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Victoria Co, 1914

birth place is given before residence


21775-14 Henry Austin ABERCROMBIE, 30, labourer, Manvers, Lindsay, s/o Richard ABERCROMBIE & Sara JAMIESON, married Margaretta NICHOLLS, 22, Verulam Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o James NICHOLLS & Mary KELLY, witn: Luella & George McFADYEN both of Lindsay on May 12, 1914 at Lindsay.  
21777-14 Henry Coleman ALLDRED, 22, labourer, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, s/o Frederick Herman ALLDRED & Annie WEIS, married Elizabeth Margaret MORRISON, 22, Gooderham, Lindsay, d/o Joseph MORRISON & Margaret MADILL, witn: Lillie MOORE & B. MacD. BRYANT both of Lindsay on April 9, 1914 at Lindsay 21771-14 Wilfred L. ALLDRED, 23, farmer, of Little Britain, s/o George ALLDRED & Bertie HERBERT, married Mary Louisa SNELGROVE, 22, of Little Britain, d/o Joseph SNELGROVE & Lucinda MIMS, witn: Elma R. STRONG (?) of Lindsay & Jacob? SNELGROVE of Little Britain on Nov. 18, 1914 at Lindsay.
21773-14 Albert ALLEN, 38, baker, widower, Gloucestershire England, Lindsay, s/o Charles ALLEN & Maria COOMBS, married Jessie WARBURTON, 37, widow, Malpas Cheshire England, Lindsay, d/o Joseph ALLEN & Jane MATTY, witn: T. J. & Margaret M. ALLEN both of Lindsay on July 7, 1914 at Lindsay 21774-14 Courtland ALTON, 27, not given, Sydenham, Lindsay, s/o Thomas ALTON & Ann Jane HARKES, married Leonie Violet PARKIN, 23, of Mariposa Tp., d/o Charles W. PARKIN & Elizabeth Ann DERBYSHIRE, witn: Gertrude McINNIS & Elizabeth R. SHOREY both of Lindsay on June 30, 1914 at Lindsay
21776-14 Herbert Francis C. ANDREWS, 35, leather cutter, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Toronto, s/o Thomas ANDREWS & Ellen COMER, married Louisa Margaret Pemberton WHITE (adopted child of John & Louisa WHITE of Lindsay), 35, Cambridge England, Lindsay, d/o Robert Martin PEMBURTON (sic) & Margaret MOSS, witn: James Watson BRODIE & Madeline SULLIVAN both of Lindsay on April 27, 1914 at Lindsay 21772-14 James Burrell AUSTON, 34, medical doctor, Brighton Northumberland Co., Coboconk, d/o Frederick William AUSTON, & Trephina BURRELL, married Bertha RICKMAN, 27, Victoria Road, Coboconk, d/o George RICKMAN & Martha HARGRAVE, witn: Francis AYRES of Lindsay & Teresa HARGRAVE of Victoria Road on Sept. 23, 1914 at Lindsay
21788-14 John George BALDWIN, 25, grocer, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas Henry BALDWIN & Eleanor POULTON, married Margaret RANSON, 25, Haliburton Village, Lindsay, d/o William RANSON & Elizabeth DOBSON, witn: Thomas RANSON & C. BALDWIN both of Lindsay on Oct. 28, 1914 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay 21794-14 David Simeon BEECROFT, 26, farmer, Sonya, same, s/o William BEECROFT & Amelia MILLER, married Margaret Christina FERGUSON, 20, Sonya, same, d/o James FERGUSON & Jane McDOUGALL, witn: Alex. McKINNON & Joan WATSON on Dec. 23, 1914 at Sonya
21789-14 Norman F. BENNETT, 30, merchant, Brock Tp., Newmarket, s/o William BENNETT & Matilda WOOD, married Lillian G. FISHER, 28, London, Lindsay, d/o William FISHER & Arleta DUFFY, witn: Mildred BENNETT of Sunderland & Frank J. FISHER of Lindsay on June 30, 1914 at Lindsay 21786-14 Leo BISSETTE, 35, not given, Lindsay, same, s/o Francis BISSETTE, labourer & Adele LAMASSE, married Lavina Mary MILLAGE, 29, Emily Tp., Lindsay, d/o Charles MILLAGE, farmer & Margaret NORTHEY, witn: Flossie COX of Lindsay & Jennie? HAGERTY of Oshawa on Oct. 20, 1914 at Lindsay
21782-14 Harry Earl BLACK, 19, metal polisher, Hastings, Peterboro, s/o John BLACK & Jennie SLOAN, married Annie NORTHEY, 20, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Samuel NORTHEY & Martha FORTUNE, witn: Oscar NORTHEY of Bobcaygeon & Flossie BLACK of Peterboro on May 19, 1914 at Bobcaygeon 21778-14 Robert John BLAKLEY, 29, farmer, Reach Smithfield, same, s/o James BLAKLEY & Agnes ENGLISH, married Lottie May TRIPP, 22, Seagrove, Sonya, d/o Thomas TRIPP & Mary Edna GEER, witn: James MUNRO & Edith Mary DODD both of Sonya on March 25, 1914 at The Manse Sonya
21779-14 Coleman E. BLEWETT, 30, clerk, Verulam. Lindsay, s/o Edward BLEWETT & Mary Ann MANN, married Jessie Marion MacLEAN, 24, Manilla Village, Lindsay, d/o John Allan MacLEAN & Mary McKINNON, witn: Allan BLEWETT & Florence MacLEAN both of Lindsay on Oct. 14, 1914 at Lindsay 21796-14 William Lloyd BOATE, 22, farmer, Emily, same, s/o James Peter BOATE & Elizabeth FORD, married Sarah Ann JACKSON, 22, Emily, same, d/o James JACKSON & Margaret BLACK (Clark?), witn: William JACKSON & Ellen FORD, both of Emily on Feb. 1, 1914 at St. John's Church Emily. [faded reg'n]
21787-14 Oscar BOWEN, 25, rail roader, Tweed, Lindsay, s/o Neil BOWEN & Ida HINDS, married Grace WOOD, 20, Sault Ste. Marie, Lindsay, d/o John WOOD & Annie McRORY, witn: R. J. VICKERY & J. H. GREACH both of Lindsay on Oct. 14, 1914 at Lindsay. 21793-14 Harvey Alexander BOYCE, 22, farmer, Windham, Townsend twp., s/o John H. BOYCE & Mary DAFOE, married Ada Beatrice NOKES, 24, Mariposa twp., same (or of Lindsay - both given), d/o George NOKES & Mary BERRY, witn: Charles A. NOKES of Oakwood & Mila E. WEBSTER of Toronto, 29 Dec 1914 at Mariposa twp
21791-14 David Clarence BOYD, 27, carpenter, Manchester England, Lindsay, s/o Robert BOYD & Ellen HOOLEY, married Jessie PROCTOR, 19, Patricroft? England, Lindsay, d/o Frank PROCTOR & Mary Elizabeth HOOLEY, witn: Norman C. NUGENT & Pearl JACKETT both of Lindsay on Dec. 23, 1914 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay. 21785-14 Aubrey James BRENNAN, 22, not given, Peterboro, Havelock, s/o Richard BRENNAN, mill foreman & Catherine BURKE, married Irene Lydia MORETON, 20, Gravenhurst, Lindsay, d/o Ernest Edward MORETON, railway man & Fanny Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: Cecil Francis MORETON of Lindsay & Hazel Margaret BRENNAN of Havelock on June 3, 1914 at Lindsay
21784-14 Patrick Joseph BRICK, 36, farmer, widower, Ennismore, Nether Hill Saskatchewan, s/o Patrick BRICK & Fanny HARTNETT, married Sarah McGINNIS, 27, Ops, same, d/o David McGINNIS & Amelia GENNO, witn: Ambrose & Mrs. A. BRICK both of Lindsay on Feb. 18, 1914 at Priest's House Lindsay. 21790-14 Albert BRUCE, 20, metal worker, London England, Lindsay, s/o Albert BRUCE & Harriett BURNS, married Agnes KIRKCALDY, 20, Dundee Scotland, Ops Tp., d/o William KIRKCALDY & Barbara MURRAY, witn: Arthur MOORE & Harriet BRUCE both of Lindsay on Jan. 1, 1914 at Lindsay
21783-14 George Adelbert BRUCE, 21, electrical engineer, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o James BRUCE & mother's name not given, married Catherine Mina STEELE, 22, Eldon, same, d/o James STEELE & Miss M. MUNRO, witn: Frank McGIRR & Sadie STEELE both of Bolsover on June 30, 1914 at Eldon 21781-14 Reginald BUCHAN, 29, lumber dealer, Bakewell England, Toronto, s/o William BUCHAN & Harriet SISSON, married Lillian Pearl WEBSTER, 26, Oakwood, same, d/o Moses WEBSTER & Maria SILVERWOOD, witn: Hugh L. BUCHAN of 147 Close Ave. Toronto & Inez L. McCULLOCH of Lindsay on April 15, 1914 at Oakwood.
21795-14 Edward Houghton BURGESS, 32, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o John BURGESS & Susanna CLARKE, married Katie May STEWART, 24, Verulam, same, d/o James STEWART & Margaret ASHMORE?, witn: James STEWART & Mrs William R. STEWART both of Verulam on Dec. 29, 1914 at Verulam 21780-14 John BURKE, 49, farmer, Eldon, Carden, s/o Patrick BURKE & Catharine CONNOLLY, married Barbra CLARK, 45, widow, Glasgow, Carden, d/o James SCOBBIE & Hanna BROWN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Michael FINN of Kirkfield on April 20, 1914 at Victoria Road.
21792-14 George BYNG, 26, labourer, of Bobcaygeon, s/o George C. BYNG, merchant & Phoebe GREENE, married Muriel GRANT, 20, of Bobcaygeon, d/o Peter GRANT & Caroline ROBINSON, witn: Nancy HUGH of Port Hope & Lucille HILL of Bobcaygeon on Dec. 5, 1914 at Bobcaygeon Village 21807-14 Ernest Claxton CAIRNS, 23, fireman, Londonderry USA., Lindsay, s/o Morris CAIRNS & Gertrude McMORRAN, married Mabel V. TAMBLIN, 24, Elgin - Victoria Co, Lindsay, d/o George TAMBLIN & Marta BOWINGAM (?), witn: Will FORD & Greta HALL both of Lindsay on Aug. 26, 1914 at Lindsay.
