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Toronto 1926, part 12

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26158-26 Thomas Edward ADEY, 21, polisher, Staffordshire England, Oshawa, s/o Edward ADEY, b. England & Florence WALLBANK, married Blanche LAMPARD, 20, silk winder, Glamorgan Wales, 419 Silverthorne Ave in Toronto, d/o Arthur LAMPARD, b. Wales & Margaret Ann EVANS, witn: John THOMPSON of 705 Rowena St. & Ruby LAMPARD of 419 Silverthorne Ave., 26 Feb 1926 at 419 Silverthorne

029541/26 Jake AKUM, 27, merchant, Russia, Dunnville Ont., s/o M. AKUM & S. SIEGEL, married Fanny SACK, 25 (b. 20 October 1900), packer, Russia, 278 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, d/o M. SACK & H. BERMAN, witn: J. GOODMAN of 252 Palmerston Ave. & S. KIPOFSKY of 52 Palmerston, 5 September 1926 [re bride: [parents in Russia]

26159-26 Charles Oliver ALBINS, 27, wholesale grocer, Hamilton, same, s/o Henry ALBINS, b. England & Annie WILMORE, married Eva Gloria FULLER, 30, divorced, Sault Ste. Marie, res not given, d/o Robert James SCAFE, b. Canada & Marion LAMBERT, witn: A.M. PICKUP & M.K. PRITCHARD, both of Toronto, 23 Feb 1926 26160-26 James Lester ALEXANDER, 44, widower, auto manufacturer, Toronto, 21 Marion St., s/o George ALEXANDER, b. Ont & Georgina, married Ruby Grace BARTLETT, 18, Ontario, Milton Ont., d/o Thomas BARTLETT, b. Ont & Frances POTTER, witn: Hannah M. & Grace CHANTLER of 581 Markham St., 24 Feb 1926 at 581 Markham St.

029542/26 Harold Elgin ALLEN, 28, policeman, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James Bennett ALLEN (b. England) & Minnie FENN, married Gloria Victoria Ladysmith ANDERSON, 26, saleslady, Hull England, Toronto, d/o blank (b. England) & Agnes ANDERSON, witn: Lucy McDONALD of 19 Kendal Ave. & George LEIGHTON of 389 Strathmore Blvd., 3 September 1926

26161-26 Edward John ALLEN, 37, farmer, Ontario, Brentwood, s/o William ALLEN, b. Ont & Mary J. WOODLAND, married Ada FOISIE, 30, cook, USA, Brentwood, d/o William FOISIE, b. Ont & Celina BARTLETT, witn: George B. FLAHIFF of St. Michaels College & Josephine DESJARDINS of Barrie, 20 Feb 1926

029545/26 Thomas Jefferson ALLEN, 41, agent, Nova Scotia, 8 Columbine Ave. Toronto, s/o Lewis B. ALLEN (b. Nova Scotia) & Agnes RAND, married Verba Audrey NEWTON, 25, Ontario, 251 Carlton St. Toronto, d/o Frederick W. NEWTON (b. England) & Catherine Elizabeth MASON, witn: Mrs. G. W. BROOKS & George W. BROOKS both of Bracebridge Ont., 15 September 1926, 251 Carlton St

029544/26 Robert ALLEN, 34, picture framer, Ireland, 129 Perth Ave. Toronto, s/o Alexander ALLEN (b. Ireland) & Catherine BOOTH, married Hilda JONES, 27, (divorced), clerk, Portugal, 116 Mortimer Ave. Toronto, d/o Jason JONES (b. England) & Louise Ellen LOWE, witn: Catherine ALLEN & Alex ALLEN both of 129 Perth Ave., 11 September 1926, Toronto

029543/26 John Philip ALLEN, 24, laborer, England, 223 Robert St. Toronto, s/o John Thomas ALLEN (b. England) & Ada HITCH, married Elizabeth CASSIDY, 21 (b. 14 June 1905), domestic, Inverkip Renfrewshire Scotland, 377 Spadina Ave. Toronto, d/o Patrick CASSIDY (b. Ireland) & Hannah O'BRIEN (married 4 June 1900 at St. Patricks Cathedral in Glasgow), witn: Henry M.M. CORNISH of 223 Robert St. & A. M. MacKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd. E., 30 September 1926

029548/26 Leslie Hart ANDERSON, 23, accountant, Burlington Ont., Detroit, s/o D. ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & H.M. MacKENZIE, married Bertha Gladys SLACK, 26, Manitoba, Toronto, d/o James Henry SLACK (b. Canada) & Caroline E. BUCK, witn: B.M. THOMPSON of 197 Austen Rd. Toronto & A.M. ANDERSON of 36 Cornish Rd. Toronto, 15 September 1926

029547/26 Alex Bourchier ANDERSON, 41, manager, North Gwillimbury Twp., Sutton Ont., s/o James ANDERSON (b. Ont. Canada) & Susannah Jessie BOURCHIER, married Edith Winifred GILLESPIE, 32, Toronto, Sutton Ont., d/o Walter GILLESPIE (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Constance WRAGG, witn: J.D. MOLE? of The Manse - Jackson Point & Walker GILLESPIE of 13 Toronto St., 21 September 1926

029549/26 Thomas Michael ANDERSON, 22, brush making, England, 113 Perth Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles ANDERSON & Catherine HEAD, married Muriel May Catherine EAST, 18, bell telephone, England, 353 Osler Ave. Toronto, d/o Herbert EAST & Frances OSMOND, witn: Gerald BLACK of 213 Woodfield Rd. City & Annie Florence Charlotte EAST of 333 Osler Ave., 6 September 1926

26162-26 Edward Duncan ANDERSON, 29, motor mechanic, Scotland, 740 Pape Ave., s/o James ANDERSON, b. Scotland & Jean DUNCAN, married Jessie RAINNIE, 30, domestic, Couchercairn - Tarves Aberdeenshire Scotland, 1143 Davenport Rd., d/o David RAINNIE, b. Scotland & Helen SINGER (married 25 May 1880 at Fyvie), witn: David DAVIDSON of 342 Ontario St. & Maggie J. RAINNIE of 1143 Davenport Rd., 12 Feb 1926 26163-26 John George ANDERSON, 59, widower, dealer, Ashfield twp., Lucknow, s/o Thomas ANDERSON, b. Kingston Ont & Mary McQUOID, married Mary Ford STEWART, 47, West Wawanosh twp., Lucknow, d/o Walter STEWART, b. Puslinch & Isabel MOFFAT, witn: Margaret STEWART & Jessie MUNRO, both of 579 Jarvis St in Toronto, 16 Feb 1926 at 579 Jarvis St.

027685/26 John APPLEYARD, 28, printer, England, 90 Wright Ave. Toronto, s/o Francis APPLEYARD (b. England) & Caroline LAHIE, married Helen Briden FOSS, 23, clerk, Ontario, 90 Wright Ave. Toronto, d/o George FOSS (b. Ontario) & Lillie BRIDEN, witn: Samuel Joshua FOSS & Ethel Victoria FOSS both of 90 Wright Ave., 12 June 1926, 90 Wright Ave

027688/26 Aubrey Huntley ARDILL, 26, grocer, Thornton Ont., Toronto, s/o John F. ARDILL (b. Ontario) & Emma HUNTLEY, married Frances Lillian RUSSELL, 25, stenographer, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Abel RUSSELL (b. Newfoundland) & Martha HAWTHORNE, witn: Harry Vernon GUEST? of Bronte & Leonard? HERBERT of 68 Delaware Ave., 9 June 1926

027689/26 Philip Glover ARGLES, 27, accountant, Ontario, 4 Humber Trail in York twp., s/o Ernest Edward ARGYLES (b. England) & Alice ELLIOTT, married Helen Elizabeth ROWLISON, 23, clerk, Toronto, 53 Garden Ave. Toronto, d/o William Freeman ROWLISON (b. U.S.A.) & Rachel L. MITCHELL, witn: William Kenneth BATTY of 4 Humber Trail Toronto & Sarah Louise COVENAY of 541 Kingswood Ave. Toronto, 10 June 1926

027690/26 Harold Percival ARMSON, 38, widower, mechanical engineer, England, Patricia Blvd. - North York, s/o Henry J. T. ARMSON (b. England) & Clara HEADLEY, married Gladys Dorothy WRAIGHT, 24, England, Kenneth Ave. Willowdale Ont., d/o Avery E. WRAIGHT (b. England) & Mercy FOGG, witn: Mrs. Mercy WRAIGHT & Adelaide WRAIGHT both of Willowdale, 2 June 1926, 92 Clinton St

027693/26 Joseph Thomas ARNO, 20, painter, Ontario, 61 Seaton St. Toronto or Detroit (both given), s/o Joseph Hardington ARNO (b. England) & Clara Jean ADAMS, married Elizabeth Ethel CHALLENER, 23, saleslady, U.S.A., 112 Roehampton Ave. Toronto, d/o Frederick Sproxton CHALLENER (b. England) & Ethel WHITE, witn: Thomas Joseph HOOD & Catherine CHALLENER both of Toronto, 9 June 1926

027694/26 William Roman ASHFORTH, 32, advertise, Port Arthur, Toronto, s/o Joseph ASHFORTH & Kate GORDON, married Margaret Jane Helen THOMPSON, 23, Brooklyn N. Y., Toronto, d/o Frank C. THOMPSON & Margaret TONTERS, witn: Madeline THOMPSON & Duncan B. WHITEHEAD both of Toronto, 18 June 1926

027695/26 Edward Warren ASKIN, 21, butcher, New Toronto, 158 Beach Ave. Toronto, s/o Francis Lemayne ASKIN & Mabel Sherwood TURNER, married Georgina Audrey ALDRIDGE, 21, operator, Wolverhampton England, 7 Richard Ave. Toronto, d/o George Henry ALDRIDGE & Laura Ernestine LEMON, witn: Harold Reginald BILLINGHURST & Muriel Ernestine BILLINGHURST both of 70 Eastwood Ave. Birchcliffe, 23 June 1926

027696/26 Harvey ATKINSON, 28, clerk, England, 9 Simpson Ave. Toronto, s/o Robert ATKINSON (b. England) & Jane Ann BOLTON, married Annie Wilson LINDSAY, 28, statistician, Scotland, 22 Galley Ave. Toronto, d/o William Nelson LINDSAY (b. Scotland) & Annie WILSON, witn: James Norman YOUNG of 952 Shaw St. Toronto & Muriel M. LINDSAY of 22 Galley Ave. Toronto, 9 June 1926

027705/26 Benjamin BARAT, 29, peddler, Russia, Windsor Ont., s/o Harry FRICHHANDLER (b. Russia) & Bessie GREENANTSKY, married Esther NAFTOLIN, 23, tailoress, Russia, 101 Shaw St. Toronto, d/o Solomon NAFTOLIN (b. Russia) & Karla RUBINOFF, witn: Harry NAFTOLIN of 204 Gilmour & Hyman NAFTOLIN of 277 Gilmour, 2 June 1926

027708/26 Walter Stanley BARNES, 25, commercial traveler, New Brunswick, 99A Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto, s/o Walter S. BARNES (b. New Brunswick) & Mary STANTON, married May FISHER, 24, Ontario, 59A Constance St. Toronto, d/o Richard FISHER (deceased) (b. Ontario) & Josephine ARMSTRONG, witn: Ray J. ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth BRANNEN both of 99A Roncesvalles Ave., 25 June 1926, [divorced 13/8/50]

027709/26 Peter Low BARRIE, 42, warehouseman, Scotland, 411 Church St. Toronto, s/o Peter Low BARRIE (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth PRAIN, married Mary HARRIS, 31, widow, Scotland, 584 Delaware Ave. Toronto, d/o Alex DUNCAN (b. Scotland) & Jean McPHERSON, witn: Margaret C. HILTS of 29 Lauder Ave. & Samuel PALMER of 1093 E. St. Clair Ave., 14 June 1926, Toronto

027711/26 Alfred Elwood BARTON, 31, florist, Ontario, 2824 Dundas St. W. Toronto, s/o Alfred M. BARTON (b. Ontario) & Christina LANKIN, married Helen BURKE, 29, milliner, Toronto, 381 Pacific Ave. Toronto, d/o Jas. BURKE (b. Ontario) & Sarah FITZPATRICK, witn: Pietro? BORBEY & Esther BORBEY of 587 Indian Rd., 7 June 1926, St. Cecilias Church

027713/26 William Newton BASS, 40, widower, Restaurant Prop., Rutlandshire England, 1568 Queen St. E. Toronto, s/o John BASS (b. England) & Harriet Sophia ROSE, married Louise Virginia JOHNSTON, 29, operator, Birmingham England, 193 Dalhousie St. Toronto, d/o Alfred Charles JOHNSTON (b. England) & Isabel BILLINGS, witn: Charles WOOD of 18 Battenberg Ave. & Alice PATTERSON of 229 Lippincott St., 16 June 1926, St. John's Church Norway

027716/26 Carlos Atwood BATESON, 22, butcher, Ontario, 7 Brighton Ave. Toronto, s/o Richard BATESON (b. Ontario) & Phoebe Margaret LEONARD, married Florence SHUTTEROP, 21, floor lady, Holland, 7 Brighton Ave. Toronto, d/o Jacob SHUTTEROP (b. Holland) & Anna DEVRIES, witn: Arthur Edward HAND of 32 Galt Ave. Toronto & Bernice Beatrice BATESON of 7 Brighton Ave. Toronto, 16 June 1926

027717/26 George Henry BAYCROFT, 60, widower, farmer, Tecumseth Twp., Tecumseth Twp., s/o Thomas BAYCROFT (b. England) & Jane Green, married Annie Harriet IRELAND, 40, widow, household duties, Tecumseth Twp., Tecumseth Twp., d/o Jamieson STEVENSON (b. York Co.) & Catherine (Caroline?) COLTER, witn: Ethel LANNING & M. MacNAUGHTON, both of 56 Stanhope Ave. Toronto, 5 June 1926, 56 Stanhope Ave

28558-26 George BROWN, 56, brush maker, Ontario, 526 Front St West Toronto, s/o John (b. USA) & Annie, married Emma SUTCLIFFE, 40, widow, Ontario, 5 St David Toronto, d/o Joshua GAMBLE (b. England) & Vina GRIFFIN, witn: Harold COULSON & Lillian BROWN both of 526 Front St on July 31, 1926

28559-26 Kenneth Andrew BROWN, 19, sprayer, Ontario, 96 Elgin St West Oshawa, s/o Annie (sic) BROWN (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann EDWARDS, married Annie MACLENNAN, 22, Scotland, 62 Lynwood Ave Toronto, d/o John MACLENNAN (b. Scotland) & Alexia Alardice MacPHERSON, witn: Mrs. Olive E. E. MALLOCH of 62 Lynwood Ave & Colin MACLELLAN of 104 Clovelly Ave both of Toronto on July 7, 1926

28560-26 Thomas James BROWN, 30, cartage, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William BROWN & Catharine KELOWEE, married Dorothy WALSH, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Michael WALSH & Mary ROBBINS, witn: Madeline WALSH of 5027 Avery Ave Detroit & Henry HARRINGTON of 272 Queen St. East both of Toronto on July 5, 1926 at St. Paul's Church

28561-26 Mariano BRANETTO, 36, presser, Bellesguardo Italy, 50 Hayden St Toronto, s/o Giuseppe BRANETTO & Maria NICOLELLO, married Ivy Anna Amelia TOGNI, 25, London England, Toronto, d/o Giuseppe TOGNI & Cristiana Beatrice ASHBY, witn: Mary & Dominic CIANCHETTI both of 50 Hayden St Toronto on July 24, 1926

28562-26 William Frederick BRYAN, 35, butcher, widower, Toronto, Mimico, s/o Samuel BRYAN (b. Ontario) & Frances DANIELS, married Catherine FOLEY, 34, widow, Ontario, Mimico, d/o Frederick LANDON (b. Ontario) & Sarah SIMMONS, witn: Clara MINISTER of 1686 Dundas St West & Edith E. MILLMAN of 54 Churchill Ave both of Toronto on July 16, 1926

28563-26 John BUCHAN, 44, carpenter, widower, Scotland, 64 Ravina Cr Toronto, s/o George BUCHAN (b. Scotland) & Jane FOREMAN, married Agnes BLACK, 43 (b. 20 Dec 1882), Glasgow Scotland, 313 Milverton Blvd Toronto, d/o Alexander BLACK (b. Scotland) & Mary ARMOUR (Married 26 March 1880 at Glasgow), witn: G. M. McCLURE of 43 Strathmore Ave & Mrs. Ina FISHER of 311 Milverton Blvd both of Toronto on July 29, 1926

28564-26 James Edward BUCHANAN, 23, truck driver, Toronto, 85 Claremont St same, s/o William BUCHANAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret EVANS, married Louisa Jane COPPERTHWAITE, 20, operator, England, 324 Dufferin St Toronto, d/o Joseph COPPERTHWAITE (b. England) & Jean ALLEN, witn: James Henry WELDON of 751 King St West & Bessie CURLEY of 23 Strader Ave both of Toronto on July 24, 1926 at St. Mathias Church

28565-26 Arthur Byron BULLEN, 49, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William Budridge BULLEN & Kathleen McSHAIN, married Florence JONES, 39, widow, Manchester England, Toronto, d/o Henry COOK & Fannie NELSON, witn: Maude McKEOWN of 92 Scarborough Rd & Arthur Britton BULLEN of 29 Manor Rd West both of Toronto on July 26, 1926 at St. Augustine Church

28566-26 Frederick BUONOMO, 21, riveter, Toronto, 202 Claremont St same, s/o Stefano BUONOMO (b. Italy) & Katrina PASQUASTINO, married Barbara GREALISH, 20, marker, Toronto, 189 Johns St same, d/o John GREALISH (b. Ireland) & Anne McDONAGH, witn: Frank PEVILLE of 151 Bellwood Ave & Florence HICKS of 187 John St both of Toronto on July 12, 1926 at The Church of the Holy Trinity

28567-26 Albert BURKE, 28, machinist, Ireland, 5 Howland Rd Toronto, s/o George BURKE (b. Ireland) & Sarah STEVENSON, married Lilian Margaret SMITH, 29, milliner, Ireland, 5 Howland Rd Toronto, d/o Daniel SMITH (b. Ireland) & Mollie MULLEN, witn: J. D. SMYTH of Montreal & W. F. MORRISON? of St. Catharines on July 16, 1926

28568-26 Albert Bloomer BURLEIGH, 22, chauffeur, Ontario, 32 Bristol Ave Toronto, s/o Robert BURLEIGH (b. Canada) & Julia BLOOMER, married Nellie Agnes BROOKS, 18, Ontario, 651 Christie St Toronto, d/o Albert BROOKS (b. England) & Hazel OLIVER, witn: James Robertson PARSONS & Hilda Grace PRUNHAM both of Toronto on July 28, 1926

28569-26 Albert Davison BURRY, 23, truck driver, Toronto, 166 First Ave same, s/o Joseph BURRY (b. Scotland) & Jean KENNEDY, married Gladys Louisa BAKER, 23, England, 69 Barker Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas BAKER (b. England) & Alice HOLLIDAY, witn: Isabell CAMPBELL of 266 Boston Ave & Richard Ernest George BAKER of 478 Logan Ave both of Toronto on July 19, 1926 at Trinity Church


