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City of Toronto, 1923, part 5

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birth place is given before residence


004050/23 Morg? Wilfred James CAHILL, 24, electrician, Nova Scotia (Halifax Co), Timmins, s/o James CAHILL & Elizabeth HORN, married Margaret Magdalene JOHNSTON, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William JOHNSTON & Mary GREER, witn: Arthur Joseph CAHILL of Timmins & Mrs. Mary LaBRIE of 1321 Dundas St. W., 18 July 1923


004049/23 Frederick Charles Gordon CAMPBELL, 30, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Colin CAMPBELL & Jane BILLINGS, married Elsie Helen SALT, 27, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Major SALT & Elizabeth WOLPIN (Halpin?), witn: Marjorie Jane SALT of 96 West Lodge Ave. Toronto & L.G. CAMPBELL of 2 Northumberland St. Toronto, 21 July 1923

004046/23 James Henry CHIVERS, 26, laborer, England, 186 Weston Rd. Sth., s/o William CHIVERS born England & Florence FRENCH, married Mabel SQUIRES, 32, widow, England, 186 Weston Rd. Sth., d/o James HOLLETT born England & Emma RUTLEY, witn: Elizabeth Maud NORMAN of 186 Weston Rd. & Sydney DART of 2815 A. DUNDAS St., 28 July 1923

004048/23 James COUCH, 21, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Jos. COUCH & Mary GEORGE, married Veronica McCABE, 20, clerk, Ireland, Gerrard St. E., d/o Edward McCABE & Telra HARMAN, witn: William McCABE of 1214 Gerrard E. & W. FEBYMAN? of Grant St., 2 July 1923

004047/23 Edmund CROTEAU, 36, mining prospector, Powassan Ont., Kirkland Lake Ont., s/o John CROTEAU & Delphine COUVRIER?, married Mary SHILLENDER, 23, at home, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, d/o John SHILLENDER & Sarah McNULTY, witn: Michael SHILLENDER of 211 Marlborough Ave. Toronto & Kathleen McNULTY of 213 Dalhousie St., 4 July 1923

4150-23 Wilfrid William HAND, 27, clerk, New Brunswick, Toronto, s/o William Nelson HAND (b. New Brunswick) & Nettie BOYD, married Violet Rose SHERWOOD, 27, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o William SHERWOOD (b. England) & Margaret PELHAM, witn: Roy J. CARR & W. G. BUSTARD both of Toronto on July 28, 1923 on St. Barnabas Church

4153-23 Stuart Leopold HANLON, 24, oil refiner, England, Toronto, s/o John HANLON (b. England) & Isabella CARPENTER, married Enid May FERREIRA, 25, British West Indies, Toronto, s/o William FERREIRA (b. British West Indies) & Annie PEREIRA, witn: George R. MURRAY & Sylvia MUNSEY both of York Co. on July 28, 1923

4157-23 Maurice Joseph HARNETT, 31, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Timothy HARNETT & Bridget RYAN, married Helena EGAN, 34, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James EGAN & Catherine DORRIS, witn: Mary GERRY of Cobourg & Frank SMYTH of Toronto on July 23, 1923

003396/23 Frederick HARRINGTON, 22, post office clerk, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Frederick HARRINGTON & Catherine KELLY, married Elizabeth Helen TUTTY, 21, clerk, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Albert TUTTY & Elizabeth SNELL, witn: Henry HARRINGTON of 272 Queen St. E. & Matilda KELLY of 593 Wellington St., 27 June 1923

003395/23 Reginald Thomas Charles Kitchener HARRISON, 21, miller, Faversham Kent England, 171 Vine Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas Edward HARRISON & Mary WITTEN, married Mabel TERSTON? (Turton?), 21, chocolate packer, Derby England, 368 Oster Ave. Toronto, d/o John TERSTON? & Louisa FARMER, witn: N. TERSTON? of 368 Oster Ave. & Ivy Louise DUNK of 44 Westh? St., 30 June 1923, St. Marks West Toronto

4148-23 William Carmel HAWTON, 24, barber, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Fred HAWTON (b. Ont) & Louisa BROWN, married Frances KIRKLAND, 32, widow, England, Toronto, d/o John GOODHEAD (b. England) & Mary COATES, witn: Mary C. & F. C. ETHERINGTON both of Toronto on July 26, 1923

4154-23 John Downs HEAD, 32, brick layer, Essex England, Toronto, s/o James Durrand HEAD & Sarah Louisa DOWNS, married Winnifred Margaret ALDERTON, 23, London England, Toronto, d/o Henry ALDERTON & Margaret WARD, witn: Emily WILLIAMS & James HEAD Jr. both of Toronto on July 18, 1923 at ST. Barnabas Church at East


003397/23 Leo Martin HEALY, 24, clerk, Mara Twp., Toronto, s/o John HEALY & Catherine MAHONY, married Josephine Elizabeth GALLIVAN, 28, at home, Mara Twp. Toronto, d/o John GALLIVAN & Elizabeth HAGERTY, witn: Lewellyn HEALY of Atherley Ont. & Mary GALLIVAN of 297 Wolverleigh Toronto, 27 June 1923

4146-23 Arthur Joseph HEALEY, 28, cabinet maker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Patrick HEALEY (b. Ont) & Mary MYERS, married Margaret Olive BERRYMAN, 28, Ontario, Toronto, d/o George BERRYMAN, (b. Ont) & Janet YOUNG, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Earl TRENTON both of Toronto on July 4, 1923
4132-23 Albert HEARN, 32, rod man, Toronto, same, s/o George H. HEARN (b. England) & Susan TIDEY, married Florence MAIONI, 30, widow, England, Toronto, d/o George LAWSON (b. England) & Florence WOOD, witn: William H. CHAPMAN & Delight M. SAUNDERS both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

003400/23 Lionel McIver HEATH, 32, pathologies, Bridgetown Barbados, Hull Quebec, s/o Fitzherbert Eustace HEATH & Sarah Matilda TAPPIN, married Nellie STANSBURY, 26, stenographer, Kitchener Ont., 33 McGill St. Toronto, d/o Henry STANSBURY & Alice Hannah LEACH, witn: Charles STANSBURY of 33 McGill & Edith PICKERING of 274 Huron St., 16 June 1923

003392/23 Allan Dale HEDLEY, 27, bank teller, Ontario, Windsor Ont., s/o Robert HEDLEY born Ontario & Marjory STARK, married Mabel Anderson DONER, 23, Ontario, Stayner Ont., d/o John T. DONER born Ontario & Sophia CAHILL, witn: Dorcas J. HUNTER of 89 Harbord St. & Mrs. J.A. SUTHERLAND of 180 Robert St., 23 June 1923

4151-23 John HENDREN, 24, welder, Toronto, same, s/o John HENDREN (b. Ontario) & Beatrice WOOD, married Elizabeth PRIDMORE, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John PRIDMORE (b. England) & Annie COOPER, witn: Minnie & John DUGGAN both of Toronto on July 12, 1923

4156-23 Clifford Joseph HENDRICK, 20, shipper, Canada, Toronto, s/o Michael Joseph HENDRICK & Margaret LYONS, married Gladys PETERS, 18, operator, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick PETERS & Sarah HARPER, witn: Lillian PETERS & Charles LINES (sic) both of Toronto on July 25. 1923

4129-23 Frederick HEYD, 23, tailor, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Frederick H. HEYD (b. Ont) & Mary E. CURTIS, married Edna HILTON, 27, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas HILTON (b. England) & Margaret BEDLEY, witn: William HINKLEBRIDGE & Ellen HILTON both of Toronto on July 4, 1923
4147-23 Harold Barton HILL, 33, salesman, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick Barton HILL (b. England) & Florence WOODTHORPE, married Ethel STRACHAN, 32, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James Murray STRACHAN, (b. Scotland) & Annie CLARKE, witn: illegible STRACHAN & Cora B. JACKSON both of Toronto on July 6, 1923 4131-23 William Lloyd HILL, 25, mechanic, USA, Toronto, s/o Joseph W. HILL (b. Ont) & Louise CLARK, married Ida Florence CADWALLADER, 25, clerk, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur CADWALLADER (b. England) & Leticia BISHOP, witn: Horace GRAY & Sara McKINLAY both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

003394/23 Stanley HILL, 28, commercial traveler, Barton-on-Humber England, Toronto, s/o Thomas EDWARD HILL & Annie Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Edith Rebecca CHURCHHOUSE, 27, London England, Toronto, d/o Henry CHURCHHOUSE & Eliza Sarah WALLACE, witn: George HILL of Toronto & Florence FREBOROUGH of Toronto, 30 June 1923

003401/23 Francis Edward HILL, 30, machinist, London England, 191 Perth Ave Toronto, s/o Francis George HILL & Martha MACE, married Lilian Ernestina MARKS, 23, clerk, London England, 465 Keele St. Toronto, d/o Ernest Robert MARKS & Amelia REYNOLDS, witn: John William HILL of 191 Perth Ave. & Anna WRIGHT of 50 Nichol Ave. Mt. Dennis Ont., 16 June 1923, St. Marks Church

003391/23 Rowland Joseph Gordon HILL, 29, summer resort proprietor, Hillside Muskoka, Hillside Muskoka, s/o Thomas Rowland HILL of Simcoe County & Annie McROBERTS, married Marion Bertha HIGGINS, 27, teacher Alma College, London Ont., London Ont., d/o Thomas HIGGINS born Middlesex & Nettie CHRISTIE, witn: Berkeley HIGGINS of 208 Glenholme Ave. & Thomas HIGGINS of London Ont., 26 June 1923

003398/23 Henry Albert HODSON, 21, accountant, England, 764 Logan Ave., s/o Joseph HODSON & Mary ROWLEY, married Mable Florence BRANEY, 20, embroider, England, 73 Cambridge Ave., d/o George BRANEY & Elizabeth SHAW, witn: Alfred H.R. LUXTON of 75 Muriel Ave. & Doris Lillian BRANEY of 73 Cambridge Ave., 28 June 1923

