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Victoria County, 1862

from micrfilm MS248, reel 16, vol. 70

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence

Page 18

John McPHERSON, 26, Ops, same s/o Godfrey McPHERSON and C. McINTYRE married Jane CLARK, 19, Cavan, Ops d/o Robert CLARK and Margaret THOMSON, witn: Godfrey McPHERSON of Ops, January 15, 1862

William WILSON, 22, Fenelon, same s/o John and Emma WILSON married Martha NAYLOR, 16, England, Fenelon d/o John and Sophia NAYLOR, witn: Charles EMERSON of Fenelon, February 17, 1862

Alexander McDOUGALD, 41, Scotland, Fenelon s/o Roderick McDOUGALD and C. McMULLEN married Elizabeth McINTYRE, 26, Otonabee, Fenelon d/o John McINTYRE and Janet DRUMMOND, witn: Hugh BIGHAM of Fenelon, March 13, 1862

Francis HENDERSON, 26, Emily, Lindsay s/o Francis HENDERSON and Margaret MITCHELL married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 21, Emily, Lindsay d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG and n/g LITTLE, witn: Edward SWITZER of Lindsay, June 26, 1862

Daniel WILLIAMS , 50, England, Carden s/o Daniel WILLIAMS and Ann ELLIS married Mary GILMOUR, 45, Scotland, Digby d/o John GILMOUR and Elizabeth FRAZER (?), witn: Michael DEANE (or DOANE) of Lindsay, July 18, 1862

Archibald CAMPBELL, 29, Scotland, Eldon s/o Neil CAMPBELL and Mary McARTHUR (?) married Sarah McLEAN, 19, Scotland, Eldon d/o Donald McLEAN and Margaret BLACK, witn: Collin McMILLEN of Eldon, August 29, 1862

John THOMPSON, 26, Ireland, Snowden s/o Samuel THOMPSON and Ann GOAT married Martha I. KIRK, 19, Ops, Snowden d/o William KIRK and Rachel OAKLEY, witn: Isaac A. TRIP of Snowden, September 5, 1862

Theophilus SHIER, 24, Brock, Ops s/o George SHIER and Jane NORTON (?) married Sophia G. TERRILL, 23, Adolphustown, Ops d/o James TERRILL and Margaret BENSON, witn: John TERRILL of Ops, October 3, 1862

John ANDREWS, 27, England, Eldon s/o William ANDREWS and Elizabeth SMITH married Muriam CURRIE, 18, Eldon, same d/o Archibald CURRIE and Eleanor CRAWFORD, witn: James DOAN of Eldon, December 11, 1862

William John SMITH, 25, Quebec, Lindsay s/o David SMITH and Isabella LUNDY married Mary A. LANG, 19, Alansburg, Lindsay d/o John LANG and Margaret BEEMER?, witn: William Robert LANG of Lindsay, December 17, 1862


Page 18, Marriages Solemnized by William Johnstone:

James PAGET, 27, Emily, same s/o George and Fanny PAGET married Borzetta (?) KENNEDY, 21, Emily, same d/o William and Rebecca KENNEDY, witn: William VAI--? Of Lindsay and William THURSTON of Emily, February 6, 1862

John A. Harly (?) MOORE, 22, Antrim Ireland, Verulam s/o William and Elizabeth MOORE married Martha J. COCHRANE, 20, Antrim, Verulam d/o Thomas and Matilda COCHRANE, witn: James MOORE and William LYLE both of Verulam, March 9, 1862

Joseph SMITH, 23, Emily, same s/o William SMITH and Jane BELL married Letitia HAMILTON, 21, Emily, same d/o George and Sarah HAMILTON, witn: Charles CURRIE and Pat McMULLEN both of Emily, April 8, 1862

David BRIGHT, 28, Hampshire England, Snowden s/o Joseph and Ann BRIGHT married Isabella CHAMBERS, 28, Scotland, Snowden d/o Dav and Mary CHAMBERS, witn: R (?) William CLARK and Dav CHAMBERS both of Somerville, May 13, 1862


