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Victoria Co., 1909

birth place was not usually given on 1909 registrations


19957-09 John Alfred Elcoat ADAMSON, 27, farmer, Beaverton, s/o John C. ADAMSON, gentleman & Phillis ELCOAT, married Catherine Elizabeth McKINNON, 27, of Bolsover, d/o Malcolm McKINNON, farmer & Elizabeth MATHIESON, witn: Laura Beatrice P. ADAMSON of Beaverton & Donald A. McKINNON of Bolsover on June 30, 1909 at Kirkfield

20105-09 Roy Winters ARKSEY, 24, farmer, of Ops Tp., s/o Walter ARKSEY, farmer & Ella WINTERS, married Beatrice Victoria EARLES, 22, of Ops Tp., d/o Frank EARLES, soldier & Emma TURNER, witn: E. C. MARSH & Alice Maude THOMAS both of Lindsay on Dec. 22, 1909 at Lindsay

20010-09 George J. ARMSTRONG, 23, farmer, of Warsaw, s/o Edward ARMSTRONG, farmer & Margaret FORBES, married Sarah L. M. BARRETT, 21, of Coboconk, d/o John BARRETT, farmer & Ann J. WHITE, witn: George PERDUE of Coboconk & Bertha WHITE of Lakefield on Dec. 1, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

19941-09 Michael J. ATCHISON, 29, farmer, of Harvey, s/o James ATCHISON, farmer & Mary LOWRY, married Almira WARD, 30, of Bobcaygeon, d/o Daniel WARD, farmer & Mary WILSON, witn: Archie & May WARD both of Harvey Tp. on June 30, 1909 at Bobcaygeon.

19946-09 Michael Stafford AUGERS, 20, labourer, of Coboconk, s/o William AUGERS, farmer & Rose REECE, married Margaret Teresa HANOVAN, 17, of Bexley, d/o Patrick HANOVAN, farmer & Rose TEVANS, witn: Charles BOWINS & Margaret RYAN both of Bexley on Nov. 4, 1909 at Victoria Road

20101-09 William Edgar AUSTIN, 27, lumberman, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Henry AUSTIN, lumberman & Sarah J. WAFFLE, married Jessie McKENZIE, 19, of Fenelon Tp., d/o James McKENZIE & Mary FERGUSON, witn: Alex CAMPBELL & Bertha AUSTIN both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 8, 1909 at Lindsay

19939-09 William Henry BAKER, 26, lather, of Smith Tp., s/o Owen BAKER & Sophia EDWARDS, married Clara Amelia SCOTT, 22, of Peterboro, d/o Walter SCOTT & Sophia JACKSON, witn: Percy W. L. & Florence L. BARBER both of Bobcaygeon on April 28, 1909 at Bobcaygeon

20017-09 James BALDWIN, 25, bricklayer, of Chicago Illinois USA, s/o Henry BALDWIN, bricklayer & Mary Jane SLOAN, married Annie Elizabeth NESBITT, 23, of Lindsay, d/o James NESBITT, carpenter & Margaret LINDSAY, witn: Leonard D. NESBITT & Cora Irene BALDWIN both of Lindsay on Jan. 4, 1909 at Lindsay.

19989-09 John Benson BARRY, 21, mill hand, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Garret Jeremiah BARRY, labourer & Annie McMAHON, married Margaret Jemima SCOTT, 18, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Thomas SCOTT, labourer & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: Orville CLUNCH & Rosanna SCOTT both of Fenelon Falls on Jan. 20, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20002-09 George Godfrey BEALL, 27, jeweller, of Lindsay, s/o George Washington BEALL, jeweller & Frances H. PELTON, married Helen McTaggart McDOUGALL, 19, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Hugh McDOUGALL, agent & Ada Ella MOON, witn: E. J. CAMPBELL of Ottawa & Kathleen A. D. McDOUGALL of Fenelon Falls on Aug. 25, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20051-09 Oliver BEAUDRY, 37, carpenter, of Lindsay, s/o Peter O. BEAUDRY & Stella COLLETT, married Mary MURPHY, 35, widowed, of Lindsay, d/o Thomas MASSON & Amelia TIBEAULT, witn: Peter L. TEATRO & Lizzie MASSON both of Lindsay on Jan. 11, 1909 at Lindsay

20063-09 Albert Victor BICK, 24, bookkeeper, of Toronto, s/o John BICK, farmer & Mary Emily TULLY, married Helena WALLACE, 25, teacher, of Lindsay, d/o John Watson WALLACE, traveller & Helena Truelove JUDD, witn: Harold H. WALLACE of Lindsay & E. M. Blanche BICK of Bobcaygeon on July 8, 1909 at Lindsay

19985-09 James BLATCHFORD, 69, farmer, widower, of Fenelon, s/o John BLATCHFORD, farmer & Christie McCASKILL, married Sarah Ann HARTLE, 60, widow, of Fenelon, d/o Hugh PATTON, farmer & Margaret COPELAND, witn: Roblin & Alice ANDERSON both of Cameron on Nov. 17, 1909 at Fenelon

19932-09 Ira William BODEN, 35, farmer, of North West, s/o William BODEN, farmer & Maud HAMILTON, married Annie May PENNOCK, 20, of Victoria Road, d/o Charles PENNOCK, labourer & Mary GORDON, witn: Charles DRADER of Victoria Road on Feb. 12, 1909 at Victoria Road

20103-09 William BRANDON, 35, farmer, of Verulam Tp., s/o Robert, farmer & Catharine, married Lizzie HENLEY, 33, of Lindsay, d/o George HENLEY, carpenter & Catharine WALKER, witn: W. G. & Ethel M. HENLEY both of Lindsay on Dec. 15, 1909 at Lindsay.

20025-09 Robert BROWN, 41, farmer, of Lutterworth, s/o John BROWN, farmer & Mary CROFT, married Charlotte BURNS, 38, widow, of Lutterworth, d/o Joseph BURNS (sic), labourer & Harriet TOMPKINS, witn: William JOLLIFFE & Maggie HART both of Lindsay on Feb. 18, 1909 at Lindsay

19992-09 John BULMER, 24, trackman, of Verulam Tp., s/o William BULMER, farmer & Sarah Ann LEVELLY (Lively?), married Ellen WOOD, 22, of Somerville Tp. d/o William WOOD & Henrietta TRUAX, witn: Edwin WOOD of Fills Station & Jennie BULMER of Verulam on March 10, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

20057-09 Patrick BURKE, 27, shoemaker, of Lindsay, s/o Frederick BURKE & Angela GOULD, married Clara Mary BARNETT, 23, of Lindsay, d/o Frederick George BARNETT & Theresa Marion SCOTT, witn: Fred A. BARNETT & Lena TEATRO both of Lindsay on May 10, 1909 at Lindsay

19952-09 George Henry BURTON, 29, farmer, of Saskatchewan 42. 14., s/o Anthony BURTON, farmer & Hannah KETT, married Laura MONTGOMERY, 19, of Sebright Dalton, d/o Richard MONTGOMERY, farmer & Nellie ARMSTRONG, witn: Frank MONTGOMERY & Mable BAKER both of Dalton on Dec. 27, 1909 at Dalton.

