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Toronto, 1890, part 2

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015017-90 - John ADAMS, 22, brickmaker, England, Eglington, s/o John ADAMS & Mariah ADAMS, married Ellen WHEAT, 20, England, Eglington, d/o William WHEAT & Rebecca WHEAT, witn Richard DOUGHTY, Augusta DOUGHTY & ----- DOUGHTY, of Eglington, 15 October 1890, at Church of Redeemer #015070-90 Isaac Russell AIKENS, 27, Ontario, Toronto, stenographer, s/o John & Margaret AIKENS, married Mary Josephine HARRIS, 22, US, Toronto, d/o Charles & Mary HARRIS, witn; Kate GALBRAITH, Selina GALBRAITH, both Toronto, married 25 October 1890
#013679-91 Alfred ALDRIDGE, 26, London, Toronto, contractor, s/o Nathaniel & Jeannie ALDRIDGE, married Hamilton Doy BELCHER, 25, London, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Margaret BELCHER, witn Margaret CLARKE, Maggie BELCHER, married 14 December 1890 015020-90 - Charles A. Adderly ANDERSON, 35, agent, England, Toronto, s/o John ANDERSON & Isabella ANDERSON, married Sarah Clara HART?, 29, Guelph Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard Thomas HART & Elizabeth HART, witn Samuel FOSTER of Toronto & Ellen RICHARDSON of Davenport Road, 20 October 1890
015001-90 - John Edward ARMSTRONG, 22, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Mary ARMSTRONG, married Elizabeth BELL, 23, Liverpool England, Toronto, d/o Thomas BELL & Elizabeth BELL, witn Henry POFFLEY & Emma POFFLEY, of Toronto, 14 October 1890, at 140 St.Patrick Street #015071-90 William ATKINSON, 23, Ontario, Drumbo Ont, hotel keeper, s/o James & Mary ATKINSON, married Kate MALLOY, 28, Ontario, Newmarket, d/o William & Rebecca MALLOY, witn J.W. MALLOY, A. MALLOY, both Toronto, married 30 October 1890
15346-90 John AYRES, 22, butler, England, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Kate PARK, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Charles MANNERS & Chattie COOK, both of Toronto, 9 Oct 1890 at Toronto  
015022-90 - John William BACHE, 46, widower, merchant, Brierly? Hill Stratfordshire England, Toronto, s/o Benjamin BACHE & Caroline BRYAN, married Sophia BEAL, 27, Hawley Hampshire England, Toronto, d/o Edwin Alonzo BEAL & Annie BEAL, witn Thomas Henry BACHE & Thomas A. BRYCE, of Toronto, 16 September 1890 15375-90 William Robert BACK, 25, confectioner, Canada, Toronto, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Martha Anna Margaret FISHER, 17, Canada, Toronto, d/o Alfred & Elizabeth, witn: Harry LINDSAY & Martha A. CAMPBELL, both of Toronto, 5 Nov. 1890
  014833-90 Edward BALL, 31, book keeper, Storebridge England, Toronto s/o Oliver and Eliza BALL married Helen Vaughan MILLS, 28, Grand River Indiana, Toronto d/o John L. and Sarah MILLS witn: William L. MILLS and E.S. MILLS both of Toronto, June 3, 1890
14094-90 John James BANNAN, 26, teamster, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John BANNAN & Agnes BANNAN, married Sarah EARL, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas EARL & Mary EARL, witn: Isaac SMITH & Adelaide EARL, 6 Mar 1890 15380-90 Christopher George BARRETT, 23, merchant, New Jersey USA, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Elizabeth, married Effie Sophronia EVOY, 20, Whitchurch, Toronto, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas MORRISON & Annie McCARTY, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1890
14710-90 James H. BEASLEY, 22, bartender, Co. Cork Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Jane McCOYNE, 21, Montreal, Toronto, d/o John & Ann, witn: William MABERLY & Ellen BROWN, both of Toronto, 6 Feb 1890 014826-90 John William BEATTY, 24, fireman, Toronto, same s/o Samuel and Mary Ann BEATTY married Caroline A. CORNOCK, 26, Peel Co., Port Thomas d/o James and Sarah CORNOCK witn: Charles GORDON and Hattie HOGAN both of Toronto, August 2, 1890
014840-90 George Hudson BECK, 24, labourer, Norfolk England, West Toronto Junction s/o George and Maria BECK married Elizabeth Bernard BALMER, 24, London England, Toronto d/o Philip and Elizabeth R.H. BALMER witn: Joseph VAUGHAN and Alice M. BECK both of West Toronto Junction, September 3, 1890  
014805-90 William James BEER, 23, machinist, Brantford, Toronto s/o Thomas and Mary Ann BEER married Fannie PHILIPS, 25, London Ont., Toronto d/o George and Mary PHILIPS witn: Mary A. WALLACE and Dora BROWN both of Toronto, September 4, 1890 15124-91 William BELL, 21, grocer, New Market, Toronto, s/o John & Christina BELL married Maggie ARMSTRONG, 22, Uxbridge, Toronto, d/o William & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn: not given, 3 Dec 1890
014836-90 William BENNETT, 40, labourer, Shropshire England, Toronto s/o Joseph and Maria BENNETT married Mary E. KENNEDY, 30, Brantford, Toronto d/o Patrick and Ellen KENNEDY witn: Walter and Eliza GUNSON (Gunton?) of Toronto, September 15, 1890, 63 Czar Street 14231-90 Adam BIRK, 28, baker, Buffalo, Toronto, s/o Jacob BIRK & Margaretta BIRK, married Mary Maggie Margaretta Rose LILLY, 24, Peterborough, Toronto, d/o James LILLY & Catherine Rose LILLY, witn: Mr & Mrs MUTZ both of Toronto, 8 Apr 1890 at 51 Cumberland St.
14234-90 William BIRNEY, 27, policeman, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas BIRNEY & Rebecca BIRNEY, married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, 35, Ireland, New York US, d/o John ROBINSON & Mary ROBINSON, witn: H.K.M. O' MEARA & K.E. McKELCAN, 12 Apr 1890 014994-90 - Samuel Charles BITTLE, 25, machinist, Guelph, Toronto, s/o William BITTLE & Mary MERCER, married Emma MIDDINGS?, 20, Wales, Toronto, d/o William MIDDINGS & Jane BATTISBAY?, witn Mr. & Mrs. J. ABRAHAMS, of Toronto, 25 September 1890
#015068-90 Charles BLAINEY, 21, England, Toronto, plumber, s/o Charles & Sarah BLAINEY, married Kate HARCOURT, 20, US, Toronto, d/o Richard & Jane HARCOURT, witn; Kate GALBRAITH, Mary SHAW, both Toronto, married 14 August 1890 14236-90 Andrew BLAYNEY, 29, farmer, Canada, District of Algoma, s/o James BLAYNEY & Mary BLAYNEY, married Hester Marie CREASOR, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o Carlton CREASOR & Maria CREASOR, witn: M. SANSON & Maggie PORTER both of Toronto, 24 Mar 1890
014812-90 William D. BLUE, 28, engineer, Scotland, Toronto s/o Dunn and Annie BLUE married Maria MEIR, 20, Sandhill, Toronto d/o David and E. MEIR witn: George BLUFF and Charlotte ABERNATHY, both of Toronto, September 6, 1890  
14097-90 Charles BLYTH, 29, tinker, Norfolk England, Toronto, s/o Samuel BLYTH & Honor UTTING, married Sarah ALLISON, 30, Newmarket, Toronto, d/o John ALLISON & Elizabeth OUGH, witn: Rose BRICE & Louisa DODSWORTH both of Toronto, 18 Feb 1890 at 335 Berkeley St 014801-90 Ephraim BOLTON, 24, farmer, Mariposa twp, same s/o Ephraim and Margaret BOLTON married Charlotte WATSON, age n/g, England, Toronto d/o John and Mary WATSON witn: John GRINDALL and Alice WATSON both of Mariposa, July 29, 1890
14232-90 William Henry BOON, 23, bricklayer, Oakville, same, s/o Joseph BOON & Susanna HUNWIES?, married Bella White Law SMALL, 26, Longliffe Scotland, Toronto, d/o Joseph SMALL & Mary A. ANDERSON, witn: William BAGSLEY & Susan McGRIFFIN, 2 Apr 1890 014800-90 Charles BOYNTON, 23, engineer, Toronto, Chicago, s/o Edward and Janet BOYNTON married Emma M. COMSKY, 23, Quebec, Toronto d/o David and Mary COMSKY witn: Thomas HOULD and Jeanie THOMPSON both of Toronto, August 6, 1890
15387-90 William BOSWELL, 23, teamster, Warwickshire England, Toronto, s/o George BOSWELL & Harriet COOPER, married Victoria DUNHAM, 24, Arthur twp., Toronto, d/o Thomas DUNHAM & Ellen CRITTENDEN, witn: William & Sarah HOWARD of Toronto, 4 Nov 1890 14235-90 William Allan BRADLEY, 29, Presbyterian probationer, Perth Co, Toronto, s/o James BRADLEY & Alice IRVINE, married Ada Marie RODGERS, 23, South Monaghan, Toronto, d/o Alexander RODGERS & Susan McKAY, witn: Libbie RODGERS & James BREBUN both of Toronto, 9 Apr 1890
13552-91 Daniel Wood BRANT, 42, druggist, Madison NJ, Buffalo, s/o Albert & Phoebe, married Annie Louise HOWARD, 24, London Ont, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Ellen, witn: G. P. MACARTNEY of Buffalo & Louise ROLLS of Toronto, 10 Dec 1890 013680-91 James BREWSTER, 29, Canada, Stroud Ontario, widower, merchant, s/o Johnson & Margaret BREWSTER, married Fannie WEBB, 25, Canada, Stroud Ontario, d/o Thomas & Nancy WEBB, witn H.H. WATERS of New Orleans, F. DUMOULIN of Toronto, married 19 September 1890
14101-90 John Ashley BRIGGS, 20, profession blank, Durham England, Toronto, s/o Ashley BRIGGS & Martha D. BRIGGS, married Mary BUCKTON, 19, Dunnville, Toronto, d/o Leonard BUCKTON & Susannah ELDERS, witn: Rose BRICE & Minnie DUCKWORTH both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1890 at The Parsonage [335] Berkeley St. 14219-90 Philip Henry BROWN, 23, barkeeper, Toronto, 115 Queen St. East Toronto, s/o Philip BROWN & Catherine CARROLL, married Mary Jane DAVIS, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Elihu DAVIS & Sarah POLLARD, witn: John BROWN of Queen's Hotel Toronto, & Emily BROWN of corner of Yonge & Albert St. Toronto, 10 Apr 1890 at St. Andrews Manse
13560-91 James BROWN, 31, clerk, Dumfrieshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Rachel Ann WALLACE, 26, Tipperary Ireland, Toronto, d/o Wellington & Catherine, witn: Alfred RUSSELL & Catherine WALLACE, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1890 at All Saints Church 15277-90 Frederick BROWN, 35, bar keeper, Newark on Trent England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth GRIMERY? (Gemering?), 25, Devon England, Toronto, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Edward G. VERRELL & Maggie MORIARTY, both of Toronto, 24 Nov 1890
14705-90 James BRYANT, 43, widower, Minister of the Gospel, England, Toronto, s/o John BRYANT & Dorothy STANDLICK, married Jamima GRANT, 30, Toronto, same, d/o Donald GRANT & Robina ANNAN, witn: G. L. BRYANT of Texas & Maggie GRANT of Toronto, 20 Aug 1890  
14237-90 Robert BUCHANAN, 28, laborer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas BUCHANAN & Rebecca BUCHANAN, married Bella Catherine BURLEIGH, 23, London Canada West, same, d/o William BURLEIGH & Christina BURLEIGH, witn: William WOOD & Lizzie BLUNDERFIELD both of Toronto, 26 Mar 1890 14090-90 Kenneth Ogilvy BUCHANAN, 28, banker, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Kenneth Mackenzie M--?(off page) & Caroline MOFFATT, married Kathleen Marie MONAGHAN, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John MONAGHAN & Catherine Mary MONAGHAN, witn: Hume BLAKE & Georgie BLAKE, 12 Mar 1890
