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City of Toronto, 1925, part 8

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4075-25 Stanley George ABERNATHY, 23, machinist, England, 481 Ontario St., s/o Archibald ABERNATHY, b. England & Beatrice WILKINSON, married Daisy Lily Elizabeth ELLIOTT, 29, England, 23 Homewood Ave., d/o Daniel ELLIOTT, b. England & Hannah COOMBS, witn: J. NEWBURY & M.D. BERTIE, both of 179 Gerrard East, 20 Aug 1925 4076-25 James Russell ANDERSON, 27, sailor, London Ont., Sarnia, s/o William James ANDERSON, b. Ont & Nettie BINGHAM, married Katherine McCausland BROWN, 27, stenographer, Barrie Ont., 246 Sherbourne St. in Toronto, d/o Stewart BROWN, b. Ont & Elizabeth COOK, witn: Jessie MURRAY of 69 Constance St. & John WALLACE of 415 Jarvis St., 22 Aug 1925 at 415 Jarvis St.
4078-25 Hirkor ANDONIAN, 32, widower, moulder, Armenia, 267 Danforth Ave., s/o Dirk ANDONIAN, b. Armenia & Mary Ann VANLAMAN, married Mary BIGDORAN, 19, Asia Minor, 267 Danforth Ave., d/o Treor BOGDORAN, b. Asia Minor & Haney PETERFIAN, witn: Charles & Helen ANDREWS of 267 Danforth Ave., 18 Aug 1925 at St. Barnabas 3853-25 Cecil Viner ASHLEY, 21, clerk, England, 19 Boston Ave, s/o Wilfred John ASHLEY (b. England) & Sarah YEOMANS, married Winifred Edith BAILEY, 19, tape wrapper, England, 55 Laing St. Toronto, d/o Augustus F. BAILEY (b. England) & Edith Minnie MALLETT, witn: Arthur ROSE & Ethel MOORE both of Toronto, 4 July 1925 - divorced 19 June 1950
4080-25 John ATAMANIUK, 29, laborer, Serafuner - Galicia, 306 Berkeley St., s/o Basil ATAMANIK & Basilina YAKIWCZUK, married Kenia STRUMINSKY, 19, Buviso Yaworia? Galicia, 54 Edwin Ave., d/o Basil STRUMINSKY & Catherine WINGER, witn: J. DORSEY of 54 Edwin St. & J. KOSTUSYEZUK of 206 Berkley St., 9 Aug 1925 4077-25 Arthur Melville AWDE, 22, motor mechanic, Toronto, 620 Crawford St., s/o John AWDE, b. Ont & Sarah WHETTER, married Emily May SAWYER, 19, hosiery operator, England, 64 Hallam St., d/o Richard SAWYER, b. England & Elizabeth Ann DODY, witn: William HUTTON of 12 Bloomfield Ave & Jean McKITTERICK of Jones Ave., 22 Aug 1925
4101-25 Alexander Claremont BABCOX, 22, draughtsman, Toronto, 41 Howland Rd., s/o William A. BABCOX, b. Ont & Nellie M. BOOTZ (Bortz?), married Victoria Matilda Jane REYNOLDS, 21, Toronto, 70 Oak St., d/o William H. REYNOLDS, b. Ont & Elizabeth H. HURST, witn: Gertrude CHAPMAN & Frederick A. THOMAS, both of Toronto, 31 Aug 1925 4104-25 Robert Glencoe BAGLEY, 24, milk salesman, England, 378 Bartlett Ave., s/o William BAGLEY, b. England & Fanny PERKINS, married Dorothy May SALMON, 24, England, 416 Perth Ave., d/o William SALMON, b. England & Mary WOOLLEY, witn: Daisy & Frederick Charles WATTS of 416 Perth Ave., 5 Aug 1925 at 1164A Dufferin St.
4099-25 Arthur Richard BAGSHAW, 31, rider, England, 7 Balmuto St., s/o George BAGSHAW, b. Australia & Mary Edith SLATER, married Mary POLLOCK, 25, baker, Scotland, 26 Aberdeen Ave., d/o Samuel POLLOCK, b. Scotland & Bridget MURRAY, witn: Thomas ARKELL of 125 Mutual St. & Agnes POLLOCK of 409 Wellesley St., 4 Aug 1925 4098-25 Daniel McTavish BAKER, 38, physician, Owen Sound, Keewatin Ont., s/o Wesley BAKER, b. Owen Sound & Mary McTAVISH, married Edna Winnifred CURRY, 31, teacher, Murray twp., Keewatin Ont., d/o William B. CURRY, b. Murray twp & Salena ISAAC, witn: Andrew JOHNSTON of Keewatin & Fanny Curry FRANKLIN of Belleville, 3 Aug 1925 at 200 Wychwood Ave
4110-25 David Knox BARR, 24, truck driver, Scotland, 31 Northcote Ave., s/o John BARR, b. Scotland & Annie McALPINE, married Annie Skelton Donald MORRISON, 19 (b. 13 Sept 1905), Cadder Scotland, 215 Dovercourt Rd., d/o James MORRISON, b. Scotland & Charlotte DONALD (married 21 Oct. 1904 at Coatbridge), wit: Andrew BARR of 300 Jefferson St. - Ewing Park - Ellwood City PA, & Eliza BONNER of 31 Northcote Ave., 13 Aug 1925 4117-25 Fred Lambie BARTLETT, 26, teacher, Ontario, 27 Colin Ave., s/o Ernest BARTLETT, b. Channel Islands & Elizabeth Jane HILLYER, married Emily Rose WHITTINGTON, 25, Toronto, 36 Walmsley Blvd., d/o Fred WHITTINGTON, b. Isle of Wight & Mary Jane PITMAN, witn: C?. PAGE & Edna GRAINGER, both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1925
4124-25 Herbert Francis Morish BASKERVILLE, 25, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel BASKERVILLE & Martha MORISH, married Jane Croll BARTON, 24, pianiste, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John James BARTON & Jane CROLL, witn: Jane Croll KING of 94 Caledonia Rd & Horace Reginald VEALS of 39 Grenadier Rd., 24 Aug 1925 4109-25 Dighton Winans BAXTER, 48, barrister, Ontario, 257 Huron St., s/o Thomas BAXTER, b. Ont & Amanda KITTING, married Muriel Agnes MOLESWORTH, 34, USA, 562 Spadina Ave., d/o Balfour Nepean MOLESWORTH, b. Ont & Louisa Agnes THOMPSON, witn: Archibald & Mrs. Mary HARRIS of 50 Fuller Ave., 13 Aug 1925 at Church of the Epiphany
4106-25 John BEARD, 59, widower, carriage builder, Ontario, 502 Parliament St., s/o James BEARD, b. England & Charlotte FITZGIBBON, married Mary Jane PLUMMER, 42, widow, Quebec, 338 Waverley Rd., d/o John LE HUGNET, b. Quebec & Sarah Jane PRICE, witn: James & Margaret SMITH of Toronto, 8 Aug 1925 4093-25 Thomas James BEDFORD, 31, salesman, Guelph, 101 Exhibition St. in Guelph, s/o Thomas James BEDFORD, b. Guelph & Mary HOSKETT, married Edith Isabella JORDAN, 24, stenographer, Grand Valley Ont., Guelph, d/o William L. JORDAN, b. Luther twp & Dinah GALBRAITH, witn: Vincent RUTH (Reith?) of 50 St. Joseph St. & Elizabeth DOYLE of 53 Queens Park, both Toronto, 3 Aug 1925
4118-25 Joseph Gordon BENDER, 25, tube cementer, Ontario, Sixth St. in New Toronto, s/o George A. BENDER, b. Ont & Lorinda WATERHOUSE, married Barbara Gladwys HARPER, 24, France, Sixth St. in New Toronto, d/o Amos Benjamin HARPER, b. England & Julia HEWSON, witn: Fred J. & Mrs. Fred TARLING of 540 Lauder Ave., 17 Aug 1925 4089-25 William Francis BENSON, 26, chauffeur, USA, 3225 Dundas St. West, s/o William BENSON, b. USA & Sarah HUTCHINSON, married Dorothy Edith HOOD, 19, England, 3225 Dundas West, d/o Charles HOOD, b. England & Edith Ellen FROST, witn: Edith Ellen & Charles HOOD of 3225 Dundas West, 28 Aug 1925 at St. Johns Church, West Toronto
4095-25 Lionel Franklin BENTON, 22, ledger keeper, England, 565 Ontario St., s/o Richard BENTON, b. England & Gertrude E. DRINKWATER, married Elsie Dora COLLINS, 21, stenographer, England, 326 Westmoreland Ave., d/o William Henry COLLINS, b. England & Ellen GOSNEY, witn: Sidney COLLINS of 326 Westmoreland & H. WOOD of 88 Binscarth Rd., 1 Aug 1925 4108-25 Benny BESSER, 19, presser, Poland, 21 Baldwin St., s/o Harry, b. Poland & Pearl nee TAUBA, married Rosie WEINER, 21, operator, Poland, 442 Dundas St. West, d/o Samuel, b. Poland & Lahner nee RASHEL, witn: S. BRODD of 8 Sullivan St. & T. NEIMAN of D'Arcy St., 11 Aug 1925
4088-25 Sylvester Herbert BIG CANOE, 25, ice maker, Ontario, 5 Mutual St., s/o Daniel BIG CANOE, b. Ont & Frances POST, married Goldie May MALONE, 21, battery work, Ontario, 17 McFarrens Lane, d/o William Thomas MALONE, b. Ont & Alice Agnes HATELY, witn: Mrs. Irene SMITH of 5 Mutual St. & Duncan MORRISON of 11 Mutual St., 15 Aug 1925 at Trinity Church 4096-25 George William BIGNELL, 37, contractor, England, 76 Gloucester St., s/o George William BIGNELL, b. England & Emma POMEROY, married Jessie CRAWFORD, 31, dress maker, England, 301A George St., d/o Edward A. CRAWFORD, b. England & Sarah Jane HARRIS, witn: Nancy & Joseph Victor STOKES of 301A George St., 7 Aug 1925
4087-25 Cliffod Sifton BILLING, 26, wood worker, Manitoba, 229 Booth Ave., s/o Joseph BILLING, b. England & Susie Adele TOTCHELL, married Margaret Jane McCAFFREY, 30, dress maker, Toronto, 8 Paisley Ave., d/o James McCAFFREY, b. Ireland & Margaret LATIMER, witn: Georgina M. McCAFFREY of 90 Rushbrook Ave & Cecil CALLEN of 229 Booth Ave., 26 Aug 1925 4121-25 Richard Edward Thalberg BINNS, 25, leather goods worker, Manchester England, 299 Bain Ave in Toronto, s/o Thalberg BINNS & Lucy INSLEY, married Annie BENNETT, 24, leather goods worker, Cheshire England, 486 Symington Rd., d/o George BENNETT & Martha BATES, witn: Mary Ellen GEORGE of 486 Symington Ave & Frank MURCOTT of 105 Lamb Ave., 1 Aug 1925
4100-25 Roger BLACK, 25, rubber worker, Scotland, 555 Perth Ave., s/o James BLACK, b. Scotland & Barbara ROBINSON, married Jane Eleanor LEEDER, 21, shoe maker, England, 256 Prescott Ave., d/o Albert LEEDER, b. England & Alice MERRITT, witn: Lilian Alice LEEDER of 256 Prescott Ave & Roger BLACK of 47 Greenlaw Ave., 1 Aug 1925 at St. Davids Presbyterian Church 4084-25 George Francis BLAND, 26, meat packer, Ontario, 480 Clendenan Ave., s/o William BLAND, b. Ont & Mary Keziah JACKSON, married Lilian Mary DUNN, 28, teacher, England, 95 Humberside Ave., d/o Robert DUNN, b. England & Elizabeth DREWETT, witn: Donald BROWN of 1342 St. Clair Ave & Eileen M. RYDER of 33 Edna Ave., 22 Aug 1925 at St. Albans Cathedral
4115-25 Harry BLOODWORTH, 20, truck driver, Toronto, 319 Bathurst St., s/o Fred BLOODWORTH, b. England & Helen REID, married Gertrude Alice HOLMAN, 16, Toronto, 59 Hamilton St., d/o John Thomas HOLMAN, b. England & Annie SUTTON, witn: Horace & Ellen Edna HOLMAN of 59 Hamilton St., 17 Aug 1925 4116-25 Aaron Archie BOGATSKY, 25, salesman, Toronto, 1254 Danforth Ave., s/o Louis BOGATSKY, b. Russia Regina FLEGELMAN, married Polly FELDMAN, 19, England, 22 Baldwin St., d/o Joseph FELDMAN, b. Russia & Janey COHEN, witn: Mr. K. HERSCHMAN of 2662 Danforth Av & Mr. J. ADLER of 356 Crawford, 16 Aug 1925
4097-25 Edward BOLAND, 28, mechanic, USA, 16 Galley Ave., s/o Michael BOLAND, b. USA & Mary PRYOR, married Anna Elizabeth KELLY, 22, stenographer, USA, Wilkesbarre Pennsylvania, d/o William KELLY, b. USA & Margaret NORTON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. P.J. McGOUGH of Toronto, 3 Aug 1925 4085-25 Isaac BOSSIN, 18, milkman, Toronto, 754 Queen St. West, s/o Mardak BOSSIN (b. Russia) & Mallie WEISBERG, married Lena SOLOWAY, 17, Ontario, 30 Palmerston Ave., d/o Abraham SOLOWAY, b. Russia & Clara REINES, witn: R. GOLDBERG of 834 Queen West & S. RUBIN of 40 Dephoe? St., 15 Aug 1925
4105-25 Arie BREEDVELD, 31, farmer, Holland, 19 Woodycrest Ave., s/o Laurent BREEDVELD, b. Holland & Anna VAN DER GRAAF, married Maria Geertruida Abrahamina Lambrechta VAN LANGERAAD, 39, Holland, 19 Woodycrest Ave., d/o Lambrecht Abraham VAN LANGERAAD, b. Holland & Anna Johanna DE WILDE, witn: A.G. MARZER-BRUYRS of St. Lambert Ave & L. DEY of Toronto, 11 Aug 1925 4083-25 William BROCKBANK, 33, steam fitter, Toronto, 490 Manning Ave., s/o William BROCKBANK, b. England & Betsy CLARK, married Eva CORLESS, 31, Ontario, 490 Manning Ave., d/o John CORLESS, b. Ont & Annie BANKS, witn: Myrtle CROFT of Bolton & John H. CORLESS of 34 Fernbank St., 19 Aug 1925
4102-25 John William BROOKS, 25, auto trimmer, Toronto, 274 Westmoreland Ave., s/o Joseph BROOKS, b. Ont & Florence RUSHTON, married Lilian Maud GILLIS, 19, Toronto, 58 Brownlow Ave., d/o Herbert GILLIS, b. Ont & Mary MASON, witn: W.J. WARNE of 145 McPherson & Grace E. GWYNN of 618 Merton St., 14 Aug 1925 at Church of the Messiah 4103-25 George Averil BRUNT, 25, furrier, Toronto, 429 Gladstone Ave., s/o William BRUNT, b. Ont & Esther LACKEY, married Helen Marie CORBETT, 22, proof reader, Ontario, 429 Gladstone Ave, d/o William CORBETT, b. Ireland & Anna REID, witn: Flora M. ALEXANDER & Freda B. MacINTOSH, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925
4123-25 Leonard BUCKLEY, 21, electrician, England, 24 Murdock Ave., s/o Thomas Murray BUCKLEY & Alice Ann, married Rosina Engburg? MOTHERILL, 24, wrapper, England, 22 Murdock Ave., d/o Charles MOTHERS (sic) & Louisa ROSSITER, witn: Arthur Samuel STEVENSON of 179 Leslie Ave & Sarah BUNKER of 24 Murdock St., 22 Aug 1925 at St. Matthews Church 4082-25 Adam McIntosh BUNCH, 20, wholesale fruiterer, Toronto, 64 Fifth St. in New Toronto, s/o Adam McIntosh BUNCH, b. on a Scotch boat [illegible words], & Adelaide BRUNKSILL, married Maggie Helen BUTCHER, 20, tire builder, Scotland, Long Branch, d/o Richard BUTCHER, b. Scotland & Mary Ann ANDERSON, witn: Ralph PUFFER of 64 Fifth Ave in New Toronto & Rose STAPLES of stop 34 - Lakeshore Road, 14 Aug 1925 at 431 Indian Grove
004137-25 Walter Roy CALDWELL, 23, clerk, Toronto, 120 Amelia St. s/o John R. CALDWELL (b. Ireland) & Rebecca RUMFORD married Millicent Audrey MEACHEM, 21, saleslady, Toronto, 523 Milverton Blvd. Toronto, d/o Thomas MEACHEM (b. England) & Lydia WARD, witn: Thomas George JACKSON of 46 Donlands Ave. & Muriel E. DARLE (?) of 899 Carlaw Ave., 11 August 1925 at Danforth Ave. United Church 004160-25 Frederick George CALLAWAY, 53, caretaker, Alderney - Channel Islands, Toronto, widower, s/o Christopher CALLAWAY & Ellen GARLAND, married Mary DAVIES, 45, Wales, Toronto, widow, d/o Thomas & Mary EVANS, witn: Edward J. CALLAWAY of 32 Charles St.. W. Toronto & Maude DAVIES of Toronto, 19 August 1925
004159-25 John Albert CAMERON, 21, nail operator, Toronto, 98 Sydenham St.. Toronto, s/o James CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Margaret McKINNON married Myrtle Edith HARDY, 17, Toronto, 78 Water St.. Toronto, d/o John HARDY (b. Ontario) & Ada CANILL, witn: Thomas & Stella WESTON both of 90 Eastern Ave. Toronto, 28 August 1925 at Trinity Church (King St.. E.) 004163-25 Robert CAMPBELL, 28, bookkeeper, Belfast Ireland, 40 Fairmount Ave., s/o William John CAMPBELL & Sarah CURRY married Doris Emily LONDON, 22, Bristol England, 97 Kenilworth Ave., d/o Thomas George LONDON & Emily WEBBER, witn: Thomas George LONDON of 97 Kenilworth Ave. & Noah CAMPBELL of 40 Fairmount Cres., 8 August 1925 St.. John Church Norway
