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Victoria County, 1863

from micrfilm MS248, reel 16, vol. 70

FORMAT: birth place is given before residence


Page 24, Marriages Performed by Rev. David Handie, Wesleyan Minister, Bobcaygeon

Thomas PROBERT, 39, England, Galway s/o James and Sarah PROBERT married Roseanna PURDY, 18, Upper Canada, Galway d/o Robert and Allen (should be Ellen ?) PURDY, witn: Rebecca PURDY and James PURDY both of Galway, February 9, 1863

Aaron PRESTON, 24, Upper Canada, Hamilton s/o Eliza and No??ey PRESTON married Eliza A. RAPLEY, 21, Upper Canada, Verulam d/o James and Mary A. RAPLEY, witn: Edward B. RAPLEY and William KENNEDY both of Verulam, April 20, 1863

Andrew COULTER, 25, Ireland, Sommerville s/o Andrew and Jane COULTER married Rebecca KELLY, 16, Upper Canada, Galway d/o George and Rebecca KELLY, witn: Edward KELLY and George COULTER both of Sommerville, May 5, 1863

Edward HOPKINS, 25, Ireland, Sommerville s/o Edward and Jane HOPKINS married Eliza A. STEWART, 17, Newfoundland, Sommerville d/o Richard and Ann STEWART, witn: Joseph HOPKINS and Samuel STEWART both of Sommerville, May 29, 1863

Thomas ELLIOTT, 27, Ireland, Fenelon s/o William and Mary ELLIOTT married Eliza KEMP, 20, Scotland, Fenelon d/o John and Mary KEMP, witn: John INGRAM and Christ. INGRAM both of Verulam, June 10, 1863

James DODD, 25, Upper Canada, Fenelon s/o James and Hannah DODD married Margaret MILLIGAN, 17, Upper Canada, Fenelon d/o John and Mary MILLIGAN, witn: William ?ELLERY and Samuel BELCH both of Fenelon, June 15, 1863

Thomas BUTTS, 18, Lower Canada, Snowden s/o James and Georgianna BUTTS married Sarah A. TRIPP, 17, Upper Canada, Snowden d/o E?? W. and Catherine TRIPP, witn: Ezra W. TRIPP and Francis TRIPP both of Snowden, September 28, 1863

James McCULLUM, 47, Ireland, Verulam s/o William and Mary McCULLUM married Mary A. WHITE, 42, Ireland, Emily d/o William and Elizabeth MAGINNESS, witn: David KENNEDY and William KENNEDY both of Emily, October 19, 1863

Gordon W? LOUCKS, 23, Upper Canada, Snowden s/o Richard and Eve LOUCKS married Catherine A. CORTTS?, 20, Upper Canada, Snowden d/o Michael and Isabella CORTS (as shown), witn: William GRELLY and Elonzo STEADY both of Snowden, October 26, 1863


Page 24, Marriages Solemnized by John Paterson, Minister of Presbyterian Church, Verulam

Thomas Nelson JENNINGS (or JENNERY), 25, Ireland, Bobcaygeon s/o Sa and Mary JENNINGS (or JENNERY) married Mary KEMP, 20, Aberdeen, Bobcaygeon d/o John and Mary KEMP, witn: Thomas ELLIOT of Fenelon, January 29, 1863

Abraham GRANDSDEN, 24, Kent-England, Verulam s/o Samuel GRANDSDEN and Caroline SNOOKS married Ann PILLETT (Pellett?), 18, Well England, Verulam d/o Steven BILLET and Louisa BLAKE, witn: Joseph FLETT of Verulam, March 26, 1863 (spelling as shown)

George PEARSALL, 21, Prince Edward, Fenelon s/o Alfred and Cor PEARSALL married Mary BLAKEFORD, 23, Mariposa, Fenelon d/o John and C--? BLAKEFORD, witn: Allen BLAKEFORD of Fenelon, May 14, 1863

Abraham (?) TROTTER, 24, Fermanagh Ireland, Bobcaygeon s/o William and Jane TROTTER married Margaret MOORE, 21, Antrim Ireland, Bobcaygeon d/o William and Eliza MOORE, witn: Jane PATERSON of Verulam, September 21, 1863

Robert DOUGLASS, 27, Roxburgh Scotland, Fenelon s/o John and illegible DOUGLASS married Isabel McCALLUM, 21, Eldon, Lindsay d/o John And Cath McCALLUM, witn: William DOUGLASS of Fenelon, October 13, 1863

James BOWEN, 26, Monaghan, Verulam s/o Christopher and Rose Ann BOWEN married Jane MURDOCH, 22, Niagara, Verulam d/o David and Mary MURDOCH, witn: Peter MURDOCH of Verulam, December 1, 1863


