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Victoria Co, 1911


14228-11 Isaac Herbert AKISTER, 32, farmer, of Lacadena? Sask., s/o James AKISTER, farmer & Jane WALKER, married Alice Ethel LAMB, 25, of Verulam, d/o John LAMB, farmer & Mary WALKER, witn: Dorothy FRENCH & Helen HEARD both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 25, 1911 at Fenelon Falls.

14223-11 Joseph Cephas ALLDRED, 39, farmer, of Verulam Tp., s/o Henry ALLDRED, farmer & Sarah MINER, married Lillie Jane STEWART, 34, of Verulam Tp., d/o James STEWART, farmer & Margaret ASHMORE, witn: Phoebe BALFOUR & Mrs Jeannie MOORE both of Lindsay on Sept. 27, 1911 at Lindsay

14225-11 Robert Edward ANDERSON, 34, telephone worker, widower, of Beamsville, s/o Henry ANDERSON & Rebecca TREMBLEY, married Maggie V. GLENDENNING, 22, of Kirkfield, d/o William GLENDENNING & Nellie RYANS, witn: William J. TAUFRICH? of Detroit USA, & Pearl BROWN of Lindsay on 13 Oct. 1911 at Lindsay. [divorced 15 March 1933 at Whitby]

14226-11 William Morse ANDERSON, 23, barber, of Haileybury, s/o Daniel ANDERSON, carpenter & Mary WELDON, married Florence Edith LUCAS, 27, of Eldon Tp., d/o Edward LUCAS, farmer & Maria DANES, witn: Edward & Maria LUCAS both of Argyle on Oct. 25, 1911 at Eldon.

14229-11 Wilfred Ernest ANNIS, 21, teamster, of Toronto, s/o Joseph ANNIS & Jemima ACKISON, married Laura M. MIDDLETON, 20, of Lindsay, d/o Thomas MIDDLETON & Alice PEEL, witn: Marshall MIDDLETON & Eliza R. TURNER both of Lindsay on Dec. 13, 1911 at Lindsay

14224-11 William ARMSTRONG, 31, farmer, of Somerville, s/o James ARMSTRONG, farmer & Elizabeth SCHELL, married Margaret Maud BROOKS, 26, of Bobcaygeon, d/o Edwin BROOKS, farmer & Margaret COOPER, witn: Dorothy C. FRENCH of Fenelon Falls & Mrs. H. J. HALL of Lindsay on Sept. 6, 1911 at Fenelon Falls

14227-11 Wilber AVERY, 30, mason, of Fenelon Tp., s/o Henry AVERY, mason & Anna M. illegible, married Eliza Jane GORDON, 20, Ops Tp., William GORDON, coal miner & Alice TURNBULL, witn: Mark GORDON & Alma AVERY both of Cambray on Nov. 29, 1911 at Lindsay

14222-11 Charles AVERY, 26, farmer, of Cannington, s/o Sylvester AVERY, farmer & Margaret GILLESPIE, married Frances B. FOSTER, 20, of Kirkfield, d/o William FOSTER, farmer & Allison FOLLIETT, witn: Louise M. TURNER of Kirkfield & Gertrude NICHOLLS of Bolsover on Aug. 22, 1911 at Eldon Tp.

14246-11 Charles Henry BACON, 28, farmer, of Snowdon Tp., s/o John BACON, farmer & Sarah WALWIN, married Elizabeth Mariella THOMAS, 22, of Snowdon Tp., d/o William THOMAS, farmer & Hannah KISSOCK, witn: Thomas & Miss N. W. BACON both of Kinmount on Oct. 17, 1911 at Lindsay

14230-11 William Henry BAILEY, 31, farmer, of Fenelon, s/o Hugh BAILEY, farmer & Mary Louisa STACEY, married Emma Adeline SHIER, 24, of Fenelon, d/o Thomas SHIER, farmer & Marjorie CAMPBELL, witn: Victor BAILEY & Margaret SHIER both of Cambray on Jan. 25, 1911 at Fenelon.

14250-11 Harlow Amiel BANKS, 28, printer, of Detroit USA, s/o Wellington Braemar BANKS, dentist & Minnie GRAUSER (Granser?) (deceased ), married Effie Victoria REID, 23, of Toronto, d/o Robert REID, retired hairdresser & Elizabeth HUMPHRIES, witn: S. A. McINTYRE of Detroit USA & Gertie ROSS of Toronto on Dec. 28, 1911 at Bobcaygeon.