4143-23 Alfred John HOLDSWORTH, 28, T.T.C. car repairer, Toronto, same, s/o Alfred HOLDSWORTH (b. Ont) & Susie THOMPSON, married Thomasina Jones CLARK, 21, telephone operator, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William CLARK (b. Scotland) & Mary JONES, witn: Harry M. LISCOMBE & Helen CLARK both of Toronto on July 18, 1923 4140-23 Albert Frank HOLLINGSHEAD, 32, driver, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Charles HOLLINGSHEAD (b. Ont) & Maggie McCATHERINE (?), married Sarah STEELE, 40, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William STEELE (b. Ireland) & Sarah BLACKHORN, witn: Mary K. & William A. PRITCHARD both of Toronto on July 14, 1923
4128-23 Harry HOOD, 22, press feeder, England, Toronto, s/o Harry HOOD (b. England) & Catherine SANDERSON, married Violet Ivy ARNOLD, 22, operator, England, Toronto, d/o George ARNOLD (b. England) & Violet Elizabeth SMITH, witn: Edith & William HOOD both of Toronto on July 7, 1923 at St. George’s Church 4139-23 Clifford Scott HOPE, 25, book keeper, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George S. HOPE (b. Ont) & Jennie SCOTT, married Amy Elizabeth FRYERS, 27, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Albert Edward FRYERS (b. Ont) & Elizabeth Harriet LAFARELLE, witn: Elizabeth & Albert E. FRYERS both of Toronto on July 14, 1923
4136-23 Horace Bertram HOPE, 20, student, Ontario, Milliken Ont, s/o William HOPE (b. Ont) & Lilian DIXON, married Elda Marie CLAYTON, 17, Ontario, Milliken, d/o James CLAYTON (b. England) & Janet WEIR, witn: William James & J. CLAYTON both of Milliken on July 12, 1923 4152-23 John Frederick HOWELL, 35, paper hanger, Ontario, Toronto, s/o illegible HOWELL (b. Denmark) & Sophia HELWEG, married Mildred Gertrude CARSON, 24, nurse, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John CARSON (b. Ireland) & Ellen CANTILLION, witn: John CAMPBELL & Edith REDMAN both of Toronto on July 28, 1923
4149-23 Francis David HOXFORD, 21, truck driver, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Frederick James HOXFORD (b. England) & Elizabeth Jane WESTON, married Edna Charlotte BONTOFT, 19, taper, Toronto, same, d/o Herbert Ed BONTOFT (b. England) & Mary DIAMOND, witn: Marion B. & Elizabeth M. UPTON both of Toronto on July 24, 1923 4144-23 Beauford Brocklin HOY, 19, truck salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Thomas HOY (b. England) & Prisical DUNLAP married Muriel Kathleen CAMERON, 19, labeller, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John Charles CAMERON (b. England) & Bessy Elizabeth DRYSDALE, witn: J. illegible BEXHAM & Florence May OSBORN both of Toronto on July 19, 1923
4137-23 James William HUGHES, 26, motor mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Henry HUGHES (b. England) & Elizabeth SERGEANT, married Alice SOWLER, 27, bank clerk, England, Toronto, d/o George SOWLER (b. England) & Wilhelmina TULLY, witn: W. George HUGHES & Annie McVITTY both of Toronto on July 10, 1923 4130-23 Thomas HUGHES, 26, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Thomas HUGHES (b. Ont) & Charlotte THOMSON, married Martha FRENCH, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James FRENCH (b. Ireland) & Agnes HEANEY, witn: Stanley WASHAW & Lillian FRENCH both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

4155-23 John Allan HUGHES, 26, salesman, Toronto, Port Credit, s/o David Ellis HUGHES & Helen ROSS, married Mabel Cronyn CHILD, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Harold J. CHILD & Pursis (?) Adelaide STODDART, witn: Adelaide CHILD & W. J. McGHIE both of Toronto on July 10, 1923 at Christ Church

4135-23 Joseph Walter HULSE, 23, moving picture operator, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Walter HULSE (b. Ont) & Josephine QUIRT, married Rose Irene GRAY, 22, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alfred GRAY (b. Ont) & Agnes McCARTHY, witn: M. BRYAN of Toronto & Nellie GRAY of Hamilton on July 11, 1923

003393/23 Arthur Tilbrock HUMPHREY, 34, school master, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel HUMPHREY & Mary KING, married Ethel Violet ARBUCKLE, 37, Canada, Toronto, d/o John ARBUCKLE & Eliza FREE, witn: Bernice ARBUCKLE of 52 Sussex Ave. & D.O. ELLIS of 38 Huntley St. Toronto, 30 June 1923

003399/23 William H. HURLEY, 28, commercial traveler, Toronto, 49 First Ave. Toronto, s/o Edward HURLEY & Mary BARRETT, married Elizabeth M. COFFEY, 29, stenographer, Pickering Ont., 59 Bertmount Ave., d/o Patrick COFFEY & Margaret FITZPATRICK, witn: Cyril J. KELLY of Toronto & Anna COFFEY of 59 Bertmount Ave., 19 June 1923

003402/23 Benjamin HUTTON, 33, baker, London Eng., 329 Shaw, s/o blank HUTTON & Jennie LOCKIE, married Marjorie Senior ELLIS, 33, Sheffield England, 981 Logan Ave., d/o William ELLIS & Sarah SENIOR, witn: Joseph T. GREGORY of Toronto & Millicent ELLIS of 981 Logan, 6 June 1923

003410/23 Roy Kenneth IBBOTSON, 22, clerk, Toronto Canada, 343 Bathurst St. W. Toronto, s/o George Henry IBBOTSON & Sarah SULLIVAN, married Alda May SULLIVAN, 20, at home, Toronto Canada, 159 Montrose Ave., d/o Thomas SULLIVAN & Mary LAUGHTON, witn: J. Parry? IBBOTSON & Florence G. IBBOTSON both of 343 Bathurst St. Toronto, 6 June 1923

4160-23 James IBSEN, 52, ship carpenter, Denmark, Toronto, s/o John IBSEN (b. Denmark) & Bolette HANSON, married Mary Jane VERNON, 50, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Samuel CARDWELL (b. Ireland) & Mary WHALLEY, witn: Charles E. VERNON & Jane BARLOW both of Toronto on July 10, 1923

003403/23 Ernest INGLEBY, 30, express messenger, England, 225 Victoria St. Port Arthur, s/o Arthur INGLEBY born England & Charlotte RANDALL, married Beatrice Ethel MERRITT, 24, England, 1368 Queen St. W., d/o Ernest MERRITT born England & (does not know or remember), witn: Edgar John BULLOCK of 1386 Queen St. West & Ella May CAMPBELL of 160 Jamieson Ave., 1 June 1923

003405/23 William Charles INGLES, 23, salesman, England, 264 Lee Ave., s/o Harvey INGLES of England & (do not remember died when very young), married Barbara Matilda BAKER, 25, Ontario, 72 Kendal Ont., d/o William R. BAKER of Ontario & Matilda VANDERWATERS, witn: F.H. VANDERBURGH of 27 Dundonald & Miss Adelaide BAKER of 72 Kendle Ave., 27 June 1923

003409/23 John Cox INNES, 29, tire finisher, Scotland, 216 Greenwood Ave., s/o William INNES born Scotland & Agnes GRIFFITHY, married Catherine Hamilton Harley STIRLING, 23, Scotland, 3 Stanton Ave., d/o James STIRLING born Scotland & Margaret HARLEY, witn: James STERLING & May C. McKIRDY both of Toronto, 14 June 1923

4162-23 Jack West INNISS (Innis?), 25, printer, Ontario, Michigan USA, s/o Horace Edgar INNISS & Mary Jane DANIELS, married Maggie MANSON, 22, clerk, Scarboro England, Toronto, d/o William MANSON & Margaret Anne GIBSON, witn: Ethel May WATTS of Mt. Dennis & John Alfred WARD of Toronto on July 11, 1923 at St. Mary’s Church

003411/23 Ralph IRONS, 32, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o George IRONS & Martha LAMB, married Elsie Alice Francis WHITE, 31, England, Toronto, d/o Alfred Edward WHITE & Rose Edith PATMORE, witn: George William WHITE of 148 Davenport Rd. Toronto & Jessie FYLES of 89 Pears Ave. Toronto, 11 June 1923

4161-23 Robert Henry IRVING, 30, machinist, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John IRVING (b. Ireland) & Maggie TRAL, married Margaret Eliza Lonie MOIR, 26, book binder, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James MOIR (b. Scotland) & Helen WOOD, witn: James MOIR & Sarah (Sadie) IRVING both of Toronto on July 11, 1923

003408/23 William IRVING, 50, widower, labourer, Ireland, 880 Queens St. W., s/o William IRVING born Ireland & Sarah IRVING, married Martha ALBIN, 55, widow, Ireland, 810 Queen St. W., d/o Thomas BELL born Ireland & Ann Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Anna VAUGHAN of 880 Queen St. W. Toronto & Joseph VAUGHAN of Toronto, 20 June 1923

003404/23 John Addison IRWIN, 20, farmer, Ontario, Caledon East Ont., s/o John George IRWIN of Ontario & Carolina Leggett HOWITH, married Ina HUTCHINSON, 19, Ontario, Mono Rd. Ont., d/o George D. HUTCHINSON of Ontario & Daisy Mans SWITZER, witn: Bolton HUTCHINSON of Mono Rd. Ont. & Irena ELLIOTT of Sandhills, 20 June 1923, St. Matthew’s Church

003407/23 Robert Sydney Fitzgerald IRWIN, 29, traveler, Ontario, 7 Howe Place, s/o Robert IRWIN born Ontario & Margaret Sophie FITZGERALD, married Agnes NESBITT, 35, widow, Ontario, 7 Howe Place, d/o Samuel BLACK born Ontario & Catherine WELSH, witn: Margaret STEVENS & A.J. STEVENS both of 3 Howe Place Toronto, 16 June 1923

003406/23 James IRWIN, 28, shipping clerk, Ireland, 46 Cedarvale Ave., s/o William IRWIN of Ireland & Elizabeth RUSSELL, married Olive Elinor WILLIAMS, 27, clerk, Toronto Ont., 149 Hastings Ave., d/o John WILLIAMS of England & Sarah MacPHERSON, witn: William IRWIN of 46 Cedarvale Ave. Toronto & Ethel M. MEAD of 149 Hastings Ave. Toronto, 28 June 1923, 662 Jones Ave

4159-23 Clarence George ISAAC, 19, apprentice, Toronto, same, s/o George Charles ISAAC (b. Toronto) & Jean Isabel EWING, married Martha KELLY, 19, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas KELLY (b. Scotland) & Helen ROBERTSON, witn: Irene LAWS (?) & Mrs J. A. MUSTARD both of Toronto on July 7.1923

4173-23 Frank JACKSON, 26, lineman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George JACKSON (b. Ont) & Ann NICOL, married Honora Marie TREMBLAY, 21, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Edmond TREMBLAY (b. Que) & Adelia VIENS, witn: George LUCAS & Adelia TREMBLAY both of Toronto on July 9, 1923

4180-23 Milton Robert JACKSON, 27, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o John JACKSON (b. Scotland) & Emily G. TALLICK, married Grace Annetta AVERY, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas AVERY (b. England) & Sophie S. SCOTT, witn: Harold E. BROWN & Hannah Almira PHELPS both of Toronto on July 24, 1923

003414/23 Arthur Granomore JAMES, 19, reporter, England, 55 St. Nicholas St., s/o Frederick W. JAMES born England & Mary Ann CROMWELL, married Ethel Ruth KEEMER, 19, stenographer, England, 77 Yorkville Ave., d/o Joseph William KEEMAR born England & Laura Clara POINTING, witn: Edith FRANKLIN of 27 Davenport Rd. & Hugh LINDSAY 9 Grandview Ave., 2 June 1923

003439/23 Oswald Joseph JARVIS, 24, motorman, Boston Linc. Eng., 64 Doel Ave., s/o Edward JARVIS & Susan SPENCER, married Jean DOVEY, 19, domestic, Worchestershire England, 49 Clarendon Ave., d/o Charles DOVEY & Margaret SHOVE, witn: Dan DRISCOLL & Loretta DRISCOLL both of 200 Leslie St., 30 June 1923

