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Toronto, 1910, part 2

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birth place was not usually given on 1910 marriage registrations


4712-10 Charles F. ATKINSON, 26, physician, of Tillsonburg, s/o John ATKINSON, blacksmith & Marion HOOPER, married Violet Ethyl COATES, 24, of Toronto, d/o Marshall COATES, contractor & Sarah E. HOOPER, witn: Charles W. BARTON of Buffalo & Ethel A. BANNERMAN of Toronto, 2 Nov 1910 5419-10 George BAMFORD, 29, automobile tire maker, of Toronto, s/o George BAMFORD, clerk & Sarah CHAPMAN, married Ellen LUSTY, 18, of Toronto, d/o Arthur LUSTY, concrete worker & Kathleen QUINN, witn: Albert BAMFORD & Kathleen LUSTY, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1910

004175/10 Edgar BATH, 21, farmer, of Dunbarton, s/o Samuel BATH a farmer & Christina PEDLAR, married Nina May BANKS, 20, Pickering, d/o William Henry BANKS a farmer & Deborah LINTON, witn: Bert MacDONALD & C.M. MacDONALD of Toronto, 28 September 1910

4692-10 William Smith BISSET, 25, boiler maker, of Toronto, s/o William BISSET, engineer & Jessie SMITH, married Agnes Peat LAW, 21, of Toronto, d/o William LAW, liveryman & Jessie PEAT, witn: H.W. OUTERBRIDGE of Tokio Japan & Annie BREMNER of Toronto, 31 Oct. 1910

004365/10 George Alexander BLACKLOCK, 27, tailor, of Toronto, s/o Henry Gordon BLACKLOCK a tailor & Lizzie J. SPENCE, married Clara Janet WILLIAMS, 24, teacher, of Toronto, d/o George E. WILLIAMS (deceased) & Jemima K. TOVELL, witn: Fred BLACKLOCK & Ella May WILLIAMS of Toronto, 12 October 1910 002412/10 John Charles BOECKH, 27, manufacturer, of Toronto, s/o Emil C. BOECKH a manufacturer & Annie SMITH, married Gussie Sherman BEATTY, 24, of Toronto, d/o Samuel George BEATTY a manufacturer & Annie EASTWOOD, witn: J.B. JARVIS & A. Maston BEATTY of Toronto, 8 June 1910

5410-10 James Edward BOWERMAN, 28, printer, of Toronto, s/o William Webster BOWERMAN, insurance agent & Annie JENKINS, married Florence WEBSTER, 32, widow, of Toronto, d/o Henry JONES, deceased & Annie Elizabeth CROFT, witn: George E. BOWERMAN & D.F. DRUMMOND, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1910

002408/10 John Michael BRANIFF, 26, miner, Gowganda Ont., s/o John BRANIFF & Ellen BURNS, married Ada Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 26, Eugenia Falls, d/o Henry WILLIAMS & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: E. Donna CAMPBELL & E.F. CORNISH of Toronto, 9 June 1910

5403-10 Robert James BUTTON, 26, butcher, of Lucknow, s/o James BUTTON, farmer, & Elizabeth WILSON, married Mary Alberta HOWE, 22, domestic, of Toronto, d/o John HOWE, farmer, & Mary KERR, witn: George & Etta THORNLEY of Toronto, 27 Dec 1910

002959/10 Frank R. CALDWELL, 24, traveler, of Toronto, s/o Andy CALDWELL a traveler & Jennie GOODWIN, married Joan Louzette VAN DYKE, 22, of Toronto, d/o Delas VAN DYKE (deceased) & Elizabeth ORR, witn: Arthur E. Van DYKE & S.G. WILLIAMS of Toronto, 21 May 1910

4693-10 John Joseph CIEPIELUSZ, 22, cigar maker, of Toronto, s/o Adam CIEPIELUSZ, farmer, & Rosalia BUCHALZ, married Jennie Elizabeth McWHINNEY, 20, of Toronto, d/o Hugh McWHINNEY, sailor, & Clicty SHULTZ, witn: Homan SALAMON & Minnie McWHINNEY, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1910 4690-10 Tom CORIN, 39, painter, of Toronto, s/o Charles CORIN, painter & Rebecca ALLAN, married Kathleen GORDON, 24, of Toronto, d/o James GORDON, foundry man & Catherine PAUL, witn: Walter MURCH & Alice CAMPBELL, both of Toronto, 1 Nov 1910
4701-10 Arthur Leonard CORNISH, 22, laborer, of Toronto, s/o David CORNISH, laborer, & Maria AYERS, married Sadie ROBINSON, 21, of Toronto, d/o John ROBINSON, dead & Mary HOLMES, witn: Leo BURKE & Letitia FLEMING, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1910 4706-10 Albert CRAIG, 20, printer, of Toronto, s/o David James CRAIG & Margaret CURRIE, married Edith HUTT, 20, of Toronto, d/o James William HUTT & Constance BACHUS, witn: Mary HERBISON & Jenny R. WHITE, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1910