Page 25, Marriages Solemnized by William Johnston, St. Andrews Church, Lindsay

Hugh McKINNON, 22, Brock, same s/o Neil and Margaret McKINNON married Rachel SHIER, 25, Brock, same d/o John SHIER and Jane NORTON, witn: Daniel McKINNON of Brock, February 7, 1863

Hugh McNABB, 23, Scotland, Mariposa s/o Archibald McNABB and Isabella CAMPBELL married Cha. CAMPBELL, 20, Thorah, same d/o Peter CAMPBELL and Janet McGINNIS, witn: Alex CAMPBELL of Thorah, March 13, 1863

John McKAY, 30, Digby, Thorah s/o Archibald McKAY and Nancy McKINNON married Jane GALBRAITH, 21, Scotland, Bexley d/o Lauchlan GALBRAITH and Catherine GLLESPAM (as shown), witn: Hugh McFADYEN of Bexley, March 17, 1863

Alex McEWEN, 28, Thorah, Lindsay s/o Alex McEWEN and Mary McALPINE married Catherine LORATT, 21, Toronto, Mariposa d/o Barney LORATT and Catherine? McALPINE, witn: Samuel CAMPBELL of Thorah, March 31, 1863

Adam WILSON, 22, Cavan, Ops s/o Adam WILSON and Margaret illegible married Mary WORKMAN, 19, Cavan, Lindsay d/o James? WORKMAN and Catherine McCALLUM, witn: John B ROCHE (?) of Lindsay, March 31, 1864

Joseph McARTHUR, 23, Ops, Fenelon s/o John McARTHUR and Sarah SHARP married Sarah HALL, Ops, Fenelon d/o Andrew HALL and Mary SH??, witn: Joseph HALL of Ops, April 10, 1863

Thomas DAGG, 15, Ops, same s/o William DAGG and Ann McCORMICK married Mary LAROZER (?), 21, Whitby, Fenelon d/o Benjamin LAROZER and Catherine BURNHEART (?), witn: Ch?? BRITTON of Lindsay, April 23, 1863

Timothy DELANY, 22, Pakenham, Millbrook s/o John DELANY and Rosie LONEY (or LOREY) married Catherine BURGESS, 18, England, Ops d/o Robert BURGESS and Elizabeth HOUGHTON, witn: M. ?KERY of Ops, May 25, 1863

Frederick DAVIS, 19, England, Fenelon s/o George and Margaret DAVIS married Sarah LANSFIELD, 18, Fenelon, same d/o ? LANSFIELD and Mary (?) BERNS, witn: John GYRILL of Ops, June 15, 1863

Thomas HAMILTON, 26, Scotland, Fenelon s/o William HAMILTON and Mary MICKLE married Mary KNOX, 17, Scotland, Fenelon d/o John KNOX and Isa?? BA illegible, July 7, 1863

Andrew (?) SPENCE, 25, Scotland, Digby s/o Donald SPENCE and Ann STONE married Mary Ann McMULLIN, 22, Brock, same d/o Archibald McMULLIN and Ann McALPINE, witn: Peter SPENCE of Fenelon, August 8, 1863

Archibald SHAW, 26, Scotland, Eldon s/o Duncan SHAW and Mary McPADYEN (should be McPHADYEN ?) married Jane CAMPBELL, 28, Scotland, Eldon d/o Alex and Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: n/g, August 12, 1863

John McLEOD, 49, Scotland, Fenelon s/o Neil McLEOD and Charity (?) McKAY married Mary McLEAN, 35, Scotland, Fenelon d/o Neil McLEAN and Effie McE?NER, witn: John McLEAN of Fenelon, November 24, 1863

John CARAN, 23, Ireland, Fenelon s/o Robert CARRAN and Ann DOWD married Eliza MITCHELL, 23, Ireland, Fenelon d/o William (?) MITCHELL and Esther WILSON, witn: Archibald MITCHELL of Fenelon, November 26, 1863 (spelling as shown)

James DRISCOLL, 32, Ireland, Eldon s/o Jeremiah DRISCOLL and Honora n/g married Catherine McDONALD, 22, Scotland, Eldon d/o Don McDONALD and Mary McROKLE (?), witn: John BIRMINGHAM of Eldon, November 26, 1863


Page 25, Marriages Solemnized by John Henry Kennedy

Thomas KINNIE, 22, Mariposa, same s/o Thomas and Mary KINNIE married Malilita PERRIN, 17, Mariposa, same d/o John and Mary PERRIN, witn: Alex BROWN and Merritt PERRIN both of Mariposa, July 15, 1863

James FRICE, 28, England, Mariposa s/o John and Let. (?) FRICE married Catherine McMULLEN, 19, Mariposa, same d/o Donald and Lidda McMULLEN, witn: John McMULLEN of Darlington and Robert FRICE of Mariposa, October 13, 1863