21809-14 Roland Bert Whitfield CALDWELL, 27, tailor, New Brunswick, Toronto, s/o Levi CALDWELL & Phoebe DYKEMAN, married Ethel Pearl DARKE, 27, Ops Tp., Toronto, d/o John DARKE & Etta CURTIS, witn: Fred HARDY & Eva DARKE both of Lindsay on Nov. 9, 1914 at Ops Tp 21797-14 Walter John CALFORD, 26, Wales, Cresswell, s/o William Henry CALFORD & Mary Ann MORGAN, married Pearl May MALLON, 19, Manilla, same, d/o William Wesley MALLON, farmer & Mary ORR, witn: Mrs. A. J. McLEAN & Mrs. W. H. DAFOE both of Manilla on May 6, 1914 at The Parsonage Manilla
21802-14 Leonard Melbourne CHAPMAN, 34, merchant, Lachute Quebec, Pembroke, s/o Alfred CHAPMAN & Marion FULTON, married Ethel May HENLEY, 27, Lindsay, same, d/o George HENLEY & Catharine WALKER, witn: V. C. BURGESS of Ottawa & Addie V. ADAMS of Lindsay on Aug. 12, 1914 at Lindsay. 21805-14 Percy Charles CHRYSLER, 29, book keeper, Carden Tp., Toronto, s/o John M. CHRYSLER & Elizabeth Jane PLEWS, married Ethel Alberta REED, 25, Ops Tp., Eldon Tp., d/o William Thomas REED & Emma H. SMALE, witn: Frederick J. REED & Josephine STAPLES both of Woodville on Aug. 12, 1914 at Eldon Tp.
21801-14 George COLWILL, 30, farmer, Verulam Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o John COLWILL & Jane BOND, married Jennie Alice HINDS, 20, England, Oakwood, d/o William HINDS & Isabelle LOWDEN, witn: Roy McCARL of 15 Darcy St. in Toronto & Ida NICHOLS of Oakwood on June 10, 1914 at Oakwood 21799-14 Joseph Francis CONWAY, 26, Snowdon Tp., Kinmount, s/o Joseph CONWAY, mill hand & Mary Margaret BUCKLEY, married Mary Alma WATSON, 18, Snowdon Tp., same, d/o M. Peter WATSON, farmer, & Mary Anne QUINN, witn: Edward DEFINNEY & Mary CONWAY both of Kinmount on Oct. 14, 1914 at Kinmount.
21804-14 Francis Robert COOK, 22, farmer, England, Monaghan, s/o Joseph Ernest COOK & Rose FISHER, married Rose CRAWFORD, 19, Eldon Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o Hugh CRAWFORD & Mary Ellen O'BRIEN, witn: Mr & Mrs J. A. KNOX of Knoxville Saskatchewan on March 7, 1914 at Lindsay 21808-14 Denis Joseph COUGHLIN, 30, M--? Ont., Ops Tp., s/o Denis COUGHLIN, farmer & Mary MORIARITY, married Mary Antoinette McCLORY, 35, Lindsay, same, d/o James McCLORY, farmer & Anastasia COSTELLO, John Sylvester MULLEN of Lindsay & Mary CAMPBELL of Toronto on Sept. 29, 1914 at Lindsay
21810-14 Joseph Manson COULTER, 32, farmer, Cartwright Tp. Durham Co., Manvers Tp. Durham Co., s/o William & Susan, married Bertha KINCAID, 29, Manvers Tp. Durham Co., same, d/o Gilbert KINCAID & Sarah Ann INGRAM, witn: Mrs J. S. McMULLEN & Mrs James VICKERY both of Lindsay on June 16, 1914 at Lindsay. 21798-14 William Alvin COURTNEY, 21, operator, Dunsford, Cobourg, s/o James COURTNEY & Martha KENNEDY, married Myrtle Emma L. TOOLE, 20, Omemee, same, d/o Robert TOOLE & Susan McELWAIN, witn: Hilda TOOLE of Omemee & Errol WOODRUFF of Kearney on June 10, 1914 at Omemee
21806-14 Frank CRADDOCK, 35, labourer, widower, Fesserton, Haliburton, s/o Joseph CRADDOCK & Sophia TUSANG (Dusang?), married Mabel EASON, 20, Haliburton, same, d/o Harry HAVLOCK (sic) & Annie LUCAS, witn: John L. SMITH & Mrs Joseph WALKER both of Kinmount on Jan. 29, 1914 at Kinmount 21800-14 Richard Joseph CUNNINGHAM, 24, not given, Framingham Mass. USA, Lindsay, s/o James CUNNINGHAM & Barbara NEE, married Eva Pearl DELARGE, 20, Renfrew, Lindsay, d/o Felix DELARGE & Defora ROLLINS, witn: James DORAN & Ellen BRADY both of Lindsay on Nov. 25, 1914 at St. Mary's R. C. Church Lindsay.
21803-14 Frederick George CURTIS, 30, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o David CURTIS & Mary J. RICHMOND, married Mamie STAPLES, 28, Verulam, same, d/o John W. STAPLES & Margaret HETHERINGTON, witn: Willie A. & Mamie STAPLES both of Bobcaygeon on Dec. 29, 1914 at Verulam 21813-14 Talmage George DAINARD, 25, school teacher, Cavan Tp., same, s/o George W. DAINARD & Margaret BLACKSTOCK, married Margaret Elizabeth LUNNEY, 21, Hope Tp., Sonya Mariposa Tp., d/o David Maxwell LUNNEY & Isla Louise FRY, witn: Edward G. CHALMERS of Blenheim & Dolly May FRY of Bailieboro on Aug. 19, 1914 at the home of the bride at Sonya
21819-14 John William DANVERS, 22, fireman, Sheffield England, Lindsay, s/o John DANVERS & Julia BOSTOCK, married Ethel Queenie BEARD, 21, Brighton England, Lindsay, d/o George Alfred BEARD & Elizabeth O'CONNOR, witn: Albert & Emily MUNTS both of Lindsay on Jan. 1, 1914 at Lindsay. 21817-14 John Thomas DAVIS, 30, labourer, Haliburton, same, s/o John T. DAVIS & Cassie GILMOUR, married Minnie BOURNE, 32, England, Toronto, d/o William & Ann, witn: Eliza R. SHOREY & Mary GREGORY both of Lindsay on Sept. 8, 1914 at Lindsay.
21815-14 Charles John DeBATS, 31, electrical engineer, Bay City Michigan USA, Woodville, s/o Martin L. & Annetta, married Florence Mabel PRATT, 22, Port Hope, Lindsay, d/o George PRATT & Ida B. DIXON?, witn: Olive M. PERRY of Windsor & Zetta PRATT of Lindsay on May 26, 1914 at Lindsay 21811-14 Charles Clive DIBNAH, 35, farmer, England, Oakwood, s/o Albert DIBNAH & Jane Eliza SIMPSON, married Celia Winifred KING, 51, Oakwood, same, d/o David KING & Celia Ann WILSON, witn: Ann S. & Miss D. COAD both of Oakwood on Feb. 11, 1914 at Oakwood.
21816-14 William Wesley DOWN, 53, farmer, widower, Cartwright, Elenboro (Denboro?) Manitoba, s/o William Northcote DOWN & Elizabeth SOMERFIELD, married Lizzie NESBITT, 36, Darlington Tp., Lindsay, d/o Robert NESBITT & Mary REILLY, witn: Jennie HAYCOCK of Toronto & Edward E. NESBITT of Lindsay on Jan. 1, 1914 at Lindsay. 21818-14 Leonard DUFFY, 30, blacksmith, of Downeyville, s/o Patrick DUFFY, farmer & Catherine BEGLEY, married Stella CROWLEY, 20, student, of Downeyville, d/o Thomas F. CROWLEY, farmer & Catherine CROUGH, witn: Daniel FLYNN & Florence CROWLEY both of Downeyville on June 23, 1914 at The Parish Church Downeyville.
21814-14 Simon DUMON, 58, carpenter, widower, York Scarborough, Woodville, s/o Charles DUMON & Eliza McCORDICK, married Ellen LAWSON, 57, widow, Mariposa, Woodville, d/o Robert CASEY & Ellen BURKE, witn: Joanna YOUNG & Robert CASEY both of Woodville on March 26, 1914 at Woodville. 21812-14 Thomas Richard DURE, 28, not given, Thorah Tp., same, s/o James DURE, farmer & Caroline PURVIS, married Florence GRAHAM, 23, Eldon Tp., same, d/o Archibald GRAHAM, farmer & Flora GILLESPIE, witn: Margaret & W. J. PHILP both of Sunderland on Feb. 25, 1914 at Woodville.
21823-14 Joseph EADES, 79, gardener, widower, Toronto, Fenelon Falls, s/o George EADES & Elizabeth HOWARD?, married Eliza Jane BRANDON, 70, widow, Ireland, Fenelon Falls, d/o John McELWAIN & Jane ROSS, witn: John & Annie ELLERY? both of Fenelon Falls on June 17, 1914 at Fenelon Falls. #021821-14 (Victoria Co), Frank Thomas EDDS, 29, Advertising Agent, London England, Weyburn Sask. s/o Thomas Francis EDDS & Elizabeth DAVY, married Mary Margaret BYERS, 21, Janetville d/o Robert BYERS & Fanny McGILL, witnesses were Isabella M. RICHARDSON & S. Elsie RICHARDSON of Lindsay, 29 July 1914 at Lindsay
21822-14 John ELLIOTT, 27, farmer, of Verulam, s/o William ELLIOTT, farmer & no mother's name given, married Mary Etta FRIES, 20, of Verulam, d/o George FRIES, farmer & no mother's name given, witn: Harold FRIES of Verulam & Martha BELLINGHAM of Fenelon Falls on Feb. 11 (?), 1914 at the Manse Fenelon Falls 21824-14 Julius Fisk EMBURY, 47, labourer, widower, of Harvey Tp., s/o James EMBURY, labourer & Hannah FISK, married Ida May DEWDNEY, 36, widow, of Harvey Tp., d/o Charles AUSTEN, labourer & Catherine WATSON, witn: Gladys L. & Marion M. E. FRENCH both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 22, 1914 at Fenelon Falls.
21820-14 Wilfred Bentley EVERSON, 28, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o Norman EVERSON & Mary Ann BENTLEY married Emily Jane JUNKIN, 25, Verulam, same, d/o T. L. JUNKIN & Annie S. STRAFFORD, witn: Annie A. BOWHEY & Thomas G. JUNKIN both of Bethel on Jan. 21, 1914 at Verulam