4163-23 Joseph William JAQUES, 20, plumber, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph JAQUES (b. England) & Lily M. VAUSE, married Mildred TAYLOR, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Abraham TAYLOR (b. Ont) & W. Lucille HOYWANE, witn: Clifford TAYLOR & Helen BROOKS both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

4178-23 Arthur William JEFFERY, 24, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur Frederick JEFFERY (b. England) & Eliza Ann HODGES, married Jean Oxley Johnson CAMPBELL, 23, chocolate dipper, Scotland, Scarboro Tp., d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Mary HOUSTON, witn: Ernest B. & Edna M. JEFFERY both of Toronto on July 27, 1923

4167-23 William Henry JENKINS, 32, chauffeur, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William JENKINS (b. Ont) & Mary MONTGOMERY, married Josephine GAREAU, 22, waitress, Ontario, Toronto, d/o S. GAREAU (b. Ont) & Josephine CARDINAL, witn: Mrs. M. HENDERSON & Miss Effie REED both of Toronto on July 10, 1923

003412/23 Clarence Geoffrey JENKINSON, 23, clerk, Ontario, 502 Crawford St., s/o Walter Stanley JENKINSON born Ontario & Annie McDONOGH, married Marjory Elizabeth WILSON, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 84 Northcote Ave., d/o Llewellyn Gerrard WILSON born Ontario & Lulu Elizabeth WISMER, witn: Jane SPENCE of 173 Argyle St. & Hessie R. MITCHELL of 38 Rolyat St., 1 June 1923

4171-23 Arthur Beck JENNINGS, 23, accountant, Penetanguishene, same, s/o John Brian JENNINGS (b. Bruce Mines) & Louisa Winnifred BECK, married Ruth Leotta WILLIAMSON, 24, Toronto, same, d/o George N. WILLIAMSON (b. Hawkestone Ont) & Mary Edith WEAKLEY, witn: Walter Brian JENNINGS of Penetanguishene & Ethel WILLIAMSON of Toronto on July 7, 1923 at St. Mary Magdelene Church

4172-23 Christopher Charles JENNINGS, 28, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o William A. JENNINGS (b. England) & Emily SMITH, married Alice Helena PALSER, 21, chocolate dipper, Toronto, same, d/o Frank PALSER (b. England) & Florence DAWSON, witn: George Francis & Emily Pearl LEFLEUR both of Toronto on July 18, 1923 at St. Barnabas Church

003437/23 John Edmund JENNINGS, 42, broker, Delaware Middlesex Co. Ont., 478 Roncesvalles Ave., s/o John JENNINGS & Sophia HARRIS, married Dorothy Teresa TESKEY, 24, book keeper, Collingwood Ont., Collingwood Ont., d/o Jacob TESKEY & Jane O’HARA, witn: Joseph LANGAN of 478 Roncesvalles & Madeline TESKEY of Collingwood Ont., 27 June 1923, St. Vincent de Paul Church

4182-23 Wilfred Joseph JENNS, 34, carpenter, Kidderminster England, Toronto, s/o Samuel JENNS & Elizabeth ROBERTS, married Margaret HANN (Haun?), 22, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick HANN & Ann McMANUS, witn: Austin & Miss. Agnes LEE both of Toronto on July 14, 1923

4168-23 Thomas Henry JERRETT, 21, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Edwin JERRETT (b. England) & Sarah GADD, married Violet INSLEY, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Elgin INSLEY (b. Ont) & Mary BUCK, witn: James McINTYRE & Edith E. ELDRIDGE both of Toronto on July 11, 1923

003438/23 Lawrence C. JERVIS, 28, machinist, St. Helen’s Lanc. Eng., Toronto, s/o Stephen JERVIS & Jane CHORLEY, married Jessie CARNIE, 24, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, d/o James CARNIE & Isabel KILOH, witn: Frank JERVIS of 543 St. Clarence & Isabel CARNIE of 98 Wallace Ave., 20 June 1923

4164-23 Oscar Housson JOHNS, 21, glass worker, Toronto, same, s/o Oscar H. JOHNS (b. Germany) & Jessie SEARS, married Irene Beatrice Victoria HURST, 21, Toronto, same, d/o William HURST (b. Ont) & Martha STEPHENS, witn: Reginald Charles CAREN & Doris ANDERSON both of Toronto on July 5, 1923

4177-23 John Henry JOHNSON, 46, manager, England, Eugenia Ont., s/o James JOHNSON (b. England) & Jane BATH, married Rachel MERRETT, 45, widow, Wales, Toronto, d/o Daniel JONES (b. Wales) & Gwendolyn MORGAN (?), witn: Donald W. & Ethel ANDREWS both of Toronto on July 30, 1923

4175-23 Lyle JOHNSON, 37, painter/decorator, Channel Islands, Toronto, s/o George JOHNSON (b. England) & Ann BOLT, married Edna SMALLWOOD, 27, England, Toronto, d/o John SMALLWOOD (b. England) & Jane BUTTER, witn: Jane SMALLWOOD & Bessie C. STILLWELL both of Toronto on July 25, 1923

4181-23 Lyon Berners JOHNSON, 26, driver, Toronto, same, s/o Willard W. S. JOHNSON (b. USA) & mother’s name not given, married Alice Maud DOWNEY, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Robert DOWNEY (b. Ont) & Carrie Matilda McKEARN (?), witn: John Edward & Bernice C. RUDD both of Toronto on July 24, 1923

4166-23 Bruce Henry JOHNSTON, 29, electrical engineer, Ontario, Schenectady NY USA, s/o James William JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Florence Catherine KEASON, married Emily Lillian FRASER, 31, school teacher, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Thomas Wallace FRASER (b. Ont) & Emily Jane GIBBONS, witn: M. Victoria C. JOHNSTON of Exeter Ont. & Herbert W. FRASER of Cobden Ont. on July 10, 1923

4169-23 Edward JOHNSTON, 32, dairyman, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James (?) H. JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Annie WARD, married Frances HORTON, 22, book keeper, Ontario, Toronto, d/o W. H. HORTON (b. England) & Margaret RILEY, witn: Mabel & D. C. JOHNSTON both of Toronto on July 17, 1923

4174-23 Thomas Henry JOHNSTON, 24, labourer, Toronto, same, s/o William L. JOHNSTON (b. Ont) & Sarah E. KING, married Kathleen TEDFORD, 19, lithographer, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph TEDFORD (b. Ont) & Margaret CUMISKEY, witn: Mrs Irene McCANN & William John FRENCH both of Toronto on July 26, 1923


003421/23 Robert JONES, 22, truck driver, Toronto Ont., 19 Markham Place, s/o G.H. JONES born Ontario & Sarah E. JACKSON, married Evelyn DOWN, 20, telephone operator, Simcoe Ont., 55 Mutual St., d/o William DOWN born Ontario & Lillian BATES, witn: Ivy RATCLIFFE of 132 Parliament St. & William DOWNS of Simcoe Ontario, 9 June 1923

003413/23 Percy Grant JONES, 25, editor, Markham Ont., 104 Maberly Ave., s/o Hartman JONES born Ontario & Jessie MILROY, married Clara Jane McINTOSH, 26, accountant, Ontario, 62 Hampton Ave., d/o William McINTOSH born Ontario & Eliza A. REID, witn: Edith McINTOSH of Toronto & Royal F. MOULTON of Stratford Ont., 20 June 1923

4176-23 Henry JONES, 21, salesman, England, Toronto, s/o Charles A. JONES (b. England) & Alice M. HODGSON, married Leta Marie GUIGNE, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alsine GUIGNE (b. Switzerland) & Margaret ENNIS, witn: George JACKSON & Irene BEASLEY both of Toronto on July 28, 1923

4170-23 Percy Lionel JONES, 22, steam fitter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William JONES (b. Ont) & Annie HOSHEL, married Aileen Mary HIGGINS, 24, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Gregory (b. Ont) & Mary, witn: Frank HIGGINS & Gertrude CAREW both of Toronto on July 16, 1923

4165-23 Henry Noble JORDAN, 21, chartered accountancy student, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John JORDAN (b. Ireland) & Alice Ann O’DELL, married Lillian Charlotte UNDERWOOD, 21, switchboard operator, England, Toronto, d/o Richard John UNDERWOOD (b. England) & Lily Louise WINCKWORTH, witn: Mabel BRAITHWAITE & Edwin Gladstone ROSSITER both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

4179-23 John JORDAN, 56, civic engineer, widower, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John JORDAN (b. Ireland) & Annie MILLS, married Annie Carter PATON, 50, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Walter WRIGHT (b. England) & Mary G. WILKES, witn: Alice G. JORDAN & H. G. O’DELL both of Toronto on July 25, 1923

004218/23 Samuel Roland MANTLE, 28, accountant, England, 444 Sherbourne St., s/o William MANTLE born England & Hannah BURCH, married Beulah Vicey LILLEY, 23, designer, New Brunswick, 80 Charles St. E., d/o Harry LILLEY born England & Vicey McKARVEY, witn: Eric A. MITEN of 444 Sherbourne St. City & Helen A. LILLEY of 80 Charles St. City, 23 July 1923

004244/23 Reginald William MARETT, 20, salesman, London England, Mimico, s/o Reginald Herbert MARETT & Rosa Louise BLAKE, married Mae ANDERSEN, 19, Toronto Canada, Toronto, d/o August ANDERSEN & Thyra ISEBURG, witn: Gwen ELFORD of 526 Indian Rd. Toronto & E.H. HUMPHREYS of 40 Alnwych Ave. Toronto, 31 July 1923

004242/23 Joseph John MARTIN, 18, clerk, Toronto, 52 Wardell St., s/o Thomas MARTIN & Theresa WHITE, married Dorothy Theresa EATON, 18, house work at home, Collingwood, 71 DeGrassi St., d/o Richard EATON & Ada TUFFNEL, witn: Harold HURLEY of 49 First Ave. & Clotilde BROWN of 50 Wardell St., 25 July 1923

004243/23 John MATUSIAK, 27, laborer, Poland, 158 St. Helens, s/o Andrew blank & Catherine SLUSARZ, married Carolina HOWAK, 21, laborer, Poland, 158 St. Helens, d/o Jan blank & Honoratay BARA, witn: Glowacki LADISLAUS of 176 Royce & Rutka HELEN of 45 Uxbridge Ave., 14 July 1923

004221/23 Francis Joseph MORRIS, 28, window trimmer, England, 635 Glebeholme Blvd., s/o James MORRIS born England & Annie CAMPBELL, married Mary Edith Gertrude GALLAGHER, 26, Toronto, 817 Sammon Ave., d/o John GALLAGHER born New Brunswick & Jennie EARMAN, witn: Herbert MORRIS & Ruth BLANCHET both of Toronto, 3 July 1923

004219/23 Robert MOSS, 28, shoe business, Roumania, 166 Huron St., s/o Abraham MOSS born Roumania & Ester M. RULEINAVITZ, married Sylvia JACOBS, 18, U.S.A., 166 Huron St., d/o Hyman JACOBS born Austria & Regina AMSTERDAM, witn: M. LUTZKY of 62 Bellevue Ave. & S. KUDBERG of 24 Lenard St., 29 July 1923

