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Marriages in Toronto, 1869 (before July 1)

transcribed from MS248, reel 15, Vol. 67, Toronto, 1866-1869



Page 83, return 336: by Rev James H Bishop, Wesleyan Methodist

James PLANT, 20, England, Yorkville, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah J EDWARDS, 18, England, York Twp, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas WAKEFIELD of York Twp, 01 Jan 1869.

George BOCALL, 30, England, Toronto, s/o George & Jane, married Mary A FERRETT, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Cecilia, witn: W BARTLETT of Toronto, 06 Jan 1869.

Gideon MORRISON, 26, Ireland, Oshawa, s/o Gideon & Ann, married Jeannie YOUNGER, 24, New Brunswick, Toronto, d/o George & Isabella, witn: J H McMULLEN of Toronto, 18 Jan 1869.

Alex THOMPSON, 35, Canada, Toronto, s/o Alex & Rosanna, married Susan JACKSON, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Anne, witn: Tim EATON of Toronto, 01 Apr 1869.

Fred BAYLEY, 22, Atlantic Ocean, Toronto, s/o Henry & Mary, married Margaret BOGGS, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William J & Ann, witn: Ed PRICE of Toronto, 05 Apr 1869.

Will G WRIGHT, 22, England, Toronto, s/o William & Jemima, married Margaret J WILSON, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret, witn: H J RIDOUT of Toronto, 13 May 1869.

Edward CARR, 35, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert & Alice, married Sarah PARSONS, 23, Canada, Yorkville, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: R REYNOLDS of Toronto, 10 Jun 1869.

Joseph MARSHALL, 22, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Ann, married Elizabeth WILSON, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret, witn: J F MARSHALL of Toronto, 24 Jun 1869.

Joseph THWAITES, 28, England, Toronto, s/o Robert & Teresa, married Emma FIFIELD, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Francis & Hannah, witn: Jos PULTON of Toronto, 25 Jun 1869.

Daniel WILLIAMS, 27, Canada, Oakville, s/o John & Margaret, married Susan M KELLY, 25, Canada, Oakville, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Eliz M BISHOP of Toronto, 26 Jun 1869.


Vol 67, page 86, return 337: by Rev Francis Henry Marling, Bond St Congregational

William ANDERSON, 32, widower, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Ellen, married Elizabeth FOGGIN, 23, England, Toronto, d/o John & Alice, witn: J WARBOLE, MA & John TEVNOR[?] of Toronto, 14 Jan 1869.

James RENSAW, 21, Canada, Peterborough, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Catherine McLAUGHLIN, 28, Canada, Peterborough, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: John H WATKINS & Alice HOYLE of Toronto, 27 May 1869.

James SWIFT, 36, England, Toronto, s/o James & Mary, married Martha BRAILEY, 35, widow, England, Toronto, d/o William F & Martha, witn: Thomas FEE & Jane CAMPBELL of Toronto, 28 Jun 1869.

John Harton WATKINS, 20, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Jane, married Alice HOYLE, 19, England, Toronto, d/o William & Jane, witn: W ARTHURS & M HULL of Toronto, 30 Jun 1869.


Vol 67, page 87, return 338: by Rev Charles F W Rechenberg, Evangelical Lutheran

Augustus William HETTGER, 31, Cassell Hessia Prussia, Lindsay Victoria Co, s/o John HETTGER & Maria CLALCOMESITIS, married Albertine Bertha JANKE, 20, Klidan Province of West Prussia, Toronto, d/o Henry JANKE & Eleonora LIPPKE, witn: Anton GEMSGAEGER of Lindsay & Peter BACKER of Toronto, 10 Jun 1869.


Vol 67, page 87, return 339: by Rev J T Pitcher, New Connexion Methodist

John VENEBALS, 21, England, Toronto, s/o John & Anne VENEBALS, married Annie KILSHAW, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Isaac & Jane KILSHAW, witn: John NEILL & James McEVOY of Toronto, 01 Jan 1869.

James Isaac DICKY, 40, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Adam & Elizabeth DICKY, married Elizabeth WELLS, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Mary WELLS, witn: John NICOL & James McLEARY of Toronto, 09 Jan 1869.

John William FULLERTON, 23, England, Toronto, s/o John & Jane FULLERTON, married Martha McCURRY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth McCURRY, witn: W DECKER & James McCURRY of Toronto, 27 Mar 1869.

