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City of Toronto, 1925, part 2

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1009-25 (Toronto) Herbert John BACK, 28, carpenter, England, 172 Coleridge Ave, s/o John BACK (b. England) & Emily HYNE, married Jessie Lavina HORNE, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 310 Oakwood Ave, d/o Thomas HORNE (b. Ontario) & Agnes KYDD, witn: Fred COLLECT & Mrs T. COLLECT both of 196 Fulton Ave, 1 Jan 1925


1010-25 (Toronto) Thomas William BAILEY, 22, salesman, Toronto, 20 Rowland Ave, s/o William BAILEY (b. British West Indies) & Mary GREEN, married Jean May Patterson BUSTIN, 25, switchboard operator, Toronto, 134 Heward Ave, d/o Frank BUSTIN (b. England) & Lea BUSTIN, witn: Agnes McL. VINING & Hilda COOK both of 41 Howland Ave, 19 Jan 1925

1011-25 (Toronto) Arthur Edwin BAIRD, 29, engineer, Ontario, 43 King St Kitchener Waterloo Co, s/o James BAIRD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth R. KEITH, married Edna May STEWART, 26, cigar maker, Ontario, 122 Jones Ave, d/o Robert STEWART (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. McNICHOL, witn: Charles STEWART & Willa E. STEWART both of 122 Jones Ave, 31 Jan 1924 (s/b 1925)

1012-25 (Toronto) James Randall Stratton BAKER, 19, labourer, Ontario, 155 Euclid Ave, s/o Wellington James BAKER (b. Ontario) & Clarissa Jane DEFOE, married Margaret Hendry FORBES, 16, Scotland, Infant's Home Toronto, d/o Andrew Sewright FORBES (b. Scotland) & Amelia Swanson HENDRY, witn: Ruth Roberta MIX of 68 St Nicholas St & Robina RENNIE of 57 Robinson St, 15 Jan 1925

1013-25 (Toronto) Lyle Bedford BAKER, 25, operator, Chatham Kent Co, 59 Redan St in St Thomas, s/o Abraham John BAKER (b. Hagersville) & Ethel BEDFORD, married Olive Fern LENNOX, 22, Stratford Perth Co, 393 Broncho St Port Arthur, d/o William Henry LENNOX (b. twp Creemore) & Sarah GRAY, witn: Laura May BUCK & Mabel Kathleen BUCK both of 511 Indian Grove, 4 Jan 1925 at 592 Windermere Ave

1014-25 (Toronto) Alexander BARCLAY, 21, storage battery man, Scotland, 42 Close Ave, s/o James BARCLAY (b. Scotland) & Mary STEPHENSON, married Agnes HORNBY, 21, hat operator, England, 150 Oakcrest Ave, d/o Joseph HORNBY (b. England) & Elizabeth BANNS, witn: Rose McDONALD of 203 Cedarvale Ave & Arthur G. TERREY of 78 Dingwall Ave, 8 Jan 1925

1017-25 (Toronto) Percival BARNETT, 20, hardwood floor layer, England, 193 Bolton Ave, s/o Percival BARNETT (b. England) & Alice WOODGATE, married Kate Elizabeth PARKINSON, 21, England, 184 Bolton Ave, d/o Walter James PARKINSON (b. England) & Mary Ellen CREASEY, witn: Elizabeth B. Carrigan of 22 Bolton Ave & Charles WROXETER of 191 Bolton Ave, 21 Jan 1925 at St Mathias Church

1018-25 (Toronto) Sidney James BARNSDALE, 21, labourer, Ontario, 160 Main St S Weston, s/o George Amos BARNSDALE (b. England) & Mary STEPHEN, married Ivy COOK, 17, Ontario, 328 St John's Rd York twp, d/o George William COOK (b. England) & Julia CAVANAGH, witn: Simon Irwin TIFFIN of RR#1 Weston & Maud Emma BARNSDALE of 160 Main St S Weston, 20 Jan 1925 at 454 St John's Rd

1019-25 (Toronto) John BARRAS, 29, laborer, Poland, 699 Richmond [St], s/o Anthony [BARRAS] & Balbina SLIWINSKA, married Angela GORSKA, 20, laborer, Poland, 572 Richmond [St], d/o Francis [GORSKA] & Sophie GORAL, witn: Pawlica JOHNX? of 158 Helen St & Theda WASIK of 34 Pelham St, 10 Jan 1925 RC

1020-25 (Toronto) Joseph BARRETT, 21, truck driver, England, 38 Bastedo Ave, s/o William BARRETT (b. England) & Hellen ROWELL. married Laurine Olga HARRIS, 17, Toronto, 73 Eastern Ave, d/o Thomas HARRIS (b. Ontario) & Laura SURRELL, witn: Alberta HARRIS of 93 Eastern Ave & Peter MILLE[R]? of 1 Baseball ?, 10 Jan 1925

1021-25 (Toronto) Albert Charles BATT, 24, labourer, England, 54 Augusta Ave, s/o James BATT (b. England) & Mary MAHON, married Ivy Evelyn TIMPSON, 21, England, 205 Brock Ave, d/o John George Frederick TIMPSON (b. England) & Emily WILMER, witn: Edward McKIBBON & Robert J. HILL both of 54 Augusta Ave, 10 Jan 1925

1022-25 (Toronto) Irvin BERRY, 22, farmer, Brant twp Bruce Co, same, s/o William BERRY (b. Brant) & Elizabeth TYREMAN, married Mable KERR, 19, Brant twp, blank, d/o William KERR (b. Bentinck) & Emma MATTHEWS, witn: Herman LYNN & William POWELL both of Toronto, 21 Jan 1925 at St James Cathedral

1023-25 (Toronto) Clarence James BEYER, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 137 Broadview Ave, s/o Fred BEYER (b. Ontario) & unknown, married Alice Ellen TURTON, 21, rubber shoe operator, England, 155 Broadview Ave, d/o John TURTON (b. England) & Sarah WORSLEY, witn: E. HANES & Mrs E. HANES both of 26 McCaul St, 3 Jan 1925

1371-25 Fred BIHUN, 25, machine operator, Galicia, 591 Richmond St. West, s/o Nicolas BIHUN (b. Galicia) & Dora DUMENKA, married Mary KOSIW, 18, laundress, Galicia, 571 Richmond St. West, d/o William KOSIW (b. Galicia) & Annie POPOWICH, witn: Fred KROWET of 73 Niagara St. & Emily WEVURSKI of 51 Robinson St., 20 Feb 1925

1024-25 (Toronto) Arthur Edwin Frederick BINGHAM, 46, farmer, Erin twp Wellington Co, same, s/o Thomas BINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Phoebe Ann ANDERSON, married Pearl BINGHAM, 34, Erin twp, same, d/o Samuel Wesley BINGHAM, farmer (b. Ontario) & Sophia Ellen BURT, witn: George BURT of 94 Gould St & Bethia CAMPBELL of Erin, 21 Jan 1925 at 362 Manning Ave

1369-25 Francis Ross BOWES, 23, clerk, Toronto, 90 Amelia St., s/o Frank BOWES (b. England) & Mary Isabella Jane RIDDELL, married Jessie Hazel WARRINGTON, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 163 Macdonell Ave., d/o Henry William WARRINGTON (b. Ont) & Ethel Susan POPHAM, witn: Harold Frederick WARRINGTON of 163 Macdonell & Audrey Isabel BOWES of 90 Amelia, 21 Feb 1925 at Church of the Epiphany

1028-25 (Toronto) William BRACKENBOROUGH, 36, locomotive engineer, Ontario, Depot Harbour, s/o Charles BRACKENBOROUGH (b. England) & Sarah HARRAD, married Helena Falconer HAY, 35, Scotland, Depot Harbour, d/o James HAY (b. Scotland) & Madge FALCONER, witn: Jean E. COWAN & Marjorie Jean COWAN both of 92 Madison Ave, 14 Jan 1925

1374-25 Hugh Wilfred BROPHY, 27, traveller, Wooler - Hastings Co., 565 Markham St., s/o Hugh BROPHY & Bridget HALLORAN, married Sadie Elizabeth PICKETT, 27, Berkeley - Grey Co., 411 Parkside Dr., d/o John PICKETT & Mary Ann McCLELLAN, witn: William H. BROPHY of 565 Markham St. & Mrs. Harry LAWRENCE of 176 Grand Blvd in Montreal, 23 Feb 1925 at St. Vincent de Paul Church

1033-25 (Toronto) Zotique BRUNETT, 63, widower, engineer, Quebec, 219 Sherbourne St, s/o Isadore BRUNETT (b. Quebec) & Harriet MAGEE, married Madeline Pearl MORRISON, 37, Manitoba, 219 Sherbourne St, d/o John Howard MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Marie TWEEDIE, witn: Mary COOK of Power St & Beatrice DAVISON of 83 Power St, 31 Jan 1925

1029-25 (Toronto) Albert Edward BROWN, 44, teamster, England, 150 Spadina Ave, s/o Thomas BROWN (b. England) & Maria TEBBETT, married Constance Martha DEVONE, 31, widow, domestic, Ontario, 150 Spadina Ave, d/o Samuel DEVONE (b. British East Indies) & Susan FINNEY, witn: Daniel HENDERSON & Julia HENDERSON both of 150 Spadina Ave, 12 Jan 1925

1030-25 (Toronto) John Innes BROWN, 64, widower, finisher, Scotland, 114 Pearson Ave, s/o James R. [BROWN] (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth OSWALD, married Minnie Emily PAINE, 54, widow, Ontario, 114 Pearson Ave, d/o David LAPOTTIE (b. Ontario) & Nancy GOODMAN, witn: W.J. ADDISON & E.A. ADDISON both of Toronto, 2 Jan 1925

1031-25 (Toronto) Thomas BROWNE, 26, decorator, Scotland, Thornhill, s/o Peter BROWNE (b. Scotland) & Marion SMITH, married Mary CONNELL, 28, stenographer, Ontario, Keene, d/o William CONNELL (b. Ontario) & Kate McFARLANE, witn: Miss Joan BROWNE & Hector BROWNE both of Thornhill, 29 Jan 1925

1032-25 (Toronto) John Maxwell BROWNLIE, 25, clerk, Scotland, 36 Carlton St, s/o John Maxwell BROWNLIE (b. Scotland) & Agnes YUILL, married Mary Annie HALL, 24, cook, Scotland, 36 Carlton St, d/o James HALL (b. Scotland) & Mary YOUNG, witn: Nora C. SCLATER of 70 St Albans St & Bertha A. CROLING of 235 St Clarens Ave, 9 Jan 1925 at $15 Jarvis St

1035-25 (Toronto) William John BUCKMASTER, 50, widower, shipper, England, 101 Sumach St, s/o John BUCKMASTER (b. England) & Emily JESSOP, married Gladys Netta JENKINS, 33, stenographer, South Wales, 537 Parliament St, d/o William JENKINS (b. South Wales) & Sarah FRANCIS?, witn: Sarah JENKINS of 6 Walter St & Kathleen BUCKMASTER of 101 Sumach St, 24 Jan 1925 at St Simon's [Church]

1372-25 Harold BUNT, 25, motor mechanic, Toronto, 116 St. Johns Rd., s/o John BUNT (b. Ont) & Catherine RYAN, married Jennie ARCHER, 22, Ontario, 166 Western Ave., d/o Leslie ARCHER (b. Ont) & Emma DANIELS, witn: Kate BUNT & George BRATNINGS?, both of 116 St. John St., 18 Feb 1925

1036-25 (Toronto) George Valentine BURGESS, 69, widower, builder, Ontario, 37 Auburn Ave, s/o George BURGESS (b. England) & Margaret VALENTINE, married Harriet Chant MORRIS, 67, widow, Ontario, 30 Euclid Ave, d/o Noah CHANT (b. England) & Harriet LASKEY, witn: W.W. SPEERS & Harriet LINDSEY both of Toronto, 21 Jan 1925

1358-25 James Francis BURKE, 40, widower, hotel keeper, Ontario, 935 Queen St. West, s/o James BURKE (b. Ont) & Esther SEDORE, married Augusta Agnes AHRENS, 36, widow, Ontario, 95 Beatrice St., d/o William ERBACH (b. Ont) & Charlotte FLOWERS, witn: James CORKERY of 400 Euclid Ave & Mrs. A. DE HAN of 40 Montclair Ave., 18 Feb 1925

1037-25 (Toronto) Edward Andrew BURNS, 47, coal merchant, Toronto, King Edward Hotel, s/o Patrick BURNS (b. Ireland) & Jane WALSH, married Eliza Helen SCOTT, 31, divorced, Ontario, 846 Duplex Ave, d/o Hugh SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth H. RYAN, witn: Rev Charles M. CASSERLY of 642 Markham St & Newman MALLON of 375 Brunswick Ave, 14 Jan 1925 RC

1039-25 (Toronto) David William CALDWELL, 25, pharmacist, Ontario, Central YMCA, s/o John Washington CALDWELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret PORTER, married Florence Wealthy MALLETT, 24, school teacher, Ontario, Oshawa, d/o James Henry MALLETT (b. Ontario) & Mary POTTER, witn: Helen BARR of 197 Van Horne St & Harry L. STONE of 75 South Drive, 30 Jan 1925

1040-25 (Toronto) Samuel Donald CAMERON, 22, mechanic, Insh Scotland, Toronto, s/o John CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Christina HUTCHINSON, married Edith Ada ANDERSON, 17, Toronto, same, d/o George A. ANDERSON (b. London England) & Alice E. SWINGLER, witn: John Angus CAMERON of 1587 Dufferin [St] & Rose Alice ANDERSON of 88 Bird Ave, 19 Jan 1925 at 88 Bird Ave

1390-25 Frederick Elvyn CAMERON, 27, farmer, Clarke twp., Hampden, s/o James CAMERON (b. Clarke twp) & Mary Jane BOND, married Florence Isabell SOULEY, 20, Pickering twp., Oshawa, d/o John Edward SOULEY (b. Whitby twp) & Lydia Jane BALSON, witn: George E. SOULEY of 25 Alexander St. in Toronto & Amber B. SOULEY of Oshawa, 14 Feb 1925 at 24 Wellesley St.,

1044-25 (Toronto) William Robert CARSON, 22, bookkeeper, Ireland, 265 Carlton St, s/o John CARSON (b. Ireland) & Annie TAPLEY, married Mary FERGUSON, 22, operator, Ireland, 630 Gerrard St E, d/o Robert FERGUSON (b. Ireland) & Martha RILEY, witn: J. FALCONER & Mrs N. FALCONER both of 53 Scollard St, 29 Jan 1925

1043-25 (Toronto) Thomas Martin CARSON, 47, widower, caterer, Ireland, Lake Hill PO Victoria Municipality of Saanich Vancouver Island BC, s/o Samuel CARSON (b. Ireland) & Mary REID, married Sarah BRYARS, 32, Ireland, 804 Logan Ave, d/o James BRYARS (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann McKENNELL, witn: William J. BRYARS & Cora BRYARS both of 804 Logan Ave, 14 Jan 1924 [s/b 1925] at St Barnabas Rectory

