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Victoria Co, 1923


21671-23 Roy Melville ABERCROMBIE, 22, dairyman, Lindsay, Ops Tp., s/o Bert ABERCROMBIE (b. Cambray) & Charlotte McGAHEY, married Mary HUGHES, 19, Minden, Ops Tp., d/o Joseph HUGHES (b. Minden) & Helen THOMPSON, witn: Wellington McFARLAND & Louise M. ARCHER both of Fenelon Falls on Sept. 8, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21669-23 Reginald Walter Kitchener ABRAHAM, 30 (?), customs excise examiner, Portsmouth England, Lindsay, s/o James Frederick ABRAHAM, (b. England) & Laura Coles BLANCHARD, married Ethel Matty Douglas MILNE, 30 (?), Whitby, Lindsay, d/o George Alexander MILNE (b. London England) & Catherine DOWLING, witn: R. Ivan MOORE & Kate MILNE both of Lindsay on Dec. 22, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay.
21670-23 Howard Ryerson ADAMS, 39, physician/surgeon, widower, Drayton Ont., Etobicoke Tp., s/o Lucius Rufus ADAMS (deceased) (b. Ontario) & Malissa PROCTOR, married Dorothy Margaret Watts WILLIAMS, 22, stenographer, England, Etobicoke, d/o Fredrick Walter (?) WILLIAMS (b. illegible North Wales) & Bridgett Emily WELL--?, witn: Miss M. HARSTON of Woodville & Miss Alice HARSTON of Cobourg on Oct. 2, 1923 at Woodville 21672-23 Frederick Melrose ANGIERS (Augiers?), 24, farmer, Bexley Tp., Coboconk, s/o William ANGIERS & Rose REESE, married Emily Veda McNEIL, 18, Minden, Coboconk, d/o Alexander McNEIL & Ida STATA, witn: Margaret ANGIERS & Oliver BRADIMORE both of Coboconk on Sept. 19, 1923 at Coboconk.
  21692-23 Edward York BARKER, 27, CNR railroad clerk, Sarnia, Belleville, s/o Jacob York BARKER & Mary McPHERSON, married Loretta Anne CONNOLLY, 27, Lindsay, same, d/o James CONNOLLY & Joanna HARTNELL, witn: Eldred A. BARKER of Toronto & Marie MURPHY of Lindsay on June 5, 1923 at Lindsay.
21689-23 Robert Stanley BEGGS, 22, GTR trackman, Cameron, Lindsay, s/o Robert John BEGGS (b. Cameron) & Mary Ellen FINNEY, married Isabel Madeline HOOEY, 18, Cameron, Lindsay, d/o Landon HOOEY (b. Cartwright) & Mary CHILDS, witn: William O. & Violet BEGGS both of Cameron on March 27, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay 21678-23 Bruce Hamilton BELL, 24, baker, Eldon Tp., Bexley Tp., s/o John BELL (b. Eldon Tp.) & Margaret GRANT, married Isabella DUNBAR, 22, Sea Park Scotland, Colborne, d/o Alexander DUNBAR (b. Scotland) & Isabella NORMAN (?), witn: John Henry BUXTON of Hamilton & Mrs Harriet P. BELL of Victoria Road on Oct. 23, 1923 at Lindsay
21681-23 Willard Johnston BILLINGS, 23, farmer, Glamorgan Tp., same, s/o James BILLINGS (b. Glamorgan Tp.) & Margaret SMITH, married Grace Louisa SPENCER, 16, Glamorgan, same, d/o John SPENCER (b. Glamorgan) & Mary Jane MINTY, witn: W. J. & Phipa A. MINTY both of 29 St. Patrick St. Lindsay on Sept. 18, 1923 at Lindsay. 21690-23 William Archie BISHOP, 25, laborer, Haliburton Village, Lindsay, s/o John F. BISHOP (b. Canada) & Georgina FERGUSON, married Harriet Josephine SCOTT, 25, milliner, Lindsay, same, d/o Joseph SCOTT (b. Canada) & Philomene BERGERON, witn: Mr. Mrs. William LEHANE both of Lindsay on Jan. 31, 1923 at Lindsay.
21679-23 Henry Bethune BLACK, 25, real estate/insurance agent, Chicago Ill. USA, Lindsay, s/o Henry Bethune BLACK (b. Halifax Nova Scotia) & Virginia FOX, married Gertrude Doreen JORDAN, 25, Roseland B.C., Lindsay, d/o George A. JORDAN (b. Ontario) & Nellie H. WITHROW, witn: J. S. BLACK 127 Kendal Ave. Toronto & Eda I. BEATON of Toronto on Oct. 6, 1923 at Lindsay 21675-23 Guy Victor BLOOMFIEID, 23, farmer, Snowdon Tp., same, s/o George BLOOMFIELD (b. England) & Carolina CONGDON (?), married Ina Constance SPENCER, 19, Parry Sound, same, d/o Herb & Sadie, witn: Mrs Sadie SPENCER of Parry Sound & Annie C. McINTOSH on Dec. 19, 1923 at Lindsay.
21684-23 Harry Edward BOOTH, 22, laborer, Somerville Tp., same, s/o George BOOTH (b. Ontario) & Margaret Elizabeth WOOD, married Sarah Jane ROWBOTHAM, 26, Essonville, Lindsay, d/o Mathias ROWBOTHAM & Annie Margaret TOWNSEND, witn: Alfred Kitchener EAGER & Harriet M. ROWBOTHAM both of Lindsay on May 8, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay 21685-23 John BOOTH, 40, farmer, Somerville, Tp., Eldon Tp., s/o Richard BOOTH (b. Eldon Tp) & Mary STEVENS, married Elena Irene CUNDY, 26, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o John A. CUNDY (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Elizabeth GRIFFIN, witn: John B. & W. G. CUNDY both of Fenelon Tp. on April 18, 1923 at Fenelon Tp
21673-23 Allan Arthur Stanley BOOTH, 20, laborer, Somerville Tp., same, s/o George BOOTH (b. Somerville Tp.) & Margaret Elizabeth WOOD, married Florence Wilhelmine EMBURY, 19, Laxton Tp., Bexley Tp., d/o William EMBURY (b. Ontario) & Bertha Edith DAVIS, witn: Henry & Sarah BOOTH both of Burnt River on Dec. 26, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay. 21686-23 Orin Archibald BRADEN, 24, laborer, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, s/o James D. BRADEN (b. Ontario) & Emma J. ALSOP, married Pearl Madeline SMITH, 24, clerk, Havelock, Lindsay, d/o William R. SMITH (b. Ontario) & Margaret ROGERS, witn: J. SMITH of 18 Hepburn St. Toronto & M. BRAEDON (sic) of Lindsay on April 25, 1923 at Lindsay.
21688-23 William Lorne BRADIMORE, 21, teacher, Bexley Tp., same, s/o Trifley BRADIMORE (b. Bexley Tp) & Mary Jane MIDDLETON, married Lila Alberta Elizabeth FARROW, 16, Kinmount, Somerville Tp., d/o James (b. Coboconk) & Edna, witn: Edna FARROW & Edward Greer NICHOL both of Coboconk on April 2, 1923 at Fenelon Falls. 21691-23 Peter BRADIMORE, 35, laborer, Miners Bay, Coboconk, s/o Julius BRADIMORE & Ellen GROZELL, married Katherine De FINNEY, 28, Kinmount, Coboconk, d/o James De FINNEY & Mary ALLEN, witn: Oliver BRADIMORE of Coboconk & Mary De FINNEY of Kinmount on June 12, 1923 at Kinmount.
21674-23 Robert Ancell BRADT, 25, manager, Glanford Tp., Harvey Tp., s/o Andrew BRADT (b. Glanford twp - Wentworth Co) & Julia CLEMENT, married Zeta Beryl WATSON, 21, Harvey Tp., same, d/o Andrew WATSON (b. Port Hope) & Ellan REYNARD, witn: illegible WILSON & Annie MOORE both of Bobcaygeon on Dec. 24, 1923 at Lindsay. 21676-23 James Lowery BROOKS, 27, barber, Ops Tp., Omemee, s/o James Harvey BROOKS (b. Omemee) & Margaret ELLIOTT, married Margery Lougette FRANKS, 24, Emily Tp., Omemee, d/o Arthur FRANKS (b. Ontario) & Margaret DEYELL, witn: Herman FRANKS of R R 1 Omemee & Hazel RUTHERFORD of R R 2 Omemee on Nov. 21, 1923 at St. James’s Church Emily Tp.
21683-23 Arthur Bertram BROWN, 30, clerk, England, Fenelon Falls, s/o George BROWN (b. England) & Janet Angus SPALDING, married Eda Evelyn Catherine HEARD, 23, Ontario, Fenelon Falls, d/o Joseph HEARD (b. England) & Catherine BURTCHAELL, witn: George Harold BRABAZEU of Coboconk & Beatrice Elizabeth HEARD of Fenelon Falls on Aug. 28, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21682-23 James Talmage BRYAN, 31, farmer, Brock Tp., same, s/o Andrew BRYAN (b. Brock Tp.) & Eliza Ann DOBLE, married Mabel Beatrice JORDAN, 32, teacher, Mariposa, Lindsay, d/o William W. JORDAN (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Lucinda STEWART, witn: Frank BRANDON of Cannington & Lillian Jordan PACKARD of Brockton Mass. USA., on Sept. 8, 1923 at Lindsay
21680-23 Joseph Edward BRYANS, 28, laborer, Carden, Victoria Road, s/o William BRYANS (b. England) & Margaret WRIGHT, married Gladys Millie Irene BARRY, 24, Coboconk, Victoria Road, d/o David BARRY (b. England) & Mary LISCOMBE?, witn: Eliza DINROON 24 Wellington St., & J. T. SMITH of Lindsay on Sept. 12, 1923 at Lindsay 21677-23 John BURNETT, 24, farmer, Somerville Tp., Fenelon Tp., s/o Alexander BURNETT (b. Lindsay) & Spowers GRAHAM, married Mary Iona MILLER, 20, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Joseph AREN (sic) (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Mary Jane MARTIN, witn: Annie C. McINTOSH & Carmen R. WOOD both of Lindsay on Nov. 26, 1923 at Lindsay.