28570-26 Benjamin John CAMERON, 25, buffer, Ontario, 15 Montrose Ave Toronto, s/o Bennie McIver? CAMERON (b. Canada) & Ann Mary McCORMACK, married Rita Ethel DEMERS, 18, operator, Ontario, 141 Galley Ave Toronto, d/o Ernest DEMERS (b. Canada) & Rose RYAN, witn: illegible McGILLIVRAY of Picton Ontario & Grace BAIRD of 113 Maitland St Toronto on July 24, 1926

28571-26 John Howe CAMERON, 65, professor, widower, Scotland, 96 Admiral St Toronto, s/o James CAMERON (b. Scotland) & Marion AITCHISON, married Elizabeth DINGWALL, 41, Scotland, 5 Gillespie Ave Toronto, d/o William DINGWALL (b. Scotland) & Jane McTAVISH, witn: Isabella Jane BRAY of 718 Windermere Ave & G. Cameron BARKER of 29 Dorval Rd both of Toronto on 1 July, 1926

28572-26 Peter Elwood CANNON, 31, labourer, England, 379 Spadina Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph E. CANNON (b. England) & Sarah CAVANAGH, married Violet Mary Etta LAW, 24, Ontario, 16 Dalton Rd Toronto, d/o John E. LAW (b. Ireland) & Mary E. MOIR, witn: William LAW of 551 Clinton St & Ethel WOODWARD 149 Cumberland St both of Toronto on July 19, 1926 at Church of the Redeemer

28573-26 Samuel Simon CARDWELL, 24, riveter, Ireland, 159 Shaw St Toronto, s/o Samuel Simon CARDWELL (b. Ireland) & Mary McBURNEY, married Margaret BURTON, 26 (b. 10 June 1900), cook, Belfast Ireland, 209 Clinton St Toronto, d/o Arthur BURTON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth McCOUBREY, witn: Mary W. HARTLEY & Lydia WEST both of 63 Bellwood Ave Toronto on July 30, 1926 at St Mathias Church

28574-26 Edwin CAREY, 26, clerk, England, 1 Mallow Ave Toronto, s/o Henry CAREY (b. England) & Angelina FLETCHER, married Olive May LOCK, 28, England, 127 Pinewood Ave Toronto, d/o Frederick Robert LOCK (b. England) & Laura TWIDDY, witn: Ethel May & Eric A. BROWN both of 111 Queensdale Ave Toronto on July 7, 1926

28575-26 Norman Charles CARMICHAEL, 21, salesman, Ontario, 85 Seaton St Toronto, s/o Thomas CARMICHAEL (b. Canada) & Edith FLETCHER, married Denise SOWERBY, 18, packer, England, 172 Sumach St Toronto, d/o Richard SOWERBY (b. England) & Maud McLEOD, witn: William & Margaret CHRISTIE both of 253 Coulson Ave Toronto on July 28, 1926

28577-26 Joseph Lee CARR, 27, postal clerk, Birmingham Alabama USA, 312 East 54th St Chicago Illinois USA, s/o Joseph Lee CARR (b. USA) & Bessie REED, married Bertha TURNER, 25, England, 71 Rowanwood Ave Toronto, d/o Alfred John TURNER (b. England) & Cathy Blanche DRAKE, witn: Miss. Margaret GARVIN of 49 Walker Ave & Mrs. Annie MADGE of 25 Davisville Ave both of Toronto on July 26, 1926 at 51 Walker Ave

28576-26 Donald Robert CARR, 34, welder, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William Henry CARR & Elizabeth FITZSIMMONS, married Grace Mary McLEOD, 33, Toronto, same, d/o John McLEOD & May Ann McGINNIS, witn: Joseph & Sarah McLEOD both of Parkhill on July 1, 1926

28578-26 John Henry CARRUTHERS, 28, display man, Parry Sound, 530 Millwood Rd Toronto, s/o Robert CARRUTHERS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DOWNEY, married Margaret Vivian O'DEA, 29, stenographer, Toronto, 530 Millwood Ave Toronto, d/o William O'DEA (b. Oshawa) & Josephine SMITH, witn: Joseph WARMINGTON of 48 Olive Ave & Eileen O'DEA of 2252 Dundas St West both of Toronto on July 24, 1926

28579-26 Harry Alexander CARSON, 38, civic employee, widower, Ontario, 78 Russell Ave Toronto, s/o Robert CARSON (b. Ireland) & Susan ALEXANDER, married Ada RENNIE, 39, operator, widow, Toronto, 7 Garnet Ave same, d/o Samuel NEWBURN (b. England) & Elizabeth BEILBY, witn: Margaret G. LANE (JANE sic) of 257 Havelock St & Pansy S. IDENDEN of 286 Lauder Ave both of Toronto on July 1, 1926

28580-26 Gilbert Simon CARTER, 31, conductor, Isle of Wight, s/o George William CARTER & Violet Emma TRINDLE, married Lucy Maud BEST, 32, Leeds England, 6 Redpath Ave Toronto, d/o William BEST & Elizabeth WARD, witn: Edith & Charles Lord ROBERTS both of 43 Holly St Toronto on July 8, 1926

28581-26 Charles William John CAVE, 26, clerk, England, 713 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, s/o Charles Andrew CAVE (b. England) & Ada TURNER, married Julie Jessie May JONES, 22, operator, Ontario, 713 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o Albert JONES (b. Ireland) & Louisa RICHIE?, witn: Violet & David F. HARPER both of 116 Rosethorn Ave Toronto on July 3, 1926

28582-26 Arnold George CHAMBERLAIN, 38, car cleaner C.P.R., England, 2 Eastbourne Ave Regent Park Scarborough, s/o Thomas Henry CHAMBERLAIN (b. England) & Mary HOE, married Rose MARCONI, 25, tailoress, U.S.A. 1169 Dufferin St Toronto, d/o Frederick MARCONI (b. Italy) & Elvera BRANDOLINI, witn: Josefina? & Irene Gloria Elvera MARCONI both of 1169 Dufferin St Toronto on July 8, 1926

28583-26 Joseph Gordon CHAMBERS, 31, salesman, Ontario, Central Y.M.C.A. Toronto, s/o William CHAMBERS (b. Ontario) & Mary McCAVENY, married Cecilia Marguerite LONG, 29, secretary, Ontario, 416 Baker St London Ont., d/o Joseph LONG (b. Ontario) & Anne BYRNE, witn: H. K. SMITH of 439 Reynolds Rd & Lilian V. MacKINNON of 170 Evelyn Ave both of Toronto on July 10, 1926 at 170 Evelyn Ave

28584-26 Joseph CHIPITIS (?), 26, factory inspector, England, Toronto, s/o John CHIPITIS & May YANKWICK, married Sophia Natalie LILLY, 21, Toronto, same, d/o James LILLY & Rose May ELLARD, witn: Helen CHIPITIS & Thomas GROSGEN both of Toronto on July 27, 1926

28585-26 Thomas Horace CHISHOLM, 33, chemist, Ontario, 24 Pearson Ave Toronto, s/o Archibald George CHISHOLM (b. Ontario) & Merriam ALORIS, married Maud Alice HALWARD, 26, Ontario, 139 Montrose Ave Toronto, d/o Edward HALWARD (b. England) & Alice HOTLY, witn: Elmer J. CHISHOLM of Ingersoll & Doris HALWARD of Toronto on July 6, 1926

28586-26 Kenneth Forester CLARK, 35, salesman, widower, St. John New Brunswick, 7 Raglan Ave Toronto, d/o James S. CLARK & Bertha LOVE, married TIDMAN, 24, clerk, Toronto, 7 Raglan Ave same, d/o William S. G. TIDMAN & Lily HAZELHURST, witn: Helen BROWNE of Lyndhurst & Charles W. TIDMAN of 7 Raglan Ave Toronto on July 10, 1926 at St. Michael & All Angels Church

28587-26 Albert Edward CLARKE, 25, shipper of Law Books, England, Toronto, s/o Charles CLARKE & Emma BARR, married Alice Victoria Annie BIRD, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Charles BIRD & Alice BARNARD, witn: Arthur CLARKE of 80 Alton Ave & Mary WILKINSON of 51 Imperial St both of Toronto on July 10, 1926

28588-26 Leonard Eugene CLARKE, 26, police constable, Toronto, 57 Delany Cresc same, s/o John Sydney CLARKE (b. British West Indies) & Minnie HARKER, married Annie Josephine BUTTERWORTH, 22, England, 215 Ronan Ave Toronto, d/o Ernest John BUTTERWORTH (b. England) & Sarah BARTON, witn: John W. BUTTERWORTH of 215 Ronan Ave & Julie McELDER of 143 Bowood Ave both of Toronto on July 8, 1926 at St. Leonard's Church

28589-26 Claude White Logan CLUTTERBUCK, 20, artist, England, 91 Berkshire Ave Toronto, s/o Claud H. CLUTTERBUCK (b. England) & Eleanor J. KERR, married Charlotte Bernice CROSSEN, 21, USA, 94 Berkshire Ave Toronto, d/o James CROSSEN (b. USA) & Mary WEITZEL, witn: Leila A. MILLS of Central Y. W.C.A. & Mary CROSSEN of Winnipeg on July 17, 1926

28590-26 John Wilbert CODLIN, 23, labourer, Ontario, 118 Columbia Detroit, s/o Thomas CODLIN (b. Ontario) & Lyrinda DICKIN, married Maud Elizabeth ROBINSON, 23, bindery work, Ontario, 116 Ann St Toronto, d/o James ROBINSON (b. Quebec) & Louise FRANCIS, witn: Thomas Edgar & Myrtle Eugenie CODLIN both of Woodbridge on July 4, 1926 at

28591-26 Herman COHEN, 56, manufacturer, widower, Poland/Russia, 656 Manning Ave Toronto, s/o Osker COHEN (b. Poland/Russia) & Anna LITERKA, married Bertha LEVENSTEIN, 42 (b. 28 Dec 1883), widow, Kielcz Poland, 70 Nassau St Toronto, d/o Harris WEINROB (b. Poland) & Rachel WEINTROB, witn: Abraham LABORETZ of 290 Palmerston & D. DAVIDVITZ of 49 Kensington Toronto on July 24, 1926

28592-26 Ernest Wilfred COLES, 21, shoe maker, Acton, same, s/o Wilfred COLES (b. Bristol England) & Alice STIGANT, married Margaret Sophia GIBBONS, 21, shoe worker, Forest Gate London England, res not given, d/o James GIBBONS (b. England) & Alma THOMAS, witn: Fred GATEHOUSE of Preston & Helen Marie GIBBONS of Acton on July 5, 1926

28593-26 Arthur Henry COLLINGS, 36, clerk, England, 161 Indian Road Toronto, s/o Henry James COLLINGS (b. England) & Caroline Mary SALTER, married Mona Aileen PYNE, 43, divorcee, Toronto, 161 Indian Road Toronto, d/o Robert Allen PYNE (b. Ontario) & Minnie Isabelle MacQUEEN, witn: R. A. & F. B. PYNE both of 161 Indian Rd Toronto on July 5, 1926

28594-26 David Benjamin COLLINS, 28, salesman, USA, 179 Montgomery St Bloomfield New Jersey, s/o David Benjamin COLLINS (b. USA) & Eva McKEAN, married Dorothy May HUBERT, 25, book keeper, Channel Islands, 478 Delaware Ave Toronto, d/o Philip HUBERT (b. Channel Islands) & Bertha A. BERRYMAN, witn: Dorothy P. JOHNSTON of Bronte & Kenneth B. CONN of 446 Indian Grove Toronto on July 28, 1926

28595-26 Samuel Yancey CONNER, 38, inspector, Texas, Needles California USA, s/o James CONNER (b. Tennessee USA) & Josephine McCLARRY, married Mary Alice McCRUM, 31, stenographer, Ontario, 33 Fairmont Cresc Toronto, d/o Samuel McCRUM (b. Canada) & Frances TURNER, witn: Elizabeth FARLINGER of Morrisburg & Elizabeth McCRUM of Topeka Kansas USA on July 26, 1926 at 33 Fairmont Cresc

28596-26 Walter Nelson COOK, 48, counter man, Ontario, 203 Yonge St Toronto, s/o Thomas COOK (b. Ontario) & Miriam BOLTON, married Bertha HEWITT, 31, saleslady, England, 1914 Queen St East Toronto, d/o Francis HEWITT (b. England) & Sarah Ann JONES, witn: Hazel BOLTON of 25 Blong Ave & Frank HEWITT OF 132 Wolverleigh Blvd both of Toronto on July 14, 1926

28597-26 Paul COONEY, 27, factory manager, Toronto, 88 Greenwood Ave same, s/o John COONEY (b. Ontario) & Charlotte BLENKHORN, married Muriel Alice CREED, 24, Toronto, 31 Woodfield Rd same, d/o Charles CREED (b. Ontario) & Alice DAVIS, witn: Beatrice & Frank CREED both of 31 Woodfield Rd Toronto on July 7, 1926 at St. John's Church Norway