1046-25 (Toronto) William CHAMBERS, 29, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o James CHAMBERS & Agnes CRAIG, married Daisy Marguerita McMORDIE, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Alex McMORDIE & Jane FORSYTH, witn: James DUGUID of 1236 Yonge St & Miss Violet McMORDIE of 420 Gladstone [Ave], 12 Jan 1925

1045-25 (Toronto) Walter Lloyd CHAMBERS, 22, clerk, Ontario, 1443A Queen St , s/o William George CHAMBERS (b. Ontario) & Eleanor M. DOLBY, married Mabel Gertrude AUSMAN, 19, Ontario, 337 Sackville St, d/o George Munro [AUSMAN] (b. Ontario) & Frances CRYDERMAN, witn: Reginald John MILLS of 337 Sackville & Elizabeth M. PARKER of 42 Admiral Rd, 31 Jan 1925

1047-25 (Toronto) Ceylon Oren CHANDLER, 25, carpenter, USA, 233 Hamburg St Buffalo NY, s/o Ceylon CHANDLER (b. USA) & Susie BISHOP, married Christina GRAY, 18, Ontario, 85 Metcalfe St, d/o Robert GRAY (b. Scotland) & Annie GIBSON, witn: Robert GRAY & Mrs R. GRAY both of 85 Metcalfe St, 5 Jan 1925

1048-25 (Toronto) William Ernest CHANTLER, 41, widower, clerk, Toronto, 334 Crawford St, s/o William John CHANTLER (b. England) & Margaret McEWAN, married Matilda Louise JENNINGS, 42, England, 334 Crawford St, d/o James JENNINGS (b. England) & Matilda Louise JENNINGS, witn: L.M. EDY & M.L. GRIMSHAW both of 65 Pacific Ave, 7 Jan 1925 at 65 Pacific Ave

1049-25 (Toronto) Victor CHURLEY, 30, mechanic, Toronto, 73 Yarmouth Rd, s/o Obediah CHURLEY (b. England) & Helen SAWER, married Doris Iola CLARK, 20, Ontario, 110 Bleecker St, d/o Gifford A. CLARKE ‘sic' (b. Ontario) & Alice POLLARD, witn: Arthur MUNDY of 104 Yarmouth Rd & Mrs Helen BOWEN of 73 Yarmouth Rd, 3 Jan 1925 at 115 Wellesley St

1050-25 (Toronto) Walter Earl COLEMAN, 23, labourer, Ontario, 50 Hayden St, s/o William Earl COLEMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary Taylor, married Madge Eleanor MOLLINGTON, 23, Toronto, 33 Gloucester St, d/o William Curfoot MOLLINGTON (b. England) & Jessie Ellen PEERS, witn: Ivy TAYLOR & Jane WALSH both of 161 Lappin Ave, 24 Jan 1925

1051-25 (Toronto) William Fowler COLLINS, 31, clerk, Quebec, 50 Roxborough St W, s/o William A. COLLINS (b. Quebec) & Annie E. LOWE, married Aldine Adelaide STRACHAN, 35, clerk, Ontario, 26 Barton Ave, d/o Martin D. STRACHAN (b. Ontario) & Nellie FERGUSON, witn: Nellie Strachan McGARRY & Annie E. COLLINS both of Toronto, 31 Jan 1925

1059-25 (Toronto) Gerald Lawrence COLTON, 24, bread salesman, England, 53 Brownlow Ave, s/o Ernest R. COLTON (b. Toronto) & Louisa LANE, married Annis CARR, 23, cashier, England, 397 Davisville Ave, d/o William CARR (b. England) & Sarah Ann PYBUS, witn: I. Stanley COLTON of 53 Brownlow Ave & Hannah COLLINS of 40 Cluny Drive, 21 Jan 1925

1385-25 George Howard Philip CONEYBEARE, 28, carpenter, Ontario, 1927 Burlingam Ave in Detroit, s/o George CONEYBEARE (b. Ont) & Mary CLARKE, married Mary Stuart ESSON, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 612 Crawford St. in Toronto, d/o Thomas ESSON (b. Ont) & Fannie KERR, witn: Miss Marguerite CONEYBEARE of Lindsay Ont & Wilfrid ESSON of Toronto, 10 Feb 1925

1052-25 (Toronto) Pietro CORINO, 27, laborer, Casale Amalfi? Italy, 771/2 Argyle St, s/o Luigi CORINO & Luigia ACUTO, married Palma INNAMORATO, 17, factory, Rock Hill NJ, 771/2 Argyle St, d/o Domenico [INNAMORATO] & Filomena RIZZO, witn: Giovanni COLACCI & Donata COLACCI both of 57 Tecumseth St, 31 Jan 1925 RC

1053-25 (Toronto) John Albert COTRIL, 45, garage man, Ontario, Creemore, s/o Amos COTRIL (b. England) & Laner SCRIVER, married Ellen NELSON, 42, domestic, England, 209 Bathurst St, d/o Thomas H. NELSON (b. England) & Ellen E. McDONALD, witn: William WRAY of 297 George St & W. MACGREGOR of 16 Albert St, 31 Jan 1925

1060-25 (Toronto) Thomas John COULTER, 23, miller, Toronto, 328 Symington Ave, s/o Thomas John COULTER (b. Ireland) & Louisa HARVEY, married Kathleen Ann WORTHINGTON, 18, Toronto, 126 Laughton Ave, d/o Harry WORTHINGTON (b. Quebec) & Mary Oster, witn: Harold WORTHINGTON & Mrs G. SHEPPARD both of 126 Laughton Ave, 26 Jan 1925 at St Cecilia RC

1054-25 (Toronto) Stanley COWARD, 31, salesman, England, 296 Balliol St, s/o John Fred COWARD (b. England) & Sarah Annie Dorothy REDFERN, married Constance Elizabeth COULTER, 28, Ontario, 258 Davenport rd, d/o John Scott COULTER (b. Ireland) & Mary McCORD, witn: Freda B. McINTOSH & Gwyn B. DAVEY both of Toronto, 24 Jan 1925

1061-25 (Toronto) William Clargo CRESSWELL, 22, foreman, Toronto, 250 Sterling Rd, s/o William Henry CRESSWELL (b. Ireland) & Dora CARGO ‘sic', married Olive Louisa SHARP, 21, Toronto, 14251/2 Bloor St W, d/o Frank SHARP (b. England) & Sarah Louisa BRUNT, witn: T.S. SHARP of 1425A Bloor St W & Maude M. MARRIOTT of 24 Sarnia Ave, 29 Jan 1925

1384-25 Frederick George CROSS, 40, gardener, England, 557 Talbot St. in London, s/o George CROSS (b. England) & Mary Jane READ, married Sophia Mildred HOBSON, 34, children nurse, Ireland, 58 Roseheath Ave., d/o Francis HOBSON (b. Ireland) & Anna MAXWELL, witn: Richard George & Georgina M. CARNEY of 58 Roseheath Ave., 2 Feb 1925 at 359 Wolverleigh Blvd

1062-25 (Toronto) Oliver Wilton CUMMINGS, 23, aluminum worker, Toronto, 96 Beresford Ave, s/o Alfred Ernest CUMMINGS & Laura CUYLER, married Dorothy Alberta KNIGHT, 21, bookbinder, Toronto, 32 McMurry Ave, d/o Ephraim KNIGHT & Amelia FORD, witn: Sandford S. WILLIAMSON of Jopling Ave Islington & Mary E. COOK of 32 McMurray Ave, 28 Jan 1925

1069-25 (Toronto) Albert Edward DONALDSON, 21, soldier, England, Stanley Barracks, s/o James Will. Alfred DONALDSON (b. England) & Ellen Margaret FLANAGAN, married Gladys FLANAGAN, 24, cigar maker, England, 162 Crawford St, d/o Walter FLANAGAN (b. England) & Esther RATHWELL, witn: John Hamilton ADAMS & Mrs R.J. BELL both of Toronto, 20 Jan 1925

1070-25 (Toronto) William John DONNELLY, 21, galvanizer, Toronto, 48 Gwynne Ave, s/o William John DONNELLY (b. USA) & Mary E. BROWN, married Dorothy Marguerite CLAZIE, 18, companion, Toronto, 102 Tyndall Ave, d/o William CLAZIE (b. Ontario) & Nellie TAYLOR, witn: Elsie CHURCH & Arthur J. HILL both of Toronto, 19 Jan 1925

1071-25 (Toronto) Giovanni Elia D'ORAZIO, 35, labourer, Alanno Italy, 284 Royce Ave, s/o Sabatino D'ORAZIO & Anna ALBERICO, married Brigida ZUNINO, 25, Camafli (Amafli?) Italy, d/o Lorenzo ZUNINO & Catterina Della CASA, witn: Filyipo ORZINO & Fiorinda ORZINO both of 284 Royce Ave, 15 Jan 1925

1072-25 (Toronto) Arthur DOUGLAS, 28, labourer, Scotland, 1121/2 McGill St, s/o Arthur Douglas (b. Scotland) & Rachel McGEAGH, married Mabel GILLESPIE, 25, England, Dunville (Dunnville?) RR#2, d/o John GILLESPIE (b. England) & Alice SHANKS, witn: Isabel L. GREEN of 40 Hillsdale Ave W & Annie M. MACKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd E, 13 Jan 1925

1073-25 (Toronto) Dmytro DRULAK, 29, labourer, Obertyn Galicin, 32 Draper St, s/o Theo DRULAK & Anna SEMCZUK, married Paraska KALYNIUK, 18, Zastarvna (Zastavna?) Bukovina, 75 Niagara St, d/o Wasyl KALYNIUK & Anna ZWOZDECKY, witn: W. KALYNIUK of 75 Niagara St & L. ZUBOWSKY of 32 Draper St, 31 Jan 1925 Ruthenian Greek Catholic

1074-25 (Toronto) Elliott Arthur DUNN, 28, engineer, Ontario, 18 Summerhill Ave, s/o Charles H. DUNN (b. Ontario) & Etta Isabel GREEN, married Audrey Bruce PEARSON, 22, Toronto, 120 Forest Hill Rd, d/o John A. PEARSON (b. England) & Agnes MARSHALL, witn: Stewart Herbert PEPLER of 1599 Bathurst St & Agnes PEARSON of 120 Forest Hill Rd, 31 Jan 1925

1075-25 (Toronto) George Washington EARHART, 24, chauffeur, Ontario, 603 Church St, s/o James E. EARHART (b. Ontario) & Martha M. HAACKE, married Winnifred RIGBY, 19, clerk, England, 46 St James Ave, d/o John RIGBY (b. England) & Mary CONNEL, witn: Fred EARHART & Lillian EARHART both of 603 Church St, 2 Jan 1925

1076-25 (Toronto) Albert Alphonse EGAN, 31, Pullman conductor, Manitoba, 113 Chestnut St, Winnipeg Manitoba, s/o Patrick Joseph EGAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret DALY, married Hazel GREENWOOD, 27, Manitoba, 12 Maitland St, d/o Thomas GREENWOOD (b. Ontario) & Annie BROOKS, witn: Arthur Green & Mrs Arthur Green both of 404 Home St Winnipeg, 17 Jan 1925

1079-25 (Toronto) John ENRIGHT, 22, chauffeur, Toronto, same, s/o Cornelius ENRIGHT & Mary McCARTY, married Beatrice O'SHEA, 18, England, d/o Daniel O'SHEA & Ann HALE, witn: John MONGREAL & Florence SMITH both of Toronto, 15 Jan 1925 RC

1081-25 Steve EVANSKI, 28, shoe maker, Russia Poland, 49 Markham St., s/o Jack EVANSKI (b. Russian Poland) & Mary JUCASKA, married Nellie GENSHUR, 19, Ukraine, 49 Markham St., d/o Tony GENSHUR (b. Ukraine) & Josie DRAMEK, witn: Mike BOKEN & Mary GENSHUR, both of 49 Markham, 31 Jan 1925 at 205 John St.

4769-25 William Joseph Arthur FAIR, 29, barrister, Midland, Toronto, s/o William FAIR & Mary HETHERMAN, married Joanna Evelina HALLORAN, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Edward HALLORAN & Maria HANLON, witn: Marietta CASE of 39 Huntley St & Norman B. A. FAIR of 71 Breadalbane St both of Toronto on Sept. 29, 1925

1442-25 Michael FANNING, 78, farmer, widower, Adjala twp., Brampton, s/o Bartholomew FANNING & Anne COSGROVE, married Clara Elizabeth Knell Riley FLEET, 58, widow, New York USA, 33 Highfield Toronto, d/o John De WALDE & Mary FITZGERALD, witn: Mrs. M. HOBBS of 109 Birchmount & Mrs. E. KEOGH of 113 Brooklyn Ave, on Feb. 4, 1925 at Toronto

4767-25 Ettore FATTORI, 31, artist, Novilara Pesaro Italy, 1900 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o Giacomo FATTORI & Geltrude LANGHINI, married Ida MANDARINO, 19, Toronto, 19 Dufferin St same, d/o Antonio MANDARINO & Saveria DEROSE, witn: Lena & Joe MANDARINO of 422 Dundas St West, Lena GOSTABILE 278 Grace St & Eroldo FATTORI of 39 Division St all of Toronto on Sept. 30, 1925

1441-25 Leon FEINSOD, 27, merchant, USA, 355 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, s/o Harris FIENSOD (b. Russia) & Julia GUROFSKY, married Minnie POLAKOFF, 26, Toronto, 637 Euclid Ave. Toronto, d/o Barnet POLAKOFF (b. Russia) & Connie (?) LEVITEN, witn: L. GUROFSKY of 347 Markham St. Toronto & Rev. A. BARKIN of Beverley St. Toronto on Feb. 26, 1925 at York

4766-25 Stanley George FINBOW, 27, appraiser, Willisham Suffolk England, 587 Main St Toronto, s/o Horace George FINBOW & Anna Maria BALL, married Annie FRANKLAND, 23, Morley Yorkshire England, 70 Harris Ave Toronto, d/o Charles FRANKLAND & Louisa HARTLEY, witn: T. FRANKLAND of 70 Harris Ave & R. C. BOUNDY of 156 Boon Ave both of Toronto on Sept. 2, 1925 at Church of St Mary Magdelene

1434-25 Frederick Oscar FINN, 34, widower, General Agent for C.M. & St.P. railway, England, 902 Government St. in Victoria BC, s/o Henry Edmund FINN (b. England) & Emily Martha REDKNAP, married Jessie Ethelwyn McLAUGHLIN, 35, graduate nurse, Alberta, 59 "The Lindens" Bain Ave in Toronto, d/o John Wesley McLAUGHLIN (b. Ont) & Jessie WORTH, witn: Gertrude E. & H. R. GARRETT of 59 "The Lindens", 5 Feb 1925

