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Toronto, 1864

From Ontario Marriages, 1858-69, Volume 66, Toronto 1858-67

Ontario Archives microfilm reel MS248, reel 15 (LDS reel 1030065)

All surnames are capitalized.

FORMAT: groom's name his age, birth place, residence, parents names, bride's name, her age, birth place, parents name, witnesses, date, notes


Page 178, return 164: by Rev M Willis, Presbyterian

Adam BELL, 24, York Twp, Weston, s/o W BELL & Agnes BELL, married Jane SYMINGTON, 26, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Mary & James SYMINGTON, witn: William AFFLEC & Emily OLIVER of [place not given], 05 Mar 1864.

John SCOT, 21, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Adam & Mary SCOT, married Julia C HESTER, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret HESTER, witn: Edward BUTON, George WATTS & Mary SCOT of [place not given], 16 Mar 1864. Bride's age not given.

Robert KNOWLES, 27, Co Antrim Ireland, Toronto, s/o James Jane KNOWLES, married Frances TYNOR, 21, Toronto, [not given], d/o John & Frances TYNOR, witn: A B TYNOR & --[?] TORRINGTON of Toronto, 17 Sep 1864.


Page 178, return 164A: by Rev M G Stark, Presbyterian Church at Dundas CW

William Nicholas MILLER, 26, Dundas CW, Galt CW, s/o William MILLER & Amelia CHURCH [?], married Frederica Louisa LASH, 23, St Johns Nfld, Toronto, d/o William LASH & Margaret JANNON, witn: Robert SPENCE of Toronto & William MILLER of Galt, 22 Sep 1864.


Page 178, return 165: by Rev Alexander Lorimer, Baptist

Edward MINTIN [?], 21, Philadelphia, Toronto, s/o Hiram & Elizabeth MINTIN, married Douglass [?] CUSKLIN [?], 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William & Elizabeth CUSKLIN, witn: John H AU---- [?] & Eliza LORIMER of Toronto, 10 May 1864.


Page 179, return 166: by Rev Nathaniel Burwash, Wesleyan Methodist

Sylvester D ROSS, 26, Huntingdon CW, Madoc CW, s/o Daniel & Mary Ann ROSS, married Martha Rapham KENNEDY, 21, Belleville, Belleville, d/o James & Harriett Clapham KENNEDY, witn: Thomas C ROSS of Madoc, 31 Aug 1864.

Edward PEARCE, 31, Birmingham England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Ann PEARCE, married Mary Ann SPILLMAN, 37, Gloucester England, Toronto, d/o Henry & Mary SPILLMAN, witn: John CLARK of Toronto, 17 Oct 1864.

William KENT, 21, Cobourg CW, Toronto, s/o William Henry & Mary KENT, married Mary Jane FOWLER, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o George & Mary FOWLER, witn: George MARTIN of Toronto, 17 Oct 1864.


Page 179, return 166: by Rev Charles F W Rechenberg, First Evangelical Lutheran

Augustus SCHWAB, 28, Hann, Electorate of Kefoe Capel, Germany, Toronto, s/o John SCHWAB & Mary SERCH, married Maria STREET, 21, Thun Canton Bern Switzerland, Toronto, d/o John STREET & Anna Maria SCHWEISS, witn: Ich Baptist LIGHTFOOT & Louisa LIGHTFOOT of Toronto, 10 Feb 1864.

Thomas SCHMIDT, 30, Berlincasts im Hertzburg Canton Zieguber Electorate of Hesse Caple Germany, Toronto, s/o George SCHMIDT & Catherine FAULHABEL, married Elsey BAIN, 30, Banffshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o James SHOLTES & Jane ALLEN, witn: Marina SCHIEBEN, Thomas WEBBER, Joseph PARQUEN, & John DUMAINE, all of Toronto, 19 Oct 1864.

John BICKEL, 25, Brooklyn New York USA, Toronto, s/o George BECKEL & Barbara ST-BER[?], married Sophia ALEXANDER [?], 24, Bobzen Mecklenburgh Schwein Germany, Toronto, d/o Henry KLOPMANN & Christina TWIKLEN[?], witn: Norman L D HIENER of Toronto & Caroline BEUDER of Bowmanville, 25 Oct 1864. Apologies to all German speakers.

Charles BENDERL, 35, Reithardt Duchy of G Nassau Germany, Toronto, s/o Gottlieb BENDERL & ------- [illegible], married Anna Louisa Matilda HEINTZMANN, 19, Berlin Prussia, Toronto, d/o Dieder Augustus HEINTZMANN & Louisa Matilda G----- [?], witn: Christian BEUDER & Louisa RECHENBERG, both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1864.


Page 179, return 167: by Rev T S Ellerby, Zion Congregational Church

Edward POPE, 21, Kingston CW, Watertown NY USA, s/o Samuel & Maria POPE, married Mary Margaret MALONE, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Robert & Delia MALONE, witn: D B ROBERTSON, Owen JONES & John WATSON, all of Toronto, 11 Mar 1864.

Arthur NEILS, 25, Enniskillen Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Jane NIELS, married Sarah ASHBURY, 22, Markham, Toronto, d/o Robert & Margaret ASHBURY, witn: Richard THOMAS & Mary ELLERBY of Toronto, 27 Jun 1864.

James Ch----[?] GRINTON [GRISTON?], 30, Edinburgh Scotland, Woodstoch CW, s/o William & Catherine Veitch GRINTON, married Elizabeth ADAMS, 25, Dudley [Staffordshire] England, Toronto, d/o John & Anna ADAMS, witn: John ADAMS, John GINFORD [?] & Mary ADAMS, all of Toronto, 01 Sep 1864.


Page 180, return 169: by Rev Samuel T Boddy, "The Episcopal Church"

William M ARMOURFAHR [?], 26, Toronto, Montreal, s/o David & Elizabeth ARMOURFAHR [?], married Julia Elizabeth RICHARDS [?], Charleston SC USA, Toronto, d/o John & Elizabeth RICHARDS [?], witn: John RICHARDS of Toronto, 21 Nov 1864.


Page 180, return 170: by Rev Thomas F Caldicott, Bond St Baptist

James Francis CRITTLE [?], 30, St Eustache CE, Toronto, s/o James & Euphemia, married Jane MAITLAND, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o David & Jane, witn: William Lesley of Toronto, 19 Jan 1864.

----[?] CLARKE, 27, Tecumseth, Whitchurch, s/o George E & Elizabeth F, married Nancy ALLEN, 24, King Twp, King Twp, d/o Hugh & Mary, witn: J R Emery of Toronto, 11 Apr 1864.

John DANCY, 23, England, Toronto, s/o Nehemiah & Sarah Elizabeth, married Ann LEATHERHEAD [?], 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Helen, witn: Nehemiah Dancy of Toronto, 02 May 1864.

John BUSTEED, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Ann SHIPLEY [?], 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Jane, witn: Andrew J Biddle of Toronto, 28 Jun 1864.

James MADILL, 21, Markham, Markham, s/o Ebenezer & Mary Ann, married Hannah BYER, 19, Whitchurch, Pickering, d/o David & Adelaine, witn: Saml CALDICOTT of Toronto, 16 Aug 1864.

Marshall FOSTER, 47, Massachusetts USA, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Sarah, married Jane CAMPBELL, 33, Buffalo NY USA, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Helen, witn: John D BURNS of Toronto, 18 Aug 1864.

John LANGLEY, 27, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William & Esther, married Ann BOOTH, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Henry George & Kism--- [?], witn: William LANGLEY of Toronto, 16 Sep 1864.

George HUNTER, 38, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Charles & Mary, married Eliza KING, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William Henry & Ellen, witn: Thomas CROSSEN [?] of Toronto, 29 Sep 1864.

Benjamin DENBY [DERBY?], 29, Virginia USA, Toronto, s/o David & Minnie, married Mary WILSON, 20, Maryland USA, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: [none given], 08 Nov 1864.


Page 181, return 171: by Rev William W Clarke, Wesleyan Methodist

John WALKER, 24, Toronto, Yorkville, s/o Walter & Sarah WALKER, married Emily GRAINGER, Toronto, York Twp, d/o John & Laura Grainger, witn: Oliver GRAINGER of York Twp, 23 Jul 1864. Bride's age not given.


Page 181, return 172: by Rev Henry Melville, Evangelical Union

James MOWAT, 23, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William & Charlotte, married Bridget TANDY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Ann, witn: James SAVAGE & Hannah SAVAGE of Toronto, 30 Jan 1864.

William DIAMOND, 28, England, Toronto, s/o William & Mary, married Isabella ----[?], 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Alexander FLEMING & Matthew McFARLANE of Toronto, 22 Jun 1864.

Edward BLONG, 27, Ireland, York Twp, s/o Henry & Eldred, married Margaret McEADIE [?], 20, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Peter & Elizabeth, witn: Sarah HALLADAY of Toronto, 01 Aug 1864.


Page 181, return 173A: by Rev Robert Doyle, Primitive Methodist

James SWIFT, 29, England, Toronto, s/o "both parents dead", married Teresa McCARRY, 23, United States, Toronto, d/o "both parents dead", witn: Robert TEASDALE & David McLAREN of Toronto, 01 Feb 1864.

Francis MORIS, 36, England, Chinguacousy, s/o William MORIS & "mother dead", married Susanna BOULTBEE, 35, Canada West, Chinguacousy, d/o "both parents dead", witn: Isaac PICKING & Martha M DOYLE of Toronto, 18 Feb 1864.

William ELICOTT, 22, Canada, Toronto Gore Twp, s/o George ELICOTT & "mother dead", married Elizth BANKS, 20, England, Etobicoke, d/o "both parents dead", witn: Thomas WARD & Will'm FOSTER, both of Gore of Toronto, 05 Apr 1864.

George COLE, 24, England, Toronto, s/o "father dead" & Catherine COLE, married Elizth CARROLL, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o "father dead" & Elizabeth CARROLL, witn: William COWELL & Sarah ARDACK[?] of Toronto, 13 Apr 1864.

William PYKE, 24, Canada, Brampton, s/o John & Elizabeth PYKE, married Susanna HEATH, 21, Canada, Chinguacousy, d/o Johnat [?] HEATH & "mother dead", witn: Mary A MATTHEWS of Toronto & John HEATH of Chinguacousy, 17 May 1864.

James McADAM, 26, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James & Margery Monroe PETERKIN (sic), married Rebecca HOWARTH, 21, Canada West, Toronto, d/o John & Maria HOWARTH, witn: James HOWARTH & John BOND, both of Toronto, 14 Sep 1864.


Page 182, return 173B: by Rev John Durson, Primitive Methodist

Robert SMITH, 22, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William & Martha SMITH, married Martha Victoria ELLIS, 18, Canada East, Toronto, d/o William & Sarah ELLIS, witn: John CONNOR & Elizabeth PYLE, both of Toronto, 20 Aug 1864.

William BONE, 21, England, Vaughan, s/o Thomas & Ann BONE, married Elizabeth WILSON, 23, England, Vaughan, d/o Thomas & Jane WILSON, witn: Thomas BONE & John BENGTED[?], both of Toronto, 18 Sep 1864.