031439-26 Gordon Russell FRANK, 23, foreman, Ontario, 16 Duplex Ave in Toronto s/o John F. FRANK (b. Ontario) & Mary Edith MARR married Margaret Redfern McBRIEN, 20, Ontario, 22 Indian Rd in Toronto d/o Henry McBRIEN (b. Ontario) & Edna GILPIN wtn: Kenneth PHILIP of 711 Spading Ave & Antoinette HEWSTEAD of 101 Glendale Ave, 3 December 1926 031440-26 Morris FREEMAN, 28, furrier, Poland, 361 Grace St in Toronto s/o Harry FREEMAN (b. Poland) & Sloprinza PERLUCK married Sara KRUGEL, 26, typist, Ontario, 233 Major St in Toronto d/o Benjamin KRUGEL (b. Austria) & Selena WOLF wtn: J.L. WOHLGELARNTER of 27 St Andrew & Harry KRUGEL of 205 Major St, 28 December 1926
031441-26 Hugh Sidney FRISBY, 39, widower, farmer, England, Katrine Ont. s/o Jasper Clarke FRISBY (b. England) & Laura PIPER married Jessie Gertrude WOOD, 35, laundress, England, 207 Hamilton St in Toronto d/o Frank WOOD (b. England) & Jessie Caroline PINSENT wtn: Kate JOHNSON of 207 Hamilton St in Toronto & Charlie WOOD of 31 Britannia Ave in Toronto, 6 December 1926 031442-26 Harold Raeberne FROST, 27, supervisor, Ontario, 19 Appleton Ave in Toronto s/o William FROST (b. Ontario) & Mabel POWELL married Velma Francis DUSTIN, 21, cashier, Quebec, 152 Oakwood Ave in Toronto d/o Joseph D. DUSTIN (b. Quebec) & Bertha V. illegible, wtn: Gerald FROST of Peterborough & Lillian CANDY of 34 Abbott Ave in Toronto, 18 December 1926
031443-26 James William FULLERTON, 20, trucker, Ontario, 5 Givens St in Toronto s/o James Adam FULLERTON (b. Scotland) & Annie Louise, GRAVES married Elsie HILLSTEAD, 22, laundress, England, 204 Melita Ave in Toronto d/o Joseph HILLSTEAD (b. England) & Margaret MUMFORD wtn: Anna S. GLOVER of 108 Springhurst Ave & Jean DAVEY of 14 Tyndall Ave in Toronto, 18 December 1926 031444-26 Sheridan George FURZE, 20, checker, England, 48 Mitchell Ave in Toronto s/o George Thomas FURZE & Elsie Janet SHERIDAN married Florence May JARVIS, 19, London England, 48 Mitchell Ave in Toronto wtn: Jim FURZE of 48 Mitchell Ave in Toronto & Ethel PHILLIP of 83 Gosley St in Toronto, 25 December 1926
031445-26 James FYALL, 25, truck driver, Scotland, 164 Cowan Ave in Toronto s/o Henry FYALL (b. Scotland) & Isabella FRASER married Margaret YOUNG, 28, operator, Govan Scotland, 1182 Queen St W in Toronto d/o James YOUNG (b. Scotland) & Sarah McGARVA (married 2 Nov 1894 at Govan) wtn: Bert McLONNEY of 723 Brock Ave & Janet FAGAN of 66 Cowan Ave in Toronto, 25 December 1926 031446-26 George GARBUTT, 32, truck driver, Ontario, 30 Godding Ave in East Toronto s/o Ernest James GARBUTT (b. England) & Eliza BELLOW married Mabel Alice THORNHILL, 25, domestic, Ontario, 145 Parliament St in Toronto d/o Robert THORNHILL (b. Ontario) & Adeline HILL wtn: Mrs Mae Isabel SCOTT of 64 Greenwood Ave & John McALLISTER of 70 Argyle St, 3 December 1926
031447-26 John GARDNER, 29, railroad man, Bridgnorth England, 28 Stephenson Ave in Toronto s/o William GARDNER & Matilda JONES married Hilda SMITH, 22, Surrey England, 116 Barker Ave in East York d/o William SMITH & Harriett WHITE wtn: Claude BICKERTON of 32 Gamble Ave & Margaret GIBB of 184 Barrington Ave, 23 December 1926 031448-26 Howard Benson GAYNOR, 32, salesman, Jamaica British West Indies, West End YMCA in Toronto s/o William Arthur GAYNOR (b. Jamaica) & Louisa PINE married Violet Belle SINCLAIR, 23, operator, Ontario, 197 Oakmount Rd in Toronto d/o William George SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Hannah ROBERTS wtn: Nora Margaret REID & Chris H. SINCLAIR both of Toronto, 14 December 1926
031449-26 Henry George GEISLER, 28, salesman, Wisconsin USA, 2001 Bloor St W in Toronto s/o Henry Charles GEISLER (b. Wisconsin USA) & Dora RICHTER married Ruby Eugenia SOLBERG, 30, Wisconsin, Seattle Washington, d/o Thorwald SOLBERG (b. Norway) & Mattie ANDERSON wtn: Josephine ROBB of 2008 Crawford St in Toronto & Evelyn D. WATERS of 710 Crawford St in Toronto, 18 December 1926 031450-26 James GEORGE, 27, labourer, Scotland, 334 Howland Ave in Toronto s/o John S. GEORGE (b. Scotland) & Annie STEVENSON married Agnes Neilson SMALL, 28, domestic, Scotland, 243 Huron St in Toronto d/o James Neilson SMALL (b. Scotland) & Jean GIFFORD wtn: Martha McCORMICK of 102A Mutual St & Hester J. LAWRENCE of 334 Howland Ave, 4 December 1926
  031451-26 William Alexander GIBSON, 23, truck driver, Ontario, 175 Gladstone Ave in Toronto s/o (deceased) (b. Ireland) & Jennie BARKLEY married Sarah Hilda MASON, 19, shoemaker, Ontario, 18 Delaney Cres in Toronto d/o David Herbert MASON (b. Ontario) & (deceased) wtn: Cleland STODDART & Mrs W.W. STODDART both of 351 Lansdowne Ave, 30 December 1926
031452-26 John GLADUN, 39, widower, section foreman, Russia, 715 Richmond St W s/o Bahary GLADUN & Theodoria THOREK married Michailina KRAUS, 38, widow, home, Austria, 715 Richmond St W in Toronto d/o Albin SALINEVICH & Josefa OSTROVSKY wtn: Viktor NIHDER of 60 Palmerston Ave & Paul ZOZULILE of 715 Richmond St, 11 December 1926 031453-26 Sheman GLASIER, 21, salesman, Ontario, Detroit, s/o David (b. Austria) & Rebecca nee BRESLOW married Betty PANCER, 18, Ontario, 145 Denison Ave in Toronto d/o Zalka (b. Poland) & Esther nee ROMBERG wtn: K. BRADT of 8 Sullivan St & J. NEWMAN of 384 College St, 28 December 1926
031454-26 Samuel GLICKSMAN, 22, operator, Poland, 141 Dennison Ave in Toronto s/o Monek (b. Poland) & Feiga nee WACHTER, married Rebecca LACKOWITZ, 19, finisher, Poland, 171 Markham St in Toronto d/o Abram (b. Poland) & Mindla nee KEINGUT, wtn: Abram KEYUBSKY of 216 Beverley & Charles NAGEL of 78 Nassau St, 19 December 1926 031455-26 James Herbert GODFREY, 27, labourer, Kirkville Ont., Beaverton s/o William GODFREY & Mary USSHER married Mary Eleanor GREAVES, 18, England, Toronto d/o Samuel GREAVES & Mary HUDDART wtn: M.E. RIDLEY of 15 Gloucester St & John STANNERS of 856 College St, 9 December 1926 at West Church
031456-26 Raymond GOSNELL, 21, draughtsman, Rochester NY USA, same, s/o Samuel GOSNELL (b. Rochester) & Josephine LESSARD married Dorothy Margaret WORTHALL, 20, Ontario, 129 Hammersmith Ave in Toronto d/o Leon WORTHALL (b. Rochester) & Mary HOLLEY wtn: Bertram W. GOSNELL of Rochester & Minnie KERR of 350 Poulton Ave, 4 December 1926 031457-26 Alexander Ray GOULD, 39 farmer, Scotland, Bronte Ont. s/o Alexander Ray GOULD (b. Scotland) & Mary LAWRENCE married Helen DeMar ROBINSON, 40, saleslady, Virginia USA, 7 Cummings St in Toronto d/o Alexander ROBINSON (b. Virginia USA) & Virginia SPENCER wtn: W.A. STRACHAN of 368 George St in Toronto & J.G. HASLETT of 133 Browning Ave in Toronto , 9 December 1926 [Divorced 11 February 1952]
031459-26 William Murray GRAHAM, 24, teacher, Ontario, Stratford Ont. s/o Rev Dr W.H. GRAHAM & Martha CAMPBELL married Gladys Stella Rose HADLOW, 24, secretary, Ontario, 355 Lauder Ave in Toronto d/o George HADLOW (b. England) & Alice BAKER wtn: Campbell GRAHAM of Hamilton & Alice C. HADLOW & Margaret GRAHAM both of Toronto, 29 December 1926 031458-26 Edward Percival GRAHAM, 22, auto mechanic, Ontario, 330 Davenport Rd in Toronto s/o John G. GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Rose McCANN, married Catherine DEVINE, 23, domestic, Coatbridge Scotland, 55 Salisbury St in Toronto d/o James DEVINE (b. Scotland) & Sarah TRACEY (married 6 July 1894 at Coatbridge) wtn: Roderick McGARRIE of 57 Maitland St & Alice DEVINE of 41A Bleecker St, 31 December 1926
031460-26 William GRANT, 28, boilermaker, Scotland, 793 Ossington Ave in Toronto s/o William GRANT (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth VALLANCE married Mary YUILL, 31, house maid, Scotland, 185 College St in Toronto d/o George YUILL (b. Scotland) & Mary MacDONALD wtn: Duncan MACLEAN of 819 Ossington Ave in Toronto & Mary Yuill PRINGLE of 410 Palmerston Blvd in Toronto, 10 December 1926 031461-26 Samuel Henry GREISMAN, 30, manufacturer, Austria, 121 Borden St in Toronto s/o Michael GREISMAN (b. Austria) & Gertie HAUSER married Ethel Hope MEHR, 25, Buffalo NY, 121 Lyndhurst Ave in Toronto d/o Mandel MEHR (b. Russia) & Bessie ROSENBLATT wtn: Mattel MEHR of 395 Brunswick Ave in Toronto & Hyman MEHR of 13 Balsam Rd in Toronto, 5 December 1926
031462-26 Alfred John Russell GRIEVE, 27, salesman, Scotland, 44 Bowmore Rd in Toronto s/o Alfred J.R. GRIEVE (b. Scotland) & Isabella CLARK married Evelyn Windsor BINGHAM, 22, nurse, Ontario, 374 Victoria St in Toronto d/o Joseph Sydney BINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Emma Windsor TUCKER wtn: Norman Sutherland GRIEVE of 44 Bowmore Rd & Pearl Hands BINGHAM of 66A Vaughan Rd, 8 December 1926 031463-26 Raymond McIntyre GRINSTEAD, 26, food controller, Missouri USA, New York City, s/o James Ernest GRINSTEAD (b. Missouri) & Eva Lillian McINTIRE married Stella MULHOLLAND, 24, bookkeeper, Ontario, 319 Woodbine Ave in Toronto d/o William Frederick MULHOLLAND (b. Ireland) & Gertrude SHIELDS wtn: Sophie GODDARD of 151 Admiral Rd in Toronto & R.E. MULHOLLAND of 319 Woodbine Ave in Toronto, 25 December 1926
031464-26 Arthur Palmer HACKETT, 23, gardener, Ontario, 281 Balliol St In Toronto s/o A.P. HACKETT (b. Ontario) & Rose BURNS married Vera May PAGE, 22, operator, 460 Balliol St in Toronto d/o Albert PAGE (b. Ontario) & Maud WALKER wtn: Harry RODGER of 195 Lisgar St in Toronto & Hilda PAGE of 460 Balliol St in Toronto, 6 December 1926  
25953-26 Clarence John HALL, 26, sailor, Ontario, Owen Sound, s/o Harry HALL, b. Ont & Margaret BRINKMAN, married Etta Hazel WILSON, 19, Toronto, 279 Second? Ave. in Toronto, d/o George WILSON, b. Ont & Minnie McCONNELL, witn: Mrs. B. THOMPSON of 225 Dunn Ave & James REID of Owen Sound, 4 Jan 1926 031465-26 Victor Edward HALL, 28, clerk, England, Todmorden in Toronto s/o William Edward HALL & Ellen WEBLEY married Frances Mary Louise ARDRON, 18, England, Todmorden in Toronto d/o Alfred ARDRON & Amy JOHNSON wtn: Alfred ARDRON of Beaverton Ont. & Vernal KILBY of 217 Cosburn Ave, 18 December 1926 at Todmorden
031467-26 Harold Hector HAMILTON, 42, civil engineer, Ontario, Bethany Ont. s/o Francis HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane INGRAM married Victoria Jeanette WALLS, 34, operator, Ontario, 312 Forman Ave in Toronto d/o George WALLS (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane MILLIGAN wtn: Neil Thomas MacDONALD & Frances Norine WARREN both of Barrie Ont., 4 December 1926 25954-26 Peter HAMILTON, 19, clerk, Ontario, 151 Haslam St., s/o William HAMILTON, b. Ont & Sarah BROOKS, married Mary Veronica McGEEIN, 19, Ontario, 766 Shaw St., d/o Frank McGEEIN, b. Ont & Emily MEREDITH, witn: Laura & Melville STEELE of 921 Ossington Ave., 16 Jan. 1926
031466-26 Edward Gordon HAMILTON, 31, driver, Ontario, 110 Carlaw Ave in Toronto s/o John J. HAMILTON (b. Chicago) & Elizabeth HAMILTON married Violet Victoria McGILL, 33, Ontario, 330 Logan Ave in Toronto d/o William LESTER (b. England) & Annie HENSDALE wtn: Harold C. HARRISON & Mrs L. HARRISON both of 52 Victor Ave, 4 December 1926 at 52 Victor Ave 031468-26 Solomon HANNANT, 36, bank manager, Ontario, 526 St Clair Ave W in Toronto s/o Solomon HANNANT (b. Ontario) & Emily WILSON married Margaret Fleming McRUER, 38, Ontario, 79 Gothic Ave in Toronto d/o John McRUER (b. Quebec) & Mary CHALMERS wtn: Kathleen HANNANT of 526 St Clair Ave W in Toronto & James KINGSBURGH of Paris Ont., 11 December 1926
25954-26 George Jaul HANSEN, 26, barber, Denmark, 109 Alexander St., s/o H. HANSEN, b. Denmark & Rymo TREBBIAN?, married Emily Ethel JOHNSTON, 20, domestic, Ireland, 19 Oriole Rd., d/o John JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth EDWARDS, witn: Ethel TODD & A.E. ABRAHAM, both of Toronto, 23 Jan 1926 031469-26 Paul Juul HANSEN, 21, cook, Denmark, 12 McGill St in Toronto s/o Hans Peter Hansen (b. Denmark) & Reginar Petrea TREBBIEN married Elsie Johanne ANDERSEN, 20, clerk, Denmark, 279 Jarvis St in Toronto d/o John Peter ANDERSEN (b. Denmark) & Olga CARSTENSEN wtn: Paul Grave HAUERBACH of 14 McGill St & Georg Juul HANSEN of 133 Lee Ave, 12 December 1926
031470-26 Orville Hilton HARRIS, 27, farmer, Gore's Landing Ont., Hamilton twp s/o Alfred HARRIS (b. Gore's Landing) & Ethel HARRIS married Nora SHOTTON, 29, clerk, Rochdale England, Hamilton twp d/o Richard SHOTTON (b. Cambridge England) & Mary Ann BENNETT wtn: Mr A. BRIERLEY of 38 Ashland Ave in Toronto & Mr W. PLUNKETT Oshawa, 21 December 1926 at 64 McMichael Ave 031471-26 Raymond HARRIS, 31, cook, Ontario, 218 Adelaide St W in Toronto s/o Henry HARRIS (b. Ontario) & Mary MATTHEWS married Ella CAIN, 30, domestic, Missouri USA, 218 Adelaide St W in Toronto d/o Samuel CAIN (b. Missouri) & Sarah FOWLER wtn: Mrs Irene MORTON & Mrs Juanita WILLIAMS both of 142 Edward St, 21 December 1926
25955-26 Joseph Thorpe HARROTT, 25, truck driver, Scotland, 844 Broadview Ave., s/o Arthur J. HARROTT, b. France & Florence E. KING, married Louisa INWOOD, 22?, England, 844 Broadview Ave., d/o James INWOOD, b. England & Sarah WHITEHILL, witn: Mrs. W. Hardy ANDREWS of 561 Broadview & Mrs. R.D. WILLIAMS of 1224 Davenport, 26 Jan 1926 [re bride, birth reg'n gives father as James Inwood, deceased] 031472-26 Robert Carlton HARVEY, 21, chauffeur, Ontario, 323 Clinton St in Toronto s/o Frank HARVEY (b. Ontario) & Sadie LAURIER married Minnie Caroline Maria OLVER, 18, Ontario, 323 Clinton St in Toronto d/o William J. OLVER (b. Ontario) & Caroline JEMSON wtn: Ellen OLVER of 45 Hilton Ave & W.J. OLVER 0F 343 Clinton St, 21 December 1926
25956-26 David Coutts Anderson HASTIE, 31, shipwright, Scotland, 115 Gledhill Ave., s/o Peter HASTIE, b. Scotland & Isabel ANDERSON, married Bessie ESPLIN, 28 (b. 2 Sept 1897), domestic, Dundee Scotland, 14 Foxton Rd., d/o John ESPLIN, b. Russia & Elizabeth SCOTT (married 29 March 1895 at Dundee), witn: David BRUIST of 115 Gledhill & Lily MARR of 19 Oriole Rd., 1 Jan 1926 25957-26 William HAWKINS, 54, retired, Ontario, Alton, s/o William HAWKINS, b. England & Fanny BRIMACOMBE, married Janie Logan SULLIVAN, 30, Scotland, 47 Amelia St., d/o Timothy SULLIVAN, b. Ireland & Jessie KIRKWOOD, witn: Jessie Russell BROWN of 134 Rosemount Ave & Mrs. W.R. MacKAY of 704 Crawford St., 30 Jan 1926
031473-26 John HEARN, 39, boilermaker, England, 167 Beaconsfield Ave in Toronto s/o Alfred HEARN (b. England) & Phyllis NUNN, married Annie PARKINSON, 42, box maker, Ireland, 4 Frankish Ave in Toronto d/o John PARKINSON (b. Ireland) & Mary E. GRAHAM wtn: William GRAY of 4 Frankish Ave & Ella P. HEARN of 167 Beaconsfield Ave, 27 December 1926 031474-26 Thomas Maguire HEATLEY, 20, plasterer, Ontario, 707 Indian Rd in Toronto s/o John HEATLEY (b. Ontario) Emily YEATES married Albertha Lavina FEATHERSTON, 21, hairdresser, Ontario, 707 Indian Rd in Toronto d/o Franklin FEATHERSTON (b. Ontario) & Lavina FORD wtn: Gladys FEATHERSTON of Hornby Ont. & Gordon B. HEATLEY of Walkerville Ont., 29 December 1926
031475-26 James HEGAN, 22, dresser, Ireland, 212 Alton Ave in Toronto s/o Robert HEGAN (b. Ireland) & Rebecca GENETTE married Cora HIGGS, 19, operator, Ontario, 22 Doel Ave in Toronto d/o Charles Thomas HIGGS (b. England) & Margaret FREDERICK wtn: Victoria MANN of 11 Portland St in Toronto & John ROXBOROUGH of 58 Rhodes Ave in Toronto, 15 December 1926 031476-26 Andrew HEGGIE, 32, shipper, Scotland, 500 Beresford Ave in Toronto s/o John HEGGIE (b. Scotland) & Flora Agnes REID married Mary Elizabeth SMITH, 21, child's nurse, England, 186 Ashdale Ave in Toronto d/o John SMITH (b. England) & Millie FAYTER (Taylor?), wtn: Marion WARNHOUSE of 20 Thurston Ave in Toronto & William H. RAINER of 21 Waller Ave in Toronto, 24 December 1926