Page 18 & 19, Marriages Solemnized by Rev. Steve Paterson, Presbyterian Church

John McLACHLAN, 52, Scotland, Beaverton s/o Archibald McLACHLAN and Catherine McDONALD married Anne McANDREW, 36, Scotland, Horton d/o David McANDREW and Anne McTAVISH, witn: Hector GRANT of Thorah, January 30, 1862

Duncan McARTHUR, 52, Scotland, Eldon s/o John McARTHUR and Jannet CURRIE married Effie McARTHUR, 35, Scotland, Eldon d/o Finlay McARTHUR and Catherine McCUAIG, witn: Peter McARTHUR of Eldon, February 6, 1862

Alexander MacFADYEN, 35, Scotland, Eldon s/o Duncan MacFADYEN and Catherine JOHNSTON married Mary SHAW, 35, Scotland, Eldon d/o Duncan SHAW and Peggy McFADYEN, witn: Angus McFADYEN of Eldon, March 11, 1862

Donald MacFADYEN, 28, Scotland, Fenelon s/o Donald MacFADYEN and Mary McDOUGALL married Christina McRAE, 28, Glengarry CW, Digby d/o Archibald McRAE and Ann McCRIMMON, witn: William BRUCE of Woodville, March 22, 1862

John JAMIESON, 23, Scotland, Eldon s/o Donald JAMIESON and Margaret McDOUGALL married Catherine McNAB, 21, Mariposa, same d/o Robert McNAB and Christina SMITH, witn: John GILLIS of Thorah, March 27, 1862

Duncan McFADYEN, 29, Scotland, Eldon s/o Donald McFADYEN and Mary McDOUGALL married Christina McLEAN, 19, Scotland, Eldon d/o Alexander McLEAN and Catherine McDOUGALL, witn: William CAMPBELL of Eldon, April 3, 1862

Donald SMITH, 30, Scotland, Eldon s/o Donald SMITH and Martha SPENCE married Christina McLEAN, 19, Mariposa, same d/o Neil McLEAN and Margaret McLEOD, witn: Norman McLEAN of Eldon, April 9, 1862

John CAMPBELL, 42, Scotland, Eldon s/o Alexander and Catherine CAMPBELL married Mary MacNAB. 25. Mariposa, same d/o Robert McNAB and Christina SMITH, witn: William CAMERON of Mariposa, April 12, 1862

Donald McCUAIG, 37, Scotland, Eldon s/o Angus McCUAIG and Catherine McNAB married Elizabeth GRAHAM, 27, Scotland, Eldon d/o Peter GRAHAM and Elizabeth McNAB, witn: Collin McCUAIG of Mariposa, April 14, 1862

John MacFADYEN, 44, Scotland, Eldon s/o Neil McFADYEN and Flora McCAFFREY married Mary McFADYEN, 38, Scotland, Mariposa d/o Dugald and Margaret McFADYEN, witn: William SMITH of Mariposa, April 16, 1862

Angus MacFADYEN, 26, Scotland, Fenelon s/o Neil McFADYEN and Flora McCAFFREY married Isabella McFADYEN, 38, Scotland, Eldon d/o Dugald and Margaret McFADYEN, witn: Duncan GRAHAM of Fenelon, October 23, 1862

Malcolm McNIVEN, 23, Toronto, Woodville s/o John MacNIVEN and Mary STEWART married Helen Catherine CULLEN, 18, Bowmanville, Woodville d/o Jacob CULLEN and Margaret FAIRBAIRN, witn: Donald CAMERON of Woodville, December 17, 1862


Page 19 & 20 & 21, Marriages Solemnized by John MacTavish Woodville

Francis FIE (Fee?), 22, Darlington, Fenelon s/o John and Sarah FIE married Margaret Jane WARD, 21, England, Fenelon d/o Norton and Eliza WARD, witn: William FIE and Isabella WARD both of Fenelon, January 1, 1862

