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birthplace was often not given on 1909 registrations


#003917-09 (Toronto): William C.A. ADAMS, 20, tailor, of Toronto, s/o William ADAMS, moulder, & Louisa GRIFFITH, married Anny Whilmida WILSON, 19, of Toronto, d/o Archibald J. WILSON, moulder, & Amy CUMBER, witn: Jessie Lillian HUMPHREY & Martha HUICKS, both of Toronto, 23 Sept 1909 004111-09 (Toronto) Oliver William ADAMS, 27, Treasurer, of 55 Glen Road, s/o Oliver ADAMS, retired, & Augustine Louise FARDO, married Agnes Buntin YOUNG, 25, of 66 St. Albans St. d/o James A. YOUNG, manufacturer, & Margaret BOYD; wit Thompson J.S. FLINT of Larchmont NY, & Helen J. BOYD, Toronto, 16 Oct 1909
#003091-09 (Toronto) William ALLAN, 44, of Toronto, gardener, s/o William ALLAN & Jane ALLAN, married Margaret WILSON, 37, of Monaghan Ireland, school teacher, d/o John WILSON & Elizabeth McCAGUE, witn: William TENN (or Fenn?) of Toronto, Eliz McCAGUE of Churchill Ont, married 5 November 1908  
#003999-09 (Toronto): Joseph ALLISON, 35, mechanic, of Little Current, s/o William ALLISON & E.A. MAYER, married Eliza Merriam JAMIESON, 34, of Toronto, d/o David JAMIESON & Helen LITTLEJOHN, witn: George DARLEY & Minnie BOURNE, both of Toronto, 1 Sept 1909 #003008-09 Stewart J. ALTON, 24, of Toronto, railway Clerk, s/o Jeremiah ALTON, railway Conductor & Eliza MULLIN, married Amelia Maud QUACKENBUSH, 21, of Toronto, d/o James Wesley QUACKENBUSH, machinist & Mary Jane HEAVENER, witn: Allan ALTON, Elsie K. TURNBULL, both Toronto, married 10 July 1909
#004941-09 (Toronto) Ernest Alfred ANDERSON, 40, of Toronto, trucker, s/o Guy ANDERSON & Minnie MASSEY, married May TURNER, 22, of Toronto, d/o William TURNER & "don't know", witn Joshua ROBB, Alice HASELDON, both Toronto, married 30 December 1909 004502-09 (Toronto) Robert AVONDO, 23, waiter, Toronto s/o Henry AVONDO & Mary NICOLE married Mabel THOMPSON, 21 d/o Irvin THOMPSON & Christine STEWART wtn: Permelia R. LANGFORD & Maria R. LANGFORD both of Toronto, 22 November 1909
004749-09 Frank AXWORTHY, 29, Contractor, of Toronto, s/o Edward AXWORTHY & Ann CARTER; married Mary Jean Rebecca HUNTER, 27, of Toronto, d/o Daniel HUNTER & Rebecca BAXTER; wit Ethel HUNTER & Thomas AXWORTHY, both Toronto, 1 Dec 1909 #003753-09 (York Co.) Lester James BANCROFT, 22, of L'Original, Dentist, s/o Lester BANCROFT & Margaret STEELE, married Gertrude May ALEXANDER, 23, of Toronto, d/o John ALEXANDER & Harriet CROSS, witnesses: Thomas Doyle HIGGINSON of Ottawa & Louisa May STEPHENSON of N.Y. State, on 15 September 1909 at Toronto
4530-09 (Toronto): Frank Louis BARBER, 32, clergyman, of Preston Ont., s/o Alonzo Milton BARBER, gentleman, & Clarissa M. FOWLER, married Ethel May TUBLE (Teeble?), 31, of Toronto, d/o John M. TUBLE, merchant, & Mary HOLLAND, witn: Charles E. TUBLE of Toronto & Clarissa M. BARBER of Preston, 23 Nov 1909 03552-09 (York Co) J. D. BARCLAY, 30, garment designer, of Toronto, s/o Samuel BARCLAY (millwright) & Janet McDONALD, married Priscilla FINCH, 30, of Toronto, d/o Thomas W. FINCH (butcher) & Martha BROWN, witn: Lauretta B. TAYLOR & T. B. ENTWISTLE both of Toronto, 1 Sep 1909 at Toronto

004763-09 William Thomas BARKER, 24, Machinist, of Toronto, s/o William Thomas BARKER, seaman & Alice BURLEY; married Mary Ann BEAVIS, 28,  of Toronto, d/o no father given & Jane STEVENS; wit Joseph GEEN & Emma GEEN, 11 Nov 1909

004746-09 Albert Edwin BARRANGER, 23, Labourer, of Toronto, s/o George Colborne BARRANGER & Emma BRADFORD; married Kate ROWAND, 19, Parlor Maid, of Toronto, d/o William Charles ROWAND & Kate DOYLE; wit James RANDALL & George LUCK, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

004100-09 (Toronto) Clifford Robert BATES, 23, Printer, of Toronto, s/o John Robert & Sarah Alice nee SUGGETT; married Emma Elizabeth BALDWIN, 20, of Toronto, d/o Austin BALDWIN & Margaret NESS; wit Mortimer Harold LOCKWOOD & Alice Annie WILSON or NELSON, both no place given, 12 Oct 1909

004752-09 Jake BERMAN, 33, Pedler, Wid, of 224 Parliament St., s/o Daniel BERMAN, gent & Golde BRAZE; married Ada GOLBUICK, 28, Wid, of not given, d/o Sam GOLBUICK, gent & Ettie PAINGER; wit Abram BERMAN & A. GOLDBERG, both Toronto, 12 Dec 1909
004105-09 (Toronto) John George BIDDULPH, 52, Moulder, Wid, of 310 Riding Ave, s/o John BIDDULPH & Harriet DEWSBURY; married Martha FARROW (nee BRADLEY), 40, Wid, of Clark Ont, d/o Alexander BRADLEY & Margaret JOHNSTON; wit George HAMILTON & Eva OLIVER, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909 #001403-09 (Toronto): Harvey Francis BIGHAM, 24, electrician, of Islington, adopted s/o Samuel BIGHAM & Eliza ASH, married Annie Marie NOLAN, 22, of Islington, d/o Martin NOLAN & Mary SHERIDAN, witn: Mary E. McKAY & Annie RENNELL, both of Toronto, 18 Feb 1909
004104-09 (Toronto) Horace BLACKBURN, 21, Butler, of 24 Fallis Dr., s/o James BLACKBURN & Sarah Ann BENNS; married Hannah Elizabeth POPPLETON, 19, of 101 Jones Ave, d/o Thomas POPPLETON & Anna HUTCHINSON; wit Thomas POPPLETON & Christie W. GROW, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909 2103-09 - J. Alexander BLACKBURN, 22, millman, of Bedford Ont, s/o John BLACKBURN & Elizabeth KAGELATORY?, married Laura M. SANDERSON, 21, of East Toronto, d/o John SANDERSON & Louise SCRIVENS, witn: H. F. LEONARD & S. A. GILROY, both of Toronto, 14 April 1909
#003011-09 Joe BLACKBURN, 22, of Toronto, plasterer, s/o Tom BLACKBURN & Elizabeth Ann HOWE, married Frances Vietta COAKWELL, 26, of Toronto, d/o Jas. COAKWELL & Jane MARSHALL, witn: J.A. COAKWELL, Eliz. A. BLACKBURN, both Toronto, married 21 Jul 1909 004093-09 (Toronto) Norton BLAKEY, 26, Manager, Leeds England, Montreal, s/o Thomas BLAKEY & Sarah Ann ADAMSON; married Mary Frances WARD, 31, Gloucester England, Toronto, d/o Joseph WARD & Caroline STAFFORD; wit Lilian M. BLAKEY & W.K. BLAKEY, both Toronto, 9 Oct 1909

2705-09 Harry BLOXHAM, 35, lithographer, of Toronto, s/o William Henry BLOXHAM & Annie CHICK? (Clink?), married Helen Carleton BRYCE, 25, of Toronto, d/o James B. BRYCE & Helen C. GRANT, witn: H. P. HOWARD & Evelyn BRYCE, both of Toronto, 29 June 1909

004764-09 Henry BOCK, 23, Organ Builder, of Toronto, s/o George BOCK, farmer, & Annie BEERWAGEN; married Mary KECHNIE, 23, Rubber Works, of Toronto, d/o William KECHNIE, farmer, & Mary EGGERT; wit Wis PLETZER & Minnie TURNER, both Toronto, 14 Dec 1909
004094-09 (Toronto) George Leroy BOOK, 22, Grocer, of Toronto, s/o Frank BOOK & Phoebe COOPER; married Countess CARR, 24, of Toronto, d/o Freeman CARR & Ada WITHROW; wit Lizzie C. LOWERLY & Mae BROWN, both Toronto, 14 Oct 1909 #003997-09 (Toronto): George R. BOURNE, 36, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Owen BOURNE, gentleman, & Eleanor SACHS, married Margaret DOUGLAS, 28, of Toronto, d/o William DOUGLAS & Mary PHELPS, witn: Eliza HEATH & George S. WRIGLEY, both of Toronto, 28 Sept 1909
003839-09 William James BRADFORD, 28, construction worker, from Toronto, s/o Charles BRADFORD & Mary ANTRIM, married Lula May AUSMAN, 27, from Toronto, d/o John AUSMAN & Mary CLEMENCE?, witn: Wesley AUSMAN of Toronto & Nettie BRADFORD, 22 September 1909 004532-09 (Toronto) Joseph BROCKMAN, 26, piano maker, Oshawa s/o Joseph BROCKMAN, moulder & Philomena BEURLIER married Annie COX, 19, Toronto d/o John COX, bricklayer & Ann MONAHAN wtn: Charles BROCKMAN of Oshawa & Mary COX of Toronto, 22 November 1909

004762-09 Joseph BROOKES, 30, Brass finisher, Wid, of 20 Hallam St., s/o John BROOKS (sic), plasterer, & Sarah Ann JOHNSON; married Florence ROSS, 27, Wid, of 20 Hallam St., d/o James E. ASHTON, insurance agent, & Alice MILLICENT; wit Michael J. SMITH & Alice MARSELIS, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

004735-09 Oliver Owen BROWN, 23, Enameler, of Port Hope, s/o George BROWN & Martha VARCOE; married Fanny Beatrice PETHIC, 21, of Port hope, d/o Noah PETHIC & Martha LIDDELL; witn L.C. GRAHAM & S. LISCOM, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909
#004325-09 (Toronto): James BROWN, 27, mason, of 103 Arthur St., s/o William BROWN & Annie ROSS, married Annie McMURDO, 26, of 103 Arthur St., d/o William McMURDO & Margaret GRACE, witn: George MUNRO & Mary REID, both of Toronto, 28 Sept 1909 #001897-09 (York Co.) Charles BROWN, 26, of Outlook Sask, Carpenter, s/o Henry BROWN & Joan REEVES, married Annie BAKER, 26, of Toronto, d/o Joseph BAKER & Fannie CAMIN[?], witnesses: Albert R. PALSER of Toronto & Marion BROWN of Castleton, on 21 April 1909 at Toronto
004543-09 (Toronto) Dodurel Francis BROWN, 21, surveyor, Toronto s/o Francis Neil BROWN & Mary Ann BROWN married Mary Alice McEVOY, 22, Toronto d/o Owen McEVOY & Mary McINERREY wtn: William BROWN & Kathleen BROWN both of Toronto, 24 November 1909 004546-09 (Toronto) Emery BRUNET, 25, storekeeper, Moose Creek Ont. s/o Frank BRUNET & Angela HOULE married Margaret B. BELL, 29, Toronto d/o John A. BELL & Sarah A. McKENZIE wtn: Albert H. PADDON & Maude MONROE both of Toronto, 24 November 1909
001610-09 George BUSKIN, 74, of Toronto, widower, s/o James BUSKIN & Mary EDWARDS, married Ethel SHOAL, 53, of Toronto, widow, d/o John MOORE & Ellen BEARDMORE, witn; Henry VEITCH, Florence VEITCH, both Toronto, married 9 Mar 1909 004503-09 (Toronto) Eric Irving BUTLER, 26, stone polisher, 10 Markham Place s/o Rueben BUTLER & Eleanor MARTIN married Catherine LAMB, 23, of 175 Hampton Dr., d/o John LAMB & Annie ARDEN, witn: Sheard BROWN & Maria BROWN both of Toronto, 20 November 1909
003015-09 Frederick Alexander BYTHELL, 20, of Toronto, carpenter, s/o Reuben BYTHELL & "don't know", married Myra Helen TAYLOR, 18, of Toronto, envelope embosser, d/o James TAYLOR & Marion PATTERSON, witn: William Howard RILEY, Florence Euphemia TAYLOR, both Toronto, married 21 July 1909

