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2827-08 (Toronto): James Clarke ADAMS, 34, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o James ADAMS & Katie MELIERS, married Wenonah Louise LUKE, 26, Peel Co., Toronto, d/o Washington LUKE & Susie SMITH, witn: M. MacPHERSON & E. WOFLEY, both of Toronto, 15 July 1908  
4406-08 George H. ALDRIDGE, 28, contractor, of Toronto, s/o John ALDRIDGE & Jessie Marie ORGAN, married Elizabeth R. LEA, 22, of Toronto, d/o James D. LEA & Rachel HUNTER, witn: Charles A. STARR & Hazel LEA, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1908 4327-08 Edward ANDERSON, 29, coal dealer, of West Toronto, s/o James ANDERSON & Sarah LEATHERS, married Winnifred STEWART, 29, of Toronto, d/o James C. STEWART & Sarah BURFORD, witn: Ida WALLACE & Mrs. A. M. ROGERS, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1908
#003454-08 (Toronto): George J. ARLOW, 21, stationery clerk at Traders Bank, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel ARLOW & Susan GALL, married Isabella DEY, 23, Toronto, same, d/o William DEY & Margaret GARDINER, witn: Margaret & Robert DEY of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908 4314-08 George Emmett ARMSTRONG, 29, farmer, of Mayfield Brampton, s/o George W. ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth LAIRD, married Isabella McDONALD, 25, of Campbells Cross Brampton, d/o Andrew McDONALD & Catherine MITCHELL, witn: Florence BIGNELL & Mrs. Clara MITCHELL, both of Toronto, 6 Dec 1908
#001890-08 (Toronto) Robert ARMSTRONG, 34, druggist, England,Toronto, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth ROBINSON married Nellie A. CONWAY, England, Toronto, d/o David CONWAY and Sarah Ann DAVID, witnesses: Ellen & Phoebe LEVEE of Toronto, 28 April 1908 #001386-09 (Toronto): William James ARMSTRONG, 36, salesman, of Winnipeg, s/o William C. ARMSTRONG & Sarah JOHNSTON, married Elsie Mary INGRAM, 26, of Peterborough, d/o William INGRAM & Martha HEMPHILL, witn: H.G. MARR & Violet LEE, both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1908
#004069-08 (Toronto): William Henry ATCHINSON, 25, wine clerk, of not given, s/o William Henry ATCHINSON & Isabel LEVING, married May Edna McCUE, 20, stenographer, of not given, d/o not given, witn: Charles H. & Sarah E. ATCHINSON of Toronto, 18 Nov 1908 #003442-08 (Toronto): Debert AUBURN, 25, weaver, Canada, Toronto, s/o George AUBURN & Catherine EMBERLY, married Ellen CANTWELL, 23, USA, Toronto, d/o James CANTWELL & Elizabeth BURKE, witn: George SOMERS & Mary HURST, both of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908 (Rom Cath)
4377-08 Sydney Thomas AVENT, 24, builder, of Toronto, s/o George David AVENT & Ellen WATKINS, married Henrietta ABBOTT, 28, of Toronto, d/o Charles Christopher ABBOTT & Grace SMITH, witn: Richard & Louisa ABBOTT of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908 4354-08 George A. BAGSHAW, 25, farmer, of Davidson Sask., s/o William BAGSHAW & Betsy SINGULAR, married Emma J. KINSMAN, 26, of Chislehurst Ont., d/o William KINSMAN & Mary TRAQUAIR, witn: Fanny RANKIN & Mabel TALBOT, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1908
#001812-08 (Toronto): Wallis BAINES, 25, machinist, Huntsville, Toronto, s/o Thomas BAINES & Selina WESTROPE, married Maggie Bell NOLAN, 25, Angus Ont., Toronto, d/o Francis NOLAN & Margaret BEATON, witn: Charles E. SMALLEY & Eva NOLAN, both of Toronto, 8 April 1908  
4349-08 Robert Charles BAIRD, 24, piano maker, of Toronto, s/o Alexander BAIRD & Annie CRAIG, married Eliza Maud SMITH, 24, lady, of Toronto, d/o Charles SMITH & Mary Jane McPEAK, witn: Oscar RICHARDS & Miss Mary Jane FERGUSON, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 #003202-08 (Toronto) Frank BAIRD, 31, Toronto, same, b, sailor, s/o Andrew BAIRD & Eleanor ARMSTRONG, married Violet NEIL, 30, Toronto, same, s, d/o John NEIL & Helen HUTCHINSON, witn: Mr. A. TRAVIS, Mr. Louis HUNTON, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908
4359-08 Martin BAKER, 68, widower, carpenter, of Collingwood, s/o Christian BAKER & Susanna STICKLEY, married Ellen SWEET, 24, of Toronto, d/o Alexander SWEET & Elizabeth LEOPOLD, witn: James SIDORE & F.R. LEAN, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908 #002520-08 (Toronto): Frederick BALL, 24, book binder, Toronto, same, s/o Frederick BALL & Matilda WHITFIELD, married Edna Alberta TRUEMAN, 20, Burnhamthorpe, Meadowvale, witnesses were Roy S. & Myrtle I. TRUEMAN, May 25, 1908
#003450-08 (Toronto): John BARCLAY, 27, clerk, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s/o James BARCLAY & Mary WALKER, married Mary Mabel PEGG, 27, Newmarket, Toronto, d/o William PEGG & Mary BRODERICK, witn: W.J. PEGG & Naomi THOMSON, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908 (Rom Cath) 4328-08 A.B. BARTHOLOMEW, no age given, widower, farmer, of Stouffville, s/o John BARTHOLOMEW & Elizabeth RICHARDS, married Martha MORDEN, no age given, of Stouffville, d/o William MORDEN & Jane GORDON, witn: Ida WALLACE & Mrs. A. M. ROGERS, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
  4353-08 Frederick Dawson BAYNE, 24, policeman, of Toronto, s/o William BAYNE & Sarah BUCKLAND, married Charlotte Sophia FRENCH, 26, of Toronto, d/o Isaac FRENCH & Jane Ann FARNHELLY, witn: Fanny RANKIN & Mabel TALBOT, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1908
#003207-08 (Toronto) Charles Henwood BEARE, 35, Cobourg, Toronto, b, conductor, s/o Robert BEARE & Susan HENWOOD, married Pauline McKENZIE, 35, Toronto, same, widow, d/o Thomas H. NOBLE & Cecilia DODDS, witn: Leonard LIMPERT, Emily PEMBER, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 #003457-08 (Toronto): Wellington BEELBY, 32, carpenter, Innisfil twp., Toronto, s/o William BEELBY & Mary Ann MARRITT, married Ida Louisa SUTTON, 34, Cavan Ont., t, d/o James SUTTON & Jemima MITCHELL, witn: Stanley & Stella M. BEAUMONT of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908
#003950-08 (Toronto); James BLACK, 38, mariner, of Toronto, s/o James BLACK & Mary LONG, married Maria Elise CANE, 36, of Toronto, d/o George CANE & Edith GRAHAM, witn: Francis WRIGHT & Mary BLACK, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1908 #004072-08 (Toronto): Joseph BLATHERWICK, 21, plumber, of Toronto, s/o William BLATHERWICK & Mary SAXTON, married Lelia Ann FERGUSON, 21, of Toronto, d/o Robert Henry FERGUSON & Ann PEEL, witn Mabel ELTON & Emma Frances RUPERT, both of Toronto, 18 Nov 1908
#001103-08 (Toronto): George BLEAKLEY, 27, butcher, Ireland, Toronto, s/o George BLEAKLEY & Alcia FLEMING, married Phoebe MACKENZIE, 21, Dundee Scotland, not given, d/o Alexander MACKENZIE & Agnes FINLEY, witn: Albert BLEAKLEY & Sarah McNEILY, both of Toronto, 8 Jan 1908 #001889-08 (Toronto), William Thomas BLENKARN, 34, laborer, Red Fern Australia, Toronto, s/o Thomas BLENKARN & Ellen GARNHAM married Emily CROSBY, 30, widow, operator, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas MATTHEWS & Mary Anne BENNETT, witnesses: Amy SEDWICK & John SHEPARD, both of Toronto, May 4, 1908
2826-08 (Toronto): Max BOHNEN, 23, merchant, Austria, Bobcaygeon, s/o Mendel BOHNEN & Leah YAGED, married Nellie BRILL, 20, Austria, 146 Baldwin St. Toronto, d/o Isaac BRILL & Sarah OSTROWER, witn: David APPLE of 296 Queen St & Mises ELLENBERG of 256 Richmond St. West, 11 June 1908 (Hebrew) #001636-08 (Toronto): John A. BON, 26, painter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William BON & Helen HENDERSON, married Margaret Annie CUMBERLAND, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Harry CUMBERLAND & Sarah A. RICHARDSON, witn: Andrew BON & Amy HALES, both of Toronto, 12 March 1908
4360-08 William BONSER, 35, widower, lumberman, of Huntsville, s/o George BONSER & Barbara THOMPSON, married Flossie May BROOKS, 24, f Huntsville, d/o Edgar BROOKS & Eliza MAY, witn: Jean BAKER of Toronto & E. CURRY of Ottawa, 24 Dec 1908  
1836-08 (Toronto): Harry BRADLEY, 28, salesman, England, Toronto, s/o Doctor J. BRADLEY & Harriet WILSON, married Lela MELLOW, 31, Canada, Toronto, d/o John MELLOW & Martha ROADHOUSE, witn: Stewart LINN & Emma HUMPHREYS, both of Toronto, 29 April 1908 #002681-08 (Toronto) William Michael BRODIE, 32, Peterboro Ont, Chicago Ill, b, Elec. Engineer, s/o Robert Telfer BRODIE & Joan PAISLEY, married Caroline May SEATH, 32, St Catherines Ont, Toronto, s, d/o John SEATH & Caroline McKENZIE, witn: John SEATH jr, Esther Douglas BRODIE, both Toronto, married 2 July 1908
#004073-08 (Toronto): Hanny BUNGWIN, 26, cook, of Toronto, s/o George & Louisa, married Mary Alma Ida SULLIVAN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Andrew SULLIVAN & Annie HART, witn: James & Minnie HEWLETT of Toronto, 28 Oct 1908 4413-08 William Edward BURNIE, 34, post office clerk, of Toronto, s/o John BURNIE & Susan DOYLE, married Margaret Gertrude McARTHA (McArthur?), 25, of Toronto, d/o William McARTHA & Teresa McGARRITY, witn: Edward CULLERTON & Mary Louisa BOWEN, both of Toronto, 25 Nov 1908
4389-08 Arthur BURNS, 37, widower, machinist, of Toronto, s/o Arthur BURNS & Jane THOMPSON, married Minnie McAFEE, 22, widow, of Toronto, d/o William WILSON & Mary Emma WILSON, witn: Martha McKIE & Elsie K. TURNBULL, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908 #003021-08 (Toronto): Sidney Fletcher BURRHALL, 28, printer, Cannington, Toronto, s/o Edward BURRHALL & Elizabeth FLETCHER, married Gertrude Mabel KEAY, 29, London England, Toronto, d/o Alfred KEAY & Emma ALDRED, witn: Frederick J. & Mrs. Eva WILSON of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908
4361-08 Robert BUSH, 23, fireman, of Milton, s/o Robert BUSH & Mary E. WALDEN, married Bertha B. CARTWRIGHT, 24, of Milton, d/o James CARTWRIGHT & Elizabeth McMASTER, witn: Alexander OLIVER & Jean BAKER, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1908 4317-08 Edwin Mansell BUTLER, cook, 21, of Toronto, s/o Alfred & [no surname given] & Mary PRICE, married Flora SUTHERLAND, 20, of Aberdeen Scotland, d/o John [no surname given] & Helen FARQUHAR, witn: Charles BELL & G. Lucy PURVIS, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1908
