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Toronto 1926, part 5

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27776-26 Mike BEKAL, 28, dairyman, Russia, 43 Brant St. Toronto, s/o Harry BEKAL (b. Russia) & Mary LOSFISTZ, married Vera MACHNOVSKI, 22, clerk, divorcee, Russia, 55 Osler Ave. Toronto, d/o Matt MACHNOVSKI (b. Russia) & Mary FASKLUATE, witn: P. NEIMAN of 39 Grant St. Mrs. Able MASON of 53 Carrick Avenue both of Toronto on June 12, 1926

27762-26 Joseph Brown BRIGGS, 27, high school teacher, Ontario, 122 Barton Ave. Toronto, s/o Joseph BRIGGS (b. Ontario) & Helen F. REITH, married Marguerite Jean GROWDEN, 24 school teacher, Ontario, 214 Withrow Ave. Toronto, d/o J. Edwin GROWDEN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McCAUSLAND, witn: Charles BRISLEY of 105 Rose Ave Toronto & Elizabeth S. BRIGGS of 837 7th Ave. Owen Sound on June 29, 1926

27722-26 Merton Darrel BROWN, 29, salesman, Ontario, 36 Chilton Road Toronto, s/o Edmund BROWN & Margaret Florence BROMMELL, married Marguerite Christine MURRAY, 26, clerk, Scotland, 200 Browning Ave. Toronto, d/o Henry William MURRAY & Annie Edward MICKLE, witn: Serena MILLER of 778 Philip St. Niagara Falls & Charles W. DRAKE of Rosite Cohonila Mexico on June 16, 1926 at St. Barnabas

27763-26 Albert Emerson BROWN, 23, fire protection engineer, USA, 106 Pearl St. Rochester New York USA, s/o Samuel A. BROWN (b. USA) & Mabel HAND--?, married Maude Mary HOODLESS, 19, grocery checker, Toronto, 760 Indian Road same, d/o George HOODLESS (b. Ontario) & Annie LEAMAN, witn: Louise DONNELL of 62 Kennell Ave Toronto & Harold THOMPSON of 106 Proval St. Rochester USA on June 23, 1926

27764-26 Charles Edgar BROWN, 43, merchant, Ontario, 265 Gerrard St. East Toronto, s/o Edgar BROWN (b. Ontario) & Adelaide FILE, married Anna Belle WALLACE, 44, Toronto, 369 Berkeley St. same, d/o Richard WALLACE (b. Ireland) & Isabella DEAN, witn: Mr.. & Mrs. Alfred CUDDY both of 7 Conrad Avenue Toronto on June 29, 1926 at Sherbourne St. United Church

27765-26 Ernest Wesley BROWN, 21, tinsmith, Ontario, 25 Ashland Ave. Toronto, s/o William BROWN (b. Ontario) & Alvina VARCOE, married Ruth May ROWLEY, 21, Ontario, 401 Jane St. Toronto, d/o Edward ROWLEY (b. England) & Eliza LARGE, witn: J. HAYES of 45 Winchester St. & Thomas ARMSTRONG of 154 Ross Avenue both of Toronto on June 26, 1926 at St. Simons Church

27766-26 Frederick Albert BROWN, 60, retired, Ontario, Streetsville, s/o Samuel BROWN (b. England) & Mary BROWN (nee Brown), married May TARLING, 55, widow, Ontario, 52 Beatrice St. Toronto, d/o Richard LAWRENCE (b. Quebec) & Jane BOYD, witn: Rhoda ELERT of 1301 Queen St. West of Toronto & Addison L. LYMAN? Jr. of North Carolina USA on June 2, 1926

27767-26 Jack BROWN, 27, shipper, Russia, 462 Euclid Ave. Toronto, s/o Judah Isaac BROWN (b. Russia) & Fannie GOLDFARB, married Clara WOLKOVITZ, 19, Russia, 111 Denison Ave. Toronto, d/o Abraham WOLKOVITZ (b. Russia) & Elka BULBER, witn: J. CHAPLICK of 69 McCaul St. & J. GELLER of 295 Euclid Avenue both of Toronto on June 27, 1926

27768-26 John Wesley BROWN, 28, clerk, Ontario, 7 Spadina Road Toronto, s/o Alexander BROWN (b. Ontario) & Sarah MALYON, married Mildred BIGGIN, 24, clerk, Ontario, 219 Dundas St. East Toronto, d/o John BIGGIN (b. Ontario) & Mary LAWSON, witn: Mrs. Cecil & A. K. FARQUHAR both of 217 Dundas Crescent on June 28, 1926

27769-26 Vernon Blakely Thomas BROWN, 25, druggist, Ontario, 25 Close Avenue Toronto, s/o Nathaniel (b. Ontario) & Doris, married Hazel Emily ROBERTSON, 21, Toronto, 2 Gillespie Avenue same, d/o Thomas ROBERTSON (b. New Zealand) & Lucy AYLING, witn: Archie & Dorothy ROSS of 16 Rusholme Road Toronto on June 29, 1926

27770-26 Ephraim Henry BROWNE, 37, pattern mixer, Salford Lancashire England, 524 Bathurst St. Toronto, s/o Joseph BROWNE & Elizabeth Helen BATTERSON (BAttinson?), married Kathleen Emma WILDER, 27, cutter, Leigh on Sea Essex England, 524 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o James A. WILDER & Ellen Anna BOWLING, witn: Minnie CAMERON & T. S. HILL both of 111 Howland Ave. Toronto on June 3, 1926 at St. Albans Cathedral

27771-26 Aloysius Emil BROZER, 26, artist, Switzerland, 85 Hounslow Heath Toronto, s/o Aloysius J. BROZER & Bertha M. HASSALER, married Wilhelmina A. IDENZIR (Idenger?), 24, clerk, Austria, 85 Hounslow Heath Toronto, d/o John S. IDENZIR & Wilhelmina S. BRUCKEL, witn: Catherine ROSS 21 Rose Ave. & John KING of 29 Galt Avenue both of Toronto on June 2, 1926 at Ste. Cecilias Church

27772-26 William Welch BUCHANAN, 28, manufacturing agent, Glasgow Scotland, 84 Indian Road Toronto, s/o Walter BUCHANAN & Jessie YOUNGWILL, married Elizabeth Mary HOWE, 29, Inverness Scotland, 299 Pacific Ave. Toronto, d/o James HOWE & Margaret P. WALKER, witn: Marion D. ROWAN & George Alexander GIBSON both of Toronto on June 5, 1926

27773-26 John William BUCK, 24, violin teacher, Toronto, 164 Milverton Blvd, s/o George BUCK (b. Ontario) & Sarah WESTERBY, married Erye Marguerite BEGLEY, 21, Toronto, 133 Sydenham St. Toronto, d/o Alex BEGLEY (b. Ontario) & Nettie BIGGIN, witn: Douglas & Mildred BEGLEY both of 133 Sydenham St. Toronto on June 19, 1926

27774-26 William Joseph BUGGHEY, 24, bookkeeper, Ontario, 292 Logan Ave. Toronto, s/o William (b. Ontario) & Jane, married Verna Mildred HARMON, 20, Ontario, 100 De Grassi ST. Toronto, d/o Frederick HARMON (b. Ontario) & Nell PRESCOTT, witn: James & Nell BUGGHEY both of 292 Logan Ave. Toronto on June 23, 1926

27775-26 Michael BUHAY, 35, clothing cutter, England, 193 Beverley St. Toronto, s/o Manheim BUHAY (b. Lithuania) & Minie LIBERMAN, married Molly LEIBOVICH, 27, tailoress, Rumania, 193 Beverley St. Toronto, d/o Sam LEIBOVICH (b. Rumania) & Rosie IZKOVIETZ, witn: Mrs. Henry YURATHICZ of 373 Grace & P. DAGAFF of 95 Dennison Ave. both of Toronto on June 11, 1926

27777-26 Richard Henry Arthur BURFORD, 29, transit conductor, England, 22 Henning Ave. Toronto, s/o Arthur BURFORD (b. England) & Rebekah DUTTON married Gertrude PLOUGHMAN, 28, saleslady, Newfoundland, 46 Berwick Ave. Toronto, d/o Mark PLOUGHMAN (b. Newfoundland) & Mary Jane PENNY, witn: Charles A. TYLER & Jean PLOUGHMAN both of Toronto on June 28, 1926

27778-26 James Mitchell BURNETT, 25, mechanic, Hopeville, 2668 St. Jean Ave. Detroit Michigan USA, d/o William BURNETT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth MITCHELL, married Alice May HUTCHISON, 29 (b. 17 May 1897), milliner, Edinburgh Scotland, 40 Thelma Ave. Toronto, d/o James HUTCHISON (b. Scotland) & Margaret URQUHART (married 20 March 1880 at Peterhead), witn: Archibald Hutton BURNETT of Dundalk & Marjorie ROSS of 19 Oriole Road Toronto on June 24, 1926 at 415 Jarvis St.

27779-26 Henry Francis Cawthra BURNHAM, 28, commercial artist, Toronto, same, s/o James Gilchrist BURNHAM & Heloise Frances CAWTHRA, married Ruth Bernice RATCLIFF, 21, Toronto, same, d/o J. Byron RATCLIFF & Clara BELTZ, witn: Florence W. COOK of 339 Brunswick Ave. & Eric G. BURNHAM of 83 Inglewood Drive both of Toronto on June 8, 1926 at Christ Church

29092-26 Harold Rigg CARRADUS, 38, accountant, Toronto, same, s/o George CARRADUS & Florence Eugene COOPER, married Ethel Grace Winnington INGRAM, 38, Aylmer, Toronto, d/o Frank Winnington INGRAM & Jane WATKINSON,, witn: U. F. BEARD & Eloise CARRADUS both of Toronto on Aug. 21,1926

29093-26 Alfred CARSWELL, 29, mechanic, West Bromwich Staffordshire England, 452 Church St. Toronto, s/o James CARSWELL (b. England) & Nellie KNOWLES, married Rose NICHOLLS, 21, book binder, West Bromwich Staffordshire England, 819 Craven Rd Toronto, d/o Joseph NICHOLLS (b. England) & Ada GARNER, witn: James & Emily JENKINSON both of 819 Craven Road Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926 at St. John's Church Norway

29094-26 John Henry CARTLEDGE, 29, labourer, England, 348 King St. West Toronto, s/o John Henry CARTLEDGE (b. England) & Louise BARKER, married Ivy TAYLOR, 26 (b. 21 Oct 1894), Hope Derbyshire England, 348 King St. West Toronto, d/o George Thomas TAYLOR (b. England) & Matilda Jane DEARFIELD, witn: Alfred KERNER and Annie MORTON both of 348 King St. West Toronto on Aug. 2, 1926

29095-26 Thomas James CANTWELL, 25, dyer, Montreal, 78 Priest Ave Toronto, s/o Peter CANTWELL & Agnes DONALD, married Louse Kathleen MONTEVERDE, 18, Toronto, 1302a St. Clair Avenue same, d/o Louis MONTEVERDE & Kathleen MAZZA, witn: William YOUNG of 161 Stibbard Ave & Jennie MONTEVERDE of 1302a St. Clair Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 4, 1926

29096-26 Jack CARUSO, 30, train inspector, Italy, Toronto, s/o David CARUSO (b. Italy) & Maria LECETRI, married Josephine CONCORDIA, 18, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Rocco CONCORDIA (b. Italy) & unknown, witn: Patrete & Jenna FALCONE, both of 78 Westlake Ave Toronto on Aug. 16, 1926

29098-26 Thomas CHALMERS, 63, caretaker, widower, Scotland, 847 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, s/o George CHALMERS (b. Ireland) Frances Anna GORDON, married Adeline NEYATTE, 45, widow, England, 134 Hallam St Toronto, d/o William NAPPEY (b. England) & Harriett WARD, witn: James BARR of 5 Dale St. & Mrs Ada RICHARDSON of 134 Holland St both of Toronto on Aug. 20, 1926 at Brethern Memorial Church

29097-26 Theodore CHALMERS, 22, cutter, Scotland, 106 Summerhill Ave Toronto, s/o Theodore Frederick CHALMERS (b. Scotland) & Euphemia Hay HORNE, married Mabel COURTNEY, 22, supervisor, Toronto, 166 Vaughan Rd same, d/o Jonathan Smith COURTNEY (b. Ireland) & Mary BREATHAT, witn: Anna COURTNEY & James S. THORNTON both of Toronto on Aug. 27, 1926

29099-26 William CHARD, 22, paint manufacturer, London England, Toronto, s/o William CHARD & Anna CROCKFORD, married Florence GOULET, 25, stenographer, Syracuse New York USA, Toronto, d/o Odilon GOULET & Georgina GUERIN, witn: Josephine LEONARD & Wilfred GOULET both of Toronto on Aug. 7, 1926

29100-26 John Noble CHARLES, 26, foreman, Toronto, 130 Victor Ave. same, s/o Noble CHARLES & Elizabeth PRESTON, married Gertrude Alice GODWIN, 23, Liverpool England, 103 Du Vernet Ave. Toronto, d/o William GODWIN & Sophia Ann FLOWELLE, witn: Edna M. GODWIN of 103 Dubernet Ave & Norman A. BENT of 14 Bain Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 25, 1926 at St John's Church Norway

29101-26 Walter Edmond CHEESEMAN, 27, printer, England, 493 Crawford St. Toronto, s/o Walter CHEESEMAN (b. England) & Ellen COOK, married Corinne Violet KOLB, 20, stenographer, Quebec, 1 Van Koughnet St. Toronto, d/o Emil KOLB (b. Germany) & Corinne NOEL, witn: Frank J. RYAN of 17 Wilson Ave & Lillian K. RYAN of 378 Bathurst St. both of Toronto on Aug. 6, 1926

29102-26 Gordon Edward CHIDLEY, 31, auditor, Toronto, 33 Wheeler Ave same, s/o Edward D. CHIDLEY (b. Ontario) & Sarah McKNIGHT, married Valda Lorraine STOCKWELL, 24, teacher, Toronto, 128 Beech Ave same, d/o James STOCKWELL (b. Montreal) & Myrtle SOMERS, witn: Kenneth HOGG of 41 Waverley Rd & Elma M. CHIDLEY of 33 Wheeler Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926 at 53 Brunswick Ave

29103-26 Russell Henry CHILVERS, 24, electrician, England, 103 Ann St Toronto, s/o Henry CHILVERS (b. England) & Gertrude May GAGE, married Mary Young BLYTH, 19, Scotland, 577 Jarvis St Toronto, d/o Andrew BLYTH (b. Scotland) & Rebecca HANNAH, witn: Maria Ella & C. A. DAVIES of 134 Glen Road Toronto on Aug. 17, 1926

29104-26 Willis CHIPMAN, 70, civil engineer, Ontario, 103 Spadina Road Toronto, s/o Lewis CHIPMAN (b. Ontario) & Abigail Jane DELONG, married Edith Venton SCOTT, 49, Ontario, 574 Church St. Toronto, d/o Nathaniel Kirkpatrick SCOTT (b. Ireland) & Annie E. WOOD, witn: Edgar Kirkpatrick SCOTT of 133 Winchester St. & Alice M. Scott MOSS of 156 St. Clements Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 10, 1926 at St. Thomas' Church

29105-26 Solomon CHOUSKY, 26, chemist, Ontario, 1114 Ellsmere St Windsor, s/o Abraham CHOUSKY (b. Russia) & Annie MARKOWITZ, married Rebecca MOREN, 20, stenographer, Ontario, 116 Robert St Toronto, d/o Solomon MOREN (b. Russia) & Fannie Rachel BLACKMAN, witn: Samuel MARKOWITZ of 1497 Dundas St. West Toronto & Hyman BLACK of 8537 12th St Detroit Michigan on Aug. 8, 1926

29106-26 Mite CHRISTOFF, 32, labourer, Macedonia, 18 Eastern Ave Toronto, s/o Christ CHRISTOFF & Yana CHRISTOVA, married Parsakeira NAUMSVA, 20, Macedonia, 147 Parliament St. Toronto, d/o Naun VASILOFE (sic) & Elena, witn: Boja NISCOLOFF of 18 Eastern Ave & Mitre STOYNOFF of 185 Queen St. West both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926.

