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#015357-96 (Toronto) James ABBOTT, 31, Perth Scotland, 119 Agnes St Toronto, b, blacksmith, s/o William & Jane ABBOTT, married Sarah FLETCHER, 32, Dublin Ireland, 119 Agnes St Toronto, widow, d/o William & Mary DILLON, witn: James DYKES, Marion REAVES, both Toronto, married 15 August 1896, St. George's Church  
015711-96 - James George ALLEN, 22, pressman, Toronto, same, s/o James & Mary, married Mary Ann ASHBY, 23, London England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Edwin JENKINS & Marion REEVES both of Toronto on July 23, 1896 at Toronto #014595-96 (Toronto) John Arthur ALLISON, 20, elevator man, Stratford near London, Toronto, s/o John ALLISON & Margaret BURNS, married Florence ROBINSON, 19, Leeds England, Toronto, d/o Harry ROBINSON & Anna NORTH, witnesses were Mary KUHRING? & Frances WILSON, both of Toronto, Jan. 27, 1896
015904-96 - Norman ANDERSON, 27, physician, Hamilton Ont., Toronto, s/o Walter N. ANDERSON & Margaret H. BURN married Victoria Alberta MACDONELL, 30, Cornwall Ont, Toronto, d/o John MACDONELL & Isabella McLEAN, witn: Walter N. ANDERSON, A. & Neil MCLEAN all of Toronto on Nov. 8, 1896 015933-96 - William Edward ARCHER, 22, stationary engineer, Toronto, same, d/o Edward ARCHER & Janet AGNEW, married Annie Elizabeth WINTER, 21, Stanley Mills Ont, Toronto, d/o John WINTER & Teresa ARMSTRONG, witn: Mary WINTER & Busby GRANT both of Toronto on Dec. 23, 1896 at St James Square Church
#014691-96 (Toronto): John Thomas ASAPH, 32, widower, farmer, Essa twp., Tecumseth twp., s/o John & Jane, married Harriet BROOM, 28, Tecumseth twp., same, d/o Charles & Hannah, 19 Feb 1896 #014699-96 (Toronto): George Morley BAKER, 19, fancy goods, Surrey England, Toronto, s/o John A. & Alice, married Mabel HORNER, 18, Whitchurch, Toronto, d/o Emmanuel & Maria, witness was William PROWSE of Toronto, Jan. 17, 1896
#014593-96 (Toronto) John BALFOUR, 30, farmer, Mount Forest, Lumsden Assiniboia NWT, s/o William & Agnes, married Mary Jane MILLES, 29, Kippen - Huron Co., same, d/o Robert & Jane, witnesses were Nelville MARTIN of Exeter & Micca HUTTON of Lucknow, Jan. 29, 1896 at East Toronto #015928-96 (Toronto): Charles William BEATTY, 25, lawyer, Toronto, same, s/o William Henry & Charlotte Louise, married Lillian May GOODERHAM, 22, Toronto, Bloor & St. George streets - Toronto, d/o George & Harriet Dean GOODERHAM, witn: Louis S. McMURRAY & Violet Dean GOODERHAM, both of Toronto, 29 Sept 1896 at St. James Cathedral
#014693-96 (Toronto): James Alex BEATY, 24, bicycle worker, Lancashire England, Toronto, s/o William & Ann, married Alice THOMPSON, 22, Sutton, Toronto, d/o Wellington & Flora, witn: Lavina OCKLEY & Jessie THOMSON, both of Toronto, 13 Feb 1896 #001024-96 (Toronto): John Parker BEZLEY, 22, street car conductor, Toronto, 147 Berkeley St., s/o A.P. BEZLEY & Mary Elizabeth McDONOUGH, married Maggie KYLE, 22, Toronto, 9 Regent St., d/o Ambrose KYLE & Johannah WHALEN, witn: Stephen & Mary CRUTE of Toronto, 24 Nov 1896
#014591-96 (Toronto) William Thomas BOND, 23, Port Perry, Toronto, b, telegrapher, s/o William & Mary Ann BOND, married Louisa PEARSALL, 17, Toronto, same, s, d/o George & Isabella PEARSALL, witn: John THOMSON, Libbie PEARSON, both Toronto, married 5 February 1896 015932-96 - Alfred BOULTBEE, 27, physician, Madras India, Toronto, s/o William & Marion, married Edith Pansey HANNSFORD, 29, Melbourne Australia, Toronto, d/o Michael & Pansey, d/o Will Mulock BOULTBEE of Toronto & Mary Roy HANNSFORD of Montreal on Dec. 28, 1896 at St. Paul’s Church
#015372-96 (Toronto) Robert BOWES, 36, Hamilton, Toronto,b, miller, s/o Robert BOWES & Margaret TELFORD, married Kate WALORAFF, 40, Buffalo, Toronto, widow, d/o John STRIGER & Catherine SEAWELL, witn: John KIDD, 95 Seaton St, Catherine L. ADAMS, 134 Seaton St, married 28 August 1896, 134 Seaton St 015936-96 - George Wright BOYDEN, 48, railway accountant, Canada, Cleveland Ohio U.S.A., s/o Samuel BOYDEN & Anne CRANE, married Catharine Sergeant ORR, 40, widow, England, Toronto, d/o George SERGEANT, Mary Ann FOLKARD, witn: Edward S. BOYDEN & George D. ORR both of Toronto on Dec. 30, 1896
015911-96 - Charles BOYLAN, 20, lithographer, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick BOYLAN, & Catherine McAULEY, married Mary Margaret STRACHLE, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John STRACHLE & Jane GRIFFIN, witn: Mary Jane FOLEY & Denis LYNCH both of Toronto on Nov. 23, 1896 at St. Michael’s Cathedral (RC) 015901-96 - Charles Albert BROWN, 31, laborer, London England, Agincourt Ont., s/o Charles & Emma, married Mary Elizabeth BUSHBY, 22, Uxbridge Ont, Claremont Ont., d/o John BUSHBY & Ellen BROWN, witn: W. R. PROWSE & Marion REEVES both of Toronto on Nov. 17, 1896
#015155-96 Robert Henry BUCK, 22, Omagh Halton Co, same, farmer, s/o George BUCK & Margaret JOHNSON, married Effie STEEN, 21, Streetsville Peel Co, same, s/o Robert STEEN & Margaret GRAHAM, witn; Mary S. PARSONS, McA. STEWART, both Toronto, married 1 July 1896 015915-96 - William Robert BURKE, 42, dominion land surveyor, Renfrew Ont, Ingersoll Ont, s/o Joseph William & Emily, married Annie J. FERGUSON, 24, Cookstown, same, d/o Isaac & Emily, witn: D. O'BRIEN & C.A. SEAGER both of Toronto on Dec. 21, 1896 at St. Thomas Church
#015795-96 (Toronto): Harry Raymond BURKHOLDER, 28, mechanic, Woodbridge, Toronto, s/o Christopher & Rebecca, married Bertha COOK, 27, Malton, Toronto, d/o Thomas & Julia, witn: William HAMILTON & Hester COOK, both of Toronto, 12 Nov 1896 #015361-96 (Toronto) Leonard BUTLER, 20, Leicester England, 285 Queen St Toronto, b, peddlar, s/o (blank) BUTLER & Caroline Mae, married Lucy CROSS, 22, London England, 285 Queen St Toronto, s, d/o Christopher CROSS & Mary Ann BROWN, witn: James ADAMS, Catherine E. ADAMS, both Toronto, married 5 August 1896, 134 Seaton St. Toronto