4761-25 Harold FLAHERTY, 23, cartage agent, England, 86 Greensides Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph FLAHERTY (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann CROTHERS, married Olive Myrtle FUNSTION, 20, BTC operator, Ontario, 418 Westmount Ave Toronto, d/o Richard FUNSTION (b. Ontario) & Flora Jane MITCHELL, witn: Edyth May FUNSTION of 418 Westmount Ave & Frank GODDING of 46 Hendrick Ave both of Toronto on Sept. 16, 1925 at 90 Antrim

4768-25 Victor Garnet FLEWELL, 23, clerk, Toronto, 146 Dundas East same, s/o Charles FLEWELL & Wilhelmina TAYLOR, married Rebecca Wallace FERRIS, 21, stenographer, Belfast Ireland, 82 Hamilton St Toronto, d/o James FERRIS & Rebecca SMITH, witn: Eileen & Samuel Joseph FERRIS both of 82 Hamilton St Toronto on Sept. 28, 1925 at St. Bartholomew's Church

1440-25 Milton FORSEY, 28, Newfoundland, 306 Pennsylvania St. in Buffalo NY, s/o Robert F. FORSEY (b. Nfld) & Emma HICKMAN, married Amelia Jane ROSE, 27, Newfoundland, 1271A St. Clair West, d/o Thomas J. ROSE (b. Nfld) & Sarah NOEL, witn: H. M. AYER & Violet MARSHALL, both of Toronto, 24 Feb 1925

1444-25 Samuel GEDDES, 22, porcelain burner, Scotland, 1813 Macomber St. in Toledo Ohio, s/o John GEDDES (b. Scotland) & Margaret McKENZIE, married Agnes Logan McLELLAN, 25, thread worker, Scotland, 44 Boswell Ave. Toronto, d/o Alexander McLELLAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn: Mrs. Bertram NELLES & Bob NELLES both of 1328 King St. West Toronto on Feb. 2, 1925

4800-25 Louis Alphonsus GOSSELIN, 26, machinist, Toronto, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Thomas GOSSELIN & Catherine CADIGAN, married Violet Bessie WARREN, 22, clerk, England, Detroit Michigan USA, d/o James WARREN & Bessie RENTON, witn: Muriel GOSSELIN of Peterboro & Edward GUERIN of Detroit Michigan USA on Sept. 28, 1925


4776-25 Alfred Wesley GRAHAM, 30, barrister, Ontario, 167 Arlington Ave Toronto, s/o William GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Jane A. HOLLOWELL, married Olive Mildred CROFT, 27, secretary, Ontario, 87 MacPherson Ave Toronto, d/o George A. CROFT (b. Ontario) & Nettie Maud McBRIEN, witn: Clara K. ANDREWS of 90 Delaware Ave & Elizabeth A. POWELL of 100 Delaware Ave both of Toronto on Sept. 5, 1925 at 100 Delaware Ave

4773-25 Henry Arthur GRAHAM, 23, C.P.R. clerk, Toronto, 308 Indian Grove same, s/o Henry Arthur GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Elmira REYNOLDS, married Selena DOWSON, 22, milliner, Ontario, 298 Pacific Ave Toronto, d/o John DOWSON (b. England) & Annie WINER, witn: Chesley BROWN of Toronto & Mabel WINER of Morristown on Sept. 12, 1925

1452-25 Vito GRAMMARVIA, 26, cement finisher, Italy, Buffalo New York USA, s/o Michael GRAMMARVIA & Maria MACCINA, married Maraduca PUGALIESA, 18, finisher, Italy, Toronto, d/o Nicholas PUGALIESA & Maria DRAGONA, wtn: Alvira PANTELEO of 304 Dundas ST. W. & Leonard PANTELEO of 309 Dundas St. W. both of Toronto on Feb. 7, 1925

1451-25 Horace Jackson GRAY, 22, police constable, Ontario, 205 Bolton Ave. Toronto, s/o William John GRAY (b. Ontario) & Margaret STUART, married Martha Mullins HOWE, 25, clerk, England, 205 Bolton Ave. Toronto, d/o Edward HOWE (b. England) & Martha Ellen MULLINS, witn: Fannie HOWE of 205 Bolton Ave. Toronto & Sarah? GRAY of Ballantrae Ont. on Feb. 25, 1925 at St. Matthew's

1448-25 Robert GREASEN, 30, salesman, Ireland, 16 Selby St. Toronto, s/o Robert GREASEN (b. Ireland) & Madge HONEY, married Myrtle Georgina CLARKE, 32, assistant registrar, Ontario, 16 Selby St. Toronto, d/o George A. CLARK (sic) & Elizabeth DRURY, witn: Charlotte LITTLE & Alice BUCE both of 27 Park St. Toronto on Feb. 23, 1925

1449-25 James Johnston GREER, 28, manufacturing, Ireland, 12 Cavell Ave. Toronto, s/o William J. GREER (b. Ireland) & Sarah SINCLAIR, married Vioma Eileen LONG, 24, Toronto, 17 High park Gardens Toronto, d/o William LONG (b. Ontario) & Mabel DYER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. J. McCOY both of 229 Kingswood Rd. Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925 at 169 Alcona Ave.

1445-25 Theodore George GRUETZNER, 24, chemist, Preston, Hanover, s/o Theodore GRUETZNER (b. Cleveland Ohio) & Emma WITTER, married Irene Marie SCHWARK, 23, stenographer, Hanover, same, d/o Charles SCHWARK (b. Germany) & Fredrika SPRING, witn: May M. KNECHTEL of Hanover & Elmer C. WENDORF of Toronto on Feb. 4, 1925

1446-25 Nathan GREENSTEIN, 35, tailor, Russia/Poland, 106 Elizabeth St. Toronto, s/o Abraham GREENSTEIN (b. Russia/Poland) & Alta GARUTICH (?), married Esther GROSSMAN, 23, Russia/Poland, 685 Bay St. Toronto, d/o Mayer GROSSMAN & Perl PECHKONESNEY, witn: Sam SWARTZ of 137 Grange Ave. & Max STASEL of 285 Dundas West both of Toronto on Feb. 8, 1925

1447-25 Gordon Alfred GREIG, 24, box maker, Toronto, 64 Rhodes Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles GREIG (b. Ontario) & Maud SMITHSON, married Laura BECKETT, 19, box maker, Hamilton, 1228 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, d/o Samuel (b. Ontario) & Maud, witn: Armand & Gertie LEFEBVRE both of 170 Spadina Ave. Toronto on Feb. 7, 1925 at St. John's Church Norway

4789-25 Allen George GRIBBLE, 28, salesman, Toronto, 276 Beresford Ave same, s/o George Allen GRIBBLE (b. USA) & Phoebe DONOHOE, married Ina Jane McGRATH, 28, bookkeeper, Ontario, 1335 King St West Toronto, d/o Robert McGRATH (b. Ontario) & Alice MORTON, witn: Mrs. Phoebe GRIBBLE of 276 Beresford Ave & Mrs. Alice McGRATH of 1335 King St West both of Toronto on Sept. 16, 1925

1450-25 Cecil Percival Edward GRIMSHAW, 21, CNR brakeman, Toronto, 48 Rand St. Toronto, s/o John H. GRIMSHAW (b. Ireland) & Helen CLELAND, married Alice Hilda ADAMS, 22, graduate nurse, England, 130 Dunn Ave. Toronto, d/o Roland ADAMS (b. England) & Laura M. CHINERY, witn: Ralph E. FINKLE of 160 Geller Ave. & Jeanette MacDONELL of 202 Sorauren Ave both of Toronto on Feb. 28, 1925

4786-25 Frederick Norman GROOM, 25, shipper, Ontario, 70 Ascot Ave Toronto, s/o Leighton GROOM (b. England) & Mary J. PELLING, married Ethel Margaret KELEHER, 21, looper, Toronto, 93 Lindsay Ave same, d/o Humphrey KELEHER (b. Ireland) & Isabelle COOPER, witn: Humphrey KELEHER of 93 Lindsay Ave & Ada G. WOOD of 70 Ascot Ave both of Toronto on Sept. 24, 1925 at 77 Boon Ave

1463-25 Ellsworth Leighton HALL, 21, clerk, Toronto, 59 Florence St. Toronto, s/o Otto HALL (b. Ontario) & Maude MARSHMENT, married Verna Beatrice MARSHMENT, 21, clerk, Ontario, 59 Florence St. Toronto, d/o Richard MARSHMENT (b. Ontario) & Annie HARDY, witn: Ella E. HOLMES of Lindsay & Julia E. YOUNG of Toronto on Feb. 23, 1925

1124-25 Douglas Cameron HALLIDAY, 32, farmer, Ontario, Scarboro Junction, s/o Robert HALLIDAY (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SKINNER, married Camilla COLLIER, 31, England, Scarboro Junction, d/o Henry COLLIER (b. England) & Sabina VINCENT, witn: Mrs. M. L. GREGG & Miss Gertrude MEEK, both of 22 Beaty Ave., 14 Jan 1925

1467-25 Cyrus HANCOCK, 24, asst. dept manager, Toronto, 127 Glenmore Rd. Toronto, s/o Cyrus HANCOCK (b. England) & Charlotte DEGROFF, married Zoe Eugenie CORDIER, 18, Belgium, 87 Bowmore Rd. Toronto, d/o Desire CORDIER (b. Belgium) & Botilda GERALD, witn: Marie Louise CORDIER of 87 Bowmore Rd. & Benjamin HANCOCK of 75 Wrenson Rd. both of Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925

1126-25 Alfred Charles HANCOCK, 22, clerk, London England, 113 Pickering St., s/o Alfred Heron HANCOCK (b. England) & Nellie Mary DAY, married Glennette Olive FURLONG, 20, stenographer, Toronto, 307 Cedarvale Ave., d/o John Moses FURLONG (b. England) & Amelia POWELL, witn: Eric FRANCE of 222 Scarboro Rd & Marguerite HAMILTON of Waverly Rd., 7 Jan 1925
1127-25 William Jackson HANNIGAN, 21, clerk , Toronto, 14 McGee St., s/o Daniel HANNIGAN (b. Ont) & Beatrice JACKSON, married Isabel Evelyn DENNY, 20, book keeper, Ontario, 6 Rolyat St., d/o Thomas DENNY (b. England) & Madeline CLARKE, witn: Gordon A. BAILEY of 186 Kingston Rd & Mrs. Gertrude ROSE of 159 Leslie St., 24 Jan 1925 1129-25 William Herbert HARPER, 39, cabinet maker, Norwood Ont., Cooksville - Toronto twp., s/o John HARPER & Ellen KIRKPATRICK, married Edna ROBINSON, 24, clerk, Diskenfield England, Cooksville, d/o Joseph ROBINSON & Emma GEE, witn: Anna WRIGHT of 50 Nichol St. in Mt. Dennis & Leo Dominic HEARN of 160 Midland St., 3 Jan 1925
1130-25 Lester Arthur HARTMAN, 27, salesman, USA, 1193 Culver Rd in Rochester NY, s/o Albert HARTMAN (b. USA) & Lena FORSTER, married Martha Evelyn BLACK, 24, Ontario, Orangeville, d/o Nelson BLACK (b. Ont) & Sarah E. LEIGHTON, witn: Thomas F. & Alfaretta Ann BLACK of 486 St. Clarens Ave., 10 Jan 1925

1454-25 Matthew HARVEY, 36, club steward, Ireland, 7 College St. Toronto, s/o Lawrence HARVEY (b. Ireland) & Cathleen HAGAN, married Annie HARRISON, 37, England, 1635 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas HARRISON (b. England) & Elizabeth Jane CROFRICK?, witn: John HARRISON of 1635 Ossington Ave. & Hilda HARRISON of 414 Arlington Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 10, 1925

1132-25 Clarence Emerson HASTINGS, 31, adjuster, Toronto, 252 Russell Hill Rd., s/o Dr. Charles J. HASTINGS (b. Ont) & Allie HATCH, married Florence Elaine MYERS, 32, Ontario, 167 Arlington Ave., d/o William C. MYERS (b. USA) & Ida Florence JAY, witn: Edna SHERRING & A. E. HATCH, both of Toronto, 15 Jan 1925  
1133-25 John Strathearn HAY, 27, Toronto, 43 St. George St., s/o John D. HAY (b. Ont) & Eliz. S. HENDRIE, married Marion Auria BECK, 20, Ontario, London Ont., d/o Sir Adam BECK (b. Ont) & Lilian OTTAWAY, witn: Robert & Eliz. Strathearn HAY of 43 St. George St., 30 Jan 1925 1134-25 David Bernard HAYES, 26, postal clerk, England, 28 Wallace Ave., s/o John B. HAYES (b. Ireland) & Annie E. FOX, married Louise Ada LEONARD, 24, operator, England, 28 Wallace Ave., d/o Alfred J. LEONARD (b. England) & Ellen L. MOODY, witn: Harry & Maud OGDEN of 18 Day Ave., 31 Jan 1925 at St. Chads Church

1468-25 Arthur Raymond HEMBURROW, 22, illegible professional, Bristol England, 113 Roslin Ave. Toronto, s/o Arthur John HEMBURROW & Louisa Jane SMITH, married Doris Irene ADKINS, 21, London England, 422 St. Germain Ave. Toronto, d/o Henry John ADKINS & Elizabeth BACK, witn: Henry John ADKINS of 422 St. Germain Ave & Doris Louisa HEMBURROW of 113 Roslin Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 24, 1925 at St. Leonard's Church

1472-25 James William HICKLING, 21, lithographer, Nottingham England, Toronto, s/o Charles B. HICKLING & Margaret MARRIN, married Marguerite LAFFIN, 24, stenographer, Gananoque, Toronto, d/o Peter Francis LAFFIN & Mary Frances MARSHALL, witn: Loretta BISHOP of 321 Coxwell Ave. & Lawrence HICKLING of 33 Stacey St. both of Toronto on Feb. 23, 1925

1469-25 Francis HIGGINS, 32, automobile worker, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Francis HIGGINS & Ellen KELLY, married Mary Bridget PEABODY, 20, Southall England, 7 Bank St. Toronto, d/o William PEABODY & Mary KELLY, witn: Mary L. MURPHY of 21 Shirley St. & Charles PRICE of 25 Hannaford Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 24, 1925

1471-25 Leo Anthony Joseph HIGGINS, 22, piano worker, Toronto, same, s/o Patrick HIGGINS & Mary CRUISE, married Hazel Margaret HEAD, 19, Peterboro, Toronto, d/o William HEAD & Sadie HEATTON, witn: Lillian MURPHY of 29 St. Clarens Ave. & Joseph FORHAN of 1745 Dundas St. West both of Toronto on Feb. 11, 1925