21687-23 Clark BUTLER, 23, farmer, Somerville Tp., same, s/o Walter BUTLER (b. Ops Tp.) & Selena SALTER, married Ethel Evelin COLWELL, 26, school teacher, Omemee, Somerville Tp., d/o William Henry COLWELL (b. Devon England) & Emma PARLIMENT, witn: Margaret E. MULLEN & Edith D. BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on March 30, 1923 at Lindsay.  
21693-23 George Aylmer Middleton CAMPBELL, 24, farmer, Harvey Tp., same, s/o James CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Mary MIDDLETON, married Dora Elizabeth BEATTY, 22, Harvey Tp., same, d/o John BEATTY (b. Ontario) & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Mabel M. BEATTY of Nogies Creek & John E. CAMPBELL of Bobcaygeon on Nov. 12, 1923 at Lindsay 216701-23 Albert CARROLL, 26, farmer, Emily Tp., same, s/o Thomas CARROLL & Cecilia HARRINGTON, married Kathleen O’NEILL, 26, school teacher, Emily Tp., same, d/o Patrick O’NEILL & Amelia HARTNETT, witn: Clare HARRINGTON of R. R. 5 Lindsay & Carmelita O’NEILL of R. R. 1 Downeyville on Nov. 6, 1923 at Downeyville
21698-23 John Perlina (?) CARTER, 27, merchant, Ontario, Cochrane, s/o T. H. CARTER (b. England) & Catherine L. HARTE, married Frances Elenor CARNEGIE, 25, nurse, Ontario, 562 Huron St. Toronto, d/o John R. CARNEGIE (b. Ontario) & E. J. LAURIE, witn: Ada Carter SULLIVAN of Preston Ont. & J. A. CARNEGIE 563 Huron St. Toronto on July 11, 1923 at Indian Point, Victoria Co. 21702-23 Vincent CAYLEY, 34, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o Daniel CAYLEY & Margaret FARRELLY, married Anastasia HICKSON, 25, Ennismore Tp., Lindsay, d/o John HICKSON & Margaret KILLEEN, witn: Margaret FARRELLY, James J. CAYLEY & Josie HICKSON all of Ops on June 19, 1923 at Lindsay.
21700-23 Michael CHESKI, 27, Minister (?), illegible Russia, Toronto, s/o Samuel CHESKY (sic) (b. Russia) & not known (sic), married Priscilla LEVELY, 18, Telly Station (?) Ont., illegible, d/o Samuel CHESKY (b. Ontario) & Mary POCHAU, witn: Emily C. MARSH & Edith E. PALMETEER both of Lindsay on Mar. 28, 1923 St. Paul’s Church at Lindsay 21703-23 William Percy CLARK, 23, farmer, Kinmount, same, s/o William CLARK & Catherine REID, married Mary Gertrude ALLEN, 21, Galway Ont., Kinmount, d/o Robert ALLEN & Margaret DOHERTY, witn: Kathleen CLARK & James ALLEN both of Kinmount on May 16, 1923 at Kinmount.
21697-23 John Wesley COOK, 22, farm laborer, Harwood, Hamilton Tp., s/o George COOK (b. Harwood) & Harriet YOUNG, married Lillian Lucrecia QUIBELL, 18, Lindsay, same, d/o Alfred QUIBELL (b. Gooderham Ont) & Bertha L. MOORE, witn: Etta S. DEDMAN & John RYLOTT both of Lindsay on Aug. 20, 1923 at Lindsay. 21695-23 Elwood Spencer COOMBS, 27, postal clerk, Lindsay, same, s/o George Joseph COOMBS (b. Lindsay) & Harriet Ann BOLHAM, married Helena Mildred HUTCHISON, 24, operator, Bowmanville, Lindsay, d/o Thomas Henry HUTCHISON (b. Millbrook Ont) & Clara WRIGHT, witn: Annie C. McINTOSH & M. E. SWAYZE of Lindsay on Sept. 25, 1923 at Lindsay.
21699-23 Percy Daniel COULSON, 28, brakeman, Essa Tp., Lindsay, s/o Frederick COULSON, (b. Guelph) & Emona HARRIS, married Martha Irene WILSON, 22, Fenelon Tp., Lindsay, d/o William WILSON (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Elizabeth HERRON, witn: Henry Watson GREGG of 103 Lindsay St. Lindsay & Mura Jane JOHNSTON of Fenelon Falls on May 9, 1923 at Lindsay 21694-23 Thomas CRAGGS, 23, laborer, Durham England, Kirkfield, s/o Thomas CRAGGS (b. Durham England) & Mary Ann HUDSON, married Gladys Hughena ZEALAND, 18, Eldon, Kirkfield, d/o Wesley ZEALAND (b. Ops Tp) & Lovedy Hannah PEARCE, witn: Frank CRAGGS & Lurline Wilhelmina ZEALAND both of Kirkfield on Oct. 31, 1923 at the Manse Glenarm
21696-23 John CRAIG, 29, police constable, Ontario, 3 Givens St. Toronto, s/o John CRAIG (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth NICHOLL, married Ruby Irene ELLIOTT, 29, stenographer, Ontario, 6 Havelock St. Toronto, d/o Robert ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Sarah KELLY, witn: Adam CRAIG of 50 Woodfield Rd. Toronto & Ella ELLIOTT of 39 Givens St. Toronto on Sept. 12, 1923 at Bobcaygeon 21709-23 Stanley Thomas DAVEY, 33, farmer, Laxton Tp., same, s/o Thomas DAVEY (b. Cavan Tp.) & Margaret KERR, married Sadie Orma BENSON, 23, Bexley Tp., Laxton Tp., d/o William BENSON (b. Laxton Tp.) & Doris SUTER, witn: Grant Frederick BENSON of Kirkfield & Kathleen QUIGLEY of Uxbridge on June 27, 1923 at Lindsay.
21706-23 Charles Arthur DAVIES, 24, carpenter, Oakwood Ont., Lindsay, s/o Thomas H. DAVIES (b. Cardiff- Wales) & Edith Jane YEO, married Lulu Winnifred MARTINDALE, 20, Oakwood, Lindsay, d/o George W. MARTINDALE (b. Oshawa) & Maria PENROSE, witn: Charles E. McDONALD of Toronto & Ethel M. DAVIES of Lindsay on Sept. 4, 1923 at Lindsay 21707-23 Richard Simpson DAWSON, 19, farmer, Carden Tp., Fenelon Tp., s/o Richard DAWSON (b. Brock Tp) & Susan BARKER, married Olive May THOMPSON, 21, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Thomas DAWSON (sic) (b. don’t know) & Mary SHIRR, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas WELLSCOTT both of Cambray on July 11, 1923 at Lindsay
21705-23 Edgar Robert DILLMAN, 27, farmer, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o Arthur Edgar DILLMAN, (b. Mariposa) & Agnes IRWIN, married Hazel May LEWIS, 24, Mariposa Tp., same, d/o Samuel LEWIS (b. England) & Susan HAWKINS, witn: Viola LEWIS & Ross DILLMAN both of Little Britain on Sept. 5, 1923 at Lindsay 21708-23 Robert Adam DOUGLAS, 62, inspector, widower, Lindsay, same, s/o William G. DOUGLAS (b. England) & Ann UNDERWOOD, married Elizabeth BARRETT, 59, widow, England, Lindsay, d/o John SMITH (b. England) & Mary BOULIVAND, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. SWITZER both of Lindsay on July 17, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay
21704-23 George Victor DUNN, 29, garage man, Eldon, Kirkfield, s/o Robert Walter DUNN (b. Scarboro) & Sarah Edith DAGUE (Daynes?), married Gladys May DRAKE, 28, nurse, Lake of The Woods, Kirkfield, d/o Kenneth DRAKE (b. Beaverton) & Mary Eliza FOLLIOTT, witn: John Henry Bruce DRAKE of Bolsover & Edith Edna DUNN of Kirkfield on Sept. 6, 1923 at Bolsover. 21710-23 Harold Hyason ELLIOTT, 30, book keeper, Lindsay, same, s/o George ELLIOTT (b. Hope Co. Ireland) & Brenda Louis STAWNTON, married Helen Alberta CHAMBERS, 20, Lindsay, same, d/o James Gibson CHAMBERS (b. Cambray) & Ethel CAMPBELL, witn: Everett Frederick REEVES of Lindsay & Alice CHAMBERS of Niagara Falls N.Y. USA on Dec. 5, 1923 at Lindsay
21711-23 William Henry FERGUSON, 23, milk vendor, Smith Tp., Peterboro, s/o William John FERGUSON (b. Ontario) & Margaret A. McGILL, married Margaret Elizabeth TOUCHBURN, 21, Cavan Tp., Smith Tp., d/o Robert TOUCHBURN (b. Ontario) & Ellen BENT, witn: Olive Muriel Libbie SIDEY of Bridgenorth & Ira Vernon FERGUSON of Peterboro on Nov. 14, 1923 at Christ Church Omemee 21714-23 Arthur M. FIELDER, 21, laborer, Somerville Tp., Coboconk, s/o Arthur Walter FIELDER (b. Halton Co) & Louisa GALE, married Delilah HUGILL, 20, Somerville Tp., same, d/o Walter HUGILL of Verulam Tp) & Margaret Jane LUFF, witn: Earl Cecil & Annie Elizabeth HUGILL both of Coboconk on Feb. 28, 1923 at Lindsay