004156-25 Wellington Selby CARTER, 31, barber, Manitoba, 1338 Danforth Ave. Toronto, s/o Orlanda CARTER (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane TIMMINS married Louise SMITH, 29, waitress, Nova Scotia, 60 Carlton St.. Toronto, d/o John SMITH (b. Nova Scotia) & Margaret McDONALD, witn: Elizabeth & Frank P. MAGEE both of 75 Galt Ave., 25 August 1925 at Cookes Church 4126-25 Clifford Arthur CATHERS, 28, electrician, Toronto, Bayview Ave - York twp., s/o Charles CATHERS, b. Ireland & Elizabeth NIXON, married Daisy Frances HEASLIP, 25, clerk, Ireland, 155 Gerrard St. East, d/o Robert Henry HEASLIP, b. Ireland & Jane Ann ACHESON, witn: Samuel Thompson ACHESON? of 45 Brookmount Rd & Miss F. HEASLIP of 647 Strathmore Blvd., 1 Aug 1925
004162-25 John CATTLEY, 26, driver, Ontario, 24 Monteith St.. Toronto, s/o William CATTLEY & Selina KENNEDY married Nellie NEWMAN, 21, Chelsea England, 24 Monteith St.. Toronto, d/o John NEWMAN & Harriett RYLAND, witn: Fred RIMMER of 107 Bellwoods Ave Toronto & Vina Rose CATTLEY of 24 Monteith St.. Toronto, 15 August 1925 at St.. Augustines Church 004152-25 Robert CHAMBERS, 31, draper, Ireland, 176 Jarvis St.. Toronto, s/o Robert CHAMBERS (b. Ireland) & Eledia Frances STAFORD (?) married Evelyn FREDENBURG, 25, Ontario, 145 Boston Ave. Toronto, d/o George FREDENBURG (b. Ontario) & Jennie McEWEN, witn: Doris & Leonard FREDENBURG both of 145 Boston Ave., 5 August 1925 at S Barnabas Church
004154-25 Peter CIONA, 29, laborer, Austria, 90B Beverley St.. Toronto, s/o Harry CIONA (b. Austria) & Polly GESULIK (?) married Annie TAKARSKA, 19, laundress, Austria, 328 Adelaide St.. W. Toronto, d/o Wasil TAKARSKA (b. Austria) & Tekla HESSIT, witn: Mike STIPRA? & Kate MAGGESKA both of Toronto, 1 August 1925 004151-25 Albert Edward Aslett CLARK, 22, folding operator, England, 48 Cambridge Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas Aslett CLARK (b. England) & Mariah Charlotte WADMAN married Isabel Cooper THOMSON, 19, stenographer, Scotland, 48 Cambridge Ave. Toronto, d/o Adam THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Jean LAUDER, witn: Rosland & John James CORKILL both of 70 Triller Ave., 22 August 1925
004136-25 James Alfred Rickert COFFIN, 50, publisher, Nova Scotia, 50 Dominion St. Truro N.S., widower, s/o James F. COFFIN (b. on board ship in Pacific Ocean) & Joanna GREENWOOD married Agnes Eleanor SUGATT, 30, college dept. principal, Nova Scotia, 67 Willow St. Truro St. N.S., spinster, d/o Samuel SUGATT ( b. Nova Scotia) & Annie KILLER, witn: Agnes KILLER & J. H. K. MACK both of 104 Ivy Ave. Toronto, 31 August 1925 4134-25 Mayer COLT, 44, widower, shoe merchant, Bessarabia, 1236 Danforth Ave., s/o Ch. COLT, b. Bessarabia & M. STROSEN, married Golda GOLUB, 29, Russia, 800 Dundas St. West, d/o L. GOLUB, b. Russia & M. COSHINSKI, witn: A. TEANBERG? of 800 Dundas West & Max WEINTRAUBE of 55 Major St., 9 Aug 1925
004153-25 Harry CONSTABLE, 38, traveller, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William CONSTABLE (b. Ontario) & Lori LIGHT married Ida P. ACHBACH, 30, U.S.A., Toronto, spinster, d/o Charles Frederick ACHBACH (b. Germany) & Dorothy Augusta SIMON, witn: Ellen BROWN of 5 Withrow Ave. & Winnifred RICHARDS of Withrow Ave., 26 August 1925 at 1 Withrow Ave 004157-25 Simon Clarence CONWAY, 18, electrical work, Ontario, 396 Woodbine Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert John CONWAY (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane O'GRADY, married Edith SUDDES (c/b SUDDESS), 18, electrical work, Toronto, 353 Kingston Rd. Toronto, d/o William SUDDES (b. Ontario) & Mary BOSGHREY?, witn: John & Florence Emily GREER both of 290 Kingston Rd., (blurry) August 1925 at St.. John's Church Norway
004150-25 John Thomas COOMBS, 45, secretary-treasurer, England, Brampton Ont., widower, s/o Thomas B. COOMBS (b. England) & Ellen COPE, married Edith Colville POLLARD, 33, Ontario, 26 Dearbourne Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o George POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Margaret COLVILLE, witn: George POLLARD of Toronto & Thomas B. COOMBS of Brampton, 25 August 1925 4131-25 William Anderson COSBURN, 21, ledger keeper, Toronto, 182 Silver Birch Ave., s/o William COSBURN, b. Ont & Elsie J. ANDERSON, married Margaret DALE, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 41 Ashdale Ave., d/o Samuel DALE, b. Ireland & Elizabeth DAVIDSON, witn: Marjorie McKEOWN of 187 Pickering St. in Toronto & G. LEWIS of 255 Scarboro Rd., 3 Aug 1925
004147-25 Kenneth Walter Charles COULMAN, 21, truck driver, Toronto, 541 Brock Ave. Toronto, s/o Edward Cornelius COULMAN (b. Ontario) & Rebecca RICHARDSON married Alice Gertrude DORITTY, 20, operator, Ontario, 1053A Bloor St. W. Toronto, d/o Charles McLeod DORITTY (b. Ontario) & Sadie CLARK, witn: Edward COULMAN of 541 Brock Ave. & Violet GRAY of 1021 Bathurst, 22 August 1925 004161-25 Oscar Joseph COURTEMANCHE, 28, trainman, Buckingham P.Q., Toronto, s/o Moses COURTEMANCHE & Eugenia TREPANNIER, married Margaret Ann SINCLAIR, 22, England, Toronto, d/o James SINCLAIR & Mary GRAHAM, witn: John GALLAGHER & Vera SINCLAIR both of Toronto, 17 August 1925 .
004155-25 George Edwin CRAIN, 26, engineer B.T. Co., Ontario, 851 University St.. Montreal, s/o George Albert CRAIN (b. Ontario) & May PARLOW married Louise Thompson McKAY, 23, New Brunswick, 108 Cluny Dr. Rosedale Toronto, d/o A. (?). McKAY (b. New Brunswick) & S. THOMPSON, witn: Teresa GEDDES of Wiarton & A. H. McKAY of 108 Cluny Dr., 26 August 1925 at the Church of the Redeemer 004148-25 George CRICHTON, 22, cable tester B. T. Co., Scotland, 17 Stephenson Ave. Toronto, s/o John CRICHTON (b. Scotland) & Helen Scott Nicholson WEMYSS married Margery May ALBIN, 20, Ontario, 74 Caledonia Rd. Toronto, d/o Albert ALBIN (b. Ontario) & Ethel May ATKINSON, witn: Lenora SEDGWICK of 114 Caledonia & James Howard ALBIN of 74 Caledonia, 22 August 1925 at 74 Caledonia Ave
004158-25 William Egerton CUNNINGHAM, 43, rubber worker, Ontario, 172 Lisgar St.. Toronto, widower, s/o John CUNNINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Mary COFFEY married Florence DAVEY, 42, Ontario, 781 Manning Ave., widow, d/o Richard McALLISTER (b. Ontario) & Barbara WHITE, witn: Mrs. George LAWSON & Russell G. STANLEY both of 117 Millicent Ave. Toronto, 31 August 1925 004142-25 Albert Henry CURTIS, 49, carpenter, England, 9 Oakvale Ave. Toronto, widower, s/o Henry CURTIS (b. England) & Mary Ellen KEATS married Charlotte Elizabeth CLEMENTS, 38, dressmaker, England, 103 Monarch Park Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o William JARVIS (b. England) & Charlotte E. CULPIN, witn: Marjorie BARNARD of 403 Milverton Blvd. & Florence M. BOURNE of 269 Glebeholme Blvd., 15 August 1925
004170-25 John DALRYMPLE, 26, tinsmith, Scotland, 214 Windermere Rd. in Walkerville Ont., s/o John DALRYMPLE (b. Scotland) & Christina LAIDLAW married Adelena Celena MACDONALD, 26 (b. 9 June 1899), Green Street - Leith Scotland, 16 Roseheath Ave. Toronto, d/o George MACDONALD (b. Scotland) & Celina CAZIN (married 10 Feb 1899 at Leith), witn: James LAIDLAW of 16 Roseheath Ave. Toronto & Mrs. A. M. GRANT of 39 Ellsworth Ave. Toronto, 14 August 1925 004169-25 William DARROCK, 21, machinist apprentice, Scotland, 335 King St.. W. Toronto, s/o William DARROCK (b. Scotland) & Margaret McLEAN married Margaret McISAAC, 20, Nova Scotia, 335 King St.. W. Toronto, d/o Hugh McISAAC (b. Nova Scotia) & Helen McINNIS, witn: Robert & Dena ROUTLEDGE both of 335 King W., 22 August 1925
004171-25 Robert DAVIDSON, 30, bookkeeper, Scotland, 14 Boothroyd Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert Edgar DAVIDSON (b. Scotland) & Mary SIM married Mary Anne Margaret SUTHERLAND, 33 (b. 5 June 1891), Brough Benan? - Latharon Caithnesshire Scotland, en route from Scotland, spinster, d/o James SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Annie FINLAYSON (married 24 Jan 1890 at Latharon), witn: Alexander DAVIDSON of 154 Wolfrey Ave. Toronto & Alison DAVIDSON of Toronto, 26 August 1925 004164-25 Thomas Samuel Henry DAVIES, 34, butcher, England, 211 Mavety St.. Toronto, s/o Samuel DAVIES (b. England) & Harriet HARRINGTON married Edna Beina Mabel PATTON, 24, domestic, Ontario, 211 Mavety St.. Toronto, d/o George Daniel PATTON (b. Ontario) & Beina Louisa ANDERSON, witn: M. I. ABBOTT of 320 Seaton Street & G. D. PATTON of Stouffville, 14 August 1925
004175-25 James George DAVIS, 27, laundry business, Greece, 2740 Baker St.. Detroit Michigan, s/o George DAVIS (b. Greece) & Despena DAVIS married Helen Lillian DROSOPOULIS, 20, confectioner, Greece, 1224 Yonge St.. Toronto, d/o Peter DROSOPOULIS (b. Greece) & Lucia DROSOPOULIS, witn: Joseph WHITE & Miss ARMSTRONG both of 166 Jarvis St.., 23 August 1925 004174-25 Stefanos DELLIO, 32, sheet metal worker, Greece, 163 Sydenham St.. Toronto, s/o Kyriakos DELLIO (b. Greece) & Jordana DELLIO married Fenie STAVROS, 19, sheet metal worker, Greece, 152 Sumach St.. Toronto, d/o Stephen STAVROS (b. Greece) & Mary STAVROS, witn: Joseph WHITE & Annie ARMSTRONG both of 166 Jarvis St.., 30 August 1925
004166-25 Arthur William DICKS, 24, tinsmith, Toronto, 16 Cedarvale Ave. Toronto, s/o John DICKS (b. England) & Jennie KEEBLE (Keith?) married Teresa Margaret McCABE, 27, operator, Ireland, 22 Woodbine Beach, d/o Edward McCABE (b. Ireland) & Teresa HARMON, witn: Edward McCABE of 1214 Gerrard St.. E. & Elizabeth DIAMOND of 35 (?) Lockwood Rd., 14 August 1925 004180-25 Benjamin Lemery DILL, 26, commercial traveller, U.S.A., 805 Bloor St.. W. Toronto, s/o James Herbert DILL (b. U.S.A.) & Emily Ann LEMERY married Mary Gertrude KENNEDY, 27, clerk, Ontario, 91A Isabella St.. Toronto, d/o Daniel KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Rachel O'BRIEN, witn: George PRESTON & Evelyn McLACHLAN both of 641 Bathurst St.. Toronto, 5 August 1925
004179-25 Heber Melvin DOBBIN, 38, grocery clerk, Ontario, 193 College St.. Toronto, widower, s/o George? (ink blot) C. DOBBIN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth PRESTON married Hannah Jane COULTER, 37, cashier, Ontario, 182 Indian Grove Toronto, spinster, d/o John COULTER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth RINTOUL, witn: Harry LEE (Lea?) of 61 Constance St.. & Margaret COULTER of 182 Indian Grove, 1 August 1925 004168-25 William Horace DODD, 34, painter, England, 19 Kenwood Ave., s/o William S. DODD (b. England) & Henrietta FISHER married Jessie HUTTON, 36, England, 107 Kenwood Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o John FRASER (b. Scotland) & Margaret SIMPSON, witn: Colin CAMERON of 1492 Bathurst St.. & Eliza D. McKERLIE of 128 Peterborough Ave., 17 August 1925 at 113 Kenwood Ave
004173-25 John Duff DOIG, 19, stove keeper c.n.r., Scotland, 18 Madiera Pl. Toronto, s/o John DOIG (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth GIBBONS married Grace Marion MURRAY, 19, bookkeeper, Toronto, 101 Leslie St.. Toronto, d/o David MURRAY (b. Scotland) & Ellen NEW, witn: W. ARMSTRONG & Miss V. WEST both of Toronto, 22 August 1925 004176-25 Edward DOYLE, 21, weigher U.S. gas?, Ontario, 4 Montrose Ave. Toronto, s/o Frank DOYLE (b. Ontario) & Theresa DEACON? married Frances MULLEN, 17, Toronto, 4 Montrose Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph MULLEN (b. Italy) & Mary RIORDAN, witn: Lorne WEBSTER & Cecilia MULLEN both of Toronto, 17 August 1925
004165-25 John Valentine DRYNAN, 28, asst. purchasing agent, Toronto, 74 Lowther Ave. Toronto, s/o John William DRYNAN (b. Ontario) & Nora ARMOUR married Ethel Lucy HASSARD, 30, Toronto, 70 Birch Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o Thomas W. HASSARD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth GENGE, witn: Ormoral? DRYNAN of 74 Lowther Ave. & Harry H. ESSEX of 257 St.. Clements Ave., 15 August 1925 004178-25 Alexander Marnie DRYSDALE, 22, wood moulding machinist, Scotland, 15 Russett Ave. Toronto, s/o John Mills DRYSDALE (b. Scotland) & Jeannie MARNIE married Agnes McMaster CAMPBELL, 24, domestic, Scotland, 90 Balmoral Ave. Toronto, d/o Donald CAMPBELL (b. Scotland) & Mary BEATON, witn: Margaret NELSON of 23 Division St.. & James NELSON of 15 Russett St.., 29 August 1925 at 390 Perth Ave
004177-25 James William Thomas DUNCAN, 27, carpenter, Scotland, 17 Kenworthy Ave. Toronto, s/o John James Roy DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Mary Anne OGG married Eliza Roberts MITCHELL, 24 (b. 15 February 1901), pad maker, Walker Place - Torry Kigg Aberdeen Scotland, 39 Dentonia Pk. Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Ann Sanderson McKECHNIE (married 13 Oct 1887 at Peterhead), witn: James Wilson McINTOSH of 7 Bryant St.. Toronto & Margaret Thoros? MITCHELL of 39 Dentonia Pk. Ave. Toronto, 28 August 1925 . 004167-25 Frank Charles DWELLY, 19, steam fitter's helper, Ontario, 11 Millicent St.. Toronto, s/o Charles W. DWELLY (b. England) & Sarah BARR married Eleanor TIMMINS, 20, operator, Scotland, 789 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, d/o Richard TIMMINS (b. Scotland) & Lillian FOSTER, witn: Violet TIMBURY of 789 Lansdowne Ave. & Richard LESLIE of 752 Gladstone Ave., 19 August 1925