#003453-08 (Toronto): James BUTLER, 51, widower, retired, Toronto, same, s/o William BUTLER & Mary KIRKHAM, married Elleanor STEPHENSON, 46, widow, Canada, Toronto, d/o Robert GARDINER & Annie DAVIS, witn: A. PARKER & W.T. ASHBY, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908 #004067-08 (Toronto): Alfred Celestia BUTLER, 44, widower, chef, of not given, s/o Edwin George & Elizabeth, married Martha Jane MOORE, 24, cook, of not given, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane, witn: G.L. PURVES & Charles BELL, both of Toronto, 17 Nov 1908
#003195-08 (Toronto) Peter BYER, 57, Markham Ont, Stouffville Ont, widower, bee keeper, Mennonite s/o John H. BYER & Margaret COBER, married May Agnes JARDAN, 35, Pickering Ont, Toronto, widow, d/o David DAFOE & Susan O'NEAL, witn: Fanny RANKIN, Florence TOWSEY, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 [Jordan?] 2545-08 (Toronto): Percy CAIRNS, 21, mechanic, Utica Ont., Toronto, s/o George W. CAIRNS & Adelaide SNIDER, married Lillian Clara WITHROW, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Arthur WITHROW & Maud FINERTY, witn: Annie N. FALLIS & Jessie BROWN, both of Toronto, 26 May 1908
#003952-08 (Toronto); Chauncey Edwin CAIRNS, 30, druggist, of Chicago, s/o James Elliott CAIRNS & Frances HARRINGTON, married Ethel May McCONNELL, 21, of Toronto, d/o William J. McCONNELL & Amelia A. EVANS, witn: W.M. MALTBY & Blanch McCONNELL, both of Toronto, 17 Oct 1908  
4405-08 George McIntyre CAMPBELL, 28, physician, of Navane Ohio, s/o James CAMPBELL & Emma HAWKINS, married Florence Emma TODMOER, 28, of Toronto, d/o John TODMOER & Martha Ann PATTERSON, witn: W.R. & Luke FRANKISH of Toronto, 28 Dec 1908 002083-08 (Toronto): Thomas Joseph CAMPBELL, 35, Canada, Toronto, Teamster, s/o John Francis CAMPBELL & Catherine KEENAN, married Mary WILSON, 26, Canada, Toronto, widow, d/o James COTTRELL & Martha FLEMING, wtn: William John McCLAIN & Minnie Harbon BOWLER, both of Toronto, on May 23, 1908
002081-08 (Toronto): Frederick Herbert CARR, 32, Canada, Toronto, Bartender, s/o Samuel CARR & Ellen WEBB, married Maud OLDFIELD, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John Henry OLDFIELD & Ethel Elizabeth BULLOCK, wtn: Frank H. & Ethel Elizabeth WINLOCK, both of Toronto, on May 20, 1908 #003461-08 (Toronto): Frank Herbert CARSCADDEN, 28, shoe maker, Toronto, same, s/o John CARSCADDEN & Louise SLACK, married Eva Josephine INCH, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Fred INCH & Lizzie SINCLAIR, witn: Robert TROTTER & Laura INCH, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908
4382-08 James Gunn CHISAMORE, 28, dredgeman, of Port Arthur, s/o John CHISAMORE & Catherine SINCLAIR, married Wilhelmina FLEMING, 25, of Toronto, d/o Joseph Alexander FLEMING & Isabella BAIN, witn: Agnes & Joseph Alexander FLEMING of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 4388-08 George CLARK, 20, stone cutter, of Toronto, s/o Charles Samuel CLARK & Mary Ann LYON, married Maud Henrietta CHIRNSIDE, 18, of Toronto, d/o Thomas William CHIRNSIDE & Alice SHIER, witn: Charles Samuel CLARK & Mrs. Phoebe CHIRNSIDE, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908
  4343-08 Edgar Hallen CLERK, 24, farmer, of Freeman twp - Muskoka, s/o Charles Robert CLERK & Mary Jane PROUSE, married Charlotte PARKER, 27, dress maker, of Toronto, d/o John PARKER & Mary Ann WOOLLERTON, witn: W.R. PROUSE & Sarah Ann ROBERTS, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1908
002082-08 (Toronto): George Henry COBB, 44, Canada, Toronto, Meter Maker, Widower, s/o Milton Henry COBB & Elizabeth COCKERILL, married Katharine HAMILTON, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o John HAMILTON & Oliva Eliza LaPLANTE, wtn: Fanny PEARSAY & Robert H. McDOUGALL both of Toronto, on May 23, 1908 #002522-08 (Toronto) John Charles COLE, 27, lineman, England, Toronto, s/o Sidney COLE & Harriet Ann CHURCHILL, married Helen Cummings A. MILLAR, 25, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert MILLAR & Ann McLeod HAY, witnesses were Marion & Mabelle REEVES of Toronto, June 3, 1908
#003458-08 (Toronto): Charles COLLINS, 23, checker, Toronto, same, s/o James COLLINS & Emily SANDERSON, married Susie May LAWRENCE, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Edward LAWRENCE & Eliza BUGSBY (or Rugsby), witn: W. COLLINS & Rose LAWRENCE, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908 #003448-08 (Toronto): Patrick CONAGHAN, 32, laborer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John CONAGHAN & Ann GRIFFIN, married Mary Ann CLARKSON, 38, widow, Canada, Toronto, d/o James KELLY & Eliza OSBORNE, witn: Patrick MANNING & Ellen McGOWAN, both of Toronto, 18 Aug 1908 (Rom Cath)
4341-08 Thomas Aden COOK, 27, fruiterer, of Durham Ont., s/o Alexander COOK & Charlotte STRADER, married Ann Rawlings COLVILLE, 25, of Durham Ont., d/o James COLVILLE & Sarah GOOD, witn: Mary COLVILLE of Toronto & John COLVILLE of Hamilton, 24 Dec 1908 4357-08 Charlie COOPER, 20, chauffeur, of Toronto, s/o Joseph COOPER & Mary STEVENS, married Lizzie MARTIN, 18, service, of Toronto, d/o Clarence MARTIN & Bella McDONALD, witn: Reginald MUSSELWHITE of Wychwood & Marjorie JOY of Brantford, 23 Dec 1908
#003196-08 (Toronto) Thomas William COSTELLO, 42, Connus? NY, Honeoye? NY, b, veterinary surgeon, s/o John COSTELLO & Ellen FAHEY, married Catherine Elizabeth WAHL, -, Walkerton Ont, Toronto, s, d/o John WAHL & Margaret KEATING, witn: John Patrick WAHL of Stratford Ont, Mary Ellen WAHL of Toronto, married 26 August 1908 (Rom Cath) 002080-08 (Toronto): Robert Beaumont Hunter COTTON, 29, Port Credit, 210 Rusholme Road, Traveller, s/o James William COTTON & Susan Amelia BARBOUR, married Beatrice Eva Caroline SMALLPIECE, 29, Toronto, 156 Dunn Avenue, d/o H.F.E. SMALLPIECE & Eliza Jane WICKSON, wtn: H.F.E. SMALLPIECE 156 Dunn Ave & Susan A. COTTON, 210 Rusholme Rd, on April 16, 1908, at 156 Dunn Ave
#001104-08 (Toronto): Alonzo Charles COVAERT, 24, cigar maker, Denfield Ont., Toronto, s/o Abraham COVAERT & Jane DAVENPORT, married Elizabeth Rosalie BENINGER, 25, Formosa Ont., Toronto, d/o Ignatius BENINGER & Elizabeth MEIER, witn: Herbert & Tillie BENINGER of Toronto, 9 Jan 1908 1844-08 (Toronto): George COVEYDUCK, 37, bridge builder, Toronto, same, s/o Henry COVEYDUCK & Fannie RICH, married Rebecca Jane LE DREW, 40, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o William LE DREW & Susannah DOVE, witn: James ADAMS & Annie JURER, both of Toronto, 29 April 1908
  4320-08 Harry George COWLARD, 25, street car conductor, of, Toronto, s/o Henry George COWLARD & Lavinia RUDDLE, married Maria Sophrona GREGORY, 22, of Toronto, d/o Willie Weston GREGORY & Laura EARLY (Carly?), witn: Edward J. & Minnie HAYWARD of Toronto, 20 Dec 1908
#001099-08 (Toronto): Henry S. COX, 31, conductor TSR, London England, Toronto, s/o George COX & Ellen Harriet STILLWELL, married Mary Alicia LUNSTEAD, 40, Newmarket, Toronto, d/o Joseph McGee LUNSTEAD & Mary Fine RILEY, witn: Annie L. NACK & Elizabeth F. FIDLER, both of Toronto, 8 Jan 1908 2546-08 (Toronto): John Constable CRAIG, 31, merchant, Barrie, Toronto, s/o James CRAIG & Elsie WHITE, married Ethel May NELLES, 21, Seneca twp., Toronto, d/o J. NELLES & Elizabeth PETTIGREW, witn: Jean B. CRAIG & Walter NELLES, both of Toronto, 23 June 1908
4397-08 James CRAIK, 27, laborer, of Toronto, s/o James CRAIK & Jane MOIR, married Isabella BLACK, 24, of Toronto, d/o William BLACK & Margaret RUTHERFORD, witn: John R. BLACK of Toronto & Isabella GARDNER of Farquhar, 25 Nov 1908 4338-08 James Henry CRANE, 24, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Joseph CRANE, laborer, & Sarah CRANE, married Margueretta MALLON, 21, dress maker, of Toronto, d/o John MALLON, laborer, & Margaret MALLON, witn: Thomas CONVERIFF? & Isabella SPRING, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908
4395-08 Frank Alexander CRAWFORD, 23, baker, of Toronto, s/o William CRAWFORD & Elizabeth TAIT, married Clara Louisa WAGER, 20, of Toronto, d/o Francis Hugh WAGER & Elizabeth BENNETT, witn: R.S. CRAWFORD & Ethel WAGER, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908 4392-08 Edward Robert CRIPPIN, 52, widower, optician, of Toronto, s/o John DAWSON & Ellen GREEN, married Bessie GARDNER, 35, widow, of Toronto, d/o Robert WRIGHT & Margaret JONES, witn: S. RYDEINE & Bessie HEWETT, both of Toronto Junction, 1 Dec 1908
1109-08 (Toronto): Arthur E. DANK, 35, manager of messenger service, London, Toronto, s/o Isaiah DANK & Sarah PALTHORP, married Minnie MURRAY, 25, tel. operator, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick MURRAY & Mary BURKE, witn: Thomas MURRAY of Toronto & Mrs. C. LEWIS of Niagara Falls, 9 Jan 1908 4322-08 John Arthur DAVIDSON, 25, of Toronto, s/o Jacob DAVIDSON & Mary MacDONALD, married Florence Margaret CAMPBELL, 23, of Toronto, d/o John CAMPBELL & Mary CURRIE, witn: Malcolm COLQUHOUN & Eva L. HILL, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
4390-08 Robert Henry DAVIDSON, 24, laborer, of York twp., s/o Thomas DAVIDSON & Rosa McDONALD, married Florence McDONALD, 21, of Toronto, d/o Ronald McDONALD & Lizzie SPROAT, witn: Mrs. Emily FERRIER & Elsie TURNBULL, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 #001084-08 (Toronto): James Roger DAVIDSON, 31, miller, Peterborough, Brandon Man., s/o William DAVIDSON & Elizabeth DICKSON, married Emma Evelyn COOKE, 29, Pembroke Ont., Peterborough, d/o Alanson C. COOKE & Margaret PHILP, witn: J. Herbert & Mrs. J.H. HALL of Toronto, 7 Jan 1908
1106-08 (Toronto): Reginald Noel DAVIES, 26, coachman, Dublin Ireland, Toronto, s/o Frederick David DAVIES & Emily WHITLEY, married Mary Lydia LONGFIELD, 23, Uxbridge, Toronto, d/o Francis LONGFIELD & Annie WALSH, witn: William J. COLVILLE & Ida WALLACE, both of Toronto, 8 Jan 1908 002084-08 (Toronto): John Travers DEAN, 27, Cambridge England, Toronto, Carpenter, s/o Peter DEAN & Emma GOODWIN, married Agnes McKenzie BRODIE, 26, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, Housekeeper, d/o John BRODIE & Margaret E. WEIR, wtn: William Cook & Mabel Blanche DEAN both of Toronto on May 30, 1908, at S. Mary's Church, Dovercourt
