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Marriages in Toronto, 1862

transcribed from MS248, reel 15

All surnames are capitalized.

FORMAT: groom's name his age, birth place, residence, parents names, bride's name, her age, birth place, parents name, witnesses, date



Page 114, return 132: by Rev C Vincent, Roman Catholic

Patrick DEVELIN, 28, Co Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Mary Devlin, married Maryann DUMPHY, 21, Co Kilkenny Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael DUMPHY & Catherine SUMMER, witn: John MURPHY & Margaret JARRETT of Toronto, -- --- 1862. NOTE: Date of marriage missing.

Anthony DUEY, 27, Co Mayo Ireland, Yorkville, s/o James DUEY & Margaret McDOUGALL, married Helen WHELAN, 23, Co Kerry Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas WHELAN & Elizabeth HUDSON, witn: William HUDSON & Mary RYAN, -- Oct 1862. NOTE: Date of marriage missing.

Thomas KETT, 38, Co Limerick Ireland, Toronto, s/o John KETT & Bridget CARROLL, married Sarah MARA, 24, Co Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, d/o Daniel Mara & Mary Burns, witn: Ann MARA & Edward BOYLE of Toronto, 16 Nov 1862.

Charles DIDMAN, 30, Prussia Germany, Whitby Ontario Co, s/o George DIDMAN & Catherine Kent[?], married Honora MAGSBY, 24, Co Waterford Ireland, Toronto, d/o Annelly MASBY & Ellen FITZGERALD, witn: Mary TRASY & John KELLY of Toronto, 25 Nov 1862


Page 126, return 107: by Rev. T.F. Caldicott, Baptist

Eli POOLE, no age given, England, Toronto, s/o William & Jane, married Margaret HOUGHTON, no age given, of Mount Forest, d/o not given, witn; Samuel POOLE, 10 Jan 1862

Thomas CROFRON (Crosson?), 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o not given, married Jane SMITH, no age given, of Toronto, d/o not given, witn: William DILLY, 28 Feb 1862

Charles C. PAGE, 23, USA, Jackson Mich.,, s/o Prince & Amy, married Aracalla (or Aracatta) TEACLE, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Jack & Amy, witn: Samuel CALDICOTT of Toronto, 14 April 1862

John ANDERSON, no age given, of St. Catharines, s/o not given, married Mary JONES, no age given, of Toronto, d/o not given, witn: Mary WHYMAN of Toronto, 1 May 1862

Robert Peter THOMAS, no age given, of Toronto, s/o Robert & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth LEWIS, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Henry & Frances, witn: Mary WHYMAN of Toronto, 29 May 1862

Robert Watt LEWIS, 30, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Margaret, married Elizabeth BUNKER, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Henry TRINDER of Toronto, 2 June 1862

Harrison R. FORBES, 27, Thorold C.W., Toronto, s/o H.G.O. & Anna, married Henrietta RITCHEY, 19, Toronto, Springhurst, d/o John & Adelaide, witn: John HARPER Jr. of Toronto, 3 July 1862

Davy? LANGLEY, 27, Toronto, same, s/o William & Esther, married Julia Ann SMITH, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & Susan, witn: William LANGLEY Jr. of Toronto, 11 July 1862

Henry E. PARSON, 22, Buffalo USA, Toronto, s/o William & Jane, married Alice M. LUDBOROUGH, 18, Ohio USA, Toronto, d/o Josh & Sarah, witn: Thomas LAILEY of Toronto, 30 July 1862

Samuel CROOKSHANK, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Margaret, married Margaret LOVE, no age given, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John WHIRTON [?] of Toronto, 26 Aug 1862

John MAGUIRE, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth WRIGHT, no age given, England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Phoebe, witn: J.S. EDDELS (Ebbels?) of Toronto, 27 Aug 1862

Edwin VARDEN, 22, New Brunswick, Pickering, s/o Robert & Rachel, married Rebecca SANDERS, 22, Markham, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Henry SHANNON of Toronto, 25 Sept 1862

Benjamin GARNER, 21, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Frances LEWIS, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Henry & Fanny, witn: Henry LEWIS of Toronto, 14 Oct 1862


Page 126 & 127, return 108: by James Elliott, Wesleyan Methodist

John STEELE, 26, England, Toronto, s/o Michael & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ATKINS, 29, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah FOREMAN, witn: John OSBORN of Toronto, 5 Jan 1862

Dawson W. PORT, 27, Ireland, Collingwood, s/o Richard & Sarah WILSON (sic), married Maria WILSON, 18, Canada East, Granby C.E., d/o Robert & Sarah WILLSON (sic), witn: Lidia J. ELLIOTT of Toronto, 10 Jan 1862

Ambrose D. JONES, 34, England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Millicent WALKER, 25, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Charles & Esther, witn: Alfred DREDGE of Toronto, 23 Jan 1862

George R. BREMER (or Brewer or Brener), 30, England, Lindsay, s/o George & Ann, married Mary PRICE, 22, Toronto, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: W.J. BROWN of Toronto, 20 March 1862

John MONTGOMERY, 25, Canada East, St. Sylvester C.E., s/o Edward & Margaret, married Jane M. WALKER, 19, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: William WALKER of Toronto, 3 April 1862

William PRIESTMAN, 39, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Syth? & Cathren, married Elizabeth WATSON, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Richard & Margaret, witn: John PRIESTMAN of Toronto, 29 April 1862

Robert VERRAL, 21, Toronto, same, s/o Henry & Fanny, married Emma GRIFFITH, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Joseph FLINT of Toronto, 27 May 1862

George H. CORNISH, 24, England, Point Mara, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth F. REYNELL, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Mary, witn: Alex BURNS of Toronto, 18 June 1862

James PHILLIPS, 26, New York, Toronto, s/o John & Ellen, married illegible (Hengase?) ARMITAGE, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Louis & Charlotte, witn: John CROCKETT of Toronto, 24 June 1862

William BLACK, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Peter & Mary, married Rebecca SUGGINS, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael & Sarah, witn: George HASTINGS of Toronto, 30 Aug 1862

Robert STEWART, 26, Canada, Toronto, s/o Duncan & Margaret, married Margaret PERROTT, 17, Canada, Toronto, d/o Fred & Jane, witn: William PERROTT of Toronto, 30 July 1862

George HASTINGS, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Sarah, married Margaret WENSLEY, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur & Eliza, witn: William BLACK of Toronto, 10 Sept 1862

Samuel BOOTH, 24, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Mary G. OLIVER (written as Olver), 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o Richard K. & Cellea, witn: R.B. OLIVER of Toronto, 25 Sept 1862

Charles WILCOX, 32, Canada, Cooksville, s/o Amos & Ann WILCOX, married Sarah An HARRIS, 27, Canada, Cooksville, d/o James & Ann, witn: Josiah HARRIS of Toronto, 14 Nov 1862

Richard J. SCORE, 21, Toronto, same, s/o Richard & Harriet, married Clarissa METCALF, 17, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & Susan, witn: William BELFORD of Toronto, 18 Nov 1862

James MANNING, 30, England, Vaughan, s/o Robert & Sophia, married Jane CAMPFIELD, 26, USA, Vaughan, d/o David & Sarah, witn: Gilbert MATHEWSON of Vaughan, 26 Nov 1862

Edward BANNISTER, 32, England, Brampton, s/o John & Margaret Ann (or Mary Ann), married Jane DANSON (or Dauson), 23, Canada, --ranston [?], d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Charles LEWIS of Toronto, 4 Dec 1862

Albert J. DOTEY, 22, New York, Oakville, s/o John & Louisa, married Minnie E. COATES, 21, Canada, Oakville, d/o Richard & Margaret, witn: Charles A. COATES of Oakville, 16 Dec 1862

Edward MOREHOUSE, 28, England, Toronto, s/o James & Betsy MOOREHOUSE (sic), married Mary SCORE, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Richard & Harriet, witn: Hugh CARMICHAEL of Toronto, 25 Dec 1862


Page 129, return 110: by Henry Melville, Minister of the Evangelical Union

John MONCRIEFF, 21, London C.W., Widder C.W., s/o John & Honora, married Lizzie SMITH, 17, Toronto, same, d/o James & Rebecca, witn: Winnett DE GRASSI, James CAMPBELL & Lizzie SMITH, all of Toronto, 91 (sic) Aug 1862

John HIGGINS, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o George Andrew & Mary Ann, married Mary CRAIG, 19, Niagara, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Richard G. HUDSON & Louisa LYON, both of Toronto, 2 Sept 1862

Francis FORGE, 24, England, Markham, s/o William & Rebecca, married Elizabeth DAWSON, 17, Canada East, Markham, d/o James & Sarah, witn: D. McLEOD & Elizabeth FELL, both of Toronto, 15 Oct 1862

Peter A. SCOTT, 27, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George & Mary, married Annie HAWORTH, 31, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: George SCOTT of Yorkville & Charles D. WHATNOUGH of Toronto, 28 Nov 1862


Page 129, return 111: by Charles F.W. Redhenberg, Evangelical Lutheran Church

Adam HAUSER (or Haenser), 23, Oes Hesse Darmstadt, Toronto, s/o Jacob HAUSER & Elizabeth SCHAEFER, married Margareth SOMMORLAD, 21, Largenhein Hesse Darmstadt, Toronto, d/o Christoph SOMMERLAD (sic) & Louisa JUNG, witn: Matthew HAUSER & John WILHELM, both of Toronto, 19 Jan 1862

Andrew BANG, 45, widower, Obertahn Stein Nassau Germany, Yorkville, s/o John BANG & Agnes MANGOLD, married Ann Dorothea BEOKER, 44, widow, Sohueren Prov. of Brandenburg kingdom of Prussia, Yorkville, d/o Christian FEST & Elizabeth HAHN, witn: A.H. FANKIE & Edward RAPP, C.F.W. BRANDENBURG & Frederick WARNER, all of Toronto, 2 March 1862

George ROEBER, 28, Muenden Hanover Germany, Oshawa, s/o Andrew ROEBER & Henriette REDDE, married Emilie WAGMANN, 20, Druto Mecklenberg Schewerin Germany, Oshawa, d/o Joseph WAGMAN (Sic) & Emilie HALL, witn: Joseph & Maria WOERNER of Oshawa and William WESTPHAL [?] of Toronto, 23 May 1862


