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Other "Unknown" Truemans of Ontario

In the 1861 census, Brampton, there is a William TRUEMAN age 6 & Sarah TRUEMAN age 9, living with Charles & Elizabeth KING (ages 50 & 51) and their son Charles (21) & his wife Sarah & son Edward (1). There may be some relation between these children and William TRUEMAN of Chinguacousy twp who married Elizabeth Jane KING of Toronto on 23 April 1845.

Isabella TRUEMAN married Thomas RUDDLE, both were of Beverly twp Wentworth Co., on 23 Jan 1845, witn: Alexander DALGLEISH & George ELLIOTT

York Co. Marriage Registers - Lucy TRUEMAN, d/o James, of Pickering, married John MONKHOUSE in 1867. There is a John MONKHOUSE in the 1871 census - Pickering twp., Ontario Co.

Home District Marriages - John TRUEMAN of Chinguacousy & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, m 14 May 1845, witn: William ELLIOTT & John MIDDLETON?. It is probably their daughter Ann Elizabeth TRUEMAN who married James TILT, 24, builder, born in Canada, res of Brampton, s/o James & Jane, on 26 April 1870 at Brampton . Ann was age 19 & born in Canada, res of Brampton. witn: Rev. William JOHNSTON & William ELLIOTT, both of Brampton.......... this John TRUEMAN, of Chinguacousy twp., died 11 Aug 1856 and Guardianship papers are found on microfilm G.S. 2-240,York Co surrogate court, item #11-25: John left behind his widow, Elizabeth, and 5 infant children- Mary Jane, William Edgar, Ann Elizabeth, Richard Henry & John Jr..... in the 1861 census these 5 children are found in Brampton living with John SHAW (age 31, born in England) and Elizabeth SHAW (age 35, born in Upper Canada): Mary Jane age 14, William age 13, Ann & Richard age 11, and John age 9 (all TRUEMANs) + John SHAW age 7. Did John TRUEMAN's widow Elizabeth re-marry? ......... Richard Henry TRUEMAN is probably the R.H. TRUMAN who married Minnie McCONNELL, 2nd d/o William McCONNELL, in Brampton on Jan 21, 1885..... this couple went west on a bridal tour accourding to the Brampton Conservator of 23 Jan 1885, and then moved to Winnipeg in May of 1888 (Brampton Conservator of 4 May 1888), eventually settling in Vancouver (B.C., 31 Dec 1891) where Minnie died on Mon. Jan. 9, 1893 of heart disease (B.C. Jan 19, 1893). There was a Richard Henry Trueman who was a photographer, born 1856 in Ontario, but I do not know if this is the same one. A link to his biography.

( gives the following biography of Richard Henry Trueman, photographer.... "He began as a tinsmith in Brampton, but had purchased a photo studio by 1886 and called it the Popular Photograph Parlor. He sold the studio in 1888 and moved to Brandon, Manitoba, to homestead with his wife Minnie (d. 1893). Trueman returned to Ontario and there met and formed a partnership with young Norman Caple from England. The two are supposed to have met in Toronto. Trueman & Caple travelled the Canadian Pacific Railway line for about a year and then set up headquarters in Vancouver. After the partnership was dissolved, Trueman remained in Vancouver but is not listed in the directories of 1895-1897. He was, however, travelling through the Prairies and appears to have spent most of the time in Medicine Hat between 1894-99. The newspaper references stated he was from Vancouver. He continued to travel extensively and up until two months before his death was managing his Revelstoke branch studio. Trueman was a superb landscape photographer and was one of few West Coast photographers to print his negatives on platinum paper. The first modern publicexhibit of his work was produced by the Peter and Catharine Whyte Foundation, Banff, in 1981."

marriage reg for Richard TRUEMAN:  8992-84 Richard TRUEMAN, 30, photographer, Brampton, same, s/o John & Elizabeth HUNTER (sic, s/b Trueman), married Minnie McCONNELL, 23, born Chinguacousy, res of Brampton, d/o William & Ann McCONNELL, witn: John M. ELLIOTT of London & Isaac McCONNELL of Brampton, 21 Jan 1885 at Brampton

In both an 1856 an an 1859/60 Toronto Directory, there is a Gilbert TRUEMAN, tailor. In the latter Directory his residence is given as 155 Centre St.

Home District Marriages - John OVERLAND and Mary Ann TRUEMAN, 4 Oct 1841 at Chinguacousy twp., witn: John ELLIOTT & William TRUEMAN. Mary Ann was d/o Richard

Adaliza TRUEMAN m. Henry Vervelen BARNIM, 22 March 1831, both of Charlotteville, witn: Rhoda TRUEMAN

Ann M. TRUEMAN, m. James Russell BARNUM, 20 June 1832, both of Charlotteville

Mary TRUEMAN m. John TYRREL, 6 Nov 1834, both of Bayham, witn: John TRUEMAN


There was also a Hannah TRUEMAN who married a James MORRIS & on 18 Oct 1849 they had a daughter Eliza, Beckwith twp., Lanark Co. This family is in the 1851 census for Beckwith (con 11 lot 2P) as: James age 49 born Ireland, Hannah 32 born Ontario, Lucinda 12 born Ont., Thomas 7 born Ont., amd Eliza age 3 born Ont. There were other Morris families there. James and Hannah's family has grown by the time of the 1861 census, Beckwith twp: James as age 50, Hannah age 40, Truman age 26 (blacksmith) born Ont., Lucinda 24, Thomas 14, Elijah (Eliza?)10, Adeline 8, Samuel 7, Ann 2, Ira 1.

In the 1852 census there was an Eliza TRUMAN age 22 born Ont, seemingly on her own.

