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birth place was not usually given on 1910 marriage registrations


002963/10 Rueben Fred ADAMS, 21, glazier, of Titusville P.A. U.S., s/o Fred William ADAMS & Annie MOSHER, married Levada Ray LUSHER, 21, of Titusville U.S., d/o John William LUSHER & Mary E. HARRISON, witn: E.F. CORNISH & Donna CAMPBELL of Toronto, 4 July 1910

#003023-10 (Toronto): Albert James William ALLPORT, 20, hall porter, of Toronto, s/o James ALLPORT (goldsmith) & Annie E. ELLIS, married Fanny Louisa ARROWSMITH, 32, of Toronto, d/o Edwin Clement ARROWSMITH (jeweller) & Nellie HARLOW, witn: Walter Clement & Florence A. ARROWSMITH of Toronto, 9 July 1910

004177/10 Wendell Leroy ANDERSON, 20, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John E. ANDERSON & Eliza Jane WALKER, married Ruth Hadcock McKAY, 19, of Guelph Ont., d/o Joseph McKAY & Etta HADCOCK, witn: Charles COLES & Fanny LIDLECHILES of Toronto, 19 August 1910

003130/10 John ANDERSON, 24, stone cutter, of Toronto, s/o James ANDERSON a stone cutter & Jane PATRICK, married Kathleen Downie RENNIE, 23, of Toronto, d/o William RENNIE & Barbara M. WHITE, witn: Helen STEPHEN of Toronto & Maud BROWN of St. Mary's, 19 July 1910

#004837-10 (Toronto) Samuel ANDERSON, 33, of Toronto, b, moulder, s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Mary WHITE, married Gertrude ENGLAND, 24, of Toronto, s, d/o Alexander ENGLAND & Elizabeth BALFOUR, witn Howes? James QUALE, Bessie SMITH, both Toronto, married 22 September 1910
#002816-10 (Toronto): William Edwin APTED, 26, printer, of Toronto, s/o William Henry APTED, printer, & Louise TOWNSLEY, married Muriel Victoria BROWN, 23, of Toronto, d/o John F. GERMAN & Kate A. FALLS, witn: R.M. BURGESS & Alice APTED, both of Toronto, 29 June 1910 5004-10 George Henry ARMSTRONG, 23, cutter, of Toronto, s/o Robert ARMSTRONG, farmer, & Eliza Jane VEITCH, married Sadie McLAUGHLIN, 19, of Toronto, d/o Thomas McLAUGHLIN, shoe maker, & Sadie GILLEN, witn: Walter NEWELL & Kathleen LUSTY, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1910
#004966-10 (Toronto): Ernest Harold BAKER, 23 (or 25), piano action maker, s/o Henry BAKER, baker, & Eleanor BACKAS, married Ophelia Weptewona? KELLY, 18, of Toronto , d/o John Charles KELLY, packer at Massey Harris, & Agnes HARDY, witn: John Charles KELLY & S.G. WILLIAMS, both of Toronto , 19 Nov 1910 3409-10 Arnold BALDOCK, 22, shoe maker, of Brampton, s/o Henry BALDOCK, farmer, & Bereta GARBUTT, married Carrie JACK, 22, cook, of Brampton, d/o William JACK, farmer, & Mary McKAY, witn: Christopher CORBERR & Florence C. TENEY, 2 Aug 1910
#001149-10 (Toronto): John Andrew BARLOW, 27, trainman, of Toronto, s/o Isaac BARLOW, engineer, & Jeanette Gray MUIR, married Evelyn May DAVIS, 20, of Toronto, d/o Thomas DAVIS, shoe merchant, & Mary Ann REID, witn: John Joseph DAVIS & Bertha Elizabeth MOORE, both of Toronto, 18 Jan 1910 #004467-10 (Toronto): George Proudfoot BELL, 28, freight checker, of Toronto, s/o Douglas BELL & Jessie BROWN, married Janet Burns DONALD, 23, of Toronto, d/o William DONALD & Isabella STEVEN, witn: Mary THOMPSON & Andrew J. CAGER, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1910
2888-10 Eli Thomas BIGGS, 26, teamster, of Toronto, s/o John Henry BIGGS, farmer, & Emily SOUTHORN, married Mary Ann ROWCLIFFE, 23, domestic, of Toronto, d/o George ROWCLIFFE, farmer, & Elizabeth WOODS, witn: William Henry & Sarah May BIGGS, 30 June 1910 3874-10 Victor Eccles BLACKHALL, 44, divorced, book binder, of Toronto, s/o William BLACKHALL & Jane BODDY, married Ethel Victoria LEECH, 23, of Toronto, d/o Henry Scott LEECH, fireman, & Caroline Georgia McCAUL, witn: Frank LEECH of Toronto & Mrs. Annette POWELL of Niagara Falls, 14 Sept 1910
3869-10 John Knox BLAIN, 57, merchant, of Wiarton, s/o John BLAIN, miller, & Margaret KNOX, married Carrie McBETH, 48, widow, of Toronto, d/o Nathan CRIPPS & Sarah STEVENSON, witn: David & Janet SCOTT of Toronto, 7 Sept 1910 5003-10 Fred C. BOULTON, 27, farmer, of Brampton, s/o Thomas BOULTON, dead & Helen POWIS, married Beatrice PEARCE, 25, of Toronto, d/o R. W. PEARCE, dead, & Ann BUFFERY, witn: C. J. BOULTON & Mary HOLLAND, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1910
#003025-10 (Toronto): Washington BOYCE, 22, plasterer, of Toronto, s/o John BOYCE (plasterer) & Josephine THISTLE, married Ina GOURLAY, 20, of Toronto, d/o James GOURLAY (boiler maker) & Jean GERMAUR? (Grimaur?), witn: John BOYCE & Edna Isabella THOMPSON, 9 July 1910 #004193-10 (Toronto): Richard BOYLE, 40, machinist, of Village Park - Wellington Co., s/o Joel BOYLE, farmer, & Annie DEMPSEY, married Maude TRUEMAN, 28, of Toronto, d/o John TRUEMAN, farmer, & Harriet TRIMBLE, witn: Mary Jane & Gertrude RODWELL of Toronto, 5 Aug 1910
#004830-10 (Toronto) Douglas BRADT, 23, of Toronto, b, tailor, s/o Jacob O.H. BRADT, iron worker & Elizabeth BARRY, married Ellen THORNTON, 26, of Toronto, s,d /o Theodore THORNTON, deceased & Caroline COLBY, witn S.G. WILLIAMS, E.A. WILLIAMS, both Toronto, married 5 October 1910 #002815-10 (Toronto): Tom Moverly BROWN, 30, widower, painter, of Kenilworth Ave., s/o George BROWN & Eliza MOVERLY, married Florence BARLOW, 27, of Kenilworth Ave., d/o George Arthur BARLOW & Jane McDOWELL, witn: Ernest & Jane BARLOW of Toronto, 18 June 1910
3414-10 Cecil Roy BROWN, 25, pharmaceutical chemist, of Boston USA, s/o Walter Lewellyn BROWN, clergyman, & Esther Ann KARN, married Jennie Eliza STANLEY, 25, of 231 Jarvis St., d/o John STANLEY & Annie WATSON, witn: Gordon Lewis CAHOUN of Aylmer Ont. & Eva AGNEW of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910 5006-10 Harvey John BROWN, 30, action maker?, of Toronto, s/o Nelson BROWN, cutter, & Lottie LEANEY, married Lena May SILLESKY, 26, of Toronto, d/o John W. SILLESKY, com. merchant, & Ida Elizabeth OSBORNE, witn: Vera SILLESKY of Bradford Penn. & Gordon REYNOLDS of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910

005331/10 Robert James BROWN, 29, farmer, of Singhampton Grey Co., s/o Robert BROWN a farmer & Mary Ann MADILL, married Mabel BUIE, 28, of Toronto, d/o Archibald BUIE a farmer & Sarah ZEGGI, witn: Albert George TRICKER & Elizabeth BLACKSTOCK of Toronto, 21 December 1910

#003168-10 (Toronto) Edward BROWNE, 26, of Toronto, carpenter, s/o Joseph BROWN, mechanic & Jane ALLY, married Ellen CLARKE, 22, of Toronto, dressmaker, d/o John CLARKE, labourer & Mary Jane MULLHOLLAND, witn: Charles GOWAN & Alex McEMARY, both Toronto, 25 June 1910, Toronto

005332/10 William Arthur BURGESS, 24, locomotive fireman, of West Toronto, s/o William BURGESS & Harriet DAVIS, married Annie WILLIAMS, 26, of West Toronto, d/o Samuel WILLIAMS & Annie PARK, witn: Mary McKERRALL & Edith ROBERTSON of West Toronto, 21 December 1910

005169-10 Oliver David CADOTTE, 27, blank, Toronto, private secretary, s/o James I. CADOTTE, marine engineer & Sarah OLDS, married Jennette Johanna McLEOD, 33, blank, Toronto, d/o John K. McLEOD & Grace McKAY, witn; Jack Ralph McLEOD & Jean BOWLEY of Toronto. 7 Dec, 1910 at Toronto.
#001662-10 (Toronto): Robert CAIRNS, 28, brakesman, of Toronto, s/o David C. CAIRNS & Ellen ANDERSON, married Jenie Grange COCHRANE, 23, of Toronto, d/o Hugh COCHRANE & Elizabeth GRANGE, witn: Thomas HAMILTON & Mary CAIRNS, both of Toronto, 18 March 1910 #001005-10 (Toronto): Joseph CAIRNS, 38?, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Thomas CAIRNS, gardener, & Bridget CURREN, married Bessie CAMPBELL, 42, house keeper, of Toronto, d/o blank CAMPBELL, dead, & Jessie McLEARY, witn: Edward GLEPSON & Lauretta B. TAYLOR, both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1909
1884-10 (York Co) Thomas Percival CALL, 21, brush maker, not given, Toronto, s/o Robert CALL, laborer & Tarriyon? WRIGHT married Violet Beatrice HARNDEN, 23, not given, Toronto, d/o Robert HARNDEN & Elmira SCRIMSHAW, witn; Charles H. CALL & Minnie I. SAGER, 13 Apr 1910 #001660-10 (Toronto): George CAMPBELL, 30, salesman, of Toronto, s/o John CAMPBELL, farmer, & Elizabeth GORING, married Maggie ELDER, 33, of Toronto, d/o John ELDER & Christena CATTO, witn: Mary CAMPBELL of 44 Harbord St. & George ATKINSON of 145 Borden St., 24 Feb 1910
#004220-10 (Toronto): William Henry CAPE, 21, traveller, of Toronto, s/o William CAPE, farmer, & Elisha JOHNSTON, married Myrtle Tena SERUTON, 22, of Toronto, d/o Abraham SERUTON, engineer, & Margaret STOREY, witn: Elmer C. PHIPPS & Marion WILSON, both of Toronto, 22 Sept 1910 2897-10 Frederick CARR, 24, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Richard CARR & Elizabeth DUFF, married Barbara MANN, 24, of Toronto, d/o Alexander MANN & Betsy EMERY, witn: Isabel OAG & Henry J. HARRIS, 30 June 1910
5401-10 Charles Campbell CAULFIELD, 21, of Toronto, s/o Samuel CAULFIELD, dairy & Jane HARPER, married Alma Kate JACKSON, 18, of Toronto, d/o John JACKSON, carpenter, & Catherine HIBBERT, witn: John JACKSON & Edith MITCHELL, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1910 004463-10 (Toronto): James McGovern CAWDEN, 28, blacksmith, of Toronto, s/o David CAWDEN & Ellen McGOVERN, married Margaret J. BOYLE, 27, of Toronto, d/o Alexander BOYLE & Maggie RITCHIE, witn: Sarah L. FOULDS & A.L. REDLEY, both of Toronto, 26 Oct 1910
5000-10 Tom CHARLES, 24, restaurant, of Toronto, s/o King Hoy LUCY?, business man, & blank, married H--mer? WILKINSON, 27, of Toronto, d/o Peter WILKINSON, shoe store, & dead, witn: Guss STANLEY & Priscilla WILKINSON, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1910 [as written] 3416-10 Albert Elmer CHASE, 30, lineman, of St. Catharines, s/o Jacob Edward CHASE, farmer, & Mary DISTREAN, married Alice Leanor RAYMOND, 20, of Arthur, d/o John RAYMOND, laborer, & Ellen COWAN, witn: W. R. JAMES & Elman Porter BROWN, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910
#003444-10 (Toronto): William CHATTERLEY, 51, widower, fruit merchant, of Toronto, s/o William CHATTERLEY & Sarah Ann CROFT, married Rose Alice FAIRWEATHER, 35, widow, of Toronto, d/o Thomas William LAWRENCE & Eliza MITCHELL, witn: G.D. & J. GOSTLING of Toronto, 6 Aug 1910 004826-1910 - Arthur CHONG, 37, of Toronto, Laundryman, s/o Men CHONG, & blank, married Caroline CAMERON, 22, of Toronto, d/o Joshua CAMERON, Blacksmith, & Elizabeth JONES, wtn: Mark & Madge COWAN, both of Toronto, on October 18, 1910, at Toronto
4988-10 John Burton CHRISTIAN, 21, merchant, of Toronto, s/o John CHRISTIAN, merchant, & Emma MOODY, married Clarice GALLAWAY, 22, of Toronto, d/o Thomas GALLAWAY & Caroline MANNING, witn: Milton GALLAWAY & Margaret CORBETT, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910 #003169-10 (Toronto) William G. CLARKE, 29, of 389 Ontario St, hotel keeper, s/o James CLARK, clerk & Annie EDWARDS, married Edith DAVY, 25, of 319 Yonge St, hotel business, d/o Joseph DAVY, miller & Kate MAY, witn: Herman MILLER, Bessie Philip McFARLANE, both Toronto, 20 July 1910, Toronto
#004835-10 (Toronto) Charles Arthur CLARKSON, 35?, of Mimico, b, Attendant at Hospital, s/o Charles CLARKSON, bricklayer & Ellen FUGE, married Clara DWYER, 27, of Mimico, s, d/o John DWYER, deceased & Elizabeth HAYES, witn James Silas EDWARDS of New Toronto, S.G. WILLIAMS of Toronto, married 27 September 1910

