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Toronto, 1892, part 3

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014661-92 John COLHOUN, 27, farmer, Weston, Thistleton s/o John and Margaret COLHOUN married Emily Marion COOK, 25, Allandale, Toronto d/o William and Kate COOK witn: Norman LINDSAY and Mrs. J. NEIL both of Toronto, April 27, 1892 014679-92 James CONNOLLY, 22, labourer, Ireland, Toronto s/o John CONNOLLY and Rose CARABINE married Margaret McCARTHY, 21, Toronto, same d/o John McCARTHY and Bridget LOUGHY witn: William RIORDON and Mary MURRAY both of Toronto, June 1, 1892, St. Mary's Church
014662-92 Richard COULTON, 29, lash maker, Durham Co., Toronto s/o Joseph and Elizabeth COULTON married Elizabeth Ann TOILLY, 23, Oakville, Toronto d/o William and Sarah TOILLY witn: William CURTINS and Georgina WIGG both of Toronto, June 14, 1892 014651-92 John P. CRONIN, 27, coachman, Ireland, Toronto s/o Michael P. CRONIN and Bridget MAHONY married Agnes PEAK, 26, Ireland, Toronto d/o Samuel I. PEAK and Mary A. GUNN witn: John FALVEY and Mary H. PEAK, June 29, 1892, St. Basil's Church
014672-92 William John ELLARD, 30, merchant, Canada, Toronto s/o Francis ELLARD and Mary FERGUSON married Mary ROCK, 22, Toronto, same d/o Michael ROCK and Annie REGAN witn: John Henry COLLINS and Johanna COLLINS both of Toronto, July 4, 1892, St. Mary's Church  
014683-92 Charles Robert FARROW, 29, blacksmith, Suffolk Co. England, 104 Nassau St. Toronto s/o Charles and Ann FARROW married Emily Grace LAWSON, 21, Toronto, 21 Surry Place Toronto d/o David and Emily Clark LAWSON witn: Robert J. GAUTT (Gault?) and Eliza F. COYNE both of Toronto, May 31, 1892, 21 Surry Place 014669-92 Francis FLOOD, 24, painter and decorator, East Indies, Cleveland Ohio s/o Luke Charles FLOOD and Margaret SCULLY married Johanna REGAN, 23, USA, Toronto d/o John REGAN and Mary DAWSON witn: Joseph THOMPSON and Lizzie THOMPSON both of Toronto, June 30, 1892, St. Paul's Church
014655-92 Edward J. GIBB, 22, clerk, Toronto, same s/o Lawrence and Mary GIBB married Mary A. BEARS, 19, Toronto, same d/o Lenord BEARS and Sarah A. THOMPSON witn: W.H. ROCK and Jannet ROCK both of Toronto, April 26, 1892 014671-92 Samuel William HARRIS, 28, clerk, Toronto, same s/o Samuel HARRIS and Jane PORTER married Rose M. LESTER, age n/g, Toronto d/o Thomas LESTER and Rose READ witn: Charles LYNDEN of Toronto and Charlotte RICE of Lambton, June 22, 1892, St. Mary's Church
014681-92 Thomas Milton HIGGINS, 30, lawyer, Brucefield, 37 Gould St. in Toronto s/o Joseph and Mary Alice HIGGINS married Alice Brand GORDON, 24, Manchester Ont. 526 Church St. in Toronto d/o Adam and Christena B. GORDON witn: Miss Barbara S. CAMPBELL of Whitby and John MACKAY of 27 Magill St. in Toronto, April 21, 1892, 526 Church St 014674-92 Thomas JOSE, 29, stereotyper, Toronto, same s/o John JOSE and Jane VANCE married Elizabeth CANAVAN, 24, Toronto, same d/o Michael CANAVAN and Bridget GARTLAN witn: John CANAVAN and Catherine McBRIDE both of Toronto, June 29, 1892, St. Mary's Presbytery