John James BEST, 26, England, Leslieville, s/o James & ----- BEST, married Mary COLLINS, 17, Ireland, Leslieville, d/o Robert & Susan COLLINS, witn: Robert COLLINS of Leslieville, 19 Jan 1869


Vol 67, page 87, return 340: by Rev William M Punshon & William Stephenson, Wesleyan Methodist

Patrick HICKEY, 32, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Maria, married Minnie MOORE, 27, Canada, Toronto, d/o Richard & Minnie, witn: William INGRAM of Toronto, 20 Jan 1869.

Edward D STEPHENSON, 21, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Phebe, married Mercy FANFIELD (Fairfield?), 21, Canada, Napanee, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Henry B FANFIELD of Toronto, 08 Jun 1869.

Alexander RUTHERFORD, 40, London England, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Sarah E MITCHELL, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Mary, witn: William G STORM of Toronto, 18 Jun 1869.

John C BRIDGE, 22, Canada, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Isabella, married Mary ROBERTS, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: E BUDGE of Toronto, 22 Jun 1869.

Jas HANAN, 28, Canada, Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Sarah M WILSON, 23, Ontario, Willowdale, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Ebenezer PANTON of Oshawa, 17 Jun 1869.

Willis COATES, 25, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Phillis NEWHAL, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William & Catherine, witn: C NEWHAL of Toronto, 22 Jun 1869.

Henry Scott LEACH, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o Francis & Ann, married Caroline McCAUL, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Eliza McCAUL of Toronto, 01 Jul 1869.


Vol 67, page 88, return 341: by Rev John M King, Canada Presbyterian

Archibald McDIARMID, 35, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o Neal McDIARMID & Anne McINNES, married Isabella DAVIDSON, 21, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Benjamin DAVIDSON & Isabella KING, witn: Charles CLARKE of Toronto, 27 Nov 1868.

George BARR, 40, Scotland, Hamilton, s/o George BARR & Janet BRODIE, married Anne McDIARMID, 28, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Neil McDIARMID & Anne McINNES, witn: Charles CLARKE of Toronto, 27 Nov 1868.

John TAYLOR, 23, Scotland, New Jersey, USA, s/o William TAYLOR & Mary GRANT, married Ellen McLEOD, 23, Scotland, York Twp, d/o John McLEOD & Isabella FRASER, witn: Robert McLEOD of Whitchurch, 01 Dec 1868.

Adolphe Pierre RUDOLPH, 30, France, New York, USA, s/o Joseph RUDOLF & Mary JUDIN, married Catherine BURKE, 22, Canada, Rochester New York USA, d/o Daniel BURKE & Jane PATERSON, witn: James KING of Ingersoll, 08 Dec 1868.

Donald McLEAY, 25, Scotland, Guelph Twp, s/o Donald McLEAY & Margaret BAIN, married Mary BUCHAN, 20, Galt, Guelph Twp, d/o Robert BUCHAN & Ellen HOOD, witn: Robert MILLS of Toronto, 31 Dec 1868.

Joseph Henry RODEN, 27, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John RODEN & Margaret PARSONS, married Anna Maria HAMILTON, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Gabriel REID & Eliza CONNOR, witn: Ephraim P RODEN of Toronto, 11 Jan 1869.

George MACKAY, 23, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William MACKAY & Anne AITKEN, married Georgina SLIGH, 21, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o Thomas SLIGH & Isabella SLIGH, witn: John RANKIN of Toronto, 28 Apr 1869.

John Young REID, 43, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Andrew REID & Margaret MOFFAT, married Mary Y BUTT, 35, Scotland, Toronto, d/o George BUTT & Janet Huston JAMIESON, witn: Thomas ROBINS of Toronto, 12 Jun 1869.


Vol 67, page 88, return 342: by Rev John G Manly, Zion Congregational Church

NOTE: for all marriages, ages for bride & groom were given as "full"

Thomas Henry WRIGHT, Wyndham Norfolk England, Toronto, s/o Robert & Margaret WRIGHT, married Therese KAMERATINE, Caughnawanga, Toronto, d/o Jacob & Cath KAMERATINE, witn: Moses JACKSON & Franceline JACKSON of Toronto, 18 Jan 1869.

