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Toronto, 1907, part 2

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003814-07 Willard Garfield ACKNEY, 25, Teamster, Markham Twp, Toronto, s/o Charles ACKNEY & Susan Isabella CAMPBELL; married Ellen Lavania ABBEY, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas ABBEY & Ruth CROSS: wit R.L. DIXON & A.L. DIXON, both Toronto, 26 Sept 1907

4728-07 (Toronto) Charles ADAMS, 47, widower, Electrician, England, Toronto, s/o John ADAMS & Eliza SEALING, married Ettie GOURLEY, 37, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph GOURLEY & Mary RUSSELL, witn: Jessie WILSON & Janet HOWIE of Toronto, 26 Dec 1907 at Toronto

003794-07 Walter Eugene ADAMS, 32, Demonstrator, Camden NJ, none given, s/o William H. ADAMS & Clementine GREGORY; married Violet WILSON, 22, Toronto, none given, d/o Richard T. WILSON & Isabelle HARRIS: wit William E. ADAMS & Bertha WILSON, both Toronto, 26 Aug 1907

002786-07 Benjamin ALTMAN, 23, Agent, New York city, Toronto s/o Alexander ALTMAN & Rose PASTERNACK married Gertrude ESSIG, 23, Galt Ont. Toronto d/o Jacob ESSIG & Catherine HASSAN wtn: Algernon Sidney CADOW & Marguerite STEELE both of Toronto, 15 June 1907  
1794-07 Joseph ANDERSON, 24, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William ANDERSON & Christian MILNE, married Margaret PARK, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James PARK & Isabella ATKIN, witn: Douglas MARSHALL & Emily Rose TAYLOR, both of Toronto, 30 March 1907

003789-07 George Simon ANDERSON, 23, Rubber Boot Maker, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Mary Jane ELLIOTT; married Georgina THOMPSON, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Robert James THOMPSON & Catherine ANDERSON; wit Susie THOMPSON & John SEVERS, both Toronto, 11 Sept 1907

  4717-07 (Toronto) Samuel A. ARCHIBALD, 23, Hardware Merchant, Ontario, Seaforth Ont, s/o James ARCHIBALD & Mary Ann MEGAW, married Minnie ROBERTS, 21, Seaforth Ont, Seaforth Ont, d/o Robert S. ROBERTS & Anna Maria STEPHENS, witn: Hubert H. JACK & Margaret JACK of Toronto, 25 Dec 1907

003758-07 William Thomas ASH, 33, Watchmaker, England, Edmonton Alberta, s/o John H. ASH & Grace ANDREWS; married Margaret Jane SHERLOCK, 34, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard SHERLOCK & Susan M. CAMPBELL; wit Robert STRINGER & Frances R. STRINGER, both Toronto, 23 Sept 1907

003015-07 Charles AYERHART, 21, plumber, Toronto, Toronto s/o George AYERHART & Sarah ROBINSON married Mary Florence PURDY, 20, Colborne, Toronto d/o John PURDY & Alice SHEPHERD wtn: Alexander HAMILL & Mary E. HAMILL both of Toronto, 20 July 1907
4726-07 (Toronto) John Henry Rudolph BAACKE, 25, Machinist, Germany, Toronto, s/o Friedrich Wilhelm & Elizabeth BAACKE,  married Louise Pauline ZAHN, 29, Portage Wisconsin, Toronto, d/o Colen & Milke ZAHN, Luth., witn: William BAACKE of New York NY & Flora C. KENNEDY of Toronto, 26 Dec 1907 at Toronto

3060-07 Albert Edward BAGGS, 21, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o Edward George BAGGS & Annie HOWE, married Florence Letitia WATSON, 21, Cadmus Ontario, Toronto, d/o William WATSON & Martha Ann JOHNSTON, witn: Marguerite Maude WATSON & Herbert George BAGGS both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

002724-07 Albert Edward BAILEY, 25, barber, England, Toronto s/o Thomas BAILEY & Annie BAILEY married Emily GREEN, 23, Gurnsey Channel Isles, Toronto d/o Albert GREEN & Elizabeth LUSCOMBE wtn: George F. KERWIN & Mabelle REEVES both of Toronto, 26 June 1907 3085-07 William Washburn BAIRD, 31, clerk, St John New Brunswick, Cleveland Ohio, s/o A.M. BAIRD & A.M ROOP, married Bertha S. HART, 33, widow, St John N.B., New Hampshire, d/o Richard HOLT & Jane M. MAXWELL, witn: Emma McCARTY & A.M. McCARTY both of Toronto, 29 July 1907

002728-07 Sydney BALL, 20, carpenter, Warminster Ont. Toronto s/o Samuel George BALL & Ellen RAMSAY married Elizabeth Victoria FEIRLEY, 20, widow, Toronto, Toronto d/o Archibald FEIRLEY & Mary Ann JAMIESON wtn: John FEIRLEY & Lottie May ROSS both of Toronto, 12 June 1907

003035-07 H.W. BARCHARD, 23, box maker, Toronto, Toronto s/o William BARCHARD & Elizabeth BAFFORD married Evelyn NOLAND, 21, Sarnia, Toronto d/o William H. NOLAND & Victoria LYNN wtn: R. RICHARDSON & I.M. RICHARDSON both of Toronto, 17 July 1907
002798-07 William James BARNES, 31, inspector grand trunk railway, Canada, Toronto s/o John BARNES & Sarah CLARK married Catherine SAGRIFF, 29, Canada, Toronto d/o Thomas SAGRIFF & Mary LEVICK wtn: Michael ROWE & Rebecca ROWE both of Toronto, 26 June 1907 002797-07 Frederick Arthur Gawthorpe BATES, 23, clerk, state of Michigan, Toronto s/o William BATES & Charlotte GAWTHORPE married Catherine Camille MULLIN, 20, Canada, Toronto d/o John MULLIN & Ann BUTLER wtn: Charles C. RICHARDSON & Annie SMITH both of Toronto, 27 June 1907
2472-07 William Joseph BELL, 26, engineer, King twp., Fort William, s/o William [BELL] & Susan CLARK, married Annie FOX, 27, Newmarket, same, d/o Godfrey [FOX] & Regina FRAZER, witn: Agnes FITZPATRICK & Emma FOX, both of Toronto, 15 June 1907 3356-07 William George BELL, 20, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William BELL & Emma DIBB, married Alice BILLINGS, 20, Haliburton Ont., Toronto, d/o William BILLINGS & Annie GWYNN, witn: J. J. KELSO & S. M. HOPKINS, both of Toronto, 28 Aug 1907
3104-07 Herbert Willis Clark BISHOP, 40, printer's reader, London England, Toronto, s/o Charles BISHOP & blank PHILLIPS, married Minnie BURKE, 40, Toronto, same, d/o John BURKE & blank MANDZ (Maudz?), witn: Frederick C. HOAGE & Laura TURNER both of Toronto, 30 July 1907

003804-07 Edward Henry BISSETTE, 28, Electro Typer, Rouses Point NY, Toronto, s/o Frank BISSETTE & Cornelia CARDANY; married Cecilia Lottie KEMP, 27, Kleinburg, Toronto, d/o Charles Soole KEMP & Eliza WARREN; wit Henry Charles KEMP, Guelph & Fannie KEMP, Toronto, 18 Jun 1907

  002783-07 Percival Selby BLACHFORD, 33, merchant, Canada, Toronto s/o Horace Percival BLACHFORD & Theresa Anna SELBY married Helen Constance OLDRIGHT, 32, Canada, Toronto d/o William OLDRIGHT & Sarah Ellen DURAND wtn: M. Winnifred OLDRIGHT & Frank S. BLACHFORD both of Toronto, 18 June 1907
003029-07 Henry George BLACKBURN, 25, machinist, England, Toronto s/o Charles BLACKBURN & Eliza Barrett REID?, married Elizabeth CONDUIT, 21, England, Toronto d/o William CONDUIT & Margaret FORSKAW wtn: Mary Francis PARTCH & Laura Ellen SNELL both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

3040-07 William Frederick BLACKBURN, 26, S.R.R. conductor, Toronto, same, s/o George BLACKBURN & Hulda WEBSTER, married Elsa CREEDON, 19, Stanford Conn USA, Toronto, d/o Cornelius CREEDON & Sarah CONNOR, witn: Bertha Eliz CREEDON of Kettleby & Daniel F. HAYES of Peterborough, 26 June 1907 RC

4716-07 (Toronto) Benjamin M. BOAKE, 33, Shipper, Simcoe Co, Toronto, s/o Benjamin BOAKE & Mary Ann LENNOX, married Jean I. BROWN, 24, Egermont Grey Co, Toronto, d/o Adam W. BROWN & Marry ECCLES, witn: Fred C. BOAKE & Mabel E. BOAKE of Toronto, 24 Dec 1907 at Toronto

3073-07 C.E. BONNELL, 60, widower, publisher, New Brunswick, New York, s/o William F. Bonnell & E.S. VICTS, married F.A. PERRY, 58, widow, New Brunswick, blank, d/o Harvey PERKINS & blank, witn: William H. HOWITT MD & Amy G. HOWITT both of Toronto, 27 July 1907

3094-07 Lewis Thomas BRADLEY, 22, laborer, Kent England, Humber Bay, s/o Robert BRADLEY & Hannah Marsh OSBORNE, married Anna Maria FIELD, 24, domestic, Kent England, Humber Bay, d/o William Albert FIELD & Annie CROWHURST, witn: William Charles STANLEY of Humber Bay & Cora O'CONNELL of Toronto, 28 July 1907

001900/07 - James BRAWLEY, 29, iron moulder, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James BRAWLEY & Rosina McVERRELL, married Mary URE, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James URE & Mary MOFFAT, witn: Robert BRAWLEY & Mrs. Kate McDONALD both of Toronto, 19 April 1907, Toronto

003797-07 Amandus Richard BRESLER, 26, Clerk, England, New York, s/o Charles E. BRESLER & Minnie MARSHALL; married Rosy McELROY, 21, Arkansas US, Toronto, d/o John McELROY & Mary McVEY; wit T.H. BARTLEY & P.J. BARTLEY, both Toronto, 26 Sept 1907

003004-07 Frank Sidney BRIDGE, 27, printer, England, Toronto s/o Arthur Robert BRIDGE & Esther JOHNSON married Daisy Ethel HOLLAND, 24, England, Toronto d/o Samuel HOLLAND & Jane ELLIS wtn: Mabel C. CAMPBELL & L. CAMPBELL both of Toronto, 20 July 1907 2579-07 Joseph BRIDGEMAN, 27, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Walter William BRIDGEMAN & Jane KEARSEY, married Isabella Stark OGILVIE, 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William OGILVIE & Barbara WEIR, witn: Henry ROLLS & Lilla BRERETON, both of Toronto, 24 April 1907
3561-07 (Toronto) Alexander BROWN, 31, Core maker, Glasgow, Toronto Junction, s/o James BROWN & Christina RUSSELL, married Jemima WALKER, 24, Glasgow, Toronto, d/o Matthew WALKER & Catherine URQUHART, witn: Jennie GARDNER & James CROSSON of Toronto, 24 Dec 1907 at Toronto

003805-07 Alfred J. BROWN, 25, Woodworker, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas BROWN & Annie DUNCAN; married Rachel INNES, 24, Bradford, Toronto, d/o George INNES & Margaret ROSE; wit James LEIGHTON Jr. & Etta INNES, both Toronto, 25 Sept

  002788-07 William Alfred BRUNT, 21, teamster, Canada, Toronto s/o William Alfred BRUNT & Ellen WEATHERS married Emma STOCKEY, 21, England, Toronto d/o James William STOCKEY & Catherine WOODCOCK wtn: Louisa SHARPE & Francis SHARPE both of Toronto, 12 June 1907
002992-07 Edward Floyd BULLER, 25, commercial traveller, Canada, Toronto s/o Homer BULLER & Jane WHEELER married Prudence Gertrude PATTERSON, 23, Canada, Toronto d/o James PATTERSON & Alice wtn: John PATTERSON & Alma PATTERSON both of Toronto, 17 July 1907

34718-07 (Toronto) Bert Franklin BURROWS, 23, Clerk, Guelph, Guelph, s/o Robt BURROWS & Mary TRUDGEON, married Ernistina Pansy STROH, 22, Williamsburg Ont, Toronto, d/o Yost & Louise STROH, Lutheran, witn: M. MacPHERSON & E. HOPLEY of Toronto, 21 Dec 1907 at Toronto

3058-07 Frederick Bailey BURT, 30, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph BURT & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Anna Estelle SMYTHE, 25, Merriton Ontario, Toronto, d/o William Bradley SMYTHE & Eliza Jane BOYLE, witn: J.A.H. BURT & Ida J. SMYTHE both of Toronto, 26 July 1907 003024-07 Joseph Alphonse CADIEUX, 26, furrier, Toronto, Toronto s/o Joseph CADIEUX & Jerusha MONTGOMERY married Lyla CAREY, 19, Havelock, Toronto d/o John CAREY & Mary Ann BOONEL wtn: William S. HAZLITT & Elsie K. TURNBULL both of Toronto, 1 July 1907

1133-08 William Robert CALE, 26, carpenter, Hampton Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o Robert CALE & Elizabeth MOSS, married Maude Blanche COLWILL, 21, Tyrone Ontario, Bowmanville, d/o Joseph COLWILL & Mary DEACON, witn: W.C. BUXTON & Gertrude BUXTON both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1907

001909/07 - John CALLAGHAN, 25, bricklayer, Toronto, New Toronto, s/o John CALLAGHAN & Mary McGARTH married Helena CREARY, 22, Cooksville Ontario, blank, d/o Patrick CREARY & Jane OWENS, witn: Joseph CALLAGHAN of New Toronto & Eleanor CREARY of Toronto, 22 April 1907