4356-08 Robert Ernest DENNY, 33, farmer, of Orangeville, s/o Thomas DENNY & Jemima DELANEY, married Ella Louisa? McCALLUM, 27, of Brampton, d/o Neil McCALLUM & Evangeline SANDERSON, witn: A.B. & M. B. RANKIN of Chicago, 23 Dec 1908  
4325-08 William James DIXON, 48, clergyman, of Boston US, s/o George DIXON & Jane McCULLOUGH, married Laura Florence Mary WALKER, 23?, of Toronto, d/o John WALKER & Laura TESKLER, witn: George HUTCHINSON of London & Ethel TESKLER of Waterloo, 23 Dec 1908 4321-08 James Hastings DOBLE, 26, of Toronto, s/o James [no surname given] & blank HASTINGS, married Catherine GIBSON, 19, of Toronto, d/o Hugh [no surname given] & Jane BARKLEY, witn: Esther Mary GIBSON & Harvey SKEY, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
4399-08 Harry DONEY, 34, motorman, of Toronto, s/o James DONEY & Mary Jane COUCH, married Mary Elizabeth MORRISON, 34, of Toronto, d/o William John MORRISON & Mary BROWN, witn: C.E. MATHEWS of Toronto & Isabella GARDNER of Farquhar, 9 Dec 1908 #001807-08 (Toronto): Philip DOYLE, 27, carpenter, Flos, Toronto, s/o James DOYLE & Mary Ann GRAY, married Marguerite LECLARE, 24, Flos, Toronto, d/o Napolean LECLARE & Margaret KELLY, witn: Mary LECLARE & J. BOLSTER, both of Toronto, 27 April 1908 (Rom Cath)
2820-08 (Toronto): Alexander DRUMMOND, 38, engineer, Edinburgh, Toronto, s/o James DRUMMOND & Jessie ROBSON,married Agnes GULLIVER, 25, Portland Maine, Toronto, d/o Michael GULLIVER & Margaret GALLIGAN, witn: Louis JESSOP & Maggie GULLIVER, both of Toronto, 17 July 1908 4384-08 Charles Rupert DUFFY, 20, traveller, of Toronto, s/o Frederick DUFFY & Annie PASSMORE, married Edith Harriet HARRIS, 21, of Toronto, d/o James E. HARRIS & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: John & Louise DAVEY of Toronto, 22 Dec 1908
#002674-08 (Toronto) Alexander DUNCAN, 28, Newton-off-Falkland, Toronto, b, machinist, s/o James DUNCAN & Janet ST---Y or G (smudged!), married Marion ALLGOOD, 26, Lincolnshire England, Toronto, s, d/o Henry ALLGOOD & Esther Ann DALER, witn: John LAING of Bedford Park & Janet DUNCAN of Toronto, married 1 July 1908 2550-08 (Toronto): Herman Frederick G. DWYER, 35, merchant, Mara Ont., Blind River, s/o Gerhard Karl DWYER & Eliza McMULLEN, married Lillian STOCKS, 28, of Toronto, d/o David STOCKS & Mary Frances ELLIS, witn: James A BROWN of London Ont. & Ethel STOCKS of Toronto, 24 June 1908
#002518-08 (Toronto): Frank Tullett EASTON, 23, bricklayer, London England, Toronto, s/o William T. EASTON & Elizabeth WHITE, married Mary Elizabeth LANGWORTH, 19, Cornwall England, Toronto, d/o Harry LANGWORTH & Ellen TREGONINING, witnesses were Ernest ALDRIDGE & Eva FREEMAN, both of Toronto, June 25, 1908 #004062-08 (Toronto): Albert EVANS, 28, mechanic, of Toronto, s/o James EVANS & Jennie JERENNY, married Margaret RINN, 28, of Toronto, d/o James RINN & Sarah NIXON, witn: Minnie & John RINN of Toronto, 17 Nov 1908
#003452-08 (Toronto): John FIDLER, 27, traveler, Temple Sowerby England, Winnipeg Man., s/o Joseph FIDLER & Tamar FURNESS, married Florence Mary GRAHAM, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Adam GRAHAM & Mary Ann McCORMICK, witn: T.G. BURK & C.J. KIMBER, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908  
4370-08 James FINNEMORE, 27, farmer, of Cobourg, s/o W.H. FINNEMORE & Mary POUND, married Helen A. BOYNTON, 23, of Toronto, d/o Edward BOYNTON & Emma GOWER, witn: Ellis WILEY & Ellen Annie BOYNTON, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908 #006426-08 (Toronto); William John FLEMING, 25, farmer, Mono, same, s/o William J. FLEMING & Elizabeth BAKER, married Phoebe McCAGUE, 23, Mono, same, d/o William McCAGUE, farmer, & M.J. DERMOTT, witn: Robert LITTLE of Mono & Ethel DOWNEY of Essa, 17 June 1908 at Mono
#003449-08 (Toronto): William FORBES, 30, farmer, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander FORBES & Elizabeth ANDREWS, married Mary Jane THOMPSON, 26, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, d/o James THOMPSON & Mary CRAIGIE, witn: B. THOMSON & Joseph INGRAM, both of Toronto, 15 Sept 1908 002085-08 (Toronto): Allen FORD, 25, Winnipeg, 11 Gibson Ave, Cement Worker, s/o John FORD & Sarah LANE, married Mabel Lillian DAVIS, 25, Toronto, 36 Cottingham St., Lady, d/o George DAVIS & Mary EVANS, wtn: Ethel & Eva HILL, 53 Brunswick Ave, on May 30, 1908, at 30 Brunswick Ave
#003959-08 (Toronto); Frederick FOSTER, 34, pump maker, of Aurora, s/o Charles FOSTER & Mary Ann GREENWOOD, married Eva Gertrude MOULDS, 19, of King twp., d/o William MOULDS (or Maulds) & Frances PRINCE, witn: C.A. & Mrs. C.A. COLBY of Toronto, 3 Nov 1908 4319-08 Harry Charles FOSTER, 39, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Charles Henry FOSTER & Mary SHEARSMITH, married Ethel Maud Mary STARK, 30, of Toronto, d/o John STARK & Hannah ROBINSON, witn: Mrs. R. FOSTER & Gwen STARK, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1908
1847-08 (Toronto): John FREDENBURG, 22, teamster, Canada, Toronto, s/o Henry FREDENBURG & Ann CLARK, married Bertha McCASKIE, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o William McCASKIE & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: Fanny PEARSON & J. BROOKMYER, both of Toronto, 6 April 1908 #001637-08 (Toronto): William M. FUERST, 26, fireman CPR, Toronto, Toronto Junction, s/o Arthur E. FUERST & Rosalind SKAVE, married Helena M. McCAUGHERTY, 19, Toronto, d/o Hugh McCAUGHERTY & Minerva M. COLINGTON, witn: Joseph HURST & Lillian BALFOUR, both of Toronto, 18 March 1908
3729-08 (Toronto): Edward Martin FULLER, 27, carpenter, of Todmorden, s/o Charles FULLER & Fanny MARTIN (could be Morton or Merton), married Mareta Harriet Ann BALDWIN, 25, of Todmorden, d/o John BALDWIN & Emily FILEWOOD, witn: John Thomas & Mrs. BALDWIN of Todmorden, 9 April 1908 4393-08 William Jasper GAINS, 25, laborer, of Toronto, s/o J.B. GAINES (sic) & M. ROBINSON, married Ida Ann HUNT, 23, of Toronto, d/o James HUNT & Amelia SMITH, witn: W.E. HAWKINS & Rossie SMITH, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908
#003443-08 (Toronto): Archibald Oxton GALBRAITH, 22, civil service clerk, Markham, Toronto, s/o John GALBRAITH & Clara LANE, married Mabel L. HAYWARD, 18, book keeper, Toronto, same, d/o W.G. HAYWARD & Louisa WILLIAMS, witn: Clara GALBRAITH & Louisa HAYWARD, both of Toronto, 15 Sept 1908 1845-08 (Toronto): Francis GAMASK, 21, laborer, Troy NY, Toronto, s/o Francis GAMASK & Malvina SURPRISE, married Margaretta JOHNSTONE, 22, Coleraine, Toronto, d/o John JOHNSTONE & Ellen PATTERSON, witn: M. & Agnes C. McGREGOR of Toronto, 11 April 1908
#001808-08 (Toronto): Herbert Chester GARBUTT, 25, carpenter, Shelbourne, Brampton, s/o Stephen GARBUTT & Susan HASSTRAUSSER, married Mary Ann WOODHALL, 29, Chinguacousy, same, d/o John WOODHALL & Betsy KEWORTH, witn: Edna DICKIE & Jean GEGGIE, both of Toronto, 15 April 1908 #002673-08 (Toronto) Ernest A. GARDNER, 29, Norfolk England, Toronto, b, moulder, s/o Alfred GARDNER & ELLEN SUSSAMES?, married Ada P. HINES, 33, Suffolk England, -, s, d/o John HINES & Eliza BARRETT, witn: Arthur DANIELS, Eva WIGGINS, both Toronto, married 1 July 1908 (groom was LDS)
#003205-08 (Toronto) Adam GEOFFREY, 30, Ontario, Toronto, b, trainman, s/o Thomas James GEOFFREY & mother not listed, married Helen YOUNG, 30, Burton on Trout - England, Toronto, s, d/o James & Laura YOUNG, witn: John F. GIBSON, Annie L. TUCKER, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 4401-08 Charles GORDON, 33, traveller, of Toronto, s/o Samuel [no surname given] & Mary Margaret ARKMAN, married Lula Fay CREIGHTON, 23, of Toronto, d/o Samuel J. [no surname given] & Mary Alice STOUFFER, witn: Madila HAMMELL & Andrew M. BARTLEY, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1908
1834-08 (Toronto): Henry Thomas GRAHAM, 36, commission agent, Scotland, Montreal, s/o Henry GRAHAM & Catherine FRASER, married Helen Gertrude JENKINS, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas JENKINS & Mary Ann LEE, witn: Charles Parnell O'BRIEN of Montreal & Katie JENKINS, 29 April 1908 #002524-08 (Toronto): John David GRAHAM, 29, traveller, Georgetown, same, s/o Peter GRAHAM & Margaret LEE, married Ida Maud ROBB, 29, Emsdale Ont., Toronto, d/o William ROBB & Mary GILPIN, June 6, 1908
4315-08 George William GRAINGER, 23, electrician, of Toronto, s/o John GRAINGER & Sarah Ann DEAL, married Marie McINTYRE, 20, of Toronto, d/o Dougall McINTYRE & Sarah McCORMACK, witn: Charles John & Clara STYLES of Toronto, 16 Dec 1908 4342-08 Thomas GRAWBERG, 31, barber, of Toronto, s/o not given, married Mabel Florence BONHAM, 30, of Toronto, d/o Owen BONHAM & Margaret Ann THAIR, witn: Robert HAWKINS & Margaret Ann BONHAM, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908
  1835-08 (Toronto): Roy Cooper GRAY, 19, laborer, Wingham, Toronto, same, John GRAY & Euphemia COOPER, married Georgina Alice HARRIS, 19, Port Carling, Toronto, d/o William HARRIS & Georgina Alice BRADSHAW, witn: Fred Walter FORBES & Marie Vivian HUGHES, both of Toronto, 28 April 1908
2821-08 (Toronto): Alma Louis GRAYLING, 25, laborer, London England, Toronto, s/o Alma Louis GRAYLING & Mary Ann, married Helen WHITE, 27, London England, Toronto, d/o Katherine WHITE & not given, witn: David & Ruth ABBOTT of 346 Sumach St. Toronto, 18 July 1908 #004120-08 (Toronto) Thomas GREENFIELD, 44, widower, brickmaker, of Humber Bay, s/o Samuel GREENFIELD & Frances GILL, married Mary Christena TRUEMAN, 38, widow, of Humber Bay, d/o Thomas ROSS & Margaret NIXON, witnesses were Charles & Samuel GREENFIELD of Humber Bay, 25 Nov., 1908
3217-08 (Toronto): Elmer Clarence GRIFFIS, 26, druggist, Colborne, Toronto, s/o William GRIFFIS & Elizabeth HATTON, married Olga Ann Boyd GERALD, 24, Prescott, same, d/o Walter GERALD & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Ida BARBER & Elizabeth F. FIDLER, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1908 4400-08 Joseph James GRIFFITH, 30, clerk, s/o James GRIFFITH & Jane AGNEW, married Kathleen McLEOD, 23, d/o Henry McLEOD & Anne PETERS, witn: Thomas & Sadie GREAVETT of Toronto, 28 Dec 1908