25958-26 Frank William HEISMAN, 30, violinist, Toronto, Newcastle PA, s/o Henry Teikki HEISMAN, b. Finland & Hannah Margerita ANNALA, married Sylvia Henrikka SAARIMAKI, 22, nurse, Toronto, 30 Scarborough Rd., d/o Adiil SAARIMAKI, b. Finland & Ilmi KONNI, witn: John RANTA of 267 Benson Ave & K.E. SAVALANSEN of 68 Victoria Park Ave., 30 Jan 1926 031477-26 Francis Oscar HELTZEL, 48, divorced, salesman, Pennsylvania USA, Youngstown Ohio, s/o Charles HELTZEL (b. Pennsylvania) & Elizabeth FELTY married Alice Regina KIELTSCH, 20, Germany, Youngstown Ohio d/o Michael KIELTSCH (b. Germany) & Regina, wtn: John H. MILLING of 399 Duplex Ave in Toronto Rosalie M. BELLSMITH of 336 Jarvis St in Toronto, 30 December 1926
25959-26 Matthew McDonald HENDERSON, 28, iron moulder, Fifeshire Scotland, 39 Bleecker St., s/o Stewart HENDERSON, b. Ireland & Elizabeth McDONALD (married 16 Nov 1894 at Kirkcaldy), married Mary Nicol RUSSELL, 33, domestic, Scotland, 39 Bleecker St., d/o John RUSSELL, b. Scotland & Mary NICOL, witn: Margaret WATSON & William RUSSELL, both of 133 Hanson St., 11 Jan 1926 031478-26 Jacob HERZOG, 29, cloak maker, Russia, 99 Nassau St in Toronto s/o Harje (b. Russia) & L. nee RAJOSHEVITCH married Fannie ENGLISH, 22, hairdresser, Poland, 55 Bellevue Place in Toronto d/o Michal (b. Poland) & S. nee TASS wtn: Louis SLUSKIN of 370 Palmerston Blvd & M. SHANKMAN of 290 Grace St, 26 December 1926
031479-26 Herbert Stephen William HICKSON, 32, salesman, England, 594 Rhodes Ave in Toronto s/o George HICKSON (b. England) & Nellie GARR married Edith Alberta SPEIRAN, 25, saleslady, Ontario, 1158A Danforth Ave in Toronto d/o William James SPEIRAN (b. Ontario) & Ida A. HUTCHINGS wtn: Howard BRADEN of 3218 Yonge St Ont. & Sadie V. SPEIRAN of 1158A Danforth Ave in Toronto, 28 December 1926 25960-26 Otto HIGEL, 56, widower, manufacturer, Germany, 146 Dowling Ave., s/o Albert HIGEL, b. Germany & Bertha KAGES, married Emma ARNOLD, 47, widow, Germany, 105 Cowan Ave., d/o Fritz BLASCHWAGES, b. Germany & Kathleen MEYERS, witn: Rhoda MALLMAN & Philip SCHAFER, both of Toronto, 23 Jan 1926
031480-26 Dave HILDEBRAND, 31, manager, Poland, 60 Brunswick Ave in Toronto s/o Berel (b. Poland) & Gitla Laja nee WEICHENBERG married Rae WULTZ, 27, designer, Poland, 148 Beatrice St in Toronto d/o Samuel (b. Poland) & Chaja Luda nee LICHTENSTEIN wtn: Aron RAZUBSKY of 216 Beverley St & Charles NAGEL of 78 Nassau, 27 December 1926  
031481-26 Albert George HILL, 23, cashier, Ontario, 15 Warland Ave in Toronto s/o William George HILL (b. England) & Anne Ravia FREETH married Helen Bernice MORLEY, 19, Ontario, 2 Orchard Park Blvd in Toronto d/o Harold MORLEY (b. Ontario) & Florence FIELDHOUSE wtn: M.L. YOUNG of 37 Byall Ave & Eva L. SKENE of 30 Benlamond Ave in Toronto, 7 December 1926 25961-26 Henry Charles Edward Albert Careless HILL, 24, contractor, Ontario, 68 Beresford Ave., s/o Charles HILL, b. Ont & Anne CARELESS, married Daisy VANCE, 21, operator, Ontario, 185 Montrose Ave., d/o Hendal VANCE, b. Ont & Edith OSBORNE, witn: W. & Lydia McCUTCHEON of New Toronto, 9 Jan 1926
25962-26 William HILLEN (Hellen?), 25, operator, Poland 42 Defoe St., s/o Michael HILLEN, b. Poland & Pesha KRONICH, married Bessie COHEN, 22, stenographer, Russia, 361 Queen St. West, d/o Harry COHEN, b. Russia & Brina TARADATCH, witn: Morris ZELDIN of 22 Carlyle St. & Sidney KOSLEY of 994 Dundas West, 31 Jan 1926 at 92 McCaul St. 031482-26 Alexander HILLIS, 27, cleaner, Scotland, 656 Ossington Ave s/o William HILLIS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth COUTTS married Jessie SINGLETON, 23, waitress, Scotland, 680 Shaw St in Toronto d/o Charles SINGLETON (b. Scotland) & Sarah KIRKPATRICK wtn: Hugh HILLIS of 656 Ossington Ave & Sarah SINGLETON of 11 Page St, 21 December 1926
031483-26 Charles Henry HODGSON, 26, labourer, Ontario, Dixie Ont. s/o William Henry HODGSON (b. Ontario) & Celena LE CLAIR married Etheline ABERNETHY, 27, domestic, Ontario, 534 Clinton St in Toronto d/o William ABERNETHY (b. Ontario) & Sarah ATKINSON wtn: Leonard William HODGSON of 302 Wellesley St & Verna ABERNETHY of 68 Pinewood Ave, 15 December 1926 25963-26 George HOGG, 26, chauffeur, Ontario, 19 Pape Ave., s/o Edward HOGG, b. Ont & Mart GILMER, married Mary Jane BERNIER, 15, factory worker, Ontario, 19 Pape Ave., d/o John BERNIER, b. Quebec & Clara MERRO, witn: James FREELAND of Capreol & Florence CAIRNS of 336? Jarvis St., 7 Jan 1926
031484-26 Charles Allington HOLLAND, 26 (b. 11 Sept 1900), mechanic, Lancashire England, Detroit, s/o Charles Henry HOLLAND (b. England) & Clara Helen SANDBACK married Annie CASSIE, 25, lady's maid, Scotland, 182 Lowther Ave in Toronto d/o James CASSIE (b. Scotland) & Alexander Ina CAMPBELL wtn: Jessie CAMPBELL of 36 Millicent St & George FORDYCE of 641 Danforth Ave, 30 December 1926 031485-26 Allan HOLMES, 20, machinist, Ontario, 595 St Clarens Ave in Toronto s/o Albert HOLMES (b. Ontario) & Blanche VAN AULSTINE married Margaret Grace GILLESPIE, 17, clerk, Ontario, 149 Wallace Ave in Toronto d/o Alexander GILLESPIE (b. Ontario) & Ethel CHIDLEY wtn: Stanley BURNELL of 490 St Clarens Ave & Jack ORR of 14 Sarnia Ave, 15 December 1926
031486-26 William Howard HOOVER, 27, clerk, Ontario, Jackson Mich, s/o William HOOVER (b. Ontario) & Christina SPENCE married Mildred Eileen PALMER, 28, stenographer, Ontario, 1 Glen Gordon Rd in Toronto d/o Charles E. PALMER (b. Ontario) & Mary MACREADY wtn: Arthur A. COLLINS of 139 Cowan Ave in Toronto & Anne G. McCONNELL of 574 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto, 24 December 1926 25965-26 Garnet Wolesley HOOVER, 40, widower, conductor, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James HOOVER, b. Ont & Jennie VELLES, married Laura Violet BRITTON, 36, stenographer, Ontario, 157 Northcliffe Blvd in Toronto, d/o George BRITTON, b. Ireland & Susan DAVIDSON, witn: Grace CREIGER & Harold HETHERINGTON, both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1926 at 21 Major St.
25966-26 Ivan Franklin HOPKINS, 26, chief clerk, Quebec., 256 Heath St., s/o Arthur Sommerville HOPKINS, b. Ont & Katherine McMILLAN, married Zetta COUNTRYMAN, 18, nurse in training, Ontario, Toronto Western Hospital, d/o George Went? COUNTRYMAN, b. Ont & Florence Letitia BATEMAN, witn: G.E. STEPHENS of 636 Euclid Ave & William COUTTS Jr. of 400 Palmerston Blvd., 15 Jan 1926 031487-26 Aubrey Copp HORD, 27, clerk, Ontario, 67 Manor Rd E in Toronto s/o Walker Melville HORD (b. Ontario) & Ella Louise FAIRAN married Rena Merle McTAGGART, 29, Ontario, 150 Eastbourne Ave in Toronto d/o George Allan McTAGGART (b. Ontario) & Minnie Ruth SAVAGE wtn: Barton Wesley McTAGGART of 150 Eastbourne Ave in Toronto & Agnes Irene CAMERON of 18 Beggar Ave in Toronto, 1 December 1926
  031488-26 Robert Charles Wesley HOUGHAN, 32, iron worker, Buffalo NY, Detroit, s/o Isaac HOUGHAN (b. Ireland) & Mabel VAN NOSTRAND, married Catherine LIVINGSTON, 24, box maker, Liverpool England, 338 Riverdale Ave in Toronto d/o Forbes LIVINGSTON (b. Scotland) & May SOUTH, wtn: Joseph B. HOUGHAN & Ruth M. HOUGHAN both of 850 Eastern Ave, 25 December 1926
031489-26 Bernard Francis HOWARD, 21, fur blocker, Ontario, 176 Margueretta St in Toronto s/o Frank HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Margaret McQUILLAN married Christian HERBERT, 18, drug finisher, Ontario, 359 Pacific Ave in Toronto d/o Henry Thomas HERBERT (b. Scotland) & Christian Goodwillis ORR wtn: Gratton MUNGEVAN? & Mary ANDERSON both of Toronto, 1 December 1926 [Divorced 1 Dec 1932 by S.C.O. at Toronto] 031490-26 Samuel James HOWARD, 21, printer, England, 103 Larchmount Ave in Toronto s/o George HOWARD (b. Ontario) & May ALLEN married Violet Victoria STEPHENS, 18, domestic, Ontario, Manville Ont. d/o Dawson STEPHENS (b. Ontario) & Edna LONEY (Lowry?), wtn: Walter EDKINS & Mary Madeline BOUBIER both of 26 Brooklyn St in Toronto, 28 December 1926
031491-26 William HOWE, 21, truck driver, England, 186 Gowan Ave in Toronto s/o William HOWE Sr (b. England) & Emily HIGGINSON married Alice DEEKS, 17, packer, England, 202 Gamble Ave in Toronto d/o Ernest DEEKS (b. Wales) & Lillian ELLIS wtn: Arthur TURNER of 202 Gamble Ave & Estie HOUSE of 186 Gowan, 4 December 1926 25964-26 John Bertram HOWE, 21, assistant manager, Toronto, 3 Spadina Rd., s/o Charles M. HOWE, b. Ireland & Helen BERTRAM, married Hazel Beatrice CHUBB, 23, Toronto, 935 Bathurst St., d/o Frederick George CHUBB, b. England & Lottie BROWN, witn: Helen HOWE & George CHUBB, both of Toronto, 6 Jan 1926
25967-26 Harry Alfred HOWELL, 20, hatter, England, 163 Galt Ave., s/o Harry James HOWELL, b. England & Emily FREELAND, married Marjory Agnes ROBERTSON, 20 (b. 20 June 1905), Dundee Scotland, 163 Galt Ave., d/o William Beveridge ROBERTSON, b. Scotland & Jessie Stevenson COCHRANE (married Oct 1903 at Dundee), witn: Grace ROBERTSON of 163 Galt & Harold HOWELL of 46 Wright Ave., 2 Jan 1926 at Immanuel Baptist Church 031492-26 Samuel Ashfield HUGHES, 26, salesman, Ontario, 1397 King St W in Toronto s/o Samuel R. HUGHES (b. Ontario) & Margaret ASHFIELD married Alice Lambson MANN, 25, Ontario, 66 Lyndhurst Ave in Toronto d/o Frederick J. MANN (b. Ontario) & Jean McVITTIE wtn: Frank H. BARR of 115 Close Ave & Marjorie SPARKS of 455 Windermere Ave, 28 December 1926
031493-26 Kenneth LaVerne HUME, 30, clerk, Ontario, 298 St Clair Ave E in Toronto s/o William HUME (b. Ontario) & Catherine ROLSTON married Grace LOCKHART, 32, stenographer, Ontario, 195 N Vidal St in Toronto d/o James LOCKHART (b. Ontario) & Martha MOORE wtn: Bessie O. SMITH of Churchill Apts in Toronto & D.C. HOWARD of Sarnia, 16 December 1926 031494-26 Thomas Marshall HUNT, 40, manufacturer, Ontario, Willowdale s/o James HUNT (b. Ontario) & Harriet WILLIAMS married Nellie SUNLEY, cook, Ontario, 33 Russell Hill Rd in Toronto d/o James SUNLEY (b. Ontario) & (not known) wtn: Olivia TAYLOR of 23 Glebeholme Blvd & Blanche THORNHILL of 279½ Withrow Ave, 24 December 1926
031495-26 Adrian Leighton HURLBUT, 23, salesman, Ontario, 122 St Clements Ave in Toronto s/o Frank Smith HURLBUT (b. Ontario) & Sarah Cherry WOOD married Florence Hazel MADDEN, 21, stenographer, Ontario, 247 St Clements Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas James MADDEN (b. Ontario) & Lottie Anne STARTUP wtn: C.S. ARMSTRONG of 3 Strathcona Blvd & Rena B. TAIT of 880 Bloor St W, 2 December 1926 25968-26 William HUTCHISON, 29, shipper, Scotland, Detroit, s/o James HUTCHISON, b. Scotland & Mary CHRISTIE, married Janet MOORE, 20 (b. 28 July 1905), maid, Hamilton Scotland, Winnipeg, d/o John MOORE, b. Scotland & Marion HOWIE, witn: John Thomas & Mrs. John Thomas McELROY of 520 Ontario St., 3 Jan 1926
031496-26 Louis Sidney HYMAN, 26, barrister, New York City USA, 669 Queen St W in Toronto s/o Samuel HYMAN (b. Poland) & Fannie WIDOWSKY married Betty ALTBERGER, 23, bookkeeper, Ontario, 246 Grace St in Toronto d/o Nathan ALTBERGER (b. Poland) & Chair ALTBERGER wtn: S. JOLOFSKY of 40 Grange Ave & H. COHEN of 63 Major St, 26 December 1926 25969-26 George Herbert IRWIN, 41, attendant at Wellesley Hospital, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Michael IRWIN, b. Ontario & Frances TRIMBLE, married Catherine MOORE, 26 (b. 15 Oct. 1899), domestic, Cambusnethan Lanarkshire Scotland, Wellesley Hospital in Toronto, d/o Robert MOORE, b. Ireland & Catherine McDOWELL (married 12 July 1881 at Belfast Ireland), witn: Richard IRWIN of 273 Symington Ave & Addie J. DUNN of 390 Perth Ave., 4 Jan 1926 at 390 Perth Ave
031497-26 Ernest Edward Carson JACKSON, 26, salesman, Ontario, Montreal s/o William Leonard JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Eva Maud JACKSON, married Helen Gertrude Marion ALLEN, 25, clerk, Ontario, 125 Danforth Ave in Toronto d/o Wilbert L. ALLEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth CLEMENT wtn: Violet M. ALLEN of 125 Danforth Ave & Donald Lloyd WICKHAM of 42 Pearson Ave, 25 December 1926 031498-26 Thomas Winston JACKSON, 26, engineering, Ontario, 107 Bedford Rd in Toronto s/o Edwin James JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret Mary LENNOX married Mary Laureen TERRYBERRY, 24, Ontario, 55 Boustead Ave in Toronto d/o Arthur J. TERRYBERRY (b. Ontario) & Laura Mill TREBLE wtn: Alice TAYLOR of 7 Balsam Ave & Hugh L. ALLWARD of 60 Glen Grove Ave W, 30 December 1926
25970-26 John Alexander JACKSON, 33, barber, St. Edmunds twp., Toronto, s/o David JACKSON, b. Canada & Sarah HILL, married Isabel Olive MILLER, 34, Amabel twp., same, d/o John MILLER, b. Canada & Mary Ann FRANCIS, witn: Lilly & India? POGUE of Toronto, 1 Jan 1926 031499-26 Gordon JACOBS, 23, shipper, Ontario, 31 McDonnell Ave in Toronto s/o James JACOBS (b. England) & Mary EMERY married Kathleen DOYLE, 21, laundress, Ontario, 46 Fern Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas DOYLE (b. Ontario) & Anna FITZGERALD wtn: James Henry IRWIN of Backley? St. & Stella Margaret SULLIVAN of 215 Gladstone Ave, 24 December 1926
25971-26 George Herbert JAMES, 23, drug clerk, Ontario, Larser Lake - Temiskaming Dist. Ont., s/o George H. JAMES, b. Ont & Mary A. DONNELLY, married Clarice Charlotte BOYD, 19, Quebec, Port Credit, d/o John BOYD, b. Quebec & Christena ANDERSON, witn: Mrs. C.W. BISHOP of 110 Wellesley St. & Mrs. William TENNYSON of 269 Wellesley St., 28 Jan 1926 at Sherbourne St. United Church 25973-26 Albert Wilson JOHNSTON, 22 (b. 8 Nov 1903), electrician, Sutherland - Lancaster England, 640 Brock Ave., s/o Herbert JOHNSTON, b. Ireland & Celia Matilda WILSON, married Jeannette Bernice BURNS, 23, sales lady, USA, 640 Brock Ave., d/o William BURNS, b. USA & Sarah BOYLE, witn: Margaret JOHNSTON of 1480 Yonge St. & Henry William KING of 48? Kenneth Ave., 30 Jan 1926
25974-26 Randolph Wardell JOHNSTON, 21, art student, Toronto, 9 Silverbirch Ave., s/o Harold Addison JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Gertrude WARDELL, married Muriel Grace NORMAN, 25 (b. 11 May 1900), art student, Belper Derby England, corner of Silverbirch & Queen St., d/o Edward Henry Daubcey NORMAN, b. England & Winnie FREEMANTLE, witn: G. JOHNSTON of Silverbirch Ave & A.E.M. THOMSON of London Ont., 4 Jan 1926 031500-26 William JOHNSTON, 21, lineman, Ontario, 127 Langley Ave in Toronto s/o William JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Kathleen SMITH married Jessie May HAYDEN, 23, clerk, Quebec, 21 Canning Ave in Toronto d/o Henry HAYDEN (b. Quebec) & Margaret SULLIVAN wtn: Thomas James JOHNSTON of 127 Langley Ave & Pearl HAYDEN of 21 Canning Ave, 1 December 1926
25976-26 Wilfred Philip JONES, 20, stenographer, Wales, 55 Seaton St., s/o Philip JONES, b. Wales & Alice JENKINS, married Olive Sylvia SHACKLETON, 18, Toronto, 275 Brunswick Ave., d/o Ernest SHACKLETON, b. England & Elizabeth HEWLITT, witn: Ernest H. & B. SHACKLETON of 275 Brunswick Ave., 2 Jan 1926 25975-26 Charles Henry JONES, 23 (b. 12 July 1902), auto trimmer, Aberdeen Scotland, 117 Cambridge Ave., s/o Lorenzo JONES, b. England & Sophia DUFF, married Violet Sarah RODGERS, 22, embroiderer, Ireland, 207 Shaw St., d/o William RODGERS, b. Ireland & Annie McNEISH, witn: Selina JONES & Robert WALKER, both of 117 Cambridge Ave., 9 Jan 1926 at 117 Cambridge Ave
25977-26 Charles Douglas Hamilton JOYCE, 29, cutter, England, 601 Indian Rd., s/o Walter Douglas JOYCE, b. England & Alice HENMAN, married Eva Mary BOUCHER, 30 (b. 3 June 1895), coat operator, Tenburg Worcestershire England, 395 Montrose Ave., d/o James BOUCHER, b. England & Annie GREER, win: Elsie A. JOYCE & J.A. SMITH, both of Toronto, 25 Jan 1926 25978-26 Frederick Lancelot JUNKIN, 30, physician, Quebec, 8 Harbord St., s/o George Herbert JUNKIN, b. Ont & Florence ANDFORD, married Marion Simpson CASE, 27, clerk, Ontario, 26 Duval Rd., d/o Joseph S. CASE, b. Ont & Jessie MOIR, witn: Clifford D. JUNKIN of 8 Harbord & Winnifred DENNING of 19 Nanton Ave., 20 Jan 1926