29107-26 Edward Gerald CLARCKSON, 26, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Robert CLARCKSON & Katharine McCURRY, married Agnes COURTEMANCHE, 30, Midland, Toronto, d/o Moise COURTEMANCHE & Giberosive ROBITAILLE, witn: Isabelle COURTEMANCHE & J. CLARCKSON both of Toronto on Aug. 9, 1926

29108-26 Edward Tristram CLARKE, 22, Ontario 178 Heward Ave Toronto, s/o George Edward CLARKE (b. England) & Eliza Jane LEWIS, married Margreta BRAD, 24, clerk, Ontario, 16 Woodycrest Ave Toronto, d/o William BRAD (b. Ontario) & Alice WESLEY, witn: Benedict Alfred CLARK of 178 Heward Ave & Edna LIDDIARD of 396 Victoria Park both of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926 at 16 Woodycrest

29109-26 George Thomas CLARRIDGE, 22, labourer, Cheltenham Ontario, Port Hope, s/o George Thomas CLARRIDGE (b. Cheltenham) & Gertrude BEUDGEN, married Gladys Gertrude EDWARDS, 21, knitter, Toronto, Port Hope, d/o Fred EDWARDS (b. Snowball Ont.) & Kate BURLING, witn: Ruth COLWILL of Port Hope & Donald GIBSON of 208 Cottingham St. Toronto on Aug. 19, 1926

29110-26 Frederick Ewart COLLETT, 39, baker, England, 302 Delaware Ave Toronto, s/o Benjamin COLLETT (b. England) & Ruth MORTIMER, married Elizabeth ENGLAND, 38, clerk, England, 181 Cedric Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph ENGLAND (b. England) & Louisa REDDMAN, witn: William GARTRELL of 302 Delaware Ave & Dowla L. BOLT of 6 Munro Street both of Toronto on Aug. 28, 1926 at St. Edmund's Church

29111-26 Harold Rufus COLVILL, 26, baker, Ontario, 247 Boon Ave Toronto, s/o George COLVILL (b. Canada) & Annie BARRETT, married Ellimay BENNETT, 19, Ontario, 797 Windermere Ave Toronto, d/o William Cyrus BENNETT (b. Canada) & Fanny COWLING, witn: Pearl ROBINSON & Violet MARSHALL both of Toronto on Aug. 2, 1926

29112-26 William Glenn COMRIE, 28, clerk, Ontario, Laurentian View Ottawa, s/o Robert COMRIE (b. Ontario) & Emily Prudence DYCIE, married Catherine Marie DUMONT, 19, Ontario, Brentwood same, d/o John DUMONT (b. Ontario) & Mary LINDSAY, witn: Agnes Victoria DUMONT of Camp Borden & Joseph BURNS of 8 Parkview Ave Toronto on Aug. 9, 1926

29113-26 Frank COOK, 24, plumber, Toinphoe? Buckinghamshire England, 22 Arnott Ave Toronto, s/o Richard COOK & Elizabeth DOLLIMORE, married Mary Georgina EYRE, 19, Toronto, 36 East Lynn, d/o John William EYRE & Frances LOMAS, witn: Edith Elizabeth ASHTON of 2203 Kingston Rd & Ernest Charles COOK of 19 Arnott Ave both of Toronto on St John's Church Norway

29114-26 James Clarence Cooper COOKSON, 22, bank clerk, Macclesfield England, 390 Woodfield Rd Toronto, s/o Francis A. COOKSON & Margaret COOPER, married Esther LEYLAND, 22, England, Toronto, d/o William LEYLAND & Annie BOWERS, witn: Clarence MAY 274 Windermere St. & Annie LEYLAND of 46 Winifred Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 28, 1926 at St. James' Cathedral

29115-26 Elwood Hughes COOPER, 35, carpenter, Ontario, 236 Fairview Ave Toronto, s/o George COOPER (b. Ontario) & Delia HUGHES, married Bertha Beatrice McINTYRE, 35, chocolate dipper, Ontario, 177 Galley Ave Toronto, d/o Robert McINTYRE (b. Ontario) & Catherine McDONALD, witn: P. Lloyd SELFE of 332 Kennedy Rd & Florence V. MANLOVE of 2 Haig Ave in Birch Cliff, on Aug. 4, 1926 at High Park Baptist Church

29116-26 Albert Harkness COUTRYMAN, 21, operator, Ontario, Tweed, s/o Franklyn COUTRYMAN (b. Ontario) & Jane LEMMOND, married Hazel Jean WRIGHT, 20, milliner, Toronto, Tweed, d/o Goldsmith W. WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Jean HENDERSON, witn: William CASEY of 362 Shaw St. Toronto & Caroline Louise RYNEHART of 363 Euclid Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1926 at t. Barnabas Church, Halton Street

29117-26 Philip Leslie COX, 21, window trimmer, Nova Scotia, 2968 2nd Blvd Detroit USA, s/o Philip B. COX (b. Newfoundland) & Elizabeth KING, married Florence KIRKPARTICK, 19, operator, Scotland, 557 Millwood Road Toronto, d/o Charles KIRKPARTICK (b. Scotland) & Martha McMILLAN, witn: J. GRAHAM 167 Shaw St. & Ruth B. HILL of 19 Alma Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 20, 1926

29118-26 William CRAIG, 23, clerk, Scotland, 9 Churchill Ave Toronto, s/o William CRAIG (b. Scotland) & Barbara RITCHIE, married Bertha E. L. SMITH, 19, chocolate dipper, Toronto, 259 Gladstone Ave same, d/o Charles SMITH (b. Indiana USA) & Alice HENDERSON, witn: F. RENISON of 6 Pembroke & W. E. MULHOLLAND of 319 Woodbine Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29119-26 Robert CRAWFORD, 65, gentleman, Ontario, 361 Albany Ave Toronto, s/o James CRAWFORD (b. Ireland) & Eliza DODGE, married Ena ROBINSON, 57, widow, Ontario, 614 Dufferin St. Toronto, d/o James SHANNON (b. Canada) & Mary SCOTT, witn: Mrs Eliza LEFRAUGH of 585 Bloor St West & Gordon J. DONNELLY of 12 Fernwood Park both of Toronto on Aug. 31, 1926

29120-26 Ivan Mitchell CREIGHTON, 19, clerk, Ireland, 555 Church St Toronto, s/o John Alexander CREIGHTON (b. Ireland) & Julia MITCHELL, married Dorothy Mace THOMSON, 19, saleslady, Ireland, 85 Bristol Ave Toronto, d/o James Rea THOMSON (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HARRISON, witn: Elizabeth F. & William J. DOHERTY both of 85 Bristol Ave Toronto on Aug. 27, 1926 at St. Paul's Church

29121-26 Joseph CRIBAR, 22, brass dipper, Toronto, 32 Markham Ave same, s/o Frank CRIBAR (b. Italy) & Margaret TURNER, married Lillian Maud McCALLUM, 18, clerk, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o Peter McCALLUM (b. Ontario) & Eliza FARREN, witn: Francis & Mrs. Dora CRIBAR both of 144 Beaconsfield Ave on Aug. 28, 1926

29122-26 Alexander Luther CROCKER, 21, operator, Newfoundland, 20 Baylis Ave Mt. Dennis, s/o William George CROCKER (b. Newfoundland) & Lily Ella CRUMMEY, married Valetta THISTLE, 22, Newfoundland, 92 Harbord St Toronto, d/o William THISTLE (b. Newfoundland) & Ida La GRAW, witn: Arthur HUDSON & Nellie M. CROCKER of 3077 Danforth Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29123-26 Roderick William CROSBY, 24, shoemaker, Nova Scotia, 245 Rushton Road Toronto, s/o Morris E. CROSBY (b. Canada) & Mina R. RICHIE, married Olive MALLARD, 22, operator, England, 182 Symington Ave Toronto, d/o William J. MALLARD (b. England) & Addie A. SMITH, witn: Queenie LEACHARD of 561 Palmerston Ave & George M. ROSE of 1039 Ossington Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 20, 1926

29124-26 Daniel Frederick CUDNEY, 25, rubber worker, Toronto, 192 Lonsdale Ave same, s/o Daniel CUDNEY (b. Ontario) & Lottie SCOTT, married Agnes Halliday SMITH, 21, clerk, Ontario, 961 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o Isaac SMITH (b. Ontario) & Agnes McIVOR, witn: H. D. ELLIOTT of 322 Brock Ave & T?. CUDNEY of 192 Lansdowne Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 2, 1926

29125-26 Joseph CUNNINGHAM, 25, mechanic, Ontario, 734 Queen St. West Toronto, s/o William CUNNINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Rose CORNELL, married Edith DUCE, 24, England, 282 Lee Ave Toronto, d/o Joseph DUCE (b. England) & Caroline COOKSLEY, witn: Lydia WEST of Norristown Pennsylvania & Francis W. HARTLEY of 63 Bellwood Ave

29126-26 Murdock CURRIE, 40 carpenter, widower, Ontario, 161 Ranleigh Ave Toronto, s/o Hector CURRIE (b. Ontario) & Sarah McRITCHIE, married Violet Louise GILBERT, 37, Ontario, 63 St. Edmunds Drive Toronto, d/o Elijah GILBERT (b. Ontario) & Sarah FERRIS, witn: Hattie & May MITCHELL both of 95 St. Germaine Ave Toronto on Aug. 28, 1926

29127-26 William DALEY, 55, electrician, widower, England, 64 Wrenson Rd Toronto, s/o William DALEY (b. Ireland) & Mary MURPHY, married Barbara Annette HENDERSON, 57, Scotland, 64 Wrenson Rd Toronto, d/o Donald HENDERSON (b. Scotland) & Barbara HOUSTON, witn: Reginald Sylvester & Jennie ROWNTREE both of 377 St. Johns Rd Toronto on Aug. 12, 1926 at 377 St. Johns Rd

29128-26 Thomas Elgie DALY, 25, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o John DALY & Mary E. ELGIE, married Mary Helen COLE, 25, clerk, England, Toronto, d/o Henry COLE & Catherine O'NEIL, witn: Mr. P. DALY & Teresa COLE both of Toronto on Aug. 31, 1926

29129-26 Francis DAVEY, 71, accountant, widower, England, 54 Cherry St. Toronto, s/o Alfred Luckyer DAVEY (b. England) & Mary E. WALE, married Flossie BINGLEY, 37, divorcee, Canada, 54 Cherry St. Toronto, d/o Charles C. ASHTON (b. Ontario) & Josephine REID, witn: Percy George & Mary Margaret WELLS both of 660 Dundas St. East Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29130-26 Frederick Victor DAVIES, 30, store manager, Ontario, 74 Awde St. Toronto, s/o John Francis DAVIES (b. England) & Hannah Maria TUCKEY, married Lila GRIFFIN, 26, milliner, Ontario, 112 Ardagh St. Toronto, d/o John GRIFFIN (b. Ireland) & Hannah SPICER, witn: N. F. SMITH & Ethel V. GRIFFIN both of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926

29131-26 John Joseph DAVIS, 51, widower, Ireland, 338 Rusholme Rd Toronto, s/o Joseph DAVIS (b. Ireland) & Isabella SCULLEY, married Edna Lillian Blanche PLUMMER, 33, Ontario, 386 Rusholme Rd Toronto, d/o Edward CORBY (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COE, witn: John & Jessie WINTERS both of 90 Wolverleigh Blvd Toronto on Aug. 4, 1926

29132-26 Charles DAY, 41, corset cutter, divorced, Ontario, 43 Lillian St Toronto, s/o John DALY (deceased) (b. Ontario) & Margaret Ann GIFFEN, married Elizabeth Rae CUNNINGHAM, 34, milliner, Montreal, 1225 College St Toronto, d/o William CUNNINGHAM (b. Montreal Que) & Mary CASSIDY, witn: J. G. HAMILTON of 21 Middleton St. & Gladys E. DAY of 43 Lillian St. both of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926

29133-26 Cecil Henry DEAN, 23, salesman, England, 24 Costain Ave Toronto, s/o William Henry DEAN (b. England) & Sarah Jennie LACY, married Flora McDonald ROSS, 21 (b. 19 April 1905), packer, Glasgow Scotland, 940 Gerrard St. East Toronto, d/o William Hugh ROSS (b. Scotland) & Flora McDONALD (married 14 June 1900 at Hutchenstown Glasgow), witn: Rita C. ROSS of 940 Gerrard St. East & Victor Carl DEAN of 185 Blantyre Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 30, 1926

29134-26 Avery George DEARLOVE, 58, lather, widower, Ontario, 77 Yarmouth Rd Toronto, s/o John DEARLOVE (b. England) & Annie MacDONALD, married Sophia Louisa BROWN, 42, widow, England, 67 Simpson Ave Mimico, d/o John Benjamin LANGLEY (b. England) & Sophia BRAY, witn: Mrs. Florence & Alfred HORNIBLOW both of 51 Harold St Mimico on Aug. 28, 1926 at Epsworth United Church

29135-26 Edward Archibald DELLER, 24, clerk, England, 110 Benson Ave Toronto, s/o Archibald DELLER (b. England) & Esther BROADRIB, married Alma May LAVELL, 22, operator, Ontario, 354 Logan Ave Toronto, d/o William LAVELL (b. Canada) & Lottie STOADER, witn: H. C. NOBLE 277 Montrose Ave & Marguerite M. MARTIN of 130 Warden Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 11, 1926

29136-26 Robert Charles DENCH, 23, inspector, England, 135 Coleman Ave Toronto, s/o Robert Henry DENCH (b. England) & Florence MOODY, married Edith Evelyn BECK, 19, stenographer, Quebec, 518 Sherbourne St. Toronto, d/o John BECK (b. England) & Sarah J. KENDALL, witn: A. P. MORRIS of 8 Pepler Ave & Florence DENCH of 135 Coleman Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926 at 359 Wolverleigh Blvd

29137-26 Albert Wilson DENNING, 31, musician, Ontario, 138 Lisgar St. Toronto, s/o Frederick James DENNING (b. England) & Florence ROSS, married Lelia Alice Marguerite JUDSON, 20, Ontario, 34 Norton Ave Toronto, d/o Dallas W. JUDSON (b. USA) & Sarah MOORE, witn: Iona E. ROADHOUSE & Emma BRECHIN both of 33 St. Clair Gardens Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926

29138-26 William Edward DICKEY, 20, shipper, Ontario, 180 Argyle St. Toronto, s/o John DICKEY (b. Ireland) & Mary CROZIER, married Edith M. ALLBERRY, 20, operator, Ontario, 132 Markham St. Toronto, d/o George H. ALLBERRY (b. Ontario) & Eliza McJENNETT, witn: Ruby & Nicholas McINTYRE both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29139-26 William Beatty DICKSON, 31, doctor, Ontario, 262 Geneva St. Utica New York USA, s/o James DICKSON (b. Ontario) & Jean BEATTY, married Anna McLELLAN 27, nurse, Ontario, Harriston Ont., d/o John McLELLAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret FERGUSON, witn: Elizabeth M. PARKER & Mina S. DARROCH both of 42 Admiral Road Toronto on Aug. 28, 1926