William Alfred VAN HORN, Markham Twp, Markham Twp, s/o George & Anne VAN HORN, married Ellen COUCH, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Richard & Fanny COUCH, witn: Isaac WILKINSON of Markham & Jane COUCH of Toronto, 24 Feb 1869.

Samuel HERRING, Buckingham England, Toronto, s/o James & Martha HERRING, married Margaret TAYLOR, Manchester England, Toronto, d/o David & Jane TAYLOR, witn: David HERRING & Jessie GERRON (Gerrow?) of Toronto, 08 Mar 1869.

William Peter MIATT, Richmond Yorkshire England, Buffalo, s/o Joseph W & Mary MIATT, married Emma WICKSON, York Twp, York Twp, d/o John & Eliza WICKSON, witn: Theo R WICKSON of York Twp & H E SMALLPIECE of Toronto, 12 May 1869.

David HIGGINS, Clonmel [?], Toronto, s/o Cornelius & Anne HIGGINS, married Mary HAGUE, Rotherham Yorkshire England, Toronto, d/o John & Sarah HAGUE, witn: Samuel GREY & G HAGUE of Toronto, 01 Jun 1869.

Henry Edward SMALLPIECE, Guildford Surrey England, Toronto, s/o Henry W & Hannah SMALLPIECE, married Eliza Jane WICKSON, Toronto, York Twp, d/o John & Eliza WICKSON, witn: Fred R WICKSON & Sara A MANLY of York Twp/Toronto, 07 Jun 1869


Vol 67, page 89, return 343: by Rev Anson Green, DD, Wesleyan Methodist

Trevone [Truman?] BRIDGMAN, 23, Smithville, Stony Creek Saltfleet Twp, s/o William BRIDGMAN & Ann WILSON, married Rosetta CRAPPER, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Jas & Martha A CRAPPER, witn: Amelia E DUGLASS (Douglass?) of Smithville & Robert FRASER of Toronto, 18 Mar 1868.


Vol 67, page 89, return 344: by Rev R T Thomas, Northern Congregational Chapel

George DAVIES, 30, Hereford, England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Mary DAVIES, married Sophia ARMITAGE, 24, Wakefield England, Toronto, d/o John & Martha ARMITAGE, witn: A WICKSON & John A ARMITAGE of Toronto, 25 Mar 1869.

John D NASMITH, 23, Toronto, Toronto, s/o John & Jane NASMITH, married Clare J CLARKE, 22, London England, Toronto, d/o Henry Jas & Harrietta CLARKE, witn: Tom WELL & Walter B COPP of Toronto, 30 Mar 1869.


Vol 67, page 89, return 345: by Rev Robert Wallace, Canada Presbyterian Church, St Patrick's Ward, Toronto

Dugald TAYLOR, 22, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Archibald & Jane TAYLOR, married Agness KERR, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John & Agnes KERR, witn: S McGREGOR & Archibald TAYLOR of Toronto, 07 Jan 1869.

George LANG, 25, Co Armagh Ireland, Weston, s/o William & Jane LANG, married Emma McCANBY, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: R SHILLIBEER & E J SHILLIBEER of Toronto, 25 Jan 1869.

Arthur DYTE (Dyke?), 26, Somerset England, Toronto, s/o James & Martha, married Anne CROFT, 24, Lincolnshire England, Toronto, d/o John & Ann, witn: Robert REID & Sarah REID of Toronto, 12 Mar 1869.

For the following two marriages, the witnesses & date for this marriage may have been omitted. There is only one set of entries for two marriage in a row.

William KINNEAR, 50, Ballymena Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary PENDERGRAF, 23, Derry Ireland, Toronto, d/o James & Martha, witn: Thomas BENNY & Martha BARKER of Toronto, 23 Apr 1869.

William WILLIAMSON, 22, Co Armagh Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Margaret, married Emma LAINE, 21, London England, Toronto, d/o William & Jane, witn: Thomas BENNY & Martha BARKER of Toronto, 29 May 1869.


Vol 67, page 90, return 346: by Rev P B Fuller, DD, St George's Church (C of E)

Richard JOSE, 25, England, Toronto, s/o, married Jane DUNNOTT, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o, witn: Robert BICKERSTAFF of Toronto, 15 Apr 1869.

Charles MILLOEUR [MOLLENHAUR?], 25, England, York Twp, s/o [not given], married Ellen BENTON, Ireland, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: H H FULLER of Toronto, 25 Feb 1869.