1135-25 Ralph Charlton HIGGINS, 21, fruiterer, Toronto, 12 Hambly Ave., s/o Ned CHARLTON (b. USA) & Mary Caroline JACKLIN (Tomlin?), married Irene May McDONALD, 20, Toronto, 169 Withern St., d/o William Alfred McDONALD (b. USA) & Frances Charlotte LEWIS, witn: Eleazer S. KENDALL of 19 Kippendale Cres & Catherine H. DAVIS of 120 St. David St., 17 Jan 1925 at St. Barnabas Church 1136-25 Edward Earle HILL, 23, clerk, USA, 12, Decatar St. in Brooklyn NY, s/o George W. HILL (b. Saskatchewan) & Mary E. MARSH, married Edna Marie BAYARD, 25, Toronto, 715 Dufferin St., d/o Antoine BAYARD (b. Quebec) & Margaret RYAN, witn: Joseph & Philomene BAYARD of 715 Dufferin St., 3 Jan 1925

1459-25 Francis Charles HINTON, 23, rubber worker, Ontario, 22 16th St. New Toronto, s/o Charles HINTON (b. England) & Margaret TIVNON?, married Anna Dolores BEAUPRE, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 1028 Bloor St. West Toronto, d/o Peter BEAUPRE (b. Ontario) & Helen SMALL, witn: Arthur LEMOND of 21 Strathcona Ave. Hamilton & Catherine BOWES of 1028 Bloor St. West Toronto on Feb. 7, 1925

1138-25 William Gordon HODGSON, 31, brewer, Toronto, 10 Bellwoods Ave., s/o Charles HODGSON (b. England) & Mary Ann HUDSON, married Norman TAYLOR, 32, book keeper, Ontario, 1425 Queen St. West, d/o John TAYLOR (b. Ont) & Henrietta BIGGAR, witn: Frederick Beatty ANTHONY of 93 Spencer Ave & Otto Elmer JENKINSON of 502 Crawford St., 10 Jan 1925 at Church of the Epiphany

1461-25 John Britton HOLDEN, 28, jewelry polisher, Toronto, 3 Castle Frank Road Toronto, s/o John HOLDEN (b. England) & Mary Ann McLENNAN, married Elizabeth STEPHENS, 25, operator, Toronto, 35 Fern Ave. in Toronto, d/o James STEPHENS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth LUCAS, witn: C. R. & Mary H. W. HARTLEY both of 63 Bellwood Ave. Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925 at St. Matthias Church

1462-25 Albert HOLDENBY, 25, CNR clerk, Islington, Mimico, s/o George William HOLDENBY & Mary Ann SINCLAIR, married Mary MORRICE, 26, Aberdeen Scotland, Mimico, d/o Alex & Sarah, witn: J. E. BROWN of 42 Third St. New Toronto & Violet BENTLEY of 1129 Davenport Road Toronto on Feb. 21, 1925

1470-25 Parker HOLDSWORTH, 29, clerk, Weston, 24 Wyndham Toronto, s/o Theodore HOLDSWORTH & Elizabeth HUMPHRIES, married Mary Cliffe SHASBY, 25, Radcliffe England, Toronto, d/o Arthur H. SHASBY & Margaret Ann MILLINGTON, witn: Mrs. Nora WAREHAM of 1727 Dundas & Ronald BECK of 66 St. Clarens both of Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925

1458-25 Arthur Lytle HOLMAN, 34, mechanic, Ontario, 22 Mountjoy Ave. Toronto, s/o Henry HOLMAN (b. Ontario) & Martha LYTLE, married Ada Gertrude WALKER, 34, Ontario, Myrtle Station Ont., d/o William WALKER (b. Ontario) & Jane WIGHTON, witn: E. A. HUNTER of 923 Logan Ave. & J. S. MURRAY 193 Fulton both of Toronto on Feb. 4, 1925

  1140-25 George Percy HOLMES, 26, letter carrier, England, 276 Bartlett Ave., s/o George HOLMES (b. England) & Agnes PLANNER, married Winnifred Eva BENTLEY, 30, drapery operator, England, 276 Bartlett Ave., d/o Frederick BENTLEY (b. England) & Ada PLANNER, witn: Walter BENTLEY of 276 Bartlett Ave & Marjorie GLEW of 58 Stibbard Ave., 31 Jan 1925 at St. Edmunds Church
1141-25 Edward William HOSKING, 19, truck driver, Ontario, 359 Rhodes Ave., s/o William Henry HOSKING (b. England) & Ann Mary CAYSKETT?, married Lily Eva May MARKER, 17, England, 202 Woodfield Rd., d/o Thomas? Arthur MARKER (b. England) & Eva JENNINGS?, witn: T. A. MARKER of 202 Woodfield & A.M. HOSKING of 359 Rhodes Ave., 15 Jan 1925

1457-25 Robert HOUSTON, 23, electrician, Scotland, 3526 Woodward Ave. Detroit Mich. USA, s/o Robert HOUSTON (b. Scotland) & Isabel GALLOWAY, married Agnes Bayham JOHNSTON, 22, operator, Scotland, 213 Palmerston Ave. Toronto d/o William JOHNSTON (b. Scotland) & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Christine JOHNSTON & L. H. MacARTHUR both of Toronto on Feb. 7, 1925

1460-25 Robert George Clarence HOWARD, 26, steam fitter, Ontario, 4 Strathcona Ave. East Toronto, s/o George HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Martha PATTERSON, married Barbara Maud NORMAN, 19, lady's companion, England, Inglewood Drive Toronto, d/o George NORMAN (b. England) & Marion NYLAND, witn: F. & Annie M. MacKENZIE both of 7 Glebe Road East Toronto on Feb. 17, 1925

1142-25 Ernest Ford HOWARD, 26, bond broker, Quebec, 81 Irving Place in New York City, s/o Ernest HOWARD (b. Quebec) & Rebecca JONES, married Zina Hope McCARTHY, 22, Ontario, 45 Walmer Rd., d/o Leighton McCARTHY (b. Ont) & Muriel CAMPBELL, witn: Gordon INCE & Leighton McCARTHY, both of Toronto, 3 Jan 1925 at St. James Cathedral
1143-25 Daniel HOWELLS, 37, engineer, Wales, 56 Murray St., s/o Daniel HOWELLS (b. Wales) & Margaret NORTON, married Josephine Simpson GORDON, 22, domestic, Scotland, 53 McGill St., d/o Arthur GORDON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth M. S. SIMPSON, witn: W.J. TABER & Muriel TANNER, both of Toronto, 5 Jan 1925 at 509 Annette St.  

1464-25 Robert HOY, 25, hotel porter, China, 124 University Ave. Toronto, s/o Sam HOY (b. China) & Florence HYE, married Annie BRANNON, 20, waitress, Ireland, 228 Dundas St. West Toronto, d/o John BRANNON (b. Ireland) & Sarah MIDDLETON, witn: David SAM of 124 University Ave. & Eleanor LYNN of 1 Sykes Ave both of Toronto on Feb. 21, 1925

1144-25 Finely Blake HOY, 35, farmer, Ontario, Scotsguard Sask., s/o Richard HOY (b. Ont) & Elizabeth SIRR, married Marie Leda MONTROY, 22, Ontario, Mattawa, d/o Louis MONTROY (b. Ont) & Emma DOUCHETTE, witn: Mrs. TURNER of 559 Broadview & Mrs. W. Hardy ANDREWS of 561 Broadview, 23 Jan 1925 at 361 Broadview Ave.

1466-25 George Stephen HUDSON, 24, agent, Niagara Falls, 108 Curzon St. Toronto, s/o no parents names given, married Dorothy Annie Jessie ROWORTH, 21, Toronto, 1 Schadel Ave. Toronto, d/o no parents names given, witn: Thomas A. FIFE of 588 St. Clarens Ave & Marguerite E. LEWIS of 110 Curzon St. both of Toronto on Feb. 28, 1925 at St. Barnabas Church

1453-25 Cecil Walter HUGHES, 21, clothes presser, Ontario, 18 Maple Grove Toronto, s/o John William HUGHES (b. Ontario) & Alice COLLIER, married Nellie Louise WELLS, 20, Toronto, 534 Dufferin St. Toronto, d/o William WELLS (b. England) & Margaret Louise FLANDERS, witn: John HUGHES of 18 Maple Grove Ave. & Ivy M. SMALLEY of 415 Dufferin St. both of Toronto on Feb. 2, 1925

1465-25 William George HUGHES, 27, cartage agent, England, 188 Osler Ave. Toronto, s/o Henry J. HUGHES (b. England) & Elizabeth LEGROUX, married Minnie REMINGTON , 22, box maker, England, 2 Lappin Ave. Toronto, d/o Edwin REMINGTON (b. England) & Susan DODGE, witn: A. REMINGTON & H. J. HUGHES both of Toronto on Feb. 28, 1925

1455-25 William HUNTER, 26, labourer, Scotland, McKinney Hotel Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o James HUNTER (b. Scotland) & Jane MacDONALD, married Mary CRAWFORD, 26, rubber worker, Scotland, 20 Oak St. Toronto, d/o William CRAWFORD (b. Scotland) & Janet HOUSTON, witn: Dudley GEEN of 9 Clarence Sq. & Agnes McARTHUR of 20 Oak St. both of Toronto on Feb. 5, 1925

1145-25 William Edward HUSON, 22, Salvation Army officer, England, 93 Beresford Ave., s/o Frank HUSON (b. England) & Elizabeth OAKLEY, married Catherine Emma Vera RUSSELL, 27, India, 128 Erie Ave in Brantford, d/o John RUSSELL (b. England) & Sarah Jane UNWIN, witn: Mrs. Ada MONK of 2025 Yonge St. & Mrs. A. M. MacKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd., 7 Jan 1925
1146-25 Oliver Armstrong HUTCHISON, 43, branch manager, Ontario, 1480 Yonge St., s/o Alexander HUTCHISON (b. Scotland) & Eliz. OLIVER, married Margaret TULLOCH, 40, buyer, Ontario, 576 Sherbourne St., d/o James TULLOCH (b. Ont) & Han. ANDERSON, win: Ann? M. HUTCHISON & Elmer M. WOOD, both of Toronto, 28 Jan 1925 at Knox Church

1456-25 Percy Harold HUTT, 22, tool maker, England, 216 Boon Ave. Toronto, s/o John Edward HUTT (b. England) & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, married Mary Elizabeth UPTON, 24, milliner, Ireland, 450 Symington Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas Edward UPTON (b. Ireland) & Martha WHITE, witn: J. ROBERTSON & Betty BRYAN both of Toronto on Feb. 7, 1925

1149-25 Godfrey Edward JACKSON, 21, electrician, Toronto, 368 Brock Ave., s/o Joseph Walter JACKSON (b. England) & Justina S. PALMER, married Emma BEAUREGARD, 20, Ontario, 1060 College St., d/o Louis BEAUREGARD (b. Quebec) & Eva DOYLE, witn: Justina Sarah & Joseph Walter JACKSON of 368 Brock Ave., 22 Jan 1925

1481-25 James JACKSON, 52, labourer, widower, England, 588 Dundas St. East Toronto, s/o John JACKSON (b. England) & Mary GREEN, married Anna Hephzibah CADY, 42, England, 106 Westlake Ave. Toronto, d/o David CADY (b. England) & not given MITCHLEY, witn: John W. & Lily B. CADY both of 106 Westlake Ave. Toronto on Feb. 25, 1925

1150-25 Charles JAMIESON, 17, parceller, Toronto, 932 Eastern Ave., s/o Charles JAMIESON (b. Ont) & Mildred HOLMAN, married Margaret PAQUETTE, 16, inspector, Toronto, 8 Power St., d/o Joseph PAQUETTE (b. Quebec) & Josephine McGUINN, witn: Alfred PRICE of 197 Davenport Rd & Edna JAMIESON of 932 Eastern Ave., 19 Jan 1925 1151-25 Alfred John Bathie JAPP, 26, tractor driver, Scotland, 858 Carlaw Ave., s/o Charles JAPP (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann BATHIE, married Helen JAPP, 25, domestic, Scotland, 56 Milverton Blvd., d/o Alexander JAPP (b. Scotland) & Helen CRUICKSHANK, witn: Margaret Ann PAUL & James Hay JAPP, both of 56 Milverton Blvd., 31 Jan 1925

1482-25 Donald James JEFFREY, 25, salesman, Ontario, 27 Chicora Ave. Toronto, s/o James Duncan JEFFREY (b. Ontario) & Jeanie Maud MacFADDEN, married Adeline Eleanor Hamilton HOWARD, 26, Toronto, 13 Ferndale Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard Henry HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Eleanor Graham HAMILTON, witn: Richard Henry HOWARD & Evelyn Irene SARSOLEIL? on Feb. 17, 1925

1480-25 Walter Charles Thomas JENKINS, 58, retired, widower, Ontario, 15 Quebec St. Kingston, s/o John JENKINS (b. England) & Anna COUCH, married Maria Adelaide OKE, 58, widow, Ontario, 90 Pears Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard Thomas PHILPS, (b. Ontario) & Ann POLLARD, witn: William Thomas SWEET of 90 Pears Ave & Elizabeth A. POWELL of 105 Bernard Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925 at 90 Pears Ave

1152-25 Thomas Donald JENKINS, 24, motion picture operator, England, 1344 Ossington Ave., s/o Thomas JENKINS (b. England) & Nellie GRAHAM, married Viola MIDDLETON, 21, clerk, Ontario, Uxbridge, d/o Matthew MIDDLETON (b. Ont) & Annie WALKER, witn: Fred JENKINS & Robert MARTIN, both of Toronto, 3 Jan 1925
1153-25 Albert JESSEL, 24, grocer, Russia, 237 Clinton St., s/o Harry JESSEL (b. Russia) & Hanna TAPTENOW, married Sadye SPRING, 20, USA, 37 Beverley St. in Galt, d/o Harry SPRING (b. Austria) & Bessie SCHNEW, witn: C. L. STEIN of 86 Gordon St. in Guelph & J. KRIVY? of 589 Dundas St. West, 4 Jan 1925 1154-25 William Ephraim JESSOW (Jesson?), 22, England, New Toronto, s/o Shadrick JESSOW & Margaret BONIFACE, married Ann Viola STOKES, 21, Toronto, same, d/o William STOKES & Mabel COOK, witn: V. T. PEGG of 148 22nd St. in New Toronto & Florence FORHAN of 456 Clinton St., 31 Jan 1925
1155-25 David Orr JOHNSON, 23, contractor, USA, 20 Edgar Ave., s/o David Orr JOHNSON (b. USA) & Ethel WELLINGTON, married Consuela Adelaide MORRIS, 23, librarian, Ontario, 98 Indian Grove, d/o Nathaniel MORRIS (b. Ont) & Rebecca WOOD, witn: Jeannette JOHNSON of New York & Arthur D. T. PURDY of Toronto, 31 Jan 1925 at Howard Park Church 1156-25 William Alexander JOHNSON, 67, widower, retired farmer, Ontario, 207 Gladstone Ave., s/o Thomas JOHNSON (b. Scotland) & Jannet LAING, married Sarah HAMILTON, 58, widow, Ireland, 207 Gladstone Ave., d/o Samuel BURGESS (b. Ireland) & Margaret KERR, witn: Ernest HAMILTON & Jane McDONALD, both of Toronto, 16 Jan 1925

