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014841-94 - William Robert ABERCROMBIE, 30, window shade maker, Meaford, Toronto s/o James and Jane ABERCROMBIE married Frances H. THOMPSON, 28, Rochdale Lancashire – England, Toronto d/o John and Elizabeth THOMPSON witness- William GRIFFITH and Maud TIDMAN, April 25, 1894 014896-94 James Alexander ABERNETHY, 24, tailor, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James & Isabella married Anna Maria FERGUSON, 24, Mono, Toronto, d/o William James & Sarah, witn: William ABERNETHY & Fannie FERGUSON (no residence given), 18 July 1894 at 1 Olive Ave
014581-94 Roch Amyot AMOUG (Among?), 32, civil service, Toronto, same, s/o Roch & Cecilia, married Katheline O'NEIL, 22, Toronto, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: George THOMPSON & Annie O'NEIL both of Toronto on June 5, 1894 at Church of Our Lady of Lourdes Toronto. (RC)

14989-94 (Toronto) Thomas H. ASTLEFORD, 40, widower, painter, Ottawa, Toronto, s/o Abraham ASTLEFORD & Susannah BOURNE, married Maria ALLIS, 35, widow, Oakville, Toronto, d/o Thomas APPLETON & Susannah TEAL, witn: Fred W. TISDALE & Miss Juanita CHAM[BERS] both of Toronto, 22 May 189[4]

  014621-94 Arthur Edward ATKINSON, 24, house mover, Toronto, Toronto s/o Alex ATKINSON & Annie LUTTIE married Mary Ann WILSON, 24, Brock, Eldon d/o James WILSON & Mary BREEM wtn: John CLINKENBOOMER & Annie AINSWORTH both of Toronto, 28 Jun 1894
#014373-95 (Toronto) Alexander BAGSLEY, 24, Almonte Ont, Buffalo US,  printer, s/o William Abbott BAGSLEY & Mary JOHNSTON, married Elizabeth CHALMERS, 24, Montreal, Toronto,  d/o William CHALMERS & Mary NEIL, witn: Alfred BAGSLEY of Toronto, Tilly NEIL of Toronto, married 26 December 1894

014725/94 Samuel BAILIE, 25, manufacturer, Newburg N.Y., Toronto, s/o George BAILIE & Alice TEWILLINGAR, married Lella May WILLMOTT, 24, Markham Ont., Toronto, d/o Peter WILLMOTT & Isabella STOUTENBURG, witn: George H. BAILIE Jr. & Peter WILLMOTT both of Toronto, 11 July 1894

14097-94 Henry BAMBER, 45, widower, builder, England, Toronto, s/o William BAMBER & Ann PEARSON, married Catherine Caroline GARTLAN, 33, Toronto, same, d/o James GARTLAN & Margaret Jane SCHOFIELD, witn: James CARTER & Elizabeth COX, both of Toronto, 12 Jan 1894 at St. Andrews Manse 014906-94 Robert John Windsor BAR--? (off page), 24, bookkeeper, Trenton Ont., Toronto, s/o William Thomas & Charlotte E. Elizabeth, married Alice Margaret PURV--?(off page, Purvis?), 24, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Robert William & Eliza Jane, witn: Charles S. HENDERSON? & Ethel BARKER both of Toronto, 20 June 1894
014811-94 Thomas Rice BARLOW, 50, widower, hardware merchant, England, Toronto s/o George & Mary Ann married Elizabeth Margaret McKENZIE, 39, widow, Canada, Toronto d/o George & Mary Ann WILLIAMSON wtn: Arthur W. BARLOW & Leys McKENZIE both of Toronto, 27 June 1894 at Holy Trinity Church 014547-94 William D. BARRON, 30, real estate & loan co., Kingston, New York, s/o Richard BARRON & Anna-Statia WHITE married Grace E. McKEOWN, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o David McKEOWN & A. CAVANAGH, witn: F. R. HUNTINGTON of Watertown U.S. & F. Odena McKEOWN of Toronto, 20 June 1894
014632-94 William Richard BARTLETT, 29, telephone, England, Toronto s/o Richard & Sarah BARTLETT married Ellen Ann McCARTHY, 23, Canada, Toronto wtn: Percy STEACEY & Minnie McCARTHY, 6 June 1894 at St Margaret's Church 14850-94 - Ernest BEAMISH, 33, merchant, Bolton, Bolton Co s/o John and Martha BEAMISH married Sarah MORRISON, 30, Rosemount, Toronto d/o William and Mary MORRISON witness – Albert E. BOLTON and Minnie M. REILLY, June 5, 1894
014557-94 Charles Kenneth BEATON, 21, moulder, Whitevale, Toronto, s/o Hector & Rachel married Annie GILES, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William & Jane, witn: Isabella H. SIDNEY & Addie ATKINSON both of Toronto, 14 February 1894 014620-94 Joseph BEATTY, 32, millwright, Canada, Buffalo NY USA s/o John & Mary married Eva STILL, 23, Canada, Toronto d/o James & Margaret wtn: William BARKER & Jennie SMITH both of Toronto, 3 July 1894
014846-94 - John BELL, 22, steam fitter, Co. Monaghan – Ireland, Toronto s/o David and Margaret BELL married Annie CROWE, 21, Toronto, same d/o John and Ann CROWE witness – Charles ASHBY and Mary J. McNALLY, May 23, 1894 014567-94 James Henry BELL, 35, gardener, England, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Eliza married Effie McINTYRE, 29, Argyle Ont., Toronto, d/o Archibald & Catherine, witn: Ellen LAUCHLIN of River St. & W. G. PRITCHETT of 134 Elizabeth, 10 May 1894 at 19 Walton St.
014903-94 Joseph BENNETT, 23, gardener, Scotland, Ayr, s/o William & Matilda married Mary BERTRAM, 29, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Peter & Jessie, witn: Nettie C. WALLACE & Annie McLEOD both of 60 Czar St. Toronto, 3 September 1894 014580-94 Robert BODDY, 65, none given, widower, England Toronto, s/o John & Ann, married Sophia CLENDENNING, 44, widow, Markham Tp, Toronto, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: Alexander & Margaret HORTON both of Toronto on June 21, 1894
14969-94 Hermann BOETTIHER, 33, saddler, Looknitz Germany, 107 Duchess St. Toronto, s/o Heinrich & Matilda, married Elizabeth SCHMIDT, 27, Frankfurt Germany, 107 Duchess St., d/o Conrad & Eva, witn: Franz JAHN & Annie RHEBERGER, both of Toronto, 18 Sept 1894 at 18 Wood St

014719/94 Almond John BOTSFORD, 24, grocer clerk, Newmarket, Toronto, s/o Sara Ford & Timothy BOTSFORD, married Carrie SWITZER, 39, widow, Derry County, Toronto, d/o Alexander BROWN & Agnes McPHEE, witn: Thomas AZLETT & Hellen TOWELL both of Toronto, 27 June 1894

014630-94 John William BOWER, 24, military, England, Toronto s/o John William & Julia BOWER married Mary Ellen RADCLIFF, 21, Canada, Toronto d/o Robert & Emma wtn: James R. CODE & Mrs J.R. CODE both of Toronto, 26 April 1894 at St Margaret's Church 014370/94 David BREECH, 22, farmer, Markham, Markham, s/o David & Esther, married Mary J. KEARNEY, 28, Picton, Picton, d/o James & Susan, witn: Victor KEARNEY of Hamilton & Hannah WEST of Toronto, 4 April 1894

#014526-94 (Toronto) William Henry BREEN, 22, Port Perry Ont, Toronto, fruiterer, s/o Edward & Mary BREEN, married Ascenath Edith WORSNOP, 22, Holland Landing Ont, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Jane WORSNOP, witn; Emily Burton WORSNOP, George CASTLE, Toronto, married 13 June 1894, St Mark's Church

14998-94 (Toronto) William C. BREMNER, 30, Scotland, Toronto, s/o William C. & Isabella, married Helen CLARK, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Richard & Mary Ann, witn: R.H. ROSS & Annie CLARK both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1894
014834-94 - John Charles BRUCE, 21, compositor, New Orleans, Toronto s/o William and Louisa BRUCE married Ida HEFFERNAN, 21, Toronto, same d/o Edward & Louisa HEFFERNAN witness – Herbert A. CREW and Winnie ACKROYD, March 29, 1894

14119-94 (Toronto) Charles Alexander BRUNTON, 24, painter, Angus, Orillia, s/o William & Mary BRUNTON, married Annie FURLONG, 21, Oswego US, Sundridge, d/o Peter & Ella FURLONG, witn: Bessie SMITH & Edna SMITH both of 266 Jarvis St, 11 Sept 1893 at 266 Jarvis St

014722/94 William BUCHANAN, 27, baker, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Robert John BUCHANAN & Agnes Elizabeth BAXTER, married Jessie Louise BAILEY, 28, London England, Toronto, d/o William BAILEY & Louisa SIMS, witn: Alice PHILLIPS & Mercie PATTERSON both of Toronto, 23 June 1894 014613-94 Francis Lewis BUNGAY, 23, lithographic artist, Canada, Toronto s/o Lewis Francis & Mary Amanda married Margaret Winnifred ENNIS, 23, England, Toronto d/o James & Margaret wtn: Frank STONE, William STONE & Mamie STONE all of Toronto, 14 June 1894 at Holy Trinity Church
014574-94 Charles Malcolm BURK, 36, mechanic, widower, Oshawa, Colborne, s/o Peter & Barbara, married Margaret WELTON, 26, Castleton, East Town Michigan USA, d/o George & Irene, witn: John A. JAMES & Susie HENRY both of Toronto on Mar. 22, 1894 15024-95 - James Gilchrist BURNHAM, 25, barrister, Canada, Toronto, s/o Agnes J. & Henry Hamilton BURNHAM, married Helena Frances CAWTHRA, 22, Canada, Toronto, d/o Henry & Annie, witn: James CRAIG & Agnes H. BURNHAM, 6 June 1894
014902-94 Harry George BUTTAM (BEETAM ?), 25, gas fitter, England, Toronto, s/o Edward & Rosanna married Rose CUTLER, 19, England, NorthYork, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Alfred Thomas CUTLER & Louisa Jane CUTLER of Ontario St. Toronto, 1 September 1894 at St. Mary's Church Dovercourt  

014720/94 William Burt CAMPBELL, 22, wire Worker, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James CAMPBELL & Alice Lucy GARLICK, married Clara Louisa WILLIAMS, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Clara O'NEIL, witn: Eliza Jane ROBERTS & William Louis MacKENZIE both of Toronto, 25 June 1894