13686-91 Albert James BULLOCK, 25, bookkeeper, England, Toronto, s/o Emanuel & Harriet BULLOCK, married Mary Alosens RYAN, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o Michael & Mary RYAN, witn F. DuMOULIN & Philip DuMOULIN both of Toronto, 7 June 1890 15374-90 George BURCH, 37, laborer, London England, Toronto, s/o George & Eliza, married Amy GILL, 29, London England, Toronto, d/o James Peter & Sarah, witn: J. M. & M.J. FAIRCLOTH of Toronto, 29 Oct 1890 (also 15063-90)
013895-90 - Jacob William BURNSWELL, 25, farming, Scarboro, Highland Creek, s/o William & Mary, married Rachal Ann SWALLOW, 25, Pickering, Toronto, d/o Alfred Charles & Isabella, witn Emma E. WILKINSON & Ethel M. WILKINSON, both of Toronto, on 5 January 1890 014814-90 George Llewellyn BURTON, 22, electrician, Barrie, same s/o George and Margaret BURTON married Hannah Nicholas SWINERTON, 19, Chesterton England, Barrie d/o Charles and Mary SWINERTON witn: Susie PHILLIPS and Addie ATKINSON both of Toronto, July 1, 1890
  014996-90 - Alexander Paul BUSSE?, 31, butcher, Statzfurth (Saxony), Toronto, s/o August BUSSE & Wilhelmina BUSSE, married Hermine BAUMANN, 27, Statzfurth (Saxony), Toronto, d/o Fritz BAUMANN & Auguste BAUMANN, witn Mr. LETTAN & Mr. SCHMIDT, of Toronto, 11 October 1890, at 18 Wood Street
15347-90 George Henry BUTT, 26, carpenter, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Lucinda, married Therdosia BROWN, 29, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o Septimus & Eunice, witn: Francis Wallace [surname off page] & Mary BROWN, both of Toronto, 10 Dec 1890 15398-90 John CAFFREY, 24, engineer, Liverpool Nova Scotia, Toronto, d/o David CAFFREY & Mary ANDERSON, married Mary ROBINSON, 40, widow, Woodbridge Ont., Toronto, d/o Samuel FORD & Sarah KNIGHT, witn: E. K. CORBETT of Pt. Dalhousie & Rose BRICE of Toronto, 6 Nov 1890
15367-90 Robert H. CAMERON, 23, builder, Scotland, Toronto, s/o John & Jessie, married Lottie CAMPLIN, 21, Meaford, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane, witn: George CAMERON & Ada CAMPLIN, both of Toronto, 25 Sept 1890 014246-91 Angus CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Nottawasaga, same, s/o Alexander & Flora, married Annie FISHER, 24, Osprey Ontario, Nottawasaga, d/o Thomas & Rebecca, witn: Annie ANTHONY & William FISHER both of Stayner on Dec. 24, 1890
014847-90 John CARLTON, 41, widower, blacksmith, Canada, Creemore s/o John CREEMORE (sic) and Martha, married Sarah Martha MOORE, 40, Canada, Whitchurch twp., d/o Thomas and Mary Ann MOORE witn: Frank MOORE of Toronto and Eliza MILLSOP of Stayner, September 11, 1890  
15368-90 Henry James CARTER, full age, widower, brick layer, Toronto, same, s/o James & Ann, married Elizabeth DAVIS, full age, widow, of Toronto, d/o Samuel & Caroline BAKER, witn: George F. LOTT, J. G. LURES? & Susan DINGWALL, all of Toronto, 13 Dec 1890 015023-90 - Walter Irwin CARTER, 21, confectioner, Toronto, same, s/o Christopoher CARTER & Jane CARTER, married Myron? May GILCHRIST, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Anthony GILCHRIST & Eliza GILCHRIST, witn William J. FLETCHER & Caroline E. WEBBER, of Toronto, 21 October 1890
015012-90 - James CHAMBERS, 28, watchman, Newcastle, Toronto, s/o Richard CHAMBERS & Sarah CHAMBERS, married Florence RITCHIE, 22, Pickering, Toronto, d/o ---- RITCHIE & Mary RITCHIE, witn A. J. BRICKENDEN & Sophia RITCHIE, of Toronto, 14 October 1890 14240-90 William John CHESHER, 22, machinist, London Middlesex England, 41 Humber St. Toronto, s/o William John CHESHER & Sarah RANIKER, married Minnie Margaret ELLERBY, 22, Burford, Galt, d/o Joseph ELLERBY & Catherine MUNROE, witn: William A. SMITH of Hamilton & Emma E. CHESHER of Toronto, 9 Apr 1890 at 7 Walnut St.
  14098-90 Frederick CHURCHILL, 19, farmer, Scarboro, same, s/o William Henry CHURCHILL & Alice TITUS, married Bridget MILLER, 20, Cosola East Indies, Toronto, d/o John MILLER & Mary BOHEN, witn: Rose BRICE & Louisa DODSWORTH both of Toronto, 29 Jan 1890 at 335 Berkeley St.
15371-90 William James CLARK, 23, clerk (telephone co.), Caledon, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Eliza, married Ethel SMALL, 25, Strathroy Ont., Toronto, d/o Joseph C. & Emily Maria, witn: Richard & Phoebe MANNING of Toronto, 14 Dec 1890 14095-90 Thomas CLARKE, 34, lithographer, Co Cavan Ireland, Toronto, s/o Richard CLARKE & Ellen REYNOLDS, married Mary GUINN, 24, Walkerton, Toronto, d/o William GUINN & Mary Jane BAKER, witn: James HARLOCK & Mary FUHRMAN both of Toronto, 3 Mar 1890 at 335 Berkeley St.
013889-90 - Fred COCHLON, 38, farmer, Lindsay, same, s/o George & Maria, married Jane ARMSTRONG, 40, Scotch, Toronto, d/o James & Janet, witn E.A. McGREGOR & Hattie NORTH, both of Toronto, on 29 January 1890 14724-90 Edward Oliver COLBOURN, 31, comb maker, Leominster Mass USA, Toronto, s/o Francis & Clara, married Sophia BAKER, 32, Kingston, Toronto, d/o Richard & Agnes, witn: John K. MOORE & Catherine D. WATSON, both of Toronto, 30 April 1890
14717-90 William Joseph CONNELLY, 23, Private in C. Co. infantry school, Cincinnati Ohio, Toronto, s/o Edward & Mary Jane, married Jennie POTTER, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John Alexander & Rebecca, witn: William TEW & Mary Ann POTTER, both of Toronto, 9 Jan 1890 015019-90 - Michael J. CONROY, 22, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o William CONROY & Margaret CONROY, married Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick RICHARDSON & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, witn William CONROY & Catherine CONROY, of Toronto, 14 October 1890
14096-90 George William COOK, 23, farmer, Halton Co, Erin twp, s/o Daniel COOK & Jane NOBLE, married Mary Jane MILLER, 22, Norval, Erin twp, d/o James MILLER & Isabella JAMES, witn: Charles FISH of Newton brook & Louisa DODSWORTH of Toronto, 26 Feb 1890 at 335 Berkeley St. 14722-90 Charles Edward COVERT, 25, carpenter, Warkworth Ont., ,Toronto, s/o David & Susan, married Florence Elizabeth illegible (Dex--? off page), 17, Toronto, same, d/o James WOOD & Sarah BOXALL of Toronto, witn: James WOOD & Sarah BOXALL of Toronto, 26 Feb 1890 [as written]
14225-90 Charles COWIE, 23, teamster, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William COWIE & Ellen WALKER, married Mary E. HENDERSON, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard HENDERSON & Ellen ROSS, witn: James COWIE & Jane McGINNIS both of Toronto, 9 Apr 1890 14725-90 Frederick Lees COWLEY, 21, stenographer, Northampton England, Toronto, s/o Robert & Esther, married Emily McCORMACK, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Richard & Maria, witn: Andrew ANDERSON & Emma A. EDMONDS, both of Toronto, 14 April 1890
14860-90 Charles Albert CRAWFORD, 25, Port Hope, Toronto, s/o Samuel CRAWFORD & Emily, married Mary Frances LEWIS, 21, Mount Forest, Toronto, d/o William LEWIS & Margaret, witn: Robert CRAWFORD & Georgina LEWIS, both of Toronto, 18 June 1890 13688-91 John CROWE, 28, laborer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Richard & Margaret CROWE, married Martha BENNETT, 20, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret BENNETT, witn Lillie WINKWORTH and J. DuMOULIN, both of Toronto, 22 may 1890
14863-90 Robert John CRUMBIE, 25, farmer, York Co., West Toronto Junction, s/o Robert CRUMBIE & Susan, married Emily Sarah Amelia AYLING, 20, of West Toronto Junction, d/o John AYLING & Catherine, witn: John AYLING & Hannah FAVEY, both of West Toronto Junction, 30 April 1890  
014846-90 Henry John CURTIS, 26, barber, Canada, Toronto s/o Thomas and Mary Ann CURTIS married Christina WHITE, 37, widow, England, Toronto d/o Archy and Isabella FINDLAYSON witn: Joseph McKENZIE and Elizabeth PAYNE both of Toronto, September 11, 1890 015005-90 - Owen CURTIS, 23, farmer, Toronto, same, s/o James CURTIS & Mary MARKEY, married Marry Harris FAWCETT, 24, Washington U.S., Toronto, d/o Stephen FAWCETT & Mary STOCK, witn Rev. James WALSH & John FITZPATRICK, of Toronto, 16 October 1890, at Our Lady of Lourdes
14235-90 William Scotton DALBY, 22, coal & wood merchant, Toronto, same, s/o George E. DALBY & Margaret ENGLAND, married Sarah GRIMSBY, 20, Bracondale, Toronto, d/o Harry GRIMSBY & Elizabeth SAUNDERS, witn: Edith E. DALBY & Andrew J. FORSYTH both of Toronto, 8 Apr 1890  
14706-90 Joseph E. DAVIES, 22, brewer, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph & Harriet, married Ellen CARROLL, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John & Amelia, witn: R. JONES & C. DORENWEND?, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1890 at St. Mathias Church 15400-90 Joseph DAVIES, 60, gentleman, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph DAVIES & Jane CHITTICK, married Agnes BAILEY, 45, widow, Barrie, Toronto, d/o George HART & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn: Elizabeth COULSON of Bradford & Rose BRICE of Toronto, 5 Nov 1890
014995-90 - John Nelson DEFOE, 22, tailor, Georgina - York , Toronto, s/o John DEFOE & Charlotte DEFOE, married Emily Grace PHILLIPS, 23, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Thomas PHILLIPS & Agnes PHILLIPS, witn Charles PHILLIPS, of Montreal & Calvin DEFOE, of Georgina, 9 October 1890 #015072-90 Wilfred Sharrahan? DENROCHE, 22, Guelph Ont, Toronto, clerk, s/o William S. & Anna DENROCHE, married Kathleen CLARKE, 18, Montreal PQ, Toronto, d/o Margaret CLARKE, widow, witn Maggie CLARKE, C.B. DENROCHE, Richd. C. WINDEYER, all Toronto, married 29 October 1890, St Simons Church
014998-90 - William DIMKLEY, 26, bricklayer, Canada, Toronto, s/o William DIMKLEY & Alice DINKLEY, married Maggie PLATTEN, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Austin PLATTIN & Maggie PLATTIN, witn Minnie RODWELL & Bella CALLIST?, of Toronto, 14 October 1890 013926-91 George DINNING, 25, gentleman, Streetsville, same, s/o George & Margaret DINNING married Rebecca RUTLEDGE, 27, Tyrone Ireland, Streetsville, d/o Thomas & Margaret RUTLEDGE Witn M.A. Cayley & C.M. Cayley both of Toronto, December 27, 1890
15385-90 John Henry DOBSON, 29, yeoman, Bolton, Markham, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Jane Hannah GRAHAM, 28, Quebec, Richmond Hill, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Rev. T. W. JEFFREY & Rose BRICE, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1890 013927-91 Herbert DRANSFIELD, 23, minister, Snaith Yorks England, Holland Man, s/o Henry & Annie Frere DRANSFIELD married Flora Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 24, Hampton England, Toronto d/o William & Sophia WILLIAMS, Witn William WILLIAMS & Ada WILLIAMS of 84 Palmerston Ave. Toronto, August 30, 1890