002161/10 Harold Joseph CLAYTON, 23, painter, of 8 Cullen St., s/o John CLAYTON & Sarah TEMPLETON, married Ada WILLIAMS, 28, widow, of 8 Cullen St., d/o George HOOD & Jane ALDRIDGE, witn: Louis G. PERRY & Margaretta ALLEN of Toronto, 17 May 1910,

#001661-10 (Toronto): James A. COBB, 27, baker, of Fort Erie, s/o William & unknown, married Catherine BOYES, 33, of Buffalo USA, d/o James BOYES & Mary JEFFARY, witn: Mrs. Hattie SPEER & Elsie RADFORD, both of Toronto, 22 March 1910

004173/10 James Lyon Lyncoln COBBIN, 25, teamster, of Toronto, s/o Frederick COBBIN a laborer & not known, married Annie SMITH, 24, of Toronto, d/o Thomas SMITH a laborer & Caroline WHITERAL, witn: William Irvin TAYLOR & Alicia TAYLOR of Toronto, 20 September 1910

#024916-10 (Toronto) William Ford COLLINS, 26, of Toronto, b, boiler maker, s/o Allen COLLINS & Isabel DUDGEON, married Mary MALCOLM, 22, of Toronto, s, d/o David MALCOLM & Sarah VANDINA(?), witn: Amir DURIN, Edith ROBINSON, both North Toronto, 22 December 1909, Davisville #001006-10 (Toronto): Chester Robert COOK, 29, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Adolphus COOK, mechanic, & Cara TONSLEY, married Helen PARK, 28, tailoress, of Toronto, d/o Joseph PARK, wood worker, & Elizabeth ZELLERS, witn: Addie B. COOK of Toronto, 23 Dec 1909
#004098-10 (Toronto): Benjamin CORBETT, 64, widower, merchant, of Doncaster, s/o Owen CORBETT, minister, & Ann MORTIMORE, married Margaret FAROLIE?, 43, widow, nurse, of Doncaster, d/o James TULLOCK, piano maker, & Margaret STEPHENSON, witn: John SCOTT & Agnes McCUTCHEON, 12 Aug 1910 #004838-10 (Toronto) Russell COURTENAY, 21, of Toronto, b, book finisher, s/o Robert COURTENAY, city inspector & Margaret WADSWORTH, married Mabel Blanche CASTLE, 21, of Toronto, s, d/o Richard William CASTLE, deceased & Susan BAILEY, witn; Ernest BECK, Nellie PARRINGTON, both Toronto, married 19 September 1910
004827-1910 (Toronto) Mark COWAN, 24, Laundryman, of Toronto, s/o Mark COWAN & blank, married Madge BURNS, 22, of Toronto, d/o John BURNS, hotel clerk, & Catherine CEALEY, wtn: Arthur CHONG & Carrie CAMERON both of Toronto, on October 18, 1910, #005421-10 (Toronto): George CROCKFORD, 31, laborer, of Toronto, s/o George CROCKFORD (laborer) & Kaylett SLAUGHTER, married Maria SHUTTLE, widow, 47, of Toronto, d/o Joseph SWIFT (laborer) & Hannah SMITH, 24 Dec 1910
005171-10 Albert Henry CROSS, 22, blank, Toronto, veterinarian?, s/o Daniel CROSS, veterinarian & Catherine FRANK?, married Florence WELSH (WELCH?), 21, blank, Toronto, d/o William WELSH, brakeman & Lavinia LONG, witn; George WELSH & Lavinia GREYSON of Toronto. 8 Dec, 1910 at Toronto. 3873-10 Frank Smarte? CUMMINGS, 25, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Thomas CUMMINGS, contractor, & Annie SMARTE, married May FRASER, 22, of Toronto, d/o Peter FRASER, farmer, & Jean SHANKLY, witn: Christena FRASER & Harry CUMMINGS, both of Toronto, 14 Sept 1910
#002818-10 (Toronto): Charles Henry DANKERT, 23, foreman, of Toronto, s/o Benjamin DANKERT, fireman, & Elizabeth WITTHUR?, married Lillian WALTON, 23, of Toronto, d/o Samuel WALTON & Margaret WALLACE, witn: Fred MARTIN & Lydia DANKERT, both of Toronto, 22 June 1910

001663/10 Thomas William DANN, 25, farmer, of Windhorst Sask., s/o Henry DANN a farmer & Margaret PEW, married Donada Ethel WILSON, 25, of Toronto, d/o James WILSON a contractor & May BROWN, witn: J.H. DANN of Deloraine Man. & Myrtle KIRKPATRICK of Shelburne Ont., 17 March 1910

#003447-10 (Toronto): John DARWIN, 25, piano salesman, of Toronto, s/o Thomas DARWIN & Ellen REDFORD?, married Ethel Maud TOLHURST, 20?, of Toronto, d/o Henry TOLHURST, clerk, & Elizabeth TOMLIN, witn: James & Sarah DARWIN of Brantford, 27 July 1910 3419-10 Edward DAVIDSON, 24, butcher, of Toronto, s/o Harry DAVIDSON & Elizabeth DANIELS, married Tressia HASSARD, 23, of Toronto, d/o William HASSARD & Elizabeth RUTTAN, witn: Marjorie McC. CAMPBELL & E. F. CORNISH, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910
#024921-10 (Toronto) Thomas DAVIS, 27, of Eglinton, b, sailor, s/o George Daniel DAVIS & Elizabeth CUMMINGS, married Margaret Kathleen MULGREW, 26, of Eglinton, s, d/o Patrick MULGREW & Kate Mary HOPKINGS, witn: Harry & Elizabeth DAVIS of Eglinton, 27 January 1910, Eglinton #003637-10 (Toronto): John DAVIS, 42, designer, of Brampton, s/o John DAVIS & Emily WATSON, married Mary Ann STORK (or Stark), 49, widow, of Brampton, d/o John & Ellen PLUMMER, 27 Aug 1910

5404-10 Percy Francis Howard DAVISON, 29, iron moulder, of Toronto, s/o Francis DAVISON, hotel keeper & Annie PHILPOTT, married Lilly Annie CLARK, 22, of Toronto, d/o Joseph William CLARK, picture frame maker & Mary Ann LUCAS, witn: Albert Roland McALLISTER & Eileen SAWYER, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1910