004220/23 John Patrick MULLETT, 33, bank inspector, Ontario, 1375 King St. W., s/o Stephen MULLET born Ireland & Hannah COWMAN, married Anna Katherine CHECKLEY, 33, school teacher, Ontario, 9 Lakeview Mansions, d/o Richard Thomas CHECKLEY born Ontario & Margaret MAUDE, witn: Annie MULLET of Toronto & Helen MULLETT of Carleton Place Ont., 2 July 1923


4296-23 Merton Sandford PARKER, 21, builder, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Walter PARKER (b. Que) & Jennie KETHAN, married Madeline Isabel VIRTUE, 22, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o John VIRTUE (b. Ont) & Laura MITCHELL, witn: O.K. PARKER & Marjorie VIRTUE both of Toronto on July 18, 1923

4308-23 Albert Edward PARSONS, 21, piano polisher, Toronto, same, s/o James PARSONS & Sarah VENNING, married Vera Georgina MASON, 21, rubber worker, Toronto, same, d/o William Charles MASON & Sarah Harriett CRAWFORD, witn: Mae Croydon APPS & William Charles MASON both of Toronto on July 7, 1923

4292-23 William PATERSON, 49, labourer, widower, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John PATERSON (b. Scotland) & Christina ADAMS, married Elsie West THOMSON, 39, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret WEST, witn: Alice WEBB & Francis J. WALTERS both of Toronto on July 6, 1923

4307-23 Joseph Charles PATTERSON, 21, labourer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert John PATTERSON (b. Ont) & Martha RUFFET, married Vera Elmer BAKER, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Nelson BAKER (b. Ont) & Ella SWEET, witn: Ella A. & Evelyn FOLLETT both of Toronto on July 30, 1923

4303-23 John Stewart PAUL, 43, accountant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James Harvey PAUL (b. Ont) & Mary DUNLOP, married Edith SHELLARD, 34, sales clerk, Wales, Toronto, d/o Charles Alfred SHELLARD (b. England) & Anna DOWDELL, witn: Helen D. ARCHAMBAULT & Emma FERGUSON both of Toronto on July 28, 1923

4309-23 Jules PAYMENT, 38, mechanic, widower, Lafontaine, Toronto, s/o Dominique PAYMENT & Philomine MOREAU, married Louise GIROUX, 19, Victoria Harbour, Toronto, d/o Alfred GIROUX & Catherine LADOUCEUR, witn: Wilfrid & Ludger Joseph GIROUX both of Toronto on July 2, 1923

4288-23 Milton Irwin PAYNE, 29, manager, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward PAYNE (b. Ont) & Emma HUNTER, married Marcella Charlotte PROULX, 23, packer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Oliver PROULX (b. Ont) & Julia De LAMORANDIE, witn: Ada L. & C. Adella MOORE both of Toronto on July 24, 1923

4302-23 Ralph Melville PAYNE, 23, chauffeur mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o William PAYNE (b. England) Florence RENWICK, married Edna Olive HOY, 18, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Owen HOY (b. Ontario) & Marian HARDING, witn: Vincent Almer & Mrs. Margaret WALKER both Oshawa on July 24, 1923 at St. Peter’s Church

4297-23 Ernest Atwill PEARCE, 38, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William George PEARCE (b. Ont) & Jennie ATWILL, married Esther Jane DAWSON, 31, clerk, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William DAWSON (b. Ont) & Esther SUNDERLAND, witn: Bruce & A. HALPIN both of Toronto on July 21, 1923

4298-23 Benjamin Douglas PEARSELL, 23, optometrist, Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Benjamin Rutherford PEARSELL (b. Ont) & Minnie Arnold DOUGLAS, married Irma Loreen GOEBEL, 21, Toronto, same, d/o George Christian GOEBEL (b. Ont) & Annie GILL, witn: H.J. OILLE & M. J. TAYLOR both of Toronto on July 18, 1923 at Howard Park Church

4301-23 Alexander PENNY, 28, furrier, Scotland, R.R.1 Todmorden, s/o Alexander PENNY (b. Scotland) & Barbara HARPER, married Barbara Maria HUTCHISON, 28, Scotland, Todmorden, d/o James HUTCHISON (b. Scotland) & Lucy WILKINSON, witn: Ivan Arnold & Isabella LACEY both of Toronto on July 3, 1923

4295-23 Seweryn PETRYNA, 23, waiter, Austria, Sudbury, s/o Wasyl (b. Austria) & Annie, married Armida Dallas VINCENZA, 17, Italy, Sudbury, d/o Guiseppe VINCENZA (b. Italy) & Brigida BANDIERA, witn: John MILLER & Rev. Father P. GALLERY C.S.S.R. both of Toronto on July 18, 1923

4300-23 George PETTIGREW, 20, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o William (b. Ont) & Florence, married Mary Elizabeth SHERK, 20, pattern folder, Toronto, same, s/o Asaph (b. Ont) & Elizabeth, witn: William & Eva A. WALTON both of Toronto on July 14, 1923

4289-23 Frederick Benjamin PETERSON, 24, carpenter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Frederick (b. Ont) & Mary, married Lily STEELE, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Samuel STEELE (b. England) & Dorothy BROWN, witn: Peter GORDON & A. RILLINGTON both of Toronto on July 2, 1923

4293-23 Francis Russell PHILLIBEN, 32, structural iron worker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Patrick PHILLIBEN (b. USA) & Anne SHANNON, married Margott Ida WEBB, 25, telephone operator, India, Toronto, d/o George WEBB (b. England) & Bertha LIEBE, witn: Byron & Mary EDMUNDS both of Toronto on July 12, 1923 at St. Vincent’s de Paul Church

4305-23 Edward Clinton PHILLIPS, 23, accountant, USA, Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o Charles PHILLIPS (b. Scotland) & Mary CRUIKSHANK, married Matilda MOHR, 24, stenographer, Manitoba, Toronto, s/o Andrew MOHR (b. Germany) & Sophia RUSHENAN, witn: Helen A. & William A. DOVER both of Toronto on July 28, 1923

4304-23 Frank Howard PILLAR, 24, mechanic, USA, Toronto, s/o Walter PILLAR (b. Ont) & Nellie Adelaide McCOY, married Doreen CALDWELL, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William Ernest CALDWELL (b. Ont) & Violet THORNTON, witn: William COLES & Emma FERGUSON both of Toronto on July 28, 1923

4291-23 Edward Clark PILLER, 24, plumber, England, Toronto, s/o John PILLER (b. England) & Susanna CLARK, married Cornelia Mary CISTERNA, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Paul CISTERNA (b. Ont) & Lucy BROOM, witn: Charles & Rosetta CISTERNA both of Toronto on July 6, 1923 at St. Stephen’s Church

4294-23 Albert Ernest PRESCOTT, 20, grinder, England, Toronto, s/o James PRESCOTT (b. England) & Mary LEE, married Erma Viola McMURRAY, 21, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas McMURRAY (b. Ont) & Sarah J. DAVIDSON, witn: Harold PRESCOTT & Pearl McMURRAY both of Toronto on July 18, 1923

4306-23 Sidney Howard PRESTON, 26, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Charles PRESTON (b. England) & Constance BETTS, married Alice SMITH, 25, England, Toronto, d/o John SMITH (b. England) & Mary BRANT, witn: Nellie GRAY & Andrew BARBER both of Toronto on July 30, 1923 at St. David’s Church

4290-23 Arthur Reginald PREVETT, 24, electrician, England, Petrolia Ont., s/o William PREVETT (b. England) & Alice STANDING, married Joy Elsie LEBOW, 22, P.O. clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James LEBOW (b. Ont) & Marcella LIVINGSTONE, witn: Susie LABOW & Bert CONNOR both of Toronto on July 6, 1923

4299-23 Harold Snider PRINGLE, 32, merchant, Nobleton, same, s/o John PRINGLE (b. Scotland) & Jenny SNIDER, married Cora HILL, 30, Nobleton, same, d/o George HILL (b. Ont) & June CUDELING, witn: Jessie illegible of Toronto & Evelyn H. FERGUSON of Elora on July 18, 1923

4330-23 Carl RADUNER, 29, clerk, Switzerland, Toronto, s/o Nicholaus RADUNER (b. Switzerland) & Carline LANGENEGES, married Hedwig WIRG, 27, Switzerland, Toronto, d/o Jakob WIRG (b. Switzerland) & Verenania HIRT, witn: Louis & Julia ZIMMERMANN both of Toronto on July 11, 1923

4327-23 James RAE, 23, carpenter, Toronto, same, s/o John RAE (b. Scotland) & Mary BULLOCK, married Dorothy Maud TULLOCH, 23, saleslady, Quebec, Toronto, d/o James TULLOCH (b. Scotland) & Rosanna SOREL, witn: George M. RAE & Olive TULLOCH both of Toronto on July 14, 1923

4325-23 James Edwin RAFFERTY, 22, trainman, Toronto, same, s/o James Patrick RAFFERTY (b. Ont) & Marrietta GAUNDUR, married Jeanne Delauras DA TOUKEY (?), 17, Manitoulin Island, Toronto, d/o James Lewis DA TOUKEY (b. Ont) & Alberta JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. A. SHANE & Leo L. RAFFERTY both of Toronto on July 14, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church

4317-23 John RAINFORD, 40, labourer, widower, Jamaica B.W.I., Toronto, s/o George RAINFORD (b. B.W.I.) & Louisa SAVAGE, married Rebecca Georgina MILLER, 43, Jamaica B. W. I., Toronto, d/o Alexander MILLER (b. B.W.I.) & Marion BROWN, witn: B. EACOW & Lilla DWYER both of Toronto on July 12, 1923

4329-23 Arthur Herbert RAINS, 23, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Isaac RAINS (b. England) & Ellen Loretta DERKS, married Gladys SANDFORD, 18, operator, Ontario, Toronto d/o Alfred SANFORD (b. Ont) & Florence Anna WHITE, witn: Ernest MARSHALL & V. F. MESSIAS both of Toronto on July 16, 1923

4314-23 Albert Edward RAYBONE, 23, catcher, England, Dundalk Maryland, s/o Walter William RAYBONE (b. England) & Annie WARREN, married Eleanor Evelyn CHAMBERLAIN, 21, sorter, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas CHAMBERLAIN (b. England) & Mary HOE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Orville WILSON both of Toronto on July 9, 1923

4326-23 Douglas George READING, 21, presser, Manitoba, Toronto, s/o William George Douglas READING (b. Ont) & Rebecca BROWN, married Ethel Veronica BACHLE, 17, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph BACHLE (b. Ont) & Mary NOONAN, witn: John & Annie SMITH both of Toronto on July 14, 1923

4331-23 William Alexander REID, 27, commercial traveller, Toronto, same, s/o George A. REID (b. Ont) & Jane McKEE, married Alice Hazel BELL, 30, Ontario, Toronto, d/o B. E. BELL & Adaliza LAKE, witn: Harold J. REID & Alice BRICK both of Toronto on July 24, 1923