21854-14 Thomas HANLY, 56, carpenter, widower, Perth Co., Lindsay, s/o William HANLY & Elizabeth HELPS, married Emily Harriet HOBCROFT, 53, Birmingham England, Toronto, d/o Thomas HOBCROFT & Mary DARTNALL, witn: Mrs. N. W. SMITH & Mrs. J. E. McMULLEN both of Lindsay on June 13, 1914 at Lindsay.

21859-11 Albert Edward HANNA, 39, farmer, widower, Manvers, same, s/o James HANNA & Jane LAING, married Ethel Mary MAGEE, 35, Omemee, Manvers, d/o William MAGEE & Letitia McNEIL, witn: N. L. ROWAN of Franklin & Julia I. RICHARDSON of Janetville on Dec. 9, 1914 at Manvers.

21851-14 Robert Wilson HANNAH, 30, farmer, Scotland, Mariposa Tp., s/o Robert HANNAH & Elizabeth WILSON, married Marjory Fife McWILLIAMS, 20, Scotland, Mariposa Tp., d/o James Fife & Elsie, witn: Hugh Wilson HANNAH & Jannie Fyfe (sic) McWILLIAMS, both of Oakwood on Sept. 9, 1914 at Oakwood.

21866-14 Walter David HANNAH, 24, accountant, Sombra Lambton Co., Ottawa, s/o David HANNAH & Margaret EDRINGTON (Edington?), married Flossie May JONES, 25, Glen--?, Lindsay, d/o Charles H. JONES & Catharine CORBETT, witn: F. A. & Maude FERGUSON both of Lindsay on March 25, 1914 at Lindsay.