004172-25 William Noah DYE, 29, laborer, England, 100 Gould St.. Toronto, s/o Noah DYE (b. Ireland) & Charlotte COPEMAN married Mary Ann MacKINNON, 22 (b. 1 June 1903), domestic, Barra? Invernesshire Scotland, 102 Kendal Ave. Toronto, d/o John McKINNON (b. Scotland) & Catherine McPHERSON (married 16 June 1886 at Barra), witn: John McCARTHY of 145 Richmond W. Toronto & Annie Josephine O'BRIEN of 1761 St.. Clair Ave. Toronto, 26 August 1925 4244-25 William Joseph HALL, 30, dairyman, USA, 17 High Park Ave., s/o Fred HALL, b. England & Martina J. LUNDY, married Eva Myrtle HART, 26, book keeper, Ontario, 26 Ardagh Ave., d/o Thomas HART, b. England & Rose Ann SOUTHERN, witn: Marguerite Anna FITZPATRICK & Gordon Melrose JONES, both of Toronto, 26 Aug 1925
4245-25 Herbert Edwin HAM, 26, brick layer, England, 83 Salem Ave., s/o Francis HAM, b. England & Rebecca ROWE, married Irene BYERS, 21, stenographer, Newfoundland, 1028 Ossington Ave., d/o William Henry BYERS, b. New Brunswick, & Mary Jennie COPELAND, witn: V. William BOLT of 41 Hallam St. in Toronto & Lily Mae BYERS of Stratford, 25 Aug 1925 at Dovercourt (Salv Army) 3823-25 Cecil George HAMILTON, 29, boiler maker, Glasgow Scotland, Rimer Pennsylvania USA, s/o William HAMILTON & Anabel PICKERING, married Margaret WILSON, 26, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Robert WILSON & Helen STEVENS, witn: Thomas Joseph REILLY of 336 St. Clair Ave in Renovo Pennsylvania USA & Alice HOLLAND of 44 Tyndel Ave Toronto, 29 July 1925 at Holy Family Church RC
4238-25 Edward Victor HANNA, 24, trimmer, Ireland, 340 George St., s/o William John HANNA, b. Ireland & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Rachel SCOTT, 24, operator, Scotland, 61 Yorkville Ave., d/o James SCOTT, b. Scotland & Margaret GILMOUR, witn: William DOWNIE of 67 Yorkville Ave & Jane BARCLAY of 75 (45?) Euclid Ave., 19 Aug 1925 4228-25 Marines HANSEN, 40, gardener, Holland, 98 Rushbrook Ave., s/o John HANSEN, b. Holland & Marica STORMAD, married Ange TOORNBECK, 42, domestic, Holland, 98 Rushbrook Ave., d/o "don't know", witn: Mabel M. PHILLIPS of Winnipeg & Minnie (Winnie?) FLETCHER of Toronto, 7 Aug 1925
3322-25 James HAWKINS, 28, sheet metal worker, Whimple Devon England, 151 Pinewood Ave, s/o William HAWKINS & Martha CLARKE, married Alice JOHNSTON, 24, domestic, Woodlesford Leeds England, 65 Florence Crescent, d/o George JOHNSTON & Emily FIRTH, witn: Percival THATCHER of 1789 Ossington Ave & Alice GLADHILL of 815 Shaw St., 9 July 1925 at St. M of AA 3821-25 John Charles HEASLIP, 24, office manager, Sherbrooke PQ, Toronto, s/o Wallace HEASLIP & Elizabeth CHARTRAND, married Helen Beatrice HARRINGTON, 26, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o John Joseph HARRINGTON & Bridget HICKEY, witn: Donald HEASLIP of Timmins Ontario & J. HARRINGTON of 247 Havelock St. Toronto, 9 July 1925 RC
3824-25 Albert William HOBBS, 23, box maker, Toronto, same, s/o Alfred HOBBS & Mary Jane LAVELL, married Isabel Graham McCLINTON, 22, operator, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas James McCLINTON & Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn: Ruby PARKER & William J. GARNETT both of Toronto, 1 July 1925 3820-25 Nicholas Floyd HORE, 20, stock keeper, Toronto, same, s/o Nicholas HORE & Ada DWIGHT, married Edith HOGARTH, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas HOGARTH & blank SEDWICK, witn: J.B. KIMBERLEY of 1072 Pape Ave Toronto & Elma HOGARTH of 54 Brooklyn Ave Toronto, 29 July 1925 at St. Clements Church
4227-25 Theodore Bertram HUGHES, 39, widower, accountant, England, 74 Cardinal Ave in St. Laurent Que., s/o Evan HUGHES, b. England & Lydia HOOPER, married Muriel Amy MARTIN, 37, nurse, England, 2475 Hutchinson St. in Montreal, d/o George MARTIN, b. England & Jessie LEWIS, witn: Jessie & George K. MARTIN of Toronto, 13 Aug 1925 4247-25 Joseph HUGHES, 37, sorter for CN express, England, 6 Larchmount Ave., s/o John HUGHES, b. England & Florence NEWELL, married Lillian Emer RIGBY, 24 (b. 13 April 1901), stenographer, Carleton Place, 72 Sherbrook St. in North Bay, d/o Thomas RIGBY, b. England Emma PARSONS, witn: W. & Caroline WALSH of 6 Larchmount Ave., 29 Aug 1925 at St. Clements Church
4241-25 Franklin William HUTSON, 35, clerk, England, 21 Gough Ave., s/o William HUTSON, b. England & Louise TURNER, married Florence Mabel PAINE, 27, hair dresser, England, 2341 Gerrard St. East, d/o James PAINE, b. England & Florence BINSCARTH?, witn: Henry & Marie PARKER of 2341 Gerrard, 1 Aug 1925 4239-25 John Cowan HUTTON, 38, clergyman, Ontario, Montreal, s/o John HUTTON, b. Scotland & Mary HOUGH, married Laura Christena GREIG, 30, stenographer, Ontario, 3 Biggar Ave in Toronto, d/o Robert L. GREIG, b. Scotland & Margaret TAIT, witn: Irene SOMERVILLE of Glencairn Ont & Mary ANDERSON of 24 Edna Ave., 18 Aug 1925 at St. Columbus Church
4252-25 Raymond Milton HYDE, 23, rubber worker, Toronto, 62 Macdonell Ave., s/o Frank HYDE, b. USA & Elizabeth GOWELL, married Mary Florence HUGHES, 23, nurse in training, Toronto, 43 Empress Ave., d/o John F. HUGHES, b. Isle of Wight, & Mary Ann BIRD, witn: S?. MELLISH of 14 Fairview Ave & Josephine HUGHES of 43 Empress Ave., 5 Aug 1925 at Rectory, 1372 King St. West  
3825-25 Frederick ILES, 25 (19 Jan 1900), mechanic, Village of Hawarden - Flintshire England, 1618 Church St. Detroit Michigan, s/o Isaac ISLES (sic) (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann HISCOX, married Phillis Helena DALZELL, 24, stenographer, New Brunswick, 98 Blackthorn Ave Toronto, d/o blank, witn: L. ISLES of 98 Blackthorn Ave & K. REEVES of 350 Montrose Ave, 2 July 1925 3827-25 Frederick George IRONS, 25, salesman, England, 29 Follis Ave, s/o Philip IRONS (b. Scotland) & Eliza GYE, married Marjorie Louise MITCHELL, 21, Toronto, 865 Manning Ave Toronto, d/o Charles Wesley MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Alice CHESHER, witn: Percy NIGHTINGALE of 3 Chilton Rd Toronto & Mae HATHWAY of 67 Indian Road Crescent Toronto, 21 July 1925
3826-25 William James IRWIN, 33, salesman, Ireland, 174 Mutual St., s/o William J. IRWIN (b. Ireland) & Mary WORLAN, married Elizabeth McQUILLAN, 24 (20 Mar 1901), domestic, Coleraine Co Londonderry Ireland, 37 Olive St. Toronto, d/o Samuel W. McQUILLAN (b. Ireland) & Sarah PARK, witn: Sidney James EDWARD & Margaret E. EDWARD both of Toronto, 14 July 1925 3830-25 Henry Arthur JAMES, 51, widower, labourer, England, 651 Dundas St. East, s/o William JAMES (b. England) & Jennie PHILLPOT, married Florence Ellen HEATH, 48 (20 Oct 1876), widow, Brentford Middlesex England, 651 Dundas St. East Toronto, d/o Thomas DEANE (b. England) & Ellen PALMER, witn: Mary WALLACE & Charles WALLACE both of 48 Sproat Ave, 4 July 1925 at Trinity Church
3828-25 William Henry JAMES, 49, widower, foreman, USA, 427 West Marion Ave in Toronto, s/o William Henry JAMES (b. England) & Elizabeth DEMMERY, married Lily McLEOD, 46, widow, Toronto, 433 West Marion St. Toronto, d/o John ROUSE (b. Ontario) & Rhoda Louise TIPPETT, witn: E.V. GILLELAN & Mrs E.V. GILLELAN both of 23 Bingham Ave Toronto, 4 July 1925 at the Church of the Epiphany 4270-25 Albert William JAMES, 31 (b. 13 April 1894), laborer, 66 Downham Rd - Hackney London England, 263 Wellesley St., s/o James JAMES (deceased), b. England & Julia WILLMOTT, married Jessica Anna Patton Campbell LAWRENCE, 21, cook, Scotland, 75 Roxborough Dr. - Rosedale Toronto, d/o Graham LAWRENCE, b. Scotland & Elizabeth MacKENZIE, witn: A.M. & A.L. MacKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd., 26 Aug 1925
3832-25 Harry Clifford JARMAIN, 24, projectionist, Ontario, 525 Dupont St., s/o Harry JARMAIN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Catherine ADAIR, married Mary Evelyn HOWARD, 26, telephone operator, Ontario, 767 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o John HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Jennie MORRISON, witn: Prescilla E. MACMARTIN of 112 Russett Ave & Philip M. NEWMAN of #1 Park Ave, 29 July 1925 3836-25 Joseph Howard JEFFREY, 22, stove mounter, Ontario, 52 Wyatt Ave Toronto, s/o James JEFFREY (b. Ontario) & Lottie TYLER, married Lillian May O'NEILL, 21, Toronto, 8 Alton Ave Toronto, d/o Frances O'NEILL (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann MITCHELL, witn: William A. PRYER of 54 Seaton St. & Elizabeth FIRTH of 301 Sumach St., 14 July 1925
3834-25 Joseph Harker JOHNSON, 26, dentist, Ireland, 186 Dundas St. East, s/o James JOHNSON (b. Ireland) & Mary J. WILLIS, married Frances Olive NEALON, 23, Ireland, 11 Fernwood Park Ave Toronto, d/o William Marten, NEALON (b. Ireland) & Sarah SYES, witn: F. Aylon JOHNSON & D.H. NEALON both of Toronto, 22 July 1925 at 11 Fernwood Park Ave 3829-25 John JOHNSON, 22, litho feeder, England, 28 Myrtle Ave, s/o Anthony JOHNSON (b. England) & Agnes MARSHALL, married Marjorie FALOON, 19, biscuit packer, Toronto, 573 Carlaw Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph FALOON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth MUSTARD, witn: John JOHNSTONE Jr of 89 McMichael Ave & Dorothy FALOON of 573 Carlaw Ave, 1 July 1925
3837-25 Leonard JONES, 21, builder, England, 235 St. Helen's Ave, s/o Richard JONES (b. England) & Elizabeth DAVIS, married Edith THOMPSON, 21, moulder, England, 225 Rosemount Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. England) & Florence ROBERTS, witn: Mary E. MARSHALL & Frances J. MARSHALL both of Toronto, 18 July 1925 3835-25 Harry Iven JONES, 39, divorcee, Toronto, 197 Concord Ave, s/o Charles B. JONES (b. Ontario) & Jennie LUNDY, married Beatrice Fanny BLAIND, 36 (1 Feb 1889), widow, 226 Fairfield - Leatherhead Co Surrey England, 197 Concord Ave Toronto, d/o Edward BLUCK (b. England), hotel keeper's stableman, & Emma EDWARDS, witn: A.F. LANGFIELD of 197 Concord Ave & Gladys M. SMITH of 362 Woodbine Ave, 13 July 1925
4267-25 John Edward JORDAN, 23, truck driver, England, 103 Perth Ave., s/o George JORDAN, b. England & Hannah DICKS, married Olive Muriel HIGGS, 21, England, 444A Spadina Ave., d/o Albert George HIGGS, b. England & Rose DAVIS, witn: John DICKS & Billie HIGGS, both of Toronto, 8 Aug 1925 3833-25 Charles Thomas JORDAN, 20, motor mechanic, England, 208 Weston Rd Toronto, s/o Andrew H. JORDAN (b. England) & Ethel Ann BAKER, married Jessie EDWARD, 19 (4 Oct 1905), saleslady, 6 Dallfield Terrace Dundee Scotland, 102 Hallam St. Toronto, d/o John EDWARD (b. Scotland), iron turner & Jessie Kadie [s/b Keddie] PETRIE (married 9 June 1899 at Forfar), witn: Ellwood Joseph RIDER of 276 Harvie Ave & Mary Scott EDWARD of 102 Hallam St., 25 July 1925
4264-25 Robert Simeon JOYCE, 29, musician, Ontario, 455 West Marion St., s/o Joseph JOYCE, b. Ont & Cecelia NELSON, married Florence Ethel McKAY, 32, musician, Toronto, 406 Bloor St. West, d/o Alexander J. MacKAY, b. Scotland & Jessie M. BOYER, witn: Irene E. JOYCE & Dorothy STANLEY, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1925 3842-25 Leonard Lawrence KAAKE, 22, drover, Ontario, Nobleton, s/o John KAAKE (b. Ontario) & Sarah BREDEN, married Lillie May TOPPER, 25, school teacher, Ontario, Kleinberg, d/o Fred TOPPING (sic) (b. Ontario) & Emily LAURIE, witn: Mabel IRELAND & William SHAW both of Kleinberg, 28 July 1925 at High Park United Church
3850-25 Toivo Evert KANERVA, 26, barber, Finland, 338 Adelaide St West, s/o Otto KANERVO (sic) (b. Finland) & Liina LONG, married Elma Hevitta MAKI, 18 (13 Jan 1907), barber, Jurva Waasa Province Finland, 70 Grange Ave Toronto, d/o Johan Anton MAKI (b. Finland) & Sigrid MIKKOLA, witn: H. HAIOKANEN of 10 Grange Ave & Ligne KALLIR of 261 Richmond St. West, 1 July 1925 - divorced 24 Oct 1934 3844-25 Clair Le Verne KELCHER, 19, private Chauffeur, Toronto, 99 Jameson Ave, s/o Joseph KELCHER (b. England) & Emma WILLIAMS, married Jeannie Young WALDRUM, 18 (28 Sept 1906), domestic, 41 North Wellington St. Dundee Scotland, 250 Laughton Ave Toronto, d/o William WALDRUM (b. Scotland) power loom tester & Mary YOUNG (married 11 Aug 1905 at Dundee), witn: Mrs Jean BOWLES & Arthur BOWLES both of 309 Caledonia Ave, 13 July 1925
3349-25 Vincent KELLY, 28, dentist, Ontario, 241 Queens Ave London Ontario, s/o John KELLY (b. Ontario) & Emma ARMSTRONG, married Mona Mary HORKINS, 30, school teacher, Ontario, 65 Oakwood Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas J. HORKINS (b. Ontario) & Johanna MAHONEY, witn: W.B. HORKINS & Mrs W.B. HORKINS both of 64 Keewatin Ave, 18 July 1925 RC 3841-25 Robert Thomas KELLY, 29, carpenter, Ireland, 16 Dagmar Ave Toronto, s/o Alex KELLY (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BROWN, married Marjorie McCOLL, 31, dressmaker, Ireland, 10 Rainsford Rd Toronto, d/o Nathaniel McCOLL (b. Ireland) & Sarah WARNOCK, witn: Eleanor A. HUNTER of 923 Logan Ave & Herbert W. LEMON of Clifford Ontario, 28 July 1925
3848-25 Alfred Allen KINGSCOTT, 29, letter carrier, Ontario, 1301 Dundas St. West, s/o Alfred KINGSCOTT (b. England) & Annie ALLEN, married Mary LYALL, 24, bookkeeper, Scotland, 253 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, d/o George LYALL (b. Scotland) & Christian BUCHAM, witn: W.N. BABB of 62 Coolmine Rd & Alice LYALL of 253 Dovercourt Rd, 18 July at St. Barnabas Church, Hallam St. 3852-25 George KOSTUK, 32, barber, Austria, 293 7 St. New Toronto, s/o Spiridon KOSTUK & Anastasia VASILASHKO, married Paraskevia MAKARENKO, 18, Oshawa, 311 7 St. New Toronto, d/o Nivoly MAKARENKO & Anna GAZAR, witn: Petra DRON of 293 7 St. New Toronto & William KOTYCH of 313 7 St. New Toronto, 25 July 1925 Russian Greek Orthodox