014660-92 John L. KEMP, 38, widower, carpenter, England, Toronto s/o Henry and Mary KEMP married Margaret CAMPBELL, 38, Scotland, Toronto d/o John and Catherine CAMPBELL witn: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas COOPER of Toronto, May 12, 1892 014653-92 Thomas James KINNEAR, 23, foreman in wholesale, Battel, Ballymena Ireland, Toronto s/o James and Jane KINNEAR married Beatrice Maud WHITE, 27, Toronto, same d/o Henry George and Elizabeth WHITE witn: Charles E. WILSON and Mrs. M.W. WILSON of Hamilton, June 10, 1892, Church of Christ (Scientist)
014677-92 Thomas LEARY, 31, coal man, Toronto, same s/o James LEARY and Bridget CAVANAGH married Ellen ROACH, 27, Toronto, same d/o Edward ROACH and Bridget HANNON witn: John RORKE and Alice ROACH both of Toronto, June 27, 1892, St. Mary's Church 014670-92 John MASON, 48, widower, butcher, Cliff Yorkshire England, Oakville s/o William and Ana MASON married Elizabeth CLARK, 29, Ramsays Corners - Ottawa, Toronto d/o John and Mary Ann CLARK witn: F.M. ALLAN and A.J. CLARK both of Toronto, June 29, 1892
014656-92 James McFARLANE, 20, plumber, Toronto, same s/o James and Margaret McFARLANE married Minnie KNIGHT, 20, Toronto, same d/o Frederick and Eliza KNIGHT witn: Janet NEIL and Margaret MACDONALD both of Toronto, June 11, 1892 014678-92 King Frederick McNAB, 31, furrier, Canada, Toronto s/o Blankan McNAB and Helena BARTON, married Margaret McCABE, 21, England, Toronto d/o James McCABE and Bridget GHEOGART witn: Walter H. SAMPLE and Ellen DEE both of Toronto, May 20, 1892, St. Mary's Church
  014664-92 Walter Henry POS--? (damaged edge), 32, machinist, England, Toronto s/o Joseph and Elizabeth married Minnie Elizabeth WHITEHOUSE, 20, England, Toronto d/o George and Amy WHITEHOUSE witn: Mildred PEARSON and Elizabeth A. SCOTT both of Toronto, June 30, 1892
014667-92 George W. SHARP, 25, mechanic, Kentucky, Toronto s/o Samuel and Martha married Emma L. CASSIDAY, 22, Toronto, same d/o William and Sarah witn: Sol CASSIDAY of Toronto and Ella S. FRASER of Brantford, June 29, 1892 014684-92 William SLOMANS, 30, evangelist, England, Guelph s/o Moses and Martha SLOMANS married Margaret White NASMITH, 30, Mt. Forest, 570 Jarvis St. in Toronto d/o John and Jane NASMITH witn: C.L. HART St. Louis USA and John NASMITH, June 28, 1892, 570 Jarvis St
014675-92 William WALSH, 32, express manager, Toronto, same s/o William WALSH and Agnes McSHEA married Helen Mary CLARKE, 29, Toronto, same d/o John CLARKE and Catherine SCALLION witn: Louis WALSH and Teresa CLARKE both of Toronto, June 28, 1892, St. Mary's Church 014685-92 William Ritchie WATTS, 22, telegraph operator, Davenport England, 359 Euclid Ave., Toronto s/o Arundle P. and Jane WATTS married Florence B. LANE, 21, Clinton, 218 Shaw St. in Toronto d/o Thomas and Catherine LANE witn: George S. WATTS of 359 Euclid Ave., Toronto and Maggie A. SCOTT of 812 Queen St. in Toronto, June 8, 1892, 218 Shaw St
014682-92 Clifford WILLMOT, 34, farmer, Reach Twp, Sunnidale Twp s/o Francis and Celestie WILLMOTT married Catherine MATHISON, 23, Sunnidale Twp, same d/o Duncan and Janet MATHISON, witn: Richard LANE of Toronto and S.C. KELLOGG, May 30, 1892, 86 Charles St