4380-08 William W. HALL, 39, widower, fireman, of Ealing Ont., s/o William HALL & Christena CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth HALL, 43, of Toronto, d/o James HALL & Elizabeth WADE, witn: William & Lottie HALL of Toronto, 26 Dec 1908 3734-08 (Toronto): Fred Evans HALLIWELL, 27, motorman, of Toronto, s/o Joseph HALLIWELL & Harriet POLITT?, married Adelaide LANG, widow, 34, of Toronto, d/o William JEFFRIES & Sarah WILLIAMS, witn: George E. JEFFRIES & Harriet HALLIWELL, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1908
2544-08 (Toronto): Milford Melville HAMILTON, 25, merchant, Manitoba, Edmonton Alberta, s/o John R. HAMILTON & Mary Ann ANNIS, married Matelle Agnes COX, 23, Toronto, same, d/o David G. COX & Isabella HILL, witn: Edythe H. COX of Toronto & M.H. WILSON of Princeton Ont., 3 June 1908 #002523-08 (Toronto): Morris HARNETT, 28, laborer, Dublin Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael HARNETT & Catherine ROBERTS, married Maud THOMPSON, 32, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Hannah? BUCH & Charlotte GIBBS, June 4, 1908
2829-08 (Toronto): George W. HARRIS, 34, prospector, Allenford, Toronto, s/o Charles HARRIS & M. WHITE, married Violet FUNSTON, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o T. FUNSTON & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: M. MacPHERSON & M. GOWANLOEN, both of Toronto, 30 June 1908 2819-08 (Toronto): William HARRIS, 46, widower, farmer, Pickering twp., Brooklin Ont., s/o William HARRIS & Mary LITTLEJOHNS, married Lydia LITTLEJOHNS, 34, Pickering twp., Brooklin, d/o Jaraw LITTLEJOHNS & Margaret JONES, witn: A.E. TUPPER & Jane SIMPSON, 23 June 1908
4412-08 William HARTNEY, 77, widower, retired, of West Toronto, s/o Michael HARTNEY & Elizabeth OZBURN, married Lydia SMITH, 52, widow, of West Toronto, d/o John ADAMS & Sarah WALKER, witn: Mary STEWART & Maggie Forbes MITCHELL, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1908 4362-08 E.J. HARWOOD, 21, jeweller, of Toronto, s/o J. HARWOOD & R. HARWOOD, married E.A. HULL, 19, of Toronto, d/o W.J. HULL & Annie RAY, witn: Jean & A.A. BAKER of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908
4365-08 John Thomas HASTINGS, 23, rubber worker, of Detroit, s/o John Thomas HASTINGS & Elizabeth Jane LITTLE, married Edna Gertrude BANNISTER, 21, of Toronto, d/o Joseph BANISTER & Annie Maria SNOOK, witn: Alfred & Olive BANNISTER of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 1162-08 (Toronto): Hugh HAY, 26, stationer's clerk, Dumfries Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas HAY & Mary MULCASTER, married Agnes D. McCORMACK, 28, Edinburgh, Toronto, d/o Thomas McCORMACK & Bessie NEVISON, witn: James & Mrs. Alice DUNCANSON of Toronto, 17 Jan 1908
3731-08 (Toronto): William Peter HAYEDARN?, 33, widower, hotel keeper, of Webster NY, s/o Cassius HAYEDARN & Mary CONKLIN, married May DEFIELD, 33, of Webster NY, s/o Michael DEFIELD & Barbara HARTMAN, witn: J.J. GRAHAM & Pearl MAIN, both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1908 4335-08 William Thomas HENDRY, 28, farmer, of Woodbridge, s/o Alexander HENDRY & Sarah WRIGHT?, married Myrtle Sarah ARMSTRONG, 18, of Woodbridge, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Sarah PENNOCK, witn: Malcom ARMSTRONG of New Toronto & Annie Beatrice ARMSTRONG of Woodbridge, 23 Dec 1908
4402-08 James Elmer HERRON, 26, book keeper, of Fernie BC, s/o William [no surname given] & Eliza McILWAIN, married Bertha Louise HUGHES, 22, of Toronto, d/o Samuel Benjamin [no surname given] & Winnifred HARRISON, witn: A. PORTER & S.B. HUGHES, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 4330-08 Earl? Douglas HEWETT, 24, physician, of Antler Sask., s/o Robert Douglas HEWETT & Sophy WRAY, married Gwendolyn Irene SHARPE, 19, of Toronto, d/o James SHARPE & Frances PHILLIPS, witn: Nellie M. SHARPE & Minnie Frances SCHECH, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
#003455-08 (Toronto): Hugh HODGINS, 47, farmer, Proton, Toronto, s/o Hugh HODGINS & Mary SOCKET (or Locket), married Catherine GILLBREATH, 30, widow, Artemesia, same, d/o George (no surname given) & Lizzie GLAZIER, witn: Naomi & Hurst HODGINS of Toronto, 11 Sept 1908 #001635-08 (Toronto): John Andrew HOLDER, 21, printer's cutter, Surrey England, Toronto, s/o John HOLDER & Jennie WHITE, married Holly HUNT, 25, Essex England, Toronto, d/o Ephraim Thomas HUNT & Martha NOVELLE, witn: Mrs. HUNT & D. SPENCE, both of Toronto, 28 March 1908
#002983-08 (Toronto) Paul Peter HOLZ, 43, widower, Spinner, Toronto, same, Church of Rome, son of Adolph HOLZ and Annie SCHMIDT to Bertha Gertrude ELSWORTH, 36, widow, Holland's Landing, Ont, Toronto, Presbyterian, d/o Archibald MOSHER & Annie MARSHALL Witnesses: Katharine D. SIMMONDS & Ethel HAYLES of Toronto, Date of Marriage: 30 Jun 1908 3218-08 (Toronto): Carl Wyeth HOOVER, 18, photographer, Canton Ohio, same, s/o S.G. HOOVER & Ida SNYDER, married Martha SUMMER, 18, Canton Ohio, Ohio, d/o Henry SUMMER & Mary KROPF, witn: Jean BAKER & Annie ELLIOTT, both of Toronto, 26 Aug 1908
#003206-08 (Toronto) Ross Clinton HOPKINS, 22, Willoughby Ohio, Cleveland Ohio US, b, grocer, s/o Frederick HOPKINS & Amy COBERT?, married Grace Adele WEEGER, 23, Maxville Ont, Toronto, s, d/o Nelson & Elizabeth WEEGER (or Weegor), witn: Oliver BROCK, Annie BELL, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 #003948-08 (Toronto); George Edwin HORTOP, 38, time keeper, of Brantford, s/o Henry HORTOP & Jane NORTHCOTE, married Bessie Josephine SYMONS, 38, of Ilfracombe Devonshire, d/o Thomas H. SYMONS & Elizabeth HICKS, witn: Jean W. GAUDIER of Toronto & David McCLERY of Brampton, 2 Nov 1908
1848-08 (Toronto): William John HUMPHREYS, 24, brick layer, England, Toronto, s/o William John HUMPHREYS & Jane MONT, married Pearl DICKENS, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert DICKENS & Charlotte BAIRD, witn: Harry C. RYMAL & Fanny PEARSON, both of Toronto, 14 April 1908 4346-08 Robert John HUNTER, 29, machinist, of Toronto, s/o Elliott HUNTER & Eliza HIGGINS, married Katte E.J. BUXTON, 24, of Toronto, d/o George BUXTON & Mary Charity BICKELL, witn: Loana BUXTON & Bernard BUXTON, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908
4407-08 William A. HUTCHINSON, 38, tinsmith, of Toronto, s/o James HUTCHINSON & Sarah KEARD (Heard?), married Nellie Jane WALKER, 21, of Toronto, d/o James WALKER & Lucy WALKER, witn: Margaret WALKER & Jessie WILSON, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 4363-08 Herbert HUTTON, 19, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Charles HUTTON & Margaret BOUCHER, married Ada ASHTON, 20, of Toronto, d/o John ASHTON & Bertha CROUCHER, witn: A.L. & A.E. FERRIER of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908
4344-08 Stewart INGRAM, 29, moulder, of Toronto, s/o Joseph INGRAM & Margaret SMITH, married Margaret MARTIN, 25, of Toronto, d/o John MARTIN & Margaret LURRBRICK?, witn: Fanny RANKIN & Mabel TALBOT, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 4387-08 William JAFFRAY, 28, porter for GTR, of Toronto, s/o John JAFFRAY & Kate MITCHELL, married Sarah MacDONALD, 22, of Toronto, d/o Malcolm MacDONALD & Ann McDONALD, witn: Adam JAFFRAY & B. McDONALD, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908
4334-08 Hubert JAGGER, 28, machinist, of Toronto, s/o Mark JAGGER & Emily PAVIOUR, married Lanie (Louie?) CHUBB, 22, of Toronto, d/o Joseph CHUBB & Evaline MARSDEN, witn: S.K. BARBER & Elizabeth CORNISH, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 003951-08 (Toronto); Norman Frederick JEPSON, 21, letter carrier, of Toronto, s/o Daniel JEPSON & Emily FORD, married Florence Edna McDOWELL, 19, of Hamilton, d/o William McDOWELL & Annie McDONALD, witn: W. McDOWELL & Ethel JEPSON, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1908
#003953-08 (Toronto); Leonard Magnus JOHNSTON, 30, coal dealer, of Stratford, s/o Andrew JOHNSTON & Mary Ann BROWN, married Mary Florence CHARLTON, 24, of Toronto, d/o Thomas CHARLTON & Mary MINGAY, witn: Walter E. & Madeline WARREN of Toronto, 2 Nov 1908 #003949-08 (Toronto); Stafford J.H. JOHNSTON, 37, clerk, of Toronto, s/o William JOHNSTON & Nellie HARRIS, married Ellen M. JARVIS, 26, of Toronto, d/o Bola? JARVIS & Julia REED, witn: E.S. JOHNSTON & Alice R. JARVIS, both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1908
#003025-08 (Toronto): Richard Alfred JOLLY, 37, teamster, Stepney London England, Toronto, s/o Richard Spratley JOLLY & Matilda JONES, married Beryl Eden WHITLOCK, 26, Linton Cambridge England, Toronto, d/o John Eden Northmore WHITLOCK & Eva PAYNE, witn: W. WHITE & H. STYLE, both of Toronto, 10 Aug 1908 1158-08 (Toronto): Percy Hubert JORY, 28, banker, Dalston Ont., Toronto, s/o John JORY & Sarah J. LACK, married Katherine Elizabeth TURNER, 35, widow, Toronto, not given, d/o Frederick J. SEYMOUR & Florence MIGEON, witn: Jean MacTAVISH of Toronto & Alexander McDOUGALL of Ottawa, 9 Jan 1908
#002515-08 (Toronto): Nicholas Hood KELLY, 29, merchant, Haldimand Co., Toronto, s/o James KELLY & Mary WALSH, married Lily Elizabeth MIDDLETON, 32, Toronto, same, d/o Stephen MIDDLETON & Mary HEWITT, witn: W.M. ANDERSON & Edith M. MIDDLETON, both of Toronto, 24 June 1908 #003204-08 (Toronto) William Jos. KELLY, 25, Elora Ont, Toronto, b, laborer, s/o Thomas KELLY & Mary DORAN, married Margaret Jane MORAN, 24, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o James MORAN & Ellen MORAN, witn: Joseph WAGNER, Mary MALONE, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 (Rom Cath)
2818-08 (Toronto): John Joseph KEOUGH, 25, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o Patrick KEOUGH & Ann THORNTON, married Rose McGINN, 23, domestic, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick McGINN & Margaret POWER, witn: Gilbert BARKER & Margaret McGINN, both of Toronto, 8 July 1908 (Rom Cath) 4071-08 (Toronto): Eli Nelson KIDD, 34, widower, compositor, of Toronto, s/o Thomas KIDD & Sarah HALFPENNY, married Harriet A. MUIRHEAD, 30, of Toronto, d/o Richard MUIRHEAD & Harriet MILLIKEN, witn: Sarah PLUM & Sarah KIDD, both of Toronto, 18 Nov 1908