19980-09 Arthur BYRNELL, 27, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o James BYRNELL, farmer & Esther ENGLISH, married Ann E. WORSLEY, 29, seamstress, of Fenelon, d/o Scott WORSLEY, farmer & Jane SMITHSON, witn: William B. MOORE & Esther E. WORSLEY both of Fenelon Falls on March 10, 1909 at Fenelon Tp.

19955-09 Murdock CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, of Eldon, s/o Angus, farmer & Margaret, married Jean MOORE, 21, of Eldon, d/o Charles MOORE, farmer & Jannet MICHELL, witn: Hugh MOORE of Argyle & Maggie CAMPBELL of Eldon Station on April 28, 1909 at Eldon Tp.

19959-09 Duncan CAMPBELL, 32, prospector, of Haileybury, s/o Angus M., farmer & May, married Minnie A. JEWEL, 21, of Eldon, d/o Alfred JEWEL, farmer & Elizabeth McINTYRE, witn: Gilbert JEWEL of Lorneville & Edith LUCAS of Argyle on Sept. 22, 1909 at Eldon

20053-09 S. Joseph CAMPBELL, not given, farmer, of Beaverton, s/o Lachlan J. CAMPBELL & Sarah McLAREN, married Gertrude Mabel McILHARGEY, not given, of Lindsay, d/o Patrick McILHARGEY & Emma WOOD, witn: J. J. CAMPBELL of Beaverton & Mary E. TANGNEY of Lindsay on Feb. 9, 1909 at Lindsay.


19963-09 Thomas Arthur CARRUTHERS, 31, farmer, of Eldon, s/o Thomas CARRUTHERS, farmer & Mary DOHERTY, married Maryetta METCALFE, 23, of Thorah, d/o Edmund METCALFE, farmer & Mary ROSS, witn: Charles METCALFE of Bolsover & Florence CARRUTHERS of Beaverton on Dec. 14, 1909 at Eldon.

19982-09 Thomas Vincent CHAMBERS, 21, farmer, of Verulam, s/o Edward & Mary Jane, married Mae CURTIS, 23, of Verulam, d/o Robert CURTIS, farmer & Emily FOYLE, witn: Blake CURTIS & Violet RUTHERFORD both of Fenelon Falls on March 30, 1909 at Fenelon Tp.

20007-09 William Henry CHYNOWETH, 37, farmer, of Lutterworth Tp., s/o John CHYNOWETH & Mary ARSCOTT, married Mary Ellan MURRAY, 25, of Somerville Tp., d/o Alex MURRAY & Anne HOSKIN, witn: N. H. LYLE & Ann Jane MURRAY both of Kinmount on Oct. 20, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20138-09 John Franklin COAD, 29, farmer, of Mariposa, s/o William COAD, farmer & Ann BROKENSHIRE, married Catharine H. W. HARCUS, 21, of Mariposa, d/o David HARCUS, farmer & Jessie TATE, witn: Percival COAD & Jessie HARCUS both of Oakwood on Sept. 15, 1909 at Mariposa

19988-09 John COCHRANE, 25, farmer, of Cambray, s/o John COCHRANE, farmer & Kate McDIARMID, married Edith MORROW, 26, of Glenarm, d/o Robert MORROW, farmer & Mary HOWIE, witn: W. A. BARKER of Hartley & Margaret MORROW of Glenarm on Dec. 29, 1909 at Glenarm

19999-09 Albert Arthur CONKELL, 22, labourer, of Gooderham, s/o Thomas CONKELL & Sarah MITCHELL, married Ella Eveline GOULD, 16, of Gooderham, d/o John GOULD & Elizabeth INGLES, witn: Rufus RABY & Etta CONKELL both of Gooderham on Aug. 7, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20134-09 Samuel Thomas CONNELL, 52, farmer, of Omemee, s/o Richard CONNELL & Isabelle MITCHELL, married Euphemia Christina FERGUSON, 42, of Sonya Mariposa Tp., d/o Hugh FERGUSON, farmer & Christina BLACK, witn: Mrs. Neil McPHADEN of Sunderland & Mrs. R. P. BALFOUR of Omemee on July 28, 1909 at Mariposa.

20028-09 William CONNELL, 52, farmer, widower, of Midland, s/o William CONNELL, farmer & Frances WATTS, married Clara THOMPSON, 47, of Lindsay, d/o Thomas THOMPSON, farmer & Grace Ann STAMFORTH, witn: S. T. CONNELL of Omemee & Hannah D. LOWNSBOROUGH of Lindsay on Feb. 22, 1909 at Lindsay

21160-10 George H. CRANDALL, 21, merchant, of Lindsay, s/o George CRANDALL, gentleman & Henrietta HOPPER, married Pearl PARKER, 21, of Lot 8, Conc. 9 Emily Tp., d/o John J. PARKER (deceased), farmer & Mary Ann MARSHALL, witn: William illegible of Lindsay & Lorne PARKER of Downeyville on Sept. 8, 1909 at Emily Tp.

20043-09 Thomas Harold DAVEY, 25, merchant, of Olds Alberta, s/o William DAVEY, merchant & Margaret THOMPSON, married Birdie Ellen McLEAN, 22, of Lindsay, d/o James McLEAN, farmer & Eliza Jane FALLIS, witn: L. C. DAVEY of Lindsay & Ethel A. McLEAN of Toronto on May 26, 1909 at Lindsay

20024-09 Joel Albert DAY, 27, farmer, of Victoria Co., s/o Daniel DAY, farmer & Janet McNABB, married Mabel NICHOLSON, 22, of Victoria Co., d/o James NICHOLSON, farmer & Annie SANDFORD, witn: Isaac DEYELL & Maggie HART both of Lindsay on Feb. 18, 1909 at Lindsay

20040-09 Albert Ernest DAY, 35, farmer, of Mammoth Tp. - Haliburton Co., s/o Joseph DAY, soldier & Rosine SMITH, married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 27, of Mammoth Tp. - Haliburton Co., d/o Thomas James JOHNSTON, farmer & Margaret COLVIN, witn: William JOLLIFFE & Mrs. E. REID both of Lindsay on May 5, 1909 at Lindsay

19947-09 John DEMSE (Demoe?), 26, farmer, of Bexley, s/o Joseph DEMSE, farmer & Elizabeth GROSELLE, married Clara HAM, 25, of Bexley, d/o William HAM, farmer & Maria GERARITY, witn: John HAM of Laxton & Carrie BRADRMORE of Kinmount on June 21, 1909 at Victoria Road.