015931-96 (Toronto): John Ralph CAMPBELL, 30, book keeper, St. Sophie Quebec, Montreal, s/o Christopher & Lodoria, married Gertrude Ann GALLON, 32, Lindsay Ont., Park, d/o James & Louisa, witn: W. & B.T. CAMPBELL and Miss E.M. BARKER, all of Montreal, 26 Dec 1896 at 82 Springhurst Ave., Parkdale 015171-96 - John CAREY, 20, artisan, Toronto, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Ann POWERS, 18, Toronto, same, d/o Michael & Ellen, witn: Edward REILLY & Julia POWERS both of Toronto on May 8, 1896 at Toronto. (RC)
015709-96 - James CHRISTIE, 22, brakeman, Toronto, same, s/o James & Mary, married Susan Ann HOPKINS, 19, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas Henry & Emily, witn: James McKIBBON & Bella HOPKINS both of Toronto on July 29, 1896 at Toronto. 015176-96 - David CHRISTIE, 34, no occupation given, Toronto, same, s/o John CHRISTIE & Bridget RYAN, married Mary A. BYRAN, 24, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Michael BYRAN & Margaret LAWLOR, witn: Ellen KELLY & Mary DROHN (DROLIN?) both of Toronto on June 3, 1896 at Toronto. (RC)
#015044-96 (Toronto): Harry William CHURCH, 28, merchant, Galt, same, s/o Henry CHURCH & Eliza SOER, married Martha Jane COVENTRY, 28, Londesbon, Toronto, d/o William COVENTRY & Sarah GAULT, witn: John THOMPSON & Mary COVENTRY, both of Toronto, 24 June 1896 #015156-96 George CLIFTON, 28, England, Toronto, b, tailor, s/o Thomas Ingham & Letitia Ann CLIFTON, married Jeanie Arrol CRERAR, 27, Scotland, Toronto, s, d/o Robert & Isabella CRERAR, witn; W.McBRIDE, A. McBRIDE, both Toronto, married 30 June 1896
015910-96 - Hiram Ward CONGDON, 55, widower, Presbyterian Minister, Jefferson Co. N.Y. State, Wyoming- N.Y. State, s/o Stukely CONGDON & Ludowsky WARD, married Alice BENTLEY, 36, Guernsey England, Toronto, d/o Hugh & Frances Sophia, witn: Laura & Florence BENTLEY both of Toronto on Dec. 16, 1896 015173-96 - George Edward Jos. COOK, 22, artisan, Toronto, same, s/o George COOK & Jane O'NEIL, married Minnie McCAULEY, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas McCAULEY & Mary WALSH, witn: Nellie SUTTON & John GURTEIN both of Toronto on Feb. 2, 1896 at Toronto. (RC)
015905-96 - Wesley COPE (Cape?) 21, tailor, Norwood Ont, Toronto, s/o William Henry COPI & Rebecca PARKE married Mary WEBB, 22, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Richard WEBB & Elizabeth MOFFATT, witn: George SHIELDS of Pickering & Jane WEBB of Toronto on Oct. 28, 1896 #015166-96 Thomas CORRIGAN, 24, Dixie Ont, same, b, farmer, s/o Denis CORRIGAN & Ann CURRAN, married Catharine FAULKNER, 29, Etobicoke, Toronto, s, d/o W. FAULKNER & Bridget McQUA (cut off), witn Martin McQUADE (though almost cut off), Elizth. FAULKNER, both Toronto, married 22 April 1896, St Mary's Church (RC)
#015163-96 Edward V.J. CREAMER, 22, Ont, Collingwood, b, artisan, s/o Charles G. CREAMER & Annie KERRY (or KENNY), married Harriet Jess? DeFOE (corrected from DaFOE), 20, Toronto, same, s, d/o Francis DeFOE & Madeline POREL, witn Dixon WALSH, Cath. MURPHY, both Toronto, married 24 May 1896, St Mary's Church (RC) #015157-96 William P. CROSHLY?, 44, Ireland, Toronto, widower, carpet layer, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary A. LUCAS, 36, Bristol Eng, Toronto, s, d/o Joseph & Annie, witn; Thomas KNIGHT, M.A. BURTON, both Toronto, married 30 June 1896, St George's Church
#015815-96 (Toronto): William Grose CROSS, 34, horse dealer, Innisfil, 23 Shepperd St., s/o William CROSS & Mary GROSE, married Elizabeth SAVAGE, 26, Toronto, 23 Shepperd St., d/o James SAVAGE & Hannah GARLICK, witnesses were Rev. John SCOTT & Mercie PATTERSON, both of Toronto, Oct. 19, 1896 015174-96 - Joseph A. CROUISE, 30, artisan, England, Toronto, s/o Dennis CROUISE & Mary KEIGNEY, married Catherine BOLAND, 26, Ireland, Toronto, d/o James BOLAND & Mary McGARRY, witn: Walter CROUISE & Catherine BRITTON, both of Toronto on June 13, 1896, at Toronto. (RC)
#014583-96 (Toronto) Edward DALLIMORE, 30, Ontario, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o Edward & Sarah DALLIMORE, married Mary JANKS, 19, England, Toronto, s, d/o Albert & Mary JANKS, witn: Mary E. CLIFFORD, Melissa SIMS, both Toronto, married 29 January 1896, 268 Jarvis St. #001025-96 (Toronto): James DAWE, 36, widower, England, Toronto, s/o George & Agnes, married Minnie BENTALL, 26, England, Toronto, d/o Fred & Dora, witn: Luther BAILEY & Millie H. WILSON, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1896
#014689-96 (Toronto): Thomas William DAWSON, 25, stone cutter, Toronto, same, s/o Clifton & Hannah, married Mary CHIPCHASE, 20, Guelph, Toronto, d/o William & Jane, Feb. 19, 1896 #014590-96 (Toronto) Josiah H. DERRY, 38, Hamilton, Somerville Peel Co, widower, painter, s/o John & Emma DERRY, married Mary E. EDWARDS, 27, Dixie Ont, Somerville Peel Co, s, d/o John & Martha EDWARDS, witn: Mrs. E.E. SCOTT of Toronto, married 8 February 1896
015190-96 (Toronto): Thomas DEXTER, 73, widower, chief license inspector, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas DEXTER & Mary PALMER, married Ellen ALLEN, 49, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick BAYLIS & Charlotte GHIIZART, witn: Thomas George DEXTER of Toronto, 21 March 1896 #015150-96 William Joseph DICKSON, 28, Canada, Toronto, b, steam fitter, s/o John & Margaret, married Ellen Whealey STEVENSON, 29, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o John & Julia, witn Lydia HARPER, Myra DICKSON, both Toronto, married 24 June 1896