15377-90 John Macdonald D--?(off page), 31, clergyman, Perth Ont., Tottenham, s/o James B. & Annie DUNC--?(off page Duncan?), married Katherine Margaret REID, 32, Toronto, same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: W. P. R. STRE--?(Off page) & H. W. WILLIAM--?(off page), both of Toronto, 17 Dec [1890] 014245-91 R. DUNLEVY, 21, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Louisa McCONNELL, 20, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Adain & Mary Ann, witn: Mary B. ATCHESON & Oliver E. AGAR both of Toronto on Dec. 16, 1890? Page cut off [reg'd early 1891]
014993-90 - William Thomas DUNN, 26, farmer, County Simcoe, Alliston, s/o David DUNN & Eliza Ann MADILL, married Ada Jane UPTON, 21, County Simcoe, Aliston, d/o George UPTON & Emma PROCTOR, witn David James DUNN & Marcie? PATTERSON, of Toronto, 14 October 1890 14227-90 William Harris DUNSFORD, 27, bank clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Martin DUNSFORD & Augusta Emma McCORMICK, married Mary Ann DENISON, 26, Toronto, same, d/o George Taylor DENISON & Caroline MACKLEM, witn: M.M. LANGTON & Caroline MACKLEM, 10 Apr 1890 at St. Anne's Church
14712-90 John DUPREY, 21, plasterer, New York City, Toronto, s/o Jerome & blank, married Julia Ann HILL, 21, Toronto, same, d/o John David & Sarah Elizabeth, 14 Jan 1890 014828-90 Arthur Lionel EASTMURE, 32, insurance superintendent, Greenwich, Kent England, Toronto s/o Samuel Edward and Sarah EASTMAN (as shown) married Lydia Hoyle IRELAND, 19, Montreal, Toronto d/o James Henry and Lydia Mary IRELAND witn: T.J. LIGHTBOURNE, Ada M. EASTMURE and Charlotte H. IRELAND all of Toronto, June 18, 1890
014817-90 Hugh E. ELLARD, 26, merchant tailor, Adjala twp, n/g s/o Michael ELLARD and Mary FERGUSON married Mary Anne BUTLER, 22, Toronto, same d/o Denis BUTLER and Mary CARROLL witn: William Jos. ELLARD and Rose Mary ELLARD, September 10, 1890, St. Basil's Church 015010-90 - William EMERY, 36, merchant, Cape Breton Island, Toronto, s/o Thomas EMERY & Margaret EMERY, married Alice PRICE, 24, Gaspe Quebec, Toronto, d/o John PRICE & Julia PRICE, witn Thomas T. LANGLOIS & Edith PRICE, of Toronto, 15 October 1890
014844-90 George FARQUHAR, 52, contractor, Castleford England, Toronto s/o George and Edna FARQUHAR married Elizabeth B. FARQUHAR, 37, Kingston, Toronto d/o James and Clare Francis FARQUHAR witn: Dr. OLIPHANT Senior (c/b Dr. Oliphant SENIOR) and Mrs. James GRASSICK both of Toronto, May 29, 1890 014837-90 Edward F. FATT, 21, butcher, England, Toronto s/o Henry and Esther FATT married Matilda VAREY, 20, Toronto, same d/o Joseph and Mattie VAREY witn: Alexander and Mrs. PILLOW, September 15, 1890
014802-90 William H. FELL, 24, clerk, Brockville, Toronto s/o Robert and Matilda FELL married Jean WILLIAMSON, 23, Toronto, same d/o Samuel and Margaret WILLIAMSON witn: Charles E. FELL and Lizzie WILLIAMSON both of Toronto, August 27, 1890 13556-91 Thomas Robert FERGUSON, 26, barrister, Cookstown, Barrie, s/o Isaac & Emily, married Etta May HANMER, 21, Bell Ewart, Toronto, d/o Ervin & Sarah, witn: J. W. LOWRY & N. HAMILTON, both of Toronto, 5 Nov 1890
15372-90 Max FINBERG, 23, watch maker, Shoulen Russia, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Minnie, married Rose FOGLER, 25, Krakow, Toronto, d/o Lubel & Rebecca, witn: B. S. ROSENTHAM & A. D. BENJAMIN, both of Toronto, 30 Nov 1890 (Jewish) 013868-90, (Toronto) Jeremiah FOLEY, 37, Canada, British Columbia, farmer, s/o Timothy & Mary FOLEY, married Johanna FRULONG (s/b Furlong?), 27, Canada, Toronto, d/o James & Elizabeth FRULONG, wtn: Charles DONNELLY & Mary FRULONG, res not given, on January 22, 1890, at Toronto
15229-90 Thomas FORHAM, 38, widower, laborer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Michael & Hannah, married Eliza FEELY, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Kate, witn: Tom MALONE & Maggie GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1890 015007-90 - James FORSYTH, 38, carpenter, Township of York, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Mary FORSYTH, married Mary CHEESEWORTH, 23, Cornwall England, Toronto, d/o John & Mary CHEESEWORTH, witn Emily F. FORSYTH & Grace D. ALEXANDER, of Toronto, 15 October 1890,
14101-90 (Toronto): William FOX, 41, market gardener, York Twp., Etobicoke, s/o Stephen & Grace, married Elizabeth Yates JOHNSON, 23, England, Etobicoke, d/o James & Jane, witn: Robert & Harriet Elizabeth ALMOND, both of Toronto, 28 Oct 1890 13555-91 August Anthony Joseph FRANKE, 27, druggist, Fort Wayne Indiana, Detroit, s/o Edward & Julia, married Kate Wrentmore ROGERS, 19, Whitby Ont., Detroit, d/o David & Eliza Alice, witn: David & Eliza Alice ROGERS of Toronto, 24 Sept 1890
14675-90 Edward Henry FRENCH, 28, market gardener, Southampton England, Mimico, s/o Edward & Augusta Croft FRENCH, married Eliza CRAMMOND, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o William David & Jane Ann Lennox CRAMMOND, witn: F. FRENCH & F. A. CRAMMOND, both of Toronto, 12 Aug 1890 014247-91 A. W. GARRETT, 28, journalist, London Ontario, Toronto, s/o Mark & Eliza, married Lizzie PEACOCK, 23, Toronto, same, d/o James & Catherine, witn: T. KILLAR & Maggie PEACOCK both of Toronto on Dec. 15, 1890
13562-91 Charles Frederick GEORGE, 33, asst. supt. Metropolitan Life Ass. Co., Wiltshire England, Toronto, s/o Frederick Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Henrietta Althea FLOYD, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Henry & Christian, witn: Harvey SMEDLEY & Gertrude J. DRAPER, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1890 at All Saints Church 015021-90 - John S---? GIBSON, 43, widower, commercial traveler, Stewarton Ayrshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o James GIBSON & Elizabeth WILSON, married Helen Mary BROWN, 32, Toronto, same, d/o John BROWN & Helen BROWN, witn Elizabeth ANDERSON BROWN & Gertrude Mabel MILLIGAN, of Toronto, 6 October 1890
13687-91 William GILLESPIE, 37, widower, carpenter, s/o George & Sarah GILLESPIE, married Elizabeth HERSON, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Margaret HERSON, witn; Alexander and Amelia URE, 4 June 1890 013967-91 Celestine GIOVANETTI, 26, laborer, Italy, Toronto, s/o Lorenzo GIOVANETTI & Battista SFORZA, married Maritta De BERNARDI, 29, Italy, Toronto, d/o Bernard De BERNARDI & Mary MAEZZA, witn: James MAMIBRETTI & Eugene VENENI both of Toronto on Nov. 22, 1890 at St. Mary's Church Toronto RC
014839-90 George GLACKIN, 22, mechanic, Mono twp, Toronto s/o John GLACKIN and Bella HACKING married Katie MITCHELL, 18, Flos twp, Toronto d/o Mark and Mary MITCHELL witn: John OLDAMS and Mary Ann SUNDRIEFE, September 15, 1890 14711-90 William GLENFIELD, 28, machinist, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Edward & Rose, married Mary Melinda BROOKS, 22, Biddulph twp., Toronto, d/o William & Tryphena, witn: S.G. WILLIAMS & L.A. BIDDLE, both of Toronto, 16 Jan 1890
14060-90 James GLYNN, 23, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o James GLYNN & Mary GALVIN, married Mary KING, no age given, France, Toronto, d/o Michael KING & Elizabeth MAUGH--?(off page), witn: Bartholomew SULLIVAN & Sarah KING, both of Toronto, 7 Jan 1890 (Rom Cath) 13559-91 Sidney George GODWIN, 32, illegible Metropolitan Life Ass. Co., Chipping Sodbury - Gloucestershire, Toronto, s/o John Anthony Kelpen & Henrietta Peachey GODWIN, married Susannah Gertrude FLOYD, 28, Toronto, same, d/o Henry & Christian, witn: Joseph STINSON & Emily L. ALCOCK, both of Toronto, 19 Aug 1890 at All Saints Church
014811-90 William GORDON, 27, widower, street car conductor, Scotland, Toronto s/o Thomas and Lizzie GORDON married Charlotte VARCOE, 26, Lindsay, Toronto d/o John and Sarah VARCOE witn: C.J. GRAHAM and Emma WILSON both of Toronto, September 7, 1890 014816-90 James GORDON, 26, grocer, Oxford, Toronto s/o William GORDON and Jane LEMROCK married Mary Jane FLEMING, 24, Toronto, same d/o Alexander FLEMING and Mary Ann HASTIE, witn: Joseph QUA and Martha GORDON both of Toronto, September 9, 1890, Knox Church
014834-90 William GOSNELL, 30, widower, merchant, Quebec, Toronto s/o Edward and Ann GOSNELL married Caroline Maud ALLEN, 22, Brighton England, Toronto d/o James R. and Caroline ALLEN witn: John GOSNELL and M. ALLEN both of Toronto, April 14, 1890 15396-90 Adam GOURLAY, 24, salesman, Toronto, same, s/o William GOURLAY & Agnes WAUGH, married Lottie McGILL, 24, Oakville, Toronto, d/o William McGILL & Eliza Jane BULLOCK, witn: Richard L. GOURLAY & Essie RICHARDSON, both of Toronto, 13 Nov 1890
15254-90 William F. GREEN, 30, widower, moulder, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Ann SCANLON, 25, Toronto, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: James HOLT & Margaret O'MALLY, both of Toronto, 18 Nov 1890 #015077-90 William H. GREEN, 27, Harrick(Howick?) Ont, Gorrie, teacher, s/o Edward GREEN & Mary J. BURBY, married Jane MONTGOMERY, 27, Craigville, same, d/o John MONTGOMERY & Janet PATTERSON, witn; Mary S. PARSONS, Jenie (sic) PARSONS, both Toronto, married 1 November 1890
015003-90 - John GRIMES, 24, coachman, England, Toronto, s/o George GRIMES & Emma GRIMES, married Adelaide DEVERELL, 27, England, Toronto, d/o Thomas DEVERELL & Margaret DEVERELL, witn Edward LITTLE & Emily MCINTOSH?, of Toronto, 15 October 1890 014818-90 William HAMILTON, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Toronto s/o William HAMILTON and Agnes LOCKIE married Sarah BROOKS, 21, Ireland, Toronto d/o William BROOKS and Barbara HANNA witn: John BENNETT and Annie BROOKS both of Toronto, September 8, 1890
14259-91 Andrew Jerome HARRINGTON, full age, physician, Lindsay Ont., Toronto, s/o Andrew Jackson & Martha HARRINGTON, married Elizabeth Caroline CAIGER, full age, Toronto, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Charles A. HARRINGTON of Toronto & A. Kate ROLPH of Port Perry, 11 Nov 1890 at St. Albans Church 14069-90 Alfred John HARRIS, 24, tinsmith, Guernsey Channel Islands, Toronto, s/o William Thomas B. & Sophia, married Augusta Cecelia Victoria NICHOLSON, 23, Belleville Ont., Toronto, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Miss Minnie NICHOLSON & Josie J. BATES, both of Toronto, 12 March 1890
15366-90 Hugh J. HAVILAND, 27, Minister of the Gospel, Boston Ont., Uxbridge, s/o John & Harriet, married Florence H. RICHARDS, 27 (21?), Birmingham England, Toronto, d/o Henry & Katherine, witn: George SAUL & Henry RICHARDS, both of Toronto, 7 Dec 1890 013968-91 Michael Joseph HAYES, 28, hotel keeper, Toronto, same, s/o Dennis HAYES & Bridget DALY, married Mary DOYLE, 29, Toronto, same, d/o John DOYLE & Catherine WADE, witn: Patrick HAYES & Mary SULLIVAN both of Toronto on Nov. 24, 1890 at St. Mary's Church (RC)
014851-90 Frederick William HAYWOOD, 29, butcher, England, 341 King Street, Toronto s/o Frederick William and Ellen HAYWOOD married Elizabeth PENNY, 29, England, Toronto d/o John and Maria PENNY witn: F.S.R. PENNY and Jane PENNY both of Toronto, September 18, 1890, St. Mark's Church 15370-90 John HELSTON, 24, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o John & Sarah, married Amelia KNOBLOCK, 24, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Paul & Sarah, witn: Charles & Martha McMILLIN of Toronto, 10 Dec 1890