014556-94 John Sidney CAMPBELL, 24, soldier, Simcoe Co., Toronto, s/o David & Isabel married Beatrice Marion HERBERT, 19, Berkshire England, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Emma, witn: S. PHILLIPS & A. ATKINSON both of Toronto, 15 March 1894

014890-94 Thomas William CAPP, 27, jeweler, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Edward Henry & Emily married Mary ROBERTSON, 27, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John H. & Mary, witn: Mrs. Mary ROBERTSON & Mrs. Emily CAPP both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 14994-94 (Toronto) David J. CARSCADDEN, 29, paper box manufacturer, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Dean & Isabella CARSCADDEN, married Emma EGAN, 24, Ontario? [corrected to L--? Mich], Toronto, d/o James EGAN & Ellen NEWMAN, witn: David ELLIOTT & Pearl HARRIS both of Toronto, 15 Aug 1894
014570-94 Daniel CARTER, 22, carpet weaver, Bristol England, Toronto, s/o T. CARTER & Elizabeth PULLEN, married Annie McCRINDLE, 24, Huron Tp, Toronto, d/o J. P. McCRINDLE & Annie BLUE, witn: James A. CARTER & Lizzie RILEY both of Toronto on June 6, 1894 014832-94 - Robert CATHCART, 21, butcher, Toronto, same s/o James and Mary CATHCART married Matilda HUTCHISON, 21, Toronto, same d/o Robert and Annie HUTCHISON witness – Lemiel (?) COCHRANE and Lottie COCHRANE, March 27, 1894
  014909-94 James CAVANAGH, 33, farmer, Canada, Scarboro, s/o Michael CAVANAGH & Bridget McGURN, married Ida FARRELL, 23, Lucan, Toronto, d/o John FARRELL & Barbara BURN, witn: Michael PERRY & Emma FARRELL (no residence given), 5 September 1894 at St. Basil's Church
014631-94 Alfred Hugh Earl CHAMPION, 25, watchmaker, London England, Toronto s/o Thomas Earle & Clementine Mary married Clara Ann McGINNIS, 25, Canada, Toronto d/o Robert & Jane McGINNIS wtn: Charles Thomas Earl CHAMPION & Marguerite McGINNIS, 15 Jun 1894 at St Margaret's Church

014623-94 Clarence Augusta CHANT, 29, lecturer in University of Toronto, Markham Twp, Toronto s/o Christopher H. & Elizabeth married Jean LAIDLAW, 24, Toronto, Toronto d/o George LAIDLAW & Jane wtn: G.F. HULL & Mary LAIDLAW both of Toronto, 20 June 1894

14111-94 (Toronto) George A. CHAPMAN, 27, painter, Cobourg, Toronto, s/o George & Rebecca, married Harriett E. WHITE, 27, Bowmanville, Toronto, d/o David & Ann, witn: Jean MANNING & Emma DALBY both of Toronto, 15 Feb 1894 014605-94 William Craig CHISHOLM, 29, barrister/solicitor, Port Hope Ontario, Toronto s/o Duncan & Mary CHISHOLM married Gertrude Dorland FOSTER, 23, Guelph, Toronto d/o James & Jennie M. FOSTER wtn: D.H. CHISHOLM of Lindsay & Robina L. STEWART of Guelph, 20 June 1894 at St Mark's Parkdale

014092/94 George CLARKE, 32, compositor, Whitby Ont., 110 Dovercourt Rd. Toronto, s/o Francis & Nancy CLARKE, married Harriett HASLAM, 24, Woodbridge, Woodbridge, d/o Richard & Annie HASLAM, witn: Mary LESTER of York Twp. & Annie HART of Delaware Ave. Toronto, 8 February 1894, 8 February 1894, St. Mary's Vestry 282 Delaware Ave

015669-96 George James CLIFFORD, 26, barber, North Gwillimbury, Toronto, s/o John CLIFFORD & no mother listed married Margaret Blake COOPER, 17, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Gavin & Ellen COOPER Witn John SAUNDERS of Toronto & Lizzie COOPER no address listed, September 29, 1894
014575-94 Richard COGHLAN, 33, mechanic, Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Sarah, married Jennie SPEARS, 31, Mono Tp, Toronto, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Rosaline M. & Alfred William BRIGGS both of Toronto on Apr. 10, 1894 #014288-94 Thomas Walker COLE, 37, Toronto Gore, Toronto, widower, Gentleman, s/o Thomas COLE & Elizabeth BLAND(cut off), married Martha Jane McCALLUM, 34, Vaughan Twp, Toronto,  d/o John McCALLUM & Mary Ann CAPNE (cut off), witn; Matthew M. GOWLAND, Jessie GOWLAND both 14 Halton St, married 4 April 1894
014582-94 Arthur COLEMAN, 23, medical student, Toronto, same, s/o Arthur & Maria, married Catherine DURKIN, 24, Ireland, Ottawa, d/o Anthony DURKIN & Mary Ann DANCY, witn: James WICKETT & Agnes MORRIS both of Toronto on June 20, 1894 at Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, 

014633-94 Thomas Edward COLLINS, 26, labourer, London England, Toronto s/o Thomas Edward COLLINS & Eloyora Elizabeth COLLINS married Mary Jane HERBERT, 36, England, Toronto d/o Edward & Harriet Elizabeth wtn: Fred FLETT & Florence HERBERT, 1 February 1894 at St Margaret's Church

14108-94 James C. CONLIN, 42, traveler, widower, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Henry CONLIN & Alice YOUNG married Julia L. MURPHY, 25, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James MURPHY & Julia Louisa MURPHY, witn; Frank MURPHY & Ilda MURPHY of Toronto, 6 Feb 1894, Church of our Lady of Lourdes, Toronto 014555-94 William W. CONOVER, 36, watch maker, Canada, 131 Yorkville Ave., widower, s/o Samuel & Sarah married Carrie E. PLAYTER, 20, Canada, 77 Bloor Street W., d/o Nelson & Sarah, witn: Nelson & Ata PLAYTER both of 77 Bloor St. W., 20 June 1894 at 77 Bloor St. W.
  14117-94 (Toronto) Frederick Arthur COOKSON, 23, buyer, Montreal, same, s/o Arthur COOKSON & Elizabeth Ann COOKSON, married Minnie Eliza Mary COOK, 19, Montreal, Toronto, d/o Thomas Thompson COOK & Elizabeth COOK, witn: U.E. BROWNLEE, Ada COOK, S.H. WATTINGTON all of Toronto & John ALLAN of Montreal, 21 Feb 1894
01484-94 - William John CORNISH?, 24, moulder, Bowmanville, Toronto s/o William and Elizabeth married Louisa MASON, 19, Whitby, Toronto d/o Thomas and Margaret MASON witness – John A. McCLURE and Annie ROSS, April 19, 1894 014598-94 William Bain Stewart COUTTS, 25, clerk C.P.R., Brantford, Toronto s/o Peter & Isabella COUTTS married Sarah LAWSON, 21, Toronto, Toronto d/o John & Catherine LAWSON wtn: John A. MacWILLIAM & Jennie LAWSON both of Toronto, 22 March 1894
015668-96 Ernest D. CROCKER, 23, printer, England, Toronto, s/o William Derwin CROCKER & Madora CROCKER married Alice Maud JACKSON, 22, England, Toronto d/o William & Druscilla JACKSON, Witn G.T. JACKSON & Ada JACKSON both of Toronto, October 15, 1894  
014883-94 John Nichol CROTHERS, 21, brick maker, Brampton, Toronto, s/o Samuel CROTHERS & Mary A. LANG married Minnie MURRAY, 21, Toronto, Toronto, d/o William MURRAY & Mary SCHWART, witn: William MURRAY Jr. & Charlotte CROTHERS both of Toronto, 28 August 1894 #014932-94 (Toronto) William John CURRAN, 29, Clifton Ont, Toronto,  clothing man, son of William & Mary CURRAN, married Mary Ellen HARDMAN, 25, Yonkers NY, Toronto,  dau. of John & Elizabeth HARDMAN, witn: F.W. TINDALL, Ada HARDMAN, both Toronto, married 15 August 1894
014610-94 John CURTIS, 26, traveller, Fenelon Falls Ontario, Toronto s/o Cornelius & Jennie CURTIS married Jennie E. HARVEY, 27, Torquay England, Toronto d/o John & Eliza HARVEY wtn: James WARREN of Hamilton & Maggie S. FORSYTH both of Toronto, 28 June 1894 014886-94 John CURTIS, 63, laborer, England, Toronto, widower, s/o Jeremiah & Hannah married Jane AKINS, 56, Ontario, Toronto, widow, d/o John & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: Arthur William & Harriet COWAN both of Toronto, 30 August 1894
14412-95 (Toronto): John DICKSON, 24, painter, Canada, Toronto, s/o John DICKSON & Margaret GRAY, married Maud BASS, 21, Toronto, Trefan? St. in Toronto, d/o Edgar BASS & Bridget CONNORS, witn: Alfred SWITZER & Ellen BASS, both of Toronto, 25 April 1894 at St. Pauls, Power St 014635-94 Frederick Charles DOWDING, 21, gentleman, Canada, Hamilton s/o Charles & Julia DOWDING married Annie S. CHILDS, 18, Canada, Hamilton d/o William & Jessie CHILDS wtn: J.W. & G.W. ANSBERRY (Amsberry?) and M. IRWIN, 24 January 1894 at St Margaret's Church
14101-94 Robert W. DUNCAN, 26, painter, Glasgow, Toronto, s/o John & Susan W., married Henrietta STRONG, 25, Canada, Toronto, d/o George & Mary, witn: Maxwell ANDREWS & Agnes McEACHREN, 8 Jan 1894 14423-95 (Toronto): Charles George DUNCAN, 30, traveller, Canada, Toronto, s/o James & Annie, married Ethel Maud VAN TASSEL, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o John & Helen, witn: H.E. JELL & Thomas FAIR, both of Toronto, 6 Oct 1894 at St. Margarets Church

14984-94 (Toronto) John Fletcher DYER, 22, machinist, Newmarket, Toronto, s/o Richard & Rebecca, married Laura YOUNG, 22, Peterborough, Brantford, d/o Charles & Arinda, witn: Richard KERBYSON & Winnie LOVE, 12 Sept 1894 at St Paul's Church