John COUTTS, 22, Canada, Mariposa s/o Robert and Jane COUTTS married Rebecca SILLESTRY, 17, Canada, Mariposa d/o John and Hannah SILLESTRY, witn: Robert SWAYN and William SWAYN both of Mariposa, October 31, 1863

Robert DODDS, 23, Canada, Mariposa s/o Samuel and Margaret DODDS married Mary Ann SILLESTRY, 22, New York, Mariposa d/o John and Hanna SILLESTRY, witn: Robert SWAYN and William SWAYN both of Mariposa, October 31, 1863


Page 26, Marriages Solemnized by Robert Hurley, B.C. Minister

William DIXON, 24, Canada, Mariposa s/o Robert and Sarah DIXON married Mary CONKELL, 22, Canada, Mariposa d/o John and Sarah CONKELL, witness - ??ieny ASHTON and Harriet CONKELL both of Mariposa, January 1, 1863

William PARKINSON, 26, Mariposa, same s/o John and Mary PARKINSON married Eliza Jane WEBSTER, 17, Canada, Mariposa d/o Robert and Emelia WEBSTER, witn: William DAVIDSON and ?. DAVIDSON both of Mariposa, January 15, 1863

Silas BIGELOW, 32, Canada, Lindsay s/o Hiram and Mary BIGELOW married Lidia Jane BATEMAN, 20, Mariposa, same d/o George and Jane BATEMAN, witn: Martha HARDY and Janet KENNE? Both of Mariposa, January 31, 1863

Thomas BROAD, 29, England, Mariposa s/o John And Thomazin BROAD married Elizabeth MARK, 17, Mariposa, same d/o James and Sa?cey MARK, witn: Samuel OKE and Joseph MARK both of Mariposa, February 3, 1863

Henry METHERAL, 26, Mariposa, same s/o William and Joanna METHERAL married Elizabeth COPPINS, 25, England, Mariposa d/o William and Catherine COPPINS, witn: Seth METHERAL and Emeline WEBSTER both of Mariposa, February 9, 1863

Samuel Art OKE, 26, England, Mariposa s/o William and Mary OKE married Sarah A. BAILEY, 24, England, Mariposa d/o William and Sarah BAILEY, witn: Charlotte YEO and William YEO both of Mariposa, February 16, 1863

John DOBSON, 21, England, Mariposa s/o William and Dorothy DOBSON married Sarah A. REEDER, 21, Mariposa, same d/o Moses and Elizabeth REEDER, witn: Jennet KENNIE and Jonathan (?) HANDY both of Mariposa, February 17, 1863

William John DAVIDSON, 34, Canada, Mariposa s/o Samuel and Ann DAVIDSON married Mary Ann GREENWAY, 23, England, Mariposa d/o John and Betsy GREENWAY, witn: Richard GREENWAY and Nora GREENWAY both of Mariposa, March 3, 1863

George HENDY, 25, England, Mariposa s/o William and illegible HENDY married Harriet Maria HAY, 18, Canada, Mariposa d/o John and Agnes HAY, witn: Francis HAY and Ellen HAY both of Mariposa, March 5, 1863

Peter MITCHELL, 20, England, Mariposa s/o Richard and Mary C. MITCHELL married Maria (?) Jane KING, 18, Canada, Mariposa d/o Ruben and Letteca KING, witn: Mel--? KING and Joseph KING both of Mariposa, March 26, 1863

Charles GILLIS, 23, Canada, Mariposa s/o Jessy and Sarah GILLIS married Margaret HANCOCK, 18, Mariposa, same d/o John and Thomazin HANCOCK, witn: Richard HANCOCK and Hannah M. HANCOCK both of Mariposa, March 31, 1863


Page 26, Marriages Solemnized by R.J. Taylor

William DRAKE, 25, England, Eldon, s/o not known married Margaret BICE, 17, Reach Lake, Sommerville d/o Samuel BICE, witn: J?? DRAKE and Mary BICE both of Sommerville, January 1, 1863

Robert DRAKE, 22, England, Bexley CW s/o unknown married Sarah BURGESS, 15, not known, Bexley d/o Archibald BURGESS, witn: J?? DRAKE and Mary BICE both of Sommerville, January 1, 1863

J--? Stewart TAYLOR, 25, Ireland, Laxton s/o not known married Mary Ann TALMAN, 16, not known, Laxton d/o Jessie TALLMAN, witn: Lyman SLEIGHT of Laxton, January 1, 1863 (spelling as shown)

Hamilton BICE, 22, Canada, Sommerville s/o Samuel BICE married Rachel Maria VIE?, 15, not known, Sommerville d/o not known, witn: Archibald ARMSTRONG (?) of Sommerville, January 5, 1863