21848-14 William Thomas HANNIVAN, 29, lumberman, Carden Tp., Coboconk, s/o Patrick HANNIVAN & Rosie LEVENS, married Mandia WEAVER, 21, Peterboro Co., Coboconk, d/o John WEAVER & Annie SHELDON, witn: John Thomas LUSCOMBE & Lily WEAVER both of Coboconk on Feb. 23, 1914 at the home of John Weaver at Bexley Tp.

21845-14 Arthur Colwell HART, 32, farmer, Sadowa Dalton Tp., same, s/o Thomas HART & Levinia SNIDER, married Ethel KETT, 25, Sadowa, same, d/o Elias KETT & Christina CHISHOLM, witn: Arthur B. HART & Eva Jane KETT both of Sadowa on June 24, 1914 at Sadowa.

21846-14 William Henry HARTIN, 23, not given, Ca--?, Snowdon, s/o John P. HARTIN farmer, & Rachel McMILLAN, married Elizabeth TRIPP, 21, widow, Glamorgan, same, d/o Henry Lane MINTZ, farmer & Annie SHELL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Oren SWITZER both of Gooderham on July 1, 1914 at Kinmount

21856-14 James HASTINGS, 67, widower, Tecumseh, Midland, s/o Thomas, farmer & Sarah Jane, married Margaret May JOHNSTON, 66, Cavan, Lindsay, d/o James, merchant & Sarah Jane, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. McLAUGHLIN both of Toronto on Sept. 22, 1914 at Lindsay.

21850-14 John Henry HAVERCROFT, 32, farmer, Toronto, New Lowell Simcoe Co., s/o John & Lucy married Florence Beatrice BLACK, 28, Bexley P.O. Bexley Tp., same, d/o Robert John BLACK & Sarah Jane MUMBERSON, witn: Bertha LATIMER of Victoria Road & Olive HANNAH of Millbrook on Sept. 8, 1914 at Victoria Road.

21863-14 John Roger HAWLEY, 26, not given, Barton Nottinghamshire England, Toronto, s/o George William HAWLEY, civil engineer & Elizabeth Rachel SMITH, married Bertha Ellan HANDLEY, 25, Derby England, Lindsay, d/o Thomas William HANDLEY, railway engineer & Mary Ann WILSON, witn: George Frederick & Janet S. LOVE both of Lindsay on April 11, 1914 at Lindsay

21842-14 Denis Henry HEALY, 27, not given, Carden, same, s/o Michael HEALY, farmer & Catherine O'CONNOR, married Mary Flora MOORE, 26, Columbus - Durham Co., Lindsay, d/o Joseph MOORE, farmer & Ellen GUY, witn: Denis O'CONNOR of Lindsay & Margaret HEALY of Victoria Road on April 27, 1914 at Lindsay.

21855-14 Albert Edmond HEARN, 25, farmer, London England, Mariposa, s/o Edmond HEARN and mother "not known", married Lilly STEEN (Steer?), 24, England, Mariposa, d/o father "not known" & Emma Elizabeth, witn: Mabel HENDERSON & Margaret McKEE both of Lindsay on Sept. 1, 1914 at Lindsay

21865-14 George HENDERSON, 31, farmer, Grey Co., Imperial Saskatchewan, s/o James H. HENDERSON & Janet HENRY, married Mary Beattie NESBITT, 33, Lindsay, same, d/o Robert NESBITT & Mary RYLEY, witn: Edward & Annie M. NESBITT both of Lindsay on Jan. 20, 1914 at Lindsay

21840-14 Joseph HENDERSON, 25, not given, Galway, Verulam, s/o Thomas HENDERSON & Jane GRAHAM, married Eau Dorretta KRAGER, 19, Harvey, same, d/o John & Doris Eveline, witn: Clifford BECK & Lillian KRAGER both of Bobcaygeon on Sept. 23, 1914 at Harvey Tp.

21852-14 Thomas HENDERSON, 21, farmer, Bobcaygeon, Verulam, s/o Thomas HENDERSON & Mary Ann DEVITT, married Elizabeth Ellen LAWSON, 18, Bobcaygeon, Verulam, d/o John LAWSON & Emma ADAMS, witn: L. G. HATHAWAY & Marian E. M. FRENCH both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 8, 1914 at Fenelon Falls.

21838-14 Omar Isaac HERRON, 29, farmer, Verulam Tp., Eldon Tp., s/o Thomas HERRON & Martha BYERS (Myers?), married Flora Anne MORRISON, 20, Eldon Tp., same, d/o Nicholas MORRISON & Jessie McKAY, witn: Anneta PEEL & Bertha LATIMER both of Victoria Road on Feb. 11, 1914 at Victoria Road.

21853-14 Allan Carter HEWITT, 25, farmer, of Stanhope Tp., s/o Ben HEWITT, farmer & Polly CARTER, married Florence Winifred COULTER, 20, of Minden Tp., d/o Hugh COULTER, farmer & Ella Elizabeth TRUMBULL, witn: Elsie COULTER & Abner TRUMBULL both of Minden on Oct. 14, 1914 at St. James Church Kinmount

21860-14 William Charles HEYWOOD, 30, farmer, Snowdon, Glamorgan, s/o Francis HEYWOOD & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 19, Glamorgan, same, d/o William Wesley ARMSTRONG & Jennie? PETERS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Wesley ARMSTRONG both of Gooderham on Nov. 9, 1914 at Kinmount

21844-14 Cecil Samuel HILL, 22, labourer, of Bobcaygeon, s/o Samuel HILL & Ellen MORROW, married Jennie Stewart DONALD, 18, of Bobcaygeon, d/o Andrew DONALD, carpenter & Jennie Stewart MORRIS?, witn: Bruce HILL & Lizzie DONALD both of Bobcaygeon on June 3, 1914 at Bobcaygeon.

21839-14 William Garfield HIRONS, 23, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas HIRONS & Elora Jane GALPIN, married Hazel Arene THOMPSON, 19, Minden, Bobcaygeon, d/o James THOMPSON & Christine DETTMAN, witn: John M. SMITH of Bobcaygeon & Annie DETTMAN of Kinmount on April 28, 1914 at Bobcaygeon.

21861-14 Walter Scott HOBDEN, 24, labourer, of Haliburton Co., s/o Henry HOBDEN, farmer & Anne Jane SCOTT, married Elfreda ROBERTS, 21, of Lindsay, d/o William ROBERTS, farmer & Lydia WYLIE, witn: Ephraim ROBERTS & Effie PRESTON both of Haliburton on Feb. 24, 1914 at Lindsay.

21841-14 Albert HOLBROOK, 36, labourer, widower, Port Hope, Fenelon Falls, s/o Henry HOLBROOK & Catherine WILLIAMS, married Emma PARAULT (also spelled as Perio), 37, widow, Lindsay, same, d/o Felix PARAULT & Matilda FLANIGAN, witn: Mrs. H.B ROWE of Cambray & Etta ROWE of Wooler on 24, May 1914 at Cambray.

21857-14 Walter HOLGATE, 30, farmer, Embury England, Mariposa, s/o Thomas HOLGATE & Elizabeth BROWN, married Ethel Gertrude NANCEKIVELL, 26, Mariposa, same, d/o Richard C. NANCEKIVELL & Martha Mary McKAGUE, witn: Frank DAVY & Frances NANCEKIVELL both of Woodville on Dec. 30, 1914 at Mariposa.