14237-11 Caleb BANNON, 27, farmer, of Snowdon Tp., s/o Caleb BANNON, farmer & Catherine BALLAM, married Phoebe (or Annie, both given) PARCELS, 20, of Snowdon Tp., d/o Richard PARCELS, farmer & Sarah ROBERTSON, witn: Charley & Phoebe PARCELS both of Lochlin on July 12, 1911 at Fenelon Falls.

14245-11 Joseph BARRON, 29, labourer, of Three Rivers Que., s/o Joseph & Rose Virginia, married Bertha NEWBY, 29, of Mara Tp., d/o James NEWBY & Mary GRIGG, witn: Belle McD. BRYANT of Lindsay & Ellen F. McDIARMID of Sandringham on Oct. 27, 1911 at Lindsay.

14232-11 William Daniel BARRY, 28, farmer, of Mariposa, s/o William BARRY, farmer & Mary DOCHERTY, married Ethel Nina WYLIE, 24, of Mariposa, d/o James WYLIE, farmer & Margaret INNES, witn: Mrs. C. H. GREENSON & Russel A. WYLIE both of Oakwood on March 8, 1911 at Mariposa Tp.

14239-11 Norman William BEATTIE, 27, salesman, of Toronto, s/o John BEATTIE, gentleman & Jane WILSON, married Edna Corrine YOUNG, 27, saleswoman, of Lindsay, d/o Robert YOUNG, engineer & Emma HOLMES, witn: George Alfred YOUNG of Lindsay & Louise MEAUSETTE of Toronto on Aug. 23, 1911 at Lindsay.


14243-11 Joseph William BECK, 39, piano finisher, widower, of Toronto, s/o John BECK, tradesman & Martha RUDDELL, married Eva Hattie KERR, 29, of Mariposa Tp., d/o Samuel KERR, farmer & Mary Jane SIM, witn: Edward R. McKAY of Toronto & Eva CRAIG both of Toronto on Sept. 14, 1911 at Mariposa Tp.

14231-11 Samuel Cary BECK, 29, tanner, widower, Verulam Tp., s/o George BECK, farmer (deceased) & Martha STINSON, married Agnes E. WHYTE, 24, of Verulam Tp., d/o Samuel WHYTE, farmer & Maggie DYKES, witn: Willie STINSON & Lillie V. WHYTE both of Verulam Tp. on Feb. 8, 1911 at Verulam

14242-11 John Daniel BEECROFT, 26, actuarial assistant, of Toronto, s/o William BEECROFT, farmer & Margaret Amelia MILLER, married Constance Almeda FERGUSON, 27, of Sonya, d/o James FERGUSON, farmer & Jane McDOUGALL, witn: David S. BEECROFT & Margaret C. FERGUSON both of Sonya on Sept. 12, 1911 at Mariposa Tp.

14235-11 George Albert BEGGS, 41, teacher, widower, of Burnt River Somerville Tp., s/o George BEGGS, farmer & Margaret ARMSTRONG, married Ellen Georgina SMITH, 34, widow, of Burnt River Somerville Tp. , d/o David CHALMERS, merchant & Eliza GILMOUR, witn: E. C. MARSH & Ellen STEWART both of Lindsay on June 26, 1911 at Lindsay

14238-11 Archie BELL, 26, farmer, of Bexley Tp., s/o Malcolm, farmer & Margaret, married Annie Elizabeth WALKER, 19, of Lindsay, d/o William WALKER, ship (?) builder & Annie PORTEOUS, witn: James MASTION & Rosella KENT both of Lindsay on Aug. 11, 1911 at Lindsay

14251-11 Hiram G. BEST, 27, teacher, of Orillia, s/o Thomas BEST, miller & Sarah Jane GARDINER, married Lena M. HAYES, 24, of Omemee, d/o Robert John HAYES, miller & Elizabeth BOYD, witn: A. S. BEST & Austin HAYES both of Mount Pleasant on Dec. 26, 1911 at Emily Tp.

14234-11 Leonard Muscel BIDWELL, 28, broker, of Saskatoon Sask., s/o Shelford BIDWELL, surveyor & Margaret illegible ROBERTSON, married Mary Florentine O'LEARY, 33, of Port Arthur & Lindsay, d/o Hugh O'LEARY & Alice PEAKE, witn: Hugh O'LEARY of Port Arthur & Edith KNOWLSON of Lindsay on April 24, 1911 at Lindsay.

