBULL both of Toronto on Nov. 8, 1905

3341-05 Charles Ransom LOTT, 26, teamster, York Co, Toronto, s/o Phillip A. LOTT & Emma J. PRIPP?, married Lettie ROBINSON, 20, Hastings Co., Toronto, d/o Alex ROBINSON & Mary ALCORN, witn: Joe MURPHY & Sarah McKEOWN, both of Toronto, 26 Sept 1905 #003828-05 (Toronto) James MALONEY, 25, Canada, Mimico, b, teamster, son of Timothy MALONEY & Mary Ellen BYER, married Myrtle May SMITH, 19, Canada, Toronto, s, dau. of Henry William SMITH & Annie Elizabeth LORENZ, witn: Ida MALONEY, Jas. Le SHANE, both Toronto, married 22 November 1905

3553-05 William MARCHAND, 32, farmer, King Tp., same, s/o Richard MARCHAND & Ann VINTER, married Marion Eva MITCHELL, 23, King Tp., Toronto, d/o Alex MITCHELL & Margaret CRAWFORD, witn: William CRAWFORD of King Tp. & Lucie Maud CRAWFORD of Toronto on Nov. 8, 1905

3543-05 Joseph Wilfred MARLETT, 23, barber, Shelbourne, Toronto, d/o George MARLETT & Sarah KINSIE, married Elizabeth RITCHIE, 21, Toronto, same, d/o John RITCHIE & Rosanna COSTELLO, witn: Charles BOLDRIE & Ella RITCHIE both of Toronto on Nov. 8, 1905

#002814-05 (Toronto): William Henry MARSHALL, 29, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o James & Margaret, married Alice Maud Mary COLE, no age given, Toronto, same, d/o Edward & Susan, witn: Edward & Susan COLE of Toronto, 15 Aug 1905 #021280-05 (Toronto) Robert James MAXWELL, 28, clerk, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John MAXWELL & Eliza POYNTZ?, married Florence ACRES, 22, Ontario, East Toronto, d/o Thomas ACRES & Annie YOUNG; wit: Thomas MAXWELL, Toronto & Mary Eleanor LIGHTFOOT, East Toronto; 11 Sep 1905, East Toronto
#003325-05 John E. MCCLENNING, 23, labourer, York Co, not given, s/o Samuel MCCLENNING & Eliza REID, married Ethel MCLEOD, 18, Aurora, not given, d/o William MCLEOD & Bella KELLS, witn: Annie & J.W. MACDONALD, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905

3530-05 James Bernard McDONALD, 26, mariner, England, Toronto, s/o James McDONALD & Margaret DOWNIE, married Rachel BATES, 30, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph BATES & Mary Jane FOSTER, witn: George & Maggie BLUME (?) both of Toronto on Oct. 23, 1905

3332-05 John James McKENZIE, 25, steam fitter, Barrie, Toronto, s/o John McKENZIE & Christena McINNES, married Millie Amelia DONALD, 24, Sarnia, Toronto, d/o John DONALD & Eliza MORRISON, witn: Maud Ogilvie DOWSLEY & Elsie K. TURNBULL, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1905 #003824-05 (Toronto) Michael Joseph McNALLY, 23, New York, Toronto, b, teamster, son of Bernard McNALLY & Ann BARRETT, married Marie Ericagel (?) LISCOMB, 22, Canada, Toronto, s, dau. of James Henry LISCOMB & Mary Lucinda DUHART, witn: Edith SHERBOURNE, R. THORNE, both Toronto, married 15 November 1905

3540-05 Donald John McPHERSON, 32, Provincial clerk?, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John McPHERSON & Elizabeth STEWART, married Jeanie Anderson HOUSTON, 32, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James HOUSTON & Janet CAMPBELL, witn: John Reid HEGGIE & Lena POIDVIN both of Toronto on Nov. 6, 1905

#002813-05 (Toronto): Duncan L. McPHERSON, 25, book keeper, Lambton Co., Toronto, s/o Angus McPHERSON & Mary LIVINGSTONE, married Alidia Alice HANNIGAN, 24, Lincoln Co., Toronto, d/o Peter HANNIGAN & Metta ALLEN, witn: Frank H. PECK & Emma CLARK, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1905
  3336-05 Armour Adamson MILLER, 29, barrister, Goderich, Toronto, s/o John Robertson MILLER & Mary ARMOUR, married Helen Bell BROWN, 28, Toronto, same, d/o Alex BROWN & Elizabeth LAMB, witn: W. T. HACKET of Toronto Junction & Mary Florence BROWN of Toronto, 12 Oct. 1905
#003823-05 (Toronto) Nelson John MILLS, 27, Canada, Quebec, clerk, s/o Samuel John MILLS & Maria A. WOODROW, married Mabel Ida GAHAN, 23, Canada, Quebec, d/o Peter GAHAN & Jane McCAULAY, witn: Fanny PEARSON, Mildred PEARSON, both Toronto, married 16 November 1905