4333-23 Robert Bernell RICE, 27, structural iron worker, USA, Toronto, s/o Jack RICE (b. USA) & Alice M. DICE, married Dorothy JUDD, 20, USA, Toronto, d/o James Bacon JUDD (b. USA) & Sadie Dell WILLER (?), witn: Lillian M. COOKE of Mt. Dennis & Eugene McGILL of Toronto on July 31, 1923

4320-23 Donald Vernon RINGLAND, 21, trainman, Manitoba, Toronto, s/o John Wesley RINGLAND (b. Ont) & Sarah McLEAN, married Rena Madeline GRAHAM, 19, USA, Toronto, d/o Christopher GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Margaret GUTHRIE, witn: Irene BUCHANAN & J. H. COULTER both of Toronto on July 21, 1923

4316-23 Bruce Thorburn RIORDAN, 34, security dealer, Toronto, same, s/o D. Bruce L. RIORDAN (b. Ont) & Maria T. THORBURN, married Elsie Nora MORRIS, 32, England, Toronto, d/o Charles (b. England) & Sarah A., witn: Maria T. RIORDAN & Mary E. INGRAM both of Toronto on July 11, 1923

4318-23 Charles Stockley RIPPINGTON, 36, investigator, England, Toronto, s/o George RIPPINGTON (b. England) & Emily BACH, married Adelaide Victoria BENJAMIN, 36, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Henry CAPON (b. England) & Elizabeth FOOTE, witn: Rhoda M. CURTIS & E. STUBBS both of Toronto on July 18, 1923

4328-23 Bertie Edward RISEBROOKE, 23, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o H( illegible) RISEBROOKE & Elizabeth RIVERS, married Edna Lavina STONEMAN, 19, telephone operator, Toronto, same, d/o George STONEMAN (b. Ont) & Emma BELL, witn: George & Emma STONEMAN both of Toronto on July 19, 1923

4324-23 Frederick George RITCHIE, 25, machinist, Elmvale, Niagara Falls Ont., s/o George Crowe RITCHIE & Helen MONTGOMERY, married Louisa Annie KING, 20, Bayfield Ont., same, d/o George KING & Annie BARR, witn: George RITCHIE of Toronto & Grace Adelaide McMACKEN of Angus Ont., on July 21, 1923 at St. Anne’s Church

4313-23 Martin ROBB, 25, labourer, Scotland, Toronto, s/o David ROBB (b. Scotland) & Janet MILNE, married Jessie RAFFAN, 21, book binder, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Thomas RAFFAN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth FINNEY, witn: P. RYAN & F. D. MUNRO both of Toronto on July 7, 1923 at Knox Church

4312-23 Andrew ROBERTSON, 29, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Andrew ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret OGILVIE, married Jeanie Walton BROWN, 31, cook, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John BROWN (b. Scotland) & Jean HOY, witn: James ROBERTSON & Mary BROWN both of Toronto on July 7, 1923

4323-23 Cecil ROBINSON, 22, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Benjamin ROBINSON (b. England) & Selina JENKINS, married Wilhelmina MILLAR, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o David MILLAR (b. Scotland) & Wilhelmina McALISTER, witn: Thomas Clifford ROBINSON & Elizabeth MILLAR both of Toronto on July 23, 1923 at Reformed Presbyterian Church

4319-23 William Edward ROBINSON, 24, artist, Toronto, same, s/o Edward ROBINSON (b. Ont) & Jennie JACOBS, married Edythe Agnes SCOTT, 23, telephone operator, Toronto, same, d/o Abraham SCOTT (b. Ont) & Grace GOLBY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Victor HAZELTINE both of Toronto on July 16, 1923

4311-23 Albert Russell ROBSON, 20, chauffeur, Toronto, same, s/o John V. RUSSELL (sic) (b. Ont) & Frances TEASDALE, married Elizabeth Rosamond HEARNE, 18, clerk, England, Toronto, d/o William Thomas HEARNE (b. England) & Elizabeth Mary ELLIOTT, witn: James JEFFREY & Elsie Esther NICHOLSON both of Toronto on July 2, 1923

4322-23 Edward Harry ROE, 21, teamster, England, Toronto, s/o Edward John ROE (b. England) & Annie GOODALL, married Anna MURPHY, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Richard Peter MURPHY (b. Ireland) & Mary ASPINALL, witn: Frank M. RUSSELL & Mary MURPHY both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

4332-23 Gilbert Justin RONAN, 32, superintendent, Toronto, same, s/o Anson Groves RONAN (b. Ont) & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Prudence Brenda Katherine HUSTWAYTE, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Norton Raynor HUSTWAYTE (b. England) & Grace LAMING, witn: Gordon A. RONAN & Miss V.L. HUSTWAYTE both of Toronto on July 28, 1923 at Church of the Epiphany

4310-23 Edward Forester ROSS, 27, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o William Richard ROSS (b. Ont) & Emma Frances ABBOTT, married Gertrude Blanche PETTY, 31, leather operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John Henry PETTY (b. England) & Mary Ann NUNE, witn: Gordon & Catherine TURNER both of Toronto on July 3, 1923

4315-23 Alfred Leslie ROTHWELL, 29, tire builder, Toronto, same, s/o Alfred ROTHWELL (b. England) & Mary R. LESLIE, married Edith Jessie Bremner Gibson Cadger O'BRIEN, 31, sales clerk, widow, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Joseph CADGER (b. Scotland) & Margaret SHERRIFF, witn: William & Margaret DONALD both of Toronto on July 4, 1923

4321-23 Walter Russell RUTLEDGE, 21, clerk, Ontario, same, s/o Robert RUTLEDGE (b. Ont) & Annie DICKS, married Doris Elizabeth STONE, 21, hairdresser, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard Thomas STONE (b. Ont) & Rebecca DAWKES, witn: Gordon Elliott RUTLEDGE & Blanche Victoria BACKUS both of Toronto on July 7, 1923

3847-23 Allan Burkholder TAGGART, 24, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas TAGGART (b. Ont) & Frances BURKHOLDER, married Maria Beatrice McKAGUE, 25, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o William Wallace McKAGUE (b. Ont) & Matilda LOVETT, witn: C. TAGGART & Emily F. McKAGUE both of Toronto on June 15, 1923

3840-23 Frank Rupert TAIT, 24, superintendent, Meaford, Owen Sound, s/o J. W. TAIT (b. Ont) & Amelia SPARLING, married Gertrude Janet NEILSON, 23, stenographer, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Richard NEILSON (b. Scotland) & Janet MORRIS, witn: Vincent J. TAIT of Owen Sound & Elsie HINDLE of Toronto on June 9, 1923

7419-23 (Toronto) Thomas Jamieson TAIT, 28, labourer, Scotland, 13 Fisher St. Toronto, s/o Arthur TAIT (b. Scotland) & Mary JAMIESON, married Barbara Lamond WICKHAM, 24, domestic, Scotland, 105 Roxborough St. E Toronto, d/o George WICKHAM (b. Scotland) & Jeannie HOUSTON, witn: Harold WELLS & Jean WICKHAM both of Toronto, 7 Dec 1923

7421-23 (Toronto) Fenwick Arthur TAIT, 31, clerk, New Brunswick, 302 Brock Ave Toronto, s/o William TAIT (b. New Brunswick) & Margaret WILSON, married Doris HAMER, 28, England, 205 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o Moses HAMER (b. England) & Mary MILLER, witn: John J. BURRITY & Elsie BOTTEREL, 15 Dec 1923

3851-23 Newman Joseph TAPLEGHAR, 21, pharmaceutical lab worker, England, Toronto, s/o Isaac TAPLEGHAR (b. Russia) & Janie LEIBROFT (?), married Golda LOSKIN, 21, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o Morris LOSKIN (b. Russia) & Bluma GOILL, witn: Israel OLANOV & Godfrey M. ABRAHAM both of Toronto on June 16, 1923

3848-23 Julia Louis TAUBE, 21, student, Russia, Toronto, s/o Jacob TAUBE (b. Russia) & Rebecca COOPER, married Hilda Esther BLACKSTEIN, 21, stenographer, Russia, Toronto, d/o Isaac BLACKSTEIN (b. Russia) & Eta SCHALKS, witn: Robert & Mrs. Bertram NELLES both of Toronto on June 16, 1923

3852-23 James Jacob TAVERNA, 23, electrician, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o James TAVERNA (b. Italy) & Louise ROY, married Eleanor Margaret CLARK, 20, waitress, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o William CLARK (b. Ont) & Helen BURNSIDE, witn: Olive JOHNSTON & Mrs J. FINE both of Toronto on June 19, 1923


7431-23 (Toronto) Alfred Irwin TAYLOR, 18, assistant manager, Toronto, 665 Euclid Ave, s/o Joseph John TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Eliza COLLINS, married Ruth Jean SIMPSON, 18, telephone operator, Toronto, 719 Palmerston Ave, d/o William SIMPSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McPHERSON, witn: Ruby Victoria HILL & G. WILLIAMS both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1923 at the Church of England Mary Magdaline

7429-23 (Toronto) Lorne TAYLOR, 22, taxi driver, Toronto, 151 Pape Ave, s/o Austin TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Annie PATTERSON, married Ethel Margaret GOULDING, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 53 Henderson Ave, d/o Thomas GOULDING (b. Ireland) & Margaret LYDEN, witn: John GOULDING & Lillian CORNER both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1923

3858-23 Frank William Ormond TAYLOR, 22, auto mechanic, Montreal Que., Toronto, s/o Frank Campbell TAYLOR (b. Ont) & Edith Annie McCOMB, married Hilda Elizabeth FAULKNER, 21, operator, England, Toronto, d/o William Henry FAULKNER (b. England) & Lavinia BELLINGHAM, witn: Harry FAULKNER & Doris BARISTOW both of Toronto on June 28, 1923

3837-23 Grant Edward TAYLOR, 25, accountant, Quebec, Toronto, s/o William Edward TAYLOR (b. Que) & Mary ODOLL (Odell?), married Annie Louise GRAHAM, 21, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o Donald GRAHAM (b. Ont) & Annie Louise THWAITES, witn: Lilly M. GRAHAM & G. C. MILLAR both of Toronto on June 4, 1923

3841-23 George Alfred Seymour TAYLOR, 23, farmer, Ontario, Cobourg, s/o James Arnold TAYLOR (b. England) & Deborah COSBY, married Helen CRETIN, 24, Manitoba, en route from Alberta, d/o Henry Herman CRETIN (b. France) & Mary ARBERG, witn: Annie COOPER & Eugene McFEE both of Toronto on June 8, 1923

3860-23 Fred TAYLOR, 26, laborer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Frederick Claude TAYLOR (b. India) & Ada CROMPTON, married Phoebe Mores POOK, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Edgar POOK (b. Newfoundland) & Mary Simpson WEIR, witn: Nellie BOULTER of Toronto & Thomas Edgar POOK of Mt. Dennis on June 30, 1923 at Church of St. Mary the Virgin

3866-23 Ernest Hall TELFER, 28, civil servant, Mimico, Toronto, s/o James Hall TELFER & Margaret Elizabeth ROBERTS, married Jean Catherwood McCORT, 27, Thessalon, Toronto, d/o Thomas John McCORT & Fanny Ella MARKS, witn: H. M. McCORT & Margaret E. TELFER of both of Toronto on June 21, 1923