29140-26 Basil Joseph DILLON, 33, plumber, Toronto, 685 Spadina Ave same, s/o Francis DILLON & Johanna McCARTHY, married Caroline Mary CUNNINGHAM, 25, telephone operator, Ottawa, 20 North Markham St Toronto, d/o Michael CUNNINGHAM & Anna M. COWAN, witn: Julia MORIARITY & Alice DILLON no residences given on Aug. 23, 1926

29141-26 Bert Case DILTZ, 32, teacher, Ontario, Lindsay, s/o Charles E. DILTZ (b. Ontario) & Martha J. CASE, married Agnes Marcella Henrietta BROWN, 26, teacher, Ontario, 62 Gloucester St. Toronto, d/o Charles P. BROWN (b. Ontario) & Marcella G. DUFFEY, witn: W. H. JOLLIFFE & Jessie BROWN both of Toronto on Aug. 7, 1926 at Knox Church

29142-26 Joseph DINNICK, 21, operator, Toronto, 690 Danforth Ave same, s/o Rev. Samuel Dunn DINNICK (b. England) & Mary DINNICK, married Lelia GRAHAM, 24, clerk, Toronto, 626 Greenwood Ave same, d/o Thomas E. GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. MASON, witn: G. C. LEGGE of 49 McFARLAND Ave & Violet GRAHAM of 626 Greenwood Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 28, 1926


29143-26 Giacomo DI PASQUALE, 22, labourer, Italy, 28 St. Paul Toronto, s/o Carmelo DI PASQUALE (b. Italy) & Rosa SANTOCUOMO, married Vincenzina DIGIAMCO, 19, Italy, 214 Ontario St. Toronto, d/o Antonio DIGIAMCO (b. Italy) & Francesca MURANO, witn: Vincenza & Concetta AVOLA both of 287 Parliament St. Toronto on Aug. 30, 1926

29145-26 William Boiston DIXON, 35, salesman, England, 608 Milverton Blvd Toronto, s/o Anthony DIXON & Frances Ann BOISTON, married Alice Marion DUNCAN, 38, widow, England, 706 Rhodes Ave. Toronto, d/o Frederick CABLE & Sarah WILSON, witn: Margaret DIXON 608 Milverton Blvd & Norman JONES of 23 Albany Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29144-26 Frederick John DIXON, 22, collector, England, 162 Shaw St Toronto, s/o Henry DIXON (b. England) & Mary FRANCIS, married Evelyn HUBBARD, 20, book binder, Ontario, 553 Richmond St. West Toronto, d/o John (b. Ontario) & Jessie, witn: Henry DIXON & Rubie BUDD both of Toronto on Aug. 16, 1926

29146-26 William Albert DOHERTY, 26, salesman, Ontario, 81 Stibbard Ave Toronto, s/o William DOHERTY (b. Ontario) & Ellen Francis MASON, married Lillian METCALF, 24, nurse, Ontario, 442 Summerhill Ave Toronto, d/o Samuel Denis METCALF (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth DAVIS, witn: Ethel M. OAKLEY & William DOHERTY both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29147-26 William John DOUGLAS, 48, engineer, Ontario, 1166 Alder Ave Moose Jaw Sask., s/o John DOUGLAS (b. Ontario) & Margaret BELLAM, married Hester MAY, 36, widow, England, 168 Bleecker St. Toronto, d/o Henry BOWLAY (b. England) & Lucy, witn: John & Mrs. Mary HALLIDAY both of 168 Bleecker St Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926 at 168 Bleecker St.

29148-26 Arthur James DOWDING, 33, photo engraver, Ontario, 98 Oak St. Toronto, s/o William James DOWDING (b. England) & Ella WOOD, married Agnes MITCHELL, 33, Ontario, 324 Berkeley St. Toronto, d/o William J. MITCHELL (b. Ireland) & Mary BRAEMER?, witn: Mary COOK & Beatrice DAVISON both of 83 Power St. Toronto on Aug. 24, 1926

29149-26 John Joseph DOWNS, 22, labourer, England, 1015 Queen St. East Toronto, s/o John DOWNS (b. England) & Anne McHUGH, married Sarah HAMILTON, 20, Ireland, 1015 Queen St. East Toronto, d/o James HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Mary GORDON, witn: W. E. & Mary W. BUFFEY both of 904 Eastern Ave Toronto on Aug. 23, 1926

29150-26 Paul Aloysius Lafayette DRAKE, 27, broker, Pennsylvania USA, Isabella Hotel Toronto, s/o Benjamin DRAKE (b. Maryland USA) & Sophia MAYERS, married Louise Elliott BARNETT, 21 (b. 11 Dec 1904), Detroit, Port Carling Muskoka, d/o Clarence BARNETT (b. Ontario) & Florence BLACKMAN, witn: Albert DRAKE of King Edward Hotel Toronto & Marion BARNETT of Port Carling on Aug. 11, 1926

29151-26 Leonard Beryl DRUMMOND, 31, electrician, Ontario, 69 Pearson Ave Toronto, s/o Thomas Oliver DRUMMOND (b. Ontario) & Margaret Eleanor FETTERFIELD, married Grace Madeline MOORE, 17, clerk, Ontario, 69 Pearson Ave Toronto, d/o William Edward MOORE (b. England) & Alice LAWRENCE, witn: W. N. DRUMMOND of 88 Pearson Ave & Kathleen BINNS of 67 Spencer Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926 at Church of the Epiphany

29152-26 Alexander Burnett DRYSDALE, 36, clerk, Scotland, 256 Symington Ave Toronto, s/o Frank DRYSDALE (b. Scotland) & Jessie THOMPSON, married Davina Hutcheson KEITH, 25, widower, Scotland, 254 Lansdowne Ave Toronto, d/o Adam KEITH (b. Scotland) & Charlotte WILLIAMSON, witn: William DRYSDALE of 256 Symington Ave & Dora HOLMAN of 3357 Dundas St. both of Toronto on Aug. 4, 1926 at 256 Symington Ave

29153-26 Archie DYSART, 29, caretaker, Ireland, 191 Logan Ave Toronto, s/o Archie DYSART (b. Ireland) & Jane MATTHEWS, married May Florence MOORHEAD, 21, operator, Ireland, 583 Main St. Toronto, d/o Robert MOORHEAD (b. Ireland) & Annie GLOVER, witn: William SANDICE? of 5 Wyatt Ave & Margaret DYSART of 191 Logan Ave Toronto on Aug. 4, 1926


29154-26 Melvin Blantyre EDWARDS, 22, enamel dipper, Toronto, 188 Rhodes Ave same, s/o George Edward EDWARDS & Rose Elizabeth ABBOTT, married Emily GREEN, 21, Kearsley Lane England, 188 Rhodes Ave Toronto, d/o Adam GREEN & Ada ENTWISTLE, witn: Doris SHELMERDINE 31 Newmarket Ave & Samuel SAUNDERS of 188 Rhodes Ave both of Toronto on Aug. 7, 1926 at St. John's Church Norway

29155-26 James ELLIS, 24, bartender, Ontario, Toronto, s/o James ELLIS, b. Ireland & Margaret "doesn't know", married Annie Elizabeth AIKENS, 27, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William AIKENS, b. Canada & Mary BELL, witn: Sarah J. EARCHMAN & Mary Gertrude EARCHMAN, both of Toronto, 6 Aug 1926

29156-26 Joseph William ELVINS, 22, leather maker, England, Scarborough, s/o William ELVINS & Elizabeth Ann BURTON, married Lillian Martha NICHOLL, 20, saleslady, Canada, Scarborough, d/o Charles Edward NICHOL & Susannah Margaret CHANTLER, witn: John CHANTLER of Toronto & Susannah Catherine NICHOLL of Scarborough, 7 Aug 1926 at The Church of the Incarnation,

29157-26 John EMSLIE, 45, farmer, Scotland, Oakville, s/o Benjamin EMSLIE, b. Scotland & Sarah Sophia MORAN, married Margaret Isabella MATTHEWS, 44 (b. 15 Nov 1881) Aberdeenshire Scotland, Oakville, d/o Samuel MATTHEWS, b. Scotland & Grace Edmonstone BARROCK, witn: Emily J. EMSLIE of Oakville & Leslie EMSLIE of Toronto, 19 Aug 1926

29158-26 Anthony Cameron ENGLISH, 26, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Nathaniel ENGLISH, b. Canada & Marion CLARKE, married Ina Jean TREXLER, 34, widow, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William HUNTER, b. Canada & Hannah PHILP, witn: A.T. MCFARLANE & Grace LANGSTONE, both of Toronto, 11 Aug 1926

29159-26 Ernest FADDEN, 21, mechanic, Ontario, New York USA, s/o John FADDEN, b. USA & Emma DAVIS, married Elsie PALLEY, 20, Ontario, Beeton, d/o James PALLEY, b. Scotland & Elsie DEVELL, witn: Wilbert EASTER & Anna EASTER, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1926

29160-26 Stanley Alexander FAIRBAIRN, 27, auto painter, Fergus, Toronto, s/o James FAIRBAIRN, b. Ontario & Elizabeth HOWETT, married Rosella LUSTY, 18, bon-bon dipper, Cayuga, Toronto, d/o Richard LUSTY, b. Ontario & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: Harold E. BAKER & Winnifred FARRELL, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1926

29161-26 Alfred Thomas Connell FARAGHER, 29, manager, Toronto, same, s/o William FARAGHER, b. England & Charlotte Ellen PANGE, married Mary Margueretta SMITH, 30, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James SMITH, b. Ontario & Mary HARPER, witn: Lillian CRONYN & C.H. BUNGAR (Burgar?), both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1926

29162-26 Albert FARMER, 48, widower, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o George FARMER, b. England & Sarah WATKIN, married Sarah Christine HALL, 46, bookkeeper, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Benedict HALL, b. Iceland & Sarah GISLEDOTTER, witn: Wilfred Elias BLISSENDEN & Bennetto LAW, both of Toronto, 18 Aug 1926

29163-26 David FARQUHARSON, 32, machinist Scotland, Flint Mich., s/o James FARQUHARSON, b. Dundee - Scotland & Annie HARDACRE, married Josephine HARDACRE, 22, stenographer, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Joseph HARDACRE, b. Aberdeen Scotland & Jane SMITH, witn: William LOGAN & Willetta LOGAN, both of Toronto, 26 Aug 1926

29164-26 Frank Van Lees FERGUSON, 29, salesman, Sarnia, London, s/o William Thomas FERGUSON, b. Alpena Mich. & Mary E. SUTHERLAND, married Flora Elizabeth KRAFT, 34, widow, housekeeper, Toronto, same, d/o Charles S. WRIGHT, b. Peterborough & Mary Ann JONES, witn: Kathryn COLLMAN & John S. WOOD, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29165-26 Frederick FINDLAY, 46, carpenter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Frederick FINDLAY, b. Scotland & Isabella COCKBURN, married Ina Louisa MCDONALD, 43 (b. 22 Dec 1882), Corbshill New Deer - Aberdeenshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o James MCDONALD, b. Scotland & Christine BRUCE (married 11 July 1872 at New Deer), witn: George STANFORD & William James REID, both of Toronto, 7 Aug 1926

29166-26 Donald Alexander FINLAYSON, 27, advertising agent, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Andrew FINLAYSON, b. Scotland & Isabella MCLERNAN, married Muriel Coulter ARMSTRONG, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Asa A. ARMSTRONG, b. Ontario & Annie L. COULTER, witn: Florence Maude DICKENSON of Toronto & Gordon LIGHTFOOT of Bothwell, 24 Aug 1926

29167-26 George Ambrose FIRBY, 29, traveller, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o John FIRBY & Mary White USHER, married Beatrice Lillian GARD, 25, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o John GARD & Amelia Nellie Adelaide THACKERY, witn: Allan W. FIRBY & Florence M. DOUGHTY, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29168-26 Charles Albert Gudgin FIRMAN, 30, deputy sheriff, England, Toronto, s/o Charles Albert FIRMAN, b. London England & Elizabeth DENNIS, married Doris Alice TESTAR, 29, manageress, London England, Toronto, d/o Frederick Ernest TESTAR, b. London England & Frances Letitia DOWNER, witn: H. SKINNER & V. SKINNER, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29169-26 John FISHER, 55, publisher, Easthope twp., Toronto, s/o Alexander FISHER, b. Scotland & Margaret MCGILLAVRIE, married Mary Elma MCDIARMID, 48, teacher, East Gloucester twp., Toronto, d/o Rev. Harry John MCDIARMID, b. Ontario & Mary HERON, witn: Archibald FISHER of Toronto & Jessie MCCALLUM of Galt, 31 Aug 1926

29170-26 Saul FISHMAN, 23, clerk, Russia, Toronto, s/o Israel FISHMAN, b. Russia & Eva COHEN, married Verka KAHANSKY, 19, cashier, Russia, Toronto, d/o William KAHANSKY, b. Russia & Paulin BORISNEWSKY, witn: D. SUGER & S. SEID, both of Toronto, 29 Aug 1926  (Jewish)

29171-26 Ernest Carl FETZER, 37, barrister, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Bernard C. FETZER, b. Germany & Lorena HERNS, married Esther Eudora STUTCHBURY, 31, music teacher, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Peter Jacob HERNS (sic), b. England & Veronica BOWMAN?, witn: Bernard C. FETZER & Maidel? TOBIAS, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1926

29172-26 Richard FITZGERALD, 34, clerk, Ontario, Toronto, Edward FITZGERALD, b. Ontario & Jane DYER, married Ellen SEWELL, 35, domestic, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas SEWELL, b. England & Mary Alice WIGNALL, witn: Jean M. INKPEN & Florence GREER, both of Toronto, 26 Aug 1926

29173-26 Anthony FLYNN, 22, soldier, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick FLYNN, b. Ireland & Amelia RYAN, married Verna Marguerita VAN DUSEN, 17, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James VAN DUSEN, b. Ontario & Lilla HESELTINE, witn: J.E. USHER & L.E. VAN DUSEN, both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1926

29174-26 Joseph FORD-KING, 24, driver, Croydon England, Toronto, s/o Joseph FORD-KING & Mary LAWRENCE, married Mary Martha EVE, 19, Tilbury England, Toronto, d/o Thomas Charles EVE & Florence ASTON, witn: Thomas J. EVE & Esther V. EVE, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29175-25 Francesco FOSARINI, 25, labourer, Italy, Toronto, s/o Antonio FOSARINI & Maria CESELINE, married Albina VIT, 22, Italy, Toronto, d/o Mattia VIT & Arina USATTI, witn: Guiseppe FANNON & Angelina PAZZO, 7 Aug 1926

29176-26 Tasman FOSTER, 31, labourer, Tasmania, Toronto, s/o Samuel William FOSTER, b. New Zealand & Louisa MARSH, married Mary White HUNTER, 29 (b. 24 Nov 1896), laundress, Portobello - Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, d/o David White HUNTER, b. Scotland & Jane HENDERSON (married 23 Dec 1887 at Edinburgh), witn: James JENKINS & Hattie M. BARTLETT, both of Toronto, 30 Aug 1926 at Toronto. [re bride: birth reg'n gives mother's name as Jane Hildersly]