001305/10 Robert DAWSON, 26, Policeman, of Toronto, s/o Thomas DAWSON & Mary PARKER, married Mary Elizabeth BELL, 28, of Toronto, d/o Nelson BELL & Elizabeth PAGET, witn: John NEWMAN & Rose QUINN of Toronto, 1 February 1910
3425-10 Charles Seymour DEIGHTON, 30, designer, of Toronto, s/o William Robert DEIGHTON, publisher, & Sarah DANGER, married Edith Fanny JENNINGS, 27, of Toronto, d/o George William JENNINGS, accountant, & Alice McCAIN, witn: A. G. HOLMES & Alice JENNINGS, both of Toronto, 14 July 1910 #003640-10 (Toronto): Samuel Heinrich DEIMETHUBER, 27, teacher, of 328 George St., s/o Heinrich DEIMETHUBER, Lutheran clergyman, & Mary MULLER, married Elizabeth Ann McHUGH, 27, of 162 Mutual St., d/o John McHUGH, civil service, & Elizabeth PARRY, witn: Henry & Mary MATHERON of Toronto, 27 Aug 1910
4818-10 (Toronto): William DEPMOCK?, 22, dyer, of Toronto, s/o John Stewart DEPMOCK, timber merchant, & Agnes GRANT, married Anna? CHAMBERS, 22, of Toronto, d/o John CHAMBERS, deceased, & Jane SPENCE, witn: James GRANGER & Mrs. Kate RAFFERTY, both of Toronto, 3 Nov 1910 2895-10 John Roy DIXON, 22, manager of Accessory dept., of Toronto, s/o John DIXON & Maria VERNON, married Greta Naomi GILBERT, 22, of Toronto, d/o Mortimer E. GILBERT & Elizabeth ROSS, witn: Gertrude GARDINER of Hamilton & Gordon GILBERT of Toronto, 29 June 1910 [divorced 17 May 1934 at Toronto ]
#004967-10 (Toronto): Henry Edward DOBSON, 26, freight checker GTR, of Toronto , s/o William DOBSON, stone mason, & Rosetta COLLINS, married Mary Jane HATTON, 21, of Toronto , d/o Thomas HATTON, deceased, & Charlotte CLARK, witn: Thomas HATTON & Alice SARGENT, both of Toronto , 19 Nov 1910 #003710-10 (Toronto): Frank James DORST, 20, mechanic, of Buffalo, s/o Jacob DORST, policeman, & Helen SCUPP, married Regina Mary DOERING, 22, of Buffalo, d/o August DOERING, laborer, & Mary WALDERS, witn: John R. CLAPIN & Edna DORST, both of Buffalo, 3 Sept 1910
5001-10 Archibald EDGAR, 24, tailor, of Toronto, s/o William EDGAR, farmer, & Catherine STEVENSON, married Louisa BLEAKLEY, 23, of Toronto, d/o George BLEAKLEY, butcher, & Alicia FLEMING, witn: Robert D. WOOD & Minnie ELLIOTT, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1910 3429-10 Arthur EDMONSON, 31, pedlar, of 526 Front St., s/o Nelson EDMONSON, teamster, & Dora WOODSON (Wordson?), married Albina ELlen WILLIAMS, 33, of 526 Front St., d/o Andrew Mercer WILLIAMS, teamster, & Sophia SALE, witn: Mary H. HARTLEY of Toronto & Anna M. CRAWFORD of illegible, 4 Aug 1910
4819-10 (Toronto): Franklin ELLIOTT, 21, driver, of Toronto, s/o James W. ELLIOTT, laborer, & Maria MYERS, married Winifred Joyce COLLISS (Calliss?), 21, of Toronto, d/o Frank COLLISS, baker, & Annie JOYCE, witn: Frederick W. TANSLEY & Annie COLLISS, both of Toronto, 3 Nov 1910 3415-10 Albert ENSTONE, 27, conductor, of 4 Fuller St., s/o Henry ENSTONE, driver, & Louisa LANDON, married Elizabeth FALLIS, 37, widow, of Toronto, d/o Robert FALLIS, farmer, & Sarah ANDERSON, witn: G.L. DIXON & A. McCALLUM, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910
#003166-10 (Toronto) Charles J. FALL, 34, of 870 Bloor Street, optician, d/o Richard FALL & Jane BENNETT, married Lily LaROSE, 20, of Weston, s, d/o Aleck LaROSE & Dorcas WHEELER, witn: Frances McLEAN, James GRACE, both Toronto, 18 June 1910, Toronto #004218-10 (Toronto): John FENTON, 20, guide, of Parry Sound, s/o Lorenzo FENTON, laborer, & Sarah MOWERS, married Mabel HANNA, 20, of Parry Sound, d/o Joseph HANNA, laborer, & Mary FLOOD, witn: Laura ACHESON & Marion WILSON, both of Toronto, 4 Oct 1910
02168-10 - Alfred Edmond FINCH, 28, silversmith, of Not given, s/o Robert FINCH & Susannah WHITE, married Kate DAYES, 23, domestic, of Not given, d/o John William DAYES & Agnes WARD, witn: John W. & Agnes DAYES both of Toronto, 21 May 1910 at Toronto 04892-10 - Albert FINCH, 26, moulder, of Toronto, s/o Henry FINCH & Mary NOBLE, married Jessie HORNAL, 26, of Toronto, d/o Alexander HORNAL & Don't know, witn: Annie HARRIS & John A. THOMAS both of Toronto, 18 Oct 1910 at Toronto
05330-10 - Gordon Tupper FINCH, 25, bond broker, of Toronto, s/o William Harry & Emily, married Judith Grant HOWSE, 25, of Toronto, d/o William Richard HOWSE & Emily GRANT, witn: D. J. GIBSON of Scotland Ont. & Lilian Chisholm HOWSE of Toronto, 22 Dec 1910 at Toronto 01688-10 - Edward FLETCHER, 29, hairdresser, of Toronto, s/o Joseph FLETCHER & Margaret Ann HAUGHTEN, married Louise Elizabeth FINCH, 24, widow, of Toronto, d/o Henry BERESFORD & Mary CHOCKMAN, witn: H. L. VANCE & S. B. THORNHILL both of Toronto, 22 Mar 1910 at Toront
3417-10 James FOSTER, 36, teacher, of Toronto, s/o Maurice FOSTER, stone mason, & Elizabeth TOWNLEY, married Mata Eliza DURBAND, 24, of Toronto, d/o Louis DARBAND (sic), engineer & Wilhelmina VOSS, witn: Ed FROME & Pauline WRIGHT, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910 1739-10 James Booth FOTHERINGHAM, 30, clergyman, of Toronto, s/o William FOTHERINGHAM & Mary Ann SOULTER, married Sophie Mary SWEETMAN, 23, of Toronto, d/o Archbishop SWEETMAN & Susie GARLAND, witn: Edith M. WALTON of Kingtson & H. C. GRIFFITH of Toronto, 29 March 1910
3412-10 Arthur Love? FOUNTAIN, 29, brick maker, of Toronto, s/o John FOUNTAIN & Eliza BROWN, married Louisa Jane SHECKLETON, 29, of Toronto, adopted d/o Matthew PORTER & Mary HUGHES, witn: Russell COOPER & Olive NICHOLLS, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910 4999-10 George FRANKLIN, 29, driver, of Toronto, s/o George FRANKLIN, brick layer, & Annie WYNETH?, married Alice Rosina May PEPPIATT, 28, of Toronto, d/o Joseph PEPPIATT, brick layer, & Ellen GILLIARD, witn: William FAULKNER of Caledon & Eva TAYLOR of Toronto, 21 Nov 1910
#003022-10 (Toronto): John Hagart FRASER, 25, newspaper clerk, of 243 University Ave., s/o Robert FRASER (book keeper) & Kate HAGART, married Susanna Rosa LEE, 25, of 55 Cecil St., d/o John LEE (contractor) & Alice RIVERS, witn: Emily LEE & H.S. ALLEN, both of Toronto, 6 July 1910 #002275-10 (Toronto): William FRASER, 26, teamster, of 18 Sackville St., s/o William, teamster, & Isabella, married Margaret NIVEN, 22, of 18 Sackville St., d/o Jack NIVEN, boiler maker, & Mary NORTON, witn: Robert & Annie ANDERSON of Toronto, 4 May 1910
#003167-10 (Toronto) William FULLER, 25, of 590 Lansdowne Ave, brick layer, s/o Albert James Fuller WRIGHT, farmer & Mary ARNOT, married Ella Maude SIMPSON, 18, of 261 Brock Ave, d/o Joseph Crey SIMPSON, cooper & Elizabeth Ann WATMAN, witn: George Arthur WATMAN, Bertha May SIMPSON, 20 July 1910, Toronto #004196-10 (Toronto): George Lionel GARDINER of Toronto, married Lulu Gertrude MOORE of Belleville, banns published Aug 27 and Sept 3, 1910 - only "Certificate of Publication of Banns".
005167-10 William Trent GEDDES, 19, blank, Toronto, plumber, s/o James GEDDES, artisan, & Mary STUART, married Louise Jessie Adelaide ALSTON, 18, blank, Toronto, d/o Ernest ALSTON, artisan, & Louise SHEPHERD, witn; Arnold & Margaret McLEOD of Toronto. 19 Nov, 1910 at Toronto.

002228/10 James GEDDES, 32, teamster, of Toronto, s/o William GEDDES a shipper & Ann CAMPBELL, married Helen GRANT, 29, of Toronto, d/o Hugh GRANT a carpenter & Mary LITTLE, witn: Allan GRANT & Annie McKENZIE of Toronto, 12 April 1910

  2890-10 John Conrad GEROW, 51, widower, gentleman, of Guelph,. s/o James [GEROW] & Sarah ARMES, married Elizabeth HILLEN, 43, of Guelph, d/o Benjamin [HILLEN] & Bridget TREENIE, witn: Elizabeth & Eugene PICKERING of Toronto, 24 June 1910
001181-10, (York), George Alfred GHEER, 37, Railroad Worker, of Barrie, s/o John GHEER & Elizabeth KNIGHT, married Pheobe CHARD, 37, of Toronto, d/o William CHARD & Fanny ?, Wtn Laura ACHESON & William W. NELSON both of Toronto, 24 Jan 1910 at Toronto 3870-10 George Edward GILLESPIE, 31, salesman, of 266 Bloor St., s/o George Edward GILLESPIE & Mary MENDELL, married Edith Alice EVANS, 25, of 173 Dowling Ave., d/o George EVANS & Mary Ann CLARKE, witn: Donald BREMNER & Elanor Viola EVANS, 14 Sept 1910
#003024-10 (Toronto): Robert Charles GORDON, 29, furrier, of Fort William, s/o Samuel GORDON (tailor) & Margaret McKEOWN, married Christine Marshall MILLER, 26, of 340 Palmerston Ave., d/o David MILLER (tailor) & Mary SMITH, witn: David MILLER of Manitoba & Carmen MILLER of Minnesota USA, 7 July 1910 4821-10 (Toronto): Donald GORRIE, 21, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Alexander M. GORRIE, accountant, & Catherine McDERMID, married Teresa CLARK, 21, of Toronto, d/o Michael CLARKE, deceased, & Sarah REILLY, witn: Wallis A. CLARK & Rose ALBERSTEAD, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1910
005166-10 Ernest Renwald GOSSET, 27, blank, Toronto, accountant, s/o Richard M. GOSSET, accountant & Sarah BOYER, married Hughena Marguerite LEE, 22, blank, Toronto, d/o George J. LEE, commercial agent, & Edith WORKMAN, witn; W. Franklin OLIVER & Edith Grace LEE of Toronto. 7 Dec 1910 at Toronto. 3421-10 Thomas Benson GRIMSHAW, 35, carpenter, of 204 Wallace Ave., s/o Samuel GRIMSHAW & Hannah BENSON, married Beatrice Alice DICKINSON, 25, of 9 Macauley Ave., d/o Thomas DICKINSON & Eleanor TOMPKINS, witn: Ellen BUTTERWORTH & Samuel EVISON, both of Toronto, 23 July 1910
1740-10 Joseph Ralph GROGAN, 22, case dealer, of Toronto, s/o Robert GROGAN & Sarah McKEE, married Susannah Martha JUDGE, 26, of Toronto, d/o James JUDGE & Martha GOODEVE, witn: Florence McDONALD & Nellie BAIRD of Toronto, 23 March 1910

003129/10 George Alex GURR, 34, fireman, of Toronto, s/o Alexander GURR & Mary LANE, married Sarah PARROLL, 36, of Toronto, d/o James PARROLL & Mary WATSON, witn: James W. PARROLL & Mary Isabell CASKIE of Toronto, 22 June 1910

#005422-10 (Toronto): Vernon S. HAMBLY, 24, hardware merchant, of Barrie, s/o William Thomas HAMBLY & Roxana DALES, married Edith May NESS, 21, of Barrie, d/o John McKenzie NESS & Frances JEBB, witnesses were Mrs. A. R. SPEERS & W. LADBURY, both of Toronto, Dec. 29, 1910 3411-10 Edmund John HANFORD, 33, stenographer, of Toronto, s/o John HANFORD & Louisa Emelyn BATTEN, married Neroby Sybil MUIR, 28, of Toronto, d/o Neroby MUIR & Minnie HILL, witn: Louisa Emily HANFORD of Toronto & Leila GALE of Bowmanville, 2 Aug 1910
#002817-10 (Toronto): Harvey HARE, 23, furnace mounter, of Toronto, s/o Richard HARE, driver, & Hannah GILLESPIE, married Isabella ALLEN, 21, of Toronto, d/o Samuel ALLEN, painter, & Annie GARDINER, witn: Agnes UNDERWOOD & Harry BENNETT, both of Toronto, 22 June 1910 #004466-10 (Toronto): David HARKNESS, 29, fireman GTR, of West Toronto, s/o Robert HARKNESS & Harriet LANDSBOROUGH, married Elizabeth Haddon WHITE, 24, of Toronto, d/o William WHITE & Annie BOYD, witn: Mrs. Duncan CAMERON & Mrs. Janet McGEGGIE?, both of Toronto, 30 Sept 1910
3597-10 William HARRIS, 22, farmer, of Humber Bay, s/o William HARRIS, farmer, & Louise ELFORD, married Emily A. THOMPSON, 25, of Islington, d/o Andrew F. THOMPSON & Mary A. MUSSON, witn: Effie F. McCOMBE & Bessie M. THOMPSON of Toronto, 17 Aug 1910 #004468-10 (Toronto): William Ernest HARRIS, 31, paper peeler of Toronto, s/o J.W. HARRIS & Martha Ann TIBB, married Harriet TRIMBLE, 30, of Toronto, d/o George TRIMBLE & Wilhelmina GERSTER, witn: Elizabeth TRIMBLE & Harry GALBRAITH, both of Toronto, 12 Oct 1910
#004094-10 (Toronto): Edward HAY, 25, moulder, of 96 Salem Ave., s/o Adam HAY, rubber worker, & Mary Stewart MIDDLETON, married Lylian illegible LINDLAY, 23, of Toronto, d/o Andrew LINDLEY (sic), blacksmith, & Mary GORDON, witn: Dan S. & Mrs. D. KEE of Toronto, 19 Aug 1910 #004963-10 (Toronto): Thomas Burchill HEART, 26, laborer, of West Toronto , s/o Thomas HEART, laborer, & Teresa BURCHILL, married Amelia HAYS, 28, workshop girl, of West Toronto , d/o Walter HAYS, laborer, & Margaret GEDDES, witn: Thomas LESTER & Annie INGOLDSBY, both of West Toronto , 31 Oct 1910 (Rom Cath)
#001007-10 (Toronto): Roy Scholl HENRY, 25, machinist, of Mishawaka Indiana, s/o W.G. HENRY, farmer, & Sarah SCHOLL, married Margaret Jane KEYS, 25, of Penn. USA, d/o John KEYS, gas insp., & Hannah OHOLDAN, witn: Mary M. MURSHERAN? of Pa.. & Margaret HAMMOND of Toronto, 28 Dec 1909 #004829-10 (Toronto) Bernard David HENRY, 23, of Toronto, b, M. Engineer, s/o John HENRY, Captain of Boat & Ellen BARNES, married Irene Stella BUCK, 19, of Toronto, s, d/o Oliver BUCK, carpenter & Harriet CUNNEYWORTH, witn John HENRY of Gravenhurst, Jean FERGUSON of Toronto, married 12 October 1910