2823-08 (Toronto): Henry Alexander KINCADE, 24, printer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert KINCADE & Alice AYLMER, married Lavena Maria ROE, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o William ROE & Annie Maria TAYLOR, witn: Alfred E. KINCADE of 504 Deans St & Alice BURGE of 583? Deans St., 14 July 1908 4336-08 Davidson KINNER, 26, carpenter, of not given, s/o Thomas [no surname given] & Bessie A. FERRON, married Gladys Irene SHEFFIELD, 21, of not given, d/o Thomas [no surname given] & Susannah BLOOMFIELD, witn: James BOWMAN & Agnes FITZPATRICK, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
4074-08 (Toronto): Dawson Bagshaw KINSEY, 27, grocer, of Buffalo, s/o James Albert KINSEY & Elizabeth BAGSHAW, married Edith Alice EIBBINS, 26, of Toronto, d/o Luke Herbert EIBBINS & Julia MUTRUX, witn: E.W. KINGSMOUNT & Kate EIBBINS, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1908  
1839-08 (Toronto): Joseph Paul LABATT, 39, widower, Penetang., Toronto, s/o Ambrose LABATT & Amelia CHEVERETT, married Emma GRAHAM, 33, Peterborough Co., Toronto, d/o William GRAHAM & Sarah MANNING, witn: Mrs. J. KING & Lizzie GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 29 April 1908 #002680-08 (Toronto) Charles LAIDLE, 28, Burlington Ont, Toronto, b, blacksmith, s/o Charles LAIDLE & Elizabeth CAMERON, married Jennie MARKLE, 29, Melancthon Ont, Toronto, s, d/o Daniel Alfred MARKLE & Mary Jane GILLESPIE, witn: Albert DUCHAMPS, Margaret ISBILL, both Toronto, married 29 June 1908
#003460-08 (Toronto): Edwin Maurice LARCOHEE?, 30, iron worker, London England, not given, s/o Edwin Maurice LARCOHEE & Julia GUTHRIE, married Lillian Grace ALLWORTH, 35, house keeper, New York, not given, d/o John H. ALLWORTH & Grace BISHOP, witn: George ALLWORTH & Sarah A. LARCOHEE, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908 1154-08 (Toronto): Harold Richard LEDSHAM, 25, polisher, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas LEDSHAM & Clara A. GOLDTHORPE, married Agnes CONNERS, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Hugh CONNERS & Mary DEAN, witn: Jean BAKER & Elizabeth OXFORD, both of Toronto, 7 Jan 1908
#003447-08 Simon LEONARD, 30, bar tender, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John LEONARD & Catherine LAMB, married Mary SHAMBROOK, 38, widow, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas LAWRENCE & Frances McAULEY, witn: Maurice LEONARD & Alice WALLACE, both of Toronto, 5 Aug 1908 (Rom Cath) 2548-08 (Toronto): William John LEVY, 28, merchant tailor, Stayner, Toronto, s/o William John LEVY & Susan TORRANCE, married Ethel Vera WESTON, 25, Toronto, same, d/o George White WESTON & Eliza Jane HOLMES, witn: Charles Jakeway LEVY & Gertrude Olive WESTON, both of Toronto, 27 June 1908
#002683-08 (Toronto) Harry Mansfield LONG, 36, Toronto, same, b, painter, s/o Samuel John LONG & Mary Jane WELLWOOD, married Minnie MAUSON (Manson?), 23, Yorkshire England, Toronto, s,d/o Samuel MAUSON & Esther Florence (surname Florence?), witn: Fred MAUSON, Alice TAYLOR, both Toronto, married 30 June 1908 #003200-08 (Toronto) William LOVE, 18, Guelph Ont, Toronto, b, bell boy, s/o William H. LOVE & Nellie ANDERSON, married Mable O'DONNELL, 16, New York, Toronto, s, d/o James O'DONNELL & Mary McGOUGH, witn: Thomas CONWAY, G.L. DIXON, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908
#004118-08 (Toronto) Thomas James LOWE, 25, bartender, of Toronto, s/o Thomas LOWE & Mary BUCKLEY, married Laura SMITH, 26, of Toronto, d/o James SMITH & Harriet HAMMOND, witnesses were Harry & Maggie PARKES of Toronto, 25 Nov., 1908 4324-08 Irwin Horatio LUCK, railway, 29, of Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Thomas LUCK & Mary Jane HILL, married Sarah Louisa FORD, 29, of Toronto, d/o Thomas FORD & Georgina DEACON, witn: Ida & Mona CLEAVER of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
#003445-08 (Toronto): Homes Robert MADDOCK, 23, travelling salesman, Toronto, same, s/o Rebecca MADDOCK & Delia HOBAN, married Minnie C.S. HAWKINS, 23, Port Hope, Toronto, d/o Henry G. HAWKINS & Anna M. WRIGHT, witn: Ralph G. MADDOCK & Ina K. WARDELL, both of Toronto, 14 Sept 1908 4345-08 Austin Carl MAHON, 21, brakeman, of Toronto, s/o James MAHON & Catherine ORD,, married Jennie Velma LEMON, 19, of Toronto, d/o Robert LEMON & Zella SHEAR, witn: Fanny RANKIN & Mabel TALBOT, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
#003444-08 (Toronto): Arthur MANNING, 28, mason, Essex England, New Lisgar, s/o William MANNING & Eliza WHYBROW, married Lettie McGINLEY, 22, Mohill Ireland, New Lisgar, d/o James McGINLEY & Nettie EVANS, witn: Mary H. SKEY & Rebecca BASTIN, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1908 4375-08 John Leonard MARRINER, 20 (21?), shipper, of Toronto, s/o Francis MARRINER & Jane SHENDALL, married Agnes Moffatt KERR, 18, of Toronto, d/o John Mack KERR & Mary WOOD, witn: Isabel & Gwendoline VESEY of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908
#002675-08 (Toronto) John Joseph MARTIN, 22, Lousville Kentucky, Toronto, b, Vulcanizer, s/o Morris MARTIN & Ellen DOHERTY, married Tilla GUENTHER, 21, Buffalo NY, same, s, d/o Jacob GUENTHER & Marie KLEIN, witn: Mrs. E.J. REDDITT, Edna CLARK, both Toronto, married 26 June 1908 (Rom Cath) #003199-08 (Toronto) Godfrey MASSEY, 29, Stirt Somerset England, Toronto, b, insurance clerk, s/o Xavier Peel MASSEY & (blank) HURDSTONE, married Marianne GOODERIDGE, 23, Gooh Yorkshire England, Toronto, s, d/o Ezra GOODERIDGE & (blank) SMITH, witn: H.E. MUSSETT, Nora GOODERIDGE, both Toronto, married 22 August 1908
#001810-08 (Toronto): Clarence Raymond MAY, 27, reporter, Pine Orchard Ont., Toronto, s/o Nelson MAY & Julia WEBSTER, married Annie Emmeline HILL, 25, Brampton, Pine Orchard, d/o Richard HILL & Grace EADIE, witn: Jennie HILL of Pine Orchard, 7 April 1908 #003211-08 (Toronto) Charles MAY, 25, Leyburn Yorkshire Eng, Toronto, b, grocer, s/o Rowland MAY & Margaret SPENCE, married Elsie ROGERS, 22, Oswestry England, Toronto, s, d/o Thomas ROGERS & Mary HAYWARD, witn: William SMITH, Alice GRANT, both Toronto, married 27 August 1908
3730-08 (Toronto): George John MAY, 25, moulder, of Toronto, s/o George MAY & Sophie MARS, married Agnes Jane CHAMBERLAIN, 19, of Toronto, d/o Arthur CHAMBERLAIN & Jane McINTOSH, witn: Albert Edward JESSFIRES & Ada Almeda McINTOSH, both of Toronto, 7 Oct 1908 #001640-08 (Toronto): Roger McAUSLAN, 31, correspondent, Galt, Buffalo NY, s/o Archibald McAUSLAN & Jane F. ROBSON, married Mabel Merrill PARTRIDGE, 26, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o William H. PARTRIDGE & Mary Jane SHARKEY, witn: Wardlaw VAIR of Galt & Constance PARTRIDGE of Toronto, 28 March 1908
3214-08 (Toronto): James Drummond McBETH, 28, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o John James McBETH & Emma HODGINS, married Annie Isabella COOK, 28, Grahamsville – Toronto twp., Toronto, d/o Harland COOK & Mary HATRAWSER?, witn: William Harland & Mabel COOK of Toronto, 24 Aug 1908 #003212-08 (Toronto) Daniel Cameron McBETH, 25, Angus Ont, Toronto, b, machinist, s/o Duncan McBETH & Mary MASTERSON, married Katie HOOPER, 23, Gloucester England, Toronto, s, carpet finisher, d/o William HOOPER & Maria NORRIS, witn; Allan F. GILES, Elizabeth MERRICK, both Toronto, married 27 August 1908
#003451-08 (Toronto): James Francis McCARTHY, 28, boiler maker, Cyperville Ont., Toronto, s/o William McCARTHY & Mary OTTERAM, married Ann TATE, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Charles TATE & Ellen TWIGG, witn: Gel McCARTHY & Elizabeth TATE, both of Toronto, 15 Sept 1908 (Rom Cath) 4396-08 Joseph Alfred McCAY (McCOY?), 40, compositor, of Toronto, s/o James McCAY & Catherine KEE, married Ellen SAUNDERS, 42, of Toronto, d/o James SAUNDERS & Mary Ann BULLMAN, witn: John McCAY & C.E. MATHEWS, both of Toronto, 25 Nov 1908
003305-1908 (Toronto): Frederick Ernest McCLEARY, 31, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William McCLEARY & Matilda KING, married Isabel Clara DOUGLAS, 38, lady, widow, London Eng, Toronto, d/o John HEWITSON & Sarah Eliza C-- ; wit: Russell HEWITSON, Amy McCLEARY, of Toronto. 1 Sep 1908 at Toronto. 4352-08 William Henry McCLEMENT, 28, locomotive engineer, of West Toronto, s/o Thomas McCLEMENT & Margaret BARTON, married Ada May DUNCAN, 27, of Toronto, d/o William Bilton DUNCAN & Christena LAIDLAW, witn: John Henry CARRIER & Minnie M, MARTIN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
#003958-08 (Toronto); Alexander McCOLEMAN, 22, steel worker, of Toronto, s/o Laughlin McCOLEMAN & Janet GILCHRIST, married Gertrude REYNOLDS, 22, of Toronto, d/o Charles REYNOLDS & Mary Victoria HERON, witn: George PRENTICE & Ethel M. LAWRENCE, both of Toronto, 3 Nov 1908 2830-08 (Toronto): William Agar McCONKEY, 26, manufacturer agent, Stroud, Barrie, s/o William McCONKEY & Katie HOUGHTON, married Flora McARTHUR, 21, Guthrie, same, d/o Gilbert McARTHUR & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Hughie & Alex McARTHUR of Toronto, 24 June 1908
4348-08 Frank McCREARY, 26, wholesale butcher, of Toronto, s/o Robert McCREARY & Minnie BOCOCK, married Amelia Katie STEVENS, 26, of Toronto, d/o Christopher STEVENS & Katie EWENS, witn: Winifred Mary HART & Ethel WINTER, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1908 4364-08 William A. McCUAIG, 24, teamster, of Mariposa, s/o William A. McCUAIG & Phoebe ORR, married Sarah J. SAVINAC, 19, of Mariposa, d/o George SAVINAC & Phoebe J. STOCKDALE, witn: E. & A. DOBBS (Hobbs?) of Toronto, 25 Dec 1908
#004064-08 (Toronto): Fred McCULLOUGH, 25, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Calvin McCULLOUGH & Elizabeth ORR, married M.J. MacKENZIE, 28, of not given, d/o John & Christena, witn: Sadie McKENZIE & J.A. NORTON, both of Toronto, 15 Oct 1908 1837-08 (Toronto): Donal George McGILLICUDDY, 21, physical director of YMCA, Goderich, Stratford, s/o Thomas McGILLICUDDY & Sarah C. DUTTON, married Irene E. DEVERELL, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William DEVERELL & Euphemia CHATTERSON, witn: M. Vera DEVERELL & Thomas D. McGILLICUDDY, both of Toronto, 29 April 1908