29177-26 Bramwell George FOWLER, 20, baker, Wales, Toronto, s/o Harry FOWLER, b. Wales & Rosa SHAPROTT, married Emma Charlotte MCDOWELL, 21, operator, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John MCDOWELL, b. Ireland & Jane DUFFY, witn: Violet MCDOWELL & William STROUD, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29178-26 Arthur Herbert FRAMPTON, 27, engineer, England, Toronto, s/o Albert Edward FRAMPTON, b. England & Anna W. HOUNSELL, married Retta Victoria JOHNSON, 29, operator, Toronto, same, d/o Charles Drayton JOHNSON, b. Ontario & Ethel M. FOSTER, witn: Wallace J. BAXTER & Florence E. FRAMPTON, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1926

29179-26 Christopher Carl FRANKS, 21, shoemaker, Berlin, Kitchener, s/o Christopher Don FRANKS, b. New Germany & Annie MILLER, married Reta Loraine KRUEGER, 19, office clerk, Berlin, Kitchener, d/o Theodore & Louisa ROESCH, witn: Mr. A.J. BRACE & Brockman BRACE, both of Toronto, 16 Aug 1926

29180-26 Alexander Allan FRASER, 28, fireman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander FRASER, b. Scotland & Elizabeth SMITH, married Gertrude Mary DENCH, 25, clerk, England, Toronto, d/o Robert DENCH, b. England & Emily RUST, witn: Dorothy DENCH & Cecil BABCOCK, both of Toronto, 28 Aug 1926

29181-26 Norman Newton FREDERICK, 20, letter carrier, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John C. FREDERICK, b. Ontario & Martha SMITH, married Margaret Louise STRASLER, 18, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Harry STRASLER, b. Canada & Marjorie WIGHT, witn: Winnifred DOUGHTY & Oliver DOUGHTY, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1926

29182-26 Thomas James FREW, 29, driver, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas J. FREW, b. Ireland & Elizabeth TOMBS, married Margaret CROZIER, 26, dressmaker, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John CROZIER, b. Ireland & Elizabeth KNOX, witn: Frank FREW of Toronto & Mary CROZIER of Woodstock, 16 Aug 1926

29183-26 Walter Edgar GABB, 23, chauffeur, England, Toronto, s/o Walter GABB, b. England & Jane NELSON, married Jessie DESARMO, 19, waitress, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Charles DESARMO, b. Canada & Amanda SPEDLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A.J. GODDEN, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29184-26 Ashley Nelson GAGE, 23, machinist, England, Toronto, s/o William GAGE, b. England & Kathleen SMITH, married Maud Marian BRYAN, 17, England, Toronto, d/o William BRYAN, b. England & Maud SMITH, witn: May GIBBONS & Harold IRWIN, both of Toronto, 22 Aug 1926

29185-26 John Thomas GALLAGHER, 21, florist, Toronto, same, s/o Charles GALLAGHER, b. Ireland & Bell MONTGOMERY, married Gertrude Ethel STRINGER, 21, chocolate dipper, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur STRINGER, b. England & Susan STOCKLEY, witn: Edward GALLAGHER & Ethel K. MCLEOD, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29186-26 William McKerlie GALLAWAY, 22, iron worker, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander GALLAWAY, b. Scotland & Mary MCKERLIE, married Ellen DOUGLAS, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o "cannot remember names of parents. Died when she was about 3 mths. old", Ireland, witn: Gilbert McDowell WEBSTER & Martha Jane ENGLISH, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29187-26 Maurice GAM, 27, merchant, Russia, Detroit, s/o Zurman GAM, b. Russia & Goldie BISKMAN (Beckman?), married Ida VINISK, 24, saleslady, Russia, Toronto, d/o S. VINISK, b. Russia & Hanna LATUCHA, witn: Abraham LABOSKY & S.S. ROBTEL?, 29 Aug 1926 at Toronto. (Jewish)

29188-26 Lloyd GARDINER, 31, painter tinter, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward GARDINER, b. Ireland & Sarah Ann SMITH, married Helen Phoebe MATTHEWS, 24, stenographer, Quebec, Toronto, d/o Edward MATTHEWS, b. New York - USA & Helen Mary DONALDSON, witn: Alex MCKEE of Toronto & Helen COLLACUTT of Islington, 12 Aug 1926

29190-26 William Henry GAY, 28, relief manager, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William Henry GAY, b. Ontario & Annie MCREYNOLDS, married Myrtle Priscilla GOSTLIN, 22, stenographer, Toronto, same, d/o Newton O. GOSTLIN, b. Ontario & Connie E. STAPLE, witn: R. GOSTLIN & M. Ethyl BALL, both of Toronto, 3 Aug 1926

29189-26 Stanley GAY, 26, bread salesman, England, Toronto, s/o David GAY, b. England & Elizabeth CARTER, married Ruby Esther MIDDLETON, 23 (b. 1 March 1903), operator, Peckham - Camberwell England, Toronto, d/o Alexander Albert MIDDLETON, b. England & Charlotte Jessie WILLIS, witn: H. GAY & Lorraine GAY, both of Toronto, 18 Aug 1926

29191-26 Alexander GENTILI, 32, labourer, Italy, Toronto, s/o Luigi GENTILI & Annunziata MONCASELLI, married Palmilona FIORELLI, 16, Copper Cliff, Toronto, d/o Gucenco FIORELLI & Elisa RUPOLI, witn: Guiseppe GAGGI & Aldina FIORELLI, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926 at Toronto. (RC)

29192-26 Andrew John Oliver GEORGE, 21, steam fitter, England, Toronto, s/o Oliver GEORGE, b. England & Jeanette A. MORRIS, married Frances Margaret SHERIDAN, 18, presser, Nova Scotia, Toronto, d/o Fred R. SHERIDAN, b. Nova Scotia & Hattie DIBBON, witn: R.C.L. LINGE & E.R. BARRINGTON, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1926

29193-26 Archie GERTZBEIN, 23, salesman, Ontario Toronto, s/o Solomon GERTZBEIN, b. Russia & Dora GERTZBEIN, married Ethel NEWMAN, 18, operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Solomon NEWMAN, b. Poland & Tila RIBA, witn: Michill BURLSTINE & J. WEISSMAN, both of Toronto, 29 Aug 1926 at Toronto. (Jewish)

29194-26 Alfred Henry GIBBS, 26, attendant, England, London, s/o Henry GIBBS, b. England & Mary CHAMBERLAIN, married Jane LITTLE, 27, nurse, England, London, d/o George Bancroft LITTLE, b. England & Ellen Agnes CARTER, witn: Eugene MCGILL & Louisa MCGILL, both of Toronto, 5 Aug 1926

29195-26 Nicholas Fraser GIFFEN, 21, drug clerk, Stayner, Toronto, s/o James GIFFEN, b. Ontario & Mary Alice SCHELL, married Gladys Alice ANDERSON, 20, cashier, Toronto, same, d/o Arthur ANDERSON, b. London England & Edith CLEMENTS, witn: Lloyd R. IRELAND & Dorothy SMITH, both of Toronto, 30 Aug 1926

29196-26 William Oliver GILLESPIE, 46, driller, Petrolia, same, s/o Joseph GILLESPIE & Ellen DUNKIN, married Dorothy Kathleen CROMEEKE, 32, Leeds England, Toronto, d/o Alexander CROMEEKE & Clara BATTY, witn: Helen Margaret CROMEEKE & Bertha CROMEEKE, both of Toronto, 14 Aug 1926

29197-26 Herman Louis GLOIN, 47, grocer, Yarmouth twp., same, s/o John GLOIN, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Mary NORTON, married Norma GILBERT, 31, school teacher, Yarmouth twp., same, d/o Peter GILBERT, b. Yarmouth Twp. & Mary MURRAY, witn: Minnie ROBERTS & Eleanor ROBERTS, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1926

29198-26 Wallace Arthur GLOVER, 22, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Arthur GLOVER, b. Ontario & Elizabeth MULLIGAN, married Eileen CARDY, 21, shipper, England, Toronto, d/o George CARDY, b. England & Maude Ethel FIRTH, witn: Alice HOLLAND & Herbert J. ANDERSON, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1926 at Toronto. (Divorced 1934-10-31)

29199-26 Ramson GOLLINGER, 72, widower, labourer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Lorenzo GOLLINGER, b. USA & Mary Ann BEAN, married Sarah Ann CROMPTON, 68, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Isaiah WHEATLY, b. England & Ann WALKER, witn: Elizabeth H. HOWE & Arthur REDFERN, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1926

29200-26 William Storey GOODFELLOW, 21, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o William Storey GOODFELLOW, b. England & Martha PALMER, married Florence Myrtle HOUGH, 17, book binder, Toronto, same, d/o Frederick Alvin HOUGH, b. Ontario & Ethel CHAMBERS, witn: Gordon F. CARTER & Thelma G. HOUGH, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1926

29201-26 George Harold GOULD, 22, marble setter, England, Toronto, s/o James Neal GOULD, b. England & Fanny RICHARD, married Myrtle Irene CRONEY, 20, saleslady, Ontario, Toronto, d/o James CRONEY, b. Canada & Margaret BELL, witn: John F. GOULD & Isabel CRONEY, both of Toronto, 2 Aug 1926

29202-26 John GRAFFY, 36, business, England, Toronto, s/o John GRAFFY & Mary HOLLYER, married Eudoria NDORENKO, 31, Russia, Toronto, d/o Kuymen NDORENKO & Proseoria ZUBHOFF, witn: Charles HOLLYER & Mary HOLLYER, both of Toronto, 2 Aug 1926

29203-26 John GRAHAM, 26, soldier, England, Toronto, s/o George GRAHAM, b. England & Emily CHAPPEL, married Mary WILKS, 21 (b. 4 Feb 1905), waitress, Duddaston - Birmingham England, Toronto, d/o John WILKS, b. England & Mary JEBBS (Jellis?), witn: Arthur ADAMSON & Laura KELLY, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1926

29204-26 Wilmot Kay GRAHAM, 22, window dresser, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John S. GRAHAM, b. Ontario & Sadie KAY, married Hazel Leslie HUMPHREYS, 21, operator, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Albert James GRAHAM [sic], b. Ontario & Susan Elizabeth CANSON (Cameron?), witn: Leonard WRIGHT & James SPRINT, both of Toronto, 4 Aug 1926


29205-26 Malcolm Earle GRANT, 24, press feeder, England, Toronto, s/o Charles Henry GRANT & Mary HARDY, married Loretta May BOYES, 24, perfume dispatcher, Toronto, same, d/o William Frederick BOYES & Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: Stanley E. LOWE & Iris M. GRANT, both of Toronto, 7 Aug 1926

29207-26 Sidney James GRAY, 37, salesman, England, Toronto, s/o Arthur GRAY, b. England & Elizabeth SHAW, married Agnes Wright SHAW, 30 (b. 5 Oct 1895), dressmaker, Larbert - Sterlingshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Hugh SHAW, b. Scotland & Mary WRIGHT, witn: C.E. MACTAGGART & E.D. MACTAGGART, both of Toronto, 7 Aug 1926

29206-26 Joseph GRAY, 32, salesman, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Jack GRAY, b. Scotland & Edith BENNETT, married Jane Clark KINLOCH, 28 (b. 30 Aug 1897), bookkeeper, Dunfermline Scotland, Toronto, d/o David KINLOCH, b. Scotland & Isabel WILSON (married 30 Dec 1892 at Dunfermline), witn: D. KINLOCH & Mrs. I. KINLOCH, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1926

29208-26 Thomas Gilbert GREEN, 44, master mechanic, Birmingham England, Gowganda, s/o Frank Samuel GREEN, b. England & Ellen STEELE, married Ethel Grace LE HEUF (Le Heup?), 31, stenographer, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Robert LE HEUF, b. Canada & Victoria HOFFMAN, witn: Robert C. LE HEUF of Haileybury & Lily M. LOCKINGTON of Toronto, 7 Aug 1926

029436-26 Alex RUZUMNA, 22, merchant, Russia, 614 West Canfield Ave in Detroit s/o David RUZUMNA (b. Russia) & Goldie RUZUMNA married Lily MANDEL, 18, tailor, Poland, 154 Chestnut St in Toronto d/o Harold MANDEL (b. Poland) & Annie PANCER wtn: A. BLUMENFIELD of 23 Henry St & P. GREENBAUM of 41 D'Arcy St, 15 August 1926 029437-26 Henry George SALISBURY, 32, district manager, England, 2048 Hanover Dr E in Cleveland Ohio s/o Albert SALISBURY (b. England) & Bessie BURGER married Helen Dorothea COLGROVE, 31, bookkeeper, Ontario, 142 Delaware Ave in Toronto d/o Charles E. COLGROVE (b. Ontario) & Margaret WEBSTER wtn: Miss L. COLGROVE of 142 Delaware Ave in Toronto & George R. WYER of 1621 Queen St W in Toronto, 28 August 1926
27579-26 Charles Digby SALKELD, 34, mining engineer, England, Sioux Lookout, s/o Charles SALKELD, b. England & Edith ROBSON, married Rhoda Effinell BUTTREY (Buttery?), 37, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Leonard BUTTREY, b. Ontario & Mary GULLY, witn: Muriel PARKER & E.V. FAIRBANKS, both of Toronto, 18 May 1926 029438-26 Morris SALTZMAN, 20, operator, Russia, 57 Walton St in Toronto s/o Takol SALTZMAN (b. Poland) & Ha Chana BROSHANDEL married Betty WARDINGER, 16, England, 5 Trefann St in Toronto d/o Mordka WARDINGER (b. Poland) & Ella KRAWICE wtn: Aron KAZABSKY of 216 Beverley Ave & Charles NAGEL of 78 Nassau, 15 August 1926 [Divorced granted 27 April 1933 at Toronto]

029439-26 Harrell SANDERSON, 28, chartered accountant, Toronto, 129 Erskine Ave in Toronto s/o James SANDERSON & Rosa PAGER married Alice GRUNDY, 25, bank clerk, Thief River Falls Minnesota, 44 Lola Rd in Toronto d/o Henry GRUNDY & Lucy TOMLINSON wtn: Charles Edwin J. HOBSON of 75 Canfield Ave in Toronto & Mary GRUNDY of 44 Lola Rd in Toronto, 21 August 1926 at St Clements Church

27580-26 Arthur Charles SANDERSON, 26, mechanical engineer, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas SANDERSON, b. Ontario & Charlotte HICKLING, married Amuletta Bernice JEPHCOTT, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Alfred JEPHCOTT, b. England & Amuletta MANSELL, witn: Clarence M. JEPHCOTT & Kathleen JEPHCOTT, both of Toronto, 15 May 1926

27581-26 Moody Charles SANDS, 24, telephone lineman, Ontario, London, s/o John James SANDS, b. Ontario & Mary BELL, married Elva Rhoda CAMPBELL, 18, student, Ontario, Port Credit, d/o Henry Baxter CAMPBELL, b. USA & Rhoda Irene TROTTER, witn: Eva L. DYKES & Margaret BARTLETT, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926

27582-26 Nolton Edward SANFORD, 19, chauffeur, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Nolton Edward SANFORD, b. Ontario & Clara HART, married Eileen FERRIS, 16, Toronto, same, d/o James FERRIS, b. Ireland & Rebecca SMITH, witn: Wallace FERRIS & Rebecca FLEWELL, both of Toronto, 10 May 1926

029440-26 Beverley Temple SANGSTER, 39, clerk, Ontario, 164 Jamieson Ave in Toronto s/o John Herbert SANGSTER (b. Scotland) & Caroline McCAUSLAND, married Bernice Viola GRAHAM, 35, nurse, Ontario, 73 Pacific Ave in Toronto d/o Duncan GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Margaret McKILLOP wtn: Louise B. NEIL & Margaret BAYNE both of 141 Lawlor Blvd, 18 August 1926 27583-26 Joseph Matthew SARGEANT, 21, machine operator, Toronto, same, s/o James SARGEANT, b. Ontario & Harriet SABINE, married Madeline Erma MASKELL, 19, packer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William MASKELL, b. Ontario & Cara ANSLIE, witn: Alexander G. BARBOUR & May Theresa ORR, both of Toronto, 29 May 1926

