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Victoria  Co., 1925

birth place is given before residence


20144-25 John Edward ACTON, 25, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Edward ACTON (b. Canada) & Margaret THORBURN, married Mary Viola SLOAN, 23, Ops twp., Mariposa twp., d/o John T. SLOAN (b. Canada) & Margaret MAHAFFEY, witn: Bruce E. SLOAN & Florence L. RUNDLE both of R. R. Sonya on June 24, 1925 at Mariposa twp.


20150-25 William ALLDRED, 22, labourer, Verulam twp., Lindsay, s/o Frederick ALLDRED (b. Canada) & Emma HALL, married Laura Levinia SAVILLE, 20, England, Lindsay, d/o Edward SAVILLE (b. England) & Lily ALLISON, witn: William JOLLIFFE & Wilma CLARKE both of Lindsay on Jan. 29, 1925 at Lindsay

20146-25 William Henry ANGLE, 54, station agent, widower, Welland, Bexley twp., s/o Absalom ANGLE (b. Welland) & Margaret CUDNEY, married Eva Grace JACKSON, 32, London England, Bexley twp., d/o Sandford Horatio JACKSON (b. London England) & Elizabeth Ann BURKE, witn: G. R. MACONCHIE & William John HODGSON both of Lindsay on April 27, 1925 at Lindsay

20148-25 Atkin Charles ARCHER, 25, farmer, Minden, Snowdon twp., s/o Robert ARCHER (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann COX, married Laura Henrietta BROHM, 19, Somerville twp., Snowdon twp., d/o Edward BROHM (b. Ontario) & Delilah Christine PORTER, witn: Wilma CLARKE & Eleanor HOLMES both of Lindsay on April 1, 1925 at Lindsay

20147-25 Russell ARCHER, 26, farmer, Lutterworth twp., Ops twp., s/o Thomas (b. Ontario) & Ada Elizabeth, married Alma Edith HUSTON, 21, bookkeeper, Lindsay, same, d/o Robert HUSTON (b. Ontario) & Charlotte BRYAN, witn: Clifford HUSTON of Lindsay & Lola ARCHER of R. R. 3 Lindsay on April 16, 1925 at Lindsay.

20149-25 John Cecil ARMSTRONG, 35, farmer, Manvers twp., same, s/o Charles William ARMSTRONG (b. Manvers twp.) & Sarah PORTER, married Mabel Alvira SKUCE, 28, Manvers twp., same, d/o William SKUCE (b. Ops twp.) & Ether STAPLES, witn: Betsy BARRACLOUGH & Wilma CLARKE both of Lindsay on Feb. 25, 1925 at Lindsay

20143-25 William Howard ARMSTRONG, 39, farmer, Laxton twp., same, s/o William ARMSTRONG (b. East Durham Quebec) & Mary Jane KERR, married Mildred Grace BURNETT, 28, school teacher, Orillia, Prince Albert, d/o James BURNETT (b. Devon England) & Elizabeth COMRIE, witn: Margaret SUTHERLAND of Burnt River & G. C. BROWN of Lindsay on June 27, 1925 at Lindsay

20145-25 Leonard ARTHUR, 31, dress cutter, England, 28 Howard St. Toronto, s/o John ARTHUR (b. England) & Mary LOADMAN, married Emily DONALDSON, 30, dressmaker, Ireland, 106 Winchester St Toronto, d/o David DONALDSON (b. Ireland) & Emily LYTTLE, witn: Alexander ARTHUR of Toronto & Alice HUTCHINSON of Lindsay on June 3, 1925 at Lindsay

20142-25 Carl Ringland ASHMAN, 24, actuarial clerk, Ontario, 133 Quebec Ave Toronto, s/o George ASHMAN (b. Ontario) & Drucilla BROKENSHIRE, married Elsie May RILEY, 23, operator, Ontario, 728 Markham St Toronto, d/o Alex RILEY (b. England) & Martha GREEN, witn: Freda Madeline ARMSTRONG of Lindsay & Herbert WINTERS of Toronto on Sept. 12, 1925 at Lindsay

20141-25 Albert Otto AUSTIN, 24, lumberman, Kinmount, same, s/o Henry Charles AUSTIN (b. Fenelon Falls) & Jennie SCOTT, married Myrtle Irene ENGLISH, 18, Kinmount, same, d/o George ENGLISH (b. Somerville twp.) & Matilda PRESCOTT, witn: George Price & William Wallace WOOD both of Kinmount on Sept. 1, 1925 at The Parsonage in Kinmount

20161-25 Charles Henry BACON, 42, farmer, widower, Snowden twp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Helen HONEY, 46, postal clerk, widow, Philadelphia PA USA, Belmont twp., d/o John & Isabel McPHAIL, witn: Thomas & Martha DAVIS both of Kinmount on July 18, 1925 at Kinmount

20168-25 Wakefield BAILEY, 30, mail carrier, Laxton twp., Kirkfield Eldon twp., s/o John William BAILEY (b. Laxton twp.) & Catherine Ann SUTER, married Sadie Marie MATHEWSON, 25, Bexley twp., Kirkfield, d/o Thomas Alexander MATHEWSON (b. Bexley twp.) & Martha Emeline SMITH, witn: Lena Catherine BAILEY of Head Lake & Fred MATHEWSON of Coboconk on Feb. 9, 1925 at Lindsay.

20152-25 George BANTUM, 31, mechanic, Port Rowan, Kirkfield, s/o William BANTUM (b. Port Rowan) & Mary GABLE, married Katherine Priscilla EWEN, 25, Kirkfield, same, d/o Andrew Gordon EWEN (b. Eldon?) & Mary Christina GRILLS, witn: W. J. EWEN & Ruby Pearl TAIT both of Kirkfield on Dec. 22, 1925 at The Manse in Kirkfield

20156-25 Hilliard Osburne BEGGS, 27, farmer, Cameron, Fenelon twp., s/o Robert BEGGS (b. Fenelon twp.) & Mary Ellen FINNEY, married Ethel Margaret MARK, 18, Fenelon Falls, Cameron, d/o Wesley MARK (b. Fenelon twp.) & Fannie PALMER, witn: Ross PERRIN of Cameron & Ruby JONES of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 4, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20160-25 David Thornton BELCH, 60, farmer, widower, Manvers twp., same, s/o John BELCH & Mary Jane THORNTON, married Ann Jane DOUBE, 49, Ontario, Emily twp., d/o John DOUBE (b. Emily twp.) & James MILLER, witn: John J. DOUBE of Omemee & Mrs. Eliza CALDWELL of Peterboro on Aug. 19, 1925 at Lindsay

20165-25 Stephen Leverne BELL, 23, labourer, Lutterworth twp., Coboconk, s/o George BELL (b. Fenelon Falls) & Annie DERNOE, married Elsie LISCOMBE, 19, Wilberforce, same, d/o Andy LISCOMBE & Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: Byard John & Margaret COOPER both of Norland on May 27, 1925 at Fenelon Falls

20159-25 Sydney Percy BENTLEY, 19, painter, Tottenham England, Lindsay, s/o Sydney J. BENTLEY (b. Tottenham England) & Lydia BAILEY, married Edna Margaret COLWELL, 20, sorter, Mariposa twp., Lindsay, d/o Edmund COLWELL (b. London England) & Mary J. SLUGGITT, witn: Gertrude BROWN & Lily C. TUCKER both of Lindsay on Sept. 9, 1925 at Lindsay

20163-25 James Anderson BOE, 27, auto dealer, Port Perry, same, s/o Daniel A. BOE (b. Port Perry) & Eliza THOMAS, married Irene Mary MARSHALL, 26, bank clerk, Lindsay, Port Perry, d/o Andrew MARSHALL (b. Janetville) & Ellen LESLIE, witn: J. Ross ROACH of Port Perry & Verle Jacqueline WAKELIN of Lindsay on June 10, 1925 at First United Church in Lindsay

20167-25 William Turner BOULTBEE, 21, bank clerk, Toronto, Chicago, s/o Alfred BOULTBEE (b. India) & Edith F. HARMSFORD, married Mabel Jane CAMPBELL, 22, Ontario, 89 Colborne St Lindsay, d/o Angus J. CAMPBELL (b. Ontario) & Dorothy A. HILL, witn: John A. BOULTBEE of Chicago & Elizabeth C. CAMPBELL of Lindsay on Feb. 21, 1925 at Lindsay

20164-25 Edward Joseph BOWSER, 22, dentist, York Penn. USA, same, s/o Joseph J. BOWSER (b. East Berlin PA) & Ida MILEY?, married Helen BURT, 23, Youngstown Ohio, Verulam twp., d/o Harry (b. Trumble Co. Ohio) & Cora N., witn: Harry C. BEST of Philadelphia PA & Rufina Elizabeth SWARTZ of York PA, on June 13, 1925 at Bobcaygeon

20157-25 Lloyd Howard BRADLEY, 25, farmer, Ontario, R. R. 1 Brooklin, s/o Francis BRADLEY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth SOUTHWELL, married Caroline Rebecca AVERY, 27, Ontario, Little Britain, d/o George (b. Ontario) & Harriet, witn: Gladys Velma ROSE of Myrtle Station & Ada W. WOODWARD of 78 Adelaide St. Lindsay on Oct. 14, 1925 at Little Britain

20153-25 Thomas Henry Melville BRIEN, 26, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o James A. BRIEN (b. Fenelon twp.) & Mina THURSTON, married Nellie Rose THURSTON, 26, Verulam, Verulam twp., d/o John W. THURSTON (b. Verulam) & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: Arthur Laurence BRIEN of Lindsay & Ida Luella THURSTON of Dunsford on Nov. 18, 1925 at Dunsford