3345-25 Peter Clarke McAVOY, 40, relief officer, Scotland, York, s/o John McAVOY & Alice SHEVLIN, married Lucindice Victoria Mary HENDRICK, 26, stenographer, Canada, York, d/o Michael J. HENDRICK & Margaret LYNES, witn: Charles LYNES of 374 Lauder Ave & Estella HENDRICK of 1117 Ossington Ave, 30 June 1925 RC 3310-25 Robert McCALL, 24, grocery clerk, Ireland, 43 Bain Ave Toronto, s/o Robert McCALL (b. Ireland) & Annie MILLS, married Sarah HOWARD, 24, stenographer, Ireland, 43 Bain Ave, d/o Robert HOWARD (b. Ireland) & Sarah CLARK, witn: Elsie HOWARD of 258 St. Luke Rd Ford City & James CARUTHERS of 260 St. Luke Rd Ford City, 10 June 1925
3331-25 Harold Richard McCARTHY, 36, contractor, Perth Ontario, 28 Powell Ave Ottawa Carleton Co, s/o Richard Henry McCARTHY & Elizabeth HICK, married Violet Louise COUTIE, 34, Toronto, 19 Oswald Cres Toronto, d/o Neil McNaughton COUTIE & Emma ROSS, witn: T.M. MACDONALD of 384 Maclaren St. Ottawa & Mrs T. M. LOUKS of 15 Oswald Cres Toronto, 27 June 1925 3348-25 John Thomas McCARTHY, 32, farmer, RR#6 London twp, RR#4 Ingersoll Ontario, s/o John McCARTHY & Catharine HANLON, married Lillian Elizabeth BLOYE, 31, stenographer, London Ontario, 152 Winchester St. Toronto, d/o Ernest Thomas BLOYE & Catharine FEENEY, witn: Leo McCARTHY of RR#6 London twp & Clara Anna BLOYE of 152 Winchester St. Toronto, 10 June 1925 RC
3340-25 William McCLURE, 23, machinist, Ireland, 74 Campbell Ave, s/o James McCLURE (b. Ireland) & Margaret WALKER, married Isabella ORR, 20, Ireland, 50 Cummings St. Toronto, d/o Joseph ORR (b. Ireland) & Martha McKANE, witn: James McKANE of 50 Cummings St. & Ethel SMALLBONES of 95 Waldell St., 27 June 1925 at Trinity Church 3327-25 Charles Christy McCOLLUM, 24, electrician, Ontario, 728 Willard Ave, s/o Justus McCOLLUM (b. Ontario) & Ella MEARNS, married Dorothy Margaret JENNER, 23, milliner, England, 41 Priscilla Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas JENNER (b. England) & Rose HANNA, witn: Minnie OGG of 15 Priscilla Ave & Cecil KENNEDY of 32 Maple St. in St. Catharines, 19 June 1925
3320-25 David Campbell McCONNELL, 31, clerk, Ireland, 179 Seaton St., s/o John McCONNELL (b. Ireland) & Margaret Jane CAMPBELL, married Ellen Gertrude FENN, 25, clerk, Ontario, 1731/2 Sumach St. Toronto, d/o Alfred FENN (b. Ontario) & Margaret MANETTIA, witn: Harold RANDELL of Heather Rd Leaside & Ella McLACHLAN of 589 St. Clarens Ave, 10 June 1925 3311-25 Joseph Albert McCONNELL, 33, widower, mat tufter, Ontario, 38 Woodington Ave Toronto, s/o Edward Fry McCONNELL (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Rebecca DRAPER, married Minnie Irene BURLEY, 29, Toronto, 399 Dupont St., d/o Richard BURLEY (b. England) & Minnie NIEROTH, witn: William Thomas McCONNELL of 500 Pape Ave & Sadie Evline SHROPSHIRE of 97 Bloor St. West, 16 June 1925
3304-25 William Thomas McCORD, 24, grocer & butcher, Ireland, 160 Dundas St. East, s/o William James McCORD (b. Ireland) & Martha BLACKATTER, married Amanda Grace QUIN, 24, Ireland, 200 Clendenan Ave Toronto, d/o James QUIN (b. Ireland) & Susan SPENCER, witn: Robert McKEE of Port Credit & Stella M. QUIN of 200 Clendenan Ave Toronto, 1 June 1925 3354-25 Charles John McCREADY, 24, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John McCREADY & Jane Marie PAGE, married Muriel Hearst EMMERSON, 23, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o Samuel EMMERSON & Sarah YOUNG, witn: George Herbert COLBRAN of 215 Victor Ave Toronto & Evelyn Agnes EMMERSON of 747 Coxwell Ave Toronto, 1 June 1925 at St. Clements Church
3337-25 John Day McCULLOCH, 21, fur salesman, Ontario, 41 Boon Ave, s/o John A. McCULLOCH (b. Ontario) & Ethel DAY, married Mary Helen FINNIE, 20, drug order filler, Toronto, 113 Fern Ave Toronto, d/o Robert FINNIE (b. Ontario) & Jean McFARLANE, witn: Samuel FINNIE of 239 Royce Ave & Alice McCULLOCH of 41 Boon Ave, 25 June 1925 - divorced 18 May 1949 3322-25 Edward McCULLOUGH, 58, widower, stone mason, Sidney twp Hastings Co, Hallowell twp Prince Edward Co, s/o Rogers McCULLOUGH (b. Ireland) & Margaret KINGSTON, married Mrs Addie MAYBEE, 53, widow, Thurlow twp, Hallowell twp, d/o Reuben MAY (b. Prince Edward Co) Alice WELLBANKS, witn: Bruce H. McNALLEY of Markham & Mrs Ethel E. GOSS of 50 Erskine Ave Toronto, 7 June 1925
3352-25 Norman Sutherland MACDONALD, 25, driver, Toronto, same, s/o David S. MACDONALD & Nellie PETERS, married Lily Elizabeth POLLARD, 24, ledger keeper, England, Toronto, d/o George POLLARD & Caroline BRUM, witn: John Duncan McGREGOR of 17 Oakcrest Ave Toronto & Caroline Emily POLLARD of 2 Ivy St. Toronto, 17 June 1925 at St. Clements Church 3335-25 Donald James MACDONALD, 24, stationary engineer, Ontario, 1 Shanly St. Toronto, s/o Alexander MACDONALD (b. Ontario) & Elspeth FRASER, married Sarah Lavina PAIN, 30, saleslady, Ontario, 625 Church St. Toronto, d/o George PAIN (b. England) & Sarah Jane TOMLINSON, witn: Malcolm A. McDONALD of Atherley & Annie CULHAM of Toronto, 3 June 1925
3328-25 John McDOUGALL, 23, boilermaker, Scotland, 761 Gerrard St. East, s/o Alexander McDOUGALL (b. Scotland) & Marjorie Stewart POWELL, married Leona Nina HATTON, 21, saleslady, Ontario, 213 Browning Ave Toronto, d/o William H. HATTON (b. England) & Martha Ann BROWN, witn: Violet E. HATTON of 402 Woodfield Ave & Alfred Wright McDOUGALL of 161 Gerrard St. East, 15 June 1925 3306-25 William John McDOWELL, 26, motor mechanic, Ireland, Windsor Ontario Essex Co, s/o Robert McDOWELL (b. Ireland) & Minnie WILSON, married Jennie CONN, 23, Ireland, en route from Ireland, d/o Nathaniel CONN (b. Ireland) & Jean BEATTIE, witn: J. THOMPSON of 24 Florence St. Toronto & J. Eleanor RAE of 131 John St. Toronto, 1 June 1925
3319-25 George Albert McFADDEN, 23, millwork estimator, Ontario, 194 Concord Ave Toronto, s/o James W. McFadden (b. Ontario) & Margaret C. McGINNIS, married Marion Wilson DUNLOP, 21, Quebec, 79 Glencarin Ave Toronto, d/o William R. DUNLOP (b. Ireland) & Beatrice Catherine WILSON, witn: Herbert McFADDEN of 194 Concord Ave & Evelyn MERRIMAN of 23 Palmerston Square Toronto, 10 June 1925 3326-25 Frederick Alexander Roy MACFADDEN, 26, chartered accountant, Toronto, 252 Wellesley St. Toronto, s/o William Albert MACFADDEN (b. Ontario) & Laura Hannah CHAPMAN, married Violet May STUBBS, 26, Toronto, 98 Wells Hill Ave, d/o Harry Garland STUBBS (b. Ontario) & May Clara COXEN, witn: Dr Harold P. ROGERS of 22 Earlscourt Ave Toronto & Sarah STUBBS of 98 Wells Hill Ave Toronto, 20 June 1925
3350-25 George MACFARLANE, 38, clerk, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o David MACFARLANE & Catherine MONCRIEFF, married Elizabeth EDGE, 36, nurse, England, Toronto, d/o Joe EDGE & Harriett PERKS, witn: Walter Norman HALL of 1222 Shaw St. Toronto & Alma FARROW of 81 Greensides St., 20 June 1925 at St. Clements Church 3333-25 Thomas James MACFARLANE, 43, widower, assistant buildings superintendent, Ontario, 99 Bond St., s/o James C. MACFARLANE (b. British Columbia) & Martha May NICOL, married Rosie RACE, 44, divorcee, clerk, Ontario, 5 Norman Ave Toronto, d/o Charles Thomas JEFFERY (b. Ontario) & Ellen KINNARD, witn: Winnifred DODD of 5 Norman Ave & W.E. MACFARLANE of 99 Bond St. Toronto, 9 June 1925 at Bond St. Church
3324-25 Findlay Ferguson McGIBBON, 29, insurance broker, Ontario, Wilton Court Hotel Toronto, s/o David C. McGIBBON (b. Ontario) & Ada FERGUSON, married Catharine Eliza LANGDON, 28, graduate nurse, USA, 163 Jamieson Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel P. LANGDON (b. USA) & Elizabeth POWELSON, witn: George K. LUCAS of 413 Sherbourne St. & Dorothy OXLEY of 131 Grenadier Rd, 25 June 1925 3317-25 William Henry McGILL, 22, printer, Ontario, 4 Langemark Ave, s/o Thomas McGILL (b. Ontario) & Dora Ethel JENNINGS, married Clara Gladys BATTERS, 21, fancy leather goods, England, 146 Lindsay Ave Toronto, d/o Walter BATTERS (b. England) & Sophia LLOYD, witn: E.P. McGILL & G.W. ROBERTSON both of Toronto, 13 June 1925
3336-25 Stephen James McGRATH, 36, broker, Brechin Ontario, 10 Indian Trail Toronto, s/o Michael McGrath & Mary Ann McGOWAN, married Mary Teresa BROPHY, 30, Wooler Ontario, 265 Markham St. Toronto, d/o Hugh BROPHY & Bridget O'HALLORAN, witn: Albert J. HECK & Marie A. HECK both of 29 Glenrose Ave Toronto, 2 June 1925 RC 3325-25 James McGUIGAN, 17, cutter, Ireland, 3 Taylor St. Toronto, s/o Arthur McGUIGAN (b. Ireland) & Mary McVANE, married Sarah Ada DOYLE, 21, Toronto, 28 Geneva St. Toronto, d/o Henry DOYLE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth CARMICHEL, witn: Harry DOYLE of 28 Geneva St. & Carroll HUDSON of 405 Carlton St., 17 June 1925
3342-25 Thomas William MACKAY, 26, carpenter, Scotland, 256 Clinton St. Toronto, s/o Thomas MACKAY (b. Scotland) & Jemima FIDDLER, married Maggie Eliza Muir SPENCE, 26, school teacher, Scotland, 524 Manning Ave, d/o James SPENCE (b. Scotland) & Helen FIRTH, witn: James W.B. SPENCE & Mary A.E. HOWSON both of Toronto, 30 June 1925 at 524 Manning Ave 3313-25 John McKEE, 24, truck driver, Ontario, 129 Carlaw Ave Toronto, s/o John McKEE (b. Ontario) & Mary LUCAS, married Kathleen McDOUGALL, 21, domestic, Scotland, 18 Hamilton St. Toronto, d/o James McDOUGALL (b. Scotland) & Agnes TWEEDIE, witn: Zetta SANDFORD & Catharine A. RODGER both of Toronto, 6 June 1925
3329-25 Henry Alexander McKEEN, 25, machinist, Toronto, 1128A College St., s/o William McKEEN (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann DAVIDSON, married Ella May MONTGOMERY, 18, operator, Ontario, 29 Kingsley Ave, d/o William John MONTGOMERY (b. Ontario) & Ann Jane NICHOLSON, witn: Sadie BONSER & J.H. BONSER both of 210 Symington Ave Toronto, 29 June 1925 3343-25 John MACKENZIE, 44, foreman, Ontario, 1275 West Grand Blvd Detroit Michigan, s/o John J. MACKENZIE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann MATHESON, married Lilian May DUNLOP, 41, forelady, Ontario, 158 Spruce St. Toronto, d/o John DUNLOP (b. Ontario) & Catherine KEDSLIE, witn: Margaret ELLIOTT of 267 Boston Ave & Reginald James DUNLOP of 216 Seaton St., 27 June 1925
3323-25 Gordon Watson MACKENZIE, 35, superintendent, Kincardine, Milton Halton Co, s/o Roderick MACKENZIE (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Jean WATSON, married Kathleen Mary WHARIN, 26, school teacher, Toronto, same, d/o Sidney Gerald WHARIN (b. Ontario) & Kate Eleanor SEMPLE, witn: Jessie P. SEMPLE of 52 Dundonald St. Toronto & P.R. ROBERTSON of Milton, 24 June 1925 3339-25 Daniel Alexander McKENZIE, 37, electrical engineer, Ontario, 117 Wellesley St., s/o Thomas McKENZIE (b. Ontario) & Maria Jane WHITING, married Florence Evelyn MACNAIR, 34, vocalist, Ontario, 227 Wright Ave Toronto, d/o Donald Black MACNAIR (b. Ontario) & Sara Scott MACCALLUM, witn: John T. McKENZIE of Wawanesa Manitoba & Jean Olive MACNAIR of 227 Wright Ave Toronto, 29 June 1925 at Bond St. Church
3336-25 Donald MacRae, MACKENZIE, 37, superintendent, Ontario, 41 Howard St., s/o Roderick D. MACKENZIE (b. Ontario) & Euphemia McDIARMID, married Gertrude KELLY, 34, Toronto, 33 Maple Ave Toronto, d/o Hugh T. KELLY (b. Ontario) & Mary HYNES, witn: W. Bruce HONEYWELL of 86 Farnham Ave & Anne Kelly of 33 Maple Ave, 24 June 1925 at Our Lady of Lourdes Presbytery 3334-25 Robert MACKENZIE, 40, carpenter, Scotland, 51 Eastmount Ave, s/o Alex MACKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Mary FERGUSON, married Jean Gray McOuat ALEXANDER, 27, stenographer, Scotland, 108 Melrose Ave Toronto, d/o Robert ALEXANDER (b. Scotland) & Jean G. SNEDDEN, witn: R. MACDONALD of 1323 Detroit Michigan & I. ALEXANDER of 108 Melrose Ave, 4 June 1925 at Avenue Rd Church
3346-25 George Alexander MacKELVIE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Durham Ontario, s/o David MacKELVIE & Lucy HOOPER, married Margaret Rose LODGE, 23, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o William Henry LODGE & Margaret COX, witn: John Carl HARRISON of Varney RR#1 Grey Co & Dorothy A. COX of 56 Belhaven Rd Toronto, 24 June 1925 3321-25 William Charles McKEWEN, 27, shoe clerk, England, 26 Suffolk St. Toronto, s/o Richard McKEWEN (b. England) & Rose PARISH, married Winnifred May GOSS, 20, clerk, Toronto, 8 Sproat Ave Toronto, d/o Frederick GOSS (b. Newfoundland) & Bessie HUTCHINSON, witn: H.J. GLEEN & Mrs Harold GLEEN both of 924 Greenwood Ave, 20 June 1925
3337-25 Bartran Norman Finnie McKISSOCK, 21, butcher, Aberdeen Scotland, 138 Uxbridge Ave Toronto, s/o Andrew McKISSOCK & Maggie STEPHEN, married Agnes RICHMOND, 20, tailoress, Glasgow Scotland, 106 Ashburnham Rd Toronto, d/o Alexander RICHMOND & Jane WALSH, witn: Richard Wilson ROBERTSON of Swift Can Co York Hall & Robina KELMAN of 312 Ontario St. Toronto, 3 June 1925 3318-25 Charles Ralston McLAUCHLAN, 22, labourer, Scotland, 141 Curzon St., s/o Robert MacLAUCHLAN (b. Scotland) & Annie RALSTON, married Rose Ann ALLAN, 21, domestic, Scotland, 216 Balmoral Ave Toronto, d/o James ALLAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret DEVLIN, witn: William CRAWFORD of 141 Curzon St. & Margaret ALLAN of 320 Spadina Rd, 10 June 1925 at Holy Rosary Church RC