25979-26 Frederick Joseph KELLY, 24, pianist, Toronto, 245 Spadina Ave., s/o John KELLY, b. Ireland & Katherine CARSON, married Grace Olga MARCHALLICK, 19, Toronto, 695 Dovercourt Rd., d/o Joseph MARCHALLICK, b. British West Indies & Gertrude ARCHAMBEAU, witn: John & Louise OLIVER of Toronto, 11 Jan 1926 25980-26 Leonard KERSEY, 21 (b. 13 Sept 1904), pattern maker, Halifax England, 21 Aberdeen Ave., s/o Charles Thomas KERSEY, b. England & Clarice WHITELEY, married Eleanor Jane WATSON, 21, England, 21 Aberdeen Ave., d/o Peter WATSON, b. England & Eleanor COOPER, witn: Ethel MURPHY & Clara BOAKE, both of 67 Pembroke St., 9 Jan 1926
25981-26 Clarence Edward KING, 23, stock keeper, Toronto, 36 Elmer St., s/o Reuben KING, b. England & Bertha CHADWICK, married Margaret Mary MULLEN, 18, piano teacher, Toronto, 40 Curzon St., d/o William MULLEN, b. England & Caroline McPHERSON, witn: Walter CLARE of 170 Concord Ave & Gwendoline A. M. VESEY of 84 Oakwood Ave., 30 Jan 1926 at St. Edmunds Church 25982-26 Henry William KING, 20, draughtsman, England, 164 Greenwood Ave., s/o Henry Albert KING & Elizabeth WASTELL, married Annie Sylvia PEARSON, 20, England, 329 Craven Rd., d/o John PEARSON & Alice WADDINGTON, witn: Fred WADDINGTON of 164 Rhodes Ave & Alice PEARSON of 329 Craven Rd., 9 Jan 1926
25983-26 Joseph KITELEY, 19, shipper, England, 7 Alma Ave., s/o Joseph KITELEY, b. England & Mary Ann BINGHAM, married Mary Dorothy Lillian DAVIS, 20, operator, England, 188 Fern Ave., d/o Bertram Walter DAVIS, b. England & Minnie MITCHELL, witn: Minnie DAVIS of 188 Fern Ave & Sidney WHITE of 201 Cowan Ave., 15 Jan 1926 at St. Marks Church, Parkdale 25986-26 Lloyd Albert KRITZER, 20, brick keeper, Ontario, 32 Swanick Ave., s/o Wilhelm August KRITZER, b. Ont & Mary DICKSON, married Ina HAKOLA, 20, domestic, Finland, 171 Balmoral Ave., d/o Jusus HAKOLA, b. Finland & Hilma NIITTYLAHTI, witn: William August & Mrs. Mary KRITZER of 32 Swanwick Ave, 16 Jan 1926
25987-26 William Cecil KRUGER, 24, physician, Alberta, 359 Armadale Ave., s/o John KRUGER, b. Ont & Marie HELLIG (Helug?), married Grace Milvena ASHCROFT, 24 (b. 30 July 1901), nurse, Brantford Ontario, 33 Cowan Ave., d/o Harry ASHCROFT, b. Ont & Agnes WARREN, witn: Margaret GOODINGS of 35 Cowan Ave & Rita AG--? of Vancouver, 20 Jan 1926 25989-26 Adam LABINSKY, 27, hotel porter, Russia, 299 Spadina Ave., s/o Metro LABINSKY & Alma LABINSKY, married Alice CUMMINGS, 23, waitress, Scotland, 238 Weston Rd., d/o Jeremiah CUMMINGS & Annie CLEMENS, witn: Thomas GRATINA? of 30 Sullivan St. & Mary EANSHOE? of 76 Wolseley St., 6 Jan. 1926 at St. Philips
25990-26 Harold Stinson LANCASHIRE, 24, salesman, Ontario, 497 Ontario St., s/o Alfred LANCASHIRE, b. Ont & Retta IRWIN, married Victoria Maybe CAMPBELL, 23, clerk, Toronto, 140 Roxborough St., d/o Colin CAMPBELL, b. Ont & Victoria VARLEY, witn: James Harold RENNIE of 320 Broadway Ave & Clarence L. MYANS? of 185 Indian Rd., 18 Jan 1926 25991-26 John LANSING, 56, widower, plasterer, Ontario, 432 Margaretta St., s/o William LANSING, b. Scotland & Harriet ARBROY? married Annie POTTS, 45, (b. 3 Jan 1880), widow, Swindon Wiltshire England, 146 Wallace St., d/o Francis GRIFFIN, b. England & Emma TOWNSEND, witn: Kate & Frank GRIFFIN of 146 Wallace Ave., 4 Jan 1926
25993-26 Robert Matthew LAW, 33, police constable, Ireland, 143 Caledonia Rd., s/o Robert, b. Ireland & Elizabeth nee KNOX, married Marion Louise STEWART, 19, operator B.T.Co., d/o William George, b. Ont & Maria nee BANNISTER, witn: A.M. HUBBY? & Elizabeth BRENNING, both of 129 Havelock St., 30 Jan 1926 25996-26 Done T. LEKUSHOFF, 30, general laborer, Macedonia, 17 Tracy St., s/o Tsvecko LEKUSHOFF & Catherina NISTOROVA, married Sofia ATANASOVA, 22, domestic, Macedonia, 17 Tracy St., d/o Atanas KIRADJIEFF & Rina NOLEVA, witn: Hrivnia? DRINOFF of 736 Queen St. & Helena? SKERDOFF of 1146 Queen St., 17 Jan. 1926
25998-26 Charles Victor LITTLER, 25, driver, England, 82 Empire Ave., s/o W. LITTLER, b. England & Nellie KEENAN, married Phoebe Ethel WHITE, 22, chocolate dipper, England, 82 Empire Ave., d/o Thomas WHITE, b. England & Jane MORGAN, witn: Thomas WHITE & James CLYNCH, both of Toronto, 21 Jan 1926 26001-26 Christ A. LOVACHY, 26, waiter, Macedonia, 2195 Queen St. East, s/o Anastas LOVACHY & Maria DINKOVA, married Stamenata SHUNDOFF, 20, Macedonia, 2195 Queen St. East, d/o Anastas SHUNDOFF & Christena NOKOVA, witn: Panast GRAVZGAFF? of 2195 Queen St. East & Evan DIMITROFF of 17 Tracy St., 12 Jan 1926
26003-26 Edward John MALONEY, 34, truck driver, Ontario, 44 Hayden St., s/o James MALONEY, b. Ont & Catherine MOFFATT, married Loretta FLANNERY, 28, Ontario, 44 Hayden St., d/o Matthew? FLANNERY, b. Quebec & Mary McDONNELL (McCONNELL?), witn: Peter MALONEY of Brechin & Edith FLANNERY of Toronto, 20 Jan 1926 26004-26 Joseph Thomas Cecil MALONEY, 19, laborer, Ontario, 116 Hamilton St., s/o Thomas MALONEY, b. Ont & Helen Jane BALL, married Juanita Myrtle EVANS, 15, Toronto, 110 Broadview Ave., d/o Arthur EVANS, b. England & Mary Alice SAVAGE, wit: L. J. HODGINS & Miss G. McGARRY, both of 120 First Ave., 30 Jan 1926
26024-26 Thomas McDOUGALL, 49 (48?), widower, farmer, Glenelg twp., same, s/o Donald McDOUGALL, b. Ont & Sarah McINTYRE, married Ethel May WELLS, 36, widow, Egremont twp., same, d/o Isaac HOOPER, b. Ont & Jane BONE, witn: Lorine McWERT? & Carrie JAMES, both of 110 College St. in Toronto, 20 Jan 1926 26023-26 Alfred Wright McDOUGALL, 19 (b. 11 July 1906), carpenter, Clydebank Scotland, 761 Gerrard St., s/o Alexander McDOUGALL, b. Scotland & Marjory S. POWELL (married 22 Feb 1901 at Old Kilpatrick), married Ethel Ada TEED, 20, Channel Islands, 108 Langley Ave., d/o Harry TEED (deceased), b. Channel Islands & Ellen LELOCHNER, witn: John McDOUGALL of 21 Munro St. & Myra Emily TEED of 108 Langley Ave., 20 Jan 1926
26030-26 Horace McKILLOP, 33, dairy man England, 452 Westmoreland Ave., s/o Alan McKILLOP, b. England & Annie CORLET, married Eliza Jane DICK, 28 (b. 20 Sept 1897), domestic, Glasgow Scotland, 91 Hilton Ave., d/o William H.W. DICK, b. Ireland & Margaret BUNTING (married 25 Dec 1894 at Belfast Ireland), witn: Annie Orr McMOYNEN of 42 Clinton? Terrace & Charles BROWN of 526 Palmerston Blvd., 12 Jan. 1926 at Christ Congregational Church 26031-26 Percival Donald McLEAN, 18, book keeper, Little Britain Ont., 14 Kimberly St. in Toronto, s/o Donald McLEAN, b. Ont & Lilian HAYES, married May PARTRIDGE, 20, Belfast Ireland, 54 Beatrice St., d/o James McCLEARY (sic), b. Ireland & Elizabeth PARTRIDGE, witn: Edward & Isabella HALL of 6 Edgerly Ace, 1 Jan. 1926 at St. Johns Norway
26032-26 Frederick John McTAGUE, 26, pipe fitter, Ontario, 292 Sherbourne St., s/o Michael McTAGUE & Mary SUMMERS, married Vanessa O'CONNOR, 22, clerk, Ontario, 528 Church St., d/o Morris Joseph O'CONNOR, b. Ont & Vanessa CUDDAHY, witn: Joseph McTAGUE of 388 Dundas East & Mrs. McGARRY of 728 Annette St., 22 Jan 1926 26033-26 Duncan Boyd McTAVISH, 37, farmer, Sullivan twp., same, s/o Peter McTAVISH, b. Lanark Co Ont & Annie BOYD, married Ann Elizabeth PATTERSON, 33, Bentinck twp., Guelph, d/o John PATTERSON, b. Scotland & Jane BERRY, witn: Christine McTAVISH of 46 Standish Ave & Florence McTAVISH of 121 Carlton St., both Toronto, 27 Jan 1926
26034-26 James Douglas McWILLIAMS, 45, real estate, Toronto, 128 Park Rd., s/o William G. McWILLIAMS, b. Ont & Emily McDONELL, married Francis Gertrude MORRIS, 47, stenographer, Ontario, 187 Bloor St., d/o Robert MORRIS, b. Ont & Joseph (sic) CLARK, witn: Thomas WADE & Archibald ADAMS?, both of Toronto, 20 Jan 1926 at St. James Cathedral 26009-26 Harry MENDELSOHN, 22, truck assembler, Toronto, 24 Edward St., s/o Nolin MENDELSOHN, b. Russia & Fannie SERPLANSKI?, married Lillie WILDER, 18, Poland, 65 Cameron St., d/o Sam WILDER, b. Poland & Marska SHAPIRO, witn: Charles WAHL of Sackville St. & l. SHERMAN of 948 Queen St. East, 30 Jan 1926
26014-26 Hugh Sidney MULHERON, 65, widower, Ontario, Prince George Hotel in Toronto, s/o John MULHERON, b. Scotland & Rachel McLEOD, married Margaret Helen LEE, 30, domestic, England, 127 Westmount Ave., d/o John Henry LEE, b. England & Elizabeth GUY, witn: George GUY & Elizabeth LEE, both of 2618 Danforth Ave., 25 Jan 1926 26035-26 Clifford Vincent NAISH, 24, telegrapher, Canada, Winona Ont., s/o Lewis NAISH, b. Port Credit & Susie CUMMINGS, married Helen Mildred BEST, 19, Canada, Winona, d/o David BEST, b. Haldimand Co.., & Grace RYERSE, witn: W. & L.H. WEAFER of Winona, 2 Jan 1926
26036-26 Allan NEILL, 19, shipper, Scotland, 166 Sumach St., s/o William NEILL & Catherine LOGAN, married Beatrice Louise HISCOX, 18, operator, Ontario, 166 Sumach St., d/o James HISCOX & Agnes LISK, witn: Robert FITZGERALD of 59 Bleecker St. & Samuel HISCOX of Campbellford, 16 Jan 1926 at St. Augustines Church 26037-26 William Fritzof NIEMINEN, 32, iron worker, Finland, 46 Widmer St., s/o Nikolai NIEMINEN, b. Finland & Lydia KYLOMAKI, married Anna Matilda JARVENPAA, 26, operator, Finland, 46 Widmer St., d/o Malakiai JARVENPAA, b. Finland & Matilda JARVENPAA, witn: Matt OLSON of 51 Widmer St. & Olga LINDROSS of 35 Beverley St., 2 Jan 1926
26038-26 John Albion NEVIN, 27, laborer, England, 59 Hook Ave., s/o William NEVIN, b. Scotland & Margaret LOWE, married Florence Elizabeth CLARKE, 21, machinist, Ontario, 66 Hook Ave., d/o William CLARKE, b. England & Lucy MEREDITH, witn: William McCONACHIE of 58 Hook Ave & Alice DAVIES of 429 Wellesley St., 1 Jan 1926 at St. Cecilias Church 26039-26 Thomas NIMMO, 27, police constable, Scotland, 199 Browning Ave., s/o Thomas NIMMO, b. Scotland & Jean BINNIE, married Ella COWEY, 21, saleslady, Scotland, 51 Pape Ave., d/o John COWEY, b. Scotland & Isabella HOGG, witn: Morris DOWNLEY of 199 Browning Ave & Marjory SHAND of 51 Nye Ave., 30 Jan 1926
26040-26 Alexander NIVEN, 23, B.T. Co. trouble man, Scotland, 202 Nairn Ave., s/o James F. NEVIN, b. Scotland & Agnes WILSON, married Dorothy Irene JOHNSTON, 18, parceller, Toronto, 21 Pryor Ave., d/o Edward JOHNSTON, b. Ont & Ellen APPERLEY, witn: Garland YOUNG of 3 Withrow Ave & Ethel HANCOCK of 180 Willow Ave., 2 Jan 1926 at Boon Ave. Baptist Church 26043-26 Alphonsus O'GRADY, 22, CPR trainman, Ontario, 80 Ryding Ave., s/o Michael O'GRADY, b. Ont & Margaret HORAN, married Isabel IRWIN, 17, B.T.Co. operator, Ontario, 70 Florence Cres in York twp., d/o Robert J. IRWIN, b. Ont & Margaret Mae MUIRHILL?, witn: Marie LABELL of 1199 College St. & Henry illegible of Scarlett Rd., 15 Jan 1926
26044-26 William Woncock PAGE, 19, clerk, Ontario, 134 Lauder Ave., s/o George Charles PAGE , b. England & Amy LEWIS, married Bertha Geraldine LOUCKS, 17, stenographer, Toronto, 184 Lauder Ave., d/o Walter Meredith LOUCKS, b. Ont & Gertrude WARNER, witn: J.D. ROBINS of 187 Lauder & N.W. FEE of 184 Lauder, 12 Jan 1926 26045-26 Russell Edward PARKS, 25, concrete worker, Ottawa, same, s/o Thomas PARKS, b. Canada & Katherine M. KINCH, married Annie JAMIESON, 21, domestic, Grangemouth Scotland, Ottawa, d/o John JAMIESON, b. Scotland & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: Margaret HOPE of Mimico & Robert SNEDDEN of 119 St. David St. in Toronto, 29 Jan 1926
26046-26 John Barclay PARNIE, 38, construction foreman, Scotland, Guelph, s/o John PARNIE, b. Scotland & Annie LYND, married Christena CLARK, 42, widow, Scotland, 456 Ashdale Ave in Toronto, d/o William HAMILTON, b. Scotland & Jane DAVIS, witn: Barbara CHRISTIE of 43 Hiawatha Rd & Charles J.A. MacKAY of 367 Ashdale Ave., 2 Jan 1926 26047-26 William David PARSONS, 30, clerk, England, Oshawa, s/o William David PARSONS, b. England & Elizabeth ASH, married Elizabeth Duncan STEWART, 31 (b. 27 Sept 1894), stenographer, Kilburnie Ayrshire Scotland, Oshawa, d/o James STEWART, b. Scotland & Elizabeth STERLING (married Dec 1891 at Kilburnie), witn: William & Mary SWAN of 337 Grace St. in Toronto, 23 Jan 1926
26046-26 Edward James PARTRIDGE, 72, widower, collector, Ontario, 129 Grenadier Rd., s/o William PARTRIDGE, b. Ont & Mary ROSKELLY, married Helen Georgina CHRISTIE, 54, book keeper, Toronto, 129 Grenadier Rd., d/o George CHRISTIE, b. England & Charlotte CHRISTIE, witn: Emily PARTRIDGE of 42 Woburn Rd & Mary GOODERHAM of Meadowvale, 1 Jan 1926 26047-26 William Ernest PASCOE, 21, laborer, England, 426 Dawes Rd., s/o Ernest PASCOE, b. England & Jane PUCKLEY (Puckey?), married Minnie Georgina CREED, 20 (b. 24 May 1905), tailoress, Plymouth England, 73 Ashdale Ave., d/o George Livingstone CREED, b. British West Indies & (Kate) Catherine Jane WEEKES, witn: Richard THOMAS of 73 Ashdale Ave & William H. PASCOE of 424 Dawes Rd., 1 Jan 1926 at St. Monicas Church [re bride: birth reg'n has no father given, FreeBMD has her birth as Minnie Georgina Weekes]
26048-26 John Clarence PATCHELL, 28, farmer, Midland, same, s/o David Alexander PATCHELL & Emma RAE (Roe?), married Ethel Brian HAWKE, 22, Howland twp., Honora - Manitoulin Island, d/o Gideon Edward HAWKE & Eleanor Curle? GRAHAM, witn: Melville Clive FISHER of 58 Charles St. & Ethel Amanda HAWKE of 178 Eglinton Ave., both Toronto, 15 Jan 1926 26049-26 John PEACOCK, 25, decorator, Scotland, 93 Sumach St., s/o John PEACOCK, b. Scotland & Annie STEWART, married Williamina Peat STOVE, 20, Scotland, 10 Gloucester St., d/o David STOVE, b. Scotland & Jane PEAT, witn: Andrew Stewart PEACOCK of 93 Sumach & Mabel Elizabeth HILL of 38 Avenue Rd., 15 Jan 1926
26050-26 Leslie Howard PERKIN, 42, widower, blacksmith, Canada, Shoal Lake Manitoba, s/o James PERKIN, .b Devonshire England & Mary RENOLDS, married Helen Priscilla TINDALL, 41 (b. 21 May 1884), compositor, Drayton, same, d/o John W. TINDALL, b. Lambton Co Canada & Helen Maria BROWN, witn: Mary Isabel WHEALEY of Toronto & Mary ROBERTSON of Hamilton, 1 Jan 1926 26051-26 Byrel Carlton PERKINS, 27 (b. 10 Nov 1898), salesman, Little Current Ont, 95 St. Clarens Ave., s/o John PERKINS, b. Ont & Jessie SCOTT, married Arthur Maud MILLIGAN, 29, fur operator, Ontario, 95 St. Clarens St., d/o David MILLIGAN, b. Ont & Elizabeth SPENCE, witn: Elizabeth MILLIGAN of 95 St. Clarens & James HILLOCK of 92? McRoberts Ave., 2 Jan 1926
26052-26 Louis PINCUS, 33, clothing merchant, England, 72 Beatrice St., s/o Zalis? (Balis?) PINCUS, b. Poland & Rose LEVY, married Amelia WOODROW, 26, stenographer, England, 430 Markham St., d/o Tobias WOODROW, b. Poland & Fanny HERCHON, witn: M. Murray COHN of 72 Beatrice St. & Saul COHEN of 198 Beatrice St., 12 Jan 1926 26053-26 Henry Gordon PIRIE, 19, printer, Toronto, 42 Badgerow Ave., s/o William PIRIE, b. Scotland & Harriet SMART, married Goldie Kathleen POOLE, 17, Ontario, 42 Badgerow Ave., d/o William POOLE, b. Ont & Elizabeth PERRY, witn: Victor & Hazel Poole BOWINS of 211 Mutual St., 7 Jan 1926
26054-26 William PLUMRIDGE, 61, widower, civic employee, England, 187 Mutual St., s/o Joseph PLUMRIDGE, b. England & Elizabeth HATTON, married Emma Delila CREIGHTON, 53, widow, Ontario, 261 Berkeley St., d/o John BOWERS, b. Ont & Martha SWITZER, witn: A.J. SUTHERLAND & Eleanor WILSON, both of 6 Bain, 4 Jan 1926 26055-26 Abraham POLICKI, 29, furrier, Poland, 15 Major St., s/o Joseph, b. Poland & Malka nee KIMELFARB, married Rosie ZELUNKA, 26, coat operator, Poland, 149 Grange Ave., d/o Moses, b. Poland & Kana LINDENBERG, witn: S. BRADT of 8 Sullivan & J. NEUMAN of 68 D'Arcy, 3 Jan 1925 (s/b 1926 - licence issued 15 Dec 1925)