Page 182, return 173C: by Rev Wiiliam Rowe, Primitive Methodist

Albert McKENZIE WISHAW, 23, United States, Toronto, s/o Robert McKENZIE & Emma WISHAW, married Ellen REYNOLDS, 23, Canada East, Toronto, d/o Henry & Louisa REYNOLDS, witn: John FLORANCE & Elizth SHAW, both of Toronto, 17 Aug 1864.

John TAYLOR, 25, United States, Klineburgh, s/o David & Susannah TAYLOR, married Mary Ann HORNER [?], 22, England, Klineburgh, d/o Edward & Elizabeth Jane HORNER[?], witn: William RYNE & Elizabeth WAGGETT, both of Toronto, 23 Aug 1864.

George ASHLEY SPAULDING, 26, Canada West, Toronto, s/o James ASHLEY & Maria SPAULDING, married Margaret ROSS, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o David & Christina ROSS, witn: John McPHERSON & Elizth SMITH, both of Toronto, 25 Sep 1864.

Walter Buchanan HARKNESS, 39, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Jane HARKNESS, married Isabella S MACKAY, 29, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret MacKAY, witn: Colin McDONALD & Jane BENNETT, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1864.

Charles HALL[S?], 31, England, Yorkville, s/o Luke & Ellen HALL[S?], married Harriett FAWCETT, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Charles & Emily FAWCETT, witn: William Henry MORRITT & Isabella BAILEY, both of Toronto, 11 Oct 1864.

Stewart Watt SINDKILL, 34, Scotland, Orkney Isle Scotland [?], s/o William & Margaret Riordan SINDKILLl, married Margaret CARRAGHER, 30, Canada East, Quebec, d/o Peter & Alice White CARRAGHER, witn: William A WAGGONER & Sarah Ann WAGGONER, both of Toronto, 12 Oct 1864.

Mark DAWSON, 22, Canada West, Etobicoke, s/o Mary & Mary DAWSON, married Ellen Jane WAUGH, 19, Canada West, Etobicoke, d/o Abraham & Rachael WAUGH, witn: Edwin PEARSON & Hannah DAWSON, both of Etobicoke, 08 Nov 1864.

Alexander WARNOCK, 24, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Janet Carsello WARNOCK, married Elizth Matilda LEA, 23, France, Toronto, d/o James & Mary LEA, witn: William WARNOCK & Alice Heslith LEA, both of Toronto, 10 Dec 1864.

William SINDLE, 39, England, Clarke [Twp], s/o William & Eliza SINDLE, married Catherine OVENS, 22, Canada West, Toronto, d/o Hugh & Eliza OVENS, witn: James MULHOLLAND & Latitia O'REILLY, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1864.

Henry CODVILLE, 25, Canada East, Toronto, s/o John & Elizth CODVILLE, married Mary LANSER, 24, Canada West, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret LANSER, witn: Benjamin CODVILLE & Anne Elizabeth CODVILLE, both of Toronto, 14 Dec 1864.


Page 182, return 174: by Rev John A Williams, Wesleyan Methodist

Matthew COLLINS, 40, Ireland, Whitby, s/o Thomas & Mary COLLINS, married Berzy TAWNY, 38, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Berzy TAWNY, witn: W D WILSON of Toronto, 20 Apr 1864.

Robert H SHAINE, 29, Canada, Toronto Twp, s/o William & Irene SHAINE, married Elizth PARKER, 25, Canada, Whitby, d/o William & Mary PARKER, witn: C L HOWARD of Toronto, 26 Apr 1864.

Montfiedo S BINGHAM, 26, United States, Toronto, s/o William & Mary BINGHAM, married Mary CULLEN, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William & Mary CULLEN, witn: George McKUSKEY of Toronto, 01 Jun 1864. Groom's name as best deciphered.

Adam URQUHART, 25, Scotland, Yorkville, s/o John & Catherine URQUHART, married Ellen L ROGERS, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Abigail ROGERS, witn: Saml ROGERS of Toronto, 22 Jun 1864.

John McKENZIE, 24, Canada, Orillia, s/o William & Isabella McKENZIE, married Mary ROBINSON, 22, Canada, Haldimand, d/o John & Mary ROBINSON, witn: J B BRINTON of Toronto, 22 Jun 1864.

Matthew RICHARDSON, 24, England, Toronto, s/o John & Ann RICHARDSON, married Lilly [?] McFARLAND, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Glenah McFARLAND, witn: Adam NOREN[?] of York Twp, 04 Aug 1864.

Isaac C FAWCETT, 25, Canada, Scarborough, s/o Isaac & Florence FAWCETT, married Martha WHALEN, 21, Canada, Scarborough, d/o John P & Jane WHALEN, witn: John SMILEY of Toronto, 25 Oct 1864.


Page 183, return 175: by Rev James Preston, Wesleyan Methodist

Elizah M TURNER, 24, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas W TURNER & Catherine BIBBY, married Sarah A DONOGHUE, 21, United States, Toronto, d/o Jas DONOGHUE & Martha BERRY, witn: George GRIFFIN of Toronto, 30 Jan 1864.

Edward LEADLEY, 25, Canada, Toronto, s/o Henry LEADLEY & Mary RICHARDSON, married Elizabeth B UMNY, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John UMNY & Elizth KENDAL, witn: George LEADLEY of Toronto, 17 Feb 1864.

George HALKER, 26, Scotland, Thorold, s/o John HALKER & Mary A GRANT, married Charlotte ELVIS, 22, England, Thorold, d/o William ELLIS & Sarah WHITELY, witn: George GIBSON of Toronto, 11 Mar 1864.

William CHETTLE, 24, England, Toronto, s/o William CHETTLE & Mary OAKES, married Lydia NEWBERRY, 20, Canada, York Twp, d/o Jas NEWBERRY & Hannah COOK, witn: Jas NEWBERRY of York Twp, 09 Apr 1864.

Robert Baron BRAIK, 31, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Peter BRAIK & Catherine DAVIDSON, married Harriet A SMTIH, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o Leeman SMITH & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Ebenezer HOLMES of Hamilton, 14 Apr 1864.

William BAKER, 22, England, Toronto, s/o Richard BAKER & Ann HICKS, married Ellen SMITH, 17, Canada, Toronto, d/o Leeman SMITH & Mary CAMPBELL, witn: Leeman SMITH of Toronto, 14 Apr 1864.

William David HEURLEY, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o Denis HEURLEY & Janet McLEISH, married Mary JENKINS, 20, Gibraltar, Toronto, d/o Thomas JENKINS & Rosane McGEOF, witn: Geor G CRAWFORD of Toronto, 02 Jul 1864.

Allan THEAKSTON, 23, England, Barrie, s/o Henry THEAKSTON & Ann HARDWICK, married Alice THEAKSTON, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o David HEASLIP & Hannah J RAMSEY, witn: Emeline A PRESTON of Toronto, 14 Jul 1864. [NOTE: under bride's name "late Alice HEASLIP".]

Charles ELLIS, 24, Gibraltar, Toronto, s/o Edward ELLIS & Mary WOOD, married Elizth GARVIN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o John GARVIN & Mary RYAN , witn: William HOLMES of Toronto, 04 Aug 1864.

William Leslie BACKUS, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o George BACKUS & Elizth LANGLEY, married Mary B ARNELL, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William ARNELL & Caroline POTTER, witn: William ARNELL of Toronto, 21 Sep 1864.

Samuel BADGER, 27, England, Toronto, s/o Charles BADGER & Amelia MARCEY [?], married Margt LOWNEY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William SMITH & Mary SODEN, witn: William BRUNNING of Toronto, 13 Oct 1864.

Jabez CHAPMAN, 27, England, Toronto, s/o R'd CHAPMAN & Louisa HOPWOOD, married Ann JACKSON, 19, England, Hamilton, d/o Adolphus JACKSON & Mary A FRESH, witn: Arthur BETRIDGE of Toronto, 27 Oct 1864.

William WARDROBE, 20, Canada, Toronto, s/o Francis WARDROBE & Charlotte ARMSTRONG, married Mary A FARLEY, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John FARLEY & Eliza SIMPSON, witn: Henry YOUNG of Toronto, 12 Nov 1864.

Samuel MURPHY, 21, Canada, Toronto, s/o Allen MURPHY & Jane SWEENEY, married Sarah HILL, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas HILL & Ann BAKER, witn: William MOORE of Toronto, 20 Dec 1864.

Richard MURPHY, 31, United States, York Twp, s/o Allen MURPHY & Jane SWEENEY, married Jane FREEMAN, 24, Canada, York Twp, d/o George FREEMAN & Sarah HALL, witn: John McCONNELL of Toronto, 24 Dec 1864.

William GRICE, 26, Canada, York Twp, s/o William GRICE & Sarah RONAHOW, married Sarah RANK, 22, Canada, King Twp, d/o Thomas RANK & Ann SAREN, witn: Peter W ABBOTT of Toronto, 27 Dec 1864.


Page 184, return 176: by Rev F H Marling, Bond St Congregational

Martin MERRY, 34, England, Toronto, s/o William & Ann, married Harriet POYNTZ, 30, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Jane LEFEW[?] & W R DOSSER of Toronto, 31 Mar 1864.

George Augustus HINEY, 28, England, Toronto, s/o James Samuel & Sarah, married Marianna Polson MOORHOUSE, 28, England, Toronto, d/o James & Ann, witn: John ROLPH & Robert FREELAND of Toronto, 21 Jul 1864.

James TAYLOR, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o James & Amelia, married Manorah HARE, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Ann, witn: Christopher MARLING & Sarah ASHBURY of Toronto, 21 Jul 1864.

William GORDON, 26, Canada, Toronto, s/o James & Janet, married Mary ANDERSON, 26, Canada, Thorah, d/o John & Sarah, witn: John ANDERSON & Ann HUNTER of Toronto, 11 Sep 1864.


Page 184, return 177: by Rev John Hilton, St Anne's C of E

Thomas KIRKHAM, 38, Liverpool, "county", s/o James & Elizth KIRKHAM, married Mary Ann TAYLOR, 26, Northampton[?], York Twp, d/o William & Sarah TAYLOR, witn: Hamilton MARSHALL of Toronto, 14 Feb 1864.

Hamilton MARSHALL, 25, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Hamilton & Mary MARSHALL, married Esther EDWARDS, 20, Co Armagh, Toronto, d/o Robert & Eliza EDWARDS, witn: James MARSHALL of Toronto, 18 Jul 1864.


Page 185, return 178: by Rev Anson Green, Wesleyan Methodist

Joseph George WILSON, 24, Toronto Twp, Cleveland Ohio, s/o George & Ann, married Sarah Eliz BIGHAM, 23, Etobicoke, Streetsville [?], d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Richard HOWARD & James SIMONS, both of Streetsville, -- Feb 1864. Day of month omitted from return

Noah MOSES, 21, Isle of White [Hampshire England], Toronto, s/o Andrew & Harriet, married Emily FORD, 24, Sussex, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: Rev Jas BROCK of Guelph & Caleb HOPKINS of Toronto, 07 Jun 1864.