21847-14 James HOPKINS, 30, farmer, Somerville Tp. Fenelon Falls, s/o Edward HOPKINS & Elizabeth STEWARD, married Christina Gertrude NICHOLS, 28, Burnt River, same, d/o David NICHOLS & Susanna HOSKINS, witn: Garfield & Addie NICHOLS both of Burnt River on Jan. 20, 1914 at Fenelon Falls

21864-14 Richard HOPKINS, 31, farmer, Lindsay, same, s/o Eustace Holmes HOPKINS & Ellen DEVER, married Mabel M. HENDERSON, 34, Peterboro, Lindsay, d/o Charles HENDERSON & Louise SUTHERLAND, witn: Marion N. HENDERSON & Charles HOPKINS both of Lindsay on Oct. 28, 1914 at Lindsay

21843-14 Albert Charles William HORE, 32, farmer, widower, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Charles HORE & Martha LINDSAY, married Mary Emma Elizabeth ENDICOTT, 23, Ops Tp., same, d/o Samuel ENDICOTT & Eunice HAY, witn: Florence M. & Margaret F. DANIELS both of Bobcaygeon on July 14, 1914 at Bobcaygeon.

21849-14 Frederick Joseph HORE, 30, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Joseph HORE & Margaret STYLES, married Mary Elizabeth SPENCE, 22, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Donald SPENCE & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Donald Andrew & Etta Matilda SPENCE both of Islay on April 8, 1914 at Islay

21858-11 Ernest Harper HUBEL, 24, grocer, Havelock, Peterboro, s/o William Henry HUBEL & Emma Esther GRUE (Grice?), married Elsie Josephine KERR, 18, Verulam, same, d/o James KERR & Achsah Jeanette DEYELL, witn: William Henry HUBEL of Peterboro & Achsah KERR of Verulam on Dec. 25, 1914 at Verulam

21862-14 William James HUDSON, 27, labourer, Lindsay, same, s/o Robert HUDSON & Mary Ann LEFFAVE?, married Violet Beatrice MUNRO, 20, Belmont Tp., Havelock, d/o Wiltsie MUNRO & Alice Eugena WESCOTT, witn: Allen SPENCELY? & Lillie HUDSON both of Lindsay on Aug. 27, 1914 at Lindsay.

21867-14 Aylmer George HUNTER, 27, railway foreman, Mountain Dundas Co., Agincourt, s/o Ernest HUNTER & Jennie DOUGALL, married Louisa OAKES, 24, England, Lindsay, d/o William & Alice, witn: Ruth & Walter CURTIS both of Lindsay on April 2, 1914 at Lindsay

21868-14 Andrew IRWIN, 27, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o William IRWIN & Annie WILSON, married Nellie HIRD, 21, London England, Ops Tp., d/o Joseph HIRD & Miss Lindsay, witn: Harry CRESSY of Omemee & Lizzie WHATLEY of Toronto on June 30, 1914 at Omemee


21872-14 Christopher Charles JACKSON, 30, labourer, England, Lindsay, s/o Albert JACKSON & Sarah CARDING, married Lillian May HENRY, 20, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, d/o Robert HENRY & Nettie SHOULDICE, witn: Victor HENRY & Eva STENTON both of Peterboro on Jan. 1, 1914 at Lindsay

21876-14 John Jeffers JAMIESON, 27, banker, Honeywood Dufferin Co., St. Lambert Que., s/o John JAMIESON & Matilda HALBERT, married Hazel Mary MITCHELL, 24, Ops? twp - Victoria Co., Lindsay, d/o James MITCHELL & Sophia HOMES, witn: Mrs. Maude JAMIESON & W. E. STOTHARD, on Sept. 16, 1914 at Lindsay.

21874-14 Henry JEWELL, 31, farmer, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o Albert JEWELL & Catherine McINTYRE, married Maud HANCOCK, 28, Beaverton, Eldon Tp., d/o James HANCOCK & Matilda BURTON, witn: Andrew JEWELL of Woodville & M--? McINTYRE of illegible St. in Toronto, on Nov. 25, 1914 at Lorneville

21871-14 Ernest James JOHNSON, 28, railway man, London Ont., Toronto, s/o William JOHNSON & Elizabeth HARWOOD (Henwood?), married Hazel Coretta Victoria RICHARDSON, 22, Oakwood, Toronto, d/o Elmer RICHARDSON & Victoria CUMMINGS, witn: W. H. & Stella JOHNSON both of Toronto on Sept. 29, 1914 at Oakwood.

21875-14 John Arthur JOHNSTON, 23, labourer, Bobcaygeon, same, s/o William Francis JOHNSTON & Ann JACKSON, married Kathleen Hazel MOORE, 19, Verulam Tp., Harvey Tp., d/o Edward Manley MOORE & Margaret Ann BRITTON, witn: William STINSON of Bobcaygeon & Ruby THORNHILL of Lindsay on June 17, 1914 at Lindsay.

21870-14 Vincent Alexander JONES, 24, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o Alexander JONES & Eliza KENNEDY, married Leila Eveline BURGESS, 20, Emily, same, d/o William BURGESS & Elizabeth THURSTON, witn: Albert JONES of Peterboro & Gertrude Velina? PADGETT of Dunsford on March 25, 1914 at The Presbyterian Church in Emily


21869-14 Clarence Lancelot JUNKIN, 26, farmer, of Verulam, s/o Robert, farmer & Harriett, married Laura Eleanor ELLIOTT, 22, of Verulam, d/o William ELLIOTT, farmer & Elizabeth HERRON, witn: Marie JUNKIN of Red Rock & Mossom? HERRON of Bobcaygeon on March 11, 1914 at Verulam.

21873-14 William Delbert JUNKIN, 20, farmer, Verulam Tp., same, s/o James A. JUNKIN & Phoebe Maria SPROULE, married Mabel FREEMAN, 19, Harvey Tp., Bobcaygeon, d/o James A. FREEMAN & Hildah NICHOLS, witn: Hillard SPROULE of Red Rock & Vada FREEMAN of Bobcaygeon on April 28, 1914 at Lindsay


21880-14 Peter KEARNS, 22, not given, Lindsay, same s/o John KEARNS, carter & Catherine O'CONNOR, married Laura FOUNTAIN, 21, Coboconk, Lindsay, d/o John FOUNTAIN, farmer & Mary McMAHON, witn: William KEARNS & Norman FOUNTAIN both of Lindsay on Jan. 19, 1914 at Lindsay

21877-14 David Leslie KENNEDY, 24, clerk, Emily, Lindsay, s/o David M. KENNEDY & Mary Ann JOHNS, married Meta Pearl THURSTON, 24, Verulam, same, d/o Henry V. THURSTON & Margaret ALWIN, witn: Morrow Alwin THURSTON & Elsie GRAHAM both of Dunsford on Jan. 21, 1914 at Family Home in Verulam Tp.

21881-14 Matthew Albert KENNEDY, 40, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o James KENNEDY & Sarah McELWAIN, married Nellie JOHNSON, 31, Verulam Tp., same, d/o Martin JOHNSON & Elizabeth McGINTY, witn: Eva KENNEDY of Emily & Thomas G. McALLISTER of Ops Tp. on March 4, 1914 at Lindsay

21878-14 John Robert KERR, 30, farmer, Lindsay, Stouffville, s/o Edward KERR & Hannah (Jemimah?) BELL, married Ethel Mae Drucilla McINNIS, 26, Eldon Tp., Stouffville, d/o Lochie McINNIS & Betsy LOVETT, witn: Harry KERR of Eldon & Violet N. BRYDEN of Woodville on March 7, 1914 at Woodville

21879-14 Roy Douglas KERR, 26, dentist, Greenbank, Eldon, s/o Thomas KERR & Mary COPE, married Mina Beatrice McFADYEN, 22, Thorah, Eldon, d/o Duncan & Sarah, witn: P. CAMPBELL & Pearl McFADYEN both of Lorneville on Oct. 1, 1914 at "Mansgrove", Lorneville.