001664/10 Charles Henry HICKSON, 29, carpenter, of Richmond Hill, s/o John HICKSON a farmer & Emily FOSTER, married Anne May WILLIAMS, 31, of Richmond Hill, d/o George WILLIAMS (dead) & Martha BASTARD, witn: Charles STOUTENBERG & Mary STOUTENBERG of Victoria Square, 22 March 1910

5002-10 George HIGTON, 25, telegraph operator, of Toronto, s/o John HIGTON, dead, & Mary Ann TWIGG, married Elizabeth McDONALD, 22, of Toronto, d/o Edward McDONALD, laborer, & Mary MARTIN, witn: Patrick McDONALD & Marion HIGGINS, both of Toronto, 21 Nov 1910
#002814-10 (Toronto): Joseph Henry HILL, 43, traveler, of Woodstock, s/o Henry W. HILL & Christina DAWSON, married Frances Emily MITCHELL, 30, of Toronto, d/o Henry MITCHELL, builder, & Martha McGEARY, witn: Letitia & John L. ARCHER of Toronto, 30 June 1910

001306/10 James E. HILL, 29, widower, teacher, of Toronto, s/o Frank HILL & Mary DONOHOUGH, married Rebecca ROWE, 31, widow, of Toronto, d/o John WILLIAMS & Rebecca BRIDGEFORD, witn: C. St. CLAIR & Alta Lind COOK of Toronto, 1 February 1910,

4711-10 Thomas Richard HIND, 22, teamster, of Toronto, s/o Thomas Richard HIND, laborer, & Polly May CARROLL, married Nellie FLEMING, 26, of Toronto, d/o Robert FLEMING, mason & Ellen CARSON, witn: Nora OWEN & J. SANDERSON, both of Toronto, 22 Oct 1910 #004194-10 (Toronto): Walter Gabriel HOME, 37, Officer of H.B.M. Forces, of Blom? Junction South Africa, s/o Rev. Robert HOME & Annie LEDICE, married Helen Gordon DAVIDSON, 23, of Toronto, d/o Col. John Ien DAVIDSON & Mary, witn: M.M. CROFT of Perth NB & Constance TURNBULL of Hamilton, 5 Jan 1910
1882-10 (York Co) Charles George HUGHES, 26, laborer, not given, Toronto, s/o James Coppin HUGHES & Mary Ann MOUNT married Sarah Alice DABBS, 19, not given, Mount Dennis, d/o Charles Henry DABBS & Eliza GILSON, witn: Mary Jane DABBS & Thomas A. BEZZO of Toronto, 14 Apr 1910 3418-10 Percy HUMPHREY, 28, shipper, of 518 St. Clarens Ave., s/o George HUMPHREY & Sarah APPS, married Florence Gertrude NEWBY, 30, of 512 Jarvis St., d/o William NEWBY & Mary Ann BRUNNING, witn: Mabel MANNING & Thomas Henry HUMPHREY, both of Toronto, 30 July 1910
3595-10 Errol H. C. HUNT, 24, mechanic, of Toronto, s/o Abraham HUNT, plumber, & Caroline CAMPBELL, married Ethel D. MARTON, 21, of Toronto, d/o John MARTON, farmer, & Annie GILES, witn: Millie H. & Marion E. WILSON of Toronto, 18 Aug 1910 2896-10 William John HUNTLEY, 29, cement finisher, of Toronto, s/o George Albert HUNTLEY & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Alice Luna SPENCELY, 21, of Toronto, d/o Noah SPENCELY & Margaret LAUR, witn: Martha DIEGLE & Albert HUNTLEY, both of Toronto, 27 June 1910
004822-1910 (Toronto) Henry HURST, 22, of Toronto, Telegram office, s/o Henry HURST, Watchman, & Margaret Alice SLADE, married Ellen Bertha PALMER, 22, of Toronto, d/o Joseph PALMER, Ret. Employee, & Jane BAKER, wtn: April GAULSTON & S.G. WILLIAMS both of Toronto, on October 24, 1910, #005420-10 (Toronto): Alfred HUSSEY, 19, laborer, of Toronto, s/o William (tailor) & Kate, married Edith CORBETT, 18, of Toronto, d/o Robert CORBETT (carpenter) & Kate PORTEVILD, witnesses were George R. ALDER & Laurauna SMITH of Toronto, Dec. 29, 1910
5009-10 - J. Herbert JACKSON, 43, widower, gentleman, of Vaughan twp., s/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth TAYLOR, married Susie GALLANAUGH, 36, of Toronto, d/o Archibald GALLANAUGH & Mary A. SHIELS, witn: Lillian ADAMSON & F. J. GALLANAUGH, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910

002407/10 Percy Alfred JACKSON, 23, plasterer, of Toronto, s/o John JACKSON & Rachel DAUGHTY, married Elizabeth Ann BLACKBURN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Tom BLACKBURN & Elizabeth Ann WHITELEY, witn: Joe BLACKBURN & Blanche JACKSON of Toronto, 9 June 1910,

#001150-10 (Toronto): Charles JAMES, 31, motorman, of 409 Margueretta St. Toronto, s/o Robert JAMES, painter, & Mary MELROSE, married Margaret NORRIS, 30, operator, of 73 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o William C?. NORRIS & Liza CLEGHORN, witn: William C. & Mary Jane NORRIS of Toronto, 5 Jan 1910

003134/10 Alfred Edwin JEFFREY, 36, widower, carpenter, of 8 Fenwick Ave., s/o William JEFFREY & Letitia Ann CLARKE, married Elizabeth Walker McCHESNEY, 35, widow, housekeeper, of 20 Simpson Ave., d/o James WALKER & Elizabeth BIRD, witn: Jemima McADAM & Elizabeth BELL of Toronto, 21 July 1910

#001153-10 (Toronto): Arnold JENNINGS, 20, clerk, of Toronto, s/o George JENNINGS, carpenter?, & Mary MOFFATT, married Lucy Gladstone YARNOLD, 18, of Toronto, d/o Robert YARNOLD, engineer, & Ida WILSON, witn: illegible HADWIN & Ida YARNOLD, both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1909 #004221-10 (Toronto): William Percy JOHNSON, 22, accountant, of Toronto, s/o John W. JOHNSON, jeweler, & Eleanor McKENZIE, married Luretta CAIRNS, 22, of Toronto, d/o Bernard CAIRNS, manufacturer, & Sarah MOOT, witn: Laura ACHESON of Toronto, 6 Oct 1910
1742-10 Francis Hans JOHNSTON, 22, artist, of Toronto, s/o Hugh JOHNSTON & Elizabeth RODERICK, married Florence M. J. JAMIESON, 21, of t, d/o Walter Fenwick JAMIESON & Ann GREENLAW, witn: C. A. & Winifred FARRINGTON of Toronto, 16 Feb 1910  
3410-10 John JONES, 24, mechanic, of Toronto, s/o George JONES, optician, & Emma MITCHELL, married Lillian GRACE, 24, of Toronto, d/o Charles GRACE, clerk, & Matilda SMITH, witn: Charles & Maria GUISMAN of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910 #003642-10 (Toronto): William Jennings JONES, 22, rubber worker, of 45 O'Hara Ave., s/o Charles & Mary, married Lillian HARDY, 21, of 264 Euclid Ave., d/o David HARDY & Elizabeth KING, witn: Wilford J. ATKINSON & Helen HAYES, both of Toronto, 13 July 1910
1738-10 Ephraim KATZ, 30, shoe maker, of Toronto, s/o Joe KATZ, fisher, & Sarah JACK, married Fanny NOSENOWITZ, widow, 34, of Toronto, d/o Saml NUSBAUM, horse dealer, & Lea BORSHOVITZ, witn: David LEVY & M. HOROWITZ of Toronto, 26 March 1910 (Hebrew) 4994-10 Thomas C. J. KEEFER, 30, civil engineer, of Ottawa, s/o Thomas C. KEEPER & Lucy JONES, married Edith Anderson HOLLAND, 23, of Toronto, d/o William Hugh HOLLAND & Elise May ANDERSON, witn: C. M. ANDERSON of Ottawa & Marjorie McDONALD of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910
3871-10 Alfred Francis KEMP, 27, machinist, of 67 Ohara St., s/o Francis KEMP & Martha, married Teresa RANGECROFT, 23, of Parkdale, d/o John RANGECROFT & Elizabeth, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Vincent McCARTHY of Toronto, 10 Sept 1910 #002278-10 (Toronto): Walter KENNEDY, 28, salesman, of Toronto, s/o William KENNEDY & Minerva HARRIS, married Addie May QUINN, 28, of Toronto, d/o John QUINN & Mary Jane COOPER, witn: Miss? E. GARNETT & Robert J. BOYD, both of Toronto, 1 June 1910
#003443-10 (Toronto): Walter McRoberts KIMBERLY, 27, chipper, of Toronto, s/o Roderick George KIMBERLY & Mary Ann McROBERTS, married Ida Lucy QUINN, 20?, of Toronto, d/o Matthew QUINN & Mary Jane JONES, witn: Matthew QUINN & Florence MILLER, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910

001665/10 Herbert Canfield KIMPTON, 28, clerk, of Toronto, s/o George KIMPTON a Lawyer & Martha KIMPTON, married Ethel Violet RUTHERFORD, 21, of Toronto, d/o Fred RUTHERFORD an Engineer & Jane FENDORN, witn: Marion WILSON & Millie H. WILSON of Toronto, 18 March 1910

#004197-10 (Toronto): George KIRTLEY, married Margaret Matilda BROWN, witn: John H. WURHON? of 14 (or 16) Russell St., and Mrs. Charles TOMLINSON of 207 Borden St., married 14 Sept 1910 at Toronto (only partial paperwork is on microfilm) #024917-10 (Toronto) William KNIGHT, 42, of Toronto, widower, baker, s/o John KNIGHT, tailor & Louisa LOVELL, married Helen MacKINTOSH, 31, of Toronto, s, d/o John MacKINTOSH, brass finisher & Amy BELYEA, witn: Joseph SEWELL & Blanche POWELL, both Eglinton, 8 January 1910, St. Clements Eglinton
#003026-10 (Toronto): Samuel Herbert LAMB, 29, builder, of 109 Bond St., s/o Amos & Agnes, married Mabel THOMPSON, 23, of 881 Gerard St. East, d/o John Guest THOMPSON & Elizabeth MATCHWOMAN?, witn: John LAMB & Jennie PLOWMAN, both of Toronto, 9 July 1910 #001633-10 (Toronto): Thomas Guison? LAMB, 59, widower, laborer, of 8 St. Davids Place, s/o Thomas LAMB & "Emmer" WEST, married Annie JOHNSTON, 60, widow, of 8 St. Davids Place, d/o Edward IRVING & Barbara LATTON, witn: Mrs. Sarah & Joseph TANNER of 8 St. Davids Place, Toronto, 17 March 1910