029441-26 Stanfield Joseph SAUVE, 22, labourer, Cornwall, Toronto s/o Wallace SAUVE & Annie TOLIN married Edna Violet KINSELLA, 21, Toronto, Toronto d/o Richard KINSELLA & Ida FURLONG wtn: Lawrence H. SAUVE of 1300 College St & Dorothy KINSELLA of 138 West Lodge Ave, 4 August 1926 at Holy Family Church

27584-26 Reginald Anthony SAUVE, 17, salesman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Joseph Wallace SAUVE, b. Quebec & Ann TOLIN, married Edith Ethel BROWN, 18 (b. 21 April 1908), clerk, Lewisham - London England, Toronto, d/o William George BROWN, b. England & Elizabeth Blanche GREEN, witn: Lawrence John SAUVE & Mrs. William E. McAVOY, both of Toronto, 24 May 1926

029442-26 Robert SAYERS, 24, farmer, Ireland, 39 Hayden St in Toronto s/o Samuel SAYERS (b. Ireland) & Matilda BAILEY married Mary DOHERTY, 20, house maid, Ireland, 39 Hayden St in Toronto d/o William John DOHERTY (b. Ireland) & Mary Ann KELLY wtn: James BRANTON & Sarah BRANTON both of 39 Hayden St in Toronto, 2 August 1926 029443-26 Edwin George SCANLON, 30, rubber worker, Ireland, 193 Osler Ave in Toronto s/o William SCANLON (b. Ireland) & Mary BRADLEY married Hazel CRAWFORD, 22, operator, Ontario, 85 Hook Ave in Toronto d/o John CRAWFORD (b. Ireland) & Margaret HUTCHINSON wtn: John Edwin DOUGLAS of 80 Evans Ave in Toronto & Mabel CRAWFORD of 85 Hook Ave in Toronto, 25 August 1926
27585-26 Louis SCHATZ, 26, leather goods, Poland, Toronto, s/o Isail LEVINE, b. Poland & Sarah RIBISKY , married Rebecca LEVINE, 20, clothing finisher, Poland, Toronto, d/o Abraham SCHATZ, b. Poland & Ressie BRESANSKY , witn: G. BROWN & J. ADROVAN, both of Toronto, 23 May 1926 (Jewish) [parents as written]

029444-26 Pietro SCIGLIOLO, 32, barber, Modugno Bari Italy, 732 Bay St in Toronto s/o Michele & Domenia nee LACETERRA married Teresa LEONE, 23, at home, Toronto, Toronto d/o Salvatore & Maria nee PERILLI wtn: Nicholas SCICUTOLA & George (illegible) both of 732 Bay St, 16 August 1926

27587-26 Robert Airth SCOTT, 23, machinist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Alexander Jameson SCOTT, b. Ontario & Maria JAMIESON, married Annie Hazel LEAKEY, 26, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas LEAKEY, b. Ontario & Anne MCGONEGAL, witn: Sadie JACKSON & E.W. SHERRIFF, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926

27586-26 Herman SCOTT, 19, labourer, Ontario, Chatham, s/o Nelson SCOTT, b. Ontario & Bertha POTTER, married Margaret FAUBERT, 19, Ontario, Chatham, d/o John FAUBERT, b. Ontario & Elizabeth JOSEPH, witn: Marie STACKS & Jean WERD-WHITE, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926

029445-26 Gilbert SCOTT, 39, manager, Quebec, 134 Willow Ave in Toronto s/o Francis George SCOTT (b. Quebec) & Mary LUCE married Nona Bernice HOCQUARD, 23, stenographer, Quebec, 307 Woodbine Ave in Toronto d/o Francis J. HOCQUARD (b. Quebec) & Augusta SMITH wtn: Emma FERGUSON of 588 Clinton St in Toronto & Gertrude SKIRROW of 586 Clinton St in Toronto, 26 August 1926 at 588 Clinton St 27588-26 Walter Barnes SEALE, 45, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o John SEALE, b. England & Rachel WILLIAMS, married Sarah Norman WILLIAMS, 45, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Norman DUFF, b. England & Sarah MORRIS, witn: A. BAKER & D. JURGENSEN, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926
029446-26 Simon Edward SEXSMITH, 23, lithographer, Ontario, Toronto s/o Tobias SEXSMITH & Mary Ann PACEY married Elsie Lydia HIGGINS, 26, cashier, Toronto, Toronto d/o Charles E. HIGGINS & Louisa FILBY wtn: Joseph Alex SEXSMITH of 786 Pope Ave in Toronto & Lydia Irene GIBSON of 149 James St in Toronto, 31 August 1926 at St Clements Church 27590-26 August Julius SEYLER, 55, widower, department manager, Ontario, 148 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, s/o Jacob SEYLER, b. Ontario & Elizabeth MILLER, married Edith Hastings FENNER, 32, England, 12 Kingsmount Park Rd in Toronto, d/o George FENNER, b. England & Blanche PINKERTON, witn: Carrie E.G. WATSON of 12 Kingsmount Park Rd & R. ?--TCH of Ossington Ave, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926

029447-26 George Christopher SHALLHORN, 50, widower, Assistant Manager, Ontario, 24 Linsmore Cres in Toronto s/o Christian SHALLHORN (b. Germany) & Christina GERKE married Mary Piritte FORSYTH, 35, Ontario, 267 Strathmore Blvd in Toronto d/o John FORSYTH (b. Ontario) & Jane HUNTER wtn: Arnold SHALLHORN of 24 Linsmore Cres & Dorothy BENSON of 207 Parkmount, 14 August 1926


029448-26 Bertrand Henry SHARP, 25, car man, England, 259 Niagara St in Toronto s/o William James SHARP (b. England) & Kathleen FARRON married Annie Nora GREENSIDES, 29, widow, Ontario, 259 Niagara St in Toronto d/o William WATTERTON (b. Ontario) & Agnes JOHNSTON wtn: Arthur A. WHITTINGTON of St Johns Church & Maude WINKIE of 3 Pretoria Ave, 5 August 1926 at St Johns Church 029449-26 Joseph Willoughby SHARPE, 19, steam fitter, Ontario, 363 Church St in Toronto s/o John Thomas SHARPE (b. England) & Ada Marie BURTON married Margaret Scanlon KENDAL, 17 (b. 9 April 1909), operator, Glasgow Scotland, 139 Central Ave in Hamilton d/o William Nassau KENDAL (b. Scotland) & Marion Steele CARRICK (married 30 March 1900 at Lochwinnoch) wtn: Jessie MURRAY of 69 Constance St in Toronto & John A. WALLACE of 415 Jarvis St in Toronto, 12 August 1926 at 415 Jarvis St
029450-26 Francis Tracy SHAW, 26, manager, Ontario, 611 Jarvis St in Toronto s/o Henry John SHAW (b. Quebec) & Catherine TRACEY married Lyla Margaret BLAIR, 25, stenographer, Ontario, 476 Roncesvalles Ave in Toronto d/o Milton BLAIR (b. Canada) & Emily SKEELS wtn: Mildred TURNER & H.W. TURNER both of 476 Roncesvalles, 14 August 1926 029451-26 Karl John SHEAHAN, 30. agent, Ontario, 172 Dunn Ave in Toronto s/o John SHEAHAN (b. Ontario) & Ann HODGKINS married Lylia Alberta Marion MORTIMER, 24, clerk, Ontario, 81 Fermanagh Ave in Toronto d/o Henry MORTIMER (b. England) & Mary FORSYTHE wtn: A.S. JONES of Barrie in Ontario & A.G. MORTIMER of 81 Fermanagh Ave, 19 August 1926 at Holy Family Church

27591-26 Reuben Charles SHEPHARD, 25, tailor's trimmer, England, Toronto, s/o James SHEPHARD, b. England & Elizabeth JACKETTS, married Margaret Pearl SHEPHARD, 24, stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard SHEPHARD, b. Ontario & Sarah Jane GREENLEES, witn: W.M. SHEPARD & Ada SHEPHARD, both of Toronto, 22 May 1926

029452-26 John William SHEPHERD, 25, chauffeur, Ontario, 185 Hamilton St in Toronto s/o Charles SHEPHERD (b. England) & Maria TETREAULT married Emma Alberta GILPIN, 18, domestic, Ontario, 236 River St in Toronto d/o John William GILPIN (b. Ontario) & Catherine DOWNEY wtn: Rev T.F. MADDEN of Niagara University in Niagara Falls NY & Miss G. McGARRY of 120 First Ave in Toronto, 28 August 1926

27592-26 Bert SHERMAN, 46, driver, Downeyville, Toronto, s/o Bert SHERMAN & Patricia FOIST, married Josephine DUGGAN, 37, widow, Charlottetown PEI, Toronto, d/o Thomas WISTEN & Matilda DUNN, witn: J. WILBEE & Catherine WILBEE, both of Toronto, 12 May 1926

27593-26 Jack SHWARTZ (Schwartz?), 23, milliner, Russia, Toronto, s/o Abraham SHWARTZ, b. Russia & Rosie SOSMAN, married Mallie KESHEN, 23, dressmaker, Russia, Toronto, d/o Jacob KESHEN, b. Russia & Mary SHALFEN, witn: B. SNIDER & Samuel GREEN, both of Toronto, 23 May 1926 at Toronto. (Jewish)

27589-26 John Nelson SIMM, 24, physician, Canada, Barton twp., s/o M.C. SENN, b. Canada & Etta May MOORE, married Myrtle Olive SLOAN, 25, milliner, Canada, Toronto, d/o James Herbert SLOAN, b. Toronto & Etta TOMLINSON, witn: Thelma E. SLOAN of Toronto & Elgin SENN of Fort William, 12 May 1926 029453-26 Albert Matthew Claude SIMMONS, 25, shipper, England, 17 Brad West St in Toronto s/o Albert SIMMONS (b. England) & Sarah Ellen OWEN married Dora BOOTH, 24, printer, England, 3220 Dundas St W in Toronto d/o John Thomas BOOTH (b. England) & Jane WILLIAMS wtn: William DAVEY 323 Caledonia Road & Winnifred WHITAKER of 49 Doel Ave, 21 August 1926

27594-26 Louis SIMROD, 21, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o Israel SIMROD, b. Russia & Bryna VALAKOFF, married Shirley BERNSTEIN, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Morris BERNSTEIN, b. Russia & Pearl ZICHLES, witn: Myer ISAACKOVITCH & Israel SIMROD, both of Toronto, 23 May 1926 (Jewish)

27595-26 Gordon Allan SINCLAIR, 25, journalist, Toronto, same, s/o George SINCLAIR, b. Scotland & Bessie EESLEY, married Gladys Elizabeth PREWETT, 27, stenographer, Toronto, Islington, d/o Arthur H. PREWETT, b. Ontario & Clara HELLYER, witn: H. Murray SINCLAIR & Alive A. PINCHIN, 8 May 1926

029454-26 Fraser Augustus SINCLAIR, 27, clerk, Scotland, 156 Huron St in Toronto s/o David SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Catherine SUTHERLAND married Janet Shepherd RAEBURN, 25, saleslady, Scotland, 192 Howie Ave in Toronto d/o Alexander RAEBURN (b. Scotland) & Agnes MacKENZIE wtn: Frances Campbell SINCLAIR of 30 Haylen St in Toronto & Margaret G. DUCHANT of 788 Shaw St in Toronto, 11 August 1926 at 90 Auburn Ave 029455-26 Robert Ardagh Roe SINCLAIR, 44, widower, contractor, Ontario, 24 Castle Frank Cres in Toronto s/o Angus SINCLAIR (b. Canada) & Annie ROE married Evelyn Christine McKENZIE, 32, divorced, Ontario, 240 Jarvis St in Toronto d/o Peter McKENZIE (b. Canada) & Annie McDERMOTT wtn: Mrs Thomas BRADLEY of Smith's Falls  & Aileen McKENZIE of 48 Castle Frank Road in Toronto, 30 August 1926
029456-26 William SKAWULIAN, 21, Austria, 428½ Perth Ave s/o Nick SKAWULIAN & Annie BALANUK married Anna BASARABA, 18, Austria, 101 18th St in New Toronto d/o Elia BASARABA & Vasilina BARANAN wtn: John HALOWKA of 428 Perth Ave in Toronto & Maik SAWKIW of 101 18th St in New Toronto, 28 August 1926 27596-26 Clarence Baden-Powell SLAUGHTER, 25, physician, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Joseph SLAUGHTER, b. Ontario & Eliza WARING, married Gertrude Helen WEST, 23, graduate nurse, Nova Scotia, Toronto, d/o Frank Chadwick WEST, b. USA & Edith Grant THOMPSON, witn: Margaret I. STILES & J.C. HARRIES, both of Toronto, 25 May 1926
029457-26 Edward SLAZINSKI, 25, bookkeeper, Detroit, 1565 East Garfield Ave in Detroit in Mich USA s/o George SLAZINSKI (b. Poland) & Andoe, married Matilda MADARASZ, 16, artist, Hungary, 128 University Ave in Toronto d/o Andor MADARASZ (b. Hungary) & Matilda KRAVILT wtn: Mrs Beatrice KONDOR of 128 University Ave & E.F. HUNTER of 209 Crawford St, 20 August 1926 at Toronto [re bride: copy of 1910 birth reg'n is attached to marriage reg'n but it is written in Hungarian? - "Sziletesi anyakonyvi kivonat"] 029458-26 Fred SLEIGHTHOLM, 33, piano action maker, England, 52 Emerson Ave in Toronto s/o Richard SLEIGHTHOLM (b. England) & Isabell TROTTER married Mary Pennycruick Livingstone BOW, 33, supervisor, Scotland, 455 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto d/o James BOW (b. Scotland) & Jean LIVINGSTONE wtn: Harold SLEIGHTHOLM of 52 Emerson St in Toronto & Mrs Jean BOW of 455 Lansdowne Ave in Toronto, 20 August 1926

029459-26 Harold Ross SLICHTER, 21, mechanic, Toronto, 162 Simpson Ave in Toronto s/o Edmund SLICHTER (b. Canada) & Catherine KETCHING married Rita Evelyn TURNEY, 20, tailor, Ontario, 236 Queen St E in Toronto d/o Frederick TURNEY (b. Ontario) & Muriel GOULD wtn: Frank Edmund SLICHTER & Georgina STEEN both of Toronto, 4 August 1926

27597-26 William John SMALLRIDGE, 20, dyer, Toronto, same, s/o William Frederick SMALLRIDGE, b. Ontario & Elizabeth DYSON, married Gladys May JACKSON, 17, Toronto, same, d/o Charles Francis JACKSON, b. England & Sarah Jane BEAL, witn: F.C. JACKSON & M.J. GRAY, both of Toronto, 8 May 1926

27598-26 Cecil John SMITH, 25, accountant, Locust Hill, Sudbury, s/o William R. SMITH & Margaret RODGERS, married Sarah Lillian TOMKINS, 21-10/12, stenographer, Cookstown, Sudbury, d/o William S. TOMKINS & Martha E. NEY, witn: Ida LAKE & Clifford William SMITH, both of Toronto, 11 May 1926