20155-25 Arthur Lawrence BRIEN, farmer, 28, Fenelon twp., same s/o James A. BRIEN (b. Verulam twp.) & Nina THURSTON, married Gladys Maud CROSS, 24, clerk, Worsted Norfolk England, Bobcaygeon Verulam twp., d/o Frederick William CROSS (b. Fenelon twp) & Sarah Elizabeth CLARKE, Sarah & Benjamin F. CROSS both of Bobcaygeon on Oct. 21, 1925 at Christ Church in Bobcaygeon

20169-25 Edwin William Frederick BROOM, 28, labourer, London England, Oshawa, s/o Frederick Albert BROOM & Louisa DUFFET, married Annie WATSON, 39, widow, London England, Oshawa, d/o Robert HANDY & Eliza (maiden name unknown by bride sic), witn: L.A. BROOM & Thyra STORY both of Lindsay & Violet WATSON of 169 Simcoe St Oshawa on Feb. 5, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20166-25 William Earnest BROWN, 28, section man, Kinmount, same, s/o William BROWN (b. Kinmount) & Charlotte BURNS, married Naida Christina SWINSON, 17, Lutterworth twp., same, d/o Ira SWINSON (b. Kinmount) & Maggie CLYNE, witn: Ira G. SWINSON & Sarah TEBBUTT of Box 39 both of Kinmount on April 9, 1925 at Kinmount

20158-25 Clarence Austen BUCKNELL, 33, partner in garage business, Lindsay, Detroit, s/o John Alfred BUCKNELL (b. Ingersoll) & Clara KNOWLSON, married Esther Lola SMITH, 25, bookkeeper, Coldwater Michigan USA, Detroit Michigan USA, d/o Thomas John SMITH (b. Ohio USA) & Lola ENT?, witn: J. M. KNOWLSON & Ella MARTIN both of Lindsay on Sept. 28, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay

20151-25 Frank Lees BULL, 29, medical doctor, Newtonbrook, Grand Rapids Michigan USA, s/o Robert J. BULL (b. Downsview) & Helen LEES, married Anna Kathleen INGRAM, 28, school teacher, Fenelon Falls, Grand Rapids Michigan USA, d/o John INGRAM (b. Co. Fermanagh Ireland) & Kathleen M. POGUE, witn: Gladys MALONE of 733 Woodbine Ave Toronto & Robert C. BULL MD of Fort William on Dec. 30, 1925 at Fenelon Falls

20162-25 William Joseph BULLOCK, 27, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o Peter BULLOCH (b. Peterboro Co.) & Sarah HARRISON, married Audrey Irene GILLIS, 23, Fenelon Falls, res not given, d/o Simeon GILLIS (b. Fenelon Falls) & Hannah HARRIS, witn: Allen GILLIS of Fenelon Falls & Nell M. BROWN of Lindsay on June 26, 1925 at Lindsay.

20154-25 James BURLEY, 38, farmer, Verulam twp., Fenelon twp., s/o William BURLEY (b. Ireland) & Jane HAY, married Irene McCONNELL, 34, Emily twp., Fenelon twp., d/o Thomas McCONNELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret LOWES, witn: William BURLEY of R.R. 2 Dunsford & Violet McBAIN of Omemee on Nov. 5 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20170-25 Leo BURNS, 25, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o Edward BURNS & Mary MYERS, married Ursula KIRLEY, 19, Ops twp., same, d/o Peter KIRLEY & Mary HUTTON, witn: Pauline KIRLEY & Laurent HUTTON both of Lindsay on April 20, 1925 at Lindsay

20202-25 Mervyn Grant CAMPBELL, 21, labourer, Eldon, same, George CAMPBELL (b. Eldon) & Sarah GRANT, married Jennie TEEL, 16, Carden, Eldon, d/o Percy McKim TEEL (b. Carden) & Anetta May EMMONS of Eldon twp. & Annie BURKHOLDER of Kirkfield on Feb. 7, 1925 at The Manse in Kirkfield

20181-25 Patrick Joseph CARLIN, 23, farmer, South Ops twp., same, s/o Francis CARLIN & Julia Anne DUGAN, Married Sadie Jane ROSS, 40, England, South Ops twp., d/o James ROSS & Sarah Jane THORNTON, witn: Theresa & Francis CARLIN both of Lindsay on Oct. 20, 1925 at Lindsay

20174-25 Water Roy CARLEY, 29, labourer, Ops twp., same, s/o Joseph Henry CARLEY (b. Ontario) & Letitia HENRY, married Beatrice May BANNISTER, 22, weaver, England, Mariposa twp., d/o Thomas Martin BANNISTER (b. England) & Eliza Sarah STREET, witn: Joe H. CARLEY of Lindsay & Mrs. William CARLEY of 70 St. Patrick St Lindsay on July 1, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay

20177-25 Thomas Henry CHALMERS, 23, farmer, Somerville twp., Ops twp., s/o David Angus CHALMERS (b. Lutterworth) & Fanny Ann REED, married Mary ENGLISH, 24, of Emily twp., d/o Thomas ENGLISH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Hector ENGLISH of R.R.3 & Maude E. REEDS both of Lindsay on April 8, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay

20176-25 Charles Ray CHAMBERS, 24, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o William CHAMBERS (b. Darlington twp.) & Margaret MURRAY, married Effie Ellen HENRY, 22, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Alexander HENRY (b. Brock twp.) & Margory DAY, witn: William HENRY of Cameron & Mary CHAMBERS of Cambray on April 12, 1925 at Fenelon twp.

20178-25 Charles Bertrude CLARK, mechanic, Rochester New York USA, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Alfred CLARK & Maud WHEELER, married Mary Anne TURNER, 19, Lindsay, Ops twp., d/o Simon TURNER & Loretta FOX, witn: Mabel COMERFORD of Lindsay & Edward TURNER of R. R. 5 Lindsay on Nov. 13,1925 at Lindsay

20179-25 Patrick William CORKERY, 27, railway express agent, Warkworth, Oshawa, s/o Patrick Joseph CORKERY & Brigid Anna McAULIFFE, married Mary TWOMEY, 29, teacher, Downeyville, same, d/o Thomas TWOMEY & Margaret SULLIVAN, witn: Eileen CORKERY of Buffalo NY & Angus TWOMEY of Downeyville on Sept. 8, 1925 at Downeyville

20175-25 Luther John CORNISH, 44, farmer, widower, Darlington twp., same, s/o John CORNISH (b. Darling ton twp.) & Emma LAUDER, married Lola Myrtle May HEPBURN, 27, Lindsay, same, d/o Edgar HEPBURN (b. Ops twp.) & Marietta CHAPMAN, witn: Everett George SCOTT of Lindsay & Mrs. Leone RUSSELL of 133 Erskine Ave Toronto on June 10, 1925 at First United Church in Lindsay

20173-25 Reginald E. CREGO, 35, barber, Kinmount, Alnwick, s/o Easeal CREGO (b. McNab twp.) & Rachel HUNTER, married Agnes A. McCLUNEY, 33, school teacher, Snowdon., same, d/o William McCLUNEY (b. Ballymena Ireland) & Frances June BACON, witn: Deward (Savard?) CREGO of Kinmount & Frances McCLUNEY of Furnace Falls on Aug. 24, 1925 at St. Andrew's Church in Lindsay

20171-25 Norman Peter Mason CROSSING, 34, lineman, Liverpool England, Lindsay, s/o Peter CROSSING (b. Liverpool England) & Emma MOORE, married Margaret Victoria WORSLEY, 22, Mariposa twp., Lindsay, d/o George WORSLEY (b. Ontario) & Maggie DUELL, witn: Ella illegible & Gertrude BROWN both of Lindsay on March 24, 1925 at Lindsay.

20172-25 James Andrew Shersby CURRINS, 33, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o John Thomas CURRINS (b. Fenelon twp.) & Mary ROBERTSON, married Rosanna Victoria JEWELL, 18, Mariposa twp., same, d/o Robert JEWELL (b. Ontario) & Ida TRIPP, witn: William FORD of Lindsay & Alma STRICKLAND of Woodville on Nov. 14, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20180-25 Edward CURTIN, 25, farmer, Ennismore twp., Emily twp., s/o William CURTIN & Ellen HARRINGTON, married Elizabeth FREEMAN, 22, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, d/o Francis FREEMAN & Priscilla MIDDLETON, witn: Marguerite DOWNEY of Lindsay & David CURTIN of Kings Wharf on Aug. 18, 1925 at Lindsay.