Continuing with the MORRIS connection - a Helen TRUEMAN married a James MORRIS and had a daughter Annie in 1860 - on 30 June 1880, Annie MORRIS married Thomas GRIFFITHS in Perth, Lanark Co.

Also in Lanark Co, 1861 census for Montague twp: TRUEMAN - William age 29, cabinet maker born in England, Sophia age 30 born in England, Elizabeth age 6, Mary Ann age 5, Louisa age 3 and Sophia age 1. All children born in England.

1861 census, Chinguacousy twp - Ann Jane TRUEMAN, age 23, widow, b. Ireland, lodging with the SNELL family along with daughter Ann Jane TRUEMAN, age 1.

29 Sept 1869, birth of Samuel Robert TRUEMAN to Samuel TRUEMAN & Rebecca GOODFELLOW in Wentworth Co........ this is probably the same family as: marriage reg #001519-92 (Brant Co): Fred TRUMAN, 25, carpenter, born in Hamilton, resident of Brantford, s/o Samuel James & Re-, married Lillie SQUIRE, 25, born in & res of Brantford, d/o Jesse & Jennie, witn: Joseph MINCHELL & Synthia BROWN, both of Brantford, 26 Sept 1892 at Brantford

20 Sep 1869, birth of William TRUEMAN to William TRUEMAN, accountant & Hannah STREET, of 201 King St., Hamilton.....

Sept 11, 1859 birth of Samuel George TRUEMAN, s/o William & Hannah (nee SREET), in Perth, Lanark Co. This Samuel died on 9 Sept 1928 at Hamilton, of cerebral hemorrhage at age 69 years. He was a printer. His death registration (#38338-28) gives his date of birth as 9 Nov 1859, in Perth Ont. Sister is given as Mrs. Fred ARNOLD of 6 Nightingale St., Hamilton. Buried at Woodlawn cemetery. Single.

William Arthur TRUMAN was the full name of William, s/o William & Hannah (b.1869). He was a 24 year old paper cutter living in Hamilton when he married Emma Louisa BINKLEY on 28 March 1894 (reg # 13313-94). Emma was age 23, born in Millgrove Ont., resident of Hamilon, and d/o John & Sarah. The witness at the wedding was a Jane A. COLEMAN, probably a relation of the officiating minister, Francis COLEMAN.

The family of William Hannah TRUMAN of Hamilton (Ward 1) appears in the 1881 census as: William age 42, book keeper, born in Ontario of English ancestry, Hannah age 40 also born in Ontario of English ancestry and children: Sam 21 (printer), Chas 19 (shoemaker), Emma 15, William 11, Alfred 8, Frederick 5 and Margaret 2.

Also in the 1881 census, Ward 7, Hamilton, Wentworth, Frank TRUMAN age 22, born in Ont of English ancestry, barber, C of E, along with Sate TRUMAN, female, widow, 55, of Irish ancestry & born in Ireland, plus Alice TRUMAN 21, George TRUMAN 19, Gartner TRUMAN 17, Thomas 16, Frederick 13 - the last 5 all born in Ontario & of English ancestry.

Ontario death reg 35777-33 is for an Edmund Bruce TRUEMAN, who died 9 Feb 1933 of heart disease. He was age 50 + 11 + 8, born 1 March [1882 was written in afterwards] in Hamilton, s/o William TRUEMAN & Hannah STREET. The informant on the registration is his daughter, Frances TRUEMAN, of 214 Cumberland Ave. in Hamilton. Edmund was was a book keeper for Chadwick & Carroll Brass Co.

Emma TRUEMAN, d/o William & Hannah married Edward RICHARDSON on 13 Aug 1888 in Hamilton (12832-88).  Edward was s/o s/o William & Mary




23 April 1876, birth of Melissa Agnes TRUEMAN, d/o George TRUEMAN, gardener, & Naomi SCOTT of Bronte, Halton Co. In the 1871 census there is a George TRUEMAN, gardener, born in England, living in Trafalgar twp, film C-9955 (B 3 pg 25)....another daughter of George & Naomi was Martha and her marriage reg is #013203-08 (Middlesex Co): Joseph C. WESEMAN, 26, clerk, b. Sandwich Ont., of Walkerville, s/o Joseph WESEMAN & Emma BURBONS, married Martha TRUEMAN, 24, b. Toronto, of Windsor, d/o George TRUEMAN & Naomi SCOTT, witnesses were Mr. & Mrs. L.P. JOHNSTON, of London, 4 Sept., 1907 at London..... George & Naomi also had a son Frederick whose marriage reg is: 6806-01 (Essex Co): Frederick TRUMAN, 21, machinist, Ontario, Windsor, s/o George TRUMAN & Naomi SCOTT, married M. Zolphee KNAPP, 24, Ontario, Windsor, d/o Ernest KNAPP & Caroline LESPERANCE, witn: Jacob LAJOIE & Louise KNAPP, both of Belle River, 28 Nov 1901 at Windsor.......... This family is in the 1881 census in Oakville: George 41, b. England, gardener; Naomi age 42 born England; John 22 mariner born Ont; William 20 mariner b. USA; Lucy 19 born England; Henry 16 born England; Emily 14 born England; Harriet 12 b. Ont; George 10 b. Ont; Frederick 9 b. Ont; Lily 7 b. Ont; and Martha A. 3 born Ont........

003380.  County of Essex, Division of Windsor.  On 16 Nov [1887], at Windsor by J. M. Hudson, by License.  Frederick HORN, 35, of Chatham Ont, born London, bachelor, laborer, Episcopalian, son of Frederick & Anne Horn, married Hattie TRUMAN, 19, of Windsor, born Bronte, spinster, Methodist, daughter of George & Naomie.  Witnesses Alice GILES & Henry TRUMAN, Windsor.