003786-07 Wilfred E. CAMPBELL, 24, Clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James CAMPBELL & Francis E. EDDY; married Mildred M. MALCOLM, 25, Brantford, Toronto, d/o George H. MALCOLM & Helen SILVERTHORNE; wit Walter HOWELL, Hamilton & Millie H. WILSON, Toronto, 18 Sept 1907

003783-07 John Norman CAMPBELL, 24, Accountant, Portage le Prairie Manitoba, Toronto, s/o Daniel Orton CAMPBELL & Mary McLEOD; married Ada Blanche LE HUGUET, 22, Gaspe Quebec, Toronto, d/o John Francis LE HUGUET & Sarah Jane PRICE; wit Gertrude LE HUGUET & Percy C. ADAIR, both Toronto, 24 Sept 1907

1156-08 Tupper CANNINGTON, 33, teamster, Canada, Toronto, s/o Matthew CANNINGTON & Mary PERDUE, married Ruth DAVIS, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Fred DAVIS & Ellen ILES, witn: William N. CANNINGTON & Nellie Elizabeth DAVIS, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1907 001898/07 - William Edgar Dermott CARBERT, 18, driver, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas E. & Emily THOMAS, married Louisa Annie IRES (Ives?), 21, England, Toronto, d/o blank & blank CLARK, witn: F.J. MARTIN & Mr. F.J. MARTIN both of Toronto, 17 April 1907, Toronto
3354-07 John Hilliard CARNEGIE, no age given, widower, rancher, Peterborough, Bexley, s/o John CARNEGIE & Elenor HILLIARD, married Edith R. GREEN, 26, nurse, Peterborough, Toronto, d/o John GREEN & Alicia BENSON, witn: George & Ethel GREEN of Toronto, 27 Aug 1907 1785-07 Charles CARRUTHERS, 28, baker, Whitby Ont., Toronto, s/o Thomas CARRUTHERS & Amy HOPE, married Beatrice MIDDLETON, 23, Pickering Ont., Toronto, d/o John MIDDLETON & Sarah Ann MADILL, win: Walter ELLIS & Hattie CARRUTHERS, both of Toronto, 6 April 1907
002743-07 Hyman CASLER, 20, tailor, Russia, Toronto s/o Levi CASLER & Kavo KAIN married Rachel SCHNEIDER, 18, Russia, Toronto d/o Solomon SCHNEIDER & Rosa GOODMAN wtn: Moris SNEIDERMAN & W. FEISTER both of Toronto, 26 May 1907  
3083-07 Austin CASTOR, 21, candy maker, Uxbridge, Toronto, s/o Alonzo CASTOR & Martha BABCOCK, married Florence J. PATT, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John PATT & Elizabeth RAWN, witn: Jean BAKER & A.M. THOMPSON both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

003756-07 Frederick Sydney CHAPLIN, 21, mechanic, Detroit, Toronto, s/o Richard & Agnes CHAPLIN; married Martha MORDEN, 21, Uxbridge, Uxbridge, d/o Lorenzo MORDEN & Louisa LONG; wit Ephraim HANNA & Lucinda HANNA, both Toronto, 7 Sept 1907

4725-07 (Toronto) John Henry CHAPMAN, 22, Chauffeur, England, Toronto, s/o John William & Martha CHAPMAN, married Fanny Amanda HILLBACK, 30, Germany, Toronto, d/o Johann Christian & Maria Dorothea HILLBACK , witn: George A. SLEETH & George SEGAR of Toronto, 24 Dec 1907 at Toronto 003011-07 John Edward CHAPMAN, 28, porter, Leeds England, Toronto s/o Charles Mortimer CHAPMAN & Clara ROBINSON married Eliza Ann FOSTER, 24, Leeds England, Toronto d/o Robert FOSTER & Elizabeth HARRIS wtn: Frank WADE & Amy Rosina MacKENZIE both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

003799-07 Neil CHAPPELLE, 22, Carpenter, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Fred CHAPPELLE & Mary CARMICHAEL; married Eva BRENNAN, 21, Rockwood, Toronto, d/o Lawrence BRENNAN & Bell MEADOWS; wit William BRENNAN & Emma CHAPPELLE, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

3029-08 George Gilbert CHILDS, 25, piano key maker, England, Toronto, s/o Richard & Emma nee PEGLER, married Beatrice FINCH, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Marcella nee ANDERSON, witn: Ernest THOMPSON & Carrie CAMPBELL, both of Toronto, 20 Nov 1907
  3106-07 Norman Munday CHURCHER, 24, student, Hamphire [Hampshire] England, Oshawa, s/o Charles CHURCHER & Phoebe CHURCHER, married Lillian Maud HALL, 34, Ontario, Oshawa, d/o Luther Calvin HALL & Marietta Edna HALL, witn: Robert McDOUGALL & Isabella McDOUGALL both of Toronto, 27 July 1907
4727-07 (Toronto) Charles CLARK, 28, Musician, England, Toronto, s/o William & Mary CLARK, married Pearl WALKER, 20, Vaughan Twp York Co, Toronto, d/o Samuel WALKER & Helen DALTON, witn: Herbert WALKER & Flossie CAMERON of Toronto, 25 Dec 1907 at Toronto 2732-07 John CLYDE, 22, laborer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert CLYDE & Christena SUTHERLAND, married Maggie HALL, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Peter HALL & Bella MALCOLM, witn: Mary Ann CLYDE & Cecil J. MARCH, both of Toronto, 21 June 1907

3075-07 Thomas COILES, 38, gardener, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert COILES & Agnes WATSON, married Margaret DONOUGHUE, 36, England, Toronto, d/o John DONOUGHUE & Margaret DILLION, witn: R.A. DIXON & F.A. LAKE both of Toronto, 26 July 1907

003025-07 William Francis CONLEY, 28, steamfitter, Kingston Ontario, Toronto s/o William CONLEY & Rebecca DYELL married Sarah Elizabeth BENTLEY, 23, Woodbridge, Toronto d/o George BENTLEY & Sarah DAWSON wtn: Ernest HUNTER & Grace HUNTER both of Toronto, 23 July 1907

3102-07 Arthur James COOKE, 25, bookbinder, Waltham England, Toronto, s/o Frederick Edward COOKE & Phoebe WHEELER, married Olive CLAY, 24, Wolverhampton England, Toronto, d/o Alfred CLAY & Kate HUMPHRIES, witn: George COOKE of Brampton & Mrs Frances C. LORD of Toronto, 30 July 1907

003762-07 Joseph COUTURE, 22, Painter, St.. Julie Quebec, Oshawa, s/o Philias COUTURE & Herminee PAGE; married Bertha ROSS, 21, Shanty Bay, Toronto, d/o James ROSS & Mary LUNNY; wit Ida A. CLEAVER & Mona H. CLEAVER, both Toronto, 21 Sept 1907

003795-07 Robert Hendrick CRERAR, 35, Farmer, North Easthope, same, s/o Peter CRERAR & Jessie HENDRICK; married Charlotte A. ARMSTRONG, 34, School Teacher, Albion, Albion, d/o Ebenezer ARMSTRONG & Margaret ANDERSON; wit Helena D. MUNRO & Anna LYNN, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

003757-07 John DALE, 45, Milkman, Wid, England, Toronto, s/o William DALE & Jane HOLMES; married Betsy Ann HOLMES, England, Toronto, d/o George HOLMES & Eliza CLARK; wit James G. FINLAYSON & Margaret FINLAYSON, both Toronto, 12 Sept 1907

4714-07 (Toronto) William Thomas DAVIS, 31, Electric wire man, Orangeville, Toronto, s/o James DAVIS & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Annie Edith SCOTT, 26, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Joseph SCOTT & Margaret HOLMES, witn: A.L. DIXON & G.L. DIXON of Toronto, 23 Dec 1907

3066-07 Arthur Oswald DAWSON, 25, blank, Mitchell, Toronto, s/o Harry C. DAWSON & Sarah TAYLOR, married Daisy Caroline PENWARDEN, 25, widow, Toronto, same, d/o Frederick Walter P. [DONALDSON] & Eliza Sewell RAMSAY, witn: Montague KILBY of Montreal & Mary CLARKSON of Toronto, 24 July 1907

1797-07 John DEADMAN, 48, widower, farmer, Richmond Hill, same, s/o John DEADMAN & Mabel BONE, married Mary Jane WILSON, 29, widow, USA, Richmond Hill, d/o William HANNAH & Mary DODGE, witn: Mabel SMITH & Ada SNELL, both of Toronto, 28 Feb 1907 002988-07 Robert DEAN, 35, carpenter, Thornhill, Thornhill s/o Mathew DEAN & Eliza SELLERS married Annie SMITH, Vaughan Twp, Toronto d/o George SMITH & Sarah IRWIN wtn: Sarah FENTON & Eva H. FAIRCLOTH both of Toronto, 17 July 1907
1155-08 Richard John D'EATH, 22, tile setter, Toronto, same, s/o Daniel D'EATH & Rachel J. DAY, married Edith Gertrude ELLIOTT, 22, London, Toronto, d/o Thomas W. ELLIOTT & Annie MONTGOMERY, witn: George R. MINDICK & H. W. BAKER, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1907 003012-07 William DESTER (Dexter?), 37, optician, England, Toronto s/o William DESTER & Sarah DESTER married Jessie DAVIS, 24, Summerset England, Toronto d/o William DAVIS & Sarah DAVIS wtn: Ada DAVIS & Mrs H. RICHARDS both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

3078-07 William DICK, 29, traveller, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o George DICK & Eliza J. SIMMONS, married Violet MORSE, 26, Ottawa, Montreal, d/o Alfred R. MORSE & Caroline A. SMITH, witn: Jean W. GAUDIER & Mary WATERS both of Toronto, 27 July 1907

001901/07 - William DICK, 26, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert DICK & Euphemia MELDRUM, married Isabella Scott McKEE, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Samuel McKEE & Janet ALLAN, witn: James ADAMSON & Agnes Hendry McKEE both of Toronto, 19 April 1907
3538-07 (Toronto) Rollin O. DICKSON, 26, Dentist, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Richard DICKSON & Frances McARTHUR, married Jean C. GALLINGER, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o George GALLINGER & Annie SALES, witn: W.H. WALTON-BALL & Charles E. McEACHREN of Toronto, 26 Dec 1907 at Toronto  

003782-07 Henry Stansfield DODD, 30, Mechanical Engineer, Wid, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William Henry DODD & Charlotte Ann STANSFIELD; married Margaret Ida COLLINS, 23, Uxbridge, Toronto, d/o Robert COLLINS & Maria IRWIN; wit Charles H. COLLINS & D.R. HILLS, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

002989-07 Arthur DOLSON, 23, moulder, Brampton, Toronto s/o George DOLSON & Mary MacLAREN married Lillian THOMPSON, 23, Jackson Mich USA, Toronto d/o James THOMPSON & Alicia REYNOLDS wtn: J.F. DOLSON & Christina DOLSON both of Toronto, 17 July 1907
002794-07 Robert Maxwell DONAGHY, 26, stereotyper, Canada, Toronto s/o Robert DONAGHY & Sarah SMITH married Ellen Louise MILLIGAN, 27, Canada, Toronto d/o James MILLIGAN & Margaret BERTRAM wtn: Charles Henry BATEMAN & Elizabeth Ellen MITCHELL both of Toronto, 5 June 1907

3092-07 Andrew DOVE, 23, carpenter, Twillingate Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o James DOVE & Patient YOUNG, married Margaret PORTER, 18, Parry Sound District, Toronto, d/o George PORTER & Mary Ann WILLIAMSON, witn: Mary DOVE & William G. STOCKLEY both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

002727-07 Alexander DUNBAR , 31, farmer, Beaverton, Beaverton s/o James DUNBAR & Christina BACHELOR married Mary WINTON, 24, Scotland, Toronto d/o John WINTON & Mary STEPHENSON wtn: E. Kathleen TURNBULL & Isabelle CURREY both of Toronto, 11 June 1907 3050-07 John Lillie DUNCAN, 25, painter, Inverness Scotland, Toronto, s/o James DUNCAN & Isabella LILLIE, married Theresa STEVENSON, 19, Cold Springs, Toronto, d/o John STEVENSON & Isabella HOGG, witn: Harry O. WEEKES & Mrs Maud WEEKES both of Toronto, 24 July 1907
1789-07 John DUNDAS, 31, carpenter, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Noah [DUNDAS] & Catherine McBRIDE, married Isabel Harriet FLETCHER, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John [FLETCHER] & Mary Elizabeth CREIGHTON, witn: Emma KELLOGG & Mary H. SKEY, both of Toronto, 4 April 1907 4724-07 (Toronto) Robert William DUTNALL, 23, Nut tapper, Kent England, Humber Bay Ont, s/o Robert DUTNALL & Rosetta COLEMAN, married Eleanor RUSSELL, 23, Saleswoman, London England, Swansea Ont, d/o Henry R. RUSSELL & Mary Jane POTTS, witn: Aaron J. MILDING of Humber Bay & Mary RUSSELL of Swansea, 24 Dec 1907 at Toronto
1143-08 Thomas EATON, 32, widower, stone cutter, Toronto, same, s/o William EATON & Susan HYSLOP, married Mary Ann CLYDE, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert CLYDE & Christena SUTHERLAND, witn: David WHITE & Maggie PEEL, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1907

003803-07 William Francis EBACH, 35, Lithographer, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Francis EBACH & Mary Ann BIBDER (Bibler?); married Mary Catherine HARNETT, 29, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Timothy HARNETT & Bridget Ann RYAN; wit J.S. HARNETT & Florence Mary EBACH, both Toronto, 20 Jun 1907