002453/10 Henry Charles CROCKETT, 44, widower, printer, of Hamilton, s/o Thomas William CROCKETT a bookbinder & Louisa LANDERS, married Lucy WANNELL, 33, of Toronto, d/o Robert Henry WANNELL a hotel keeper & Rebecca HUMPHREYS, witn: Will W. TUXFORD & Charlotte Sarah TUXFORD of Toronto, 11 June 1910

002231/10 William John CRUISE, 20, machinist, of Toronto, s/o John CRUISE a electrician & Jennie ROBERTS, married Daisy YEARNSLEY, 19, of Toronto, d/o Edwin YEARNSLEY a City employee & Rose YEARNSLEY, witn: Albert THOMPSON & Flora BOYLE of Toronto, 20 April 1910

4707-10 George Frederick DALTON, 33, physician, of Springfield Mass., s/o William Bartlett DALTON, merchant, & Mary CRIDEFORD, married Charlotte Grace KENT, 26, of Toronto, d/o James Gowans KENT, merchant & Caroline WYLIE, witn: J.A. DALTON of Kingston Ont & Marguerite DALTON of New York, 2 Nov 1910 003132/10 George Henry DODSON, 39, engineer, of Barrie, s/o John DODSON & Sarah HAWSON, married Kathleen Isabella ANDERTON, 37, of Barrie, d/o James ANDERTON & Mary McDONALD, witn: Isabella M. MUSGRAVE & Georgina H. BROUGHALL of Toronto, 18 July 1910
4695-10 William DOUGLAS, 36, butcher, of Toronto, s/o James DOUGLAS & Mary WRIGHT, married Emily EDMUNDS, 34, widow, of Toronto, d/o James ELLIOTT & Emma Jane TREGEDDA, witn: William BARON & Elizabeth SCOBIE, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1910 4687-10 John T. ELLIOTT, 39, physician, of Rhinelands Wisconsin, s/o William ELLIOTT & Margaret RENNELSON, married Mary Ellen NICHOLSON, 35, of Toronto, d/o George NICHOLSON & Mary Jane CRAIG, witn: George C. NICHOLSON & Annie B. WARD, both of Toronto, 2 Nov 1910
5414-10 Horace Gordon GADSBY, 21, baker, of Toronto, s/o Zimran GADSBY & Margaret Ann LANGLEY, married Margaret Maud MAXWELL, 23, of Toronto, d/o George MAXWELL & Sarah WOUND (Mound?), witn: Claudia MARTIN & G.S. KIDD, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1910 5406-10 William John GALBRAITH, 21, painter, of Toronto, s/o Edward GALBRAITH, deceased & Minnie DEMARY, married Eva May JARVIS, 17, of Toronto, d/o Eli JARVIS, machinist & Jessie WEST, witn: Fred GALBRAITH & Janie WEST, 26 Dec 1910

002162/10 Arthur Sylvester GILLIAM, 21, dairy man, of Toronto, s/o Albert GILLIAM & Kate RUNDALE, married Lillie IRISH, 21, of 164 Wallace Ave., d/o Charles IRISH & Elizabeth CORAM, witn: Charles E. IRISH & Flossie IRISH of Toronto, 4 May 1910

5408-10 Albert GOODMAN, 18, lithographer, of Toronto, s/o George GOODMAN, lumber dealer & Martha BRENNAN, married Therza Rachel JOHANSON, illegible age, of Toronto, d/o Frederick JOHANSON, moulder, & Emma ANDERSON, witn: William JOHANSON & Helene ROHIKAINEN, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1910

4689-10 Charles C. GRAY, 23, wine clerk, of Toronto, s/o Michael GRAY, contractor & Catherine CELLARY (Calbary?), married Annie HUBBARD, 22, of Toronto, d/o William HUBBARD, tinsmith & Ray NORRIS, witn: Jean BAKER & Elizabeth AXFORD, both of Toronto, 1 Nov 1910 5409-10 Charles Claudius GREGORY, 31, laborer, of Toronto, s/o George GREGORY, deceased & Alice JORDAN, married Isabella CROSSLEY, 31, of Toronto, d/o William CROSSLEY, deceased & Mary Jane CHAPMAN, witn: Lionel & Ethel DANE of Toronto, 24 Dec 1910