002163/10 William LANGMUIR, 27, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Robert LANGMUIR & blank WATT, married Emily POTTER, 26, of Toronto, d/o William E. POTTER & Hannah M. GROVES, witn: Morley TRELEAVEN & Ethel FORBES of Toronto, 19 May 1910

 #004093-10 (Toronto): Arthur LANT, 33, cletter?, of 64 Gwynne Ave., s/o John Edward LANT, book keeper, & Mary VICKERMAN, married Lottie BARLOW, 21, of Toronto, d/o Thomas BARLOW & Johanna LATALVILLE?, witn: Tupper & Ruth CANNINGTON of Toronto, 2 Sept 1910
4996-10 Harry LEVY, 21, tailor, of Toronto, s/o Donar LEVY & Minnie DON, married Fannie BERKOWITZ, 20, of Toronto, d/o L. BERKOWITZ & Ca? LEIBERMAN, witn: B. WEINSTALK & S. WILER, both of Toronto, 13 Nov 1910 (Hebrew) #001634-10 (Toronto): John LINDSAY, 26, widower, blacksmith, of 88 Palmerston Ave., s/o Hugh LINDSAY, farmer, & Mary CAMPBELL, married Agnes Gilson RAE, 22, of 88 Palmerston Ave., d/o John RAE, banker, & Margaret JONES, witn: James H. HUTLY of 528 Yonge St. & Helen DICKER of 31 St. Joseph St., 26 Feb 1910
#001151-10 (Toronto): Peter LLOYD, 26, CPR employee, of Toronto, s/o Ed LLOYD, miner?, & C. ROBERTS, married Lizzie ALWAYS, 26, of Toronto, d/o G. ALWAYS & Arabella WILLIAMS, witn: M.E. & C.M. CAYLEY of Toronto, 18 Jan 1910 #004222-10 (Toronto): Mortimer Harold LOCKWOOD, 26, printer, of Toronto, s/o Avery Benjamin LOCKWOOD, miller, & Clara CONN, married Florence Gertrude THOMAS, 22, of Toronto, d/o George Henry THOMAS, machinist, & Hannah BUSS, witn: Edith Grace THOMAS & Robert Spence LEWIS, both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1910
#003445-10 (Toronto): Gilbert Frederick LONG, 23, electrician, of 272 Dundas St., s/o George James LONG, painter, & Alice Mary SANDERS, married Olive Mary WAY, 26, of 272 Dundas St., d/o James William WAY & Elizabeth BARFORD, witn: James Oliver Frederick INGRAM & Lillian Catherine PIERCE, both of Toronto, 6 Aug 1910 3599-10 Elmo LOW, 26, miner, of Toronto, s/o Joseph H. LOW, cabinet maker, & Letitia SCRIBER, married Mabel Ellen JENNER, 22, of Toronto, d/o Thomas JENNER, farmer, & Marthy TURNER, witn: Christopher & Mary MYERS of Toronto, 24 Aug 1910
3596-10 Joseph E. L. MADGE, 20, commercial traveller, of Toronto, s/o Thomas MADGE, butcher, & Elizabeth JOHNSTONE, married Pearl McDERMOTT, 22, of Cannington, d/o Henry McDERMOTT, farmer, & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: Thomas & Hazel MADGE of Toronto, 23 Aug 1910 #002819-10 (Toronto): Alfred Henry MANNING, widower, 40, electrician, of Toronto, s/o Charles F. MANNING, carpenter, & Elizabeth GRAHAM, married Elizabeth Grace GRAHAM, 34, Toronto, d/o William GRAHAM, farmer, & Sarah MANNING, witn: Emma LABATT & Margaret STAUFFER, both of Toronto, 29 June 1910 
4817-10 (Toronto): Guy Lawson MAREY, 23, metal polisher, of Toronto, s/o James H. MAREY, Gas Co. employee, & Mary Ann LOADMAN, married Marie AYERS, 21, of Toronto, d/o William James AYERS, decorator, & Mary RICHARDSON, witn: Mary Ann MAREY of Toronto, 4 Nov 1910 5413-10 Henry Rowland MARSDEN, 32, contractor, of not given, s/o Henry Serson MARSDEN & Harriet EMERSON, married Gertrude Elizabeth CLARKE, 27, of not given, d/o Charles CLARKE & Edith RATHBONE, witn: John GREER & Elsie MOLE, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1910
3428-10 Gordon MARTIN, 25, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Robert H. [MARTIN], manufacturing agent, & Margaret HOGAN, married Laura F. ANSON, 28, of Toronto, d/o George [ANSON}, farmer, & Jennie FERGUSON, witn: William WILKINSON & Jessie C. SCOTT, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910 3600-10 Donald Almon? MATHESON, 27, street car conductor, of Toronto, s/o John MATHESON & Ann, married Isabella GIBSON, 21, of Toronto, d/o Charles GIBSON & Margaret McLEAN, witn: Mary & Alexander G. KELMAN of Toronto, 26 Aug 1910
#001152-10 (Toronto): James MAXWELL, 29 (or 27), railway man, of Calgary Alta., s/o John MAXWELL, draper, & Margaret McMINN, married Edith HULL, 22, of 358 Queen St. East - Toronto, d/o Joseph Norman HULL, shoe cutter & Eliza JOYCE, witn: Harold WALKER & Nellie HULL, both of Toronto, 15 Jan 1910 #024919-10 (Toronto) Thomas H. MAXWELL, 51, of Winnipeg, widower, pump maker, s/o George MAXWELL & Kathleen MONTGOMERY, married Ellen MAXWELL, 38, of Wingham, s, d/o Garrett MAXWELL & Ellen McELROY, witn: J.H. CHISHOLM of Toronto, Addie MAXWELL of Morris Ont, 20 January 1910, Eglinton
2891-10 John Archibald McCOMB, 32, conductor, of Fort William, s/o Saml [McCOMB] & Janet LIVINGSTONE, married Anna Maude ANDERSON, 32, of Palmerston, d/o John [ANDERSON] & Sarah WILSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. BRADLEY of Toronto, 22 June 1910 3598-10 John McCOMBE, 35, clergyman, of Toronto, s/o John McCOMBE, farmer, & Jane McKINLEY, married Winnifred CROUCH, 23, stenographer, of Toronto, d/o Thomas CROUCH, contractor, & Elizabeth Harvey TAYLOR, witn: Robert J. McCOMBE & Edna A. CROUCH, both of Toronto, 24 Aug 1910
#004219-10 (Toronto): James Agnew McEWAN, 20, furrier, of Toronto, s/o Henry McEWAN, carpenter, & Elizabeth AGNEW, married Margaret GRAY, 22, of Toronto, d/o John Cavers GRAY & Margaret CURRELL, witn: Frederica Violet SMITH & Ernest HENDERSON, both of Toronto, 5 Oct 1910

003126/10 Robert John McGOWAN, 25, Barrister, of Toronto, s/o Robert John McGOWAN a gentleman & Agnes McDOUGALL, married Margaret May ROTHWELL, 23, of Toronto, d/o Thomas Henry ROTHWELL a com. traveler & Margaret Elizabeth VAN EVERY, witn: Clifton Medley JOHNSTON & Alice Gainsford ROTHWELL of Toronto, 18 July 1910

#001635-10 (Toronto): Donald MACKAY, 39, book keeper, of Toronto, s/o James MACKAY & Isabella SUTHERLAND, married Alice Blanche PRIOR, 33, of Toronto, d/o William PRIOR & Matilda WHITWELL, witn: Mary RICHARDSON of 706 Dovercourt Rd. & Jessie WILSON of 704 Dovercourt Rd., 16 March 1910 002280-10 (Toronto): Henry McKNIGHT, 27, city fireman, of Toronto, s/o Samuel McKNIGHT, farmer, & Elizabeth McCLUNE, married Mary Rutherford EADIE, 27, of Toronto, d/o James R. EADIE, artisan, & Mary MacMILLAN, witn: Maria BROWN & James CRAWFORD, both of Toronto, 1 June 1910
4990-10 James Alexander MacLAREN, 38, polisher, of Barrie, s/o Alexander MacLAREN, clergyman, & Ann PRITCHARD, married Geraldine Madeline HASKINS, 23, of Toronto, d/o William F. HASKINS, banker, & Sarah SIMS, witn: C. S. GRASETT & Jessie MacLAREN of Barrie, 23 Nov 1910

001668/10 Sherry McLEAN, 25, railroader, of Toronto, s/o Archie McLEAN a farmer & Tellma OWENS, married Margaret BONHAN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Owen BONHAN a gentleman & Margaret FAIR, witn: Fred DURHAM & Lottie BURLEIGH both of Toronto, 21 March 1910,

#001009-10 (Toronto): William? McLEOD, 23, box sawyer, of Toronto, s/o Norman McLEOD & Jessie McINTYRE, married Estelle Ida SHORT, 20, of Toronto, d/o John SHORT & Maria HARDING, witn: Mary & Ethel BOOTH of Toronto, 7 Dec 1909 #003641-10 (Toronto): Thomas McMICHAEL, 34, rancher, of 535 Palmerston Ave., s/o Thomas McMICHAEL & Sarah Jane DRIVER, married Christina Lawrenston ALEXANDER, 19, of 535 Palmerston Ave., d/o David ALEXANDER & Annie GORDON, witn: Cecil J. & Margaret MARCH of Toronto, 17 Aug 1910
#004831-10 (Toronto) Frederick Packham McNEELY, 25, of Toronto, Electrician, s/o Andrew McNEELY , conductor & Amanda RUMLEY, married Isobel Louise SANDERSON, 25, of Toronto, s, d/o George SANDERSON, trunk maker & Janet HUFF, witn Herbert GARRETT, Hattie E. SANDERSON, both Toronto, married 5 October 1910 #003165-10 (Toronto) Austin Cutler MERRITT, 28, of Montreal, b, clerk, s/o Jonas MERRITT & Charlotte Ann CUTLER, married Winnifred McGINNIS, 24, of Toronto, s, d/o Robert McGINNIS & Jane HUGHES, witn: Ethel & Ann McGINNIS, both Toronto, 5 July 1910, Toronto
#003709-10 (Toronto): Albert MICHEL, 23, "picture man", of Toronto, s/o Albert MICHEL, fruit dealer, & Mary SALAMER, married Mary BECOMANSON, 19, of Toronto, d/o John BECOMANSON, fruit dealer, & Muriel KARTDAL?, witn: Beshara FAIRHART & Catherine O'NEIL?, both of Toronto, 1 Sept 1910 (religion = "Greek") 4997-10 Joseph MILLER, 24, tailor, of Montreal, s/o Nocham MILLER & Fanny LEVIN, married Tolda STEIN, 22, of Toronto, d/o Leon STEIN & Sina SIPSETRITZ?, witn: S. WILER & J. LAVIN, both of Toronto, 20 Nov 1910 (Hebrew) 

002229/10 William R. MITCHELL, 29, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o James MITCHELL a carpenter & Margaret GREENE, married Ellen STEWART, 29, of Toronto, d/o George STEWART a baker & Caroline WHEELER, witn: George ROBERTSON & Agnes A. ROBERTSON of Toronto, 13 April 1910