John William CHEEDLE, 19, Canada, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Jane LEE, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: William J RODGERS of Toronto, 27 Apr 1869.

Alexander SCOTT, Ireland, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Mary PRIESTMAN, Canada, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: John PRIESTMAN of Toronto, 14 May 1869.

William SCOTT, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Mary Anne BROWN, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Ann BROWN, witn: Thomas McCLELLAN of Toronto, 03 Jun 1869.

David MAMERVILLE,, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Mary LYNCH, Ireland, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: R STOW of Toronto, 03 Jun 1869.

Frederich PRICE, 28, England, Toronto Garrison (13th Hussars), s/o [not given], married Catherine TRACEY, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o [not given], witn: H H FULLER of Toronto, 20 Jan 1869.

Joseph WILLY, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s/o [not given], married Barbara DALEY, 21, Ireland, Toronto, d/o David & ---- DALEY, witn: Robert ELIOT of Toronto, 25 Jan 1869.


Vol 67, page 90, return 347: by Rev Samuel Johnson Boddy, St Peter's Episcopal Church

Joseph BENNETT, 24, England, Toronto, s/o James & Eliza, married Mary Ann MAXWELL, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas Henry & Mary, witn: Robert BECKMAN of Toronto, 18 Mar 1869.

William DORMER, 25, England, Toronto, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Harmlein [?] SINCLAIR, 21, Germany, Toronto, d/o Augustine & Mary, witn: Nathaniel MARSHALL of Toronto, 05 May 1869.

Samuel COOKE, 25, Belfast, Toronto, s/o John & Ann, married Jane BERNEY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Thomas BVENEY [BOVENEY?] of Toronto, 11 May 1869.

James EAKINS, 22, Streetsville, Streetsville, s/o John & Ann, married Eliza M RAMSAY, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Thomas SWAIN of Toronto, 24 May 1869.


Vol 67, page 90, return 348: by Rev John Barclay, DD, St Andrew's Church of Scotland in Canada

Archibald FERGUSON, 27, Scotland, Vaughan, s/o John & Janet FERGUSON, married Margaret FISHER, 22, Scotland, Scarborough, d/o David & Margaret FISHER, witn: Joseph McFARLANE of Vaughan & Christine FISHER of Scarborough, 14 Jan 1869.

David John SLATER, 26, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Jessie SLATER, married Letitia BYRNE, 18, Scotland, Toronto, d/o James & Ellen BYRNE, witn: Charles LEAF & Sophia LEAF of [not given], 28 Jan 1869.

George Richardson SWEET, 27, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth SWEET, married Elizabeth CROOKS, 19, Scotland, Toronto, d/o John & Jane CROOKS, witn: Thomas ROBERTS & R SCOTT of [not given], 12 Feb 1869.

Samuel LONG, 22, New York, Toronto, s/o William & Mary LONG, married Louisa McWALTERS, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Jane McWALTERS, witn: Daniel CONNELL & John LITTLE of [not given], 10 Apr 1869.

Charles NICHOLLS, 24, England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Mary NICHOLLS, married Sarah MURPHY, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Joanna MURPHY, witn: Charles LEAF & Sophia LEAF of [not given], 15 Apr 1869.

James LUCAS, widower, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth LUCAS, married Mary Ann HUSOLER, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard & Anne MOORE, witn: Robert NOBLE & Samuel BELL of Toronto, 17 May 1869.

John COXWORTH, 28, Markham, Pickering, s/o John & Fanny COXWORTH, married Elizabeth Jane LOWRY, Markham, Markham, d/o John & Martha LOWRY, witn: Agnes CAMERON & Nina PARES of Toronto, 24 May 1869.

Robert Blair LINTON, Canada, Toronto, s/o J J E & Margaret LINTON, married Emily Jane WATTS, Canada, Trenton, d/o George & Mary REEVES, witn: Kate LINTON of Stratford & Thomas NELSON of Toronto, 26 May 1869.

Benjamin SEXTON, 25, England, Toronto Garrison (13th Hussars), s/o Thomas & Hannah SEXTON, married Hannah Jane BLAIN, Canada, Toronto, d/o Andrew & Fanny BLAIN, witn: J ARNOLD & Fanny GALLOW of Toronto, 11 Jun 1869.