014838-94 - Mark S. EASBY, 31, carpenter, England, Toronto s/o William and Catherine EASBY married Mary Ann FOSTER, 24, London – Ontario, Toronto d/o Dennis Charles and Margaret FOSTER witness – C. FOSTER and E.A. WILLIAMS, April 16, 1894
014579-94 James EDGAR, 25, grocer, Co Down Ireland, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Ovila Virginia WELLS, 27, King Tp, Parkdale Toronto, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Robert H. HALL of Sundridge & Miss Iva BOUNER of Toronto on June 20, 1894

14917-94 (Toronto) Sterling Clark EDWARDS, 21, wine clerk, Belleville, Palmer House Toronto, s/o Sterling Clark EDWARDS & Isabella BAIN, married Anna May RANKIN, 23, Ogdensburg Ontario, 91 Bathurst St Toronto, d/o Matthew RANKIN & Mary EMERSON, witn: George SMELLIE D.D. of Fergus & Lizzie TULLY of Palmer House Toronto, 6 June 1894 at St Andrew's Manse

14916-94 (Toronto) Alexander Campbell ELLIOTT, 24, teacher, Canada, Acton, s/o John Telford ELLIOTT & Nancy ROBERTSON, married Mary Ann Elizabeth GORDON, 30, Acton, same, d/o John GORDON of Acton & Eleanor MACDONNELL of St Andrew's Manse Toronto, 9 June 1894 at St Andrew's Manse

14986-94 (Toronto) Frederick ELPHICK, 28, teamster, England, s/o Edward & Harriett, married Harriett MARSHALL, 22, England, Toronto, d/o George & Hester, witn: William STEVENS & Miss Lucy STEVENS both of Toronto, 16 Aug 1894

#015128-94 (Toronto): Walter C. ENRIGHT, 23, fireman GTR, Port Credit, Little York, s/o Dennis ENRIGHT & Margaret BLACKHA--?(pg cut off), married Maggie O'NEILL, 23, Grey Co., Toronto, d/o Patrick O'NEILL & Maggie CONNOLLY, witnesses were William BRAY & Nellie O'CONNELL, both of Toronto, Oct. 24, 1894 (Rom Cath) 014894-94 William ERSKINE, 28, druggist, Caledon Ont., Grand Valley, s/o John & Isabella married Mary E. DIXON, 21, Grand Valley, Grand Valley, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Rev. H. DICKIE & Irene HUNTER both of Toronto, 27 June 1894

14995-94 (Toronto) Robert Henry FISH, 23, fireman GTR, Oakville, Toronto, s/o Abram FISH & Annie Elizabeth POST, married Mary KIRTON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o William KIRTON & Elizabeth BARCLAY, witn: Livingston S. WILSON & Mabel Matilda FISH both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1894

014851-94 - Arthur Arless FLINT, 32, printer, Toronto, same s/o Richard Henry and Helen FLINT married Maggie BREEN, 30, York Mills, Toronto d/o Thomas and Ellen BREEN witness – Alex McDONALD and Martha TURBLE, June 9, 1894
14973-94 Samuel Bailey FORGHAM, 26, contractor, Shropshire England, Toronto, s/o Richard & Ann, married Amelia POLKINGHORNE, 23, Devonshire England, Toronto, d/o William & Lizzy Ann, witn: James POLKINGHORNE of 165 Hazelton Ave. & Jessie KEY of 19 Bismark Ave., 19 Sept 1894 at 165 Hazelton Ave. 014901-94 Robert FORSYTH, s/o William FORSYTH & Annie BEATTIE (both of Guelph) married Jeannie Sinclair MAUN (MANN ?), d/o William M. MAUN & Jane R. WHITE (both of Guelph), witn: Agnes TAYLOR of Toronto & Agnes H. MAUN of Brantford, 1 September 1894 at St. James Sq. Presb. Church [other info is missing]
14970-94 James Albert FUNSTON, 24, widower, farmer, Caledon twp., Tossorontio twp., s/o John & Alice, married Margaret Jane GAULEY, 30, Tossorontio twp., same, d/o Andrew & Mary, witn: William WOOLLEY & Jessie PHILPOTT, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1894 014912-94 Robert GRAHAM, 29, clerk, Toronto, Montreal Quebec, s/o Robert & Margaret married Lilian Love GAI--?(off page), 27, North Norwich Twp Oxford Co., Toronto, d/o William & Margaret, witn: F. W. GOGAN & Maud GRAHAM both of Toronto, 5 September 1894
014584-94 James Albert GRAVELL, 20, R. R. employee, Toronto, same, s/o John & Eliza, married Caroline PRITCHARD, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John James & Mary Ann, witn: William BIRD & Emily PRITCHARD both of Toronto on June 25, 1894 at St Mark's Church Parkdale  
014609-94 Sydney A.C. GREENE, 26, barrister-at-law, Toronto, Toronto s/o Columbus Hopkins GREENE & Annette GRAVES married Margaret Georgina ARTHURS, 23, Toronto, Ravenswood Toronto d/o George Allan ARTHURS & Anne Jane ARTHURS wtn: Edna ARTHURS & K. Hillyard CAMERON both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 at St Albans Cathedral 014847-94 - George James HALL, 35, grocer, Co. Cavan – Ireland, Toronto s/o Thomas and Eliza HALL married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 27, Dublin, Toronto d/o Follis and Susan JOHNSTON witness – John McFARLANE and E.A. WILLIAMS, May 24, 1894
014578-94 William Alfred HART, 27, merchant, England, Toronto, s/o William Alfred & Sarah, married Gertrude Evalina OWEN, 22, Norfolk Co, Toronto, d/o Albert H. & Janice A., witn: H. E. A. OWEN & Minnie Maud M. SPAULDING of Toronto on June 21, 1894

14921-94 (Toronto) James HAY, 33, farmer, Scotland, Egremont twp, s/o James HAY & Marjorie SMITH, married Helen McCONACHIE, 36, Scotland, Toronto, d/o William McCONACHIE & Isabella KEMP, witn: Elizabeth ROADHOUSE & Katie McRAE of St Andrew's Manse Toronto, 31 May 1894 at St Andrew's Manse

14975-94 John HERBERT, 28, widower, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann O'REILLY, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Eugene & Margaret, witn: Andrew SHEA & Kate O'REILLY, both of Toronto, 3 Sept 1894  

14987-94 (Toronto) Alexander S.S. HERD, 47, widower, farmer, West Zorra twp, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Elizabeth KYLE, 30, widow, Ontario, Woodstock, d/o William & Elizabeth WINDFIELD, witn: James DOBSON & E.M. SALMON both of Toronto, 30 Jan 1894

14993-94 (Toronto) Frederick HERON, 24, plasterer, Streetsville, Toronto, s/o William HERON & Margaret EARLS, married Marie May CHURCHILL, 22, St Johns NB, Toronto, d/o Thomas CHURCHILL & Emma DAWE, witn: Florence S. ADAIR & Mrs A.B. CHAMBERS both of Toronto, 28 Aug 1894

14981-94 (Toronto) John C. HIBBERT, 27, clerk, Toronto, 712 King St W Toronto, s/o John HIBBERT & Sarah A. FULLER, married Mary Henrietta MAXWELL, 26, Adjala twp Simcoe Co, 108 Shaw St Toronto, d/o Henry MAXWELL & Sarah E. ELLIOTT, witn: Catherine Jane Eliza MAXWELL of 108 Shaw St & John Walker PEACOCK of 16 Givens St, 5 Sept 1894 at 108 Shaw St

014839-94 - Henry Tristrom HILL, 21, mailing clerk, Toronto, same s/o Henry and Margaret HILL married Mary Rebecca ABBOTT, 21, Toronto, same d/o Samuel and Catherine ABBOTT witness – William George MARSHALL and Jane E. MARSHALL, April 17, 1894

14118-94 (Toronto) William HINES, 24, photographer, Toronto, same, s/o William & Emily HINES, married Helen Rosa GRUPE, 23, Toronto, same, d/o George & Bertha GRUPE, witn: Mr Edward LAWSON & Miss May GRUPE both of Toronto, 22 Feb 1894 at the Lutheran Church, Bond St

14971-94 Harry Samuel HORWOOD, 26, book keeper, Lambton Mills, Toronto, s/o William & Lucy, married Maggie May MOYER, 23, Camden Lincoln, Toronto, d/o Eli & Sarah, witn: N. Dell MOYER & A. N. BURNS?, both of Toronto, 19 Sept 1894

14985-94 (Toronto) John Isaac HOUGHAN, 27, clerk, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Robert & Maggie, married Mabel Cornelia VANOSTRAND, 28, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph VANOSTRAND & David A. McKILLOPP both of Toronto, 16 Mar 1894

14974-94 Charles HUCKER, 28, upholsterer, Portsmouth England, Toronto, s/o Charles HUCKER & Hannah PAULL?, married Stella HARDY, 23, Guelph, Toronto, d/o Albert HARDY & Emma GILSON, witn: Joseph HENRY & Emily HUNT, both of Toronto, 10 Sept 1894
#014649-94 (Toronto) Charles HUDSON, 32, Newfoundland, Toronto,  R.R.Clerk, s/o John HUDSON & Dorcas PIPPY, married Lillia DENTON, 22, York Co Ont, Toronto,  d/o Tom DENTON & Mary LUCAS, witn: William. A. SKEANS, Ida PECK, Toronto, married 11 June 1894 014371/94 John HUGHES, 23, painter, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William & Mary, married Rose RICHARDSON, 22, Barrie, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Sarah, witn: Thomas BROWN & L.M. SIMMONS both of Toronto, 25 April 1894

014895-94 William Henry HUTCHINSON, 29, contractor, Toronto, Toronto, widower, s/o Matthew & Maria married Rachel Ellen ALEXANDER, 21, Listowel, Toronto, d/o John & Jane, witn: Rebecca LIVINGSTON of Listowel & Edward CARLYLE of Toronto, 11 April 1894

14991-94 (Toronto) Benjamin Thomas HYDE, 28, manager coal & wood Co, Canada, Toronto, s/o Daniel HYDE & Sarah LONDON, married Lizzie WHIMBEY, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Fred W. WHIMBEY & Hattie CURTIS, witn: Henry HYDE & Edith WEBSTER, 2 June 1894

014564-94 James Joseph HYLAND, 28, laborer, Canada, Toronto, s/o James HYLAND & Mary BRENNAN married Philomena BRAY, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o James BRAY & Ann E. SHEWELL, witn: Thomas HYLAND & Mary BRAY both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 at St. Basil's Church 014887-94 Alfred James IRWIN, 22, no occupation given, Toronto, 134 Mutual St. Toronto, s/o James & Ella married Beatrice BEVERLEY, 19, London England, Prospect Park Club, d/o Granville & Mary, witn: J. C. & N. M. BURGESS both of 213 Wilton St. Toronto, 27 August 1894 at St. Patrick St