004174/10 William James HACKETT, 25, engineer, of Cobalt Ont., s/o William HACKETT & Lizzie DOMMER, married Jennie Thompson MILLER, 27, of 385 Dupont St., d/o James MILLER & Sarah THOMPSON, witn: William COLLINS & Mrs. William COLLINS of Toronto, 26 September 1910

4705-10 Lorne HAWKE, 24, laborer, & Toronto, s/o Alex HAWKE, farmer, & Rebecca NICHOLSON, married Nina GOULDIE, 21, of Toronto, d/o E.J. GOULDIE, dead & Janet STEWART, witn: Eleanor & Mary TAYLOR of Toronto, 1 Nov 1910

003133/10 John Kennedy HAZLITT, 33, confectioner, of Toronto, s/o Samuel HAZLITT & Jessie KENNEDY, married Inez Maude LINDSAY, 21, of Toronto, d/o James LINDSAY & Inez MALOBRE, witn: Alice H.G. MacGILLIVRAY & Hattie DAY, 19 July 1910  
4702-10 Alexander Earnest IDE, 24, dairy driver, of Toronto, s/o John IDE & Elizabeth FIELD, married Ethel WATSON, 23, of Toronto, d/o James WATSON & Millicent MATTHEWS, witn: G. SMITH & Isabelle FORBES, both of Toronto, 19 Oct 1910

002962/10 John Jonathan IRVING, 49, widower, of Toronto, s/o David IRVING & Matilda EVERALL, married Louisa IRVING, 34, widow, of Toronto, d/o George REYNOLDS & Susannah HARDWICK, witn: Ernest EVERALL & Lena EVERALL of Toronto, 30 June 1910,

4709-10 Frank Thomas JORDAN, 41, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Alfred JORDAN, plumber & Emma VOKES, married Mary Ann MUTTISHEAD, 40, of Toronto, d/o James MUTTISHEAD, stoker & Eliza ELLIOTT, witn: Nora OWEN & Maggie CONNOLLY, both of Toronto, 29 Oct 1910 5405-10 Raymond Clifford KEMSLEY, 24, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Jared A. KEMSLEY, carpenter, & Harriet JOHNSTON, married Jessie Annie HENDERSON, 26, of Toronto, d/o William A. HENDERSON & Charlotte TIFNER?, witn: Walter ARCHER & Nellie GOURLEY, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1910

002230/10 David LAMBERT, 26, machinist, of Toronto, s/o David LAMBERT a horse trainer & Agnes GILMOUR, married Della PAGET, 22, of Toronto, d/o Frank PAGET a wood worker & Margaret CRAIG, witn: Elsie K. TURNBULL & Emily COOPER of Toronto, 20 April 1910,

4704-10 Daniel Arthur LEE, 27, salesman, of Toronto, s/o William J. LEE & Elizabeth EVELEIGH, married Evelian Lillian EDWARDS, 22, of Toronto, d/o Philip EDWARDS & Elizabeth NICHOLS, witn: Samuel H. ALLEN of Toronto & Edna EDWARDS of Newtonville, 19 Oct 1910

5418-10 Joseph Henry LEGAULT, 27, cigar maker, of Toronto, s/o Julian LEGAULT. poultry dealer & Annie CONLAN, married Etta May ALFRED, 27, widow, of Toronto, d/o John MIDDLETON, farmer, & Mary NEWHALL, witn: William Henry GARLICK & M. McNEILL, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1910 5407-10 Frank MATTHEWS, 30, baker, of Toronto, s/o Frederick MATTHEWS, deceased, & Annie, married Florence SPALDING, 29, of Toronto, d/o Alfred SPALDING, deceased & Sarah STOCK, witn: Alfred SPALDING & Florence SPALDING, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1910
004368/10 William MATTS, 24, tinsmith, of Toronto, s/o Henry MATTS a barber & Martha LEE, married Nellie CLARK, 22, at home, of Toronto, s/o Thomas CLARK a plasterer & Mary LAW, witn: Peter Albert MATTS & Clara Ruby MATTS, 18 October 1910  

004369/10 James William McKAY, 26, manufacturer, of Toronto, s/o James T.H. McKAY & Mary Ann PRANGLEY, married Mary Elizabeth Fowler HYATT, 25, stenographer, of Toronto, d/o Frederick F. HYATT a clerk Post Office & Mary Elizabeth WOODCOCK, witn: Stanley REDFERN & Florence E. HYATT of Toronto, 19 October 1910