015183-96 - Frederick DUGAL, 46, shoe maker, widower, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Louis & Geneva, married Charlotte KIRSTED, 40, widow, Niagara, Toronto, d/o John & Maria COLLIER, witn: G. SISMAN & E. T. LLOYD both of Toronto on June 13, 1896 015708-96 - William DUNN, 23, brass finisher, Brantford Ont., Toronto, s/o Henry & Ann, married Eleanor HUTCHINSON, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Edward & Rachel Phillips both of Toronto on August 4, 1896
#015379-96 (Toronto) Herbert Heath DUNNING, 24, Falmouth England, George St Toronto, b, Commercial Traveller, s/o John Pomsell? (or Powell?) & Annie Worden DUNNING, married Sarah Letitia ALLEN, 23, Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o John Joseph & Sarah ALLEN, witn: Leah HURRION, John B. DUNNING, both 281 1/2 George St Toronto, married 20 June 1896, St. James Cathedral 015355-96 (Toronto) Matthew EAST, 59, England, Nashville Ont, Widower, Gentleman, s/o William & Rebecca EAST, married Alice KIDNEY, 53, Ontario, Nashville Ont, widow, d/o Robert & Sophia PARKER, witn; William SIMS, F.R. SIMS, both Toronto, married 9 July 1896, 368 Jarvis St
#015149-96 Frederick EATHERLY, 27, Toronto, same, b, clerk, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Rosetta Matilda FLESHER, 24, Collingwood, Toronto, s, d/o John Nelson & Euphemia, witn Wm Samuel COOPER, Annie Nina FLESHER, both Toronto, married 3 June 1896 014578-96 (Toronto) Thomas Hamerthore ELLERY, 31, Manchester Eng, Toronto, widower, mechanic, s/o Thomas D & Elizabeth, married Julia PORTER, 22, Toronto, same, s, d/o John & Mary, witn: Thomas LINDELL, Jane LINDELL, both Toronto, married 29 January 1896, St Pauls Rectory
#015382-96 (Toronto) Charles Shuttleworth ELLIS, 35, Toronto, same, widower, merchant, s/o William Henry ELLIS & Susannah Jane QUIRK, married Lizzie Porter FERGUS(ON?) [cut off], 34, Chicago, Toronto, widow, d/o Edward Harris BELL & Elmira Clark DOWNING (or Denning?), witn: George Buckland BROWN & Frankie BEATY, married 19 March 1896 015168-96 - John Edward EMERSON, 26, no occupation given, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph EMERSON & Frances BARBER, married Teresa FLOOD, 24, India, Toronto, d/o Luke Chas. FLOOD, Margaret SCULLY, witn: William BRYAN & Annie LYNCH both of Toronto on May 20, 1896
#015926-96 (Toronto): George Washington EMMOREY, 38, labourer, Wellington - Price Edward Co., Toronto, s/o William EMMOREY & Elizabeth HUTCHINSON, married Janie PARK, 28, Donegal Ireland, Toronto, d/o George PARK & Mary KING, witn: Robert BLACK & Jane TELFER, both of Toronto, 24 Dec 1896 015177-96 - Edward John FAWCETT, 38, hat maker, Mass. USA, Toronto, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Jenetta KAY, 26, Markdale, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, witn: Rev. J.A. JAFFREY of Banff NWT, & Janet NEIL of Toronto on June 15, 1896
#015356-96 (Toronto) George FEATHERSTONE, 30, England, Toronto, b, policeman, s/o George FEATHERSTONE & Anne TOMLINSON, married Annie Maria BYERS, 26, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Allan BYERS & Annie S. STEWART, witn: Henry McALLISTON, Lily PHILLIPS, both Toronto, married 20 August 1896 #001027-96 (Toronto): David G. FLANAGAN, 26, carter, England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Emily ELLIOTT, 25, England, Toronto, d/o Frederick & Mary, witn: Allen MOWAT & Emma ELLIOTT, 2 Dec 1896
015912-96 - William John FOLEY, 33, plasterer, Toronto, same, s/o Edward FOLEY & Margaret DOHERTY, married Minnie Grace McGINN, 27, Toronto, same, d/o James McGINN & Julia COURNIER, witn: Thomas John FOLEY & Maggie O’HALLORAN both of Toronto on Oct. 12, 1896 at St. Michael’s Palace Toronto. (RC) #015046-96 (Toronto): John William FOX, 24, painter, Sheffield England, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth Julia CROFT, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas George & Elizabeth, witn: H. BALLANTYNE of 50 Sheridan Ave. & F.M. CROFT of 102 Gladstone Ave., 3 June 1896
#015186-96 (Toronto): Douglas FREEMAN, 23, clerk, Ghance, 261 Victoria St. Toronto, s/o Douglas FREEMAN & Jane TROWBRIDGE, married Annie Grace McDONALD, 22, Cairo, 20 Louisa St., d/o William McDONALD & Annie BOWIE, witn: Minnie & Allie PATTERSON of Toronto, 7 July 1896 #015153-96 Charles A. GIBB, 35, York Co Ont, Toronto, b, grocer, s/o Alexander & Janet GIBB, married Susan MUNRO, 25 (or 28), Whitby Ont, Toronto, s, d/o John & Mary MUNRO, witn William WRIGHTON, Ada MARTIN, both Toronto, married 24 June 1896
#015358-96 (Toronto) James Clarence GILBANK, 27, Kirby Ont, 287 Church St Toronto, b, Druggist, s/o Richard & Anne GILBANK, married Martha Jane Gertrude FARLEY, 26, Davenport Ont, 48 Birch Ave Toronto, s, d/o James & Rachel FARLEY, witn: A.N. ROBINS, Lily FARLEY of Toronto, married 24 August 1896, 48 Birch St. 015914-96 - Amos GOSLEY, 31, widower, labourer, Yorkshire England, Beeton Ont, s/o James GOSLEY & Anna JOHNSON, married Rebecca COOK, 22, Yorkshire England, Beeton Ont, d/o William COOK & Harriett ALLOTT, witn: Ida E. WOOD & Caroline YEARNSLEY both of Toronto on Dec. 21, 1896
#014692-96 (Toronto): Isaac GREENSIDES, 21, baker, Merriton, Toronto, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Minnie ALLEN, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Charles UPSHALL & Alice CUTTELL, both of Toronto, 12 Feb 1896 015713-96 - George David GURNETT, 22, piano finisher, Toronto, same, s/o George Thomas & Margaret A., married Ellen MARSHALL, 20, Bowmanville, Toronto, d/o Richard & Margaret, witn: G. R. & Esther MORTON, both of Toronto on Sept. 22, 1896