James Thomas DAVIS, 27, Aurora, Aurora , s/o George & Lydia, married Mary Ann WILLY [?], 27, Aurora, Aurora, d/o Isaac & Louisa, witn: W L WILKINSON & W M COX of Toronto, 19 Jul 1864.

W E HUFFMANN, 33, Michigan US, Lexington, s/o George & Lydia, married Emma PALAN, 20, [not given], Etobicoke, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: William PALEN & Martha Ann THOMPSON, both of Etobicoke, 25 Jul 1864


Page 185, return 179: by Rev John M King, Presbyterian

John Bizzel SMITH, 43, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert SMITH & Maria SMITH, married Jane ARMOUR, 31, York Twp, York Twp, d/o John ARMOUR & Mary ARMOUR, witn: Thomas W TAYLOR of Toronto, 04 Jan 1864.

Henry Berger PAIN, 25, England, York Twp, s/o John Berks PAIN & Mary Ann PAIN, married Jane Henrietta CRUICKSHANK, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o David CARMICHAEL & Margaret WRIGHT, witn: Robert POLLOCK of Toronto, 09 Jun 1864.

Isaac HAMILTON , 22, Ireland, Vaughan, s/o Andrew HAMILTON & Rebecca MAN----[?], married Ellen SMITH, 21, Pickering, Vaughan, d/o Matthew SMITH & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: John BAILLIE of York Twp, 11 Jun 1864.

Thomas SULLIVAN, 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Henry SULLIVAN & Maria JEFFREY[?], married Jane BONE, 20, Aberdeen [Scotland?], Toronto, d/o Adam BONE & Jane SPORON, witn: Hugh MURRAY of Toronto, 22 Jun 1864.

Ralph Kew BURGESS, 23, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William BURGESS & Margaret ROSS, married Jessie CARNEGIE, 21, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James CARNEGIE & Margaret SMILEY, witn: William RAMSAY of Toronto, 23 Jun 1864.

William MATHEY, 32, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James MATHEY & Ellen BELL, married Mary ROSS, 21, "not known", Toronto, d/o William MATHEY & Agnes RUTHERFORD (adopted), witn: Alex ROSS of Toronto, 10 Nov 1864.


Page 186, return 180: by Rev William Gregg, Presbyterian

Robert HAMILTON, 24, Scotland, Scarboro, s/o Rob HUNTER & Martha McLAIN, married Annie M BELL, 17, Canada, York Twp, d/o Robert BELL & Eliza BELL, witn: George BLAIN of York & Clarissa SYLVESTER of Scarboro, 19 Jan 1864.

Robert HOZACK, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John HOZACK & Eliz EDWARDS, married Martha BARSDALE, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Alexander BARSDALE & Ann Jane LOGAN, witn: William BARSDALE & Martha HOZACK, both of Toronto, 07 Feb 1864.

David Robert[?] HAMES, 23, England, Toronto, s/o Isaac HAMES & Mary HAMES, married Bridget Florence WATSON, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Martin WATSON & Ann MACDONALD, witn: Jocelin W H--LA[?] & Charles WILSON, both of Toronto, 10 Feb 1864.

Francis FEE, 24, Canada, Mariposa, s/o James FEE & Cath BLACKWELL, married Mary Jane KELLY, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o George KINGSBURY & Eliza LOCHHEAD, witn: Phoebe GREGG & Eliza T OVENS, both of Toronto, 11 Feb 1864. Bride appears to be a widow.

Will'm SMALL, 23, Canada, Hamilton, s/o William SMALL & Mary Jane HARKINS, married Zephry [Zephyr?] STEEL, 22, Scotland, Caledonia Twp, d/o Hugh STEEL & Mary CAINES, witn: Alex BOYD of Hamilton & Phebee GREGG of Toronto, 15 Feb 1864.

Joseph MILLS, 35, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph MILLS & Mary SIMPSON, married Mary WILSON, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert Wilson & Jane SURMERSIDE[?], witn: Jestus WATSON & Willva McAUDRY, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1864

Thomas G CHAPMAN, 21, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George CHAPMAN & Jan RAMSEY, married Lucy S SMITH, 20, England, Toronto, d/o James SMITH & Lucy KIMATER[?], witn: Jos FARRELL & J D SMITH, both of Toronto, 01 Mar 1864.

Willaim SANDON, 27, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William SANDON & Eliza FANDLE, married Sarah T RATTRAY, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Alex RATTRAY & Sarah JORDAN, witn: Thomas W CANELL[?] & W J RATTRAY, both of Toronto, 23 Mar 1864.

William McALPINE, 30, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alex McALPINE & Mary FREE [FEW?], married Mary J RALPH, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o David RALPH & Anne MARSHALL, witn: B BALMAER of Toronto & William ALEXANDER of Osnabruck, 23 Mar 1864.

Robert MORRSION, 26, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Edw MORRISON & Mary JOHNSTON, married Ann MACKELL, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas MACKELL & Eliz BUTLER, witn: Emily MACKELL & Phebe GREGG, both of Toronto, 11 Apr 1864.

Thomas HORWOOD, 22, England, Toronto, s/o Richd HEWSON & Agnes MULLEN, married Emily McLEOD, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Kenneth McLEOD & Mary A ELLIOTT, witn: Sarah JOHNSON & Jon McLEAN, both of Toronto, 19 Apr 1864.

William BANESDALE, 31, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Alex BANESDALE & Anne Jane ENCASTLE[?], married Mary BLAKELY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Rob BLAKELY & Margt FAIR, witn: Saml BARSDALE & Anne BLAKELY, both of Toronto, 02 May 1864.

Henry COOPER, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John COOPER & Sarah COBURGH, married Ann McGUIN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Duncan McGUIN & Eliza ORR, witn: Joseph FLEMING & Martha M RUESCHE, both of Toronto, 03 May 1864.

Robet McTAGGART, 32, Scotland, Thorah, s/o R B McTAGGART & Euph NICHOLSON, married Elizth TURNER, 38, Canada, Thorah, d/o William TURNER & Sophia SMALLEY, witn: J G CALSOR of Toronto & Mary McTAGGERT of Thorah, 17 Jun 1864.

John BUGGS, 21, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Rob BUGGS & Anne LEWIS, married Amelia M NICHOLLS, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William George NICHOLLS & Cecelia SIMINY, witn: William Hy BUGGS & Henry SWAN, both of Toronto, 20 Jun 1864.

John CROKETT, 27, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Jas CROCKETT & Margt CROCKETT, married Mary BURRY, 22, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James BURRY & Janet HOLT, witn: J S MORRISON & Margt ALEXANDER, both of Toronto, 27 Jun 1864.

David McLELLAN, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o Malcolm McLELLAN & Agnes BARNET[?], married Eliz DILTY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Sanderson DILTY & Ann FISHER, witn: William WALKER & E MacLAREN, both of Toronto, 05 Jul 1864.

James VAGAN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Sam VAGAN & Jane WHITE, married Margt McMATH, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John McMATH & Johan SWENEY, witn: And'w GREENLAW & Jane DOWNEY, both of Toronto, 07 Jul 1864.

Dinals [Donald/Daniel?] McKINNON, 28, Scotland, North Gwillimbury Twp, s/o John McKINNON & Margt NICHOLSON, married Mary MUNN, 21, Canada, North Gwillimbury Twp, d/o Jos MUNN & Flora BOVIL, witn: Charlotte H & Phebe GREGG, both of Toronto, 08 Jul 1864.

Thomas HOLDEN, 24, New York State, Belleville, s/o Hiram HOLDEN & Latitia BUSK, married Mary E PIPER, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o Hiram PIPER & Mary BOHANNING[?], witn: M H ASKENS & L A PIPER, both of Toronto, 20 Jul 1864.

Albert MAXWELL, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James MAXWELL & Susanna BOYD, married Elizth FOSTER, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John FOSTER & Janet BEDIN, witn: William ROSS & Sarah Jane BATTY, both of Toronto, 01 Aug 1864.

Benj'n CHARRON, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o Louis CHARON & V PROSORS, married M--[?] McLACHLIN, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o John McLACHLAN & Christina LANG[?], witn: Sam JOHNSTON & A BEARDMORE, both of Toronto, 09 Aug 1864.

James CATHCART, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John CATHCART & Jane RENOLDS, married Mary T DONELLY, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o Henry DONELLY & Rachel THOMPSON, witn: Jane J MORROW[?] & W CALDICOTT, both of Toronto, 15 Sep 1864.

Alex'r GREENLEE, 35, Ireland, Scarborough, s/o Sam GREENLEE & Rosa RELLS, married Elisa GROVES, 23, Canada, Scarborough, d/o James GROVES & Eliza A DAVIDSON, witn: Thomas WIGGINS & Charles WEATHERSTON[?], both of Toronto, 07 Oct 1864.

George BEATTY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James BEATTY & Sarah KEMP, married Ann STRAIN, 21, Ireland, York Twp, d/o William STRAIN & Mary FYNES[?], witn: Matt POLLOCK & Janet WALKER, both of Toronto, 13 Oct 1864.

George WILEY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Alex WILEY & Fanny WALLS, married Rachel SHAW, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Matheu SHAW & Mary WHITE, witn: James HALEY of Toronto & John BREY of Brockton, 26 Oct 1864.

Robert CARROLL, 28, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert CARROLL & Mary McCALLUM, married Cath JAMESON, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William JAMESON & Mary McGALL, witn: Adam ANDERSON & Thomas SAGSWORTH, both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1864.

Alexander GRANT, 28, Canada, Oneida, s/o William GRANT & Janet MURRAY, married Anna HUDSON, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Ric'd HUDSON & Julia O'CONNOR, witn: George GRANT & John MECHIE, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1864.

James DORAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Isac DORAN & Rosanna KENNY, married Annie OLIVER, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John OLIVER & Hannah DRENNEN, witn: William DORAN & George ROBERTSON, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1864


Page 187, return 181: by Rev J H Jamot, St Michael's Roman Catholic Cathedral

Michael RENNY (Kenny?), 26, Co Kerry Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael RENNY & Pat GRIFFIN, married Hanora DOUGHALY, 36, Co Wexford Ireland, Toronto, d/o Lawrence DUNGAL[?] & Catherine CAVANAGH, witn: M GRACE & Mic MEAGHER, both of Toronto, 07 Jan 1864.

Malichy WARD, 31, Ireland, Malton, s/o Edmond WARD & Julia GAVON, married Margaret CUSHIN, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick CUSHIN & B CUNNINGHAM, witn: John CONNERS of Etobicoke & Mary CUSHIN of Malton, 25 Jan 1864.

Patrick SULIVAN, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael SULIVAN & Ellen WARIN, married Bridget GLEESON, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael GLEESON & Ellen WALSH, witn: Mary GLEESON & Patrick GLEESON of [place not given], 07 Jan 1864.

William FULLIOM, 43, Co Kildare Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael FULLIOM & Ellen MULLIGAN, married Matilda SWEENEY, 30, Co Mayo Ireland, Toronto, d/o Lawrence SWEENEY & Margaret GALAGHER, witn: Patrick O'NEIL & Mary Ann DURAN, both of Toronto, 18 Jan 1864.