26056-26 Naumis Pandelus PUROS, 25, yardman, Macedonia, Detroit, s/o Pando PUROS, b. Macedonia & Petra NAUMIVA, married Stoyna LAMBROVA, 18, Macedonia, 157 DeGrassi St., d/o Lambo, b. Macedonia & Maria nee NIKOLY, witn: Mitre PETROFF & Stase LAMBROFF, both of 157 De Grassi St., 19 Jan 1926 at Macedonia Bolgarian Church 26057-26 Aaron RABOW, 24, manager, USA, Buffalo NY, s/o Judah RABOW, b. Russia & Celia HEUB?, married Anna TATE, 23, England, 198 Belwoods Ave in Toronto, d/o Barnett TATE, b. Russia & Dina LEVE, witn: Barnett TATE of 198 Belwoods Ave & Harry ALLEN of 226 Jeffries St., 10 Jan 1926
26058-26 Louis RACKAWITZ, 23, furrier, Poland, 40 Gerrard St. West, s/o Morris RACKAWITZ, b. Poland & Etta PRATZ, married Olga SEGAL, 21, furrier, Russia, 42 Gerrard St. West, d/o Isaac SEGAL, b. Russia, & Bluma SEIDER, witn: M.B. CLAVER of 242 McCaul St. & J. PRATZ of 142 Grange Ave., 15 Jan 1926 26059-26 Leslie John RAPIEN, 24, plasterer, Ontario, Chicago, s/o Henry RAPIEN, b. Ont & Mary EGGERT, married Verna Emma Lidda REGELE, 23, dress maker, Ontario, 287 Sumach St. in Toronto, d/o Dan REGELE, b. Ont & Caroline DREGER, witn: Edward SILLS of Oshawa & Muriel HAMILTON of 287 Sumach St., 2 Jan 1926 at 704 Crawford St.
26060-26 John Collingwood READE, 21, journalist, 21, England, 1 Harbord St., s/o Joseph READE, b. England & Maud Philippine WOLLEY (Woldey?), married Margaret Gay ANDRAS, 18, Toronto, 235 Robert St., d/o Bertram Gay ANDRAS, b. England & Gwendolyn FRANCIS, witn: Mildred Joy DAVIDSON & William BARBOUR?, both of Toronto, 18 Jan 1926 26061-26 Thomas REID (Reed?), 23, machinist, Camden NJ, Detroit, s/o James REID & Maria VITTORIO, married Maria PIEDEVILLANI, 17, Brampton Ont., Toronto, d/o Mariano & Maria nee BOVAGONDI, witn: Rosario & Antonia PONZA (Ponzo?) of 1608 Queen St., 26 Jan 1926
26062-26 Edward Hugh REID, 41, divorced, manager, Walsall England, 31 Parkmount Ave., s/o Edward REID, b. England & Harriet Ann SPINK, married Florence Irene BURNS, 24, clerk, Toronto, 117 Booth Ave., d/o James BURNS, b. Ont & Hattie MUMFORD, witn: Robert BURNS of 117 Booth Ave & Ella A. FOLLETT of 1111 Gerrard St. East, 24 Jan 1926 26063-26 James REID, 29 (b. 23 Dec 1896), electrician, Glasgow Scotland, 224 Jones Ave., s/o George REID, b. Scotland & Mary SMITH (married 18 March 1888 at Rickarton parish), married Agnes Maitland STERN, 18, Toronto, 208 Riverdale Ave., d/o Clement STERN, b. Scotland & Elizabeth KING, witn: George LAND? (Lane?) & Emily STERN, both of Toronto, 9 Jan 1926
26064-26 William James RENWICK, 22, merchant, Otonabee twp., Asphodel twp., s/o George RENWICK & Elizabeth WEIR, married Mabel HARRISON, 27, Asphodel twp., same, d/o John HARRISON & Janet MOORE, witn: Mrs. J. CRANE of 18 Millbrook & Mrs. W. H. ANDREWS of 561 Broadview Ave., 25 Jan 1926  
26065-26 William Lowrie RICE, 27, butcher, Ontario, 39 Oak St., s/o George RICE, b. Ont & Alice DRIVER (Dewer?), married Cecilia Leta SMITH, 25, clerk, USA, 39 Oak St.., d/o William SMITH, b. Ont & Agnes EMPEY, witn: Sadie Alice & Roy Kelson RICE of 39 Oak St., 25 Jan 1926 26066-26 Roy Robert RILEY, 21, clerk, Toronto, 259 Beatrice St., s/o George Joseph RILEY, b. Ont & Margaret HERRON, married Audrey Ellen Maria HARDING, 22, typist, Ontario, 1504 Dundas St. West, d/o George William Edward HARDING, b. Ont & Alice Louisa JONES, witn: Annie MacEACHREN of 351 Lansdowne Ave & G.W.T. HARDING of 1504 Dundas West, 27 Jan 1926
26067-26 Gordon Henry ROBERTSON, 31, carpenter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Thomas George ROBERTSON, b. New Zealand & Lucy AYLING, married Elsie Gladys Victoria PALMER, 26, England, 215 Jarvis S., d/o James PALMER, b. England & Mary Jane MaGUIRE, witn: Matthew & Susan CLARK of 215 Jarvis St., 1 Jan 1926 26068-26 Norval Clifford ROBINSON, 19, musician, Toronto, 614 Dufferin St., s/o Alfred ROBINSON, b. Ont & Eva SHANNON, married Mildred MILLARD, 19, England, 730 Crawford St., d/o Arthur MILLARD, b. England & Lillian HESKETH, witn: Joseph EVANS of 216 Geary Ave & Eveline MILLARD of 730 Crawford St., 19 Jan 1926
26069-26 Joseph Trevor ROGERS, 36, salesman, Ireland, Cincinnati Ohio, s/o Thomas ROGERS, b. Ireland & Isabel TREVOR, married Marie Beatrice GREIG, 29, dress maker, England, 235 Danforth Ave., d/o John William GREIG, b. England & Caroline GLADWIN, witn: James GREIG of Cincinnati & Mrs. Caroline GREIG of 235 Danforth Ave., 2 Jan 1926 26070-26 Tom ROGERS, 24, bread salesman, England, 81 Kippendale Ave., s/o Joe ROGERS, b. England & Elsie DOMONY?, married Kathleen MOORE, 23, domestic, Ireland, 56 Kew Beach Ave., d/o Robert MOORE, b. Ireland & Rebecca RILEY, witn: William & Mina NESBITT of 56 Kew Beach Ave., 23 Jan 1926
26071-26 Michele ROSANO, 33, CPR fireman, Pisticci Italy, 366 Lippincott St., s/o Domenico & Rosantonia nee LAVIOLA, married Ida JANNIRUBERTO, 20, Luerto Italy, Toronto, d/o Michele & Antonatta nee MIRO, witn: Pietro DI STAS of 313 Euclid & Camilla ROSANA of 137 Vanhorn St., 20 Jan 1926 26072-26 Edward ROSENBERG, 24, operator, Russia, 240 McCaul St., s/o Hyman ROSENBERG, b. Russia & Molly KERBEL, married Florence PEARLSTEIN, 18, saleslady, Poland, 11 Wastor? St., d/o Issy PEARLSTEIN, b. Poland & Dora (Ina?) COCHAN, witn: J. SILVER & A. GOTLEB, both of 611 College St., 10 Jan 1926
028364-26 Arthur Carman SINGLETON, 26, physician & surgeon, Ontario, 26 Doncliffe Dr. Toronto, s/o John Henry SINGLETON (b. Ontario) & Anna Maria REA married Marion Beulah WAKEFIELD, 28 (b. 31 October 1897), Gardiner Maine U.S.A., 92 Lawton Blvd. Toronto, d/o Edgar Charles WAKEFIELD (b. Gardiner Maine U.S.A.) & Flora Beulah WIGHT (b. Burlington Vt), witn: S. E. R. McCLUSKEY of Hospital for Sick Children Toronto & Margaret LINDSAY of New York City, 4 June 1926 028365-26 Stanley Reginald SLEEMAN, 24, porter, England, St. Andrews College Toronto, s/o William Henry SLEEMAN (b. England) & Sarah Jane, married Gertrude Annette VERNON, 22, domestic, England, St. Andrews College Toronto, d/o James Henry VERNON (b. England) & Annie PROPHET, witn: Nellie & Edward O'HARA both of St. Andrews College Toronto, 19 June 1926
028366-26 William SLOAN, 26 (b. 22 July 1899), fitter, Paisley - Renfrew Co. Scotland, 60 Montclair Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles SLOAN (b. U.S.A.) & Jane McGALL (married 11 July 1882 in Co. Antrim Ireland), married Agnes CARMICHAEL, 23, bookkeeper, Scotland, 60 Montclair Ave. Toronto, d/o Angus CARMICHAEL (b. Scotland) & Agnes MOIR, witn: Charles SLOAN of 762 St. Clair W. Toronto & Cathie CARMICHAEL of 311 Kendal Ave., 17 June 1926 028367-26 Thomas John SMALL, 26, car repairer, Scotland, 3087E Dundas St. W. Toronto, s/o Thomas SMALL (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth DONOHOE married Janet LINDSAY, 28, domestic, Scotland, 96 Brunswick Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas LINDSAY (b. Scotland) & Christina McSWEEN, witn: Annie E. BLACK & [illegible signature] both of 507 Sherbourne St. Toronto, 10 June 1926 at 507 Sherbourne St.
028368-26 Duncan Roy SMITH, 25, steam fitter, Toronto, 264 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o Philip SMITH (b. Ontario) & Effie CALDER married Edna Loretta MORROW, 18, rubber worker, Toronto, 69 Ossington Ave. Toronto, d/o James Bernard MORROW (b. Ontario) & Mary Loretta BROWN, witn: Mildred HOFFRED of 16 Tyndall Ave. & Jean DAVEY of 14 Tyndall Ave., 30 June 1926 at 14 Tyndall Ave 028369-26 Fred SMITH, 25, clerk, Toronto, 213 Oxford St. Montreal Quebec, s/o Thomas S. SMITH (b. England) & Helen May BARNES married Violet May THORNE, 23, switchboard operator, Toronto, 31 Arundel Ave. Toronto, d/o William THORNE (b. England) & Lena CHANDLER, witn: Gordon William THORNE of 31 Arundel Ave. Toronto & Alice HINDLE of 1933 Gerrard E. Toronto, 23? June 1926
028370-26 Harold Morrey SMITH, 29, barrister at law, Toronto, 24 Northcliffe Blvd. Toronto, s/o Harry T. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Charlotte Elizabeth MORREY married Kate Marie TACKABERRY, 29, graduate nurse, Ontario, Forest Hill, d/o A. Wesley TACKABERRY (b. Ontario) & Evelyn Gertrude GIBSON, witn: Ruby M. MAGEE of 12 Chaplin Cres. & Waldo E. SMITH of 24 Northcliffe Bl. 24 June 1926 028371-26 Henry Whitfield SMITH, 24, draughtsman, England, Scarboro Bluffs, s/o Henry Sydney SMITH (b. England) & Lottie DAVIES married Ada BAKER, 24, clerk, England, 1520 Yonge St. Toronto, d/o E. H. BAKER (b. England) & Ada LAMB, witn: Marjorie WATTS of 23 Swanwick Ave. & Douglas BERDEN of 62 Mountview Ave., 14 June 1926
028372-26 Herbert James SMITH, 27, merchant, Ontario, 233 Withrow Ave. Toronto, s/o James Boyd SMITH (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann HARPER. married Bertha DACRE, 26, stenographer, England, 987 Gerrard St. E. Toronto, d/o John P. DACRE (b. England) & Anna LEWIS, witn: D?. H. HARPER of Bolton & Violetta M. SMITH of 24 St. Anne's Rd. Toronto, 5 June 1926 028373-26 John Paul SMITH, 39, elevator operator, Scotland, Trinity House 3 Harbord St. Toronto, s/o James SMITH (b. Scotland) & Marian CAMERON married Annie SHANKS, 30, operator, England, 62 Ashdale Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o John SHANKS (b. Scotland) & Caroline GODDING, witn: F. NEAL of 135 Beverly St. Toronto & E. De LONG of 138 (135 ?) Beverly St. Toronto, 8 June 1926 at St. Thomas Church
028374-26 Maxwell Channing SMITH, 23, transformer winder, Nova Scotia, 65 Uxbridge Ave. Toronto, s/o Burton SMITH (b. Nova Scotia) & Ann SMITH married Violet SHIELDS, 21, Ireland, 61 Laughton Ave. Toronto, d/o James SHIELDS (b. Ireland) & Rosina ANDREWS, witn: William Lindsay & Florence Ida BOWMAN both of 39 Eaton Ave., 24 June 1926 028375-26 Peter SMITH, 28, street car conductor, Ireland, 1182 Dufferin St. Toronto, s/o Patrick SMITH & Bridget BRADY married Irene KENNY, 25, Ontario, 487 Manning Ave. Toronto, d/o Daniel KENNY & Elizabeth KENNEDY, witn: Patrick SMITH & Leona KENNY, 28 June 1926
028376-26 Thomas Murray Walker SMITH, 27, press feeder, England, Toronto, s/o Ernest Walker SMITH & Emily BENTON married Martha APPLEYARD, 25, stitcher, England, Toronto, d/o Francis APPLEYARD & Caroline LAKE, witn: Frank BURROW of 25 Dagmar Ave Toronto & Caroline POLLARD of 2 Ivy Toronto, 30 June 1926 at St. Clements Church 028377-26 William SMITH, 41, laborer, England, 818½ Queen St. W. Toronto, s/o William SMITH & Emily CLARKE married Florence BIGGS, 38, England, 131 Westminster Ave., spinster, d/o John BIGGS & Elizabeth CLARK, witn: Edith OXLEY & Natalie L., 9 June 1926
028916-26 Kenneth Martin SMITH, 27, manufacturer, Nova Scotia, Toronto s/o Nelson Baker SMITH & Jean DUMERESQ married Charlotte Winnifred BISSELL, 22, Toronto, Toronto d/o Dudley Hamilton BISSELL & Jessie Elizabeth CABLE wtn: Dumeresq SMITH & Phyllis MacARTHUR both of Toronto, 10 July 1926 028917-26 Wilfred Henry SMITH, 24, truck driver, Ontario, 550 Richmond St W s/o Henry A. SMITH (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COLVIN married Dorothy CHESSMAN, 23, operator, Toronto, 55 Hallam St d/o John CHESSMAN (b. England) & Elizabeth TARR wtn: Margaret O'HARA of 1045 Demorest Rd & Alasantro MATANGELO of 56 Claremont St, 31 July 1926 at St Cyprian Church
028914-26 Johnston SMITH, 24, chauffeur, Scotland, 23 Labatt Ave s/o Johnston SMITH (b. Scotland) & Agnes DEWAR married Emily Ivy JOHNSON, 18, operator, England, 282 Munro Ave d/o John JOHNSON (b. England) & Esther TURNER wtn: Edna MEASURES of 115 Bond St & M. SMITH of 23 Labatt Ave, 21 July 1926 028915-26 Joseph SMITH, 36, divorced, departmental receiver, England, 504 Victoria Park Ave s/o James John SMITH (b. England) & Sarah PENGELLY married Ellen Mary LAYCOCK, 33, widow, England, 504 Victoria Park Ave d/o John SHOBBROOK (b. England) & Alice Sarah ADAMS wtn: Harry DUDLEY of 363 Belsize Drive Toronto & Mrs Phoebe LAIN of 60 Harvard Ave Toronto, 17 July 1926
028913-26 Hugh John SMITH, 36, confectioner, Ontario, 107 Sunnyside Ave s/o John SMITH (b. Ontario) & Jane McKAY married Margaret KERR, 22, confectioner, Scotland, 15 Fairmount Ave d/o James KERR (b. Scotland) & Jean DAVIDSON wtn: U.M. PATTERSON of Brantford & Jane SMITH of 107 Sunnyside Ave, 24 July 1926 at Erskine United Church 028919-26 Henry Lee SMUCK, 23, police constable, Ontario, 46 Gwynne Ave s/o William Henry SMUCK (b. England) & Mary Ann CAMPBELL married Hester Charlotte May FIGG, 22, bookkeeper, India, 46 Gwynne Ave d/o Henry William Walter FIGG (b. India) & Ella FORD wtn: Hugh JOHNSTON & Eva Ella FIGG both of Toronto, 17 July 1926
028378-26 Joseph SMYTH, 21, plumber, Ireland, 172 Schell Ave. York Twp, s/o Samuel SMITH (b. Ireland) & Josephine TORRENCE married Jessie Reid Jack MUSTARD, 20 (b. 6 January 1906), Dundee Scotland, 285 Nairn Ave. York Twp, d/o Andrew Robertson MUSTARD (b. Scotland) & Mary Wallace ROBERTSON (married 2 January 1905 in Dundee), witn: (illeg) H. BURDEN of 9 Hawick Ave. & Harry WOOD of 1073? Ossington Ave., 23 June 1926 at 285 Nairn Ave 028918-26 David SMYTH, 32, truck driver, Ireland, 102 King Edward Ave in York twp s/o William SMYTH (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann McMILLAN married Esther DUTHIE, 32, widow, England, 219 Woodmount Ave. in York twp d/o Frances Thomas STONE (b. England) & Elizabeth Rachel KING wtn: George McNICKLE & Charlotte McNICKLE both of 102 King Edward Ave, 1 July 1926
028920-26 Albert Henry SNEYD, 23, labourer, London England, 635 Greenwood Ave s/o Henry Samuel SNEYD & Mary HARRIS married Ann ARCHIBALD, 22, saleslady, Dundee, 571 Greenwood Ave d/o Alexander Wilson ARCHIBALD & Margaret Thornton MOIR wtn: George SNEYD of Thistledown & Ethel A. McFADYEN of 439 Sherbourne St, 24 July 1926 028921-26 Philip SOPNOFSKY, 21, tailor, Poland, 97 Robert St s/o Malochi (b. Poland) & Figa nee FUKS, married Edith BIRNBAUM, 18, Poland, 18 Grange Ave d/o Fraim Hirsh (b. Poland) & Marie nee LIPINER wtn: T. BRODT of 8 Sullivan St & T. NORMAN of 384 College St, 23 July 1926 [Divorced 25 February 1954]
028922-26 William Watt SOUTAR, 20, labourer, England, 85 Beaconsfield s/o Tom SOUTAR & Mary REID married Annie Muir McLAUCHLIN, 23, operator, Scotland, 90 Sparkhall d/o John McLAUCHLIN & Jane CAMERON wtn: Mr & Mrs Joseph McCONNACHIE of 90 Sparkhall, 19 July 1926 028923-26 Edward Clarence SOUTHBY, 26, sales manager, Toronto, 446 Armadale Ave s/o Alfred H. SOUTHBY (b. Ontario) & Margaret MARTIN married Kathleen ROBINSON, 23, stenographer, Toronto, 365 Milverton Blvd d/o Thomas ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Catherine MURPHY wtn: Thomas P. KELLY & Mary C. KELLY both of Syracuse NY, 11 July 1926
028924-26 Leslie James SOUTHWOOD, 25, mechanic, London England, Windsor s/o James SOUTHWOOD (b. England) & blank MERTENS, married Doris Joy MIDDLETON, 22, London England, Windsor d/o William Henry MIDDLETON (b. England) & Elizabeth SPENCERICK? wtn: Isaac MEADOWS & Ella McPHAIL, both of Toronto, 6 July 1926 028381-26 Walter SPARKS, 63, postal superintendent, England, 61 Monarch Park Ave., widower, s/o Edward SPARKS (b. England) & Adelaide EDWARDS married Florence MOSES, 46 (b. 26 October 1879), Bardney England, 103 Cedarvale Ave. Toronto, widow, d/o John CROCKETT (b. England) & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Florence MOSES (Jr) & James Edmund JONES both of Toronto, 14 June 1926