John, s/o George & Naomi who as a 22 yr old mariner in 1881 is probably the same as this John: age 32, sailor, born Ontario, both parents born England in the 1891 census in Oakville, along with his wife Alice who is age 24, born in England, and their two children: John 6 & Florence 2, both of whom were born in Ontario.... Then, death reg # 38226-28 is for John TRUMAN, s/o George TRUMAN & Naomi SCOTT, died on 19 Aug 1928 at age 68 years, of chronic asthama, at Hamilton General Hospital. Born in Ontario on 10 March 1860, sailor. Both parents born in England. Wife was Alice, of 87 Bur--? in Hamilton. Buried at Eoodland cemtery.

Also in Halton County (Milton) in the 1881 census is: Henry H. TRUMAN age 33, English ancestry & born in England, clerk, C of E, with his wife Ellan age 31 of English ancestry & born in England, and children: Ellen H. 11, Henry D. 9. Mary 8, Louise K. 7, Grace E. 6 and William D. age 4

18 March 1882, Alma Gertrude TRUEMAN, birth, d/o George TRUEMAN, mill owner, & Eliza WEAVER, of Houghton, Norfolk Co.

On 4 July 1870 a Sarah Jane MOORE, widow, nee Truman (d/o William TRUMAN & Alice REED),married a James WRIGHT in Kingston. James was a cabinet maker, age 48, s/o James WRIGHT & Agnes MORRISON. Sarah Jane was age 28, born in Elizabethtown Ontario.

2 April 1871, death of John TRUEMAN (b. Ontario, age 64, C of E) in Hamilton

From BDM from the Christian Messenger "At the residence of Robert McLEAN, on May 19 1875, Robert Grant McLEAN to Alice J. TRUEMAN, all of Toronto.

21 May 1883 birth of Arthur Ernest TRUEMAN, s/o John Henry TRUEMAN, shingle maker, & Elizabeth Jane COCHRANE of Gravenhurst. This couple aslo had a son, John Wilford on 27 July 1887 & at this time, father's occupation was given as photographer

14 Sep 1883, illegitimate male, no name, s/o Amelia TRUEMAN, at Toronto General Hospital

1889 birth of James William TRUEMAN, s/o George William TRUEMAN, livery man, & Mary Eliza ROSS of 683/5 Queen St. W., Toronto

4 May 1889, birth of May TRUEMAN, d/o Thomas Carlton TRUEMAN, barber, & Mary Christena ROSS, of Toronto

27 Feb 1880, birth Lottie TRUEMAN, d/o William TRUEMAN, cab maker, & Frances Myra HARRIS of 85 Edward St., Toronto

14 Feb 1899, death of Jane TRUEMAN, widow of John, at 150 Victor Ave., Toronto. Jane was born in Ireland and she died of "La Grippe". Victor Ave. is near Broadview & Logan.

18 April 1899, death of Lillian TRUEMAN, Metcalfe twp., Middlesex Co.

27 Sept 1900, death of Myrtle TRUEMAN, Toronto

birth reg # 31068-01: Myrtle Evelyn TRUEMAN, 26 April 1901, Brampton, s/o Albert Madison & Harriet TRUEMAN - am not sure if Madison was a surname or a middle name

birth reg # 31320-01: Almer Gordon DENISON, 3 Sept, Toronto twp., s/o George, farmer, & Emma TRUEMAN

birth reg # 31256-01: Laura Victoria GARBUTT, 22 Jan, Toronto twp., d/o George, farmer, & Lydia TRUEMAN (this is probably Lydia, d/o Richard & Rebecca nee Mellow)

14 July 1906, death of Fred C. TRUEMAN, age 15 yrs, 3 months, 4 days, buried at Vandeleur cemetery, Artemesia twp., Grey Co.

death reg #28501-06 Fred William TRUEMAN died 17 March 1906 at age 23 yrs + 9 months, of typhoid. Born in England, laborer, single. Died at Fort William.

death reg 23062-06 Ruberta Verona TRUEMAN, died 30 July 1906 age 7 months, died of gastro-enteritis. Born in Brampton, died at John St. in Brampton

death reg 29034-06 Adelaide TRUMAN died 18 April 1906 at age 1 yr, d/o Samuel. Born in Eldon twp. Died at Lot 22, con 8 of Eldon twp., of heart affection.

death reg # 33343-06 Mary TRUEMAN died 16 Dec 1906 at age 77 yrs, of senilty. Married, wife of John. Born in England, died at 83 Quebec St. in Toronto.

death reg 21201-10 George TRUEMAN, died 1 July 1910 at age 67 yrs of heart disease (instantaneous death). Married, shoe maker. Born in England, s/o George & blank. Died in North Bay.

1821 census, Bathurst twp., Lanark Co., James TRUEMAN at lot 11 con 7

TRUMAN, Samuel R., Mrs., (nee Irene CHAPMAN) (Died on 6 Jul 1928) Death appeared in Daily Sentinel-Review (Woodstock), 7 Jul 1928, page 5, column 1 - Former Woodstock resident, in Detroit

1945 - birth announcement in Toronto Daily Star of 18 Oct 1945, To Mr. & Mrs. Reginald TRUMAN (nee Ann ASHALL), a son, at Wellesley Hospital, 16 Oct., a baby brouther for Douglas

1945 - death announcement in the Toronto Daily Star of 16 May 1945: Death of Richard Daniel BOYLE, at the home of his daughter Pearl (Mrs. Hugh HOGG) at 46 Aberdeen Ave., on 14 May 1945. Husband of Maude TRUMAN. In his 80th year, buried at Prospect cemetery