20187-25 George Frederick DAVIES, 23, painter, England, Lindsay, s/o George DAVIES (b. England) & Jane L. JOHNSTON, married Aletha Beatrice PORTER, 18, Lindsay, same, d/o David A. PORTER (b. Canada) & Lottie M. POULTON, witn: George & Annie L. POULTON both of Lindsay on June 3, 1925 at Lindsay

20183-25 Frederick Herbert DAYMAN, 32, labourer, widower, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas George DAYMAN (b. Canada) & Mary WILLIAMS, married Elizabeth Willena TOMPKINS, 29, Lindsay, same, d/o William John TOMPKINS (b. Canada) & Lovdy TAMLIN, witn: William MASTON (Maslen?) of 97 Pottinger St & Velma TOMPKINS OF 114 Pottinger St both of Lindsay on Nov, 18, 1925 at Lindsay,

20185-25 Henry DEBOIS, 57, railway conductor, widower, Myrtle Ont, Lindsay, s/o John DEBOIS (b. New York State) & Jane Ann STEWART, married Mary Agnes HENRY, 26, Cameron, same, d/o Alexander HENRY (b. Lindsay) & Marjorie Ulneda DAY, witn: M. E. S. & G. I. HOLLING both of 63 Cambridge St. North Lindsay on Sept. 5, 1925 at 63 Cambridge St North Lindsay

20184-25 Donald Gordon DIXON, 23, blacksmith, Eldon, Eldon Station, s/o Joseph Kinley DIXON (b. Eldon) & Katherine McPHERSON, married Eva Victoria Alexandra BURNIE (or Burney, both given), 20, Eldon, Eldon Station, d/o Robert BURNIE (b. Georgina twp. Ont.) & Catherine EWEN, witn: Hugh Lorne DIXON & Cora Alexandra BETHUNE both of Kirkfield on Sept. 9, 1925 at The Manse in Kirkfield

20182-25 Hugill DOBSON, 65, tax collector, widower, England, Lindsay, s/o John DOBSON (b. England) & Ann HUGILL, married Henrietta HENRY, 55, widow, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, d/o Adam SHOULDICE (b. Ireland) & Maria FORREST, witn: Edith BARRACLOUGH & Wilma CLARKE both of Lindsay on March 31, 1925 at Lindsay

20188-25 Leonard William DRIVER, 21, farmer, England, Manvers twp., s/o Alfred DRIVER (b. London England) & Emma BRISTOW, married Florence Lillian SAUNDERS, 18, Manvers twp., same, d/o Robert SAUNDERS (b. Cornwall England) & Elizabeth PETHICK, witn: Lywood AMBROSE of Neslteton & Edna SAUNDERS of Franklin on May 20, 1925 at Lindsay.

20186-25 George Wallace DUNN, 36, thresher, Verulam twp., Fenelon twp., s/o George Henry DUNN (b. Little Britain) & Annie CAIN, married Thelma Victoria TOWNSEND, 25, Fenelon twp., same, d/o Walter TOWNSEND (b. Cameron) & Elizabeth BOICE, witn: Henry & Cora DUNN both of Cameron on July 22, 1925 at Cameron.

20190-25 Harry EASTON, 52, storekeeper, widower, Hastings England, Haliburton, s/o William EASTON (b. Hastings England) & Elizabeth YEILDING, married Amy CONEYBEARE, 38, widow, Hounslow Middlesex England, Haliburton, d/o Tom BATCHELOR (b. Figheldean Wiltshire England) & Annie BUDD, witn: C. W. & Phillis HODGSON both of Haliburton on Oct. 5, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay

20191-25 John ELLERY, 28, lock tender, Fenelon twp., same, s/o John ELLERY & Amy RABY, married Ruby PALMER, 27, Fenelon Falls, same, d/o Job PALMER & Susie BROKENSHIRE, witn: Gordon ELLERY of Fenelon Falls & Olive TOY of Peterboro on April 22, 1925 at Fenelon Falls

20189-25 Samuel Duncan EMMERSON, 32, butter maker, Toronto, Somerville twp., s/o James EMMERSON (sic) (b. Ireland) & Mary BECKER, married Margaretta HOWE, 19, Snowdon twp., Dysart twp., d/o Byron HOWE (b. Ontario) & Margaret WALSH, witn: Annie C. McINTOSH & Carl SHENSON?, both of Lindsay on Feb. 19, 1925 at Lindsay

20192-25 George Murdock EWEN, 24, farmer, Reach twp., same, s/o James EWEN (b. Kirkfield) & Alexandria MacRAE, married Clara Emma DILLMAN, 23, Mariposa, same, d/o Arthur DILLMAN (b. Oakwood) & Agnes IRWIN, witn: Ross DILLMAN of Little Britain & Marion WALDEN of Lindsay on April 15, 1925 at Lindsay.

20194-25 Vyrtle Armstrong FALLIS, 25, labourer, Manvers twp., Lindsay, s/o Edward Albert FALLIS (b. Cavan) & Margaret E. ARMSTRONG, married Zetta May SPROULE, 20, factory worker, Verulam twp., Lindsay, d/o Harry SPROULE (b. Verulam) & Lilian JUNKIN, witn: Wesley Joseph CAREW of 8 Elgin St & Laura SPROULE of 6 Victoria Ave both of Lindsay on Oct. 28, 1925 at Lindsay.

20197-25 John Thomas FARRANCE, 36, labourer, London England, Lindsay, s/o James Henry FARRANCE (b. England) & Elizabeth PEMBROKE, married Lillian Mary ARMSDEN (Arunden?), 33, Lindsay, same, d/o Edward ARMSDEN (b. England) & Annie COOMBS, witn: Mrs. L. R. KNIGHT of 4 Russell St & Miss Ruby May GRAHAM both of Lindsay on Aug. 29, 1925 at Lindsay.

20193-25 Mark FENWICK, 67, clergyman, widower, England, St. Johns Newfoundland, s/o Thomas FENWICK (b. England) & Alice STRAUGHAN, married Jane Elizabeth WHITEWORTH, 55, widow, Ontario, Aurora, d/o Edward WHITEWORTH (b. England) & Jane ATKINSON, witn: R. T. W. & Louise M. ARCHER both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 17, 1925 at Fenelon Falls

20196-25 Arthur James FOSTER, 25, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o James FOSTER (b. Canada) & Rachel OLIVER, married Lillie May HOUGHTON, 20, Ops twp., Mariposa twp., d/o George HOUGHTON (b. Canada) & Lila WAKEFORD, witn: Mrs. E. M. MORROW & Mrs. R. S. CAMERON both of Oakwood on Aug. 5, 1925 at Oakwood

20195-25 Alan M. FOX, 26, farmer, Carden, Kirkfield, s/o George FOX (b. Carden) & Alice GROLEAU, married Hazel Kathleen McCAUGHEY, 25, Dalton, Kirkfield, d/o Andrew McCAUGHEY (b. Dalton) & Grace McLEISH, witn: Herbert Leslie Erle FOX & Mrs. Erle FOX both of Kirkfield on Oct. 14, 1925 at The manse in Kirkfield.

20199-25 Russell Robert FRISE, 25, farmer, Somerville twp., Fenelon twp., s/o Robert FRISE (b. Peterboro) & Elizabeth HUGHES, married Amy Annie WELLS, 20, Fenelon twp., same, d/o James WELLS (b. Mariposa twp.) & Loretta Hannah WHITE, witn: Clarence Athol TAMBLYN of Cambray & Dorothy alma FRISE of R. R. Cameron on May 27, 1925 at Fenelon twp.

20198-25 Cecil George FROST, 27, barrister-at-law, Orillia, Lindsay, s/o William Sword FROST (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Margaret Jane, married Roberta Grace CAREW, 25, Lindsay, same, d/o John CAREW (b. Victoria Co.) & Margaret Ann KELLY, witn: Leslie M. FROST & Gertrude Jane CAREW both of Lindsay on June 3, 1925 at 155 William St. North, Lindsay

20204-25 Robert Atkin GARDNER, 34, CPR Dining Car, widower, England, 2245 Dundas St West Toronto, s/o William GARDNER (b. England) & Daisy LAWRENCE, married Mary Emily NORTHEY, 25, milliner, Ontario, 125 Tyndall Ave Toronto, d/o Felix A. NORTHEY (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane BRADEN, witn: R. N. Ralph BRADEN of Cameron & Renane Alberta NORTHEY of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 8, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20205-25 Wilton Ross GLENNEY, 27, physician, Mariposa twp., Pottsville Pennsylvania, s/o John Robert GLENNEY (b. Ontario) & Hannah R. B. ST. JOHN, married Ada Mary PIERCY, 25, bookkeeper, Lindsay, same, d/o Charles Henry PIERCY (b. Ontario) & Addie TOTTEN, witn: Reta M. HODGSON of Lindsay & Cecil GLENNEY of Little Britain on July 29, 1925 at Lindsay

20201-25 William Henry GORRILL, 25, farmer, Mariposa, N ½ Lot 71 Conc 14 same, s/o Samuel John GORRILL (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Lilian LEAK, married Marcia Lena FOUND, 20, Mariposa, Lot 15 Conc B same, d/o Charles Edwin FOUND (b. Canada) & Elizabeth L. DARCY, witn: Lilian JOBLIN of Valentia & R. J. GORRILL of # 1 Woodville on Feb. 18, 1925 at Lot 16 B Mariposa

20200-25 Roscoe Lawrence GRANT, 25, farmer, Eldon twp., same, s/o William John GRANT (b. Eldon twp.) & Sarah FOSTER, married Rosella Elizabeth BROWN, 23, Toronto, Eldon twp., d/o Stanley James BROWN (b. USA) deceased & Jeanetta PURVES, witn: Vernon GRANT of Kirkfield & Bessie Jeanetta BROWN of Argyle on April 8, 1925 at the bride's home in Eldon twp

20203-25 Henry Archibald Roy GRAHAM, 29, bookkeeper, High Gate Kent Co., Bexley twp., s/o James GRAHAM (b. Burford Ont) & Hannah PEEL, married Etta Isobel JACKSON, 27, Bexley twp., same, d/o James Edward JACKSON (b. Kent Co.) & Louise KEEYS, witn: C. W..H. JACKSON of Coboconk & Beatrice Elizabeth HEARD of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 14, 1925 at Coboconk

20206-25 Samuel Saunders GUERRANT Jr., 25, orchardist, Roanoke Virginia USA, Calloway Virginia USA, s/o Samuel Saunders GUERRANT (b. Virginia USA) & Florence Esther THOMSON, married Marjorie Turguand BOYD, 23, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Henry Ormsby BOYD (b. India) & Elizabeth Maria Priscilla DENISON, witn: Thomas BROWN & Edith BARRACLOUGH both of Lindsay on May 6, 1925 at Lindsay