3305-25 Russell Howard McLAUGHLIN, 23, truck driver, Ontario, Queen & Orchard Sts Humber Bay, s/o Adam McLAUGHLIN (b. Ontario) & Nellie RIETER, married Mary Thelma OSTER, 22, Toronto, 314 Westmoreland Ave, d/o Lewis OSTER (b. Ontario) & Winnifred McINTYRE, witn: Thomas L. DANIEL & Mrs C.L. PATTISON both of Toronto, 5 June 1925 3341-25 John McLEAN, 22, driver, Scotland, 250 Dufferin St., s/o Allen McLEAN (b. Scotland), fish salesman & Eleanor McEWAN, married Viola KITTS, 21, labeller, Quebec, 250 Dufferin St. Toronto, d/o William KITTS (b. Quebec), traveller & Jessie MARTIN, witn: Audrey Margaret KITTS of 250 Dufferin St. Toronto & Bruce Ambrose? COMISKEY of 15 Manor Rd East Toronto, 27 June 1925 at St. Augustines Church
3351-25 Charles Thomas McLEAN, 27, plumber, Toronto, 329 Glen Rd Toronto, s/o Joseph McLEAN (b. Toronto) & Charlotte GOLDSMITH, married Grace MANN, 28, England, 336 Crawford St. Toronto, d/o William MANN (b. England) & Alice LANGLEY, witn: Edwin McLEAN & Rose McLEAN both of Toronto, 20 June 1925 3344-25 William Aribus McLEAN, 53, civil engineer, Ontario, 8 McMaster Ave, s/o Hugh McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Margaret Sophia McNAIRN, married Marjorie Ruth O'MEARA, 28, Ontario, Wycliffe Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas Robert O'MEARA (b. Ontario) & Harriet M.S. BOYD, witn: Roy MILLER of 140 St. George St. Toronto & Gwendolyn L. R. BOYD of 67 Warren Rd Toronto, 29 June 1925 at Wycliffe College
3315-25 Wilson Morris McLEAN, 22, salesman, Ontario, Wasaga Beach Ontario, s/o James McLEAN (b. Ontario) & Helen BUCK, married Lorraine CASHMAN, 19, Toronto, 138 Broadway Ave Toronto, d/o James CASHMAN (b. Ontario) & Katherine RUTLEY, witn: Jack McLEAN & J. BRUCE both of Toronto, 10 June 1925 3312-25 Wallace McLEAN, 31, farmer, Mara twp Ontario Co, same, s/o Dan McLEAN (b. Brock twp Ontario Co) & Margaret Ann GIVENS, married Sara Jane ADAMS, 26, domestic, Rama twp, Toronto, d/o Charles A. ADAMS (b. blank) & Sara Jane SOUTHERN, witn: Clara WILSON of 157 McPherson Ave & Russell IRWIN of 238 Davenport Rd, 30 June 1925
3332-25 Mark Snowden McLEOD, 27, mechanic, Ontario, 106 Sherwood Ave, s/o Donald McLeod (b. Ontario) & Jennie STEWART, married Shirley BERNEY, 24, clerk, Ontario, 391 Roncesvalles Ave Toronto, d/o George BERNEY (b. Ontario) & Agnes STILL, witn: Mrs George BERNEY of Caledon East & Hazel McLEOD of Toronto Western Hospital, 20 June 1925 at 220 Wright Ave 3330-25 Archibald McLEOD, 35, farmer, Ontario, Gormley RR#1 Whitchurch twp, s/o Samuel McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CARMICHAEL, married Nellie Cora LOVERING, 28, Ontario, Coldwater RR#1, d/o George LOVERING (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann BALKWELL, witn: Sadie SMITH & Minnie CAVELL both of Toronto, 29 June 1925
3307-25 Findley McLEOD, 19, clerk, England, 334 Campbell Ave Toronto, s/o Findley McLEOD (b. England) & Sarah HOPE, married Elva Leone Boag BROOKS, 18, Ontario, 181 Wallace Ave, d/o George BROOKS (b. Ontario) & Ophelia BOAG, witn: Elizabeth R. HULL & Susan HULL both of 2 Abbott Ave, 9 June 1925 3338-25 Clarence Wesley McMASTER, 40, farmer, Ontario, Hilton RR#1, s/o James Ransome McMASTER (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Ann DOWN, married Lillian BARRAGER, 43, bookkeeper, Ontario, 12 Geoffrey St. Toronto, d/o Peter BARRAGER (b. Ontario) & Melissa BARTON, witn: Alice Emily CARD of 12 Geoffrey St. Toronto & Mabel Elizabeth SCOTT of 24 Erindale Ave Toronto, 25 June 1925 at 220 Wright Ave
3314-25 Franklin McMENEMY, 28, assistant stock keeper, Ontario, 34 First Ave, s/o James McMENEMY (b. Ontario) & Sarah A. TERRY, married Wilhelmina Eleanor Estella KEFFER, 22, saleslady, Ontario, 37 Poucher St. Toronto, d/o Abner V. KEFFER (b. Ontario) & Eunice E. TERRY, witn: W.S. SOMERBY & Florence LEWIS both of Toronto, 6 June 1925 3349-25 William James MACMILLAN, 27, policeman, Owen Sound, 171B Roncesvalles Ave Toronto, s/o Archibald MACMILLAN & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Ivy BULMER, 18, Toronto, 3051/2 Roncesvalles Ave , d/o Daniel BULMER & Eliza Mary Ann TAYLOR, witn: James D. HOLLAND of 1992 Queen St. West Toronto & Edna HELKS of 323 Coxwell Ave Toronto, 10 June 1925
3301-25 Wallace Nelson MOORE, 26, doctor, Sandford Ontario, Englehart Ontario s/o William John MOORE & Minnie HARWOOD, married Gloria Evelyn HILL, 23, Montreal PQ, 610 Ossington [Ave] Toronto, d/o William Albert HILL & Agnes TAMMAGE, witn: Stewart ARBUCKLE of 43 St. Clair Gardens & Marion McLEOD of 396 Lauder Ave, 9 June 1925 3299-25 Edmund J. MOORE, 27, druggist, Arthur, Toronto, s/o Edward MOORE & Ellen CANTON, married Margaret BOLGER, 27, Dundalk, Toronto, d/o Martin BOLGER & Helen HEFFERNAN, witn: James T. MOORE of 601 Ferrry Ave Niagara Falls New York & Mary BOLGER of 93 Close Ave Toronto, 15 June 1925 at Holy Family Church RC
3402-25 George Ernest PALLISTER, 28, book keeper, England, 296 Montrose Ave., s/o George C. PALLISTER, b. England & Harriet BURNITT, married Clara Catherine PEDWELL, 24, clerk, Ontario, 24 Norton Ave., d/o A.W. PEDWELL, b. Ont & Annie CRUSE, witn: J.E. PALLISTER of 296 Montrose Ave & C.E. SLADE of 1896 Bathurst St., 13 June 1925 at 24 Norton Ave., 3398-25 Francis PALMER, 44, engineer, Ontario, 16 Clinton St., s/o Francis PALMER, b. Ireland & Margaret MILLER, married Minnie Maud SKINNER, 42, Ontario, 74 Robert St., d/o George SKINNER, b. Ont & Sophia WILBUR, witn: A.M. DARE of 16 Clinton St. & Emma (Erina?) LEVELL of 554 Spadina Ave., 16 June 1925
3392-25 Peter PAPASTATOS, 34, shoe maker, Maherathon Greece, 16 Carden St. in Guelph, s/o James PAPASTATOS, b. Maherathon Greece & Freda, married Angelina REFALONIDES, 25, dress maker, Maherathon Greece, Guelph, d/o Denis REFALONIDES, b. Maherathon Greece & Grystacennia, witn: Muss ARMSTRONG & Joseph WAITE, both of 166 Jarvis St., 3 June 1925 3397-25 Louis PAPERNICK, 24, laborer, Toronto, 174 College Grove - Highland Park - Detroit, s/o Edward PAPERNICK, b. Austria & Rose DEBOVA, married Ruth STEINBURG, 20, Ontario, 75 Trinity St. in Toronto, d/o Monish? STEINBURG, b. Russia & Fannie YUCHT, witn: H. FEINE of 575 Bay St. & S. TUSPOBACK? of 56 Terauley St., 11 June 1925
6548-25 Albert PASTERNACK, 24, insurance agent, Toronto, 229 Beverley St Toronto, s/o Isaac PASTERNACK (b. Austria) & Feiya LIPOR, married Jeanie RODEN, 20, milliner, Russia, 91 Borden St Toronto, d/o Jacob RODEN (b. Russia) & Sadie THEISBERG, witn: C KERCHMER of 67 Breadalbane St. & J. KRONOFSKY of 327 Spadina Ave Toronto on Dec. 20, 1925

6565-25 William Ralph PEARCE, 26, engineer, Seaforth, 140 Bedford Rd Toronto, s/o
William King PEARCE & Emma Jane HOUSE, married Mary Mildred Janet GEORGE, 22, Toronto, 36 Maple Ave Toronto, d/o James GEORGE & Mary Mildred CHURCH, witn: Yolanda Marguerite Orsine CROFT of 45 Glen Road Toronto & Alfred Mary HELLIWELL of 629 Georgian Street Windsor on Dec. 26, 1925 at St Simons Church

3390-25 Frederick William PEARCE, 59, widower, lithographer, England, 11 Currie Ave., s/o William PEARCE, b. England & Mary WEBB, married Mary Lavinia NASH, 47, England, 11 Currie Ave., d/o John Henry NASH, b. England & Annie (Jennie?) FOWLER, witn: William Harry HUTT? of 812 Manning Ave & Muriel Kathleen SEABORN of 84 Follis Ave., 1 June 1925 at St. Cyprians Church 003406-25 William John PEARCE, 26, Traveller, England, 52 Elm Grove Ave, s/o William John PEARCE (b. England) & Caroline LIEMENS; married Elfreda Charlotte PRYOR, 27, Dispenser, England, 52 Elm Grove Ave., d/o John Henry PRYOR (b. England) & Phillipina Ann RICHARDS; wit Janette GOFF of 4 Bank St. & Henry PEARCE of 52 Elm Grove Ave, both Toronto, 23 Jun 1925
3394-25 Howard Elwood PEARSON, 27, trimmer, Avy Ont., 64 Centre St. in Oshawa, s/o Richard PEARSON, b. Canada & Isabella CORBETT, married Florence Caroline COLLINS, 27, telephone operator, Port Union Ont., 57 Denton Park in Toronto, d/o Ralph COLLINS, b. Canada & Elizabeth Hannah STEPHENS, witn: Frederick S. SPENET? & Ethel COLLINS, both of 57 Denton Park, 17 June 1925 3389-25 Garnet George PERDUE, 26, dentist, Ontario, 28 Bartlett Ave., s/o Robert PERDUE, b. Ireland & Rebecca HERLIHEY, married Grace Breen MEEHAN, 24, physician Ontario, 149 Rusholme Rd., d/o Joseph MEEHAN, b. Ont & Margaret BREEN, witn: Michael GLEASON of 200 Church St. & Lizzie WALSH, 2 June 1925

6554-25 Norman Albert PHILP, 24, bus transportation, Ontario, 724 Hastings St. W Vancouver B. C., s/o Frederick Charles PHILP (b. Ontario) & Wilhelmina KINSMAN, married Helen Doris MARTIN, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 55 Victoria Ave. Toronto, witn: Greta MARTIN of 55 Victor Ave. & Frank COLLINS of 52 Victor Ave both of Toronto on Dec. 26, 1925

6551-25 Donald Francis PHILP, 25, commercial artist, Quebec, 290 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o Josephus F. PHILP (b. Ontario) & Florence Evelyn BROWN, married Margaret Eleanor SAMIS, 25, school teacher, Alberta, 390 Silverbirch Ave Toronto, d/o Herbert Alexander SAMIS (b. USA) & Sadie REED, witn: Olive V. BENSON of 309 Silverbirch Ave Toronto & Clarence W. PHILP of 11023 90th Ave Edmonton Alberta on Dec. 23, 1925

003409-25 Maurice William PICKLES, 27, Asst. Manager, Toronto, 306 Albany Ave in Toronto, s/o James Henry PICKLES (b. England) & Sarah Ann HALL; married Stella May BICKELL, 23, Stenographer, Ontario, 161 Lauder Ave in Toronto, d/o Charles Levi BICKELL (b. Ontario) & Laura FAIRBAIRN; wit A.R. HAVILAND & Beatrice HAVILAND, both of 161 Lauder Ave, 27 Jun 1925 3396-25 Edgar Edward POIDEVIN, 23, sailor, Ontario, 95 Wolverleigh Blvd., s/o James Elias POIDEVIN, b. Channel Islands, & Ellen Maria FITCHETT, married Maud Estelle NICHOLLS, 19, Toronto, 31 Jerome St., d/o William Fergus NICHOLS, b. Ont & Amy Louise ARMSTONG, witn: Charles & Alice MacLEAN of Toronto, 9 June 1925
3401-25 William James PRIOR, 23, truck driver, Ontario, 756 Crawford St., s/o William PRIOR, b. England & Mary LUNAU?, married Doris Elizabeth Matilda TODD, 22, chocolate packer, England, 1278 Woodbine Ave., d/o Robert TODD, b. England & Elizabeth SPENCER, witn: Russell John PRIOR of 46 Grove Ave & Ivy WHEELER of 79 McRoberts Ave., 20 June 195 [divorced 9/9/50] 3403-25 Thomas PRITCHARD, 35, musician, England, 113 Gillard Ave., s/o Thomas PRITCHARD, b. England & Elizabeth COUPE, married Marie Loretta CONLEY, 26, Toronto, 370 Dundas St. West, d/o W.T. CONLEY, b. Ont & Marguerite FERGUSON, witn: Pauline Agnes & Sidney PRITCHARD of Toronto, 13 June 1925
3461-25 Frank William Fayers RACE (Rose?), 18, mechanic, South Africa, 16 Duggan Ave, s/o Frank Fayers RACE & Inez ARNOLD, married Helen Rochelle WACKLIN?, 18, Finland, 23 Alcorn Ave., d/o John WACKLIN & Asandra TINBURG, witn: B. WHITE of 237 Havelock St. & Violet RACE of 16 Duggan Ave., 2 June 1925 at Christ Church 003429-25 John Aitken RAE, 29, Plumber, Scotland, 51 Maberly Ave in Toronto, s/o James RAE (b. Scotland) & Jane AITKEN; married Christina Waddell GARDNER, 33, Clerk, Scotland, 9 Langford Ave, d/o James GARDNER (b. Scotland) & Isabel ROSS; wit Edgar P. SMITH, Toronto & Jean R. GARDNER of 9 Langford Ave, 4 Jun 1925
003423-25 John Glanville RANDALL, 21 (on Dec 31 1924), Factory Hand, Guelph, House at Goderich but present residence Midland, s/o Thomas RANDALL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth RIDDELL; married Edna Catherine McDONALD, 18 (28 Mar 1925), Midland, Midland, d/o Donald McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Edith KIRKLAND; witn J. Mary RENNIE, Midland & George RAIL, Toronto, 1 Jun 1925 3454-25 Albert RANDELL, 24, salesman, Russia, 131 Borden St., s/o Morris RANDELL, b. Russia & Sarah G. LOBOWITCH, married Dora MILLER, 22, Russia, 466 Euclid Ave., d/o Louis MILLER, b. Russia & Leah FIRMAN (Forman?), witn: M. MILLER & Max GOODMAN, both of Toronto, 28 June 1925
3455-25 Henry Walter REED, 21, assembler, Greenwich? England, 22 Empire Ave., s/o Henry REED & Rosina CARKNER, married Maud BERESFORD, 22, Sheffield Yorkshire England, 160 Oak St., d/o Frederick Arthur BERESFORD & Martha BRIGHT, witn: William BERESFORD of 117 Langford Ave & Ethel HOWE of 206 R--? Ave., 30 June 1925 at St. Johns Norway 3456-25 Clarence George REEVES, 32, consignment agent, Toronto, 487 Ossington Ave., s/o John William REEVES & Margaret Ann JOHNSON, married Ivy Irene DOWN, 28, Toronto, 20 Bellefour Ave., d/o Charles Walter DOWN & Alice Maud CROW, witn: A.E. OWENS of 157 Crescent Ave in Buffalo & Myrtle DOWN of 20 Bellefour Ave., 10 June 1925 at St. Johns Norway
3462-25 George Richard Clifford RICHARDS, 27, shipper, Bridgewater - Somerset England, 24 Sproatt Ave., s/o Richard George RICHARDS & Nellie BROWN, married Edith SHUTTLEWORTH, 21, carton boxer, Lancashire England, 24 Sproatt, d/o Dolittle SHUTTLEWORTH & Annie Maria THOMPSON, witn: Eric George WHITE of 42 Kingsmount Park Rd & Annie GIBSON of 419 Ashdale Ave., 6 June 1925 3460-25 George Alfred ROBERTS, 33 (35?), porter, England, 258 Poulton Ave in York twp., s/o Alfred George ROBERTS & Mary GERRY, married Adeline IRONSIDE, 22, spinner, Scotland, 238 Sammon Ave., d/o John Stewart IRONSIDE & Ann BLAIR, witn: George Henry TAYLOR of 258 Poulton Ave & Mary Jane IRONSIDE of 55 Gordon St., 6 June 1925