From the 1861 census for Sarnia twp., Lambton Co: Thomas TRUEMAN, born in England, age 67, C of E., mariner, living alone

From the 1901 census for Moore twp., Lambton Co: John TRUMAN, age 52, born 07/23/1849 in Ontario, of English origins, R.R. engineer, Methodist, his wife Elizabeth J., age 53, born 04/15/1849 in Ontario of Irish origins, and their two children, Lizzie age 27 & born 05/15/1873 plus Maud, age 23 & born 02/04/1874. Maud's birth registration gives her parents as John TRUEMAN, railway engineer & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, and she was born in St. Thomas, Elgin Co....... this family is buried at Moore Union cemetery, Moore twp., Lambton County... details: John 1848 - 1936; Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM 1848 - 1929; Hattie 1876 - 1923 (w/o W.G. STENASON); Elizabeth 1873 - 1947 (w/o William KERBY); and Maude born 1878.

marr reg #12288-10 gives Lizzie TRUEMAN, age 36, of Courtwright in Lambton Co., d/o John H. TRUEMAN & Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM, married William Warren KERBY, age 38, streetcar conductor of Chicago Illinois, s/o Alex KERBY & Jane SMITH, witnesses were Walter G. STENASON of Montreal & Maud TRUEMAN of Courtwright, married 22 Sept 1909.

marr reg # 6540-96 has Hattie TRUEMAN, age 21, of Courtwright, born St. Thomas, d/o John & Elizabeth, marrying Walter G. STENASON, age 24, stationary engineer of St. Thomas, born London England, s/o Albert & Margaret. Witnesses were W.H. GREEN of Courtwright & Maud E. RATTAN of Sarnia. 23 Dec 1896 at Courtwright

Elizabeth TRUEMAN died at age 80 years on 15 April 1928, of senile exhaustion, at Courtwright in Lambton Co. She was born in Brampton Ont. on 15 April 1848, d/o David CUNNINGHAM & Elizabeth McDONALD (both born in Ireland). Her husband was John H. TRUEMAN and he was still alive in 1928. She was buried at Union cemetery in Moore twp. reg # 19833-28

In the 1891 census, Burlington (Halton Co) is a Charles TRUMAN who is age 67, born in England, C of E, laborer, and his wife Mary Ann, age 35, born in England. They have many children. born in England - Charles 15, Albert 13, Ethel 12, Susie? 9; born in Ontario Herbert 7, Emma 5, Ester 3, & Menlos? 1.

Another Burlington Trueman: In the Canadian Champion of 16 Sept 1926 is a marriage notice: "At Niagara Falls NY, Friday Sept 3rd, Aileen B., youngest d/o Mr. and Mrs. James KENNEDY of Milton Ont., to A.R. TRUMAN, s/o Mr. and Mrs. A.E. TRUMAN of Burlington

In the 1891 census for Trafalgar twp (Halton Co): Ann TRUEMAN, widow, age 35, born Ontario, both parents born in Ireland, Methodist, and her children: Albert age 5 (father born England, mother born Ont), Thomas W. age 2, Ella age 7 & and Emma C. age 10.

From the Canadian Champion of 6 May 1909: In Esquesing on Sat. May 1st, 1909, Ann Jane TRUEMAN, wife of Peter HEUSER (or Henser?), in her 71st year.

Found buried at Kemptville, Grenville Co., is a Emily Jane TRUEMAN b. 23 Jan 1870 and d. 29 Nov 1898. She was the w/o John Alexander TUCK (26 Sept 1865 - 20 Oct 1947). John TUCK's second wife was Maria Jane ANDRUS (8 May 1863 - 22 Dec 1935). These three are buried together, along with a Harriett ANDRUS (29 July 1832 - 16 June 1900) who was w/o Jacob TUCK.

MS935 Reel 200 Deaths (1914) County of Oxford, Division of Dereham, no name CRANE, female, born Culloden, burial Dereham, parents Herbert CRANE & Florence TRUMAN. Dr Frank McGilvery.  Informant W. H. Bennett.  This was a still birth on Nov 5th 1914.

1923, death reg #12656 is for a Sarah Eleanor TRUEMAN, married, age 68, born 29 May 1854 at Dereham twp., d/o Joseph COOK & Elizabeth CLARK (who was born at Springfield). The informant on the death reg was Frank TRUMAN, son, of RR#1 Aylmer. Sarah died of cancer on 27 May and is buried at Calton cemetery...... This Sarah COOK was married to a George TRUMAN and their daughter, Minnie Grace TRUMAN married Murray R. VANVEYLOR (sp?) on 29 Nov 1905 at Port Burwell, Elgin Co (reg # 6416-05). Minnie was 20 years old & born in Malahide twp; Murray was 21 years old, born in Bayham twp and s/o James VANVEYLOR & Arsula CHALK; both Minnie & Murray were resident of Malahide at the time of the wedding (Murray was a farmer)..... George & Sarah also had a son, Colborne M. TRUMAN who in 1910 was a 29 yr old dentist living in Saskatchewan. Colborne married Mary Adah PHELPS of Malahide twp (a 22 yr old teacher), d/o Lewis L. PHELPS (deceased) & Martha A. ABELL, on 7 Sept 1910 at Malahide... witness were H.L. TRUMAN of Aberdeen, South Dakota and Maud L. PHELPS of Seville Ont. (reg # 7835-1910)

From More Notes from Methodist Papers: 1835-1857 "Mrs. Martha TRUEMAN, born in New York state, married at age 18. In 1816 she moved with her husband to Canada, settling at Kingston. Two years later they moved to Bayham, where she died 18 April 1850, age 54.