1479-25 John Raymond Joseph JOHNSTON, 19, sheet metal worker, England, 192 Duchess St. Toronto, s/o John Alexander JOHNSTON (b. England) & Elizabeth ROWE, married Mary Ellen BROWN, 19, cotton spinner, England, 129 Parliament St. Toronto, d/o William Thomas BROWN (b. England) & Mary HANTON, witn: Beatrice J. DAVISON & Mary COOK both of 83 Power St. Toronto on Feb. 21, 1925

1483-25 Charles Mervyn JONES, 20, clerk, Toronto, 54 Beatrice St. Toronto, s/o Charles A. JONES (b. Ontario) & Mary PURVIS, married Gladys Mary WALLACE, 19, Toronto, 373 Harbord St. Toronto, d/o Joseph WALLACE (b. Ontario) & Annie DOLAN, witn: Elizabeth JOHNSTON of 113 Glendenan Ave. & Ada TOOGOOD of 57 Honslow Heath Rd. both of Toronto on Feb. 14, 1925

1157-25 John Murray JUBAS (Jubis?), 22, news vendor, Poland, 73 Maria St., s/o Moses JUBAS (b. Poland) & Decie? CHAPPUTS?, married Rose ALTWEYER, 19, clerk, England, 2267 Dundas St. West, d/o Solomon ALTWEYER (b. Poland) & Sarah CHATARFSKY?, witn: A. MINTZ of 250 Spadina Ave & R. FLEISCHMAN of 20 Major St., 4 Jan 1925

1484-25 Albert JUSSKOWSKI, 29, labourer, Poland, 471 Richmond St. Toronto, s/o Felix JUSSKOWSKI & Justina GOUREK (?), married Josephine BERNAT, 20, Poland, 76 Nelson Toronto, d/o John BERNAT & Mary KALINSKA, witn: Julia SJATZ of 40 Tecumseth & Peter SANKOW of 30 Pelham both of Toronto on Feb. 14, 1925

1494-25 Vaino KAJANDER, 28, painter, Finland, 126 Peter St. Toronto, s/o John Stefan KAJANDER (b. Finland) & Minde Wilhelmina RUSIN, married Bertha RAITO, 22, Finland, 126 Peter St. Toronto, d/o Viktori RAITO (b. Finland) & Ida HOHN, witn: Viktori EDIJALO of 69 Sullivan St. & Elija PASVOLA of 44 Mitchell Ave both of Toronto on Feb. 16, 1925

1158-25 Nickolas KANAS, 34, skin & scalp specialist, Greece, 58 Ellerbeck Ave., s/o Paul KANAS (b. Greece) & Mary KANAS, married Stasa ANASTASIADOS, 22, Greece, 168 Dovercourt Rd., d/o George ANASTASIADOS (b. Greece) & Katherine, witn: J. WHITE & Miss ARMSTRONG, both of 166 Jarvis St., 18 Jan 1925

1491-25 Hjalmar Martin KARLSON, 32, gardener, Finland, 70 Grange Ave. Toronto, s/o John Task KARLSON (b. Finland) & Maria Matilda LINDBERG, married Karin Elizabeth ROSENGREN, 25, cook, Finland, Bond Lake Ontario, d/o Anders Victor ROSENGREN (b. Finland) & Amanda ANDERSON, witn: S N. O. illegible & Ann Augers DURHAM both of Oak Ridges P. O. on Feb. 18, 1925

1159-25 David KAZDAN, 22, furrier, Russia, 113 Borden St., s/o Israel KAZDAN (b. Russia) & Gertie FRANKLIN, married Clara STRATHMAN, 19, stenographer, Roumania, 142 Bellwoods Ave., d/o Isaac STRATHMAN (b. Roumania) & Eva MARKOVITZ, witn: J. HOROWITZ of 142 Bellwoods Ave & S. BORENBERG of 150A Palmerston Ave., 11 Jan 1925

1488-25 Burton William KEARNS, 21, clerk, Ontario, 316 Glendale Ave. Toronto, s/o Wilmett Francis KEARNS (b. Ontario) & Margaret COBEAU, married Ferne Alveda CHAPMAN, 18, Ontario, 316 Glenholme Ave. Toronto, d/o John Henry CHAPMAN (b. Ontario) & Ethel Alice TYREMAN, witn: John Henry CHAPMAN of Kincardine & J. J. WEIR of Toronto on Feb. 6, 1925

1160-25 Charles Dundonald KELSEY, 25, assistant accountant, Ontario, 30 Metcalfe St., s/o William KELSEY (b. Ont) & Minnie MENZIES, married Katherine Margaret HILL, 27, book keeper, Ontario, 596 Windermere Ave., d/o Joseph B. HILL (b. Ont) & Katherine MacARTHUR, witn: Hector & Mrs. H. M. SIMPSON of 223B Roncesvalles Ave., 17 Jan 1925
1161-25 Stewart Duncan McDonald KERR, 22, clerk, England, 208 Willow Ave., s/o Alexander McDonald KERR (b. England) & Evelyn CARSTANCE?, married Ilma Selena SHADDOCK, 21, telephone operator, Ontario, 133 Lee Ave., d/o Richard SHADDOCK (b. England) & Esther Hettie BEER, witn: Gilbert HODDER of 124 Pine Ave & Elia? SHADDOCK of 133 Lee Ave., 29 Jan 1925 at St. Johns Norway

1486-25 Leslie Gordon KEMBLEY, 36, clerk, Toronto, 77 Albertus Ave. Toronto, s/o George KEMBLEY (b. England) & Mary W. ROBERTS, married Mabel Amelia CAMPBELL, 38, widow, Ontario, 77 Albertus Ave. Toronto, d/o James McKAGUE (b. Ireland) & Emily GILES, witn: Ruth CAMPBELL of 77 Albertus Ave. & Effie MacLEAN OF Selby Hotel both of Toronto on Feb. 9, 1925

1497-25 William George KEMP, 25, salesman, Kinburn, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o John Hazelwood KEMP & Eliza Jane CAVANAGH, married Ruby MacQUIRE, 27, clerk, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Edward Loraine MacQUIRE & Mary Ann THOMSON, witn: Arthur J. WOOD of 2 Norfolk St. Guelph & Helen MacQUIRE of 124 King St. West Toronto on Feb. 26, 1925

1492-25 Harold James KENDALL, 21, surveyor, Toronto, 47 Denison St. Toronto, s/o William James KENDALL (b. Ontario) & Sarah McMULKIN, married Marion Elma LAKE, 22, stenographer, Ontario, 280 Bloor ST. West Toronto, d/o Elmer Josiah LAKE (b. Ontario) & Annie Margaret MINAKER, witn: Jean L. LAIDLAW of 40 Hillsdale Ave. West & Electa ARNOLD of 16 Maitland St. both of Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925

1493-25 David KIDD, 21, clerk, Scotland, 888 College St. Toronto, s/o David KIDD (b. Scotland) & Isabel McNAB, married Georgina Dunnet Hunter SINCLAIR, 20, operator, Scotland, 521 Parliament St. Toronto, d/o Nichol SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Georgina HUNTER, witn: A. M. & A. L. MacKENZIE both of Glebe Rd. Toronto on Feb. 21, 1925

1495-25 Joseph Henry KIMBER, 24, salesman, England, 534 Parliament St. Toronto, s/o Herbert KIMBER (b. England) & not known (sic), married Matilda Alberta RUSSELL, 19, chocolate dipper, Ontario, 66 Market St. Toronto, d/o Francis M. RUSSELL (b. Ontario) & Nina McNALL, witn: Mrs. Nina RUSSELL & W. H. NICHOLS both of Toronto on Feb. 27, 1925

1162-25 Ernest Harvey KING, 26, banker, Ontario, 1202 Ferdinand Ave in Detroit, s/o Ernest A. KING (b. Ont) & Rachel CLEGG, married Mabel Christena DICKSON, 19, Ontario, 1016 St. Clarens Ave., d/o George DICKSON (b. Ont) & Eliza TOVELL, witn: Ruth GOY of 133 Northcliffe Blvd & Robert Ernest DICKSON of Aurora Ont., 5 Jan 1925 1163-25 Joseph KING, 27, carpenter, Ireland, 458 60th St. in Brooklyn NY, s/o John KING (b. Ireland) & Alice STEWART, married Maud Elizabeth ALLEN, 24, Ireland, 626 Woodbine Ave., d/o Benjamin ALLEN (b. Ireland) & Annie WALLACE, witn: Agnes KERNAGHAN & Robert DOHERTY, both of 626 WOODBINE Ave, 2 Jan 1925

1449-25 George KING, 19, labourer, Scotland, 158 Bartlett Ave. Toronto, s/o William KING (b. Scotland) & Mary CLARK, married Jessie Georgina KING, 19, Toronto, 695 Jane St. Toronto, d/o William KING & Jessie Georgina MOSS, witn: Velma KING of 695 Jane St. & Herbert SMITH of 537 Clendening Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 12, 1925 at Scarlett Plains, West Toronto

1164-25 Robert Thompson KIRK, 30, insurance agent, Ireland, 19 Page St., s/o John KIRK (b. Ireland) & Elanor THOMPSON, married Annie Devine NUTT, 26, Scotland, 46 Harbord St., d/o not known, witn: G.J. & D.H. COATES of 46 Harbord St., 1 Jan 1925 at 46 Harbord St.

1496-25 Lambro KIROFF, 23, shoe shine, Macedonia, 198 Mulock Ave. Toronto, s/o not given KIROFF (b. Macedonia) & Elena KATEVA (?), married Christina VALIANOVA, 23, Macedonia, 187 Mulock Ave. Toronto, d/o William VALIANOVA (b. Macedonia) & Vasilka ZEGRAFFOVA (?), witn: Bofin VICALOFF of 145 Niagara (?) St. & Manos ANDONOFF of 615 Keele St. both of Toronto on Feb. 22, 1925

1490-25 Ronald Charles KNIGHT, 19, apprentice bricklayer, England, 2389 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o Frank C. KNIGHT (b. England) & Mary BORNE, married Jessie Morrison HUGHES, 18, Scotland, 1395 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o James M. HUGHES (b. Scotland) & Mary CROFT, witn: George LOTHIAN of 143 Emerson Ave. & Agnes MacGREGOR of 291 Wallace Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 6, 1925

1485-25 David Erle KNILL, 24, farmer, Ontario, R. R. 1 Princeton Ontario, s/o George KNILL (b. Ontario) & Annie BRASS, married Margaret MURRAY, 19, Scotland, 64 Sydenham St. Toronto, d/o David MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Mary GILLESPIE (deceased sic), witn: Ken ROBERTSON of 54 Fairleigh Cres in Hamilton & Violet M. DONALDSON of 105 Glenholme Ave. Toronto on Feb. 14, 1925 at Metropolitan Parsonage

1165-25 Robert Edward KNOWLES, 19, gentleman, Ontario, 256 Heath St. West, s/o Robert Edward KNOWLES (b. Ont) & Emma Katherine JONES, married Audrey GALVIN, 20, teacher, Toronto, 350 Sunnyside Ave., d/o William James GALVIN (b. Ont) & Edna Amelia SMITH, witn: Mildred J. TURNBULL of 9 Queens Park & Stephen M. JONES of 225 Cottingham St., 8 Jan 1925

1498-25 Gregory KORZ, 34, labourer, Kluky-Jaravzega (?) Ukraine, 276 Seventh St. New Toronto, s/o Anthony KORZ & Eudsike LAMOZIVAIR, married Mary WORONCZEY (?), 18, Ladyky mote Jerchovla Galacia, 263 Franklin Ave. Toronto, d/o Andrew WORONCZEY & Anasthasia VUDYIVA, witn: P. ZYLAWY of 263 Franklin Ave. Toronto & J. SIROTINLH of 267 7th St. New Toronto on Feb. 14, 1925

1487-25 George KWONG, 25, waiter, China, 146 Dundas St. West Toronto, s/o Sam KWONG (b. China) & Wong Kwong SEE, married Margaret LE CROIX, 26, waitress, Ontario, 119 John St. Toronto, d/o Peter LE CROIX (b. Ontario) & Amelia MICHASU?, witn: Mrs. E. BIRCH of 66 Elm St. & Grant LUNN (Lum?) of 1075 College St. both of Toronto on Feb. 7, 1925


1166-25 Leo LALCHUCK, 33, farmer, Russia, 56 Leonard Ave., s/o Hyman LALCHUCK (b. Russia) & Bessie MOORAFKIN, married Bertha BLASHOWSKY, 27, tailoress, Russia, 56 Leonard Ave., d/o Israel BLASHOWSKY (b. Russia) & Dinah HABERMANN, witn: Mr. Isaac WARCHOVSKY of 333 Palmerston Blvd & Mr. Wolfe GOLD of 1006 Bathurst St., 30 Jan 1925

1511-25 Norman William LANG, 26, electrician, Toronto, 1961 Queen St. East Toronto, s/o Albert LANG (b. Ontario) & Maud BURCH, married Eva Agnes REID, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 49 Hook Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph David REID (b. Ontario) & Florence NEALLY?, witn: Daisy illegible KEE of 958 St. Clair Ave. & Thomas REID of 49 Hook Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925

1508-25 Frederick William LANGFELD, 19, car cleaner CNR, Toronto, 631 Pape Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles LANGFELD (b. England) & Mary WALKER, married Florence Helena DOW, 19, milliner, Manitoba, 13 Cruickshank Ave. Toronto, d/o Donald DOW (b. Scotland) & Bessie ELLIS, witn: L. LANGFELD of Toronto & M. MacCALLUM of 224 Havelock St. Toronto on Feb. 27, 1925