Barnard O'RILY, 21, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Bernard REILLY[sic] & Ann P CONNELL, married Cath Maria GALAGHER, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Patrick GALAGHER & Mary O'BRIEN, witn: John HENDERSON & Susanne HILL, both of Toronto, 02 Feb 1864.

Michael HURLY, 23, Co Limerick Ireland, Toronto, s/o William HURLEY[sic] & Eliza DENILIUS, married Eliza PURCEL, 36, Co Kilkenny Ireland, Toronto, d/o James PURCEL & Margaret KELLY, witn: William BRANN & Michael SWEENEY, both of Toronto, 07 Feb 1864.

William SHINE, 50, Mangunilie Ind [Mongolia?], Toronto, s/o William SHINE & Cath TOOMEY, married Johanna COLLINS, 38, Co Clare Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick COLLINS & Bridget GRIFFIN, witn: William BRANN & Michael SWEENEY, both of Toronto, 08 Feb 1864.

Thomas BADDEN, 24, Ireland, C----ale[?] US, s/o Thomas BADDEN & Bridget DORDEN, married Bridget NIVEN, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John NIVEN & Bridget McMANNON, witn: Martin HOURIGAN & Mrs HOURIGAN, both of Toronto, 15 Mar 1864.

Michael TROY, 23, United States, Toronto, s/o Michael TROY & Ellen HIGGINS, married Grace GLENDINNING, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o H M GLENDINNING & Mary DIXON, witn: Marrea TROY & Bridget DONOHOE, both of Toronto, 30 Mar 1864. Bride's surname may be Clendinning

Thomas BANON, 25, Canada, Toronto, s/o Timothy BANON & Ann SMITH, married Ann McGINNIS, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Hugh McGINNIS & Ann MURPHY, witn: Felix JULIN & Ellen McGINN, both of Toronto, 31 Mar 1864.

John BROWN, 31, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John BROWN & Sarah COX, married Cath Jane QUIN, Toronto, Boston US, d/o Andrew QUIN & Mary McGURK, witn: Henry DUFFS & Cath SMITH, both of Toronto, 14 Apr 1864. Bride's age not given.

Joseph MARTIN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas MARTIN & Christiana MUDY, married Ellen MAHONEY, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o Michael MAHONEY & Maryann SCULLY, witn: Patrick FLANEGAN & Margaret MAHONEY, both of Toronto, 18 Apr 1864.

George O'DONOGHOE, 19, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Malachy O'DONOGHOE & Mary LONE, married Ellen WARD, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Patrick WARD & Hannah WALSH, witn: J M LAURENT & Mrs H WALSH, both of Toronto, 28 Apr 1864.

Henry PRESTON, 27, Lower Canada, Toronto, s/o William PRESTON & Agnes ADAMS, married Cath DONAN, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Dennis DONAN & Honore COLEMAN, witn: William DONAN & Ellen McGLAUGHLAN, both of Toronto, 02 May 1864.

Henry BLACKWELL, 26, Shaveghanlagh [Ireland?], Stratford, s/o Thomas BLACKWELL & Sarah SHAUGHNESSY, married Honorah DALEY, 25, Co Limerick Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas DAILLY & Mary HETTIAN, witn: Pat O'BRIAN & Mrs J O'BRIAN, both of Toronto, 06 May 1864.

Michael WALAN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael WALAN & Cath DOYLE, married Rose McGUERRNE, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Hugh McGUERRNE & Ann MURPHY, witn: Michael McAWEELE & Ellen McQUARREL, both of Toronto, 06 May 1864.

James BARLUAN [BARBIAN?], 23, Quebec, Toronto, s/o James BARLUAN [BARBIAN?] & Mary BROWN, married Mary Jane ROBINSON, 19, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Henry ROBINSON & Mary SWEENY, witn: John O'KELLION & Ellen KILE, both of Toronto, 17 May 1864.

John BUTLER, 29, Ireland, Niagara, s/o Edward BUTLER & Mary BORGAIN, married Marydon COULIN, 24, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Satinall COULIN & Rose NORTAN, witn: Sarah COULIN & John COULIN, both of Toronto, 21 May 1864.

Thomas WALSH, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Edward WALSH & Mary FLANNERY, married Deborah DILLANE, 22, Ireland, Toronto Twp, d/o Thomas DILLANE & Cath ---NON[?], witn: James CUSACK & Mrs Mary FITZGERALD, both of Toronto, 17 Jul 1864.

Charles GRAFTON, 22, Londonderry Ireland, Yorkville, s/o Charles GRAFTON & Elizabeth McCOOL, married Mary COSTELLO, 21, Co Limerick Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas COSTELLO & Menry McCARTHY, witn: Patrick McLEANE & Ellen FLEARTY, both of Yorkville, 02 Aug 1864.

James MAHONEY, 23, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James MAHONEY & Frances ADAM, married Elizabeth Mary NEWTON, 22, Charleston SC USA, Toronto, d/o Eugene NEWTON & Euginia WANE, witn: William HARDING & Margaret McDONALD, both of Toronto, 04 Aug 1864.

Michael LYNCH, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John LYNCH & Catherine DOON, married Margaret BYRNES, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Silvester BYRNES & Ann BYRNES, witn: Terence DUNN & Ann BOYLE, both of Toronto, 06 Aug 1864.

Jeremie[?] DUNN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William DUNN & Mary DUNN, married Amerie BYRNES, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Silvester BYRNES & Ann BYRNES, witn: Michael LYNCH & Ann BOYLE, both of Toronto, 09 Aug 1864.

Henry FERDNAND ROUNGE[?], 25, Newfoundland, Newmarket, s/o Henry G ROUNGE[?] & Anestatice VALON, married Nora O'REYLLY, 23, Nova Scotia, Newmarket, d/o Thomas O'REYLLY & Cath O'CONNELL, witn: David BLENEY & Adelide ROUNGE, both of Toronto, 13 Aug 1864.

Thomas PURTILL, 25, Co Clare Ireland, Toronto, s/o Peter PURTILL & Ann KEATING, married Julia CONELL, 36, Co Clare Ireland, Toronto, d/o Charles CONELL & Mary CARTHY, witn: Thomas KEARNY & Johana BENNETT, both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1864.

John WALSH, 27, Co Sligo Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick WALSH & Cath CARRIOT, married Mary WELSH, 29, Co Sligo Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick WALSH & Honoara JUDGE, witn: Thomas HAET & Mich WALSH, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1864.

Thomas CROLLY, 22, Co L [or T] Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas CROLLY & Margt SULIVAN, married Ann MOORE, 28, Co L [or T] Ireland, Toronto, d/o James MOORE & Cath RANSY [?], witn: Timothy CONWAY & Mary CONWAY, both of Toronto, 18 Sep 1864.

Dennis O'CONNOR, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Dennis O'CONNOR & Bridget [?] LYNCH, married Ann HESLIP, 22, Niagara CW, Niagara CW, d/o George HESLIP & Mary McCONNEL, witn: William McGUIRE of Niagara, Annie THOMAS of Toronto & Andrew HESLIP of Niagara, 19 Sep 1864.

Michael KAILY, 26, Co Mayo Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mathias KAILY & Joanna PETERMAN[?], married Cath Ann McGOWN, 20, Co Leitrim Ireland, Toronto, d/o Hugh McGOWN & Bridget SWEENY, witn: Carl FLANNEGAN & Mary J BRENNAN, both of Toronto, 18 Sep 1864.

Thomas COUGHLIN, 26, New York State, Flos [Twp] Simcoe Co, s/o John COUGHLIN & Mary McAVOY, married Ellen REILLY, 23, Ireland, Peickering, d/o Thomas REILLY & Cath CONNELL, witn: Pat'k OLIVER of Barrie & Margaret REILLY of Toronto, 20 Sep 1864.

Saml MARTIN, 20, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Charles MARTIN & Matilda WEIR, married Anna MARA, 19, Co Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, d/o Daniel MARA & Mary BURNS, witn: James McLOUGHLIN & Mary ALLOT, both of Toronto, 26 Sep 1864.

William SMITH, 24, Niagara Town, Toronto, s/o Lawrence SMITH & Margaret FLYNN, married Sarah HIGGINS, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas HIGGINS & Sarah BONE, witn: William DINEEN & Maria HIGGINS, both of Toronto, 17 Oct 1864.

John CRAWFORD, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o R'chd CRAWFORD & Ann McEVOY, married Isabella SHARKEY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Robert SHARKEY & Jane GRANT, witn: Mrs AINNS & Pouens O'DONOGHO, both of Toronto, 24 Oct 1864.

John GORMAN, 19, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas GORMAN & Ann WYNN, married Ann LEONARD, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Marshall LEONARD & Mary O'WEILL, witn: Mary McDONAGH & Patrick McDONAGH, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1864.

Edward KENNEY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William KENNEY & Brigt A WEILLY, married Mary DOYLE, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John DOYLE & Brig't REDMOND, witn: Thomas FARRELL & Ann DOYLE, both of Toronto, 02 Nov 1864.

John DOBSON, 22, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John DEBSON & Levina LOMAX[?], married Ann MEAD, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas MEAD & Cath WALSH, witn: Mrs MEAD & Margt DOBSON, both of Toronto, 07 Nov 1864

John DOUDELL, 45, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mich'l DOUDELL & An'l MALONEY, married Ellen O'KEFFE, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Denis O'KEFFE & Kath KYLL, witn: John McINTIRE & Mary BRENNAN, both of Toronto, 02 Nov 1864.

Patrick CONNOR, 33, Ireland, Toronto, s/o P CONNOR & Ellen BURWASH, married Brig't SIMMERS, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas SIMMERS & Ellen SHERLOCK, witn: Thomas WHALAN & Kate SIMMERS, both of Toronto, 10 Nov 1864.

Patrick O'BRIEN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat O'BRIEN & Cecilia H--[?], married Ellen MORIARITY, 21, Toronto Twp, Toronto, d/o James MORIARITY & Julia SULIVAN, witn: Dorinn O'WEILL & Mary O'WEILL, both of Toronto, 14 Nov 1864.

Patrick MURPHY, 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Moses MURPHY & Eliz DIAN, married Mary ALLIT [ELLIOT?], 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick ALLIT & May FOULL [TOULL?], witn: Thomas WHALAN & Jos A BURNS, both of Toronto, 14 Nov 1864.

John MAGUIRE, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John MAGUIRE & Mary O'LEARY, married Elvy McGUIRE, 25, Pickering, Whitby Town, d/o John McGURIE & Jane MADDEN, witn: Shely MURPHY & James McCARRON, both of Toronto, 17 Nov 1864.

Daniel F FOLEY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Danel FOLEY & Margt McCARTHY, married Hanan DRISCOLL, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Patrick DRISCOLL & Margt HEALY, witn: Lou BURNS & J MAHON, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1864.

Pat'k McLAUGHLIN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o J McLAUGHLIN & Mary REYNELDS, married Mary A ELISON, 18, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John ELESON & Margt MAHON, witn: John COLINS & Margt GODSON, both of Toronto, 26 Nov 1864.