From BDM from the Christian Messenger issue of 31 Dec 1868: On 24th Dec., Adolphus McCONNELL of Bayham to Catherine TRUEMAN of Malahide"

Buried at Luton cemetery, Malahide twp: Margaret TRUMAN died 30 Sept 1923 in her 85th year, wife of Lawrence STURK (1832-1919).

1922, death reg # 19681 is for a Mary Ann TRUEMAN who died at Wellandra Hospital in St. Catharines. She was born in England on 25 Sept 1874, the d/o William George McDONALD and Maud Ann COOPER. She died 10 Jan 1922 of post-operative pneumonia. The informant on her death registration was her son, William J. TRUEMAN of 213 Niagara St., St. Catharines. She had lived in Ontario for 10 years.

1928, death reg # 39763 is for an Elizabeth TRUMAN who died at age 88 years on 22 April 1928 of senility & cerebral embolism, at Stouffville. She was a widow. Born in Markham twp on 24 July 1840, d/o Thomas REVIS & Ann FAIRLESS (both b. in England). Her sister was Mrs. W. BROWN of Stouffville.

Emma Louise TRUMAN, died at age 58 years, on 27 May 1928 of chronic nephritis, at 214 Cumberland Ave. in Hamilton. born in Millgrove on 24 March 1870, d/o John BINKLEY & Sarah Ann MORDEN (both b. Ontario). Husband was William TRUMAN. Buried at Hamilton. reg # 37916-28

Robert Douglas TRUMAN of 42 Wilson St. in Hamilton, died at age 29 days.  He was s/o Albert Ormand TRUMAN (b. Hamilton) & Hazel Belle LOOKE (Locke?) who was born in Whting Maine.  Robert died of acute [illegible word] & bronch pneumonia on 10 July 1935.  Buried in Woodland cemetery.  Death reg 37641-35

Marjory Joan TRUMAN, of Glentay Ont., died 15 March 1935 at Kingston Isolation Hospital at the age of 6 yrs + 11 months.  She was born in Eady Ont. of 16 April 1928, d/o Edward Thomas TRUMAN (b. Kirkfield Ont) & Irene Mayselle ROBINSON (b. Coldwater). She died of acute encephalitis following chicken pox.  Buried in Coldwater.  Death reg 15433-35

Toronto Star of 8 Jan 1945 has death notice for Walter TILLMAN of 563 St. Clair Ave West, h/o Rose TRUMAN, father of Dorothy (Mrs. Walter HUDSON). Buried at Propect cemetery.

Death reg 2051-13, Walter John TRUMAN, died 20 Feb 1913 at age 19 1/2 yrs., born in England, s/o Walter John & blank. Soldier. Died at Stanley Barracks in Toronto, of pneumonia.

for the following marriages - birth place is given before residence

#006131-74 (Peel Co): Robert JACKSON, 25, carpenter, England, St. Thomas, s/o Robert & Elizabeth FRANKLAND, married Harriett Alice TRUEMAN, 23, Peel Co., Brampton, d/o William J. & Elizabeth, witnesses were Joseph R. STERLING & E. McCLOUD, both of Cinguacousy, 16 Feb 1874 at Brampton

#008431-73 (Peel Co): John STREET, 24, carriage maker, Canada, York, married M. Anne TRUEMAN, 18, Canada, Brampton, d/o William & Elizabeth, witnesses were Henry KING of Toronto twp & Robert STREET of York, Sep 28, 1873 at Brampton

vol 15 pg 276 (Elgin Co): John Henry TRUEMAN, 25, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Moses & Phoebe Ann, married Mary BAKER, 21, Port Dover, Malahide, d/o Jonathan & Olive, witn: Sophia CULLEN & Kezia FREED, both of Malahide, 22 Nov 1871 at Aylmer... In 1902, there was a Moses TRUMAN who was age 45 and s/o Moses TRUMAN & Phoebe WEAVER who married Margaret JOHNSTONE (age 47, d/o Cyrus JOHNSTONE & Jane THORNTHWAITE) in Port Burwell, Elgin Co - reg # 5571-02. Moses Jr. was born in & resident of Malahide twp..... To complicate matters: in the 1901 census for Sombra twp., Lambton Co., there is a Moses TRUMAN who was born in England, 01/02/88 - he is a 'stray', a farm laborer, and C of E..... there is also a Moses TRUEMAN in the 1842 census for Malahide twp.

BAKER - In 1876 (12 Oct) Mary A. TRUMAN, age 26, born in Woodhouse, of Malahide, a widow, d/o John & Mary BAKER, married Wilson BEARSS, age 30, of Malahide. Marriage was in Orwell, Malahide twp.

vol 13 pg 184 (Norfolk Co): Hiram TRUMAN, 55, widower, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Jacob & Margaret, married Jane A. FRANKLIN, 48, Canada, Walsingham, d/o George & Rachel, witn: William HAYNES of Walsingham & H.J. MITCHENER of Houghton,  2 June 1870 at Walsingham

#010912-80 (Victoria Co) John Golderham FOREMAN, 30, farmer, England, Eldon, s/o William Walter & Elizabeth, married Adalade TRUEMAN, 20, Canada, Eldon, d/o John & Elisa, witness was M. LOGAN, 12 Oct 1880 at Fenelon Falls. There was a John TRUEMAN in the 1871 census living in Eldon twp, Victoria Co - age 47, farmer, Baptist, born England, film C-9982 (A 2 pg31)..... and there might be a relationship between Adalade above, and John Truman in the next marriage registration .......