27599-26 William Herbert SMITH, 35, widower, streetcar motorman, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William SMITH, b. England & Hannah BROWN, married Norma Irene SHARRARD, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Joseph Edgar SHARRARD, b. Ontario & Lottie Emelia BROWN, witn: Edna Marjory GREENWELL & Herbert SHEPPARD, both of Toronto, 27 May 1926

029461-26 Clarence Alfred SMITH, 26, clerk, Ontario, 143 Bayle St in Montreal, s/o Richard George SMITH (b. Ontario) & Florence LEMESSAURIER, married Vera Margaret HUNTER, 22, clerk, Montreal, 25 Rosemount Ave in Toronto d/o George Edwin HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Cora Jane CARSON wtn: R. Gordon HARRIS of 71 Rumsdale Ave in Toronto & Marjory HUNTER of 25 Rosemount Ave in Toronto, 24 August 1926 at 25 Rosemount Ave 029460-26 Charles Alfred SMITH, 25, salesman, England, 655 Drury St in New Toronto s/o William SMITH (b. England) & Caroline RASKETT married Gladys Ivy BENNETT, 18 (b. 30 July 1908), domestic, Ferring (Perring?) Sussex England, 161 Jamieson Ave in Toronto d/o James BENNETT (b. England) & Ellen HUNTER wtn: Lillian S, DAWSON & J. DAWSON both of 633 Dune Ave in Toronto, 21 August 1926 at 448 Holland Ave
029463-26 John Wesley SMITH, 34, widower, mechanic, Ontario, 44 Imperial Ave in Toronto s/o William SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth MATHESON married Maud Alice SHEPPARD, 24, Ontario, Roches Point Ontario d/o Walter SHEPPARD (b. Ontario) & Martha PARKS wtn: Milton SMITH of 33 Imperial St in Toronto & Evelyn PATTERSON of 44 Imperial St in Toronto, 26 August 1926 at 7 Bogorin Ave 029462-26 Herbert George SMITH, 22, clerk, Toronto, 573 Clendenan Ave s/o Harvard George SMITH & Minerva GODFREY married Ada HOLMES, 21, Toronto, 72 McMurray Ave d/o Harry HOLMES & Frances BALL wtn: Cecil CONAGHAN of 44 Ryding Ave in Toronto & Edythe HOLMES of 72 McMurray Ave in Toronto, 18 August 1926
029464-26 Robert John SMITH, 45, widower, baker, Canada, Guelph s/o John Wilson SMITH (b. Ontario) & Agnes HALLIDAY married Lillian May WOODS, 35, saleslady, Canada, Guelph d/o William WOODS (b. Ontario) & Annie GOLAND wtn: Isaac Halliday SMITH & Mrs Agnes SMITH both of 968 Bathurst St in Toronto, 17 August 1926 029473-26 Henry Elmer Kingsberry? SMITH, 28, traveller, Toronto, 20 Wroxeter Ave s/o Alexander James SMITH & blank, married Gladys Mae OAKLEY, 22, Toronto, 1 Wroxeter Ave d/o George OAKLEY & blank, wtn: Lylian May KANIM of 744 Logan Ave & S. CROCKET of 19 Grandview Ave in Toronto, 25 August 1926 at St. Barnabas Church
27600-26 James Emmett SMYTH, 20, truck driver, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph SMYTH & Sarah BURT, married Amy POTTER, 19, Toronto, same, d/o William John POTTER & Amy Harriett GUNN, witn: Joseph SMYTH & Jean SMYTH, both of Toronto, 10 May 1926 029465-26 Lawrence Percival SNELLING, 30, labourer, Kent in England, 363 Osler Ave in Toronto s/o William SNELLING & Sarah Ann HOLLIS married Arlene May DODD, 25, Ireland, 620 Willard Ave in Toronto d/o William Henry DODD & Lennie MOORE wtn: William H. DODD of 108 Rockwell Ave, William SNELLING of 363 Osler Ave & Georgina HAYWOOD of 620 Willow Ave, 21 August 1926 at St Mark's Church in West
029466-26 Edward SONGER, 52, divorced, tailor, Ontario, 81 Sherbourne St in Toronto s/o Elijah SONGER (b. England) & Dora BENSON married Jennie SPRAGUE, 47, widow, New Brunswick, 315 Church St in Toronto d/o John FINNISS (Furniss?) (b. Canada) & Jane BROWNE wtn: Sam HERRON of 208 Spadina Ave in Toronto & Louise GIBSON of 208 Cottingham St in Toronto, 31 August 1926 029467-26 Edward Henry SPENSER, 19, driver, England, 438 Brock Ave in Toronto s/o S. SPENSER (b. England) & E.J. NUTHALL married Elsie Margaret APPLETON, 23, chocolate wrapper, England, 883 Dovercourt Rd in Toronto d/o H. APPLETON (b. England) & M. HUTCHINSON wtn: Ellen FOGG of 88 Yorkville Ave in Toronto & Thomas Henry APPLETON of 883 Dovercourt Road in Toronto, 21 August 1926
029468-26 James Walker SPRINGATE, 25, draughtsman, Scotland, 178 Harvie Ave in Toronto s/o Charles SPRINGATE (b. Scotland) & Margaret WALKER married Elizabeth Annie TODD, 20 (b. 24 Dec 1905), clerk, Glasgow Scotland, 178 Harvie Ave in Toronto d/o Alexander TODD (b. Scotland) & Annie DRUMMOND (married 24 Oct 1902 at Bridgston Glasgow) wtn: Barbara BROWN of 885 Gerrard St E & David SPRINGATE of 678 Harvie Ave, 7 August 1926 at 90 Auburn Ave 029469-26 Charles Edward SPRINGER, 21, bank clerk, Caistorville in Ontario, Toronto s/o Angus R. SPRINGER (b. Waterloo Co) & Lucinda MOYER married Margaret Agnes STERLING, 18, student, Port Dover in Ontario, Toronto d/o Henry J. STERLING (b. Sarnia in Ontario) & Louise M. DELL wtn: D.H. ANDREWS of 1847 Palm W in Toronto & H. BABCOCK of 40 William Sq in Toronto, 12 August 1926 at St Phillips Church


27601-26 Ross James SPROAT, 36, merchant, Seaforth, same, s/o Ross James SPROAT, b. Canada & Margaret MCGEE, married Emma Margaret BECHELY, 32 (b. 14 Aug 1893), Hamilton, St. Thomas, d/o Frederick BECHELY, b. England & Margaret LYNCH, witn: Robert George ROBINSON & William MORRIS, both of Toronto, 26 May 1926

27602-26 Ladislaus STACHERA, 28, labourer, Poland, Toronto, s/o Louis STACHERA & Anna SACH, married Staniska S. SKOWEIKA, 18, labourer, Poland, Toronto, d/o Constantine SKOWEIKA & Mary GOLIAT, witn: Maryan CUSLICKI & Mary INFUAL?, both of Toronto, 8 May 1926

27603-26 Herbert Wesley STARR, 25, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o William STARR, b. Ontario & Mary LLOYD, married Dorothy May HEMMINGS, 27, saleslady, Settingbourne - England, Toronto, d/o Alfred HEMMING, b. England & Eliza HOUGHTON, witn: Joseph BOYCE & Rosa BOYCE, both of Toronto, 8 May 1926

27604-26 Emil Gustav STEGE, 39, silk dyer, Poland, Toronto, s/o Carl STEGE, b. Russia & Polinna HULLOP, married Mary Hubbard BROWN, 24, stenographer, Quebec, Toronto, d/o George BROWN, b. Ontario & Mary BROWN, witn: Thomas BROWN & Mary BROWN, both of Toronto, 30 May 1926

029470-26 Charles Ramsay Sterling STEIN, 29, soldier, Vancouver in BC, Fort Osborne Barracks in Winnipeg MB s/o William Thomas STEIN (b. Scotland) & Margaret Elizabeth WAMSLEY married Marjorie Harris MOORE, 24, Toronto, 17 Isabella St in Toronto d/o Charles Henderson MOORE (b. Ontario) & Alys Harris STEPHENS wtn: Alys MOORE & Ernest MOORE both of 17 Isabella St, 23 August 1926

27605-26 Harry STEIN, 25, telegrapher, Russia, Toronto, s/o Abraham STEIN, b. Russia & Bella GOODHART, married Amelia FRANKLIN, 22, stenographer, England, Toronto, d/o Morris FRANKLIN, b. Russia & Annie GILLMAN, witn: Albert MCCLUSKEY & A. KLEIN, both of Toronto, 16 May 1926

27606-26 Jack STEIN, 26, tailor, Russia, Toronto, s/o Hyman STEIN, b. Russia & Johanna MARGOLIES, married Rosie MALINSKY, 21, Russia, Toronto, d/o Moses MALINSKY, b. Russia & Yonta STAR, witn: J. BRAGGMAN? of 195 Beverley St. & J. LIM--? of 120 Cranyl? Ave., both of Toronto, 23 May 1926

27607-26 Karl Albin STENHOLM, 26, labourer, Finland, Toronto, s/o Karln STENHOLM, b. Finland & Emmi KAAKELIN, married Sanna Maria PELKOSSAMAKI, 20, cook, Finland, Toronto, d/o not known & Hibna PELKOSSAMAKI, witn: Reina YSJOLA & Yera YSJOLA, both of Toronto, 8 May 1926

27608-26 Harold Franklin STEPHEN, 22, motor mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o George Alexander STEPHEN, b. Ontario & Ethel Midlred THOMPSON, married Ida Arville GALLAGHER, 28, stenographer, Ontario, Oshawa, d/o Albert Edward GALLAGHER, b. Ontario & Annie Marie ROBERTSON, witn: Mrs. Thomas MCILVERN & Annie M. MACKENZIE, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926

27609-26 Walter Harold STEPHENSON, 23, teamster, Ontario, Downsview, s/o Walter STEPHENSON, b. Ontario & Ethel May WOOD, married Doris Louisa HEMBURROW, 21, bookbinder, England, Toronto, d/o Arthur John HEMBURROW, b. England & Louisa Jane SMITH, witn: Nelson STEPHENSON of Dowsnview & Elizabeth KELLY of Toronto, 8 May 1926

029471-26 Horace STEVENS, 21, operator, England, 776 College St in Toronto s/o Albert STEVENS (b. England) & Mary Anne CARNAHAN, married Loretta Mary GRAHAM, 20, operator, Ontario, 47 Milverton Ave in Toronto d/o Frederick Joseph GRAHAM (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BASH wtn: A. CLERK of 79 Gamble Ave & Ross LYTLE of 709 Gerrard St, 3 August 1926 at St Anne's Rectory

27610-26 William Bertie STEVENSON, 34, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o William STEVENSON, b. England & Annie BINTEY, married Alice Maude SPEARMAN, 37, divorced, domestic, England, Toronto, d/o Samuel SPEARMAN, b. England & Kate EMMETT, witn: Henry George SPEARMAN & Mercy SPEARMAN, both of Toronto, 8 May 1926 27611-26 Thomas Gibson STOKES, 41, divorced, advertising agent, England, Vancouver, s/o Thomas STOKES, b. England & Eleanor LINAKER, married Mary Emeline BOYES, 31, Toronto, same, d/o Samuel D. BOYES, b. Ontario & Martha MERCER, witn: Grace E. BELFORD & W.B. TINGLE of St. Lambert Quebec, 1 May 1926

27612-26 Ross Bernard STONEBURG, 23, patent leather finisher, Toronto, same, s/o Cecil M. STONEBURG, b. Ontario & Elva G. WOOLARD, married Bertha Mary TWEEDY, 20, Ontario, Port Hope, d/o Robert G. TWEEDY, b. Ontario & Elizabeth ANNIS, witn: George Hugh GREER & Marion Reta STONEBURG, both of Toronto, 18 May 1926

27613-26 Leonard STOTT, 25, auto mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Leonard STOTT, b. England & Esther THORNTON, married Emily TAYLOR, 20, soap packer, England, Toronto, d/o John Willie TAYLOR, b. England & Amelia HOLT, witn: William CLUDERAY & Hannah TAYLOR, both of Toronto, 22 May 1926

029472-26 Josiah Everett STICKLAND, 27, car trimmer, Ontario, 396 Hillsdale Ave E in Toronto s/o Josiah Everett STICKLAND (b. Ontario) & Henrietta B. SWITZER married Sarah DEMPSTER, 25, saleslady, Ontario, 396 Hillsdale Ave E in Toronto d/o Henry DEMPSTER (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth HILL wtn: Mrs E.C. HUNTER & Miss S. DUNBAR both of 24 Wellesley St in Toronto, 28 August 1926

27614-26 Thomas Charles Lorraine STUART, 25, miller, Mitchell, same, s/o William Alexander STUART, b. Bolton & Grace LOCKART, married Ethelwyn Grace BROWN, 18, operator, Fullerton twp., Mitchell, d/o William BROWN, b. England & Permilla ROGERS, witn: Mary BROWN & William STONEMAN, both of Mitchell, 15 May 1926

27615-26 Alexander SUTHERLAND, 45, shipper, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Hugh SUTHERLAND, b. Scotland & Isabella POLSON, married May Elizabeth Sophie COLLINS, 26, weaver, England, Toronto, d/o George COLLINS, b. England & Elizabeth PALMER, witn: Gordon SUTHERLAND & Elsie COLLINS, both of Toronto, 17 May 1926

27616-26 William John SUTTON, 48, widower, manufacturer, Ontario, Simcoe, s/o John SUTTON, b. England & Bessie ROSS, married Ida Violet CULVER, 51, widow, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Albert TERHUNE, b. USA & Mary HACKETT, witn: H.J. CALHOUN & Jean DAVY, both of Toronto, 26 May 1926

27617-26 Roy Randolph SWAIN, 31, bricklayer, England, Swansea Ontario, s/o William SWAIN, b. England & Zilpah MITCHELL, married Annie Isabelle MILLER, 34, stenographer, USA, Toronto, d/o George MILLER, b. Ontario & Marie Frances EVANS, witn: Edward A. MILLER & Wilmot S. SWAIN, both of Toronto, 22 May 1926

29482-26 Frank Richard SWEET, 33, mechanic, Windsor Nova Scotia, 264 Bathurst St. Toronto, s/o Charles Hunter SWEET & Adelaide CARD, married Elsie WOOD, 26, private secretary, Sheffield England, 264 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o Henry James WOOD & Eliza Ann MARSDEN, witn: Ethel WOOD & Gerald BRYCE both of Toronto on Aug. 6, 1926 at St. Philips
29483-26 Wilfred Bancroft SYLVESTER, 26, teacher, Reading Massachusetts USA, University of Iowa English Dept. Iowa USA, s/o Fred L. SYLVESTER (b. Melrose Massachusetts USA) & Addie BANCROFT, married Frances Eaton DE WOLFE, 26, teacher, Foxboro Massachusetts USA, Wolfville Nova Scotia, d/o Henry Todd DE WOLFE (b. St. Stephen NB) & Harriet EATON, witn: Elizabeth & G. P. EATON both of 141 Lyndhurst Avenue Toronto on Aug. 24, 1926

27618-26 Robert SYNNOTT, 25, clerk, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Samuel SYNNOTT, b. Ireland & Mary FRASER, married Ellen MITCHELL, 20 (b. 2 Aug 1905) Wolverhampton England, Toronto, d/o Sydney Daniel MITCHELL, b. England & Catherine PALMER, witn: Florence MITCHELL & Gordon D. WRIGHT, both of Toronto, 1 May 1926


27619-26 Robert McDonald TAIT, 21, shipper, Toronto, same, s/o James TAIT, b. Ontario & Elizabeth MCDONALD, married Lottie Adeline RICHARDS, 19, stitcher, Ontario, York twp., d/o Wesley RICHARDS, b. Ontario & Lottie PINTCKI, witn: Annie MCGILVRAY & Charles CRIDLAND, both of Toronto, 29 May 1926