#003639-10 (Toronto): Edgar Cole MITTEN, 25, farmer, of Land Springs New Jersey, s/o John B. MITTEN & Anna R. MIDDLETON, married Marguerite Lydia ARTHUR, 25, of Philadelphia, d/o George W. ARTHUR & Miriam BAILEY, witn: Miriam BAILEY of Philadelphia & Katherine TRELEAVEN of Toronto, 29 Aug 1910
#001636-10 (Toronto): John Hanning MOFFAT, 26, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Samuel MOFFAT & Margaret PATTERSON, married Agnes Blanche Elsie BLANFORD, 22, of Toronto, d/o John BLANFORD & Elisa GENEUX, witn: Rose BLANFORD of 146 Barrett Ave. & Thomas MUIR of 378 Ossington Ave., 16 March 1910 #005248-10 (Toronto): Alfred Montague MONTGOMERY, 38, hack driver, of Toronto, s/o Daniel MONTGOMERY (inspector CPR) & Annie HENDERSON, married Alice Emily YOUNG, 24, of Toronto, d/o Alfred YOUNG (deceased) & Alice Rebecca TYE, witn: Chris & Annie CARPENTER of Toronto, 1 Dec 1910
#002276-10 (Toronto): Frank James MOORE, 21, printer, of 71 Seaton St., s/o Frank John, printer, & not known, married Henrietta Gladys KEELER, 24, of 571 Spadina Ave., d/o Daniel KEELER, fruit grocer, & Matilda CASTLE, witn: Anny L. DIXON & Minnie McKNIGHT, both of Toronto, 1 June 1910 #001637-10 (Toronto): Harvey MORRISON, 20, tinsmith, of Stratford, s/o John A. MORRISON, workman, & Annie CAMERON, married Amy FREEMAN, 19, of Stratford, d/o Harry FREEMAN, contractor, & Ellen COLLCOTT, witn: Frank FREEMAN of Stratford & Nellie WELOTE? of Toronto, 17 March 1910

001666/10 John MOTH, 26, widower, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Noah MOTH a blacksmith & Elizabeth PINCHER, married Annie E. KEARNEY, 18, of Toronto, d/o Michael KEARNEY a carpenter & blank, witn: Thomas MOTH & Elizabeth MOTH of West Toronto, 26 February 1910

002165/10 Joseph MOULTON, 29, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Matthew MOULTON & Lizzie MOULTON, married Anna SYMINGTON, 27, of Toronto, d/o James SYMINGTON & Maggie DUNLOP, witn: James SYMINGTON & E. Mary SYMINGTON of Toronto, 20 May 1910

#001638-10 (Toronto): William Andrew MUIR, 35, book keeper, of illegible Hamilton, s/o James P. MUIR, gentleman, & Agnes McKEOWN?, married Elizabeth V. McKURSON (or McKnison), 25, of Hamilton mountain, d/o Frank McKURSON, retired illegible, & Sarah HOLLAND, witn: Charles & Carrie McKURSON, 17 March 1910

001667/10 James MUIR, 34, farmer, of Elderslie Bruce Co. Ont., s/o Stewart MUIR a farmer & Alice MacDONALD, married May Agnes ELDER, 30, of Toronto, d/o John ELDER & Christina CATTO, witn: S.R. MUIR of Elderslie Bruce Co. & Jessie ELDER of 79 Lucas St. Toronto, 24 February 1910

 #003170-10 (Toronto) Henry Craig MURRAY, 24, of Toronto, merchant, s/o William Godfrey MURRAY, distiller & Susan BELL, married Florence Ida LAFETE, 26, of Toronto, d/o Alfonso LAFETE, wine merchant & Esperanza GOWER, witn: Albert HUNT, Sarah HUNT, both Toronto, 12 July 1910, Toronto 1883-10 (York Co) Charles Ed MYLES, 44, S. A. Officer, widower, not given, Toronto, s/o Charles MYLES & Jane BARTON married Harriet Mary BRADLEY, 40, not given, Toronto, d/o James BRADLEY & Eliz MILLS, witn; Albert GASKIN & James S. PUGMIRE of Toronto, 4 Apr 1910
3413-10 Archibald St.Helier NICHOLSON, 27, tailor, of 666 Parliament St., s/o William Henry C?. NICHOLSON, carpenter, & Amelia ALLEY, married Helen Louise NOKES, 29, of 141 Sydenham St., d/o John Henry NOKES, mechanic, & Sarah Jane BAILEY, witn: John REILLY of St. Catharines & C?. NOKES of Uxbridge, 3 Aug 1910 4995-10 Fred Angel NICHOLSON, 27, automobile trimmer, of Lansing Mich., s/o Joseph NICHOLSON, shoe maker, & Thurza JOHNSTON, married Helena Mary BROWN, 23, of Orillia, s/o Alexander BROWN, wholesale dealer, & Violet BURTON, witn: Mrs. Violet BROWN of Orillia & Nora M. McCLELLAND of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910
3420-10 Albert Jos. NOA, 32, blacksmith, of McKees Rocks USA, s/o William NOA, laborer, & Margaret HAMMER, married Ellen BOYLE, 28, of Pittsburg, d/o Thomas BOYLE, farmer, & Ann STONE, witn: Thomas KING of Toronto & Fanny BOYLE of Pittsburg, 3 Aug 1910 2892-10 John Edmond NORTH, 24, plumber, of Toronto, s/o Charles Webster NORTH & Elizabeth Ann BICKELL, married Mary Nellie CALLICOTT, 23, of Toronto, d/o Joseph CALLICOTT & Mary Jane MADDIFORD, witn: Charles NORTH & Florence N. VERNEY of Toronto, 23 June 1910
4991-10 John Parker O'REGAN, 33, postal clerk, of Toronto, s/o John O'REGAN, deceased, & Mary O'NEIL, married Mary Elizabeth HIGGINS, 33, of Toronto, d/o John HIGGINS, livery, & Mary Grace BELL, witn: John HARBETT & Margaret HIGGINS, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910 (Rom Cath) 3427-10 Earnest Milton OUGH, 22, teamster, of Toronto, s/o William OUGH & Abbie COOMBS, married Effie May WILTON, 21, of Toronto, d/o Samuel WILTON & Emily SIMS, witn: Marion Emerson OUGH & Nellie GILL, 3 Aug 1910
4816-10 (Toronto): Sidney Archibald Victor OWERS Owen?), 23, butcher, of Toronto, s/o Alfred OWERS & Louise RANCE (Rouse?), married Edith Elizabeth MOTTS, 21, of Toronto, d/o John MOTTS & Dinah DREW, witn: Robert JACKSON & E.A. WILLIAMS, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1910 #005250-10 (Toronto): Arthur PAISLEY, 28, chef, of Toronto, s/o Thomas PAISLEY (retired) & Eliza WHITELEY, married Lillian PHILLIPS, 20, of Toronto, d/o William PHILLIPS (deceased) & Hannah WILKINSON, witn: Arthur & Genevieve REYNOLDS of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910
#004832-10 (Toronto) Frederick PARKER, 23, of Toronto, driver, s/o Frederick PARKER, Employee Can. Express Co & Mary MURRAY, married Kathleen FURMAN, 20, of Toronto, s, d/o John FURMAN, driver & Elizabeth SPARLING, witn Fred CHALK, Esther DUNNING, both Toronto, married 1 October 1910 #004095-10 (Toronto): Robert James PARKINSON, 25, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Samuel PARKINSON, farmer, & Sophie HOMISTER?, married Annie STOCK, 18, of Toronto, d/o Charles STOCK, laborer, & Augusta Annie BERRY, witn: Archie & Alice STOCK of Toronto, 13 Sept 1910
2886-10 John PEARCEY, 28, polisher, of West Toronto, s/o John PEARCEY & Lettie HAULTY?, married Annie Jessie GLADWIN, 40, widow, of West Toronto, d/o James ROBERTSON & Ann LINDSAY, witn: Wella CUMMINGS & Mrs. C. LARE, both of West Toronto, 30 June 1910 #024920-10 (Toronto) William Joshua PEARL, 24, of Toronto, b, mechanic, s/o John PEARL, clerk & Carrie WALFORD, married Elizabeth Helen TAYLOR, 23, of Toronto, s, d/o Henry TAYLOR & Rosa McCABE, witn: Frank WALKER, Julie K. HERHLER(?), both Toronto, 24 January 1910, Eglinton

001310/10 Frederick Rutledge PEARSALL, 24, leather worker, of Toronto, s/o Samuel PEARSALL & Annie RUTLEDGE, married Agnes Marie ROUND, 25, of Toronto, d/o Albert Edward ROUND & Charlotte VICKERS, witn: Henry S. PEARSALL & Nellie LONGLEY of Toronto, 1 January 1910

3872-10 Joseph POINTON, 27, laborer, of 94 Perth Ave., s/o William POINTON & Selina MASON, married Sarah OWEN, 25, of 94 Perth Ave., d/o Thomas OWEN & Emma PERKIN, witn: C. W. & Mrs. Hannah HILL of Toronto, 3 Sept 1910
003178-10 (Toronto) Lorne Maxwell PRINGLE, 29, traveler, Toronto, s/o George PRINGLE & Fanny NEWTON, married Alice Geneva SMITH, 23, Toronto, d/o Johnathon SMITH & Mary HARPER, witn., Pearl SMITH & John JAY both of Toronto, 20 July 1910, Toronto

002452/10 Frederick PUGH, 33, Mgr. Dept. Store, of Winnipeg, s/o Charles PUGH a sanitary inspector & Sarah BULL, married Charlotte Margaret WILSON, 25, prep nurse, of Toronto, d/o Frederick Robert WILSON a retired farmer & Margaret PAULING, witn: John Renwick BELL & Madeline WALKER of Toronto, 11 June 1910

#003446-10 (Toronto): William Joseph PYNE, 30, traveler, of 27 Walker Ave., s/o John PYNE, farmer, & Mary Ann LABELLE, married Laura Beatrice McMAHON, 23, of 104 Cumberland St., d/o Joseph McMAHON, caretaker, & Margaret NOBLE, witn: Margaret & James McMAHON of Toronto, 6 Aug 1910 004465-10 (Toronto): Samuel RAMSEY, 25, motor man, of Toronto, s/o James RAMSEY & Annie G. RUTHERFORD, married Sarah CODY, 23, of Toronto, d/o William CODY & Sarah MASON, witn: William R. DAVIDSON & Aimie (or Annie) Georgina RAMSEY, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1910
#004839-10 (Toronto) William J. RAYCROFT, 32, of Toronto, b, laborer, s/o Thomas RAYCROFT, farmer & Mary Ann FOSTER, married Bessie COX, 24, of Toronto, s, d/o Charles COX, car inspector & Bessie Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn; S.G. WILLIAMS, E.A. WILLIAMS, both Toronto, married 19 September 2887-10 William Percy REED, 28, farmer, of Sutton, s/o John REED, farmer, & Ada RAILTON, married Harriet McVEAN, 31, of 128 Seaton St., d/o William McVEAN & Elizabeth REILLY, witn: F. H. McVEAN & Mrs. A. HOGARTH of Toronto, 29 June 1910
1743-10 Fleming RENTON, 28, machinist, of 265 Manning Ave., s/o Thomas RENTON, signal inspector, & Mary McLEOD, married Alice May McLEAN, 20, of 64 Lansdowne Ave., d/o Robert McLEAN, engineer, & Sophia REIGER, witn: J. D. SCOTT of Westmount & Miss Mary LOWE? of Hamilton, 30 March 1910 #005251-10 (Toronto): Sydney RETTER, 30, butcher, of Toronto, s/o David RETTER (retired) & Rosina RAM (or Ream), married Agnes Kate TELLING, 25, of Toronto, d/o Frank TELLING (farmer) & Sarah WESTNE?COTT, witn: Thomas PARKES & Hugh C. DARLINGTON, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1910 