028382-26 Francis Stevens SPENCE, 25, district traffic chief B. T. Co., U.S.A., The Ritz Club in Hamilton, s/o Joseph M. SPENCE (b. Ontario) & Iva NORRIS married Helen Margaret IRWIN, 25, Ontario, Waterdown Ont., d/o Alexander James IRWIN (b. Ontario) & Millie HASSARD, witn: Colin TAIT of Toronto & Thelma COX of Leamington, 19 June 1926 028925-26 Alfred SPENCE, 38, teamster, Aberdeenshire Scotland, 38 Alton Ave s/o Jonathan SPENCE & Isabella PETERSON (Paterson?), married Marie Bradshaw MacPHERSON, 31, Aberdeenshire Scotland, 38 Alton Ave d/o Andrew MacPHERSON & Margaret CAMERON wtn: James Edward HART & Rose HART both of 179 Hamilton St, 1 July 1926 at the Church of The Epiphany
028926-26 Wilfred Harold SPENCER, 31, salesman, Ontario, 294 Garden Ave s/o William Charles SPENCER (b. Canada) & Ruth Amelia SMYTHE married Monica Leona TERRY, 20, clerk, Ontario, 243 St Helens Ave d/o John Frederick TERRY (b. Canada) & Margaret Alice KILDEA wtn: Thomas Hilton BLAINEY of 56 Beaty Ave & Mary McCORMICK of 21 Alma, 31 July 1926 028927-26 David SPIVAK, 28, tailor, Poland, 20 Darcy St s/o Abraham SPIVAK (b. Poland) & Channa PELKIN married Evelyn FRANKEL, 20, finisher, Poland, 5 Dudley Place d/o Jehudah L. FRANKEL (b. Poland) & Malka GREENSTEIN wtn: Mr. N. BOCHNER of 172 George St & Laura GARFUNKEL of 688 College St, 25 July 1926 [Divorced 8 June 1932 at Toronto]
028928-26 Wallace Coleman SPROULE, 26, architect, Ontario, Detroit, s/o James Wallace SPROULE (b. Ontario) & Catherine McCALLUM married Muriel Sarah FARRELL, 25, Toronto, 12 Fawcett Ave in Toronto d/o Thomas FARRELL (b. Ontario) & Mary BRAGG wtn: Francis Daniel FARRELL & Hilda FARRELL both of 12 Fawcett Ave, 3 July 1926 028929-26 Kenneth Laurie STEBBINGS, 20, truck driver, England, 8 Lenty Ave in Toronto s/o Frederick William STEBBINGS (b. England) & Jane Elizabeth WESTWOOD married Ethel Aileen SHEPPARD, 22, operator, Toronto, 8 Lenty Ave in Toronto d/o Albert Edward SHEPPARD (b. Ontario) & Sarah Matilda KENNY wtn: William Frederick WAHEN of 13 Battenberg Ave & Alice SHEPPARD of 8 Lenty Ave, 17 July 1926
028930-26 William STEVENS, 30, mechanic CPR, England, 79 Miller Ave in Toronto s/o Albert STEVENS (b. England) & Mary Anne CROUCHER married Ivy May BOURNE, 27, assembler, England, 475 Emelie Ave in Toronto d/o Alfred John BOURNE (b. England) & Emma Elizabeth DENE wtn: Joseph INCA & Ellen INCA both of 11 Yeatman Rd in Mt Dennis, 21 July 1926 at St Anne's Church 028392-26 Reginald Robert STEVENS, 22, glass examiner, Hammersmith London England, Toronto, s/o Percival STEVENS (b. England) & Lilian TAPHOUSE, married Laura FARNWORTH, 30, gold leaf cutter, Manchester England, Toronto, spinster, d/o John Hill FARNWORTH (b. England) & Elizabeth HILL, witn: Roland STEVENS of 104 Coleman Ave. & Elizabeth FARNWORTH of 2263 Gerrard St., 6 June 1926 at St. John's Church Norway
028931-26 Alfred STEVENTON, 23, clerk, England, 327 Boon Ave in Toronto s/o Edward STEVENTON (b. England) & Matilda WHITFORD married Margaret Sharpe McQUAKER, 26 (b. 13 Sept 1899), cashier, Glasgow Scotland, 91 Winnifred Ave in Toronto d/o Alex McQUAKER (b. Scotland) & Annie Mary FOULDS (married 28 Sept 1894 at Glasgow) wtn: Gladys HADDINOTT of 101 Dewson Ave & Albert STEVENTON of 327 Boon Ave, 28 July 1926 028393-26 Ferguson STEWART, 33, groceteria manager, Scotland, 251 Franklin Ave. Toronto, s/o Ferguson STEWART (b. Scotland) & Janie TEHOMANY?, married Jessie Coghill WEBB, 22, cashier, Scotland, 567 Jones Ave. Toronto, d/o William WEBB (b. Scotland) & Catherine COGHILL, witn: Margaret WEBB of 567 Jones Ave. & William STEWART of 251 Franklin Ave., 2 June 1926
028933-26 William Henry STEWART, 40, widower, wire chief, Toronto, Toronto s/o Thomas Alexander STEWART & Margaret Jane COWAN married Catharine CAMERON, 42, Scotland, Toronto d/o Allan CAMERON & Rachel SHANNON wtn: Jessie CAMERON & William GRIFFITH both of Toronto, 12 July 1926 028932-26 Donald Wilfred STEWART, 29, physician, Ontario, Shelburne, s/o Dougal STEWART (b. Ontario) & Delina McDONALD, married Dorothy Mildred PELL, 25, graduate nurse, Toronto, 75 Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto d/o Henry S. PELL (b. Ontario) & Louisa BARNES, wtn: Evan A. STEWART of Detroit & Edith G. RUSS of 234 Westminster Ave Toronto, 7 July 1926
028395-26 William John STEWART, 48, core maker, Toronto, 1251 Lansdowne Ave. Toronto, widower, s/o Thomas STEWART (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth KELLEY married Minnie CHAPMAN, 52, operator, England, 49 Parkdale Rd. Toronto, spinster, d/o William CHAPMAN (b. England) & Rebecca HOPKINS, witn: Faye L. & Dorothy NEAL both of Toronto, 2 June 1926 028394-26 Thomas Alexander STEWART, 62, retired, Ireland, 23 Constance St. Toronto, widower, s/o William John STEWART (b. Ireland) & Mary CLELAND, married Mary HEFFERON, 43, Ireland, 199 Balsam Ave. Toronto, spinster, d/o Thomas HEFFERON (b. Ireland) & Mary MacDOWELL, witn: L. L. FINLAY of 10 Balsam Ave. & Agnes BROWNE of 49 Lee Ave., 16 June 1926
028396-26 David Arthur STILES, 58, sheriff's officer, Ontario, Aurora, widower, s/o Martin STILES (b. Ontario) & Matilda HAMILTON married Sarah Martha LEE, 53, Ontario, Oshawa, widow, d/o William Henry POLLARD (b. Ontario) & Mary Eliza WOOD, witn: W. F. WILSON & Marjory MASON both of Oshawa, 26 June 1926 at the Church of The Holy Trinity 028934-26 Cecil Edward Charles STIMERS, 20, ass't manager, Ontario, 67 Springmount Ave Toronto s/o Charles Oscar STIMERS (b. Ontario) & Ida RUNNELLS married Violet JACKSON, 21, Toronto, 114 Hazelton Ave Toronto d/o Arthur James JACKSON (b. England) & Rose Amelia SURTEES wtn: Lilly JACKSON of 114 Hazelton Ave & C.R. STIMERS of 67 Springmount Ave, 21 July 1926
028935-26 Sydney Wallace STOCK, 27, illuminating engineer, England, 51 Melbourne Ave Toronto s/o William STOCK (b. England) & Clara BAILEY married Margaret MATTHIAS, 26, school teacher, Alberta, 51 Melbourne Ave Toronto d/o Egerton Howard MATTHIAS (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane ROBERTSON wtn: Lydia WITHAM of 51 Melbourne Ave & Ethel B. FAGAN of Bartonville Ontario, 7 July 1926 [divorced 16 June 1969] 028936-26 John George STOREY, 20, typewriter repairman, Ontario, 47 Salem Ave Toronto s/o John George STOREY (b. England) & Rachel BANNISTER married Hazel Ida WITTY, 22, BTC operator, Ontario, 256 Westmoreland Ave Toronto d/o Henry WITTY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth COUTTS wtn: Clifford COUTTS & Jean WATSON both of Maple Ontario, 3 July 1926 at 100 Delaware Ave
028937-26 Reginald STOTT, 25, cleaner, England, 235 Christie St Toronto s/o Charles STOTT (b. England) & Anne REILLEY married Beatrice CLARKE, 24, operator, USA, 120 Bertmount Ave Toronto d/o Arthur CLARKE (b. England) & Mary SMITH wtn: Richard SLEMAN of 96 Fulton Ave & Margaret CLARKE of 120 Bertmount Ave, 31 July 1926 028938-26 Gordon Breckenridge STRATHY, 47, broker, Montreal, Toronto s/o H. Gordon STRATHY (b. Montreal) & Ameile DE BOUCHERVILLE married Bertha Elsie PARROCK, 40, at home, Birmingham England, Toronto d/o William PARROCK (b. England) & Amelia SMITH wtn: Lillian MacKINNON & Catherine MacKINNON both of Toronto, 12 July 1926
028939-26 John William STUART, 31, garment worker, Ireland, 83 Grenville St Toronto s/o James STUART (b. Ireland) & Eliza Jane MILLIGAN married Elizabeth Quiery WRIGHT, 29, domestic, Ireland, 5 Elm Ave Toronto d/o Thomas WRIGHT (b. Ireland) & Sarah FERRIS wtn: Thomas WRIGHT of 423 Broadview Ave Toronto & Agnes MARTIN of 150 Beverley St, 14 July 1926 028940-26 Arvo Arthur SUNDELIN, 23, labourer, Finland, 124 John St Toronto s/o Gustaf SUNDELIN (b. Finland) & Elsa Emilia SUNTEIN married Fanny Emilia LAHTINEN, 43, widow, Finland, 167 John St Toronto d/o Herman YLEN (b. Finland) & Emilia STEINBERG wtn: Adolph Peter COLLAN & Aine Josephine GRONHOOD both of 167 John St, 3 July 1926
028942-26 Neil Clarence SUTHERLAND, 22, chauffeur, Toronto, 101 Boultbee Ave Toronto s/o William SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth BRIDGE married Mabel Ethel ASHBY, 16, England, 101 Boultbee Ave Toronto d/o Edwin John ASHBY (b. England) & Emily WALKER wtn: Mr & Mrs William ASHBY of 111 Galt Ave, 9 July 1926 028941-26 Donald SUTHERLAND, 66, widower, caretaker, Scotland, 203 Strathmore Blvd Toronto s/o John SUTHERLAND (b. Scotland) & Janet MUNRO married Augusta Sarah COGHLAN, 59, widow, England, 203 Strathmore Blvd Toronto d/o Joseph ROTHWELL (b. England) & Sarah SEDDON wtn: Nina SUTHERLAND of 203 Strathmore Blvd & A.J. COGHLAN of 503A Danforth Ave, 3 July 1926
028406-26 Leon SWINGAID, 31, banker, Kingston, Toronto, s/o Leone SWINGAID & Catherine SHERIDAN married Mary Bowen BRADY, 27, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Francis A. BRADY & Mary J. FORD, witn: F. A. & Dorothy BRADY both of 195 Close Ave., 17 June 1926 at Holy Family Church 028943-26 Horace Nelson SWITZER, 24, broker, Toronto, 574 Church St Toronto s/o Frederick D. SWITZER (b. Ontario) & Laura SUDDARD married Grace Alexandra PRESCOTT, 24, bookkeeper, Ontario, 918 Bloor St W Toronto d/o George PRESCOTT (b. Ontario) & Mary HEALTIE wtn: H.A. PRESCOTT of 283 Garden Ave Toronto & F.A. SWITZER of 201 Leslie St Toronto, 14 July 1926
028944-26 William James SYE, 28, milk salesman, England, 4 Goldwin Ave Toronto s/o William Hugh SYE (b. England) & Nan KORVIE married Sarah Dorothy STEWART, 29, operator, Ireland, 31 Shannon St Toronto d/o Thomas STEWART (b. Ireland) & Annie GRAHAM wtn: William H. SYE & Mary SYE both of 4 Goldwin Ave Mt Dennis, 14 July 1926 at Olivet Baptist Church 028945-26 Charles Gordon TAERK, 20, manufacturer, Russia-Poland, 295 Wright Ave Toronto s/o Lazarus TEARK (b. Russia-Poland) & Annie VASHOSKY married Anne STARKMAN, 19, Russia-Poland, 68 Grange Ave Toronto d/o Joseph STARKMAN (b. Russia-Poland) & Sarah KRAFCHICK wtn: M. GOLDMAN of 20 Soho St & Myer ROSEN of 32 Ulster St, 25 July 1926
028950-26 Harold Samuel TERRELL, 25, furrier, Toronto, 102 Logan Ave Toronto s/o Samuel TERRELL (b. Ontario) & Eva LYONS married Lizzie HAYES, 22, operator, Toronto, 70 Lamb Ave Toronto d/o William HAYES (b. England) & Elizabeth WILKS wtn: William TERRELL of 102 Logan Ave Toronto & Mabel HAYES of 70 Lamb Ave Toronto, 10 July 1926 at Trinity Church 028951-26 William Norman TERRY, 20, driver, Ontario, 20 Melrose Ave Toronto s/o William Boyce TERRY (b. Ontario) & Margaret ATKINS married Teresa Leona SANFORD, 18, shoemaker, Ontario, 216 Lansdowne Ave Toronto d/o Charles Henry SANFORD (b. Ontario) & Margaret QUINLAN wtn: Charles BOOTH & Hazel BOOTH both of 31 St Clements Ave Toronto, 31 July 1926 at 581 Markham St
028946-26 John Alpin TALBOT, 27, power house operator, Nova Scotia, La Gaville Quebec s/o Alexander Grant TALBOT (b. Nova Scotia) & Margaret Levina FRASER married Beatrice Olga COOK, 26, bookkeeper, Toronto, 204 Fairview Ave Toronto d/o James Franklin COOK (b. Ontario) & Mary Johnston BAGSLEY wtn: Duncan Fraser TALBOT of 70 Garden Ave & Blanche Muriel DONALDSON of 303 Evelyn Ave, 15 July 1026 at St John's Church 028947-26 John Herbert TATTERFIELD, 46, widower, manager, Dewsbury England, Yorkshire England s/o James TATTERFIELD (b. Dewsbury England) & Martha BIRCH married Mabel Susan ANTHONY, 36, Waterford Ontario d/o Joseph ANTHONY (b. Cayuga Ontario) & Annie SMITH wtn: Miss Jane HALL of 184 Rushton Rd Toronto & Miss M. SHIRTADT of 91 Day Ave Toronto, 3 July 1926
028949-26 John Henry TAYLOR, 21, painter, England, 76 Jones Ave Toronto s/o Joseph TAYLOR (b. England) & Mary BUCK married May Harriet Frances FILYER, 20, domestic, Toronto, 300 Heath St E Toronto d/o William FILYER (b. Newfoundland) & Kerrie ROSE wtn: Joseph TAYLOR of 76 Jones Ave Toronto & Margaret HARFIELD of 67 Howland Ave Toronto, 15 July 1926 at St Cyprians Church 028948-26 Arthur Robert TAYLOR, 49, widower, engineer, England, 190 Church St Toronto s/o Huddleston TAYLOR (b. England) & Isabella TAYLOR married Christine OSMOND, 25, saleslady, England, 190 Church St Toronto d/o Walter Frederick OSMOND (b. England) & Elizabeth PRUETT wtn: Mrs Emily McILVERN of 1993 Yonge St & A.M. MacKENZIE of 7 Glebe Rd E, 19 July 1926
028952-26 Abraham THOMAS, 30, merchant, Damascus, 24 Lauder Ave Toronto s/o Kalil THOMAS (b. Damascus) & Asma SHAMIA married Libby THOMAS, 19, Toronto, 24 Lauder Ave Toronto d/o Alexander THOMAS (b. Damascus) & Mary ZAKIBE wtn: E. ESSA? of 725 Coxwell Ave Toronto & Alice SABA of 8 Grundel Ave, 26 July 1926 at Grace Church-on-the-Hill 28455-26 Henry William WARD, 23, agent, England, 178 Browning Ave Toronto, s/o Henry WARD & Gertrude MOORE, married Elizabeth Eveleen MENARY, 20, Toronto, 851 Logan Ave same, d/o James Arthur MENARY & Lillian BEATTIE, witn: Winifred TEALE of 24 Grandview Ave & James MENARY of 851 Logan Ave both of Toronto on June 26, 1926 at St. Barnabas (Chester)
28448-26 Stanley George WATERS, 22, traveller, England, 63 McPherson Ave Toronto, s/o George Alfred WATERS (b. England) & Margaret ELAND, married Margueretta Mallisa GREEN, 22, clerk, Toronto, 37 Woodward Ave Toronto, d/o John GREEN (b. Ontario) & Jane WARREN, witn: Frederick William BERDGETT of 292 Major St & Jean Marjorie WARREN of 117 Huron St both of Toronto on June 26, 1926 28449-26 Archibald James WATSON, 22, printer, Ontario, 12 Golden Ave Toronto, s/o William H. WATSON (b. Ireland) & Edna Ruth WARD, married Lillian May TOMLIN, 19, clerk, England, 121 Brownville Ave Mt Dennis, d/o Frederick TOMLIN (b. England) & Mary DALOTTO, witn: M.L. WATSON of 12 Golden Ave & C. M. REID of 314 Indian Rd both of Toronto on June 5, 1926
28450-26 Arthur Brown WATSON, 27 (b. 21 June 1898), carpenter, Morpeth - Northumberland England, 590 Northcliffe Blvd Toronto, s/o Thomas (b. & Catherine, married Agnes MARGINSON, 27, cloth warper, England, 624 Lauder Ave Toronto, d/o John MARGINSON (b. England) & Alice A. CALVERT, witn: Harry M. & Rosanna HARDING both Toronto on June 19, 1926 28451-26 James McLean WATSON, 27, electrician, Oban Scotland, 307 Bain Ave Toronto, s/o James Hamilton WATSON & Euphemia McLEAN, married Jeannie BUTLER, 29, March Cambria England, 220 Indian Grove Toronto, d/o Henry BUTLER & Emma ANNISS, witn: Janet & William R. WATSON both of Niagara on the Lake on June 26, 1926
28452-42-26 George Leslie WEATHERILL, 24, manager, Toronto, 194 High Park Ave same, s/o John Ernest WEATHERILL (b. Ontario) & Frances ANDERSON, married Isabel JACKSON, 19, Ontario, 788 Annette St Toronto, d/o George JACKSON (b. Ontario) & Victoria Elizabeth CALBECK, witn: John Francis WEATHERILL OF 194 High Park Ave & Audrey Beatrice JACKSON of 61 Pacific Ave both of Toronto on June 16, 1926 at St. John's Church West 28543-26 William Gray WEBSTER, 27, steam fitter helper, Scotland, 2 Rockwell Ave Toronto, s/o William G. WEBSTER (b. Scotland) & Janet TRAIL, married Mary Brewster TAIT, 29, Scotland, 12 Rockwell Ave Toronto, d/o Alexander TAIT (b. Scotland) & Mary YULE, witn: Phyliss A. TRAIL of 557 Clarens Ave & Robert STRACHAN of 5 Southview Ave both of Toronto on June 30, 1926
28454-26 Chalmers Harper WEIS, 28, Barrister-at-Law, Prince Albert, 65 Harding Blvd Birchcliff, s/o Walter Frederick WEIS & Andrina Mary HARPER, married Ella Victoria HOGAN, 26, Toronto, 26 Brookmount Rd same, d/o John HOGAN & Mary KERRIGAN, witn: Catherine SCHOLES of 6 Rose Park Drive & G. W. HOGAN of 26 Brookmount Rd both of Toronto on June 16, 1926 at St. John's Church Norway 28456-26 William Charles WELLS, 24, printer, Ontario, Brampton, s/o Charles WELLS (b. England) & Grace McBRIDE, married Margaret Benson BROWN, 19 (b. 19 Oct 1906), stenographer, Glasgow Scotland, 39 Perth Ave Toronto, d/o Robert BROWN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MIDDLETON (married 9 March 1898 at Glasgow), witn: Thomas Hartley WELLS of 47 Ulster St & Elizabeth BROWN of 39 Perth Ave both of Toronto on June 26, 1926