03528-05 Frank MILLS, 40, labourer, widower, Omemee, Toronto, s/o William MILLS & Mary Ann COULTER, married Margaret E. MORRIS, 35, Brock, Toronto, d/o William MORRIS & Margaret IRVINE, witn: David & Harriet MORRIS both of Toronto on Oct. 25, 1905

#002825-05 (Toronto): Harry MITCHELL, 26, butcher, Isle of Wight, not given, s/o Robert MITCHELL & Elizabeth JONES, married Eliza THOMPSON, 19, Toronto, not given, d/o Frank THOMPSON & Mariah GRIFFIN, witn: C. MITCHELL & Lottie THOMPSON, both of Toronto, 18 Aug 1905

003759-07 William James MITCHELL, 34, Traveller, Perth, Toronto, s/o James MITCHELL & Caroline WORRICK; married Anna L. LINGENFELTER, 26, Merrickville, Toronto, d/o James LINGENFELTER & Angelina CROZIER; wit Lillian H. SMITH & Angelina LINGENFELTER, both Toronto, 27 Jun 1905

#002823-05 (Toronto): George Augustus MORTON, 27, engineer, Springdale illegible, Barrow Bay, s/o Butler MORTON & Mary SHERWOOD, married Eliz. McCAREY, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Archibald McCAREY & Margaret WEIR, witn: Albert HUMPHREY & Irene N. MILLER, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1905 #002738-05 (Toronto): William George NOLAN, 30, tailor, Toronto, same, s/o Henry NOLAN & Helena BIRCHALL, married Ruby GREENIANS, 18, Toronto, same, d/o William GREENIANS & Philomeda LESLIE, witn: Philomeda & Alice GREENIANS of Toronto, 9 Aug 1905
#002818-05 (Toronto): Sydney Ainsworth OLIVE, 23, wagon builder, England, Toronto, s/o Richard OLIVE & Alice TOWNSEND, married Sarah Alice TRICKETT, 24, England, Toronto, d/o John TRICKETT & Harriett CRABTREE, witn: Mary & Dagmar BENNER of Toronto, 4 Aug 1905 #002493-07 (Toronto): George W. OVERTON, 23, tinsmith, Cannington Ont., Toronto, s/o Robert OVERTON & Susanna SMITH, married Jennie LONG, 20, Peterborough, Toronto, d/o John LONG & Jennie BOSWELL, witn: Margaret McDONALD & Ethel NEAL, both of Toronto, 2 Oct 1905
#002816-05 (Toronto): Henry Charles PALMER, 23, brick maker, Toronto, same, s/o Sydney A.H. PALMER & Fanny GRATA, married Margaret DEVOY, 18, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Patrick Joseph DEVOY & Ann J. HUGGINS?, witn: F.G. & Clara E. THOMSON of Toronto, 16 Aug 1905 3306-05 John Stewart PARMENTER, 25, piano finisher Toronto, same, s/o Charles M. PARMENTER & Mary STEWART, married Ethel Helen STEWART, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Charles STEWART & Sarah WATSON, win: William Ernest HEALEY & Marion S. J. REEVES, both of Toronto, 9 Oct. 1905
#003943-05 (Toronto): Samuel Francis PASSMORE, 49, principal of high school, Brantford, same, s/o Edmond CRAN--? & Martha DEANE, married Frances Minnie Hala? COPWAY, 48, New York, Toronto, d/o George COPWAY & Elizabeth HOWELL, witn: Annie M. PASSMORE of Brantford & Florence WILSON of Port Hope, 16 Dec 1905

3538-05 John Thomas POLLOCK, 28, machinist, England, Toronto, s/o Felix & Margaret, married Lucy Ann GLITHERS, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Henry & Ann, witn: Edward SMITH & Mary Jane WANBRIDGE both of Toronto on Nov. 6, 1905