20045-09 Frederick Roland DOUGLAS, 24, file cutter, of Port Hope, s/o John W. DOUGLAS & Elizabeth KENNEDY, married Minnie Jane Reid ELLIOTT, 24, of Lindsay, d/o R. R. ELLIOT (sic), editor & Sara WILSON, witn: H. W. ELLIOT & Maude HICKINGBOTTOM both of Lindsay on June 2, 1909 at Lindsay

20059-09 Thomas James DUGGAN, 23, farmer, of Lindsay, s/o John DUGGAN & Cecilia CHRISTIE, married Jane Beatrice MEEHAN, 21, of Lindsay, d/o John MEEHAN & Anne SIMON, witn: John CURTIN & Margaret MEEHAN both of Lindsay on June 9, 1909 at Lindsay

20044-09 Frederick C. EDMONDS, 30, millwright of Collingwood, s/o Fred EDMONDS, moving picture manager & Sarah CAREW, married May NESBITT, 23, clerk, of Lindsay, d/o James NESBITT, carpenter & Margaret LINDSAY, witn: Leonard NESBITT & Sadie EDMONDS both of Lindsay on May 4, 1909 at Lindsay

19984-09 James Henry ENGLISH, 41, farmer, widower, of Dunsford, s/o George ENGLISH, farmer & Elizabeth PADGET, married Minnie Caroline WILLOCK, 35, of Fenelon, d/o Robert WILLOCK, farmer & Sarah McMILLAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred HUMPHREY both of Dunsford on Sept. 1, 1909 at Cambray.

19979-09 Thomas O. EVERSON, 28, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o Charles EVERSON, farmer & Frances HEASMAN, married Minnie MARK, 27, school teacher, of Fenelon, d/o Elisha MARK, insurance agent & Esther CAREW, witn: Walter EVERSON & Ethel MARK both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 9, 1909 at Fenelon Tp.

19933-09 Charles FAULKNER, 27, farmer, of Bexley Tp., s/o Henry FALKNER (sic), farmer & Sarah LISCOMB, married Margaret Louisa BRADEMORE, 18, of Bexley Tp., d/o John Triffley BRADEMORE farmer & Mary Jane MIDELTON (Middleton?), witn: Arthur RICHMOND & Nettie G. LUSCOMB both of Bexley on March 23, 1909 at Bexley.

19998-09 Samuel James FOUNTAIN, 27, blacksmith, of Fenelon Falls, s/o John FOUNTAIN & Addie McMAHON, married Vinna DEWELL, 30, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Frank DEWELL, farmer & Margaret WIST, witn: Fred J. JONES & Annie BARRIE both of Fenelon Falls on July 28, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

19967-09 Francis John GALLOWAY, 39, oil producer, of Pleasantville Pennsylvania USA, s/o John GALLOWAY & Sarah E. CALHOUN, married Emma Jean GALLOWAY, 33, of North Monaghan, d/o David GALLOWAY, farmer & Isabella, witn: Frederick L. GALLOWAY of Peterboro & George E. TONEY? of Omemee on Feb. 2, 1909 at Emily

20137-09 Melville H. GILSON, 25, farmer, of Mariposa, s/o Moses GILSON, farmer & Harriett HALL, married Ada W. WEBSTER, 24, of Oakwood Mariposa, d/o William H. WEBSTER, farmer & Jennie DEMAREY, witn: S. L. GILSON of Janetville & Lilian WEBSTER of Oakwood on Sept. 8, 1909 at Mariposa.

19994-09 Wilbert GLASPELL, 26, farmer, of Fenelon Tp., s/o Oliver GLASPELL, farmer & Lilian CUMMINGS, married Rose HARDY, 24, of Fenelon Tp., d/o James HARDY, farmer & Eliza KNIGHT, witn: T. E. SHEA of Cameron & Lena GLASSPELL (sic) of Powles Corner on March 24, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

19990-09 Ernest H. GLOVER, 21, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o William GLOVER & Lucy MARSHALL married Mabel McFARLAND, 22, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Robert McFARLAND & Alice SELBY, witn: William GRIER of Cobourg & Carrie McFARLAND of Fenelon Falls on Feb. 10, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

19956-09 James R. GRANT, 25, labourer, of Eldon, s/o Rodney GRANT, farmer & Mary Ann PLETTER, married Minnie ROBERTS, 19, of Eldon, d/o George ROBERTS, farmer & Elizabeth BATES, witn: Hector GRANT & Rebecca ROBERTS both of Eldon Station on April 28, 1909 at Eldon


20029-09 Thomas Harvey HALL, 25, barber, of Ops Tp., d/o Henry HALL, farmer & Harriet McKARL, married Hattie May HART, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Lewis HART, farmer & Hannah LEE, witn: Wesley M. HOWE & Maggie HART both of Lindsay on March 3, 1909 at Lindsay

19935-09 Frederick HALL, railroader, of Coboconk, s/o John & E., married Dora ROUTLEY, 18, of Norland, d/o S. R. & Mary Jane, witn: A. J. HALL of Coboconk & Clara ROUTLEY of Norland on Nov. 10, 1909 at Victoria Road.

19945-09 George Albert HANOVAN, 29, labourer, of Laxton, s/o Patrick HANOVAN, labourer & Rose TIEVANS, married Mary O'CONNOR, 21, of Laxton, d/o Stephen O'CONNOR, labourer & Ann O'NEILL, witn: Dennis & Annie O'CONNOR both of Laxton on Feb. 22, 1909 at Victoria Road.

20066-09 William James HARE, 28, insurance agent, of Calgary Alberta, s/o Moses HARE & Eliza J. CLEMENTS, married Elizabeth M. BARR, 26, of Gooderham Haliburton Co., d/o Peter BARR & Elizabeth MACKAY? (cut off), witn: Tilly MANN & Mrs. M. MIMMS both of Lindsay on June 9, 1909 at Lindsay.