015182-96 - William Buchanan HAMILTON, 31, gentleman, Toronto, same, s/o Henry A. & Elizabeth, married Harriet Adeline James STANLEY, 27, Toronto, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Henry D. HAMILTON & John KIDD both of Toronto on June 27, 1896 015935-96 - George HARD, 34, porter, Guelph Ont, Toronto, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary Grace BUTT, 22, Toronto, same, d/o George & Ann, witn: James M. Williams & Miss Annie FORSYTHE both of Toronto on Dec. 29, 1896
#015817-96 (Toronto): Frank Strachan HARRIS, 34, accountant, Kemptville, Toronto, s/o James & Margaret, married Mary BLACKBURN, 34, Kemptville, Toronto, d/o Andrew & Mary Jane, witnesses were A. & Nellie Grace BLACKBURN of Toronto, Nov. 17, 1896 at Church of St. Mary Magdalene #015043-96 (Toronto): John Watts HARVEY, 28, butcher, Worchester England, Toronto, s/o Thomas Watts HARVEY & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, married Emily Louisa MARSHALL, 25, Cardon?, Toronto, d/o James MARSHALL & Mary LYONS, witn: John MARSHALL & Emma LEHMANSON, both of Toronto, 17 June 1896
#014596-96 (Toronto) Frederick Thomas HASLAM, 21, glass packer, Woodbridge, 207 Richmond St. W.Toronto, s/o Richard Samuel & Annie, married Mary Elizabeth ARROWSMITH, 22, Smithfield, Toronto, d/o Samuel ARROWSMITH & Hannah Jane ELLA, witnesses were Chalres SCHLEMMER, R. George HASLAM & Jennie ARROWSMITH, Feb. 5, 1896 15699-96 (Toronto): Edward HAYES, 20, bar keeper, Peterborough, 81 Bay St. in Toronto, s/o Edward & Clara, married Louisa Johanna HAGEN, 20, Germany, 77 John St., d/o Charles & Winnie, witn: Charles DAVIS & Marion REIVES, both of Toronto, 25 Aug 1896
#015814-96 (Toronto): Harvey HELLIWELL, 38, farmer, Scarboro twp., same, s/o William HELLIWELL & Jane BRIGHT, married Edith NORTHEY, 20, Smithtown, Scarboro twp., d/o George NORTHEY & Louisa MYERS, witnesses were Mercie PATTERSON & Kate McKINNON, both of Toronto, Oct. 15, 1896 15700-96 (Toronto): James Clarence HENRY, 23, student, Orangeville, 467 Church St., s/o James & Esther, married Amy Charlotte LESLIE, 20, Orangeville, 467 Church St., d/o Edward & Marion, witn: Charles DAVIS & Alice HARRINGTON, both of 619 Queen St. West, 25 Aug 1896
015704-96 - Charles Johnson HEWITT, 24, farmer, Norfolk England, Little York, s/o Charles Edward & Mary, married Mary HYNES, 23, Toronto, same, d/o John Joseph & Mary, witn: John BARCLAY & Elizabeth GRIFFITHS both of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1896 015175-96 - James William HEWITT, 26, no occupation given, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth FAULKNER, 24, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William FAULKNER & Bridget McQUAID, witn: Robert HEWITT & Rosanna FAULKNER both of Toronto on June 29, 1896
#015353-96 (Toronto) J.J. HIGGINS, 36, Ireland, 82 McDonell Ave Toronto, b, book keeper, s/o William HIGGINS & Lavinia RIDDELL, married Henrietta Maud DICK, 20, Toronto, 14 Orde St Toronto, s, d/o Joseph DICK & Mary SHAW, witn; L.F. RIGGS, Miss Mabel DICK, both Toronto, married 15 July 1896 #014589-96 (Toronto) Herbert Edward HILL, 25, London England, Toronto, b, businessman, s/o Mary PUNCH (or PINCH) & George HILL, married Edith GOSS, 22, London England, Toronto, s,d/o James GOSS & Eliza GREENWOOD, witn: Alice PHILLIPS, Jennie OXTOBY, both Toronto, married 30 January 1896
#015352-96 (Toronto) George HOBBS, 21, Isle of Wight England, Toronto, b, tinsmith, s/o William & Harriet M. HOBBS, married Mabel WHITE, 20, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane D. WHITE, witn: Arthur PLUMB, Lillie WHITE, both Toronto, married 19 August 1896, St. Anne's Church 015167-96 - John C. HOWARD, 26, printer, Ontario, Ottawa, s/o John A. HOWARD & Catherine ROACH, married Mary CORCORAN, 21, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Michael CORCORAN & Hannah KELLY, witn: Patrick HOWARD of Hastings & Catherine CORCORAN of Toronto on June 2, 1896 RC
#015360-96 (Toronto) George Thomas HUDSON, 22, Toronto, 51 Cumming St Toronto, b, cabinet maker, s/o Thomas HUDSON & Sarah HOWARD, married Margaret McGUIRE, 21, Orangeville Ont, 115 Parliament St Toronto, s, d/o John McGUIRE & Jenny CURRY, witn: James ADAMS, John HUTCHINSON, both Toronto, married 5 August 1896, 134 Seaton St. Toronto 014594-96 (Toronto) Walter HULSE, no age given, salesman, Schomberg, Toronto, s/o Henry HULSE & Alice DOYLE, married Josephine C. QUIRK, no age given, Barrie, Toronto, d/o John QUIRK & Catherine MURPHY, witnesses were Arthur POTTER & Mrs. HOLDORF? both of Toronto, Jan. 9, 1896 at Church of the Ascension
015047-96 (Toronto): Robert Sidney HUNT, 28, labourer, Toronto, 200 Victoria St. Toronto, s/o Robert Sidney & Eliza Riggey HUNT, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 29, Paris Ont., 35 Rosedale Rd., d/o William & Maria, witn: James & Catherine ADAMS of 134 Seaton St., 17 June 1896 at 134 Seaton St 2504-97 (Toronto): Archibald C. HUNTER, 32, farmer, Almonte, Greenridge Manitoba, s/o John HUNTER & Margaret CLARKE, married Janet J. LUMSDEN, 29, Lanarkshire Scotland, Toronto, d/o Henry LUMSDEN & Annabella McCUAIG, witn: J. E. SHAW of East Toronto & Alice E. DAVIS of Woodbine, 8 Dec 1896 at East Toronto
015900-96 - William ILIFF, 28, carpenter, King Tp., Toronto, s/o Thomas ILIFF & Mariah HUNT married Maggie BUDREO, 18, Simcoe Co., Alliston, d/o Francis BUDREO & Mariah BOVAIR witn: Anna B. TURNBULL & Minnie COBEAN (Cobeau?) both of Toronto on Nov. 25, 1896 #014700-96 (Toronto): Thomas JACKSON, 26, bartender, Norfolk England, Toronto, s/o Robert & Jane, married Grace Elizabeth LIGHTBODY, 25, Edinburgh Scotland, Toronto, d/o James & Jane, Jan. 16, 1896 at 100 John St.