21713-23 Roy Henry FLEMMING, 28, lineman, Carden Tp., Oshawa, s/o John D. FLEMMING (b. Manila Tp) & Agnes JOHNSTON, married Stella Irene SOUTHERN, 28, teacher, Laxton Tp., Ops Tp., d/o Thomas SOUTHERN (b. Laxton) & Jane McKEE, witn: J. H. HALL & Sadie E. SOUTHERN both of Lindsay on April 4, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay 21715-23 John Joseph FORD, 35, salesman, Niagara Falls, same, s/o Patrick Henry FORD & Victoria A. STINSON, married Mary Gertrude McDONALD, 27, Carden Tp., same, d/o Cornelius McDONALD & Mary Ann BARRETT, witn: Helen Irene McDONALD & George Leo SKIPWORK both of Lindsay on Oct. 30, 1923 at Victoria Road
21712-23 William Rose FOX, 25, farmer, Haliburton, same, s/o William Edward FOX (b. Midland) & Amelia GERMAN, married Pearl JEWELL, 19, clerk, Lindsay, same, d/o James JEWELL (b. Kirkfield) & Emma Jane VENNER, witn: Fred & Hazel WOLACOTT both of Fenelon Tp., on Sept. 25, 1923 at Lindsay. 21717-23 James Henry Alfred Allan GILL, 22, laborer, Glamorgan, same, s/o Edward GILL (b. Ontario) & Cora STALEY, married Grace Elizabeth MAXWELL, 18, Irondale P.O., Glamorgan, d/o John MAXWELL (b. Quebec) & Sarah FORD, witn: J. J. SHOLER of Lindsay & Mrs Howard GILL of Toronto on Dec. 6, 1923 at Lindsay
21721-23 John GILLESPIE, 24, clerk, Durham Co., Oshawa, s/o Hugh GILLESPIE (b. Fenelon twp.) & Rebecca CATHCART, married Myrtle Beatrice GRAHAM, 26, Lindsay, same, d/o Thomas R. GRAHAM (b. Fenelon twp.) & Sarah Ann FRAIN, witn: Arthur & Olive LIPSETT both of Lindsay on Aug. 22, 1923 at Lindsay. 21723-23 Horace GOODMAN, 24, shoemaker, Rushden Northampton England, Lindsay, s/o William (b. Rushden Northampton England) & Elizabeth, married Nora Alice MINNEY, 25, Rushden Northampton England, Bobcaygeon, d/o George (b. Rushden Northampton England) & Mary, witn: Charles & Florrie Frances BIGLEY both of Bobcaygeon on May 24, 1923 at Christ Church Bobcaygeon
21720-12 Howard Wilbert GRAHAM, 38, miller, Omemee, Lindsay, s/o William F. GRAHAM (b. South Monaghan) & Mary J. JEWISON, married Ada Rebecca THURSTON, 30, telephone operator, Verulam, same, d/o Thomas V. (b. Verulam) & Mary E., witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ezra THURSTON both of Dunsford on Sept. 5, 1923 at Dunsford. 21724-23 Oscar Haddit GRAHAM, 29, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o John GRAHAM (b. Fenelon twp.) & Martha PATTERSON, married Caroline SHUTTLEWORTH, 28, Somerville twp., same, d/o William SHUTTLEWORTH (b. England) & Annie HILYER, witn: Thomas C. & Florence E. SHUTTLEWORTH both of Lindsay on Feb. 28, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay
21716-23 Mossom Roy GRAHAM, 25, section man, Snowdon Tp., same, s/o Arthur GRAHAM (b. England) & Sarah BATEMAN, married Agnes SIMONS, 21, clerk, Snowdon Tp., same, d/o George SIMMONS (sic) (b. Ontario) & Ethel McLEAN, witn: Stephen HANCOCK of Gelert & Caroline E. MARCH of Lindsay on Dec. 27, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church Lindsay 21722-23 William Earl GREEN, 27, barber, Seymour twp., Peterboro, s/o Silas GREEN (b. Seymour) & Maude McMULLEN, married Meletta Jean KEMP, 23, stenographer, Peterboro, Lindsay, d/o Thomas KEMP (b. Cambray) & Mary ARMOREL, witn: Pearl TWIGG of Peterboro & Meryle McCULLOUGH of Lindsay on June 20, 1923 at Lindsay.
21725-23 Arthur LeRoy GREENAWAY, 32, farmer, Mariposa twp., Clarks Crossing Sask., s/o Samuel Wesley GREENAWAY (b. Mariposa) & Frances Helen RISKETTE, married Estelle Vivian MALLON, 25, Mariposa, same, d/o Ephraim MALLON (b. Darlington) & Elizabeth Rebecca HARRIES, witn: H. B. & E. L. SOULEY both of Manilla on Feb. 21, 1923 at Mariposa 21719-23 Edmond Neill GREGORY, 25, druggist, Lindsay, same, s/o Alfred Edmund GREGORY (b. Ontario) & Minnie NEILL, married Aileen Isabella PALEN, 22, clerk, Lindsay, same, d/o Albert Franklin PALEN (b. Ontario) & Marion Emma DINGLE, witn: H. W. GREGORY of Stratford & Grace A. PALEN of Lindsay on Sept. 25, 1923 at Lindsay
21718-23 Kenneth William GRIFFIN, 27, barber, Emily, Bobcaygeon, s/o George GRIFFIN (b. Omemee) & Susan McQUADE married Gertrude Irene McNEILL, 20, Ops Tp., Bobcaygeon, d/o Moses D. McNEIL (b. Ops) & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Edith BARRACLOUGH & Ida CARLISLE both of Lindsay on Nov. 14, 1923 at Lindsay  
21741-23 Herman Howard HALL, 30, farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o Richard HALL (b. Canada) & Mary ACTON, married Grace Heloise LILLICO, 23, Mariposa, same, d/o William LILLICO (b. Canada) & Emma SMITH, witn: Bernard HALL of R. R. Sonya & Susie BOLT of Blackwater on March 14, 1923 at Mariposa 21728-23 Joseph Henry HALL, 28, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o Joseph HALL (b. Ops twp.) & Margaret McQUADE, married Sarah Anna Elizabeth SOUTHERN, 25, school teacher, Laxton twp., Ops twp., d/o Thomas SOUTHERN (b. Laxton twp.) & Jane McKEE, witn: Edna IRVINE & Vera E. SOUTHERN both of Lindsay on Sept. 1, 1923 at Lindsay
21742-23 George James HAMBLEY, 45, carpenter, widower, Darlington Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o William HAMBLEY (b. Cornwall England) & Charlotte COOMBS, married Rebecca WOOD, 18, of Fenelon Falls, d/o Henry Michael WOOD (b. Reach Tp.) & Sophia MOSHER, witn: Gladys KELLY & Olive B. CAREW both of Fenelon Falls on Jan. 10, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21733-23 William HAMILTON, 27, moulder, Blenheim twp., Oshawa, s/o William HAMILTON (b. Ontario) & Emmeline RUSSELL, married Amy Delilah CROWE, 22, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Cecil CROWE (b. Bobcaygeon) & Phoebe PAGE, witn: Marvin JUNKIN & Nellie RING both of Bobcaygeon on June 20, 1923 at Bobcaygeon.
21731-23 Clifford HARPER, 22, engineer, Port Perry, Chicago Illinois USA, s/o Charles HARPER (b. Canada) & Bertha MARK, married Minnie Mary Jane LEACOCK, 20, Belfast Ireland, Chicago Illinois USA, d/o Mathew LEACOCK (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane McKEWAN, witn: Alice LEACOCK of Lorneville & Roy HARPER of Oshawa on July 18, 1923 at St. Andrew’s Church, Eldon Tp. 21729-23 Henry Lewis HARRAN, 22, guide, Cavan (?) same, s/o William Henry HARRAN (b. Cavan) & Kathleen HUMPAGE, married May Isabel SINCLAIR, 19, Nanaimo B.C., Cavan, d/o James Joseph SINCLAIR (b. Carlton Place Kentucky USA?) & Alice HILL, witn: Andrew HARRAN of Lakeview House Creemore, & Mrs. Bob WILES 226 Sherbourne St. Toronto on Aug. 30, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church, Lindsay.
21744-23 Leo HARRINGTON, 27, farmer, Ennismore, Emily Tp., s/o Michael HARRINGTON & Agnes LUCAS, married Mary MILLOY, 20, Emily Tp., same, d/o Frank MILLOY & Emma CARROLL, witn: Clare HARRINGTON of R. R. 5 Lindsay & Gertrude MILLOY of Omemee on Nov. 13, 1923 at Downeyville. 21739-23 Jean Jacques HARTLEY, 40, plasterer, Montmorency Que., Toronto, s/o Leo HARTLEY (b. Newton Stewart-Tyrone Ireland) & Yvonne De ROSIE, married Flora McINTYRE, 37, widow, Eldon Tp., same, d/o Donald McINTYRE (sic) (b. Scotland) & Effie McCUTCHEON, witn: Pearl & J. S. FRANCIS both of Oakwood on March 28, 1923 at Mariposa.
21736-23 Earl HEARNE (Hearns?), 32, canoe builder, Lakefield, Peterboro, s/o John HEARNE (b. England) & Johanah DODGE, married Estelle Elizabeth WATSON, 26, stenographer, Coboconk, same, d/o John WATSON & Margaret PERDUE, witn: Nellie L. PERDUE & Charles McCALLAM both of Coboconk on June 6, 1923 at Lindsay 14871-23 James Henry HEARNS, 70, farmer, widower, Fredericksburgh Tp., Richmond Tp., s/o George C. HARNES (sic) & Amanda PRIEYN?, married Mary JORDAN, 60, widow, Hungerford Tp., Deseronto Tp., witn: W. E. LOYST & W. H. DUNBAR both of Napanee on May 3, 1923 at Napanee.