3867-23 Maurice TELLIER, 26, lawyer, Joliette, same, s/o Joseph Mathias TELLIER & Maria DESILETS, married Eva BOUVIER, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph BOUVIER & Victoria TETREAULT, witn: Joseph BOUVIER of Toronto & Mathias TELLIER of Joliette on June 14, 1923

7427-23 (Toronto) John McMillan TEMPLETON, 24, machinist, Glasgow Scotland, Stamford twp Welland Co, s/o Michael TEMPLETON (b. Scotland) & Margaret McMILLAN, married Hannah Aspinerall CANTLEY, 23, Glasgow Scotland, West Toronto, d/o Alexander CANTLEY (b. Scotland) & Nancy MOORE, witn: Michael TEMPLETON & Mary Lennox TEMPLETON both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1923 at 508 Annette St

3835-23 Gordon Gould TESKEY, 23, salesman, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Sylvester L. TESKEY (b. Almonte Ont) & Mary Ann BARBER, married Doris BONETTE, 21, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o William BONNETT (sic) (b. England) & Ada ROBSON, witn: Frank & Maud CRELLER both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at St. Barnabas Church

7432-23 (Toronto) William THAIN, 34, gardener, Scotland, 335 Lippincott Ave Toronto, s/o James THAIN (b. Scotland) & Margaret TIER, married Helen McLENNAN, 31, widow, Scotland, 200 Harvie Ave Toronto, d/o William ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Jean DEERIE, witn: John KING & Mary THAIN both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1923

3861-23 James William THAIN, 27, advertising agent, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph THAIN (b. Scotland) & Minnie EDWARDS, married Rose Ismay MATTHEWS, 24, school teacher, Toronto, same, d/o Abraham MATTHEWS (b. Ireland) & Mabel STEPHENS, witn: W. THAIN & Irene GINGELL both of Toronto on June 27, 1923

7418-23 (Toronto) Francis Joseph THERAULT, 42, widower, barber, Ontario, 1150 Davenport Rd Toronto, s/o Joseph THERAULT (b. Ontario) & Amanda M. WICKWARE, married Helen ELLIOTT, 27, bookkeeper, Ontario, 40 MacDonald Ave Toronto, d/o James ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane PARKER, witn: H.M. CARSCADDEN & M.C. HILTS both of Toronto, 10 Dec 1923

3842-23 Ernest THERRIAULT, 51, cook, Point Levis Que., Sudbury, s/o Toussaint THERRRIAUT (b. Que) & Julie CANTON, married Helen MURRAY, 56, widow, Portneuf Que., Sudbury, d/o William NEWBURY (b. Montreal) & Adelaide SAVARD, witn: William & Etta V. SMITH both of Toronto on June 7, 1923 at St. Alban’s Cathedral

7428-23 (Toronto) Charles Allen THOMPSON, 26, lawyer, Saskatchewan, 360 Huron St. Toronto, s/o James Walden THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Isabella MacMILLAN, married Jeanette Ray JEFFERYS, 27, artist, USA, 1099 Bay St. Toronto, d/o Charles W. JEFFERYS (b. Ontario) & Jane ADAMS, witn: Charles W. JEFFERYS of York Mills & C.W. Mac KENZIE of Toronto, 29 Dec 1923 at St. Simon’s [Church]

3853-23 George THOMPSON, 38, printer, Toronto, same, s/o John THOMPSON (b. England) & Eleanor BUTLER, married Elizabeth Annie McMURCHY, 29, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Donald McMURCHY (b. Ont) & Mary WALKINGTON, witn: C.J. THOMPSON & Allan ROBERTSON both of Toronto on June 20, 1923

3836-23 George Bernard THOMPSON, 23, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o George THOMPSON (b. England) & Harriet SMITH, married Laura KAY, 22, designer, England, Toronto, d/o John H. KAY (b. England) & Mary E. KNOWLEY, witn: Edna THOMPSON & Thomas McDOWELL both of Toronto on June 2, 1923

3854-23 George Ernest THOMPSON, 34, piano finisher, Kingston Ont., Toronto, s/o George R. THOMPSON (b. Ont) & Margery BAKER, married Ruth Mary SMURTHWAITE, 29, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard SMURTHWAITE (b. England) & Carrie W. TRYER, witn: illegible PHAIR & Alexander THOMPSON both of Toronto on June 20, 1923

3838-23 Henry James THOMPSON, 37, fireman, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph THOMPSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth O’HARA, married Annie Olivia CAMPBELL, 34, tailoress, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Ireland) & Margaret O’HARA, witn: Harvey LUERIN & Elizabeth WIGTON both of Toronto on June 7, 1923 at Holy Family Church

3856-23 John Alexander THOMPSON, 24, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o Alexander THOMPSON (b. Ont) & B. KENNERSLY, married Verna Clinton ARMOUR, 24, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John ARMOUR (b. Ont) & Helena M. CLINTON, witn: Florence M. VALLEAU & C. K. THOMPSON both of Toronto on June 23, 1923

3843-23 Charles William THOMSON, 28, book keeper, Toronto, same, s/o William James THOMSON (b. Ont) & Jennie LEYS, married Hattie Ansonella FROOM, 24, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Oman Wesley FROOM (b. USA) & Ellen Maria D’ARCY, witn: Arthur V. LOWE of Waterloo & Ethel S. FROOM Toronto on June 11, 1923 at St. Peter’s Church

7424-23 (Toronto) John THOMSON, 38, builder, Scotland, 19 Helena Ave Toronto, s/o Henry Douglas THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Jean McLARTY, married Margaret IRWIN, 28, maid, Ireland, 85 Oriole Rd Toronto, d/o David IRWIN (b. Ireland) & Mary ARBUTHNOT, witn: David JONES & Jennie DRURIE both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1923

7433-23 (Toronto) Walter Edward THORNBOROUGH, 28, Birmingham England, Toronto, s/o John Oliver THORNBOROUGH & Emma CLEETON, married Doris Ada STAGG, 19, London England, Mimico, d/o Albert George STAGG & Elizabeth Mary SEARLE, witn: John Oliver THORNBOROUGH of Mimico & Beatrice Elizabeth STAGG of Toronto, 25 Dec 1923 at St. Cuthbert’s Church

7417-23 (Toronto) Clarence Henry THORPE, 28, telegraph operator, USA, Men’s Hotel Washington St. Buffalo NY USA, s/o George THORPE (b. USA) carpenter & Elizabeth CHRIST, married Mary Ann BOUGHNER, 22, Ontario, 607 Beresford Ave Toronto, d/o John BOUGHNER (b. Ontario) farmer & Annie BLANCHETTE, witn: Mrs. Douglas G CLARK & Martha HUICKS both of Toronto, 5 Dec 1923

7426-23 (Toronto) James Allan TODD, 70, widower, physician & surgeon, Ontario, 165 College St. Toronto, s/o Hugh TODD (b. Scotland) & Margaret ALLAN, married Florence Emily GODDARD, 60, England, 185 Howland Ave, d/o Thomas L. GODDARD (b. England) & Mary A. HORLICK, witn: Alise INKSTER & Elizabeth INKSTER both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1923

3845-23 Henry Charles TOMLIN Jr., 39, delivery superintendent, widower, Toronto, same, s/o Henry Charles TOMLIN (b. England) & Amelia S. URQUHART, married Alice Maud JOB, 36, London Ont., Toronto, d/o Henry H. JOB & Phoebe Rachel BROWN, witn: Clarice JOB & Gertrude E. DUFFETT both of Toronto on June 14, 1923 at Grace Church on the Hill

7422-23 (Toronto) David TOOMATH, 25, inspector, Ireland, 328 McGill St. Toronto, s/o Richard TOOMATH (b. Ireland) & Annie SINCLARE (Sinclair?), married Ethel Maud LYONS, 24, Ireland, en route from Ireland, d/o James LYONS (b. Ireland) & Maggie FITSIMONS, witn: A. FERGUSON & P.S. JENKINS both of Toronto, 13 Dec 1923

7416-23 (Toronto) Mathos TORASIAN, 26, butcher, Armenia, 642 Eastern Ave Toronto, s/o Garbot TOROIAN (b. Armenia) & Margarite PAPASIAN, married Sone MALKONIAN, 19, Armenia, 642 Eastern Ave, d/o Stefan MALKONIAN (b. Armenia) & Kowfaric GORSHTSIAN, witn: Arshag TORASIAN & Albert OKANESS both of Toronto, 1 Dec 1923

3844-23 Norman Malcolm TREGANZA, 28, trainman, Ontario, MacTier Ont., s/o Thomas Henry TREGANZA (b. England) & Catherine McIVER, married Rose Alma LALONDE 23, Ontario, MacTier, d/o John LALONDE (b. Ont) & Regina DELORME, witn: A. W. STEVENS & K. A. F. HODGKINSON both of Toronto on June 5, 1923 at St. Martin in the Field

3859-23 Walter James TRETHEWEY, 30, bank messenger, Toronto, same, s/o Ernest James TRETHEWEY (b. England) & Elizabeth Janet REYNOLDS, married Isabella WEBSTER, 31, book keeper, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William WEBSTER (b. Scotland) & Jane GRAY, witn: Edward Charles TREW (?) & Elsie FRIEDLATER both of Toronto on June 25, 1923

3850-23 William Charles TROVER, 47, salesman, USA, Toronto, s/o William Charles TROVER (b. Ireland) & Margaret KELLY, married Maysie PETTEBONE, 35, widow, USA, Toronto, d/o Frank C. NEAL (b. Ireland) & Myra Adelia JOHNSON, witn: Louise & illegible McGILL both of Toronto on June 19, 1923

3839-23 Joseph Aldimer TROYER, 24, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James Edward TROYER (b. Ont) & Sarah Ann HUDSON, married Annie Mary LAWRENCE, 22, stenographer, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Charles LAWRENCE (b. Scotland) & Mary Jane RENNIE, witn: Bessie McLeod LAWRENCE & C. R. SMITH both of Toronto on June 9, 1923

7420-23 (Toronto) Harry Cornelius TUMILSON (Tomlinson?), 28, ornamental iron worker, Ireland, 272 Sherbourne St. Toronto, s/o John TUMILSON (b. Ireland) & Martha CARLETON, married Marjorie JEANS, 23, England, 272 Sherbourne St. Toronto, d/o George JEANS (b. England) & Eliza COSSER, witn: John George BURDET & Alice RYLANCE both of Toronto, 4 Dec 1923

3865-23 Albert TURNER, 32, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o Miles TURNER & Elizabeth GREENWOOD, married Ruth COULTHARD, 33, electric assembler, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas COULTARD & Catherine IRVING, witn: Catherine HILL & Richard James COULTHARD both of Toronto on June 30, 1923

3857-23 Arthur George TURNER, 32, painter/decorator, widower, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur TURNER (b. England) & Emily HOLLINGSHEAD, married Dorothy BADGLEY, 25, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Francis Moore BUTTER & Catherine SHUTTLEWORTH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. E. G. CLARKE both of Toronto on June 27, 1923