George Joseph TIMPSON, 22, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Thomas B & Maria TIMPSON, married Isabella ROWE, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John Carlyle & Jane ROWE, witn: J S PENROSE & Emily BUCHANAN of Toronto, 16 Jun 1869


Vol 67, page 91, return 349: by Rev John Parker, New Jerusalem Church

John W HARDY, 20, London CW, Toronto, s/o James & Mary HARDY, married Lucy WARD, Jersy State N Y [?], Toronto, d/o Edward & Mary WARD, witn: E CAMPBELL of Toronto, 26 Jun 1869.


Vol 67, page 91, return 350: by Rev John Jennings, Bay Street Church, Canada Presbyterian Church

Thomas FORBES, 23, Girvan [Renfrewshire] Scotland, York, s/o William FORBES & Mary DONALDSON, married Sarah FITZPATRICK, 27, K--gr---ck Limerick Ireland, York, d/o T SCULLY & Anne HOGAN, witn: Edward RITCHIE of Vaughan & B JENNINGS of Toronto, 02 Jan 1869.

John Hepton MIDDLETON, 26, S----[?], Herefordshire, England, Yorkville, s/o N S MIDDLETON & Martha GRASSE, married Mary Jane HEWITT, 22, Toronto, Yorkville, d/o Jas HEWITT & Margaret CAMPTONE, witn: Letitia KERR & John WORTHEY of Yorkville, 14 Jan 1869.

Richard LENNOX, 27, Co Derry Ireland, W Gwillimbury, s/o Hugh LENNOX & Letitia DITTY, married Elizabeth KERR (widow), 31, Co Armagh Ireland, Yorkville, d/o Jas KERR & Sarah ALLAN, witn: John T CUBITT & William T JENNINGS of Toronto, 19 Jan 1869.

Henry TRAIDER, 30, Stowe Gloucestershire England, Toronto, s/o Joshua TRAIDER & Eliz ADDINGTON, married Matilda PIGGOTT, 26, Quebec, Toronto, d/o John PIGGOTT & Jane SMITH, witn: Charles TRAIDER & Eliz LOUGHEAD of Toronto, 17 Mar 1869.

Charles TRAIDER, 22, Leamington Warwickshire England, Toronto, s/o Joshua TRAIDER & Eliz ADDINGTON, married Eliz LOUGHEAD, 22, Morghha [?] Ireland, Toronto, d/o Timothy LOUGHEAD & Sarah HETHERINGTON, witn: Henry TRAIDER & Matilda PIGGOTT of Toronto, 17 Mar 1869.

Charles WILKINSON, 21, Niagara, Toronto, s/o August WILKINSON & Theresa J RICK [?], married Agnes Steele TOYE, 20, Plymouth England, Toronto, d/o Francis S TOYE & Eliz TAPP, witn: A R WILKINSON & Sarah TOYE of Toronto, 20 May 1869.

Francis FERGUSON, 23, York Twp, Toronto, s/o Henry FERGUSON & Eliza WATERSON, married Elizabeth BLACKBURN, 21, Vaughan, Toronto, d/o Js BLACKBURN & Sarah J LEE, witn: William BLACKBURN of Etobicoke & John DOWNEY of Toronto, 22 May 1869.

William BLYTH, 28, Kelso Scotland, Streetsville, s/o William BLYTH & Janet CASSIDY, married Eliza MONTGOMERY (widow of John HINDS), 26, Trafalgar, Trafalgar, d/o Js MONTGOMERY & Jane BUCHANAN, witn: Js RUSSELL & M P JENNINGS of Toronto, 24 May 1869.

James RUSSELL, 35, Stirlingshire Scotland, Fredricksburgh, s/o James RUSSELL & Mary RENNIE, married Mary Eliz JENNINGS, 20, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John JENNINGS & Margaret CUMMINGS, witn: John BARCLAY of Toronto, G H WILKES of Brantford & R C JENNINGS of Toronto, 01 Jun 1869.