John COOK, 28, Ireland, Fenelon s/o John and Margaret COOK married Ellen DANIEL, 21, Fenelon, same d/o Alexander and Margaret DANIEL, witn: James DANIEL and Euphemia DOUGLAS both of Fenelon, January 23, 1862

Robert WIGGINS, 23, Ireland, Ops s/o William and Margaret WIGGINS married Eliza Jane BRYSON, 20, Ireland, Ops d/o William and Mary BRYSON, witn: William IRVINE of Ops and Georgiana RUSSELL of Mariposa, January 23, 1862

Richard ROBINSON, 21, Cavan, Emily s/o John and Ann ROBINSON married Margaret MILLER, 20, Otonabee, Emily d/o John and Elizabeth MILLER, witn: John McNICKLE and Margaret ROBINSON both of Lindsay, January 23, 1862

Samuel FLACK, 27, Ireland, Fenelon s/o Samuel and Elizabeth FLACK married Rachel NISBET, 18, Otonabee, same d/o Alexander and Susan NISBET, witn: John HAGERMAN and Susan PERIOUS (Perrins?) both of Fenelon, March 4, 1862

Edward LYTLE, 23, Ireland, Bexley s/o Robert and Ann LYTLE married Eliza WRIGHT, 19, England, Fenelon d/o Joseph and Jane WRIGHT, witn: Thomas LYTLE of Bexley and Jane RISDON of Fenelon, March 27, 1862

John MALLET, 43, England, Mariposa s/o John and Susannah MALLET married Ann CREWS, 33, England, Mariposa d/o Richard and Mary CREWS, witn: Mary C. PHILP and Elizabeth J. PHILP both of Lindsay, March 27, 1862

Samuel D. STINSON, 25, Cavan, same s/o Samuel and Jane STINSON married Jane IRWIN, 20, Amherst Isle., Manvers d/o William and Elizabeth IRWIN, witn: Samuel GRAHAM and Margaret STINSON both of Cavan, April 4, 1862

Andrew GILLIS, 25, Toronto, Verulam s/o John and Margaret GILLIS married Ann Jane ELLIS, 19, Verulam, same d/o John and Margaret ELLIS, witn: John ELLIS of Verulam and Mary Ann HAY of Fenelon, April 7, 1862

Samuel HOLLAND, 24, Murray, Fenelon s/o Richard and Mary HOLLAND married Flavella NEWSON, 20, Murray, Fenelon d/o John and Maria NEWSON, witn: Mary PLATTS (?) and Elizabeth PHILP both of Lindsay, April 9, 1862

Nicholas WELDON, 25, Mariposa, same s/o Levi and Maria WELDON married Mary Eliza HANDCOCK, 19, Ernestown, Mariposa d/o Richard and Jane HANDCOCK, witn: Levi WELDON of Mariposa and Mary PHILP of Lindsay, May 3, 1862

Robert BLAYLOCK, 24, Ops, same s/o Robert and Agnes BLAYLOCK married Mary CUNNINGHAM, 22, Ops, Fenelon d/o James and Ann CUNNINGHAM, witn: Thomas RAY and Margaret CUNNINGHAM both of Ops, July 22, 1862

Barney BRISBIN, 28, Clark, Murray s/o William and Margaret BRISBIN married Margaret V. HODGSON, 22, Cavan, Fenelon d/o John and Mary HODGSON, witn: Samuel BELCH and Susannah MILLIGAN both of Fenelon, August 6, 1862

Joseph McNEASLER (?), 48, Ireland, Mariposa s/o Andrew and Fanny McNEASLER (?) married Ann O’BRIAN, 49, Toronto, Ops d/o Ben--? And Hannah, witn: illegible of Fenelon and Ann BOYD of Ops, August 7, 1862

James SUTHERLAND, 22, Thorah, Mariposa s/o James and Christian SUTHERLAND married Jennett CARMICHAEL, 17, Mariposa, same d/o John and Jennet CARMICHAEL, witn: Duncan CARMICHAEL of Mariposa and Elizabeth PHILP of Lindsay, August 28, 1862