001512-25 Michael LAPCZUK (LAYCZUK?), 23, laborer, Nastasow Ternopol Galacia, 49 Rushbrooke Ave., s/o John LAPCZUK & Anna BYCZYK married Tekla YADERNIUK, 18, Winnipeg Manitoba, 136 Portland St., d/o Andrew YADERNIUK & Tatianna KISZCZAK, witn: J. TELEWIAK of 2 ½ Palmerston Ave. & A. YUZYK of 49 Rushbrooke Ave., 12 February 1925 1167-25 Alexander LAUDER, 36, soldier, Scotland, Stanley Barracks in Toronto, s/o Charles LAUDER (b. Scotland) & Susan WHYTE, married Isabel GRANT, 35, widow, domestic, Scotland, 86 Stafford St., d/o David HENDERSON (b. Scotland) & Ann MOWAT, witn: Walter Thomas MERCER & Josephine RYAN, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1925
1168-25 Joseph Henri Lucien LAPOINTE, 25, organ builder, St. Hyacinthe, same, s/o Alphonse LAPOINTE & Albina COTE, married Marie Anna ETHIER, 27, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Jean Baptiste ETHIER & Alphonsine HOMIER? (Hausier?), witn: Lucien ETHER of 174 Henard? Ave & Henri ETHIER of 902 Woodbine Ave, 20 Jan 1925 1169-25 Charles LASKING, 19, painter, Toronto, 390 Ossington Ave., s/o Frank LASKING (b. Toronto) & Sarah DOWNING, married Reta CAUFIELD, 19, assistant, Toronto, same, d/o Arthur CAUFIELD (b. Toronto) & Elizabeth OLDHAM, witn: E. W. & Mrs. E.W. SIMS of Euclid Ave., 23 Jan 1925
1170-25 Frederick Alfred LAROSE, 36, machinist, Ontario, RR1 Weston, s/o Ninevah August LAROSE (b. Ont) & Isabel MONTGOMERY, married Edna May COUTANCHE, 28, Toronto, 33 Metham? St., d/o Francis COUTANCHE (b. Channel Islands) & Anna Maria KENNEDY, witn: James BAGG of Lavendar Rd & Evelyn LODMAN of 2 Orla Ave in Mt. Dennis, 24 Jan 1925 at St. Johns Road Baptist Church

1500-25 John Thomas LEE, 22, furrier, Quebec, 206 First Ave. Toronto, s/o James LEE (b. England) & Emma DONATT, married Olive Belford WINSLOW, 19, Ontario, 185 Jarvis St. Toronto, d/o Percival Charles WINSLOW (b. Ontario) & Matilda Louise LIGGETT, witn: Ernest BARCHARD & Nan HENDERSON both of 256 First Ave. Toronto on Feb. 14, 1925 at Trinity Church

1171-25 Sydney George LEGGATT, 24, bronze plating, England, 166 Franklin Ave., s/o Charles Henry (b. England) & Maud GOUCHER, married Annie Viola CAPELL, 19, Toronto, 69 Macdonell Ave., d/o George William (b. England) & Harriet Ann BLAKE, witn: C. B. PARKER of 32 College St. & Julia B. BRYCE of 358 Wolverleigh Blvd., 31 Jan 1925

1505-25 Osmond Alwynn LENNON, 27, labourer, Ireland, 207 Gladstone Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert LENNON (b. Ireland) & Margaret BELL, married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 23, Ireland, 12 Garden St. Toronto, d/o David JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Margaret L. HAMILTON, witn: Martha GOURLAY of 120 Dowling Ave. & Joseph BARNETT of 181 Sheridan Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 18, 1925

1172-25 Arthur James LEONARD, 22, railroad man, Toronto, 171 Dufferin St., s/o Frederick LEONARD (b. Ont) & Charlotte SUMMERS, married Violet SQUIRE, 24, Toronto, 22 Essex Ave., d/o Thomas SQUIRES (sic) & Minnie LABEAU, witn: Mary SKEY of Toronto & Helen RODGERS of Kirkland Lake, 16 Jan 1925 1173-25 Arnett Lionel LESLIE, 23, radio apparatus mfr., Toronto, 685 Shaw St., s/o Arnett LESLIE (b. Ireland) & Charlotte HODSON, married Evelyn Marina HOYER, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 37 Ridley Gardens, d/o Mark HOYER (b. Norway) & Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: J. LESLIE & M. WATSON, both of Toronto, 17 Jan 1925
1174-25 Thomas Idris LEWIS, 32, steel worker, Wales, 124 Oak St. in Wyandotte Mich., s/o Thomas Ellis LEWIS (b. Wales) & Ann DAVIES, married Rose LLOYD, 25, England, 25 Inglewood Dr., d/o Simon LLOYD (b. England) & Eleanor MILLS, witn: Miss Nelly? GRIFFITHS of 906 Bloor St. & Lester Godfrey EVANS of Detroit, 30 Jan 1925 at 25 Inglewood Dr

1504-25 Philip LEWIS, 25, manufacturer, England, 292 Roxton Road Toronto, s/o Pafael LEWIS (b. Russia) & Sarah RATOEN, married Dorothy WOLOWITZ, 22, bookkeeper, Russia, 94 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o Harry WOLOWITZ (b. Russia) & Sonia YASSEN, witn: Benjamin ?--ANES of 369 Manning Ave. & Ely BLOOM of 227 Maria both of Toronto on Feb. 22, 1925

1175-25 Favaro LIBERALE, 31, cook, Italy, Toronto, s/o Angelo LIBERALE & Julis TORESAN, married Catherine ODIARDI, 25, Italy, Toronto, d/o Baptiste ODIARDI & Barbara FRANCO, witn: Louis CALZAVORA & Orsolia ADRAIDO, both of Toronto, 27 Jan 1925

1503-25 Thomas LINES, 58, builder, England, 84 Cloverlawn Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas LINES (b. England) & mother unknown (sic), married Jane Ann BEAUMONT, 48, England, Bishop Strachan School Toronto, d/o John BEAUMONT (b. England) & Mary BEAUEL?, witn: Ada ANDREWS of 166 Silverbirch Ave. & Clara Parker MARSDEN of 27 St. Claire Ave. East both of Toronto on Feb. 23, 1925

1176-25 Isaac LIPPMANN, 32, merchant, USA, 2928 Avenue Dr. in Galveston Texas, s/o Joseph LIPPMANN (b. Poland) & Ethel GARTER, married Rae LERNER, 23, accountant, Toronto, 326 Huron St. in Toronto, d/o Jacob LERNER (b. Poland) & Bayla FROST, witn: Joseph ZENDEL of 103 Beatrice St. & m. SEIGEL of 326 Huron St., 1 Jan 1925 1177-25 Charles LISCUM, 60, rooming house keeper, Ontario, 374 Berkeley St., s/o John Edward LISCUM (b. Ont) & Mary JANNISON, married Eliza Jane PLOWRIGHT, 55, Ontario, 374 Berkeley St., d/o Samuel PLOWRIGHT (b. Ont) & Emma BELSHAM (Belshaw?), witn: R. M. STRANGWAYS of 5 Oak St. & Erland SMITH of 64 Oak St., 29 Jan 1925

1507-25 George Frederick LITHGOW, 27, architectural draftsman, Toronto, Albany Club Toronto, s/o Thomas Veitch LITHGOW (b. Scotland) & Ellen WALPOLE (deceased), married Ellen Gertrude HOWARTH, 24, Toronto, 6 Hurndale Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles Eugene HOWARTH deceased (b. Scotland) & Minnie WILLIAMS, witn: C. Melville HOWARTH of 6 Hurndale Ave. & Thomas V. LITHGOW of 91 King St. both of Toronto on Feb. 26, 1925 at Metropolitan Church

1509-25 Howard Sylvester LITTLEJOHN, 22, steelworker, Ontario, 31 Hamilton St. Toronto, s/o John LITTLEJOHN (b. Wales) & Mary HILTZ, married Audrey Viola ELSBURY, 16, operator, Toronto, 25 Howie Ave. Toronto, d/o Bert ELSBURY (b. France) & Isobell GALLOWAY, witn: L. RANDALL of 903 Dundas St. East & G. LITTLEJOHN of 31 Hamilton Ave. both of Toronto on Feb. 23, 1925

1178-25 Angelo Patrick LOBRAICO, 38, mechanic, Toronto, 628 Ontario St., s/o Nicholas LABRAICO & Marguerite MARRONI, married Alma Adeline TERRY, 22, Toronto, 35 Bowden St., d/o John TERRY & Helen MOSES, witn: John LABRAICO of 26 Boswell Ave & Rose WYLER of 6 London St., 17 Jan 1925

1510-25 Archibald Percy LOCKE, 24, labourer, England, 658 Queen St. West Toronto, s/o Winons? Cornelius LOCKE (b. England) & Alice Kate COVEY married Ellen Kathleen MILLS, 40, widow, England, 668 Queen St. West Toronto, d/o Thomas BEAGLEY (b. England) & Harriet COOK, witn: Sidney Harold & Clara LOCKE both of Toronto on Feb. 14, 1925

1502-25 Russell LOCKHART, 24, Bell Telephone Co. splicer, Ontario, 385 Rusholme Rd. Toronto, s/o John LOCKHART (b. Ontario) & Alice COX, married Elsie Dora DOUGLAS, 26, Ontario, McIntyre Ont., d/o John DOUGLAS (b. Ontario) & Mary SCOTT, witn: Vivian & Henry Howard BROWN both of 68 Ellerbeck Ave. Toronto on Feb. 21, 1925

1180-25 George Arthur LONGLEY, 21, laborer, Toronto, 160 Westlake Ave., s/o George A. LONGLEY (b. England) & Mary Ellen ROUND, married Louisa Jane BOATER, 19, laborer, England, 72 Hickson Ave., d/o William BOATER (b. England) & Louisa J. HOLLINGTON, witn: S. & V. LONGLEY of 101 Langley Ave., 6 Jan 1925
1179-25 Archibald LOTHIAN, 50, widower, manufacturer, Ontario, Alexandria Ont., s/o Donald LOTHIAN (b. Ont) & Henrietta McKENZIE, married Sarah Agnes RITCHIE, 35, Ontario, Orillia Ont., d/o Peter RITCHIE (b. Ont) & Flora McINTOSH, witn: F?. V. MASSEY of 45 Kendall Ave & O. E.J. PARK of 588 Palmerston Ave., 31 Jan 1925

1506-25 Frank LOUIE, 29, chef, China, 8 Wellesley Place Toronto, s/o Ben LOUIE (b. China) & Toyie HONG, married Florence FISHER, 21, laundress, England, 6 Manning Ave Toronto, d/o Railton FISHER (b. England) & Sarah WILSON, witn: Mrs Alice POLLOCK of 138 E. Swan St. Buffalo New York & Joseph COOPER of 6 Manning Ave. Toronto on Feb. 16, 1925 at 441 Broadview Ave

1181-25 Stanley Foster LOVE, 21, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Weston, s/o Thomas LOVE (b. Ont) & Sarah NEILSON, married Evelyn Crossan RILEY, 19, farmer, Ontario, RR2 Weston, d/o William RILEY (b. Ont) & Rilla DEVINS, witn: Nelson LOVE of Weston & Muriel NATTRESS of Nashville, 24 Jan 1925  
1182-25 John Henry LOWE, 27, marine engineer, Ontario, 408 Rhodes Ave., s/o Albert John LOWE (b. Ont) & Genevieve ROGERS, married Cora Frances PRUE, 25, Ontario, 408 Rhodes Ave., d/o Louis PRUE (b. Ont) & Julia BERNARD, witn: Louis PRUE & Mrs. Clovis PRUE, both of 408 Rhodes Ave., 7 Jan 1925 1183-25 Henry George LOWERY, 22, roofer, Ontario, 141 Dovercourt Rd., s/o Henry LOWERY (b. Ont) & Winifred BUSH, married Marie HEDDERSON, 17, Toronto, 131 Wolseley St., d/o John HEDDERSON (b. Newfoundland) & Marie PARRULT, witn: Mrs. Marie HEDDERSON of 131 Wolseley St. & Paul LENNOX of 1 Manning Ave., 23 Jan 1925
1184-25 William Fleming LUCAS, 36, widower, salesman, Toronto, 572 Spadina Ave., s/o William LUCAS (b. England) & Mary FLEMING, married Elizabeth GREER, 33, Ireland, 600 Concord Ave., s/o John GREER (b. Ireland) & Sarah McCORD, witn: Mercie A. PATTERSON of 43 Atlas Ave & Mr. J. LUCAS of 50 Hamilton St., 14 Jan 1925 1185-25 Michael Herman LUDWIG, 58, widower, barrister, Ontario, 320 Russell Hill Rd., s/o John LUDWIG (b. France) & Margaret GOETZ, married Edith GASKELL, 49, graduate nurse, Ontario, 397 Huron St., d/o Thomas GASKELL (b. Ont) & Mary WEBSTER, witn: Hope LUDWIG & Barbara LENNEY, both of Toronto, 2 Jan 1925
1186-25 Clarence Philip LYNCH, 21, chauffeur, Toronto, 308 Wellesley St., s/o James LYNCH (b. Ireland) & Margaret BLAKE, married Violet May HALL, 19, Toronto, 19 Balmer St., d/o Alfred Walker HALL (b. England) & Annie CALVIN, witn: Robert J. & Marie E. McCONKEY of Toronto, 27 Jan 1925

1499-25 Wilbert Joseph LYONS, 25, wood machinist, Ontario, 219 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph LYONS (b. England) & Minnie MINER, married Iva Myrtle PERRY, 24, Ontario, 105 Clendennan Ave. Toronto, d/o John PERRY (b. Ontario) & Maggie HARRISON, witn: John A. & Gertrude S. FOWLER both of 219 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto on Feb. 12, 1925

001513-25 Ilko LYPKA, 32, laborer, Silee Pidhayci Galicia, 499 King W., s/o John LYPKA & Mary DZULYNSKY married Paulina STEFANOWSKY, 19, Oberlyn Galicia, 542 Adelaide W., d/o John STEFANOWSKY & Tekla (Jekla?) NATKOWSKY, witn: M. MASIEWICZ of 235 Queen St. E. & I. KUEGER (?) of 385 Verdun Rd., 14 February 1925

1501-25 Samuel LYTTLE, 30, labourer, Ireland, 349 Church St. Toronto, s/o James LYTTLE (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann GIBSON, married Eliza Ann PARTRIDGE, 29, clerk, Ireland, 345 Huron St. Toronto, d/o Charles PARTRIDGE (b. Ireland) & Margaret McMULLINS, witn: Samuel HALE of 65 MacPherson Ave. & Marny PARTRIDGE of 345 Huron St. Toronto on Feb. 16, 1925 at S. Francis Church