3833-23 Frederick TURNER, 38, silver worker, England, Toronto, s/o William H. TURNER (b. England) & Lydia Ann BARTON, married Christina Alvina JARVIS, 20, assembler, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William John JARVIS (b. Ont) & Isabella LANGSTAFFE, witn: James & Esther WILSON both of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at St. Matthias Church

3834-23 Frank Harry TURRALL, 21, cutter, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas TURRALL (b. England) & Harriet FAINTHAN, married Ada BACON, 20, operator, England, Toronto, d/o Fred BACON (b. England) & Charlotte A. SMITH, witn: Frederick BRAZIER & May BACON both of Toronto on June 4, 1923

3846-23 Thomas Fautham TURRALL, 35, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas TURRALL (b. England) & Harriett FAUTHAM, married Harriet McCRACKEN, 35, Toronto, same, d/o Samuel McCRACKEN (b. Ireland) & Harriett O’DELL, witn: Harry LAWSON & Mrs. Emma SHELTON both of Toronto on June 14, 1923


7423-23 (Toronto) Joseph TUSHINGHAM, 23, chauffeur, Toronto, 273 Palmerston Ave, s/o Joseph TUSHINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Mary DIAMOND, married Annie Alice GROVENOR, 22, operator, Toronto, 29 Foxley St., d/o George GROVENOR (b. England) & Phyllis HINGLEY, witn: Mary SKAY & Dorothy SKAY both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1923

3864-23 Albert TYSON, 23, gardener, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Fell TYSON & Mary Jane POST, married Ada LIVESEY, 24, England, Toronto, d/o John Danson LIVESEY & Mary PENNY, witn: E. TYSON & Jessie R. MacINTOSH both of Toronto on June 28, 1923

7430-23 (Toronto) John Montgomery TYSON, 64, butcher, Winterbourne, Erie Pennsylvania USA/ Guelph Wellington Co, s/o John TYSON (b. Montgomery County Pennsylvania USA) & Isabell WRIGHT, married Lizzie Mabel VANCE, 64, Elora Ontario, Erie Pennsylvania USA, d/o John VANCE (b. Waterloo Co) & Annie DUNCAN, witn: Jenny A. GIBSON & Charles CHASE both of 152 Galley Ave Toronto, 5 Dec 1923 at 152 Galley Ave

7425-23 (Toronto) Clifford Earldon TYTE, 25, salesman, Toronto, 191 Gillard Ave, s/o George Edward TYTE (b. England) & Miriam WHITE, married Rebecca Boyd ALISON, 26, stenographer, Toronto, 43 Ben Lamond Ave, d/o Martin Boyd ALISON (b. Ireland) & Jean McPHERSON, witn: Mrs. M. TYTE & Mrs A. BRADLEY both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1923

3871-23 James Grant VANSLYKE, 31, clergyman, Malahide Tp., Beachville, s/o John Wesley VANSLYKE (b. Canada) & Florence LAWTON, married Jean Dorothy MIMMS, 25, bank clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Joseph MIMMS (b. Canada) & Jennie RICHARDSON, witn: Gertie HALL of Toronto & George W. FARMER of Perth Ont. on June 28, 1923

3870-23 Frank S. VANSTONE, 23, chartered accountant, Toronto, same, s/o Lucius N. VANSTONE (b. Ont) & Elizabeth BURNS, married Dorothy Margaret SCOTT, 22, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Noble SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Maud BRADEN, witn: J. A. PARKER & Gladys SCOTT both of Toronto on June 16, 1923 at Howard Park Church

3868-23 Russell Sinclair VANSTONE, 35, grocer, Brantford, same, s/o George VANSTONE & Annie SINCLAIR, married Zora Evelyn SHARP, 35, Toronto, same, d/o Sylvester J. SHARP & Melissa BLAKE, witn: Glenna J. SHERRIS of Toronto & Charles M. THOMPSON of Brantford on June 6, 1923

3869-23 William Arthur VARNEY, 21, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o James VARNEY (b. England) & Emily GENTLE, married Lena Victoria RENNIE, 19, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Henry George RENNIE (b. Ont) & Isabella AINSWORTH, witn: James H. VARNEY of Humber Bay & Minnie BARRETT of Toronto on June 12, 1923 at St. Cyprians


7435-23 (Toronto) Douglas VETTERS, 27, steam fitter, Scotland, 719 Brock Ave Toronto, s/o David VETTERS (b. Scotland) & Margaret McCUAIG, married Isabel MONIE, 28, bookkeeper Scotland, 719 Brock Ave Toronto, d/o Robert MONIE (b. Scotland) & Catherine McGHIE, witn: William MONIE & Catherine LOGAN both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1923

7434-23 (Toronto) Herbert VINE, 27, printer, England, 242 Montrose Ave Toronto, s/o Charles Edward VINE (b. England) & Gertrude FERNLEY, married Margaret Vivi Elizabeth IRWIN, 26, Toronto, 242 Montrose Ave, d/o Thomas IRWIN (b. Ireland) & Prudence Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Florence DELOES of Toronto & James VINE of Hamilton, 13 Dec 1923

7464-23 (Toronto) Thomas WADDINGTON, 19, boot & shoe repairs, England, 420 Queen St. E Toronto, s/o James William WADDINGTON (b. England) & Beatrice MACKNESS, married Nellie LINK, 19, clerk, Ontario, 101 Defoe St., d/o James Henry LINK (b. USA) & Clara SEDORE, witn: Victoria OWEN & Almeada ZARA both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1923

7453-23 (Toronto) Charles Louis WAGMAN, 29, electric supply co, Russia, 403 Manning Ave Toronto, s/o Selik [WAGMAN] (b. Russia) & Cyrle WISEBROD, married Mary PASKOWITZ, 25, Russia, 138 Elizabeth St., d/o Gimpel [ PASKOWITZ] (b. Russia) & Rebecca BLOOMANFELD, witn: A. MARGOLIES & S. MOHD both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1923 Hebrew

7456-23 (Toronto) Wilfred WALKER, 39, widower, chief clerk, Leeds Yorkshire England, Sudbury, s/o Joseph WALKER (b. Leeds England) & Elizabeth Ann STUBBS , married Daisy Jane DALE, 26, operator, London England Sudbury, d/o Walter DALE (b. London England) & Clara JEFFERSON, witn: Joseph WALKER & Arthur DALE both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1923

7450-23 (Toronto) Robert Graham WALKER, 28, labourer, Ontario, 958 St. Clair West Toronto, s/o Robert WALKER (b. England) & Frances QUINN, married Kathleen FISHER, 23, Ontario, 958 St. Clair Ave W, d/o John FISHER (b. England) & Catherine LONG, witn: Jean L. LAIDLAW & Elizabeth COWIE both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1923

7449-23 (Toronto) Harold WALLIS, 31, painter, England, 1322 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph Alfred WALLIS (b. England) & Annie HEWITT, married Alice SACKFIELD, 24, England, 66 Armstrong Ave, d/o William SACKFIELD (b. England) & Annie TOFT, witn: Nesser? R. MITCHELL & Jean SPRUCE both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1923

7466-23 (Toronto) William WALTON, 32, caretaker, England, 29 West Ave Toronto, s/o John WALTON (b. England) & Ellen GAUNT, married Andrea Gertrude KELLY, 32, England, 23 Edwin Ave, d/o Thomas KELLY (b. England) & Elizabeth EDMONDSON, witn: Edgar Francis WALTON & Helen CROOKS both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1923

7436-23 (Toronto) Harold Edward WARING, 19, toolmaker, Toronto, 45 Bolton Ave, s/o Alfred WARING (b. England) & Margaret DOWLING, married Frances Eleanor McKAYE, 20, USA, 115 Coady Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas McKAYE (b. England) & Frances PATTERSON, witn: Mrs. Frances McKAYE & M.A. TOLL both of Toronto, 4 Dec 1923 7438-23 (Toronto) William Andrew WARNICA, 34, farmer, Innisfil twp Simcoe Co, same, s/o John L. WARNICA (b. Innisfil) & Elizabeth SIBBALD, married Helen Joyce Harding CARR, 25, Innisfil twp, same, d/o William P. CARR (b. Innisfil) & Jessie WILKINSON, witn: Ernest W. CARR of Allandale & Edith M PERRY of Toronto, 1 Dec 1923 at St. Clement’s Church

7470-23 (Toronto) Duncan Henry WARRINGTON, 20 compositor, Toronto, 163 Macdonell Ave Toronto, s/o Henry William WARRINGTON (b. Ontario) & Ethel Susan POPHAM, married Annie Velma McCLELLAND, 19, stenographer, Ontario, 721 Dufferin St., d/o William James McCLELLAND (b. Ontario) & Mary MILLS, witn: Mrs G.M. FULTON & Mr G.M. FULTON both of 721 Dufferin St. Toronto, 26 Dec 1923 at 721 Dufferin St

7439-23 (Toronto) Cecil Reginald WARTMAN, 23, salesman, Ontario, 89 Audubon Rd Boston Massachusetts USA, s/o John A. WARTMAN (b. Ontario) & Addie MOORE, married Elizabeth Caroline PROUTY, 20, bookkeeper, USA, 140 Pearson Ave [Toronto], d/o George Whitney PROUTY (b. USA) & Effie WILDER, witn: Gordon C. HAMILTON & Jean BROWN both of Toronto, 4 Dec 1923 at High Park Presbyterian Church

7443-23 (Toronto) Sheldon Madison WARWICK, 28, automobile salesman, Toronto, 303 Kendal Ave, s/o Charles Edward WARWICK (b. Ontario) & Gertrude Emily WARD, married Catherine Gertrude FOX, 35, stenographer, Ontario, 296 Jarvis St., d/o Peter Bernard FOX (b. Ontario) & Catherine McKAY, witn: J.J. LYNCH & Sarah SHEPHERD of Goderich, 1 Dec 1923


7459-23 (Toronto) Frederick William WATERS, 24, presser, England, 782 Palmerston Ave Toronto, s/o William WATERS (b. England) & Millie ENGLAND, married Jean Madeline JELLIS, 19, nursemaid, Ontario, 510 Palmerston Blvd, d/o Joseph JELLIS (b. Ontario) & Edith CRESSWELL, witn: Joseph LEATHEM & Kathleen BARRETT both of Toronto, 19 Dec 1923

7465-23 (Toronto) William James WATERS, 40. Widower, mechanic, Ontario, 9 Arundel Ave Toronto, s/o William WATERS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GILMOUR, married Catherine Rubena WATSON, 32, saleslady, Ontario, 636 Danforth Ave, d/o Peter WATSON (b. Scotland) & Flora MacDONALD, witn: Mary McDONALD & Ethel K. ROSS both of Toronto, 29 Dec 1923

7445-23 (Toronto) Roland WATSON, 35, photographer, Toronto, 237 Lisgar St., s/o William M. WATSON (b. England) & Lucy WALKER, married Annie Elizabeth LANSDELL, 36, waitress, Ontario, Long Branch, d/o John LANSDELL (b. Ontario) & Annie Z. AGAR, witn: Ethel LANDSELL of Brampton & Kenneth HOPGOOD of Toronto, 8 Dec 1923