14680-90 Stiner HENDERSON, 22, piano finishing, Iceland, 183 Bellwood Ave., s/o Henderson & Sylg, married Nellie MOORE, 22, Brock twp., 15 Foxley St. in Toronto, d/o John & Jane, witn: Charles LEADLAY & Ida BAMBER, both of Toronto, 13 Aug 1890 at 219 Shaw St. 014827-90 Philip HESELTINE, 21, veterinary surgeon, Colborne, same s/o Robert and Jane HESELTINE married Fannie BARNETT, 25, Niagara, Toronto d/o John and Alice BARNETT witn: Henry WILSON and Jennie D. BENNETT both of Toronto, July 2, 1890
014852-90 James HICKMAN, 23, grocer, England, Toronto s/o Richard and Phoebe HICKMAN married Anna Henrietta LANGRIDGE, 24, England, Toronto d/o John and Henrietta LANGRIDGE witn: William Luther TAYLOR and Sarah HICKMAN both of Toronto, June 25, 1890, St. Mark's Church 014829-90 Edward William Robert HILL, 31, banker, New Ross Ireland, Toronto s/o Hugh B. and Maria HILL married Francis Ellen O'CALLAGHAN, 32, Bandon Ireland, Toronto d/o Hezekiah and Catherine O'CALLAGHAN witn: H.F. O'CALLAGHAN and Minnie BELCHER, June 3, 1890
#015064-90 Hon. George HINKSON, 60, East Whitby Ont, Amador Mich US, widower, farmer, s/o George HINKSON Gent. & Margaret HINKSON, married Saretta E. FARWELL, 44, Oshawa Ont, Toronto, d/o Charles & Mary FARWELL, witn; C.H. WINSLOW of Millbrook Ont, Miss L.M. FARWELL of Toronto, Dr. George FARWELL of Unionville, married 18 September 1890 015004-90 - Albert Edward HINTON, 24, labourer, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas HINTON & Jemima HINTON, married Jane Ellen EVANS, 23, Wales, Toronto, d/o Robert EVANS & Eleanor EVANS, witn William E. WYATT & Jane WYATT, 15 October 1890
014821-90 David Mathison HOGG, 42, widower, stone mason, Scotland, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, s/o George and Elizabeth HOGG married Ann MILLER, 22, Scotland, Pittsburg Pennsylvania, d/o John and Susan MILLER witn: F. NICHOLSON and Emma WOODLAND both of Toronto, July 5, 1890, Wesley Buildings, Richmond St. West 014807-90 William C. HOGG, 27, farmer, Uxbridge, Pelham twp., s/o Robert HOGG and Margaret SAMPSON married Catherine CALDWELL, n/g, Albany Ont., Toronto d/o Charles CALDWELL and Ann McCUTCHEON witn: John Edward HOGG of Uxbridge and Agnes CALDWELL of Toronto, September 3, 1890
015018-90 - John Rose? HOLDEN, 36, commercial traveler, Hamilton Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Rose HOLDEN & Janet HOLDEN (deceased), married Isabella Margaret MCCAFFREY, 32, Lindsay Ontario, Toronto, d/o Alexander MCCAFFREY & Catherine MCCAFFREY, witn Balfour JOHNSTON & M. A. JOHNSTON, of Toronto, 18 October 1890. 14229-90 William HOOLEY, 22, merchant, England, Ontario, s/o William HOOLEY & Mary SPRINGLE, married Marguirita ROSE, 25, Canada, same, d/o James ROSE & Jennie ROSE, witn: Albert GRINSTED & James CROTTIE both of Toronto, 12 Mar 1890
15393-90 William HOOPER, 23, finisher, England, Buffalo US, s/o Charles & Mary Ann, married Rebecca HOBBS, 20, Bowmanville, Toronto, d/o Frederick & Rebecca, witn: Mary UGLOW? & Lilia HOBBS, both of Toronto, 3 June 1890  
#013983-92 Cecil Samuel Ellis HORROCKS, 24, Toronto, same, Government Official, s/o Joseph & Sarah Jane HORROCKS, married Mary Cooks (or Crooks) HAMILTON, 24, St Thomas Ont, Toronto, d/o Henry & Susan HAMILTON, witn R.H. MUNRO, J.E.B. MacKAY, H.M. BODDY, all Toronto, married 26 May 1890 14708-90 James HOUGHTON, 38, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o George Edward & Martha Matilda, married Georgina YOUNG, 33, widow, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Hannah, witn: John G. STONEHOUSE & Bertha LITTLE, both of Toronto, 20 Aug 1890 at Woodbridge
15395-90 Frederick HOWARD, 26, cashier, Gorton England, Toronto, s/o William HOWARD & Elizabeth WILD--?(off page), married Ellen WALKER, 21, Hereford England, Toronto, d/o George WALKER & Harriet NASH, witn: Lillie BARRIE & Clarence BADNACH, both of Toronto, 12 Nov 1890 14713-90 William Edward HOWARD, 21, plumber, Chobhan?, Toronto, s/o James & Harriet, married Jane CUMMINS, 22, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Lawrence & Mary, witn: Cecil SCHEURER & Mary ASHLEY, both of Toronto, 6 Jan 1890
013890-90 - George Clement HUGHES, 22, upholsterer, Toronto, same, s/o James & Susan, married Jessie VANCARRON, 19, England, Toronto, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn Minnie RODNELL & Bella HALBERT, both of Toronto, on 5 February 1890  
14241-90 Richard J. HUNTER, 28, blacksmith, Toronto, 113 Niagara St., s/o George HUNTER & Margaret BELL, married Henrietta LAILEY, 28, Toronto, 878 Queen St. W, d/o Alfred LAILEY & Sarah BAILEY, witn: William COLLINS of Todmorden & Edith BEATTY of 89 Berkeley St., 2 Apr 1890 at 878 Queen St. West 013902-90 - John HUNTER, 31, Tailor, Ireland, Toronto, widowed, s/o James & Annie, married Lizzie MASON, 24, Port Elgin, Toronto, d/o Stewart & Caroline, witn William DUFF & Kate (illegible), both of Toronto, on 12 February 1890
14716-90 George Washington HURLEY, 24, clerk, Kingston, Toronto, s/o John & Catherine, married Mary Ellen GAYNOR, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick & Bridget, witn: J. F. SMYTH & K. WORTHINGTON, both of Toronto, 14 Jan 1890 014799-90 Joseph G. HUTCHINSON, 26, merchant, Toronto, same s/o Isaac and Margaret HUTCHINSON married Sophia M. MILLER, 22, Toronto, same d/o Hiram and Elizabeth MILLER witn: E. SPEER and Emma HUTCHINSON both of Toronto, August 12, 1890
  013922-91 John Henry ILES, 27, laborer, Bristol England, Toronto s/o Samuel & Henrietta ILES married Annie SEGWICK, 24, Bedford Leigh England, Toronto, d/o John & Elizabeth SEGWICK Witn Henry HOBBS & Addy CLIFFORD both of Toronto, January 1890 at St. George's Church
13683-91 William IRWIN, 28, labourer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Susan IRWIN, married Eliza WALKER, 32, widow, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Richard & Anne MORTON, witn; Henry ALLINGHAM and F. DuMOULIN, both of Toronto, 1 Sept. 1890 15278-90 Thomas JACKSON, 221, teamster, Canada, Toronto, s/o Oliver & Elizabeth, married Mary WILSON, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: James RICHARDS & Mary WILLIAMS, both of Toronto, 30 Oct 1890
014842-90 Thomas Norwood JEFFERY, 34, mariner, Folkestone, Kent England, Toronto s/o Frederick and Rebecca JEFFERY married Edith Louise ELDRIDGE, 25, Canterbury, Kent England, Toronto d/o Thomas and Sarah ELDRIDGE witn: Alfred H. CHEESBOROUGH and Charlotte CHEESBOROUGH both of Toronto, September 12, 1890 14222-90 Claude Adolphus JENNINGS, 32, journalist, Markham, Toronto, s/o Samuel JENNINGS & Jane JENNINGS, married Georgina May LAW, 25, Louth twp, Toronto, d/o John M. LAW & Mary LAW, witn: D.W. CLENDENAN of West Toronto Junction & J.M. LAWS of Toronto, 8 Apr 1890
014856-90 Andrew JOHNSON, 30, stone cutter, Scotland, Toronto s/o John and Eleanor JOHNSON married Matilda GORGE, 22, Toronto, same d/o Samuel and Elizabeth GORGE witn: John JOHNSTON and Josie GANGE both of Toronto, September 17, 1890, St. Paul's Rectory 14714-90 George Washington JOHNSON, 31, laborer, Newfane? NY, same, s/o Chancey & Sarah, married Georgina Elizabeth HALL, 19, Toronto, same, d/o William & Susannah, witn: John & Susannah HALL of Toronto, 24 Feb 1890
014798-90 Thomas James JOHNSTON, 40, widower, farmer, Kingston, Toronto s/o James and Margaret JOHNSTON married Sarah G. M'LARG (McLarg?), 21, Quebec, Toronto d/o William and Sarah M'LARG witn: Otto YARCHOW and Nellie TURNBULL both of Toronto, August 27, 1890 14862-90 Joseph JOHNSTON, 23, butcher, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o Robert JOHNSTON & Margaret, married Emma Ellen CHESHER, 18, Oshawa, Toronto, d/o William CHESHER & Sarah, witn: Julia BENSON of Toronto & Eliza CARNEY of Sault Ste. Marie, 21 May 1890
14221-90 Arthur JONES, 33, farmer, Co Waterford Ireland, Regina St. W Territory, s/o William JONES & Martha JONES, married Florence Elizabeth CURZON, 29, Birmingham England, 5 Washington Ave Toronto, d/o Robert CURZON & Sarah Ann CURZON, witn: Frederick Arnoldi TURNER & Edith CURZON both of Toronto, 10 Apr 1890 at St. Philips Church 14720-90 James Leason JORDAN, 36, painter, Bradford Ont., Toronto, s/o William & Sarah, married Liddie WILSON, 27, widow, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o William KNOX & Mary, witn: James WHYTE & A.J. WILLIAMS, both of Toronto, 26 March 1890
13566-91 Armitage JOSEPH [names reversed?], 29, store keeper, of Toronto, s/o William & Blank, married Maggie GILLIS, 20, of Toronto, d/o William & Ellen, witn: David TAGG & Rachel WATT, both of Toronto, 30 June 1890 at St. Margarets Church 14057-90 James KELLY, 23, brakeman, Canada, Toronto, s/o Martin KELLY & Mary MACNAMARA, married Catherine HANCE, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o Edward HANCE & Elizabeth POWER, witn: John LARKIN & Mary GATHERSALE, 8 Jan 1890 (Rom Cath)
014804-90 Robert KENNEDY, 50, widower, gardener, Ireland, Toronto s/o Joseph and Jane KENNEDY married Jane KELLY, 38, Ireland, Toronto d/o James and Elizabeth KELLY witn: A.G. WATSON and Mary ROBINSON both of Toronto, August 28, 1890 013901-90 - William Strutheworth (Shuttleworth?) KERMAN, 28, book keeper, Winthorpe England, Toronto, s/o (illegible) & Jane, married Emilie May ANDERSON, 28, Toronto, same, d/o William & Margaret, witn Albert G. HODGETTS of Toronto & Alberta DILLABOUGH of Hamilton, on 12 February 1890
014248-91 John Johnson KERR, 23, musician, Ontario, Toronto, s/o William & Mary, married A. L. GREY, 22, Montreal, Toronto, d/o William & Amelia F., witn: Mr. & Mrs. George T. ELSWORTH both of Toronto on Nov. 19, 1890 15392-90 Laird O. KERR, 26, mechanic, Cross Hill - Waterloo, Toronto Junction, s/o Andrew & Mary Jane, married Lou JACKMAN, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Henry William & Charlotte, witn: Leonard K. KERR & Floe JACKMAN, both of Toronto, 4 June 1890
014849-90 John KIDD, 25, teamster, Ireland, Toronto s/o William and Sarah KIDD married Sarah Ann FOX, 23, Ireland, Toronto d/o Thomas and Ellen FOX witn: Joseph WILLIAMS and Maggie HORAN both of Toronto, September 10, 1890 #015061-90 Thomas KIERNAN, 22, Mulmur Twp., 225 Manning Ave Toronto, student, s/o William KIERNAN & Thomas (sic) WISE, married Emily RODGERS, 18, Egremont Twp, 760 Dovercourt Rd Toronto, d/o James RODGERS & Jane REDRICK, witn George MALLINEY of Alton, Lottie REDDICK (sic) of Toronto, married 7 October 1890, 760 Dovercourt Road