001520-25 Edwin Henry MACHELL, 19, auto mechanic, Toronto, 11 O'Hara Ave. Toronto, s/o Edwin MACHELL (b. Ontario) & Pearl DUNNAN (Drennan?) married Ethel Alice ANDERSON, 18, telephone operator, Ontario, 5 Grove Ave. Toronto, d/o Albert ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Isabella DUNCAN, witn: Claude LECLERE of 74 Gladstone Ave. & Roy T. HERMON of 33 Grosvenor St., 21 February 1925 001529-25  James MAGEE, 35, laborer, England, Toronto, widower, s/o James MAGEE & Clara CARGO, married Ellen MURDOCH, 33, operator, Ireland, Toronto, spinster, d/o Andrew MURDOCH & Ellen DYER, witn: Arthur MAGEE of 88 Vanauley St. & Margaret FARRELL of 17 Wellesley St., 9 February 1925
001516-25 John Thomas MALCOLM, 26, waiter, England, 107 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, s/o William MALCOLM (b. England) & Fanny DANGERFIELD, married Susan GALLACHER, 29, domestic, Scotland, Hawkestone Ont., d/o John GALLACHER (b. Scotland) & Catherine TOLTON , witn: Alfred Edward PIGGINS & Lewis MACKENZIE both of 2182 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, 9 February 1925 at St. Peter's Church 001521-25 William John MALLOY, 27, chauffeur, Toronto, 610 Markham St. Toronto, s/o John MALLOY (b. Ireland) & Julia KENNEY married Lillian Violette HARRIS, 22, stenographer, England, 232 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert Lawrence HARRIS (b. England) & Annie Louise FRANKS, witn: Robert SCOLLARD of 205 Leslie St. & Mary MULGREW of 643 Markham St., 24 February 1925
001519-25 John Robert MANSFIELD, 23, secretary, England, 153 First Ave. Toronto, s/o William John MANSFIELD (b. England) & Mary? Margaret REED married Mary Holley ROBLIN , 19, Ontario, Hornpayne Ont., d/o William Wilton ROBLIN (b. Ont) & Fanny Holley LESLIE, witn: Mary Margaret & Jessie MANSFIELD both of 153 First Ave., 28 February 1925 001524-25 William MAYBURY, 29, farm laborer, Wales, 133 Bastedo Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles MAYBURY (b. Wales) & Sarah PUGH, married Ellen McGILL, 31, candy operator, Ireland, 133 Bastedo Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o John McGILL (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth MILLAN, witn: Ada SMITH of 183 Atlas Ave. & George WILSON of 519 Milverton, 19 February 1925 at St. Barnabas
001536-25  William McCALLUM, 21, printer, Scotland, 226 Campbell Ave. Toronto, s/o William McCALLUM (b. Scotland) & Mary HARVERY married Dorothy MORROW, 21, Ireland, 35 Euclid Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert MORROW (b. Ireland) & Mary ABERNEATHY, witn: Mrs. Jean SMITH of 35 Euclid Ave & William STEWART of 2121 Dufferin St., 7 February 1925 001541-25  George Stanley Roberts McCORMACK, 24, farmer, Vivian, Vivian, s/o Fer ? McCORMACK (b. Ont) & Margaret FLUELL married Henrietta Victoria MADDAFORD, 23, nurse, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Jon MADDAFORD (b. Ont) & Elizabeth E. LEWIS, witn: George W. McCORMACK of Vivian Ont. & Elizabeth E. MADDAFORD of 76 Benson Toronto, 18 February 1925
001548-25  John Archibald McDONALD, 37, auto mechanic, Scotland, 32? (blurry) College St. Toronto, s/o John McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Jane McCASKELL married Emily Mary MAIR, 33, England, 223 Huron St. Toronto, widow, d/o Richard SAYARD (b. England) & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: E. AITCHESON & M.A. McLACHLAN both of Toronto, 5 February 1925

001532-25  William MacDONALD, 32, painter, Scotland, 193 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o J. MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & (mother's name not known) married Bertha Celia COOK, 23, domestic, England, 83 Robinson St. Toronto, d/o William COOK (b. England) & (mother's name not known), witn: J.N. & Mrs. J.N. VARLEY of 182 Argyle St., 13 February 1925

001543-25  Alfred James MacDONALD, 32, banker, Prince Edward Island, 9A Beaumont Rd Toronto, s/o Daniel MacDONALD (b. P.E.I.) & Eliza CHILL married Mary Jeannette McCANNELL, 34, Ontario, 2 Lamport Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o John S. McCANNELL (b. Ont) & Mary CARLOTTA, witn: Mary McCANNELL of 2 Lamport Ave. Toronto & John McCONNELL (McCannell?) of Toronto, 23 February 1925 001544-25  George Gordon MacDONALD, 30, accountant, Toronto, 326 King St. W. Toronto, s/o James Fraser MacDONALD (b. Ont) & Mary Evelyn MILLIGAN married Edith Patricia WHITAKER, 22, civil servant, Toronto, 72 Gifford St. Toronto, d/o George Walter WHITAKER (b. Ont) & Mary Jane BREEN, witn: ?.A. REID of 326 King St. W. Toronto & Beatrice G. DAVISON of 83 Power St., 24 February 1925 at 83 Power St
001533-25  James Nelson McFADDEN, 33, machinist, Carleton Place Ontario, 612 Stevens St. Flint Michigan, widower, s/o James McFADDEN (b. Ontario) & Keziah TARNAM married Inez Rosabell GOODE, 40, tailoress, North Gower Ontario, 244 Bronson Ave. Ottawa, spinster, d/o T (faint) L. GOODE (b. Ontario) & Margaret E. McFADDEN, witn: Findlay IRONSIDES & Fred BROOKES both of 16 Cherrywood Gardens Toronto, 13 February 1925 at Metropolitan Church  
001545-25  Samuel Joseph McGOVERN, 47, manager, Ontario, 119 Annette St. Toronto, s/o John McGOVERN (b. Ontario) & Anna STUBBS, married Margaret Alice McENANEY, 40, Ontario, 336 Pacific Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o Patrick McENANEY (b. Ireland) & Anna McCLELLAN, witn: John McDEVITT & Dorothy Mary MacDEVITT of 334 Pacific Ave., 24 February 1925 at St. Cecilia Church 001551-25  Harold John McGOVERN, 22, contractor, Cheboygan Michigan U.S.A., Hearst Ont., s/o John Joseph McGOVERN & Catherine GOLDEN married Helena Mary BLAIR, 21, Truro N.S. Canada, 342 Jarvis St. Toronto, d/o Adam BLAIR & Helena STACK, witn: Sydney NICHOLS of Hearst & Anna COXON of 56 Given St. Toronto, 17 February 1925
001539-25  Garfield Hector McKAY, 32, foreman, Ontario, 27 Heintzman Ave. Toronto, s/o William McKAY (b. Ontario) & Mary MORRISON married Margaret BROWN, 22, Scotland, 1960 Davenport Road, d/o Sandy BROWN (b. Scotland) & Margaret McGAFEN, witn: Ella M. McCORMACK of 26 Grafton Ave. & Albert E. GRAY of 204 Rosethorne Ave. 21 February 1925 001546-25  Joseph McKIBBEN (McKIBBON?), 66, railroad man, Quebec, 591 College St. Toronto, widower, s/o Joseph McKIBBEN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth PEBBLES married Sarah ARMSTRONG, 58, Toronto, 178 Macdonell Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o John McLEAN (b. Ireland) & Jane EARLEY, witn: Fred & Mrs. May MANIOR both of 226 Hara Ave., 25 February 1925
001549-25  Hiram James McKINNON, 27, accountant, Braeside, Braeside Renfrew Co., s/o Archibald Neil McKINNON (b. Isle of Man) & Isabel CARMICHAEL married Hazel Annie Matilda ADDISON, 27, Toronto, Braeside, d/o George ADDISON (b. Ontario) & Minnie WHITE, witn: Elizabeth A. & A. Evangeline POWELL both of 105 Bernard Ave. Toronto, 28 February 1925 at 105 Bernard Ave 001540-25  Thomas Butler McLACHLAN, 26, telegraph operator, Scotland, 161 Woodfield Rd. Toronto, s/o Thomas McLACHLAN (b. Scotland) & Agnes KEDDIE married Bertha Jane LATIMORE, 26, typist, Ontario, 14 Bloor St. W. Toronto, d/o Robert LATIMORE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: F.W. EDWARDS of 161 Woodfield Rd. Toronto & C.C. SILLTS? of 27 Park Rd. Toronto, 7 February 1925
001535-25  Robert Laughlin McLAREN, 23, electrician, Ontario, 125 Ellsworth Ave. Toronto, s/o Archie Scott McLAREN (b. Ont) & Harriett LAUGHLIN married Ida May PAYTON, 21, maid, England, 52 St. Andrews Gardens Toronto, d/o James PAYTON (b. Ont) & Rachel BIRKS, witn: Rachel & ?.F. PAYTON both of Toronto, 5 February 1925 001550-25  John Francis MacLEAN, 37, clerk, Cardigan P.E.I., Toronto, s/o Alexander F. MacLEAN & Mary Jane McDONALD married Isabel Mary McDONALD, 30, Toronto, Brechin Ont., d/o Murdoch Peter McDONALD & Catherine McEACHERN, witn: H.J. McDONALD of 1804 Danforth Ave. & Isabel McRAE of 282 Jarvis St., 17 February 1925
001531-25  Francis Clarence McMAHON, 23, salesman, Ontario, 12 McGill St. Toronto, s/o Edward J. McMAHON (b. Ontario) & Catherine LYNCH married Lillian May LeCORNU (LeCORNER?), 22, private secretary, Toronto, 6 Burnfield Ave. Toronto, d/o William S. LeCORNU (b. Channel Islands) & Eliza De'GRUCHEY, witn: Percy McKENZIE & Marguerite TEMPLE both of Mimico, 9 February 1925 001537-25  Thomas Richard McMULLEN, 43, plasterer, Ontario, 806 Dupont St. Toronto, widower, s/o Thomas McMULLEN (b. Ontario) & Emily Mary McMULLEN married Emma AITCHISON, 45, operator, Ontario, 317 Wellesley St. Toronto, widow, d/o Louis LOOS (b. Ontario) & Annie KABAL (?), witn: C.F. TRIPP of 415 Blackthorn Ave. & E. McMULLEN of 806 Dupont St., 7 February 1925

001538-25  Malcolm McNABB, 20, clerk, Ontario, 189 Dupont St. Toronto, s/o William McNABB (b. Ontario) & Ellen RITCHIE married Mary Ellen CUNNINGHAM, 21, domestic, Scotland, 189 Dupont St. Toronto, d/o Neil CUNNINGHAM (b. Scotland) & Fanny BLAKELEY, witn: Mary WILSON of 480 Jarvis St. Toronto & Jeannie HARRISON of 316 McRoberts Ave. Toronto, 6 February 1925