20019-09 Levi Barnhart HARTLE, 26, traveller, of Minden, s/o John HARTLE & Eliza BARNHART, married Lillian Emma BROOKS, 21, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Harry BROOKS & Agnes ST. THOMAS, witn: Mr & Mrs Joseph STAPLES no residences given on Jan. 26, 1909 at Lindsay


20046-09 George Wilbert HENDERSON, 37, cold storage employee, of Lindsay, d/o Egerton R. HENDERSON, carpenter & Susan DAVIS, married Minnie BALLANCE, 33, of Lindsay, d/o Robert BALLANCE, labourer & Esther WILSON, witn: Maggie BALLANCE & Hazel R. HACK both of Lindsay on June 2, 1909 at Lindsay

19943-09 Gardner HENDERSON, 23, barber, of Somerville, s/o David HENDERSON, farmer & Maggie DOBSON, married Etta WINDOVER, 23, of Harvey, d/o Matthew WINDOVER, farmer & Sara MOONEY, witn: Rollie WINDOVER of Harvey Tp. & Minnie HENDERSON of Somerville on Dec. 22, 1909 at Bobcaygeon

19934-09 Abel HENDRON, 57, carpenter, of Lakefield, s/o John & Jane, married Delia HAIGHT, 24, of Corson Siding, d/o Herman & Georgina, witn: none given on Oct. 19, 1909 at Corson Siding.

20135-09 Eli HILL, 23, farmer, of Mariposa, s/o William HILL, farmer & Lois WORSLEY, married Ethel Grace BROWN, 23, of Valentia Mariposa Tp., d/o William BROWN, farmer & Martha STOKES, witn: Mrs. J. F. CHAPMAN & Mrs John YEO both of Little Britain on Aug. 26, 1909 at Valentia Mariposa Tp.

20022-09 William John Howard HILYER, 22, farmer, of Somerville Tp., s/o Alfred HILYER, farmer & Susannah EADES, married Ida Mary HAMILTON, 18, of Bobcaygeon, d/o William HAMILTON, sawyer & Emily RUSSELL, witn: Janet WILSON & Maggie HART both of Lindsay on Feb. 3, 1909 at Lindsay.

20020-09 William John HUSSEY, 27, mechanic, of Lindsay, s/o William HUSSEY, carpenter & Elizabeth BROWN, married Violet CORLEY, 22, of Lindsay, d/o Richard CORLEY, labourer & Matilda BOLTON, witn: Janet WILSON & Maggie HART both of Lindsay on Jan. 27, 1909 at Lindsay

20047-09 Milton INGRAM, 23, carpenter, of Lindsay, s/o John INGRAM, carpenter & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Edith Annetta SHORTT, 21, teacher, of Lindsay, d/o John SHORTT, constable & Marie HARDING, witn: Mrs J. R. REAL of Lindsay & Mrs J. L. MADILL of Napanee on June 9, 1909 at Lindsay.

20011-09 Ernest Welburn IRWIN, 22, farmer, of Harvey Tp., s/o Alex IRWIN, farmer & Eliza PATTERSON, married Ethel Epernia FINLE, 22, of Bobcaygeon, d/o William FINLEY, farmer & Margaret LAWRENCE, witn: Percy FINLEY & Grace NICHOLLS both of Bobcaygeon on Nov. 18, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

19938-09 Harry IRWIN, 33, farmer, widower, of Harvey, s/o William IRWIN, farmer & Isabelle WOOD, married Nellie ROSS, 38, widow, of Harvey, d/o Jacob HARMAN & Maria MITCHELL, witn: Mrs D. D. CAIN & Mrs. M. A. CLINGON both of Bobcaygeon on March 24, 1909 at Methodist Parsonage Bobcaygeon.


19953-09 Duncan Alex JAMIESON, 25, farmer, of Islay Alberta, s/o Dugald JAMIESON, farmer & Mary MITCHELL, married Harriet E. May BEST, 23, of Hartley, d/o David H. BEST, farmer & Charlotte MOORE, witn: Earnest Hartley BEST of Hartley & James H. BEST of Mount Pleasant on Feb. 10, 1909 at Hartley.

20004-09 Charles Joseph JUNKIN, 22, farmer, of Verulam Tp., s/o Joseph JUNKIN, farmer, & Elizabeth LAWSON, married Lily Agnes POGUE, 22, of Verulam Tp., d/o Joseph POGUE, farmer, & not given WEBSTER, witn: Harry NICHOLLS & Maude POGUE both of Verulam Tp. on Sept. 22, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

19986-09 Randolph JUNKIN, 27, farmer, of Verulam, s/o John W. JUNKIN, farmer & Kate TULLEY, married Emma GRAHAM, 28, of Fenelon, d/o John R. GRAHAM, farmer & Mary H. GILLIS, witn: Mrs. S. G. BROPHY of Toronto & Martha GRAHAM of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 7, 1909 at Fenelon

19991-09 John W. KAY, 20, farmer, of Norland, s/o James KAY & Eliza WARD, married Mary A. ROUTLEY, 19, of Norland, d/o Samuel ROUTLEY & Mary A. COURTEMANCHE, witn: Norman INGLIS of Coboconk & Clara ROUTLEY of Norland on Feb. 24, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20106-09 Charles Henry KELLY, 30, machinist, widower, of Lindsay, s/o Henry KELLY, machinist & Melissa SMITH, married Anice BAIN, 23, of Lindsay, d/o William BAIN, carpenter & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: John G. ROBINSON of Toronto & Mary E. WILSON of Lindsay on Dec. 25, 1909 at Lindsay.

20141-09 Laurie KENNEDY, 33, carpenter, of Little Britain, s/o John KENNEDY, cooper & Henrietta DAILY, married Louise WOOLDRIDGE, 31, of Little Britain, d/o James WOOLDRIDGE, farmer & Charlotte Ann TRETHEWAY, witn: Edwin J. WOOLDRIDGE & Lillie MARTIN both of Little Britain on Dec. 22, 1909 at Little Britain.

19931-09 Jacob LAWES, 32, farmer, of Emily Tp., s/o Jacob, farmer & Dora, married Louisa LYTLE, 35, school teacher, of Bexley Tp., d/o Edward LYTLE, farmer & Eliza KNIGHT, witn: Wellington LAWES of Omemee & Mabel LYTLE of Victoria Road on Sept. 21, 1909 at residence of bride's father in Bexley.

20000-09 Harry Clarke MANN, 33, high school teacher, of Bridgenorth, s/o James H. MANN, farmer & Martha GARBUTT, married Florence Margaret GRAHAM, 22, music teacher, of Fenelon Falls, d/o James GRAHAM, farmer & Katherine CASHON, witn: James GRAHAM Junior & Miss F. BRANDON both of Fenelon Falls on Aug. 19, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20032-09 William James MASTION, 28, teamster, of Lindsay, s/o James MASTION, labourer & Annie HAND, married Ethel May KENT, 18, of Lindsay, d/o James KENT, labourer & Kathryne YOUNG, witn: Gilbert J. SOANES & Hattie M. WESTERVELT both of Lindsay on March 25, 1909 at Lindsay

20104-09 William John McCONNELL, 22, farmer, of Monmouth Tp., s/o Joseph McCONNELL, farmer & Mary GRAHAM, married Eliza Jane MADELL, 21, of Monmouth Tp., d/o David MADELL, farmer & Eliza J. WHITE, witn: Albert MADELL & Belle McCONNELL both of Monmouth Tp. on Dec. 22, 1909 at Lindsay.