21746-23 Francis Michael HEITZNER, 30, farmer, Brechin, same, s/o William HEITZNER, & Mary MURPHY, married Annie Louisa WALSH, 28, teacher, Carden, same, d/o John WALSH & Mary O’NEILL, witn: Joseph HEITZNER of Sidney Point & Callesta K. WALSH of Kirkfield on July 14, 1923 at Victoria Road. 21743-23 Howard HENRY, 26, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o Alexander HENRY (b. Canada) & Marjory DAY, married Violet HILYER, 22, Somerville Tp., same, d/o James HILYER (b. Canada) & Jane SUGGITT, witn: Ernest C. FOUNTAIN of Cameron P.O. & Myrtle HILYER of Fenelon Falls P.O. on Jan. 17, 1923 at Somerville Tp.
21732-23 Carleton James HEPBURN, 21, electrician, Fenelon twp., Fenelon Falls, s/o Charles James HEPBURN (b. Canada) & Carrie COOK, married Margaret Irene BARKLEY, 18, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o George Aldon BARKLEY (b. Canada) & Margaret GILLIS, witn: William Oscar HETHERINGTON of Fenelon Falls & Blanche Mary POWLES of Cameron R.M.D 2 on June 27, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21737-23 John James Lorne HEPBURN, 23, laborer, Lindsay, same, s/o James L. HEPBURN (b. Lindsay) & Mary Jane POPE, married Hazel Muriel NESBITT, 22, Minden, Lindsay, d/o Samuel J. NESBITT (b. Minden) & Minnie May McKNIGHT, witn: W. & Emma RAYMOND both of Lindsay on May 24, 1923 at Lindsay
21730-23 Donald Wright HEWITT, 34, accountant, Cleveland Ohio USA, Pittsburg, Pa. USA, s/o Paul Anson HEWITT (b. St. John N.B.) & Jeanette Rebecca BACON, married Letitia Elizabeth GOUDY (Gandy?) 17, Huntsville, Bobcaygeon, d/o Julius GOUDY (b. Coldsprings) & Sarah McFARLAND, witn: William & Isabell MILLIGAN both of Pittsburgh PA. USA on July 17, 1923 at Bobcaygeon. 21735-23 George Frederick HIBBARD, 31, barber, Ontario, 1536 Queen St. W. Toronto, s/o Samuel HIBBARD (b. Ontario) & Emma PRATT, married Louisa Pearl COAD, 33, music teacher, Ontario, Oakwood, d/o George COAD (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Ann SLUGGETT, witn: G. Emmerson COAD & Mrs John MAGUSSON (?) both of Oakwood on June 12, 1923 at Oakwood.
21726-23 Hilliard Percy HICKSON, 21, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o John HICKSON (b. Manvers) & Elizabeth HENDERSON, married Pearl Alice HOLMES, 25, Ops twp., same, d/o Joseph HOLMES (b. Manvers) & Alice PARKER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Uriah HOLMES both of Reaboro on Oct. 30, 1923 at Lindsay. 21745-23 Michael Joseph HOGAN, 29, manager of U.F.O., Ops Tp., Lindsay, s/o John HOGAN & Martha MALLOY, married Annie AIRLIE, 21, Langford Co. Ireland, Ops Tp., d/o James AIRLIE & Mary JACKSON, witn: Gertrude J. MURPHY & John J. HICKEY both of Lindsay on July 17, 1923 at Lindsay.
21727-23 Oliver HOGG, 25, farmer, Minden twp., same, s/o William HOGG (b. Rice lake Ont) & Jean HARSON, married Bertha DAVIS, 19, Minden, Minden twp., d/o James DAVIS (b. Port Hope) & Teskey LITTLE, witn: Annie C. McINTOSH & Sarah LYNCH both of Lindsay on Oct. 16, 1923 at Lindsay. 21738-23 John Henry HULBIG, 53, farmer, widower, Montreal, Lutterworth, s/o illegible E. HULBIG (b. Bavaria Germany) & Frederica Louisa STEINKRAULAR, married Ada Mary PORTER, 42, widow, Lutterworth, same, d/o William GILLHARD (b. England) & Matilda FISHER, witn: Violet WINDSOR & Margaret PRUTARD? both of Kinmount on April 18, 1923 at Kinmount.
21734-23 Harry HUTCHINGS, 27, laborer, Dysart, Haliburton, s/o James HUTCHINGS (b. England) & Isabel STEEL, married Sidney Isabel BURKE, 22, Dysart, Haliburton, d/o John BURKE (b. Haliburton) & Leah SPROULE, witn: G. R. MACONACHIE & E. C. MARSH both of Lindsay on June 20, 1923 at Lindsay 21740-23 Bert Norman HUTCHINSON, 20, carter, Lindsay, same, s/o John HUTCHINSON (b. Cavan Tp.) & Ida BROWN, married Ethel Roberta LETTS, 20, operator, Lindsay, same, d/o Hubert LETTS (b. Lindsay) & Annie HUGHES, witn: Carl Victor HUTCHINSON of Lindsay & Nina HUGHES of Victoria Road on March 28, 1923 at Lindsay
  21747-23 James Robert IBELL, 26, farmer, Sheffield England, Niagara Tp., s/o William IBELL (b. England) & Mary ROBINSON, married Nellie Elizabeth PERRY, 24, England, Mariposa Tp., d/o parents unknown (sic), witn: William IBELL Jr., of Niagara on the Lake & Christina CONNELL of Oakwood on March 14, 1923 at Oakwood
21748-23 Norman Wesley JEWELL, 20, section foreman, Mariposa Tp., same, s/o Thomas JEWELL (b. Mariposa) & Caroline DOUGLAS, married Olive May WHITE, 20, Mariposa, same, d/o Clarence DOUGLAS (b. Mariposa) & Elizabeth FORD, witn: Harold JEWELL of Woodville on June 13, 1923 at Oakwood 21749-23 Stanley Hamilton JEWELL, 21, printer, Fenelon Falls, Lindsay, s/o David Richard JEWELL (b. Ontario) & Ida Victoria BURGESS, married Amy Naomi SPENCE, 21, nurse, illegible Quebec, Charlston Lake, d/o Thomas Delos SPENCE (b. Ontario) & Mildred MOULTON, witn: Elmer H. CHRISTIAN & Mabel L. WRAY both of Lindsay on Sept. 26, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay
21750-23 Francis Ross KELLY, 23, mechanical engineer, Lindsay, same, s/o George Albert KELLY (b. Fenelon Tp.) & Mary Elizabeth INGRAM?, married Florence Madeline BEGG, 27, accountant, Lindsay, same, d/o James Burnet BEGG (b. Hamilton) & Mattie WOODS, witn: Bernetta L. HOOVER of Toronto & F. HOOVER of West Toronto on Nov. 21, 1923 at Lindsay 21753-23 Wilbert KENEER, 30, miller, Lindsay, same, s/o Jonathon KENEER (b. Ontario) & Annie HOWARD, married Edith PALMATEER, 18, Faraday Hastings Co., Lindsay, d/o Sandford PALMATEER (b. Ontario) & Emily DICKSON, witn: Emily C. MARSH & Doris JOHNSON both of Lindsay on April 25, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay
21754-23 John Alexander KERR, 25, farmer, Manvers twp., same, s/o William KERR (b. Ontario) & Katharine CRAWFORD, married Elvira Hazel NELSON, 18, Manvers, same, d/o John NELSON (b. USA) & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Margaret E. MULLEN & Edith BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on April 11, 1923 at Lindsay. 21751-23 John Levi KIMBLE, 45, laborer, widower, Verulam Tp., Bobcaygeon, s/o John KIMBLE (b. Buckinghamshire England) & Emma SMALL, married Elizabeth IRWIN, 34, Harvey Tp., Rockcroft Harvey Tp., d/o Allen IRWIN (b. Buckinghamshire England) & Ada RENOUF, witn: Isiah & Marnie IRWIN both of Rockcroft on Sept. 15, 1923 at Fenelon Falls
21752-23 Ralph Morison KING, 27, garage man, Niagara Falls USA, same, s/o Oliver Lee KING (b. Oklahoma City USA) & Lula LEEMAN, married Rachel Ruth HUNT, 18, Ardmore Okla., Bobcaygeon, d/o R. Nelson HUNT (b. Phelps N.Y. USA) & Rachel E. MONTGOMERY, witn: Annie WHYTE & Sarah M. WRIGHT both of Bobcaygeon on Oct. 1, 1923 at Bobcaygeon 21758-23 Wilfred Edward LESLIE, 32, thresher, Manvers twp., same, s/o John LESLIE (b. Manvers twp.) & Margaret SHEA, married Violet May CRAWFORD, 30, Manvers twp., same, d/o John CRAWFORD (b. Hamilton) & Jane STAPLES, witn: Margaret E. MULLAN & Edith BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on March 21, 1923 at Lindsay.