1790-07 John McClellan EDGAR, 23, comb maker, Yarmouth NS, Toronto, s/o John McClellan EDGAR & Ellen Mary SHEEHAN, married Margaret Ellen WARD, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Lawrence WARD & Jane FLANNIGAN, witn: Louis J. D'ENTORNONT & Elizabeth RICKEY, both of Toronto, 8 April 1907 003031-07 Arthur EDWARDS, 20, railway man, Aurora, Newmarket s/o Samuel EDWARDS & Annie RANK married Sarah Linda AUSMAN, 22, Newmarket, Newmarket d/o Peter AUSMAN & Hattie TRAVISS wtn: Mary E. FALLIS & Ethel M. FALLIS both of Toronto, 22 July 1907
002746-07 Frank Herbert ELLIOTT, 24, printer, Brampton, Toronto s/o Richard ELLIOTT & Mary DAY married Clare Loraine STEPHEN, 26, Wiarton, Wiarton d/o James STEPHEN & Mary COLLINS wtn: Mrs Cora DAWSON & Mrs Martha HINCKS both of Toronto, 13 June 1897 3089-07 William EVERTON, 24, teamster, Ontario, blank, s/o Nathaniel EVERTON & Sophia blank, married Margaret MORRIS, 22, Ontario, blank, d/o Arthur MORRIS & Maria blank, witn: blank, 29 June 1907

2578-07 Frank EWERS, 22, presser, Port Perry, Toronto, s/o John Smith EWERS & Henrietta WATSON, married Mary Keith JORDAN, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas JORDAN & Mary HOGAN, witn: William SMITH & Emily Lucy GARDINER, both of Toronto, 24 April 1907

001160-08 (Toronto) Harry FERGUSON, 23, Driver, Hamilton, same, s/o Elijah FERGUSON & Mary HENRY, married Theresa POLLARD, 22, Mount Forest, Toronto, d/o John POLLARD & Esther YOUNGER, witn: Herbert ALBANY of Toronto & Lizzie CHAMBERLAIN of Guelph. Dec. 24, 1907
002745-07 Frederick Charles FIDLER, 52, bookkeeper, Toronto, Toronto s/o Joshua FIDLER & Laura JELLETT married Lillian May HART, 32, Walkerton, Toronto d/o John HART & Nellie ABRUM wtn: Arthur FIDLER & William R. HART both of Toronto, 26 June 1907 2736-07 John Long FIRTH, 39, stock broker, Toronto, same, s/o John FIRTH & Catherine McDONALD, married Mezza Adelaide BURNS, 31, Belleville Ont., Toronto, d/o Joseph BURNS & Elizabeth KELLEY, witn: Mrs. James MURRAY & Louise BLOGG, both of Toronto, 8 June 1907

3046-07 James Alfred FISHBURN, 22, bricklayer, Leeds England, Toronto, s/o Tom FISHBURN & Louise CARTER, married Emma TAYLOR, 27, spinner, Leeds England, Toronto, d/o William Conell TAYLOR & Hannah HANSON, witn: Ernest CLARK & Lilian B. MAINS both of Toronto, 24 June 1907

003026-07 Francis Angus FISHER, 21, barber, Kincardine, Toronto s/o Molyneaux FISHER & Margaret ANGUS married Susannah WATSON, 23, Wigtonshire Scotland, Toronto d/o Richard WATSON & Sara DUFF wtn: Sylvester WHALEN of Toronto & Zilda GRANIGER of Markdale Ontario, 24 July 1907 002987-07 Thomas William James FISHER, 21, teamster, Toronto, Toronto s/o Thomas FISHER & Mary YOUNG married Nellie Theresa MACEY, 19, Toronto, Toronto d/o Charles MACEY & Eliza S. KEWS wtn: Charles E. PRINIE (Prince?) & Christine FISHER both of Toronto, 29 June 1907
3098-07 James FISK, 21, driver, Canada, Toronto, s/o James FISK & Mary Jane MALXOP, married Edna May LOVELLE, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John LOVELLE & Dorothy BLAND, witn: Frank FISK & Ettie SPARKS both of Toronto, 29 July 1907

003791-07 Joseph FORRES, 30, Fireman, Ibiza Spain, Toronto, s/o Joseph FORRES & Maria BONET; married Angelina MARCONI, 31, Italy, Toronto, d/o Carlo MARCONI & Guiseppina LAVATTARELLA; wit Guiseppe IZZO & Alphonsina CIVALE, both Toronto, 24 Sept 1907,

1142-08 George FRANCE, 25, brick maker, Toronto, same, s/o John FRANCE & Sarah JENNINGS, married Georgina WHITE, 24, Toronto, same, d/o George Sturton WHITE & Margaret WILSON, witn: Fred PRICE & Jennie PHILPOTT, both of Toronto, 20 Nov 1907

003761-07 Lawrence Clark D. FREEMAN, 27, Slater, Wid, England, Toronto, s/o Richard Taylor FREEMAN & Rinah DUNHAM; wit Lucy Ellen HEDGE, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Francis William HEDGE & Lucy POWELL; wit Ernest MOUNTER & Elizabeth JACQUES, both Toronto, 24 Sept 1907

002782-07 William Herbert FROST, 28, England, Toronto s/o Harry FROST & N.S. TAYLOR married Elizabeth Nellie WIGGINS, 25, England d/o Thomas WIGGINS & Elizabeth RANDALL wtn: Arthur FROST & Emma FIDGETT both of Toronto, 18 April 1907

002991-07 Michael FURLONG, 41, labourer, Perth, Toronto s/o James FURLONG & Elizabeth LEE married Elizabeth SHANNON, 32, service, Picton, Toronto d/o John SHANNON & May McMAHON wtn: J. SHANNON & Mrs George O'BRIEN both of Toronto, 17 July 1907
003019-07 John Hodgart FYFE, 27, bookkeeper, Toronto, Toronto s/o James H. FYFE & Helen FYFE married Edith Elizabeth OWEN, 37, Toronto, Toronto d/o Henry OWEN & Eliza ROBINSON wtn. W.J. MOSES of Eglinton Ave in Toronto & E.M. GRAFTON of Toronto, 10 July 1907 003013-07 Arthur GALLOWAY, 23, carpenter, Olden England, Toronto s/o James GALLOWAY & Martha HENSTOCK married Marie WATERS, 21, lady, England, Toronto d/o H.F WATERS & Margaret FLEET wtn: Honerick W. WATERS & Alice GALLOWAY both of Toronto, 22 July 1907

003802-07 Preston Theophilus GENDRON, 19, Asst & Shoe Clerk, Penetanguishene, Penetanguishene, s/o Cornelius George GENDRON & Jane LABRASH; married Margaret Eliza McFADDEN, 19, Essa Twp, Penetanguishene, d/o Alexander McFADDEN & Christina Ann BROWN; wit Theodule DECOUREY & Philomene KNECHT, both Toronto, 8 Aug 1907

001884/07 - George H. GERMAN, 32, clerk, Shelbourne Ontario, Shelburne Ontario, s/o Henry GERMAN & Maria MERKLEY, married Agnes HOWATT, 28, Mono Twp Ontario, Toronto, d/o George HOWATT & Margery STEWART, witn: G.C. CORNWITH & Lavinia ALLEN both of Toronto, 30 March 1907

003784-07 Alexander GIBBONS, 22, Farmer, Vaughan Twp, Woodbridge, s/o John GIBBONS & Rebecca MERRY; married Hattie BARRETT, 20, England, Thistleton, d/o John W. BARRETT & Margaret KELLY; wit F.S. EWENS & M.F. PORCH, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

003811-07 Nelson Charles GIBSON, 23, Machinist, Vermillion Ont, none given, s/o Albert GIBSON & Clara EDMUNDS; married Martha Fletcher CADDELL, 23, Ireland, none given, d/o Hugh CADDELL & Agnes SHAW; wit Arthur WEIR & Maude STICKELLS, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

003793-07 Robert Smith GILLAN, 24, Salesman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John GILAN (sic) & Janet SMITH; married Bessie McBRYDE, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas McBRYDE & Elizabeth AUCHENCLOSE; wit Thomas S. GILLAN & Jennie WATT, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

001902/07 - John Findlay GLENNIE, 25, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John GLENNIE & Jane FINDLAY, married Sarah Jane DUSTAN, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Charles DUSTAN & Margaret HAY, witn: George DUSTAN & Mrs. Ida WALLACE both of Toronto, 20 April 1907 001879/07 - Daniel GLYNN, 26, plumber, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Daniel GLYNN & Catherine MERNAUGH, married Violet DAVIDSON, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Albert DAVIDSON & Kathleen BREWER, witn: Thomas GLYNN & Mary GLYNN both of Toronto, 16 April 1907

3044-07 Joseph GOODMAN, 50, widower, Hebrew teacher, Russia, Toronto, s/o J. GOODMAN & blank, married Annie LIBONRITZ, 45, widow, Russia, Toronto, d/o Myer LIBONRITZ & blank, witn: J.B. OLSHINETSKY & A. ROSENBERG both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

4708-07 (Toronto) Fexen Wesley GRAY, 27, Salesman, Windsor Ont, Toronto, s/o John GRAY & Margaret L. KINMALEY (Kimmerly?), married May BECKER, 23, Port Rowan, Toronto, d/o Judson BECKER & Alice PEACK, witn: T.H. BARTLEY & P.J. BARTLEY of Toronto, 26 Dec 1907 at Toronto 2734-07 William John GRAY, 21, teamster, Toronto, same, s/o Walter GRAY & Annie CLIFFORD, married Annie Mary NORRIS, 20, Toronto, same, d/o James NORRIS & Mary LUCAS, witn: James NORRIS & Georgina GRAY, both of Toronto, 28 June 1907
002995-07 John GRAYDON, 25, widower, baker, Ireland, Toronto s/o John James GRAYDON & Margaret FARLEY married Nora May STINER, 22, servant, Uxbridge Ontario, Toronto d/o John STINER & Emma SMITH wtn: S.F. GALSTER & C.C. GALSTER both of Toronto, 18 July 1907

003798-07 Charles GREEN, 22, Quarryman, England, Burnt River, s/o David GREEN & no mother given; married Margaret W. FORBEAR, 22, none given, Toronto, d/o Thomas FORBEAR & Margaret RETTIE; wit Mary Ethel FORBEAR & Fanny RANKIN, both Toronto, 26 Sept 1907,

3070-07 Sidney Valentine GREGORY, 25, machinist, Middlesex England, Toronto, s/o John Henry GREGORY & Mary Anne ELLEN, married Sally BENNETT, 26, Newport Paignal England, Toronto, d/o William BENNETT & Mary GUEST, witn: John H. GREGORY & Mrs Annie HOLMES both of Toronto, 27 July 1907 3099-07 Charles John GRINER, 27, glass blower, Canada, Toronto, s/o William Bard GRINER & Elizabeth NICHOLSON, married May HOEFNER, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Frederick Thomas HOEFNER & Eunice TAYLOR, witn: Eunice HOEFNER & B.P. HOEFNER both of Toronto, 31 July 1907

002787-07 Herbert Victor Elwood GROSS, 21, furrier, Canada, Toronto s/o George GROSS & Bertha BLUMENSCHIEN married Susan Elizabeth Brown PREST, 20, Canada, Toronto d/o John PREST & Annie BROWN wtn: John RICHARDSON & Eva CAROON both of Toronto, 15 June 1907

3101-07 William Edward GROVES, 47, widower, teacher, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James GROVES & Mary MULHOLLAND, married Edith LELEAN, 36, teacher, England, Toronto, d/o Nicholas LELEAN & Caroline CLYMA, witn: Silas H. ARMSTRONG & Eliza Ellen CROFT both of Toronto, 31 July 1907

003766-07 Joseph GUERIN, 27, Electrician, Wid, Peterboro, Toronto, s/o Adolph GUERIN & Euphimie LAPLANTE; married Eva CREVIER, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Napoleon CREVIER & Sophranie LAFORCE; wit Napoleon CREVIER & Alphonsine CREVIER, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

003765-07 Haino HAAPOOJA, 25, Tailor, Finland, Toronto, s/o Jacob HAAPOOJA & no mother given; married Lydia SALMI, 24, Finland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Mary SALMI; wit Arvid SUNDSTEN & Eva SUNDSTEN, both Toronto, 21 Sept 1907

  002731-07 William S. HAGLETT (Hazlett?), 24, confectioner, Toronto, Toronto s/o Samuel HAGLETT & Jessie KENNEDY married Alice SCOTT, 22, Toronto, Toronto d/o James SCOTT & Annie McINTYRE wtn: James SCOTT & J.A TURNBULL both of Toronto, 20 June 1907
2479-07 William Percy HALE, 25, jeweller, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred Thomas HALE & Sarah PRIDDY, married Gertrude Mabel CORBY, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Joseph Edward CORBY & Sarah Hannah SCOTT, witn: Ethel Victoria CORBY & Francis Henry COX, both of Toronto, 8 June 1907

3064-07 Adam HALL, 27, warehouseman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander HALL & Agnes BROWN, married Jemima SCOTT, 26, Scotland, Toronto, d/o George SCOTT & Mary STEELE, witn: Lizzie SCOTT & John Steele SCOTT both of Toronto, 26 July 1907

002993-07 S.R. HALL, 25, merchant, New York, New York s/o S.J. RUTHERFORD (sic) & J. COIST married M.M. LINDSAY, 29, Canada, Toronto d/o John LINDSAY & Ella CUTHBERT wtn: Annie E. HARTNEY & J.P. MacLACHLAN, 19 July 1907

1132-08 William HALL, 23, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William HALL & Joan McLEAN, married Lydia Gertrude HYDE, 20, Bristol England, Toronto, d/o Daniel HYDE & Laura WILLIAMS, witn: Louise AUTHUR & Serina GALLOW both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1907