Page 130 & 131, return 112: by A. Sauroidet , clergyman of St. Patricks Church on Durner (or Dumer) St. in Toronto

Priest's names also written as A. Sauvadet

Patrick SPELINA, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Denis SPELINA & Johanna McCARTHY, married Elizabeth BOLYA, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick BOLYA & An. BOELY, witn: John LINE & Maria CHARLTON, both of Toronto, 5 Jan 1862

Bernard SHORT, 49, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John SHORT & Mary O’CONNEL, married Mary ROONEY, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick ROONEY & Bridget WOODWARD, witn: Nicholas O’CONNEL & Margaret DORN, both of Toronto, 9 Jan 1862

David BREADY (should be Brady?), 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o David BREADY & Elizabeth HAVLAND (or Kavland), married Mary MURPHY, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat MURPHY & Mary RUSH, witn: Alexander & Sarah BREADY of Toronto, 12 Jan 1862

John BANAN, no age given, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James BANAN & Elizabeth TRENT, married Eliza GARRY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael GARRY & Catherine FOLLY, witn: Cornelius BANAN & Maria HOOGH, both of Toronto, 16 Jan 1862

Thomas SLAKY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Daniel SLAKY & Marg RYNE, married Catherine COYLE, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John COYLE & Mary WALSH, witn: James WALSH & Bridget GLISSON, both of Toronto, 25 Jan 1862

John CLARK, 50, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Bartholomew CLARK & Mary CONNELY, married Bridget SHIELD, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward SHIELD & Catherine BREEN, witn: Pat FOGAN & Alice CORIGAN, both of Toronto, 29 Jan 1862

Richard WHELLEN, 37, Ireland, Toronto, s/o M. WHELAN (sic) & Margaret CUMMING, married Mary HALLEN, 33, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat HALLEN & Ellen DALY, witn: Thomas MALEARN & Maryan CAULY, both of Toronto, 10 Feb 1862

Michael RYNE (should be Ryan?), 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Will RYNE & Mary McMAHON, married Bridget HUGHES, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o M. HUGHES & Marg MANEN, witn: John GARLAN & Mary CONNELY, both of Toronto, 24 Feb 1862

Michael DONAHAN, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o M. DONAHAN & Jane KENNEDY, married Marg FLANEGAN, 33, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James FLANEGAN & Bridget CROMGER, witn: James MOLEN & Bridget DONAHAN, both of Toronto, 3 March 1862

Pat OBRINE (should be O’Brien?), 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary OBRINE, married Mary THOMPSON, 29, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas THOMPSON & Mary WHITEHEAD, witn: Pat CASSI & Honora BRENNAN, both of Toronto, 18 April 1862

James MORNE, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o F. MORNE & Ann FEARELL, married Mary OBRINE (should be O’Brien?), 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Denis OBRINE & Ann MARKHAM, witn: Pat BEAIN & Catherine OBRINE, both of Toronto, 25 May 1862

James MORNE, 20, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John MORNE & Bridget FESTIAL, married Catherine WHELLAN, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat WHELAN (sic) & Bridget FORTUNA, witn: Pat DEBT & Francis MANRY, both of Toronto, 16 June 1862

James WISEMAN, 24, Toronto, same, s/o John & Deborah, married Mary MALONE, 19, Toronto, same, d/o James MALONE & Mary BRENNAN, witn: Susan ANDERSON & Bridget HERBERT, both of Toronto, 21 July 1862

Thomas BARY, 44, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael BARY & Ann MEEHAN, married Mary O’DOWED (could be O’Dorred, should be O’Dowd?), 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael O’DOWED & Catherine DUNN, witn: Pat HENRY & Caroline O’DOWED, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1862

John OBRINE (should be O’Brien?), 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John OBRINE & Mary McGUIRE, married Mary FELLEN, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Andrew FELLAN (sic) & Bridget DIGMAN, witn: Edward FELLEN & Marg CROTTY, both of Toronto, 1 Sept 1862

Will GORMELY, 25, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Michael GORMELY & Henrietta KAVEN, married Alice McCAFRY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Charles McCAFRY & Mary GRUGAN, witn: John BLAND & Sarah McCAFRY, both of Toronto, 9 Sept 1862

John SAMUELL, 28, Toronto, same, s/o John SAMUELL & Ann FAIR, married Johanna GLEEN, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat GLEEN & Mary KANE, witn: John OBRINE & Eliza LESSLEY, both of Toronto, 6 Oct 1862

John BOCLEY, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat BOCLEY & Mary LEE, married Marg LANDERS, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard LANDERS & Honora WALSH, witn: Pat SULLIVAN & Honora LANDERS, both of Toronto, 21 Oct 1862

James KERSON (or Herson), 31, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John KERSON & Ann McDONEL, married Jane LANEN, 21, Toronto, same, d/o George LANEN & Ellen SLAND, witn: Daniel McCARTHY & Mary Ann CONNELY, both of Toronto, 3 Nov 1862

Pat REDMOND, 23, Toronto, same, s/o Pat REDMOND & Mary CLIME, married Mary FITHNER, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Ben FITHNER & Cat McDONAL, witn: Francis SUMER & Ellen CLENCY, both of Toronto, 15 Nov 1862

John MANRY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o And MANRY & Johanna ONEILL, married Jane SULLIVAN, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John SULLIVAN & Mary COLLINS, witn: Michael DORLEY & Marg O’DEA, both of Toronto, 10 Nov 1862

Edward SULLIVAN, 46, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Daniel SULLIVAN & Cat McSWENY, married Scilia NOLLER, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John NOLLER & Bridget RYNE (should be Ryan?), witn: James CHRISTIE & Honora BRENNAN, both of Toronto, 14 Nov 1862

Michael JUDGE, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Martin JUDGE & Jane MOLEN, married Catherine FOX, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward FOX & Mary WALSH, witn: Daniel & Bridget PORTER of Toronto, 17 Nov 1862

Owen TUNNY, 40, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Daniel TUNNY & Ann GALAHAN, married Marg HAFFRY, 31, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John HAFFRY & Alice McCARDLE, witn: John McGEE & Alice McCAIG, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1862


Page 131, return 113: by John Math Soulerin, of Clover Hill, Minister of the RC church of St. Basil

Benjamin LONG, 23, Strasbourg France, Goderich C.W., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Lucy RALLY, 21, Ireland, Yorkville, d/o Thomas & Julia, witn: Cath LONG of Yorkville & Leon CHEVRIER of Toronto, 13 Jan 1862

Joseph ATKINSON, 23, Co. Kilkenny, Toronto, s/o John ATKINSON & Margaret DINT?, married Helen JOYCE, 19, Co. Cork, Yorkville, d/o Michael JOYCE & Bridget BARRY, witn: John RONAN & Marg CASSIDY, both of Toronto, 23 July 1862

Patrick HALVEY, 24, Co. Limerick, Toronto, s/o Patrick HALVEY & Bridget KENNEDY, married Marg CASSIDY, 25, Co. Monaghan, Yorkville, d/o Peter CASSIDY & Ann CROSBY, witn: Michael HEADE & Cath CLARK, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1862


Page 132, return 114: by Rev. C. Vincent, Minster of the RC church of St. Basil

Patrick DEVELIN, 22, Co. Tyrone, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Maryann DUMPHY, 21, Co. Kilkenny, Toronto, d/o Michael DUPHEY (sic) & Catherine BRENNAN, witn: John MURPHY & Margaret SURRELL [?], both of Toronto, no date given, probably autumn of 1862

Anthony DUEY?, 27, Co. Mayo, Toronto, s/o James DUEY & Margaret MOLONY, married Elise WHELLAN, 23, Co. Kerry, Toronto, d/o Thomas WHELLAN & Elizabeth HUDSON?, witn: William HUDSON & Mary RYAN, both of Toronto, Oct 1862

Thomas KETT, 30, Co. Limerick, Toronto, s/o John KETT & Bridget CAROLL, married Sarah MARA, 24, Co. Tipperary, Toronto, d/o Daniel MARA & Mary BURNS, witn: Ann MARA & Edward BOYLE, both of Toronto, 14 Nov 1862

Charles DIELMAN, 30, Prussia, Whitby, s/o George DIELMAN & Catherine KINT--?, married Honora MAZBY?, 24, Co. Waterford, Toronto, d/o Connely MASBY (sic) & Ellen FITZGERALD, witn: Mary TRASY & John KELLY, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1862


Page 132 & 133, return 115: by Rev. William Gregg, Canada Presbyterian Church

James PEARSON, 42, England, Thornhill,, s/o James PEARSON & Mary MILBURN, married Ellen SMITH, 25, Oswego, Toronto, d/o James SMITH & Margaret HAMILTON, witn: James LESLIE & Margaret SMITH, both of Toronto, 23 Jan 1862

John Mark WARRICK, 34, England, Toronto, s/o Mark WARRICK & Maria KERR, married Annie LESLIE, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas LESLIE & Margaret McNIGHT, witn: J.A. ALEXANDER & Amelia BOYCE, both of Toronto, 25 Jan 1862

Robert BENSDALE, 27, Ireland, York twp., s/o Alex BENSDALE & Ann Jane LOGAN, married Margaret DUNN, 22, Ireland, York twp., d/o John DUNN & Eliz. CALDWELL, witn: John DUNN & illegible BENSDALE, both of Toronto, 6 Feb 1862

Joseph MASSEY, 23, England, Toronto, s/o Herbert MASSEY & Margaret WEST, married Mary LANG, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William LANG & Jane IRVINE, witn: George LANG & John IRVINE, both of Toronto, 7 April 1862

William JAMIESON, 60, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas JAMIESON & Janet HUNTER, married Jane TELLARY, 49, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John TELLARY & Eliz. MORE, witn: John & Mary STEVENSON of Highland Creek, 5 Sept 1862

John McCREA, 27, Scotland, Elderslie – Bruce Co., s/o Farquhar McCREA & Mary Mc--?, married Collena McCREA, 26, Scotland, Beverton (should be Beaverton?), d/o Donald McCREA & Cath McCREA, witn: Donald McBAE [?] & Alex BROWN, both of Toronto, 6 Oct 1862