7460-23 (Toronto) John WATTERSON, 30, car maker, Ireland, 426 Westmoreland Ave Toronto, s/o James WATTERSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret McILROY, married Jean MacDONALD, 27, Scotland, 704 Lansdowne Ave, d/o Hamilton MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Mary McNAUGHT, witn: Robert G. HOLMES & Maggie Adam McDONALD both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1923 Brethren

7452-23 (Toronto) Alexander Munro WATTS, 34, hotel employee, Scotland, 66 Coady Ave Toronto, s/o Frederick WATTS (b. England) & Catherine DRURY, married Evelyn FREEMAN, 34, widow, hotel employee, England, 66 Coady Ave, d/o George URQUHART (b. England) & Elizabeth WYNWOOD, witn: E.A. HUNTER & Florence A. CRANE both of Toronto, 18 Dec 192l

7463-23 (Toronto) John Franklin WAY, 26, chief stock keeper, Toronto, 841 Gerrard St. E Toronto, s/o John Calvin WAY (b. Prince Edward Island) & Diadama REES, married Rose Elizabeth WHITEHEAD, 20, operator, England, 303 Booth Ave, d/o Herbert Walter WHITEHEAD (b. England) & Rose Annie COLLISON, witn: Leonard Thomas PARKER & Kathaleen ROBINSON both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1923

7446-23 (Toronto) Robert Philip WEBB, 27, clerk, Toronto, 249 Keele St., s/o George Henry WEBB (b. Ontario) & Mary CASE, married Helen Marie MIMMS, 23, bank clerk, Ontario, 102 Gochie St., d/o John Henry MIMMS (b. Ontario) & Luella Maud CAMPBELL, witn: Luella M. MIMMS & George H. WEBB both of Toronto, 1 Dec 1923

7457-23 (Toronto) Arthur Gordon WEBSTER, 27, farmer, Dawn twp Lambton Co, same, s/o Ira WEBSTER (b. Ontario) & Jane E. WEBSTER, married Hannah Almira PHELPS, 31, presser, Mount Elgin, Toronto, d/o Edwin S. PHELPS (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane THOMAS, witn: J.M. PHELPS of 221 Logan Ave & E.P. PRATT of 9 Collahie St. , 26, Dec 1923 at 221 Logan Ave

7454-23 (Toronto) Donald Wallace WEEKS, 21, truck driver, Toronto, 332 Davenport Rd, s/o Alexander WEEKS (b. Ontario) & Amy THOMPSON, married Myrtle Marguerite CAMERON, 18, Toronto, 9981/2 Bathurst St., d/o Donald CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Gertrude DILLINGHAM, witn: William A. CAMERON & Violet SKENE both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1923 at St. Cyprians Church


7468-23 (Toronto) Julius WEISBLATT, 26, tailor, Poland, 271 Augusta Ave Toronto, s/o Aaron WEISBLATT (b. Poland) & Ch. T. SOSSNOWITZ, married Bertha LEVENSTEIN, 21, embroiderer, Poland, 70 Nassau St., d/o L. LEVENSTEIN (b. Poland) & S.B. WEINRIP, witn: Harry SH__EYER? & Paul EDSCH? both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1923 Hebrew

7444-23 (Toronto) Harry WEISBROD, 22, manufacturing furriers, Russia Poland, 28 Brunswick Ave Toronto, s/o Louis WEISBROD (b. Russia Poland) & Deborah B. KARSHINSKY, married Esther FERE, 20, Galicia Poland, 575 Bay St., d/o Hersh FERE (b. Galicia Poland) & Sheindel SHIFFER, witn: Harry SH–EYER? & Paul EDSCH both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1923 Hebrew

7455-23 (Toronto) David Sherman WELLER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Zephyr Scott twp Ontario Co, s/o Albert WELLER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MARSHALL, married Elizabeth Alice REMBER, 18, stenographer, Ontario, Richmond Hill, d/o Thomas REMBER (b. Ontario) & Euphemia ARY, witn: Amy MacKENZIE & Edith MORRISON both of Toronto, 26 Dec 1923

7476-23 (Toronto) James Russell WESTHEIMER, 28, student, USA, 241 Greenwood Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas WESTHEIMER (b. USA) & Susie RUSSELL, married Nona COVINGTON, 24, USA, 200 Townsend St. Boston Massachusetts, d/o John COVINGTON (b. USA) & Mamie GRAHAM, witn: Erol C. SPARLING & Maud BRAMLEY both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1923

7469-23 (Toronto) James WHITE, 28, labourer, England, 84 Dunfield Ave Toronto, s/o James WHITE (b. England) & Fanny BEECHLY, married Gladys Minnie CLARK, 23, operator, Wales, 911 Woodbine Ave [Toronto], d/o Edward John CLARK (b. England) & Louisa BAKER, witn: Sidney Charles WHITE & Olive CLARK both of Toronto, 15 Dec 1923 at 359 Wolverleigh Blvd

7447-23 (Toronto) Francis Alexander WHITE, 38, machinist Ontario, 69 Gladstone Ave Toronto, s/o David A. WHITE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth M. MATTHEWS, married Florence May FIXTER, 23, laundress, England, 28 Sorauren Ave, d/o Roger F. FIXTER (b. England) & Ann PARKER, witn: J. WHITE of Oakville & F.T. Guise? BAGLEY of Toronto, 18 Dec 1923

7462-23 (Toronto) James WILES, 34, landscape gardener, England, 1253 Queen St. W Toronto, s/o Joseph WILES (b. England) & Sarah CANMAN, married Jessie MILLS, 24, carpet finisher, Scotland, 85 Springhurst Ave, d/o Henry MILLS (b. England) & Jessie McGAW, witn: Mat Edward JOHNS & Martha FLETCHER both of Toronto, 31 Dec 1923 at Parkdale Presbyterian Church

7451-23 (Toronto) Maxwell Morris WILLIAMS, 25, real estate, Poland, Toronto, s/o Aaron VARCHAFSKY (b. Poland) & Fanny NOODLE, married Jeanette KWELLER, 24, milliner, England, Toronto, d/o Nathan KWELLER (b. blank) & Chana NEWMAN, witn: L. TERRICK & S. SHAUL both of Toronto 16 Dec 1923


7461-23 (Toronto) William WILSON, 40, motor mechanic, Toronto, 21 Hook Ave Toronto, s/o Robert WILSON (b. England) & Abbie MAJOR, married Lillian EALES, 35, widow, nurse, England, 283 Boon Ave, d/o Christopher BRENNAN (b. England) & Isabella GREY, witn: Mrs. W.J. PADY of 77 Boon Ave & Mrs. F. HANDS of 323 Boon Ave, 24 Dec 1923 at 77 Boon Ave

7448-23 (Toronto) Donald Ross WINANS, 19, stock keeper, Ontario, 158 Hallam St. Toronto, s/o William H. WINANS (b. Ontario) & Louise FERGUSON, married Henrietta Mary DUNN, 19, Ontario, lot 9 Kingsway Ave - Long Branch, d/o John Allan DUNN (b. Ontario) & Margaret SPENCE, witn: Margaret DUNN of Long Branch & Louise WINANS of Toronto, 18 Dec 1923

7441-23 (Toronto) Joseph WINN, 39, widower, weaver, Ontario, 847 Water St. Peterborough, s/o John WYNN ‘sic’ (b. Ontario) & Mary SHINE, married Julia Ann HOULIHAN, 36, Ontario, 456 Clinton St. Toronto, d/o James HOULIHAN (b. Ontario) & Julia SHINE, witn: Oscar H. FORAN & Florence M. MORLAND both of Toronto, 1 Dec 1923 at Our Lady of Lourdes Church RC

7437-23 (Toronto) Frank Leslie WOODARD, 18, chauffeur, Ontario, 682 Willard Ave Toronto, s/o James WOODARD (b. Ontario) & Mary BODFISH, married Myrtle Aileen BEAUMONT, 17, operator, Ontario, 682 Willard Ave, d/o W.A. BEAUMONT (b. Ontario) & Ada STUBBINGS, witn: Clifford WOODARD & Lola COOK both of Toronto, 5 Dec 1923 at St. John's Road Baptist Church

7458-23 (Toronto) Percival Henry WOODLEY, 30, bricklayer apprentice, England, 37 Heintzman Ave Toronto, s/o William WOODLEY (b. England) & Sophia MacINTOSH, married Evelean BOTTING, 31, domestic, Ontario, 32 Carlton St., d/o George BOTTING (b. Ontario) & Elina HAWKE, witn: Marjory Murdock CAMPBELL & William WOODROFFE both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1923 at 325 Markham St.

7440-23 (Toronto) Joseph Ernest WRIGHT, 23, bookkeeper, England, 349 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o George William WRIGHT (b. England) & Isabella PICKABER, married Hester Maud DAVIDSON, 25, Ontario, 17 Homewood ave, d/o Robert L. DAVIDSON (b. Ireland) & Jessie Florence MUNROE, witn: Mercie A. PATTERSON & James FRIENDSHIP both of Toronto, 1 Dec 1923

7442-23 (Toronto) Harold WYTON, 20, labourer, England, 60 Salisbury Ave Toronto, s/o John WYTON (b. England) & Mary Ann BENNETT, married Gladys PEASLAND, 23, domestic, England, 941 Bay St., d/o John PEASLAND (b. England) & Sarah Ann HARPER, witn: John WYTON & Sarah Ann PEASLAND both of Toronto, 8 Dec 1923

7472-23 (Toronto) Ivan John YANKOW, 29, pressman, Poland, 52 Empire Ave Toronto, s/o Nicholas YANKOW (b. Poland) & Emily YONLOVICH, married Gertrude LEONARD, 19, telephone operator, Ontario, 35 Kintyre Ave [Toronto], d/o William LEONARD (b. Ontario(?)) & Ida CHAPEL, witn: Ruth F. RODGER & Melford RUSSELL both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1923

7471-23 (Toronto) Many YASHINSKY, 23, furrier, Poland, 229 Palmerston Ave Toronto, s/o Louis [YASHINSKY] (b. Poland) & Rebecca NOTKEWITZ, married Hilda FARBER, 20 furrier, Poland, 157 Palmerston Ave, d/o Maer [FARBER] (b. Poland) & Sarrah ROSAN, witn: A. MARGOLIES & S. BROHD both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1923 Hebrew

7474-23 (Toronto) Raymond YATES, 25, bookkeeper, Ontario, 48 Marjory Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas YATES (b. England) & Mary Ann CARSON, married Pearle Velma GRAHAM, 26, school teacher, Ontario, 332 Leslie St. Toronto, d/o Alman H. GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Lavina HOLLINGER, witn: G.A. YATES & Queenie SPARLING both of Toronto, 22 Dec 1923

7473-23 (Toronto) Allan Baillie YOUNG, accountant, Toronto, c/o William A ROGERS 105th Wabash Chicago Illinois, s/o Thomas R. YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Annie E  PEAKE, married Evelyn Rae WILLSON, 24, school teacher, Toronto, 292 Grace St. [Toronto], d/o George W. WILLSON (b. Ontario) & Beatrice LUNDY, witn: Edward Charles FICE & Dorothy B. WILLSON both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1923