3458-25 George Stumpey? ROCKETT, 40, clerk, Tilsonburg, 7 Rusholme Park Cres., s/o William Henry ROCKETT & Ann Jane ELLIOTT, married Ethel Lilian HILL, 32, telephone operator, Leyton England, 1241 Davenport Rd., d/o William Henry HILL & Emily Esther LOGSDAILE, witn: William Chalmers JENKINSON of 39 Geoffrey St. & Eleanor A. HILL of 1241 Davenport Rd., 15 June 1925 3459-25 Giuseppe ROTONDO, 29, engine fireman, Mignew Italy, Depot Harbour, s/o Vittore ROTONDO & Francesca MIGNACCA, married Maria VIOLO, 24, Roccodevandro Italy, Depot Harbour, d/o Dionisio VIOLA & Antonia RICCIO, witn: Antonio ROSS of 6 Chandos Ave & Lucia JENNUZZI of 249 Maria St., 11 June 1925
3457-25 Charles Hanson ROWORTH, 24, electrician, Toronto, same, s/o George ROWORTH & Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE, married Margaret Ann DORWARD, 23, stenographer, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John DORWARD & Mary Ann TAYLOR, witn: Elizabeth ROWORTH of 1 Stundell Ave & Anna DORWARD of 342 Sackville St., 17 June 1925 at St. Simons 3471-25 Samuel David SAGER, 24, salesman, Poland, 109 West 93rd St. in New York NY, s/o Abraham Jacob SAGER, b. Poland & Esther Annie MARDELL, married Betty Ruth CLARFELD, 23, Poland, 124 St. Patrick St. in Toronto, d/o Joseph CLARFELD, b. Poland & Minnie FINKELSTEIN, witn: Abraham Jacob SAGER of 121 University Ave & Joseph CLARFELD of 124 St. Patrick St., 14 June 1925
3538-25 Maurice J. SCANLON, 25, clerk, Cork Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas E. SCANLON & Catherine KEATING, married Adelina W. FOLEY, 29, Toronto, same, d/o James FOLEY & Ann SPELLING, witn: Audrey MUTTON & Leo LAPPIN both of Toronto on June 16, 1925 at St. John's Church 3516-25 John Edward SCARLETT, 22, shipper, Toronto, 59 Columbine Ave. same, s/o John SCARLETT (b. Ontario) & Agnes SPRING, married Emily Ann Jarvis KING, 21, clerk, Scotland, 102 Coleridge Ave. Toronto, d/o James Wood KING (b. Scotland) & Harriet PARSONAGE, witn: L. G. & Edith McMACKEN both of 59 Columbine Ave. Toronto on June 12, 1925 at St. Johns Church Norway
3537-25 Joseph Patrick SCHERER, 28, mechanic, New Germany, Kitchener, s/o Joseph SCHERER & Mary REITER, married Catherine Evelyn McANERY, 26, typist, Toronto, 57 Westminster Ave. Toronto, d/o Bernard McANERY & Catherine DOHERTY, witn: Stella McANERY of 57 Westminster Ave. Toronto & William Andrew SCHERER of West Montrose Waterloo on June 15, 1925 at St. Vincent de Paul Church 3483-25 Francis Charles SCHOFIELD, 38, widower, accountant, Ontario, 347 Armadale Ave., s/o Charles SCHOFIELD, b. Ont & Emma ADAMS, married Lillian May HOIDGE, 29, clerk, Toronto, 11 North Markham St., d/o Richard J. HOIDGE, b. Ont & Annie Kate WELCH, witn: Charles SCHOFIELD of Woodstock & R.J. HOIDGE of 11 North Markham St., 4 June 1925
3520-25 Vernon Harold SCHRAM, 24, machinist, Ontario, Longbranch Ontario, s/o William SCHRAM (b. Ontario) & Matilda BALLANTYNE, married Amy Margaret MORRISON, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 337 Sherbourne St. Toronto, d/o Henry MORRISON (b. Ontario) & Jessie DAVIDSON, witn: Mercie A. PATTERSON of 43 Atlas Ave. & Helen MORRISON of 337 Sherbourne Street both of Toronto on June 27, 1925 . 3539-25 Charles Louis SCHWEITZER, 24, textile worker, Philadelphia PA. USA, Toronto, s/o Charles SCHWEITZER & Anna FONZ, married Mary O'Meara COMERFORD, 21, Galt, Toronto, d/o James COMERFORD & Mary Ann LYNCH, witn: Honora Isabel JARDINE of Hespeler & Herbert E. KRUGER of Philadelphia PA, on June 22, 1925
3488-25 Arthur McLennan SCOTT, 29, clerk, Scotland, 774 Pape Ave, s/o William SCOTT, b. Scotland & Jessie McLENNAN, married Bertha Marguerite KANE, 25, Toronto, 154 Delaware Av., d/o John KANE, b. Ont & Isabella Weatson BLACKLOCK (deceased), witn: Nora May FLEMING of 141 Brock Ave & Francis Harold HAMILTON of 5 Sutherland Ave., 3 June 1925 at 356? Palmerston Ave 3491-25 Ephraim Robert Henry SCOTT, 23, laborer, England, 32 Branston Ave. in Fairbank, s/o Arnold SCOTT, b. England & Sarah HAYMAN, married Elizabeth MASON, 22, England, 67A Auburn Ave., d/o Samuel MASON, b. England & Bessie Ann JONES, witn: Florence Emma KING of Brampton & Herbert SCOTT of 32 Branston Ave., 6 June 1925 at Bron Ave Baptist Church
3527-25 Karl Wolstern SCOTT, 20, hat renovator, British West Indies, 622 Markham St. Toronto, s/o Arnold Howard SCOTT (b. British West Indies) & Madeline ROSE, married Elizabeth FLYNN, 19, Scotland, 287 Wychwood Ave. Toronto, d/o Archibald FLYNN (b. Scotland) & Isabella ROSS, witn: Geoffrey McCULLOCH of 606a Bloor St. West & Georgina FLYNN of 287 Wychwood Ave. both of Toronto on June 24, 1925 at Holy Rosary Church 3475-25 Robert Alfred SCULLY, 21, teamster, Ontario, 223 Glendowynne Rd., s/o Robert D. SCULLY, b. Ont & Minnie GATHERCOLE, married Ellen Ada DENT, 21, Ontario, 163 Geoffrey St., d/o James DENT, b. Ont & Margaret MORRIS, witn: J. TERGUAND of 20 Yarmouth Gardens & H. KEMP of 1164 Queen St. West, 12 June 1925 [divorced 28/4/52]
3542-25 Peter SENKAW, 26, labourer, Nowosilka Galacia, 33 Pelham Ave. Toronto, s/o Michael SENKAW & Jekla JOKARYK, married Sophia MAYDANIAK, 18, Rainy River, 253 Franklin Ave. Toronto, d/o Anthony MAYDANIAK & Pauline SCREWATNYK, witn: N. BAREBASY of 65 Edwin Ave. & D. LOSINSKY of 267 Royce Ave. both of Toronto on June 7, 1925 3543-25 Frank SETERRAS, 23, labourer, Malta, 3266 Dundas St. Toronto, s/o James SETERRAS & Anne VILLA, married Mary TANTI, 17, Malta (?), 4366 Dundas St. Toronto, d/o Emmanuel TANTI & Mary PORLETTI, witn: Stella WALKER & Joseph INGOLDSBY, both of 23 Hook Ave. Toronto on June 6, 1925 at Cecelias Church
3465-25 William Stanley MacLeod SEYMOUR, 28, clerk, Ontario, Orono, s/o George R. SEYMOUR, b. Ont & Bertha MacLEOD, married Mary McNEILLY, 25, widow, graduate nurse, Scotland, 273 Charles St. in Belleville, d/o George GRANT, b. Scotland & Mary SPENCE, witn: Mrs. C. W. BISHOP of 115 Wellesley St. & Mrs. Frances E. TRIVETT of 15 Maitland Pl., 6 June 1925 at 115 Wellesley St 3510-25 Reginald Victor SHALE, 21, clerk, England, 48 Elmer Ave. Toronto, s/o Enoch SHALE (b. England) & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, married Cecilia LAWLER, 21, England, 2191 Queen St. East Toronto, d/o Thomas LAWLER (b. England) & Frances POYNTON, witn: Maurice & Winnifred LAWLER both of 2191 Queen St. East Toronto on June 30, 1925 at 36 Lockwood Road
3467-25 Alfred Harold SHARP, 30, milk salesman, Toronto, 418 Bartlett Ave., s/o Jack SHARP, b. Ont & Annie DAVEY, married Lilyan WILSON, 25, Ontario, 21 Fermanagh Ave., d/o Christopher WILSON, b. Ont & Martha BOOTH, witn: David & Margaret PHILIP of Toronto, 17 June 1925 3470-25 Reginald SHARPLES (Sharpies?), 31, book keeper, England, 509 Eastern Ave., s/o Thomas SHARPLES, b. England & Rachel BELL, married Irene COUSINS, 26, Toronto, 509 Eastern Ave., d/o William Frederick COUSINS, b. England & Mary Ann BANNISTER, witn: Bert E. COUSINS of 509 Eastern Ave & Vilda Emma CLARKE of 639 Broadview Ave., 17 June 1925
3463-25 Philip SHAUL, 21, millinery cutter, Russia, 76 Beverley St., s/o Morris H. SHAUL, b. Russia & Sarah, married Rose KANARICK, 18, stenographer, Toronto, 30 Mitchell Ave., d/o Harry KANARICK, b. Russia, & Beckey SHORE, witn: H. STEINHAUER of 63 Elm St. & Paul ESTELL of 69 Major St., 6 June 1925 3478-25 Henry SHEPHEARD (Shepherd?), 36, plumber, Ontario, 450 Canfield Ave in Detroit, s/o Henry SHEPHEARD, b. England & Mary Ann ERG?, married Edna May THOMPSON, 32, Ontario, 81 Cambridge Ave., d/o William Patterson THOMPSON, b. Ont & Rebecca Jane BARTLEY, witn: J.P. GRICE of 41 Wroxeter Ave & Effie E. WEIR of Cobourg, 2 June 1925 at St. Johns Norway
3469-25 Robert Grant SHERRIFF, 31, glass cutter, Scotland, 38 Harshaw Ave in York twp., s/o William SHERRIFF, b. Scotland & Helen THOMPSON, married Evelyn Malvina SABOURIN, 29, nurse, USA, 96 Wallace Ave in Toronto, d/o Adolph SABOURIN, b. Ont & Malania MURPHY, witn: A.S. McPHERSON of 502 Boursrois in Montreal & Y.M. HAMILTON of 157 Wavely? St. in Toronto, 15 June 1925 3466-25 Manley Adair SHIPLEY, 29, physician, Ontario, 14 Madison Ave., s/o George SHIPLEY, b. Ont & Florence ADAIR, married Marie Annie KILLINS, 26, Ontario, 234 Bloor St. East, d/o William D. KILLINS, b. Ont & Mary LAMONT, witn: R.H. DUNCAN of 234 Bloor East & Mrs. Celestine SCOTT of 451 Parkside Dr., 10 June 1925 at 234 Bloor St. East
3479-25 Carl Edwin SIGURDSON, 21, canvasser, Manitoba, 227 1/2 George St. in Toronto, s/o Herbert SIGURDSON, b. Manitoba & Juliana JOHNSON, married Olive Josephine MINTRAM, 21, waitress, England, 4 Wellesley St., d/o Charles MINTRAM, b. England & Mary BISHOP, witn: Marie ATKINSON of 480 Jarvis St. & Jean HARRISON of 316 McRobets Ave., 2 June 1925 3534-25 John Elwood SIMPSON, 27, serviceman, Ontario, 185 Crawford St. Toronto, s/o John SIMPSON (b. Ontario) & Jean WESTLAKE, married Clarice YATES, 23, clerk, England, 259 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, d/o Samuel Thomas YATES (b. England) & Elizabeth ROCHE, witn: Agnes KEARN of 924 Dovercourt Road Toronto & Rebecca DOAN of Sharon Ontario on June 24, 1925 .
3474-25 Lewis Thompson SIMMERS (Summers?), 39, shipper, Scotland, 615 Dundas St. West, s/o Louis SIMMERS, b. Scotland & Jean ROBERTSON, married Gladys Elizabeth STROWGER, 32, book keeper, Toronto, 486 Manning Ave., d/o Frederick STROWGER, b. Ont & Elizabeth GEE, witn: Elizabeth A. & Frederick STROWGER of Toronto, 17 June 1925 at St. Philips, 3513-25 Walter William SIMMONS, 20, service man, Toronto, 90 Donlands Ave. same, s/o William SIMMONS (b. Ontario) & Clara May PELLAR, married Mildred May FUGARD, 19, glass blower, Toronto, 68 Wood St. same, d/o Robert Wesley FUGARD (b. Ontario) & Charlotte COOK, witn: A. E. HUMPHREY of 410 Palmerston Blvd. & Mabel DUNSFORD of 471 Grace St. both of Toronto on June 8, 1925 at Bond St. Church
  3503-25 Charles Lewis SIMMS, 32, farmer, Ontario, Loring Ont., s/o Charles SIMMS (b. Germany) & Emelia YPRES, married Erla Maude STEPHENS, 23, Ontario, 137 Ivy Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert STEPHENS (b. Ontario) & Maud RUTHERFORD, witn: Harold SIMPSON of 57 Redwood Ave. & Marjorie STEPHENS of 137 Ivy Avenue both of Toronto on June 24, 1925 .
3502-25 John Vernon SINCLAIR, 21, student, Ontario, 1085 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o John SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Ida VERNON, married Irene Alice DEVER, 21, saleslady, Ontario, 118 Raglan St. Toronto, d/o William DEVER (b. Ontario) & Alice MONKMAN, witn: Lillian WHIGHAM & G. D. STEVENSON both of Toronto on June 20, 1925 3494-25 Frederick Bruce SINCLAIR, 29, secretary, Ontario, 43 Hook Ave. Toronto, s/o Peter William SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Rebecca BANNINGTON, married Ada Elizabeth KENNEDY, 29, Ontario, 825 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert KENNEDY (b. Ontario) & Amelia Elma RATCLIFFE, witn: Muriel WILLIS of 80 Fern Ave. & Loftus A. REEVES of 96 Orchard View Blvd both of Toronto on June 3, 1925 .
3485-25 Alexander Hockley SKENE, 48, widower, farmer, Uxbridge, same, s/o Alexander SKENE & Mary Ann HOCKLEY, married Mrs. Sarah BAILEY, 46, widow, Reach twp., Uxbridge, d/o William SWANICK & Cathleen MERRICK, witn: Eugene & Louisa McGILL of 6 Trinity Square, 9 June 1925 3476-25 Henry Alan SKINNER, 25, physician, Ontario, 14 Madison Ave., s/o Henry Clarke SKINNER, b. Ont & Serena Elizabeth LAWSON, married Margaret Maxine PRATT, 25, British Columbia, 32 Avenue Rd., d/o Ernest Wilfred PRATT, b. Ont & Mary Teresa RYAN, witn: Paul W. PRATT of 32 Avenue Rd in Toronto & Douglas CROWE of 205 Perth St. in Guelph, 6 June 1925 at Church of St. Mary Magdalene
3541-25 Anthony SKRRYPCRYUSKI?, 38, labourer, Poland, 143 Euclid Ave. Toronto, s/o Stanislaus & Elizabeth nee LODO, married Lucia PATER, 28, labourer, Poland, 25 Defoe Street Toronto, d/o John & Victoria nee WICHA, witn: Stanislaus SERNIK 25 Defoe Street & Stanislaus BRYTA of 143 Euclid both of Toronto on June 20, 1925 3507-25 Alexander SMITH, 29, cost accountant, Scotland, 17 Hurndale Ave. Toronto, s/o David SMITH (b. Scotland) & Jane MURDIE, married Daisy Belle MacGREGOR, 27, bank clerk, Scotland, 237 Beach Ave. Toronto, d/o John F. MacGREGOR (b. Scotland) & Isabella L. HUTCHISON, witn: David FOWLER of 142 Close Ave. Toronto & Margaret B. V. HUNTER of West Hill on June 13, 1925
3493-25 Thomas Young SMITH, 40, manager, Dundee Scotland, Wingham, s/o James Ramsay SMITH, b. Canada & Isabella MILLS, married Harriet Belle DEANS, 35, widow, Wingham, same, d/o William GANNETT, b. Canada & Mary MISNER, witn: Jessie HOWELL of Essex St. & Flora M. JERMYN of 611 Bathurst St., 2 June 1925 3492-25 Harry Wilson SMITH, 44, actor, widower, USA, 1730 Broadway - New York City, s/o William Henry SMITH, b. England & Eliza BARFOOT, married Gladys Ray LALONDE, 36, USA, 391 Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto, d/o Andrew LALONDE, b. USA & Hattie McCUMBER, witn: Theo & Louis LALONDE of New York City, 3 June 1925
3535-25 Edward Harry SMITH, 27, school teacher, England, 102 Uxbridge Ave. Toronto, s/o Harry SMITH (b. England) & Ellen CATON, married Pearle Caroline WEBSTER, 27, school teacher, Ontario, 29 Ascot Ave. Toronto, d/o John WEBSTER (b. Scotland) & Lavina HUMPHREY, witn: Dorabel POMEROY of 1514 Dufferin St. & Elwell WEBSTER of Lucknow on June 27, 1925 3536-25 Andrew SMITH, 21, mechanic, Toronto, 5 Moss Park Place Toronto, s/o Andrew SMITH & Christina BAILEY, married Eva Evelyn WALSH, 17, Edinburgh Scotland, 5 Moss Park Place Toronto, d/o Arthur WALSH & Mary MURRAY, witn: Marcelle GAUTHIER & Lionel WALSH both of 5 Moss Park Place Toronto on June 29, 1925 .