#003922-09 (Toronto): William Andrew CAIRNS, 27, teamster, of 27 Curzon St., s/o George CAIRNS, engineer, & Adelaide SNYDER, married Florence HOGG, 22, of 15 Pape Ave., d/o Edward HOGG, painter, & Maggie GILMOUR, witn: Nora & Albert ANDERSON of Toronto, 29 Sept 1909

004102-09 (Toronto) Thomas Hugh CALLAGHAN, 34, Mining Captain, of Long Lake, s/o Hugh CALLAGHAN, road builder, & Ethel ELLIS; married Mary WILSON, 23, Operator, of 250 Bain Ave., d/o William WILSON, warehouse man, & Mary A. STRACHAN; wit William WILSON & Christina WILSON, 14 Oct 1909 004084-09 (Toronto) John CALLINGHAM, 25, Wine Clerk, of Toronto, s/o William CALLINGHAM, plasterer, & Eliza ALLETSON; married Mabel TRUMBLY, 19, Wid, of none given, d/o John DRAPER, farmer, & Emily GALLINGER; wit D. OXFORD & Juan OXFORD, both Toronto, 6 Oct 1909
004513-09 (Toronto) Thomas CAMMACK, 32, police officer, Chicago s/o William CAMMACK, labourer & Elizabeth MOORE married Mary Elizabeth McGOWAN, 28, Toronto d/o William McGOWAN, labourer & Martha JOHNSTON wtn: William McGOWAN & Martha McGOWAN both of Toronto, 9 November 1909 004758-09 Arthur Daniel CAMPBELL, 42, Merchant, of Mexico City Mexico, s/o Peter CAMPBELL, manufacturer, & Jeanette McDONALD; married Annie Laurie LONG, 24, of Eusenda - Port Rico West Indies, d/o John Henry LONG, professor, & Henrietta LONGSTREET; wit Frederick Herman Wallon SCHUCK, Toronto & Mary Eleanor LONGSTREET, Brantford, 11 Dec 1909
004511-09 (Toronto) Duncan CARMICHAEL, 42, engineer, Nottawasaga in Simcoe Co s/o Hugh CARMICHAEL, farmer & Catherine BELL married Annie McKINNON. 33, Isle of Skye in Scotland d/o John McKINNON, fisherman & Mary McKINNON wtn: Annabella McKAY of Toronto, 11 November 1909

004750-09 Thomas CARR, 54, Liveryman, Wid, of Lisle, s/o Thomas Henry CARR, farmer, & Mary Ann PINKERTON; married Elizabeth HOLMES, 32, of Rosedale Toronto, d/o Stephen HOLMES, ironsmith, & Sarah HARE; wit Henry B. GALLOWAY & Annie Winifred KEW, both Toronto, 30 Nov 1909

#001625-09 (York Co.) William Thomas CASSIDY, 24, of Toronto, s/o William Thomas CASSIDY & Daisy Ellen ARTHUR, married Adeline May DUDLEY, 20, of Toronto, d/o William DUDLEY & Jane REID, witnesses: Permelia LANGFORD & Maria R. LANGFORD, both of Toronto, on 21 March 1909 at Toronto 2712-09 Arthur Bever? CHESTNUT, 28, designer, of Toronto, s/o David George CHESTNUT & Mary DOUGLAS, married Florence Mae AUSTIN, 27, of Toronto, d/o George AUSTIN & Ida WAY, witn: Harry AUSTIN & Nina THOMAS, both of Toronto, 30 June 1909

004759-09 Herbert Moss CHALLENGER, 25, Accountant, of Toronto, s/o William CHALLENGER & Annie MOSS; married Edith Mary HENDERSON, 26, of Toronto, d/o William Edward HENDERSON & Mary Ann YOUNG; wit Flora MARRION, Toronto & Mary YOUNG, Port Colborne, 14 Dec 1909

004501-09 (Toronto) George CHAPMAN, 25, fireman, Toronto s/o George CHAPMAN & Emily CHAPMAN married Elizabeth Frances MAYBE, 25, Toronto d/o William MAYBE & Jane READINGHAM wtn: Edward MILLER & Mrs E. MILLER both of Toronto, 28 October 1909
2709-09 Daniel CLEARY, 30, clothing cutter, of Toronto, s/o Michael CLEARY & Margaret STARKDALE, married Jane MURRAY, 27, of Toronto, d/o Martin MURRAY & Elizabeth McMAHON, witn: Francis CLEARY of Hamilton & Ann O'HARA of Toronto, 30 June 1909 004115-09 (Toronto) John Percival COLEMAN, 45, Clerk, of none given, s/o William COLEMAN & Fanny GUNNELL; married Harriet WOODLEY, 34, Wid, of none given, d/o William Thomas FERRELL & Lucy GOLDFINCH; wit Hector ERNEST & Lucy JENNINGS, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909
004089-09 (Toronto) Thomas COLLINS, 62, Labourer, Wid, of 116 Beverley St., s/o Joyce COLLINS, farmer, & Sarah MAXWELL; married Jane ARMOUR, 50, of 56 Elm St., d/o Archibald ARMOUR, store keeper, & Catharine JONES; wit Archibald ARMOUR & Maria CRAWFORD, both Toronto, 8 Oct 1909 004074-09 (Toronto) Joseph CONNERY, 31, Contractor, Wid, of Toronto, s/o Joseph CONNERY & Ann Jane LITTLEFIELD; married Alma ASHLER, 19, of Toronto, d/o William ASHLER & Mary SPARLING; wit Lydia McCORMACK & Lavinia OKLEY, both Toronto, 2 Aug 1909
#003752-09 (York Co.) Charles F. CONNOLLY, 26, of 54 Connolly St, Fireman, s/o Edward CONNOLLY & Eliza ROWITT, married Edith May GRIFFIN, 20, of Weston Road, d/o George GRIFFIN & Annie MURRAY, witnesses: Alfred J. BIGGAR of 226 Campbell Ave & Ella J. MORGAN of 432 Perth Ave, on 15 August 1909 at Toronto  
No # -09 Stephen CORDINER, 32, of Acton, painter, s/o Alex. CORDINER & Janet HUTCHINSON, married Amelia ANDERSON, 34, of Acton, d/o Benjamin ANDERSON & Mary Ann CARNOCHAN, witn; Carrie LAIRD, Robert LAIRD, both Hamilton, married 10 Feb 1909 (duplicate, not numbered) #001893-09 (York Co.) Robert Stanfield CORGILL, 26, of Toronto, Asst. Mgr., s/o Charles S. CORGILL & Nellie M. SMITH, married Edna May BILTON, 28, of Toronto, d/o Thomas BILTON & Amelia Mary CREIGHTON, witnesses: Marian BILTON & Frank A. CORYILL, both of Toronto, on 29 April 1909 at Toronto
#003003-09 Hiram COVERT, 35, of Toronto, Gent's furnisher, s/o William COVERT, cooper & Margaret. WEESE, married Fannie Eliz. WEBB, 28, of Toronto, d/o Job WEBB, carpenter & Mary Ann WILSON, witn: W.H. HARPER, R.F. COVERT, both Toronto, married 23 Jun 1909 #001406-09 (Toronto): Fred Warren COWAN, widower, 35, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John M. COWAN, chocolate maker, & Isabella DIMMOCK, married Jane Theresa WARREN, 25, of Newcastle, d/o Richard L. WARREN, gentleman, & Mary J. LANDHYN, witn: Jean BAKER & Eliz. AXFORD, both of Toronto, 19 Feb 1909 at Toronto
#001894-09 (York Co.) George A. COX, 68, of Toronto, Widower, Senator of Canada, s/o Edward William COX & Jane TANNER, married Amy Gertrude STERLING, 34, of Toronto, d/o Walter STERLING & Lucy FOSTER, witnesses: E.W. COX & L.M. STERLING, both of Toronto, on 14 April 1909 at Toronto 001612-09 Fred COX, 23, of Toronto, printer, s/o Samuel COX & Annie HILL, married Laura BAIN, 21, of Toronto, d /o Richard W. BAIN & Alice HAUGTON, witn; H.G. STARR, Alice BAIN, both Toronto, married 3 March 1909
2710-09 Charles H. CREALOCK, 27, salesman, of Winnipeg, s/o George CREALOCK & Matilda THOMPSON, married Alice May BRINK, 30, of Toronto, d/o Charles A. BRINK & Louisa HUNTER, witn: Archie L. LYNN & Bertha BRINK, both of Toronto, 30 June 1909 #004934-09 (Toronto) George Leslie CROOKS, 28, of Toronto, secretary, s/o Thomas CROOKS, gentleman & Elizabeth STROUD, married Blanche Marie BISSONETTE, 18, of Toronto, d/o Frank BISSONETTE, lineman & Elizabeth BLACKMORE, witn George A. MACKEY, Eleanor MACKEY, both Toronto, married 22 December 1909
#001963-09 (Toronto): William CURTIS, 41?, blacksmith, of Toronto, s/o Edward CURTIS & Mary ROOK, married Jennie SCOTT, 37, of Toronto, d/o Thomas SCOTT & Elizabeth ROBINSON, witn: Jane GREENE of Toronto, 17 April 1909 004517-09 (Toronto) Nelson John DAKE, 23, trainman, Toronto s/o John Nelson DAKE, engineer & Minnie ABBS married Ella OSTERTOG (Ostertag?), 20, Toronto d/o Joseph OSTERTOG, boiler maker & Louisa TRAN wtn: William A. GARDINER & Reginald D. TURNBULL both of Toronto, 18 October 1909
004088-09 (Toronto) Harry DAVIS, 22, Baker, of 124 Elizabeth St., s/o Sam DAVIS, gent, & Sarah BARNS; married Sophe STERNBERG, 18, of 124 Elizabeth St., d/o Abraham STERNBERG, gent, & Fannie GREEN; wit Maris DAVIS & Rev. M. RAPLAN, both Toronto, 12 Oct 1909 #003994-09 (Toronto): Frederick Edwin DAVIS, 27, jeweller?, of New York, s/o Alfred DAVIS, book keeper, & Emma SANGSTER, married Emma VADERS, 29, of Toronto, d/o Frederick VADERS & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: Charles Frederick QUARRINGTON & Charlotte VADERS, both of Toronto, 4 Oct 1909
 #004938-09 (Toronto) George Henry DAWE, 28, of Toronto, painter, s/o John DAWE & "Does not recollect", married Maud SPRATLIN, 29, of Toronto, d/o Frederick John SPRATLIN & Mary M. BAIYLEY, witn H. BAIYLEY & Mrs. E. BAIYLEY, both Toronto, married 29 December 1909

004744-09 Harry DAY, 26, Labourer, of Toronto, s/o Charles DAY & Ann STOW; married Christine PETERS, 25, of Toronto, d/o Robert PETERS & Isabel FORESTER; wit Permelia R. LANGFORD & Maria R. LANGFORD, both Toronto, 10 Dec 1909