Lanicrede CAYS, 24, Montreal, Amherstburgh, s/o Amene CAYS & Vie LONICHANT, married Ann O'WEILL, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John O'WEILL & Cath LAYEY [LAHY?], witn: Eliz EVANS & William KENATH[?], both of Toronto, 26 Nov 1864.

Lawrence HAYDON, 29, Whitby, Toronto, s/o Lou HEYDON & Barbara SULIVAN, married Chalmay KING, 29, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John KING & An'l SHERWOOD, witn: John DEWAR & William GORDON, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1864.

Michael HOGAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James HOGAN & El HARYSTTON [HARGISTON?], married Mary Ann WEISY, 21, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o Mat WEISY & Cat CARRON, witn: Charles WEISY & Mary HOGAN, of [place omitted], Date omitted, but assumed to follow on from previous entry.


Page 189, return 182: by Rev L E Chenerd, St Basil's Roman Catholic Church

James BRUCE, 29, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert BRUCE & Eliza SWEENEY, married Cath COURNEEN, 18, Niagara, Toronto, d/o Col COURNEEN & Ann CROCKET, witn: Joseph BUNT & Joseph COURNEEN, both of Toronto, --Apr 1864. Day of month off page.

David McCARTHY, 30, Co Limerick Ireland, Toronto, s/o Col McCARTHY & Cath CASEY, married Mary QUINN, 27, Co Clare Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat QUINN & Mary GARDINER, witn: Mik McCARTHY & Cath BURNS, both of Toronto, 12 Jul 1864.

Edward TIGHE, 26, Co Sligo Ireland, Oullette Twp [Quebec?], s/o John TIGHE & Anne BAILEY, married Mary CONNELL, 18, Co Sligo Ireland, Yorkville, d/o Mat CONNELL & Cath BRENNAN, witn: Peter BRENNAN & Anne TIGHE, both of Toronto, 25 Oct 1864.


Page 190, return 183: by Rev A J Broughal, St Stephen's United Church of England & Ireland (Episcopal)

John LYFORT, 24, London England, Toronto, s/o William LYFORT & Sarah LYFORT, married Margt WALLINGTON, 24, Northampton England, Toronto, d/o William & Ann BLACKWOOD, witn: Matt CHILMAN & Lousia CHILMAN, 01 Jan 1864.

Charles BEATY, 31, Co Cavan Ireland, Toronto, s/o Charles & Fanny BEATY, married Mary McCORMICK, 26, York Twp, York Twp, d/o John & Elizabeth McCORMICK, witn: John McCORMICK & George BROUGHAL, 14 Jan 1864.

Wil SMITH, 22, Norfolk England, Toronto, s/o James & Mary SMITH, married Sarah CLINE, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o George & Elizabeth CLINE, witn: James TANNER & Sarah TANNER, 24 Jan 1864.

Henry BENNETT, 24, Kidderminster [Worcestershire] England, Toronto, s/o Edward & Kenneth [sic] BENNETT, married Mary McDOUGALL, 29, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Ellen McDOUGALL, witn: William SMITH & Sarah TANNER, 19 Feb 1864.

William W JACKSON, 29, Windermere England, Barrie, s/o Robert R JACKSON & M J JACKSON, married Susanne McNULTY [McNITTY?], 22, Oro Twp, Barrie, d/o William Berrie & Jane McNULTY [McNITTY], witn: Jacob STUBBS & Agnes STUBBS, 24 Feb 1864.

William T KLINE, 21, Bristol England, Toronto, s/o Sam & Hannah KLINE, married Louisa HUTCHESON, 18, Montreal, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret HUTCHESON, witn: Jacob STUBBS & Agnes STUBBS, 21 Mar 1864.

David BURKE, 21, Dublin (Fred) [sic], Penetanguishene, s/o David R & Anne BURKE, married Jane LEGG, 22, Cirencester [Gloucestershire] England, Toronto, d/o Edward & Jane LEGG, witn: Edward BURKE & Eliza RYAN, 29 Mar 1864.

William O MOGRIDGE, 29, Bristol England, Montreal, s/o Robert & Ann MOGRIDGE, married Janet ADAMS, 25, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o John & Elizabeth ADAMS, witn: Mary E BOVELT & James McEVOY[?], 17 Apr 1864.

Edward WILLIAMS, 28, Newcastle England, Toronto, s/o Edward & Sarah WILLIAMS, married Sarah CANSON, 38, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael & Elenor CANSON, witn: Georgina H BROUGHALl & C BURTTON[?], 28 Apr 1864.

Edward T TURNER, 21, Middlesex England, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth TURNER, married Marie J McEMERY, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Michael & Martha McEMERY, witn: Elliden H MOLSON & Cath'n HORNBY[?], 16 May 1864

Henry S LORING, 24, Uxbridge (Model) [sic], Toronto, s/o John & Ann LORING, married El [?] RICHARDSON, 22, Tablton [Taunton?] England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Eliza RICHARDSON, witn: James GEORGE & Sarah CORSON, 25 May 1864.

Philip MERSON [MASON?], 21, Barnstable [Devon] England, Yorkville, s/o William & Elizabeth MERSON [MASON], married Eliza A KNOWLTON, 22, Albany New York, Toronto, d/o Robert & Mary Ann KNOWLTON, witn: George A CORGIN & M A KNOWLTON, 10 Jun 1864.

John N VINCE, 25, Cambridge England, Toronto, s/o John & Ann VINCE, married Mary J BENNETT, 21, Augusta Twp CW, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Hanna Margt BENNETT, witn: Samuel BENNETT & Elidea BALLSON, 14 Jul 1864.

George M BUCKLAND, 25, Manchester England, Toronto, s/o George & Amelia [?] BUCKLAND, married Maria J HOLLAND, 24, Niagara, Toronto, d/o Henry & Jane HOLLAND, witn: John MICHIE & James BROWNE, 10 Aug 1864.

Charles BRUNNING, 22, A--church[?] England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Sarah BRUNNING, married Ellinore BADDEN, 19, Kilsea [?] Scotland, Toronto, d/o James & Isabella BADDEN, witn: Mark GILMORE & Elisa HANGMAN, 16 Aug 1864.

John LAURENCE, 23, Latior [?] England, Toronto, s/o John & Sarah LAURENCE, married Sarah GILMORE [GILMON?], 22, Niagara, Toronto, d/o Saml & Jane GILMORE [GILMON?], witn: George LARGE & Sarah McDONALD, 16 Aug 1864.

John MANNING, 29, Eydon, [Northants], England, Toronto, s/o Will'm & Mary MANNING, married Margt SEARLE, 20, Buckfastleigh [Devon England?], Toronto, d/o Will'm & Mary SEARLE, witn: William SCOTT & S SEARLE, 24 Sep 1864. No place given for witnesses.

George GUNTHRIE, 20, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Eliza GUNTHRIE, married Cath HASSETT, 19, Cork Ireland, Toronto, d/o Henry & Cath HASSETT, witn: John EPPS & Anne EPPS [place not given], 28 Nov[?] 1864. No place given for witnesses.


Page 191, return 184A: by Rev William Briggs, Wesleyan Methodist Toronto West Circuit

Charles COLWELL, 22, England, Cooksville, s/o James & Jessie COLWELL, married May MATTESON, 22, Canada, Cooksville, d/o Isaac & Letitia MATHESON, witn: J R DAVIES & Mary CLEGSON, both of York Twp, 04 May 1864.

Thomas Jas CLARK, 29, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary CLARK, married Mary SWITZER, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Julius[?] & Cath SWITZER, witn: John SWITZER & Chris LEGIER, both of Toronto, 21 May 1864.

Authur HAMILTON, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o William & Elisa HAMILTON, married Rebecca POWELL , 19, England, Toronto, d/o Richard & Rebecca POWELL, witn: Jos MILLIGAN & Mary WAIGHT, both of Toronto, 21 Jun 1864.


Page 191-2, return 184B: by Rev T W Jeffrey, Wesleyan Methodist Toronto West Circuit

James PRICE jr, 23, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James & Sarah PRICE, married Margt ST CLARE, 23, Troy N S [?], Toronto, d/o James & Johanna ST CLAIR, witn: B PRIESTMAN & Sarah PRICE, both of Toronto, 06 Oct 1864. Bride's names also include Maria SINCLAIR.

George KNELLS, 23, Germany, Toronto, s/o George & Cath Elen KNELLS, married Lydia Ellen WILLIAMS, 20, Bath [Somerset] England, Toronto, d/o George & Tryphina WILLIAMS, witn: J JEFFREY & Eric DOBSON, both of Toronto, 27 Oct 1864.

Joseph GOULD, 23, Uxbridge CW, Brooklyne [Brooklin] CW, s/o Joseph & Mary GOULD, married Eliz STERLING, 25, Newcastle upon Tyne Enland, Toronto, d/o John & Ann STERLING, witn: Charles SMITH & Ann STERLING, both of Toronto, 23 Nov 1864.

James SINCLARE, 50, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Janett SINCLARE, married Sarah BAKER, 40, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard & Sarah BAKER, witn: James MYLES & Sarah MYLES, both of Toronto, 01 Nov 1864.

James DEAN, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Andrew & Dorith DEAN, married Selina HASTINGS, 22, Yorkshire England, Toronto, d/o Tobias & Susannah HASTINGS, witn: Charles B WRIGHT & Marion HASTINGS, both of Toronto, 21 Nov 1864.


Page 192, return 185: by Rev Robert Burns, DD, Presbyterian

Joseph BENNET, 27, Scotland, Chicago, s/o John BENNET & Isa REID, married Mary McFARLIN, 26, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Jas McFARLIN & Isa WHITE, witn: J LEVINGTON of Toronto, 26 Jan 1864.

Robert TAYLOR, 45, Scotland, Mariposa, s/o Dug TAYLOR & Cath CURRIE, married Sar [Jan?] GELESPIE, 40, Scotland, Mariposa, d/o Dug GELLESPIE & Mary MAR, witn: Jas H THOMAN of Toronto, 04 May 1864.

James CAVANAGH, 31, New York State, Trafalgar, s/o Mich CAVANAGH & Bridy CAVANAGH, married Mary MASON, 25, Trafalgar, Trafalgar, d/o Jas MASON & Hestmill [?] CLEG---SON [?], witn: J WRIGHT MD of Toronto, 27 Aug 1864.

Jese ASHBRIDGE, 37, York Twp, York Twp, s/o John ASHBRIDGE & Han BENNET, married Eliz ROONEY, 21, Toronto, York Twp, d/o Tho ROONEY & Mary LONG, witn: W LAMBERT of Toronto, 25 Nov 1864.


Page 193, return 186: by Rev Thomas Brock Fuller, St George's United Church of England & Ireland (Episcopal)

William KIRWIN [KERISIN?], 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "unknown", married Christina REVES [SIC], 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Jn REVES "deceased" & J REVES, witn: Frank ROLPH & Margt F REVES, both of Toronto, 06 Jan 1864.