William J. SIMPSON, 23, Belleville, Lindsay s/o John and Nancy SIMPSON married Jane H. RUSSELL, 19, England, Lindsay d/o Cornelius and Eliza RUSSELL, witn: Albert DOAN of Lindsay and Anne? McMILLAN of Port Hope, September 22, 1862

George ROSE, 25, Toronto, Lindsay s/o William and Mary ROSE married Adeline GREGORY, 18, Kingston, Lindsay d/o Thomas and Catherine GREGORY, witn: John STA--? and Catherine GREGORY, both of Lindsay, October 12, 1862

James WALKER, 22, Ireland, Anson s/o David and Isabella WALKER married Ellen DERRICK, 19, Peterborough, Anson d/o James and Ann DERRICK, witn: Thomas C. BROWN and Sarah BROWN both of Anson, October 20, 1862

John HAGERMAN, 29, Hamilton Township, Fenelon s/o Nathaniel and Eliza HAGERMAN married Esther BOYCE, 22, Brock, Fenelon d/o Hamilton and Esther BOYCE, witn: Joseph McNAB and Isabella McNAB both of Fenelon, November 4, 1862

Thomas LAURENCE, 26, Canada, Mariposa s/o Thomas and Martha LAURENCE married Eliza Phillis KETT, 16, Prince Edward Isle, Mariposa d/o James and Eliza KETT, witn: Benjamin SEAMAN and Mary Ann KETT both of Mariposa, November 24, 1862

Samuel BELCH, 29, Emily, Fenelon s/o John and Jane BELCH married Susannah MILLIGAN, 22, Cambray, Fenelon d/o John and Mary MILLIGAN, witn: John BELCH and Frances COOK both of Fenelon, December 6, 1862

William JEWELL, 25, England, Mariposa s/o Henry and Thurza JEWELL married Rosannah AKINS, 22, Cavan, Mariposa d/o William and Mary AKINS, witn: Isaac IRWIN (or IRVINE) and Susannah ARLINGTON both of Mariposa, December 26, 1862

George MONLEY (Morley?), 23, Canada, Emily s/o Louis and Lucy married Mary Ann, 18, Ireland, Emily d/o Robert and Catherine ANDERSON, witn: Thomas MITCHELL and William COTTINGHAM both of Emily, February 18, 1862

James FERGUSON, 23, Ireland, Peterboro s/o Joshua and Elizabeth married Alice, 17, Emily, same d/o Thomas and Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Matthew HILL and Robert JACKSON both of Emily, February 19, 1862

Thomas STEELE, 25, Canada, Verulam s/o Thomas and Margaret married Letitia, 18, Verulam, same d/o William and Martha HAMILTON, witn: William HAMILTON of Verulam and Robert DISBROW of Emily, November 12, 1862

Samuel McCORMICK, 27, Ireland, Emily s/o Alexander and Eliza Jane married Margaret, 43, Emily same d/o Humphrey and Margaret FINLAY, witn: David FINLAY and Robert DISBROW both of Emily, November 15, 1862

David FINLAY, 27, Emily, same s/o Humphrey and Margaret married Mary Jane, 22, Cavan, same d/o John and Maria JACKSON, witn: S. McCORMICK of Emily and John JACKSON of Cavan, December 28, 1862

David HART, 21, Manvers, same s/o Herman and Margaret HART married Sarah A. HENRY, 19, Hope, Manvers d/o David and Jane CORNEIL, witn: Herman HART of Manvers, March n/g 1862

Richard SOUTHERN, 24, Ops, same s/o James and Alice SOUTHERN married Belinda CORNEIL, 19, Ops, same d/o William and Mary FORD, witn: Samuel CORNEIL of Ops, March 20, 1862

William PEGG, 43, England, Dummer s/o William and Harriet PEGG married Mary A. FORD, 37, Canada, Smith d/o John and Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Edward JOHNSTON of Smith, June 24, 1862

Edward HANNAH, 59, Ireland, Emily s/o Edward and Jane HANNAH married Catherine JOHNSTON, 21, Ireland, Emily d/o John and Elizabeth JOHNSTON, no witness given, September 24, 1862