#014592-96 (Toronto) Herbert Edward JACKSON, 21, Rochester England, Toronto, b, compositor, s/o Edward Stephen & Jane JACKSON, married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 22, Toronto, same, s, d/o John & Frances Ann DOWER (John GRAHAM & Frances Ann DOWER??), witn: Charlotte E. SMITH, John GRAHAM, both Toronto, married 26 December 1896 #015164-96 James JACQUES, 28, London England, Toronto, b, s/o James JACQUES & Sarah DESMOND, married Florence E. MANNING, 28, Westminister Eng, Toronto, s, d/o Edw. MANNING & Christian KITCHEN, witn William RICHARDSON, Elizabeth RORKE, both Toronto, married 8 January 1896, St Mary's Church, (RC)
#014690-96 (Toronto): James Arthur JOHNSON, 27, wholesale vegetables, Yorkshire England, Montreal, s/o William & Isabella, married Annie May McCANISH?, 24, Cape Breton, Sydney - Cape Breton, d/o Angus & Mary, witn: William R. PROWSE & Marian REEVES, both of Toronto, 19 Feb 1896 at Toronto #002159-98 (Toronto): James Henry JOHNSON, 27?, grocer, East York, Toronto, s/o Robert & Jane, married Mary Isabella BERTRAM, 18, Toronto, same, d/o David & Mary, witn: J. JOHNSON & Jennie BERTRAM, both of Toronto, 30 Dec 1896
#015188-96 (Toronto): James JOHNSON, 39, widower, tinsmith, Calcutta India, Toronto, s/o James JOHNSON & Mary McLAUCHLAN, married Jeanette CAMERON, 36, Ireland, Toronto, d/o Malcolm CAMERON & Janet HOGAN, witn: Alice MacGILLVRAY & Clara CAMERON, 27 July 1896 #015371-96 (Toronto) William JONES, 36, Glassop Derbyshire England, Toronto, b, night watchman, s/o John Nelson JONES & Sarah Ann HALLINS, married Emily Jane BACK, 36, Quebec, 83 1/2 Wachon St., s, d/o Robert BACK & Elizabeth BURDEN, witn: James ADAMS, John HUTCHESON, both 134 Seaton St.married 17 August 1896, 134 Seaton St
015712-96 - John Gardner KEMP, 20, newspaper artist, Toronto, same, s/o John & Mary, married Amy Jane WHITER, 18, Toronto, same, d/o William & Rosa, witn: William & Rosa WHITER both of Toronto on Sept. 28, 1896 #014577-96 (Toronto) Willis R. KENT, 24, Wiarton Ont, Toronto, b, machinist, s/o John & Annie KENT, married Lily ADAMS, 19, Woodbridge, Toronto, s, d/o Richard & Matilda ADAMS, witn; Mrs. E.E. SCOTT of Toronto, married 30 January 1896
015925-96 - Louis LELOUP? 28, glove maker, France, Toronto, s/o Louis & Teresa, married Florence PATRICK, 22, widow, England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Rebecca TOMLIN, witn: John W. TOMLIN, & Emma Louise SLACK both of Toronto on Nov. 18, 1896 015906-96- William Harry LEESON, 27, merchant, Montreal, Berlin, s/o Harry LEESON & M.A. ARRUN, married Mabel Augusta PLATT, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Robert P. PLATT & Eliza WELLER, witn: Arnold T. LEESON, & Minnie A. PLATT both of Toronto on Nov. 16, 1896
015924-96 - Albert LORD, 29, plumber, Toronto, same, s/o John & Susannah, married Georgina Maria HAMILTON, 30 Port Hope, Toronto, d/o George & Isabella, witn: Edith & Arthur HAMILTON both of Toronto on Sept. 19, 1896 015705-96 - Richard Albert LUDLOW, 29, tailor, Proton Grey Co., Toronto, s/o Richard & Sarah Eleanor, married Mary McDougall WALSH, 24, Millbrook Ont., Toronto, d/o Samuel & Sarah, witn: Henry JONES of Toronto & Mary I. KELLS of U.S.A. on Aug. 19, 1896
#015045-96 (Toronto): Albert Edward LUNDY. 28. farmer, Toronto, Chinguacousy, s/o Francis LUNDY & Jane SWAN, married Bertha WOODYARD, 19, Peel Co., Chinguacousy, d/o James WOODYARD & Emma GARNBELL, witn: William HAMILTON of New Brunswick, 17 June 1896 #015368-96 (Toronto) Edgar Allen LYON, 22, Belle Ewart, b, collector, s/o Oliver & Sophia LYON, married Mary E. HUBBERT, 18, Shanty Bay, Toronto, s, d/o Robert & Sophia HUBBERT, witn: John F. BIRCHARD, Edith E. HUBBERT, both Toronto, married 26 August 1896
015170-96- Matthew Joseph MADDEN, 30, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o Matthew & Mary, married Matilda KELLY, 30, Toronto, same, d/o Michael & Matilda, witn: Edward MOORE, & Margaret MADDEN both of Toronto on Feb. 3, 1896 015179-96 - John MALCOLM, 38, widower, Supt. Masonic Temple, Buffalo N. Y., same, s/o William & Matilda, married Annie COONEY, 25, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Charles & Annie COONEY both of Toronto on July 4, 1896
#015189-96 (Toronto): George Alfred MALONEY, 33, District Deputy of K.O.T.M., Camlachie Ont., same, s/o Thomas & Mary C., married Ida Mary WHISTLE, 25, Aultsville, Parkdale - Toronto, d/o Hiram & Margaret, witn: C.O. TRUSLER of Camlchie & Mary DUFFIN of Bond Head, 8 July 1896 at Parkdale #015357-96 (Toronto) Robert John MAN, 36, Tullamore Co Peel, Georgetown, b, labourer, s/o Mark MAN & Sarah GAMBLE, married Margaret DAVIDSON, 18, Caledon Twp, Glen Williams Co Halton, s, d/o Alexander DAVIDSON & Mary MOODY, witn: Annie V. BOWLES, Gertrude ADDY, married 28 July 1896
015923-96 - William MARTIN, 30, insurance agent, Montreal, North Bay, s/o William & Martha, married Elizabeth Isabel CORDINGLEY, 30, England, Park Head, d/o James & Emma, witn: Edna CORDINGLEY of Park Head & Lizzie MILNER of Toronto on Oct. 20, 1896 015903-96 - Andre U. A. MASSENA, 25, warehouse man, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Andre U.A. MASSENA & Christina L. WARD married Williamina L. HALLMAN, 21, England, Toronto, d/o John William HALLMAN & Emily B.L. KLADIN, witn: Neal SINCLAIR & Helena E. HALLMAN, both of Toronto on Nov. 18, 1896
#015161-96 Daniel MAWS, 35, Germany, Montreal, b, manager factory, s/o Henry MAWS & Susan CHESMAN, married Elizabeth BANNON, 34, Ont, Toronto, s, d/o John BANNON & Eliza GARRY, witn John BANNON, Cath. BANNON, both Toronto, married 3 February 1896, St Mary's Church 015169-96 - Phillip McCABE, 27, railroader, England, Toronto, s/o James & Bridget, married Sarah SHANAHAN, 27, Toronto, same, d/o John SHANAHAN & Margaret McEVOY, witn: James William & Virginia McCABE both of Toronto on June 24, 1896
015920-96 - Joseph McCANN, 44, watchman, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, s/o David McCANN & Ellen LONEY, married Annie BEBBINGTON (Bibbington?), 40, widow, Birmingham England, Toronto, d/o Joseph HEMUS & Annie BIRCH, witn: William ARMSTRONG & Florence BEBBINGTON both of Toronto on Dec. 22, 1896 #015384-96 (Toronto) Dalton Tully McCARTHY, 25, Barrie Ontario, Toronto, b, barrister, s/o Dalton & Emma McCARTHY, married Margaret Mary ROBINSON, 21, Toronto, same, s, d/o John Beverley & Margaret ROBINSON*, witn: C. Pringle McDOWELL, Florence E. KEMP, both Toronto, married 21 April 1896, St. James Cathedral