#001583-09 (Toronto) Joseph Arthur D'EATH, 21, of Toronto, tile layer, s/o David D'EATH & Rachel Jane DAY, married Eleanor KING, 20, of Toronto, d/o Alexander KING & Jane LANCASTER, witn: William J. EYRE, Bethia Wilson KING, both Toronto, married 16 March 1909 004506-09 (Toronto) Mathew Wilbert DEDMAN, 25, carriage maker, 12 Parkman Ave s/o Robert DEDMAN, farmer & Jane VAREY married Ella May MAPES, 19, 12 Parkman Dr d/o Jesse MAPES, carriage maker & Louise COMBS wtn: Clara STEEL & Libbie R. McATEER, 18 November 1909
004082-09 (Toronto) George DEVONSHIRE, 33, Conductor, of 331 Wellesley St. s/o James DEVONSHIRE, porter, & Ann LANGLEY; married Ellen CHALMERS, 38, of 440 Manning St., d/o Daniel CHALMERS, miner, & Agnes RICHARDSON; wit J. DEVONSHIRE, Toronto & Mrs. Maggie CURRIE, Wychwood, 9 Oct 1909 #003032-09 (Toronto): Frederick Edward DIXON, 19, teamster, of West Toronto, s/o Thomas DIXON + Mary Ann GRACEY, married Nina RUMBLE, 19, of West Toronto, d/o Frederick RUMBLE + Sarah SMITH, witness Ephriam RAMSBOTHAM + Mary F. DEWING, both of West Toronto, 23 June 1909
#001628-09 (York Co.) John T. DOBSON, 25, of Toronto, Carpet cleaner, s/o Edward DOBSON & Sarah LAURENCE, married Florence A. EDGLEY, 25, of Toronto, d/o George EDGLEY & Betsey LINDOP[?], witnesses: Fred A. DIGARNO & Mrs. F.A. DIGARNO, both of Toronto, on 23 March 1909 at Toronto #001390-09 (Toronto): Frederick DOIDGE, 20, factory hand, of Toronto, s/o James DOIDGE & Margaret PURVIS, married Sadie PLATT, 20, of Toronto, d/o Frederick PLATT & Rebecca STAMP, witn: Flora SAVAGE & A.K. EDMISON, both of Toronto, 15 Feb 1909
004110-09 (Toronto) Frank DORST, 23, Butcher, of Toronto, s/o Jacob DORST, butcher, & Elizabeth JUDSON; married Eva Maud COOK, 20, of Toronto, d/o James COOK & Sarah Ann DUNN; wit Mrs. Annie BAKER & Mrs. Elizabeth CHARLES, both Toronto, 15 Oct 1909 4528-09 (Toronto): Joseph DOUGLAS, 42, widower, furniture dealer, of Toronto, s/o not known, married Eliza LITTLE, 35, house keeper, of Toronto, d/o Robert LITTLE & Sarah A. GREENWOOD, witn: John P. HUGHES & Harriet SPEERS, both of Toronto, 22 Nov 1909
#001407-09 (Toronto): James Alexr DOYLE, 26, hotel keeper, of Toronto, s/o John DOYLE & Louisa GRACEY, married Margaret Alice HAFFEY, 27, of Toronto, d/o John HAFFEY & Isabella DWYER, witn: Francis M. HAFFEY & Laura DOYLE, both of Toronto, 10 Feb 1909 (Rom Cath) 2110-09 Hugh Lewis DUNCAN, 29, policeman, of Toronto, s/o Walter DUNCAN & Ellen Armagh SPANK, married Katherine McLACHLAN, 22, of Toronto, d/o John McLACHLAN & Sarah McEWAN, witn: T?. W. & Martha HARRY of Toronto, 9 April 1909
004092-09 (Toronto) Albert John DUNN, 29, Clerk, of Toronto, s/o Charles DUNN, gardener, & Elizabeth WAY; married Mary Elizabeth ISON, 31, Clerk, of Toronto, d/o George ISON, carpenter, & Betsy FREARSON; wit Mary SIMMS & G.E. TENAY, both Toronto, 14 Oct 1909 #003038-09 (Toronto) Percy August DYER, 20, hatter, of Toronto, s/o Alfred DYER & Sarah Louise SAVILLE, married Mary Jane JONES, 20, of Toronto, d/o James JONES & Eliza Jane AUCHINCLOSS?, witness was William GREENHEAD of Toronto, 19 July, 1909
2109-09 John EDDIE, 28, driver, of Toronto, s/o William EDDIE & Helen YONG?, married Beatrice CAMPBELL, 30, of Toronto, d/o Roderick CAMPBELL & Kella McKENZIE, witn: George TAYLOR & Rose BOWDEN, both of Toronto, 22 Jan 1909 003831-09 Eudena Bigkin ELDER, 24, surgeon, from Macon Georgia, s/o William Anderson ELDER, hotel keeper & Jennie SAUNDERS, married Margaret Selena BARTHWICK, 34, from Macon Georgia, d/o Robert BARTHWICK, machinist, & Lentia LOGAN, witn: Harry M. NOWAN of Toronto & Eliza BARTHWICK of Brantford, 18 September 1909 
#003002-09 George ELLIOTT, 44, of Toronto, physician, widower, s/o William John ELLIOTT, manuf. & Ann YOUNG, married Mary GARDINER, 38, of Toronto, d/o Robert GARDINER, manuf. & Maria STEVENSON, witn; W.J. ELLIOTT, W. GARDINER, both Toronto, married 22 Jun 1909 003014-09 Hugh ELLIOTT, 28, of Toronto, druggist, s/o Simon ELLIOTT & Elizabeth Jane DAVENPORT, married Ethel JOENESS, 27, of Toronto, d/o Harry JOENESS & Willimma ROSE, witn; Harriett JONES of Toronto, Barbara ROSE of Newcastle, married 20 July 1909

004742-09 Frederick ESSEX, 28, Electrician, of Toronto, s/o Alfred ESSEX, contractor, & Annie FARWEILER; married Jane Sophia BRAIN, 27, of Toronto, d/o George E.T. BRAIN, hat maker, & Elizabeth BLACKMAN; wit R.H. ESSEX, Buffalo NY & Amy E. BRAIN, Toronto, 9 Dec 1909

004738-09 Thomas EVELEIGH, 22, Cutter, of Toronto, s/o Thomas EVELEIGH & Florence HODGE; married May FURNESS, 21, of Toronto, d/o William FURNESS & Sarah OLIVER; wit Elwood STONE & Lillie REED, both Toronto, 10 Nov 1909

#001629-09 (York Co.) Harold James FAGAN, 25, of Toronto, Engraver, s/o Alfred FAGAN & Jennie PERSALL, married Ethel LAWRENCE, 22, of Toronto, d/o Peter LAWRENCE & Sarah DANI, witnesses: Elizabeth PICKERING & Eufemie PICKERING, both of Toronto, on 23 March 1909 at Toronto

004736-09 John Samuel FARLEY, 22, Carpenter, of Toronto, s/o John Thomas FARLEY & Elizabeth WILLIAMS; married Ethel May CHAPMAN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Alfred W. CHAPMAN & Elizabeth ALBION; wit Charles V. SIMS & Ada C. KIMBERLEY, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

#001581-09 (Toronto) William FARSHAW (Fanshaw?), 26, of Toronto, plasterer, s/o Richard FARSHAW & Anne GILLETT, married Jane McLAREN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Henry McLAREN & Jane PATTERSON, witn: Henry McLAREN Jr of Cobourg, Agnes FITZPATRICK of Toronto, married 23 February 1909 (Rom Cath) 004516-09 (Toronto) George Hird FEASBY, 33, printer, Toronto s/o John FEASBY, farmer & Harriet HIRD married Blanche ELLIOTT, 23, Toronto d/o Jackson ELLIOTT, farmer & Catherine KENNY wtn: William A. GARDINER & Reginald D. TURNBULL both of Toronto, 25 December 1909
004078-09 (Toronto) Wallis Leonard FIELDING, 29, tool maker, of Toronto, s/o Richard FIELDING, retired, & Elizabeth Ann MULHALL; married Emily Jane CRAWFORD, 38, of none given, d/o Samuel CRAWFORD, deceased, & Emily HOOKER; wit J.M. CRAWFORD & C.C. FIELDING, both Toronto, 1 Oct 1909  001608-09 Thomas Smith FIELDS, 32, of Village of Heward Sask., farmer, s/o William B. FIELDS & Martha SMITH, married Annie Elizabeth SHAW, 28, of Toronto, d/o Duncan P. SHAW & Emma Elizabeth LYNN, witn: Mary L. BROWN, Margaret. E. BROWN, both Toronto, married 19 Mar 1909
004507-09 (Toronto) Ernest FINKLE, 22, electrician, Toronto s/o William FINKLE, mechanic & Charlotte DEACON married Annie KEELIHER, 20, Belleville d/o Charles KEELIHER, mechanic & Ellen KEELY wtn: Joseph MELOTH? of Toronto & Eleanor COURNEA of Belleville, 19 November 1909 2108-09 Arch FISHER, 28, engineer, of Toronto, s/o James FISHER & Margaret BUDGE, married Flora McLEOD, 21, of Toronto, d/o Norman McLEOD & Margaret SHAND, witn: E. J. FISHER & Alice JOSS, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1909
#003077-09 (Toronto) Frederick Henry FLEISCHAUER, 27, of Toronto, tailor, s/o Frederick FLEISCHAUER & Elizabeth DREBEL, married Louise Matilda LOOS, 20, of Toronto, d/o Gerlach LOOS & Anna BELLING (or Billing), witn: Sophie LOOS, Victor JEFFRIES, both Toronto, married 28 July 1909 004077-09 (Toronto) Sheldon B. FLEMING, 28, Harness Maker, of Brampton, s/o Peter FLEMING & Christina FERGIE; married Pina SANDERSON, no age given, of Brampton, d/o Martin SANDERSON & Martha CARR; wit James HARMSWORTH, Brampton & Rebecca JAMES, Toronto, 13 Oct 1909
  003847-09 Andrew FORD, 27, carpenter, from Toronto, s/o Hugh George FORD & Augusta HARRISON, married Ethel Mary CHILLMAN, 21, from Toronto, d/o Mathew CHILLMAN & Susan HATTIE, witn: Henry George FORD & E. CHILLMAN from Toronto, 15 September 1909
 001609-09 Victor E. FREED, 24, of Hamilton, steam fitter, s/o James FREED & Emma PATRICK, married Helen M. BICKLE, 21, of Hamilton, d/o William BICKLE & Isabel RUTHERFORD, witn; H. G. STARR, Georgie STARR, both Toronto, married 11 Mar 1909

004760-09 Joseph J. FREEMAN, 49, Agent GT Ry, Wid, of Edgington, s/o John FREEMAN & Sarah MAXWELL; married Mary JOHNSON, 43, of Forest, d/o James JOHNSON & Janet CAMPBELL; witn D. JOHNSON, Dorset Ont & Hilda VANCE, Toronto, 14 Dec 1909

003016-09 Archie Bigham GALBRAITH, 24, of Brampton Peel Co., bricklayer, s/o Hugh GALBRAITH, farmer & Ellen BIGHAM, married Mabel LEWIS, 20, of Toronto, d/o James LEWIS, farmer & Hannah HUNTER, witn: William GALBRAITH, Elsie EMMETT, both Toronto, married 21 July 1909

004740-09 James GALBRAITH, 30, Farmer, of Cedar Brae, s/o Charles GALBRAITH & Mary BAIRD; married Mary Elizabeth McPHADDEN, 33, of Toronto, d/o Neil McPHADDEN & Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM; wit Eric BORG & Christina M.F. BORG, both Toronto, 8 Dec 1909

003017-09 Simeon GARLAND, 31, of Toronto, labourer, s/o Henry GARLAND & Matilda BARRETT, married Cora CRAWFORD, 21, of Toronto, d/o Amos CRAWFORD & Matilda SCANKES, witn; Daniel MIX, Jennie MIX, both Toronto, married 20 July 1909 003838-09 John GIBBONS, 27, from St John New Brunswick, s/o John GIBBONS & Elizabeth CARTER, married Bessie MELLEY, 29, London Life, from Toronto, d/o George MELLEY & Fanny BRIDGES, witn: F.B. MELLEY & Minnie ALLAN of Toronto, 7 September 1909
#003081-09 (Toronto) Robert George GILES, 20, of Toronto, janitor, s/o Ferdinand GILES & Kate BOOTH, married Georgina REED, 20, of Toronto, d/o George REED & Margaret PRATT, witn: Fred GILES, Mrs. F. GILES, Toronto, married 28 July 1909 004548-09 (Toronto) Samuel Wallace GILLESPIE, 38, grocer, Ayr s/o Joseph GILLESPIE, painter & Marion WALLACE married Mary COWAN, 48, widow, Ayr d/o George VANCE, farmer & Margaret LITTLE wtn: Jean BAKER & E.A. OXFORD both of Toronto, 22 November 1909
003833-09 Allan GILMOUR, 30, freight handler, from Toronto, s/o John GILMOUR & Mary BROWN, married June CHAPMAN, 28, from Toronto, d/o William CHAPMAN & Margaret PURVIS, witn: Charles McCARTHY & Margaret TURNBULL of Toronto, 22 September 1909 #001408-09 (Toronto): Francis P. GLYNN, 21, watch maker, of Toronto, s/o Patrick GLYNN & Mary O'CONNELL, married Louisa Ida HAMILTON, 18, of Toronto, d/o Michael HAMILTON & Elizabeth SIMPSON, witn: William WHITE & Elizabeth HAMILTON, both of Toronto, 8 Feb 1909 (Rom Cath)
#004322-09 (Toronto): William John GOLDSMITH, 20, s/o William GOLDSMITH & Mary McINTYRE, married Alice Philomen SMITH, 18, d/o John SMITH & Julia WILSON, witn: W.J.B. MITCHELL & George GOLDSMITH, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1909

004737-09 Alfred James GOODCHILD, 25, Electrician, of Toronto, s/o no parents given; married Alice Edith GEORGE, 16, of Toronto, d/o not given, witn: Dan McGEE & Louise STEWART, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