21885-14 Joseph Earnest LAKE, 24, labourer, Bexley, Coboconk, s/o George LAKE & Sarah McNEVIN, married Elizabeth LISCOMBE, 22, Coboconk, same, d/o Philip LISCOMBE & Mary BRADIMORE, witn: Earnest RYAN & Evaline SYKES both of Coboconk on Nov. 20, 1914 at Victoria Road.

21886-14 Josiah LAMBERT, 24, not given, of Burnt River, s/o John LAMBERT & Annabella COULTER, married Eva Maud LYLE, 18, of Burnt River, d/o Thomas LYLE & Jane Ann CHALMERS, witn: Hamilton LYLE of Burnt River & Mrs Andrew BOWINS of Coboconk on Nov. 18, 1914 at Somerville Tp.

21887-14 Gordon LE QUYERE, 32, blacksmith, Sherin Pennsylvania USA, Lindsay, s/o Barney LE QUYERE & Mary BRIDGEMAN married Amelia BETHUNE, 21, Washago, Lindsay, d/o John BETHUNE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Alex M. SCOTT & Arthur ROBSON both of Lindsay on Feb. 23, 1914 at Lindsay.

21882-14 John Edward LISCUMBE, 26, labourer, of Coboconk, s/o Philip LISCOMBE & Minnie BRADEMORE, married Ruby Annie RICHMAN, 19, of Lindsay, d/o Robert RICHMAN & Rose HANOVAN, witn: Lizzie LISCOMBE & Ernest LAKE both of Coboconk on March 2, 1914 at Rosedale.

21883-14 Raymond LUCAS, 23, labourer, Haliburton, same, s/o John A. LUCAS & Annie BOUNDEY?, married Mae IRISH, 19, Thessalon, Haliburton, d/o Charles IRISH & Elsie WARD, witn: Mary E. STRONG & Augusta E. HOWEY both of Lindsay on Aug 29, 1914 at Lindsay.

21888-14 Joseph Howard LYNCH, 28, farmer, Ops Tp., Lindsay, s/o John LYNCH & Clara CURTIS, married Beatrice Eva ALLEN, 24, Ops Tp., same, d/o William ALLAN & Margaret HUGHES, witn: William JORDAN & Augusta E. SHOREY, both of Lindsay on Feb. 4, 1914 at Lindsay

21884-14 Earl Howard LYNDE, 27, engineer, Whitby, Lindsay, s/o Charles LYNDE & Phyliss BELL, married Mona Gwendoline WELLS, 15, Brooklyn (nr Lindsay), Lindsay, d/o Frank WELLS & Jennie TOWLIE, witn: Mrs. Frank WELLS & B. Mary BRYANT both of Lindsay on Sept. 17, 1914 at Lindsay.

21912-14 Percy Roy MACK, 25, clerk, Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Ernest MACK & Maud PHELAN, married Lily Evelyn MARK, 29, Cameron, Lindsay, d/o Joseph MARK & Sarah DOWNEY, witn: J. A. COOKWELL of Toronto & Bertie MACK of Lindsay on June 30, 1914 at Lindsay.

21908-14 Allan Dougal MADILL, 22, Monmouth, Glamorgan, s/o Thomas MADILL, farmer & Emma CASSLEY, married Sophie PICKENS, 22, Glamorgan, same, d/o Joshua PICKENS & Sophia WILEY, witn: George MADILL of Gooderham & Martha MADILL of Lindsay, on Dec. 29, 1914 at Lindsay

21904-14 Lorne Austin MAHOOD, 23, farmer, Lindsay, Omemee, s/o Robert MAHOOD & Lottie McCOLL, married Edith Alberta NUGENT, 21, Omemee, same, d/o Henry NUGENT & Mary J. CORK, witn: Bertha & F. C. NUGENT both of Lindsay on March 4, 1914 at Omemee.

21907-14 Garret Percy MAYBEE, 25, farmer, of Fenelon Tp., s/o Manly MAYBEE, farmer & Sarah Louisa HUNTER, married Ruby Charity CULLIS, 25, of Mariposa Tp., d/o John CULLIS, farmer & Carolina TRELEAVEN, witn: Austin DOWNEY & Rowena CULLIS both of Mariposa on Dec. 30, 1914 at Mariposa Tp.

21891-14 Joseph Burton McCONNELL, 29, farmer, Lindsay, Omemee Emily Tp., s/o Joseph McCONNELL & Margaret HARTLEY, married Pamela Lucile PEACOCK, 21, Millbrook P.O. Cavan Tp., Omemee, d/o William PEACOCK & Sarah Jane GRAHAM, witn: Ina Ray PEACOCK of Omemee & Robert William WALKER of Ida P.O. Cavan Tp. on Feb. 25, 1914 at Omemee.

21894-14 William R. McCREA, 60, retired farmer, Cartwright Tp., Port Perry, s/o John McCREA & Sarah Jane JACKSON, married Lavina RUNDLE, 60, widow, Hampton, Port Perry, d/o James BUTT & Bessie COON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred GREEN both of Lindsay on Oct. 7, 1914 at Lindsay.

21893-14 Wilfred Frederick McCULLUM, 22, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o William McCULLUM & Ann Eliza GRAHAM, married Margaret Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 22, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, d/o William CAMPBELL & Elizabeth Jane CHAMBERLAIN, witn: J. J. GRAHAM & M. E. McCULLUM both of Lindsay on Feb. 25, 1914 at Lindsay.

21892-14 Lochie McEACHERN, 40, farmer, Kirkfield, same, s/o Lochie McEACHERN & Flora McINNIS, married Mary Jacobs JOHNSTON, 38, widow, Rama, Kirkfield, d/o Charles JACOBS & Mary SAWYER, witn: Gertrude VROOMAN & Belle MacD. BRYANT both of Lindsay on March 25, 1914 at Lindsay.

21901-14 Neil Campbell McFADYEN, 30, farmer, Eldon Tp., same, s/o John S. McFAYDEN & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Katherine Mary MacMILLAN, 33, Eldon Tp., same, d/o William MacMILLAN & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Archie MacMILLAN & Mina McFADYEN both of Eldon on April 13, 1914 at Eldon Tp.

21900-14 Owen Wesley McINTYRE, 25, yeoman, of West Guilford, s/o Samuel McINTYRE, farmer & Mary WESSELS, married Greta SAWYER, 22, of West Guilford, d/o Benjamin SAWYER, farmer & Mary Jane MORRISON, witn: Albert & Lena SAWYER both of West Guilford on Aug. 7?, 1914 at Fenelon Tp.

21899-14 Alexander McLEAN, 49, mason, widower, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o John MCLEAN & Flora McFADYEN, married Maggie McFADYEN, 37, Eldon Tp., Hartley, d/o Ronald McFADYEN & Ann McDOUGALL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John MORAN of Hartley on Dec. 2, 1914 at Lindsay.

21896-14 Charles McLEAN, 26, farmer, Mariposa Tp., Woodville, s/o Neil McLEAN & Isabella McKAY, married Christina McCRIMMON, 28, Mariposa Tp., Woodville, d/o William illegible McCRIMMON & Margaret MURCHISON, witn: James ANDERSON & Nettie McLEAN both of Woodville on Dec. 3, 1914 at Lot 14 Conc 4 Mariposa Tp.

21907-14 Duncan McLEAN, 46, mason, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o John McLEAN & Flora McFADYEN, married Margaret MacMILLAN, 43, Eldon Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o Archie MacMILLAN & Ann JAMIESON, witn: Archie MacMILLAN of Islay Alberta & Annie SMITH of Atherly Ont. on April 22, 1914 at Islay Fenelon Tp.