John COXWELL, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "unknown", married Ann O'NEILL [?], 19, Scarboro, Scarboro, d/o "unknown", witn: Haj [Hass?] MUNN & Laura FULLER, both of Toronto, 06 Jul 1864.

William BROOKS, 45, England, England [sic], s/o "unknown", married "Mother" DICEIL [?], 39, Ireland, Toronto, d/o "unknown", witn: ---[illegible] & S R GWILLIAM, both of Toronto, 15 Jun 1864.

John MITCHELL, 25, Ireland, Pickering , s/o "unknown", married Elizabeth BROCK, 21, Ireland, Pickering, d/o "unknown", witn: A FLYNNY & Jacob FLYNNY [FLEMING?], both of Toronto, 26 Jul 1864.

James S McMURRAY, 36, Dundas, Toronto, s/o Rev Dr McMURRAY & Charlotte McMURRAY, married Elibeth FULLER, 21, Johned [?], Toronto, d/o Rev Dr FULLER & ---[illegible] FULLER, witn: D L MURRAY [McMURRAY?] & Laura FULLER, both of Toronto, 06 Oct 1864.

Anthony GILCHRIST, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "unknown", married Eliza Ann ROSS, Toronto, [not given], d/o James ROSS & Ann ROSS, witn: D Ross & Ann HILLAM, both of Toronto , 11 Nov 1864. Bride's age not given.


Page 194, return 187: by Rev William Pollard, Wesleyan Methodist

James BROUGHTON, 24, England, Toronto, s/o James & Susan, married Ann BROOKS, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William & Martha, witn: William BONNOR of Toronto, -- Jan 1864.

William M PEARSE, 24, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Jane, married Eliza D WORTH, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: Benj WORTH of Toronto, -- Jan 1864.

Henry LEADLEY, England, Toronto, s/o "not given", married Ellen SAGERS, [not given], Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: James PRESTON of Toronto, -- Feb 1864. Ages of bride & groom not given.

Richd H CONQUEST, 25, US, Chinguacousy, s/o William & Mary, married Ellen SHIELDS, 21, Chinguacousy, Chinguacousy, d/o Robert & Grace[?], witn: John HUGHS of Toronto, 24 Feb 1864.

John J LOYD, 39, Brock Twp, Brock Twp, s/o Glover & Janet, married Mary A LORNER, 19, Bradford, Toronto, d/o George & Anne, witn: William MARKS of Toronto, 24 Feb 1864.

John McFARLAND, [not given], Toronto, s/o [not given], married Isabella CREIGHTON, [not given], Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: W J TRANE[?] of York Twp, -- Mar 1864. Ages of bride & groom not given.

J--- HEARN[?], [not given], Omagh, s/o [not given], married Nancy D WEST, [not given], Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: William ELLIS of Toronto, -- Mar 1864. Ages of bride & groom not given.

William BEADMASH [BEARDMARSH?], [not given], Toronto, s/o Alex & Ann, married Sarah E HASTINGS, [not given], Toronto, d/o Richard & Anne, witn: Rich'd HASTINGS of Toronto, 06 Apr 1864.

Joseph CLAYTON, 33, England, Gore of Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Janet F ARNOLD, 31, Scotland, Gore of Toronto, d/o James & Elizth, witn: R Van HOMAN of Toronto, 07 Apr 1864.

Robert McLEARY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Adam & H[illegible], married Sarah A REEVES, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Richard & Martha, witn: Ric REEVES of Toronto, 11 Mar 1864.

William H GRANGER, Toronto, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Ammelia WILLSON, [not given], Toronto, d/o John & Sophia, witn: James COLLINSON of Toronto, 18 Apr 1864.

Alex M SUTHERLAND, Ireland, Stayner, s/o [not given], married Alicia EARL, Toronto, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: Theopilus EARL of Toronto, 18 May 1864.

William KELSEY, [not given], Bradford, s/o [not given], married Elizth MORRIS, [not given], Bradford, d/o [not given], witn: Charles FISH of Toronto, 20 May 1864.

Thomas CHATERS [CHARTERS?], 21, [not given], Toronto, s/o John & Maria, married Elizth DILL, 17, [not given], Toronto, d/o Alex & Jane, witn: James ASHFIELD of Toronto, 27 May 1864.

George Gore LEE, 22, [not given], Toronto, s/o Francis & Emma, married Mary A RUSSELL, 19, [not given], Toronto, d/o Thomas & Eliza [Clara?], witn: John SMITH of Toronto, 22 Jun 1864.

George H COPPING, 22, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Edward & Harriett, married Lousia TAYLOR, 19, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Wil'm & Elizabeth, witn: John B ROSSMAN of Toronto, 01 Jul 1864.

George A COLLINS, 27, England, Tottenham, s/o Henry & Flora, married Mary F JONES, 26, Ireland, York Mills, d/o Meredith & Hannah, witn: Rufus SKINNER of Toronto, 09 Jul 1864.

William HURLE, 28, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Lousia PARSONS, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o Finley & Mary, witn: Joseph SMART of Toronto, 09 Jul 1864.

Alex DICKEY, 23, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William & Grace, married Emmily SANDERSON, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Jane, witn: Joseph W SMITH of Toronto, 16 Jul 1864.

Thomas SOUTHWELL, 21, Prince Edward [sic], Whitby, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Janet McDERMOT, 19, Whitby, Whitby, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: James E HUME of Marysburgh, 04 Aug 1864.

John STEWART, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Ann J WILLSON, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Henry BROUGHTON of Toronto, 19 Aug 1864.

William FORSYTHE, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o James & Mary, married Eliz R SCOTT, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn: Thomas SCOTT of Toronto, 12 Sep 1864.


Page 195, return 188: by Rev F P Rooney, St Paul's Roman Catholic Church

James DELANEY, 32, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John DELANEY & Cath O'GRADY, married Anne MALONE[?], 34, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mich MALONE & Mary KALEN, witn: James GILMORE & Mary O'CONNOR, 04 Jan 1864.

John MEEHAN, 21, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James MEEHAN & Cath ROONEY, married Mary E O'CONNOR, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat O'CONNOR & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: John CONNOR & Margt DONER, 12 Jan 1864.

Thomas DONEGAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mich DONEGAN & Ann DONEGAN, married Maria KENEDY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas KENNEDY & Brid KENNEDY, witn: Mar BURNS & Brid KENNEDY, 18 Jan 1864.

John WAGNER, 25, United States, Toronto, s/o Fran WAGNER & Cath WAGNER, married Han McCORMICK, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Mick McCORMICKk & ----[?] McGOMUSH, witn: John McGINNIS & Ann HARDING, 18 Jan 1864.

James O'HEARN, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mich O'HEARN & Cath HAGLAN, married Joha KENNEDY, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James KENNEDY & Mary GILBERT, witn: Peter HERBERT & Sarah O'HEARN, 25 Jan 1864.

Joseph CARUGAN, 26, Ireland, Bruce Co, s/o Peter CARUGAN & Maria DUAN [DORAN?], married Winifred KELLY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat'k KELLY & Bridg KELLY, witn: Terence TONOR [?] & Cath SWEENEY, 02 Feb 1864.

Dennis MURPHY, 34, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Jacob MURPHY & Mary F BYRNE, married Brid ROGERS, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Bernard ROGERS & Brid ROGERS, witn: Thomas O'NEAL & Cath CLESHORN, 07 Feb 1864.

John WALPOLE, 30, Ireland, York Twp, s/o John WALPOLE & Brid FLYNN, married Ellen LAWLOR, 28, Ireland, York Twp, d/o Timothy LAWLOR & Mary KELLY, witn: David CARTIN & Mary O'CONNOR, 03 Apr 1864.

John MULLEN, 23, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Pat'k MULLEN & Eliza MULLEN, married Joane MURRAY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John MURRAY & Phil MURRAY, witn: Mic MURRAY & Mary McMORAN, 12 Apr 1864.

James COLGHAN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph COLGHAN & Winf CANSACK, married Sarah A DAUSON, 27, England, Toronto, d/o John DAUSON & Joh FRASER, witn: Bat MORIARTY & Mary FEATHERSTONE, 18 Apr 1864.

Denis MALONE, 50, Ireland, Toronto, s/o "widower", married Elizabeth RYOM, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John RYOM & Eliz CONNEL, witn: Owen KOHOE & Winifred KOHOE, 26 Apr 1864.

John BURNS, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John BURNS & Majove BURNS, married Mary McNULTY, 17, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas McNULTY & Julia McNULTY, witn: Pat DOYLE & Maryann MORGAN, 27 Apr 1864.

Peter GREEN, 21, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Peter GREEN & Ann GREEN, married Ellen HALLORAN, 17, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Daniel O'HALLORAN & Brid O'HALLORAN, witn: Martin DEMPSTER [?] & Mary THOMPSON, 09 May 1864.

John AYLWARD, 58, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Philip AYLWARD & Sarah AYLWARD, married Mary CONWAY, 35, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat FINLEY & Eliz FINLEY, witn: Pat POWER & Cath CULLEN, 09 May 1864.

William MOYLAN, 32, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John MOYLAN & Mary MOYLAN, married Ann MULCAHY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Wil'm MULCAHY & Mar MULCAHY, witn: Pat'k McCONNELLl & Johanna MULCAHY, 28 Jun 1864.

Patrick GLAVIN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Danial FLAVIN & Joha FLAVIN, married Rose ANN BULGER, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mich BUGLER[sic] & Sarah BUGLER, witn: James FLAVEN & Bridg MULHOLAND, 25 Jun 1864.

John CASEY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mar CASEY & Johan CASEY, married Mary KELLY, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John KELLY & Cath KELLY, witn: Dennis MORAN & Cath KELLY, 22 Aug 1864.

John ROSE, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Rich'd [Pat'k?] ROSE & Mary ROSE, married Cath GREEN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Mich GREEN & Margt GREEN, witn: Will ROSE & Mary RYAN, 25 Oct 1864.

John CONNORS, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James CONNORS & Mary J ANSELL, married Bridget SULIVAN, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Dennis SULIVAN & Honora McCONLY, witn: Denis SULIVAN & Lousia MALONE, 25 Nov 1864


Page 196, return 189: by Rev John Barclay, St Andrew's Presbyterian

Donald McDONALD, 24, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Donald & Twness [sic] McDONALD, married Jessie [?] HUGHES, 23, Peterborough, Toronto, d/o Crighty & Janet MORRORS [?], witn: J Helen McDONALD of Toronto & J W McDONALD of Goderich, 16 Feb 1864.

Thoedore H SPENCER, 28, Canada, Toronto, s/o C W & Athelinda SPENCER, married Mary Caroline Agusta McDONALD, 16, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Donald & Francis McDONALD, witn: J C J McDONALD & [?] SPENCER, both of Toronto, 10 Feb 1864.

James REID, 26, Toronto, Garafraxa, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth REID, married Mary HUNTER, 24, Ireland, Garafraxa, d/o Samuel & Ellen HUNTER, witn: William E REID & Mary HUNTER, both of Garafraxa, 01 Mar 1864.