Sam JOHNSTON, 32, not known, Laxton s/o not known married Almira VAN MEER, 17, Brock, Laxton d/o William VAN MEER, WITNESS – William WILSON of Laxton, January 29, 1863

John CHAPLIN, 25, not known, Darlington s/o John CHAPLIN married Harriet A. NORRIS, 21, not known, Galway d/o John NORRIS, witn: Mrs. E.W. TAYLOR of Bobcaygeon, December 19, 1863

Robert PATTERSON, 23, not known, Peterboro s/o Walter PATTERSON married Jane LONG, 21, not known, Bobcaygeon d/o John LONG, witn: John McMILLAN of Peterboro, December 29, 1863


Page 27, Marriages Solemnized by Samuel A. Philp, Minister, Wesleyan Methodist

Moses ARMSTRONG, 25, illegible, Fenelon s/o William and Mary ARMSTRONG married Adeline KINSMEN, 20, Waterdown, Fenelon d/o Hiram and Mary KINSMEN, witn: Benjamin ARMSTRONG of Fenelon and Aurilia DAN--? of Mariposa, January 5, 1863

James O'BRIEN, 21, Mariposa, same s/o William and Ann O'BRIEN married Margaret COPPINS, 20, England, Mariposa d/o William and Catherine COPPINS, witn: Francis O'BRIEN and Catherine COPPINS both of Mariposa, February 10, 1863

Isaac Allen TRIPP, 21, Murray, Ops s/o Isaac and Ann TRIPP married Margaret SPENCE ( or SPENCER), 19, Murray, Ops d/o John and Elizabeth SPENCE (or SPENCER), witn: Elesher (?) BIRCHARD and Jane BIRCHARD both of Mariposa, February 13, 1863

Allen DANIEL, 21, Ops, Fenelon s/o Alex and Margaret DANIEL married Maria Bell FOWLER, 19, Fenelon, Mariposa d/o Samuel (?) and Ema FOWLER, witn: Jesse DEMOREST and Mary M. FORSTER both of Mariposa, February 17, 1863

Francis BELCH, 22, Emily, Fenelon s/o John and Jane BELCH married Susanna HAZLETON, 18, Ops, same d/o Simpson (?) and Susan HAZLETON, witn: William HAZLETON and H. McMAHON both of Ops, February 18, 1863

George BARRY, 27, Markham, Mariposa s/o Robert and Mary BARRY married Mary DOHERTY, 22, Newmarket, Mariposa d/o Hugh and Flora DOHERTY, witn: John BERRY and Alice CROWN both of Mariposa, February 26, 1863

Robert HENDERSON, 27, Emily, Mariposa s/o James and Mary HENDERSON married Ann NETHERTON, 20, England, Mariposa d/o Richard and Betsy NETHERTON, witn: William NETHERTON and Hannah MARK both of Mariposa, March 7, 1863

William NETHERTON, 29, England, Mariposa s/o Richard and Betsy NETHERLAND married Hanna MARK, 26, England, Mariposa d/o Philip and Ja--? MARK, witn: John HORE and Philip NETHERTON both of Mariposa, March 7, 1863 (spelling as shown)

William NEIL, 22, Emily, same s/o William and Jane NEIL married Ann ROBSON, 20, Scotland, Emily d/o John and Barbara ROBSON, witn: William WALLE (?) of Emily and Elizabeth J. PHIP (or PHILP) of Lindsay, March 11, 1863

Neil SINCLAIR, 26, Scotland, Fenelon s/o John and Emma SINCLAIR married Emily LIVINGSTON, 18, Murray, Fenelon d/o John and Sarah LIVINGSTON, witn: George McLE??Y and Roseanna MALCOLM both of Lindsay, March 19, 1863

Adam H. CARL (?), 30, England, Sommerville, s/o Jane and Catherine CARL married Emma EVERSON, 23, Canada E, Fenelon d/o John and Elizabeth EVERSON, witn: Mary PHIP (or PHILP) and Mary E. PHIP (or PHILP) both of Lindsay, March 30, 1863

William CONDELL, 30, England, Sommerville s/o James and Mary CONDELL married Mary RUMNEY, 32, England, Sommerville d/o John and Elizabeth RALPH, witn: James BAT?? Of Sommerville and Mrs. C. PHIP (or PHILP) of Lindsay, April 2, 1863

Robert MINGIS, 24, Fenelon, same s/o John and Margaret MINGIS married Ann McKINNON, 19, Mariposa, Fenelon d/o Hugh and Margaret McKINNON, witn: William STEVENS and Mary A. STEVENS both of Fenelon, April 17, 1863