4525-09 (Toronto): Richard Joseph GOULD, 46, widower, of Toronto, s/o James GOULD & Eliza MONTEITH, married Janet Ross GARDNER, 37, of Toronto, d/o Peter GARDNER & Mary MacDONALD, witn: Grace L. MacDONALD of Toronto & Janet Ross McCANEL? of St. Thomas, 25 Oct 1909 #003924-09 (Toronto): Frederick C. GOULD, 41, book keeper, of Evans NY, s/o Isaac GOULD & Caroline D. KUHN, married Flora M. AMES, 41, dress maker, of Evans NY, d/o Bailey AMES & Catherine PEEN (or Peer), witn: Edith COURTIS & Lettie R. McATEER, both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1909
003846-09 Albert Edward GRACIE, 21, printer, from Toronto, s/o James GRACIE, stone cutter, & Marion Eliza BURT, married Mary Jane POYNTON, 24, from Toronto, d/o William POYNTON, butcher, & Mary Jane SPENCE, witn: Mattie GRACIE Marion PONT ? of Toronto, 15 September 1909 #003920-09 (Toronto): William Thomas GRAY, 28, "manf", of Port Credit, s/o John GRAY, "manf", & Agnes MALCOLM, married Louise Marie ELLIOTT, 24, of Toronto, d/o William Henry ELLIOTT, merchant, & Jessie Lloyd ELLIOTT, witn: Andrew GRAY of Pt. Credit & Madeline ELLIOTT of Toronto, 28 Sept 1909
004538-09 (Toronto) R.J. GREEN, 35, railway worker, Palmerston s/o Elton GREEN & Elizabeth HENDERSON married Mary J. MAHONEY, 28, Toronto d/o Michael MAHONEY, farmer & Johanna CRAWLEY wtn: Joseph TRACEY of Lindsay & Augustine MAHONEY of Arthur Ont. 24 November 1909  #003034-09 (Toronto) Frank GREGORY, 27, enameler, of Toronto, s/o John GREGORY & Jane BUTCHER, married Isabella MILLER, 21, of Toronto, d/o Abraham MILLER & Annie KIZER, witnesses were Ruth MILLER & Thomas H. WILSON, both of Toronto, 21 July, 1909 at Toronto
004098-09 (Toronto) Thomas GRIFFIN, 23, Workman, of Toronto, s/o Archie John & Annie GRIFFIN; married Edith BROWN, 25, of Toronto, d/o George & Elizabeth BROWN; wit Lila ROBERTS & Lizzie B. DUNCAN, both Toronto, 9 Oct 1909 003013-09 Maurice GRIMBLY, 28, of Toronto, structural engineer, s/o Owen James GRIMBLY & Annie WALKER, married Mary Louisa WATSON, 23, of Toronto, d/o George WATSON & Mary Louisa CUSHING, witn: Lionel Adam WATSON, Sybil Irene BELL, both Toronto, married 21 July 1909
001607-09 Robert James GROGAN, 53, of Toronto, widower, coal & wood dealer, s/o John GROGAN & Jane STEPHENSON, married Emma Jane CLARKE, 42, of Toronto, widow, d/o Arthur BANFORD & Maria CLARKE, witn: Myrtle CLAXTON, E. SPENCER, both Toronto, married 16 Mar 1909 004533-09 (Toronto) Henry Joseph GWYNNE, 25, waiter, Toronto s/o Henry Joseph GWYNNE, steam fitter & Harriet A. O'SULLIVAN married Elizabeth A. WRIGHT, 19, Toronto d/o Charles A. WRIGHT, labourer & Helen MALONEY wtn: John EVOY of Toronto & Annie SMITH of Goodwood Ont. 24 November 1909
004118-09 (Toronto) Sidney Joseph HAMPTON, 25, Salesman, of Toronto, s/o Fred HAMPTON & Sarah GOULD; married Mary Louise POLLARD, 21, of Toronto, d/o William POLLARD & Matilda SAYER; wit Charles POLLARD & Bessie SMITH, both Toronto, 1 Oct 1909 004096-09 (Toronto) Fred HARCOURT, 26, Electrician, of Toronto, s/o Richard HARCOURT, carpenter, & Jane GORSE; married Lillian A. SOUTHWICK, 20, of Toronto, d/o George Robert SOUTHWICK & Martha Ann BINNS; wit Rose SOUTHWICK & Herbert SOUTHWICK, both Toronto, 12 Oct 1909
004541-09 (Toronto) George Robert HARNER, 22, driver, Toronto s/o John Thomas HARNER, park packer & Margaret Ann HARNER married Nellie May SMITH, 21, stationer, d/o Thomas SMITH, labourer & Caroline WHITNAL wtn: James L.L. COBBIN & Annie COBBIN both of Toronto, 23 November 1909 #001896-09 (York Co.) H. C. HATCH, 24, of Oshawa, Clerk, s/o William HATCH & Laney ALLISON, married Elizabeth CARR, 22, of Oshawa, d/o William CARR & Margaret QUIGLEY, witnesses: John CARR of Toronto & C.J. DONOVAN of Hamilton, on 31 March 1909 at Toronto
2112-09 Sherman HENDERSON, 28, farmer, of Cherry Valley, s/o Gordon HENDERSON, farmer, & Eliza FERGUSON, married Hilda JONES, 21, of Toronto, d/o Walter JONES, laborer, & Anne FORSTER, witn: Jessie CHURNESS of Long Branch & Edythe YOURIER? of Toronto, 28 April 1909 003841-09 William HENDREN, 20, express man, from Toronto, s/o John HENDREN, express man, & Beatrice WOOD, married Grace WOOD, 20, from St Catharines, d/o Albert WOOD, brakesman, & Ellen TODD, witn: William JACOBS & Alice HENDRFEN of Toronto, 22 September 1909
2703-09 William Frederick HERRIL, 21, traveller, of Toronto, s/o William Frederick HERRIL & Mary Jane MILLWARD, married Ruby Margaret LOCKHART, 18, of Toronto, d/o Frank LOCKHART & Margaret Sarah BOND, witn: E. & Margaret FORBES of Toronto, 30 June 1909  004077-09 (Toronto) William James HILDRETH, 24, Carpenter, of Toronto, s/o James HILDRETH & Eleanor HENDERSON; married Elizabeth Ethel SARGEANT, 25, of Halifax England, d/o Arthur SARGENT (sic) & Elizabeth SALMON; wit John James FOX & Catherine P. FOX, both Toronto, 12 Aug 1909
003836-09 Arthur George HILL, 24, traveller, from Toronto, s/o William HILL, grocer, & Frances BARON, married Orpha Mina WILSON, 22, from Toronto, d/o John WILSON, & Eliza BROWN, witn: Charles & Eliza MOYER of Toronto, 25 August 1909 001614-09 John W. HILL, 24, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John HILL & Cath. GOOD, married Jean DONNELLY, 24, of Toronto, d/o Henderson DONNELLY & Jessie REID, witn: H.G. STARR, Bessie DONNELLY, both Toronto, married 27 Feb 1909
004117-09 (Toronto) Charles Bazil HODGSON, 27, Merchant, of Spokane Washington US, s/o James HODGINS & Rebecca SAYEARS; married Jannie WADDELL, 21, of Peterboro, d/o William WADDELL & Isabella McCONCHIE; wit Elizabeth EDWARDS & Kate MINTON, both Toronto, 18 Oct 1909 004114-09 (Toronto) Arthur HOLMAN (Hohnan?), 21, Machinist, of Toronto, s/o Charles HOLMAN & Mary BELCHUP; married Janey FARNELL, 27, of Toronto, d/o Benjamin FARNELL & no mother given; wit Lyman BOYD & Annie WARREN, both Toronto, 15 Oct 1909
003018-09 John Henry HOSICK, 54, of Amarault, farmer, s/o James HOSICK, farmer & Sarah COLE, married Annie Isabel REED, 28, of Toronto, nurse, d/o Thomas REED, labourer & Martha A. KELLY, witn: James HOSICK, Annie HOSICK, both Toronto, married 8 July 1909 004083-09 (Toronto) Robert Davidson HUME, 32, Barrister at Law, of Toronto, s/o Robert HUME, Presbyterian minister, & Mary McGREGOR; married Flora Pearl RUTTLEY, 27, of Toronto, d/o William F. RUTTLEY, manufacturer, & Flora Ann OLDERSHAW; wit Irene RUTTLEY & C. Cecil MOON, both Toronto, 13 Oct 1909
004739-09 Ralph Clayton HUNT, 23, Piano Turner, of Toronto, s/o Henry HUNT & Emily WILLIAMS; married Alice Christine TRIPP, 20, of Toronto, d/o Peter TRIPP & Jane PORTER; wit Christopher H. STRATTON & Flora RANELEY, both Toronto, 1 Dec 1909

#001617-09 Herbert James HUNTER, 27, of Toronto, tinsmith, s/o James HUNTER, railroader & Annie CUMMINGS, married Barbara Ellen COLWILL, 24, of Toronto, d/o John COLWILL & Selina BARRETT, witn: James COLWILL, Marguerite CARRIGAN, both Toronto, married 18 Mar 1909

004072-09 (Toronto) William G. ILIFF, 60, Steamfitter, Wid, of Toronto, s/o William ILIFF & Ann WOOD; married Mabel HAYWARD, 38, of Toronto, d/o John HAYWARD & Jane BARR; wit George FULL & Ethel WHEADON, Toronto, 17 Jul 1909 #001961-09 (Toronto): Joseph ISIDEAN, 30, boarding house keeper, of Toronto, s/o Albert ISIDEAN & Mary BRANNIS, married Mary Maud STOCK, 40, widow, of Toronto, d/o Henry SPALDING & Ann QUIN, 15 April 1909 (Rom Cath)
004095-09 (Toronto) John JACKSON, 34, Shoe Manufacturer, Wid, of Toronto, s/o Robert JACKSON, trunk maker, & Eliza COULSON, married Emma DOBBIN, 19, Box Maker, of Toronto, d/o William DOBBIN, foreman, & Emily TAYLOR; wit George A. MORRISON & Annie DOBBIN, both no place given, 14 Oct 1909 004109-09 (Toronto) James JACKSON, 26, Bricklayer, of Toronto, s/o Josiah JACKSON, carpenter, & Lucy Ann RHODES; married Annie STRANGE, 26, of Toronto, d/o Fletcher Wilson STRANGE, manufacturer & Hannah Wilson BARRETT; wit James BROMELEY & Emily BROMLEY, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909
#004324-09 (Toronto): David JENKINS, 33, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Richard JENKINS & Ann THOMAS, married Annie CAIRNS, widow, 45, dress maker, of 159 Munroe St., d/o John JONES & Louisa BULLARD, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Richard BROWN of Toronto, 3 Nov 1909 (Salv Army) #003751-09 George Seymour JENKINS, 28, of Toronto, Clerk, s/o Stuart JENKINS & Eleanor ABREY, married Myrtle Irene DOWSLEY, 23, of Brockville, d/o Thomas DOWSLEY & Clara DARLING, witnesses: Ethelwyn JENKINS of Toronto & Helen St. JOHN of West Toronto, on 11 September 1909

#003001-09 William JESSOP, 24, of Toronto, clerk, s/o William JESSOP, wire worker & Rose Ann NICKLEW (Nicklen?), married Annie CHEERS, 20, of Toronto, d/o Thomas CHEERS, clerk & Jane PATTERSON, witn: Charles CATHERS, Charles MATTHEWS, both Toronto, married 20 Jul 1909

004741-09 William JOHNSTON, 33, Baker, of Toronto, s/o George JOHNSTON (sic) & Hannah PEARSON; married Annie VARKER, 29, Wid, of Toronto, d/o  Jeremiah PAYNE & Mary Ann O'BRIEN; wit Charles CHILLON & M.A. CAYLEY, both Toronto, 9 Dec 1909
#003707-09 (Toronto): George KEITH, 33, vet. surgeon of Toronto, s/o Goerge KEITH & Annie HAMPSHIRE, married Carrie BURROW, 20, of Toronto, d/o Richard BURROW & Cecilia BATH, witnesses were Richard & Cecilia BURROW of Toronto, 11 Sept. 1909 #001626-09 (York Co.) Bernard Joseph KELLY, 21, of Toronto, s/o Dore[?] KELLY & Kate KENAHAN, married Elsie CUNNYWOREH, 18, of Toronto, d/o George W. CUNNYWOREH & Susan W. EASON, witnesses: William CUNNYWOREH & L. Agatha HEARD, both of Toronto, on 22 March 1909 at Toronto
004085-09 (Toronto) George Henry LAILEY, 32, Merchant, of Toronto, s/o Alfred LAILEY, merchant, & Sarah BAILEY; married Catherine LANE, 30, of Toronto, d/o Samuel LANE, tailor, & Jane Ann DUNLOP; wit Robert DUNLOP & John DUNLOP, both Toronto, 18 Sept 1909 004505-09 (Toronto) Frank Alfred LARKIN, 37, broker, 96 McCaul St.. s/o Alfred George LARKIN & Annie Elizabeth BROWN married Helen Charlotte RUTHERFORD, 38, housekeeper, 28 River St. d/o Charles Dickson RUTHERFORD & Christina SMART, wtn: Kate JACKS & Elizabeth EDWARDS both of Toronto, 20 November 1909
001613-09 Leo David LASURE, 20, cook, of Toronto, s/o Joseph F. LASURE & Meloine? TURCOTTE, married Alice McCAUL, 22, domestic, of Toronto, d/o Francis McCAUL & Rose SCOTT, witn: Adolphe BELANGER Adele LASURE, both Toronto, married 17 March 1909 (RC) 004092-09 (Toronto) James Henry LAVERTY, 38, Real Estate agent, of Toronto, s/o Aleck LAVERTY, farmer, & Elizabeth LOVE; married Elizabeth A. TYNDLE, 27, of Toronto, d/o John TYNDLE, farmer, & Frances PEACOCK; wit William PEACOCK & Frances TYNDLE, both Toronto, 13 Oct 1909
004508-09 (Toronto) Arthur LEE, 22, builder, Toronto s/o John Philip LEE, builder & Harriet Jane MACHON married Lizzie Reid DYCE, 19, Toronto d/o Alex DYER, warehouseman & Helen BROWN wtn: Alex DYCE & Ethel M. BAUCKHAM both of Toronto, 17 November 1909 #004323-09 (Toronto): Arthur John LE MARE, 23, miner, s/o John & Mary, married Annie Flora UPTON, 24, d/o Hannah & Franklin Nelson UPTON, witn: Henrietta L. & H.H. BARKER of Toronto, 1 Nov 1909