Matthew STINSON, 40, Ireland, Ops s/o John and Elizabeth STINSON married Jane REA, 26, Canada, Ops d/o James and Jane REA, witn: William REA of Ops, August 14, 1862

John ADAIR, 26, unknown, Laxton s/o George and unknown married Ann RILEY, 17, unknown, Laxton d/o James and Jane, witn: Samuel RILEY of Laxton, March 6, 1862

Isaac BICE, 23, unknown, Sommerville s/o Samuel and Betsey married Elizabeth BURGESS, 19, unknown, Bexley d/o Archibald and Mary Ann, witn: Hamilton BICE of Sommerville, April 16, 1862

George RUMNEY, 24, unknown, Laxton s/o George and unknown married Mary Ann ONGIE, 19, unknown, Laxton d/o Gusta and unknown, witn: Pat ONGIE of Laxton, May 3, 1862

Abner SMITH, 23, unknown, Sommerville s/o unknown married Isabella HARTLEY, 25, unknown, Sommerville d/o unknown, witn: Archibald UMPHREY of Sommerville, July 17, 1862

John HAMMOND, 22, unknown, Sommerville s/o unknown married Lucinda FE??OR, 17, unknown, Sommerville d/o Amos and Nancy, witn: R. DRAKE of Bexley, December 8, 1862

John ORR, 21, Lower Canada, Bobcaygeon s/o William and Agnes ORR married Christina JOHNSTON, 20, Upper Canada, Bobcaygeon d/o Robert and Christina JOHNSTON, witn: James BELL and William BEATTY both of Bobcaygeon, December 4, 1862


Page 21

William JUNKIN, 22, Upper Canada, Verulam s/o James and Mary JUNKIN married Mary A. ADAMS, 20, Upper Canada, Verulam d/o William and Mary ADAMS, witn: Alexander HARDIE and Robert HARDIE both of Bobcaygeon, January 13, 1862

John MacARTHUR, 23, Islay Scotland, Thorah s/o Charles McARTHUR and Cath JOHNSTON married Margaret CURRIE, 20, Eldon, same d/o Arch CURRIE and Mary KEILLE (or KEITH), witn: Donald CURRIE and Archibald CAMPBELL both of Eldon, January 1, 1862

John SPENCE, 25, Ireland, Bradford s/o William SPENCE and Jane McLELLAND married Isabella BROWN, 27, Holland Landing, Bradford d/o Colin BROWN and Ann McLACHLAN , witn: William SPENCER and Hector SUTHERLAND both of Bradford, February 4, 1862

Alexander CULLIBERT, 22, Glengarry – Lochiel, Lochiel s/o Archibald CULLIBERT and Cath. McMILLAN married Euphemia BROWN, 18, Nova Scotia, Eldon d/o Dun. BROWN and Margaret McNEIL, witn: John McDOUGALL of Eldon and Lachlan McDONALD of Glengarry, April 1, 1862

Neal?) W. BEATON, 21, Vaughan, Mariposa s/o Alexander BEATON and Flora McKINNON married Mary A. PATTERSON, 21, Hamilton Scotland, Vaughan d/o Angus PATERSON and Mary Ann CAMPBELL, witn: Martin McCLEMENT and Angus McKINNON both of Eldon, July 11, 1862

Archibald McEACHERN, 30, Mull Scotland, Eldon s/o John McEACHERN and Quirdy McFARLANE married Catherine McINNIS, 21, Mull Scotland, Eldon d/o Archibald McINNIS and Catherine McQUARRIE, witn: Dugald McEACHERN and Neil McFARLANE both of Eldon, April 15, 1862

John FERGUSON, 34, Isle of Skye – Scotland, Mariposa s/o John FERGUSON and Ann McCASKILL married Isabella CAMPBELL, 22, Mull Scotland, Mariposa d/o Archibald CAMPBELL and Janet McINNIS, witn: John CAMPBELL and Neil CAMPBELL both of Mariposa, May 20, 1861