002232/10 Arthur Adison RIDLER, 21, civil engineer, of Toronto, s/o George Parsons RIDLER an accountant & Mary KNILL, married Edna Christine McGILL, 18, of Toronto, d/o George W. McGILL a coal dealer & Christine Stewart BRYDEN, witn: James B. KINNEAR & Lena Louise McGILL of Toronto, 27 April 1910

#001010-10 (Toronto): Frederick MacDonald ROBB, 29, watch maker, of Toronto, s/o James ROBB & Hannah MacDONALD, married Sarah Elizabeth RICHES, 23, of Toronto, d/o Robert Perkins RICHES & Margaret WICKENS, witn: James GRACE (or Quace) & Georgina F. WICKENS, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1909

002166/10 George Walter ROBERTS, 26, banker, of Toronto, s/o Jas. W. ROBERTS & Elizabeth CHYNICK, married Mabel Frances PALEN, 28, of Toronto, d/o William Thomas PALEN & Margaret A. TOAL, witn: Frank C. BLANCHFORD & Margaret BONHAN, 19 May 1910

002451/10 Robert Lloyd ROBERTS, 29, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o John ROBERTS & Catherine ROBERTS, married Cordelia WILLIAMS, 27, of Toronto, d/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Jane LLOYD, witn: Charles E. SMITH & Mrs. Ethel K. SMITH of Toronto, 6 June 1910,

#004464-10 (Toronto): George William ROBERTS, widower, 44, clerk, of Toronto, s/o Martin ROBERTS, gardener, & Margaret GILBERT, married Alice Maud BERRY, 34, of Toronto, d/o not given, witn: A.L. DIXON & A. McCAINIES?, both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1910 #003442-10 (Toronto): Alexander ROBERTSON, 28, fireman, of York twp., s/o James ROBERTSON & Elsie RUSSELL, married Helen WALKER, no age given, servant, of York twp., d/o George WALKER & Mary ROBB, witn: Harry TALBERT & John D. ROBERTSON, both of Toronto, 5 Aug 1910
3423-10 Stewart R--? ROBINSON, 25, real estate, of St. James Ave., s/o William John ROBINSON, deceased, & Mariann LUNAY, married Ethel BOYLE, 26, of Salisbury Dr., d/o Matthew BOYLE, engineer, & Mary HENRY, witn: Grace G. KELSEY & Albert C?. BOYLE, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910 5008-10 Harry ROE (Rae?), 28, soldier, of Toronto, s/o William ROE & Mary SMITH, married Margaret STEWART, 30, of Toronto, d/o Robert STEWART & Elizabeth DICKSON, witn: Timothy & Sophia S. STONE of Toronto, 16 Nov 1910
2893-10 James Y. S. ROSS, 29, music teacher & organist, of Toronto, s/o David ROSS & Elizabeth McCALLUM, married Abagail Maude A. QUIGLEY, 27, of Toronto, d/o M. Edwin [QUIGLEY] & Emily G. McKIBBON, witn: D. Watson ROSS & Grace QUIGLEY of Toronto, 29 June 1910 # 001683-10 (Toronto) William Arthur RUMBLE, 30, farmer, of Carville, s/o David RUMBLE, farmer + Sarah LITTLE, married May Margaret BLACK, 20, maid, of Carville, d/o Alex BLACK, auctioneer + Sarah McKINNON, witn: Walter RUMBLE of King, 23 Mar 1910
#004965-10 (Toronto): Frederick John? SAUNDERS, 26, shipper, of Toronto , s/o Frank SAUNDERS, gardener, & Annie LEWRY, married Amy QUINN, 20, of Toronto , d/o Thomas, deceased, & not known, witn: George Stanley & Mrs. Agnes WILLIAMS of Toronto , 19 Nov 1910 4993-10 John SAUNDERS, 46, tailor, of Toronto, s/o Max SAUNDERS & Margaret KREFOLD?, married Mary Jane HARWOOD, 41, widow, of Toronto, d/o Richard MOORE & Mary HOLMESWORTH, witn: Mary HARWOOD & Pearl FITCH, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1910
5010-10 Mark Jos. SAVAGE, 24, clerk, of Toronto, s/o James SAVAGE, store keeper, & Margaret MALONEY, married Eva STONE, 28, of Toronto, d/o James STONE, commercial traveller, & blank, witn: Charles E. WOODS & Margaret MALONEY, both of Toronto, 19 Nov 1910 001034-1910 (Toronto) Norman Franklin SCHRAM, 23, medical student, not given, London, s/o John SCHRAM & Lydia MATHERS, married Edna Eva Alice MALES, 18, not given, London, d/o Joseph MALES & Margaret LAVIRA, witn: Maud BRUCE & Ida R. WALLACE, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1910
5005-10 Frank SCHRYVER, 20, paper box factory, of Toronto, s/o Charles SCHRYVER, brick layer, & Mary BAUNFALL?, married Alice FRANKS, 18, of Toronto, d/o John FRANKS, brick layer, & Jennie GRAHAM, witn: Fanny S. KERR & Ida WALLACE, both of Toronto, 15 Nov 1910  
#004096-10 (Toronto): Andrew John SCOTT, 23, carriage trimmer, of Toronto, s/o William SCOTT & Mary TAYLOR, married Maud LEYBOURNE, 18, of Guelph, d/o John LEYBOURNE & Emily CHESLEY, witn: Alice H.G. MacGILLIVRAY & Hattie DAY, 12 Sept 1910 3424-10 Henry Allan SHARPE, 33, clerk, of Sewickley? Pennsylvania, s/o William SHARP (sic), butcher, & Mary BROOKS, married Jean MOWATT, 26, of 4 Linden St., d/o blank MOWATT, electrician, & Jane McEWAN, witn: Wallace ROBINSON & Ira MOWATT, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1910
4696-10 Alex Preston SHIELDS, 33, life insurance, of Toronto, s/o James SHIELDS, merchant, & Isabella PRESTON, married Mabel Charlotte MOONEY, 30, of Toronto, d/o Fred MOONEY, gentleman & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Joseph GLENNY & Mary McGEE, both of Toronto, 29 Oct 1910 #002279-10 (Toronto): William SHIELLS, 44, grocer, of Weston, s/o William SHIELLS & Grace McLAUGHLIN, married Annie Elizabeth BARKER, 28, of Weston, d/o Joseph BARKER & Ellen MUIR, witn: Beatrice BARKER & Annie M. MEYER, both of Weston, 1 June 1910
#005247-10 (Toronto): Frank SHRUBSHALL, 28, fireman? CPR, of West Toronto, s/o John SHRUBSHALL (deceased) & Ann LYONS, married Edith Gertrude SNAZEL, 23, of West Toronto, d/o Amos SNAZEL (machinist) & Sarah GILLIARD?, witn: Cecil J. & Amelia MARCH of Toronto, 5 Dec 1910 4686-10 Soly SIGEL, 21, operator, of Toronto, s/o Joseph & Annie, married Helen ELLIOT, 20, of Toronto, d/o John & Annie, witn: Thelma BLAND & Nellie JONES, both of Toronto, 31 Oct. 1910
1741-10 Albert Edgar SIMPSON, 23, painter, of Toronto, s/o James SIMPSON & Elizabeth HURST, married Amy GILL, 22, of Toronto, d/o John GILL & Amy RASHLEY (Rushley?), witn: W. Gordon & Archie A. PINEL of Toronto, 21 Feb 1910 4698-10 William James SIMPSON, 23, glass traveller, of Toronto, s/o John SIMPSON & Mary Jane TAYLOR, married Mary Jane MURRAY, 22, of Toronto, d/o Robert MURRAY, mason & Ellen WADE, witn: Samuel MURRAY & Mary HEARN, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1910
5417-10 Frederick SKENE, 23, teamster, of Toronto, s/o Alexander SKENE, cartage agent & Margaret DENAHER, married Violet WICKS, 19, of Toronto, d/o Alexander WICKS, engineer & Amy THOMPSON, witn: Mary SKENE & S. CARLTON, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1910 3422-10 Walter SKINNER, 35, farmer, of Lea Park Alberta, s/o Ralph [SKINNER] & Ellen WELCH, married Ellen KNIGHT, 32, of 45 Abbott Ave., d/o James L. KNIGHT & Ellen STEER, witn: Percy & Marion KNIGHT of Toronto, 18 July 1910
#004968-10 (Toronto): Alfred SLAUS, 30, widower, barber, of Toronto , s/o John SLAUS, deceased, & Mary KAMON, married Nellie BERTRAM, 30, widow, of Toronto , d/o John TELFORD, deceased, & Mary FORSYTHE, 21 Nov 1910 5007-10 George SMELTZER, 28, traveller, of Toronto, s/o Philip SMELTZER, farmer, & Mary Ann FALLOON, married Nellie LILLIE, 31, of Toronto, d/o Frederick William LILLIE, butcher, & Mary Ann GOODWIN, witn: Harry J. LILLIE & Amelia J. SMELTZER, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910
#004223-10 (Toronto): John Henry SPARK, 38, meat dealer, of Toronto, s/o John SPARK & Jane COOPER, married Margaret Campbell STEELE, 27, of Toronto, d/o Thomas STEELE & not given, witn: Emily McDougall TELLE & Alexander KILMAN, both of Toronto, 5 Oct 1910 001180-10, - William Henry SPRUNT, 20, Laborer, Scarborough*, 428 Kingston Rd, s/o George SPRUNT & Sarah O'DELL, married Maggie Elizabeth DURHAM, 21, of 83 Swanwick Ave, d/o Robert Wallace DURHAM & Margaret L. McCULLOCH, Wtn George Robert BAURLET & Charlotte May RUKE both of Toronto, 19 Jan 1910 at Toronto, (Sal Army). *Not in original marriage registration.
003985-10, - James A. SPRUNT, 19, Driving Team, Scarborough*, Toronto, s/o George SPRUNT & Sarah O'DELL, married Ida May HILL, 20, of Toronto, d/o George HILL & Mary CHAMP, Wtn Minnie LACTERY & Fred SPRUNT both of Toronto, 15 Jun 1910 at Toronto. *Not in original marriage registration 4987-10 Ernest STAPLETON, 31, piano worker, of Woodstock Ont., s/o Leonard STAPLETON & Susan WAGSTAFF, married Emily TAYLOR, 29, of Toronto, d/o Charles E. TAYLOR & Edith CAVE, witn: Flossie Margaret POSPET? & Helen MURRAY, both of Toronto, 19 Nov 1910
#004828-10 (Toronto) Hugh Cameron STEWART, 26, of Toronto, b, draughtsman, s/o Donald STEWART, deceased & Mary CAMERON, married Kate Ethel REESBY, 23, of Toronto, s, d/o William Thomas REESBY, butcher & Zilpah SHARP, wint Wm Edgar REESBY, Patricia S. LEGGE, both Toronto, married 15 October 1910 #003638-10 (Toronto): Robert Munro STRACHAN, 19, harness maker, of 25 Otter Ave., s/o William STRACHAN, harness maker, & Elizabeth MUNRO, married Ella Maud WHITE, 28 (or 21), of Erindale, d/o William P. WHITE, farmer, & Elizabeth DARLING, witn: Janet B. MacKENZIE of New Glasgow NS & Agnes ROBERTSON of Toronto, 27 Aug 1910
#024918-10 (Toronto) Hugh Seton STRATHY, 24, of Toronto, b, clerk, s/o Philip John STRATHY, deceased & Frances WICHER, married Beatrice Clara Marion McPHAIL, 21, of Toronto, s, d/o Harry McPHAIL, salesman & Helen Maud WESTON, witn: Harry & Edith McPHAIL, Toronto, 18 January 1910, Eglinton 4998-10 Harban STRAUSBERG, 28, tailor, of Toronto, s/o D. STRAUSBERG, presser, & Chonie? SABISKY (Labisky?), married Sina HOUSSER, 21, of Toronto, d/o Lenpa? HAUSSER & blank, witn: B. BOCHANCK & H. HARRIS, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910 (Hebrew)
4820-10 (Toronto): Lawrence STREET, 22, marine engineer, of Toronto, s/o John STREET, foreman machinist, & Mary LAS SPRANT?, married Melinda HOWARD, 19, of Toronto, d/o John HOWARD, laborer, & Annie CASTELL, witn: William Henry GANSHAW? & Mrs. Annie GRAY, both of Toronto, 1 Nov 1910 #005246-10 (Toronto): Andrew Victor SUTHERLAND, 25, jeweller, of Toronto, s/o Amos SUTHERLAND & Jane WEATHERBE, married Rhoda HEWSON, 24, of Toronto, d/o William HEWSON (Deceased) & Esther Ann HAGGART, witn: Thomas Oliver HOOPER & Mabel FURNESS, both of Toronto, 7 Dec 1910
4992-10 William Edward SUTTON, 27, clerk, of Toronto, s/o William SUTTON, merchant, & Louisa Mary MOORE, married Jamima Wood RUTHERFORD, 28, of Toronto, d/o James RUTHERFORD, farmer, & Mary WOOD, witn: Mrs. SUTTON & W. GRANT, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1910 002958/10 Glenn Raymond SWEET, 22, engraver, of Toronto, s/o Charles H. SWEET a contractor & Fanny McALISTER, married Edna WILLIAMSON, 18, of Toronto, d/o James WILLIAMSON a saw maker & Ellen WARNE, witn: William Lionel Freak TRIGGE & Florence WILLIAMSON of Toronto, 21 May 1910