21903-14 Edward Angus McPHEE, 26, painter, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, s/o Angus McPHEE & Julian St. FRANCES (St.Thomas?), married Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 22, Hamilton, Lindsay, d/o Patrick ARMSTRONG & Mary DODDS, witn: illegible & illegible McFADYEN of Lindsay on Oct. 1, 1914 at Lindsay.

21889-14 Hugh Lorne McPHERSON, 32, farmer, Bolsover, same, s/o Donald McPHERSON & Jane McARTHUR, married Elena Elizabeth MURRAY, 25, Coboconk, same, d/o George MURRAY & Mary Helena McBAIN, witn: Edith MURRAY of Coboconk & Dan McPHERSON of Lorneville on June 17, 1914 at Coboconk.

21890-14 Thomas Ernest MacPHERSON, 27, merchant, Omemee, same, s/o Thomas A. MacPHERSON & Irene ANDERSON, married Winifred K. BEATTY, 26, Omemee, same, d/o John G. BEATTY & Katherine LYONS, witn: W. R. MacPHERSON & Alva THOMPSON both of Omemee on Aug. 26, 1914 at Omemee

21895-14 Robert Duncan McTAGGART, 33, farmer, Sonya, Seagrave - Reach Tp., s/o William McTAGGART & Mary McKINLEY, married Margaret Ethel BROWN, 31, Pinedale, Sonya, d/o Joseph BROWN & Jane ENGLISH, witn: N. L. McTAGGART & Viola M. G. BROWN both of Sonya on Nov. 11, 1914 of Sonya.

21898-14 Percy Foster McWATTERS, 26, baker, widower, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, s/o William McWATTERS & Emma MURPHY, married Violet Annie HUSKIN, 23, Toronto, Lindsay, d/o John David HUSKIN & Rebecca WILLIAMS, witn: Melville THURSTON of Peterboro & Daisy HUSKIN of Lindsay on Nov. 25, 1914 at Lindsay.

21897-14 Arnold Rae McWILLIAMS, 22, machinist, Peterboro, same, s/o Robert James McWILLIAMS & Mary Jane NELSON, married Rosetta Jane REED, 23, Coboconk, same, d/o Charles Harvey REED & Hannah Marshall WEAVER, witn: Robert Henry & Hilda Ellen REED both of Coboconk on Oct. 7, 1914 at Coboconk.

21906-14 George James MELSON, 28, farmer, England, Verulam, s/o George James MELSON & Kate FALCONER, married Ada Louise STEWART, 26, Verulam, same, d/o James STEWART & Margaret ASHMORE, witn: Mr. & Mrs Sandy A. MILLAGE (Nillage?), both of Kings Wharf - Emily, 16 May 1914 at Bobcaygeon

21910-14 Charles MENAUL, 25, sheet metal worker, of Lindsay, s/o William MENAUL & Jemima MOFFAT, married Ruby Fay GARLICK, 25, of Lindsay, d/o Latham GARLICK & Sarah Jane ALLEN, witn: Mrs. L. R. WRIGHT & Miss Sarah Jane GARLICK both of Bobcaygeon on Aug. 28, 1914 at Bobcaygeon.

21911-14 Robert MILBURN, 29, railway employee, of Callendar, s/o John MILBURN farmer & Betty HOYLE, married Lydia FERGUSON, 24, of Lindsay, d/o Robert FERGUSON, farmer & June TAYLOR, witn: George COLEMAN of Bracebridge & Rachel FERGUSON of Minden on June 29, 1914 at Lindsay

21909-14 Ernest MITCHELL, 30, conductor, Haliburton, Midland, s/o David MITCHELL & Christina JONES, married Evelena WHITNEY, 28, Uxbridge, Lindsay, d/o Peter WHITNEY & Rebecca ASLINE, witn: Mrs. George POLLOCK & George WHITNEY both of Lindsay on June 3, 1914 at Lindsay.

21905-14 William Neil MORRISON, 24, not given, St. Catharines, Kirkfield, s/o illegible MORRISON, gardener & Ann McFAYDEN, married Margaret Elizabeth CONLON, 22, Coboconk, Victoria Road, d/o James CONLON, carpenter & Margaret BELL, witn: Florence MORRISON of Kirkfield & Bertha LATIMER of Victoria Road on May 6? 1914 at Victoria Road.