John BRYANT, 30, England, Toronto, s/o Robert BRYANT, married Janet GOLDRING, 28, Scotland, Toronto, d/o George & Ann MORRISON, witn: George MORRISON & M A BONOHAN [?], both of Toronto, 12 Mar 1864. Bride appears to be a widow.

Robert S ALEXANDER, 27, Coburg, Coburg, s/o Thomas & Susan ALEXANDER, married Anne SUTHURLAND, 24, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Kenneth M & Matilda SUTHURLAND, witn: D B CAIN & C R BROOKE, both of Toronto, 11 Apr 1864.

Frederick THOMAS, 28, Brantford, Toronto, s/o Francis & Mary THOMAS, married Mary [Marg't?] ROGERS, 25, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Charles & Janet ROGERS, witn: John HOLDERNESS & Margaret REVERILL, both of Toronto, 28 Apr 1864.

George SKINNER, 35, England, King Twp, s/o John & Jane SKINNER, married Margaret REAMER [?], 27, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Catherine & Margaret McDONALD [sic], witn: Elizabeth MALONE & George STRACHAN, both of Toronto, 11 May 1864. Bride appears to be a widow.

William HENLEY, 29, England, Markham, s/o William & Elizabeth HENLEY, married Elizth Agnes STEINHOFF, 21, Markham, Markham, d/o Peter & Mary STEINHOFF, witn: Elizabeth MALONE & George STRACHAN, both of Toronto, 17 May 1864.

Edward W EVANS, 30, London England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary Emily EVANS, married Margt F SINCLAIR, 30, Quebec, Toronto, d/o George & Isabella GUILAN, witn: D BARKER & J EVANS, both of Toronto, 23 May 1864.

Robert LAMB, 34, Scotland, [?], s/o Robert & Elizabeth LAMB, married Agness FINDLAY, 30, Scotland, York Twp, d/o Alex & Jessie FINDLAY, witn: John FINDLAY & Elizabeth FINDLAY, both of York Twp, 26 Jul 1864.

James MUIR, 22, Lower Canada, N Easthope, s/o James & Isabella MUIR, married Catherine FREER, 21, Canada West, N Easthope, d/o John & Elizabeth FREER, witn: C W WYLIE & H O'NEIL, both of Toronto, 06 Oct 1864.

George TURNBULL, 25, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Walter & Margaret TURNBULL, married Anne McDONALD, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Donald & Katy McDONALD, witn: John MILLICHAMP & Frederick MILLICHAMP [?], both of Toronto, 07 Oct 1864.

John KNOWLES, 67, United States, Pickering, s/o William & Mary KNOWLES, married Fanny MARSHALL, 32, England, Pickering, d/o John & Elizabeth MARSHALL, witn: George TAIT & Maria PENT [?], both of Pickering, 31 Oct 1864.

William Owen JONES, [not given], Toronto, s/o [not given], married Emily McCLURE, 26, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Robert & Delia McCLURE, witn: S R CAMPBELL & D B ROBERTSON, both of Toronto, 21 Dec 1864.


Page 197, return 190: by Rev Andrew Sauvadet, St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church

Pat McGRAVY (McGarvey?), 23, "on the sea", Toronto, s/o John McGRAVY & An DONOHO, married Mary KANE, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James KANE & Mary ELLIS, witn: John McGRAVY & Bridget McLAUGHLIN, both of Toronto, 20 Jan 1864.

Daniel THOMPSON, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael THOMPSON & Cath MURY, married Bridget GLISSON, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Own GLISSON & Bridget MADIGAN, witn: Wil MOYLAN & Mary HOGIN, both of Toronto, 30 Apr 1864.

George KING, 30, England, Toronto, s/o Richard KING & Saragh GARDNER, married Bridget DOWNEY, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael DOWNEY & Mary JANY, witn: Michael JARGON & Ellen CONON, both of Toronto, 13 Jun 1864.

Wil CLARK, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Wil CLARK & Alice CLARK, married Eliza McDONAL, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John McDONAL & Mary McDONAL, witn: George McDONAL & Mary Ann CLARK, both of Toronto, 06 Jul 1864.

Michael COLIN, 58, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas COLLIN & Ana WALSH, married Bridget DALY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James DALY & Mary DALY, witn: Honora CONNERS & Jan FRANKLIN, both of Toronto, 25 Sep 1864.

Michael CORRY, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael CORRY & Mary NOVLAHAN, married Mary RAYNE, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Andrew RAYNE & Liza GLISSON, witn: Michael RAYNE & Mary MARTIN, both of Toronto, 03 Oct 1864.

Michael DONAVIN, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Richard DONAVIN & Nancy JOHNS, married Mary FRANKLIN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John FRANKLIN & Bridget BROWN, witn: Mrs McNAMARA & Mrs HANNAHAN [?], both of Toronto, 08 Oct 1864.

John HENNESSY, 55, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Pat HENNESSY & Ellen CROSLEY, married Cath FLANIGAN, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John FLANIGAN & Ellen CONNER, witn: James HANNIN & Mary HOGAN, both of Toronto, 15 Oct 1864.

Pat CODY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Richard CODY & Cathe ELEWAN, married Mary DONAHAN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Timothy DONAHAN & Ellen CONNERS, witn: Pat CAVANAUGH & Ellen CODY, both of Toronto, 31 Oct 1864.

James HUGHES, 55, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Felix HUGHES & Ellen HUGHES, married Mary DORAN, 40, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph DORAN & Honora KANE, witn: Thomas THOMPSON & Johanna MURPHY, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1864


Page 199, return 192: by Rev John Jennings, Presbyterian

Hiram HERON, 25, Scarboro, Toronto, s/o William HERON & Caroline HERON, married Marianne KERR, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William KERR & Mary Ann SPRINK, witn: William Kerr JOHNSTON & Janet McPHERSON, both of Toronto, 01 Jan 1864.

James FRANCIS, 20, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James FRANCIS & Elizabeth QUAY, married Sarah RYAN, 30, Glen Fatal Co Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, d/o Samuel REID & Sarah LARKIE, witn: Jas ALLEN & Mary SEARSON, both of Toronto, 06 Feb 1864. Sarah RYAN was a widow.

Thomas RYAN, 31, Cork Ireland, 16th Reg't, s/o John RYAN & Elizabeth RUSSELL, married Eliz B CHAPMAN, 38, Surrey England, Toronto, d/o Martinus BADGROW & Mary SAIGIEON, witn: Thomas SCULLY & Emily MUNRO, both of Toronto, 08 Feb 1864. Eliz CHAPMAN was a widow.

Thomas MAGLADY, 28, Co Armagh Ireland, Biddulph Twp, s/o Samuel MAGLADY & Judith GRACIE, married Jessie RENNIE, 22, Scarboro, Toronto, d/o Robert RENNIE & Eliz FIFE, witn: Francis E JENNINGS of Toronto, 18 Feb 1864.

James King McKENSIE, 36, Doune Perthshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o David McKENSIE & Ann KING, married Sarah ANN RENNICKS, 20, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Grant RENNICKS & Isabella YOUNG, witn: J W WIDOWSON & H P GOWAN, both of Toronto, 01 Mar 1864.

Eliazer B NEWCOMBE, 39, Mercer Town Maine USA, Toronto (formerly Kentucky--"owing to the war"), s/o William NEWCOMBE & Hannah BURBANK, married Mary ATKINSON, 20, Bond Town, Nelson Co, Kentucky, Toronto (came from Kentucky), d/o Rev John ATKINSON & Lucinda ELA, witn: Robert STONE & Samuel V GATE, both of Toronto (late from Kentucky), 21 Apr 1864. NOTE: Eliazer NEWCOMB was a widower.

Thomas GOODWILL, 29, York Twp, Vaughan, s/o John GOODWILL & Eliz GRICE, married Ann WHITE, 19, Co Tyrone Ireland, Blanglen [?], d/o William WHITE & Marry Anne GORDON, witn: Thomas WHITE & Eliz Jane GOODWILL, both of Bangham [Vaughan?], 05 May 1864.

John McMILLAN, 23, Kelso Scotland, Onieda Twp Haldimand Co, s/o James McMILLAN & Ann MORRIS, married Jane McMILLAN, 23, Hawick Scotland, Onieda Twp Haldimand Co, d/o George McMILLAN & Jane MORRIS, witn: Jos McMILLAN & Jas McMILLAN, both of Onieda, 17 May 1864.

John Spencer SMITH, 23, Dublin Ireland, 16th Reg't, s/o Anthony SMITH & Susan FINLAY, married Mary A SULLIVAN, 21, Kings Co Ireland, Toronto, d/o Martin SULLIVAN & Mary MAHONEY, witn: Valentine FLOOD of 16th Reg't & Bridget SULLIVAN of Toronto, 20 May 1864.

Hugh HILTS, 28, Markham, Markham, s/o ---- HILTS & ---- HEISE, married Eliz S HOMER [HORNER?], 30, Markham, Scott Twp, d/o Joel HORNER & Anna SIZE, witn: Mary MOLBY & Veton CANE, both of Toronto, 24 May 1864.

Edward STONE, 25, Suffolk England, 16th Reg't, s/o George STONE & Charles[?] GOOCH, married Charlotte HULBERT, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas HULBERT & Sarah SPEARMAN, witn: William WALLACE of 16th Reg't & Eliza Jane BANNIN of Toronto, 28 Jun 1864.

Peter Arch'd BROWN, 38, Scotland, Mono Twp, s/o Arch'd BROWN & Margt BROWN, married Mary YOUNG, 27, Kilmarnock Scotland, Kilmarnock Scotland, d/o Hugh YOUNG & Mary B MONTGOMERY, witn: Andrew Lee CLARK & Maggie CLARK, both of Kilmaurs Scotland, 21 Jul 1864.

George Ray PROCTOR, 22, Hampshire England, Beaverton, s/o George PROCTOR & Mary Jane RAY, married Catherine CROZIER, 29, Co Tyrone Ireland, Beaverton, d/o William CROZIER & Mary SPROUL, witn: A BURNSIDE of Georgetown & Jane COX of Toronto, 10 Aug 1864.

Gilbert PEARCY , 30, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William PEARCY & Martha VEY, married Harriett LENNOX, 25, Williamstone CE, Toronto, d/o Edward LENNOX & Isabella CAMPBELL, witn: Isabella CAMPBELL & Arch'd BROWN, both of Toronto, 13 Aug 1864.

Michael BURKE, 28, Co Mayo Ireland, 16th Regiment, s/o Richard BURKE & Mary WALLACE, married Ann MORRISON, 24, Co Limerick Ireland, Toronto, d/o Jos MORRISON & Cath FANY, witn: Rich'd CUMMINGS of 16th Regiment & Margt WALSH of Toronto, 26 Aug 1864.

Andrew RIDDELL, 24, Vaughan, Vaughan, s/o Andrew RIDDELL & Eliz ARCHER, married Louisa PHILLIPS, 22, New York State, Etobicoke, d/o James PHILLIPS & Eliza THORNE, witn: [two members of Rev JENNINGS' family--unsure of initials], 24 Aug 1864.