001552-25  Donald L. McPHERSON, 22, engineer, Kirkfield Ont., 130 Medland St., s/o John R. McPHERSON & Melinda BULFORD married Annie K. MACDONELL, 27, typist, Apple Hill Glengarry Co. Ont., 202 Sorauren Ave., d/o John MACDONELL & Christina KENNEDY, witn: Bernard McPHERSON of 1310 College St. & Jeannette MACDONELL of 202 Sorauren Ave., 5 February 1925 at St. Vincent de Paul Church
001547-25  John Joseph McQUADE, 23, laborer, Ireland, 41 Peter St. Toronto, s/o John William McQUADE (b. Ireland) & (mother's name unknown) married Ida Elizabeth MacDONALD, 22, biscuit packer, Ontario, 210 Queen St. W. Toronto, d/o John Henry MacDONALD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WESSON, witn: Eliza MacDONALD & Edna MURDOCH both of Toronto, 9 February 1925 001534-25  Harry Edmund McROBB, 32, builder, Toronto, 55 Condor Ave. Toronto, s/o John McROBB (b. Ontario) & Ellen BROWN married Bertha Irene WHITE, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Lakeview Mansions Queen St. W. Toronto, d/o Joseph Henry WHITE (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane SOLOMON, witn: Bernice A. WHITE of 40 Indian Road Toronto & Harry James MacKAY of 109 Ann St. Toronto, 10 February 1925 at Cowan Ave
001542-25  David Wellington McVEIGH, 38, clergyman, Scotland, Flanagan Ill. U.S.A., s/o David McVEIGH (b. Scotland) & Catherine (surname unknown) married Margaret Glendenning MURRAY, 37, Scotland, 809 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o William SMITH (b. Scotland) & Alison THOMPSON, witn: Agnes Johnston SMITH of Toronto & K. CAVERLY of Kingston, 17 February 1925 3898-25 Evan MELOFF, 25, ice cream parlor, Macedonia, 230 Munroe St., s/o blank MELOFF & Eliva VELINA, married Maria ATZERTA, 19, Macedonia, 230 Munroe St., d/o Elia ATZE & Koteva MANDA, witn: Todor CRISTO of 1 Munroe St. & Mitre PETROFF of 224 Munro St., 5 July 1925 at St. Kiril Macedonian Church
001514-25 Benjamin MENDELSON, 22, clerk, Russia, 710 Queen St. W. Toronto, s/o Max MENDELSON (b. Russia) & Rosie TASHIZER, married Anna FRIEDMAN, 20, Austria, 1822 Queen St. E. Toronto, d/o William FRIEDMAN (b. Austria) & Ethel SHEONFELD, witn: J. BOCHNEK of 231 University Ave. & E. FRIEDMAN of 1826 Queen St. E., 2 February 1925 001522-25 Robert James MILLAR, 51, electrician, Ontario, Wiarton, widower, s/o James MILLAR (b. Scotland) & Janet SMITH married Alice Emily DANCE, 40, store clerk, Ontario, 212 Dundas St. E. Toronto, spinster, d/o John DANCE (b. Ontario) & Louisa BANKER, witn: Flora & Margaret CAMERON both of 24 Peterborough, 28 February 1925 at 90 Auburn Ave
001518-25 George Bullock MILLS, 23, printing pressman, Scotland, 633 Manning Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert MILLS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DOW, married Doris JARDINE, 20, milliner, Scotland, 5 Coleman Ave. Toronto, d/o John JARDINE (b. Scotland) & Esther WAKEMAN, witn: Nellie WAKEMAN & William BEAR both of Toronto, 18 February 1925 in Toronto. [Divorce granted 19 September 1934 in Toronto] 001515-25 Elgin Gibson MITCHELL, 34, merchant, Ontario, 41 Ontario St. Stratford, s/o James MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Hattie LEARY married Kate Evelyn FRASER, 34, Ontario, 1035 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, spinster, d/o William FRASER (b. Ontario) & Elida GIBSON, witn: J.R. & Edith A. DONALDSON, both of 1416 Ossington Ave. Toronto, 10 February 1925
001530-25  Luigi MOLINO, 29, operator, Vasto Italy, Philadelphia U.S.A., s/o Michele MOLINO & Grazia D'ALESSANDRO, married Lattangia Maria SPINA, 22, housework, Vasto Italy, Philadelphia U.S.A., d/o Levino SPINA & Grazia MURATORE, witn: Donato SCAMAZRA of 4 Clinton St. & Lena MANGE of 294 Manning Ave., 16 February 1925 001525-25 Stewart Neil MORRISON, 27, instructor, Ontario, 297 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, s/o Neil MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Mary DUNLOP married Alma Greta Bernaby ANGUS, 32, Ontario, 43 Law St. Toronto, spinster, d/o George ANGUS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MacDOUGALL, witn: Malcolm A. MORRISON of Welland Port Ont. & Milburne ANGUS of Merrickville, 21 February 1925
001523-25 Lloyd Linden MOTRY, 35, railroader, U.S.A., 316 Iowa St. Cedar Falls Iowa, divorcee, s/o D.C. MOTRY (b. U.S.A.) & Flora HORTON married Dorothy Clara May SIVYER, 35, England, 431 Leslie St. Toronto, spinster, d/o Henry F. SIVYER (b. England) & Mary E. SNELL, witn: Florence L. & Walter SIVYER both of Toronto, 9 February 1925 001517-25 Harry Edgar MUNN, 30, wireless telegrapher, England, 130 Mutual St. Toronto, s/o William MUNN (b. England) & Julia ABBOTT married Alma Ellen CHURCH, 28, graduate nurse, Ontario, 626 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, divorcee, d/o James Henry LISTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Frances LISTON, witn: W.J. GILBERT of 786 A St. Clair Ave. Toronto & I. Pearl LAMBERT of 501 Rushton Road, 6 February 1925
001528-25  James Leonard MURPHY, 22, box worker, Pefferlaw Ont., Toronto, s/o William MURPHY & Mary McLEAN married Myrtle Madelene SMITH, 19, operator, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Edward SMITH & Cora LANDS, witn: James Henry SMITH of 47 Badgerow Ave. & Mary Viola SMITH of 35 Glebeholme Blvd., 24 February 1925 001527-25 Francis MURPHY, 24, electrician, Toronto, 279 Lansdowne Ave., s/o Daniel MURPHY & Mary McGINN married Helen McNERNEY, 25, Toronto, 685 King St. W., d/o Thomas McNERNEY & Ellen JENNINGS, witn: Arthur McGINN of 106 Grace St. & Winnifred McNERNEY of 685 King St. W., 24 February 1925
001526-25 Leo MYROWSKY, 28, laborer, Zalesie Czortkow Galicia, 277 Crawford St., s/o John MYROWSKY & Mary ZYMLAWSKY, married Anna LACHMAN, 28, Twaczow doligzuy Galicia, widow, d/o Dmytro BALIEY (Babey?) & Mary KYSIL, witn: O. FEDYSZYN of 734 Richmond W. & O. LUCZKA of 197 Bloor St. E., 14 February 1925 001557-25  John NAKONECZNY, 35, laborer, Samsluskiwci? Kasiatyn Galicia, 152 Franklin Ave., s/o Thomas NAKONECZNY & Catherine TYMYCZKA, married Anna POHYNAYKO, 20, Czabariwka ?asiatyn (?) Galicia, 88 Franklin Ave., d/o Basil POHYNAYKO & Paraska MUZYKA, witn: J. FUTA of 88 Franklin Ave & S (?) YUSKOW of 166 Bloor St. Oshawa, 7 February 1925
001555-25  Angelo NARDI, 24, cook, Italy, 87 Sussex Ave. Toronto, s/o Logi NARDI (b. Italy) & Teresa ASGNZI (ASCENZI?) married Helen Silver PERCIVAL, 28, Scotland, 247 University Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o John MACMILLAN (b. Scotland) & Christina MILNE, witn: George MACMILLAN of 240 Jones Ave. & Lena MACPHEE of 639 Queen St. E., 27 February 1925 at 704 Crawford St 001554-25  Reginald Wilson NETHERY, 31, stock keeper, Ireland, 868 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, s/o James NETHERY (b. Ireland) & Gretta ARLSIN (Wilson?) married Catherine CURRY, 22, operator, Ireland, 784½ Dovercourt Rd Toronto, d/o William CURRY (b. Ireland) & Agnes HUGHES, witn: Lily CURRY of 784½ Dovercourt Rd. Toronto & Thomas J. MARLIN of 10 Garnock Ave. Toronto, 26 February 1925
001553-25  Ernest William NICHOLAS, 25, repairman H.E., Ontario, 728 Dupont St. Toronto, s/o Charles NICHOLAS (b. Ontario) & Bessie LOUCKS married Eliza Jane BRIDGES, 23, Prince Edward Island, 728 Dupont St. Toronto, d/o John BRIDGES (b. P.E.I.) & Catherine Jane BINNS, witn: Russell A. McLAUGHLIN of 398 Margueretta St. & Thelma OSTER of 314 Westmoreland Ave., 21 February 1925 001556-25  Harold Wilmer NICKOLS, 22, accountant, Toronto, 497 George St. Woodstock, s/o John William NICKOLS (b. England) & Elizabeth Maud CARTER married Dorcas Emma WILLIAMS, 25, Toronto, 77 Wrenson Rd. Toronto, d/o James WILLIAMS (b. England) & Mary BRIDGEMAN, witn: Russell NICKOLS of 904 Dundas St. E. Toronto & Jennie PRICE of 266 Monarch Pk. Toronto, 28 February 1925 in Toronto. [Divorce 29/10/1954 reg# 00328]
001561-25  Clifford Bingham OAKLEY, 23, accountant, Toronto, 1 Wroxeter Ave. Toronto, s/o George OAKLEY (b. Ontario) & Ethel PRIESTMAN married Jessie Pearl McFARQUHAR, 22, Toronto, 2173 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, d/o James McFARQUHAR (b. Ontario) & Maude DAVEY, witn: Mrs. Harriett SCOTT of 517 Pape Ave. & John Melville SCOTT of 54 Grace St. Toronto, 9 February 1925 001560-25  James George OGDEN, 35, farmer, Kincardine, Kincardine, s/o George OGDEN (b. St. John N.B.) & Jane McKENZIE married Mabel Ann NAIRN, 39, nurse, Port Dover, Toronto, spinster, d/o James M. NAIRN (M.D.) (b. Guelph Twp) & Margaret BARNET, witn: James M. & Vera M. NAIRN both of 318 Milverton Blvd Toronto, 21 February 1925
001562-25  Albert Mills OGG, 38, sales agent, Guelph, 11 Heysenth? Cres., s/o John OGG & Annie Isabella GRIFFITHS, married Marjorie Louise NEILL, 30, Guelph, 588 Gladstone, spinster, d/o Samuel McKee NEILL & Emma Louise McKINLEY, witn: David Levern TOLTON of 44 Hellena in Guelph & Jessie Emma NEILL of 588 Gladstone Ave. Toronto, 25 February 1925 at St. John's Church Chancery 001559-25  Maurice OSTROW, 27, printer, Russia, 37 Euclid Ave. Toronto, s/o Harry OSTROW (b. Russia) & Rebecca ROBINOVITZ, married Louis MAGILOWSKY, 21, clerk, Russia, 122 Cathcart St. Hamilton, d/o Tobia MAGILOWSKY (b. Russia) & Dora SHWARTZ, witn: Harry WEINGARDEN of 37 Euclid Ave. & S. PRODT of 8 Sullivan St., 3 February 1925
001558-25  Herbert OTLEY, 23, buffer, Toronto, 45 Cowan Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick OTLEY (b. Wales) & Fanny OWENS married Eula Evelyna McINTYRE, 17, blade wrapper, Ontario, Berridge Apts - 55 Mutual St. Toronto, d/o Charles McINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Mabel COOK, witn: James LUMSDEN of 18 Gwynne Ave. Toronto & Bertha JOHNSON of 268 Sackville St. Toronto, 14 February 1925 at 24 Wellesley St.  
001563-25  Charles William PALMER, 54, plumber & steam fitter, England, 200 Sackville St. Toronto, widower, s/o William PALMER (b. England) & Jane SULLIVAN married Sarah THOMPSON, 47, milliner, U.S.A., 206 Sackville St. Toronto, spinster, d/o John THOMPSON (b. U.S.A.) & Susan SHANNAMEN (?), witn: Lottie ANTHONY of 151 Sherriton Ave. Toronto & R.M. STRANGWAYS of 5 Oak St. Toronto, 16 February 1925 001567-25  Samuel PAPPAS, 28, merchant, Greece, 227 Front St. Belleville, s/o Vasilios PAPPAS (b. Greece) & Stamata PAPPAS married Stella G. CHRISTOPHER, 19, Greece, 289A Church St. Toronto, d/o George CHRISTOPHER (b. Greece) & Diamanto CHRISTOPHER, witn: Miss ARMSTRONG & Joseph WHITE both of 166 Jarvis St., 22 February 1925
001565-25  Charles PASKOWITZ, 25, telegraph operator, Poland, 138 Elizabeth St. Toronto, s/o Giompel PASKOWITZ (b. Poland) & Rywka Ita BLUMENFELD married Anna Hilda GROSSMAN, 21, fur finisher, Galicia, 107 Grace St. Toronto, spinster, d/o Jakob MOSHE (b. Galicia) & Reisla OLESKER, witn: A. BLUMENFELD of 23 Henry St. & William WOLFISH of 4 Kew Beach Ave., 8 February 1925 001566-25  Thomas William PATTERSON, 28, barber, Ireland, 2005 Dundas St. W. Toronto, s/o John PATTERSON (b. Ireland) & Amelia BROWN married Margaret Elizabeth QUINN, 27, coat operator, Ireland, 15 McRoberts Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph QUINN (b. Ireland) & Isabella PATTERSON, witn: William KINNEAR of 201 Avenue Rd. & Dany G. PATTERSON of 33 Parkway Ave., 24 February 1925
001564-25  John PETRIUK, 32, laborer, Mamajestie Roumania, New Toronto, s/o Nicoly PETRIUK (b. Roumania) & Raefta KAPASIN married Marfia UHRENCIUK, 33, leather worker, Mamafestie Roumania, New Toronto, widow, d/o Dimitry (blank) (b. Roumania) & Anna LAGADIN, witn: John HOOBCHUK of 269 Anne New Toronto & Nicholai SOLATWINSKI of 259 illegible St. New Toronto, 7 February 1925 at Resurrection of Christ Church 001568-25  Sydney PETTIPIERE, 41, clerk, England, 5 Eastwood Ave. Birchcliff Scarboro Twp, s/o Ruben PETTIPIERE (b. England) & Emily FREE married Nellie TURNER, 44, England, 27 Pinewood Ave. Fairbank Ont., spinster, d/o John TURNER (b. England) & Alice Ann LEETCH, witn: Robert PETTIPIERE & John TURNER both of Toronto, 28 February 1925
001569-25  William Henry RAFFERTY, 22, chauffeur, Ireland, 81 Euclid Ave. Toronto, s/o (Christian name unknown) RAFFERTY (b. Ireland) & (name unknown to bridegroom as both parents died when bridegroom was a child) married Jessie Cunningham LOW, 18, domestic, Scotland, 654 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o George H. LOW (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: John Stanley COURTENAY of 123 Shaw St. & Bessie STEWART of 1041A Bathurst St., 2 February 1925 at St. Andrew's 001573-25  Isadore RAYMAN, 23, cap maker, Poland, 185 Dundas St. W. Toronto, s/o Mordchai RAYMAN (b. Poland) & Marja SHERMAN married Sylvia NESKER, 19, Poland, 193½ Baldwin St. Toronto, d/o Jacob NESKER (b. Poland) & Bella GUDMAN, witn: S. BRODT of 8 Sullivan St. & I. NORMAN of 68 Darcy St., 15 February 1925
001576-25  Edward REDMOND, 38, printer, Ontario, 87 Earl Grey Rd. Toronto, s/o William REDMOND (b. Quebec) & Katherine FOLEY married Bridget MURRAY, 37, Ireland, 408 Westmount Ave. in Earlscourt Ont., spinster, d/o John MURRAY (b. Ireland) & Mary TACKEY, witn: Mrs. McEWAN of 454 Logan Ave. & Harry H.E. THOMAS (?) of 33 Fairview, 17 February 1925 001571-25  Clarence Alexander RIDDELL, 23, battery mechanic, Ontario, 403 Durie St. Toronto, s/o Clarence A. RIDDELL (b. Ontario) & Rose BENHAM married Dorothy Mary ALCOCK (ALLCOCK?), 20, stenographer, Toronto, 72 Fermanagh Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph Robert ALLCOCK (b. England) & Jessie E. WARE, witn: Joseph R. ALLCOCK of 72 Fermanagh Ave. Toronto & Phoebe ROWLAND of 1367 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, 10 February 1925 at 170 Cowan Ave
001570-25  Samuel RIGBERG, 23, shoemaker, U.S.A., 21 Blain St. McAdos. Penn., s/o Alexander RIGBERG (b. Russia) & Rebecca VIZELTEAR married Sarah LUTSKY, 21, Russia, 107 Darcy St. Toronto, d/o Barel LUTSKY (b. Russia) & Jennie GOODMAN, witn: A. RIGBERG of McAdos Penn. & Jeff LUTSKY of 107 Darcy St., 3 February 1925 001575-25  William Raymond ROBINSON, 20, press feeder, England, 34 Rhodes Ave. Toronto, s/o William ROBINSON (b. England) & Ethel BARKER married Jessie BARLOW, 18, England, 69 Erie Terr. Toronto, d/o Frederick S. BARLOW (b. England) & Jessie BROWN, witn: Mrs. J. & Joseph DUGGAN both of 61 Blair Ave., 13 February 1925
001572-25  Archibald Edward ROSS, 23, installer B.T. Co., Scotland, 36 Millicent St. Toronto, s/o William ROSS (b. Scotland) & Jane SUTHERLAND married Christina TOUGH, 22, Scotland, 36 Millicent St. Toronto, d/o Charles TOUGH (b. Scotland) & Susan ALEXANDER, witn: Jessie FORREST of 36 Millicent St. & Fred LOVELL of 19 Niagara St., 7 February 1925 001574-25  Francis (Frank) Newman RUSH, 33, sales manager, Toronto, 200 Humberside Ave. Toronto, s/o Henry RUSH (b. England) & Lucy Ann LUCNA, married Bessie Margaret FRETZ, 24, Ontario, 304 Indian Grove Toronto, d/o John R. FRETZ (b. Ontario) & Laura May JERMAN, witn: Clarence Arthur FRETZ of 304 Indian Grove & Louie RUSH of 200 Humberside Ave., 14 February 1925
1273-25 Frank SHARF, 31, miler, Poland, 31 Seaton St., s/o August (b. Poland) & Valeria nee WINCLAWSKA, married Roe NAVOLSKA, 25, Poland, 54 Augusta Ave., d/o Francis (b. Poland) & Caroline nee BERUGS, witn: Thomas PIOTROWSKI of 67 Wolsley & Scokacha GARBACKE of 36 Maud? Ave., 17 Jan 1925 1274-25 James Gould SHERWOOD, 52, contractor, Ontario, 12 Huntley St., s/o James SHERWOOD & Mary GOULD, married Bertha Helen FORSYTH, 42, widow, Toronto, 141 Delaware Ave., d/o Richard MADDOCK (b. Ont) & Delia HOBAN, witn: Ralph G. & Evelyn MADDOCK of 141 Delaware Ave., 14 Jan 1925
1275-25 Robert SHIELDS, 29, laborer, Scotland, 668 Spadina ave., s/o Walter SHIELDS (b. Scotland) & Mary GOUDIE, married Olive Rose COX, 26, England, 58 Chestnut Park Rd., d/o Charles COX (b. England) & Alice Mary COUNSELL, witn: Olive PARSONS of 2260 Yonge St. & Robert McKERROL? of 469 College St., 3 Jan 1925