014853-90 Charles C. KING, 26, labourer, London England, Orillia s/o Edwin and Alice KING married Alice WEYANT, 23, Barrie, Toronto d/o John and Jane WEYANT witn: Edwin Walford LEIGH of Orillia and Mary Elizabeth CLARK of Toronto, September 17, 1890, St. Paul's Rectory 14678-90 Charles KING, 43, blacksmith, New York City, 184 Shaw St in Toronto, s/o Charles & Catherine, married Alice JONES, 41, widow, Middlesex England, rear 131 Argyle St., d/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth of Toronto, witn: Miss H. E. & Miss Ida B. BAMBER of Toronto, 11 Aug 1890 at 219 Shaw St
15379-90 Albert Charles KING, 28, milk dealer, London England, Toronto, s/o Charles Frederick & Helen, married Ellen BOWLES, 21, Lawstoft England, Toronto, d/o Edward & Hannah, witn: Edward BOWLES & Nellie KING, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1890 15231-90 John KING, 25, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Tom & Hannah, married Jane DARRAGH, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Pat & Jane, witn: John MURPHY & Maggie McCRYSTAL, both of Toronto, 27 Aug 1890
13564-91 Farquhar McGillivray KNOWLES, 30, widower, artist, Wellington Co., Toronto, s/o William & Jessie, married Elizabeth Annie BEACH, 24, Ottawa, Toronto, d/o William & Emily, witn: C. E. BURDEN & K.M. BEACH, both of Toronto, 10 June 1890 014843-90 Bernard M. KOPEMAN, 25, machinist, Hanover Germany, Hespeler s/o n/g and Greschen KOPEMAN married Minnie ANDERSON, 24, Lucknow, Hespeler d/o William and Frances ANDERSON witn: George LLOYD and E.L. LLOYD both of Wingham, September 10, 1890
  15342-90 Joseph LABART, 20, laborer, Naples Italy, Toronto, s/o Cesta & not given, married Margaret Ann SMITH, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & blank, witn: William KEELIER? & Margery McCALLUM, both of Toronto, 29 Nov 1890
14089-90 James LAING, 31, mason, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George LAING & Elizabeth LAING, married Georgina Grant CALDER, 20, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William CALDER & Isabella CALDER, witn: Harriet CALDER & John LAING both of Toronto, 28 Feb 1890 014850-90 Louis Frederick LAING, 24, compositor, Whitby, Toronto s/o William and Louisa LAING married Francis Eliz. WILEY, 23, Toronto, same d/o James W. and Susan WILEY witn: John B. KIRBY and Andrew SHAW both of Toronto, August 18, 1890
14056-90 Joseph LAPPA, 28, laborer, Italy, Toronto, s/o John LAPPA & Lucy MANILLA, married Ann RIORDAN, 16, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William RIORDAN & Johanna CLIFFORD, witn: Francis RUSH & Mrs. FERO, both of Toronto, 10 Feb 1890 (Rom Cath) 013888-90 - Edward J. LEIGH, 28, dry good merchant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Henry & Sophria, married Charlotte Anna LEIGH, 28, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Leonard & Sarah, witn Dr. BARTON & M. WATSON, both of Toronto, on 8 January 1890
14677-90 Thomas LE MESURIER, 25, upholsterer, Hamilton, same, s/o Daniel & Maria, married Phoebe BAKER, 22, Oakville, same, d/o Henry John & Susan, witn: Walter HOLT of Hamilton & Adelaide Mary BAKER of Oakville, 11 Aug 1890 15252-90 Robert Turnbull LETTS, 25, carpenter, Calumet Island, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Myra WILSON, 22, Fort Coulange, Toronto, d/o Abraham & Elizabeth, witn: Nellie STEWART of Berea Kentucky & Sarah STOREY of Toronto, 24 Nov 1890
14239-90 Robert LINGARD, 34, bricklayer, Preston Lancashire England, Logan Street [s/b Ave] Toronto, s/o Anthony LINGARD & Mary Ann LINGARD, married Nancy Amelia JOHNSON, 43, widow, Clifton Yorkshire England, Logan Ave , d/o Richard SANDWELL & Sarah SANDWELL, witn: Ada T. DAVEY of De Grassi St. Toronto & Alice H. SCUDDS of Oak St. Toronto, 14 Apr 1890 at St. Bartholomew's Church 15384-90 Robert LONG, 23, plumber, Ireland, 133 Parliament St., s/o George & Mary Jane, married Isabella Mary WEIR (Ware?), 24, England, 133 Parliament St., d/o William Gifford & Isabella, witn: Laura CRAWFORD of 134 March St. & George WARE of 133 Parliament St., 24 Dec 1890 at 133 Parliament St.
14226-90 George Wray LOTY, farmer, England, Mimico, s/o Mark DOTY (sic) & Dorothy Ray LOTY, married Mary WAISTCOAT, 21, England, Mimico, d/o Frederick WAISTCOAT & Elizabeth SMITH, witn: F. George DUCKETT & M. D. SEXTON both of Toronto, 3 Apr 1890 at St. Anne's Church #015060-90 Bernard LOWN, 54, Norfolk Co England, Howland Ave Toronto, carpenter, s/o Henry LOWN & Mary BURNMAN, married Louise DALTON, 34, Leicester Co England, Howland Ave Toronto, widow, d/o William H. & Catherine BAXTER, witn; Mrs. John BAXTER, William John BAXTER, both Howland Ave, Toronto, married 8 July 1890, 534 Howland Ave,
14727-90 William LYNCH, 25, laborer, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Matthew & Sarah Jane, married Mary Jessie AITKINS, 25, widow, Devonshire England, Toronto, d/o John HIGMAN & Jane, witn: S. G. & E. A. WILLIAMS of Toronto, 7 March 1890 14718-90 John MADDOCK, 22, saddler, Toronto, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Eva WILSON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o George & Charlotte, witn: E. J. LIGHTBOWEN & Rose HARCOURT, both of Toronto, 2 May 1890
  14859-90 Charles Williard MAGEE, 28, farmer, Kent Co., Toronto, s/o William MAGEE & Elizabeth, married Abigail GERMAN, 23, Nissouri twp., Toronto, d/o John GERMAN & Barbara, witn: Eva STITT & James TUCKER, both of Toronto, 6 June 1890
14093-90 James C. MALDREAM (Meldrum?), 37, widower, plasterer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Rachael MALDREAM, married Eliza REID, 37, Ireland, Toronto, d/o William REID & Martha REID, witn: C.J. HUTTON & Henrietta L. CLARKE both of Toronto, 7 Mar 1890 #013903-91 Arthur Franklin MANCHEE, 25, London Eng, Toronto, piano maker, s/o Ebenezer & Rosa MANCHEE, married Emily Mary SALES, 23, Cumberland Eng, Toronto, d/o John & Rebecca SALES, witn; P.D. MANCHEE, M. BILLING, both Toronto, married 25 Aug 1890
#013901-91 Robert Ferris MANN, 22, Guelph, Toronto, livery man, s/o William & Jane MANN, married Mary CHITTICK, 23, Fernanagh Ireland, s/o Andrew & Eliza CHITTICK, witn: Matthew J. STONE, Mary J. WEIR, both Toronto, married 15 Oct 1890 15381-90 William Chester MARTIN, 24, painter, Clarke twp., Toronto, s/o John & Laura, married Emma Jane KERNEY, 21, Clarke twp., Toronto, d/o John & Jane, witn: Fred C. & M.S. JORDAN of Toronto, 24 Dec 1890
015002-90 - Charles MATHEWS, 33, commercial traveler, England, Toronto, s/o John MATHEWS & Ann MATHEWS, married May Margery PROCTOR, 20, Canada, Toronto, d/o William PROCTOR & Mary Ann PROCTOR, witn Edgar PROCTOR of Toronto & Anna M. MILLARD of Newmarket, 15 October 1890 13561-91 Isaac MATTHEWS, 28, painter, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel & Maria, married Elizabeth Mary HOWE, 24, Toronto, same, d/o William & Ann, witn: William T. NICHOLLS & Emma BELL, both of Toronto, 29 Aug 1890
14230-90 Charles Edgar MATHEWS, 21, merchant, London England, Toronto, s/o Charles Edgar MATHEWS & Harriet Amelia MATHEWS, married Elizabeth HAINES, 18, York Ontario, Toronto, d/o Joseph HAINES & Charlotte HAINES, witn: Albert HAINES of Toronto & Emma Rose HAINES of Newmarket, 9 Apr 1890  
13693-91 Alford MAW, 28, agent, Canada, Calgary NWT., s/o Thomas & Sarah MAW, married Maria SARGENT, 25, Canada, Brampton, d/o William & Frances SARGENT, witn; W. K. JANES and Mary MacKAY, both of Toronto, 14 Jan. 1890 #015066-90 David MAXWELL, 26, Dumfreishire Scotland, Toronto, carpenter, s/o Thomas & Agnes MAXWELL, married Maggie SMITH, 26, Toronto, same, d/o John & Margaret SMITH, witn; George MAXWELL, Agnes SMITH, both Toronto, married 30 October 1890
013963-91 John McCLINTOCK, 25, teamster, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas McCLINTOCK & Mary HARDY, married Mary CURRAN, 23, Weston Ont., Toronto, d/o John CURRAN & Anne WALSH, witn: John McGUIRE & Johanna O'BRIEN both 0f Toronto on Nov. 27, 1890 15373-90 William McCLYMONT, 32, widower, baker, Toronto, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Susan Cannon McILQUHAN, 22, Lanark Ont., Toronto, d/o Walter & Jennie, witn: James & Jane FOULSTON of Toronto, 10 Nov 1890
#015065-90 James McCOMBS, 24, Brooklyn NY, Toronto, electro Lithographer, s/o John & Margaret McCOMBS, married Emily Jane RAYNER, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Eliza RAYNER, witn John SPARKS, Annie RAYNER, married 30 October 1890 15230-90 John McCORMACK, 48, widower, merchant, Ireland, USA, s/o Pat & Kate, married Mary MURPHY, 35, Ireland, USA, d/o blank, witn: Michael MURPHY & Mary TEEVIN, both of Toronto, 21 Aug 1890
15232-90 Angus McDONALD, 30, brick layer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Norman & Maggie, married Nellie LANGLEY, 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o Simon & M.A., witn: John O'ROURKE & Kate KENNY, both of Toronto, 1 Sept 1890 #015073-90 Malcolm Edmund McDONALD, 28, Barrie, Toronto, tailor, s/o John A. & Rebecca McDONALD, married Ellen GALLAGHER, 24, Woolwich England, Toronto, d/o Richard & Martha GALLAGHER of Toronto, witn Mancell GREENIANS, Alice DANIELS, married 24 September 1890, 39 Oxford Street
015009-90 - Henry MCGILL, 19, laborer, Marquette Co. United States, Toronto, s/o William MCGILL & Annie MCGILL, married Maggie LOUDER (LAUDER?), 20, Lancashire England, York Township, d/o Thomas LOUDER & Maggie LOUDER, witn J. H. ROBINSON & S. ROBINSON, of Toronto, 27 August 1890 15378-90 James Adam McGOWAN, 22, printer, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Edith Blanche McKIBBON, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Samuel & Edith, witn: Louis E. WRIGHT of Hespeler & Lilly McGOWAN of Toronto, 24 Dec 1890
014243-91 J. McGREGOR, 30, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Donald & Sarah, married Mary H. STEENSON (HEENSON?) 21, Dublin Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Susie BAIRD of Toronto & W. W. ALTON of Appleby Ontario on Nov. 12, 1890 13682-91 James McGREGOR 24, bookkeeper, Dundee Scotland, 81 Seaton St. Toronto, s/o John & Agnes McGREGOR, married Helen LEGRIS, 21, Toronto, same, d/o John & Isabella LEGRIS, witn; James COLVILLE and Hannah MURRAY both of Toronto, 2 Sept. 1890
#015076-90 Sidney McKENZIE, 24, Newmarket, Toronto, mechanic, s/o John & Ann McKENZIE, married Louisa MONEY, 21, England, Grenfel Ontario (Grenville?), d/o Abraham & Jane MONEY, witn Lizzie CHANCELEY of Toronto, married 1 November 1890 014806-90 Charles Stanley McLEAN, 21, dentist, Brockville, Toronto s/o George and Adelia McLEAN married Annie Alberta ROWAN, 26, Woodbridge, Toronto d/o Joseph and Elizabeth ROWAN witn: Mrs. E.A. STAFFORD and Miss BOWES both of Toronto, September 4, 1890
  006664-90 - Rev. A. MITCHNER (Mitchener?), B.A., 27, clergyman, Markham, Waterloo, s/o W. & E. MITCHNER, married Alice E. KING, 20, Waterloo, Toronto, d/o J. S. & T. KING, witn - J.H. MITCHNER & Nellie TEIGH of Toronto, 4 June 1890 at Toronto