14240-11 William John BLAIR, 27, engineer, of Lindsay, s/o James BLAIR, labourer & Elizabeth McCAMBRIDGE, married Mary Elizabeth ROBINSON, 23, of Lindsay, d/o James ROBINSON, farmer & Margaret Jane MOORE, witn: Annie JOHNSTON of Whitby & Florence M. PRATT of Lindsay on Aug. 1, 1911 at Lindsay

14244-11 Andrew BOWINS, 24, lumberman, of Coboconk, s/o John BOWINS, farmer & Miss GAZELLE, married Laura LYLE, 18, of Somerville, d/o Thomas LYLE, farmer & Jane CHALMERS, witn: Mary Eliza CHALMERS of Burnt River & Thomas LYLE of Coboconk on Sept. 13, 1911 at Somerville.

14241-11 John Franklin BRABAZON, 33, railway agent, of Sunderland, s/o George BRABAZON, merchant & Catherine BAIRD, married Beatrice Jane WOODS, 28, bookkeeper, of Lindsay, d/o William G. WOODS, R.R. conductor & Minnie LAVERY, witn: E. R. BRABAZON of Sunderland & Ruby G. WOODS of Lindsay on Sept. 21, 1911 at Lindsay


14248-11 James BRADY, 34, farmer, of Ops Tp., s/o Phillip BRADY, farmer & Anne McCABE, married Anne FLYNN, 28, of Emily Tp., d/o Cornelius FLYNN, farmer & Bridget O'HARA, witn: Joseph CAIN & Margaret HICKSON both of Lindsay on Nov. 28, 1911 at Roman Catholic Church at Downeyville

14249-11 John BROWN, 24, farmer, of Manilla, s/o William BROWN, farmer & Elizabeth STOVEHOUSE (Stonehouse?), married Annie BAKER, 19, of Manilla, d/o parent’s names unknown (Home Girl), witn: Samuel J. CLARK & Annie M. DAFOE both of Manilla on Nov. 1, 1911 at Manilla.

14233-11 William John BROWN, 25, farmer, of Mariposa Tp., s/o William BROWN, farmer & Annie FISHER, married Lila Bernice SHARPE, 25, of Mariposa Tp., d/o James SHARPE, farmer & Annie PALMER, witn: Vera MERCER & Florence PRATT both of Lindsay on March 8, 1911 at Lindsay

14236-11 John Henry BUDD, 23, farmer, of Argyle Village, s/o Eli BUDD, farmer & Margaret WILSON, married Katharine Ann McEACHERN, 17, of Argyle Village, d/o John McEACHERN, farmer & Clementine McCRAE, witn: Mrs Mary B. EWART of Lindsay & Miss Ruby MIMMS of Toronto on July 19, 1911 at Lindsay.

14247-11 Henry BULMER, 30, farmer, of Verulam Tp., s/o William BULMER, farmer & Sarah LEVELLY, married Lavina Evelien LUSCOMBE, 19, of Somerville, d/o James LUSCOMBE, labourer & Olivine illegible, witn: W. J. SHANE & K. E. FRENCH both of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 29, 1911 at Fenelon Falls.

14256-11 Barnabas CAIN, 27, clerk, of Toronto, s/o James CAIN, farmer & Ellen RETTIE, married Violet Ann PULEY, not given, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Henry PULEY, blacksmith & Harriet Ann ROBSON, witn: Fred CAIN & Lillian PULEY no residences given on March 30, 1911 at Fenelon Falls


14253-11 George Wesley CAREW, 26, farmer, of Somerville, s/o Samuel R. CAREW, farmer & Eliza Jane WILSON, married Olive WILSON, 24, of Fenelon, d/o William WILSON, farmer & Margaret WRAY, witn: John CAREW of Burnt River & Zella Mary CRUESS? of Linden Valley on Jan. 25, 1911 at Fenelon Tp.

14267-11 John James CAREW, 23, of Somerville, s/o Samuel Richard CAREW, farmer & Eliza Jane WILSON, married Violet Pearl ELLIS, 22, of Fenelon, d/o John Edward ELLIS, farmer & Effie McKINNON, witn: Samuel CAREW Junior & Ethel RUTHERFORD no residences given on Dec. 20, 1911 at Fenelon Tp.