002961/10 John Ledingham McKENZIE, 28, machinist, of Battle Creek, s/o John McKENZIE a shoemaker & Elsie DAVISON, married Jeannie Mowatt CRUICKSHANK, 25, of Battle Creek, d/o Andrew CRUICKSHANK a mason & Isabella MOWATT, witn: George D. McKENZIE of Battle Creek & Grace L. MURRAY of Hamilton, 4 July 1910

4688-10 George McLEOD, 25, musician, of Toronto, s/o John McLEOD, shoe maker, & Elizabeth TOOL, married Maud Alice HAWKEY, 22, of Toronto, d/o John HAWKEY, grainer & Lillie HONES, witn: H.W. OUTERBRIDGE & Jean BAKER, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1910 4700-10 Hugh McWHA, 29, mechanic, of Peterborough, s/o Hugh McWHA, mechanic & Mary FAUSETT, married Margaret Ida MORRISON, 28, of Toronto, d/o James MORRISON, mechanic & Eliza PRENTICE, witn: Ernest MORRISON & Jennie EWING, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1910
4708-10 John MIDDLEMISS, 27, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Edward MIDDLEMISS, carpenter, & Martha Ann WILLIS, married Emma MAYOR, 26, of Toronto, d/o James MAYOR, machinist & Katherine GREENHILL, witn: Nora OWEN & Maggie CONNOLLY, both of Toronto, 26 Oct. 1910 4697-10 John MILLS, 75, widower, gentleman, of Toronto, s/o Joseph MILLS, farmer, & blank, married Lavinia WATSON, 56, widow, of Toronto, d/o William PARSONS, farmer, & Alice ARMSTRONG, witn: Mrs. John BELNAP of Rossmore & Mrs. J. MURRAY of Toronto, 31 Oct. 1910
5415-10 Albert Edward MORLEY, 22, machinist, of Galt, s/o Thomas MORLEY & Mary Ann LASTNER?, married Ethel May KAISER, 20, of Galt, d/o James KAISER & Juila Ann ARMSTRONG, witn: Ethel & Gertrude MORLEY of Toronto, 28 Dec 1910 4710-10 Albert Edward MOSS, 23, dry goods clerk, of Toronto, s/o George MOSS, dry goods merchant & Alice WILSON, married Eva May VROOMAN, 19, of Toronto, d/o James VROOMAN, farmer, & Margaret CUDNEY, witn: William Thomas COWARD of Toronto & Viola VROOMAN of South River Ont., 26 Oct 1910
5416-10 William John OTTEWELL, 30, farmer, of Clover Bar Alberta, s/o Richard OTTEWELL, farmer, & Fannie TREVELLIN, married Ella (Eleanor) SUTTON, 40, of McGillivray twp., d/o James SUTTON & Sarah CARDY, witn: Catherine A. TRELEAVEN & Ethel FORBES, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1910 4694-10 Howard W. OUTERBRIDGE, 26, minister, of Tokio Japan, s/o William OUTERBRIDGE, minister & Letitia ROSS, married Edna M. BAKER, 23, of Toronto, d/o E.N. BAKER, minister & Minnie BAKER, witn: George PATTERSON & Grace VOKES, both of Toronto, 26 Oct. 1910
4699-10 Charles Richard PARDOE, 25, presser, of Toronto, s/o Joseph PARDOE, farmer, & Sarah May WOOLEY, married Marion Beatrice COLLEY, 19, of Toronto, d/o Benjamin COLLEY, chemist & Charlotte BRIGGS, witn: Sydney WHITEHOUSE & Charlotte JORDAN, both of Toronto, 1 Nov 1910 5411-10 William PETERBAUGH, 48, farmer, of Honeywood Ont., s/o John PETERBAUGH & Susan LONGHOUSE, married Rachel LESTER, 38, of Honeywood, d/o Benjamin LESTER & Isabella NIXON, witn: Alfred & Mrs. A. PARTRIDGE of Toronto, 28 Dec 1910

004364/10 George Washington Bayliss PHILLIPS, 21, plumber, of Toronto, s/o Thomas PHILLIPS & Caroline RAWLINGS, married Alice Beatrice SCOTT, 20, Toronto, d/o Abram B. SCOTT & Grace POLLY, witn: M. CURREY & M. CROWLEY of Toronto, 18 October 1910

002410/10 Robert Wilman RAINFORD, 30, butcher, Scarborough, s/o William C. RAINFORD a butcher & Margaret WILMAN, married Mary Emily FORSYTHE, 24, Scarborough, d/o Andrew FORSYTHE a farmer & Delia GORMAN, witn: Mary McLAUGHLIN & Margaret DURSCHARDNIE of Toronto, 9 June 1910