John Franklin HOLLINGER, 24, Erin, Arthur, s/o J HOLLINGER & Mary KENNSTON, married Cath Victoria HOLLINGER, 24, Pickering, Toronto, d/o George HOLLINGER & Ann PATERSON, witn: Js Henry WESTMAN & Sarah J RENWICK of Toronto, 03 Jun 1869


Vol 67, page 92, return 351: by Rev Alexander Topp, Canada Presbyterian Church

Joseph Gordon GRAY, 35, W Gwillimbury, W Gwillimbury, s/o John GRAY & Betsy SUTHERLAND, married Jane FRASER, 25, W Gwillimbury, W Gwillimbury, d/o William FRASER & Eliza GUNSON, witn: William FRASER & Elizabeth FRASER of W Gwillimbury, 12 Jan 1869.

Thomas GARRICK, 35, Lincoln England, Toronto, s/o Abraham GARRICK & Mary MAPLESTON, married Cath McALPINE, 30, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alex McALPINE & Jane WILKIE, witn: Mary KIMBLE of Toronto & Alex CRAWFORD of King, 19 Jan 1869.

Francis GALLOW, 27, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto, s/o William GALLOW & Grace REID, married Mary YEATS, 20, Niagara, Toronto, d/o Peter YEATS & Mary WISEMAN, witn: W B YEATS & James PRINGLE of Toronto, 17 Feb 1869.

Duncan AITKEN, 25, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Thomas AITKEN & Christine AUSTIN, married Jane McBRIDE, 29, Quebec City, Toronto, d/o Robert McBRIDE & Sophia DALE, witn: Robert Nelson DUNN & Janet AITKEN of Toronto, 26 Feb 1869.

James KERR, 37, Co Antrim Ireland, Woodbridge, s/o Thomas KERR & Cath M LEITH, married Elizabeth MASTERS, 27, Hope Twp Durham Co, York Twp, d/o James MASTERS & Elizabeth McKEE, witn: Clara BARRY & Thomas BARRY of Toronto, 04 Mar 1869.

James WRIGHT, 36, Haddingtonshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o John WRIGHT & Elizabeth SMART, married Jane ROY, 33, Nairn Scotland, Toronto, d/o Archibald ROY & Margaret ROSS, witn: George SMEATH & Robert McMILLAN of Toronto, 05 Mar 1869.

James LEACH, 30, New Jersey USA, Nottawasaga, s/o William LEATH & Elizabeth DEAKINS, married Ellen Anne WANLESS, 22, L--------- Berwickshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o William WANLESS & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: John RICHARDSON of Nottawasaga & Eliz BELL of Toronto, 08 Apr 1869.

John Ritchie VART [?], 23, Pickering, Hamilton, s/o John VART & Caroline SCOTT, married Mary CAMERON, 28, Sligo Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas CAMERON & Ann THOMSON, witn: Ann RICHARDSON & James RICHARDSON of Toronto, 12 Apr 1869.

John KAY, 27, London England, St Catharines, s/o John KAY & Elizabeth CHASTIN, married Annabella Mathias CLARK, 26, Greenock [Renfrewshire] Scotland, Toronto, d/o James CLARK & Mary MAYS, witn: Hugh WALLACE & Eliz Clark LEISHMANN of Toronto, 07 Jun 1869.

Robert SMITH, 43, Dyke Parish Morayshire Scotland, Oshawa, s/o John SMITH & Mary STEVENSON, married Jessie MOLLISON, 29, Forfarshire [Angus] Scotland, Toronto, d/o James MOLLISON & Marjory SPARKS, witn: Thomas GORDON & James H SHEAVER of Toronto, 08 Jun 1869.

Henry MILLER, 25, Dundalk, Galt, s/o William MILLER & Cornelia CHAMBERS, married Margaret Kate Caldwell LASH, 24, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o John LASH & Anna FANMORE, witn: Anna LASH & Robert MILLER of Toronto, 22 Jun 1869.

Thomas McGAW, 35, Oshawa, Toronto, s/o Thomas McGAW & Christina DAVIDSON, married Williana GORDON, 17, Greenock [Renfrewshire] Scotland, Toronto, d/o William GORDON & Anna BELL, witn: A D SHAW & William SMITH of Toronto, 24 Jun 1869


Vol 67, page 93, return 352: by Rev William Gregg, Canada Presbyterian Church

Charles Reuben CLEMENTS, 24, St John's Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o John CLEMENTS & Martha BAINES, married Anna Maria CADOW, 24, S Carolina USA, Toronto, d/o William CADOW & Sarah CHISHOLM, witn: J B THORNTON & R H HANDS[?] of Toronto, 20 Jan 1869.