002449//10 Gilbert Lawrence THOMPSON, 26, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John THOMPSON & Eva HOCKEN, married Hilda Louisa RICHARDSON, 23, of Ottawa, d/o Richard RICHARDSON & Louisa FORBES, witn: Richard RICHARDSON of Ottawa & Mrs. Eva M. THOMPSON of Toronto, 8 June 1910

3426-10 Alfred Gordon THOMPSON, 33, compositor, of East Toronto, s/o William Henry THOMPSON, farmer, & Maria CARRELL, married Mary Elizabeth PURVIS, 32, East Toronto, d/o Richard PURVIS, retired farmer, & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Florence Ethel THOMPSON & Harry PHILLIPS, both of Toronto, 5 July 1910
004824-1910 (Toronto) Henry THOMPSON, 27, of Toronto, rubber hose maker, s/o Wm Charles THOMPSON, moulder, & Harriett BENNETT, married Mabel Jenny FARRELL, 23, Toronto, d/o James FARRELL, piano maker, & Mary RODDEN, wtn: George A. MARTIN & Esther LUKE both of Toronto, on October 19, 1910, 004825-1910 (Toronto) Thomas THOMSON, 25, of Toronto, Traveller, s/o James THOMSON, Barber, & Jane DAVIS, married Ethel GREENAWAY, 24, Toronto, d/o Robert GREENAWAY, Deceased, & Annie MAGER, wtn: Thomas DALGLEISH & Edna Mary GREENAWAY, both of Toronto, on October 19, 1910,
#004836-10 (Toronto) William Charles THOUSH, 24, of Toronto, b, Brewery Employee, s/o William John THOUSH, deceased & Margaret HOGAN, married Eleanor May STEWART, 22, of Toronto, s, d/o John STEWART, deceased & Mary JOHNSTON, witn Andrew A. BLACK, Mrs. Kathleen BLACK, both Toronto, married 24 September 1910 #004833-10 (Toronto) James TONEY, 27, of Toronto, b, Employee for (illegible copy dark), s/o Nausa DINO (s/b Dino NAUSA?) & (blank) DOSTER, married Violet SUTHERLAND, 25, of Toronto, s, d/o Alexander SUTHERLAND, deceased & Margaret GRACY, witn Thomas DUNN, Edna GRAHAM, both Toronto, married 28 September 1910
005168-10 Charles TUCKETT, 21, blank, Islington, labourer, s/o William TUCKETT & Annie DRINKWATER, married Gladys COX, 19, blank, Islington, d/o Henry COX & Louise GIBBARD, witn; John Henry & Ada Mary WYATT of Toronto. 7 Dec, 1910 at Toronto. #002277-10 (Toronto): Charles Phillip TUSTIN, 29, laborer, of 179 Gamble Ave. Todmorden, s/o William TUSTIN, laborer & Susan DART, married Alice Maud JONES, 19, laundry, of 41 Logan Ave., d/o Henry JONES, laborer, & Alice MASON, witn: Joseph TUSTIN & Nellie JONES, both of Toronto, 1 June 1910
#004097-10 (Toronto): Archibald Frederick TUTT, 28, bookkeeper, of Webbwood, s/o John TUTT, farmer, & Emma MEADER, married Ellen illegible CANDIE, 23, of Beachburg, d/o William CANDIE, carpenter, & Susan McLAREN, witn: William & Della FRANKLIN of Toronto, 10 Aug 1910 [Condie?] 2894-10 Ralph Ormand VANDERBURGH, 28, illegible occupation , of Toronto, s/o James Marst VANDERBURGH & Alice Ann PRENTICE, married Edna Heath BELL, 25, stenographer, of Toronto, d/o William J. BELL & Ella HEATH, witn: William J. & Jessie E. BELL of Toronto, 2 Feb 1910
#005249-10 (Toronto): William Warren VERNER, 32, of Hamburg - Erie Co NY, s/o William Gage VERNER (merchant) & Amanda STEWART, married Alma Jessie WURST, 32, of Holland - Erie Co NY, d/o Jacob WURST (deceased) & Lavina EUCHNER, 26 Nov 1910

002960/10 Albert James WARRALL, 22, laborer, of 1291 Dufferin St., s/o Thomas WARRALL a laborer & Rebecca SAUNDERS, married Agnes Jane WILLIAMS, 22, housemaid, of England, d/o Joseph WILLIAMS a labourer & Jane Rebecca BURNS, witn: William CHILLMAN & Mrs. Caroline CHILLMAN of Toronto, 4 July 1910

005170-10 Thomas Allan WATERSON, 36, blank, Toronto, gardener, s/o Alex WATERSON, farmer & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Mabel ROLLINGS, 23, blank, Toronto, d/o William ROLLINGS, farmer & Elz COX, witn; Lizzie C. TOWNSLEY & T. MASON of Toronto. 7 Dec, 1910

002454/10 Walter Edward WESTON, 36, packer, of Toronto, s/o Edwin WESTON a hotel keeper & Sarah PRINCE, married Sarah Ellen MOORE, 35, widow, of Toronto, d/o Robert DALTON & Martha Ann DYSON, witn: Henry KENT & Jennie Helena KENT of Toronto, 8 June 1910

001486-10 (Toronto) Norman WHITE, 26, clerk, Nobleton, s/o Robert WHITE & Mary Jane SIMPSON, married Ruby Alice PRINGLE, 21, Nobleton, d/o Joseph & Sarah PRINGLE, witn., Robert & Isabel MCDOUGALL both of Toronto, March 2, 1910, Toronto 003127/10 Joseph WHITE, 21, farmer, of Scarboro Twp., s/o Thomas WHITE & Bertha MOORE, married Cora May RATE, 18, of Scarboro, d/o Henry RATE & Mary Jane STOREY, witn: Eda L. SPENCER of Toronto & Mary ROBERTS of Scarboro, 22 June 1910
001307/10 Arthur E. WILLIAMS, 25, iron moulder, of Toronto, s/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Sarah ATWOOD, married Lillian M. FERRAN, 23, of Toronto, d/o William FERRAN & Louisa GETTUM, witn: Freat I. WILLIAMS & Helen PLATER of Toronto, 1 February 1910 002227/10 Alfred WILLIAMS, 29, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Silas WILLIAMS a market gardener & Emily TAYLOR, married Katie REID, 22, of Toronto, d/o James REID a brick layer & Mary Ann AVERY, witn: E.H. STEPHENS of Meaford Ont. & Elsie K. TURNBULL of Toronto, 23 May 1910

004172/10 Claude WILLIAMS, 20, tinsmith, of Toronto, s/o Alfred WILLIAMS a farmer & Maria PALEN, married Anna CONNALLY, 23, laundries, of Toronto, d/o James CONNALLY a farmer & Mary SOMERS, witn: Daniel HARRINGTON & George Joseph VOGEL of Toronto, 28 September 1910

#003711-10 (Toronto): Charles W. WILSON, 23, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Henry WILSON, carpenter, & Catherine ROWLAND, married Nellie Helena QUINN, 22, of Oakville, d/o William QUINN, laborer, & Jennie BURNS, witn: Nellie (or Millie) H. WILSON & Marion WATSON, both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1910
#001008-10 (Toronto): Peter Brown WILSON, 22, clerk, of 294 Dufferin St., s/o James WILSON, frame work knitter, & Catherine BROWN, married Jean Ritchie CAMPBELL, 25, of 294 Dufferin St., d/o William CAMPBELL, yardman, & Janet M. MERRAN, witn: Thomas Goodfellow WILSON & W. NEWMAN, both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1909 004823-1910 (Toronto) George Edward WILSON, 22, of Toronto, Polisher, s/o Thomas WILSON, deceased, & Mary WOLFENGERG, married Pearl Bertha SMITH, 18, Toronto, d/o John SMITH, Shoemaker, & Kate OHALERAN, wtn: Wm Charles GILBERT & S.G. WILLIAMS of Toronto, on October 20, 1910,
4989-10 Richard WINSLOW, 22, gardener, of Toronto, s/o John WINSLOW, farmer, & Jane ELLIOTT, married Harriet COCHRANE, 22, of Toronto, d/o George COCHRANE, farmer, & Elizabeth LOCKINGTON, witn: Nora OWEN & Robert H. McDOUGALL, both of Toronto, 22 Nov 1910 #004834-10 (Toronto) Charles Henry WITT, 24, of Toronto, b, hair spinner, s/o (blank) WITT (deceased) & Annie ROLAND, married Margaret Edna GIBSON, 19, of Toronto, s, d/o Hugh GIBSON, moulder & Jennie BARCLAY, witn James NOBLE, Edna F. PHILLIPS, both Toronto, married 28 September 1910
001179-10, (York), Bertram Francis WOODHOUSE, 40, Caretaker, of Berkeley & Queen Sts, s/o William & Elizabeth WOODHOUSE, married Margaret DAFOE (Wid), 44, Factory Girl, of Berkeley & Queen Sts, d/o John LEE & Sarah WATSON, Wtn Charles & Mabel WAUBURG both of Toronto, 20 Jan 1910 at Toronto 2889-10 George E. WOOLDRIDGE, 31, bookkeeper, of Toronto, s/o W.H. WOOLDRIDGE & Ada BORLAND, married May Violet CHESTER, 29, of Toronto, d/o Alfred CHESTER & Jennie BROWN, witn: Hattie B. WOOLDRIDGE of Barrie & Ella M. STEWART of Toronto, 30 June 1910

002164/10 Richardson YOUNG, 27, inspect insurance, of Brantford, s/o Richardson YOUNG in Real Estate & Mary EADE, married Ethel May BEARBIDGE, 24, of Brampton, d/o not known, witn: John DEAN & R.J. KEE, 18 May 1910

002450/10 Kenneth Stanley ZIMMERMAN, 26, com. traveler, of Toronto, s/o Wallace ZIMMERMAN & Edith EWATT, married Katherine Cecilia TOUGH, 24, of Toronto, d/o Robert TOUGH & Margaret MACKAY, witn: Olive SHEPPARD of Palmer & N.J. COPPING of Toronto, 8 June 1910