20207-25 Samuel Albert GUEST, 21, carpenter, England, Lindsay, s/o Henry Edward GUEST (b. Cheltenham England) & Annie Matilda CRESSWELL, married Cecilia Mary FREEMAN, 18, England, Franklin, d/o Ernest Edmund FREEMAN (b. Saffron Waldon Essex England) & Charlotte Elizabeth VINCENT, witn: Ernest E. & Charlotte E. FREEMAN both of Franklin on April 22, 1925 at Lindsay

20217-25 Bruce Alexander HAMILTON, 30, accountant, Lakefield, Montreal Que., s/o Robert HAMILTON (b. Canada) & Ella NIXON, married Zeta McFARLAND, 28, school teacher, Fenelon Falls, Montreal Que., d/o Robert McFARLAND (b. Canada) & Alice SELBY, witn: Wellington & Gertrude McFARLAND both of Fenelon Falls on July 15, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20214-25 Samuel Bradford HANSULD, 25, engineer, Tavistock, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o David HANSULD (b. Tavistock) & Catharine GISCHLER, married Mildred Harriet ASHTON, 24, teacher, Lindsay, same, d/o John Morgan ASHTON (b. Mariposa twp.) & Phoebe GRILLS, witn: Orville Everett ASHTON of Lindsay & Mary Edward YEREX of 1300 College St Toronto on Aug. 22, 1925 at 87 Wellington St. Lindsay

20212-25 Norman Thomas HARDY, 25, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o Frederick John HARDY (b. Ops twp.) & Louise Ellen HIGGS, married Annie Elfreda PATTERSON, 23, tailoress, Verulam twp., same, d/o William PATTERSON (b. Verulam twp.) & Alice Maud Catherine ELLIS, witn: M. E. I. & G. T. HOLLING both of 63 Cambridge St. Lindsay on Sept. 22, 1925 at Lindsay

20215-25 Henry Gooch HARPER, 31, linotype operator, Norwich England, Lindsay, s/o Henry Gooch (b. England) & Harriet, married Hilda Anne GREEN, 31, clerk, Norwich England, Lindsay, d/o Daniel Thomas GREEN (b. England) & Louisa Emma WOODEN, witn: J. Henry KINLOCH of 84 Peel St & Lula G. McNEISH both of Lindsay on July 21, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20216-25 Karl HARRISON, 22, auto mechanic, Lindsay, same, s/o Harvey HARRISON (b. Ontario) & Mary TAMLIN, married Myra Jane MADILL, 19, waitress, Monmouth twp., Lindsay, d/o Thomas MADILL (b. Ontario) & Emma CASTLEY, witn: Byron & Margaret McCARROLL both of 31 Water St Lindsay on July 21, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay.

20222-25 Walter HERLIHEY, 25, farmer, Emily, same, s/o William HERLIHEY & Martha O'LEARY, married Carmelita MORRISSEY, 24, Emily, same, d/o John MORRISSEY & Margaret O'NEILL, witn: Mary MORRISSEY of R.R 5 Lindsay & Stephen HERLIHEY of Cleveland Ohio USA on Oct. 6, 1925 at Downeyville

20219-25 George Hector HETHERINGTON, 25, farmer, Verulam twp., Fenelon twp., s/o William HETHERINGTON & Jane BRITTON, married Greta Ellen WHYTE, 26, Verulam twp., same, d/o Samuel WHYTE & Margaret DYKES, witn: Wilson WHYTE & Beatrice STAPLES both of Bobcaygeon on June 17, 1925 at Bobcaygeon

20213-25 Alden McLaren HODGSON, 27, manager, Raglan, 33 Schneider Ave Kitchener, s/o Christopher HODGSON (b. Ontario) & Helen MACLAREN, married Ada Florence NICKLE, 25, school teacher, Smith twp., Manilla, d/o George NICKLE (b. Ontario) & Minnie CREWS, witn: Gordon B. HODGSON of 545 Yonge St Toronto & M. Isabelle NICKLE of Manilla on Sept. 7, 1925 at Manilla

20220-25 George HODGSON, 20, labourer, Brock twp., Sunderland, s/o George HODGSON (b. Brock twp.) & Flora Anne McNEIL, married Beris GODFREY, 18, Georgina twp., same, d/o Wilmot & Mary Ann, witn: Gladys & Harry GODFREY both of Pefferlaw on June 8, 1925 at Lindsay.


20210-25 Frederick Joseph HOLLIDAY, 41, carpenter & builder, Ontario, 216 Glendonwynne Road Toronto, s/o William John HOLLIDAY (b. Ontario) & Rose Helena AUGERS, married Hannah May HANDLEY, 33, Ontario, Burnt River, d/o Joseph HANDLEY (b. England) & Margaret Ann SHUTTLEWORTH, witn: R. O. RUMNEY of Coboconk & Mary Hazel REID of 22 Melbourne St Lindsay on Nov. 11, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20208-25 John James HOPKINS, 23, farmer, Eldon twp., same, s/o William HOPKINS (b. Cavan twp.) & Helen McCOLL, married Victoria Maud BROWN, 26, Thorah twp., same, d/o Donald A. BROWN (b. Thorah twp.) & Mary SKINNER, witn: Alvin H. McARTHUR of Argyle & Nellie TAYLOR of Cannington on Feb. 11, 1925 at Lindsay

20209-25 Wilbert Andrew HOPKINS, 27, labourer, Lutterworth twp., Burnt River, s/o Joseph HOPKINS (b. Markham) deceased & Mary SHELDON deceased, married Ruby Evelyn CAVANAGH, 16, Somerville twp., Burnt River, d/o George CAVANAGH (b. Somerville twp.) & Margaret HUGHES, witn: John CAVANAGH & Mary DAGG both of Burnt River on Dec. 23, 1925 at Somerville twp.

20218-25 Stanley John Richard HOUGHTON, 22, farmer, Ops twp., Mariposa twp., s/o George HOUGHTON (b. Canada) & Lila WAKEFORD, married Grace Helen FOSTER, 18, Mariposa twp., same, d/o James FOSTER (b. Canada) & Rachel OLIVER, witn: Louie E. TREMEER & Mrs. Bertha M. EDMISON both of Little Britain on July 22, 1925 at Little Britain

20223-25 Charles HUDGIN, 45, fisherman, South Marysburgh twp., Picton, s/o Nicholas HUDGIN (b. South Bay) & Esther HUGHES, married Elsie Mabel STOKES, 22, school teacher, Mariposa twp., same, d/o William STOKES (b. Sonya) & Mabel DOWNER, witn: Annie E. STOKES & Norman H. JACOBS both of Sonya on Dec. 14, 1925 at Mariposa twp.

20211-25 Earl Cecil HUGILL, 27, farmer, Somerville twp., same, s/o James HUGILL (b. Fenelon twp.) & M. LOUFF, married Lillian Agatha RUMNEY, 24, Somerville twp., same, d/o Joseph SUNDERLAND (sic) (b. Laxton twp.) & Lottie WINDRIM, witn: Joseph RUMNEY & Annie HUGILL both of Coboconk on Sept. 1, 1925 at Coboconk

20221-25 Herbert Ignatius HUTTON, 21, CNR clerk, Lindsay, same, s/o Thomas James HUTTON & Alexandra SPEARE, married Helen Cecilia FOX, 23, Ops twp., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Marie HUTTON of Toronto & Cyril M. FOX of Lindsay on Oct. 6, 1925 at Lindsay.

20224-25 James IRWIN, 28, farmer, Ops twp., same, s/o John IRWIN (b. Canada) & Mary Jane INGRAM, married Blanche Melinda STEPHENSON, 23, Ops twp., same, d/o Robert STEPHENSON (b. Canada) & Emma HEPBURN, witn: Mildred B. STEPHENSON & Stanley CURRINS both of Lindsay on Sept. 12, 1925 at Lindsay.

20226-25 Cecil Patrick Wilfred JAKINS, 31, barber, Londonderry Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Edward John JAKINS (b. Ireland) & Clara FAIRCLOTH, married Annie ANDERSON, 30, railway clerk, Cavan twp., Lindsay, d/o James W. ANDERSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth JOHNS, witn: C. S. MEEHAN & Olive LIPSETT both of Lindsay on Oct. 24, 1925 at Lindsay

20229-25 Archibald Angus JEWELL, 40, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Albert JEWELL (b. England) & Catherine McINTYRE, married Janet Isabella McMILLAN, 27, Eldon twp., same, d/o Albert JEWELL (b. Eldon) & Catherine McCUAIG, witn: Catherine McMILLAN & Violet N. BRYDEN both of Woodville on July 29, 1925 at Lot 1 East half 7th conc. Eldon.

20227-25 Franklin JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o John F. JOHNSTON (b. Victoria Co.) & Annie M. JACKSON, married Ethel Mary NURSE, 34, of Emily twp., d/o parent's not known, witn: John & Regina V. QUIGLEY both of Bobcaygeon on Oct. 14, 1925 at Omemee.

20225-25 Cecil Earnest JONES, 29, mechanic, Cavan twp., Omemee, s/o James JONES (b. Canada) & Mary A. LANG, married Tressa LATCHFORD, 20, Emily twp., Omemee, d/o Herbert LATCHFORD (b. Omemee) & Ethel MATLOCK, witn: Ashael LATCHFORD of R. R. 3 & Mary A. JONES both of Omemee on March 11, 1925 at Omemee

20228-25 George Thomas JONES, 25, farmer, Stanhope, Maple Lake s/o Thomas JONES (b. Stanhope) & Ida McFADYEN, married Annie Selena DEACON, 20, telephone operator, Stanhope, Maple Lake, d/o Robert DEACON (b. Uxbridge) & Elizabeth BAKER, witn: M. E. I. & G. T. HOLLING both of 63 Cambridge St Lindsay on Sept. 7, 1925 at 63 Cambridge St Lindsay

20230-25 Charles Clarence KEELER, 31, auto mechanic, Brock Ontario Co., 474 Simcoe North Oshawa, s/o Laughlan KEELER (b. Ontario) & Louisa WARING, married Ethel Velma DEAN, 27, school teacher, Lindsay, 29 Brock East Oshawa, d/o James DEAN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ARNOTT, witn: Kathleen M. DUNBAR of Peterboro & Roy S (?) DEAN of Hamilton on July 8, 1925 at Lindsay.