015180-96 - Robert Watson McCLAIN, 30, merchant, Essa Tp. Simcoe Co., Toronto, s/o Albert & Catherine, married Rosetta Margaret WEST, 25, Portland Me. USA, Toronto, d/o Thomas WEST & Emma Sarah NEEDHAM, witn: William H. WISE & Alice M. TYRELL both of Toronto on July 4, 1896 #015797-96 (Toronto): C.D. McDONALD, 29, merchant, Madoc, same, s/o Daniel & Matilda, married Luchy VON SCHULT--(off page), 26, Preston, Toronto, d/o Hugh & Carrie, witn: E. Street McMURRAY & Millie H. WILSON, both of Toronto, 3 Oct 1896
015913-96 - William McGINTY, 36, blacksmith, Victoria Co, Beeton Ont, s/o John McGINTY & Ann RICHARD, married Ann O'BRIEN, 27, Beeton Ont, same, d/o John O'BRIEN & Catharine WALSH, witn: James JORDAN & Tillie NICHOL, no place of residence given, on Dec. 14, 1896 at St. Michael’s Cathedral (RC) 015172-96 - John McGUIRE, 29, no occupation given, Toronto, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Mary DEVLIN, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Patrick DEVLIN & Mary DEMPSEY, witn: George GIROUT & Ann McGUIRE both of Toronto on June 24, 1896 at Toronto. (RC)
#014575-96 (Toronto) Francis McKENNA, 33, Ireland, Toronto, b, teamster, s/o Peter McKENNA & Alice CORR, married Margaret DONOVAN, 33, Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o Dennis DONOVAN & Ellen REGAN, witn: Charles CRITTENDEN, Mrs. Anne CRITTENDEN, both Toronto, married 27 January 1896, St. Helen's #015359-96 (Toronto) John Murdock McKENZIE, 22, Culross Twp, 18 Clark St Toronto, b, harness maker, s/o Norman McKENZIE & Sarah McKAY, married Eva Gertrude ROBINSON, 18, Toronto, 22 Gerrard St W Toronto, widow, d/o William ROBINSON & Ann CONNOR, witn: Mattie HAHNDORF, William ROBINSON, both Toronto, married 7 August 1896, 22 Gerrard St. W, Toronto
015702-97 - James McKIBBON, 24, barber, Antrim Ireland, Toronto, s/o James & Sarah, married Isabella Margaret HOPKINS, 24, Cooksville, Toronto, d/o Thomas H. & Emily, witn: John & Susan CHRISTIE both of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1896 #015373-96 (Toronto) Arthur MERRETT, 22, Toronto, same, b, labourer, s/o Samuel & Emma, married Annie CARTER, 20, Toronto, same, s, d/o George & Mary, witn: S. PLASTER, Sarah PLASTER (or Plasher), both Toronto, married 26 August 1896, St. Pauls Chur ch
#015370-96 (Toronto) William Alexander MILLIGAN, 21, Toronto, 46 Humbert St., b, traveler, s/o William Alexander MILLIGAN & Theresa GLENDENNING, married Sarah Ellen WARD, 19, Cataract Ont, 54 Hayden St, s, d/o Benjamin WARD & Constance MASTERSON, witn: John KIDD, Olive KIDD, both 95 Seaton, married 11 August 1896, 95 Seaton St #014764-96 (Toronto), James MILLS, 55, merchant, widower, Monaghan Ireland, Sault St Marie, s/o Robert & Jane married Eva Elizabeth BELL, 38, Emery Ont, Toronto, d/o James & Jane; wit: W.A. PLAYTER & Ada Emily GRAY both of Toronto; 2 Mar 1896, Toronto
#014832-96 (Toronto), Henry Clarke MILLS, 35, engineer, Ontario; 370 Orford St. - Toronto, s/o Jesse & Mary Ann married Margaret Velma DEANS, 25, Ontario, Toronto, d/o John & Mary Ann; wit: William MILLS & Alice DEANS both of Toronto; 14 Nov 1896, Toronto #015930-96 (Toronto): David Alexander MITCHELL, 21, printer, Brampton, Toronto, s/o William Alexander & Sarah Carr MITCHELL, married Charlotte Isabel CLARKE, 20, London Ont., Toronto, d/o Joseph & Jennie, witn: Charles D. WILSON & Lillie Ellen JEAN, both of Toronto, 25 Dec 1896
#015381-96 (Toronto) John MORROW, 52, Ireland, Toronto, b, merchant, parents not listed, married Catherine LYON, 54, United States, Toronto, widow, parents not listed, witn: John B. LYON of Chicago, G.W. TORRANCE of Toronto, married 8 July 1896 #014695-96 (Toronto): Henry MORTSON, 22, nailer, Uxbridge, Toronto, s/o Philip & Maria, married Emma McKEE, 21, Beeton, Toronto, d/o Hugh & Ann, witnesses were Fred SHIUTLEFF? & Marion REEVES of Toronto, Feb. 3, 1896
#015160-96 Martin Jos. MOYLETT, 41, St Catharines Ont, Texas US, b, hotel keeper, s/o P.K. & Margt. MOYLETT, married Mary McGRAIL (nee Rorke), 36, Oshawa, Toronto, widow, d/o John RORKE & Alice MAISLEY, witn Patrick MAYLETT (sic), Eliz. RORKE, both Toronto, married 22 June 1896, St Mary's Church (RC) #015929-96 (Toronto): Andrew MULRAIN, 29, carpenter, Hastings Ont., Springfield Ont, s/o Michael & Catherine Jane, married Elizabeth RUNDLE, 28, Springfield, Streetsville, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Frank J. O'NEAL & George CLARK, both of Toronto, 28 Dec 1896
#015354-96 (Toronto) Horatio Webster NELSON, 29, England, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o Jonathan & Hannah NELSON, married Lucy DAYMENT, 22, Toronto, same, s,d/o James & Ellen DAYMENT, witn; Susie DAYMENT, A.W. ARNOTT, both Toronto, married 19 August 1896 #014697-96 (Toronto): Joseph NORTH, 21, butcher, Bedfordshire England, Toronto, s/o Harry & Elizabeth, married Isabella CAMPBELL, 19, Toronto, same, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were Fred MARVIN & Marion REEVES, both of Toronto, Jan 28, 1896
#014698-96 (Toronto): Robert Grant OAG, 29, merchant, Burlington, Toronto, s/o James & Mary, married Emily FARRELL, 19, Owen Sound, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Sarah, Jan. 22, 1896 015165-96 John O'CONNOR, 24, Port Credit, Toronto, b, Artisan, s/o Maurice O'CONNOR & Hanna HARTNETT, married Ellen FOGARTY, 23, Guelph Ont, Toronto, s, d/o Thomas FOGARTY & Ellen SHAD, witn Richard FOLEY, Gertrude FOGARTY, both Toronto, married 1 June 1896, St Mary's Church (RC)
15701-96 (Toronto): John Henry O'DONNELL, 21, clerk, Guelph, 120 Grange Ave., s/o Edward & Jane, married Mary Robena EMSLIE, 24, Guelph, 128 Portland St., d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Emma L. EMSLIE of 128 Portland St. & Alice HARRINGTON of Toronto, 21 Aug 1896 014696-96 (Toronto): James Murray OGILVIE, 25, bricklayer, Elginshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Elizabeth DEATH, 19, London England, Toronto, d/o Daniel & Rachel Jane, witnesses were Richard ANDERSON & Georgina DAVIS, both of Toronto, Jan. 24, 1896