29484-26 William TALLON, 23, mechanic, England, 1570 Queen St. East Toronto, s/o Theodore TALLON (b. England) & Margaret WILLIAMS, married Louise LEACH, 22, operator, England, 11 Prestholme Ave. Toronto, d/o Walter LEACH (b. England) & Emily DODD, witn: William & Frances WORLEY both of 322 Pape Ave. Toronto on Aug. 27, 1926 at St. Bridgets Rectory

29485-26 Pasko TANASOFF, 37, labourer, widower, Macedonia, 407 King St. East Toronto, s/o Tanos NICHOFF & Stamena PANDOVA, married Sofia MELOVA, 27, widow, Macedonia, 436 Queen St. East Toronto, d/o Melo MELOVA & Ekaterina YANEVA, witn: Stoyan NAKEFF of 9 Wilkens Ave. & Christ NIKOLOPH of 477 St. Clarens Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 22, 1926

29487-26 Andrew TAYLOR, 25, fireman, Scotland, 21 Ward St. Toronto, s/o Andrew (b. Scotland) & Margaret, married Mary Mackie ROSS, 27, Scotland, 196 Perth Ave. Toronto, d/o William ROSS (b. Scotland) & Susannah REID, witn: Mr.. & Mrs. R. TAYLOR both of 190 Perth Ave. Toronto on Aug. 7, 1926

29486-26 Alexander Bowie TAYLOR, 23, mechanic, Scotland, Windsor, s/o William TAYLOR & Isabella BOWIE, married Margaret BOYCE, 22, stenographer, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John BOYCE & Margaret REID, witn: Robert TAYLOR of 17 Craven Road & May BOYCE of 57 Bain Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 7, 1926

29488-26 Charles Henry TAYLOR, 28, clerk, Ontario, 381 Manning Ave. Toronto, s/o Adam TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Susan DEYNAN, married Florence Priscilla WILTON, 24, stenographer, Ontario, 1226 Davenport Rd Toronto, d/o Daniel WILTON (b. Ontario) & Mary GIBSON, witn: Stewart McPHERSON of 5 Cass St. & Edna WILTON of 1226 Davenport both of Toronto on Aug. 24, 1926

29489-26 George TAYLOR, 18, fruiter, Toronto, 40 Hanson Rd in Fairbank Ontario, s/o George TAYLOR (b. England) & Maud ANDREWS, married Constance Maud HALL, 17, Ontario, 197 Blackthorne Ave. Toronto, d/o Frederick William HALL (b. England) & Gertrude May GENTRY, witn: Gertrude HALL of 197 Blackthorne Ave. & Dorothy CLIFTON of 88 Auburn Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 12, 1926 at 90 Auburn Ave

29490-26 Russell Albert TAYLOR, 25, optometrist, Toronto, 7 Alhambra Ave. same, s/o Harry TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Fannie FULLER, married May COLVILLE, 23, cashier, England, 5 Nelles Ave. Toronto, d/o J. H. COLVILLE (b. England) & Agnes A. COXHILL, witn: Dorothy COLVILLE of 5 Nelles Ave. & Arthur H. KNOTT of 505 Logan Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 16, 1926

29491-26 Shigeru TERUI, 28, chef, Japan, 77 Elm St. Toronto, s/o Kahea (b. Japan) & Ihen, married Peggy KEECH, 35, widow, England, 77 Elm St. Toronto, d/o Joseph Everet RISEBOROUGH (b. England) & Harriet RISEBOROUGH, witn: Dora STEHR of 4 Elm Ave. & Yoshi Grant ISHIZUKA of 53A LaPlante both of Toronto on Aug. 28, 1926 at 77 Charles St. West

27620-26 Charles Augustus THOBURN, 27, barrister, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Adolph Harold THOBURN, b. Ontario & Anna GRAVES, married Catharine Love NORTHWAY, 23, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John A. NORTHWAY, b. Ontario & Alice LOVE, witn: R. MICHENER & Kathleen TAIT, both of Toronto, 22 May 1926

27621-26 Peter THOMAS, 33, candy store, Macedonia, Toronto, s/o Jasaff THOMAS, b. Macedonia & Veliku STAMAT, married Helen Athanos KARANJOS, 26, domestic, Macedonia, Toronto, d/o Atanos KARANJOS, b. Macedonia & Vasilka EBENTA, witn: Peter CORTAS & Kortar J. HADJIS, both of Toronto, 6 May 1926  (Greek RC)

29492-26 Ernest Clarence THOMAS, 22, clerk, Ontario, Mount--? Ave in Toronto, s/o William THOMAS (b. England) & Emily TUNSON, married Bernice BILLS, 23, operator, Ontario, 158 Gough Ave. Toronto, d/o Stephen BILLS (b. England) & Elizabeth WILKES, witn: Ella CUTTS & Ellen R. WATCH both of 72 Hogarth Ave. Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29493-26 Reginald Harwood THOMAS, 32, clergyman, Toronto, Ascension Rectory Gloucester City New Jersey USA, s/o Philip James THOMAS (b. England) & Frances HAZELWOOD, married Mary Violet MACK, 28, clerk, England, 209 Monarch Park Ave. Toronto, d/o Robert MACK (b. England) & Mary LOCKYER, witn: Arthur J. WEBB & Muriel COOKE of 25 Erindale Ave. both of Toronto on Aug. 23, 1926 at Church of Ste. Mary Magdaline

27622-26 George William THOMPSON, 27, widower, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Albert THOMPSON, b. England & Annie BARSBY, married Jean MCDOUGALL, 18, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Francis MCDOUGALL, b. Scotland & Annie TWEEDLIE, witn: Mrs. G. McKEE of Toronto & Albert THOMPSON of Plattsville, 23 May 1926

27623-26 Gordon Arnott THOMPSON, 24, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o John THOMPSON, b. Scotland & Martha POOLE, married Catherine Eliza BROWN, 20, labeller, Toronto, same, d/o Munson BROWN, b. Ontario & Kate SHARPE, witn: Ernest CLARIDGE & Elizabeth CLARIDGE, both of Toronto, 3 May 1926

29494-26 Septimus THOMPSON, 36, labourer, England, Oakville, s/o Richard THOMPSON (b. England) & Hannah WOODHEAD, married Daisy Helen HANCOCK, 25, England, Oakville, d/o Frederick HANCOCK (b. England) & Sarah DAUNTON, witn: Harry PLATT & Rose DESHAN of 504 King St. East both of Toronto on Aug. 2, 1926 at All Saints Church

27624-26 Charles THOMSON, 29 (b1 2 Jan 1897), rubber worker, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, s/o Charles Sinclair THOMSON, b. Scotland & Agnes SORDEN (married 21 June 1895 at Edinburgh), married Catherine McRosty RITCHIE, 31, rubber shoe maker, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Daniel RITCHIE, b. Scotland & Ann CRAIG, witn: M. RITCHIE of Port Dalhousie & Margaret Gordon THOMSON of Toronto, 22 May 1926

27625-26 James Benson THORNTON, 23, baker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward THORNTON, b. Ontario & Mary Jane RUTLEDGE, married Breta Ceralda WEIR, 19, store clerk, Toronto, same, d/o William WEIR, b. Ontario & Nancy WINDLE, witn: Douglas THORNTON & Elsie CALHOUN, both of Toronto, 15 May 1926


27626-26 Ross Wilson THURSTON, 32, bank clerk, Ontario, Brooklyn NY, s/o Silas THURSTON, b. Ontario & Mary IRWIN, married Lucy Catherine ROSS, 27, England, Winnipeg, d/o John Francis ROSS, b. England & Lucy Mary RUDDOCK, witn: Ethel WOOLLARD & Garnette M. THURSTON, both of Toronto, 3 May 1926

27627-26 Gordon Carl TIMBERS, 18, farmer, Ontario, Milliken, s/o Josiah TIMBERS, b. England & Pauline BANKS, married Reva Mildred RAYNER, 16, Ontario, Mountjoy, d/o Menno RAYNER, b. Ontario & Catherine FARLEY, witn: Clifford RAYNER of Markham & Cora PATERSON of Milliken, 2 May 1926

27628-26 Ernest Leslie TINKLER, 23, cake salesman, England, Toronto, s/o Ernest Webster TINKLER, b. England & Sarah KEEN, married Ivy Gladys WATSON, 23, bindery, England, Toronto, d/o Harry WATSON, b. England & Laura MITCHELL, witn: Frederick T. MARTIN, & Mary BODHAM, both of Toronto, 22 May 1926

29295-26 John William TIPPING, 29, electrician, England, New Toronto, s/o William Alfred TIPPING & Elizabeth BREWER, married Elsie Ruth LATIMER, 24, Toronto, New Toronto, d/o James Henry LATIMER & Jessie POWELL, witn: Margaret LATIMER 976 Dovercourt Road & Allan THOMPSON of 246 Dupont St. both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29496-26 Joseph TODD, 44, farmer, widower, Ireland, R. R. 1 Agincourt Ont., s/o Samuel TODD (b. Ireland) & Isabella COLLINGWOOD, married Margaret Elizabeth FOWLER, 36, Scotland, 547 Logan Ave. Toronto, d/o James FOWLER (b. Scotland) & Margaret YOUNG, witn: Thomas TODD of 1294 Woodbine Ave. & Isabella TODD of 94 St. George St. both of Toronto on Aug. 27, 1926 at 415 Jarvis St.

27629-26 William TODD, 41, shipper, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James TODD, b. Scotland & Agnes GRAY, married Emily SMYTH, 31, operator, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard SMYTH, b. Ireland & Martha LEGGETT, witn: Cecil N. SMYTH & Isobel SMYTH, both of Toronto, 7 May 1926


27630-26 James Elliott TOWNS, 21, trucker, Ontario, v, s/o Peter TOWNS, b. Ontario & Rachel ELLIOTT, married Edith SIMMONS, 19, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o Levi SIMMONS, b. Newfoundland & Mary PASONS, witn: George PLANE & Blanche SIMMONS, both of Toronto, 6 May 1926

29497-26 Thomas TRAVIS, 26, bricklayer, England, 278 Roselawn Ave. Toronto, s/o John TRAVIS (b. England) & Elizabeth HEYES, married Helen Kerr McCONNELL, 19, Scotland, 278 Roselawn Ave. Toronto, d/o Thomas McCONNELL (b. Scotland) & Ann Jane NORWOOD, witn: Frederick & Emilie PEARSON both of 278 Roselawn Ave. Toronto on Aug. 14, 1926

29498-26 Cyril Frederick TRUPP, 20, painter, England, 445 Blackthorne Ave. Toronto, s/o Frederick Thomas TRUPP (b. England) & Nellie WAIRE, married Edith Mary McMULLEN, 19, mail filler, Ontario, 806 Dupont St. Toronto, d/o Thomas R. McMULLEN (b. Ontario) & Emily Gary GRAHAM, witn: Mr.. & Mrs. Thomas R. McMULLEN both of 806 Dupont St. Toronto on Aug. 31, 1926

29499-26 Edward John TUCK, 23, stock keeper, Channel Islands, 296 Bartlett Ave. Toronto, s/o Alfred T. TUCK (b. Channel Islands) & Edith M. BISSON, married Rowena Mary HOWSE, 21 (b. 18 March 1903), operator, Tilt Cove Newfoundland, 1037 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, d/o Abraham HOWSE (b. Newfoundland) & Miriam FARTHING, witn: Violet B. HOWSE of 1037 Dovercourt Road & Harold T. TUCK of 115 Newmarket St. both of Toronto on Aug. 21, 1926

29500-26 John Alfred TUCK, 31, engineer, Virginia, Virgilina Virginia USA, s/o Ernest TUCK (b. Virginia USA) & Nanny ELLIOTT, married Yetta ATKIN, 25, tailoress, England, 188 Margueretta St. Toronto, d/o Harry ATKIN (b. Russia) & Sophia WISEMAN, witn: Mrs. Sarah DUNBAR & Mrs. E. C. HUNTER both of 21 Wellesley St. Toronto on Aug. 30, 1926

27632-26 Thomas Robert TURNER, 46, engineer, widower, Ontario, 75 Sorauren Ave Toronto, s/o Robert Albert TURNER (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane RUSSELL, married Arabelle GODFREY, 35, bookkeeper, Ontario, 18 Elmgrove Ave Toronto, d/o John GODFREY (b. Ontario) & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Gordon Gamsby CORNISH of 77 Sorauren Ave & Francis Langwhite Valerie BRAD? of 31 Lakeview Mansions both of Toronto on May 22, 1926 at The Church of the Epiphany

27633-26 James Gordon TURQUAND, 19, sailor, Toronto, 20 Yarmouth Gardens same, s/o Robert de Vera TURQUAND (b. Ontario) & Agnes MAY, married Viola McDONALD, 19, Ontario, 743 Palmerston Ave Toronto, d/o J. D. McDONALD (b. Scotland) & Ellen WILLETT, witn: J. D. JOHNSON of 111 Howland Ave & Shirley GORDON of 35 Alcorn Ave both of Toronto on May 22, 1926 at St. Albans Cathedral

27631-26 Frederick Albert TWEDALE (Tivedale?), 22, clerk, Toronto, 454 Delaware Ave same, s/o George Thomas TWEDALE (b. Ontario) & Annie GARDINER, married Ada Ellis Gladys ALLEN, 20 (b. 5 March 1906), typist, Hounslow England, 127 Queensdale Ave Toronto, d/o John ALLEN (b. England) & Mary MOODY, witn: Alice & Patricia MacLEAN both of Toronto on May 31, 1926

27634-26 Paul VAISANEN, 19, labourer, Finland, Townsend Ontario, s/o Antti John VAISANEN (b. Finland) & Ann PIIPARINEN, married Kertta NIIRANEN, 21, cook, Finland, 53 ½ Bellevue Ave Toronto, d/o Aleksi F. NIIRANEN (b. Finland) & Elizabeth VAISSNEN, witn: Victor MIKHITA & Canna EKMAN both of 53 ½ Bellevue Ave Toronto on May 24, 1926


27668-26 Jan VAN ZON, 39, miner, Holland, Argonaut Ontario, s/o Jan VAN ZON (b. Holland) & Anna DA BEER, married Wilhelmina Christien HENKES, 40, Holland, 20 Lonsdale Rd Toronto, d/o William HENKES (b. Holland) & Alberta VAN HUMMAL, witn: Mrs Y. WONDA of 110 Atlas Ave & Mrs E. Y. SPENCER of 20 Lonsdale Road both of Toronto on May 17, 1926

27635-26 Dane Ch. VASILOFF, 30, labourer, Macedonia, 440 Quebec Street Toronto, s/o Christo VASILOFF & Gitza SHESHKOVA, married Gitza DALKALITES, 26, Macedonia, 440 Quebec Street Toronto, Nikola DALKALITES & Tina EVANSKA, witn: S. ANASTASONE of 440 Queen South & N. SHONTEFF of 112 Winchester Street both of Toronto on May 3, 1926

27636-26 Kristo VASILOFF, 26, tinsmith, Macedonia, 4 Pembroke Street Toronto, s/o Trandoff VASILOFF (b. Macedonia) & May WILSON, married Ola Irene BROUGH, 22, Ontario, 13 Bright Street Toronto, d/o William BROUGH (b. Ontario) & Mabel FERGUSON, witn: Gertrude WILSON & A. J. SUTHERLAND both of 295 Glenn Rd Toronto on May 26, 1926