Stephen B. GANTON, 27, England, Toronto twp., s/o Ben GANTON & Eliz. FOSTER, married Eliz. McDONALD, 24, Oakville, same, d/o James McDONALD & Cath RANDALL, witn: William OLIVER of Oakville & Mungo FRASER of Toronto, 10 Oct 1862

Stephen ROBERTS, 29, England, Toronto, s/o Richard ROBERTS & Jane PASHLEY, married Cath McMINN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alex McMINN & Jane MILLER, witn: Sam McMINN of Bondhead & M. Jane BONES of Young (sic) Street, 14 Oct 1862

William PARKHILL, 23, Ireland, King, s/o Mathew PARKHILL & Margaret, married Ann Jane CROWLEY (spelled Crouley), 19, King, same, d/o N.P. CROWLEY & Margaret MOORE (could be Morre), witn: Luk CROWLEY & B--? BERRY, both of King, 30 Oct 1862

William H. BARCHARD, 21, Canada, Toronto, s/o William BARCHARD & Sarah CALVERT, married Mary A. CANNON, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Christopher CANNON & Ann RILEY, witn: George PATTERSON & John CANNON, 5 Nov 1862

John DUNK, 22, England, Toronto, s/o Alex DUNK & Sophia M. CARTRIGHT, married Mary Jane BELL, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John BELL & Fanny MITCHELL, witn: Jane HASTIE & William WARREN, both of Toronto, 5? Nov 1862

Henry LENNOX, 42, Ireland, Scarborough, s/o John LENNOX & Mary McLEARY, married Mary J. LINAMEN, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James CARR & Rebecca WHELE?, witn: William & Elen CAMPTON of Toronto, 7 Nov 1862

William J. GRAHAM, 22, Canada, Toronto, s/o William GRAHAM & Sarah BROWNLEE, married Jane MITCHELL, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas MITCHELL & Jane HAMILTON, witn: Thomas MITCHELL & Thomas MITCHELL Jr., both of Toronto, 13 Nov 1862

Alexander RAGLIN, 44, Scotland, Yorkville, s/o Alexander RAGLIN & Eliz. HORNE, married Mary S. ROSS, 42, England, Yorkville, d/o Jane (sic) SALLETT & Eliz. CASS, witn: Phebe GREGG & illegible (Charles or Christopher probably GARSOGAN?, both of Toronto, 22 Nov 1862

James PARR, 24, England, Toronto, s/o William PARR & Mary, married Cath McKAY, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o John McKAY & Flora McKINNON, witn: Maggy McKAY & James VOGAN, both of Toronto, 1 Dec 1862

Henry McCAFFRY, 34, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas McCAFFRY & Mary OBRIEN, married Jane BEST, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o E?. M. BEST & Jane WRIGHT, witn: Susan BEST of Toronto & Philip BEST of Guelph, 4 Dec 1862

William CUNNINGWORTH (or Cunninganth?), 22, Canada, Toronto, s/o J. CUNNINGWORTH & Ann RENARD, married Margaret ROLSON,, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o W. ROLSON & Margaret KING, witn: Margaret & George McGRAW of Toronto, 10 Dec 1862

Robert SCOTT, 24, Canada, York twp., s/o And SCOTT & Mary MILLER, married Rachel DOWN, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Isaac DOWN & Rose A. KENNEDY, witn: A. Marie OLIVER & James DORAN, both of Toronto, 11 Dec 1862

Thomas McGRAH (should be McGraw?), 24, Ireland, Whitby, s/o Patrick McGRAH & Eliz. GAMON, married M.T. RENDLER (or Rendlu?), 22, Canada, Whitby, d/o Robert RENDLER & Ellen IRVINE, witn: Annie COWAN & Phebe GREGG, both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1862

James MARTIN, 20, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James MARTIN & Mary MOODIE, married Jane THOMPSON, 20, Toronto, same, d/o John THOMPSON & Janet McDERMID, witn: Peter MARTIN & William HUNTER, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1862


Page 133 & 134, return 116: by Rev. Anson Green, D.D., of the Wesleyan Methodist Church

Samuel WARDELL, 22, Albion, same, s/o Thomas & Amanda, married Frances E. LINLY, 22, West Gwillumbury, Albion, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Thomas WARDELL of Albion & Elizabeth BELL of Toronto, 24 Feb 1862

Thomas CURRAH, 23, Cumberland East, Scarboro, s/o Thomas & Margery, married Jane CHAPMAN, 19, Scarboro, same, d/o John & Nancy, witn: John & Jesse CHAPMAN of Scarboro, 17 March 1862

Samuel GUNNING, 38, Ireland, Saltfleet, s/o John & Jane, married Eliza Jane DIGNAN, 24, Ireland, York, d/o William & Mary, witn: Margaret COSELAND & Thomas MULHOLLAND, both of York, 22 March 1862

Robert SAMPSON, 24, Yorkshire England, King, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Susannah PRINGLE, 23, King, same, d/o George & Susannah, witn: Alfred IRELAND of King & Mary THOMPSON of Woodstock, 26 March 1862

Louis LOCK, 27, Devon England, Vaughan, s/o John & Jane, married Susannah SMITH, 35, York, Vaughan, d/o Christopher & Mary [no surname given], witn: Robert M. SAVAGE of Toronto & William JAKSON (sic) of York, 24 June 1862

Peter McNAB, 27, Halifax, Toronto, s/o James & Harriet, married Eliza GREEN, 25, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o Anson & Rachel, witn: Caleb HOPKINS & Frank JOSEPH, both of Toronto, 26 June 1862

John McLEAN, 25, Vaughan, same, s/o Laughlin & Mary, married Rebecca SMITH, 18, Vaughan, same, d/o Martin & Catherine, witn: John SMITH & Robert McKAY, both of Vaughan, 30 Aug 1862

Christopher WHITELOCK, 28, Yorkshire England, Cookstown, s/o Christopher & Mary Ann, married Sarah McGARVY, 34, Huntingdon C.E., Cookstown, d/o William KIDD & Elizabeth, witn: Frances & Mathias WHITELOCK of Etobicoke, 25 Sept 1862


Page 134 & 135, return 117: by Robert Boyle & Rev. John Davison, Ministers of the Primitive Methodist Church

Charles WALTON, 40, England, Don Mills, s/o dead & dead, married Maria HEWIT, 23, Ireland, Yorkville, d/o William HUNT & Charlotte, witn: John GILBERT & Elijah GUIN, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1862

Thomas BECKET (or Backet), 29, England, Yorkville, s/o dead & dead, married Margaret KEATON (or Heaton), 22, England, Yorkville, d/o Thomas KEATON & Sarah, witn: David THOMPSON & John MEGSTON, both of Yorkville, 13 Jan 1862

Henry COOK, 44, USA, Gore of Toronto, s/o dead & dead, married Margaret KENNEDY, 30, Ireland, Gore of Toronto, d/o John KENNEDY & Margaret, witn: James NOBLE of Toronto twp & James COOK of Gore of Toronto, 4 Feb 1862

Francis DALE, 21, Canada, Gore of Toronto, s/o John & dead, married Teny PEARSON, 21, England, Chinguacousy, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Aaron ROSITER & Thomas PEARSON, both of Chinguacousy, 22 Feb 1862

Richard CLIFF, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o dead & dead, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Archibald & Ann, witn: William PRICE of Toronto twp & George MASITON of Toronto, 4 March 1862

William WITTON, 58, England, Toronto twp., s/o dead & dead, married Susan ALLEN, 50, England, Toronto twp., d/o dead & dead, witn: Emma ALLEN of Toronto twp & Arthur BOLENT of Chinguacousy, 26 April 1862

Allen CLIFTON, 22, Chinguacousy, same, s/o dead & Margaret, married Sarah A. FENES, 16, England, Toronto Gore, d/o Nouse? & Lyora, witn: Mary A. PHILLIPS & John CLIFTON, both of Chinguacousy, 28 May 1862

Walter J. WILKINSON, 25, Canada, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Hannah, married Emma BROWN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o dead & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Emma & Thomas HUNT of Toronto, 14 June 1862

Joseph WALKER, 24, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert & Mary, married Jane A. SMITH, 20, USA, Toronto, d/o Thomas SMITH & dead, witn: John PRIESTMAN & Robert WALKER, both of Toronto, 3 July 1862

David DELONG, 26, Canada, same, s/o dead & Abigail DELONG, married Jane FISHER, 23, England, Toronto, d/o dead & dead, witn: William & Elizabeth SCOTT of Toronto, 9 July 1862

James? Adell SOADY, 24, England, Toronto, s/o dead & Susannah SOADY, married Jane AMBROSE, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o James AMBROSE & dead, witn: William & Bet WATERSON of Toronto, 14 July 1862

Thomas H.B. PURDY, 26, Canada, Kingston, s/o dead & Louisa Ann, married Alimentha A. DA—Y (Daily? Danby? Darby?), 27, Canada, Kingston, d/o dead & dead, witn: Albert McMICHAEL & B?.A. WHARTON?, both of Kingston, 16 Sept 1862

Thomas WESTLAKE, 29, England, Whitby, s/o Richard & Jane, married Sarah CHAPMAN, 26, Canada, York, d/o John & Dorothy, witn: William & Emma CHAPMAN of York, 25 Sept 1862

John DUCOIS, 26, Paris, St. Marys, s/o John & blank, married Ida WELLS, 17, Canada, Barrie, d/o David & dead, witn: Agnes WELLS & Marion FRANCIS, both of Barrie, 8 Dec 1862

James HUTCHINSON, 28 (or 23), Toronto, same, s/o dead & dead, married Ellen Nora MURY (should be Murray?), 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o dead & Ellen Nora, witn: Sarah J. McCHARLES & James KELK, both of Toronto, 16 Dec 1862

Charles J. MEDFORD, 25, England, Burwick C.W., s/o William & blank, married Ann Jane ELLIOTT, 18, Toronto, same, d/o William & Mariah, witn: Frederick ELLIOTT of Toronto & Emily COOKS- [?] of Don Mills, 17 Aug 1862

Thomas MAGGISON, 26, England, York Mills, s/o William & Ann, married Elizabeth MEREDITH, 23, Thornhill, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Sarah HUMPHRIES & David MEREDITH, both of Yorkville, 11 Dec 1862