001309/10 George LIDDARD, 21, fur cutter, of Toronto, s/o George LIDDARD & Mary Hannah FLETCHER, married Ola Irene JACKSON, 18, of Toronto, d/o Thomas JACKSON & Elizabeth HERRON, witn: T. A. ARMSTRONG & R. J. ROGER of Toronto, 31 December 1909

 #003004-09 Frederick LINTZENICH, 38, of Toronto, decorator, s/o Horace LINTZENICH, artist & Margaret MORROW, married Christina GILCHRIST, 38, of Toronto, d/o Alexander GILCHRIST, farmer & Sarah McDOUGALL, witn: Elsie K. TURNBULL, Charlotte E. MATTHEWS, both Toronto, married 30 Jun 1909
#003923-09 (Toronto): Oscar Wilfred LIPTON, 29, builder, of Toronto, s/o Wilfred LIPTON, surveyor, & Mary HUMPHREY, married Eva May McCUTCHEON, 27, of Toronto, d/o James McCUTCHEON, farmer, & Annie HUTCHINSON, witn: Bray WHAGNE? & Cela McCUTCHEON, 29 Sept 1909 #004936-09 (Toronto) William LOANE, 39, of Toronto, widower, merchant, s/o George LOANE, carpenter & Mary WOODMAN, married Emma Rosetta JONES, 39, of Toronto, d/o Henry JONES, decorator & Rosetta CRAWFORD, witn; Alfred JONES, Susie PIPPEY, both Toronto, married 29 December 1909
004113-09 (Toronto) Percival John LOGIE, 23, Conductor, of Toronto, s/o John Percival & Frances nee SMITH; married May EVE, 22, of England, d/o Albert EVE & Mary JENKINS; wit H.A. BRACKEN & Mary BUSHELL, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909 #004940-09 (Toronto) John Christopher LOWES, 30, of Emily Twp Victoria Co, farmer, s/o Christopher LOWES & Mary Jane SWITZER, married Emma May IRONS, 20, Georgina Twp York Co, d/o Charles IRONS & Margaret Ann GRAHAM, witn Herbert SWEETMAN, Ella May PORTER, both Toronto, married 29 December 1909
004081-09 (Toronto) John Hillyard LUFF, 24, Sec & Tres C.H. Westwood Manfr, of 63 Grange Rd., s/o Harry John LUFF, clerk, & Emma E. LIDDLE; married Annie Alexandria JACK, 25, of 30 Maynard Ave, d/o Thomas JACK, traveller, & Sarah Annie MILLEN; wit J.H. DONELLE & Laura E. QUINN, both Toronto, 9 Oct 1909 003845-09 William James MACK, 45, farmer, from Durham, s/o Joseph MACK & Ann WILKINSON, married Sarah Elizabeth POOLE, 33, from Toronto, d/o William POOLE, engineer, & Margaret Jane McKIBBON, witn: William POOLE & C.M. MACK, 11 September 1909
#003005-09 George Andrew MACKEY, 21, Toronto, contractor, s/o James MACKEY, contractor & Margaret SCOTT, married Marie Eleanore DE LA HOOKE, 19, of Toronto, d/o Edward DE LA HOOKE, jeweller & Mary BISHOP, witn; George Leslie CROOKS, Blanche BISSONETTE, both Toronto, married 29 Jun 1909 2104-09 - H. A. MAHAFFY, 21, clerk, of Toronto, s/o William MAHAFFY & Mary SCOTT, married Esther STITT, 24, of Toronto, d/o William STITT & Margaret LENNOX, witn: John OGG & Helen L. GORDON of Toronto, 3 Feb 1909
#003084-09 (Toronto) Thomas Coats MAITLAND, 23, of Toronto, Insurance Acct, s/o Jas. MAITLAND & Kate COATES, married Jessie Smith COATS, 24, of Toronto, Congregational, d/o James COATS & Jessie SMITH, witn: Agnes M. KITCHEN, Arthur M. BRYDON, both Toronto, married 7 July 1909 #003916-09 (Toronto): John Henry MARLATT, 23 (or 25), barber, of Toronto, s/o George Thomas MARLATT, blacksmith, & Sarah KINTNER, married Janet Louise BRYAN, 24, Toronto, d/o Richard Thomas BRYAN, barber, & Caroline Ann HAYES, witn: Richard Thomas & Caroline A. BRYAN of Toronto, 29 Sept 1909
001611-09 Henry MASTERS, 23, of Toronto, St. Ry. Conductor, s/o Thomas MASTERS & Elsie MASTERS, married Margaret. A. POWELL, 21, of Toronto, d/o John POWELL & Margaret. ALLEN, witn: Sidney SMEETON (or Sweeton), Alice GRANGER, both Toronto, married 8 Mar 1909 #003089-09 (Toronto) J.W. MATHER, 29 of Weston, teacher, s/o Adam MATHER, farmer & Victoria THOMPSON, married Myrtle WELDRICK, 18, of Toronto, Methodist, d/o B. WELDRICK, farmer & Nellie BOYNTON, witn: Mrs. H. McKEE, Mrs. W.H. ANDREWS, Toronto, married 7 April 1909
#001627-09 (Toronto.) Robert Henry MAY, 20, of Toronto, Moulder, s/o Richard Robert MAY & Jenette FRAS??ET, married Lena MUNRO, 20, of Toronto, d/o David MUNRO & "not known", witnesses: M. GARRETT & N.L. McFARLAND, both of Toronto, on 20 March 1909 004097-09 (Toronto) Augustus Melbourne MAY, 25, Carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Joseph M. MAY, laborer, & Emily MARSH; married Lilian BAKER, 21, of Toronto, d/o Richard Thomas BAKER, boot maker, & Sarah CASTLE; wit Robert DEETH & Laura RODGERS, both Toronto, 8 Oct 1909
004942-09 (Toronto) Andrew Bell McCALLUM, 33, of Fort William Thunder Bay, widower, millwright, s/o Thomas McCALLUM, traveling agent & Jane BELL, married Martha Jane BROWN, 32, of Chatham Twp Kent Co, d/o William BROWN, farmer & Minerva SEE, witn Katherine TREHAVEN, Nellie WEBSTER, both Toronto, married 28 December 1909 004510-09 (Toronto) Thomas Arthur McCREA, 34, merchant buyer, Toronto s/o John McCREA, merchant & Jane McNEILY married Margaret BELL, 30, Toronto d/o Daniel BELL, labourer & Margaret BOWES wtn: John H. LINDSAY & Jessie Florence JOHNSTON both of Toronto, 17 November 1909
004512-09 (Toronto) Robert McDOWELL, 25, machinist, Toronto s/o James McDOWELL, baggage man & Agnes LATHAM married Roberta Jane GAURLIE, 18, Toronto d/o Robert GAURLIE, carpenter & Martha ALSOP wtn: George R. FROND & Ellen WOOD both of Toronto, 11 November 1909 #003996-09 (Toronto): Andrew W. McINTOSH, 31, brick maker, of 108 Ann St., s/o David McINTOSH, laborer, & Johanna Elizabeth KENNY, 35, of 108 Ann St., d/o Patrick KENNY, farmer, & Mary O'NEIL, witn: James & Mary A. KENNY of Percy twp., 4 Oct 1909 (Rom Cath)
2708-09 David MacKAY, 28, cabinet maker, of Toronto, s/o Donald MacKAY & Jessie COBOURG, married Bessie Meuloma? SINCLAIR, 26, of Georgetown, d/o Gilbert SINCLAIR & Rachel McLEAN, witn: Annabel SHAPLEY & T. P. LEGGIE, both of Toronto, 30 June 1909 4526-09 (Toronto): George McKAY, 22, laborer, of not given, s/o Thomas McKAY & Mary Jane, married Sarah ENGLAND, 21, of not given, d/o George ENGLAND & Mary, witn: Thomas & E.C. McKAY of Toronto, 17 Nov 1909
2111-09 - J. Harold McKELVIE, 23, traveller, of Toronto, s/o John McKELVIE & Mary RUTHERFORD, married Minnie MARRICE, 23, of Toronto, d/o Adam MARRICE & Elsie MERSON, witn: J. P. McELVIE (sic) & J. MARRICE, both of Toronto, 28 April 1909    
#001582-09 (Toronto) Alexander MacKENZIE, 34, of Toronto, machinist, s/o John MacKENZIE & Christina MacGILLIVRAY, married Grace SHORT, 30, of Toronto, d/o William SHORT & Agnes NELLS, witn: Janet FINDLEY, C.J. SPENCER, both Toronto, married 20 February 1909 2711-09 George Hamilton Hugh McKIBBON, 30, farmer, of Glasford Ont., s/o George McKIBBON & Catherine HAGLE (deceased), married Mary May BARNARD, 20, of Toronto, d/o deceased & deceased, witn: Charles GOODMAN of Glasford & Ethel Victoria McKIBBON of Toronto, 30 June 1909  

004748-09 Harry V. McLEAN, 20, Railway Man, of Toronto, s/o A. McLEAN & Mary STEWART; married Hannah IRVINE, 23, of Toronto, d/o R. IRVINE & Elizabeth MAY; wit William SMITH & Margaret SMITH, both Toronto, 1 Dec 1909

#004944-09 (Toronto) Norman McLEOD, 28, of Toronto, engineer, s/o Norman McLEOD, farmer & Kate McDONALD, married Mary Elizabeth HOLT, 23, of Toronto, d/o Henry HOLT, retired & Elizabeth PARSONS, witn Emily YOUNG, Henry RICKETTS, both Toronto, married 29 December 1909  

004745-09 Harold Watts MACMAHON, 34, Merchant, of Toronto, s/o Thomas B. MACMAHON & Emma WATTS; married Emma Gertrude Elliott COOK, 34, of Toronto, d/o Simon COOK & Emma ELLIOTT; wit H.P. MACMAHON & Dr. George E. COOK, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

#003093-09 (Toronto) James McPHIE, 32, of Toronto, Bricklayer, s/o John McPHIE & Mary TRANT, married Isabel BRYSON, 32, of Toronto, d/o William BRYSON & Penterime? BROWN, witn: George BRYSON, Agnes ROBERTSON, Toronto, married 10 April 1909  
004743-09 Albert Charles MILNE, 24, Steam Fitter, of Hamilton, s/o William MILNE & Marion ROBERTSON; married Milne Estell DOUGLAS, 19, of none given, d/o John Donald DOUGLAS & Margaret WILLIAMS; wit George William ALLEN & Louisa McINTOSH, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

2113-09 Arthur R. MINGAL, 22, gardener, of Toronto, s/o James MINGAL, farmer, & Emma TAPPS, married Helen MARCELLE, 20, of Toronto, d/o J. & Mrs., witn: Edwin & Edith BRADLEY, 5 May 1909

004550-09 (Toronto) William John MITCHELL, 18, jeweller, Toronto s/o A.W. MITCHELL, plumber & Selena WATCH married Elsie ROBINSON, 19, Toronto d/o George H. ROBINSON, teamster & Eliza CORBETT wtn: Jean BAKER & E.A. OXFORD both of Toronto, 24 November 1909 004537-09 (Toronto) James MOHAN, 18, clerk, Toronto s/o Patrick MOHAN & Bridget SWEENEY married Mary W. NEWTON, 21, clerk, Toronto d/o Robert NEWTON (deceased) & Margaret KENNEY wtn: Daniel HERRINGTON & Frank HILL both of Toronto, 24 November 1909  
004087-09 (Toronto) Frank Patrick MONAGHAN, 20, Chauffeur, of Toronto, s/o Simon MONAGHAN, soldier, & Mary STEVENS; married Maude NOTT, 24, of Toronto, d/o Frederic NOTT, merchant, & Sophia EVERY; wit Jean BAKER & Bessie SEATON, Toronto, 11 Oct 1909 #001615-09 Guy B. MOORE, 35, of Buffalo, lawyer, s/o William B. MOORE & Lucy BIDDLE, married Annette ARMSTRONG, 24, of Buffalo, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Gussie WILKINSON, witn; H.G. STARR, Georgie STARR, both Toronto, married 21 Feb 1909
003837-09 Edward Lucas MORRISON, 25, drover, from Toronto, s/o John MORRISON & Sarah LUCAS, married Annie HUDSON, 25, from Toronto, d/o Thomas HUDSON & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Arthur FURBER & Maud HAYWARD of Toronto, 25 August 1909 004080-09 (Toronto) Neil MORRISON, 58, street railway Employee, Wid, of 47 Northcote Ave, s/o Angus MORRISON, farmer, & Mary McARTHUR; married Alice Amy NICOL, 45, of 47 Northcote St., d/o John NICOL, farmer, & Margaret B. HUGHES; wit John PORTER & Sarah FRASER, both Toronto, 11 Oct 1909
#003082-09 (Toronto) James Wilfred MULHOLLAND, 26, of Toronto, salesman, Methodist, s/o William Henry MULHOLLAND & Julia A. ROBINS, married Elsie Teresa LAWRY, 24, of Toronto, d/o William Henry LAWRY & Charlotte Elizabeth BRERETON, witn: William D. SCOTT, Eva H. FISHER, Toronto, married 28 July 1909 [Lowry?] 004756-09 Fred J. MUNN, 27, Doctor of Medicine, of Massey Algoma, s/o James MUNN, jeweller & Catherine Ann WETHERALL; married Cecelia Louise NOBLE, 27, of Toronto, d/o John NOBLE, fire chief,  & no mother given; wit William MUNN & Mrs. Clara LINDSAY, both Toronto, 17 Nov 1909