20231-25 James Albert KENT, 37, conductor, widower, Lindsay, same, s/o James KENT (b. Lindsay) & Catherine YOUNG, married Norma Muriel CARL, 19, Bexley twp., Lindsay, d/o T. Norman CARL (b. Coboconk) & Mary Ann DOUGHTY, witn: James CLEMETT of 74 William St Lindsay & Minnie CARL of Coboconk on June 27, 1925 at St. Paul's Church in Lindsay

20232-25 Dee KING, 29, thresher, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Marmaduke KING (b. Mariposa) & Ada HASKILL, married Lillian LAMB, 24, Lehman England, Mariposa twp., d/o Thomas LAMB (b. England) & Jean BURTON, witn: Elsie D. LAMB of Little Britain & Elgin KING of Sonya on Dec. 29, 1 925 at Mariposa twp.

20233-25 Frederick Rose LINDSAY, 24, bricklayer, Lindsay, same, s/o Michael LINDSAY (b. Manvers twp.) & Elizabeth McGINNIS, married Lula Myrtle BROWN, 21, clerk, Eldon twp., Lindsay, d/o John BROWN (b. Darlington twp.) & Ellen JEWELL, witn: T. A. TUCKER of 39 St. Paul St. & Jean MOORE of 35 St. Paul St. both of Lindsay on Dec. 22, 1925 at Lindsay

20234-25 Walter John Alexander LOUDON, 27, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o George LOWDEN (sic) (b. Quebec Prov.) & Margaret Ann DANIEL, married Helena Marion WALDEN, 27, Ops twp., same, d/o Wesley WALDEN (b. Ontario) & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Hugh D. LOUDON of R. R. 12 & Marjorie WALDEN of R. R. 3 both of Lindsay on Nov. 18, 1925 at Lindsay

20235-25 Cecil LYNCH, 20, farmer, Toronto, Emily, s/o Joseph LYNCH & Margaretta MASON, married Grace HARRINGTON, 19, Emily, same, d/o Michael H. HARRINGTON & Euphemia O'NEILL, witn: Mary LYNCH of Downeyville & Martin CARROLL of R. R. 5 Lindsay on May 19, 1925 at Downeyville

20241-25 George James MARK, 28, engineer, Mariposa twp., Little Britain, s/o Richard Netherton MARK (b. Mariposa twp.) & Mary Little PROUD, married Margaret McARTHUR, 20, Eldon twp., Louisville, d/o John McARTHUR (b. Eldon twp) & Mary Jane BROWN, witn: Mrs. E. & Mrs. M. HARSTON both of Woodville on Dec. 19, 1925 at Woodville

20239-25 Hughie Malcolm MARK, 26, carpenter, Beaverton, Simcoe, s/o Albert MARK (b. Port Perry) & Catherine McEACHERN, married Verlie WOOLACOTT, 22, Woodville, same, d/o Charles WOOLACOTT (b. England) & Ann FISHER, witn: Ernest WOOLACOTT & Vera VANSTONE both of R. R. 3 Woodville on Feb. 11, 1925 at Mariposa twp.

20236-25 Orr Laverne MARK, 29, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Amman Powell MARK (b. Canada) & Hannah Victoria SWAIN, married Ethel Roberta PARLIAMENT, 21, Mariposa twp., same, d/o Bert PARLIAMENT (b. Canada) & Lizzie McFEE, witn: Russel MARK of Valentia & Jean WILSON of Little Britain on March 18, 1925 at Little Britain Parsonage

20237-25 Russell Wesley MARK, 25, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o John Wesley MARK (b. Mariposa) & Martha Emmeline LEE, married Eva Catherine McINTYRE, 20, Eldon twp., Mariposa twp., d/o Andrew Pearson? McINTYRE (b. Eldon twp.) & Catherine Mary GRANT (deceased), witn: Frank MARK of Mariposa twp. & Mrs. E. HARSTON of Woodville on Feb. 21, 1925 at Woodville

20245-25 Harry Vernon MARR, 27, dental mechanic, Thornton, Lindsay, s/o Harry MARR (b. London England) & Emma SCOTT, married Alberta Mae MORGAN, 24, bookkeeper, Lindsay, same, d/o Albert MORGAN (b. Ontario) & Selia STAPLES, witn: Selina Jean LINDSAY of Lindsay & Frederick Vincent MORREN of Barrie on Oct. 15, 1925 at Lindsay


20242-25 George Edgar MARTIN, 25, farmer, Verulam twp., same, s/o William MARTIN (b. Verulam twp.) & Mary BUTTON, married Sarah Jane Estella WEBBER, 19, Verulam twp., same, d/o Charles WEBBER (b. Verulam twp.) & Edith POGUE, witn: Richard BYRNELL & Louise M. ARCHER both of Fenelon Falls on Nov. 25, 1925 at The Parsonage Fenelon Falls.

20253-25 Bernard Preston McALPINE, 47, farmer, widower, Bethany, Ops twp., s/o John McALPINE (b. Middlesex Co.) & Eliza HUGHES, married Mary Stevenson HARDING, 47, St. Mary's, Ops twp., d/o John Ely HARDING (b. Ontario) & Mary STEVENSON, witn: Ethelwyn GREGORY & John Bernard McALPINE both of Lindsay on Oct. 31, 1925 at Lindsay

20260-25 John Joseph McCARTIN, 28, tinsmith, Cloone Co. Leitrim Ireland, Highland Park Michigan USA, s/o John McCARTIN & Anne WREN, married Helen CLARK, 21, Galway Ont., same, d/o William CLARK & Catherine REID, witn: Kathleen CLARK of Galway Kinmount Ont., & Hugh McDONALD of Highland Park Michigan on Sept. 19, 1925 at St. Patrick's Church Kinmount

20252-25 William John McDONALD, 46, farmer, Mariposa twp., same, s/o Hector McDONALD (b. Mariposa twp.) & Sarah Jane ASHTON, married Alzada Victoria PLAYTER, 22, Ops twp., Prince Albert, d/o Charles PLAYTER (b. Victoria Co.) & Alice Maud FORSTER, witn: Violet Gertrude ROBINSON of Gelert & Lloyd James LAKE of R. R. 2 Oakwood on Dec. 9, 1 925 at St. Andrew's Manse in Lindsay

20258-25 Alexander McEACHERN, 36, farmer, Eldon Tp., same, s/o Angus McEACHREN (b. Elden Tp) & Mary McDONALD?, married Annie Cameron ROSS, 30, Elden Tp., same, d/o James (b. Eldon Tp) & Agnes, witn: James & Agnes ROSS both of R.R.1 Argyle on April 15, 1925 at Argyle R. R. 1.

20254-25 William David McELWAIN, 34, traveller, widower, Gelert, Lindsay, s/o Thomas Francis McELWAIN (b. Emily twp.) & Mary KEENE, married Irene Jane MOLYNEAUX, 27, school teacher, Galway twp., Lindsay, d/o Duncan MOLYNEAUX (b. Galway twp.) & Annie DUDMAN, witn: C.D.H. & E. F. JACKSON both of Coboconk on Sept. 21, 1925 at Christ Church in Coboconk.

20256-25 Lawrence McGAUGHEY, 26, traveller, Ops twp., same, s/o William John McGAUGHEY (b. Ireland) & Lucinda Elizabeth HALL, married Verna Mabel WINDRIM, 25, teacher, Omemee, same, d/o Louis WINDRIM (b. Ireland) & Ida NAYLOR, witn: J. H. & Mrs. J.H. DICK both of Omemee on July 29, 1925 at Lindsay

20259-25 Archie Clifford McGREGOR, 25, farmer, Gravenhurst, Somerville, s/o Alexander McGREGOR (b. Rosedale Ont) & Jane WEAVER, married Alina SHELDON, 19, Somerville, same, d/o Joseph SHELDON (b. Coboconk) & Elizabeth DUKE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Walter M. OLSEN both of Coboconk on April 8, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20257-25 Charles McINTYRE, 26, brakeman, Mariposa Tp., Lindsay, s/o Peter McINTYRE (b. Mariposa Tp.) & Jennie BAGSHAW, married Hazel CUTHBERT, 27, book keeper, Lindsay, same, d/o John Walter CUTHBERT (b. Lindsay) & Etta POWLES, witn: Laura CUTHBERT & B. C. MAIDENS both of Lindsay on May 26, 1925 at Lindsay.

20261-25 John McLAUGHLIN, 36, farmer, Emily, same, s/o Hugh McLAUGHLIN & Jane RICHARDSON, married Florence O'NEILL, 26, Emily, same, d/o Thomas O'NEILL & Alice HERLIHEY, witn: Levina O'NEILL of Bobcaygeon & Albert HERLIHEY of Downeyville on Nov. 17, 1925 at Downeyville.