27637-26 William VIVASH, 25, machinist, England, 80 MacDonald Avenue Toronto, s/o Edward VIVASH (b. England) & Elizabeth MATHERS, married Margaret NUGENT, 23, Toronto, 932 St. Clarens Ave same, d/o Daniel NUGENT (b. Ontario) & Bridget DONAHAY, witn: Fred NUGENT of 214 Lippincott Street & Mary NUGENT of 174 Nairn Avenue both of Toronto on May 1, 1926 at Toronto. [re bride: Mary NUGENT is her guardian]

27638-26 William Alexander VOGAN, 34, freight shunting, Ontario, 2 Rhodes Ave Toronto, s/o Alexander VOGAN (b. Ontario) & Ena HEATHCOTE, married Leonora Florence WHALE, 25, England, 355 Clinton Street Toronto, d/o Reginald WHALE (b. England) & Maud Matilda MOSFORD, witn: Frank SWEET of 264 Bathurst Street & Mavis WHALE on 355 Clinton Avenue Toronto on May 17, 1926 at St. Phillips

27639-26 John Ross WALKER, 19, clerk, Ontario, 72 St Albans Street Toronto, s/o William J. WALKER (b. Ontario) & Jane MacLEAN, married Margaretta Eva DERONCE, 19, clerk, Ontario, 639 Queen St. East Toronto, d/o Wilet? DERONCE (b. France) & Susanna LARIVIERE, witn: C.L. LOFFLER & Daisy T. DURANCEAU both of Chicago, on May 15, 1926

27640-26 Charles Thomas WALSH, 66, special constable, widower, Ontario, 158 Langley Avenue Toronto, s/o James WALSH (b. Ireland) & Margaret LENNON, married Mary CLARKE, 58, widow, Ontario, 158 Langley Avenue Toronto d/o William GUINN (b. Quebec) & Mary Jane BACON, witn: Olive A. IDIENS of 23 Elmgrove Avenue & Charles E. CLARKE of 43 Patricia Drive both of Toronto on May 12, 1926

27641-26 Harold Frederick WARRINGTON, 27, painter, Toronto, 163 Macdonell Ave same, s/o Henry William WARRINGTON (b. Ontario) & Ethel Gwen POPHAM (Topham?), married Beatrice Florence JOSELYN, 28, B.T.C. operator, England, 46 Garden Ave Toronto, d/o William Robert John JOSELYN (b. England) & Elizabeth Annie Arddel HOBCOCK, witn: Rita Wellington WILLOUGHBY of 34 Evans Ave & Ethel Susan WARRINGTON of 163 Macdonell Ave both of Toronto on May 8, 1926 at The Church of the Epiphany

27642-26 George WATMOUGH, 20, iron worker, England, 13 Taylor Street Toronto, s/o John WATMOUGH (b. England) & Alice HAMPSON, married Lily WHITE, 22, powder can maker, England, 13 Taylor Street Toronto, d/o Abraham WHITE (b. England) & Maria DOWNS, witn: Abraham WHITE of 13 Taylor Street & Lillian DALY of 20 Belshaw Avenue both of Toronto on May 22, 1926 at St. Bartholomews

27643-26 Abraham WEINGARTEN, 25, cutter, Poland, 27 Borden St. Toronto, s/o Alter WEINGARTEN (b. Poland) & Shiahue? SHEARA, married Rose WEINROTH, 20, Poland, 94 D'Arcy Street Toronto, d/o Solom WEINROTH (b. Poland) & Suger ALOJA, witn: S. BRODT of 8 Sullivan St. & T. NEWMAN of 23 Borden St. both of Toronto on May 2, 1926

27644-26 Morris WEISDORF, 22, operator, Poland, 380 Queen St. East Toronto, s/o Jakob WEISDORF (b. Poland) & Feiga Ruekla HARTMAN, married Mary WEISDORF, 24, Poland, 371 Queen St. East Toronto, d/o Naign? WEISDORF (b. Poland) & Rysuka Golom CIOWSKY, witn: Ava REJUBSKY of Beverley? Street & Charles NAGEL of 78 Nassau Street both of Toronto on May 2, 1926

27645-26 Stanley WEST, 23, car checker C.N.R., England, 107 Westmoreland Avenue Toronto, s/o Frederick George WEST (b. England) & Elizabeth WALLS, married Margaret Hamilton GLEN, 19, Scotland, 224 Bathurst St. Toronto, d/o William GLEN (b. Scotland) & Sarah Gregg BROADFOOT, witn: George T. & Nita ELDER of 15 Tyndall Ave. Toronto on May 14, 1926 at 154 Tyndall Avenue

27646-26 Gordon Brainerd WHITE, 24, student, China, 10 Duggan Ave. Toronto, s/o William Charles WHITE (b. England) & Annie Martha RAY, married Gertrude Mary BIFFEN, 36, England, 27 Surrey Place Toronto, d/o John Arthur BIFFEN (b. England) & Lilias Helen MOODY, witn: Annie M. WHITE & Mary R. WHITE both of 10 Duggan Ave Toronto on May 22, 1926

27647-26 Harvey WHITE, 32 (b. 15 Oct 1893), traveller, Krenienchuj? Russia, 434 Queen St. West Toronto, s/o Moses WHITE (b. Russia) & Bella LIBOFRSKY, married Jennie NAROFSKY, 23, dental nurse, Toronto, 434 Queen St West same, d/o Kalman NAROFSKY (b. Russia) & Felda SPIWACK, witn: J. Harry SHANKMER (Kaukmer?) of 146 Wellington Ave. & Benjamin PARTNOY of 108 Major Street both of Toronto on May 23, 1926 [re groom: "none of my family are in this country"]

27648-26 William Leslie WHITE, 18, machine operator, Ontario, 6 Main St. Weston, s/o William Albert WHITE (b. Ontario) & Olive M. COLLINS, married Alice Gertrude LEE, 20 (b. 5 Feb 1904), inspector, Birmingham England, 34 Weston Rd Toronto, d/o George Henry LEE (b. England) & Annie Louisa TOFT, witn: Mrs. HAMILTON of 215 Western Ave & Mrs E. G. Martin MacKENZIE of 217 Western Ave both of Toronto on May 20, 1926

27649-26 Stanley WHITEHEAD, 21, butcher, England, 122 Avenue Rd. Toronto, s/o Thomas WHITEHEAD (b. England) & Sarah A. SHAW, married Katie Turner KEEGAN, 23 (b. 17 Dec 1902), hairdresser, Beath Fifeshire Scotland, 122 Avenue Rd Toronto, d/o Charles KEEGAN (b. Scotland) & Annie WILLIAMSON, witn: H. A. JAMES of 146 Brunswick Ave. & Millicent M. KELLETT of 88 Geneva Avenue both of Toronto on May 8, 1926

27650-26 Gordon Alexander WICE, 17, clerk, Toronto, same s/o Andrew A. WICE (b. Canada) & Nestra ROADHOUSE, married Alice FREEMAN, 15, Toronto, same, d/o Lawrence C. FREEMAN (b. England) & Lucy HEDGE, witn: Bessie SHEPPARD of 21 Marlboro Avenue & James S. MORRIS of 383 Boswell Ave both of Toronto on May 8, 1926

27651-26 David WIDEMAN, 60, retired, widower, Ontario, 1997 Dundas St. West Toronto, s/o Casper WIDEMAN (b. Ontario) & Sarah GAYMAN, married Henrietta HORNELL, 51, widow, Ontario, 34 Sussex Ave Toronto, d/o James COOK (b. Ontario) & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Mrs. E. C. HUNTER of 22 Wellesley St. Toronto & Rev. E. C. KENNY of Owen Sound on May 18, 1926

27652-26 William Edward WILD, 28, truck driver, Ontario, 254 Symington Avenue Toronto, s/o Edward WILD (b. England) & Susan McKINNON, married Hannah Beatrice Janet WEATHERILL, 22, clerk, Ontario, 121 Annette Street Toronto, d/o William John WEATHERILL (b. Ontario) & Sarah Jane AKANE, witn: John C. BULLER of 222 Wright Ave & Mary V. LAIDLAW of 220 Wright Ave., both of Toronto on May 18, 1926


27653-26 Frank John WILLIAMS, 36, mechanical engineer, USA, 2984 149th St. New York USA, s/o George WILLIAMS (b. USA) & Annie C. HARRIS, married Gladys Madeline HUGHES, 22, bookkeeper, Ontario, 637 Greenwood Ave. Toronto, d/o William HUGHES (b, Ontario) & Effie E. HOMER, witn: Mrs. M. E. BALL of 183 Kenilworth Ave. & C.M. HUGHES of 637 Greenwood Ave. both of Toronto on May 1, 1926 at 637 Greenwood Ave.

27654-26 Llewellyn WILLIAMS, 32, tinsmith, Toronto, 52 Taylor St. Toronto, s/o William WILLIAMS (b. England) & Margaret Elizabeth FORD, married Bertha SMITH, 35, biscuit packer, Toronto, 33 Taylor St. Toronto, d/o Andrew Paton SMITH (b. England) & Margaret WILLIAMS, witn: D. A. OWENS of 1 Bain Ave. & A. J. SUTHERLAND of 6 Bain Avenue both of Toronto on May 11, 1926 at 6 Bain Avenue

27655-26 Norman Harry WILLIAMS, 41, motorman T. T. C., England, 1502 Davenport Rd. Toronto, s/o Joseph WILLIAMS (b. England) & Annie SAVCOMB, married Mary PAYNE, 49, widow, England, 1502 Davenport Road Toronto, d/o Thomas GRAY (b. England) & Mary Jane CUTHBERT, witn: William James DOBBIN of 11 Greenlaw Ave. & Mavis BUDD of 1502 Davenport Road both of Toronto on May 8, 1926 at the Church of Holy Trinity

27657-26 Edward Benjamin WILSON, 25, chocolate mixer, England, 316 Wallace Ave. Toronto, s/o Solomon WILSON (b. England) & Alice May POTTER, married Florence Priscilla ARKLEY (Ackley?), 20, cutter, England, 779 Dovercourt Road Toronto, d/o Henry ARKLEY (b. England) & Nell Elizabeth HUMPHRYS, witn: Henry William ARKLEY of 779 Dovercourt Road & F. WHITE of 14 Roxton Rd both of Toronto on May 22, 1926 at the Church of St. Mary the Virgin

27656-26 Charles Alfred WILSON, 27, agent, Toronto, 225 Silverthorne Ave. Toronto, s/o Charles WILSON (b. Quebec) & Ava SWIFT, married Lillian Irene CASEY, 23, ax burler, Toronto, 876 Runnymede Rd same, d/o James J. CASEY (b. Ireland) & Alice BUTCHER, witn: Austin WILSON of 225 Silverthorne Ave & Flora LEEDER of 256 Prescott Ave both of Toronto on May 29, 1926

27659-26 William WILSON, 23, farmer, Scotland, R. R. 2 Norval, s/o Archibald WILSON (b. Scotland) & Margaret Arnold MacKINNON, married Annie Mary Victoria DOLSON, 29, Ontario, R. R. 2 Norval, d/o Samuel DOLSON (b. Ontario) Margaret Allen HARTLEY, witn: Susan & Annie Wylie BLUE both of 390 Perth Avenue both of Toronto on May 13, 1926 at 390 Perth Avenue

27658-26 George WILSON, 33, rubber worker, Scotland, 81 Park Road South Oshawa, s/o Alexander WILSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MILLER, married Frances Miller HAYNES, 32, saleslady, widow, Scotland, 551 Dupont St. Toronto, d/o William MACKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Frances CRAWFORD, witn: Alexander B. WILSON & Jean McCutcheon BAKER both of 73 Elmwood Ave Toronto on May 1, 1926 at 31 Dalton Road

27660-26 John Dunning WOOD, 51, fireman pressman, Ontario, 18 Bleecker St. Toronto, s/o Charles C. WOOD (b. England) & Angelina MAYNARD, married Jane SEMPLE, 44, auditor, Ontario, 18 Bleecker St. Toronto, d/o James H. SEMPLE (b. Ontario) & Margaret McMILLEN, witn: Daniel SEMPLE of 6 Dean St. London & Charles C. WOOD of 5 Channell Ave. - Wards Island on May 8, 1926

27661-26 William Hornby WOODCOCK, 63, engineer, widower, Scotland, 17 Unsworth Avenue Toronto, s/o William WOODCOCK (b. Scotland) & Susanna HORNBY, married Florence Edith PERRINS, 42, masseuse, England, 222 Havelock St. Toronto, d/o George PERRINS (b. England) & Edith Caroline COOKE, witn: George & Janet Christina PERRINS both of 222 Havelock Toronto on May 10, 1926

27662-26 George WOODHAMS, 23, telegraph operator, London Ont., same, s/o Thomas A. WOODHAMS (b. England) & Elizabeth LINER, married Evelyn Bertha MINTY, 22, Ingersoll, London, d/o Alfred MINTY (b. England) & Bertha HAINES, witn: Mrs. J. J. & G. M. FERGUSON both of 28 Simpson Avenue Toronto on May 18, 1926

27663-25 Frederick Arthur WRIGHT, 27, contractor, Ontario, York Mills, s/o George WRIGHT (b. England) & Emma LAUNDER, married Velma May BLAKEMAN, 18, clerk, Toronto, York Mills, d/o William BLAKEMAN (b. Ontario) & Maud VENNING, witn: Isabella & Gordon WRIGHT both of York Mills on May 17, 1926

27664-26 Ernest Henery WYATT, 22, car man's helper C.N.R., Ontario, 202 Woodvale Ave. York Tp., s/o David WYATT (b. England) & Bessie MEAKER, married Marion KELLY, 21 (b. 24 Nov 1904) clerk, Hamilton Scotland, 61 Maberley Ave. Toronto, d/o George KELLY (b. Ireland) & Margaret ROBERTSON (married 16 Feb 1900 at Hamilton), witn: Margaret KELLY of 61 Maberly Ave. & Stewart WATSON of 698 Danforth Ave. Toronto on May 1 1926

27665-27 George YONTCHE, 28, motorman T. T. C., Macedonia, 12 Dean St. Toronto, s/o George YONTCHE (b. Macedonia) & Puja LENRYIEVA?, married Stavrova PARSHKEVIA, 21, Macedonia, 41 King St. East Toronto, d/o Stavro PARSHKEVIA (b. Macedonia) & Ekaterina STAWROVA, witn: Arsan YANCOTT of 418 King St. East & Zonche GRENEFF of 43 Trinity Street both of Toronto on May 30, 1926 at Macedonian Bulgarian Church

27666-26 John MacNab YOUNG, 25, sales manager, Toronto, 93 Sorauren Ave. same, s/o James Miller YOUNG (b. Ontario) & Isabella PARK, married Grace Lee McLEAN, 25, clerk, Toronto, 299 Roncesvalles Ave. same, d/o Donald McLEAN (b. Ontario) & Ella VAN LOAN, witn: Howard G. JERMYN of 349 Millard Ave & Jean McLEAN of 299 Roncesvalles Ave both of Toronto on May 12, 1926

27667-26 Isaac ZARECKY, 21, operator, Poland, 37 Cecil St. Toronto, s/o Morris ZARECKY (b. Poland) & Annie SVITMAN, married Hodel ZARETSKY, 19, dressmaker, Russia, 227 Beverley St. Toronto, d/o Jakob ZARETSKY (b. Russia) & Sarra ZAITALBIAK?, witn: H. HARRIS of 62 Brunswick Ave & N.M. WEILDS of 272 College St. both of Toronto on May 6, 1926