#016620-02 (Victoria Co): John TRUMAN, 35, farmer, Uxbridge, Kirkfield, s/o John TRUMAN & Eliza MINTY, married Sarah Elizabeth GILMORE, 24, Uphill, Balsam Lake, d/o John GILMORE & "unknown", witn: Charles FORMAN of Kirkfield & Perl GILMORE of Balsam Lake, 7 May 1902 at Balsam Lake

1952-74 (Carleton Co): George H. TRUEMAN, 37, railway conductor, Canada, Monton (should be Moncton?) New Brunswick, s/o Stephen B. & Lydia, married Mary V. FOSTER, 36, widow, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Joseph & Mary SHAW, witn: R.F. CUTTON of Amherst NS & W.C. BOWLES of Ottawa, 27 Oct 1875 (sic, should be 1874) at Ottawa

#002995-79 (Grey Co): John JOHNSTON, 26, farmer, Canada, Artemesia, s/o David & Sarah, married Sarah Ann TRUEMAN, 22, Canada, Artemesia, d/o John & Dinah, witnesses were George TRUEMAN & Amelia JOHNSTON, both of Artemesia, Sept. 7, 1879 at Flesherton...... note: John TRUEMAN married Dinah (unknown) on 4 Oct 1848 in Brampton - marriage notice appeared in 'The Globe' on 21 Oct 1848

010148-80 (Simcoe Co.) George TRUEMAN, 26. farmer, Chingaucousy, Artemesia, s/o John and Dinah TRUEMAN married Mary Ann HOLLEY, 19, Artemesia, same, d/o Adam and Sarah HOLLEY, wtn., Jessie & Ann RODGERS both of Collingwood on September 9, 1880 at Collingwood.

#013295-92 (Wentworth Co): Ransom S. TRUMAN, 27, printer, Saratoga NY, Hamilton, s/o John B. & Nellie, married Margaret Gertrude THOMPSON, 32, widow, Scotland, Hamilton, d/o Thomas & Annie KINCEADE?, witn: Hannah BROUGH & Susan MOORE, both of Hamilton, 19 Jan 1892

#009389-93 (Oxford Co): Charles A. SAWYER, 24, farmer, England, 10th con Dereham, s/o John & Alice, married Amy E. TRUEMAN, England, 10th con Dereham, d/o George & Mary, no witnesses, 22 Feb 1893 at res of N. CUTHBERTSON, 10th con Dereham,

#005295-98 (Essex Co): Louis TRUEMAN, 35, granite cutter, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Andrew TRUEMAN & Mary B--(illegible), married Lulu ROBINSON, 20, Michigan, Windsor, d/o Hugh ROBINSON & Eva SLY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W.H. McLEOD of Detroit, 14 June 1898 at Windsor

3573-01 (Brant Co): Arthur B. AUSTIN, 29, blacksmith, Brighton England, Brantford, s/o Albert B. AUSTIN & Emily PENFOLD, married Alice H. TRUEMAN, 32, widow, Windham twp., Brantford, d/o T.W. SHAVELEES? & Malissa HAINES, witn: Abraham GOODWIN & Lydia A. PERRY, both of Brantford, 8 May 1901 at Brantford

George W. TRUEMAN, s/o Adolphus & Barbara, married Mary E. BELL, d/o James BELL & Margaret TEMPLE, on 4 Dec 1901 at Binbrook twp., Wentworth Co. George was born about 1871 in Barton twp (& was living in Saltfleet in 1901).

6134-01 (Essex Co): Fred J. TRUMAN, 41, coachman, England, Detroit, s/o Tubal? C. TRUMAN & Charlotte HONLY, married Elizabeth EVANS, 38, England, Detroit, d/o John EVANS & Mary HUGHES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. WAGER of Detroit, 6 Oct 1900 at Windsor

#005842-02 (Essex Co): George TRUEMAN, 40, widower, commercial traveller, Michigan, Detroit, s/o George A. TRUEMAN & Julia FRANK, married E. Jane REID, 34, widow, Michigan, Jackson, d/o H. DOUGLAS & Elizabeth illegible, 10 March 1902 at Sandwich

#019070-07 (Simcoe Co): Caleb Ashley TRUEMAN, 32, book keeper, Derbyshire England, Midland, s/o Thomas TRUEMAN & Harriet ASHLEY, married Annie SCOTT, 23, Spragge, Midland, d/o Thomas SCOTT & Laura SEMPLE, witn: R.M. & Susie SWITZER of Midland, 23 Jan 1907 at Midland

#8078-07 (Essex Co): Herbert John TRUMAN, 28, machinist, London England, Walkerville, s/o Henry John TRUMAN (deceased) & Minnie Elizabeth GOLDSPRING, married Bertha Fanny TUCKER, 33, Walkerville, same, d/o John Ephraim TUCKER (deceased) & Annie COS, witn: Minnie Elizabeth GOLDSPRING & Erland E. TUCKER & Henrietta BARR, all of Walkerville, 30 Oct 1907 at Walkerville

related to the one above: 8971-18 William John TRUMAN, 33, machinist, born Sheperds Bush England, res of Walkerville, s/o Harry TRUMAN & Minnie GOLDSPRING, married Carle Green SAWYER, 19, born Ingersoll Ont., res of Windsor, d/o Fred K. SAWYER & Jane BUTLER, witn: Archie & Alice PATTERSON of Windsor, 5 June 1918 at Windsor

12713-08 (Lincoln Co): Robert G. DAWSON, 25, fruit grower, of Niagara twp., s/o George DAWSON, dead, & Hannah NIVEN, married Bertha TRUMM, 21, of Homer, d/o William H. TRUMM, lock tender, & Elsie BALL, witn: Cecil R. FISHER of Niagara twp & Laura TRUMM of Homer, 21 Oct 1908 at Grantham twp  [the bride's surname is Trumm, not Truman]

#016348-10 (Nipissing Dist): George TRUMAN, 67, widower, shoe maker, of North Bay, s/o George TRUMAN & Charlotte LAWRENCE, married Elizabeth McRED, 56, widow, of North Bay, d/o Robert MASON & J. ANDERSON, 28 April 1910 at North Bay....... Also in North Bay was the death of Clyde Joseph TRUMAN at age 1 month & 18 days, of malnutrition, on 21 Dec 1923. Clyde was born 3 Nov 1923 at North Bay, the s/o Louie Henry TRUMAN (born at Bradford PA) & Delia Merie JONES born in Pembroke Ont.