21756-23 Russel LETSON, 22, linesman, Waterloo Co., Toronto, s/o Isaac LETSON (b. Canada) & Nancy GROH, married Gertrude JACKETT, 21, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o George JACKETT (b. Canada) & Alma NEWBY (Nerthy?), witn: Ina JACKETT & Leonie BETEAU both of Fenelon Falls on July 10, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21755-23 Harry A. LILLY, 26, wire chief, London England, Lindsay, s/o Henry LILLY (b. England) & Ellen WILEY, married Jean Viola HOAR, 27, dressmaker, Mariposa twp., Lindsay, d/o William James HOAR (b. Victoria Co) & Mary CUNNINGHAM, witn: Nellie Catherine HOAR & Wesley Ewart BRENNER both of Lindsay on Sept. 4, 1923 at Lindsay
21757-23 Arthur Herbert LIPSETT, 25, clerk, Peterboro, Lindsay, s/o George LIPSETT (b. Ireland) & Louisa REYNOLDS, married Olive Mildred GRAHAM, 23, bookkeeper, Ops twp., Lindsay, d/o Thomas R. GRAHAM (b. Ireland) & Sarah Ann FRAIN, witn: J. B. LIPSETT of Peterboro & Myrtle GRAHAM of 91 William St. Lindsay on June 5, 1923 at Lindsay 21759-23 Frederick LISCOMBE, 24, laborer, Bexley twp., same, s/o not given LISCOMBE (b. Ontario) & not given BEADSMORE, married Elizabeth Clara BERRIE, 19, Bexley twp., same, d/o David BERRIE (b. Scotland) & Mary LISCOMBE, witn: Emily C. MARSH of Lindsay & Gladys BERRIE of Coboconk on Jan. 31, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay
21773-23 Douglas Charles MacDONALD, 23, laborer, Toronto, Lindsay, s/o John MacDONALD (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Anna JOHNSTON, married Mary Adelaide CAIRNDUFF, 31, widow, dressmaker, Nogies Creek, Lindsay, d/o William BEATTIE (b. Ontario) & Victoria BRUMWELL, witn: Mrs. L. BRICK (Buck?) & Gertrude MACONACHIE both of Lindsay on Nov. 8, 1923 at Lindsay 21771-23 Neil MacMILLAN, 21, farmer, Eldon twp., same, s/o William (b. Scotland) & Jane, married May Archena McINNIS, 18, Eldon twp., same, d/o Archie McINNIS (b. Canada) & Mary McARTHUR, witn: Isobel LAURENCE of Lorneville & Earline McINNIS of Kirkfield on Dec. 19, 1923 at St. Andrew’s Manse Eldon
21766-23 Michael Archibald MAGUIRE, 21, laborer, Galway twp., same, s/o James Patrick MAGUIRE (b. Montreal) & Lottie Charlotte FULLER, married Mary Violet BACON, 19, Snowdon twp., same, d/o John James BACON (b. Ottawasaga (Nottawasaga?)) & Ethel May JOHNSTON, witn: Mrs A.G. RINTOUL of Kinmount & Mrs. BACON of Furness Falls on May 9, 1923 at Kinmount. 21765-23 Elmer Stanley MAHOOD, 27, farmer, Ops twp., Emily twp., s/o Alex MAHOOD (b. Smith Monaghan) & Adeline HERBERT, married Emma Rebecca MOYNES, 25, Ops twp., same, d/o Isaac MOYNES (b. Ops twp.) & Laura HOMES, witn: Roy MAHOOD of Reaboro & Margaret MOYNES of R.R. 1 Lindsay on June 12, 1923 at Ops.
21763-23 Charles Wellington MARK, 26, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Judson MARK (b. Mariposa) & Charlotte M. RAY, married Clara Elizabeth BOWES, 25, Mariposa twp., same, d/o Henry BOWES (b. Mariposa) & Elizabeth GORRILL, witn: Harold FOWLER & Sarah A. BOWES both of Oakwood on June 20, 1923 at Mariposa. 21760-23 Gordon MARTIN, 24, machinist, England, 160 Ellington Ave. Birch Cliff, s/o William MARTIN (b. England) & Amy Elizabeth ROBERTS, married Alice Irene BRAINE, 24, clerk, Ontario, King St. Bobcaygeon, d/o Richard BRAINE (b. England) & Mary illegible Brown HARRISON, witn: K. H. CLARKE of Lindsay & Helen BRAINE of Bobcaygeon on Oct. 31, 1923 at Bobcaygeon
21768-23 Byron Carlyle MAUNDER, 20, teamster, Fenelon twp., Lindsay, s/o Byron MAUNDER (b. Cameron) & Ethel PERRIN, married Mary Gladys WELDON, 17, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Richard L. WELDON (b. Mariposa) & Annie NEWSOME, witn: Thomas McPHEE & Greta COOK both of Lindsay on Nov. 14, 1923 at Cambray 21770-23 Clarence Wilford McARTHUR, 23, farmer, Washago, same, s/o John McARTHUR (b. Scotland) & Minnie ROWAT, married Atta Elizabeth Pogue SANDERSON, 24, school teacher, Emily, Washago, d/o Albert SANDERSON (b. Canada) & Hattie POGUE, witn: Harry JACKSON & Hilda SANDERSON both of Omemee on Dec. 23, 1923 at Emily Tp.
21775-23 David Ira McCARRELL, 27, farmer, Emily twp., Fenelon twp., s/o William James McCARRELL (b. Emily twp.) & Margery MONCRIEF, married Martha Mary HOWELL, 20, nurse, Minden, Mariposa twp., d/o Henry HOWELL (b. England) & Ada LEWIS, witn: Etta S. DEDMAN & Edith D. BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on Sept. 15, 1923 at Lindsay 21778-23 Bruce McCARTY, 30, jeweller, Lindsay, same, s/o William Frank McCARTY (b. Canada) & Mary FOSTER, married Jean Rankin ANDERSON, 32, Lindsay, same, d/o William ANDERSON (b. Canada) & Mary Anne WASBROUGH, witn: Wilbur McCARTY of Lindsay & Flora JACKSON of Toronto on June 14, 1923 at Lindsay.
21772-23 Roy McCAUSLAND, 22, farmer, Ops twp., same s/o Henry McCAUSLAND (b. Ontario) & Salina Jane ZEALAND, married Florence D. ENGLISH, 20, Bracebridge, Ops twp., d/o William ENGLISH (b. Ontario) & Martha CHALMERS, witn: Pearl McCAUSLAND & Thomas CHALMERS both of Lindsay on Dec. 5, 1923 at Dunsford. 21781-23 Michael McGEE 29, farmer, Carden twp., same, s/o Patrick McGEE & Rose Ann THOMPSON, married Elizabeth BURKE, 23, Carden twp., same, d/o Edward BURKE & Catherine FINN, with: William Ewert BURKE & Mabel McGEE no residences given on April 14, 1923 at Victoria Road.
21780-23 Laverne McGILL, 22, farmer, Manvers twp., same, s/o John McGILL (b. Manvers twp.) & Annie ARGUE, married Mary Mildred WRIGHT, 23, Galway twp., Manvers twp., d/o John WRIGHT (b. Clarke twp.) & Emma COOPER, witn: Ivan WRIGHT & L. McGILL both of Janetville on Jan. 10, 1923 at Lindsay 21777-23 Thomas Oswald McGILL, 22, operator, Manvers twp., same, s/o Samuel McGILL (b. Manvers) & Muriel (Milne?) MILLS, married Elsie Robertson ROSS, 20, Eldon twp., same, d/o James ROSS (b. Eldon) & Agnes YULE, witn: John ROSS of Argyle & Eva LAWRENCE of Vittoria on June 20, 1923 at the home of bride's father in Eldon Tp.
21779-23 Charles Alexander McKAY, 23, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Andrew C. McKAY, (b. Mariposa) & May Susan JEWELL, married Carrie McEACHERN, 20, of Eldon twp., same, d/o John McEACHERN (b. Eldon) & Mary Ellen QUAY, witn: George WESTERN of Mariposa & Mary W. DAVIS of Woodville on April 4, 1923 at Woodville. 21776-23 John Wilson McLAREN, 27, actuary, Scotland, 561 Jarvis St. Toronto, s/o John McLAREN (b. Scotland) & Margaret ROBERTSON, married Lillian Clark McGREGOR, 21, Ontario, 69 Lindsay St. Lindsay, d/o Asa Henderson CLARKE (b. Ontario) & H. McINTOSH, witn: Percy Dillon HAM of Toronto & Marion Augusta WHITE of Lindsay on July 10, 1923 at Lindsay.
21774-23 David John McLELLAN , 32, veterinary surgeon, Woodville, Montreal, s/o John Cameron McLELLAN (b. Oban Scotland) & Margaret HENDERSON, married Susannah Margaret Adelaide STODDART, 30, Woodville, same, d/o Mather J. STODDART (b. Cambray) & Margaret Agnes MAYBEE, witn: W. V. STODDART of Ripley & Charles STODDART of Woodville on October 6, 1923 at Woodville. 21761-23 Michael MELNIKE, 27, laborer, Kiev Russia, Somerville twp., s/o Profer MELNIKE (b. Kiev Russia) & Irena PUSHKA, married Harriet Ferdella NEWMAN, 18, Somerville twp., same, d/o Jess NEWMAN (b. Woodstock Ont.) & Emily Margaret McPHEE, witn: Adam HURDE of Burnt River & Annie WOODVINE of Lindsay on Oct. 24, 1923 at Lindsay
21762-23 James Elmer MILBURN, 31, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o Thomas T. MILBURN (b. Peterboro) & Sarah Janet MANN, married Maud Ricky WEBSTER, 29, teacher, Mariposa twp., 80 Peel St. Lindsay, d/o Alfred WEBSTER (b. Victoria Co.) & Adelaide DAVIDSON, witn: Walter GARBUTT of R.R. Peterboro & Canada WHITESIDE of Little Britain on Sept. 26, 1923 at Lindsay. 21769-23 Herbert MILLER, 28, farmer, Somerville twp., same, s/o William MILLER (b. Gooderham) & Sarah PUGH, married Annie Maria SACKETT, 19, Fenelon twp., same, d/o George SACKETT (b. Clarke) & Etta BLACK, witn: Etta Rubina SACKETT of Fenelon & John Grant KELLY of Bobcaygeon on Oct. 29, 1923 at Fenelon Falls.