20251-25 Charles H. MEEHAN, 45, mechanic, widower, Lindsay, same, s/o James MEEHAN & Catherine CALVERT, married Mary Pearl O'NEILL, 28, stenographer, Lindsay, same, d/o Joseph O'NEILL & Helena McDONALD, witn: Stasia WHITE & E. Seldon MEEHAN both of Lindsay on Oct. 12, 1925 at Lindsay

20246-25 Milburn MIDDLETON, 25, farmer, Emily twp., Ops twp., s/o Thomas MIDDLETON (b. Ontario) & Alice PEEL, married Vera Jane ELLIOTT, 22, Victoria Co., Lindsay, d/o John ELLIOTT (b. Ontario) & Celia NELSON, witn: Marshal MIDDLETON of Emily & Ruby A. EVANS of R. R. 3 Lindsay on Sept. 15 (16?) 1925 at 63 Cambridge St Lindsay

20240-25 Ellis William Samuel MOLLON, 23, farmer, Brock twp., Mariposa twp., s/o William Wesley MOLLON (b. Mariposa twp.) & Bessie HOAR, married Lena Alberta DAVEY, 24, clerk, Mariposa twp., Lindsay, d/o John Henry DAVY (b. Manvers) & Martha M. PARKIN, witn: Almond BRINTNELL & Verna Maud MOLLON both of Woodville on September 22, 1925 at Lindsay

20249-25 Norman Clifford MOORE, 24, mechanic, Harvey twp., same, s/o William MOORE (b. Cameron) & Etta Mary BOURNWELL, married Mildred Irene LOUCKS, 18, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o William LOUCKS (b. Canada) & Eliza ANDERSON, witn: William Douglas MOORE & Gladys Elizabeth TIERS both of Bobcaygeon on July 8, 1925 at Bobcaygeon

20248-25 Hugh Henry MOORE, 25, merchant, Fenelon twp., Verulam twp., s/o Thomas MOORE (b. Fenelon twp.) & Jennet HEWIE, married Mabel ABBOTT, 23, Verulam twp., Fenelon Falls, d/o William ABBOTT (b. Frontenac) & Grace Ann OLIVER, witn: Carl RUTHERFORD of Fenelon Falls & Edythe M. SMITHERAM of Cameron on Aug. 26, 1925 at Fenelon Falls

20238-25 John MORRISON, 39, labourer, Glamorgan twp., same, s/o Joseph MORRISON (b. Ops twp.) & Margaret MADILL, married Mrs. Barbara McCOLL, 40, widow, Glamorgan twp., same, d/o Joseph SMITH (b. Scotland) & Mary McKNIGHT, witn: Edith BARRACLOUGH & Phoebe E. BALFOUR both of Lindsay on April 2, 1925 at Lindsay


20243-25 Morley Franklin MOYNES, 31, farmer, Fenelon twp., same, s/o Joseph MOYNES (b. Ontario) & Sarah SMITHSON, married Mary Ellen FLETT, 27, Verulam twp., same, d/o John FLETT (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann DUNNETT, witn: Fanny E. & William A. FLETT both of R. R. 2 Fenelon Falls on Oct. 31, 1925 at R. R. 2 Fenelon Falls

20244-25 Angus MURCHISON, 33, farmer, Eldon twp., Fenelon Falls, s/o Neil MURCHISON (b. Fenelon twp.) & Margaret FERGUSON, married Vera Donalda PARKS, 31, Bexley twp., same, d/o Robert PARKS (b. Laxton twp.) & Christina Isabelle McBAIN, witn: Robert PARKS of Kirkfield & Roberta MOORE of Cannington on Nov. 4, 1925 at The Manse in Kirkfield

20247-25 Peter Nesbitt MURDOCH, 26, barber, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, s/o James MURDOCH (b. Verulam twp.) & Lusha WARD, married Mabel Eveline LEE, 24, Ops twp., Ontario, d/o William J. LEE (b. Cavan twp.) & Mary Jane BRADY, witn: Elmer LEE of R. R. 6 Lindsay & Esther MURDOCH of Bobcaygeon on Aug. 16, 1925 at Lindsay

20250-25 Charles Henry Joseph MURTAGH, 26, carpenter, Lindsay, Detroit Michigan USA, s/o Thomas Joseph MURTAGH (b. Cavan Ireland) & Sophia HENRY, married Olive May PERRY, 21, telephone operator, Lindsay, same, d/o Ernest PERRY (b. London England) & Harriett Ann DIXON, witn: W. A. PERRY of 114 Queen St. & Mrs. Ray HEAD of 22 Cambridge St both of Lindsay on June 30, 1925 at Lindsay

20263-25 John James Hector NAYLOR, 22, farmer, Cameron, same, s/o John Richard NAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Lillian COOK, married Oda Arzilla CUMMINGS, 19, Cameron, same, d/o William CUMMINGS (b. Ontario) & Ada PERRIN, witn: Harry NAYLOR of R. R. 5 Lindsay & Mabel CUMMINGS of Cameron on Sept. 8, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay.

20265-25 William Alexander NESBITT, 27, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o John NESBITT (b. Fenelon Tp) & Sarah Ann LANDAK, married Annie Isabel McNABB, 23, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o John McNABB (b. Fenelon Tp) & Isabel RUTHERFORD, witn: Fern & Isabella McNABB both of Cameron on April 22, 1925 at Lindsay

20262-25 Patrick Joseph NEVILLE, 23, driller, Collingwood, Port Colborne, s/o James Stephen NEVILLE (b. Ireland) & Catherine HAUGHTON, married Mary Gladys MONTGOMERY, 19, clerk, Nogies Creek, Bobcaygeon, d/o James Henry MONTGOMERY (b. Buckhorn Peterboro Co) & Susan JOHNSTON, witn: Mary Kathleen HOWE of 35 Kent St. Lindsay & Gertrude BROWN of 37 St. Paul Street Lindsay on Jan. 12, 1925 at Lindsay.

20264-25 Hugh NICHOLLS, 62, retired farmer, widower, Smith Tp., Bobcaygeon, s/o James NICHOLLS (b. Ireland) & Jane ELLIOTT, married Isabella BROWN, 51, widow, Glasgow Scotland, Bobcaygeon, d/o William (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Margaret COOPER, witn: Elwin & Margaret BROOKS both of Bobcaygeon on June 1, 1925 at Bobcaygeon.

20266-25 Thomas OLDFIELD, 56, farmer, widower, England, Reach Tp., s/o not given, married Alma HUTTON, 48, widow, Lindsay, Reach Tp., d/o father not given mother (?) SPEARS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John CALLAGHAN both of R.R. Lindsay on Aug. 22, 1925 at Lindsay.


20267-25 Stanley Avertt OLIVER, 22, farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o Stephen OLIVER (b. Rochester New York USA) & Sarah A. VANSTONE, married Anne Degretta ALLDRED, 17, Smith Tp., Verulam Tp., d/o Harry ALLDRED (b. Mariposa Tp) & Margaret A. FOREST, witn: Stephen f. BRAZIER & Edna Jean WEDDUP both of Lindsay on June 23, 1925 at Lindsay

20268-25 John Francis O'REILLY, 28, post office clerk, Lindsay, same, s/o John O'REILLY & Caroline BRADY, married Amelia Agnes MORRISEY, 28, Downeyville, Lindsay, d/o David MORRISEY & Elizabeth LUCAS, with: Carmelite MORRISEY of Downeyville & Francis A. O'REILLY of Lindsay on Sept. 15, 1925 at Lindsay.

20273-25 George Purvis PETERS, 25, cook, Newcastle England, Lindsay, s/o Robert Daniel PETERS (b. England) & Elizabeth Ann PURVIS, married Frances Wilhelmina TUCKER, 18, Tay Tp., Fesserton, d/o Benjamin TUCKER (b. Canada) & Annie M. HOLMES, witn: Charles & Clara BURROWS both of Lindsay on June 24, 1925 at Lindsay.

20275-25 Michael Lawrence POLAN, 31, teacher, Montreal, same, s/o Patrick POLAN & Ellen CASEY, married Margaret Ann CRONIN, 21, Carden, Carden Tp., d/o Dennis CRONIN & Mary Ann FINN, witn: Lena & John CRONIN of R. R. Kirkfield on May 5, 1925 at Victoria Road

20272-25 George Roy POTTS, 20, hotel keeper, Haliburton, Bobcaygeon, s/o George Henry POTTS (b. Haliburton Co) & Sylvia Estella KELLETT, married Augusta Margaret WRIGHT, 21, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o Stanley Bruce WRIGHT (b. Bobcaygeon) & Luella (?) ROBINSON, witn: Frederic Charles PRESTON & Wilhelmina Robina WRIGHT both of Bobcaygeon on Aug. 25, 1925 at Bobcaygeon

20274-25 George Stanley POULTON, 22, leather worker, Lindsay, same, s/o William POULTON (b. Lindsay) & Prudy McGAUGHEY, married Annie Laurie TIMBALL (?), 23, knitter, Peterboro, Ontario, d/o Thomas TIMBELL (b. Fenelon Falls) & Laura WARD, witn: Gerald Albert SKITCH of 58 Fairview Blvd Toronto & Viney Catherine JUNKIN of 42 Mill Street Lindsay on May 14, 1925 at Lindsay

20270-25 Frederick Harland PRENTICE, 20, labourer, Minden, same, s/o Duncan Buchanan PRENTICE (b. Wallaceburg) & Anneta PRICHARD, married Jessie May PECK, 17, Snowdon, Minden, d/o Francis Hamilton PECK (b. near Trenton Ont) & Emma LEWIS, witn: Ruby GRAHAM of Russel St. Lindsay & Hazel SILVER of 41 Russell St. Lindsay on Nov. 22, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay

20269-25 Alexander Bernard PRESTON, 29, farmer, Manvers Tp., Peterboro, s/o Heber PRESTON (b. Manvers Tp) & Sarah FALLIS, married Olive Blanche SANDERSON, 22, teacher, Ops Tp., Peterboro, d/o Irwin SANDERSON (b. Darlington Tp) & Margaret Ellen BRIEN, witn: Percy PRESTON of Bethany & Stella SANDERSON of Lindsay on Jan. 21, 1925 at Lindsay

20271-25 Harry Garfield PUFFER, 25, automobile salesman, Norwood, Lindsay, s/o Isaac PUFFER (b. Ontario) & Jane CUTHBERTSON, married Elizabeth Minerva LEE, 21, stenographer, Lindsay, same, d/o William G. LEE (b. Ontario) & Margaret H. FITZPATRICK, witn: John Wesley PUFFER of 230 Victoria Ave. Lindsay & Hattie May LEE of 9 Sussex St. North Lindsay on Oct. 7, 1925 at Lindsay.