William McBURNEY, 29, Hope, Lindsay s/o John and Elizabeth McBURNEY married Sarah REATORE, 21, Reach, Lindsay d/o J.W. and Thankful REATORE, witn: John McBURNEY of Hope and Sarah REATORE of Lindsay, May 20, 1863

John WALLIS, 22, Mariposa, same s/o George and Elizabeth WALLIS married Catherine ROBINSON, 16, Mariposa, same d/o Robert and Mary ROBERTSON, witn: David ROBINSON and Merry WALLIS both of Mariposa, July 3, 1863 (spelling as shown)

Samuel D. WEBSTER, 25, Emily, Mariposa s/o Robert and Emily WEBSTER married Mary E. DORON (or DOWN), 22, England, Mariposa d/o William and Ann DORON (or DOWN), witn: Abram WEBSTER and Jenie (Jessie?) METHER? Both of Mariposa, August 4, 1863

George HAWKINS, 23, Montreal, Omemee s/o Thomas and Margaret HAWKINS married Merry RICHARDSON, 22, Ireland, Omemee d/o William and Sarah RICHARDSON, witn: Richard S. PORTER and Elizabeth PHILPS both of Lindsay, August 6, 1863

Daniel HARLOW, 28, Whitby, Sommerville s/o Jonathan and Rose L. HARLOW married Elizabeth CORTIMAN, 24, Cavan, Sommerville d/o Henry and Ellen CORTIMAN, witn: George CORTIMAN of Sommerville and Elizabeth PHILPS of Lindsay, September 5, 1863

William MARK, 30, West Gwillimbury, Mariposa s/o John and Mary MARK married Sarah Ann POWEL, 26, Fenelon, Mariposa d/o Ammon and Merry POWEL, witn: Philip MARK and Susanna PARIN (?) both of Mariposa, September 30, 1863

Stephen THAYER, 32, N. York State, Lindsay s/o Aaron and Sonthia THAYER married Merry DUCK, 17, Ireland, Lindsay d/o John and Merry DUCK, witn: Charles PENNELL and Eliza TAMFORSE (?) both of Lindsay, October 20, 1863

Levi DEGEARN , 24, Mariposa, same s/o John and Elizabeth DEGEARN married Victoria THOMPSON, 18, Halitimen (Haldimand?) Reach d/o Andrew and Roxanna THOMPSON, witn: John DEGEARN and Dorothea DEGEARN both of Mariposa, October 27, 1863


Page 28, Marriages Solemnized by Rev L.S. Kerr

John KEEF (or KEEP), 22, Ops, Fenelon s/o Jonah and Ellen married Merry A. GODFREY, 17, Brock, Mariposa d/o William and Margaret, witn: Lawrence NEWSON and Reginald NEWSON both of Mariposa, June 6, 1863

Henry CHRISTY, 22, Prince Edward, Mariposa s/o Henry and Marie (?) married Sarah ECK, 22, Brock, Mariposa d/o Daniel and Ann, witn: Benjamin JACOBS and Rachel WELDON both of Mariposa, July 9, 1863

Sylvanus WELDON, 26, Prince Edward, Mariposa s/o Elijah and Betsey married Frances DOBSON, 24, England, Mariposa d/o William and Doratha, witn: Valentine DALE of Mariposa, September 25, 1863

William HAAKEE, 23, Prince Edward, Markham s/o George and Sophia married Martha RAMSEY, 24, England, Mariposa d/o William and Thomasina (?), witn: illegible RAMSEY and George HOWICK both of Mariposa, December 31, 1863

John STAFFORD, 28, Mariposa, Fenelon s/o Joseph and Susan married Margaret BROWN, 23, England, Mariposa d/o William and Nancy, witn: Eliza EMPEY of Mariposa, January 9, 1864

William FRASER, 22, Canada, Brock s/o Joseph and Barbara married Almina LIMBURGER (or LAMBURGER), 17, Canada, Mariposa d/o William and Merinda, witn: J. LIMBURGER (or LAMBURGER) of Brock, January 2, 1863

La--? EDWARDS, 25, Canada, Mariposa s/o Robert and Martha married Ellen BOWES, 23, Canada, Mariposa d/o William and Elizabeth, witn: Asapha EDWARDS of Mariposa, Mary 5, 1863


Page 28, Marriages Solemnized by William Sheridan, Wesleyan Minister

Alfred MOORE, 22, Reach, Stanhope s/o Henry and Margaret MOORE married Phe. A. CLARK, 27, Ernestown, Stanhope d/o Benjamin and Clarissa CLARK, witn: Archibald (?) ROSS of Curson, February 28, 1863

Alexander ANDERSON, 28, Hope, Minden s/o Samuel and A. Jenie (?) ANDERSON married Gab’a PACKETT (or POCKETT), 17, England, Minden d/o Jacob and Caroline PACKETT (or POCKETT), witn: William PACKETT (or POCKETT) of Minden, March 4, 1863