James HAMILTON, 30, Whitby, same, s/o James & Jane, married Jane MARTIN, no age given, Whitby, same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Lizzie & Alfred COOPER of Toronto, 16 June 1862

John Stuart PEOPLES, 27, Toronto, same, s/o George & Jane, married Elizabeth PHELPS, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George PHELPS & Charles MITCHELL, both of Toronto, 18 July 1862

Elliotson PEARSON, 23, Etobicoke, same, s/o David & Jane, married Elizabeth McCLENNON, 17, Toronto, Etobicoke, d/o Andrew & Jane, witn: Mary BOYLE & George HAIG, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1862

William SMITH, 31, England, York C.W., s/o Richard & Rachel, married Mary A. PENDER, 20, Whitby, King, d/o Henry & Mary Ann CLARGO, witn: John & M.A. HASPER (or Kasper) of Toronto, 14? Jan 1862


Page 135 & 136, return 118: by Rev Gifford Dorey, Wesleyan Methodist

John HADLEY, 40, England, Springfield, s/o John & Caroline, married Mary GRAHAM, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: Thomas GIFFORD & Sarah ALLEN, both of Toronto, 9 Jan 1862

James MONKMAN, 34, Albion, same, s/o John & Eliza C., married Mary DOWYER, 20, Ireland, Albion, d/o Michael & Julia, witn: John FLETCHER & Ann Jane MONKMAN, both of Albion, 16 April 1862

Edward Holt CAMERON, 21, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Donald & Elizabeth, married Albina Jessie UPTON, 20, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Frederick & Hannah, witn: John R. CAMERON of Vaudreuil & Walter UPTON of Toronto, 15 May 1862

Samuel George BRYANT, 45, Edwardsburgh, Pittsburgh, s/o John & Catherine, married Jane Susan (or Sarah) LUNDY, 24, Essex, Toronto, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Gotliff HUNT & Maria TILT, both of Toronto, 22 July 1862

Philip MORTSON, 22, Toronto, Reach, s/o John & Sarah, married Anna Maria STANFORD, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John & Anna, witn: Jeffrey HORNBY & Isabella E. TAYLOR, both of Toronto, 22 July 1862

John William WALTON, 20, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Augusta Jane COX, 18, England, Toronto, d/o Edward & Mary Ann, witn: John McMEDLIN (or McMullen) & Mary Ann HOLMES, both of Toronto, 24 July 1862

John GLASFORD, 50, Ireland, Albion, s/o Henry & Nancy, married Jane RANGHAM, 35, Ireland, Albion, d/o David PRESHO & Jane, witn: Jane PRESHO & Jane MILLS, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1862

James RIDDLE, 35, Ireland, Albion, s/o Hugh & Anna Bell, married Anna Jane JEFFERSON, 21, Albion, same, d/o Henry & Charlotte, witn: John NEWBORN & Margaret JEFFERSON, both of Albion, 12 Nov 1862

James David PYKE, 27, England, Toronto, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Jane McKAY, 19, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John & Isabel, witn: William ASHFORD & Emily DARBY, both of Toronto, 8 Dec 1862


Page 136 - 138, return 119: by Rev. Charles Fish, Wesleyan Methodist

Joseph D. DRAWBRIDGE, 30 (or 36), England, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Martha, married Elizabeth CORNISH, 21, England, Toronto, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George CORNISH of Orono, 1 Jan 1862

Thomas LEWIS, 20, Montreal, Toronto, s/o John & Ellen, married Elizabeth BATT, 18, Toronto, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John BATT of Toronto, 25 Jan 1862

Samuel CANN, 24, Hope, Scarboro, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza HENRY, 22, Hope, Manvers, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: James PRICE of Toronto, 28 Feb 1862

John FOLEY, 18, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Sarah H. HUNTLY, 17, England, Toronto, d/o Christopher & Emma, witn: John KERR of Toronto, 1 March 1862

Benjamin REEVES, 25, England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Sarah J. WILEY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Fanny, witn: Isabella MARTIN of Toronto, 8 March 1862

Julius SMITH, 30, Germany, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Elizabeth, married Margaret M. HARRON, 23, England, Toronto, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Ann PRICE of Toronto, 22 March 1862

George TAFT, 23, Buffalo USA, Toronto, s/o David & Sarah, married Fanny SLOTT, 22, USA, Toronto, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Sarah DARLING of Toronto, 5 April 1862

John BUELL, 27, England, Whitchurch, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary FOOTE, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Philip & Jane, witn: Henry FOOTE of Toronto, 15 April 1862

John McDONALD, 23, Pickering, Toronto, s/o John & Catherine, married Catherine H. NORTON, 20 (or 21), England, Toronto, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas DURRANT of Toronto, 24 April 1862

John HUMPHRIES (spelled Humfries), 42, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Richard & Ann, married Margaret KENNEDY, 47, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Parker & Ann, witn: Charles REA of Toronto, 29 April 1862

Richard GARNIS, 25, England, Richmond Hill, s/o William & Harriet, married Philadelphia MARTIN, 22, England, Richmond Hill, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Robert JACKSON (spelled Jakson) of Toronto, 3 May 1862

Charles BEATY, 72, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Hannah ROULAND, 59, England, Toronto, d/o John & Mary ROULAND, witn: William TAYLOR of Toronto, 1 May 1862

William S. USHER, 23, England, Toronto, s/o William & Ann, married Mary IRKERY [?], 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Amorah, witn: John OSBORN of Toronto, 1 June 1862


Page 138, return 120: by Rev. G.H. Cornish, Wesleyan Methodist

James BARBER, 40, Ireland, Derby, s/o Nathaniel & Elizabeth, married Susannah BARBER (Barker?), 25, Canada, Derby, d/o Adam KAAKE & Sarah, witn: G.E. HAIGHT of Wellesely, 26? Sept 1862


Page 138 & 139, return 121: by Rev. Alexander Topp, Knox Presbyterian Church

Illegible August DAVIS, 31, Brighton England, Toronto, s/o Michael DAVIS & Ann SAYERS, married Margaret McEWAN, 23, Perthshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o James McEWAN & Jane STOBIE, witn: John DIMON & Jane HENDERSON, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1862

Richard HOWDEN, 32, Cavan C.W., Millbrook, s/o Robert HOWDEN & Jane TEEVIN, married Elenor KNOWLSON, 22, Cavan C.W., Millbrook, d/o Matthew KNOWLSON & Isabella HUSTON, witn: John R. & Maria RILEY of Toronto, 28 Oct 1862

Richard STUBBS, 38, Yorkshire England, Toronto, s/o William STUBBS & Elizabeth JOHNSON, married Sarah "KING or TATTON", 25, Warwickshire England, Toronto, d/o William TATTON & Mary GREEN, witn: James BRUCE & Mary Ann TIMPSON, both of Toronto, 29 Oct 1862

William Thompson MURDOCK, 26, Perthshire Scotland, Galt C.W., s/o John MURDOCK & Isabella BOYCE [?], married Georgina CHRISTIE, 25, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o James CHRISTIE & Jane NASMYTH, witn: George IRVING of Ayr & John SHAW of Toronto, 6 Nov 1862

David THOMPSON, 23, Beller? Scotland, Toronto, s/o George THOMPSON & Mary FILBAN, married Margaret FERGUSON, 20, Irvin Scotland, Toronto, d/o John FERGUSON & Elizabeth EDDIE, witn: Alexander McDONALD & Mary HANNAH, both of Toronto, 7 Nov 1862

William Henry DOYLE, 27, NY state, Toronto, s/o James & Sarah, married Haldon TURREFF, 19, Toronto, same, d/o William TURREFF & Elizabeth McNISH?, witn: P. McNEVIN & James SCALLION, both of Toronto, 11 Nov 1862

John FORSYTH, 26, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o John FORSYTH & Jessie MORNLEES, married Mary SHARP, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Luke SHARP & Mary SANDERSON, witn: John McBEAN & James WETHROW, both of Toronto, 27 Nov 1862

Robert McGLAUGHLIN, 26, Dunblaine Scotland, Etobicoke, s/o John McGLAUGHLIN & Nancy McINTOSH, married Mary Jane BOYCE, 21, Hull England, Etobicoke, d/o James BOYCE & Mary CLARKE, witn: James GREEN of York twp & Charles LOUNES of Yorkville, 1 Dec 1862

John HOUDEN, 20, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o John HOUDEN & Jane WATSON, married Caroline Jane BYWATER, 26, at sea on voyage from London, Toronto, d/o William BYWATER & Elizabeth DRAKE, witn: K. & L?. G. FULLER of Toronto, 5 Dec 1862

Matthew WILSON, 22, Greenock Scotland, Cincinnati USA, s/o Richard WILSON & Jane GRAHAM, married Margaret ROWAN (or Ronan), 22, Hamilton C.W., same, d/o Martin ROWAN & Elenor BARRET, witn: James HODGE & Annie HALL, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1862

Archibald CURRIE, 27, West Gwillumbury, Sunnidale twp., s/o John CURRIE & Catherine GILCHRIST, married Flora GILLIES, 29, Inverness C.E?, Toronto, d/o John GILLIES & Christena McEWAN, witn: Hugh CURRIE of Sunnidale & A.C. GILLIES of Toronto, 6 March 1862

John HAHM, 23, Waterloo twp., Hanover C.W., s/o John HAHN & Margaret BROWN, married Elizabeth CARNEY, 18, Carlow Ireland, York twp., d/o David CARNEY & Elizabeth BURNS?, witn: Thomas CARNEY of Toronto, 12 March 1862

Alexander McLEAN, 28?, North West Scotland, Toronto, s/o Charles McLEAN & Sarah S--FIELD, married Margaret RYAN, 27, Limerick Ireland, Toronto, d/o Dennis RYAN & Ann FREDY, witn: Catherine YORK (or Tork) & Robert STEWART, both of Toronto, 20 March 1862

George GRAY, 26, Monaghan Ireland, Toronto, s/o George GRAY & Mary BRENNER, married Ann DAVIDSON, 31, Dingwall Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas ROSS & Helen DUFF, witn: Christena ROSS of Sunnidale & Robert McMILLAN of Toronto, 3 April 1862