20277-25 James Herbert REEDS (Reed?), 48, farmer, widower, Ops Tp., same, s/o Robert REEDS (b. Canada) & Alice HERBERT, married Mary Ellen HALL, 25, Matchedash Tp., Ops Tp., d/o Charles HALL (b. Canada) & Ellen COOMBS, witn: A. D. KITCHENER & Eleanor HOLMES both of Lindsay on Sept. 26, 1925 at Lindsay

20276-25 George Eugene RICE, 29, superintendent, Ontario, 107 Ashburnham Ave. Toronto, s/o William Edward RICE (b. Ontario) & Jennie B. DERBY, married Luta Pearl CHAMBERS, 28, Ontario, 29 Victoria Ave. Lindsay, d/o William George CHAMBERS (b. Ontario) & Mary Ealoner (Eleanor?) DOLBY, witn: A. G. RICE of Timmins & Mae PARKIN of Lindsay on March 25, 1925 at Lindsay

20280-25 Wilfred Leonard ROBBINS, 25, farmer, Edmonton England, Verulam Tp., s/o Edward ROBBINS (b. England) & Fanny Jane OLDFIELD, married Gladys Victoria STEVENSON, 30, Verulam Tp., same, d/o Walter H. STEVENSON (b. England) & Clara Ross ROLSTON, witn: Llewellyn STEVENSON & Laura Ann DENCH both of Fenelon Falls on Aug. 19, 1925 at Christ church Bobcaygeon

20278-25 Cecil A. ROBERTSON, 25, factory worker, Ontario, Detroit Mich. USA, s/o Robert George ROBERTSON (b. Ontario) & Mary E. NICKOLSON, married Martha G. CONEYBEARE, 22, Ontario, Lindsay, d/o George CONEYBEARE (b. Ontario) & Minnie CLARKE, witn: Delman E. ROBERTSON of Dunsford Ont. & Merilla May ROBERTSON of Lindsay on Sept. 22, 1925 at Lindsay.


20282-25 David Bruce RODGERS, 24, farmer, Fenelon Tp., same, s/o William RODGERS (b. Fenelon Tp) & Margaret Ann COOK, married Lila May HARTLE, 19, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Harry HARTLE (b. Fenelon Tp) & Agnes COCHRANE, witn: Garnet Alvin MAYNER & Vera Elizabeth HARTLE both of Cameron on Nov. 25, 1925 at Cambray

20283-25 Daniel Murray ROSS, 28, farmer, Nanaimo B.C., Morris Tp. Huron Co., s/o Alex ROSS & Ethel COULSON, married Rhoda HOWEY, 23, Lucknow, same, d/o J. G. HOWEY (b. Kemptville) & Mary BURNS, witn: Emilia L. A. GARDNER & H. W. GILLELAN both of Victoria Road on Oct. 31, 1925 at Victoria Road.

20279-25 George Melville RUTHERFORD, 23, farmer, Fenelon Tp., Cameron, s/o Alex RUTHERFORD (b. Ontario) & Hannah PARNELL, married Anna McEACHERN, 20, Victoria Co., Ontario, d/o John McEACHERN (b. Ontario) & Ellen McCUAIG, witn: Misses J. & M. HARSTON both of Woodville on Sept. 3, 1925 at Woodville.

20281-25 James Carl Howie RUTHERFORD, 28, farmer, Verulam Tp., same, s/o James RUTHERFORD (b. Fenelon Tp) & Isabella HOWIE, married Edith Mabel SMITHERAM, 22, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Francis John SMITHERAM (b. Verulam) & Ada Amelia BALL, witn: Della Ada & Thomas Ernest SMITHERAM both of Cameron on Dec. 9, 1925 at Fenelon Tp.

20297-25 Louis ST. THOMAS, 36, labourer, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o Nelson ST. THOMAS & Ada GAINES, married Genevieve GASSIEU, 26, Lindsay, same, d/o Felix GASSIEU & Josephine BISSETTE, witn: Philomina BISSETTE of Midland & Joseph ST. THOMAS of Lindsay on April 14, 1925 at Lindsay

20293-25 Percy Balfour SEYMOUR, 34, farmer, Verulam Tp., Cavan Tp., s/o James SEYMOUR (b. Blackstock) & Rachael BALFOUR, married Cora Kerr SWITZER, 34, Emily Tp., same, d/o J. T. SWITZER (b. Emily Tp) & Mary STOREY, witn: Isa W. SWITZER of R.R.1 Omemee & C. W. SEYMOUR of R.R.1 Ida on June 20, 1925 at Bethel

20288-25 Charles Victor SHAW, 29, clerk, Ontario, 56 Gwynne Ave. Toronto, s/o James Joseph SHAW (b. Ontario) & Helena PINKHAM, married Bertha Annie Mary SHAW, 24, drug clerk, Ontario, 22 Melbourne Ave. Toronto, d/o Francis H. SHAW (b. Ontario) & Rose RICHARDSON, witn: Gordon John & Eva Maude Helena SHAW both of 14 George St. East Lindsay on Sept. 16, 1925 at Lindsay

20286-25 George Edward SHEA, 24, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Thomas William SHEA (b. Manvers Tp) & Margaret BOYD, married May PORTER, 21, Ops Tp., Manvers, d/o William Harvey PORTER (b. Manvers Tp) & Margaret KERR, witn: Oreille FALLIS of Franklin & Grace PORTER of Reaboro on Feb. 25, 1925 at Lindsay.

20285-25 Noble Isaac SHERMAN, 26, labourer, Snowdon Tp., Somerville Tp., s/o John SHERMAN (b. Ontario) & Margaret JOHNSTON, married Hattie Frances CHALMERS, 19, Ontario, Somerville Tp., d/o James CHALMERS (b. don't know sic) & Harriett SILVER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William ALDRED both of Lindsay on March 16, 1925 at Lindsay

20287-25 William George SILVERTHORN, 44, carpenter, Bolsover, Essa Tp., s/o George William SILVERTHORN (b. Cannington) & Lucinda BRANDON, married Velma Marcella FOSTER, 30, widow, Bolsover, Elden Tp., d/o William HURREN (?) (b. Quebec) & Rachel SHIER, witn: George Russell James SMITH & Vera Lillian Mae FREEBORN both of Bolsover on Jan. 10, 1925 at Bolsover.

20295-25 Karl Devitt SISSON, 34, farmer, widower, Manvers Tp., same, s/o Stephen SISSON (b. Ontario) & Adelaide DEVITT, married Luella Ida NURSE, 28, nurse (also by trade sic) Smith Tp., same, d/o Robert NURSE (b. Ontario) & Harriet SHOULDICE, witn: W. L. HANNAH of Bethany & Beatrice M. SHERWOOD of Peterboro on June 5, 1925 at Christ Church Omemee.

20290-25 Gerald Albert SKETCH, 22, automobile mechanic, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o Herbert SKETCH (b. Lindsay) & Celia GRANGER, married Margaret Jane McGAHEY, 16, Emily Tp., same, d/o Robert McGAHEY (b. Emily Tp) & Lavina HARRIS, witn: Herndon SKETCH of 35 Fairness Ave. Toronto, Margory & Robert McGAHEY of Emily Tp., on Dec. 30, 1925 at Emily Tp.

20284-25 Williard SPROULE, 31, farmer, Verulam Tp., same, s/o John James SPROULE (b. Verulam) & Mary Ann JUNKIN, married Clara Ann RUTHERFORD, 33, 33, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o Alexander RUTHERFORD (b. Fenelon Tp) & Hannah PARNELL, witn: John & Lila HERRON both of Cameron on March 17, 1925 at Lindsay.

20296-25 Richard Louis Clare STAPLES, 27, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o Lewis Herbert STAPLES (b. Manvers) & Mary Alberta ARNOT, married Beatrice Iola SHEA, 23, Manvers Tp., same, d/o Thomas Edward SHEA (b. Manvers) & Ethel Jane STEWART, witn: Gertrude BROWN of 27 St. Paul St. Lindsay & Redvers BROWN of Lindsay on April 25, 1925 at Lindsay

20291-25 James William STONE, 32, farmer, widower, Boxford England, Emily Tp., s/o Herbert STONE (b. England) & Elizabeth HAMMOND, married Frances Edith Daisey TAYLOR, 26, of London England, d/o George Edward TAYLOR (b. Gloustershire England) & Margaret O'NEILL, witn: Mrs. Y. W. STANDEN of 32 Durham St. Lindsay & Margaret MYLES of 26 Durham St. West Lindsay on Dec. 10, 1925 at St. Paul's Church Lindsay

20292-25 Robert Harold SULLY, 27, salesman, Toronto, 480 Palmerston Blvd. Toronto, s/o Francis SULLY (b. Ireland) & Fanny KEMP, married Beatrice Beryl HUNTER, 25, Ontario, 441 St. Clarens Ave. Toronto, d/o Gardiner HUNTER (b. Ontario) & Caddie Mary HERCHIMER, witn: Elms L. & Nellie V. ASHBOURNE both of 847 Carlaw Ave. Toronto on June 30, 1925 at Bobcaygeon

20294-25 George Franklin SWEET, 28, farmer, Warkworth, Eldon Tp., s/o John Martin SWEET (b. Warkworth) & Annie HARPER, married Mary Gretta DOUGLASS, 23, Eldon Tp., same, d/o John DOUGLASS (b. Otonabee) & Catharine CALDER, witn: Edna M. SWEET of Woodville & Gordon DOUGLASS of R. R. 2 Woodville on June 17, 1925 at R. R.2 Woodville

20301-25 Percy TEEL, 23, farmer, Camden Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o George Albert TEEL (b. Ontario) & Lorena EMMONS, married Ruth Marie SMITH, 22, school teacher, Mariposa Tp., same, d/o Adam Clarke SMITH (b. Ontario) & Hariett COONE, witn: Ross WRIGHT of Oakwood & Leatha A. TEEL of Woodville on Sept. 19, 1925 at Mariposa Conc. 13.