Hugh COULTER, 25, Ireland, Stanhope s/o John and Jem COULTER married Margaret TAYLOR, 19, Ireland, Hindon d/o Daniel and Janet TAYLOR, witn: William and Elizabeth TAYLOR of Hindon, April 14, 1863

Joseph FOUNTAIN, 29, Canada West, Sommerville s/o John and Delilah FOUNTAIN married Pame(?) A. Mary (?) TRUAX, 30, Canada West, Fenelon d/o Herman (could be Harman) and Lu?? TRUAX, witn: Her'n ( or Har'n) TRUAX Jr. of Fenelon, November 21, 1863

Hiram TRUAX, 18, Canada West, Fenelon s/o Harman and Lu?? TRUAX married Rosanna FOUNTAIN, 17, Canada East, Fenelon d/o John and Delilah FOUNTAIN, witn: illegible TRUAX of Fenelon, December 10, 1863


Page 29, Marriages Solemnized by Rev. A.A. Cameron, Baptist Church, Woodville

Larue (Lorne?) BAGSHAW, 22, Brock, same s/o William and Baphe-? (Bathsheba?) Married Caroline EWART, 20, Brock, same d/o William and Elizabeth EWART, witn: Walter E?BEL? of Toronto, January 28, 1863

George EWART, 19, Brock, same s/o William and Elinor EWART married Rachel FINES, 20, Brock, same d/o L?? and Elizabeth FINES, witn: n/g McLEAN of Brock, February 17, 1863

Duncan CAMERON, 23, Charlottenburgh, Woodville s/o Donald and Catherine CAMERON married Louisa A. IRISH, 17, Mariposa, Woodville d/o E.R. and Mary (could be Margaret) IRISH, witn: John IRISH of Woodville, February 19, 1863

Neil McDONALD, 31, Islay, Eldon s/o Donald and Catherine McDONALD married Sab’a (could be Gab’a) McNABB, 25, Allin- Argyleshire, Woodville d/o Archibald and Sab’a (could be Gab’a) McNABB, witn: William CAMERON of Mariposa, July 15, 1863

Hugh McMILLAN, 21, Stormont, Eldon s/o Hugh and Christy McMILLAN married Mary illegible, n/g, Eldon, same d/o George and Janet illegible, witn: John McARTHUR of Eldon, December 25, 1863


Page 29, Marriages Solemnized by Henry McDonell, Minister Wesleyan Methodist Church

Edward DANCY, 30, Ireland, Emily s/o John and Phoebe DANCY married Eliza LERMAN (?), 35, Ireland, Emily d/o Dan and Jane BELL, witn: Elizabeth MOORE of Emily, January 12, 1863

James CARSON, 21, Canada, Manvers s/o James and Sarah CARSON married Eliza HANNAH, 26, Canada, Manvers d/o Edward and Ann HANNAH, witn: Richard HANNAH of Manvers, March 26, 1863

John MITCHELL, 25, Canada, Emily s/o John and Mary MITCHELL married Mary A. ABERCROMBIE, n/g, Emily d/o John and Mary ABERCROMBIE, witn: Thomas MITCHELL of Emily, November 20, 1863

Robert MONTGOMERY, 43, Ireland, Haldimand s/o Thomas and Elizabeth MONTGOMERY married Judlith? TROTTER, 27, Canada, Emily d/o Thomas and Ellen TROTTER, witness Adam (could be Aden) TROTTER of Emily, November 24, 1863


Page 29, Marriages Solemnized by John McNundy, Minister, Eldon

Joseph BELL, 23, Scotland, Eldon s/o John and Mary BELL married Margaret SULLIVAN, 17, Eldon, same d/o William SULLIVAN and Mary MURPHY, witn: Benjamin DONALDSON and Archibald TAYLOR both of Eldon, January 28, 1863

Campbell KELLY, 27, Scotland, Illinois U.S. s/o John KELLY and Isabel CAMPBELL married Flora TAYLOR, Eldon, same d/o John TAYLOR and Flora McDONALD, witn: John CAMPBELL and Archibald TAYLOR both of Eldon, February 3, 1863

Archibald CARMICHAEL, 27, Eldon, same s/o Arch CARMICHAEL and Mary McEACHERN married Helen McPHERSON, 25, Scotland, Mariposa d/o John McPHERSON and Catherine McDONALD, witn: Hugh CARMICHAEL and An? McPHERSON both of Mariposa, March 3, 1863

Lachlin McDONALD, 30, Scotland, Eldon s/o Donald McDONALD and Catherine CAMERON married Margaret McPHERSON, 25 (?), Eldon, same d/o John McPHERSON and ?ab McDONALD, witn: William CAMERON of Mariposa and Alex McPHERSON of Eldon, March 5, 1863