20049-09 Albert B. McDONALD, 19, machinist, of Lindsay, s/o John R. McDONALD & Emma BOYCE, married Alice M. STEPHENSON, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Joseph STEPHENSON & Charlotte SEMPER, witn: Eliza J. & Harriet BROWN both of Lindsay on June 7, 1909 at Lindsay

19949-09 Duncan Alex McDONALD, 22, farmer, of Mara Tp., s/o Captain Alex McDONALD, sailor & Mary Ann McINNIS, married Gertie KETT, 19, Sedona, d/o Henry KETT, farmer & Isabella CHISHOLM, witn: John SYMINGTON of illegible & H. E. BROOKE of Orillia on Dec. 23, 1909 at Sedona

19950-09 Thomas McDONALD, 22, labourer, of Sebright, s/o Daniel McDONALD, farmer & Hannah WARREN, married Alice Lilian TAYLOR, 18, of Sebright, d/o Charles TAYLOR, farmer & Jane WRIGHT, witn: Daniel McDONALD & Gertie TAYLOR illegible residences on Feb. 17, 1909 at Sebright.

19948-09 John McELROY, 27, farmer, of Carden, s/o Francis McELROY, farmer & Ann MARREN, married Mary FITZGERALD, 21, of Bexley, d/o Patrick FITZGERALD, farmer & Catherine McNULTY, witn: Hugh McELROY of Carden & Annie FITZGERALD of Bexley on June 22, 1909 at Victoria Road

20026-09 William McFADYEN, 27, not given, of Fenelon Tp., s/o John S. McFADYEN, farmer & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Violet Ruth DINSMORE, 18, of Fenelon, d/o Thomas DINSMORE & Ruth GRAHAM, witn: C. L. BILKEY & E. C. MARSH both of Lindsay on March 2, 1909 at Lindsay

19942-09 William John McGAHEY, 42, farmer, of Emily Tp., s/o William McGAHEY, farmer & Jane BRIANS, married Mary Ann JOHNSTON, 41, of Verulam, d/o John JOHNSTON, farmer & Mary Ann COWAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas ENGLISH both of Verulam on Aug. 18, 1909 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon 19961-09 John A. McKAY, 29, farmer, of Beaverton, s/o John McKAY, farmer & Janet McPHAIL, married Eme GOARD, 24, of Lorneville, d/o Richard GOARD, farmer & Sarah RICHARDSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. W. E. WHETTER both of Lorneville on Sept. 29, 1909 at Lorneville

20036-09 Hugh McKEON, 24, enameller, of Lenoxville Que., s/o Hugh McKEON, farmer & Barbara McDONALD, married Olive Edith SMITH, 22, of Lindsay, d/o William SMITH & Georgina GOHEEN, witn: E. C. MARSH & S. V. FORD both of Lindsay on April 21, 1909 at Lindsay

19962-09 Angus McLEAN, 37, farmer, of Eldon, s/o Donald McLEAN, farmer & Janet McFADYEN, married Sarah CURRIE, 34, of Eldon, d/o Alex CURRIE, farmer & Jemimah FRASER, witn: Walter FINNEY of Kirkfield & Jessie CURRIE of Toronto on Nov. 16, 1909 at Eldon.

19966-09 Daniel Henry McMANN, 31, blacksmith, of Reaboro Ops Tp., s/o Robert McMANN, labourer & Mary WOOD, married Mabel RUTHERFORD, 31, school teacher, of Emily Tp., d/o Joseph & Annie, witn: Arthur W. & Nettie RUTHERFORD both of Mount Pleasant on Jan. 6, 1909 at Emily Tp


19977-09 Alexander McMILLAN, 29, carpenter, of Hartley, s/o John McMILLAN & Ann CAMPBELL, married Mary MORROW, 23, of Fenelon, d/o Robert MORROW, carpenter & Mary HOWIE, witn: John COCHRANE of Cambray & Edith MORROW of Glenarm on Jan. 6, 1909 at Glenarm

19954-09 Maurice McMILLAN, 27, farmer, of Thorah, s/o Archibald McMILLAN, farmer & Mary CAMPBELL, married Mary Mabel GOARD, 26, of Eldon, d/o Richard GOARD, farmer & Sara RICHARDSON, witn: Archibald F. McMILLAN of Lorneville & Nettie McKAY of Beaverton on March 3, 1909 at Lorneville

20008-09 James McMULLEN, 49, constable, widower, of Bobcaygeon, s/o William McMULLEN & Catherine MILLER, married Mary Louisa ARNBERG, 38, widow, of Bobcaygeon, d/o William FINLEY & Margaret LAWRENCE, witn: A. A. CAMERON & Mary LOVITT? both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 27, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

19965-09 Evelyn S. McNISH, 30, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o Robert McNISH & Jane SUTTON, married Cora May GILMOUR, 25, of Eldon, d/o John GILMOUR & Mary McCAUGHY, witn: Roy FOREMAN of Fenelon & Pearl GILMOUR of Eldon on Dec. 29, 1909 at Eldon.

19940-09 Horace Herbert MILLER, 23, machinist, of Franklin Pennsylvania USA, s/o Lemuel S. MILLER & Margaret E. DILMORE?, married Mary Jane FLETCHER, 23, of Bobcaygeon, d/o Robert FLETCHER, labourer & Jane TAGGART, witn: George B. MOORE & Maud BROOKS both of Bobcaygeon on June 23, 1909 at Bobcaygeon.

20062-09 Henry MILLER, 39, farmer, of Emily Tp., s/o William MILLER, farmer & Frances SHERIDAN, married Nettie GRAHAM, 34, of Cavan Tp., d/o Samuel GRAHAM, farmer & Margaret MORTON, witn: Francis B. FEE of Lindsay & Edythe HEAYS of Bobcaygeon on July 7, 1909 at Lindsay

20005-09 Frederick Bruce MOLYNEAUX, 19, farmer, of Galway Tp., s/o John MOLYNEAUX, farmer & Sarah DETTMAN, married Maud SCARLETT, 19, of Galway, d/o John SCARLETT & Maggie RITCHIE, witn: E. LANSFIELD & Myrtle MOLYNEAUX both of Fenelon Falls on June 23, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20021-09 George Edmond MONKS, 39, labourer, widower, of Chatham, s/o George MONKS, farmer & Elizabeth PAULUCCI, married Ida Elizabeth CLARKE, 30, widow, of Chatham, d/o Jesse WELDON, farmer & Mary Agnes ROGERS, witn: Jessie & Edith A. WELDON both of Lindsay on Dec. 31, 1909 at Lindsay.