15383-90 John Henry MILBURN, 28, carpenter, Canada, 49 Cumberland St. Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret McDOUGALL, 21, Canada, 92 Hayter St., d/o Alexander & Flora, witn: William WILCOX of 108 Scollard St. & Emily BAILEY of 92 Hayter St., 24 Dec 1890 at 18 Prince Arthur Ave #013681-91 Harry Edgar MILLS, 22, England, same, Gentleman, s/o Frederick & Jane MILLS, married Lillian Mable HUBBARD, 20, Detroit, Detroit US, d/o Charles & Sarah HUBBARD, witn Kate F. DUMOULIN, Frank DUMOULIN, both Toronto, married 16 September 1890
15341-90 Edwin Alexander MILLS, 27, carpenter, Bay Fortune PEI, Crookston Minn., s/o Francis & Lydia, married Agnes BRACKENRIDGE, 27, Glasgow Scotland, Toronto, d/o Richard & Charlotte, witn: Howard MILLS of NY & Jennie BRACKENRIDGE of Toronto, 10 Dec 1890 014852-91 Charles William. MILLWARD, 26, England, Toronto, corset maker, s/o James & Tabitha MILLWARD, married Maude Mary VENNELL, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Jesse & Mary VENNELL, witn: A.H. PARKES, Gertie RYAN, both Toronto, married 18 Dec 1890, St Margaret's Church
15397-90 Frank MILNER, 27, farm laborer, Ficknill Yorkshire England, Toronto, s/o Thomas MILNER & Annie FISSON?, married Sarah Elizabeth WARD, 24, Shropshire Shrewsbury England, Toronto, d/o Thomas WARD & Mary EDWARDS, witn: Rose BRICE & David GRANT, both of Toronto, 8 Nov 1890 14223-90 Kenneth G.B. MOFFATT, 28, banker, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Kenneth McK. MOFFATT & Caroline BUCHANAN, married Kathleen M. MONAGHAN, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John MONAGHAN & Catherine M. LAWLOR, witn: Minnie BLAKE & George BLAKE both of Toronto, 12 Mar 1890 at the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
14238-90 John MOORE, 23, soldier, Canada, Toronto, s/o John MOORE & Jane MOORE, married Lizzie PHILIPS, 23, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Elias PHILLIPS (sic) & Ellen PHILLIPS, witn: Bella CARROLL & Edith M. TRENT both of Toronto, 2 Apr 1890 014809-90 Robert MORGAN, 31, carter, England, 254 Front St. E., Toronto s/o John and Elizabeth MORGAN married Harriet SKERRATT, 28, England, 50 Lowther Avenue, Toronto d/o Thomas and Mary SKERRATT witn: William SPENCER and Elizabeth n/g, September 1, 1890, St. Pauls Parsonage
15339-90 Maxwell Miller MOWAT, 28, real estate agent, Restegouche Que., New Westminster BC, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Lillian Annett CLARK, 28, Toronto, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James T. & Mrs. J. T. SMITH of Toronto, 10 Dec 1890 14676-90 Henry MULLOY, 22, laborer, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Selina, married Alice STROUD, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Frank & Sarah, witn: Walter AINSWORTH & Elizabeth DROVER, both of Toronto, 2 Aug 1890
013899-90 - Donald MUNRO, 50, yeoman, Uxbridge, same, s/o John & Janet, married Mary CLARK, 34, Scott, same, d/o John & Jessie, witn Peter CLARK & Jemima E. CLARK, both of Scott, on 11 February 1890 013928-91 Rupert Gustavus MUNTZ, 21, clerk, Ranford? England, Toronto, s/o Eugene & Mina MUNTZ married Marion C. LIGHTBOURNE, 21, Hamilton Bermuda, Toronto, d/o Alexander H. & Ellen Mary LIGHTBOURNE Witn Elizabeth WOOD & F.L. LIGHTBOURNE both of Toronto, June 12, 1890
014999-90 - Philip MURPHY, 33, groom, New York City, Toronto, s/o John MURPHY & Ann O'TOOLE, married Bridget CORRIGAN, 29, Kingston Ontario, Toronto, d/o Francis CORRIGAN & Eliza SAVAGE, witn Charles BOLAN & Mary LENNEN, of Toronto, 15 October 1890, at St. Basils Church 15343-90 James Carson MURRAY, 27, grocer, York, Toronto, s/o Gideon & Helen, married Flora IMPEY (s/b Empey?), England, Toronto, d/o John & Emma, witn: Frank JONES & Louisa IMPEY, both of Toronto, 10 Dec 1890
  14228-90 William NATTRESS, 35, physician, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas NATTRESS & Ann NATTRESS, married Julia Ann DENISON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o George Taylor DENISON & Caroline MACKLEM, witn: Thomas NATTRESS of Amherstburg & Maggie M. HAIR of Perth, 10 Apr 1890 at St. Anne's Church
15376-90 Charles Marklen NELLES, 27, estate agent, Canada, Brantford Ont., s/o James C. & Mary E., married Ida WALKER, 27, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Jennie, witn: Herbert R. WALKER of Toronto & Jaunita NELLES of Brantford, 26 Nov 1890 15388-90 William Alexander NIXON, 23, studying for vet. surgeon, Chinguacousy, same, s/o J. NIXON & Louisa JAMES, married Isabella MOORE, 20, Chinguacousy, same, d/o Judson MOORE & Elizabeth PAYNE, witn: Rose BRICE & Louisa DODSWORTH, both of Toronto, 15 Oct 1890
015013-90 - Robert NODWELL, 21, mechanic, Ireland, Toronto, s/o George NODWELL & Mary NODWELL, married Ida MCDOWELL, 18, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Hugh MCDOWELL & Maggie MCDOWELL, witn William PARK & Annie KIRKLAND, of Toronto, 17 October 1890  
014815-90 William O'BRIEN, 21, tailor, Pickering, Pickering Village s/o Matthew and Hannah O'BRIEN married Amelia Jane SPARKS, 21, Whitby twp, Pickering d/o William and Sarah SPARKS witn: Mrs. DOBSON and Miss DIXON, September 1, 1890 #013894-91 Patrick O'DONOHOE, 25, Canada, Toronto, laborer, s/o William O¹DONOHOE & Anne DONNELLY, married Mary Jane HENNESSY, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o M. HENNESSY & Mary BRENNAN, witn: Michael WALSH, Margaret HAYES, both Toronto, married 6 Oct. 1890 (RC)
15228-90 Dan O'HALLORAN, 33, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o Michael & Ann, married Mary O'HALLORAN, 29, Toronto, same, d/o Michael & Julia, witn: Stephen MURPHY & Julia O'HALLORAN, both of Toronto, 11 Aug 1890 15399-90 George Henry OKE, 27, clerk, Bowmanville, Oshawa, s/o Thomas OKE & Mary Jane WITHERICK, married Elizabeth McLEAN, 25, widow, England, Port Perry, d/o John BOWERS & Annie LINE, witn: Lizzie COULSON of Bradford & Rose BRICE of Toronto, 6 Nov 1890
15011-90 - George Joseph PALMER, 36, tinsmith, London, Toronto, s/o George PALMER & Emily SMITH, married Harriet HOOPER, 29, Devonshire England, Toronto, d/o William HOOPER & Elizabeth JENNER?, witn Jessie PARSONS & Christina SUTHERLAND, of Toronto, 18 October 1890, 14679-90 Harry William PARKER, 22, merchant, Toronto, 1 Palmerston Ave., s/o John Oliver & Elizabeth, married Annie BROWN, 23, Esquesing twp., 1 Palmerston Ave., d/o Abner & Elizabeth R., witn: Elizabeth C. BROWN of 1 Palmerston Ave., John Carnvell BAYVIEW of Dowling Ave in Parkdale, 11 June 1890 at Elm St. Church, New Jerusalem
14086-90 William J. PARKES, 23, musician, Toronto, same, s/o William PARKES & Elizabeth HAYDEN, married Violet JACOBS, 22, Toronto, same, d/o William JACOBS & Jane JOHNSON, witn: Mary O. PARSONS & Walter PARSONS both of Toronto, 14 Mar 1890  
014841-90 Henry PARSONS, 34, farmer, England, North Dumfries s/o William and Elizabeth PARSONS married Annie J. McNALLIE, 22, England, Blenheim d/o Charles and Sarah McNALLIE witn: Marshal GALLOWAY and J.H. MAXWELL both of Toronto, September 12, 1890 14242-90 Charles Stuart PARSONS, 26, commercial traveller, Canada, Toronto, s/o George PARSONS & Frances PARSONS, married Mariam Eva McCAUSLAND, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Joseph McCAUSLAND & Elizabeth McCAUSLAND, witn: Nellie PARSONS & H.P. THOMPSON both of Toronto, 15 Apr 1890
013893-90 - William Robert PAYNE, 30, (illegible), Ontario, Toronto, s/o William & Ann Jane, married Catharine McKENZIE, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John & Clara, witn Albert E.G. McALLISTER of Toronto & Jessie McKENZIE of Uptergrove, on 1 January 1890 14858-90 John PEARCE, 33, barber, Markham, East Toronto, s/o Thomas PEARCE & Caroline, married Lucinda REDMAN, 18, Markham, same, d/o John REDMAN & Mary, witn: Amos STOVER & Elias STOVER, both of Markham, 18 Sept 1890
  014848-90 Andrew PEARSON, 30, fitter, Sweden, Belleville s/o Peter LAWSON and Annie HOGG married Marthila Alberta DAVIS, 20, Jersey City NY, Belleville d/o John Albert DAVIS and Maria FRITH witn: David HAGGART and Emma HOLFORD both of Toronto, September 15, 1890
014803-90 Harry S. PELL, 31, insurance inspector, Toronto, same s/o Augustus James and Charity PELL married Ida L. BARNES, 31, Markham twp, Toronto d/o Philo and Elizabeth BARNES witn: Charles and Isabel SMITH of Toronto, July 30, 1890 014835-90 Ernest Eyres PEPLER, 37, artist, Bristol England, Toronto s/o James and Emma PEPLER married Augusta DENISON, 30, widow, Peterborough Ont., Toronto d/o Martin and Emma Augusta Dunsford DENISON witn: W.M. PEPLER and Annie DUNSFORD both of Toronto, August 11, 1890
014813-90 Arthur PITT, 28, clerk, Malmesbury, Wiltshire England, Alliance Ohio s/o William and Louisa PITT married Sarah COOPER, 20, Clerkenwell, London England, Toronto d/o Arthur and Sarah COOPER witn: Arthur COOPER Jr. and Annie PEEK both of Toronto, September 3, 1890 014855-90 Cecil POPE, 36, widower, labourer, Jackfall Shropshire England, Toronto s/o James and Elizabeth POPE married Mary Ann LOUGHEAD, 35, Galt, Toronto d/o John and Mary LOUGHEAD witn: William TYRRELL and Sarah NORRIS both of Toronto, September 17, 1890
  13563-91 Ernest Gellett POUND, 24, salesman, London England, Chicago, s/o William & Mary, married Minnie CAMPBELL, 24, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Donald & Susan, witn: John PEARSON & Lizzie SMITH, both of Toronto, 31 July 1890
15390-90 Frank POWELL, 20, baker, Toronto, same, s/o Edward & Olive, married Lilly Jane BOXALL, 24, Toronto, same, d/o William Henry & Mary, witn: Rose BRICE & Louisa DODSWORTH, both of Toronto, 10 June 1890 15253-90 John Joseph POWERS, 27, plumber, Canada, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Ellen, married Mary McCUE, 23, Toronto, same, d/o James & Bridget, witn: Patrick DOMEY (Dorney?) & Hannah McCUE, both of Toronto, 18 Nov 1890
13551-91 Arthur Edward PRICE, 26, letter carrier, Gloucestershire England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Jane, married Barbara CONN, 26, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Toronto, d/o John & Susan, witn: Arthur H. WALLS & Mary CONN, both of Toronto, 23 Dec 1890 #015067-90 Walter PRIEST, 29, Ontario, Halton Co, farmer, s/o Thomas & Mary PRIEST, married Emma JOB, 26, Ontario, Halton Co, d/o David & Emma JOB, witn; Matthew JOB of Halton, Mary MAINS of Toronto, married 1 October 1890

15147-91 Arthur Lawrence PYE, 28, carpenter, Bedfordshire England, West Toronto Junction, s/o Abram & Mary Ann PYE married Annie Elizabeth MUINEY, 25, Bedfordshire England, Toronto, d/o John & Ann Elizabeth MUINEY, witn: H. J. RUSHBROOK of Toronto & E. RUSHBROOK, 20 Aug 1890