Jas. McLAUGHLIN, 24, County of Derry – Ireland, Eldon s/o Hugh McLAUGHLIN and Catherine LIND married Margaret McCORQUODALE, 20, Eldon, same d/o Dun and Sarah McCORQUODALE, witn: Archibald McFADYEN and William KIRKLAND both of Eldon, July 15, 1862

John MORRISEE, 36, State of New York, Eldon s/o Richard MORRISEE and Mary LLOYD married Isabella ROSS, 41, Glasgow, Eldon d/o Alexander ROSS and Elizabeth McKENZIE, witn: Angus RAY and John HOLLMAN both of Eldon, August 4, 1862

John GILLESPIE, 23, Thorah, same d/o Archibald GILLESPIE and Agnes BUCHANAN married Mary CALDWELL, 19, County Antrim – Ireland, Thorah d/o And. CALDWELL and Ellen RICHARDS, witn: Alexander ROSS and Donald McLEAN both of Thorah, August 16, 1862

Donald McINTYRE, 27, Eldon, Fenelon s/o Duncan McINTYRE and Mary CURRIE married Sarah SPENCE, 19, Islay – Scotland, Fenelon d/o Donald SPENCE and Ann ?LOURE, witn: Donald McEACHERN and Andrew McINTYRE both of Eldon, December 16, 1862


Page 22

Robert CLARK, 23, Cavan, Ops s/o Robert and Margaret married Jane BEAMISH, 20, Ops, same d/o William and Ann, witn: Geoffrey McPHERSON and Jane McPHERSON both of Ops, March 5, 1862

Alexander BRADY, 30, Ireland, Ops s/o Richard and Margaret married Mary MOORE, 26, Ireland, Manvers d/o Robert and Ann, witn: Robert MOORE and Anne MOORE both of Manvers, September 16, 1862

Charles FAIRBAIRN, 24, unknown, Verulam s/o Andrew and Eliza married Esther FEE, 20, Emily, same d/o Thomas and Esther, witn: Thomas FEE and Esther FEE both of Emily, September 17, 1862

Richard HOUGHTON, 28, England, Ops s/o Thomas and Charlotte married Ellen CALVERT, 19, Cavan, Ops d/o George and Ellen CALVERT, witn: Thomas CALVERT of Ops, January 1, 1862

Solomon SAMIS, 19, Mariposa, same s/o Benjamin and Mary SAMIS married Susannah BRANDON, Brock, same d/o John and Susannah BRANDON, witn: Wesley BRANDON of Brock, June 4, 1862

Charles RUTHERFORD, 34, Canada, Cavan s/o Charles and Ruth married Susannah BEST, 24, Canada, Emily d/o James and Margaret, witn: Joseph RUTHERFORD of Cavan, May 2, 1862

William MITCHELL, 22, Ireland, Emily s/o Thomas and Rosana married Sarah WILKSON, 18, Ireland, Emily d/o John and Mary, witn: George WORKMAN of Cavan, November 3, 1862

John VERCOE (Varcoe?), full, England, Fenelon s/o John and Jane VERCOE married Sarah COOPER, full, Montreal, Fenelon d/o John and Eliza WILLIAMS, witn: George MAGEE of Fenelon, January 6, 1862

Nicholas DURE, full, Toronto, Brock s/o John and Sarah DURE married Matilda GIBBS, 20, Brock, same d/o John and Eleanor GIBBS, witn: John DURE of Brock, January 8, 1862

William MULLIGAN, full, Cavan CW, Manvers s/o William and Mary MULLIGAN married Lucy MONTGOMERY, 20, Ireland, Cartwright d/o John and Catherine MONTGOMERY, witn: James THOMPSON of Manvers, January 28, 1862

Anthony HARDON, full, Ireland, Lindsay s/o Edward and Catherine HARDON married Margaret HUSSY, 16, Ops, same d/o William and Margaret HUSSEY, witn: William HUSSEY of Ops, February 1, 1862