003010-07 Arthur HALSTEAD, 22, carpenter, Bradford England, Toronto s/o John Edward HALSTEAD & Hanna LONGBOTTOM married Annie LONG, 22, Bradford England, Toronto d/o John LONG & Mary MASON wtn: Lydia WEST & Arthur HULME both of Toronto, 16 July 1907  
2733-07 Thomas HAMILTON, 22, plasterer, Toronto, same, s/o Frank HAMILTON & Mary COONEY, married Ella KESSACK, 18, Toronto, same, d/o James KESSACK & Mary Ann AKAM (Akan?), witn: Mabelle REEVES & Florence HENRY, both of Toronto, 24 June 1907

3065-07 George Francis HAMILTON, 27, farmer, Ballycroy Ontario, Toronto, s/o Thomas HAMILTON & Mary Ann ROLLEY, married Martha May TURNER, 25, Tottenham, same, d/o George TURNER & Margaret QUIGLEY, witn: Mary NEALON & Edward C. DAY both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

001908/07 - Thomas Murray HANLEY, 31, printer, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Martin HANLEY & Elsie ROBERTSON, married Elizabeth Estelle DOYLE, 24, Brock Ontario, Toronto, d/o John DOYLE & Ellen BUGGIE, witn: Fred J. HANLEY of Hamilton & Mercedes DOYLE of Toronto, 22 April 1907 3312-07 James HARPER, 22, engineer, St. Thomas, Toronto, s/o James HARPER & Alice PYLE, married Maggie Martha THOMPSON, 17, Painswick Ont., Toronto, d/o John R. W. THOMPSON & Martha POOLE, witn: George W. KITCHEN & E.V. MULLARKY, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1907

3051-07 Royal Valerian HARRISON, 23, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William Spencer HARRISON & Emma Bertha SKIRROW, married Grace Frederica COOPER, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Frederick COOPER & Sarah SAPSFORD, witn: Howard D. HARRISON & Lillian P. COOPER both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

003760-07 Jocelyn HARRISON, 27, Clerk, London, London Ontario, s/o John HARRISON & Sarah BRAMMER; married Alice Maud PORTCH, 27, Woodstock, Toronto, d/o James PORTCH & Annie MARSHALL; wit Charles PORTCH & Emily PORTCH, both Toronto, 24 Sept 1907

002997-07 William HART, 28, labourer, London England, Toronto s/o Charles HART & Dorcas Annie COOKE married Agnes Annie AUSTIN, 30, Chichester England, Toronto d/o Joseph AUSTIN & Harriet STANWAY wtn: William WATERS & Blach WATERS both of Toronto, 17 July 1907 001921/07 - William John HARVEY, 29, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Charles HARVEY & Amelia HALES, married Dora ROBLIN, 30, Belleville, Belleville, d/o William ROBLIN & Jane BENEDICT, witn: Francis HARVEY & Annie E. HARVEY both of Toronto, 24 April 1907
001918/07 - Peter F. HEARY, 27, traveler, Dinte Ontario, Toronto, s/o Mathew HEARY & Jane WELDON, married Edith BOWLES, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Edward BOWLES & Anna BENT, witn: Patrick HEARY & Ethel BOWLES both of Toronto, 24 April 1907

3086-07 Alexander Cass HOLBROW, 26, printer, London England, Toronto, s/o Thomas W. HOLBROW & Jane PHILLIPS, married Agnes S. THOM, 24, London England, Toronto, d/o Sidney THOM & Mary IVIS, witn: Fred AYLARD & Mrs Mary HOPKINS both of Toronto, 29 July 1907

1783-07 Milton HOLLIDAY, 20, telegrapher, Myrtle Ont., Toronto, s/o John HOLLIDAY & Emma HEMMINGWAY, married Ella May VERNON, 21, Myrtle Ont., Toronto, d/o Robert VERNON & Mary WILSON, witn: Minnie TOVELL & Maud PETTIT, both of Toronto, 6 April 1907 001880/07 - John Smith HOLMAN, 21, book binder, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Albert Wallace HOLMES & Sarah SMITH, married Adina Irene GRUNDY, 20, cashier, Ottawa Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard Spencer GRUNDY & Harriet Edniser MILLER, witn: James GRAHAM & Carrie KESNBER both of Toronto, 17 April 1907
2474-07 Bert B. HOOKWAY, 24, grain merchant, London, London Ont., s/o Robert HOOKWAY & Sarah M. BELTON, married May Harriet EVANS, 22, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o Albert Edward EVANS & Matilda A. BROWN, witn: Clarence Webster HOOKWAY of Montreal & illegible EVANS of Toronto, 12 June 1907

3068-07 John Albert HOPE, 42, farmer, Scugog, same, s/o Thomas HOPE & Jane KIRBY, married Isabella AMESBURY, 37, Scugog, same, d/o William AMESBURY & Nancy Jane WINN, witn: William AMESBURY of Toronto-June & Miss Ruth HARN of Jefferson, 24 July 1907

001205-1907 (Toronto) Thomas Alexander HORNE, 32, settler, England, Toronto, s/o George HORNE & Jane Harriet COWDERVY, married Grace ROCKFORT, 27, England, not given, d/o John De Burg ROCKFORT & Hilare Charlotte HALL, witn: Laura Grace & J. Elsmane TURK, both of Toronto, 14 Jan 1907 at Toronto. 003022-07 Peter HUME, 40, plasterer, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto s/o George HUME & Mary THOMSON married Jane CAMPBELL, 32, Johnstown Scotland, Toronto d/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Catherine CAMPBELL wtn: William B. SMITH & George SMITH both of Toronto, 5 July 1907

3042-07 Frank HUNNISET, 30, wholesale butcher, Toronto, same, s/o Frank HUNNISET & Maria HOOK, married E. Ellen WILLIAMSON, 26, Toronto, same, d/o John WILLIAMSON & Mary HOGARTH, witn: Mary WILLIAMSON & Mr HUNNISET both of Toronto, 16 July 1907

4722-07 (Toronto) Francis F.N. HUNT, 25, Farmer, Normanby, Normanby, s/o George HUNT & Susan DAVIS, married Agnes ROBBIE, 20, Mount Forest, Toronto, d/o William ROBBIE & Elizabeth SAIRDNOR, witn: Mary E. ROBBIE of Toronto & G.J. JENKINS of Todmorden, 13 Nov 1907 at Toronto
002986-07 Frederick C. HUSBAND, 30, dentist, Toronto, Toronto s/o A.C. HUSBAND & Mary E. HOLMES married Margaret L.G. WOOD, 27, Toronto, Toronto d/o George W. WOOD & Margaret E. BROWN wtn: Dr. Gay I. HUME & Muriel WOOD both of Toronto, 16 July 1907 2481-07 Alfred Walter HUTCHISON, 29, manager, Montreal, Toronto, s/o John HUTCHISON & Mary BRENT, married Mary Penelope Villiers LEITH, 19, Ancaster Ont., Toronto, d/o Alex Henry LEITH & Mary Hooper EDDIS, witn: Harold F. MARRIOTT & Eleanor Marjory LEITH, both of Toronto, 17 June 1907

3061-07 Charles James INGLES, 23, civil engineer, Toronto, same, s/o Charles Leycester INGLES & Frances Helen OATES, married W. Virginia Bell MONTIZAMBERT, 22, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Edward MONTIZAMBERT & Jane MILLER, witn: George L. INGLES & Hilda Jemima Y. INGLES both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

3076-07 Walter Everett IRONS, 27, rubber stamp manufacturer, Hopewell Ontario, Toronto, s/o William IRONS & Rebecca MURPHY, married Eleanor McKee McCARTNEY, 29, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Alexander McCARTNEY & Mary Jane McKEE, witn: Dawson B. KINSEY & Miss A.R. McCARTNEY both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

001920/07 - James IRWIN, 43, fireman, widower, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William IRWIN & Margaret PATON, married Mary Jane McFARLANE, 26, Bracebridge Ontario, Toronto, d/o Duncan McFARLANE & Margaret DONALDSON, witn: Alice HERBISON & Mabel HUNTER both of Toronto, 24 April 1907

003796-07 David JESTIN, 28, Farmer, Orton, Orton, s/o Warren JESTIN & Elizabeth SHAW; married Margaret G. SIMPSON, 31, Orton, Orton, d/o Robert SIMPSON & Mary Sarah McGOWAN; wit K.R. SIMPSON, Toronto & Margaret JESTIN, Orton, 25 Sept 1907

002793-07 George JACKSON, 32, labourer, England, York twp s/o John JACKSON & Phoebe BOOTH married Harriett Amelia PLIMLEY (Phinley?) , 32, England, York twp d/o William PLIMLEY & Charlotte CHATTEN wtn: Mary Ann STOCKELL & Alice Margaret BROMFIELD both of Toronto, 7 June 1907 3031-08 John James JARDINE, 31, widower, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John L. & Amy N. nee JALLONER, married Gladys Amelia HOPKINS, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Silas & Hannah A. nee CRAWFORD, witn: Kathleen EVANS & Nora MOORE, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1907
3315-07 Sam JOELLER (Zoeller?), 23, barber, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Peter JOELLER & Laura SEAGER, married Effie PEARCE, 21, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John PEARCE & Sarah COPELAND, witn: Permelia R. LANGFORD of Toronto & Sadie PEARCE of Hamilton, 26 Aug 1907 003018-07 Oscar Tritiof JOHNSON, 31, moulder, Sweden, Toronto s/o Frederick JOHNSON & Augusta DONALDSON married Hilda ERICKSON, 23, Sweden, Toronto d/o Erick ERICKSON & Josephine ROSENTHALL wtn: Helma HEDSTROME & Elvira HEDSTROME both of Toronto, 15 July 1907

003810-07 John JONES, 25, Shoe worker, England, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth JONES; married Mary DINHAM, 22, England, Toronto, d/o William Henry DINHAM & Rose BAILEY; wit William HOLLICK & Catharine HOLLICK, both Toronto, 20 Sept 1907

2483-07 Robert Brodie JONES, 23, banker, Wales, Toronto, s/o Archibald & Katherine, married Alice PRICE, 21, Wales, Toronto, d/o Robert PRICE & Catherine ROBERTS, witn: William & Caroline PARIS of Toronto, 16 June 1907

3079-07 Frederick Nicholas JUDGE, 23, bricklayer, England, York Co, s/o William Joseph JUDGE & Sarah SOUTHGATE, married Gertrude Helen Hannah RALPH, 23, England, York Co, d/o Horace Henry RALPH & Helen Jane ASHTON, witn: Horace Henry RALPH & Edward William SMITH both of Toronto, 27 July 1907

001919/07 - Reginald Mathew KEARNS, 28, bricklayer, Meaford, Toronto, s/o William KEARNS & Mary BROWN, married Gertie Elizabeth BOWLES, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Edward BOWLES & Hannah BARRETT, witn: Sheldon BROWNMAN & E. BOWLES both of Toronto, 17 April 1907

3041-07 David Blain KERR, 46, lawyer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Bernard Sheridan KERR & Mary BLAIN, married Alice Hall TAIT, 32, Toronto, same, d/o George TAIT & Matilda CRAIG, witn: W.T. TAIT & Minnie TAIT both of Toronto, 22 July 1907

4713-07 (Toronto) James KIDD, 52, Widower, Farmer, Soldierstown, England, Elmville, Ont, s/o James KIDD & Liza ELLIS, married Alice Mary LAWLEY, 29, Bristol, England, Elmville, Ont, d/o William LAWLEY & Mary Ann YEANDEL, witn: Edward LAWLEY & Donald LAWLEY of Toronto, 25 Dec 1907 at Toronto
2478-07 Harry R. KIMPTON, 22, druggist, Delmar Ont., Toronto, s/o Henry KIMPTON & Clara ROCKWELL, married Alice M. AINSWORTH, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Charles AINSWORTH & Mary ROBERTS, witn: A.M. HILLMAN & A. D. HOBBS, both of Toronto, 13 June 1907 1788-07 William KINSLEY, 39, laborer, Newcastle on Tyne, Toronto, s/o Joseph William [KINSLEY] & Ann GOULD, married Bertha PASKE, 28, Brockville, Toronto, d/o John PASKE & Phoebe NOTTELL, witn: Mary H. SKEY & Jessie ROWE, both of Toronto
2475-07 Ernest Walter KIRK, 34, engineer, Scarboro Ont., Buffalo NY, s/o William Byron KIRK & Mary Ann PALMER, married Sarah Jane MAHONEY, 34, Galt Ont, Toronto, d/o Dennis MAHONEY & Margaret LAWLESS, witn: Walter Willis FRANCHE & Lillian B. BELL, both of Toronto, 12 June 1907

3082-07 William James KNIPE, 22, clerk, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, s/o Samuel KNIPE & Eliza HAMILTON, married Jennie McBRIDE, 21, Binbridge Ga [Bainbridge Georgia?], d/o James McBRIDE & Mary J. CROMIA, witn: James CREENEY & Mrs CREENEY both of Hamilton, 29 July 1907

  3093-07 Robert John LACKIE, 42, traveller, Peterboro Co, Toronto, s/o Andrew LACKIE & Susanna MAHOOD, married Elizabeth McWILLIAMS, 26, Toronto, same, d/o John McWILLIAMS & Elizabeth O'SULLIVAN, witn: John H. LANG & Margaret McWILLIAMS both of Toronto, 29 July 1907
003028-07 Albert Edward LAKE, 33, widower, merchant, England, North Bay Ontario s/o Thomas LAKE & Mary Jane BAKER married May FOOTE, 24, widow, Ottawa Ontario, Toronto d/o Alexander FOOTE & Sarah McMULLEN wtn: Royalie M. BRIGGS & Charles E. SPENCE both of Toronto, 23 July