1161-08 (Toronto): William Gray McCORMACK, 26, upholsterer, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas McCORMACK & Bessie NEVISON, married Agnes Thompson NEIL, 29, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o William Cassels NEIL & Elizabeth GORDON, witn: Agnes D. McCORMACK & Hugh HAY, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1908 #003456-08 (Toronto): Patrick McGLADE, 29, clerk, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Peter McGLADE & Catherine McLARTY, married Caroline LEWIS, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph LEWIS & Sarah WELLS, witn: Michael J. PERRY & Joseph MERCKLE (or Muckle), both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1908 (Rom Cath)
4374-08 Donald Angus Gunn MacKAY, 23?, carpenter, s/o Robert MacKAY & Esther SUTHERLAND, married Florence Marion STANFORD, 25?, d/o Henry STANFORD & Caroline COFFER, witn: Ernest STANFORD of Toronto & Eleanor STANFORD of New York, 25 Dec 1908 2817-08 (Toronto): Murdock MacKAY, 28, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Murdock MacKAY & Annie McARTHUR, married Catherine Campbell LAMONT,, 26, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John LAMONT & Maggie McNAIG, witn: Donald MacKAY of 202 Bank St. Ottawa & Maggie MacLEOD of 258 Jarvis St. Toronto, 17 July 1908
3732-08 (Toronto): Archibald McKINNON, 44, widower, journeyman, of Toronto, s/o Daniel McKINNON & Catherine McLEAN, married Laurena (Louisa?) CARD, 24, of Toronto, d/o Daniel CARD & Louisa HAMBLY, witn: R.J. STEWART & Mary E. CARD, both of Toronto, 10 Aug 1908 4358-08 Hugh A. McKINNON, 46, miner, of Haileybury, s/o John McKINNON & Ann McKINNON, married L.? A. PETERS, 32, of Toronto, d/o R.H. PETERS & Melissa WAGER, witn: Neal PETERS & A. McKINNON, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1908 
1002-08 (Toronto): Robert Dawson McLAURIN, 28, chemist, Van Kleek Hill, Amherst Mass., s/o Colin McLAURIN & Emma McCANN, married Mary Elizabeth McEVOY, 27, Toronto, same, d/o James F. McEVOY & Helen GILLES, witn: Dr. M.C. BOSWELL & Hellen GILLES, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1908  
3213-08 (Toronto): Norman Malcolm McLEOD, 34, messenger, Dalkeith – Glengarry Co., Montreal, s/o Donald McLEOD & Catherine Belle McMILLAN, married Jessie Ida NEILSON, 33, Toronto, West Toronto, d/o John NEILSON & Elizabeth THOMSON, witn: Elsie A. RUTHERFORD & Margaret M. WRIGHT, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1908 at West Toronto #004119-08 (Toronto) Michael McNAMARA, 24, printer, of York twp., s/o Patrick McNAMARA & Margaret MALLOY, married Ann TRACY, 22, domestic, of Toronto, d/o Patrick TRACY & Julia FOX, witnesses were Joseph DANIEL of Deer Park & Mary BRIDGEMAN of Toronto, 25 Nov., 1908
1105-08 (Toronto): Henry Harold McVITY, 30, clerk, Port Hope, Banff Alberta, s/o George Henry McVITY & Agnes SMITH, married Edith Gwendolyn ROBERTS, 27, music teacher, Toronto, same, d/o Edward Louis ROBERTS & Emily HUNT, witn: Austin Newcombe FELLOWES & Violet Emily Theresa ROBERTS, both of Toronto, 7 Jan 1908 4398-08 Claude Barrie MEIKLE, 26, brick layer, of Toronto, s/o William MEIKLE & Jennie BARRIE, married Jane Theresa BRADISH, 25, of Toronto, d/o Harry BRADISH & Marcilla BENNETT, witn: John Roy Ewin McINTOSH & Blanche DOUGLAS, both of Toronto, 26 Nov 1908
4383-08 Abraham MERNICK, 25, operator, of Toronto, s/o Jacob MERNICK & Fannie VICOTSKY, married Silie DUBINSKY, 20, of Toronto, d/o Joseph DUBINSKY & Sarah ZECTAR, witn: Joseph MITERICK & Elis SALIWITZ, 28 Dec 1908  
4366-08 Roy Edwin MILLER, 21, stenographer, of Toronto, s/o Jacob MILLER & Emma J. HORTON, married Annie Adlade BROWN, 23, of Toronto, d/o John Edward BROWN & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: William George SHEPPARD & Maymie BROWN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 4339-08 John H.G. MILLER, 24, of Toronto, s/o Harry MILLER & Mary GROVE, married Mary E. HAYCOCK, 23, of Toronto, d/o Thomas HAYCOCK & Elizabeth JONES, witn: Walter KNOTT of Toronto & Richard BRENNAN of Dovercourt, 16 Dec 1908
  4408-08 William Thomas MILLS, 22, traveller, of Toronto, s/o James MILLS & Maria May EDWARDS, married Gertrude LA POIDEVIN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Henry John LA POIDEVIN & Eliza IZANNE, witn: Charles PEARCE & Mrs. Ada McDOWELL, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908
4391-08 James MILNE, 41, granite cutter, of Toronto, s/o James MILNE & Maggie MORTIMER, married Beatrice Earl KAVANAGH, 23, of Toronto, d/o Patrick KAVANAGH & Elizabeth O'NEILL, witn: Herbert Stanley ARMSTRONG & Mrs. G. SYME, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1908 1153-08 (Toronto): James Thomas MILNER, 27, engraver, England, Toronto, s/o Henry MILNER & Caroline CASTLETON, married Agnes Maria Jane RUSE, 24, England, Toronto, d/o John J. RUSE & Isabella A. GILBERT, witn: J.J. & J.R. REEVES of Toronto, 1 Jan 1908 (Salv Army)
4371-08 Andrew Henry MORROW, 25, finisher, of Owen Sound, s/o Robert MORROW & Ann COLEMAN, married Esther WOOD, 25, of Shallow Lake, d/o Jesse WOOD & Ellen McCLUNG, witn: Miss Ida A. & Miss Nora CLEAVER of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908 4414-08 Austin Hiram MOSHER, 22, plumber, of Toronto, s/o Hiram MOSHER & Elizabeth Ann EMERY, married Florence Evelin SAUNDERS, 22, of Toronto, d/o Albert Arthur SAUNDERS & Alice Mary WALTERS, witn: Roy MOSHER & Alberta Caroline SAUNDERS, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1908
#003446-08 (Toronto): Albert MULLIN, 19, carpenter, Chepstow Ont., same, s/o Cornelius MULLIN & Susan STAPLETON, married Matilda KEANEY, 18, Canada, Chepstow, d/o John HEANEY & Ann RHINART, witn: Catherine GRADY of Toronto, 27 July 1908 (Rom Cath) #003023-08 (Toronto): George L. MURRAY, 27, machinist, Cornwall Ont., Winnipeg Man., s/o Duncan William MURRAY & Mary EARLE, married Georgina Esther LORSCH (or Larsch), 19, Toronto, same, d/o David Gilbert LORSCH & Isabella GRIEVE, witn: John STEWART & R. Isabella LORSCH, both of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908
#003303-08 (Toronto) Robert Wallace MURRAY, 23, Stevenstine Ayrshire Scotland, Toronto, b, --- worker, s/o Robert W. MURRAY & Jane WILSON, married Christina Stuart GRAY, 25, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s, d/o Robert GRAY & Agnes GRAHAM, witn; Marion LAWSON, Alfred GRAY, both Toronto, married 22 July 1908 4369-08 Herbert Trueman NASH, 24, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Charles R. NASH & Mary DUNN, married Annie Violet CORVIN , 24, of Toronto, d/o John L. CORVIN & Annie CHARLESWORTH, witn: Harry Oswald NASH & Ella LEADEN, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1908
2831-08 (Toronto): Walter NICHOL, 45, farmer, Durham, same, s/o Walter NICHOL & Agnes CRANSTON, married Annie McLACHLAN, 40, Durham, Toronto, d/o John McLACHLAN & Matilda McTAVISH, witn: Henry & Mary C. FORD of Toronto, 24 June 1908 4326-08 Edward Charles NICHOLLS, 25, machinist, of Toronto, s/o Eli NICHOLLS & Ellen HENDERSON, married Phillis F. KIRKWOOD, 23, of Toronto, d/o Matthew KIRKWOOD & Frances MOSS, witn: Ida WALLACE & Mrs. A. M. ROGERS, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1908
  4351-08 Anton NIEMINEN, 28, tailor, of Toronto, s/o Mattie NIEMINEN & Elii SAPET, married Anio WIITANEN, 20, of Toronto, d/o Gabriel WIITANEN & Emma WALLENIUS, witn: Waldemar WIITANEN & Iniga KUPAKKA, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908
1159-08 (Toronto): Joseph Fred NOBLES, 33, farmer, Eddystone, Condie Sask., s/o Joseph NOBLES & Catherine STICKLES, married Theresa Beatrice SARGENT, 25, Eddystone, Toronto, d/o William Hanford SARGENT & Catherine GARBUTT, witn: Melzar NOBLES of Toronto & Della SARGENT of Cobourg, 14 Jan 1908 #003440-08 (Toronto): James NOLAN, 41, laborer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Patrick NOLAN & Ann GARLAND, married Hannah LARKIN, 37, Canada, Toronto, d/o Patrick LARKIN & Mary O'LEARY, witn: Patrick & Irene LARKIN of Toronto, 9 Sept 1908 (Rom Cath)
#004063-08 (Toronto): Joseph M. NOLAN, 24, glass blower, of Toronto, s/o Martin NOLAN & M. SHERIDAN, married Etta E. RICE, 23, of Toronto, d/o Samuel RICE & Eliza WILSON, witn: Jean WEBSTER of Hamilton, 16 Oct 1908 #004075-08 (Toronto): Edward O'BRIEN, 24, GTR clerk, of Toronto, s/o John O'BRIEN & Jane BRADY, married Eva JOSSLIN, 33, of Toronto, d/o John O'BRIEN & Eva REDMOND, witn: Joseph McCANN & Eva WATSON, both of Toronto, 19 Nov 1908 (Rom Cath)
#003303-1908 (Toronto): Wm Frederick OLDHAM, 34, book keeper, Manchester Eng, Toronto, s/o Jas H OLDHAM & Sarah JOHNSON, married Bereba Florence BELFRY, 29, lady, Bradford, Toronto, d/o Wm BELFRY & Rebecca TUNSTEAD; wit: Jas Henry OLDHAM, Alma A BELFRY, of Toronto. 2 Sep 1908 at Toronto 1108-08 (Toronto): Joseph OLIVER, 19, teamster, Toronto, same, s/o Toni OLIVER & Annie FINN, married Catherine TELESCO, 18, USA, Toronto, d/o James TELESCO & Teresa LAVINCHI, witn: Thomas FINN & Mary TELESCO, both of Toronto, 9 Jan 1908 (Rom Cath)
1150-08 (Toronto): John Robert PAGE, 28, contractor, Toronto, same, s/o John J. PAGE & Sarah CUNDELL, married Florence Edna FLETCHER, 19, Toronto, same, d/o H.M. FLETCHER & Abbie CLARK, witn: Charles D. CLARK & Gertrude A. FLETCHER, both of Toronto, 15 Jan 1908  
4372-08 Henry Albert PEVELTON, 29, contractor, of New Liskeard, s/o Richard PEVELTON & Ellen TAYLOR, married Millicent PARKER, 35, widow, of Toronto, d/o F. COX & Margaret LADELL, witn: J.B. & Lottie PROCTOR of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908 #003955-08 (Toronto); Ernest C. PHILLIPS, 24, fireman, of Toronto, s/o Richard PHILLIPS & Ellen ARCHIBALD, married Emma Mary ARNOLD, 21, of Toronto, d/o William ARNOLD & Annie DAVIS, witn: Fred ARNOLD & Minnie MARSHALL, both of Toronto, 21 Oct 1908