3544-25 Henri Gustave SMITH, 36, lawyer, 36, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Dr. Gaston SMITH & Augustine MACKAY, married Athurette Martha COATES, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John Albert COATES & Elizabeth Jane HADDEN, witn: Lambert DISSEAU of 204 Glen Road & R. BAILEY of 354 Landour Ave. both of Toronto on June 3, 1925 3508-25 Clarence Frederick SMITH, 25, driver, Toronto, 75 Hillsdale Ave. East same, s/o Charles L. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Alice Maud WEST, married Florence Elizabeth GARNER, 24, stenographer, England, 51 Loudan Ave. Toronto, d/o Herbert GARNER (b. England) & Elizabeth WEST, witn: Gladys SMITH of 75 Hillsdale Ave. East & Charlie GARNER of 51 Loudan Ave. both of Toronto on June 20, 1925 at Century Baptist Church
3504-25 John Joseph SMITH, 24, commercial traveller, Russia, 66 Pinecrest Rd. Toronto, s/o Joseph SMITH (b. Russia) & Feidel BERNSTEIN, married Beckie SKOLNIK, 21, Toronto, 66 Pinecrest Rd. Toronto, d/o Israel SKOLNIK (b. Russia) & Bessie ZARETSKY, witn: Harry FOREMAN of 1104 Dundas West & Louis CAPLAN of 377 Palmerston Blvd both of Toronto on June 16, 1925 3530-25 Herbert SMITH, 33, motorman TTC, England, 590 St. Clarens Ave. Toronto, s/o Albert & Martha, married Sarah BROWNE, 26, clerk, Toronto, 6 Marchmount Rd. Toronto, d/o Robert BROWNE (b. Ireland) & Annie REAVES, witn: J. F. HOLLAND of 590 St. Clarens Ave. & Olive KELLY of 17 Otter Ave. both of Toronto on June 27, 1925 .
3499-25 Joseph Lovell SMITH, 33, clergyman, Ontario, 49 Alberta Ave. Toronto, s/o Alfred E. SMITH (b. England) & Agnes G. WATT, married Emily May McLAUGHLIN, 27, Toronto, 58 Roxborough St. West same, d/o John F. McLAUGHLIN (b. Ontario) & Emily M. GIMBY, witn: Minola LAUGHLIN (sic) of 23 Bernard Ave. & Otto J. EATON of the Palisades both of Toronto on June 11, 1925 3511-25 James Paterson SMITH, 37, truck driver, Scotland, 58 Hiltz Ave. Toronto, s/o John SMITH (b. Scotland) & Robina PATERSON, married Mary NOBLE, 34, widow, Scotland, 58 Hiltz Ave. Toronto, d/o Roderick McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Annie MORRISON, witn: illegible & Charles WILMORE both of 45 Markham St. Toronto on June 25, 1925
3490-25 Charles Strathmore SMITH, 28, painter, Manitoba, 215 Jarvis St., s/o Charles SMITH, b. Ont & not known, married Marilda HOWARD, 21, chocolate dipper, England, 345 Gladstone Ave., d/o Joseph HOWARD, b. England & Mary Ann BROWN, witn: William HOWARD of 63 Alexander St. & Gladys ROLLINSON of 280 Evelyn Ave., 6 June 1925 3500-25 Murray Alexander Kitchener SMITH, 23, machinist, Toronto, 5988 Pennsylvania Ave. Detroit Michigan, s/o Isaac SMITH (Ontario) & Martha Graham CAMPBELL, married Evelyn Gladys FIRTH, 21, Toronto, 168 Gainsborough Road, same, d/o Arthur FIRTH (b. England) & Kathleen MANSIL, witn: Edith Madeline & William Robert FAIRBAIRN both of 377 Bolton St. Toronto on June 19, 1925
3506-25 John SNELL, 45, farmer, Ontario, Chauvin Alberta, s/o George SNELL (b. Ontario) & Martha SPENCE, married Annie Mary SCANTLON, 45, Ireland, 42 Crescent Rd. Toronto, d/o James SCANTLON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth BRADY, witn: Herbert SUELL of Port Credit Ont. & Mary L. GREEN of 42 Crescent Road both of Toronto on June 19, 1925 3512-25 Joe SNYDER, 20, furrier, Poland, 25 Bellevue Place Toronto, s/o Percy SNYDER (b. Poland) & M. SHKERO, married Minnie BERNSTEIN, 21, tailoress, Austria, 25 Bellevue Place Toronto, d/o S. BERNSTEIN (b. Austria) & Betty FREID, witn: Harry LEIZNER of 326 Euclid Ave. & Charles LEVINSON of 22 Bellevue Ave. both of Toronto on June 26, 1925
3473-25 Duncan SOMERVILLE, 55, widower, farmer, Yarmouth twp., RR5 Yarmouth twp., s/o John LAIDLAW (sic), b. Scotland & Agnes DAY, married Margaret May LAIDLAW, 51, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o John LAIDLAW (sic) b. Scotland & Agnes McTAGGART, witn: Phoebe C. SCOTT & Addie E. DOLITTLE, both of 77 Ellerbeck Ave in Toronto, 16 June 1925 3526-25 Walter John SOUTHAM, 56, shipper, widower, England, 109 Grenadier Rd. Toronto, s/o Thomas SOUTHAM (b. England) & Mary WICKS, married Ann RAE, 57, widow, Scotland, 109 Grenadier Rd. Toronto, d/o William RAE (b. Scotland) & Rachael C. H. LEIKLEY (Lickley?, witn: Hunter G. COWIE of 237 Melita Ave. & Grace E. LEONARD of 6 Algonquin Ave. both of Toronto on June 15, 1925
3528-25 Peter SOVIAK, 24, packer, Ukraine, 63 Cameron St. Toronto, s/o Nickolas SOVIAK (b. Ukraine) & Annie SELENA, married Helen SAVAGE, 19, Ukraine, 118 Parliament St. Toronto, d/o Stephen SAVAGE (b. Ukraine) & Annie VASALINE, witn: Nick OLYSEICK & Katie SAVAGE both of Toronto on June 29, 1925 3540-25 William Hurlburt SPACKMAN, 34, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o James Hurlburt SPACKMAN & Many Minnie McLEOD, married Evelyn Annie STANGOE?, 31, England, Toronto, d/o Daniel STANGOE & Elizabeth DOEL, witn: Hamilton Jr & Nannette CASSELS both of Toronto on June 14, 1925 .
3496-25 Harold Frederick SPANTON, Asst. Advertising Manager, Toronto, 1 Brock Crescent Toronto, s/o James William SPANTON (b. England) & Sarah FELKER, married Gladys Helen GREEN, 20, switchboard operator, England, 714 Brock Ave. Toronto, d/o Charles Edwin GREEN (b. England) & Emily RAWLINGS, witn: Walter L. MARSH of 172 Stanley Ave. & Olive GREEN of 714 Brock Ave. both of Toronto on June 6, 1925 3509-25 Herbert George SPARKS, 22, Salvation Army Officer, Newfoundland, 23 Court St. Houlton Maine, s/o Isaac D. SPARKS (b. Newfoundland) & Rebecca BEGGS, married Jean Cowan CONDIE , 26, Salvation Army Officer, Scotland, 96 Annette St. Toronto, d/o Robert CONDIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth W. PHIBBS, witn: William Wallace SPARKS of 33 Highland Ave. illegible Mass. & Clarice Annie SPARKS of 280 Duke St. in St. John New Brunswick on June 11, 1925 at 343 Keele St
3525-25 Henry SPEIRS, 41, carpenter, widower, Ontario, R. R. 1 Brampton, s/o William SPIERS (b. Ontario) & Sarah CUNNINGTON, married Janet Duff HAMILTON, 36, tailoress, Scotland, 581 Crawford ST. Toronto, d/o James HAMILTON (b. Scotland) & Janet DUFF, witn: Eliza Jane HAMILTON of 472 Pape Ave. Toronto & Robert MOFFATT of Toronto on June 24, 1925 3489-25 Earl Charles SPINKS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Albion Ont., s/o Charles SPINKS, b. Ont & Elizabeth LITTLE, married Helen Maude LAMB, 24, clerk, England, 40 McKenzie Cres., d/o William Thomas LAMB, b. England & Kate STEWART, witn: George OSWIN of 40 McKenzie Cres & Nettie OSWIN of Toronto, 10 June 1925
3472-25 Clarence Edward SPOONER, 35, salesman, Toronto, 509 Dovercourt Rd., s/o Julian B. SPOONER, b. Ont & Ellen BARTHOLOMEW, married Marion Teressa MARRS, 25, Ontario, 87 Glendale Ave., d/o James A. MARRS, b. Ont & Mary GRATH, witn: Harold L. & Mrs. Harold BROWN of 87 Glendale Ave., 1 June 1925 3514-25 Norman Henry Gibbs SPRADBROW , 29, mechanical engineer, Toronto, 198 Oakwood Ave. same, s/o William SPRADBROW (b. England) & Sarah Alice GIBBS, married Mabel Kathleen CUTHBERTSON, 26, stenographer, Ontario, 9 Watford Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas DALE CUTHBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Ellen LAMBERT, witn: A. J. HEAKE & Elsie V. MOFFATT both of Toronto on June 20, 1925
3519-25 John Leo Hunt STANFORD, 27, architect, England, 17 Westmoreland Avenue Toronto, s/o Joseph H. STANFORD (b. England) & Una RIGG, married Mary Beatrice TRELOAR, 25, Toronto, 337 St. Clarens Avenue same, d/o William TRELOAR (b. Ontario) & Christena FLOYD, witn: George H. STANFORD of 17 Westmoreland & Clarissa BUFFHAM of 356 Lauder both of Toronto on June 25, 1925 3498-25 Charles STANLEY, 33, waiter, Hungary, 9 Claremont St. Toronto, s/o Leopold M. SCHMAG (sic) (b. Hungary) & Bertha FISHLOF, married Minnie Frances BREWER, 32, England, 9 Claremont St. Toronto, d/o William T. BREWER (b. England) & Sarah Ann BONHAM, witn: M SHARP & J. KAPLAN both of Toronto on June 11, 1925
3518-25 George Ernest STEEL, 32, production manager, Ontario, 346 Carlton St. Toronto, s/o Thomas Phillips STEELE (sic) (b. Ontario) & Annie Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Marjorie HAVERCROFT, 22, window dresser, England, 31 Tennis Cresc. Toronto, d/o George W. HAVERCROFT (b. England) & Gertrude Emily DIBB, witn: H. HOGG of 262 Silverbirch & G. W. LAWRENCE of 253 Lauder Avenue both of Toronto on June 22, 1925 3480-25 Melville Alexander STEELE, 20, clerk, Ontario, 1061 Dovercourt Rd., s/o Henry Alexander STEELE, b. Ont & Ethel Mary MASTERS, married Laura Bertha SHUTTLEWORTH, 20, teacher, Saskatchewan, 670 Crawford St., d/o Robert Ambrose SHUTTLEWORTH, b. Ont & Pauline GRENKE, witn: Dorothy & Cecil SIZE of Toronto, 6 June 1925
3529-25 Joseph STEINER, 33, cutter, Rumania, 231, McCaul St. Toronto, s/o Zigmund STEINER (b. Rumania) & Kathelin ENGLER, married Florence ROSENBLOOM, 24, stenographer, England, 105 Gore Vale Ave. Toronto, d/o Morris ROSENBLOOM (b. Russia) & Esther MESKEN, witn: R. E. FREEMAN of 109 Gore Vale Ave. & Aaron SCHWARTZ of 36 D'Arcy St. both of Toronto on June 28, 1925 3533-25 Harry STEINHARDT, 29, merchant, Russia, Windsor, s/o Moses STEINHARDT (b. Russia) & Rachel LEVINE, married Bessie KLEBANOFF, 23, Russia, Toronto, d/o David KLEBANOFF (b. Russia) & Annie BENANSON, witn: L. SOSTINSKY of 22 Cameron St. & D. SOLOWAY of Palmerston Ave. both of Toronto on June 28, 1925 Toronto
3524-25 Perry Clayton STEPHEN, 27, salesman, Ontario, 770 Shaw St. Toronto, s/o James STEPHEN (b. Ontario) & Rachael WOODCOCK, married Cora Catherine SOULES, 30, widow, Ontario, 770 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o Jeremiah WRAY (b. Ontario) & Margaret FLEMING, witn: Mildred & F. W. DUGGAN both of 53 College St. Toronto on June 13, 1925 3505-25 Walter John STEVENS, 44, carpenter, widower, England, 165 Ronan Ave. Toronto, s/o Henry STEVENS (b. England) & Hannah THRUSH, married Florence Rosalie WARE, 29, lady's maid, England, Canadian Women's Hostel Toronto, d/o Richard WARE (b. England) & Mary A. ISHANE, witn: Kate BELLAMY of 34 Sandford & F. STEVENS of 165 Ronan Ave. both of Toronto on June 20, 1925
3501-25 Joseph STEWART, 25, mechanic, Scotland, 109 Nairn Ave. Toronto, s/o John STEWART (b. Scotland) & Jessie DONALDSON, married Wilhelmina Fraser BROWN, 22, biscuit packer, Scotland, 109 Nairn Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas BROWN (b. Scotland) & Margaret FRASER, witn: John & Elizabeth N. STEWART both of 109 Nairn Ave. Toronto on June 13, 1925 3521-25 Peter Alexander Earl STODDART, 30, locomotive engineer, Copper Cliff, same, s/o Thomas STODDART (b. Scotland) & Effie PETT, married Vera CRAIG, 27, teacher, Carholme, Copper Cliff, d/o Robert CRAIG (b. Carholme) & Nellie SULLIVAN, witn: Edith & W. H. STODDART both of 79 Glebeholme Blvd. Toronto on June 30, 1925
3484-35 Frederick James STOKOL, 23, butcher, Toronto, 1879 Gerrard St. East, s/o Frederick James STOKOL, b. Ont & Amy Louise ASHBURY, married Barbara Rubena HENDERSON, 23, B.T. Co. operator, Toronto, 173 Sorauren Ave., d/o Andrew Lewis HENDERSON, b. Scotland & Jane JACKSON, witn: Jean KENNEDY of Sarnia & Roy L. STOKOL of 221 Sorensen Ave., 3 June 1925 3487-25 Joseph STONE, 29, furrier, Poland, 62 Sussex St., s/o Jacob, b. Poland & Sarah nee LEVENBERG, married Celia GLASS, 22, operator, Poland, 62 Sussex St., d/o Maer, b. Poland & Rebecca nee DIEZENHOUS, witn: L. BRADT of 8 Sullivan St. & T. NEIMAN of 68 D'Arcy St., 5 June 1925
3517-25 Samuel David STORK, 28, accountant, Toronto, 242 Markham Street same, s/o Abraham STORK (b. Poland) & Dina HERZOG, married Helen Ethel SUTIN, 18, book keeper, USA, 60a Vaughan Road Toronto, d/o Louis M. SUTIN (b. Russia) & Rosie HASS, witn: C. R. FOSTER & N. PERILMUTER, both of Toronto on June 14, 1925 3495-25 James Jardine STOTHART, 53, barrister, New Brunswick, St. Johns N.B., s/o James STOTHART (b. New Brunswick) & Jessie ORR, married Nita McALPINE, 46, widow, New Brunswick, St. Johns N.B., d/o Archleus Wellington GOLDING (b. New Brunswick) & Margaret Jane ROBINSON, witn: Margaret N. EDWARDS of 140 Sydney Street New Brunswick (?) & Myra L. SHERMAN of 50 Fernwood Park Ave. Toronto on June 6, 1925
3515-25 Thomas Alfred STOVELL, 22, truck driver, Scotland, 58 De Grassi Street Toronto, s/o George STOVELL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth NICKES, married Irene Laverne CAMERON, 17, Toronto, 25 Hallam St. same, d/o Donald CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Gertrude DILLINGHAM, witn: Clarence MacDONALD of 370 Logan Ave. & E. LOCK of 87 Olive Ave. both of Toronto on June 13, 1925 at St. Cyprians Church 3522-25 George Walter STROUD, 24, plumber, England, 71 Broadway Ave. Toronto, s/o George STEWART (b. England) & Beatrice HACKETT, married Sarah Sophia Ella CASWELL, 21, England, 63 Farnham Avenue Toronto, d/o George CASWELL (b. England) & Elizabeth MASTERS, witn: Leonard STROUD of 71 Broadway & Kathleen CASWELL of 103 Marchmont both of Toronto on June 20, 1925
3523-25 Issie STUPP, 21, operator, Quebec, 161 Major Street Toronto, s/o Jacob STUPP (b. Austria) & Rachel WALLIK, married Jennie DAVIS, 19, forelady, Rumania, 193 Bellwood Ave. Toronto, d/o Hymie DAVIS (b. Rumania) & Bessie SOLOMON, witn: Morris SIEGEL of 103 Nassau & Morris DEITCHMAN of 482 Manning Ave. both of Toronto on June 19, 1925 3482-25 Joseph John SULLIVAN, 36, fine clay presser, USA, 93 Mariemont St. in Buffalo NY, s/o Michael SULLIVAN, b. USA & Mary KILKENNY, married Dorothea Alice Gilson GOODWIN, 24, Toronto, 24 Willow Ave in Toronto, d/o Christopher W. GOODWIN, b. Ont & Lucy HART, witn: Della M. DACEY of 162 Strathmore Blvd & Alberta SURNIG? of 138 Knickerbocker Ave in Patterson NJ, 6 June 1925