John BENSON, 23, Kearn Co Roscommon Ireland, Chicago US, s/o Jos BENSON & Ann BINGHAM, married Isabella EASSON, 22, Leslie Fife Scotland, Toronto, d/o John EASSON & Janet WILLIAMSON, witn: John CASSIN & James EASSON, both of Toronto, 01 Sep 1864.

Hugh FRASER, 28, Inverness Scotland, Toronto, s/o Roderick FRASER & Janet STEWART, married Mary MATHEWSON, 25, Newry Ireland, Toronto, d/o Angus MATHESON & Margt QUANT, witn: Angus MATHESON & Farquhar MORRIS, both of Toronto, 13 Sep 1864.

James HOLLINGER, 21, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John HOLLINGER & Ann Jane HAMOR, married Lorraine [?] HOLLINGER, 22, Chinguacousy, Toronto, d/o George HOLLINGER & Ann PATERSON, witn: Archd HOLLINGER & Wallis WALTON, both of Toronto, 09 Sep 1864.

George CAITHRINGS, 31, Edinburgh Scotland, 16th Regiment, s/o David CAITHRINGS & Mary PATTERSON, married Mary Ann WRIGHT, 31, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Matt CAVANAGH & Ann WEST, witn: Edward STONE of 16th Regiment & Ellen MOWAT [?] of Toronto, 12 Oct 1864.

Alexander F CLARK, 29, Betterbet Ireland, Toronto, s/o William CLARK & ---- FINLAY, married Wilh[emina?] HUNTER, 26, Dumfries Scotland, Toronto, d/o James HUNTER & Jane McCUSKEY, witn: William PEARSON, Sam S PEARSON & George HUNTER, all of Toronto, 08 Dec 1864.


Page 200, return 193: by Rev Wellington Jeffers, Wesleyan Methodist

Peter Alex [Allan?] WRIGHT, 23, Aberdeenshire Scotland, Hamilton CW, s/o Peter WRIGHT & Christian WRIGHT, married Eliza Marie MOSES, 21, Dublin Ireland, Hamilton CW, d/o Thomas MORRIS & Ann MORRIS, witn: Jane E JEFFERS & Kate HURST, both of Toronto, 04 Jul 1864.

Joseph H SNIDER, 24, Rochester US, Toronto, s/o George & ---- SNIDER, married Charlot L WISHERT, 21, Kingston CW, Toronto, d/o Robert WISHERT & Jane WISHERT, witn: George SANDERSON & K HEWITT, both of Toronto, 04 Jul 1864.

George COLES, 25, London England, Toronto, s/o George H COLES & Mary COLES, married Mary E FARROW, Yorkville, Yorkville, d/o William FARROW & Susan FARROW, witn: William COLES & Sis FARROW of [place not given], 23 Dec 1864. NOTE: Bride's age not given.


Page 201, return 194: by Rev J Walsh, St Mary's Roman Catholic Church

John KANE, 34, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael KANE & Mary HIGGINS, married Bridget CAULFORD, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Hugh CAULFORD & Eliza KEAY, witn: Cornelius KANE of Toronto, 18 Feb 1864.

Joshua MELKER, 40, Kentucky, Toronto, s/o John MELKER & Elizabeth SHARD, married Agnes WALSH, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Terance McSHEA & Margaret WALSH, witn: Catherine SHAIR & Michael FINELLl, both of Toronto, 02 Feb 1864. Bride appears to be a widow.

Thomas BUTLER, 28, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John BUTLER & Margaret FOLEY, married Catherine DONHOE, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael O'DONOHOE & Johanna DUGAN, witn: Anne GROOM & James GRIEVEY, both of Toronto, 04 Apr 1864.

John WILSON, 29, England, 16th Reg't, s/o Richard WILSON & Mary DILLON, married Ellen RELFOYLE, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael RELFOYLE & Catherine FITZGERALD, witn: Eliza BUTLER & Dennis MURPHY, both of Toronto, 05 Apr 1864.

Patrick KELLY, 20, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John KELLY & Jane GORMLEY, married Honora KENNEDY, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael KENNEDY & Mary LYNCH, witn: Elizabeth ORAM & T KENNEDY, both of Toronto, 08 Apr 1864.

Michael BUGHLEY, 34, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael BUGHLEY & Ann McNAMARA, married Mary GILMORE, 29, Ireland, Toronto, d/o P GILMORE & Bridget MANNING, witn: Catherine KELLY & J McDONALD, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1864.

Maxim BERNESS, 27, Canada East, Toronto, s/o Francis BERNESS & Margaret SCANLON, married Ellen McDONALD, 29, Canada, Toronto, d/o John McDONALD & Ellen McDERMOTT, witn: Mary HEPIAN & G EVANS, both of Toronto, 16 Oct 1864.

John SWEENY, 30, Ireland, 16th Reg't, s/o James SWEENEY & Rose WALSH, married Roxanne DOLAN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James DOLAN & Maria CONDON, witn: John WALSH & Catherine DOLLERY, both of Toronto, 06 Nov 1864.

James BRIDGEMAN, Ireland, 16th Reg't, s/o James BRIDGEMAN & Mary McBEANS[?], married Mary A DUTTON, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael DUTTON & Margaret ROCHE, witn: John BENTON & Catherine SURTELL, both of Toronto, 01 Jun 1864. NOTE: Ages of bride & groom not given.

George LAPOLIE, 30, St Pacebal Quebec, Quebec, s/o Robert LAPOLIE & Margaret BOHEART, married Mary O'BRIEN, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael O'BRIEN & Ann SHEHAN, witn: Barry CASSIDY [?] & Mary DALY, both of Toronto, 13 Jul 1864.

Matheus STORAN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael STORAN & Bridget MANOPE, married Mary QUIN, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James QUIN & Bridget McLAUGHLAN, witn: T MARNAGH & Mary MURPHY, both of Toronto, 01 Aug 1864.

Henry McGUIRE, 33, Etobicoke, Toronto, s/o Thomas McGUIRE & Ellen REILLY, married Catherine YOUNGE, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William YOUNGE & Catherine MOLLOY, witn: John McGUIRE & Margaret GILLOT, both of Toronto, 02 Aug 1864.

Michael TREVOR, 35, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Hugh TREVOR & Eliza CONLAN, married Eliza DOLAN, 30, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John DOLAN & Catherine POSTILLO, witn: K CAVANAH & Mary TOBIN, both of Toronto, 24 Aug 1864.

William REGAN, 23, Ireland, 16th Reg't, s/o John REGAN & Mary SULLIVAN, married Honora FOX, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John FOX & Honora RYAN, witn: F McBEITH & Catherine McNAMARA, both of Toronto, 26 Nov 1864.

John RYDEN (Ryder?), 28, Ireland, 16th Reg't, s/o John RYDER & Jane GRINFAST, married Mary A BURNS, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward BURNS & Jane McDONALD, witn: Cornelius LINGRES & Jane CURRAN, both of Toronto, 26 Jul 1864.

Harvy WILLMOTT, 21, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Henry E WILMOTT [sic] & Mary ROSS, married Catherine McDONOUGH, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Owen McMORRAN & Catherine RENNIE [?], witn: Thomas FOSTER & Mary McMURRAY, both of Toronto, 26 Jul 1864.

Patrick SULLIVAN, Barry Ireland, Toronto, s/o Mathew SULLIVAN & Julia REITAN, married Ellen BARNY, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John BARNY & Bridget O'GRADY, witn: Patrick MAHONEY & Ellen GLIFFORD, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1864. NOTE: Ages of bride & groom not given.

Stephen McNARNY, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Stephen McNARNY & Margaret EATON, married Mary SULLIVAN, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Daniel SULLIVAN & Mary MINE, witn: Con SULLIVAN & Catherine MOONEY, both of Toronto, 24 Aug 1864. NOTES: Ages of bride & groom not given.


Page 202, return 195: by Rev Alexander Topp, Canada Presbyterian Church

Thomas Kempis DUFORTT, 24, Bradford CW, Bradford CW, s/o John Edward DUFORTT & Janet CHAPMAN, married Sarah Jane FISHER, 18, West Gwillimbury Twp, West Gwillimbury Twp, d/o Edward FISHER & Georgina SUTHERLAND, witn: Jane TOPP of Toronto & Edward FISHER of West Gwillimbury, 14 Jan 1864.

Alexander PINE, 43, Penicuik Scotland, Whitby Twp, s/o John PINE & Margaret JOHNS, married Margaret SINCLAIR, 31, Lanarkshire Scotland, Whitby Twp, d/o William SINCLAIR & Margaret PRENTICE, witn: Mary NIXON & Agness TOPP of Toronto, 23 Mar 1864.

Alexander RATTRAY, 56, Kirkmichael Toronto [sic], Toronto, s/o David RATTRAY & Janet PETRIE, married Margaret ROY, 40, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, d/o John ROY & Margaret MENZIES, witn: F A RATTRAY & Harriet RATTRAY of Toronto, 30 Mar 1864.

John GARTON, 36, Cottingham Yorkshire England, Toronto, s/o George GARTON & Ann THIRSK, married Annie COCHRANE, 24, Dundee Scotland, Toronto, d/o Hector COCHRANE & Margaret BETTS, witn: James MOWAT & Margaret MASTERS of Toronto, 16 Apr 1864.

Thomas ROBERTSON, 26, Selkirk Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Jessie RUTHERFORD, married Elizabeth VAIR, 22, Falkirk Scotland, Toronto, d/o James VAIR & Louisa IRELAND, witn: Margaret MASTERS & James FORSYTHE of Toronto, 09 Aug 1864.

Matthew Francis VASSER [?], 22, Peel Co , Toronto, s/o William VASSER & Jane BLACK, married Elizabeth McCLELLAND, 21, Yorkville, Yorkville, d/o Thomas McCLELLAND & Rachel COX, witn: Gideon ROBERTSON & John CHAMBERS of Toronto, 13 Sep 1864.

William HUGHES, 24, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John HUGHES & Jane LINDSAY, married Catherine McDONELL, 24, Inverness-shire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Allan McDONELL & Ann SINCLAIR, witn: Henry FERGUSON & Eliza FERGUSON of Toronto, 26 Sep 1864.

John Hutchinson MOORE, 57, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert MOORE & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, married Elizabeth Letitia Summerson HANNAH [HAMISH?], 38, Woolwich [Kent] England, Toronto, d/o William HANNAH [HAMISH?] & Letitia FLEMING, witn: Eliza FERGUSON & Patrick O'BRIEN of Toronto, 03 Oct 1864.

George CRAW, 44, Paisley Scotland, Medonte Twp, s/o James CRAW & Elizabeth BOYD, married Ann WILSON, 32, Johnstone Scotland, Toronto, d/o William WILSON & Margaret REID, witn: Catherine HUTCHINSON & William GALBRAITH of Toronto, 06 Dec 1864.

William McCOMB, 23, Kingston CW, Hamilton, s/o George McCOMB & Mary Jane WOODS, married Isabella DALY, 21, Kingston, Hamilton, d/o Francis DALY & Helen CARY, witn: John HOLLINGSWORTH & Mary Ann HOLLINGSWORTH of Toronto, 31 Dec 1864