14913-94 (Toronto) Donald A. JACKSON, 19, bookkeeper, Canada, Winnipeg, s/o Duncan JACKSON & Hellen Maud McTAVISH, married Marion WARIN, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o James WARIN & Sarah Ann PAGE, witn: Mrs Alex GILRAY & Mrs BARBER both of Toronto, 21 July 1894

#014930-94 (Toronto) William JAMES, 23, Chinguacousy, Mount Forest,  clerk, son of William & Mary JAMES, married Ellen Marie JONES, 22, London England, Toronto,  dau. of Stephen & Elizabeth JONES, witn: H. TRIMBLE, A. JONES, both Toronto, married 3 July 1894

14990-94 (Toronto) Charles Fred JEANDRON, 22, baker, Quebec, Toronto, s/o John Ed JEANDRON & Sarah HALL, married Mary Lavina FRASER, 21, Trafalgar twp, Toronto, s/o James FRASER & Sarah CONER, witn: William FRASER & Ida G. JEANDRON both of Toronto, 23 May 1894

#013996-95 (Toronto): Charles W. JEFFERYS, 25, artist, Rochester England, Toronto, s/o Charles Thomas JEFFERYS & Ellen KENNARD, married Jane H. Y. ADAMS, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Edward T. ADAMS & Jeanette F. LAMB, witnesses were R. HOLMES & Eleanor C. ADAMS, both of Toronto, 27 Dec 1894 at 36 Carlton St.
014090/94 George Charles JENKINS, 23, farm laborer, England, Woburn Scarboro Twp., s/o John JENKINS & Phoebe BICKERSTAFF, married Mary Ann RATE, 21, England, Woburn Scarboro Twp., d/o Henry RATE & Mary Jane STOREY, witn: E.L. MACDOWELL & Elizabeth ROADHOUSE both of St. Andrews Manse Toronto, 24 January 1894, St. Andrews Manse

014728/94 Benjamin F. JOHNSTON, 21, carpenter, Markham York Co., Toronto, s/o Benjamin H. & Mary Ann JOHNSTON, married Florence BEATON, 20, Toronto, 18 Agnes St. Toronto, d/o Neil & Margaret BEATON, witn: B.C. JOHNSTON & Ella TAYLOR both of West Toronto Jun., 6 January 1894, Pastors Residence

014554-94 Arthur E. JONES, 22, plumber, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Evan & Katherine married Charlotte SELWAY, 23, England, Toronto, d/o John & Louise, witn: Fred HARRINGTON & Florence Mary WILLIS both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 at 29 Czar St  
014723/94 John KELLY, 33, widower, teamster, Toronto, 102 Duchess St., s/o Patrick KELLY & Annie O'CONNER, married Mary Elizabeth WALKER, 21, Hamilton, 19 Wilkins Place, d/o Alexander WALKER & Clowtillda WILSON, witn: Lizzie NIXON & Annie HOOEY both of Toronto, 26 June 1894

014727/94 John Burns KENNEDY, 30, widower, iron worker, Grey Co. Canada, Owen Sound, s/o A.G. & Emma KENNEDY, married Mary Ann BURRELL, 20, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, d/o William & Annie BURRELL, witn: D.W. KENNEDY & Lizzie ROBERTS both of Toronto, 27 December 1893, Royce Ave. Baptist Church

#014529-94 (Toronto) James KERR, 27, Bowmanville, 10 Richmond West in Toronto, mechanic, s/o William & Ann KERR, married Christine ROBERTSON, 22, Elma Twp, 283 Wellesley St, d/o David & Christina ROBERTSON, witn John KERR, Mary DUKE, both Toronto, married 7 June 1894, 5 D'Arcy St 014561-94 Daniel James KERR, 25, fireman GTR, Caledonia Minnesota U.S.A., East Toronto, s/o Daniel KERR & Mary WALKER married Annie Jeanette KERR, 18, Richmond Quebec, Toronto, d/o Robert KERR & Margaret McLEAN, witn: William K. & Belle M. KERR both of Toronto, 20 June 1894
014836-94 - Arthur KING, 22, Private A.C.R.I., London – England, Toronto s/o Christopher and Elizabeth KING married Annie LeMASURIER, 23, Newfoundland, Toronto d/o John and Elizabeth LeMASURIER witness – Sophia TERRY and Mary MOONEY, April 10, 1894, 014891-94 Herbert KING, 31, merchant, England, Toronto, s/o Charles & Catherine married Frances Jeannette McGREGOR, 24, Bayfield, Toronto, d/o William & Esther, witn: Ernest SANDERSON & Lizzie DOBBIN both of Toronto, 17 May 1894
014562-94 Henry Edgar KINSEY, 37, cabinet maker, Ontario, Preston Ont., widower, s/o Abel KINSEY & Ann ADAMS married Maze LOBLOW (LOBLAW ?), 27, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William James LOBLOW & Isabella STEVENSON, witn: Theodore P. LOBLOW of Toronto & Alicia PASCO of Tossorontio, 20 June 1894 014629-94 William Martin KLINE, 29, leather worker, Buffalo, 11 Charlotte St in Toronto s/o Jones Edward & Josephine KLINE married Pauline Amelia BLACK, 23, Canada, Toronto d/o William & Rebecca BLACK wtn: A. MAIDEN & Jessie BOLTON both of Toronto, 6 June 1894 at St Margaret's Church
014599-94 Richard KNOWLES, 28, merchant, Toronto, Toronto s/o James & Michell KNOWLES married Jessie BLAKE, 26, Aberdeen Scotland, Toronto d/o William & Elsie BLAKE wtn: Peter C. KNOWLES & Effie M. BLAKE both of Toronto, 27 June 1894 014563-94 Anthony M. LeMOYNE, no age given, no occupation given, Canada, Sturgeon Falls Ont., s/o William H. LeMOYNE & Ann G. MONAHAN married Margaret STEERS, no age given, Canada, Toronto, d/o William M. STEARS & Margaret HIGGINS, witn: (no witness given), 20 June 1894 at St. Basil's Church
14997-94 (Toronto) George LEWIS, 28, cook, Toronto, same, s/o Samuel & Eliza, married Margaret MUNHALL, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John & Maggie, witn: James LEWIS & Mary Jane LEWIS both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1894 at 29 Euclid Ave RC  

014600-94 Joseph LIGHTFOOT, 32, butcher, England, Toronto s/o Alfred & Mary LIGHTFOOT married Emma KENNEDY, 22, Collingwood, Toronto d/o James & Mary KENNEDY wtn: Hiram BECKMAN & Sarah MacKENZIE both of Toronto, 2 May 1894

014608-94 Philip LILLIE, 24, engineer, Co Down Ireland, Toronto s/o Robert LILLIE & Elizabeth BEATTIE married Ada Maude WILEY, 18, Orangeville Ontario, Toronto d/o Samuel WILEY & Annie GRAHAM wtn: Thomas SCOTT & Maggie WYLIE both of Toronto, 27 June 1894
014853-94 - Jackson Luther LITTLE, 28, druggist, Eugenia, Toronto s/o William and Elizabeth LITTLE married Ida Christine SMITH, Toronto, same d/o James and Christine SMITH witness – Charles W. LITTLE and Mary C. SMITH, June 20, 1894 014601-94 Charles Chapman LOCKE, 28, traveller, Smith Falls, 326 Huron St in Toronto s/o Richard & Louisa LOCKE married Margaret Maver COBB, 25, Montrose Scotland, 204 Simcoe St in Toronto d/o William COBB & Ann DONALDSON wtn: Laura Florence COBB of 204 Simcoe St & William Allison ENGLISH of 90 Wilcox St, 28 June 1894 at 106 Tecumseh St
014585-94 Joseph Louis LOCKHART, 28, printer, Vaughan, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Estella SCOTT, 21, Pontiac Michigan, Laker Michigan, d/o William & Catherine, witn: A. ATKINSON & S. PHILLIPS both of Toronto on May 20, 1894 14098-94 Charles John LOGAN, 40, widower, teacher, Durham Ont., Galt, s/o William LOGAN & Margaret RANNIE, married Isabella McCORT, 32, widow, King twp., Toronto, d/o John GRAHAM & Mary SEYMOUR, witn: Mrs. E. J. & J.S. MacDONELL of St. Andrews Manse, 2 Jan 1894 at St. Andrews Manse
#014646-94 (Toronto) Henry Wilbert LOVE, 21, Markham, Toronto,  Druggist, s/o John & Sarah LOVE, married Ada Rolphena BRICKEN, 19, Trafalgar Halton Co, Toronto,  d/o Ralph & Martha BRICKEN, witn: Percy T. LOVE, Jennie EZARD, Toronto, married 4 July 1894

14992-94 (Toronto) James David Alexander LOWERY, 23, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, s/o James LOWERY & Mary MARTIN, married Agnes Elizabeth McRAE, 21, Belleville, Toronto, d/o Thomas McRAE & Sarah Frances VANDEVORT, witn: Mrs. Sarah CARTER & Miss Juanita CHAMBERS both of Toronto, 1 Aug 1894

014888-94 M. J. MACKIN, 27, painter, Niagara on Lake, Toronto, s/o Ed. J. MACKIN & Mary CRAWFORD married F. Henrietta LITTLE, 25, Port Perry, Toronto, d/o Thomas LITTLE & Elizabeth WILLIAMSON, witn: D. MOFFAT of 350 Parliament & Mrs. BENNETT of 424 Parliament St., 3 September 1894

14935-94 George Albert MAGEE?, 25, clerk, Victoria Co., Toronto, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Lillie CUNNINGHAM, 21, Peterborough, Toronto, d/o William & Mary, witn: Edward A. WALTERS & Jennie E. MARSHALL, both of Toronto, 11 April 1894

014550-94 Thomas James MALE, 25, railroad employee, England, Toronto, s/o John & Caroline married Allice PUCKERING, 20, England, Brampton, d/o Henry & Eliza, witn: James & Edith Annie COBANE both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 014372/94 John B.A. MANTON, 30, widower, broker, Toronto, Toronto, s/o George & Sarah Ann, married Levinia WILLIAM, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Richard & Sarah, witn: John HEMAN & Annie HEMAN both of Toronto, 19 April 1894
15186-95 Stephen MARSHALL, 29, sawyer, Innisfil, Simcoe Co., s/o Alex MARSHALL & Mary McLEARY, married Margaret MORIARTY, 34, West Gwillimbury, same, d/o Patrick MORIARTY & Agnes COULSON, witn: Agnes & James GREENFIELD of Toronto, 26 Dec 1894 014835-94 - Charles Walter MARSHALL, 29, railway employee, Toronto, same s/o James and Jane MARSHALL married Annie BAKER, 19, Hamilton, same d/o Frank and Ann Jane BAKER witness – James L. BAILLIE and Maggie A. BAILLIE, April 9, 1894