21767-23 William Ernest MOORE, 30, laborer, Mara twp., Somerville twp., s/o Thomas Wesley MOORE (b. Manilla) & Harriet TIFFIN, married Margaret Gertrude TILL (Fell?), 27, Verulam twp., Somerville twp., d/o Johnson TILL (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann DOBSON, witn: W. J. & Rosamond HODSON both of Lindsay on March 14, 1923 at Lindsay 21764-23 Clifford Victor MULLIGAN, 31, physician, Omemee, Lindsay, s/o Robert J. MULLIGAN (b. Canada) & Amy McCREA, married Isobel Matthews RYLEY, 26, Lindsay, same, d/o John P. RYLEY (b. Canada) & Sarah Elizabeth MATTHEWS, witn: Mervin F. SUTCLIFFE of Lindsay & Margaret MATTHEWS of Brantford on June 16, 1923 at Lindsay
21782-23 Gordon Edward NOBLE, 21, cutter, Whitby, same, s/o William Henry NOBLE (b. Whitby) & Elizabeth ANSTY, married Eva Mildred DENEEN, 18, clerk, Port Perry, same, d/o William Henry DENEEN (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane SISSON, witn: Henry H. MARSH & Helen A. PIERCY both of Lindsay on Sept. 20, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay 21784-23 James O'CONNELL, 23, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o James O'CONNELL & Mary DACY, married Lucy DOUGAN (Dorgan?), 29, Downeyville, Lindsay, d/o Maurice DOUGAN & Ann BOLYN, witn: Frank KEENAN & Margaret MARTIN both of Lindsay on May 21, 1923 at Lindsay
21786-23 George O'DONNELL, 34, grocer, Barrie, Emily twp., s/o Richard O'DONNELL & Ann MAHONEY, married Mary HARRINGTON, 30, Emily twp., same, d/o Michael D. HARRINGTON & Agnes LUCAS, witn: Mae O'DONNELL & Leo HARRINGTON both of R. R. 5 Lindsay on April 25, 1923 at Downeyville. 21785-23 Dennis O’LEARY, 53, farmer, widower, Emily twp., Downeyville, s/o John O’LEARY & Catherine O'BRIEN, married Kathleen O'BRIEN, 24, Dwyre Hill, Lindsay, d/o Jeremiah O'BRIEN & Theresa LAFFIN, witn: Walter HERLIGHEY of Emily Tp. & Mary O'BRIEN of Lindsay on Jan. 23, 1923 at Lindsay.
21783-23 Robert William ORMISTON, 39, farmer, Pickering twp., Mariposa twp., s/o James ORMISTON (b. East Whitby) & Grace GARDINER, married Maryetta Euphemia McINNIS, 37, Ontario, Lindsay, d/o Archibald McINNIS (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, witn: Caroline MARSH & Helen W. McINNIS both of Lindsay on Aug. 30, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay  
21789-23 Everett Esley PALMATEER, 21, laborer, Faraday twp., Mariposa twp., s/o Sanford Esley PALMATEER (b. Ontario) & Eunice Emma DIXON, married Jennie Barbara BURLEY, 20, Verulam, same, d/o David BURLEY (b. Ontario) & Barbara Jane CARLEY, witn: William BURLEY of Dunsford P.O. & Mrs. Stanley BOWEN of Oakwood on Sept. 26, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay. 21793-23 James Laverne PALMATEER, 24, laborer, Emporium Pennsylvania USA, Akron Ohio USA, s/o Sanford PALMATEER (b. Ontario) & Emma DIXON, married Mary Evelyn BURLEY, 23, Verulam, same, d/o David ( b. Ontario) & Barbara Jane, witn: Everett PALMATEER of Oakwood & Edith KENEER of Lindsay on July 11, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay
21791-23 Charles Sager PARKE , 26, machining engineer, illegible (Hamilton?) Ont., Cleveland Ohio, s/o Walden PARKS (b. Seneca twp. Ontario) & Lella V. SAGER, married Grace BROWN, 25, England, Lindsay, d/o Albert Ernest BROWN (b. England) & Marie HOLLINGSWORTH, witn: S. M. & Vera Mercer SCOTT both of Lindsay on July 28, 1923 at Lindsay 21794-23 Thomas PAQUETTE, 56, sawyer, widower, Ottawa, Lindsay, s/o Levi PAQUETTE (b. Ottawa) & Maud LITTLE, 41, widow, West Guilford, Lindsay, d/o Robert CROOKSHANK (b. Ireland) & Mary SISSON, witn: Mrs. BALFOUR & Edith BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on June 14, 1923 at Lindsay.
21787-23 Stephen Francis Pudifin PEACOCKE, 24, bookkeeper, Toronto, Lindsay, s/o Stephen Alexander PEACOCKE (b. Canada) & Maud Alice PUDIFIN, married Catherine LAING, 22, operator, Eldon twp., Kirkfield, d/o Edward John LAING (b. Canada) & Mary Ann McEACHERN, witn: A. C. & Margaret C. McINTOSH both of Lindsay on Dec. 22, 1923 at Lindsay 21796-23 John Henry PEARCE, 21, laborer, Bexley twp., Coboconk, s/o Henry Edmond PEARCE, (b. Bexley twp.) & Lewella FAULKNER, married Edna Mary CALLON, 18, Somerville twp., Coboconk, d/o Charles Michael CALLON (b. Coboconk) & Prudence Mary MOORE , witn: Frank Auston CALLON of Coboconk & Florence Stanley JOHNSON of Fenelon Falls on Jan. 15, 1923 at Fenelon Falls.
21788-23 Howard PEARSON, 24, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o John PEARSON & Jane BLEWETT, married Eveline JUNKIN, 24, Verulam twp., same, d/o William J. JUNKIN & Elizabeth MARTIN, witn: Harold JUNKIN of Verulam & Mrs. Ethel McCONKEY of R. R. 3 Lakefield on Oct. 6, 1923 at Verulam 21795-23 Robert Stanley POLLARD, 21, farmer, Fenelon twp., Manvers twp., s/o James POLLARD (b. Canada) & Margaret FINNEY, married Clara Catherine MOLLON, 17, Mariposa, same, d/o Wesley W. MOLLON (b. Canada) & Bessie HOAR, witn: Almand BRINTNELL of R.R. Woodville & Verna MOLLON of R. R. Oakwood on March 21, 1923 at Manilla
21792-23 George Cranston PRESTON, 36, machinist, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas Stone PRESTON (b. Scotland) & Mary Ellen LETTS, married Dorothy Kathleen DAVIDSON, 21, stenographer, Mariposa twp., Lindsay, d/o Lorenzo Bigelow DAVIDSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Jane CARPENTER, witn: Emily M. REESOR & Edith D. BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on Aug. 7, 1923 at Lindsay. 21790-23 Douglas Walter PRICE, 27, steward, England, 497 Sherburne St. Lindsay, s/o William Henry PRICE (b. England) & Katherine PINCHBACK, married Elizabeth Emma DAVIES, 28, Ontario, 9 Sussex St. Lindsay, d/o Thomas H. DAVIES (b. Wales) & Edith Jane YEO, witn: James A. DAVIES of R.R.2 Lindsay & Dorothy E. SANDFORD of Lindsay on Sept. 20, 1923 at Lindsay.
21797-23 Edward QUINN, 65, carpenter, widower, Peterboro, same, s/o John QUINN & Mary FAHEY, married Amelia O'DONNELL, 61, widow, Ennismore, Lindsay, d/o William CURTIN & Emma BLAUCE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William CURTIN both of King’s Wharf on June 4, 1923 at Lindsay. 21804-23 Leo RETTIE, 21, blacksmith, Burnt River, same, s/o Alex RETTIE (b. Ontario) & Harriet SIRED? (Saired?), married Alma Mildred HODGESON, 19, Burnt River, same, d/o Christopher HODGESON (b. Ontario) & Margaret HOWIE, witn: A. & I. RETTIE both of Cameron on Aug. 8, 1923 at Fenelon Falls.
21803-23 Howard Wilbert REYNARD, 23, laborer, Ravensworth, Bobcaygeon, s/o Thomas Wilbert REYNARD (b. Bobcaygeon) & Ablige FREEMAN, married Effie May MARTIN, 20, Moncton N.B., Sturgeon Point, d/o Alex MARTIN (b. West Moncton) & Melinda PARTRIDGE, witn: Marguerita & Ellsworth FINLEY both of Bobcaygeon on Aug. 14, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21802-23 James RITCHIE, 45, farmer, Galway twp., same, s/o James RITCHIE (b. Ireland) & Ann Jane SCOTT, married Mary McGANN, 32, of Galway twp., d/o John McGANN (b. Canada) & Ann Jane JORDAN, witn: R. B. CHRISTIE & Agnes DAVID both of Kinmount on Aug. 15, 1923 at Kinmount.
21805-23 Joseph ROBERTSON, 31, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o Douglas ROBERTSON (b. Verulam twp.) & Isobel BELL, married Lila E. WARD, 28, nurse, Brock twp., Port Perry, d/o Walter WARD (b. Greenbank) & Margaret Ann WHALEN, witn: John Andrew ROBERTSON of Lindsay & Norma WARD of Port Perry on April 26, 1923 at Lindsay. 21798-23 Russell Watson RODD, 20, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o Amos RODD (b. Dunbarton Ont) & Evelena WATSON, married Dora Elva HOLDERSHAW, 20, Reach twp., same, d/o Joseph HOLDERSHAW (b. Seagrave Ont) & Lauretta PAGE, witn: Cecil C. FORSYTH of Lindsay & Lauretta HOLDERSHAW of Seagrave on Dec. 15, 1923 at Lindsay.