3090-07 Patrick Henry LAMBERT, 34, carpenter, Lanark Co, Toronto, s/o Francis LAMBERT & Mary NEEDHAM, married Hannah Eleanor WATSON, 20, Cumberland, Toronto, d/o Francis J. WATSON & Hannah WALLACE, witn: George W. WATSON & Lily W. WATSON both of Toronto, 30 July 1907

003781-07 Paul LAMONTIN, 36, Hotel Keeper, Ottawa, Wahnapitie, s/o Alex LAMONTIN & Sarah RIVERS; married Ethel CAMERON, 27, Peterboro, Peterboro, d/o William CAMERON & Elizabeth ROGERS; wit Nellie MORLEY & Elsie K. TURNBULL, both Toronto, 26 Aug 1907

003036-07 James LAPPIN, 20, rope maker, Toronto, Toronto s/o Henry LAPPIN & Mary Jane KEARNS married Mary Elizabeth RYAN, 20, Toronto, Toronto d/o Michael J. RYAN & Mary Jane DEE wtn: Joseph F. COONEY & Ursula DEE both of Toronto, 25 June 1907 1787-07 James LAWLESS, 23, coach man, Gurnsey, Toronto, s/o Nicholas LAWLESS & Cori? EYABSLY, married Elizabeth LUCAS, 26, Grey Co., Toronto, d/o John LUCAS & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: William & Lena CODE of Toronto, 8 April 1907
2581-07 Gilford Warren LEACH, 22, engineer, Hastings Co., Toronto, s/o Warren LEACH & Maud BLY, married Mary Alice WIGGINS, 23, Pinegrove, Toronto, d/o John WIGGINS & Mary DOYLE, witn: Ross Clayton LEACH & Iva HAZZARD, both of Toronto, 30 April 1907 4711-07 (Toronto) Richard George LEE, 20, Driver, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Richard Thomas LEE & Merte Brigdon, married Lillian LeFEUVRE, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Walter LeFEUVRE & [blank] BARON, witn: Harry J. SPECK & Marie CLARKSON of Toronto, 24 Dec 1907 at Toronto
1784-07 Arthur Bernhardt LEMMON, 28, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William L. LEMMON & Abigail MINTY, married Annie Louise HEMSWORTH, 27, Brantford, Toronto, d/o Marmaduke T. HEMSWORTH & Sarah J. WILSON, witn: Robert F. WILSON & Florence M. HEMSWORTH, both of Toronto, 6 April 1907

3049-07 Thomas Milton LEPARD, 26, druggist, Newmarket, New York, s/o David Lundy LEPARD & Margaret Catherine HAMER, married Rose HORLEY, 25, Mount Albert, same, d/o William HORLEY & Mary SPRINGLE, witn: W.E. DOLAN of Newmarket & Mary REYNOLDS of Uxbridge, 23 July 1907

1796-07 James LIPSETT, 51, farmer, Mt. Wolf - Peel Co., same, s/o Lewis LIPSETT & Margaret SPENCE, married Julia CRAWFORD, 55, widow, Locktown - Peel Co (Cookstown?)., same, d/o James WILSON & Elizabeth BATES, witn: Edward & Agnes BALDWIN of Toronto, 20 Feb 1907 003037-07 Oscar LLOYD, 27, labourer, Newmarket, Toronto s/o Emmerson LLOYD & Catherine O'NEIL married Agnes MURPHY, 30, Whitby Ontario, Toronto d/o Mathew MURPHY & Joanna O'CONNOR wtn: Nellie LLOYD & Francis J. MURPHY both of Toronto, 26 June 1907
3560-07 (Toronto) George LOUGH, 25, Policeman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John LOUGH & Isabel MASSEY, married Ellen SMITH, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Arthur SMITH & Anne ROSS, witn: Jennie CHALMERS & Jessie WILSON of Toronto, 25 Dec 1907 at Toronto  

3088-07 William Robert LUCAS, 24, printer, Ancaster, Toronto, s/o Robert LUCAS & Sarah SMITH, married Ida REID, 25, Dundalk [Grey Co], same, d/o Daniel REID & Emma BOWLER, witn: Katherine GREAR & Allie LUCAS both of Toronto, 29 July 1907

2737-07 J. Robert Bridges LUCAS, 26, steel worker, Milltown NB, Buffalo, s/o Aquila LUCAS & Hattie BRIDGES, married Lucy B. HENRY, 26, Toronto, same, d/o James HENRY & Mary TWIBLE, witn: Robert John & Lucy B. HENRY of Toronto, 26 June 1907
003003-07 Cecil George MACERS, 26, plaster, London England, Toronto s/o Richard Heiman MACERS & Annie JAY married Ellen Louisa RATHGEN, 24, London England, Toronto d/o Henry RATHGEN & Mary Ann CASTELL wtn: Fred R. BROTHERTON & Kate FORTON both of Toronto, 18 July 1907 3330-07 John A. MADILL, 75, widower, of Stouffville, s/o Aaron MADILL & Mary QUEEN, married Mary BROWN, 70, widow, of Stouffville, d/o John FOWLER & Mary WAWLASS (Wanless?), witn: Eliza MADILL of 1142 Brunswick Ave. & Alice BROWN of Stouffville, 7 Aug 1907

003790-07 Frederick J. MARA, 29, Publisher, Brampton, New York, s/o Thomas MARA & Sarah HOLLAND; married Ida Kathaleen BLIGHT, 25, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Walter H. BLIGHT & Elizabeth LOWNDROUGH; wit J.M. COOMBS & Rita BLIGHT, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

001883/07 - Allan E. MARKS, 33, Banker, Bruce Mines, Cannington, s/o George [MARKS] & Mary TRAINOR, married Maude B. COWAN, 27, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Robert L. [COWAN] & Letitia STRUL, witn: Grace B. WILSON of Davisville & L.S. McMURRAY of Toronto, 17 April 1907 2735-07 Gerald MARKS, 22, organist, Ireland, Dunnville, s/o Thomas O. MARKS & Rhodie JOHNSTON, married Annie Towns MANNING, 24, Bowmanville Ont., Toronto, d/o George E. MANNING & Elizabeth TOWNS, witn: H.J.D. NAFTEL & Ethel MANNING, both of Toronto, 26 June 1907

3080-07 George William MATTISON, 24, salesman, England, Chester [York Co], s/o George Henry MATTISON & Sarah A. BOWKER, married Bertha ORAN, 22, Belleville, Chester, d/o Edward ORAN & Mary MOUNTENY, witn: Mabel JEFFERYS & Annie CLARKE both of Toronto, 17 July 1907

3057-07 Thomas L. MAY, 24, machinist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James May & Lena HURST, married Elizabeth FITZGERALD, 24, Toronto, same, d/o William FITZGERALD & Mary COOLAHAN, witn: J.H. COOLAHAN & L. FITZGERALD both of Toronto, 24 July 1907 RC

3103-07 Terrence Joseph McCANN, 36, plumber, Deer Park, same, s/o Francis James McCANN & Mary CLANCY, married Marian LITTLE, 23, Owen Sound, Toronto, d/o Thomas LITTLE & Catherine SHAW, witn: M.A. TALLING & Annie CLARKE both of Toronto, 30 July 1907

003006-07 Robert Drummond McCOLL, 27, plumber, Greenock, Toronto s/o Daniel McCOLL & Ellen BLAIR married Helen Arundel ROBERTS, 31, widow, telegraph clerk, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto d/o John RAMSEY & Ellen ARUNDEL wtn: Thomas McGARROGH & Anne SKINNER both of Toronto, 20 July 1907 003000-07 Arthur McCREADY, 30, mechanic, Leeds England, Toronto s/o James McCREADY & Eliza HUGHES married Agnes WILSON, 24, Scotland, Toronto d/o John WILSON & Catharine BURNEY wtn: Charlotte READ & Mary Ann TUCKER both of Toronto, 15 July 1907

3045-07 John McCULLOCH, 29, farmer, Clovering - Grey Co, Port Elgin, s/o James McCULLOCH & Margaret McGILL, married Margaret ALLEN, 28, Chesley Ontario, Toronto, d/o Daniel ALLEN & Margaret BELL, witn: Mrs NORWOOD & Thomas ALLEN both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

003027-07 Robert Durward McDONALD, 29, carpenter, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto s/o John McDONALD & Elizabeth RAE married Ettie Phelps MARTIN, 25, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto d/o William MARTIN & Mary BURNETT wtn: Fred COVEY & Maud MILLS both of Toronto, 23 July 1907
002723-07 John McELHINNEY, 23, baker, Ireland, Toronto s/o James McELHINNEY & Lizzie COLHOUN married Rebecca CALDWELL, 24, Ireland, Toronto d/o John CALDWELL & Annie ROULSTON wtn: John BEAL & Maggie CLEMENTS both of Toronto, 26 June 1907 1780-07 Patrick McFALL, 33, farmer, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Patrick McFALL & Ann WALKER, married Emma May FLEMMING, 25, Campbellford, Toronto, d/o William FLEMMING & Rebecca ROOD, witn: William John MEAGER & Alice Maud FLEMMING, both of Toronto, 3 April 1907

3047-07 James B. McGRATH, 28, steam fitter, Toronto, same, s/o James McGRATH & Annie CARR, married Maud BEST, 28, Toronto, same, d/o William BEST & Cecilia OLVER, witn: Robert McGRATH & G. BEST both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

002781-07 Duncan McINTYRE, 22, steam fitter, Canada, Toronto s/o Duncan McINTYRE & Katherine REID married Edith Georgina PERRY, 21, Canada, Toronto d/o John PERRY & Elizabeth ALLEN wtn: Sophie GULTY & Fred A. WALKER both of Toronto, 19 June 1907 4719-07 A.J. McINTYRE, 26, Engineer, Crystall City Man, Toronto, s/o Dan McINTYRE & Kate STEWART, married Amy FULLERTON, 22, Streetsville, Streetsville, d/o James FULLERTON & Victoria RUTLEDGE, witn: R. VAUGHAN, Toronto & Ina FULLERTON, Streetsville, 21 Dec 1907 at Toronto
1782-07 John MACKAY, 36, minister, Kintore Ont., Montreal, s/o Hector MACKAY & Christena McKENZIE, married Julia SAMPSON, 31, Woodstock Ont., Toronto, d/o William Armour SAMPSON & Julia MISKAN, witn: William Harry McNAIRN & Hatta SAMPSON, both of Toronto, 3 April 1907 001903/07 - Joseph McKAY, 33, widower, glass polisher, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John McKAY & Margaret NISBET, married Mamie ALLEN, 25, Eddystone Ontario, Port Hope, d/o Morris ALLEN & Ruth BRADLEY, witn: Nettie WILKINSON & Alice DALTON both of Toronto, 20 April 1907
1786-07 William Roy McKEE, 22, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William McKEE & Mary REED, married Lillian Olive LANKIN, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard LANKIN & Annie WILSON, witn: Charles K. MICKLE? & Ada BARTON, both of Toronto, 6 April 1907 1781-07 James Howard McMICKING, 27, clerk, Stamford Ont., Toronto, s/o John McMICKING & Emily E. GILCHRIST, married Mabel Syena DAWSON, 28, Richview Ont., Lambton Mills, d/o Mark DAWSON & Ellen WAUGH, witn: V. C. HAMILTON & Dorothy LEES, both of Toronto, 4 April 1907
  003039-07 Daniel McQUILLAN, 45, plumber, Newmarket, Toronto s/o Edward McQUILLAN & Catherine MURPHY married Margaret Frances KEARNS, 35, Toronto, Toronto d/o Patrick KEARNS & Sarah BROSSNEY wtn: S. Wilfred MURPHY & Esther KEARNS both of Toronto, 10 June 1907
3537-07 (Toronto) Ernest MEGGINSON, 35, Canadian Express, England, Toronto, s/o William MEGGINSON & Annie SHARPE, married Isabella Josephine SHANNON, 34, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James SHANNON & Annie Catherine FINK, witn: Herbert J. BENTLEY & Florence Louise SHANNON of Toronto, 20 Nov 1907 at Toronto 1122-08 Joseph MEINSTOCK, 22, tailor, Russia, Toronto, s/o Arsu MEINSTOCK & Lena GREENSTEIN, married Sarry MEINSTOCK, 19, Russian Poland, Toronto, d/o Banny MEINSTOCK & Rebecca KEWCKSILVER, witn: Sam KLEINBERG & Jacob MOSOFF, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1907
003009-07 John James Patterson MENZIES, 25, printer, Peterborough Ontario, Toronto s/o David MENZIES & Helen BRISEE married Harriet Elizabeth IBSON, 27, Walkerton Ontario, Toronto d/o Richard IBSON & Harriet NIXON wtn: Mrs N. IBSON & M.J. PANGBURN both of Toronto, 20 July 1907 002799-07 Charles Thomas MERLLF, 35, market gardener, Canada, Toronto s/o Peter MERLLF & Catherine DAVIS married Beatrice Augusta KNIGHT, 25, Canada, Toronto d/o William KNIGHT & Fanny NASH wtn: Arthur William ROBERTS & Ethel NEWMAN both of Toronto, 26 June 1907
002796-07 Thomas METCALFE, 22, soda dispenser, England, Toronto s/o William METCALFE & Annie Louisa HARKER married Alice May GILNEY, 20, England, Toronto d/o Edward GILNEY & Edith HERRING wtn: Charles RAY & Jennie GREEN both of Toronto, 25 June 1907 4720-07 (Toronto) James W. MILLAR, 23, Mechanic, Barrie, Toronto, s/o James MILLAR & Ellen SUTTON, married Minnie L. GERMAINE, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o L. & Annie GERMAINE, witn: Ida McILVOY & John RUTLEDGE of Toronto, 4 Dec 1907
002730-07 William Headdle MILLER, 40, widower, England, Quill Lake in Saskatchewan s/o William MILLER & Margaret THOMPSON married Mary CULLINGHAM, 37, Palermo Ont. Toronto d/o John CULLINGHAM & Maude ROBERTS wtn: F.J. SIGSMITH & Eva HILLS both of Toronto, 18 June 1907 002791-07 Alfred MILLINGTON, 30, printer, Canada, Toronto s/o John MILLINGTON & Maria ADAMS married Margaret MILLER, 23, Canada, Toronto d/o Thomas MILLER & Mary McGRATH wtn: Fanny PEARSON & James H. TALBOT both of Toronto, 10 June 1907
4721-07 (Toronto) James R. MILNE, 26, Florist, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas MILNE & Elsie GRANT, married Jessie L. LECKIE, 30, Buffalo, Toronto, d/o William LECKIE & Ellen SMITH, witn: P.L. TAITE & Bya FLEMING of Toronto, 2 Oct 1907 at Toronto 001206-1907 (Toronto) Harill Rogers MISENER, 45, farmer, Ancaster, Wentworth, widower, s/o Sylvester MISENER & Olive HOWELL, married Margaret Melissa DRAKE, 45, Ancaster Twp, Wentworth Co., d/o Reuben DRAKE & Sarah KITCHEN, witn: Agnes A. MITCHELL of Toronto & Helene G. MITCHELL of Berlin, 22 Jan 1907
003032-07 Walter MITCHELL, 26, contractor, England, Toronto s/o Samuel MITCHELL & Catherine BRAY married Alice OVERHOLT, 19, St. Catharines, Toronto d/o Dexter OVERHOLT & Ellen SHOLTZ wtn: J. BURBRIDGE & Rhoda BURBRIDGE both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