#015187-96 (Toronto): Peter G. PAXTON, 36, farmer, King, King twp., s/o Peter & Jane, married Jennie McGILLIVRAY, 30, Glenelg twp - Grey, d/o Dougald McGILLIVRAY & Flora McLEAN, witn: Jennie GAMBLE of Glammis & Walter NESS of Toronto, 11 March 1896 #015792-96 (Toronto): George PEARSON, 30, teamster, Thornhill, Toronto, s/o William & Annie, married Florence HILLIARD, 21, Peterborough, Toronto, s/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: John & Olive KIDD, 11 Nov 1896
#015350-96 (Toronto) Elgin H. PERRIN, 22, Preston, Newmarket, b, merchant, s/o William & Harriet PERRIN, married Annie G. BASSETT, 21, Newmarket, Pine Orchard, s, d/o William & Henrietta BASSETT, witn: Mary BULL of Toronto, Eva BRADSHAW of Buffalo, married 25 July 1896 015181-96 - Charles E. PICKARD, 23, plumber, England, Toronto, s/o William & Isabella, married Mary A. WEST, 20, Toronto, same, d/o Henry F. & Sarah, witn: W. H. & Alice WEST both of Toronto on June 24, 1896
#015818-96 (Toronto): Charles Wellington PLAXTON, 29, motorman, Oro twp., Toronto, s/o John & Martha, married Alice Elizabeth WRIGHT, 26, Manchester England, Toronto, d/o John & Eliza, witnesses were A.H. THARLE & Maggie McCULLOUGH, both of Toronto, Nov. 13, 1896 015707-96 - James PORTER, 21, musician, Cleveland Ohio, Toronto, s/o Johnston & Amelia, married Carrie Rowena BROWN, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Philip & Catherine, witn: Marion REEVES & Catherine BROWN both of Toronto on Aug. 14, 1896
#014597-96 (Toronto)Woodruff Law POST 27, medical student, Canada, Toronto, s/o Woodruff & Lucretia Matilda Law POST, married Maude Agnes GREER, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o William & Catherine Moriarity GREER, witnesses were Gilbert Farquar DAVIDSON & Anna Roberta BLAIR, both of Toronto, Feb. 11, 1896 at St. Anne's parsonage #014586-96 (Toronto) James Joseph QUARRY, 34, Canada, Ann Arbour Mich, b, Chemist & Druggist, s/o Henry B. QUARRY & Johanna COLLINS, married Josephine L. HARRIS, 25, Park Hill, Toronto, s, d/o John Luke HARRIS & Sarah E. LEVER, witn: John M. GIBBS of Park Hill, Mrs. F. CARASHILL of Montreal, Mary QUARRY of Park Hill, married 5 February 1896, St. Basils Church (Rom Cath)
#015358-96 (Toronto) Frederick Wellington RAYNIER, 30, Woodstock Ont, Medicine Hat NWT, b, trainman, s/o Robert & Mary RAYNIER, married Henrietta WINTERSGILL, 29, England, Toronto, s,d/o John & Nancy WINTERSGILL, withn: Frank John HABGOOD, Mary Ellen WINTERSGILL, both Toronto, married 12 August 1896, 6 Drummond Place 15696-96 (Toronto): Robert James REDDIE, 34, locomotive engineer, Toronto, 155 Bathurst St. Toronto, s/o Hugh & Mary Pollock REDDIE, married Mary Ann Crawford McKeown SHAW, 23, NY City, Toronto, d/o Hunter & Jennie, witn: George HUTTON of E. Toronto & Emily WHITLOCK of Toronto, 9 Sept 1896
015706-96 - Robert I. REED, 28, druggist, Mount Forest Ont., Brooklyn N.Y., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Helena Annie STEWART, 26, Toronto, same, d/o Lachlan & Mary Jane, with: Andrew DALE of Mount Forest & Rae REED of Toronto on Aug. 19, 1896 #015162-96 William D. ROBINSON, 32, London Eng, Hamilton, b, s/o James ROBINSON & Mary DEVINE, married Anastasia COONEY, 25, US, Toronto, s, d/o Peter COONEY & Kathleen EVOY, witn James NOLAN, Mary COONEY, both Toronto, married 20 April 1896, St Mary's Church (RC)
015922-96 - James ROSS, 31, civil engineer, Galt Ont, Toledo Ohio, s/o John & Jessie married Mary A. RUSHTON, 29, London England, Toronto, d/o George & Hannah, witn: John D. C. McFAGGAN? (page cut off) & Jessie C. ROSS both of Galt Ont., on Dec. 23, 1896 #015366-96 (Toronto) Thomas J. ROULSTON, 33, Ireland, Toronto, b, labourer, s/o William & Mary ROULSTON, married Lizzie HENEY, 30, Ireland, Toronto, s,d/o John & Jane HENEY, witn: Robert MARTIN, Maggie HENEY, both Toronto, married 25 August 1896
#014585-96 (Toronto) Frederick Jas. RUTHERFORD, 24, Brant Co Ont, Hamilton Ont, b, clerk, s/o David RUTHERFORD & Margaret WILSON, married Martha May BOYLE, 22, Toronto, same, s, d/o James BOYLE & Jennet E. HEADLEY, witn: Charles C. BOYLE, Helen THOMAS, both Toronto, married 5 February 1896 #015158-96 H.L. SENECAL, 30, London Eng, Los Angeles Cal, b, orange grower, s/o Robert & Rosabel, married E.B. MUNTZ, 30, Montreux, Toronto, s, d/o Eugene & Emma, witn G.H. MUNTZ, M. BOULTBEE, both Toronto, married 4 July 1896, St George's Church
015907-96 - Robert SEXTON, 32, farmer, Norfolk England, Scarboro Tp., s/o George & Sarah married Bessie SLEE, 28, Devonshire England, Scarboro Tp., d/o John & Louisa, witn: Daisy WARNER & Frank BYRNE both of Toronto on Oct. 19, 1896 #015159-96 John SIMPSON, 38, Dufferin Co Ont, Toronto, widower, conductor C.P. Rly, s/o Robert & Mary Sarah SIMPSON, married Azile Alice LAWS, 36, Welland Co Ont, Toronto, widow, d/o Norman Chandler & Sarah HOLCOME, witn Mr. Frederick SOUTHCOTT, Miss I.J. TULLOCH, both Toronto, married 30 June 1896
015921-96 - Thomas Lewis SOUTHAM, 23, bicycle maker, London England, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Emma, married Fannie Maria BOLTON, 21, Winchester Springs, Toronto, d/o Hugh & Luthera, witn: Hugh BOLTON & Lizzie MILNER both of Toronto on Oct. 28, 1896 015899-96 - John SPINKS, 21, driver, Canada, Toronto, s/o Joseph SPINKS & Amelia JEFFS, married Mary Ann SMITH, 18, Canada, Toronto, d/o George SMITH & Emma CARTER, witn: Andrew & Mrs. McREATH both of Toronto on Dec. 14, 1896
015934-96 - William Henry SPOTT, 28, barrister, Canada, Wiarton Ont, s/o Henry Byron & Anna, married Winifred McGillivray BUCHAN, 28, Canada, Toronto, d/o John Milne & Helen Leslie, witn: Frederick C. L. JONES & May Helen BUCHAN both of Toronto on Dec. 29, 1896 at Church of the Redeemer 015909-96 - Frederick Clark STEPHENSON, 32, medical student, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John Wilson & Caroline, married Annie Davina WATSON, 30, Ontario, Toronto, d/o William & Helena Ann, witn: A.C. STEPHENSON, & Hillie WATSON both of Toronto on Nov. 18, 1896
015908-96 - William Smith STEWART, 34, gardener, Durham Co. Ont., Cooksville Ont., s/o John James & Jane, married Minnie Amelia Frances COX, 33, Cooksville, same, d/o William & Matilda, witn: Frank BYRNE & C.O. LUCAS both of Toronto on Dec. 2, 1896 15698-96 (Toronto): William TAYLOR, 28, plate glass cutter, Middlesex England, 67 Queens St. East, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary McLEOD, 22, Kincardine Ont., 123 Winchester St., d/o Alexander & Maggie, witn: A.C. & A.M. WILLIAMS of Toronto, 26 Aug 1896