3524-05 John Joseph REDDIE, 24, moulder, Toronto, same, s/o Martin REDDIE & Catharine CARNEY, married Elizabeth JOYCE, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas JOYCE & Mary WHELAN, witn: Bernard & Carmela McWILLIAMS both of Toronto on Nov. 1, 1905

#003319-05 Charles RICHARDSON, 51, teamster, England, Toronto, widower, s/o William Charles RICHARDSON & Mary Ann BECKINSHAM, married Jessie FRENCH, 54, England, Toronto, widow, d/o Edward MALLITT & Frances DANIELS, witn: George & Grace FRENCH, both of Toronto, 22 Sept 1905
#002819-05 (Toronto): William ROBERTSON, 24, laborer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert ROBERTSON & Agnes MILNE, married Margaret McCAULLUM( s/b McCallum?), 24, house servant, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Donald McCAULLUM & Catherine McMILLAN, witn: Evelyn CAUFIELD & Mary STEVENS, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1905

3520-05 Samuel ROBINSON, 28, iron worker, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William ROBINSON & Eliza Ann GARNER, married Sarah Knox McFARLANE, 28, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William McFARLANE & Mary JOHNSTONE, witn: C.J. & E.C. MURCH both of Toronto on Nov. 2, 1905

3357-05 William John ROGERS, 21, press man, Sarnia, Davenport, s/o William ROGERS & Fanny PARKER, married Dorothy Edna HALL, 21, Toronto, Davenport, d/o Sam? HALL & Margaret WILLIAMS, witn: Maria BRAITHWAITE & B. J. MORRIS, both of Toronto, 16 Oct 1905

3523-05 William John SHARPE, 24, mechanic, Esquesing, Toronto, s/o James SHARPE & Margaret Rose CAMPBELL, married Dorothy Myrtle WILSON, 18, Owen Sound Toronto, d/o Frank WILSON & Isabell ROBSON, witn: John RADFORD of Belmore & M. MacPHERSON of Toronto on Oct. 4, 1905

3542-05 Egerton Lansdowne SHAW, 22, bartender, Alton, Brampton, s/o Irvin SHAW & Margaret DICK, married May Helena BURROWS, 21, Orangeville, Brampton, d/o William BURROWS & Rebekah HUNTER (Winder?), witn: George F. KERWIN & Marion S. REEVES both of Toronto on Nov, 7, 1905

3534-05 William Prine SHIELDS, 37, auto driver, Ohio USA, Toronto, s/o Isaac SHIELDS & Mary BROOKS, married Mary Jane McLAUGHLIN, 33, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard McLAUGHLIN & Mary GUINA (?), witn: E.A. & A. M. WILLIAMS both of Toronto on Oct. 10, 1905

3331-05 John SMITH, 21, laborer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William & Maggie, married Elizabeth HAMILTON, 20, Barrie, Toronto, d/o Harry HAMILTON & Agnes SMITH, witn: Mrs. E. M. HALLIDAY & Marion S. J. REEVES, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905 #003825-05 (Toronto) Charles Walter SMITH, 35, England, Toronto, clerk, son of John Joseph & Mary SMITH, married Annie Maud Marie MARTIN, 25, England, same, dau. of John MARTIN & Naomi WRIGHT (?), witn: Edwin A. WILLIAMS, F. Evelyn SLOAN, both Toronto, married 11 November 1905
#003830-05 (Toronto) David S. SNYDER, 31, Ontario, Toronto, Grocer, son of John K. SNYDER & Veronica SHANTZ, married Laura Edna JOSE, 25, Toronto, Toronto, dau. of Richard JOSE, and Jennie DERMOTT, witn: Joseph Albert MARCH, Minnie L. MARCH, both Grimsby, married 8 November 1905 3350-05 Ernest William STANLEY, 28, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas STANLEY & Elizabeth PEAKE, married Gertrude NORRIS, 32, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Patrick BRODIE & Catherine MAHER, witn: F. J. ARCHER & Alice PARTINGTON, both of Toronto, 14 Oct. 1905
3344-05 Albert STEPHENS, 21, piano maker, of Toronto, s/o Hugh STEPHENS & Jane SCOVIL?, married Ethel BANNISTER, 17, of Toronto, d/o John BANNISTER & Olivia HATLEY, witn: Elick & Elizabeth BANNISTER, 6 Oct. 1905 #003944-05 (Toronto): John Wesley STEVENS, 23, brakeman GTR, England, Barrie, s/o William Daniel STEVENS & Hannah SMITH, married Jennette PIPER, 23, Whitchurch, Toronto, d/o Fred PIPER & Jane GIBSON, witn: Hugh PARKER of Toronto & Kathleen McLEOD of Gravenhurst, 19 Dec 1905
3308-05 Benjamin Ernest STEWART, 24, tent maker, Toronto, Swansea Ont., s/o Charles George STEWART & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Mary Minton HERDEN, 22, St. Johns, Toronto, d/o Richard HERDEN & Annie REAVES, witn: Arthur VAUGHAN of Swansea & Addie HERDEN of Toronto, 7 Oct. 1905 #002824-05 (Toronto): Robert Charles STODDARD, 28, commercial traveller, Delhi, Toronto, s/o Robert STODDARD & Caroline CRYSLER, married Ethel Grant CODY, 29, Woodstock, Toronto, d/o Charles Grandison CODY & Laura Adeline GRANT, witn: Robert STODDARD of Delhi & Charles G. CODY of Toronto, 21 Aug 1905
#002822-05 (Toronto): William George STRADWICK, 26, warehouseman, England, Toronto, s/o George STRADWICK & Alice HEFFORD, married Annie Elizabeth SMITH, 23, England, same, d/o Henry SMITH & Emily HAMMOND, witn: Caleb & Elizabeth MAWBY of Toronto, 19 Aug 1905 3355-05 Henry Garlick? TAYLOR, 30, physician, Toronto, Burnside USA, s/o Alfred TAYLOR & Caroline HODGINS, married Josephine Isabell McGARVEY, 27, nurse, Alliston, Toronto, d/o Edward McGARVEY & Mary Ann LAVENDER, witn: William McGARVEY of Orillia & Mrs. A. TAYLOR of London Ont., 16 Oct 1905