21801-23 Clifford ROWDEN, 27, motor mechanic, Port Hope, 22 Gladstone Ave. Oshawa, s/o John ROWDEN (b. Port Hope) & Sarah Ann BROWN, married Meryl Martha McCULLOUGH, 21, stenographer, Beaverton, Lindsay, d/o John Johnson McCULLOUGH (b. Fillmore Pennsylvania USA) & Martha Ellen HURREN, witn: Orwell ASHTON & Anna ANDERSON both of Lindsay on Sept. 12, 1923 at Lindsay. 217800-23 Calvert Clifford RUSSELL, 26, farmer, Harvey twp., Eldon twp., s/o John RUSSELL (b. Harvey twp.) & Caroline BOWEN, married Dora WILD, 20, Lambton Co., Hay twp., d/o Alexander WILD & Emiline DESJARDINS, witn: Ellenor & Selwyn DARRE both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 9, 1923 at Fenelon Falls.
21806-23 George Wilbert RUTH, 44, farmer, Emily twp., Roland Manitoba, s/o George RUTH (b. Emily twp.) & Catherine Susan HILAND, married Ella McQUADE, 46, Emily twp., Roland Manitoba, d/o Robert (b. Emily twp.) & Eliza Ann, witn: Robert & Gertrude WILLIAMSON both of Omemee on March 1, 1923 at Omemee 21799-23 Thomas RUTTER, 22, laborer, Washago, Coboconk, s/o Thomas RUTTER & Lena BOWEN, married Ruth Irene PEARCE, 17, Bexley twp., Coboconk, d/o Richard PEARCE & Jessie FAULKNER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Nathan PEARCE both of Coboconk on Nov. 14, 1923 at Fenelon Falls
21809-23 Charles ST. THOMAS, 27, laborer, Harvey twp., same, s/o Edward ST. THOMAS (b. Harvey twp.) & Ettie THIBIDEAU, married Ann Gwen Fern FREEMAN, 18, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o William (b. Bobcaygeon) & Mary, witn: Herman & Frances MURSCH both of Michigan USA on Aug. 28, 1923 at Fenelon Falls. 21813-23 William Henry SANDERS, 50, carter, widower, Cornwall England, Ops twp., s/o James SANDERS (b. England) & Sarah BATH, married Lillian CONNORS, 40, widow, Glamorgan twp., Ops twp., d/o Joseph GENEREAU (b. Quebec) & Emiline CLARK, witn: Francis & Norman BROWN both of Lindsay on Aug. 15, 1923 at Lindsay
21808-23 Vivian Edward SCHAFFER, 27, farmer, Snowdon twp., same, s/o Fred (b. Snowdon twp.) & Stella, married Myrtle HOWE, 21, Lutterworth twp., Snowdon twp., d/o James (b. Snowdon twp.) & Annie, witn: Noble SHERMAN & Lottie SCHAFFER both of Kinmount on Nov. 1, 1923 at Kinmount 21823-23 Louis SCHWITZLER, 33, butcher, Formosa Bruce Co., Cargill, s/o Columbus SCHWITZLER & Francis DIETNER, married Loretta FITZPATRICK, 36, school teacher, Emily twp., Downeyville, d/o Michael FITZPATRICK & Jane CAVANAUGH, witn: Fred FITZPATRICK of Downeyville & Harry SCHWITZLER of Cargill on Nov. 14, 1923 at Downeyville
21814-23 John Thompson SCOTT, 30, farmer, Co. Down Ireland, Emily twp., s/o John SCOTT (b. Deumiller (?) Co. Down Ireland) & Annie THOMPSON, married Mary Adeline MOORE, 33, Belfast Ireland, Emily, d/o James MOORE (b. Billymena? Co. Antrim Ireland) & Mary WILSON, witn: Edith B. & F. G. SANDY both of Omemee on Aug. 3, 1923 at Omemee, Emily Tp. 21815-23 Peter Joseph SEARS, 25, laborer, Bexley twp., same, s/o Thomas Arthur SEARS (deceased) (b. Canada) & Elizabeth McLEAN (deceased) married Christina Kathleen DOWNES, 17, Bexley twp., same, d/o James DOWNES (b. Quebec) & Kathleen Christina WIRES, witn: Christina Ella WIRES of Coboconk & Annie BURKHOLDER of Kirkfield on June 27, 1923 at The Manse in Kirkfield
21821-23 Reginald Parker Henry Franklin SEYMOUR, 24, farmer, Harvey twp., same, s/o Harry SEYMOUR (b. Cartwright) & Elizabeth WILSON, married Zetta Estelle MacGREGOR, 21, dressmaker, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o George MacGREGOR (b. Otonabee) & Martha Jane MOORE, witn: W. C. MOORE & H. R. SEYMOUR both of Bobcaygeon on Jan. 10, 1923 at Village of Bobcaygeon 21820-23 William Edward Meredith SHARPLESS, 31, farmer, Snowdon twp., same, s/o Bryan SHARPLESS (b. England) & Elenor NEWELL, married Roxie KELLETT, 20, Snowdon twp., same, d/o John KELLETT (b. Minden) & Emma SCHEFFER, witn: Eva M. SHARPLESS of Gelert & Edith D. BARRACLOUGH of Lindsay on Jan. 2, 1923 at Lindsay
21816-23 Robert Steward SHIER, 25, laborer, Ontario Co., Town of Niagara, s/o Simeon SHIER (b. Ontario) & Catherine RIDDELL, married Florence DAWSON, 30, Ontario Co., Town of Niagara, d/o James (b. Ontario) & Martha, witn: Mrs. M. & Mrs. E. HARSTON both of Woodville on June 2, 1923 at Woodville 21822-23 George Leo SKIPWORTH, 28, expressman, Lindsay, same, s/o George SKIPWORTH & Bridget QUILLAN, married Helen Irene McDONALD, 25, Carden twp., same, d/o Cornelius McDONALD & Mary Ann BARNETT, witn: John Joseph & Mary Gertrude FORD both of Niagara Falls on Oct. 22, (?) 1923 at Victoria Road
21812-23 James Sewell SMITH, 27, auditor, Toronto, 472 Pearson St. Toronto (?), s/o John Sidney SMITH (b. Ontario) & Jennie SEWELL, married Eva Gertrude CHARD, 27, Ontario, 35 Shelbourne St. Toronto, d/o Wellington P. CHARD (b. Ontario) & Alice Maud TRUMPOUR, witn: A. T. & Minna D. SMITH both of Toronto on Sept. 11, 1923 at Lindsay. 21819-23 Lewis Ross STAPLES, 22, laborer, Otonabee twp., Lindsay, s/o Francis STAPLES (b. Manvers twp.) & Mary Elenor FRANCEY, married Vera May TIMMINS, 19, Lindsay, same, d/o John TIMMINS (b. England) & Gertrude ROGERS, witn: Freda Henrietta GRAY of 96 Queen St. Lindsay & William Albert HARDY of 132 Queen St. Lindsay on March 6, 1923 at Lindsay
21817-23 Amos Alfred STEELE, 20, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o Robert John STEELE (b. Verulam twp.) & Vina McCALLUM, married Phoebe Mona BENNETT, 21, Harvey twp., same, d/o Arthur Nepar BENNETT (b. Bridgenorth Smith twp.) & Sarah Jane SPENCE, witn: Burness Arthur STEELE of Lindsay & Amy CROWE of Bobcaygeon on March 28, 1923 at Lindsay 21810-23 Edwin SULLIVAN, 32, laborer, Uxbridge, Coboconk Village, s/o John SULLIVAN & Isabella NEIL, married Mae FAULKNER, 38, Bexley twp., Coboconk, d/o Edward FAULKNER & Sarah LISCOME, witn: William L & Lila A. E. BRADIMORE both of Coboconk on Oct. 4, 1923 at Fenelon Falls.
21818-23 Everton Roy SWITZER, 23, laborer, Gooderham, Haliburton, s/o William N. SWITZER (b. Bellrock - near Napanee) & Lavina Jane MURTZ, married Catherine Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 23, school teacher, Phelpston, Haliburton, d/o Alex RICHARDSON (b. Phelpston Simcoe Co.) & Agnes CUMMING, witn: Margaret & Isobel SMITH both of Glenarm on April 4, 1923 at The Manse in Glenarm. 21811-23 Randolph Finlay SWITZER, 27, electrician, Coboconk, Windsor, s/o C. W. SWITZER (b. Camden) & Georgina FINLAY, married Jean Sophie HOUGH, 28, operator, Lindsay, same, d/o James HOUGH (b. Gananoque) & Katherine FLEISHMAN, witn: Orval SEITZER of Port Perry & Grace THERON of Bowmanville on Aug. 14, 1923 at Lindsay.
21807-23 Karl Bertram SYLVESTER, 38, manufacturer, Lindsay, same, s/o Richard SYLVESTER (b. Enniskillen Durham Co.) & Elizabeth TOUCHBOURN, married Ethel May BEAL, 36, Ottawa, Lindsay, d/o Robert M. BEAL (b. Whitby) & Mary Anne PATTERSON, witn: E. Mithern? (Neilsen?) (?) SYLVESTER & Alice McMILLIN both of Lindsay on Dec. 29, 1923 at Lindsay 21830-23 William Howard THOMPSON 44, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o David THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Charlotte POGUE, married Annie McBRIDE, 36, widow, England, Mariposa twp., d/o William SHEARER (b. England) & Jean GRAY, witn: G. R. MACONACHIE & Emily C. MARSH both of Lindsay on Feb. 5, 1923 at St. Paul’s Church in Lindsay.