#023955-10 (Wentworth Co): Charles Nicholas SALVISBURG, 27, clerk, of Hamilton, s/o Christopher SALVISBURG, carpenter, & Charlotte STREET, married Ethel Emma TRUMAN, 23, of Hamilton, d/o Charles & TRUMAN & Nellie DUNDAS, witn: E.B. TRUMAN & Olive ROBINSON, both of Hamilton, 7 Sept 1910

#023989-10 (Wentworth Co): Wilbert H. TRUMAN, 22, barber, of Hamilton, s/o John TRUMAN & Alice WILSON, married Amelia R. COSWAY, 21, of Hamilton, d/o Andrew COSWAY & Elizabeth RIDEOUT, witn: Wesley POOLE of Smith Falls & Mina H. LIVINGSTON of Hamilton, 19 Sept 1910 at Hamilton

#004407-11 (Frontenac Co): Thomas Francis GIBSON, 36, laborer, of Kingston, s/o Robert GIBSON, laborer & Jane KANE, married Eleanor TRUEMAN, 35, domestic, d/o Richard TRUEMAN, piano forte maker, & Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn: Ella J. TENNANT of Portsmouth & Ettie A. BURKE of Kingston, 1 June 1911 at res of Rev. BURKE, Kingston

#007280-13 (Lambton Co): William BELL, 34, widower, Blenheim, Thedford, s/o William BELL, engineer, & "do not know if Mary HODSKIN", married Mrs. Jennie TRUMAN, 26, widow, Thedford, same, d/o Sylvester WILLAR, hostler, & Mary A. STUBBS, witn: William JAMIESON & Mrs. MILLER, 19 Sept 1913 at Thedford

#018788-13 (Wentworth Co): Charles Gordon HUDSON, 26, contractor, Toronto, Vancouver BC, s/o James HUDSON & Delphine DOUGEN, married Aleen Carlton TRUMAN, 25, Hamilton, Hamilton East, d/o George Alexander TRUMAN & Mary Ann HARLOW, witn: George A. STOCKFORD & Catherine Ruth TRUMAN, both of Hamilton, 20 Aug 1913 at Hamilton 

Mary TRUMAN, nee Harlow, died 2 Oct 1936 at 918 Main St. in Hamilton at age 71 + 9 + 25.  She was born in Hamilton on 4 Nov 1864, d/o Thomas Harlow who was born in England.  The informant on her death reg (#39053-36) was her daughter Mrs. George Stockford of 918 Main St. 

#009800-16 (Frontenac Co): James A. TRUEMAN, 38, widower, soldier, Kent England, Kingston, s/o Henry TRUEMAN & Rose BURROWS, married Violet REID, 37, Kent England, Kingston, d/o Samuel REID & Liza COSEL, witn: William TURNER of Artillery Pk Barracks & Violet CLARK of 24 Elgin St., 17 Oct 1916 at Kingston

#016931-16 (Carleton Co): William Teasdale RICHARDSON, 25, farmer, Richmond, Ottawa, s/o George C. RICHARDSON & Alice M. TEASDALE, married Lilah Bella TRUMAN, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o William T. TRUMAN & Mary B. VANSTONE, witn: W. Van TRUMAN of 544 Bay St., Ottawa & Edna G. RICHARDSON of 29 James St. Otttawa, 23 Feb 1916 at St. Matthews Church, Ottawa

#017086-16 (Carleton Co): William Vanstone TRUMAN, 24, clerk, Ottawa, 544 Bay St., s/o William Thomas TRUMAN & Mary Bella VANSTONE, married Jessie Eliza ROCHE, 25, Ottawa, 148 Eccles St. Ottawa, d/o Emile ROCHE & Adeline MASSEY, witn: Marion Olive TRUMAN & Alfred ROCHE, both of Ottawa, 7 June 1916 at Otttawa. (William Vanstone Truman is buried in Ottawa - OCFA)

#017682-16 (Oxford Co): Sidney Albert TRUMAN, 25, private in the 168th battalion, Cardiff Wales, Camp Borden, s/o not known, married Frances Sarah Dorothy WEEKES, 18, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o Frank WEEKES & Annie REYNOLDS, 9 Sep 1916 at Ingersoll

There was a daughter, Annie Kathleen born 23 Feb 1918 at King St. in Ingersoll

Sidney was married a second time - to Edith Alice BAXTER on 21 Dec 1921 at Hickson, Oxford Co. On this marriage registration, #17917-21, Sidney's birthplace is Newport England and he is s/o Sidney & Annie. Edith is age 24, house maid, born in London England, and d/o unknown BAXTER & Edith WOODGATE. There is a note at the bottom of the marriage registration: "Bride & Groom are English people brought out by the home when they were young."

Sidney & Edith had a son named Edward, 11 June 1923 at Mt. Elgin, Oxford Co., stillborn  death reg (#26185-1923)

Sidney & Edith had another son, un-named who was stillborn on 17 Sept 1935 at 60 Young St. in Woodstock.  Ont the death reg (#26940-35) Sidney's birthplace is given as Newport South Wales & Edith's is given as London England. 