3551-05 James Albert THOMAS, 23, insurance agent, New York, Hamilton, s/o James THOMAS & Rowena RAINSBURY, married Mary Elizabeth CURRAN, 21, Hamilton, same, d/o John ? CURRAN & Henrietta SPRINGER, witn: Mary B. McTAVISH & Martha A. DAY both of Toronto on Nov. 18, 1905

3518-05 William THOMPSON 26, clerk, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John THOMPSON & Marion SHAW, married Elizabeth Ruth HAWLEY, 27, widow, Blue Vale, Toronto, d/o Robert KING & Mary J. YEO, witn: George F. KERWIN & Marion S. J. REEVES both of Toronto on Nov. 1, 1905

3513-05 John H. TREBLE, 21, machinist, Quebec, Toronto, s/o John TREBLE & not given WILTON, married Kate E. EDSON, not given, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Lucius EDSON & Ella MORRISON, witn: Lilian BRAITHWAITE & B. I. MORRIS both of Toronto on Nov. 1, 1905

3525-05 George Edward TURNER, 22, bricklayer, Toronto, same, s/o John Shelly TURNER & Emma PRIEST, married Victoria Evelyn SMITH, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Luke Alfred SMITH & Mary COOK, witn: Gertrude E. HUMPHREY & Charlotte Lynn BELL both of Toronto on Nov. 3, 1905

#002742-05 (Toronto): Arthur William J. THWAITE, 21, cutter, Toronto, same, s/o Arthur William THWAITE & Emily BENNETT, married Kathleen Weir ADAMS, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Robert James ADAMS & Mary Agnes PARKS, witn: J.J. THWAITES & A.E. ADAMS, both of Toronto, 21 June 1905 #002815-05 (Toronto): Robert Levi ULLETT, 27, carpenter, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o John B. ULLETT & Maria WHITE, married Daisy Margaret PEAKE, 20, Toronto, not given, d/o John PEAKE & Margaret GRINSTEAD, witn: W.H. NOBLE & Florence M. PEAKE, both of Toronto, 16 Aug 1905

3546-05 Albert George Fawcett VALENTINE, 24, engineer, s/o Frederick Joseph Fawcett VALENTINE & May FAWCETT, married Maud Alice Lizzie BURN, 23, England, Toronto, d/o James BURN & Maud CAMERON, witn: Thomas SUDDARD & Kate SWEENEY both of Toronto on Oct. 26, 1905

#003326-05 Samuel VANCE, 47, wagon maker, Hastings Co, Bancroft, s/o Henry VANCE & Jane JONES, married Margaret ACTON, 44, Tyendinaga Twp Ont, Toronto, widow, d/o John JORDAN & Catharine BURROWS, witn: John JORDAN & Mrs Millicent PARKER, both of Toronto, 12 Oct 1905