015902-96 - Frankland TERRY, 24, merchant, Linwood, Toronto, s/o David TERRY & Mary A. CUNNINGHAM, married Jessie Elizabeth LOBB, 24, Toronto, same, d/o Francis LOBB & Jessie CORNELL witn: Addie B. & Charles F. LOBB on Dec. 8, 1896 #015365-96 (Toronto) William Stephens THOMAS, 30, Wales, Bert Montana US, b, Analytical chemist, s/o Thomas S. & Elizabeth THOMAS, married Mary Agnes Drummond BURNS, 30, Hamilton, Toronto, s, d/o Charles W. & Jennett BURNS, witn: F.E. BURNS of Hamilton, Lillie McMONIES of Waterdown, married 26 August 1896, St. Marks Church, Parkdale
#015356-96 (Toronto) John THOMPSON, 37, Armagh Ireland, 10 Taylor St Toronto, b, labourer, s/o John & Margaret THOMPSON, married Elizabeth OPENSHAW, 28, Bolten England, 155 Parliament St Toronto, s, d/o William & Martha OPENSHAW, witn: Mrs. M. THOMPSON, 148 George St, Toronto, Alex OPENSHAW, 155 Parliament St Toronto, married 22 August 1896, 15 Elgin Ave #015367-96 (Toronto) William J. THOMSON, 32, Scarboro, New York, b, wholesale Dry Goods, s/o James G. & Agnes THOMSON, married Louise M. CLOSSON, 27, Pickering, Toronto, s, d/o Lorenzo D. & Mary A. CLOSSON, witn: Andrew H. THOMSON of Montreal, Allis HAWDON of Whitby, married 25 August 1896
#001023-96 (Toronto): John THORNE, 23, farmer, Devonshire England, Scarboro, s/o Wiliam THORNE & Elizabeth WHIPPEN, married Lucy WALTON, 24, widow, Chesire England, Scarboro, d/o Charles COLTHART & Ann DAW, witn: Thomas & Bessie MAIR of Scarboro, 12 Nov 1896 #014584-96 (Toronto) Angelo TORTI, 26, Italy, Detriot Mich US, b, music teacher, s/o Agustino & Delora TORTI, married Ama Di MARTO, 23, Italy, Toronto, s, d/o Joseph & Masmo Di MARTO, witn: Kate GALBRAITH, Lizzie MOSHER, both Toronto, married 1 February 1896
#015154-96 Heber Switzer TRACY, 29, Canada, Toronto, widower, tailor, s/o Jacob Witzer TRACY & Sarah BAKER, married Mary Eliza OTTO, 24, Canada, Toronto, s, d/o Stephen OTTO & Mary Jane GALLOWAY, witn; Miss Essie OTTO, Mrs. W. MILLAR, married 2 July 1896 #015927-96 (Toronto): Jared G. Carter TROOP, 37, journalist, Bridgetown NS, Montreal, s/o William Henry & Georgina, married Minnie F. TEMPLE, 24, Toronto, same, d/o James Algernon & Esie, witn: Charles S. MacINNES of 163 Beverly St. & Contanca TEMPLE of 205 Simcoe St., 7 Oct 1896
#015796-96 (Toronto): William Harry TROUP, 22, butcher, Jordan - Lincoln Co., same, s/o James & Jane, married Thania RITTENHOUSE, 21, Jordan, same, d/o Daniel B. & Mary, witn: Mrs. Jesse & Mrs. Agnes GIBSON of Toronto, 14 Oct 1896 #014598-96 (Toronto) Augustus Henry WALKER, 23, banker, no birth place given, Niagara Falls, s/o Henry S & Emma, married Minnie Louisa Ellen NEWBIGGING, 21, England, Toronto, d/o R.E. NEWBIGGING & not given, witnesses were Henry S. WALKER & Robert NEWBIGGING, April 3, 1896 at St. Margaret's church
#015793-96 (Toronto): John Charles WARD, 21, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o David WARD & Rose PARADIS, married Elizabeth Ellen FERRY, 23, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas FERRY & Maria TOSKETT (or Foskett), witn: W.E. GROVES of 257 Carlton St. & Eliza SUTLIDGE of 255 Carlton St., 12 Nov 1896 015184-96 - Charles Wilmot WATERHOUSE, 34, gentleman, Southampton England, Huntsville Ont., s/o Wilmot Henry & Margaret Maria, married Hylda HARTLEY, 29, Griggleswick England, Settle Yorkshire England, d/o William & Emily, witn: James Edward FLEMING of Humber Bay Ont., & Mary Hannah LASKIN of Toronto on June 22, 1896
  #015369-96 (Toronto) Charles WATSON, 36, Vaughan Twp, Toronto, b, clerk, s/o Hugh & Mary WATSON, married Caroline Edna FOOTE, 28, Markham Twp, Toronto, widow, d/o George & Caroline HOSHEL, witn: O.H.LYON of Barrie, Louise DAWSON of Toronto, married 26 August 1896
#015152-96 Samuel WATSON, 23, Stranrear Scotland, Toronto, b street car conductor, s/o Richard & Sarah WATSON, married Eva HARVIE, 19, Toronto, same, s, d/o Amos & Ida HARVIE, witn Rev. J. A. JAFFREY of Banff NWS, Janet NEIL of Toronto, married 15 June 1896 015710-96 - George Henry WEBSTER, 23, carpenter, Liverpool England, Toronto, s/o James Henry & Alice, married Henrietta Mary SMALLRIDGE, 22, Toronto, same, d/o John & Henrietta Mary, witn: S. G. & A. M. WILLIAMS both of Toronto on July 28, 1896
015916-96 - John Jeremiah WELLER, 21, mechanic, Canada, Toronto, s/o John & Mary, married Mary McDONALD, 19, England, Toronto, d/o Patrick & Margaret, witn: Charles MOORE & Minnie ELLIOTT both of Toronto on Dec. 5, 1896 015178-96 - Francis John WHIMSETT? (Page cut off), 25, teamster, Coburg, Toronto, d/o John & Harriet, married Louisa BERBOUR, 22, Buckingham England, Toronto, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: George SMITH of Toronto & Anna GALBRAITH of Burlington on June 30, 1896
#015351-96 (Toronto) David Malcolm WOODS, 24, Brockville, Toronto, b, mechanic, s/o Brillis & Sarah WOODS, married Matilda A. GARBUTT, 25, Port Hope, Toronto, s, d/o Charles & Mary GARBUTT, witn: Millie H. WILSON, Louie DAWSON, both Toronto, married 28 July 1896 001022-96 (Toronto): Oliver Joseph WRIGHT, 28, carpenter, Lloydtown, King twp., s/o John WRIGHT & Hannah SMITH, married Henrietta HEWLETT, 23, Thameshead England, Buffalo, d/o Henry HEWLETT & Jane CLARKE, witn: Marie PATERSON & Harriet BACON, both of Toronto, 14 Nov 1896
015703-96 - David William WRIGHT, 20, butcher, Toronto, same, s/o Bryan & Ann, married Luella May SMITH, 19, Brockville, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Delilah, witn: Ernest MARSON & Lizzie DOLAN both of Toronto on Aug 19, 1896 015151-96 John Thomas WRIGLEY, 27, Saddlesworth Yorkshire Eng, Norway Ont, b, cabinet maker, s/o Sarah Jane & John WRIGLEY, married Margaret SIMPSON, 21, Armagh Ireland, Toronto, s, d/o William & Mary SIMPSON, witn; Charles Byron BELL, Mary Hannah GRAHAM, both Toronto, married 5 June 1896
#015380-96 (Toronto) Henry Brydes YATES, 30, Montreal Canada, same, b, Doctor of Medicine, s/o Henry & Emily YATES, married Alice Mary BUNTING, 26, Toronto Ont Canada, same, s, d/o Christopher W. & Mary E. BUNTING, witn: W.H. BUNTING of Toronto, Edith RIORDON of St. Catherines, married 11 January 1896, St. James Cathedral #015048-96 (Toronto): William J. YOUNG, 20, bookkeeper, Toronto, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Florence CLARKE, 23, England, Toronto, d/o Charles & Hannah, witn: Alec YOUNG & Annie CLARKE, both of Toronto, 24 June 1896