20052-09 Michael Joseph MORROW, 37, farmer, of Adjala Simcoe Tp., s/o George C. MORROW & Eleanor McLAUGHLIN, married Ellen Mabel MURPHY, 21, of Ops Tp., d/o John Martin MURPHY & Ellen Mabel LAUGHMAN, witn: Joseph M SCOTT of Kingston & Honora Alice MURPHY of Lindsay on Jan. 19, 1909 at Lindsay

20006-09 Herbert Loyrial? NEWMAN, 24, rail roader, of Somerville Tp., s/o James NEWMAN & Eliza TOLMAN, married Margaret Jane McCORMACK, 20, of Somerville, d/o James McCORMACK & Agnes BROWN, witn: John L. McCORMACK of Fenelon Falls & Tillie E. SMITH of Somerville Tp. on June 30, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20030-09 William NICHOL, 35, farmer, of Dysart Tp. Haliburton, s/o William NICHOL, mining & Jenevieve CAMPBELL, married Gertrude Mabel MURRAY, 22, Somerville Tp., d/o George MURRAY, farmer & Mary Ellen McBAIN, witn: Robert NICHOL of Haliburton Co. & Elena E. MURRAY of Coboconk on March 16, 1909 at Lindsay

20012-09 Samuel John NICHOLLS, 20, labourer, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Hart NICHOLLS, labourer & Mary CLARKE, married Cora Isabella SCOTT, 17, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Thomas SCOTT, labourer & Sarah KENNEDY, witn: Hart NICHOLLS & Jenny PETERKIN both of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 24, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

19968-09 Vincent O'CONNELL, 20, farmer, of Downeyville Emily Tp., s/o George O'CONNELL, farmer & Ellen O'NEILL, married Loretta HARRINGTON, 25, of Downeyville Emily Tp., d/o Thomas HARRINGTON, farmer & Margaret DOYLE, witn: Bernard GILLEECE & Marie HOULIHAN both of Downeyville on Feb. 23, 1909 at Downeyville

20102-09 Ralph Charles PARKS, 29, traveller, of Hespeler, s/o William PARKS, cabinet maker & Elizabeth LOCKHEAD, married Stella May BARTLETT, 26, of Lindsay, d/o Charles Henry BARTLETT, butcher & Annie McMAHON, witn: L. H. RIFE of Hespeler & M. Ethel McINTYRE of Toronto on Dec. 9, 1909 at Lindsay.

19936-09 Archibald PEAUTERBOUGH (Puterbough?), 54, widower, carpenter, of Bexley Tp., s/o Samuel PEAUTERBOUGH & Catherine BELL, married Abigal LUSCOMB, 54, widow, of Bexley, d/o Johiel FITCHET & Mary NELSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ben CORSON both of Corson Siding Ontario on Nov. 4, 1909 at Corson Siding

20014-09 John Daniel PEAKE, 23, farmer, of Somerville Tp., s/o Joseph PEAKE & Elizabeth FENNELL, married Tillie Ella SMITH, 20, of Somerville Tp., d/o David SMITH, farmer & Jane HENDERSON, witn: Thomas H. HENDERSON of Kinmount & Rachel LYONS of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 8, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

20018-09 Albert Thomas PEARCE, 25, clerk, of Lindsay, s/o William Mitchell PEARCE, musician & Emily Mary THOMAS, married Charlotte TUDBALL, 19, of Lindsay, d/o John Thomas TUDBALL, G. T. R. employee & Jane Ann MEDFORD, witn: J. T. TUDBALL & Alfred HALL both of Lindsay on Jan. 21, 1909 at Lindsay.

20061-09 John PERRIN, 21, farmer, of Fenelon Tp., s/o Joseph PERRIN, farmer & Mary RICHARDSON, married Ona V. FELL, 19, of Cameron, d/o William FELL, GTR employee & Agnes BRYSON, witn: A. J. CAMPBELL & E. C. MARSH both of Lindsay on July 1, 1909 at Lindsay

19944-09 Godfrey PROULX, 30, labourer, of Sault Ste Marie, s/o Godfrey PROULX, farmer & Leocadie VALLANCOUR (Vaillancourt?), married Ellen Mary DILLON, 22, of Kirkfield, d/o Thomas DILLON, labourer & Margaret GORMAN, witn: Charles McCARTHY & Annie O'BRIEN both of Kirkfield on Oct. 5, 1909 at Kirkfield 19937-09 William Franklin PURDY, 22, farmer, of Verulam, s/o William PURDY, farmer & Clara WHITING, married Mary Elizabeth FINLEY, 18, of Verulam, d/o William FINLEY, farmer & Maggie LAWRENCE, witn: James Percy FINDLEY (sic) & Luke PURDY both of Verulam on Jan. 27, 1909 at Methodist Parsonage Bobcaygeon

20031-09 Kenneth RANDALL, 21, plumber, of Lindsay, s/o George, machinist & Elizabeth, married Elva SHEEHY, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Alfred SHEEHY, labourer & Alice MARK, witn: Leroy SHEEHY & Ethel GAGE both of Lindsay on March 16, 1909 at Lindsay

20023-09 William George RANSLEY, 24, GTR fireman, of Lindsay, s/o George Henry RANSLEY, farmer & Edith MORRIS, married Henrietta Helen GAINER, 24, of Lindsay, d/o William George GAINER, farmer & Margaret BARTON, witn: Addie PIERCY & S. V. FORD both of Lindsay on Feb. 3, 1909 at Lindsay

20037-09 Benjamin W. RICHMOND, 41, farmer, of Gibraltar Grey Co., s/o David RICHMOND, farmer & Janet MOORE, married Rachel McKEE, 30, of Coboconk, d/o George McKEE, farmer & Janet HAMILTON, witn: H. D. LOWNSBOROUGH & Janet WILSON both of Lindsay on April 21, 1909 at Lindsay

19987-09 Ernest John ROBINS, 26, labourer, of Myrtle, s/o George ROBINS, builder & Catrina SARGENT, married Sarah Mabel BRYANT, 23, of Fenelon, d/o James J. BRYANT, farmer & Elizabeth BLIGHT, witn: Wilson & Clara JAMES both of Cambray on Dec. 22, 1909 at Fenelon

20054-09 Edward Joseph ROCHE, 28, brakeman, of Lindsay, s/o Timothy ROCHE & Sarah Agnes CONWAY, married Mary Ellen SHEA, 22, of Lindsay, d/o Stephen SHEA & Catharine McAVOY, witn: James O’LEARY & Ada SHEA both of Lindsay on Feb. 17, 1909 at Lindsay

20060-09 Francis Patrick ROCHE, 29, farmer, of Ops Tp., s/o James ROCHE & Johanna O’HARA, married Margaret M. BARNS, 25, of Ops Tp., d/o Edward BARNS & Mary MYERS, witn: John ROCHE & Mary A. CAYLEY both of Ops Tp. on June 29, 1909 at Lindsay.