John BURGESS, full, England, Ops s/o John and Lydia BURGESS married Susannah CLARKE, 21, Emily, Ops d/o John and Ann CLARKE, witn: Robert BURGESS of Ops, February 13, 1862

Robert HEEL, full, Peterboro CW, Verulam s/o Thomas and Margaret HEEL married Isabella IRETON, full, Emily, Verulam d/o John and Eliza IRETON, witn: Ann IRETON of Verulam, February 15, 1862

Thomas PAUL, full, Ireland, Manvers s/o Joshua and Margaret PAUL married Elizabeth LEES, 17, Ops, same d/o Thomas and Margaret LEES, witn: Thomas LEES of Ops, February 27, 1862

John IRETON, full, Emily, Verulam s/o John and Eliza IRETON married Jane QUIGLEY, under, Ireland, Verulam d/o John and Mary QUIGLEY, witn: Joseph INGLES of Lindsay, March 1. 1862

Alexander CULLEN, full, Emily, Verulam s/o Thomas and Jane CULLEN married Mary HARTLEY, 16, Ops, same d/o Abraham and Anne HARTLEY, witn: Abraham HARTLEY of Ops, March 10, 1862

James MORTINSON (?), full, Emily, Anson (?) s/o Andrew and Catherine MORTINSON (?) married Margaret PARKER, full, Emily, Verulam d/o Josiah and Mary PARKER, witn: William PARKER of Verulam, March 26, 1862

A--? Wentworth GAGE, full, Scotland, Lindsay s/o Thomas Wentworth and Mary Elizabeth GAGE married Georgina Mary Maria TOKES (Toker?), full, Harvey, Lindsay d/o Claude and Elizabeth TOKES (?, witn: James DUNSFORD of Lindsay, August 13, 1862


Page 23

James NAYLOR, full, Ireland, Fenelon s/o Harvey and Eliza NAYLOR married Eliza CORKER, under, England, Fenelon d/o Richard and Elizabeth CROKER, witn: John CUMMING of Ops, August 26, 1862

Robert BROWN, 24, Cavan – Ireland, Fenelon s/o James and Ann BROWN married Diana WILSON, 17, Yorkshire – England, Fenelon d/o John and Emma WILSON, witn: William WILSON and Martha NAYLOR both of Fenelon, February 17, 1862

William COX, 24, Lincolnshire – England, Mariposa s/o John and Elizabeth COX married Mary GILBERT, 19, Cornwall – England, Mariposa d/o William and Sabina GILBERT, witn: Richard GILBERT and Sabina GILBERT both of Mariposa, February 24, 1862

Sidney STEVENS, 30, Hope – Canada, Mariposa s/o Hiram and Maria STEVENS married Rachel BROAD, 19, Whitby – Canada, Brock d/o Charles and Mary BROAD, witn: Charles BROAD and Phebe STEVENS both of Mariposa, May 5, 1862

Donald McKINNON, 32, Scotland, Mariposa s/o John and Margaret McKINNON married Catherine TINNEY(?), 29, Scotland, Brock d/o Archibald and Flora CAMERON, witn: Neil McKINNON and Hector McLEAN both of Mariposa, September 2, 1862

Charles KEELER, 22, Brockville – Canada, Brock s/o Charles and Rebecca KEELER married Sarah Ann McFADYEN, 22, Brock, same d/o Lauchlan and Catherine McFADYEN, witn: Neil McFADYEN and William KEELER both of Brock, December 16, 1862

William HUMPHRIES, 25, Ireland, Somerville s/o Rodger and Rebecca HUMPHRIES married Ellen TWEEDIE, 18, Cavan CW, Somerville d/o Robert and Rebecca TWEEDIE, witn: Thomas BELCH of Verulam and Malcolm SMITH of Somerville, October 29, 1862

Thomas LITTLETON, 23, England, Fenelon s/o Joseph and Betsey married Alice COOPER, 23, Manvers, Fenelon d/o Simon and Ann, witn: Joseph LITTLETON and Victoria HODGSON both of Fenelon, April 6, 1862