William ROBERTSON, 32, Paisley Scotland, Toronto, s/o William ROBERTSON & Margaret McCUTCHEON?, married Catherine CAMERON, 33, Greenock Scotland, Toronto, d/o Duncan CAMERON & Mary, witn: Joanna McK--? & James McLEOD, both of Toronto, 11 April 1862

James MOORHEAD, 49, Monaghan Ireland, Toronto, s/o Andrew & Margaret, married Mary ROBINSON, 50, Dublin Ireland, Toronto, d/o Luke ROBISON (sic) & Catherine DELANEY, witn: Mary DALY & Alexander WARREN, both of Toronto, 22 April 1862

John MARSH, 35, Derbyshire England, Toronto, s/o Withner & Ann, married Marion SHAW, 29, Kinarton Ayrshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o William SHAW & Margaret M—N, witn: John SHAW of Malton & William H-ET of Toronto, 8 May 1862

Gilbert BLACK, 28, Kirkmahoc Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert BLACK & Helen DICKSON, married Catherine McGILLIVRAY, 26, Arbroath Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert McGILLIVRAY & Smith LEITCH, witn: William STURROCH & William L. McGILLIVRAY, both of Toronto, 16 May 1862

William Winslow? OGDEN, 24, Toronto twp., Toronto, s/o William OGDEN & Rebecca WARD, married Elizabeth Price McKEOWN, 19, Toronto, same, d/o William McKEOWN & Elizabeth TORRANCE?, witn: Miles W. COOK of Cooksville & James POWELL of Toronto, 27 May 1862

Gideon ROBERTSON, 27, Roxburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Jessie RUTHERFORD, married Elizabeth MUCKLE (or Minkle or Murkle), 25, Northumberland England, Toronto, d/o Patrick MUCKLE & Mary BRIGGS, witn: George MORTON & William ROBERTSON, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1862

Frederick Charles WHITE, 32, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, s/o James WHITE & Mary MILLIGAN, married Mary Ann FITZGERALD, 26, Kilbrush Ireland, Toronto, d/o George FITZGERALD & Harriet JACKSON, witn: John G. MILLOY & Robert SWAN, both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1862

John PRIDELL, 24, Somersetshire England, Unionville C.W., s/o Stephen PRIDELL & Maria WESTNEY (or Wishey), married Jane MITCHELL, 18, Homeringford? C.E., Unionville, d/o Hugh MITCHELL & Mary Jane POTTER, witn: Jane TOPP of Toronto & Thomas NEWELL of Markham, 25 Sept 1862

George ASHTON, 27, Yorkshire England, Markham, s/o John ASHTON & Anna VASEY, married Margaret LENNON, 24, Bulh? Ayrshire Scotland, Markham, d/o Hugh LENNON & Janet CARL (or Coul), witn: Agnes & James TOPP of Toronto, 25 Sept 1862

Thomas MOORE, 28, Tyrone Ireland, King C.W., s/o James MOORE & Mary McCHENY, married Sarah ROSS, 21, King, same, d/o John ROSS & Helen ELLSON, witn: William HARRIS of Toronto & Thomas ROSS of King, 25 Sept 1862

William NEWETT, 28, Northamptonshire England, Dundas C.W., s/o John NEWETT & Allice HADDONS, married Margaret BLACK, 24, Kilmarnock Scotland, Dundas C.W., d/o James BLACK & Jane STEWART, witn: Stephen LYON of Ancaster & Annie WHYTE of Dundas, 29 Sept 1862

James STEPHENS, 28, Bowmanville, same, s/o James STEPHENS & Ann McMURTRIE, married Grace HOBBS, 21, Devonshire England, Bowmanville, d/o John HOBBS & Elizabeth HOPPER, witn: Jane & Agnes TOPP of Toronto, 17 Oct 1862

John C. COURGER? (Craigie?,), 23, Ancaster C.W., Hamilton, s/o William COURGER & Mary CAMPBELL, married Margaret EWING, 20, Brantford, same, d/o William EWING & Margaret Mc--?, witn: James MILNE & Thomas COURGER, both of Hamilton, 21 Oct 1862


Page 140, return 123: by Rev. J.S. Ellerby, Minister, Zion Congregational Church

Edgar RANKIN, 21, Toronto, same, s/o Basil & Elizabeth, married Mary ROSS, 19, Binghampton NY, Rochester USA, d/o Isaac & Susan, witn: H.E. RANKINS (sic) & Peter HINES, both of Toronto, 18 March 1862

John Fergus CULLEN, 28, Deemstone Perthshire Scotland, Woodstock C.W., s/o William & Jane, married Martha ADAMS, 19, Dudlers Staffordshire England, Woodstock C.W., d/o John & Anna, witn: John ADAMS of Toronto and James S. SCARF & William TILT, both of Woodstock, 18 April 1862

James SMITH, 30, Macduff Scotland, Toronto, s/o James & Jane, married Lydia ELLIOT, 30, London England, Toronto, d/o John & Harriet, witn: William & John ELLIOT and John GRIFFITHS, all of Toronto, 30 April 1862

George STRASENBURGH, 29, Leith Scotland, Toronto, s/o Frederick & Jane, married Elizabeth Anna TUCKER, 26, Totnes Devon England, Toronto, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: William KERR & Isaac LEWIS of Toronto and Robert HAY (or T. Cay) of Vaughan, 21 May 1862

Frederick GILBERT, 35, Barnstaple England, Quebec C.E., s/o Richard & Ann, married Elizabeth COPP, 35, Great Torrington Devon England, Toronto, d/o William & Francis, witn: Henry, J.E. & Walter COPP, all of Toronto, 6 Sept 1862

Henry COPP, 32, Great Torrington Devon England, Toronto, s/o William & Frances, married Sarah Jane GRIFFITHS, 27, Dudley Staffordshire England, d/o John & Eliza, witn: William COPP, John GRIFFITHS & F.M. THOMAS, all of Toronto, 18 Sept 1862

Henry FREELAND, 45, Sligo Ireland, Brockville, s/o William & Janet, married Eliza BARNARD, 41, Richmond C.E., Toronto, d/o James & Eliza BARNARD, witn: F. MARLING & William FREELAND of Toronto and Charles FREELAND of Montreal, 15 Oct 1862

James KEATING, 28, Penetanguishene C.W., Fergus C.W., s/o James & Jane, married Harriet Caroline MITCHELL, 25, Penetanguishene, same, d/o Andrew & Louisa, witn: James SMITH & Mary PATERSON, both of Toronto, 15 Nov 1862

Alfred JOSELIN, 24, London England, Toronto, s/o James & Maria, married Ann MOORE, 23, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o John & Mary, witn: Thomas & Emily GRAY of Toronto, 25 Dec 1862


Page 141, return 124: by Rev. Francis Rooney, pastor of St. Pauls

Michael DALEY, 42, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Margaret, married Bridget CLANCEY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Lewis FITZGERALD & Mary CLANCEY, 7 Jan 1862

John DALEY, 20, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Bartholomew DALEY & Mary ENGLISH, married Mary DALEY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Jeremiah DALEY & Mary SHEWAN, witn: Bartholomew SCANLON & Mary DALEY, 7 Jan 1862

James GORE, 51, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James GORE & Johanna POWER, married Catherine BRENNAN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James BRENNAN & Mary KENMACH, witn: James & Catherine DALEY, 4 Feb. 1862

John BUTLER, 45, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Richard BUTLER & Ellen BRENNAN, married Ellen SEDWICK, 39, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William SEDWICK & Elizabeth LAVIN, witn: Richard BUTLER & Elizabeth LAVIN, 4 Feb 1862

Peter SLAVIN, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick SLAVIN & Ellen MAGINITY, married Agnes A. EDDY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Nelson EDDY & Mary, witn: Anthony MAGINITY & Bridget SLAVIN, 2 March 1862

Daniel O’KEEFE, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Catherine, married Mary CONWAY, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Johanna, witn: Bridget SLAVIN & John O’KEEFE, 3 March 1862

Luke McDONALD, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mathew McDONALD & Ann CONWAY, married Margaret COLLINS, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Bridget, witn: Michael & Honora JUDGE, 3 March 1862

Patrick CODY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael & Mary, married Johanna CODY, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael DUNCAN & blank, witn: Thomas CODY & Bridget MONRON (should be Monroe?), 29 April 1862

Robert FULTON, 22, Canada, York twp., s/o James FULTON & Margaret SHANNON, married Catherine NEACY, 20, Ireland, York twp, d/o James NEACY & Bridget MEEGAN, witn: Patrick CLARK & Bridget NEACY, 6 May 1862

John HANIGAN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Timothy HANIGAN & Mary CALLAGHAN, married Mary A. DAVIS, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard DAVIS & Ann KENNEDY, witn: John MOLONEY & Catherine WALLIS, 12 May 1862

John CALLAGHAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William CALLAHAN (sic) & Honoria, married Mary DUNN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Johanna, witn: Thomas & Ellen DUNN, 22 May 1862

George SLATES, 31, England, Toronto, s/o Robert & Ann, married Ann CLANCEY, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Richard HIBBET & Catherine CLANCY (sic), 24 May 1862

Francis McEVOY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Catherine, married Eliza NORDANT, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: Patrick SULLIVAN & Ann JONES, 24 May 1862

John WHELAN, 28, Ireland, York twp., s/o Moses & Mary, married Johanna KELLY, 19, Ireland, York twp., d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: James KELLY & Mary LEAVY, 26 June 1862

Michael ANDERSON, 21, Canada, York twp., s/o John & Jane, married Bridget MOLONEY, 21, Ireland, York twp., d/o Denis & Bridget, witn: Patrick & Ellen SHIELDS, 15 July 1862

John MALONE, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James MALONE & Catherine JONES, married Margaret NOOVEL, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: John MOLONEY & Elizabeth DAVEY, 24 July 1862

Owen MURRAY, 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Eliza McNAMARA, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John McNAMARA & Bridget TALBOT, witn: William LEONARD & Ann McNAMARA, 28 July 1862

Patrick WELSH, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Frances ARMSTRONG, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Patrick CLARK & Mary FEATHERSTONE, 28 July 1862

John MURPHY, 35, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Jeremiah & Mary, married Catherine LEONARD, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Maurice & Catherine, witn: Patrick & Ellen MURPHY, 21 Aug 1862