003807-07 Francis Henry MITCHELL, 45, Lawyer, Charlottetown PEI, Glenboro Man, s/o Samuel William & Helen Harding MITCHELL; married Mary ASHLEY, 28, Charlottetown, Charlottetown PEI, d/o John ASHLEY & Caroline BINES; wit Mona H. CLEAVER & Jessie CROSSER, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

003017-07 Charles MOORE, 18, student, Primrose NY, Toronto s/o Albert MOORE & Fayette LA FRAINER married Margaret NICHOLSON, 18, Belleville Ontario, Toronto d/o James NICHOLSON & Frances DUESBURY, wtn: J. NICHOLSON & Mrs J. NICHOLSON both of Toronto, 22 July 1907 2316-07 Richard Elmer MOORE, 25, shipper, Chinguacousy Ont., Toronto, s/o Samuel MOORE & Ada TRUEMAN, married Maud DARLING, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Herbert Harold DARLING & Hannah CHAPMAN, witn: Erson Albert MOORE & Rose DARLING, both of Toronto, 5 June 1907
002738-07 George Henry MOORE, 37, driver, Primrose Ont. Toronto s/o Abraham MOORE & Isabella NOBLE married Irene HUTCHISON, 34, Scotland, Toronto d/o George HUTCHISON & Helen REID wtn: W.R. JOHNSTON & Minnie MOORE both of Toronto, 26 June 1907 002729-07 John MORGAN, 21, brass finisher, Scotland, Toronto s/o Mathew B. MORGAN & Agnes STEVENSON married Marion Innes HARDIE, 23, Scotland, Toronto d/o James HARDIE & Margaret LESLIE wtn: Mathew Biggar MORGAN & Marion S.J REEVES both of Toronto, 13 June 1907
4715-07 (Toronto) John Joseph MORIARTY, 31, Chemist, Toronto, Akron, Ohio, s/o Murtagh MORIARTY & Mary HARTNELL, married Blanche Edith DENNIS, 25, Leeds, England, Toronto, d/o John DENNIS & Elizabeth McDONALD, witn: Daniel CULHANE & Violet DENNIS, Toronto, 26 Dec 1907

003788-07 Joseph Hercules MORIN, 24, Clerk, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Joseph H. MORIN & Celina ARCHAMBAULT; married Mary Edith RUSSELL, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Francis Anthony RUSSELL & Marion STARR; wit Charles Avela SEGUIN, Ottawa & Mary RUSSELL, Toronto, 24 Sept 1907

3069-07 Thomas Augustus MORLEY, 28, brass finisher, Portsmouth England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Augustus MORLEY & Ellen KNIGHT, married Anna Mabel TOLAND, 24, Muskoka, Toronto, d/o George TOLAND & Elizabeth HAYS, witn: Charles KING & Marion S.J. REEVES both of Toronto, 27 July 1907

003001-07 Gerald Washington MORLEY , 24, watch maker, Toronto, Toronto s/o Washington James MORLEY & Martha ARMSTRONG married Clara Ann RICHARDS, 22, Toronto, Toronto d/o Philip ARMSTRONG & Sarah BAILEY wtn: Herbert Campbell MORLEY & Evelyn Elizabeth RICHARDS both of Toronto, 17 July 1907
001904/07 - Arthur MORRIS, 21, tin smith, England, Doncaster, s/o Enoch MORRIS & Susan, married Florence May BULL, 20, England, Doncaster, d/o Harry BULL & Rose, witn: M.D. McKUHAN & Amy McKUHAN both of Toronto, 20 March 1907 003033-07 Allan B. MOYER, 41, druggist, Conistoga, Toronto s/o Moses MOYER & Rache BOURMAN married Mabel Jane HALL, 28, Toronto, Toronto d/o James HALL & Elizabeth Ann HUNT wtn: W. George HALL & Alma G. BALLAN both of Toronto, 10 July 1907

3067-07 Michael MOYNIHAN, 24, mechanic, Ellora [Elora?], Toronto, s/o Michael MOYNIHAN & Mary McCARTHY, married Marie Genereuse BELIVEAU, 18, Peterboro, Toronto, d/o Pierre Oliva BELIVEAU & Rosa RUFIANCE, witn: A. McCANN & Pierre O. BELIVEAU both of Toronto, 29 July 1907 RC

003815-07 Harry MUMFORD, 25, Tailor, England, Toronto, s/o Henry MUMFORD & Katharine ASSON; married Mary BUCHANAN, 24, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas BUCHANAN & Mary HOGAN; wit George F. DEARLING & Alice May BUCHANAN, both Toronto, 26 Sept 1907

003002-07 James MURPHY, 24, teamster, Quebec City, Toronto s/o James MURPHY & Lena TURCOTTE,  married Jazhanna THATCHER, 26, Kidderminster England, res not given, d/o Walter Thomas THATCHER & Sarah Jane WARD wtn: Emma K. STUTTAFORD & Eva H. FAIRCLOTH both of Toronto, 20 July 1907  

3063-07 George NEILSON, 28, sign painter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George NEILSON & Mary TROTTER, married Gertrude Elizabeth SEAGER, 28, Thornhill, Toronto, d/o Richard SEAGER & Margaret McNULTY, witn: Robert FORBES & L.R FLEMING both of Toronto, 23 July 1907

003007-07 Earl Arthur NIXON, 26, toolmaker, Toronto, Toronto s/o Emery NIXON & Alice A. PIERCE married Mary Rebecca TANNER, 21, Toronto, Toronto d/o Fred W. TANNER & Elizabeth HUNTER wtn: Frank ELLIOTT & Christina TRILSBECK both of Toronto, 17 July 1907
2480-07 Gerrard NOBLE, 31, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas HAMILTON (sic) & Jane A. LEGGOTT, married Mary Louise BRICK, 31, Toronto, same, d/o Ben BRICK & Annie INGLIS, witn: Thomas NOBLE & Mary HOLLINRAKE, both of Toronto, 12 June 1907

002741-07 William Barton NORTHRUP, 50, widower, barrister, Belleville, Belleville s/o Anson Gilbert NORTHRUP & Jean BOLSTER married May Schryner CLEMOW, 50, widow, Toronto, Toronto d/o John Charles FITCH & Harriet Amanda WILLIS wtn: G.H.C. BROOKE & Ida Schryner BROOKE both of Toronto, 27 June 1907

003801-07 William George OGG, 29, Labourer, Markham Twp, Markham Twp, s/o William OGG & Cynthia PRESS; married Eva STONEHOUSE, 22, Scarboro Twp, Scarboro Twp, d/o James STONEHOUSE & Anne DRUMOND; wit G.S. STONEHOUSE, Milliken & M. HODGSON, Toronto, 25 Sept 1907 001882/07 - Alex. William Neville OGLE, 28, bricklayer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William OGLE & Rebecca NEVILLE, married Fanny Galloway THOMSON, 28, Scotland, Scotland, d/o William THOMSON & Jane MARSHALL, witn: William M. OGLE & Elizabeth McDOWELL both of Toronto, 16 April 1907

3107-07 Thomas William OLDEN, 32, carpenter, London England, Toronto, s/o Frederick OLDEN & Margaret OLDEN, married Margaret CLAYTON, 24, domestic, Liverpool England, Toronto, d/o James R. CLAYTON & Frances CLAYTON, witn: Thomas SHEPPERD of Westwood & Annie THRANS of Toronto, 1 July 1907

3062-07 William James PALMER, 30, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o William James PALMER & Harriet E. EDWARD, married Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM, 30, England, Silverstone England, d/o Joseph BUCKINGHAM & Anne WHITE, witn: William DICKIE & James R. POONY both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

3077-07 James PARNELL, 27, teamster, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel PARNELL & Hannah BROUGHTON, married Margaret WILSON, 29, Good Easter England, Toronto, d/o Frederick WILSON & Emily CLEMENTS, witn: Herbert R. FRIMENT & Alice J. FREMENT both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

3071-07 Jacob PARTRITH, 24, tailor, USA, Toronto, s/o Simon PARTRITH & Rossie JACOBS, married Selma MENISOLT, 20, USA, Toronto, d/o Michel Abraham MENISOLT & Minnie GARTSEN, witn: A. BORNSTEIN & Harry PARTRITH both of Toronto, 28 July 1907 Hebrew

4712-07 (Toronto) Lawrence John PASHLER, 28, Secretary, London, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Emma PASHLER, married Georgina Mary HUTTON, 25, London, England, Toronto, d/o George HUTTON & Mary HEALEY, witn: A.L. DIXON & G.L. DIXON of Toronto, 21 Dec 1907

3100-07 George PATRICK, 28, detective, England, Toronto, s/o George PATRICK & Martha VILLEACE, married Letitia Emma LEIGHTON, 22, England, Kingston, d/o William Charles LEIGHTON & Letitia COURT, witn: Louisa TALBOT of Oshawa & Sol LAZOF of Toronto, 31 July 1907

003812-07 Charles B. PATTERSON, 36, Lumberman, Oakville, Port Moody BC, s/o Thomas PATTERSON & Mary Ann O’REILY; married Margaret McKAY, 33, Trafalgar Twp, Trafalgar Twp, d/o John McKAY & Margaret McPHERSON; wit Kate H. McKAY & Minnie McKAY, both Toronto, 26 Sept 1907

3087-07 Robert John PEARSON, 27, printer, Peel Co, Toronto, s/o Robert James PEARSON & Jane Elizabeth HOBSON, married Louise Mary PARLIAMENT, 26, Cannington, Toronto, d/o George Nelson PARLIAMENT & Martha RANEY, witn: George PEARSON & W.G. PRITCHATT both of Toronto, 31 July 1907

003809-07 Henry William PENGILLY, 31, Paper Ruler, Barrie, Toronto, s/o Henry PENGILLY & Charlotte SHIPWRIGHT; married Nora Elizabeth BYRNE, 24, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Sylvester BYRNE & Nora HARNETT; wit Mauria D. BYRNE & Rose PENGILLY, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

2477-07 Arthur John PENNY, 43, widower, driver, England, Toronto, s/o William PENNY & Elizabeth SHEPHARD, married Matilda MOODY, 46, widow, lady, Belleville Ont, Toronto, d/o Simon SANFORD & Nancy HUFF, witn: J. E. MILLAR & Mary E. RYNEX?, both of Toronto, 5 June 1907
2476-07 Frederick Ernest PERCY, 34, widower, wood worker, Stouffville, Toronto, s/o William PERCY & Esther E. GRAHAM, married Sarah Jane MARTYN, 31, Newcastle Ont., Toronto, d/o Thomas MARTYN & Margaret BATTEN, witn: Gladys PERCY of Toronto & G. CAROTHERS of Preston, 13 June 1907 001916/07 - Paul Otto PFLEIDEIRER, 27, lumber merchant, Heilbronn, Heilbronn, s/o Gustav Adolph PFLEIDERER (sic) & Elizabeth MICHELS, married Mabel Gladys BALL, 25, Galt, Toronto, d/o George William H. BALL & Susan Alice MILLER, witn: Alfred MAGER & Muriel BALL both of Toronto, 20 April 1907
2576-07 Thomas PHILPOTT, 29, machinist, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas PHILPOTT & Sarah VARNEY, married Emily TURDELL, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William Joseph TURDELL & Mary Maria BONNEY, witn: Harry A. WEIR & Marion REEVES, both of Toronto, 3 May 1907 002795-07 Charles Owen PIGGOTT, 26, salesman, England, Toronto s/o William PIGGOTT & Ellen WESTON married Lily Ann CLARK, 20, Scotland, North Toronto d/o Alexander CLARK & Mary WILSON wtn: William SUIR & Eliza CLARK both of Toronto, 29 June 1907
4723-07 (Toronto) Walter A. PORTER, 23, Traveller, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Thomas PORTER & Louisa M. TURNER, married H.R. ABRAHAM, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Joseph ABRAHAM & Harrie R. CUFF, witn: J.W. PORTER & Ethel PARR of Toronto, 21 Aug 1907 at Toronto 2315-07 Archibald Clarence PORTER, 26, electrician, Ulberton Que., Hamilton, s/o Thomas PORTER & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth SULLY, 23, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Joseph SULLY & Agnes ELLIOTT, witn: Albert SCHOFIELD & Margaret SULLY, both of Toronto, 5 June 1907