20064-09 Walter ROGERS, 23, painter, of Lindsay, s/o John ROGERS, workman & Elizabeth HIGGS, married Eliza Vivalda BILLINGS, 17, of Lindsay, d/o David BILLINGS, farmer & Margaret KINNEL, witn: Charles & Olive J. ROGERS both of Lindsay on July 10, 1909 at Lindsay.

20056-09 John RYAN, 23, labourer, of Lindsay, s/o Edward RYAN & Mary FITZGERALD, married Margaret FANNING, 20, of Ops Tp., d/o William FANNING & Margaret BRADY, witn: Francis BRADY & Elizabeth CAIN both of Lindsay on April 27, 1909 at Lindsay


20035-09 Archibald H. SCOTT, 21, farmer, of Harcourt Haliburton, s/o William SCOTT, farmer & Ida PALMATER, married Ruth PICKENS, 21, of Gooderham Haliburton, d/o Joshua PICKENS, farmer & Sophia WILOY, witn: Charles SCOTT of Harcourt & Minnie PICKENS of Gooderham on April, 1, 1909 at Lindsay.

19995-09 T. E. SHEA, 24, farmer, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Thomas SHEA, farmer & Victoria BRADFORD, married Lora GLASSPELL, 21, of Fenelon Tp., d/o Oliver GLASPELL, farmer & Lilian CUMMINGS, witn: Wilbert GLASPELL & Rose HARDY both of Powles Corners on March 24, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20003-09 Edgar A. SIMS, 24, farmer, of Fenelon Tp., s/o John SIMS, farmer & Elizabeth HEARNS, married Minnie E. BYRNELL, 21, of Fenelon Tp., d/o James BYRNELL, farmer & Esther ENGLISH, witn: Bert SIMS & Mrs. CORBETT both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 1, 1909 at Fenelon Falls (also 21171-10 with groom's mother as Elizabeth Herron)

20139-09 William Francis SLUGGETT, 24, farmer, of Ops Tp., s/o William SLUGGETT, farmer & Roseann KAY, married Louise Maud GORRIL, 21, of Mariposa, d/o Ruben John GORRIL, farmer & Selena CHRISTIAN, witn: Fred T. TAMLIN & Sarah GORRELL (sic) both of Cambray on Dec. 8, 1909 at Mariposa

20140-09 William Robert J. SNOWDEN, 34, farmer, of Hope Durham Co., s/o John SNOWDEN, farmer & Ann Jane GUY, married Florence Lewyella PROUSE, 22, of Mariposa, d/o Richard PROUSE, farmer & Emma OLIVER, witn: Charles PROUSE of Sheho Sask. & Miss WOOLDRIDGE of Oakwood on Dec. 22, 1909 at Mariposa.

20016-09 William Conet SPEAR, 31, lumberman, of Haliburton, s/o William SPEAR & Jane BEAMISH, married Charlotte L. REID, 23, of Haliburton, d/o John REID & Jane CLINKSCOLE, witn: Mary & Alex LORD both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 28, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

19997-09 John William SPROATS, 26, labourer, of Haliburton, s/o William SPROATS, labourer & Tamar ROBSON, married Bessie May DART, 20, of Haliburton, d/o Frederick DART & Mary Agnes GUESS, witn: Reginald DART of Haliburton & Isabella SPROATS of Fenelon Falls on July 20, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

20133-09 George L. SQUIRES, 24, farmer, of Mariposa, s/o Thomas SQUIRES, farmer & Jeannette CURRY, married Margaret M. BAGSHAW, 27, of Mariposa, d/o Abraham BAGSHAW, farmer & Rebecca EWART, witn: Herbert & Gertrude BAGSHAW both of Cannington on July 7, 1909 at residence of the bride in Mariposa.

20027-09 Robert Cornelius STANLEY, 29, farmer, of Estevan Saskatchewan, s/o William John STANLEY, farmer & Mary Ann BIRMINGHAM, married Bertha May HURREN, 21, of Eldon, d/o William HURREN, farmer & Rachel SHIRE, witn: D. A. HURREN & Ethel J. STANLEY both of Bolsover on March 3, 1909 at Lindsay

20034-09 Charles Edwin Marshall STEPHENS, 21, barber, of Lindsay, s/o Edwin STEPHENS & Minnie CHAMBERS, married Blanche Pearl SISSON, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Thomas SISSON & Jane FALLIS, witn: E. C. MARSH & S. V. FORD both of Lindsay on March 31, 1909 at Lindsay

20001-09 Charles E. STODDARD, 39, carpenter, of Saginaw Michigan USA, s/o Walter S. STODDART, carpenter & Jane BAUNWART?, married Jemima WILSON, 31, of Fenelon Falls, d/o John WILSON, farmer & Jemima WELSH, witn: George WILSON of Fenelon Falls & Jennie WILSON of Lindsay on Aug. 25, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20065-09 Alex TATE, 28, farmer, of Harvey Tp., s/o John TATE & Mary TASSIE, married Pearl FRISE, 17, of Fenelon Tp., d/o Robert FRISE & Lizzie HUGHES, witn: David & Emma TATE both of Harvey on June 8, 1909 at Lindsay.

20055-09 Sam Laurence Staphord TEATRO, 21, clerk, of Lindsay, s/o Samuel TEATRO & Euphra DES GROZELLIERS, married Violet Margaret BARRY, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Garrette BARRY & Anne McMAHON, witn: Elmer Grant WAKELIN of Coboconk & Lena TEATRO of Lindsay on Feb. 22, 1909 at Lindsay

20033-09 Henry George THOMPSON, 25, farmer, of Valentia, s/o David THOMPSON, farmer & Charlotte POGUE, married Lillian Maude WAKEFORD, 18, of Valentia, d/o John Wesley WAKEFORD & Rebecca PARKINS, witn: B. M. & Esther THOMPSON both of Valentia on March 24, 1909 at Lindsay

20013-09 Walter Herbert TIERS, 28, farmer, of Verulam Tp., s/o Charles TIERS, farmer & Susan SMITH, married Jennie Ray FELL, 25, of Somerville Tp., d/o William FELL, farmer & Maggie RAY, witn: Benjamin SMITH of Somerville Tp. & Mary LORD of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 30, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