Lawrence THORNTON, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Francis & Bridget, married Susan LARKIN, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Owen & Catherine, witn: Daniel CURREN & Ellen LARKIN, 16 Oct 1862

John ROHEN, 32, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Andrew ROHEN & Ellen McMAHON, married Ellen McMAHON, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Ann, witn: Patrick MALONE & Bridget RODGERS, 28 Sept 1862


Page 142, return 125: by Rev. F. Goldsmith, Methodist New Connexion

David HAMILTON, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Agnes, married Martha DESAR, 22, Canada, York, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: Sarah DESAR of York & J.A. GOLDSMITH of Toronto, 2 Jan 1862

Andrew KIRKPATRICK, 24, Ireland, Thornhill, s/o John & Sophia, married Beanna COULTER, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Martha, witn: John COULTER of Eglinton & William COULTER of Toronto, 11 Jan 1862

Thomas ROWLAND, 26, Isle of Jersey, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Mary A. MULLEN, 21, Toronto, same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Augustus THOMAS & Caroline KEMP, both of Toronto, 23 May 1862

Richard MELDRUM, 22, Kingston, Toronto, s/o Richard & Amelia, married Ann DREW, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Christopher & Susan, witn: Richard WATSON & Fanny DREW, both of Toronto, 23 Aug 1862

Alexander ROBERTSON, 21, Trafalgar, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary WATSON, 23, Trafalgar, Hornby, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: M.A. ROBINSON & W.G. KENNEDY, both of Trafalgar, 25 Sept 1862

David LAMB, 29, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Isabella, married Mary HALLIDAY, 22, England, Toronto, d/o William & Ann, witn: James LEYS of Eglinton & William McCULLOUGH of Toronto, 16 Oct 1862

William LAMB, 26, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Isabella, married Anna WILLIAMSON, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John & Janet E., witn: Salina HASTINGS & J.H. ROBERTSON, both of Toronto, 16 Oct 1862

William K. KERR, 43, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Eliza, married Catherine EMBURY, 40, Canada, Hungerford, d/o John & Ann EMBURY, witn: Ellen HAMILTON & M. GAMBON, both of Toronto, 4 Nov 1862

Elijah WESTMAN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Matilda, married Margaret PLUNKETT, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Susan ANDERSON & W. McGUIRE, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1862


Page 142, return 126: by Alexander Lorimer, Baptist Minister

William SCOTT, 24, Toronto, same, s/o Matthew & Margaret, married Emily J. EDWARDS, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Elisha & "Core", witn: Harrison MILLER & Elisha EDWARDS, both of Toronto, 2 Jan 1862


Page 143, return 127: by Charles Lavell, Wesleyan Minister

John COLEMAN, 30, Yorkshire, York, s/o R. & H., married Sarah A. BROCK, 27, York, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Thomas MORN & Elizabeth BROCK, both of York, 20 March 1862


Page 144 & 145, return 128: by Isaac Brock Howard, Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist

Joseph GRAHAM, 24, Canada, Toronto twp., s/o Andrew & Naomi, married Mary A. GRAHAM, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Mary, witn: Thomas GRAHAM, 30 Jan 1862

Alexander C. OSBORNE, 26, Canada, Malton, s/o James & Loraney, married Jane A. FRANKLIN, 21, England, Malton, d/o Robert & Mary Ann, witn: C.L. HOWARD of Toronto, 28 Feb 1862

Richard WILLIAMS, 21, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Sarah A. PULLEN, 22, England, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Joseph PULLEN of Toronto, 4 March 1862

William GROMLEY, 75, England, Toronto twp., s/o not given, married Eliza MORPHY, 76, England, Toronto twp., d/o not given, witn: George ROBINSON of Yorkville, 6 March 1862

John SHEPHERD, 44, England, Yorkville, s/o Matthew & Hannah, married Joanna A. REED, 40, England, Yorkville, d/o Richard & Eleanor, witn: C.L. HOWARD of Toronto, 13 March 1862

Christopher ANDERSON, 35, England, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Annie, married Margaret CASSIDY, 32, Isle of Jersey, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: R. McDONALD of Toronto, 13 March 1862

Henry HERON, 29, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Ann, married Mary A. REED, Scotland, t, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: John GRASSICK of Toronto, 26 March 1862

John SILVERTHORN, 33, England, Toronto, s/o John & Eliza, married Charlotte McLACHLAN?, 33, of Toronto, d/o Amos & Margaret [no surname given], witn: R. McDONALD of Toronto, 7 April 1862

Oscar W. CHAPMAN, 23, Canada, Welland, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married E.C. PARKHURST, 23, New York, Toronto, d/o Isaac & Eliza, witn: James O’LOANE of Stratford, 19 May 1862

John BRUCE, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Eliza, married Mary STEWART, 23, England, Toronto, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Cherman HORSLEY of Toronto, 27 May 1862

Emerson COATSWORTH, no age given, of Toronto, s/o not given, married Margaret HUMPREYS, no age given, Ireland, Toronto, d/o not given, witn: John REID of Toronto, 8 July 1862H

Thomas PELLS, no age given, Toronto, same, s/o not given, married Sophia M. BAKER, no age given, Canada, Toronto, d/o not given, witn: William LOUDON (or London) of Toronto, 5 Aug 1862

John J. BEATTY, 36, Scotland, Streetsville, s/o John & Helen, married Frances A. THOMPSON, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Frances, witn: Benjamin FOSTER of Streetsville, 28 Aug 1862

George TOWNSLEY, 32, England, Yorkville, s/o John & Hannah, married Martha STRANGER, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Robert & Charlotte, witn: Robert STRANGER of Toronto, 2 Sept 1862

William GRAHAM, 35, Ireland, Essa, s/o John & Jane, married Margaret ALLEN, 31, Canada, Essa, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: John G. MILLER of Toronto, 22 Sept 1862

John W. STEPHENSON, 23, Canada, Aurora, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Caroline A. DAVIS (or Dawes), 23, Canada, Aurora, d/o George & Lydia Ann, witn: Minnie THOMPSON of Toronto, 16 Oct 1862

John SHANNESY (should be Shaughnessy?), 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Margaret, married Jane M. THOMPSON, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Euphemia, witn: C.W. COATES of Toronto, 16 Oct 1862

William FOSTER, 25, Canada, Toronto, s/o William & Martha, married E.A. GRIFFITH, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: J.B. BOUSTEAD (or Bonstead) of Toronto, 30 Oct 1862


Page 144-146, return 129: by Rev. G. Northgraves, Priest of Catholic Cathedral, Toronto, or by the Priest temporarily occupying his place this year (Bishop Lynch & Rev. J. Shea).

John CLEARY, 24, Co. Clare Ireland, Toronto, s/o James CLEARY & Bridget GREENAN, married Catherine CAULEY, 21, Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, d/o Cornelius CRAWLEY (sic) & Julia COLLINS, witn: Luke McDONAGH & Mary CLEARY, both of Toronto, 7 Jan 1862

James McKAY, 30, Londonderry, Albion, s/o John McKAY & Sophia BRADLEY, married Mary MORRISON, no age given, Wexford Co Ireland, Albion, d/o James DAVY & Mary HINTON, witn: Owen GLESSON and Edward & Ann BRADLEY, all of Toronto, 17 Jan 1862

James MARSHALL, 25, Adjala, same, s/o James MARSHALL & Winifred McGOWEN, married Elizabeth BREMAR, 25, Vaughan, same, d/o Mathew BREMAR & Catherine O’K--?, witn: Will HUGHES & Winfred MARSHALL, both of Adjala, 6 Jan 1862

William D. WINER, 30, Hamilton, Chicago, s/o John WINER & Sarah RYAN, married Helen M. KING, 20, Toronto, same, d/o John KING & Emilia SHERWOOD, witn: John KING & Charly M. CRAWFORD, both of Toronto, 9 Jan 1862

Eugene O’KEEFE, no age given, Banden, Toronto, s/o John O’KEEFE & Mary RUSEL (should be Russel?), married Helen C. BAILY, no age given, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Thomas BAILLY (sic) & Helen COGLAN, witn: Charles HIGGINS & Miss KELLY, both of Toronto, no date given, but probably late Jan or early Feb of 1862

William CARR, 24, Co. Tipperary, Toronto, s/o Edward CARR & Mary RYAN, married Honora O'BRIEN, 22, Tipperary, Toronto, d/o Denis O'BRIEN & Margaret O’KEEFE, witn: William FOLEY & Eliza McCULLAGH, 12 Feb 1862

James O’CONNEL (spelled O’Connol), no age given, Macrum Castle, Toronto, s/o Daniel O’CONEL (sic) & Cath WALSH, married Mary Ann FOY, no age given, Dublin, Toronto, d/o Michael FOY & Eliza HART, witn: John Samuel & Miss Helen SEALEY of Toronto, 15 Feb 1862

Givani EVANGELITA, 27, Lueca? Tuscany, Toronto, s/o Rigil & Kinna, married Agustus (sic) BOGINS, 50, Genoa, Toronto, d/o Michael BOGINS & Cath, witn: Joseph PRESLER & Frank HERUNDIO, both of Toronto, 4 March 1862

Thomas F. MURPHY, 23, Toronto, same, s/o James MURPHY & Maria O’KEEFE, married Frances M. HYDE, no age given, Toronto, same, d/o Charles James HYDE & Rebecca F. McVITIE, witn: Nicholas MURPHY & Harriet HYDE, both of Toronto, 4 March 1862

John Joseph McGILBY, no age given, St. Andrews, "morning to Lindsay, from priest", s/o John McGILBY & Margaret McINTOSH, married Isabella CAMPBELL, 24, Williamstown, "from Williamstown, morning to Lindsay" [morning should be moving?], d/o Alex CAMPBELL & Jenet MORE, witn: Alexander McPHAIL & Margaret CAMPBELL, both of Toronto, 4 March 1862

John SPERILL, 21, Toronto, Whitby, s/o John SPERRILL (sic) & Sarah O'NEIL, married Margaret JOHNSON, no age given, Swansea, Toronto, d/o Thomas SPERRIL (sic) & Eliza PALME, witn: John & Isabella JOHNSON of Toronto, 18 March 1862