3052-07 Harry POSEN, 26, presser, Russia, Toronto, s/o Israel POSEN & Esther POZ, married Jabie CHALL, 18, Russia, Toronto, d/o Myer CHALL & Mary BRON, witn: Louis DOLGOF & Bennie SWARTZ both of Toronto, 25 July 1907 Hebrew

3059-07 Harold Job D. RAWNSLEY, 24, carriage maker, Shipley Yorkshire England, Weston, s/o Benjamin RAWNSLEY & Sarah Ann DEBOO, married Mary Ellen KEMP, 19, Weston, Toronto, d/o William KEMP & Clara Elizabeth WEBSTER, witn: Charles E. WEBSTER & Helena Bessie WEBSTER both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

3084-07 Morris Walter REASON, 24, mechanic, Isle of Wight England, Toronto, s/o George William REASON & Emily ATTRILL, married Ethel TREVETT (Trivett?), 23, Isle of Wight England, Toronto, d/o William TREVETT & Elizabeth G. GOODRICH, witn: Mrs Sarah J.C. SILCOX & C.E. SILCOX both of Toronto, 29 July 1907

003767-07 Frederick A. REDWOOD, 22, Express Clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel J. REDWOOD & Fannie COLLENS; married Edith Eliza Jane HOLE, 24, Paper folder, S. Wales, Toronto, d/o Henry HOLE & Isabella SIMONS; wit William Edwin MOSS & Elizabeth Jane MOSS, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

3051-08 Frederick William REED, 29, agent, USA, Denver Colorado, s/o Osmer & Louisa nee BELAIR, married Maria HOLMES, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret EVANS, witn: Margaret HOLMES & Walter J. HENDERSON, both of Toronto, 25 June 1907 003472-07 William RICHARDSON, 39, construction engineer, England, Toronto, s/o William RICHARDSON & Sarah HOTFIELD, married Cora MOXAM, 22, Belleville, Toronto, d/o George MOXAM & Cora Carrie TAYLOR, witn: Mary J, BOOTH of Toronto & Mrs. George MOXAM of Belleville, 31 August 1907 at Toronto

003787-07 Albert ROBERTS, 25, Carpenter, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o George ROBERT & Lydia GUY; married Gertrude HANRAHAN, 22, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o James HANRAHAN & Hannah NEWMAN; wit John ROBERTS & Jenet ROBERT, both Toronto, 19 Sept 1907

003023-07 Thomas ROBERTSON, 26, draftsman, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto s/o James ROBERTSON & Grace McPHERSON married Jessie Jane Andrew ROBB, 29, St. Fergus Scotland, Toronto d/o William ROBB & Elizabeth BRUCE wtn: William B. SMITH & George SMITH both of Toronto, 22 July 1907
2577-07 James William ROBINSON, 21, machinist, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas ROBINSON & Rebecca PEARSON, married Edith Maud WRIGHT, 20, Toronto, same, d/o James WRIGHT & Mary PEDLOW, witn: William J. WRIGHT & Martha ROBINSON, both of Toronto, 24 April 1907 003016-07 Thomas R.R. ROBINSON, 56, widower, painter, Kingston Ontario, Toronto s/o Thomas ROBINSON & Hannah ANDREWS married Elizabeth Ann RICHARDSON, 56, widow, Vaughan Twp, Toronto d/o Richard JEFFREY & Barbara SHUNK wtn: J.J. FOOKS & E.J. SUMMERHILL both of Toronto, 20 July 1907
1121-08 Harry ROBSEN, 23, laborer, Russia, Toronto, s/o Nathan TOBSEN & Aster BOLDOWER, married Besha STARKMAN, 18, Polish Russia, d/o Samuel STARKMAN & Gille, witn: M. ROTBAUM & Abraham GOLD, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1907

3081-07 Richard ROHRDANZ, 25, butcher, Germany, Toronto, s/o George RHORDANZ (sic) & Johanna AVE, married Clara ECKOLD, 18, Listowel, Toronto, d/o Augusta ECKOLD & Sophia SCHLEE, witn: M.A. TALLING & Annie CLARKE both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

3048-07 Arthur Lowis Low ROOTS, 21, electrician, London England, Toronto, s/o Alfred John Low ROOTS & Bessie RICHARDSON, married Emily Catherine WOODMAN, 18, London England, Toronto, d/o Charles WOODMAN & Ann Catherine HOBBS, witn: Charles John Low ROOTS & G.L. DIXON both of Toronto, 20 July 1907

003030-07 Moses ROZEN, 25, merchant, Russia, Hamilton s/o Louis ROZEN & Rebecca GRENFELD married Fannie SLUTSILEY, 22, Russia, Toronto d/o Hymie SLUTSILEY & Daine CANTER wtn: N.E. BRAGMAN & Henry SLESINGER BOTH OF Toronto, 23 July 1907
003020-07 James Alex RUSLAND, 42, widower, blacksmith, Perth Ontario, Kirkfield Ontario s/o Alex M. RUSLAND & Jessie McDOUGALL married Marguerite STAPLES, 34, widow, Kirkfield, Kirkfield d/o Donald McEACHERN & Catharine McDONALD wtn: Mrs. Emily FERRIER & Jean BOWEN both of Toronto, 1 July 1907 003014-07 Arthur Senior RUSSELL, 29, golf professional, Huddersfield York England, Lambton Ontario s/o John RUSSELL & Mary Ann WILLIS married Helen HADLEY, 27, domestic, England, Lambton Ontario d/o Fanny HADLEY wtn: Percy BARRETT of Lambton Mills & Annie SOLARI of Toronto, 22 July 1907
002996-07 Sidney Henry R. SAUNDERS, 22, carpenter, London England, North Toronto s/o Richard John SAUNDERS & Agnes HEMPSTEAD married Ethel Margaret HAWTHORNE, 23, nurse, London England, North Toronto d/o Alexander HAWTHORNE & Lilian KIPLING wtn: William O. BONSER & Mary Aileen ROLPH both of Toronto, 16 July 1907 002726-07 Frederick W. SCHWALM, 25, tailor, Canada, Toronto s/o Daniel S. SCHWALM & Mary Ann COLEMAN married Jessie McARTHUR, 18, Canada, Toronto d/o John McARTHUR & Annie McKENZIE wtn: H.C MATHER of Toronto & Marjorie McARTHUR of Collingwood Ont. 10 June 1907
  002739-07 Philip Dunbar SCOTT, 22, confectioner, Toronto, Toronto s/o Henry Abraham SCOTT & Agnes PARSONS married Alice Maud DIFFEY, 29, England, Toronto d/o Moses DIFFEY & Anne PAMILLO wtn: Laura S. JARVIS & Cecilia GRAY both of Toronto, 26 June 1907

003792-07 Alfred SCOTT, 21, Cook, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John Nicholson SCOTT & Jane VEITCH; married Margaret McCANN, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Charles McCANN & Mathilde O’HIGGINS; wit F.C. THOMAS & H.A. THOMAS, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

003008-07 Thomas SCOTT, 29, Assistant Secretary Elks Club, Birmingham England, Toronto s/o William James SCOTT & Susan WHITTAKER married Magdalene Croll PORTER, 20, Dundee Scotland, Toronto d/o William PORTER & Agnes VALENTINE wtn: John PRESTON & Ada EDWARDS both of Toronto, 19 July 1907
002994-07 Robert SEMPLE, 25, cabinet maker, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto s/o Robert SEMPLE & Marian CAMERON married Jeanie HILLING, 22, Scotland, Glasgow Scotland d/o Thomas HILLING & Jeanie FISHER wtn: Charles SMITH & Marion SEMPLE both of Toronto, 18 July 1907 001905/07 - Albert J. SHEPHARD, 25, England, Toronto, s/o William SHEPHARD & Ellen STEED, married Minnie BANKS, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Amos BANKS & Matilda CHANDLER, witn: C.J. MURCH (Marsh?) & Margaret MURCH both of Toronto, 18 April 1907,

003808-07 Arthur George SHERMAN, 34, Driver, England, Toronto, s/o John SHERMAN & Martha HERON; married Maggie HUTTON, 33, England, Toronto, d/o Robert HUTTON & Wilhelmina IRVINE; wit Catherine HUTTON & Alex SANDERSON, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

002740-07 Walter SHORTE, 24, store butter, Scotland, Toronto s/o Archibald SHORTE & Christina ROBINSON married Agnes GILLIS, 17, Scotland, Toronto d/o William GILLIS & Jessie WELSH wtn: Walter SHORTE & Jennie GRAY both of Toronto, 27 June 1907

3043-07 Joseph SHUBY, 32, machinist, Dundas, Cleveland, s/o William SHUBY & Margaret KELLY, married Mary P. CUTLER, 29, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Archibald CUTLER & Sarah GALLAGHER, witn: John L. HALLORAN & Amy CUTLER both of Toronto, 24 July 1907

4710-07 (Toronto) Frank S. SIDER, 24, Cabinet maker, Stayner, Ont, Berlin, Ont, s/o John A. SIDER & Louise SHARK, married Annie WOODS, 26, Stayner, Ont, Toronto, d/o Thomas WOODS & Jane YATES, witn: Emily EMERSON & Jean PASCALL of Toronto, 24 Dec 1907 at Toronto
002792-07 Ernest SIMSER, 25, shipper, Canada, Toronto s/o Phillip SIMSER & Minnie married Florence May VALENTINE, 24, Canada, Toronto d/o Thomas VALENTINE & Fanny BLIGHT wtn: Robert H. McDOUGALL & Fanny PEARSON both of Toronto, 8 June 1907 1792-07 Daniel William SINCLAIR, 24, slater, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George SINCLAIR & Jessie McPHERSON, married Annie Brown DYCE, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alex DYCE & Helen BROWN, witn: Edward LOCK & Jessie SINCLAIR, both of Toronto, 28 March 1907
003813-07 John SLATER, 33, Merchant, England, Toronto, s/o George SLATER & Mary RHODES; married Gertrude BLAIR, 22, Stenographer, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William BLAIR & Jane POULTON; wit William BLAIR, Sundridge & Dollie BLAIR, Toronto, 26 Sept 1907

002790-07 Joseph SLIPPOR, 23, shoemaker, Russia, 793 Queen St. W in Toronto s/o Samuel & Ida nee SLEVIN married Lizzie CLORNE, 20, Russia, 793 Queen S W in Toronto d/o Max & Sime wtn: I. PLADIS of 793 Queen St. W & I. KALNITZSKY of 764 Queen St. W, 24 (?) 1907

3319-07 John Howard SNELL, 27, traveller, Prince Albert Sask., Toronto, s/o John Dundas SNELL & Jessie MOFFATT, married Clarice BUSHA, 24, Ottawa, Minnesota USA, d/o James BUSHA & Exilda DUCHENE, witn: H. A. THOMAS of Toronto & Myrtelle M. BUSHA of Minnesota, 27 Aug 1907

003763-07 Herbert S. SNEYD, 31, Preacher, Garden Hill, Toronto, s/o Nathaniel SNEYD & Martha LOCKINGTON; married Harriett Bell HEWSON, 33, St.. Catharines, Toronto, d/o W.H. HEWSON & Jennie PHELPS; wit W.H. HEWSON & Jennie P. HEWSON, both Toronto, 18 Sept 1907

003474-07 (York Co.) Nelson SNIDER, 24, decorator, Waterloo Twp, Berlin, s/o Israel SNIDER & Mary BATES, married Clara DOERBECKER, 22, Ontario, Berlin, d/o George DOERBECKER & Margaret SCHNARR, witn: Lenore SPENCER & Janet B. FINLAY both of Toronto, 2 September 1907 at Toronto

3074-07 Isie SOHN, 25, tailor, Russia, Toronto, s/o Bennie SOHN & Mary RAPAPORT, married Sonia MOSEN, 22, Russia, Toronto, d/o Louis MOSEN & Sprinche FRANKEL, witn: Milton VITKIN & Abraham GRATMAN both of Toronto, 27 July 1907

3096-07 Franz SOHNETTKER, 31, cabinet maker, Koln Germany, blank, s/o Theodor SOHNETTKER & Henriette SOHNETTKER, married Anna Gertrude SCHMIDT, 26, Germany, blank, d/o Ferdinand SCHMIDT & Helene SCHMIDT, witn: Millie KREMER & Marie MEYA both of Toronto, 30 July 1907 RC

001881/07 - William James SOLOMON, 21, silver plater, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Edward SOLOMON & Maggie LANE, married Ada CARTER, 20, Goderich Huron Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas CARTER & Hannah WILSON, witn: Mrs. Ida WALLACE & Mrs. A. M. ROGERS both of Toronto, 17 April 1907
001917/07 - William Edward STEPHENSON, 23, electrical worker, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William STEPHENSON & blank, married Elenor Margaret CALDWELL, 20, Trenton, Toronto, d/o Thomas CALDWELL & Susan GILMORE, witn: Walter Watson NEWTON & Violet MacHENRY both of Toronto, 16 April 1907  
003005-07 Norman STEWART, 53, widower, clerk, Wellington Co, Toronto s/o William STEWART & Agnes McLEAN married Margaret ROSS, 49, widow, Haldimand Co, Hamilton d/o James SYMINGTON & Jane GRIER wtn: Charles PARM & Anne REID both of Toronto, 13 July 1907 4709-07 (Toronto) Robert Holden STEWART, 33, Mining Engineer, Ottawa, Rossland, B.C., s/o John STEWART & Susan HOLDEN, married Alice Amelia WILL, 29 , Teacher, Markham, Ont, Toronto, d/o Phineas D. WILL & Caroline A. COLLINS, witn: J. Stanley WILL of Winnipeg & Susan Mary STEWART of Ottawa, 26 Dec 1907 at Toronto
003021-07 Thomas Henry STOCKTON, 18, machinist, Birmingham England, Toronto s/o Henry STOCKTON & Mary MARKS married Casie Dunlop MARSHALL, 19, Ireland, Toronto d/o Robert MARSHALL & Rosanna DUNLOP wtn: Marian S.J. REEVES & Mabelle REEVES both of Toronto, 2 July 1907