004757-09 Hugh MURRAY, 21, Horse Collar Maker, of 103 Rhodes Ave., s/o Hugh MURRAY, blacksmith & Mary ARNOTT; married Gertrude THORPE, 22, of 103 Rhodes Ave, d/o John THORPE, sailor & Susan HARLING; wit James SINCLAIR & Margaret MURRAY, both Toronto, 11 Dec 1909

004542-09 (Toronto) James Chester MURRIN, 30, traveller, Toronto s/o William MURRIN, tailor & Helen CHRISTIE married May Jane YOUNG, 23, stenographer, Toronto d/o Robert John YOUNG, farmer & Mary STEVENS wtn: Loretta B. TAYLOR & Agnes YOUNG both of Toronto, 24 November 1909

#003078-09 (Toronto) Percy John MUSSON, 26, of Boston US, foreman, s/o Edward John MUSSON & Mary Jane TAYLOR, married Edith May SCOTT, 25, of Toronto, d/o William. T. SCOTT & Mary Jane GRAHAM, witn: R.J. IRVINE of West Toronto, Gladys MUSSON of Weston, married 28 July 1909 #001958-09 (Toronto): Charles Percy MYERS, 29, decorator, of Toronto, s/o Charles & Emily, married Florence PELYEA, 23, of Toronto, d/o Edward PELYEA & Martha HED--S, witn: Isabella McDOUGALL & Fanny PEARSON, both of Toronto, 3 April 1909
004119-09 (Toronto) Lawrence Herbert MYLNE, 22, Plumber, of 98 Elliott St., s/o George Herbert MYLNE & Maria WILLIAMS; married Laura McCORMACK, 21, of 98 Elliott St., d/o Andrew McCORMACK & Nellie HAMMELL; wit George HERBERT & Hannah HERBERT, both Toronto, 18 Oct 1909 #004939-09 (Toronto) Herbert illegible NEFF, 25, of Dunnville?, farmer, s/o Nimmo J. NEFF, farmer & Julia Ann, married Emma May PICKRELL, 25, of Toronto, d/o John PICKRELL, mechanic & Frances SNELGROVE, witn John Wesley NEFF, Martha Louise PICKRELL, married 29 December 1909
#001959-09 (Toronto): Allan Garnet NOLAN, 29, paper hanger, of Toronto, s/o William Edward NOLAN & Helen MacLENNAN, married Alice Pearl CREBBETT, 26, of Toronto, d/o Samuel CREBBETT & Maria ROSE, witn: Fanny PEARSON & Isabella MacDOUGALL, both of Toronto, 3 April 1909 #003036-09 (Toronto) Frederick NORTH, 23, casemaker, of Toronto, s/o George NORTH (soda water manufacturer) & Amelia PEARSOL, married Jessie STEVENSON, 19, of Toronto, d/o Hugh STEVENSON (caretaker) & Maggie McBETH, 22 July, 1909
#003926-09 (Toronto): William Edward OGDEN, 28, divorced, physician, of Gravenhurst, s/o Albert OGDEN, lawyer, & Mary LEADLAY, married Dorothea Helen OXLEY, 27, of 8 Sutton Pl., d/o James Macdonald OXLEY, deceased, & Mary MORROW, witn: A.A. OGDEN & Frances MacLEOD, both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1909 2107-09 John R. OGG, 25, butcher, of Toronto, s/o George R. OGG & Elizabeth HARDY, married Nellie GORDON, 23, of Toronto, d/o John GORDON & Emily L. G. EGIE, witn: H. A. MAHAFFY & Esther STITT, both of Toronto, 3 Feb 1909
#001580-09 (Toronto) James OGILVIE, 26, of Toronto, salesman, s/o David OGILVIE & Margaret McLENNAN, married Nora Dewar HUTTON, 26, of Toronto, d/o Robert HUTTON & Elizabeth PREIN (or Prem), witn: Agnes M. COCHRANE, John DINGWALL, both Toronto, married 15 March 1909  
#004326-09 (Toronto): Andrew George OLDING, 41?, grocer, of 22 Maria St., s/o Edward W. OLDING & Sarah Ann DILLING, married Amelia Elizabeth HAY, 34, widow, of 221 Maria St., d/o James NICHOLLS & Ann PATCHET, witn: Amelia E. & Ceal J. MURCH of Toronto, 29 Sept 1909 #001389-09 (Toronto): Edmund Featherstone OSLER, 28, widower, farmer, of Toronto, s/o Edmund Boyd OSLER & Annie Farquharson COCHRANE, married Nadine Jane Hamilton KERR, 23, of Toronto, d/o James Kirkpatrick KERR & Adelaide C. STANLEY-PINHOUSE, witn: S.C. Stanley KERR & A.P.O. MEREDITH, both of Toronto, 16 Feb 1909
#003037-09 (Toronto) John H. OUTHET?, 25, butcher, of Toronto, s/o John R. OUTHET & Emily DAVIS, married Isabelle SHAUGHNESSY, 23, housekeeper, of Toronto, d/o Edward SHAUGHNESSY & Margaret SPEER, witnesses were C.E. BARRY & B. SHAUGHNESSY, both of Toronto, 23 July, 1909 #001624-09 (York Co.) John Edward PALMER, 24, of Toronto, stone mason, s/o James & Annie PALMER, married Jane ALTHORPE, 23, of Toronto, d/o Edward ALTHORPE & Martha WALFORD, witnesses: Permelia LANGFORD & Maria R. LANGFORD, both of Toronto, on 21 March 1909 at Toronto
 003830-09 John Alexander PARK, 27, brush maker, from Toronto, s/o William PARK, blacksmith, & Grace Ella TAYLOR, married Catherine Elizabeth DOUGLAS, 25, from Toronto, d/o Alexander DOUGLAS, clerk, & Mary Jane BROWN, witn: Gene I. PARK & Rachel DOUGLAS of Toronto, 15 September 1909 #003080-09 (Toronto) George Percival PARKER, 23, of Toronto, book keeper, Methodist, s/o Tom PARKER, Clerk & Sarah Ann ADCOCK, married Elsie CHATER, 20, of Toronto, d/o John William CHATER, Checker GTR, & Sarah Elizabeth HEWITSON, witn: Reginald D. BELTON, Eva Alice SANDFORD, both Toronto, married 28 July 1909
004534-09 (Toronto) Charles PAYNE, 21, spinner, Toronto s/o Henry PAYNE, moulder & Sarah O'GRADY married Mary COLLINS, 19, Toronto d/o James COLLINS, labourer & Mary BARR wtn: John MULLIN & Elizabeth HORAN both of Toronto, 22 November 1909 #003750-09 (York Co.) William Arthur PEACEY, 26, of 115 Claremont St, Bookkeeper, s/o Charles Henry PEACEY & Mary Ann NASH, married Kathleen LEWIS, 26, of 810 Dovercourt Rd, Housewife, d/o Samuel Francis LEWIS & Emily Louise CHASE, witnesses: Thomas H. NOBLE of 244 Ossington Ave & Agnes LEWIS of 210 Dovercourt Rd, on 15 September 1909 at St Mary's Church, Toronto
#003007-09 Alfred Richard PEARSON, 21, of Toronto, printer, s/o Richard PEARSON, machinist & Emma BILES, married Elizabeth White CLARK, 20, of Toronto, d/o William CLARK, traveller & Isabella PATTERSON, witn; James E. CLARK, Bella CLARK, both Toronto, married 7 July 1909

004518-09 (Toronto) John George PEARSON, 33, widower, fireman, Toronto s/o Peter PEARSON, labourer & Agnes Blaylock BURTON married Annie Elizabeth ELLIS, 21, Toronto d/o Alfred ELLIS, labourer & Mary Ann CAPPER wtn: Frank VICKERS & Sophia BOLTON both of Coventry?, 18 October 1909

001308/10 Edwin PEGG, 24, printer, of Toronto, s/o Rueben PEGG & Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, married Lillian SAMPSON, 19, of Toronto, d/o John SAMPSON & Alice PARSON, witn: A. SAMPSON & M. SAMPSON of Toronto, 31 December 1909 003832-09 Karl Alexander PETERSON, 25, clerk, from Millerton Northumberland Co., s/o Karl PETERSON, engineer, & Janet SUTHERLAND, married Catherine CAMERON, 22, from Rogersville, Northumberland Co., d/o Allan CAMERON & Mary McDONALD, witn: Charlotte MATTHEWS & Elsie K. TURNBULL, 22 September 1909
#004943-09 (Toronto) Percival Walter PHILLIPS, 22, of Toronto, fireman, s/o Walter PHILLIPS, carman & Louisa Emily BROWN, married Fanny Kate YOUNG, 21, of Toronto, d/o George YOUNG, carpenter & Emily NYE, witn Emily YOUNG, Henry RICKETTS, both Toronto, married 29 December 1909 4529-09 (Toronto) Francis PIDGEON, 21, teamster, 1069 Dundas St. s/o Francis PIDGEON, farmer & Annie CROSBY married Ethel ARMES, 19, operator, 33 Bartlett Ave d/o Frederick ARMES, barber & Edith OSTLER wtn: Samuel PIDGEON & Edith ARMES both of Toronto, 23 November 1909
004106-09 (Toronto) Edward PIPER, 34, Shoemaker, of none given, s/o Edward PIPER & no first name BARTON; married Elizabeth SIBTHORP, 28, of none given, d/o Martin SIBTHORP & Susannah JOHNSON; wit George Albert NASH & Elizabeth PIPER, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909 2704-09 Francis Edward PIPHER, 32, of Toronto, s/o Abraham PIPHER & Sophia SMITH, married Georgina Maud SMITH, 29, of Toronto, d/o Richard SMITH & Eliza GLASSFORD, witn: T. P. GREGIE & B. S SMITH, both of Toronto, 30 June 1909
 #003012-09 Alfred Emmerson Stanley PITCHER, 19, of Toronto, plumber, s/o John William PITCHER & Catherine BISHOP, married Cora Mildred Rachel LATTER (Latta?), 16, of Toronto, d/o Aaron Sivyer LATTER & Rachel GOULD, witn: Joseph Sivyer LATTER, Jessie LATTER, both Toronto, married 21 July 1909 003834-09 John Matthew PITTS, 23, salesman, from Toronto, s/o Daniel Harris PITTS & Florence L. REDDIN, married Bessie M. HEWLETT, 21, saleswoman, from Toronto, d/o John HEWLETT & Winifred Sarah STAPHE, witn: Frederick William Wilson HEWLETT & Mabel Alice DALE, 22 September 1909
#001616-09 Cyril PLANLEY, 25, of Paris, photographer, s/o Fred PLANLEY & Clara BANTER, married Lilian HAWORTH, 24, of Paris, d/o Henry HAWORTH & Emma BATES, witn: H.G. STARR, Georgie STARR, both Toronto, married 18 Feb 1909 #003010-09 Edwin POPE, 53, of Toronto, widower, labourer, s/o James & N.A., married Annie Emily CARTER, 29, of Toronto, d/o John CARTER & J.E. TURNER, witn: W.E. TRANS?, Rich. HUDSON, both Toronto, married 16 Jul 1909
#003009-09 John Mitchell QUEEN, 25, of Toronto, bricklayer, s/o James QUEEN, blacksmith & Jane MITCHELL, married Jane SIMPSON, 25, of Toronto, d/o John SIMPSON & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn; Robert T. MORRISON, Elsie K. TURNBULL, both Toronto, married 16 July 1909 003842-09 Charles RADFORD, 28, electrician, from Toronto, s/o Charles RADFORD & Elizabeth LEE, married Annie Matilda JACKSON, 23, from Toronto, d/o James JACKSON, watchman, & Martha CARSMITH, witn: Richard RIST & Ruby SHEARDOWN 22 September 1909
  004108-09 (Toronto) Frederick Major RAYNOR, 26, Salesman, of Toronto, s/o Allan RAYNOR, driver, & Annie JOHNSTON; married Edith Bertha GUNNING, 24, of Toronto, d/o father's name not given, jeweller, & Sarah Emma WOOD; wit George H. RAYNOR & Olive May GUNNING, both Toronto, 12 Oct 1909
003844-09 John Louis REID, 32, shipper, from Toronto, s/o Nicholas REID, machinist, & Margaret McLELLAN, married Elsie Eunice METCALFE, 23, from Toronto, d/o Thomas METCALFE, builder, & Leah LUCE, witn: Agnes McLellan REID & Ellie TURNBULL of Toronto, 8 September 1909