#001385-09 (Toronto): Munro PHINISTER, 21, driver, of Toronto, s/o John PHINISTER & Ann SMITH, married Mary Florence DYER, 24, of Toronto, d/o Edward DYER & Sarah FERGUSON, witn: Thomas AITKEN & Sadie MARTIN, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1908 #002676-08 (Toronto) Walter M. PILCHER-SCHIESS, 26, Toronto, same, b, accountant, s/o Arnold SCHIESS & Elizabeth PILCHER, married Jennet Robinson GRIMES, 25, Owen Sound, Toronto, s, d/o Thomas GRIMES & Eliza Ann THOMPSON, witn; A. Russell HEWETSON, Miss. B. SLIBBARD, both Toronto, married 2 July 1908
#003210-08 (Toronto) Frederick W. POLAND, 48, Shepherds Bush England, Granite City Illinois USA, b, priest (religion given as Church of England), s/o Frederick W. POLAND & Mary HICHENS, married Sarah Hazel KINSEY, 25, Uxbridge Ont, - , s,d/o James Albert KINSEY & Elizabeth S. BAGEHAIS, witn: James A. KINSEY, Elizabeth S. KINSEY, Toronto, married 27 August 1908 #003208-08 (Toronto) Abraham POLINSKY, 45, Roumania, Toronto, widower, pedlar, s/o Israel POLINSKY & Rachel RAUNOBETZ, married Baillie? HERTZBERRY, 38, Austria, Toronto, widow, house keeper, d/o T. HERTZBERRY & Rachel COHEN, witn: H. SANBLUM, Joe MENSTEIN, both Toronto, married 20 August 1908 (Hebrew)
#003201-08 (Toronto) Frank Beverly POUCHER, 30, Toronto, same, b, Inspector & Valuator, s/o John POUCHER & Alice b. TURNER, married Anna Beatrice JACKSON, 27, Markham Twp., Toronto, s, d/o William W. JACKSON & Katharine GAYNER, witn: P.G. BLATCHLEY, Marie JACKSON, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 4403-08 Arthur Charles PRIOR, 24, ex soldier, of Toronto, s/o Robert PRIOR & Emma DEER, married Ivy Mary MARETT, 22, of Toronto, d/o John MARETT & Emma HURAY (Duray?), witn: Ernest DE LA MARE & Marie CLAORENT, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1908
1842-08 (Toronto): Alexander Gordon RAMSAY, 26, life insurance agent, Halifax NS, Chicago USA, s/o Alexander RAMSAY & Annie BROUGHTON, married Jessie Parnell CROSS, 24, Woodstock, Toronto, d/o Francis O. CROSS & blank CAPREOL, witn: Kenneth A. RAMSAY of Alberta Canada & Gertrude S. WOODS of Millbrook, 20 April 1908 1843-08 (Toronto): Allan Speirs RAMSAY, 27, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Allan Speirs RAMSAY & Mary REID, married Annie McINDEWAR, 29, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Hugh McINDEWAR & Flora McAULAY, witn: Sidney Gilbert COLLINS & Jennie BUCHANAN, both of Toronto, 2 April 1908
#003022-08 (Toronto): James REID, 21, laborer, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Solomon REID & Elizabeth NEWELL, married Annie PURCHASE, 20, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o George PURCHASE & Doris JONES, witn: Solomon & Annie L. REID of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908 4367-08 Edmund George RICHARDSON, 38, traveller, of Nelson BC, s/o Robert RICHARDSON & Hannah BROOKS, married Eliza Augusta SMITH, 29, of Toronto, d/o Charles W. SMITH & Amarilla HENNESSY, witn: C.A. & Ellen SMITH, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1908
#002678-08 (Toronto) Robert Gordon RIDDELL, 21, Aberdeenshire Scotland,Toronto, b, driver, s/o John RIDDELL & Jessie Ann McINTOSH, married Edith Emily BOULDS, 31, London Eng, Toronto, s, d/o John BOULDS & Margaret FULLERTON, witn: George J. MORLEY, Charlotte E. MATTHEWS, both Toronto, married 3 July 1908 4386-08 William ROBERTSON, 29, butcher, of Toronto, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Jean ROBERTSON, married Margaret E. SPEERS, 25, of Toronto, d/o Robert SPEERS & Elizabeth Jane MATHEWS, witn: James ROBERTSON of Toronto & Ida M. SPENCE of Dauphin Manitoba, 24 Dec 1908
#004070-08 (Toronto): William Graham ROBINSON, 34, farmer, of Albion twp., s/o Robert & Mary Jane, married Cara McCABE, 32, of Albion twp., d/o Alexander McCABE & Jane HART, witn: Margaret M. & Eva L. HILL of Toronto, 18 Nov 1908 4409-08 William Henry ROGERS, 35, widower, school master, of Van Kleek Hill, s/o George James John ROGERS & Emma Jane SMITH, married Lillian Maria Selby CARTER, 29, of Toronto, d/o Joseph Meredith CARTER & Frances Margaret RAMSAY, witn: Frances M. & Frances S. CARTER of Toronto, 29 Dec 1908
3215-08 (Toronto): Robert Law RUSSELL, 27, electrician, Edinburgh Scotland, not given, s/o Robert & Euphemia, married Grace DE VALL, 27, NY City, not given, d/o Martin L. DE VALL & Kate START (or Short), witn: Rev. J.C. ROBERTSON & J. Gladys PERCY, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1908 1846-08 (Toronto): Frederick RUTHVEN, 38, widower, bakery manager, England, Toronto, s/o Henry RUTHVEN & Marie JOEL, married Jennie Florence PARDEE, 32, Oneida NY, Toronto, d/o Martin PARDEE & Mary Ann POTTER, witn: John DAVEY & Louise PARDEE, both of Toronto, 4 April 1908
1841-08 (Toronto): Edward SALISBURY, 28, mason, England, Toronto, s/o James SALISBURY & Annie BAGOT, married Sarah COLLINSON, 27, England, Toronto, d/o Roger COLLINSON & Ann RHODES, witn: James STIRTON & Ethel HANKS, both of Toronto, 29 April 1908 #003024-08 (Toronto): James SINCLAIR, 19, farmer, Noxon? twp - Halton Co., same, s/o William SINCLAIR & Margaret MARTIN, married Margaret HOLLAND, 30, Wales England, Toronto, d/o William HOLLAND & Susan BAGLEY, witn: Ernest H. & Margaret RATCLIFFE of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908
#003020-08 (Toronto): Albert L. SKILL, 26, notary public, Hamilton, Elk City - Nip. Dist., s/o Richard SKILL & Maria ROBINSON, married Edith W. THOMPSON, 23, Brantford, Toronto, d/o Henry THOMPSON & Mary Ann PERRETT, witn: John J. SYNE of Hamilton & Margaret BURGESS of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908 4065-08 (Toronto): Arthur Sidney SKINNER, 27, carpenter's laborer, of Toronto, s/o William SKINNER & Mary Jane CHISLETT, married Gertrude Alice PARISH, 23, of Toronto, d/o William Edwin PARISH & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: A.M. DIXON & E. MALON, both of Toronto, 17 Nov 1908
#002517-08 (Toronto): Philip SMELTZER, 36, farmer, widower, Moore twp., Tecumseth twp., s/o Philip SMELTZER & Mary FALLOON, married Annie COOPER, Carnarvon twp., Toronto, d/o William COOPER & Harriet CHATWELL, witn: Mrs. W. McCUTCHEON & George SMELTZER, both of Toronto, 24 June 1908 #001888-08 (Toronto) , Robert John SMITH, 21, plumber, Hamilton, same, s/o George W. SMITH & Mary Matilda BIGEROW married Annie Diella ALLAN, 21, Guelph, live Hamilton, d/o Ebenezer Pratt ALLAN & Margaret Helen McRAE . Witnesses: Rosa M. DEAN & Rena WATSON, both of Toronto, May 2, 1908
#002516-08 (Toronto): James Tapley SMITH, 19, carpenter, Toronto, Deer park, s/o James SMITH & Lizzie HALLIDAY, married Rose PLUMBTREE, 20, Manvers, Deer Park, d/o William PLUMBTREE & Mary Ann CLARKE, witn: F.W. SMITH & Mary SOMERSET, both of Deer Park, 10 June 1908 at Deer Park 4068-08 (Toronto): Charles E. SMITH, 21, clerk, Toronto, s/o William Henry SMITH & Nettie PETERS, married Ethel HUGHES, 22, of Toronto, d/o William HUGHES & Margaret MILLER, witn: William & Margaret HUGHES of Toronto, 18 Nov 1908
#003198-08 (Toronto) Lancelot SMITH, 20, Etobicoke, Toronto, b, metal polisher, s/o Edward SMITH & Mary HAMILTON, married Alma L. SMITH, 22, Hamilton, Toronto, s, d/o Albert E. SMITH & Jeanetta THATCHER, witn: W.S. WAKEFORD, Gertrude MILNE, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 #003957-08 (Toronto); Henry Seltrap SMYTH, 35, foreman of glove works, of Gloverville NY, s/o Nathaniel SMYTH & Jennett, married Agnes STEWART, 23, of Toronto, d/o William STEWART & Margaret, witn: J.D. SCOTT & Mary STEWART, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1908
4329-08 John Edward SPENCER, 31, hater, of East Toronto, s/o Eli Edward SPENCER & Ann RUTTAL (Nuttal?), married Emily SHEARD, 21, of East Toronto, d/o Charles SHEARD & Elizabeth BAXTER, witn: John Chessor ARMSTRONG of West? Toronto & Lillian Alberta SHEARD of East Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 at East Toronto 4316-08 Walter Ernest SRIGLEY, 31, jeweler, of Toronto, s/o John George SRIGLEY & Mary Ann DONNELY, married Caroline CURTIS, 29, of Toronto, d/o James CURTIS & Mary Ann CAREY, witn: Charles QUINTON & James FOUNTAIN, both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1908
1840-08 (Toronto): George Reuben STANILAND, 23, carpenter, Nottingham England, Toronto, s/o George H. STANILAND & Fanny BOSWORTH, married Alice Maud RAYSDALE, 23, Nottingham England, Toronto, d/o John RAYSDALE & Lydia HOLMES, witn: Willie WATSON & Gertrude CRONIN, both of Toronto, 29 April 1908 #002679-08 (Toronto) John William STARR, 22, Leeds Eng, Toronto, b, moulder, s/o William STARR & Elizabeth MOCKSON, married Alice Knowles MOWAT, 20, England, Toronto, s, d/o Thomas Knowles MOWAT & Margaret ALDEN(S), witn: Joseph BRIDGES, Jennie Amelia MOORE, both Toronto, married 27 June 1908
2547-08 (Toronto): William James STEELE, 20, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o James STEELE & Elizabeth GIBSON, married Ellen THORNTON, 22, worker in lace goods, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas THORNTON & Elizabeth JONES, witn: James Leslie & Ethel Maud THOMPSON of Toronto, 26 June 1908 1838-08 (Toronto): Frederick James STEFF, 30, chartered accountant, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o James STEFF & Mary Jane USHER, married Gertrude Margaret Wren CARTER, 28, Isle of Wight, Toronto, d/o Alfred CARTER & Ellen WREN, witn: Alfred D. CARTER & Frances STIFF, both of Toronto
2825-08 (Toronto): John STEWART, 39, farmer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Michael STEWART & Mary McKENZIE, married Bessie McINTYRE, 28, Paisley Ont., Toronto, d/o Archie McINTYRE & Mary BELL?, witn: O. & Mary SLEETH of Toronto, 20 July 1908 #006417-08 (Toronto); James STINSON, 39, farmer, Mono, same, s/o James STINSON & Sidney McGOVERN, married Annie JOHNSTON, 28, widow, Mono, same, d/o William LITTLE, farmer, & Hannah TWIBLE, witn: Samuel STINSON of Mono & Alice LITTLE of Camilla, 19 Feb 1908 at Mono
#001811-08 (Toronto): Herbert Thomas STOLLARD, no age given, plasterer, England, not given, s/o Henry STOLLARD & Alice Elizabeth CLARKE, married Emily Jane SLY, no age given, England, not given, d/o Thomas SLY & Annie MOORE, witn: Jane & Charles OSBORNE of Toronto, 25 April 1908 (religion = Christian Workers) #002682-08 (Toronto) Albert Lorne STONE, 21, Lefroy, Toronto, b, conductor TS Ry, s/o Edward Albert STONE & Esther Jane GORDON, married Gertrude Lillian G. HINDS, 19, Creemore, Toronto, s, d/o George HINDS & Mary Jane BROLLEY, witn: Fred SAMPSON, Gladys IVES, both Toronto, married 30 June 1908