Alexander SMITH, 21, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Alex SMITH & Margaret ROBISON, married Eliz DEAK, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John DEAK & Eliza BELL, witn: A McCORD & Clara JENNINGS of Toronto, 26 Jan 1869.

William ANDERSON, 29, New Jersey USA, Toronto, s/o William ANDERSON & Eliza DEALLING [?], married Ann DORAN, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Isaac DORAN & Rosanna KENNEDY, witn: ---- LINDEN & Eliza ANDERSON of Toronto, 12 Mar 1869.

David Arthur HENRY, 22, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James HENRY & Susanna ANDREWS, married Mary Jane LAVERTY, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Samuel LAVERTY & Ellen WHITLEY, witn: Anna DUFF & John SUCALEES[?] of Toronto, 27 Mar 1869. NOTE: Groom's surname queried by registrar's clerk.

William Henry WELLAND, 24, England, Toronto, s/o Henry WELLAND & Car WELLAND, married Sarah Ad BRAYLEY, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o William B BRAYLEY & S M WELBY, witn: Nora YULE of Toronto & John BOUSTON of Ingleson[?] Ireland, 01 Apr 1869.

John STITT, 24, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Robert STITT & Sarah J DUNCAN, married Eliz SMITH, 23, Canada, Eglinton, d/o William SMITH & Eliz WRIGHT, witn: James STITT of Eglinton & Mary MYLADERY[?] of Toronto, 01 Apr 1869.

James DUNCAN, 31, Scotland, Huron Co, s/o James DUNCAN & Ann GRAY, married Frances B TEASDALE, 29, Canada, Scarborough, d/o John TEASDALE & Rachel BELL, witn: John GRAY of Fenelon & Mich THOMPSON of Scarborough, 13 Apr 1869.

William James LUCAS, 31, Ireland, Innisfil, s/o John LUCAS & Ann SLOANE, married Mary A PAGE, 20, Canada, Innisfil, d/o Richard PAGE & Anna KATLAY, witn: John LUCAS of Innisfil & Phoebe GREGG of Toronto, 24 May 1869.

Thomas Curran JONES, 27, England, Montreal, s/o Josiah JONES & Duncanina [?] CURRIE, married Ann HAMILTON, 27, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William HAMILTON & Anne PATTERSON, witn: J C HAMILTON of Toronto & Janet DENAGH [?] of Montreal, 08 Jun 1869.

John ANDERSON, 31, Markham, Vaughan, s/o John ANDERSON & Harriet ROSE, married Mary REID, 29, Canada, King, d/o William REID & Maud LOUNT, witn: George LAWDEN & Eliza F GREGG of Toronto, 30 Jun 1869


Page #94, Return #353; by William Herridge, a Minister of the Primitive Methodist Church

Robert MUTUM(?), 27, Canada, Town of York, s/o James & Caroline, married Mary A. WHITMORE, 29, Canada, Town of York, d/o John and Mary Ann; witn: Emma HERRIDGE and George BELL (or BALL), both of Toronto; January 1, 1869.  

Robert MANNING, 27, England, Aurora, s/o Robert & Sophia, married Mary ANDREWS, 24, Canada, Yorkville, d/o Robert and Susan; witn: Joshua ANDREWS of Etobicoke Twp., and Eliz. ANDREWS of Nelson Twp.; January 21, 1869.  

Richard DOWSON, 33, England, Yorkville, s/o George & Mary, married Ann ROBINSON, 30, England, Mariposa, d/o Henry & Mary; witn: Clifton DOWSON and Hannah DOWSON, both of Yorkville; March 12, 1869.  

John WILSON, 22, England, Toronto, s/o Daniel and Jane, married Briget M. KAIN, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Mary M., witn: John HOWSON and James R. CLARKE, both of Toronto; April 9, 1869  

Cornelius PERRY, 20, Canada, Toronto, s/o Martin & Rosetta, married Mary A. AMES, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Henry & Ann; witn: William T. HERRIDGE and Charlotte E. AMES, both of Toronto; May 15, 1869.  

James ROBINSON, 20, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Jane Eliz. FORD, 18, Canada, Yorkville, d/o George & Mary; witn: Agnes E. FORD and Emily FORD, both of Yorkville; June 1, 1869.  