15345-90 Ralph Hare PYNE, 30, carpenter, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Sarah J. KINNER, 26, England, Toronto, d/o William & Miriam, witn: M. & A. GALLOWAY of Toronto, 16 Oct 1890 015015-90 - David S. RAMSEY, 23, lithographer, Montreal, Toronto, s/o David RAMSAY & Annie SMART, married Jennie GILES, 21, Muskoka, Toronto, d/o Robert GILES & Mary SHEARER, witn James FEATHER & Alice COMISKEY (no place mentioned), 16 October 1890
14243-90 Howard Estelle RANDALL, 30, doctor of medicine, United States, Doylestown Pa US, s/o Reuben RANDALL & Rachel RANDALL, married Elizabeth Ann SNYDER, 21, United States, Philadelphia US, d/o William SNYDER & Eliza SNYDER, witn: Mary J. HUNTER & Louie E. HUNTER both of Toronto, 10 Apr 1890 14091-90 Andrew Douglas RANKIN, 30, merchant, Scotland, Calgary, s/o Robert RANKIN & Agnes DOUGLAS, married Emma NEWCOMBE, 27, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o William NEWCOMBE & Eliza ARMSTRONG, witn: Mrs E.L. MACDONNELL & Elizabeth ROADHOUSE both of St. Andrews Manse Toronto, 7 Mar 1890 at St. Andrews Manse
013900-90 - Robert John READ, 25, merchant, Canada, Toronto, s/o George & Ann, maried Elizabeth BAILLIE, 26, Dundas, Toronto, d/o William & Rosannah, witn George HEATH? of Detroit & Mary BRAILLIE of Toronto, on 5 February 1890 015014-90 - Joseph READY, 21, produce merchant, Wilkesburgh Penn., Village of Eglinton, s/o Thomas READY & Rose Ann MURPHY, married Margaret ROCHFORD, 21, Village of Eglinton, same, d/o Edward ROCHFORD & Annie FULTON, witn William HALL, of Davisville & Mary ROCHFORD, of Eglinton, 13 August 1890, at St. Pauls Rectory
15233-90 William J. REDDEN, 30, merchant, Toronto, same, s/o William & Ellen, married J. M. COSTELLO, 29, Toronto, same, d/o Pat & Deby, witn: Michael J. CROTTY & Maggie HUGGAN?, both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1890  
14224-90 Thomas REED, 28, carpenter, Newfoundland, Toronto, s/o John REED & Julia Ann REED, married Elizabeth KING, 21, Newfoundland, Toronto, d/o Moses KING & Levina KING, witn: John KING & Emily KING both of Toronto, 7 Apr 1890 14055-90 Louis REICH, 22, piano maker, Germany, Toronto, s/o Louis REICH & Mary SCHWINGERHEN, married Mary BAIRD, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John BAIRD & Mary A. CLARKE, witn: Patrick BAIRD & Mary KENNEDY, both of Toronto, 17 Feb 1890 (Rom Cath)
14726-90 Herbert Taylor REID, 23, shoe cutter, Manchester England, Toronto, s/o Taylor & Marion, married Margaret MATTHEWS, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: S. Z. & E. A. WILLIAMS of Toronto, 22 March 1890 013896-90 - Jabez Edwin REPATH?, 21, upholsterer, England, Toronto, s/o Jabez & Sarah, married Mary Ann CLARKE, 21, England, Toronto, d/o John & Celina, witn William McALPIN & James BLACK, both of Toronto, on 8 January 1890
015008-90 - Alfred RICHARDS, 25, milk dealer, Lewes Sussex England, 49 Peter Street, s/o George RICHARDS & Ellen HUSTED, married Ellen Rosetta LEBAR, 21, Brooklin Ontario, 66 Berkeley Street d/o Edward LEBAR & Elizabeth DEMREY, witn Benjamin LEBAR, of 1 Robert Place & Emily C. RICHARDSON, of 92 Queen St. East Toronto, 16 October 1890, at 64 Beverley Street 014830-90 Joseph RICKARD, 26, widower, labourer, Cornwall England, Toronto s/o Thomas and Susan RICKARD married Rose HILL, 26, widow, Lyndhurst, Toronto d/o Joseph and Elizabeth BROOMFIELD witn: G.J. HINVES and Maria HINVES, both of Toronto, August 11, 1890
14088-90 James Paddon RIDDLE, 33, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o William C. RIDDLE & Catherine RIDDLE, married Lizzie FERRETT, 25, widow, Toronto, same, d/o Simeon ERWOOD & Alice ERWOOD, witn: William S. MORRISON & Mrs BULLER both of Toronto, 1 Jan 1890 13691-91 Samuel Edmund ROBERTS, 50, widower, merchant, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Martha Maria ROBERTS, married Frances TOZER, 45, widow, England, Toronto, d/o William & Frances COXALL, witn; William Coxall PATCHING, Percy ROBERTS, Sarah Jane PATCHING (no address given), 10 Feb. 1890
13690-91 John ROBINSON, 32, farmer, England, Whitby, s/o John & Julia ROBINSON, married Essie LAWRENCE, 28, Canada, Whitby, d/o John & Anne LAWRENCE, witn Annie McCall and Mrs. MAYNARD, both of Toronto, 19 Feb. 189-? [1890?] 14100-90 Edward ROBINSON, 28, labourer, Oxford England, Toronto, s/o Benjamin ROBINSON & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Annie CHAPMAN, 19, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o George Henry CHAPMAN & Mary Ann CHAPMAN, witn: John BOYD & Lillie ANDREWS both of Toronto, 22 Jan 1890 at The Parsonage [335] Berkeley St.
  #015075-90 Alfred John RODGMAN, 23, Bideford England, Toronto, butcher, s/o John & Eliza RODGMAN, married Minnie Cora POWELL, 22, Barrie Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard & Mary POWELL, witn John Henry CARMICHAEL, Sophie R. MOCKRIDGE, both Toronto, married 30 October 1890
13553-91 Christopher Kimball ROGERS, 26, commercial traveller, Toronto, Louisville KY, s/o John & Sarah, married Annie REID, 24, Toronto, same, d/o George & Harriet Emily, witn: T. W. & S. REID of Toronto, 19 Nov 1890 14059-90 John ROONEY, 20, plasterer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James ROONEY & Eliza JONES, married Margaret BRODY, no age given, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick BRODY & Margaret SULLIVAN, witn: Charles P. ROONEY & Ann BRODY, both of Toronto, 7 Jan 1890 (Rom Cath)
013891-90 - Edward ROSA, 33, laborer, Milwakie Wis., Toronto, s/o Chauncey & Eliza, married Annie DAM--?(cut off), 20, Toronto, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn Mrs. Ida GRE--?(cut off) & Minnie Bell ROBINSON, both of Toronto, on 5 February 1890 14723-90 Charles Walter ROSE, 22, core maker, London, Toronto, s/o Walter & Emma, married Devina JOHNSTON, 22, Springfield Ont., Toronto, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Edward HUNTER & Alice JONES, both of Toronto, 16 May 1890
14715-90 Lennox RUTHERFORD, 21, brick layer, London England, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Frances Julia CHICK, 21, Faunton - Somerset England, Toronto, d/o William James & Julia, witn: George JACKSON of West Toronto Junction & Beatrice STAGE of Toronto, 5 Feb 1890 15257-90 Francis RYAN, 28, spinner, Canada, Weston, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Elizabeth CURRAN, 27, Weston, Toronto, d/o John & Ellen, witn: Albert RYAN of Weston & Mary CURRAN of Toronto, 21 Oct 1890
013903-90 - William John SANDERS, 28, shipper, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Mary, married Mary ROBERTS, 26, Swansea Wales, Toronto, d/o David & Margaret, witn William (cut off) & Arthur ATKINS, both of Toronto, on 12 February (year cut off), at Toronto 013869-90 (Toronto) Mety SAWICKI, 29, Poland, Toronto, laborer, s/o Macity & Agata SAWICKI, married Tigmunta DAYSTETTEN, 26, Poland, Toronto, wtn: Andrew DAYSTETTEN & Annie McDERMOTT, res not given, on January 12, 1890, at Toronto
014825-90 William Joseph SCOLLIE, 50, widower, boat builder, Otonabee, Peterborough s/o Robert SCOLLIE and Mary CORRIGAL married Sarah SUTHERLAND, 50, widow, Ops twp, Peterborough d/o Charles CORNEIL and Elizabeth THORNTON witn: Emma PARSONS and Christina SUTHERLAND both of Toronto, September 15, 1890 014824-90 David H. SCOTT, 26, grocer, Toronto, same s/o George and Mrs. SCOTT married Mabel Adele McBRIDE, 24, York, Toronto d/o C. and Mrs. McBRIDE witn: E.A. SCOTT and Nellie McBRIDE both of Toronto, July 29, 1890
14092-90 Charles William SHANNON, 22, checker, Dundas, Toronto, s/o David SHANNON & Mary COTHNER, married Elizabeth MARSH, 19, Manchester England, Toronto, d/o Henry MARSH & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: Robert BROWN of 306 Jarvis St. Toronto & Minnie LAKE of 55 Agnes St. Toronto, 10 Mar 1890 at St. Andrews Manse 015193-91 Rev Thomas R. SHAVER, 27, Minister of Gospel, Canada, Manitoba, s/o John SHEAR & Helen RANKIN; married Laura Jane GOLLAN, 19, Canada, Toronto, d/o Robert GOLLAN & Laura McCREADY; witn James H. SHEARER, Ottawa & Maria GALL, Toronto, 12 Nov 1890
014838-90 John SHIRLEY, 28, farmer, Toronto, Downsview s/o John and Maggie SHIRLEY married Elizabeth JARVIS, n/g, England, Downsview d/o Thomas and Mary JARVIS witn: Ensley SHIRK and Lizzie GODSBY both of Toronto, September 15, 1890  
13685-91 William George SILIFONT, 20, tailor, England, Toronto, s/o Richard & Mary Anne SILIFONT, married Elizabeth Jane TREMILLING, 21, England, Toronto, d/o William & Grace, witn; J.S. CROOT and S. CROOT both of Toronto, 21 June 1890 15382-90 Frank SILLENCE, 26, waiter, Southampton England, 207 Richmond West, s/o William SILLENCE & Annie CHARLTON, married Kate PALLETT, 18, London England, 207 Richmond West, d/o Edward K. PALLETT & Catherine EVONETT, witn: Arthur PALLETT of 207 Richmond West & Kate McKENNA of Queens Hotel, 25 Dec 1890 at 207 Richmond West
13692-91 Francis SILVERTHORNE, 74, widower, farmer, Toronto Tp., Dixie, s/o Aaron & Mary SILVERTHORNE, married Sarah A. WILSON, 62, widow, Cheshire G. B., Dixie, d/o George & Mary PIMLOTT?, witn; William B. WILKINSON and Lottie WILKINSON both of Toronto, 15 Jan. 1890 15386-90 William H. SIMMINGTON, 24, mechanic, Toronto, same, s/o John & Harriet, married Elizabeth BODDY, 18, Greenwood, same, d/o Michael & Mary, witn: Herbert & Mary ALLCOCK of Toronto, 23 Dec 1890
014808-90 William Forbes SINGER, 25, mechanic, Brantford, Toronto s/o William Forbes SINGER and Margaret BLACK married Minnie HUNTER, 19, Woodbridge, Toronto d/o James HUNTER and Isabella WRIGHT witn: James Thomas SINGER and Ida HUNTER both of Toronto, August 27, 1890 014822-90 William John SLATER, 37, widower, carpenter, Bolton, Toronto s/o William and Rebecca SLATER married Lucy TRIMBLE, 24, Peel Co., Toronto d/o Robert and Sophia TRIMBLE witn: George McFADDEN and Alice TRIMBLE both of Toronto, September 10, 1890
13557-91 William SMELLIE, 25, commercial traveller, Toronto, same, s/o David & Euphemia, married Mary LAMB, 24, Peterborough, Toronto, d/o John & Janet, witn: T. A. BRADY & Annie HAWLEY, both of Toronto, 10 Sept 1890 13558-91 William SMITH, 22, clerk, Spalding - Lincolnshire, Toronto, s/o George & Lettice, married Edith Jessie CROOKENDEN, 25, Woolwich Kent England, Toronto, d/o Charles PELHAM & Sarah Ann PELHAM, witn: Percy MARTIN & Alice CROOKENDEN, both of Toronto, 22 Sept 1890 at All Saints Church
#013900-91 Sidney SMITH, 30, Toronto, same, carriage maker, s/o William & Edith SMITH, married Elizabeth MYERS, 28, London Eng, Toronto, d/o Solomon & Elizabeth MYERS, witn: Robert SPARKS? & Alice MYERS, both Toronto, married 10 Dec. 1890 14099-90 Robert George SOALS, 24, labourer, Belleville, Toronto, s/o Richard SOALS & Jane SOALS, married Annie MCDONALD, 22, Frankfort Canada, Toronto, d/o Donald MCDONALD & Margaret MCDONALD, witn: J.M. SOALS & Lillie SOALS both of Toronto, 22 Jan 1890 at 335 Berkeley St.