4065-08 (Toronto): George Lindsay STRASSER, 21, baker, of Acton, s/o Henry William STRASSER & Lucy STATHAM, married Elouise McMANN, 23, of Toronto, d/o John McMANN & Mary SHANNON, witn: Miss S. CLEAVER & Jessie CROSSER, both of Toronto, 17 Nov 1908 #003439-08 (Toronto): Joseph Edwin STREET, 27, merchant, Lloydtown, Toronto, s/o Robert W. STREET & Rebecca LUNDY, married Amy Beatrice JOTCHAM, 27, Toronto, same, d/o James JOTCHAM & Ellen MOORE, witn: R.K. ROBINSON & Maude WALLER, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1908
3733-08 (Toronto): Albert TAYLOR, 35, farmer, of Aurora, s/o David TAYLOR & Catherine KEMP, married Clara NEAL, 24, of Aurora, d/o George NEAL & Mary RICHARDSON, witn: H.G & George STARR of Toronto, 6 Aug 1908 #003954-08 (Toronto); Joseph THOMPSON, 45, widower, broker, of Toronto, s/o Christopher J. THOMPSON & Jessie G. McCALLUM, married Eleanor M. WELDON, 30, of Toronto, d/o William T. WELDON & Catherine F. HANTENVILLE?, witn: Riswold THOMPSON & K.M. HURETON?, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1908
4404-08 Theodore Laird TIBBS, 26, traveller, of Toronto, s/o Horace TIBBS & Clarisa ANGEL, married Estelle Lottie STUTTAFORD, 22, of Toronto, d/o Andrew STUTTAFORD & Emma Kate HARRIS, witn: Horace S. TIBBS Jr. & Irene STUTTAFORD, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1908 2824-08 (Toronto): Herbert Selson TIPPLE, 20, letter carrier, Wallhamston England, Toronto, s/o Henry TIPPLE & Ellen ARCHER, married Edith Maria WARD, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Alfred WARD & Harriet TRAYNOR, witn: James F. MURPHY & Mary KERR, both of Toronto, 20 July 1908
4410-08 Cecil Bayley TODMAN, 22, brick layer, of Toronto, s/o Edwin TODMAN & Lydia Jane BARMAN, married Eva Blanche NUNN (Dunn?), 20, of Toronto, d/o Benjamin NUNN & Mina TICE, witn: Edwin NUNN & Eleanor WALKER, both of Toronto, 8 July 1908 #004061-08 (Toronto): Andrew TOMLINSON, 38, mechanic, of Toronto, s/o Daniel TOMLINSON & Sarah BARTON, married Lillie M. SMITH, 31, of Toronto, d/o William SMITH & Mary A., witn: M. MacPHERSON & A. BALLINGER, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1908
#003197-08 (Toronto) Howard John TOOZE, 23, Toronto, same, b. salesman, s/o Marr TOOZE & Emily May BURT, married Ida Annie COX, 23, Toronto, same, s, d/o Henry James COX & Annie Crocker SHIPP, witn; Edward Albert TOOZE, Clara Phoebe FUERST?, both Toronto, married 26 August 1908 #002672-08 (Toronto) Gordon TOOZE, 21, Toronto, same, b, tailor, s/o Frederick J. TOOZE & Julia THORNTON, married Ida May FAIRBANKS, 19, Whitby Ont, Toronto, s, d/o Henry C. FAIRBANKS & Elizabeth McLENNAN, witn: David CALTS, Minnie FAULDS, both Toronto, married 2 July 1908
4333-08 John TRAIL , 28, widower, rubber worker, of Toronto, s/o William TRAIL & Mary ANDERSON, married Agnes Elizabeth WEBB, 23, of Toronto, d/o John Proctor WEBB & Sarah Ann FOX, witn: William Peter LOCKING & Nellie Helen DOHERTY, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 #002519-08 (Toronto): Roy Swinerton TRUEMAN, 23, teamster, Burnhamthorpe, Hamilton, s/o William TRUEMAN & Margaret SWINERTON, married Myrtle Isabella PEIRSON, 21, Toronto Gore, Meadowvale, d/o George PEIRSON & Mary Jane BALDOCK, witnesses were Frederick BALL of Toronto & Edna Alberta TRUEMAN of Meadowvale, May 25, 1908
2822-08 (Toronto): Frederick Travan? D. TUCKER, 24, commercial traveller, Toronto, same, s/o William TUCKER & Mary Jane DAVIS, married Sarah MONTGOMERY, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Alexander MONTGOMERY & Sarah WOOLLEY, witn: Mrs. Sarah MONTGOMERY & Mrs. Mary J. TUCKER, both of Toronto, 18 July 1908 1164-08 (Toronto): Frederick Ernest TUCKWELL, 25, iron moulder, England, Toronto, s/o George TUCKWELL & Elizabeth REES, married Mary RYDER, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o blank RYDER & Mary BURKE, witn: Albert James ROOFE & Mary TUCKWELL, both of Toronto, 17 Jan 1908
  #003459-08 (Toronto): Edwin John TURNER, 19, sawyer & fruit pedlar, Toronto, not given, s/o Edward TURNER & Mary LAMBURTIS, married Ellen Rose JACKSON, 18, acct mgr at T. Eatons, Toronto, not given, d/o Henry JACKSON & Caroline E. HUGGETT, witn: George & Jessie M. LOWERY of Toronto, 19 Aug 1908
4332-08 Harry Stewart WALSH, 28, printer, of Toronto, s/o William Henry WALSH & Florence RIGG, married Minnie HICKS, 26, of Toronto, d/o John WALSH & Jennie HAMMELL, witn: J. Loyd BROWN & Tressa BROWN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1908 4415-08 William WARD, 28, picture framing, of Toronto, s/o William WARD & Agnes ROBINSON, married Maude SCOTT, 24, of Toronto, d/o Edward SCOTT & Annie HARRISON, witn: Ellwood SCOTT & Effie HENRY, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1908
#001100-08 (Toronto): John Thomas WARDEN, 31, book keeper, Perth Co., Toronto, s/o William WARDEN & Sarah DOUGLAS, married Edith Marion SUTHERLAND, 23, Elm Grove, Toronto, d/o William SUTHERLAND & Herley A. SHEPHERD, witn: David R. OLIVER & Ellen S. SUTHERLAND, both of Toronto, 8 Jan 1908 1151-08 (Toronto): Walter E. WARREN, 24, secretary, Oshawa, Toronto, s/o Michael P. WARREN & May MILLER, married Madeline P. CHARLTON, 24, Stratford, Toronto, d/o Thomas P. CHARLTON & Mary MINGAY, witn: Thomas F. CHARLTON & Annie Ruth BELL, both of Toronto, 14 Jan 1908
4378-08 George WEBSTER, 25, confectioner, of Toronto, s/o James WEBSTER & Christena MacDONALD, married Isabella LAW, 28, of Toronto, d/o Findlay LAW & Jane STEADMAN, witn: A. B. CARMICHAEL & Mary W. DUNLOP, both of New Toronto, 25 Dec 1908 #003209-08 (Toronto) William John WEMYSS, 26, Bukerhead, Toronto, b, gardener, s/o George WEMYSS & Katharine KENNEDY, married Susannah MADGETT, 27, Dundalk, Weston, s, d/o Robert MADGETT & Susannah LaROSE, witn: H.L. VANCE, W.R. McFARLANE, both Toronto, married 27 August 1908, Toronto
#003438-08 (Toronto): Delbert Henry WILDER, 41, baggage GTR, Canada, Toronto, s/o Henry WILDER & Eliza SCHRAM, married Ellen O'FLAHERTY, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o Timothy O'FLAHERTY & Catherine McLAUGHLIN, witn: George SOMERS & Bridget GALLAGHER, 17 Aug 1908  
4368-08 Percy Ellis WILEY, 20, sheet metal worker, of Toronto, s/o Walter WILEY & Ada SOULS, married Ellen Annie BOYNTON, 19, of Toronto, d/o Edward BOYNTON & Emma GOWER, witn: James FINNEMORE of Cobourg & Helena A. BOYNTON, 25 Dec 1908 #003956-08 (Toronto); William George Harris WILLIAMS, 28, book keeper, of Toronto, s/o George H. WILLIAMS & Gertrude M.E. HODGSON, married Lulu May SMITH, 24, of Toronto, d/o Matthew SMITH & Lillian SPENCER, witn: Addie DE LAPLANTE & Hazel E. ELLIS, 31 Oct 1908
#001638-08 (Toronto): F. Eugene WILSON, 21, clerk, Chicago Illinois, Toronto, s/o Fred WILSON & Mary DOHERTY, married Patricia NOLAN, 22, Alliston, Toronto, d/o Patrick NOLAN & Margaret TREASY, witn: Theodule De COURCEY & Paulina KNECHT, both of Toronto, 30 March 1908 (Rom Cath) 4394-08 George H. WILSON, 23, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John WILSON & Eliza Ann ROBINSON, married Annie WATKINS, 22, of Toronto, d/o Joseph WATKINS & Janet Reid THOMPSON, witn: Walter R. WILSON & Janet WATKINS, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1908
1152-08 (Toronto): James Edward WINN, 28, care making?, Whitby, Toronto, s/o James WINN & Elizabeth HELEWES?, married Minnie PRICE, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Henry PRICE & Mary SILIBETT, 7 Jan 1908 #003441-08 (Toronto): Thomas B. WINTERBURY, 39, merchant, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas WINTERBURY & Mary MULLEN, married Margaret DUNN, 40, Canada, Toronto, d/o William DUNN & Bridget O'BOYLE, witn: Harry WINTERBURY & Catherine DUNN, both of Toronto, 8 Sept 1908
1818-08 (Toronto): M.E. WITMER, 28, mechanic, Michigan, Toronto, s/o Henry WITMER & Susanna STOUFFER, married Christena WHITE, 28, Newcastle, Toronto, d/o Thomas WHITE & Mary DAWSON, witn: Leslie WHITE & Joan DAWSON, both of Toronto, 24 June 1908 4323-08 Charles G. WOLFE, 20, steam fitter, of Toronto, s/o William [no surname given] & Lamira JONES, married Ethel M. SANDERSON, 20, of Toronto, d/o Robert [no surname given] & Hannah WOLFE, witn: W.J. FREEMAN & Mary RAYNER, both of Toronto, 7 Nov 1908
#001809-08 (Toronto): Charles Wilmot WRIGHT, 41, widower, builder, Lloydtown - York Co., Toronto, s/o John WRIGHT & Hannah SMITH, married Margaret Sophia McCORMACK, 33, Toronto, same, d/o Andrew McCORMACK & Sophia GREER, witn: B.E. TEEZEL & Maude ANDREWS, both of Toronto, 9 April 1908 4381-08 John Townsend WRIGHT, 37, widower, machinist, of West Toronto, s/o John WRIGHT & Matilda MILLER, married Louisa Valena SCOTT, 33, of Toronto, d/o George Frederick SCOTT & Annie Durrell HAYDON, witn: W?.H. J. HAYDON & Annie Durrell HAYDON, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1908
#003046-08 (Toronto): Rancliffe (Rowcliffe?) F. WRIGLEY, 24, advertising manager, Canada, Winnipeg, s/o George WRIGLEY & Sarah E WESTON, married Berlie Ehridelle NICHOLSON, 22, of Toronto, d/o John NICHOLSON & Bessie SAUNDERS, witnesses were G.V & G.S. NICHOLSON, June 17, 1908 4385-08 John Alexander YATES, 37, grocer, of Toronto, s/o James YATES & Jane MILLER, married Caroline COLLINS, 35, dress maker, of Toronto, d/o William COLLINS & Mary Ann LEWIS, witn: Albert HOUGH & Melissa GODFREY, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1908
4411-08 Arthur YOUNG, 26, laborer, of Toronto, s/o James YOUNG, farmer, & Mary Ann ROBISON, married Agnes Mary GALBRAITH, 23, of Toronto, d/o Thaddeus GALBRAITH, blacksmith & Lucinda WILSON, witn: H.E MALAN & A.L. DIXON, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1908 4355-08 George YOUNG, 32, laundry man, of Toronto, s/o Kee Way YOUNG & Lucie QUEY, married Mary Emma LOWDEN, 33, of Toronto, d/o James LOWDEN & Mary SPENCER, witn: Chang HANG & Mabel AMY, 21 Dec 1908