004755-09 William Nassau REYNOLDS, 26, Labourer, of Toronto, s/o Thomas REYNOLDS & Margaret SNODOWN?, married Clara Winnifred TYERS, 26, of Toronto, d/o William & Mary TYERS; wit James H. LEBALLISTER & Mrs. J.H. LEBALLISTER, both Toronto, 2 Dec 1909

#003087-09 (Toronto) Robert RINGLAND, 27, of Toronto, shoemaker, s/o John RINGLAND, retired & Mary BOYD, married Cora BROWN, 23, of Toronto, Methodist, d/o Robert BROWN of Toronto & Fanny STOVER, witn: Hugh SHIELDS, Annie RINGLAND, Toronto, married 28 July 1909 #003083-09 (Toronto) Charles Amos ROBERSON, 23, of Fort Wayne US, painter, Methodist, s/o Joseph ROBERSON & Kate HICKS, married Ida Olive SAUNDERS, 25, of Toronto, d/o Albert SAUNDERS & Alice WALTERS, witn; Alberta SAUNDERS, Austin J. MOSHER, both Toronto, married 28 July 1909
#001960-09 (Toronto): Ray ROBERTSON, 19, printer, of Toronto, s/o Henry ROBERTSON & Jenny LA FORTUNE, married Eva MALLORY, 21, of Toronto, d/o Frank MALLORY & Martha COLWELL, witn: Harold WALE & Agnes HALLIDAY, both of Toronto, 10 April 1909 004522-09 (Toronto) Samuel ROBERTSON, 22, builder, Toronto s/o George ROBERTSON, carpenter & Jane GROTE married Christine Lachlank LEE, 21, Toronto d/o William LEE, shoemaker & Isabella KEMP wtn: John William LEE & Ada PARKIN both of Toronto, 30 September 1909
#001584-09 (Toronto) George Henry ROBINSON, 23, of Toronto, teamster, s/o George ROBINSON & Emily RASBERRY, married Bertha May TIMLIN, 20, of North Toronto, d/o Thomas TIMLIN & Mary SIMPSON, witn: Fred TIMLIN, Florence TIMLIN, both Davisville, married 17 March 1909 #003086-09 (Toronto) Walter Herbert ROBSON, 32, of Toronto, Driver, Methodist, s/o Thomas ROBSON & Janet YOKUM, married Grace May HART, 18, of Toronto, Methodist, d/o John Wilson HART, butcher & Jessie ELLIS, witn: Christopher STRATHER, Lottie B. HART, both Toronto, married 28 July 1909
004078-09 (Toronto) Joseph D. RODGERS, 60, manufacturer, Wid, of George RODGERS & Ann DUNWOODY; married Margaret Jane CULBERT, 40, of Brooklyn NY, d/o Robert CULBERT & Margaret DOWNEY; wit Lydia McCORMACK & Lavinia OKLEY, both Toronto, 18 Aug 1909 #003918-09 (Toronto): Timothy Wylder ROGERS, 23, commercial traveler, of Toronto, s/o John ROGERS, carpenter, & Elizabeth TAGERT, married Margaret P. CAIRNS, 23, of Toronto, d/o George CAIRNS, carpenter, & Mary PRINGLE, witn: Solomon ROGERS of Alliston & George CAIRNS of Toronto, 15 Sept 1909
4527-09 (Toronto): Henry Mortikar ROSENBERG, 51, artist, of Dartmouth NS, s/o Morris ROSENBERG & Annie DIAMOND, married Emily Catherine SCARFE, 50, of not given, d/o Frederick SCARFE & Ann PARKER, witn: Norman SCARFE of Jarvis Ont. & Ethel May SCARFE of London England, 23 Nov 1909 #003088-09 (Toronto) William ROSS, 27, of Toronto, salesman, s/o D.G. ROSS & Margaret ANDERSON, married Susannah ROSS, 23, of Stayner, Methodist, d/o Joseph AUSTEN (or Joseph Austen ROSS??) & Susannah MOORE, witn: W.H. ROSS, Florence GILCHRIST, Toronto, married 21 April 1909
004073-09 (Toronto) John Albert RUMBLE, 28, Farmer, of King Twp, s/o David RUMBLE, farmer, & Sarah Jane LITTLE; married Mary ASH, 22, of King Twp, d/o Valentine ASH & Christina ISRAEL; wit Arthur RUMBLE, Canville & Katie ASH, King, 24 Jul 1909 004521-09 (Toronto) Frances Alexander SHAND, 38, widower, stone cutter, Toronto s/o Thomas SHAND & Sarah ANDERSON married Isabella ESSON, 27, Toronto d/o James ESSON & Jean SMITH wtn: James E. HEPBURN & Maria ESSON both of Toronto, 6 November 1909
2709-09 Edwin Charles SHEPHERD, 29, baggage man (T & N Ry), of North Bay, s/o Edwin Henry SHEPHERD & Alice NICHOLS, married Ellen Gertrude RICHARDSON, 23, of North Bay, d/o John William RICHARDSON & Eliza Ann HILL, witn: T. P. GEGGIE? of Toronto & Lida RICHARDSON of North Bay, 1 July 1909 004519-09 (Toronto) Carl Narel SIMKINS, 20, traveller, Toronto s/o Albert J. SIMKINS, real estate agent & Jane HENDERSON married Nellie Victoria JOHNSTON, 23, Toronto d/o Wesley S. JOHNSTON & Susan THOMPSON wtn: J.E. CALDWELL & Nellie JOHNSTON both of Toronto, 11 November 1909
#003927-09 (Toronto): Alfred SIMMONS, 29, railway, of Toronto, s/o James SIMMONS & Sarah CARSON, married Etta GEE, 21, of Toronto, d/o Thomas GEE & Rosella THOMPSON, witn: S. JARRETT & Lottie MONTGOMERY, 29 Sept 1909  004112-09 (Toronto) Hyman SLOFFIANICK, 31, Stone Mason, of 238 Adelaide St. West, s/o Jules SLOFFIANICK, gent, & Ester SOILOL?; married Minnie FREEDMAN, 26, of 238 Adelaide St. West, d/o Max FREEDMAN & Rebecca GARTON; wit A.J. WATMAN & S. RAFELMAN, both Toronto, 16 Oct 1909
#003921-09 (Toronto): Gilbert SMITH, 23, conductor, of 111 Trinity St., s/o William SMITH, farmer, & Elizabeth BRUTON?, married Mary Delia LA FEBARE, 23, of 111 Trinity St., d/o Frank LA FABARE, lumberman, & Annie LA PLANTE, witn: Frederick & Annie HEAD of Toronto, 29 Sept 1909 #001895-09 (York Co.) Leslie Victor SMITH, 28, of Toronto, Artist, s/o Arthur Wellesley SMITH & Nellie HAGAN, married Edith S. ELLIS, 24, of Toronto, d/o Thomas D. ELLIS & Clara F. KELL, witnesses: Mabel L. TOOK of Toronto & A. Frederick SMITH of Simcoe, on 21 April 1909 at Toronto
#004327-09 (Toronto): Alexander SMITH, 28, harness maker, of Beverly St., s/o James SMITH & Mary STUART, married Jessie STEWART, 22 (or 24), of 109 Harmond? Rd., d/o Mark Alex STEWART & Jennie Vankier? THORN, 15 Oct 1909 004540-09 (Toronto) John William SMITH, 25, bicycle maker, Toronto s/o Fred William SMITH, manufacturer & Edith Elizabeth BOWEY (Boway?) married Sarah Alice BARRACLOUGH, 28, Toronto d/o William BARRACLOUGH, iron worker & Annie Elizabeth CARE wtn: Thomas MURRAY of Ford & Mona FAWNALL of Toronto, 17 November 1909
004099-09 (Toronto) John Wilson Crocker SMYTH, 42, Clergyman, of Arden, s/o Vere Broughton SMYTH, clergyman, & Mary BARROW; married Ivy Fanny Trevor OWEN, 29, of Toronto, d/o Trevor Randolph OWEN, gentleman, & Florence PAYNTER; wit Eric T. OWEN & Gerladys T. BARROW, both Toronto, 14 Oct 1909 004504-09 (Toronto) William Thomas SOMERVILLE, 27, superintendent, Toronto s/o Samuel SOMERVILLE & Elizabeth Blank BARTON married Annie Elizabeth Stewart FINDLAY, 23, Toronto d/o Alex FINDLAY & Mary E. RANDALL wtn: Alberta FINDLAY & Roy L. MARKS both of Toronto, 22 November 1909
004103-09 (Toronto) Clifford McKerrol SPARLING, of Toronto, married Beatrice Josephine FOSTER, wit Mrs. Ida BRATHWAITE & Mrs. Anna EMERSON, both Toronto, 12 Oct 1909, [other info is missing] #004937-09 (Toronto) Amos SPENCE, 25, no residence given, barber, s/o John SPENCE & Eliza GRAHAM, married Sarah Matilda HOPKINS, 26, no residence given, d/o John HOPKINS & Emily EVANS, witn Miller SPENCE of Peterboro, Elenor BREAKEY of Detroit, married 29 December 1909
2114-09 Frederick STANSBURY, 21, gardener, of Oakville, s/o Henry STANSBURY, gardener, & Alice LEITCH, married Stella May McDONALD, 18, of Bronte, d/o A. McDONALD, sailor, & Emma RUSSELL, witn: Charles SUDDERD? & Mrs. CLIFFORD, 5 May 1909 #003085-09 (Toronto) George STEER, 26, of Toronto, Bpresiery?, s/o William STEER (deceased) & Joanna ALLEN, married Louisa PARKER, 20, of 8 Sumach St, Toronto, d/o Horatio PARKER, painter & Mary GUIREN?, witn: Charles BARRETT, Marjorie STEER, both Toronto, married 28 July 1909
2106-09 James STEWART, 22, concrete worker, of Toronto, s/o David STEWART & Margaret BOYLE, married E. May JORDAN, 24, of Toronto, d/o Robert JORDAN & Emily FRANCIS, witn: A. L. ROBERTSON & H. E. MOORE of Toronto, 12? April 1909 #003995-09 (Toronto): Robert James STEWART, 24, chef, of Toronto, s/o David STEWART & Mary ROYAL, married Louisa FOX, 28, of Toronto, d/o Joseph & Louisa, witn: Joseph FOX & Lillie HENDERSON, both of Toronto, 20 Sept 1909
2707-09 Peter STEWART, 29, fitter engine, of Toronto, s/o Ferguson STEWART & Mary DRYSDALE, married Elizabeth ANDERSON, 28, of Toronto, d/o David ANDERSON & Mary STALKER, witn: Janet & William STEWART of Toronto, 23 June 1909 004545-09 (Toronto) Robert Gordon Caldwell STEWART, 28, physician, 147 Strachan Ave s/o Charles STEWART, farmer & Sarah A. CALDWELL married Eleanor THOMPSON, 47, widow, 137 Strachan Ave d/o John HALPENNEY, farmer & Martha CARTER wtn: Frederick Charles WHEELER & Sydney Clark BATEMAN both of Toronto, 24 November 1909

004753-09 Alymer M. STONEHAM, 29, Dentist, of Toronto, s/o William H. STONEHAM & Elizabeth SWITZER; married Henriette THOMAS, 22, of Toronto, d/o James R. THOMAS & Catherine PAUL; wit Ernest JACKSON & James CLEMENTS, both Toronto, 17 Nov 1909

#003090-09 (Toronto) Alex. STYLES, 25, of Toronto, Propr., s/o Thomas STYLES & Jennie McDONALD, married Alma McLEOD, 24, of Toronto, d/o Norman McLEOD & Jessie McINTYRE, witn: N. McLEOD of Lindsay, Mrs. RHODES, Toronto, married 1 April 1909
2706-09 William SWAN, 23, teamster, of Toronto, s/o James SWAN & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Martha Allen BREBNER, 26, of Toronto, d/o Thomas BREBNER & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: George BREBNER & Mrs. William FORBES, both of Toronto, 25 June 1909 003835-09 George Ernest TANSLEY, 27, machinist, from Toronto, s/o John TANSLEY & Harriet JUDKIN, married Ada PEPPER, 26, from Toronto, d/o Thomas PEPPER, bricklayer, & Mary TAYLOR, witn: William & Mildred COTE from Toronto, 22 September 1909
004747-09 Joseph J. TAVERNER, 21, Machinist, of Toronto, s/o James & Mrs. TAVERNER; married Gertrude NORRIS, 18, of Toronto, d/o William NORRIS & Emily FITZROY; wit K. ROSS & Jean BAKER, both Toronto, 10 Dec 1909