John MORRISON, 28, Scotland, Eldon s/o Dan MORRISON and M?? McEACHERN married Catherine McFADYEN, 19, Eldon, same d/o John McFADYEN and Flora McDOUGAL, witn: Alex SHENEE (?) and Hector McEACHERN both of Eldon, March 26, 1863

Thomas EWART, 29, Brock, same s/o Thomas EWART and Helen SMITH married Wilhelmina ROSS, 30, Scotland, Brock d/o Nicolas ROSS and Ann STORNACH, witn: Daniel ROSS of Brock and James SMITH of Mariposa, March 31, 1863

Neil BROWN, 35, Scotland, Mariposa s/o Angus BROWN and Mary McFADYEN (could be McFADYAN) married Ann McFADYAN, 45, Scotland, Eldon d/o Archibald McFADYAN and Ann McCORMICK, witn: Donald McLEOD and Hugh FORGERON both of Mariposa, April 3, 1863

Robert SPARA, 29, Scotland, Fenelon s/o Donald SPARA and Ann STORRIE married Janet McARTHUR, 25, Scotland, Eldon d/o Dun McARTHUR and Bell JOHNSTON, witn: John SPENCE of Eldon and Walter McARTHUR of Mariposa, April 7, 1863


Page 30, Marriages Solemnized by Daniel Wright

Thomas CALVERT, 23, Port Hope, Ops s/o George and Ellen CALVERT married ?ll (could be Ul rest blocked out) HICKSON, 19, Ops, same d/o John and Esther HICKSON, witn: John CALVERT of Ops, June 1, 1863

Walter MANEY, 23, United States, Fenelon s/o John and Leoni (?) MANEY married Ulmira AVERY, 16, Brock, Fenelon d/o Vehi--? and Catherine AVERY, witn: Fred THOMPSON of Fenelon, March 5, 1863

Martin HETTY, 22, Hamilton, Lindsay s/o Martin and Elizabeth HETTY married Rachel MATHU (MATHER?), 30, Lanark, Lindsay d/o James and Ann MATTHU (MATHER?), witn: John Anderson of Lindsay, June 19, 1863 (spelling as shown)

William GINERESTEIN (?), 25, Germany, Fenelon s/o John and Wilhelmina GINERESTEIN married Jane REA, 27, Ops, same d/o Thomas and Barbara REA, witn: Jane REA of Ops, September 11, 1863

John S. GALAUGHER (Gallaugher?), 27, Ireland, Verulam s/o John and Mary Ann JUNKIN married Mary Jane JUNKIN, 26, Verulam, same d/o William and Jane JUNKIN, witn: Sarah JUNKIN of Verulam, December 18, 1863


Page 30, Marriages Solemnized by Noah Disb--?, Emily and Manvers

William ADAMS 26, Ireland, Emily s/o Francis and Elizabeth married Frances, 24, Ireland, Emily d/o Robert and Mary COULTER, witn: Frances ADAMS and Adam SPENCE both of Emily, January 22, 1863

James (?) GILLIS, 23, Canada, Manvers s/o Robert and Edna (?) GILLIS married Sarah June, 19, Canada, Manvers d/o Thomas and Elizabeth SISSON, witn: A. PRESTON and James WINDAMEER both of Manvers, February 4, 1863

Isaac PRESTON, 26 Canada, Manvers s/o Alex and Mary PRESTON married Mary Ann, 18, Canada, Manvers d/o John and Ellen HANNAH, witn: Robert illegible and A. John PRESTON both of Manvers, February 11, 1863

Michael SISSON, 23, Canada, Cavan s/o James and Agnes SISSON married Ellen, 25, England, Manvers d/o Stephen and Ann JACKSON, witn: William SISSON and Robert (illegible) both of Manvers, February 12, 1863

Joseph KENT, 50, England, Emily s/o John and Elizabeth KENT married Mary, 50, Ireland, Emily d/o William and Esther JOHNSON, witn: S. CROMWELL and Thomas BELL both of Emily, June 25, 1863


Page 30, Marriages Solemnized by John Ewing, Presbyterian Minister, Mount Pleasant

James JOHNSON, 22, Ireland, Emily s/o John and Elizabeth married Ann SANDERSON, 24, Canada, Emily d/o Joseph and Elizabeth, witn: Thomas STEPHENSON of Emily, January 8, 1863

Samuel IRWIN, 24, Canada, Manvers s/o William and Eliza married Margaret STINSON, 24, Canada, Cavan d/o Samuel and Jane, witn: ?--oplin J. STINSON of Cavan, March 13, 1863

James KERR, 36, Scotland, Emily s/o n/g married Susanna THORNTON, 46, Ireland, Emily d/o n/g, witn: Robert THORNTON of Emily, May 12, 1863