3481-25 Robert Leonard SUMMERS, 27, gasoline attendant, England, 666 Dundas St. East, s/o William F. SUMMERS, b. England & Jenny CLARKE, married Dorothy Margaret STONEHOUSE, 26, widow, England, 666 Dundas St. West, d/o Edward BLUNT, b. England & Emily Jane BEECHER, witn: Christopher J. RICHMOND of 51 Blair Ave & Caroline BOLTON of 11 Dean St., 2 June 1925 at St. Bartholomews Church 3486-25 Charles SUSSMAN, 23, furrier, USA, 352 Bathurst St., s/o Morris SUSSMAN, b. Russia & Beckie FELDMAN, married Rose KAUFMAN, 21, Russia, 352 Bathurst St., d/o Percy KAUFMAN, b. Russia & Ida SANT, witn: Aron ZERGMAN of 130 Palmerston Ave & Jacob ROSENCUSZ of 141 Palmerston Ave., 5 June 1925
3532-25 Donald Angus Kenneth SUTHERLAND, 27, bridge man, Toronto, 844 Broadview Ave. same, s/o Christopher SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Jane MacQUILKAN, married Mary Helen SALT, 24, operator, England, 89 Sparkhall Ave. Toronto, d/o John SALT (b. England) & Lucy BRIERLY, witn: Allan M. GORDON & Evelyn WARD both of Toronto on June 27, 1925 3531-25 David Peter SUTHERLAND, 23, police constable, Scotland, 64 Hickson St. Toronto, s/o Robert SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Mary McKENZIE, married Jean GRAY, 19, operator, Toronto, 22 Thornhill Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert GRAY (b. Scotland) & Georgina CORBETT, witn: May RALLEY of 413 Jane St. & T.W. BEATTY of 60 Hickson St. both of Toronto on June 26, 1925
3477-25 Alfred SWARBRICK, 30, milk driver, England, 29 Lakeview Ave., s/o Daniel SWARBRICK, b. England & Mary Ann RIMMER, married Gertrude Viola SANDERSON, 21, cashier, USA, 576A College St., d/o David SANDERSON, b. Ont & Mary PORTEOUS, witn: Joseph HURST & Minnie HURST, both of Toronto, 2 June 1925 3497-25 Stanley E. SWITZER, 37, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o Samuel SWITZER (b. Canada) & Nancy TAYLOR, married Constance EVANS, 27, St. Marys, Toronto, d/o William J. EVANS (b. Canada) & Sarah CLARE, witn: Nancy SWITZER & George EVANS both of Toronto on June 10, 1925
003576-25 William John TAYLOR, 32, conductor TTC., England, 53 Symington Ave. Toronto, divorcee, s/o Robert TAYLOR (b. England) & Mary SHEPHERD married Hilda Maud HENRY, 28, Toronto, 53 Symington Ave. Toronto, divorcee, d/o Joseph Edward HENRY (b. Ontario) & Maud Lilian MOFFATT, witn: Lillian Violet TRESS & (blank) TRESS both of 10 Mountview Ave., 27 June 1925 003578-25 William Ewart TAYLOR, 27, druggist, Ontario, 154 Northcliffe Blvd Toronto, s/o James Donald TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Mary DOVER married Madeline Rose WEBSTER, 25, stenographer, Toronto, 127 Arundel Ave. Toronto, d/o William U. WEBSTER (b. Ontario) & Katherine QUINN, witn: Morgan BROWN & Bertha COOK both of Toronto, 30 June 1925
003577-25 Harry TEMPLETON, 45, chef, England, 40 Poucher St. Toronto, s/o Thomas TEMPLETON (b. England) & Susan SALT married Nellie GOVAN, 42, matron, Scotland, Alexandra School - Kingston Rd. Toronto, spinster, d/o William GOVAN (b. Scotland) & Agnes McMILLAN, witn: Marvel LINTON of 40 Russell St. & Emma LEVELL of 554 Spadina Ave., 30 June 1925 003583-25 Earl Edward THISTLE, 25, barrister, Stratford, Toronto, s/o Arthur J. THISTLE & Lillian D. SHAW married Nora Beatrice CROSS, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William H. CROSS & Elizabeth RITCHIE, witn: Robert J. THISTLE of Stratford & Hilda CROSS of Buffalo N.Y., 30 June 1925
003580-25 Arthur THOMAS, 28, silver polisher, Toronto, 26 Sproat Ave. Toronto, widower, s/o Victor THOMAS (b. U.S.A.) & Isabella WISE married Alice Ethel NUTLAND, 22, chocolate dipper, England, 254 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, d/o James NUTLAND (b. England) & Barbara Olive TAYLOR, witn: John F. NUTLAND of 138 Milverton Blvd. Toronto & Veronica HOWARD of 576 Main St. Toronto, 30 June 1925 at St. Peter's Church 003582-25 George THOMPSON, 21, laborer, Toronto, 3 Waterloo Terrace, s/o Richard THOMPSON & Lilian FOLEY married Beatrice CAIN, 19, Ontario, 50 Defoe St., d/o John CAIN & Emilia LADOUCEUR, witn: Gregory THOMPSON of 3 Waterloo Terrace & Ida GALLAGHER of 1295 Dundas St. W., 30 June 1925
003575-25 Andrew Chessor Rennie THOMSON, 24, steam fitter, Scotland, 178 Borden St. Toronto, s/o Robert THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Maggie RENNIE married Margaret Augusta SMITH, 26, Ontario, 183 Essex St. Toronto, d/o Henry J. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Louise OHM, witn: Violet & Clarence J. HANEY both of Toronto, 27 June 1925 003574-25 William THOMSON, 42, stone cutter, Scotland, 625 Dupont St., widower, s/o William THOMSON (b. Scotland) & Annie GILLESPIE married Ida HENRY, 42, tailoress, Ontario, 625 Dupont St. Toronto, spinster, d/o Robert HENRY (b. Ontario) & Jennie ARLOW, witn: J. & L. BRANCIER both of 47 Maberley Ave., 26 June 1925
003584-25 William Euston TIPPER, 35, banker, Bolton, Toronto, s/o William James TIPPER & Elizabeth M. CARTER married Kathleen Marie WOODS, 26, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William Sainsbury WOODS & Margaret Louise Victoria BROWN, witn: J. TIPPER of 8 Lonsdale Rd. Toronto & Helen BURSALL of Geneva N.Y. U.S.A., 3 June 1925  
003579-25 Thomas James TRELFORD, 37, motor mechanic, Ireland, 248 Glebemount Ave. Toronto, widower, s/o David TRELFORD (b. Ireland) & Sarah YOUNG married Doris Evelyn SIMMONDS, 28, operator, England, 257 Glebemount Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph Henry SIMMONDS (b. England) & Jane GROSVENOR, witn: Ivy G. & Douglas H. SIMMONDS both of 257 Glebemount Ave. Toronto, 27 June 1925 003581-25 Theodore Ralph William TREMILLS, 24, cartage agent, London England, 510 Runnymede Rd., s/o Ralph Vincent TREMILLS & Alice Louise LEACH married Gladys May SEXTON, 26, Toronto, 43 Triller, d/o William Robert SEXTON & Eliza Harriet RICHARDSON, witn: Ernest James GREEN of Middle Rd. Oakville & Eva R. SEXTON of 369 Roncesvalles Ave., 27 June 1925 at St. Martins Church
003585-25 Wilfred Carl URQUHART, 21, shoe model cutter, Toronto, 56 Winnifred Ave. Toronto, s/o George URQUHART (b. Ontario) & Agatha LYLLETON married Katie Etoil McINTYRE, 18, Toronto, 794 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o John A. McINTYRE (b. Quebec) & Kate GILGAN, witn: Alice O'KEEFE of 19 Manchester Ave. Toronto & Robert O'KEEFE of 119 Cottingham Ave. Toronto, 20 June 1925 . 003590-25 Antonio VALENTI, 33, builder (construction work), San Felippe del Melo (Italy), 435 West Mount, s/o Paulo VALENTI & Maria di PAULA married Anna Maria Carmela di PAULA, 19, family work, New Ark N.J. U.S.A., 2283 Yonge St.., d/o Antonino di PAULA & Christina MASTROINI, witn: Antonino SALVIA of 469 West Mount & Florence PALOMBO of 180 Wallace Ave., 10 June 1925 at St.. Clements Church
003587-25 Findley Bruce VARCOE, 35, grocery salesman, Ontario, 94 Brookdale Ave. Toronto, s/o David VARCOE (b. Ontario) & Anna POULSON married Emma WOODING, 29, stenographer, England, 8 Webster Ave. Toronto, d/o John WOODING (b. England) & Emma WRAY, witn: Arthur & Gertrude THOMS both of 198 Caledonia, 20 June 1925 003586-25 Ralph Cyril VEALS, 24, chemist, England, 63 Second St.. Pennsgrove N.J., s/o Joseph VEALS (b. England) & Evangeline DOLITTLE married Ada May LANGDON, 24, Ontario, 26 Galley Ave. Toronto, d/o John LANGDON (b. Ontario) & Jenny BLYTH, witn: Horace Reginald VEALS of 39 Grenadier Rd. & Hazel LANGDON of 26 Galley Ave., 16 June 1925
003588-25 Reginald John VENN, 27, farmer, England, Niagara Twp, s/o James VENN (b. England) & Alice Edith BROADRIBB married Sylvia GOULD, 27, household duties, England, Niagara Twp, d/o Charles GOULD (b. England) & Frances Elizabeth CANDY, witn: Winnifred L. BLACK of 179 Gerrard St.. E. & Ethel M. KING of 344 Dundas St.. W., 13 June 1925 003589-25 William John VINE, 50, printer, England, 15 Pendrith St.. Toronto, widower, s/o Charles A. VINE (b. Ireland) & Eliza PALMER married Emily BYERS, 28, switchboard operator, Ontario, 66 Uxbridge Ave. Toronto, d/o William BYERS (b. England) & Susan MADDAFORD, witn: Charles A. & Mrs. Charles A. VINE both of 609 Manning Ave., (blurry) June 1925
003599-25 Cecil Leonard Arthur WADDELL, 27, mechanic, Ontario, 2071 East 65th St. Cleveland Ohio, s/o Frederick W. WADDELL (b. Ontario) & Ann McQUE married Mary Jane NICHOLSON, 25, Scotland, 222 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, d/o Hector NICHOLSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MILLER, witn: Anna Bella NICHOLSON of 222 Dovercourt Rd. & William MILLER of 222 Hallam St., 22 June 1925 003597-25 Sidney Thomas WALTON, 25, transport work, England, 37 Westlake Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas F. WALTON (b. England) & Georgina MELLOR married Violet Victoria MacNAMEE, 33, clerk, Ontario, 37 Westlake Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o William McNAMEE (b. Ireland) & Margaret MAXWELL (illeg), witn: Daisy M. Maxwell MacNAMEE of New York City & Luke BRADLEY of 54 Laughton Ave. Toronto, 10 June 1925 at St. Savior's Church
003603-25 Solomon WAVERMAN, 26, Hebrew teacher, Poland, 423 Manning Ave. Toronto, s/o Max WAVERMAN (b. Poland) & Rachel Lea STARKMAN married Jennie LEVINE, 26, piano teacher, Russia, 423 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o Harry LEVINE (b. Russia) & Janie Adel BERNSTEIN, witn: M. WEISBLOOM of 93 Palmerston Ave. & A. WEISS of 133 Beverley St., 7 June 1925 003592-25 Alfred Egerton WEBB, 26, bookkeeper, Ontario, 418 Summerhill Ave. Toronto, s/o Albert John WEBB (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Elizabeth VANDERBURGH married Ella Victoria COOPER, 25, forelady, England, 638 Church St. Toronto, d/o Henry Ernest COOPER (b. England) & Alice WEST, witn: Roger COOPER of 606 Ontario St. & Allan WEBB of 418 Summerhill Ave., 1 June 1925
003602-25 Howard WEBSTER, 34, clerk, Toronto, 56 Heath St. E. Toronto, s/o Alexander Fraser WEBSTER (b. Ontario) & Jemima BARR married Grace Lesley SYKES, 27, Toronto, 3 Hawthorne Ave. Toronto, d/o Sydney Bellingham SYKES (b. Ontario) & Eleanor Maud NELLES, witn: Douglas Barr WEBSTER of 56 Heath St. E. & Mildred Eleanor SYKES of 3 Hawthorne Ave. 6 June 1925 at St. Simons 003596-25 Issie WEINBERG, 23, tailor, Russia, 248 Markham St. Toronto, s/o Simon WEINBERG (b. Russia) & Rachel COHEN married Rose WEIZEL, 23, dressmaker, Russia, 61 Henry St. Toronto, d/o Aran WEIZEL (b. Russia) & Bessie RAISMAN, witn: Aron ZEIGERMAN of 130 Palmerston Ave. & Jacob ROZENCWAG of 141 Palmerston Ave., 5 June 1925
003601-25 William Edward WEST, 20, machine hand, England, 107 Westmoreland Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick George WEST (b. England) & Elizabeth Frances WELLS married Edna Victoria LAMBERT, 18, presser, Toronto, 48 Camden St. Toronto, d/o William Henry LAMBERT (b. Ontario) & (blurry) Elizabeth DAVY, witn: Richard & Dorothy Mary HERBERT both of Toronto, 3 June 1925 003594-25 Alan Bernard WHITEHOUSE, 31, insurance agent, England, 713 Spadina Ave. Toronto, s/o William WHITEHOUSE (b. England) & Elizabeth ALLEN married Maude Gwendolen MACLAURIN, 33, Toronto, 713 Spadina Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o E. A. MACLAURIN (b. Ontario) & Mary F. TEMPEST, witn: Solita WESLEY of 92 Albany Ave. Toronto & E. A. MACLAURIN of 713 Spadina Ave., 6 June 1925
003600-25 Thomas Herbert WILLIAMSON, 28, driver, Toronto, 113 Lindsay Ave. Toronto, s/o Thomas W. WILLIAMSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret McKINLEY married Levina Myrtle Adele McKINLEY, 28, Toronto, 91 Sheridan Ave. Toronto, d/o William McKINLEY (b. Ontario) & Charlotte SCOTT, witn: J. F. E. WILLIAMSON & Hilda McKENNA both of Toronto, 3 June 1925 003595-25 Stanley WILLIS, 22, electrician, England, 182 Adaline Ave. Peterborough, s/o Samuel William WILLIS (b. England) & Dinah ABBLETT married Beryl Agnes BATES, 22, England, 1730 Gladstone Ave. Detroit Michigan, d/o John Edward BATES (b. England) & Isabel KEIR, witn: Elsie May & Charles WILLIS both of 604 St. Clarens Ave. Toronto, 4 June 1925 at the Church of St. Mary The Virgin
003593-25 Ernest Richard WINSON, 28, plasterer, England, 19 White Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph Richard WINSON (b. England) & Jane WITHEROW married Annie ALLERTON, 25, housemaid, England, 6 Gillespie Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas ALLERTON (b. England) & Gertrude Annie LATHAM, witn: Ivy LOGRIE? & Maurice HOLMES both of Toronto, 6 June 1925 003598-25 Gordon Alexander WINTERFIELD, 23, chauffeur, Canada, Hamilton, s/o John WINTERFIELD (b. not given) & Sadie NASMITH married Phyllis Ida GROVES, 19, home duties, England, Toronto, d/o Herbert GROVES (b. not given) & Emma CRAWFORD, witn: Grace HALLEY of 702 Indian Rd. & L. RAMESBOTTOM of 683 Gladstone, 9 June 1925
003591-25 Frederick Robert WORKMAN, 24, clerk, Toronto, City Hall Toronto, s/o Frederick Aaron WORKMAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah Elizabeth WEBB, married Madeline Elizabeth ROGERS, 24, stenographer, Toronto, 42 Victor Ave. Toronto, d/o George ROGERS (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COBURN, witn: George WORKMAN of City Hall Toronto & Dorothy Evelyn ROGERS of 42 Victor Ave. Toronto, 3 June 1925 at Bond St. Church