14919-94 (Toronto) William MARTIN, 32, bookkeeper, Kirkscabreck Stewartry of Kirkcudbright Scotland, 62 Givens St Toronto, s/o James MARTIN & Annie Beeton MARTIN (Mrs S. AITKEN), married Maggie Craig ANDERSON, 31, The Mains Renfrewshire Scotland, 62 Givens St Toronto, d/o John ANDERSON & Joann ANDERSON (M.S. McVAY), witn: Ed A. PRINCE of 67 Yonge St., Katie MacKERRAN of 345 Queen W & Bessie MARTIN of 60 Luke St in Montreal, 7 June 1894

014889-94 Arthur John MARTIN, 30, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o William & Ruth married Jessie MacMILLAN, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Samuel Percy MARTIN & Kate MacMILLAN both of Toronto, 13 June 1894
014899-94 John McCLYEMONT, 26, piano maker, Toronto, 14 Gerrard St. Toronto, s/o William McCLYEMONT & Elizabeth STODDART married Catherine CONLON, 27, Campbellford Ont., 2 St. Patrick Square Toronto, d/o Michael CONLON & Bridget McGUIRE, witn: Peter & Nellie COSTELLO both of 183 William St. Toronto, 2 August 1894 at St. Patrick's Presbytery 14102-94 David Sampson McGLADE, 21, street car conductor, Ireland, Toronto, s/o William & Margaret, married Emma PEARN, 21, Canada, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Frederick & Eliza HENWOOD of Toronto, 9 Feb 1894
14411-95 (Toronto): Richard McGOEY, 28, street car conductor, Adjala, Toronto, s/o James McGOEY & Margaret DOYLE, married Alice FURNESS, 24, Toronto, same, d/o John FURNESS & Alice O'CONNOR, witn: Rachel FURNESS & John McDONALD, 13 June 1894 at St. Pauls, Power St. (Rom Cath) 014855-94 - George Edward McGRAW, 23, decorator, Montreal, Toronto s/o Henry and Annie McGRAW married Annie Jane ROSE, 20, Toronto, same d/o Charles and Emma ROSE witness – Peter FERGUSON and Grace ROSE, June 27, 1894
  014617-94 Robert McINTOSH, 21, fridge builder, Canada, Toronto s/o James & Jane married Mamie Marion HARRIS, 17, Michigan U.S.A., Toronto d/o Thomas & Agnes wtn: Arthur CHAMBERLAIN & Annie McINTOSH both of Toronto, 20 June 1894
#014654-94 (Toronto) William John McKITTRICK, 31, Ireland, Toronto,  clerk GTR, s/o John & Mary Jane McKITTRICK, married Thora WYLD, 21, Toronto, same,  d/o Joseph & Mary WYLD, witn: James FRASER, Emma MARSHALL, married 28 June 1894, Trinity Church 014845-94 - Hugh C. McLEAN, 27, publisher, Crieff, Toronto s/o Andrew and Catherine McLEAN married Bessie Emma Matilda DYAS, 22 London, Toronto d/o Thomas W. and Emma W. DYAS witness – John B. McLEAN and Nellie DYAS and E. MULDREW and John H. DYAS, May 2, 1894
14972-94 Kenneth McLENNAN, 27, conductor, Rosshire Scotland, Allendale, s/o Kenneth McLENNAN & Barbara MUNROE, married Sarah Rachel HOBSON, 28, Rosemont Ont., Barrie, d/o John HOBSON & Mary NICHOLSON, witn: Angus & Minnie McLENNAN of Allendale, 19 Sept 1894

014718/94 Donald MacKINNON, 30, salesman, Bentinck Grey Co., Toronto, s/o John MacKINNON & Flora MacCORMACK, married Carrie May YOUNG, 22, Lindsay, Toronto, d/o John YOUNG & Victoria NIXON, witn: Annie HOOEY & Mercie PATTERSON both of Toronto, 26 June 1894

014094/94 John William McLINTOCK, 30, traveller, London England, Toronto, s/o John W. McLINTOCK & Mary A. FISKEN, married Maggie Thomson LAWRIE, 25, London Ontario, Toronto, d/o James T. LAWRIE & Elizabeth HERON, witn: Mrs. W. G. WALLACE & Harry LAWRIE both of Toronto, 8 February 1894

014577-94 Dupont Marshal McNALLY, 23, none given, Michigan USA, Toronto, s/o T. Henry & Harriett, married Annie Bruce ROBERTSON, 21, Toronto, same, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: William SCOTT & Florance CAMPBELL both of Toronto on June 23, 1894
014848-94 - Percy Elton McWILLIAM, 22, clerk, Sedalia U.S., Toronto s/o William Benjamin and Mary McWILLIAM married Elizabeth King GOWANLOCK, 21, Toronto, same d/o Andrew George and Elizabeth Levine(?) GOWANLOCK witness – A.G. GOWANLOCK and E.J. GOWANLOCK, May 31, 1894

14920-94 (Toronto) Alfred Clement MERRETT, 23, traveller, Toronto, 163 King St W Toronto, s/o Edwin MERRETT & Jane HALL, married Margaret Stoddart HORNE, 23, Cobourg, 31 Henry St Toronto, d/o Thomas Brown HORNE & Mary CUMMING, witn: H.L. LYON of Church St Toronto & Lizzie R. HORNE of 31 Henry St Toronto, 6 June 1894 at St Andrew's Manse

014844-94 - John William MILLAR, 43, timber cutter, Dundas Co, Toronto s/o James W. and Caroline MILLAR married Betsey Ann ULBRECHT, 42, Suffolk – England, Toronto d/o William and Annie witness – N.G. WILLIAMS and E.A. WILLIAMS, May 1, 1894 14927-94 Robert MILLIGAN, 30, builder, Ireland, Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Matilda MONTGOMERY, 26, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o James & Mary, witn: Stuart YOUNG & Maud MONTGOMERY, 15 Aug 1894
#014538-94 (Toronto) John Alberton MOODY, 25, Brooklyn Ont, Toronto, telegraph operator, s/o George & Harriett MOODY, married Bertha Maud FINKLE, 19, Belleville, Toronto, d/o Abel & Jennie FINKLE, witn J.H. WILLIAMSON, Birdie CRAIG, both Toronto, married 6 June 1894  
014616-94 Samuel MOORE, 23, finisher, Canada, Toronto s/o John & Jane married Sarah Jane BARCHARD, 20, Canada, Toronto d/o James & Mary wtn: Charles VOSS & Maggie BARCHARD both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 014833-94 - William Frank MORLEY, 26, broker, Cooksville, Toronto s/o William Frank and Elizabeth Sophia MORLEY married Cecelia May MURRAY, 21, Toronto, same d/o Thomas and Sophia MURRAY witness – William BRENNAN and Laura MURRAY, March 28, 1894
014560-94 John Albert MOSS, 26, carpenter, Stockport England, Toronto, s/o William & Sarah married Edith GRAY, 29, London England, Toronto, d/o Edward & Rachel, witn: Fred MOSS & Lizzie GRAY both of Toronto, 21 June 1894 014904-94 John MUIR, 40, carpenter, Argyleshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Robert & Mary married Mary Ann McLAUCHLIN, 36, Toronto, Toronto, spinster, d/o Sylvester & Mary McLAUGHLIN (sic), witn: Aaron ROSS of Port Perry & Charles ROSS of Toronto, 29 August 1894
  14106-94 Samuel Anson MUNRO, 26, railroading, Ontario, Montreal, s/o George MUNRO & Martha SHAVER married Harriett HUNNISETT, 21, England, Toronto, d/o Frank HUNNISETT & Maria HOOK, witn: Thomas BAKER & Daisy L. HOOK & Carry HUNNISETT of Toronto, 17 Jan 1894

014898-94 William Lindsay MURRAY, 28, hardware merchant, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James & Isabella married Jessie Louisa GROOME, 22, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Edwin & Martha, witn: Robert Newton COLLINS & Rosy WOOD of Toronto, 3 September 1894

014724/94 Thomas William MUSSON, 27, book keeper, Islington, Islington, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth MUSSON, married Lucy Annie MINGAY, 21, Toronto, Parkdale, d/o George. W. & Celeste MINGAY, witn: C.J. MUSSON of Toronto & Eva MINGAY of Parkdale, 18 July 1894, St. Marks Church Parkdale

014612-94 David NASMITH, 26, clerk, Canada, Toronto s/o Mungo & Jane married Melissa Eunice HANBR--?(off page), 22, Canada, Toronto d/o John & Mary Jane wtn: Frank HUNTER & F.L. WHATMOUGH both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 014885-94 Stuart Walter Darling NELSON, 22, mason, St. Catharines, St. Catharines s/o Charles & Sarah married Victoria Elizabeth COSBY, 23, Moulton Station, Moulton Station, d/o Hamilton & Martha, witn: M. H. SKEY & Mrs. Mary BALDWIN, 30 August 1894 at 501 Ontario St.