William L. HUDDERT, 27, England, Yorkville, s/o William & Frances, married Mary GIBBS, 27, England, Yorkville, d/o William & Sarah; witn: George E. LEWIS and Rosannah GIBBS, both of Yorkville; June 8, 1869.


Page 94 & 95, Return #354, by Rev. George COCHRAN, a Minister of the Wesleyan Methodist Church

Levi ELLIOTT, 21, Canada, Vaughan, s/o John & Agnes, married Hannah WALLACE, 19, Canada, Vaghan, d/o George & Catherine; witn: John WALLACE of Vaughan; January 9, 1869.  

William HUSTON, 21, Canada, Toronto, s/o William & Rebecca, married Isabella PHILLIPS, 20, England, Toronto, d/o George & Emily; witn: William MEREDITH of Toronto; January 18, 1869  

Charles A. WALTON, 24, England, Detroit U.S., s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Emily I. WALTON, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Mary Ann; witn: C.L. COCHRAN of Toronto; January 25, 1869.  

James BREADON, 35, Canada, Iowa U.S., s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Anna HUNTER, 33, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Charlotte; witn: G.A. BURNS of Toronto; February 17, 1869  

Thomas C. BELGRAVE, 28, West Indies, Toronto, s/o not given, married C.V.O. SMALL (Swallow?), 29 (23?), United States, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth; witn: Randolph BRANDON of Toronto; February 25, 1869  

William PORTER, 34, England, Toronto, s/o Richard & Mary, married Mary I. STEER, England, Plymouth England, d/o Thomas & Eliza; witn: William TAMBLYN of Toronto; March 9, 1869  

William GREEN, 33, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Belinda CUSMAN (Cummings?), 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Belinda; witn: C.L. COCHRAN of Toronto, March 15, 1869  

Charles HERBERT, 26, England, Vaughan, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Lizzie STEWART, 23(?), England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Jane FREESTOWN (Freestone?); witn: Andrew HERBERT of Vaughan; March 17, 1869  

James HUSTON, 30, Canada, Etobicoke, s/o Joseph & Catherine, married Mary I. KEW, 25, Canada, Etobicoke, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann; witn: Chas. HUSTON of Etobicoke; March 25, 1869 

Isaac CARRUTHERS, 23, Canada, Etobicoke, s/o James & Hannah, married Mary A. PRUITTE(?), 22(?), England, Weston, d/o Thomas & Margaret; witn: David STEWART of Etobicoke; April 14, 1869  

George BERKETT, 29, England, Toronto, s/o William & Celia, married Sarah CLARKE, 22, England, Toronto, d/o John & Jane; witn: G. GOURLAY of Toronto; May 4, 1869  

Robert I. MEDLEY, 28, England, Oshawa, s/o Robert & Catherine, married Esther SKELTON, 21, Canada, Oshawa, d/o John & Martha; witn: William McFADDEN of Brampton; May 12, 1869

Alexander JOHNSON, 49, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Hannah, married Jane HAMPSHIRE, 24, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Dougald & Jane, witn: Jessie FRASER of Toronto, 18 May 1869.

Robert MORRISON, 21, Canada, Toronto, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Kate O'BRIEN, 19, United States, Toronto, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Margaret GRAHAM of Toronto, 26 May 1869.

Samuel GORDON, 23, Canada, Toronto, s/o George & Frances, married Alice OLVER, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Richard & Celia, witn: C B OLVER of Toronto, 26 May 1869.

Adam McDOEL, 27, Canada, Uxbridge, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Catherine ALLISON, 21, Ireland, Pontiac USA, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel STERLING of Hamilton, 01 Jun 1869.

William H STOTESBURY, 34, Canada, Toronto, s/o Charles & Charlotte, married Fanny STERLING, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Ann, witn: Samuel STERLING of Hamilton, 01 Jun 1869.

John KELLY, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Eleene TAYLOR, 21, England, Toronto, d/o George & Mary, witn: William STEWARD of Toronto, 03 Jun 1869.

George J LEACH, 29, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Kate McNESS, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Kate, witn: Thomas McNESS of Toronto, 07 Jun 1869.

John CLARKE, 34, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Catherine POWER, 19, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Andrew & Frances, witn: William REFORD of Toronto, 17 Jun 1869.

George BURNS, 26, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Ann, married Maria FORBES, 26, Canada, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Thomas DOWNING of Toronto, 24 Jun 1869.