3514-05 William WASHBROOKE, 45, marble mason, widower, England, Toronto, s/o George WASHBROOKE & Caroline GARDINER, married Kate EATON, 36, England, Toronto, d/o Henry EATON & Caroline DOIRS, witn: Herbert W. EATON & Sarah DOWNING both of Toronto on Nov. 1, 1905

#003947-05 (Toronto): William WATERFIELD, 42, widower, tinsmith, England, Toronto, s/o Bailey & Catherine, married Emma Eliza BOND, 55, widow, London England, Toronto, d/o William & Harriet POTTER, witn: James & Louie POTTER of Toronto, 16 Dec 1905 3303-05 Normie? William WATERS, 24, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Henry F. WATERS & Margaret FLEET, married Mary BURNS, 19, Scotland, Toronto, d/o David BURNS & Jane McNALLY, witn: Alfred Abraham GOODHEAD & M. Mary WATERS, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1905
3314-05 Arthur James WEEKS, 31, painter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John C. WEEKS & Jane WILLIAMS, married Lydia Jane YEOMAN, 33, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William YEOMAN & Caroline L. WEEKS, witn: Charles W. KEITH & B. B. YEOMAN, both of Toronto, 11 Oct. 1905 3339-05 William James WESTCOTT, 22, laborer, Manitoulin, Toronto, s/o John WESTCOTT & Annie McCLARY, married Gertie BURTON, 20, Toronto, Todmorden, d/o Joseph BURTON & Jane DART, witn: Robert McGREGOR & Rachel BURT (sic), both of Todmorden, 11 Oct 1905
#003940-05 (Toronto): John WHALEN, 24, laborer, Nfld., Toronto, s/o Eli & Susan, married Sarah SNOW, 24, Nfld, Toronto, d/o William & Harriet, witn: J.H. ANTHONY & Jennie L. DREW, both of Toronto, 12 Dec 1905 (Salv Army) #002503-07 (Toronto): Thomas WILCOCK, 32, teamster, Flesherton, Toronto, s/o William WILCOCK & K. BENTHAM, married Jessie May HEMPHILL, 24, Flesherton, Toronto, d/o James HEMPHILL & Ellen M. FALNNE?, witn: Richard WILCOCK of Flesherton & Maggie HEMPHILL of Toronto, 14 Nov 1905
#002817-05 (Toronto): Edward Wood WILKINSON, 30, salesman, England, St. Catharines, s/o John Y. WILKINSON & Annie HOGG, married Mary Elizabeth MERCHANT, 21, Newfoundland, same, d/o Valentine MERCHANT & Bridget McGRATH, witn: R.J. CHAMBERS & Mary J. WEBBER, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1905 3348-05 R. A. WILSON, 43, widower, mechanic, Canada, Toronto, s/o A. WILSON & M. TAYLOR, married Jenetta WARNER, 27, Canada, Toronto, d/o W.J. WARNER & M. J. CLEMO? (Clewes?), witn: G. R. CHAPMAN & Mrs. JONES, both of Toronto, 26 June 1905
#003330-05 Percy L. WILSON, 26, teamster, Delhi Ont, Toronto, s/o James Edgar WILSON & Rosie Maria DAYFORT, married Winnifred MARTIN, 22, Mono Rd, not given, d/o John MARTIN & Aggie BROWN, witn: Joseph LILLICRAP & Miss PICKERING, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905 3316-05 Richard WILSON, 27, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Henry WILSON & Mary HUTCHISON, married Charlotte THOMPSON, 25, Nottawasega, Toronto, d/o Joseph THOMPSON & Charlotte MANNING, witn: George WILSON & Etta CURRIE, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1905
3313-05 Howard Noble WITHERIDGE, 22, butcher, Darlington twp., Toronto, s/o George WITHERIDGE & Susan McWATERS, married Selena ROBINSON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Etilda HARDING & Philadelphia VANIDERSTINE, both of Toronto, 10 Oct. 1905 #003948-05 (Toronto): Walter Thomas WRIGHT, 22, farmer, Pickering, Markham, s/o Robert WRIGHT & Mary AIME?, married Harriet YAKE, 20, Markham, Stouffville, d/o Daniel YAKE & Mary Ann WALKER, witn: John WALKER of Claremont & Rachel WALKER of Toronto, 20 Dec 1905