Thomas PATTERSON, no age given, Forfarshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas PATTERSON & Betty WILKIE, married Mary A. O’REILLY, no age given, Fermanagh Ireland, Toronto, d/o M. O’REILLY & Janne, witn: Andrew & Amelia STEWART of Toronto, 29 April 1862

Pat GRIFFEN, 24, Kerry Ireland, Toronto, s/o James GRIFFEN & Mary SULLIVAN, married Mary WHITE, 20, Kerry Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Mary, witn: John ARGANE" & Mary KRALL, both of Toronto, 28 April 1862

Mat SIMMONS, 28, Co. Wicklow, York Co Ont., s/o Andrew SIMMONS & Bridget CAVENAGH, married Mary RYAN, 29, Co. Wicklow, Toronto, d/o James RYAN & Ellen LYNNOT (or Synnot), witn: James CUSICK of Toronto, 5 May 1862

George ARNO, 30, Plattsburgh NY, Toronto, s/o Andrew ARNO & Jane PETTIL (or Pettit), married Bid CANARY, 17, Toronto, same, d/o Pas. CANARY & Mary O’CARY, witn: William JEFFREY & Elizabeth ELWING, both of Toronto, 21 April 1862

Thomas MULHERNS, 42, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Timothy SHEAHAN & Cath FITZGERALD, married Maryan McCOLLY, 36, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Denis McCOLLEY (sic) & Mary, witn: Peter COLLIGAN & Bridget HUGHES, both of Toronto, 21 May 1862 [parents of groom are incorrect – same parents given for marriage below]

Daniel SHEAHAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Timothy SHEAHAN & Cath FITZGERALD, married Mary VAUGHAN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John VAUGHAN & Mary LENCHON, witn: James BURNS & Mrs. FITZGERALD, both of Toronto, 26 May 1862

Patrick Joseph TREATY, 27, Co. Limerick, Toronto, s/o Bart. TREATY & Bridget MORAN, married E.M. THOMAS, 25, Montreal, Toronto, d/o John SHOWER & Mary SHOWER, witn: Thomas & Mary FLYNN of Toronto, 2 June 1862

James RYAN, no age given, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Brid FITZGERALD, no age given, Kerry Co., Toronto, d/o Maria (sic) FITZGERALD & Mary O’CONNER, witn: Cornelius REHOE (should be Kehoe?) & Mary REGAN, both of Toronto, 29 June 1862

John O’GREADY (should be O’Grady?), 24, Kerry Co., 30th regt Toronto, s/o Jerb. O’GREADY & Mary LUCHEDY, married Mary McSWEENY, 24, Kerry Co., Toronto, d/o Miles McSWEENY & Bridget CAREY, witn: Maurice MULEVEN & Jane HANE, both of Toronto, 18 July 1862

John McLANE, 25, Ireland, 3 regt Toronto, s/o Joseph McLANE & Cath PEARSON, married Mone PEATON, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward PATON (sic) & Margaret REAMS, witn: Luke SULLIVAN & Catherine McDONALD, both of Toronto, 25 July 1862

James MELACKY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William MELACKEY (sic) & Margaret RYAN, married Mary MARA, no age given, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Dan MARA & Mary BRYNE, witn: M. & Thomas FLYNN of Toronto, 4 Aug 1862

John ORGANE, 24, Canada, Toronto, s/o John ORGAN (sic) & Jane PARKER, married Mary O'NEIL, 21, Co. Kerry, Toronto, d/o M. O’NEILL (sic) & Mary SHEHY, witn: Patrick James O’NEILL & Ellen McCARTHY, both of Toronto, 6 Aug 1862

Patrick McLOUGHLIN, 25, Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, s/o John McGLAGHLIN (sic) & Ann HENNESY, married Mary DUFFY, 30, Wexford, Toronto, d/o Andrew DUFFY & Ana LALOR, witn: James LOCHES & Margaret O’CONNER, both of Toronto, 11 Aug 1862

William RIDDEN, 30, Cork city, Toronto, s/o James RIDDEN & Cat RIXELL (or Riscell), married Margaret GRANT, 27, Quebec, Toronto, d/o John GRANT & Margaret TOBIN, witn: William GRANT & Isabella GUNN, both of Toronto, 13 Aug 1862

John BURNS, 24, Antrim Ireland, Toronto, s/o John BURNS & Margaret McMANUS, married Eliza CURRAN, 26, Donegal Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick CURRAN & Margaret NOLAN, witn: James JOHNSTON & Mary McLEE, both of Toronto, 11 Aug 1862

Jonssin DESGANT, 17, Montreal ("blk mann"), Toronto, s/o Francis DESGANT & Ade. LACOITE, married Margaret REEDY, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John REEDY (or Rudy) & E. COSHMORE, witn: Dennis COLLINS, Mary ARGURE & John BOSKE, all of Toronto, 13 Aug 1862

William DELANEY, 28, Cashel Tipperary, Toronto, s/o Daniel DELANEY & Johana REGAN, married Ann CALAGHAN, 32, Cork Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael CALAGHAN & M. COLLINAM, witn: Mrs. STIGNE & Margaret BURKE, both of Toronto, 18 Aug 1862

Garet KAVENAGH, 21, Wexford, Toronto, s/o James KAVANAGH (sic) & Ellen DORAN, married Elen WALL, 29, Castle Otway, Chicago, d/o blank & Margaret GRAY, witn: James & Ellen HARLEY of Toronto, 31 Aug 1862

Daniel DOONE, 22, Tipperary, Toronto, s/o James DOONE & E. KENNEDY, married Bridget MILIA, 14, Kingston C.W., Toronto, d/o John MELLIER (Sic) & M. LUDVILL, witn: William OWNEY & Ann MELLIER, both of Toronto, 1 Sept 1862

Jeffrey O’CONELL, 20, Limerick, Toronto, s/o John O’CONNOL (sic) & Mary ENRIGHT, married Marg BARY, 23, Limerick, Toronto, d/o Michael BARRY (sic) & Mary WARD, witn: Tim SULLIVAN & Mary KENRID, both of Toronto, 25 Sept 1862

Miles RILLY, 27, Wexford Ireland, Toronto, s/o Gregory RILLY & Johana MURPHY, married Mary DEANE, 24, Wexford Ireland, Toronto, d/o John DEANE & B. FOLEY, witn: John DEANE & Alice M. KELLY, both of Toronto, 25 Sept 1862

John BUCKLEY, 29, Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas BUCKLEY & Cath. HAIFUN, married Ellen McMAHON, 32, Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, d/o John McMAHON & Mary COYLE, witn: Thomas SWIRE & Rose LYNCH, both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1862

Patrick DOWNES, 23, Co. Clare, Toronto, s/o John DOWNES & M.J. McNAMARA, married Brid FLANIGAN, 22, Co. Clare, Toronto, d/o John FLANIGAN & M. REDDEN, witn: D. FLANAGAN (sic) & Rose McCAULEY, both of Toronto, 20 Oct 1862

Robert GODMAN, 24, England, Toronto, s/o Robert GODMAN & Mary SNYLE, married Ann McENTAGET, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John McENTAGET & Margaret CARIGAN, witn: Christena DOYLE & J. CRANE, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1862

Timothy O’CONNOR, 30, Ireland, Port Credit, s/o John O’CONNOR & Hanar RENSJDAL?, married Cath MADIGAN, 29, Ireland, Port Credit, d/o James MADIGAN & Ellen PERSEL, witn: M. O’DEA & M. MEDICAN (sic), both of Port Credit, no date given, probably autumn 1862

Thomas SEED, 20, England, Scarboro, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Mary McDONEL, 26, Ireland, Scarboro, d/o H. McDONELL (sic) & Mary A. DUN, witn: Thomas DELANEY & Anna SCANLON, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1862

Edward TRUDEU (should be Trudeau?), 34, St. Jacques De Chigenet, Toronto, s/o Clement TRUDEU & Angele PASSANT, married Marcelline " BOIST [?] or LA BONTE", 37, Lothbeneire, Toronto, d/o David LA BONT (sic) & Genevieve LELLEMENT, witn: Robert FOWLER & Jos ASTLE, both of Toronto, 6 Nov 1862

Amron QUNLAHON, 22, Culmen Co. Clare, Toronto, s/o Daniel QUINLAHON (sic), & Margaret RATCHFORD, married Janne Bridget [surname?], 20, Tipperary, Toronto, d/o M. DUNN & Jane KENNEDY, witn: A.D. DUNN & Bridget REILLY, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1862

James McGRATH, 26, Fermanagh, Toronto, s/o John McGRATH & Mary ROWAN, married Elenor BOLAND, 24, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Robert BOLAND & Mary L. LEDGER, witn: Emma HOBART & D. McDOUGHAL, both of Toronto, 10 Nov 1862

John KNOX, 30, Kilkenny Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael KNOX & Mary MOHAR, married Mary RYAN, 24, Limerick Ireland, Toronto, d/o Cornelius RYAN & Johana O'BRIEN, witn: Thomas MURPHY & Mary HEILY, both of Toronto, 17 Nov 1862

John O’BRINE, 21, Co. Tipperary, Toronto, s/o Denis O'BRIEN (sic) & Margaret CASS, married Elizabeth McCULLOUGH, 20, Kings Co. Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward McCULLOGH (sic) & Ann DAVIS, witn: G. HICKENAN & Mary O'BRIEN, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1862

John TIPPET, 25, Cornwall England, Madison Wisc., s/o Joseph & blank, married Mary LYNCH, 20, Co. Kerry, Chicago, d/o John LYNCH & Cat DONOHOE, witn: Rev. C. O’KEEFE "very Bid Renpriest" [?] of Toronto, 25 Nov 1862

Robert GARVY, 26, Co. Cavan Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas GARVY & Mary McVAY, married Catherine ORNAN, 23, "Geogent" [?] USA, Toronto, d/o John ORNAN & Rose HANLON, witn: Thomas & Margaret BANALY of Toronto, 25 Nov 1862

Michael WARD, no age given, Co. Cavan, Toronto, s/o John WARD & Mary MOONEY, married Eliza MURPHY, no age given, Tyrone, Toronto, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Hugh BULLEY & Anna MURPHY, both of Toronto, 26 Nov 1862