John MITCHELL, 20, Ireland, Emily s/o Thomas and Rosanna married Mary J. BALL (?), 23, Canada, Emily d/o John and Elizabeth, witn: Robert WHITEHALL of Emily, July 7, 1863

Jacob BEST, 26, Canada, Cavan s/o William and Ann married Mary BEST, 26, Canada, Cavan d/o Samuel and Barbara, witn: Abraham BEST of Cavan, December 12, 1863


Page 31, Marriages Solemnized by John V (illegible) of Lindsay

Thomas PEACOCK, full, Ireland, Clarke s/o Charles and Charlotte PEACOCK married Matilda MORGAN, full, Ireland, Clarke d/o Thomas and Sarah MORGAN, witn: John M??LALL of Clarke, January 27, 1863

Joseph STAPLES, full, Canada, Manvers s/o Thomas and Ann STAPLES married Eliza Ann SUTTON, 20 (could be 30), Canada, Manvers d/o ? and Alice SUTTON, witn: Robert STAPLES of Manvers, February 3, 1863

Thomas HARRISON, full, Brock – U.S., Georgina s/o James and Eliza HARRISON married Ann SUTTON, full, Morecomb?, Brock d/o William and Genie? SUTTON, witn: William PRESTON of Brock, February 12, 1863

John DEVITT, full, Ireland, Bobcaygeon s/o John and Ellen DEVITT married Jane FULTEN (Fulton?), 20, Ireland, Verulam d/o William and Ann FULTEN, witn: William FULTEN of Verulam, March 23, 1863

James BELL, full, Verulam, same s/o Alex and Ann BELL married Anne IRETON, 19, Verulam, same d/o John and Eliza (?) IRETON, witn: John IRETON of Verulam, April 20, 1863

Phipp LLOYD, full, Ireland, Bobcaygeon s/o Edward and Ann LLOYD married Anna Griltes (?) BANBURY (?), full, England, Lindsay d/o Hugh M. and Anne Griltes (?) DUNBAR, witn: Thomas BENTON of Lindsay, May 25, 1863

Thomas STOREY, full, England, Lindsay s/o John and Margaret STOREY married Mary A. ANSCOMBE (Auscombe?), full, Toronto, Lindsay d/o James and Jane ANSCOMBE, witn: William LESTER (?) of Lindsay, June 16, 1863

Richard MIDDLETON, full, Ireland, Verulam s/o James and Precilla MIDDLETON married Catherine MIDDLETON, 19, Ireland, Verulam d/o William and Alice MIDDLETON, witn: John JOHNSTON of Verulam, August 11, 1863

Samuel CASSIDY, full, Monaghan- Victoria County, Verulam s/o John and Jane CASSIDY married Frances CULLEN, full, Emily, Verulam d/o Richard and Jane CULLEN, witn: John CULLEN of Verulam, November 19, 1863


Page 31, Marriages Solemnized by John MacTavish, Woodville

Hugh CAMERON, 27, Scotland, Mariposa s/o of Hugh CAMERON and Rachel DELL (or BELL) married Agnes BELL, 23, Scotland, Eldon d/o Robert CAMPBELL and Catherine JUST (?), witn: Duncan CAMPBELL of Thorah, January 22, 1863

Charles MacARTHUR, 31, Scotland, Eldon s/o Peter MacARTHUR and Agnes MUIR married Margaret MacDERMID, 18, Scotland, Markham d/o John MacDERMID and Mary McINNIS, witn: Donald GILCHIRST of Eldon, January 22, 1863

Alex B. MACKUHUN, 30 Scotland, Thorah s/o John MACKUHUN and Ann BLACK married Ann MacINNIS, Scotland, Thorah d/o Angus MacINNIS and Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: John MacINNIS of Thorah, February 5, 1863

David ANNIS, 32, Darlington, Mariposa s/o William ANNIS and Elizabeth CADMAN (?) married Julia CLARK, 26, Haldimand, Mariposa d/o Duncan GRAHAM and Mary KERBY (?), witn: James CLARK of Mariposa, April 16, 1863

John McSWAIN, 21, Glengarry C.W., Fenelon s/o Malcolm McSWAIN and Christena FERGUSON married Ann GRAHAM, 19, Fenelon, same d/o Duncan GRAHAM and Catherine McCUAIG, witn: Angus McCONKEY of Fenelon, April 16, 1863

Donald CAMPBELL, 45, Scotland, Fenelon s/o John CAMPBELL and Mary MORRISON married Mary CAMPBELL, 32, Scotland, Eldon d/o Neil BELL and Flora McTAGGART, witn: Ronald O. (or A) BELL of Mariposa, Mary 2, 1863