004524-09 (Toronto) Samuel TAYLOR, 27, labourer, Toronto s/o James TAYLOR, farmer & Elizabeth MARTIN married Maria BELL, 24, Toronto d/o William Alexander BELL, farmer & James CARMACK wtn: Andrew TAYLOR & Maggie BELL both of Toronto, 23 September 1909

 #003035-09 (Toronto) John Justin TAYLOR, 19, driver, of Toronto, s/o Dan TAYLOR (laborer) & Catherine McARTHY, married Mabel Marguerite SMITH, 18, of East Toronto, d/o William SMITH (laborer) & Catherine BROWN, witnesses were Ernest & Lilay? ROBY of Toronto, 22 July, 1909 #003706-09 (Toronto): Albert Edward TAYLOR, 35, photographer, of Chicago, s/o Swithen STONE & Eleanor Rebecca ?, married Annie Frances TAYLOR, 31, residence not given, d/o Thomas P. (blank) & Isabel HOGG, witnesses were William C. WALTER of 784 Manning Ave & John McDONALD of 23 St. James Ave., 10 Sept 1909

004751-09 Louis TETEF, 38, Barber, Wid, of 75 Chestnut St., s/o Bernie TETEF, gent & Fannie DANIERSKY; married Annie MINENBERG, 42, Wid, of  75 Chestnut St., d/o Dave MINENBERG, gent, & Hinde DOARKIN; wit A. ROMSTIN & H. ROMSTIN, both Toronto, 12 Dec 1909

#003919-09 (Toronto): William THOMPSON, 43, widower, farmer, of Ethel Ont., s/o John THOMPSON, farmer, & Hannah STEVENSON, married Mabel WILLIAMSON, 27, of Toronto, d/o John H. WILLIAMSON, manager, & Mary GOUGH, witn: Mrs. E. OWEN & John H. WILLIAMS, both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1909
004086-09 (Toronto) Frank THRUSH, 20, Wine Clerk, of Toronto, s/o William THRUSH, cabinet maker, & Margaret LOGAN; married Catherine CAHILL, 18, of none given, d/o Thomas CAHILL, contractor, & Marguerite CARROLL; wit Mabel WISE & Cecil MURCH, both no place given, 4 Oct 1909 004116-09 (Toronto) Edwin James TIPPETT, 33, Shoe Maker, of Weston, s/o Edwin TIPPETT & Esther POOLE; married Ada Alice FORD, 27, of Weston, d/o Thomas FORD & Esther E. MOORE; wit William DUNCAN & Anna FOGG, both Weston, 16 Oct 1909
#003755-09 (York Co.) Arthur TOMLINSON, 30, of Keswick, Carpenter, s/o George TOMLINSON & Maria ARNOLD, married Mary Etta LEMON, 28, of Toronto, d/o Jacob B. LEMON & Ellanor SQUIRE, witnesses: Frank TOMLINSON of Keswick & Lily DALES of Stouffville, on 7 September 1909 at Toronto  
#003754-09 (York Co.) Ivison E. TUCKER, 22, of Toronto, Druggist, s/o William TUCKER & Emily STEWART, married Clara B. MASHER, 27, of Toronto, d/o William MASHER & Lizzie COX, witnesses: Thomas MILLER & Beatrice GLENDINNING, both of Toronto, on 15 September 1909 at Toronto [Mosher?] #004945-09 (Toronto) Alonzo Wilfred TUTT, 20, of Toronto, glass worker, s/o Charles TUTT, ship builder & Elizabeth, married Annie Louisa LEATHERS, 19, of Toronto, d/o George LEATHERS, --- worker & Elizabeth HUFF, witn William Frederick LEATHERS, Annie WALSH, both Toronto, married 29 December 1909
#001962-09 (Toronto): Frederick Augustus VAN SICKLIN, 50, engineer, of Buffalo NY, s/o James Paul VAN SICKLIN & Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, married Maud GOLDBERG, 32, widow, of Buffalo NY, d/o William VAN DUSEN & Sarah MacFARLANE, 6 April 1909 #003925-09 (Toronto): Joseph VAUGHAN, 26, plumber, of Toronto, s/o James VAUGHAN, brass finisher, & Annie Elizabeth WEBB, married Elsie Elizabeth GEORGE, 22, of Toronto, d/o Noah GEORGE & blank WARD, witn: John VAUGHAN & Gwendolin GEORGE, 25 Sept 1909
#003079-09 (Toronto) John Robert WAKE, 55, of Shelbourne Ont, Gentleman, s/o James WAKE & Susan SHAFTS, married Frances FLETCHER, 45, of Shelbourne Ont, widow, s/o Franklin STEPHENS & Mary Ann LITTLE, witn: Joseph STEPHENS of Creston? BC, Mary MAGUIRE of Toronto, 28 July 1909 004079-09 (Toronto) John Charles Edward WAKEFIELD, 27, Carpenter, of 13 Queen Victoria St., s/o John WAKEFIELD, cab driver, & Mary A. MALCHAM; married Flora Elizabeth GROOMBRIDGE, 32, Housekeeper, of 13 Queen Victoria St., d/o Alfred Thomas GROOMBRIDGE, brick layer, & Elizabeth SWEET; wit Mary ROBERTSON & Mrs. H.E. TUPPER, both Toronto, 13 Oct 1909
#003705-09 (Toronto): David WALKER, 27, contract laborer, of Barrie, s/o Walter WALKER & Margaret LIVINGSTONE, married Nettie Jennette NESS, 22, of Barrie, d/o Thomas NESS & Margaret SEATON, 11 Sept 1909 #003998-09 (Toronto): Arthur E. WALKER, 21, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Fred WALKER, gentleman, & Martha STONE, married Margaret CAIRNS, 26, of Toronto, d/o James CAIRNS, clerk, & M.L. WEIR, witn: Robert WELLS & Violet CAIRNS, both of Toronto, 14 Sept 1909
  #001404-09 (Toronto): James Francis WALSH, 22, fireman, of Duluth Minn., s/o James WALSH & Nora COTTER, married Ethel SIMPSON, 21, of Toronto, d/o John SIMPSON & Annie COOPER, witn: Jean BAKER of Toronto, 11 Feb 1909
#001387-09 (Toronto): William WATSON, 47, widower, mason, of Queensville, s/o George WATSON & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Annie Priscilla INGRAM, widow, no age given, of Toronto, d/o Samuel HOLLINGSHEAD & Ellen YORK, witn: Maude PETTIT & Minnie TOVELL, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1909 #004935-09 (Toronto) Leonard Carter WEBB, 23, of Toronto, press feeder, s/o George H. WEBB, moulder & Harriet PERYER, married Agnes Pearl BEETON, 25, of Toronto, d/o Edmund BEETON, blacksmith & Martha ROLLAND, witn Charles WEBB, Clara A. WEBB, both Toronto, married 8 December 1909
2701-09 Arthur Charles WEELER, 26, machinist, of Preston, s/o deceased & Elizabeth REIMAN (deceased), married Margaret Couse McGIRR, 24, of Galt, d/o Robert McGIRR & Annie COUSE (dead), witn: Harry J. & Eliza A. McGIRR of Galt, 30 June 1909 004544-09 (Toronto) George Alexander WHITE, 32, manager of restaurant, Toronto s/o John Alexander WHITE, real estate agent & Maud CARRON married Sophia Florence THOMAS, 23, Toronto d/o William THOMAS, builder & Sophia SWEENEY wtn: Frank FOLEY & Alice PARSONSON, 24 November 1909
#001405-09 (Toronto): William Frank WIDEMAN, 23, barber, of Toronto, s/o Samuel WIDEMAN & Annie RYFER, married Annie HARRISON, 18, of Toronto, d/o John HARRISON & Margery CONAGHAN, witn: William H. SHANK & Maggie CONAGHAN, both of Toronto, 9 Feb 1909

004754-09 Harry Grant WILLARD, 37, Clerk, of Taunton, s/o William WILLARD & Eliz. HEATLEY; married Emma PEERS, 35, of Udora, d/o George PEERS & Matilda STONEBURG; wit Annie RICHARDSON & Mary HAMPTON, both Toronto, 9 Dec 1909

#003006-09 Winn Albert WILLIAMS, 23, of Toronto, manager, s/o Isaac WILLIAMSON (sic), cooper & Elizabeth BRIGHAM, married Elizabeth Card SHAND, 20, of Toronto, d/o Andrew SHAND, bricklayer & Jennie GREENFIELD, witn: W. SHAND, Melissa SHAND, both Toronto, married 30 Jun 1909 #001388-09 (Toronto): Joseph John WILSON, 22, shoe maker, of Aurora, s/o James WILSON & Elnora (or Elma) HICKS, married Mary HODGINS, 19, of Aurora, d/o James HODGINS & Catherine O'BRIEN, witn: Mary STEWART & Eliza WILSON, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1909
#001898-09 (York Co.) James Warren WILSON, 36, of Swift Current Sask., Rancher, s/o Cyrus WILSON & Martha L. DOUGLAS, married Clara Harriet RUSSELL, 28, of Weston Ont., d/o Henry RUSSELL & Sarah GRAY, witnesses: Fred E. RUSSELL & Mrs Ida WARD, Toronto, on 18 February 1909 at Toronto 003843-09 Wilford John WILSON, 29, printer, 29, from Toronto, s/o Robert I. WILSON, merchant, & Elizabeth JANN?, married Agnes Isabelle Judd IDE, 24, from Toronto, d/o Thomas IDE & Caroline JUDD, witn: Albert & Clara IDE, 22 September 1909
004101-09 (Toronto) Archie Edgar WILSON, 21, Chauffeur, of Toronto, s/o Archibald J. WILSON & Amy Elizabeth CUMBER; married Margery BRERETON, 23, of Toronto, d/o Joseph Edward BRERETON & Mary WINCHESTER; wit Lizzie McINTOSH & K. SWEET, both Toronto, 12 Oct 1909 004107-09 (Toronto) William Tassie WILSON, 40, Medical Doctor, of Cobourg, s/o John WILSON & Margaret DICKIE; married Libbie Mabel ELLIS, 33, of 198 Cottingham St., d/o John C. ELLIS & Maria Louise PATTERSON; wit Stuart M. POLSON, Kingston & Maud PROCTOR, Toronto, 154 Oct 1909
1693-09 Allan Findlay WILSON, 19, hardware clerk, of Toronto, s/o Thomas WILSON & Christine LAWRENCE, married Pearl Edith PARKINSON, 19, of Toronto, d/o John M. PARKINSON & Mary HANNAH, witn: Walter & Olga MURCH of Toronto, 23 Feb 1909  
003840-09 Henry D. WING, 32, merchant, from Parry Sound, s/o Frank WING & Annie SPENCER, married Florence JUKES, 32, from Parry Sound, d/o Henry JUKES, florist, & Sarah SPENCER, witn: S.B. & Maude CROSS, 22 September 1909 #001585-09 (Toronto) Richard WOOD, 28, of Toronto, moulder, s/o Thomas WOOD & Sarah COOK, married Margaret HIRLEHEY, 27, of Toronto, d/o Samuel HIRLEHEY & Johanna McCARTHY, witn: Alfred MILLER of Toronto, married 16 March 1909  
#003039-09 (Toronto) James Robert WOODWARD, 27, traveller, of West Toronto, s/o John WOODWARD (steward of estate) & Ellen WREN, married Elizabeth HOBSON, 32, of Toronto, d/o Joseph HOBSON (farmer) & Eliza KERR, 14 July, 1909 #001154-10 (Toronto): Harry Sanford WRY, 35 (or 55), clerk, of Toronto, s/o Arthur S. WRY, captain, & Amy COLE, married May (or Mag) COOK, 23, of Toronto, d/o Clinton COOK & Annie STEWART, witn: Sadie DAVIDSON of Toronto, 29 Dec 1909  

004761-09 Carlos Henry YELLAND, 23, Clerk, of Toronto, s/o William George YELLAND & Mary EDWARDS; married Florence Isabel May MARQUIS, 26, Inspector, of Toronto, d/o Richard MARQUIS & Emmeline WILKINS; wit Perry Ben TRESISE & Alice PHYLLIS, both Toronto, 14 Dec 1909

004092-09 (Toronto) Harry Lionel YOUNG, 27, Engineer, of Toronto, s/o James YOUNG, engineer, & Rebecca FOSTER; married Esther Rebecca NICOL, 26, of Toronto, d/o Andrew NICOL, farmer, & Susan NEWSOME; wit Henry A. McGILL & Lottie McGILL, both Toronto, 12 Oct 1909