#17885-21 (Oxford Co): William SUNTER, 39, England, Thamesford, s/o Edward SUNTER & Hannah BUXTON, married Frances Sarah D. TRUMAN, 23, domestic, Ireland, Ingersoll, d/o Frank. D. S. TRUMAN & Annie REYNOLDS, witn: J. E. MILLS & Mrs. J. W. BROCK, both of Thamesford, 14 May 1921 at the Rectory, Thamesford


Truemans in Ottawa Directories



TRUMAN, William R., joiner, h 498 Bank

TRUMAN, William T., locksmith George Bailey, h 544 Bay

Janeville 1901 - George TRUMAN, laborer, Montreal Rd



TRUMAN, James, fac hd., l 608 Rideau

TRUMAN, William T. (Thornton & Truman) h, 644 Bay phone 4028

TRUMAN, W. Van, clk., l. 544 Bay


Ottawa 1915

TRUEMAN, Elizabeth, exam Am. Bank Note Co., l. 442 Clarence

TRUEMAN, George, lab, h 442 Clarence

TRUMAN, Lilah B., stenog. Band of Toronto, l. 544 Bay

TRUMAN, William T., (Thornton & Truman) h, 644 Bay phone 4028

TRUMAN, William V., steno. Robert Cox & Co., l. 544 Bay



TRUEMAN, George, lab, h 94 Waller

TRUMAN, Marion O., lvs 544 Bay

TRUMAN, William T., (Thornton & Truman) h, 644 Bay

TRUMAN, W. Vanstone, clk, The Bronson Co., h 120 Spruce


From British Probate Records:

This the last Will and Testament of me Frances Mellor Trueman of that part of Holybridge which is the county of Lancaster Spinster I give to my Executors herinafter named the sum of forty pounds to be invested by them as herinafter mentioned and to be held in trust for and paid to Frank Whittaker Roberts, the only child of my late mistress Eliza Ann Roberts if and when shall attain the age of twenty one years and I direct my Executors to invest the said sum of forty pounds and the accumulations thereof in any Savings or other Bank or upon any Mortgage or Corporation Securities and to pay the same sum of Forty pounds and the accumulations thereof to the said Frank Whittaker Roberts when and if he shall attain the age of twenty one years but if he shall die under that age then I declare that the said sum of Forty pounds shall sink into and form part of my [illegible word] state And I give devise and bequeath all the real residue and remainder of my estate and effects both real and personal unto Ely Andrew and Frank Andrew of Ashton under Lyme in County of Lancaster Cotton Manufacturers the sons of the late Mr. Jonathan Andrew and I appoint the said Ely Andrew and Frank Andrew Executors of this my Will and I hereby revoke all other Wills if any made by me made In witness whereof I have hereunto et my hand this sixth day of January one thousand eight hundred and seventy - Frances M. Trueman - ..... [shortened] witnesses James Haughton & and Watson Ireland, clerks to Messrs. Brooks Marshall and Brooks Solicitors Ashton under Lyme.

probated in 1879

[freebmd has Frances Mellor Trueman, death Dec of 1879 at age 74]


This the last Will and Testament of me Charles Joseph Trueman of Bakewell in the Blean near Canterbury in the County of Kent Esquire Whereas under and by virtue of a certain Indenture bearing date fifth day of December 1838 and made between the Rev James Hamilton and Penelope Susan Hamilton his only child (and my late wife) of the first part me the said Charles Joseph Trueman of the second part and Thomas Richardson Trueman, Henry Trueman, The Rev John Hamilton and David Alexander Maitland of the third part being Articles for a Settlement made previous to and in contemplation of my marriage with the said Penelope Susan Hamilton After reciting that by virtue of sundry Deeds and Instruments therein particularly mentioned or referred to the said Penelope Susan Hamilton (my late wife) was then entitled to an absolute interest expectant on the decease of her father the said James Hamilton and Margaret his wife in and to divers sums of money limited in the whole to ten thousand pound the said interest of my said late wife in ad to the said monies became vested in the said Thomas Richardson Trueman, Henry Trueman, John Hamilton and David Alexander Maitland ([illegible word] to the respective life interest therein of the said James Hamilton and Margaret his wife) In trust to pay the income thereof to my said late wife for her life and from and after her decease to me for my life and after the decease of the survivor of us Upon trust to assign and transfer the same unto or in trust for the child or other issue of the marriage of me and my said wife in such chares and proportions and in such manner and I and my said wife should by any joint deed executed as therein mentioned jointly direct or appoint and in default of such direction or appointment and subject to any such direction or appointment as so far as the same should not extend then as the survivor of us should at any time after the decease of either of us by deed or will direct or appoint And whereas by a Deed Poll bearing date the twenty second day of October 1870 under the hands and seals of me and my wife

Proved at London 24th March 1880 by the Oaths of Charles Hamilton Trueman, Esquire the son and Henry Denne Esquire two of the Executors to whom Admon was granted. Power reserved of making the like Grant to The Rev Charles Cubitt clerk and the other Executors

FreeBMD has death of Penelope Susan Trueman in March of 1877, at Blean, age 58

FreeBMD has marriage of Charles Joseph Trueman & Penelope Susan Hamilton in Dec of 1838 at Blean

1881 census - Charles H. Trueman of Canterbury (Blean) Kent, age 41, retired army officer and his wife Dorothea who was born in New Zealand. Oldest child, Mary Trueman was born in Mauritius.

FreeBMD has births of two Trueman children in Blean

Florence Augusta 1844 and Alicia Matilda 1846

Alice Matilda married Charles Cubitt in Dec of 1870