28457-26 Charles Willard WESTLAKE, 25, salesman, Ontario, 134 Fulton Ave Toronto, s/o William WESTLAKE (b. Ontario) & Emma? Jane FRASER, married Hannah Grace TOUT, 22, clerk, Ontario, 76 Lynd Ave Toronto, d/o Sidney TOUT (b. Ontario) & Minerva NIMMES, witn: William R. McWATTERS 516 East 114th St Cleveland Ohio USA, Helen M. GILROY of 60 Lynd Ave Toronto on June 22, 1926 28458-26 Harry John Thomas WHARTON, 30, commercial traveller, Toronto, 225 St Clarens Ave same, s/o Thomas Albert WHARTON (b. Ontario) & May Ellen STURGESS, married Norah Marjorie WILDFONG, 28, Ontario, 427 Wellesley St Toronto, d/o John H. WILDFONG (b. Ontario) & Sarah McCOHON, witn: W. S. McBEAN of 384 Beresford Ave & D. E. PELTON of 1 St James Ave both of Toronto on June 18, 1926
28459-26 Albert Gordon WHITE, 32, driver, widower, Ontario, 133 Galt Ave Toronto, s/o George W. WHITE (b. Ontario) & Emma Jane McKAY, married Florence Martha MUNDAY, 22, England, 290 Lippincott St Toronto, d/o David MUNDAY (b. England) & Ellen BUNCE, witn: J. F. & Mrs. C. F. WHITE both of 159 Galt Ave Toronto on June 25, 1926 28462-26 Frederick Albert WHITE, 25, salesman, Toronto, 201 Strathmore Blvd same, s/o William Thomas WHITE & Annie KIRBY, married Julie Mabel BEVERIDGE, 26, England, 32 Empire St Toronto, d/o David BEVERIDGE & Emily LAWRENCE, witn: M. H. BEVERIDGE of 32 Empire St & Albert DEVALDRE? of 21 Hillsdale Ave East both of Toronto on June 28, 1926
28460-26 Edward Corwin WHITE, 22, travelling secretary, Toronto, 201 Strathmore Blvd same, s/o William Thomas WHITE & Annie KIRBY, married Irene Edith LOMAS, 21, Toronto, 309 Strathmore Blvd same, d/o Harry LOMAS & Alice OBLETT (Abbott?), witn: Julia M. BEVERIDGE of 32 Empire Ave & F. A. WHITE of 201 Strathmore Blvd both of Toronto on June 2, 1926 28461-26 Ernest Norman WHITE, 29, clerk, Toronto, 540 Crawford St same, s/o Walter Edward WHITE (b. Ontario) & Frances Ada WILEY, married Annie Elizabeth HURST, 30, clerk, Toronto 242 Ontario St. same, d/o George Edward HURST (b. Ontario) & Anna Elizabeth CLEMENT, witn: Clement & Marjorie HURST both of 242 Ontario St Toronto on June 19, 1926 at 335 Berkeley St
28464-26 Alfred Henry WHITLOCK, 28, butcher, England, 44 Bolton Ave Toronto, s/o Frederick Charles WHITLOCK & Jane Elizabeth MASON, married Emma STRIPLING, 29, England, 44 Bolton Ave Toronto, d/o Alfred STRIPLING & Ellen LEIR, witn: Violet & Charles WHITLOCK both of 44 Bolton Ave Toronto on June 14, 1926 28465-26 Archibald Hynds WILKINSON, 32, sales clerk, Ireland, 51 Gloucester St Toronto, s/o Robert WILKINSON (b. Ireland) & Nancy HYNDS, married Lucy BOYCE, 28, waitress, England, 428 Yonge St Toronto, d/o James BOYCE (b. England) & Emma PERRY, witn: Harry NEWTON of 51 Gloucester St & Alice STEWART of 428 Yonge St both of Toronto on June 1, 1926 at The Church of the Holy Trinity
28466-25 David Roy WILLIAMS, 27, carpenter, Ontario, Oakville, s/o Joseph WILLIAMS (b. Wales) & Ellen Delina JOHNSTON, married Harriet Eliza Alberta ROGERS, 22, Ontario, Oakville, d/o Bart ROGERS (b. Ontario) & Violet DENNISON, witn: David Elmer ROGERS of Oakville & Agnes G. SMITH of 49 Albert Ave Toronto on June 17, 1926 at 49 Alberta Ave 28467-26 James Stanley WILLIAMS, 21, machinist, England, 20 Boothroyd Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph WILLIAMS (b. England) & Ada APPLEYARD, married Maureen GREER, 21, Ireland, 19 Myrtle Ave Toronto, d/o David GREER (b. Ireland) & Mary McKEE, witn: Jenny ALLEN & Arthur HOARE both of 21 Myrtle Ave Toronto on June 3, 1926
28468-26 James Francis Edgar WILLIAMSON, 28, milk salesman, Toronto, 113 Lindsay Ave same, s/o Thomas WILLIAMSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret McKINLEY, married Margaret Hilda McKENNA, 23, box maker, Ontario, 7 Withrow Ave Toronto, d/o John McKENNA (b. Ireland) & Charity CONNELL, witn: Oliver Karl BATZ of 103 Givens St & Marjorie LAWSON of 93 Silverbirch Ave both of Toronto on June 15, 1926 28473-26 Robert James WILSON, 23, reporter, Toronto, 250 Bain Ave same, s/o William WILSON (b. Scotland) & Mary STRACHAN, married Hazel Florence DEAN, 23, clerk, Ontario, 391 Wellesley St Toronto, d/o George Henry DEAN (b. Ontario) & Annie TOURAN (Touran?), witn: Marion & H. DEAN both of 391 Wellesley St Toronto on June 27
28471-26 James WILSON, 27, fireman T. F. D., Ireland, 31 Endean Ave Toronto, s/o John WILSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Ruby Isabella EZARD, 24, operator B. T. C., Toronto, 559 Milverton Blvd same, d/o William Arthur EZARD (b. USA) & Hattie Louise ELLIS, witn: F. B. WALKER of 185 Langley & Blanche EZARD of 559 Milverton Blvd both of Toronto on June 16, 1926 28472-26 John WILSON, 51, builder, England, 153 Browning Ave Toronto, s/o John WILSON (b. England) & Emma ADAMS, married Margaret BROWN, 39, widow, Scotland, 6502 Pape Ave Toronto, d/o Peter ROURKE (b. Scotland) & Mary FINNIE, witn: Irene B. McCONNELL & Mabel C. BLACK both of 164 Cambridge Ave Toronto on June 29, 1926
28469-26 David WILSON, 23, paper maker, Scotland, 127 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander WILSON (b. Scotland) & Janet COSSAR, married Ella ROOT, 21, operator, England, 189 Balliol St Toronto, d/o George ROOT (b. England) & Harriet TILLETT, witn: T. H. MARROW of 29 Rusholme Rd & W. R. SKEY of 661 Dufferin St both of Toronto on June 1, 1926 28470-26 Guss WILSON, 24, labourer, Manitoba, 177 Maria St Toronto, s/o Ger? WILSON (b. Poland) & illegible CURVECK?, married Reta GILL, 20, operator, Toronto, 180 Maria St same, d/o Joseph GILL (b. England) & Kathleen SCOTT, witn: Peter WILSON of 177 Maria St & Evelyn GILL of 118 Maria St both of Toronto on June 12, 1926
28474-26 Grant Coleman WINDATT, 24 (b. 22 Sept 1901), farmer, Thorah Tp., same, s/o Thomas C--? WINDATT (b. Darlington Tp.) & Katherine McBAIN, married Fanny PATTERSON, 26 (b. 6 Oct 1899), Stephenson Tp., Utterson Muskoka Dist., d/o Hugh PATTERSON & Isabella KERR, witn: Miss Agnes CAMERON of 11 Benlamond Ave & Mrs. Eva L. SKENE of 30 Benlamond Ave both of Toronto on June 28, 1926 28475-26 Carman John WINDRIM, 28, salesman, Ontario, 168 Moore Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander WINDRIM (b. Ontario) & Sarah CURTIS, married Dorothy STANLEY, 23, clerk, England, 24 Hemlock Ave Toronto, d/o Thomas W. STANLEY (b. England) & Edith MARTLEY, witn: S. Madeline McKENZIE of Leamington & G. Allan SWIFT of 95 Hollywood Cresc Toronto on June 12, 1926
28476-26 Reginald Arthur WINTER, 38, banker, St John's Newfoundland, Walkerville, s/o (Sir) James Spearman WINTER & Emily Julia Eliza COEN, married Mary Walden MOORE, 22, Toronto, 33 Spencer Ave same, d/o Robert Albert MOORE & Lena Julia BEASLEY, witn: Louisa Alice MOORE of 33 Spencer Ave & George Arthur Brooke JARVIS of 326 Spadina Rd both of Toronto on June 26, 1926 at The Church of the Epiphany 28477-26 Samuel WINTERS, 27, manager, Ireland, 47 Lock St Toronto, s/o James WINTERS (b. Ireland) & Mary COULTER, married Letitia WILSON, 29, operator, Ireland, 47 Lock St Toronto, d/o Henry WILSON (b. Ireland) & Catherine McCORMICK, witn: Mrs. H. S. HOLF of 42 Lock St & Percy HAMERFORD of 54 Badgerow Ave both of Toronto on June 17, 1926
28478-26 Francis WISE, 27, painter, Toronto, 206 Hiawatha Ave same, s/o Francis WISE & Sarah MERISON, married Margaret McGILVARY, 26, silk tasseler, Glasgow Scotland, 121 Jones Ave Toronto, d/o Edward McGILVARY & Bridget DOLAN, witn: Margaret DOLAN of 121 Jones Ave & Henry GREEN of 60 Bertmount Ave both of Toronto on June 16, 1926 28479-26 Leslie Gerald WITTEN, 29, bread inspector, England, 79 Beachwood Mt. Dennis, s/o William George WITTEN & Martha BARBER, married Doris JONES, 29, England, 141 Vaughan Rd Toronto, d/o Thomas JONES & Annie ISAACS, witn: Kathleen LUCKHURST of Toronto & Harold WITTEN of Mt. Dennis on June 22, 1926
28480-26 Basil WOLFE, 25, furrier, Russia, 50 Kensington Ave Toronto, s/o Joseph WOLFE (b. Russia) & R. SEGAL, married Celia SWITZER, 23, saleslady, Rumania, 160 Grange Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph SWITZER (b. Rumania) & Sof COLINSKY, witn: M. FRANKEL & H. ROTH both of 345 Grace St Toronto on June 15, 1926 28481-26 John Lawrence WOLFE, 27, driver, Ontario, 266 Gerrard St East Toronto, s/o George WOLFE (b. Ontario) & Lillian SHORTREED, married Lillian Blanche HALLETT, 21, clerk, Nova Scotia, 90 Edith Drive Toronto, d/o Richard Foster HALLETT (b. Nova Scotia) & Agnes HOUSE, witn: Rodger Burt WOLFE of Hespeler & Madeline PETHICK of 246 Monarch Park Ave Toronto on June 30, 1926
28482-26 Cecil Alban WOLFF, 34, manufacturer, Peterboro, same, s/o Alfred WOLFF & Mary K. DORAN, married Gena Constance THORNDYKE, 23, Millbrook, Toronto, d/o William C. THORNDYKE, & Isobel ARMSTRONG, witn: Jewel BYERS of 169 Ross Ave & Gerald F. MOHER of 52 Parkdale Rd both of Toronto on June 15, 1926 28483-26 Harold Percival WOOD, 25, bond salesman, USA, 5 McMaster Ave Toronto, s/o Ernest WOOD (b. England) & Minnie Annette BEALE, married Hazel Marguerite HARVEY, 22, clerk, Toronto, 18 Wright Ave same, d/o John HARVEY (b. Scotland) & Janie HAWKES, witn: Herbert Archibald McCULLOUGH of 392 Grenadier Rd & Florence HARVEY of 18 Wright Ave both of Toronto on June 2, 1926
28484-26 Albert James WOODHOUSE, 30, clerk, Ontario, 215 Hillsdale Ave East Toronto, s/o George WOODHOUSE (b. England) & Sophia JESSUP, married Annie Pearl HALE, 21, Toronto, 129 Summerhill Ave same, d/o John A. HALE (b. Ontario) & Annie MADILL, witn: Miss Mildred LODGE of 337 Balliol St Toronto & Roy W. HALE of Royal Oak Michigan, on June 26, 1926 at Century Baptist Church 28485-26 Vlademer WOODSLEY, 27, Boss Boy,, Austria, 5 Foster Place Toronto, s/o Michael WOODSLEY & Ekaterina KULKA, married Sophia TKACHESHEN?, 22, restaurant worker, Austria, 5 Foster Place Toronto, d/o Nikoly WOODSLEY (sic) & Eudokia KALINA, witn: Alex KUEMENICK & Martor KATZUER both of 28 Lindner Ave Toronto on June 5, 1926
28486-26 Lawrence Rogerson WORDSWORTH, 26, packer, England, 292 Greenwood Ave Toronto, s/o Edgar WORDSWORTH (b. England) & Eleanor ROGERSON, married Priscilla Dorothy FRASER, 26, graduate nurse, England, 87 Gloucester St Toronto, d/o John FRASER (b. England) & Priscilla WALCOT, witn: Annie HINTON of Toronto & S. Ellery ROYAL of Hamilton on June 5, 1926 28487-26 William WORLEY, 26, stock keeper, Northampton England, 322 Pape Ave Toronto, s/o Samuel WORLEY & Eda LACK, married Frances RIORDON, 22, Toronto, 322 Pape Ave same, d/o Michael RIORDON & Ella McNAMARA, witn: Celina & James BUTTREN both of 9 Pape Ave Toronto on June 21, 1926
28488-26 Robert Fleming WORMLEY, 23, clerk, USA, 12 Oakmount Rd Toronto, s/o Walter F. WORMLEY (b. USA) & Helen T. CHESLEK, married Gladys Irene COBBLEDICK, 23, stenographer, Ontario, 87 Beaty Ave Toronto, d/o Alfred Ernest COBBLEDICK (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Carleton Le Roi SYHA (Sykes?) of Walkerville Ont & Helen Dorothy WORMLEY of 294 High Park Ave Toronto on June 13, 1926 at the Church of the Epiphany 28489-26 John Henry WORTLEY, 28, spinner, Nova Scotia, 462 Clendenan Ave Toronto, s/o Arthur WORTLEY (b. England) & Annie BLAKE, married Edith Kathleen SCRIVENS, 24, twister, England, 474 St John's Rd York Tp., d/o Joseph SCRIVENS (b. England) & Alice PITCHER, witn: William John SCRIVENS of 474 St John's Rd York Tp & Agnes HOLLAND of 658 Beresford Ave Toronto on June 19, 1926
28490-26 William WORWOOD, 25, mailer, Hepburn on Tyne, 110 Kenwood Ave Toronto, s/o Walter WORWOOD & Margaret McBRIDE, married Louisa SMITH, 23 (b. 2 Oct 1902), Toronto, 105 Vaughan Rd same, d/o William SMITH & Alice HIOM, witn: Edith COLLIN of 110 Kenwood Ave & Norman SMITH of 104 Scollard St both of Toronto on June 30, 1926 at St. Michael & All Angels 28491-26 Albert Dudley WRIGHT, 25, post office clerk, England, 715 Indian Road Toronto, s/o Charles Albert WRIGHT (b. England) & Caroline DANIEL, married Ethel Beatrice YOUNG, 22, hairdresser, Ontario, 262 George St Toronto, d/o Henry Frederick YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Carrie RANKIN, witn: Lincoln O'BRIEN of 129 Roehampton Ave & Lorena Gladden COLE of 240 Rushton Rd both of Toronto on June 30, 1926 at St John's Church
28492-26 Alexander WRIGHT, 48, truck driver, Scotland, 70 Harvard Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander WRIGHT (b. Scotland) & Christina ROSS, married Mary Jessie BEEDIE, 32, Scotland, 70 Harvard Ave Toronto, d/o William BEEDIE (b. Scotland) & Annie ANDERSON, witn: Charles STUART of 70 Harvard Ave & Annie BEEDIE of 666 Queen St both of Toronto on June 23, 1926 28493-26 Arthur WRIGHT, 28, clerk, England, 71 Ennerdale Rd York Tp., s/o Robert WRIGHT (b. England) & Elizabeth HARFIELD, married Ethel Alice Mary BOWELL, 27, bookkeeper, Toronto, 105 Erskine Ave same, d/o Frederick BOWELL (b. Ontario) & Isabella WHITE, witn: Muriel BOWELL of 105 Erskine Ave & Frank WRIGHT of 111 Stibbard Ave both of Toronto on June 2, 1926
28494-26 Francis WRIGHTSON, 39, labourer, Ontario, 90 McCaul St Toronto, s/o Joseph WRIGHTSON (b. (England) & Mary DENT, married Margaret Edna McBAIN, 35, Quebec, 480 Richmond St Toronto, d/o David McBAIN (b. Quebec) & Sarah McKINLEY, witn: Regina SAMSON of 254 Yonge St & George McINTYRE of 5 Gore Road both of Toronto on June 21, 1926 28495-26 Frederick George WYLES, 21, labourer, Faversham Kent England, 257 Weston Road Toronto, s/o Frederick WYLES & Ellen Elizabeth CARPENTER, married Kathleen DAVIS, 19, office clerk, Birmingham England, 366 Osler Ave Toronto, d/o Harry Arthur DAVIS & Hannah PARKIN, witn: Lillian Dorothy LOVETT of 129 Lamb Ave & Thomas Henry POWELL of 324 Osler Ave both of Toronto on June 12, 1926 at St. Mark's Church
28496-26 Samuel YESZIN, 22, manufacturer, USA, 536 Harmer Ave Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Nathan YESZIN (b. Russia) & Fannie NOVIKOV, married Ada JACKSON, 17, Toronto, 108 John St same, d/o Morris JACKSON (b. Russia) & Annie GOLDBERG, witn: Sam ROSS of 40 Leonard Ave & L. DUNKELMAN of 90 Grace St both of Toronto on June 8, 1926 28497-26 Chung Wing YEU, 37, restaurant proprietor, China, Cochrane, s/o Bing TUEH (sic) (b. China) & Ling? SHEE, married Chan SHEE, 26, China, 635 Discovery St Victoria B.C., d/o Yp Yein? HIEU? (b. China) & Leue SHEE, witn: Hedie A. PATTERSON of 1 Triller Ave & W. C. GAUK of 8 Elizabeth St both of Toronto on June 25, 1926
28499-26 Walter YOUNG, 34 (b. 5 May 1892), civil servant, Kiriknick? Co. Fermanagh Ireland, 12 Hickson St Toronto, s/o Richard YOUNG (b. Ireland) & Kate REYNOLDS, married Annie Gwendoline JOHNSTON, 21, Ireland, 86 Symington Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Mary BLAKELEY, witn: Louise WILCOX of 86 Symington Ave & F. H. PARTRIDGE both of Toronto on June 23, 1926 28498-26 Henry Frederick YOUNG, 23, driver, England, 336 Sackville St Toronto, s/o William David YOUNG (b. England) & Nellie PACK, married Stella Lizette MOORE, 24, operator, Ontario, 336 Sackville St Toronto, d/o Arthur Percival MOORE (b. Ontario) & Victoria GREYSTOCK, witn: Bramwell & Etyole MOORE both of 336 Sackville St Toronto on June 16, 1926 at 336 Sackville St
28500-26 Yane YOVANOFF, 53, labourer, widower, Macedonia, 667 Dundas St East Toronto, s/o Yovan MOZNAKOFF (sic) & Katerina GIAMORA, married Ana KIDD, 45, widow, Poland, 1681 Dundas St West Toronto, d/o Mike KIDD & Zofia MIKE, witn: K. TANELCOFF of 384 King St East & Basko? TANOSOFF of 407 King St East both of Toronto on June 6, 1926 26157-26 Jack ZARNICKI, 28, tailor, Poland, 1302 Queen St. East, s/o Calman? ZARNICKI, b. Poland & Leah ZURDARTCZ?, married Esther PASTERNAK, 26, Poland, 1302 Queen St. East, d/o Myer PASTERNAK, b. Poland & Frida BITELMAN, witn: S. SHRUELL of Queen St. Easy & illegible WALDE of 290 College St., 25 Jan 1926