Robert O’HANON, 22, Scotland, Paris, s/o Peter O’HANON & Grace PARK, married Mary A. CLANY, 23, Clare, Toronto, d/o James CLANY & Ea. DOHERTY, witn: John DINDLE & A. O’CONNEL, both of Toronto, 29 Nov 1862

Michael MINTVERTE, 30, Italy, Toronto, s/o Stephen MINTVERTE & Cath, married Sarah RAWLINGS, 19, Somerset, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Brid. O’HARA of Toronto, 29 Nov 1862

Benjamin WRIGHT, 26, Co. Tipperary, Toronto, s/o John WRIGHT & Ann GERSON, married Margaret PIERCE, 22, Co. Clare, Toronto, d/o Matthew PIERCE & Susan CORY, witn: Lawrence DOLGY & Ellen McMURRY, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1862


Page 146, return 130: by Rev. Wellington Jeffers, Wesleyan Methodist, marriages in 1860

George William MORRIS, no age given, of Philadelphia, s/o not given, married Charlotte WOOD, no age given, of Toronto, d/o Thomas, witn: Thomas WOOD & Catherine SIMON, both of Toronto, 30 Jan 1860


Page 147, return 131: by Rev. Wellington Jeffers, Wesleyan Methodist, marriages in 1861

Edwy MORR, no age given, of Reach twp., s/o not given, married Sarah CLARKE, no age given, of York twp., d/o Thomas CLARK (sic) & blank, witn: Francis CLARKE & R.J. MULHOLLAND, both of York twp., 27 Feb 1861

Samuel WRIGHT, no age given, of Toronto, s/o not given, married Sarah MARTIN, no age given, of Toronto, d/o not given, witn: John MURPHY & Mary MILLS, both of Toronto, 4 May 1861

John CLODE, no age given, of Paris C.W., s/o not given, married Mary MILLS, no age given, of Brampton C.W., d/o not given, witn: George CLODE & Margaret MILLS, both of Toronto, 8 May 1861

John Thomas BAILY, no age given, of Toronto, s/o not given, married C.E. MORRIS, no age given, of "Philadelphia, now Toronto", d/o George & blank, witn: George W. & Charlotte MORRIS of Toronto, 9 May 1861

John HENRICK, no age given, of Markham twp., s/o not given, married Susan McDONALD, no age given, of Vaughan twp., d/o A. McDONALD & blank, witn: James McDONALD & S.J. MEREDITH, both of Vaughan twp., 17 June 1861

George MILLIGAN, no age given, of Toronto, s/o not given, married E.A. CLARKE, no age given, of Toronto, d/o not given, witn: Abraham LEMON & John TAYLOR, both of Toronto, 8 July 1861


Page 147, return 132: by Rev. Wellington Jeffers, Wesleyan Methodist, marriages in 1862

James S. WILLIAMS, no age given, of Uxbridge twp., s/o Henry & Martha, married Ellen M. CARTES, no age given, of Toronto, d/o Richard & Joana, witn: William CURTES (sic) & M. Jane TREGOR, both of Toronto, 21 Feb 1862


Page 147, return 133: by Francis Henry Marling, Second Congregational Church of Toronto

John SUTHERLAND, 27, Canada, Lindsay, s/o James & Christena, married Eliza ASHALL, 23, England, Toronto, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: John CAMPBELL of Thornhill & James BARBER of Toronto, 5 Feb 1862

Thomas KIRKPATRICK, 36, bachelor, USA, Toronto, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Jane LATHAM, 38, spinster, England, Toronto, d/o Jacob & Elizabeth, witn: James C. LATHAM & James B. COOK, both of Toronto, 2 June 1862

Joshua L. RORDANS, widower, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Louisa, married Charlotte M. TURNER, no age given, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John G. TURNER & Neil McEACHRON, both of Toronto, 21 Nov 1862


Page 148-152, return 134: by Rev. H.J. Grassett, St. James Cathedral – separate page


Page 152 & 153, return 135: by Rev. Dr. Jennings, Canada Presbyterian Church

Richard STOREY, 25, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas STOREY & Agnes CENELLE, married Mary MOODY, 27, widow, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas LELLIE & Margaret McKNIGHT, witn: H.M. CHARLTON of Toronto, 15 Jan. 1862

Charles ANGUS, 27, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James ANGUS & Janet COOPER, married Margaret FERGUSON, 20, Scotland, Scarboro, d/o William FERGUSON & Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Fanny B. TEASDALE & Francis GLENDINNING, both of Toronto, 16 Jan 1862

John YOUNG, 34, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James YOUNG & Jane MILLER, married Chris B. LIDDELL, 20, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James LIDDELL & Margaret DENISON, witn: D. McPHERSON & John H. GORDON, both of Toronto, 13 Feb 1862

William James CRAIG, 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James CRAIG & Susan ROGERS, married Margaret ANDERSON, 20, Toronto twp., Toronto, d/o Andrew ANDERSON & D. FLEMING, witn: Andrew ANDERSON & J. McKEDNEY, both of Toronto, 25 March 1862

George MONTGOMERY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John MONTGOMERY & Catherine SMITH, married Let. SUTHERLAND, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John SUTHERLAND & Letitia CARLETON, witn: George FOY & Thomas HAMILTON, both of Toronto, 2 April 1862

James PARKER, 26, England, Toronto, s/o Edward PARKER & Elizabeth ELDRIDGE, married Isabella PIGOT, 23, Three Rivers L.C., Toronto, d/o John PIGOT & Jane SMITH, witn: William H. SHEPPARD & Thomas PARKER, both of Toronto, 7 May 1862

John CORBETT, 41, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William CORBETT & Rosanna McELVOY, married Caroline KENNEDY, 22, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o John KENNY & M. ROLSTON, witn: William BEATTY & Marie BLAKELY, both of Toronto, 11 May 1862

Colin BURGESS, no age given, Toronto, same, s/o Colin BURGESS & E. MARTIN, married Edna TAYLOR, 20, Montreal, Toronto, d/o William TAYLOR & Eliza, witn: Edward TAYLOR & Mary CRAIG, both of Toronto, 19 May 1862

Thomas BROWN, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Francis BROWN & E. RIDDELL, married S. McCANN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James McCANN & M. McMILLAN, witn: Arch BROWN of Toronto & Stephen BALMER of Detroit, 7 June 1862

Thomas WOODBRIDGE, 23, Reading Berkshire England, Windsor, s/o Js. WOODBRIDGE & Sarah GREEN, married Mary S. TURNBULL, 19, Dundas, Toronto, d/o William TURNBULL & Mary SANDERSON, witn: John FERGUSON & Cath V. SIDEWAY, both of Toronto, 10 June 1862

James LESLIE, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas LESLIE & M. McKNIGHT, married Annie MOORE, 20, Co. Monaghan Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alexander MOORE & E.J. KING, witn: William LESLIE, Catherine NORMAN & Adam NOBLE, all of Toronto, 12 June 1862

William DURSTON, 23, England, Toronto, s/o A. DURSTAN & S. WATTS, married Anna MARTIN, 17, Co. Meath Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph MARTIN & Marion MURRY, witn: William MacCORMICK of Toronto & A.L. MORDEN of Brockville, 18 June 1862

Hugh McKAY, 27, Sutherlandshire Scotland, Delta, s/o Eric McKAY & Christena SWANSON, married T.A. VANDEWATER, 22, Sidney, same, d/o W. WANDEWATER (sic) & Amanda YATES, witn: David NOLAN & Call CAMPBELL, both of Toronto, 10 July 1862

Lachlan McLEAN, 28, Scotland, Grey Co., s/o Alex McLEAN & Ann McNAUGHTON, married M. McINTYRE, 22, Scotland, Osprey twp., d/o D. McINTYRE & Ann SINCLAIR, witn: John McLEAN of Osprey, 8 Aug 1862

Charles William BARK, 27, Worcester England, York twp., s/o R.B. BARK & M. Ann ODY, married C.M. SMITH, 25, Toronto, same, d/o James SMITH & C. NOBLE, witn: Edwin WELBY & James PRIVETT, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1862

Thomas HAMILTON, 25, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, s/o James HAMILTON & H. FUNSTON, married Margaret REID, 23, Dundalk Ireland, Toronto, d/o Ross REID & Eliza VICARS, witn: John FUNSTON & M. Ann REID, both of Toronto, 30 Aug 1862

Benjamin EWING, 53, Berwick on Tweed, Toronto, s/o William EWING & Jane ROBERTSON, married C.K. LINDSAY, 37, widow, Dunse Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas REID & Eupheria SCOTT, witn: M.C. & W.T. JENNINGS of Toronto, 6 Sept 1862

Joseph WELPTON, 21, Vaughan, same, s/o Thomas WELPTON & Ann WEBSTER, married C.A. RATCLIFFE, 17, Thornhill, Vaughan, d/o Thomas RATCLIFFE & Ann ATKINSON, witn: Stephen THOMPSON of Vaughan & Mary J. SMITH of King, 24 Sept 1862

Thomas KERR, 21, Toronto, same, s/o William KERR & M.J. COMPTON, married S. Ann COLBY, 19, Toronto, Yorkville, d/o William COLBY & M. NICHOLLS, witn: Richard LENNOX of Toronto & Eliza McCLELLAND of Yorkville, 13 Oct 1862

De Los OSBORNE, 35, Rose Wann Co. NY, Toronto, s/o Warren OSBORNE & M. ROLLINS, married Flora COOK, 25, St. Martin C.E., Toronto, d/o John KING & S. GERANY, witn: W.J. JENNINGS, & C. SIDEWAY, both of Toronto, 7 Nov 1862

Ben LLOYD, 45, widower, Radnershire South Wales, Toronto, s/o Ben LLOYD & Mary DAIRS, married Ursula ANDERSON, 43, widow, Oxfordshire England, Toronto, d/o William JONES & Ann GOLDING, witn: John LLOYD & Edward BOLGER, both of Toronto, 4 Dec 1862

James HUTTON, 24, Anny Scotland, Toronto, s/o James HUTTON & El. COUSLAND, married Dorothy HELM, 22, Malta, Toronto, d/o George HELM & Agnes MILLER, witn: Thomas & Harriet GARLIC of Toronto, 26 Dec 1862


End of 1862 marriage registrations