21828-23 Arthur Mansel THURSTON, 27, farmer, Verulam twp., Fenelon twp., s/o Thomas James (b. Dunsford) & Annie, married Irene Elizabeth TAYLOR, 23, Verulam twp., same, d/o Joseph N. TAYLOR (b. Fenelon) & Sarah Louisa WARREN, witn: Laura THURSTON & Osborne TAYLOR both of Dunsford on April 18, 1923 at Dunsford 21824-23 Herbert Everton TINNEY, 45, carpenter, Brock twp., Mariposa twp., s/o Frank TINNEY (b. Canada) & Mahalah PENROSE, married Mary Jane COAD, 48, seamstress, Mariposa twp., same, d/o John COAD (b. Cornwall England) & Catherine CRUESS, witn: Candace RICH of Little Britain & Ross WEBSTER of Oakwood on Nov. 3, 1923 at Oakwood
21827-23 William Franklin TREMEER, 29, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Arthur TREMEER (b. Canada) & Annie CORNISH, married Ruth Elizabeth Mary DAVEY, 23, Mariposa twp., same, d/o R. H. DAVEY (b. Canada) & Ada BROAD, witn: Preston DAVEY of R. R. Oakwood & Jean HARGROVE of R. R. 1 Oakwood on June 6, 1923 at Oakwood Mariposa Tp. 21829-23 James Isaac Clarence TRUMBULL, 32, farmer, Minden twp., Lutterworth twp., s/o Thomas Henry TRUMBULL (b. Wingham) & Mary Jane McGUIRE, married Elizabeth Hellen COX, 25, widow, Anson twp., Lutterworth twp., d/o John GOLDIE (b. Minden) & Louisa LINDSAY, witn: G. R. MACONACHIE & Laura HOBDEN both of Lindsay on April 25, 1923 at Lindsay
21825-23 James Edward TURNER, 21, chauffeur, Toronto, 44 Hickson St. Lindsay, s/o Miles TURNER (b. England) & Ruth HIGHLEY, married Mary Lauretta HAMILL, 21, lamp inspector, Ontario, 14 Howlige (?) St. Lindsay, d/o Robert HAMILL (b. Ontario) & Muriel NICHOLSON, witn: Edward FARR of 324 Campbell Ave Toronto & Annie E. HAMILL of Sebright on June 30. 1923 (?) at Sebright. 21826-23 David George Tp. TWEEDIE (Tweedy?) 27, road worker, Cavan twp., Lindsay, s/o Thomas TWEEDY (b. Cavan) & Alice PENROSE, married Lena Hazel YOUNG, 19, Strathcona Lennox & Addington Co., Lindsay, d/o John YOUNG (b. Canada) & Charlotte WHITE, witn: Eliza HULLAND 18 Georgina St. Lindsay & Susan MOUNTNEY Sioux St. Lindsay on July 18, 1923 at Lindsay.
21831-23 George Burwell TYLER, 52, manager, widower, Cheektowaga NY USA, Buffalo NY USA, s/o Joseph H. TYLER (b. Buffalo NY USA) & Harriet M. MARSH, married Emma Jane BEAL, 37, nurse, Uxbridge, Lindsay, d/o Robert M. BEAL (b. Whitby) & Mary A. PATTERSON, witn: James R. STAUNTON of 77 Lowther Ave. Toronto & illegible TYLER of Lindsay on Jan. 8, 1923 at Lindsay.  
21838-23 Edward WEAVER, 26, laborer, Bexley twp., Somerville twp., s/o Charles WEAVER (b. South Monaghan twp.) & Adelaide WALLACE, married Ethel GULLIVER, 25, Plymouth England, Bexley twp., d/o (Dr. Barnardo Girl, parents names are unknown ), witn: Mrs Charles WEAVER of Coboconk & Edith BARRACLOUGH of Lindsay on Sept. 3, 1923 at Lindsay. 21846-23 Harold Stanley WELDON, 28, electrical engineer, Mariposa twp., Toronto, s/o Jesse B. WELDON (b. Mariposa) & Ellen LOUNSBOROUGH, married Mary Josephine STAPLES, 29, billing clerk, Eldon twp., Toronto, d/o Joseph Vinning STAPLES (b. Mariposa) & Mary Ellen ANDERSON, witn: Frank WELDON of Lindsay & Frances STAPLES of Toronto on June 2, 1923 at Woodville.’
21833-23 Elmer Robert WELLS, 21, laborer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o James C. WELLS (b. Canada) & Loretta Hannah WHITE, married Winnie JORDAN, 18, Mariposa, same, d/o Robert JORDAN (b. Canada) & Emma CHRISTIAN, witn: Mrs. E. M. & Mrs Isabella MORROW both of Oakwood on Dec. 12, 1923 at Oakwood 21839-23 Archie Hunter WHYTE, 24, salesman, Ontario, 187 University Ave. Toronto, s/o Alexander WHYTE (b. Ontario) & Ellen BURNETT, married Ruby Irene FISKE, 21, bookkeeper, Ontario, 98 Springhurst Ave. Toronto, d/o Joseph FISKE (b. Ontario) & Margaret JUNKIN, witn: William Burnett WHYTE & Cora P. FISKE both of Toronto on Aug. 28, 1923 at Verulam
21845-23 Herbert Arthur WILES, 30, electrician, Byng Inlet, Midland, s/o Arthur Mitchell WILES (b. Canada) & Harriet JORDAN, married Ethel May PEARN, 27, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Henry PEARN (b. Canada) & Mary RABY, witn: William & Nellie PEARN both of Fenelon Falls on June 6, 1923 at Fenelon Falls 21834-23 William Neill WILKIE, 39, carpenter, Ayr Scotland, Severn Falls, s/o William Hope WILKIE & Jessie NEILL, married Valerie McQUADE, 36, widow, milliner, Bracebridge, Bobcaygeon, d/o M. J. TULLY & Jessie McDONALD, witn: Robert C. HINGSBOROUGH & Minnie McDONALD both of Dunsford on Dec. 12, 1923 at Bobcaygeon
21835-23 Francis Willard WILLIAMSON, 24, electrician, Lindsay, same, s/o Eli WILLIAMSON (b. Cavan twp.) & Mary McFEE, married Gladys Beryl MITCHELL, 24, operator, Lindsay, same, d/o James MITCHELL (b. Cavan twp.) & Sophia HOLMES, witn: W. E. STODDARD of 287 Milverton St. South Lindsay & Hazel M. JAMISON of Port Credit on Oct. 2, 1923 at Lindsay 21843-23 Berta Addison WILSON, 24, rancher, Mariposa twp., Eldon twp., s/o William George WILSON (b. Fenelon twp.) & Annie May ADDISON, married Alma E. CAMPBELL, 27, Mariposa, same, d/o John James CAMPBELL (b. Mariposa) & Eleanor Anne UMPHREY, witn: Mr & Mrs William John CAMPBELL both of R. R. 5 Woodville on June 6, 1923 at Mariposa Tp.
21837-23 James Victor WILSON, 29, general motors (?), Ops twp., Oshawa, s/o Thomas WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane LYTLE, married Colly Myrtle EMMERSON, 30, Mariposa, same, d/o James EMMERSON (b. Ontario) & Adeline WELDON, witn: Ruby J. WILSON R. R. 1 Lindsay & Glen Gardener EMMERSON of Oakwood on Sept. 27, 1923 at Oakwood 21844-23 Nelson WILSON, 29, farmer, Carden twp., same, s/o Samuel WILSON (b. Carden) & Katherine BENTLY, married Velma C. FOX, 20?, Carden, same, d/o John FOX & Mary E. DEVERELL, witn: Sidney H. FOX of R.R. 2 Brechin & Rosetta WILSON of R. R. 1 Sebright on June 6, 1923 at Dalrymple.
21842-23 George Price WOOD, 27, cook, Gooderham, Somerville twp., s/o George WOOD (b. Deptford England) & Dorothy ADAMS, married Geneva Victoria COTTINGHAM, 22, bookkeeper, Somerville twp., same, d/o George COTTINGHAM (b. Ontario) & Geneva TRAIN, witn: Robert B. CHRISTIE & Vivian WOOD both of Kinmount on July 10, 1923 at Kinmount 21841-23 Frederick Wallace WOODCOCK, 28, laborer, Somerville twp., same, s/o Charles WOODCOCK (b. Ontario) & Rachel JOHNSTON, married Katie HENDERSON, 21, Somerville twp., same, d/o Robert HENDERSON (b. Kinmount) & Mary NICHOLSON, witn: Gertrude & Dorothy MACONACHIE both of Lindsay on Aug. 21, 1923 at Lindsay
21840-23 Alfred WOOLSCOTT, 29, mason, Mariposa twp., Lindsay, s/o John WOOLSCOTT (b. England) & Eliza JEWEL, married Marion Grace FISHER, 20, bookkeeper, Lindsay, same, d/o Duncan FISHER (b. Reaboro) & Mary SPENCE, witn: Molly & Kathleen HUTTON both of R. R. 4 Lindsay on Aug. 20, 1923 at Lindsay 21832-23 James Howard WORSLEY, 24, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o Elijah WORSLEY (b. Fenelon twp.) & Katherine SHEA, married Charlotte Verona HENRY, 19, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Alexander HENRY (b. Brock twp.) & Marjory DAY, witn: Thomas C. WORSLEY & Agnes May HENRY both of Cameron on Dec. 25, 1923 at Cameron.
21847-23 Benjamin Franklin WRIGHT, 35, laborer, Glamorgan twp., Lindsay, s/o Samson WRIGHT (b. Canada) & Emma Jane illegible, married Annie Laura PEARSALL, 20, factory worker, Glamorgan twp., Lindsay, d/o Morley PEARSALL (b. Canada) & Teresa CLYDESDALE, witn: Vincent Earl BURKE & Frances E. WILSON both of Lindsay on April 20 1923 at Lindsay 21836-23 Roddie WRIGHT, 21, laborer, Bobcaygeon, Burnt River Somerville twp., s/o George WRIGHT (b. Bobcaygeon) & Sarah PRESCOTT, married Eva BARR, 18, Somerville twp., same, d/o Herb BARR (b. Galway) & Jennie STEEL, witn: Wilhelmine BARR of Burnt River & Vernon POWERS of Lindsay on Sept. 26, 1923 at St. Luke’s Church Burnt River.