21913-14 James NAYLOR, 40, merchant, widower, Fenelon Falls, Gooden Tp. - Ogemaw Co. Michigan USA, s/o John D. NAYLOR & Sophia MOYNES, married Janet McLean GRAHAM, 33, Lindsay, same, s/o John R. GRAHAM & Sarah McINNIS, witn: Isaac NAYLOR of R. R. 1 Cameron & Jean McINNIS of R. R. 1 Lindsay on Aug. 25, 1914 at Glenarm 21914-14 Russell George NEAL, 24, farmer, Goderich Tp., same, s/o Albert James NEAL & Sarah HARDY, married Sarah Catherine HARDY, 27, Ops Tp., same, d/o Albert E. HARDY & Annie ARKSEY, witn: Ethel Blanche JEWETT of Omemee & Hannah N. ARKSEY of Cannington on Nov. 4, 1914 at Lindsay.
21915-14 George Lesley NEIL, 21, brakeman, Manilla, Lindsay, s/o Charles Henry NEIL & Mary Amy GRILLS, married Mildred Jane ALGAR, 19, Lindsay, same, d/o Edwin ALGAR & Matilda McKENZIE, witn: George WHITNEY & Mrs. George POLLOCK both of Lindsay on July 29, 1914 at Lindsay 21916-14 Melville NORTHEY, 22, not given, Parry Sound, Bobcaygeon, s/o Samuel NORTHEY & Martha LATUNE (Fortune?), married Margaret MOYES, 22, Dundee Scotland, Bobcaygeon, d/o Andrew & Barbara, witn: Mr. & Mrs R. E. AUSTIN both of Fenelon Falls on March 25, 1914 at Kinmount
21917-14 Latimer Frank OWEN, 26, fireman G. T. R., Mansfield England, Lindsay, s/o Frank Dickenson OWEN & Emeline FORTESCUE, married Ruth Austerfield FIRTH, 24, Mansfield England, Lindsay, d/o Thomas FIRTH & Ruth WOOD, witn: Edward Erwin CODD & Florence Ethel LAWRENCE both of Lindsay on Sept. 9, 1914 at Lindsay.  
21935-14 Rawson (Rowsom?) Clayton PACKARD, 27, farmer Brocton Mass. USA, same, s/o Fred W. PACKARD & Helen McLEOD, married Lillian Gertrude JORDAN, 26, Mariposa Tp., Lindsay, d/o William W. JORDAN & Lucinda STEWART, witn: Percy STEWART of Ida & Mabel JORDAN of Lindsay on Nov. 18, 1914 at Lindsay. 21924-14 John Henry PALMER, 33, farmer, Lindsay, Minden, d/o Alfred PALMER & Nancy HAGAN, married Loretta LEWIS, 20, Brampton, Minden, Charles LEWIS & Janet NEWCOME, witn: Mrs. C. WELLSTOOD Jr. & Anna DETTMAN both of Kinmount on April 22, 1914 at Kinmount
21931-14 Henry Whiteley Keene PATRICK, 24, wholesale grocer, Elmira New York USA, Toronto, s/o William Geling PATRICK & Elizabeth HINCHEY, married Vera Janet Katherine MILNE, 29, Lindsay, same, d/o George William MILNE & Catherine DOWLING, witn: Van C. GORDON of 170 Isabella St. Toronto & George A. MILNE of Lindsay on May 5, 1914 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay 21938-14 David Herbert PATTERSON, 34, barber, Clarke Tp. Durham Co., Liskeard, s/o of George PATTERSON & no mother's name given, married Mary STAPLES, 24, Clarke Tp. Durham Co., Pontypool, d/o Richard STAPLES & Jeane CHAPMAN, witn: Mary VROOMAN & M. J. WHITESIDE both of Lindsay on June 10, 1914 at Lindsay
21929-14 Charles Newton PEEL, 23, farmer, Ops, same, s/o Absalom PEEL & Rebecca Jane MOORE, married Hazel Ida NAYLOR, 22, Tiny Tp.. Ops Tp., d/o Henry NAYLOR & Rachel DOWNS, witn: Harry & Cassie? NAYLOR both of R. R. 6 Lindsay on June 30, 1914 at Salem Ops Tp 21932-14 Milburn PEEL, 27, not given, Cartwright, Ops Tp., s/o John PEEL, farmer & Eliza McGILL, married Ethel Edna BANNON, 26, Cavan, Omemee, d/o William BANNON, farmer & Clementine BENNETT, witn: Mrs. R. B. AGNEW & Miss Celia J. PEEL both of Lindsay on April 1, 1914 at Emily Tp
21922-14 Thomas PERDUE, 32, blacksmith, of Ennismore, d/o Simon PERDUE & Margaret BRICK, married Agnes TWOMEY 22, of Downeyville, d/o Thomas TWOMEY & Margaret SULLIVAN, witn: Simon A. PURDUE & Mary TWOMEY both of Downeyville on June 25, 1914 at Parish Church at Downeyville 21937-14 George Thomas PHILLIPS, 30, mill hand, of Coboconk, s/o John Reid PHILLIPS, mill owner & Margaret RUSSELL, married Olive WILSON, 19, of Baddow Somerville Tp., d/o John Wilson, farmer & Mary NICHOLS, witn: Gertrude Dewell BETHANY & Mrs. J. S. McMULLEN both of Lindsay on Aug. 5, 1914 at Lindsay
  21936-14 Stephen Stewart POCOCK, 34, farmer, Woodstock Oxford Co., Burnt River, s/o Stephen POCOCK & Jean STEWART, married Ida DUDMAN, 23, Burnt River, same, d/o Henry DUDMAN & Agnes MULNEY (?), witn: Winifred MABEE & Allan EPPS (Copp?) both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 2, 1914 at Lindsay.
21918-14 Burton Cecil POGUE, 23, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o David POGUE & Eliza FITCH, married Ruby Ethel MAHOOD, 18, Ops Tp., same, d/o Robert MAHOOD & Lottie McCALL, witn: Lorne MAHOOD & Edythe NUGENT both of Omemee on Jan. 14, 1914 at Ops Tp. 21919-14 James Henry POGUE, 42, farmer, widower, Anson Tp., Minden, s/o Alexander POGUE & Sarah MORTIMER, married Flora Emmiline LOUCKS, 40, Minden, same, d/o John LOUCKS & Mary Ann GIDLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Albert Irwin POGUE both of Minden on Oct. 13, 1914 at St. James's Church at Kinmount
21927-14 John James POGUE, 41, not given, Haliburton, Toronto, s/o John POGUE, farmer & Eleanor CRAGG, married Mary Jane McLEAN, 35, Mariposa, Ops Tp., d/o John McLEAN, farmer & Margaret Jane POGUE, witn: Mrs. J. McMULLEN & Marion E. CARRICK both of Lindsay on Feb. 18, 1914 at Lindsay 21930-14 Mossom Campbell POGUE, 28, farmer, Verulam, same, s/o George POGUE & Isabella DOBSON, married Gertrude May KELLY, 23, Verulam, same, d/o Thomas KELLY & Margaret Jane BELCH, witn: W. Downey? KELLY & Vera B. POGUE both of Bobcaygeon on May 13, 1914 at Verulam
21934-14 Robert Wilbert POGUE, 23, yeoman, Verulam, Ops, s/o Albert POGUE & Henrietta GAMBLE, married Sadie M. BARBER, 20, Warren Pennsylvania USA, Fenelon, d/o George BARBER & Ruth BORROW, witn: Wilhelmina & Lottie JOHNSTON both of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 23, 1914 at Fenelon Falls 21925-14 Samuel Norton POGUE, 22, express driver, Lindsay, same, s/o Samuel POGUE & Jennie SANFORD, married Gladys Irene BOPERY, 19, Belleville, Lindsay, d/o Stephen BOPERY & Martha EMSLEY, witn: W. POGUE of Toronto & Mrs. William HARTLEY of London on Dec. 16, 1914 at Lindsay.
21921-14 Albert Irwin POGUE, 21, farmer, Lutterworth, same, s/o Samuel Dysart POGUE & Adeline MIDDLETON, married Alice Greta HOWE, 17, Lutterworth, Minden, d/o Joseph & Eva, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James Henry POGUE both of Minden on Oct. 13, 1914 at St. James's Church Kinmount 21920-14 John James POLLARD, 27, labourer, Manvers Tp., Lindsay, s/o James POLLARD & Margaret FINNEY, married Rachel TAYLOR, 22, Minden, Lindsay, d/o Daniel TAYLOR & Catherine LINDSAY, witn: George POLLARD & Cora TAYLOR both of Lindsay on April 8, 1914 at Lindsay
21926-14 William Andrew POTTER, 23, blacksmith, Stepney London England, Omemee, s/o William Thomas POTTER & Mary J. ADAIR, married Eleanor Margaret MOON, 26, Ilfracombe Devonshire England, Omemee, d/o Francis MOON & Margaret S. SHAILLSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Everett HAYES both of Omemee on Oct. 3, 1914 at Omemee 21923-14 George Bruce POWLES, 32, labourer, Lindsay, same, s/o Robert POWLES, & Tillie GALLINEAU, married Alda TOMPKINS, 26, Lindsay, same, d/o William John TOMPKINS & Loveday Jane TOMPKINS, witn: Grey HILL & William TOMPKINS both of Lindsay on Dec. 24, 1914 at Lindsay
21928-14 John PREATER, 21, gardener, of Bobcaygeon, s/o Jesse PREATER, gardener & Beatrice SQUIRES, married Lucy Georginie GOODBARR, 21, of Bobcaygeon, d/o Edmund GOODBARR, farmer & Florence PYE, witn: Robert Squires PREATER & Elsie NOCK both of Bobcaygeon on June 30, 1914 at Bobcaygeon 21933-14 Wilfred PRIEST, 20, not given, England, Burnt River, s/o William Richard PRIEST & Harriet POTTINGHAM, married Hilda May LENOURY, 17, England, Burnt River, d/o Nicholas LENOURY & Harriet DOREY (Doxey?), witn: Mary & Augusta E. SHOREY both of Lindsay on July 18, 1914 at Lindsay
21940-14 Wilbert Edward QUIBELL, 19, labourer, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o Thomas QUIBELL & Laura WARD, married Margaret Pearl METCALF, 19, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o George METCALF & Catherine BURLEY, witn: Eliza R. SHOREY of Lindsay & Catherine METCALF of Fenelon Falls on Dec. 2, 1914 at Lindsay 21939-14 John James QUIGLEY, 27, farmer, Verulam, Verulam Tp., s/o Samuel QUIGLEY & Annie KERR, married Regina Victoria JOHNSTON, 24, Verulam, Verulam Tp., d/o John Francis JOHNSTON & Anna Maria JACKSON, witn: Arthur JOHNSTON & Violet FINLEY both of Bobcaygeon on May 6, 1914 at Lindsay