3072-07 Ernest STONE, 22, painter, Toronto, same, s/o Elijah STONE & Theodora KEMP, married Jessie ALDRICH, 18, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o William Robert ALDRICH & Frances BORKEN, witn: Emma WEBB & Louisa O'NEILL both of Toronto, 27 July 1907

3108-07 Frederick STREET, 24, ship's joiner, London England, Toronto, s/o William Henry STREET & Sarah Elizabeth blank, married Sophie BARNES, 23, England, same, d/o Joseph BARNES & Mary BARNES, witn: John C. SWITZER & Robert H. McDOUGALL both of Toronto, 22 July 1907

3097-07 Alfred SYMONS, 27, house mover, Canada, Toronto, s/o John SYMONS & Sarah R. HOPKINS, married Mary Elizabeth LATTEN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William LATTEN & Alicia CHRISTIE, witn: W.F. SYMONS & S. LATTEN both of Toronto, 31 July 1907

2761-07 Henry TEAGLE, 27, brick layer, Bristol England, 99 Bond St. in Toronto, s/o Charles TEAGLE & Sarah FLANNEL, married Effie GREEN, 26, Pickering Ont., 99 Bond St., d/o Thomas James GREEN & Mary MINNS, witn: William WALLING & Evaline SIMPSON, both of 74 Albert St. in Toronto, 5 Jan 1907 002744-07 Henry Nelson THOMPSON, 31, doctor, St. Thomas Ont. Boissevain in Manitoba s/o John Huggard THOMPSON & Alice WRIGHT married Rachel HAY, Muskoka Ont. Toronto d/o Henry HAY & Sarah NICHOLSON wtn: David MURPHY & Hanna HAY both of Toronto, 25 June 1907
3348-07 Alex Hartford THOMPSON, 22, newsagent, Michigan, Toronto, s/o Richard J. W. THOMPSON & Martha Jane CUNNINGTON, married Edna SPRING, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George SPRING & Mary SPRUNT, witn: Mary MIDDLETON & Matilda WILSON, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1907

3054-07 James Ennis THOMPSON, 23, teamster, Toronto, same, s/o W.H. THOMPSON & Sussanah BAITON, married Nettie HOPE, 22, waitress, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William HOPE & Jessie SLATER, witn: Guy HAMILTON & Anne SKINNER both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

003034-07 Arthur H. THORPE, 23, clerk, Toronto, Toronto s/o H.W. THORPE & Tamasiah REAN married [blank] REID, 22, Pickering, Toronto d/o Asa REID & Matilda LOTT wtn: E.R. THORPE & Violet YOKE both of Toronto, 10 July 1907

3091-07 Edwin TILL, 29, engineer, Waterloo, Fort William, s/o Thomas TILL & Martha LOUGHEED, married Mabel PETERS, 30, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Henry PETERS & Elma DELISLE, witn: Elma PETERS & Edith PETERS both of Toronto, 30 July 1907

002742-07 Sydney TOPLEY, 20, metal worker, Haliburton Ont. Toronto s/o George TOPLEY & Margaret PENGELLY married Grace M. MARTIN, 20, Hilest Creek Ont. Toronto d/o Henry MARTIN & Frances PRINGELLY wtn: Fletcher BUCK of Toronto & Annie TRUXAL of Stratford, 19 June 1907 003038-07 Thomas Clark TRACEY, 29, traveller, Wellington Ontario, Toronto s/o John TRACEY & Catherine CLARK married Bertha Louise KERNAN, 23, Switzerland, Toronto d/o John KERNAN & Rose THONEN wtn: Thomas COWEN & Josephine MacINTOSH both of Toronto, 19 June 1907
3056-07 Walter TRADGETT, 31, farmer, London England, Toronto, s/o George TRADGETT & Hannah SMITH, married Jessie WATSON, 21, Lancashire England, Toronto, d/o John Small WATSON & Margaret CLARK, witn: Levey KNIGHT & Mrs KNIGHT both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

002725-07 Percival J. TREMEER, 22, metal polisher, Pickering, Toronto s/o John TREMEER & Annie HALL married May Lillian WRIGHT, 19, Kingston, Toronto d/o Mathew James WRIGHT & Susan Ann PATTERSON wtn: Walter WRIGHT & Mrs Mary WRIGHT both of 82-3rd St.. in Waterford in New York, 27 June 1907

3055-07 William Charles TRIM, 21, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick George TRIM & Florence ANDREWS, married Ida Sophia GOLDSTONE, 21, domestic, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick GOLDSTONE & Elizabeth Ann BASSETT, witn: Charles Evan LEWIS & Elizabeth RALPH both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

002990-07 Victor TUERO, 29, cigar maker, Spain, Toronto s/o Joseph TUERO & Aniceta TUERO married Maria VASQUEZ, 22, Cuba, Toronto d/o Peter VASQUEZ & Feligia VEGA wtn: Emiliro TUERO & Mrs E. TUERO both of Toronto, 17 July 1907

3105-07 William TURNBULL, 23, compositor, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William TURNBULL & Elizabeth TURNBULL, married Helen MEEK, 21, tailoress, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John MEEK & Janet MEEK, witn: Robert McDOUGALL & Isabella McDOUGALL both of Toronto, 30 July 1907

3562-07 (Toronto) Robert VANCOUR, 25, Candy maker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Amos VANCOUR & Charlotte SOMMER, married Grace LINSTER, 18, Saleslady, Brantford, Toronto, d/o George LINSTER & Minnie JARVIS, witn: T.H. BARTLEY & Edith M. LEGATE of Toronto, 27 Dec1907 at Toronto 001907/07 - Harry WALDRON, 22, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Charles WALDRON & blank, married Emily Leah STANIER, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Isaiah STANIER & Harriet BEVINS, witn: Isaiah STANIER & Harriet STANIER both of Toronto, 20 April 1907
1791-07 Herbert John WALKER, 22, tool maker, Brockville, Toronto, s/o John WALKER & Eleanor HAMFLOR?, married Bertha May HANDS, 20, Toronto, same, d/o John HANDS & Agnes LESLIE, witn: Marion J. & Mabelle REEVES of Toronto, 6 April 1907

003780-07 John WALKER, 32, Bricklayer, Wid, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John WALKER & Ann HODGE; married Elizabeth Sophia BUTLER, 40, Wid, England, Toronto, d/o John CIMMERER & Christina SCOTT; wit Olive MADGE & Elsie K. TURNBULL, both Toronto, 7 Sept 1907

1795-07 Earney Mathew Aaron WALLACE, 33, widower, baker, Red Rock Ont., Toronto, s/o John Adams WALLACE & Charlotte GALLOWAY, married Elizabeth MUNRO, 22, Toronto, same, d/o David MUNRO & Bella, witn: Mrs. A. K. FERGUSON & Elsie K. TURNBULL, both of Toronto, 6 April 1907 002785-07 Robert James WALSH, 21, rug miller, Canada, Toronto s/o Walter WALSH & Elizabeth MILLER married Jessie TODD, 19, New York State, Toronto d/o John Robert Clow WALSH & Margaret QUILL wtn: Fanny PEARSON & Elizabeth WALSH both of Toronto, 17 June 1907
001899/07 - William R. WHITE, 35, widower, sign painter, Brampton, blank, s/o William G. WHITE & Mary Ann ANGUS, married Mrs. E.M. BOWMAN, 30, widow, Orillia, blank, d/o John BOWMAN & Emma MILLS, witn: W.G. McLEAN & Maggie CAMPBELL both of Toronto, 17 April 1907 1793-07 William James WICE, 31, carpenter, Barrie, London, s/o Francis WICE & Margaret KELLY, married Nellie TURNBULL, 32, Mono Ont., Toronto, d/o Thomas TURNBULL & Mary PARKS, wit: Charles BUCHANAN & Minnie GODFREY, both of Toronto, 2 April 1907
003764-07 Paul WILD, 29, Carpenter, Germany, Toronto, s/o Otto & Maria WILD; married Josephine WILLIAMS, 24, Holland, Toronto, d/o Edward & Anna WILLIAMS; wit Julius ALDEN & Lena ALDEN, both Toronto, 21 Sept 1907

003785-07 Charles H. WILKENSON, 35, Hair Dresser, Newcastle, Toronto, s/o John WILKENSON & Mary WHITE; married Mary O. LOBB, 30, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Richard LOBB & Annie CARHART; wit Millie H. WILSON & Marion WILSON, both Toronto, 23 Sept 1907

002789-07 Edgar Pearson WILLIAMSON, 25, barber, Canada, Whitchurch s/o Mathew WILLIAMSON & Agnes LUNDY married Hannah Lea STACKLEY, 26, Canada, Whitchurch d/o Samuel STACKLEY & Susannah WATSON wtn: Fanny PEARSON & Sadie BROWN both of Toronto, 12 June 1907

2482-07 Rodney Warwick WILLIS, 22, electrician, Toronto, Buffalo NY, s/o John WILLIS & Katherine DUKE, married Ethel May BELL, 22, Toronto, same, d/o William BELL & Sarah TYLER, witn: Mabel BELL & Charles J. TYLER, both of Toronto, 30 May 1907

3095-07 William WILTON, 23, bookkeeper, Essex England, blank, s/o Stephen Thomas WILTON & Sarah Ann blank, married Agnes RIPLEY, 27, Aberdeen Scotland, blank, d/o George RIPLEY & Mary blank, witn: blank, 16 May 1907

002999-07 William WINDER, 25, salesman, England, Toronto s/o John C. WINDER & Agnes A. PARKINSON married Christina E. MINAKER, 24, Norwood Ontario, Toronto d/o William H. MINAKER & Phoebe A. FARLEY wtn: William R. LUCAS & Una A. DUFFIELD both of Toronto, 26 June 1907

3053-07 William James WINGROVE, 32, grocer, England, Toronto, s/o William WINGROVE & Emma PAGETT, married Fannie Beatrice PETTIE, 26, London, Toronto, d/o William PETTIE & Beatrice SIMPSON, witn: Florence M. WILSON & Mrs A.M. MILLAR both of Toronto, 25 July 1907

3536-07 (Toronto) Edgar Oswald WISE, 20, operator, King City, Toronto, s/o Fred W. WISE & Janie TROYER, married Mamie KESSACK (Kissock?), 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James KESSACK & Mary Ann AKAM, witn: Ella KISSACK & Tom HAMILTON of Toronto, 9 Nov 1907 at Toronto
002998-07 Albert Robert WOOD, 23, street car conductor, England, Toronto s/o Henry WOOD & Matilda POYSER married Jennie RIGBY, 18, Cataraqui, Leaside Junction d/o William George RIGBY & Elizabeth POYSER wtn: Joseph GODFREY of Toronto & Florence RIGBY of Leaside Junction, 18 July 1907 001906/07 - Ambrose Thomas WOODS, 31, wine merchant, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John WOODS & Margaret LAWLOR, married Elsie Bell ORPEN, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Abram M. ORPEN & Isabel SPAGLEY, witn: A.M. ORPEN & Irene ORPEN both of Toronto, 10 April 1907
003473-07 (York Co.) Joseph WOOLHEAD, 21, farmer, England, Scarboro Twp, s/o Joseph WOOLHEAD & Sarah HOUNSLOW, married Annie Maria RALE (s/b Rate), 18, Ontario, Ontario, d/o Henry RALE & Ann STORY, witn: Mrs. G. W. WEBBER & Mary J. BOOTH both of Toronto, 3 September 1907 at Toronto

003800-07 J. Horace WORTLEY (Worthy?), 22, Brewer, England, Toronto, s/o Fred WORTLEY & Alice BAKER; married Annie Victoria WOOLLINGS, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Frederick WOOLLINGS & Mary WEIR; witn L.A. CHARLES & A.L. BAKER, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907

2314-07 George S. WRIGHT, 30, painter, Cookstown, Newmarket, s/o James W. WRIGHT & Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, married Nellie May NORRIS, no age given, Ravenshoe - York Co., Toronto, d/o John NORRIS & Emily WALKER, witn: Ellen TOVELL & Maude PETTIT, both of Toronto, 5 June 1907 002784-07 William Lacon WRIGHT, 28, warehouse man, Scotland, Toronto s/o William WRIGHT & Ellen LACON married Jane Gilfillan Fergus McGIBBON, 27, Scotland, Toronto d/o John McGIBBON & Margaret DAWES wtn: John Patterson SIMPSON & Mrs NEIL both of Toronto, 18 June 1907
2580-07 Henry Kenneth McGregor YOUNG, 27, cartage agent, Trenton Ont., Toronto, s/o James YOUNG & Jessie MAWBORN, married Emily Mary BARNARD, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas Henry BARNARD & Emma ROE, witn: J.H. & Emma BARNARD of Toronto, 2 May 1907

003806-07 Isaac Barton YOUREX, 55, Insurance, Wid, Belleville, Toronto, s/o Elijah YOUREX & Patience COOK; married Nellie DE LAVEY, 24, Weston, Toronto, d/o Robert DE LAVEY & Sarah McINNIS; wit Ella KERR & Anna YOUREX, both Toronto, 25 Sept 1907