014571-94 Charles Henry NOBLE, 29, photographer, Albion Tp, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Mary, married Susannah Margaret MYERS, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John & Letitia, witn: Robert LATTIMER & Clara J. MYERS both of Toronto on June 6, 1894

14924-94 (Toronto) Henry Thomas NORTON, 25, bartender, Aldershot England, Montreal, s/o William Charles & Olive NORTON, married Martha Evelyn TIERNEY, 22, Ireland, Syracuse NY, d/o John & Mary TIERNEY, witn: William John BULL & Barbara A. McKEN---? Both of Toronto, 6 Sept 1894 at St Mark's Church Parkdale

014040/95 Frederick William NYE, 29, merchant, Warwick Ont., Toronto, s/o Henry NYE & Eliza MILNE, married Janet Evangeline JARVIS, 21, St. Thomas Ont., Toronto, d/o Oliver JARVIS & Flora CAMERON, witn: Mrs. Flora JARVIS & Miss Grace JARVIS of Toronto, 31 December 1894, 63 Sullivan St

14915-94 (Toronto) Thomas O'DONNELL, 25, boat builder, Toronto, Cleveland US, s/o Thomas O'DONNELL & Mary COLLINS, married Bella LEISHMAN, 22, Devonshire England, 188 Adelaide [St] W Toronto, d/o Robert LEISHMAN & Ellen SINCLAIR, witn: William BATES & Agnes McDONALD both of Toronto, 10 Sept 1894 at 188 Adelaide West

15005-94 John Joseph O'REILLY, 42, widower, laborer, Canada, Toronto, s/o John O'REILLY & Ann CRANNY, married Bridget Maher GREGG, 30, widow, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Thomas GREGG & Catherine DERMUDY, witn: James SHEA & Thomas BYRNE, both of Toronto, 17 Sept 1894 at St. Marys Church

14914-94 (Toronto) Herbert Ernest PALMER, 22, painter, Whitby, Toronto, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Marion McLardy BLEAKLEY, 18, Leslieville, Toronto, d/o Robert & Agnes, witn: J.W. KNOTT of 41 Czar St Toronto & Edith PALMER of 6 Tricot St Toronto, 5 Sept 1894

014615-94 George PARKER, 21, clerk, England, Toronto s/o Alfred & Emma married Mabel Alice BARNHARDT, 24, Canada, Toronto d/o Solomon (?) & Elizabeth wtn: Walter H. PARKER & E. HUDSON both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 at Holy Trinity Church  
#014544-94 (Toronto) William PATTERSON, 24, Coulson, Varey Simcoe Co, farmer, s/o Joseph PATTERSON & Sarah SEYMAN, married Catherine McARTHUR, 27, Coulson, Toronto, d/o Duncan McARTHUR & Christina LEITCH, witn: Jennie PARSONS, Margaret BAXTER, Toronto, married 20 June 1894

014552-94 James Wesley PATTERSON, 24, carpenter, Peterboro Co., Toronto, s/o Alexander & Mary Bea--?(off page) married Addie SHERLOCK, 22, Halton Co., Toronto, d/o Richard & Susan Margaret, witn: Thomas SHERLOCK of Toronto & Maggie WATSON of Boston U.S.A., 4 April 1894

  014726/94 William PICKLES, 37, merchant, Kent England, Toronto, s/o William PICKLES & Mariah BRADFIELD, married Emily PALSER, 36, London England, Toronto, d/o George D. PALSER & Charlotte BUCK, witn: Lizzie PATTON & Robert D. PALSER, 2 July 1894
014604-94 William PIERCY, 36, locomotive engineer, Port Hope Ontario, Toronto s/o Charles & Ellen PIERCY married Charlotte Eliza Mary JANEWAY, 32, Portsmouth England, Toronto d/o George JANEWAY & Henrietta STEWART wtn: Frank ROGERS & A.E ROGERS both of Toronto, 30 June 1894 014636-94 Frederick James POPHAM?, 21, confectioner, England, Toronto s/o Richard & Frances married Emma LISK, 21, Canada, Toronto d/o Henry & Elizabeth wtn: T. GODDARD of Toronto & Mary GODDARD of 141 William St, 24 January 1894 at St Margaret's Church
14918-94 (Toronto) Alexander Jeffery PORTER, 31, capitalist, Niagara Falls NY, same, s/o Albert Augustus PORTER & Julia JEFFERY, married Margaret Maud LONGMAN, 27, Picton, 118 Tyndall St Toronto, d/o John Woodburn LONGMAN & Emma Lucretia FAIS---?, witn: W.B. RANKIN of New York NY & Julia M. PORTER of Niagara Falls NY, 2 June 189[4] at St Andrew's Manse

014900-94 John Samuel PORTER, 28, clerk, Durham England, Toronto, s/o John PORTER & Mary L. WEEKS married Louise Ellener HAHNDORF, 26, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Frederick William HAHNDORF & Louise Ellener REITE--? (off page), witn: John HAHNDORF & Alice CARROLL both of Toronto, 14 August 1894 at St. Patrick's Church

14107-94 Edwin Ruthvan POWELL, 27, artist, Simcoe, Toronto, s/o James William POWELL & Segonildia POWELL married Amelia Louisa MACE, 27, Great Yarmouth England, Toronto, d/o James MACE (deceased) & Mary MACE, witn; W. J. COUTTS & M. M. FOSTER of Toronto, 14 Feb 1894

14988-94 (Toronto) Alfred Charles POWERS, 35, baker, Bedford England, York twp, s/o Alfred POWERS & Esther ROBB, married Bertha BEDFORD, 21, Kincardine Ontario, York twp, d/o Jason BEDFORD & Annie ROSS, witn: Mrs A.B. CHAMBERS of Toronto & Miss Annie LAURENCE of Orillia, 14 Sept 1894
014603-94 Charles Edward PRIDDLE, 21, cabinet maker, Toronto, Toronto s/o Mark PRIDDLE & Sarah Ann married Marion ALLEN, 22, Toronto, Toronto d/o Thomas & Elizabeth ALLEN wtn: Mrs J.F. LATIMER & Charlotte VERCOE, 6 June 1894 at 13 St Patrick St 014568-94 John PRINGLE, 27, merchant, Ayr, Hamilton, s/o William & Margaret, married Alice Maud RUSHBROOK 29, Toronto, same, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Lucy Gertrude RUSHBROOK of Toronto & Adam Y. PRINGLE of Hamilton on June 20, 1894

15003-94 Patrick PURCELL, 53, widower, grain merchant, Ireland, Brampton, s/o Michael PURCELL & Margaret TYNE, married Honora McCARTHY, 42, Canada, Toronto, d/o Timothy McCARTHY & Ellen MAHONEY, witn: James TIGHE of Brampton & Susan McCARTHY of Toronto, 21 Aug 1894 at St. Marys Church,

14406-95 (Toronto): Charles RAMEY, 23, laborer, Toronto, same, s/o William RAMEY & Mary WALL, married Margaret HAYES, 25, Ireland, Toronto, d/o John HAYES & Mary LUMSEN, witn: William MURPHY & Kate MURPHY, both of Toronto, 20 Sept 1894 at St. Pauls, Power St., (Rom Cath)
014569-94 Edgar Hubert REIL, 27, commercial, Prince Edward Island, Toronto, s/o J. J. Price & Ellen (Pollard) RICE (sic), married Elizabeth Mary POLE, 27, Canfield, Toronto, d/o Frederick F. POLE & Margaret (Turner) POLE (sic), witn: Alex STEWART & Alina POLE both of Toronto on June 19, 1894


014911-94 Norman Adolf ROBERTS, 21, artist, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William ROBERTS & Mary Ann CARME married Rebecca Jane FAIR, 17, Dundas Ont., Toronto, d/o Philip FAIR & Jane ROSS, witn: Sheelah FAIR & Charlotte WILSON both of Toronto, 5 September 1894 14934-94 John James ROBERTSON, 21, expressman, Toronto, same, s/o John & Mary, married Maud Florence JENNINGS, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: John IRVINE & Ettie SMALLRIDGE, both of Toronto, 27 June 1894

014374/94 William ROBERTSON M.D., 29, Doctor, Chesterfield, Elora, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Florence WILSON, 19, Barrie, Barrie, d/o Rodger & Margaret Jane, witn: W.E. BROLEY of Elora & C.A. WILSON of Barrie, 2 May 1894

014089/94 John ROBERTSON, 30, widower, plumber, Toronto, Toronto, s/o Charles & Elspeth ROBERTSON, married Rosezeail LONDO, 27, widow, Egypt, Toronto, d/o Joshua RHYNESS & Mary Elizabeth RHYNESS, witn: W. KILFIDDER of 102 John St. & Mrs. B. SPARKS of 100 Richmond St. Toronto, 20 January 1894, St. Andrews Manse

014558-94 Samuel ROBINSON, 22, barber, Manvers Ont., Toronto, s/o Robert & Ann Jane married Laura Etta SHOFENBERG, 22, Galt, Toronto, d/o Henry & Maggie, witn: S. PHILLIPS & A. ATKINSON both of Toronto, 29 January 1894 014627-94 Thomas George ROBINSON, 23, compositor, Ottawa Ontario, 7 Fitzroy Terrace s/o Thomas George & Mary married Sarah Jane STEWART, 22, Toronto, 237 Chestnut St d/o George & Susanna wtn: Charles FORSYTH of 8 Dennison St & Jennie STILL of Beaconsfield Ave, 30 May 1894 at St Margaret's Church
014854-94 - Albert Edward ROBSON, 34, n/g, Whitby, The Island Toronto s/o George and Mary ROBSON married Annie Maria NORTON, 39, Toronto, same d/o Martin and Ann NORTON witness – Joseph KORMANN (?) and Bertha HARTMANN, June 21, 1894

14922-94 (Toronto) Augustus Edward ROCHE, 27, teamster, Manvers twp, same, s/o Augustus ROCHE & Elizabeth Ann KAIN, married Kate ALLAN, 35, Esquesing twp, same, d/o John ALLAN & Katherine McDONALD, witn: G.F. MacDONNELL & Katie McRAE both of Toronto, 24 May 1894 at St Andrew's Manse

14093/94 Charles Lirus ROSEVEAR, 27, photographer, Belleville Ont., Toronto, s/o Stephen & Margaret, married Catherine Isabella ROBERTSON, 26, Southampton Ont., Toronto, d/o John & Isabella, witn: E.J. BOYLE & Nellie ROBERTSON both of Toronto, 9 February 1894

14109-94 (Toronto) Rogers W. ROSS, 30, minister, Blythe Ontario, Glencoe, s/o Thomas ROSS & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Esther Marie BURNS, 27, Toronto, same, d/o George Ferrier BURNS & Maria SMITH, witn: Jane SMITH of Toronto & Christina LINDSAY of Georgetown, 14 Feb 1894

014524-94 Samuel ROWAN (Rowat?), 31, widower, labourer, Scotland, Toronto s/o James & Hannah married Agnes GOSNEY (Gasney?), 30, widow, Canada, Toronto d/o Alex & Jane WATSON wtn: James SHEPPARD & Bella SHEPPARD both of Toronto, 8 January 1894 at St Margaret's Church  
014893-94 Franklin John RUSSELL, 27, clerk, Ontario Co., Toronto, s/o John & Elizabeth married Mary Theresa STROHMAYER, 28, Montreal, Toronto, d/o John & Maria, witn: I. Y. LEWIS of Toronto & Maude McKAY, 17 April 1894 15002-94 (Toronto) Roderick Alexander RYAN, 22, clerk, Brockville, Toronto, s/o William RYAN & Catherine McSWEEN, married Anne Josephine BURNS, 22, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick BURNS & Jane WALSH, witn: Frederick BACKUS & Sarah BURNS both of Toronto, 12 Sept at St Mary's RC