004176/10 Milton RANDALL, 24, painter, of Winnipeg, s/o Eugenia PICKERING & John, married Almeda RANDALL, 22, of Stouffville, d/o Maria BROWN & Joseph, witn: Eugenie PICKERING & Elizabeth PICKERING of Toronto, 27 September 1910

5399-10 Arthur RAWLINGS, 24, plumber, of Toronto, s/o Henry RAWLINGS, post office, & Miss LEWIS, married Jane WEILAND, 27, of Toronto, d/o John WEILAND & Annie RACKE?, witn: Richard Charles MONEY & Louise SCHREIBER, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1910

003131/10 George Henry SACKETT, 25, laborer, of Toronto, s/o Abraham SACKETT & Ellen HANCOCK, married Charlotte May LUKE, 21, of Toronto, d/o William Wallace LUKE & Charlotte HOBBS, witn: George E. BRENNAN & Etta DEYMAN of Toronto, 15 July 1910,

002411/10 Edward John Lewis SADLER, 27, bartender, of 190 Simcoe St., s/o Albert SADLER a stevedore & Caroline LEWIS, married Lillian BICKLE, 24, of 190 Simcoe St., d/o Richard BICKLE a mason & Geraldine LAXTON, witn: William NORRIS & Minnie NORRIS of Toronto, 9 June 1910

004367/10 John Albert SCOTT, 30, clerk, of Toronto, s/o John Walker SCOTT a police officer & Mary DIMEDALE, married Lily HUTTEY, 26, of Toronto, d/o James HUTTEY a quarry man & Mary FRITH, witn: W.H. BLACK & Charles William SCOTT of Toronto, 18 October 1910,


5400-10 John Thomas SOLE, 38, widower, cement worker, of Toronto, s/o Henry Thomas SOLE, mason & Maria WELLS, married Margaret Elizabeth McKINLEY, 30, of Toronto, d/o Robert McKINLEY & Sarah GLASSY, witn: Thomas & Ella WRIGHT of Toronto, 21 Dec 1910 003128/10 William Alex SOLEY, 38, contractor, of Chelsea Mass., s/o John SOLEY & Margaret CORMACK, married Helen Douglas LEISHMAN, of Toronto, d/o Alex LEISHMAN & Ruth CORMACK, witn: Jean LEISHMAN & Louise WEBBER of Toronto, 4 July 1910,

002409/10 John VINE, 26, mason, of 654 Bloor St. West, s/o Charles VINE a blacksmith & Clara Maria HASKELL, married Annie Charlotte WATT, 23, of 657 Bloor St. West, d/o Robert WATT a carpenter & Charlotte KELLY, witn: Richard BOOTHEY & Florence HASKELL of Toronto, 8 June 1910

004366/10 Frederick William WAHRER, 26, piano tuner, of Toronto, s/o Michael WAHRER a piano tuner & Clara SPRINGER, married Ethel Aileen JOHNSTON, 23, of Toronto, d/o William Washington JOHNSTON a lather & Emma Jane SHEPPARD, witn: Harold W. ORGAN & Bertha JOHNSTON of Toronto, 17 October 1910

4703-10 Samuel Herbert WALKER, 26, railway conductor, of Allandale, s/o Alexander WALKER & Jessie ROGERS, married Annie Rebecca KNAPP, 24, widow, of Toronto, d/o Harry HERRING & Matilda BASSON, witn: F.J. HERRING & Annie WALKER, both of Toronto, 20 Oct 1910

5412-10 Percy R. WATSON, 28, engineer, of Toronto, s/o William WATSON & Miss BROWN, married Viola G. WILLIAMS, 27, of Toronto, d/o Robert WILLIAMS & Adelia HOLLINGSHEAD, witn: Henry FINNIE & George A. YOUNG, both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1910

5402-10 Francis Martin WOOD, 51, widower, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o Jacob WOOD, blacksmith & Charlotte ROBINS, married Emma Jane COCKROFT, 52, widow, of Toronto, d/o George HOUSEMAN, carpenter, & Nancy DOUGHTY, witn: Jacob & Laura WOOD of Toronto, 23 Dec 1910 4691-10 Launcelot Gordon WOODWARD, 20, blacksmith, of Toronto, s/o Andrew WOODWARD, blacksmith & Annie MORTON, married May COUPLAND, 20, of Toronto, d/o Thomas COUPLAND, caretaker & Catherine HUGHES, witn: George A. WOODWARD & Bertha COUPLAND, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1910