20299-25 James Rankin THURSTON, 32, farmer, Verulam Tp., same, s/o John W. THURSTON & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Helen Mae KINGSBOROUGH, 27, Verulam Tp., same, d/o Thomas KINGSBOROUGH & Letitia HUNTER, witn: Margaret M. THURSTON & R. C. KINGSBOROUGH both of Dunsford on April 2, 1925 at Bobcaygeon

20298-25 Robert Alexander THURSTON, 34, farmer, Verulam Tp., same, s/o J. W. THURSTON (b. Verulam Tp.) & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Eva ABBOTT, 27, drug clerk, Verulam Tp., Fenelon Falls, d/o William ABBOTT (b. Kingston) & Grace OLIVER, witn: Harry MOORE & Mabel ABBOTT both of Fenelon Falls on April 8, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20300-25 Harold Hector TOWNSEND, 22, chemist, Burnt River, same, s/o Alfred TOWNSEND (b. Cameron) & Emma BEAUCOMBE (?), married Margaret Ellen SHUTTLEWORTH, 24, telephone operator, Burnt River, same, d/o William SHUTTLEWORTH (b. England) & Annie Jean HILYER, witn: Frederick JOHNSTON & Emily JOHNSON (sic) both of Burnt River on Dec. 31, 1925 at St. Luke's Church Burnt River.

20303 Verne TRUAX, 23, farmer, Somerville Tp, Fenelon Tp., s/o Edward TRUAX (b. Somerville Tp) & Melissa FOUNTAIN, married Florence Priscilla BARKER, 21, Eldon Tp., Fenelon Tp., d/o James H. BARKER (b. Fenelon Tp) & Ida M. POLLARD, witn: John P. & Gussie May SPENCE both of Pefferlaw on April 8, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20302-25 Harvey Harold TRIPP, 28, engineer, Lutterworth, Dysart, s/o Peter TRIPP (b. Trenton) & Jane PORTER, married Edna Luella PORTER, 18, Somerville, Dysart, d/o William PORTER (b. Brick Tp) & Adeline BOWRON, witn: Ella TWAMLEY & O. C. BROWN both of Lindsay on May 13, 1925 at Lindsay.


20315-25 Richard Frederick S. VANCE, 54, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o John VANCE (b. Ontario) & Eliza STAPLES, married Esther Margaret May HUTCHINSON, 51, Cavan Tp., same, d/o John HUTCHINSON (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Scott THOMPSON, witn: A. & Grayce EARCHMAN both of Toronto on Dec. 22, 1925 at Christ Church at Omemee.

20314-25 Leslie Albert VANSTONE, 26, machinist, Lindsay, same, s/o Richard VANSTONE (b. Ontario) & Rhoda CHRISTIAN, married Theona Aleitha RATHWELL, 21, stenographer, Lindsay, same, d/o John H. RATHWELL (b. Ontario) & Annie MAUNDER, witn: Elenor HOLMES & Kathleen FINLEY both of Lindsay on April 15, 1925 at Lindsay

20313-25 Franklin John WAKEFORD, 28, farmer, Mariposa, Lot 14 Conc D Mariposa, s/o John Wesley WAKEFORD (b. Ontario) & Rebecca PARKER, married Ivy Emily BURRUS, 18, England, Oakwood Mariposa Tp., d/o James BURRUS (b. England) & Emily Jane STILLWELL, witn: Bertha WAKEFORD of Valentia & George E. BURRUS of Oakwood on April 15, 1925 at Oakwood.

20309-25 Robert Cecil WANSBROUGH, 27, dentist, Laurel Ont., Lindsay, s/o Robert H. WANSBROUGH (b. Somerville) & Tabitha VERNS (Yerns?), married Joy CORNEIL, 27, teacher, Ops Tp., Omemee, d/o Hiram CORNEIL (b. Omemee) & Margaret EVANS, witn: Irving WANSBROUGH of Somerville & Ruth CORNEIL of Omemee on Sept. 9, 1925 at Omemee

20307-25 Frank Lewis WEEKS, 47, section foreman, widower, Shanklin Isle of Wight, Fenelon Falls, s/o James WEEKS (b. Ryde Isle of Wight) & Eliza GATES, married Isabel Georgina BURLEY, 38, widow, Ops Tp., Fenelon Falls, d/o William WALROD (b. Colborne - Camden East) & Charlotte A. SPAFFORD, witn: Vera B. & Elsie Mabel WEEKS both of Fenelon Falls on Oct. 29, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20306-25 William Stanley WERRY, 26, butcher, Manvers Tp., Lindsay, s/o William WERRY (b. England) & Adelaide J. L. FLACK, married Annie Ethel BRIEN, 22, Fenelon Tp., same, d/o James A. BRIEN (b. Fenelon Tp) & Mina THURSTON, witn: Aswell BRIEN of Dunsford & Margaret WERRY of 44 Queen St. Lindsay on Nov. 11, 1925 at Dunsford.

20316-25 Albert Henry Hunter WEST, 24, farmer, Brock Tp., Lot 17 Conc 12 Brock Tp. (?), s/o Charles WEST (b. Georgina Tp.) & Mary Ann HUNTER, married Stella Susan Rebecca BLATCHFORD, 22, Fenelon Tp., Cambray Fenelon Tp., d/o Allan BLATCHFORD (b. Fenelon Tp) & Lillie ARMITAGE, witn: James Ernest BLATCHFORD of Cambray & Annie Viola WEST of R.R.4 Woodville on Feb. 18, 1925 at Fenelon Tp.

20310-25 John James WHITESIDE, 44, railway man, Manvers Tp., Bethany, s/o Robert WHITESIDE (b. Ireland) & Mary Jane McNEILL, married Charlotte Elizabeth FREEMAN, 23, London England, Ontario, d/o Edward FREEMAN (b. London England) & Charlotte Elizabeth PIPER, witn: Mrs. Thomas & Nell M. BROWN both of Lindsay on Aug. 29, 1925 at Lindsay.

20317-25 Kenneth Robert WHITTAKER, 23, electrician, Peterboro, same, s/o William WHITTAKER (b. England) & Flora BUTCHER, married Violet Mary Ida HEARD, 23, stenographer, Bridgenorth, Peterboro, d/o Richard HEARD (b. Garden Hill Hope Tp) & Mary Ann NORTHEY, witn: Lelay TUCKER of 39 St. Paul St. Lindsay & Gertrude BROWN of 37 St. Paul St. Lindsay on Jan. 8, 1925 at Lindsay.

20311-25 Alfred Lorenzo WOLFRAIN, 21, labourer, Harvey Tp., Bobcaygeon, s/o William WOLFRAIN (b. Colbourne Ont) & Josephine ST. THOMAS, married Evelyn Elizabeth MACLANE, 19, Alton (Acton?), Toronto, d/o William MACLANE (b. Canada) & Sophia MILES, witn: Wilhelmina & H. WOLFRAIN both of Bobcaygeon on Aug. 2, 1925 at Fenelon Falls.

20312-25 James Innes WOOD, 23, section man, Banff Scotland, Lindsay, s/o James WOOD (b. England) & Jessie Annie INNIS, married Ella Edora MOLLON, 19, Mariposa Tp., same, d/o Ephraim MOLLON (b. Durham Co) & Elizabeth Helena HARRIS, witn: Hilliard R. & Edith L. SONLEY (Souley?) both of Manilla on June 10, 1925 at Fenelon Tp.

20308-25 Charles Wesley WOODCOCK, 31, labourer, Kinmount, same, s/o Charles WOODCOCK (b. Reach Tp) & Rachel JOHNSTON, married Margaret Theresa McNAMARA, 23, Kinmount, same, d/o David McNAMARA (b. Ireland) & Theresa BOWES, witn: Mrs. Joseph GRAHAM & Mrs Charles WOODCOCK both of Kinmount on Oct. 2, 1925 at Kinmount.

20305-25 Frederick Alexander YORK, 53, salesman, widower, Oakwood, 188 Masten St. Buffalo New York USA, s/o Silas YORK (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth WALTERS, married Margaret Julia SLACK, 37, widow, Bobcaygeon, 73 Peel Street Lindsay, d/o William Henry WOOD (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann RUSSELL, witn: Albert Henry & Maragrett Louisa EVERSEN both of 73 Peel Street Lindsay on Oct. 7, 1925 at Lindsay.

20304-25 John YOUNG, 30, farmer, Reach Tp., Mariposa Tp., s/o Peter YOUNG (b. England) & Isabelle McMILLIN, married Emma May JOHNSTON, 24, dressmaker, Scugog Tp., Mariposa Tp., d/o Irvin Henry JOHNSTON (b. Canada) & Matilda Sabrina PLUM, witn: Charles W. & Carrie A. JOHNSTON both of Cresswell on Oct. 14, 1925 at Manilla.