014634-94 Ernest Eason SEAMBLER, 19, trunk maker, Toronto, 139 Niagara St s/o L. EASON & E. EASON married Margaret ADAMS, 19, Toronto, 139 Niagara St d/o David & Annie ADAMS wtn: S. CARLE of 38 Tecumseh & Mrs TOBIN of 137 Niagara St, 6 March 1894 at St Margaret's Church

015670-96 Frederick William SEDEN--?(off page), 22, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Henry & Sarah, marred Edith Ann TAY--?( cut off), 20, London England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Edith (last name cut off) Witn C.A.S. FRIZZELL & Evelyn DENNIS both of Toronto, July 6, 1894
#014519-94 (Toronto) William SHAW, 29, Ontario, Toronto, Electrician, s/o Mary GRANT & John SHAW, married Katie E. MADGE, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d /o Eliza WALDREN & Richard MADGE, witn; Robert BEAMISH, Tressa ACTON, both Toronto, married 9 May 1894 #014781-94 (Toronto): Ashby Albert SHAW, 23, dentist, Port Burwell, Somerville Mass.?, s/o James GILBERT & Dorcas T. MILLARD, married Emma FOX, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Isacher? FOX & Lucy HILLOWAY, witn: Meredith ROUNDTREE & Phoebe FOX, both of Toronto, 6 June 1894

14926-94 Frederick William SHEPHERD, 29, clerk in holy orders, Gateshead, Monmouth - Haliburton, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Emilie ALLISON, 36, West Hartlepool, Toronto, d/o Jacob & Mary Ann, witn: B. V. WOOD & C. E. BOURNE, both of Toronto, 11 Sept 1894

014551-94 Robert James SHERLOCK, 26, shade maker, Halton Co., Toronto, s/o Richard & Susan Margaret married Ella M. BIRDSALL, 24, Peel Co., Toronto, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: George BIRDSALL & Maggie SHERLOCK both of Toronto, 23 May 1894
  014837-94 - Ernest John SIMMINGTON, 23, painter, Isle of Wight, Toronto s/o Frank and Clara SIMMINGTON married Louie Caroline SIMMONS, 23, London – England, Toronto d/o William R. and Letitia SIMMONS witness – John H. JOLLIFFE and Letitia M. SIMMONS, April 12, 1894
014852-94 - Arthur Henry SIMMONDS, 24, waiter, London – England, Toronto s/o Edwin Orlando and Jane Mary SIMMONDS married Minnie Maria HICK, 20, Toronto, same d/o Minrod and Minnie HICK witness – Edward STROHMAN and Annie GATHERCOLE, June 11, 1894

14112-94 (Toronto) William Henry SIMMONS, 33, cigar maker, Devonshire England, Toronto, s/o Ewing & Charlotte, married Alice (Denman) BISSELL, 28, widow, Kent England, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Mary [no surname given], witn: Arthur DENMAN & Sarah A.H. MORRIS both of Toronto, 19 Feb 1894 at 60 Czar St

014583-94 Nelson SIMPSON, 27, barrister, Trenton, Sault Ste Marie, s/o James SIMPSON & Amanda Lucy YOUNG, married Amanda Abigail FERGUSON, 24, Newton Robinson, Toronto, d/o John FERGUSON & Amanda MARSH, witn: W. PECK & Frances GILES both of Toronto on June 14, no year given  
014559-94 Philip SMITH, 26, milkman, St. Vincent Ont., Toronto, s/o Philip & Elizabeth Ann married Effie CALDER, 22, Etobicoke Ont., Toronto, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: Charles SUMMERFIELD & Jessie CALDER both of Toronto, 14 June 1894 014088/94 Edward Griffin SMITH, 36, fruiter, Garra Tyrone Co. Ireland, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Caroline HAIRE, 24, Louisburg Co. Mays Ireland, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Caroline, witn: Frederick McMURTRY & Jennie HARE both of Toronto, 10 January 1894

14999-94 (Toronto) William John SNELL, 34, gardener, England, Toronto, s/o William & Ann SNELL, married Jane TUCKETT, 35, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Jane SKAUBLEBURY (Skantlebury?), witn: Fred HENWOOD & E.A. HENWOOD both of Toronto, 22 Sept 1894

014905-94 Charles Edward SORNEY, 23, printer, Peterboro, Elora Ont., s/o Charles & Martha SARNEY (sic) married Elizabeth Jane MASSIE, 22, Elora, Elora, d/o David & Mary, witn: Mrs. A. PERFECT of Toronto Jn. & Miss Nellie ECK of Whitby, 28 August 1894
  014655-94 (Toronto) James SOULS, 25, Canada, Foxmed Simcoe Co,  farmer, s/o William SOULS & Elizabeth SIBBALD, married Ellen FUSSEY, 25, Yorkshire England, Toronto,  d/o Arthur FUSSEY & May ROBINSON, witn: F.H. MOSES, Jessie MACKS, Toronto, married 27 June 1894

14982-94 (Toronto) Thomas SOUTHWELL, 56, widower, labourer, Vrignor England, Toronto, s/o John & Ann SOUTHWELL, married Caroline HARLEY, 55, widow, London England, Toronto, d/o William & Caroline BLISHER , witn: John L. WHITE & Lydia HARLEY both of Toronto, 21 Sept [1894]

014721/94 Charles Edgar SPAUL, 29, wire worker, Thornbury Grey Co., Toronto, s/o George BENNETT & Eliza SPAUL, married Mary SMITH, 30, widow, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Helen BAKER & George CHILDS, witn: Annie HOOEY & Mercie PATTERSON both of Toronto, 19 June 1894
#014782-94 (Toronto): Harry SPEARS, 24, artist, England, Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Charlotte McCAUL, 25, Toronto, Montreal, d/o John McCAUL & Sophia CLIFFORD, witn: J.S. BIEHR & Maggie McCAUL, both of Toronto, 27 June 1894 14996-94 (Toronto) William SRIGLEY, 19, baker, Heathcote Ontario, Toronto, s/o Daniel & Martha, married Fannie NICHOLLS, 20, Richmond Hill, Toronto, d/o Francis & Martha, witn: Lydia McCORMACK & Lavinia OCKLEY both of Toronto, ? Sept 1894 at 29 Euclid Ave

#014001-95 (Toronto): Gilbert STALKER, 21, stationary engineer, Port Perry, Toronto, s/o Donald & Elizabeth, married Hannah SMITH, 18, Toronto, same, d/o John & Jennie, witnesses were Mary STALKER & L. CROZIER, both of Toronto, Nov. 5, 1894

014884-94 John STALKER, 23, teamster, Sonya, Toronto, s/o Donald STALKER & Elizabeth GILLIS married Harriet Elizabeth CLAPP, 17, Belleville, Toronto, d/o David CLAPP & Annie Deborah GARDINER, witn: Mary STALKER & James CRAWFORD, 28 August 1894
014607-94 George STAPELS (Staples?), 20, carpenter, Lindsay Ontario, Toronto s/o James & Mary STAPELS married Clames COURTEMANCHE, 20, Lindsay Ontario, Toronto d/o Clamae & Eliza COURTEMANCHE wtn: Henry BEDLY & Rosina BEDLY both of Toronto, 30 June 1894 at 184 DeGrassi St  
014572-94 Charles S. STAPLETON, 33, traveller, Peterboro, Toronto, s/o Charles STAPLETON & Sarah NORTON, married Lizzie MERCER, 24, Peterboro, same, d/o Jane & William, witn: Mrs. F. Y. TUPPER & Angus McBEAN both of Toronto on April 23, 1894 014618-94 All STEED, 32, blacksmith, Canada, Toronto s/o John & Harriett married Catherine BROWNRIDGE, 32, widow, England, Toronto d/o John & Catherine MOR--?(off pgae) wtn: Margaret BLACK & Charlie WHITE both of Toronto, 24 June 1894
  14983-94 (Toronto) James STEELE, 30, barrister at law, Perth Co, Stratford, s/o Thomas & Joan, married, Emily Rutledge CUSTEAD, 28, York Co, Toronto, d/o James W. & Alice, witn: Frederick CUSTEAD of Clarkson & Kate WELLS of Toronto, 20 Sept 1894 at Clarkson
014729/94 William STEVENSON, 48, widower, blacksmith, Scotland, West Toronto Jun., s/o Alexander & Mary STEVENSON, married Elizabeth HOOVER, 35, England, West Toronto Jun., d/o William & Martha HOOVER, witn: Robert FINLINS & Eliza Catherine MINION both of West Toronto Jun., 3 April 1894, West Toronto Junction 014091/94 George Thomas STEWART, 39, widower, book binder, Toronto, 291 Yonge St., s/o William & Charlotte STEWART, married Emily Caroline SHEPARD, 31, Belleville Ont., Toronto, d/o William Allan SHEPARD & Henrietta Augusta SHEPARD, witn: Harry Cook SHEPARD & Caroline Maud SHEPARD both of 202 Spadina Ave. Toronto, 7 February 1894, 202 Spadina Ave
#014522-94 (Toronto) Marshall Bidwell STIVER, 22, Scott Twp, Zephyr,  no occupt listed, s/o John STIVER & Abigail STOKER, married Eva May PARK, 20, Unionville, Toronto,  d/o Joseph PARK & Martha LYE [should be Size], witn Elizabeth PARK, Herbert BRERETON, both Toronto, married 6 June 1894

014375/94 Albert E. STOBAR, 22, tailor, Markham, East Toronto, s/o Robert & Ellen, married Agnes GORLEY, 24, Pickering, Eugenia Falls, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Walter PERRY & Mary PERRY both of Toronto, 1 May 1894

15004-94 Edward John STROHMAYR, 26, furrier, Montreal, Toronto, s/o John G. STROHMAYR & Maria MASON, married Ann GATHERCOLE, 19, Collingwood, Toronto, d/o Frederick W. GATHERCOLE & Catherine WHALEN, witn: Arthur & Mrs. A. SIMMONS, 19 Sept 1894 at St. Marys Presbytery