19996-09 Herbert John TOWNLEY, 26, merchant tailor, of Fenelon Falls, s/o John James TOWNLEY, tailor & Louisa WHYSALL, married Hild Marion NEVISON, 26, of Fenelon Falls, d/o John Joseph NEVISON, harness maker, & Isabella HEELEY, witn: Arthur TOWNLEY & Phyllis NEVISON both of Fenelon Falls on July 20, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

20015-09 Duncan TURNER, 27, farmer, of Carden, s/o John TURNER, farmer & Mary KENNEDY, married Catherine McCUAIG, 28, of Hartley, d/o John, farmer & Janet, witn: Dan PETERBOUGH of Head Lake & Annie BAILEY of Bexley on Dec. 27, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

20048-09 Earl Robert VANDERWATER, 21, farmer, of Sidney Tp., s/o Charles VANDERWATER, farmer & Celesta GOLDSMITH, married Bella Old DAVIS, 20, of Napanee, d/o Marshall B. DAVIS (deceased) & Adelaide SCOTT, witn: Mrs. J. R. & Mrs. William REAL both of Lindsay on June 12, 1909 at Lindsay

20009-09 Thomas Louis VON GUTTENBERG, 36, engineer, of Toronto, s/o Otto VON GUTTTENBERG & Kathleen ENGLISH, married Maggie KENNY, 25, of Mariposa, d/o Thomas KENNY & Tilly PERRIE?, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Walter ROGERS both of Lindsay on Nov. 9, 1909 at Fenelon Falls

21170-10 James Clinton WAGG, 29, book keeper, of Stouffville, s/o James WAGG, farmer & Rachel STAFFORD, married Ida Ray RABY, 22, of Fenelon, d/o Henry B. RABY, farmer & Sarah J. LOVE, witn: Austin WAGG of Stouffville & Pearl RABY of Fenelon Falls on June 16, 1909 at the home of the bride Fenelon

20058-09 James Joseph WARD, 32, farmer, of Lindsay, s/o Timothy WARD & Annie CURTIN, married Mary Anne TWOHEY, 21, of Lindsay, d/o John TWOHEY & Sarah Ann HURLEY, witn: F. M. McRAE of Beaverton & Mary Ellen TWOHEY of Lindsay on June 8, 1909 at Lindsay

20041-09 William Burton WATSON, 20, teamster, of Lindsay, s/o David WATSON, tanner & Jane LINTICK, married Gertrude S. ROSEBUSH, 20, of Lindsay, d/o George ROSEBUSH, labourer & Hannah CRONK, witn: E. C. MARSH & Edith L. HOOPER both of Lindsay on May 10, 1909 at Lindsay

19951-09 Albert Edward WATTS, 37, farmer, of Dartmoor, s/o Benjamin WATTS, farmer & Eliza STEWART, married Parthenia WILSON, 21, of Dalrymple, d/o William WILSON, farmer & Isabella TAYLOR, witn: James WILSON & Jennie CRAWFORD no residences given on April 28, 1909 at Orillia

19981-09 Wesley WEBSTER, 23, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o Richard C. WEBSTER, farmer & Mary G. THORNE, married Stella G. EVERSON, 20, of Fenelon, d/o Charles EVERSON, farmer & Frances HEASMAN, witn: Walter E. EVERSON of Fenelon Falls & Louisa SPENCE of Glenarm on March 17, 1909 at Fenelon Tp.

20039-09 Robert Rockford WELLS, 21, railroader, of Lindsay, s/o Albert E. WELLS, farmer & Rebecca L. WILSON, married Emily Mae DAWSON, 22, of Port Perry, d/o George DAWSON, farmer & Emily MAYLED, witn: Robert J. N. WELLS of Lindsay & Annie WEBSTER of Port Perry on April 28, 1909 at Lindsay

20136-09 John N. WESTERELT, 29, banker, of Fernie British Columbia, s/o Joseph WESTERELT, farmer & Mariah Louise DUNN, married Amy F. WHITE, 35, teacher, d/o William WHITE, farmer & Mary Ann BELL, witn: Milton WEATHERELT of Bethany & M. Elizabeth HARDY of Cannington on Sept. 9, 1909 at Mariposa

19960-09 William E. WHETTER, 25, farmer, of Lorneville, s/o Frank WHETTER, farmer & Eliza SMITH, married Jennie E. GOARD, 21, of Lorneville, d/o Richard GOARD, farmer & Sarah RICHARDSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John A. McKAY of Beaverton on Sept. 29, 1909 at Lorneville

19993-09 Herman Richard WICKS, 20, farm hand, of Norland, s/o William John WICKS & Susan Jane HOSKINS, married Mabel HOSKINS, 19, of Norland, d/o John HOSKINS & Catherine Ann DUNDAS, witn: Mrs. W. H. A. & Gladys L. FRENCH both of Fenelon Falls on March 15, 1909 at Fenelon Falls.

20038-09 Stuart WILKINSON, 22, trainman, of Parry Sound, s/o Thomas WILKINSON, trainman & Elizabeth AYRES, married Mary Eliza GEACH, 20, telephone operator, of Lindsay, d/o John H. GEACH, labourer & Eliza CHAMBERS, witn: B. F. BOOTHBY of Toronto & Nellie GEACH of Lindsay on April 21, 1909 at Lindsay

  19978-09 Arthur WILLOCK, 31, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o John WILLOCK, farmer & Celia NUGENT, married Eliza E. DANIEL, 31, of Fenelon, d/o Thomas DANIEL, farmer & Catherine J. O'BRIEN, witn: Laurie WILLOCK of Willocks Saskatchewan & Edith M. BLACK of Cannington on Jan. 5, 1909 at Fenelon Tp.

19983-09 William Albert WILSON, 27, barber, of Fenelon Falls, s/o Jesse WILSON, farmer & Rebecca MOYNES, married Selena Ann CHAMBERS, 26, of Fenelon, d/o Frank CHAMBERS, gentleman & Elizabeth BRINESCOMBE, witn: Frederick & Alice MOYNES both of Lindsay on Sept. 22, 1909 at Fenelon

20042-09 Thomas George WILSON, 21, station agent, of Nestleton, s/o John WILSON & Amy PEPPER, married Anna Laura MADIGAN, not given, of Marsville - East Garafraxa Tp. Dufferin Co., d/o James MADIGAN & Sarah Jane REID, witn: Mr. & Mrs. J. J. GRAHAM both of Lindsay on May 26, 1909 at Lindsay

19964-09 John William WOODS, 27, accountant, of 307 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o John William WOODS & Caroline ALSELL, married Selina KELSEY, 24, of Eldon, d/o Moses KELSEY, farmer & Emma HAWKINS, witn: John Richard KELSEY & Lily Joyce WESTLAKE both of Woodville on Dec. 25, 1909 at Woodville