14728-90 Edward SPEER, 26, electrician, Peterborough Co., Toronto, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Emma HUTCHINSON, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Isaac & Margaret, witn: Rev. J. H. OLIVER of Malton & Lettie HUTCHINSON of Toronto, 20 Aug 1890 at 150 Duke St. 15391-90 John George Charles SPROULE, 47, butcher & drover, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Jacob SPROULE & Margaret NEVILLE, married Sarah SUMMERS, no age given, widow, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James GRANT & Ellen, witn: W.B. & M. LANDYMORE of Toronto, 4 June 1890
  014857-90 Charles Tapscott STARK, 25, broker and real estate agent, Toronto, same s/o John and Annie STARK married Mabel COWAN, 22, n/g, Toronto d/o John W. and Isabella COWAN witn: Harry L. STARK and Kathleen COWAN both of Toronto, September 16, 1890
14220-90 James STEELE, 30, stone cutter, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George STEELE & Janet DAVIDSON, married Margaret HULL, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James HULL & Margaret Jane CLARKE, witn: Charles HYDE & Mrs Sarah HYDE both of Toronto, 22 Mar 1890 at St. Andrews Manse 15401-90 Arthur STONE, 21, milk business, England, Toronto, s/o Benjamin STONE & Emma STAINES, married Afa FRY, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Lewis & Charlotte, witn: John Noel & Margaret BOOLEY of Toronto, 16 Dec [1890]
#015062-90 Herbert Charles STREET, 39, Montreal, 20 Phoebe St Toronto, widower, commercial traveler, s/o Warren P. STREET & Sarah P. HENDERSON, married Mary Ann McDONELL, 26, Markham Ont, 60 Water St, d/o Anthony McDONELL & Bridget McGEEVER, witn; M. MURDOCH of 278 Queen St W, Mary CREW of 463 King St E., married 29 October 1890, 64 Beverley St. 014845-90 Charles SULLENS Jr., 22, shipper, Middlesex England, Toronto s/o Charles and Emma SULLENS married Annie MESSINGER, 22, London England, Toronto d/o James and Amelia Sarah MESSINGER witn: Henry James COLLETT and Arthur R.G. SULLENS both of Toronto, September 13, 1890
15276-90 Robert C. SUTHERLAND, 28, builder, Sutherlandshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Donald & Jane, married Catherine BURNETT, 22, Carluke Scotland, Toronto, d/o Alex & Helen, witn: James & Agnes SUTHERLAND of Toronto, 19 Nov 1890  
14216-90 John SUTTON, 39, widower, coachman, England, Toronto, s/o Henry SUTTON & Jane SUTTON, married Sarah Ann LUCAS, 43, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Robert SHERIFF & Annie SHERIFF, witn: Richard READ & Alice READ both of Toronto, 13 Mar 1890 14709-90 Patrick SWEENEY, 20, farmer, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Patrick & Joanna, married Margaret BIDWELL, 18, Toronto, 109 Jarvis St., d/o James & Mary, witn: L.C. HUNTER, 14 June 1890
13689-91 John White Campbell TAIT, 21, egg merchant, Canada, Brooklyn New York, s/o Robert & Christina TAIT, married Nina NEWTON, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick & Bessie NEWTON, witn Joseph McLEAN and J. STAFFORD of Toronto, 24 Dec 1890 #013678-91 Thomas James TAIT, 26, Melbourne PQ, Toronto, General Supr. CP Railway, s/o Melbourne M. TAIT & Monica Blanche Louisa HOL (cut off), married Emily St. Aubert COCKBURN, 19, Toronto, same, d/o George R.R. COCKBURN & Mary ZANE, witn; M.M. TAIT of Montreal, George R.R. COCKBURN, H.Z. COCKBURN, Marion WILKIE, all Toronto, married 10 December 1890
013897-90 - Arthur Gerrard TAYLOR, 37, stone mason, Scotland, Toronto, widowed, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary Eleanor BLACK, 18, England, Toronto, d/o Mark & Maria, witn Margaret HEATLEY & Peter BLACK, both of Toronto, on 4 February 1890 014819-90 Jacob Caspar TOLLMER, 29, physician, Marine City Mich., same s/o Paul and Rejila TOLLMER married Laura Annie JONES, 27, Darlington, Toronto d/o Amos and Jane JONES witn: George ISAACS and Laura L. JONES both of Toronto, September 2, 1890
14721-90 David TOPPING, 22, plumber, Aibroath Scotland, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Emma MONAGHAN, 19, Weston, Toronto, d/o John & Kate, witn: S. G. & A.M. WILLIAMS of Toronto, 19 March 1890 013925-91 Francis TOWNLEY, 20, plasterer, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel & Mary TOWNLEY married Letitia WILLIS, 20, Webster Mass, Toronto d/o Robert & Jane WILLIS Witn Robert WILLIS & Minnie TOWNLEY both of Toronto, December 24, 1890
14707-90 James TOWNLEY, 22, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o Susan & Henry?, married Emma BAKER, 18, Toronto, same, d/o John & Lydia, witn: Thomas DAVIS & Annie TOWNLEY, both of Toronto, 7 June 1890 15394-90 Frederick Christopher TUCK, 25, farmer, Halton Co., Trafalgar twp., s/o Benjamin TUCK & Susan SWACK, married Martha Elenor HALL, 21, Halton Co., same, d/o Robert HALL & Jane BAYLEY, witn: Lizzie WINNETT & Rose BRICE, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1890
014823-90 James TUCKER, 25, stone setter, Newfoundland, Toronto s/o James TUCKER and Millie BUTT married Hattie MORRISON, 20, Toronto, same d/o n/g witn: Levi RIEL and Miss L. MORRISON both of Toronto, September 10, 1890, 10 Avenue Place 014832-90 Henry TUCKER, 27, galvanized worker, Devonshire England, Toronto s/o William Henry and Emma TUCKER married Kate HARRISON, 22, Rochester US, Toronto d/o Richard and Rose HARRISON witn: Lambert S. ANDREWS and Emily BROWN both of Toronto, June 30, 1890
014854-90 Bernard Damer TURQUAND, 21, druggist, Montreal, Tilsonburg s/o Bernard Bucreif? TURQUAND and Susan TURQUAND [illegible], married Bertha ARNOLD, 31, Thornhill, same d/o Robert J. and Sarah ARNOLD witn: Jessie HAWKINS and Robert TURQUAND, no date given, at St. Simon's Church  
015016-90 - James Andrew TWEED, 25, (profession illegible), Penetanguishene? Ontario, Toronto, s/o John TWEED & Mary TWEED, married Esther Dorothea? MCGAFFIN, 25, Isle of Wight, Toronto, d/o David MCGAFFIN & ---- MCGAFFIN, witn Albert BUCKIN? & Eliza PEARMAN, of Toronto, 15 October 1890, at 207 John Street 15255-90 Patrick TYNAN, 64, widower, cooper, Ireland, Toronto, s/o Fenton William & Mary, married Mary GRANT, 28, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Edward & Bridget, witn: Richard GRANT & Margaret COUGHENAN?, both of Toronto, 10 Oct 1890
15344-90 Thomas TYNDALL, 21, coachman, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Margaret HULLADY, 25, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: Charles OWEN & Lottie GOFTON & Arthur E. STAPIN?, all of Toronto, 25 Oct 1890 14861-90 Abram A. VANDERHOOF, 37, cord spinner, New York, Toronto, s/o Abram VANDERHOOF & Ellen, married Jessie GAYTON, 25, widow, Toronto, same, d/o Peter FARQUHARSON & Jane, witn: William COTTRELL & Mrs. HOGAN, both of Toronto, 4 June 1890
014820-90 Arthur H.S. VANKOUGHNET, 24 yrs & 11 mths, accountant, Toronto, 1 Washington Avenue s/o J.J. and Agnes VANKOUGHNET married Gertrude SMITH, 23 yrs & 3 mths, Sherbrooke, 1 Washington Avenue d/o S.E. and Emily SMITH witn: Charles WALKER of Toronto and Sybil SEYMOUR of Port Hope, September 10, 1890 15256-90 John VOLLET, 28, brick layer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary Teresa WALSH, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Mary, witn: Francis WALSH & Rhoda VOLLETT (sic), both of Toronto, 4 Nov 1890
#015069-90 Richard Meaford WAINSBROUGH, 32, Ontario, Toronto, school teacher, s/o William & Nancy WAINSBROUGH, married Elizabeth TODD, 26, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John & Margaret TODD, witn; Herbert L. TODD, Maggie M. BENNETT, both Toronto, married 15 October 1890 #013895-91 Matthew WALLACE, 39, Canada, Toronto, Doctor, s/o John WALLACE & Catherine QUINN, married Agnes EICHORN, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Auguste EICHORN & Margaret ALLEN, witn; Dr. C.W. CHAFFEE, Maude McCONKEY, both Toronto, married 3 Sep 1890 (RC)
  014810-90 William WALLIS, 25, stone cutter, England, Toronto s/o William and Ann WALLIS married Mary Ann LANGMAN, 20, England, Toronto d/o William and Jane LANGMAN witn: William LANGMAN and F.C. FISH both of Toronto, September 6, 1890
014997-90 - Egerton Harvey WARD, 25, gentleman, Surrey England, Toronto, s/o Owen F. L. WARD & Annie Alice WARD, married Ethel Maud GORDON, 20, Kingston Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas GORDON & Rachael GORDON, witn Sydney Francis GORDON & Rachael FULLER (no place), 8 October 1890, at St. Peters Church 15340-90 Samuel WARREN, 21, brakeman, Genesee Co NY, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Helen, married Letitia WAINWRIGHT, 22, Guelph, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: George A. POWELL & Annie GRAHAM, both of Toronto, 9 Dec 1890
14218-90 George S. WARRING, 23, button-hole operator, Milton, Toronto, s/o William WARRING & Mary Jane WARRING, married Minnie McMURRAY, 22, Rockwood, Toronto, d/o Charles McMURRAY & Syntha McMURRAY, witn: George R. SLOAN of Milton & Ida CURRIE of Toronto, 26 Mar 1890 014244-91 Frederick WATSON, 47, laborer, widower, England, Toronto, s/o Jacob & Jane, married Annie GROOME, 26, London England, Toronto, d/o Edwin & Martha, witn: Oliver AGAR & Minnie GILROY both of Toronto on Nov. 25, 1890
014831-90 Thomas WHITE, 23, moulder, Sandhill, Toronto s/o Hutcheson and Catherine WHITE married Rose GREENSIDES, 22, Toronto, same d/o John and Elizabeth GREENSIDES witn: F.W. BROUGHALL and G.K. BROUGHALL both of Toronto, July 19, 1890 #013902-91 Thomas WIGGIN, 29, Eccleswall, Toronto, policeman, s/o Henry & Fanny WIGGIN, married Emma WILKINSON, 20, Hamilton Ont, Toronto, d/o Frederick & Fanny WILKINSON, witn; Charles WILKINSON, Mrs. G. MURRAY, both Toronto, married 15 Oct 1890
15389-90 Adrian Ervin WILLIAMS, 30, widower, weaver, Prince Edward, Toronto, s/o Elijah WILLIAMS & Sarah MOORE, married Jennie Hinds HAYNES, 30, Thurlow twp., Toronto, d/o Ambrose HINDS & Sarah McNELLES, witn: Rose BRICE of Toronto and Lavina BOOTH of Bradford, 17 Sept 1890 14217-90 Ford WILLIAMS, 21, plasterer, Whitchurch, Toronto, s/o Joseph WILLIAMS & Susan WILLIAMS, married Mary BERRY, 18, Caledon twp, Toronto, d/o John BERRY & Flora BERRY, witn: Julia BENSON & Flo BENSON both of Toronto, 17 Mar 1890
  015006-90 - Robert WILSON, 26, confectioner, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Archibald WILSON & Margaret WILSON, married Catherine FARRELL (s/b Farrell?), 23, Canada, Toronto, d/o Patrick FARRALL & Catherine FARRALL, witn Philip SHEAHAN & Maggie FARRALL, of Toronto, 16 October 1890
14719-90 James Russel WOOD, 20, carpenter, York twp., Toronto, s/o George & Annie, married Sarah BOXALL, 20, Toronto, same, d/o William Henry & Mary, witn: Frank & Lily POWELL of Toronto, 30 April 1890 15369-90 Louis George WOOD, 28, clergyman, Gloucestershire England, Blenheim, s/o George Clark & Catherine WOOD, married Ida Emma BARTON, 26, Goderich Ont., Toronto, d/o Robert A. & Sarah, witn: George ELLIOT & Lena BARTON, both of Toronto, 17 Dec 1890
#015074-90 Walter WREGGITT, 25, Canada, Toronto, carpenter, s/o James WREGGITT & Rachael THOMPSON Wreggitt, married Ellen HOOPER, 20, England, Toronto, d/o Charles HOOPER & Mary Ann JENNINGS Hooper, witn J. Allan BALLARD, E.F. LLOYD, both Toronto, married 30 October 1890, St Anne's Parish.