014619-94 Frederick STRONG, 29, brakeman, England, Toronto s/o Frederick Joshua & Annie Jane married Lydia Anna PUTNAM, 28, Canada., Toronto d/o Solomon & Emily wtn: Fanny PEARSON & Harriett McDERMID both of Toronto, 2 July 1894
014849-94 - Josiah STROTHERS, 22, labourer, Toronto, same s/o Johnston and Mary Jane STROTHERS married Ursula HUDDLESTON, 19, Toronto, same d/o John and Violet HUDDLESTON witness – Violet GRAINGER and S.G. WILLIAMS, June 5, 1894

#014652-94 (Toronto) Percy D'Eynennt? STRICKLAND, 26, Canada, Toronto,  banker, s/o John & Susan S. STRICKLAND, married Mabel Georgina BRIGHT, 23, Canada, Toronto,  d/o Thomas G. & Annie BRIGHT, witn: Thomas BRIGHT, Alice M. BRIGHT, W.D.E. STRICKLAND, married 5 April 1894, St. Margaret's Church

14110-94 (Toronto) Francis Farquharson STUART, 25, merchant, Canada, Toronto, s/o Francis Farquharson STUART & Jessie STUART, married Cecilia Elizabeth DOWNES, 26, Canada, Toronto, d/o George Charles DOWNES & Cecilia Caroline DOWNES, witn: F. Coleman & M.E. DOWNES both of Toronto & Eph LYON of Buffalo US, 15 Feb 1894

014373/94 Wingfield Scott STUART, 26, merchant, Toronto, Toronto, s/o James & Amelia, married Edith Maud TAYLOR, 24, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Edward & Edith, witn: W.A. CARMAN & Lizzie WALLACE both of Toronto, 20 April 1894
014602-94 M. Herman SUDWIG, 29, barrister, Germany, Toronto s/o John & Mary M. SUDWIG married Kate McCOLL, 24, Toronto, Toronto d/o Dugald & Jane McCOLL wtn: C.H. RITCHIE & D. CAMPBELL, 30 June 1894  
014573-94 William SUTHERLAND, 21, plumber, New York, Toronto, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Maggie BUIE, married Dorcas HOLFUER, 18, Woolwich England, Toronto, d/o Frederick & Eunice, witn: George RILEY & Maggie HERRON both of Toronto on June 4, 1894 14976-94 George THOM, 25, clerk, Scotland, Toronto, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Jennie TIMMS, 22, Montreal, Toronto, d/o John & Mary, witn: Lottie CROZIER & A. POTTER, both of Toronto, 18 Sept 1894

15001-94 (Toronto) Charles Henry James THOMPSON, 24, artist, England, Toronto, s/o Henry James & Rebecca Ann, married Penelope BAKER, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick Augustus & Zilpah, witn: John W. THOMPSON & Tillie BAKER both of Toronto, 10 Sept 1894

014908-94 William John THOMPSON, 20, tinsmith, Cleveland Ohio, Toronto, s/o James THOMPSON & Caroline BELL married Agnes CHANDLER, 19, Toronto, Toronto, d/o James CHANDLER & Anne MORRIS, witn: Mrs. S. & Sydney TOWNSEND both of Toronto, 3 September 1894
014549-94 Harrip Charles TUGWELL, 29, photographer, Woolwich England, Toronto, s/o Harrip & Jane married Annie WARNOCK, 25, Toronto, Toronto, d/o Matthew & Ellen, witn: Ernest A. LYE & Lizzie CORBETT both of Toronto, 20 June 1894  
014907-94 William TYRRELL, 28, book seller, Middlesex England, Toronto, s/o Edward & Maria married Margaret Jane LECKIE, 23, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John & Jane, witn: Ernest C. TYRRELL & Jean Taylor LECKIE both of Toronto, 19 June 1894 014638-94 Walter TYRRELL, 31, carpenter, England, Toronto s/o Robert & Martha TYRRELL married Agnes IRWIN, 28, Scotland, Toronto d/o Hugh & Matilda IRWIN wtn: Alfred ARNOLD & Rose IRWIN both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 at St Margaret's Church
014822-94 Joseph VAUGHAN, 24, machinist, Surrey England, Toronto Junction s/o Stephen & Emma VAUGHAN married Sarah Annie GALBRAITH, 25, London England, Toronto d/o John & Sarah Annie GALBRAITH wtn: George GALBRAITH & Bertha VAUGHAN both of Toronto Junction, 2 July 1894 #013997-95 (Toronto): Harmon A. VEDDER, 27, medical practitioner, Flushing NY, NY City, s/o Maris R. VEDDER & Sarah OUTWATER, married Effie Turner BOULTBEE, 28, Uxbridge, Berlin Ont., d/o Rev. A. BOULTBEE & Maria TURNER, witnesses were Maris R. VEDDER Jr. & Rosalind Alice BOULTBEE, 12 Dec. 1894 at St. Cyprians church
014614-94 William Alexander VICKERY, 34, printer, Scotland, Toronto s/o William & Annie married Georgina PORTER, 24, Scotland, Toronto d/o William & Annie wtn: William C. MARTIN & Fanny PEARSON both of Toronto, 6 June 1894 014606-94 Albert WADDINGTON, 25, commercial traveller, Yeadon Yorkshire England, Toronto s/o Smith & Polly WADDINGTON married Ada Mary HARROP, 32, Northampton, Toronto d/o George & Elizabeth HARROP wtn: W.G. STEWART & Emily MALLARD both of Toronto, 30 June 1894
014548-94 Joel Lindley WARDELL, 32, mechanic, Whitby, Toronto, widower, s/o Samuel WARDELL & Frances A. LINDLEY married Annie ARMSTRONG, 24, Listowel, Toronto, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Mary EARLS, witn: Ellen ARMSTRONG & David ROSS both of Toronto, 20 June 1894 14464-95 (Toronto): Edward A. WATKIN, 46, caretaker, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Edward & Jane, married Mary A. SHAW, 41, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Matilda, witn: J.S. & Allie GORDON of Toronto, 7 Dec 1894
014910-94 Thomas P. WEIR, 34, doctor, Canada, Toronto, s/o Peter WEIR & Mary McCALL married Alice Maude SMITH, 25, Toronto, Toronto, d/o John SMITH & Margaret McCABE, witn: A. W. MURDOCH & Jennie E. SMITH both of Toronto, 5 September 1894 at 29 Isabella St 014842-94 - Louis Jacques WESTWOOD, 24, machinist, Stratford, Toronto s/o George and Sarah WESTWOOD married Clara Jane BRADFORD, 23, Barrie, Toronto d/o John and Mary BRADFORD witness – Harry B. HOWSON and A.M. WILLIAMS, April 25, 1894

14923-94 (Toronto) William James WHEATLEY, 22, labourer, Rotherhithe Surrey England, Toronto, s/o James William WHEATLEY & blank, married Alice Jane PICKWORTH, 23, London England, Toronto, d/o Richard & Martha PICKWORTH, witn: Albert E. PICKWORTH of Kilmanagh & Mrs Florence PARKER of Pittsburg Pennsylvania, 23, May 1894 at St Andrew's Manse

14402-95 (Toronto): Joseph WHITAN, 25, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Robert WHELAN & Ellen MURRAY, married Elizabeth BUDD, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Henry BUDD & Edith PEARSON, witn: Joseph WILKINS & Edith BUDD, both of Toronto, 29 Oct 1894 at St. Pauls, Power St., (Rom Cath)
  014892-94 Thomas WICKETT, 30, M.D., Belleville, Crediton Ont., s/o James & Eliza married Annie A. PURSEY, 31, Whitby, Toronto, d/o George & Murray, witn: D. ALEXANDER of Toronto & G. C. PURSEY, 13 June 1894
014565-94 Arthur WILBY, 30, police officer, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann married Minnie CONFORD, 23, Scotland, Toronto, d/o Herbert & Minnie, witn: J. G. FALLIS & Edith PAGET both of Toronto, 19 May 1894 at 608 Ontario St 014566-94 William A. WILFORD, 32, terra cotta manufacturer, England, 27 Pembroke St. Toronto, widower, s/o Woshaw & Maude Mary married Mary Helena LEE, 25 England, 272 Church St. Toronto, d/o William & Mary, witn: Ernest William GILL & Elizabeth L. PRIDEAUX both of 272 Church St. Toronto, 19 February 1894 at 272 Church St
014628-94 Thomas Bell WILKINSON, 23, labourer, Canada, Stanford s/o George & Isabella WILKINSON married Emily FRYER, 21, England, Peterboro d/o Arthur & Emma FRYER wtn: Jane LOREDAY (Loveday?) & Annie FRYER both of Toronto, 22 June 1894 at St Margaret's Church 014656-94 (Toronto) George Arthur WILLCOCK, 24, Toronto, Toronto, bachelor, bookkeeper, s/o Stephen & Ellen Mary WILLCOCK, married Sarah Jane Mabel Edith ELLIOTT, 19, Albany New York, Toronto, spinster, d/o William Henry & Elizabeth Jane ELLIOTT, witn; W.H. GODBOLD, J.E. CHUTE, both Toronto, married 30 June 1894
#014650-94 (Toronto) Henry E. WILSON, 24, Toledo Ohio, Carlton Place Ont,  teacher, s/o M.J. WILSON & Elenora KILBORN, married Ellen E. GIBSON, 19, Toronto, same,  d/o Thomas F. GIBSON & Susan SUMMERVILLE, witn: Charles PETERKIN, Florence E. JOHNSTON, Toronto, married 4 July 1894 014843-94 - George Miles Stuart WILSON, 50, Oakville, Toronto s/o William and Margaret WILSON married Annie SMITH, 30, Toronto, same d/o William and Fanny SMITH witness – S.G. WILLIAMS and E.A. WILLIAMS, April 30, 1894

14120-94 (Toronto) John Byrom WITHERS, 30, farmer, Norfolk Co, Toronto, s/o John B & Mary WITHERS, married Esperance WITHERS, 28, Norfolk England, Toronto, d/o Robert & Mellanie WITHERS, witn: William CAVIN of 6 Terauley St & Sarah WITHERS of 61 Maitland St, 12 Apr 189[4] at 266 Jarvis St

014897-94 Henry Bruce YOUNG, 26, salesman, Sarnia, Toronto, s/o Archibald YOUNG & Annie WILSON married Maud Emily URRY, 25. Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Henry URRY & Catherine OTHELO, witn: John MARSHALL of Chippewa & James WILSON of Niagara Falls South, 13 August 1894 at 109 Winchester St.
14977-94 Andrew ZEIHR (Zehr?), 33, baker, Toronto, same, s/o Andrew & Lena, married Averina BEAMIS?, 23, Weston, Toronto, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Louisa KORPP & Alfred BOAK, both of Toronto, 19 Sept 1894